Newspaper of The New York Herald, 11 Kasım 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 11 Kasım 1860 Page 2
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fur l.vtdoa Oirrr ?punrtem ?. Ui.vuua, Oil 4*, I'M Rarry't HAifl U> Ik - ITnitot 3 ft? Ha K-trnftun Ojr eer Your (am >. a oouutrym ui, J itin n Karoy, ui a'ooul ti laave Leru fjr Uie lulled States ?a purjioies 10 leave here Sy lb* akinir of the 1 J'.u of N ivembar. lie br njn w!lh bun, or rather shli* before, the will est aud m:?l narage borae of all that have ever c?l un der bia I ailulo to Cruder, firtmrly the properly of I-ord Dorcheeier? a h irae of uiatcbl'ia* sym meti) acd power, bul so vicious lhat bia keeper* worts aiwajs la awe of b m It la tail that wbaa bis (room ?u getting rli of li m tinal.y bo Cauttooel lie man wb.i look charge of him Dot >o any aoouot lo put b m la a stable, or be w >ul 1 ucver get bim oul The In duction, however, waa not attended to. Cruiaer waa pat lo tbe stable of a country laveru wblle hi* keeiier re .'roahed b.mself, but Ibe roof bil to be pulled off lbs buiiduig Ik f)re be could be got oul. Of course lae lom per oTOru ?er was not calculated to uubauo-' bit worth. It hal depreciated h.a value, it la Mid, to the extent or ?4 000 Karey made bio aa tractable aa a pel fawn, Ml uow woU bim to America, where be will probably exhl bit bim Mr Karey came to tola country In November, ISli, for tbe purpose of submitting hit tyttera to tbe Kogllsh go ?erbuieut. In Eugiaud be was cordially race i red, an 1 tilt drat attempt waa a private demmatrafin which waa ao aat ^factory lo the few noblemen present that be waa sjod introduced lo the i) leeu and became at once a lion m 1 on I hi, appearing before tbe Queen m lest than four Imica It waa not only tbe wonderful performauues with tbe borne by our young American that won hie way lo public favor, but bia quiet, gentlemanly deportment and unassuming manner* made bia a univeraal favorite with eviry one with whom he came in contact; conscious of bia own powers, and with a thorough belief in bit sys tem, bit whole aim waa lo fully and thoroughly acsom p'.iab uie mission for which be visited (ifM, not al lowing tbe smiles of royally or pra Be of aristocracy lo divert bim Ir mx bia pnrposa much inlerml bad been ?xcited regarding tin wonderful bar** tamer mat up id tin marriage of tbe Princess Koja' be gave a Jem mstra t ui cf lu tyat' m in presence of al' the royal guests at B ikiughaiu Palace, recelv aa unqua.idel praiae from tftn OH A clats waa then formed of tbe Crst lorda an) ladles in tne land? the gieateat bcraemen, members or I'a-limenl, clergymen, isnaers, merchants, Xc. ? on tiie conditi Ki that tnere would ba n i instruction given uul.l lliu class all iu d numlwr dve hundred. This number wan ao in gamed, and by tue lime these were luatiucted h.a list of subisnbers numbered two i Uiouaatil,' each o?a pay log ten guinea* (Ml 50). H a success waa imiii.'nae I- rom one cal of tbe laud ti tbe other Karey a uamj waa beard Still there wera tiiaoy pr ifeseed Koglisli boraemen w ho were jealous of bit popularity and us* i e\ ery m>ans in their power to try to get noma aubjrcl be cjuii not manage, to break bun down. II. a neat wonderful performance waa laming tbe cele brated horse CMM. l eaving England, oi r American horse truer visited l'ar it, apiiearing before the Jourl of Krauc.*, an I acquitting himat l' with honor and a .c>ta While In t'aris be tamed Hi all ird, a nolirloutly vlci > it stallion ? a second Cruiser? boloug'.Dg ui tbe breeding ttu J at Oiiiny. I Dm l'aris lie vteiuvl m *1 of Ibe cap u I in Kurope wmniug from ail tbe great Kuropran Powera tbe tame high approbation be lia<l received in '.og'and, receiving costly prea.-nia, medals au I decoralioui ironi crowned heala. Keturnin^ ti Knflaad lo iMve aser;-*of puolic deaionatratuus of bia aysti ai at tli" K iya' Allitmbra Palace, I m lon. attrastlog Immciif'' aii t b.ghly ftrbin ahle au l'encea. au 1 subduing anme d itel vic.oi? b raea Krom I, onion be madea lour through Eaglaod. Ire ano an l 4c itlaoJ. meeting with uul veraa succeaa lo (i a?i< he gave a free !-ct ire to tbe rahiriMi aud carter*, for which be was presented with buii laome t-'Stim >maia from the ^ioiety for tbe Proven ti in of Cruelty lo Animal* In Kliuliurg b.s Ural lecture was attended by the a rat clergym?n of that ancient city, and ?o strorg an lmprees'on dilh s ayst'-m make, th it mure lliao oue el'?iuent divine in bis sernon on tbe fol lowing -tabbath made al us'on loll a a exemplifying the piwcr of live and kindness I'pon his reluru 1 1 I/iodon ho waa tDvited to deliver a fra* lecture in Liadon to tbe cahmen and omn hus drivers Hedilso, and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in t<ondoa pre ?enUvl b.m with a roagti'Qcenl gold melal, autlably in acril>cd Tbe Kngl'sh goveru-neut, after ap;>-?:atiaf a com mmti'ic t j fully mveatigate Mr Rtrey'a atstem. a,ipo!ut el bun 1 1 teach two ciaaaea of cavalry bia proceaa -le ha* taught >oe c'asa. receiving the war na?t ap.irnva' of gtvrrnmrnt, and bia closing labor* lu Knglan l will be 19 Quljb with tbe other ciaaa N?w Tnuaiw, Vov 9 ISM Tbe lat-at Mex can alv;^-a say taat Marqiaa, with 6.000 men, oncupla-1 tjiereta'o The hbera'a bal seize! 1100 0C0 warth it cburch pi ale N?w* from Mexico TIU CAPTl'BK or Or*I>ALAJ\KA -COSri.ICTISO AC COCNTd ? YUCATAN. KTC. | from l.e Preute. ot llarena, So* 4 ] Bjr tlM S ; .aa tab it>ini'r I'oioo w<j are a receipt of Vera Crm ptiwn lo 1 >cvio<?r 16 Dole! from lh? can.tal are lo ibe W'i A letter rtMl'el from mere of mat del.- ? fhe cloture of Gualelajara tin ta-s Ilia n reports aa carta' a. "jut. w Mmnn :uwn ln< be?n In teroapAod, we aro yet 10 nuoraure of wiiai an ocsurrel to that iilonly trauaacliou It II aaid mat tall g 'veru ment hu alr-aly repaired olfi: el tntelllg.'uee of that BtBBl.aod WHOM aci'otinla Are in ciro ration, wS'SU, from t ir uncertainty, are not worib m> wb;lo Irani Butting lo yen. Mt'i'i'i oacllbuod bi* march from qiereten ou Ibe lTlb, M.f.a commanding fie vaijg.trd of bm f >r cm t la genera. iy boltovod mat U;? operol. ?ea would be om (tool to lb* of Giaoajuato, In order to deliver It up to pljn W I' bi should q.ii slop tLere, bui paaa oo, it u probaHlB tin y? Min n dlvtaioai may otlar battle lo wb'r>? caw, IB a latter beioi provided with two eir.-llcnt ?iaUer t of lieovy oal il<re. Are lb man ' mm. aril va iaut an I boaur ab.e chief*, victory wi 1 .lee ire fur the I 'icrali Aurr, au"), with ai murb bollaea* at detterltr, hH vU U"t our envirioa, putt n l' e jarrtui in ciaatant alarm He orro ramo m far a* one of the gaea aid carried oil tho guar I wblrti wa? ?u luty , w m tome artna and t.?r? a. an* all tbx dut'ea that bal been oolleotel tbrre Yeaiorday be IH tb<- name Ihleg Tbe IjcH of Una mas ma*'* Uihm> m m ? indi<naut ta I >?-aga Aalb'r i?-ttrr lift ? 'bo inlernrptaueo of ?>W?Wl1' ease from More' a hu el'engtli'-Bed lie" of lb* ctp tore of Gaa ta.ajara, ? i ai -h tbat the very f?c' 'o i *? ?en It la order 10 give the aee-rtim a greater air of aolbor'ly, Ibev % I t< ta ? a which bed not mm glrea ?e. fore, au.l aa; that it wm not oo the llib. but on the It b; that Uot./a '** < -t <a l;^m 1 t'? eiumne of 1 5<K) n)? aocb, who t<* H tb-> poitila ?h rh rrma ui' l to the re i* tl-wiau at Uir puiat of tbr bavonct ao 1 tbat, eoraci*! at th? dxatb of Art 'oa an 1 lb? obatmate rrentaacfl of l'** tillo, beord?r< I lb* .alter aaiaereotr Inahll'liml >'!; ren wio fall mi > b:? Laoli lobe abol ll a aa i thai M ' aai ? riMT?l yeaterday an ritrmordliarjr from Mar qu?? eoamuoi. at Q( th j 'lit- ! ,-noa uih?t? >|>ai of prlratn lelU-ra reeelr?d by rar )'M aa?> auilile lii. -tare lint a'lh > j(b I have relalioo* * to aer erai I ba*? ant yet 'i-en abia to diaoorer arb'.eb o' ibem fcaa r?v r?<1 any ao.-b Inttera TVe /Hai-ao i la If aria i aaya thai aeoorllai lo prltralo lettcra ifM:f?l at thai mlic tbrre la o>> trutn arhat?T.