Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 6, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 6, 1860 Page 3
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Tit* Ckwkltot W?kk mm ? War FmUh ?in 80CTU TO IB WBirrU IWTO OBBDIBNOE ? BLOOD, THUNDBa, KIBK AND OUHPOWDEB. [Fro* the Umrter aad Knquirer, Nov. T, ISM } We have all b*oome somewhat familiar with the bully m? and threatening of the Booth. For nearly hail a oen tury a merti naoUfU.of Ignorant, reckless and unprinci pled men at the Houtb have, by bullying and threatening, governed (be million* of elucated and intelligent men of the North; elm j !y bee* ?e t hey are men or peaoe and bust y engaged in moral, Industrial pursuits, which d v not *noourage or foaUr re*Ue**aea* and excitement. Tbev have submitted to be thus governed *3 long as no great principle waa Involved, and no sacrifice of honor and national character waa demudci of them by their acquiescence. In 1810, however, UjI* bullying and threatening became oUeusive, bectuae It demanded the extension of alavery Into the great and frte Northwest, and then the men of the North rouaed themselves for a moment, and. indignantly hurling defiance at the bnlllea who presumed npon their for! earance, demanded a gua ran tee of better behavior for tbe future. Thli was c >n ?tded, and tbe great Missouri compromise followed. Tbeu, ?gain, the g rent North, knowing alike its moral and phy ?teal strength, returned like a refreahed giant to it* re pose, and to the practising of those Industrial pursuits wherein oonslst its bappine?s and prosperity. But after thirty years of peace and unlet, and when the feneration of men who had quailed before Northern tadlgnat'on la 1820 had passed away, a race of Lllll CI tans arcse In tbe South who foolishly Imagined that cause they never heard the roar of tbe Hon or seen him ?*?*? his mane and brnah away the Insect tribes which occasionally annoy blm, he was no longer te be Ibarod. They saw the whole North year after year sub mitting to be bullied and governed by a mare handful of Southern adventurers, and emboldened by the repose of ? people conscious or their strength but loth to employ it, Ihey Anally ventured to lay hands upon and violate tbe great compromise of 1820, aocompan'.ed with threats of a absolution ef tbe Union. Then the men of tbe Njrth awaked from their slumbers, and, horltng back defiance, and treating with aoorn and oontempt tbelr cowardly threat* of disunion, told tlese recklcas and dishonored tricksters that not only should the principles of the Ifis soar i compromise be restored and enforced, bnt that, if aeed be, the State or States which ventured to trifle with their alleglanoe to tbe constitution and the Union shouli be whipped into obedience, juat as a sulky or Insolent or anruly schoolboy Is made to feel that when ncaessary the birch will compel a prompt If not a willing discharge ef all bis duties The lesson has been very fairly indi cated ; and the South now understand that If any portion of the frreat confederacy, wbetber It bo the Fast or the West, the North or the South, attemp'.s to withdraw from the Union, it will be promptly whipped, aye whipped Into ?abjection. It Is all Idle to mince the matter. Tbe Oat hat gone rorth and will be enfo red. Let Washington, Oregon and California at the Northwest, or Maine, New Hamp shire and Massachusetts at the Northeast, or the agrlcul lural States of the North and centre, or the slave Status of the South and Southwest? let any one of them or any C?n:btaatlon of them raise tbe banner of rebellion against the American Union? we care not what their pretence for treason? as oertaln as there Is a God above, so oertaln la M that the offending Stales will be whlppM into obedi ence, and tbe traltars who ??noouraged rebellion term! nale their career upon the gallows. The North, the Centre and tbe West, the great heart and most efficient limbs of tbe confederacy, are all true to tbe Union and the ootstl lotion , and should disunion raise its bead at the South, John Brown has taught the world how mnch opposition from that quarter Is really worth. If seventeen fanatics, led on by a madman, could hold in subjection a town con taining two thousand Virginians, and keep at bay whole regtmentajof Virginia militia, who, even under the eye of tbeir Governor , dared not attack their invaders, but stood by and law twelve United States marines make the as cault and capture In ten minute*, what would thaae samo boastful soldiers do when confronted by Northern valor, ban dad together under the constitution, and bearing aloft the banner of the Union? Why, our Seventh regiment alone, tn such a cause? the cause of Union and the consti tution? aided, a* it would be, by the good men of the alave States, would promptly overrun every rebellion* Slate of the South, and compel them to return to their allegiance. Such are the oonvlctions and such the feeling* of the North. They boast not of their valor, but they know their *trengtb,and kLow, too, that when exerted tn a just cause M Is Irresistible. Recent events have not increased their respect for the coolness or discretion or daring of th* alave region : and therefore thi* is not the time for tbe creatures of the democratic party to threaten disunion and nnliiUcatlon, If the North constitutionally obtain pos session of tbe governement. Let tbe republicans be do ?bated tn tbe coming oontest, and ibty will submit with out a murmur, a* it would be their duty (o do, but let them constitutionally elect a President, and they will not only compel obedience on the part of the South, but they will So It as promptly and with as little difficulty aa Colonel I<ee. with twelve United States marine*, oon qnered a band of seventeen fanatics before whom whole regiments of Virginia militia quailed, and by whom a toon of two thousand inhabitants asd been held posse* ?Ion of for two whole days. Away, then, with these idle threats The day for luoti fooleries Is past and the men ef New York and other Northern cities will vote accord lag to their convictions, well knowing that whatever may be tbe vafcM of any one portion of the Union to the whol*, nothing will te permitted to take place to lessen that vaJoe. ."laval Intelligent*. HUrrctpoEdencc of the Button Ite'.ly Advert.tcr ) I'mrmii ?T*irn Ship Oowmu?*, ) Pt Pin p? Liuiri'O, Africa, Sep;, fl, IHtfO. ) Commander S W God on, of the Mohican, wantot Bdtd from eorcmajid on the 211 Auguit by Flag Oll'.cer to The Moblean failed Augntt 23 on a rrnlne, tinier eanmMd of Lieut. T. II. Pallereon, end relume 1 here hat night. The (loop of war Portsmouth, Commander Ca'houn, ar rived A' ,? t 26 from Prince'* lelaiid, and -a'.od It t ?Igbt for the Gontro river. One or her oilioera, Lieut. H N Crabt, his beoo In ill health for tone time, and will ?oon retcro to the rotted Stale Lteut. C. 8. MDo notijh, ex commanding (learner Compter, whoee reelgna tlon I mentioned In my latt letter, la alao to return to the Colled States tn the bark Ann * Mary, toon to aall for Rkieaa. The (team frigate Niagara, having on board the Ja pence Amba-tadora, tailed on the 1Mb of Auguat for Japan Mulahlpmtn W B. Hall ha-> been tranafvrrwl frem the Niagara tor duty on board thli ?h1p. Tbe San Jactnto It now (teaming out of ibe harbor for the Ooego, and wtll tow the I'orUmonth up the river and Men reeume her cratalng. The (learner 8uapter, Lieut Oonuaandtng I F. Armalrong, la to (all in a tow daya for St. Helena and a erulae. Her ma -htnery ta out of repair The gunboat Mj(ttc arrlrel to day with the mall from Fernando Po. We are to aall on the Nib for the Congo r*rer. remaining there iong enough to clear the (hip't bottom of grat? and barnacleaa, and then cruite to Ibe ?oath ward at far an Elephant or Little Fith Bay, where we are to take on l>oard a rupply of provlt on( and re tarn to tht( port and In the latter part of October will aall for ft. Helena to recruit. WIHKS AMD LldUORS. OnXTH HTHgrT pibtcllibt-bhtablishmi B1 Ibe cheeped pUee te buy ta* Braadlea Hi: ma. Whttheje. Oorilale. Ac., for wboleaale and fa Bally trade. al IK Watt Fifteenth etreet. Mo llgoo^aoM byth? data. OHAJOJM WHIT*. Plti l If WATCKKI AMD J1WKLRT. ^ TBI NAKPIM WATCH. A. HI *RtU> A CO , MO. 2M HROARWaT, Uatiac aaace arrangemejita for Ae eaie of J All El lARDli K PIM-KHT CHROM3METIF3, And i*kcr fine Wau-hea. Art new prepared lo oMer them ai the lowett Bum price* BIOBLT KITOMMFFP ih*m to their enMioen. IIW Fl'lUl'ATIOM. TBKATRICAL-THB LIFI OF RPWI* roRRMOTTHR eminent Trtm! <o. ooatalalnK a full Account of hit Tift Meal Car??r, with a, lendid Portrait, aiao ^ketcket of Mitt 0, F. B I'hanfraa and many m r* af our modem dratr.a'Jr "e'.trt." with trleudd Fortralta which al. me a re work Ike rrlc*. Henl lo tar tddreti on rc-el.t of ?: aentt A re#? II. Taylor * Oo , Fubll'hat b i I7S Chatham 1 1 tare Fed, care of B Lockwood, II. V. IATRIMOKML. ATOUMO OKNTt.SMAW, OF OOOD FAMII.T AFP . renting addrett. wwhet lo op?n a correal >rd?noe with ta? ? between th? a(?a of e.ahuen and twenty four with a view lo taatrtmonr. Money It no object. Ad trtm H. R, W , TTeralJ o?te. "V4TR,*ollT ** I ?A-"T- -HHOWIMO THB St X?1 ere how ?o wit a ?