Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 1, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 1, 1860 Page 2
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r;flY POLITICS ABO POLITICIAMS. Political Saturnalia lii tlie Metropol.s. DEGOI RACY OF MODER2I PJLIUCS. Tie rnndidalti 'or Mate As euibly Kelreted frwn the D?rk Alleys and Back Sluii:s of t!:a City. The Fancy Mt n, Horse Jockeys, Shysters, Shouider Hitters and Gridiron Crew After ti e ffezt Legislature. Sketches and Antecedents of the Candi dates for Legislative Honors* Ike War of Factious In the Several iwmkl; Districts. PYX) GUESS OF THE POLITICAL TUAD1 SALES, *0., Ac., it*. Ike war or factions no 1 barroom anl*ldewalks cliques to U?? several Assembly districts of this city would lndl ate thai we are tn the midst of s polllical.satuniAllB; lr regularity and discord rula the hour, andean unrcatralncd political license exists amoc/st ell the nominating eotnbl ? linns There aro oominitteos, as'octal'.ou and organl aaltoi.r enocgh tn tiuKitKr and diversity of names to give ? person a chronic headache to think of, much 1? ss to ar range and classify ibcm It woald seem aa If the c^oat of eur population, lul!ucnc> 1 by the processional parades which aro getting to be the market feat' .re of ?or elty, bad all turned out and determined to keep it up Mill the election. la fact, a sort of a blue M.mday^pre rail* amongst all who have iw n within the region of In taction by politics; and from saving the Union and rally Ing around the constitution in the larger iphere, down to darottoual services to a candidate to the Assembly, wfco Mold not, to cafe bis Ufa, gel twenty votes at the ballot baa, we And every stratum of the political world in a wanton of turmoil and cxcltemenl tu many In.- Vance* feorderlrg upon mad..rss. IM any person aocustoraed to watch the^rlao and pro g reas of public men id our city, be his exporionce whatever It may, eiumlns the bead roll of candidates for Mm Legislature, who bare their names paraded In the grogshop* and on potters In bJo:k Utters of orary sise Ma d??crl|lin throughout the city, and we defy hun la tail who thsy aro and wh. ro ihoy cm.' from? that is, ft kwge majority of Ultra. thrs.- can ilJates spring u? to a single night in crop, llko mnshrooms in a fallow ?aid after a shower They are nominated, by unheard of part lea and lli -lr namss, although put forward for In portan* oOloes, arc oilcn unknown to the oldest rest 1cnts of the district. As each candidate Is presented, forth MM the stereotype proceedings? chairmen, socrtiams, Maoluttons. are all paraded. Ttoe candidates are then totroduced; l'ke a clown in lha circus, makes bis bow, Md commerces his performance in the ring, and ?' mot toy is ibelr wear " Ths first scene closes withlhjao ?ostom. l grogshop performances ? standing at chanters, arookinr the elbow louki form a continuous connection Mwcn the shoulders suil the mouth- an attitude so Ma ventrsl to test the virtues of lager, brandy, whiskey, ?ad Jerwy i' This is followed by a neglect of busl ???B, or rather making business of neglect, loud talk ag ?aaoor co.lectlng, card publishing, and s<> ute perform MM t*>* on until the . urtaiii is run down on the in ?v*ar>ie day of elicit on. p What a degenerate sule of things sxlsu fmm the i ,d ?M days when our repretenlalivta to ihe 1. yisiaiure were ?touted oa a general ticket, prcenllng the nanta or onr feast n< a or capacity and Integrity; Ute days ? f ihs cn Aliens, the Lo^s, tue Ca?nbre>ng*uCaHi. ,'i and ts, who left historical names upon >ur legislative re Tben Tammany Hal! was d<*crviug of the p wcr M wielded. Its ooanolls were D led by in?fe of Integrity Mtf solidity, who (wrformtd tb'ir political duly lik- a t flMcuttBg a bli'h trust, dress-d th< -u* lr* In their Iwwt ?lathing, as they wo. 1.1 to atien.i church on Sunday, and Barer ncmlnaled for of: re <n*n thai Ui > as ro auha otd af.aslaooa < h*ract?rlsiic uf thai institution m lu.ay Bui U ? -jate-u of ?'eeiing member* t>y I (<t>trh U liM a riled pif'r ai.t Mattered ro ilbtllty lnl<> the BooM and yrnvm, uut 1 ?l tail p r Mlbm of Ataembly are brought forth from lb? ?? * men in 4 the harfr ?>? ? ''or oily, where old n?yi? IB U>e ro<>d ' M 01 * w* t>ar* iwu. ioncd to find hi* lUdiltM tor 1*0. Mo* *nd S*? ion* Court trial*. Uua el, at icaal, baa become d*m?rall*tttoa. and It ? m tmpiMible lo aaoertain th? actocewu and i qoal it ?Uobb u tt i* for the special detect re to dtaccrrr the mark* and ciaraeleruttea of a aew race of ytafepr* trta. After rpcnJini much time to tho fruilie*! aaareh for many uf tfceoe philosopher*, we were forood to aBM to our aid (perial police detective*. Wore we eoukl M the h< t? where many of the dobium burrow, 'or BBB*rtala an) Iblrg ta regard to their antecedent*, m*o ?tate* cr .uaiiOcationa. With whatever vtgilanc* we may Boat dowa information la regard lo the cac-lidalo*, with few oaceptVun*, U ?.-tn tm|>n**,i|* to dr!re under rorer * amgi' er*Ji table (act? a lam ratable Male of affair*, lo BBy the leaat. Th* public bar* ' ?*a ta the hah 1 1 ot looking upoa new partie* a* Be log Ylrtoou*, aat they often obtain a great Bmpatu* la their dm trial before ih* people, from the tool of their prenei t ag b better claa* of tm than ta Broaghi forward by the plr* ayer* aad trimmer" uf the *M organ ixalloaa . Ilk* a >oung**arm of bee*? wit ti all Ih* 111* and eaerjy, without the import tie* that Urn* 1MB gathered arouad th* old hire ? thay ueually pre* nt thamoelrae lo the public. Rut It ee? m* that 1b thl* age Bf poll ileal deBtoraliaatloa Una ml* I* art at all app:t<w Ma The comoroa* pari ee otly totfaee aad dl*gj*t th we who. harlag ooatroileJ poJilisaJ an air* a credit to Mmbbc Ire* aad hoaar to th* rlly, bar* left th* polittmi area* la diagtmi and the formation of aew partie* oaly am i ? to gir* the prof? inual loafer to J *?ay . Thor* wo* at owe ta* mi b?>p* tttf th* Bronhlartdg* pany o*aii imtt by the reek nbww ot Tamraaay aad M iaart , ami prrw. at array a aamx for the LegiBla-ar* uat vwatd | re k them fmthoid , tnmaiaad the o*w Mb* ?f th* piopm act mat* their a MHykag p? at of owr rm>T?i tre aad Ball Hgotalr* aavreptiea ettiaawa Hut th* Int o." oaadilale* which they bar* pre* ea led tar the Lagl* alare r?iad< u rry ?arch* af Ih* Mertptural *ay tac tha- whoa eoe erli *ptm mb mat oat of the ami *er*a aor*, wen* thai the Sr*i, Baah pe*aimi"?i ?< htat. la their attempt* to overthrow J tad Moxart ihoy bare really gna* farther lata Ma bywaya aad dark alley* for their caat laiei thaa wbb erer bafor* know* with any political *ra*n. tattoo? aacepUag Tamaaaay. which Hearea knew*. s BB* Ther tare, a fact, oat Mereded Her >l, ?felM betwwa Tammaay aat Momrt there tt But liui* hhatBe, w'lb bui few fiteptkvm. A peraoa eaaaot epea* a half a day among tiwwe M. pBraata without beoomtag <marw>o*d th* New Vort bow paeaeet* the larfeot Bomber of viralar mn erer ton* J* her hlatory. Th*a* eaadidat** wbo are m kaawa by lea me* la their dMrictt, art lo^d i0 tbeir In' ? that th* people at the ant re dlBirtet ar* poBhiog their cJaime. aad that their oppoaect ta rrn*?