Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 24, 1860, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 24, 1860 Page 8
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Tnr Vetrr??s of 1N1'4. AP1KI BY UbNKiiA L l.L-LIK COMBrf ON THIS FES* HIUN BILL. A neetlng of veterans of tho war of 1812, to the num ber of about forty, tram New York ud the a<\ioining situs, took place yesterday afternoon In front of the City Uail, t* listen to an from Ceneral Laslle Combs, ?f Kentucky iu relation to taking measures for the pro eurK g of a peas loo (rant from Oongreaa. the old ?eld lor* tsufc up U?:ir poaitioo in front of tbe sU:|* leading to Um City Hall, aad after forminc a square, Ueei al Qouibn proceeded to addruea tbem. It *? ? lonS (kmc., be (art, unoe he bad commanded them Wore, and tie was granted to err them on tbe prcauil osoasraa, tboogh their number waa grsatly dimluisbed, aM too feared that it wsatd i>e much more dimlaished betere tbe government would do tberj juatloe. The war ef 1812 tad acoomiuWbf '? wfcat way begun by the w*r of tbe tteveiutlon, and was, hj fact, b.<coud wr of lode neixteotv Their forefat bera were doubtful of tbe result ef tbt r achievements for lb?r country, but it remained tor tbe soldiers of 1*12 ?*> radicate and maiuUin the r tabic of tbe youthful nav:<u. Iu tbe litter war Ken tookv waa sot behind berstotartHatas in advancing to meet Ike . Uxr.gti she bad no sailors upon the ?i*a whose right* 'he ?af !o halt!* for Sew York waa more pa Hcuiany inter' *led and Kentucky went to tbe battle field tor ter Tie Veterans had still tbeir dolus toward their aoaiiry, notwithstanding their neglect by Congress One baadred aau tlxti acres of lana bat been granted vo each ?f tbe surviving soldiers of tbe war ot 1771. but Congress at Um present clay, instead of attending to '.be wanlaot'tbe note h r of tbe late war with England, distribute l the money among worthless politicians, and one official wboae nam* wax well kuo?n, bad carried oil enough to pay three regi wiu ol Ibe v< terane CuogKea *aa too much taken up with tho " Irrepressible conflict" and tbe everla*tiug aigger to c? tinder the defender* of the nation, and iu aenri qnenos tbe claim* of the latter were ignored or dis regarded. Be called upon tb< m to proeuro the aid of the toglsiatures of their rt specl'.ve Statue to endorse their eia ma and bring tbem to tbe notice of Congreaa. Tbo veterans, as the old defenders of their country, should stand by it at all time*, and guard against tbe ultraism at both the North and the (Jo'ilb. So far as their |>en atooa w< re considered be birnaelf intended to call u raeet *-g in Washington, on tbe 8ib ol January next, and by Asstsive act on arouse C .ingress to the conai deration of (hew wants. Uenerai Comas then shook bands witb all tbe soldiers, after which be was greeted wita nine cheers and tbe Tele rain dispersed. City 1 1> tel llginia. d?K,t?H'.H Iwyi t>TH ? Mary Jane .Toboston, a native of New York, aged nineteen yearn, died yesterday at ber residence, No 311 West Seventeenth street, from the steels of injuries accidentally received by the explosion ef a burning fluid lamp upon her perton. Coroner Sob Ir ate r beld an inquest upon the body, when the Jury ren Aered a verdict of "Aacldeotai deal a." Tbe i-ame Coroner also held an inquest, at James slip, ?pen tbe body of an unknown man. about forty years of age, who was found floating in tie water lleoeaaed waa about five feet nine inches in height, and waa dressed in a brown cloth coat, black panta aad vest. Tbe body ap feared to have been in the water aboat a week. Firs hi !*trk?t? Fmt nnMK< Brmaro to Phath ? Partly after one o'clock on Tuesday morning, a lire waa tftoeovered in tbe hrlck stable, rear of Nj. H3 James Mrcet. owned by Jame* Oamphell, and before the tlamea aould be extinguished Ave hrrite were burrud to deato. *u damage to the huil ling will be about $100, no iusu ntnee The hordes belooged u> poor men Tiiolr aggre gate loss will be about Mf 0, no ir-urance The fire waa evidently the act ef an incendiir\ . Finn at STaTM ? A tire broke out yeaterdav afternoon at two e'clork at Vanderbllt's Ijtndliig, In tbe aandle factory of O R. Menocl, wnich, wl.b the adjoinlag bailJinga, llcOarty's coach manufactory, Kobinaon ,v Mai f..r, i> carpenter shop, tigether with several amall dwelhugs and outhouses, were entirely destroyed. The ?and le iacttiry wis owned by Mathew Carroll, ksq.and occupied as above by Mr. lieoocl, who waa formerly a parw.t r at the >arae p'ace of tbe World renowned lien, ?arlbaidi. Mr. Carroll's loas ll about $3,000, insured for taniirr CoHra.iiv ?The Monroe l.ight Guard, Capt. Bryan Rellly, paraded yesterday for target exercise. Ikey iurn> d out sixty muskets, and contended for forty Taluable prizes Um f mplre I.igbtCuard, Capt A. Tallmaln, was also est Tbey paraded fifty men and contended for thirty two prlaes. Nor thi Mas ?Mr Henry II Peters, Foreman of Hose Oavr?ay, No. 20, la not tbe |>ereon who was arrested on ? oh.i rce of highway robbery on Iriday, the lvtb inst.' Fkxiix lHhTm-TB, lately removed from tbe Keren i h ward and now loeaM on Fifth avenue, between Forty first an I Forty second streets, will be opened with apt>roprlate exert re? this evening, commencing at eight o'clock. Tbe new building* will be open for Inspect on frtia three o'clock 1*. M , and the tru'teea invite their patrona, former graduates and stockholder*, to be present. L/>rd I yon? and parly . cooautirg of F Warra tod W. ?redle, hit Pritate -<errriarlfa, ar t Co'. Caaolly, .if th? Brtleb Army; M? <T Breaetei-. I'nltp-I St*t*? Army ; H R. Han lord, of Soutti Amerlr-e, IU-v W ]{ Ntafculaoa, of Beeton and .)'> i'ph C Ames (art 1(1), of H. ?u>o, arc ??irt the arrtra ? at Ihr Br?-v ?>rt Hum" yeeterday Hot J Thompaoa, iKntor; of tbe Interior, Hon Howe il CV hh. Rrorele'.' of tbe TY'-aTtiry, and H?u. J. B. - all from Waabiiiftua, are atoj at Uie Near York Betel. 71 ?? Manuta and Marclitoaee* of Cbaodoc. tJeorje W* atentolmi-. klr Mill Hue Under and tfeorn* Virtue, all at to eland Mra. Hat ? m I Mr* law react, b.ab ofd/ra eaar. are it"i pti>K at ibi- Ciartmloo II >?l. M*)nr Slant, of Wubloftoo. ?idory <arg"?nl ao<1 parte, aflt?U>n,K. Pollard ant wife, of Virginia; Mr Penny I aad early, of Montreal ('aft Vri?, or tb<> t'n uil ?tatrp Army, an 1 aife, and l> fi Petera, of CaH.iroia, are Mopping at tbe Fifth Areaoe Hotel. CV'i S4e?!e, Willtair llr-gja, and frank .lobce and wife, [ a#Ckd!ft>ruia .1 M Urnde* a , uf Htriford, aul Kr J. I, : White, of tbe C'nited Htatea Army, are ktop^iug at tbe Melri i?ii;tui Hotel. CVii Rrrirg and wlf>. of nvttmore C P Hetnminway, ef Yalpara J J J>o, I Van IHikar, b"tb of Al bany. and W Chamb.-rlain, of Kcd U > ,-k, are opi'iog 't Ike fcrrrctt Houae Mr F. J. Clarke, of I lb"*. J LtmMwaM, ?f Baltimore; Mr Str{hMMc and atfe, and B Mr',a?cg aad ftmily, all and A R B ?rtram, of Couuncticnt, are ibip pin* at tbe l a ion riaoe Hotel TT>e Keen It Oiard, fr >m B<*Vmi, r.nmh?r!o| ahmt fifty wo. Rev R. A Cardan, of PViadfipli ?? J. TiiTaay, of i tica W H \an Wa?u?-r. of Vea York; K. J. B'o?a,<4 lrrti iu?. and <) C. I' of iWatuga, arc it oj , ng it the laiarfe Haoae Major A Bradley. (I *aWb'i'j,Onn IVmae Wi aa? ? aad family, of Bait. more, IU?. L. W Smitti, of Albion, N. Y . Joeepli ?t?rett. ?l Buewa Ayrra , .1 c I tea and wifi-.ot Han' rd * Wh<wler and wife, Bridgeport; Un<i?' t.uild an l fam >y, of natoa. I>r T IVane af Sea Jeeter . Joaeph Htrr ?>n aod family, af Philadelphia, an I K. f IV alter, of M I aW, vere am <n( Uw> arriTala at tbe Bt Klcbolaa H ?tel yretirtiay. Obltaary J<??tha? Wnira?::a, ?aj? Mm ? hattarona, Teaa., Ca tttir uf (tie Btb met, dt?4 oa l/ntnnt v istatn. on Itaaday laet H? ewaiKml ninety yrare nf a/" u'Iikq Ifroahm t?> a ran t late fo- i.oeemor of Ti-noeaeee, aad Dot b*ln| a IhWIM ?a? ?MI tnti.>na Ir he (are to tbe sow llltmtrloer bero a IraM uf lat I. wtn en 90a ted b!m %n reor v tb? nfflne ti wt< rb he v?e #i<vted MfTUATIOVN WAHTKIt- CKMAUK<. a (iKKHAir mm. wmtt* a arrcATioii to <?> A. aontli ? Ml.t prW?r New ? "ruarji Mai?>lmik aad Inwr an be ?ee* M Bo 4 Hndtaxi pbve. l(i??iaro A KWrHfAHl.! UFKMAR OI"?l- VAX1I A IMfUA P1 . -- ? " eii- 'lam ? ?-a iV I f -r 1*9 d?ye at ? t ??t. >? ?Maet'-oeii or waiurf maul tn a raep?rt?'ile fetal a perfe" It ne e. ru> (rovlaf rh>'dr?e. le a perfe-x eew?r #jeetv?u. eV- fk r. .ra IM'I " Mart ep.?re. ?