Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 27, 1860, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 27, 1860 Page 10
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UNION OR SECESSION. SPEECH OF THE HON JAVES T. BRADY. THE IRKfcFltttSHIiLK tOftTLUT, &?? > Mm *?? Mr James 1. Brady, tbe 3r*ekterit|0 owitnlatfl for Ibt GoTcriortbip ol tbia * t?tc, ?Wre??4 a m>.e'.ia? ? I U>? t'ooccr It ttitute lait erto'.af tn r*f?< to fi" pre mbi Tfrj arprrl f the j>ollHca! lwrt*on Vt. ?rid)' bkd beta M>!?g<d for several ? cckg paol in ?Mitif MdrtMec n rmruu* wrt? of .be Slate and New jerr- ; tut lb* wM tU flrit i jouioq dvrlng the p--seat Ola..* B Itiul he KldfiUi^ tUu ptopia cjf Lii cily. The f iirtj n't wt" urt to l?r/rv aw i?!(tbl t-tye been ejected; tat ft rbajr, tbal was a'.ti .butable Lo ifcc fact tfUl iLjre ??i? co i < i. tie in the ulrteu iu.uovi.ciog Ibe *.e.ltg? ?olliing o?t an ad?<*rtii"emenl in Ibe murbiDf pnperr. Whil lb audience wacUd, hovcrtr, in orators, It m*. r p ui respectability an J intcll gunoc. The meet ii k wan called ?o ortfer at eight c'rlook, aed Mr I'l. p W Eu*? w*? called io the chair. Mr tu talcing tbo chair, aald ? Fellow riMten*, the National IVmncratla ?Oeneral Com ?Mti* frl tbn city, jv|>?t-*tDiiri{ me tatr-o?ie of tho Hrrrk;Lr"<r aad L*re party ? (cbeert)? bare ca let tbia maeu^ for the purpose i? Mining ) ou tfe"; opportunity V> heur iht lr u?ud!<iat? tw the gubei nalortr.! era r of tbti (Hai- tari r of trwi I uion tick* t, ami on the Is ?>?? ol Ibe ''.?j 1 wl 1 not detain you a moment fron? tbf mtelt. otual f<an that jon may aiitlrt<?U>, ?n1. with ;ocr permttnion, I will introduce f< yon loe H'W .lanu* . Brady. MH. MUDV's SPEECW. I lr Hkai.v bore came forward an J ?ii received wtth ? yerlect ttoi oi ol a(>p'aune, tbe w!?oki rtaiog. waving Iht lr bat* ati i thnriutr v ^roMly. Mr Urad/ ? . r llo. -ii.wu., lam tfcU hall t? n?< Mr la a circum W?W.1. U io D.?tii ^ 0(H <llu. U1 ,iu. i.i?ry pftiig Tbat U ?" cb, * v f 1 we bu'oro me gl*'C totoru, u-0 byeu o V. m u" " 1 I a>m? forward U ?* about "?? 10 wa,ir-"' ?t|bt ** ? ih.c the i^rw ?'th wnu-f , we ar?'"g?i *rLTn, .wealth no ? latiou, no (dti-* U> main H *T? !^rTn admiration vwl.hb m'Kht urK.- it rvsrss tssa Which ?e^"^ ;:ur ",T^ 7^'?^'* ^r' ^"?'f?!,uw ss. ! :? x MM. of N. w Yo^t* W? UMHgM oapaotUea *od ttelr Sgg ? . ggg &gq? ^TrJr;'s: si " r''iS3;FS^si?i.?xr. KSS.pJi?^.<-> ?>? '-r"' TT"' *,iES Er'rsrrJ*;. ,'KT;s.."i^ . ? u ) ' .. i i . , fi'OD 8v) mAl.V cor K>U ? S^rSSSESs} X *oi b .twenty 5 ?>?r ?? u,t, M-..I wm.l?l on'. i>er<cel?-d <n mv court . aaYwiueea . ?< uT?r 1 1 bis own identity. (1 aughwr wd "'"' ul" t??,u.u, ?u,i i a.. to cheerful y, that !????.. r.l t MLg il>*' pre* Lu Uo*lt with mi' wry U e ar b<\oad my >' wU It b?? t)bv?ie< me.'^ ,uto a gentleman Ol men- lmi?.ruuce lUiii 1 Ou ???Vm?ielf * be and I ""turn it my not ony ?1 ?? -?l .,,, ? nrltn which t? HM either flattered me Stih^rKiw or .turg me with tbc .Maw. of cu.ure-for ??r frir-r if no other e?lat??l, than taat it ba? fur !Zb?d me ?ith tuple* for my wbJe f i2le been I?w IruB borne; uJ o?en k t aorn'tr before you. fchow cilltent 1 d? JhS 1 wou J b? able to ma*? a fpeecb ?* *" ^ H>,? nl e\t..Tt. from jonrua ? 1 have U m IT J?.,iig tumrxhtl pergonal ?" nu?< If, 'f ' n . Na*\ may prove in the ciammavou iome?a?l "J*1 r<?ilM ^ of ttx*.- - the r< a. *.*-.1 tuo A^rmal^ ami ?r,. a f< ? J*y? **? 'n"kl ^'"T ?"'"'"v ? Sl^Tqci lu n> at pr ? bcnsiblc U> m|*?r, lo b?v? ?u ? S^y ?l?b.n II M lu??r?t lu ?f ?. t^,/h l aw not ?|M?? ib*i kby h' V^r'hich n WM u n?dr UI f ? tr?ctl r.;m ? otb?r i.jurna. , ^ t) ?Sr?t?:- U.'.tn inrt lt went on V, ?> tb?t It tboafbt Mr H' ^av bc?b drtMoiOK UkU;ly, a.? a ^LrUluvt, a>. b*hef that U. *? not .ur Z*f id Wl to CMf? Hlcto?o 1, ud ?bru b.- ,*rinute?? thfm to own ??*?* ' '' SD* ??.k ul biniMir u ]*rt ot tbc property iow 1 ?n> rery marb obliged t" W?'J ^SVamm^ H??n? when It Vol. m.- I TLmlu t t*u? n;e it l???t lhl? cmi'lim-nt? JLTt I tu n,.t k Wide *??*<? (l?u*bUf wd ?ri^* > Me? let m, ?b'.? you the ?ncvr?cy of new?pM<ri, ? L ? . i ??)?? illu?tr?ip*l by ib??r c- mtu?nt? la the flrrt in my life .? ^ >.4 Liu* I h?re net at J work D tbe prrw It '? ' 1 ui'f nrcJe ?ketch '?? T,w ?*"? liM h i* ore lit Tn n tUli m I of tbc y..un??J ?, U ?????? ssrjr.Ar ffir1 - ?:? r ^ #Hf Cut k r W> t%y bow be \iHed JeftnUvoa H< K Id b m ibat be l.ked It *ery we, I oely for IfcrWU Si,. ?L.i were ,d it r r.i; ? ,r?b ??. not '?* ?*??? u ?*? not ?n ?'-?! th.rd It did ?<* w?n b?c? ?tili.KUu|l>w ) No? there u ou? of Uw m?->7 * P lK,t=? .Tlbf tiin^ trdltllu?l *?? ore you^ or ol "? Clr ?n*?ute?? Hl.Td.rg b;m, ,llUf1^? n? bow o?rr u^ t ? ? .. .. .. p;?n oU'imtol wito tt>M oreciia ?<it Ut 1 uu of ?oy cou*<i'.? uoe in to |re?t and inJ aM|M a cr'i J u that ab b mpen-U orer our Couutry, knt berauie 1 ? a; ri>ed to be t? rrl wltb U** P?'|*a of (tam'ard (?ra'vr in th.i 9;tto organ ?atlo? of the ?'<?* larvlce and l*ne i*rty 1 d? not ?**n that they thai be ????.??? and to ts.^e fr.^d. M ?U?. ? bo at I be roraira of t-c Hrreu are ?nl?e p-g ont the,r Tmt. t that : am la lb ? pot two. I ? i". ?ay lhai tbey ba I kriter ?top i rt ?i g en ?y ar. >unt, and it p roPhltg ?? ?Jf L ^ tt Zr lib." the . i.ti o * orer HI the mriancu , y M| b* Wq-ilrrJ in the hmlly (UaghUr Md I waat to cay to thorn an I to tay to you thar w^Wr^r ' T!T?wi o?rtaat howerer great or ?-nall the ?arob" ?f indiTi i'ia* that eU.aU-r about our little at*. ??. n tbo tab It ha 1 but two hundred toU? tt the wb.. e it at- of New Y >ib. a* "tie who turd? firm and lael b.? a fia"< rru of principle*. I ? ? 11 ","1* A !' i .i m..,t kon irabie uJ B.T.' gwr.oua than to 'be at tbr b< a of any otbrr t cket ande trl.d Prr?' lent of tfc - u ? ei*u* (I'beerr ) I a? B"l . l>l??rd to Ah* '' *' etBanal.Dg rrom a ?i?ber of patr1?tic gen?Uimeo IB tbeetly of .New York, who hare been BBjutly M,?e**-d, V'm.i in rajio. . prrnee ol tb? l alUM Itatee I he? Tr n to r\ mrn.ber thai tbe Ire. ?tnridg? Bad t*ne ?**?'' tAl?* bare t.,*de no b* *a a with logger ani Tbey harr ma^ie ttoWll wltbtUat to wLith 1 n er Tbe, rate ?^lr r?^J (rm bmI fl-t. ?? tbey ?ei? to *? ^ ?"n * that lhe?e It g W? ? ^ ,a' u/t ae'm. p ? ?.?y to be P a-ed m dacgor. we U.?. a tua tl?-k t. nb i . at?d ? ?? ,uo *?' u 1 > , a i ?.? :,.,kaft ?? a hope a. k >tao<e o* anr lag tb ? ? Ur t?' ncaa M.t^e d i why d -. we di th.r rbe S? a 1 1 rh Time* m>i that Mr Jv?> an an .M ? m( ! ? <> * Vl' tl n o" f?? U v ma) be eodangt^i by t .e "?**' ? ri, n. fVrbapB ?*> B-.t Mr ?aJf ??.?. ^ * 1,1' IUI tn? men ?U> ba-1 c fctro of the ?blp ?? - J * tber ' T.e - tbrm ?.? of Wi? W o apta a or p 1 i?iy tb' t B>v?le wb > atanda on tb? roeeewatu ? ' ? ? ,t of the -tor?? ahoaia be **?* "Jt" 4wgrr l? * ?re*?l tbr gh th" ?tol *'a.. 'i < ? ? Uht and r., .a-'} la Ike g be** oft* ? fv- ?* ??] tb?t erer decorated the g >b< wb i *- '.?vi > > ? wb'O Ui ere t<i?ie? alxire ih? h' r 1 ' ' ml cb ?M?hlr may trow i?t > a w s " ****<>*" . Irf near the tweoi? <* Ik- "p ? i? rerv i, a c?oj? a^a t/i*? wbj e?e? Uien Wn? i ta*? ?> tn,. HK'ewt ih# of t e r??v' i * : iu!> t r f?J ri Isfwaif ''iNitMr) . M4 ?n<B?ili<- . - I ?(??>?? >3 11 ?ar . to '? ? 'na I by 'ha ?0?<r?tpo lhal In* tk " bta W?u j -1ar??r W> a"- it' ttto Ik' I a "a i tleua nvariBff, Who, r* ; t b'? Af ? it i rh>air*lr, ?'?? l la *n ?? *!? .? r Urn e . I k ner?. ai d n fi I I lb* rm a f Ik? c 1 r ?ra i , ? t?r> ?ky . tlH tb? at tc f>?ni rta ? < t'.<- wb ? ran WMrf lt?e p. ani-.l lie ?t ? *?' Mr I ?? r|? i*?j lit' IMIli W lit T'1' *' ?' u? i <*??*? ? rnrlrl fv4pj-'? #? ) W* alt ' >? i ? ?act's*!* arv mMbful ^ ?ut ! ?> ?l ? and eornread U*t 'h? dan*/ ? o#rt? n *? ??> lk?t il * pnM M* Itopklr ? >!<??? a i ard tk 1 II Ua? ?~1 bk* ecnfarrri ?|? :? ? ? ? *?.? I j ??* jrwvl old r#aa?> Vi M' ?*t%i a ?a if b?r ? trt k? Itk'ttaiv ard tiial fht f<m lkl? port WHb f*' V tf ?|, Mr *?* . a |i i. >* id a-ptr?l. Ml a? ?rm, ??f ard oiup ir?| M wi,.- ?? hfl Ibk k >n r Art l"> Jul ?>?** '??< nil b#r d?r? ft t IW key dark>f V the I alna B?r? you ftad!?d lb* ?ifu? kf lb# *!??? War? yin Imkad f>f it: .?<!> ckhi''? Ihtl C44M aj> kb-'T* tk? bur,r>n* liar* j vj ' lb" T?o harn?Ct?r to t?a what atw ???tatr ic r^aay* ta 'oiliktira of i*rll la ih'f? a fal ? . mai i Ui? a?"Mtlf Iftai t fear* lb# h'?n? to ad<Sra?a. ?b-> m\ \\ ity k'a'.vnl n*>" b-a boart aad la lb* prrian of na M ?. *r r\y h* fa*** M>?r? Ik bo akk?rr to the Vbwb ai ihtt t mr- I km oft fcffc, my M* .ar CII'7'|?#, to at ty U.f erar?s ksara of any body of kk<1'TWu?l? a'^-m -i by ivir nwa khkilOKa. but If ?h?>r# mff any ?b ? ;,<-?? ?|,tt th UrtjlH ??! ??n of U>>? ; arc ; <"?'? \ ? 'r'lUm-i v} % kkra; rfanirr, ttx>y bar* f>*?. i ?