Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 23, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 23, 1860 Page 4
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NEW YORK HERALD. J * fll ? 8 UOllUON B * H S M TT, SPITiiH AND PRlWKI -rOH orrica k. w. ctiKMtk kk no^u* wd. TKHMK '??* in >. ? Mom-* ?J /% rU? <???? 1 ? i- 1 /knJl 'ill* ? vrmit hA'j For* r ri/# PAiLY un > "**?- ?r "*;> *? ???*????<-?? 77./ IIHS/I '/ i//? -??? V ? ?; *. '? ?>??!?" r ?hml ?nl?n , ,-irf '>? ' <?'?' *** f ??''*?/*. fVi 'v " i iF<! I,r H'A W 2N i ' ??UA, (U ?</ *1 i/tTtAMli ' WnlmMi^ ten* emu <?? " V"/ I *V."> l 1^ *n?or-.i < gwn/. -? '"?* ""k qv'irt'T of / ,nll '* I, ? . ' ? ?^ I'L i Co?K?l"*l?l'?i>T? *ks ( ? if h?w. i tu> ro Hii iu Untiit itD 1'b.t ajUui -kST JS \ <; lSOTI< y bun mou* rem fx-dmics, >io *4 ,rt .i n. ?? t.abim* a/>> f.KlJsi- ; h. rs " ihib. arlr'rturnmtr in ,-*w I it. CV WsKKlV IIkkmI" Kkiii HlkkkUD ami tn On (Jplifttrniu ni'ii k'ti'tf MOT .">/! I'klNTiyi w ul*d *nlb iwnitwt**. or-! 'i<* tpauh Volvrna JLXV Mo. 347 iili MvLtrh Til It ?VtflHKvJ WlHLOt' UARDKK, HrWkrtwsr.? Ot**LM> W I KTl H UaKIi^A, Bn?Uw*y.? <J?T Buitmm. Bi'WUiV TDK* TUB. Howfrj.? *r*in<?e A Hookas BtiVCSTIUAS TkODP* Wiuial'Cf TUIATU. Srosdirsy.? PkAIlSf. w.?s Fins. LAI K.' I?M> THIATKH, fc t?Urau!n .-l'u>' Ul.< ??n ruOT-Twwia ? Sitksk. ??? BOWEJtV VHIUTK1. Howor*. -Kifr(.?utK'i P*n<.KTs?? <h:BooL*??ri?- H I aox ? Dun* 'Jim. or USS'14. nAfcJf'JJf'tl ?VKK:"A? H I Sfc' k ?n?.! *no Brr ;jr? ASTSC l iuu i ? ' 'l k. i ?i fc. 4c ? b<?? <TO AWT* M . ' V .1*1." lltUL*r: brottOmt.? /Ilk . <o- .4 N>?u?. l>4?ct.i 4r Lugo L'r .n u,k^ *i h MiMwrsiu- f w? ??<*? Bn?wt?r*y ? tT' .uP.j* riOAul iUiru mi. 4CU 4c - *>v?'i liiwisiwu (UN1CKHI SI ?CK1C HAUk (SI fJrom?r*y. -3osg? Oahc u Krujamas*. 4c. Omit'KK '!>sflTin?-laornk? ?r K?r. .1.0. fLSTcai;: Tiia IlkAy.iLi.. ? laitkt-'lWtl ?t i?SAU HUCX-KLTf ATUttSAfcl'M -11U.UW Ciisa AH n < 0? C*?T LIBKaKV HAI.U Kr*tfk.-Tont'i tfi?rrssu> is 4mio Hk? - !?<?? ** *r Klui wis. IA?. 'I'll* Sltwi. Tie ? ?" frorr the f. 1 tJi ilii- morrnnp is impor tar* Tbe banks of Philadelphia. th ? Irtstriet of ColurclKtt. N rfolk. PurtMifuth ami Wheeling, V? , and the Farmer- and Kwhunee Bank of Chart es ton. unspended specie , u>nietit* yesterday. Their cxatnjiU' ?iU ???> be toliowed by other banks at the South immediately. Wi put lish iu nuoihi r column additional particu lira re.-pe ting the projected ubolition foray of the K?ib,.- Inunlir. . Montgomery avow- hid deMjm to be to tn iv ry s.avc in unrl western MLs-iuri The MueocnaD* on the border arc preparing to repel tiie inv silent, bhould they escape tlio vigi lau e of tieneral Harney. Th > 'r i hi,! a'i.i ' c President elect met at Chicnpn >?- ei, ay. and after ft qoiet chat viaited tie tepi. ? an W' .- warn and other notable edilices of the ci*y. TLero was a large number of po lti ti from the Noith, Kn.-t and Wt >t on hand, hot Mr I iiK-oln deei . i d to r. ive 'hi m until tc lay, v> hi ti hia pnalic receptions will commence. lant evi .lin^ U ? st. ntusJiip Bienville, from TIa vaea with tw daj - later newt than that brought by Un're ' uy. arris ed at this p-irV. At II* vai>? there wa- -a rot. plot c ilturlh of local news. Kventa in the I'tiiu .1 >'ate* w. re ex?-"ing n *?> 1 deal of interest ii d atu tlon. nnd the preb-i h?d, iJ ii uh, h' tin *h:nR 1 1 nay . T t J^itv 'h ' JH,: >1 had tditorial ia it* i- tie of the 1 ? h iu v , ? , i'ii r- i ? "re ? '1 t'i iMlie prc-eat i,'i , v> i : ' ?. ? n i f t) Southern Ha' ? from ti e . m:< ileraey. It rej.trd# the hoi.