>rer and e ajeedlt/ aaarrtad. A aew book for both e> i-a. Free tm W aaala. Andrea T WUSajw A On..*her?. hot J JUU >-hilade4>kla oSo* IKRTtCNArn. E *T?TBRIOrH HCRRRR -MO It LAP AVRTTB l .a <w.~ Wantd. a !ar(e lamp for the a>>-w? InalituUOO ilref L i he Fo. 12 lafajeue tlu* VtnrBM AMD (TiFFDSKCM AFOOT?- .1 COT IR r<^< a r.nml'r of Ike trhabrtan<? irf th? We?lert Taiwi fa r aad to ihe T irtle toup and ton1* He*?t w .1 be ~ If Ufij terttd ail :k.a ?efh. a. !?o II Ufa) eJ* plan; W W FAtaVKK tntHTIIU. livit HAl.K- A VMALI, THOROOSH BRKI' I ACK f m,,? "an . afire ??>> * leta. Aptih at Fit* ee. .n.' ?trw Inn ,ae-??t TMrd area- airtl ? ? .rad1'?lt I' r.e place wtik addrcat R nan IHIVItl AFP FFI.nTAF ''ANA*'!" O.UUU a large w\ t>? Of otbe* rt | and fancr Hlrdt from aJ itrte of the world, al w?ol??'e an' retail, at THAHLlP BMIOHV A MMOtHBR'F Ma H Chatlnai *rec. Wtti' Ar.aia t of al' aln^e bi?i*kt ard loid. ?lll.l.UKDI. HILLIAKO*.? FOR Atl.B, ONE MCMDRKO RfW A<I> ? ? t>'. k??i-< Tablet at reaama1 ? price* <V. ted e? aa?t??. r teed ?.?'?tr Mera y ma" l'rl?a?? fc?*" for ?Me? w. H nkimTH, 1? f?iv"i aireei. FrKl.AW ? RILUA HP TABLW AFP OOMBIHATIOF CC?niOF?. '*tir"?ai?ra raleaiod tev t. II. 1NU Pricee r*d see tea per cent for eaa*. FHKLAK A Om.LIVPAK, Roe. M to ? Crnaby atreeb TT?. J aWAEfk tMFMOTMD BILl.IAkD TAB IBB " with kit awwly la i noted etwataa, pateniad Koeeatb* Ik. itw a*d ^ ^ba eaearioe m ear ?ow la an AW AtiWW. TTBFMT R HMBW JE , APCTIORBIH JJ Will ae!l o? Wednesday, Mot r. al 1?u e'evwk. al IM Seat i$th ttreet, betwe^a let aad Id aren-'xe. eeaera: aaeori sent of tenter houaaheid f relt ire bade, badilag cerpata. e^ tlnl?. -lahogaoy t ta ekali-a bed?'?adt, buret ui at ,m k'tabei. iteaaile. Ac . |e. Tarau eaak Rale peremptory T( MM H BI'RMT, ACCTTOMMKIt. WIU, nt.L rata ? ' day, at ?' 0'*k* k. at *44 ? ana: t<r?*t. Ruera it. Hriataada. a -fa RerU Rrfia kalr and otbef >?Hiwn rka)-* eji?ntt'?i centre ant other Ttvet Mtniel. Pt?r and (*ber uia>a?? rre* ? nod and mab-tanr lto> kcaaee Warlr t?a, F' ;aaele dire*. Bl? and nber ? tl Nt. Oilttoika l ooklrg ?*. Feather Fe-"e fllfcwt P. ?r,k? t < i *i'#?er*. ar. ! ?rtrytklac t'W *i netaeei in*. Iv be a.d w A< n reteree _ IALM AT ADCTIUI. A I>MINI8TRAT0R'B 8 A LB, To doss an sstus. An eu-aordlnary nkuoe for housekeepers. _ Magnificent Household Kurnltnre MOBTIViER <I*1FFI V A CO auctioneers, will wll OH thl* day Tneedey at lQi, o elcck. all the i erb and oost'y Fur niture Vsintlngs, hiatuary and Work* of Art, rosewood dra* n? room t all. elegant 7 otUkTe Pianoforte. Mirror* velvet Oar| eta, Ac.. contained In the private residence No. 48 WM *Ute?nth street, between Fifth and SHtha?snues The audio- ren -all iptcl?l attrition of their fnen4? and th? public to it i* sal* aibdici the largeU and ri -best assortment of household furniture oflo d ateu' tlon thi* *eason The tor nltnie win all made for the present ok ner and U in complete nr("?r. Tb? uholewilibe peremi torlly end absolutely id without rttfiv* URAWiKG room ruBNrrrRS. Consists of carved roar wood Btegeres. marb'' lop and French plate doora and hackr. w? rk Table inlaid with mother of petrl, rosewrod centre Table statuary marble top; Iwa full salts (if L rawing Hoom Furniture. elega? t Tele a Tete Fotaa two arm reception and H ova) hack ' hair* carved rosewood frame*, aid e< vered In three eo ured satin Urocatel of the nwl eipemive dascrtpllon, onnnlslb g of ta o console Table* inlaid with lor tote ah' 1' brc< v!e laoe Curtains, all light orm >lu snd bro -a < hande^lerr. imported ftrm Paris. by Marcott, Lajraiir A <5o ; Cande'sbras. Brackat*. Krsoh plate pin and mautel Mirrors, vltk rlth Kilt framea; snperb Hevreasnd Dresden china Vases, richly dec* r .ted; 1'aiian marble Statuettes, he-asoas. artbtlc Brot/e?. representing Night and Morning, 1'andora. Painting, l'i??ry. Mualc, Crusaders. Ac ; antiuue lava Vase* from Her culanem and Pompeii, ebony car4 Tables, velvet Carpets and Hum, Turklrbeaav Chair*, brorze Clrck, ruts oia month; OU Paintings by Roareaw, Iuman. Hustiugton, Cole, l*grand. and other eminent artlata; French line Engravings. Trial of f Hie Deans Flight of Joseph anl Mary into Egypt with Infant Barioor. MAGNIFICENT KEVIN OCTAVE PIANO FORTE i arred legs aid caae'ronnd oorneri, tlnlahed all roaid Inlaid; and aolkl pearl key*; roeswood Stool, mualc Rack. e*. Iroldered clith Uovrr. Book aid Music hall rusesrood llat ftard, Ollcltlh Brnaaela Mtair Carpets. Ac ; t'hambera richly carved roaawood Bedstead*, at] le I/oola XIV; Hureana and ( ommode* to match; Wardrobes, dreming and toilet Tables, Shaving and Bookstands; Couches. Armchair*, ''attains. Blades, Cornices, btlr Maltreaaea. I'&lJlaaaea, Kaatherbeda Bolatera. PUlowa. H'ankfta. Shrt la. Qullta. Counleri anea, dec orated c Una toilet 8cU, oval Mlrrora, dlnlngroooa furniture of every kind. Alao kitrkea ntenala, Ac. Cash <lep<alta will be required of (very purchaser, aa every artlole must be sold. AM. MEBWIir, AUCTIONIEH. . By BANOB, MBRWIN A CO., IrrlcK BulMInf*. Hi and Kroidway. SATURDAY IVtWlWa, MOV. 10 AT 7 OCLOCK, At the store No. 632 Rmadway. Peremptory akle of choice Keel lab, French and Belgian Oil PalntlBaa recently Imported, bein* the beat collection, for Ita eitec* thai has been offered at public tale in thla cily for a long period, all by modern artlata, and nearly all ortctnai pic turea. 1 hey are In tine oondltlnn. and In rich (111 framea and are now on eihlbltlon at IX! Broadway, where the e%le will take place, catalogues will be ready four days before the sale A J. i l.IKC'KJCR, ACCTIOKKKR. A. ASHKJNIE'8 8AI.E OF HaNDBOME HOUSE AND <1 ROUNDS, AT HASTIMOS, WBKTi HE8TER OOWITV NEW TORK, A. J. BLEKCKKR, SON A CO. will sell at auotloa on Uta day, November 12, at 12 o'clock, at Ihe Merchants Exchange, A TWO 8TOKT HOURS, With Stable Ice House. Ac. . act about three acres of land, al|pated at Hasttrir*. on the Hudson river, twenty miles from New Vork, and within live minute* walk of the depot. Now oocnpled by RoIIln Sandford, Esq. Carts to rle? tie premise*, and full particulars, eao be hid at No. 7 Pine strtet Auction notics -parties about rbmotinq will And It to their advantage to call on the great Metro Ki Bipreaa, No 'UO Vartck and S3 and 37 Ring Mreet Four wagons for removing paruea la the oountry or city. Ail kinds of furniture parked end shipped to all parts of the world; All kinds of- statuary, paintings, rich glassware and piano fortes, removed with car* and at our risk. Families will tind this an agreeable way of moving. T. UQULPSMITH, Proprietor. Auction notice -a famii.t dbcunini nou?B keeplng will dispose, at private sale, of all tbetr parlor, chamber anil dining room Furniture a. a great aaci 'ioe, rtz ? Rosewood 7 ostave Pianoforte, oo it t-V<0, will be sold for $JM, Including atrol and erver; park r Suit, east Hell, for fl40; one do., 1150; Mirrors, Paintings, Ktegert s. Tables, Vase* Bu reaus. Bedsteads. Mattresaee, Ac. In ,utrs at No. 70 W< Twi n > sixth stn-et. rear SUth avenue. Auction notici-burnham-s furnitctrb ex press and Packing Establishment, 111 and 113 West Ele venth atreet. between Fifth and Sixth avenues. Household f ir nliure boied and shipped u> all parts of the world. Pianofortes, palct.ngs. mirrors, statuary packed and moved Coverel wagons for removing furniture to the oountry. Storage for furniture. Auction sale of china, slabs and barthen war*.? BBNBT O. EVANS will sell from the shelves on Tuesday. November 6, at ten o'clock, at 1# Mat-. en lane, a complete asicrtment of White Oranlte and common Ware, Glass Ware, Ac., Jta , la lots to suit dealers, 8aie positive and without reserve. A chance for bargains. Auction notics -cbockery, glassware and Fancy CJfwda by J. 8. H. BARTLRTf. a lOHoneer, Tues day, Nov 6. at 10 o'clock, at 181 Pearl street. A large aad posi tive cash sale, in lots for dealers. Vote early, thea oonis and get bargains, t a.c frte. AS. RICHARDR AUCTIONEER -Sl>0 CASKS BOOTS, . .