Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 18, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 18, 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERAT, J). WHOLE NO. 8837. SUNDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 18, 1860. PRICE TWO CENTS. OLR MTI0\1L TROUBLES. OIPORTUIT rBOB 80DTB CiBOLHi Inauguration of Rerolntiaii by the People of Charleston. All the Shipping in the Barbor Dis play log the Palmetto Flag. The Vnited Stales Ensign Flying Over Fort Moultrie Only. Sole tnn Invocation to the Throne of Grace. REPORTS FROM ALABAMA AND MISSISSIPPI. THE VIRGINIA PROGRAMME FOR THE SOUTH Sepeal of Personal Liberty Law*, the Enforce ment of the Fngitive Slave Law, the Right to Carry 81a vea into Territories, and their Protection Therein. Fifty Thousand Free Negroes to be Sent North. Probable Suspension of Specie Payment! by the Charleston Banks, te, *0., Jfce. THE REVOLUTION IN BOUTH CAROLINA. Cuasubto.n, Not. IT, 1800. Tbe pec pie Inaugurated the revolution it ? teres o'clock thin morning. Our cltlsens are out en urnii. Oar lead kg importing merchant* hare ereoted a mammoth pole ?ear the Charleston Hotel, and the hoisting or the State flag on It haa been duly celebrated. The pole was made 9t Carolina pine, one hondred feet high, and inrmonnted by the cap of liberty. Dab lea were stretched acroee the ntreets to prevent the pavage of vehlclee. There was a deaae crowd, extending orer two aqoares, on Meeting Street. The neighboring hooee top* were crowded with peo ple Thousands of ladles of the highest reepeotablllty thronged the baloonlee and windows, war lag their hand kerchlera. Impromptu ctanda were erected, and the principal mercbanta took seats. The flag waa then hoisted, amid tbe tremendous cheering of tbe populaoe and the greatest excite sent ever ktown here. When the cheering succeeding tbe hoisting of tbe flsg subsided, Rov. C. P. Gadsden made the following prayer:? <_, God 1 oar refuge and ?t^#a., toe shield of oar help nod (he sword of our sxoellenoy, we oome before Thee to ?I press our dependence up%?n Thy succor, and oar need ef Thy guidsnee and defenoe. Tbe 1 1 Mr ties with which Thy prtteciion bi'ited our fathers being imperiled, we aak Thy favor and aid. Inspire us with oourage, with a spirit ot ??l facrilce, with a lore of law and order, and Wilb dependence up>n Thee. Bless our State, and her sister nates, In this grea* crisis. May they net as beccmeth a moral and re'lgloua people. Ooaeecrale with Thy favor the banner of liberty this day bung in the heavens. May tbe ?lty orer which It floats be in Tby graelrue keeping. Shield oar com mere- on the seas, and protect oar homes and firesides May agrteultui* bring her store* to our mart, and order and qelet abide in our streets, if it be Thy wiIL Avert from our lend the borrots of war; but whatsrer we may be called open to endure, be Tbos oar fortrees and de teor.e. O God I our lathers bare declared unto us tbe n*ble works which Thou didst in their days. Continns fhy gc? dness to us their children, and make ue that hap py p?..ple wb?ee good Is the Lord, through Jesus Ckriet, oar Redeemer. Amen. After the prayer speeches were made by Messrs Barksr, Itoberteos, Oanneau, Hammond and Northrop. Hie Washington artillery paraded, and fired one ban dred guns ss tbe flag went ap. Bells wsrs rang snd Me >? i plmftd tike JtarkUeOe I/ymm. This fired ap the French element of ear population. i ftsr tbe Marsellalse, Ike band played the "Miserere," frost "Trovalore," lor Ike Un ton. Tbe flag is white, wltk a palssstto tree la the eeotre, BBd beers the words mtribufpu " At Ike same time the Charleston Hotel, the Mills House, and stksr large bo I sis, flssg oat lbs Palmetto flag. All thia occurred in the fall blue of the aoonday son, and the people rowed that the stars and strlpas should a orer wave agali in Charleston. Then speaking begaa. Ike addresses were short bat stirring, and all were from parsons engaged in business, and who seldom saeddle In public ? flairs. This was emphatically a aeovssssnt of the people and not ofjpotlilelana. Ike speakers all addrssssd tbe crowd ss "OMIseos of the Southern republic," and said tbk was a pledge ef Foutbern oossmsrre to sepport tbe great move ment of Independence. Daring tbe speaking processions poured In from dlf fltrent lectu ss ( f the City, with music asd cannon, each ?aluttrg tbe Palmetto banner On tbe dwelling* there are burg out b insert wltk ?arh mottoes as "Now or never;** "No step backward;** ?"Ike argument M eaded ? "Wand to your arms," "geulh Carolina goes It alons-hsr trumps, Megrath, CMenek sad Conner? with tbess she clalme a mar :h." Tbe trt color fisg was bang oat from the theatre, with the words is sorted? Diem *t nee droti* ksenssioo hedges bare become oa I venal. F rsc child ren are all adoeaed by mother* with, the blue ribbon All clssaas are arming for tke contingency of ooerclon ke?ot?s?s sad patent (Irs arms ars selling llks hot cakss A?<sitif (alkter^tsilV f-Urtl **9 Is fkrdrttn tk* Bap it cm ffll h ditcrn s< tfitf sxr /M MNi. 1k*r* was another grsat deoKaatration tonight. The Mead near tha note was bsautifally lliumlaatad. Speoak OS were made ky Captain Thome*, ef tk* State Military ArwSimy, who ssnwsd the a*di*nc* that tk* Cadsts were ready at a moment's aotto*; sis* by Cb**eetlor Carroll, and Messrs Mikell, Cooper. kuwt, Kirk wood end *?k*r* Ts dsy tke sttlsens ars raking s great clamor tor tk* bank* to suspend new. It l* sapponsd tha it may k* dsns abrut tk* mlddl* of ssst wsek. Tk* sol** ber*. k?w*r*r, ar**egocd ss gold Ike Bank ef Oknrtsato* to day hatted Ike Stele ? ig !*?? withstanding tk* striagsacy in moo*y affatra, tk* ?My l* lively and busissa* quite brisk. Ike Cewrention will probably sit a weak, hat the Bret skiag d*w* will b* s*t?to* Magvnth I* much tmked of u tbe co mm>M toner to leUM with Um government ' the terms or etcaaaioa. lie la learned, Qrmand oooL Public confide noe is Um success and benetclal resolta or tbe revoln ton prowl It rooger dally. AFFAIB8 AT COLUMBIA. Cotrmiu, 9. C., Not. 17, IN*. Tbere ta mora quiet la political c treks today, bat tbere is inch an onanimity of feeling exUtlng among tbe people of tbe State as to rnuko sect bs Ion a QxcJ fact. Mtsars. Orr and Perry and other old Union men, either eo operate In or nnoppose tbe movement. Mectlrga are being held In all tbe dlatrlcta aad partabea of tbe Slate, and all favor aeoc salon. 