Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 9, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 9, 1860 Page 5
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'UMtV ?***??'' T QM title*. at ft dCClliW of X * K5 I Ik "* biiti, ? CiUBLWVOW, Not T, 1S?0 CotioB? ^ 2,000 Mkle* ai ? decline o *0 * BAinifoa*. tfoy '? 1M0- , Flour active, but deottneu with ? ?**<***? ", City Mills at 8* 38 a M 87 S; U: ?ard aire* m.' "Mo 41 ?. 60 Wti*i ttirn ?l tl to * il 84 for rcl aeO "? " ' ?>1 M *er ?Into corn Orai yWki#, 86c it 6<*i , mniw. ' ~?" a 08c ; while, Tic a 7 to Irons om ntjaiy mrta p>. ' .' 91* 78; p, tine, >14 l*rd, IS-^e a 18c Cotlow quiet ?Jk WMfHUi) Whiuey duM m SOfti a Jlo I'nuniiriu No?. 8, 18M. lour 4 a t At 86 60 for Super Clue oemmed 1 a 2c , n< 81 90 ? 81 33. whit*. 81 M C'lfeo quiet Whi ttey deUmtu >40. at ifc. a 'U^c. alhajtt, Not 7? P. H. "T ? Demand suw \j Whaat? jtle* ol 8,600 Oisneil At 81 a for wtiiia < anada, w 41 farordiuery wh'.to Mioh' and $1 66 'or cbotr? do tMMty is lu f?u d?aien.l ?t 14c fw Cauai ? East. HNe for rfcato Oaoa a Weal, 66 '? ? a 38c. 8m mllrd 111 u, ,4-, a 70* Mir UtaU) four iu?e 1 or 3Q Pbq hu-hru ft m 8>Mi. U?r Saw rtil*e of 6^800 burbel* ol cum at 68c., to M* tt Weavern miietl. ffbuiLoy 31 He. BtrrrAio, Bo* 8?1 P. M. Toor qalei tod ntcban(ml Wb?at in 'air demand, 001 tending downwards: aal<?? yesterday arieroooa of 8.000 buaUbM No 2 Chicetf" iprli g at 87 ? ; 6 0(0 bull)*-!* do. at Mfi ; 4 000 buahela No 1 do. al 81; 6 M0 buaoola Nor* *? western club ai 81 02. 6 000 bo?tci? So 2 Chicago 3u pi rate wma Tbia nu.rtWg ? 30 000 bu?bt?ls No. 2 Chicago apr'r* ti P7n . 17,600 bu*bel< No 1 Vf Iwaut v olub at 81 02; 4,000 bushels itenada olub at 81; 6,000 busbeis red winter at 81 18: 6,000 buahuu white wmtor it 81 90 Corn dull: do mJos Fre<gbt* doll and un changed Imports? 6, 6M obis. flour, MOW buahtls ?wheal, 2 000 b rhwla mm, 7 000 nuaheU oar ey Caoa ozporta ? 180,000 biuthela arbeat, 1 M0 ouebela corn. Brrr*i/), Nor. 8?6 P. 11. Flour lrt?mJy; domajl modurau-: ?a,oa 600 bbll Wb?a? er*'?r; drmaLd fa'r; Hai'i20,<00 ouahcia No. 3 Chicago a print at 87<* , 17,0(0 boabela No 1 MJ?au*ee Olub at 81 02 IS 000 o no. Id Car a>l? club hi 81 02 a 91 C3, 12.0M scetotu red w oier at 81 10, 8.000 buahela white do fct 81 '2D Co?n duil au I to ?a!?* Hi'ley In t*'idrrat?> n< mai il : ?hI?? 6 000 tualir'a al 61c Hfe no mlnal at Mo Wh ?k?.. ,auc Caual freight* dull at 26o on wboai, 21?. oo Ooru i<> Set York toopo.-ui ? 50 OM >b'R flour, 70 000 bnahtl* .1000 h ishe!* 9aW. Canal ei|<cr(?? 3UU bbla U lur, io0 000 buabela wbeat, 7,000 busbeLr corn. tiBw?oo, Nor 8, 14M Flour dMI, bat ?ochaor* ' IFbeat a tbade Do"'-r, with oaore doire aa e< S,M0 9u?. >'la No 2 Hncaco aprlog at 41 M>?, 12 (MO to at 81 04, aUnat, C 0G0 utila ciiii at 81 10, imu l,6t0 *biif Canadian a. 81 W. Oorti quiet, riarlej in m<<)rr?i<. dpmauJ 8?l<g 11 C00 i>?rbcUi prime Toronto oa private u>rm?. P.) o aifad> : na!i-a lb 000 oush ate Oaraiiin.i kt uOc p< *# Ue>d ai &5:; Ca-jal (Vt-iijMti steady Dour 48o , wboa' 18c , cfm 17>je. to NV? York Hike '.Oji-ori*? 102 6C0 baabfU S?i 100 ,vi>h<',? onrn, 8M0 baibi-la barley, 2 8(>o husheio rye, 1 1 coo 'jusb. ?> ,n '.k. Canal eip irtk? 1.286 bi'? liur, b0 000 bu. twli abcat, 6.6O0 biudu-ln corn and 18 200 Oustaeta barley. Cbicaoo. Not. 8 ? 6 P V Hour doll. Wh<?*t tJ all aa'l lc. I^?*r: naJ 'e of 78 000 burb' I* it 84c a 80 for S i'th?i ?w? club, at 81 X?. ? 'i2o tf r No 1, at 79-' a 7BJ<c for So 2, all In atore. Cora flrti: Bales of a Son Luanda at 86c in Rtorx OaU qutei. R>%e(ptt ? 8, Mo bbla. o Hour, 6l,UK> buabela uf oorn, 11, 0M :-i!?h< la of '<aia 8b! ?> n**i.'a ? 14 0u0 toti m of wheat Frrightt lc. I >wer .Sl?ht eicbaufr ou Set York? Bank ratoa art ran, ?d to 1 La per oolv pmoolum Varbilui lii|<lii|rar?. A NKW CIXB HOUSB f'?K rAtUTMBN. It wilt be aeon from the following paper, which baa jual oommeaocti circulation, that It li coutorap'aieU to ealab Uth club rooraa tor tha benefit of tbf New York Yacht Otab lu thia city. Tbe mm "mer.t bu beoo tbui far con fined to the few whoao namea are attached, bnt Klktli now made public there u .ittlo doubt|that tbo nubacr'.p tlon will become general among the memberg ? After a meeting of tho New York Yacht Club, at the Club Houee, H>?ian Fields, 01 tb? llth at Oatober, 1810, It waa Bocgvatod by the m*-tntwre prreent, wim a view of aiding the oommttwo now having charge of ibat *tibje;t, *bd to expedite ihti object ol procuring suitable ruotns Id tbe city of New York at a plate of metling for members of the club, that the member* of th>* c4uD be applied to for voluntary at >*trlplloot to that ohjcit. We tnemfuie ?ubacribt) a auin which ehe'l not t)X'<*td ton dollar* jb, tint wbicb ahall be roftVteot to defray the expenac* of rurolehtng and maintaining luch room*. OToraa. 18M On E A Steven*, H Morton, W Roller, W 9 V^jor, B Clement, <*ua F. Cromwell, Harry Keilltaa, ? Sblppen, U Q Morton, l A. Major, J T. Itaohe, A C. Kiugaland, John W Urreo, A. 0. Ku (aland, Jr., Kooert J Hone, i)eo. r. KiLgalaad, J M Water hery, J G ttonreu Jr., L. W. Jerome, W. A. dtebbin*. Ttie Ta> f IUAT TBOT ON TH* UNION COU*Sl ? THB PABTBST TIMS TO HEAVY WK1UUT8 ON KtCOKD. One of the moat extraordinary fear* ever performed on Chatcrfwaa achieved ;eat rday, at tbe Union Co arte, Loaf latasd, by l*dy Palmar, In her second oooleat with Columbia. She made tbe unprecedenw d time of (AT, to 336 pounca, to the aecond heat of a two alia ? ?t"?? Lady r aimer beatCoiumb a laat Monday, mil* heat*, beat three tn Ova. She wa* matched to go tftla yaatarday against the same mare, to 336 pound* weight, two mUa beat*. Vafortuoaleiy , ahe chanced to b? In aetaoa, and alao to be tulleilng from a vary aavara affection oT the bowel*, aoocrlng badly. H*r owner, Mr. Bt? Hoagland, retarded her a* *o aariooaly oat of ?* that ha wa* on tbe point of paying forfait ao'l withdrawing bef ; bit b?lag reluctant to disappoint Che eipeotatloM of the crowd, be ooc eluded to let her go nn lor all 1(1 Ml d Had vantage*. UD*'imb*a wa* drlvea by Mr. Borate F Jonea, one of Um> ?.. *t skilful men oc the turf, a gentleman of a poet I . r?i tCrn ol' mind, who l? tuppoaeU to hava taken tbe Idea of tbr In'Tual yen with which. under deepnrate r'reom ?taueea, he nrgea he two boree. and iwu lo Ir.goten b ? ?uB>tM>iu?r'a, from Mlltoa'* deacriptton of randemoalum, La "Paradlaa I<nat " Mr lloaglanl I* a pretty good match for Mr Jonoa In tha "trick* of tbe trade." In Mite ha la a ?