-h"-s ar-i Rrogana, at auciiw. by RICHARDS A WHIT Ing, on Wed' esday, November 7, at 10), o'clock, at store 44 Cot' landt strnit. being aer uiplete rataloguo of rariou* kin Is of nien s, women's and children's heary gooda adapted to the B ALTMORR. HPROIAL BALB DRl'ID BILL PARK. ?KRAT SALS or FRUIT TRRRB IN BALTIMORB, ITBBT CHOIUR VARIBTY. iHIT <0000 TRBBS. OnTUBRDAT MORRINU, Roremhee II, II II o'clock ereciaelj, ?? (hall oil at public auction. by calamine, el "ORUJT) Hall PARK," formerly the reel Jen oc or Lloyd (T. Kocere, the l?r*f?i and choired wMjol I'RARARD OTHKR KBl'IT TRiRH r?er og?re.t for ?al"> In thle eonntry. There are between THIRTY THODHaHD AND PoRTT THOUHARI) TBRKP, al! orUctaaHy nleoted with greet oare. tad enltlrated by Mr Rogere, who la well known throughout the t olled Rtatee u a gontlcman productrg the flneet and (Moeet rar<ety of Prut a. and Juatly celebrated for hie Judg ?acnt in Hortlrolture, which alone la a atiS ient (umitf for UM eiaeUency of the noMei lion. R0TI'*1 OalaJojiiM mill be toaned and reedy for detlrery Ike tret of Korember. and pnrohxeera wil! be repaired lo rt> ?ore all the t?wea before the lat uf AprU, 1841. Yerma each, In bankable fiunla. r or further information apply to the auctioneer*, or for la roraaUno reepccilng the Treee, apply lo John Peart Be<]., Pkarlet. comer of CaJyart and PareUe atreeta, Baltimore. order of the Uunmlwioaan '? w. bknkbtt a OO. Auctioneer* jgROWRK A *I?HCI/8 AUCTI0*BKRR. , WKl.NiMnAT. Rerember 1. At 1 o'einnk **'? n florae*. War taa tr At i o clock, at our et>a<h>iia 1 A ? Oae teoocd kand lop Waeon ?reet. ?r?; to the aame. alee. oneei?,aS 2er: H*r ?haft, alen ,ec?,d b%od diIb>H.^ '* *???"> pola and Phaeton, tew and bnill to orderluT^i doctor', one iwn aeated BnrlW, JiJte PhLpiT. to u* a^Tvr^S^Ss'Ws^'as ipJKc? " lh' r ?'? ?? -ner CSfXr^TruS a ,.ki Tjp m A LfiO, fflStE^tEiF r1 : aJunen? ' e W>"J" '???"?? ? vary atyliah eetab h.A.'V.lUr ? granted annnd aad kind, eoM J!? ftflX. J'H!!* dr,v,r j J?wii; SPJ ?^hMS!J ^ ?! lav' ted to attend Houaekeep.ra and dea.en art M^OMiwr Pr f airrh la. a n ao mZL, m *"*?*' prlrale reekienee <rf Wnaenth aud'hUiharrouea^ ^ ia'^aelT' b"r"'" r''?? Tlr ? ' commencing at 10^ o'clwfe B.?.ood7>(ioctar. Piacoforta. Btoom aad Omolu < b*D4, Jl/"WOOd Dr*w1"? tooaS Ha, fitrrm and Preedea Onaan,,,1'"'" anJ Carpeta, Brocade and La. e rufialae P"r *?l1 KIrrora, | OU Pa ml. n?i Hy emuifni art Ma. Arl:*,c Br'*" ?IAt iary, | I etere* (Vtlre Table%>*k Btfrn **1*0*1 >n Tabit, ? ? i ;isgM A*f. H&T?*b*r 12 13 w.d 14 tf4 prey^. H, >k Rff l P * ? ? "?? lb* dee.raMe rroi 'rtr i rai,H '?? ?. ii' ?? hb 'T# * /?. boaa4ed by Ikt Ha T rmd or " ? ^ nounty a* 11 dnee an eiiereiT* new JtlL?. V"1 will a <?r> a . am bealihr ''"Jntry. anl Ulte and ^ i deoeea Teraa r* U e.>a ^ ,r Pr<'?>? reel He*"' ln ^.lydara twi' 1, , ?*'' ',?* /?'? '* ba.arceoe bond iST B?^.,e ? LZ/Z J. t"T ,h? fffoTeatJoa arr t to the If*!1 . r3r ain a?4 I Qobok.i, Char el mShEJ "iS Vl?'' " . ? . ? . I . ?"!? ? - fiMi are I ? **>f th* iara at braeen ^ | * " Attorty fee ilortgw>. P ' *' ? n?AV .rr. Off a I ' ? ? ' ' %t ' ? m ' m m. ? S > ,"nf, i*,. > . ' far*ri<?ta ?ort*i.e' Ihe*/* * th# '""t reaer ?. ?, ? ?Rr?WSK MSS'fe'T} ^'S^raPfeSS 1 1 '? :v\ji v:v-V\r -?-r - ma. U| ?Hf I '^?an- rtgage 1. ^Tr, . ' 1 ' fJr* rr. .r.u-r, ^*^sr?S5rSaS?fe | omtothS, Cak,, ?. i-4u joh* m 'romrt^ *' 'Zn ? C? AH. ??J !lv?ry Mablee of >'..arl Tow ie A Row, ?!? ? li'*'*- *' lh* teeen areruee B a.dT in^neiuZl- *?"" be ralahle^^^S^*^,0^"?' P?r1 Hd C rtl'Jl Hrrn<?? n? giMh . _ j 1 ?? ?F1 HI T')4|<f %r<1 rriit^T J <Vwh#? iKSj! .vSe'tf^a \^*jrr,;' /saL^^ 'n^'fe.1. H'f C a?"** W ' ?o^Md Tsrzrrrj" trsszR day p r# vfrma to tuo??w t\ Bowmy, om s. wkj,hb,t,a t ro Worth William ** roome Ro 1 WAUMRO MD IiODaDS. Agertlbmar amd bui wifm, who own a rial modem Boon, m*1; wd eieg?nUy furnished, la lbs op per part of the olty would aoooaamidate an amaabl* married couple with handaome Apartments aad Board oo otter b jerd ers take* and the beat referenoe ta to respectability requrod, aa the < bjnot la rather to form an agreeable society than proAt. Address bo* 4,177 Poet ofllce. AOENTLBMAN AMD WIF1 TAN HAVE A HARD, ?umely furnished loll at Rooms. cm the second Door, (rani, ?l>b Hoard. Also, a One suit or Rooms au third door, amiable for a family or angle gentlemen. Dinner at ?z- Ap ply at 1M and 1UM Bast Fourteenth street. AT ?? TWENTIETH HTRKET CORNER OF FOUBTH avenue. a few handsome dooms to let 10 gentlemen aod their wives or single gentlemen,- with lali or partial Hoard. House ?,.d location tint class Avert dbbibablb suit op booms to full board. In the first class house No t I Twenty forrlh flit-el, opposite Ibe Fifth avenue hotel. Ponsesaluu m mediately. APA RTMENTS.-AN ELEGANT SPIT OP FOP* Rooms oo the tlret door, with private bath. to let, with private laMe, st 64 PlfUi avenue, alao a handsome single Room, w'th breakfast ASBCOKDITOBY FRONT BOOM. WELL FURNISHED, crntdlnlnir um. Kit and eold water, bath mom id joining, to let to a l?dy and remlema" with full or partial Hoard. Por further particulars apply at HI Wast PlfteenlL stitet, bet ?een Sevtntk tod ftlihth uvenuea A VACANCY POR ORB OB TWO INVALIDS TO Board ard reeelie medical auendaucn. Apply to Or. Barry. 219 Bast BroaCway. A TOI NO AMKRIC4N WIDOW WISHES TO RENT A hand>rmely furnished Room to a gentleman and lady, where tlere are no other boarder*; Boar I for lad y mly; Sun (lay Board for gentleman If dealrei. or wo uld let nloely fur nished Ro> me to aln?le gentli men Oa'l for two day* at 177 Greene street, from 8 to 10 A. M. ac from 1 to 4 P M. A gentleman an n WIFE, OB TWO OB threi single gentlemen eaa be accommodated wttn Board, at No. 29 Cottage pla e. betwein Hleeeker and Houston street*. T? rms moderate References required . AH ELEGANTLY FUBNIBIIBD BOOM TO LMT-WITU Hoard to a lady, or gentleman and lady; alao. two front Booms, to'sentlemrn with partial Hoard souse tlrst class French spoken. Applj at 28 West Fifteenth street, near Fifth avenue. At MALL PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LIT TWO VBBT desirable fnrr lahed Btoirs. In fruit, with every mo urn conveniences to gentlemen only. In s t'.rst class house, with oo boarders. Please '-all at 1U Ktnth tUeet.near ttruadway. ASM ALL PRIVATE FAMILY LIVING IV THEIR OWN bouse, would rent to a party of two or three, who are willing to pay a remunerative price, a handsomely turnlahed ? .It of Booms, with Poard. Stages snd oaas leave the oorner lor every part of the city. Inquire at 72 West IJd at. AT 341 WEST FIFTEENTH STREET? A KKOOMD FL30B front Room and bark >'arlor,e?*h containing Croton. gas, grata and closets, we II furnished, neat and dceireble. to rent, with first class Board, to <ent!emen or married oouple*. Refe rences etcbanged, A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED PABLOR AMD BED room for two centl'men or gentleman and wife, to let, Willi dinner at 3 o'clcck If required also a small Boom Horw Brat clam, ail the modern Improvement!. Apply at +i Ninth street A FAMILY OB PABTY OF GENTLEMEN WISH1NO A suite of Rooms sdj Inlag, on reaa^nable terms, wll And Fileassnt aecommodatlons by oslltng at 61 Madlaim avenue, b? ween T we' ty aeventb and(Twenty eighth streets; also a phvsl slan's Office on parlo tlo r, unl urniabed. Dinner at 6 o'clock. