Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 23, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 23, 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. ItreOLE NO. 8842. MORNING EDITION-FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 1860. PRICE TWO CENTS. mpoarAur frojj rc<: soota. ?'roftrfM of til*' Political and FUmui'itil KcvuImIou. Kvt P^dikid tt Ibe j'h*rlr*t >n, Strfolfc. PtMti ?luQih, ttbrrlm;, i)i?uiei of Colombia, BuKiuorr dDrt Ptiil tdripfnu Ba Kh. ?f*EL3ITWfi aKPtim FROl WUUUMtfl the cabinet a unit. ***ott*jents ot tbo Pre* lien t on the 8eces8%a Question, t<?) llt<| 1c? m voter an r rrpouib kbom wahhinoton. WAriHi.iuTon, Not 22. 1110 Tfrn la do division to the Cab<aet on the secession tnt'oii &> far from tt, bo oosffultaiion baa J el boon bad qpat> it , ao tbe President himself declares to ao interview U la evening between tba President and awe secemtonista. Mr. Buchanan look BtfM| (pei-ads against kuinoo without resorting tint to ooo SJltatury weasures B?* could not believe that the mighty *fit would permit tb* mouths of tbe Missssippi to be told bj a foreign Power, wblcb bo lb Loalslnna and Ai^ai Baa would become to case af tbelr withdrawal from the Baton. "South Carolina," be (aid, "wtabea to sa*er into a norfllct wttb me ? a conflict with myself? and a^rm tb* draw Inn of ibe first drop of blood to drag other ctoutbern Hiatee Into Ibe secession movement. " Tbe Pre fteent did not Intimate wbat be would do In that event. Be admitted thai tbe Houib bad mffired great wrongs at Ike bands of ibe Norli , bat tbe federal oompnet was not ta be broken op precipitately, and without reasoning and rekeetioa. He would Bret appeal to tbe North for jostle* m ike 9ouib, and if It was denied them, "then," tod tba President, emphatically, "1 am with them." an the reports received by tbe President from the * alb are of the gloomiest description. Be says ? "I see ae cfe-am of sushlnf yet " The question of the acoeptan ? er son acceptance of the reeigsa.ton of the South Carolina (Boe holders la still In abeyance None of tbe resignation have aa yet been detottely acted upon The resignation of United States nsrvrai Hasilten, of ?tooth Carolina, was received to day by we President, and placed on tie for future oonaMem Man. ?r Roehanan Is hourly receiving ? oogratulatloaa on MSaoat of h s oppostt on to the precipitate action of the s savHiista On the other band, lbs Are eaten do not hesitate to eipreei their dissatisfaction Be den lei that Mi. keiU bad authority for declaring that be (Mr. Bu sbauao) was committed to tbe secessionists; and be also e" tbs <i?:laralluo of Mr. Yanrey to tbe same effect Tbe President do s not appear to be much ooooerned ?mui the pr.?ted cgs of tbe Cuming Ct-fts oo of Coogreas. He m or o lnK n that it will not be so violent as the last e *%? omiai f ml weekly aitttngs of the Chbtoel are fc?tag held, and no more WvMMra*, Not. 22, 1M0 >w !*"? deit bM required the Attorney Ueaeral'i ? ? <iten apmww on the qu'-au or of lav analog oat of the -hoi ' od difficult ee bet veeo the NorUl ud South IV |ih k ii hv hots f\tru but the contents bar* eol IriM^nl tribe P-. atdeni'a m?i, and iba piaa be ^i^?a ij bii tteeaegr for ibe eellkmeel of the qoee lm>>l wur ik adopted, abwb rrquirre f"*l onooes nuee. ibe impending i flWralttee tn?j be avert ?4 If ??'fit m ilmuii ? run that dteunloa will follow, ? a i.ur ?or?t (ran be real zed It w ufiro ubm, *b?l vul Preetdrnt Buchanan do In ia? pt ? m lit cr iaw f Wbat can be eo? After Jaoksoa bwoed h * '.una* pm-leaiat oo . Is n?Mmber, ln3t, It mm laree ik> the brlo?e aa Ml of Ooigreae vaa paaeod to m>-< ma rmerg aey. Tnat act (ibe " force act") ax pmvt ??> 'if own limitattna. and It la aot probable I bat Mr ft, thai an ran gel akttg without snob a law any bettor lau u'd hi kor;. 4a) Dtnrta of aa uaosoal ha renter, eeea Air tea collect toe of revenue, will rwqnlr* tt? ariw)i of Ooerreee , and any measures tor Ibe iu> preaeioo of rrvolulioo must nome rrom ttt Kama wwa If ?oe or mora Soothers rttatas should aeaada It WUI tbea he the duty of Ooagress? eot of ibe Praatdeal ? ta deter i n ibe great qaeattoa of poller, whether It la better to wWBowkdf* tbeir ladepaadeeea witbeat a aoaglet, or to attempt by force to compel thsat la submit. Ikle will ?- ibe in net important qoeetloa rear agitated la oar irgtrlatWe balls, aad its dtecuaelia will probably oocupy ineo aiiaf aeaatoa to ibe eieinstea of moat ether bosi Ml It -? per'ectly rldloni -me to irappoao that the present i"S eniut eeary woTratrou aiiof m mora stgniiioanoe than the <t? nmi ration made by Booth Carolina la IW1 Itsa tbe oppoattiee waa made by a ?Ingle State to the asreut tan of the rvraaae law*. Tbe q wallow waa ewe whteb eoaceraed but a small portloa of wastry, How It ? aa ia*oe larolring the doaiestlc paeee at HIm fltataa. Pm it waa a .|uaat?oo of foliar* Mow It M oo* of safety to hears and BrMtdre la owe-half of oar onmmna ooaalry Tb* r* porta that the Praaldaat will reeagaiee the oca mtanaeai right 6f a Mate to eeee4e at pleaaara, have no toonnettoa Kroeetioa le revolution, aad the oaty qoee Mm. 'or tbe governmeat Is, whether It la batter to attempt to fuptirrea the revolution or to reeogalae the ladepea e*oee of tbe aeeedlag Blataa. To oarry oat eeermre mew ,a n romee within the war mafclsg power, aad to reoog a m the iBd'iwndeace of a reToltiag Plato le oarlalaly aot vi-b ? ibe provlaee nf the Preeldeel amoe It Is v-n oiear, U?- n, that all the Praaldeat eaa do Is m v ?e?d to carry oat eiimiag lava la the ordinary way. ?t ? the emergeary require* extraordinary rfewswaa? ? Kb ae were adopted la IMS. or mere stringent oasa? um.*ress, aad aol the Prveidaal, wlU hare to provide ta.ui It M by oo m-a?? probable thai say seeh ant loo will ho taken by <toeg"eaa baatny Tb* eattre earn tag m ?a will be required tor I heir dtaeosateo, aad the art *??? rt nf tbe enatini dtflrnitiee will be left to the aext Maiiel'iratloo, to wbl^ they to?ltimately belong Mill, I here no doubt that, la the meaatlme, all the power M" taflueaoe of M? Bochaaaa will be eiertad la faror o' the preeervatloa of the I n ma aad the fhlihfal aaeeatk a - the ei let log lava Tfce at>i>roarblBf aaaaiim will be etettleg aad stormr The there m- mhe-a will br la a bad humor to bear l*? ?i iltlrg laeo'rune of br frw rabi.l derlaiiaer* a**! net tr>r ba>earieiB of alaeery who will tod la the reoeot triumph ef repobltnaoiem ae? grntmda tor 1 avail aad new mo utf?fc?t to tn-'nlge iu Inaoleat lareot've A moture oo the fci?r * rt ngr-ve ?.*id do mare wi ppentptlaU a gM? rai r. eolaUoa t tan tae eieotloa af eveo a ? Id d lags to tbe p?eetdea?T ?r. eeweal ?g?tt aeit wiatar will aa ?on" a lew Impoetoana a mile btotateaed b 4 we a repr?a?rtat'*ee rx the u g<>n amtioaa vill haw a the estate aed re a?er pow. r i?w tu? oalm rvMi?lag af aaaeer vet've mac h may be well eaoogh to autv. la una noaaeettoa, that the power glvea lo tho P?e e*t to nail toeth the mtlltla of a Mate, aa<le' lha a^t e( 1TM to pat daws o^mMaa ttooa loo powerful to bo eoinn.v^ by the ordtaarr eoaree of jodielal p?v?ed">ga. la ntte lp vortaleaa la a naae where a wb ?e <>ate bM a mn nod a rwrde Hoaary attitude B-vid v. th- uae of tho atlltla oa<1er Uitl act VMM otilr bo aatbnetsod toe thrty ds)a after the m-vtiag of Otageew. To ado 4 eveh a m -av"0 no the eve of the awt tag of that ????