Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 4, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 4, 1860 Page 2
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lnl*rMtl?K 1 VfT*lr?. Wit SALT I. A UK I IT *0C -.KK-rOM'M ,TB. Guti Sai.i !-*&? Cm, Oct (, IB AO H- Jgrf ultwal and Manufuajring t'^ir?Tu /n 1: > -i Afatrt? Court Martial at Ckmp Fl yd?Keturn of Troop! from tort Hall -ALtiX m Kmijran-'s ly the Mum, <*c Tae Oft b ?nn>ial exhibition of the Dc'S' 'el Agricul tural an J MAnu'actunng RjCiely vu bold here ytf? t en'ay, the preceding d*y, an J cootlnu"* up t H noon to da jr. a a an Indication of tae p.'ivreji of the TerrtUrjr, the "Kalr" li worth; of nolle' Tha utifon, ? of the ordinary abundance of fruit (rotn the exhibition tablet nomo w bat chADged the sppearAnce of the exhibition from former years; but with thit exception the fair shows annually a stesly Ad ?ansemtnt IB favor of agriculture, And rApid aJvauco lnout in mADufACturtl. There is every proip-Mt th?t I'tah will be the boat vegetable couc try J th ? ' u?n. Not ao much that the soil li better, or evcu a* wed, ftdapted for aucb purposes a* elsewhere ic L'aclo Stai'a domain* but the peculiar character of the citih mlty contributes to the lathering together of tha chiloesl seeds from every |>art of the world. Every jear a IIi Ij t'ua population persona from nearly every nation of the earth, and they have been Instructed by the "spialiea" of too cbitf* to bring ? itb ihem from fatherland lb > m *1 chxica and every character of labor taring machinery. Though muth may be brought here of comparative Utile value, Mill, among the groat maaa brought, there la much that i? excellent, and the seed found to be rich And pro ductive soon llndi ill WAy Into market. Th? experience of cultivAlion In different countries is aIao gathered with the emigrants. Ia short, Utah, in these particulars, has the advantage of every otbor Territory or State In the I' II loo. While Mumming Ibc priduce department yoeteraay in the exhibition, I had the adraauge of crttlcum from gardtoera iron 0ve dillereut nation*, an 1 had my llogiiietln attalnm-'nt' been mire exten ltd, 1 presume I might eaaily have had h aoore of | crtooi around mo giving me their erlticUms and judgment in di/l rent language*. From all, how ever, I learned. a* already Mat*], that for vegetable* and fruit I'tah cannot be excelled gome tlmo ago, when pa*?ing thr >ugb Rngham'i garden with an KnglUh g?n I, Vman an l reooened traveller, we were strack with tue e*. "?'fcof* of vegetable pr<jdo<?. The aauie mm, ?*no 0;a* ? ?* v< gelable, atta r* a p?rf>-.-tl >n here to old anl ex pom "C?"1 gardener* unknown eUearhere. Bea'de* the rboit-e collection of teed* oilalnod through emigrant*, tha Cltlarot hpre have their eye* on tha I'atoul Oil!* J>*ia*t< n ' bf*id( *, every advcrtt*em*nt of cbilcoi'Md and JuttK^i a Ufaeu attention here, and numberleaa packages are traa-o "Mover tbe Plaint along with new ?pip<>r? bod letter*. *or Illustration of what ;a grown hero, I applied ft i '">*?; but, on being furnl?li?d wub what roomed an li.Ua mlnable li*t, 1 concluded to Inquire If || Would*!..! be a Sorter U ? aak what wax not here, and to that I had the tb 'roughly initructlve reply " <Fe have Sverythlng, or wba ' wp not w ? Khali hare " Tbe manufacturing department ah owe I gre?t luluitry, imoog ibe ladles pa. 'tlcuiarlj. Tiie Urat table? about thirty feet long ? was oa ? beg* pile of limeys, Ilauuel*, ewu*, woodon cloth, blana woollen and wor*tel*bawlt. Hy Feminise tlogeri everjrt bit feoeo made ? ^lippwy, irdltig spinning, dyeing BD(1 weaving. Probably tha' ?[wi.liar lotiituiiua " c-ontrl ,l|teg lar.-eiy toaaob domm <<rat|ooa ;f lalor. Carrjin g, 'ut the oetallatlc dret u of eoonon.v in ite honaehoid, w. o'e a ban * > many ?b-.r..'it," i arh p-rnon probably , '?*?? ' her turu" In tie kil< Inn , and tbe other* are furnia. 'wJ with tbe leisure lor the labor brought to the eihlbitia Tb >ugb the lad lea' department presented a rich varietj "* t*,',|r handiwork, the inrreasug feeling of ibe p-sip ?, fk ' ''howainn' u<t turaily die* the admiration th<re, a '?* aeay from toe ''g?wga?s Amcng the aproi aeca i ' needlework the aaey l? l r-uilla were very attrarm-a l?al the cnief am ng lh?u /w "1MB STAK or na.sKRICT. '' ir rt?uif ' the nnti? a ! tide., t ? ih ! deeigj k u 1 not to the l?ilt, aa Mmeknavt.'h wag mtght thlek To'?>. 'h theqniltt <toer?|ly ware vtry bant... ae ?,** imene .,r ? ?**??>?*, ?asu-tuldtn^a and paliuct lab >r, i'ieq nil ol all "?* <luUU -ame r~, n the Kourtoerfh ward m the ait* Krery njiiite ? a* the w jrknmunt ,p ?( a lii.r-r- fit (| .<? ?? e*o ?e?.ipervi?loo??Jaa ?p,it:.- a M> Jt ? ,.1^' ,S"'J to expree* a d >ubt of another** 1 '? iL T*' y UB"J- ?n<1 '*??' lixely to h? r?.>n.1 '? a w!>el* *<"r.en are u g-m-rady a?r* '*t & n mi tua< ftumiet. t Th*i mv attention m??t wai an r?jMk 0-' ?aLPu";<" ?*"?? ?h ? ^ ?J., r 10 ' ' r*"' " '*r* 1 ' * ? tie of guopjwd. r h-re. ,-p?*tii?* rin mv*. .L f W >rk ,:i,r.aud look^l rwiiy nvr ? ??an tbe t r.t,r portion of tne article in bo m-t wuta m ?? CMBmeM-IM worn Tb- ar,,rtinf aoi rule p.wi-r, ? *.^e *?? ?4"?: I*' 'op ??. a treole * At Hie pre ? ..t . DO there d'ttl iulto in la manufa< tore (cm n?. ? - ? ol ettttpciie t ut from tbo ntraie of lina.. and o aag-ie V. Iw *" ' 1= abundaut-o in lb? cavae of Kiulttorn 4 {. ' xwtf^tre can h .? nianura l-ired. An e\a, llent ?l of thia wa> al?n < \ -ahibttiin, 1;*e?i<e t ? 'i>er all iriqr:i>aj increilirat, 0:irnau>u - with: i la al>u ? ^ ?;! In Jr'al ae .ndance mut excecdlugl ? par** la toe * "ifrrlwsrr W lie in the ordi nary oou'M' at rxu n-'e*-.' ? ,pow Ur <"?n tie br ^tbt h??*. and xwd at dollar OTC- I ha rmtiitr, the I'lab article la not l,**if ? ? />,-*? irto rompatlt: >n, i la "??veMh-deM - nvthlng t> . ow tb.t aboo 14 the ual?' ? v-r be ??abut i*>wu," to oa- a phraac, the art. le can be manuf* i .red h'*re to t ay e inwaat a tb. a. tlt'le of nana I un la now Uav.>ugtily I j ie,t - i ' it ' i Ibe rtalea Tbe gr- at n'on^ee o( wag ma tf ignt 6?ie by roetrariora to in- ar*ny bat furn iliel a large a i;ipi| ?,i irtn f?r tb'* pur| ?: ?. anl nail fan > r?-? are n i ? 'tiniert'r eaoogh H'he. ; a _iy .*li? per p?j,' >.? rt-'ghl a aMrd n ever; n rt?d ariluk-, It ja no d in - ill Uaa. where tbe mat?ri.> <?? ? laiit i*a the l'i?h iuia<i aclmer t beat be lmpor!;ur n rchaut Tas at ne may .**).! rf Ir ?th?r anl ir'aga Toi ii atb^r. n rxbiiHtia arooW liare bad ate'f.t. a ic ) 'ur ma trrt) ?t re*- H |, '?'? ' and to l e m *i ..r tie pl? yttU ail 'h<*? are the -jiaet ?xp* r?!re article* of ,r>m aoo ua* but Ve'gliUge tithe impor^-d ?>ol?e>??* lo lavor lb" main ??-ii.rer tx -e H?mp, tlas, cordage aad taiMarintjii 'lor to the mpo'U-d article, 1 a?.l at UiJ a? a? p toea rhrougbci me efhi'.iti ? ?? v> ry errdl't'il* to lb trrrn-'tt and iur?'?ieJ a iarg ato * for a?i?4iaa? ,i ?he lab. r al rady ar ? inapli-ii. I la a nee couotry Tb* eali niiuiti u'llv.i *a> b Id in t?e laig? oarr"?le " a ooled w|l^ the T'thlng <il\te yeeterlay a*t*rao^n, ? nil from the litenat lu-n la rja'a lru;*?1*, tb? m^r ^tt o< tbe tily waa tni?y aa 'a ? wUr/ fa r ' Tua ?f lernt?o n>e wh. ie a*air t*rm nti wub a trial of *?*?<> ( ? th? raoe rouree weat of t*e erty ???, ?',tn|> ib*r 4 ?r ?wooeien i a pngreaeieg c "laM-raMy , a? i maa ug' ra .re 4 lb. bl< >?inga of - taan taey piaaialy c >'i>d hi * na.'. ft in a tight in ? Ka iyon, aad a ??H*e^<?. *t ii ;? n tbe Ticiei un*. wan tT'oa n ?b'?p aklut and gu' aa na. and ba&itiog the >u > an I area of tb * W ana at M IVbl t V All ?!?.?. T7i ? lt-1 ai>? oc the Wmi** nail rel* are .T?rlig It ? 'O" i?' Urma. and w ant "a oig <a k" with th*ir **nari ?an I.iitier * r. pre* rial ?- bl< pia iMrail rwdaatua ibej kave little klo alarig* ?