Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 22, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 22, 1860 Page 4
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hs ?*ukt be rutaed k bUMaM. The lark*! *r.'ia* 4 of feis laet M an 11?. Mra. C/rua W. fl?U M ,i ?utm'i Head at the lime, Ml k<th ibe tmi fc*r friend Mr*. I'amalea daoiired U?a? never ?aw aajlbwg is Mr* Bomb to Isad them V> r?prct ioch ? iktcg, uJ uut if Mr Butch wi>;h-ii to knew fc.* wife*! r-irto^ Vj had better apply to tbe "adlei and gentlemen m* not to negro waiter* tor Mr. Bcrab to laid to tavo aai?m>*d to com the waiter, aad be It bare bad white h?*.! > <hk him to ret"* to ?f wh?: was not true, ?J fc?- bat" wHb the while matter. What do ?ot encb wmImkj? pro* leer *t tbe be -itnmg of the e ae Mr. Ber-.b la r.'d to tava UamtJ Ij Ii Um ft afioatluel One of tbe papers which Mra. ''rr-d dv'nr her itnv *t Mr "-.r-h"* wu ? "'???out <1 JtmKr?Or thinking n( ui*t fnll Dh H"ic)r ? m.j tbu oaii.-r wis * lottrr to Jud^e Sainer, a*?ug hio. ta staple/ oe;n?c! for her. Ha chose Mr Hoyne, wb? wllngu Mr. Bcrrb'a an lawyer*, ?-n1 jt to (ci -ocUxl (bat among them tbe case waald ~*v? ?u sett.ed by agreement. and ,mt i>* Bar's wished Bet Vr. Coning apoitod it*, *"4 this aotkM of tbe Judge wu one oi -be reaaoua why ?M,eaea wu oot tried In tJt'.oago. Ja si on, all sorts of cbargno of lubort'ng wttnsaaes, ftfhiwtBg newspapers, of BurcU'i writing article* om h<s <*m?ld?, of the defence paying newspapm to My Both kg, of Mr. Bureh's My tag/ b?- ore be sont bla wife ?ny. Mm la two or ihreo weeks there would bo no neoessty of h#? signing wtlla. and that "It wai good for tho WM of v>?f tea tbal tho *eaadal had oeooed tn bla boaae ," and of ?*ury 'Btag'Jiable cause We may expect rich develops Bao order Aastm.of Sew York, baa arrlred. PROCEED 1908 OP THE COURT. THIBO DAT. ?imv:iu, m., Nov. 21, MM. Ma reading of the testimony of Qarllale Bjyd was kompleted Ibla morning. Ho admits raoalviog preaooia * a ring and molting cap from Mri. Burcb, and that auate slight lamlltarltlaa took plaoe between them. Mrs Barck had sipremed friendship ard partiality for (he witaaaa, bat never encouraged any criminal act or ?vtoead an inclination for inch. Ho adaalta receiving Mlin from Mrs Bur )h, oaa which reqneata a return M ail artiolea and letter* of hen in Ma poaeeaskjo. Tbe ether aoouaea bim of relate iflg tbe unoklng eap to show ?a aa avtaenee of the ihamo against her, and requeue ana to mere the city, aa after what had paaaed afae ooutd art aspect her bus mud's cobfl lcneo wblio hi remained ?here. The waneti dunlci poeittrely any criminal a;t, m bar. ua noticed any aesire for auck. Cop'.ea ef letter* to Mra. Baron from the wlkceaa are aMaatied, m whlou ito d in word or thought barlEg done her wrong, a nl exj a.rprlao at what eoui.l ha\e extorted from h<:r ice la'M charge aga. un man. The depoa.'.lc? of Acni numpbrfly ?v roa-!. It m?re:y aho?s ibat abe *?w Mra Berrin and 9iurt Uigetho.- u a km* t lug i ioa ol -uurl i hi durthg a -party ihero, walle Mrt Br*cb wtl ai^b l'.ug ber Jreat, which w*t vtra in dwiciag 9ha savr n thu 0 .auiodost or r a?fwetu them. Char \<* IhitM B*'5rn ? Ik', -wed to<ncg SUarl acl J'fa. B rch at a m*?yior%de par. . ?' R-.u?oy '? . ue'tber were milked; tney atood togctber convening .n umj bbrary tor hull an hour Oi the croae etami 7E be W-ntlCed Uat I .ey wor>< oot whiaocriag. tbii rcom wcro opea to mil p-^rt ca, i -on ;u-Uv t U r. Maitland, ?:io keef .tn acoiunt with Mr B irch; Vr. B t h cxprt < d a di rv to witnc bad an InMr vV?* w'tlj him at hi* l?-.yor> o;:.y>: tut maracr ??rn,?i; on the n'ght of I'.e party bettered that Mrs. March *ir uot at *1. ObarU >. La> u>o. gardener to Mr B-r-h, t. y.Sei that a? w?nt into Bvr.hV Mtj! ;y In .luiy. 146^; fret "iu ?rt to January or Pebri.ary, 18o7, to mo pa''or with 3!r<). wh.ut witnorv was putt og up i D> c'ock on tbe ?antei;> --oe, -t iarl gave buu orJcra . uat to Jo, told -j %r. that lie ?aa rot h> waiter, an 1 ? oild rof -i?ler ?? a? >. Mm Burcb orderri (a itQeaa) uot to apeak Mj; raw B r? B rcu ana Smart t';*t b ght ;ila? ing ot^ vri as ?u aa ten o'clock with tbe checker board between thim co ?JurkDeee; altctm aiao tc?t:!Se.J to other yxnloce ef "V3a*f? being late tbero wllb Mra Batch; Mr*. B.'irh would teli wttncei not to wait, tiuf to *but up tbo biuac, tbM waa while Mr Burcb ?a< ah*?rt: had ices Stuart tL>'re while B irch waa abject In lawn, on aae ooawlon th;ar; MJ interfered with the grape vibuX, and he (?rit k?) told hire be woaM have turned bin out of tho gra <k "7 If he had *c< u h!m, tho wunoaa d*p.ii>c i gcce rai'7 t"" ha*'rg tern Pt art at ttJ bwae late 4u rhif tho afreet cc cf Birch, and on one ?eca?lco te aeetcr b'm and Mr* Burcb stin l og c'oMj lygotb ?r In the garden; tbey were doing nothing; he (wltR-'M) t? 1 Cnotc hed on ??no ')?ca*. a without IhuttUg up tho act left rtaart th< re; wlta* m went to i>??p f <?* Stuart left , be kuew tiai txcau%i bo c->ulil n?i hoar the door fastened; could bear It .Mtcu<-1 in blirocm, aad taken notes from Mn Burih to ?tuart; on ooo oooa ama Mr. Stuart tto;i|>ed ai tbe Ttcu.ont Uowne, wx-? u? truer, and eeinlred hrw be was; ITj* Barcb ?r.d Mr. Turner went the.-e to ?<w Mr "tuart Mad taken Ofty notes to BurTlU from Tbe t'?) j-t tt.en adjuornad till t'uixju. AFTEKNOON .*IT TLH#. Qu/m InyWu cro?x examine ?Loft Bi-rcb's tmplof mm Hie Ulh of November, ISM; Mewl wlto Burr; nf'er mgamrt itoutb, then ramo back to nee w.tb Bnrcb; toeeo IMro slUI; Burr djcbnrrea him; sn!d it wm he mm bo lied when Ue went 5iuth nw a person who f fa mily lived a art Barchraw II n riot l -elon, IW otVr wo ?u wtM bnu nvou ibi ru . iim'ii knee . I reoet?ed m> ney from Barrb's bank aifter I Itfi Burr 's st'trice; before 1 wei/t Houtb I went to ?e< sflcr tbu iwd at Jooeeboro to Ciehe*e, Hid uirrctcl to tbe lno<I by d Unreal people 1 only enough tuu: uj ti ray my ftpouxt.*; did on reooUect tbe D?rn-? of aiiy (tfioei wtiueo Und 1 b?<l ?* b , left Burrh berari-- tfcere wax too mocb work told McKay *>i<eib rg about karlng inrcn, didn't say beoauso I Cidn . tb;K ?o to dme Dorcb about with huiey women; knrvw flnrrb went fart In Jacnnrv ?r Ktbrui'f, IW7 dont know If V? ul Mr* far Ma (loppe-l at toe boiiao wb le Mr. Br.rcb was sfctert flopped tber. a iroeltines don't reouUecl when don't ri'BWBber now ton* tbcv ttoi ;? !; the clerk came bo Bonih on tbe ttrxl oraaalec wHaasa sae rHnart: a box name by expicM don't rot* Uocl tbe box lying aroon t ibo booae previous to tbe time ? ben it wax opjood; H?e Bomb sent for tbe witness to b*lp o; n tr.o box; belie re th box waa In the hall; don'; ro-~'?ect 'I tttBrltT wfcen bo to.d ?lnart that be didn't want 10 be ordered about by blm ; don't roco.iec; ? bother 1 wax angry or exeifcd doa*l rcni.n'o-r wheth J beatified I waa angry when I first rare tbe ??eVrr >n? ? dm acxt aaw flunri that <iny it waa nbo-it ten at ntgui doat I now wbat time ibut cp Ibe booac, they werj ti. m f ?