Newspaper of The New York Herald, 20 Kasım 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 20 Kasım 1860 Page 3
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M.IiM AT ACCTIOH. I a JXO. T. HUN jBRPOftD * OO , AOrHNONBBRH. \Ai MAt.NIP10IC>T UODdBHOLD KURNITUalB AND i ffoKKH or A*r at PUBLIC AUCTION. I Bold My erdag of H. VaaderpooL Shi. feX'NBKRFORD A O.r7aiH-tloe0*ni will hU, oa tkla dir. I Tuaaday. Ho* 20 kl 1?H o'clock, all it' auperb and eneiiy Furniture, Paintings, HmiiTCM oelave Pthnafoita. M I'ruri, velvet JarpdB, Ac. , contained Id Hie elegant private restdenri ? Vol Rtxleenth strati boiweru Fl'th and .sixth avenue. I The aaedflMaire call ipental attention of their friends and Ihe poMi>- to llit* aale aa helog the lariat aud richest seaort. brat <>f Household Furniture oU'-red at auction thU seaam Ik* 'uralinre waa all m%'e tu order, aud la <n complete ? pkr >h?l? mil be parenuilnrtlT ar.d alwol.iUMv anM wttboal ?rv& PKAWINO BOOB FCRNIT0BB. OeeaWJng W carved roarwmd Ktegeree, ouub'o top. French klalr dmrs and ba ?? work Taule. inlaid with mother bear I, ruaewond rrntre T% lea. rlaiuarv marble i v tw . fall laas of Urawlngmrm Fsrniture. elegaat rate a tote rtofaa. *we arm Keception and right oval baca Chairs carved rose bond frames and covered Id tbrne ?<Mored satin brocade of me saovt expensive datirtpUoa. lian'e Tables. Inlaid wl'h krtatae shell bmoadc l?ee 1 'ur-tnlna six buhl ormolu aad mxise TiWkuiieUera, Imported frtia Paris by M?jo*t A Oo, 'fcudela Iras. Hiackele. Freueb plate pier aad mautal Mirror*, with rtab gilt f raruea superb Hevrva aid Dresdeo ehtna Vasee. rtsh j deoorktel; |*rlan marble Huiueuea? rieaeoua; artistic troiaes. representing right. >inlu?, Pandora, faint in i. Poetry, Mnalr, i ruaalars to., Antique lara Vases. from Pe? pell and llerculaneue, ebonr Card Tables, velvet Oar ?eta tad Kura TnrkUh Rasy Chairs. bronze Clivk, rnoa one Beath i ll la'ntitiK*. by Heeeeau, Ionian. H'tnitautn. Ode, Lr fraud and i tber emlusni artists; French line Kugraw iga, OCTAVB PIAROPORTB. ? Paired legs ido round oorn?m, fluiabM Ui round. ini&ki rhh ?ud eulid ^earl key?, rote wood -itool. Mi ?lc liaok tmor'A ["red cloth Oorar bi?ik and ?he--t Mm?l?.; b*ll oak Hat rituud, Hlelvth Brtaae ? ?talr Carpet. Ac. I hmti'vera-Klcbly oarred ? eaood lladateada atylanf ljotila XIV, Bureau* aad (Via ??dea to match. Wardrobea. l)rea?ioj; aad Toilet Taljlea, having and Hnok Manda. Coocbea, Armchalrm. 'lurf lua, " dr* and < "ornlcea. hair MaUreaaea Palllaaaea, feather He- la, ?era. PUInwa Klankela, bheeu. Quilla, I "interoanea . aa Ued eblna Toilet Seta, aval Mire, ra Dining Koxa Purnl everv kl>-d. Alio hltrb'-D Utenalla Ao. Oklk illtiniH l^qatred of all parshaaera. Sale peremptory, ralo or ahlno. , OKLAJf 1L MCLLIB, ADCnOiOUC, L Will aell OH PR1DAT, NOVIMBCR IS, 18M, At 13 o'clock, at the Merohanta' Kx change, RIVRK V ALU ABLB LOTS 1AX THB LOWCA PART OP TUB UBMTRAL PARK, MAwmr:? Om lot OB Broadway, nerthweM earner of Rlxty-alnth gkreet, 1 one lot on Tenth aeenne north eaat enrner at 81xty ala*h nt, In rear of Broadway lot. in be anld together. ke three Iota adjoining, fronting oo Broadway, and rrmntng ?ogh t j Tenth wen ae, will be aold alngly. ? The two adjoining tola, aton fronting on Broadwaj. aad BmnfcMt through to Tenth aveaaa, with tha brlak hooaa thara IVrtMUrtta of "tUT^jpehaaa aoatr oo awrtgaae for three Par inapa ?nd particulars apply to the atwMoneer, U lA Uk J. BLEWKIC?, AUCTTOKMBB. ?A.. KRW kUltX. WII,LtAMSHURtl ABO T0NUR8 PKUPBRTf AT AOOTIOB. i ,. J. BLOCK BR, BOB k OO , wl 1 aeU ou Friday, Norem m ?. al 12 ? clt ok at the Merohanta' SiRhange:? Ua forty fourth i treat? Tw" new three atory and baaeraent nek Honaaa and lota, Boa 177 and 279 north aide, between lath and Tenth avennea: bouaaa XkU, and quo lain gaa. we r, range. At ; lota 2UilUQ fl Oa t-oulh Fifth atiaet WLlI'amabarg? Two Three rttory brlak oooea aad tola, Moa. IV and 171. soar 8Ulh street, lota XfcOCU at each. AT TONKKRS; Ponr acrea. with watar right, on *a"barton aveona aad 1m line afett f rooting oo the lindane river. Bra ?Inalaa' . i from depot, adjoining land* of Thaddeua Uell. Maya, larasa, to, at Wa 7 Plaa street. ? A 8. RICHARDS, ACCTIOF BKR.-7W CARIS ROOTS, ?A. rboea and Brogana at auctkra by RICH A RDS X ?IHITIMO, oa Wa<"neaday, Mot 21, at 10X o eloek. at atore. ?d Conlan' I street, oom> naing a full aaairtnentof Men s ' Kova' heavv H ii?, also Women's. Mlsaesand Children's r of all kinds. Catalogues oo morning of sale. UOTlOlf SALK or BLBOABT BO8BWOOO HOOSB , bold Pur nil ore at pnblle aootloe. this day (Tneaday) ?h 10W &e ock, al Ike private real den* No. iS? Weal ?fcranlh street, between Plfw and 81ith avenues (weal ?acnlfloent n we wood Pianoforte, elegant roaewood r Sulla, nieewood iacretolraa and dooaaaae. pier Mirrors, j Oarvet, OU PainUnga, Ac. Parties in quaal of Brs? olaaa ?kwaltore will And thla an opportunity Beldam mat with, aad bM not fai to ae present. Calal -goes an be had early oo morning of aala. The furBltore was made to order a abort B anoe. Parlors oootaln two o.stly suits of rosewood ?Tamlttire, rlehly carved and oovered with satin hrooatal of the pgg eipenatve kind; Pianoforte, diuble rouadooraers carved ?Ma. solid pearl keys, and folly guaranteed; royal ?k Blaster < Wpet, moaalo Ruga, pier Mirrors, Oil Paintings, baa and broeattl Curia: na, Pranoh Oooaolaa. Blageraa, Book Kane, Kacretolrea. oenlrc and sofa side Tab'as. Ac., A3 Dln room? ( ak extension Table, oak Buffet, table Cutlery, wy, china dinner Set. silver Casters, Rpoooa, Ac. Cbam Kir rant toaowood carved Bedateads, marble top Bureaus, aahalanda. Oommodsa, curled hair Mlilrossss, feather PU Blanketa, e be eta. Bruaaela Carpeta, Louncea, Chairs, Mtrrora, Curtama, toilet Beta Oppar Cham ?ra neatly uaaed with mahogany and walnnt Badistead, Bureau, Had ;. and even thing belonging to a dm class hooaa. Also, anenl Puixllure. kitchen U tensile. As., As. R. B.? House to posetaslcit im.ueu lately. By order of the mortgagee, am ca Livingston. OCTIOM NOTICE ?THB ADVBRTIBER WILL OFFBK at ptirste sale tor the next three days, his eatlre stock oj " )M ? nrniture. which oonMsta of a general i found Ib a Brat olaaa Ave story rualdawoe. Including a flue ood PMkt >forte. 'our full sulta of Parlor Pnrnltnre In splendid oarved rosewood Btegarea. ' 'en ire Tables, rich Mm aarred . laee and or watel Cunalua, splendid ohlna Vmo. ?rarkan Ornamenta legether with a 3ne aa*>rtmant of Bedrmm Vurntture In nsewwd and m^boganr, ala) all the China wars, "aaaware, Ac., Aa It will be sold In lota to stilt purohnseia, the whole will be anld In me Int. together with the Houaa ?aa oaly waatlag Brat class K>imlture need apply at Na 1114 aneenth street, between Blghth aad Ninth avenaea, from S CCTION 8 ALB L or OHOICB URXBN HOCGB AND BTOVR PLABTH, AT THB FLl'SHINO RXOrlO OARDRNR, Flushing. Hot i2. lift). HalsttBg nf Cameila Japonlnaa, majij large spas mens, large isarlas, Chinese a sallas. Rrlcas. barceeatlnits. I'ltt wporums, ?Bi rdonlaa. Wenlataa, a large aasormect of Planla, elthva ? legated foliage, id the finest and newest TarWiee. gold aad jther Ferae, Maasie, orahlda talr plants) In Tarlety. aad ?> amiable for the parlor aad wardsau oaeai together lamb aa asanrtment oi new hardy Oreoe * laea, hybrid, per aal and al'mbing Roaea. Ao., Aa (sale to ouauaaxtoa al 1 amah P. M. CCTION NOTIC*. HALB OF THU DAT AND TO MORROW, TI'BBDaT. NOV. 2D AND WKDNEMDaT, NOf. 11. WILLIAM TOPPlNO A CO , 4 oc loaeart. Noa land 11 l'ark place aad ho. a Murray street, the sapecial attention of buyers ^ L*ROB AND ATTRACTIVB BALB _ or xmwLT imphbtrd and hbahonablb HTaPLB aBD PARC! DRV OJODa la great aaaorlmeit acd varle" v, ad aarpaaalrg li the dealraole charaoter at iha goods, acy sale offered by them Ihla I Catalogues aad goods now ready. Acctiow kotici.-i.aroi abi> raamrtokf sm.b of H oat* hold Poraltaro. Cnrprta, *6.-11. DOgOHTY a?un?er will Iklt day <Tn??!a.' ?, N.>?em"?r RJ, at lo?, ??,ck at taieamuoi. SS Paaata ilwt. oooi Mioc in pan - Solid nee?>. d Pa< lor e<tlia. o.ere.! In t>r ?a.f aa1 i i?b ?aho??oT da. ojrered In hair el.