>w- pruei naelr>ere A "iTEAT!<i* *MiTtD_?T aw ?xraaraifrao XI pri ^ 'aaiiiT. aela.1t ? natd aad dr*a?n**?e. t tit t f Ih* 1?? ilmm 1 r Mr r*l trwr. <-? 1 t*> wwi ?| M a.o.iaewilMeallu* imfeMaiw A H?r?*TAP!? tO< |?.? MARRTtn WOMAN. WITH A a 'rvarii ?re Ml Y m i ?|>M a ?( la a r?n,?rt, ,i? mmDj ae ?<* II- jee baby e* ?"??? H4. a nply to Ira. ?araWt. Mo. 4 HlraunctMin raiei 11 Iblrt Bmr. A LADY nmilD A Kflfln* AM H<>r?11CE*ntR n IneWatl e <w bnel. (Iret nlaea b?ardine b?*a? 0 B?ti! m? ? i-rl?%te booae 1*. . ? -?rU?ti ti r 'fflU. *-a tl?e eme 1 thviaeawi * la He : e?ae li lertta' ?t?e I Ian M ?1 ef 1 ' ae II lueeteey for a a>ek, an Interna* preierr-ij. 4 HlTCATIuH WAHTKD-BY A R ?" YOCH'I A u. do lb? r??-?r?. h m ?e???k rf a u nall faiatly; b a rr**l wi?a.T and and p'aJn r..* . te "f p ?e'M n*n aeee rmd rriTr*~ 'r.?r ,aM t .are. du oe eeee at 4t( fU a* . ffeinl Onor. for t? lata A * 1 RMItl, AMT> !,*PT "? MMPOl fT*i" %| A ?iaa?we i???ree a ehnau.?i ae hooeebaaear: ?% a n im>i ?arh aa objaet ae a t-wd a?ne addrna ? . hoi S VI I' M Awn p -etKltriR-A Mir?ni.t J\ *4t?d lady b'tb l aepi < tahiltty. wtabaa an a< aba*e ?"k a ia<*y re t?' ??ad, wVJowee 1 -eferred ?h>n? ahee*>?' ' -ake thp 'etl '???? -M :h? faatljr aarkaec 1 * rtdi^ea f?* I -?e .Uya. ?M plao" f iD\err: ? Cttflan. b<? IfV llera'd <Mxr A V AWFHir ?W t. A PT OT RTPBmrf ** r?PlR*? * A P'?l'.?"*t ae hmieefceever, ? foUj e> mp?4?i>t r a bdHL Aitdreaa for oae aree* M * WUaoe, Br adwar Pjet ? B.i-? A ?RNPrtTABI.K Wf?V WAKTR A MTVAflOR AM A ??!???? for ?in ail i-W.drea. kk- aaa ?lte e?id r?f?r. <e rraa he- 'aa r!ao? where ?lw ha* M?? 1 ta 1 y nara aa< ? half Ajjlt ?? her |>r???nl empi .yar t I jr leo t?Ti, 4.'' lv . -J| a 4 Torn- 1 WOMAN WAMT? A fPAtl )> A* ? HAM A t?raaM ar 4 lai n -raaa. "r ae lanodreiMi iv> ?rtv?i la a aw , are m tbe nonatry < *1 rrirtrnp* frah'f laa: plane Cad a Ji4 Mm M . aear BlMwkee. ira fljor. haak rma c AtWI'l aiTtATlHfi W 4 *TKt> ~ BT A IIRPR^Ti He MMb a PihUwv, ? t, ^2 ?,s?r ^ * l?#af rafa^a^ .wTa, , aeer?ai ?4 W*e? a?( a a JUTt'ATIOtC WAirnm-RT A RUT t^T Oiet at waler UK^bamheraiaid ha?!K>i* a*i.ri 1141m,. kaaaaL ?> *1 re erauea. < al ?: itl w?at Mu a r? t* ?er ;-.k ai : l?f> arra. A RR*PirTAR!.t TOCRO OI?I. W4RTR A RTTT*. A t m to (?" feaeral b^aaa?k la a aeall f i?i!y f?rr.,e? fr'? ker lae?. p'aee akere nb? dred ?t-m lean Oa be ?.? for tea daya M U Portland aea., Broobi.n A RlTTITT'-f W4RTtT -WT A OTRT. OF ktXTRRT A yea nU a?a, aa ? Ulr**a or 10 i??? rareef ?NMr"i n la aay !'?tt work ran a m*b for tar* daya at t*> Mi'MbeU a , aeeuad doir frcm illeeaker. Birr ATT' jttM _ 4 wonr mm w a? wpBAMWt A 4??iiimiiiih ,ri r1-^ *? < Boo 10 '?? jw* alni; and Iroalt.* c?ii etnbroide- 'lie b.-?' >>r oity refer tar, ?roqJ her lux place. Oall el 13? i.'-h ht.lie. I?w? 1' i ud Id ava.,, Drat fcar. A SITUATION WANT?D-BY A RK.SPB<Tr AHUC Totinc Fir ui d,> rh?ir,wwork or walling or to ttkn COT' 4 of rhiuiM-o epd do flam aewlng Cm be aeen (or two d? /? at ?(*) Greenwich at . ???rood 8"or. buck ro<vn A Yi l'MJ (ilBl. ID DESIROUS Of OBTAINING A A ^ttiMlon Id a >n?!l family to dx general bnurewo-k; It * jond weaker ud irooer; r'?"i reference giree from Bar lut plaoe. Call for two day* ai 4H Uudaoo av , Hmoklvn. A SMART, Tint YOUNG GIRL WIHHK* A SITUATION io do light rhumber-work ud to uiM to lake earr of BhUJrea. Pan be iwb for twe dan at 177 (tuhb at , Br-iokljn. A YOUNIi WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION TO DO A general houeework or plale ooklon. wa?hmg ud ironing for a amal. prime family, rood dt? 'H'wirnw rrosa her aat place, Apply al IN Alluuc at- , Brooklyn, top Boor, (root loom. ARBHFBCT A BLB OIRI, WANTS A SITUATION TO rook, waah and iron, baa uo objecuin to chant Vr work or io iakt 111 the waahing and Ironing. Apply at 12 Bat i at , ae i <md Uoor, room 1 ARK8PKHTAB1 E PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS A aUnatiori to do general homework la a until private family. (>an be nan for two dajra at 308 Bouatoo ? , between ava. C. and i). AOOLORED I-ACNPRBSS WITH UCILMNTTMBTI. mnrtalH. wlihre * altuatlon In a private family. Cu be teen till cngag'd at 149 Graad at. A KMART, BKSPICTABi K, OAPAKLB TOUNG WO man wanla a altuuWn u enamatrraa, uu eratui>lN dreea Baking; can ent ud It children'* rlotbea. bu? objection to take care of one ch' Id or aew by the (ay, o- encage for tea winter. clt? or country Call for iwi) da>.. at 222 Weal 26 b at ? hii d door, front room. ARKXPB TTAHLK YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITU allon to do ge .?ral houeework and plain caking and other work, good pl?ln rook oiherwlae to do ehamberwork and plain cooking Call at 122 llarrlaon at , Hnmkl yn. ARKSPECTARI.B TOCNO MARRIED WOMAN wanui a aitnatkio wel nurae, with a freab breaat or milk; av ?b; la el^'ht data old He?t of reeomtaendatlnaa Slven Call at 14J Prcepect at., Jeragy Ottr, for twodeya. Mm. loQuadc. A SITUATION WANTED- AS chambermaid, or to take rare of children and doaewtng; no objection to the country; la a ProteatUL Can be aetn at 42 Wea. JUth at nuul etgafed A SITUATION WANTBIK-BY A BBKPBCTABLR <IIBU a* chambermaid and aeamatreaa. or would do waMiag or take ''are of cblidien. Beet of city refereaoea g.ieci. fall at U2 Vt rat 20th at. ARF>I'K<TA"I.B YOUN ? GI HI, WlhHES A HITUA Uon to do rhamberwork and waitlrg, or to n ?k <ruh a-.d Iron or to do h >uarwork, no > bjeotlon to go in tbe nutniry; nn deratanda mxking hu.u-r i'u glre the be?t of city re'ereime from her laat plane Call for two daya al 10H Weat lita at , between 6tk uo 7tb kvenata AOOMPSTkKT DRICSMAKKR WIKHKri TO WORK for prhate f ami lira b> Hie day or week. Ckil al M2 ?lit are. A SITUATION WANTED ? AB HBAMf-TKICns OR NURSB, A aud would do light Ninmberwoik, by a capable y ntng perx n, who nndi rrUmla all klnda ol 'amllr aewirc u 1 drr?a making, hue go,>d cliy reference. Cell at 16 dergen rt , a lew duura from loort, BroollyD A rkspbctahi.k colobed olrl wants A Hire j'V atinn u> neaaatreie In A prtvaU' family. Call for two ilJtja at 14C t h/jhtie at. ARITUATION WaNTED-AS OOOC. WASHER AND Irorer, or general aervant, b? a wen trnaty, capable and highly rernm&.ruilrd girl, la thoroughly eipennnoed in with lug and ironing aud kit. hen duuee or general houaework. A a ply at in Atlantic at , Hrooklye. A MOST R KM'K 'TA HI.E YOUNO WOMAN WIBHEd A aituallon In Mime Ural slaaa family aa lanndrea* l> fully somprim:. haa bees elabl yeara in tliat euacl.y, hn tbe hem of reference. ?'u be aeen till aulted at X!S 4th ar., near 24lh at , in the lauey auire. ARKKPKt-TABIJC W0M4N WISHES A SITUATION A8 laundrtaa. one who thoroughly undent an ila her bualneia; food cltv re'eren-e If required, t an be aeea for two daj a at 47 Baal' 11 h it. ABKS1-BCTABI.E YOITNO GIRL WANTS A SITUATION an ' hombermald and lanndreea. or aa wallreae, or to lake eare n( t li ldrrn. gi**1 city reference. Call at 2U6 Meet 2oA at, between bih and 9tb ava., for two daya. 4 BIIUATION WANTED AR FIRST CLASS rfK>K, J\ In * prlT*?e family. The heat of city reference Call at 527 tth at , oomer of Mercer. Ou be aeen for two day*. AOIRI, WANTS A SITUATION TO DO HOl'SB work in a irnn 1 family, or chamherwork and aaaiat In the WMlung urd Inning, tiood reierence gtreo. I%|| for three, ilaya >a U,e aoi.tbweat corner ol hmltk and fkcUcMa., Bnoklyn. ARf>rK'*TAHI.K TOUNO ENGLISH WOMAN WISHES a Ulu'.lk o ?* general aerr ml in a am?! raml'y. Appl? irro'ualir or by letter, for Kaally, I be filflb bouae. nbove 7IA at., Wllbamabiir^. A Civil.. CI RAN AND CAPABI.E GIRL, WINIIKS aaliualloo aa ccok, ambrr and iruner, or general bouae. Work, la h g?-d r'amtvirik. g<xid waaberud Ir .ner can Hlao bake ei ?rl Vnt bread, paatr;. ud plea. Apply at 424 Broad way. up elAire. A YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS CIlAM hern, will -aa at In waahlog and Ironing or taking care n' children, uoidcly relet race. Call for two daya at ItU Eial JtHh it . arcond floor. A ARKJtPViTABI.E W MAN WARTS AT brr . *n reeldeece, or v* go oul U. day 'a wjrt. IVi at SI I Mot. ma at,, riom II. i eomd fl'?>r. YOl NO WOUAN WANTS A HI TC ATION AS PLAIN c* ? * waeh> r and Ir iter. 1 at tti id aa 4 LADY DBPIRKS A SITUATION MK A KEuPBiTa ?