* wnotd he an abvnnllty. to say nothlagof ? ? otier Inadcqcafy M a n>**n? of meeting *.U? preaen! emergency. Th,> patave- tmulged In by tbe black repnbl*an paper* toward* lb i' presulest fon row, (specially that by your qcsdrilattral ccfhbor, as to t>ie doty of the President, a perfectly wall understood here. Th"?> papers, by their -lily rourse to tar ?'leg and insulting Urn South, ban iaia<d a storm about their beads which they cannot een trol, and ablcb m likeiy to engu pb ibem. fney there r>> rail 'utv >y upon tb< President, like Imperial Oseaar, " Help me. Caesios, or I sink." Mr. Pel! ?r?en, wbo baa ju*t arrived from tteorgta, re port* tbst ?be u e< ssieo sentiment in that Bute t* oa tbe tucreaaa Mta bereto'ere conservative, be aaya, are now trom K-lTr in i be movsaout letter* from Senator PlMcD, received tht* more log Nt w Orleans, rtate mat nothing can avert a darap um The cltiaena of Maryland and Virginia complain bitterly or tne precipitancy of tbe ootbm Statea regard lug neeeMMH). They ray If any partiea have a right to mmpialaof grievance oa aaoot at of tne eon retain of ' fn|iu*e?, it ta tbe border natoa Tbe cotton Slates do oot lose cne slave In a thousand of those that eaoape. TVy there ore Insist thai If U>at be ibetr real oanae o <-omptaiot agatnit Ute North, the border jtales bare a j right to be consulted before the Cnlon la rest aaauader aod commercial aod tnaacial interests destroyed. Bui the> sotptrt that tbe s?ocratoalsts bare no great desire 10 protect the border Male*. The disruption of the Co too, I in order to reopen tbe slave trade, la tbe primary object, ?nd protection to border Slatta only tbe pretext. P this prove true, the latter will demand that tbe grounds of seceailon be put before tbe people of tbe South In their trne light, and submitted to rota; and tbey oenttdently aver that all ihe border Stales would de ctde (unanimously for Union, and that nearly all the wealthy cotton planter* would vote tbe same way. WammoTon, Nov. S3, 1840. What la all this noose Lite telegraphed from Waahingtoa about a rupture In the Cabinet? Why should there be *ny rupture? Tb* beada of department* have their own business to attend to, as the Pieildent baa bis He most be an inveterate ignoramus wbo tmaftaca, at this late day In Mr. Buchanan's public life, thai he takea tbe oo lor tug of bis views from any quarter, however distinguished, original and self reliant. The Prealdent nrvcya every question with a clear, unclouded judgment, aided by tbe igbia of experience and observation of half a oentury. Of oourse, the meabers o' tbe Cabinet know this If any oaa of them differs from him what of iLat, even If it were so, and it la likely not to be ao Tbe President is responsible for the official executive acts of hia sub< rdlsatea, the beads of tbe de par taenia, but tbey are In no way Involved lb hta action any mora than his private secretary or tbe member* of tbe booaebold of ine executive man* km Why, then, this humbug talk ?bout explosion* in the Oahlnetf ('lira lata trom opposite sections of tbe eonfedrracy an ^sailing the President, a* their prototype* at tacked Washington, for hta seeming laertneas; tiut the apparent repose ef Prealdent Buchanan ? no more a proof of his Inability to act, when be ahall '?? cil ed u{x n, iban the quiet pemon of one of our great ' at K>Lal ship* wi uld show that It was incapable of action. * naval ? flloer of the hlgbest distinction baa suggested to <ae tbe position of President Buchanan at tbla crisis He ? like a great ahlp, that might have repoaad la perfect -tuine ?*, but upon a call of patrkniam or of nnoeailty, kWumli/g the llkeneea of an animated thing, Instinct with ife and motion, he would put forth all the beauty and | bravery o) the service, collect It* icautred elements of -ir> ngth, and revive It* do-mant thunder. The President, ?hile apparently passive and mmisnie**. na* quietly oon entrated all tbe power which I* ne >eeaa*y to be pot forth ? tun the nocaaion ocoara. But be fervently hopes that toe occasion may not occur Spite of all that bappena every day in exoiwd oommunltiea, the President baa a ' m belief tbat ibe Union will be preserve], and that tbe ho rut gf of our preaent situation will be prrpatuated. CONDITION OF AFFAIRH IN VIRGINIA. Rich void, Not 2a I HBO The poaltloa of Mr H<> rbuu uu tne qieaiioo of ?e?ee f>t> i? r?u?m([ ?o re ?l??w an>"Bg the omeer aliremrt "ere Tbe preaunpikoa i* Uial bs will emul?y coercion II relereno? to any n*le ibel may a??ede if He dure D ?lli moat aaanrvdty be rr.-t h? reeiatanoo, Mid rerolotloa iomi be ibe mrvtubio cooerqaeeoe. Ef?'y man In the >,mb, boe??*r oot?er?ati?e, would oppiwe any attempt *t o?>-rcton to tbe teat eiireni.ty It la la ? lew af aucb a eor tmgeney tbal VI*gio'a I ? bow ? -mm* ear Clliaeba, a- d that policy meela with anltereal ?pproval. Mrs who repu :iate tbe aery l<1ea of *e?yaak>o, > row ibrmerlrre ready at any moment to reaiat Ibe a?T <>o of any state by tbe federal government. 8ucb a t-urae woald make dieuuiouiau of tbe wbole itoutbere ?opt', and five as impuiae to tbe aeoeaaioe movement ? bu-.b It onuld not resolve from aay oU>< r agency. South tfonna yearea for a oolliaioo, for abe well koowa tbe mi ral ayn patby which It woald produce, and tbe extent ' tbe benefit ?hicb would accrue to tba moremeat abe a* inaugurated (letter for tbe intoreet of peane aad harmony, and the rropacta of aqalet a/'juetmeot of tbe pending dtffloultlea, bat do Ibreat of eoercl m woakl ho made Too more u feroDoo of auoh a pur mm, from tbe puoHtoo aaaame<1 to Mr Buchanan by the Baiuur'* Washington oorreepnni ?at, la not without tta a* II InBiieaoa already If tbe rewldeot wtu reewt peaceful aeo> ee'oe , aa be intlmatea ?ie will, Ibea a ONM IB laarttahla. If rtouth Carolina uwumee a poaHlow of ladepeadenee, her onadltlna woald ??o anoaialoaa If abe ootid aot ooetrol ibo rereoaea of bar ?wo porta, aad regulate bar aoameroa Tat tbere la rery probability that abo will aot bo permitted to do ao; aad berola Ilea Ibo (real daa(er of eeooflM, ? kloh, If It lakea plane, muat precipitate revolution '?egotlatloa, w'.tb ao threat of roerclin be Id oat, may af eel much If It folia, tbaa ao hope remalna. A roanrt o fiwioa would Involve blooJabed, without acoomj liati wg tbe object la rlew Tbe elect loe retorna are (till laoomplete, and ao float leetaloa oaa be made aa to the roaoit a f tbe vote A few ? tbe remote north weetere onaatlea are MiU to bo bear ! roro, aad tba Wovereor, fearing that tbe re uiraa would aot bo la la "ufnctctonl tuae to -<oable bias to laaoa bla proclamation to tbe ?wwtoro, dee patched apealal meeaeegere for tbe mclal ret a ma to tba onoitiaa la default It tafeaa lea laya to fo to mm* ooaatleo la tbla rftate aad rwtura. ?naae of tbe oooatlea Made informal retnree, which aoaod addltlooal delajt, tbe prMliaf I law h*r og to be ?eat back for correction Nothing bat tbe afflalai re area eaa bow deride tbe rMult of tbe elect mo, ao cloae ioee tbe rota appear A farmer la tbla State Beat two valuable