>tog otier.krrx Mr*. Brrch'i brother joa?ph wan ?t*y lag there at the time don't .now whether be ha; gone -to bod tbuUc I iclittel on ibe .rat exam nation be Ml when Um bouie abut op ILr parlor do ire opening to lb Mm 1 weroaiwati locked oruMe the key* ware loft n ttji iu'k oa tbe iuil aid* , ibe witness x'.ept In lb' secind ? <> ry, bark. V Uow r. my door* are I bur 4 bet * ueu your room and A till, th'- v sai <>' rart.nlcg tb- door em ^ up tbrrxurh tbe wa l. Tbe witaeaa pronecdad to tertll there were three d ?u? between him aod the Ua. Aor- t'hla own oeor wa? Mint Uua>L 1 aoiDetlmae tier ?witt the door ais lBrn<w open don't rewl'ect wbao , doo kxow If did night Stcar: wm there don't kn-> wtoi year aiept with door open aouietime fuao neor efeo In the morsing wont l > be ?be nigh l Bluart waa ther* al>oal e'er or *i n't know when i went to (leap; I testified that l eoq|il ht*r tbe ftnot aoor (but lu my ?ooai; think 1 oouli bo? it *t? n abnt In the orJiaar> way-, ounid not betr U?. bt fcf re, but the found of the ikor goee ibron^h the wal I wee tried It lately did ae I rraiiae I tboi.xbt iabou,lb , n<d tbo qn -^l^ii when I tried It I don't *uo? wb , kct tt- <:aar . < #1- 1> sow in a d'.Cerrnt pirt of the bioat . r ai d not aa? ut ? id alter tee Brat tiw be aaw Stna^i h, ' ? wan nt the bou# ? again; did net r mo-nbar wbeitb*- b' I, tt.'ted ta tbo deiow.lHia oeloia mm It waa next nign. w i m? ria rt -;-i' ? -????' "??* "- ? art Ual Uenn at tt<. he ab* Wb' s ?t- a-t Vroke the r'r * I! >?-*a '.a M*.1 or ta : beitere Bra Burrh wni away la Jd ? ?h<i mighi na?? kai ? ?? - two aaftha. dM not gn Into the dlau r r^.i. 4>, mi to^Uast arid Mr* Uurcb aitat the ? nee I v, *. direct to the V'mry , whara tbry ?rara; Joa't e? Aer tn<hto( to anybody in the d oinr room don u u tKunrt aau at)itn* dont rt .otmiber leattfyla ltM hr ratd -'tuat wa the ngtt way to Wale;' j hilar', ll I ha 1 f?tn tun w .old rare i>:rael bias a?ii VM ( ar'ted wbeo I wont ir; did not rnnri. at the do.r u, j H r. ?arch the arcoerrrne when be eaine b?uis think I ean t""*r 1 did a-*xt tiaMlaaw Htnnrt .r.erc wa 0?r.?g t*o bank r*Bi-. fee ur ait tl?e< when I -oprae ? r I aaent tn cay tltal I did not at* ftnhft ui lb row i apaifi nrwe the me aiUir, la February , WM thee toe * n J<> *? *" (J'* tb< r mnJa mi aay I d'd no; w>?' n'ni N"*" I*? ?>> 'lepoartK wi ** " 1 bW ?*nd n!i my ti?tlir.ea? t< ?? ? r,. rve that fart wae real, uii K< uot oor r-ei t bef WI I U-o? ft t it ?a? tor eetei' ?>W ? be-e dt ' , *? rorr?.iK?t, think Hr. Bueah <wan?n?a* ai ito pa tluc4 "r i,Hir w?*h? (ton i ? ? Wft. -'her it U..' ur?t Ci^Bltg a'Wr rt ruit !M> ta ?tcai waat tnse. tn.-'k h" war tb re two or three e" > ir/am-niif recnJIea he w?g n,<)t , mw* fw/ t? ? _ * ? - i m '?*V' t? tb??< linn before wa- k >u ? M*"irano ***** a.reube.og a. ay mw th? t. .a L ??!>?? ?rt'di. tr. m . r.< ver thnvennd with M' An^ abnnt U ? '*?' ?>* "* " OMmaun I fen u.r li ffMt> If i?. t u *l?. eu 1MB . iri.iiini.f l n'f^ot.Uin * ?'* "?L1 ? "** ' ,l"1 tharnnnefc at i?i at ?? Vr fu""'r wu -"r k* rw if Mun 'i-Ut waa Ibcfa; ?be 6? ? ba.. m Jautia n-. I*M. alter l*-M xstm at. ti?- I xa? lit' t a? fa bnaaay wht> Bur jb wee a wae IB MH*itna *" """ "" lAlt k be waa there the aante ert lag Bi rrb leu. and or fo?f ereainx* In ?u?aeeti?? a: ter , tat? lo ti ro ^ on Wuat time of ih > rear th wna aeMMMlieaw 'ft-nrt waa In January, 1MB: whet. MKe ^nncidiag and ? ** u "'?a ' ??? > went i? th ? ira . Kw ute becga?r I w ' ? i i - v.waxeiei tri and elewen o ek>ek ">?" utgal i..e t know Jna? ,'h Tamer waa in *? houae, B<mh wa? Fi*t at tr,. time got home . rot. * daj* affr thlak It wae mnre than two On) ' at n't retntmber if ?!? *?o? wna at heme Cferli '**?, U87. er New ? ear r ISM don ; m < eet Borate Tui ??r l-eing there then don't r - ?am mr r hnd bot ? ip, wnftar th? a lie* cam' th I aa? *t jrri at Ue bouae n ?o nr three turoee after n<i be hw Jaaapti Turner waa i.rh ; u*eo aaw him there again Barah wne .at haane . *tuart ta?* to ?tt np with ilr 1 r oer, wba <Ued oa BUurday a '?wt to K?r Kr Uarkvce to i*!?ti the fuaernl aerric, dnt't r?iaaBaiil il toogt tanr there, tit ink NMaM yrrnt will me; doat r?aaash>" wb i .t waa. ,t waa ?uh nay wftn wer t then- r?Mta ? h-t otcnrt'a tlaitt ^acn^,^.? i.are t%r,nybt about tter ? ?t begaa ta think abaft um niter Mrx. Buret want aw>y Wought Carter n .oter in paefbrm Ibe Tuaernl lar aieea, Ms .iik tbe nrxl HaK ' ??* '?tonn at tbe bene* ??? wm Jayi after Turner * dea tb ona't ear it waa not tw we?*.? .now it was not two noatha Mrs Burej> weal away I ant year fur two o- ura * mi'aths, d n't know If Wnrc* want wiih b?r Hrx i'?rrh w?at iwtr ahoi.i Jafy ruwtana Anart at tbe hot*** la the (ail of 1Mb it might hnrr heen ta Oilofcar. knnw it was not ! tofTist, than <aw b'm In tbe kmpery with lfr?. Boeeti, :id?t >se bim the hm.**; ?nw r to It* hoaaa la the sprng ei ltM, MM M n B?r a waat Ihun ihui she waa t in JUf rnc't Mj w ha: month t wna whe-i ftu*?t cn"?d, i?y k'c f. xte> Jb? h xt bnt sot ?mt Kf ? irnxt ?w f'm at th? time oTt&e Nat noal F?lf, la 19M; It wm Bejrte-nber tieo ; j u* bun ? U> Hri Burcb put through a pr?perv mi |i to tht irMkNM; oouJl we them wo He were; Mw tlMM mm lam days be>ore I MA tbeMrvi* o? Buroh. mm Stnart go to the Doom three or foor time la Ute fall ol lMt while I was Id the >oot jard, did a .1 ?aa thai ha came oot; don't know whether It waa ?hl?e *' Baker -a *u lick at tho house that I went to ttouart'a ofltoa with ? latter from Mi* BurvJi; I want >? a bim ? do not raoliaot gola| anywhere etoe; ?ctftht mto gone to the dry go?de Mara In Laka street caly raca'leot drlri?? to Mrtl aw; think that the trat latter I ererearrlet waa ta the spring of 1M7, whUa tftoert waa alah at tha tYooyont Mrnee baLTO taken Doti-i to l.'M home la tbt (Wl of ?"s>8; t r*k grapta Ibtre wh'.to Boreb wan ??M P-rch !efl dlreelttae with me to do took grapta also touther to Mra Ashcr. Carter, and jtoer paraot:e , wlwn ! look to Ptuart's house gam thjra (ometloe* to lira !ft isri bava delivered notee vi Mra. Barre l when the weald come to tba door; hare taken notee tc. Mr Burreil'a tocac dircctod to him and delivered Ibeai lu anno U the door; thlak 1 have delivered mors tbaa "?? note t. Mra. Ba-rall; have taken dtty or more notee to Burr*. I might hava deponed I ocly carried twenty to h.m, ib-ok all the notee were directed to him; tie reaioo a by t aay lifty now It becaoae 1 recollr t more now than I did tLeo 1 aerar bare ?pokes to Mr. Borah ab?ot Ihta ease . ?< made to write a few linrs in my own handwriting do uoi reooiiect tha lint tlm a Mm '?'paulding oamn to tho boue. do not kaow wb? n abe left ; do not recollect of h?r be og there from the time of Turner's slekaeM till Norembor tbtak abe waa there oooe ? nee; do not know if ebe vu there ono month or tfcree, do not remeo-hflr ?nyibing about It; bare ipoken i row worde with Mr Ifcrcb'* oorji ae: about the caae; when 1 went to make the depoait'on think ihey aaked me a hat 1 knew at the umo Lbey aaked me ni worda were taken ''.own ; to wrttlag; think Mr Bcrcb aaked what I Ireew; be aaked ?M if I recollected one or two particular tlmee; did not My aaythj<| more; thlok 1 had Mid to eomobody wsu t knew; waa not Itrinf h<ve then; think Mr Burch a?ke<i metooome; I need to go down tf.ere Kmetiraoe don't know whether Mr Burcb toll me what he wanted me to oome for; might bare been there an boar; don't kaow bet we were talking about thla oaae ail tne time; lb! ok Mr Miller began the ooo venation; bad aeen Mllser b. 