1MF0RTANT FROM VIRGINIA. Rjchmojtd, Nov. 17, 1W0* Ife>T*i>knei?il4?nM* patsato ascertain wha?U*a attitude of Virginia aball be la tbe coming crtola. Ber purpose la lo maintain a position or armed neutrality until the li prepared ta leader bsr servioss aa mediator, under tbe official sanction of the legislature, or a Contention called by lis autborlt y. It la known .bat cbe will, meanwhile, prepare for ibe worM, tor If the States bow threatening to seceda shall j adopt ber programme, and that shall tail to be carried out | by non oompllanpefloo he pait of the North, V.rgmla wlU unlle In the aeoession movemeat. She will ask tha Southern State! to go Into a Southern Uonfercaoe with her, and It li understood that they wUl go, provided ibe tayi down before band tbe programme which shall form the bail! of action. This, It li supposed, Vlrg^* will *?? from Information communicated to me It will bo of a character sufficiently comprehenalre and exacting to sa tisfy the most ultra Southern men. It will smbrnae, toil, a repeal of tbe itatutea nnlllfylng the Fugitive Slave law by those Statea which have pawed rUeh rtatutes, with a guarantee of a faithful enforcement of that law In tha future, lecond, a concaislon that tbe constitution authorise . be carrying of slaws Into tbe common territory, and consequent protection Tor slave property therein; and, third, that Oongreai nor the Executive shall not interfere with slavery in the States , or Terrttorlea, eioept fbr IU protection In the Utter when j necesaary. Roma favor a change In tbe programme, to j the extent or a demand for the passage of a law by Cm greM rorthwlth, tor ltt protection in the Territories If this programme shall be adopted by the Conference, and the North show any disposition to comprom'ee upon It, then a National Conference will be called to adj iet the pendlig difficulties upon that baa la. Should tbeee men ?urea fail to obUla the sanction ol the North, Hoeaaloa of all the Southern Statea will follow. The seceding SUles will seek to render tbe programme more exaotlng, so aa, if pcaalble, to defeat tbe whole acbeme . but In so doing they will defeat their own pur pose, which la to conciliate Virginia and tha oibtr border States to the secession move- ( ment. th? y cannot secure Virginia's committal to any dt mend of a store stringent character than la embraced in ber own programme. She will yield her sanction to the alte mauve cf disunion only upon a refusal oT the de nands therein embodied, and she will require acnuien m ? ?* 'n r .o?? ?wetticcs before rhe goea Into a Southsm < Cosftietoe. Virginia la determined to exhaust everything in tbe way of negotiation before the Rives ber sanction to aa erst Ion, ?nd the Booth will go with bar, tn the hope that her effort way fall, snl that ulllmUeiy she will be forced to adopt Ibe Isst alternative? secession. Ten thousand -land of arma ara now belsg dlsrlbulsd In Mississippi by order of Governor Pettu?. Aocoun's recently rseqired bere represent that State ai almost unanimous fcr secession. A man csraed Rybnck, wbo keeps a small show cass in front cf a store on Royal street, New Orleans, narrowly escaped death at the bacds o' s mob a fsw days ago, for exhibiting for sale some Llnooln medals, which he re celved by m jlake among a package of Bell and hrarett mclais, purchased at a wholesale store in that city, lis taved bis life by taking refuge In a store while the mob pa a in hot pursuit of htm. Minute Men are being rapUly organised throughout the toclh. Tie lad lea In 'he Southern elties, according to recent nooounta, para la the streets with blue ooUadea displayed cm tbslr shoulders. Tha policy of son intercourse with tha North ia vigo rously encouraged, and already tha manufacture of hone ,pma good a is rapidly golag forward la Virginia and North Carolina lo meet tbe brisk rada tn that article which Ibts sew policy wUl inaugurate. Tbe Southera papers contain several advert isessenli sf goods of this elsss The found lies bsrs are already reaping rKsh benefits from Ibis aoa lstsrcoures policy. Order! tor machinery of tvery class are pouring la from every Southern State, and tie maaufacturera, determined to avail tbemaelves of thl* new bora seal to promote Southern manufsctursn, ars sstabllshtsr agencies la the principal Southera cities to fbcilllaie bullae *s negotiations la their I lee. This son tstereosrse policy will, I Imaglae, be tar more oompre imlil and enduring than was thai which ItUowel tbe Joha Brows raid. Tba? clrcumatanoe was lo rsl, and the effects which I. produced were orcums.rlbed. True, there wsa much sympathy mani ftsted with V.rgia* throughout lbs Siutk, bu? lbs aril was far from being sa oolossal or scale aa that which tow fires op the indignation of tbe Sautb. Tns eOecta. la s non later coarse polat af view, will of enures he la pro partM. Tb* Ktrnminrr of to day has a well written arilcla in re ?ard to tbe relative snscept.billty of the North aad *>nlb lo commercial d treat >r resulllag from a panic such ss seems now to be impee<Uag. It argues that, laasmacb a a i ha North baa seams say siemeat of wealth which doss sot res* oa productions brought from other ooamsaities, over which It hss ao control, aad for which U?e nations of Ibe earth are competing bidders, It caaaot saalauia a trade tor three moetbs I these elemeata are wlUbald. II says tbe Nor IS pee loo., ne ther food or stotblsg to support Its population, and rertalaly aotblng to Ratals lia lms??o?e traffic aad b-.? ^ operalloaa Tbe fcam.aer, la estimating the eBects of a pan ' Worth aad Booth, truly adds that the oesaatloa of trade, the otter deatraeiioa of paper rasWf. tba rmh of an srsdll, sarry aelther weal nor discomtl t? tba dwslllags of the ^>utbora la borers There is so dleeooa'. day, ao market unpaid mar chant's bill, tor tbe laboring producing riaas at lha South. The asgro slave baa ao bank sbarsa lo lose, so Slate stock to tremble for. lis food la la bis hoass. his elotbtcg aad hla dweUlag are with btm where ever be rose. Be may sbasge masiers, bst ha aad hts telly are neither paupers aor dUturbsrt of tbe public Tl e result of lbs siactloo ?a ibia State M Ml! sory doabifn*? ooaatlea reaaatly beard from have saaspecled ly [react wed a lew pa' 11 lea) eowp'sstoe, sad changed ibe ntpecl of tba role very materially from what It waa a few days ago. The odda on either aide wiU sot exoeed two or three hundred. THE FEELING IN 0 BORGIA. AccvaiA O*. , Nov. IT, I860. There la vary litUe opposition to the eeoenkxi morn meant