-!??. mount*. n, as J could anake hi* fortane. If orivea lo aaca a n>?e?lty, by pcraoeaUng rtaniel I*mberi, (wboaa weight waa TOO poaaaa,) In eoase museum Bat, in addition lo hie eoo? moea weight of tleab, ua y eater day oarrlad a maaalrs chunk of sold lertd A few ainutra after the appuiated time tha gay and gajsoy marea u... ? IkM appearaaae ta front of tbe Judgw' ataad La ly Maimer la a very bright rhaatnut. of median etaa ana thoro Khorc ? m appearanoa. She look* lite a running oar. a ur?? > tie four milec, and, la fact, la aa d to have beg-. h< r career aa a r maer ? ben a ooit Uoiumbia la a m r??, baevy, itruagly built mar*. Her gait MMMHtiMMi M w<-*r* hig kn-? b ?u, ?ad It waa anggeated yeaierday that Joare nag got bl* dead welgat eoolueed la th?m, they w*r* ?o ooaaftooooa and prominent; but inia, of oourae. waa a jo*e fbere waa but little aoorlng, when tha ward waa givea, Joaei having dee dediy toe ttart PabMr evldaatly wa? ant driven to wia ta.a beat, and tha big mar* name In a little ahead In 6 Slf . Tbe aeonod heat wa* won b) Lady Pa mrr la ft OT' Tbe i*trd beat wa* niuaely conleaiad, but Columbia, after beiag led moet of tbe aeoond ail" and cro tried to bar aunoal eapaelty, etna borne a Iragih la the lead la 6 08 k Tbe big mare la a frequent aad oapital braater, never tnaieg aa} thing by her ekipa In the third quarter aba ran juai eaeigb to vary toe exerclaa tad eaa* her, while l^dy Pawnor etaok ateadtctly lo her ? month, erea trot, ant knowing aay otber way of goiug It waa thta mo wptaaooa motion, *o loeg eootlnaed a' nich a tearing rata of apaad. that, tn oonnectloa with tbe tnlammattoa of bar bowela, told oa her enough to plaea bar a little be MM. Parbapa there are not two finer mac* la tbe eonntry It I* oocftdeatly aaterv J by sporting men that aeitbar Catcher nor Fh<ra Temple ronld perform La dy Palmer'* twl of yaierday to >hs same weigbt. Maasr* Jooe* and B aglaal have shown a aplrtt worthy Of cowaissidatloa la cam ing out Um raoe under elrrum atanora watch would uu' iisoourageu men of lamer ?ptrtt Th?r* haa beea a good deal of ro?pet!tloa. It la aald, with la a abort time, for the purchase of Lady Palmer The r?<1ooblable Commodore Yanderhllt la r sported to bave bis karn eya?oeiearmted for lie ooeqarets? oa bar lytbe and symmetrtaaJ fl?ura t iiia^'r ?( spirting men were willing tr almost ba a >ee her wei^Lt witn gold if t&ey oould g't her It s now rtavsd thai she haa been eold Into private banda, and that east Sato r Jar she will paaa la to tHe stables of a grntiemaa wall knows for hia f^prer<atloa of the feanaw eloc* of moid generally, and gw bis is Ineyarracy of owiiiag th? Fast st trot lees oa the fbee of the earth So, in ins earlr p rfo-manne of aa I brilliancy, (be *>l<ta goo! by to lb* turf. C*?n Caleadar- Thta Day. ? Brraro (Jurat ? ' larrit ? Part 1 ? Vi* iMI.ltU, W, Bit U?T, ?tt 744 816 13?8. 1W1. lt?, 14JT, 1439 K4M, 1441, lt?. 818 1111. 1??? Ptrt 2-fo* 6001. MIT. 6168, MIS, 6iM. 4*16. 4196 67JA, 681T, 8MB, WT1, BBM. ?6t, 68S6 *139 1T?4. 6V? 688A. 6881, 6KM flolO. BMT. MM. 6118, 644V *>??? 6?4. 4.MT. 4M8. 68M. 5814, Ml*. ?!??? too* 4?w M)10 Prmor a Corav >?art 1? Vn* Ml . 871 X . MS W. I0M. IBM, 10U, 1016, 101T, 1011. 10*3 716 1OTT. 10?, MSI. 1011. MT m. Pa'ti-Nos *28, IM 8M, 880.8M, B73. ?T4 878, Mt, 040. 1.10. 8M I (Inaaow na?* -Car. 1 ? 18T1. W4T. U MM, UH tun. 2am Part I? Woe 211*. 8100 2116,3334, *B6. -a.Vt 3338, t>41 3342 2341,3346. 2348. Ill, 3M, MM ___________ Anivala tad Dspartars*. nitpsiiTniw. Hosrni*. to- "mam.hi. bnaeosa-C B Hnnt, I D-xHer D Cramer TJns Morgaa. C hraet. I?wts Jr. OarW?d. ' T Mae kande f> B I ?a^ Wa H Prta^s (' I, Pna?. w U Meeker, J O teflon, o W Brtsgs. A (Mlmore. M Utteora. J A Danlao lad 38 la the Omasa. Mtnrril Wim.l Is Mataots*-- 'rwd BltraMe. * T Oaeea tas riorvwrto Baealante. Naanel l)*Me. Joaus llaenaadex. B Palter- ?. Joagulm Man. Ma jess* Aratiao, ? iMmlaqaaa P fellet, Mrs ft Palaa Pedro Mara. JnasTliwii umii. W B Btraune B no?iHafw BaaryPrww, J a MeltoweD, Jae Wyl Be. B B JaM. Bawry Pasms, J nan aMtklry. wWa, two boya aad two aei i anle Ifaaeto Peraaades. Lt Boillns Vranrts (tea aalea, ta Bm?k Mn iThnsansnj. aadraa tains IUea?ed WU tmatalvedor Barda Marti ie Bfnrrim. Mrs J f BpriMr J a* II ?prtererjwc ehlMrer ?rd J,sr?anl. Jse ' r~.n.?T Wiamni BtMH " "* ' " 4)ffl \ L . . . _ Jm n aullmaa iosqmm Marti ei. Barvite l'?el Mrs J Ba )* ShT.'j.r *17 "amna Marlon, Mr M Bvsrm JMb Beynian l.eo^^ui w _ l"* Bnmet. CtS1 J srsm: * rZ*V j !"S- ,7 ?- A *?z, <1 THE ELECTION. Additloaai lUltraa rraa Um Utoriw. THE POPULAB MAJORITIES. FtUCB HT4TW. UeUS Oo*eU* B eok'ft J tiriH 4 John** <t Lmi. limmim I? California* ? ? ? ? 1 ? <?! iiecltcut..,. ? ? ? 10.060 3 ? "1 10 i|> _ _ _ 11,000 4? Indian* ? ? ? 10,000 I- '">?? ? ? ? 6 000 on, reus ? ? ? U00# 7 ? M re I ia . _ _ I1JM Z - ? 10 000 ft ? _ _ _ 0,000 to-tfe" __ _ _ 11-NoWJersojt? _ _ 18 000 12-N?* York ? . Wygp IS ? onto..* _ _ ? i 14? o^oo.. _ _ Z Mi r4| ] l?_Kluxl? Island..-* ? ? ? ?W? i 17? Vrrnu-et {iv^o 15 ? Wi/oor?> u lW ??,vw ?l>?u#iaa, probably. tFuaion. BLAVI BTATW. _ l_*'?b?m?t ..... ? ? ~ ~ 2? AiW?i?k?t ? ? , " ~ IVU*ar?> ? ? l,TW ^ 4? KlorWat ? ~~ Z 6? Deorgia f ? ? __ fl ? Krtijluiijr 14,000 ? _ 7? Umtiiai>?t ? ? ? 8 ? Marylan d 2 000 ? 9? M'axaotPV'f ?? ?? ? _ 10? tfia*ourl| ? ? - U? North tar..|lnaf ? ? __ 13? tfciuta Carolina* ? ? 18_T>'iinrMc?^ ? ? _ 14? 1>*a? t ? ? ~ _ * Printer t^al fleeter# cbo?ea by U?o (Hate legislature, t RrrokiorKge and l.juw, majority not known. jn.'il Hud F.ver*tt [for [x>u|lat, prirbably. \ No return*. the popular vote. BtU V<mglat HrtcHn- L*noeU> a?wi <m& rvJee amt I SUU* Ac. RrrrU Jotmtm. lam. Bomb* Vwacbw-tU 82,017 84 007 0,l>7? 104M7 Kl.ode IMaod ? ?? o,? . .^nwttcui 1 840 13 Wl 13, "0 83.311 sn m w raw f'nrtlard, Wo 181 1,#27 1?> 2631 N;mwHimp,b're'U8 907 14 SM 1T31 24 140 v, ruxi't, 38 w>wna. 187 S.IW JM* N? w York city* _ ?1?M - 8i,7?7 Brooklyn* - 30 710 - W MB Octda county*.... ? J01J ? " ? ? Suflo k count} * - ? ,?1? - 3163 61* T.810 tW 043 *6,812 " ?Union tlrk 'l. . t*urlon? Breckinridge ?nd Dongta*. NEW YORK. The following are the member* of Legislature olectod In Living*!')* I'OtLty MatUe# liklil and Goorgo Hylaad, Br , bolt republican*. Eric oounty (ooaplete) ? Unooln'B majority 1,798. Threo republican Am< mblymen are elected certain, and four pro bably. Mr. Spauldlng, republican, (or Congress, baa 1,400 majority. 8t. Lawixcoo oounty (complete) jireo Llcoola 7,214 majority, Oi?rg? oounty (oomplete) glTM Llnooln 8,839. All three Aaaemblymea are repiblloan*. Van Wyck'a majority In Oraogt oounty Is 185, and St. Jobna In 9al.t*aa, 171. Vaa Wj ok 'a majority in Um dla- , trict la 14. J B Wee e, democrat, la elocted In tba Oatak 111 dis trict by about 900 m*j >rlty. Cliatauqua county (oomplete) , Llnaoln 'a majority, 4,788. K. K. Ken loo republican, is elocted to Uoogreil. Uorga* ruaa beta ma Llnooln. All the republican oounty offloera are slootod. Tin ASOKMBtr. More complete returns have shown one or two changes from our table yesterday. The first Assembly dlstriot of Wta tot eater oounty electa Mr. J. McDarmott, democrat, In 'ea ol K.liaa F*gf, republican; and the Fifth district o' Kirgs oocnty Lucius 0. Andrus, repnbllcan, Is the place of W. C Jonas, democrat. The aext State Assem bly, according to our returns, will stand as follows:? Republican 00 IVpusl .ion 88 ?uxraanrni nwrun Hec^y Arcularius, Moaartaad Tammany 1.306 CrandiUl Kicb, Hr'-cau.ri'ige 443 Itencia MM^ n-i'ublioan 1,150 Arculartua' plura'lty 48 rpanmn owrmiot. i*ydnny P. Ingniham, Jr., Moaart 680 Jar Jarrta Jonee, Tammany 1,418 John P. tumminga, republican 1,101 Joneo' plural Ity. SIT MARYLAND. The lateat return* from Maryland Indicate that Brack lnrldge