> r* l? -i*y *a^ (\ ?klrt by arhlcti ib?y bkr# ???r b? n d'ttiacv >n- .| lk? llnf th* aal > b ?a? ftrat known >:r tf? (h . nam | k?t ?'<ak jou (AiflWkl ) lamurk-tt^o^arafwVBrda m U? wnrM 1 bar# a<?a ia mapy ?a yr btrr? I # ikrm a<? ?wttti* aa I ?Pfkkirf. b' s "?? lb?r Har- n?t lb# * .'JH* tc ?U"1 by tb? (,-kJ'ait 1 1* j?' >.ph?l I r| ?r' 0"rrlT?r *0 Wi-port ; bat xocnreed be the man ac* ruined tbol?-3gue of lb American who the-o ever t? a time in the bietory of the raoo When , Ve -ouiberner has evinr-td oo?ari;toe when called upon l,j, !"?? li y to himself ?r hie country (Cheeee ) Sj? go 1 make en* detlutloo in ray log lh?s Between that i r> ni.'i. et lb-' 1 nluo Id wbloh I *? b -ro and that to | wble-ht u?v> ju/ 1 re'eried But may H please I tie Al , p, ??? * y i l h omniscient and etnnlp tent adnatBleiratlon ' cf tb ' , *at>' i And the affairs of mauklrd, to grant there ' re?? r.?' s mecbatge, if ch&r.go be iioofbtary. tome cen.iinuat on < f ? waoin if tUat ? tt stflice, by whioh iQo ' fr?v. sore of the North and the South may have ;h. Ur hande c'ltsped together In tbo ftalernsl em I of a oomtnco rtegtixy, ?? that tho fioatH, to abktever portion of tho cevutry be may belong, way o?t be gratified hj ibe spectacle of a dlee-vered Uniou, ! bi t, oil the contrary, be usured that tbe istarr that now jjlifin ao'.d th? toios of our national banner, like tun?e that ?ow fl'tnaitr <u the flrmtn c.ut above ox, may tblaei ; on with undlmlntsl ? 1 luttre until the last echo of he mainly (Great applaeite ) ! do not mean to say, feticw ciiitvus, tlicA the republican party deelro a dlMoiatleo of tbe anit-tieau UnV-n That, 1 cjufe>*, would be itutruc ai d urjeet, und heexen foiblu that I *? luld utter r\t?g it unjust -if c tber fee- or friend. 1 hope the South *;11 i>e lleve ?ith me ttu'. evfcii tbe elect i< a ul Mr. UdnIs, with any erdii try train of e'ctaerq et tea dependant epni that eve-ut, will rot of ltailf create an xxaaletn When any fV utbrrn State 7r,?y sece< io from the Vnion ; bwt t do be lkvn th?t wMd the people of ihut eectlMi Batter th ai selves with the nU? thut the reptsbl'cttfie can control inn :k'< n eDllmnit abich perva<lc? their party, they are entirely nr. (taken. (iiaut that Mr J ico n and ^ * l<i|( ?.(ra nay go iu>oea*fully tbreugh hl3 ad i> i Itrattrn ana cafcf y juldo |tbo helm of Slat. frant all thai the lima and Tribune r ? In reference to rome of the ?ngg??t*-a? which ' "il from wy li|>? In pub ic when I aakod what lt'? republl eaii patty prop?>??d to do fnr the negro rai4>, fid they r- plied lhat they praxMl n"4hi?K, that i hoy wero rtiunl ng ' r the rlRhiaoftbo hlteirta (irant ill this. Wil t ? u tell Tie II 1W thi' re,, ibltoaB purty 1? V? w ithet*j<l tbe tirrlflc f'Oaer < f ti.nt ? >o.itioBi.ini to whioli 1 U*vo ruir-, i' L?t u e jM.fce.aiid a?k you to pawe, I bt -y t<> loer vim's d. tioctly tfeo comtdera ? 1 n of a practical triib wt-.oh no mau in iV? ?ji>frrihy or In tho o?iit'tey can deny. V y I < 't tbat 11k whole of NVw poU .tan ua witi one beart in reference tr> tbtt qt?e?tlon of tlaveryt if tba>f In It a 'filling that hi d<-p?>odHnt op >n Ibo !mi wbetber tine man fhail be o.eoUtd I'reeideut or that man be debated- '? there auy euch tcrapirary or iraa Blent <i> ? ?tkh at this Involved In tbe lenon taught tlie New Krt'un'l boy when he Or?t h??glo? t? coiopreh."id tb ? Wf>yCB that fall trim the lips of fiW mother, or ?lico be rial* tbe tit qu< at apptalg and abetrai-.tiuua of bt? apel tTg bock In reference io ltberty, or |lal'*t? to tt.e 1. fa..ra incuieatcd from tbo pariah pnipiiy Poee any rupp<?e tbat thia *. i tincnl tbui pervadiiv all New Kcgland wBI Im (atmUin by a cor?ervaltvc a 'lr nl? tiati'n of tliit. |iOY? inn Lt .'ming the four jc?rt of the 'n cutntH ncf <>f Mr l.Uici'ln, aid any set of men ha can driw ground Irn. ? II In p? rfeetlf absurd to erttcl uiy wh tbli y Why, the ruvraa in the wilderuem. witti their moolb* open, eould not h? more expectant th^n are tt-.e abolttton party <f the North tbnt It i? to be gratiU?d hy wVa i t a t" aitlve ciidjacUT emanating from the LlnXiin a<: m id iei ration. ( biera) I won ! ask the friend* of the repeh I lean |?rtv aid particularly the pi hi, where i:o jou tlu ! the elemeiita thai luggeit a Jerry rifcue? Where do you find tbe principle* wqicq ??oe rale Ui?" ltierty la*i in many of the Noriti'ic. State* whteb make It criminal for ary State officer to lend tbe leant afllitauce to U>e exxutton i f the Fugitive Slave law - Vi Ik n do you find tbe prtnclpio* tbat glvo birth I) John Browi ralit by a set of men called lorane? and 1 hi tb' > were? an thoee who ?e<-k to < ^elle the slavua of tlie ^ u b to rebelll'-n, to murder and rapine t What la tbeiitUuu! <l ihu bum?n n>< d? what la tbe impulse of l!v> iL-t ii 1. 1 that creates the doctrine of UM hibUi-r iuw as e?j < r,i_"1 bv W '.tam 11 Seward ? Aril wbei e cira-.ej tb* re Iw i expressive *ordB "irrepre?s bio oonfiiot ' tbat till the <ar and etutte tbe souls of en mauy p?o;le throughout tb in regien of rur country; How are they to be rallsHedT "By an r<|')al and jua'. al mlnlst'ati -n if tbe genrral govern men! will any man ray, ' By not mUrferitg with slavery lu tliu DiUlrlCl m' Colnrub a, by c<i .iiteiopttrg to meddle w th s'avrry in ihe f'tates ?hi re s'avery la .iustlfl?d b^ tho local la wf" w II that soffici ? Is there any m\n In tho pwaesfion of h? ft lies who belkvrs that tbli afjdraliwi for hutcaa frerdotn, th u far attcl?ip eiclted In the esui" direct!' n, this m Etimcct (if ?'Kh it be) however wroog, that jc lore* to marly all o tbe "forth reprr seated by tbe 'fpn"> llran party, will be ent'rely aaiiated by a strict ad htriix'' to the coistitot'on and the Lin ot the c^urtrv oeder ah administration pretending II b- friend ly to fuetom and hostile to slavery. No' As well might that the great patriot Cariba il wnuld b; aatisfed with an acbtevemes.t tbat ha? rrade h!.i Ba'!>.? itnn ert; ! If he shrald ktow that hia native Italy, which he tas raised ai It wer? from a trance, was t i lie sent ba.-k to an eternal sltcp by the [Hiwer of hie I\hs. I have thut alluded to elements all. cling Am. character and Am rlcan pollttca whieb seem to i artake of a'mort tbo chartcter o' ptwion. I>et me try Ite repib'can party by He deliberate oplnlois in regard to constitutional eanctlona, obllgali .es and gnarsiiuei. and see whether it not we are joetlfled lu eharp rg that c'si gi r to the I'nion iraivDda when their h< | e of triumph is so great In doing this, I muel be per rr M<d to r?ad a few extraclt, dtstastefhl as It la to an audience to listen to anything read, whieh il Is imtx'-tant ?bould be bn.ngbt to your notiee. B> fbre d ill * this, ho*< \?r, 1 may remark tfat the leadlrg Hea wlurh the friend of Brrcklrridge and I*ne eutertain, la that a n. an's title to bta slave under thia government ie like hie ttlle to ether spec lee of property tbe optilon of the republican pe'ty is, just exactly the oppoaiw of ih?t, and tbe r if u?< uf to lay, In th- article, which 1 hold In n y tiar.l, IM me the ItMMM to >ay lh*\ 1 hav s?aU 1 thefc i plr.ione In a kind and correct manner. Tbe notion of the republicans , then, is tb*l American ? I wl I not ray "outbertf r, for II se? mi to bare been forf dteu tbat many it the slaveholders of the South were worn a', tbe North, and perbs|>s the m?el severe art- mt them have the repnlati m l oom tgfroin N'ew fj gland? (ajipla iee) ? 1 ra> tbat ite Bottna of ibe republican tarty is ibal Am. r - cat r avfry la a re atloo b'tweeu mister and txQdmar,, cristi'i si d coctlnnlng only by fore" of the local law in th' .-I ,ie ?l i re II i x ?fca They h?ld that I a salveboi Vr re&iovii nt a fret> tlate h< m .H abandon all property that n a> bate h< l> i gcd to hia or b a acceewr in his own 1 ally. They 2k Id furl tier, that If tbe American I'm ju ihi ;?! a ? ijuirr s j.jpce t.f cew Territory ibe right of tb" Southerner or nave d?e" r to eijoy his property In i|<t i i... s it 'la bt>ur.Jary line I am addrceein^ n'H of Ink II v i.c? scd It m?y be aa Is si u to < Ser lh m the r.mi e- il.ust'ati <n I am ?1). t t to do, l ut its Mtnp'mty r^oat i>e lie etcuee. I will enppcre that tb? lrrrit4.r) ,.f the Veiled Matee ie i"P .ritdhyth. area oocui'led by th ?a'j<? c c Kither by l""< d <r | treheM. i.y wnr or the m -re hum 'ne mexne oi | > ace, this I n!