Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 17, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 17, 1860 Page 5
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the torv?ai sraotlon* of pride ud nalMM. And la there ae^nspto reneea tar avah foeUag*? MM la blalary bow gallaaily Iks ???,?*? ?d ahade of itol g'orioua ever groan palmetto, ton stool to the dead It breach ud bmilii the itorm nf tyraanyT Port Moaltrle. King's Mooatala, inlaw Spring*. Oowpen*, BUrksiuckt, Banging Rue*, Bebklrk'a Bill, fort Motto, Charleeloa. to Uk? laat oratory; aad Churubusoo, Cbaiml tepee Melaadel Key ud Mrstoo to tbta, bare compelled tbe uawllilag loegoea or Itaae who hare oharged Garo toy "wita Imbecility," to attar their juat mead at We have been led into three reflection* by meeting, at ?vary torn in oar atreeta. the gloria** ajmbol of oar Btbto Stale, Baga vttb stars, oreaoeala, palmetto ireee, great the willing eye on all thorough "area. We notloed to a ^aaty walk the following.? W P Ruasell k Oo , at their workabop in Haaaelt ?treat, display a large Bag. aloe by twelve feet, wltb Palaaetto and hone Star. Whart >n k Petacb, l ine street, a flag with orescent In aoraer, and be ow, "Spirit of '70 " It tbe foundry of J. M baoc k Brother, the flag whlcb waa displayed at tbe meeting oo Friday nlgbt, with a large Mar lj centre lor Georgia, aad the oreacent lor BouUi Cfcroitna. Uodrath'a, King atreet, Sag with Lone Star. Paimeuo Engine Houae, Alioc atreet, blue flag, with ?reaoeet and one alar in upper oorner, and also a imall banner, wltb "Palmetto " H. K Tinoeat, East Bay, blue flag, with creecent. Bayoo A Tatea white flag, with ?'Palmetto," and be low *be word, " Act loo." N. loye, ooratr Stale aad Queen, white flag, with Pal metto and alar In each oorner; betow the word*, "Imme diate aet'on " H W kinsman. King atreet, transparency, wltb large white atar, an arm wiib sword, wttb tbla inscription ? ?'There la a point beyond which lorbearan ? oeaaea to be a virtue " K. W tiale, Weatworth atreet, white flag, with Pal metto and two atar*. M B Nathan, oorner Meeting ai d Wnntworth atreota, white 0*g. wltb two atar*, marked Bouti Carolina and Georgia Pbumlx Engine Bonne, Cumberland atreet, blood red lag, with Palmetto and Looe Star Cameron k Oo , Haaeli alreat, [lag with palmetto troe, with Pbc?i>i3 arlalng, mechanic '? arm, and In upper cor aer the Lone Star. Vigilant Engine bouse, State atreet, blue flag, with Pal metto tree aad crcaoeat Col. A. J White, Eaat Bay and Lauren* street, white flag and one *iar. Mr. K C Ball, oorner of Eaat Bay aad Vera in street*, white flag and 1> ne Star K P Lrman, Waabisgton street, white tag, with Pal matto and atar Wharton k Petach, car factory, lag with Palmetto and two atara I'bked together? Stott Carolina aud Ulrica Tbe Oturiier dlapiajed yesterday, at aooo, a while flag, Wltn Palmetto; "South Oarolioa has moved; other Statea wll> follow." It waa Immediately aalutedbya pleoe of artillery. There I* a general demand for flag*. Everybody that san make them I* bard at work, and thta will eipatn wh> the Mercury baa not been better aapplled Wa shall keepaur lltt e Palmetto flag lytag ontil we can unfurl an other alongside of It that will rspreaent In full Un prlnclplea of tbe Mtrcury. OTHEB BCOOBBTIOMB FO* A ROrTHgBV PLAO. [Prom the Charleston (3 C ) Mercury ] A Mend baa suggested the following a* appropriate for the national flag of the Southern o m ederacy ? A plain *car,et Bald, powdered with ftftoan itara, white or yellow, aooordlag to fancy Another: A plain aeariet (eld, wltb upper and Inner eorver bine. No eagle, for God's sake! rather a turkey bosaard. Ou oae corner we may have the Southern rattlesnake, wttb either of tbe following motto* ? " Melius n on tan Pre ctoao," " Meliui nan um^ere;" " Jf'itus fton," or Son tangsrc " See flor. Sat. 2, 1 ; line 41. Vert tap. FKATKR FOB TBh OlOOWW OF BOLT* CAROLINA. CaMnaa, 8. C , Nov. 1, 1840. To raa run;! or *wa Dior*** u* Sorra abolua ? Bblovsh Barruam? Id every lime of publto anxiety aa* trial It be no me* a*, aa a people, to bumble ouraelvee before God ana seek unto BUn la prayer. Tbe threaten tog and critioal condition of the oounlry at preaent call* tiM-n ua for such humiliation aad BuppllonMoo before God. 1 have felt It my duly, therefore, lo act forth the aaaatng , prayer aad eollect, to be naed before the two daal prayer* ef mora lag aad evening aer r toe, on all oncaaloa* daring tbe eciatag se**loa or sew lous of oar Legislature. Let me requeat that It I ball be ao used by yoa; and let a* all *ema be'ore God coutmually In prayer, that wa may And gr?r<- and beta In cur Mat* of need Very affectionately, ! your brother In < bri*t, TBOMA4 F. DAVIS, Bisoop of tbe Dlooeas of South Oar >llna O, a'mlgb'y and eternal God, who, dwelling In the heave**, roloat over a I, and grveraeel tbe nations onoo I earth, dispenairg to all their deatlalea aooordlng to Thy | hely and rgbieoua will, we acvnowlet'ge our entire de pendence upon rbee We hnmhle ourselv** before Thee, 1 ander a deep *eeee of our own anwortblart -, and awful | apprebrailoa oi Tby Divine llajeety Be merc.iul to ua, 0 God of onr aaivat'oi , in thl? our day of trial and neocs *ity Hrar onr prayer, aad let our cry eome nntoThee. 1 Lock down from beaven, w* beeaecb thee, upon tbe pwi. I plo of theaa tailed Stale*, vi*it and er. lighten their heart* , order their will* aad affections, and overrule all , their parpoeea to tbe and* of truth and Juatioe, of 1 rigbt*?uao?e* aad p-'aoe We bceeecb Thoe ea pec tally to 1 bleaa tbe people of tbto Stat*. Thou. O God,*ltlr*t upon the throne judging right. Oar heart* are open unto Thee. To Thee we make oar prayer Pardon tbe alna of Th) people aad direct all tbelr waya Make them obe- . dtent to Thy bleaeed wt.l, and acoentabl* in Thy sight, that *o wa may b* Thy peopH and rbw may'*t be our God Kn"ae the Geaarat "saerably or thin State, now to stasia, with tbe spirit of wisdom, of osnraga and of a sound mlad. Sanctify and rni* tbntr baarta bv the mighty power of the Boly Ghost Save tnem from all arror, aad lnaptra and gold* tbelr oonnaeta, that ao thalr d?cl?toa*m*y be righteou* la Thy light, aad **cb aa nx a wilt bies*. r reaper aal eetabltoh Blea* our Gov ernor and all other* lo kutbortty. Give onto them wto dom and * rergth that all their acta may tend ealyto tbe promotioa of Thy glory and the bapplaM* of Tby i people And, 0 God, father of oor Lord Jeao* Ghrtot aad | ?ao earner of all maaktad, pour Thy Spirit upon all order* aad degree* of atea among a*, aad aabdae their win* to the btoaced Goepel of tbe Boa of God, ao that Thy people may be adorns* with that rlghteooane** which betomoth a nation, and blaaaad by Thee forever more Through ! Jetoa Christ ear Lord, to who**, with The* aad the Boly I Gboet, be glory and dominion, world without and. Amen m O.LIBCT 0, Almighty Sod, I he Supreme Ooreraor of all thing*, ? bon power no creature is aile to resist, to whom '? be loagetfe joetly to poLiah sinner*, and to be ?eroirul to Uuw all. : > ru n hv? u< deMrer dj, we humbly beareoh Tte?, ia tola tbe da; of our great need and peril, that we. s>oore la Thy de'eaoe, nay be praeerred erar bmw' te r'r>nfy >U?e, who art the oa y |l?ar of peace, piw parity aad ta'ety , through Jeaua Christ oar Lord. Amen. to t*i rr rrom or rtm no.* i*to? narrar. W > ars ?- rinsed that oar baoss do o >? take aotae ae tlec to m<rt the preeeat crista Our mercantile dentin bp are ? *? ? ?> j 'rum the stringency, which, we think, eat, not be restored abort of enspeaslnn. Aad, If o?.ir feat ka do aot .ttsid to duronot for tbclr RnatoaMra, to enable tbens to meet ??elr 1'ab'IHIee, we fee po alterna tire bat f'-r o^r i>. t 'bants to bold a meet'rg at oooa and dertae such a?ar ir*a aa are beat suited l<< the pre*- I ?T' rgaacy No boooraMe map deatraa to repodlat* bta ta iehtedraaa, t bough oar tittle Mate la goiag oat of tbs CaMa ?COim? CAROLINA. A n* un.ti TIUNM ON CBOBMIOlfa From tea t'limitgu.o, N C.t Huralu, Sor 9 ] It I* Ibnug ht b S0u,e peraoaa Uiat a d lanKimtMrmaol nf ftmr r rertitBf ol la tumineol, aod atm<?t tueruable; ott rra are a. "re ttargutbe as to the revolt of our present d'*)'-aui?a, bet all agie< Uiat tit re is ion* cause For ap |>r? h'tiston The presetting fe? hog ? n? to bo ralber aue of <i?J?ctlot thas of aaaua eieltrment, aitb >ago tbe late eahtblltoa to tl e rtt? of Cbartaetoa, a poo toe ofth-aewa ladicath ( t> a fieotloo of Uooola. ruratshta t rrsaarkabe eitvpilor to I be geaeral retiiDetit. aad, at ttf same t me. ladlr aiea a *oet aafortuaato an1 -nor?