hat rarrlaa the State by a email augorltf. MISSOURI. Sr. Lorn, Nor. I, 1MO. Jackson, Moniteau, Lafayette, Sella*, Maooa, Martoa, Dekalb, uraen, Cooper aad 8L Lou la countiea (Ire Itougiee, 16,317; Bell, 13,012, Lincoln, 10,184, Brack In ridge, 4 291. ILLINOIS The Chicago rnbvmt baa returaa from forty eight ooua ttaa H flgurva the majority for IAaoola 3S.SOO ? a re publican gaia of 14,000 It aaya, girtug all the doubtful a i? tr iota u> the democrat*, the Booae tUadi, republican*, 41; democratism The SeaaU *t*nd*. republican*, 13. deaocrala, ?; doubtful, S. IOWA. Seven oourtlea ahov a republican gala of 1 800 over the vote of 1840. which indicate! that tne State baa gone tor Lineola by fro on 8 000 t? 10.000. Curt la and Vender or, republican*, are elected to OWjW. FLORIDA* Return* iron Florida indicate that Breckinridge baa carried the Stale by aboat 4 0(0 MISSISSIPII. Return* Indicate that the State baa gone for Brook In ridge. MISSOURI. Additional return* Indicate the mooaa* of Mr. Dougtaa In MtoourL ILLINOIS. The nret OmgreeKooai dlatrln g're* Wwhbura 12,230 majority ? a gala over the rote of 1844 of 1 880 In the Second dlatrlot, Aruotd'a majority is 14 000? a gain of 8,480. WISCONSIN. Potter'* majority la the fir?t Ooagr**atoMl dlatrtct w 3 800 Liaoola '? majority la the State M from 18,000 to 90.0C*. ALABAMA. The Alabama (Montgomery) Ma d ia y* that Breokla rklge ? plurality will be folly 10 000. GRAND UNION DKMONSTRATION IN NEW JHtSBT. Kjunirrww otbi mi ilbctww? am, BOimm?t, rar Koriin, n.Lumi?ATioiiii and a>Tur*u?* OKPIfcAtLT- TDBCHLIiIfTT f?OU? IOW UNION mbctipo and srirecn irrnmii. waiuirr. Jrreey, that hitherto abuaed oountry, but aow the baa nir Stale of the t'nlon, baa been for the laat two day* la ? conditio* of the muat aproarloua delight orer Ita reewt gnod lock, which laat erealag mandated Itself la aa eruption of horning tar barrel* arlatihatlng *ky rock el* aad nentorlaa eatbaetaam, that, with the eoeeeleuaaea* of daty well done, *ec.ti?aaJl?m rebaked aad the Mar* aad ?trpa* Coating unauliied above the rampart*, moat bar* added at leaat a fbot to the hmgltada aad lat tod* of rrrry jwlrjau from tmdea to Oambof aad from Patrreoa to Handy Book. We ware not *arprtaed, there tore, oa raapoadlag to the larltatloa of a baadrad boom lag gnaa that laat erealag Ml their echo** acme* the water, to Bad Jrreey City, above aad betow, telrly ailre with thlcg* celretlal, terrestrial aa 1 epIrltaeJ? the itreet* thronged with a motley mn.tltnde, drum* Seating, Beg* flying, aparka (park I lag, torche* gleaming, caadlea flicker lag, people cheering, rocket* aaoaadtag. aad all the other ooacomllaata of a people thoroughly mmi I la the gloriOoatioa of aa rraal la wfcioh they hare not the tllgbteat aaoaa to teal aaything but the maat etupendone pride. Aad verity the little etale had 1 eaaoa to Indulge la Ul* Impalalve outburet n>a *taada atoae among nil the "tales of the Worth, pledged to the t'alon aad the noiatltutlss? the oaly Mate that bta rebuked repebllcaal?m, aad lifted dowa from the proud cbalr of tbe Bona* of RrpTreeolatlves to hit R among the maaaM. one of the leading iipii*?*la of that party In tbe leet Oongraaa. ?he bee ehowa that If ?n? nu a 1 ??tl?b<*ly ?h? h*e * big ?"il, wBKh will meet reairoelve in btadrada of tboumnd* of heart* that never beet lr>r her befnre. Tt>e otlnripal eveat of the evenleg erea a meet'eg of the n ?????* ei llroj-r Hali. whrh, t? "igh of a anmewnat Im promts rhe-% *<?t, nitre <V-<1 hy aa men 7 *a omld crowd tbsm* lr?a eithla it* IW w*ii* Mr Nah-Tttah frrry , Ik* niis|imaniaa elect of the" aort of levee ia Um ?rl; part of the ovTi^, and r? oeived the oong rshiiaitua of hit (Meads, bat aiil? no speeob, 1*4 eooa retired Aftrrwarde Bob. CRY. Warn*, of New Jo 1*07, being called opoa, add retard ttM> audtaooe He congratulated Um m upon the result of tha eleoUss, the *ui**-sn uf the Uoloa luket In three Gongresstonal dia trlots? referred u> l he qulilottlou o' Mr. Terry for bts l?*ltioa to the com log Gongresr, and the gratlAoatton the pwioln of New Jersey should tool In rebuking 'he m*o who, solwtlhslaadlog he vu elected b y then to the House of Raprvseotutveo? and afterwards ohi tea 8,jeek er? in deAanoe of the popular will, made John Saermaa? an adeneet* of the lafamoua Helper hook ? CUalrntaa of the Oommlttro oa Wsva aai Means OmiI Wright alluded to the attempts mads to dlaparsfa Mr. ferry by b|g opponents, on the ground ot'hte trad*, ll being thai of 4 tailor- bat said he, "I am Sappy f> karn that there waa nAteloot toleligeuoo among Wis wee tort Of the Fifth OongreasUifcat (Patriot to leternHoo Iho election of the candidate* rather by their merits tbao h> tbetr professions ( kpplanse ) I have been taught to hellrv? that there la bo oooapatloo, business or euploy mr nl that is not attended with tta proper (hare of ho?**, ' totf beaos I *m no nb>eotlon to the elevation of aay man 00 the Mare ofhts bmiaeaa. On the contrary, the faot that a man hal sprung from Ike people la an Indication to ay mind that be la qoefiaed to understand and ioglaiete for .he wuill of the prople. 1 care cot for kla oocupalloo ao Uial It ho hooeat ? provided bta prluolpleo are oorreov. ( Ap p auati ) Aa a native Jeroeyman, the apeaker aald ae shut id (ion t with pride te the history of Itte Preeldcnllal election of IMO When all aroond her waa bowing to the demon of srciiotuuiem, New Jersey stood Una tn her nt larninenl to the flnloo ud the roestliiition. (iJnoers ) She alont of a'l the Northern Sises had manifested her Irtennon to oppote sec* onaitam la every shape, aa her determine. km vo prevent, bv her etan nle. If poasl de, a division of thla glorious coofedrraey. If dlrmlon Urea trned the country, New Jeraey would he thi barrier la ttrpnsed at any ooet; and whatever ncnan the Or* esf -* of Um> Booth night have In the election 01 Mr Lin coin for attempting a dlaaoiutlon of the Dolus, the little Mate would stand her ground, and en deavor to remove every oause for even euoh a desire The freemen of New Jeraey had united against sectional Ism of every kind; and burying lor the time being aoct and creed upon the altar of the common country, pledged Ibrneelves to sustain the confederacy la lis Integrity, th? aov< rel(oty of the States and the rights of the individual citizen ? ready tl need bs, solitary anl alone, to vindloate man's oapabillty for aelf government, and to ahiw the Rrople of the United states, whether realdtng la the orthern or Southern portion of the Union, that there waa ooe bright green spot, like an oaala In a doaert, where men could come and find In Ita purity olvtl and religious liberty , and that devotion to the ooaatitut 00 ?