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT FABLOB. Mi Bedroom attached, to let. salUMe for a rhjslctan or a parly at gentlemen; also single Booms Apply at 9ti Prince street, near Broadway. Alao Boom* for housekeeping at No. 5 Sixth street. A PRIVATE FAMILY, RESIDING A* NO. Ml WHT Forty second street, will let a pleasant treat Room aa ?eoood Boor, to a gentleman aod wife or two single I sal less* a, with breakfast and tea; full Board If required. 4 MAN AND 11IH WIFE CAN HA VI GOOD BOABD A and Lodging by apply lag to Mr*. Gab rial, HI Henry street. AM AMERICAN WIDOW LADY WILL LIT A FUR nlabed Hoom and Iteilroom to one or two perrons, with or wltai-u*. partial Board; to other lioarders Apply No. 17i' Ninth avenue, next to corner of Twenty seoond street A PRIVATE FAMILY, BESIDINO IN A DESIRABLE put of the city, and living In handvnie sty e, would like to take one or two nrtlemen to Board. Those wishing large, airy Rooms, with si, the c niforis of a home, and are willing to par a liberal price, may address W II I>. Union Square Post oltlee. Beet references given and required. A PRIVATE FAMILY IN TWENTY BEtXJND STREET will let a hick Parlor and (xtena'on, or two Parlors and two Booms on second story, communicating with back room, at Hi per week. Addr*s? M . box I U6 roat office. A GENTLEMAN WITHOUT INCtTM BB ANCEJDCSI RES ur, fnrr luffed Kooma without board, with a young wldsw llvlvg alone. House aim have modem Improvements, located between Fourth and Sixth avenue*. . net anove Twenty fourth nor bek w Fourth rtreet, reut not to exceed 1410 per y#ar. Adrress for time days Edward. Utloo *>iuare Post offiee. AFBW TOCNO LADIES CAM BE ACCOMMODATED with Boar 1 by applying at 1SS Brie I met, Jersey City. AREATLT FTRNISUFD SUIT OF BOOMS, ON 8K cond or third floor , to let. with Boar I. to patties of slug'e gentlemen, or gentl'-men ant w ves. wher- the? c*n enjoj We c ii lorui of a social lume. cara and stages pnis th< door. Ap plj at 412 West Twenty third street. Board? a boom and bedboom to let, fitb nlshed or uofurnlahel. to a gentlest an and wife, or two J slng'e gentlemen, al Mo. Ill West Thirty sixth street, near Broadway. 1 1IOABD.-A PKIVATB FAMILY (UM AOOOMMODATB > a gentleman and hie wife or two single gentlemen with plesnaat Rooms and Board In a house with modem Improve ir.erts App'yatNo. 121 M iU street, a few dxirs west of Broadway QOABD -PLKAPABT BOOMS, WITH BOABD, FOR D ih g!e it- tlemen, ran be bad ca application al 4.' and 61 Wast Twenty iacond street, between Fifth and Stub avenues BOARD -A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED BACC PAR lor On first Dior, and Parlor with Bedroom on aivmd leer: al?o sturle R<? ma for g an tie men only, without heard bouse modern. CI Fourth aveaue, one bloefe from Kroadway. | HOARD? A SINGLE GINTLWMAN OAN BE AOOOM modeled with a very oleaaanl Room, with g hi and pan trv. In a bouse with all Imrrovemen'a I* a .n- ? snmal family, wher* tsers ai* few boariert. Inquire at * o V Baak street. HOABD -ELEGANT BOOMS FOB a FAMILY AND I food acorm mod niton s for a few stng'e rent '.-?men, with dinner st ? o clock, mar t>* ohtalned at l'>4 Kaat I'oorteen'h street, opt e'te the Aeai'eiay of Music. Apply t) Mrs. , Gregory, 104 East I enteertb street Hoard -w east hateeni ii strkkt. between Third and Fourth aveno*a. Finely furnished aparments for a famt y at d s*ns'e Ror ma fct rent#men wit* or without Board at reaaonalle prle-e. meals aertel In private apa v met ta, 'f required, al ai,y hour of the day. BOAKT^ \ " K RLOR flAHPBOHtl.T rPRBIAHFrr ?i M. aitb Kaarrf, to a r?n !?m?o and wi'a ir two *?n llrmrn I: i?- kM aii tkc modarn Imi/r'ivamenla. DtBMr UMi b iiuA Tamil mixirrkU'. tiH Utxlaoa aba*t Board ~*o :.?t, wtth board, at 137 B?onBD > nt?, bal?"*n Eib'k *n<i Ula'k alwa. oae ilea'r f ir D.?had Kcana. with Mwrtury hadat??d r ittaMa for a ranti v bud arl aia * i:anr i?u geDi.aaica. at t o'clock. La em toa vary daatrah a. Board. -to lit. a hcit or roo*?, ib a fi*?t Kan h mar, na*' l n'oo Bo'iara. with prt?aa tahla Ait Earao* alahm* ?-.t , !??? ?- 'a ?? ??? ?.?<: wIlliBC In nay baraily ran adilna C. F., t'Liua a uare Toal okta*. K t.t raoaanchaated. BOA*D.-TO LMT, WITH OR WTTIJOrT BOARII, IB A prlwta fam'la a lar** ht?D Hb*?-b?oI. itthanla for a ikfMan a>ao a ftuxa for A au>|ia caotanuu. ift-mU rtfth arwaaa. Board.- a *ib?i.k room o* third mxi*. j frort. ? tk foil or partial Hoard, ? l>a ?stamnt at 111 Waat Klarantb atraat, t?i?arn f ifth ami KniA inw'i'* BOtRH WARTI n -TWO TOr??'> MKH WIHH TO OH ' tain Board tn a pr1?at* family a l>ara tha r >m 'orta o? a l kn?a mar ba anjoyad Adlraaa tiallBi trrma and . ie?U F t r.. narald ?? ' '? BOARD wanttp -attkr botrwrfr is a in* t'?n>an and a. fa ilaair* Hrar ! m a itrWnly |>r1rn?a faaai'y. 1 maMl! * ?a|o* < anal rtreet. AJdr?*a, with I'rsaa. Ac B. H Mary. H ?rvd tinea Board wabtbd-bt a i.adt. m a private I '?ally wba-a iha nmaforta nf h a? nan ha an oj ?1 a | a>amnt kwaloa daana. a i taaaant Room f ir* .bad T? n fun ahed. At lra?i F. 1.. U . I'ua. oSir, flrta| full parJa i | iara BOiBO WABTFP- WItH A O'VfD bi/rd WKU, P0R. Bubad K o?i a a (ml locality. hf a rantlamao atd t?ifa Tarma ant In aiaaad par waat. with fti a ad tlra. Addrra Cr m|il fay. bai l.t II r raid oJlcx. BiAKD WABIID-FOR A TOUBO LADT, IB A H aata 'amllr whcra an iKkar V>?r i?ra will b? ia>ta A rorrn altk Ira and >u r? r.rr*- for * ? -h I'/ i ar m ?I", a paw< l/iall .a datlrad a1! T? -ty f urth r???t fcfrrrnc* ?? an and rottircd. A Idraaa I. R. A . feoi 1(J 1 HaralJ or r Board waat^d? ht a orvtliwab i>n mt,m ? b?ra ??aam.a la 'oral ? " ? -T! **** * " ABD WJ I f. ^nifi' ?r w- hf an ,._,4 - * tb?? pI?:ki f#hh u?f a' r,, ? . p ' ' "r"f Ur M V *g_njTB?rald <*&? v ru^ * A !4tm A. /... Board wtBtitn-iB nno^ctTir, bv a obxtli m?n ? 1I? ti;?, !i,?r'i'?t- 'an-,/.* I?nli??a't It fihar vat lara ?- on h? aaonad ?ir. .h f%' \ad r"*l?, l -?>rr?d ?n>T?aJ?<it to tk* cam. Baal rtfar? i "? fi?aa. Adifr*?? for U??a d?rt II. H H , Vji 1! ? llarajd oOica t ^mat, an I .u,n "i ?f3? 21^** r%n ?? " ?1 ?>* r" Board ib BBoo?i.T?f -a frobt boo* *bp i *.d r ?rn a? Jolrtlff -n loof, fi !?' Will B a f?ry ;? <-a?nt <-ai >n ai Ao *S < r ?d r -i"t a '?? ? lao'M walk fr ia F '?? >r Wail atrMl fairy Kaf- ?BS?a t't?a ard r^-.ira< Board ib bikx kltb -?riT? of fro^t ro^ma lo l?t ? I'h Rf BT'I jaai ??an a"d ant'ifin'"' r?o iifin iB'-nlra at M Hpn'y atrtat. Nanraan >?l*ta aod Atiaatk ______ Bo a An IB RROOKLYB ? 4IBBTI.RMBB, WITH TIIKIK wlraa. tt a faw ?1-?la ??ntl? naa ran h? r| wHk r>*aaart Bomna and Hoard at 14# Aou.k <>tfor< atra-<. Tary aonatalatit lo raw. Board ib uoori.tb -two i.ARf?t rcoba. with 'loaata m aaroad aad third nnora. for ntrrlad ? aloa.a I faritiairaa. in a pri?aia raml'y, wham thara ara fa? ouar board. ti fi a* and hBlh Rafrran-aa ra.mral A|plyatl7 Btaia atraat 3)poa'la '.ardan atraai withia ?ra oilnulM allk ofjpntk or Wall ?<raat twrtj. B HOARD IB BROOK I.TB ? A OFBTMHAB ABD WTF? I or 'wo tit v|a landman, f kb ha aarmmodaiad wtta Board and pl?->aa-.t rarlor, ?lik Iladr>na aUa bad, ..n tha Drat ?'?'T. hy appUlnr at Bo fx riarraponl atraat a- rnar llanrr i Ka/iraaaa ra?inlrad. BOAR? OB BROORLTB BKIiIIITA TWO OB THRR* tam>*aa or* gai.tlaman and ?lfa ram i ? unaimotial with I'wid lad rbo>im Booaa, al U Wiik>? rtNat. but a fa? | rwtafroa fnllnaftrry ; yxVlBHIOB TARfXiR A BP TWO BII'RO<ijrA TO ? XL at, ?!tk fail <r ramaJ Beard *4 >M Waat AmMrfRk draft MAKOnO B!?I> U)D?I??. ELEGANTLY Kl'RMMtlKD ROoMH III t HE HOTEL Ht-Uermaln. tilth s sane, Hr-iaiwar uJ Twenty sseond street - lisung <?< ?p:. usd the ?? acioo* doing ro m girted lo ikle bo-el, the propriet y la prepared lo mUt wnni'inmH with rim'UM and e'ugle g<-n'.iemen wishing Hoard at labia d'hote. Private lt)ln mil m? Ji > U f im? M b> rBNISBED HOUSB TO LET-lf APPI-IB* PO* I* me liatelr. In Tweme'h airaet. near Fourth iveioie; II room*. I* perfr.t order, reol moderate to snUnfaewry Apply .a 6a But Tweuty seeoud street. from IJ tai I* M. FUBNISHED ROOMS, FOR liENTLEMEN AMD THEIR ultra and for megl* gent'cineo, with Hoar..; also, lhre? ls< Ira can be kr'ommcuttad. Ititreuii exchanged. Appij at 1HA Baat Broadway. TOURNISHED ROOMH.