(?, of nhtchy u ar- the Inhabitants acu ell -is, the lorie and naateis, aoquiree a pii-ce of territory which mav be repreeentcj by the plalf. rm. Tbere ie the N> rth, there the *)uth, there tbe haet, there the West, aad tbere tbe M del. -late*? and you are tbe American peopl* Y.ei from the Morth Uav n"ir oxsn, a|r*cnlte.rel MnylrninnH aL.l oilier traeslerrable pre.perty, yoor title to wnlch no oce gaiotays. and to coil. m .n with your brethren from the Ka' t and Weft, yor. c rre u;k?i tbe plat'orm. or Into th<- Terrttoriee, and erjnjr vkat yon owe, as on ? of l'ie frst; h lore and rigata ot "American OJ linen* n >* * it w ih yrmr ne gbi><>ie of tbe jootb. Tbe moment the* r-n.. up here wilb their property, the'r pat Imooy of slaxc*. rtei -?d firm a dear father ornvthcr, may be l.i e yourst lvee, tshal la the rfeuU Toe North Faatanl West Hand up against the intrualon. and claim thai they are benl<h. d In m tl.e terr tory . anil have no right there in r?nr.ison with Uieeieeltee. tbong'i thtlr money and bleod t.ave been e*i?nded as freely ae onr own. Yed, tny tdlt.w c'.tir nl, Mr Rrecklnrldgr or Mr lane. If either were slaxi taoldeis, are to be kept off Ibis territory, to wb * b tb?y ba\e an equal ela>m with oomelves. Hi ill tb bare <o,ght fur it aide by aide with tbe l^op'e cl tbi- ^orth, and am d hnllets and b'. tehM c* 'Ot' D'. ed for that liberty wh'ch the r exxmee n iw dare aay they ha ve not tbe right to dnjoy. ( hcere ) Now ki ne call j..ur at teat on to t lie rmaarti of th? r.k'tee 1 m kr ?* th g'i wbitber y- ?..l agree ? lib n e .ii what 1 am at it tu say. b it 1 MJ you Ibit I have aioays trad ibe tYUi-n* sub pleas .re. (trocictl >tmhter > 1 knee Mr Jrerlejr pef.^na'lj- ever s jee i lie t roe he firet came to Ibe c ty of New York H.< an I I wore 1> tli yoaoge r men. strange to ray. t.,?n than we a e how, ted )el my youth s? ma l? bo inrreaeing, f.?r I can mi the rr*sTS|?er? farther off tow than I uaed Io >1 > I o r.eed the giaiseo wb ch Sb .X?pvre rtcxn n^nds when be s>T*0'ti?t the.' gtaas eyee tl?n . smrvy pol.UclaB, for tboi: eft eteat to a?e thirs? tb?ei diet not il.vjgh U ) R. t hear asy frtec.i iwee ey on Ih" euhfect of prop??tf , aad 1 beg jour attentive oonaideratim to his lar? isge Mr e'rreley in b s article Io day says ? I >.r Hn.H m?i i . ? that ibe p > tc-ntl'a or th? L i'*i--a I I ?ea.a Hire* wklrl tecr i ease* hlir'??l( wnk ? c .?! .1^*1 f m rO?? is deeseseteei ui .* U? ree.-w? til >rv by th? fi?e - of I'lMeitt b eaea as iianding ??*? ?> laeaaaelesat w.iai *ber ? ?^a of protiefty ?o i as ? jiinlly e?tu>1 1/> re aeet 1 a ?< < - i- . so sad i r. iki, r, b- ma. a* we. I a > a rtft) at ne? ?' feeoeninf ptaesrvtefH I ?t tie- J oily g ?1 ihat thte dalilgraia statement >f ttte re bt .ran parly hea b. ?ii pet i.rwart by the T. if-- r.t of ' *y. !t ? state with lh.. naeal c! ??rr pas ii ! ?? - rf'"T'tT if 1h~ and B'nrapahie ef p ji i { At ' ? ?? ' tnreigh s >ae nawiiatabio r^ ??. a g< ' ? rs' cetntni .-n a ? te a? tae a lien.-e wh? In a. Inet'iM) were all up>? Uielr Teet. ar all ?li t'ng ;? rh >' ii, ?t b as out, i t r . at ? th ih shi wes to he t*et".ded noae knew ? oat (I *1 |vr? >? t fit, ?f br t?,4 anything, hut p#rt> ipl th* , 1 (Musi ? OM of tb"?a droMMra daMTi hs4 by ?b? J. uri Ml r f IkMPv ('A. /tit. r ) ??! |k< lr ?? r ' i?f B>?rcr? foiid S'i (*;;'???<.) So Tom Ifrnr# ?ft, Ulttrf ikMl >H?, Md IM ld!< ir I ? r?tr tuWr tfee ?or * ? rntl'; . what ? verv apj> ? ? : 'u tb* rwa ????? j.i*? 10 aaalitD? 1tkt ;! <mrr* that ?* r~ ?(!?? t? v* ??-?.!. ?' ?Vn (C!jr?f* > t rfr?ct*ft?rM?BhMt?Ti:*Wth?iy?<i ? '>< flnllh a raliU* ? at.l V t ??">? ?,?? I |n<? ?1>'| W'fl n >\ i<H?M hy lb* "SaTrattoa af urj n?f)e in">wi . * . . t ? ' % m iar| u u* ti ??aH br n -. bl, ? i 1 ?hrlbrr ft* ?u mart c4 ?>r 0"l H?'? ?" b%?? tha dtavr t <Url?pat hi of in# r? lhat lb* l*ri<4<nrnjg? pa'ly ?r1 a> Who 0?a r i ? i.i .-di ?ay ab?r ob IV f?<ip?? of pr* art* it it.? 1 t ?*, tf \ bat ?>?>;<? <r *a4a u[>? lb* c >un u ? r Ml Ml ? pr:<ir pl? m ptltl'W, Dial tb<> ?,??? ? m?*r <??!? h .a ?'*??> la In aaoai fiat a man owaa ai y otbar * ad of prrjurty I aaitbr* part <>' that ??l a'? to ??.'?? t" >r th'? labjr t, aetf la li# nm <? Lf.-t w JU4 bi ?(? t ? ?'i tj l?? a Mti? autob' ?>a( n.o?; ? a mj I t* aror J. bnt t tfc'ak f ha?# gtt ratv'y t>i??i?*i H. (I*o?hUr ) I ?aat v> tail too a I'M ' ?f mi pttWHiftl a la ,a ihr jaar 1M7? lb<r 1 My b? C"ii? HH Ui My. l* ?>?? pr m? of my i"f In that ?*ar ! had ?** bnrmr |o rtvrt' nt ?ho e ly nf T?rt, im'*! otlwr la a IrMocratK con ?.it' a b< 1 a? fyr?fv?" Al**il njid?ay ?? th- bial . B'M of ??atr?",tMt "a an ttO'laiit nortifrr-l ?hw-b I 'tall ??i r I' rfet an I * ' -ft.hflaf tn?Btio?.?*t by n>?> ???, * i . |Pf rr.ah In the nt mory of ijme of tb? frBt > wr> I h??a ifce h.??or Id ad ir^? Tlia ?r<>a? ^o-'M? 'b i a ?n- ?l rlh?f a <*rU o party? an i I m iy a? ?r?li ??t ?ba? lb?t party ?M al oorf ? ?h*th?r the paMy of Van B 'im r >w <f r*tain liomiatoii o*#r th? Slau of Vo? Vofk ; m hapr*aMl, from fbf Ki'oa of c ro inaa jkm, ttiMI ?- ?!>,( or T rff'tt#* kilt inT.IH, In UK' a p?r| -?? cti# frnrtfii'Tf ai >o<y. Wo It wm by tbe fri nd? "r ***''? ijss.vx f? v~? j? SMJiWESk . L.j S&j s;^it Um> mu? tune i2iPO?2ft ti , r w hjcti wib fkvor of lit* Wiifo. Pro* too, U? tubtUut* f *??r ^ . to to *? erent of th- a*?MM? rt r a ? ?* Tei.rttritf? VJ> ? vro?.#mL-thc tJU^ton ot ^ f tbe.eto I I-??** * ?? eye of U? cbaii ?aa .of a- ^ wMou and i rose sad declared lt?a ?j opw , i ?toa ,?.ict,ou H >U? w*. "OoD.V.u ^^'^u m?ved * rotolUtou that tbo former jw*iw * ?'? ^ ae table, ?bi<* ?u dot?. (AppUmc.) la* J" Uicuie plalforta now tbat 1 ?M i * Jle u,'? plauae I am on toe m?? !!' ^ye>..e. 1 vkhketi 1 Ud the honor to occupy to *?/'**, ? . rit fctlfcepyytn locking back (Lad 1 wasfd consider H detotUble * ^ '%*? in ne ch&uged from the aenUmeate , yadiey niy Ditujui) Iieatoo Huoti . fra- -r. it utu:r:uoai y .lld, where U be to*' And wbere a? tta ???? ??> of brrt or that ceawtton ?bo *?^'J,-,ti, M,piy to 1 medoaewaa !?????' ',>*<* wt* * P"0 a&rtfs: 7^-r ^arr'cA. rtflued it. Tut1} ?i?bw ?| . v c,,iaaiii8 of v?lb U"- &*??? w the baibArlaui ro?md the iba .-oitiituiton, aud, like kM OM ????"? ku0,lu| ss&ss Th< y ire the men who prefer to g.ther r un<i ioj .. .I nane upon tbe *fctk taey maie, ratbr than -o ?? M.,>ir<i'rk of ttil glorious conttitoto* ""?' ,**) ! M&iS ?wU it\s?.w- ?*? li iRi fimtidert? IV ? aretttrct-n of th? i>*8t WHw* ? 2 ^ iVJCkT,/ " bSr? 18 I) D. Field? Wbre ? U'b? Wotrow l fmiib? md whore to LV?Jlt^*"* . ^ r?tic e,ki<Mt i >?? Utiited Stol**, who cleimid to b? <? '.' ?" ^ b it ibal t? <??, I""1 ? bu purtntuscd a pltico iu tb. . ??l X i I ?????!* ibe .fi'mof??t\c party ? or perhaps Ihnil.n 1 ftr n>* ?o?ay , Iw lining ?a .Dotb?r party rtcae^b toga 1 nb'ib wr cvulJ tot tol? rate lu onr i wu? ?' J?' ? : r? ?Wok< U ;c thiB City I* M hf whatbee^j | nZv^m nrd,r tb. I ^ouldbuU* ooir*e?U?. Tk? lien ana ???? ^ V i *" ,f^^Vlfc/^U>n?eW Mr IvW'ttM v> ihto er?%,.fr.lulry ' c#?? " vnfttif r?f potior "i " . .. - qo^t^n ? <1 fc/?t,#?radfPFHi*r'y , uolHru^'h 'h? rrrWaie yyjsawais. rXr.'nd'&.Vtobtca,. n-Uln*, t>u, ^r? lrr?pitiitb!e qnt?ikm wm. r.* BrotbT Gueloy.or ibe 7VJ?n<, 10 ?^l,h*rid'r,ll? ' ^ f '?>,t to aty >u?e, uktcg ib-m Ho any of the ter^ t if* tan luaibl-ou b a Utle to ?b<ai there, ]urt .is a ma frt u, VnifrachniMil* r?n keepan^DiMlnUitri biict^ tb r S K=5 SllU* a"V,'lVlony " ?y'J? ?"* all i-rf.clly' weU a??r? thai by conlttlufcon of the ImUd il*tea a ,/r >n charted ?ltb Im .md or Triors or ??y ^her crtire frcap'i * fi"m r?i'' Slnte anulhc-r, la ' ? be ?ur r. "i?d^Pde'??d of -be faecauvr of ?.,!<?( Lu Hi 1 1 10 it a 1 SialO wuo?e lawa be na? vioiw*. A clear UiBtiurt 1 ixt uumtotakeable prcTlti m of Ibe ron M,ta.c'u .Callable ,1, t.rt.f, a* It '* ?lii rt >D I n ril iudonewbuh baa been a :W d on 0 V'H fiL tA from i? * ormatb o A tbe ainitutl .u,aa.i nc?rr ?routed or Ht??pted to b? ^v^Ud to ibe brur 1 ar.lm- y?.< A in Krnlucky b?h ?t. 1 a Slav 0 10 crcaie (r< m ibat Slate nod K'-nlucky u. D'andod lbf r?>"'? ^?be furtive as well as Ibe *jo haa a.d.d tne blirk to escape, and Obto reused to jjlre bjm up, on be irrontd ttat thire wa? r.o prj(* rty al??ee, and. tntr fote tbtt Co ill. rce bad been commuted. Now, 1 ?uiiitfUd iu tbat >p<?cb to ?liH.b 1 b??e reftire'l, that Utttgbt so Lapi? u tbat l.iict !n tie'i'g eleoled of the I'DltcH Mater . varat tltf would occur on lb.) be..' b of tbegupreme torn land to might dil ti'em *Ln btil' \e 11 kt a kiacc uet t b^ reoogoiied as tv at<1 tbenlore wl.etev<* a deiuft1'! may be myle for ,i; rendition of a Have nosorrrnder wUJbe ^ ret ..c tbat l bavc Btau J? tUt ti>? law do s no. ti-, ?gi i*e r', eu property. Tbi? qutattou is to be broiigbl up be foie the 8m p?<me Onnrt of tto ? -lted 9taw? to the lu 1 rtai ce n ei t i?aod by me at tbo ccit ?c*si"n uf this m 1 ?S2t tnbuifal I uak my IrUnds In the Sorih aud at ! this m<eUDg, and outxlde of it, throughout ?* atd br.adih u tb. Hlate, anl ail ?ueo 00 _tbto *** ** rt n aid DWon'* line, do you beltrre to atd hot or as mm, tbat if it ibou d be decided by the J'*" ! ? .nature tf a sovereign State a crime to run a?