% t V root ? ?' man an chair armalJ and latin imaa, n wattren* ?be Una K""d raiare ucaa. OUi for throe daya *1 4 Wnl 3*b at A KE*I IOTAIU I'R TEKTAXT WOM AN WIHHK8 \ A MtuIlN Hacaik In a h"tel. boarding h ><IM or riwtaurai)' . ticlerntmita all da of gonna. (am* b ?i?g and jklnaa. Cka be am. at ft > V CV<*b> ai. rear Di.i.dmi, top J<>or. A BlTfATTON W*NT?I>-BT A RE8P?<TAH.,B OIRL A. a?ei?.g la t *? <al wag bar and Ironer. gond r?'fm m hvv Km a?t t'laeea fan baHra'nr two dayg at Um roroav ut fir- plare ai d mbiiIi at . kooik Kradtlya AS IDIII AMI KIUK1KCM-A YOt'NO KN il.ISH * ?>a a libra a ai'. MM)* In a feoUnmao'a :aml!y aa r- rue and ae?ir at'eoa lla* tka heat city raferenoe. uall fnr two data at S7 S# h it . ww of Bread way. AKKMf TAHI.K VOCNO MARRIED WOMAN, WITH (rnah t rraat of milk, atakaa a attna.lna u w** norm, (riling her baby .mi, .,ue nimlh aid Reference glten If r?, rr<( .red l?|iiM fi r too daja at >1 Mulberry at. A MTU ATION WANTED? bt a RRHPK7TABI.R yt ng I n Katant wman. aa a drat data cook, under a'xndi ni'k.r g in all ita bran hi a all ainda if buu. ana pa, aaim. I'WUica, jailtaa. la ala^ a g aid baker. Rioaileut cu* iMmu*. Apply to the rear of 101 Weat 2-th at AYOrNU WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION To r?0 general hmmewort In a amall prtaala family, (load refa imw gl*w. l?li at l*<ir?J>ard at Am Ot'K.-WAKTKn. A SITUATION, BT A YOl'NJ WO mar. In a prrala 'hmll*. ai rog ahe iin lerataoda ker b'.a mm in a'l lla b-aaotoaa naeata ampa. flak and ira~?a, aad ul k.aca uf deaeeria fall at MO Warn Ji b at , M tlanr fi A YOU NO WOMAN WUBKft A RIYU ATION AS SB AM aire* ard tn do hgb rkambarwn k. na . di ailk anbroM ary a? 1 liter m ktrd and >^.lgwg. ta f'i*4 a? eh uira a>. la aa euet n-~" til h? dri ?aw?aling aaa tka bam <? M'.r ralarraea. I a., at It J at . Inr iwudaya Ml ATION WANTRD-BT A RHPinrtRliK lOnng m rran, aa oaitimi.niM irk l ua.i-ra'an I b*r b -;?l oraa .hofugkiT 1 aa no olv,p<-tl<ma 1) do rkaaa:<ar*ork haa tiia n??' ?>< . My rafaraer* trm krr laat pace Aptly at IS Warn I.Vhl ASitua*Io? w aNTKI?-BT an m?om?h WuMAN. aa la a rri?at* famU*: la a md c.?? and baaar a id an aa r >n waakrr and ir larr aaa ibe boat o: r t ' re' ran -a l 'rk< n?t? and ra ability <?ao b? aaaa a' X4 7tb a*., in t>? fairy aura amiad d?ir from Ut at UTIATION WANTBtV-BT A PRmTBsTANT ? ni .tr Vnitfaaica. (JBil at IMtlk aa . auraar of iJC A 11 in A j unaiaa aa g . <1 plain r>> k la wiling tn aaaiilrr Oi*w rafar?oi at . bip jot. back r ? m AOlftl. WANT? A Kni'AT'ON AK fHAMHKItM AID or aranut-raa iira iraeaad aaamaimai. o Mi><j?ftl<wi ti g la tb? aoniii rt i'a ; at I.1* H"jt tt Aral fraaa biaaa Irgan lla II*. 1x4a ccn Uutlar at . Hruoaijn APITrATION WANT?n-BY A ?RSPC TA^LK join g gi aa ?kan b*rm>, 1 aad argjvr. . r ?? oka i.i?r max* ar.,1 1, lai? c*r? 1 1 bt drko. Corf a tj rvfaraoca. i: ..l at .M ; b a> ik.rd t ?Jt. baaa room A*R-! ?<T ANTB TOUNO WOMAN WANT! A -1 Tu A ibialncakh >?lui irna U<*-d i-??y '?(?rutK-e fr iu bar laat placa I'all for twa d*ya at M n att Ud at t S1TT" ATT I * W A ftTBP ? P.T A YOl*NO WOMAN. AM J\ ro d aaan.,1 lie wiiilt g to aaaiai In ? aaklag and muting. raaprc ? ? ? *. city refairn.* Uall at lfl< laat 7tk M. ?tTl'AT:ON WANT1D-BT a r%*?Pt<*TAl!I.? Prtr? t??i ? i ? ???ma' ?ir aa cbaai ermall >raaBer it A Am mi t a pi.k yoi nii wov ?n WTPHn a s-rr a I ?a aeaaaa't "a? am 14 prefer going * ml?, and ? it kar#? >? ertiOi tn aa* ?iward la<y or i*%n be aeea at 111 Wrat Mik at , Drat floor. ATorN'l WOMaM want* a BITOATlnN M < HAM. . bar ai.i and ? iitrr. < kll for lam daya at 111 Waat Mia ?t , coraar <4 7tb a> e ARRa'tif ABI.t <IIRI WrURIN TO " aT AIN A ?fT'" atloa aa rk.miermaKI and waiter; baa nonhntim to an . n vbe wa>n>ng atid |p" 'na #?id rttr re ere*! ie. > '*i ai Ml ?aei ivik at. near tag are . aaa mid ftafc AKR?PB<TAN1R TilVN'l WOMAN w ? *T? A amxtew n> itwVi arrH an<l tha frm aa klag and Mil a or ?? nkl gn >g la mlrwa la an eaoe! ?nt washer Mid trrner a w 1] ng and uVig.a|. i aa cme wall r-^-anaaeaideil fPW! k? laat placa l*r ba aeen at M Kaat Mik at . near t?k aa AJi.Tl ATtOW WAWTI1> BT A BRUPIKT AB .R WO ?? a 'rea* aba haa II. ao la ker laat p!aek f r ae- er .; >e*-a ari nan glae Ike beat .g (#ty rMereaiag. fall at ?'l Weat I . k at , baiweea Mb and M araa. AO MPrTKST rPRNkMARBR A?D I.ADT'R ?Air? wane a aMnati? wlvk a My ig famila nadarataivlii linn and S'ting rb: arm a rfcaklag and faantla aewiag n all k nda Addreaa B D. Want* w a, are Poat <4^a for tan dat a AOH"ltTRM OIRI, Wiankg A *ITiATHt|? *4 rbam'-ermaxi kr i aeaia^peaa nan giTe aatarfai t-iri r?ge in nee Ig willing to maka b*raelt ir?e-rally naafnl Call at ?a .'ay at., wraar of Wyrtle me , Hpmaiyn AprTIATT"!* WAVT1P PT A Or^WPtTlC VT - * i y atraaa. nan nit aa I St ladiaa and r*i lren a ir*tea and ?n all klitdknf faial'a aawieg Ifaa fnni ?? r?fe-eao* fan T*rate 'tpna a ma?k'ae Would bat ? to ntyar-wie t-> aaaiat Ik tb ? ear* i r rbCdnai. ne wnttl i g' tmt by u?? ay <w waaa fall fr.r two lai? at B? Baat Utk at. bateeea Ut aa and RWtr?TTOMK TOPNO WOMAN WANK A CITCA tl a in a priaate famllr M *? gaaarai hnTaewnrk la a nonk and i rat rate waaker aad Iroaar Call kt *71 baieeen ITtk aad ?ib gta Actuation wantio-nt a tp 0?0 woman to *n -da? a?.rw t? u d t*?e nar-e of nklldrna. f aa bd aeea M Mm place. CM at Ml hub a? . for In day* A 9* stay< ??rm atiovn wuWMWMMl AN EX< E1J-KNT < t OK WI.-HIW A SITUATION IN A privata lamb) ; Hi ?"??l baker. aud wooid be willing id Kwrbt in tlx- ? - ?iiur and ir wing rm com* wall rec auuii udod ?al for two (tat* al 14" V ~*i2?ih at 4 Kir' n ION W4HTIIVHI A TOUNO WOMAN. AH j!\ oous or to >o reuerel boiuw work In a ?mall private fa well re.-ommeodea (rum h?r lui pltoe. Cut ue seen for i?u dust. at 1U0 \4 arrea at., between lli*b aod Boud, ttnuk r | ACTUATION WANT1D-BY A RESPECTABLE WI di w In a t>r1eate Tamil*, to do good -lam conking; wwl aa atat In ibe waebing and Ironing. I' required; can gutr the neat I rlbreau hu Ike l .eat ?>( city rrlrreuoe. Oall (ur two da) I at I IU v? eat 4tst at second houie, frooi A( <>yi KTKNT DRESSMAKER AND SEAMSTRESS vrlnbee a eituatton; can cut and fll lad 'ea' and children a drte*e? would like u> travel with a ladv, or tak? card of on* or two ckildren. r?d city reference, Call for l<ro daja at 176 Laurei * at. netweeo ttleecker and Houaton eta AMIl'ATION W ANTED ? BY AN EXPERIENCED wonrur, she la a KOOd oook and wmld In ;lia w.ja 1> K and ironing of a amall prlt ate famllj ; beat of rtfr rate r*Dcr Apply at 1.17 West l?h it. , between 7th and Stb avs., far two dsya, front bsaemeut. A SITUATION WANTED? BTA SMART, TIPYYOHNO r I 16 or 17 ' tan of age to do np slaira work, or aaatal ax WK'Ueaa. la fond ot chllurei , wll.lng In make beran 1 use lull beat of rite reference ''all at N >. 227 West 39th at., be twten xth and fib anu, lor two day. A RESPECTABLE 0IML WA?W A SITUATION TO do chataberwr rk and am al In the washing and Ironing, ?Dd make herae f generally useful, or to do general bouse work. OkUatM2 7ihav ______ <JIRI. WANTS A SITUATION A8 chain bermald and waitress or In do general bona* work In 4 am ail family b-at of reference from tor lut place. Call al lit) Kaat 2Mb el, between 2d anu 3d avs , for iwo days A SITUATION WANTED HT A KKSPBCT ABLE 3 ui'K wi man. as chambermaid and a?.am?tre?a. or aa wnlressln a pilvate ramily. l h* beet of rln references oaa be giien. Can oe aeen for two dajs at Ro US Went 26th at. ATOONd WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS laundress or eham bermald, or tnoaok, waah and Iroa Tee I est r.l city rrlerenci' ean be riven. ? an he aeen for two dava .[ not ecatf ed at >10 Weal 26tb at, Id Hoor, back room, be- ' la een 8tn and 9th avs. A SITTATION WARTKO BT A RKHPW7TABM /X Murlirb Ktrl to do rbamberwork and wal ln?r. or li(ht houaework in a private amily Call at MIX Weal I7th al Aiiiuaticin wanted bt a toino woman, Ha Diiiae and wamntrraa, baa^ninr yeart' eiperienre In Ibr rare of children; la rorrp?u ut to take the entire charge of an Infant Beat of rrferet ce from her Isal place, (/'all at al 12th it . between 5:h aod 6ih av? Can be aeen for a few da>a A SITUATION VAUTKD BY A REKPBCTABI ? TOt'NO woman >a chambermaid and waltreaa. and welat w tb the wa#hinx a^d ironlb^, or aaautin the careol - uiidreu; la w tiling to make hrraelt rurinl. haa the Krat of city refereLoee Call at No 13.'