Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 5, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 5, 1860 Page 2
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Ui?s auj' "luienl may spr "t a g'sat Aui-r'-ai parts, wlilrb ? i I Mtafont/* G*> 41 ?lr|H o w tl; ? tin" ? >. fie t and ? tmi-tcal poiiev Mnirtm a'lk* to ta? to i ?IU' I ?'free'1 and '-Im.1' i i^ro scheoi's of ixf aoeieot ?Lrtu\ ?u< li a CoSiproaiUe *'-i * ce_ the North uiid the j^.uth ir possible * | w; i ini ?t i have a proper conception of Ute lotluence of c mm? roe upou public ?plni. 11 uil public ??'H> ,\ rt * to the forma tion o< the co?(tlti:l.< n ? llirosran ?( ,*?<? > 'i|bt "a Uiit Bubisct. alUmuge, in doing so, ? hisluru *1 ahioinp lino ol Mr Yum) will have I oe Ueeiroyed IHirfi g th? deba <S i:;?>u the f 'ttatlPO ? uir eoaantu ti'.n three interests ?trr .rveljped Hies ? wer?9 repre sented hy tie V ? V ?'??<? SlaWs, Virglt.a m.'i JUry'suJ |.'aoiig. and the extreme Southern .^latee ? t'-'' Carn aas an I Uaorgu. Yirgima an. I Man .1.1 <? i.i< '<? i f?"? ? ?"> ant ,n a sums 1 ?ce *11 tli 1 1 a 1 w 1 ttr rds vote eh J-i. * li-' re j '4 red 111 tbe ! > w ? .i a/y 1 'ngre^t.nal. measure alleotiog coo nn rce aece, revenue or ah'ppiug Tu>? was op I?y N,? Kngland Tie otlwr wan the suppree e: >n if ihe import ?U"n of labor from Africa This *as oil' ' ?' b* 1 ?r"l,t ?** mh<1 *ho charged u,i m Yirg.ui* inter* at* <1 motives Tl.a CinlUiaf ifeiefore . 1 .1..1..1 w ..h Near Ki.g.aiid, ai?.l ugued lo v >W span tbe urn ihlr<i? pm r pie If Massachusetts and tho olh. Mil' ? ?ould vale sgaloat ci?aing ia < labur suoply from a( 1 ? B> lata comh:nali u the two thirds principle w?." I< at.: tie lup.tlv of African la'i ir i?*p*. op*u for : ? 1 / 1? ) 1 11 *. Ii Mr Yaurey will examine tbii c-Tiilcnee, be y ? 1.L1I that I am coritot ludte.l, ibeliuw.rjr of tua "* i>rmatioa of the curat ituUnn ?a U'atory of eom prom Ilea,'l 00 n.e mat.rul mtorutti yf the il'lloi ci. 1 "?taif* The (ymverttoQ of State* now propo#o.l by tha nr. nut Maui, an 4 backed by tUe I'nUo aeolimcot of tin- S lb, aill tiu d?ubt be able to do w .1 our foro laib ? 1 ui ? lb it m, make sulua! aarnflvt for the c>m moii ( 0, learlr.* each nrrtion aoJ each ^laV to reg'ilate 4k o?n doneittc ?l!?'rj io lis o?n wny I ci.ppcrj to W11 i? tt?\t lh? elaUsui'n whi lol ieoc^d the act 10a of the lliltimore I'alon CiDvenllia fort raw the future ml*StOB of their parlr. Ttiey antici pated Lliicolo'a election, au4 irom that election tho aectlooa col II u t now upon m. It <ru tin* which Je feated Hocrt.m John It.- 1 ' wan ejected oa aecouut of hit liurift rr!ocplr? aod bU perineal convictions in ro gard to tlie and j'litice of negro aorvuuJe. Their imlioj' la to tarn: ir'z* the fldualrla' neatem of Henry ("lay with the ncL-ro labor ayat^ai o.' the doatU u|?>ti a bri ad at ' Ustinii national liana It m ttelleved that with such a pi* . form to rtan f ?i j. m the pc | * of the N' irth will, In 1^4, eudor-e the tie ar a.1j';atiiient ma4e by the Convention of the Stilea, mid that tha I nlcn party In opi>. ? tloo to the black republl rana, in oppoeftlon to Br Hub Kcbeinrs on Ihla coot: nent will rwi-? i' the vuiitry iike a whirlwind lbi> <Ji ty of 'ouaervative men, North and So'ltS, la now {>laln At the North yon meat itefoat any attempt of vwairt or hia party to prevent the North from respond ing to the call of the seeding -latei to meet tlu>m lu Con vention At the South we -nuBt prevent any e'lort* to wurde tbe formation of a Soulberr4coi.federacy, 10 order t ? g'vMlmo f< r a healthy reaction in toe Northern mind, f.'nrolr 'a eUct^n la not to be doubled Tbe ?ec?iaton of 4 wo or more of tbe cot on rilau-a con.-. ^ .eut upon that elec tion la equally eerta a. But thia doe* not nivwaaarlly drtfroy the nonatltutlon er permanent y divide the V 11 loo. The fli aiij .atmi-nt of our aecttoaal d.:! aultiea Inrough a ccnviMiot 1 f tbe State*, aa proposed by Governor 1 -teh ee, (,| Virginia, and the reunion of the .-'tales, will be the "good" coming out of tbe present "evil,'' Baltimoki, Niv. I, 1800. TV t' it ng in J/jryUtnd. \be lelltra 10 your pa^a-r e* the stale ol feeling (n the South are nut exaggerated Tliia is ? pjiat where t lie So jl.iern *-ntlmeut 1a more frce'y ooinmuolcated In tts cooimercial tatercocirie than perhaps In Now York, and mat* al cf your correapicJetta running ahea 1, they are, like the political Itaders, behind th-; people In the oialter of determined rei'.sttoce to fanatlclaui. Tbe people of M?rj lan 1 are 111* thoroofhl/ allva to Ibe Issue, aid a deep thiv gh quiet ap rtt pervades all c'.ase?s, who tremble at the c ,n<ieqiieccea of Ibo electi >n of one sworn to tl.e Irrepressible *. nation Situated as we are, wo have cause to feel m >re a.-rlo ia alarm at the throateolng storm tba.i an> ot ths extreme Southern States can. Our people cling to the I'nlon, b.erauae wh"n the c^aah of ?<'i-isaion com' a here will bo felt tho Drat shock Vo threats >r oiei ace.l are lieir f hare vet We all pray that Ne* Yjrk mat aura us fro-n the fury of latiHi.tirm; but wbeuever ihe o*. *? < n r< (Uires it, Marylsi.4 will be a unit, aid ?:l!i tho N?uth We have a mora fearful tile of wroogi ?t the hands of abo litionism to recite than Georgia : we hare suf fered uiore aa 1 complained lose thu other States; hut tho for bearaace of Mirvlanl only farnitliet the of the firmness she will exhibit when forbearsuej la no longer a virtue. The whole State Is now 1n a stale of eicttemeDt and alarm Si.cb a*A as inter srltseased within 111 t> irlera The electoral vntj .if tha sui w.:i i?.i east for Brerki 1 ridge by a msi inly ol eeteral t lo .itaD'ls, an 4 tais baa bee', hravgli* about, not by dim tinge, gr tae i suil trunt [?ery o( political w;irlare, but by a general sentiment indicate* tbe duly o' Mury'.and lccUring b*rseif unmiatakeably on the side >( las kutli. All th- ap;.?a s of tbe Be,l party (n th"ir niarniilcent m*etings atlrait n> alt' nl >0 the unt rlrg tffurt* of tbe l> ogia? party are w'.thoet I'lteci, and are pronounced the nons.- iw of la: IM the o(ierat 01 of tae repi.biicaiis are permitted is Siilleo miitler'.ns" and the one universal <|Uesltoo is, what will N'-w York do- so 1 if lost, what Is to bee >tu of us ' At tt' moni'-nt whru it was aiiuounoe I by telegnph from tnarl*?ton that one Slate had withdrawn from tho National Cor cotton, tb< su lien but universal cry of tue I* "plo here, if all |>ar'.ies, was "I.el Maryland *0 too " jnat so Will It br-lf Ihe sa.1 bourcuoes when the Soma ern Sis:-** ret re upon ary go ij e.?u ? No protests fro 01 any (i.arter will be tolerated by the p.-o|>le, who wi'l ?? ug Maryland with Ihe >uth wherever tney go \\ hat ? ( liriyiiitn Thinks of the Si<n ?Inn Movement. TO Tilt IDttOR or TUB IltKAt.D. I lira to* r>, Nor 1. IS to V ill jrou alio* mr, ibr igh yoor column*, lo ?*j a Urn won)* la relrrruoe to your neaa at lo the probability r* lentii'io It it in M inrprlaiog that aoj ooe who i capable of ttofml n tfeoi'd r ->me I) aty otaer at c ? toa tbau y OCT* ?rr tl may r* the i-ttj. ? itt inr Ih* ict? real of Ui* -mid lo d?> !? Uie eeaa'. La eoln't aiecroa. there it r^ry l.ttle 4Mb! t */ ? a s ?* la Ibe lift that aeTtre! Mates will ?*?ed# I lo ao? ?p"U u a pHiiiciaa, for, like mauf c "|j t a.-. 4a- le wfth co party, an 1 hare a?vrr ca?t a p^ '.cat t m t ?peak aa a loja ctliae* aeilnoa to arart the r:.n wh ~ I feat it iD>t u<v' bet your reader* at the Strth bear n tn nd that e th th.-m reat* the deetttoa of to- ttteoa ?jarat -n.- shai; the Co. "a b? prraerrwi' ' The baltu- a lo bo { gbt to the Mrntk, aa* if lltey pla-e tae ft rxeavut la the liao'ia i?f mm beaded lofeth tr by u ?> prtacn.e }ut tbaf of fco?t.lily lo th? l? mib, II M oerta u that tt? gtc'JI will e i auhoi t I do oui r. 1/ for Hit truth of what t eay up<.t. '.ilr'gaef lealt-r* or the >l<* clarati-ma <f an ultra ^rree U mr lotersoiroe * th at-n :rnai d'ftereat pvli m tie l*t?v-? men A ao<ua4 new- - 1 And th? ?? ut nieit m ieecr.-.u ui an haralety form- 1, that in the .?< ? n' of i n<"ol- ? ? lectio* it >a h?