Newspaper of The New York Herald, 4 Kasım 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 4 Kasım 1860 Page 3
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flaw* from Haytl. oca JACMML OOttHMMroNDKNCK. jAimm., Hay li, Oct. IT, 1M0. ?mm V PtfUUHM Ordered? Ssiimo!4$ of Inwugr* N*n ? trftidrnt d'ffrirt't Jfcwage Stem Ommtm eu *m wtiA -touitiaiic? Advantage Oferti to ImmigrmtU? Mt~raU?C<f*t? Pi uuxxU of U jf? "-j-? frtrn fi farm m Z>tnmnd, 4c. Tbo population of the '.sland of ^t. Do ml d go *??? for Many yeare y? a matter of oaajectare; there ar?, even, vary reliable data on which to found mi lntelligeat as Iknate. like nun# bar of lnhabllaeta baa been variously aetunated at from eight hundred thousand to two an<l a bail Millions ? tho t*>et ar.d moct esteemed autborltioa naming ebe mllHonasth 'isble n amber, ssven hu aired thou aand af whom ar >s fried to th? French or Haytlea aid* of the la: a ad, and three hundred thousand to the Spanish ar Dominican portion. Tba war of ladepeedeaoe, and the civil ware which followed, greatly re duced the male population, and >o seriously waa tba want of men felt tbat one or ,tbe early rutera oflbred a premium of 140 for every mate Immigrant Ths women lMt undoubtedly, Mill la eiMi of the men, but la a l mall proportion to that which baa heretofore existed. In cou aeqntnoe of the many lnconveniencee tbat arj occaatonad ? by an ignoranoe of the numbers ot I la (ubj-xtta, ths go TrrnMcot ha* lasjed ordera to havo an aca>irate census taken In each district an the French side of the Island. Ibis will at lMt give ns the desired information, and th ? rMarna are looked for with a good deal of interest, and wtH tattle More than oca wager made by oar sporimg foreigners. Al the opening of the House of Representatives a short tlMe since, the President in 'his message referred to the reoeat colony of emigrants fiom Louisiana, now aettkdatSt. Mars, lathe following flattering terms " Tbe immigrants of our raoe, oatabllsbed la the district ef the Arlibomte, have introduced new Modes or oultiva tloe aad tools hitherto unknown to as. They were cor dially welcomed. Their labort are already bearing fruits Their expressed satisfaction of having be ?oas" Haytinn alttMna gives us cause to hope that their example will be followtd on a larger scale." And it will be follows J on a larger goale, for alroi 1/ It tt proposed to run a steamer betweon Louisiana and 1'ort an I'riuoe to carry passcugers, and perha[>s before this reaches you the dm trip may bave been m i la. Tito government Is maltlte the grcatoet effort to en eoaiage immigration , and his made nftay oo^oeeslona to the new miners Th?y are ti be axe up ted fro-n military lervica, tbeputllc duioaln la thrown open to tholr Opct patcj, luoy are at liberty to b 'long to any church, al thoogb the Roman Catholic Is the ertsbltshed religiou; if needy , a part of Uietr iiatsage money is paid by tbo go vemcuent for olgbt ilays after arrlva' tUev are main tained at the public expeasn, and If at the expiration of that tltne they divide to settle in the c>uutry , houses are furnished at cost. The Secretary (f the Interior and of Agriculture has addressed, by order, a long report on the eubject to hir Ktcelldaiy Gefrard. It la a remarkable dormant Agoac es are to be established In tbo principal oltle* of yonr oonntry to 'urnlrh m'ormit'ou and direct the emi gration of the blacks towards May ti The government engineer I. is preaentod the report ot tin explorations in tho Artfbon'to; ho represents the Mineral wealth of this dUtriot as enormous Cwl, iron and copper aro found In unknown quantities G tU ra perceived Ir several teaaliHaa, an ?leo oih -r of.) and m urals. The report shows a good deal of rese aroh; aad although .te antfcor is pla-c'y no geolog'st, H net art heieaa exhibits an active dster.nlnaiioo to pry Into |i? SJhJeet as tboroDgbl) aa the limited rmourc i at b s (. imn?nii would permit. Although T have seen him several tiuie? ainoo nis retorn, I have tad ihi opjiortunity ti h*ar him oonverte i n the matter, but am tnforme' that ha to aa orient In hia description of ib? region be pspse' throagh aa m:gbt be supplied ir m bis report to t^ j ?,oTrtri.mout Be cio?fla his report with a slipshod account u| the tbr^ oace famous sulphur apriigs. near Banioa- surirga now gone oot of mind an 1 Bi< m >ry even of most H* . ti.-us The ooffee erop Is rapidly c mlng to ma kei, and In ?everal looalitlea proniim? ?ti be more tbau an averare yield Tho new crop when it fl**t made i's appearance krought 190 a 114 Hay lien dollar* per bandral po?o?s It Is cow at S117. as supplies increase, as will be the case in a few weeks, it iv expncied that pries* will go down to 9110. or even lower. One of the weekly J wirnali ef tho eapilsi) later tbe 'act that tbe not proooeds ot the eoffee em^rtad In 1810 amonnW f> two and a halt mil Mooe of ooliars; the ami: un' haa A. ace been Ur.rcaaiaR, nnt'l in 185d it sums up to awards uf all ini'iilooa ot dol Mrs. All we wart t? a larger population to i ucraaee tit? amount twcntyfold. IHiaolat l'>n of the UafeM. WHAT IT W01LD DO FOB KfeW YOltK IV'U CIT 1RL3 TON. [From the Charleston (j C) ilercury, out. *7. J OCR MERCHANT? AND imtNICi. Thrre aro co people In the Southsm Sine* win will rain on wrtataiy by a dlnoMlM of the Cn'ri m tbi na^r cbacta ud mechunca of ocrclttea. At prc*a*t Norfolk, Chaneiton, Savannah uJ Mobile nro bat tibvrbt ol N<rw i Tort, Phredetpbta an! Borton Tbeae Nrthorn c'.lo* ! carry on Ujo foreign trade for the floolti.-ru ctlen (a ?tctd of reotlving froa our ah.of ci?t ?ir._'r? inE'rop^ their nu.aliMur?4 oomwodlltee In return 'or oar agri cultural production*, Ujc goveranobt of the United Stat 8 Interrene*, ma by nnjuat tartffc flr?t prcr titi tn from raoatTlcg I Be manufactured product* of onr for elf n ran ton, err, it lower pno*e. aud ?ompeit us to tike N'or.hurn maauhclure* from Northern (Kki at hlrher prie** : end aeormd, tt tpuuee the money collected by tee t*rlfl la Norftern eltlee. IlaKidfd, by luted Sin'.'* bank*, maku Northern ettloa thaoeotree < t crad 1 1, uil endo wl them by Uke oapital of the ( with art'Cclal re?our.-.< * of ?emtnerre By theae meafttopltat htt 1 *en *>k imo'atlng for a half ot Diary la N"r?l;*ra < Itiee, aud wun It too iu enue of popilauon which 0*41 laJ alwayf produces, for MplUI la nothing but tlo wagoe of let or aoeamalaled . and la order to laoreaa* nun coni liw t? employ labor. Hence the rapid growth af Northern i?i ttvi !;nrr tag prosperity of Bontbera c .tea. In ?te i.'utnn, with the Axed policy of the federal government. there le no hop ?f any tncrenae la nrr r!ti?