! W. al 3Uth at, aecimd fl'*?r. thin day AK?S"K(TAHI.K T'a'+l(J AMERICAN <URI. WaNTS a a tnat on to do rhamherwork aod waltlnr; la wlltlvt u> lake care of children and make heraelf generally ueefnJ. B?al o' tit 1 rrfrreuce. Call for two dayi al 607 3d are., betweea ilit iittl 4'id kuu AWmrWOTAMM 1O0JM (intr, wants a wrrrATioN In a amal' private family; is a drat rate eaaher, Ironer and plain r?iok. ( an rive th? heat of rliy refe retire Oan ?>? aeen for two day* at M Wett '9th at , between 6th aod 7 la ava APROTKRTANT OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS CTUt; la a ttral rate waaier an4 Ironer, Good reference. Can be seen at 26 Pre* klip, urat ttoar. Asiti ation wanted BT A RESPBCTABLK TOCNd wuman, abe It a mm excellent waaher and Ir ner. and a rood | lain oook; understand# haklnr "all for two day* al 267 Mnlberry at, between Hotuton and Prince. ATOrNO WOMAN WANTS 4 SITUATION TO t'OOE, waab ard Iron In a private famllv; would do chamber work. Wanta a attuatloo Immediately, Call at 178 Eaat 2?Lh at. AKEKtRCTABLk VOUNU OIRL WIHHKN A MTUA tinn aa cliamberaald and waiter, la neat and tidy, fc oneat. fa thfnl and eblirin* Three >eara' referer re fn>m her last plaee. Cull al 12t! West 26th at., between 7th and 8th avea., stalra. front ro m A SITUATION WANTED-RT A VERT RMSPRCTA ble rlrl. as seaualreui or nurae and aeamaireaa. la will Ins and obllcttKt beat of city iefer?noe from her laat place, where she bsa lived a i.umher of years. Applr at Ite West 28th at , over the cr (try store, from room, for two days If not suited ABTVATION WaKTED-BT A RERPEOTAB1.I tonng woman, of a gentle disposition, to <x>>k waak and Iron la a private f.mliv . m a tt/ at rale a ? ? and >n etcellent w n> he r ano i roner , baa the beat of rlty referenoea Call al Ml IfHh at. between 7ta and Xth are . thla day. AP.K>PB< TaV.[,E TOUNQ WOMAN WTSHK-t A SITU at ton rui chambermaid In a respectable family, she etn gne SKtia(acU)ry ret ere noes. Caa be seen atM2>lav., first Ouor, I runt room. AEESPECTAtLE PROTESTANT QIEL IB DEKiROCR of asltnat'on to a private family as seamalreas or nurae and leamalreai la eapable of r utttng an ! ttuitjr Phlldrea'S e othes ' ne vhols fully r?oiiii>e|en'; ha* ibe Mst of rtty r*f* reace. Call at < r address M Eaat 12 h at., near Ualreralty place. ? SOBER. STEAIIT, MIDDLE AGED WOMAN A wanta a situalloD aa n rae. would ttke ritarga of a bahy from lis birth, It willing ai.d obliging, baa g < vl ell) references and le a good plain aewer Caa be seen at M 1 armlnc at , se cond I. - r. r< i.t . - n: Actuation wantep-as mceke and seam atre?, by a Pr teatai.i young woman, with . .ly rete rtim < an be aeen at 12 Went 30 h St. k SITUATION WANTED ? BY A RlSPtiTAILK A young woman, as cook and U> ssala. with washing and ir< nin*. the beat of r:t< rw'erence g >en call fur two days al 73 U e?t 12th St.. rear, front room A TO no OIRI., 15 TKARS or Af?l. WIHHBS a (IfnOtou In a rearnrtable fatmlr to do lljrbt <-ba*i'>er a ark and tab' rarr at rbtldrcn. ran ?lve fftod cfiy reference. inii'imittllVtMt Warrrn at, between Hundatd II >yt ?ta. Hro klya. A SITUATION WA.VTtO-HT A RtM'K'TA Ri ? JOVPK iItbui flrl, Mi!niitoi fr? ?k anO ? ?itlti* in a iiirilr fami't. ?r?w r 1* rrfar'-acc (lira. fall at Ho.Vi wet cker ? nib tail j? a War*. Am . t ATioR w*!>TBi>-'ir * Ri-p|i-r*Rit rno truant (trl u tuna# aud MUUtTKa or to do rbvntier a irk aiK] p.atn tram* Haa U>e '?ret of ctty ralrre .cm t a., (or two da) ? M lit *>?? Jckk M , l >p I'MOf. A FITl >R W AHTBI>? BT A RR8PR.T *R!.R J\ r<.r( ?'?Ban. m rk .<!'? n ina* an I nwaitrrM, ia rapa'jir of taklna rare of a fn<ia( Infant woo Id tram antb a lady an ' ? akr full chant# of bar mnlDb*. Apply lu tbr !?u<-y ?. ,, ? frh ar. A RPWT'R'TAW.K TOCRO OIRI.. H THAR* Of A OK, J\ wiabea a altiiaUoa aarhaaberaald and wattreaa n? bermai'4 and rMId a narar. ran rtrr tbe beat of rrfrrenee Oa.! at 1' J Kaat Ifltb at ft rat floor, back mom pkotkbtart oirl warts a ?M'taU'W aa rhamberm*i<1 and wal'er would prefar general b>"ia??ork In a tma 1 famllt hat r>?1 allr raferru jr. tan be (pro for two daya at lgu Weal Alb at, near Mb aw #km>k ? nrrtATTO* w\rrnr?. rt ar ixp* * I rtrnr?1 pareoa. u Ar* rata Mb. nndrr?tante brr tout neat In all Ita ' rani-baa i? arVnog to aaatat i.i Kwh r.( If rr. ?I'Brrd bar rood rlt r.-fecen.e Oka be Been at 179 7lb Bra , otroar of ?M ? . arouod Boor, back rr. m. (TOOK - WARTBO, A BITT7ATIOR, All PTF8T I'l.tW J e?. * by a l-fiwUnt ? ww ta na*ai Ir ?? takt<x tb? en tlrr rbarr* uf 'he kltrbrn Heat of ctty referenda Ok'l at It Watt iRil at f ir tiro aava (lOOK.-A BfTOATit.R W AKTS1V ?T A ri K<T 1'i.tM J oo*. la alan a Srat rate baker, aad nadrrwatxU *1 kla'a of p?rv and deaaana. Man- mut? ant jelHea; and htt B? objrettna te take part ? Ik* WMkiac If -r.1. (kM ftr? aaUafaetnrr rafetraraa ?'an be anaa for two daft at t] t barlea kki Hchsrwork VARrcn-BT a VOnM OIRU AS l atn eo ?* traak* an l Irooar. In a ana* I private f <>aji girt good rt ij referee ce Appljf for !?) d?jw at tl7 lu. JUtk at nate fllabt ri alaira. frnnt r ?nm HorrrKKarRRn eiti atior ?a*W>1T aw ,?iaer?r?n ?>?u, la a prlT??e '*ir. ,? b iei. ? well aalmla:ed f<? ei:he'. artf rueretioee nalarf not a> mirb aa otvert aaa ? a>i b>?na. apply M M rt uraaa. aimlh aart ? tmt .i Sd atr aad 1Mb at HOt>KK KtrKR - AM ARtKH-A* WII?r.W I.AUT aouM like tbe rharce of a k Miae In * ,~iod 1 ami 1; tier iwkir'a or w tdo aer i bi'iiae. la load of chtldrea 'an be earn at U hearh ac 1 HOI H1K KSPBK " UtrOATIOII WARtRn-HT A L*r?T f ml > ? nipetrvt ta t<be retire feast* ?f a famtlr. ? b?e? enerft and abtlttr are neo??H*r?, or *on>d tak* a fart ?'w>t Ifxua atirre tbe real an id ha 'akea In board, the nhjea I j t>e>n( to tee ire a rrm : *tah> b'W for the ari ler, or lo>.(er HrM of rr rrraaee t tea A>1dreaa K. W , or call at 22i I'jurt atreet. ttrtxdtlja lu * t?ni dat > Hioi*mk ekpb hr mrr?Tiojr w t rtkh? bt a rih 4* ?r?1 Ate-riran la.lf aa b ii.?r?eejer or (???? n a b> t?. i-ardiae bottar or prrata faaii ? ta aapable an tajer Man^a bee baairrae tan ba ?eao aatti Ha. trd % j at tt) a rat It > at i* rner iHb a* I Al>f? MAIU ABfl ? k?*STKKM-l -A WTtJATToR I i waatrd, a? a ronpMetit i-rraw. nn I'raian la aai lreaa Irt aed V'rarh t' ttinr. nntt: aad At ladwa an I rh fen a (r?aa-? hauabi* rrfrn'ti *a ' an Da arrai at Ut W?at Al%b a otTr*rioR want*i)._a rocRouAnr. withh'hm> ! O rrtrrrnm w-bre a ?*aat?wi tn a f*n< y ato-e Ad^lreaa bra P A tVaierU. aeenad bintae weat m Sib ara., iaf? aeta ; O't; AT!>>* WARttr? -IIT A R - ? r ? li -? ? O timiB. aa cfcambetm* and e after. a? d t i aeaitt ? k lh? war i ?>? aad li'-QHa*. t all at ? Hpria* at A Ro I r>ie raara. 1 OnrAllOR WA!Ur.r>-HY A RRHPRt'rARI.R S OIH ^ airl, aa rivm w??b?r aad "Irowr for a r^ull f*>?llT. o*f r?frret?< e 1m? iaal pla?. Apply at Ro. ltll *ea S>'> ?t CiTTAt'OR WARtrn-Ri a inncimf rorR'i bj wraa?a la a avail fawii'e. aa vaareaa ?nd i bani?a>'J. beM '4 CMJ ret ? renre (Iran t^U for l? j daya at U1 Raat m at Sm-ATKiR WARTW-tT A RIBtPf'T ?>'<?. _ h<di fr^ertart (fir!, aa la'tndrrae rh^-a -r?*i ' or n-trae; m r*i ah e o- t?Jt -t? Mt of 'he a><ore aH'iathata t/tfetlar ' ?rra>atr'r ?iik pee'?? a*f?'a? t<?- Apply at (View a '??? hr iJaat frmn Ik nil < u C1TVATIOR WARTKl>-Bt A TtfllRU W')?IAR. A? I a?ai wreee. la rarakle of do*r>( All klnda i' fa? I> ?ew1ar; l>?t ?o iihjrai, n t u*U! wltl iifbt work, llail at lit Raak M at kef yreeent ernyloyer'a QtTOAYRMI WaRTRP RT A RRTROTAKM Mm* to d > ?e?e?al bonarwork no objrrtioo ?o dj p>ata cud it r waab Pt aad tp al?( Weai "tty refer ??.e Oaa ba aaaa fur iw<> daya. II m* ea?*?ed, at M Rtai tdd at CnrATT"R WaRTKD WT AR tllRI.. TO 1^ r. ritataberworb >Mbt.| and Ir ttlair or to tak* rare o< children and aew Oaii for two daya at III Weal Stat at , be tares ?.h aad 7tb <n SITI ATIORS WARTttV BT TWO RRJPrt'T AHI.l ?MP. to dnttir wwt% of a pdrate faaHy. oaaaa r ><d Mala n * ia an er-etleat waebrr and Ira? r Iba nb-r aa rk tmix-r ma'd and aaltrr. aad ia wtlllar to aaatrt m the warfhln* and l"?la? Hare lk? brat of rlty rr'r^?r?a froai f-?lr laat place, whe-r Sr . Hred two ye%ia t all u tip K aat b'<h ai i?Md Boor, back rvtm. SttrATIOR *ART?TV-?r A "TRAn* FORTH PP MkM a man a? e>?'