by Ute people of thla State, although Um maaa of then are unfavorable to pree!pt:a<too. THE DISUNION FEELING IN ALABAMA. Manooaaav, Nov. 11, 1M0. A maaa meeting of tbe citizen* of thla county waa bcW thla morning at tbe QapMol to nominate candidates for the Convention. All pnrtlea participated. Mr. Waa. L Yancey and Mr. Tbomaa H. Watta, Um leader of tbe Bell party of thla State, were nominated by acclamation. The Convention will be oompoaed of one hundred mem bers. From the Indlcalkin* given In prlvUe correa pondenoe from leading men in each county, at leant aeventy tva member a of tbe Convention will be for un conditional diaunlon. Gov. Moore replica, la a letter pabliabed thla morn lag, to the Baptist State Convention, and thanka them for the aid rendered by the Bapttata to tbe oaoae of dia ualoa. Mr. Taaaty will undoubtedly be elected, nad will be the ruling spirit of the Coo vent Ion. THE REPORTS FROM WASHINGTON. Wassinotos, Not. 17, 1M0. Ci loony t" lbs day, but iltll mora dark ud depressing 1b Um complexion of the news from Ibe Southwest Hd South this morning. Disunion, the muter cloud, U frowning upon u, tad blackening all the hortson. BOVTH CAROLINA. Letter* 'iom Columbia, Bouth CsroUnn, wear a cold, business aspect, of preparation fbr a Southern confederacy. ' They express bo unkind feeling to the President elect. The j idea of restating his inauguration Is no part of their plan. ! On the contrary , regarding him as fairly elected under the rerun of the constitution, they think that every State thai remains in ths Northern Union Is bonnd to see that her I citizens yield all acquiescence to his rule. The tnaugura. I tlon should go oo, in their opinion, not only without ob struction, bnt with an doe form and ceremony. Nay, all official comity oughl, In their judgment, to distinguish ths Intercourse between the retiring functions ries or the present federal administration nnl his who has been elevated to the of See or Chief Magistrate, although by the suffrages of a sectional majority; and they are anxious that the eausc of ths si ceding States should not be lowered by any vuljar or ferocious outburst of passion, or of merely personal hostility, from asy cltlsen of these regions. Firmly believing that the slnveholdlng States have as hope of peace, or security, or fair dealing, under the pm sent federal Union, they merely wish to withdraw peace ably, and leave Mr. I.lnooln In the peaaenble discharge of bis effioe ss Preaident of his section, with which also they deitre and are determined if posslbls to lire at peace. . wsnatim. Utters from Mississippi exprass the suns oool, dell berate, cacuiating spirit, and indicate that the sseasaton lata will carry (hat State In the wnfcs sf SnnthtMrulta^ before the 4\b or March. ALABAMA. The Governor of Alabama will lasus his proclamation Immediately after the first Wednesday of l?ecenber, and the Convention will meet on the Oral Moaday in January. LOUISIANA. A gentleman jost arrived from New Osteins represents Lou'siana as sound for the Ualoo. the people are much exasperated against the republicans, and what they understand to be their p>llcy on the ijoeatton of alavery, but ihej do not deem aec< ?*lon necessary or de sirable at present. South Carolina may preelpitatc mat ter*, ai her political leaders leel boend in consistence to make seme tfemor tratlon. Money la b*> onitg very icarce in the ctnamerclal cen tree, and ractors have to decline making usual adva ices to customers. because they are unable to effect ex< hanges As mosey grows tight refieclloaoommeccts, and tba under current of conservatism is beginning to show Itself. Bus ' eocka?!es are now much lees numerous In Sew Orleans Mobile and Montgomery than they wers just before the election, and they, saya my Inform at, era chl? fly worn by Bsgl : bmen. b'outh Carolina is lbs neck ol the d Is ustoa hottle, the cork of which having been drawa by the election of I.lnooln, is undergoing the process of ac Uvs tff< rveseeace. This over, ths wins will be roond , good. ososoi a mnrrrvnAL ii ictor*. Seorgla la likely ta present an interaatisg cess of dis franchisement in tbefchoie* of rresldent, which, tf. rbe rote would chasgs the result, might causa great em bar rar*!E ent. Her law requires Presidential electors to rs oelvs a majority of ail the votes cast, railing in which their ippolntment devolves upon ths legislature. The Icdtral law requires the elector* is all the States to be appointed on the same day The people of Georgia having made no choice la obedience to the Siata law. it M too lals for ths I/egislature to do It In conformity with fede ral law, and her voice Is lost The reoarr'-ace of such as evtat should be provided against by State legislation. Till 01.1 VB SBASCH. Is tbere no statesman throughout the iensth and 1 breadth of this land who has the gsnios and tbeoom ' macdlng power to prevent this disruption of our aaoe giorteua t'nlcal Yes, be who Is trusted with the sword may m<*t properly tend forth also the olive branch i of peace, as bs wUI no doubt do at the proper time. TUB TBCB K*M*I>T. nut the beat as<l most active remedy would be the In stant repeat, by the disunion and nullifying States North, | of Uetr hostile State leglslatl >n against the South Ah rngate your laws agalaat the aecurtty of ftjolb^rn proper ly, aid the t'nioa will be preserved Keep them on your statute books, and If, disunion doss not rome oow, It will inevitably ensoe hereafter. T -sr ant! fuftttve Slave law enactments provs a reckless Isatuation to the constitution and to poiitto ecosomieal vtsws of the condition of lbs Union, your own best tstecssta. aad the stability of the best go vera steal ever devls<xl j by maa If oar present political system shall hs brokea ap, the blame will be with the republican party, and iboee who, eves no*, with dwnnton star lag tbeta In the fans, refuse to strife* from their State laws the petal lent provisions which cauas all ths mischief. ?ornismn fbbb otubob* to bb skkt wonrH. It le understood that the Legislatures o> Virginia aad ?erth OarnNna wiu net at once on n prep?el tsa to send all tbs fre* aegroee In their | limits to the North, and psrhnps pay their expeasss thtthsr out of the State Ireaeury Tbere are over Sfty thswsand free aegroes In tho*s two States. It Is said other Southern "lata* will pome the same policy. TRB IT ITBD -TATBW MAMBAl POB BtTtlt CABOLPU. D H Bamllten, La lied States Msrebal for South CMro Uaa, has sot yet