* oorrea;iOB'l?nglo their natnrai ?drantag** The NurUiena cltlee hare a. read; tue adrau lag* in the noeomulallon of capital? fbr It I* an axiom or trade, that, with eqaal advantage*, the laeger oan'it' auat onderaet! tbo (au.ier. Bat the advaaUir?a betweeu the Northern and *octbern cltlee, aa matter* eland in th'J> pretest loloa, are ae' equal, and the tneqoailty, ln*t*l of b*lr.g l<-*eoned, will be Insrcaaod, n t only by th? preaoat aapertarity, hot by tbe granl nx-U'ual party aow about to Uko txwaiaatau of lb- >?dera'. govern went, who will no oar the government a* to anelerat" Northern adraroemeal and *>uthrra rtlrog'eae'.on Owe of their oaritnai prise. plea for tncreir their aeci. prosperity la vo erf,>rre a new and ra re lucrative iar< Our trade ar, Un-refc.ra, In the L'alon bepeleaaly colon: r Oar natural commerce ta a; nth, ated l y the arttflela' ebaaoel* of trade aatabliaaed by tbe government Wkt t Ike cmihtmixm af tKe VwiltA ?? it* u u if :Kt com mtrcr ami tf Ckmrtrtt m vat greater than t\it ** Kmt l ark. W .thoat the partial Interference or th? go Ten men t to our disadvantage, Cbarl<?t>n would ta. ?oarlanad aid growa aa moch aa New fork How wit.) (lie diraraioa of eummeroo, Vew York bu expaa4od aa 1 Cha'leaton re?a'.o?1 atat ooary, our retUri can CJirr. out llM IliKDlDf OOVMrWOO. Rut iu?t piaoa W.i c.tiea of each aactloa .a thotr Datura'. Mait.oa, free from laterfbranw of gor^rrmeat, an ! wtth free trala Break up oar union wit the North? k Cfearlcitoa aid the other Boithe.m cltlac rcaumo thel* natural coaaaaro*? let Charlestoa Import dirt etly from the great eonaumers o :r agrlci t ira; p'.? luctlon" through at the world all thoa* manufiunrel comaodiiier whMh they prodoce asd we need? and woat % ? gUl> change w 'I come orer the pmapr-cta of oar c ty Within ? year our merchaata bare eeen tbe dleroeltum of Ho-ith arn men to buy at &>uthem poru Charieat?a would nr. oaly Import for %>ath Carol' aa, but for a raat portion of Ube flonth? of which ahe ia tbe natural em^>r'uaa. Ojr bow Mlooial and tributary c?mmarc< , with the North wo?M oeaee hut a m'r'itj f-ee r im nerff; wo-jU ar *? :i; . Ma ? lead with all porttoaa of tbe world. wmiJ liare oar own, aa befjre the Berolutlon, ? 'hall the propor tloaate proapertty It tbea created Capital would o>>me where it could be uaad to adraauge. Xuo it th?3btlda aad the Barlrft need hare their *?? id* hure. ft afi'Bta of the great manafaoturera of Kuropa would b here, with their gaeda ir onr bonded wareb >oaea fl?e*t >nbbm? bouaea would aerwitiolate Tbe ulty would be lhruBge<l with (tranter*, and would bound on la tbo huh way of proaperity. K. af eatato woald riae la raltie The to. and renturaa of a few yea re with our mercliante, would gira tham aore than now U ? aaxiooa lahor of tiff*. Our Hanka. dianoaaected with tbe S >rtb, won 14 no longer be rmborraaacd by IU oraay apacMatmr* or Mora crat/ panic*, and would do an Iratr-nao buatntaa to freer tlae <)or ra Irrwfa wr.uld ircr?a*e tbelr tr*n?j ->rtfk>o aad *>: Tsnoa the value ot thalr ?t a?.b IT.r mechan'ca and (?borers of ad kind* would f.a J ample <>rapi ?y ta?a*. ta p-a'.or*, t>rlcklnye??. abtpwrigbla, btw?>-inth? n.achiti lata, would raiaa tbe g'ajd b; ma of laduivry with <b?lr ?tr^ng arme, reaoana n* far aad near thr .o*hout aor now* city. How nay owner of real wtate la CbarUatac? boa at.y la tall ? mt m ? uait or m wrtMn'.:? ran he o^nnaM to a dleeoiati?a of r>o? nnl -n with tte North ?? the ar ire af tab real la oaa of ttteae loaonpec berrtbfa marrett our r?ry ma-rellon* ralure r iaet mna prodacra. [ade|*-cd<?t of that abaotat" eec^acty t > a daratiolJiag rountr.ia ofrui',* lb* rn,,:r?e? -a lep e-i nt of a't refereuee to the gri?l pylnr < ,< :a* of j latwa ai. liberty. Inter eat, ?ri ey_pr 91 eh..?id kiaka theru tt furrm ?, aurae?t acd tnoit an tu d. .uioaifta. Tho? wbn bare ear* to bear, let them hoar wtat a cakulatl.a af dollar* aad oaata teaahM. N'oaw C< t ?Tie l*"'Hant N > logMt ?f ri< rtb Carolina Mr 0 B H nith, bae reoaatl* pal f> rib a rery latarealiag letter on th< nmaral wtalt . of W"?t< -o s wth -? " ? bearing beit ruua thruoib rfveen Jack* ? and Hayw,?xf ?waiter. It alt?rnat?a with g < ?*, tai.-*?<?. b/caW-*! alake* and *yenita. Tb< OOft-r noeer"> ?? , and b.e,. beentetMl, *ajier, aliy aw eight or Ian id J*r<a<>i ?fluty Wte retlte deereei twentr r- "I ' 1 ?ttb,lu**B" M the laada, and the era 1* nob Moot ?>, low,oopper pytllc*, thoegti cecaatnoaliy ?,?" tr?>a ar banaU and red ?*Me are (bmnd. ^p'.-iti'-oa if th ointiani aibtblttoa at U? T*titate Tber ?.e4d troa ! twenty to thirty por cect of nselalilc c ipper. fn mio a| <a quite eatauetre a< ar Fru.kltc In W?e Tenn- aaee ra >r U>ere ar* oaly (jar reia* taat bar* Iw a ?.ii' it< / ?!? ?ntrropoatMlaJa-dtann couafr, ih 'tith evilly trac ?hi* lMey are what are railed tree rata* that M. tbey do not, interfoliato with atrau lteing Uaaara teiaa. U*t eoa la great depth Nanette iroa ore id found In groat abanilama D in* r rank a, tbr aa me kind of or* that tne celebrated fweta* Iroa I* made rraa There la a bn d*ae? o* water patrar aad ce?l near br Ma v?e*ae I* at* . foaud la great quaatltita. la Ubamkaa .:*unty tb? rn,'>",,|?'"?,|"l'"" * almm^to It -itand* f< * :? Talley nrer la Mm Georgia '*ae Tbe markMo' Cb*rot*e fooriy r ? ow WMIa, rviega.'ed, and mu? an 1 batidei ?n tha N'atltMa r?re* ?'.?-e f *ur* a Dae Saab colore I mvi'uia Tbaycropaat fbiwh Wa, alan, ?r a?aiaa to Pte, or Br 1* rtflBf", wltahle for i -r.*-**, die p re |?in WW I *? a annr>'<r , arrr I Mi? ? ti-- twa ill Ih'l ? *v ; 1 ? lere 03a ui tee n .car<i*i la' - ? LM BP vu 4?*ae a ill not be hiag a*atlug FOLITICAU ?T A MKITINO OF TttB TOONO MKN'B !*?* ? a pendant P? niiiillu Douglaa and Jihn?un Club of tba S> jteentb ward, Wd it Peter Carroll's. ? Ninth wwt oa Kncay cvwiuf, Movaartarl, UMO, Ua lotiowta* eawUdalw ??? endnrced ? fti MiatMr o( Omgraaa Boa. ILU4B WARD for Fes ists rT. . . . . 7. . .B aTTHBW T. B3BNNAN. Ki.r8ur?> vuor..,. UillB 1UT. ir. For AurBhlr JOHN C1FK&T ForOltj Judia..... IvBK H. McJUITH. i * A MBKTINO OF Tin FIFTBBBTH WARD DRMO fV n?.^i i.'.uj. L?U T", ?.vouU?i< 24 lualaut lb# follow loi preamble and reantaMoaa ware presented aai oaam auualv adopted ? *Wm '-he course pur??er! by Joan <\iear?n?, the pres?nt F eyrasentaUve in Ciiurraaa from the Hlxtb I'l'trlct hi "opwiau the r?t "tar rfemorrat'c eivdldat* ?i ?*>? coming ?l#o?)->n la In direct rlolalMm of the wiataa of lua sons Ulnenia, iu>d aai :ti.sU).' to tuow lb* dla jrtct lnti the Uau4? of the Mu?i'aat0ppuu?a a e! the democratic party ud oi th? L'i.lo..; thnr itore, Reaur. ed, That we de..onrre the o rnt'Xto/ John Hxjhrme bellr log tkal any man -rfco would niii* e bta [T.rtv an I Ms country 1o gratifr h<s own *e|? h ends If aoJtr ol treacr.ery and deaervlBjr o? tae sen i sat iwnuri Reaolred, 1h? in the prerem ori loai lute of oolitleal ar fair*, when the safety at oar ooma m Union is andaugarad, the people should carefully aerutin le ilia cond >ct of all utu I dales, especially thaw who claim d(Wa 1 ?> tin LTn>oi aad ??tby Ihetrti ta embairaaaall patriae eil orta fjrthe perpt tuUy o t Unloa aentments Eeat'leed, That tn the nomination of John W nthroo ("ban tar, for Coi i-resa from the Slsth <'<mer?.?a oial d iflnt, we htve ? candidate In ayciy way w uthy the auuuirt of al tr ie merds of our ciuntry. lrresoectlre of craad*. tin c-i ir*> In the Mate of 1*3' aid 1W9 li a aulllaient *uar<int"* of UaaMMty aad Sdettty to ktsoonstUoaaU A geotUmai of integ'lty and high pergonal character his alscnoj would rt drill credit apoa the district, and we do hereby pledge him Our support oa 1 uesday next. CHUJttJfilU. J. CAMBRBLEN.J.Chiilrnnn C. L. Va? Zajiut, oec-etar j. ARBFOET UAH BKIN EXTENSIVELY CIRCULATED through the district to the client th?t 1 have retired tc .m the ranraaa, and. leat any 1 1 my frlWa might euwruin a doubt on that t>oint, won,. I aay to them that my n wiU c ji Uuue la the ciutvaa unoi londowu on the 4ta of November J Oi* DC K F if. a tTEITIOlf.? A M1CITIH0 OF T UK WORKTROMBV8 t\ Cnton Ind pandect D'-n')cralli" C'n b alii "-a h<*H at 1) Mulholland'a, 17t Kaat Twerf? eighth (treat on rhnr.