*h vt, TMraMn, I'arlw ?Ml Armetekl. marol* lop ( enu? rat. lea. and ma kofUi r"jttman. lD*r?m ''arpeta, r.n'-rxjd aevo tela** riuof 'rW. p?r! km hanlaaaji maknr. itmiH IMoln* Ta ?uBria. Innint > hair*. l?r?*?in< |M Waahaia.idk. __laada. hair Maitr-atea. I,rai?a Ar.. Ac. Ths rti.r I |ne penmpVirlly 9 a U) .b? hljthaai luddar. vena* Ronrx-BAMUii. o?aoon. adcticbbbr, cdBna 13 nor m ?*. will ?*U. at tb? Maw Tom Arteoal. ?or * it and Nor 17. at II aalook. the foUnaini irl property of tha I'mlod 'l?w - 4JI paruoatioo. Iftw! t , n ;a/^ 74 Hworda an! Nabraa. J.AJU Infaury Car arVc BaaM, appwn.l?f?a Ao , ftriu, Aayuoaia. una Ala* a. Pain hra I'lcka. I'lalca. Ax Trrna nth tn (uld. and unaadlaM MItmt My urdar of _ . mmr,m W. A. THORBTOW, Bt Major. 0. ?. A., oomaodum An? aL I A UCTIOB Ml ? A (}?-<TI.?*A5 aIMI'T I.B*VI*1 JL 'or Havana vtll OMNM all hla Hma?h >ld Pur ..It or* An al ? (rant aarrirce. ?i/ k-fv> . : ?<? rua?w??l Parlor and fta?bar rarnlinra. l%rp*t. I'nrUiat. .ta.. ta . an In M nrdar. Call ?? to We? A^hi-.nih awar ?ti. t r lAraa daja. Uouaa to rout. .' ?? per year A UCTl' JL 0?0I Aatat tor ST. at a |i?l tarrtfre. ri; ? Elefaat Plaaofort#, Parlor and Chaiabar Pamltnr*. < vtmU, Curtnla*. an la p?*t ordar. Call >t to We? Suht-eoi , tiroel, from 9 A CCTIOB KALB -STOCK OP A Mtn. IIABT TAIl/>*. A A. B. CRMAl.AK aa.-tioneer, will Mil no *?ln? day II ?t Inak. at U't oclorfc, at 170 Oraad alreat, Ita aour* akrk of raady aani Clothier. Ac la aai.l ktnre wmaallr la part of the uawai aaawtrianl of Cloth, Pilot, Baare- and "aaal ?rtM. toitiaaaa fioek tack and orar Ooau, donakla and anil MK Paula to grant variety. (Ilk. pi >?h and Valencia Taata aiao U4lnr? Tr1at?in*a. Cl<Kh? Cawtaaraa. Unl if, ta. Ha?e poaltlra lo eoac ! moa of u>e owner decllnm* bo* a. Tha trada will tad It worthy of tkatr attaoiioa. AC niOW JULt III WIlXIAMRBffftO-IIT PKBr? * IXILB. wadneaday. Hot. II, al 10 o'clock, at ?7 PoortA ft" alacaul ? ??? ?) and mahn?aar parlor and 'x>dmi>nt Parnitora. ?al??t Upeatry, Hraaaaw and ln*r?in ? arp>?? Mlrmra. damaak aid IM CvrtAtM, ta. ta. CalAiTtua am tayof m*. ACCTIo* Bono* -a i ahilt ntnumBo hocb? wl 1 clati. aa of at prtrata aa.a, all ttatr Parlor, < haahor. and imin? Room Paraltitro, at a kr?v ??e i Vw - Flrrfl vn oatara Pinaoforta. ornt (MO. will ha anil Vr I j laal?gaa ?twl atd Oorar. maaarood Ornwlnr K,n? ^nii. Mo for (I M) 0**130. (tataaaa. H.rroea B' ?? m raaua. hatawada. Mauraataa. Aa. la jalra at 70 Watt Twtaty kfanh ktra??. oaar Kiitk arenoa. Al'CTlOB B? TICg-TO RUll.UIRl - BILL A IK ? KkAttAW wt.i taU. on Thar?1?y, at II o'cluek. Ita h Ik heal rtWIder a tha premlaea, fnrorr of lUwa aad Paali ?? ?? ? Ita larta Ihraa atory hn?k Honta. In eona?i uaae* el i ham <an tirarv. Iota raaorad flra day* aliar Ua a Ditto* irortcm-c*oci**r. olabb. ithiba, a a A Hy J a a. MAltTl.trf, ?'I?I aoar Tuaaday. Btv?m tar ID. al Mo'airefe. at If I PaaH auraat. a ?**i>wt? aaavn*^* Tatatoa , Mota to kta far taAlan. Ooodt f raa, aala. iraa. r?U ? 4 im. A omo* BnT10?-BALa OP 0R07*1?T ABO A OlMA-HBBRT <? BVABB ?UI kell oa Tiiaadajr, Bor. ?Tat HI o tkoe*. rn rn ?al4aa lana a I .ill ??? rtotaot of wMM a. Ulaak and < *hina T >y? Ao. da * poaiura 8BOWBS A NtOBOLB, AtCPI0Jll?0l day. Bomatwr J1 al oaa o'etork la fn?t of atira M >?? i ?tr?et ? blank Horar, pny "-ol t II tan ta h 'kh janra "Id warranud annnd aad klad la erarr lea^act. .?*? faat aad ttillkh. haa groat bottom and codoranoo. Bold for wnat 'M aa. _ van BPLKBDID PAIR itLAOK H"R"? A bonntlfal pair iot blank It oraaa ? raara o.d IH^i haadi ??%, ??rr at j lab klna in ainaie bonnak and etoaUnnt i*>er ua ?ad^a. Warranted armm ant kiad. ha* haaa ntad hr??-n tleman far tu m.>o j? paav who bow aallk only for want of "** _ K?4h< -taatnnt HokW. rwry fart, 1 yrara old. U\ tanla ; ? ?rwtn rnaraati wtD )>o (Iran of hit aonadneaa And kn dneaa, *IJ lr? !? J ?; noaarpaaaal a* a road km and aqoa 1y *"<* nndar the anddla. Aay ? fc? wmIii auat aa nnianl .-anac t to hetior a Alan. Al MS o'tf-wB. at oiir ?Ikki kiiM, S'. Baakan ktr-at A larta aw> .rm?at of are. "id han.1 honaahnid ParaHara ma ??lnk of Ikkt iiiwi Bt>y*r ?) hlaok w. aot parlor Buna Hi fc mantel ?*!?*? aad halir <h ; oak -llnln* frooai Bnl'A Carpet*. Blrnf*. Bonkeaa*. #*laaeee dtnlaa Tahiaa lAUiler fitraltire ?? , *?. alao. a lai^e lot of e'a.i.n aad rh?aa I lliikn t Ma <"tlter?iit kl/at. aim a rraawool 7 oeinra Plan., rlty aada. alaa, taaoad hap?l Bkora aad Haatera lAi.rmou acctiob hod?b or rwrnrrt tbarb ttuhltoc.? ADRlOB A WO.. ?ane-*i aorti, ????. u IALBS AT ACOTIO*. DANTEL A. MATHEWS AUCTIONEER, Bales rarvn. M ?TM1 oepotlte khe Pact uOm. UK <B AM) PERE*PH<ttV BALK OP HUH GENUINE HAVANA bMIaSH; ALSO 810, UPO DOMBBTIC AND GERMAN lia<M Dan I II. A KaTUKH A OO will mU at auction hie day ft neaday), at 11 o'clock, at their sa'as room. M Ww St 'set. by order if Imp ?lare, to cl> aa rwelgnmenta. wt'bout reeerva, about XXI (111 genuine Havana He<a/a al?>(S<?,"00 itfiOMUr and iImuThhivi. Ill various styles aad pwsagea In ao ma* will \em than 5iKW be aold and dealers oaa y re.y on 'hie being strimly a trails sale and well worthy thalr ettenUnn. UaUUoya* ""w ???<?? D^TlfH BCI.BS a* AUCTION PIUO?*-HTAmiIT?S double and single. 4c iTu'loadi. 8e ; Naretsses, IrtsKa aunonlQj, Aramonee Joaqulle, Gladiolus, >0. eaob Crocus Sllu R1UU; Crowi. Imperials and Ul lies, do. Aditrees or call on IUM.HA Y. l?.i I'wirl street. EDWARD BCHBNOK. AUCTIONBEE IMPDRTBK'H HaL.E or MJFIRB FRENCH AND BNOLIHH fAlWTT OOODW By R. A F. 8. HOHEN'IK, on Twain aad Wedsse'liy 1th aid flat Inal. at 10M o'eloek, at their salesroom, Ito 141 Br ad ?ay, greet sale of <be m<sA superb ?*nry iloods tbia se ,so:i -i mprtalni a very large assortment of entirely new patterns ai.d f eetgus, just Imp rted, iwaaisUng of PIMM BRUNZEH. HI PER* i*A HI A N FIGURES ELEGANT BRONZE, ORMOLU AND II 4 Kd.,1 CLOOBE, I1VBM AND French china vases DW* 'RATED FRENCH CHINA lUNNgK 881*8, SUPERB IUT AND B< >i1EM1 A N GEAfNW vKE BLBU ANT ORMOLU GOODS SILVER PLaTSG WARE, And A lares rarteiy of other elegant Fancy Grods The goods will be on eihirtloo on Wedsesday, at the sale* room. LA DIBS and the PIT' generally are Invited to ex am ne them Purchasers oan hare their goods carefully pack sd and shipped at a small o><st. HBNRY B. HERTS. JR. AUfTTIO.NEBR.? SHERIFF'S sa's of Grooe?iee, Wines, Liquors. Ao . ou Tuesday. Nor XL At 10X o'clock. at the sa-esruoms, No. tti Pine street, com prlelng green and blask Teas, white. veUow and coffee uga'e. Bptoea. Soaps, Candlee Htvrrh Halei-atus. soda. In.ltgo, <lof fees, Ptuklea, Sauces, Krulu Raislaa. (Warrants, Nutmegs, Baesarool. vsnnleUll, Ac . also Brandies Whiskers, Hue London Omllil Uln. Okampagns aad other Wtre? Ua>aaa And domestic Began, A- , Omns. Measures Iron Hafs, Plw.funi bealss, As. Terms caah, In oHy bankable maaey By ordsr at JO an KBLXT, Hfcarl*. TTBBBT H. LEEDS, ADOTIONBER.-hENRt H. l.BBl>S O. * CO. vlll s?U At auction s> Tuesday i*ot. XI. at 12 o'clock, la front of the store No 33 Nasiaa street a sorrel Mats, sl?kt years old. about U kan<*a high, lougUU, kind la stogie aad dooble karness, an exeellent saddle horse, ef the Kembls and Jackson stock, warranted sound; sold far wast ?f r__ Henry green, auctioneer -Wednesday, hot. 21. at 10X o'clock, at 194 WUlUm street, a lares lot at oroceri?s. Tea, Soap, Hi arch, '"andlrs. Kaialna. i.urrtnis, ping Tobacco; a)?> 25 casks aud 60 demijohns aasurted IJquura, lt'7 OUIHcgars. Xe MORTOAOl BALE -JOHN H. BL RLBY. aOUTH M cer.wlll sell tkls day. at 2 o'clock, at 444 Oanal street, Makr-irany aad other bureaus, BcJsteads Wardruaes. rasa wood and mahogany 'o -koases Bnfaa, aofa Bels; eiu-nnloo. crntre*,and other Tables: Looking Glasses. Etogerne, Writing Desks Coasters, Oyster Mauds. Urease Is, Ihree uly and other Caryeta; Oilcloth. Oooklng K tores. Ueatera; hair and other M>otreae*e; feather Beds, Blankets, t Vxnfort-ra, Bedding, Kitchen Purnltnre, Ac. By order of Prankllu Brown, atbirney. PAWNBROKER'S HALE? I WILL BILL THIS DAY. In eontlnuttion at Bell A Ingrtham's auetloo rooms, 28 few Bowery, st 1UK o'clock. Talutble I'lnthlnr ?bawls, Ao At 11 o'clock, splendid lot of jrikd and tl'ver Waiehea. risk Jewelry, Ae. LOUlB LEVI. 4M Grand street, r AWN BROKERS' HALE -W. M LIW1B WILL BILL on Wednesday. Korea ber 21, at 181 Bowerr, by order of hlmpa^n A Co.. a large asenrtment of gold and stlrer Watches, Jewelry As . Ac. Bale to commence at 10H o'cloak. PAWN BROKER'S 8ALK-W. N. LEWIS WILL 8KL.L tbls day at 195 Bowery, nu stairs, so assortment of un redeemed p edges, consisting of women's Clmblns. Gaiters. ' ' i. Bi order a a. Bianoa. T hazet l. auctioneer. HAKDWARE. ToYH aHD FANCY OOOD8. WBITTEKORR a HaZEi I, lanooeasors to aijhards King* land A Co) will sell at anctlon, tals day, TUESDAY, November X). At 10 o'clock at taelr salesroom. No 1W Bread way. A general assortment of English, German and Amsrfoan Hardware, Cntlery, Ac , la lots to suit city and oooatry trade. ALSO MO lota FRENr-H aad GBK?