< b>?tb(tgeare 1???e b >r?. tod b.. m >ary littie i?j *f tb? reofKtitat'rM c are \h i u Ibeui aarn ib**rr m ru fa' | ,? K be mat*, of tb ? n M n ami . navla, I j.i'M Wirt, the nee d.ipwtnl<i<l -at ?. however, eii^rio.1 ? *, ?ad, if a-nart <>n *i/H ?ay earn blmaelf juiaiderable fa?e la ttti ug P diltWt <tl*e Capt K ^.ith, one o* me n?rka 'rem ifce lac "in a* Waeh'eftoq, arriv**! b?r< a waek a? > today, for ih.* pirp-?e ,4 eett: eg ip r ir aefe bo?oeM aim tje .'u r ...tec u#;y ail iianliog it ?re* |.< hi* *i:r>w?" T*.? I' <(HalB haa tha (on-t aej*.. I i ?ind bie own Ouam***. aad eti wtly i .aee I >lng tn ? "? tr*a he ea ne for ?itao ii falii'ig mv> 3Jaee-ea r la aal expeeae Frrna the Fiet re Kirte baring |ia*?- 1 Or fir "? tbe I 'aire, about a bin trerf mil** w?e? of K*arn*y, a Ike ISth tit Bie Tieit la MeipNM, but fee pe.?H?? r *'-xi?H:a to tee tbiaia emia I np b"*' aa r?r %a I l-arn, t apia n Rttb Hada tbn alTrra h -re .re fa ota>le to Portey tbaa be wae Ie4 to e*|-~rt ff .aa r.-n-.-n at Waehiogloa Till CWr?T VtKTtai . i.l*nl Cad Mo we, of Ibe - .ao t drag.^ria, haa m mag* I . draw doai- up**o hie b.rary bead tne wra'b o' ? . ? . ,< *i bmatoer otllcare ai Cawp r >"jrdv and vary aaat^ym .y l < k.m t.-- ntula hma-lf Mife a next martial Tie i argeeare larahontiaatl ?, e^a ln-? ^?V-vitt a g -a leeaan. and uegteet a tax t>*a in of ib* b w*.-a m tarbia barge Tbe l4*wel a*ew? a ro igb en I r.? iy mi g ? i .eewi and u ao way ba ? ??rl a >>ue?iir aaini a It it ? >f h't m -'d A llltle n4 tb . laat J nee, ?-??mi *a*? ;i?en ? itrwe* to Col Cmeantan, end b* la -*>?rbM I . ?ave manage '. wltti big' -t %.*et*tae<*>, t.i t *t ? , n,. ->?ir* The t liarge* aad ?o*a rtUeae we a -it k> Wawhingtoa aad rHurMhl * n t ie i*r?*i i*nt * a caalo e to the order htr tb*< cairi, aaleeerya- . ho- t ? a ?ia?<1 knew of tbe Wining tna< It waa nely ?<t b way to ramp Hial an expr.-*e o?a bin f. ty ei -? ? ?rib of Hear rlrwr wiib a e. nf iaa i targe*, the onter for eo srt, aad ai lanta' >* t-> lie at eun;i lut M'otar. ?t ? leven A M Ujlooet H-ac turned afar Ibe eiaaan W Uevl rant Norrit, aad borrl.-d be-a wivb in ?> - r? ? paetltig tl ' Ofh b *re or ft Itay I ?*t A* tb? nae*t le a', a- .eg ?? I will oa ly add tbe' toe genera belief H taal tbe U vet** an win m*m? Out of t -m? :atbe I ? **Tt ?* or tii* Timor' rarxtif Atrtrt ov etii ?HA NTH. Oa Taeaday fnteaooe if iaal a' tbe tra>^,fr?n lij NnrUieea i*l 'ir?b rot'e, na???1 ilro-trb if at* >e ri?<? lar Came Piojd. Hje otber <??(?, ia?tr t?a??'i ibroa:gb *nae da; I pravtonily. The o*l"eri ware I. ?? tceaata Nurri* la er.oi*eae I ? * '? ardw , 'in ?ti? ' ?%ed*r?, i-.-t.paay H, *i-?.-?a e . .re Taey ;et I'j'ui .?f [!* "* *?V??m^r,.?i arrlred iq *a*,( yeawr ??ay Tbe, bad with t' *>?,, twlMr M ,* \ . B?? ?h? ^ """" ?*J *iT? l fro-* it* i vntbaeM of Ibe Notlb?ra laragf . tb* *??., 1^, .? well aa I <*,?id learn ih.? " Wllltaei. and TV j *,, '? 7 man. aaiue uma*? b,ln' taa Witt r. eini. In m .. Tboirae. wfe aad tbr^e >*1 i*rn na w.f. ?' m ?*a?be'e,aBd Tt>?ma? i.r?bam ' ?rai*|.> .1 Wit 1-tWW, Wif. a..o 1. , cnaibly, 1*1 Jnlia Ragarty. f- , ? v , , Oaytwi rvHjeiy, Iowa, ae ' I be Cvt*tit*?oe r,r .?1|.)lI*' aia, with ihrae wagoae aad a 1 mt ore n tadred and 1 1* beat of rail'* art a few li. *??. A* Ibe emlgraala d<a*-MW< bare frienda in tb . a ,. . who may tie anxiou* f<<r tne'r "? are, t ??? f r ,w n; ?/ . 1 a r^rarniotealioa lo the r>e?*re| ,V*e?, may .ater-jt there ? Seme tw*. week* ar (ta- Jib of ileptaaib^*) ibe e> it pw.), mwily from j |itK.A, coa*.4ll'<gwf a*teu a-a rtv wrtae-a abeait a b?if d"* n ebi'-'reo, f?ir w?r. ,a v? i akant MC lo"?at?imah>?ilna tn*?r tenia. pa?<l IV . amp ot the l oltvd BtMet ! ir.?? ?, aiati.meJ for 0* 1 ? '*.?? oe ?*? a *i?ln(nf r V", it Waablrgl rtt Ter'H""*, oA* tbe old I .art Rail ate* >e Afte? trwe*?i'le^ w at ub< ut ninety mlWs from the army alaliea, while In riMf at ti. bl BMtrtbeOU) R cks, they were flre.1 upon by ? j?( i) of Indians, suppvaed to wO about slatv iu number. The emigrant feitet *er< so feeble tliat belt liki C (.1 (ImMmWMM VM entert lined However, re i ruhig the t:>u of tbe enemy, tnoy kept tbam from m*k tec a chir^e upou the camp t'nt ni,;bt, and gave tbe wa n cti ai.<l cbltdrt n an .>|?|.. .-^ Sun liy 10 retreat dawn a ra vine lu the direction of t be soldlera' encampment, which ti.?y d i sucotasfully. Anixpres* wao des, >atched Immediately to the oflloer tn comiuan J of tbu iorci ? on the I'ortnouf, and a dotach wuntof tbe tr. <'|M, ?iihlrr command of Lieut Saodorl, *u rent to their relief mimodnloly on the arrival of tbe m< aae tiger tin their mar ita they met the women and i hildriu ulna., si m a perishing condition, having travelled t*o day* and a ha'f without food, mut of them without tliou, with no more clothing for day or night than they had on when tbey U?d at the crack of tba Indiana' rllle? from th.-lr rump Urea at tbe place of attack After sup plying their present demand* as well us possible, the com pany pr?c?tdtd, and on arriving at the place where the attack was mad 4 tbey found tbat tbe stock bad all baen driven <tf, ami the wagons plundered jf every arlicle of va ne they contained. The mou had fort'inataly escaped w ithout any one being killed or dangerously wo ladel. I had some talk with Hagerty , and be repw* that ba was (our days in the brushwood without other fool Ibau some kind of berries that he fortuuately found near his hiding place. Tbe Ice tans were ouit tally round about, and an attempt to leave bis coucealmeul would have been eer aln death The fortunate arrival of Lieutenant L\o dera on the fourth day ended his Imprisonment tn th* willows. Uagerty had three arrows ahot through tin flannel shirt, which ho considered rather cl >se work Tbe emigrants speak highly of the kind attentions o' Colonel Howe. A day or two previous to the attack now mentioned, a Mr Willi* Il'inton, from SprlogU^Id, Green county, Uis aourl, was attacked b/ Indians aoout the same place, and had roe of his legs badly shot Mr. Huaton vitt alttli.* reading a newspaper, when be was tlrod upon from ao adjoining bluff, ttio hail pas sing through bis arm an1 thigh. As h? was rising from bis ei|?oe^d position two balls spliotered his left leg It wa.- au lie i paled that be would have to under ao tbe Hrnput.itioc of the limb when be arrived at camp, but when :ie passed through the city [ underato>d him t> say thst be was onfldent of recovery without the as.- ist an'ce of tbe knife The emigrant*, with the escepttoa of oce or two vourg men who hired at team iters for P kc's 1'csk. lia'-e all gone on to C?mp I'loyd, entirely dei titute and dei>?adeut on the troops TIIK BKMI AKMQAL COKFEKKNCE. Yesterday was the fast d ty , and to-morrow Is the com meucenuM if toe nemi annual Couference of t!?eCnir;h of Ji*' s riirlst of Latter Itay Jilnts from tbe H'ge number of folks that hare come to the fair, It is pro>um i ble that the attendance at the Bowery will be very Urge Oar San Prnatlito Correspondence. Ra* Francisco, OjI. T. lS'iO The Prrtiiiiutal Cimpaijn in California ?Activity of th' Pohtinsni ? Ail Partus Sanguin* of Success in Sovtm t*r ? The In'erminahtt Almaden Quid; Urer Mint Cite? Voimaf' at Branch .Vint ? A Lira* Btt on thr Hss'tl' of tie Frrti'imliat Campaign ? A Royal V inter in San po?Arriml of Prime* t-i Aamrkan'./sa, of thr St'J /x h hi ? rut/ ? L i rye Fires in California? Ar riroi nj 1. 