Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 17, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 17, 1860 Page 4
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THE am AT THE MTU. Despatrbes fro? Macon, Kicbmoud, Raleigh* Galmtoi, Hew Orleans, Charleston, Bal timore and Lexington# The Condition of Attain in the Border and Cotton Slave States. IMPORTANT HEWS FROM ALABAMA. The Convention ill Favor of Secession* THE RETALIATORY MEASURES OF GEORGIA The Reports from the Federal Capital. Will Gen. 8cott be 8ent to Allay the flecestion Excitement? Meeting of Friends of the Union at the New Tork Hotel, Jto.. Ao-. *?' IMrOBTANT KBOJC ALABAMA. U<?NTU?M1KT, Nov. 10, 1860 The dlwnlon foeUng M on the Increase. The people more quiet U> &u orer before known, but all are deter mined to tel. The Slate Convention of the Urge and tiflutotlai religloue denomination In tbta Sia<<s. mat on the 13 ib, and rcaotved unanimously tn favor of di*unl?a They *?ul their rea-lutioa* to SOTernor Moore, ?ho pro nouncca It tbe moat lmpo-tanl diwaloa mortment Tet made ta Alabama Tbe oontMt between the co operation m?n and lha dil on too iau baa not yet c?mmen<ed. It *1" b"*ul " ,OOD M candidates a^e put forth in tb? different ooautie*. IV 1* lb .u?bt bere that *?tb Carolina will undoubtedly secede ra tbe li h of December, and tbi* add* gr.* ?treo( lb U> tbo ?ecaMi'-o feeling Alabama AFFaIHB AT CHABUBWW. CU4KUBfT->!>, Nut. 18 1890. preparation* are *tealily progressing for th?Oonrsa tk? There will be but III la contl.ct of loter< *t In be election of d. i- gate* In m net dllirMM one ticket onlf will be run, and eTery man on .1 will be plcJged to vie for Instant action It U a curlou, clrcimatacc* thai many of the delagauA cif.aen will be, of IM 0 mT'imt I* a rwadiUte for the Con vent loo, aid pledge* blmielf lo ?oie for tmmedlaU sute acilon Mr Kent It also a candidate, and will certainly be elected The report* telegraphed North relative to the Slate bank* about lo ?u?i?nd, are utterly without f?undati.n. me *U<*%th of tbe bank* wu nevtr gnaver. Their re lactance to caah oven sight cotton dra'U In the Vortb, an here of ore wai usual. has forced WW" *? Specie In eichaige fur oolloa con*,U, and g.ld I* dally received In Urge Hj*nutiea from tbe North and fiii gland Cavalr* and infantry are In tbe rtraeU to day drilling U? Urge ocuber*. K%cb ocmpiny halted au.I aa.ut-d tbe immune S m of Sou iberu Confederacy floating tr. m the Htrcvry oflica There are illuminations to night In various port'oos of tbe City ?? honor ot ibu on-viragtng new* from Horiia. The Ule*t private loielligeoc rtKelrod here wirrant* tbe bellof that ev?rj Golf ^tato wVl' oertalnly ?eie'ie. Edwd. Ruflin armed In Charleston today, and was ?othualaatlowll) rec?iv?d. A ai,e palmetto t-ee 'M erected tbi* eronlng la front of Lnctltute Hall An iramrnw mating wa* be d, and faeire Ibe apeak.?' *uud waa a Urge tran*,?arency, "Well done, good mi MthM ?frranU." Mayor tlacWth t re* Med and made a flne *p??3h R W. Uordtn aj dr^?-d tbe dew-gate* dilator PorUr'* *peeeh caawl pronged aprU -0. There were aererai other ,nj Iho grewMet enUm*?am pre Tailed luring lh* day caanoo were firwl a* flag* were raised wilbcoloola ani 3iaM mottoes Inscribed. __ THE ACTIOS OF GROB'ilA. Maoo^, Not. 10, l^iO An agreement waa mata jeeterday at Milledgerille, by twenty two lca.ntg mm of all parllee la Georgia, ?um momi b, the H'"i*a Commlttea on the 3UU of the He public ?> coo*?ll. that a b II ebo-ild ba reported oalllag a tUsle C'o?t? ? l?oo, wiib ? pro??bl? r^ \ht wr*?oja of the Sto^ia, and recommend tag reelataaoe? tbo taadaaui fom to be rtMrrml^ed oy tbe C.?Teatl'>a. 11 waa aleo ag'eed that no law* paty mcjH ba r< rm< i, and Ibe ?.k?gai<* 'M* ?fcoulJ ^ mrlied by ? There ha? Htm much ririlemert at M!!le>lgerltla, bdt now tbeee i* a great deal of barm^ay aod good fee^liog ll a beiieied tbe will be called to ai-at about ibe firel we?k U Jar. nary. AVFAllW IN AUGUSTA. An i *t a, SiiT. 19, 1180. ftiere a i lUb r < of tat* real fmoi Im.Mrta&t &?uib?rB oactrra k> 11*7. SKCEfSfilOS ME>:rUfO AT MOBILR. ?ohls, Hor 10, 1*00 A mec.tDf of all partir* b?r? lo ilaj uuilflnnk; rarveod a*r*Mua K?uiul|.iaa lo ini. ibo ar.lkin of >U Mr -<hal?a worv voted dcwn anJ wllb<lra?a THE FKCLUftf IM VMKHfffA. bunnm, v* , Nor 16, Mao rh' tlaJralo In the fjiremltf of Virflata bewt ? mal lei '? U>? IJtb ot( . aa J Klopt/.l roaolaltiat ??p*)riBj UmkIM of the txedluf l*Utna, aoardlnj mrljr 4?rl ? ! ? loot i> t ? m of lb* preoeo'. MttM, deeiarlff delay or >0 aotioa OB IV. r*r? of Virftola teorly teodlBf tl *oe JMraj ' 1 the HI' of blark republican Wallet, ?utojU'e 4 Ovr Wm u lorrmntx ?mitotan !%>ilh.jrB raea la hit boU deft Cj 1 6 of ftoulbera laolitutlone, ail * deotr* lo tear hit ?le?n upon lh? jrrel iaa?eo ?*ich oo? 1lMr*cl lb* co JO try Also a reaolulloa larltla( b.a> to oddraoa ibe no<l< 4i *1 the oer'.teot pra.-l.ian c tlao. KaaoiatlOM wf re adopted Bl B belt la Ltotae c*>aaly em Um ?ib laatant declaring that aho.'.d l.tooolt be elected eusb anuld b" tj*?r f*1o a declarat >0 Of war acalaat the ngbl* of ikr *iarth*llla? Stolea, a r?r?liilina aa<i aa attempt It dm my lb* aaloo of lha Hiia b y daatroy in* tar boat of .a tan atd the r -nttitu Ik*. A raanhiiioa wee alto al >ptcd pieditag rxa.iWaoa 1 lo Ibte daageroua laraeioa of t*r??h?ra liberty, ?nd call Ing upon the 0U1 r Mo^thera Httlee lo adipt lame .lately auoh aftnrM aa woalJ m?o rat'naace effective. A rpqu??l*aa aJoo made of Ibo <.OTe*r>r looonreae Iba l/gtelaioro with la lea lajr ? after Lt-o?iit rltelioa woald ' ba *er?rlalofd, U order la provide lor lb* eJeclue of drlegatea to iba Mala Uoaroalina Tbo Hmmmtuw at lo dor *?rr? M teoag raal vlowa, which Sn-Ui. rB ?oa wnaM do wall lo poadAr opoa. Aft or rrforrta* to iba fa !ael?na ?? aaUrUiarl by me North that tbooa ?bo top nrlod Boll aa I IVioj ? woold ba orpnoaiTto Ibo ? lor.-iao of an f rlf hi of rraut ?aea to iba acta nf l.tooU't a<iBiia?alr?lt< a, It aajt that tba asaat of Ibe tapportcrt of Br.l aad Doufla* m'rm did ?anctloa Ibo Bltra r<4crai d??triB?? aad tba ld*a of Mb nkaatoa lo a arritooal |?T?rcnoat, whatortr torn of Ibo trail art war hara doa? It refer* to tba two of tbo Hoatbora pr?aa, aid the co??nai*il4M tppaariof to tbm, to tbo* tbat th?? tra ^oaa ? ib tbo o?hooioraJ > lavata of the lata c*ot??? ui art m* atdroaalac I tba? aim lo tba mm broogbt oa hy Uaonia'a ?fO?l?a. tl adda tbat Um aailf of iba Utiitb It aa atroef lo dafe.t Ibo piryo^ af tbe Nortb to raador lb* CbHm ? toottoaai a?<?t aa tbo e/forla of UM \1r1b lo bec>aipli?b l'. al p irpnoa. "Tba paop^," mjl tbo Kammtnrr, ??will aot tlty aow TWo ? ao Vriaptatloa he! 1 ni 10 moo - nth of Maono aad Ktia't lira to lo * fir fo Jeeai b'vnrt * ladutnot la j tbo fatara " Wboro I Bnttt* tto fM<<M - kooanta ftwf tbly aa tbo abjeot pot'ttoa of a Bta who ar *pta ^o ? yortmeet wnirh doanno^aa lh* lanet Tito; a fWt tloa la btaaRToa u a ??>notr^':t iBi]o't^, and tb? ? !*>?<! m held mix* d>ar by th? the * ? -.n, af er the ttea of i?'o<>d aod Meorftnt , at a "loaguS ? t'h <l?-*ta an" ? ( or. i.sot ? lib b?tl." Omld ev o rtot'e, '?r lUvia, or Rthermge, ut tbe tjrvminrr to hold Its ueao? la 'h a goverrmeotf They m>bt dui tbe nperlmeet; but tbey would carta Um> day If thet baud ? word from ember tbat tbiy tntered into i co venant wttb tb<M men The Knamw.rr ooactuees by faying that consultation le uoeleaa if it Is resolved >n advance to seek no change le affaire, nut re?<>m<nnnde<1 no ! delay , end to make eo demand of ac>ui to pr?rml lb- ! mischiefs which we are apprehtndlng from p?rmu.cut 1 sectional domination Tbls It very muob the tone of the entire pre?s of Vir gin la Take he opponte of what Butts eaya in r< *ard li the Booth, and you will bit upon tbe I acta PeopI* bore are generally forward by tbat rule la referHnoe to hi a Tbe New illeaae DtUa of tbe 18tb lay I tbat a la-ge batch ol Harper'a W?e*l? , received iy J 1 U >rgan k 0) , of tbla city , bear log tbe llk'oets of l/uco'n, <aa re turned to the com<guer Tbe D*Ua regards tbl? as a nn sibleaotof noa Intercourse which the South would ap predate. Some anxiety la expressed hereto asoertaln the views of both our United States Senator* to the preeeot ?tat? ?