'ore; went to Mr Bayers' otBce with a note; went to Mr Oan field'* to flad Miller; did not go to toll him ?bat I knew; went to Bad Mr. Barch; he waa not in any bank at thai time. Dlreot examination res^mod ? Nothing important waa elicited; the wtlnetn bad never been aaked by any person to testify to what waa untrue in the caae Q Did yoo ever ae? Mr. Burcb r'ie round w"th fhncy worneof A. So, sir. ' Mr. Bectw'th? I obje-t to that Sr. Van Arnan (fbr r >mpiavrant) ? We ba7i the right to aak. aa yoo Inquired U ibe wtinexc 'lad tola a man um be. left Burrh becaoae be I d not cbooM to drlre hint around wllb 'accy worj.-o Mr. Beekwlth? rbat vu only aa to *ba'. w'tc.?w btl Mid; cot aa to what complainant bad done, br.t It ootn aei leilreg that asue wo w ill gladly It The deposition of Mra Harriet B*own. of Chloago, w!'e of Wm H B'own, banker, wsa r*f"y read It teatlfle* to being verr intimate with Mm. B'ircb for ats y**r?, antll Una lant wltilor, whoa Mr* Burch waa notaowUUug to make vlaitr, hocauae ?be said h-T mo'brr oSocte l to ber gotng Into society s" mu-h ; she had reoclv.>d a Wstfer from her moihor to that > iloct. Oom examlnatiou? Wbcn ibeti freijeeu' rialla loo^ place It waa generally iu*t before I^ent, when numerons parlies were given: Mr* Bi.reh Ijat a e'sU:r In April, 1x69. and did not aimed parties after that. Counsel for def"nee were prooeodlag to read further from the tostlarioy be'ag on alleged cruel and harsh treatment <>' wife by Unreh, when the complainant'* ooonsel o jjectod, unless tbo wbole quesllou ae to treat meat could bo opened. This puint waa argned by Mr Bsckw itb, for tha do , fence, and Mr Arman, for In.- complainant, tbe former holding that the counsel on ono side iiav'.cir roid one no | of direct erlJcooe, opened tne door for tbo defonco to 1 read tbe whole cross examination. The Conrl row l>efore tbe point, and vljourted j till to morrow. _ IMPORT AH T FIB AHCIAL NEWS. Naiptuloa ?f Speela Pkjrmiati by th? Baltlaw* ud Virginia BabHi-Vm* anion of rra.i* at the, <vc., 4Mk BCBFCKf IOX OK TlUt B ALTIMOHK BANkrt. in t:mou, Md, No*. 21, 1?<X> The Bas? !V?..t?BU o? this city hell ? meeting th* afternoon, v?c -oeo'Tr.t to r rp-ad tptcie peyroaata to morrow rr.nrmrg Hrsru.'?iON or rn* tiboinia banx*. Kjcnt05T>. Not. 21, lHo. All tho Rich mac J and i'< tcrabarg bu.i have suspend - ed spac'.e payaaeota f AIM aE Or KLOCm MKHCHANTS AT ALBANY. Auuxi, V>iT. 21, MOO Pour lloar hcuaas i.mbi- d tx-ro to d?y, one loag eeub iM OTVRTID H'rTINHOS^ AT NEW OELlAKil N'iw crvbasm, Mot. 21. lift). It la report*! Uiat ?cvcra. prodooe flrma o( thla city bar- rK)?io<lcd payna'nt to lay. MOMCTAkY AFF AIM IS PlIlLADII.rni A. l*Bii_Ai>ni-HU, Not. 21? Rrenlng. Tbti market waa ciTccdLagly atriagent to- Jay. Call I nana could not be tooc'iod al laaa than ooo per onnt a mouth, ami the boat Beeurltlca defined ao average of ooe half j et <ant. 1 1 la related thai a ', e.e banks lo Virginia have *ua poo de l specie jajiunt* Two bank* la the interior o-' tb'.a Stale Dare suspcBdod r pec la payments to dar, thUr natr r and liealt ns ar? ? I'ltutoo Bank, of Pitlaton, Pa , and Commerce, at Erie, l'a., and It la thought that aMtn> more, .r aot all, both here and there, win follow rait. 8TATE or TRADB IN CINCINNATI. CuicijniAn, Not. 21, ISM. All kods cf prodoee la greatly ai'eU'M There U vary little demand Tor any article, aad prices \r? llttlu better than nom:oal. Flour I r Jartd at >4 26 lor ?ur** flae Whe*t haa deci red 6c. Salea of red at tto. au<] white at 9ie. Dru is di ll at a doenne of Ui Tie be* market I doll, aad there la mora '..eposltloa t> -ell on the part of ownara, buyer* are bul lmt )>ark, to a decilaa. For lard there la no daxand. aad prieee are aomtaaL The money la oar ?trlngunt, bat the demand la aot 'Teasing. r.rat t ui paper aaila at 12 a 16 par rent. !";? ht eirharire no New York la firmer, and i lay be quoted at >, per oert ; reraiom The currency market <a rerv unaattlel The rat..' of the Hank of Vlrgln'a and :ta branebea arc It.rowa out at tee per cent dlanouet the notea of Ultaota and W;aroas a back* at tea per coat discount, aad the notea of Iowa and M Jtaourl banks at (re per oenl dtaoount i!K imrus ?Mii.r rank arantMSKT. B.?to*, Wot 21, IW. Capital Hook $."H *11 ,700 !<??? anl discuouW M K>0 *00 ft?rte 4 .611.400 tma from other ban as II Ml MO Doe to otter baaka ? nef??ts lB.r.M 4M ttiw ai 7,706,700 OOXPTTION Ol HI CANADIAN BANS*. Toaoam, C. W., \ar. 21, 1MB The fdtrlal atatem?nt of the Qaaarilaa baakr for toe laat monta abow ao :arraaar of eireulatioa of U MO .MO ore r the prerloua m< ath va1 the yearly lUtemcat ihiiwa an taereafe oT 14.000 OM orer the pr-noot year Oar Helire ( nrrtepondeni a *?? 'a, Bondoraa, (let 2S, lMi Cm/ ' it ."ttfmrfU* Hi flunmttt - Xc YrUwi &r+r? W'rMur?Tkt Kn trA /fandwrai ttwfn .%far Org? /*rf rfe. !"? tbla place tt^-re la nithiag of aay mportaor |o yiivr readi n to eoma>L'n:oal? 81 ac- the death of <^aa. Wa'Vr- r*eryth'ag bar Mra m at'll aa Uatb? a? bua araa, tra^e, ?o mru'| *a J what la tUe beat ao of Ml? eo iro?a ??i ?f yei:?w ferer for ?Ter three wieka *? are B iw aartulae tt?i it baa eit.rt'y Ml ua. Tb' * -ather t Irely drl gbtfu1, the taefi rinatcr M at Bit a V , 7# at n >n?, and C. at ? i IV M with a fln . c-oi aortb wtad blow er Hie iirillah M adrraa (Vmpaay (limited) be Bncrae ?e-a of 'amea Hyde t. On , of thia place, hBTe end?l thet^ Brii ye?r ? bn*'.?eaa aa?1 bare derlar-da diTldend of eifht per eet.l ?? ihe?r mree'ed captta', b<rl lea haTiig a ? usd of oa* U <?and eight bnn lred aad alaety po .f<? ttcrl tt Tli IB r t -"erej t- ? t*? i a?< ?i ea?? lent beglaolng, and t<aa ?iaaiped Uk* < at< rf rtae ?ilh#t>oriBa (tafy Ifly ?ii?a , r?<i of ,?? n^ndro. peaedr ater'lag of the en ftaa Ma ' IK" ri.mpaa) haa barn taraaiad le ha *(.<??> of tr,? IrvJt ia 1.1* ea?i rly aiugbt alter, aed a aire portion ol tl. were n lo be bad, would aow be lakdu vp B.t tl>e dirictoiB hare r>Bel?ed. ami vrry K"'. lo f're the refuaal of the new etock lo tbr |WrBe-il hnidere TlU pr*?>nt year haa beee a rmy had ooe the iwn all aw.m lo l.are gr4 out of pier*? ao dry weaUiT i?r . anl i a ttcoda lo hr>ng down what iniia wood tea t>** ' irnrBed mil #MH lb?? frmti*nr tare ancreeded IB . ' >tl??s 'Art two BMllteu !**4 ol iaah*taay and two ? '?ta* ' ?< B of ? e eood >?e<iy (or ab pm?ot , which will ikci re * k'rger di?ida?d for tbe eur?*<al year tuao wu a.a .are'* rear 1h' p a?|?et loe the aagar ?rep of 1 <01 ia marr thaa fair !?" I tho-^aaad aarea ef new lead hare b*Mi pre I ?J'-d. Bto' <? realer. If laV?r can be had. Bugar wtli term a lar> e itear ia onr e?pr>ru. Ke A ever loan reearle In port. > Haa. I "tin at .?4a Haiuma ? Tae rery btp? rter h w>; and aiegaaUy laid ?wt graaada ef :t.