rsstgned, but will probably do so vary TIB BLACB BirTBLirAKS OP BALtImOBB It ig Slid lbs! lbs Llansaits* ar* contemplating a dMMMlnUw In Baltimore, but their more prudent leaden agalnet It, u likely to prodooe trouble In Ute present excited ooodtUon of the pablio mind. Mary land la with ike Boutb, but agalnat any lDOOUlderale or | precipitate action. VIBOINIA. or* MTLFOBO OOHHKarOKDENOL Miltokd, Caroline Oounty , Nov. 16, 1M0, Th* Southern Pioplt Not Divided? Southern Empha tit "No" J gainst Abraham Lincoln ? The SI* iv* of the South Contented and Obedient When Let Alone by Northern Jenaitct?fhytital Philoeophy?the CmU of Bacrt?nat Worth Cimtiierimg by Northern Men, etc Can the Northern people be made to understand the position of their Southern brethren? That they do not now is perfectly manlfoet from the opinion end tone ol the Noithera press, with i few exoeptloos. It la ? Mistake, a fatal mistake, to (appose that the Southern people are now divided. Oar partlaw pa pert and their editors, who never look below the surface of things la their criminations and re criminations? who never refer habitually to the laws wbloh govern ail men ? furnish tbe pabulum for this part of the Northern press, wblch Is so sadly in error. Ii your million of readers will look, with me, at things at they are, we may ctme lo understand oach other better. The first great fact for them to ooosider la, that the whole population ta the slave States, to a man, voted against I.tnoola. The few exceptions on the borders, where tbe In I1""06 ?f <" Mt, are In fact n j exoep TC,^n:er*lh* ttouU,> lbe mechan.o, the artisan, tbe ssercbant, the lawyer, the pbisleian. rich *ffi slaveholder, the minister hL m?* C00?c,?,,0? P?l ?* *??? ?y the Study of his Bible, all with one voice uttered an emphatte no against the election Of Abraham Lincoln. Now this la a woodcr i? ,i' .f .0^ 0Ul' understood and comprehended 5? ? '?** which control human nature. act a this way, oblivions of their Individuali ty, of their personal diallkea and antipathies, save in the pr^tceofaoemmon danger. Yes, a common danger. Darker, not la the sense In which many of your peoole understand It Ikare Is nothing of fear or ox a r en appre betnon In our situation To suppose si Is a great mle tske. Haw eas men If ar when they stand forth together with one resolve f All Southern men know that the slave population, let alone, are submissive, orderly and hspjr they ktoWjtoe, that all men, bond and free, are hi na ture aissttMea. Our apparent weakness la pointed at ,ne*rlnlI provoking threats ?re aide. Object jour society lo Ihe same Auarctiu %l sgenclee that are sought to be employed against us, will J,0.-' i!*0*'1.6 ^ i*?Perty hollers be safe:' Appeal, day alter day , is the three fourths of your people who have no property, tell the. that natural josttoTEd t? tow ?? bud proclaim property a robbery, that both denounce monopoly cr ownership in land, which is for all to stand ?J ?he Almighty lo produce bread alike for all, Just m the air to breathe and the water to f * ecmiaea heritage. Bead these fallacies by plans ibla arguments, which sell lalerest wlU point down into the convlctkx s of idlers and viotoua sou producart, aad tell me how long the Interests sad safety of the sas fourth who hold the property will be safe So longer tbaa the aoanber below leel bli think that in the general division a larger share will fall to them than the ?0<d- E"r' Southern slaveholder and ncn slaveholder admits that if similar exciting np J"1? jw*?7 *oour alavea their loyalty will ' P**^*1 1*? ?tahl of the Important raot that must be relterattd, that this danger looks every white man la the face. Every white man has values, eltbur of JEL" Uan '*? to him In a rerolu ?*" lbe C?mction between tbe "xMtbia Impor tant fket in mint 1%e ?letermlnation to resist squa'ity hntwesa the MM iSavebokler and tbe negro Is stronger than exists to the relation of master aad s are. The Let Is, Sod liaa lmptosttd ? principle 0 C repulsion between It eifts even among ml*e<l races ? the negro ?*. ******* iB M^ytl cannot harmonise aad aitlml latawlthoqt a f.eltag ef mcate prejudice. The s,jth *"?. ,nll only one that ever occurred In the fatten Malts, attests the fact that <ho mfafi ated. drsahs^ ,?Sgrc?a ssade no u leer i.nlaat Ion in tholr ? ?maws ar Pf Whites hetweea who owned aad !*y *?i?t own Ihrra iience all men here feel Pfy* * ?.?W?QSI danger, aad will act to ftygpyuss Lmocln aa<l tbe anti slavery prln Clpea of hli . fWty wit| the itringest loellr* of which They remember thtt co nooservattsm may be, be Is Mr, who do not and _ ~ ?u; I. ^ TVT U.r""' tbe" ^ * raot that the South .m ? If aot in oolley. Band eight or nine millions of men together under tbe instUct of a oommon ?elf pieservatloa, and what, In the oil neat review or all the facta of a history of men in all times, have tboy to Rat'/ Lntll the men among you who direct public opinion f?.!! .w10 IMk# _lhe l*^1? appreciate these great soably S brV;.^ ^ ,b? r,*C,to? ?*'?' out K1CIIMUN0 co?KMPtwr?n?c*. Ri'-MBOWD, Va. Nov. 1ft, 1800 Tht Pnham Condition of tA, Oounby-Tht Pknatica (Xuru f ik, Minor Prm in the Freient CViiii ? The Pre fnt and PntpecHre Settiing ftMet?The Scmt\ Will be I niUd in the Motewtent?The WrUmg on the Wall Not to be MiUaken? The Southern the Producing State* ef the Inicn-A Sad Protped for MaMau.Kut.LU OuUon Man* fadvrtrt?A Call upon Abraham Line 4n to Declare hie Pditrt in Regard to the S.*Uh, <tc , etc. Feeling dew ply tbe unhappy condition of my whole ocuatry ? thrratrrcd with terrible monetary and elvll convoisionr ? I trust I may be pardoned In offering a lew thooghta to that large portion of my countrymen who are dally reader* of the H?rau>. Permit mo first, however, to orngratolate you spoa the eoaasrvatlve and patriotic position or your Influential paper in the present content j Did tbe other leading jouraaiists of our dlatrsoted ooon try. c >ire up to the help of tbe I'nioa "against the m'ghl| " as you bars done, then we should have nothing to fear. Bet, Nortb aad Houth, we And the newspapers, 1 op-* which ths creat mass of our people rely for their | political op tn lone, vletag with each other In w.denmg , the breach between tbe sectlona until It baa beome a I charm, imminently threatealng to s wallow up our laws, our Institutions aad our I' a Ion. Hoath Carolina, as jou bavs truly remarked, la ? I read; 4e faeto, If aot iejurt, oat o' tbe Caloa Alabama, Geor ?l" "<? Mississippi will roon follow. Wbea this Southern ooafMeratlow la ones formed, rely upoa 11 all the 8utes ?oath of Vasoe aad DlionV line wrlll, sooner or later, oome Into It. The maintenance of their laailtullon*, lb* necessities of Ibsir geograpblenl poeltlots, their pecu alary relations, tbe meaaegulnlly of tbalr people, will all ISrce 1 hem xooaer or later lato tbe jrutbera 1 mfede ration Two mtabty and astagnmstlc empires will th is be formed, wbcae coeflicttng interests will tngender a oon tlaal and deadly late leading to war acd blvotabiH, re sulting in the demoralisation of brth anl the flaal over throw ef our r? pub I lean tastltutioas Ilea saay cloae the r eyes to the f.iils ? my propber.les may be dsemed Os??