( the country which waa the guiding atar of our ancestors, and whloh bse ever slnoe made S'ew Jersey patriotic, conservative and devoted In all reepeota to the U iion, the prosperity of the cnoiitry and the bapplneaa of toe peopH. (Oh?rs ) In this Instance, aa In many others, they ha-i discovered tiibt "a union of hearts anj a union of hands" could not fall to contribute towards the preservation and per primly of the American nation. < Appliose ) On the 001 c uslon of the spot ch ol Mr Wright, tb? ia<ll enco adjourned to the street, where a prooeealon waa drawn uk with lighted torches preparatory to a triumphant march through the city Theae tn a short lint ?? j. 1 iied by other delegations from New York, and by teu o'clock a line waa formed which wound Ita devious ??7 alonit like the huge outline ot a flery anaka. H 'rosea wore Illumli ated, fireworks let oO, bouHrea relighted, and uotn twelve o'clock the liveliest exoltemont waa nanifoatod throughout tne prectnota of the suburban vldsge. The 1 llect of the victory upon the ctttieoa has been tre mendous, and the amount of good feeling and good humw ventilated on the occasion la not to be measured by any political thermometer that baa yet boen tried during lbs pruaent campaign The Jerteymen now Insist that they hold the toll gate to the plank road of the South, aud every passenger who leavea New York on hta way th?r? must stop over tha river on the "pay bare" principle, and take out hta passport aa a oorrect man. New Jeraoy Is b"roarter neither to be fenced out nor fenced tn She bas let down the Bars, and the broad paature of tha oouh try la tow her own. NEW JERSEY ALL RIGHT FOR TIIE UNION. TO TBI EDITOR Of TBI BBUUI. I think yon do New Jeraey aa Injustice when aba waa named In a blank list, published by yon, of tha Btataa who have overridden the constitution and oooaequeet act of Gcngreaa, by paaaing their "fersonal Liberty laws." New Jeraey haa never enacted any such law. On the contrary . the la the only State North whe haa a Fugitive Wave law of her own. On tho ISth of April, 1M6. the I?gta!ature or that State enacted a law pro viding for application to a Judge of a Court of Reoord to receive a elitm to a fugitive, the arrant of such fugitive, the bearing of the oaae before such Julge and two other Judgea, and upon the adjudication in favor of the claimant a delivery np of the fugitive, and, further, to remove him to the State from whence be fled. (Laws of New Jersey, page 607, title "Aa act ooaoernlng fugitive slaves '' The present political attitude of New Jersey entitles her to a correction of the mlatakea which have oc lurred con cern lot: her poaitlcn on the Afrlean A NATIVE OF NKW JERdEY. THE REPUBLICAN JUBILEE. KimNd AT TBI BTCTTWAHT INHTITl'TB. The Young Men's Repnbltoan Union gave what they Mllad a "Grand Republican Jubllaa" at the Btuyveaant lnatiut* laat arenlng. la their card they Invited their 1 man da to meet " or conference and congratulation." The doors had Ml been long opened before the rooaa beeame uncomfortably crowded; bnl than U aooom mods lea hard ly a thousand people. The conference waa opened by call lag to the chair Mr, Wa Ccuas Baron, of the JtsKwp I'ott. Ha aald that this meeting waa aaaaabled to celebrate a grant moral and political victory , oae of tha moat Important thai had ever been achieved. The yonagaat of thane who IMeood to him might live till the middle of Urn next oentnry nnd never eee an election ao pregnant with grant rasnJta aa that jnst held. Wa aland, aald ho, oa the great battle field which we have juat woo. Before ua and around oa, aald ho, are the alaia. Wa have de'eated that groat oli garchy whloh haa ao loog hold the South la auhmlaston aad alien oe through fear, and haa ruled tha North through tho treachery of North era men, nnd tyrannised equally over both. (Applauaa ) Yon, my meads, animated by tho generoua impoiaas of your time of Ufa, have aided to deal the terrible blow which bod stretched tho craatnro on the earth. (Ap plaaae ) It Ilea before yon, lis gbsstly bead severed trem Its huge trunk, Ita limbs dismembered, lifeless, dead , an t for It there la no reowreoUoo (Applause) a new era la aow tnaagurated. (A votoe ? ?? Thank the I/wd.") The old order of ththgs ass psosrd sway, never, let ns hope, to return. A now order of things hsa begun, un der which there will bo no more attempts to foroa by bloody vloleooeon the peaceful inhabitants of aa uaof fending Territory a barbarian Institution which they ab hor, and which they Indignantly struggled to repel There will be no more coveting tho possessions of neigh > lK>rlrs rrpuslna to propagste orer inem me bale 'u I In stitution which la oar curse aad our great calamity 11?ere will be no more attempts to revive lias traffic accursed of God aad man, the execrable slave trade (Applause ) There will be ao longer any daring acta of violation aad deflsnce of thcoe lata by whloh that execrable traffic la proh btted There will be 00 more attempts to pnrnhane momber* of Congress, to buy from them tho snaotment of laws which their own oonaolenoee disapprove, (applause ) I h*ve been loog an observer of pebllc life, though never in It mveelf, and I hare never knows aa Instance of the right nad Jnetioe being steadily poreued without public opinion coming round to that couroe and nrosmteg the perasvsrnans of lb one who pur sued It In the end with s glorious triumph (Cheer* ) Thla cloud which now bursts la fertllaisg showers over toe whole land was s few years smoe a lulls speck In Ibe 1 rtnameet, no bigger than a maa'a hand. ?owly it an U/ge?l itself, aad then, with grtator aad greater rabidity, I'll aow It Alls the whole 0<>pe of heeveo. *he<Mleg down its ahuedanl erateri on arid hilln nnd thirsty valleys The ! dry furrows of the Held are Blind with abnadantmoletare, and you, my frtendn, will yet reap from them the bar I rest ef liberty ?a1 pes 9a. (Cbesra ) -toa.e apesohso were made by Juvenile orator I, nad I nnnge surg by the Rocky Mountain Ulee deb. Thee Mr Hinuii liuntr was lotmduoed to and ad- I dreee" d the aodteooe Ha showed that the fight bid 1 been made for prtnetptaa, not man, nnd be declared 1 that the ndmlslatmtien of the government under l. oooln 1 wtuM be moderate aad >oyal and oonatltutlonal, though Brm aad devoted to principle; and that fact would teach toe Southern peeople the truths thus far shut out from their spptvher.swin. They would And that there would I bs la the a-imlmotrntlou nothlsg at wsr with the tree la- . te rests of the "touth Be believed that the repablloaos 10 C tv-m would And allies, If not adhereuls, from all the ? 