? or anndreaa no *S|rrti >i to ilo reaerai hnoaewr rk in a aana,< fata Ir Ta be awn Unr two me a af Bo. lit Baal lllb aL, t p Boor; .ba baat <1 elty ret* rrrva rma. MFTVATIONS VT A VTIBI) ? rBM.I LES j OITL'AriON WANTED? BY A RMfcrCCT ABLE Y JONG | 0 woman. aa nur<e and chambermaid. uJ wonld make . tuo*?.i uaeful. Kelereuoe irorn her preeeut puce. 1 pply at >o 8 Jay si SITUATION WaFTED-BT A MEAT, TIDT. PROTEK tant gir]. In do rhiaNrwert and aewtng; or wonld go u I wtllrxMiiimlUiuaUl Oaod city reference ilu IwMi fw i?o daya at 13U W eat 1M *L, between 7ib ud 8lh tii SITUATION WANTED-BY A WOMAN. A8 COOE | >uhrr and Iron, r, id 4 private family. Oall at 453 Hud ton m . between Morton and Barrow hU , In the fur atoro SITUATION WANTED.? A YOCN8 FRENCH OIRL Kkuii a rttM?U?i aa nitrw. Apply at W4 ifroadway, be iween 11*1 and 33d ala., third door. OITCATION WANTBD-BY A RKH "STABLE UISL, AH 0 t han' rruiald and w? Her or <o do plain sewing and take cere of cbllfren: la willli*; ard obliging b?et city rof-renee from her laat place, where ahe lived a* Ten year* Call for two (ay* or 11U engaged at 1,231 Broadway, corner 3uth at SITUATION WANTBD? AS A LAI NDB188. BT A reap* ctable woman, able to lake full charge of It; able to read and write: underaianda bow to work In It Oan be aeea for two daya at 101 Chrrry at., third floor rUAWI EBB AMD OTHBRB.-A LADT IB DMBIBOtTB I of procuring aaapinj m*nt as a tetiiMar amaniievido or ?he would devote fowr or Are boon daily a Imparting Inatrwe- ; Hon In French and the anal brannbaa at a reined ednaaUoa. la a private family Unexceptionable rofOrenoea given Pleaao wUrtm immediately la Mrs. itmm O'Orady, Steven* Boom, Broadway New fork. rH X'THBRNMRM AND OTHMB&-AN ACCOMPLISH -?<1 lady, having met with reimeea. la deal mo i of obtaining the i anion of booaaheepor In ? gei Uemaa'a family; ahe oould leach. *'*" the ritdimenu mi French aad muatc An Invalid ladv or a ? Id era or with chili- ren would find her of great aula! aaee u rhe would make every effort to render ber?elf uaeful and agreeable Reie-enoea given. Addrea Mr*. L k L, boi 2 8S? P(*t oBloe, Bew York. TWO SISTER* WANT BITU *TIONS-ONB A 8 COOK, waaher and trow, the other aa chain lermaid. Ooud reference. Call at *3 lleury at TWO YOrNO LADIES WISH SITUATmNB; ONE AR c*>k, waaher and troner; I* a flrat rale baker, the other aa | chambermaid and wait-ena or a< chambermaid and to take care of children. Both have the belt elly reference*, dali for iwo daya at 124 Clinton place ro RESPECTABLE OIRLS WANT SITUATIONS <>ne a* <*?ik. waaher and Ironer, the other Mch?s!ier maid and waltreae H.-at of refcreneea k'lven Can be *een mill! engaged from their laat plaoe. No. S Kaat 37th at WANTID-BY A HOOTCH I'BOTIWTANT OIRL, A ?iluatlon aa cut we or *4 rbambermald and w?Kreaa Call at 180 Kaat 13th at for Mr*. Leonard, for two daya WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A R EXPECTABLE gtrl a* ftr?l ra'aoook and baker. In a private family; It wil ing m aaalat In the wuhlng and Ironing, or wnilddothe wa?h ng ->f aasall'amllv The beet of eity refereu te from ht r jui place. Call at "J 6th ave. aecund floor, back room, WANTBD-BT AN ELDERLY PROTESTANT WIDOW, TV a altiation aa a good, pliln cook; woild aarlat In '.he wa'hrg In a unall private fanailv. or wonld take rare of a lick peraon or aa Invalid: h?a good city reference. Can bo aeeu for two day* at 'JOU Weel 3 1 at at., near Xlh ave. WANTBD-A B1TUATIOW, FOB TUK AUNT AND Dielce together, one u oook, waaher and Iroaer, tb* other to do 'bamber work aad wa ting, taking care of rhtllren and doing plain sewing, the beet of alt? refrrenoe from their laat place, where they have been two year*. Call at 378 Blocker *L WANTBD-A SITUATION, A8 OHAMHBBMAID AND laui dre**, no objection to travel; beat of oountry an-? rtly reference. Call at 211 Baat 19th *t , between 1*1 and 2d ave*. WANTED-A SITUATION. HY A RESP1CTABLE woman, aa cook: ha* no objection to aaalat In waahin* and ironing. h?e the be? at ally refcrenee. Call at 29T 7th ave., between kiih and 37th at , Brat tloor, front roam. WANT1D? A STTUA1ION BY A YOCNO WOMAN, TO dogerieral honeeaork In the country or city good ety refrrcncea call at 1M Weet Z7th n!., OMween 8th aad ath an , on frvt rioor WAMTBD? A BfTDATION BY A YOUNO WOMA. AS laundreaa. or n'irar an>l eeamatreaa; la a good embioklo rer; good teference. Call at 1C8 Neat 28ih at. WANTED -BY A YOUNO GIRL, A SITUATION IN A anai. family, to oook, wank and Iron; I* an excellent wa- ti er and ironer a?d a good plain cook Alao a v >?ng gtr1, to lake care of children aad embrotder; I* a beautiful embrat derer and very fond of children: will not ohjeet to light cham berwork Both an be aeen .it their present e?ployo>'a, 173 Eaat 56 th it., whore they wLl gel tke beat of rocjmmcudailop* WANTID? BY TWO RESPBCTABLB YOUNO ?IRIA altuatloca one a* flrat rlaaa cook and to aaai?t In waahlag aad Ironing . thi other a? chamtf rmaid and laundreaa or cham! er maid ami waitrea*. bo b hare the beat of eity reference. Can be aeen for two daya at 102 Baat l'.Kh at TITANTEP ? A SITUATION AS WET NURSB, BY ARK TT areetable young woman whoae baby la only two waeaa' old. Call at U2 EUtabolh at , Drat Uo. r. WANTED-A BITOATION, BY A BESPR<7TABLE BNO ..ah girl, In a prlvato family, aa chambermaH and vraltreea. or aa cbanitiermal't and eeamatrea* la capable of either, the beet city reiermcee from her laat place. Call for two daya at >74 Weet 3?*h at WANTED? BY A BOOTCH OIBL, A STTCATION TO DO lie hi rhamberw rk and aewing. or aewl g and fin* waah Ing. t%n be aeen for two day* at 133 ffeat 3Sd at . near 7tk av, WANTED-A B'.TTATION. BT A RBSPKOTABI.E girl, to do general booaework in a private family. Call for lhr>-e daya at 61 Kaat Ka'tlc at , Brooklyn. WANTKD-BT A BEHPBC TABLE YOUNO OIBL. A euualton to c jok, waah and Iron. Ileal city reference from laat p'aoe. Can be aeen for two day* at lit Hamilton av., Brtoklvn. third floor back room WANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE PBOTEhT 4 NT young womaa. a altuatkia aa chlld'a nu-eeorMcham bermai.1 and eexmalrea* na nejeetioa to travel with a 'amili . ti'wri city referei ce. can be aeen for twe day* at ltd 7th av,, bird t or, front no*. TirjlNT?l>-BT A RKSPKiTABI.R TOt'WQ WDM**, A M aitua'.Mi aa rkamherm ?d an.1 walireaa no oh ret ?m to aaat'i ? ^ ibe wuhlor Mid Ironing or in go la ibe ooiin'-ry. OirtltintfMriM. iu l? ee*n fur two dija at 1I.S 7Ui av , third floor In ml rouaa. tl'AWTKO-A BJTCATIOW, BY A RK?PR'TkB; g m BwrtM wianan. ek dr. m*ae In a reei'-"UMe faailr 41nud r?f?fnw 'roai her :.i|| plan. Ca.l tt III Hut 16 Jl at, brlaeeii Iti n? ird ? \i' AMKH-BY A RK-rKiT A ItLB YOUWO WO* AW. A H unmiM n ?e wimilrm. rnuw.n* uniirwl ttakur'i kealrr macitn* ?.ri 1 do all fnmiie erwlnir, I? ar-'i?| to i"4r* ui> jomi la/.lae' hair ?>*? the heat of c.ty raferucc. Call at ill * ta' 13.1 at , for t?o daja. \\'ABT?n-HY A KKBPE TABIJC YOCWO WOMAN, ft * alt ? oil, m aa . kamhera-ald and waureoa, aod t<> Matal ta lie ? a. at. k and Irrtili (. ran be well rroou.-n-nded frxa her lakt piaoe fail for two tiave at ?? C jltuBixtn , keiween Hirrlau and I'c?ta? . He nth Hr.wklj o. \l'AHTT:n-A BITUATIO*. KT A RRXPK' *T A HI,? WO " inui aa fret tale i?a*. ihnron*h ? tioderetanda fcer htial new kaa i,i oi eruon I i ? vim ui ttr >xk;ni and i-ouni , la a *<?d baker. < ail at 161 7th ai . Iiiwm Xlat aid 231 au 11'iMII'- BY A H(M'( TAHuK YOIWU PRoTKS " taster: a (It allot! aa rharahermald atei w ?t:rrae ?r n take ran : cbi .'rn ai d do aetalr j.can *tee IM Dee; of dtj re rr*a>oe tV> at Bo IS Orchard at , top >w \\'AftKl>-BY A HEM ? TA1I.K TOOO WOMAN A l? ail ? n aa HtaaurM la a pruate faint baa thro* I J ear* >1 ; reference fnan bar laat |ia? rv. tie aaon for two i data. Oall at Kail 12tb ?u | WASTED HY A IKHPKT kBI.l WOMAW, A B'TIA- 1 uoe aa pate er>ok. waaher an t irjoer Uool referent*. ! Call foe two days at 2a *(?i Mtft at ?'A!lT*n- Bt A YOCWfl W MA* A BITf ATIOW AJt " pen* i?e who nederaiae'la be- huetneea thoriueklr . kaa ike beat of city refareace i*t> he aeon fur two da) a at 10U Weal J 7lh it , be* ween t:b and 7lh art WAJtTFP-rT A RKRPWTaBI.B HIPO!.* A 1ST) WO lean. a a tnati * a? mnk, Ae iaa|><t>ake traah-r aod truer baa 'he beet of nty reference Uall at oe eddraM foe twn da>a >32 tiaat ti: el Wr*l,T,",-A BITI'ATIOK. IW A PBITAT* FAMILY, Tl by a dm >o?e c?* wa?h?r an t lroa*r. beoi of my r? farenoe Oall for two daw at 12C lluda m at , fr >nt r -aa cr-AJftin-BT a Rwrnr abm woman, a RrrrA ? Um aa plain r>ok aad to aaaiet to ike wa>btnc and t"? Inr. or a* Uamlree* my roferooM. Call at M W e?t 2Mb >t btlw'en ( h and 7lh ata WAJtrirv-BT aw KxprmiK to otru a rttpa li a I' a ena 1 pr Irate aa lietoc tat Meo k'rn a a n<ntt, waaher ?nd If vr *r?id reference ?