*N TOYS aad PAXOY CUOIrt-, eomprtslrg a choice variety for retail dealers. SA J. BOG ?RT, A I'CTIO BEERS.? THIS DAY, AT ld)i ? o'clock, nt the a'letlon rooms. No 1 North William a.reet, Household Fi.rnkure? Aahagaaf Bofac Chairs mahogaay Rockers, rosewood Parlor Suits, mahogany Hare (in, Bre* sets, three ply sod lagruto Carpsls. Tsu-a Tete, Louagea Ho tol Hetteee. Looking Glasses, Ofl Paintings, mahogany and ('? tare Bedsteads, Hair Mattreaaee. Feather Beds, oooklng anl owce mores, also a lot of mah'igary Furnltore Beda Ac . to pay storage and advances, a so mt llrst clam Hawing Machine, Coon ten Bath f ub. Desks. Ao. SA J. BOG ART, AUCTIONEER*.? THIS DAT, AT 11 ? o'o'.ock, at the auction rooms. Iron Baffle, to pay storage aid adranoee-oee Herring s. two Wilder'*, two lwano's, also, at 11 o'clock, In front or the store, one bay H<iraa, aboat 15 hands high, kind and gentle; light Wagon aad Harness: one brow n Mara, about 15 hands hi,; If, one brown Horse, about 13)? bands h'irh; styllahdrlrer. . 1 (J A J. BOG ART, AUCTIONBBBE -THIS DAT, AT 10^ o'clock, at the auet'oa rooms No. 1 Nonh Wlllkain street, meet. Can table's aale of one Hatter's Press. MICHAEL BcCANW. Co? table. Third ward. William abbott, auctioneer, office no < East Broadway ?Mortgage sal*. Oa Thnrsdar. IM In it , at 10W o'clock, the Stock and Fixtures of the Rectifying Distil lery 157 East Ihlrty third street, with all the apparatus for carylng on the buainess, pure Ulns, Brandies. Spirits. <Vw dials, two Horses and Wagons, Harneas, one Cart and Hlelgh. The lease has 8K years to ma. Tin >M as H. HI' RLT, Attorney for Mortgagee. R. KPEC1AL ROTICBI. AN INDUSTRIAL OONORRMi Wlul. ASoMa BLB AY A Metropolitan Academy, <0 Hlith arenne. on Tuesday aad Wedr.-?lay, the >Hh aal list Utsta at 19 o'clock A. M.. and S aad If. M. of eaeh dwy. tors and danghters at toll attaad. Many talaated spsakers will be preeeat. Mahobic notice -mtstic tib lodge, no. m f. A A. M.? The members are hereby re-jueat^l to be paoo tuj?l la sttaadaaoa this (Tueaday) evening, at 7>io'clook. By orrter _ _ MAlOOT.N OANrMClj, W M cmirlm A. Inmii. Bee. ROOMS, AC., WAITBB. Anew England lady of experience m dbhi ! 'is of scouring a Srst ciaas furnished Boardlns House. In a deslrmWe loeatiisi abora Fourteenth street, won J prefer to arrange with a party willing to take at least pi rt pay in board. Referiasa of the hlshsst charaeter will be furnished. Address M. a. W , W West Niaataaath street, A SMALL, BBAT nOI'IB W ANTED- BBL" ? W TWBN tieth ? treat aad west of Ksrasd arenas, must be l? good ort^er and hare m dern lmtiro.rmaula. Real aaoul ?ou0. Ad dreas 1L B, *5 r sound avenua. APUENISBBD HO "HE WANTBO? TBK BBNT TO BB taken out to Board Ar dress H G , box Ul II era. J office, with full particular* and wbsr* to talL (10CNTBT PLACE WANTED - WANTED TO EENY. A J place of tea to fifty aarsa. with good House aad Ham. tn a healtsy loaat oa, aot mora than twaatr five m lea frem this city Wreicbestar county, aear the Hadson. preferred Ad drem. wth house aaojanmndaMjna aad rsat, L. P., Post Od to. Haw York. Furnished house wanted? situated between 1 htrd asd Fourth aver, ise and Fourteenth and Ihlrt ?th streets lVaat at rcfaranoes givsn. Addrcas E. H., box XX)1 Peat offoa. SUIT OF BOOM8 WANTED? UN FURN 1HHBD, BBLOW Fortieth street, hetweeo Fourth and Hlxth arennes. hi a first class private houaa. Address, Mai lag terms, loaaujo. re fsrenca. Htrnhaat. Hsrald oaca. WANTED A BBI9S OR BBOWN STONE FRONT bouse to nmi tar >he irrm of one or two rears, shoal a be to the rtotoRy of the < Hall Broohtym, or to Ike north or weet of h, aad moat p" dsra Improvameats Rant aot to flsnssd 87011. A dining room axisaMna pre ferred. AAdrses BL b B . / Booth < street. WE fir A NT in- A PBBBKHBD OK CBPURB 'BUBO ?f Koran, for a ?n?l>- lady fprofeaataaai). below PmrtaaMfe atreet Hd weal of Bw?d??T, tenaa not ti eioeed fl par SHLiii fu'n'abed, or 91 un/oralabod. Aldreaa a P. B. Hi raid aw, for ibiaadeya. WABTin? HT A LADT. TWO LAS WBU, PUB iil?b*<d B^mnan. t *rtW with ? kllrbaa; I <"*i' m a* kbora rweatr erctiU atraat. ani Mnn P mrtb tad Seranlh imrna Addraaa Mrs. B., txa lit Herald ?IBc?. WART ID --IW A PBBBCH PAIIILT, IR'.vm THUD an<1 fifih aaaaaaB. nortb rf Tenth atree*. a from *rat *?> r h um. begliab ww?i preferred. AiUraa boi I. Ml Poet office. wtib hMAUoo iLd Hfil tvt Ain tn? iMMxniATit.T, por a Tin mi am. TT Amfrtii family wubcil obniran. foar nmi na Ute *r?t or ammd "onr. wtt* water ud raa, InealPd Tm It roartb Mreal la tba rtetatty 0 1 Mitb areata. Beat aode rat*. Add/aa t. A, Uarwd gffioa, for two Itji WABTBO- IBTIL BP BUM. A P0BRIBHBD OB CABT If f'.raiah*.! Hmiaa, N twaea Third aad Hlilh araauea; amali farnair. Oral rate ra'ereeoaa. Addrtki wtib par Jcu laia. P. W. P , boa a m I'oa* oMca. ABTBD--A PIMT CLAM IIOl 4B, 111(111 BTOOP, fall wi.lib, betweaa Pi-irtaaath aid tblrtf alata atreeta and *i?ib aad Badlwa .ran .ea. Addieaa. wttk .sweat caah ptlcr. It He., bci 7'M cto> WARTBO-BT A MALL. QCIW PAIIILT, A "*AIJ. H> uaa or part of a Miner forwehed. la or sear iba <dty. A ulraae, ?tib ^articular* prepaid', i , boi 4 UfcJ Hew 1 ark Poet "Mae. WABTIO-I R THIRD A ? BR I B. BBt/>W THIBTT ifil dna J Mil fwiwd Ma reel aot ^ eioee i (A Addraa V. W., boa M? I If raid aMca \A7 ARTBD TO ITIBB-A mi ALL HOHIBRBAR BBOtO *? way. If ibe h >n? la firxlebed w mid buy tbe for allure for eaab Addraaa i 'n'a. B?<wd ? *y r-Ml '>(B-<a WABTBO TO BUNT? A FARM, WIT!!! B ?00 BII.BB of Raw Tetk (Mr, enwtalalaa frtaa 10) M MO aar*? V laaA U nd rattroaee glco AdJi?ee ax. W, Plaehin*. Un? Ulaad. TATARTBO TO ? BKT II* BROOBLTB. RB4B WALL " nr Pattna ferry, ear. a I a ywal llanaa. aneanut < ./ aa'lre Aral Plnor tod froat or bark H*a?n?n?. ibeab?'"u| i rrb apartaaata i>< tat a? Aad a daairaMe taaant ny ad areaaiac MM, Uerald offloa baat aw vi eioee>1 fit par ?Mtk. DKifTIBTRT. A' KTIP1HAL HOBB riLUBO POB D*n?TBT> TBBTH | p it la while an t. wltkoat preeanre or pala. 4i-bmf teotfe or Were ibe"a r?a be fll'ed wilb k Sy U?? iHanr-rerey JABUi I'BaBBOR, B. D. Remoead toSM Bxadway, aw aar of Keren taenia MreeL C?oa oyaa araalaff and Sua Bkfk. nAill JW TO"TH BTTBACTTIUB. WITHOUT TUB f <mr < rblnm-'vm eiertrv tr nr aay ?np!f;1n? a?w* rW HBTWtl 1, baa lately inmeuJ ?r ' palMMd an art iratia for tba palclaaa eitraaUna I ieeu and Mwapa. TaaHmoalali eerttfyinf tba aa?a 'mm perwwia of bi?h r?Moa aar be aeaa at Dr B. a rMdaana. ArufMal Taatfe. wnk ?UM? Ml patented )? prrrrewenta teeth filed; larva low. B M ?trap*, ooraar at Bowary. Haaa rta? tba baU wttb Or Ba?ben-? name -m THPIP BOBT BBABOBABI.B PBKIBB ABO THB Wl I'eruetrT tbat we bare aeea ta iba etty a?a at Iba Maw Tort Oaatal IM -j-nr? atraet flail ia IBUBfl JMII.L A PIBUDIB1. rrnfeaaorp Bryant M Wrattna. ?f tbe Bprpiatlli OoUaak Omar InaHtnve. my? Wa bare empluyad Dy. fareraall for wary year* mm ? t Mllgi aad Mnal anrdlajly iwaaal IBa aaa tri mpert r '>c <vatur rilfAMCIAl*. A FINANCIAL 4KB UTEBaKT BU tKAP, WO. 180 Br ad a ay- *drauoea un? Uiw ula Jrwelrr end alber aval able erojerta, or purchased If drared HimIdhm st> trU> cenhlruUnl Prlrate n?u far latft i|pliauk Mr. WOOU. 4t? Broad way . bp stairs, near Brooaaa ilreet. Colle TioKS maok 1* all riTiw aid roirm In the IU? uhl Wool, Soolh and eoulhwem, at moderate rates. by APAMo' BXP*BHH OOMPAjfT. GAVLIQBT STOCKS ? III TAKIOU8 HI TUB OF TUB L'oV'B. North. enuih. Ear. and Wrst, par'u* Ibemi diet j?HS?i 2"* Ti\ ta f*? It* for sale kg ? ? 