*n? but the "writing on tbe wall" set ms to bm too plain to be m understood or dis regarded. If, however, tbe alternative be foroed upon s - of d >a?. latlon, with all Ha arknowledged enla, or ta aboegatl >0 of oar eqnal rights is the Cnioa, we of lb- *<<>id D>mi alon" aad of tbe South generally have determined to em brace the ftrmer. Iheta b*iag tbe temper of onr mlods let oar Northern brethren pause In their faoatl eel cruiade npoa tbe pecniar lastitution and oot'lder whether tbev will not more Injure tbemeeirrs than na, if by their aggre^ioaa upon our chart-red rlgbu we are g?a<)el into a dismember *<-Bt of this glorious republic. <?ars being the producing Mates at the in ton. w prss*es among onraelvee tbe hnaia of proeperlt \ , either In poane or war. wbereas, sbojld the Nortb be cut ?>IT all Ibe adraaiagea of our pro done and esporte, what would beoome of her populous cities sud thriving villages, her enterprising manufactu rers and merchant prlnor 1' Tske, Ibr ? sample, tbe Now Rrgland Mates. What nan they do without our rott.?. the m?i.ufa< tare of whlob rum tehee feed od clnth'.rg to their laboring clasee- ? J tell yoa, gentlemen, Lowell would be in a itaie of riot and reb?llloa ta a week a lev ttr cloae of ber oottno faotorlea Hnabanos sad fathers would be demanding "brfBd," '?bread;' fbr their sia'vlng families and tboa* wbt have heretofore known tbe ? Mancbeeter of America ?have witar>sed the enaletiled aad ebewrful eonnteaar . ee of lis operatives, the thrift and moirort now so conspiououe? won Id know the plane no mors. Nor would yewr large m?vcaatlle oommumtiea snflw less. New Yiwk, Inetead of beleg the great eotrepot foe Ibe prodare aad trade of ibis ooatlneot, would be like Aameoe iboea of his lorks, mighty, ladeed. la bulk aad sisa. but its vigor aad atrregth all departed. Have I overdrawn ibe ptctartf I?t your ooaetderele men ponder well the aad toward which we n*e? rapidly drifting, aad tbea decide whether this sketch la ladoed tbe overwroagbt production of aa excited fancy, ar la verily ibe worls "of truth aad eoheruaaa " Osa there evlla, tbea, be averted? sboild be the <??{?- ta^ulry ef every lover ef h? ooaauy. to It too I think that even bow a wlee aad nowcltlatoey coarse ?? P"' tbe North aad of the Preaideat of thetr choice could reuaite us So intimately cosmsatad are we with the Nerthsra Slates (bat separation from them would be like ssverteg is Iwala oar natural bodlsr. aad ws woald aot, I am pmtmrierf, prove very diflleait to be ea treated war* we properly approached. let Mr l.lneola asBruaca through the aewspapern theeoMsrvatirs views his frieada (Malm for blm let him Bay lo tbeWButh the ermstltoUoa and tbe tows shall berafoered, lbs rugltlva Slave tow ahall eo longer be trampled epos with impaalty, if it rvqulres the whole toderal foree of army aad aavy to eaerute it Nalllftea tiea to Ike North by rerW l.iberty bills, hi "sMIto as oertaloly put down aa aullifl -atloa at ihe !V>uth each Matasbail enjoy to the Pa Ion equal right 1 aad prtvlleaee ^ JiWMi mm loch profrtmrn# m4 MVur* lo thedlsafltotad Mates ? aa 3552 c?fMy )? ccBsocarcs with the const tnt oo lo a kichbs ? so t ly to swear obedience? and mj word for It, ib? ?? +" > o1 preparation o( *u wblen do* obtaioa u >' e ??' J (I rp< ak advisedly) throughout the t-oulb would ceaae, and oar ? word* would be beaten into plougbabaree. Dleoord woald relgo do longer . bat there woald bo in ptmoo thereof n "unk n of hearts," m well u a "uuIjd of bands, for ever " Let Mr. I. la coin ml bis adviser* not lose precious time In deciding opon tt is oourse Huob action oo bis part la beitUctual most be Immediate, to morrow may be too Ists. IX1KA HB5HI0N OF in? LlOlflLATTO* OK VIBGI '14? fHOC'L A M ATtON BY TI1K OOVKKNOH. Whereas, by lbs ooialivutlon of Ibis Comm>nw?i''K tbe Governor Is Invinted wltb tba authority la convene Ike General Aas< inbly, " when, In bis opinion, tbe In Ureal of tbe Commonwealth may require it." And wtere u, at tbe last session of tbe Legislature, a largo am iu >? of tbe public bcslaeis was left Is an unfinished coodlllon for want of time to complete tbe same And abtreas, tiLCe tbal time, a contract has been entered Iota by the James River and Kanawha Company, for tbe sale of Its entire MM of Improvement, with all ua fr?neLisei mtu ImmnnitUs, tncludlrg the large lileresl held iher . t?? tba Cuo-mon eeaitb, snd wltb stipalattons for toe co n >t? i ion of tte ei tire work, and It Is neneaiary th?t ihe r -o tract, If a^rrored, should be ratified by Ibetieneral Aaaem bl) to g'vo validity and fo?< o to the agreement so mad Ai'd nbereas, In oossequence of Ihe appointment of elee tors, a majority of wkom are known to bo fhvorable to the ekclioD of sectional candldaUs aa President and Vloa Pre sk-nt of tbs United Ktates, wbose principles and view* die believed (b? a large portion of tbe Southern Slates) to bo in dlreol hostility to tbeir constitutional rights and interests, an I m ckuk quence thereof great esotteraeni prevails la tbe pi blio mind, and prudence require* that tbe representatives of tbe people of tliia Common mem th should taku Into consideration tbe ooodlttoo of public atlelis, and determine, oalaiy and wisely, what action is Becefia'; In tbls emergency ; therefore, I, John lAloher, Governor, by vl'tue of ibe authority aforesaid, do hereby require the tJcnalora and delegates of tbe two bo jew of tbe Gereral A trembly of the Onmanoi wealth to eoareie at tbe Capitol, In tbe city of RisbmonJ, on Monday, tbe seventh dsy of January, A D 1M1, at twelve o'clock M , to legislate upon tocb suljecti aa they may deem nejos tary acd proper. Given onder my band sa Governor, aod under tte seal of the Of mmonwealth. at Richmond, on tbo IS ?