*eea. Pietae coil for two otji at M Rlllouchbr at., oorner of Jay. VITAKIRD-A BITtT ATIOff AS WrRjsE BT A TorJM II womae ear able of Uk id? the entire rbarre V a la a pond plain eewer. baa lb* l*?l of mferw* fro? her pre ee*v p.are >ato papaenr and ch? octer for ail jeora. 1'laaae addreaai T., Herald ottoe. AB t F.O ? BY AW RWOUftf! WOMAW. A RJtrATlOW ?T a* rhair emiald and ntrae. or to do plain aewinc. no I eotina V the mnntry. r\tf reference it re.otrea. I'laoaa i rail for tw 0 daja at 1M lleater at . man Wo. 1 \l ABTtll-BY A RK'Pti'TAB' K TOCWO Wo**n, A TT ? *'iM?a< ?? ?mk w Till He ?lllmr to do lb* h"'iee?eort at a (out 1 family. Pleaae rait at 137 KliM.-eth at u iiTin ? sm-Atf V BT a RR<rRcr?m.i wo. ' I ?T mar, r a '.rei elaee pr ?aie 'aialli andereatn'ariAia* In alltta b-anrhea. bHa lived ? lib ao*e ijf the Im f aa . I aa la I ! the r?tT Oall foe two daya at llM Root 2Mb at I ll'ABTRO BT * RKBPR<*T A11I.R OIW'.. A RITl'ATIOW I TT n> A. aaaber and lmo?ror aa ebamhe'aakl aai la-in ' i*reaa . nnderatacda her hualieaa paefeetir ?'?? ??'. the eerv ai 27* W?t fr'.* ? ae m; ABTRO \ ' ' 'ATI X AB Nt'RUK PI * K 11 table aotnan who nndemaada the rare of t bahr ? >tt> { Ha Mrlh and al?<i the < are of ?ruw? nhi: iren. r bH take ,-are <>r as tnra td lad' or (eatlewan Wo ahjeatk-i to ?o Wo?i A. I lteet refer w- ?iren. Appl ?r? ?. v .r hj \tim M. A . Bo H(otto?e plaoe Pnman at , t?r ohlya , VL' ABT Bl>? A BfTtJATTO? BT A BWPR TABl.B 11 )?nnr? maa aa cook, ta a ?.*id waaker and Irooar; . h ?aew?r? la a ana ?iwn l< r two daja kl *2 ttai Warren at. Brootlyn. Ooud cur re | 'erf roea 1 H*A*Tirr>-k?! CXJOK A wo w attawm ? V I.ADT Rt If tton"Hbtrp hre-rekeericf deapea li nl aHaotiona ' I two eire'i. elMrtaata ire and the n?hee aa wa'ireaa i and chambermaid Anply at ike roataeoce at tbetr preaeii aaap ojer. II Weat ?8tb ?t W AWT*n-A B1TC ATIOW BT A BEftPR-T ? BT.t WO. aa ohamvr?akt and aeawiatreae. or akaiake-iaakl and ?r*itre?a thn?? 'i*hly nnde-eianaa her i .|?inee? la a-. iu and oklU'nr h*a tor?l ?4tr ee?areaoe from har laat place la qalre at 124 A ;h M. third Boor Wawtio bt a ?mart. t:ot ot*r., a b?c i'atiom aa rbam'ermhld nraraltreae fall for two daj(all7S toe- %h It . between I'M C ? d t>. Inp floor WA!?T*n-A BTtrAtTOW. BY A RWrKrSTATtr.l! to'ipit woman, aa rhamharmald and wait r-aa, nodrr I atanr'a her boao.eaa well. h?? r?l etty roferao. e. i>u be ieea I r two ?aif at 20 * eat 13KA at t*TAWTtr-A BITfATtOW. BT A RWPtTAWT.* WO Vf man aa nrat ra>e eoo* aed ? ?>4 waaher a?d leo- ee. nn I deratai ,ta ber b i?ae?a In all tie t ran-hea k.a no obje ti m Ml Oe en- beat of etty referewoa I'kll at 91 Kaa: Baltic au, Bmtktyq U'AKTin- A Btm ATIOW. BT A RfPF "TAIl.R TT ?let. to do r?aeral hoiwework In % ama'l prleaie 'amlla. tlae "ie heat of nlT r-ferwuwa If re ,?i-ed < all kl tl Hehter I ak. ' ka be aeen for two daya tf aot eaaated SITCiTHIHS WAITKB-lfKMALKI. VV'A.MKl) A BITUATION, BY A TV lady middle aged c?0 do allklndgof fanlly aearlng and ti lah after the dretamakar, will make beraelf uaefuL > an ba ?Mi uatl engaged at iui 4th at , between let ud 2d ava. TlTANTKn-BT TWO 8IBTEKS SITUATIONS; Of I A8 TV I ttrat elaaa oook. and Lbe oher aa a waiter or chamber maid. Hare do n - in v> aaaiat with the waahlng and irontrg t Call at 621 (th a*., between and 17th Ma., far two daya WANTED? BY A RBFPBCTTAHLE UIRL, A SITUATION aa waitreea aod rhimi i enraio, or aa rhA'i'br- maid and ? a elm in the waabing and tracing Call at 197 What, be 'we n lat and Id ava WANTED? A SITUATION, BT A WOMAN WITH A baby Ate montha old; vary quiet, la a private lamily; oan do One waahlng, plain nooklng. French fluting, nan a.ieak Spanish, wagea no rbjact to a Dome for herae'' and child flood reference Call at 301 West ISA at, near I Oth av. lira Ganly. WANTKD-BY A BE8PK7TABLE GIRL, A SITUATION aa chambermaid and walteraa, or ohambermatd and aeaaatreae. In a private family, ahe nan give the beat.of re'? rence from her laet rlaoe. where ahe hi* lived Ave ream Can be ieen for two daja at 178 6ta ava , between tfth and 13th eta. ?*7" AN Tin ? BT AN IX "TTLLENT LAUNDRESB, A SITU ? atkm In a private family, underatanda French fluting and linn BiwUna. ka?good rlty reference from bar laet place. Call at 134 2' at at., near 7th a*. WANTED? A SITUATION. BT A OUHAI PRO. teatantgtrl. to do general bouaework; Srat reeooa mendattona Dall at 991 7th av . am floor. WANTED? BY A VERY REM'ECTABLK, 1NTELLI K*nt and boneet girl, a altunUoo aanurae and ae%oaatreaa; b&a no objection to do light chamberwork; haa ilret live yaara IB hrr laat plane Can give the beat of oily reierenee. Oan be aeen for two da; a at 333 Eaat Forty ninth (treat, between Pint and Second avenura WAKTKD? BY A HIGHLT RESPECTABLE ENGLISH I'rotettant woman, a situation aa aeamatrea* and cham bermaid II at the beat of referencea. Call at her laat plaoe, 'Mil Cilnton at. Brooklyn WANTED- A SITUATION, IN A WHOLESALE OR retail boot und ahoe store. by a voting man who haa been In the ri*tall hnalreaa In Broadway for several year* Any *m< nnt of reference of the beat bunana Id the city given. Ad dieaa for two day* box 18a Herald ottlce. WANTED? A SITUATION, I1T A GOOD PLAIN OOOK; la a good waili'r and lruner. or would do homework In a rw?:i family; g?od reference. Call at 19 Unkm Court, Unlver ilty plaoe WANTED? BY A COMPETENT VOUNO WOMAN. A situation aa flrat ctaaa laundress; nodaretanda all kinds of fine waahlng and French Anting; baa the beat of reference. Call for two dava at 19 Union Court (Unireraity place), be tween 11th and 12th its. TITANTED? A SITUATION AS WET NUR4E, BT A RE TT apeeuble married woman, wba haa loat her baby three montha old. Haa good ret ere" oe. No objection to travel wtth a family. Inquire at 330 Hudaon at., second Boor. YITANTID? BY A RESPECTABLE Y0T*NG WOMAN. A "f altuation aa rbambermald and to do plain aewtng In a private family. Beat cf city reference given t rom her rreaent emi lover, where she haa lived four yeara. Oan be seen for two days at 19 Eaat 23d at \JLT ANTED? BY A RlfPEt "TABLE YOUNG WOMAN. A TT altuation aa we' nurse with her flrat baby Apply at 32 Epilog at , aecond floor. WAN1KD-A SITUATION, BY AN AMERICAN GIRL, aa aramatreaa: ia willing t ? aaa'.at In Uk ht chamberwork. Call at or address 2K) 47th at., wru of 9th av WANTED-A FITUATlON, BY A iOUNG WOMAN, AB chambermaid and waltreai or to take oare of ? hlld/en ; haa good city refercnoe. Can be aeen at9? Foray th it. YETAH1ED-A SITUATION. BY A TOUMG WOMAN, AS TT chambrrmaid, no ob^ecUona to line waahlng and ironing and watting, beat of reference given. Call at 1(17 Eaat 19th at. WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, A SITUATION to do general houaework lr a aaaall raaoentahle family; none oihera Deed apply. Inquire for two daya at HI Pacloc at, Brooklyn. WANTED- BT A RESPECTAWI.E YOUNG WOMAN, 4 eltnatinn, ai nook, waahar and lrnnar In a amall irlvate family . no oojectiooa to do general honae wort. Apply to day from 10 A M. to 4 P. M. at the houae of her preaent employ er, 319 Went 96 at, between 8th and 9ih avea WANTED? A SITUATTniT. BY A YOUNG, EESPEfTT able girl, to do general hooaework; the beat of city re ferencea ran be glten. Apply for two daya at US Weat 10th A, ivom 12. . WANTED? A BTTUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE I'roteatant young woman, a* lttudreaa: haa good refa recce, very beat Call at 33 Weat 13th at . third floor. WANTEtJ? A SITUATION, BT A EESPE'TA RLE young woman. Ma cook, waaher and ironer, or to do pbamberaork and plain aewing. Call for two daya at 124 Waat :iith it WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A REUPBCT ABI.E young gtrl . la a neat agamatraea and underatanda all kin !aof rmbrotderv no ob. MVm to children, beat of city re WANTED-A SITUATION AS (XX >K. BT A RE apart* hi* Titeatai.. wtman. underatanda all klnda of mea'a a^npa, jel iea giuie. paatriea, Ao , prefer* a pnvaw fan lly. Apply at 139 ilott at , for two daya. WANTID-A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID AND to aaalrt In the waahing ae<l ironing, or to uke the entire charge of children: can do all kirda ?t family aewlng, or In a email private family, by a reaperuole yo ?g woman, with the bea> city rrftrercea from her laat plaoa. where the hag lived three yeara 43o 3d av. WANTED-BT A PROTEBTANT G<U A SITUATION aa chambermaid f d b> do fine -?aehlng and Irunlag. GcAd city rcfereue given. Call at 118 Waat S7that, naar ? th av T]Lr A NTFD? HT A RESPECTABLE ?Ot"N?l WOMAN K T? altuatioo to do general homework lor a amall private faail'y one wh i thomiieh'v und ratan'a her bualnaa. Ctty rrferenpe. Call at BO Rati Pd at third floor, front. Tl'ANTED? ? FITUATU N. BY A YIUNfl WOMAN TO TV <'o tke cooking . f iMd prlva'e family; to an einel lert taker of hr*ad. Macnlt and riea. undera'anda making rake and all klrlaof deaeerta Can well re,- -mipendM ? an ><e aeen for two daya at 91 Eaat 16th at., between lat and d ava TV'aMID? ht a protk^tam AMKRlO.tJf TOCPU ft wi.tnan. a aHnauon ? iwiitrm, and wo?M aaatet la tbe car* at trnwelg rhll Iren or wait m n lady The b?al of ;1It fr* m her I p nee. Ian be aero for Iwo lay* at 1* W rat 27th at . near "lb ar IA-ANTPH-A "ITUATTO*. BT A MOM ?IR'.. 