-t I'.. ? >. i ailing of convention*, en rolling of MmuU M. n, Ac., th> mere letting off the mperfluou* ateim of a warm and ex i'i table people. ju?t eb a man In a pasVon awcam and stctm* a little to relieve himself. Bat whauter the < pinion raay be worth, the OiarU> make* the m.siake tn suppose that th- excit, meat t> mi n\j due tu party feeling and politic il Intrigue, arguing, very jun'iy f*om those premise*, that n-i part) fe? In . cm-Id d. ive the people to the extreme m? a -tare of ? ei -Mon. which it caj* would be lik'J apru K>ng a mine beneath their fleet. The article through ut in em a' the South, nnd betrays grotw ignoiahie o' the fu' a-pectsof the i-ue^tion. The writer venture* to mink that If the South ' hadcon tidi-n i m It- physi. *1 resource*, monetary power, ttdo-trial ut'n r Uilents which di*tingui?>i the North it would not I . -urprialng if, in tbe present stale of aB'air*. it would make good lu threat*." The /'r? .?? doc* sot know what to think In toUeuf ot the iOih it s.iys after speskintrof the .1 1 I ? 1 V. : in tilt Unit. .1 ? ? r-t, turn. 'sols <"?' ? We gaveenroplni-M si ii e dm* ?" 'ir ' attjscned to Ujo? threau, tiLsting Ui the goo.l tense of the mass of the Aiflo ? raeiicnn clti.'fn#, who w.'ll nndersta id all the evil* that mtwt r nilt fron I ?o ?It en.te a re- ut n. But now the opiniun^ of ou- c? rre -p< ml- 1 sre de> id? d, invin.r the s?-pa ration of the S*oii'herti Sta'es ?s certain tacax the Itewdent eirct should bel r>p to the republican party, that wc ennnot help a? maung to new* no well auJienticatcd.'' The rem?lnderof tbe arte le l? a? remarkuble fnr iU Ign jran e aa that tl the IHarw. In lt? iwue of the 17th it i spr - s a i "ntrary opl-.ion to tliat j-wt fpievd.and s? e.-,?n rnlikely. from the i u; lertakinf*. ' l*"<?i?lf we m?y ... >? n-i, in . r* of the Ha? *na prew in tiie I r.urae ?f t cnple of week*. m v < - f: *n <' >>?? ??-. Ven -7-aela. to Or t???, There wa- little, if anv, change in the state of a(T*n*. Varta ut the country were repre M-nUit to hi ijmet, the rebel* having been dissert ed , V*u triwt likely to reappear on the ftrwt oppor tunity. Tiie it? in* of new* are uninteresting. Wi tare received an interesting c- nmunleation from onr K. tl Buchanan. New Merlco. corre?t?on dent, dated the 5th ln*tM In which he give* a ejnopsis of the new* at that port. Jvk Power*, a notorious el ar*:ter. and who fnrtrerly belonged to Colonel hteven*on> New York nsrtment. w*? mnr dered on the nlch' of 'Vt. ??. near tb* Calabarne r*ne?i, ahou thiiv ni ? ? 'r .i K -rt llu hapsn. Tue d< ce<t*? <1 was ??e.?l!\v and Iias relative* re*iiimr in ( rhif city. A uamtd Bail-y . oe his jourwy to the Hate*, flopped over at Tneaon for ? few dar*. | and whUe there, on Not. 1, wm coolly murdered by ] a desperado named Miller BarUett. Another man. named W. F. Ward, of 1'ardanelle, Tell coanty, liktuu , was *hot by a Mexican lying in amoiah, tear Fort Bni h*nan. and wa* mortally wnnnded. The ball wm flred evidently from one of Colt ? re eolven; H passe -1 entirely through the che?t of It* tktira. Ward'* condition wa* diecoeered in a few ir.omentn afVr tbe c" -in-ence, and he w?? taken to the flret ho.pit?l at the fort, where he lived for .(?wardaof f1 '.i b' -? m a perfeetly calm and ra <i n*l state of mU. 1, i . nve nung on the ?nbject. and then died. In the Clrcnit Court yester-lay the erlm. eon. s- it of Orville H. Brown against (Tiarle* M. Davld bronght to a conclnsion the jnry fin-ling a veidlet for plaintiff of *i* cente damage#. ' ?> e n.i* 1 'if A " VS<1 x***' , t, pred dire, t ne'heS,- ? i*l , i ,, , .I,, i e M-n of the .'*p?ne*e to re ., . , , nb'li of thetxn nae< ! -n Sassy. The re v i ^ it vv Ms. sm* aivaut f J?al > r pwiit for tL* iLOt.tL i i.Jujg 31*1 alt. w ere r> r ft uvil} |1'.?;,*7I -td IH2.M4. The committee apt (.tut. d to m*i ui c?