>r la Um r*p>irled fall of U la lalajara Aod fsrtber, tbat tbe rrporlM ritrrat of the br?.?j of army c naequebl oo a TifoM'.a aally ol .MI*io I* alio untrue Oat. < fr wn Her: .'a, V .ratan, are to the 13 1 nit TM oaly iteei of ?r<ra m >rth K'rlnc ' the diaappearao^e of in* eaidnn e eidioeaa aad otbora of aaermua oatore, a bleb a:" c?el Ibal city Naprrwr Ceart? C'bamfeeri. Before H->u Judge l<eoaard atplu atiw row a MAPnayni AtAiMT rai board or ALPIKMBK PBMB0. fV P-Tjir a' 'St ti' fion <f tlndt ! yn \ ami nfArt W Mr h ?'if nf AH- ? mm of IA? fVy tf Sr? ?the rrlat ra oblalaod aa a lerjaMvr maadamu* requlrloc tbe Alderniffu la tak? acil<? and paaa u.?tor uialrn tbe aaard a c Hilrant w? the relator* for eleauisf the (tree la an) arret -a of ll>e ell/ of New York for tbe term of fl e jraia, >r ?b ' ? ca .ae, * ? T>e Aldermen return thai they ba*? wkea a t' -a taere <n, aad bare refute 1 to coo Orai tbe a?ar I of tbe mot-a. t Tbe relatora bow taalit that lb* h l ma.!? b? lb*m ?aa tbe loweet offered thai tbe Imp ? i >r ht> avar ted Ibem the eont-act, aa by law be via r 'mpr.l< i l > c?, thrr heiag tbe lowed hildera tbat tbr iifui.iv for ibe haa Been ap pn-TOi an i l>iat tbe Alltra.' n bare oo am b duerelioa a* Uw; rta m f re' ? rg t,. r idrm tbr award Tbe <*.1y , laaiMia ? b* - ri *r? la whether ibe l.ler-n-n Can, la tbelr i urel .u, reiart or tefiUK to enalrm Ihe (Ward ' tbei- i- all ai I 'ii ' W <-b ciresmataarra Tba r*oe th. IVo| ?' r?; ii "amor* a?iaiaal tba <*r?loa -i II ar ' (6 <ui T R lit. la, I tbiak, deciatra Wi- n iti<n f^i ? niT o' 'laancea, lawfully made, fnr > I ai.} <> 1 fact l ?> < \ c ,let? for ibe rily fur a aum ei.. < - ItM unl I h*? m?" c nlr?*d by tb<0<>? fb-?a C'luuCi W*tb?ut eoat'dermi whether the r .alract IB ? wai an a irantat.'-oi:* oae to tbe city or aol, it lir- '?vl lhai il c vx>? ri i.lro n.'.lea tor ailbority tiit'Kdt an; iiii ai ..r u .Tagaat ouatract nufbt lo M f j^fVl. a'tbrach it alio -ii lo tfeoloorai aa l mod fa rural) ? ?' rail t < an Idle ceroid 'tiy to refer la- I "o, ?, ? e.| -?ai ? aa. 1 c JBfa. l? to lh? Cam Ol m Oaoar I If lh<- ' 1 > r ? I |; a . %?*0. t<> r n(l*i? lb* ?>olrart. prorideo II a, .-arol t a? the toweei ofler II ta aiooaary lb?l If." , > r i r ? . t aa well aa lo c<n firm ab-wiM bo *oai<- ? tl?>. -n. ti C well fboir4M era, 11 ougbl I > be bat if 11 10 not oo ? i*r lit* Court ill lUr'rra to *i(? rrioe t'.o manner >n wb rh HKiMtrl or tbe l .iaan OoaaeK ta footed Tbe Court n ?ht not. pr ha >i? would Dot, !?? ahi' to et*"' -?? any l"-tler liaiiretloo n iwapBBt to , HitoW m rej <cl n? a .?-?t.lrarl (bf t I; work thai tbt < i)ii?a uranou The ( nai >a Oi iaeil are aaawerab o I . Ine.r r.uriitu'nla r?r loe manner la ahrb I bey o*er t ?? t.iMr diajroti ?a. hoi o d u. the Aaperi >r limrl If a poremiH -y niandani'-a . id b* tn* '*ed for oncb anauae, ^he u limat" |>owor of ' it> laMMM might e >??? lo be fli ally ?to iH upoo Ibe eoarta Tbla Cojri ran conpal . lb" OoBiti'* '"--mnr1 I" art la oorla'" ' aooa, bol oaon 4 | <(Boe t!?e manner of their puraatnf tboir IoraiatlrB j *J *jt ?0 The app rat ? fo? a p?retl;>lory man lamua to i OthhiwI llie I'Mlrmat n of tie awa-d of Ibe mnlrBOl la > ?OOBt oo a d *aii*<i I/. . -.-I lor the relatora k.a tudgo %'biliaf f'ir the ?*? ' f ?' !*rmea, Mr H H Aaderam, Aaaittart rorpoeai a, fVi'igaei Inotian I>BI*?1 -a ? Ulfa M Uor, of IbO 'taCOBd Ja d triai '1 alrlrt of'a-aa haa male the f?l ow ag Im p rtar i daawioa ? |i> uie raoe of Hoeko.;* aga nai It aaehard aad others? ? ?' t hr - ahl to reonvor de-nagea fmm Wee iaata fur oa t - ?( and evryiag awat twof-ma.e aerraoto nea'areo. owiag BOrrUW U) the pla nt i! to tbia Term >ry ?the 'oarl ?w d. oo demurrar to tba pmltoa thai ual^r lb* r oat toll or aod lawra of tba t'DN -Valao lb? iwaena ?? oiaeeo o< per*. i.? w-rg aerrica la lb a T-'ruory oould aaa.a la a *i a i >o aga n?t part at orticl?c aal corr j ag away 0 'ar*o. or p- rooof owlrg ? icb Hfftoi 1'ullrc lMt?llt(en<?. A R(-*ui? IVmtuh i* Tkoi ma? A fenlCltB Ca? ? Hor nuoii Buuii, M 0 , a native or KumIs, ?u takon into c-*lidy yesterday, ?>y tollcemui < ummtnfs, of 'be l ower Police Court, oo charge or swindling Mr Jmm B. Devoe, of No. 1,280 Broadway, out of 100 worth of mer chandise. under the following circumstances, m detailed in the ?ina?7it of the complainant Mr. Devos states tbst oo thu 80ita of M>y Issi Baalon came to blm and represented that be wu an sgett for tbe Russian govorn went, and waa Comptroller Uensrai of tbe Imperial Kusstan Revenue Fund, resident l? New Y >r k; mat he bad In bis possession caab to tbe amount or tfl >0 000, wub wblcb be waa to purcbaae mercbandia > and mechanical implemeota for tbe bome government. Not being acquainted with tne manner oi doing baslness in this oountry, Baal on waa anxious, be laid, to pro cure tbe services of some oomimtrot pereon to act a* apecial agent for blm. Be requested tbe oomptsiDaol to accept tbe so amission and ant aa (aid agent, at tbe aame time agreeing to p?y bim t'i.000 a year for bia services, payable quarterly u advance. as an additional inducement, Bialon otlired to pay l>ovoe $l,u00 extra for bis outfit and personal ex pensts while acting In tbe capacity of aald agent Tun uler being a very nattering one, Devos accepted It with out hesitation, and at once entered Into a written agree ment with the defendant. On the 8.h and Olfa of June last, tbe compltlnanl, as by previous agreement, drew i-pon the deientianl ror the sum of f I 000 Tbe drafts, oi wbicli there were three, were duly endorsed aod accepted by Baaloo; bat tas latter bas never thought Qt to honor ibem, ani they still remain unpaid Again, oo the 14th of July.Baaioo gave l)evoe a draft upon the Imperial Kuie an Kevenne Fund for 91.300, which bo aaid woald Ik- paid oo preaenlation to the cashier of the Herkimer Count) Bank, in this state, but this draft was also dis honored, and remains so to this dsy. The complainant lur.lier savi thai lo consequence of the false and fraudu i ct representations of the dufendant be was Induce! to part with gooJs and merchandise amounting to about *60, and tbat the said Baalon refuses sow lo pay bi n for tbe goods lo questlen In addition to tbe loss of the goods lo question, Mr. Devoe claims that be bas lost a great deal of his valuable time, sod tbat durng his ageosy be was obliged to hire a clerk to take care of his business. Complainant, to occlusion, states tbat Baalon admitted tbat be waa not the Comptroller General of tbe Imperial Rusilso K> venue Fund and tbat be was not tbe authorized agent of tbe Ru? government, as be previously represented. Justice Kelly decided lo hold tbe accused ror examination. Haaloo is a respectable looking mao, about forty years of age, and resides at No 92 rblrd avenue >a to ths Fiasaix ?At the conclusion of the | Firemen's I'arale lo honor of the Prince of Wales (the 1 members or King^old Hose Company No. 7, and a large cumber ordlstlnguisbed guests, were moat hoipltsbly en tertained at Hie house of I.tfayelte ilook and 1, aider , Compsny No. 0 (Firemen's Hall). Ammg lbo?e pre sent was Mr. W. K Blake, of Wallace's 'heslre. Mr. Blake lias during the pan week acknowledged In a very handsome manuor the Wiud Invitation extended lo blm ou tbat occas'on. and has presented to Hook anl UMw Company No 6. a a will be seen from lie f tllowiog letter, Ibe sum uf Hit) dollars, lo be p'aoed in the company's 'LUils: ? Ko (1 Osrsiwioa irnri.) New Vokk. uet 27. li?0 t To T !i w tlavKSm or wsrrs lions mi Lauhek Coaraav ! Ko ? <>a?Ti smss? ileapectl ally acknowledging th? eoinalianw with a re'iimt m *? ' * uy we oo tlie e er to be rrn.-m'jerM e rum* ot ihe parifle In b ouor of ibe I'/lue* of #aim. thit 1 yon wonld a>-or|'t from nr a donvlon to aid of jour fnii1? 1 narp. with to Kiuali desree of vleanurn. plw?i at v >ur di? pi ??'