1? TT vearaofa-e to a rea actable 'aially, aa rh'M'i naraa, or waltreaa. or light up atalra work, tan do I'laln Bearing. Gr.^d cltr reference fr-im her laat place ('all at or addr^aa Cfclld'a Siirw U Paraytb (I , la the rear, lira floor, t'aa b? Mrs till (lilted. *xrA*Txr>-A situation, ht a haskb<tabi.b it toung K'laan aa eblifl a nnrar and mmima In a re at rclab'e iiml'j fall for two da) a at tOb 9lfc at , ouruer of Mth at , aerood Boor, front room TXr A IITXP? A PrrriTTOK An rilAXBKRXAID AWD TT to line araah'Br and Ircalnr, or aa <haabermaid and PHm?UrM la a drat rlaaa prime family. tloryl re'erence t an be area for Iwo daja at B Kaat UUi at . o ear Unlrarait/ plaoa. TX * A UTtU? A BTTCATIOIf, BT A RRBPBOTABI.K II (trl aa Brat ra'.e eonk. tbomngblv bar boaloena do object*? to aaaiat la Ike waahing and Ironing la a rrirata faally Beat etty reference from her laet plaaa Tan be ae?n for two da) a at tit SIM at, comer of Id a* , aeoood I jar. front man. . WABTRD-BT A Tormi LADT, WHO WMTM A ro-vt h*r.1 a tftaatJaa aa onjiTla Addreaa Uopjtet. boi IS* Herald nttee WA!*T*n_I!V A Mt?PP<TABI.t TOl MO WOHkW, A alliintUD ?? ch-mbernald aad wal'reee, In a private fae It Well recommended bjr her praam! employer. Apply at (3 Writ ?fch at , aaar Mb are. TX'ABTKn-BT TWO MfPtHBlJ TOt'irri (IIKIX " ??Hiatwa. rm aa ?bambe-tnald and wai: ?eaa alt > earn' reernnmaadaUaa lie ntbar aa enra* and plain aew<w; bail e#tr raf-reroa. 0U1 for two dari ai 1 17 Weal Mb Mwbm 7tb and *b arg TV^AITTin- A BITrAtlDlt. BT A TOPWO OIRU, WITH Tf rood fltf reference to do cAaaberwork and arai(l*f, >? a for?l war her *nd ln>oe?, or wonld do the work of a am all faml'y; ro object l..n to go a *ort dletano? In Ibe noantry. ("a I at 1 1:1 Wiat 130) at . betaern M aad 7 Ik art . tt/al floor la tb? rear. , WABTPD? A 81Tr ATION All COOK; II AB BO OHJRi"" tw Ti to aa'Kt ? b traen n? la a prlrale rani lr: haa tbe beat of jfly raferenoe f r >m bar lad plaa* Oall at M Waal 14' h m WA NTKP? BT A PRi iTR?TABT OKR*A? OIRI. A ? lluaik>n aa rhain rmr makl arx! ? uiim.or|i. aeaiX m wnnbirr ard Imnler ?'all at 1*0 Forajth at . rear booae Iklrd Oonf Iniweem Hrorme and IVIinoey ala lir ABTKD? A ?TTUATIO'* A" I'HAVRBRW AID AHI) T? walirew. or rh?mber?aM and elall aea-er ? o o1. -rtVwj In. lakf rar? of children a?d d-> ?awlnr P?\l c*t re'e^wir^t fr- m her lut pltae. < "all at *ki 7th a? , between 2Mb aad Mb Ma . fur tan Ja<a WABTIIV-BT A KTKADT PBRRnB IB A (jri?T. "T I '.ala fiml ? a kituatam aa rham ?rm*Jd and adam H'eea or w . ud bae? to <>*< r|ont t . do !h* h->oaeaptwk ?' atn*.i faai ? . M a rond waaher aad i-oner. haa 'ha beat nf r* fro ? bar laal t'la^a wbere ah* kaa lire 1 ti air Ur> ' ' 'ara t all at or addnw a n ?e to M. A M tag, uiraa ?' WW H. n'A"Tlr-nT A BIWrWTtnt.R <?IRI? A fITt \ ?T tton aa .h?eberwi?W and Plata a e?-r. laqutre al B rprlnc *t. aeonad tlrrr. bark n? m tM' A STBIV- BT A Rtai'R. PAHI.* WICUIH Wil T? wan Bait i.tkm a a "rat rate r..k, kirxl *od wirtnr "? IM In ?a?blnc if required ? aa he re< n f.< >w? <;*) a at *7 * eat WUi at . in lb* More. Uf AfTKi'-BT A TODBO WnWAW, A BtTl* ATIOI irt*. waeh?r and I'nner trniM prefer lo j . .a |%nn. dr?^ or w.ltr?.i and eh. nberaald r->l r?lr refer aa<* i ail at lil'^b at . betwtaa "U an.l Mb at* . t?9 (laor fruat IR'AXTiD- * BITr ATIOH. B1 A RKBPKTr a BI.K WO ? ? n.*' , ?? r r?! >*te i- ?>k, wa4er and I'oorr ?.?i to d < all kl"d? r.f conk'nr la ? reapet*?ble pneale family Inquire at ?1? Mb bt . between Sfltb aad 97 tta , for two dar* . U?'A(?Trn-A BitrATioi* ab coi*, wk?nim A?r? T? ir- ier or U> *? rwteral ho?a?w>?k tNtll at 2*4 Bant lStb M between Area ttra B and C, for two day*. Ti'tunn-BT a mnni.? nxn irovm abitta ?? 'k* a? aiiraa aad plala aeaaa^reae ran arl- ? 'tp a baby by band fna lie blrtb. or won Id latere infai i.n alld ladr. '?? be aern al ber preeeni in- lauov. ('all at ~T addraaa arnh raat eoraer of 7ib ar and ?7tb at T]Lr AffTRO? A MTOATIOB, BT A BturiTABLR ? voonr wrman aa < bambermal-l an ' waller. OaU for Iwo <f?ta at Wo 7 Heat-r at. drat flour, front ronaa IX" AM ?P- " - ? .1'" S'. ? ?>* ?B * TT >. l nation aa rbealeraald and waltreaa and to aaalot In tbe waablrt aad Iroairg or lo take rare of kfc'ldren aad do p'ali aewlnff. no oMee,l"? logo a abort 'teUnee la 'be co-tatrr. I) oral ret err .re. <? i lor Iwn data at AD Waal Mth aC. be tween ' tb aad M ttl . la Um rear. Wt>T?l>-? HITT'ATIOF HT A R?ap?TABt,? anaan aawal n?rae In a prtrate family, -an rrwne wrll rer^irmend?d alao a woatan waatwd In w? nana a baby. 1*11 at ItJ Kb ar. betweet. SBk aad S7U> 0m. UirAimrn-pokiR ktbd op i,to?it bkwibo on TT <1? I fng aarbiae. br reatiartable aani?a wb> tota^d tof1*** allthr'r tiae to iba woib Any p?raoa harkng a rtea.lT rnrp'j 'or tbe winter nf inch work and arlabea ft a?P wfil ale?a?a?drea If T. O.. Bnmkljn Toat cffio*. Mating wbart IM? May be Men M11IATWHI WAITID-PRNALiM. YB* abTEIt ? BY * RIFHPtlTA I K G Kl? AHTTUaTIOM ? m ruifc and u< ???!?! hi vufhliiic njxl ironing. ho f-r two daj a hi yO Aral 24 Ih at , b-Hareen W> and 7thavl, kctiri] (loot, biok r - > u WANTED? HY A MOOT RBBPKlT ARLB <X)MPiTBNT i iOBK nmon a Proiaateoi. a aitu? -on aa eioellent ae?ra ?treaa, perfectly u'derataada all kinrte of family aewlng. shirtieeklng and d'eeamaktnc In tto?t neveel n a ne r wl would *ah no an Invalid lady; 'en years of ibe beat tealhmaalals aa lo itarwer, ke. Oaii at 161 Sd ay. for too daya WIT WURSE-? BITU *TIi N WaNTKD, BY A RRNPBU taMe young married woman, aa wet norae, with a good breast of milk. <*n be aeen at her preeent employer a, 4a C I.*fe??ue sv , Brnnblya. WA"TED-A SITUATION. by a BBHPRUTaBLB young woman, aa nurse aad awoaliwi; aan cut and make tioi 'a and eh Idren'a c'otblng: ean b? wall recommended from laat altaaUon Tall at 3* Wee; lS'.h at WANTRD-A BITUATION AH ('HaMRBRM AID AMD waitress V narse, by a Protestant young womin, ca a have a go-v renrmmendation from i*at place. Imjatre at 160 West STlhst , lop floor. _ _ _________ OTANTBD-A SITUATION AB HOt*MRKBEPER, OR TO W t>ke charge of an Invalid lady The I. ?wt of reference Address Mrs. B- M. K... "WJ ANTBD? A SITUATION, BT A 1WPKTTABIJI W<> Vt Ban aa oook; understands bar ^ustaees la at Me braicbee. Good city reference. Call for twodaja at U?7tf> av , Uurd Soar, back room. ____________ TIT ANTBD -A young lady or GOOD bdocatiow, " having faur da] a a week at bar dlapaaal, woold Ilka lo devote her (pare time, or a portion of it. to aewlaf or any fan tee I employment; la a lan capable of teaching anueic or tto Ensllah branches Address t . Y suum D . Tb at. WAMTED-A BITUATION, BY A RE8PBOTABLK girl, aa good plain oook waslytr and lronar Good reference. Can be aeen for two da>s at SSI West ISth at WANTED? A BITUATIOM, BT A RBRPBTPlRLlf young woman, aa r>"ok and aaalatant waaber ami Irnw; good reference from bar laat p>aoe. OaU for twodayaatXB EmI 3tth at. WANTED? BY A YONUG GIRL, A BITUATIOM TO do cbamlierwork and sewing id a respectable private i family, or would dn housework, beat olty referenea. Call far two daya at 71 Kin* at _ Wantkh-hy a RESPECT ? RLE giro, a bitda. lion lo do general boua**- rk In a email private family. Can he aeen f r two daya at 18S 36th at.. Bret floor, back mom. WANTED BY TWO HKHPBCTABLE GIRLS, (RIB I era). sUuaMnna one aa good oonk. waaber and lronar tbe olber aa chambermalil and waller or seamatreaa, fdUwr to rether or separate, nan rive tbe beat of reference from their Cut place Imiulre at 26V Court aL, between Unloa aad Hack ett, Brooklyn. WANTBD-A BITUATIOM, BY am ENGLISH GIRL, to do general housework; la a good waaber and troner; or to do chamber work an waablng and trunlsg ; city rfifa* retire given. Call at 17* 10th at. and 3d av. WANTKn-UY A R?3PK< TAHLB BMOIiIBH won am, a tltuetlnp aa gr?