*t than th,. iwue be tuet at oare Th?y think it >odea rahle t > re main wth the Xo'to een i it Mould >r the p- ?? ernl great dwt eea It i* ?a I that th ? <r il other paper* Rlioul I underlain! to c >ot mne tin- ci.iotrf ibat i'.?ee la no dange' . aa t that Virgta t trill aerer ?tre the t ntoa It ia Ml* to mafce eneh a?a-rtione M'trb at I deyhtr* the p'reent r *dil o i ' thtnc*. I kao* eo > t(h I ? ?a\ that if L'acute ahoa id tttempl t> > Mm * ? r.h i i-?li aa and Aiabami there attM be MgfMIM aartMag M VirgtaiA aa if a li>r.- (a f jet-ti ?r I ail> m(it I > enalav ta-m : f Iv.l or 8'e?? nr>dli ?, or <t>o P>i|l? ib ' ill oriag Iki !fd?rai power lo bear o?>.ie tfi *ae ?'ttie*. he ?.? r I ?> ? ? m lam.-d by alm^at the entire !?oa -h H it t irnmia in I S >n Caro'iaa will Mref (MM brh?i| the mraaiai of era ao bf an eteo.tSre ?!i ? hat been elected f?r do.i'.'i >r reaaoa U that tu> I pMlffM to cripple, and. if i?i?al?l*, to orti?b m r lutereau It It ni'iaacboly to thiak ih?t three enn,4 lM a i>arty arilliaj to elect arnan, ti-t feMWM be ?u l??H>r for oal.inal craaperltr. aot Nnitth) ari.l aim Dieter the |r>Tf rnment for tbagool of tb'pei^l.-. Hut lirra; ee te erttt uae h a p-^wer lo damtfe the property and i r ?perti of a large iwilnt flow ? *a the ? n.tb ?>? eipeiw t tj ac, IMea wher aoch are the grmad* up -4 which the republiraoa pr i*>re to lake the g ?rernraont of 04ir enuatry II wul aot do for fond peo|.'e at tbt N" >riU t? MSI tb? tb that ro agf rr?? m inwndel Tb* heat erldenct 9? tbat w II be ? refrtal lo traM for a pare f rectioaal ? at dtdaM They ?%y aay it will iw? mum ia t-> the So iih lo *ec?d. <nar y of ua thiak ao here. B it nt??i are not k't.-b to r?., iat *aoflbatkiad wb^e tbec h ?aor and ihetr r'?ht? are larpire-i. There are prlellejee dearer thai. l*?>i?? ?* tw 'P1 rt> , aad th ?"fh th? re are tnaoy o.iv n t ? a?tea ? oa, tuarf ire. ateo. manr of ? or wiae, patri Ate aad e ?o aeerali re ati MawMi^ ,?>a a d aaoomoo a< laerita hie at a toe i iu<t they rather fa? th ? r>tn< T>.e??a theirar'Tee thin '? a?? them aa a h?rit**e tT th.. r chtMrea If ! acota r e!w ?? I lhr> (eel nal i' ere ta Dtt ter cMianfrr troarati >n than taV ihirte?i ant >a'e* htt ia Ihe Keroiai >a, anMbat a< Mf Ha< the* mm hetler prr|?rrd t> ma .it tin th. i' pMNM (MM IV r ?.?'*< e 11-a to hait'e aealaat f mm Tber ooaa'iler tn n?ereeei pecially pri-oare.i for *i ill a a.ep n >w, ? iea th* wq tie iMath, aad Tirgtaia ia parte i'ar. > ?> ?htrmifhiy nffg B?ad Rat, h -werer that otar he, there a?e ?tat?e that * p*r*4v if I,w?oia ta ej?ri ? t, aad the r?et wul he p th' n the iDiHBoal ooerTHia it au-.n ? nd a mr< in t a ' ? ?air noatgnmery I'erreapnadenri. Morr.. iva*\ , tie . Ojt :<d, MdJ A Xortkfm M Jt i I '*?< *f f*? Ox l 4 1 feel thai ear t n* of trial ?? near al haa I, aid tha aatr<r the poopie of the *> >rth ar??aa the na-leaa, ab tka * e the at r iag lt'' ienceo< drmag'<g'i?a, an I reaaite aol art far th. maeirea n[- n the ahrorhiag MHW gdMlt n* ?f th* day, ?r aha *ot>o bo pluitgrd lato a rer.tlotl d III ? aad f* whieh a a* can f'rraaa. I am aware that Sortbo-ner* t |h al the th-??i* of dKnaMt, and regard theM aa t l i a wor^a aae>t lo 'ntHa*daM;* hat they e,??t"? fro? igb.iraane. an t not front kaoaledge They don't fca-t* what *o itbe<-a a>i bare at atate la toe pceaeat iwae, aati hea,dea, iteinc rrjadtatl ir >at their iaf?o -f, they da aot fare. I the a the word alaeery axtadt harah.aaJ earort of deep^tiaai They ka?w notitogof the aata<aoT Afroao aerri'ile, of th ?<t >n ,< theatre fur h ? ma?lar,a' h t rgM*. p?lrile#?* >*e'<dltto? fi>r peotabiy aeeer *rea to<jnre1 ah"b*r anyth e?- t he aa?t la It t defer *. aa I * me^.j tently, ? v, t f\r?a rea*iawby they eeei to lepriee the alareh d<lr? n' * coaatlt' ttraa: right to fi trith b* property tat ^ th'e.-n moo Terrtto'tea of the I ?nt I ait t Northern aiai ?*)>rB -o V.-a T.trt?an I hari Ured hut two r*art la Ihe aoo'h I rm? h?eo ? h h -t 1 oporlhM idaaa of ftiatbera taen an t tmtaera laatitii t oa* btil, fr m c oae i.heer rai ? a I thin* i a a o a e in p r??ot to iodfo toteeahty we'l of hMh Tie plan of etrrmlnii ia agreed t:|>oo,and ib*y onlj Will a ri publican I'loroph to carry 11 lol > eiecol.oo. I .<?.( ill '"a. .-In a atll l-fco Ikt It Ml. hud * ill be a ia ?toed lii tb'.?utls ct loluutteia I'iuid Um h jalnlig Ma a*. | Tt. a i *- it . 11 < ii'#l be e?l--cU>d pt-ar-.uabl) , aud, In ' ? ia ',??.) that ?rfioii and resistance a i.l. be fol- ' ii wed l? tbi bil'er ted T1 . calf poMlblu chance of averting tbo Impending ca urn Hits ia by defeating 1. It coin Th<'n, with the rights ? ail guarantee.!, tbo I'ntOh will etill eiut, and the ua ti. n would live aud thrive and groar, uutit her gigantic s/tus Lad encircled the wliole American oantloent Our Florida Corrcapondr m e Faiwajroiga, Fla.Oct 2T.1891. Tne /'olihoal Campaign ? The Breckinrxlgt Candidate. . tVinmphattl Oner Bell and Douglat faiionitti ? General John Viuon (Jntmor Elect? Suemtful Candidate) for Both IJouiet of Ountresi and Stale Leyulature ? 7 he State Good for a Majority of Twenty fu<e Hundred for Ureckin ridge ? florid a to jVloio in Oie 8tcet*iom Wake of Houlh Carrtitia-rlMprmvd I'Militiei for T.avd?JJauti/ul Weather, <fc. Tli ? return of tbo rtcent election tn this State for Governor, R< | rcaectalive to Congress, one ball tbe State derate and a lull Hoiise of Assembly, bare come to banl, vt itb tbe except loa of two or tbree email counties. Tlieee r> turtit ebow ttie election to tbe Gubernatorial ohalr for the next four jeara of (ioneral John Milton, tbe candidate of tbe Brei kluridge democracy, by a majority of seven teen hundred voice over Guneral Edward Ilopkinf, the candidate of the con titutlonal Union parly, who waa ?ii alao supported by tbe hundred or two Iijuglaa men In tbe Stale. Honorable Hubert B lIllUu. tbe Breckin ridge nominee for Congress, la elected by over two thou sand majority. Hia opponent waa Ju lge B. F. Allen, wbo was alio supported by tbe Hell and Douglas fusion lata Tti*fl.<gtsulure willsUnd a ? follows? Senate ? democrat!, 13. constitutional luien, t nobody knows what, 1. As remb!j? den.?crals, 06; opposition, Including one Lijug laslle, 11 Pemoctalio majority on joint ballot over all shades of nppoeilion, 30 Besides a United State* Sena tor to succeed Mr. Yuiee, whose term expires on llie 4'h of Uarcb ucxt, this legislature will have to elect a Secretary of State, Comptroller. State Treasurer and Attorney General, all of wlnm aro tolerably apt to !>e State right* democrats ju lgiiK Ir mi tbe tno|< rily which that party will have tn ihe I.igtala tore fne Presidectial election in this State will result in Breckinridge and I.ane carrying the State by at least a.'iOO mn >nty over both the Bell and P>ugl*a elentoral licki ta It n ally locms a pity (bat lb* Douglas loaders in the State (disappointed ollioe seekers, aud those ?b> from Inconip teuiy has- i been remove 1 from otiloe) should bave placed an electoral ticket before the people, as by so doing they will not only exhibit tn?lr pitiful weakness, but will alao mo t signally tail >f acnoapliah log the ob.pct which at tlie outsi t lh".v had ino?i in view? that of diverting sutll^lent demiciauc votes fto-n Bret kti.rl Jge snd I.ane to throw tho -t -alo iato the hards ol ll -llanl Kverit'? t (MM that the leaders ol the squatter oigauization seom to b' playing In many 0( the f>ull.< rn ait well as many of the \orthora States Xlesven griet tliat their efforw In every Suto, tbes attempte ' to bo imposed upon, may prove aa a'?or tlve as Ibey are sure to be In l< lorida. Tarotighout lbs entire Slate, to far as I aui able to tudgi from hav iug travelled 'over much of it during the pan fc?r weeks, there Is au evident deep seated domi nation among the masses (a ide from tbe sugg ?