<l?y eveninr, Rot 8. PKTBd ODH&Y, Chalrmau hiiTkii'K Km?, Bac. AK OOTKA(JK.-A HANllBILU OOKTKMPTIBhB IN llaelf, ?n<l ftklie It every particular, hae been trailed by the anU Urion mm and blaek rapobllean* atainit the Boo. John t^ochrune, e?r Mda:? for ' ori;r',aa for the With dla'.'tct Frlrndaof the Union ha not dneelrert. *?erv mean a d co?ardly dnd|(e will be r?aor;e<t to u? thn eucm|e< of the Union to defeat the t, nlon Om*reaatora\ randMstt-a K"'r. *i\ bar, John C'oi Lx i t i*Ui? Cnlou utndl.!aU>,.aua wUi be elected BROOKLTK, KI.V08 COmTT.-TO Till D8M0CBA tlo ttietiora of Kings i ounty:? 3ent!",acti ? I doom It proper to m^ke a plain statement of firta. in ordfr th?t m i may see ??bo Is r? (pr.rilM* for '.bi> "division noir <*\iatin/ l?i the liemocratle p?>ty in the twn ulve, I wax n unumtert for the ufl.i-e of Sheiill t<y a l(pino;r?tio t'ouveuliOQ lonitbefori my oni Hint waa; and I hare not ret hal mr demucrary in p t*t i d. e.rn by mj rn?miea My iut?nri?y '.ud fitneta foi th^ odee b?>e Iro.i fieety nrltnowle(1i,el iv my (lpjionenla If, then, the' bad rtes^rri to ?le5t a Democrat wny sh <uld tftey hate put !n nomination an oppog tlou C'tidMate, when It w?a knows tbM, fi-r to?fs*aa ui b*. nony, n po-tim of 'ie Udmo rratlc uomlofrs would hare althdrtwn an-?Iii a CommlUe* waa ?rpc.ut><d t., tkf ri-? or|(a?. ?aun to humonl/ethe parties, which (.Vnumlltce th?y wholly refu>','l to rr io nize. I, lbe?. wl.h the rousent ot my frirods. ottered to r?Hr<" from ?h? c mtest pr vide 1 nt opyoarat w "j'd, f>nd lei arina thlr'* <r?n be BO.n'uaied. n >nslderlnt; the sucueea of the party of n ire Importance th* th - al action of i?iiy i u tloulsr m?n. lb ? proi" altlon was ala> refused, ek >winR that they were (?''? ni e.l to e'ev'.t" my ot potent o* defeat tha Pi.ty Vet, imi- !i willing to mak-' luiy benornhte arrvnge men'. I copse* tr<*'o a ??eo d eoonmltte*. *L<1 turlmy frlenla to n.??? H\ a> d s?ry h moraote pro,i wltton to t tem? *-hloh they did; but toe fri-u^* o mr oopon*n,t -vb * ooua-nu1 to the i f ), frr?r 1-e. iriuae*! t> mak-* any c nc*adlons what' vor. rror. tll?b:l- st?ieaent of :be r?<-U youcan eeswho la ra ?ponm'ile Ir.r the ' ' I " l?ioti of the party. I nd'r tbi? state of facia, f-'l >w fattreM there is butaoe m'tleof arn'rau u ,?i .. aud laat la thro igh the b\llot h >i To thivi 1 ap e*l, c nfid-nt of jotr oo ojieratl -t i?nd aoppirt loir i.N <'.ln.t servaut, ? JOHN MoNaMBt ii/vT-ns, cvnnx. rti n on L' W VKX H rurtBRTH. BCV?VriCK\ra WARDR." 8om? ia Uk . us peraoua ara ufarcu'aUns ttu :umor thv. Mr, t'oclr :e wli1 w ibirar fro-n the cmteat ca e ectlou day. Tt'i* is rot trie. J< HO OOCWKANE. lb" ' n!y T . Ion c?uuidaU : or Ooogrew :n thkPlilht'on ireaslotial 4. strict, wilt be ei?ct? >. /IV.'TTOJT-A PXRTT n* FOLITTCAt. STRIKrtRi'. PB \J utroua of ptonlt.ttlng the TArlutj Irish Bene?>'.ent 8ocle tUs In th!s c 'V lo th?t? ?e'fl,h T"l'p iee? he. *e es^agel for Dr tnlary conslderttion to oerve-t th- orgaci/au '?? from th ^ leRl'.imsu- purp isea lor whHh they wee arg tulzed. and e secuie Lie r lubuoaae (or MatUir, w T. lirannso (or "VsalnVer f,f the City ai d ( onniv of New Jork. Working men? B?#?r ^ Beware'.: Beware PAl KRTTOOni rALHKHOOD'l FAL'tllOOP ' ! I tfy option**** to tl,e tppru'cbioK eoateft for He.; #*>y lerllng t>e weakn-.t ( >he.r rl.lnn for the popular tup ? n, ir.d ?}>t r. h- td xj a sr m! Hg defeat oe the 8>h of Novea t .r^ bat r oad rawi'M t-> the moat agenfeloae falNhonf* m da u. raj ;r i!i* ?t?r. o ay fallow at titm* Tb?pi ffucaJ rliquethat broke ?p the OgnMM of the National 1 leera on the ^ hi Uc-. -ber, and fiood?d tb a xtb w*n> at tie ia*t charter flecttnri wtt'.i bngnt nnnay. bar* U.rutt f arwxrd TlWlkj Ollf. f> Kuikt<if Btlleiue II n( ital, to ' *e sear tUloiia rharaea agalmt in* wktl* arctng * a oe* ?f the fen do. veru.ira Ha ?taun* titat I ilgr?4 an order direetlr ? hm to Mmtt a rn#!rirt?m *T*oilnaii<in of the nlalmed and na Olaiined dead t*>"i<? ta ha boapitalt. Thia .-har** 1 k"*oy (MMMMtslxm ifll untT'ie In e**ry partlp lUr, a aailg m l and 1 ??f fa.aeiM?i4 fabricat-d for tk* purp Me of to irlng ir? ? :>i tt> har ! w irking an 1 hon?at d>w gy-rapy nf tbia thy V> ban the una-rusul'wa eottre* f, otn w a*er? thl* arr:? ?m-?* ia taken lnti Mtmnt and t t<in i:'*i whk ti org* tlie parti* tat i ao r*rlt>"a a oivira* ta impart. ally umii li-red, X a? nra m< prnaut ail ooanl* i*d*aialof every portion "I the ib*rg-- will *aU*',- lb* alti/' ua of *?w Y. rk, and Pvuae tbi? diarepnlah a alectl maart ig trie* lore era w.tb otaetiro'in etle'i upon m> taaorapuknia aaaallar.f Yot.t obed e?t Mrvant, JtMB*. LYB"H. By the re e. t ?'? tb- frter da of e? lorern'r J rime* Ly ek, now a raonidatn (or He*tat*r, 1. aa chairman <it the tVvnmlt te?j of lb* tiovero^ra oi Mlimu U it'al at the t a? ram |tnikB<, maat'lar it ay duty to teetKy to the fa'aHy <rf Jie c^argea made ajjaitiai h'ra by hia pi . tic* 1 ennr i?a to Ike pub lic prase, aod by potter* ?? iba ere of tba ?|>p iroacbtaR alae tjD. Ttkmlrw that ?ba rommlttaa ?b"<?e rrf? i-ral to an.l of wfcteh Mr. Lvncb v. aa a nenbar. a'ar a o*r 1 a ciaioaad hndv t??>e ?lv?n 'or ilaaaotlco, aa! *r Tt n tey riajy at WuMeu r,t Wall ?\u?. H iap.tal na* <r will ahta to ppod'ira a aaralre ord*r t ' n?tlfy the r -an '.?i?na , rkarraa mad* Bfta'tiat Mr. l.racb. ?? tba onoatttae navrr. > el i bar rrrbaliy or wnuco. ca?a an -b as ontrr. ob> um,v rmifOH il'mbw, m. a n Twfl ** HOMMI FOR AI.U? ?OB ll> l1??**KWTArm( a t,uocrvaa. Iln b Uoegrrertuuti dtati lot, r<> a>pr?a< Ifea }.' h ?*b'#fmb, ?lnPt#f>aib. Tw^otr.lral a id TareiilT Met ad ware a I'ukai Tammaay, Iwall. JtraeHir.ira. f-t p>'a and Tair""'* rnelnatk*. 'Hax ' a; DU.AFLxtM''. tot >IIP IfajMM. UXAlXjl' ABTBM VIKlTIIftlH WA*r> ?atto*at. n i nloti f .lib. 1M Kaat K?rt? aeaan I atreat ? At a larjjr a.v. entl. alaatlr nwti.-g of tkiaolu*. k -.d <m Krtd.f araalnx *d Intl. .' ?aa r^'^ed lhat 'b? oMnbara of Us* rlub and ? ike fr1.Mida of Hall t'( ?tnralt ha a ramaat ?ae at Um ?>''a no Tufailav, and rrp'vi f<w dcty on Mnc<ay ??*oId?, at t <> elo-k. tn (ifcarW*Hmiik?"in CaoaMaat, at Jt .glad^n'* rhlel avraoa. c< rti* r of fifti a.i.tii tucet. Tk* ll'QWtog Ouoat/ t okei u *ntK<ortr<l ky tk* '"lak ? J met i i ril r'-ur PP.VD. A T VI. .* A lKJK. ?!o*U^ ?nprt aa* Court. UIO C I'. until Hea-r ler J*<'. *. HUfK *aH. Iinj-idta I ao (t ?-? VI?<Wrc?!? Keaki^r JaMUH LYH'IH. liitpWvfcnr HJflTH B1.Y. J?. By order. .UAt .U PrtaUest. ?au-.n r Fi i?*. Tl^t f r??ld?nt. t. T. Pnaitr, Kecretai. \ TAVHkTWOB CBKTIUU.OI.0R? AT A MRTIPO Or il ? J a me* i Mirk < Vutral Club, aeM on let Hat . tfce f'll lowing ^raamblc aad r> a aruua* we*? anknlmo taiy adoptr I vl/ ? WW-aa. wa are apt, amid tba Wrtnnll of v,'|tlnal ooa kMUoa, tto> r*n*or of party tu rn, and the eia*lngof mn rtlrUnt mini? u to In** atgW of maitera of imaedlat* and ri t*l '?'