|. mgty i a popular Thl* I to bo a mania that ha* tataa pio**a*laa of Ih* B*T*ral aaptraata. with at mosh power or*r them a* th* chultag cram ,w of the pat ect iw taahed by ehotaPB. Thl* (pociaa Bf ra!* mada**'-roe w* *ae oall tt by BB other nam* IB ooe of the ,?o*iiar|. ? thiaeac****, maklog all eflbrta lo oaita *pna o>? ?*adtd?i* neat thing to ueelea*. la taet, every ataa ooa hia>aalf m pc .ia/ Ui?t II la aot a*aea*a ry to bar* %m ei pooant wtthrt?,o. > Ih* bo ib aauo? vhal ha** beta mad* IhlB y*ar, * ,,? ! o? every lea hat. Wi tfcutaed by th* nat 4m pr^-mode aad a )?rw? who M onraiaatod by two ' pmme>bai1whillW ? hi t^owalb haa <m m i moah claim * ?? ?<e?l aa neat jf to* w tehee *f th* ? the m**r*j ,mh?u m tb* ! aomiaee* of .be ,"???*??, ?peetai, made ?p ^ ^ ' ttoa* that bare irotted oat ta*lr e*o<t(a*iwt Ma*t of th* Ngular Aaae. ^'f i>*r*t.on* ha** ^ 1 raaalt *f a bargain aad ?al#-"**** af ?aie vi< u* tr*a*B>r mad* oat w.tb a* n? .ctf *?oaau< ra a? t drrt*r a*tl* bw onttie nt Ball'* H-a^ There I* ta all of th.a Babe., r?Bfttet h*1 1 ?r*?r nt 4 *b aad tanttoa* no* favieab e at { BaM Oh to, may WB ?a< a **-?? toey M faff J1 ? *t tj put ttca, Mil a lyaplom wbicli the moil caraiaH obaarMr cai>ii>l .'ail to notice by ming .ng with tbe people for a lia-f Lour. We re'er to lb j ier?0 lndi!fcreuoe to party nomniaiioet. M.-u wt o teraofore bare wondered UUe in to . i b bound to vote u>< tlratgh' pvty aom mationa bar* lit kmgtr an; revirenie fbr ptrij organization, and are loi.kiog about for Ibe b it candidate. The gsnural lmprea tlou ictsma to be that the Tammany part; baa (one be ) end returrcctioo, and what. U more, everybody eeomtto rejoice that tucb is ita ft to. All baa da appear to ha an ion* to clear away tbe rubbish, by damollahlng all of ibe bi gua ooocorna that all ihemaelvee democracy , and rralc room for a Lew or(an ratio.. ; an t W In our aketohea (t tbe A nimbly oand t aua we bare furniahed tbe pablkj facta aod data etoi |b tor than to Ml' ct oat of the fcvjf array of uainta a liat that will reprea at tbe otiy ?/ith eoae erodit, we 'a: I that oar almoat herculean labor baa tot been done In vain. FIBflt ASSEMBLY DISTRICT. Thla, like all other Aaaembly dlatrtcta of tula city, la the 'ame as the A' ermauic dia'ritt, and oonftlata of all bat portion of tbe city lying aoutfc of a lire drawn from be Hudeon river through tbe mMdle of CTaambera atreet to Lmane, drwn l>uan? to Roae, 4owu Rece vo Frank'ort, brouyh Frankfort to IVarl, and down Pearl to Dover, and through Dover to tho Eaat rtrcr. It waa repreacutod In te laat State Aearmb y by William Burna, Tammany d-mrcrat. Mr. Burnt baa decided to remain at home, and tho aapttaota for hit leg itlac \ e mantle are qulto a -meroua ?t?4 dally lnoreaaiof . 1b order to fully ootn p ebend tbe condition cf tflalra la tbla diatrlcl, it neoda a ahort review of the elements at work and tho charaotora tbat run (lie political macblnea. Tbe lirat ward la tbe controlling power In tbe dlatrlot; it it known aa one of ibe rotten boroagra In polltlca. L'ke the .-ooond ward, Rlihotifh It beara no relation la popu'atio.1 or votera to tba uptown wardc ? the latter aianiing tn a ratio of ten to one? it nevertheleaa aacoeeda in rotatnirf an cqval n prtaentatlon in general oom alt teea ?nd conventlona with tbe moat powerful warda. Tbe ruling iplrita aeem to have ? band tn making aid unmaking the toaalnatloaa on all alJei. Mr. Tbon-oa By met, Superintendent of Landa and Plaoca tn tba tHrcet Departn.ea'-, rnlra and mini at will. Ha ia of Celtic crl|ln,and rxh bl'a In the eiorclw or hit pernor all of tbe Celtic character tit lea L"t a movement bo atarted In regard to which be bat nn be?nc-iufultod or had aufftcleLlly solid reasons for sustaining, and ho puta Into operation tbe oce-maa power for garc>nadlng, load talking, threata acd deornclatloiii, wt ch would convince a strargcr tbat an car<bqa>ke wat atout to vlllt tbat rrglon. lift tboro who are dtspoeod to doubt tike an ear'y opportunity of witnessing an exhibition. No Irltbman at Doncybr>ok Kalr, In a wild condition of whiakey and excitement, trailing hit ooai behind bim far at me one to tread ujk n It, ever preacsted a atronger In cident of one-man commotion. In the language of a dla tlrgnltbed polit.i Ian, In a remark made to Deunia McCar ty, Tom Byrnes la a " political philosopher, " which he defined to be a man wbo takee hit own opinion agalott tbe work!. We learo tLM a now order of brotherhood la aboi.t to be started, to be denominated the " (Irani | Order cf True and Accepted Toiltlcal Pbilo'opbera," of which tbe prtti.d MUetlan Byrnca la to be Knight Tem plar, Grand Waaler and Chief, with apoclal alda, to b? aelectod under the advloa of Billy Mlaar. If lb if new orgtLtntun thall tucreed Is enllating tbe ad bertnU of all modern pblloaophera of the atamp referred to, it will arrre to aggngatewbal la now a mttver of tar b>.!?rt mlachiet tbrougt out our otty. A lumtlc aaylum tuba< rvea a ut<ful purpoaa of getting all tbe orazy people together ? the order ui qu' ttioo will promote a like object In r< gard to theee phlloaopter*. Tbe ? 111 or thia big lrlab c Jkf In thh dlatrlct hat, by Ita ? xample, divided bla borough into all aorta of minor dtvitiosa aod clique*, an'.U Ibe votet to be divided ami tgvt them would ar< tn about llko tbe Qve loavef and two Crhea in Ifea acrlptural tlmoa of mirar.lea. We have dwelt upon tbltA* racier Itr tne rtaaon that It furnlahea a ftmpla cf wbu a.ata to almoat every dlatriot, and g:??a tbe jub.ic ?? me dea at to who aelcct Ibe r law malcrra, atd rtly repret ibat our tpare will not permit oa to fi.ilow him tl.rocgh all bla movementa In bringing out cabiildaua. Tcere are I ur ??i Irarta f?r logtaiatlva hor.ora be'ora the people in thta d ttrl i? one from eaih party, with tbe taoeptlon of ua Valon, who It Moaa bave D"t made any nomibationa. Tbe flrat peraon I that claiaa our noiioe la Jaoob L. Smith, the ltrerklandte candidate, or, aa be la familiarly known In pc tica! c<rcka, Jake Smith. He it a native of Uermaoy, came to ibta country whea about four jeara ?!d, hat ever aiuca retided in New York, aad la ab>?ul thirty four. Heaaaatobe lime a member of tbe Common Ooumtl, at 'I bt^ >lwaya been an a< tlva politician in tbla ward, maLtglng with a great d?al of tbrewdn<ta He waa a member of tbe l<rgtaUture In 1SM-69, uc wu Indantrl ou?, working fehrd (or his favorites H? *M a oao.lidate rur tkntlcr Uat year, bat felled to g?t tho nomination, bu' ? now willing to accent ? "? *' I" r*> n <ri m d.utn height, neither ilia nor (tout built, ibaren clieets, and be*r? ontnlsiaieahle mark* | al>. ui bis fate of a Teutonic origin. Hi Is known as tbe I special r> presents tlve of Oliver Char lick. Jaeob started In U-e F'rsi ward about tbo time that Oliver waa an ac llre la t at region, and tbe allcgtanoe w i cb thin rxjtol kfiui to hare been (rowing In I tree gib to I the f-eaen'. bo ir. H ? kolda a locratlve aide