-IO LET, TO A '1ENTLEM AN r ard wde. ?r um la gentle men; a neat aiilt 01 Rooms ins iniall, uulrt hi use, very pleasantly located. with or wllbom p&iU&l ikard, fcl c6 Went tleveLUi ?u tct tear filth avCDtio Fm tRNISHKD ROOMS FOR BT*OLE (lENTIBMKW, OR Hwinj for private psrues or clube, > an Le procured at Mo. 12 I-afayelle Plaae, WM PAl.Mk*. v FDBNISHKD ROOMS TO LET-SIl OH RYSTIE STREET, suitable for single gen ilemao or for he uwkee,<u(. Terms from 91 50 to $3 per week. Call for ols weelt Frankfort house-corner or frankfort end W 1 1,1am street* Mew York. Maria Ronnie from Ite to S7o. per night, or |l lo IS per week. Ilouae newly furnish ed, w Ilk a rood Restaurant attached. Open all night. FURNISHED ROOM WANTED? IN MBW TORK OR Brooklyn; muat be large, wall venUUtad and orally fur nlrhed Ilouae muit ba sltusted io a quiet telgbborhoid, wl hln thirty mlrnlea' walk froai City 11a 1, Mew York, cr wi hln Are minutes' walk from Ftiltnn ferry, Brooklyn Ad d>eee, iiatlrg terma (which muat be moOeraU ). losatloe, Ac., Printer, box 137 Herald oilloe. Board! st boiuea, or Louses where boarder* are taken, or bouses ooc. pled by more i bin one famiy will not answer. First class board at 207 east hroadwat.-a splendid front and back Parlor Room on eecond Hoor, Bedroom eonnect*d. Everything kept In best atyle. House contains hatha and all the modern improvement*. GRAMEBCY PARK. -TO LET A fil'iT OF FURNISHED Rooma on second floor, aollab'e for a family, with pri vate table in the houee lately oocupied by Mr. Da bo la. No M Baat Twenty tint e'reet, between Fourth and Leslngton ava nuea opposite the Park. Hamdbomki.y furnished kooms to lit-with Board, In h mcdern built hous*. In a plrssant part of the city, and convenient la rers and aLairea. Apply at 63 Weal Twenty flrat street, corner of Slvth avenue. HANDTOMf PARLORS ANDt bedrooms to let Wllh or without Baarri, at 731 and 716 Broadway, at very moderate price. Apply to Pl'KCEl.L and THOMPSON, superintendents. JEBSET CITY.? A PRIVATE FAMILY. RR8IDINO leee than ten mlnutea' walk from the fe-rr, would let nratly furnished Rooms, double or angle, with or without Brard. Are and li(hu, en Tery moderate terma. Apply at 160 Urora itreal TO LET-A HANDSOMELY FURNIBIIID SCUT OF Rooms on aecon.l ti aor of a drat claae houee. Alao the entire third Br, or, well fimlehed; ar itable for a party of fro llemen, with nr ? Ithout partial Beard. Appl) at r o il Bond atreet, near Bm?1* ay. 3 LET? WITH BOARD. A ROOM AND BEDROOM, I* ? prtrate family. Apply at 134 Weat Thirty elRbth atreet. T mO LET-THBEK OR FOt R ROOMS, WIT IIOITT OR X with partial Board, ic a flrat c aaa houee, warmed by fur nace , family imall and elrlctly private; below Twenty elehth atreet, near tilth avenue Addrcee 11., Madison a^iuire Post a Sea. TWO OR THREE OEHTI.tMEir, OR A GENTLEMAN and his wife can be aeoooi -soda' ed with Board and tur nl?knd Boome. lo a private family, at 17 Twelfth atreet. be tween rntrerelty place and Mfti avenue. Hoiuie contains the Bolero ImproTeme. Is. TO LET-IN A PRFYATK FAMILY, A BEACTIFU1. ] furnlahed front Room. In a elnxle fentteman. Dinner at 6 1*. M. Apply at No. IU Weal Fifteenth atreet, near Seventh > avenue WANTED BT TWO LADIES. BOARD IN A PRIFATB 1 family, with two Rooma, where there are no other b<>ard ere and located not above K'evenlb atreet. Addrees Confidence. : Herald i.lbce ____________ WANTED? BT A MIDDLE A (JED AMERICAN WOMAN. who has no chlMreo of her owe. two children to Board. Thai wtli have a mother s care and aiu-ntlvn. <) >?J refeience can be (Wen Oall at Mrs. Wood's, 77 Lewis street. WAETED-I1Y A OENTLEMAN WHO WORKS AT Tf home, a mod etred furnlahed Room, without Hoard, with b p'aln and tot lable AmericKn or Frencli f where there ate no boan'Rra. and where ibe rom.'orta m b une i tn be es ? <e<l. Ternm not l.? eiceed Si) per moillu boarilln* li une krepen need not anHwer. Addreee immediately Boom, He rn'd ofllca I WANTED ? BT A PROFESSION AL OENTLEMAN. fu 1 Board In a family whe-e there are other bi>ard>'ra, ard where the society would be aareeable; !? ' an m not abAve TwentJtth street, nor l>eiow EljcbtB. ro?e hut Sra< class h. .rpee need apply. Addrees iUUok .errns Dr. P , bon 1,103 Pjst offlee ? n r (\ -TO0NO MEN CAN HATE OOOD BOARH Cm ?/' '. and l.odKleK" at j. : per week; beds sinrle or dotble; also ladles snd married persons at very low prtcee. ?6 LI* ; en ard etree". between Kro?.tway and Church street Watchman all night. Lodgtofa cheap. Slnfle rooms 13 and 23 i ents. 2 AND ? ABIKODON SQUARE CORNER OF HUDSOE and Bank streets.? Sulla of aeoond loor R"im>, wit Board. Reference repaired. Cars and stages pass the doae 1 OWrnTER STREET - TO LF.T. fPBNISHED ROOMS. i i. suits lie '< r those war. lire to keep bout* , stives, gaianl wnter. d' wn town, rear < Xaal atreet ant Hned ear. and will 1 entert vary low to respectable peisocs only. No li Woa ter street, aear Oaaal. t??? WK8T NINTH RTRIEr.-TO LET, A PARLOR AND JU\J Bedronui. suitable for a itentletnao aed wife a.eo H ? u.i ior elaiile perultmen; dinner at 6 Ke"erct.?a? ct.-hanc ed. <?Q COTTAOB PLACE. -A MENTLRMAN AND HII ?0 wife or oee or two staple seetlemen oar be wkqid dated with a har. Isomely f' rnlshed Parlor and Bedroom or t s n*1e Bedroom, with partial Board, In a private family, at V c< tuie place, between llleeeker and Houstna streets. 36 OBBAT JONES STREET. -ROOMS, FURNISHED or usfnrnlahed. with or without Board. A A WERT ELEVKNTH STREET -FtTBNISHBC 1 i Ro ymt to let, switatle f >r famines and single cnaUemea with full or parval Board. Rere 'enoes (Ivan and re<inlred 65 WEfT TWENTT FIFrn RTREET. N*AB ilTTH avenue.- A pleasant frnet M">m on third Roir, fur n ahed, to let with or without Board, U>a leotleman and wife rr two sirele (cutlemeu. bouse his modern Improvements. Dnoer at a > 7<t BPRINO STRKICT. THREE DOORS FROM BROAD 1(7 way.? Te let. se.eiai hau.'s me t furnished Kontna. Ic sinsle . -n Ike 1< cation Lear all the fi. si elass '..>14 an* plscee of amnaeaeat Readme roots frta. InqrJra a* Aneoe Honee. 133 <t?J OP. BENE ST K KIT. ABOVE SPRIN<1 ? ALSTOS t'O House ? llefantly fn-r'shed nulla of (as <V> toa and every convenience for honeek*?ptn? >e <a'sa>ali> parleularly suitable for small resectable famt lea or acfM (estiemen Rest low to permaaest tenants CHRISTOPHER STREET NEAR BLER<'K KB ? TWO I nicely furnished R .xns let. lo etnale (eMirmen. wilt Bnar<l. terms reasonable; dinner at 6 Befereooe required WKT TWFNn.THIBD STREBT, NEAB SIXTH ?HH aveeaa. at M per weea. with Hn?r?? Nice eewly for nlah?d R >>sas on ' r?t floor for (etitletren or ("ntlemea and wives Ots bsths Mr Conveelenl M> ears snd ntwe A isrre l'sri r Dlracr (I 6 o'clock French and English are ap' keu it the labia. Referent es nchange L 17fi WK|,T 'OITRT1BNTH STREBT? H ANDaoMlI.t 1 I U furnlahed Apaitak* nta fir tour or an alu la. Gret class acnommoilstloes IflnnerstS Fonrteenth itreet st%*ce p\se the honsa. < oayenlenl H Kifhth svenue cars. 1Q<J BLEF<-EER RTREET ?A FABI/tR AND RED lOu roo* to let, with BoaM Two i-r three etnfle centle men > an also he sccomaoaateit wtth r easant rnas Its r>*tains the m. dern improremenis Terma moderala 1Mb r er at ( o clock. "I (111 BI.EEi K EH HTREBT *E*R VA?IK)l IAU 1"^ Fumkbed Aparfne is to lei w ih ??%! t. t? 'ia.;li or elu(le sen lie me- nne front S mm with larr* paatrr. ras wster. At.aJ the of a hole', with ihe m forts of tbiai table well eupptW Planar at <? ?>T | k Bl.M KTRAET NEAR SPRINO MARIuN MOi IE Niee.y fnmtahe-l Apartments arranged for eooa'iml sal houeekeep:.4|. with ail lae eneveaieneea, inc. idln( eook'ai ot-r.eile t est baddiaa. (aa. water Ac Reals . :W to reeved* ala >? Ik. ?!?< KLLA RKOCI. ERMCOTT A ("O . MfliOOBAPT'KR* j In ?t rrf lirkoi* of tfca Ml. itnteblMMd Is W) ) At IX IT Old IneMton. Bo. Ml ?tr-*t. .X?? Twt. For bar ritwiiRft-i nmcAt, ma* mat hara a tr? Ar*t ? .asses* ' p?*si ?? In s fAvonts e.ippar iWliMMirtilH T* *? ut Ha inr* ltd, by id drtMlnc AM b - ?'?: I'-* <?"? KIM)LI*'i WOOD AT 1WIKTT ''l-CTS Willis TB!" or mom b?tss at* nrjarsd o?* ss<i piM v>j tfca ??. Fw "*? fd a -1 ??*?<! ilxl tilBI I <*?t M rArt fn* of Iw T?tnl; ItM alrrM C. OOM.INB. t bi.t. r nnfrp rtrkvt mpuii m fog RAr ? . :t ?. wrl ??