( alia ra. Their coa tittle would be boneUclal at thli t mot and they ought not be withheld. The course cf Got. Igtcher la calling an eitra session of tbe Lngitlature hu glren geoe ral tatta faction Hla recommendations, no do* St, wtll be marked by wiadom, prudenoe anil sums manshtp. These are qualities wbicb peculiarly diatin gnlth him. He la perfectly calm amid the raging o >n fll:tn, which la an attitude well Iv-flitto* the ttxeoutive bead of tbe Old Dominion. Tola will tell by and by, when the assumes the olHoe of mediator. Tbe Legislature It earnestly- conservative. It will >>e composed or tbe base mno wno declined the Invitation or South Carol Una and Mississippi lait winter to unite in a Southern confederacy Every effort will be made la on half of peace; and It Would be well If tbe North would m?et Virginia hall way, for a failure la thte ell >rt will involve thorough dlaunlon THE HEPOBTS KKOM WASHINGTON. WasBiaaroH, Nov 10, U60. Those only who know tbe actual situation and a^ntl meuta of the b< n'or tlavebolding Stalei can appreciate their moderation and tbclr wisdom and self control at this cri*ls Their people, endowed with characteristic equal ly ardent and energetic as those o{ rtiutn Carol iu?, s*m | pain IK- with tbe Irritation which the persistent hostility of republicanism baa b?en calculated t<? produoe In every llaveholdmg t-tale, and can be soarvely astonished that rrn-utirii.t ol Northern usurpation and of Northern nulli fication disposes ai least one State to Immediate snonrsioa. Yet they control their feelings by toetr seuse uf duty to the government of tbe Union. Ib'y deprecate secession, but at tbe same time they call on tbe nullifying -<ttu* of tbe Noitb t<> put an end to their warfare on ih? ? >cial and do D.csttc system of tbe South? to repeal their odious, Inju rious and unconstitutional legislation. Thry ca.l on toe I'MHtlenl sleet alao to show hip band, and to justify, by ? clearly reflurd annunciation of nls Intended con met for tbe four years to come, the respeut whicb tbe friends of regulated litxrty and constitutional government are ever ready to rtfcder to me constituted authorities of the land. This Is, in bilef, the substance of tne letters received bere today by Influential politicians from t very part of the South and South srest. Tbe objtct of these rcpreses tati ius aud apptsls la, of ocurse, to preserve tbe peace of tbe country, at tl, as uocesaary to that en*, tbe integrity of tbe ft ion Tfcoec it publicans who Imagined that President Bu I chatan would be embariaseed by the oomplicstloua cl tbe prHKxt crisis, must before this have let u that the United Htatca bave at the heail til sllairs a lean equal to the times. At It la th* province of law to control tbe exnuss even of leu utile pactions an i propi nines In lndl vidua s, so it i< inn duty of giiVt rcment to restrain within bouut s the eiuill Iioes of lectiotal scnlimrut and tbe determinations of sect i' cal |iarlits, and to regulate tbe course and tba o I ruc tion of pi>pular Impulaes which cannot hv aluythor blamed Tbu Prcstdoot baa too much sen re, however, to mis himself prematurely In tbe doroeetl: affairs of the sovereign .--talis ol t 'is cao Tad? racy. It Is upon i. j'ist bs laioe of conflicting obligations, and of rival and somatimea spi?ient>y lnoomt*t<bla duties, that a Prtsideut sb i?s his strengili, or husbands tt for tbe ooc talons yet to oome This quality In a chief magtatrats la Infinitely to bo prtferred to say meddling and reetlees aMI ' vlty or precipitate estbusiasm He will speak to tue So.. ib, and to it e whole Amerlaan people, in hj annual Mi trtcc ? not bt fors. rt< abolition i*t a#p rut) to btgb nflloea ond<*r Ltooola tie tilnnil; atltooa that auch a nun.b<-r ol Kutn tbould Frorde M t? give lo tb? t'ret'drnt elect a prttp.o dcrwot of friends to Ma nominatlcna la tho t'uited .State* rt?L?t>- Tbti conaervetlTte ol the North and 8 Mild e<ju?llT hope that tbeir frlenda 10 the alaraboldlng Mtfaaai nc i tbni cut ttclr own throalt. It it ramorrd here that If inattora at Iba South go oa lnerraeing lo lntrnetty, Mr Buchanaa ?ill follow in tbo fo< utrpe of (?' q Jackton, and call upon Oen Scott to act aa nudiator, lot, aa id 1H?S. t? bead the trotpi, b it tig-> on a ptar? Blaaloi. It wl.l be recollected that oen >tt baa been tbt grrat mrdlator with '.Groat Bntalu, aad on lateral oecaekua la Una country OUIt BALTIMORE CORRtHPONDEICTL DaLTIM "?B. Sot It, 1*10 Cimrmtiin of th> KnUs?K^pfnU of iv I'omntutttioivu of :A ? ynrtk ? frunr* and o-uuiaoa - Fr.ttt ? tuttai the B?i in?Uxfklt 'ituxrjauM m Lnmt*+m% a* Mr />,?(> uUA /Vance MomA ?/ Mr Hinu>\pp% aw r?? Million BiUt of Cuf ami Her Jki/tk I'fhy ? 0M Mart CK-incr f,rr Mr (iwa, 4c Tb* ri?itra.oat In tbia city la vnueibiug f. offal, a? oanae It la baaed <>n r> liable ourreepoadenc t fr >tn tbe m T cbanta of Iba South to tbeir MtM(?ii4rkli at tblt pout it ta lolly to eipect arytb ug l>ut tb* irowu* of toe Oa>f i*ta?a It la tne lit; of *ik and patriotic awn I* act with Jidgmmt, and not under tbe impales of pom to a Tbe true polley to be pursued by New Yore etty la to throw the weight of bee n.8u.?<* itlttiif atacNtai tw? of tbe fliatea. Prior to tbe holding of an tb a r.oareo Ilea the I*g lelatarrt of tboee Northern "tai< ? wniob btr* sulllflec the fugitive (Cave law con be called logetbrr, and ihoae obnoxious ecacl aebM repealed. Witb tbia practical ertdeooe of retarnlng reason at tho N >rtn, tne aroeUlsg Stales wt uM me*t tbeir friends in o ?aveoiua. ? Im'U mis sectiieai controvorsy rua'l Oe anally disptieed or. as I told yuu before, tbe SiutUern Mate*, ta aeon nag. a IU not form at once a s.miu*ro ooni* w>r?cy I MM what I an know Tbe more conservative aim, eat r?y far in* larger |>orttoa of the ee>??ioo party, will is ike a iaat era earauet appeal to Uie Ncrtheo p?u,>te, caiieg up. a ?b -? lo mnei m caeveattixi I kio?w ihe ?.ll t?o tne flan Una of policy oe the part of tb? -VwUi , and aa tbt hkbaui la alwaya correct in lia f<ueeba<k>wia4| A eimu, yrue rvodera n.?y r>?l aat:*0ed that vbat I ??y will, la tbe nod, be rral'aed Tbe uaagerom p?rta of too tuun: >a q?e*tioa will l>u tbua iBriosl over to tb? Murtu, ana your petfie will ^|atn be ua'led ap-m to deolde ttMT late U tb* rrpablla. li you rrf^er t j meet B< ta ooarcjtuta or cb Biretitg aa U?re the atteai't la made to i?<iUrai U.e floe negro polloy ol the Reward an. I ur?e>e? ? a?ri, of coorae an 1a lott.aL l tbe g .Jea fruit M oar b^l 00-iBiry will tare to bltw aeeoa on our llpa. May tie ? bo govtrLa til Uitng?. from tb? fall or mi?p ng aaof row t i the flail of ag'?i<ad nat'.oaa, wateb arer u l pro tact aa. There M oee view of the qneatl<>a which I h?re n it a *n preeentad. and aa aay eeri<>aa >uig>*Ui?i mutt b? witrtn aoarttbirg, I gi?e tbe MtoWtog for ebat It i? worm It l* rridtBi Irma tbe ratnru* that tbe Mtctioa of Dannie te Bot m acr> rdaaec witn thewihof a m?i"rity of tu? tmetlcan people, (bo wl I .f th m^riti h*? n^ea pro t.on cert a??'i ?t h'm. aad the ciaiiua id h * in -oi?. tbtt be la ettitied to tbe ITraiurntial p^titiua By virtue ut tie rigbt ef tbe nut. r ly to m'e, ta tb-rrafora witboat Tuanda ti n Trie tle^v ra, tberpf r?, in rotlng for lum. a i eo a?i>inat tbe will o? a n.aj 'rit) of the ta "?>< an p->>,.i? H ? will he a Bleortty F*rei J?nl. la drflanor .>( tbt aui of tne a?i rity w tbe Amtrioaa pe^ne Tbia ooaaioeraiwia ' ba?e 'ta weight. If aaner tba preo. i.t cun lni ?a of I tbe rwoatry Ute r!