* lions rf (olili-ians) to refuse acqt,.?M~e:ce in the de cree of Northern laimtlolim ? hi;b will plao? " >11 \be'' In the Presidential t.liair Tho people are determine ! not to a low that mnn Ab-nhasn to rule over them So ?oon a i-outli Caroliia nr any other of tbe older oot'.on States tball delermute upon and a.ivl?e reeistanee luat so so n wi'l I il'l'1 Florida unfurl the banner of s.cjsiiou, o<t Ahichmill i>e inner. bed the motto ? "Reaislance to l,u eoln is i 'tdience to God " Though ie ? in utimxrs, bar sons, holti native and alopted, wiil strike boldly and val'antlv for tfcat lib> rty an I equality out of the Unioi of which a madly bl r.d fauanclsm his deprived theoi in it. That every l otion Stale ? ill pursue n aiaiiUr course cat not be 'loubVed by anj one t?h ) n ill onr> rdlect that toeee Mutes are paopled i >? Iree men, "who kun*- their r gbis. and, know ing, daro maintain lac-n ' The elejlmn ol Ltreoln ami Hirolin sounds the den.h knell of the American I uion. Trade, commerr,.' and travel will all take different Cbanre - an1 the mtercourse Keu?ral ly bereti fo e eo frro anl unrc-tra nel between tne N^rth and Soi-th it does not entirely ceu*e, bo carried on by the ft w i ndcr the i?-alo as and suspicious fuzi of tbo many, aud It would be almost a- m ich at a lire Vaukee's life k Mill he wcrtb If, duriug his Mrtgrmatlons tbrougb tbe cottm SI ites? com prising the icuthern coafeleraiy ? be should l?! caught casting a sheep's eye ma at any of our w< 11 'id, will clothed, ia die nous, thrifty aul ?!eok African slave population. To be lor>' warned is to bi lore aimed, it has been sa.d. It is not, therefore, loi ltlo for the conservative forcts to rally snd defeat the ilectim of I.lnooln, and tliue prevent the dire OOB*eque*aea atlen oanl thervon, st which 1 bave sightly blat?d Will tlr>y 1*0 il? 1 tutnk not but tbe Oth ef November will ieil tbo tale. ? Tho visiter to Fast Florida, whether for health or plea a ire, will be pieaeed to learn vbat vet additi mat fa Hit ?a are now allorJe<l for reaching .U.-ka jnville, Si. A uuatins, I'tiatka, I ake Monroe, ko Bji'. les a daily line of steam era from Charleston to this planer thi superb tusetr gar steamer Kvr.iglade, Captain Jtmea Tusker, m tk.>a aaml weekly tups between Savarnab and Pcrnao<l!na, couneot Ing at the lattc plar-i with tbe mail steamer I toel, whi'-li rrra the inland paesage to tbe Si. Jobna river, thus avoiding the dangerous snd il :sagrotahle sea voyage from Fernannna to the mouth of tbo St .1 ibne river. Tbo *>erg'adr 'eaves Savsnrab every Tuesday ind Sa ur-!.tv, at three 1' M , arriving 'it Feraaiidiaa the next day in t.wu- to tranaler hrr mails, ptsaengors, freight, \c . tj the Fxoel by daylifb',. Th> ' harleeton sle*-n--a to Fer*iiia, ibe <Jordoo and l'ar<.|,oa, al?o connect on t.eadav a and soodsye with the E*c*l at Fernandina Ttte steatxiers Oe le. weekly from Charleston, and tue St Ma>)*ardSt lobne, each wnk'v fr>m jsraonah, on t - -e to n c as fr rmrrly ip 'be ?t Johns r'?er, touchieg ai ibis place W e are ou< r.av eg 'ei'gbvfolly wa-m weaker, and the "-?stwrt cf n -fug (? laitv entire ? it ten a similar ? tlitistsf Uita.ji-* Miu xir'.al ag io-'eet. Seai ?n t*a ? . met ar* :>ra .a 1 r m your r>ld and uninrlt ag wifttr1 MM, si tt.-e be >nal' be av g rat. i by oar t > 'ic; i - t ? I haltered coMtitHioa built op i-! b? r*eve<te.l. e?t though -'A Btlnkm" is electe l S*rts -Vat Ittalr Men In the Month? Articles of Or- I (ftHttkiioa * ? are rrrt ' > ad ? pricte 1 p>|>f M IS? <-)rrttiutio? * ' Yj :aaa adopted bjr tba Minute W ?o of I l?c , S. ? and ?h .-h !? Ihe tr.<*lel ? 1 ;>l*d tlir Mii'houl the iVoith ? J MIL "? TM MM I ITT } ; h<>ulhrrn ?wiwi > . ?ral>ra> Itif lotlf mountain*. ? r > > ; Rjunui trws ai.o other tmpi ai laatar**, * ih t m. ?. ; 1 1". ?* Kqoalltf 'n tbe I'll * o*. 1i. h!t?ett,??U'V oat; |ti i>N ( or in* ?>*? xiiin.x pimarn at itHjariaui > OM tin JOltl <K?T> aa, 1S?0 W#, Ui? no 1er? Km-d, til irni of iVit'i arolloa, la i ti?* o f ibe'i -iiuj criii* nMtw my lb* t upm | tbe rloetl-r, m a bl4<-k rnnMtraii lo ibe ' iru'.?ni llwit I nlted iHatra, and n tm* id oar dalioa l> oar ?: lion, oui l?< ? till nar dearrat laltMM, obilb inutl fall r til. ? unl of lh? ir'imph ?<( Northern faaati-ttm. hereby ' irui onr??Iraa istu ai. aa?<- aitoo, nniW IN nam- aod Hft* ?* '-Minqte H?t,'' aad d ? fartti -r ? uemolf pircgf "oor lire*, oar 'ortnne* and otirifrH honor ' to ? itlala .'.?ubt-ru r .oul latloaal e.|ial!tf in ikc I'ai >u, or, fatllrg thai. In paubllth <>ur ladr.xiu i.-txv oit ?i II Artu-le 1 The ottl wra of thia nn nation mail noaaitl of ? captain. Ural aid ??? ool lleul.-oaoa aiJ au eoaign and nii'b oibc officer* a? tba captain maf de.'tn it booe? U17 to appoint art > Tbe ditiea of ?h? captain aball bt to pre aide at all raeotlajra. lalliata ??'ia?era, praaerra orditr aad eelorce ibe r ' an I bjr lava if thia IM. Art rt Tbe dutlea of tba flrat lieutenant abali be to aH aa Mrratary ant Iraaaaror H< aball keep bmk? no rmairy to the proper prrt. -jnan' .1 of tbeae d Hie*. aad ?hall reader rapo tt attu.-h timoa aaaliall bareiatfior l> : ! agreed spot Art 4 la Ih'' ahtem-e of tba eaptam tbe otflwr bext n 1 raik aball iirrewle Art I Tbe di tied of tbe reoon.l '.leutennat aball be I > riani tie all appliranu for mcmserablp, to rei>"t ibeir 1 worth iae?a or <;ow rthlnr** la It" *fNldll|(iniir,Hi 1 to nerf-rm the dutlea of tba flrat Itev.'.aaaet wben tbat tlfcrr "tall p?-?Ue. Art (I i? ?b?ll be tba datjr of ooa of the ana otHTr> IImM i'H ? ra ap^oiatt'l l?y tbe ca.nala lo a i at miUila f' (t !i?n ell la tie a?* .ati ? ?ha'l bfl n >u Art 7 Thd -Mtiat* >n f?e abaM be ?#e lotiar Art ? Tbt apiaa, 11 at ai; 1 ?e? .ad I r>itenaat? ail r*-?'<b rtvl r >n?l4Mta a ieriB?Ttt anm? tte* 1 > prep tea b'ir 1 < ?? for tbr iwaociatiou fhrj aba 1 a.i'iitit a rro >rt at a*rb Beetieg, tt*oe|b tfcci rba rniut. *1 ?i. ill ? . > 1 tr tt ib<- "ame to ,|eh*te, if aor ta leaira?, a^l ?b? p" ? a h qu<?tiri) r jotaloed la tbe report f.iraMr t it? aaarr^at n l"r <ta adopt loa or r> et n Art ? Tbia ira il' >a aball me?t arerf "at'irdar, at alarM u'aM * I' 1 ura mat t.jfi t-j i? 1 t?jr tj > rrrmacrat lomvltt'e Art. 10 Tba prcaMlcf < ;'ie?r *b t" rail Ibe m?et<9( t < ? rdrr, Mfalra vba r>li U> bd?b 1 tf tb<< arcrtarf , r?'l for the f aflti.f of ibe trir lea of ?(>?? !aat rnvnii*, ?ii mil repr r ia ? itaco n* onfbui ISM ca'l I, M iSa Ml ni'er al lea?? <mrr a n- aib f>?r a retvwt < i i-v A >an tl CHHlilloti of tbe aw *? ai' ?a, appoat ? iw c 'no it<"a a u<*?' r <ii<'h ?ba.l !"? In y ? of Ik* la^etiat, r? -aire and aabitll re porta, aad, no fitrtber b'ttlnma 1 on( b<f >ee tbe bc?I:d( . aboil atitorn t? lite ue it r. * nar, or tba n at rtlra ?etlbf, a# tbr < t?e m?f r* >t >! ' r? Art 11 Tlie rrrtnaneat C "B*n<ttM> aba'i a.iptiat kOMI I m tire of 0or rrap 'ti'lrv <*. .iciaildo' Ibx b'Bi I ? hoee dolr It abbll ??e tl I"??aiin?l^?|.' e ll . "ommtibitier for tba la*u<urall >a of a:ia ar 1 tin** aad rxmmaaxala to th a *?#< alKio, t. (a:b re^'i ! lar meet'Bf. all 'ihrat' 00 of ?pr - ?| in ? Kt Alt. It < la all oc> aatre* if |>?b l - dem nairati ?a* tUc TVrtnanrnl C'xrBnttoe ?haM rri>Ti > m i?i? m4m| |? pre|irtaie traniporaaaM aad nai#n<a aa ah*" h?ve be? 1 darolad upob Art II Tho ' ("eera '<r tb'a a?? ?eutino ah*,i hr ?'e???i| b/ ballot, to remaia la ofbo-< <r ait isooUia Art 14 T?ch per?? aba'', s^oom -g 1 r lata tbe fMloolog obltgatl nt. aad ii|t n <n>a? l< the com 1 ttillno - I do aol?aBnly pWfr li*", a? ? tt it >er 4 IMa aMoriattoa. tbat I itlfi II ?IM b 4r? bal at * >1 ' tioaal ?fetermlbatloa to ?il |U ohj I'M a? ?? f ?c.? In Ita preaa hie, aad f 'I.rth 'r pl?dra mr? I' tt p>e-^f ??? aerrel tba p>>aaaor<l? or otBrr *ot:T. 1 MtMMip'Mei w 'Reeled, wbteh may bar* I'^ti, of 'ha'' he . -?i <??"? ' hr thia aaaorlatma aa aet^warf lo it* a lun^mi-ni a<xl per arrrati-w Ail it lw?? winti-* o* 'be ?-*>etaiiii ?ba'ibaee quired aa ao> " a* ' ??i I > pr ?r 1? ai ? <elf ?lib *joi ? ap, re 1 -'?! ? I ? e?? 1 rtr ? ? it ? I* 'he hr l*a ? f|' ? rfe>?t tut o- rear be a'taeed nr.' i.U in ? 1 la '.It Tit ' ri? b ''Jik jt? pr* j wr f.?i f ?-'i - 1 ' OBT tOODS, ?C. ___ _ ? !.*, MUST Bl SOLD before the lal of Kebraary. o? V nl o I *"111* oul of the business K. I'HI.r KLDRH. SOI Canal slraet, !*/?? weat of BmaCway, will positively ??. ilia seasm bu ei-tlre ?lock of rich Kmlirnlcie.lpis, rral Ihivid Iiton, Trimming*. Huaiery and Glovee, Rlbbona, Fetich fancy Good*. H? Dtesa?? Gold Crmuneols, l henl'le* tr iiader enm pr wis anil without reserve Ijidles will Ind .hi aa opportunity which la naiUoui mlored. Pleaee naujfy y"raalv?a. A MAZKD WITH DBUQHT A. AMI TBI LADIBB AT OCR KKAOTI?U . CL ?