* rai?a ' totl?rs on tfca Arm bSkVts. tr?ioa, ? ? i r " m?d jw kr. Itta Mine* >ivwl ?? UM ?AAs ikiinintM risifcla. hplr h?n :?????. *i ? b) irany MAtlll.l BABTfl." IKK AT BAH M ?>' IH MAR i?la - Tb? u'*!1* ss:.*ofeM?sr sow tfccs st? a for >1 It k at TflBBd, IU .Ar> AsJ f! irsil Mao'i-Is A.a?rl OS W?t *1 RI.ARtK'A u%; -'1* >?r :? IS last libiaSnln wren ? a?Of Tbtr*. sWusTW. I. _______ N IW TOKK IRUBMAAT FUR WOMB* A hO Oi I . il ran l?! ???r AbMUtM b| 'srfr rfc>?lri?a* 1*S !>?? *usar/ It ->i >n [r tm I la 10 A M A l'iM AMI ?l?4l r'B? frss. rnw gf !>?'<! Tor . aJSutt i imIi.w H BS / kWMB WABTFi) fir A PAIBOf !> ' 'H fB'i* ' ' f.- I* i n ?nn?i>?r ?, "wi?<-o??l t-> lita Al? m Isgulrs u Bo t Ho a llnf (Irs? . In ?? .AWnl. Kuuriiro or ihb ba>?i.b ?i.*tb ?? . Am nt tnparVw <]<UA'?T tow oast flt'pmcf, ywM ??!?, >?4 nslslsvsd r*!s *?t?r. uil last A iifstuns N limn drsss tka s?ant <rf iAs ? mvtar. ?? fUMAR, tr f wt+ai ' r**' *?? r-ir? S~ TOBE'.L, JOB ABI> OA tD PBiNTBR. S7 f*ri Row, Room m l>,r< itoor. Raw fork. Till TATTBBC AU.'- BBA f. POWDKBM Cl'RR ll'iUKI fj-'itl>< In thraa Uja >nd knfM In % wak or an feu. nlaa lb?Bi At lh? (Mi* A It Oiftuh A i'o |>WBI|?*WA R. T I KfAMKR II U'i K ?lr<wt, d?r Tea AMD rorrtc warbuoi'?i-o nit***, tin Or?nd n?*r Pitt. B?w Vortr, *<w>p? <win?t?nilf <m lnnllTii null MnngpM'IH if Tw Fr*r. ?ple*? R?i <*TVTMtt?. rmPfc. 01l?? Oil, Ftomr. Kt?r(T%. (W>A, <%n f'ato. As . Altto ln*wl ItMARBOATI Till Al' ROB A I.KAVRR JAT t-TRKKT PJKH IVBRT f*y, n * A M , for r?**??ill, lari" n? tt Ji??Urn? Tnhb ( trrrf, T?rr>t'.*s, PlSfA.rj. llAT?r?ir?? | m <1 V?ri ?ek? R?l'!?tsir .????? P**ntll) Al II )I| To?k*? Al Wf?i TfaU ud llLr^eto n-tr?. niLmeik At a mkotku cr conkkkbm'IC. hbld at tub Hit* TIM th avenue between the commit'.** ? C.J. lnues. he Hreeklsridge rau.ltdate lor Airibj, and IM rey. ibe Vn ti I cauiLdale for lb* same oillee, II was a uu ?wiua >o.e thai Mr Inns/ should withdraw aeaoaniratr, at.! Mr CsBrey tbju. il be sustained by I. 4b Bockturldce uid Mc/Af I men C. P. J OHM HON, Cbalrssac. W. IIaix. teareary. AT A MBBTINU OF THE DBT BOOK DKSIOOBATIC Catoa I'lr.b ke. d at l'Jtj avenue 0, the :o1I j iriuf can Jauie re full* en loraed ? for t'reiMeut STEPHEN *. DOUGLAS. f or .??*?? John c m'heahb. for VriWrr JAMkS LYN> d I"' iawmUjuu UaoK <K J CAMPBELL. JOHN V EAR Y, President. limn < hp Fat, eciet; ry. A1TBM 1 ION. ? HJiK* 'K INR1DUK AND I.ANB OBNE ra! committee Ticket* cau b* obtained luring the Cay at bruiij .arters l hi>rp a h.?el, ?o S Union square . _ _ UUBTAVUB W. SMITH, Chairman. Wii.tu* Cartweu, . Jamss Hiitor, jWiWum. BRKCKIMRIDOK AND LAMB CBNTBAL CAM PAIQN Club. HEAixiCiBTUi. November 1, 1800. Beeolved, That the nominations auppi rieil by the friends of Breckinridge and Laos for Electors title ..(Boere, Judicial and County .miners, be published Id the Mew Vu 't ileiald. Day Hook and Dally News. For President. JOHN 0. BBEi'KINBlDGB For \ ice President J OS BP H l.*NB ? rou m.fccioa Hwnen J. R?d field, Ureene C. Hrnosm, ?*L 00*' (JbirlM Ooodyear, John H. Brewer, George C. Ci?de, J?*>* i J"*"**. John tfunn. S!JU . ,r ?: Ambroee H. Biggins, WlJIam A Kobbe, Lucius H. ''rocker, J Depejster Og..eo, foaraoa M undy, WllUiun B. Duncan, John M blrocg. Stephen P Buiiel, Edwia II. Anderson. Abraham B. Conger, James M Pulver, Daniel B. hi Jchn, Miles fioeh. Bliaha P. Strong, Curies II. Oa' roll, William Kent, Addison Gardiner, Martin Springer, John B Skinner. i?l, James Kidd, ? l?rento Harrows, Isaiah ltlood, William nUUauia. Henry U. Boss, Stephen D. Caldwell, David O. Jndsou. Per Governor? Jjhis T. Braot. For Lieutenant Governor? Henbt Kricrebrocick Viilb. For Canal Commissioner? John M Jiti'iu. For inspector of Bute Prisons? Boheht W. Allbr. For Jnttice Supreme Court- Geohge O. Baunaiid. Ki r Justice Superior Ml Uwiiotfra*. For Becorder ? John T BnrrniN For 'Ity Jui" ye? /orr R. LitutostOB. For turrogale- Ihwarp 0 Wui. For Rexlater? Jahks Lvrch. For Supervisor? Christian SctiWARrWA n .per. Aftal oat III- proposed ConilltuUooal Amendment In relation to nrgin siittraiie. KeaoUed, that this clnb do now adfonrn to reconvene after the election, at the call of our 1'reaMent, iben t? reorauKlze as a State Bights ? lub in ailvocaei of the prlrclplen declared In the platform of the Virginia Resolutions of 17SM QIDBOM J. TUCK KB, President. William B Aitkir, 1 Wiu.iah P. Powiiis, B. UHiuaut, I Vice Mok.iar U Hahkis, I Presldeutl. JasksB Lisiy, Thaiu*us P. MdTr, J Jame5 B. Burnt, Treasurer. Jour N. Lewir. Jr., ) If a ao Lawhsm-r, ) Secretaries. H. O. Jr., ) BBBCK1NBIDMB ANl) LANB.-THB MBMIiBBB OK TUB Nat 'oca I Democratle Oeneral Committee and the men aiipciinted to attnd the poUa are re<|ue?t?*l to rrpurt the vnit-a of their respective election cistrlcls and wards, as sjon as as cttialned at the cilice of the Day Hoi k, 102 (iaasau street, opposite the City Hall. Telearaihic returns from all parts of the oountr) will also be received there. By order. U. W. SMITH, Chairman National Dem. Com. BRBCKINB1DOK AND LANB II1ADQUABTER8, At IHOBP'B UNION UOl'hR, No 8 UNION SQUARE. Bectlon retnrna will be recetve<l and aurotinced as rapidly as telegrams from the dlttereDt dltlrtois asd Mates arrive. Ibis house w ill be kept opeo until daylight for ibis purpose. eB IB HOlfBfl POB ALL.? FOB BMPBERBNTATITB In Coojreaa, Klehtb ('ongreaalonal disn lot, coaprtadng the elftb, Eighteenth, Nineteenth, Twenty first and Twenty - second wards. Union. Tammany, Mozart. HreckinrUge, Peo ple's and Taipsyer's nomination, 1BAA0 C DBLAPLAINB, the people's choice. Look out for spubiovb tickets. -priknds op Cbitatlan Rchwar/waelder mind yoar t ckels A mini l er r. t ip r.iui tlcke n titarm* >be liiHir ptlon ' < lirla uui Pchsar. wael" la r'.rciilatlng. the pri per name is "Christian Kchwarzwaelrfer. ' Voters lake care. 0IFTC1 OF TUI CLERK OF Til* BOARD OF BUP1E vlaon. Oyriri No / Citt Ball, I Ntw York, Not. J, ?8U S At a special meeittj! of this Inard, held thin day It was duly Ordered. 1 km U,r several Supervisors Ik- assigned ihe wsrde oppns te their nsmcs In which on ihe day of election the Supervisors so assigned shall hare authority and be an thiirl/ed to till vacancies that may occur either In the of Inspectors ir Canvassers. aad that the Cte'k of this Board be antburl/i-d to rive due publicity lo 'hi* action. Hupervlaor Roche is aaaiined the Klrst, Second, Third and Nil i fa wards. Supervisor koche may be fonud at Mo. U1 Leooaid strtet. Supervisor* Wilamann and P udy ane jointly Mtlgned the Four h. ruth. Tenth and Fourteenth wards. Supervisor Vflunan may he fonud at No. 3C2 Itroomc itieet; Supervisor Pvrdy at Ho. MS I.urilow street Supervisor Tweed Is sarijcned the Seventh and Thirteenth wart's Supervisor Tweed may be found at No. 197 Henry tfreeti Supervisor Dntcher la asslrne.l the Elshth Ninth and Bi tranu ?arda luperviaor Duloher may be round at No. 783 Oreenwvh street Supervisors Kly and Little are jointly assigned the Blerenth ard Seventeenth wards. Supervisor Kly m?y be found at No. I'H Kant Tenth street. Uupei^sor LJU'e at Mo. 48 Best ? i 'h street. Supervisor Davis Is assigned the Twelfth war 1 Supervisor I>avia may be found at the Miner of One Hun Ired aud Tvieitj f/th urtu and Hfih avenue. Supervisor Blunt Is assisted the Fifteenth wrard. Superrl ?nr Blnnt may l>e found at No 118 Weat Ninth street. Supervisors Conner and Brief* are Jointly assign e 1 the Bightreiilh, Nineteenth snd Twettr llm wards Supervisor Conner may be found in hutyllrst street east ol First avenue: Supervisor Brlirgs at l?u I3H Ksst KevenlaenUi street Supervisor Stewart Is Mutinied tke Twentieth and T went' sepr.nd ward* SnpervUor hiewai t msy be found at Ma 1Q( West Thirty fourth street. l<y order, JOB B. YOITMO, Clerk. PPOSITION TO I KtJ ISI. ATTVB COKBUPTIOM. Blevruih Aasembly District, iTwentlelh Ward). citizens and Taipsyers' Nomination. Fo r the Assembly, JOHN HOOI'BB. PROCLAMATION. In p in suer ce of ? resolution of the Oommoe Counsl! of the city u f New Turk, I do hereby nfler a MB W ABO or omb nrNDKBP dollars rok t us paramos or ur risses vnriMO OR itrrerriso to tots illbuallt, or rf any person wk> sk?U procure, aid. assist an-tnsei or ad rtae ar-ther to give or offer h ? vote Illegally, or to go Isto any ?