. through your r>*aueeKid fore m i. lae a im of ll'ty dni I l%ra, wi.b wbi. Ji I would aid m> au'-ene 'ri?utl?bi i t>> wards ) ir ?r ajMOdaUon and Ixat w;<h<w for ise if";ier*l prosperity of Uh- >ew Vnrk Tire l>eparitnt*ni KesoTtfully, W. K HLAKK. Tot Firs Ban Bi.v.sra teem to lake great delight In sounding fa re alarms o[ isle. Ho Friday eveolog, amll a Irrmtndous shower, they caused tbe bells to be rung for s lire in Jrrtey, bringing out tbe tlrcmen doing duty in the Tb.rd district, who, after thorough drouoblog sod s long r in over tbe district, had to return bomi without b?ti g stile to find even a bonOre. Tbe Spriog street aod Jefli mm un'tel tourers ity close ou to the river, and the b?n rlngrrs cerlslnly mult bave been asleep not lo bavs at oil os observed, from the tremendojs llgbl that tbo Jer sey Ire made, that II was uot lo this eity. Ths ^mtn-toMA* Glial), Csplsln Walter Sco tt, will pa rsrte on tbe jmh Irsl ( fnanksgivlng day), and proceed, acrompai led by ttallaoe's baod, to dtryker's B?y Toe? wl'l pi-air over forty muskets, and wld be the recipients of a large number of valusble prizes. P?raonal Ulclll||anc*i Ixiu!* A M'<n"li?ui wtie, of Nnw Vork; John JelTrlaa, W .s h u l ( n*rl.-? fborodike, all of Boatoa. ud W. T Wil.i, ol Milwaukee, are at ipplng at the Brovoorl Himn Oliver Pnelp*. J r , an 1 wife, of New York: W H Bar rail, o: PLi adelpbia Jann-t Laurie, F Armlagr and Mr, Parknian, all of Hoel?s, are atoppmg at tbe lulon Place Hlei Mr E Englthart, of England ; E W Corning, ot Aliaoy ; J.OI. ? iVxia, of l.ouisv.1 e, Ky . B Cal.ender, of Biatoa. Joto Bim and wife, of Miltord, and Robert Wood, of Mi ulieat, are atopping al tbe Kilth atoou* Hotel. Professor lD|rabam, of Holly Spring!, Miaa ; Capt K P. Tb?>or auil wife, of Bnalon. H ?? Widui aud wife, of Baltimore. J Mrgary, * Bradford, A Dick eon. T Pot t>r. W A li.(ir*b?m. J M fo'd, J Craig, D J Hcl.oan. ,1 Maitlb J. -baulx.J. Hi leutiouw, .1 >bn Caasln aad U. * Mnooey, o etubrra of Hi" Hnladelpbia Commou Uoua cil, are stopping at tbe Si Nicholas liatel. l>r Scaminon.of ubioag" K Larkermmler, of Boston. A D MoHif", o' Mew York; J d liaHie, ol daraanali. Pe'lpe Baretio, of Havana. Henry Cagetooe, of maaouri, an>i a W rainier, of Mien *an, are (topping aline La fa'ge H ?.r Jo ige SnipmtD. of Hirtford, W Jamei, of Albany . L. B. Murray aul wire. Mim Vail and Mra O.ipbant, all if Mount Mnrrl*; I H Carr and wife, I) Jowiei, H B Ht-nry, .l?n ?? M> I 'an and family, Mr Sutherland and faiui y and i)r. t Vanderburgh, all of Mew Yort, IV H'IlibiiI asd family, of Ba l m re J title* and K rtar ruion, note i?r B alou and H II Boucher acd wife, ol SilujTtaant. are at?ppin( at tbe .albemarl* Hotel. I,nrd Palm-raton. the present Prime Minister of tag land, oowplelrd b a 'Bib year on tbe 30 lb alt. .I?au-e A K'llliB*, in niber uf Coegrea* elect from tbt Srcobd dieirirt of M avouri, II III He baa been coo lined to bia room nuee ili? An* jet alccti >n 1 lie Votfl of flaw City. TO THK kDlTOIt OK TUB BBHtLB The numWr of Titra regtaterel before the recent Prttidi atial electioc, id tbe city of New York, waa about 115.CC0 Ibe Lumber of vote* polled waa ab>ut 9f>,OU0 Tbca wa perceive a di licit of 30 000 vote* It la fair to air; me Ibat 1ft UOO nut of tbia 90.000 were democratic, or antt biark r<- 91. M, ran l'rd;r the preaeut election law Here la a palpal:? OiWculty wbub ear? uriuatly up >n t ila City u d Ilk great d?m >cratifl majority. Hie worat feature ol Hie obaiructira la that It how ? rap*et*ily op ?a tbe working it. u i>! tbe c >y Tbta d tlloulty may bj found, tot an much In a lark of accommo 'al?n>e for Totem aa In the boors prett ribcd f ir eotlnc In Philadelphia, fir luatetice, tbo law M ao co-strucled ai t<> render It r >6Ti*i.iMit for tbe ' *y ar.d werk lalnrer to eote wttboat Inaing a >iay or ball a 'lay, and b lag " Joeked" for tbe I ?? o( l?h >r. In thai city (be p >Ma are kept open until e ght o'clock lo tiie xTeotng. thun all iroing avple oopor tun lay lor tbe working Ciarao to role at th> ir lelaure, ailrr (11 p?r Tbi? auh ?-i 1 riaam tfully p'ev t*d mi the o?tii - of H' u lobn McUvid Murpbr an 1 ib> H m K B CooLoily. I iW V.'rtK Ma prime t narl? Utaaral Tarut Tletoie Hon Ji r?utberlaul, Ingraban and Hioay Not 6 ?AU*. hi *nt <10* tiu fA? ttlm/' <f (.'oarf H air r? ? Tbi maturity m lb* court In Una un are i* taeor of afT'rmig tbe dmewm hel iw ta all point*, with roata Mp Sutherland adde<i that then- waa a wr'tten op nion ID the ra*e ol ail tb - Judge* In tkr ?<> ilrr -4 lh> Snm'fl l*m ft t. W Rry mm ? procerdin?a bef -re .be Juatwe* oemw aih rated, wlib In tkr mi'ltr rf M- Mjrrk"inn PalmT.t?t? AtU>n*y ? Mr Vtcdgwood, of tfce lairerallf, m. r.d that Mr Altwrt Ha>chinelo l'aim?r be ad anted l> practice ??? make the d.plora of tbe i?? lairrratty a* evidence o' tbv eflicieacy of the appuoaau A aiat'lar aipl'eaiini waa aiade awn mmtha ago and UM Court rrlu*?d l"' almil tbe appltoanl rh.' matMir wa* taken to the Onurt >if Appeala. which rereraed tbe ?Mtctaioa o t Ule Stipr?m? kiart and arm bark the mean, ter to tb ? court la tb* utual foria To* Court Uoa la* pap*'* Owner 1 aiao mored for the arnnlaatoa *f Mr A C Bird tiani n. r upon tbe apol eant * aenttoa, and alei urn* tli* erniflmt* o? f.>a? or flva conaae1 ?' tbia murt a* lo the applicant'* character aad efficiency rh* Court Vm* tb* p*pee? In Ike ntfir of 'Ae appivatvm of Mr lltnry W Cnaprr In fc? i-lmi. rl fi f '?lft ? I'rof Uwigbt, of On latab'* tViii#gw. apniied for the a tm '?*' ?? of th? ap ilioalii* o* tbe diploma of ih* nm<?* t ouoeei Mia? It will h* r*eolt*ei*d by the Court that tbi? aaatter cam- b*tor* tb* Cot rt in Mav laat. and tbe m<<l oa waa dwnled. theaa** was brurgbi b*t >re tbe (Via 'I of Appeal* an I tbeo ordered eatered here, and oederrd that the application of Mr Cooper ahi old be graoW-l Th-t <urt? What parlie* arp?are<l la th* Court of Ap peal** ProfeM-i' Dwtght ? I appeared a* oounMl for Mr Cooper Tbe Omirt? Whn apoeared n* the othtr Mde1 PrwHHit I'w'ght ? N inaa, *tr. Tlie OourV?Wb i directed the olerk to Mo I the paper* to th* Oeurl of Appeal* Pro'e**or Palgbt ? I *errel notice o? tb* cl*rk Th* Cuart He bad do or let* from tbia Co wt rreWweof Pw ght? Tbe r**e w?a a*at np In tht* way, aad it wa* argur-1 before the Court of Appeal* by myaalf, and the order of Una Court wa* rr?*r*ed. Tba Court- It wa* an etparte argnmaat, the*, and *0 on* pr?*eat Iro* tb* ..iber aid*. Wj will take tbe papcra l?p?finr row rt?w perl at Term. Before Jadge K >bert*oa. Cur ? ? Jf*ry Ovari it rf*<<aaa -Thli raa wa* aa actloa for damag"*, ti e plaintiff hariag tnltrel hafsalf by fttlltag thr. agh a ?tag>n/ that waa a nlt orer a N?r. aad *h* rla'med daatage* f.?r tbe taj * r i?w *.< re oef ?ed Tbe defeo< e a*t ap wa*. that tb* acci 1**t wa* sot ean?*d by any c*'le**nee* on the part defendant, but wag owing In nafwueer ruw? Thr d*f '**e tleo held thai the *ewer wa* aot under hi* -"large. Mi mere for* be waa not r-npon?ib'e for th* (Uging Before Hob Todf ? B>*wo-th Bacnioim. Not S ? ^menicsa l> t?t> f\ r? /aawaaior CUapway m PttUt H Hru tern H 1 ? O Me aettted Beft>re Ilia Jadgw Moasrief rrfUr* cf tht law ?mh II Jfkm H A tKAtag ?Mattel to atrtke oat part* of aa* wee fasted, with IT ?