'H,.m Slates Tbcie ?er? meetiaga also organised la the street, and a good ami of etcitement got ap, parttnularly an there * 're, at oae time, slgaa of a row arising from soase sx>ae 1 throwing, aald to bars been Indulged la on the purt of . p< reoris in one of the opponite polltmai ahopo on the o t.e ai ls of the street. An aanounoaireot waa sands that the Union W?H Awakes pn"*wed lug an escursion to Waenin^too to | attend the Inauguration of Preaident Llncoiu , ihel they weve making ritenalva preparations and would appear tn s new and handsnme uniform, and an opportunity wni ; pr<?neted tor persons wishing to Jota thani to record th'lr nassss "he assouroemeot was received with three cheers, and , n role calbd out? "I guess you'll Hod the Eighteenth ward thsro, toe " THE VOTERS WHO OOOLD NOT VOTE. to mi nmn or r*i mnuLD. II arataa to ba aa admlttod teal thai tbara wara at laaat laa tboaaaad I'alM roiart who war* deprlvad of tea prl Tl>|? of votlag at U>a late oiaotkm. Tba notation naturally arteaa bow onnJd aoeb a r'ruttr wrong ba par p? tested la lb la grasi daaocrwtle eltjl u Iba Aral plana tea rapablioaa party waa wall orgaalaad, aad It inawl to bava baaa tbatr ptea la (at tbatr voters aii at tba pal la, aad all la llaa, la tba aarly part af tba day aod probably br'ora two o'clock awry rapablioaa vote wm dapaattad, a inapt bara aad tbara a m Uteris g oaa, an teat wbaa Iba tlaM far alaatag tba poOa bad arrlvod a largo aaisbar of Oalaa voters bad teba abnt out TVa wsa wpanlaUy tba eaaa ta tba mxtb etatelot or tba Taoih ward, wbara tbara moat baaa boas aaraaty Ova parsoaa waiting to vote whaa tba pall rlnoad, and aa many mora bad prar! 00*17 la'i, aaatog tbat tbara would l>? no llaallbood of trttlai tbatr rotao is. Now, air, t anHmit tbat tba <ti*teUite ara astlraly too larga andar tba praaact alow pronrai of ?< tinf , wbara ovary voter * oama Km te ba bi elad oat rm ?ha rigtaw, mi many ?ra aMtgrd ?o oro eera u ?B!'lavll and l ^^h-iiW to prov? 'hat tbay ara voiara, ow'rg to tea aaglact of iba ragiatrara Is ont paltitg down tea ?mM of ail <>f tboa* wbo ? ntad at tea iHcvinua Mate ai?cima It k*apa a Board of Iwapxtora t>- te r?>nalv? nr4 vowa, nod" tba pnawc 1 a?ata-r ?od U Users ba web obaUa. 1 tag tbay caaoot tekd aa an; I Hd do their best. No. I mould lik? to Mk-tbroofk i xon'M Ol your wldel rtrcuUled JwrnaJ? ?h>?? i l? M ????- *<ecll<iO ilaUMi are to large, Md that 1 In oomedMtrMd iter* 1.300 or 1 ,400 rote. r^Jored. wbea it la et-li tx**!. ihat hal* that nim^er coukljB U nrfef Whose fault Jt * IM 10 00# or 1?<U? U??"? J"** wnrts d ?tmx blw-d at ibs l?te e*.**io..f ? iow obsdlsnt Mrntl, ADM** MP1 ?> lu?^? 'tor Aim Uiafc'iot, TuUUi r N?w Tom*, Not. I, ISflO THE MILITARY ON BLiSCTIO? DAY. TO TUJt BMTOk OK THK UtKlLD. N*w York , Not 8, 1100 i hotkW In the SMau> or jesmday, ulidoP the hood >1 (Jf " Meeting or the Board *f Police Ooamlssloaers," Iki ft resolution bad bj?n ;u? d by that to if dtrsotinf Im^slrr lo bo made, ftod report to the Board, by ?t?t antbarlty a military forco was ordered to assemble ai UeumorMft I, In reply, would say that It It not any of their tastnets. Porhaps the Mayor did, or m?f bo the oolooel* of the respective rsglnaaeU from which dei'arhments wore to aaaembled , promulgate the order*. For what purpose such order* wore issued la alio core of theli* business Perhaps. however, the regl meets of this olty hare to their keeping property of tne Mate (is the shape M muskets, bayoueU, howltxnra, ho ) fir which bonds ha *o boon (iron to ft large amount by the officers of the diffe.tnt regiments, and which property It la to their taterest to prwerro agataal loaa, a* weU aa to tha Interest of the tvboie community, whose safety would be endavgered If th* (aid arms were aelced upon and carried off by a mob, i\<*? 1 think, aa doss every re fl -ctinj citiaeo, that, o? nuiuv from what souroe the or ders raanaied, It abowiwl (mloi on ths part of tha per son* ex urdxrlng, aid (uat the thank* of the community aro doc for the prerautloo taaeo. Permit a mob to oome Into poMteaalon of t A40 riand of a/naa, which shoold b? in Uim ki?,.lrg of ourcitiz.u aoUiery, and of what earthly use ?i*Jd be lh* military (without itfma) , the Metropoll Ian po.ioe or the Board of Polios Ooamtmioaertf T. R. T. MISCELLANEOUS rolJTIOAL INTELLIGENCE. Snnvci or Bysult ?William Byorly, who waaoc Tlcted In Philadelphia on the cha'go of rendering fraudulent return* to the county canvassers of the Toto in the Fourth ward, of whloh h* was tha Judge of Kleo tloa baa beun stntenoel to pay a line of fOOt and be Im printed in the couuty prison for twoyaars and *iz months. It will be recollected that tha fraudulent re turns thus rendered elected Jo.'m M. BaUer, bkeok repub lican, to Coofress is the Fir*l district, over William ?. Ltbman, democrat, who had a majority of the actual ncmber of roto* cast. Mr. Butler very unjust.'/ holds the certificate of eloctloo, thus eotlrely lolling aside the expressed will of the people. It w'll be 8"hm, however, that the Uorernor has isauol a proclamation declaring Mr. Lehman lhn duly elected member. T*s >^>irinaj? ts.rr?iKvr ? ?t a rflaDfr glTM> In 3avan i.ii ot um id lii.k , m lUe jcsaai >u of the oiop'cuuii oi tne Liu '?auK; ai> i <avai i?.n Haiiroad, the following woro uuoiig the ioa-u ?irr ao.e offere'i ? Tbo Prrali'otit ol r nlWd jtatua? Th. laat, ptrhaf s, of a lime of lllustrlou3 men. Ibe laat straw that oroae the ctme.'s bwjft? Uaooln. There wan no resp>}oao, as during the erenlng vi>e ? . i jeot bad been fully diacusied, the sentiment of all the speakers who allu led to it being ooo of restalanoe, In some form, to a biack repuOlioan goTernment. Sxvmon w Viautina.? It 1* (aid that If the Stato of Virginia Joins tie (ecrsston moTemeats of any of ths other Sou thorn Slates, the Pan Handle, ii|>on whiah is l.xiated the city of Wheeling, will spilt off from tbe.uld Dominion and Jain Pennsylvania. I'l'mi-itAinao asms ? I'he West Baton Rouge](La.) Sugar I'lixnur has the following Item ? We learn that a gentleman from Alabama has been in Baton Rouge for several da?*, endeavoring to purchaae a larje q'lantliy of arms from tbe arsons' In mat city. We believe be has not been sucotsafui, so far. J Ths Tm* u Pajt ? Henry A Wlso has declared In a public speech that "Ho help blm Uod, he would never sub mit for Iwetity lonr hours to thcjrlection oi Llnooln." Plr* U tl*e Aator Hoik, A MAM Bl' HMD TO DKATU? LOiid ABOUT $R ,0C0. Shortly before eight o'clock yoaWrday morn.n* a Ore broko out to tie drying room la Ibejbaeoment of the A* tor Houtc, on the V caey rlrcct tide. The (Umee quickly extended Into the laundry and ca-peater (bop, and Into m roe aervanta' bedroom* on the teoood tfoor of tee mid die bulldtag. The alarm nl promptly gtren and^the (Irenes toos arrived, bat experienced *im? dlfflculty la reaofclng tbe Ore, aot knowing bow to get at It. Tbe owupaata of the bouoe were but little alarmed, and by twelve o'clock ererytblng went on u uiual, except In that part of ibe bote! burned. A mac sarc'd Thome* Brady, employed on tbe pre miere, waao badly burned l bat be HuO*e<{iienlly died in tbe New York H'wpital It waa aid be waa Intoxicated, and had eufllrient urn" tn -scape, bat rela>ed to eo. The dtunng-.doni- to tbe lurmture and axvureauc ^vrteon A Oo , proprtetora of tbe ilotel, will not probably oxored t) ,600 or >3 COO Inaured for (86,000 In tbe following tniuranoe o"mpenlea, tlx ? Eagle, $6 000, New Yorx Kqullablo, $10 000 , Kmplre city. U 000 Ix>rtllard, (.'