1 "UHBaJ, roeae af the Aaaem*:: (lal I Igkt Joar ?mi, IM Caeal Altai. MILWAUEBB AND MISSISSIPPI BAILUIAD 00M p&ay -?The ?tmt ao'dem * h<? drains to parariptla Id uj ol the beat-lit* of Uw parchaae or thr road a Ik* ?U? about lo take place arr hereby required to uti(n and rr-ot'-v ibelr up*! tu the Pulm nndt't ike B*reemi-t:t prert<iia to the 11*1 lieeeaoer, itadn. at the offioe o' ike trustees M William street, Mew Turk. Address box 1.M8 Putt oill e. II. A. OoWDRICT, Secretary. Official. OHIO HTATB LO AH? W 400 00*. Ornea or TBS Ooaatneion sms orm } 8uiu? Pin or tub st*tb orOiue, J Colobsui. 184k ? .'.real IMO . > The pate at Ohio daMrea if borrow '.he ana < ill mtttrau and four kaadred thousand tottar*. to be applied eie. uWarlj to Ike payment of that pertton of ike public debt redneeaabl* at lla pleasure after ike Slat day of Owtmlm ieat, sad fc Ikai ead the C<umMstna<-r* of Ike Spiking Fnnl if the Stale ?ad<w author". v of an act ui It* mineral AaamMy. will rreelT* proposal* at tke Ohio -<tete Aff ey. No. 45 Wr'twn It'eet. New Tcrt city, nnul llo'elook M. or tke Stk <2?y at koeember next, for Ike porakaae of *M mlUteu tod foai hundred ihonsend dollars of the traneferahe Cert M eatea of the Funded and IWie^red iiebl of tke etM a at ohlo, tearing in te real from Uh> lat day of Janna-y. I8S1. k. be paid aani ann ally oa ike Iral c aya of JaanArtaod Jaty of eack year, at tke Okto Stale Afrnajf in Ike jrU' at N?w York with tke principal rataboraBble at Ike am itaee; and wklek. aa la ike rata per ant 'if Internal and tka Una of Oba! redemption, (hall be la MeordADoe with tnek at Ike tree ona . ilueoa following an, oa tke upenlnc of ike propnaaia ike Ooa I Btiartonera ?ay dee? to ka tke ateal adraala?ooa loUa Htata. I bU 'a lo Mk7:? 1. h?&rtoK isMreal at Xkm rate of Ora par aant pep mm am and red en hie at tke pjeaanre of tka iwe after tie Iklrtv am day at Deoeaber, 1W 1 bearkic Interrat at ike rata of di per sent par aaana. and redeemable at the plea en re at tka Hlate after tie tklrir ?ret da? of Uereaker, Wk. S Bearl at kitereat at tka rate of Mi par seel i | and redeemable at ike uleaaure of Ike btale after tke iktny Ant day at Deaember UM. Kaek prapoaal maet atato dSaUneUy Mr wklok J lkea> alaaiea at eert Snalea It la made, tke aatmnl of either *ktek la deelred, tad tke prtae far aack oae kon red doUara of eatk alam prepeeed te be takes, and Si uel be aeo<mbaoled by a inrtteau okeek on, or aerttaeale of de?<aM of one of ike barka t! /raw Tork oily, pa/able to tke order of the OomaMaen far t enm equal te fire per oral at tie amnut of oertlfleatea bk> for, whwk ? am ahall be forfeited if the bidder ekall fall, la mm any if tke oerUflcatea are awarded to him to pa* tk<- >??drw of hie tld at ike una k?relnaftrr apenHad for Out pur noee. No bid at leaa than tke par mine nf tke serOAa<tee, at for an amonat leae tkaa ire ikoueaad doUara, will be raider ed. and eaeh bid ehall be deem<?< na mule either for Ike wan" turn uamnd Ibn-eln. or for aarh pro rata amount themjf aa a. the rate ep*<-m?l may be aeeltttable to tke bidder, regard W I of kad to the other propowua Internet no Ike CeixMt, at Ike raw for wklek Ike serCSeatei are ? warded Ki km, will ae ailowed to eaeh ? M tlddar. and adjoeted on tke detlrerr at the nertMeataa. and eaok wtT be reciulrad In pay ike rewne of tke amoaai bid by Ma aa the kth day at Daeembar, IBM, at Um oklo state A??ncy, Ir ike aty of New Tork, at wbtok time aad olae* tke ennlflnatae awarded will be ready for delivery OerUflcatea of the Fmxtof Debt of tke State nf uhlo, redeemable oa Ike (rat day or Joan ary. 1881 w*U be reealyad In payment of any part of tka loan hereby eoateaaplated. 'he depoeha of the uneoeeeeMul bidders will be rata Tied tc than upoa appUoaiicn at tka Ohio state ARoney, oa lha dap aext aa'iaaqnanl lo the opening of the prot oeaia. The Ooawmtoaen reaarre lha right to rfljeet aa y or all of the bids K tkey ahall deem II i nunaeaiT la ordar lo proteol or promote I he latere*! of Ike Stale. Proroaala for tka loaa matt be aneloaed In a Beaked aor* lope, dlraeted lo lha ' ?< ?eun leator em of tka Sinking Pnad nf lha Slate of Ohio," aad endorsed "froptaala for lha UM* Loaa." In order to nmn nalforrmtty, aad far tea aooTentaeo* ql bkUera the Ootaatlaalnnare hare prepared a farm of pr ipoeai which together with a copy of the aot aalhorlMeg tke loaa, aad aay taformallau dealred In the prem<aea, mar be obtatead at the l hlo htate Agency la Naw Tork elly. or at lha oOea of <&, Andtlor of lha OomaMekawe to Oolombo*. i hlo. M. W TATLt'B, Andtlor of State, A. P alWai4 SenretAry ot Stat*. O. P. WOLOOTT, AMoran UaaaraL < the ttaklag Pnad of lha htate at OUfc ?xtinpion or ran foe kbckivino p*opohaiji The time for renetrlag propoaala andrr the peeea'ling nottee for the Dorchaae of tke Oeruacatee of the Panded Leb. jf th( Stale or <: hlo iberela named, lahereiy eitended unul 11 o'aloet ? of the Utk day of Peeeeaber next - Kida wklek have been aem in for ibe Mkh lnataat mar A tk* option at tke bidder, be withdrawn, oa appli?aioB at the lttate A?eory, or may remain there to be opened on the *ald 13U day of Deermber neu, Notuiba It, 1MB. B. W. TATLIB. Aod'.tor of Stale, a. r kdsmilu Seor<tary at State, 0. r. WOLO?TT, Attorney Oeoernl Of tea Waking Ptmd of tke State of Okto. PKOPt SALft FOB *7in00 OP "TBI CBOT0M WATIB Mock of ike elty M New lark." Sealed umpeeale wllljbe^ ?o-lrr^^t the Ooaip?raUer'? o#ie nnul Friday, lleeeaber It. loft), at 3 e e'ock P. M . when lha am* will be publicly oiened, for Ike wk le or aay part of the ana of two honored ead eereLty (Ire thooeand di'U eof 'ha "t>oton Waur Sl-ck of ?h? city of Nee Tork." aalh-e-i/od by ?hap 111 cf tke of l.?0, aa<l by aa or<iloai>ee of ike ? -im m<? IVmoei!. tin roted ny thr Mayor. Aigam t, IMO, for la areaalng the aapp>y of <"rotoa water and eturv'lag lh? aaoaa tary work* for ?eeaa. ulatlng and diatr balkir ike aame Iheaald took will bear Inter -lit at Ike rate a! ?txpereeat per annua, payable quaiter yearly, and r-tr-Myai will be re daeaalile oa the flret e>y of Nereaber 1*M A The i rnpnatla will (tale the amourl u f ttook deel^0. and tke price per one hut d*ed dollars tkarnof. aad ike pereona who*e pr-pieale are aaeeeted will be reqnhred te depoeR w*a the (?bemfiarlalu of the ctty. ?llhlot?i day* after the omenta* of Ibe bid*, lha lua awarded totkem reapeollyaly, laoludlag Ike prrmltiaa on Ike aame. C d preeenttnz to ike Cowiptroller the reeetpla of the ''ham * beriaiB far *urfi fep alia the paitlaa will be entitled to raerlre oartiDeatee for ennal am. inU of lie par raja* of tea Ink, bearing later*- *t froa the datea of paymanta. Bach pro; ladiloo ?koald be rea'ed and endorsed "Prapo aala for t'roton Water mnok of the i"lt? of New fork," aad tee aame onolnad te a aeeaad envelope illrniil to tea ftoaptroller the right le laarietl am the Mart m tee (teapirotMv to rejaM aay or all of lha bide I' eowtelere4 aeoaeaary M prtAaa *r ii 1 1 ?ime tke latersma the at? BOBKBT T. BaWS, Oaaptrollar. Ctty at New Tcrt, Pepai tmeut at Pteanee, Uoaptrallar'a Oteea. Nor, li. 1W). PBOPOHAia FOB (B3 0B>? "I'BNTB A L PABK I?. prmeaaeat r nnd mnak of ir<B."-gea<ed ampraale will be rwfeed at the OoaptroDer'a t>*ee aatll toeaitay. IV*. 18. 1MU at > O'olonk P M . when the aame win be ixiblte )y opened for ike whole or aay earl "f the aaanantof three hundred and thirty three thooeand dollar* af the "Out-al Park lanroieaieat Pnnd teoek," aethorlaad by ekapter M cf the law* of 188U and by an ordteaara of tke ira moa (tooaetl. appro* art by tke Mayor, Aaguai U. 1M0 The aaM itoek win bear latereel at the rate of an par oenl |p*r aa a am. payable q Barter yearly froa laxatvm and the erlaolpal be naif ahle November 1, 1W1 froa the '>k.klng Fund 'or the Kedrmpuon of lhe<1ty Debt." The prop<aaM will Male the am<<*nl <* atoefe dealnid. and the prlee per aaehinlred dollars the reef aad the persona whaae propoaala are aee'ptad will be reqnlred to decah with the f'kva wlala of ihe otty at Am lev tax after the o^ewtng irf the >>t<l*. 