a^roaa to <lchmnad for aaie a few week* ago. filing their prme at >1 too each Be waa oOrroa (8 0*0 for tbe two, bat la I'taed to accept It, aad believing that ho oould obtain a -el tor price when fewer were offered for aa!e. be left tba egrnea la charge of a trader to fWalt a fo roe able ebaoge a tbe market. Be lag hard prtaaed for mowey, he ? rote to the trader, after a weak or two, to nepeae to the* at the ewraat rat* Thia the trader ?aa uawllllag to do. aatll he apprised him of tbe dopro ?atod ataadard to wbtoh that daaenptloa of property lad felloe. The ewaer, seeding mcaey eery much, ?otbor'nod the trader to eel I both negmee for the price whl h be femeaded for nae bat a few wenka bef^ra tni tb a he ooald aot obtaia. aad he waa, therefore ncirpelled to retata Utem till a more fororable period, rhia la a folr ladtcatloa of the eiaaatroaa effeete nf tin noia't eteo?tna apoa una. aa apoo other apectea of pro nerty The rottoa Mtatee will beaeflt larfaiy by ll! la one union of UilBge. aad they oaa wall aflbrd to keep ap the l*e le. %'alh uamtlaa money ie at a dlaanaat af tea per eaa n teie rlty, North ^rntiaa at ??e, aad thla. It la appro Deo ed . la Bot the end of the depreelatloa. Tb. Haa Wm C Hirea baa beea anfomlag la lha otty rer tbe peat fow daya. Be la derided ly lyyaail la aa <-eeatna hnaor enaoecta the aaaaa of the Boa A. B. Mawart with a poaitioo la I.locola a Oabtoat B?a aaiiptaaci af aaoh aa appotataaeal, area If tea dared to hi*. M ooaal acred donbtful Tbr ftaaiw r of to day trgea aUeouoiialy a lalaa of Vlrg uia with lha other ?fo?thera matea It aaea that abe will he the flrat a pea wttoai I Ineoina greet e*peelawat Of making thia gnremeaeet all oae lb leg ?of making It o>aae to be half elaee aad half free will ee made la Tirf'ete Orel wlll'Be tried the terrible pel Icy V- haa re a a Tlatloo, of puttttg rtaTnry tn anune of nHtmnaeittnetlmi. Tb* bhtmmtr, u> ?m af lbo?e !utf, ?'aoms It incam'x nt upon Virginia to unite with the Houth to aevMlug meemrea or surety against toe Lbrtau-wd ?n*ro?iiKm Ha far there eeema to be no dearth of araptoymeel tmoog oar WDH? laboring population. There I* a large oisMr of lb la nlaao among us, and they eeem never to be to need of the r net-nary meana of aubalstrnoe Tte relw-f aflk>rded to oar onmmerela ooum unity by tbf suspension of the banka la very marked Money cir cular* pretty freely Trade, oonalJertog the oUaraclcr ?f the time*, Is by no mean* doll We are to dally expectation of harrowing commercial detail* froaa tbe North After three or fonr montha of a pi' or Id ( pan<e, the Hcanclal palae of the blaak republican petleat will probably bo low enough to bring him to a ?enae rf the daager of attending to the ooaatltatton of other* to the nt gleet of hla own REPORTS FRO* GEORGIA. MiiUMSVTiLa, Oa. , Not 21, I860 Wot err or Brown, to a tpeclal n?aaage to view of the election of Unooto and to promote a union of aentlmont la the Htate, incidentally ad Tiara the Leglalature to elect elector) on Saturday, whtcn vaa adopted R. Barn we Rhett, E. Ruffln and General Pillow have bet n inTlted to seata on tbe floor of the Senate lb Governor McDonald la quite faeble, at Marietta, and ooold not go to Mllledgevllle to vote aa a Breckinridge elector, if the Leglalature should aekv.t him. It la p< obable tha the Leglalature will takeareoees after the lai of Deo? tuber, pome think time die, others to a llxed time, and other* subject to a Call of tho Governor. There waa a kilting froat at AuRoeia thia morning B. NK SUSPENSION IN CHARLESTON. Crahummk, Nut 2i, 1880 n? Farmer*' and 1% change Bank suapenaed t?-day lu. moment be New Tork bank* auapeod, all the other* here will follow ault; bat aome are atroog enough to iuk talu HDy ran, an'i will only *uapeod from mottvea of \*> 11 }. naior Toombn to-day telegraphed thit tllneaa preTen ? d b a being here to addrean the Gharitwtnoiat'* Eb ?ay* Georgia la moving atendlly and llrmly in the r gh direction. Tnt re la a large torchlight pro"e**toe to night, hooded by ? leoeaaion club, with mottoes, "Oolloo i* Kin* " W* a*n*i b? brief ?heu traitor* brave the a li;" '*No mire Oom prom lata," ko Illuminations an i Oreworka blaze alonn 'he route, tbe lai lea waving handkerchiefa Iron the window*, while at ihe aame time Meaara Keitt, Bu<taon, and .trere, addreaaed a large crowd to iront of tbe Cbarlaaton Hotel. SUSPENSION OF THB BANKS OF THE DIB TR1CT OF OOLUMRIA. Wtnmmn, Not. 23, 1880 The Baltimore baaka having luapended apeele pay menu, tbe Waibtsgion banka immediately followed anlt for aeif protection, not wlahtng to be oaogbt to tbe trap of 1887, when they held oat a week after the Balllaaore banka, and t> e broker* of that city made a sortie upon their vault*, and nearly depleted them of epecle Tbe currency here I* to a confuted and unsettled atate; but the city ia, even at thla late period, ao dull that the valao of money, other than goM and silver, caanot be readily aalimated BOSPENBIOX OF THE PHILADELPHIA BANKS. Pbilaubj-bu Not 23, ISOc g 111* action of tha b4Dk President* to laapeodtog specie pay mm la al the preaent eilfeaer, la ?ener* ly refardej ? lib favor by butmeaa man and tbe pre**, it harm* been determined aa a precautionary mraaure to *oaale ban** ?o expand their dlaonanta, and aa a prarentlre ?o the ?caoaa of paalc of 18o7. An immediate meeltac of tbe I^lalalore la aagfeatad, for tbe double purpoae of rallarin* tbe bank* from ibe uperatioo o be baoktof law* and oonatderinf ibe lef i* latloD or i ha Mala on tbe FucUIto Mare taw The Bank of Cheeter County *<i*prnd* ipecte p*ym?ut tomorrow. *11 ibe ooantry bank* will probaniy i*ko lb" tanir oour-e Financial editor* expreaa tba opinion that the oonluioo of tUblM lb I* afternoon la eTldenoo of a betitby tuie of trade aad cbeerfulnea* ino?| bu*tn?r* m?a There u** beeu more dlaooun lag to day (h*n for any Cay darn.* tbe lu t two wee*. The Bank* are m*aif??t,of 0T<W* flwpnatttoa to arc ioi nodal* No failure* are renort^i ' Quotation* for fpecle are ut trilled, but ma> be ratod at I from tbraa to H re per ceut, toe latter /or am?U pur. cbaaea (From tbe Philadelphia Bol 'tia, Not 21 ) ABieitlnof the Praatdrul* of lh* ba >* or r n'ladel phia w.a mi da* at tbe Farmer* ncd tf...B?. oa" . Hank, a d af<rr <>c* boar * deut>*ral|on. it <v rw>M ! by a l?r*e majority, to tunpeod ?,'ec!r p*jrrrrnt* riie ? u*pen?M.n w?.t l?U?KT.?t at oo? o ,3io-k <*e?.i?peu ! ? ?. r a* drier m >n<d ?* a* a precautionary mra<?r,, to f nali !#? ibf f>?i ki to expand Ulttf cu?coani? and lout aid our ^ men and to prevent any of th? wild acone* : or 18 ' 7 Tbe bank* are nronj and abaadanhy ao* to a I tb*ir ltat?tiiti#a ?r,"'r ?"*'? d ???n?tail? from that i of 1MT Then Ujerc aa*. owlnf to tbe ouonlioo of r?m martial again, a real naoae for alarm Kow tb? oom merciai condition of ibe Northern elite* u pru*mr<>< a aad tbe alarm which baa ao affected be m<>o?r aniatutJc n'.