1 , '' naru liesle from the Plains, die. The active woik of tnn I'r.sldentUl campaign tu Cali fornia is now to progress. I'.iMic speakers have s ?alter, ed tbemsclv?s through every part of the Slato, and th j people sre kept well posted on all the quoatious Urol red in U? cr>cteM Tho orators oa tnj Diujjlis side emliraw most ? <f the men of tales t, character and lnil leoce who hnve Sgtired here during tne past ten vear<i Oivernor Iiowrey.Oeo IVrver, e*-Oov?rn>r of Kansas; John Vu | gent, late of tb? Herald, <jeu \lr!) >uf?li, E igfne Uvstrly, J I'. tioge and a host of oU trs held out In favor of the admm istr.itiou up to tbe Vatloral Cobveolloa, are now U the fleli at drett'sg Douglas ouetlngs S nator '?wla and H K. V s-htigton, i Oller.tor of this p >rt, and a fe w others or n > ' parti ;ular noto, aic in the Interior stumping for 8 reck Uirlrtge The repubio^ns are altoaot ve.aid coLtUeat o' ! c .rryii g the Stale for Lincoln. Tooy say If B ui g ?M over j 1C OCO votes this result la suie All the avUensai, bo far, ! are favoiable to Oongla*. who, It woul t leem, Is cert tin I to obtain a ms>>nty. He It very popular, and his friends have the Ixst of tbe ai^umeut A lew days since Mr < Stevens, (liairruan of the Hrerkinrldg; Nati <ntl l;om i mil if, s nt out a d? ?i>ucb h.-re to th that at! the Doogfaa In ?orf in tin Jou.hern s'lat-i baldcclmcd to Serve, and that arrangement# btd just b??rn coajlufed I m iking i'etinsylvaoii'a Tote fer hi m safe ?0 > ttatcuieol Is regarded as a pitiful fabriCit.i.n, and Ureckiaridge bu solt<;ied by It. I Mark Bremin?t?'-n .V Co , btnkr-?of thl* city , hire ro oe!?f<l, durinp the iurt f-iw (lay*, VW in c*<l bar?, beieg it wi'1 k'l yield fi?r the *<>' I n i\rti mil* on tb>? rre nuiLi < ttale to Martpoaa The argument id the Sew Alma1?u imckillrrr m'ne t ??<< will onminnce In lb? I aited !*??'?? Clfru't Court M II MmuJay. It ?M IHei lor tbe lit ??l., but oarng V> ;>.? llhieM II t Mr Ktadoipii It had In !?? portioned |1> Mr* I be unnlh of V?;jteml>er 40*? d.-p win ol jnll lullh wr rbiijjt 34 ?>& ii *erf*. Aiiii ? irU ttUT.OVJ. nw ? eei? >d id the branch mint bcrv, aid Uirly lour prr Ml,, # of (uver tiullioc, weighing it; A3? tWM, *>r?i | . SeT, ??m niai'e Tue coluag ? am motoj y? MM, 009 ( I wbieu '>41 oco w. re iq doub!* tat, I *> In .|iartcr ? .??>?? t-o OvO id ball il-dttrK ih.' b->* 'rtau t?irfli m.xwt da *h?rt time -\g i fr ira tbe Alii'x.r ria *r are In be aold M an -lino ou i:*i IOOi io?I iu-*i ai>M a?a?e qui* hardy require rsr/ lit 'to food ao I are i,tl?bM of eo.'urli.g tinnier ^ 'atlfii* ami ?1o ?"?voroat wotaier Tlk'yciirrj witb cadence IDouejad pr<ffl< * rarb A bei ?a* 'ia>?e a f. w ereoiqgg ui lh? ?-ttr, ??/ Kugeae I. SulllTan, fnrneftj rrptlKM iburtir, will) mii 14. ii A dlwrp, a l"on_M ui.?ri, aud a rapr??en4Mlre m tfce 1 1 atnre at h*?o? ?. "f *.!i C*f? to IS CO? , Mint !,ia ! C4.ln *. li d be the .e*t l*r?-?idenl, IWie-o huudred in li?a [ U .ilii'l tl'.at !. -??>? II a II irr;.- Nc# Y ru. and ?..e j lh .i ?.til cT -a ih?t l.lottriD ? carry Ne ? Yo-k by UMr llmuaand o?i>riiy rb<' in wy .*?? naen ntMlM; J ??>, .1 a in, I I the - I I'. tn ? ?. "irt, M the nCnm I OCR w-ii'.k. Ii ' r'.iji l'(i? < uti hMiuthamaha arrirnil n IL'.t i:il? numlng, f>om Vmii V 1 In IMM)> y?nl? Km m ? lUu? . To" 1'riaoa aa-l Ii , i.iuie ?i*< ?' ?? nl largu ??id duo Hutm.; u.eo, i tea w 'r'rrg t?r > beti'lm*! ia ??? m?r?, *? I gt.iufnv, t icw 1.1 . , ij[ in ih-j liieii; phiii* ?l . ii4itl"u? yat im W>n u vtieh l'riti> ?? l.ii lu i n'>>f>r i wm uaior Iuil i'( iiio vii' Ii ii tan it' nog b*i ib. nrojii, ?<i bf ? I i( Ki ll initios a'uet of fmor f3 ? ! um I'. i ??? r? Cld f?n?l H Hi loin ell lb* 3*1 h I>f AuCfckl, r If TliSUrd) ? iwa nil.' rrniait'-l mghti ??o l?y? an>l ic-'u to* hirdc part r<- for l >?( iiy, *lii a w.-.t irtjaMl in nirfbi PikM l/H Kvarbi-tu'lia |? tbn naif ?ur?l?in* iirolliar of l " Ma. it , K?n< I ?m- hi I V , mi 1 W'. 'iD tie Kiri ?in bis l?>uf lhr i"| ti ?>i? l'??lrra Suw of lh? A marie tu I utou ul ? |<orliua <K Jvirup* aboai ?M*r?Q or l?r|%- )r?-a >41 lu v. nit w.i ibi eilMWll .? n?l H?1tung b?? ruk w?rt pan. I ?od b* m Ii r>r."i?? 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HM4 t (crgialrt, VilM'-(?, I.H4, ?*lu)a*i> H*m*, .1 Rt.i?) rrnr?l?t PKWpa * I>1 ?? ! mw, ?i WO; Rl'.M .v i.i ?!? ?"> bsafeb aai ktaloair/, MM .1 A f*uu >. trwttrr ?*? ?? (??? *? , bor < k?of?, ?fiM, IV I X p p?- 1 III ?. MM W H ???? ;be urn U b?il?'i<l I ' ?!?*? Maa lha at tk ol ? Stttpk two PIPI* I5t d** I'd \KOI tk?t I?u fir-a br-'ki "Jt ?la?w ?( ItoMtt a lb" Inanf p?rl ?f lh" ritf tl ??? ^ttsntarM Mm M..0 a ot 1 ???in fM?.ry, W*MI no IVun ? hum, ?m Ii . 1- 4 r.f fltran*. Th? Fim IV;?*r.?)<>?l h*l ha- sir fill * or k lin?nrr Iha anonn'1 Itm ?a* ??1>aa?wd, kLl ? ?n ' *?..(? niptal-k Ii ktunily li*l< t*4 *p B'j I rr -a "M w -s ?! ^T/Hr-itllii'ln to lb" b?? anaar of rtr^trn ?*'a la lb< :imilm" ibe lira ?>? l>rno? ?tra ?! htj ?? far goi aadtr tkal M ??? *VirHy ? i?r ?a-rf? *t kbrd wivb lb* Itb? of orlf Itl* bo' 'dlaf 1 1 ' i wybla IMM M? MHtM It In r .. ir-?? >n n It * fc??l ^'Tin* of r<iTli an<l Wrnid?r*r ?l'"?lv In 'm-it ? at. l>Wx,)j N iv, a warraomia nnirlr fk#*b>l? . N' ritwi 'ij llritdwkl, Chkanb^raMd .?rtiil iru, ki I % r v kr.l & >t 01 1 ???? ftQria V\ Fro r.. atraatk, Hn ??( ia a bazo. NotMag could eaceed Um efl ir'?s . of our firemen, who literally walked tnto tbe building! and strove to extinguish We ? devouring fltiucnV The Ocean Hi use, the B'H 1 tol House, Gardner A. Coiemanv tbipemith establish? at ,*-~'t eight other frame buildings were wholly d? ?iroyed Nothing ,,ul Wf uiwt eitraordiwry of our Fire Department pre\ ?praadlig much further tod destroying a oea, * ?"i(>r property II la impossible at this time to ooilect the uanl"" 9f all the sulUrersor give an estimate of their respective loasM The fire commenced to the rear of Um boarding UousS ol lira West, oc Broadway, four doors a^ova Front (0 ? next adjoining sulldingb on Broadway were occupied w lb* Rue* State Saloon and boarding houae by Cnarles I'rloe, and the saviors' boarding bouse of r. 0 Davis, and next to It the Manhattan Houae. The corner building on Broadway and Front atreet wu the Ocean Houae ana sa loon beneath On Frout atreet was Coleman A Gardner, Khtj.iruitha; the Bristol House and two other saloons and lodging houses were on Chambers atreet, beside two build mgs. occupied by Mr Kicb. Chambers as boarding homos The total number of bouses entirely destroyed was twelve Several firemen wers severely burned at this Ure. OM cer Blitz rescued a boy from one of the burning build ings. ARRIVAL OF LIKPT. HtLK IK CAltFOKKTA. Lieut Beale, with a party of slileon, arrived at Fort trjon a few dajs since, ilo camo tbrougb In fifty days from Westport, Missouri ? the party all well. The Iodtaos were hostile ail through the route, from about 120 miles of UM plMt of (tavllag, act he wa? tlr oogly advised n it to make the experiment; but be came through without the Ions of a man or au animal. He ha1 fourteen men, forty beaJ of animals and two wagon I The animals are in good condition, but in crossing the Colorado river three of them were lost. Mr Beale reports the road to be In a Orst rateoondl lion, but from the hostility of the Indians along the road, he would not encourage or induce emigrants lo come that way, ss their stook would be In danger; bat ai soon as protection Is atluriled by the government the road may he travelled with great advantage, both to meu and an I m kin Mr. Heala brings tbe startling Intelligence that the Navajos tad attacked the store of tbe sutler at Fort 1M4 ance, and held possession of the poet lor all hours, In the face of four companies of soldieis Mr. Beale pasted a body of troops from Salt Lake this side of Albuquerque, coming to esiab ish a military post, which was greatly needed, as the country was very much disturbed by t!>e outrageous conduct of tbe warlike Navajrs Mr. B?sie spcLl lu.