>d Bute of feeling, aad a total lacapecttr among tfeaM wbi won d faiu w v 'py tbe pa.Uta or leado ? m Uia uuieoiaat lor a separata gorerMMht at the ttouth Tb? te es rapt taformert oa > aatrrday that the news of Lit rule's election was race trad la Ubar. slua with grsat rejoTing aod "locg aonta .rl ubaertag for a &>utb *>n r..t eoeraey ' W in ut Jtaruastag he-a lb' propriety, or Ibe wlskorn of aeoeeetoa. It Bay *a.i be easgaated that a tab Wade* uiaptays aa att*r laa' liny l ? i| ,n < lai* tbe importance of tho aup ooetempiated by tbe partiea oooorruH, aad p.iutte mi re of tbe character o' tike at>orM of a eat or liberated tcjio )' rhtt^ran tbaa <>f that m >re aerl <>a* ap'rlt wai 'h la supposed to go r era aaee who are ah >4 ; to aa drat a r?at aad vwriila r?a?<aitbi|ity ? a raaptaal btlltv ti>?o' ?trg the daetrn Htoa of the great etaM (>eet fiTert axat uo'tar taatoa, witbeat any reaaoaeOM ,w..j {?t i,.f . ? MWfcl as s'<a4 ta f iher e'tb the probability nf ?t*! war, a derange b.i.I, n>. re or e-?e, altoa aflalra of tbe ciriltaed world Hot it w.ii a a do to aar.ii a u.r.uat. -a ot the q >eavl m a.' ser?.?? < a r w It a ?t be ?"t Ttt? m >ra tudaaatial at ta- aa ehi fkror Ibe ?ora'aeat are now %.d h?r? ?- I r< r ?<? . r*?%get la faia 'ta'tr u? u? pnl o '? I ? <? 'B r 1 1 !? - V r.. brill ? > <? -Ilbi It m II 1 on lift,! Tl S" I ; baa ? ? . ' > H|ttl ? 4t.?y "f ? rj o.aa a ? nu-rt. r.e a rtiHrraat *l?w of ta r? , -ii f be ' ' all ?' i.a ?? ? cr I . s?n v. ? t * - t ... l 'lose lu'li i,(. a , V ,? ? .k <? ? - s t i I w 10 D" , , ?. . , ?? I >b< ?iLuy ba\ a d ! ?t a' jt t ?t. ? . > . a i ?' h.. t ? 1/ .1 , tai I bui . amblitioy tbe rlgbt. tl.eM a?r ntb-r r us' leratloca ? i- a i 1 rr<%i lui' ii<? irao an I a t't.r i>?. mi ra.i ? . * .. a > ? ? . > m twdtt11. ? N ? < t ? st .it i st x>- idirllaa*, waiab It a 1 1 be rer* aad trafniftie t > egerrls" There la. > ? a/i ;-rtiroe sou el.ra-e bet a -o * ? *1 aad a A.. I i; ? ta t? .1 ai ? eaJa ;? ? , ? t ? ir*n>n Wt wli'i to l,vt r.a* ?v,a n???. >.i '? ?? - . t?..,s a~. *ea m- ? "?e? ? ' * ? wr ? > its- n - ? 1 ' * '*? >'? . ',??'. >? ? _ ?t?ure, w .'h tts aty'^^ ^.11 ar a> n i < ,-art o! a,y ? ' ??' Msa ? i ... .. . .. ? tr t rt?rei??e Itjs ac a?i..*t '14' swvas.'jc, ? ' ? ! ter t st i"- , t ?. , n, - ' ? * ' ' "'?? " "" ?" ? ? h-nt .i.l 16 r. a baa un iv-aa la aa?( ifsssi. Sl^lii "',tl V ,.T * fl: tUl'1'"* " 1 fc-'otaaaat ? k lo ae frt'ng Mat toaaarass'tr ti.tert?r<t. lisaMMk'i : - '. t.i? k 1 ret . *? t ?t a , r--, it, t itj v, b> it ? ? r a a .r ler'?atu-er aer n '? e. . a r , .j J H ;f 1 1 ? g tte *'> 1 ? 1 ' * m 't tf, . . t-e ? s?>i' 1 1 t . >, n"t r ? 1 I t. > "??'!. I'. ".-' f | I hr-?tm ?*f?, MMMimjg >H?yail, trade la rtll?e4 ??')%; p r?. aa (be rnantrr are at' p'wat and . ''leirjaa as1 baahrr -ey fot nw Is th-rs *?? fc?g, a?ea ta L oar,la,a aisntW to )..<t,iy all Us tr It ? ' ? u< %?" t. " g , i.v y ' regard of the on told blesslr^ W. ^ goo beyond all utter people ^ ,p~ A* ? sat ion, wepssi'^ all tiM inmii of pwHw and power. Peace smiles c w from all quarter* of the ftobe; a n>*krtal prosperity oa paralleled In the annals of the world us; our territory embraoes almost the entire oontlneiit; we en'oy widespread iowlllgeaoe and unlverwC plenty: we are happy, we a re free, and yet ? degrading thought ? there are th<ee among ne, who, re ?ardlenofall would have u? exchange three blearing* for the expected beae(ls of a Southern oonfederacy Are tbe enlightened and conservative people of North (Vrollna desirous of the charge? In. they wish, will they submit, to be dragged Into revolution and anarchy, and all to pl<sae tbe Mate of South Carolina, who, by her tnsaft rable arrogance, and conceited self-importance, has been a oonstant source of annoyanoe and dli quietude to tbo whole Country, North and South, for the lati thirty years I Win our people so far forget their Independence, and Ither manhood, a a blindly to fellow tbe lead of that Btate Into elwll war? Where !? the fraternal bond between us? 1* It to be seen In tre M If sufficiency and offensive air of superiority whloh the people ol that Mate hare ever esblbt ed to wards the peopla of this. In all tteir Intercourse of every ktnd wlttt us? We ?ay unhesitatingly, that tbere aie no two adjolslog Mates In the Cnlen whose people bare so little oomniunitv ol feeling as North aid South Carolina; and no one Mete that owe* urs to another t baa the former to the latter, but (nr people ore t hari tab 'e at d generous to a fault, and iu this la our danger, and against this we Intend to struggle. POSITION er NOKTH O&BOLIKA. A letter from Kaieigb, N U, *ajs>? Oar city Is excited bv despatches from South Carolina, tellug us of (eotssli-n movements, and Inquiring what we will do. Our p<opie bare bat one respo??? to make Tbey affirm unitedly their determination u> remain lu the Union uu .11 the ounrlitulion la violated, and ontU they have leaied the result of Mr Llnooln's election They will not he coaxed or driven into an overt not themselves, nor Will they couoU nanoe It la other Mates In a conversation I bii to day with Governor Ellis, he expieised tte must ca<ni and oonservaUve view*. He see* no cause for cxe.ltement, any more than tbere has existed for the past four years Tbe Legislature meets on tbe lihh The Oovernnr's message will aounnel moderation and devotioo to tbe Uu oo 1; will be firm In Ita decltra lion of flute rights, but will express the run v lotion that the North will be just and true to the South. Our Htale Treasurer, Hon D W, Ocmrta, warmly pro Mats agalnat disunion movements He will take prompt measures to ssaure your capitalists and others interested In our Mate securities that they will be pr imptly met, and that North Garonne will not avail herself of tLe ex cltement now prevailing in tbe extreme South to repu diate her public or private obligations Our Legislature, as >ou are probably aware, meets but onoe in two years The session whl -h oommonoes on the 19th bids fair to be the most important tbal has ever been held. la sddltlon to tbe question of s?eeest?n, which may be broached, it will hate to elect a United Males Senator, a Judge of tbe Supreme Court ot the btate, and three Judge* of the Superior Court. TRNNE88EE. THl JU?n.T 0* THE KLkCTlOtf? WHAT J?*XT? [Krom the Nashville Patriot, (I'uion), Nov ? ] At ihts moment, Wednesday morning, tbere seem* scarcely any room to Oubt that Llnoo'n ha* carried al most tbe entire body of the non alaveholulcg Mate* of tbe Union, and is the President elect, under the forms of the constitution of the United States We have warnet our readers <f the danger of this re salt from day to dav throughout the oanraas, but oar warnings have not effected the d< sired result We have warned tbem likewise against the danger* that threaten to follow tbe result of the election. Infinitely greater than any which have heretofore waited upon us a people? the dar|ers of bem* precipitated Into revolution and war We now think If Mr Breckinridge has received * large majority of the popular vote lb tbo cotton Mates, there will be an effort on their part, of the m <st serious and de term toed character, to secede from the Onion? a step which we regard, wl b the present lights before as, as synonymous with revelation and war The question as to what we of Tennessee and the other slavebotding States Itlng over aga'tst the southern frontier of tbe non slave holding States should de la that eveut, Is of the vary highest magnitude Nonesuch has ever been before pre sented for our consideration To our mind It is an ex ceedlngly perplexing on*; and upon it we do not propose I to offer an opinion hastily formed. We ferl that tbere is need for deliberation and tbe exer cise of tbe gr- jtest circumspection Reason and Judf ment shiuld be In v iked to lend their best light and ooun sel. We should do everything oona'strnt with honor and i rigbt to preserve and