> ,?u. < guitar hT?\al4,at tM carter of Mjub aadUarden alr -eu tb<) fhl e,T maay Ui be the Haeal property ta Ike Til iagr-twa t^en p iuibaaed br Jallaa Wiaheook, ft?| . <x N>* Ui rtty, woom ?? i'T wii: aboruy lake op th?tr ? r- locor fl*r? tha prior paid at Tbe ale rraldeaoe ef Hoe H P Haa re*, on (aMMrtt <eb?ti ear Katgaiatd Ivr by th? lfet*ndai XplrmpaJ F , r < t? at a aila for their oftarcf* but Caaliyaa*'. hat Ua?a noreiiarod by * r fl Okaww. who will i*. prare aaa M It rp Ma reaiaencr Tte Heta>liei. I.a.( i>,iir|M ????*'?' > Bire?i. jiut ab>?ra Captaia Charre ??aa i, wBer,' io*) 'rtead to ; it rp Ifcele rhc'?b '? the rr' ' ? I' I* )Te? Blood U>at tbe irr ?ec> ' I. k" b antra ib I" e i ( and re ar. rWI oa UiB uaw ailr, aai^rgeu a* t r **1 ' % ?< i 'r,r- , ? n THE LINCOLN REGIME. WHAT 18 DOUG II 8PRHGFIELD. Journey of the President Elect and Ftir Convicts to Chicago. II. l!)!CWS treiCHES ON THE 101) fB. HIS SICKPnON At CHCAQO, Ac. Ac. Ac dot* .a, Km. 21, ?W0. Mr IJaooin, me President ale t W-fl *?l"?Seld for th-a c.ty at eleven o doc* vfc a foreno*., acooa pasted by lira I/aeoln, Senator Tr.abaJ acl lain'.ly, ud Don Rati and wife, of Ohio Mr LJaoolr pur ohaaad bis tickets and travelled a a cm ?4eJ anl* 'nooovenlent ear, like o liter lemoeratte eo *ere;gne, neither the company nor oor J.otor showing him any curtesy whatever, although tbo oorporetisn re oently titled a fore'ga Prince oo ? special train over their road with all the honors. The conductor permitted four iroaed con v tela, ere a murderer, to entor the oar and take aeata between tba r?mll!ee of Mr. liaooln and Sena tor Trumbull. The Hherir. hiring tbo eclprll* In cliargo la a Douglas democrat. A large concourse of cltl.ens wore prelect at the depot In Springfield to witness the departure of Mr. Llnoalii. Be heard many a "Sod bleas you," and "Safe rotum." Although the tIi i of Mr. ILnooln to this city was not generally known In this Mate, yet crow 'a of people assembled at every depot, on 1 congratulatory dirr.oratrat.oug of ?omo gln<t were made at the town of Lincoln. Sevorai hundred li diet and gentlemen assemb eJ at the depot, aad aboct, i fcr Lincoln until be appeared , when aome ootticientj ''Sucker'' Introduced him as the Pro . ler.t of the Unite 1 Kates. The crowd cheered vociferously, wlieti Mr. I.'u' coin aald ? Fsixow C-nzw ? ; tbank yoo for th.a mark tfyow kindness towards me. 1 hare been shut up in i*prlogflei I lor tba laat fewmuatba, and tliereiore have been uoablo to greet you, aa 1 waa formorly .n tbo habit of doui?'. I ?m pawing on my way to Chicago, and am hapfy ? doing eo to be able to meet eo many of my friend* in lx>tfan county, and if la do no mot s 10 exchange witb you too oompUmeo.e af tbo loaeon, ana to thank you for tbo many klodneeaee jro i have mat rested towards me. I ?ru not in lr,o babil of miktoe apeecbea now, and 1 wonld therefore aak to be excuse 1 from entering upon any dAcumlon of tbo political topics jf tbe day, I am glad to soo so many Uapj y 'acea, and to listen to ao many pleasant oxproaeioa* Again thanking you far thia honor, 1 w II paa? oa my jtOMf, Bowing to tbe cntboalact'e crowd, Mr. Lincalo -ntorr t tba car, which wae already la motion. At Bloom'ogton a very large crawl assembled, m.d a: ter many calla, Hr Iinoo-n appealed aad spoke again, a follows ? m.LOw Cnir*vH o' B: .towiaoion ajn> MdJUSGi: m I am glad to meet TM after a I^er MfMattOM tiuin bi been common between you and me 1 than . * oo Ibr tbe good report you made of tbo election In Ol t Mclean The people or tbe oouutry hare again rttod a > he r .3a. re for . ronatuti in ' period of time. IJy tfc ? way, I thick very much of tba people, ai an old friend eaid be tbooght or woman. Ho aa.d when be lost hie flrst wire, who bad been a grea' help to him ia h'e bnaineaa, be thought ho waa rained that be ciald never tiul another to fill Lor place. A length, however, he married another, wbo ha fonal it I leite aa well aa tbo flrtt, and that hit tplnlon not* waa that any woman would do well wbo waa woll ion by. I mink or the whole pe*plo of thl* nation? the* will ever dowelllfaoll dooe by. Wo will try to a ?eJI by them in all par' <.f t?..; nountry, North nr. . S.>utb, with entire ounflde!, '.' that all will 'to woll Wii all or ua A federal aalUe v.aa tired wbile tLo train at ->| jol ?i Bloomlngt'*. > ftrr Mr. I lnoom oooeitulod h e tcpe>ech, Senator Trim bell waa called out, aad rcar^n'ted brteily. Mr* Lincoln received quite a ovation ?.t tbl* i >int an well ?? her huabai.d She bore L-ractf admirably . bow rg graccfully 1 1 tbe crowd, and ?hak ug bac la wit thore wbo appmacbed her for th^t pwfoae In the car. On the arrival of tbe Prea.dent elect at tbo iiyot i vbia city be waa aaet by a fe* goctlonim, wbo took th party la private oarrlagea t?i tbo Treinort Boom, wh'ir > thoy are gartered. Ibe arrival of Mr. Lincoln waa not known la in a r I 1 ' tcept to a aelect rew, uatll yeaterday'e Htaoo arrlre here tbla tveoltg, about an bor.r before tbe 1'realdeatla party, Hence titer* waa no dtmocitrallou at tbe dopot Mr. Uamblln la expected to morr >m. Mr Lincoln will remain bcrc about two -lay?, an ! tbe r< turn to Springfield. Tt e Wide Awaku* turned out about olevon o'oieeK, wii a ban 1 of mneic, and areaerenading Mr. L ncoln a* I el tbla despatch. OUR BPaiNUFlELD C< ifliiKHlMNi >KNOR. t*rai?.rjaii>, Hut 1#, ItdO S" -Vy nf i'!& t-fkm?Ij (in ?? TV Set'h A'-.;?i Wan/mj? qf ?v i-ulMu a.'v*? | Afr UmcUn'l f*rogmmn?--Tk' Oi 1/17 Urj 1 Vj JmbfUe?Mr Lin >Jn'? /.au /'ar'n t in TV-?u?'' , .?* Thi i luulcrt of "bMrver* rauuot :* i> ool.- ? thai U. ? I rovtisiial city dnct 1 nc>4 bear lb - wpurl me k<-.4* f< t I the b dinj |ilace of tbe ch? fU'.n of % | ->werft! i?rty, )c?t eiBcr, r d vletorkuj from ? fierce at J prot.arie; coutcat A dim ton bM riaen on tb ? poiw; *1 bir < . bit tb ? aatrtltte* are ni;i waottrf. The bettl ' s* u, b-.tth te?''rml le : o? yet * .rroeudeJ by the ran* u>l . ? of b - army, ? :h * v ?.? to the diTJ.on of U.c ?,?' At 1 I. nocln if e*rk4 1 ret.dcst, but the tl<!t r tb * Alio ?* i r?*? to fhar>- both Uie honor* ud profit* of hi* i' .m, bM yet In roll isto tb ?, hi* ih"t? WhakYfr *rn**t)oa writer* may inirnc ?:*? :?*.?. 1 reader* to the ortrary.a bort aoriuro . tb.? liwi Begat ire atlr?etloa*win ooctIecc My nee that the er ? 1 of ,"rer.d< rt a: elector*, r tap* '.(o r?aVer?, ineaiVr* r fui' Md iial.oaei ooareatiJM, derated eaodldaw* free er I martyr* from the border I'.lrt ?t*j ? tad Km m?, he, he, that m *ar* to appear la tt>M latitude 1 ? bow In the pn*m that are to he, and ark labetoatiai reTOfattloa of their etrrtoa* aad federal plaeter* f ir the r wnuada, la aot to be fooud in Uia bort at Uil* aoa>D: , It ? art, of oootm, to be bi'imd that the eipertut b<?i . will May back aitafether Their apparent ab?ttoemee n oaly teapo-ary, aad that rroa varloqa eauaea ft la r*< lout, la the ?r*t place, that fhe (lleivo ac1 reaerradnca* with which Mr. I lacola mat the forenui ' Mr* produced a certain heaiutl^a to pre** for war i at Ih ? tow rear of pnwat rebake aad aeeficeat aba ate dentaJ ha* doabtlea iWaatd the nireat. Afats the thraattalBg attltode or aoaM of the 9>?tbera state* ha* aach to do with the e**nln? modeoty of the away that tbtak to bar* wtU deaerred 0 1 Mr Uaaoia. They will to await the deaoueauwt of th?wa aatoukad for fra [4MaiMM They ar* MitrxM to loara em?ethji| f .rtb-f as to the force of th* :mpead:D( IV ra, hnfnr< runn er lb. nak of be'rj called upoa to br*ak It. Many a.? pr t?a* to await a forma.' Mocnaremeat u; Mr I. 