*ed or election district for th*t pirpuee at the ensiung elee tlue. to 1-e keld Ir this etty. on Tl BMIaT. TUB AT11 DAT OF NOYBMBKR MBXT, to be paid np< n the enavleUoa of the olleider. and U* oertlH eete of tte Reeorder I Hat net AUoroe) . or the Judge of the t'onvt where tv.nvloled that sueh eoerv tlon was ha-l spun the teat.muey of Ihe person or persoos ? ? . soch reward, bnt H - lalms ' r snca reward not presented hi the usde retried In erl.nt *ttk n twenty days after the ooavlcttua at such Otlender shsll be disreaarde<l. Uiveu under my kuu.d at the Mayor aolfee 0 FKMNANDO WOOD. May R R K iCLAK DEMOCRATIC NOMINATION Fimt Assembly lHstri'-t For Memner of A aeemhly, JACOB L SMITH THON MOMBOB, Chairman. J'11 * ^ Ho** ^ llrcrtisrlii Oto KntllT. I1"?" Bttl'l.AB OBMOCRAT1C AND UNION NuMlNATIOM. For Super visor, SMITH BLT, Is. Sailors riohtb. A seaman msy rote In the election district ts whtrh he nrwdiof os el.-rtloe day thoiish be may have M arrlrsd from see, provided h? hss been "an inhsbnant of thleHute one yr?r," 'and "T the county fonr aonike ' His skip, If be Uvea na brerd her and the Is lying wtthis the eieuttoo die tru i. Is a snttdeal t resent residence. If hie hove end a ?e:i.'n? wkilst en 'aril kes heee la this city for ons year laei past or more, he ran lawfully aad properly t? euf % &?' he has bees ' an tnhahltasi of thli Fiste one vser > ???nd for the sal 'onrm^ntha ? resident M the county. ' Thle Is t auMe^al leeWenre lo eetlile a aeeaian to rote for Prs i men is) e.aetrrs for Wste 'Beers. an1 fir <?--tntj < ? -ers A seaman who* h me is In New Tork l'ies n* kiee Ins re a leeca ' while rotated In the nar (tatlou of the hl?h seaa This l^ eipreniy dcclartil in the anautotlMi _ < H o HOMO*. Nkw Y.-ik Not 8. I?i0. S.JI TlUlKN. OUC ( RATIO AI OPTB11 luTm.XI ? THB I NOB* silted do ?it pr -pose tour!i?ite? yon with r?ep^ to the eompoeiU n of the e.e-^.rsi ikset wl i.-h you a-e eipe< le>l 10 role In Ihe e'ertlfln n?i at h??id We preenme youlenn deraund qmte sa well' as we ('?. thai It Is made np of seven sei.uemen ur<*er?u??l to be fsvnrahie In Rrerhtnndr* and I.!.re etahlren who s->t -rl Hour's* and Ji '.ssa, s lhlan who are preser led as faTorable to Be.l and Krerett Asbeleren Ur friends ther val 4 em >eratlc Hole's, we have aothu ( to ?vv We sre n it a c?ad am -n* o ireelves on thai boibi But a? to the ten Hell aad Keerett eleotnra, ?e de s.relnataie very br aiily ika: we a?all aot v,*e 'or one of them an.l ee truet that ?< i wi:i ev.nie ?iua' ee," rest net. Bell si.d Kverei'. tne repiese-.ur. res o the fay end of the r te d wa. played o ? nailvsi-m - the eauididau a of o-:r ma.ianaiit tradneers Jsmed and Brest s Brooks <>f tbe K>vr?ee~ike repreaanui.w a of a s?.h? i <s Sir try wkeh er^n lie a its in hsve at lerrth had* graoe fthe in be MSaiaed of and ? 'ar ae p> ee ' .e 1 > hide No sirs, we aha : rot* for si Bell And Beet rtt r'ert. r? j ? aia> fat ?? i red of that The trade eelered m'.n by a lew party ha-ha e * -he eieetitors of tke di-a<1 far: rn are -.Perly repudlavo They had ao Tote p> r Te. acd their prs ra< ? ?>' pa u 1 1 rs, :?al n'.o a rial r.-r ? o-noern with the demoj^te w<* an napndeal fra 1 1. Thoee wao are realiy sniklat wit a ua *n?a lae law- Amerioan party o?me In na is a Hers 'f their frmer a*w? ??tee t ?> i? the rep 'blu-tra, U uhtd i-nre lo toetr net nai aCnhlea Th-y r ?ne t -ua tie Ssuae ibelr pr iter i a ? i* In r raoka if. t en. they w .1 j in rn aa '.hiwe f r-?i whom th> . have separated ha?*|Wnl the rei.-,: !k-t'?, adrpfcni; o -r i ard < avea and >'.r plai^iria, we wl.1 hall ard treat ae ?<nt' ere we will vote 'ir th-iai as elrcore ir for am fc-ac ise in reaeo but vein* !->r dell and kverei-. It nulla an x Her mai'-e. wl h whteh we eoll hate noah'- ? v t. < And we er feai you to honor the mem ?rr o' yoor faUees and y* ur rat re land by df*n* likewise If ?e are ta > sae ei'ent iieaef-rs h?re aad aot lBW ? odersla- d, I r w> muck ihe more doee It behoove is lo do no act ahik wtll s-ibject ns lo reproacfc, nam ' lee* < ad 'Hal v- i si oa ?e na M despise onreeivee Ms Heli and Bvsreu lor us Ihe !o .*' ir are 'He -? ret af b| Bell and Imt m*a o? d?n 'acratlt electoral uektt - J lsM'ir.B. ' Pe|-?jr?'?r Oejeai, la> ee M Fairer, Dauto It Ht John BlleeH. Tfcrk, William Kent. ? hat ee H. t an ell. James gidd. M<re*ae B'Tvms Henry H. Boa We are yoeir feivw t'usess - JOHN it)* IM Prosper- a- reel, Henohhn HA Ml. II. L FliBTBB. HI Navy street. Brio*! re JBRIHIaII HKR1BHT ? H ideoa a-eta-ie, RrnokW? FBTBR nONNKM.T. IS Hod sow arenue. Bto>hlvs. FsTI' B O 1IARA, JS Htdann araaiue Bronklyn. BBRNARII I' ll ARA III Hudaoa Been >*. Hronkly F J Mi Ut'MNBT , 7 I Budsos aren-ie. Hrt'AlTS I" A t'l. KBATl N<1, earner ofvaa Bruata^*ialllTae slrseu mJLTAIIT. tw ley tiree', Rr odlya . H'O THB BLBOTOM OF IHB FIFTH 1'let -Any leti -rt* or r nn -rs nre ?aae- 1__ ? r_? y^Qt p_ rents to tke efT.rt Iks! I hare wkhdrss n f^ae utter v false and wlthoal fotia-'ati- ? ?? J . ; the field :o rtrn re tk- roiee of my 'rksnde enUI Ihe ao M eloee on the Mh day ' i MovetNT , IT ,* rrilB"RFlf>B?K*F.Rj ('F_ MR. I the fevett*e?'h War i .Cited J**m-<Wh A?uai*.? . neerled la jette-day a P. L. "VMlTdA 'tr"*'J PMimoAik ipilM JJM10M AMU THE OONBTITUTIOM. national DEMOCBATIO N OM1NATIONB. !"? ,orm*" ootrmt. umobqb o babmabd. '"JSSffl 'i' ?? ?DI ?HM<K DOOM. MiCHAaL L I^Udtk ?a WVk UfcCOHI'BK JOHN T HOFFMAN ro* urn jtnua, JOHN H. Mo 'UK*. roa sriuujoiTE, BOWaKII C * BUT. row MATTHEW T It KEN NAM. rOU SOl'EK V 1BOJA SMITH BLY, J*. TO T11K DEMOCRATIC AND I KION KLKCTOES Or Ike ?iltb A?aen?bly dlatrtot -Deelroue of having but one democratic candidal* In thin dielrtr' for raumtiT or Aaaem bijr, I ?ave made to Mr. Caariea Blauvell every piopoaluoa which I honorably could, for thai purpoae. Mr. Blauvell h,.? declined li > ac-ede to nur and ?r ery aitrb prop >o. 1 ua c? niciue nlly without any allerra Ive but to remain In the iield aeilie regular democratic republlian and 1'nlon candidate OBOBGB B HALL. TO THK PEOPLE OP EACH STATE -THK ORIGINAL 1 form? d immediately afer the confederation aran crnnin mated aere the federal party And ita opponent the fi Jiner recommending a eeniraj/atlon of poarer. the latter lnaiatlng apun *ute H'-veret^uty. Voter* recall ll.l reoolleo tlora uil rtmrnkr that jour principal duly la to the fetate ander wl.cee aoverelgtly you liv*. TO THE Pl'Hl/IC.? A REPORT HAVING SRI CIROB laled '.tat 1 u .em! to m thdiaw aa a candidate for Coo "M from the Mj'b dlat'l'l, ! tale th'a oppoiturlly to deny tl.'a report ant to declare that 1 will remain a candidate antll the poll* aha be c.oaeo on Ike If a f "?? ri. er inat JNOSWIMTHBOI' CHANLEK. UNION STATU COMMITTEE BOOM8, NO. 1 i BNTRE ? lieet, corner Tryon row. Ibeie i ooiri will i.e open during tbe day and evening of Tnea lat eledloni'ay and a'rangemtiiita have been made for the reception of the election return* there in the evening, f QBOBQE A. IIAlHEY, Secretary. Union committhk room* ??.? mkr> hants ex ckanae. New York. Novembers, 1^8u Feamen wlinse borne hai been in tbe city of New York may vrte .or Prealdent and Slate oOloeri and Counlv ottlcara in tbe election dlatrtct In which tbey ree de m election dajr, area the ugh they may have ju?t renin, el fiom aea. JOSHUA J. 11ENRT, ' balrinan. Jrntii lur, Secretary. 1 r (ITERS WHO HAVE CHANUKI) THF.IR BESIDKN 1EH. > ?If a TOter baa moerd Inlo one election dimnct from another e'rctlon dlatrlrt witltn lev than ' thirty dayn neit p re red to u I be election," he mar yet rota tor any otfiner * ho la to he rbueen by a locality which ctnbraoca both of thoae election itatrlrta. If both e ertlon dlntrlcu are In lha lime AMembiy d *? trtct he mar rota for Aeaemblimao If both elrotlxn dlatrtcta are In the aame OoDgrejakmai district, ha mav vote for meml>er of Cuigrraf. If b"th eleeti n dlatrlcia are In tbe taoie county be may Tote fir onnty odlcera. Aa both election (Mill-let* mult be la '.hla State, he aay, In all caeea. vote for Uoversor and oiber State office ra an 1 for Pre al^eatbtl elector*. S. J TILDEM, Hrw Tokk, Hot C, 1VJ. CH. O't'ONOB. nTH, FIFTEENTH AND S?