**t* Tit* Bareh Divorce Cm* la St. Louli. (From the A. Louts Democrat, Nor 6 ] The circumslaaoea resulting la the Chicago divorce Suit of Buroti t? Burcb have a ready been published throughout the oouutry. Ths depositions on the aide of U" defeooe, which authorized Csmmlasioners are now taklag lo St. Loula, Cincinnati and New York, are ex cltlag increased lu Ureal in the affair Un Burcb, It will be remembered, ll a relative of tbe lnUueotial and tome what celebrated Erastus Cornlnf, Esq of New York. Her husband, Isaac H Bareh, a rich banker in Chloago, baa won aa unusually high aod uoqusslionod reputation as an exemplary citizen and Cbrlattau gentleman Hts lamlly resided In a palatial mansion on Miohigaa avenue, In that city. The allegation la that lira. B was detected in a lite of systematic violation of the most emen.lal particular of bar marrlaie tow The fa'.ta are that she made what purports* to be a fall confession of the gulll charged, bat subsaqaently withdrew tbe ooafeasion, deciarisf It hai been extorted from her by latlmldalloo. In resisting the suit brought by her husband, tbe euoeeii of wblcb would OOdSlfB her to Infamy, her relative has employed emi nently able oouoael, who are sparing no pains aui ao ex pet as In her oauae Tbe deposition of only one witness, K'leo C Clark, has as yet been taken 8>me fifty Interrogating, or a com prehenslve and cxbaisllve nature, were put to ber, all ef which, together with ber aniwera, bad to be written >ut In detail It a stugle iiolat oaly does ber teatlmony re flect upon Mr Buroh, the remainder being such a narra tive of ber personal history aa may be effectively used to discredit her lo tbst point We aro Informed that there Is proof t? the purport that during ber reient visit to Chicago In connection with the salt, she wis disguised at s nun, and with a cloak over this disguise visited Mr. Burcb s bouse, ostensibly to ask alms, t>ut really to see bim? having never seen him before? tbst she might be able to identify blm In oourt Also, that be, dssUnmg to give alms without further Information respecting ber and peroelvlng that she carelullv held her oloak around her, drew aside the garment, perceived tbe nuu's dress, aad then sent ber to tbe Catholic bishop? up>>n whom, bow ever, she did not call Tbls wltsess for some eighteen months kept tbe low brothel and dace? bouse, a resort for thieves and "boflera," calif d Compromise Salwu, on Green street. She bai also presided at a cumber of es tsbltsbmenta scarcely leas vicious, In this cltrand In Chicago Tbe following U a oompend of ber statement ? I know Mr. Burcb, one of the partners to this suit, and have known blm since June, 1867 ; lived in Chicago, 111 : went there about seven year* ago; now live at No 10T Mnrgao Rtreet, Is this otty; have llval here siare the 8th of Oc loser last. In Chicago I lived on tbe west side of Jefferson street, between Harrison and Polk ?t reels, oo poslte Cedar street; lived tnere between Marcli and No v em ber, 1867 ; the hour c was a bro ?n ootlage, with four rotms and closets, and had a dressmaking sign on It; I rented It from Heath & Hurd, paint and oil dealers; sa? Burcb come to that house between those months cau l recollect bow many times, he visited ste Illicitly there; when he first came he inquired for drrxMiiaklng; I I >1 1 blm 1 was not in tbe btbli of Oiling genlleona as then said be wisbtd me to go to bis boute to at a dress; told him ( could rot lesve borne; be said some friend of mine had shown blm the place that day that be wished aqatet place to go to, and that 1 ba t been recommended as a place to suit bim. be pro'essed to be suited incoming there; be atayed away some I'm*, and wbso he returned I said, "I thought of going to the bank to see yoa " he said not to come unlesp I brought a note, pealed, and banded It to him ; don't remember any other converse tlon particularly, and don't know of other mat tera, my name is Ellen C. Clark, father's Is William Meyers; am forty years old the 25 ih of this moith, was bora la New York Slate, my motner Is living there; think Sbe Is sixty nine yeari old; I am slngls, my first husband was named Aaron W Bennett; 1 wai married tbe last day of May after 1 was fourteen > ears old, by Kldcr John Smith, lived with my husband only tbe ilrsi fifteen years, anu then we Separated ; It was in Ol? Jg> county, Vew York, town of Maryland, southeast corner of tbe torn; my husband was and Is a farmer, bare been married twice, toe reeond lime to James M Clark, on tbe last day of July, six years ago, by a Baptist minis ter, and at Chicago; my first husband Is living, my second died In a town near Chlcaro. in a year and ten days after we were married, my first husband died abiut four years ago; I now m m and b >ard myrelf, on third floor, at No 107 Morran street , cam-? here tbe 1st of t)e cember or 1st of February next ibrrs years ago, an 1 bave lived here since, Ived hire one month over a b?r ber'ssbop at King'i Mitel, next one month at No 30 Benton street; next six or teven nmihn at corner of Morgan rtreet and Broadway; next elgnt or nine ra >nlb? at No 322 Broadway , next eighteeu months at N j 172 tireen st'eet, and next where I now live. Mrs Ksblnsoo, a widow, lived on one si(*e of me on (ireen street, and a family named Itann lived near; at Chicago my busi ness mo?l of tbe time waa nursing; lived at lb" Clarendon House on Ktndolpn and Market sfocls, aud at the H< ?nifo-patblc Hospital, Noe. IK aad 30 Knozie street, made my home at the latter pi ice while I worked out; then went to housekeeping on l.\ke street, selw -eu H >1 stead and Green street*, af -erwardi, successively , os Jefferson, on Hsrrlson and on Ho k streets, and on Madi son, between Grcea and Heorla streets; oould not tell bo ? long at each , curs xi small pox patents; married Clarke at the Hospital on lake street, took u the slok and tsok care cf tbem; next su pped at Colon H nioital, betaeeu Carroll and Fulton streets; afterwarda lived at various piaoes going from house to house nursing or sewing, and taking care of tbe sick at home. In 4t Louli, wblle living over the barber shop, I had no ocrupatloo; afterwards I st wed some for Mrs Leslie anl others, at 172 Oreen street I kept s saloon a veer and a half, iny present b is aess is repair leg old clothua. hare kepi houses of III fame, and been an Inmate of one other such house, kept one a psr lion of eighteen months lonludlng tbe brown cottag* on Jefferson nireet, In Chisago; also oue oo Madison street there, also one on the corner of M>rgan street and Broalway, in this city, and at No 322 Broadway; waa an inmate of such b >u*o at No 16 O'Failon street; at the Brown C >ltag? In Oil cago 1 boarded only one Mary Starksy, who sewed and received money from s g-nHemtr a few oioer m.-n be sldsa lease H B :reb visited there. Out I do not remem ber their names, nor how many to?y were I do not re member the naim* of any ot then eirept laatc H Bjrcb, cannot tell bow many tiui ? Birch <iali?<l, distinctly re member free time* ne canoe alane, la Ih4 early part of the night, aao iu?w an bouror aire; l first heart of this suit through tie oeasps|ier> hare tailed with quite a number abort it, among itrhim was Mr Tien drlcks. at nit saloon, t in, with Claraace Biel, and with an Kagilsn lady, whose name is Brimore, I ibim also, once only with Rorkwub. M'S March's stt irney . tu in gust last, at the Richmond H .s- , t hioago I wmtits Eraslua Oornii g in relation |i the su t. thtttb >re was proot here that wou'd lienefit Mrs Burcb. it was about tbe little English stating that Mr. Rjrch wa? in the hah'l of going Into s woman's room uext lo ber's at Barnum s H?lel. la r> ply I ivreivcd one letter fr iai Becxwllh ? sore fun Cu nlar. I wrot? oulv tw> let lers In the caae think It was li July I do not know that t ever Saw Mary W Burch, tn- ae fendart in Ibis silt; have bat ao coaveraa tlon with any friends or ag>'Uls that 1 know, couversed with Beck with and Mr Beodricks, and some one tUat Mr Brekwith a. tt bere raw Mr R-ckwiih st the RieS mood H i use, lo Cb.cago, w>me t>m? la August last, a ni tary was then prearti . d >u'i ku<- w bis oame. tS-' gen tleman sent here waa am.i present; mv aflliavit was taken lh> re d in't tli ns s d i mi words were aoukea In dependent lak ng tbe sftl lavn I expected tose?blm again, but Ihr Max M>')< rs l?ll me that 1 inist gj a >m? on account o' my la' ng madlolae for th ? droosy ! coo versed with H?