< night of the 16th al Forf M->.ive, and continue1* lua journe) toward his rancbo next day, where be would probably arrive yesterday or to-day. Mr. Jones, government express messenger to Fort Mo iave, was al the to?i ou the arrival o( Mr. Bsale, and gave us the forego eg intelligence. FROM THK SAM>W It'll INLANDS. Th-1 following inteitgeiiee from tte Sandwich Islands appears m lb-- Aita Oalynrni* -* The Advertiier says ? From present Indications the sugar crop ol 1HS0 will cot equal the anticipations made last winter. Tbe plantations of Makswao have su flared from a severe drought and will hardly turn out balf the average > leld. Tbe grtndiug season there Is nearly Unfiled Capt Makee's ne ?? plant til in is looking in line eon "tiro some of tbe caue, of which there are about oue hun ired mid seventy firs acres growing being of the m >*t lurur'nrt growth The mill and marbtnery arc now in process of erection, and the plantation will commence grmdirg in Novi m'. r. and It is tboughl will torn out over two hundred tons of sugar from i is first cro*. On Kauai the cane fleies are looking well and give pi-otnise Of ar average yteil The 'jncerUiuty allendiug the growth of cana at l:hue. an 1 lis liability to severe drought 'ia* le ) tbe company to Contemplate clot rig up their bus niss during ibe next year, and witb this p'ac in i lew ihe plaatlrg ot sev cane bm been abandoned M Hilo tnr a'.ho plantation has been given up, the proprle tor, a ( ' tn . btvli g realized a nulflr eul fortune to sattsf) him Tlii' manufacture of Hoe sail hts l*<n omm^noal by Mr. iHiniel M. ntgim.ri , at his salt worts at Punloa, and the su topics which we have a. en, put up .n live pound hags for and ship use compare well with the oest iin ported BARS It. w. WOOD. Th s new clipper packet, named alter one of our oldest arid meat enterprising residents and p'snU-rs, arrived on t>atuidu> last, after r. ?hurt run ot ill days from the Lis zartfs, Keg n\ 1. and 2-7 fr >m Hamburg t*>e is a new vifs.-l ?.! 377 toi s. She it built fjr the Chlnnand Manila trade She stands vj? n lb- very Ural miter in t. jrope an to her lesurable r?:< she * tiled f-r China September 4, .1 C. rilelgerjC 1 , <A the bouse of Messrs tfwrktleld Jk Co , being pusenger The cargo, as ma- 1 'esUxJ . a equal to eo bbla heel, 'icy bbU fiour, 40 107 lbs ru^gus, and (14 110 60 tieasure. I'MTKO HTATB8 30ARI) OF IHVtoTIO tTIUIN Much snrmMe IS r'fe ts to the action of tbtt B jart! The H.>o J W BcrH-n, I'n ted Siatos Commistloncr, '.s at I lo| ? akus, on East Mini, erjaymg the hospital.?? of Jan-' s Mates. K-q Owwjr to tba indisposition of Mr N. L Irgols, ttsa CUru ol lite i>ard tie was uname to pro reed io llilo Mr R H Ka?>ley Is art.^gas Clark TSe lalier >? more v goro it ooi.ntu jIioo will be sble to with stand the sev< re a->?as ibo 'Wfmir ol snrb a good thing as the l"nlle>l Stales Htspltal, (o tailed al l.thaio*, will cjt Uioly give it. Tin: LK.rp . a tuu. The ts-p-'iature adjoornoo S|.u-mber4 The pa**ar? of the apprupi latioo hill pl*ccr ;u circalat. >u ?c -Haider* hh) nmourt of m?u<-7 winch b-v> bteo.ljekrd tip Is tb* jHikli ?? Irrwurv awattiof it* t >?<????? The amount now i orveof'tot on lhn bill ta u?t. lto*i'7?r, ?? grew at in for Tf r jrar* w the law p?rn>iu I'm r*>^?oi of aularlea to l<e onnlinaad on during lh<* C *?? l <-,u?ri?.r of tt>< year Still the a<r?nnt atii -cl lo he Iiaor/aed raaiol he lea* < thaa $40 100, aod the diabur.i r*ei ?f tlw> >10, 00t la abvat me boat thug lb*y u??e J jut for the r coaiU ktlCBto ouirv >4**\ The br'g.loaopliioe, from H?j?. r a hr.i *i iia IB I Mll|ni? i.r tb<- dfatn of Mr (?: C '!h ?u jiu tlut? 4 no PlKti.i )a ua<*. a* atfrBt i.t t."?* .'*.:-OU I?fa rut I Gnaaa f o??ai> The follo?iog pu*l::xi!jr9 a?e tur I fct'hM t>t Captain lone ? | (Jo* * C I'oue uiel i*tj atiMecly i;e T#?l?j U' 17th Jul/'nj, a? >i:a ? tr^aka cum- a oa ?<ir . dro > p?ddow> i ao.1 ?ipirad, v.*th> t i*tl?rlo* a iror I, i r i-riu b?r rti'? ix-'iir- I in ?'-? >n ? >f tb* day fca *a:i the uat to sad txon oi l In ibe boat afie * turtle tt* naat ut tbe <la> , aa.l bad r>tt-n.*d tt? > ?{*?*?, ?>?ij ht- <!l?d Uiua Tu? native k"pt tb< < r.?r untM WMimitij , the 1 A, arheo b? imr.ei <t clo* t m ihe b<-t?-', and nu'H aii r. k c.oiuisg, |>?|>er(, A*, . ?f?l!i* r r)(y Mfl ?rr'k and a ?oall pnrket ?it??y which he jail ?w ?>>? re^uiat of Mr f. a lev da>* cafora, ? oaaa [ be th>tild At? Mr * a* from Bnaton, <jh? Hit *r?aV<r*l jwautf I c??j???a WMAum ?nir hc- ttrtv u -tit. .ra tba 31 o? Aujp.ti ibc * a?ie ?u p .'I-rald, Cbptall. Pr/Oa, I mi -a I'poWi, arrivia at Mtri 'tiakd I b?i iror tha out with 4 V) tivr' l? "l?v?rni Ml Caalra* ^ Bo?b?, ma tram <1 ..rticar and |- ?ri era* o'i tfrm u> brut Ml?r?, j? i bviinr inr> itaMtl tba Dkad ijc iMp FtMinl i??j rfcpiaia IWix a*tcr )? at t><- lattrra. \ a?K- apt. . m rrfoln h?? all at ?t;n I ma ,na?'(*l way 1 oft. Ik ay r7' t-'bllf aa? lut - and pu?ta>4 tio ; cajitaap ^ %p the rbaaa a* <aa *hlp (ywt tart.7 from !' I ? m i >i Hi i 'c^v < ?i'i ?' it" hiii rttiiM it iba | ?%i ? ~h. rap*?ifi aa\ .- In- ,iH hit nv, '?a|tfi? parfeelif I taw# .a duiaa a<?. as h.. bao a ? a aatptcuu* it ? ?jv J| Mukall w?-r? yrr'rcll) aa'a, rr?taiit*?l at ?a.t?;w i , bjth i ? Miflli 'idi/aa- Ij.t m?f ir. . ?oil tt iota i*ia? Iku mnrr ?laimiM v.i,rpf iha in .'!.*?? of thr UI .. Mat, aa ;?o? of !!>? -a? u ailb btin mtalruat t arjth'na r>( t h- kio4,aa'< ' ?M ?>t Mf* ha t any ? loth .ag ?I<?fllh? ? aal lh?> at kvI la. P"* 'a* Rm I* aai'.l r- 1 aa* oo the i.ttauau; Uxit l"t n< sa ? JnrrpLiO", aa It .# {mtk'hli- kta a'.ir mla** ham MUM abaaat, aail la cbaa- 41 |k>a bava ?.u lu uaa lao aarl- but tbl* Id a intra ? mo* to bnpa fa? Tba Ukil Itlaa't! talaty" t? { Jtirl?Mt*tl. j ffm thr C -tftaaat* fi.-aila ' I Tha a: jtV. Ill Iha pratwu swath aa* U.? aoo. ?*??*.-? a f 1 I.M :.?at Man t lijCMt l* ? iittf th<- !?0<h nf ??i?irmh?r, ?tr<~- rwnf Bao wrr* ara'- ' m tha rja*tio .>< J K Manaa, la ktf*, at J jmt?a mra arr went .? 4o, of m ?ltri of Jaamiarjr 1 chvacMt. ji Tba aboiara ?u at th a litar ra? iaj trill. f?-aM?l aara jr ]i it: aillac* turmrn ? a* the otty, hat witKo thr nor ] pumtr pracbfit it Cin a -all tha drrv^x rcou^i" hail d at I. >at mit.ti- na apfNWMC a The cn? . +%*.?. ua <t tb<> t?r*a q (taalty t ?'???>! tipng ib rik)?fi of e'lalara. aa<V t rt tci* 1 am* tpraaf op btttnt t?o n( tb*u, *ki kwt jnat ra m |??rt ib? ?? r?" >>f K f? , whit^ar nr tm>i tfta <lta*ate ?aa aiirttr<i<ut Ihit af ?ba ariutijai ?rkt?itv tka yonac dtacola* f tar 1 up m a-iranoa<t, at m t it part;, la ryakiri'f t>? (?'? %y M t*? iltt ??, ?Ud, " W?t eakr"H kit boa int| all y n| M will ba ht.*? to avfN* *a maf l**? o j b? E'*a " Tb?t ramark w?a '*? 'oualatton a wbieb- ihla tu par- ] ?Irwtmi of tta 1 '? Man a Awitl; w? invnl, H?rtrt u'?ii b?t tbi? n>r ?? ? '.r. i!1 an aata. f WW, ?!?? tit?a of naitii ?a 3Cii ? t -Oaraa , a <4 tt <?? iimium ?!?., at- rutowl th- 1 tba aanlti raarjr | ?h ?il4 b? h? hi l a foii-iwinf f Parlay n ?M. drtnitar ?, t 1W)S. am 1. ? mr ,'?a (buald Ih ?aM m M?tant daf of | tba taoatb an m?*U7 Iram that At :>:iwl A ?a?k?t araa .Mwla, ani In !t araa ru-'awd a hot t la of ? loa, a?il ? l?t; Of ittl MM tlMN al lb# aaaiarraar* lU ta'Hat h n hi' ?' tha ttjda. that ti tta at< ?n h? ' op-Mi*4 ai l r* r mtatta <lriw< rt ax stnun nf tb> j t ? doraa* ?' 1 ?ainara ?"b# >ujit I araa aa iiha'iak tV ? | ' tao iixb** la ^a<(ht, aa.l atn <1 an a lata af aarrn inch m | ?qi:*r" In l a " ?a iintlJ traan.W arhWrb tra.x p'arc tM| ? tt oil p *a, afttala'tia I >a naaiaa, a(?, pla* i a o( b : .a rraiiaar ? M nentipa^na ?f tha it?#ai>x4a, I in tBvif nar. aai darn nt ib* tba.taa ??*a n?a\l/ flu a.* | 1 r 1 al tba a daattt aa1 ??? a??i bf a aataM ?'ib?. tv ?. . lira raabat -iair* a> otif ? w I ? ( loxta ia?li <i>if It - 'a? 1 (bcdily i'.ka irn *a rili^r of tba'- abewit J m?a.h<"? .?/!' ? I m h re rf maattnf, and iV r ?a ' bal inaa?n r t <> |,i m?Jt I *? pria-ut. >f a .m ' , r*m?r Tb"rt4'l ?? I' lata - ??aotim to *a-h ( ihi ? ??? .t Ulan lo i>v ,aiaia*4w?a ft', tt ../aari t >ab?c ylna wiltaa? irtwry t .H? ?-ar* 1ratr\ v> At i I Mtil ?fca tMlf ?? M cwtaojiaa tha (rtl ydMV( aM I | ?o . t .aituih tbr <?h tie ?.??*, attar ?L rh .b ^ataai ftw.Utf tr if n?lui?il>f? Aa?a? ?? , 1 ?? 11 ?-a p'al?? a *r? prna' l?d ul v| aay j ?i? |?lf rfi uij 'tMortiad, ta, rht'.r I r<taalar-t raraat ti tba i*?> Nartr oat <>arj dlA %,l of lj .<a t?' t U>fi t a t , aj ! iM *a# < a ib* 1 ttvtiom drf ih^r i (Stat aeai*r?