*r*.el! *" by Ibe uccorUlaty of oar no. MlMial fniare, arnio( out of tha mad do 0,* al the ftoatb and the rech eaenee* of dcatrn-llre* la tbe North. *b.Ie w* rejret tbat it ahould have hern tboacbt naoaamrr fur th,b.nk,?rfPb1|Me|ph^?rv?to foUow STTIILpE Of l hoar of Baltimore. *aahu>(ton aad Vlrflnia *r trwt It may prore aoeanta?eoaa aad brin* u* *.??. r to a proepK-l There baa beea but i Ule atatlemaal aiwodtna ihia fnapaailon , thca Ooclraatlar ?any ?ll U>a paaJToi 1H7 S Ml twv> BANK SUSPENSIONS IN VTWilNIA. faaii*), Va . Nor 82 IMS Tbabaah.oftttacltymiapaaJad apecie pay me. I thta moralag. Noamu, Va , Nrr ?, law the braaafcea of tba Vlrgtala Hank al NartMh a?i form moatb bare (oapandad aperie payment thb itxi (rarer* i ox n< rnwnna. [Prt?n the Baltimore *nn, Nor 22 I It waa aauoanoed yaawday that the farmer* Hank of r. !f al R?bmood napeoded apeeie pavmeou on I LU^*i ?"?r**aw n Ibf INaeidrnt aad Bi?rd of Ptreetor* o r tbe taUltuiloa bald a mttnm aa 1 adopted the foUowtaR reaolutloe - * 1 That la rtew nf the CMnw wMeh pre> aita of lk? nwrtwa of ihr l?r*e aioa^v trtfr *uh Iba bowik oenal at Ibt* ?aar?. *rd <4 >b? r'>wv? of lb" la* r* qntrw* ibe baaka Ibia *My in r?<tmm t*e n-.-olai*? at ibmr beara <?>lb ?p?. i*i o. uu, ?aa*. beeaaee a* tba *>-mber rr ber braifbea -aw?** ear E-T^.T^^j'iLrr" "??? a ??u? j p,K bry be parwurd whk b wiU prri ar* far a a early rawua r>~ lo Tlew of thta eaepeoaica. the merchants mju.uf?rt* rer* aad bosinra* mm |r*iirr*J!y of R. timond, held a 9VKQ JU M>d i- nan iHmnii m aoaf'tea the folbrwtaa rraolulxwa _ ,J r-Tn'l^ ***, ??<???'< ?f* rf wnirj . of pfnm t nrMd MRd i.>rw. .au. e?a?r aJ Mrir.(t t>ej. and nf ibe rt" mg pr>wp*<^ or mi., Ur?'?tlil? W dx jklr or wtadowi aad aradaoea iuTII b. dl? irtlaa or a??n aa r.r aa may be doee ihr r.-u-. JTl "?""IK**"' *TU* <*? ?"!'>??? nana tbta atale al itt n . *** '? ?"^?r Uuit r??h toapfruk* n* -rrrr nirmwi ?ball raanll <? a*r malar- al ralwf aad hai??i m toa panala. a ?boo 4 meriaae Ww r ??"?((* m all' w ika baaka lo dkrxaai n >? *deqna*r ?rrr^LMr<m ,""J *** ' *' v^aaMma. -Tf ^ Ijaai 0 f \ MteifMfci am iW m%r% nf m dlrarlm a pmmal aad laleilt*ar| ifprariaum of Ik# i raaeat emar*eaey Ma Imi i la Ik* waa lni t ibt* amaaaty " " at ItjenM^wwd thrt ^lthahraMh Imakaafth e Farm "V 11 Vf'am have alao nataaaad kl tfw ivu ?iRiabmoaa and Peter*b?rt, Va , napaaded y? tartar. Tbe farmer* rtaik of ateaaadrl*. V* had a?t ~ pr ated a tkrw.;^ yaawKay alWwa, bat it m aapprmed it amald do ao aa .drtoee from Rleamoad THR RANK BHRPEflHION Of BALTmORB. |fr. m the Balitmore kmerwaa. No* f* i WM "b^riar a" a """ <* ?'*"?"'? ' D*M "" erealaf , aad after detlberatlaa upon tna prrarat aoadlitoa of aflblr*. it wa* mutaaa to aimo^d !TrHT'7BU,.ki'"' ^ un?wa*rm'*l will ** r^frvt Um> miwwm Up \k%\ ' wh i mew^r#, bo! wtib inniral atittfifikM ta i htLa'UfT ***** r*w*t ?>OB?wl?7 preaa* re baa peea moat aarere fmrn a moltllaae nf aaaaea? tha meat pr< mlaeat nf which ia oadoebtedlr the primeat aa I*!'! "ate of political a4b 'ra ? Um raai laaat.aa ta Baill Tim ??? whether tha oortimaatly rhoald beaaft or whathrr there *aoatd be a w mnorary *-peana of 9NM payaMat* o?r tstrrja? fw ito l2j".C!o'" ^ Tmm * aaearntaa, yet m! 11 aart to impean nJuTaTdMirt.^'al'Tl"' ?Brt * mtmrHT A rary r-l W mraauTi . ? ? rvr' ?*"* *+*T ta tha maaL^y^- ta" a lam are to oar bfa*T*^!?- j*tar?ata, while ao poaalbl* |o*d would bar* haw*S5k5Ulhe6eetoei Petar*h*r? financial AFFAIRS in rvbton. "aoeoa, Hot ?1M0 r^?*" "*? frt attaadad the Baaaetai pr*Mr*. aad fraa tha hatiaM part of the BMtfe MllM !? 0M6 hi H ami IV rtatninrai li nf ripsdtilMi Ij Baolfeeru cradltora in ai^ no 10 far mi LbV* * ?*U"ni J. IkoiM the sarrgmmy rrqutre It, mx dtree*araef ail Ue hwo. kuk. to -Wwont the amount rn In alliions, whlca wtil aim Illy oak.. ?mi; aaay la ikk ally. VTBOMIA. OCX RICHMOND OOUUraNIBWI. **????, Ya., N..? to, 1MQ At Urtttmg Otrrupmimct B*mxm Howwr i?trhar and a *rubi?, ?f fwwylmiM ft'u>w 'WcAai a Tfcr tmr- JwnUnm of Final fmmied &? Onjrmor LtUKrr m ?a Mabyurai Addrta to (Xt Prm*U ftafa of ritanga 1 furotaa j?a bar* Willi ? oopy of i aurraap video o* which recently traaaplred Mvrto Uorernor Lotcber and ? Mr. Jamra A Brabia, of Pennsylvania. The lose cm the Governor's letter la eminently creditable to klo It ? ? P* ?d notion fall of statesmanship and patriotism U M ^ aaoe tin aad oottaerratire, and bears ooi fa tafuiiy tha policy of deliberation, txxtsaai aad wisdom wnicb l ?arkad his wbole utlloinl ear?er. j Mr Ik labia, 1 imagine, will Sad be baa naught a tartar The concluding part of ibe Governor's leu. r la dootdodly ?rank, aad Mr. BriabUi may real anuri d that it hlthfuliy reflects tbe publk) sentiment of Virginia aa regard* super serviceable Individuals from abroad who trouble tbum aehren neaeoaaaartly rcapeottng matter* that uo not, or, at leaat, ought not, concern tbem It would be wall tbat tbe aid. ra aad abettors of tbe afgr'**t"* policy of tbe black republicans would welgb wall tbe eeuiimiuile of a ? aa like tiovernnr Letcbor, wbo bia Oeea always recog nised aa tbe rery Impersonation of conaerraitun. Hero ta tbe comspoadeuco:? Lima or aa bbjhm* ruma iMnxaur tirna, > Bsilsptotb Caarua Gorarr, fa . Nor 16, 1S60 i Hovaaj,?n Lartaaa of Va l'?ik -m- n.f preae it position of Hnotb Carolina aad thi< s> a | amy manireeted Tor bor ny maay of toe A>ulh ? is -in i if mi to H'm? a malU r of am a minut? lo o hers a ?natter of alarm The Jleuaioa aat.iKoeal, wbicb bv been groatag gradually la bia onuutry sinoe Ue aulim -Btirn of 1838 baa at length aaaumed buge pro, and, la my opiatoa, tola s.rtrit of re etllion (boulo now be crushed, aad vaginally crnaheil If we are to bare disunion let It oome uow we will refer be Mlkr able to grapple with to.* menstrr tbaa at the preetnl hoar iv rapid grow h of loeaa aad aaiiaenie la tata ouotry reodrr rtelaya naigerooa to tbe stability of . ur gornrnmonl a. J tb? welfare of our people If we wiab to cruab ?a oh i mioua docirlra "o muat do it at nose, or It will grow to be formidable aad uitlmatel;. district the pew an t barmony of oor gurernmrat. IVIjgaiay la ao examu e of thia tact. Twetiy yea rn ago, and thr maa wbo dared fc mouth diaual?>n eaa looted uooo askaace aad abuaond by bla frllew eitiBfoa aa a traitor; bow it la la tbe mouth of mllllcca. and meu.logapiag multitudes aud in oor market piarra, a?rry tay btMBI thnuia^lrea disuulolata Th? >??uib win aeirr be satis Bed ui.til she baa attempted to ae|?rate these rttatee? aooaer or later tbe teat of the ata bllity of our gov# n.m. nt m<at ewe, aid tbe aoooer tbe betitr 1 would rather bate thta daager la tbe paat than li> the fntore Twenty eipbt milllona of freemen lo tbe N. rib are ready to meet dlsualoo now, ana cruab It a? tbe Strong man oosbes aa egg shell lo bla band rftatm cat not r- en? tbe right to seoooo Tb^y ara tbe n?m ?on property of tbe goreromeat Tbiaa ooat ua -oaoy Hilu>ona of ool ara; and rball texas aow bo permitted t<> walk out of the Oaten with tbtwe niiiiloos of oar mwej ? c<app(iae we pay tao hundred mililoi.a for Cuoa ooe day . ? ball we prrmtt ber to go out of the I'd ion tbe next with two buadnd n.iilioosi' This dootriae of there ?er?<? rigbt of 4utrs to secede is pn-pueterooa. Tbi i-e?.ii!e oi ib* North will aerer plac ably submit to th. secession if ibe Sou lb if the worst qomes to tb?? worst, let brother go to war with iroth-r, aad let Ibe atroi.ger osrty take pomaaion ?r tbe whole so?