>,000, Manhattan, $6,000, National, $6,000. foul. $36,000 Tbe building la o?td by *a & Aator It la damaged to tbe extent of about M,000. Inanrert for 9100,000, aa follow* ? Am. <10,000; City, $10,000, Bowery, M, 000; CoatlaeaUtl, $8 000; Eagle, $$,00$; Oreeowlcb, $6 000; Plrrmei,'*. $10 000; Howard, *10.000. Knickerbocker, $1$ ,000; New York Plre aid Marine, >10 000; N>rib American , $10,000 ; failed Sutea, $10,000 Total, $100,00* Tbe Ore, It la Mid, originated In tbe dry lag room which la heated by team. Tbe caoae la unknown at preaent tv>ma damage waa done by water to tbe atock of Hunt A Duaeabory, b altera. Nae $, 4 aad $ Artor Hoaae Tbey are Ineared for t'JO 000, aa follow* : ? Ne wl W/>r id , $6 COO. Republle, $6,000. tiebhard, $6,000 Keel River, $6, WW Tbe rurnita-e of ^pauJdlng'a expreaa offlce, No. 1 Veeey atreet. waa allgbtly damaged by water B 6 Lawrt noe, bookrtore, No $ Veeey atreet, bad b|a ?fork damaged aboal $60 by wiier. Inured for $4 000 in tbe Manhattan Inaurance Company Hewlett A Wlndiacb, tailor*, No S Veeey atreet, hare ?oataiaed aboal UoO damage by water. Iuaared for $3 000 ta the Irving and Me -canine Imuranoe cnmpaulee Tbomaa A. Armatrong, one of tbe waiter* of the hotel, made Ore or alx tneOrctual altempia to reach the ruoa where Brady waa eleeidng. but at laat, hearing tbe unlor tuaate m?a'a gmana, be gH dowa oo hia ban U and koeea, and by title method gatard aoaee* to the room. Altb>>>n.'k nearly nmottered h mee f, he aaented tbe two flremeo to Uke Brady oat of the room. Mr. Armatrong utated that Hrady w?a warned of hi* danger by aume ooe, bit that be either dwregarded the warning or looked n|ioo It aa a practical joke, and puihed tbe pereon not of the rotmi, lock in* the door on tbe made He da clee the charge mad* that Brady waa la toxica ted at tbe time of I be Are, but think* b" muat hare beeo In a b^aey i.eep at tbe time tbe Ore reached him. We received t'>? following card from Meaer* Htetaoe h On. , thank lag the Bremen for their energetic attempt to qqeil the rttrnee ? Aaroa Hoi in, Nor. $, 1M0 M<?*r* -tetana A Co. retura their amcere thank* to Mr John Deekee aad tbe mombera of the New York Plr* Departateat, for their aoble and euoeeerfai effort ? la *ab dning the 9r* which oocured at Ihla hoaae oa the morn lag of the ?th rum n> iabbow rnunrr? a child badly a num. Between tight and nine o'clock y.aterday mora lag a Ore took plana la the attic of b* I Id lag No. 11$ Bar row atreet, la tbe dwelling apartmenta of Cbarlea Owe The firemen aorn extinguished the Ore Damage w furni ture about $$6. No inauraane. The building la owned by Mr. Deaham It M damaged ?Vrot $10 Nut lnaur?d. It apt-ear* that Mra Klwig weal oat to the Mote, aad left her two cb'ldrea ta the room? one a ehlM only frar moatba old, and tbe other a boy about Ore year* of age It la anppreed that the lit tie boy net Ore to tie bed Tbe b?b< ? losr s-'otha o'd? ?a? an (xullj buried thai it w*a teal to tbe New York Hoapttal, aad t* aot expected to lire. f iaa is Varr Tnnrrr mrra .'nam? A Woman fitmr Brwnm ?Tbe alarm of Ore la the Second dmtriet l*.-t a'gbt. ibortly after elgbl o'dooA, waa ca-ee.) by a w > man named Mary t.ynrb, raiding at No 290 Weai Th,rty * ?th ?trret. accidentally opening a Bom amp, which fl-ed her dree*, end before aMtfUnre omi'-t be racdered, b' r rlotbmg wac burtt from hee b.yty, ber arm*, bnnet ardfberwere burnt la a terrtb'e mnoner The toilet pt>?ar'd a mnvr>aare, and the nnfw< r-.aie wn-ttg wat arnt to Me k'rae Huepltal. II la believed abe caoool aur viva lb* Itjory military Intel l la*wre. Tiarr or the >atiohai. <;u?iu> or bo?t^?. Tbe eempaay of thr aeooa 1 haviai ? of National <;uard of Bottoa, Captain .1 >ha L lijrde.eroiBpar.Md by the liar m*va la band of that elty , will arrive la tbm city |a morrow moralng, to make * sbort vtalt aa the gueeu of the Klgbth reiimeat, Coloael (J'-oege l.yooa. Tbe Aciavniiiau* will be'ted on tbeir arrlral by oompaay P, Uaptain Utandee I Beck, who Will tb?m to the regi m-utal armory i over Centr* marbni, wbere ibej will depnalt their knap- { ?arka and muakr'e, and fr m thence nrr<-e H to tbe la faege Hooae. on Bmadway, irppnalte Bned atreet, where ' bnih cotamand* will brea^ftet la tbe ereaing the boeta < arid their goeeta will v*att Mblo'* theatre by lavltetloa nf the macagvra nf that eeteblllhment Oj 'anday the Muard will go to church. Trinity or Orao* prohably. Oa Monday a number of taaUmttoaa trill be vtnttad. Drtwllfa of the Delaware Ntate Lot lerlea ?WOOD. BDDT A OO , Maaaaere nf lae DOLtwaaa. aawvaeav air* wimoobj mn uxrmtm MuwaBB- Bxvaa OLaa W, Nov. * IMD VI, I, 74. S>, U, 64. 7. 21, 45, 71, 43, 41, 60. I naiWiaa-CLM an*. Dor. A, IM 39. $1, 43. 34, 13, $3. 34, 21, 1$, ft, 41, 69. | OhvalafB *eal free of rkarae, by addJ DUDT A 0<(. Will Or to WboD. BDDT A OO.. DrtvlBfi af BL. Pi aaaa'a Delaware Wi max Oowwrr. Qura m, Mae. n tan. 43 , 66 , 44, 16, $?. 30. 33, ?0, 31, 23, 17. M, 34. OwMiunivBa I nrmr t ua Ml Bo*, t tlMO 16, 17, 31, 1, 44, f 0, 3?, 47, ?4, 46, 37, 10, S3, 63. Urratan mb* free af *bar?a. by iMn^m .a Mrrn OtBtleaeA'a llata naly 13, l aewrpaaaeed l*<)le. be*ntT ? leganee ? xl duratumy Retw asar iketr reive. "4 Bale a 4 (!?r* 'or r|l d " If a BBI* a HUd BaB. 3? Bewerj, b$ ilrwnd ?t e*i ao1 Jjl Ugbtb arenae t At Kwanai', ?t? aad Am P*lt*a Street, (team aUotant beaver Mubmm Ooaia.. $3 Mi to $16 IS||M<lT?.-)*tr?n|ir? la Tow* Hhottid ? Fall Hu?K NOX'8 ha. Ill Broadway. Ltdltl' B?ln*i*l ??< Clatfc Bntto? Bo..te Mtt Bub era. SB. wttk Mlaaaa' a*d *"25 tod I- hot, tf aU aiylee and prtone. at M1LLB* A UO.B. ?W C.eal ?tr?t Dlilfl)irlt>| VUwi North ??? 8?"!,'^ Read* of patrto'a eed dea; ota. r boloc**?p be4 by UOuaWi s*> Broadway. Pbdtmrtpki la Brooklyn ? YY llUant BOS. h*a.b lakeu ti*b'.?-u Hood red *ad ft fly on?. Tli* TwIm >nd J?Mph and ?!? Hrwhr'" "? **** t ' >?>? '?* "ui om lo day at HAIl 5V<> ? Ml'BlCJL n?nlii(|'4 PfttoBt ObUtplon Klrw kM Bnr*ter KiW Bdfta, Ml Broad DOT. ?ormar of K?m> M* Maw Tort. KilablUhiU lH.t?. bbntucbv halt kivbb novation whikkbt dihijujum. Addran ?ia?ply hum* Bak Rltar nnsillrrtna, Beaioaky. Draw tfc Baktr'a Celabra. xl NoLaeleaa Family Bewla* Maculae, I'M Rn mA w * 7 , No* Tjrfc. At ItW, 60 aad OM Kaltoa HtrcaC Caaalmere auit, lo matok, M, BUI. $11 B1& BIB aad Ml. titdlM' B?aaUflir."-l'halo? ft Son's "boom WMm Ortealal Oman." Bold bj aU OrocgMa. "Baantlfttl "Meow Wklto Oriental Cream. (jompUiloa." Pkaian a ream." Moa BO oenla . - hottla. "A Clear Complexion" La Oaiirad by all ladlaa. Uaa i*H*LON'B "ttaow WfeMa Oriental Ureaae." Trlnnpfe of Art-Otaarai'l invlilbU Wlra aw! Tonpeee new aad norel larentkm, leteetfcio lui>oa aiUe fit Foltua (treat, Brooklyn. The trade MtpflBd at reaauaahle terma. bitiaway A Hon*' O^aritieof Brand and equara Itanoe are now eooaldaied the beat guunfietcreJ, ari warranted for l<r r?era Wfc wnoiu 5* and M Walktr at. lalrhtlar'a Hair Dya la tba Boat In the ?nil- Made, nil au.t applied, hi appropriate private rooirsa, M the w"<l fbcv nr, IB Bond a' J Good Black Prockeoata |n to 91 (fine blMk cloth Frnckooate. *10 to tit super tlaokYtota Frocto-te .... *.s m BSD av aNB', 66 ut IM F ulton atxeev. Criatadoro'a Hair Uy?, iV l^a and Ton* vera? ihe bt?. tt. ll>? wu-M. Whu'eatl# and retail, and the i?ye pi irately apt Ued No. 0 Aator II nine. WlKi.-rilr?ha(li'i Illative Wine are pe-<W . rfl in'-Ti'r.g up b- hin<\ jtrd urMtlnitbie pivruux*, made only at 3B0 Broadway. < < mer Made atreet. Btauil'ni Cuniplexlon.?lialrd'i I<I<1<1I<I Pear' bvt aehleted a rel?brlty aa baring no n inivl fo? b"iutl fjln* and prceerrln* the on ?? 