?**, ir nre and ti pa*a Ugbt'yorrr Oi aewk'ck mat nearly and deepl* aad ?atari* Hy a" eel na, aad wbarwaa the aUorl-iQA w purtaar* uf tk? PraatdaaUal nuotaat la cale aled ?rieatderaliin. wktl** at o>ir whijk. lki<agi '.laually r? I laromhen* aily. ani a* a rewaid for part v *erri.j*, aiteeu n ?t a*rv. .aly *?* ry Member of tk* on jaua'ty, n*a?*'y ?** nil. ? nf ?Auu-rait, Aad wl*r*aa tk* duttea of ikat nAa* reonlrlng Intel' grnwt, abll.ty i.nd b??.< aty. Il oekoorra tke c?v a of lerk to *a enr* tk* e'eetlno nf a pinpi perana, and tkerafore 'to a-rn lit j* .he ,ual:Ooatkina aad fertd* upoa lb* a parlor rlalai* of tk* rtT-al Mr ital-a who *e*k ibe'r nlfraga* tkera'ar* K*enl?*d. Ibai m Jaain* l.yark we haaa ('iual no* wh wa turorrartl'd* krm<*ty. lrreim?cbat > ekaraxrr and nadoebied q'mu .cauuua poiat kla out a* ewe amlacaUy aalt" i fur h* plufe lleaolawd That la ih* n"Wiinai ? of ?r. Ltnok w* lar* bat p-m 'nri?i?"1 to >k? woi??*nt* of the mnannlty ta a-ieettng a man freak iruaa be panple. aC n 4 i i,e who ha* oaiteaad ? iani!.,a^m;^urwin ui w i iwmi Ui awalkrw up near I \ every otker ? eery ' hi'tko d tk< rt la a | ->t.iJ m ? card' >1 a* owe of it*pon*r?* to tk* I np^n pntflp pa?r-wi-*e a'moat MaiirfeK, but jet. wl.k tb* era rtcioaaneai nf tk* laleer. atUl inarae .or aiore Reao'- ed Thai we rhall, li dividual'! and c'ectlraly, r?r"n 1 lo aad '?e all knnnrabla maan* 1 1 neire bH el end T aad that frt ia tki* k mr to Ike c o*tn< of Ik* >olia nn Tiiealay erenlag, I enr utioret anerr *a aka'l he daeoted to that end Ke* ired, l^at we toiintt imr l*Uow cliuene 1" w*tg% wafl 1 ikealvtaa of Ike ?***?' noet**<ti*g eardidai** la tk? tn> !? d<-rre lhat iiej ?U] oUedda with tM thai liar rigat nan f >r the rtrkt ?la-w I* J*Mr LYN<*H Hp* | wrf, Tkat tk* preatnMea and.-ewilntln a h* pnWtaked la tke w Totk liei a t aad Dallr N'WV. J()UH H. rrea'd eat F"a Mt'BriiT, secretary. MWtrf^AVTB. ( TJtRgg, AC-FiAD'-rARTS^ Y?w<? Wen'a Hat'ma' r-iwi <T-iH *M a Iwa ? At a meaitBg of Ike aluH. itat r ia?. Kwaabar .1. l*8ii, It VII (te*pl-M lhat H 1-e re.v?me-deil to i he fi.lop ?er"ti?ite Of Ik I* put, la rtow o! Ik* bterwbalmlag l-nieirt*!., r of Ua Fraatt'er-tiai eteeUoa ard to m ahla all lo mi, to ?M* tketr ttnrea <ti Inraday ar.i" taat 'ketr < r-ka a*d all '<ker juing m*a opposed in t.tow n and Raniia nrgaalae aa a pom Hiaa 1i,i the m a Aa , for fm-eday, a re irt ?i tfiteday.RPJk | ! to (V ! w<n R n>w *r <4 tb* Flrat r*gl?a?nt ratfit Ml#"!* I Ran, Jaiwea b. Taraer and M. ? It'taell, Broadway. Hy ar< *r tiA F. HURT')* )>re*><W. II. IL Aijxs, B*pretary. I^-ATIORAL DKM'MJBATrr RORIRATIORt. eoa f?OTr??o* ? if AM Hm T ita a [? Y ro^ Litrneaiwr oorgaeoe t'BHRY K Nli K FH H'x'RBia \ 1BI.B. rn* riant oaaiaatoaaa J' IIS M JaICuX. r?> i?w?c?ni or *r?ra r*tao*? kuHKHI W. ai.I.R*. Fur Joetiee of Foereir ? Heart ? ' . Bi J * (' B \<t * ' It Tt. I ' .'it?upe?i huua/k* Uourv?XICSABL Ui<^:!< iKFFBB. F^ftr .! vVe-.IPtli* R t,r Reeindrr-JI.UB I HufFM AR. For vorrreate? H'F ABr? C! *TtBT. /i? KniV-JAkH MKi'H. _ r..r 8in,erTt*o^-CH RIM JAK FCTT W AR7W ABUDRR P. W. BkiiK, 'Tmreiaii. 'trmeit r Br-mu Be a pro letn NOTTR-tHBRB WIIX BB A MBBT1RU Of TUB kill* <!lab held aa ar reotre alraet oa Vnada? eweelag. Br.?mt ?r .V at Tk o'nloek All tk* m< eiK?r? are re-iuealad to >uead By otdar of ? DAB!. J. HOI : IYAR, PreaW t. TiaomT t . <i?gg?. Secretary. PB?'P1.RB "AltniRATR FOR JVtnV BC F TUB rCA'R Sepnwd (?w??et Hmoklve. TR et?PHTl?tTB B Ol.f ? RR - Br na* >a the etty of Hn okit* I* to k* lousd p<? "art- g end p?*nt h*n"h<>nd to daelkr- that Rr Ollrer erwr In any wtr ?r> t g*i. bi* l*ilnw erf uitraa Tk* follawtag eit't" fro n a letter o' Ike H"*. F A Ta!lnadge. of F*w t,a* .w r*i hi a* *11 tl>tt Rr. t'ltaer'a frtaade elala for kin ?rw T< ? * <'p? J I l*Bi -I fcar-c Wi *- p ill.* *'?* ? Tk?)ok''na t>H*er for ao?e? ? eara awl k??* **'r ' ?i ? 1 1, r. heao rreetaad hnaanrakl* Btea, *Bd aVmn h* g-><1 *1'.< kia alaa led kiaey pne tlnr. for wklPh he R faily qrai a*. F A. I An- M ail IK Poi.mnw- - 1 iiR jap. t.Tiif tt > * ipe?t ?? the r l*ai' nan^r- 'n x'-> '? " 1 T" lar* at 'k* i?a?; h"ir JOHN H. ill' ?lt>r, rtr?t ? ?Bt ?? Rraray. F? retary. POLITICAL. _ Proclamation Jl la pvnuuM of % raeolatton of the Coaaoo I'oaMll of tba on; of Ntw York, I do huvbv otter i RBWARD OK OKB HCBDBBD DOLLARS ?Ok tuc pbtbctiom or ah* rmuoN voting OK ATTUII'TtBli TO VOT? ll.LKi?*L',Y. ore f u.j Otnuc whi ak.41 wnnuro, aid, uul, eouiw Al or ad ?e ??' ther to five or otfer b'a vote Illegally. nr 10 ( < ln? auy ward or election dletriet for that puruoee aft the n[ mtn / wl*w tJoo. to be brl<1 |r ibti ?ltr, on TUBRDA Y, THK6TH DAY OF NO?KM SBR, *?XT. hi ne pain opto lh? enovliMtoo of the rfle-der ai ti (he eert'fl cau> i J iLe xteoordr.r l?.trict Alt iruev or the J u4ge of the Court aLtre o. uvlclil (tub roi?lcttoo w g bad op m tae ie?t(B.uny of U i; ptrson or pertoaa uUimuut ? jqh rewa 1. titit *11 'Mm* for inch reward r,ot pr? aented to lb < inde ratf'**! In wt'lit wlikin t?coty ilaja utter tba oo jvlcuoe of aujh OB enter ?b.ifl be dtareiarded. bltea under my hMid at the Mayor's rtflr ?KRNABD j YtOOP, Mayor. POMTICA L ? IN DIA RUHHKR RIN AM. TO K FABTBK In* b*ll..i? oaaNikadof U A. HIT /( <?>!? aaannflV> tnreru der Ike Oor-lyear ptjmita) Ho. ,\\ j0w> nireet. M> Hroadwa* and of <1 W. BROWBK, -gum, of NW>aUMft street mul Puuitb a voii ne. RBaD. RKaO, KJtiD. 1K* ^JiSnTKS.MlW l?" I*?U*M*1AD AMI HUKklMIH T' M<K FiCTH About \Y- Brat of laat Februa mu aitompt waa oade by carta n ltu*eoM of tbla eHy to o' *,Jn ,rrm mir ebarUaM* In ?Muttooa a aopply of dud InkI' ? b> ba r?d In anafBBljal eipertinwe and Iflotiirae Thl . parotr\ remittal: lo Cb. lt ?lanllr and natural]* repuira*' t ^ ??ry _?,ue f eeUnir of huum Datura, waa virtually araiated in lU ?ooo--JuUabmiut through &n order ?Ignpd by J AMIS f.VNCH. OKI OK Tni OOi'ERN nr ff** ai uflitA* *?(! to ronnfrtl* a wf'h two of bt* tutft Aa rtMerce Ol tbla la. . ^ Io4|0wi0g dnauraant <v>pl?H P^ibUc^ ^ 'JeL'ettfc HoapUai UfiTCDtotfet _ ,, ? . Jfrw yon-:. Tob. S, J8W. ai.t, , W^rdf d m Rk' av'j 4-vulta. Pjh? Jn order to alio ? iV^ f r mrVuMtoo, yon wfl perm.taoo. tmo. tru. . Allbiui?a on aU b?.Uea. ela'med .1. unatRtmad, I if a?ok v* & BiOfvl tiiN*?aar? ty t?? Vteltin* Km " M under ibetr .llrectlon and eutxrr a?on he Mo. .*l H. >u? ,.tt; k ?dlcnl Mu tenia ara allowed to make aoeh examlo Ttv?. reapef.fullv. tv., v, n.i. w, .TAMItft LTD OH, >Vw?m?tae. ??> f Til. I "*nn of Belleviia Hvuplla!, waa not a eel aectlu* rartv Ui ibi> r.,|oua*?.i acokrlfttan m?aaure, Btjoe jud?