poeltkoo In the lam ComtolssWtuers' .nice aa tbe protege of Joe lab W. Br >wn, the so called democratic member of that Commie r on, ant may, at almoet any boar of ibe lay, be Toand there, with pencil In band, making Bguree on a By leaf. There te, bo were r, a great anxiety la the mlada of all of those wbo b?ve seen him to know want his work amounts to. It is well Buderstosd that If Smith Is elected he will keep aa anxious watch at Albany to see that u?e Tax O mmlssiooers' Department, at least Brown's por tion thereof, shall not be distorted, and caa he safely labelled for the canvass "Brown's Tax i mmisstonert' candidate." After considerable starch amocgut the I teoor atom and headquarter! of the ranners and mm of all work, wa sac cetded to Ondtog a icrsoa that bad seea James Hayes, j the Tammany candidate, yet no one was able to Inform ? as a* to the whenahoats of his habitation He was horn u Ireland, and bean all tbe marts of his rrnt , la ab >el ( thirty yars of age, medium height, trapped hair, rsd J whiskers and red Ihce, with an independent alratnl j htm so characteristic of the losing class of Irtshmsa | The only bualneee that we could learn that be wm en gaged la wsa a runner and aa ? pf end age at the pr aury cieatlaaa. Tbe He carters have broagkt forward another person of the tease stamp by the aasM of John Callahan. He was at coo ttsae owe of the lamplighter*^ the First ward, and is wow, like Hayes, ? runner aad spsclal aid at pri mary etecuoca. He is a native of Ireland, absvt twaaty srren j ears of age. ta. maa, dark hair, rwddy anmpletkm, ! w Ui a.; Ibe alr? of the pare Ceit.c. We were anasle to trace any maris of -a tell ig tact :a either Ga.iabaa or , Hay i wjlassw, aad sow4 oarta.oly see ao avldeaeo | of 'iaalir oattec for s w.embsr of the Flats Aasotobljr They art d nstly to be I and noont Castle Oardsa or the liquor starts to tbe k ? war streets of the First ward. Callahan, if sleets . will ao doubt be nssful ta 1'ght'ng his brother phU - ? f?l.ers ta their sight rasahlsa about tbe lobby. ?i.aeiA A Uardlatr, the repwhltoaa nomiaea ta this d? trtct, resMta ta State ?tre't, sad hae f ?? a i -ng time bssa ?connected with the poh?s teres of the city. He is s cooper by trade, sad at one lias carried oo that batlaess, w?s a police detective fbr two or three years, aad tou '<eea oa the prtssat polios as S patrolman ever since tbe gtgas inlie sf the preasat p?lloe syiiem under tbe new inw, sad resgasd ss sooa at ht wm pit. ed in, t >m'.antnTii for the Lngisittura. He bears the repatUloa of be lag owe of the mist atwa Ure pa I inaen m of the district, Is ahoat thirty two yewrs 1 of aga, native of Hew Terk, with strong Aanieaa pro tllvltiee, l< about ite fbet eight tank as .a height, dark hair smooth "ace, with a large, tall aad penetrai .og eye. | prom?eeai Romae aoee woald be taken fbr a sua of more thaa eommoa IsteU'raoe, with a coaateaaaoo beartag aamiatasaabie eetdSMS of aa sett re mind aad rettkm spirit w th s. ?COHh A -infill T niTRlCf. Tfcto IWr'i ilea Immediately norths the First <Jis tr'et, and enslrf Rrondway, nomprtaiag all that portion of Ihs city east of s In# draw* through the mi idler/ Brnadway. Onto <*as??>?e?ioFrwBhlt? street, down rrmtM* lis lo Baxter through neater in a* yard, tbroigh theoea V* of Bhyard to tbe Bowery, through the B.wory to Oa Uterine, aad taking the south side of the '.attar etroet is the ISM rirer, aad has the Rlotdy Vtsth aad the ferns ? Pead Rabbit d leu let within its hosnds 1v,wm r .insist ?d In Ike last lsgtslatars by William Walah, who hat -nan aped to receive the reaoatisatloa from both the Thorn >?y trd Ho art orgio'sttlsss Mr Wstoh wne ura la Irelaa 4 ?a iisld rasae to this ooantry la IMS. and has ersr * oos r*e<ded a to ?* city. His oafy adeoatMm has N>?n m-h *e oar pubiM tobnolaaf rg; be has b<wa engaget O-ith at ! rvehaa.oa. pais jits aad the iqjar tr%ie H;? r.'.ber, !>?. < ?< ?? ?r h| I e Las>* ir-ai#y, r>?rae|ed l? l*o repen . rs or it* O'OommU school. It k i plan, nnpcattndinj yoong man or medium height, llgbt brown hair, lifht l'*y ?yet. smooth faoe, sloping foreheal, aad has an on ?"J , tlaatd, bashful expression thai la character latlo of ? person eltng hm way thrugb oomo mysterious path. The oily poil'.kcal cttloo which be ever held wu tbat of ? amber of u>e laat Legislature, aad be wu In- ustrloua and attentive u> bio business, although be Left behind him o record cimmouly called black. Hesuppirtei the railroad blilr from the flrsl to the loot, voted against Mr. Oonck ll'jg'o substitute, aathor feting the Comptroller to sell the iranchlses to tbe h if heel bidder, and Tolod against rodac- j tog the tare from Ave to four oeoto. Alao to pass tbe several ratlioed bill* over the Oovernor'i veto, ai well a* the West Washington market scheme, and the Oonitnls sioaera of Record twiddle. Hia vote la recorded againit both oT the Sunday lawa that wore before the House in all their various stages. Although hia record la not a clean on#, we will give hint the credit o( not dodging any ques tion before the legislature, but always being at bla |>oat. Tbe Breckinridge organisation have divided the bonora of the nomination In tbla district between Daniel N. I-eamy and John Cavauagh. Mr. Loamy la about thirty four years of age, native of Ireland, a person of full medium height, dark hair and whiskers, and bears a very fair reputation amongst tbooe with whom he la inti mate. lie waa at one time engaged In the shoe busi ness, and latterly a llqusr dealer; but we believe he lias no vocation at present but electioneering; never held any oiBce, and has no marka about him that would lndicato the possession of quail float lona for a legislator. The republicans of this dlatrlct have brought out Ira H. Tu thill, a member of tbe legal profession, trho has a shingle out at No 10 Wall atreet. Be la a young man, about twenty-three, sllmly built, light complexion, and baa a troubled expretalon of countenance, with no evidence that bo woold over set tho North river on Are. fhe only ofllco that we are aware of his ever holding was that of notary public and commissioner of dc<<!a, in which oao stata the prlnolpal porNon of his practloo. Ho Is a na tive of tbla country. T1UHD A8PEX8I.Y DISTBICT. Tbla dlatrlct ettenda from Broadway to the Had ana river, and oontalna all that portion of the city lying be tween the centrca or Chambers And Spring atreeta. It waa represented In tbe last Legislature by Christian B. Woodruff, who has been renominated by the Mozart Hall party and endorsed by tbe Bell organization. Mr. Wood ruff is a native of the olty of No* York, and about thir ty two years of ago. He la above the medium height, large fkee agd llgbt oomplexlon. He has been an active politician In hia dlatrlct, and at one time waa qalte popu lir; was member or the Assembly la 1SM>, and served on tlis Standing Committee of Privileges and Elections; he was re elected one year ago with Increased majority, aad served on the Militia Committee and the Committee on tbo Division