'A I ni award ed to them raepertlraly. leelndlag the premlaa oa the naa On presenting lo the ' the reeeipia of the ' 'ham bar lain f>r *>ick ?p a w Oe ian.?a an.! eatlllad lu cer^iOcatea for equal aov> mte of the par <aJue 4 Ike etna, bearing Inter** frna the ualea of paysenta. Sachprop<m One ahoo'.d b? ?ali il and ae^oeBed. " rr>,.oeale for ileatral Park laproeemeat Foad t ?k." aad ike eaaae pot la a aeooad BBTclopo aiidj leeed to tke .aptroOer. The light le reaera ad on the part of the ? oapt Jar to recent aay or all of the txda If e Tiateered ?? <e*ary to prrxeet or the tntereeta rt th'dty. BOdBBT T. I1*W11, Onmptr-dler I"ty New Terk, Department of flnaaoa, Oaaptruliar'i otece Not. 1*. law) SPANlbil iX>NSULATB NBW TOBt. 17TH NOVCU Vglt, I Ml -W aated oa Vxtrr-Bry, fma H.0B0 %? M uuton ' pan lah ship Fersaaina, her freight and oarf o?ii?Ha,lna of CUO.IB aad itersa The Xrraaataa la tl?/>ranlak li a. newly no iper ed, and In all rrepeota a grud rreeel i iff era of loan will be re eel ?ed at tee Ppaalak Ooaon Ala, U1 Leonard street, nntU.iel of Uleaoatk. _______ TO LOA ?-< N HANI? AND MORT<iAii| Vwv.UUU oe p-<rp?rty lo New lurk or Mr<?ikl} a. Ai ply to B Q UMTBB. M fiaa alragk. ? -WaNI Ai.1, i N BKOMANUB FH4 ?tO'U a?J'"'"*"*r. ualnmtmberwd real >ata'4> and naMI dry gnuda. '? ?> ada and ilw iPartMe dee nef to d an we 'if a *l>a<fc of the ab>r?* ai?aitloB*d graida aaa emaali with toe nl ?cnber ki ihe rn'Meoahtianl-al maaaer. Addrea 1. P.. tie mid ofllee. N T. Clin Til 1>IAN-<)W BUND AN) KOITllAHl IB pmdBeN** |fkl ee'.aie la One -ity at la BmA ra. Apply to JOHN P (X)N BIT. la the >?ee of tea Pet a ai f tre laaoraooe ttjapaay. MWm anrt ?of\n nnA ? bonkt to LbJTd o* **d and a^UU.UUU. m<irtr*ge. at seree pe eent mte'eet ,n snrnn .1 a i a ranla, oa iiMaoVw real eeta e la ihMgWaP fln? atym. applf to ? ? BAOaO, Ho. li WaU airtal Moad Unrf DARCMO AC ADR Ml K*. k W0VUSTB1 DJJIOUIU a CAD R<1 n ItaUnf Raw Tnrfe. ?a Ut ImifM alraak BroukJy*. WIIWBWATI and *4 TV* OATH ba Raw Toft ?ORDATDaad THUMDiTI. TL'MUHTk aad rxiuAn IB BrwkJ/m. I* artalftw W> IW (Vmil QnalrtUa. Ffnet Imp an*, a +><* iim tapir* u4 attar a<rt*l dnwaa. Vaiat 14 id rdm Mi Md ott?r rdocaUoiaJ duns alraady lairocmad i? Mr itndw *th, a raTtr1. ? V nawrr 4 an ? ? mi., ha >.r *ai .r Jnrtaa Ik* araana. aianai wktok *?r ba n??nt mail "1? <1|| rtak^ I'm l f mill fm? raria. m 4 lAa vr<Mnl> -*<m ?M." aaaaaUUr ada#lad to Ika dr?aloi>a??ai of fraoa- * ?o?? ? i i* ekU**. r%i ulai > af larva, Ar m?1 1 A ?>kar Aaadaar. LL TUB PMW PAPrm-L Kit 'J RROOKW AOADIVI, MI Hmv w\n ?at. AU *k* fMMnatbl* lux iaochl In o or mm * I? a. \ KIW rTLAMiW r<>R TCBKHllAf AR? ?*..Wt-IUV 1*41? mn* To aalara ?nd fn i? . ? S la A rmu-mwi 7 w I S r. I <%lMrra Wataaatey* mA RMarAaya. 3to? K. M. lAdiaa prlnVT -liaM tMLr .aU4 bj *f? (troika*. murrb tiDDVuif irMN. iVSoV darcir<? AOA?ni " inptlvwl Raw T.jrk -Opaa far l? A/Weonee fnr KIm aad tUd* r? r??nin*? rr - |?'j? Mi Bltatoa aad piiTtM <Hm fa fkMllla* lialri ur n*n aaa ba kad at lha tavtar. DaK< !*?? -Ro l? t??rr TH I RV T *i 1TH MTKIOT. Vklui* (Farram JA<1?oR'? PrlrMa tH*^M arid* Bfb Row m** Kiaun ><d mM? ?ni IU1 if d?ya and Tn?ad?r? tad rrMar*. A elaaa for gfnwa ?r, m? ladtaa oa Ralr.rrtay m imln?. Acbonto prlnu karw u lordad in d*r tad araalac BBOAbWAY .-.MMB. HAUVA'lk*U'rt l>\fl>'IKW ??iMm; laopaa Taaadar TbniWar *?.' ??i iM?* im laRi far caurrai praalla*, Im?im atraa r> " rnna fr m tkrra ml f va n'oinrlt, and M <adav. Mtwr and Prday avaalnga (r m aeran ttlJ Ma .< eHo*. all faak. a* .r daaraa U'ltkt m twritr la ?a 783 BURUNDI. BIU.lAA0H.-rOR ?M.B. A flRB *TO< C uf ?|? a?d armrd Saad Tahfai al raawfia^ta >.rioaa. OkU anl ciaalaa or aaad jtmr ordrra lir mail. W. B. ORlt KfTH. IRManmt Rr rals-a iokiwood rh ta'??* rlatr l*d. * nW? paaMatdaa; "?r nf laa >*?? In l-e ?Mj , Mna <iaad Mit IMia I'rva JMO Arplf al VX *o? ?ry mu.iaRo t a hi to* anrt ?x>*di!?*T!o? Onaklona Raw paion'ai MaoMMba/ A IMA rtlraa radonai Im prr ? nt for raak. I'Uft.iK A <\>u?a>rnAB, Km m In ? (Jnrn-r ?>raat WV j *h a *>*' r?rr *0 nrri BTU.T a r r? tahlw wllk ktoaaw r Intanird Tiiakina. nalaatad Hvr~m-*r Ik IM* and w?u linwn m ba (apart* 10 kay kow * J*, dun (Mhry Ml raAaa MraaA MAalOIW AMD LODUBHl. A couple o# ??chtl imbh <ian uavi % rL*AJiAjrr front Huiim, with IU. lire n.d rtuwrd f<w 16 ? <mt -*ah at Si) *e?l Ptftaotlh aireeC Uuuuu- al hal. putt 6. R efenm oca eichanaed A KM A LI. PRIVATE F A W It.T HAVE OKI LABOR and ?o? ainatl iinom lb?y wi'l let fur the wialar <rUh itoaxd at sa tJnroi aueru K mr h. Karl/ Onuor. A SUIT OF FI'RKiMHID KOOM4, TO BB VACATBll lb>a work, wl I I e lei. wtth itoard. alao teoom* ant %:*e for tlagle *? ntlem*n; hoaae b-? all the <u d?.rn len ro?eui? 14, plrwai.ll* luo aled. Aupli at * 2 Writ i v,euly Ihird ?reo4, opputlle Loudon trrraoo. Trrma moder?u\ A CHOKES OF ROOIIB, NiCaTLI FIRSIK'IBr) WITH A or without partial lioard, ?i?y be obmiuiv' liv ,<H?.um~ri to y. In a new home, contain. lj all ibe modern laipr weuw U, Ere ma aud bub If dealrrd; ooore; lent to e.ra and ?l*i*o l ami. y email ana retired; no ehl .drou , wool 1 in - lei an/ ? e*a.iu able in au with tbow iDteudim u> ha lit uu.ui. f leaon tali at 1?U Kaat I birty thlnl itraei A GENTLEMAN AND LADY AN 1) TWO tJINtll.B ultK llo nen ean ho ?e<yioi'*.i?l?U(d with IWuua Mid B ?ard i.t >24 Nlnih rtreet, bona* in cjmplete order, with aJ the avion IBpriiRMilr, a few <1<or* wett of Broalwiy. * UENTt.EMAN AND WIFB, Oft o*C >a Tfn S.rf ?\ tie fOitlemen, ran nbtmu plea-tart it *iuj?. with H.ntr.L Tf ran moirnlt Reference r? quired a ;j ply at it .ullage p *00. betauen Hleeckrr and Houal.m atreeu. ATOUBO LADY OAK FjM D A LaRUK F UNIHtlfD Koom. will H *rd, whrre liere are m? oil" r boarder* kr 1 1 a pertoo who 0011 Id bo oomp inkjuablo preferred. Ad orrta Mr* Acb ui, box 138 Herald odor. ALAftQB FilOBT BOOK. SUITABLE FOR A FEW ilnrle itmilcmrn, *"*>mtiiK togrlh-r can bo Ird. with Hoard. In a prhale family; h une l*t all laprornmeuM: l'*)A Ui'U deaira e within ?? hock writ n Hrn?| .??? r nre-ilenl for* men. l.'t Bpi-ln* *ireet. Reterenota e (changed. x I,aHUI TUIJIO HTORY FROM r BOOM, WiM At, core bedn om ad) iiao* farnUbr.d Pi let M In a f.rat tl??a Lew b tiae, Willi r?crj cmveilruoe lrnao Tery rraaubaMe D-V Weat Iwenty eighth aueel, belwrtsn Algbth aiid Mluih ares nea A GOOD SIZBD FRONT ROOM ANI> HAOK ROOW, brtb nicely furnlabed. to let, wtlhU'ard aaiuble o a ceitl. in?n and wlf* or K<-ntlc??a in * b.m?< olo? aartiy altuatn' near Mith avenue oa^a. bcfereurea rictuag ?1. Apply at 74 Weal I w. ni? 1 r?t >lrr?t AFLHNUHCI) R(H)M AKD HEi.ltuO* To utr? d? paratelv ? r Uwethar. without Hoard, In a yrirato family. Apply at IW Wa?erley place AOKRMAN YOUJfO MAW, OBKIRUU^ OP I.BARNt* ? the Koitl jb luciace. won d like to obtain Ht.ard w.ih a mpro.ablo Amrrtoan ftauly, for wbl-h lie will (Ito tatun in Seratan or Firnoh, and pit no For fur her "annulare pletan adcreaa, by noto or jthomrlot, U avenuo 0, ooruar Fourth ktreet, dry K'toda atoro. AHaNPHOMF. FURN'SHBD B(M)M TO L.BT-f)W SB onmt (lour. 10 a tulennui aad wife or tw < abide nor 1 tmrn ih-.i woild rtvm t i<ethrr. board, tunas bain all ?he mo-ern ttaumveicmita, loca;i io deolra'ile, family ? app y At 219 Waat Thirty II rot ktrotk, belwteu Kikaji an4 Niuth aTciiUea. ALAPY K?SlPlJfU OUT OF TUB OITY AHO H\V Ie* no ?m*ll rhll.lren, wtaheM to take a aMHherlraa lHite R.rl tfltoard and edncato 1 be would 'ocrl>e u? uluoa. o are and attention Adtren Mra t* , boi l'J9 lleratd ulOoe. AVtRY 1! A.SPBOKB ROOM. OK THE ?K U.MI PljOOR, well furnlahed couUlnke* <a?. frwte, hot an oild water, 10 let toalaHy&nd im lomaa, with full or parotl il.vj-d For f,irther particular* apply at 267 Won Ptftoeiiib t reel, bo twern aeveoUi ,.uo &l|tt>ih areauta An amkrioan widow, vbrt qdibt and RB tlred h?vln? no hoarder*, h u m a.ore r.ojm Ihnn ahe hn.Ii, wialie* 10 1*1 iome very nicoly furntalmd Apartoiealo to 1 uidneaa trn l?uien. .a.rattoe dealrmMe, laetuk acivoollile lo Uroadway. fleaae call at 177 (iroeno Mrrek, ueur Hleecker. Aubnti man VMM to bnoaob a BOM and partial Board in a private family, in rri hanire for lerw na In m u*lo. AddrrtoL T . Firth Fon4 M "o '*. S<7 timai'wty AU(N>D 110 MB FOB TBK WINTRt-A NK'Kl.Y FUR tlaiird Houm, with g*m. In lei, with 4 ard. on the *eonad ?tory, k:ii a 'mall private family. Apply al 87 Dowahif ?tree!, three aoort f-vm Yatick. AFMAL.L, VK VATB FAMILY WILL LBT, Tf) ONE OR two lerileinen, a Urge fr..nt Room ncrlr fumuibra with hrrnkthjt, the bt'uo h?o all tbe mo<ler* Inpro 'emente; V* and a dd water. Apply a. 31 Htiyveaact (treel. contluoaUoo u t A* lor plaoo, and n?w Brood way. A N ARTUT "ROM THE NSW YORK ACADEMY OF Tl Muac wiiii* a Kootn, with partial Hoard, in a private family, in MM for lr?? n? on ihr ..lau > .md *inir>ri: Hefeirnoea cirbv.i;ed Addroaa AiUfb doi 4,17V i'uot olkce' AHANDfOMll.Y FCRNIP1IBD F4RI/1R, ON TUB flr*t 11 or al?' 1 P?r?ir and hednum on the leoood lo rnit, to ' no "? t*? f{eatletn?