*y with I fluvcr atd tba'. tbat iaw should not be reepccted by o!b?r SutoJido ytu b? Here tbat ?ben that law h? bern ? careu aad'*iA>uuded tbrougb the hlgbeeljudicMry of the told ?V jet vlo atcd, tbat at) Soutbere flaw ?r A.ulh j ers mar bavlig ic'l-ct (or b ?'/" ?d Ibe I. en mint ur hla State to not juatiled In ?>on '? (App'ause ) Ik-w i,.BgciUi y< ? ?pe^t w ba?' bculhetn btaUl am In the contcdiraey wbc? rights I are declared to be entitled to no respect wtfctover (Arr'eute) How Iceg would Mawacb'.aetu rens n in Uie VOW'S if placid in a condition lik< thatl H>?? eg would v. a Y. rk reiuaiu 10 if " t-i'^o ? <"e r.glf* nnd ZmitoUket ? 1 ? were tr-n , i d down, and lercttiMM ireated as oetla?t> rotu tbe c. i.?titut| m, fbr the ?n*,o Hi atce of wbi. b 'bej bad fou/biaud Ji#i? Tn '1 woal Id be anaorlby 0! a abilc face ?s w.-uHVor.^l ton-nha SLi'i'gaiioo ifcij would be deaervlng ?.ftbtbi? le?e?>re ano reproach of all ? tone and all eU-rmjty (*PHa*) How d*?> mv Ir i.-i>d tireeley of the Trihun*, bJWjl ??<? lm little, bo? 4<hs Claw, of Ofci >. 'tel * itb tbeq'iew 'jl Wc will b'g'ti wUb Ui? TrUunt "lot- T'ibv** ? |..?*tr Kr?.l Uitekttottfce 'we?.rfee?..gkt Wr>r?-r.W u?W*iJlr.i. .it' ...nof I^Jalton la 1 ?? ?,r I itr a* a ? .1 U) ? 1 ?i?* . ? rael.^a as to eail the ,tte.i ."n of tt.e la\e?o!^?'? to ih? b>rba'<?w md arWbare *' Bianr of Ike'r eractin ?? " fer'h^ ia?t '.L, >s>fti*inr l*? In L"illiD# >U *** * ollor ? n?i ? ?tu I ,V r? p? ^ . for it re. ^ ? of f ^ -.'V^ ( nir t-I- II. , ? >1, ol t ? rel' r to . H?ree? rrrk^rf a? ? tch h? tha ?? b. a w ? I'iri 1,1 or ail U" eul?e, nnd ?Uob aU tbe Ael*. l.? e a e? matea lot- r.-at in ?nppr'-?irt. 1 bee vour i?rtu-u ar a'Wcllou 10 the clos'D* smlri'-e. Noa eitboxkh ibe>atiiuti"B declare* a fn^ltireimn , iusl.oe, charged ? ?b lelcny or,a crtwe toany Mat* of tb? ccu'cderac* , enl tbat any aaoh fug* ve ebould 1-e dellvrrrd *t< on demand of tbe Kxecut V. ot ibs SWte fn n, wbu h ho Dtoe, by that Slate In which befits I sought r?fv?e. aitb.mgb tbla is eipreaaly prcvi !? d f.* \y ,0 L*y Ui u.a, ye. tbe Tc^eea). that it mear.e that, tut tire nrly is to be deli*err<l op who haa^vtad tbat ?h*b i? ?M a crime by tbe HHN rrn\,ne? of ' ail the Matte el tbt talon. Njw ib'r. It a rejoin btonos , btlaern tbe cto i n of a Hare acd the ooOdl Wn o! an 1 apprect'of ?bich ??u will rec gclse at A yo-*g t,?aa laN,? Y. tk, und?rtag< , bin Is h msclf with therm 1, it oft. lettrts or guaiUiao, to karn acartaiu '"reli oe ' call 1 1 utVer his ubllf at . u to terre h s km tcr Mil k* twei t> yrart of ?*?*. vii? > matter siat.'t ?? i-armtO, to ?*e the I ngwv' tf Ibe law, in pi tee o| Uie parti t to the tppreni e?. In tb's ?ute ib? Meter has manr rigbuorer hieari rente# He can mpt ton bis apt1^" '<* ft* refue.rg to ecrr> aC coidlrt to ibe terms of the mdecturte. 11 the apoe?>' ?e II m . to aU'Hh'r Hale, aed tbe nasur de??|da h? je^ rati n.he m. t be reitored under the earn* prortslTO f ts'?ci^ vbtcb prot id?t tor ib? rcatoral^o? ut %'ugit r? ?'?re ' At'" rdli'g to tbe d*t?lne of Ihc KitoM, t ? 1 ?tate nr-cr wMtb Ibe .'.maul to tna'e can r?. ?? to g*t. vp tbe sppr. ntk* If me law is not ft u d? 1 np n t e nv ?? ct mt t is as th-?e of tbe Mat.- Itom wli -t lb j ?, yo-n ' tee may I are fl-d And I ?ay that ab-n a ?'WI 1 Mate rball dtptnd upon tb? atujiiarlty t* her la?* with tbat of rotjio .Hh^r ?ate to bsve tic majesty < f the tow respected? a &? n tbat dtpends ni_-a U,< Wale i|eii trhicli a deman I Is BiaJe, ebMh* the tbe same ?ie?? o< tiieBKra. i* t4 the atl aa Ibe Sisle Ii n. a bleb ihe fegit'Te b ^ ii d, then I sar U ire it an end to the iweretguy o? lb! Smt* s logetber Acd jet this Is the doctrine of tbe h ?hw< And what is nectttary to scsttia l?. Are we if . ^te^i tie tbe Ilea of ibe Supr ' toe tour jtaki ? a dideretl ? lew t : toe ? Jbteit jit t> t!i r* joft ot i u? ft) *? l? O' ?rr^iaa In a S uthtro bUte lor betli ga opy f th?' :?*!? '? ??? tasicMior., and It pnle tbe t .tailor to )'?? '?!<* ?i? Xte ?tate 01 Sew York atou d g' to piu ta nrcnt ?bo?e only crle.e was tbat <f reat : t lb . ????? Now , at 1 bare t.eTer be< o afraV to u. t it ? r. tp t;? blllty of at teerlng any qtireUcu pretrnUii to w. . ?.<?? at.,wi r tt a one 1 saj U?at if tt I t* bt 5r Cv 1 :? l.juJI 1 ta ly, tbat tbe tow nh ch bas '? eead Ihe re*l :.g 1 any paj^er cr mlrel was cotsttlnt; :?'.andl . rot r e h*>? s rase lo p nt car eeer harper? *"it if[t man th > I **? t . ?. \ 'b I ?rn i-a. and t. kt a . ,. y r.f ibe T -J-v ? w'tb b,m, It. t:> !*t*(* of Ibe law cf tbe "lale, and h" shon it o?.?|e frcm thai net* ar,?l th * ?< a Ike pub <hnc?? sffitd m tbo o(tetc?. I d? sol see wby, i tb. ..e irsLd ?ar n.ade u{*>n us. we e^ '1 pit de'lrsr b m ep BU tbit tb.rg rear, t aOd I. ts ? ii'y tetl'rg tbe power of any law nr nue irf goirera mtit by an ciUtme i.ijetra.P .1, wh.o'a >0 . ?/ fi lands, nar sppior ale ?t wrllasltar I arc olj ? ?h Ii re mrm'H-r whet. Ike *h-lt wb r pfiy *m how n? at *'thOaro'lra becante it pre* mi ? 1 lo *<t 'U *1 I aa I ~ ' m and opinio*, tg^ltrl lb' ? "l e?H .' u-rsi' at s lil? Co ficat nn 1 rene*Wr ifeal Itea ererv ?!i , ?:>r. aed tb J a L. ie *b g pitta ol lb? Uoi took Hi - 1 * "i toa' tl.e ?*?>? pr. mt t">url wat Ibe n?lr aa'l'li .. uuial. ;krblU r up m ali f ch ort p? that >t a 1 bad authority to deters lae the queafon n* 1 '."??al poaree, at t Wlattvtr ;t i!e< arcd 1 t an I H.e ctllilctM. ac t th it all the s-tatae ?rr? be tn I to yl 'd ubivi. ree kflr..Mi?glr. TT.' 1 all . ? .r tbat a i| rttivgh Trat vaa 1 ol tbe dattrlie lusilras rati,: part) ii. r >' d Ibal taut rrtr r ? <*? -* t. e ' altl ??> l?l) t be ii. |r< trail ? pa ty did Stsrd b.; I. re'*! In a tb n.< latraU' ti ^y wkicb be fwt tul '?ealf t, <??? < %p piarre ) Tbe predaa at . a of a . emu# ?' cl 1 in a<H ' ?re lo jest v b? ' ?r I ib w^hl at Ih* l.trii*, v I bare ni brtltat on c i'rJst ng voir, it .t r<: h s doctr n? tfe.'iyl tee dtrsrlly to orfiSoll leli 'be (e>wer ?f Ibe go *frnn..*Bt. aud "eu not aiftkbei? r?c^nis? i: e *lv*ret(B r gbts cf the -Uir? flA k ? fa I'rsM to e*pr' rs any set.i>*, ..t adr.rse 1 ihe j ? t ry nf thst 1 ? v ren ???y ia kept a revtreaea by b t countrtm. n. .*,?< ?' that i.e ?!? I - a earlh wit? L>s btnlml r| ? ?? Da / an>l W. heir r? Ibe ocirlfT l*tr' iigli Is" peril* wh ' a enr'nTasa It (*pp a ee ) 1^1 os *? hoe "ite br"lbee I .uie fctto With reparii l. ibe judical a?th"r'ly of tbe I't itro Plat' ? bow, I kiir" lUal wh?n a aitlMit cao?a he i? apt t abn#e li e itibural ab'^b j mill ?.a utt l V\tr\ 4?itr b? *.\(?rltr'?'l tbat fee rf Put to Wft> in a 1 ? ao< e i ? l.^?e a Irib'tral wb .Vhasool detora^'oed Ihe. "Stp.n at irsno retalno.t me f a y frtead fa . ' tn?, who n this ocaataa d"* n< I |o? n urb lir l)co!tltle aayr ? Ike fa.' was the per i'ar ?<-*,???*? tj iM tse ra?ka ki'.I atari inSi ?J ?<>rar?i?al* .e tte Tt rnt.wtea Rean'iHeaa I pnar at tr * trtf, and tke pnwn\r sr*f?retsn<y of the e)1**' SIM' Iwir wae k> ie t It" re jf* ?-rl itlrn rrf la i "0,'le be >a' .ital li.'Bsiea?--)n??? ra tpa Tertttia.M Arpli se 1 H it U111 was .he **rf tkiri Mr I' t.'? wtuied 10 croak owl; "e > .eikete pie ,<01 .ie! tke tirire** Mr . d I'.ii ,r '} e g-"?*l ? <?">o of ilw ^?>-*r?h tk? pefle't hrar.bcf 'h* S' etrrm*et CnrgTaa* to flarfs.v of th* S"re??e V? ?l? alaa r?*reetat, e ??i 1 i(|i k p <li-ra for life. n? a Kr?r. few wt?i!d die a?d a . - r?wra n?.l t to' rgie ?? ifc%? Do j. ti rk 'lit tot ,aa (Ill, tu been ottered without ibocjhtt U be oat prats "a aa a i ua i f ability wbu exercises yo*?? '??" ' J bavt bit Lurd hi a since the year lMT.and that ~ a ciecer 1*1 ty , and 1 do bol kuow UuU ?bv groat or p-rtan' oonaiituitoBal quiattnu waa Belug then BaMBluBrefl il*t ifblor mod ?pi>)au*<3 ) Bui dtmpUeof ill UiU, I ton* ttkl bo uvlBcctl *u.b bad u*to as to ?7 tU reputation <-u the higher law, ao el intiiu lie r'gbis o( our union and ouuiKicaja i?y u>? .? tutaiO Court ot Ihj CutUd Saw. Tbu U *her uw, or i i.Lr?> n 'w * other iaes th*a those wbtou giveto ine cobblry. snd alludes to a .onstlutloo greater turn -bal of iti ? I'ulled Slates Tbif 1* a qieaton, U .wever, wbiah Liolbst IirolltUe will txoi.iiemo f f l.oaltug a mtto oert ouslr It he plain to auy man tn ibis coautry Ibbl Uuie I* dai-atr brewug, and It I* for all of ua to rally logtttcr for the protection of thaw Loblf iiatituti-.tia abtch make our country uinoua "id b 11 riu in tvuy partof the world (Appwu** ) loere f. re, ftl.ow citiwmt, a? Breckwridgc and Uno meu? floo lawaauw; ? 1 ca l up- n you to stand by your prta ciplts without reference to circutnsUt.cea 1 "7?..,!^ UlU ruitain the action _ot your pautollo Ivlow counuyin.n. Wo eve Jt fjr :h? w?