're- > ? pj try, In order to be better at- e to dlTint tlie profj ? : hlf aJm-L .'irali m and th* mode ol turf. -? .1 y pv*b'n( their owa r jiaa Ma'y r'^nibllcan journv'i har* be- n :n tbo 1 .f f<? niiBg < ring y at the * l>ped freqin-ny l ? ail peraimal -vathern appi1 atk'B* for > moe v Vr ' Tbe trutli with rer*fd to ttw niatler *. I mf u. .1 T> 'y f- ? foutberr- r? ? ! ?! *t nnion bar*, 1 > <" .u "n port ned Ifr Utcta, either by l-tter or u per*n?, ? k ? i...l*r rfqmlU Tl. r t ? ? b< f. .1. ' ?? . a,-. *'? - ?'ISilMMt, when f n-t?red w th that ?: Nnrtln^a ** rar t* Jj?U' r* i>?? *;a?. ?k?. m and ad- .? harr ! *? v<?t ' l| 1 1 ' is tor') all t'.e |"mbi nent rii.j- ? tli? ?-?irL-ler 'Hr? '?tatr. . that ?ve her?tr> >*e *v 'y r?; u??d tb< rwuKika: ear* 3 it prayer* fjr ? ,oe only fttf- tin- le?i d eereet aid lower *?r*? aid rs...?hera *jmr*tbl/ier*, and bene.' are Ijtad/ <u r - . Tt> a lb' i Hurt Ctau* itlter* and rialtt ha.r m ? 1 1 ry Manly until now No eae thai *ao ? Mr l.;nr^ 3 w ll r:p,?? b n I < ? ?i.t-L j *-i ui-/k mum ia *en*e an to pr"xv? m, e tuir hv ? ?? 4 ? i* writ >(, k ? a* '<ullre intent ? a', tbe r - ( ?? 1 tiaie, wbea be 1* r*aily a ?' y?t ?lerl' ' Prft !? t ?' the t *it*<t "Ute* by the *>ote of theee?tN* .roil" Ararai reptbtVM ekai** rr- **%t appaartor-w ft >m. Ufy Atm ?'.HH ! Ikal Ih* aot of eaella( tbe ?loct'>t? rote Will v? be t?tit"fdteiely folloei 1 by tbe pnbl ial - an < fl, i*i-|raa.u>c AiAimg Mr. i in. -ila ? ?> *l - <.*?? aupf ar W* at ail . the opiulea apprar* h > nrt *? i.iat Uh> 1 *.n 4* a w.eee kioker ei will kt? It fc:m ?? I 11 9>M>ik r vbri'fito uatli h<* furma IMufirato Ifce 'i%*?ilaa[. |lar> tcatiew ia boeor ?< l'*r?/n'* ? ' e t) tha< V la o?<i?* o* if thia ^4?rr Tteidty ant ?' ter ??<?!* |> at|>o< tUiiiil*. 4w? aot (?iia lae te I ifi- >1> any'* l? A* air i?i| eta* Itemc ?<>a"e ? * > " ? ?re ??r?n t ? ?r |, *f?ite?l n IK ?- fb ?ch +r kti!, !?. .ferjaoee, a M fafec-*.'^ 0 i <-m u h Over ;b? Soatbern news. A %w thcroeaad sW'ters from adjoining eounti.* 4a J Wwu may auand, feat oti*er 3Mm Will hardly be rvpreoiutaL llr Wm H Hern lot , lbs law partners' Mr Llneeto, feasants involved * tor 1*7* sln<w ib ? cjaarre! t&at at tract* much aUentioa. The Jougias etato organ, the DmCy onoghi the (barge against bun Utl M knew of and approved tho use 01 rspafellean money la sustaining tbe Breckinridge faction of the demouracp. Mr. Herod on denounced ibe chart 0 as a baao .'aortoatlon, wltho tho least 'mxBlatlon la fret, sal prbt.ibod oardr vhii . loct ih j Oa^Jiu-maiMiUfiuitui U-puiUoen Tti ICn. r, r.j?c.or, v;na 0>- (t, a= J cUlms mor > | > ;?riu?'u>.?v?1 .Z.tbao, 11 awerta,. ? atveu I dit ? O'U K . H Mr i.-erad/u. 3 tfcj uior t < prvno. -"ed .1 ,-ji b.aajo la c,4 tatflur, eua by it mecaU v-: Lijr, * ,a *??*. El , Xot. n, i860. W W* JU-: UuX.4 i rktn >-l)u h-tkj Winj / Ogle Setter: >a? tfe -itiJ, TraJt-Z ,v vr> One U'.n i r-d an ! t'ifj CalUr: f?< Daj? OuUvie Bxncs-Qucrtti of rM'i-ai /j.-.arom? tfxe the Pruidm: tiect Hnti o? Au l~ui!*rt?Apr<armc< of :ht in ra ter of A' Yitiiei 1? Democratic Waji, Ote ir acutaos question la raMtU) asked oy th - poliuon qutdcanns, Hon: frees and rnKseliers of this Weat ern baig. >n auxioua "Where aro Woed, Webb, Kay mond, King, Draper, Orinneil, Nyc, Kvmrtai ' to., fto., meeta mo at ever> street cmealag. It will t>e rometnUer ed that moat it these republican SimreahaU <Je Crnip, tho overthrow of their own idol to tho contrary aotwttb standing, made ??bonne -line au fnawwtt jew," vleitod thf* piaoe after the br ap wf ;be Chloago Coo . ooIIob l> make a loyal bow to the newly nomlnatol oh Mia: n Durloc the.r brief ao.oum they prod joed qultaafayor able lrr.praoi.oB. Ifesy were tlon?bt to bo cljrer. t . (are plenty of tvj oeodfni, and a dlesoaitno to *p.jnd ;t freely, Henoe the aforeaaid ant ety lor their retnrn. kac*r aa Ih.s cra.lng to *ee the.r ohor.^ cjuctc naaocs aad pinthorlc poraea 'ace more haa proved, !t uu thoa far remained ailirely aaaat'^dod. Not the ahailow ?f a olnglo ono of Uicm hta ^ yc flitted before the "powera that are to be." Taj ab?:n. tatioc w?a eel. rely ufeiooked for, aud rarioua are the atir miaea aa to Ha causes. Somo conten d tbat U:o fear of a oool recs >t ?r deiay* iheir ad'.ent. Others claim that ih?;y ar?i dotermuied to stand on their dignity and await advances on ice pari of tbo i 'resident elect towards the d-sappolated r,ho so 01 tho Kjnp;,o ftato, .\falc, It la argued that the tirocley winj of tao party has the inside traak heroaboote. / r. lat mate Mefed or llr. iln eTpres#>>J another reusou wlthla the last twenty tour hours. Ua said ? - rfcey wart to wai. a Utile whlto longer, so as to let us forgo, ttiai they did not qc'.to roll up tne eifbty Uumtuid ma.ority promised by Mr fleward " Bui New York; a not the only Slaw wnroi r<?ei;w i Now England It equally tardy In rendering to ito now mighty Ullno^lan. The sioae oaa be said of nearly allother faatorn Sutes. The WoM alone baa sect .is reprearaiatlvffs? whether from a greater loogiag "or u> 0 spoila or truer loyalty I will not voatar* to say. Small as the 1 -niber of attendants haa fe*ea for a>in. lays? n t ove.- 150 per lay? the roosptlona of the !V?s dent are nevertheless highly 'nietestiag aa i mtruy jf deui:?d notioe. Tnny are hell dally froa ten A. W. t twelre K. , and frori three P. M lihalf pait lire P. M., ;i the GaTornor'i roam al tho MaUi House, wh -A bos o?eu for somo timo t Ten up 10 the wa^is of Mr. I.moolu. ? >c entering live SUM Booaa tho visiter will sto groups of qolot.y eonvort ug 'nd'viduala. ooe , tying rarioos r >. tionii of the sp? o>ia ?ji11 of lh.> ;!rst story. Th?:r uon versa tjofi, of ao.rso, turns about ' Old Abe. ' A>mo li will Ond "wos'terlng how be i?ks," others, "wh fier be pcU on a:rs,' and how ho t oaa aUl-rs. Kscef Slvr-iy ^aihful iK-rso cages, wlio aro altogotfeer afraid to venture !nt<> ua? l*reeidential prsaswa, are also never want's*. Aa eicesdle*;/ oquaotoua old man, who claims to feo foor wore and thre? years ef a?er dally twee h..i old rriend "Abe, usually i-nterumog lite lnbmdod v.'iwr with 1 acocdolca, most of *.hlcb aro so evidently !n?wn Iroia imsginotloB as to oxzlie Uie loom rather ihui tho laoKbter 01 ihe I sarora. Tho apiotcle-i boor havlag arnvel, the srewl move^ 1 p staus into tho second st>>ry, >n ibo southeast corner or which the reception room is iooated l owing thrc >gb a raUitr irk sort if a doorway, ibo clear voloe aad often rtnfleg laughter of the Prtsltfent anally r1. Jo th- at?. Ice r .?ht dx f Ti t bo real of ttm arty bit ing knockel, a r.jady "Come n" invites to ?rtor. m open log the uoor thv va.1 -San f< rn# c>i "uid Abo ' directly coufroats f hi loader of thcpu-iy Mlainc tho lalter'sbanl witbahiMrty shako, bo lealr h.m o,ar.db u?tbe rest to lol'ow run by an SH0sn| g " Oat in, aU of yon. ? The whole jwty bt!B; n be will ark for their nanvs, and then lmni"<i.