>-ctora rbonhi eieroian their c watitu t<oaal perigailac and wtti.n >ld tb? r ?uta? Tr >m l tuoiia |t?r?mitome, that nndcr fniA c reooition^c*, tbn el*] tNB ?f Mr R.eritt by the elrctora wouil aare tau ooon trt tr m all tbe barardt which earro ied It bjW I am la a pra'tma to thnw a?me l<ght apia th- nart Fraace la eaprcted to plaj IB thia great Aaerioaa Jraoia Sapimi win act tak< part fib* itb Carol n a He will uac'oabted.y neuta U J protect Louisiana, hnweerr, and ?p> n gruvnot * huh I ?onre.te no man at tbe Vorta at all arq-iatutod with irtomatmnal law wfli all ta qu^at a t rance wttl aa^pnrt liouieia >* by eirtoeot tne terma or tba treaty mate betweas the two onoatrtea upon toe at aatattloa of tbe I on unaaa tarriwr/ Bf tbe tarmt of tnal treaty U>e cltli, |?r?oaal, relutt ma an I property rigbta, aa U>ri ei ?t ng, were guarantor to tba Krwa n ooti<? lata and to tbeir wcoreanrt and d?e eo iai.m for ail time To tbia the I'nlted Malta gtea their pogned fa tb 1>e Bret Sa:? .eoa, aetiig on that plightoa (aitb. l ua* 1 01-tr lo aa the mafalfceat iwrr't ry of l" i?iaa? Ho* that fa'tb hat bee* obaerr^l the arorti wol anno leara m the venaarltl of the p~ pie tf thi ?itw of l.-nt ? Una. to ha addl taaid to Nap oeon th.? faird. Oa the admaaira <4 Mtaaonrl a great atraggietnnk plane, aad tn rMatloe at the wroty with frot. e tae tree negro I ?c1rtn<? 'f tbe W ihrrforo* a h.?l preealled la Ihe Am r ? aa Cortreea Napoiwaa'i ?<vvaaaor at r*na. tat log ao rofbiaarc of tba acta of the Umpire, toot no notice of tbia warn, n r ' lat'oa of a pi am treat* etip ilattoa <>a the ad m 'at tot of Arkatitaa. J be QalMf A.l?ne (fri.? ?hoa Mr Reward a at? hecaffht >ita iet,rra ' m) *r.t.<| for It? adwiMK aan'tnat ?a?e lati tbat'iKwi ?lth 1 itaeery, uatifytag bit rote upon iba ?-kp*eaa gf?a?d . tl ?t . nrg?r the treat) of jn-rriite* by wh'cfc Ihe C'vltad . "taiee ac<jn -M th- T?r",trrj ? Ua'raaa, Arkam' bod I i I il ? ?li fllih 0* ulrt ul b* Mllol ? >'!??? t< ?>! 'eiih wrb tt'Mi, Nuirwii, VI i rom < miU Arb?i tii*e h-Hti rntt wi out of ibH original t? ft lU r> ol |y?IIKU, M? I r?'W Ir4?l 'Ml'ri to it-#- antr ineraiHit to tn? ludjMiit '?j him ti tht h eo Hrt it iw. tenia ( t|Mi n*l? r id*4 re I uticai pi?re it> ih< iu? wage 01 lie Unxtfwrn' N'ltru ke, frit ? ? Ih hi* nuiui 'or ve? iog inn till pruhlhH If t 'ft' I ? * r i ?? lit m m el?v?.ry Into that iVirrit i')r Ton giiuu.e i*r.n ny ih?- rti'f wm, fiat mi anno lag Ilia til l ab ? U vaila Ml III toe in ai) w lib Krxuoa au lor winch i br lou gi ita '? 'imrji ?a? a?q ilred N?'?, ? bru >ni rifl?it over tne apenial character of lt>?- WHit a? p*ee*-ni?-d ?? th? fiiate ul ImIumi, ?ou tee <11. *b?i i?uibi? groni.di fiance ar ill art II il u IMiili f lb" nmaiaut mt'cii ol Ihe itlBALb ! tbal ka|?>*o* 'a poi o? <e el* irliv ir?rfiiiot?l Uiuieiaua war i *i in Fiuorittiava it Irom K> giaud, who si rtit ? an) iav niwaM of a be ? tr?i?oal empire emiranlug ih' *? n li ?> !?-?? ? ib- va'ie> of th. ? reinaippl, Jtuiral >II.||| a 11.(1 *. IWMI |.<ui?iaba t* * an frecch <D Ian ?u<g. main Irt. aari?<alHio ?> <1 tntereat Uruttlaua II I'a'fo C li>u<*1aia r? troia ihn iu"i'th of the ?l?'? rippi n? er, ?iiit with it tbe upon of tan million ha'ee hi <ynt<.n am ual'y Wbiii abe roee back to fraud ' for liriiUrlKD, with ? biflnry of b?r wrooga, N'aiw mil ih? Tti'ro will bot ma*e nor an eioepti >u iu hia traditional poilny, aid re'uao that fiar?..t*e ?I ipiilaied for. b> Napoleoe tie rirat i'be?" m nort, there ore, about RoarleetoD aid M -hue art- miifi) Idle, or rrl m in uioo to maak the groat jam* now paylig Id raria I'nltra tie 4taira of tbia Uo no ivriitii miidk hmiiuf rruii"D, Id an moetna fr? a ibii da I#* ibrrc w III n- a > reo. h fleet at the noutb of th- Mi< ?i*rll>i l fbn Ni'rih tow ii-arua for ih? But tuna, tbrnab r r ^|W YdkK mbkaiji I bo tror caoao of t'e pria-nc-1 la ? br ill' ol Mr* i ii i f <M "rWMib power tb -r?< an i lu >0 iral amrrica Hera u aiau U>? key t j Napole^'t oegro abor pnllr* ?a to Kngleod, ber pohojr all orer tbe world la tbo a?n c? in w- e?l. ?i H internal he 'Viutb will be analaiucl b? ber becauao ?e tri* prudunera of ber raw material an ! nrtiruoii ra nl btr muiu<artu>?4 g'*vi? rh- N irib il ber r'*ai, brcanan you era tbiiibulldii g. nv??a aaaigating aoc iLai.ufactiiriiig i??iple What will Rn^iaol waal with your abipa and wuivan 'pa > t).. tba N ir b' ro pMop'e * ip i<o?e that fCt.gltio will ahandoo to Kraune tbe eon o.abrt ol tbe c ttoo crop at tbe do lib and tbe pn Ilia >le p'kt of lew Ua'le lu ord-r to all* r.i-raril t i a man"farturlDf aurt ahippi ig n raiv liltpo* aibie irtir riui iw ao d-lmlrdf Wnv.K r'anl oa"<e *? litUt i?r ibe b+gro aa il|f ooea far the Poie or Hua<a riar She rare* for heraelf. and after her free n?<ro dlplonian* baa doitr iu wort and her *rc?t m*a<i'-e>ur <tt at.o vhippii'i rl??l? of tbe North are oata?a> f? m ibe ruin o -"afea. you ?ili Hud lohn <ull aoddi-ol y oitlirioita Ui all tbe oaui a vi'it ia?> ry Kagiaod will go wun ib Me ?ituli r win b oinie lc<? t la com pi- nil m witb ber unii in i outa-lurre and rh pp'nn Hi i I t'uai in?i a'l our ai eml'-a, d iine*tiQ ?o i fi'algr . ma) \( t lie (ii?a|.|*Hblfi1 f"h" S. utb can atai. 1 alooe ^u ia read; lor ai'.H n -II" c wi I ant an I It ik the lot? o> b? N'ortbero a- pi" t" br > t about a o ioeeullm ?f tt ilalea, lb< u io '? aaiahlirh on a more laaung baall tb pribciplea ol nur rotsuiuiliioal iximpaot OUR RICHMOND CoRRK^PONHENOB. Ricuaoao. Va , No*. U 1400 Pmgrru r.f IK* .Vf???ion t'uiur? 1'i'jtr.M fA.tfinu ta the M't-rnrtf? ISr forti nf (h? .Soiitl'rn 10 Or T*"W* i fo 411 ( iruwnt rxtsfil i hr Vitt\ ? Hnic (A? i Vin If r-T'trrmt ? Lf ('a' ln t> by l?r Eurtitol 1'iJlryr? H.4tt and f.mo4n I ? Af^airly Ui Hmr pvT'hrr Accmmlt fr?m ?ou'A CirUiw i. Sc No Bio ru ci lrrrr /<ncoii.-e?i naa groeu ?o rapctlj In popi.lar favor aa tbo Itwri m ?mcme a rn a to ?i??nc i 10 ViigttUk At Oral it ?aa r> vardwd h'-v 'ty maar a* a mi re oiia>rar; ebnMition of J mth<"rn rea-titm ot, wh'cn wi ulrt i ihauat l??rlf in a few e(i??noi|fl lem loalratl iu?, but the irtiTBlntil ai d perrineol i"al of ?< m.h (Jaro'io* ard li<i?rgia baa fl?( o a nharac er of ??rinn ieaa hi thi notniiiiut wb'eb if rapidly diaiiellieg all doubta aa to Iti rtal a'm obj ct Men who but af*< data ago nawed Ihe ma let illghtl* bow gravely reflmt ui>"n tbo Impend ing danger. Tney are beginning to eumate the oonae quetrea, and mary bare come to Ihe c lanlaaloa that nrutrallty I* lmp<?aieie la view of tbo geaeral obaraoter of Ibe mo?rtucbt Believing tbla, they are yielding to tbe popular current, and to day we bavu in Virginia twenty adbtreota to the aacoealon c?ua> to the ona tdeotl fled with it four da) ? ago. 8o great la tba rarolallor wrought np>n puhlia aemtmuit, that every account of tbe favorable progreaa of tbe aenaeiou oanie which reachea h <re unparu ? thrill ol' J >y, woeu aalneai and dripalr wera the rffno a produced hy aimllar aoc iuata lour fay* ago. the preai of the Slate are fully arouaed, and are now teamaaly promoting the > icuvrment. Tba very women of Virginia rnea euthuaiaatlc In "tba good canee," aa they ca I It, and tbey poor out eeutimeuta of warm common daiinn uptin tie (lorloua Utile Caimrtto State Not a ai>l>nilM'ooi?' have I met in my luteioourae with oar jitl , aeof durltg thia day? ? fa -t whMb I have to record bow for the om lime nnee Lincoln'* eieciloa. If ibey do a)l arow tbemaelrre id favor .?f iwnl-it, they are mora, ud eo with Ue pretaea which m tlia oulact Inn I {bod agalcat tbe DO\cmi-hl. The popular Be tllmcnl ta a feat lever to work ohangea la Iba policy aud opiDlona of no n It I eeepd do?n like as avalanche trery oba>ac e ? bi -b ?t< pt'Ciam, or doubt, or prejudice, or intertat, may lulerpoee. In Virginia ll M opt rating winders It t? changing lie p"ltlloal ? -nil meet of tbe (Hale fioaa tli?l of ?elt ?4, tra iuionary ooceer ?a noir to thorough ieolionailrra The actual aecedalOB of South Carollua, and lb" other i<iaiee ?<d to be leagied with ber, will to ei'Mt- tbe popular olad of Virgin a aa to n ndir ber ImnM* taw on i*|?'r?tN la the a*, o-hwivjo DA'cDutl a dialler of certainty. Thil being tbr caaa. ? be for mall' o of a c<<tiplt te ?Viuiharn confederacy will no ongrr be a nailer in aultcipation. We are now la tha U?M||M prr od T* o nomina, pribahiy leae, WIU lad l Ik grati i rcb?m> llKWiuiibl; on .uiinnl?