>ndr eas n m> saloo'i aev -ral t mes s noe June. ] first afkt^l h ai to write i.i Ooruiag for me, ae csoae, a* ! said, I tho'igbt M-s B irrh au InjureJ wo man. more might have be?a said, but I dw't r-.n?m ber tbe worda; at ib< oett Interview, aTier, 1 tild him I bad written lo Corn ng eome three weeks after ward tb? gentlrmau came tn me an<i sad that Corning had sent him I t *>k hln to Hendrick s offlie think no ore waa p-e??nt. we spoke of taking the Ioikk fun of Mta Blnmore. the little Knglisb woman but I did oe.t It, 1 salt t waa logo to I hi. "eg ill eoulJ aw Mr Bwswito nyself, this Is all I remembe* of the l^trrfi*# oert Inter view wltb Hen iri ks was lute rtava after, la iny eetoon. when 1 ha i retorued fn?m Chi a/ i. oou'l rsrouect woo waa preeert , I .I.i him my afTlaeit bil he-n taken u??'t rememoer anrihing else Maiwai aai 1 then , ? .r any other latervlew sue ll?adr>ck* in reia lou to thu suit till wllbu, th* last wiek have S[?.kea with Bun la bis office, hut don't rcmemeer the subetaaoe of the ooa vt realior d -a'! know wan was perarat a strange man sat In the office . Hen trmss cal.e 1 at mv odi -e .tie firatof the wetk lo one was preaMlt; he told me wrieu to gone to this rfll e, nothing e'se was said lo relation lo this suit tbat I know ef . aext Interview with Headricas was last eveaing, the lady ll?>ag iielow ma waa prusoot, be called to aee what beoame of me when I went out ao suddenly the previous n gbt be spoke of the weather and o Mr Ravea' walking n- me with me this ?m alt A notorious *.??>, known as lriah Anns is next to ha interrogated by the f'immijtal"ners [Froai tie St. l/tal* Democrat, Nov $ | In tba caae of Hirrhrs Bur ib. ths dspoalvM of Ma rlaa Cornelia tmn was t ateroav eaterad uprm and prtj grrwd with, and will hs resume! and probaily coociud s l lo day ?e cv>ndruse her stalemeul i- far as made aad preeeot ths auMtance of It as lolmsrs ? I know Mr Bnrcji, hut never saw tbe aiher partv, Mrs Burib have known lb* f< rmer since the last af March or 1st of April, 1100 since tbat time, and antll tbe last sight or nine weeks, be ha* visited me llltdtly at least nnoe each two weeks; It was bet wean eight and ten I* M at .116 (?oath Clarke street, Chicago, caanot slate any circuai ?taniws cviaeeteri aim b:? visits my father s name ia Jero mtati Ames I waa horn t.igeat ll, |UI <n On?etlin1, Ublo, my faifeer is 76 yeara aad m >lber ?T years ol age, snd H*e in Mentor, !*?.< bounty, Ohl >. was marr'ej at Menor ae-er yearn ago, hy Fsqulre Campbell, tn Ruaaell ^lfl "?M frinn bin sioce iDf flrnt fntr, we lived at Merlor and at Cleveland . am sot new maTied he wbe waa my bushat.d is still llviog? d i not know where I bow reside Is ibis city at M Vine slr?at. don't know between what streets It la. rentel it en the Mth of O,ito r*mr ?*' * I -on Is the 2Bih or 27 m of ?Vptember. 1*60. aad have re? dad here sibos, but bsve ho-n out of the cit? 1 >i the t-'? H >na? twodav*; net! b*mrde?l at 120 N >rtb sirret, until the dia of ftrlnber , etoe|A one week, daring which I w?i away tr^s tbe city, do not know what steee a lg? North Wreath IS beteeen, nor the name* of any of my eeigb bnva at any ?f tbe p'sces whern I have li e>n; la Cbleago I first Ived n the smith s 1e of J?e,Kaori street, betw?ea Wells and Clarfc stpeets II was three years ag'1 a fr-end paid lay board, t lived with a gentleman there re aided there four months, n?xt m vad to 311 (dins p are, batwesw polk an : Harrison. Heel with a genllaaan, waa took care of me. resided toe re t iarteeo monta*. from 'be re I went to 316 fteulh Clark street, between Harrison and Van Ha -en *? , where 1 remain f d till I name here, and where I was kept by a gentleman lived at Mentor till I was eighteen years old, then kept bouae with my husband la I leveiand, Ohio, ahont eeena months next weal to Iwtroit, Mich , and Ibere lived thlr teen moilhs on l.tfayetle street, where I was I mended by a fyieed then llv?? with a gentleman who wnt care of ne a+*r two years, oo ft xtheUi street, until I remorel to (The deponent here again detailed her history la (hloae ) NVii came lo Si l/oin aad st <ppsl at the ^ ?-o dats, had ro ornnpatlon while thaee, s gentleman paid tny board, at No 106 V^rth -a<venth street Stoppo>i a^.ot fr>ur weeks, thence 1 wcatliiuil North Mlrh'tan alreet, csicig-., wh-re 1 r"?11el one week had no one ipati.ia there, thence returned n St, U>iiis ni> ? <>p(, l em da. si the M mroc H >aae; a g?ntle man paid my h-?rd, next rem -> red lo No M Vine sieeei a gen tienian rent, d the room for me and pais my board, I have no (Wcu|>ttlon Naw Posy fienrw ?A Host Olflee has been ewtahliahed at Pe Braee, awn ran oouaty, Maw T??. WMklf lt? port of DiMU. Im the Olty and County of New York from Urn 27th llf of Ootiber to the 3d day of Noreuibor I860 Mm, 192, women, S3, boys, 101, girls 110? Total, 390 Adults, 1M; ohUdren, 211; mates *W, females, WS oo ored peraons , 8 imaou nam Aoarm muii Angina pectoris 1 r#Ter, eoarlet .. M apoplexy 8 Beedlng 3 Bronchitis 4 Cholera Lnfkmum 6 Cholera morbus 8 Ooagiwtlon of the brain. 8 Oongestiou of the lung*. T Oonvulsions, Intuitu*. , . 2T Droop 11 Diarrhoea 8 Dipbthente 10 Dysentery 1 Erysipelas 6 Kerer 2 Fever, bllloua 1 Fever , Panama or Ona's . 1 Fever, remittent 1 fever, typhoid 0 Fever, typhus 4 Hooping oough 8 UltWBkUOl 1 In 8am m at Ion of bo vela 8 Inflammation of brala . . 11 Inflammation of kidney* 1 Inflammation of lirar. . . 1 Inflammation of lungs . 16 Inflammation of atomaoh 8 Inflammation of throat. 4 Meaelee 2 Rheumatism 1 Small pox ? Teething ? Total .1M Burned or aoalded 3 Oasualtles 7 Oasualtles, by fall 1 Cauaalty, by being run over 1 Compression of brain. . . 1 Delirium tremens 8 Drowned 3 Fracture of akull 1 Total iu in om (uciiaa m vrom oluusb oa sbamw. oaAraa nam ouomo dmsahs Abscess Albuminuria and Bright'! dlaeaae of the kidney* Aneurism of the aorta. Dancer of the stomach . . Cancer of b least Consumption Debility, adnlt 7 Debility, Infantile 1 Dropay II Dropay in the cheat.... 2 Dropay in the head 13 Dropay in the evaries . . 1 Katty kidney* 1 Intemperanoe T Killed ormurlerai .... 1 Lockjaw 2 Malformation of heart. . . 1 Malformation of lung* ... 1 Old age 3 immature birth 10 Buflocation, accidental.. 3 II Fatty Liver 1 Heart, disease of 0 Insanity 1 Marasmus, adult I Marasmus, infantile .... 2t Mortification of th* leg . . 1 Osteo sarcoma 1 Palsy 4 Ruplare of womb 1 Softening of the brain .. 1 Ulceration of the throat. 1 Unknown 1 Total .141 Boom, Joints, *c 8 Premature birth ..10 Brain and nerves SB Stomach, bowels and Generative organs 2 other digestive organs. T8 Seart and blood veaaeii 12 Uncertain seat and gens ral fever* 48 Unknown 1 Longs, throat, to 114 Did age 3 %tc, to., and eruptive 88 ?Of which 30 wer* from violent cause*. Jnder 1 year fit 24 to 80 year* SI I to typar* 48 80 to 40 year* 42 I to I year* 40 40 to 60 year* ..II I to 10 year* IB 10 to 00 year* II 10 to 12 year* 1 00 to TO year* 33 12 to II year* 1 TO tn 80 year* I II to IT yean 2 10 to BO year* 7 IT to 20 years 4 Unknown 4 10 to 21 year* 11 ? Total 398 British America 1 Switsorland 1 tug land 10 Uu tied .State*..... 241 France 1 Unknown 3 termany ireland .. Italy 1 Sootland 1 29 Waloft 1 99 West Indie* 1 Total .IM ptbuo unmrmom tlmshonsa, Blkl's Island 11 Joilerue Hospital 17 3Uy Hospital 16 Charity Hoapital 1 Island Hospital 8 Lunatic Asylum Black well's Island 3 New Yoak Juvenile Asy fMM 1 Pen line t'y HosdI tal , Hack weU's Inland 1 Randall's Island Nursery Hospital II at Vinceut's Hospital.... 1 Small Pox Hospital, Biackweli's Island 2 Ward's Island Emigrant Hoanltal 4 *t Luke's Hospital...... 1 St. Joseph's Asylum 4 Total . .81 wabm. 11 13 Total . ..lfl .. B .. 8 .. 7 ..41 ..24 ..41 ..24 ..37 ..II .888 The number of deaths oomgierad with the corresponding ranks ol 1848 and 1U0 and of last week was as follows ? Weekending Vov 0, IBM ....801? locreaae. 81 " Nov. 1,1868 40 1- Decrease 6 r Deaths from acute disease 214 ) Dot 27, 1800 ^ " chronic disease ...137 v 890 external causes, to 39) acute disease 190 ) chronic disease . . . . 148 V 391 f 1M0 | Not I. II external oauaea, &o 62) Iqotmm Ukttl VMC DANIEL I DELAY AN, Olty Inspector Now Toot, Nov 3 1800 Arrivals ??? U?p?riirN. DBPARITRBd. I.irtaroot ? Nteaasta i> Vino -Mr* Waollaato* ud three children. J T Kei*er. T < Huriook. T C Keller Wn Augustus H >yd . Jinn Sally Ira Heebe Wi K irwrMi, J Hank tt y Bablar, Mim J all* ?!