/Lcerntag thr fund* id charge of the ( it> ( lnotil.ertaia u m* diacharged Irt'rn 'h< further consist ration of thr xuojeot. In 'he Hoard <>f Counci'.rnt n lAHt evening, are a ? nrtnuteo lit reotrvtd from tbettixib Avran IlulroHd Compari si paving that avonne, tH'tn I- < irty second to Fifty-ninth street, with H- 1 ?u pTrnwt, which * !t* referred in tae C iiumiv I v &r. Streets. Tlii HWtaii of contract to J'Uu * Smith for building k new tiro engine, to be knows as No. 4?, fct an i-AjM-rise of $1,14.%. wan confirmed Anothef comoiuaii atiou received from tu< .In i?eM of the Sups-rior Court, requesting Uie Co? men Council to furnb-h proper accommodations fur the transaction of busine** in that court. The paper watt referred to the committee having the subject in charge. The Board coii<*unvd I with die Aldermen in awarding the contract for blasting and removing Coenties reef, to a meaa depth of twenty feet at low water, to the New York Submarine Kugincering Company. The biJ whs 118, 7M>, and the work is to be dune in ou? j ear. They concurred to procure a new hou*e au1 loea.ion for Bose Go. No 48, and a lot fur Honk and ladder Co. No. 10; hJso to confirm assessment liHt for regulating Sixth avenue from Fifty fourth to Fifty ninth street. The expenses of the work will be JI7,W*1 10. A contract for buildm* a pier at the foot of Twenty third Btreet, Ka*st river, wa< awarded to Adams for 12! , HJ?l, he being the !<?? i*t bidder. After the transaction of other roctine business, the Board adjourned till Monday. .' '.e Commissioners of < hurilies and Corrections reported, at their mretuag yesterday, that they h \ transmitted the aannai estimate of exoennet to the < omptrolier for 1861. The aggregate of the a i tint L- $<>o9,375, whirh is a decre^e of *7'?,m24 , compared with the ex 'K uses of the Depart r.ent la* year. Tbe number in the institution.- now is 7,<ii un in Tease of 7fi for the week. A curious divorce >uit was commenced ye-<ter d v .before udge the K ops County : i om Court, in which Alfred Heardaley applies for a di vo ? . r' t. his wife, Mary Elizabeth Beardsley, o> tlie gro-.nd of adultery with Ih-. James Fr,uici M j bun, of New York, to whotn she had represented h -el an a single woman, daughter of a *'r. Sey mour, of Halifax, Nova Scotia, by which the lector was induced to marry her during the life tiiu ot her busbaLd. Tlie defence net up is mix tak ' identity and adultery on the part of the pluiatiff with a principal witness. Creat interest is excited iu conneqiieuce of the respectable potd tion in life of all the partiea concerned, Mrs. Beardaley being a daughter oi the Her. Nathaniel 1)., a Methodist minister. The lkirch divorce caae, now on trial at Naper ville, Miens, ia exciting considerable interest. A r< j ort of the testimony Uiktn yesterday ia given in another co umn. The committee appointed by tbe State Legisla ture to investigate tlio affiiirs, condition and pro Kress of tha Central I'ark mot yesterday at the Astor House. The treasurer's account waa pre s 'nted, from which It appears that the total re ceipt* for tbe six months ending June 30, lRfiO, were fl!7K,277 38; the expenditure during the same period, It'iS.K.1) 43? leaving a balance of $2 6,131 !<j. One of the witnesses said the money now authorized to be expended will be sufficient to complete the Park. They adjourne! at noon m U1 bali- 1 ast nine thin (Friday) morning. t i.c Aldernianic ? ommittee of Brady, Boole k Co. met yesterday, to hear the deciaioo of Judge Ingraham as to their authority to compel the City Chamberlain to appear before them and give evi dence oon< erninR the whereahouta of the city de poMts, and the amount of interest paid on them; but the decision of the Judf(e waa adverse to the committee, being to the effect that the statute re quires the appointment of a committee by both boards of the Common Council before the City Chamberlain can be compelled to appear and give evidence. Cotton jretorday, under las iaiiuenos of the fureifa utti, MSuai<4 Bore tVad una, with mit taquiry from tAe traJe The