***. WHICH FOR HTYI.K, K!.*(J?H<'K aND CI-KaPNKmS HUKPAf>> ANT OTHBB liUHX IN THB OITT. TUBT ABB BIAL.LT UBBIYALLBD. OHB AP80RTMBNT OOMPRIFKH _ MKX ICANN, FRENCH SAOQtTES PALBTOTS, ?9UA HS, BAfQUBS, BURNOUS. and all other atylea of Cloaka ADaPIBD TO THK 8BA?0B. We particularly call the attantior of tha Isrties to the f leg factv, shotting how we are enabled to uuilersell other large eatabllahmrnu ? .. We purehaae all our goods for oaah, thereby Baring :rom 10 to 10 par oeul tiuoar those who b iy on time. Our eiprusts are 76 per o?nt e?? than (Headway itores. The garutcts are all manufactured In fee es-abiUhmenL under our own immetlUte supervision aud wa thua ?avea Uuge per oentage. These advantages should Induce every lady who raq ilrea a Clo?k or fathumabla idirment of any atj la orprioa to call and eiamlne our In.meoke st?oh o, and theroby afr. from VJ >J 50 per oeul on their purchase. ,,i Remember the _l . CRYSTAL PALACE BMPOBtl0 ? Ml Uowrr W. B. EOBKRTB OCBK bUAWLh, WOOL SHAWLS. HTBLLAH, AMD FALL ABU WINTIB SlIAWU. or craur naacauYiON, ~ BAT LOW PSIOBB LOUD A TATLOR, ~~ Noa. 4St~to 467 BROADWAY. Noa. 256 to Wl OR AND RTKBBT Noa. 47 and 4S? CATHARINE hTBKIT. /lONTIBUATIOR \J or taa GKKAT BANKRUPTCY SALE private'trkatt or LAPIKS' CLOAKS HACgi'BS. PALEIuTS AMD FAKOT FURS, forming the estsle* ?f Bulptu. (Jregmm A KIluAi, (formerly Geo BulptoO an<l W. O K'lioU A *>, (formerly Mackenzie! c??i streak, BANKRUPTS, now oor i- regal.rt at ihi store. 361 Broadway. These combined stookn having beet purchased of the aartg nets at B?i rer cent BKLOW IMI'oBTaTON COST, will be offered at UNPARALLELED pricks. to effect a total clearance. J. W PBOOTOB, Transferee. (1LOAKR: CLOAKS" CLOAV '!l J H.- have ju?t add-i! t i ourab>ck a nnmbar of new Patter ni of CLOTH AND UB/TBR CLOAKS, Of tcit desirable atylea. whirl we ofler at very low prlMi WINTKB 8HAWLS from iUCT/ON at tar*alna B. K. MILIJ) A CO., :iU and Mi Broadway. QUKAP SILKS FROM AUOVOK. ?!>,? . 7 5c 85c aid fl per yard. LORD A TATLOR, Km 4S1 to 487 Broadway. (1ARPKTS, CCBTAIN MATtRI * AJfD FURNITUBB ) covkiinos At ritrrmei low prloM. The arrat^r portion mreWee, jast received. A. 1. HTKWaKT AOO. C1HKAP KILKB. J 20U pieces ext-a nualltT rf FANCY DRU3 SILKS, At 4s 6d. (Kr'yard. A 1*4 HO fleoM >. wide RICH PARIS DRBSS BII.KS, At tl Wuer yard Will be offers 1 oo ko&l*T. Novembers. A. 1. STKWART MOO. JgVKNINO SHADES XURB ANTIQUB, JLBT RRCR1VID PRE KTKAMIR, At tl S per yard. LORD A TATLOR. Noa 461 to 48* Broadway. ffALL AND WIKTBR CLOAKS." ALL THB LHTB?T~PARIB HTT1B8 HOW BIADT AT LORII A TATLOB's! Noa 461 Id 4(7 ?B9AUWAY. | AND AT VTORKB Nos tU to Ml UKAND RTBBT, No* 47 and 4? CaTHaBIBI STRBBT. V ASH ION A BLB DRKrS OCODS, IN ORK AIMT A RIKTT. LORD AND TAYLOR'S, No 461 to 467 HitlAD BAY, Also at f tores N .<* *5? to Ml (IRANI STRBBT Ki? 47 and < i t ATllAIINK ST FAfHIONARLR RKADT MAM IHnTVD, 4 W ltr>ia<l?a; '-"n?r alLaapeoard. Fine PI*, k ?'l <h Pmck ? >*u from lit to fit fancy mm! Plata (iMaiiuere *a.l f ??f? i ?"lm Back, ami Prnrk Wnlkini roaa, M UfU " " Bettrr t'l rth R .!>, Pro^a' an Ha.f Frock ClwrCi'M fro* lilt to tH " " ? aa?inu<ir in iuiu fioia (12 u(2M I'Milaf'i1 Parte froir $1 M i II Uarr use nn4 Pal<-r?li im In Im k ai 'I Half Fnrk act I'apa Uw'*H frm fit to ?Jl ? um?t Pint* (fa'ktouablr >*ot) trim ? I- S3 " U \ e il% d > , from (I V t I It m> r *rt >!??? c tiado and tilamo In Uwicat *r proved ait ?? <)-i? : in' ?<???>? .? ?? ? >mpi*l* forth* aea*oa Ji.HW ? <( klN. BY, 4'3 f r *daaf. ruranr of IJ?>?n?r t pklAf MAI Mr ICS I* HJCrf \jr ri.oi M ill flt.K K?HBS Siiiiabl ? f >r hai! er?a or ? .j rr-? <Y?liaie ?TI'? orj* $' "i |i * rnhm (Cart I) tui^jrt |25 ti ?*l A T. KISW.RT A fO X IW DBKBI Kli.KS Juki r? el r#d ?? IT.MBOID *.d F0LTOA, ISO **!?? K r>. T ? >?*?* BILK . THK I.ATK4T PtRK nTl . B-> 111 T #K*jRT A CO. F OPl'"? ^ w?' oW P^&lidM tie ?* A CO. p LAIN POOLT DP. BUIK. AU TIIF PAHHMN *Bl P SHAD* PLAIN HU H Nil. KB* FIBCHIA. M AtiBNTA. RUAK I K NKUTO Ac Ac. t.ORI? AND f ATI. OR. N<" AN m M; KB >* OW AT. Prei ? k tradb ui ii?i <)br1ipin<> noon*. ?? p"eeee ? t Ir1*h lirene at ?> ren* per rard DU nierre ? 4 lr>ah .ineaa at 5> <*? la t>?r ?ard If ( a I l inen *hee*. pic*. fine iinalPr. at Ml ??tta r?r yard. Hi | In i :(>?'< I I1 nvi at HI aril M i>eata par yard. ??. 10 4 at <1 II I Pamaak TaM# iVkbk etiiuilf rhetp. *11 dnrea . fiaphtiM *1 II M per rri mm. *0 d- ?e? 1*iraek Nhi'Makk' llikl per HOdLt'm Tn?-?.a. kriri , i*M} al 1 1 A) par do ni l.KW rklra IV.ivkil* ?1 alrea and prlree I i*V Varkrl lee tlnlHe f i?? end ejira fln?. I ? pain r.aa aJ mol Plan e ? at Bl r*n ? per rard. end np *?r.'k ' he aNnre are rreatif b?loa tkeir talne ?fleria? nniWPial attrarnna K t nr. fcaeerk A. T KflftUI ,0,, at m ?i?. ?h cm, n oaa, acn, and n par iard, PRO* ACrriON-riRT OHIkP. IMII A TATI.OR. Nna it 5 l ? Ml Grand eteeet. > -? *1 anl II OatBanne atrMk. w*i.iir*Rpn btih'e it Mr Ait* T H i ' A OMIURA I?p?ir\ere ard Jnktan ol <!ARPKTB> A*)., NO ? C'RTl.ANDT BTRRtf. f?*W TOAR, ?" . f> tkie data kn Peb 1 nett oRar tkelr aaMr* IMMfe A RET All BUTRRR. AT Wnoi.KALK PRI< BB POR I'ABH. K Ten hare I be aalaaUna frtm naa nt l>? lar? > bBA'MB |ki?*e ia Lka eltf . ?r.\ BAT? ONR PROrtT. N ?n? .aa^lEf fmai ne.mae. a Bn# hMMB HRlKBRiX. Of lb* ?annf ketnee nt J tA<mni.?T * BOAB. TT 0.f*>erj? the erHr? ?t k n' r'vvt?, r m W.l?e. f*"tle?eTi ? a ?d r?i M rea l ('Mar <l?enrtu. HiWarr. fivr KaPied Onada Pnrniahini Uoxla Pre* <Mflk At An , ? I ^yHOI.BBALR BTOCR AT BRTAIL-ON AOBOkT rewlln be krr.ii red for the aeleetiiia of the pnhlle, M tbe old ware bouaa, lli Bower > An? PTana ??bn> lo tar la a d?'A <i 1 do w?tl In rail eeriy. R A BROK WITH. ItB Ro?ery. A f?? donra btow Uraad ?-*?<. r/|PHTA WORRTAD. RRrr QCAUTT. 1?H ON PR; /j Will? Ikmda WimalMa. aaall W?ra? ant ranee am BmB araat Iirwr, at I W Hrnad *ar. M??nT*wr fo- rkb aad Twbmt BftA MraMa. ovpnM* MadWm ?t<>ae%, foe bhH* m?N *"*ewm^iHerwieo I?U net ? Mmp%*h HRKOVA1. lOTICIII. ("IKNTKaL P a BK -< >RI> I N ANCK TI1K B ) ABD OF J Oanmiatlooer* of the Ceutntl Park do ordiln a* fol low* ? Tbe Central Park Khali tHioura daily to the pnb'le daring the mouth* of 1 cr*-a Jaruary url February, fro** aeven o'clock In De m< rnirc un li ei*bl o'clock in tbe evening flu rlrg the month* of March April, Nay, Jan*. Oetot>*r ant N.i vember ln.ui * x o'cIuck n, the inaralug <> otll nine o'oiofk la tire ruing aud Juriiu Lbo m uth? o' July. Ati{tut au.l .-<8,) trainer, ! mm five o lu lb* uornu g until eteve-i o'clock Id the evening The (?optrititeodent may dtrfct that any of Ihe > ntrum to tlif P<uk He dined at any liur, end may. ou special .?-u on>, km direct that i be P ark. or *i y portion thereof, remain open ai dher time* than lh<ce above aperuled No pern n olber than employ eet o? tbe Board of Comml* llon?is i f ill-- i entrd Park, thill enter o' remain In tae tea tral Park ext-epl w ben It 1 1 open as above provided No do# shall be allowed upon any uoruoo of the Oe&t-al Park, unlet* led by a chain or uroper do* string, nut exceed Inn live feet in length, uur ehall any uereoa he Jlo ?ed to lead any quadruped texoept dogs) in ibe Centrtl Park No per* u, except In the employ of be Hoard of 'lomrnt* ?I' uers rf the Oactrtl l'ark. aha! bring upon the Centrsl Park any tree, ihrtib riant or flower. nor any ne * 1 j plucked I ranch, or poitlon of a trre, ? hrtib plant or dower. Mo pert on 'ball bathe or flah In. or go. or send a- r anlmrtl nioauyof tlie water* of the Park, uor disturb any or the nib, v ., is r fo?V or rtlier bird* In the Park, nor tbroir, or pi tee any article or thine i i sal t wa'era. ho person aba 1 fire discharge. or art o(T In tbe Centra! P iri, any r eke' cracker, it), balloon, make chaier, or double header. nor auy firework* or thing tinder any other nanre ri mpojwd of t&e (MM or (im.lar imiiri or if the same or similar character a* the fireworks above apeclfled. No person shall plac* or prouel any Invalid chair* or tier ambulator* opon any portion or tbe Jenral Park, except upon the wi t*. No person *haU poet or otterwiie afBt any bill notice, or nthtr paper np>>o ax y *tru tnreor th'ng vUblt the Central Park ut r ujen any ol the aate* or eorloaire* theieof No pererr. (hall. with, ut the cinaento' tbe Oomotritler of the P*rk. play upon any musical lr*truT>eut wlihiu the Cen tral Park nor ?hall any penon l?k? Into, or c?rry, or dUplay In the Or.trai Paik any liar, banner. t?rg?