of Towal and Counties. Be waa oae of those who left a record lo flavor of the lobby, having voted against the proposition to sell tbe railroad fraiiobtae to the highest bidder, and to roduco the fire from Ore to four cents, a>*o to pass the several gridirons, iha vVeil Washington Market bill, over the Ooveruor's ret", and the Commissioners or Records swindle. Hi* vote li recorded sgalnst both of the Sunday laws. Wo are unable to say whether his oonatttueacy or tho lobby are trying to re eleel him. It appeara from the potters to be found stuck up Id dlf fcrect portions of the district, that Michael W. Uu us, the Breckinridge candidate, la raising the gridiron cry upon Woodruff with great real. Every prominent place lo tbe distrlot la placarded with an enormous gridiron stand ing on legs, and with long arms extended as If for br>ty Tbete are tbe political standarda of Mr. Burnt. Each poster baa tho announcement that Michael W Burna M the antl railroad candidate, and appeals to all the boneat voters to vote against C. B. Woodruff. Mr. Burns, besides the naaic or Gridiron Smasher th-.t he has given himrelf, runs with tbe, and Is oon nccted with Hose Company No. 21; Is about twenty Ave, thin fare, dark complexion, and. we believe, a member of that tiuov roua claaa of this city who have no paj-tlcu lar business. Be was formerly engaged In driving cattle and aboop between Ibe Krle Railroad depot and Bull's Head, but has retired from that business, and new t|?nds his lime about the drinking saloons Beitf in tbe market, he will probably publish a card before election announcing bla withdrawal for Ike beaeflt of the parly. Joaeph Wosdwortb, tbo Tammany nominee, la a sort of fancy gentleman, got up artiflsiaUy In an artistic stylo, la aboot thirty Ove, large build, full, round ten e, brown complexion, wtars goat"- and mustache, aad Is a pers>a that stirs op quite a breeze In a small way. Bo formerly kept a one burse bo .el at the juncti >n of Spring and Mao dougal streets, and la now a dealer la fast and fancy bors<s, making bis headquarl-ra la Laurena atreet William n. Gtlaoo, the republican aomluee Id the <1* lrtc\. la a man about thirty year* of age, relative of Ta y lor, the proprietor <>f Tar lor ? dnloun, and amna the death of Freeman ha? born tli^geBera! managor of Uat pop alar rcrrrthmrnl retreat. He la a peraoa about the mad I am height, ?lltnly built, dark ocmp'tklon, blaok elde whtakera, with an opes, (tank aad intelligent eipreMtoa of oia He la ioa>etlinea to be fouad at the counter, takitR It ctange, but anally looklrg after the taterwti of that fan.oua laatltuttoo centrally. Ha la a quiet, mo dcat appearing grnllrmaa, with uamiatakabla muU of good buauueaa quaiiOcatU na. rovum amkmblv ranrrT. Thla dtolrVct aatenda fMa the middle of Broadway to the KMt rlvar, and take* la all that portion of theclly lying between the northf ru boundary of the Sec ?d lie lr Let and a Una through taa centra of Uraai atraet to Clinton, through Clint* to the laat rlvar, aad bae baea reprreented ta the folate Aircmbly durtag ,lse Uurtjtwo aciaioca by William C. Oorer, who la now lytag back far a Mat ta the Senate aast year. The Tamaaay mac * taia district uaderataad all the mo rem ecu neoeaaary t pack a oooveutka. A aartala candidate for Aider aan, if the Tammany ? trtpe. prar ad quite extenaualy dur.qt the prettmiavtca to Ui c- gk ta making up tie d. legate* to the Ajaei. y nlK-o. ha apent aoaa ttaM druaalag about for j<ea u?ai would vote as be ih aired them, and finally found a eel wno knew Both lag about what they vera ei pec ted to do? one or lire of them not being able to read or write Be made oat their credential, aad waa la bare l!.eaettb* Convention, bat one of the aumber aent aa>lher pereoo , with leak knowledge Uaa blaaatf, 11 a rubflltute bat It waa fauad that ha had heard of a paraoa by the aaaM of trover, aad laid ha tfeeuL vote for htm Thla aipreea on ralrd him out of the wa ?entton, when a pereoa waa aubailtated la hta glace called by the kaowlag ooee "a dead man '?a tare ap plied ta delegataa Uat do aot realde la the dlairtrt By U?i* aharp practice the Alderman ta qoeatloa Wcta'hl forward Wm J. C Klnaey , a a the Tammany Ua I ce di data. Mr Kiaaey la a maa about twenty aovea yea.** of age a aauve of ttia d law let, are leet tea indw* la b? ght, with dark brown hair, aide wt taker* aad mueucaa, bae ?11 a hat of a Itpyah air aboat htm, aad walka u regu lar Manlier tlyla. He wai at oac bme a clerk la * drag ?tare, from he baa obtained the ap^fciioe ef M D He ta now one of the employee ta the Poel UAaa. Although bera la the d air tot, be moved away wtaa quite young. aad haa aot hern a rtaldewi ef Uadwtr lota yea*. Be raa oaae lor Ooeaaer aad waa defeated. aad w? believe ha waa oaaa defeated aa a caadldau rev Aaawbiy ia tbe ftrtecaU warl. The arg* aumber of lemoorMM c aa d ida tea raanlagagalnet htri would tnd.eate a Itka reeall la Ul* caavaaa. The Break lartdgera l.ave aomlnated TVmbmu Boot gemiry , a youg maa abaat ta-eaiy Ore, and a aaehtatrt and engiaeer Be m a native ef Irelaad.aad oaaa to U* ?one try when abcmt a year aid, received a edn I cation by a privau teaJier. talk u Imi m ami anergtilc maa Be haa baea the mala nppoH af hta ?lira bled mother fur the laM Ua f<?ra He - -f mrfl n height, dark browa hair, light gray eyea, and Ua wHfctl ? eounlraaaoe reveaJIcg aa active and rvatUaa ma t ft ? ? a member of Ci giae G.mpaay Mo II, aeJga ai e tempt flremaa Be haa ma I > aeveral propaaitioaa ta he othar to un.te a pen one uaktt agaieat the repibli can*, and (till b?lda hlmaetf raa^y to withdraw .>rmke aay boen-able aouraa to unite the dea?u?rall? fr tgseeU la Uie dlatrtct. Br BcC'eu'y baa received tbe Boaut noianati >a of the dlatrtet ba la a aallve of Ireland, and ab>? twaalf five year* if age, and laa aaember of Rugiae Ooapaay No. gO, bat haa ao mark* abort him Ihat wouki ladtaata qua lltratioaa for the pnaltlna to mbh'h Ik' aepirea. There are twa ladepeni**! demo-iata la laa dtvtr o?, both riatmlag. bewever, to bare rvoetred tbe hrertta- * ridge oomicatKiv Tbe Irai on the rial la Wn. u Qm, aVaative of Irelaad. aad a man at/it forty yova "f age Be I* aregu'.ar?taadingaium?can<hiaU, u*wu that le rireedlegly poprlar, hot aever gcta aat a few v-nea B raa Inr Oo.iaeilaiaa aad waa defeUad. ran a^ Ml -keera for J'.rt .T. aa aa todeptn 'eat r.aad>tau, and wee ao n.vie aii?r rleeti m Be ia M fac*. e^led the p^!l?ica( ?jr we -t the Mlghberk ??d ty tng ??? V t;>a -rt U>" lie trtci II* * '?