> day o November, 1840, and In the e ght) tlflb yea* of the Com monwealtb. JUUS LEtVBKR. ALABAMA. OCR SILMA OOMUKI'ONDWCK. Bklma, Alabama, Nov. 12, 1860. 77,i PrtiiitrUM Eltction and tit Rendu? Iht Southern Political I'artui Uniting for Seixuion? What the Scutk It Doing ? BurineU Dull, <lc , dc. The smoke of the late polltloal battle haa scarcely dlel away , aad the number of tbe politically dead and wound ed counted up, yet we aee the three late parties of tbe South banded and banding together for mutual protec tion. Blue cockades accumulate thicker and faster, and a quiet determination to secede from tbe Union la as plain as iunliaht. When tbe abolition States of the North nul lify the Fugitive Slave law by passing law* to line and 1? prison every man who attempted to recover his fugl live, they violated tbal special proviso of the ooa stltution which says, ?' Any person hold to service la one State, eeoaplng to another tball be delivered op." If they could not stay In ths Union under such a law, why did thsy not bars the ho nesty to withdraw frtm the Union, and let tnoae who do believe In tbe constitution live together in pesos and barmen)? The boneety tint tbey lack tbo South does not. We alroaly consider onrrelves oat of the l_'u Ion? peaceably If we can, and forcibly If we mast. Oar names are enrolled, our for tunes and our honor are pledged to that end, and even If Llorotn thou Id be withdrawn 1 doubt If erocralon can be prevented. There Is not a dissenting voice, with rare ex-eptloas of good old men. wbo would be glad to eloee tbeir eyes la the Union, If Northern fanaticism woald allow it. Wltb the first flash of tba newt over the wires an nt unctng tbe election of Lincoln, men made up their minds, and mer, too, wbo bad all at slake. Morobaats. t.lanlers, mechanics, aad all able to bear arms, prepared Tor tbe work. We are not wanted In the Union, and we espect to be allowed to go out of It quietly, anl then our godly brethren of tbe North can lift up tbolr eyes in comfort, and thank God that they are do looger eosci cted with a nation of ilavebclders This teen s to bo tbeir greatest burthen, and they will now be relieved of It. Oiir porte wilt he thrown open to free trade, foreign bottoms will carry oil our cotton, and Eng land will be f ad to add to tbe duties of their consul and ?HMN that el pmlerttrg the lives and property of all citizens of tbe "douibern American Confederacy." And she Will put i- few t teamen M MS coaxt, If we want them, to prevent tbe philanthropic Yankees of the 'Great North era Oonledericy" trom inundating us with wild Alrlcans witbout out COMMA, Md tbi.f rave i s tb ) < xperco cf a navy. Having no commerce we car aOerd to give :v *-*r 1, 1 .in "o I ii K Co. tbe navy, and throe in a lew gingerbread) to pty tbem for taking the burthen ofr oar baods. ItUSlMM i* Miinewbat )arkl>se<t with us, bat we SOOO bope to get over It; and hereafter we sball no', sutler a i onvnlsloo every four ytars to pleare tbe black republl inns. Oar President will be elected, I hope, for at least ten years. MISSISSIPPI. or* JACKSON COKRKHrOKDINCI. Jack mm, Mia., Nor. IS, I too. tie Proclamation of He Gwrnor qf the Slate (tolling a Stale Convention ? Interne Indignation A fa 1 rut the ffrrtk? Vnion for Sett uicn? Minute Mm Organirif? lite Sentiment of Ike Southern Pr*$, 4te I encloee yon (be proclamation of tbe Governor of tbla HI ate convening tbe I egialature 00 the 26th lad , together with the comment* of the democratic Bute organ thereon ? Whrrraa, the people of the non *lavt holding futei have, In varlou* rormr, <le< larod pnr|> *ee boatlle to Ule Institution* of the ilaTcbolilug H'-aiee, and the UU'<- ko vertimenU of neailf all tbe Northern State* have evinced a ?<-(tu 1 purooee to evade tbelr MMMMM ob **? lone aait diaregird tbrlr oath* In oarrylrg on tbla war on the rtgbla noil Italltutlon* 01 Ue roulbirn i-ulee And ? berraa, the recent election of Mrrrra i.incoia and Ham lln deatotaUalea tha? tbore who neltb'r reverence the r,.nililution,..bey tee iMWIlMlMf oatb*. hare now tbe power to ekrt to th? bigbeat tlllcca la tbn con fweracj men who lympatb'a* with them la all their mad leal to dertroy the i?ar?-. property and proape Hy of the Houtbeio MM. and who will uee the !? . ? ?>m of the (a deral government to defeat all the purprae* r ? whirh l waa formed, and where**, onr dmreat right* of the peop'e depeLd for protection, under tbe ooaatltntlon, oa It e fidelity to Ml SftttB of tin ?<? who atm;n.?trr the go vernment? Now, therefore, that tbe Bute of MlnlaelpfH may be rr>*bird to take into cocdderai Ion the propriety and ne ceaalty of providing carer and better safeguard* for the live*, llbcrtlri ? d property of In r ru'/en* than have been foand or are to ?e hoped tor In black republican naibe, I, Jr bn J I'ttlua, l.overaor of tbe SUte <>f MM ? iraippl ete rowing tbe power* lo ae veeted by tbe oon atttotxn, da bertbjr oonvene tbe l?gl*l*lfire of Uie *'ate, and to apfiolet Monday, tbe Sflth day of No\ ember Inrtant, for tbe meeting of botb boueee of tbe l<eglal* tore at I be Oapltol la Jack (00 , tbe coat of > iverament of tbla Mate. In teatlmoay wbcraof, I hare hereunto ret my hand, and canard tbe great eeal of tbe Hiate to be affiled, at the city of Jackaoo, the I2tb day of November. A D. 1HA0, and or tbe roveretgtly of the State of MlMlMlppl the forty fourth JOHN J. ItTtii. C. A Baoninaa, Store arr of 8UU [From the MlaeWflpvlan, Not IS ] tti v. raoctaw ?TfON op m (lormsnn. We puoliali la our colli una to day tbo proclamation of Governor l'ett>* convening tbe l*gtalata?e on tbe fourth Monday, tbe 26<h day of NuvomOer inetaat tbla mi aaure a<-oord* folly with the veil known and unlvrreally riprri-erd will of lb. i>eopl*, aa Indicated by tbe aimnet niiui'moaa vote ofih* l^gM.atora at it* late tiralto.acd tbroogh other rbaanela leaa auth.rlUt! re, bit ?carcely lea* *lgnlflf*nt ?r popular ret.t.meat Tbe Northern Plate*, alter repeated aggreerloM npon Ite ? otilb violative of tbe tiler and aplrll of the national 1 oepatt, afUr the perpetration of a long cauiogno of latin)*, outragr* and Inaalt*. bave crowned tbe whole liv a formal declaration of hoatlllty la the ek-.