<xl (root bia cei ?t eh la hem aabjitoed. "?kw V" tx. lat Kot, 1MB. J tv. .vnn Horenty Brat Htreat. ( A^B.h.,1,.1 ih.r ' y J*nM? Lyuob. .Joveroor tbe r3l?naion, tome I reoeleod In V " *"*"? w?a obeyed to i-omply wltU IU terma, tl ouiB r t- ? itkr i'. r??m uiatratin* eoer)/?ii?jally witb ,? ? . ?! nhnmaaity of au*^ a proo-eo.n<, arrd tb? on trait ea upoo ^ Nidlrar.f thei?ead and the f??Uo*a o> tba lirlrg, to ?b);i ??. could not but lead. TIMOTH rtv*LT. , . I a'? #anr? n of Ballevna " . ...VU .ci1 * aAd Wj frionila arfl ??a*lleii*8d to ernylbf trntk of tbe* , ek?rxe? Tb- >rd*r atAmta open to in tpevlioa aa l r Kmiriuif Belle' ne i I< xtplual where all whi npUbt ?e r Mtr \ti Wi diubt tba'. aucb airuoliJoa were poa ilpje, OH a gf (y themrelrea of tta antkeotlcily. TM or# n wl>ct le o filer i \nd what *e'< Ita -neulta It w,,n? y* ' >.o?t .mprtall-le to rt -acrUve. the ?t<?v le f tct tii.1 anworlty n % liren to iliameiuhcr and Bt-V u* In nneonae "i*. "I 4 the bndm "1 tb? detd poor of tbta olty lu a molnjj ckoly eir j?;.i ,nof tke' lalmn of a < *inlii!?t? now+ 'loie Ihe pi* pie f. r -j?ir tnprori t< ele.n Um to a reap.wt le c?Uioe ro?>r f ?? i of Kew York, Jiunm l.ynrb la apuaalw.: f.w yonr U JK * m tbl' r.-oned of being a friend u> yoi r Intareat ? e *!. * *"x>Te rr ler, and d*<'lde kiiw muck ?v?p?'.h? be ba-' <? *<? relntiooa uf poor men ?aeo he waa t> jvernor of Uf M * nonan llu' * tin of Nf w York, who areoipoaed to alolauo* the T*c." >f of the detd, Jamea l.yaeh la a ca-.dldato fo? BefCu'.w la lie t. in who would ptve your bodies orartotho dtaee iu>k ro"ai * Hilled W your taStuiirt I 8>dLA.Z DEMOCRATIC AHI> UK1UN WC ilKAYlOU fo:: R?U HTCR, Ja.HU LYKCH. Ry U a* niOAt. DlMtH RATIO A.ND PKOPI.B': KOMiy i. ? t tiooa ? VlAh <;oBcreaak)Ml lllatriet? Por <?' nh*rof 'Vn f ma. 'amec ?oUiiy. for mem tier il AieeetUly, Teatb i>A 11 4r'.. Daniel M O'Hrlatl ?'r*? h<>tnea and free tpeeeh (rnarantead to ill Therefore, n'e for Mc,?y and O'B'Inn air .lamee Mr.layard Mr. Danlal O'Brien U * om'Met'W for r i<nn .?ri(l An. rn^ly, a edeairoua of aoe!ns' licir nnmeroua 1 lei.daofrbe Comfraan'onaJ and A aenhly l.Atri t at ibeir )i"*d(|tiar'Mra Bower? iioiel. No 3!)S Bow?rj , oi lh<* er?n >i.i<atS o 'oek. when the tlnketa and o'hei paoumnary ?r . : a ngr tat Bia .'or tbe tlcctloo Of th'-ee canllla'"a wiMie tran I ?anted. /HTIICNT VI BRT, Cb Urmau. I' SttJi-C IdBIKSOa, " I T. K. AMfinroar. ; aeereUrlea. SBVBNTH WARD DARr*T, H WIJfAlfT fUHB -THRRR Wii: to a ooerdng ol ihla club on Mnatoy a. eolnr, Hot. f. at the beadooartoit, Ito SI Ilonrv atr.n a. (even o eloek. Hj older of M M. HICK, PrealOeut J. .T BiinriM . Secretary. THB HORtO* PILOT AND AMUR J. WILLIAMSON.? A Card to the Ptiblli.? I llnd myaetf Mf ucil la paper* of Kat"?itaj Nov. S, of aa\ mz written an atroclioa libel oo Amor J. Wi.ilamwn repub'lcan oaadliate for Uaetrnea in the Third CnnvroeeWJiinl dittrlot. Ihe article In th Hut it prmiO'inrel In thtte paper* lalte and malk-looe." and ?' i mutt wLk?d fc i ' 'uterlrag " That* allegat.otia, f talte. are llbelton me. If true, i ma a tonundrel. unworthy t>: belief. In other word*, r'iher A. J. Wllltemam la a raeral or I am. I ehellenire the proof. I beerbt ofler to refer the rhav made aiMiuat A. WillHmtoo and myeelf tn three hotiorat In m>n, I Orlj ar lrried and agro." to abide the refill of thet. loveitlntkn Maw low, N it. 3 l.KXJ 7. I. n7i(IoI.? VjpLf OlflOB AND TBI COHWTTTVTiOW. NATIONAL DKMOCkATIO NOMINATIllfB roa -??mom or rai turiana nun ,.C<>H<tB a. HAANaRlv m joiTica or TBB?criuu>? .oval MlCHAal. CLNHOBFFCt. roa aacoaoaa. JOBN T. HUFFMAN. roa citt JoiKia, JOHN H. Mo<!CllR, roa tnaaout fk (DWaRII O MATTHBW T HkiMNA*. roa avrasTiMNL UNIT II ?LY, /a TO THZ rJtTTORB OF THB FIFTH < CJVOBBMIONAl. Dtttrtr.; ? Mr polltfaal opponenia. r'riraa to raa irt to the meet eat tabt<rfag??L hare rlmniated the report thai 1 ana hep: lath* fled la Ihle or n teat f?r the jr * lea of aiding the rlert.on of WOltam Wall, the biack rep* H.c*n rtudldate and that I raak l large aeaia of money > -<?n iletrge Law aad Mr WaUfurikat purprae, for the aatiaj.-eMMi it *ay f lend*, a* well aa tn ;,+re the (Uteta emit -adlet'on to Ihle aalumnj, 1 tereby give the aobjotoied a?d*r1t ? Join O iffy, of the nH? of Hew Tor*, hating deposed be'?w me aad being July ? aura. ta>t ? That he her. i?t?- neetrod -oenem dlremttor lodlrertly from il?v(< lav William Wall, or frutn at y a#-nlrr a?ei.U"f thelra, be (ore oral nee he entered tble rorteat . ar d lurthej that he I* sot pemone'lj aenmt'ated wiA eujei" uf Um ar KenOetaen ?n,' that ha wt'i remain Is ike OeV and IkM the battle hoc-mblr tfll th? ni goe* down on the Ota of November. JOHN OUFKT (?worn befiee me thlt n' T<r?e*her. I*. (u< Mil L. Utu KM, I .jm.n iaiooer of.Heeda, fie ? Torr npujc truth rmniCATKD by mwohr aF'IUa^ it. I P"N r?lR. t'URI-TIAWit, OT? TI!? r AC fd Jaaaee l.yarh, la heard drnlaa the autemeni pabiWtel in ttle paver. In n' atlor to bla aUnature In an <>rd?.- todei .et tie dead b'idtea of ;>aiienta tn B<*'l"Tn* IkiaotUI !-> .lie ' mad I JHIMk ?mZJMHML #Wla?Ji" for taelr purp<ne* Read ike fojloe ng nil <ta%lt fr m Tlrrnhy IVW. V? j ul t???TvtT Oral ati ret, near 1 bird aret ue. a tk> waa .Vardeo of Rr levu* >!ner??; ?' vhe fmr the order waa rteen * F> l..> t IT or 1iKuTU? DALT, ek Warlca of njleeie BngpKa' Cut jj n IT "I'm or *?? Tna* aa. ? L Tlnvrt'ir IH'f, late Warum of HelJe* ,e Hnacltal. do hereby make oau aad mi tliat 1 hev* iaa.1 lie auuertif ok* purporOug to be at. aed J aKKK Hu ll ARO ' IIA KI.BM HUI MHimirnil, In witch an e?a?lr>> attempt la mad ? In deny '.bat l*mm Lyaeh atgned ae orrf?r dated ike M .lay of "ebniarr J-10 dtreo lng ? e v> ilte "aU hodlee. rlaiirr '. or i tk al.n>d ' of thoae who atKPikj die la Krlleroe H.?rmal hi Uw *m- naal hc ;?<) Ul ' ?td mediral ?t deet? lor dieaert'.tm," acd 1 do hereby aolrtBhlj de clare tka e?>d ?rder wae r^reo time VP on the 3d day of f<" ro ary aaaforeeald. and tkataal<l orler ? attend lir J?mee '.yneh In eh own handwriting u hleh waa an ? i t we 1 ho wn la me, aal tUI It wae al?. t'gned In tie henda rtliD Brriwog haoMD who now end eat or* In ahteld '?m#eL)t k frm lie r j?wv, lenrea, and I Co 1 .uUmr deola. ?* that at tke Ume of the rreetpt of M order and r-bte-, uewtly. 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Ryo'ler AAA ixmr. re-rretary. 3D WARD DKHOCRtTIC TlflOlf OUTV.-BT A reeling of the rn?mt>e?t of thla e'uh, held at lit U'?ertjr at reel cm Teatday ereninr. the .f?h nit., the toJowijjf rttola ? ttPK* *?re miaeltnonaif tin ted - Northed, That we eor<litRv endorae and tha" nee all h'-nnrah e endeavor* i" e!"^t iha I al a K i 'tnral tiniet, headed ftteeee C. Hroeeoe aad U*mai .1 R*rt"e d. and tke Hu e tirtet htade I Miilutin TLelhai, '4 Ih t elab are d te to the (VnemMtee <4 Flft?ee for the!' p?t-1 *lr endearoft In d* fene* of the I'nkio and norttHotl. n aga n?t Ihe fanatlekl war Of the baek iet>n'>'|ean ah ilttkmlttt K aao. > ed . That aa Mr I'eo.amin Wood hat reee!r?d Iha M<V rart Tammany ar.1 I'rloa to?ln?t"pa* f ?rOnrgretr In the ihi-d < oogr?tt?ona. ditirlrt he >hall raeotvf o rr rdlai and eameet ttpj*^ We hebeye IBM f??tl i?*B'ne-pial dtg rut w,.l be (aitkr ily add akly repreteniel ky ?" I* m! 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That In We nomination of Jaatea l.m-b r tr 'k*gt? lerw.- M * trait wnrtky rlt ran. a martyr 'or the -atiee at Matorra ? we pietlge *nra*iret to nta ail ho?or?l la meaak io>?etrt r.e ?'*ct"i,, he, i- ring I, It firoet* to at a ail r* tnk>*'< a erey?t!)l(c*e r? time I egttlatnr ' ir That e? ?< rill all t atprorerf Ike inmilnalKm tt ?''h,t rr^an for Metaler of Ateeeblr frog* ihe Flit A* trr ,,i rM, t ei eTiu* klm to b* worthy. b'?