perpetuate the Union. We have believed that the constitution and laws, rightly Inter preted and enforced, would aflorrl ample protection against all evil* llke'y to arise under tlie government In an honest and faithful public administration upon tbe bails cf the fetferal constitution as It M, lies tbe safety of the Sob th and the North alike, and or tbe rights of all sec tions We did cot desire to trust that administration to tbe bsnds of a sectional man. backed and supported and rle vated to power by a sectional majority We have tur fear* tbst tbe Influences which prim pied hi* nomination may be used to Inaugurate a line of policy which, IT *us talned and cnrrW. cat, wo*ldr*snlt In icj istici suJ wrong to a portion of tbe American people, for our own part we are content to swa t tbe solution of those feara by the actual "log'e of events ' If they prove well grounded, then we shall resist that policy with just enocgh and Just sch force as will tuffloe to vindicate our honor and oar rights Since writing the above we have received a special message delivered by tbe Governor ef South Carolina to the legislature of itat Mate, recommending the calling a MHIUh of the p< op1" and Immediate seoeesloo To day tbe Legislature Is probably so gaged In discussing tbe 1 ??next best Itep " We have very little donM as to what 1 will be the result It sounds upon oar ears as tbs tocsin of war. We shall bear from other States In tbe ootton ' region la a dsy or two we appeal to the people of Tennessee sot to gtv* them selves up to pssloa. W* Invoke them to soaas to so hasty or rash ooncluslon Tbe day that tries men's souls is oosaing around sgaLu. Pans* and reflect, weigh and consider. viboinia. WHO CAtTED TBS EZCimnVT? [From the llaurfiU. Vi (ooMmtlri) OMtttt, Not. IS ] >7 the time the present eicitrmant la orer ? If U ever la orf r la our day? tbe republican paper! of the North, who bare made light of the real or lata which baa boon brought upon the country by tbe oomloat'on ami election of a eecttonal candidate upon eeottonal groan da, vlU flod that they have been playlag with (Ire, and hare nearly burnt <3 down the bouae It will requ're all the *??!, ooorage aad patriot lam of got*! and I'aloa lorlaf eltiaeoa to axllagutah the flamca kindled by Northern laoaodiariea la our political adioca TEHTIHONIAI. TO SOTHtNOS WtBB. A beautiful ? ilk flaf Uaa been aeot to ex bOTemor Wlee, from Richmond, to be preeeated to him aa Chief of the Mlaate Han of Prlno> aa A?> county. BOrTHBHN BiKI dmiMIKW. to rim n>iToa or m ninty an mm. It la currently mortal today ttat Vlrgtala notea are at a dteoouat of alx and eeren per cent In New Yort. Now If thta bo a fact, our only alternative la aa loatant rurpenatca of apecie r **? eata by our bauba Better Jo It do* than watt alnety da> (, when a tuapenalon wlU be Inevitable for want of fur 08 A Virginia note la latriMtcaily worth aa mik aa a New York om of time donom aat oa, aad thta <lrprecla tioa la little better thta nan .u.Ue wi WB t>. ihhh the vorihnf oar noleo by an pond lac *?'?ra the apecie la withdraws. Imandialo artion * tho tree rowdy. ALABAMA. Tti* nta or ai.*oaw*. fIVOBi the Baaiaomert A4rertiM>r, Wot. M 1 We are (lad to know that the "maMa aod matrooa" of Hoc tannery . enthuaed with the apt- t tbat aatnate.1 the womea of 'Tt, are makiug a avlennm lag. *" be prreeuteJ to i he Houthern rtgbia' men of Win eUy It la the Dag of Alahama Aa It baa bean deanrimd 1" a*, the hetanr la to bare a blue ground, and on ita faoe (be r?praa?r.tati<? of a ecttoo plant. Tb? l'>w?r port<on of the atalk bear* open bo. ii. the middle half o ?o, and the upper greea boila lutereprraed anmojt tne brati'iheo of toe pitta ere the notion binome, white and re-' aa to natira. At the foot of the (talk Ilea a reoreaetiletion of a rattle arakr, wub beadfereet aad #'H*u rait It a fba motto ia ??.AMi Mf tam^re " On tbe ravr-ao r* the hat orr |? the wap of the tMate. with the worl Alaaama acr ?a It. All hall to the (lag of * tabaoia ' tbx units stats of tit* aorrtr n? a blat* ?os -<trTH*KV rinht*. < From the M ? t?oujcry Aoerri ? r, N ?T 10] Our I'eorgle "Bttargri with to ua 0ile( w'th a or. -mate o' u,i rtUga of ettlaira oa >ed to take maaoaraa to pro Tide for the ae'i iy if the * utl< la a ?-oarate onofede racy The meet influfnttal aad reane"*Ma e'tia^re of Ol Tb .a tstra formed ? military nraariiation aalM tbe '?Xonlfctrr BrarVI," have tlonaeri tkr b t? c? kvt?. at! Serve that tbe Krplr* Plate of the SoatL Suit aul ?!U ht free. On wtih U>c baa. niATT MCU?B IK KWti '.t. tt.e ?rer-elmm (Ala) Rmr*m ra< ? n*t a lot of ne tree ? eome teenty W> thirty? aere fiat I at |uia* on the ?'9tk r.!t by tb? * t The prtnee ir ^irht wr? at leael l met? to Bfty pnr rout beioa i*r raitaf ??tae of l??t airiler. A frafi .oa neer SI 2?0- %n<1 that ftvr a ?ery ltk?ly OUew? ? aa tbe btabeet pr oa that ? a abtatt I A W ?*a?y joo-f eooac, rurb ae week! ba-e r rrmaeite ft MO to 11 <H)i leak 'all. tmdttit <* I a fkeottoa ?? ' SI ,6W T .?> i * e> *? U.|I aa Uie ?re?'-"y w moaey Wmwth!r? la ? Ita <t, but ar %? . -r-aaaama of a dtaa lotiao ot ttie bale* i a4 a?w Brifcita ?>! to Oo with it UKOiMHA. TPS Bat WO** Tin I a>?i?l ?-rt*M IKTALTAT >o trow tub v ?? u>.hm ki'lli t i *ti<?* <r*r*e. Tbe fell >wii<k t< ttiO hill (itt?;*< l tn tn* H?n?* of K? fn*?atat4??B, hit mhci S, b> Mr iitU. of Tuwut oti-r')1 ? Tt be rr.ttl aa act to Protaat tbe U ? du af tha IW'? , Of o. . I* Whtroaa. the errarkl "'ateo rt M**?erHo?*tta. ?few v. U'<ne, Verm ai. RhahO la .aad, Mmbigaa, W.aooa Bta, r?r 'SB) fraala an 1 t ? re -I'mt bit* ret*??ti?ho4 lea* wMrh are mar. fretly tuteaSad to vl<ilet? Itoetr ooaetlta t"r?l abtifat. <aa kiH'"t? a, iy readatu.n tlio laai ?>( , l*?' f* I ' "t nf-" ? n " " t iw tboeo ot<r?ain .a la<>i<e , r?ii? e aa<t r?t4 aitbia : r r>epaotlea junal c! ar [ olft/o n* th?'r ituPil o at.-ad of paea.rg 'awa I n 1 a i la '>e i*?? C >ii> f /ttlro aiaree, aa (nod | faith e -K.i l r Hutre, * iur of ka>d Matca hawng paawl i laee prr ' Ml" ^ tL t i* ? aad?r li^rr peoal ! lira (r ita al ti c to the read tt m of ftigltlre a ar?, M by I ti't lA jf ( g It r'liilB their ?t tn to, an l |4eni Tf tb* eon of tbet' ilia for the imrr'*n,imea* fui(ittte rtavM *v.d i Btaa<i i<g to ftigitce alaraa tl?e bene flu of the *r<t of habeae n*l?ne aa# trial ttr ) l't , (ton 1 it ar i to ??,. trii? id wat an l alanine / aafi acta of Uat ar ea at 't bartog on tbn trial "" aatd bai??a eerpu U>art >-?r?nrln'l the retea V r?"taece ?aV>liliSbe>' by ?a'k arte of Om-greee ar.- aetnug other thir?* ref iand to p*rniit written ?? ait'.'ia to b? ftroo tn erl i eeor aiaiibina-d b? ?*id aoU of Ooagnare. 'n naa i <>r Wa n nf % rug't ? ? , ttiarabr raooertng It tm poee ">i? tnr ib- nana m eatahlleh h<a claim tir h ? alee*- and tu n.a? of h?o flatinra W? do an. ha* I ti r ??' Ml rt?'uy. r? pre?i la aa wi nrt htm fbr t? r r foe having r??n aaid that tbe ataea a%? h? atdotlmra baytag aaalad lo Um owaor tno right. under heavy penalties, to aatM tata (lave wherever found by turn la snob mates aud earry him before a p-?>p?r cflloer, as provlotd by the lto* o> Oongress And each and every one nl Mid State* atiova mentlooel bav ng paiMO law* obstructing or wholly preventing ibe t?M linn of tbe fu* It v (lave law* pMUd by QuigraM within tbelr r?*p?tive limta la oue ?r more of Ibe way* above ?enttobed or otherwise. Therefore, Ac 1 Br n ? wtrd by Uie li?i>?r>l Assembly of the Bute of Georgia. that this rt shall t>e id roroe iitmii tbesevtral sum of Wa*rechu(ctts, New York, M?u.e, Vermont, Kb< oe Islao', Michigan. WMconstn atd r'<o btcllcui lium and alter the ll<(l day ?f January, 1MI, until eueh faithless laws (hall bo repealed by each nrptclTfly Sec 2 It after tbe flr?t day of January, 1801. tbe 1/ gts lature o' sny Stale, oih> r than tbnae mentioned In ibe fliet ecctlon, (hall Klahiisb or matutalo in foroaant law wmsh r iTki iiiftlv (Blended to difeat tbe la*? of On pmferU* recovers of fngltlre slaves, or ?bu h ?>0 itrue la their execution In any wav whatever, the Oover nor of tbl* Plate (ball upoo (uttlcienl evidence nsne a proelan atton (Utirg tbe 'tn(; and tbl* Act (ball be In force against *ncb State, from the date of th? prociatua tu.n, until such law (hall be itptaleU by (uch laiuuesa State 3tc. 8 If ibe officers or the people cf any Htate shall, b> Illegal interference or action, contrary t.