11 lei ion aad Mln Bold at all ilrur?l?te Filnc-ipti depot* TX 7 and tit nrmdway. Vtnaaea, Klatallc Nleeklnyt, BhoaltNr Brarea. >U?'' nlaaJ mpp' rlera Ac tin. <ll.O . KB a Tll iUNk Bo. t Asa aueet, under Barnum'i Mnaeum. Kxccllent 1'llot Cloth Unn aata.lll to 910 at BVABfl', Bt aad CH FnlLon Art* t. Prraona BalT<rlB( with Coetlve Bowela will be rxiBiptly cnred of I hit frttbtful omolalnt fey oalnr HOLIOWaWH VeKmatla I'll la. They neither rrlpe nor alcken "b?< rtomack, but lUnalale Ilia b.tttut to a mill aaj healthy action For Vkiaal Dtaoaaoa and Conffha, om BBUW Trochee. whK h are aoU by all druttBUte. KnbUo vaakara aad Maaere ahoald bare tkam. Hadtral Car* of Harala, or Kaptara -. Or. 8. h MA&eH, of Ihe well known bmiM of Mairh A 'lo , Bo 1 Veeej (treat, aawr Unuae. oppoaile the ehorek. denaee - lUdnUie la Ike aurfteal adaptation at hta radical Dure RS' At Eraki', 00 and OS Kulton Strati, Black aad fancy bearer Orereoaia IB 10 HQ To Ewrp Mother Who lias Children tnflrrln* from any ef the <? imp alula Incident lo the perl M of trethlnc. weaat do not 1? 1 your orm pirjudleet or the prejti cea of other*, aland In the way of tba reuef 'hal ?iil tienrr - tea absolutely fo e ? t< klOTIllJtu B1BUF. liura I|atr Dya-DU On La, Black or broira. Depot Ba 1 Baralay atreet. aad aold by all drug (lata. Knab for Boy'i Clothings" BtaitlAU ?look." at Oak Hau, Bt, BB aad 8B Fulton atreet. Atlhma ? t Dlatlnaalahed Lawyer wrttea fron A r tutui. Maine aa follow* ? W he? I commerced taklt*a J jiai Whltonrab'h Bemedy for t-ihma I bad been afiee|*d with that dlaeaae nearly tweatr yeara It la of the ?p**m< die ku?l. In a bad attack I hare Ire on.ntly alt np BHieen ni*hu lr annreeeton. Knon after taking the rrmrdy, 1 fourd an auarcuttonird relit-', my health and au-ecfth beran to tmprott; 1 bate (atned twenty poutda tu welrht ano have '-'WnparatlTOly an aaihoaa. It eeema t<> me that the very foundation of my dlaeate ta broken u;, aad that It will am at Urely l>-*te nie. Ihe me^wne referred to abore li prepared by Mewa. JOKBFU BUMrBTT A CO., Boelon, and la for aale <y dru* kiata (enerally. Olteatea of tba Laata and Throat lac eeaafiilly treated by K. W. TON JkRBMITU, M. I>. Office UH liowery. Tba Bwatptng demand tor WhIU'a Preaa llau all n lea Ike trade. UB Broadway, oppadla Bt Faal*! ekarek. flhrrlxi. , Brmt?T? Oablst ? la tbia oitv, on Tbn-fdsj, Novem ber (, ?i the randnn of tho bn>.( ?? \,j tbo K <v. B If Adams, Dr. T. C. Braijr u> Mi?a E< nam, young eat daughter of Jsiob (Uk y . l>/<| , all o' ihia city. Cone kus? Vu Kim ? At tLe A. .u? * MUiodiat Kpia onpaJ cburcb, Norfolk street, no Tbun H ufu-noon, No vember H. by U>* Rev. J O. Rogers, |k? ?o B. Omcua to A wis M Vas lira, of this city. orange county papers please copy Cham*? tiunraix ? On Tburs<lay, November J, at Uie residence o( t fee bride's father, by tbe Kev J. C. IHitcher, Abuan W Ciuhk, o( epilogue Id, Dim , to M<-a SLumem H Ob&bsu., daughter of Joseph B. Harriot, Ksq , of this city Tiobawcb? Haturu ?On Wedneaday, November T, by the Rev. J. J l.yoi.s, B Kidrahob, of rh ia delphiA, to Basaii, daughter of M mtague M Huili ma? of ibis city Hikxbaii* ? Wri/ioa ? At St. Johns church, Brx>kl) , 00 Tbunuiay , November 8, by Rev Thomas T. OutoL D D . Mr Taomui Hhuim, of Oiloafo, UJ , to Mm Martha A Wskis. of fiaugerti'-s, N Y Bokabt ? Bai bai ?At New Rncb-lle, N. Y , on '.TM urMaf, NottaUir 7, by Rev W 8. Offlcy, Us am 11 Ho bast, of Pblladalphla, to Mabt B , youurest laufhier o' A bert aedras, of the former place. I'abkbk? Hi vt*u?(ia ? In tin city, oo Thursday, No nnMf I at Hi CUimeut'a charcb. by He* t. A. baton, Hajdhim I'Aium, jr , to Mia Jaaina HrroHixie, all of tblauity. fuuvoon ? HAirtjrr ? Oa Thursday, November I, at CMvary Haptlvb cburcb, by Kef. bjward T. Nlacoi, Jot-Hi- * ?ira*woon to Ann K , daughter of JohA Hawley, Ksq., a 1 of this eity Pnosa? stbott.? Oa Wedaseday . November T, by the Rev O a Ir xanoer Palis, Jam d tfnom to Misa f aubib J. ga*m, botb or tbia city. Ta r uia niiiH ?At Grass rharob, oa Weds? day, November 7, by the Kev. fJr. T. ft Taylor, J M Ajr..iAn,T Tati/'B to Aabah Kmbbmab, daughter of Uu late ruoM Ber?h, botb Of tAla city Va?i>b*uii*?Bibd ?Oa Wednesday ersslag, November 7, by tin' Kev M. II C. Crawford, Mr AMU VuManu , to Miss M a x,iut J. biac, unugbtcr of James Bird, aU of I tbiar.ity. Kockiacd and Dutcheea county papara pliaae jopy. 1 Died. ARaowimmi.? On Tboraday ronrr iny, early, Nnretnbor 8, .In*.* a?iu?iirv, id M?<- 3M year of bla ac TT.c f atir*a and fumda of tbe family are rarpeetfully ICTltM l* a t lend tbe foneraJ. from tbr rraidnooa of baa brother la-lav, JibuL lAmcriirr, No. MD W>at FMrty in t atrret, mi Hatarday aflaraooa, at om o'elooA. rim *i i ?'la Thor*oay , Norcaber 8, of oonranptioa. Jawkt l AMrrau., a?' d W yra ra lb* reiatm-a an J fr<*?la of tbe tamlfy arc rrwpoptfally r?qur?t?n u> all^nd bui rnnerai. oa .tttnrday l'l?rnwii, at etc o e ?lr, wl.boat furtbrr lavitatloa, fr <?n tbe real ('mm of t, -t rncle, J< bn Campbell, M Kaat HoM>on Nirrt, c<>Tbef uf tb? Bi>w*ry OrrttB? f>a Tl.uraday, N ivwiber S, #f pammjl'nt, Jomb tuna, c ideal aim of feter aad Mary tioyl*, f ? ?l 18 } i hra, 9 n?? tb* u.d i dayi Tbr f r icnda of tbe family arc n*p*etfal!y Invited to at tend bl? fareral, oa Hunday artcraona, at >?e o'oloofe, fr< m Uie rendenor of bla i*rneu. 216 Ifeater ilrwl JXiBi ? <)o Wedneaday, N' voniber T. of dri^ay of the be^rt, ttaaar ? ?<.?., ia tbe OOib j ??r of bla a^e. Tbe frtende and relatlvaa of tbe family, and I One* of decreed , are Invited U> attend tbe fuaeraJ, tbia (frlda) ) afteri ?a, at no* o'-lnr*. from bi late realdenea, 1M iielanr*} ureet Hia remains will b* latarreo la tireee ? >akaitu. ? 1 '? Tboraday, November 8, after a aarare * nxra. * a of Henry A. and Harrtat Farrall, aged 1 )f?ia, 1 m ?iU>* and 24 da) a. n?e irieadB and arq'iamtanoee of tbe ram My are re rjwcifiiily invited to attend tbe funeral, frr>tn U>'< real deroe *A bla f-areata, >14 ttarcatb avenue, tLia (fnday) aft< nt?m. ai one o cl'ck. I'ai una ?At Vcnbera, oa Wednesday, November T, Jau.ii lartsaaa, m the 73d year of bla a?? ilia re atlvee and frlenda are rear?cifuliy Invited to at trtd the funeral, oa Hatarday after none, at two o'clock, frmi tbe rtai'" ?coe of bis son. No I St. rails street, Bmofelya. Hai.iwkh? ' m Thurvdav anom nf , November 8, Mabi* bst, wife of William i. Haddock, ta tbe Mth jmr of bar ?f? The relatives an* Manda of the family are raepeotful r Invited to attend tbe funeral, from bar late residence, Mo 10 Han. mood street, on flatarday afleraoon, at oa* o'Uock. jAcnsa.? <? ThurvdAy, November 8, Iaaat Urtm*, ar*d M jeera The rvlatlvm and friends of the fbmlly are rear**'0"/ Invited tn aitead tbe funeral, Ui<* ffrlday) momlnf, at eW- vra r/clor k , fn>m bla late r?ai<t*nre, noraer of F.?st Tblrty aaotad atreet aad l**la??oa avrnoe Ja<iw>e ?Oe Wednwtay, Nevewher 7, "abas * 'ap? ana, aged i? ) ear* and ? at oe tbe, tbe dai ybter ol lbs IBU James a Jersey t%e relative* and frteicl* of ISe family are respectfnliy In v! let! to alteed ber faneral, from ber late rvaelsooe, No 1U W?wt Tbiety-el?hth atret, this (IYMat) sft-r noon, at tour r>'oior? , without (?rtn?r laviut -a fcer rerre'ra wtl he taken t f"r U.term nV. OraLfe nrtit ty pap? ra pi"a?e f<?py 1 JaABvaaatT ?Is Bri^yn.Mi WjCoeedaj, Noy?mb^ 7, uaoMjA B.wUo or M year* and fl month* *? JMOMrWi, ?