^^ mi-nt We mnat have no Houtbem ooo?de r?cj , no North?rn republic, but a to loo of "maay into ??Be " Two bi.nnred of your Vlrgmiana b**? toaiered a>e lb?tr oommkod la the oveot o? duiuuioo I aa at J our a> rfH?? will mart b at a m> m> ot'a ^ %rau g. aod H til .Mary, givr m? nie fir the aiau tama^oe of the coo Iittuv.oo a< d ibe l aioe. I hold that tb? electmo of Abrsbtm l.'oro'o l? a? j at cauaa for aroraaioo It la lb r- sn:t ni our syst. m of gnrernm it The maj wily af inr I ?Of lr bavi' nevlared ibrouab the ballot boa bo 'a ibi r eboMie, aril ibi- mioorily abimlo anjoie e I await y?rroriH-ra Heiisving )ou to bo a pure mlaled But t n'Bi sad true k>*er of yuur oouatry, I aa , with Bejti DietilH ur rtapeet, truly youra. Jam a BK .-'BIN aariT or ttovicasoa Lvrona * Rli-iiauan Va , Nor 10, ]M0 ta- Y rats I day mormcg I r?*.vwi your eiuao'dmary It lu i ni the It tb iatvai.1 1 am eall) at a maa to uno<-r ataad wlat gm.d i-nd you ezper.tod to'isb by tb> preiaraiMib ai^ u ua tn.isalou of it to aa Tbe ooontry is Hi t ply rinud Htctlonai reeling r?l*i.a Buprome fbo ('ijion Is ?eriou?lj threatened wltb olarupttou Patriots and i ' riferrailte meo of all parties, Eai<t, Wrat, S.kui bic S uOi. are .ooaiag to tbe futute witb fearful aod s aru i, g Bi>|?ebtualMia The fru?ent, oooaidrrau-, re 111 III g OiiLdi ol ?be oatWiB are at.gagtd iu laodshl* and ao?. e . Hurts ui aiiay tn? ? in^oei t, restore 4<M.dileuue and k ad fer.itg rnuorea'l irrliatlugoauaaauf niffi ra. oa,, if foetllilr, sa a lee t'ni a Irmo dlaolut ??. It la at Ibis nmr.ard under such cirrutrsiancea, tbat r >u s> ad mi a I. tt< r deauarlalory of tbe m .lirea ?od o oduct of a I' Mm a 1 1 it>e uatbera paopla, aad wbtcb, ta its t?e and Si nil, is ?eil oaieuiateil (I Ma It was not ao loleuded) Wi add fuel v> a flamr that la burning with aulBcieoi ia tersl | row It yur b isle lo aaaall your noulb*ra frllow ctti?u>a you teen to bare f? rg? ten that your owa 4iate la, to a? n ? vteat at leaat n at??ialhle for the pfesent alarm l?g crisis la public adaira If am ool greatly mtstaki-a. IVl I S) Irsnia ia oae ?d tae elerea noo sia rebelling States' wbw.h baa paaaed atatuiea, aow m rail force and effect dinga.-d to o wtrm t ibe exmiiloo of the Pugitiea <lare' law Tim M one of tbe grlaraaoaa of wblvli the Houtbem pirple bare complained ror yrara, aad a.vbougb i-araiwt BIO rrwpet'Uul a|>peala ba?e bees addrrasad lo >ou to re move II. a >iose of irntatloa aad oomplaiut,Un?e ?i i all base paraed U|j|.e?drd as a ??aerratlr* max. wbo ardently deatrea ibe per petuity of the Caloa, under ibe ooaaitiutioa, 1 appeal to Jon aad to tbe flooaerratlTe element of the >orta to arooar youiaelrea at oeca aad latitat* Hie proper mea wiea to art re a repeal of those obnoiioua iawa Such actw a oa tbe part of your legislature win hara a auai tap iy isdui-roe la reilarlng tbr Southern mind an 4 >e BMir ng peace aad qulat thruogbout our now fearfully 1 1 cited eoua .ry Tbe Sentb asks rnly fi>r the fair aad ralthful raecutJoa of tbe laws paaaed for the recovery aad protecltoo of bar pro|rrtj ? ibat joa will <xaa?- to ealtarraaa and lead yoor aM lo i fleot their raaculwiti acaordmg tolfeair letter and spirit, tbat if brr profieety shall tacai* aad be Mind ia ibe bob atasaholumg .-nauw. you will aae that It la prnaptiy new id to tae rigblful owner Surety iha-e la pair X I ism enoegb la I'saBsylvaala aad tbe other noo aiaveboldiog ftawa lo graat what the liw has dan ared lo ha oor doe eapaclailv wbea the peeaersalloa of I ha Colon , depeaoa apoa it. la oaaeludiag thla beaarB of the sab l?cl. permit an t-1 add loai if ibe North wUi raaaeot aad nprolo Ihn rlgbta of tba "tai.e, ibe Oatoo alii ha oar P-laal. o?r onuatry will anaiiaae to grvw la power aoi InfliHace, the vyf 4 at aartiooa will harr aeaarad to Ibem the bkaetrga of paanr, qulat sad oroer, aad a pros pertly rtrb aa has oer?r tx*a kao*a or appreoiatad la oar pa>i hat ry, winbr the aaoeasarr rwuil It Will repair* prooei o?, wiadoa aad !*tr'.0ttta to atari tae etlk now lai-eed ing over our lantr? Crtn. liatino aad it Btaaaiory taogoaga can hare ao oth*r eflerttiBr Ui i-taencrale aan tb^a prrcipitalo a rveuit that ia atreaOT lamiaeat In lb is hour of dacrer to tb. l aioa II ia ibe noty >* (wtrima ia all saetioBa ..toar coua try to nullieaie a stad, |. a?roua aad ooacillatory spirit la.e inwaroe aootber Tour letwr, however breaibn ? 1-th rg of till* kiad you taael ine Souib with yoar supe rtur'ty of euahass, aad tbrealca lo oruaa thaw by your fchoad power Too assure ae that I wo hue' red Virgin aoa have agreed to i taer lamaa tr^a onder yoor ronau t la th ereat ef I lao a I. . a aad Ui at you are it m; sd-rioeaa; await ay orders Virf1?iaa< o?e a.'egiarre lo to a iba aotiwraiih, aad I hare w? much reaped fo- a* f iiow ens. I. of ail |?rt?s to aarpna* that two haBdrao of laare Is aay part of the <uu an wibiag W> go to Prnwi Isaa'a for a aomaander, e*ea If they bad deWraumd to aid ib the nagarwi.s work of radaolag a *>uth erB staler faale, a th? ahject mod ilk* of a vie q or re. l prorttce of the 'wnai goerrtmaol. All true Virgiaiars will. I aw aire, remgi ae tbrir or>ilg?i|oBs to the Stale, aad will bold tbeas- <rea ta readtneae to raap.od lo tbii rati of her ooastttoiel aatborm. s We aow bar* la Vlr gtra daly aad legally irgaaiaed, tlgbty eight tmnpa of rarain twenty s i onm panics of artillery, oa* huadrei aad alae rompMiea of laiaalrr, aad oas b aad red aad lea anwpaawaof r fWmee natfoentad aad well iw? pared ror SarT'ea <*iak you. ay dear sir, oader tbe>. eirma aianoea that aay "Iwo hundred ?? aeo Is Vlrgiau would artooaty rropoaa to import a oomaaader from Peaaayl raaaf We. to Voo base Oeea cruelly hoaied ny aae wa|. who aeslr?4 v. p ay off a good joke at your eapaaaa loa hara ao right to onne Into Vtrgtaia In ralee troof* ?r aay purpoaa abat*??er. and 1 take the lo say la you, ia the aindest spirit laagioaMa, taat sura a fs-urse will h* takea at your pari) ll a aide ay daly lo ssa thai the Iawa are essruiad. aod ta ibe mailt geary rsflrrred In thay will he sirrulsd to the letter If you draira la mwrii agau st a Mouthers Aula, for the purp ?e a'Bttoard u yoar lattrr. rata your i - i ? at b one. and praasat Ihia to I be soaa o f Ua %>uth as "food for gaa powder '* We hara other aad better aaaa for Virglokars Am year letter Is of a public sharartor. aod ae in* pen pie of this mala aay fsal ana? trteraal la your nawa, I bare tboaght it adraable In pabllah tl.amoapanMd with ?T '*9*T A sumbrr of the fcfidrir ooatalalng the oor ruapoedaaaa wUl baaaat la your addraaa , Rsapantfoily, _ _ _ .'OHM jA?aa R Baaais, Rsq , IMIefaate, Oeetre oounty, Pa. la Iklg maaiBttaa, I dees it approprlala lo fomM you laa aitraats from Ooraraor I elnhar 's laaogaral, wrniea la Jaaaary laal, wtuafc Mrs aa slroag aa applmattoa to tha r 1 1st lag Mala af a/Taln sa though written la Any Tbey raad as foUowa ? ? aa^iMaa af ftlags, with all tha eriia ' ^aa'af0* af the Daloa proaiaeatly bef>r* wrf-wwtnM the aaagas' Tha Iteraaaa Oaan oaaaot satUa ua qaaa tiaa of anaatracttoa. bsaaaas It m net raesniaed hr tha parfee SB aa arbiter T\a baa baaa hut Inn pairably "V*4***" of the Orad noou da rwira hy Ua rapabltaan Mrty. Tha oaty mode, Uara fore, of ra?adyiBf Ua aril, that anaara to aa aadar Ua (?aattlallaa, la peoautad la Ifea IfU arWBW Uaraaf Has aaa a fwa realise of all Ua Malaa, thai a fall aad (Tea W BhrfBet say tx> M MtveN Ita rup m? tat free of the pe< pi* eteetctf tor <hw purpose, ia< the* a?orrtaln *b> ihe> kke imIIm la m lnmiiy cannot be aetUel upon ?