-l * hat tr t" b? tbe commercial poi wy ?i ibe ne ? coafodo ratM'bf I Willi to "av. upon ?? >ry tood authority ? -agia tkmai ?bv in in i ' u-akuii c?'rrip ?Ji?n with the pe? itrrei.1 ktn*a la ib? *? neei.ii m mrai ? lUal tie ?> hjiLi rii p -r e till he Ibmwu opea to the Craeaimie e oti III luifria f 'I'm all oouutrHd i>1M|<1 toe North I'ji-io all (inula l i-|?irt?d Iwm toaterdlviu a duly of iwa ?> uve |?r ail *HI im> Itinl, la eoalorunty will he atlgf*et*h o( OnfMMi Bro ?n, of lieorgi*. ? lire ? a dtaih biow gi en at nuoe ta North ilt ctmn-erue ll t* ereu tunneled thai the em mi 0i tvrtb*ra M?t?? don g a ten., aa la tba i.i r. wul be turn to a fegree "bi h will mate It itn toaihla 'or tbna to iim'uuib a i-uup-tnion with the m al ir m c lii fto?i, ll a onntempletdl k> CM off ail ad na alim , al omwim altk l.i* Nurto, aouai, political and ii dun* h ml l?t?e<e a p<??tbtltly of arrrllng lb?an larrlhle oooae >i u? nre? rt re i?, an j 1 1 c >&i only oe done in odd ?ay , and that IB k" (ajecl Unonia to l*e Bioctoral Ooili ga, nod lak <ip ii n.r m i v alirr mm "to m mid In ?a?pi?nn iv H i ^'Uih It te W v It la rr.diitial, to imagine that the oiuth ?ai> be coi'Cuiatvd h) aa> otner dmua the Nuita ?re it. Mli| lb* din r.a g'? e*l> t( thay ? ppoee for a mo aut <Ut ib? aoeeemu n itrnnl now g Heg OB at ibe *u?th le I'll* hi ?*! 1. 1 a*?lni? to mmy Kiuwdluoa ll aaibaiM b> i n aurh pur oar? Tbaiiaraol ouaolltd tiua and n.aipti miae are ttw. itir oaly ft*liOf now la rrii 'i tt< in f h pri m ??? la ibat of HtW-r renri-t that aar ?Hietii eiiWrtd h to by ibr Mouth Tift are regarded i at tin- inter. ug diilgx In mid lut ooi-duam ttiou ? toe < (MM i>I UMrik The nry word 'O mprumled" IB I air ai t?i ibe S-MO Ki-r-ry ui???li r, every wruag, the I Hired brr |? lim-al pr'tlge. Iter BubJ "gaiKW au<1 con q'ir?l? all air tractil I" ih" unronunal- i? tliiea?ee of her (?rt ?*>d'i r"diiite Ihr) a*e auw, bnwerer, at an tail, at d ire dt) <X act oa baa iwiu' ll the Noun J. ?rc-? tie I an* iwwtwd, ti tbe ? -?n. c to fciep o>mmi a |rn(u?ie d aikit lor lin o,aj.u'?rWrre, ad J in i* petBdtaa rouUi Ih a of aiwilt , frieaiihi.i ai .i gno<i wtil aal daiaa bereeif aim tbedmia, kt bet Ihrtiw "-Oil tie ' o? rbtant while I ?btbii it) et lu lur ininr There te ao other remedy I tor the 'm etiditif eetl It la either I.'uo-nn ian die till a, or ?oi?e n>i r> atire eaut-dat-> add I'aloo. ?Viler h' *b *t d h- buac Ibaa that Ibt* gmdt an VI a try (build be ruined, aa-t ihx mieieata oi aililndd MfiBcc Tbe irianc ol ?H>tl A be' for "eeltltlag" will aol mi, If-- by the g eat "apliU'dg" feat whtea baahall an in n ol >b ? >ea In aiiiat-tv uf hie aeauapitoa df the reiaa <,r . f..<? ? f,> <t, he *li a I oeer he pernti'idd tr> ?en ? tin oi ne w ll bare "?^lt?" a I'ei h a waicb it kmc the bl <V1 ' ' tbo ?? '? en t a ?Been y- ?re' aa- ? marBed B* irtanmiau haraebitd atllkot wralM la the an Bala of wm ? iu i." in >; u>e North reflect, while a Utile l ee in ??i kit, * b i- thee ihia will peinm aweh a elaaatoe f r U ?*k? of a ir uni'b ehuih, after all ta onl a barren "ke lb* iii-ll 1 1 gn ea will he ?o noott tu'ivt a* to para ')B* every ilnl of Ihtd hiark repahll aa I'olno ep liter, h> that aciuall* ft itb Kg *tli he galae I b; ihe nljlory hat the rlii I ? afOMe, anile al a!| that Ir dear to Ihla "Ted i pet trta, will be loet la-t the I i. okiral Ooueg* throw I n witi to iwwr< , aad theio le an enn uf It. reral ii q nrlee hare leer made o' me In tbe paat *r? eaya, a* k< ? 1 h* i hay kaoe|?ige uf tne laot thatt'e tfna .loin h i or Bot a, of P. . tin ? I. Vi'gimt, w*a i" he one i f the ? abm t adeieera of a oertalu Atra ham ln, of H irlrgVld, Unn'Hd, now IVe*i< aal aiaot of three iiM?ni'e<i Siai. < I o( onatae. ooait gi?* ai ia lorn B|||>B n ? 'hat h???rl but I refeir. d ibe p irlii t to Ih H a Vaeeh Uri-e ey , Uie di-.e^ate fr to OreaOB, who *111 Mi <1 wbl gie* ill- m ail h<?xa?arr m'oeaaai <io uooa th aii-ie i I doa't Ihiiiit |*?>r Brtta w ul I ae a bad a I le r Re would ha tael y am^riee idt<reatey, aai mu n m-'ewiitby I nm ??'eoie. abaterte nla taaltd are, he ?e fr*a ttcai tbe laid I ui errttpUua, which M mm UM'i tir- ? ley ? aa Bay Mocb ati t let y ex 'eta far furtfw ne *a fmin H nth Rarn l*aa atd Ueorgld I* n.e inlueailel art b >i in U on nail rorree|? uderee with Mr liliaun<l Kuflla, a i . ia ana at Otlumbia, *mlb Qarollaa, urgiag h in ki /rmt ua Ua mom a n cBwt. RiiJiaOBti. Va , Not 11, IW4 TV Vntm tarff im Tirpmid Anrnvrnt fnr d .*?? Oafiriaw- 'Veipnt'let if fl W (>?if,w?.8r?i| A irv tv fnr an /CaWy of Ue rf?ut<d 'Jtfitlvwr - M*mU ?f dNp A liempf ai Oerekat <4 the fWH-lheiirali tf Tktmmndi of Itn** Mm t* Be !A t<?m im ,V? T(+>? Aeff /VerfM*? A Glut if (i-4* at Ike tr* tk-rn Jfarted? ArrU Cd?? <f (Ae H-fri vitv n kt Start fro Poatroaf Is the cdhTV-ltoh of laipeodlag d'a holloa of Utr Cdlod that Ike Tataa men la Virginia hro me n?ing their baat efforts to laloenoa aa immenia?eail of a *?nih era Oaftreane. If on'y to B*care natty, to the rod oMUer of takai or dtrtol iIIob Tk li It the beat tbey eta do ?r the |.r aeal cntHai ooeier-io'e They rtnn >l ri?si ibe rurrrat of arr??*m? . thai la "apneaiM* The <1ea o' reaentHvf %?Ui f^mllBB an I Ibe other M>Ua leagjed w?ih iitr :a (fee srata'ca wore maul ibIo patiaooa or delay la out of U>? question. If Secssalofl Involve lit* nit" annihilation of I be whole South, U will <?? a ?.onto pi *bwd It la now a question of boa >r, aud wnb Souih erti men, nfe Itself uoas aot stand iu ibe way of a vindl ositon of thai vital principle. "Iieaio bsore d taboo t" is a Died maxim with Sonibtra (eiUrnwt, and the aa ci i flee of materiel Interna a is nnoaaaart y regarded with less n i siderattoa than individual suffering wbern tan question ol honor la Involved. Tbe Union men, knowing ! Uil(, are dolcg their utiuuat to urge tbe adoption of tbe j l^ser evil ?y induolng KM ultra Southern <taiaa to agree to n conference, promising at tbe Ma Uan to abide its actios, whatever It might ba With tbla view a oorrea pnnueooe baa bees opened by soma conservative n>en b* re witb soma ot tbe leader* of tbe secession movt uieut, but so far witb >ut so/ favoraole effsot. It Is even contemplated, aa I understand to seal ons or two conn tasloners to south Carolina and Ooergla to In duce lb oar States to acquiesce la ibia movement; bat, la 1 aaaiuch aa Virginia gave a deaf ear to tbe solicitations of ' South Garolinu and Mississippi lanugo tbelr commission era, Messrs Memmwger and Sta'ke, to units elth tbe Southern States In a conierenoe last winter, I fear tbe mis sion of tbe VI -glnla co tan isei oner ? will be a fTullleea ois rbn c>af?r< oce moveaout oon templates the admissi M of Morthtrn delegates, but only 01 equal tor ma ?ruo tbe South in a burner loal point or view; and, according te tbs piogramnts, tbe pontlaal -omplexiou of tbe Northern ds Irgales must be oooiervatlve to ostitis them to ada*?ttoa II tbe seceding iHs-es can be brought to acquleaoe la tbis arrangement, It will be as luaob as oaa be t xptctrd. Bvt Oral, (tceaaioa will tags plaoe to redeem ins pllgated binor of lbs South, and then ooly Is there a probability of aoy proposition la the way of a oonference being ea tertaibcd. A brief editorial in tbe HTti g of to day ad mobishvs patltnne, deliberation and prudeace on tbe part or th? South, meanwhile indicating pretty olear'y Its purpose to act uaa Vlrglnlaus" when a determination Is formed free from the lullunaoes of impulse or passion. Tbe Whig la prorerblally conservative; hunoe tbn change in its p>?itioa from that of absolute bustlllly to seoession may be deemed to some extent a concession to tbs sa cestlm aebtlment Party Hues are fast disappearing, and I doubt If, ip tlx oiihiUw from tbla lime, a trace of any of lb* old party I tno marts will exist In the Hiutb ? Lincoln" will be tbe ooly party design. tt a *?uih of Ku?iii, ant Inxon's 1 1 tax , If peicbance tbe Uuiousoould ? (intiiiue, of which there is but llllle probability at t.ats lima Great aixiely Is manifested for aa early sasamblng of ? be Yirgtuia legislature Tbla anxie.y pronewis front a te^uUm desire to ca:| a sta e t'-ouvenilou, which can ooly OS ? II. tunny done tnrougb tbe agency of that ooly In' rv if, |u fact, no otber authority to issue tbe o?i| r arties hare their Siale Kioculi re Ooinmiii-ue which are intcelid ?nb that power, but Inaamucu as this >J? ten lion will be organised upon no party lines, aud its b.ilou will f, rin tbe groundwork of lesisistion concerning ? ire great ir>u>s now agitating tbe Suu'n, II is denoted ui>*i appropriate that lbs nan ahou'd emaoale from me Legia'aiurn A potulob <1 'maateriy Inactivity aum ?a man) in Vngii la w .uld Soetn to nou isel lor h-r at ibia lline, <s looked up >b, not only by a large body ?f ber own c t n b* but many i -nts-us of vihrr Siatea as utterly tu xMir rUnt wiin In r re atiobS to the ?