> tbr la?s of Gngrte*. prevent or defeat tbe recovery of any fugitive Slave, tbe properly of any nltlleD or UinaUlltnt of (Iwr via, the Governor of this -<tate shall, ap?o sufficient evl dence, M(oe a piocltmat'on staling the fact, and tbls law (ball be In force against tu b -(tale ui. til the proper au thorities (ball rautie to be paid to tbe Governor of Geor gla, for U>e uae of the injured party, tbe valus <>f the slave or (lave*, wbose recovery waa pretested, with rea (onabl* oarages and expenses Incurred Id the attempt to recover (?.cb dave or slaves, which seveiai sumo shall ho Judged of by the government, acooidtng to tbe bed evl dence he an obtain. Sec 4 (taring tbe time that tbls act sha<l oonllnno In force ((ml u*t sny Stale a* provWed In 'line* th? ileal. secnui> or tblrd sections, every person who snail el tin r by blip self or another order or bring Into tbls tittta, 'or the pur|n*e of (ale, or us own consumption, or tbe ooo ssmptioa of another, or sha'l soli, an, article *b:uU he may know or believe came from nltfcsr of tbe 'tat<s above m< ntluned, or any State winch may hcea'ter oe embraced in ihe previsions <>? tbii> act by tbe proclaota tlon of the Hov^lnor ? whether pro nets, manufaoturt *, Imports or otherwise? sfc all pay a tax of twenty dvo o, r cent upon the value In Ihle State of all such aril- leu Tbl( law is oaiy to tMcomeoperatlve upoo eaib aud every such ar icle or thing a* soon as It Is Commingled with, and bee* mes a part o! the property of an? person ar por sons within ibe State, and is subject to the police regula tlOLS thereof He*. 6 Each tax collector and reooiver of tax returns la this Male, (ball lase tbe follow U# o?th in adUlton w the oaib now pr>?-ribed by tbe law u> wit. ? I ( < i ) tu (olemnly swear, that I will be vigt aut and faitb'al iu tbe exeiDtl ? of at. ct, entitled an at t to urowcl the rigjv* of tbe people ?>? (Borgia, and that I will repirt to tin Grand jory of the country of wbicb I am an offioer, each and every pert" ? wlihlu my io<>wledg? liable to pay tax la (aid county who shall wtlf lit and knowingly uegtect or reti re to take tbe '<a>b prea? r bed by said act Hr?^ 0 Whenever tbls act (Lall tie put lu force araia*'. ant State tbe Tax Receiver sba i, at tbe next regular uui for reo?!vlt,g lax return*, to every ptr?ui (object to pay taxes, In addition to the oa be now r<> qnlieo by la*, tbe following oaib: ? I (a B ) do solciuulj swear that tbe account which I now give In l* a J nt ain) true acoount with tbe value, aocording to tbe b-tt at mt koowltdge and belief, of all tbe arliules whicu 1 tia.> slere the let of January, 1MI, either by my tell or ai other, ordered or brought into this State, for the pur pos> of sale, or my own oonsumpttoi, or the &>n?uio,i tion of arotber, or which I have sold lu tbe 4tat< ??t (Georgia, koo? og or believing at tbe time that tt> v >nae from or were inaiiufactored 'n the ?taun of llw-i. I. i setta, New York, Maine. Vermont, Rhode Island, M.rhl gan, \Vi(ooorin, Pennsylvania or Oonnevticut a fur the uate a'oeeoaid ire 7 In the event of the Governor shall by hut pro clamation include other States tbau those emir; ntte i or by bis i<rorlamailoo absolve those now enuni> rat> <1 In ?? cordanre with the provisions of thlt act, U (LtU >* in duty ?>f the Oovptroller General In an anntal cciilar to the several receiver* of tax return* to this suwi or ofteoer if ntoesaary, so to modify tbe cat r - 4 . i ? l u. the foregoing section a* to embraoe only U " Platen In cloned in the provisions of this act during auy pa t of the yea r. and fur the time ihey have be?n so tnelmtal. Sec. 8, if aut perron or pe'*oas (ball mfim nr wilful'? aegitcl to take the oath or oath* required by this act, be or tbet shall tie guilty of a unsdemiam r, an l i d (vl vi. tl? n (ball be Petri at the dtf'-.reu m of tue Court And If It shall appear 'o the Oourt auJ Jury un the trial ibat - ich Certob b?a, eubtr by olbi*elf or *c. thtr, orlenwl or roogbt Into tills Stale, for the purpoee > f sale. o> inr nt.i own copsuin|.i>oD, or tbe oouiunopiitn .<! another, m l<aa ?old any artlola which ho knew or btl'evoU ean from an> State sgaitst wblcb tins 'aa na tt>^u In ; force and during tbe time of tut operatl 'i, a ay , ait'des ?Mcb were subj<cl to Ukati >n by tin* ac.l. | (ci 1. fact Iks ' be dated by tbe jary. tofeibor wi-.ii their probable value, and the (ourt sf > I u? n an a' "t '>*1 Bee at its die. retlon, wbl h lliie (uail nediecu. . i <y tic party , ii ' wbom It Bay He adjtidged , b) takiuit and (ubcrrlbisg tbe oitn* provided b> tbis Act, an t par lag into Lourt the taies d .e aroordhug to this Act, * iui all legal cost* lr.currrd on *a!d trial Sec 0 ft.- taxis ar ming under this tct Shall be eo'leol sd In tbe same maiiuerai otter tax's of this iu aud tbe net prooarda aball be a part or tbe Umiir y Foad Sec. '0 It after il Ant c k> o' JuU. 18<1 a?} Slat-* ?ball mbjeci hcr?.if 1 1 the ar??i?Miw of tbia act. ?< n> citl.-.I to th" Iblrd a i lion, bv .1-1 at ibc r.j. m t A a fng ttlae a-ave ot iliivtB, ibt f? .verntir of tl*'* "? .to eliall eail not aurh ah'.u. ? Ibror aa b? dr - p (nr, ??>.? ?b? l canee i? M m !? tl *' '1 WUfed a iu!',;^!eut ai'M, jf tt? property of each 1u?U?, or of tl pr ;jerty ? * ?ar nilaen* of inch falthliaa Stat. , wb .oh may be blind u i?? .rg.a, to cover the Um at J dama*. ? of the np m awoh ?laTP ar aiarea And be (ball natlfj the Gororoor of the client! icg But* of auob aalauro ana 114 obj.wt, and II tbe ajtfcnrltlis of the ?flhadiag Sut ?ball sot, within thirty day* of th? tin* of -l> nr.ttOrailon.oaaae luch alare or BArea to br retu-aed to lh. ikirernor of Georgia, or tbo twue of tbo |!are or atari* wboee reeorary waa prevented, who IMMM0 > dama(N and expense* incurred Is tbe attain, t to recover ?neb alare, to be paid to IBe 8o?ere?r the >a?ui m ne Judged of by bin, then It (ball be tbe doty -f tbe 0 iv? aor v> oooBacata aad aall la aacb manner a* be may le> in beat ?o mn?h of laid property aa will be anQlclaat to in demnify tbe owner of aucb I oat alar or aian-a. *ic 11 If after tbe tl rat day of Jaauary. IM2 any State Kbail ?ni Jaot bataelf to tbe peorMou of tnia act, by maintaining Id rnroa law* which are maolfnitly '0 taoded to violate her oocailtotioaa obllgatioia to Wear fla, aa apatllleil la tbe praamble aad Srat or Bexi-d aec ion of tbia act, aad tboa wilfully pnritat la lb< lajirr or deatrnttion of oar rlfbla, tbe Oorern * aliall pi m lab a proclamation of ibe fact, and from tbal date ao Brn of (orb cflocdlai Slave abal be entitled toaue laanv of ocr or orta, or to bare tbe protection of any o' the lawa of tbia Slate, and all tbe prmnalnaa of tr>< peaai code of tbia 8 late, t be per a aa | or tbr property of tb? on zeua or aueh >'u: lu tv* J Bute, are hereby rrpualed, ha far, aad ao tar or.'> aa t ..<? cltluoa of (ucb S'atj are coac?rL<-d, from aad a 1 r it., date of aorh pr-M 'anoatim and rntil tbe aflaadlBg SUM abali rapeai tbe aa I law* intended lo no at' our uoi atl latlccal r ghl? ? a af <aatd. At.4 It ihali be tl * inly <-f thei jfireruaneM of tbia State, ?o moa aa he ta r,f*) ally U lorn ? : by tbe U. /eroor ..f iccb dtalo tbal ? nC la?* an repealed ty aald mat), to 1 muo fci* pr><ai > r pei. '>ng thi* aacti ? of tbia ar.i , ao Ifcr aa it .T ? ?-? the cltiteaa af *ncb State, ud r # ot .B| tben, to lb>: prow. I tint of the law* of tt>? ,-ute ?'rt 12 Mbtaevrr tbli a> ' lhall go lo'o 'orr/? v ?<< leg t" ai.y rf iU aereial |'r.,.,?K)oa, u>e Qawrrr ?!"?!, at r before tbe t n.?, pur- .?: * |ir'?.lam ,ti- ? if lo faoi ai l wt?terrr tbe cauee or ranrtw Kw th? en'eee. ir.e ,1 ?' tb e act aliall o?a/e. mctxnHtg to '.?* ejv* -icat <?* , f*. 8rr??nor (ball pabtlalli { ??.amrtl* tu? fa n. ad Mall <ha?* tb<* aei ?. p|.-t.r. ? aa to aa) ?? < tMa M : vbr II rt li'rt* to ibe aMlitui pertvrniai. ? of !? n>??tlln ' tl?oal nl'iigat'n.* to Gei.rg a Sea 13 And ba II farther caa. t'd by the aatMrltr j afr-r?a'J that go -Hate, r?n r?r 0''rpa??t.<ni la* ?k*'l be >mpo??