-t.oa of Aliraharn I.lacoln to tbr Pr.aldency, who preceded Heward n the ( nunrlatl' n of tbe doclrlr ?? of the "Irrenreaalbto r< 1 r. ct," and who proclatac* tbe 9tate* of the L'alon ri.n nrver continue la a eocfoderary wboee staUa are half aiave and balf free? wfc? b m ai.a, of c?uree, that aholitk r lrm aad Itcacd ary vtotecoe moat orerwht im the Sooih, aad for tbe adranlage of Nortbera ambition, grnd and rapidity . reduce it to abject aabm lanlon aad degradat'r.n. Tbi* t a? k'icaa triumph of mere anvber* over right, rait lee and tbe gnarantevr of tba coaatltutlon de n.anda that 'ilaeiaaipj 1 tbouid take prompt aad imme 'laU a<tlon f<>r tier own prahetion an I tafMy. Sow K the t m? to art l/et tie Heal etrp of aaceteloa be takrs aid fal'y r?n?iimm?t^1 while lb* federa' govern rrer.t !? in frieteiy hand* Much may be aocompl'.aheid tM fore Hi* 4tb of March i ' *t Bat tbea wa a " ttld that It will be leveral yrar* hefoee Maculu will hare cietroi ! of tte *word and tba puree through the laatraawmUllty olConirraa. Thia farniahe* an additional a*r'imeat for art 'oa Bjw. Lat or rally f> ibe prot<-riion of our aire re gaty before tbe rtemy ejin make g<od bla promlae to rvrrwrelmna Tbe leaoe la up n oa lieUy la daogernni aw le tbe time to atrike l/H n<H a moiwma he loet r I ire utive of Miaeirrlppl will do bla doty The l^gla latore oaaaot braltata to do their* Tba freltag of ladlgaatton ta tbla aactioa ta lateaae. aad abared by all part lea Many hitherto ardeat L'alon mea are rail) mg to tba leceaaloo ataadard Th*"MiaaM M*a ' will orgaala* to alght. The 'Ulcer* of tbe firderal cnart bave etpiuaad Uwlr deteraklnati.ia It re*lga when tba boa meal of the preawt term I* dlapo*et of Miaaiaeippl baa goat* for ?racfelarioge by I* 000 majority. FLORIDA. OVI TALLAH AMI <?'*? TaitAaaaM, Da , Nov II, I?M Hirtfa PdMRinnl iffitia'"" Action ? A OnwiUiM lo be rtolUd?Cnantmiif <f f*e lo S am4 b$ Ik Ar Sitter S'alt? K>J<eiHen> m Ike Sremum M<mmmt ami mm Jpr~' * ?* r*"* * ? * Wa <fwa bare la tbla little *UU of F lor Ha, are calm, hot It la tbe cahnnaea o ' '.etanalaatloa Wa are look ag to oor ? tater States of the South, asraltleg their dt-oiaion ?nd ready to join Ibem In dt Id oa of ft com aoo low-real. We are not ttrlng ffl guns and raising digs and going cit/jf generally; we know exactly whether we are stand ing on our beads or heels aid c lacuna affair* with an mucb coolness and oommon tenne, and perhaps leaa be m cast, tban rone. I do not UJ we are awre in earneit tban those wbo talk ft greftt cVal 1 believe all the central and extr#me S? ulberii Slates i ijualiy determliicd and in earneal, aud tt hi nlll b< ahowu mote fully wbi u tbelr ?ev? ral Legisla tures shall be In session. Tbat of our Stale will meet en tie 20th Inst , simultaneously wilb that of rioalb Uaro llnft. 1 regard II k a moat unfortunate clrcumatance that tbe Sortie in | *of le will loi believe In tbe determination of Ifce tV utb, or at least a rh al?r portion ol tb? a avehold II t HtaWs, to tecede an J I very mucb fear Ibal tbia dla be litl it due to no tinail degree to an habiloal contempt of gcutht rn people cherished at tbe North. We get no cra dil for truth sense or manlinetr . we are ookii tered mere ' blowerf," uod deficient In that pluck and otrnefttnesa which our brelbrin or tbe Nortb Imagine to be exclu sively amoEg tbetr attributes and characterlalix a* ft people. Tliere I* a disposition in human nature to lord It over cur weaker brethren . aid It 'a my convlctlou that If ft r? rpect, more becoming and more worthy of a Kf?al people, bad bien enter talced tor ua, we sboult not have been sub jeettd to lui b an amount of Insult and vituperation, and Ibe spirit of sggressl n would cot have risen to n alarm lrg ft height. The sympathy manltrilad fur Jobn Brown, tbe endorsement cf Helper, and the hideous doi-.lrtaea of the " Irrepressible ccalict" school, wh.ob wo c mauler aft bsvltg triumphed In Lincoln's election, were so many de clarations of wftr on tbe South, and have aroused In <m an abld p(t conviction that we cannot look to tho Norm ror justice or fair play; thru not enly oor rights as sovereign States, but our very Uvea and property are ImperllleJ, and thftt we must lake a firm and decided stand to repel tbe threatened danger. The Legislature will undoubtedly oall a oonveo tlon of the people, and the most actlvo m?aaurea that may be considered necasaar-y adopted and Inaugurated without de'ay. I can assure von that la tbe adoption of Iboae measures the Mate will be unanimous, tbe Ball and Everett men oordlally unltleg with the supporteri of Bncklnrldie; and when it Is remembered that the former polled a very heavy vita, leaving the others bat a trifling majority, ynu will perci iv? that tbe present revolution ary movement la Lot confined to any oae political party or olaaa, but Is the sentiment if tbe people at large Wa only aak Justice. Would that the eyea of the Northern people could be opened, aid some patriotic and ooaollta lory movement at I on foot to avert the sliam which la rapidly gathering over our beloved coin try. NO PEBSONAL LIBERTY BILL IN INDIANA. TO TUB EDITOR OF TUX ITKHALD. Inuii Stats Aoasi-v, I N?w Yoai, Nov IT, 1880 J I would respectfully call your attention to the enclosed, taken from tbe New Albany (tad.) Ledger. Ita state sunt la trus, as tbe opposition to tbs democratic party has not had the political power la ladlaaa since 1840, hence no ?sch "Litierty bill" was ever passed. It la not for want of will tbat tbe black repnblloan party of tbat State baa not enacted such ? law, but for want of power. Respect fully, D. C. STOVER. INDIANA AND TBI FrQITlV* SLAV* LAW? A 6 BEAT ERROR CORRBCrRD. [Prom the New AlMsy (Ind.) I?dger, Nor. 14 ] We And tbe following in the last number of the Niw Yosk Bnuui: ? lbe subjoined table shows tbe pen alt lea impoaed la tb? Severn) Northern disunion hiatal on tboae cflioers or citi zens wbo may aid In prcservlcg tho constitution intact by enforclncg tbe Fugitive 8 lave law, viz ? ?Viatel. Jm/rrtaonmi rU. PiHe. Malte 6 years SI, COO Vermont 16 years 2 0f 0 Massachusetts I years 5, COO Connecticut 8 years ft.OOO ftnisylvania 3 months 1000 Itdlsna 14 years ft 000 Michigan lb years 1000 Wtfconaln 2 years 1 too Iowa 6 years 1.0C0 It will be seen from tbe above tbat tbe V irtbsrn Stales are nearly all In a poeltlon of prsctlc il dlaunion ?that Is, tbi-y bavi- rtfi.acd to luttaln the constitution which tbelr fathers adopted. Ibis dees gnat Injustice to Indiana. By It she Is placed In a worse position thin any other State in the Union ? ismsileto appear more fanatical eicn than Massa 1N sctls this is all wrong Iidiata lias n<-ver paese l any law whatever re-tar ilmg or ubstruclltg the ? xecutloo cf the fugitive Slave law. ha* never pmbtbited tur otncaia from tendering