*?t aad ooa b#t*r . . ? ? ed 11 > ?' *e enlrea'. t/tw fe lew cd'.ea* to rite hualntt t r?, (mi ! ?n the oonetltiithw whlek la 'nleoded to *lre . *tr the 'It bt 1 4 mil rage, he lerleg, aa WO do, that eai"*. t fire ? d, r.errr irler-ted that a aefrothon^ 6t plAeed en r- wfciily with k while rea?. FA TBJCK frwn 'wt - v ' j *?er?i?rl?fc K - 01 POLITICAL _ TTNlo* OOMMllTIJI *OOM?. aJ Wo i9 Makes KTk' Ini'i'i* n,l Haw Yo?k Not. i tfOU. I The l'o kin Comavltie of fiTUt n apprai lo Uie ciu.lus o( 'Je Cngineri-ial Metropolis of the I'ntiwd flui a. we are impelled t>y a ioi?ir.u ?dmo( ("nty to address ? on. Thla city eau riuuiy decide Ike ntcllou is ike but), )>?tl it* Blate wil tfectda it In the Uukw. IB* the canatta of IRS# th- r.opulatlon of nur filly ?*s afeont (BO 000, <>f whieh ibout '?.Ot'U were votere Our si laalsii'm k>is ?luce Inrreaaed more iban tilti per cent; ( i it, tber? m ill now I beat least lao WW eutitled to rote. The rtpubSlaos oinnotat 'be utmat p:;'.' nn 'han 30 ilflO' ?' ty nut euU'l'd tol?kl)0, owl can easily l>? n?pt beiow that number Al titat la neddeu l?, as uc*riy aueosatb*, tu Kit out Ifar Lnlm rote forty thousand t bully will nave the BUM aad Vaion. I *'? ?a slve alily thouiBI id. WhUar<. i.iir lLtereaM iOd dutta* aa .ena of tkl( yrtit Metiopo'tu I Wetaiwt \ trie \ tie truth Wb,*aevec any fa it lot aUemtUi redisplay tbe ruin *r!i'<-h the a- lions' orrvn. it! m not rol'ov of Ue r?uuti:ic4Uit< will but U?. turely brlrip ip< >1 ua. we < trs anawered by the w retched rant lh*t we rr ?hn-ati'i.ed. Uar pn. e i? ?p;ie? 'cii to. In ord?r Ui biiB-t our eves and 1 1 nil) I out confidence. it i.t theref' r^, '.hivt we.. yr.ur own fall* tlttKU Idi'B tilled % itk you In all jronr great internets. ui yonr prof ptrKy, and equally Buffer* re in yon: ealiBilty ?e?i ak to our frter da nnd brethren. We ??tit) . ore you to Oaten Tor out aakra, and for j. ar own. Ttwfcxw, Biau>< bu the Fou'h looked to are how muoh 1: WCUM Urn Use North and I he. North , noted to ?ee how rouib tt hum the Houth, If weikhouM break lp our nlonr ia Union. It 1a thus that Individuals Ur-ite mace's; It la thra that -?? , tlor.f Invite w?ra and lerolui .ods Set >.rr. It an' .iiadalr. ot ortti ra have xsnerally hwu :ie prelude to both Individual* ao<: ' nnt 'nal rulu WaaUeorfre the ttud, ?u Lord No th.wcie I th - Until h farltHmeai w?:re IhO peoile of Knr'and, were ; eren tVe l i^l>:eaa men of " ondnc., l^aa trun tu.l tliMi ?w now I ne ii on the day which f r*w aeve-elthe iMrt'en colontea Cf Anoerloa fr?*? the Hv It tt tnip re DM ih>*v teec tbe ; -aarslrK and patriot vote* cf tie t<n"nort*l > 'Hatfcf DM not i ilieir *e' eralu tbina thw tiny, with urna re Imoata. could mar h lbrou(-b Am?rkMi- \Vere not tlielr ?i?t> nircn willing e?e tbe coti'>?t beKan, to aoa-Jra ihat they. UltB our republiOtti frleode. wouM do iu thtin< Cjittler ?on!d not tim Amt-pf *, Urv woni.' coi tent U?inwr.lvee with der^nn* by Hi ot farWa meat, thflr riflit litav Qk And i?ld not ear imti.ort* >n''ee lore *o 10 ?*r on Ik* preai ihl- of that axrt cif Parltamont, and cast > fl l yever the fivtrT -nent if the 1't Hub orown* Hrmrmber, oh: remeaabrr that our t retkri ? of the Sou ib like onr!*'.ve?, are ,*ee, nidarU of tbe win-e r ro" t. brave kljth apirlied anerab>ri. We Boat Irti I theat to in by ?U lie tttaof Kutud aMctlM and c tnmOB ialeroat we mitit be jiia to il em; we n.nrt CTtb.tidly rerlte amr own oplnlona when wt lope wrj differ, * * miat penes ??< ooMidnr th?' In the eoa ti-ijverslm w btcti h*T' kivisi -ira ti the preeent daugrr we. and i if* thry, ? rr p ?oii<'a,Jy tb? ?is "-aKCra Our rep .!> Ic friendkilo no l ith; ao; oar peorie wo^ld nut Intentionally wrong llirn>. Hnt i>rt?cv tv 's the Nnr h wh rti prot)o??a to Kanit and re etn. t tbe rri-Ali. ilut iLil.iatrtwl and toclal ?)alem of 'he Rcwthein Htrtee. lhi-ydo not Tiiey r.rver hare proposed to radkt onr ipmyH' lh?> c a ci, equably in thie irmient it la to day a m- -e lb? ory, a ab'^r?rtloi, b tt *e must ai'mtt thi'lr p^ualUy >? the ''jicn. Ntbe* tt* i,ne??.on eoaea lo be pt .-able !>e? w'tlf^innt if the "nlon ".nlenii we -onoede tb'lr nittti^ble W..y ahou. ' w? n<-.* atiemut lo c in', tier their ad ncm. n toitn Itn -at' lp?kle land fahe theor) ' Ou? i?pith i >nn lri< uda ?? now hei{tiiiilnif to n'Oinlg" ua tbhl thry will 2 i n ilbi ( if nt*- will iet thfiil inU> th<* federn' amerri ?-t What then et.n tbe conntry vala byB?lini(tlirt oad e*w ie 'if" lli- IrtuVipIl of a pureh nefitlotial uaity. itnd l>) ibrt ?'. o'.jk on r H'ttT VKtei o' ue rtouth with e.tabllahJin a /> rel^n j^o-. trnirrnt i vr be rn Our r<HM:bl ?-R!i Irtem ? ;be <Mc(( the wronf end fo'e moat We cannot ori,u?.- .ii.i tbo? route Into the k iTeniment lo bna'ttjra uda quali ??d .o 8> 'ty It on l, at tc< oa br?t ft ibei.i?elve* t'i ei ' v ite, -f cm et inu-nt'y with the safety of Ike ouoatry l>i tliem tlret natl "talUe ibemwivee ?nj we will adm i ih?: they aaay I ? ,11 ? I ore loyal to lb>- tr ie prluel|i!ea of 'h? fcrrri m> nt by ?n nj ll? eno uuifi l* 'inJ Ita lioo'-r* I'StU l.i n we uiuat wu iki m >ui, aa we woui kt tp a pn'ii etiemv o' our n.'.0?nil earltil. VMb i tof Nrw'ieffc, ijok at home as ? very otter fi'V.e lb< old )n> k ?i thla (I lain A ak voorrrlvet, ?>>*. .'iow ?t- ' ih^ I'ni in rf tk'ne pon'tde ratertMetef la ?i r*!i oilie'> tu t wbai It la wo-lh In v<ei 1 r< ua. a? to ik.' i bk>i il tke ubield of proMettoc at aleat all foret|it t an 4 ' "?ridi^t en*r lea r*-es nsali our uouslderaUoi i ur irtpe^.t ai t ia<t. W ?* havn ^rown a* flroTf-, ?o?- lie i '-rem '<ira* and wronsihi* we forgei wtat our 'mbei a fere : far the luat twenty B. e yeariof ou. natl ral Ic ' . , ire Slitx ot J. the I V* ?* Tr * ranh fy?""* at tbf.Uel.n. ' ? ? f ^oid. .r <*oi <c i>t?1ffTU3?- nt?r ?nx ml trlfe j' ?,?t - i ,.l!r t ? to *<??'? ! *u ?n we *'e <? rW "*?? weoei b t liv ? <' aether W I'jh* ?Jf uu?lc?'i"* fo1 ?"V'w^' ?u Iiw'i' mil.* r? nw. W*r? ? *" *'?" "M^,lcft ..i m? 3w; ?r?*3 for'e. ' '*? -,rtl r- Mi.,r)<tiu* ?rm.'?. puo pote*. ?*> ?rrH"W**b i1 "i l?f??IJtiair plop* rlj ral *i V ; fS&tf -'.rk-U.Vor -?,i' .1 :b. I -? tons, dn*cie??i ? ? 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I r.'en at&d to II IV & li that 2 c nil 1 delay the t> ubl Mating i f my Iraue i.f U?S1 liut tuoril-r in '??pair the 'a jlir>. Ittrt not having received I ? ee'i'ilrM r i rrapun-'tiuc#- I waa obliged to go to prnia without tmartlna >r?|i yiothe?lan driona article referred to I hi ? linen call 'd upon by ?ar?rai yeul tireu known lo ibr aa ui*r of'.er hui' raanonalblll tr. In New Yurk and Rwlvs, who ha\ a pronotiscal laa ar tirlx of ray rnrrtanoadrDt "a iiri?a ant ui. .nu.ahia II lei" on tlio eliaraii- r of Vr Wil Kn.?< o. ! b*v? uo h? aitalton In di*a>o?iac and ratr^riuit nay an ^ *:! n' the ttaWierot* made in ibat leiier lirmv w* xal ? !- 1 lh? the rbaicra made by ray eorrenoMi 'i-mt hare no fmnida lion In uri. I maka this relr?rt' u trei 'y u<* f ny >i? accord. 1 hat? t?