*ar/. ihir. two, ibraa. '"'ir, tm Ta?*a m | taiak aai"> ?ana flaw by aad at 1 1 tbr ..tela ?ta na^ar , hut (M th# a- Italy rynla ttnM 'IctQi aataral Vbf'imMitai l taarkrd l.i? vrt'm T ac aaaaatti anai rarkar) , aa a tba: a ?aa .*a rns.itj | aoa, *ar?r to ba ti'rd aa 1 a th tc*'n tf?? 1 ' |.# r *tt aif.>n hjr tba m'jar atbo rar?iaart tba I raakar il at< h ? ti ?h(??a a^at It h* aal If h? ? t hi r? h ? fa kak ulai bitta imr atiar aad a I rratt ? bfra 1. it aa? thair .lat; W (aartaka h.artilj ta bta rl rrr Tatrutriaa yraaa ??har r ar.Wf lo tht ortaoMBal?*?f llaac'tlf.atJ tta tail Bilt Ml l< p. rlnriu kia ? * tv ah ' ?*? aocradlf 1 1 1 ^ImI tba Jttn. of ?? -a?krT \*SI Tk. i.?k ? for tucl. II m ti bir* Ktaa? all la IV.' Mill., taho it ni i.taa tba or'y ttir*i aiti aa* ) bar of Tba lit! Man So? atj" M a fo?!lafa at a lah!? tall . tba t t vniari-ml p'r.Vaa aad Ibr an tbaira' car baltar br lma|io?<l than daaarlhrl Trrtrmi. a ** 1* Paani ? "a?a raaaiipla of tba rar'<?^a l^aatraa Mil' rlrooaaaand .itlAar'av nfpihl'. ttbaaaw<*at I* rarla 4ttr?f Iba moath of ari^iwa>a?r awtji' *1 !?) I MW. b? bi %t icraM* o' 19S ,AI6r OYf Ibaa y V !t|l UlirtMll tr?n pi*.., Pwu. om IHNVKH CITY COKRKSTONDKNCE. Owns Cm. Oot. as. ism M,nut' *"0*-Iht tutumxng Immxgr* Hm?lk* PopuUtuM of /?ft,', PeiM?Mxntmf Opera Hen, QuiexnU-Mining Slocks Jhh*. Par-Ace (Mi Di* OKria-PoliticaUlaiten-nrein Denver-Aari,ul j tvral Matters? Vault Oj, try on fA< I'iaint-D^tk of Dr. Jotqh S Slant? p\rr on the Mountains, 4c. Tbe return Immigration to tbe Slatee u nearly oror Tbe lat(? advices from the Plains are to ths effect that there arc more i*reoos on the road to than from the mints. The moat of th?se coming oot ars brlngtog sup plies of provisions for thalr own use or for ?ale. Up wards of twenty thousand peraona wtU winter In the gUi regions, one third or them probably in thia city , another third will bj Mattered among the other towni of Pike's Peak-Golden Oltjr, Colorado City, Canon City, ke. and tbe remainder will atop la the mining distrbls them aelrta. A largo number ar? now on their way South to Taoa, Santa Tt and other towna or New Mexloo, to wear oot tbo cold month* among the warm hearted secorltaa of the land of Chile Colorado. Many, too, of thoss who have gone to the States will be here again aa aooo aa (maimer returna. From all indications, the population or Plks's Peak can be lei do?n at Uilrty thousand by tbe lit of April next aa moet of those who have gone lo " America" or New Mexl co, intending to roturn, will be back by tbat time. Br the lit of July there will be a much larger population probably nearly a hundred thousand, ai the emigration of neat season prom lata to be very great There la an abundance or provision! already here to feed th*e that spend the winter among M. Several ?irw trains have lately arrived, laden principally with flour and bacon. In one bouae, a day or two alnee I saw seven thousand lacks or flour In a slule pile. When it if recolh-cted that it liaa all been drawn by oxen over the Plains, a diatance or seven bun. drcd miles, and la held at from $13 to ?M per aa>k the importance of such a heap will be appreciated. Miller Kuan 11 & Co are bringing large quantities of flour from Salt lake, and several of the Taosanl Sanu Fe traders are for ward irg the tame staple from New Mexico Corn has been raised In large amounts on the head streams of the Arkansas, aud meets with a ready sals at $4 per I bushel Bacon has to be brought from the Mliiourl river """ p" tu ches, and they have rcme down to The tilL putting into escalation soma of ibe .old tbev JJ?. ein ?'?o?i during the Bummir. Tbe mill-, get alrng well, bui do not pat aiuch money Into markei my are all or them I. de%t at the K?t, Jnd, ^n. of the offBert; remarked a day or tiro ticoe 11 Thn fold C*f. Uilr,tErV "**" r?t"'?"'rfore it' Uabi,!wd .V c',w weather will a?Vct tiolr ^Jk K?amil?' "r,}Sy k' 'lurried, or will Oe *h|e wkur ?""* ,nrou?-'*~? the entire atop ** wlkUjr be obliged lo Hjock in nl>rcr mines is rathrr holow par. though aome holders ol properly are at ill iaL-,,uiae iu? siory ol the f *J 000 I" ' ?o'1 ?? "utirely exprfod.-d Uio n"nV. '03"' ol " 10 ^ *cr*h from JSC *> tJOO i)oi I J Reports (furu fpec ?eut io Sow Vnrir 1 i f'b.UdHphia are anxmoTy ta.L? iTr * " *?d Ve- M .Z.m.h tbe J'"1 "ouMalna, in * i ico, ab -u> cttjA(y mi't g tr ri nh u r,. urtilt .i , men, wbo have U .-a .|.?/e a <e? bA jtr 'e ^ uajut I ties or ,i h1 Ttir, ti;,- quai.-y. a miner itwtfn >?? morn l 7 a hwd ui rargltg in ?a.ue Iroai J3 t i I. me numur* <J?7aA UnlTnt dT WKC %b'ul lor 'he ie? K; i),r*. be. it f ^ e,""Ul lJ"' a'*<'T >" Mpre he^ed tnm >.t ib.s will probacy vunisa on a ttea^r approach to the lUolf I, ^'0 m?a? ii Wina Rir?r ? h^nd','yJ ?ud lhlrt> Ovo west of f ort i p*.?ylofT' '"""'J' v-fco h"? "p^? o' ?1m?Z1 , h 7*2" 'Z"" tU'r up*.r.)s hlo ^ M UC1 IhU ' L4V# "0t ? ? >--?P>U?V wuh ?4,r. ^r !'h mho W" ac*jualat?d T? , ' lh0 W ??? He gild The report* from Man .'-aaa and Wind Rirrr so far a letter ' made aomo time aiac* in rf,"^ ?Kau. thai tee whole regi.m from fort mTa diata.iee o I not lar from a thoMaod . P"'? ?? ??? aurl'oroos A minlt/ country far more extensive :ttan any yot . pone } on the ' yd ^"r? *"? Portions or the Ter rilorlea ol . ebra*aa, Kanaaa. I ui and Naw lleiavn n 'n s f*w yentt beo?me a tlxe I (aei ???*???. ?"1 The politic* extent In thr HmI has hardlv extandod ita ptiUatKns tetfce Pile's leak TTti, ftJSnorl!! '?P*?' ?Jd oortoribe men wbr. know anytbinr do n >t I ?????" ? ?????*r that ihey can nave So wWrh dlSl u^!e tb? 'rfcom*0''' eofluv whit h did .ie labor of twenty Are "furriuers " bul could ii t vols, we ars of co use at elae ! Hiu. P? J?*T thai now agitates onr public , ia a seoae, Is the formation of a prori. ? tnoaJ goyetnaeat Several meeiiag# have be?n held to roeatdar tbe matter, and two faettnta? tbe "proviiional'' and 'anil provir?t>oal"? ha?e b??g forme] as vet nn party hues bave bwn drawn, but < ffort is being mtla in that dirertixn The prorlaional (overamsnl of ia?t ve?r *** * ^ f <l * h""* W**} anknu Pledged by ?na r*ofe, and being e*oe?llrgiy un>?>p?il?r an?i,( th.-m aa Mnillatooftos.^ ?f hrukendoan p-Tm^ ?.rl! IMtwi iiiii rrtii Mrs Iroa all deoen; aorietr A r?? row'aBd'Ika ?fuik"",^L"r slow brothel was shot in a row, aad I be mistress he was th?? keying paaaet i0to ^s^ fwssesloa of one or tta proviaioual govern meat -'ia *ta lbe widow of the dooeMod oama ? ^ ?n'1 Calmed ibe prop rty, aud a tiim ? RS also aet up by the mlatrtaa. The c%ir ,-?me b?ft*e the very Judg* who was keeping Ibe latter lal? and his hot or di cWed that she was Uie rUhtfui owner' ?T ? ?? that watt lam ..mee ,loder tbe exeeoti^na Thi'Luli' Ulsr' * hw '?ec-">t _ Tb* bel"'r Plana of people areopp sei to ei-iabfiahlng a government until a TeerH.ry la orgaaisad r" po,,""r ?? k> ajrpf ar<i t?d?f tu ovd parlteultr Mt%i# nf ??? Its ,Bd lh*0,h*" ?<" CTukely to foil J . ,0 <J. p". t?< cty Ave caodxlatea In Ibe 0*M. and It was i<no.Ja^i king, Beor^?al * fh. S?v^ Uojilaal^ y two days, a.d trtK. apt, arow ITh | i, ' ^ 8?> lb# of Iwt y??r s n W I I '*?VT' ' ,h" ,hM ?"? and icc i*d lag 'T j I |aek aghiatmil. oe VTaablsctoa * ' ? ' ^^'"addvsunctlvelWi. Oenver oceurrM a wa^ j ?* Nw ?rn- o( the K~ i, M.,m. I ? m l-iTt * uJ " ??e e?.-oing, and I znxzrviteir, ' ???K!r wAs-.,s.srjr^s:: y> ?*" ear cl era. X T,Z m,mr fl-,^n aM a h^" ?. * * *? ?a"'" <*? ?be wr*t.ymV imjT r r?.? J?. " h"?* h I'iki a fWk hJ,, . 71 m roare ia a >m? all K *9XL' " ag?iwwltyral count.-, alter "'Pirn iron the PUai ? ? ??. - ? _ ?J >T . n tb n?d twfl^Ta ***' TTLZ* of alt ?1i dnst in which t/ 12 J"* i*V' '?*"*'*? toT n??a?aa ?eh aide w aa r^Tl OM tsala I oat I wn Uiir Ho." Ila laanw^anil *?? bnt Unf i. K. ? . M>a w% l> frt tt JT. *r >* '"~1? -?a (teach t?ie'M>le * oa.T??? ; ? a* aoaie days aiaoat la I 'v- * J""**' wwiadad la a. duel with ?fc^a rraafcrt !!:.-"/? - U' >?