-t or liuttpareney. No military t r target company, or civic or o her proeeaalon, aball be v annul ed i> parage, drill or perlorin npon the Cea tral Paik any military or other evolution* or movement* Ibe Ordtnan*of au? lat H. IdM I* hereby amended by In terting lb? nor "do??" alter the word "goaU," at d Ue word "dos aft> r the word "hi r*e," In eald or. inaoee Ibe ordinance a(l0[ lt d September 11, 14M I* hereby amend rd by Ineertlnc after the word "tmuihus," the word* "orei preee wa?oo. with or wnbout uaane itgere. i or any " ll? above orolunce waa adovtetl and puatd at a meeting oftieB'iaid f Cr mm's?loner? of the Central Park dulycou vei.tyl and held on lh? 1*1 day of November IttfO. and 1* pub lifted in Ouelie re to tb> re-iutremeii!* of an act entitled An act for the regulation nnd government of the t'entrnl Park In ihei 'ity o( New Vork," pxnaed April 17, 1857 The following eectlon of eal l art U applicable to the above ordlaance ? "Wee. IS All peraor* otlendicg agaloet auch ordinance* ?aa.i l-e deemed gt. illy of mltdemeanor. und be pnni ihed, oa com irtlon before the Mayor, Beciord^r trany magi?lr?le <>t tbe Ut) of New Tort, by a line nut ext eediui; filtydoliare; and, in default of p .jmeu, by imprlaoumtnt not exceeding thirty data. By order, ol the Board R M. BLATCHFOBO Preeldent ol the Hoard of Comm'aaloneri of the Central Park. ANDHKW H tJKaKN, (Vimptro'.ler of the Park. Dated New Tork, Nor 1. 19H1. Pacific r*tlboad *k*ttno-a mass miktina of al. th ee f, ler.dly to Uie conatruction of the People * R*ll road from the A t antic to the Pacific oceau* by tbe Central Route via l'lke'i Pe ik uold mine* and I'tah will be held AT THE OUOPIB INSTITUTE TBURfinAY 1VENINO. > OVKM tSBR 15 1801 Rx Governor (iKUBUK 8 HOUTWKl>U of M\?mihu*elta, will deliver an aildrev*. and preaent the claim* of the enter prtaetotbe eonnderatlon of the cit'/eu* of New York. Other dittiun tiuthid ? i. e altera will add re*a the ?ae.- Ing. fochar?efor almlu on. Door* open at SK. to oommenoe at 7K o'clock. PBKHIDINT 8 OFFIOB, HUrmiW R1VKB BATT.Rf> AO. N'gw York, Oct. 30. HW Holder* ol Heoond Mortgage llonde who have not availed theonaelve* of tbe proposal* of 16th December laat for extend irg tbe **nie, are required to do eo on or before the flr*t day cf December next BAMt'KI. 8 LOAN, Pre*M?nL PALIHADF.S ON THB HUDSON ?I AM A UTHkRJ7.I1> to Hell Pallaade I. and*, opposite Forre*t a Font mil. Von krraand U?a?!>g?, In <iaantltlet to *tut pu'chaaem at I w rate* for purpo t-a of improvement, and will rnnke a U le al t< mat ioc to parOa erecting a :lr?t claw h.itel on the premlte*. 8 MY MOl'R, M) hlne atreet. TI1K TACHT 8TRKN. OF IS TONS, WAS ABANDONED ? ?n the mo'nlni; of tbe 3d lnat. , a few milea west tof the middle atao!llgh4ihlp L"?ig lalani Kotm Any partieaflil I' r her wl ! e nter a favor by communication with O, H. Smith, 2li.' Fulton ?treet. nul'IKn, ittrv/rt) ?> , d?a *l> |*Wh Nt'MBXB OF FIRST CL\8i FURNISHED to let. until May or longer one c?*r,t e comer of ISroal way and tenth *trwei. one on Twenty tMrd street near Slob avenue* oue on Twenty I! r?t *t'eet, near Uroadwav; ore on Thirty elxbth street n-ar Fifth avenue Others well aituated, lurUiht-d and unfundahed K. t; UIHHOP, 1M Broadway, itore fl >or. AKEW CHOIC* BOUSIS TO I.KT-I!* SO?K OF THE t-eat location* In hecu?, unlurolihed. ?roaa fMU 1 1 B2 6U>. furnished $1 UOU to IS I4ft>; a"lia^!e for eveey detrtioti vn of tenant. KtADI.KY HUTCU1NH .It CO, 42 Bait Foi :rt?eoth *tre' t, Unt " a i i >re AFCBNISHKl) HCl'RE TO LET? TO A PRIVATE FA mi!y, No '31 We*t Twenty third *treet near flrh ave ?ne. reeently vacated: baa now bven put In r. tmpleie order and thoro'ighly fun l*hr 1 Can he aeen at any Ume and pje aeaekn can lie had immediately. AFDRNUHID HOURS TO LET IN 11ROOKLYR-A rare chance for a private family, at a ve-y m ilera'.e ren . we'l located, and rear K alt on and Wall street feme* For I articular* apply at ;WQ Bridge atreet, Broiklya Poaaeui >n Immeduce.;, . / 1I1KA PKKT BOUSE IN THE CITY.? A FINE NEW \J marble ' ront House to let in Thin, thud *treet on! no lng all tmprovemes a, and rent ouly Wt) per annum. J. M BI H aKDsA 'u , Z7S Fourth a eitte FAOT'lRY TO LET- THE fllKU STORV RKICI Bulla lag UitW feel, with team power and ahafu <x. aBu ated on Ftrat atreel. adjoining the ferry al Snath Seven*! Kreet. Rrmklya. Apply at the 'a try ofkee. *'. foci of Ho itt Seventh atrrei ft rcR?inp?n iiorf* to four stobt bran mom Hoaee. with *11 lira nodtre MfMrtataU, delightfully limud up tiirj, near Ft ih arenue aal rtahj furnlahad throu? bout - i v . until M ?) 1 R"nt for tl.r term II 2<m, or ??*, p?r ninth. Apjlytithe a??r ul oreupaat. at 82 aud 84 Wutaati itreet, r ?m 2.? Ft RNIMI1D HOI. -K HO. 121 EAST THIRTT SI !ORD etreri ? v- or ai?. i . Beat farnUkrl aentticare ful InmI $1 Oik) per umm Ir ulra oj lb? pranji*e rr of H T. CKKAMKK, Mo. U lioli ?.rerl. pc*!" IXHTOUO0' ?JI"i w^;"?h Ersfitfi ? .fs?r?d(oTO.A,ra! ttoS-ttt"*0*2""0 J * ITU Ftvirth ?v?an? laMRST 01 A 88 Fl'RRlPHBI) HOC8NB T3 LIT TO M 4T r 1. b? Ihr amotk In T?i?li third MrMI ?.'J0 Th rty flrM atre?l,tlu>, F ?rtjr ?e<- >od atrret tTH. netr Fifth 8 ink k ?c?> ?. and ar ? rr*! <-a i? tan at one Iwn and tVre yrara In IblMleth iD?l M 0(*i Thirty fourth Mroet 92 HO. TbirtJ ninth ? reet (2 7'U r>L Mtrl ? || i#, Unl ulv? , ft. 8*0 Bub'h .'reet, Tar*>trflr? atrret IMinit ?ir??L $1 BUI. Aleo unfnrn IIkum Thimpam atr-et, ?M>, Thl.-i* rlnih tl.HI>. 8 nyreieot tinwl, 11 -i*>, alao. Mil re 17t Thlr! ?t?i n? ft 41V. ?l?t, A |mt anal l?r of I linn in dr ? r*b ? luaUi .ne, (urn e.i?d uj unftraiah , eJ At rvdored rrnte !>IMIRK k IIOI.PK*, 1*0. " Pine itreet, an! 1 Ml Urcaiway, betweea tUt And Sid Mr m Horn* *nd lot to i.rr or lrase for a thru of jiara. -Ibui ar**, raluaMe 8 re atory llw. sj fm deep. mn'nu Ine boat f.>riy r?Hnee 4B1 Krone atrett * f aw doore from H'oadaraa, I ? M eu.table for a board in* h m ?. b^tal ' r becnorert*' inti. ?iot?. I sA !? 1.".% f?e deep. term! taaora>>'.e HIiltM A lOOlHVIOK, 81 Hantn arm nOPBIM TO I.?T I* WtHH BROORLTK? THRB1 rear !lnata?? iua! competed, la a *<>od r.? v. .r? ..i wiih all irndern ImpmreatrDla. reu' fNtt Apply in M FUR M aft, <1 Front (treat. N. V.. or at 170 Ualoj nracl HnxikJ/n. Matpok mtrni.rt -to i.rr, a la rRiNGAiaa, a'ac%nt>x fi rnlih-d bj F1<v>ra or wrirnl" Rojat, <ritb or witbnnt kurb?n w!l?f aad 'Art1, th* twii{ new four iHnrj, Aral pl*!? bftwn i tor.# Iln iaaa, 70 acd 71 Wwt Thirty elfh'Jl atr??L iMvrm Rraad oaf and Milh avan us. A parkw <* vaiaaou Pi aU o en *nta K?at paiablr ./irr'y la adrana*. N appli oaolt daatrad but .aitrh u ar* abUt ait wt line to aaropl lht< i-mdiikHi. A vrttata NMNM) WlatiHah'd in ttw btwoul A ku?lnn' frrti Haaamaat t" 1*1 far * pbfMcian'a >Soa or a cal.imuii lidaln*. Apply a. Ha. TO N1W TF.N&MUnr IIOURK TO I.HSK-Of fCFRRIOR mi TfBiftr# and r?it la'lio. all in 'ma ar lar aad aitnatal In thr hr*rt of tha ? itv : <iel MM h*t * rntponilblr m*n ran m?kK from t'l>' I"1 1> iW .>mt.t o?r amnrn. BIilxl A st?i THWft'K. *2 Raaaau atraat. CTtAI POWER- TO LI A NR. RTPIRIOB ROOMR, O arltA afvly power, la tha apiaadld naw hattdtaa aotr aoaa rlatla* >n Ir <a Kna 41. 44, 4? 48 ar d (0 Oraaaa Mraal. tha h?M Aiad at ?t enntr*l I ?at>oa la tha dtr. Phrttaa la wuit at flrat r>??? aor^am.idatlnaa *on! I aaka laammllale tmUMiloa a H. J. HUWaAI>, OB tha praMHaa TO Rt>T A?n f rRRITTRK FOR S 41.1- A WRI.T. RR tabl ?had K ?r,!int Ha Me In Ita tiMnlty of M John'* P? k at b a laaa* <>i tire ;**rn, al a loa real. Apply At SO Lailht at reel. T9 I.KT - A SM41.L > Ahll.T II iWN<l A Mlt'K HOURR at SIT He'r? ?' eat wtab let lb- upper part to a rea tee) family, iruttl.tper month, rrntoa ant |ai Apply at lie |H> ae ro I RT OR r.?R HA1.B-I* K A*T HROOKLVN, TITO II utaea built In th- r <th'r atvle wl h *1> <h? m>>Wn \m ?r>T*inenU |U tu ?rtil? m t^taia d1?S wnttara. A- R?at tWu lrquir"?tf F. (> HRIBH'S ca'paater ah >p franklin a?MiM>, Mar Wgri III mm M, or on the iremtaaa. Kkillmao ? ireet near Myrtle aaeana rl l.?T-Tf PIITal UHR.