<l or colk-cted la thta State, uimn ?a r g nil war. 1 * mc n a afa< 1 i.ed lu any fc'iwg . o jt try aad iirfwted Into tb ? ?' aia a^ier the 1(1 1 -ta\ o^ J nary, 1M1, tbrauffc U. pcr* of arynf tba Soataan. Su ' ? .?t tb'? UiiN-e, p'fiW tbe pera.ii or p r? *? - *.???? nf. or wfc ear ar> ? ne o wl ?acb t?o.l?, w? ?- >' m> ti haiidia* wi.l aaear that itey were imporUid J.rr 17 fr?tn af ita'gn o?uul r) through a SooMhib i?ert la u. State.>>- ? '? ThK 1 arwui "f t?? A* M lobe tti <? an a< t to I '*1 ?? f?r Ma m ??a* <r'?r re of He -all Jba.ri a, aaU U> a, . * |*W*B**? Ibr 11 *aoii ? .. 1 Wrn>"-a?, tr * yrot* rttoti of the rt*b>? an<| -j ? [ -eaerfm tka ni tb* i.beriK ? >.f the people m?'i ? ftlfHe that | the Slala *bwil<! he pltv..4 lb a |>orterf . f . ) <1 . fkLM , I 8rc L Be it tfcdftf'wr'aa'ilM by tbo laMto a?d lanaa ? 1 e State of ~ rg . to '.l^ji ???! - b? r? by . .^u-1 b? an* -ttr if ' lane. Ib*' iv- * " r " <,"' m * " 1 *n ? "* I ?an be^^l av?r*P? * a aHl tary r 1 11 j j<ai Itfl, tcbaaik 4 br tr ? . r la 1 u -a?a Mr ae ba ?*7 deer Heat, t? the J> irp- ?c of |la< 1.14 tUa 1 Mala t. a 0> ndHW uf <bfet.fla. r.e II Aad be It furtlK-r >ra tec > y lie a ? -t That, ?vrnld threw at asy time be a 4ef leti. ? *i n. 1 ? f r, th>' 1'. aaury r.ol otb'"? >? ai>rr. ? ... ? 1. b? r??eary to r ?? t i> whole artap?tatttti>ir!la? ad.tkwMli art>raanatlno, thaa tba tkrtaewor ?-? %? ?> '* bwwhj ?titt r ? n aad . r ,? .. ??! lo ae ... in n< i > tiate I tola ?f tbe Slate, -if r.e I in-*' Id 'ar? . a \ !?,*' ? l? t.|y vrara Ma f ate b.a*it>y at* p--r aei t m Irnat, 1 ay 1 ?? ?? ' aetise j, am c 1 ; >iu. he 1, u. Baca ar > aa n ?> t.e re^riatea ??> r.i?^'? a., h leO. 1 -ry aaoiMiA ? - in The fo.ira tig art* are u ir< *t?j i.aa ,%-??. - 1 n;a V. t aa ... 'a.rtc* ..? ?>a> -lam a.- 1 riged ?>? 1. e 1 lerhiaat >?? t B". w? to arm awl *-i?> f? 0'* I a^" * I l> " tb tbo lal .1 a., i u. tl a. u?aii waapona ffc -*-t >o?t ihoara aii>nn' i ?ita.-t? , ?? r avlraa ta a n> ,,a t "r a.lj In a. .4 Wf Ml Iff Ibe Sin." "at a mnrratl nrt , ae# 11 1 i to at rnr af .e at ?? 1 u4 ?? *" a nelo. a -n fr tn> ? ?? aaeaWf N. a; aaad boma a ? o caai.ol fa*D fa Hi* una I'laKl A>. >T*T tr?.n Ar tSK C'? ?' Tl tSTTnr C " t ttfiow, ?r tp* "TaT* or irw *. v il he u ... ? ui) it u l ?i.u.i. 1.1 ioc m v day. I?'V S, B' I #r?t ??nntng fa- tbree a?.-.-e 7. oao|ra pratttnr of 14 at- 1 aa I he* abpbnnr ra .'.-t l "*??>>? a alU r.i a tr el . , I ?? . ia< oB lor I. I4u.^ a ar?*i . lea trial f??lhel t^lhbi tl?o planter* of It a ?.,|tl err Statee H?r aitt,? t.? 1. at it ( ivaitribuue t-v ' * r M '' a en er? imw1, t'beeal will he a'.arde t i r tb? I -?'? ata-r<irir.? tp rt ory r'rpar nrat %/, la^eatr ?l art ft ? |T^el.l ,.rliot ibf mm u ?/e t,? pair ????*"' *' a ill naal aa-' pren^ial a? r .reittire, the 01 ,? ? rttieet ntpoft trail.- af tba treat atai '? arndno Of tt Sr nth w -lb fThti'lr ? nta f " r*. Ibe |*rt.'iii*r" "I J Btlwwa ?aaatartnena, V- aatta Ir. elne?e ?..?,? f ae f-it l< Wrtata, aad to r>e- ?t? tba etar tard nt ea. hh?.-- rerttf rrrar.l Boata it.^.j?iet? and taternat .-.a ' a ? ? The Orel felt of Mw ta'r will lie ^rented I ? thi- aahlhl tlaa aad ra^e . 1 |.?f /C ai 4 S? . Ihert. aiaan'a* wa 1 '*>?? ?*.?rirao ehtp Henry will ea-t wnb a ra , fttee , grme* tm Ap'W.-tti rm Uie J6ia Hat f-.e Sar\ ah d real, *? fated by ibi< Rra Jne fih n..rnt?ra, .;>aiaa a 1 p. f of ih" ??tele <4 traiina..-, m I^m, <)"* ?? y | Franca aad Bwllaeriaa.1, aipireaiy Ibr Mie uhlBl*' ?? aoJ of It. lib MfV mat, Southern trade, which will b? for iu I* piukn, mer chant* an* wleitiv* daring tb? cib buioo drcona ?w> o? tbe fair will vuiBiaoa prMraUoai o lb? pldiltiK g, ftrni, (irdtD, orchard ?li eyard. b'Kiie bold and dummic uimufai iur<a, uiecbau wa u<i Im arts. Agriculture will be ibe iradlug and attractive fee lure of tbe eabibil on. wwifnu g ibe n r? at atapin pro luola of ibe Mwuih ? prominence itur before omof'Imi ny aay agricultuial oifatiiBaiiou on itiio continent. and ei >?ailug ibeoi w> the pealtton which nature aud naiuit'* Hod da ?l|tu< d Tba Cotton Plautx>?' Oocreolion or Gaortia Bead pwl Utg to vbt ir *gi a.ulluial brother b.MXl Himiiabuul tba Hoi tberi. aud s uiL * * t U-rn Siati stuid ?o fuvtuikm to lb la lncu*lr lal Ow gren* Wt* urge yon t. ? cotue, with y.iur niUoi b?l>?, both I' ng ?bort and maple; your sugar uogebwada, ?Bclurtr (mill, rlc* Ufl'i'i? ol every pruduc lira of tba lanb Bring from '-tba laud of Uxor*" ibfl gulden fruila of 1 be tropic*? meat your iwrt i.f tb- name ?octal puraoil id *<>rial ui l< o ana oom|iare the luaumu* production* i f mid and m- unuin land* Cone, ooroe, aid b? in ari uslut l? action mine moral and I lie lectuai power* i bat eievaU> anil agcraaoiati a ponyle Motbtra and dau*ble< * of tba tiouib aa invok" your aid abi zta oua ct> operation In ?n unWrpr,*u lia<. ni?im? the ii liuenoe of woman url ua Uidilc the hope that you will rome lb Ibe kpirtt ol pat' !? tin devcttaa to tun tu duttrlal altar of a oou<tii> u itanae, >u I bring tome free, wtu t Bering of youi ?? ill *> " approval, w nn tue anaur aide l bat evnj attkc. e of ion it flihioiti-1 *111 1>? r. warded One of tb>- ctat> f nhji"ie of tol* f^wveut'i'u la to brtl g I'.lru-i to i?.e ua k <te <?l tbc *?ith *un cne?pen to your rae ibe rich hi d lit*. trim* ftthnoa of the fct'i'-m world, which will br on ? ihiniiiou ?iMlf>r sale at our fair In nil their beauty ai d (ptaoYtOf, u riuhaoge ioi tuo gri at *l?p!e prwllii'. i ibe -oiith , Hi ?l bar i>e?n a<> loug an J beavlly tan ?! U> aopplj jour warn* aud demand* C n - : we r< ptal Hi in wattnn, and )uuv ?ivoe, nv hi ra au? nn> r? t? I'U'nurtu* k) v oof approval aud intlm i cc itii* ?-ui' 1 1> m<? iu. t kii- it, 1 e 1'euuua oi a ?>ai am rr w t>} , bi "i i .1 ibe ne? of ?!?' ai hfe, ai << build up v iir > Uf ' ti , iu >? anil v ??f iiu- South |4f cbao ic? in. 4 i?**u . ' m*I rtr*? i?or Kit* ?*< no i C n ?h|f ?l- ? xfntMlw ii n *^hlti?ry of cwy ri? n ,r ipti ?r? t I ! a roK*|lfi> ii?v*iil ?? b, ni??'h%iii- i hqi iiir**> ? j | u ? 1i.\ itr , w Ui f ft > t>f ti u |?r ucti >mi t ? -?u ? * h ?nl f?o, ? "I iillor . ? rurt* oj?i> rttiuiiy of j mii ?? j j *ir*i)ufc l" tL> I I ii'?- pro^>tr? t aiilii ai U iu.ii >jUJ ; Iu ' Itf-JM* *"* | MvtUi?*ui* ??( uthiTt. lun ?!Atr y t m ' f II Hi |ii< t'ubtlljf; fill Mil C'<af ' 0 ?!? 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Mr> iu the Mad K^al Ool > k- of Qeorgla, at Aug> *ta, wl I dallver'aa addreo* oi tb- Agr| cultural Hctiiurcn of Uao'iiia durilg tho tliird w ik TI1K KNDORfeERS OK HELPER'S BO<)K N >w ll at Mr Uno Id la nlajtad i're?i ao'. au.l 'III have the dii,- ?ai of *n ti ? frdi rai fa r ? -i. agfs W\?r tbc till of Mar. I. Beit, a* WCl u 111 r < . tl n of a nl'iutl we ib'nk It well to rt<'ubl|ii the nam ? of all tir?< i>?r lOa* ahu tti<M*atd, or rwm mm 1*1, or ?tl>*<irib?d nut ? y tu i re (Tale, Help, i 'a tr^iw mabli bo a, ' .'i- Im' pen U f Oriai* ' The a|?poinii? ut f aoy of t itiwe lueo ta f (Hce W I II 'ili'ue toag'<at ex'CBl VUO el'ara U-." of UiOoiO l aJiji'i.i*tril!..u of power ? Ci MMrrriii w> ntcmivi Wm H Ai r.u t rwnrrr, 1<1 - * ?? |i m* V w York S K 4-i?u>n, Kmi Wm ftuiiu'MM Ht'lm.ora * p*??'pf? Kt , Pr?'v mom-* I.. Cl#pb?n* W H ibooiw, I'kU* M Cl?y, Wu M-n*U ? w- ?"irv , \? inrr|'.v>n F P but. 'f , ?<? Umiui CbsrhfW Fikll. 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V*?OB?l*?nntlr lH< tl Ali rt r .? 1, NwVn, N J #? | yumc ' " (>r '?ntVarir v V M I ttaiiu , H'fui ?Hk?rh?rr, S Y ?t"irf, ktrfW, UllM'tM. N J BlvlMr. J"tn A . Bnyr*. V V lu H. T , Bn"4 >*. Y iW I f <n>l?, Br<-ktya, W Y loo j fb !? ? Y ' R fl ' VltiMA, P? .... || la., v V K??fnrt, K I. |0 j ? .?*?.??, J ? V- . . i y ... It ? W k' n ? . A. -?iu. N?? %'??? k r tf . I1 W *t, fbi >lnw A'Waj/, N Y Ii A?r t, Tbi^nir**, P'Jni' l'? w ?i K ,ui i**'* a . ckiiki'iiA'A, .... n I m?ft, B .ItaN R Ai'iKf, > Y Xoo , A A ?. ?, 8 b . ?- ; ? C . ?!?. n D . ?I0. K K , ?Jo ? t , ??r, Surrt) c*f. i I' ! B ? * W ?u turn, ivi . . . . 1 1 1 A ' < I t>> B. K Bntokt, Ifivff f Bit % B . m jd, v v , ?3? M it<j UI^FIVITITK IE0JLIK1T II HHW \4iRK. f if. rtftnt mi ?>i? >?w lark ?!.> 1*1 In Ftfur of it r t nlon ?f (lie *??<??. IMI ? ?r1?cl n-irjlxf d( 04' Bi II to.! tat tl ?,I M? winnliM M tb? N t? Y-rk H ,t 1 t> UV" tnti O" ' I *??uu llif |?krtln? ?r ? ?r ??I fl< ?i? mx i W , l( | kill Hi Mlkyldg tb* ?( I hp pv VI <) ? Itiil 14r 11 r e?U it/ Am.). i lk<4M f)?