|M ? Tin relative* uii ^ . .. attend Ibf fUDCVA JJf. tM*U' *????? ?treet, Una <rrU.rT^w?Jib?I lfto f"h!*u?? ?* J?# tbrtbcr ^oiloj. ?* **? o'olaak, wUmMI ^ - eNtiV'k ? ?>1) fllondftr. NviMUMr I tu^ Ami witb or Benjamin B. Jobaswn. ' MM^m" Tt? />l?nd* of tlw (nailly ar* ra*pec uiiy aTlt?4to? Util Ibf funeral, from tui reatdenoe of b?r hMbend Ha, 8 White atreet. 41 ou o'clock on datu'day aftarwuoo' L**u? Hudcaely , an Tueedav avoning, November ?- to, ?ill !-?*! H"1 M /ear# and 7 mow Us Her relative* aaa IrMMi are Invited to utaad Ifaa - ' 'Tim b?r late reeirtonoe, No 81T Ulclc* 0e?. da. j?t^?Sffl?eSH8u Hay Oiwt?r* , ^ l/oi'UL ? On Widne?dAy IStfyifM, Nora*?** ?? "?*? A*w, wife of Benjamin I/xk>r, aged IT y(*r?. Tim friend* of the family are reapectforty to fl ??<???? l^od lb* funeral, Hi llirlat ofcurch. Rye, I ha frrlday) mm~ ceon, al half p*?l onn -'cluck (.ar? lea re Poertb avi corner Twenty seventh *trert (New Have? HAllr*?4< pot), at quarter j>wu twulvc 1*. It. , returning , wf??n at lutlf pant (cur P. M. In Jamaica, an Tur*day evening , Novea*M* % RnmMT L M**km. The relative* and friend* ol tbe family are Invited W ? tend the funeral rr. m hi* late rxeMeiuie lb la (Friday) I leg at eleven "'clock , and frotn the I'roabf torlaa U" at bay rati eleven o'olonk Oar* will leave Ik* lurry, Brooklyn, at ten o'clock. MAMiinrr ? tfler a eh'jrt lilneat, Ma*t Xabomot, ' of Michael Maboeey, aged 87 year* Tfcp relative# of the family are respectfully tovHad I* attend the funeral, thta (Knday) afternoon atoneo^lHk, frctn her late reaidenoe, 8!) 1'lao airwet. W?tixj ? Scddtcly, on Thurofoy, November C, im M?na?u, of the elty of New York ibo* and retail von are reapeatfnlly tnrlMtf W altetd hlo funeral from No. 131 Pulton avenue, Brorktra. od ^aturda/ afuroooo, al Tour o'oiodk, wltkoul faftMP Invitation. Mnurrr ?At Eaglewood, N J., on Swdky, Novevkar 4, i?*i nair tli^xn, a^cd 66 year*, 'J nuntha aod b aa^V. Caiilornla i<aper? pirare onpy I'hial ? Ou Wedniaday, November 1, PlOAt, IB t?* .ti Ji year o( Qer ?|fo ;?r funeral wU; lake )>laro this fWldar) aTlnraaoa, Ml oue o'clock, from the rualdenoe of her brother, UmK I'rlai 64 Ninth avenue. Hi'a.*?j**iiok?i ?On nuraday, Nevenber 8, 1?a, wMi?f Ford.nabd ^pargonborK, 91 yeara of a t? Tliu friend* are re<|ue*tnd to attend tbe fooeral, - late rtaldeuce, No. bt$3 Broadway, on Saturday BMr in/, at ten o'clock. rHUMrMM.? On Wednesday, November 7, at hla Ml dcuou, No. XI At>in?don tquare, New York, or ol the luuyti, Uuamar TiioMn?>H Itw reiuai'M will bo taken 10 Troy, N. 7., realdi-bce, lor interment. Tomi'kish ? (>n rburaday. November 8, al Wblla I Gk"k?,a t'AKBUUToh Toai'KiMi, brrii her of tlio lata I). II. Tomt-klbl. in Ibc 8llh jear of bm a(e. Tho lonira! Hill uuc pi*oe ou Saturday, at I* o'ct'Vk (nr.. vke hooae, kuil ln>m tho Kpiai^opal ofaurab i 'lo o'o'ock "Ilit. (rloiiu* of Ihu (amlly are reapeoUMl Invibil to attend without further notice. IVi lai Kouuti aviiuuc aud Twtuty a.xui alreot al ten o'oloofe IB tbe mi rviog Vi ? 1? Sunday, November 4, at Pillaton, I M rernu o uutv 1'a , ol co inuni >iton, M?kt l"U7.?iirrH. wri 30 year* and 17 dayn, wile ol J tmbural Wuner, K*^.taaA daughter of il. , UU' Jautoe Woeelrf, r*i , of WarwMk. Oiaiie, N Y. < 'ran#* counly pup?ra p'oane copy. Wi??rim?iT ?On Wednesday evinliv, Nov#mbert,kl ae?rlet (ever, KUKUrs, aon of Cornelm* D. and MariB ret I*u)arr*l WiaU-rvelt, In the 8U year of hia a|W. Tbe rt lutlvr* and friend* are Invited to altead the taa? ral arvloea, thl* (Prlday ) evening, at elgbt o'oloek, at hi* par<-eta reaiderne. Nn 10 King ktreet. H'a roeaalM will bo uk> n to tba New York Cemetery, near MHB ra-Ji , rn Mat unlay morning ?IKKLLlfOPB. AT JOHKX'. 10 AMU 11 AKW HTKBKT. U T, eair drea* Itonu. M *0 double aoM water praof Boota. M . B.? Call and aaa tfceoL AT Jtm EVBRPIl.I.'H, S01 BROADWA r.? WBDDI! ? Area At Hee the Oraage bloaaoaa Waddlag kn' aold only al tkla Mora. AT OIMHBfeDrH-THS BRAT OARD AMD nnvelU?w A aalln tie. for weddln* earda. In parfecMoab AT WM. tMM I HOKH ?MM '!AHl>? AMI KnixUwm of th? lataat (tjlea, llM Pollen atreet. Rot iork Idabllafeed UUA. A T IITATT'H-TBB LATKRT HTTIJC8 OP WEDDOW and TlfMtag Oarda, eornar Maldea lane and tin tad way - A NRW1.T IRVKJITKD MHJg. AOAPTIO TO tu fl. iix ?nd vnrpaibn all otbera la almpllntty md aniiwi?>, and abwilulely bari ar pr of, will be on eiklmtlow for a IH* aura at No. M. ma 10. llroadwuy Hankera, look maa^M> in era and any who detlre to make a fortune by a aale mrri a?e Invited to call and ciunlne It A MOT11IR TiOTORT.-MR. A. a PARRHALU 8| A Maiden lane, aajra. Rov 7 ?Or. J. Borae lioda" laiprvW Wise Bluera hare cored htm of a aerere attack of dyapapaftt and ha hl*kly reeoMKenda all who auflar froa laill? ? taw, dyapepala or dleor< ered an>mach. to try than. Depot 78 WS M*m atr?>et, N T. Wold by all drujrylata. jgURI.LAUN AROUND. The f'eqoen'T of bnrtrlart?a adaanelahee hoi aekM-pcr lo adopt rotot^ut Meant to preva Inga 'nan Ixlnit rntered. The ordinary uieka imaeed with a pleea of wire or akrlrista key wttkowt kUHhi'wt dUftouHv. Kurilara are wall aware >? uua, am4 Ik* roceaquatcoe la uial hundred* of dwelling houeee are roMH every week. Till ROTART UM7K ha* nrver falle" to all'>rd the necanatry aeotirtty. and far HB> venieone and durability la not ea'iallnd hr anr other leak. VAlJUfllM * BITTLBM, uulo^H Mrr rrfl Pr, rrPPPPPPPPP'P TTTT TTTT rrrrrrrrrrm tttt tttt pp pp rt it PP TT TT mr ttt rppp n rr tt PP TT PP TT PPPPT TTTTTT PPPPP TTTTTT ?AULOUT* PA1 uiraovRp pRuon tukb rhibtv. ri?aM Wnvbar L II TU OP HHIRT. WAllamD TO IB, ire, at 811. 818 aai 8K to. A*. ? lea tban half adora aklrta. A KM W HTTLB I aiade m taaeaar order made for I _ , WhoJaaale trade ?nppM m Ik* wal taraw. _____ BALLOO ?BIIIIIMk M8 Hroadway. Mew Dm. j^tANfsra. DBAmiM, DuriM, AT OWCB HBBOTBD. uio TamauxT. Bin o? m? lirriMt Wrw Tom*. Ant It IM | IV. v ? Mn?rkti?t?r trtatad m? fur daafaaa *wj aM? frl y and ukUafartnrtlT By h*arla? ni r*atn?wd n4a? Ucun m good ** aver, ud I add ?} I Ulnar In kla f ipw, U B LABaB, rrWttpui of t ka Raak of ik* a* mbl*. Hi* Tni, <>?*. 1*. ua. I vh Indnmd by bl? bl#b t*allaumlkla to anm* a ?n*l Rtt l*nr? to conault l>r *ia knaekrakar, irVi ffcmd ?; kaar Irrt p*rt*eliy , iU I daaaraly nnwwit k>*? ? a ?Ml ftd aorML J. rBoarmtR. roochkMpB*. Dotnkaa noaaty * I. Ill* Tou (M. II, Wk Dm. Tor MMrnnnn -Dar mr~l mm a Urtag i'ibm W yonr akill In ?b* o?*nUtrwi of Ik* lu I nuMlo m M, ard aty kaarla? I* aow Mgnod M**ar. To-ira, wlik ?i ? I ?? ?p*ct. BOHBRT BAtiB. fiWIHC tk* Ooodka* rtr? kmuM AU 0I8KAKKS or TH? BT? AND BAB OUBBD Am am orrioB. NO. 107 ULIRTOM ri.AITB, Btimttm nM aad Mitt ?!??? Gold ahd nu. ywm HniMtr ?? a I II PORTA NT TO ITOAB PLAJTrBBB I Tb* praprMw of ? pal? > sroaaaa tar biMm mk afcoat la ba Introdaoad lata lb I retail Mr ?? lofllnc talanda aad nountrla* o t ft* world. 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