>uia aa lla roc ?< t>>sr? n? r. To preseree such an attitude, vblle re?o ?biM-n fla ba through the grea w por .|iw of lb : saoliou witb which ahe is uuit d by even tm of a '?>ia uon luie rial and a o. major destiny, la lookud up >n as notbinf It rs i haii criminal. If abe siaudm ny unlli tb- ovn Is ac ctmiii'?h'-d, ail brr eilorts In ibe Internals of p <a<w aid I'liion ? ill be in vain It is far eaaier to a^ertauevil ib an tu remedy it a ter It baa ba,ipruei. Vi gialt an u"t oy all ibi-ana make ?>roe move l ? avsrt the imoendiug d ?asier It the can, or la caas of failure utake oomio >o cause wita ber iisior elates, woeiner lor weai or woe It ooea ui t heoome her to look on RompisReotlr until th iraun is deeded, nod then , nf'er a deiio.>raw> survey ol tbe Arid, fail la without em- >un irriug a single rirt True, Virginia Is making every p*t titration wmih the bdu f crials sdm?biati< a, but tb^y are mule only In view ol a?lu?l bnetll'ties Toa<ert ru h an emcrgi>nc) rtoeid be Vlrg ula'a office To locur the risk of a oonB-ci ? Inn there ww a meaus of nrortlog it is not the part of wladom Aid yet tbe Old Itomlul >u la Discing hers If v*r> much In thai attitude, rttie tia* at tho heaJ of ber adaor, tn tbe person of Governor I.-t-her, a man of pro vt i biai pruilenon and foresight, aud an < norgv tnd flrn ao>? adi quale to any eriata be wol, ni doubt, do wh?i i* b at tot the intervals ol b s Hate aud the wh'de 4rui0' but in a grtat cnt>a like this, Invo vlog the peare and prosperity of or- r 1 ? >cs, It It proper tint una u>a iium? ii?a of ;ot>nisr aentimeni ah Mild be madu to all nin In det> rmlnli g tbe policy wbl ih he ahauld pnrauc loll vi uklnpiaiuos are freely exprerseo, but inaamucu as Itty isck the forais if popular pronuDrtuDeofw ma tatii g from regularly organisad aasi-miiins, tb-> c unol be n-catdSJ as ant li llc-t c the pripn Mr seuthmut of tbo iMata. It 1 1 only Id '.he concrete teat Bit ?????? o( pulley can b? dtrstil of suActaal cooeeqiirnoe t j luflu ei.f? ? tlU'Uil Mta 80 hr,lit a *:n?le Bounty, t-i?a I r 1, nn I k<l| ba* b. on b?ld to V rginla to gire . SfNi >101. to ibe popular aeDtlmcat, uil 11 is certainly tiujuit lo allow the Governor to Uk? tuo ?b >1? respoaainiui) ol ?m.* ieg In 1 matter *0 oeaenitally grare ao 1 oirillull* character TboreabouM be s>na? uiaorcala'.tona lath* t?ttt uf which bo mitbt aot Meeting* *bouM bi catli-d tnri>u?b?ut u?e sum, and exprws Iob (Iran larougb lb? m, of the popular -sentiment. I am informed, u> day that a new p'.aa la on foot by wnw b to natra.u Uf Norm from any attempt to c isrca enxiug -uu? rtboi.ld aaj organized bonus of men at ib.> North lotd tbrirrerrioee'for the purpuen, it la noa trmi.iaWd, acoor 'log to mt informant, to poor buulrod* i'f <bouauida o' Minute Una lain Nortbara ottiee to raa fail, aad p' 11 tier and devastate Toe ttory gnea thai ?hr) * ill write the c > operation of the rlilout and idle 01 thru- CHI'S, apoa U>? atipulaied term* of aa equal irair of tnesp 'lit Tlis taouoemeot, no doubt, la struag, but I doubt ibe feasibility of tae pr?<j?:t At a'l areata, It is bot'er rn ?? to apply the Tbe waaith of New York, ibe raasling a ?lend >r of tail, Stark * On 'a ast?bli?bu,eni tba r n aid gorgouas rar . t> o> alika, aal'n* aad other Tnluablaa which render yo ir great dry r"?la baeasa ro attractive; tba twining waltD of Wall iirnt an<l laat ibotyb ant leant, t uieprndia npimrtanl 1} lb at aocld tlirl lor dero il.sliin,( he Inbtmt out dtug. are in?*utters very hard to be restated l?t tba Wijs ? raaaia m the oto?r sue >f the line if ihey le *ire 10 bajfifccaa rich prises proeerTSd to their sect! >a, an J Uaa Ttwmu bnlUlsg and Uraeley free fr jm annibiU UN ? S I waa toll 10 <*ay by a gentlnetas baring the beat n-iii of la'tiraiaiKtt on iti? *atij?ct, manners 1a aoarcn sand la Virginia, and itobaMy tbc wb-ks Aiuih, a su luteal quantity <4 g??d* to moet the require? nta of that so > >M?f rnni ta irlM lo tbia Hate of thing* tba Vorth u>ey rra*ot *h|y aailc uate a ooosi ierable dimloat on is um ir uauai aspurta to lbs ?VmUt k> noil y In erer J J. part meot uf njrr :iiuro a?o?a c<>? tba ordar of tb' lay. he state atTaua la tbe aoatb a 'm -Dtab ajeb a pxiny. ami, i? ? e? ul the airasuit im lSbT , be aar is sot itb'ly to b* l<?i Tba ni l aatborttv aanrlbea tba deprxrUtH-a In tiara p'o|ir''t) ta tba il? ari b m .*s-> la tbe a<ireaia (txiibara iialea. cauiuo by Ui? outlay to oi?ei Sorlbc-o ool gaMoua A Suuib re , anter feuaraiiy apttllra tit* suaplo* fund* li tbe 1 acre*** ol bis labor force and when to ri M ao aar plna ha ??*? a no 1 dittos It araaia tbe demaa la for biiistaiieiDc cebta froat tba Nurtb spoa tbe i^mtb tbia M-asoa ar?- nnaaoally prtai.Bf. because of tbeanaettel ?i^ie ui aSalra 10 ux latter aecitoa It Is la th 11 that tbe 1 depreciation la stare pro|>erty, notioad ay stu heretofore, is cbt? Hi utsttg And this atotle of aoR.niathif for It IS n.ucb a.ora oocatateni than t bat 11 arvnid be emte-l by ' ibe dilBrnlt <? wbirb bars grutra op bat Veen the Vorta aid S uth la Ibe matter of siara property tba has b>> ma> Wet ?tth>a berrelf, and It eaaeot be aflajled bj any |*>i > ibe Vorth may poravje, i-srept so fbr, aa forms m ? case, a r sb" aaar dimialah ths o?pa<lty of Ibe Bwibvrn plaafr to p.rraase by pressing the pay meat t4 bar oMigat'oaa. i una 1 ami o rouy will be bung hers oa frllayfor the aiarderuf h'a sister la lav Is a 0t nf malooaa, stosad by ber r. 'usal to atop* triib him Last Fr day was Itrd lor bis 1 v Ma, but be vsa r?sp't?il by the <?or? aat.l sett Pnoay. Tbara ? much aattety bare to asoe taio ?b*t posltl <a 0 versor Wi?a ?UI take Tbe poiltlon of V-rgln*a will, in a great ineasspa, be determined by wbatersr ooqras be shall partue oua RALRIOO OOBRE4TOJIDK!?('li:. fUi.ik.a. *. C , Not. 12, 1M0 flfira arnlimmi?T%? BrrirmrUr r^f?Ttw UjU'm-MTm? Wkml (*? Ourrrntw r-OI ?OTlnai|l ?n kit M'tuif- Mr Tlwiaa* mm! ikt OmUrd AmUer ihip, St Now that lbs amok* of tba battle la ctaarlng off aad fires ts a glimpae of Um flsM, ws eaaaot prsstsaly ass all tbe damage that ?* bear bta b?e% daaa. Howarar aaaal aoi? Nmib t Carolina may be ta aaodlag, bacacae North m ai a t ar* elect** a Ota anil freatAsat, yet bat a tbara ara s good many abodoaol tblak all li qatta Inat, aad that saotssine Is still dlstaat at Irast aaoUtsr tear ysars' j'?urtrf , But It saaant ba daaled that lb nee ara la tba ai irority , aad that there la aa Immaaas majority who, If not p?*tl'Tely deslrncs of srcessMm, think it lB?