(r?.l wm .??f W r.rrtr l, FJ'I , Jtu .? Db^ ,^wr <?i J*r. ?? kwof<? ?M f ffmloit, akttMMU**j,Jr ,tu K B?r?, W B Bro?o? ???! r *1^ ?ry 1U k ' < lui# WM mM kf itiAN of U? |'.Hnr,c| rf Mil ?r, ?rb?? I wM ttiO M kqiD* Hflf ptrknr*. fr It * . j. ' T 'rowt, - f >f 0 ik* *>. ? rf ncjr mrilti '' * * .>it ? i -? r.fcrf Obk *%r .mi HanA. ^'i*'# f?rm?U S*m ' Stw Yn?C, Kit It, 1k*1 ?lrw rf tb? ?tr I- II ? t ? , ? t ? t :j r.?1 br iti"'<r;.t ilitlnn ?h? afrr? m i?? > rnt iif 'V !. ti I ? I. a i ft. > r? 'MwiM nn Ifco OOtn r) . It b M b'?^? I ?tr J by MTiirtl f r?atl *<Oi g*atlemeo oftbiaoMv. who took to the ooweervatioo of the Iboeral Uoiim, that a prlnlt meeting -if patriotic aod oni irrfUifa cltlsen* ibouM he held for ooosultaHon a wo ? be present criiii, aiad tu I'sviee ? hm mode a f ?il?? la( lb* eilsltpg sgliatloe of tb? public mad ud reitorlug <ju>ea ltd confidence in i|m oouu try Ynu are therefore rrspnctfuUy Invited to attend sueb a ' n>?et>ag on Friday (to morrow) evening. at elgbt o'clock, at ihe New York Hotel Respectfully, < our?, JA*M MOVRJC. It *u scar nine o'clock when tbo met ting was called to orrer, Jsmee Dtpeysier Oguea, fc'j , being e tiled to pre side ? ? temporary Chairman, and Jamea Monroe appolnt , ed Aecrtlery. Mr. IIo?koi then ilaled tbe object of the call, and, though It was oot known whether all present were favor al>le to tbe call, jft It wa* more tbe deelre to ootalo tbe vl? ws of those prrsent, In ho|>ea that some MT.irt might be male u> secure any Mate- from seceding aod tbe safety <>' the I'nion He alluded la strong t 'tus tolbeetirl* he>ig mane by the Northern aoolli inailst* an 1 8>ulbeea "re .?wrr to favor ibe secession of Southern ritetes, and I ? b'r.h be was confldt pt would be tbe reeuit <o caae of tbo ? lectloo o( Mr Lincoln It waa evld< nt to every Must hie man that a most lamentable crisis waa 1 at hsnd, tw lb Norm aad Mouth; and It waa esaeatiai It at prngnpi steps should be taken to a'lay tbe I eicilen ei.t in i b?- North aa well a* tbe * ulb Wnat was ? at ting, he felt, waa tbe nontlouanoe of tbe Pntoo, and the\ must make lorne effort to secure that object by let ill f their ?? mbe-n brethren know tbat ib?v will stand by ibem In tbe support of tbelr o?nctitui| >nal rights (t ?w lor Lim to ?ey tbat aboil iloo'irm one tbe c lire n' thia terrible cslamity, for that they knew full *el , and II waa intended by tte followers to either se cure t*e 'retdom of slave* or bring about a dissolution. Ii w*e tine they now fairly met the issue. He be'leeed n ik* InstlHiiioD of rlaverv , and If with the -tooth a 1 h< ic ptand was now token, ahoiltloolsm would be driven k fri nt sccompllsblng their object and the Union saved. | ' ol Fn.i kr elated that befell a great MltafeMMa in fr? tig ibal ?' me SM|S were about u> be taken to. If pot ? i 'c rurure Ibe ocnrervatlve people of tba South that 1 1 * Nortb had tet entirely deserted tbem Ho felt noud it ? t <h t there were st tbe present moment either *i* 1 o- ii *? l Sutes ? bo stood resdj to secede, aod a laments m< r r's aas abint f> take plane. Tt_ abolitl misis of >?>e Nonh had but two objects Id view: the ? nnlil | n niton of tbo fugitive S.a?? |law," and "no more > ntf 'erritiry " But It wan for tba Northern peo 1 ilc, lavorab'e to tbe tnatnutlota of the 8tuib, 1 rtatd b> them and ad In tbeir suppoet Tbere was vi rj probability of a general Hontbern Oonventloo onrn ' i n?i ol ut i> faler from all tbe "outbern Mat's, aod wbat | rl.ou'd be dore Nortb was for a like Convention to be called n |iveei of Noilbtm coiaervatlve men, in meet with I iteir on i hi r n brethren and let tbem know that they m oii'd t?e elded In tbe e aiutatnanc* of tbelr rlgnts ?.id ip tie protection of th. Ir s'avea and properly. I alluded to Ibe abuse that *as dally poured In uiMin the N'Bti erners by tbe reoubilcan |*(i?rH t f tbe North, wbtab ' j.t to aggravate tbem aod crivu tbem Into aeweaion ; Ftrr)lhlf>( that wo ild bati a tendency to Increave the U? m< wa* setaed opwn and made use of, and tbe Sntitb ? ae cmpe'iee to take mn? steu to maintain tielr honor. Mr Momm a said tbat be liad prepared a Serb s of reao Irt'ops fa*orabto to an or?an'*?tioD. aod which bad for ita i hjert lite nallioy of publl i w>?etlugs In favor of al>ay ? v if i<?rible ibe unltement existing ?nd the safety of itel nn-n Alter reading tbe resolatlons he stated ihat, j a? a Mouther ner. he war well aware of tbe actines and ' ot urge oi the oolh There was every effort belrg made ? !? am n pi rb ail before tbf 4ib of March, foe it was well ><? own that when Mr. Lincoln enter* upon the dune* of ' n ? nffloe be would send down upon tbem tbe 1'oiiod Maun forces, and it was tbelr intention to ancompiah all j ?'i I re that period. He kaew that tbe maj >r llf it tbe 'otib were lor remaining In tbe I i >nn. bnt I' not, effort waa made at ! the Norm to rbow tbem tbat tbere were Uwunaods who eiAixi readv to aid them in tbelr Just rlfbta. He telleved Hat there w?rs ever fifty thousand who were eeasy ti rn.i- forth ann deiuunce tbe ohjecta of abolition lata, and s?y to ibe S utb ttat tbe compact made between tbe , ?iaur sba'l lie rx urod It was for them to say to toe i Hoaith we will rut down tbe abolltlonlsla of ibe Nortb, am )i>oputoi an the flree-aters of tbe Houta. If this e sccompilsh- d t ie Union Is safe. Mi ks tali ioiioae<i, opiioalng tbe resolutive* on tbe ' grot i d trat it wa* too late to do anytbiog to prevent so I oreiop. lie ktew well tie feelings of the Nnrio . and it a ?? one bl**? *f ?holltlonliai He felt tbat It was use i. >s to ditruire ibe fact tbat tbe Cnloo waa aiieady I ("i?r>lved Tbe c rd *??* broken, rbe Norta hail a I t'l rfert roetim -i for the Houtn, and tbey must be i It! ?l#t. lb New York, aa well aa In ibe New E flutxi v*' ? a"V)i|ttoolsm wa* the treat dootelne of > all Met v i it, rat nnd children were all converted In tbe I I* tb.sri1 I was n*el< es to etideaV'T to oouvince tbem uf tlH lrwrof f Meet 1p*s, in bis belief, would do n?g>od II e ot ld no di uiit lie just tbe tblug tbe repuliiM-ao paper* i wenid like tn see. fir It wo* Id give ib^m fool to reed oo slid beet ?p ibe fire arainet tbe Aiatb and aid i in tbe eocoa f >1 si mept of tbe destruction of tbe Union, w I thin sin v re s be felt assured tbat three Mtalee anvil P'-< ? ? .1 aad al< tb* raoetlnaa <aould 0<H H'? ln>-m,lney I ad 'lirtr (trio# at uir and thry will arine Id tbrre o?rn ? 1*1 or and n net undoubtedly hkkhiJ in ii'imw He 1 rUi i ? tt tllht ?'< .lb bad r?or? reaano 10 iUm lt>e r? j I i HI'nii parti M MRMlKlllMr tain mo.nn ' plrae, Mr Beearo bad proclaimed ibal Mr Lincoln, if r'i fiirl, would Oelbemdil ale?ery He ooiiolmled by Li i n* that ihr rraoiuiioi.* would not be oar r lad into ' efl-at. Mr W H Browne ad <r*??e.l ilia mooting . and ?u fol lowed briatly i>? Mr Opd?n. Mr Mori-m and Mr H'eley, wl.en atK)b a tni tmn of Mv Klnaley, It waa agreed v> rrf?r ! 1 1 - e liole maner to a out ml lite of Own. to report at a ' nt tn?eiirg what atepa bad belter be taken to a< .'oini'iten Ibelr olijui. Meear* Riaa ry, Monroe, Fuller, Browne end Morion were a juried, afier ?li i ll ibey adjourned. Siattor De?|lai in New OrlMM After the Klretlel. 'FVom tbe New Orlrana Bee, No? 0 ] Fariy y? etrrdey aaoroiDg the Hoo su-eieo A. Oooglaa let del at Ml'aaberg from tbe Mobile Mali b*?t Here be wae rerefred prteatoly b? tbe delegation appointed hy tbe rational democracy of Hew Orlrene, witn wbom h? t.? k Btmgnrt, and rafcr to tbe city on tbe ten o'oiocfc rara Tbe ^nr.ti >>aiirnln Railroad ternlaoe la tfele otty waa cM'Wjr ?! wlih an tan enae roanoerae or e Ulnae. and or the arrival of tbe '?era about after abnnt weal fum th nrandaof manly tbroata Bore be waa officially re newed aad pebl ely welcomed by tbe Boo Pierre SoaM, ahon<*i aa follow* ? Mri .lor liougiee, I welenme you to Ibl* our gr fat eltr, id tbe san ? of the va* aaeea.b age which you aee noo get | aird around you. and eat-retaily In tbe nave of th xe wbo bare frnght, ai.d fin (ht >>ra?ely to th? laet, la ihe oanee of wblcb job have been to noble, to fallbful, ?? aa Con proa la.Dg a cbaapinn ? ben the "yoaoa of power, the e*dact'o?a of prefer ment ureteral- prrjooion loelrrnd up by IfrecmriieMa ecP'tiWa aiid treee?