*ulU wlmli Lave bteu mado upon leadUg n.en of our citv tbo I?r> (Joci's '"oromitue, or for auMnuig elae tbalnu r r ppoLeVu might ray-H the I on n la * ?Bge', if the it Uc doubl a* to tbe possible result ot uw oomtng Urogglt'? wlut la cur d ily ? That In tbo great V}? tK b We have Ui maintalu country, name and principle -beyond tbie we have nclhlug todo., (*PP^? ?)?! Co Lot ttaLd here betore > oo line a blindfolded man My eyts are open, and 1 see and know . very thing a; uud. Cnaoe what will, our choioo U ?*fe- We ?i . Mai 4 by Breckinridge, the gallant ..undai f ^'^ of thof Colon ciufce. (Aptfause ) 1 call o?on he trlend. of IbiF patriotic man. 1 rail upon tbe * upt?.rt. is of B ock n ridie and laue, m a 1 tbe iirebtlb of honor and of rt?h?, l<, i|ie tbolr vlgoroua and utiflinclilng ?upv?it to tht? came, aod never by acta of itn'anon or c twrortmon to b,. u.tu bt iooi to to n-ble a principle. (Applaua._ ) I kLow Hat there are gallant Mlowi >n every part of tbtj Slate ( Applauae ) Not only young men but old ir. i? n-iu wboac lives are a tr*t?m< ny !n ludf ^ to thoir Uflelity ta the country, and who will yet prove their de votlfu to couotiy by aota that ifhaJl m^e their came* inmorUl (*p?. ?u??) Men who l Uvea by the beaotv ol their eiaiuole anl their eonrtuet. Fmjui ctly have 1 ixen arked whetber lt waa rpklt'n me Ui act io any mtDter that would p"ril the aaft-ty of oar ruut try ? 1 tave tevcr dore ?o; but oven i 'f ] had there ll thl? gre*t C'nto.alion that iKitbing that can teml to tbe defeat of Uncola, the ?cc lional candtdnle. ahouhl be ?volde<l? (uppU^jj**) ? r aluta-n forever tb?- Dsloo of the SCatea (R new? 1 ?n plaufe.) l*t ta, therefore, be lnKMib?e to ever* tb.u* tier pt the ra/ety of our common po.intry. L"t us le. t co mtaos nor r.o enda that can ln?ur? ll? ?uooe?t M'd lis prcrperlty. Tt i? la our plain and op?'n <lut> . an 1 in row, ecu. n with th'i let m? ?ay th*t, whatever tiw - h.- T?'ur individual oplolone, fellow Cllii'oa, 1 canuot per n. i thie rptortimity topara without oilorlng a lew Bimn o r? marWe rk to tbe p. aition 1 oc-upy aa oae of the caedWaUt tor the efflje of Governor of New No It. j\.< planie.) 1 need not tell my fellow oiti?<-t8 ol thin gr.j.1 m?troi.<i|l? that 1 did not dea?-rve rucu a no-ninatloo. (Crl? of "You do, you <!o.") Thia la hut the aej-* nl time that 1 ba%e been brought Wore tbo P"opl? ol r my native State? (loud niplaoi-e)? acMdlJato for their *u ? fiage ind their tlrcvoral tupport Oo the nr?t occaaton 1 nn true rupporttr or the prtoeipMi of ooMtitntlooal Tberty lam iinow (Lood ch^.uc ) 11 there be here prciect any irien^a ol Mr. Dcuglae? ^(hif?fr) wb i do not agtte with wuat 1 My. they muv tod cataolat'^ id tbe (ait that the ticket of wbicb my name firms t.iO I , ?<l can Lever be au ceaaful 1 do not appeal t > my re l?,w cli.i &a cn any platform of thia ?md } do not know, an 1 rover b<liev?d that New Wk wi or cc uld f?in any thing by my election. ( >e?. ? be ? 111," atd applaune.) C. rtamly Bb.- <-ao ?e nothing by ny Th. reareaome of toy trieii^a ?U'> ar.> m a lurhryn re ?*t<? tbry are al?a>? on vh^ LolLt of nboJr-iig tears for afllctlous which do not in-midtatiiy aflct tbe a. Tbey are 1'ke the peoplo ol tbe Bnl'th lelsnde who cry oter people tber ! tcvtr knew. Now 1 would like to ?ay to ! tbtre fi te u?*s that, ;n tb:? milter they du bit ex id y know ?h*t tbty fay or what tbey d.? ard 1 a?. i to tell my sorrowing and repining geDllemaa frieid, abeeeer he may be. that all tne tears he may w?tp nvtr n.eafc*ll not artect me much My miserable condition, a cording to bia view, must ever remain so oh ' im e ks be r) m:<atbiMS with me (Laughter) \ou c< rtatniy cannot bave forgotten the rtlrriog scene* and memories of the great battloe of Mexico You have tot forgotten Wolino del R-") ? (applaos? )? mhen the gallant sons of our own land, to the astoniehment of the Old World and the ! sdmiratton of tbe New, gathered arount tbe haoor and i tbe rrcwers f America? Ho you rememlinr how m?ny of our sons tntered and fell In the forlorn hope, tliaiu i lated by i o otbrr feeling tban the ovrrwbelinlDg et-Of or i virtuous patr iot im, ' Can It ever be forgotten that tbeac ' ifret&eo who fought for borne, for right *nd f*?r noerty , . aLd wb?^se greatest glory was to perish on the li",d, '? H lib tfcelr front to tbe field, and tbeir face to the foe ( I rem<-nd< us chterlun ) | Tbeie were the m* d who were not wanting in turlr ' oouctry's n red, but wben oocasioc ar??e they were r-adv to meet the shock of dsrger and ev. n wheu failirr In tnc ' rombat " looted proudly to heaven Iron the de?tb bel ol fame ' (Applause ) These men, who went Into the t tit km fa of the dgbt to oonUbd :or a cai *e oa whlcii i very American heart ?<>* set, abat thought ihi-r of ?? rr of death? Tbe'r oulv thought waa flxed on the work wbleb tbey had to enentr fcr the benetlt c.l the wh l>s btr.d And to tow, In ih.-?trpggle that Is nearly approach, o, us, let na imitate the p-efct example of tbee? nob.e mei. of tbe republic * bal if I had hut a t aidful of r U>* 1 would tUi d by my Pttao.ipla and Vbe great | rl .rlpleS of di m< rcatie rtgbl so long aa tbrre was oo- man left to ?ui'Cort me. < A|ip'ause ) 1 will rlatd by tbe flag which bas b?en put into ny liand, ccnttieut that in the future the man who now deeerts ll will fl- d out hi? error, anl will rcl return rennt'rg to b?g for ]<rtnlsrinn to rest hlmaelf once m re in tbe arm* of a tru'y cttlora! i>ariy. (Applause ) Tti? v say we are not many Tbe res lit Is lo prjv.' It Tie New York Ltarlrr, edited by my Irieod, Mr. John n?Dcy? (lo'.d biesii-g, cbwrs snd applause)? I Dobody here present will be foond Ui s?#a l Mr Cianry btraure of my alluaion to birn 1 do so mordy ta the ne easily ol tlie care. No m*n lUnds b.gber in my njlLioo. snd any remark from ni' coaeernicg b'-a is r? n<l*?d rec? rtarv In the exposition of my sn^rt tr> th Is sn Hli? rrsl (Ire. w bl< h . altbo ;f>' ll rrsvbekln d ?m by tbe attr.fon erf opr ite ?pinion, I tioul I be sorry that any of IU l.rtll aucy shJuM b eatiMfulabed, or that It sLoold he cast up-o. au ?-rsn where it wonUt j* risb irom enure lesrtion 1 sboii ' !>? ? >rry to . -ff-e In m iny tr end ' ??oause he lb'>n*bt he i-oabt d.> good t< httf ijtrv in a say very different f'"in nit' - My mit.d is 11 '?d wlih one kind nl thjoght 1 do ?ot corn plain that h?- M dlfWectly lmpr?>?ed Mr. nancy tays tbst ht would r?tbe? vote for me than not Bat ho wi 1 tot (o so ( Appia' se and laugbtw'.) Bot alihongb Mr Brad), by the force of hta part oal ehara. tar may draw ?? me vote*, there 1* notblrg at all d -cislve tn h!i ease Me I *reh t? alao a eandidate for Reflate' ? (m-dden aid i.ratoir one apniaoee)? a gentleman wb<>, douDllesa, has v iue tn* nds here, v I |?reeive ( I JtcghVer and cheers ) U.IS grti rmsa will have niany pereons io vote f jr h t?? a grrwt | ro|* rt??B of whi m are hi* personal Mends? bal ? ill! mv i x teller ce 4 the past, I set in rciiauc* on any thlrr I 'Bt tbe act oal re?Uil. Alow me to read (ro? last ?Janirday '? /.'??fcr ? yr nrnild ha- e preferred, aa nor an'i-.mrs ?lll?:?plr ar-n' a more .Hreet bm ie erf airtt nsal a itefuiKe ielmi'?? <*,se> W lots. Mr Brady, by lk? foree <* h-a rerwioal tkira??r wtU draw asary MSes u Mb wbleh wrmkt Ike Prestdenlml fau<1f"ai? ha Is t?pr??e? lias Mr Lptk I xv hft* Wisry pefw>?l frle? its wh" 'boufh la favor o J'l'tiw Virus'aa. ?Ul km for ktai aa Beilrter Making doe allow ?B?e for iseeB tktnss. howler and with the erp*r??i?re of the n? to ? how thai merely parvonal rolea aeWoai snv,ant t- ? *a< Ikhiii SMvtia'.y adeeitaa a -ev iH, we ar? well corneal t take the txte for Ju>n 1 Hrady i? sut^ ard f?r J?*es ljneh tn Uis e?,. as ?i>u? *n ?u r?< t B.atKW to Ibe Viae ?ktrh a pare Hrwt k'arVIe* elect.** oraet ww:d kavererelTKl < a tb.* '.<h?r > and. ?? .m I e'iy. a ? ear ? i^ ate for <?o<e?rnr ?ad ?atth?w T r? ?-< t f rikeeklel i? e oaoat eooety ticket wi.i ??r?e as ra^'e s?i.t> ii.hi of s!l who ?re ta (?vtie 4 ih* eleetlta* of Ike Vii a. r oof's* rll I"'s Ll the "ceo" Pr ? ' H?th are m't arhtee (erwral thar??i?rs Wfl Serv< l> re ? iBtulWe th'W" saerg wh'eh hare ? ,re'?d ?<??"?h?t f,f a ? Hil - ti 'h? I SIOB eotrt bath We are aattt -d ihat ih? wbM * WLi b? ro:.ed np lorU"n mn b? Ukea arthout ?ar ut t e tea' 1 4 rtsn'ar t* morale atrer ?tb opprwrd to thr seceasm; *T." 7**alrg let me slop to aay that Mr Br-n?*n s a gen tiemai well worthy ol it* rbo oe of the deB-oc-attc par ty .std Wr l.yrrb l* dear rv ig of every ho>or (tp p suae ) But you w.lJ ala? (?ia?it me Io aav rial, aftboofb I kaow tlist mi f<!' ?w c>tl t of New York dt tot r< qtire ?ry expist.alioo. It '? doe to my fnet :? t^iat I shculJ ssy that bo vote ca?i for Mr Irnch or fjr me v IM Jidlrale snrstretftb for the BrvAlsrl.Jfe c?t?e Eft at: lb a doe* BOt aft, i i n e 1 kfw that Mirtrl Hal! If CI t "ltd to Bte, st d s ia Ttnuy, bat on Ihr gr?