>'?? bum mutually *atl*Caetory w t*iU? aection* If torn ? convention *hall yunsto, and after free u4 foil nrnnotUktoo mil oomperWi* of optntoaa, I tbey (ball Ik* that the rilffariaoe MwMI the ????? bt loieg ui4 a?n alavebeMtog Htatca are irreoiuciiaiiie. ?t lb. m onnalriei the querlioa of ? peace*'.*. wpwiioo and the adjustment of all qneetmaa relation to the dlepo niioa of tie oummoD property between Uw two *?ctioL* If lb* 5 cau be rr con oiled, Kt them adjual Uie kind*, and r"ve them nodi ?wn'tni M will reader thera . (fern rn roggt at, therefore, lhat you adept resolution* Id favor of toe cm I <it rona a ood r.oUiu, and aponaJ to toe latere* of the aeveral titate* to ud lie In Ifea application propoied to be mare to UongreM, in our* tumor of Uw pro Ti?i-'n? ol ibe article afuroaaul If the poo aiavubotding die tea nil all rail or reluae to unite la the apyllcaliou, ?i rb lailure or refuaal will lurniab oonc'uaive ev i d.Loe of a determination oo their part to keep up me agitation, and to cor tin u? tbelr a^rnfmnii ot?in a*. 1/ the convention rball m et, and ibe q* ?ti?u cant ol be ratlafact. rlly arju?w*l, It will lu'fcirli evi drone equally nwcliuln ol their determination In either event. tbe people of tbe Hontb will clearly onder eland what ibey are to taped la the futne I aiao tax ?mt that a oooimitglon, u> oonalat o' two ?f our mn*t in telllpent, >|i?0'iet and experienced ?Uumtru, auall Ihi appointed, wboee doty It mail be t" vwii tbn l?gnlatur?* of three Plate* which have naaeed law* u> obatruot the execution of tbe Fugitive Slave ant, and mailt, In tbe oeme ot Virginia upon tbelr unconditional repeal lo aupport of tDe ftuggirtion of lb? appointment of a oom m ixwn, a precedent la lo be found m tbe nwittiry of our own Htate. It. the appointment of the dMilngalabed Bon jam Id Watkm* Ijcmh. wbo *a e ?* mininioni il to rlitl tbe ? *gi*iauire oi Hooib Carolina. at ibe time of tbaooatro ?erry oetwten that "tate and the federal goverom-ol 'be exlalence of lh> I'dhki waa Uien grra'lv tmperilkel, and tli* aciMiu of Virginia exertod a m<m hai'pr Inllu ??nre In biipyiu* about a in ttli-nw?ot that avrtel tni rtarft?r aod reauirrd peaoe to the ruiuniry That ona'a In puhiio aOaira waa almoat a a trrioua and alarmuig aa the preaeak MARYLAND. SrBCIAL HCKPtON OK TUK IIKKKRAL ARRKMBLr. The following petltlbB la ao? being ?rri?t about for ?Ignatorea In rome < f the ooontiea of Marylaml, r< iiueat u.g the Ikireraor to revive aod call togeth r toe (leuerti Aiiemhty To Hta Rxoelleaoy Tboma b H. Hku, 'Governor of Maryland:? The uadtralgaed, oltliena of Maryland, wrvuld reepent ful'y lugfent to your Exaelknc) that tbe Lr* M ature of 'h<* IhMM ?b? ulil b<- (ortli vitb oooveneil lo MMHV of J?e pr< Hrtii moirealoua rrltla In the affaira of oar ooiiut'y, aud to provide. If prart cabie, inmr remedy for tbr threatened danger Already South Oamllua may be nou lidered to have Revered the ties which boun<l her to the Wcral Union, and other Mtatea are manifestly preparing to follow the lead of Houtb Carolina, ao that, without rotre rertralnmr caoie, llie govi-ronieDt frm*.,! oy ttw w wdom of oar father*, and to wbioh we of Uar> land bare be. n laogbt to KKik a* Ine palladium ot our hwd ami tbi' hope ol liberty to tbe world, will hare been diwtroyed before the regular seaaiou of our Li gulaturo, and couae qmotly befor* Maryland oan apeaa by ber oonntltuted au b> ritlca upon a tubject ao vital to ber aud to her people. W. think that Maryland, by brr geographical porltktn, and bv ber frk-rdl} relation) with all her mater State*, bar, abovi all ulbcn. a'l thia tim-, Ibr ri^ht o Mrt ?lb.' ha* a right to ray to ber Northern ? inter* ? We are upon your border, and notwithaiandmg your n< u oftarrvaaoe of the gcarariei * of the encntilullon. aud tbe ooonquunt m?* of property by ua, we have been falUi'ul lo Ute o.n ?lltutlon. We nnula lay lo thrm ir at we fully ai>pre ciate the blerrmg* which bare flowed from the tnlaollah D't.tof tbe Union, anu that we under*taud the e>lla whirb would follow dtnaolutloo. We have tbe rlgbt to ntmai.d of them that they will each, at <'i>ce, proclaim their I' teMn n ftirever hereafter lo ab'de b? the coaatitu lion; lhat tbey will tay to their Hnuth. rn bretnren that hereafter they will punish their owu cuizen* lor any Vio lation of the cooctltutlonal compact b> them, that they will hereafter m mpeoiate their fellow eitlien* ef the oiter Ktate* for ail property loat by reaaoo of the oon oberrvance by tbelr clti?wt of the conitltulkm aod law* ot the federal governn>rnt Whilat Mtryiand would have the right tbua to appeal to ber Norlhera *l?tcr?, *he woull have the rt?bl to *l*ak ?.:ll m ire potentially to ber awter huuw of the "<?olfi? ?he rh'HjIn ray to tin m. that tbey tbould re mem ler lhat Maryland atand* belwren them and danger; tbat they thiiuld not, with <ut cJoaultatKni with ^aryiaud aud ibe other Htate* wbo have bemlofore iiuod the b ent of N irthern aggriadon, urerlpl'ate a diaaotntim nf (hi t rior ? lhat tbey abnulu reox-mber that the aece*aK>n from the Union of the enremu houthern He .tea wmild piare the tx r>)er alave "lati a In tbe unenviable altitude nl being furred to r.hooae, wltixeit coua iliaiion aod iw? )or'l tbe r control, etWior to r?m?iu in poltiioai affinity with tbe nou *'avi boidag HuaWa, without ttm protev.ion wbub their a>aoriat'oo w:lh tbe wbo e .tinitb all iru* to ail rr ii fniio* in lie If aieie and urea* up the govern n cm of the Ui-lteO -la e* Ibe ptop'e of Mar i land would have the right lode inatid of her South' ro ai'U-ra, the. tney ah'Nil i paiiae in ttie r iirojx aeo * itmn nntil, tty a on. veiitkia of all ibe ^ ai?*. or other w ?e, it oaa e aaif ruimd:? 1 Wbrthei all ibe Htalr*?ul g> a'aiitao to each pro tectma fn n. future ae-iwn a> agitate n I The abeolnle am ? Arte, t pgeteotK n of the pennllar pi li|N rty of I he ^.nlb Mid all the rigbta In ri b-n-uoe thereto guaranteed by the n.natitutioo of the liuitnd l-Uli*. It BBUst appear to your r?nel < ? . tbat wbuat Mm l?gi*lature m Virginia and m><a.tftb" otner r?ate* are ao. i.1 to aan mbiu, hat n i* ? > l ?.lr the right but toe d i) of Maryland to*p<ak bj ber cwal tufa ii authorltiea to inia ealamiti ua p< aumn < l oor r*>uine i oountry , and, IB tf"e opli ion the iinde'tifCed, It would he der'-giu-iry to Hi* honor of our i>tate li ahe an ai'ine permit thi* n.B.iitur 'j iaii' l. to be i .i t. U witbout ber voioe beta g heard, aod w thout an idun on ber part lo avart ibe apenriir g danger We, lb. iriore, rn. at re^peet/uliv, but urgeally , pre** cj?.n your Kiceiteujy the propriety aiii, a* wn think, tae niveae ty of calljiig a (petial ie*aiou ot tbe Lofitiature. kE&TLIi FROM GEN l.ANK. WaaauKiTim, 0 C , Nor 10. KM liimiiD- Toon <>t the l&tb ult la rooeiroj. rbe 1 ?<lonnm.t> dying lbs ?tew? ?f Ux- niamltM, wtitcb )?o li) w.r rbcluerd. baa Ml roach. 0 me WuhyuLr nqutat that I ?b >uid n>u? "each (org** Hoot m lb my Judgment, wouid tend ko prtaor ?? uo r inalilutHiaa and our goTarnaieot," I proc?