>ii . under xbe garb of aecKonal pr'le an r .mini autr pnnlllira. were break, ig our raoka I ao< rarrjirf away fruta daaanc alio alkglimoe the t'.aid a' d (he an hmoee ih? rain and tbe weaa irtnde^, tbeae ai> Ht brartrl frteada of joura bare aumd berv tbe b- mt ?i .n. *?tt'? ?rii inrnr iil'Mi* ard a pa"aolry eh h b?re f n rnaodad, aot oalr the reepi ctfnl rffri, bnl lh? *rqea!'ded adn. ralloo if t'.'jee m et riea'y of> poai-d to tlirn. Aid 'l?y u 'ite ion ranij 'abed with ihr aar <? ?'>r dial |iy <h' ran - rcthnrlaaa *!tti wbl'-ri tkcy to., a tare aa Intid T?a TWtorWme Th?* are not anerr dlaheanmad by therttfaat tbey ha^i" Bit ir lb? mke My r*w,n*i; for tbry *no? that at rro.< a re?er aa that t* ebirh we wt f rilirte' ha* masT ? i rrr ?aro?" terMt ar <qnai ""aater, witioal i??i '* auy u ?.? in i i t,. ll. ) Imre an abidint fa in a U>e I bin ai d it, ap i? of fx' ehiada wb<eti an om nouaiy da'ktu tbe i.or.r m, iooj otiia t? "?? b i>- ibai y jr ? la '? n li J li Hi ??,<?? lii the ft. .ia la ot thena;."", your drr f?a, > ? or rati kit "i ai d tfc?. prretire of tital oak. of t ?' r> etid n t r ??l whMt llnmlual"a ymir brnw In tb^ ?l 11 tlir ui ireral may a till ? nableyin loarert li. rwrin wbxiA lhr<at*ia t<> ? nk In a epoim >a wreuk our i*a?w, iter pT'irnerity and our grretaeea ?<ia orieoiiie H e are |>r?ud to bare ? ou aa ovr ? t III thone rfaje of ahj et norrapiloo' and eordll rmaJitjr, we dmin li a bl?b prl?ik/? lliat we can lionor |o oor rbi-rai l?ufrr ibi ?i iman unoolluted by any of Mie ck.'.Ip trafnra leto wbfflb tb? b*f^iM |?> itlr*i Ireeia l?lr|f .ail li'?U dr|rMnl,^ii I eat ' nee qoefraanr of h <r rriei | " * tlie pnre, the u'lUioied dtisoorat? (Jtepb.u a. Iimiy ?? Mi 1? i |lea ?*ld ? Mr ( la'rrae. ?iih Wmdl rlf t N' w f>r'eana tin' kind t rra ' f my irietit aad your MtWlMMI ptan>? me ? ? ? t ? ?i i ?? aerd ohi i I ainirrjo-atu the ro^pt'oa ma ra?i rrnod le l1 ? ?|.'?t of tbie t?>er n| aad iitwb iac tale, and with a MM dartir H>ud bargtnf ovi-r oar r Mr) ra eeMled W> deprena Uir brartnt Ite pawirt, ?noma if at lh?re Ml yet b' pr *?r I or tiorho.i lam :li? * r.o lime oi>:? or Iodr?,?>o1 The br <bt pan * i' anoa iM? a>? 't"?e r'ouda and tee wiri 'a li li,)- aaii, ley i of a* -'" , ?rit*?nal, |i and foryitiieg ' ?? r narl'r I atr |r, w; I la iy aa ?e man ard ter >f. e iii nan ?* of oar aent try. iwit) AiiooaMfh aa ,i n t(ar liave !*? ' ti-raai t" 'be freal . , , , i it i n'l< .1 "ta ?. tt raliai t n?bt ?h.rb ite iirn icrary I.Mr made in tbe Sortbern -tat a baa m rurtd rt ,11 aaiktel rra it> ucli. (MM "lib tb? '? ui, t" || I Mr'P aad tile aim n,*lr?t. .a ?i ir i r iy ic ? "th II ? %? e 'if OMllMi ? at 1 1 ibrl b? ? do ? xb a II renete er in ait \ r-abta any att'rea t*f aty *tate of Miif i , , , .en i Ti> it bo time to oduif" la nrlail ral'm at'' rift' Tt ? ?" ? at ' ?? t? ? I'ree '<iaMf l ar m 'e<i. a?'i ? l b it aUi>w tbe aapentua which tt bala ertrrait 1 t peer ?? i 6 Tt ) M?l *? n irt n?rar i rget lb< pi n?* |.l" ?p< ti *o 1 1 %? ?land (Oieera j I i i i,.ake any >' riti n -t <tl priai- jde. Mea a ? ?' r- ??' ;> , lire, |* 'tij a- 1 er-rythiac. i l,e?'? ) lo II. ? (i i.ual th I, Win t>*a fla? of ttM V? "i i ir i a \>i ? buu M.'t nei a>oe by l?aacr**a oa Ute e ilitnrt tl elatery al:ll nthleaoaed rpta * " b*f or , . i, t v <i> 1 a? a a'* 'in ?? . o ai i-ae aad rer beAwe ?? ? l?rf. rt f " ** it, | aa* NM ? tmr (ore f'H , rt il greater e ard lb" aame j m to o i aorlM ? *r?a k r !rot . < /"l4 r t * trine a One ? i n> a it, waa r of no i eiitaa a (IJtn er? ) ?toer d ai^1 or *??? a ) I bare '? .a bo. I *du iT the 12 per?no,l ???P"nw?t u> my r",b.,trir n,Tur naa. ^ j?J rts.TK'sss'rcKffrHri believe thai If we are failblul to ibe eoaaillaUne there ? DO?rievaice wb'cb cannot be renwiieo under that ib sliumeiil ?Di) eitbin lb* Union. (Ch?er? ) if we ^7a true tooorselvea there IS no grievance (or which 1 la union Would be a rennlv (Cheers ) 411 ?e bav? w do to to maintain Inviolable every provision or ih? oooatl lilun, perform faithfully e very duty It requlrea, and lu nil i very obligation It Impoaea (< lnwra ) Mo long a* wo live nocer a constitution which is tbe auprcaie law ol ibe laid, It oiuil be aJrolulatered ao aa Wu secure tqual rlgbta, aqual justice and equal irotection to the p opie of all tbe *au>* (Cheers.) Tbeae principle* of rqnanty a rat mi cor flrcd lu tbrlr operation to tbe tJtatea alote. hut extend to iho Terrltorlea and where rer elae tk? AatrtHB "a* ?n?4 over Atn* loan anil. (Hieera.) Let ua tow bury tbe exoltemaut and as fry p isaloaa wbicn ba?e anaoKiaUd tbeaoaelrea during tba aooiaat. Ut aa i>> aaiilrall partisan feeling, aad act aa benomea pair ol* and tovirp ol our country. (Obeera ) Let aa ua te to put lown HeoHoi.aitsm and abil tlnalaaa and every other element of political aud aattoaal dtaoord. (? In ? >? ? l et du grievances, do embittered feailogs mpair ibe force of our t-IT'ris l*t ua pot oaraelrea lo eork to i. nue tbe government of tM onuntry from ibe land* ll>*e whom we Ihlfk UDWortby t?> a< n.ibirter it (i,ii<era) If Abraham l.ioioln Ul Pieabteot, abet harm too h? dot ( 'None "> There la ? irairrity xa i it bin Id thnrtenie and a majority Id the House el Hi preventative* H? tt powerlese lor mlaeblef; all be can do Ik to flli ibe < flirts, Bad there la a majority lb the tfetate in rt jeel thoae lie mimioati *, If they are not gordmtn (Cheer* ) He will be an objax;t o' oummlae ratii'O ani pltv rather than of fear. Thro why tbould we bieak up tbe ht *t goveri mini ln*t tbe auo In n* alrcult abound the i arih over ? bone upon, m?rely bnrawwe have beta detested in a Presidential eleotioaf ('toners. > I.<1 ua ra her rally with rco<we.i energy and dauotleaa Cou>?*e In ire performance nf our duUea, and reacue tba otm.try fn m ill ae banda In wbich H nuouid never hate beei' planed. 14 M) irtecda, T did not corne hereto makr a ppeech . I or n trade my apiMarance tourknowledge tbe ooiuoltmput of Ihia eonrmoiir crowd. You have tliltd mi with gra tliui *?, and I rt lolce the more at iho apirlt waieb ?nl ma i s you, bcliev ng that It meaua the aoaatltutloa ?mi tte Cl ion rather than a pergonal compliment to me.'' (tbeeia ) amid inmullaoua cheerio? Mr. Douglaa retired to bla rrv ni ard to privacy, (in Saturday evening Mr and Urn. Ikiuglaa will vlalt iho Upera iiouae oo lariutloa of Uio CoOimltUe of Arrangimeou. The Cuima Happly of the llaliad IMtaa [From tbe Uiudon N<'wa, Oct 10 j Th < American reimrla of nuton nalea, wti ob we hava b< forr referred to, a&><w *om> poluta ao leaa inairuotlva Iban the pareothetioal D"tWv of tbi Impoaalblluy of raia lt>g the e' nimodny any *? m r>- but to ib? l'nn>"i Htaien ? a nonce indicating oobroiouanraa o' what muat bapimn. Tbe pimngioua mcreaw lu tbe teuiann la of oooraa, ra laied with byh aatia'artinn? Ung'and alone bavlnf ra qnlred MO 1K0 bale*, iaal year, lo eiceaa of aay lurn er year The remark la that ibe oemand baa reach ed, If not eirwiod, tbu limit of an ) ply If it baa been ao In an extraordinarily faTorihie aeaaon, tho warnlt K to ua ti look elaewbero la aiundaatly clear Wa art lolo, alio, that there la a rtplrily inr.r?>asiug doneatle d? manrt? partly f om tbe Houthern Miatea, tad much more Irom tbe Northern There are uroumatanoea of lulereat about th a domeatlc demand worib aluadiug to. We need aay nolhlrg ol tbe facUiri a of Maw Bngiand. They apeak for the maeitea lo tbe diilualon of tbelr pro di.da Ibroi gb every kmnfa eocatrjr of the world A$ Cat trotn Burton found -'a xrrawt" (American ??dnmtMtet") in 'At ? Morn of (Ae gnat Luc he kat jt at dittnmrrtd tn Uie ktart a f AJrica, m all "tknr terrrtt'ial duarvtrm Kam found ike cnthm cUith of New Rmjlnt.ii wVreaer Ihe y werti miM i urt of finding tut trace of white civili?tinn. Natl va tradera carry tbem wherever there are poopta wbo wear clothing But how la It wt'b manufWoturera lo tha alar a (?tatea? It la welt koown that a long aorlaa of expert mebia have been tried, in hope of emptor tug alave labjr In factories and that ibey have failed Woi'o they were faillrg, and pwbapt lo ooaaequenoe, the 4outoera oewi ptfiera aid their public became more aauey than e*>r about "gre.aav mochanlw." "degrada)! trllaaoa," and ao forth fhey are growing wlrer aow, aud by oieara of a aucoeaaful ei|ieriineut to the way of a free labor factory A Charleatoo company , preatded over by a < harleston man or high character and tnHa ebce, ban tnatitutrd a enttoo mauuractum, tbe raaulta of wbich are aigulQcant to ua aa well aa lo tbe realdeot pi.pulatuin The report t' lln exultmgly. not only or c ita mercial atcoaa, but or a remedy being found for thadlra poverty and lifele*?ueaa of tbe region In which It ta placed In brier, tbe enterprlae hai ralaed op a middle claaa between tbe oa^ttaliata and the alavea Tba plantara ban bef re bought out tbo poor whlM from tba land, on the one band, and tbe preaenoe of alavea, oa the other, repelled tliem from labor, which, ta a slave Stale, la degradation. Tbo factory, ofieued lo a d.a trlct or poor pao;>le wbo bad neither land nor emplo) meot. met ibelr wanli prerlaely In this new occupation there was oo oounectloo wl?b Blavae1 en coipelltluu with negr.iea The wbitea weal to work, a? tb.