*t triple Intolvrl In this matter, l?lar,J Srtnl} <n > t*l ? a?J<tr'glii. rrgarl.rss of preform* ct ^r the hopes o st t (Api-lB'.'r* ) 1 watt bo Jor? m a 's a(t< r tb fe<' t . t, If any if wat ts W v> out In ttcs ?r*iler ^i Miot f,n:e ?i ' dn ?o B ? we Biigbt remai'? that be w., . '? ? dtswig t ratb?-r sir. -eg. a* Tinkers say* nt nr.e ?' b rl.s'Bt It r? wfcto he drtw t -ars w.ih ?? el (l.Ati*'.'. r ) l,.* bteti ?a.d abool tu* .irig.n o: Mr s (?.t ai ftcm tbs lusU. abu ioo?e hire pured 11, at tbtr* .? reartB to that b* Would bt -lc teitrJ In tie resting OtcbM by tbe MSIinBW ' h lorelMlnt* (Ortea at ' Sever' 1 Rut all I hv.'C to rsr 'n tb> irattor i*. tlst tbin an ot aay unlabel, ly who tto' ', i "t a vote for me with iut sgr? - og In n.y l>uhii< y exoM ? ? 0 i'Tlno r'e, sl.ocld be dr?pi><! I by nt s* lw?* a' Oi fl )< ft life n > e. ('ma spplav.M ) lean Btver forget the race*?J?Of ibe gr- at AtmfiCao sir.le with M. rit1 I ntr.mer when t?t Le al S??tt? ? asne I u?\<r meBwon W.throl ihebubtHing -rp .f the streams of re i. r< new at ? |*irtct?m ia m* hesrt? ?*? rr.g tgo 1 m Lit jw r I'n f s 's' k < r. the M xi'-an fhttet In aa In* "*p(t ?t?. r> tit i*y The I:t<'^a Pi "t then ?s d-witn ail tV jawrrtf wh'eh that w.: Ifaf.' pa;? r ? 11,1ft ? t ri dltiase at.d d,-ath w?id fsll . 1* u lue aioty. aid,*., of tie rk .1 ai l ifttrr, ly of t1? gr-at t< tr n ai ,<?r, t w?t 1 nc ..Ifr,,, tleein el But ?|.st v. lue r. ri or its l-< ,t *t 1 ? ? n ten Sotb rg that tlie w. r u sttl n4te?t, hut th trii m k '>f a rl#hh >.'i* cans* in spite 01 o tl. ulty , aa 1 stnie'md by tie patrlMisir of a whole peoj-le, (Ap !'*'?' ) I hare nl read klslory Wllkev.t seu e a, Iran tag- si I .irtiL.ti. b. ai d ' tfc* lions ttat t-.ed mea ? s< ? ' ban act pas*ri swsj wttlitnt ksvtag their lee? i-s Nyrrt. 1 s?i o? ly rcrr* that I have to or pyap?tion ('arestBe 'ln the tharaeler ef oar wb 1 v? atl ray I kr <w *<<**? thlrg >f IM* 8g >t an l 1 repesl w' ?t t sa d b tore, ttstno rrsn wb'" is a'-a' I to '< iKgi tt larty, lb? 1 umbr r ol white vot?s IB email, sboji 1 (lay wltli tif I want him to uke h? psrW ai.<l lies, ana la, ? 1 f to light orr hstf's a'ooe f?heers ) !>> yo-: remember the tMsnttfnl ?tory of 1b Tcur liuv?rgn?. a aearen^aatof the fttal Tormae, alu . ettei'd the servo* of Fiancf, h'S eatlrr remit v, st.'t serving wltb nblaltt rlBg con r^e at"' Idel'ty In msny of 1t? struggiee. r-n*"-4 sn> title r mask r.f it 'filar iob from ht* Bo tryiwa fl-> wa*. how ever ealtr by his comratlr* "tbe tlrat grana.erof Frarce " H* fell flsMIng for hl? ?si re *rd This i ire of h's cmradrs fo owed bin* and s rrouadei n<? w.tnrrj with a halo ; anl wlisn ths metrr wat produrrd ard the rt?l va* eai'ed. his sue wsf preserve ; m the a*f nctalloB which be levsd m life, at, I tHon^li lis bsd k,' g ^rfore moailiMed ia tbe 1 d. teey an*??r?1, wheali* nriae ws? Ihus j-'ewant-t N re thea'ni/ vb't r'tsd aderrrd? ' fVad on tfe B-id of honor. ' Arv rae of ?o?, Brtcfeinr 'fa .aed f ar, w?- . might f.el bsipj to rr< eyj aueb a pra<l|oe M tiiat But you are sot ti be on tbo field of botior. you are I ? be sl1vc Fowrvrr iiBfav.-irable tbe fortunes re tbe field ia tbi I'wrt eoatest TVrgh we tn?y **!' letrBoftkrlle. " if r. t. rls e -* ye-H We w,:i r t ?|a 11 (i.teefB ) We will struggle again; aid time wit; cm? when the y middle* ?b .J we advocate and u?u i.ajo.,. wti.uti we cluster around Uiem, will bo lico,ni*>d ,u lbs uuuu try as He only priucipits and us u>m MentiVd vcb the national dtu.oorecy. (Cheers ) 1 c* i ou oar fneuda S'uli.? (Mid I tin ?ure i divu Lever un.u^-?j .j ,.n *rip lu u iu my lilt ? 1 0*11 ou ttaera IS *U atlol J .a'lje to these who aland by Uitn tn this their b-xir u. peril, If Uiey do bo t record Uic names of the frlecda ubo are steadfast in their bebaif to mcord ibe nam1* of tne re crtantt who di wrt ibem, ro that, when tbe next Nati mal Ccnvtntion la beiralter ra led? 11 the I'niou shall bo pre termed ? jcu, my gallant frit-ufa, who Hand by Hr *k:a ridge tod Lane, may receive (be bonori to w-tlch jru aro pre eminently entitled. (l?ud and continuous cuoertng.) Tb? for lots Hont-Wk?t4U Expected of New York* [From tbe Hmtford Time*, Oct. 11 j Tbe vote of Pbtladcl) hie, at tbe late election, wal 82 H52. Tlit* la tqual to one in every tii of Uo entire p> pu iatlon, wnioh it 660.CC0 Sew York, with a population of more than 900,000, rant* a vote I/O Itrger (ban ibia of Philadelphia. No doubt ran niil tfcat tbe full Tote to which New York la (milled bat never bren got out, nor anything like it lcttead cf HO OCO, New York baa au actual legal vote | of at Uatt 130. (CO, and probably more. If one oat of evrry tlx voted In New York, a* It tbe c?se In Philadel pb.a, it would give a vote of 150, CCO. Me ree ro lesson to suppose mat out of the whole pops '.alien of Ne* Yoik l he re la a muck larger proportion of mm w bo are not eya'iy ijitaltlUd to bee >me elector* ih&u la tbe cate with Philadelphia But c-eo a;/o?log tbe glut aid m jut t CiffcreLce agi Ira* 1. w York whtcb would b? tidi?aied by a ratio of only one voto to every e'fbt, It si pad of tlx, of the entire population, ihvre would ? till be a vole id tbe Kmplre City of a*?out 116,000 Can 'here be any qot-kllon t hi t tbe actual full vote of | New York it even larger iban tbia? There la not tbe ?fadoft cl a dofibt of lb>- fact Aol It Is equally certain tba at I Htk lhr?e quariert of tbl* great (carved vote, ? Im h can Mud orgbt to be got out, wouid be given against tbe Ktgi o jarty oi (JairlMti k Co. In all bumat probability ibis reacrTed vote of th.' :!yt of New York is M flicienl to decide tbe vol-e of tli* Fta pfe siate in favor of tbe Union itcktl aud tbua to defeat I bU-V rr|Utlleanirm In tbe cation. Will not N( w York rlty, wtto her vital lntP"<**t In malt ttitlr r tbe peace of the country, now ImjHTillc 1 Uy tbe danger of l.lbctlo't electk n, prove true to to . ?> If iu thit crt* ? aid equal lo Ihe *rent opportunity ??.icb Clr enn tianre* bave coi.tplred t>> place in ber bandKir II I* Mid the will roll spa majvirliy of nearly 10 COO for ibe V'nk n 1 cket; but ihit will bariliy do to aeutraliae tbe beavy legro mtjoritie* of the upper countica Witb ptrjx r "j {Mi yatlor,, even row, (he clty't mijor'tv aan befOCOO, and this would, t.o duubt. elect tbu Cnlon tH:k< t. New Tcrk city nan decide the PreaMentlal elecll'm' If her I'nii n levirg men would have tbe decltlo:i againn ab hlii'iium, tbty mi.rt gt lo work with a will to < IIact mii h a pet feet atio d< taiii i ^r{?i. zatlon aa will i enure a (nil vote ii ibe city. Only twlve worktrg d?jn rrirwn Vo lime It to lost, If thit work la to be 0 "io. It 1* the "latt chance " [From the New Oilcans Bee,Oi'l. IT 1 From Ih'B Dn.e lorib moat ol ibe inierett ot the Presi rti i t'al rootrtt will be c< DU-rt d iu the Empire Sta'^t. B-j jotd a doubt to earcett. persevering and pownrfu' cfljrt will be irtde feir the deleat of Lincoln. Trie more im partial j urrala <!o not by auy mean* euntlJtr Ike pro* |iect boiieiria. Tbe New York H'orlJ, whirli. t rough kanicg tewarilt the repnbll an pvty, is a toler.i'>ljr fair |Hip<r.fa)t that oiacourtgiig as tbe Penney Iran', a newt ir lor tbe fusion ist*, tbcj a HI miUe a vlforous rt'Sieiance, like a belrtgurred pairinn thjl 1 .n be' n ilrlven to IU last citadel In Iho Soutbem States i tie buudrei art! twenty vot?s are ceiiain aaainst Mr. Ucootn, ai t If tlio thirty tive voteeof New Y -iU can be a*'rted t , iu sc to Ik I'tieatid. Tbw. ??j? tbe I ', u too !??'- ho, ? ot his epp t.eitp, ?rd they are lib ? 1> to ciiDj to it*. ;th tb ? (i eigy of a dream $ man niutcii Q|C at tUu luat Iragtncnt ol a wttck Ali the mteiest of tbe cauipei^u uo? c.jO oer.tratcs In New York. Tie T oultvllle Journal of the la ii hss *n iulcresting anc tn~ouiiri[ig article on ibe aubjtc., Iroai ? n^t we extract tbe toHowing ? We l.ave the not gratify irg InU lligeore of the pro gr<rtofth< toll repuh: lean fusion in the K oplre State, and we J(x k to its perfect crganiz-aion with anxious luii cltnde. It tberitnmc iricndt of Mr. Breckinridge will join the movi mint heartily aud In goad faith, Uucoin't defeu can be cerlainly aceompl i-bed We have a.reaiy bnd tfce pleasure ol statu g that by the rcoeut combine! action of mdeperdent, wealthy anil Influential cltU?nt of tke m< tropoUs and other parts of tbe State, ooin .rising Btll. Douglatard Brerkitridge men, a new Union t'eket . hat been formid, wliicb cot. .staof Kigbtaen Douglas, ten Bell and teven UieckmrKge c.ectois, aud this was rutiSed aitli great entbuslat'm on Monday eveLing iattt at a mon tier tr.dtlrg hell in and aroimd the Ooo|Kr fnktltut*. Mr Ruiteraertb. of the As?ay oftloe. baa .ssueil a tard to Ibt itn: that Ibe a-miuistraticn has jiel icl lta ailfnt lu the ftelon and the ticket it formed I'ader tfere ai tptc<s our frlctt'a fell rooOdtnt of carrylrg tbe ^tat<; they it Her aa lo the mijority, M 40 W0 is the OLmber wblcb ba^ been mentioned in ttveral of our let tcrs, artuairg that Mr tiicen.tbe chairman cf tbo Brock liriiije Sta.e coumiitee, and Mr Brady, tbe f or Uovtrnor, alao iw qu1<?cc in tbo ticket dome ?l fht ditte reoce e ii? ted with tbcm aa to the names o< tbu Breckiu rii ge electors, wblcb were not taken from th?:ir it?te I 'i ket, but there seemt to be no doubt tbat tbla bu b>en ? airiLgtd In a aatk factor; mtnnor We have an f?