** -dt, "-lora la'r, flund eomplexloa,ahabbUy dmrt, with aB thaaawka . tod atadea of lbs Oeltlc race. He may be almost 1 any hour hanging ibmt a certain grocery Wore In Madl- I sob it reel, with band* la his pockets, and to all app ?tr | anct- a gentleman of leisure, or one of mat ela*s who hare had a baling out with all kinds of honorable labor. The other independent oandMale la John CXmwa* ( wh0 likewise ciaiua to have recaivel the Breckinridge njBll. nation. Be waa a at imp candidate In 1148 ar ?ui*i Qorer, never held an y oJLce, la a native of Ireland, about twenty eight years of sge, and a dark oow ^eiiooed person, with liark hair and smooth face; he la a meehaclo, and aald U be ladurtrloua. I Croat L. Kurty, a gentleman running aa the lnds | pendent clock candidate, titlnka himself onaof the moat popular men In the dlatrict, and bellevee that he waa rahsed up ftr this especial crlala. He la a well favored, red haired Get man, below the medium height, with more enthoalaam than talent, and about twenty-lire yean of ?ge. Running against theae live detnocri's, with every pros pect of winning the rice, la Lewia Hoppa, the republican candidate, a man about twenty eight and a native of New York. He la about five feet ten laches In height, fair oomptexien, brown hair, aide whiskers, and haa aa Intel ligent and pleasant expression of eauntenance. He la a tailor by trade, and haa a clotblug store in the Bowery. He baa alwaya been a bitter antl democrat, and baa seve rs! times been an independent candidate for oflloe, but never received a nomination before this year; never held any polillrai tUloe; la a member of Hoee Company Ho. 11. FIFTH ASSEMBLY DISTKCT. Ttla district Ilea weat of Broadway, and eztenda to the Hod eon river, and oonaiata of that portion of the city lying between the middle of Spring street and the oentre of Fourth and Christopher streeta,-and waa re pre stilted in the laat State Assembly by Willis a L. Co lea. Mr. C. has made up his mind that he has aeen enough of Albany for the present, and ttie Tammany orginlsallon bsa nominated George B. Hall, of Ulbuater notoriety. He is the son of ex Mayor Hall, of Brooklyn, and la about thirty alx yeara of age, of good education, medium height, black hair and mouatache, brown complexion, with aa expression of countenance that reveals a rexileaa and vratireaome spirit within. He waa Quartermaater of the New York regiment In the Mexican war, and bore the re) l til ion of a man of great will and courage. He Joined Walker In bla crusades in Mearsgua, and waa with him In most of the Important battlea, acting aa Quartermaa ter General. He la now Superintendent of Street Incum brances, and can be seen almost every evening In the company of Marshal Ryndera. The Mozart and Breckinridge part lea have nominated Mr. Chariea. Blaurelt. He la a young man about t wen ty five, formerly a clerk In the Navy Yard, and haa now a position In the Reglater'a Office, tie la a person of boyish sppurance, and only known about the liquor stores and grogshops of the district. The republicans in this district have again brought out John J. hhaw. Mr. Slaw la a native of New York, ia ab'ui twerty eight yeara of ags, and waa formerly a clerk In some mercantile establishment. He is a man of good address, with an unaffected gvnl nature: waa a member of the Mate Assembly In I960, and a candidate for r:-tleciion laat year, and waa defeated by 151 ma jorlf. His chance's for a re election are much better this canvass, owing to the split of the democracy upon t? a candidates. He waa the originator of the law for the Lew police court district, but failed to get It through the legislature when he was a number, and devated most of Isst winter In the lobby aa the engineer of hia pet bill, and fli aiiy auceeeded In getting It through both branches. Having accomplished this, be considered himself oa the line of safe precedence for clerk of the court, tha. being the mark which he was stmiog at luring all ef his opera tloas; but, like many others, be haa found that white man in politics li mighty uncertain. A young man by the came of (trldley carried off the prize, leaving Shaw on tie lookout for some other opening It ia aald that be la a rpe:lal aid to Anirew Bleak ley, of the Elghtb ward? a [rcmlixnt Weedite. At the time of the ooutroversy about tbe reinstatement of the Twelfth regiment, be took active giounda sga'nat tbem both here and before the Governor. He la new, however, a mesber of the High land Guard, and one of the officers in the staff of that regiment There ia aa Independent candidate In this dlatrict by tha nam* of John C. Gaw; be Is a painter by trsds, and has an ofllae la Iteroer atreet. Baa bees snaneelsd with the Mozart Hall organisation, and waa a candidate before the nominating convention In the dlatrict laat year. He a a email man, with one leg shorter than the otter, and no marka Indicating qualification for the position of a member of Assembly. Be la about twenty Are > ears of age. Till 81XTH ArttKMBLY DISTRICT Llea rut of Br< adway , elb-ndlBK from tbe middle of that thoroughfare to Clinton ?troet, ita eoutbern boundary being the use ai tbe northern bouo dary of the Fnnrtb rftatucl, and CMnprutng all tbat portion of tbe city lying bttnfCQ tirksd ftjjd U?n?<? ? altH Rxwiiviy Kn.1 Uiako. It *u reprrnnled la tbe last Leglalalure by Bamul T. Webeter, who baa again beea i>laccd m o-imi nallin, baring refltlred ail tba anil republican nomla* tiona? including M&tart , Tammany, Breckinridge and Boll partita. Ha la a natlre of Boetor.asd la abou. forty yean of ag<\ although muoh younger lo ai prarauoa. Ba m apprenticed to tba sitrenmith tr.ido when about ?fteeo, but suboesueally txi?m? a painter, vbton >t u ton ba fellow ad until IMC, when be received tbe appulnl nest of Brat clerk la tba bureau (4 Ftrcta la tba City in apt :tor'a department, aid atlll bold* a prom u at pjji tlon ia oCce, and may be labelled tbe "City laapro tor ? catdldale." lie m at < no time Svretary of tbe RepublMan General Comic ilea wf T.imi any Ha'l, an J baa recently beeoorr < f tba w*rm and ardeat luppoiton of M v r Wood. B< J one i< be few mt-mbon wbo left a clean record la the uaaal interpretation of tbe career of tba memben of Ibat body, lie, however, votad againrt Mr. Coakiing'i prope*ittoo to aell tbe rauroa t fraashiaaa to tbe higbeat bidder, and agalaat Mr. I'lamb's motion to reduoa tbe fare from Bra to four canta, but voted agatnai tbe billa oa their Ileal pauage, aad agalaat throe of them oa the* tical poaaage ore r tba Oorcraor'a reto, bia name l? not recorded for or agataM 'ba Waat Waabia^toa Market bill oa I la paaaage oror tha Oorer nor i veto, he la axjst lira feat tea laebaa la height, dark completion, dark hair, foil, black ejea, draaaaa with scrtipalouB oa re, aad baa a sort of aaif importaat air a boat him that reveaia ooaldoooo in hla owa qoallAoa UaM U ward 0. rra er, hla npablloaa ippiawl, M a man 0T*r any yean ef age, aad haa haaa prominently oounected with the ftiard at Edu rat loo. Ba la a aaUre of thla oouatry, a abort. | ilia and thta baUt perana, ?iih a careworn appearance; baa a pale, aaliow hoe, with all tba awti of a member of tba braa bread aootety, or Grahaalla Be haa tha repaMtloa of btla? a good, bowaat aeal, with es trone riewa, aad somewhat impracticable. Ov la a law yer by profeealoa. ?BTWTM IMIVILT DISTRICT. ThW dlatrtct Ilea waot of Broadway , ei wad tag to the Hodaoa mar, aad taking la aU that portlaa of tha oily kilnna tha middle of Foarth aad the coin of Four laoath atreota. It ba< baaa repreaoatod In the leal two 1 ^aainn fey Ftodoilch A. Cockling There were fire oaptraata paatiag Ilka woU ohaaed doora tar bia aaat la tha Ptato imwibly; bat two ban declined, leering DmM Toaag tba only democratic caadidete la tba dald. Ba la a tail, slim peroue, about tbirt, yean of age, block wh token and florid oooipleaioo, aad a ojadootoroa tbe ?KM Rivor Railroad. Bo may bo foood oa tbe tlx A. M oxpreoa train of that rotd boood far Albany every Boaday . Wodaeaday aad Friday, rory roodroiy aakag Mr tba tkokele. la a qalet ?