>d e>v>k; aao, by a renuecUhle BoKCfa girl, aa chambermaid. Inquire at 7t Weal 38d at, near 6th ave. WANTKD ? A RtTUAIIOM AB MURKK*Y GOVBKM e?a, by a lady fond of child -en; woald give InatrnrtianD on the pl?nn if dcalred. no objecboo lo the country Oall ad S09 Weat 1C hat near 8th ave. WASTED-JIT A RReHKirTAHI,* YOUMO WOMAN, A ?Itualton aa oook and to aaalat In waahlnar and Ironing; good city reference. < an be aeen for two daya at 16S Mul berry av. between Broome and Grand aaL WA NTID? ?T A RKSrlCTABLB GIRL. A BITUATIOM to do general binaewo-k in a aaall family. Can be ateo at *4t Id av., corner of Mtb at WANTED? A BITUATIOM AR NUR8B, BT A RB apectable woman, who la capable of taking tbe eatlro charge of an Infant from it* b'rth or bring It op by band; bao tbe )>eat r t c ty reference Call for two daya at 308 Houatoo at , Brat flncr front room. TIJ ANTED ? BT A RB PROTABLE YOUMO GIRL, A vi aitualion In a rri?ate faa'ly. aa ehaaaberm?ld aad waltrraa one who thorenahlv nD^amand* tor boalneaa. Oat at her laat employer1*. 198 Weat 88th at WANTBD-A SITUATION, TO COOK, WASH AMD Iron; good city reference can oe glvan. Call at 12 Oaa non at, In the top floor, front WANTBD-A BIYUATIOM TO DO CHAMBBBWORE. and aewlug, or to take ca re of children. Apply thk day at 187 Lexlngloo ave. WANTED- A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE WO mm , aaoook. who nnderatanda her budaeea lo general; tbe beat of city refi renoe gtven. Oall at 91 Baal IMA at, Bra. Bo* r, up atalra. WANTED-BY A RB?PECTABLB TOUMG GIRL, A aitnatlon aa ch%m*ermatri. haa no objection la aaalat hr warhlng and Ironing; wonld be willing to do tbe work of a en?'.l family. Can be aeen fur two daya at 1*9 PI la hath at, room fco 6 WANTFD-A BITUAYIOM, BT A R ESPBCTA BLB young womaa. to do plain aewlng and cbnaberwark. or to take c^re of children, beat of dtv reference. Own be aeen al Mra ?hunk'a aewlng repnatlorv, j 2 Kaat 12th at "ANTED ? BY A RBBPIC'T A BI.K YOUMO WOMAM. u bo Is a Brat al aa drea?mak?r lo all Ha branebaa, a alto, atlon m a> me reapeetable family, by the day. weak or aaoalB lnqalre In ihe atore. 87 hl?eokerat. Ylf ANTID? A BITUATIOM, RT A REBPBCT ABLIt VT j mnr woman ; la a good snok. warher and lrnner; baa. the beat of city telerence. Oall, for two daya, al Ma 1M Ttt av , near 2&1 at. TIT ANTID? A SirUATlOM. HY A YOUMO DRALTHT VT woman aa wet nuraa, with a freah hr?*al of Bilk; chiM dead, beat re'erenee rlc?n < an be aeen fur two daya at Mra. Dyer'i, No. ltl East Jlal at., from lO till t Tl'ANTRD-A HTUlTIf'N AR GOOD TOOK; THE HE8T f* of eltv reference from her laat nl?oe. <5all at No IB Weat St tli at , between Broadway and ti'.n av., for two daya TlrANTKD? RT A COMPETENY PBR!W)M. A RITUA II Hon aa araniatreaa. ran eat and m?ke lidiea' and cbll drer- a dreaara. would aaaiat wits children Apply at 8V Kit h'eer lb St., between 6ik and 7tl ava Tlr ANTED ? A SITUATION. RT A TOUNB WOMAM, AB VI i IW and aeamatreaa nr rbam/ erm*k1 as .1 araniatreaa. 0<?d reiereme. ''all at ICU bavy at, between Juki an aad M)rtle ?v.. Brokijn. tl*A*Hn-?Y A TOl NU WOMAN, A HIT JATION AO TV ???! plain rook waah ar aid trona- li wtlUoi to A) (a Pfrai I ttwrk. OlH M M Waat 26tb at.. batwran ifcb Md Ptb ata for iwn days, Koob.HU n to take care of ohlMren. liur*" rrlrranoa. Ukr AKIKi ?A HITDATIOM Til IK) i'HaMKIRViiHK, " ?*inf and amomiaary Call fur two da>a at at ffM . ISib it , trtwaen 7th and S.h arm. Tr-ANTtD- A PJTC ATION BT A Rl ' Tl l'n^??utrt ?lfl to df gaoart' Viwxrt it ahmau rami !; to l? m*ii kf Its daja at 1? Prior* tl , rear bnlMin*. TJ|r ANTIP-A CIUl.nTO Wrr Nl'RSB. BT A R1BPEUT TT abb- marTwd ?"man vt.h a (nil t raw* of mt'k, a ho bar { 'net bar oan child; r-??t rafrrar^aa (mm bar doator can b? ?i>rn. I'4II *'(?l liil.HMrt. tta *f?t I _______ | Tl" ANTKD? A SITUATION, RT A RISPM'T A BI.V II yriiB* fir,, aa norw ?nd mifra or ehamharmal? and aai,a?a?raae; ????! reiereace UeU at ?M 2d ar , brtaeea Mib and i/Ttb M IwH AN1RD av A KtM K'TiHl K TOUNtJ WOMAN, A. H alto?Uoe aa plain ro* and ?alrr a?'t troeer, baa rut nit rrlrrm re In |Ulre at Hi 7th a? tv ip" flonr. 11' A NTED ? BITC ATIONB, BV TWO RISPRfT A HI,? TT 5 itnf firla "r>- aa wvlw and Inmar. the o-har ?rill d.> raam^?*ra<'rk ur waluag. Uail at Uu Last 1Mb at., to the srooerj an.r*. T*"a*T*P-A mCATTOW. BT A TOrNO WOMAN, as II Ttry rod eaek wlllla* U> ae?ta< la tha waabint and troa Irr l?r at cliy re eraaee. All at 111 Weal 2Mb at . wo at iib av WANIKP- BY A HKK' ?<? (UN's A NITfATION ? Mahaabaimetd aj.d a alter in a final: family, nr V> 'aki (?am of rbtldrea a- d do good plain aa wl? r Itaat oily referrarr. call at 111 Weal 1Mb (t . ounaar - f 7th ar. r*r ant*i>-a hiti'ation, bt a oovpmtmnt touno IT ? *an. aa etir?e and team ?tree* nr aa rhatnl>e*m*ld. Prat rlir r ??'??#? 'aa Can ba e-an for t *o dara at tha no aary Mire IM Weal I9tb at , bat a a^a Tta a ad a. b arm WANTBO-BT A BEHPK TartLB WOMAN, A BITT7 ? Mini la a prlralr family, aa eon*. aad In aaaka !n > r waab nr and In clot, or w ? d (<< aa 'aand-aae <a a ro .1 baaar. aa.! an eiiallatt waaliar aad Imoar Oan br xan for l?o da>a, If not n farad, at IM Ttb ar onrnar rf |i<b at. HI Tl ATIt?lH W ??l TltaKAU s Atch h'I i?i?, twknti two vsam or who nadrrataoda K?r' <fc w? Itra an1 at.Mka Pranoh, urrrrjin aad Hataii, daa.rra a atUia'loa irkara b?aaa niia iua* Would ha r?inlr?d. aad acu'd >a praparrd I < ?n-.k# blmaalf (Mtrra'lr ni?-'n 'i ?.>???? K ..?a < ? c?a ahaian;, (nod rafa rerraa aa to -hara^t- r. A.llrraa K. li., UrrtM otM. Arjl t! 0*5TJ.*M?N, WHO RAW KM!) AN I*. r rtr' ?-i.-h r ? m tHa ritj for iha laat (Ira faara, ? .?,?aa ? ' i. I r < >vr?a?an la a j ib'itaf or laportlnr !? ??. m-> ? int in ro 'o Rnropa vi do t?a bujtnc for ? at <ri' a't. 1 ??. any kind <d (nlaai buMnraa. AMrw rttua, 1 1 1 n aoniur Poat lAca A II I" DINT IN THK HtNtnit tl.AHB AT DNION OfTt .1 lara. daatraa ?aap loyiaart fo? all waaka. lorlndtaa tha ?irfi'h o< l>a?-?Bl*#r Jir o< arti na Ml travr.iln* Adlraaa A C. W? tai alt lobaara tady. > t A SITUATION WANTBIK-AB t*)*i"HM A N. BT A it Totiar man lata)? naTM (lag proloor rood rrtnrmerr trrm bl? laat amrloiar Addraaa 111) liar aid OIBca, or 1"" ?? ara th rd Hoar f-r 'b-?a ?'a'-a ATOr?H W A N? WHO HAS A ?<>MP|,m KNOW adjrof hooAAaaplar and anthmaUa. daa'raa aa aa?a?a mrat In aa "Br* or a a*r??a; salary a at m< mieb aa objort ?a a r??rartabla aiinat' oa F>w rttf rafaraaek apply la Mr Jatm Mola/ry, 111 I'aarl at . for thraa dara ATOFHO MAN. TWBNTTTWO Tl A It Of AOt W daairona of ohtamin* a Mmat. .n la anna wb'laaal* h t'ia? orrdira abara. by kialndnakry aad aUatux-n to Iba > w.naaa. ba couM adraara adlraaa f. It p , hot |fj HrraM nfllna ABTTCATION WANTKD-AB BARK BE "MB. BT A ?oan? man, nadarauada tha buMaaaa waU. Oaa /rt*? *ba baat of rafaraaoa trrm kta laat amp'nrar. Otll aflTV ckatham a> . or addraaa Iwayl B Mr.HanM An BXPRBIINrBD IIOUBI.B RNTBT (OOHIIPIt Ifcalraa Imaradlaia rir r Wrya^wt, taaipotary or paraMnaak. SNHafartorr raf?raapa? r?n ??? flraa. Addraaa ? . M , Jotiraal a < ai m >dBra, *1 WalaA. A MAN AND W|P*. NO IN.TMBB A N?V WAN* a?natl >r. aa r ?. hmaa aa _ao k. Krrtah Protaakantn. Iltr ara rar.?mmand~? mr wrma In tba rUy, imkar or trparata. fall at IM 2A h at . bat araaa M aad Sd ar. A OBAITATBOf HABTABP PWI|BK? A B1TTATTOW J\ for* law bonra a dayaap>lrat? tnt# or laarbar la a ? hnol Vary ^aat rafrraiwra tlraa t llraaa W . Mi I 9X P.?t idira N. T. cm*ATioN wantwd-bt a topno man orooot? O aril -all .n a',1 ad '-ra?; la a r^^d '-i"aatK>rdan( and a^ ronnt# tit; won'd an rk f<? a monib na trial for no- bmr tin ha 0t>drrM,?a| ttr l?t^r*a)> nf k? ?n?-l>jar Ismail talari mir rtparta?l at Jraf < ->r|d t*pn> it >?"?> aa arr irlty Addraaa Iptf i atry HaraM n0ra. STTl'ATION WANTMD-BT A TuINO man in a phr tograrblr faliart ; nadwaUnlaf ahlnr pleiaraa and tonahtr r p-nnfa alvnlaalair, palatlaf prrfrrrad Adlraaa be* ts? fuat <8icr. Patrrana. N. J.

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