-*T Jf?i III ?(,F.t *?T'I aire**, loardoara ??at of Hroaitwar a ?err Une ndl ie, oa?" >f ir> se?t "Ati.ina m the ell;, alai Apa'tmen'i on 'He ae< it,.| llitor r> I.RT? THE U>n-I? Rtl S TRVIND Pt*' F. Wfr-1 the il?r. Of p -e*t? 'he Opera Hjuaa foaa- aa ?a at r>u ?* Apply at 7t Baal t irteenth M'eM T' It*t H TBI Muff VMRXi'tFriORAm.! Mtlll liirhvid, 1 ??> *a? n Wtvariey An 1 t*unl <a pUraa. 1*4 I n-r. ?e Ipe" ?h at ? -p Hr < t Hmi ae IS fe-! fr .it, i\% i ! t iraa ir>4n>, i eab pvned and r?per*l Asiply at J<! I treereM'eal I'oaaeaaton l-a?e lately. r? I FT? URt'OMD FMMtR OF Ml WRRT THIRVRMTH M. eet, rvntalinn* lt?e n??na an t tw>i paatnaa with fro t?n ailrr an. I K < a inturaa ou tlM tfF. r) I.IT-AT TBB H17MBOI.DT BTfLDIMOB. ?n Hrnad ?**, an ithwe^ rr.rner <4 Taelf li Mreat lb- mm> ul t nr ~wnrr it ?"??. wfb *'etl front ?iMn?a? a Ian fr lat and rwtor aliMlla Kioaaa Kntraace . ery t oe App.r aa ??r bill. 4 TtO LCT OR laRAtB? AWRBAL WBI.I. UOHTRH i I <>?e?a la aad l>a Muament of the n?w biiiwtlac > IUM faet I leer M Waaaan etraat. Mtwaaa Fnlton and >'ihn airaeta thta -tty Apply to PRANOIa RIRRB, lit "?A?aan atraet, third : *wt. O IRT- A I.AROR WBI.I, MOHTin 410 AIRT ?i on third ii < f tal Hrnalarar. aaitaMa for ItKbt mann'ai 'i--ing paitoaea; will he raiii"?t low in a en >1 te>\?ni ; Apple or p-eniaaa or 1(1 J H J>i(IN*<>K 6 at Hroa.1 w at , C.i R|> tej <iiath*n aqnhra, ll?l C M ; or II. A latf ' THb,R, l?S ruth areaaa. TBIMITt ? Ht'RfU IjRAJlEIlOl.n FR'?PBRTT FOB awe -The foil. Morj *n.l baaeaient br ?h Irnaa, Ro. ? UlrM ?ra? with 21 reara laa? n< ba, honaa IftittfMfeM tti* rert *11! na ?>id rhaap If apt tted for aooa. Apply la i i. *t ?THKW.a(?B, B47 0?tar?i Mraat. before aiaa AEM I WP>r VBlOAMI.R VAOART LOTM TO l.tABB-FOR A Ml > ol v*ar*j m* of ihe eerr l-yat-oaa la thaetta ? - ? aer of Fitly anib aad UroadwAf, an I -at K ?tnh ara? ue a??r Rtthr flfBl atraet. r( n-wlW lh? n<-ntr%' Par?' aed nther Itra u<aa 1?'tM 1 ar". a;>>e I I SOiftmnt j! tfaaaan urtal. SOKKDHC AIID L4>D?nr?l. A private family. bmidino a* HO. im wwrr Fortyeecoud street, Will let a pleaaant 'ro?t Room on e??uid Boor, to a *r->>tlemr>n um> wife or two ?iu*le unliMia. with hreehiaat and tea full Board if rwgulrad. AFBONT AND BACK BOOM, WITH BEDROOM, '*Ui Ac,. on s~<an 1 floor; back Room ud Bedroos* am third floor', with Hoard AifreraNe partlee may And ibe <*>? fort? of b'im? Dinner &? 0 o'clock. Wo. If Alhlsoa ptaM, corner of Waverley Agkntlkman and hib wins, who own a fib b modem Houae, newly aid e'egautly furnished, In the np_ per part of lb* city, would ????? Jute *u agreeable married hoopla with haodeome Apartments and Board no other board er* *itter and the beat referenoe as to reepeoiablltty required, aa the < bieot la rather to form an agreeable society than proflt. Addreae boi 4,677 Poet i.flloe. A GENTLEMAN ABO WIFE CAB HAVE A HAND lomeiy furtilehrd ault of R-oms on the saooad llaor, ? front, wlih Hoard. A no. a dr.' ault of Kcoms on third lloor, suitable for a family or amsle griiUi-meo. l) (U Ap- | ply at 1IK and 10B aaat Poureenth ?troet. A l.ADY WOULD LIKE 10 MBIT WITH A LADY snd gentleman d-nrlnjr b?nde<xne fnrilahed Room*. Roard fr-r the lady only. Call at ,<w last Tenth street. N. B.? 11 roadway singes paaa the door At m twentieth rtbket, cobnke op fourth ! avenue, a few handsome nonma to let to gentlemen and | their t'liN or single gentlemen, with lull or partial doard Houae and location tint claea ABPLEBDID M IT OP PARLOR* AND BEDROOMS to let. at 40 Bond street, with breakfast If required, or to a party who would with to furnish their own marketing, and hare their meala prepared and sent to their rooms AOKNTI EMAN AND WIP1 CAN FIND GOOD BOARD and at a reasonable rate in a midern unlit h-use. with hot in co'.d baths. gas. Ac , atd nicely i irniabed Boo ma, by applying at 219 West Twenty seventh atreet. APRITT1LY FL'BBIBHKD PEIXJND STORY ROOM TO let with board to a gentleman and wife, or to sing In gen tlemen : twelve doL'an per week, 'ncludln* gas and fuel. 161 Wrat Twenty tilth street, ne u: Eicbtii aveaue. Dlnier at i.jl, A GENTLEMAN WANTS BOARD IV A PRIVATE PA mily where he can en.i y ladles' society; wi 1 piy liberal ly for food accommodations. Address t 'harles, Her lid ottics. AI.ABGK FRONT BOOM. HANDS IM ?1.Y FUBNISH ed. with or without Uadroom attached, tc 'et In a private Frrrrh family to gentlemen o?ly; meals give n if re-mired; *11 modern tmproven.ents in the houie. Apply at 22t Fourth gnat) Washington K :'.sra. AT 817 SECOND AVK*CE, NKAB THIRTY SEVENTH street ?A rmall r eitly furnished Boom with excellent for lady or settle man with full Board. 13 25. or partial K SO. or without II U. Family private, houae flrst class ; vl impro. enjsnts. AVKKT DERI B A RLE SUIT Ol' BOOMS TO LET- WITH full lioard. In the Drat class ho ise No B West Twenty fourth etreet. opposite the Filth avenue hotel. Poaeeaalon Im mediately. AKrcomT1f?eZMd Pnl hoS.^1?, ^?OK{ BED Houston APP ^ ? 1*4 Thompson street, near APARTMENTS. -AN ELEGANT BlTIT OK FOITB Ilnoms on the fhtt Boor, with private bath, to let, with private tai le. at 8* Kilts avenue also a hwlsome elcRle r.iim. wth breakfast An ileoantlt pi rmsukd sdit op a?artmknts on the Urst tloor. tnclndli* Parlor. Bed Chamber and Dtn ait Koom. to If t with private table Also single rooms or rrotus in sul'j If ieairt?l. w itli lull B ^rd; 1 >u ronveuleut i toailtbenaser nten, unexceptt orable raftntOM required. Apply at 2* Utilveisity plac- corner of Nluth street. ALA1<Y. RESIDING IN THE VIOINIT Y OF TWENTY 1 euhth street. hn? a b? ;?om? Parlor to et to a K*ntleo\ui and lsiy Poti i for the !vy oel> Hou?e bas 'i?tb a-1 l'-is, btowu atone, sud near Third avenue cars; lamily private. Ardre?s i.C B station F. ASECONDkTORY FHONt ROHM WELb FURNISHED, ( cnt.'iiiitnK b t and r <. - w*ier hath ef,.im tljolnln^, >o let to a Udy and *ei.tlera?-> ?ith fnll or partial Board, for f irthe' psnirular* *pply at :'5T West Klftieutlntitet, bet ?een Scvtnthand Kl(hth avenues. A TACABCT FOR ONI ' S TWO IMVAlIDa TO A. Bun * ai d rn-el* e modical ntt>*olaii~e. Apply to Dr. itarry, 259 Esit Mroac wtiy. 5DARD-TO LET. T TO T?BT Pi.IAS^NT LA RUB R oins a: d two sma ler < ?f? comf itably famuhsd. on nid l.o*.r, k's j ud l< ' ii the Sime ?? ior alto an acfur nUVt -1 iiack ra> lor to let. Re>rei >-?? niveo and r< r:tred In iuir<- at No. t9 street Board -a h awdhomki.y prrtMSBED back par mt f>n lirit llior aad Parlor with MiMr.>> ? on second tl'oi al?o s nrle Kootns for n ?ntiem?.i oaly, wr.h ml joard. Houae modern. Gi F .urh avecie, b'. >ck from itrusdw*y. ROARD-A PRI'ATK KAMI1.7 "*N ^CCOVMODATE a *? aod wi'e or??.e nr two nna'e feidl'inen wi'b a l?rn ? ROOCll on ?eeoti?' do <r. also a Hallroom for a single i;eri).-ai*n Apply at !M We* Twenty second ilr-net, bet *een Fllih a. d nUtii a ? BOAin *0 t.ET, Wild OB WITHOUT BOABD, IR A prti-?te 'im^y a large hi(h Basement, ?oltatile /or a ohTBoian a'so a bona a stn?ie Mni'eaUB Apply At US ? ttfc a ? Board, a pinglk room ok third fi.oor, front, with full or parHa! may be ooualnei at I1B West Klei euth ?t'ret b tweeu F fth a?1 suth avenuea. BOABr -TO IM. WITH HOARD. AT 137 SI JOND avenue belwee i lPghlli asd Ninth <treete. nlteiT furnlsM l Koom. on soonna U or suitable for a (< ;,tiemui and fcl* wife or two lentlcin'n Location ?ery dolrtble Board -a pbiyate family oak accommodate a rent '-maa and his wife or two single genuemes with t -aea..t Room and Board tn a hog? with modern Improve met la Apply at Mi UB Ninth strew*, a few doors weet at Broadway Hoard. -to let with board, a front room i n rexond '1 ?> with bedroom water and p so try ale" a r? m for a tirsle geet >!? Ho lae bro en stone front. 