**aUo. I<u Rolinda. Iltl lI'Miul child. J MeWhlUon. Win i'oi* ay i' ('. 1U1 la the Mnri|i Koi'THtSirOS 4HD H i\ HI -HI* amth'p Pulloa ? Mr W H Dnnkard rwarer of !?*,'*tihes lo London. Mr and Mr* Ool Maauder N V XlH Vwultr N I; Master Magrader. H V krudMll Col .1 I k' ; 1 Albaor, Mist K A huno. t 11, Albany, H * Haaaltno Air>uir Mrifostih A bany: Km P ir (Till Albany, a*d Maatnr P orsyth. Albany Mr 1 II any. do; Mr* Wlckh <m Hoilmnti and serraot. Matter F 11 II *r?au. ? 8 Talent Bra Hutton and aerraBt W .i Wl.ldlr r* Mr aod Mrs H J Petto Uneo. > 1. Of J P < n. ''kir.rm.n ? ' > . .:ss* la Mons. WIiWm, Mr and Mra L W Bits Walla. Bias Pithet. I. (I Wall* H T. 0 M Thompson. 0 R Thompson, Mra W Jarvta MI'S E Irs In*, II K lni>|. Hamlltos. 0 W, Hon ll?r> Waw, of "Vmoa. A W Payee. K V: Mr Huffoatl* J <4 OaJUarrl < "baj- aaf-n A a kar, Praare. Mr aad Mra W B Pponear. ltnstoa.ul ?'hapoo, Mlaa Bucklns If IM i-tua. Wm Vinos, ?> rlaad. Bar taihar Varoky Km Wm McBleiiea. Hob m W Warren and wl'e H-wt . n Iri P 1 Oady, Newark N J.R I. nord d. It Thoaat Mr and Mra >1 llelarrHi and ch.ld John J fceelci Joe* l?ano I'r* n da. P Oyaraata . U W Par dob. Pallidal) hi* A rt ropjlnr Haw tork, II ? guerre If aI fny. Lake Miverlor /o?n K Taylor, Naw York. Alai H hsauh Mr and Mra H J H?krr ehtl ' an I wnM l?oa UUIat J U Duuu. Mra Fnml N a ? lort Mrs M Uaua Terre Hants. ndiktia Mis' P BlUann Wb?elin?, Va a N rourorr, WO Htirnap, naw lurk. Mr a d Vn llarerlaudi. P Pour oler, Mr Vaudertkal. Mra J Shaffer aod l?j children. Mr Ma Mmm Purytn and rh'id Joae Mn i ? *ta J i*e (llararrl ? moo I laanu J Mubtl?. W J H *d.ten, Wral Inliea. Mate Holla Pranor. Mr P t arrrraa Havana? Tetal M t'mai anu* Mleamshtp J antra Adjer ? Mrs Woodward two rhi dreti and serreoi, A H Onlt W * I Van Mass Mtta M M Kacalaj Mi-a M <lra?ory, A ttiack <S and lady. P Maljoa and lad*. M W Mnilh laoy, ?wo lafanls *nd ??'raot. two Miaiaa rfaion. Mia< Hallasy. P ? Kopwas. J L Paul. lady, child and ?arrant, M>aa K K? ? Mr* R Kooa?kma Mr* .1 Kuatln. Infaal fbl d and aai iani. Mra M Man and lafaal. Mrs P Mawman aia Infarl jaoa km>U W J Hlllrr, Mlaa Alier Ward. Mlaa Anna Ward. Mil* M <s ard. Mr* l)r Has 11. Mlaa <1 T ftinaauFl. 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Rufora Jod^a I aooard Not I ?Gforpi F Htrry t? .Samwrl C Skf A>rd ?This was an scl'oe or two promissory oolct ot II 0M rack, ? hlch i he dar^adasl mad* and ?*?? to thsdlrartor* of the Atlas loaoraooe Omtiiany TM ctrtuurtaaoaa of lbs oaM war* a* follows ?It was proposed at the tin* of the for. titallon of tse romi*ny t< ? ralaa by subaru-iptloo the aim o*KU)0 00C and M that rood Itioa tba dafao last haadad o?-er the note* mantloned the ooapaay fa iad to ralaa the aottra saa. oaly fattlnf I'jvO 000 but told tka stooknol lers that the full amooat bad beea sobsrrlbad fbs notes were then transferred to a |ier?o? o' tlw rame of laid, who transferred than for a roasldaratwia, aad paid then at their maturity The Ir'eadaal alleges that the aotcs ware then reiraasfarrad to the onapaoy, ab<1 by the dlrert <ri handed to tbs plala HIT for eolleelloa The naae will tun on tbeaa allegation* - ? * P a aad It Hawkta for plaintiff, aad K? .ludfw asd Mr. I y man for defendant Mi l*MI Tit* l?*at D*ars. ffro? Pnnrh of Urtober 9" ) Tea, danoe with him, lady, and brifht a* they are, ?Where u?, he's worthy thuae sunah ar aailea. War* o'er him lb* flap of the Strip* aod the War, Aad (lad den the heart of the tjueea of lb* I "lea We thank yott for all that haa welooned him? ao*t ror the sifit of Im* lore that yoa bear the 0,d Land Pr.nid beirea* of all that hi* aorsator loat, Yoa rrMore It, la |<riii| that warm, lortDf Itaad. And we'tj claim, tno, the o??a r?trt looklnf askaar*, Aad fat*, oaly. kaoe* the nut tua* aha will play, But If John aad bl* Coasts join hands (or tb* da Bad look t* U>* partis* who pi la ttotr way Import*, Other than Drjr Ooudi and M pacta, mt the Port of Now York for thi Wi?k UBltlBg NoftMbw 3, INtill, i*'Vi i'tUue. Cb'na, ('jut uil e ware? Bottle*. Cbina 411 K ware 1,414 Clas* 20 400 ? i'ass ware 206 Glas* p ate . 100 Drugi, Ac ? Ac 1 1a T Ammonia .. 28 Alumni, ck*. ? Alum 64 Argola 11 B powder. . 320 100 36 1 ? 217 IS 38 8 87 11 412 42 06 106 4 84 ?'.'37 26.031 68.817 6- 484 8,028 34.240 1,463 Ml 690 829 2 261 4 668 1,601 810 Jit 1.28T 1.620 2,476 8 474 8.506 2 307 1.602 748 2.&4A 204 7,777 8 600 733 6,868 430 2 042 6,426 18 696 24,013 1.420 1>61 962 12,464 13 SO* 1.100 16.216 26,634 648 7,246 Borax Caator oil . . Cam toe . . Chalk Crn Tartar. Cktakory . . . Cochineal .. Cudbear . . . Ouma.orude 374 " oopalra 34 Olue 1 ac dye. . .. I?ecbo*.. l.ic paate.. Madder .... Magn**ia .. Oil, cod.. .. Oil.eaa Oil, Unseed. Oil, olWe. 1,073 Oplutn 33 Paints ..... ? PoU?h,hyd. 18 Pro* crys'l* 8 Phoapbora*. 16 Haltpetr*... ? So bicarb. 3, 800 Soda aal. . . 270 Soda aab. . . 646 Soda nitrate ? Vermillion.. I Other ? Kurt, Ac ? Fur* 73 Hat. foods 1 ? uit* ? Cilrca _ Currants .. ? Fig* ? Ix'mooa... ? Nut* _ Orange*.... ? I'runca _ Plums ? Ratioa _ .Sane A pr's. ? Instrument*? Mathotnal .. 3 Musical ... 128 Optical ... 0 Jewelry, Aa ? Jewelry..,. 29 Watcher ... 36 leather, bide*, Ac ? Bristle*.... 13 1018 Hides, dr*d. 264 79 614 " uodrad. _ ey 400 1/0 a patent 3 1 213 l.tquora, wince, Aic ? Ale 336 2.8" Brandy .... 130 Cordial*.... 102 Gin 774 Porter 201 Whiskey... Win-*... . .2 o43 Cbampenr U,C48 Metals, Ac ? Brass poods 7 CliaitaAsnc 86 Copper _ Cutlery .... 66 (?as tl x lure* 10 Guns 48 Hardware.. 138 Iron, bp, tn 168 ?' PUt.. 1.764 " 12,813 " sh't, tn 327 30,300 217 1 261 13,470 2.064 2,026 6 627 882 2.317 6 036 48,761 7,003 693 18 Sw4 3.467 69 107 64,69} 6.603 463 36.912 1 667 1 017 82 *73 19,787 1 .631 4 762 14 (.00 22.706 1 .142 8 Oti.'! 83,668 4,287 2J1.050 66 227 17 419 fkm Iron tube* . U67 " other. 2 012 l<oal, pig* 6,472 Metal gjoda 230 Nail* 106 Needle*.... 7 old metal . ? Platma .... 3 Plated war* 5 Per cap* . . 7 Saddlery. .. 11 Steol 6.037 8|>eltr ,lb 408,440 H: Irerware 6 Tin, bxs.,13,816 ?' 2169?'.bll2 ,399 Wire 0 Ztne 66,630 Sptc<??? Cinnamon.. ? Ginger ? Maee ? Mustard... ? Nitmeg. ... ? Pimento .. ? Stationery, Ac ? Book* 81*. 8 Paptr 81 Other art'*. 3 Woods? Brazilwood _ Cork ? Fuatlc.M lbs 128 I wood . .1,861 Mahogany.. ? Ratan ? Willow ? Other art's. ? Miacellaneios ? ISiaketa.... It Bag* _ Brick* ? Boxe* ? Button*.... BulUl'g stn* Burr *tonee. Clay... Co ?*ae Segara. Coal, ton* 0,617 Cork* ? Clock* 8 Cocoa, bag* 286 CoO?e.. ..364117 Fancy ? toil ? Feathlordo* 4 Fiaz 9 Fish ? Furniture. . Grlndstouo* Gunny doth 691 Hair 114 Hair cloth . . 6 Hemp 713 Honey 160 India rub'er 148 Machinery . 8 Marble mf*. ? Molas^o*... 604 Oil paint'gi. 26 1'aporHaog. 104 Planter ? Perfumery., l'ipss Potatoes . . ., I'rorUlon* . Rut* Salt ? Statuary .... ? Mnseed. 20 163 Sugr.h'lsbla 6178 " boiAbg*3067 TieesApl'U ? Tea 4,143 Twine 11 Toys 297 lobtcco... 3,128 V leathers. ? Wane 384 Wool, balo*l,199 Other ...... ? . 