-n, wdbdul if<>Ar.l, ln'ir] modern. CI Kou th aviiUe, u?ar Nlulh Mreei, oi.e oujca Irjst hr ?4 way A FBI V ATE FaMII.T. RBP1DINO AT 162 WI8T FORTY ? a. mono d (treat, will let two Knonxoa lh>' torotid flair lo a lady and gentleman nr two *u ?le *ei tlemen. rb. y wlil tlnd all the h< me ooautoi*. ?llh m?ler?ie terma. ANE1TLT FCBNTSHEf) FBORT ROOM. WITH <1*8 and M ?rd. (uitablo for a lady and ri t'* i'i>o. or re* pefahlr (incle lad ea, may be bao li a rmii atr cl.y prlralo family. Call at lefi Lawoaa otrtet, neaj- Hlee.Ler. ABWALL PRIY ATE FAMILY. LITINO IN THE iicn'ty of ibr Fltib Avenue Hole1, w ?? Id lei, wlthoat b ard. two '>r three furniibed norma In (entirmen oolr. Tbe hou*e lo r?pl. to with >11 the n.ia'erD ImpruvemanU The al o? rrferrr.eeo required. For addrem apply al M Wet I Twenly third otroet. % HANDAOMCLY PCRNI^IED FARI/lR AND HID A rwm ao the teooed floor to lot. with ttovrd. at 1U8 ilut Fonrteen.h itrrot. AJao Houavi ou lha third tloar. Ktsfo ? enoea eiehao?ed. All ELEO t NTI.Y FTBMIrllED FRONT ROOM AND Ol Fle?.r? m 10 let to twti (natlemeB, in a modern prliaie h?o*e. cocniiied byaamall, ijlet family. Apply at No D Hi t alrret. A I.ARiiE FCRB18HED FRONT ROOM TO LBT-*TO A X Konilrman at.d wi'e ur two gentlemen wt.11 or without Boord. A *o. a hn-mlnr 1 l?.y. Call at 26 M'joaier ilreet Mar Uroome, fur uno week. API .BaoaWt FVRNLllllI) FRONT- ROOM. WITH na, <m *een<I 11,117 t" let, with board to a centlemui a.d wl/e, or to iwour ihreo alnglo conUamen, torma muaoraao AU'ly al HI rhrj*ue ttreet A LADY CAN BECEIVE A FEW FAMILIES ABD HEN llemao lo hoard: prtaauv^blo If r ou la aol. or alagle, handcoeanly 'nrolahe 1 00 Urat H air with all tbe Irn prortBecu. I0R4HB deal rah lo Apply al Utd Rroalway. near Thirty Urat ai/ooL Reft rennet eioaaBcoo. A GOOD M/ED FOURTH HtORT FRORt IWHI 1(> I m, with tuarV lo in or Im Aula inilmn, at 2i nol r urwaiitMml MMM aachaiiaad. Am ladt uvjxa i* the n aim ok t*e*tv I altlb AOd Thirtieth ntfx-i naar If. ! irt<u -*r?, bil a kudma p?f k? uMlm <oaiii mao ud Iv1y, foil Moaru for ib* boom h%a bait ?urt <u brown >;ju frjot rwtii pri.kir. Aik/fw m m., uMun r. Al'a RTRRUB - AR ELK lAMTtfUITOF BO 'MM, WITU V"tv i# i*ib Mil kJ c caoiauoaa, li Jrt aritk prira* Ut ?. at n/ifUi ?k ??. Alau 1'arluC and lt? Itkjui, fur a ata (la *acuea*a A BIHOI.B OKMTLBK.%* OF KK^fE *T * CAN f\ ha?* U># cho "# <]tf tiro 'mat tt<> una, In ? rnrr rtoalrab ? BK". aowtbia l<cauoa ua HrooAIja !in*aji. . v>l awl the r ?u> -u or a <?#atr* fc"-w# on rnaa witWa laraa. Pur partlcu -ar? addraaa dtvuUj a, oat LU liar am u>ap? AFARli.T OR A OUTTLKMAN iKD WIFC AND A ?I'kla *?otl?i?nn < an br acc,iaaAi<?Ut#.| rah # Kcijua aid t> ?*/'! a I i9 *?t fwontj aa >a>l auaai. OWl for two day*. Mrferouoaa AicUan*ed A LAIVT ARD DAUGHTER HErflDIRJ IR A I. AK'IIC ?\ and Blc?*l| f in>?h-d b>-nar, wuM ha p>\a#*i In l#i tk?j.r tiimiciipi-d *?"? l ei j < ir la a.uia, #Wwr pfna?o-? lj or tr??al?-iiU/ I h# Lutua w tvt-aal th#ra rant taprit aoarnta, ita koalU i It u?a?i*p'i , it t)#ti>? bni 11 r? <-oj?? fr ?n Hr-?wl<vaj. ?i.J adjawtit In vh# .prtactpal botala. lkta?nuld h# aa #| -alknt i>oknrtMoit . far ? obana <i r ithi-r forato ir?~\ n?#n who ? .aha In rn*. 1 1'iamwl m la rt>#aktir '?# din.-ah Un?tMR?> I be aJi#a #U1 to B'.it it knptv u oc? iDwi k<i.aa, an ?*.t . >ual/ ? lit thar aur .1 I. aa tiuUaa ?ariud th^in Addraaa 1- I. J, B , alaUm A, Hprtnc atraot. Raw York uity. AWIIK W I.AIIT I1AVIR.J A UAR IM AXt) HAND a m?ly fn'n'.k*<1 h >oaa. *-1th m ira room than ah" rm qu r?a ?U .ut to (ntliwwi a fa w aaa'f lu'uatxl Ro ma, ? I'k r olUhMt* partial Hnari family ?n ? i an l nriT.ta. Aaiiir Ro- W Aaat TA1. naniti alrtwt, l?j t.?*J fi^in Broa4?r?r, AriJAPiRT novi M AT ?? POORD DV JEfTMCVfr ? Uaalr artraa frr*.' and hack a--B* 1 ft# r<?m> ad I flMfeVA "a <??*) arrt iktrd " ? ra, ajao, tarn .< ? n? f->r a:ng;? lti''fa? IRuaar UMl Appljr a; U AafcU. I titaaa, oor.iar ol Wamiaj. A ? BNT1.CR A X A*U W fM I >18 1 KB PCtM ARE ' T mard la a atrlrtlf prlv-t# 'ai*il? np ui* a, i aaai fwi A:i r at k n>?. r. Un hut aoatf-iTMb ?? a^ o.a>,>ia 'i/uatloai r*t. Aili reaa /ao.r< N ?H. aia'Joa t?, l*o?l oTaao. A LAOT. H A?I*U Mdkt ftOnW THAN Hill R* ix, in* all It I ?-?.l 'nrBUh#>d frmt far ?#. on Irit flor, wi h iraa and ararj'ktag a?c-aa?r| fur h ? j-ka# j,,.*. ? Ml at 17 R?nartc* atroatt. UtrM .Inra trim t'asAl. H?A?P-WIt1l Pt RRladHn R'JOMK. .* AM A?K<! I>f*n ?irtijr. amua frat cm Hrotdwa j *t*rm ua?? tba -nr. I! la ?narat.l?M lu Ikraa Uaua cf ??-?. Appij- at 77 It Rark ? i lacfl. BOAKP-WARTItll. RT A t???TI.RMAR Or rw>?'?>?. ttr b*Mta. a kGma fo' ib<* aainur 'a j *r.nlf ? rl aau- familr ?r?ri> k" mar r^l kima cwn'oui. a f -aa* ?k!< ? l?nj ? bmu? praforrod. Addnaa, wuh va/tlculara. U U B li'f* <i 4i.-n, Boarp-ro t a rorRtu rrnrrr ? ts nwro!! I?r?.?m:k A fc*rda<wi?-lr fa'ulaao! rutof Kir aaoi h# t .ri' ; li Id. at a IVvrd. m ? ut# tr aaparatoir lo fajnul*a of alntia ??.oti#*?n icrilre aa abor# BOAKD-WkNIBU. 8t A I.AOT, ROARO FOR H1CR ??tf ar.ll fcifaM la * prtiat# fam.'T.ia t*x- ra >#r p%rt o t On rttr. tftrm 'uuor t#rma koauou and uona n >dau.?. J. it. a i J 13 IlrraJ 4'<a tlOARa-A THIRD KT'iRT Rfl Rl/U^ Tj tET TO II i ?#rtlan??t aad wl a, t arflu *?i #??n at 41 ft. k>?rk ?,??? R ahia air??i. D:-?n#r ai mm ?' !j-k. r?nna ai.^n*'#. H#'#r#r.r# ?ar?ar*?-t <<al? a f?at h>>w!#ra u.k' u K,?ro - a mart home rauar ririr or ket^hd n. r to i#t. with H>arit t/ a#ntl#ir> i. or a (wnttaMa%a ar ' kia ? If# ata" ? harnia ?na cut of M'-> oi >a Aral iloor. Ap ply at 10 in?*ekrr *u#rt I f)' AHP ? I ' Cai R A HM Rrf>MTO I.RT. OR TlfH *E I L> (Tina and tkir.1 %nr*. th# k . in# haa ? I Ui? wi ta?o oi. amr ta*"*. r?f#?#i>r?a rlaan and r#Tiir#d. A;p I at %>M j Fi,nrtSBW??t or hn I niMiar.nM Board -A HARMkrar* aciT or RO?i%ia. with PDArd. io a ti'ahl* r#?p#.ilah,# pri?at# imbIIv wbara *11 I tk# . f a h,im# will >># fooiK. T#-m? oiod?rala At pt/ at M taat Ikirt; au.tA atroat, a#ar L?tItiftVj? Armi'ia B0AEI> ARO A HARIWORt FBORT RfK)R, WITH >k?> t# A" for a t#TiU#nt*o aod wif#, or Aoalf i/r"oo? [ r#ot #m#a wn ta# i>> r??a ma#taar: Alan ? k? I ir*r a. i irnaa !???!" rata. I tuti frcal l?7 oci ?k < <:i a? a > M I Hla##?er ttraat UO??r? W?RTr.v-TR RROOCVTR HT A OBfrt,*: map and wl?# and * (tnila f#?t iMMa, m * i>?1-.ta i ?a?t't, rtf-al Roar 1 1- r r^ntlama-t U? " n ?? n<#?|#?t to *'? or Polloa farry. Aililraaa, arita parti- . ara, il. F., M?naH I Ilea. I UOABII WAaTBn-IR TITR' ? il ?'>n OF t D Twattrali'.a mm t an t F irlit-'n i#; a frwnt Rnont aa I1 ?#<'-a<d door for A laat and *?i :u n-?n; t?r-na rtVi. -o*t I I t,#r i?c'oL?f faei Atad *41r>?i (V, 0, li-ra-U ~Ec?. BOAMOMO AjfD BOaBD WANTED PtlB A IOOB0 LaUtf Ifi A -HI vale 'airl'y or ? leet boardln tvM?e. terms a t to "i?*J >1 a ilk, f.r?t >1 d tii-lodeo n? auuti lietmen Ci, bth tad r*n it ti'th streets. third and Btith arm. ana ad lttsa N H , Bi raid itN. BOARD WANTED- HY TWO FIMOI.B ?? 2 ' r ' .? * ?N , two u'.wljr rural bed ttooiu*. w b full or p-rtlal it.??rd. In a able' > private fatal y, ma a' ore tenth iffri -Wat ro'e nnea *lv?-n and rfquirtd. Address*. E haralJ oiH-ie Board wantsii? by a obntlbman ?si) *tifk. In a prl?a a 'atnllv. a larea Ho m aud li'v'r" in with pautrle* . nae.ner ilm.r ri-q 'ilred Ad<ire?"i > .bin 151 H^iaUl um.