115 We?t Fiftieth street i or 15 lll'l nrs' Bow). Call for four da> a Terms tnoderi te He rrm ces eiihauged BOARI -AT 131 f?RA*D RTRIItT OOOD ROOMI we, I 'nrnlrhei' cud he had. with o? without na'tl i' Ro*'d. rrT rb?AP. kultalra (or Ho*!* e-i e:. ? i < r e n? i MM wl'e or two or mree alntle *enta san bo arwoauRndatad with a tplendld front Mourn nu the a?o txl tl or. location Ckolral K?*i and cwra pin e\ try two mmuta t. Hoard in cmwt"* plat* -a sjit ok pfont Hnomii for a fentleman ?ad h m wife or for (loci* RtRlle meo at 97 t'lininn pUm ROARlilNtf ? K'H)M8 ON SIOOND AND THIRD I' tort, wih Hoard. can be had la A inlet family b f ai> ?>:? lag at it ?nt lunth Ifffi rit-au contain iu ho; and cold ? iter. Dinner at fi ho??reBe?a einb*n(*il BOARD WANTFD-A QKNTI.FMAN AND WIP* DK ? ire Itoard in a p Irate familr, or In a t>o?rdln? h mi e akerrtker* a-'* but 'ew or no board era parti il boarl for *eit>man 'la ma not Ui nowit **1 per m.?r.ih inc. ;1u>( fire aad ii(hlt A 'dreaa Willlami, bit Itl Her Aid >Jii e Board wantkd-in a privatc family where the. e are no i. be- boarJ> ra. bra laly. mi'lBUUl chill! r i:r imrioIJ two r<> ?? J ?Uh b<Ui P'lflle?e m' ?l t e iu a pl? ?a?nt oeatl>r. would 0"e'er to t In pan R'fertn ea (tree and rtqiurad. Adiirra* I', boi 3 416 l*'?t < B< e. Aew kork Board wanted-poi; a <iR"fTi.i** n, wipe ant* child. frnr yearn old la a m larn RO',?e, lorvnd ?Vim Nii'irmhiiiipt ai ? w?i o' Br adway i refp?ed A prt/*tr familr dr?'r<"ia 'of 'eoer inn r? pri ?ea run St* rery de?ir?sta pariiea b? addre??|i ^ Broker, H- raid n*r? ?u:tn ( ( ,U parti cila ? of rrt<e. A r . *a no otkera wii| n ant atieatum R where the'Varan ttHh-T N *,'d T>1' WrTFI A WfDO Jf t0l<*' ?U""R K-rm. and I rat -v? Addi*a?O.R. n,ri(j B'oJ ** 1 ? "a vn Btw wrrr? .* h'r*B" oa?r batfldra ?IIJ i? ta i * >ai iThlrtr 'ourth ,trrri - _Tt* ["rim la i t'ni?| o 'Am' J ia ?**hth and Mnih ??.. ?'-?? Dlnn?, V." *nrl* Aod 7o?n? Tint r*a^ H i-UJ. hrt anJ c Art <v>t.rranat Ail 1^, HA*!#* im?,? |S * *WW|y. balow Uaioo i ?"*Um A?d oun?? BOASD, AND ? t> fureMod -A 11 ml tad Board (? rroorltk. -* pahtlt hatino /urt taken a hr?i?- whara a cfcot' * of mrxna ?*u b? had br g?r t'aaaar aad their wlr>* nr Mi ?!? rentlemaa Apply at !? Ramarn mr*r t Re'erwnre raq<ilr?d BOIID IN RROOKl.TN~PLBAHANr PRoNT ROOMS rti the arond door, furatetari or lulnrnuihM, hot fand eold w?trr. bat* oa t'r nma floor RnRt: !? f. .r a ?m.ti??raa arrt arlfa or alnata fartl?m?n. Ro-a# VM <?!???. term moi era'* ? ppl? at 107 Amur atreet,'flr*i door fr mi Denrf. D:a ner at all o Hork Board in pro' *vrTi> or prowt rooms to 1# I. ?|ih iu ard for awril* men and wirea or alar'** ***n tl-men It'inlre at ) t Henry atreet. betvaan W?t? aad Atuitte BO?RO If SRtX Il.TN -T?0 I.ARO* *00*8, Win! r!-?eta, on aecond and third rt o a r.wsivnad or alnfia feat>mra. in a r'lr?ta ''ini't wheea there are few uttar n'd'fi f- a? an' l>ath Referenda reimrel A|pirattf n?'r atraat o?p m i? en air* t althui ? 'in i iiea walk of ftoirth or Wall itree* t?riy. BOaRO IP RROOKLTN -A liFN I.tWAN AND W1P* or 'wo ?'n?l? (erilewen. ?n ha ?er Mini iHH wMh M< ? rd and p I. ? ?? t rarlne with Hadrria at' v lied, >ai tha 1?at Hour b* ?!?(> >in: a' No R- Plerrrp wt ttiw t Henry Ra'i r*ai* UIOR. Bo?ro on hrooki.yw BRItiOTt rtn or thikr ??i *rer or a iilif mai ai I wl'e eao be arr'imO'vl . ad ?i'li it" vR ard t h ei'e *o >tr? at M Wttlow ?tr*rt, lint ? lew rinia in* I 'ilfc-n ferry. 1/I.K JANT1.T PURNIMHRD ROOHtt IR THR HOfftl. Ij >t lierTialn I Iftk ar?tn.e. Hr nvlw*.- a. d rw?aty ae ? "yl nrn-t na*l c rwmuietel iki RMM <lllli| Hi ia al M H thta hi le ilia proprietor In |ir?p*rw* Kiraar irtMtrain'i ?| h famtlwt md Haje fentlaaea w?? ng b i*rd ?t t%b,f (a IMA nlittl table Aad ? eata I 'a nan* ?hwWn>. h*l R?Ie!IRD ROOM TO L*T -IN RCfTR OR HtWU.r, t ?i i,'lenw? oaly. with braakfaM tf daatrad; h-"?? Rrat rtaaa. THitae apply at 44 Waal N talk airaai. near F mh ara Bit*. rl'RKIRHID Rotm TO,l.*t TO 3?lTf t,R*RN, WITH t.reakfaX tf deaieerl lAttrw eente*1 Tha AaoaU; la ?mall . the kon>? haa all >ha ?mar> HarmramoMa. Apprf at No ? emttr plara F'VRNIRIIRD ROOM* TO LIT TO UKNTUmfH o* feDllemen aad >l?ra < ?*ln? nteoMla atuukad- R?r araere rtqnued. A t 4f7 < 'aaai ttreoi. ? FI RNTSt'ID HOTR* TO I.RP-1P APPt.t*'* ? * 1 f metlateiT ta Twew a h MR, W* P?NR.jggjj.T rwxvue 1 perfert ,?t.r, raat nan<er.ta >o ?agf.?y5,* w Apply at IM Real Twan ? maawa eareal. !?>? Wtaar. a. tftl RNISBRD PARIO* AIII> *2S85eJ,1A#Ui>5 P wHkotM Baa^d. U? WA >a -mm or two R ?? "?? - *fP'f ? iHH ponnlaaa atrwet. ?mr*>ya Rmadwaa. CIL'KRIHIRD roohr to ijt-trouiii roo*> p oa thim Ronr to at wlth .otboaid Tartni torn A^.ly M ku ID Woad atreat umoit and hai'R parij >ra rr won rotmi P ard kaiT'oM* ad|otnln?. aad V>"t rn? >n aaon^i at wy to let wfcfc Hoard, fumleked or unf nrwah*'. WHf?'n?r w ?ep? raiely Ni a ?*rT deatra le konaa aat l?-.a! ?i Ano rat'l^ Tkinr aeaond atrwa* twtareao M?ktk a-,1 ftla'.k araaaea. 0' Rd dreaa 1 I. P.. bnt t M* P**t n*aa ?OAnnnio Air* lvdoih# IJHJBNTSnBD BCOMH TO I.BT - A ?*?* FIKt-T CLASS " furmsafid Koonm to let tr. gentlemen ">o1t. with or with out Board. Apply at ?? !he Camp," 23 Si Mark ? place IiTRNISHBI) ROOMS- FOB OMNTLRMBM, PLEASANT JPWualed, at 73 Fuiu? avenue. Brooklyn. r>?? 'roai 91 to H to |.?r nut, private family. rV*NJLe?iD BOOMB TO LET- WITH OB WlfBOCT [?"ir ff? "r 'wo reatlemen nod t Mr .Tn'. KllVh- ^ V ,n T atghtk atreet. ooraer of Fourth A?? uue, all the m.dr.-p mtifotemeolt. Term.- moderate. r&ANEFUftT HOUHB? OOBNBB OF FRAVirrORT and Wt lm.TM,, New TortBlnSa Kooai to 37c. per night. or (1 l-> $i mar weak, " nai newly f nmlrt ed. with a good Beetaurant attached. OpenaU ",!> '?nu* Gramkrct pabe.-to lit a *u,t opfubnihhbd Rooms rn second Boor. smtab'e for a family, with pri vate table Id i he bouae Wtely occupied by Mr. Dubois. No SI Ka*t Tweotj lirat street, between Fourth and Lexington av* nue* opposite Ike t'urk. HANDSOME PARLORS-IB AN ENGLISH BAHBMIH home, furnished lo ? tilt genilemen or a itnal! family. Private table or breakfatl only Also, two small Room*. %t a rmkll nrlce No boarder*. Ktfe.eacea exchanged- Mo. LH East Fourteenth street ONI FrBNI? HED AIM) ONE rN *UBNT?HKO ROOM to let -To a gentlem*- and wife or alu;;ie geoUemao. with or without full or partial Board lame Trout H oau with all modern convenience; private family, re'erences given *a4 rt quired. At- ply at 1S1 s' Second atenue, near Teutb atreei. R B8PKCT ABLE SING LK WOMEN AND A PEW TODNO mi-n emplojed In store*. c >n Sod comfortable Board nod ' at Ne 11 i algbt itreet. corner of H. John's lane, Oanal atreet. The meu at S3 per week, the women at >1 per week ROOMS TO LBT? WITH BOLBD, AT WT? WHIT Twenty ffrtt atreet. fronting the College park, hi'jae baa All the modem It? p mvt-rr.en r OOM TO LIT? TO A GEaTiKMaN AND LADY, i B 'ard fer lady only, In a per, Ire! mo'ern house with every convenienoe. near Twentieth atreet aud Mxta avenue: an opportunity *eid"m oflervd to secure a good houie In a antal quiet family. Addreaa borne. Herald office SINOI.E OBNTT.BVEN.-TWO HAMDHOMELT PUB niabed Ikioma In a modern tullt home, with alloonre Dienees, to M. with Board; style of liouaekerpin* acd tibia nreieeptlonable. Addreaa or eall mB Weal Twenty ninth atreet. SEVEN DOLLARS.