>? ?? A l,i 4er,^i ~f ,, dT.^TTiTj _ *' Pwelrtt^' his bla<1 ,M?*?*th. baiy Woaudad ia -tool is.soTer ajd V' T 30 "* ?* aM ?ieto ? Miae m .... I!?!?'** _ '?*** " ?be coai '*e?ular line n< ara. clearly ielta- d by aa , Tfc? Hm<1?rlr k. WUI Caaa It .Ckllftralk AWKflMdi rw wii.l To trnntTK. Tha wIP of thr aJ? 9?*ator Ha* id 0. 3r?4rrmk, wbUla (!*?? to Jo^a Mr J ; ->a Mlhxuut .?> ara u4 tba b* luiniit th? U.??*.<rf?> With # n( th'a dtjr, nt ao a*:ttrd ta pro j%4) la Ami I tM.< laoa. Qalil>*raia, oa Uw 9?b loalaal. bj blaka VUrijurl.lB IU4M4.W, *a.d ? ll??iuf I \Aj ntaai leretf lb* twof*, and it n^mr M( to tb ? of tha \>or', from 1)10 proof*, tbat itM <lot>iDWK pnrjorKat to b* xi Uat will a&? t?a?a mrnt, aa? r*l \l wi?, test ? all p%rlienl.v?M ??? qmifd, ao't tiaa* tha Wn.aaf Mm* %*?*'. ik>o lk>?Kl Ri'id*rl?k ?**?> '?i4 *?<? d>a,*aaH?? mad and n?t aader rr?lia.i.l. wJ'ir l? ft arar# or .T*o-.tu:?at rr;waaa?fcatoe , aid that .i.d v.i<et (or *>*, H >? and Jitl/ ? turavM tfil Mfftau tbraa*4 ?*?cut>o?of . and II a:>prw?:b? w? I he <w irt tbat tarta and all of ?b? ?!'<?*? Mai aL?.,<raa?da < ' of Ur cwlaiaall air na Ui'C, a=J pr-of bu'aj naca offarari aa<l r .aUa una ijcikl of lendin'? ?ho ?r thittbaf wrra of tba rrlatao? >? laid d#ra>al by tb*? **>ap? U*al j allafad a?d .i?oVapp*aMr* t !.'.*? f>>or? that ?aj M aaid coa Mb al? V inurnM 'a tli# wM >?Ult w atN or nil lc*-. \b?r?nt,<o aiv><?b?lBf, Ac , Ko , U* will i*alattU?h I VrnbM* jt-ba ttcUlrti- Ml Aadraw 1. w?r? ipptuM 141 ru tar* a'Hir at Uoa<>a a* proatdad by tbr will. thr HHW. ot 1 ? prf*a*a 1? la 4<*J?ra tb? will van A tad raable '.br ?*??<* to; ? lo *<?? -sdrr IV tbe ft M?#laaVa parpoar to *pp;j frw %n o*l<W r<^; riaj Iht riNntorikli t>*a Ik uda uaiar *b? arffoa o' uvaUa abich |>nttw?i Inf a\>?!l'<"? J*oa la certain tu?>w b?r? b> Ida are r?r*lT#1 ?y a ?<-?taVr Tbr ? %o twp-arh lb* r?14aar? of Uh> bn^arrlbint wllirlM, ?? j?da? A A Pb a-id Mr IM, It will ba Mi, barr tl|p>?:i|r fat l??ir charactrra Uarin( bran ? aula* 4 by a ?-ff r,*aW nf w.inaaar n Till- t*r p?M? Of Mr ?HH??alrb l? aa rpaflari to ba wortb ICW 6f0. an. 1 tb? Ural tbtr ? prop wra to b? doaa ?/ itta rlrcviu r? ? U? (+J r-? 4eMa. Tint Brttmai. ??< Aft(' rrr?t? ?The l**U?|t<m (1 C ) .Vmikrrmr' < ?b* %? I ttiatatit ?tbl 4 ?ba( tha inah im (tba tw?> m-* Wbn war* arr it a* ?? C:t*> wara t*ia4 at Hrr.nMtatnM* ??t ??b by a ,-,f aarrrl; m ,a, I a ad aet-i-u^ ?>t i?? M j?-| ***> -M ?|Ma*l II Oar Arlions CorreapoMeaea. Fort Bvchasaji, 0:t. IS, 1990 ' Progreu of Ou Revolution in Smora? Ipphuitwn of Amt ncan OU ium for ProUutvm? Arrival of a Portion of 1 tKe 8ernth Infantry at fb r( Buchanan? Dtf til of Pel J . 7<*iera at Uermotillo , <?c. Tbe Gandars party la gaining strength every day In i Uonora, baring now under arme over two thousand mon, I tbe beat troope In the State. Tbe commander la Colonel Ulilar an Garcia, an old aoldler, vigorous and brave, Among tbe other ofBoere tbere are two Cblleana, two Frenchmen, one Spaniard, two Oermana and one Ameri can, wbile a Welshman command tbe artillery, of wblcb tbere arc nluo pieces, chiefly a!x pouadera. Peaquiera, with about three hundred men and tbe braia cannon, la banging on tbe rear of tbe Bandarlataa, and plundering all tbe towna through which he paaaea. A few dayi alnce two hundred of hie men, under Chicarro, the " Llxxvd," entered tbe town of Magdalena, which bad boon evacuated the day before by the Gandartrtaa, and commenced plundering? taking every borae, mule and ox in the plaoe, breaking open bouaoa, abusing the women, and preeeing men Into the ranka. Baaidea thia, j a forced loan of $3 000 waa levied on the town, to be paid in cash, before tbe expiratloa of one week. Magdaleua ta a town of over two thowand inbabltanta, located only ninety miiea from Fort Buchanan, and aeve ral Americana reaide there, having been engaged in* urss for aiveral year*. Tbeae gentlemen, and aeveral French and Spanlab residents, refused to pay then- share of the forred loan, or furniah auppliee, being resolved to remain uentrai l'j>on tbla they were threatened with Imprisonment and a confiscation of their property. Ac cordingly, Mr. Antonio Perez, an American citizen, 1 waa aent to thia fort to aak aid from tbe troope. ; Lieutenant Colonel Morrison, In command of two oompaniee cf the Seventh infantry, being absent, Mr i'erex atdreaaed to tbe aeoond in coalman 4, Cap- i tain lis j ma.- , tbe following petition for protection ? coi-v of rrmoN kor protkction. To ma Comxaxihiki Omc** or mi liumtn Statu Troops is ih* VinjiiTT or Fokt Bcuubak, N. M:? Sir ? We, the undersigned American rltl/ocs and othor foreign resident* in tbe neighboring dlstriot of San Ignacio, Stale of donora, Mexlto, muat respectfully and urgently call your attention to the Imminent danger 1 wblcb threatens our property and 11 rea owing to the civil ! and r< voiutiocary war now gbtng on around us !n four dajc from th's date we conddeeily expect tbe arrlvnt in the town of sianta Crn of troope under authority of Gov Perqulera, and tarsals have been deetinctly made toy hla othciala that at that time oor property will be seized, and the same danger exists In the town or Mag i dalena, where sme of your putilioaera reside and bold property. Again cailirg yonr special attont.oa to tbe preaent dla orgacized turn lawless ondlllon of tbe afWra In tbla aec tlon of Mexico, now Infinitely werae than ever Before, i we, the ncderrigned eltlaena ef Spun, France and the 1 i ulted Staioa America, raoet aarnesily pray yon, by i very ground rf bumaulty and right, to aflbrd to u? a a j speedily aa pofolttle all Ihe assbterce that ym have the power to render We make ihiaappftcalinu as one last reaort Mid hope, knowing that the nitre presence of a body of I nlled mates troops in Maadaieoa will save n? from la loss, and pu; a check upon tt; continuance u l tbe outmgeenow daily mBsmined Anunlo l-er.r, Jaiaca M CaropMi, Charlea M Felt, J. Kotbenhawrlet , j, tw Rieni.iis, American dtlatoa; IV foarl*<-r l>ui>la Frencl>; F. Got> /.alee Ccranao, Spanish. On {?, 1840 ' Tp tbe above document* Dept. Haymar tr.ale the follow ing reply Baai^i a*tkk* MfftALioir SuvajmrlNrAWTRr, ) Caar at Fokt N. M , 0;t 10. ISM) ( To Aarvsto Paaaa:? 1*bax Sir? lu anawer to ysur communication of tbe "Kb idMml t I have lo Ray ih?i ih** rnatur will bo duly for earned to ibe Depart steal Commander for hta action aud on era in this and similar cares In the meantime, and durtnj tbe temmrary absence of Ibe permaieiit commander of *x*e iroope, t> whom your ('"mpla'nt will he referred at cm early day, i do not fuel autlo'iaed, under existing lawe, lo take lurther stein Respte. fully, 8 A. HiTOaK, Captain Seventh Tafantry, Commanding. At tbe same time Gapl. liaymao atatel that were he la command of the Urvpa permanently be would not hesitate to enter Sonora for tbe pur peie of protecting the Uvea aad property of Am? i ard should feel railed upon by every j sfctimral of rlgbt aad humanity todoao. Mr Perez was i advwed to retura to Magdalena, ooileot tbe Amertoana and their property la ooe house if possible, hoist the A me r.rsa lis f and defend hla rights, aeodlag an expreea to Fort f^i. liaran In raae surrounded aad threatened la ?o.* a nsaa it was believed Coloaol Mcrrtaon would order lo ?r Mlers for in* relief and defence of the Amer caas Vei ? likely before sucb an expreei oould reach the fort or reljff gu to MagJalena, tbe whole party might be robbed and Biastatred. L'eut ( o'otiel P. Morr son, with companies C aa 1 H S?reath loflastry, arrived at Fort Bucbanaa a few days since 144 rf.ja ont from Salt Uke City, having marched l,ao? Two nomp wiles of tbe Seventh were left o* Ml?bres JI00 mile, tart of Fort Ituchanan and tbe remalaiter of Ibe riglment alta^ird to the Nav^j sxredH'ea in New Mexico, rhs r>l!l jera bsre, b.tides Ool Uwrrts<a. are L^eatenaatf Kvaaa, St I vara, tngrahaio and ^afeoTn h , acd Capt Haymaa. Col. M rrison la now abeeat frowi the fori rerocuoiinag lbs country, I liking for % saitable locality for a poet ta case be a -anloas i'ort B nbacan exiirrsa tbia day from Msgdaleca, we leara that tbe I'lBdara party stormed and captured the c;ty of Hjr m<?tlle en the S b and 6th inrtant The flghl-sraa sever ?, aeverai bur.died man betog k lied and woanded Col' Oablloado, a read ui oommaud of Ins f> and ara lorcea, waa ki.lsd Praqu.era waa fortxd to make a barriwd retreat The bear la no * at hand f >r tbe lawfsl tavaa?eo of .