asaialaiitc id tbe capture or return of fugitives, has never refuacJ the use of ber J ilia for the laDprlaot menl of rnnavraja How the IIi'KAt i> could Lave mado such a grievona mis take ?e are at a Vse to discover. It is calculated ti do I preat irjust ce to our State aod ber clt'X' ne, maty of ? hom partly reside and do buvneta >u th? *'iiih. Wo are rejoiced to ha al io say that the legislation of lo diai a bss tever jet been tainted fey mat haatlcal apirM of abolltioLlfm which lias preval.etd In s> many of tbe Northern Water, and Iftdaaeet tb?m tj a-t tbe onut'tutioa and laws of Ibeir rountr at iKdinoe. Her clt /.ens have ever ^-n lojal to lti<- icderol cvimpact, and moba have nev r, cxospi n a airgle instance, we believe, interfered lo rrrrent It.e rendition or fugitive slaves. We hope the HsiuLn will a; once correct the e?rnieona statement In icgarj to our Sta'e, aid request all its coa temporaries which may have copied Its article to dJ tho rare. In tbe present excited condition of theSontbera mind such stau ments migbt be the cattae of trouble to our Gllucia sojourning In that region. MB. LINCOLN ON THE SECESSION MOVE MKNT. |From Ilia Pprlcgfleld (H ) Journal (Uoooln's boon or gan), Not 13 J WinitHT Tiuueon. W e publirh ? large amount of matter In another coit.mii dt tail nc Ibe movements of the secessionists n South (Ja rcllne, Meorgia and Altbtma? the frtMlp* ' Hum wfcero lb? <1 mtlon sentiment Pf ma to be rampant. There may b f< metbli g lc all tbia bloater, aa<l there ma y not be. We art Inciter* to tbe latter opinion , at d that ?lion u,o Duller ol 4IS?tteClloo occasict t, the news of Mr. I -in - com'* tlcclion sufeslren these dteumon tbreita will disap pear with Ik Hut Should we bo mlitaken la Ibia, a new l??ue Is at orce presented to the American people, which ? 111 for Ibe lime sorpend all others. We refer l> that of unwn or disunion. Mr I. ,neols will rcpreneal the party of tbe constitution and the !a*? Aa such repre Mitative, duly elected *y the people, be will al ctce rally around htm, not only the en tiro North, but tbe entire coanervntlvo atreoglh of ibe South lie ta cow the free, dent elect of tbo letted flair a. HI* speeches, bla politic*! record, tbe pisiform of the party on which be stands. all show that be propose* ro lnter>reoje with tbe constitutional rights or Internal allalis of at y Stale governtnott His policy will be peace, and his administration will be oaoduoted en tbe principle* which guided Watbtnglon and le(T-?reorj ? nd "tbe men who made the Talon" ftwxiM nullifies lion raute it* bead, he will have no dlarrtHoaary power but In execute Ike lass, as tbat duly is pronounced n the eosMllntloa. His business will be to see that the I aloe la preserved at all bastrds, and from nil assaults To aid bla la tbat basinets, I, will hardly be oeceaaary frr bla to rail Into requisition either the army or tba 1 onvy. We believe, w.ltb the Issue presented at I'alno i r <3 tun'on, poblie sent ment? tbe public MltMSSI of ibe Hoclbern Plates themselves ? will be aU eulll cletl lo put down any batch of traitor* who may alWmpl l) defy the corstltntlon and tbe laws of the laid. Tbat public sentiment will be found la Itip firm and iM U<?S MnlMllta of the I aloe men srd ibe conservatives of the .South, who, onsuoh an l?sne, ? 111 rally around Mr. Lincoln at all bssarda, an the repre rental i ve or ibe government. But ?h?uld it ooaae tolka wi rst, we feel >ali*Ood frm what we kno* of Mr Liu rr In, tbat tboee who would d??troy tbe law wlil be dealt with by the rtrong arw of tbe Isw. Mr. l.'ncnlu bi* himself told tbe country what be wool 4 do In such ?n emergency. In hi* L^arenwtrlh soee h be **H ? \i ii democrat* grrntly fear that the aucceee of the re publ'cana will d.rtroy the Caion Why In tbe repub liraa* dee 'are *jrele*t vhe I'nloi.r Nothing Hka II Tour alalimert <>f it )*, Iha'. If the I lark repuhlicane elect a Pr??ldenl, you woo t stand It Toi till break uj> the 1 nlon. That will be your act, not on re To justify II, y?a must show that our poll cy gives jou J art ososs for such desperate scikn Clan yon deny that? When you atw>m <t it, j on will find oar policy is exactly the policy of tbe ?rm who made tbe l'ni n? nothing more, nor nothing k?s I?o yi n think yon are ) nulled lo break jp the go vers met l ratter than to have It ad m la later ed ay Waab legion, and other great and good men who made it nnJ administered III If you do, yoa are very unreasonable, sad more reasonable man can sot, and will sot, eskait lo you. While we eleel a President, it will b* our duty l? tee thai yon submit. Old J ihn Broen baa been baag tor lrras?n sgalist a Mate We cannot object, eren Uu*|b sis ? rry Is wrong Tbat cannot esetiee vioJesne, bloodehed and tre aeon I; could avail him m thing Ihst be might think hlmsalf right K>, If ceelllslioanlly we elect a ITitident, and thertfnre yen undertake to dsntroy the I'nioe , It will be oar *uU t?? denl with yon *? ?* John Brown was dralt wllh W* can snly do oar duty. Wn hope and believe that in no *ectwn will n majority an net aa to reader nel el I" me measures neeeesary. on? nAnirAL AnoLrriow ow.ans on tub SOUtHMlW HKCfXSION EXCITEMENT. rrom the New Vers National Anil Snvnry JUadard. Nor IT 1 Til* PMStnKNTMI. Rl.tcriOM AND ITg cowmqcwcw fOtTHgRS mitn OF nomnon. The choice of Lincoln and Hamlin aa I'isntdsat nad Vien l*r< elder t of the I'nlUd utea by the electoral votas ' nenrly the whole North has filled the nnacrapuloea ndvo calrs ef slavery and the slave trade wNh oacantroiltMe in Sign at Ion aad rage. In the hops sf onee mere eeaqoer leg tbe North through her learn, they threatened before land I bat thin reenH should be fblfewed by a disroptlM of the I'nMa nad tbe retobliebmeat of a Roulbern nlavehatding ooafedemcy The menace. tw the Orel lima la the history eT the coontry, proved (thanks to the augmented nW augment I** power eg lb* aatt slavery movement) InrflMtanl nr. I now the (Ire enters nrn c,.mr?iH to chceae hatweea aUamptleg to es. ruM, Ibe r lb reals, or Meml .g lo do so, and opcaly ccakealrg that tbey wereosly so mseb idle brnaih There ? n party at the A.ub, no donbt, which really dentren to ?elng nonnt n disaoiut on of the Colon The r.uclean of thin party Is In flnulb Carol inn, but II has tafneatlal sop. ' porters in the other seaboard cotton Ma tea Tbe lenlern of ttv jnrtt are eo? uk ns adta^t*** tf the geceeaj 'n . lONHNrai ON Bourn I AWL]

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