>' riauna l.anuoa aud price watch musi be in, iterate, or ?ii attention ?lvm. Boami \vt?i?i>-B* a oenti.kman and wire. Id a private ftmlr with uart al nerd, In tha v .rii.ity or * went* irftdb atm-taul Ih'ri av*u u?: u .f a ii-.d r?.m pie'erred Andre ta Uietel md, Hei aid otllce Boarding- a third stobt front hall Bin room la lot, with gas. na try. An., In a ?roa>l Vinal fainl "hr. where 'bnrn a re faw bw era; bona- t aa all .uipnv iffie >e. Inquire \l No. 9 bauk stfrel. Htwjea paas ivtUiio uai Jluek u t the heme. QOARDNtJ-A FRONT PARLOR AND BBDROO* D on the BMi'imii Hf>.r, and bock Porlor ?? fl.-at fl ?ir new* ami iisr ,l? ninly furul?he.<. o?n be ha ! Ui a private b > wka <<aird. Apply at 210 (Vest Thirty Am iLroet, a ear CMb'-U avru ue. BOARD IN BROOKLYN? 144 HENKY STRICT, RB tweei ('on^n-aa and Amity La'fe planaaal Imt Boom on Hncoud floor, alio ball r??> *a ??n larva au'e WW wttA ?tore, fire mil ulna walk from Houth .<r <m1 atri> i terriee. BO^RI) I!* BROOKLYN. -A UBNTLBM ?N AND WIKK ur two nr toree aiD*l* k^di)1 in?n, ru olijun vltot?*nt ki<?i wl h Hnort1. In a private faiullr, 18 .(inoau aireet, ne?r bulh Fulton and Wall itieet Ferrka BOABD IN BROOKLTN.-A FROMT UOOM A WD BKIV rc> m adjolnlu* or wiiara'a. on ??>?ir.d 1 nr to let, ? ith (rood Board lu a pleaaa' t Iikoiiko at i<??:urj at?Mt alevr ?><cutei walk frnm FuUoa ur if a1 1 aireet ferry. Referencai KIT' D and re'iulred. , BOaBD IN BB()OKI,*)? -(JKtTl.tWKN aNW (JC"? tlonan and their wlvnanau ' C'??imiiUU> l wUh l?rm Olid p'eavant rrioeai ? Ith fa'l nr partial b <a?l In a hnaliky 'o- ] eailon ?ithin Ave mlnqi/a' walk to H> uth or Wall itraet terry. ! Apply at ?'S Henry a rent, corner Of t!< ni;r?a? Board ii* bbocki.yn.-plri?iant rhomh and | Hnajrt mac |j^ Iiv.1 In tkn m i 1cm hoiui" 1" UMNM ?tr><a t]Hat*f>i relitbhorlkxid and control locaUac. fable j food. 1'crmi moderate. I BOAKD IN BROOKLYN -T'IRIl OR FDHB 8INOLK HiiiVmin ran *?t tiaid In a r-?pn-ta '!? unilr wi lili ] H?r mtruP-a' walk of nouth fi-rry . H^iou ' irr.Uh"cl on aaeond . Ho" r. Apply at No. 8 WaflfeUeet, room 27. between 9 aud 12 A. M. BOaRD IN BROt Kl.Y* ? A DKS" liaHI-ii SOlf >>F 1 bo inatolet. wUh rf'Htrd, lu nh ' Wf n'intalu1nf all the ?odert. lmprOT(*'rnDt? may hnhml by a pliti t a' II O.juiKjrd | ktiwet oocrenlei.t to the ferrlno. Ku rri-ure* required. B OARD IN BROOBI.fM-A PI HAHANT ROOM ON anooiid floor, really fnr.-"?hd. with txeal lent n!< Mate aiai atreet, nea. f niton tad ' BOABD IN BROOKLYN -A Bill? Of FRONT R'.OM* i lo let, with iloard. naU?Miaa.d floor, ui a pn i i-m?n . and wife, or a party of pwiUemt n. App y at 129 Re amen 1 atrret. Refereucea rnqu red . Board in mouxmn -a uRNrLiMAN and wifi , win np'e of alasle f?ntlrm?n nai be v/nmam ?;oted with pli-aai.nt i'.iaana aad lioard, Lu a email rumUyrhf la>|OlrlD( at No 216 OUutoo street. Hoard in FOimi prooklyn ? oni or two gbn M?men <-an be HnonmnnodatM with partial board In a pri vate family at 272 Henry iireet. n-ar Uarrle^n. Board in booth brooki.yn ? % rmaij. niw Boglanil 'iimilT will let v. ? w -t'emin ai d wl'e or l ?o runlemnn a neat)" fnrii'abed Room no tbe er' ia d (l.?ir o>i talBln?>aa both, hot at d cold wa er, Ac. Apply at 22 Temp lima i iaoe. Board wantid in bIooki.yn-by a ornti.e m*n and wife. In a pr'rate laeillr. wltVu a few Hlnu'ee' w? k ?t Fultrn ferry. Ad^rea, atatlnv timi wht li an?t be wn derate all particalara, la., K?uJali, 37 Kllra!>nth atreet. Ntw y ork. Board wanted in Brooklyn. -a yo *no ukn tlemra wlahea loob'.a'n parJai Board In a atrktiy private tairtlj r .rt orer twenty nrlcutra' walk 'nan Wall at-ei-t or Fill'' n ferv. For eatlal ant -<ry ae<aimmodaii ua a ll' o -al t r cn wllll eptld. OiKid referenrn riven. B >ar<llni2 h nie kenpera rerd lii't acawor. Addreaa, with porUcoiara, <1 , boi 140 BeraM nfllee. IflLtOANTLY FUBNIBRKD ROOMB-1N BU1TK. OR U M(ly, tor famll ?a or ii' ule gnn lenieii, with or wiUvml Hoard. In the modern bouae 181 M rletr.ecit'a pla< ? (Hoodonttal air* en i-ornar of ? :llu'on place and ueor Fifth avenue. Term* moderate. L'ae of 1'laoo. BIJIOANTLY FIRNIHHKl) Al* ABTM CN rs ON TUK Crai floor. Inc lodlBj! I*arl ir .uid Bedroo'd. 1 1 !?.. with t til P"ard. alao B nme In an ta or alnale. If d>>lr*it t.oo?tion ronvenletit toollof tha ?? . ?? r.'ite* I'm .r-pliinaM/ rafe re. it lred MlTnl-er ity p:oc?', earner of Ninth ?tr*et, F 'BENCH BOARD.-A WELL U RMiHBD BOOK ON aerot d tl *>r, w.La mrxietn eenve .Itrrne, In the family of a Fren ht-aeber A (total i pportntity for a -ecUemiui lo per 'fft k 'i> ' / Id the lane<ia?a Auplr alter 2 1'. M at 118 Bait Tweity i, rat atreet, near (Jramercy park. Frkm-h BOABII.-ONK OB TWO l>INOLB CKWr^R men ...ii be aceoBtm inj with u ? and Board I i a Freii fun'lv, by applying at No. 75 Sec md avenue, be . ween Foor'.h atd t litMtreets. FUKNC II SOABD IN BROOKLYN -a FRENCH F AMI ly will let two hall Rotma in a :i -wt claaa hooan ha li< all the ve?t la>y roves e->ta. l <cat*d wlthlo live mlnatea' of the Foeth fer*y 1 >tr aer at f 1 , o' -.lock. Apply at No. 99 Amity aunt. Bafeie.nnee eich\nRnd. FLBNI*HBD BOOMS ?ONE LABtll PAP.LOB. HAND iu mely furtlihed and frn it liaeement. b ith omtatn i ?j das. t? ether with all ooeveulen-ee fornK?iaeknepln(, lo let. in the Leal .Oreo atory burn 9 1M Ea*t Nineteenth etreet, near Thlrda.enne. rBANKPOBT ROCBB, CORNER OF FRANKFORT AND WUUam atreeta Few To*.? Mncte ftooma tram 25 eeaM to 87 nente rer Di*ht, or (1 lu >3 per week Uonae newly far. aaa?<, .lit *.m. ? ? n .im, t>pa?i ail nlffht FCBNUiHBD BOOMS TO IJCT-TO OENTIRMBN. wlihoat Board, at No. 4 Bund atreet. near Broadway. rBNTFintD ROOMS? HK VIC RAL KLB lANn.Y FI'R nil bed 1'arlora aad Bedrnania. alas. Rnoeta for Ma;!e *e> tl?rr? with full IVord honae haa all moiorn improve metite. tor* 'too rnenrpeaaed. terau reoeuoable. Apply al the Planter a Uutel. 6M Bruedway. rDRNlNHBD BOOMS TO LBT-NKWLl FURNIRDBD eai Ut the rooee- Apply at 7i Third aTaene. rrBKI=HKD ROOMS- IN HriTH OB RIN'ILY. TO LNT to te..L< men without board, la a |H?t private house! at 41 Wtst NUth street, a few doors fn>m Flflb avenue. rCRN" ROOMH TO 1>T?-WITH BOAR I FO It all i'? settle A neat sma* l?a 'nr me (eot'eman la eow varart. stacea poaa tue daor averv ten ? ' ? tt Lefcrr urea eichonited. Apply at 1 it Eaat Broadway . FPKN'RHED BOCMB TO LET -TWO LA BOB BOOMS ? a .hird tl-or, we", t uvmlahwd ui let. wluet: ikiotA. Tanas low. Apply at No. BI it-nd areet. MMMP BOOM. WITH PAB1IAI HOARD. 1 1 \ r p'wi. I r vate famtlv. where the trrof eta of home ran be enjoyed, at 11*7 ' hriat >pn?t atreet Be'eretw rt"|ainl HAND?OMB P17RNHHBD APARTMKNH FOB ONB OB ' * >? ' e teutieaien, to 1H, wlthont IVmii a Parl ir and IWr*?, with * nth and eiery mo ern noaveiten.-e. at No fi Orrat J nes sUeet, near Wayeae pleee. teferenees ea ch or red. IK TBI BOIKXjr ATSIC IIRAt.IKO IRB'tTUTR. ? 1 K'-ornf ?trart. "ipa^'r ''autra fukti "b ar una hanili' m? li fufnl?h*d ko ??, wt I M iuuI on IHaaabar I, to 1M, ? ??lMr or wlvb or without B*'l IIR-'KT 01TT -A 0*KT1.?*AK AKD MR W1P1 'UK t? v *?>?>?> Jaioi ?>tk 'urn ?' <ii K>> m* at ) .toanttna rwaV luin'f, M*0 a a n? r if?ii <"!.?? ?t ICO lir.raM.eM. Um ii?n trn ennutea' ?J? from the firry. LOPnTl*nR.-ir OKKTMBRK Dmil TO HI ,000*. BK>.lalr<1 ? ith c>?n a&1 no-nf .rt*h> Hrxlt. witi ?u|ia Boowm. ?i It* eud 37r r?' ?' :Bi or II II ?-d ip ?*.|? p.r ?nL <u do n br ?Kil:og m >h? k<im ?v*m llxol, U kmt m. Mahon m?iw.?r-to lrt, a la rKtutM? rlrr.rly fiiralahadL hy H-?ra or ??p*r?i. Ha.v? K ub?n, Oriiar ?n1 far' if .lnalrarf. i%r or e mm w t ? *J a MMM; f>rha?? Pr?t?'.-?nt 'n > wrmmt; rant raya^M In y ta alranrr MIMMM ralai tvtiwt new. four ?lorr ? w c'.aea hP?n note liOt ? *?n <rw*d*?? ?t>.| hiith aim* App'r ?? p. enlace 7U and <1 *?et Thirty adrblh air&at. Ku? UBBoMoM 1 1 M. (or pbyticiaa ? or utber ? ja. Ml HR?T Hit I?? BOARD. Wlftl HlKIMONBT.T PUR r ?h?d Imvi fo- ? raollewie and bin artfo or two H i(ia ?MiUt n> : . App'y ?i %) t*?t Thirty ..'lb MTMI, U"af Madia u ITaB'.* XTo. ii bait KRvRKTrmrir strbbt ikt^rrk IN plfih M'r?t a? I Hroadway. a ? ill at Pom rha>1 R>. oi to ,et. ??.* ? l-? of ihrca U -?? R on??. *Mk f? a amall I ami y, wl*b prttMO tafia. Ilefetrr.-aa ?>- ?an?*1 HPI.PPCTBBI.B e.KUI.B WOMdft. AKII A r BWBIROta mm . ?*??.! in at *?a ran fare ?s-ra?fn?t?Ka P?rrf and L<Vrlr ??<?<> ll i ?<?tt (trwi oor.rrofM Jofta '? laea ' ?iaj ?t'.?t Ikmnn at II ?r wad. tb* ?oaN M tl >) par ww?*. OT. JOHITB PbHK.