-t mora by tbe Talt'd sla ea troopa. War Havana Cor reepoMd?as<a. Hai aw a , Oai ti, 1M0 O iru.-#' A jun in Rr<y\ '4 to AmtrMMn Sfin*n- M.trt Sl?r rt, Sc. la r?latti? lo ihe w>aar Amwi-an aeasaan rseeatly broofbi by Mparleh cralsvrs into thia port with aiarers, tbeaoltag l'? Had Stales Coeaoi Oaaoral L.~aa d <ns guol re* vta?, a? taring aone nlDelal er iarstae<Ucg with tbe aetlw 'Hiw. airy of the enllore having bera deoetved sa to the Sbararier o# ibe baeitirwe for whh.h they were ablo prd la New Tort In*y have born rtUanal M ?re any an ?? "*e r'Hiiulai la ear r urla, aiid picaad in au la'or ?>M way lab, M>e bstds af the r<ti?ul, an 1 by bin ship |M<t fine ibetr shlppibg ports or boukts, saving tbereoy n. ? o ilair ?s. as in pria -nineut for ?uijw woald hire " *b?y had o.?|m|oi in stand trial. jU .-rr+i l?.r? bariitsihoa* tasen away l p the t,'ruMltr ha?e Ni saved S<in<?ry |?r??wa la t! ? Jail <Vw s-wrs ikMatrw aa?s he.fl re raM- snp]H>???i l< be Anwwtrta IM re ml y la au naani of va^asla which bars ia ?;r?i i-arims m CjKa ?I Is sale at oin?r steamer baa laadsd a eargn, whleb I tb'ab lea mistake t?e are pr ogv rests to maay thnva wotra I??irate pr<e|M?My in the people and we are rud el maw? la, i?r our wtwer enjoy meota. Rtua*. On SI. I MO. Ttelxni* r "omn Jw/'-f ?/ tktCif^%4 ?Var^Ja? Cdpf-rr of Am 4ktr .Urn (it f?ir 1 1 unit cd jTipwi r? Hoard, 4 1 TV* atramablp lltniii, Mo<Vianell imdu t w, arr'-a4 mttHtv w>Ui lh? aa-r> of ??art'* .M for ibf Ba??m iwitrt TM Mfmmt Inickrt ??aa ||a ooraJ r*k'l?( nid waa fH <>fl by II: rte*e* orar pa/ 1 ?(-bar "arpa. Not frtnail; dwt|H vTb* *u.itj*-.lp iily >* Norfolk riU m?k* a (o">d 9paatati UMycH, tor ?feMl afea ta MMdA Au A!?*ti ".a . br.*, ? iUi ?????? WO mnvi na lw?.4, wm ra|M'ir?4 '.if a .Wirt Mti o( *ir itnmr a?< ? Iw.xifM into pen lit* ?SW it*t fl? li?n ?h till (Iwnw Uttl, left yaat*H*|r krT?it(na A* tmu(ki w ? wn rroa tl? vitm talanda. Tfr M-am dot <kvaar *rrtr*t fme flb Tboma# iwl; rrpYU a.. M praapat ln? iai<)ltl,.w. WH i r? <,#1*1, *1tu fill |>M CxIU, \e , I <*4lb | Kl, and ao nrlt%nak*a ? IIIUaitk?;? Ulr Kiwi. ? ?rraiac <jp ?*? *a?*t> !<imr awn S'v>. j*> JUa an*n - T*U railroad, wbi<? brx h?*a la rfara'toa ?ine* tha Uih r I October, ??? ?.r? op* a*.! T juadaf rrtainf Orcnia.-* ?>? * root >o lb* frtoada of U.<- < nan pa ay 1bt tr* ii( It at >ra wttll ha at tha f.w* a> uraad alroat , W|11**a?barf at on* c MA, In WW* than to tha ooro *r of Oraii at 0 Silk ftVarla to a rot 'atto*. Tb* 1 art war* on tta4 apaard* <>f ta hour afVr tha U?a* app-ilM*! T?ur ?????* Joe* -.} tn all lb* |t<*7 of y*I1 ?>? paiat. r ./<*<! Mil artlb ?J, wblt* iu?ld* wnra 5*raral ip-Tl ?? pV-t'irra IV# prlarlpat on* wu drawn by lit l*aj bora?a. Ann rara ara fna# la anaibor, t a* jrwrt, will an.*, t>* ?!(?>> Thar ar* iba arirk Iba t*Wl.rat*J Itn of fUloa, Oil?* l % Oo. . > fii Tr*> Ttnn ar* im <?>* Iraifc Ih-aa otbar c?ra 'tot M th* ftmrfctya Uty Railroad lompany, abowia* ha ibn latlvr vuapaay kao* uitbji ( of ,ia*?)>i?i ta ciuaaol I th.4. a'th tb# t.*w Una lentil of tb* l.raai -ttraal bad N'wtawa Rti1rt*rf wltl b* a^nal two nil* awl * ?MM * <i,ia kl praaaal ta* ha* ta aiMadat to . ab< ?t a all* an* a half. *Sh*o ,uH* ? >Wba<l It WtU ax "B r?rk ?.!,< :??> rj ' . R uturirb a-.-o i* Aih-mi* ' th?r a tfarr*?? It l?i* f*t that lb* rbifo w?H bo aalf lb?a* <*au paa*?a?*r Tit* rati lb aaala bf *d?*r I A tan*, of RroiAlja, ant ta ?o?tby of afxclBl oljaa? va I N't. *ood l? i*0 l? Ibj'n*. I'* p??o*a ai* ft arilMt by a p*rn! *r doratail and ?*d*? arraajr*, worthy of tb* pat** I* a* 1l la Aa l?l*i Moa tf in* com taar u> *??*? a iitj* frnm f?k *iip to ia*ir ^???*att*r bilw, aid to ?ui:d a (?^<l al the b?v ai prwil, far U?e , fa-a. whtrb ?l?l rea tb*r* I Tb* conation waa wall attoadrd r* Tn?aJ?r. Wi | afW lb* io<t<la aire niaatM<l ?b? n*at ???*?- ^.-aa*ut a I lr<-ae*'' by Praato* <ll*?rrr*ii Wrnn*, lr% lb-*, man. ta* ori?tna?or ?? ?b* Haw ? Mr ?Vr*oo 'jm i'ra??. ?i ?t of tb* ll.fx-lll|n City Ballroad * ???*?? flifa'.lrr. I Daalal f>. Nottbrup, aad ath*r (*i.ti?fn*a Ta* b. it fat lowab t pfarauod , an t iV f*ct a*^j ?t*-l ?| %d ?arlf b*?r la'trMUag ft- om CMm*. ttUANOHAE CORKKrfrONDBN(<k. Z . lmat * lke ^'*-Cau,r Of tZr 7ZL W**W,U*s of a** ty-MOxtx.m of th< fMxU-kuin<n of ? 0rea< ^ 1 write in ibc midst of s great txallemeav. The mush discussed, much feared ud equally depreciated rebel. J! said to be at last coming la real earnest. Tbey ecctuw ?? foot this whole province, with the sole exception of Shsa* b?e; ui as the Custom House, with Ma *"n tanas toooiae la placed omoegst the foreign seltlemects, they are itofr* mined to take it too In poasessica, especially aa at the aame time It la to be contidored a try to the entire coon try beyond it. But the coabined forcoa of the BrltlaH and French, left here to protect as, bare been staUoaed at the gaka d the cltjr proper, the respective authorities promlaltf unflinching protection ?f the naa to the Impe rial Cbtscse official who resides there. Tt sppears quite Incomprehensible how the same governments, which art carrying on war with the Emperor at the North, should protect the territory here. True, It la aald In explana tion, that the French and British are keeping 3baagtuM city again at the Imperialist aa well a a againat the rebels But In auch esse the Taotal (provincial Governor or Ia tendant) ahould not be allowed to draw the proceeds of Cu"om HoM?. 10 ?"??t continually aoldiera for the imperial army againat the rebela, and to execute the da tie* of bia oitico aa far aa hia powet U not circumacrlbwl by the rebela. However thla may be, It oertainly place* the foreign reaidente In a very unpleaaant poaltlon to ear the leaat. For while the Inanrgeata promiae perfoet ssow rity to syery one, If not opposed In their intentloe to take Shangbae, they alao declare war to all, ahonld the united forces of the French and British hinder their progress. Double might be raised aa to the Ihlthfnl keeping of their promises of security If not Impeded, yet are the reasons lor trusting them rery strong From the vnrv first they were snxlous to be frlondly with foreigners. They allowod the rllk and tea trade to go on unmolested and truly more ailk already haa rfached ua up to thla time from the respective districts than baa arrived hare any priced it g year. Numbers of tradera hare roue through the very campe of tbeen rebela withoet any hls lirsnce, bringing down I .ales after bales, on each one of which from fifty to sixty dollars are made. Vialtera alee liave gone amongst tbem, A&d hi?e b^fo received most friendly. Missionaries, who did the aame, have been In viu d to reelde amongtt them to go to Nankis, and to ear place they would select for their labors. The/ have alee rent twice despatches to the foreign authorities Bat they nave sent them back unanswsr*d Though thla was dose undoubtedly beoauee tbey had not power to open aor ae yotfatlors with the rebela. yet Iras It caused great aaser amongst them Still, tbey woold baro borne thla if tbe foreign force* would only not take part with tin Taotal. They conalder It a very had return for all their friendly treatment aa-. hospitality that Shangbae m de fended agsinst them; tbat the Taote! can buy arms awl powder, enlist men and draw the money frem the CcstoBi H? tite. while ibe foreign codruIa bare forbid den any intercourse with the rebela at all. Thla haa at la* I brought them to the <iouc!u?i? n io atop all silk aad m.i i .