*r* ex cept frtm thia quarter, *Lil our reaain for lb it la that It It notorious Ibai tbe Brrcklnr irige men of Iodtaca defeat ~d S< ndrlcka last Tuesday . and lent ali Ibelr loll n.nco, di rectly c.r Indlrtctly, to tbe ant cess of Lane, the repabli c*n raid date for Uovernor If tbey do nut play us faiae lu New York, a coisrrvativc ti iumnb it oertain.' Ifce Jm, rw> thinks, from itiforattioo rtce.rcd, thi' tho Attericau vote for the fusion wi.l tot be les-ioued 6 000 by deftiticn, which will b?' irore tban caunterbalacccj by aurssiots '?? tn the rei>ub lean ranks, for c.auaea, witb many, cf d'.sgi it. an' an un?-lllipjtues* ioaje r to kiep up Urife; tail with other* wbo veted f. r Frenont recant* of hit be lug a democrat, now Ua lcf determineil to go lK u<l?a. This is ao eapeeially in thv wealcn pan of ttie State, and the r lose from these causes nny be etfaiated at 16 COO, Includu g the vole of (ierri. lunitb. which la fr< m 6 CCO to 6 COO Tl?r urtlele th<u continue* as follows ? It la tborgbt bv Ibe best imlgea that Linoo'n wilui ? poll the vote tbat F. tiri ft lid The n.o?t tefl lent. >, ? > pol l?ea> a aie frlepdt of William H, Seward, an?i a w?i List k? t a j pears to ever them . ibey are not on . if m inp or do t g auy m< re Itan they are aclj-e'ly o'j.ifed lo ro TI.e State will poll ?K 000 ai d pi ' *b!y HbffO vntea (K there libsisl "St "laice plve . nmin Si6,l00,*Li t .? remainder will !>e ibe I'nlq* rote. B,- , and (vcwi vr II oot! at liaat 12j,000 of oourae we meau S'riet friends of the aat<onal l'nl B candHate*. though *? sball rol tc able to Jlatugi mh the R II tu t Kveretl vole lu cr.ntfqu?nce of tbe f niton. New York Cllt Will give <0(('l mijorlty; luug Island wit] add 10.CC0. and wb?n tbla llnp-.lae rearbea Herklfier, near ibe centre or tfce Hate, the 60 0(0 will still be mail talned. it i? h.pad, and no one fear a thai it will >w r<*l i^t to .lOffo. Tbe repeMloa** are defiant and boast' il, hut they giTe tn data, ai d the knowing owe nf tno party feel rather dub oct pf tbe result, tn t tay If the fn'lon It cct) plite tbey w <1 have to work fur tbe Sf*te if they get it Ihus tiat .' the prnepecta la New York, and a<aii the .-lale of U< nry Ciay appeala to tbe oo^a. rvat ri* of the grrat Kmpire State to lay as .leaU mere party prejndioet, tnd jein th a fut'.nn, art: repub -an 'noTom- at as tb > only sure way to pn serve tk? tnpreit .ry of tbe Caion, the ccnstitutlot), std tne Wfiaianiiol of tbe !*<*?, by rendering the elect i>a of Abraham L ncoln mi>,.s* bit Condition of Ihf lltvil of ltu?l? lr?m tbr Brlatol (Kr? ) Mercury . Sept 16 The Mc? Winara Troy. arolored o.iniaur. del rjrod an addrraa on Thartday tntn, al tbr (Jl I Klof it"- I tU;> fiat arhnoi rnon, on tlw bkjtbI ard ralt("?a of 'id t -oof Um fofltiva ? Uvea of On*'* Ibe rea.rnua i K.-r T. Rcawoith} UATlri epcttd t oe procaedlof* w ll i'r?yrr, tbc Irfturrr ouitiRiencrd by MT<rt.rn to Iha Uwt i>{ the Krr ibf rn Aatra of America, which a'lowa'l iue alar oanrr to mr attar h.f alavra aa part uf bta r> 'la au.l rhal tc?. wbKh he oj fbt tell or in rtfa*a aa reaiiaiala Thay wi-ra a?t allowed to rrer'.aa any eoocali r, aud hal r.o opportunity for earlra fo f tb?>r aptrttual welfare f tce the jr?r 1720, wbrn Ilia ttrat tw. oly Biar.?? wrr takea to AMorlra. there ha: ? ? . o- r ?.? ?-? ?* ? Mf. ftoara and abeddtnf of Irara an rf til* tfne?i raa, and if, aaid the apeaker, 0' airod before them nntll he trew old with aft-, I* ontikt ""I in. tbem alt tua atcara o' crorlty and ttitarry bf "h 'tnarlf h?l wiln.aard II? nI4 n ?t ; > ? rot t? r pt w lh wbV-b th?'f w? traa'*?l by tha tawa rf il* Awt rnn ,*!*??? had fotlswad then tat '*?* da H<> r'irttlfd that ib* fiifltlfa flarii of ? Mt'l afcoi, i b< I tun, hi ao drfradol he wonld a I ? l that, sot Uavirr H po' lua.t <?? 'or adi.ral.?9. they w?r< ifiTani and h'a |reat w oodar waa thai thra w ?re not ?MIMUM w< re There wr,e UM 46 OM f-fillee liana la Ciw a ? fco have ? ai air J from ibr a. are *' ?va, atit oare at ? if lie p'lT.-f?a ol irva'om, tad fft <*?n '0 iti'V an ? \> mdror. la Canada K'ftt, a 'itrr ha ntiiMI, UwtrrJMM aya'nil reo'iaof oolor bat a*> fi?' mwrd iN?ni from tba HaM that hta ahlwrco <varw Mt allowed to at md n.a nhri<fc?w, for whIM ka, i> c*m i l*i ) ? ub othata of Hie Mtaffj popuMkoa, paid mm! laxt-a t no I, * m n.< r - *< > a r n* m <h ttie t'?.?irx>a ?f ?b> ?. U. ni, itiar tola bia? thai it tm * ulj Dad a |> ram wht would leath a a ar? uf r ^torad aklMfaa Ibtf taiM \ -j i> obtain a arpatato lehrn; f. r tt>< ai Tbi.a, Umujtt ib- r p^'d tana for *? Lnol tducatioa, tha% wrrj dauial Hi i>riv !?*?# and. a* l'i#ir oatjf itatoa of laiprurtin .1 ?.i? ? dotal < o. Uu T Lad hunt Mr*' a ai. t . b? ?? of Ikalf <wa. in ?(???? ia? of ui* uC' ?i;j ???' th? f uatt i >a a avra H < i 1 1 rtf tald ha fea an ?i a n rn bar ol . ataic* '.*! whlel ?'"> Nm Vir??d i'a.l?a aad ?n^j. wiod tMarlrw ?in I'aoi !i?? aboiitv a i*r ihr * arrira1 Tb'j ru;l Tate>l il |ir> utd ?<|'.ai > a? aril aa lh- l? rrlfhh r?. aci a. tar <>f It- to t.B<i n? -i a'fd to po?.-ha?a 'anra of fllif In to kMdM am a lima atraiM<||W kaairw ia tha i? ai ? v?' i > r a- ?<??,' ( ??!?>? ?fa ??? tn .>p ?>?!<? Aa t?? .1 ib?1r m fa'?, Ntmifi tf'af ait.- not a t i rai, i v < r*:d li i h tj wrtr a'! d#cra-4ad I> w?? "l' I" 1 ? !a>' I'atan ?>? fufly ihi aao l i>enoaa Itir at'", d ha m>iia loitd numeral Sat It ??a lha tnrfitr of ihr taoUaiat; paMr in mala iltrm apinar ?o 1* prtrr to imsiotal ty aan lar'nraa. at ' thirainaa *h "il1. il t il waa aflc i J '?? tier In ?<*y t? a la a a*ala or boatirg* I ihi < oiaa bacaaa a r,, i i.or of a i ! Kirh. I- >. rat 'alia I a ar ai away ?j> la lh? a ?? "<*T '? ?f lkw> toro'a anpprr waa adm n (trrH. tha rolorra ro??ai h' 'a wrir c itiptTrd to wait til lb? whlti ?cb ha . par !?'? n. w}?a iIhj rama <!< ?n afl rwa- ? aid ?haio<l ia Ui? (cpiniM ia tj ih* n '< .t<*a tliara w*a a dttpaaiOoa ia ihtSi to loTr Ihr worah'p o' Ood. aad a at llinfnaaa t? h<ar tit |.o?}i?l. i!? bau praaehad to two ui ?iaaad of I Lata |fi ui, a list, a?.d whaoarar ihry haard of l atlalat fi ni rri.c i,?d. liar aaamad aof looa lo Matan lo whal tbr p'aaeli?f raid Tata eriaoad thalr lmnroTad moral ct ndit ? ti . aad waa ahlhriaat to ooatrwill ?! lha aa airtkoa of iht^ir aiiatBiia ahou; vbair darrad?d ooollttta Tbr a|?akrr almdad lo tha daallluta madltton at tba fuf' n ih?ir arrarai. aoqaa of thefli havWf Ooaaa ftaai a dial an or m 1 K? a lira Hr had aa*o mao arrlrc tfcnr Ian rteat?- tlao by tha aaaarltlrt ol th? wrathar. aid wrro? n ra>ryu>r tbidr rblidrea in II.' ,r arm* wh?. bai irartllrd an tarrrdlhla dvlaaoa, d?rt*( tba I'rptli of w n Irr. aad wli" had wapt laara af joy wb?' loot ia lira toll Ha r?HMed a toncbini la'idrnt am it lltr aiaaa m'.th'r. who, rath?r Ihxn all ia hrff,., iraa ? h'luaha bad rraeurd lo ralnra to ata*?ry, mt tbair tfriwt* In h? prfirt,oa of tholr caplar* Tha *;vakar can rlt.did by apfaaiiri lo h * acJift,-? to aaa at tba ,'j* ,.r* ?'a*<? of taia'% i I-'. ' 1 1 i. i ? abtp, wfc?ra they wi'fbt ba adwi-tWd aa<< Is tba h'ri--a.ia? I# he ri?rired froir a *rowl?'"ff of ?lba ( <iarr nf (Mat , Tbc Pacific tuil Aiiaatlc T(U|rkfh> [*" rum ibo alu CatUufuuk, *?i>l 101 Far the past two or three months thin inport#n3 enterprise ha* progressed rapidly, an I the work W I.os Angeles <a di-'anue of Ave hundred miles) from tins city would have '?e?