-y rJo in the North, ae cltltena ado ,iii< a profeaaloa. Th?y have gone tlirou?u ibe prooeee of rleiag, till, matead ol "'J per cent of tlie >oui>g pe> pie brief unable lo ruad, U>? factory baud* bare readtsg aud mualo claaaae, lac turea and nbrarlca. Tbe director* are nailed upon, and with good rreeon, to rejotoa at the way Mag i""u I by wb'eh the community may leeue trnm lie dea pirate and oUrrwie" hoje-leea p'verly Ttir ro.ry ha* other o e 4 Int'-rett, but we are do* couoeri ed i nly witli tUa die cloture we tbna obta'.u of the oerta'n future decline, and coi a act prerai"ueiit(a of tbe cottnn eupply uf tbo Cetttd Statue Tbe ittr.e caueei which generate the poverty muet In time, and before (org. daetroy tbe auple cmiiiodlty of tbe oountry Tbe dtcl wore la tela:? In rplte of the reel exportatloa of an mdicpeneable ar ticle like eolf'B, there le bo comfort and aejoy meet? oo welfare ? among tbe lobabltanla of Me tagtoae wbleb pro duoe It. 80 ?ay tbe beat mea In tbe oummajiltr ? ?> aaya ?Ma report, aad 10 r.*y ibe realleee and dlaaat tailed poor wht'ra. Hnw la tliia' Tbe beet land li held by a email ?umber of plature, who may prwbeblr produce a large quantity of out too. whteh la lure to eell at a highly pro ?tauie rat. > But Inatead of llteee profile betag eo laid out aa to promote tbe lnduatry aad ooaeequeot ooafort of the oommunliy, tbe planter can do only one Ihtnf with ? bw n-oi ej? buy more land or m >rc alaree There le eo ! middle or artiaaa e'a*e around him; the arte of lie hardly I Mist Rrer> thing be war la Boat be prod used by ble own ( aiavea, m ordered fr m the free Kiatee Moat planter* Ft on wit i w tat oao be produced oo tbe relate. but they Import from the Jforlh.tbey sot noly pay high, ' but ei'lie the d eeatiafart ou of tfeelr aetghbort, aod are thrr aelrre Jieeetlaflco at 'hue eroouragl >g Uie ommeroe an ' maau'actnrae of the irte ttatee, aad, ae they declare, poltlat toe pro flu of i heir plaatatlona Into the poehela of tbe Yai k?re Our reader* hare probably eeea aome of the compla-nte per[Miu?|iy leaned on lb'? aubject by Houtlo ru ir.m We (ltd them In Ibe re[ir>rUi of toe itonth ern l> n men'al Coa*enti. c* which are beid aronaliy, I aad ia tbe eprecbie uf t*?i.tbera etataemea, and la Mr. | Heixra bf?>k,aad quoted la all Mr Mimeteo ? book*, aad, in ihort, wberen r the ituutb apeaka at ail oa her ; own ron^ t 'o Tbe loorr?act rrproach of the rtouth a> i rt the N. rth la that tl.e North grta tbe benefit of all the Indnetry aiid profile of the itotith To whatever I ? ib i.t lb a may be true, the rrocuee le fatal to hi hope of a rortlououa rott">a ripply To rid the neighbor ! h' Od of a po*er*v atrt" >u ai.d dtarepntahla diet lit' the degraded *hil<? u.o plet.tera lay '?ut moaey .a I bed land, or loek It op ta their owe eahatated *o|ta. they I wirt* a arge p'i>| oriiun In bad rocibid* o' tillage, aad in making ? ver>tblr< at b me; and If. after this, and after ' | a) I t B the mortgngra ... wtai-h a. meet erery eetat<< la rrr.iinb. ed , tin r<- la aaythleg left orer 'or inrnatroent, tbey buy eoretlateeor mure 'aa<" ? u? repeat the pro cm . i wane, as the returu <' pr"flte which tber can i cot er|< y. W? niuet remember thai theae mdividoal rich men ar? ro k-o aa i> He an lua, . rer ?bi? el^oeut la the 1 {M| lat a* of the i- r? Wlltf Of t i whitee ia the alaea [ Ma'W terra troth* have no rlevi e aud of the ->ma'p ng tbrre let ta* nearly alJ are la rie'it, more or tree Tbe elarte are ant aaMomere beyond their poor clothing, at ww iti g e I by a c.rreeprn ieat 'n oer ?>tnnin* rery re eerlly 4lm<?t every act of trafflu le oae or barter eo that traretier* for N' rthera hot)" a Old that there le aw money going about .mteide the plaetatlnaa Onai mrrce le dead, < \ that lw'?? n tb- |>?? ? ng houne aad tl<< port An / hbh rfal nan will eee al onoe thai a ma try |o ->rri n -laore.1 ran t '>t oiatiaae lo ee an ?a I porliar rum try 11 tbe lace of ai.y rlgor>ua con jatiiloa, , or even if hft U laown derHK* There le. In fhot, eo i bebtt nf mdiiat'v in the Houiliera oommnany ; a<ir la there, Indeed . or'i? ry *pi a? leg at.y commuulty at all. Tt.e l'0(-ee of ttt- r dltig U>e arr-> of ?lav?' cnltlratHMi by 1 ?a<-r *rb??ei utum loretffn lerr to ry here died out mora a>d mrii rapid! ? ' f late , ee a Now *a kar ta r<ee, ei'd tb< re |* ro et co'irafeoir-ot 1>r (iibaetere la the ilalf oner t' e? p. rot -1 Trie* tber' le a *f*y d-- rt, 1 wle?r ro eratrr I* K araai -ema I tefy to 'orhid ta I ? Iifii?tin thr ?> ? i the oc.y oi|.ef eatlet If theae facta Weie krtwe *? " y ought to S-', ?;,.?!* do KoglMta.aa a >?' ' n ne< r 1 1 > ?? mm it the tntee oroor cott-m maoe f?inri any k <g?r I ante w <a.ual -jetcae ? > mtolfeetly I d "iaed. }? the eyetem tbiuld V- rhaaged before It I* too late. I th> igatl n u> roetde e< r nwr raa mat rial woula it I !.<? Iirgeat. f S/e? it no * w?Weeer lint , under# pi??< e d/a. (t? Am,- 1 t nd'eit .*.?<*? eMjht ika de etaar'i < f (?' v. rid Tin tn-rodurtlca of wbtte labor I a tr i do it ar I there ta eo.Mng'n oottoa enltleeiina t thai wh ' ? raLti' t do hi that ollri atejwtth more eaee thaa mat y tbli i* tbat are 'Iol* b? wliKee id aU pari# of tea I r "'tie rma (Wt'oa ef the legrrra might dolt, a' d le-rU'ely "? Id il aeuilMf manage! (lit ta any j ru"-, tb?re n.uat lie an Interval of w at ant tone nn -er latuty Jt le re ly l,y the "bad l<<k" wbich attar la ? ?*' eirrt'l?ai ?at altlnea an1 .#| e- all} during tha :?< ir 4 Ihe laetitetloa, t !? (<larl<i* wdl be' rino , In a i ?? of t}at<!ti> ai d that ' had I'H* ' ?ear* f. .rw ef ' e a , y. "VHlJ at. ^ ?? a period of a ? rt a 'hi,. ,'fti M t ?? re <? ? I .... - . r . . - . i o?i , ar I rial .lain li la i kely ?. I hy a 'ta ?t???n?a r t>i.?r"*a m (tit en. l'r# al teet I ? elected the rai>Wal flf .'aa I r* 1 , iae wrath ae<t ,? t- 1 '. re e th the i ?T"T-? the eerv eottiert? <<-t of Ibe 'a#t w it tmiai p i igwi atira "f (4 t) . ni.t' triry /. ??%*>!?* pa** ilamilf fur Hftf l? .'if erfrMf ?a| '*e ? 'tt"l .?.!'<* f"T ~nttm if I He m i.fv e frmr r"i~ai f?wa>r, and VIM r? f iMr ewi iiew ? i ? e a ????.? mr own territory ' t a ' ?# e ar I ; e rfeet'VB of h? ?? weelth to landoeru 're , t lah. rer* *n the roloelee. ard I/. napttalMla at horn ff ih? laraM 1 1 rt i'aee from our detg*r were haM enl , , ' Id eo d< bt raa I rly arcept Uie<a If we r e, '?* vhrm beca'iau they are r-a*y ae 1 pr fltable, we *h*U r "a r | e*hle With m-'* than folly f.,r ?hf arlnat , . .(.fee ..{ f ,ur tnlUHiae of th.. ? f . ah pw>(,|e ifc-en^e "? e?r ? (iiatre t,r iare)etai.ea* in tbe i ree<t>l jutUura ol aifhira. Ion ta io yea Atoaatiira U rm.aa^rtoe, l'?a?oe>f ami t'ei i,r?t x ?> Kaoijum ? ar... ? 1 'r the lit of Jaa i ar t t ite pnetege npne In tell i?tl from the I'etled ? a. it ii> i he Of . ail mall, via Ui aud, to Be*e<a */r.?, r r aev other pa-t nf the Arger t ie (jn?i. deratloti lo the r.'-M a t f l>ra? SJ *' d to Mont. rid. ?|. or any other I ? it ' ? the rr | bite of Vnig'-ay. wi . i? In- raaeed to fo-ty nre eeete hw a heif rnaee Irtier, p eiiarment reqolrwd. ' h* rrreaaa.l r\te of |??tat * rn^.ie froai the 'act thaa -at. ' pratege Bfa.i' ? I' ?? a. nt i'am ibe l'eli'<? h teadi.w In eey o' the ?>*?** meaii.eed ra tatr re will I . re n re *? d ny tbe Br itiah ' Ilk* ua aa ! after the Ut ot jtttai;, li" i

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