^w ?y ??*'1 a reni'inf ooaverwaiion. In ibis respcct be dtspuyn mc c .fiiirary talent aad p actlc<-. Aith<ragh he la naturai'y more su?ed lhai Uikei lo, he does not allow * panao 10 become protracted. He s sever at a loes as to th- tii' Mcts that please the d.'Olcrvut claosrs of vIMtnrn, %nd tb. re isarerta ? (jualntnees an.i orlginalily abotit ail b. has lo say , so tbat ae can rot help feeling latere* ?jd. Hla " 1 lk w bi-tUlaal. H's phra. s aro col norcmot 1 >ua ly set, bui pervade-l With a hnir ronmaw, aad. at tones, a gr >. 'que joviality, inal will shtaya piease. 1 think it woil i U) harl l < 2ud ae who U'lls bc.ior j. k?s, enjoys Itiem letter a.. 1 !?ngh? ,' tboa Abraham Lincoln. Hie room i#f tue Oovutaar of tue mate of Ultnois an r t b? tt'il U r*ic He vast fcrrltor^l catcal U tiial ? owm awc*iu, It la ait-taOKr aadeqr.ate for tho ar fro medal. on of Mr. Jjneniu's vinters. Twsnty persow ? ill ni.t Csd rlan libg ruum .n it. and fjes.muiian.ous pr ones of a u ??/. n ->nly will cause incoavtn isue. Th. r*--?s? I* lim'rbed with a sofa, half a -lor. 0 a nn rtiairs a table and a 4?w?, tbe latter being assigod to ib< pr irate arc>?tary, wi^j 11 always present 4ur!ag vialt 'rp K>nr* Th. sr, log, the r w lb omiatlesa letters aa>l es of newtpe rn. ar<> plte aa afsorimeat of odd i ris ?tv, er rat tcs the onty a>1orninrnu of tue apartmaat. N" rP,tr ? ?baU-tcr 'Hiing eaercised as h> vis, tors U t . r "W.i that la! y waits on tbe Presid. nt la always 0: ameivy d- ?- , t ,B. narybody that lifts tnthlsv<clai 1 ^ae?rs Ibroi ih this place goes lo lake a loo. *' ' "J *' M'ifUy boots aad bk-kory ah.m ?re rM frroueai as brosdclotb, 0,ki iiaen 'r lt1 ?" however, are isoal'y drr-rei or 1 1 mr rerjr b<si, altbosffe lAey raaaot pcsslbly b-.^? t. wake aa imprrt.oa on old married ljnoo.a. ? 'BSaslvety drmreratle eafetbltloaa of free ma?n<.rt co c<;r very ociei >a a wbl e. l^orlLsb fellows will obtrude tbemsctvrs with their hau oa, lurbu-d e??ars aad their ^aciaiw is ti.i trd into their boow Propplnj; into chairs they wll sit , ofloig away and Uytsg togorgoelae Ifea !*' ? lt?t with their silonl stares, uatil Uk>ir boorlsu <S'1y isf Uy satiated prrs-ntallose are rttrp ..aed with ,u most eases Vra> very idyteJs ta o.t eay m and intrmtuoe. 1 i?- ^hi> I mra half a dosen r?stl? raal> Is, break U ? ? J t'.rngb ott. r visiurs i. 1 to the ofeK?t of tbeii ? ?/ u auo after oai! ag their n?i?ee .ad b>uchmr U. I r<0 tr.lA lir -rt, berk out afi 0 wltbojt delay. ? ? t ? .1 . W? J*i miMHMMI <tf?t Inimbutl-X'tyila r . - ? ?? /'< i i ?i /brfiMMI-- "r C -u#'<u ?l !A? /'-'H ?>: . , U, o?m( t ? ? I'tm J/< . timoin A* I ?/*>**? ha I ? t'-.-ii Prnrt I bo Ik* f urth of MmnK? llo\ /i V"li I .'A' S? mlM Hot *ni~KJtri nf U* > i . i A A.4 4' -Ai (*???? ?'?< ? 'I J|?M< ? ^rfrcAnww>. ? a '.#*??" Cui* * , ?f l.? l.i ; i (pt n tn M lk? prtMi moot* rt la lh.? 41 !? ;? ?L tibcl r- - iiti f'oct, bit iVnAt r Tri.obuli A , .ruuit am ;? 1 n.iM'tfc " ?a--o. Ti* 1 4 bt or parfan , r >11 ? M! 1, (i 1 r*<mp!Ar,. n y bur.* (row btt ej'-? II l.a?>l 1? ?trr r-aljr lor a ItMidlf (TAtp. H a 0 aitl It ti* m rrr *? , . urtd Mfwr In h in. Aa-: * Ay All IhH' H ' t*h 'l. i*I ! .larA iM At rtAka m U1 lau I i'.m ? )? U.J "tale. H.n -* aaAofial term ai pt. a* <?> lh? (Mi of I'ati > ??it, u? hence II rt 11 t. <? rt.Nal af kit pariy ? !*> uap;>?d a par ? nai ? r>. Am | h:a rrpubhcao MBfriarAlfa hia <? m 1 ik ? 'A. o ?<<rc ualvi raAlly rarof a' -Ad. Bvt 1' 1' r y'ra..' r !*m:L?a alrataad crary B?r?a to i]>- t?t i 11 i-v r. A ratag ibr war cd dataoerAllc ma/>rHy tw lb* fiMa lAVtA'Atur* Tb?jr l.?t*d I'm fAr aiorr 0 iin IhAA I tarn! a T*??jr f?ATi I bia abrewd tactic* - tr than u.- ? ? ? traatiaaa ">f iba latter* oppwitioa. Tl'? 1 km* >at,aA ktat aa Tr?m'>,ii| uvatf, lb?lf own 1 r!i fitAit ?> 1 d mpiyao pan, v. Aid banco tnay wan- j m?: on it wMti'A daMk aiib a diaperattoa. Bet tA? , rwla wll" 1 ' "r.'rwiar TVy TiatVwl a m <M tifBAl <11*. C"ti ' ?' u|? ii r Uiu(lA*il<x ln*t' *1 r>f iba nw irity ' l<a ?a ' 'MtiifH 1* the Ia*i l<m*'atur? tliat r? , .1 ti 1 ?,<??,? 1 ? v 1 am' f t r.f lb* balllA All* Ant a! | ? < i. r I bltl? ?t '< c Tb..? TrumbtUl MV arail faAl ? it,' earn- kta b?? : ?r>oi, AAA ihink lh? ? ..f I a ai* ? Vi Tr if, y> tr mini j) rf?ra u. !? in tj< a imyvlar WattfTt ??<' >lf > ??* ??????? iH U.f iv?a dm ?je-t "? ?< IV, I, |? ? r It. ATI pArt Tttr .JtA4A, b< ? ? ? Hi* 'atfjoom- wiifc 4r mi ? ? 1 i i ? aA 1 itjii :r 1 i??r# ard ap pearaacea "aatlfy the ball I that be win be a " pewer "a tbe 'ml" during Us mi our jean. Tbe history of Umm wo repnbltoia leador* ooctaiue iMkn ctipiw, to whtoto both were also *qna!iy toto rwuJ, bet In % ton naraMatoua vay. Five J'JU* ago Tromball succeeded a overleaping !..aoala tod a? curing a Mtl la tba ' n tad mates Senate. It ?H than com monly taouiht thai Llaooln was prrpsrly sanUc ' to tbe Mil, and that Trumbull got It by out maauevrxg Urn to tbe Lrglelaiure. Rverjtxxly oonaldered it a fkUi bkrw to I.inoo!n'? political aspiration Bow I'.Ulo did tbe a*7 -.?roe prove tbe corrects w of thla snptyialtlon. At tbe nune time thai TraubuU ha I to struggle w'.lb might ltd ma a to letein tbe advantage gained oror I loooln. b ? ensao-eas fal rival of 196$ wsa Vi'nf qulatly lifted <nt~ ine :>ef. dential cbe.r without any ?3ort of bit own A more sin gular Vim of pollt,-*! fwt no it would be bard 5. tvi n tbo poiltloa! soua's of tbls oonrtry. the fit. 1/ra.s paper* >f jestor.lay ??tained a lengthy tetter, written by Senator Don^laa to a comn Uee er Sow Orlesai bnsinesa men, *n reply to an invitation 10 apeak. It pnxloce J qalte a storm of jidlgnelion among Mr. 1 in colr'a aJberonta, owing to several eitremely bitter and Insulting paiMg?s in rulereneo to tbe probab e pos'tloc of tbn President elect. Tbo latter'! only comment waa a ?mile, ilia friends, however, denounoe tbe epistolary elusion a ' graceless exhibition of morbid ,eek>uay," In unmeasured terma. Several looted from a speech made by L iBcoto at Freeport, In 1&68, In reflation of oertala charges al*o emanating rrcm Senator Douglas. In tbe passage ) remarks, tbat ''being cbartably dlapoaed, hi was r.-adj to accept tbe >nly luppoeltien tbat farniahed a key to Judge Douglas' or warranted aliegationa, Tlx:? 