*'5C 1 ma'tB ,u Attack tie Shanghae. Of course all tbta tobnt report, and so is, alao, the alternative pro noonoed by tbeni once more to a foreign realdenl. who ncly t wo nijrhui ng > returned from a visit amor sat 'thorn or ratber pissed through their |cnks lining both sides of the river for ciore than two miles, about twelve miles from here. Tbe albersati re Is, as stated, tbat If not In terfeied will,, tbey will quktly and orderly take pea se salon of 8bacgfc*? and open nogotliltocs with tbe m J0!!!*' ,lf ?tl"*ed' or? rather, Impedod, they will tight not only the soldiers but el foreigners Asd now they sre e i pooled hourly. Several days wo the foreigoers on (Kith sides of the Seoohow creek, which ,,hK, ?>? two par La held meet f. **toblish coamiltets of ea'ety.and s:n?e ibea nitbt watches hara grown into existence Many are busy to day to rtir.ove tome of their property on bwd of the various vessels :jtog in tbe river. As the Arne flcea fiiusOrou haa left Americans uuprotectod. these have baa to aupeal to tbe French men or war for protec tion. It ought, however, to be mentioned that tto , n"* she'only came from the north lor the mati, intending to return there k soon as aha bae received the saaie. The above mentioned mseiln,* bae aiao determltu<d to entreat Cjmm>dure Strlbilug to aood the Hartford for our protectloe, and it is h*pe4 he will comply wlii our re^ucsta, which will be pr< at-uted to him by CipUIn Hchenct , of the Hagtnaw who very k rally ottered tbe use ?f a number of weapona' though maty expreeaed Iketr wishing munb rather tbas he himself, with bis vcaeel, should remala here. Bat, as stated, the Ragmsw will leave agaia in apite at esr poalti?u, and we sre only rtferrsd to another sovara sient tor protection. This t- the seotime % of Americans in general Wers are still Irdlvlduals who cancot aee tbe realltv aT the danger. Oartaialy, If >fi alone, the rebela will cm j rf-m aty one, and also, if tke foreign seldters contlnns te dafrad .-hang bee, the rebe1* will not approach us at ail k>nswl?g to<> well tbe superior weapons of Keropeeee' I. thnreri-elly estate any . -Miger it will be la the rietac ?? thievaa and plundrrere ta our own mldat. From the ?hoaW be epprrheedfd Thay ah uld ra thnr be looked npoe favoraMy, tor their rtatag certainly iTSlnt 10 *"?t svsr having transput .wi*1 ^ ,* wo,)c bJr Keo-wsag, ths eeoaia of the chief eT the rebels, tie loilowing translttioe has been made, by IkII .1' ? rrr* "?? Chineee sch.dar, wbleh shows the spirit of the lewiers la this rebellion Is reform isg popular c?Ihm there is s danger ihtt tbe nTf 001 ootiient to cnaoge old customs or roiltw Matters tbat Bead rnfomatloa trlse from men'i treo ra^ee and Biiaapprelicoaion, and tbe tttaoU of habits It !' ,'a?,0"*rry ihr.*ig', a reformattoi etklek lf. But It may be gradual./ acoompltabed by tba forwe ?ly* 'a t'i<jee who bold the government. exam lie, the practice la CSiaa amoog the men, at a 'Oa lag the naua to grow loeg. and among tbe w?m<* ef ?*<*? 1D* f<*t. the belurf hi lucky and unlucky date Ite customi of nnreonsary civility; of writing hterarr rua/i of no use or impt rSaore ; of trainins blr.-e sad cr, SOU to Pw?. wearing negs', bracelet" ?,1 oraamtnu of gol.l and jad< powoera for the oomplestaa. priUr , si >?:, vzz deteriorate public morals Ullkro those who boM high offlotal oca lions rwtrd practieea aa ahamo.'jV, aad express contempt aad '.** ***": ?n<1 iwcpto will give then up without "eedful to infiicv paotahaent or expressly to forhi 1 toem :? the people establish ;aod Isstitotinae? ejah aa hoa piiaie lor the auk. chur Aee (Ur >at raag). achoole.or *'**** **"* oth?r as) i ii ma, *!waa in oinee aho. 14 vlelt aa4 tt^o, fna c ta. W.y to pr,nr?le the iT Pr"7^,B,eot of natlonei corteee, kit , \a, e J?I.r.r?,"J10.d0,,bt b"1 ** will be astonished lo C?d sorb a-atiu>eala aaaoaset Chiaeae?to real la a Chi tsee |ir?tuoti'? hints trass admirably adapted Is maav poiaia t v. n to Christian "? ,be h"k? *? the Petaag l>rr* Two /ss-eta bare come A from theraT LV b' "? bas nut been p, Ulahed Oar lain It is that Um aihee have leaded . the Freorh by |<i?a >ng laui mud and water ip lo their wuale. alaMiUag " ftm 'Jffrmr"' the Brit. A la a more omnforlebls and eass man ner (toe of the fees w. o^ted rIMntMrp?. vioaa rretaUnoe The breach were the Ssst to eater U, HW.f.4>r?rr*>fc'?jaat >Maaa miae,that waa there * lri*^ . lo ax; arte by *in*ae of c.4rap aad eome "f the fort bytfce aifiea ^otkts* wae found Is Us>fort but a tow Aaoermaas some .sshsi tricks, as praot c*d duriac ?>ar rrvol.iltoaary ease tl ta rumored that. IsaeMsa tha'dO Oousmeaalal ,eu hold. ? 100 04 aad aaother of 4i w# Hd been dU itftrnl Tim I i o&oaivtv of ? c J* ?>>?? Ii Mi allow tog oait all a?n (o < abreast on it, while oa both atdee ii haa awaana aad XT* * 0 troop, have aeea atal iff Vi weip Ua 1M 0QO inperlaliatt, and ? |3fc aiMa<l troops to d>.44?e aame aervlea to the other 40 wtj. the rraia forre e' the ahiee atiackiag the 'o.u Jut tha traU. of all H^ma ,^rU oaoaot be voached for f'ka 'AR , t? cc.'s 'RANG i4J? I'lRCCLAR. . *???? iias, aasoat IS uja In Waa there haa beaa a lit Jo more dniag. tsoetly la JlTrd' lL*d if ! ? '-??+ * still v?r? baoto. vara, and hnt \m alit|)0 mi yij 'tr dfRMtcb lo ttfUiA now to ibo ^ 10 ^ " bL?dittia o lata -set .a tb.. war of bnalaaaa ta note aod the a^uvtty m?tod o ,r laet MU TV robela s-kaspeetel bate doiig, aad a sea sslty. ^ ,b* ~-?F tor . Qvt>aUti#a of trMlst sad val istlm hava ham So*rd ?*???? 18 the river. a?d a nlm JfP". ??? sapoaed at laa 'ors?s rsaaeete, has H?a tormjd. u he oaad ta uea af a rising asteng ?e f ^ Seitiement I'laoarda ware pesaad laaads .1.^^ ^ eatHame..i m the 14th test., h?triac aha real of Cm flawing cSlito, sad aaao iaelag thai tnay were ^ ??d take i?nam stan from the .mx-taltaSs. The Ownase sre greatly, addled sad O wning lata the setuasssat. Tjje ysll?< statea gnrreat <Hglnaw. frao thr.S vl ' |af, arrived here >su Mae llth. briogiag ee ad v less ?o us Tth satant Tis laglieh aad I saek gaaboata we -a t?wtog to iMtiebes whm the trsapa, sad were ax^eeUa to be si I Issued by tbe Sth. towgisir with the Anastroag baiter MS Astight asirmlah nail lah*S pla? WttMbe Cbiaeee n?*r Peh targ, ressltlsg la a lorn of e.xtaea af tea alile 1 forrae, who were ant la sawns of water. Viae UtaetM s e pes '.JNUraM? tA fff ff Mr TVar l, with toi I Eigia aad Berne Sroa, were la 'hair reapaetiva U^a lying la the elver Oar .l.paa adUua are to th?. Mb aetari, with bat Ittle to tote. ? ?*t! ??t? ?w?r? o' r>c-tA*-)i rn?irf^? rto? rmiw*m?. I If ? leiur r?c* vci in Una ctif fri.rn H >a *n l"rert'?. 1*1 MV1 trier to 8 ?.?, we l:?*n t>i*' no tie '14 ine< h# eft?U4 wHh bit f*n; *f !">m *ftr??|l!st 10 ft irt ?<*i ? bt? rrote O^UirJ Tn?? b?4 oo? pr? eerded Ult ?k-r th? ftlmcii ft rno* ftod *11 (Lr pftft ?co^ r* ?ar? tn i am'BObJ parll Onl rre?j? ptostd hi* wt?e??4 iJfti tb??-? e no* not, thr?? daoffeMr* la ftitoiw, ftad en?b* *e<l bin* U w?hhl*ft<m to a tbl-4. Tb? ?er e ftil luje.1 iu ?*/ l?, bat the haai U wtMdH the iotat< I tnd M? *on wnr? ?t.-*ode I o? ? rtekj ftbief*: tftft ]mii tfBtl.mi* wfta Urowa lot. bat *u reaped *T i*e tnt-fti-ltf.t* ?b i bft.1 ottered mi lh? bmnh Tfcft ? vioari liift??l( iu drftva bftf* three tl?i?? b? Ike r* ?"*ii?t w*t'? W<1 i ti l*rta?, ??<! tlov-ftb eeftat >?>*r b* ?M e*ret by kit . <!e?i?rftU> eier t on? of ftftd Oft t*J?? ?*<?< t??. be w?? in ftit ?pp?re?tlj llfele?? li^ftlutftl *i? *ir# iffi.irtt'jr w? ?r* Mate tttftl ftt iMt adeWft U?ft Ornotftl ??id ?U * fftMttr ?cr? bftlireir recieerftt *?< *??' |f>n? be<* M Mat iMnle* Tbt* frrt'inftte IwiMIl* of *n *UI>*u?i ft.rfil in IN pert*, wl.l rftrry )o, |rt tM tn?ry frtxii* o <w a ??'?fiW?e< trwesew ? -f^<?ei It ' J'vmal, CM M

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