-rltabl* Tt. ?o *r?. for the m al tart, Ibe tuiiportera of Bra*ln r'l ge, ? ho, aa I predicted la Angaat, baa aarrled tba MaU ot er two rery moeb disappointed aad cbopfallea part lea Tie oaa talta loadly of de rat, ana, arma, approprtaUoaa, ?Mlitia aad *wcb kiadrad topics, wt I a tba otbert ooaaola 'be Intel res by try tsg to baltara that ths Old North Stats baa too much s*aa* at.1 ooaraga ta ooramlt saletd", throagb fear uf eoma Imagiaed diatrartl m la all p >pa ?r ren 'uttowa, it la aarmi* to obaarra bow rap dly tba 1 da aweiis. aad aa it rnsbaa a.oag, oplatoas waicb. Ilka old trei s oa b river bank, ooaaldared theaaaalrra perfen r rafi . preseatiy disappear The oplal >aa of in mlaorl t? , or r.lber U?? fart of aay mieorttj eitetleg at all. only i rorea that ra*otatwa hate baa aot reaabad haloed a r er lais pelt l R'P Tan W nk?e'a pais* d.K^ n -t yst ladlotie rt' y h $n freer; b>BM?s, Jnst here at tbts cewtral point, er? are rery not Berratlra for many goodly roaanoa; hat travel toea-oa i*->nib Uarollra aad yon will Bud a rery > r I flat- sf foetlsg The aearar tbe llro tba mo e wtrm<h Tbe f/g a lata re wtll meet aatt Moadar, the 1Mb, aad th* a ?s srail a* what tbe eattrs Mate thins* about tb p?S?t bt ftr'ttcal time, floeeraor P lis, la his m?a*f?, am rest ni mo <?d a r. modelling nf tbe militia and a. 1 appro print Mia for arma, aad that lartataly do* aot look Ilka a diem Isf ta aa erli wbleb tbe mast altra eaoesatoalats only face through aaoeas iy I bars ao doubt at appro prlattoa will oe (rranted wl'h aethn?la? n Of t-rt-rse tbare la the nsittal aaW.-e'attot. aa towhitwlfl \l ?- e w th the t lhcea a tbe gift of tba l/('?'t?iir? Ciwgi ' iBStatca. b laanaseestaw aaioiyaiw area with tbe <>i,e deo>.?e*-y, aa.: ibeee ar^ rnnsora of Iffli tNlomet biui Ha baa ?rtataly a great maoy war a frxnd* ani* toppnrters, but bo ha- eMo a #-? a. n any bil ler eaemtea. Vr ntatmaa W1H nad* .rtadly be n ?iai nalloa, and h? frtaads will oartaltiy rota r* him.aa matter bow they may differ M to the graad qaeetloa <? State p >ito> , Mid ob the other bud bis opponent* Ulk of li vim g (tt-iit nJ Jo Utaatooome here aud run agaiuml biat f"r lie rienets. AI present I c?0 give you nothing bat rumors la regard to niKa) things oC interval M><* Importanoe, Ml a fcw days all will be prettv clew, ud then I will Inform rou to full Tor city It fall of legislation, Ikd the Hjiuu> very jnuch in demand. OUB CHARLESTON CORRESPONDENCE. Uaiuwiwt, Nov. IS, ISM. Ac Untuitm MmcUemmt CnabaUd-Tke Lite *e tuiom Mutmg? Immo&i+le IHuoiuHo* AmmiwmM by Promt mm Mm?nn Tbpiaoflkt aprnkmt?mUkuiiam of the IadiM Thty Ditpl m$ Xeeation flap-Tit "Star Bfm gUd Bmmmm " ?M "Hsfl OotmMa" No Ltrngtr Notional Unwfi Hauqprtma/tlU Lot* />airf?nlul Nmm cti Oarfai Um ? Buttnett DUO? Poor ProifoaU im (As HoulA for Northern Mmrnnfmatumt, <fc , cfc. The greatest eieltement (till prevails her* on aooount of ibo late election new* from the North, ud man ud women, whites ud darkles alike, are op la arms at the overwhelming majorities gives to Um "rail tplltter" oan didave for tbe Presidency of these bow disunited States. A large mew Meeting waa bell last night at Institute Hall, and et an early hour the room itself, aa w?U a* every oorrldor and avians leading thereto, waa deoaely paoked by the chivalry and beauty of the Palmetto State. Stir liog speeches were made by Judge Hag rath, Mr. Co! jock, llr. Rbett sad other*, and the burthea of them ail waa "immediate dissolution" of that tlmo honored oompast which baa ao long enabled ua, aa a Dnlon of brothers, to attain aad maintain the proudeet posltlm among the clvi Heed nations of tbe earth. Need I tell you that a feeling of me'anoholy , nay, almost of horror, porvaded my breait aa I listened to the dig nldet) and eloquent appeals which fell from the llpa of the 1 accomplished oratora of the evening? Thf blatory of the ooafederaoy waa traoed baolc to the days which tried the soals of the good and brave men of the Revolution, anl every cne felt, as the records of the Palmetto Hints were held up to view, that daring all our fierce struggles (tor liberty tbe heroes of South Carolina bad well euatalaed their reputation as patriots, warriors snd statesmen. The hero lam of Marion, the statesmanship of Calbous, were ail portrayed In character* af light, and ; my heart swelled with enthusiasm as I gloried la the ' thought that tbey were my oouatrymea, the associates j of my Northern auoeetora on the red fields of battle, and their hearty co operators la the oounoll balls of oar nation. Anc now, to stand aa earnest listener in this crowded haii and hear the prominent men of ttouth Carolina not only aiivtsirg, l>u' Insisting on Immediate severance of the bet ds of the Union? to tee the fair ladies of Charles ton, with beaming eyes and escited loons, filling the vast pallertea and waving their accession Hags as the eloqaent r en tenors tell from the speakers' lips? now, What "A c harge came o'er the spirit of my dream " I can icarnely realise It now; but I look down the long avrnius on this bright November morning, and my eyes heboid pro fs enough that It la all a sad, a sad reality. Farewell now to tbe calmlnattng prosperity of what rbould be our glorious Uai io ; a long a<l lea to the stirring > mi j* of ? Hail Oolum'jla" and toe -' -tpangled Btn L< r " a single alratn of which would laWly bar a roas<xl to ' im blgheel p'tcb tbe enthusiasm and patriotism of the North aid -"onto alike. One of the orat>rs ?st night said, ??Tb? tftie ha* mmo when that old and b- 1 ived banner | must not he allowed to fl >at u|>>u tbj Southern breese, p?.r abaii itevewwavo agVu wlth n the four corners or tne South i Veolloa State if we are true to oar rights, oar couiit-y abd utirselvri." When I contemplate the future prospect of my coun try, ano ootelcit r thai this nnhapi y slate of 'cellrg has !>.- n biouaM about bt soulless lana .ior, on a mere ab atract qiusUon of " nlgg> rism," I le?l that 1 oould see every thmiil. lih at the Nor 'b, with demagogue joward at tbelr hear., bung op aloft, blgber aad more <ieeerve.ll/, If prgslble, than cr&iy. murder.xis John Brown. But the time ha* g -ne by (or treading or lur compro mlae. Tlat lart wort, has boca expu^ted Irorn tne vdca bui?'y o' tbe Palmettos Tlievssi cn ahe s who tllle'l toe Institute Hall were wl'd with rt.ibiisiasm, and -.beers and ?av|ng bats aud hat dkeii'bk In punctus'ed every r-nteene of the- addresses; w!.i'e, at the same time, the street op|<osite tbe Mils H <use ass tbmrged to tear the speakers from tbe bal c cy. and Mri-worts illuminated the *hoierlty. Kri.m time to time tie news re vived oy telegraph fram t?e Stsire of Ue^rgla, Alabama and M?stssip|il was an SSU4N and received With cheers of hearty approval, and tbe motl rtisti <?reste<l swctalor* mual have tarsed from the suens sstlilled thai tbe da>s of tht L'ulon wsrs fibttibtrf d. a (id tor 1 look forward with fear an I trembling to tha dire rraoita of N'tr.hera fanaticism ami sectional trl 1 - 1 1. * That <lrKl Intended tblacon'lowot fur a [?? rerful, !nr and fcappy brotherhood of SUtea I have always Or ml) b. iioved He imiled upon oar arwlaa wh.le bat tllng frr tbetr rights, acd baa ahownrrd Innumerable biemings upn tbem through lose y oars of petoe and prosparity, and now lr br the'r own wll'nl acta tfcey ar>rn tba pr >teotla( fowtr wlk-b haa ao lung blraaed t:>?ra as J sorer ths I lood o? merited boa 1a of Tnlnn and of stnngth, I do btliera tba r happy days are a tmbered, and tbat toe Oat it CTto bo* going forth? " fhey are joined to mou ld Ota t?t Ui?B> a 'one " (Jufum Unu inU prrdert priu ? drmfntat, la an .44 lay log, whica aocifiit bi?t.iry baa fully Termed, and we are now In gin a iBO'tarr llnairatloo of ita truth, for I believe, If e?e* any nation bad t-a.iae to carae in! -at me foes, taat tbia belon d oonatr) ol ours will m orn la sark-ttotb and aobtt tbe loot-adlary moTemt-nlt of tba aloilli >uiaU and Ute ir.utDPPF of tbe rt'P< > iioan part/. Bn'o?m appears quite stagnant, la view of tba ap proacLmg diflloalilea; and mm Vbl? qu'st, church going peiplr allow -U li- u.?. i?f to be startled fioan tbetr pr> TerMal *ahhatn quietude for aa unoo aa serTloe waa over tbry nub*.' to the ballet n boar da of the Mercury offl >a ard fad tba la?at lLtaliigeoco wub aicitxi ooau tea a at i a (loathing yon may ad nee yonr abolition lit maau'ao tun '? at tl>? North, aad tbat la, o c lriau -heir improre m? ill a< d discbigc must of their em,>l>y*?, far the cot toe embargo s ill anna be inaugurated and inatead of bothrrtrg ibelr beads asout the oouoltloa uf U>e happy Aittihrrn aiaris, Uiey will ttad auun Ja*.l ? ji^iI >> meat lor thrtr sympathies among the starring and unemployed whiu? a. tbe North. Only lot the blow fall treat srv?rely wbere moat da aerrpd, u< (t^all foe I aa'taa.