>rt of perooa, and nv\kaa no Boortab Tbe regwbllcane flret ocm nat*t R M RHUhr >rd, who aeceyiid ar... wao eagaged la tbo cacvane. hot wo aater atard !**? be. aliboo;!. adranc-J ia yean, waa alKot to take aato htmaalf a w tfo, wbo objerted to bia gilag to tbo Lrgia.atare, and a* the dmro for a partaer wao etr?>g?r than that of party, be dochaod, aad tbe npablleaaa bare acmioated Jamea W.iooa nre?o,a aaa ab >ot forty lira ' yean of age. a lawyer, wbnae praotloo will aot pr*rent h.m from paying porfrct derotloa to kg e atiro boolnaoa ,He * a man of median h-lglt, loag Taoo, aad haa a tort of Riethmlual ipyearauoo. y, loia J. Smh.o i? luuning a* a atnaip aaa d Hate tk> la a (V linker by trade, aad worka for R >bert i'arl, 3oi?'r.i ten-lent of Walba aad Plera. Ho * a red haired, red wb* ^?r?d aad rod faocd pbiloaopbor, r#ry load of hl? ?ia. nonm Afwirabtv Diniwrr. n.* diet-* -l w booeded by a lite uraro ihr-wifh the rertroof Cltat. w to Ho-tttoa ktr^t, 4awa H":?too to lt?e feet rirer, and < aa ? evr? Ben tod la tba ut a< ur^ -v Tb> n aa O Rrurke. Ttwa an Berra r?aii.Htf? In toe Be d noarrr't tif ore." <>'P I ? ?lir- t* trf. Tp* Mo lar t Hal' parly ha?? or i*!;l '-ear I . Jin J RtJ). in)|h>r?' li ? S-at< *?e.r" -'y tr - j th- | w-. 1<?rlc. in lifdaul IWT Re la a m?a ?h . ,t t(n-i? a Mb -. rod , laoe, biar^y ef :?**, ?r.t^kao?o trt doaaaof Las. eg i UmT* a Item one liquor rtore to another to rapid sao <*"lr *\ to medium height, uikut supreme contempt ,or the rale* told down by Murray. He fU at ons Mom ti'erk in tbnftftoe Court, under Justice Welsh. Ocar H Msgart, out of the Tammany nominess, to a man about twenty leveu years of age, and formerly a clerk about the Tom be, but ku ao particular builneas at present. Be to medium height, wear* long black hair and mustache, an 1 to to be found iq the coaij uny ef the faat Ken, and to far from being brilliant. J. K. Dunn, who aleo claims the honor of being pre sented by a portion of Tammasy as well as the Breckin ridge party, to a mechanic, and works In Hoe's printing press foundry; is a nan about forty years of age, never held office, but has been as Independent stump candidate for the Legislature eercral times; stands very well amongst thoee who knew him. Another person, of almost the mum name, being Joeiah, instead of Joseph R. Dunn, has been brought out by the Worklngmtn's S)clety. Mr. D. to a shoemaker, prac ticing bis trade in Water street. Be to about fifty years of age, medium sise, and wean a brown beard and a thick head of hair, sprinkled with gray. Be to an adro cate of Maine Uwiam, and looks te the teetotal clement n bis district for support. Andrew Lewis, the Bell and Everett candidate, to a small, red fhoed and enthusiastic gentleman, well known in tbe district; formerly carried on some mechanical business, but has of late been a member of the Metropoli tan police force, and resigned bis position to serve hto country In the ranks of the Bsll and Everett army. Be Is a member of their General Committee, and known as an Impetuous, blustering person about their meetlags, always act We. Be to about twenty seven, a natlvs of New York, and to said to be quite popular amwgst all classes In the district. Since he received hto nomination he has been quite big in hto clothes. Lawrence E. Bill lays claim to an endorsement for this office from a portion of the Tammany and Breckinridge organisations. Be to a mason by trade, and has lately been engaged In that capacity in the Na v V ard- Be to a short, thick -set person, of moderate intelligence. Nicholas L. Bansen has taken the stump as the lnde> perdent democratic candidate In this district, and to now working sealously for hto election. He to a young man, about twenty sis or seven, a native of New Tork, gradu ate ef the Free Academy, and has been engaged with hto father in the ship chandlery business, in Cherry street, since 18U. and has the warm friendship and good will of all who know him. Be to Identified with the Intereets of the district, and to a taxpayer; also holds a oommlsilon in the Twelfth regiment. Never held any political otllce. The republican party at one time bail an Irrepressible conflict in this district, hat have settled the matter by tbe withdrawal of Oeaar ti. Sawyer, one of the Doealntee, sad now present an undivided front for Andrew Craft. Be has resided in the Thirteenth ward for upwards of thirty years, and Is now about fifty-two years of age. Be to a shipwright by occupation, a short, thisk sst per son, has dark hair, smooth faoe, frank, open countenanoe, heavy eyebrows, and an Intellectual expression about his eyes. Is a member of Dr. Sawyer's char ah, and has been a member of ihe Board of Counoilmen and a Fire Com miasioner. Be to also a taxpayer, and seems to be quite popular with hto party. NINTH AfWmiLT DI8TUCT. This district lies west of tbe middle of Sixth arcane, and oompriees aU that porttoa of the olty ly ing between the centres of Fourteenth and Twenty-sixth streets, ex tending firom Sixth avenue to the Hudson river, and was represented In the tost Legislature by David R. Jsquss, republican. At the latest advices that we received from that locality there were only six candidates with longing eyes and be it tig hearts for Albany, each the moat popu tar to the district, and saany of them military characters. John D. McGregor, tbe Tammany candidate, to a lawyer of moderate practice, about thirty three years of age. Be to also of military tame; was Sergeant Major hi the Third division of tbe United 8taUs dragoons, undsr Msjor William B. Polk, in the Mextcaa war. Hs to of Seoteh deeoent, and bora in this city. Bis father, after ht came to this country, ra sided In Delaware county until the war of XSU, and, en listing In that war, oams to Nsw York, and baa ever since resided here. Young MoGreger graduated in the New York University, and entered the office of the Assistant Cor poration Attorney under Baakln. > amain ed under Parser and under Genet until last February. Be la a person of full medium height, reddish, saady eosapkxtoa, smooth face, and has aa easy, aareless appearance, aad has a moderate practice la hto profession. Tbe Merer i Ball party have brought out Joha Geffrey, a tinsmith, in Ninth avenue, near Eighteenth street. Be is a man about forty live, short, thick set, light oomplextoo, tmocth face and brown bair. Bas been promlaenlly oon Dected wtUi the politico of hU ward. Never held say political cfflce, but ru for 0> .ncllmsa