- A MARRIED OOCPLB MAT OB loin Boa'd and a ima'l plain Ronm, with fuel at the above rati-, leae for partial boa d, to drair*ble permanent partiea, l> oailongoad. Inquire for atreet and number at Chatbaiu ?iuar? Poet office. TWO GENTLEMEN AND THEIB WIVB8, OR THBBB or four gentlemen dui be accommodated with Hoard. Apply at 33 Wall* ati eet TWO SINGLE OENTLBMBN OB MAN AMD WIFB I' AM ? be arK)' in mods ted with a pleaaanl front Room, foliar partial Board In a prlvatr booae. elrua .11 y furnlabed. having ail tbe modern 1m jroremeuta, at I At Union ftreet Brooklyn, Ave m<nutee' walk frcui the rente* and two from the aara, oa very moderate terma TO LET ? A WELL PCRNTSE ID PBONT BOOM. TO A gentleman with iut Board Apply at Mttecond avenae. TO I KT- FURNISHED APARTMENTS. WI i*H OB WITH ml Boaid. Inquire all tha week at 21 Hicka street. Brook b?. rUf-A LADT WILL REM A LAK.iB MIOBLt fumlabeil aulte of Rivma, together or iepurately, with gaa, Ac or wl>l let th* entire upi er part unfurnished, to a lad; and gentleman oi ly. Ike bouse >? a two atory and aula. aiiJUw family oocalau of three pereoiu only. Apply at 171 Greene utrett. near ltleecker. WANTFD- BT A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIPE, IM A pr. . ?te fnotlly. Board ard a la?g? il/er Riom. Terma cot toeiceer' HU per aonlh iu> ludlug gas and Ore, would prefer a fHinllly willirg to take In part pavmeLt lemons la fret, h an.l mu?lc and a'so the uae or a rood lano Best of refei eccti gtvan. Addreaa toardera, box 1(7 Hera J office. WANTEP-TWO OR THREE RESI'KOT ABLE GIRLS TO Roaxl with a widow wonsn ai d ker daughter, can M accrmm vialed ?t any time ue?t week; or else gentleraen'a an-l small tsmlue.' w??l lng. Apply to M rs. ( ' jfleld, 89 61 xth avenue, first floor, back rf?? 2 AND 4 ABINGDON VQOABE. CORNER OP (lUDRO* and Bank streets.? Fuita of ereond floor Rooms, with Board. Reference required. Car* and stages pass the door. 1 r BOND STREET.? F I NB FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH 1< ) Boa d, for families tnd tingle gentlemen a rut of Rooms rn second fit or may now be bal. Alt molern improvementa. Gt nd winter location. Dtnntr at ati o'clock. 00 cottage Pl.ACE-A OBNTLKMAN AMD BIB uO w1!* or one or two aln/.e gertlemen can be acenmaaO' dBied with a handa-nnely furnished Parlor ard tiedrootn or a t rule Bedroom, with partial Board, la a private family, at 38 Cottage plaru. between Bleeakeraud Houston s'.reeta. > G KB AT JONES STREET.? RfXIMB, PDRBIBBBD or, with or wtthout Board. 36 4 A KAPT NTJi FTF.E> TTI feTREET. BETWEEN BROAD tU ?a.v and hi urth aveuue ? ? baala^me 1 irge aid email B<? m lf> let, with Board to a gertlltman and wife or alngia grntlcmen ltelerencea richanged A A WEST kLSVKNIH STBKET ? PUBMIBHBD 4 1 Ro nr.s to let, eultatle f ir famiueraod single genllemm. with full or part al Board. Rere'ancu given aud r?|Olrad 7Q SPRING STREET. TURKS DOORS PROM BBOAO I t J way ? Te let, several bai.dr mely furnished Booms to ?lrtle gestlemen The location near all the fl d clase bijtela and pl?<*e id amuaen-ant Seeding room free Inquire a# Anern (\Q ORBKNK STREET. ABOVE SPHIMO ? ALSTOM ?"0 House ? hlegvntlj f a -r tabid suite of Roumi. gaa (Ira ton end every convenience for h. ust k^ejlng eeionmloallv; particularly suitable for * trail r* ? ..ectasia famidei or MigM geatltmen llent low to permaueat Weals. Qf\ C'HBIBTOPHEB STSEBT. NEAR BL1ECE ER ? TWO * r ' rlcely furnished Ror.aui to l?l lo single genllemea, with Board: terms reaeonaHle. dtcner at ( Befereuce rrqulrel. 1 nn PBINCB fT RKE *, NE \ R RR0>ItW*T -A HAND 1'rW a'in?ly fan i?h> I Pari >r to let; also, smali Boio.slor en leaen. Trrms moderate. 1 ?) - EIGHTH STBMET.? A FEW WEI.I. 1 t'RNISHED 10?J Bi oma ?tit?ble for single gentleman; dinner at ?, also ?ccommuUatioiis for a few day boarders, reference* ee chat (ed 156* (J -J'RIHCl HTKIBT. 81 cuir Hon? hIac?otly fnrolahnd lonou for mag* jrnta, at a mndarnla prtaa ICQ TBRT1I hTBIKT K rOO*Tll AVENUE ? 1 OU 1 be ab.'le of the aer >t,il ? ,oi r, wej furatabad, to let. ? lib Bo.rd, or mlRbt be let in ?>-.|t?. a>. Kooan for nlag ? (rutiwru Rtf eraser* eichuital. Dinner u iH 17ft WIWT rODRTnilTB STKKCf -H ARIT'IMELT 1 I U fnmuled At>- rt?. bta frrfour or ali a-lu '.a, Orat elnee Kr<v?irt>lHllor? I'lMieratG Fourteenth itrett ?!a?e* pane lb* liouea. I naeenient hi K.(Llh avenue cara I QO BLKKI KIK H'RBKT A PaRI/'R AND UID IOO rr?> a to let, with Two u-ee amfle ceoila men < *r alao he arrooniiodMe I with pleneaul rnu 1. . "ina ormtama th- m< drni >aprn -emtnu. Te.rr* Dia ler nt (o'rlrrk 102 ?K RTREKT. RF A R MACfHH'O AL.-VO let. Wtlk Mnnr.1 three ban :?nxeiy fnm!abed Room* ?na o?er ike frr.nt parbw eitb. water, xaa and nil modern Im [)"tT?rrei te; ! rlanaant and oonreolaot to plaoee of tauarnrol Pinner nit. 210 ?I.M RTREET NEAR RHRIRl* -B ARIOB HO US* hiae. f famteSert Aparlmenla arranged for moon* *? ml k-HUMHeepinc. e It* nil ita cooieni^iiien Ircl idlnf oncktoa itenalin, nani (en, arnw, Ae ilente liw In reei mm lie f iitfl wkrt piftbi.vtti htrewt, mtar iionra Cj\) 1 nvrnae? Rouma In let, aiilta!. a for aii.glo mmkimaa or a grui'rm* and lady bone- bu nil mortem improremeal^ hoteadeoM etlei, |U nod alb rani aewlj furuleha*. fn me mod erale 603 RR( OMP STBFKT -?T) t,BT. FfRRIdHBO Beoma wttRo" wltbnal full or partla Hoard. to faa ttemea and ibelr aire* '.r au (In re uienwn, bona* wnnlal? bath nnd Ran _____ n?nAn**T ipar'mhts. or mm, ro? faalllee * I >' ?> K ma (or gentlemen 10 M, ?liber fnrrleked or tinfuralabed the hnnae le baauf ulhr aBR nud la the rn ?e of hta*naee nnd plaaanr*. Tartaa nviiai ale for permmrnl rneeta 767 tSTROLOOT. A BORA FIDB AHTROUMIIRT THAT BTBBT OTB ?1. eu depend on In If ndnae WII JH>R, wku >e!h Ike Vj i it .If roiir rlet! an eona aj T"u mtar bar moaa Madame Wilana le 'h? rrenteat ae'ro|-i*U< thai e?er ?M known Rke will m 'oke <he power* of her wonr-ermi eet?noa. ul Mil nil tka -?enie nf roar wbola lira liar predkUaw nrn an Iraa thai ""T aurprwe rrrry one who ouaaolla bar 8ota? ladlra may *et a liftle timid thon?k the* nee 1 anl fenr. for aha pntrula** otnir* hut what la puma irt? la In p Mfn*>pk*ra Al' ahoaM ?aatilt thia mn? wr>adarful nnd mcafrVma ladr Her ndriea fcna nerar been Inownbi fnll. k &-Madama WUaoalala I. am<a of the oalabrnlod mn*x- -Vra a-e eenr e?rtnlr In thrtr effen Truly a>ny aba ba railed n mnai worn da??n w.eann I* uliee ?re*t. IteiwMr hnada ul Maata. ?he khk? n 9m tar m<W? ?ad ennMamimlhaln. A RTORISR!*?. -BAO A VI MORROW, nlVIKfl t\ dmurhiar, horn with a naul an-1 irl?lof fora*ekl te In haw *?? and Oiteo ?oa will marry a' d many e?*n?a ??ac jmf tk.?ngbta k'ee Meant* h.iU: mbara mo ? (*>prtnc my a4 .u. mei m tM l. .dkiwa?met. halow nuama o o? , PT|RK"?<)|.<V||HT a.M> a-TRDUNIIHT tHAT BB\T? * the nrli ?o< who wne i<-ier known ?? .nil In ?utile aalia ?rtme to her <talter>^e-olna I en, imi i?i? "onrublp lae nurtn. Joarne<a ahwii f r1?a?<fc. Ir*? ela, hi Idm trr*PMrvi?, Inri? o'imhpf? ig 'Unnfc^a or i .n'aii hh.1 kimiftad* ? * * > U >N. ? h < *r mo , ' ? * I ? ' - '-??? f * H | and ?oi,??tf?p ?*b*o fmanf ^ w | ?IWereaea herween ner anient fte ???|pa aai-ae aa.1 tke ana ?t . I tb? i*ter?le and ?n rd muwa and fwuina Wllera Ba ael drreirr<d b?l know thai Ham W la the ralr paranw who kaa >ka r-aataa Kom? . and fiW?n m i-mnea lur to??, r??' laeh. nul all bnid?. ? affair*, nnd nrm ronrnrlred far H'a. Hlph'r reaoedabie ellf refer^aoai nan he e?n ?l bar realdenea lu: h:?h a ?a te rt ? e Btebtfc ?traet. M^HADABB HARTBT oar l?f )R? Fiat MlBV I Irtaadaaad ike piiWie of thaeeaawof llfa taa pam pr? aenland falar" in their e? are aallaf- .<>Mn, >be fanln ?aA deni ?ke hnn an e<in?l II >< <r,.'k five bar a al reaik a?i noe, h? ?w-ei, Tkiely fo irih ard Thirty AM are* la l.adiae. V> renin <*e> t emen rot admi'iae MAWAMB Rf RON. IBB uKlAT PHRRKOI/HIKT AJIB ?<P?annMa of !'?~aa .-*? la rvmenltad * .-a... t i >a cair . on nil ?Hr? nf Ufa, eoorn. iar loea bnt'nena narnua An.. and va? aerer known ? fall S B ^hn K ilMi<ria [eaah raeaiman and *i?en ad*lr. t,. aj, ,k? a-e in I *~.hla 'VI. aaaa ????! third -vSe-.n rw?nl? .erwHK anemd Oar, near tke baker * ?^an?naata. ? oUamna 1ana% VIAItAlfB RAT TS TBB IkBBT OUAtBTOTAinr ABO I iTI a *4 <?.?' la tka i efced i.tnlaa. Ulran lert- ??w-era , eaiMaa afMiariy maeeaace% taBie< Wat ai nearly *1 B??ealB ..... rear 'wm'i MMM airaat l?fi?h'?ak. faall* ww> ao MMtia V n * ri H a R RO* HBaRD Or" TBB MM*RATtB I Hi . Undara* PKJWflTRR' Ma hM haaa noaeniled t? i ,h . laarda <r Ikia aikd oihar eBlen with naRrn eaWnfnrti <a *n I feeVa tho lat n? aqnal Bha laNi lha name of ' ? ?rm wife or b.wband, aim. ihat.-f her ihif. Ifyoa wmh the trmB L|i-e h.-f a eal al Ri IkM nraaaa nken Twaoty Ina , H I vliee B eeeta. k?etle*ea tl A *2 ORB I ~T?>P?RR PTRkR* '* 4 tl iron inlermalkm O" ?" "!*? ? r**Y* tohiaBi BWt, In ?9. di?enltianln b?<n*? nk? A An un n ftnar#rl< mmm Iwt WW rivp?rtf rM.4?a tr. W'v^w +rmt MMl t>?^WtJ>w!ir,tT? r>\kT i* *nA ? M-miui <u?d HI W'* % diKWd for tdlH, ti Mi. W ry^rt ->?r No ttnf%mptarr*. r-rnrtfc W1#fr*a7 ^

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