-rer knov. u Mr WUUaOktMt. lb i-f ire mm' hare no In live In >nrli({ my dnl'twui U) najer?? biach*rit: t trr Mr WMIltm Burcr. bu dee?aae< partner In bii'inrat baa beeu brc ntht to my mind aa an old ao I ao lal ?ci|U*Uit I ano? au* the (nperMooa iiaal upon blm w1t?ont -.urn' unce o I on P? It" wbiiin Ibay alludril, la a aonree o( grtei nioe l> 'n? In aroit, lo anm Ihe aili I* niattrr ti j. 1 fe?Hh it I a< we I a th? pari ea referred n>, havrt '.teo groraly li?|tO?b<t nia.aii I drem thai I ana but dolnK malice to invaelf, an *?*;! ai th paiu?? HtrRrtere I, in maklr.r Ibua puhli* my l '?llo a M I rrlends. tbc newa ipnia of Nrtw fork, hut dn ma jounce i the aoc?o pan) Ior itatcmnni ther aav ? I Ibiuhad the rubllaher nt the flint heen ?np o' ih' i-ha racier ol ll.eartl 1?> lelrrn-tl lo, be would not bate a.. i?ed to r pptar In Ma joitrna!. If more la demanded of ma to repair the Injur; done, m rolnmra am at tbi; aerrlce of Vr. Wt'Mamaon or hl? 'rlen^a Very rer peotfiillT yonrt PAlMH k n?>N \HJtC 7 be We m } ork Bewa a<reol? aaavioaa their attention waa called to tbe a?K.>nll made .'a Mr MilUaaaon brtl-xNeir Trrk correspondent >>f tbe lln?lon Pllo:. promptly dre* uu th? lobowing card, ?iprtnaluf their of ioloa of :he article ui | mieailon.? JllEW V ORK , Ont. *J im Avon J. "VTiluamhon. K><( --]>enjr Mir Our fcUertim ha* ju*t b? en rK led in a f roei ?od unjustifiable lib*', which ftp pesred in ibtj !aat lu^ueo' the B?i^n Pilot, wh'ch not only a? ?ftl'fe tbo rburaetar of J oar drcesa*d and Iftuftenvd lata c??. partner Mr Wllllim Hnrn?, *ut a'*o r*fle ;?*, iu name tad inebfcnant lan?iiure, upon your Integrity .at & ouhid^m :n".u and private rltl/en A r<*A* n for itn bavin , ntn written may j perbapy \>? 'i.nnrt in the f?.<st that vou are now k a mdftaff for t vuintrn in tie Third OWtf i< *. of the city. We !?* ll c melooed th?t bad the puhltiber r f t*e Pilot been aware ?f tiae rb k k'nar o( the a/tide referred Id, he wonld ik! bave nMft*"d it to b*v* appeared tn that ;'?nrt?ai, and we assure you t b %t b?d we ktnwn U hi foe laa ie of tint d-?v* <\,u'ahied the de'anat-^ry n-ut'er a'lud* d to, w*. in our runr t, ol news agea's. would u< ? I u\f. h i?t? we <1 a ?in{- ? c h >' "l the ps^-tr to h vee b*?*D cir rotated under he. au*p cs <?!' otteyeeeraf h-^itej; beeauaa we do not care to bft mad? tbe tniiruaa^Bts for the oirctuaUui of alan' ?rs aratnM the eacUi' tea ?>f ar poMle 4 partv, *n \ lor ! the at ill it ropier r*aa"i* in the ptt-wud. Instil-.*, that we Itiow the arUe:*a in ib?? Pilot tu he 1 *!*?? act rna h'loua tKi every parti mi ar. We have earb known v?m 'r m tfce b#iiuln# of your hwiii'M at a publisher In "tbta ctt j? ? ft^ont 1 1 tee*, years ain<*e~curU 1 v?sl<b. or t? e Krd*<e,- par; ct wLieh lime, *1 have h?' 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Pe.cauHe we depee aate tii'i moat | row* and iodef??Biib!e met> o < of political war ir? .4 i I fceraii?e we d?i r?? t> prornptlT and vi'y m^resaanf j injury w ich we may l ave un* tonally doae to yon h/ eirtsuia tiny tbe p*per referred to aud tlm . b^einr fmpln 1 ? irlven our i eftnetio to one of Ibe moat ?ickea and bi*?* t:r*t libe'i wblab I ban ??*??? r before oome to mir nf tic*, in eonetii*ion. we desire toaat I \l, wiatr .rr diflerenoeft of opinioi nmv mxkr amonir your fellow clti^era an tn the p VIMra' ooeationfc o? the day, i you mfty rf at aaann'd tbut the aO'tortUe men of all part 1 who know yo?t el' her personally or thro-'ch a areil "a-ned | < reputaii w will unhesitatingly ffidorae your hoeor aa a gentle wan and yeur integrity aa a man of t?nair^aa vVe are, very reapectfnily ,yc ur frlrnda *nd ot>edieni aervaoti, H. MlXIBR 1 t'O. 115 Naaaan ?treet. A-r1i>V/*KT. Ill Nataau atiiet OK IK. TtAYTOM .lOHKS. c rner of A in and V ?aaau at. HAM< KL TaTKS. ttnt M%aa%.iat . et H A M T liTON, .JOlIfcHOU A PaRK1CM?T. 13 Arn wtreeU JOHN b PKftKN k OO.. 23 Ann itred U"1 CR TAMVAHT MOZ'.KT Biam.AU nXNOCRAAtl.: CT'. -T MiV ISAflOW. Wnr * Ibtril l>Wrtrirt. * BKHJAVT* WOm WILT TAW O. SH** 'fl TUB PI'?n * ? C 0OT?1B *OR thr Annnbli, t?e W'm ?d?o??te ?f ih? "f )?W, ?rd k di ndlv oppurml to k, rorr n tionUU I' r?e trade and wllor'j rlgbm. Never *Hn vip tb?t ?hlp^ 1?t ap??mbly nisT*i rr-iHB itm??rs[ijmku. r* !*/?!?? li> ibe K1r?l A-i.-mbly DIMrtet nrenli^m, na*n? tiuf from Tairnrany llall, feello* tktl the pr*?*nt rna arr Jivih tj:>jra. (or* rot Introd tn prratnl hw n<.m* lo ib? peopJa of ilila aaaemMy dlatri?? for ?mup<vi ?t thn wbibr alMUcw. and u \>r uod?Tal(tnc,l dtalrc t> aro-i-? lh? ?-l?rt?na of a d-mnwrM mm hwu-tliy aud wiU rt; jr el.'" ouf varrient (import to Jao.b Mail'b. an on? who w ll hmaatljr rrprwrnt the pc?p> of tLI* Am-irijljr JoVn Tn. Wm H. i^ulltetl, Ktwanl Ifoonan, Jhbxk Hul'tTtn, Mtelmo *b?ro, rh*rtea llrw. [ Con eilua iHiwney, ll'nwl : K 'lit/., Mirab^.' ,1'hnBtaoM, John F f"nlll?an, T*wreuo? lui'q, , .Wwph Batu Jr., JohnVocre, Arthnr Ke?Uor, ! Th' ? MoCowley, n?'.te' Mficmty, Wm W Brotrn, Uar-irl U0IH1 i. Doratcuh LIxaI, Wra Foster. A TB AfBBMBl.f D18TB10T.- TO THB BPITOK Or TBK 1 New Tork Hera'd.? Jn p< u?r uemeol tb?r!i bf'na?) many demoeraM" ear^Mai ? fjr *aaemb1 / fn tba Frtntb dta ulct, I, aa a k">"1 democrat, >t < ojt wl?h to reaaaln a "andldatn I and be th* rn'iae rf defe th.r tb? party. I therefore nil* fraw ' ay mw fmtn the CMBru*. hoptaf my friend* wi" an p port <fr. Win BeO?'i!?y, tbe raj- i*r>oniloeeof Wo/art,Tlall V iura, r??| ?artfully. tUOMAH Mom ItiOMBKI N K ~ I nndarataad that a report hw> h?en e<'? ial cl Tu la I- I 1 hat 1 have b*an ?<'uaaot->d with a f rvtaaaut A m> >ai A U- irij an-1. />? I ?m r > lonrrr a otodl tut* for any pn -.In i??)U<ai 1 irrat ,p< at>iraly daav e?ar k.icmii to any a?""*t?tkm of the ktrd. ^oor do I know of any rerton who 1oe? \ uiira raapecl fully., tHUMUl MoHTiJUMCH V. 5TB' WARD BATIORAL niCWfX'll AtfC IT* ION AMSO c t*tirn ?At* ro?ular e??iia? .jl the abov* u?< l?tl m. 'ie'd ? i t^e,r ram M ?ro 1 Uap. nird ?treet a c>mmut?a or Ihr In towioi oamcd tentlemna M J. Jlallry, P. T AalU auJ John I * ir?n wt? appoiiit?4 V? ?eler-t thrnn ? V> >e I rrwei t Uie L nwo jaAet la -ht Milk uar4 ? rn.(, t. I- W. .1 Ilnlloak. H ??!?:.?. II. Mark J? B I. n#?!!e. John nfmiiia. If W?'hiir*. 5? K. II Ft'eakriap. ? Ikuard ?? ' a# f. ? IT Watta, l? fc'aiHL, D Woldr.U h? H !*???, W mm proa J. U <i,*n 3 W 0. A )ar.<y, B It Ib'iata. ?? W. H . f rare. J.J. H.-'il , Mr rt??'irn ?- Ih a. M trphv, (i?? ? Hovaa. Mr W4 II. CAAKB, Chalraa.1 tW' tfa. V I J" iU". I ? i,*eT' uri*? RT I A4RKMKLY llfHTRinr ? AT A JQIBT MKRIIHU ? / of thr Uanmuleaa at t'oiklMioce. le d to r-?|. . *>? to the ln*4ui<'? nf tie Rau >aU Talon ('onrenttoti for t?a in ,-aum at mtn ( the cmerra'ivt ,A*it ,i[ i.c itiabiet ,?on oaa n Catr f >r Aaar nb1?, aail thereby taa .re the deteat o{ John J. hkaw. I'm adid?i< > t*n,f taft^d to ?ubmi: t>- aialma to :a<* art. .n <>f lha ?'?nTro<l<*. *r kin i red ei| rnw| enure Wti.<*(B>aatoavdaby bt.r Mr Hall, o'.ia ? 1'* t?lb? -eri'i amihint'ti irm? aafead f >r *n a<R>nra roriii The > narmUkua, >t ri.oo.evj u. tr.?? tiaraedliua art re. dar'led lo a'Vw Mr ll?t; tr ?epr?.nt Imamaay b? r*?-.K tketr tutaa h mwlf. Mr Hi . refuae I In vnede! and a a> reftiae<1 hi. ;.'ojita? ty rubmC. tna eUlwair aa vlnera ??*?', aere kad 1u? 