-ed briefly to ?MB pit. K< ta p'alner than tbat oura la ? gorerament of IImi1<<1 (ootra? h'rmed by Malta equal la aoreralgaty, ? quaJ in dlghil) ltd equal id I Th ? equality . iu ail i?(?Tta aiid is all Utliga, nrnai be maintained. Aui act by tbe by ?uy branch or departmeot of VM goreibirirLi, trodlng to Impair thia eq>iailty la a oaurpa lion, end the drttrucuon of ibai equality la vtrUMJly a deal/Mine of the L'nioe Hare wo not rear.ned a t?>lol In the bl?Wy of oar government when It any b? Mid or it b iruh t>at U>ta eqoai ly baa oera aerlooaiy mtLaord, If not Impaired or drat oyed? Nrr? r aaa a pn/pnmtioa more p a bly pot oor an laaue ?or* dtxrelly made, tbao that u ,/>o whlafc tee poopia hare laleiy i rater rd their iivoicl Mhail tbe people of all ibe Statue |?ee<*a aad enjoy equal rig Mm aad prlrl i?|ta la ibc rommoe torrilury of our ooaamoo oooa ir> t By a majority afmoat aeuioaa a Northern aac In aal |arw ba determined lb*l the paopia of Ita ?oatbeia Htoui aball but go iba aoatiane terri tory and carry ibolr property with tbem, that a > mor? ??'aUa n? gr idaig property la BMraa fee did inl.a of t r<n thirtetn original -Uin) ahall over ba admitted into tbe I nk.u. can bay man wbuee Mind la oepabte of die ' r Dnuatu g between ngbt aid a ring aay that lh? ta Juat add ngbt, aad in aen ?rdaao* with the (pirlt or letter of ib? c< artltuuoa > ta m? it aypwi plai" tbat um tqnal rlgb<a ntder tbe o>*at.tuti a of ihuee rttatre renog kinrg alarnry, haw beea violated by their Nortbera neighbor* in lb* eerdicl who. to they bare rende-ad, to ilwillM titiai ikcitakfate aoi equal, tbat im propte <K firw ? a ao*er< <gB fial?-a (bail aot go to Um territory vlth tboir property, Uiat u-y arc MM *i'd niuat eubnit ant iaiy io iLiquaiiiy. bat degraiaiiao >'??, cat the I'b'i n be be d M>gatb?r op>w ouob Wraet If ?r ?< o d pnan* Ux, Talon ?? aiott naloiam ihe ?? tatilBi . B and ibe equality of 'he CtalM, aad a* juat ?ad ?eal fairly by orery purtma of oar oooa try la mf in. i i Ibe N' riheri. n~.pie are arjiiat and un?w in t? B> lag to tbe etllswa of tbe -??ith?ru iHatea Um ngbt to raiigraM to aad rente ta tbe T rrilairtea alib lb?ir mra . rny ny 1"be? are aroag ib bokling tbat ao awe aiaro "<ale* at. all be ad a itwd n in the i'aMi, tor It la oearly tbe right o' Ibe proi>la of aferrtoary, ?beo tbe r ^ipu i?l ina eailtk ? tbrm m ar m emt iaV> ibe Uatoo. to torn ?o< b go?rr?a>ei,l ar mav mil then, and whether alare ?>r frea, it * the doty of Unogree* K. vim i ttx>?n. Aad ib- j are ?rr> g u. i? r*.ittn g to r?'T?ia apna tbo otatuta ?< < *a la?? ohrtr i Ute of ibn faubful ?i<cntw>e of iim f< gitite Hlaro taw IM tbeoi apnedlly lake Met* w> rurrect ,tbe?e wring* aad maiaUm g'Md fa lb w eard a l in- mat* a ae waa maintained ta to* aariy day* of Um reiii.biMs tl. a ? la tbeir p?war, aad ta no ? tb?r way aa ib?> aeert dwao'iitiuii for an uoe, la aiy opmt?a. ? i n i* at ai* toforaied aa %>? the iraa.eairk of oar gorora null ?i< ararndo tbat lb* federal f ?eena? nl baa the rt rai toaj p w?r to oae 'or re agalaM a r^ate for r?ana- tag the lower* abrb It d-:rgaled vo the general foot i i a.eot ebeo lla ilgbia bar* beea infringed or ? (|t an?y re'naed. nr. If Hi g .?? rtna-nt had the piaor, Mat It aoold be t?r nr prudent In uao It. Tie I hh? ?m aut forma* b> fiteoo, n..r caa It bo ?atataioed by H"|? It ? aa a rotoalary Cam* n| ?<verrtga 1ati4, aad ? beri'Ter the r'ghta of aay of ih"W? a ball be lofrirgel, nr equality rrloaed. uid they tad It b i naaai-y aad anaU da airt w. pari, ib?re ta on power Uiat oaa geep ibem tn grlber, hf IMM "boold attempt It I an. gentlem.-o, with nn. ea napaet, your obedient aorraat, .lonPB i.*wt Onataraa W. ^altb, PMItpa W bgo, .loaathaa rrattor, -v | baa P Roaaall, <*pootal U tamntea THE DEhPATCH OP TIU)OPH TO WORTH CAROLINA. RlWT-rtTa Dariimrrer, 1 RALMna. N a, l??* IT. 1MB / nawnamaw- 1 emloae berawiU aa eitrari fn>?n ??? Char tot la INIdM, of lb to date, parpartiag to hare baaa fwp'od from yoor papar, ta tbo rftoot that a <owtpaay nf Ubllao PltMa trnopa had b?da ordered t* rayaltevlllo. M 0 , by tbo Fraaldoat, "at Iba aaiteitai'oa of the Oooanww of North Carol I aa " Parmlt aa* to amta, throogb your nolo ma I, that Uororaor RUM had do prarMoa Mtimalloa Of tbe ProatdeafaMtoatioa. aad aertalnly aerer made ?ty a or h reqoeat fbo *h?M? to aooalag M' troopa la abotly uakaowo o*d tee Meowro la regarded aa totally o*t Mwaaary la Itoif, and at ihla lime aioeedlpgiy |m prndeot, aa havlag a Modea^y to laerooae the flkltatloe of tka pablM m?ad Tory i igptMfallr, SIUBAN OaVM, Private Haaratary, Jha ? To raa mraoaa u* m Noatfou Baann THE GEOBGM CONVENTION BILL. T6e following m tho blU ?g ~ed upon by ibe jo nt eeier , ccmmlttee of the two bourea of tbe Oeorgie L#g talatare, od l?ot fi U relatl <Di, and aanctlou?d by a large i craatxrr of pi eminent ?tttieni of all pariiea, paaKd both bouata, ud la cow ? law:? A Hit! . MrTTTI ID AH ACT TO ArraOWZB AWT) U<|CM IK uivmm i,r tun kiat* of uiumiu iu ruio, a owraw noM or tub Kx>Kia or iiua rtAia, ami/ kmToMIu rea foMr* mltU w f. n iIm.m ?. ui nri?ii in oar national affair*, La ?*>?? Jtd? m? i t nf ihti it.-i.pra) A??. moly Hun aorta raal* lanoe. and *l en tta, it la lbs privilege ol Uw Mimlp pri'tiie lo rietermibe tpot> ibe mode, xeaaure and line of >ucb refinance; tbtruore, ice tfeneral Assembly of lieor* ta ou i dui ? faetloB j rtial bim'D the paftaeg e or tbia act, bla Kxnel ??ccy ibe <><wan>r r he, aid tie ta hereby >equi'wt to mm h>? proclaim *i ou ordering an atactica v> d< bold to each ? ad < vi ry foully 10 tbia fiate . l I tie c-?t Waonerday In jmi uary , li-rl for delegate* lo a cot ran'lue of the people f 'hia Stat, to convene at thr a at "l gorertimeot oo Um letb day of January . id Uia J ear 1841. fee it. Thai ibe aaid tl oluo .'or del- (ale* (bail bo bald ai a CMiduotrd u> ibe ??ire tr>anuer ?? <1 at tb? aama P'art-H ar elecltot p <or tremt>*r< of lb< t.eoeral Oaembly *71 tu rn In in lu thia >*iale ana all reiurua of emnatoa ?hall be ui tbe ??uie manner loi war ">d to iue (io.-eraor ot it. ia Hlatf, wl.o (ball turuirb ' a b Cr'egaki cte moo wlUt a r< lifli ate ot bl? ? tort ion Sec. 8. Tbat u.? oouiivu a now entmefl under the iarl act oi apportionment lo l?? turn ? of Uc l|>iua? of Kepre a-ntalltea bo entitled earn to tt>? ? <ih< ?*h* u> h?u> nan ?< nlK r , tu < tbe eonctie* now ?t titled v> one r. ;*?> iv>uta< liv< iliall elect la o delfgaUi* to tart r*b?eol on H* c 4. Tbat raid ooi>veotiob, abtti nmmbM, may <y ndoir all ^rtevaoiva 'mpairu c or alt<etint tbe *-qaality ?i (i ryt U> of tbe State of (jfO'icia ?? a meir tx-r of thn I uiied MUtea, and determine tbe mwun and mode aad lime of it drera Sec 6 That tbe tpetnher* of ?akl onovettkm of tbe peo pie of (JrorRia ?bail be entitle i t? ibe >auie mtlewfrn and r diem pay rt eelvi d by tbe n-*n>b?ra of Me preaant (?ecerai aiMmbiy ; aud raid coi<vn tioe aba'l, by vote. Br Ibe p?y of ali their <>fllrera aod nt aar delegate or dele fate* tfcey may ?pj?ilt t to any iwi.tiou, o>??r?tl, or . mbetav and shall provide for all otlter eipeoMM ta corteO bv i aid couvention s*r 6. Tbat aald oooren lion (bat bare power to etrot ftirera necerrary to ibetr "r?ai liimn, and to do all iMi nt> nud'iil to "arry out tbe t ne lulent aod m~iilr| ot ihia act, and tbe act# and por|m* nf aeid cot rentloo. Wv append tbe name* of th. aiaiiusu'v'ied fflitledMB wlo rtcnaiiiitnd ard fully eni'<ra? m? bill ? <4or. E Brown and 4on .l<>~-pt> Henry Ixiaio Win, Lbar J Jenki< a, Klcnar.t I. I vim, l he prraeul *4U' pr? Die Omri of ??f?.r(i?