^l. for two, tbat ma puaiih tn. nt alU not be wuaout a aaluut/ Ia?jo tor car fulcra action. our. NEW ORLEANS CORRESPONDESC8. New Omatv Not 8. ltd). TV KtrrjHm tf 'V If an ef Ik* PrvvtrMtvU Kl? tim Im di?nah<m and Alarm ef ? .fymp+tky with lit Mimtk I'amhna Stc-thm Unmrnml?HimMte Jf-n Or yanui"f in Lntut ana?Tkt II?rMofo-r IhtcorJmat I'M titmi KUme-t 1m /'arty ftllHet Bwwrtnj I'nfj-d am 3r aMfca i TV Aaoai VeU mt Iht La'' K -atvon, Sc. Oar city ni bat very part aii/ prepared for the nawa ct yrattrday from New fork. Many ha1 bopwi that New Vurk would be a Ma to May tha mad tarrnt ?f abolit to* aggreaa?? a poo the Swath, Ml f?w of a* woe Id allow oaraalrea to cmtaenptate the if fret of Lloonin'a aaooaaa, oar tale aa It aaamed alBOK tba l'aasaylraala aiactla*. But U>? aad aewa haa coaaataa bla-k rrpaWioaaiam haa Utampfead, aad tha itrta fact that Nartaera aggreaaioa ta aooat to bt paao pi lad with tba aplaa lore of tfllce aad arm<d with tbe aorptre of power la oar ladaral gova> aaoat at oaoa tbrtUa oor cltiKoa with alarm, and arout atoem to a pltoh of la llgcUloa uniboactit of area by tbtmaalraL Tba new* (roaa S-^atb Papal laa to day ho atrask a rtlposttv* chord la tbe boarta of l<oaiaia nuta, and Ita pablia maiifaatatioa will aot be lot.* r.atr?iard. Bell mja. anl Brcekl' rldga tr?n, and DN|kl mfr ?re?tr k'?g hiJi on <> W ?;r.-?t? aa Soutbora a. on wboae lodifaaiioo m Joatl / provoked at*'t.?? a ? r.m<>n t.?e rbe 0ib(Wl4 t ir?Hy trf amongst tbe ami rkMeat aeoeorra to ttay. the horror* at oiaraM.a am to bare fadad oat MB the tn'ada of taoaa who, bat a day or two atnoa, (.roaooosad Vauoey ard hla like fit aai ia for tba bangwua'a, l>,>caaaa ot thatr maauaab'** noeaatoa aortrlara A m-?ll?g ta now uaJar oall la tbta ally to orgaaiaa armad o *mp?aiaa of "Mlcnta Mmi," aimilar to tb<?<' la ?..utb Carolina aad Alabama. In which Bflrni. ol are artoriated w;tb tie Br-okmrldfw m?>B arrarai of tba loader* of tbe Bnii aad tba l?mgiae part Ira, < bmc tally of Uw former. Tb? (Vrar??f (tbe leading Roll Krarett organ of tbla pity), whtcb, tip to the d?y of fliOl >a, talked of tka pro l>aMa C0BBiiTatl?m of Maoola'a a<i tnimat ration , anl of tt>* nuty of tba (t-mth to remain ta tha I'nina, tao igb j b'ack r?i'tihiicaii?ni abould tri'tmpb, t-> da/ ckiuiim ? an editorial Mtongly tngfeftiTB of mmadlaia ????emioa lnd?*d, I bo IV 1 1 men of tbla rtty Bra a?t l ornmlig arnrdera, and th? iacttla* roatian?B to ?t r>ad likf wild Ore la a prairie. Thetalino* erery r. aaon to aappoaa tbat IB a mry bw day* th* Orcaoaat City will take a forrm'Wt poaitlon among the are -<ter? of tbe if* ih Oorwrwor *?nrw, It la Mid will urg- aso m 'ten la atrong trrma la bte rr ??aapr to tbe <uu> iMflata lare rc it nx'tiib. aad there ta po doubt at all of ty pr va t nee of a>c?aa<oa ?rni 'rh?o ? a.p-nr itt^ membora of tbe LegiaWUra loolaiana *11 nertalaly folio * tf aett ifplatd Alaaama ia ?hal"*wr m-attir-w n?y be Ul. a for a withdrawal f' >wi the Tax*. The H-il vote uf tbia ittj la f >mewhat leat tbtn waa Um Ullttort rote, aad Breoklrrldga rlM a few flrtr-?8 aboaa tarbaaati yat Doogloa reeetvol aearly i OflO ToUi? upwards o* oae fourth the eattre rote pti'iol ToH la asaowoied for by tba fact that in 1IM mob totim 4a tioo waa Brought to baar t'f>.>a the foreign bornet?i*?o? geo' rally by tbe Know N. lB'uge th?t not more ih?a >o > la flea of ibem voted tbea, wbareaa the etenti ia laat TWday waa a* fraa from tatlmldation an l dm^'-vanm aa tba moat timid o^atd dralre Haoglaa re.?ire t tha m?e la 1Mb ahlob waa alloal la l*M. rae ?ato, ae?Hr l halt m, will gt*a a maeb larger majority tor Brecklnt idge I haa it did ftw Bocbataa OUR GALVESTON OO RRK- PONT) K V C It . Htirnttn, Taaaa, Not. T, 1M0. ffi* Qkt lokV tf Otr (MM # AfirM-fV PiNry (? te /*wrm ad by (be fwat Mmtm ? MnriM t Klxti'-m rv f'r ft* Acf le Juthfy (He Batiammt <f #< Anlt ? In b an 4% tf Bmt\ CbiuNwa fit fv .f tmrirm I f.?w B?ml ? TV falb) Otmcrrning .Vie Fort (Xtf, 4c if: fbe aleot'iw lacrrr. Tbottb of Korembar, 1M0. ha* paaaea , aad probably Ita reaord npoa tba par* of A nrrl car biotorf vtll ba at tad aa tba wwt imp<*taat, s a i>o luteal point of new, that bu tranaplred aiafle the adop tion of the federal oomUIoUm. With us the itaj pas mi without nmtfMl, kit i deep (MUag? ?? uiMf, a dread, tarvaded Iba whoe oommuaity, for aaak rotor foil that his tarfivtdaal vol* might hare aa Important Influ ence upaa Um rcaali. The State will fire Breeklartdge aad Laaa a hug* out* jorlty. The fueloa tteket la this city counts 170, aad Doug'as 46. Ptr sons day* previous to tha slsrtlna tkan had been aa apathy, haoauaa My haUafod the aiaattoa of Lu.oolaa Hied laet, aad tha poMta?ad private dtaoaa ?ioaa had tended to aettle tha mind tolhatreaulf, aad with that view tha pollUetans aad maay of Mm leasing eltisiM hare directed their Inquiries aa ta tha proper oourae ta be pursued. What ahall we daf Where shall we gaf With whoa ahall we assaalati f Shall we Maad atiu at wait aa overt act by tha republican power f If that pai% baa triumphed, are aot oar oonatitutkmal rlfbia already settled? la aot tha orart aot already atnpad f la aot tha Union dtaeolved aow f Thaae are Interrogators pal oar calm aad thinking men. There are maay plana aaggeated for tha South to pursue, but noae oaa tell what practicable oourae ihould ba adopted. One thing la ear tain, there la a deep an! satUed feeling by a real majori ty to Texas to aland by the Sooin in her righta uaaer the oonatltaticn, let the aggrcsaive blow be atruok wherever It May Seoedlcg South Carol laa will Had a warm aad ardeat frietd In Texas. It la believed that the South will be a unit. Tezaa stancte in mac 7 respecta on a different footing from other Poutheru States, aid In the event of a disruption a large I<ortton of oar people would prefer ta stand alone amaag tha aatlooa of tha earth. She feels bar ability, tin n we (be knows her resources Bne oooe wared a national Hag of her owa, and, though a be ta aow loyal to the ft iler? government, atUl, when oocaaioo requires, tha Loaa dtar flag will float In tha breeae that now wafts tha atari aad ?tripes. Although It 1* Impossible now to tell what Texas wtl do In the tvoDt ol toe election of Ltnoola, moat likely a State Con Ten 1 ion will be called to adopt such measums aa the tmergency may e em and fhire are maay, rery many conservative men In this 8tate, aad maay whose hope Is la-ge, aad who would be alow to aot antll they aaw necesalty for aolkon Tata claaa of our fellow oltlsens have an abiding faith and re ltanoe u|?? the grtwl ouerrvatlve power of tha North. They feet that the great maaaea of tha North might rise la tbelr maj-ety and |iut do mi the fanaticism la their midst, and break the (hackles with which they are fettered by their political Jugglers, we hare little hope from Maasa cbuaetta, or any other of the higher law and prleet rlddea States, but we bare oonOJeooe in the Empire Stale of tha North. We know your great met rape Usjts trwe to tbe beet Interest of the ooontry, and we feel with you thai those Interests have been plaoed 00 the basard of tbe die by ambitious and gambling politicians. We regard New Yoik a a the great oatt e fl< M In the oootvst jjgt oloaed, and we tbail l.ok tor cheering reports Id tbe return* rrosa that State. We auall await with breatbleaa anxiety for the nervous wlrta to Mil tbe atory of Now York, whether the be our enemy or our friend. OUR LEXINGTON CORRESPONDENCE. Lnxnoroa, Ky., Nov. 13, 1940. the Result in Kentucky - fontvm of Mr