'Vie\e..ti f. their hj.? arm Iih hkIki. i tared * IaHI V kliACTIt.r ti^r tie smiled dem ^rai.p ai.a Ctrfu caadKlaie I>. u. JUhaar ^R, OLainnia. I 'tn c'>*oRr**,in?Mf- nisf|iicr -at a iirriKu ' * L "i"n "* ' Ul**" lw.14 al? and 60 Mor i o. ????' K*"kkiur. In lh<? rlijr of Prw To k. *<?>?. ] 1*0 5 **"'?: "? *'? W'o?nl J?BM? II l.?rok an.: .l?i, ,a ^??| V f ouxJirfat'. for CtM raka/la Ilia flflk (IWrH, ba>!o( itior. j I W?""taw ?Hk Mm r-mialTra and a<: u?H gMrrLma \ 1?T ?'"*"*? "* rn. rai>ta>l?i a,, *,4* of th#lr roapffrtlra S5??53r^ *??*?>? Kaao WraNia Mite rawttdMalor Uoa?raa In aaU t ?^lrl It trgr ? ? Kaantrad. wM.lB-milf.1M ft, u* 7n Vm Oka n trio* b# tf arf-rfd In l>?i Ifl (I Wiaant K> ?a<t Janra II L lrn"'<* ??*' Pain Uf ?-l0,1r4w*l u r..'<V)-(rr? In ii? rutb dit>id fir tM? onrrnaa of k?f?rtr* Ik# nJorilr* of *n oipmaat to Ik- taction partr of Id coin >1111 TIbEjUb. ? ?>? ml'tef 1 tui-a 01 ryt' n f Hal WwtKik, Mwin rma??>t, ilrtor.alt, I Ut nv'. tow Wtwoott Haul, Mmo'I ,l.1i' B ' *-?*?? r??n'l r. ft ?MSII. jiBN Motror. )lul I atllri Ma<r?w m >?aL Owl "? A Racer. JUSHL'A J. HASiV. ? Jkk ui. Hi *i>, kfvtUr; MT?.' *ARO OCRVAR PR* -PRATtO (tZTbItju (I ? ntl-*r? of tba r?> i/tarn'.h ?fd b?!.1 * awt D. 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A Mnri o mi.1.11 ?cl m m of P?'.-r t Plre Prr>f m'rm, eipimd by '.!?"< wn in?lt*lt b w li- 1 at da J Of Norumtwr lhfU, Al' pn? mi biTine o!?tnn m ? : ul ilia fald Ann or lBd-"bl*<l dm 10 Ibe itoir. ar? c .LPn ' to fr-arnl Ihatr rNlraa and inako pajffi nta t i ?..i rH Wan .1 *<? JJi ]'.i iad?a> wbu la m th'irued U) teUle tnd r* rt* (?? "e all aucb claln < hd 1 dahta JlllN.J KTiJaBKR. A H. MaHVIN. ? T~ - VK WHO BAK M.000 IN TAHH I to e?rry on ko <*ai?b' fha?t lonvn* d<>D? irnatly roroaah. >0 nn? nwr anlj wttbmu the nu>a?y. A f ply to K ti. UaRI NKK. 32t) Wa?bln*i<in atreel. Pill OOPARTKEKhHU' 11 CIIIT< 'PORK" E.T1PT1!?<I HI I kwpt 1 tb* nnitaralCDfwl IB lha bairdr??>'iiii. t-uit n( ?k?r ( ln? ar.l mb?T b'.aii.raa prri ..iiiu> thrrrto, nn fur '.br uama of A < o. ard e%rnr 00 at lb? mmw of Krrauiway and 1>?? utrwi, ta tha aty of Ni* York, la Ibl* day u?.l*ed by mutual oonaopt. \7II.i.Iam WILIJaMH. Jk'KSMlAU ilAUtT, Jr. N*W Tunic. Oct. 81 1S80 U7ANTBD-AN ACTIVE PARTNKR III THI BOH ? biialn. at, oa?i wb i rati tak? ?bv(i o' lb*- biwtua?<, wl A a cf ph capital of $1 till or At (ml. In aa ol I ?#tah> i.ibed Kaixi. A lira KddranfAi m ij. t , ha'AM idioa. *lv U14 ra'arensa, will mfft with attentino. HOI bEli, RUUHt. A? vA A v I'M). _ PDRNIK11BD HOUt E WAKTKUrOariTK. VXT'IS N.ial ib Twai ly Dilrd Mr >?t. Apply %l SI bt Mark* placa APA^T.? WAKTIDT'i ?rriE*nW, ?OBR PTRvt?TLABII furatobrd Uonaaa, wall aliuatiw up t.'wn, Ibiai f 128 l? tS8u par mooih f?nol''-a private ai d a?all. Apply to N. C. BUHor, IM Ur.?J?iay, ? llojr, PART OP A mm WANTED -?T A PAM1I.T OP ibimtcivixi Addraia I'urt'a, Pnat (>&' t, wltii dcacrlp lion of prrmlaei. aliMloi trrma. Aa IITANTEO-A PI, A IN IIRI<V|{ OB l!RO*? WTONB IT Ilnuaa, ? I'Ji o..>d?n uni r irimmu, lo ml ~1 I Mwnm Twrnly troaid auu Iblrtv notriiia n'.rrwU and f i irlb and Plflk arnun Hrot 91 ?"? Irataadtal* appUcaU>? r?(OMI a 4. Aaiti'aa ?. U bu? W iJarald otm. TIT ANTED? BT A BMATX PAMII.T, (fNPUKNIHHSn f? afar'mrata raltakla for bnt'Mikaapla*, 1 ?-au m aboya Ofand ttiwt rr?frrr??i tarait moat ba aoderala. Add/aaa iAaoria tk. Ha) '.oa. 1'ijat Ui-.a. WANTBD-RT A SI' All. AMERICA* PAMII.T, eithrr c >>w York or iroofclyn, a Puraiihad Miuaa, a bar* all or pari 01 tfer rant would ba Ul an In tt<?rd with Iba prlyllaaa uf laa us a law . ,nrr !. ?rdrr?, | iwl rafaraao* Klran. AAdrata W p.. Hr-ald ofll -a WANTBD? BY TWO 6r.NTL.KVKN. WITIIOl'T BOAB D, a ?ltiin* Korm an.: H*.lm.xa, iial urninhr 1 i rafan-d, rub flat# *11.1 1 ?. m a julrl nrU.bli.rboi>!. b?! ?" 1 Pourih rd Poorlaanlli mwii and Ponrth and BararA ?yaaua& 1 Jim a ., i.tlt I'oal ulliw K. T. WAN'BP? A Pt'RNIPHVD PARUIR. KBdROOM AND n ?m aa KluboB. with woanB nlatiuna for li iuarkaas In* aoiiabla f>-r a ranl rmai Wa wlfa anl two cil irax !?? i. di ttjr b uaa kaaoara i.a?d apply. AiUraaa. alauai; I arm*. ? l.l k*i, WUatt. 71 Bnafway. \]Lr A fTED TO RtMT- A BMAI.t. BTi 'ItB III A T ' 1- <nd 1 ..alni-ta Inraunr adaplad for a jawaiary a.ira. AiUrra JawaUrr, llara.d ilAna. rt'KwrrvKie. AI'.EKK'V.M KVIT OP BNAMBl.I.KD PI tHITVHB '? f w tJS 'b all cfi'ura, of w?rraalau aiai nfa.-t ira Aim a 1 lbr??i it rbamber S tH* 1 <'a ar.d or .*11 .-vtvl, a'. P A R hlwi ITi iB 'K W ararooaaa, M6 *'anai ?traaa, opp*?-il? W .aaaar. Bata)> ^abad tu \P aR 4 PA IB PBlt B lilVBN P'>B bBI UBll EAU PUB I tu ??*?.' '%irat?, Ir. rar. / a^aay AU ralU ^ro?, ..y aiiaEiJad to Addraaa Ul ilodaoa laraat. annar r ari-7 A HI VT I It) < I'M aNAME .I.E) OB URAIHIlD /V. auft of (kaaibar Porak ira f w SI* In ail 1 >1 >ra ami ?lilt a. A ''vldinir of l'*J daa. rl.Uiu livery anicia warraLtrd ? 'aaraaantad M. 1 t, WOOUHKll DE, Nna 4 and SBul Ivanatraat. Two doora Inia canal auift JfOTIiTC - KVEMIAMB PI AM1TIIBB. Kl/R^H. AND PAUKIBU ? 4T All! 1 iTIMBNT. III. inWaMl ln^awth atraa*. batwaan Plfth an 1 i-litb ayaaaaa. U< aarh old f at awnra <?a<( aod abippad 1 o all parta 0 4 iba wnrld I'lannf *'?? ?"*lr.rtri?a. Wlrr-1-a ?nd "tai iary paakrd and aaovad. U. ?arad wa?oa? far rMovtnc Paraltura to ikm a uolry. ?lur% ? for t uraJtnra. Pomr Aaora Bart ,4 Mn^dway. iTBBITl BB BO ^;*?T_rT,T? PBIi'l PAID ' a can fo* all k '"'?it,,,. 1 mra A r Chi' ht . ?" ? aoaa or a.1 Ira*, ^arnb.ira" 1 ahoya." N. B-Ap. vJi.- rua.aAaf aaMad haai r?J* ira alwa^a oa hand lor **'" (U KNITl'RK ?OUBfl * 'lI* RBA Of MyNBT A n ,m VBfBB llTrn In raad * m"l?'y for Purr ura ' '?r,.-w mha. An., at IJS PUrtb a?? ,u*< ha?#?? Blii-.i *n,| Tanthi JJ" winta a "? iiQtoiik. ACARnTOCOBNon^Bi op IBIaB WlIIHK icy John M. At'I.trpB I* I 1? pouinr an at b P., . ~ thnaatM bnMJ*? WWabay. uf Mk *Md 'iiahi a nrrar bam n"arad for a?la In "?wVl nr aia- J! aual'i tow ba mu rf ihla a* i"*oaa??.ii, ha irriM^iiha Ua.1# aad 1 nWe in livVa f-w Ur 01 "l m .'< ? t b iti?, JuIIB MvAt birt K. dap. * 13 Na-aan ttnaC , . Rranah '.'I ai ?aaa /?. IflPTBBNTH BTAKBT JalaTIL.1. ?BT-??r ABI.IPH BD r IAB tba nfcaaraal .ta ra to boy loa Hr*adt?& wiaaa. Rama. Wl aka.a OorMala. A r . t'or whol?a?ia and fa ??ly irada. MIM Waal PUu> i.uauaal. "0 Manor w>M h. ?h* intAKMB <P,rrr# |?TH'IU)?T. 1|AIU?1 IIAKtLT ?U> IMrokM If ? ? MtWT . J*1 ih? ('Ml "c V l??5?jirt?V llfp U' rm* pr#. . wi I to4 (uiu?? *> llMrMMM ?IM> U>? rr*i? nrtaf. ; .m? .imhI ii )M?|titainik|in b*r ? *%.> M fh4, f?r>l? ?rmn?l Mrt*"*" T*ir1y fourth *t,,i TMrlr flflli I ?rr"* <--?'?* 'imnrmmu mui Cfimi ammwm, f*,*r*?roTAim A?n~ rmircwe D *?*?? m.?# fru? ?? UM par ??* M V Blf iK " !..*<? *rj#t #??r?tbln(i pvrfOnM* h? U?r <*'? rn-M* ltd p?rt?rm M ntNMliiili u Ui? hLi HE^S^sxjf bSSskkstS flATRINOIVIAL.. A -if ?" A* P*?*Ubmw, * ham or ?S?.TrfTJiil""!!1** ?c^nUrujM* <rf ar m# ltdT <* ?jfrtUH f HWI*f f, "It* ft ?*?? In . rnirtan ?Wi tlllUC*. AddiMt, (or Em d?)?. HortMMf HvriUrt AW m ViR, r ra uk nr aol win * ? rlat.l (*wri'?t**i * w*?* i ??' ,???? t , , M iMMl H nit rink1* k *0 M? m , ??>'. AC4fH ft. A. It , .' I Iti.'lK "m-:: 1 ? Ml i MOtUN t?, * h I S%UU (Bur .!?1 Na* ,r A t Mf, ? t v -?rU T. Wu??B A ' ? r>t ?- i *d?tf *ut\m ~am.

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