*n completed ere no# lut for 'he scarcity of -vire In the market. A new tupply hae juat irrived from New York, and wart jesterday purchased by the President, and will be snipped on Tuesday next t?J baa Pedro, and ^ thence will bn conveyed by i teams to Fort Tejon, a dint anus of onO hundred and ten miles, to till out the gap be? tween the present two ends, which are now at tho Pe^erf Maiion, on the northern wide, and Fort Te jon on the southern. The pap is less thin twenty miles, the poles for which are ull set, and in two days after the receipt ol the * ire on the ground tl.e line will be continuous from 8an Franc&oo to Los Angeles. The gieatness of this enterprise may not be generally known to the public, bnt, that} they may form 'an idea ot it, we mBy sta*c thit tho poles, in some instant* s , have been hauled a dis? tanee o( three hundred and seventy-five miles, ! round ir p. Tbe poles which are or sawed red wood, of the moat durable quality, were obtained from the redwood foresta of ??oqucl , (Santa Crua county ) and thence shipped to Nan I'edro by sail ii g vessel, aud from thencfc, by mule teams, hauled and distributed along t lie route to Fort T'"jon. at ?> cost which to Ksst< rn telegraph companies would be deemed fabulous. beirg three and a quarter i cents prr pound?poles catting for freight from Ssn I'edro to Fort Tejon from six to eight dollara i ea> h. Add to the above the original cost at the mill, and fr> ight by sen to San I'edro two dollaro per pole more, and we have a total cost per pole ot from eight to ten dollars, accoriing to weight ? ? S' me of the poles weighing two hundred ani thirty pounds. The hea* during the summer has been intense ? the tbeimometer ranging from one hundrrd to one hundred aud ten degrees in the shade? when, in? deed, any shade could be found. This feature, however, renders it eminently advantageous tor telegraph purposes, the line, owing to the extreme dryness of the country, working with almost equal facility on the ground. Overland mail reports have been repeatedly received at this office this summer with two to ten miles of wire on the ground. A curious circumstance, worthy of not", in the rarity of the action of atmospheric electricity in tho southern portion of the country upon telegraphic wires ? only one instance of the "kind having occur red (excepting the action of tin aurora borealis) since the commencement of thb line. A couple of interesting facts are narrated in this connexion, j About t -vo weeks since the first influence of atmos pheric electricity was msnift sted. It occurred at a point known as Temple's Ranch, and extended a distance of twenty-fivo miles, the lightning shiver ing to atoms five or six poles, and setting tire to a message in the Yisalia effi :e. The other was the . action of the aurora borealis above referred to. This occurred a few weeks since. Puring the in tensity of the phenomenon it was found that no battery wa? required lor the practical working of the line. We now come to another important subject con nected vith the enterptise. We allude to a hor*o exprc-s over the. southern route. We understand that the parties In interest bare written letters to tie company at the Fast, urging the establishment at once of an express over this route Angelos to Fort Smith, to which latter point the tele graph is completed Irom St. Louis. The interven ing distance can be accomplished easily in li .c ditys ?r< ru wire's end to wire's end - thus p!a ing 1 ns'within that short space of time in oemnmnica* , tion with the Atlantic cities. It was bnt a few years ago that the people of California thought themselves lucky to get the news in twenty live days. A year hence, we sup nose, they will be dissatisfied if the news, in ita lightning transit pcross Ihe continent, occupies more than a few hours? for the line is contracted to be completed from this city to St. Louis in eighteen months from July last. The news, how cur, will actually como in'"less than no time," ag a despatch leavirg Washington at ten o'clock in the morning would reach San Francisco at five of the same morning (allowing for the difference of longitude), thus enabling us to place before out readers events transpiring subsequent, really, to the publication of cur paper. These a-ttoniehinx results may be reasonably looked for within a yea; and a half. lataraatlng ftoni Honors. I From the Warti "Ion CiiWin, Oct. 28 1 It will be remembered that some time in the lat ter part of laet samme r three Americans, of St. I.otiix, attached to a mining ranch in Arizona, near the bonora line, were set upon and murdered bp come Mexican peon*, who also carried ofT con siderable property belonging to the mining com pany. A public !ndien:?ti'>n meeting tn regard to ? this oti'riige ?w held at Port Buchanan, whicb nieiting appointed a emMM to HirMfwd with the Governor of Si ntra, to demand justice otj the mur Jererp, a> wtllaa the return ol the pro perty. Thin demand was made, and a correapon dent at 1 art Buchapan sends us the reply of tlo Governor, which we have translated, and hero Mibjoin: ? I d the roth till, tb* prefrct of the diaUiiit of fgoai' o j'tCLottee initio gorrrtiir thai rome Mpucan i?>"d? n t e artatttra'td thne Aa-rrlcan citizen* at the mlDH of .-i I t itro, In the Ttrrilory of Ar.zooa n>? mines of the crfMP'M *? well a? 111"** of the murdered men, were* r''< i T<:e g v re r f-orr flrd at the crime, and belike tr r. i"ti w m k tlcure to preserve lbs nim perfect au-> > Mult., it i u> * lib lbe rt'ghbjrlnf Territory, Imme <: ..t< t; i?*L(d a ercuarloibe freVctg ordering ttte ar re i nil ct< te i etifli 'trrtt of lbe crimic?la. Afuraarda (en the tCil) of Augunl) thaaame prefer I mi *" ib? <?< rr'oor * liat< f tie arttilea gtoJea by tb* i? <n;n, tied ifce Governor ordered 41 thai couW te ftuidti. I. ru'.'icl* d together and somrely kept ni'>t II.' y 'nil he rent lo the aolhoriu?a of the b> ighborlc,* Territory, to be il'?i??cd of in aox>rdat<* with your lawg lr the rnmainnicaMoa wbtrti yen eent to the < ioreraor In tb* niue of Ute mretlrg of cltiseea over **btah yea pitilovd, >ou act est lbe apprebentioa ud piin.ihmeDt -<t tbr rr .n.i.aii, and a* Ui^ia n cot.'ortnitt wiU1 lbe geatt atita ot lbe U will comply with your reqoecl, M t?r a* hia antborm extents in HA eaaea. prummiue jov to en nitron lea te with the general foremmTl no Ihe ttih.H et a:.d to keep tbe er rntnal in prlaon until be aba'l reo?tv? ordwa fn m tr? f"iwil?>r g ovarnmeiil, boptue thattb<?ri?p wlll n/tfc'r iLe much deatred a<IJaatai?oi o' *o ' ttatM ? IMI ' ui,ii t he two oaaalriea. A* ? ?m ai the prop r rfll-er* 'a form lbe Oo-reroor a* lo t*.e pro|*riy ibey have hero able to obtain from too erlm'i all row la riiMndy and who ran be Identified aa !o a>,j *?; n mp].eal?U who lbe murJattri, !i wul be Brut to l be author II tea of ) on r f>rntory| It' G< vernor hae already nattered Jour r?>rrmuo * t oo of the W<b ib?; . n tie* eg I: n aasurano'* that tho auifcorii ra ?'f lb j S*ai? will ftrneatly andearnr in paaiih lbe merittrr r?, |*< tnl?U ? to twit no legwl n-i-^rorea tbat w ill rot <ii'r# ti, tl>? reavlt of y'Ldkatinjr piilille (untire, WIWItlH i l ihla fearoer t* e rrpelltloa of crlaaea wbi b Ifce (io?rrt or lameote and ooi trn oa la the m-M ao ema maticer. IU hop?a tb* tiepa he baa taken, aod will eoa l nine t.i Uke. go far aa h<a a itbnrtty exteada In tbla mu ter and b ? eiertlooa with tha f*t.eral j. >Ternn.ent, will *ai?'y the tee (tv sal* nf the meetlag of lbe good dl?t*a' lion of lbe |?Qple of 9no"-a, ard their deairea to not let paae aoch atro ItWa aa Ibat wltlcb tbey bare detot:6rr4 Wod and H1?eriy ftrraaeai'le, Ao|oa' 39. 1W0. T. PK^QUC R t. MAarxt yowrmrarr Secretary . To Fuwami K Ca<aa>. . Ii.rt Huobanaa, Ariaoea Onr com*pondent ?;?y? that notwithstanding tho f>rofe*?.i?ii? of the abore letter, which ho chara' trr i7ea a> n plec? o' Sp?t !?h duplicity, d<> ?cfi"n haa been t?k? n by the Ponor* anthotritlea. excent to relfaw lh? murOerem fri m ewtody. None of the property rtolen ha? been returned. t>ur < 1-rrenpondeni a<Ma. writing nnd* r date o* September !0, thai a blc?.dy revelation ia in pM gn a? in P> nora. l'e- tiiera ?? entreni litog hini""'lf at Hetn .< ?illo, where the Gardariataa are colleetinc to gire him battle. (> and ant ia ibarai-terixed an friendly t<> American*, while I'eaquiera is ileacrib-d as j retiii.'.ing friendship while at heart a bitter enemy. POSTAL DIRICTOEY. fartlna and UtMNlll >all?. ?i?? nr CT.osnrH at tn w*w tom orrsoi. Tbe r at 0#re no* rlrwo at k X-paal all o>'>?k F V., la avea I if ae<e?. aa harew f<?ra. 3*. aarii . Herth? Alha-. j, aad Oaaada.. Si< f ? It ilk and W?o'. *a? BiMI . ? * * We?l?rn akll. rta trie *H .1 A.*, aod la f M ?<yJk an>l W mada f A N. arwl ??? ? V Ksatara mail, fcjr r?'ir*d .1 A.M. W I r J i ? kj (lea ?, anal .... * F ? twiumim Oa t-iw^lar a< maUaalnae at Jkl* <Ara at 1W f * Oaliruaata. . a> au^maku ? ? -? Tt iwflar. ??hi' ?rt . . W a* the Orerlaad MaM for Oab(i>mla ea->?a ?. ?/???! r*??7 * J*T ">d Tle.'?!?v ii I A v j eiiara 4et5f art fnr n aknrM ?? ?nt>^ ' Ont ?and. ?la ?t I " a Lata Ctt* Tre ()r?r iul M. 4 '-ar* at Jmrt a ?? ) tn iAkalXty. l?B?e? a^ aae^k ar-?j M r,la? aa i. 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