'Hiat be waa crazy.' " It may be safely asserted tbat a definition of Mr. Lin coln'* policy need not be looked for previous to tbe 4tb ol Marob. His declarations on tbla sobject are so frequent and decidi J In their tenor tbat tbere can be no longer any doubt as to hi* determination to remain silent. Only In the course of yestorday be remarked, to an lnc)utaUtve visiter, that bis opinions on all public matter* had been so on# luivooaliy and comprehensively expreaaed slnoe 1864 tbat bo considered farther explanations quite superflujus. The t oiling new* from tho Houtb d xa not appear U> dibturti Mr. Mneoln's ? pianimlty. Without underrating its bearing, bo still adhere* to the opinion that actual accession wi. I not be alt a r tod. lie avslds diacuaslng tbi* delicate question in the presence of visiter*, bat when referring to it hj words are mid to indicate a firm and settled opinion agalnat tbo right to secede. Tbo Jecllao of the Southern Htato stocks baa already bad a visible eilect upon thla section or tbe oocntry. Vnder tbu laws of Ui.a State the llauk Commissioners are boun I to require all backa of Isrue to make up im mediately whatever depreciation tbe socurilla* deposited with tho Auditor of tbo i^ute may experience by tbe liuetuationi of tho stock market. Owtng to tbe recent fa.i or *">utb?ru bonds, on which moat of the currency of tbla itatu Ik besot, ;Uc securities of a large number of banks have bee cnc Inaufllctcnt. To meet this emergency, ? mi tisg of tbo Bank Comm saloner* took place la tbis city ycstcrcay. A largo number of bankers wereaiao in town irom all parts or tbe ^tate. It la romored that many will ?f ;se to make cp tho deilclency. U thla sh >u, I b true their bat.k* wl'l have to go at once Into Itqaldaticn, and a rrisia will Uion onsue, oompared with wbicti that of >862 will prove Uislgnlfiaact. l*a lie ? lnulH???M' Kn Ai'HOit Pick** ar? Thorn** Murphy, ? adroit puftpodk*. <m tek*u mto toHoty by detecttTW vouw and II >gau, oo charge of etoalmg $U 75 Irom U!m Ma! lovy of No. Id* T'ear', ?trv?t, Brooklyn, under tbo falliw lot elroomataMM ? u' ?>? U* .oat. M>- Mallory got into ? rillb ?v i>ue rtago at ?be Kullou lc,r7 for vh? I"1*' i?*o of nJitg i ii town, uJ after l*y her fare '-oo* ? X? Mrt tbo dflRr * OO afterwoMa tae P?Mr ?4 ? rotmnnton baiU*! tfca <Umr ot i*e omul ??*?*?* ?***?* bk took llio'.r uiU, one ou each aide of the complainant. ifhL^taoMrT companion teemed to be very uoeaay wb l - in ihedage. and mado fich a fe*? that the ?u?-ii u n ol ill Ihn ??! Ill "? *'M drmwn 10 hlm' * pjby w i* watching for tbU faeorable 0|.p0rlnni?y.?art while all oj.^wio Oxoj co h* partner be it ?.t'i ? p?ir "f ?rUBw*. cot out the t>uf Wet Suddenly the strap <*'?? pn'Ufl, aod the p*lr teft the otnulbu*, and bef.-ro tun thai* wa* di?c -eored tbBT were a bole block* ofT Murphy wore it bearr ctoak . r U'm?, nblcb til ta m ??orlatly in carr^og out b':* d< eign. Juetice Kviy euinmuted the are t?ed or eia mlsat.JB. . A gt?mK,i a CiaetartAiw* ?A rroocb w< man, ut ated Jeanne Hulltaboac , *m U~on lrto cualody >eiK. j?y by dttocUro F-oach, no anaplc .oo o (tooling a crapo atuwl, Tftl ed at ?12o, from Mr* I tfcjco mith, ol U?o Olareu I dcu Hotel. Tt. accused, it app<-ar?, wj i ?h? fi n tMt.nttt n n Qur*o? 1 ^ fn'Ung f ? * ' ' *?*' ' it,.i (tbo wm t ???*ar| 1 ? ? r left*. <g t- wm ' T? "rl that lb- ' ??:?? in e ? misa.DK, *od ?i.?p!rloo 1"U .? i Jeaoo ? Tue n ' V . iltaL. j ?"?i the aiU'r, ^rbftpi, wu the (lr I rr ot thf in t?.* ' r >; ?ltaw! Hi l r p<*f ?loii \ 't hetog ,h< polio- any *? '' the miLi-icr in ablrh >b ? *al<l ali?wl canie mtoher p.<Moa?U>n, ,.i ' ? u i , ki I til '.o char*. "I *'lUi :.?rceny li.o at . uuntry a(K>ut ? t * ? ? ? W B.r -MWhwl l'i "art* ?i?n, wb wm arreair J < n ftberch warraet l*u.>4 by fod?= ml, roan luJ'rtmi'Ot ferblicfcw>y robhery anmr w^k? a* forfrite^ b? ball on lMeadfty. ?"<? ???" pr paring t I, art n thr ?t?W?cr l.T OUtfV rtla r<*''rt?T ? t*h^" ,5" *f!. nar>'?i*d by ( ? e?r Hob'nwm. "t lh? Kiphtb w*fd. Tin *ccw*cd >vm riDB'Uct! iiitbo ttr irkii. aril. A B?>At -Icbn Wba en, . Mttof b- ardmg bcuao f.-nner, moated by tbe haib^r p<.1H? no cf atfiftiim a ?K*i Tft'.uod at t30 TUe pr ^t?wa?tc*afed n coo*<.ytft* aa:K?r? to ?fl If >MM L, ? ?rrr?trrt L -i- I'.c pr? m br ght b ^ ??'? r?;uM Kb"1 b,1 tiU ?? r b rl h. l flown " halfn ha. a-l ?a? bceu raptured. Anciiiui Altl' tt) Br*' ' *a >n * ?j ? ?bt U.I the .tnm of T , W. i Mtr . who W ?? ?ef rhaou No. f? W?tt?> ntraet. wm ?f<*?n Into an 1 r -i >?o ?f about ?.'.W? worth of Taloable ? *? Ta' burgitf* I .urcer^e.1 tft ?. ? ?? M*.tlau?- bf to* ro*. *.??? oTfr , <roa Moffat'i b usd They bad tnau- '? to pv--* j ?ir tiu ? i ll of twla, Out for aoinv ^ U ? airiii'l Uiey Ult % f ... b th'v did nr.'d With goi'la, 10 1 tW M.a tJ'theO^.r" N ' to Iho tote-r. oonW be had 1 untU no^ bur?larrar><'.l Joaeph Myre along with ? ^t of I ?7?\a.i*r b ? ftrm, tbtrl it br.? t? arcr^u' tbo lb ; v;r?v t ! o.%. c?"e a.'' i*rl^r?. w:.e?p h? waa ro? , mtMed TTe rrmalc:- g porti' n of th<- food* hare not a* ( irt been rreorered a I* r- t o? All #>?*.? .?? -On T'i<wd?y nifHt U' ?tore oflM'MfO H 'riwau * tVrtt* ? ?? eo>rre?l *sd ?c | attempt IB* '* ? fob the r... Of ? t It ,?0 10 ?O^T II ((*?? that aW.I nla* o"riofllc t ic pr Tate ^ ITl l. .a .ai ru.f m .ntered tbe .U? to .e- ;1 oil w- j J-V'ra. e -ere for' d by Ibe .-de of tbe-J. ^AJJ ?? :;.?'?r.^mV"rt? '^eT^ra ha- navl I Walter E!^ aha bld !??.? jf*ro a?o n the e? ' L,,? ... , ,t?r<:ay *i " nor*. arre?vi by d.tecti" iMw^n mmm- ,n*t w?? afcoa? n tw> la ibe aa:i at Uk tlmo i_.un.ta- Hf Miw-* ??? **f* *?>???? ?**" beg a mrirbaotdou g bt^.neta Ui Baitlaior^ apf*arad ?i m ce bea.:quarter?, aa 1 peMtl-ae.1 for the arraat or *a *b ^.Vrt'ai tbe arrow of the f-v,l sffrrtWSK?i,-fc- c!*" a r<t* , r Vb?a ii'0'if' t b?fore Juatioo Kotly y^rrday i JJTwttoaer ? w Aobor|od, tbe wmpia.oaai hanog rhani'd b? ?ia ' aud raluaod to piimirifo. 9r?nnw ?* Liw. ? ?*? Ounonn lj?* -M?baat , w,?ef WM tatea late ntfMy ye^erday oo t -i teloo tf ba, ,? beea i?ptH>Med la the robbery of 12 MO ?rirtii rf d awoai lewelrv, the property of Mr. H i tell, of w I *ir?i ar* Tbe ?rt?*lya police mkle two "reaui oo Tsr^jT *rd Mr Weaear'* lorarcorattna la ?ii">P' *ed te Ir?w out of " rteiu o?r'?*ureo wade on tbe '.iber aide of tbe^ water The w.t: bo ukeo ore- the ferry to day ? ? r?. .**.!. PunrtlT* PArr.M -A P*? 1 aeat r(?l eotate broiler of Pt Paul. Mloo oamed ?-ray, ooiam'tted Auicide oa Baftrday. otOor p*?a.lar rift .at ilaarea Ho bad lateljf bwoe paeuaiar ly ?mb*rraaae< and harlot borrowed until bo eO'Uido *r> no longer, be obtained tereral blaut My twaA and filled tbtm up Tbeea forged bow^a he oHerad aa aecurtly to a geatleeiaa wbo waa aVot to lead bm money. Tbe to'gtry wa? > ? rorerrd, and aa affbir waa appointed to want Mr. natll a warraat onWd be prnenred When ibe n?cf to Oray*a boaae Ut* lawor aattred aa ,rrVT^L^|^ teaoe tf waehut; thea p? cf Uuw.*b Ue ^ be ran to the bridge TUe o'hrer pnr|p?d. b' t rrmldoTerlalte blm, Mr <lrae had p??- ? , ?l of the bridge, ae AO tse r fTcr approaeJird , be !??! 1 ^ ? lIld , hoa^red eet inl? tbe rtrer JH? e ? 7 He wa* a aatlre of <*P* fod. * W;M**r/o flh.?*. o?.lr^ bf the T?aa? m~, ?T_Vf!. M paMaea a ?h^ r.ewr .? Wdt!-. -?"?''rrft a.1 J ? "?? - U< Vew OTIeaaa. nw the Jl a a?? raeft ew OHE HIT LATER FROM EUROPE mini OP TIE PILES'UE AT PtiiruM, Entrance of Victor Kmauuel Into >aplc?. KEhttTEl UI9SOW TfOl Of THE PiriL Mt?|f , Arrivrtl at' l-*riiice A.lfr??