Jradriaridpa Ambers Urging Him to Qo South ? Hi* Probable futurt Courte, de Tbe returna from the ?'knobs," or back counties, come In (lowly ; but enough Is known, however, to make It oer tain that the State has gono for Bell by from 4,000 to 4 SO# plurality. Breckinridge beats Douglas by from 20,000 to 25,000. In this, Henry Clay's old district, now tbe home of Breckinridge, the latter beau Belland Dmglaa combined. Beae Is where tbe present Vice Preeilcnt made his gallant fights for Congress ? tlrst beating Leslie Combi and then Black Bob I*tcber, two of tbe meet popular and we!l tried traders of the old whig party of this Slate. The Breckin ridge democrats, though mortified that Kentucky fal'ed to give her vote on this occasion to hor doii gifted, galiaat and popular son, say, "Well, no muter wbme fa ill it M, tbe tbitig is done, and we are afraid that our happy 00 un tr > ta 10 ba U rn a?utider, never ta fcaaaMsi again" Tb- excitement here id regard tn tbe election of Lincoln and tbe movements lb tbe aoMsa tMMsa 11 very great and on tbe b crease U Is icuoh lean d that our ha,>py coun try la to be toru atander, never to be anlie.t a?a .1 Tho very men who abesed, vi'lflwl ani MkM Brejklor.Jge la this Mate nrr now by soorra calling on him to go South and uce Lia 11 llui nee to quiet the ubalfectel -Matea faey appeal to him rs the n at who cau, of all otue-t, do moat to pre v ci t low wbat they bare bmn falsely ehargtng hiss duricg tbe cat vara wtta disirlng to accomplish ? tbe dta aolution of tbr t'oion It is b?.l ? ved bare that Mr Breckinridge will visit tha Statb at tbe proper time, and that his Influence will ba powerful la tbe r?gOt quarter, sod all dlrentet Inwards the great caoae ?f tbe Colon and the preservation of tha govvrnmeet. Should tbe dooto be prevailed op >n ta re main wltbln the Cnlna until the 4th of Marcb next, Breckinridge, la leaving tbe chair to take bis piaae oa tha floor of tbe Seaate, will bcoome tbe acknowledged leader ef tbe regenerated drmocracv, tbd will save tne rove rn me nt or go dowa with it, after having m?i? tbe moat galiaat stitiggle eiewet reaordad in favor of "tha oocititnlion aad the equal of the dtatea " IIEViriril ACCOUNTS* SOUTH CAROLINA. LITTKK8 FBOM TBI PKDXHAL UrrithH.-1 IK CHAR1.M lOM. ?. O mo? i:?wahi< ? wittr* Performing dnttua ? fa pnrelj nml nuJ prtertifl- eha ractor for I h<> |pcer>l govrrt men, I hare cooetderei II ueaenraaary to Jbtrii'te m/atlf upou tbt- pubic ? ? vliiag I am alwa; ? unwillmg to do Biit, la order lh?l mjr po slttna may not he rutanderalood, ] t>?g loa?e to ray, brovgb tbe eoiumaa of your paper, that I 10 now, m cter, ready, at the call or the !Uu' of .-tooth Carolina, to damte m) self ami my fortune* to her serr km, and a rait tar dictation aid eommoea EDWARl) B. WHITE. ?Coa]u?mw>, 8 C., Not. 9, \M0 no* a o. <. ileum, iiimi rum c-nnaiK-uoaaa. Having bean frequently lnMrrugtt--d duri?* the laat two day* a* to wbrtber I ? mid oootlnae to hold tbn offlne of Coiled Male* Qavmlaalnoer, I ooum Jer taat It la due to myaelf that my fellow cit.r.o* should not caia under stand tbe poaiuoa I occupy A I'm tod Statoa G^tnm a ? lOaer oerlvis bit offloo, not fro? the for. recent, but by appointment * the I'nlud itatee Judtee, and la. UwrUore, uibjert oely to tbem Oa tbo reeignatiia of i be Jm'gt, If hot by that act deprived of oSUa, mr ooca patk* ta virtually ao far (one tbal ibce la nothiag left tor me to reatgo , and lain, to all lat tita ard pirpoeea, fymctui R U ?il UCMKtSf. raoM a. d Rxaorr, ?avy Aiiaa t. Having hell uinea onatr the federal government for Ibirtj -"oe yeaia I trust It la ararcely aeoe?ery to laform my irien is that 1 dia l not holii m> oOloe ta Nary Agaat at iLla port wider a l.iaoola ?4aRaiatr*l-M B D HfOUOT. raoM a. o saaiot. rrwmim aoBat Hold Itn tbe ? Ilk* of Caito. .Htatea Army aud Nary l'ea< alia Aaetit lor Moelh Carolina. I may be i>e>d?aeU lor oh I rod It g m) eeif upon the aotioe u f the pubi<e at tbta tiaae, l>ut It can bardl) be neeeeaary to ray that when my aatira *iate acta .u btr sovereign capacity . my allegiance to bar ui i?raa><>i.i.i, acd 1 aland or tall eitl. her. BKVJ 0 HEUOT ratal btu b*kio* Heartily en loraing the sentiment of the reet of tbe Ih mily, I tvg kave to auaoaaoa to aiy enmeroua frlaada of the pre ?a at tbe South that I propoea etvirtly li rma? my old occupation a. Occupy nj only a a'lhordiaate peat tio* aa oaa of the federal oflio< ra, I am not c tiled a poo ta "(Itr toy reet, t atton at thta time, bat will rlmply repeat ? hat I bate H| nM t" air frlaada, fial wb.tlfr fl >uth ChroHaaaectdaior aubaxta, my preterit "uwiptttaa'a |oaa " KliWIH HKRMt Kaoa oao w anLaama, rsrrati ettraa roaiaaieiiieaa. lira i i?aa of duty to mtmtr am to tae Htle nf Snath Oaroliaa, to whirb aa a aitlaeo I ewe larflrtdaai aod CereteU anefianie, 1 would elate Uial oa^er an nlroaat ? ?no* wtu I liol I the ' fttoe ?f I nltM "tutra er (ot ler my prcaent or any ritora appolata^et) aadar the adaalatotratioa of Abraham Llnoo a ?so w Kimrot. raorosmOM no* imori to thi socthum oom riDUtCTi A drfpatrb from Charketoa to tbe OnlamSIa Smttk OmaiauM rate:? The repr? eeatatira of oae of tbe Impa rial fnwere of It.' rope la rtew ef tht proap- pt're ? ipara Ik* of car or more of tbe Moathera Malta from the pre net nueffederarr, baa mala each pr^poeiti'ioe la adrtaoa ?r the aataMWMMM of Ihoet raUMMM b< tw?co It aa4 tbe iroTernmeot about to be eataMietel In U. it -Hate ea wia tae urn a futtue aapply of oottoa for .that Power, whw-h ihnr irowtnc want for that artmla will ta the latere ret) a lie Thw le'ormatloe U perfeoJy aetheeUe tk* Mnrrmo in cm ari mthm. Tb< 'on..winf deepatoh ?ae eeot to the umrteaWa del* tatioa la the Uflaialare at Jolamhia:? CkAeimitaa, Nor ?? 1#H I* *? To R P' it Chalrmaa Charieetoa iMefatioa ? Tae yoateat mretiac erea hetd la tnie nit/ la !*?? m ? n. bie t in tbt laatuote Hall Tbe muting bee beea ad t rereed. aaot ( tlr Jeckeoo, lir B?m >w and other* firm fJenrfia. they bar* pte>i|el teeir nute, aad ? ur caaaot be rwetratawd Tbey belier* tbal there ?tK uid In m tma by ift? l^gialatare la the oall far a ooa ?ration in b aae< mhled at enme early day Tbe feeliac ta alttle artjw cedes ted aid Indewenbahle We bat Mi appoialvd a committee to fa to OoHimbia and In form oar ?-rt. ratKic of the Mate of public tee: In* b-ra. We eipeat to be with )nn by the traia to morrow aternooo, and lev before yon a statement or thiaga a* they are here, whtaa we oaa tot do by tetter. A 0- Mt'lRtTH W r JAUR" cUNsKR. riOCI.AMATtOK mo* MMOOUf, (from the Iptnattx.rg (>t 0 ) ftpr.-n ] We notice" m nor eirnar (re that l,*er. tin nae Inter mlaee, la the e>ent of hie MM, to leaaa a proeiaiaa tioa t" th?. Snatb to allay her fetre w it!i retard to Ht fa tare of hat admtaMratirn What a buia'luuoa for the Heath. After bates eabjofated by ber woret ">? my ? after Heli ( him nbter into p>w?# with all urn rnUi'iataem ?tf a r>cqner?r ? ta a p-uetrate not m ahe mn>t bow b? fr-ra bim, aad reoeire at bis hauM each bmd t rse *sd merc> aa be may thiek p oper U b ^etow Nape eoa, a* he matftlird tlir ?i*h the Mbjtfatel prortaaae af Korope, wa* wool to do the aame Umg, aad taa pear - ooatrtee kept down by the rod of oppriwatoa. a* they aa ???v'ed h>s tarora with thanks and frar, are b*?d ap aa r tint pita for tbe Sacth. I* this n?t addtag laaaM ta m lory' TTT* PAt.WlTPO PtAS. irmm the Charleaton Herrmry, See 1* ) rrrm tbe t mea of tbe toolenU ta the prsaiet R baa liT-a raetnmary for mea , mwrrd by nontasow impwtaaa sod fb# ccmnon poraoara, to rally a/oend joes now eym bolt Ad the r?d nroea ef ?t. Oaerga aad the irl eater e< ftaaee, ei,eo thrown to the hieoae, awake a<?otVma m patriot lam la the hreaatenf the arer tayal aih)*tt of rar'eed tad Frtrne. so tne little rai>a<-tv> or "toa? a tar Lag" of -tooth t'arol oa, whieb m>w tl -ate gayly f*t?oi u Htasy pntata, taaptraa ltr? aat're aad adi pted anaa w-th

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