about two fwn ago and val defeated. Charles 9. Inncs in paraded aa the BreoklnrlJge clown tor this oanviss. Hs la a person about thirty-eight, me aiunv*i(ht, ruddy complexion, brown hair end mas ts* be, and dr?a?a with grsat ear*. He waa Llaulsnaat la the New York Volusteers In I be Max lean war, and baa been ever itcoe bia return a stark In Um Ouatom Boo?o. Boratto N. Rhcrwood. Uie republican nomlaee In thla <1 strict, la well known about the OolieXor of Aasammsnts' offles. lie la a man aboat thirty Are, dark hair, large, promlnr-nt, dark tjn, fair oornplexlon, and dressss with scrupulous cara. Ha baa a mill, decisive and cool ex press ion of coustesanos; It Is in fact aald to be impassible to provoke him. He waa a Dumber of years ago a dark in a dlntig saloon la Fulton atraet, and, ws believe, ws Iwpuly Collector of Assessments under Joseph K. Taylor, aad waa mixed op with the transactions of that f?a lla mas, aad for a loag tune baa beaa la law with tha city. The whole thtsg was reooaUy brought to a terminus by the elty paying him sosse four thousand dollars. He M a republican of the Tfeurtow Weed sshool. It is said that Us Albany ohtef usually eonsults him la regard Is mat tors la tha N'lalh ward. Hs bss beaa a oaadldato tor soaae time, bet waa saver nominated before, aad rsoslvsd It this las thrssgh the ehagrta of laaac Hay ton aad his friends, who, beoomlsg disgusted st not recelviag the aoaslsatiea for Ouagreea, thought the oountry was rslnad , asd would not take the ^wnbly Domination aad Aer wood Ogpni la. Be wes form arty, connected with the Amarlras party . aad wUl receive the support of aU but the ttraightoutsrs, sad If the democracy kssp up their ?ghto over their csadidstei hs Is pistty stirs to be the nest representative. ^.Tha Bell party have nomlaatod John M. Rimasy, sctert la a ribbon store la Broadway la the viclalty of tho City Boapital, aad bears s very good reputation. Be Is about thirty years of age, sad asvar held aay offloa. Edmund K. Dean, a alerk, has tafesa the stamp ss so Independent oaadldato, and is ksepiag up s sort of s gas rilla war oa ail tha other candidates. He Is a repnsllcan, aad b??aaM dlrgustod with that party lor not nominal lag him, and is now out aa a stump candidate. He is s son of Nietx laa Deaa, formerly President of the Qrotoa Duard, aad held a poe Idea under his fathsr la that department of oar eitv government. stittt ttiat Board ease under the control of Mayor Wood. This <<l?trlet lies bet we? Hoostsa aad Fourteenth streets, asd estesds from the middle of Broad ray to aveaae A. It wes repreaestod Is the Isst legislature by Joasrh r Osoper, aad has mow tour candidates la the ?eld I?ks V. Co/tua. the Mosart nomine*, Is a young man, abost f eaty tour, and a lawyer, hartag an ottos la ass itrret was bors ea Krlnce blax-d s Island, earns to this eoestry when about three ysare old. Is a gmdtiato of the free Acadftny; read law la the office of Qgde* n?ffman . set' tn.v e man in every partlsu sr has s ntoee rate pewctloe, aad itaada wen wherever be Is knows. H" 'a a ihort, slim, impotaoea, wide awake and artive juusg mas, ts. - lb faos, .sleMigsat < unteoanae, and i-whs two ways A ones. Never held any < f&se was formerly aa act I re member of ths Natloael nemooratle Vc on leers, sad bolted wbsa that orgaalsat on hoisted the Breckiarldge Bag. Is an ardent ? ipporter of Dougiss He would make a good asmbsr. Ha? Id Crawford the Tammany om.nes, Is s aatlrs at CSnads. be was formerly a clerk In a atali<? ery store, and after war :? n busisee* Tor blvtetf, n the firm of Crawford k Reynolds He has sines *tudi?d Is* with John B Fogerty, and has been reoei.t ?y admitted to the i ar and pr* ' ? ?t the polio- wis He le Prm lent of tke Vaetite. nih Ward Dtmocratlc Cub, and bae Spire I cowapicu- ualf ss s w.repuller is the VercanlHe l ibrary elect iOLi. ssd fur *>?? cause waa sersr popular asM>sg*t i the boys aad oou'd ssver get aleetod He has s thla, | aharp fkee, end poeseeeee none of the rial. Scat loos for s i number eg the ftate Assembly. The M?t4-k:nrldge party have brought out tubs Barley, jr. , s merrhast isFtsri strsst. a sstits of this mistry, abort twestt eevea or Iwtsty eight yews of age; seres Sa d as> polities! offlee. Be is a tall man, very eras! ?yes, ft D, fat abeeks, and rathe' Sail >w Cumplelioo; Sol r> ') prepoaaera rg or bilslllgesl fn so wa'aiwe. ?es) wMtsn sern lb* name of Jlojert B IV?y i post TBTB AgBRMBLT PI?TKTCT. ed up m the republican candidate tn this dlstrtot bar* suppaasd (bat It ni the mum person of that dum wkc< WM ,l ?o? time oue of the leading llghla ud Grand Sacbema of Tanunaay Hall, but *och la not Ilia oaaa, tor thkt P*r*? Us bMt dead for a Dumber of year*. Ba M, however, a young man of about twenty five yeaaa of age, of a good family; m a clerk In ao auction gist* in Water street, and baa tome pro|>erty. Bis IM 1 ?HS are of Um brst claw, and be beara the reputation of a straight for ward and upright joung maa. Nerer bald any oOce neither ha* be been a candidate before. klyvfnth ahhkmmlt inpcr, This district take* in all that portion of the ally lying between the centres or Twenty-sixth and Fortieth streets and extending from Sixth avenue to the llodaon nvsr, and was represeated in the last Legislature by Onmalnga H. Tucker. There Is an Irrepressible conflict going on In this district on all sides. The Tammany Ilea bars nomi nate! their candidate ol last year la the par sob of John 1 lardy, a promising young MB, about twenty seven years of age, who la a native at New York, and from an early sga baa been hie own esgtaeer In tbe battle of life; graduated Id the first class In the Free Academy, and wai the valedic torian of bis claas. Be Immediately altar became a tu tor In that institution , and remained there onlll 1867, when he was appointed to a clerkship m the Nary Agent's < fflce, through the lufluenoe of Goo. Handera, a position whlsh. we understand, be still oocup'es. Be la one of the originators of the Student's Aid fund for tbe assistance of ceedy students. Be la an active, Industri ous person, of.markod talent; la secretary of the Nattooa Democratic Central Committee, and would make an efficient legislator. Bis appearanoe la not striking, of little below the medium height, thin and wiry Items, of dark ccncplexlcn, with somewhat round ffc&e, with dark eyes of a restless character, and dark, heavy hair. Bo presents, on tbe whole, somewhat of a singed appear anoe. Be commands the confidence of all In his dictrtot The Mosarters and Breckinridge ra of this district have united upon ex AJderman William MCOonkey, mora fk mlliarly known as BUI McConkey. Ba aaaaa to have come to the poiltlaal surface as a sort of an IIHastrati m of what we stated at tbe commeaoomcnt of Ihto article Mr MoConkey Is a native of Ireland, and name to tbla country whea about seven years old, and la new about thirty -six. He has bad a good deal ef experience In our municipal affairs. and la well known by the fre quence of the City HalL Be was a member