-A LAR'IK RO"? O* THR ? O *i?d Banr inlub r for ? rrri >iui a&.t art's two .! r?" * ? .r'r r'r!!*'?-' ? ?'"> * m-|1* Bom. Apply at 10 varirb ?t/??t, awf ii I^tikt TWO OR TI1?BR (IRSTLRMRK. OK A itB.fflJIM 4R ,nt1 hi* wlfa, can arr. mm -lil-1 w'tb f'tra ??>??! fcron ? and Hoard, at |7 Twaiftb ?tra't, I'nl rmiy plae? and PifU attnna. Uoiur njataln* aii lb? tnjdam )m froT'inrBM. Two OR THRKr KtHPr-T4RM TOI K I MRK OAR 'immo ?t??1 w;tb r**l B^vd |.l?M*rl tb? f<?ioHa of ? b aM: ^nrui |t toBIa w r? Alwi two y "?? la- r?. Mrma* ci i*na piaati, bua an I caa. U| TV i p? -n ftmt. a?-*J- f nana. I TWO OBJTPl.RMRK RtQOtKB Pl.lABAKT ROOWt. ' I wBfe hraab tat and ?a. maorr o? h'iMara. tii a rrar?*-t fa i?rr? W'aor?ar and Pn?irta<-n ) Mrarta. pn? farrart. Wl-I i ?? If r lir<l, $4 atk, Madteff Ad.raa> W. K.,N.i I ?< ttrraM ?<*<*_ Tfwm TIIRKR OKKTIJDIIK r*K R| ao<V)?M0 ? a.-**- w\ h a una i I?nnab-<1 Parl<ir aii>t IWnrnii, un aif lie " otr ? %t iw trrma for tto ?lr,i?r, ?.tb ail tb? b- -n? ? #jn?ll?nl aUflctoM*. Ac Apply at //? frlnna atr< at t>i ar Broadway. , TWO PI CRIMIKD *00*? IK THR K?? OOUW KO. MR t?o'b asr-rt. batw aa? Mroond aot Tbt-4 ftnua, M lr' a?pa'*tair o- 1 w?ib"r. tn m a or two *??.t aa?n witit aal iP'Afl. Trr-nl ? o-.drat- |o a ;>?>mwnt partr. R*fat?. ? I?>r M.d r? inlrt.1 Apply aa atKrra or atUrraa bot I.IT7 rtm ffiid*. I T W '? 1. A ROl WII.I PVBKIBHRn ROOM TO l.tT-WfTH t "?It Hoard. <m Mrrmd Hour. I ,r?'H?r or aat artta |.,hthM f'f r fria jmi rm-ti wW,:i( to r >oqi to*x bar or ar??r?M. b>-tnr fan an tb* ?i?lam imr fra-natita, wllb >i M. pHraM I '?Hm family. Applf m M? 8 Plftb atrial, aw Thtrlaod I Pcattb awiM. I ' ? - - mmmmm?mm mmm ? | fio 1.1 f? AT 1*0. 10 IbtTtm PTR KVT. POl'l DOOR* . I W. ?<' n~ w?> two. ir tbrwa f imlalnd MM f to |Ti' r?rn without txmrd. T> I.RT -A FTKR LAAOK UBPPRKIMlRn R(X)K OK Hr?' 1 or. Mtthbl* ''rrtwii'W Ihraa ainfto |liiliii?l9. will | M I at b?ap Ap?if at 138 FlnOi a ran or r) t *T -4 PRIVATB pmtl-T HI TIRO ROO* I Sri f?(alr# wfl lot li' *??? Bwwrr*M!* I (?ri!i.'?d Ronnia Arrly M *1 *MI "?"I fuBOA ?mi | KM P.fJM ATtBUB Ik tel. ^ BOAKl>I\G AND LOOUI1VQ. III ii Inf at \ V < ) a I ONiiflA TUB newr d*?ir*h.t !y fu-ui h#-d H u? ? 6tt VV -at Hl#?-Ur?*i tb fttr*et iw t-rnt h JrllMl u-?, ?i^ * Fnrrlmr. for sal. " PP-lg A..l?i?gg|B*.ii HUITnToF L lit" au (ill ? (Mi kcoii U >r * f . *.?*.? p?.? -.tfMflutart. apnlyA?li0. M plaoX Bl^hi* v le table if it '""i-A? mo iff-N To iff N ' FLY F' KN1 "l" *> d* WITH US W ill. 1. 1 partial He*"t la ttrooklyi, uea. Kuiau 'my in a prleate :aaiii> tuera?an; Bin*, ???, he , Ac. An)i)?i^j VuUuo it iw I. TO l.KT -V f? ' K mtwovt H'?i;n orb UUL uicr!}' I had n ' "' ?n wooed tl> r bar'ng ??rjn ?, 1 theet wale Arr >**' I" '"t leasoaahle u> ? n>'ti rnua I aid wlfe.1-' *"%l'"n HI1'' e?e? "?'? Ke-'ereucea en chai tra *i-ply Med It I Twenty utuin street, mar uet n Kt"P _____ 1 rr(?l.CT ? WITH Fl'Ll. OR PaKTIal, BOARD TO T"?rj I rentlemru lb- sennad auiry front rtonw, b?t?laimcl > for grhrd el'b nft-t and f rale b I 1' d cold w Utr bath ?> mud *aier r'nsei aitvb' 4 K#f?'rno? ui.l r?^ Iced In ' qplre M If n Wca( Kurty D'.nih aroel. oeiacxja kU?htfl iteuoe and Broadway. TO I E'? IM A HI. V A * If f'4?ll,V two OR TRIBE f u?nl?hej Rooaia co ixr nd rl?.r U> gent'eaMiB- with fuil i r partial ik.A-d. ut 'HI w eat Twelfth uur lb weal cor nor o: t*.ith avetue. ittfereucea rira.mKed. WANTED- FR'.^T AMD Btf'E R'tO ?? OR SE'JOWO Sot?. wHb Board, fur ft tS'utliuaan ind vrife iu % oaOl prlva e iao il? . wbere mere a * . .? < Abe* iKK-de-s lj?n%U m up town 'rlee n it lo ei- t'X i>?r week. Au.lrea* etaPajg panlcu.ars, MM, b?i I.EB !'.*? I aoe. vu pqbjmhd km vn-wiri iood hoard, " tor f?3H' ?i< or hi i ?* <rm ^-n^o at I US utr Twenty >l>lb trrct. koilifui r marc asi t UU> aToauo Uutel. H. t|ie "a"!* pkrim <miy md ai>plf WaMiii-in a family w; ikc thire aBB mo b.MKarfl, Br um f or a n ?? n ?ui And ?lf? n?1 .10 II J of four jraro rixusi . ih-r In-uiahivi ?r uof .ru:?6rj, hi>4 within irn nr ittMrii inl'.uv ? /if lb*- ?;li? llall hr ????' .?: Mar ly. .irrak'aat uida.ipp-r only f ir tor *?'.t ouiaii. Trrino Lot i(i eireod ten doi Ai-a per weak. AiMrraa Me walk, lioraU fttlco. ___ \*rA*TBB-TO BOAfcD A LaIiT Al? H iJEHTl.IM Vl?, "f Iloaril for Uo lad> uti y Aair.-aa M. M , Ma Wai aqiiare Prot oCDce. 2ABD ? ABINODOM HUUaKR, 0ORN1R or dlUHtOB aad took atraeta. Hiiito .if <?*J 1? Hoinro. trtth '<< ard. Kafereuco rnqatma Cairo aa.) ata<ao paaa U?e .Vmt. 7 WEvT TWEM Y FIFTH STRUCT, OORNRR Of Itrtadway.-Fu uiaht-d itoraio tu lei, wllb or without Bea:a nW<OHTER NTtlAET, NMaK 0?NaI, AMD KKHAB Way? A rrcmt bail Koomna Iba nr?i 11 ?>r a .1 a I area lrm.1 Atur. with iioard. auliaile fur a i'e<r rrapw;tabU) mg. char 'co, lo let. 100 ?J() WE^T HXTtKMH JTHEBT, BKTWEKK FIFTH ?J ? a> .1 hlilk avenurp ? itl?iar.t'? (1 rnmhr l r.* ma lo let, wl't I'oard, auitable for ee itl?mrii una tbrir wnea 1 r a pirtr t.f a.rgV h'rnivtnrn; b 'i.a* Prat r,a^ . wati >n "ti** of he rnoot oOLvrLlmt In ihe rll> , <!Untrataii, r forei ;eo Kiehaiixed. A 4 EIBVINTH KTIKIT-ruRHIHHED ROOMR T T to let., auilabi* or famlit a or ?l .*le i^ ivmna, with lull nr pai'iai Buud. mi'rmrti Ktven and requi/ed. 41 IKHI* bgitAKE-A U1NTUENAN A*D HI8 " x: wife ir?T i bulu Jrnrik' lr fnitit i.owuo, wila iioard ; Al?) liT'm.1 dattona lur a ut.r Ketiiirmen. Oi) 11>MMoNI> fiTHJST _>. WEUU FtlHHTVIItD HA'"K C U I url?.r cau be o'.t^inr 1 by two tir tbrer jroun^ Kenllo n>ea. wllb B.iari . al?? a In t ttonm mi ibu-.l ttir.r, atiE pan I lira paaai'l eaier, bM, l??n.- y turnLiht.l, auitAble fjr two (ett rioen or A jt oliruwu ai.1 wife >7(1 HI'KIXJ JTRIET THPBk DOOR8 FROM HROAD | ?7 way.? Ti let. ee>er*J hHudaontely fnrnlabad Auomo, to e'nglr stnUenei Tbe ionaUon la rear all tie flm olnoa botao ami t '?o?a of miodcaaiu. Hrjuliag room free, luqulre at APAOJ llouoe. QiJ nKEENI kTRUT ABC VI MFRIRU ? ? IBTOB f?0 Ilonae.? ?' *antly firnlabed i-nlto of fLtmm. /aa, Oro t".o ai f e- er? miiTarlence fur b "iwake*iiU>ir <x?i. miualtTj partlrulArly talk, lr for email napeetAble 'am Lino ,ir aloxW ceut.rmen Moit tow to penman dot tenants, PRTNO ITMIBT. NBAR BRO. DWAT -FI7B Diabod looms lo lot, lo suite or alt* V. 00 r-arsiahle tci ma inn WFKT *Ol RTEBNTH STREET - 1 ARQK AMD jU J oell fualah>*1 hi Oi?ou> let. with lirst ^looa HuarfL House and localio oue of the Bueot In Ihe city. 1) uner at Mz o'clotk. 1 FRIRCI BTREET.-THIR WILL PlIKMIBBBD lOO 11 use ? been taken sli.o* the let Inst b? M MOL I..OY. late of tkriaretid. u Hotel who wtaftee to luform tha public 'bat be orl let hla K.aima an nore bnt aiuele icentlemea. Tha prleea for I'arior and Hwdroma ormnertlae are frooo B IUl.iB|i'r?rk. aed no ertra eharke foe tww giwlloof fneute otcupylc tbe aame moras -1 f"(l TKNTH TKEhT. EArT. NIaK BMOADVAT ? Jtlt" . . me or?modUiiis Ro?w?o. wllb Hoard, to be let neon rearm aVe t,- m in hiiitily rrapeotAble people, aioo aaiallor Ko> ma foe Aiu?l?>f nlleurr BLFEI-KR HTHtET? A PARLOB AMD BED _ ma t kt wlta Bna'd, alon Hiajou for aloKia (ent - men. Hon lirot rlaw Terms moderate Dinner at all o cl'ck. 1 (It) BI.EE'-BR- rAvr. 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Ml Brooase street, r la oe to rabt AOIIiT BAJflAIM ? SPt.EMDID SKYBB UOTATB n oewm' Plan, wst.e by on- of ike hen makers aad cost KITS, hem isra a fw nvruhe fully aarraated, wUlbeaeitf for $171. Inquire atU 1 lam moo. 1 alreel. A T WALKBR'H YAREROOBn. A Ollnha RaJ. Aar place aad Klchth aireet, near lhia4 army, a larie a. . ? cf Bomzt RTaL AMD CPRIOHT PI AN OR, Meeatd seonitd baod. FOR HA1.R AMD UIItB, A I'twani^e aad* for hire tf parekmse^. A Mi'lNIFIChrr k|vh (.<TAVRKU?BWIMID PIAMO f.rte for ais. rtrkly oar red a. 4 caee ron~1 r. raere, foil Iron plate, luhid witk ratln amtsl. oversVuSK ?aaa m-Aoer of pov I keys. ae? ma.te tn oed r f ir the ..r- ear 1 o em ?r by ritr ni?k> ra fill ?. ,ar*..u-e f r three aemra. ? ewe In nee bat tie mm Ike enat ft- will ><? a .In for I2SII lacu-l ?? Ht o1 and O'er, aiao e *ral-. Drawui K mm auita a ? Mi '. rflto. laqolre at Til lArolTwer.iy a. .in atrost, near n 1U1 saoaiia. ^JBlOBBBIBa t BOMB, Bhonfoaiarara of BRABD, M;UARI AND UPRIGHT P LAB OR. 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