8 160 26 66 360 Total Actios Agatast tbe Metropolitan Folic* lor the Arrtit of a Street Pr**ck?r. MA HIM COPKT. Before Hon. Judge McCarthy. Nor 6 ? EdwarH tolcmer ri llmry H Wa'jgrs ? Tbt? In an action for damages for false arrest. Tbe plaintiff complain*. tbat the defendant, a Metropolitan policeman, took blm from tbe City Hall Park through the jubllo streets to tbe Kssex Pol'oe Court, b?fore Justice Breanaa, and there beM the plaintiff In custody for four hours, lor Injury tin claims $600 laraates. It appear* that the plaintiff wax holding forth as a preacher, on a Sunday la tbe Park, and collecting a crowd around him, which tbe police deemed an obstruct! n to tbe public thoroughfare, or at lea? such oondnct at lead ed to ? breach of tbe peace. The defendant den tea any ill treatment or any force In compelling tbe plaintiff to dcsIM, and adduced evidence n show that Mr. Faieincr persisted in preaching in tbe public thoroaghfare, and ?aid that be would do ao in deflanoe of the pollen tba defendant lay* he It a menoer of the Metropolitan Police f(*ee, aid attucli duly arrested the plaintiff for aa oflence, tad rcM enable and prr liable cause for M doing, and whatever he d d to the plaintiff he acted as such pollcs oOlotr, without aalioe or without exoees of authority or foroe, and having reasonable aud probable canto for all hi* action*; and, als that tbe plaintiff was hold to keep tbe peace by tbe magistrate rbc plaintiff was eiamtnsd and denied ever Itsrlng ?aid tbat he would continue to addreaa the asaembiagi IB drflance of the poller Mr A.Oakey Hall, on the part of tbe defence, submitted that tbe adjudication of U<e magistrate, on holding Fal coner to kocp the peace, was a bar to any action against the officer who arrested him He would not, however, ask tbe Court to dismiss tbe oomp'alnt, but preferre<l tbat tbe jury should pass upon tbe facts under the charge of the Judge as to l be law Sealed Verdict Not T ?The Jury in the case of the arrest of Kdward Falconer, tbe street preacher, brought la a verdict for the defendant, thus Justifying tbe MetrO|M>lltan police In removing him from tbe Park RmrmuT ? On Thursday night of last week, B J Or ton , heretofore considered one of the aoet respectable married clllzess of Munson. Henry oounty, 111., tack the ? ire of Mr M.irtua.of tbe nam* pace and fled to parts ?ii. known He had prevtoisly obtained tbe cash for bis farm, and had evidently bven making preparations t > commit the fool ah act It Is supposed be bad from ??" 000 to M 000 with hla No track of the guilty pair has yet been dlccovered ? rill ARTM. Cllil Ht'l.HT'i \ \ V A it\ A*' K4-NtVK? FIN* Oil, Paintinga for flW worth from *21 In gliM ea<-h. fine roM ?airh?? warranted. from |Ul to 1110 eark; piM rbaira. diamond fits, Rlnss. A* Tbeee an '-leu are really baraaine and are sold at a rr?ai aaerlUee. J. H. BARK!!* | <?AR 170 Broadway, ronm M. ui suira. HOT*!, -pavcmon i>t koiiak.< parih, oranii ? aleon Msohlee. Ill Rue de Kir ill la front o' the I /n vi?. R M K KJkl proprietor ~!*r*e and tmall Annm-oui ft r faal 'lea and teatiemen by tke day. ?e?k or mouth, oa resaleable leraa i POTTRWOOD HoTRU I RICHMORU. VA. This new Hot* at the eurner of Mala aad ??MA srsaa j "iet *n?ked aad elejaj.Ur fnnMeSed. la aow open f? the aa noaaodfcilne n> frnmm Tke >-?ux? IS the best I. the slty aad svwry effort Wis b> aade In pleaae the L' at rrni of lAe hoaae I hare aeearad the ??i iteee of Mr. T V. Ilnliiiei . late m tbe Rrerwt Uense. Mew Tork JO* H. CRMkmIaW S' SIVORI'B HOTrU NO J W ASIil ROTOR W .Ai'R - Parlors and Uedmoas or faaiUs* and angle Roiaa for gen'leveen to let f<M the wlater. Kren?k Reaiamu.l au*> he1 to the b. lei A RlroKI, Proprietor TKATMl L.MRK DRIVR DIRMCT TO TBI SMITH ? ?elar Hooas. Broadway, i> mer of liooatoa atreat <na Jnied ne the Bameeav plan. Mood fare, steal esnaa t>r-ia?t aHMdaaee aad a^derats eharna. SIM MM AD Proe nsaes iumpt a v mm. ? MMMflMi ho??. wo m'K ts ?r<i?v O sear Bra4??y ?Mrs Rl.l.a Wall It A a Mf praartaMrsM aekaowled(1?t the fa TOT ahnwe to bar eeUhiMaoaat sells na her frte^a to atev la ee> MATRIMUS1AU Aim mt i.aot. aomo it. or PRRCiN-swHiNii \r pearanee and of the hliaaat reeiXKaah lUr dWree to ?ak? ih? af . lainaeee a ?. -n? vextiemu wis a riew ui ?atrim-wT * .dress v lei \ddte Vaa Brnat Ma4i?>a sriare Poa nfltea voriio MfMIAI wimn to row rnt AC oaatntarre rf anae aanrle < ui la^nairtnia hablU aa 1 rrepectafcilitj . with a view Ui aatnaoe v . Addreaa o m * . Hi .%ld <-e " WATRIMOhT MADB MART' AHOW1M THI ?| JT1 ara how to wte a hrrse sat be sraaaily SMniad A aaw hook far both sasss. rree for ? eena Address T. Ws Ihf * Oa. pah? kna. bm IM Phlladelaha P-wt n<Ua MATRINONIAU-A ORRTI.RMaR IN BJRINMM 111 ? Ihesi T la leelri?aa of 1 Mai ?arn?d KM haria* llred here bat a few < ears, aad harti ? but few arqaalaiaassa he Is srapelted lo resnrt to this plaa He Is tweaty et?ht years old. aot had Inokla* aad eaa (ire the baa refaaswa aa It r^peetabi'ity MSnrHtttna aa^ rernamaet. aad snod isaaal anaaraoes tie raqaiaite, s ne trora dark hair aad eyvs are I re 'erred Rn iate??iew m dasirad or rainasM ' mi both garMss are fnily aiMHsd of the lateounas aad pisMia of sarhnthar Address I eeaot f'nmbarlaad. Herald eMiee. wvmrwmmmT " ~~ A PAIR ran OITMM POM RMOOMO HARM rtTRin tore sod "areata, a ready aow All nails ors^lly SMdodsd to AddrsaTlM Hadeaa sweet, eeraar Parry AUCTION MOT ICS -MORMMAM'R PIIMMtTCTMB RI. preas snd Paeklas RatabiishsMmi 111 aad lis Weal Rle rentk atree*. hstwees Pifth and Rtvtk aeeaoea . Hmaehold rtiralture bur.i and ekippad to all paraef the arnrlit 1'iaao (?wire. Palr.ttacs Mlrmra. Mat iarr. Aa . pteked aad a >rsd I 'oeared waseoe for rseoetag fareltirs is the aonetry. Svw age for furaitare. KMAMMLUUt CMAMBMR RUITS OP Pl'RRTTURR IN all nnlw* sal My les. at wb ilaaa e or retail. AtMlsad npwarda Alan Maureseea aad Paihaaaa WAARRS WARD, IT! < 'anal street row d wra esa of Broad war CMNITVMM MO 'OHT.-THl HIUHMTT PRIOR PAID I, Mb for an htada of noneehill Po'nltare '".arpru, wa. Ae uall a ?Tf TMrd aeante or addrea Pnrnltare. M tfc rre N M ?A Rood aaeortiaeut of assoad haad Purel Mae elwaya sa hsad rer sale. yMJ RMIT^RM MOTOirr POR RRaDT mommt -a pair P rains slesa la rsadr nosey for *<irnitnra '"arvaa Baoha. Ah., m UB Msth si'iaai. betweea Niath aad TeaA site as. PUUUS1U A?Y INFORMATION OK OiMKL KEIKJCBON'H chluui) wUrniMLU will be thankrully reeened'b daughter Elizabeth UdrH bo? S, 764 fast offioe. N. V. AO 4, or HO. 74.- AN OLD FRIIND OP YC| ?t.kra L.. ?r? you. f'ltMe Mad fOV ad J rem 10 ? ? 133 HereiJ nice ? e*l.KN -AIX MY FKIIND8 U A VI QONK Nil eool left When ue you oomlx* In town In imkM pan.: 1 (in vary lonely. Yon J ui reed lk? paper* I leave lor prt?enl at 3 aad ?. K AW INFORMATION WANTED -OF MTOH AKL O ARK I , ? J I. ?l*| elnee Friday. Nor I, enppoeed not rt*ht ? wind, be m iho?it ft #rt 8. brown h&lr (ray eyee uo 1 I 45. Any iDfornuuirm will b? thankfully received by bi? rfl lit 166 tot Thirty eeooad itrML War* when la*a~<n| coat, Mark veat an* Ugki panla, and bo haadkercluel ttua neea. BOBtTMUf. ? JL -MONDAY IV BJtlNO, 8 AMI TIMI AND P'l u before. (i ? WILL MRS 0. I. RAVI 11 RK ADDKUi AT 79 F0 oo M <nd*y ntlt' UMT AID VOUIO. Hair bracilky i ort-o* bondat. ith inbtI Fifth tmu. M?MI| near TwetitT Ihiri etieet.1 tinder will be euiiably rewarded by .eavtn* It wl Ji W ? No 3 (VJleiff plaoe. ? LH08T-0N MONDAY BVBNINO. OCT ?. B1TUB ? the ? radian; of Ntutle, oa lea riu? the eame. or a war from Fourteenth (treat down Broadway, to the eon Bjirtajt etreet, a diamond aigrette Breoefc, with reby M baton |u>| to a braeaiet The CLader will ia inllebly rewi br rekurnln* the aaaae to 0. F. B., at J. V. OuUrta k Oo feouth street. LOHT.-LIFT ON THB WA8HSTANU AT KILCtifl bt Uard row, 946 Broadway, oa Thursday f real 11 J 8>h tret a heavy aaal Bin*. with creet and m iUo enxrl The tinder wll receive a euitable reward by re.urolof it ifl Kilduff, 944 Broadway. 1 Lost -on widnibdat. novkmbkb 7, nao Forty mtb atrvet, between 8Uth and Bltbth aveni Note drawn by John OaUahan, Jr., and endoread by All der Freer, 'or eevanleeii hundred and ft fir do Hart, hhout the l?t day of Beptemher. 1869. no wbioh kaa b<en and co^arvd In dtterrnt mvi at different tlaea foor dre ! and fifty dollar* . r thereabout The uaymeat of note had been Mopped Whoever will rotors the above n Bamoel J .n?e, at the Vurrocate'* offioe, will be rawardai receive the thank* of the owner. LOHT-A NOTE DBAWN BY JACIBON .t OO . DA New York. November 6 1960 at one month after dati ore hundred and nlnetv dollar* and forty one eeaie(l9( pa table to the order of Matthew Jackeon. and by hln doreed, payable at the Bank of New Je-aey. at New B ?i*k All perenoa are bereiy aotiOcd from aatnUaUn aame aa paj ment baa been eto*pe<l The flnder will ooo favor by lea Tin i U at Ouefelnx, King A Oo.'a, J/l Broad wa Lost? on Friday, a lady's 001.0 and col Ilrooeh of value aa a keevaake. If the flnder wlU rfl It to 1 . Rasdall, M Oortlaudt aueel, he will reMlve eul lory reward. I LOBT-IN ONS OF THI SIXTH AVKNCF. 