<? Plymouth. PROBABLE ARRIVAL OF THE PRINCE Of WALES. A1)V .V N C K IN COTTON, Another Decline in American Securities, The iteamshlp : "ilen .no, frm Liverpool m m SiB.* ?'a loadonderry on the 9th i&st , arrivod at >*ort:aaJ, He., at hair put three o'clock jeeterday ?1*reoot. Til* Valeetlne's dates arc one d?y later than Uk. a already received. The Palestine was subrti luted (or the North Br two. The Balls by the Palestine were despatched South by the ate am boat train at flvo o'clock jestorday cTeainf, and are due la New York this afternoon. There was a doubtful report that a treaty it pt? oe with China had been signed at Tien- tain. Noflntelligence had been received of the Prln<* of Waita, but two TMMla, supposed to have been the Hero and Ariadne, were seen passing rill, o0 Portland, during U* night of the Stb Inst. I'riace Alfred arrived at Plymouth on the more'ng at the 9th Inst. ITALY. The 1/ondon F it' ? Paris correspondent lays that the dissolution of the Pope's army Is positive, sad that bq will osly 'iave left to him a simple guard of 8,000 men. Victor Emanuel arrived at Naplee on the morning of the 7th Inst., In company with Garibaldi. Thoy pnt-eedeC together to the cathedral, and afterwards to the r-yal palace, wbere great festivities took plaoe, in spile of tat bad weather. The British Legion at Naples were dwindling amy . '? account of the disgraceful oooduet of its member* FRANCE. The monthly retnro of the Bank of Franco ibows a decrease la cash of twanly ilrs and a third millions ot francs. COMMERCIAL AND FINANCIAL NEWS. LONDON MONIT IUUT. I/oaooir, Not. 9? Nxo. Cona is are at 91>; a >3 '? for stoa oj and acco ;nt. AHnuca.v wi'iunns. The rales lot the following American securities are a t follows ? Win Is Ceatr .l Hallroad 30 a 1 Erie Railroad stock 10 a ? New York Central ltallroad 7> a 74 Livnrooi. COTTON MARKET. ! jtssi-ooi., No* 9? Noon. ' The brokers' circular ssgwrU the sain in the I.'?srpoot cotton marl, et tor the week at 96.000 bales, of which ?U ,000 bales were on speculation and 8,000 bales to ex porters. The market opened nnietUed anlnoi-od, and all ualltlee considerably ai rat ced; bnt after Uk* arrival of the Africa and the promulgation o I her newt a alight reaction took place, and the market closed with an adnnre of oaeetghth a no* quarter of a penny o*. r the prices 01 the previous Friday. The ?atli?*te6 8a 1 s to-day (Friday) arc 10 000 belos, it who to 4, MS bales have boen taken on speculation aud for export. The market 1 loses arm. Tbe Impror. meet Is ukoatly aa tt" middling 'lualitles. Tbe fol'.iwlaf; are the aathoritad potations ? Far 7?; 7* 1* MlddUag 7'. 7 ?% Tho stock in port la 018,000 1*1 oa, ot whldi 47" 000 la Amorl^au UYEtTOOL BaK?WTTTPS M A III ET. l.r\ sural, Not. 9? So?). Th? I .verpool Sroadstufls market oprn?J t> day witA little In-) 'ilry at weak prices Com ? All qia>tll<ja hare slightly declined. LH KRI <*)!. I KOX JrflON MARKET. Ijvaanwi, Not. 9? Njna. BetflsdulL Ptrk Irm. KIm ArU. TBI I KZNCn AVn ttJBIMH lOLUUTIOS. The third ana<al i-*tioi""o of work* by m>tera French and Flomltb a/t -t? *u loi t rated laat n.gbl bf ? "print*" ?lew U r osijH 'f Tho works e*h!Vt*l bf tbe onmm'Uee who bar* charge of theao exhibition* btlsg geaerallr of a high order of merit, there waa ? large gatherlBg of roam.'iMovr* and erittaa on the ac? ML The prmat collaailea <ouai*ta of 179 p ct? ree by leading oarn-a la b>th trhtMla. Amoagat thorn arc to be Jbund tbnee of Ceroau, c. L. MuUer, 0. L^ya, Troy oe, Trayer Cbaret, Augnat* ud Juliette Boi.he j, jaiea Breton. Prion, Antlg-ia, BrauaaoM, Oouturtor, Dsrergar, Imbufe, It rortia, Idocard Frare, Jalaberl, H?an?herg, lABbtoct, Kaaaa. Clar-an, Theo. Rooaaeau, H. riohl*? iiagrr. Taieacrt, \ rrtx-rJoD, VarhoeehhOTW, Vuyrawal, /)??, iA, IN. "The Meeting or the f.m Re- >rmer* at Antwerp," bf L<*)i, la a picUi<- of eitraordtaary merit, a i IMI ag. e**a bta "Margaret aad laoat," exhibited here ? coaple of araaoaa ago Ita earneainaaa of aeotlmat M hntghtoned rather than mtrrM by the HoUretn \ A-tl MB of it* treatment There are two b tl'jrteai pwturea by Matter wbtoh ra ihamMlrti are or tum-\?nt internal to repay a rinit. me I* the "Area* at tbe O-oelerrarta priaoa duiag the roll anil of the laat nettrnn of the Keiga a < Terror, Mb Theraidor." The oiber la "Bevy VOL, Thomaa Moora aed liahep F.aher." Tbe (ret oxwlkmod, though of large proportion*. la a roplloa of the atlil larger p'rture by the aamn aitiat in tbe I.ieabourg. Alamet an the igurra latr xi x?d are portrait*, u*elcJ:n? am ryat other* tboae ? f Andr. (Ttealer. the poet, Rrneber, the writer tbe Prison* do China? , Da U firoun, 9'ahcp of Adge U.n fVieraaa of MootM, ne Pray de Verlane aul hia Mile Ur?f, oC the Corned!* Franca*, Ae , Ke. Ther<- la woadarfal puwer exhibited la tbe UeiLaoalWa of the emotion* which BgltaV the rartoda group* ,ato which tbe picture ta brakes up. The ?oea* .? to oa <n all lu terrible a-toality, but ill ropol*1*e Mpecti ar* ? > blooded with gra<-efil and ? rerab: ceialla that it e?trta npoa th? act a faai'.aa Una that paitcta II loer after tba palatlag baa r>aaaad from aw * right The Henry VUt , by the aar art 'at, m oner, lb ?e platu'f* wbir' .,<? *io^-.l ugly dl;T coil to traat t>. < a-** t.f iti d of tba iapre?al*c wh.c* bwl t i it'Dia ami chara< tera re*^? ta i* . tag f bletor al | > ..tlaga by lAeal ?Url via, wo r?i|l to laee > . ai ol tba purpoa<< whleb Uw arret bad la t ew aa<l r.f tbe liffle-iiti< ? that he hu had m e*?r?*w? la w?blr< N cit TVf are few II r eg rt nfers ?h? if we may to ? i re* outrlTM, i loeb ? fhruity m readiiit hirv.rj- thro gn the e)?* of etkera ?? ? H l'ar The vm^wtwr* u that bia pictereaaro *4 l**p tar With the rm?i a* they are btgbiy anlr**t?:*' b tbee wtui hare a hao? iMg* *f art. Ttifif* are *it rati e r "<** by fir yea. tba aatcral aad forcible of Iraaah animal pfetera? ii- ;<neur rfrrpte*! ???? ? Una*, "OaOli Returalaf to tbe I aim. ie of arrrara ?*e, oor?rlag qa'te th? tad ?>! ia? gallery, bi.t *r "wn that wa praMr t* H tM " View ,r H' )ai- bou> for lla handling aad geweral rfrtt tb? alter pi?ar* ie, t? ?ir Mate, oaaef the heal ?P'O'kitui of U? waat ?r that we bar* tear Tbort ? eo M ?*?1 m la tho miuetfon th a rear, ba* t)i?fe ie a aaal | l ro by no of hla pnplia, Jtatyrraa lj?i abirb proaeBie auy ef tlte eharaetarlatioaef ihla ant r * riyie Rrm?ea> nw?) baa Urea baasttfal iaa<i?cBt**, one of wliMti. tive ?? View at Barhiaoa," ie ? (Via The " mediator* by Orron?e, la a repre r?ata"oa f U>' n *lot cat ncM< at immortali/od ta tha Ilea? 4.r _ , ,v ? in,pnf?|..r y ifitgrl? re foletaat. ?M r of u<"*e thrill rig ae-l terrible aab|eete ta wMife tb ? painter del gbta Th?"CMM frraehlat . ' by Ja%. oert, ie a finely r^Kieieei i rt ifa, eahibWag la iM tr-oatafni iwoeb of the Bpiritua craee aa1 detiaaey at Sebefftr It te impreeible la tfiie barrio! r-rtieo to do .aauaa M Me ataay Haaetital omU'^ed in Ma eoilrrv??f We n a) , br,w*ver, tai t artner n?r~>ft?ritp *r ra-m'af M li

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