- Hon T K K <'>bti, H.<o ilfrod Iverann, Hot lUbert ft.oniba H'.n Martin J (Vawford, Hon. Fratrlr S Ra>t<>w Hon Henry R J?ciaun, Hoo. Jae .larktoo. Hon Henry L rtennir g, Vajiir John H How ard, Hon HeBj H Hill, Hon war ett Aodrewi, Hm. Ale* H Htepbeoa, Hon Union Stepbrua, Hoo Uortcbol V. .lohnron THE AMERICAN HUN OA Y 8CWOOL UNION. TU TUB BDITOR or TOK BMALB. Tear de?t alrh from . harleaton In yeaterday raornlag't l-?ue tn reference to tbe American .Sunday Hoboool I'qkm * liable to be mtauideritood. Tbtr noeirly *woa no de pository, nor bar any official representattre ta tbat oity. Tbe m'stake doLbtleiw aroee froiu tbo lait U at formerly It rc?tatne< a brai < b dapomttir* in mat oily, which, bowever, waa to.d leveral yearn nlnon to a NtoOellar. J H BU*ri*, Araoc Sec. M!.-?>oti? Am. 8. d On loo. Novmm 30, IfcCO flaws from II ARRIVAL OP Till EMriHB CITY AM> glBWll.I.B. The HMmit Ip Empire City . Captain Buvrr from New Orlraia ud Havana, with dnl<-a from tbe latter port lo tbe 17th met , arrived h?re aI a lat? hour on Wednesday Bight. The baII iteimiMp Bteivlllo, J. D. Bulloch, command ? er, from New Or lean* oo tbe 1 6'.b ant Havana on tbe Af tornoon of the lSlb tort , Arrived yesterday Tbe Blea rllle hid a itr?ng aortbrrly gale from I latter m ap, and passed ad OBUtaally large onmber of vrnieii bound lortbwirdi, bat urate wuhln iignal dmtanee. Mr J I. Wj man, one of tbe editor* of the 'Mm Mm HTyrr, dlrd of ronfompnon at Katada ud tbe 13th mat. Re was formerly proprietor of tie Com-iur ial Admrtxttr, of Apa'acbtcola, Fla. The weather In Hivani waa pleasinl and health food. Tbe rolling of tbe rati- crop waa progressing ftnety. Tbe tleamAhlp CabAwba, bene- un tbe 13th, arrived At Ram i at dood of tbr nib Tbe I'blted Hiau* Heater On? drr, Ijeotenint Oom minding J N Uafflu, nailed Irom HavanA a Tew dayi ?lone on ? crnlAo The United sum lloaro'r afobawk, 1 teotonanl Com man lie* T A Craven, Arrived ai IU? uia on too morning oi tbe 17ib, and mled that evening w a orutae Mirair wrr unetiaDgntf: No It ai 0 rials, itsll and qol. ? rtork 00,0(0 botes. No freights offering lor American vsasafc. tx'-nmi ?r ? l-osdon, l'i s to 13* premium. New Tor*, 8 lo do; New Or lean*, 6 to #)* M Trill Trtp of tbe Ktra Dart. Anotbrr triumph of Amrrloan naval aranitentore And ?ek a e *aii witnrMed In the laeeew of the trial trip of tbu iitiier fir* Dart, coaibAnled by vfcpMis II f. Jom r?n Thil l? tbe Ofib revel bai t for UmCuimm waterr by New Y >rk shipwrights, and forma Me w?e>r of a new lue lo be ran between jaitoa and Hn| K ?g, ondrr l be proprietorship of Henri August las Hosts h Co. , of Ch'na. At a? early boor yeaterdAy s leltct oompaiy of emtio ?en uwiitb tii oo board the ve?ASI , at tba foot of Eighth ?treet, Kant river. An. >og whom might he meatioasd Mesorl Onlljer, tbe bulldera, duao. of tne \xmnflc Amt rtmn, Belkasp, the eeglarer. I rerett, sua Aeve-al other! interested in the euuonM of Aaartoan ?cleans. At ten o'clwl the order to ''lei go" wis |1vsa, ind tbs vessel pronsded mud tha BeUery slowly lad sinfully, It belag Ms Ant trial (if the machinery, to the foot of iiy "treet, where ihe rewired teveral addition* lo her numpiamial From there, after a ehort trtp op the Hu leos, Ms pro ceeded toward! *ssdy Hook . going at a relnulatod rats of tweaty mnra aji boor, wltboet Any 'if Ihe pereap%lbla jarring or oi'aiBli'g urially atlee ant oo a bigt rale of epred At tt e H' ok tbs veesel Ag?ia tursad sod pro ceded toward tbe eily, whilst the pari J prosswd*! lo U>r afler naiooa, wher- wee seee a labia tasan wtth pes peral OSB, Whose .i*lir>ou?i)rwe Bad tiJAteri toe l.nap pearasoe ..roved ptaini/ Mel Me preparer! bad lit yst eatrrtataed Me penailar Oi l i nary faanhw of tb? Ub'oeae After s four hour!' lrli> Usjeriji left Me nosl a* Me sterl Bg ptorw. all ealbnvtail^ily lo farw of eea lift, white osier tbr oare or lucfi ahret as OAfrtala Joaaeon. lie Plre Ha/*'a dim* Bel <ni Are as follow a -iMigM, MO fret, beam SO feel. II feet; ilAeielsr of erUedsr, MH Itches It role, II fr?t The T MltaonlAi to I Apiali Wlliei. At I Bering yeswrsiy of tae maaillee sppololwd fey the eehseriberi to Ms fosd for^a. w n Wilaoa , It wai Resolved, fbAl tbe wwiimob laptaio Wilson Mill soeelrt o a Hirer tea esrviOB, wfn an lawirlpteis nsird tag hie bumane xieriH.os a ??ring Me paaaeagere ead rrew of Me wreelrd ????r < r-OAS' iiKI RrSolvtd. Thai after i?yiig Me eoial ippropriaMd to Me e Ale At>d orew of Ute Miaste 4 ihiOer, Me hateoae of Mr fnnA be ipveted is I n lei Aiewe mmirtiisi, taenrlftsd tn Me Hie of Oaptatn Wiiss, and ee presented to blm l*rts em touin.? f*e Rr? J C. ristobsr, Ms Amer k-ao Chaplain aad MarreMry o' Ms Ulttod -*tslrs U|. rat ins it Ms Ooart of Bran I , will deliver I smm of It* Irr.tures na Mat ooaatry , at Ma Hutorioal SMWiy'i rooras, soataenctig to atght Tbe IseAorei w ll bs UloMrilive of toe nverAl pbyitiil, igrvnUtural ltd ontameretal ha toree af Brail I. aad oNaaet fail to fee latomitng to Ms biltortai isd general osMir ifier know lodge Plasma Sruva ro CsstAUti ?The immortal Rloedii, whess wosdsrful feats la thla enonlry Is orosrlAg as*s nets lid ipaintat frightful ehamai es strnwi "ilry aothllgl" feivs wea tor bim ? worldwtds rwpststlss. ws osderaMsd W iferat to mil Und'W u April mi, wfesn ?o dnafet be will iitos tab III the folka wttfels toe wrasd of HuwbelH. lad ? | ?d amy collide cf it IIM' agfe bs WtU Bad ?<? NtagirA to walk over la the ArttWh meteopr*. IV, ? >o?traey oi the tlgbt reps, aiy frwa ths top af ft. pan l 'I to Ihe ?ooomesl, woald lot hi A had flat Ths l Rioadn eon Id Mroapllab It who doufew, after what bs hM joss ll NMgan Md loses' Wood? Army lwtelll?e*re. Ihe War rvrerimenl has sireowt thsltbe beadqairtsri af Me ?<rai oavatry, now atoti <oed At -n bMte, do , fes removed , l?s<p"ra?<ty , to Hart Wtas. Kaans Mgor srrtg wk* to aseigosd Is rommasd, la the ifeoesse if Ms otlwr Md offkeen of ihe regtmeit. i Hiring tbe iheeerw of u>e Inpsetor of trsaaall lad Anti-wiea (Oaloael Riptsv)Ma lattea of mapeetloa. A? , will fes performed, fey order of the Wat [taparlMSt, fey Obtoasl R R Craig, ftrdiinne HepartoMit. Irrave ef ahaenne has been gristed, fey dtreeitas if tha War tiepartarenl, to lbs Mtowieg effloars ? IJsstoMBt J?bB f. IW>e? 1 le?nad cavalry, I walva mnwths, Ufea tsnait Joseph f Winter, Keonnd nival ry , Mb msatfea. Ai eileaaloa of leave of Aksraiw hea bees graatod, fey tbe psmr lulfertrlty , the follow irg oflloeri:? (MMl Utwj wife.s, Hovertb r . 'or Ma bra* It af hlB haaMh, lit moethe Rrevvl I looteosel (Maasl Ma R Wtadar, flrlt irlllkry, for Ifee heieOt rf hh beUth Bto BMathB; < ApMta Jebn I ftanaed, foenh Artillery, (Mr mas Ml ; l.leatewssl ffeosMS Rlgbt, Rroosd dufnaaa.ftt BAsatha; LWitohMt Rolil Marhely, rnnrM talhatry, tow Malt*

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