0 iksI la Broadway ab >tb the Aetor Ho ur a Knch of (}htl eni.aiatni of a am^ll aname:led peoril locket, it. a J locket la burkly pri/V by the owner the Under w.ll be IUiJ rewarded by learlnc them at the office of thf Aaior U o uj LOBT-ON BATURDAY. NOV. 10 IF FOURTH HTnl between Bank atreet and Flttk'aTenne, a black lei 1'oiimniinale ( ontalnin* *Vo?t In email lulls A 111 reward will be given to the flnder for Its ro'.urn to 46 1 alreet I LOST- ON BATPBDAT RVENINO. ONI OF I rine'e Safe Key*; aiinpnaed to hare been loat In feel rr l'earl slrt ct, between Front atreet and Frankllu a|<tua libera) reward wl'l be given by lea?lnr it w.lh Timotl fcuriter boot and ilite Mjre S<1 Pearl ai.-eet 1 IOBT-ON FRIDAY I'ENINO, IN BI.KK^IKR RTIa J a Gremas'* blank float, lined with red Beimel. Ike I ? 111 plaaae return It to M ureene atreet. 1 PROCLAMATION -HUU IIWlKD ? WHBRK AS, mu CviMk; was ?bo< In an all my which took u I* ? ? ? street. Id Ih'a ckr, u the of the JJ of I ber inn. and nu moruCly wo'mded, ao tbat be die la tbl Unapltal on ike folioe tax t b of Morember lost. And whA the murderer or murderers are still at larice. and are mil to tb< poblic aiutoritlea. Now. therefore. I, Prrnando \ Mayor of the t'itr of New York. In pursuance of the and In me i rated, do hereby ofler a reward if five bnn.lit d dl for Ike apprthenaion and ronrtc ion o' Uj ? perani o rtJ who murdered the iald Thoaaas Cumaky. to t>e raid on ttJ liflcala of the IHalriot Attorney or .1 id (re of the 0 mrt ? which the raid person or iteraona aha.. be convicted. mvl er-n.trtion wu obtained lhrnusb tbe nil of t?e party] u. r the reward. The appliaalion lot MM reward md made within twenty day* titer inch o<>n?icUou, or Ut?H will be dlereirerdnd. * In witness whereof. I hare hereto set my hand and office, at the City Hall of tke City of Pew York, on this 9t| nf November, A. D IdtiU. FtaMANDO WWU), Maf f'? RKWARD-LBKT IN A UaRRIaOK >* Kit I O rreniat ("lug from Winter ftarden to I' tor refl pair of back enamel ed Opera Olaaata. marked 'KaJ By rrturulnc tbe above to A. ALeu, Jr., 1M Pearl i reward will te paid. ?c rkward.-mmt, about < otjloc* p. __ ?D?J Saturday. eonier of Ami and Naaaaa st: reta a| and Tan Terrier. 11 aa aatrlpeof while on ht breaetf ?*rt r>r hia bead, front teeth com The above reward i paid to the Oader by rataralnr aim to HUB Kaat Tenth str^ ?in RRWARD-LOBT, OK MONDAY. NOV 5 ? ViU *6 Plfth avaana. a bleak and tan Kln? Charlal nleL oaUed Obartej . Whoever will rMira him *111 rl the above reward. ?4?C KBWARD. STOLKN, 01* WKDN1RDAT _ &&0 Inc. a aorrel Horee and h ack top Wa?on, wltfl body, wMk 'he naaae of Adam K lie. Re eark. N jT aide The a>ioie reward will be pai l on returning the i ? '"am K I in. corner of Oourt and Prince streets. New J., or lathe police etaUaa. Newark. N. J. ? 9C riward.- a pack aob, OontaInil ? Ct\J yard* fine fancy silk velvet Vesting* aad ooe pfl black Doaakln. waa loet or miararried tfcronah a e*y afl nompany on the list of September 1*60 The above rfl will lie paid to the I'.ndar of same when rMnrnei to F 11 ** N 11R1M Kit BRUH , IN it road ^ ?/I II R*l?ARD.-lOPT. IN FKOIIT Of THE W Ward Hotel. In Weet Hro.tlway, or Mmdar. Inr Oct 18. at ite rwpubhran meeting. a r'id '"r't^m ot>?a fared Watch, with n. a Id rich engraved an the bafl Rnbl. l'erry Liverpool, m the works. No * TM la rained as a gin. and the above reward will be I pwd for IU retain to JT Naaseu street, room 10. tklrd C ?? nn qiieaurma aeked or partlea knowing where It Is afl draaa C. A . room 117 I air national Hotel THE riRXKIl. Vl'DThWiXI l?"'M <? MPANT N< 19 O this meik Ml to man then kind tkarka to H. ae ?>>-_ No t. for their e no t fmaa the line of pmneeeW>e on i in?of the I ?k October : aler m A l?. Thnrpe, bi norfl Broiulwa> and ll<hth aire* I for the eioalleat collautfl nlaked tx tk compabiea on that oecaal m ? JAMKH H. MARSH ALU Poreifl J. W. lloa*ea Secretary TH1 M1L1TART. | AMIKTINO OP TUB I*DBPBNDBNT HITH . /Otiante will be Md at MR f>o#>r street oa Monday 1 1 Puuctual all. ndaooe la rcqaeeted By order of LOW RuCK, Secretary pro I UT 1 1 R - TITER AN* OP TUB WAR OP Hll wllowa, thai made rlalma for the nae of rl.nhln a-ma will eall ai ike H nata Land ?-e No I ''it -<? aad prepare to r*eelae %?lr omilwa of al'o _ for the money Oea H RATaOND MaOatol ZoJAVMH LAPAYB1TB -NOT1CR -TUB MBM or ihla cnwpanT mw laeorporai??l la lk? Pifty llftl mem' are m^ieeied to a'tend a meatinc. oa Tueedar ct _ the 1 kh lar t . at iheMarcer llonaa. ta adopt the by laa| T hoar wtahlnk In J -an Ihe con 'a ahotild atten<l the abora lag. By oidrr of the OMMl c ?mmandta* URuKiilU BOUmUBBBaU N rcwipapuu. THM DBBATMN OP < ONORkHH THB liall.T Ol.oRR, CONTaTMINO eerdiaae ..r ike aen e*eei?e of C.nereea m a. -r ? aad tke < ?e?reaaaonaJ <llnke and Appaedii ? M In book form rerieed by the apeahera anil be prletelfl durln* Ike areai ? In emasoie oa the Id of Beit Itaatfl Pot naa ei?r of tbe I>ally UM>e oatil the 1st day of i Afrtl, ,.. . ?*. ..... > >? orr cocy of ibe < 'ongreaaional llloheand Appat dirtc?tbree.alnB..._ ^1 The Uaurrraawmai (Ikhe aad Apreadli gn free ikr-m, I ?alk Mo atlenUoa will be paid to aay order oaieea Ik. ?^S H Job h o. Rivi Waaklnstoe 'Ht? Oat l?. tWl POLITIC A 1 NDRPRN .'kbT >B?uCRaTI0 ORM M ? ? I I tae ? P'-ra iaM In a ?*!! r<r the ' leaieral 1 Vm mure I ?eouoc omeieting o' lea delegate, fr-aa aaak ward, wl a? mble ?i m ,ur? Hall 1"3 Howrri on Wedneaday e* No? M at BH o'akoik for the pnrpnae of anai 1atsa fur charier o?eara All aiaaibars are ka tk?i Ike chairman aed BiernMTa ? iaamlita? wtU ? _ aaat Mall. M orrkard Mat. dally, from 4 W I P IL, afiar eleeH-a. J ROODtMOCM ?araa Masraa MecraSary Mr **?T HALL.-JAMRB R. MONROR. OP ?1 OA . at real la a candidate for OmaeUataa fraa Ike | ward. 1?T WAID RttH'l AT'iR* ATTBNTION A I 1 tn* of the ?h- . aan ?d I Inli Will he held oa Moodar " it r S irrmwr It. at 7)< o rlcr? at M ?r~ nwleh atrwe drmrwaie in 'a?or of i nMaa ike ea lif oa am* ?? data for Aldermaa are reoneeted la a Mad Mr order PAT*I0? PiPKIMMONh. PrefM E|R ANOLB iiANTIHT NRW TOR* DRNYAL i ' tola. *1 Oaaal etreat, aaer Wewrr. ? r in ?ik ioeertr.1 In a>er? ely'e. Icetk Hed m tke beet an ?aaae- al o#erau?aa perf.waad aatla'actorlla and at I ?ri. Call a-idera apeoiaiena ai the Ke e York Ueaa, late. Ml t ai al atre? crar Wi.eter N. Y. LVCMTBR ORADCAT*n BCBOtn* HBNTIftT. ? Wasi Twenty alatk atraek. Mateeaa Mmadway aa 1 ftnik a ran PAIN I -Re* I TOot II V. X T K A?"TION, WITII'IUT J1S.I. " .n *l*r<",c'n or aar ?'ipifria( ar i?r NKTHti, ha? U.ety lareated aa-* patent*.) aa a-r< Inr Ike pais eaa eatra tarn of tank aad atoaioa TmUss IT rtr ' ?"?* t-adtioa ma? h ?* V*. "L' "^d'-'e. a rii',-ial T.eifc wNk all k<alaiel Inpweaii rnta Tee.k (Iliad; lar^s law M wrert raiae) of Ntrwery Pleaae rlac tke hall Wttk l> IINl <m Tke many daa'ks oecaamaad ky Ihe naa of ek'i'aifot deeilam etirm'd eaaee Ike anrcraaaSna .<f tke praet ? r,*E' "" "-aatly Inlralnead kpearataa of i r R ? f No M N"nd airaei randan It I dally nealem Dr I doee eitrart leetk w'lkoni pua, aa tke frwtie ad etperw meet of kla patle W aueaaa If yoawaota toAk ptUir nra fall local ttpoe h aa. anedey l oorler. P IN' K>S TOOTH RITRAfTYION MAT NM fnrmwl nerkapar'l N?< wfc* kare yrmr teeth eatr at all wken tkey can be Ailed amkn.ii aaia aad reader. fnl f<# 1,/a. hy JaMMN PBaRa IN, M D . d*< >rarer a rti'ictal Baaa Pliltaf. M Bmadway, aaraar rrf "teraei PHTPK I AP? TM*T[MONT Mancr anaWM tee oaMnplaaMe PI Ilea for deakyed aa dsnorered by Or. Pearaoo of Una ally aad karlac it I own teetk. wa rhearfnllp raaaaaaad R aa a amal rai dianorar*, taei aally far Iroat teau. ackin? ue-ta or al e||a ? R. Abrahams M D.. XI Hireeker efeet 4 ?? V I) M Weet T waa tr fminb straat. Dr I'rake lkd Wa leentk atree*. t ?en Polarm M I) IM Weal Twealy > a* reel, u W. Hmnka. M. D.. T1 Wa* IMlty aaouuJ mraa

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