of Ute Beard of Assistant Aldermen in 18(2 and '68, and In UM Cliarter election of 1863 raa for Aldermaa, sad got tbe certificate of election, but bia seat was contested by Cu mm Inge H. Tucker, and tbe latter admitted. Be ran for the same t fflce In 1866 against Mr. Tucker, and wne elected. Blnoe that tune he has kept eat of public 1KB. and is now a gentleman of leisure, or a real estate opera tor. Be Is a small man, dark hair and whiskers, and haa one af tlioee expressions of oountenaooe to be found upon persons that the public generally oonaidar marks of low political adroitness. This la the only district in the city where the republicans preeent a divided front. There Is a regular warfare in their ranks? a conflict between the legislative oorruptlonlsts, under the lead of William R. Btewirt and Cummlnga B. Tucker, aid de camps of Thurlow Weed, and the an tl- legislative peculators, under tbe lead of John Hooper, asslaied by tbe Taxpayera' Association of the district. The former bare very appropriately renominated Onmnsiags B. Tucker, one of tbe leaders la tbs last infamous Leglala ture. Mr. T. is a native of New Jersey, and about forty yeara of age. He Is a builder by trade, and received hie first lessons in legislative bodies la tbe Board ef Alder men. Be was member of tbe memorable OossaalMea of Cities and Villages, that ground oat nearly all the peoola ting bills of last session of tbe Lrgla'atare; also of the Grlndlrg Committee. It was the custom of thoee who wlsbtd to know bow he was going to vote to oall upon D. P. Coaover, who had the reputation of being the real member from the district; Mr. Tucker was one of the ecnneotlsg links between the committee and tbe lobby. Bis vote If recorded for the city railroads la all their varlouft stages and aso tn favor of passing their, over tbf Governor's veto. He, however, vo led sgainet tbe West Washington Market bill, from tbe flr-t to tbe last, and against the Commirplonera of Records swindle. Be is a medium sized man, dark ha.r, and hsa a sour, re pulsive txpr<?*k>n of countenance. John ? Hooper, tbe nominee of the other wing of the party, la a msa about forty eight, abort, thick set and fleshy parson, with gray hair, gray eyce, aad one of those bappy ex pressions of oountensnoe noted la the possessor of a sanguine, lymphatic temperament. Be is a native or tbla city, and was for a number of yoarsa member of tbe Board of Kdueatioa, and held for two youa a prom: Mel position on the Finance Committee, advocating tbc strlcteat eoocomy tn all branchts of Um School Depart ment. He ta new an advertising ?r-nt. The Qgbt be twees the two helmet of the republlcaa part/ 1a aa In teresting one. The atroggle is whether Um repuMicaon of the dlatrlct will endorae l*g Ulatlve peculation or art, aad the remit may possibly reveal to Um pablW Uhi real principles of that part/ la tbte city. Tmcirrn aw>e*blt dihtkkt. Thli district lie* at Um extreme eastern point of Man hattan bland , aad oomprlaae all that port Ma of the city lying taat of Avenne A end between Houston aad Four teenth atreeta It baa for a long Um beta ademwattf atrocgbold, aad wis represented la the laat legielatcrt by Andrew Smith, who baa reoelved the Tammeay nom natloa fbr reelection He la a native of Ireland, and came ta thta country when about twenty two yeara vf age; be ta now about thirty eight, haa a) oommte school education. and haa always been engaged la the liquor bnstneaa . Member of Tammany Ball . and haa been of Into an active politician. AooorJIog to Um general Interpreta tion of ^ reeord of the membera of the last legislator?, Mr. Batiwhas left a black one behind him HewaaiiMit ber of the fhmoflS Committee on Ctttei and Vulagea, an J the connecting link between Tammany Hall aril the com mlttse. His vote la records J la favor of the eMy railroads ta erary stage of their progress, the Went Wash Ington Market bill and the Comm-istoners at ItnsrJe bill. He rote! to aoata'n the ferry monopoly, aad bore the rt pnlalton of working one way la the oommtttee aoa the cppoelte wbea tbe bHla would ooase bef ore the Boose. Tlfo Sunday law, wbtcb passed the Legialature, waa re ferred to the eoaamlttee of which Mr Smith was a mem ber, M waa reported tevtrahly by tbc ommWtee, aad no minority report There la nothing a poo the record ef lh? proceed Inge of Um Lrgialntarehto abow whether Mr 3mi:t? waa preaeat la the eoaamlttee whea oonaldered or sol; bat hte vote la reeerded oa another bill la the Bo nee a few mtantea after Mr. Tacker reported tbe <^>aday taw, aad he meat have beea preaaat warn the report was ma>tc. aad raiaad no objeetioaa. The bUI la qaeailoa waa tatro duoed la the Legialature at the stage ef prooeedlpgw which, under the ralea, would hare r< quired a two thirds vote to peta It If there had base a mtaerlty itp-wl. Be voted agalast tbc ee ta Baal paaaage, aad bad be made a miaorlty report fron? the aammittee It weald not bare bis isaa a law danac the laat asset? Hia rote la recorded tn far .r of aboiwt lag tbe Alaaahonaa dove-nors, a bill that paaaad dirine the laat beef <4 the araaton ef that Legialatere, the La tary of wbieb will alwaya be Ilka a blank oloed epea th? Empire Stale We deab If a mora appropr ate eifnaat of medera Tammaay eon Id be foeatL The Me tartars, Break lartdgcts, ?all mb, aad a pwtxia > of Tammany Bail, have centred ape* Oeo. J Oaaapbol*. a young man about tweaty alt years of ata,a eatlsa of Ireland, who oame to tbie eaaatry whea aiaara boy. Fbe pareata wars la peer clrce ?etaarm, ha waa early pah to a trade, aad obtalaed the prtaetpal part af bis edana tlea la the eraaiag aobooia. Be also took aa aoti re jmrt la the debet lag elebe. His prieeat oecnpalloa la thai at a boiler asakar, aad be bear* the repetattoa of a mac ,4 undoubted tatagnty aad hoaeaty Durleg the or Ml <* 1U7 ha waa aatlre aonngs. the laboriag ciaMi who were atsamrirg tor bread aad work, eedeemrlaf to abay their eiettemeat aad roeaaei'lag agalast t>mmui?* aay derrrdat'oaa Be aerer held aay pol't'cal idBoe Baka short, light compWiloeed person. Tbe repablleaas, at one time, bad two eand.dalaa M lb* ?rid, bet wenad-retanl that Mr Curtis haa withdraws, leaner only John iwmhre-bt. a liquor dealer, M the OeM. Mr. L M a Oera?aa, abiet fbrty, and waa krrinarty a de ar orras aad a member a' Um all poiloe firoe. lotw'th ataac I>| tb? fa-t of bla heleg dropped w haa UM aew police system waa ovaa'red, be is no ? out 4 .be aedeat supf -rvara of tbe rrpeblleaa party. Ainimr mirmcr. The Treaty aeonaa ward saekee ap this dletriet, wttoh waa repreeeated la the laat Laglalatare by Peter Master, eon The Tammany Hall party hare breaght ant A lew. Ward, aa old friend at Horace 9. Oark, aad a avmber eg Tan maty Ball Wrneral Committee. Be M prominently oonuec*<d wlib that clique of demxsratle petlUetaaa kn? wn aa tbe halta, who are fooad a boot Thirteenth atrwt and Broadway. He waa at oae 1 me, we betters, marter 'aherer la the Nary Tard, aad was reesaUy to

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