\ KNTEETH WARDS NALLY. BALLY KOU THK UNION. He ?nre you Tote for JOHN COCHKANF. fcrCotgreia. Be n^t deceived by any hi udbllla that may bo leaned. JOHN COCHRANE will not withdraw. Every mean and cowardly devloe will ba reeor'.ed to by the eneatlen of the Uu ton to defeat tbe Vnloa candidate .'but U will not annwer JOHN COCHRAN! will be circled. Look well tn your ballola. and vote Tor ? OHM COCHRANE. Vote early yonnelf. and t*>rn ?ee that your frienda vote lor JOHN COCHRANE. Slay In you r election diairlct all <*ay and work lor JOHN OOCHBANK, and yon will retire from ihe pol'a at ant down with h? prooj ?atlala:Uon thatour Union otndldate for ConKreaa, JOHN COCHMANK, a elected 1 HTII WABD -NOV 5, 1MBI-AT A M KITING OP THM i ^ Tnuria Men a 1'nion Club. Henry P. Mr Iowa n la lb? chair, Jaa J Hawklr.a, aecretary, on motlrn of Mr. Dally, A waa aecocded that wa accept and and tree the nomination of Jay Jarvla Jonca, aad that we will alect Mai In trite at lha entmlcanf democracy HKNRT P. Me<K)WAN, I'realdeot. J<*i? J. Hawhika. Secretary pro tarn. M B.? We will eipoae Mr. lugrahain'a procllrltleA ?ALKS OK K1C AX. ERATB. ATARI) TO CAPITALltTH AND RIAL EKTATB apeciilalora.? Kor aale, on Hioadway, belween SprtnK and Bleecker at re eta Zs Lota, lnclu llni one apleadid large aoraer, beat bualncaa eorear, 75 by Itt feet, to leaae f.a 17 yoajra. wiib nnewal of 21 ytara, at a gvat UArxain, below Hprlng a'.reet, on II otd way, Sprlrg. White Kracaun, Lao ar<l. Dnane, Reade and Cbaml era itieeia. tifty flva lutaaud llrat claaa nai* while rearb'e tlorea, 3 HQ lota oa tba went aide, above Plfty ? evenlh (treet artend'd Central Pa'k lola on :He firth an. I kirbth avetuea and adiolniDC tlreela Including Ave blocka, ai a grrat bargain; lai;e number of the flnnat Iooate.l Murray bill lota, large elegaiit manaiona and h maea up town, aaa downtown alore property of immense, aloe, ilrat ra/e COUQ. try koala urnl larma. Krrurk, "erwan and Brigbah apoken. AlKRED PAClllI AEUbER. 2t VFilllam atrett. rOB 8 k IX- A HOUSE AND LOT IN WBHT POBTT. fimrth alreet. near Ninth avetwie. Houae three atorr aa4 baaement lAnfu feat, built in a auhetartial manner: lot UilM feet Will be aold nbeap If applied for aooo. Apply to J. MATH ?W BON, M7 Hudaou alreet, bafoie a A. M.. and after ?JliL r? SALK-IN FKVBNTEENTII HTREKT HKTWBIW K if ih and Stith avennea. an e eviuil Etallah baeem?ul Houae It will a'ao be leaaed to a private family price 11,7 11 p?r Alio, f )r aale, In Twenty (fib atreel near Poorlh avenue and Ma llann ?(uare, a new four Mory blab atoop Houae. twrnty feet front; price 917 IA0 Apply Vo K. H LL'li LOW A CO., No. 'I I'me alreet riB HALB-PBOM ONE TO PIPTT ACRES OP THM Hay Ylew Farm, attnaled on Third avenue and Fifty flftt atreet Brooklyn, near Bay Ridge within thirty aalnutaa at Mew York by city earn. Inquire of BILAJi SBYMOUB. H Ptoe alreet rUBT BE SOin THi: TWO HIOH STOOP, TU REM _ I atory and baaement llrat data Hoiim In Tkirtlatk itreet, f kelp i plaoa. bull! by the dar. Term* eavy Pan would ba taken In up town lota. Apply to WM. PMTTMMTCH, 1 M Baal Thirlj aeoond alreet. $700 ka f alary double c. itege. tn good lr/er but't expreaaly far two lam. lea Addrtta home, hog 191 Herald odlce. -FOB SALE (f OBTY MTNUTBg PBOM POBTT aecoed ftreet by the Harlem Railroad a one and a VtMt RALE. * M OIiO KKTA HL1MIIC1) IHKINU IAM>OR AMI) BAB, it dowa town. frir aula - I., .'atl.m flmt rata. and do In* a rrx<i hrulufM Iha plara tu recently bean dtlad up; will Mil the w kola or part u> ? i?H i bnalraa* tr an, th* n* aer nanm.t attn.t lo It For particular* apply lo !. L W11.1.1A1H), M Wall UTMi. CIOAI. TAKP FOR "SAI.B -FDR SAI,K THE STOCK, ) Kuti re* >*d !.???? of a well *itoat*d mtl yard. now do ing a In atreM if I.UO ir 6 UJO t<>na Raaarm for reiing out, the owner baUnc btuiorM ib abkeb ariat l.e attended lo. Addrri* ' * i I7t llaiald ofl< e. Dltl'O ?TORK FOR PA! V - AH <>1.0 BITABl.MIIEd Htura, dolDi a ?ood b ?it*M, well aloebad and r.tiad: the rroftletoT ' efrf nhl e<* Of :tf :t n; In enw -tenre of III Lf*n? A. term for Urea dm. A B Uncoln, Herald ofl)r>a DRUfl FTORK FOR HAI.K ?A DRCO RTORB, DOIRff a??'4 proMai a b .whim for ?*l* low, and nwi itg In n edla e'j Alt i?'i' i-irif 'if tAe Uoum u> let. Aoply to J hUTClJFI It, UiR >uan a'-reeL GBAC1< HDR< II ? FOR RAIJ LOW. OR TO I.KT. A iar*e IVw lo Ita n Ml* ai?>. with .a mad laic pavrt*. Apply at 77 radar atr*? . root. It. I ROM FAFB FOR K aI.K ?A LA ROB IRO.f RAFB ?IM, I b> old ? a *reat b?r|aln. Ir. , .Ire of I.KBDi A CO., Knaaaa ?tra* l rR RAI.B-THB nXTI'RKH AH I' I.BAHB OF THB n trail Bu?d "P Hardware sura Mo. MKuil ataotta. Rent low A flrat rata bnaii.oaa H?nJ Inuulr- on Lb* pre Kim nr at R fcl> 1BLL, 127 Wcat Twenty nk (treat. rORFAlB-*NT<'JIOt>M' *I#PI!?? TII HfllRICK Ki lt Both William ttrat V a itowi i,"SK KOR ha 1.1? ON K (IX IIOIUR KBU1.NB ALHO, All tight h<>r?a tabular uprUht and BUi, Mparate or letretber. A d<'rraa F. B. Ilrrald <!hra. fBOCBRT PTURK FOR HAI.B-WITII FOOB IBtRM' \T l?? alX' lb* Hum* Fli'itra*. Il inaa. Ilarnaaa an I two warnai Ir'inlr* <? tl?> prrn>a>*?. 14S Mlnlb araata. ourtur at Twan y ulitb alraat Tha owwar la ( .<ni In Bnmi>?. L ANTRUM MAXCFAOTORT FOR KAIB-A Wil.L BK labllahfi manufirtory *Rh * la rrf mi nf bnalaaaa. naiplalr *at of Inn ? <m*?, i ??*? la lb* fnnd will <rt tk* > alarm and a Iar?? .1 of .rdani for r>*l? bandwl o?ar lo Um ("irrbaarr Fr?r aalr n faanraMa tanaa nffarlar a far* op portunity to a t rar'.na. mr>ban.r or a (nod acuta i, ?laai ? an. Addrcw I A Btfid '?ca (JAI.T Ft'R fALR tt i no b??k?i? mar?A?n!'Nia Ball, at Roman'* fowd, 1 1 ?a Raa?* '('*?? ?p(.r.'i..,rrpi".'t ?? on l*? ?I <A. nr aa balOW. Z*. Ob buaha.* man baniabla Halt, at Uraat It.r r, Um 'tlax.U Aaiiiy n B 0. Hahaitn*. oa tba soni. U, ?? I u?b?l* m*rrl ?nlaM? Apply lo J T. Fraab* or A. f<?rr lb. on lla *i M For ill* Halt at Rim Hay on* mi. My of tfc* paMcrat a d b* '.aba* I* Amarloan r 'Hi *i rond* b mo ? pua fry r'fld* ?? t pr?*lrt?>? manwfaetarad i?baor' Mr., A*., ba MM* in ca*b A mar .ran r>.d ootn taban at Amarvaa thIq*. R'iib Bay tb.- la* aid* of U>* (Vm ?<1 Inland. r.<*Mi a irmtM or ilraaiari b n I to or firm Aaplnwill, <%a >raa. JaaaMb. Ba.. it., mm at IBM ftaaa ilnn ?Mw tm al>' r lanra of 'rtab ? alar "rrwood \n4 frrab traikica lurli aa ?L??t', enw? bwt bfid p'Uitry. ?.?-? f waal pi^atoaa. pnaalla* and ?>n at a rtaorabla prtaa. Owb ID PI a ? glial ? ba v*rd*d bjr a kwnaait t '. M, nf ?b?.? u,?-ra ara tbra* marally In r?a<1lnaM. F'.r ptirr?a?a r,( *?,. aapjr t tha i brtiaa aaatad oa tht *p*l, nr to ' t it- m ' > and Baaar* WH'imb ("??? iilritllSim Fn. S'? f'j'iib Wbama* rh''t<.ipbia Fan* wba ara doly ?utbmirr>l to riia't *\ a* FarMaa in * a? i of ?.?a'uabig (Inaaoran "I tala th? taaaal Hayn Varda naar K.m^d Ia"aa4 I'abamaa on fraiihl .r aa.a y apt'lylni to Jamw T Fa rbij ? n. F? i t.- n* H*jr rr r irt'.aa Ta;and) O'-'tat W?a4. !*. K It tb* trrnt of dlrarfr at *???. *npa <aw!rttaa rat ay iR rafM A". Wrbtan and tttm r?n ' M-? t at Pnrt H '? l.ay, ? hwh l? a t? rt t.f *ntry an.: iba ?aena wrwear ara nr* ir *1 ?><>r?'tt*i.t ir, thr.r -al?? U ?n Iba r ' (athran i al . lawn. N r qeowml iattaad) tfL?a*R? ? Am#rte%. Ai A.M'4H / 1} *l O^lll d*ft>r la tiit ??4 1 Mwbtmi. CT* ? M FF'l ISR F t Vf aSaRaBTar O w>lb- bw..|n? .ppaaat ?? *' 1 ??P la^ for ? Mbtaafaw . Jk ?; mml ' .iTaiiiiim HWIW MUUIB FOB W SafUrNw** aaw V ^?d for i>m tbaa .la .I?i ?5T w'tb aii .b. "* t Mt^UT*'1 i, Wan -r. Badtaiw ? . ar* fndt WW. wtUba ditaaiii M. Ml I.I.I NKHY. liRdR AFftOBTVt.HT t?F rgl.TBT ABT> *11.* B*?n*Mfnr wluur w?af jn?t la> rortat aad if tgMM mac fart 'ir*. ?IU b* ?old ?t t^? lowaal poMlbla rut prtraa, Sin WM dlRMtiRW' P7 Brrawtway. /IHOKt FABOT FTR" ?? RRO AITWAT-TWB VW 1 ) danlynad ba* opanad M* a *a^a'? J* r T la* In Mbla aitnb aad -abar ah** Fttfa, wb?ab bo or*r? low for i?ab ant *.*?*<! i?* w?-'*aal* grtr*a. RIoMOB II 'MKIt. Practlaal F trrlar ?? Hma^way ? I M till" A~ ? ? fyACTfWi > ? - - ? - Row rm aihJblmr at &? . , Bo Ul?i r"ar%a.f> "* Wanaitiilar'* I nriT* ^?loUe? rbotiaa DAKAR _ Cpa* 'rta IV A. B W I# * AtawMWrwia

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