aal> ? embraced aaout 1 J00 bales, wbtca were rb it} takrn by spinners Mlddlinf up and* wojv ealled a 1 V * 11 I'odtr tbe lull toooe of a n->oo*e s;'>n IB tb ? ralea of frelcbw, art sou>e more c?d0<1*ojj liispired by the u?w bank arra?it"iaant. tbe fiosr raarka* was tinner and more active, and rov-d fro. better ou com mon and medium (Trades. Wheat was, from tha aarne r? usee, more active, aad tboarh ?' iftn-.clt to sell fraeiy at tbe dose, It waa ta the main Srmer aad hifhsr Corn waa alao ailgbtiy aikctod by Uu> acme a^aooira, aad, with fair sal?a. doaed at Is. a 3e. s>: vaoca. Pork waa ta ?? 'us b< Iter r?-i(U<-?l with more do n|, at prices *tv4a i a where Sufart were iialet, anl saiaa root! ied to ?a>?ni IpO a *0 hhda Caba at nactiaafed crioee. 0>tl? wa 1'iactlve ant nominal We1|hla w??e eaalar, with aa . afement^ of wheat to U?i rprxs, m ?hls's ba^s, at 18 1 a Dour at 3e. <1 , and rotlne si >^d., with c >rn to up at 11 >.,1 a It 1(d. To lx>o<Iofl free 'afafvmeala i f kiwat wers reported at 161 a ltd. ia ship ? bags, aad corn at 14d. a ltd do Prof reM of ita? ItttulailoMrjr Hotc Events crowd thick acd fast upon on. IV revolutionary movement to gaining volume as It ru?be* on, and every day a-ids to the com plications. The news from Kansas to calculated to exasperate rtill more the feelinm of the Southern people. We flAd that four or Are hundred armed outlaw* there bare organised theme** Ives into a band ol bri^?idg te roh and murder peaceable citizens. to carry on a war of extermination upon slavebolding communi ties, and to repeat on a trrand scale what John Brown tried on a small one. It la evident that the sun e ?p:rit of mischief which set on fojt the raid upon Virginia in the fall of 1M59 to (i til I active i d at work, and that the projected raids of the*e Kansas outlaws upon Texas and Arkansas are par of the same tr?neral plan If these brigands be not promptly suppressed bj the federal troop* th"y will arouse a spirit of retaliation in Southern communities which will swe*p like a devastating plague over the whole land, and srtli not be stayed until the country '?hail have been deluged with blood. With equal steps the financial revolution is prop r*>-*ing. Alre ady many cf our 8onthern and Weetern cities an' reellng the severity of the commercial cri?5* Bunk* in Wellington, Richmond, Philadelphia and Baltimore are seeing themselves forced into a suspension of ! specie payment*. A Onarv lui revulsion more dre?dful than nay we have ever 1 jet experienced menace* sll the great inte rvene of the ccuetry. Wb?re it wOl end no or e has the hanlihnod to pr*<?'!ct o * 40 eon Waplate. Ws are cinphau ail| taking a leap in the dark. This di'nhlr revoli !??.d floun cial. lovohea not alone the ;*>opie of the I'ntted Htate* It# ??C^cts will be felt all over the clvilb.-d world. TheAmeri vn Revolution of 1770 led to the French Revolution of 1789. and to the eanr'riary wars which, following that event, delnged all Furope lr blood. K vents at the present momeat are shaping themselves into ? similar course. The hostility existing on the part of one section of the Union toward* the other to certainly no less bltw or Intense than that which existed between the colonies i and the mother coi?n'ry: *nd that feelin* is fc Hy in* 'Saelr t In %<>lutne At any moment tfce (? tal ?*en it w be t*fcen ab' 'h <vtll i?r? i le an iut?*ri*e< ice w r. the ti'ry c< p apla tt ? f w fclch I* er- ,r t ? n "i ?? i ' *? I A | Europe c oiaot fcaip u < to.*. *uj<1 b*>cooiiu bei-w.f involved in 'h?* c >f ?** qut-roH? Tt>e American revolution of 1* O ujb> Kkv> U?rrihle an tibo i>u I hut (vjuuuent n? tha. ? I 1776 h.?d. Th?* wry in?*Tru,t. >> 10 tr-ule and C4>fljrw-f c?? which would krt h hrvi '"Wh imv?buh ueHi of ciril wv c>u d a?t t?i t > prtivntw-trmm to tiui and and uiiaht revolution in the-* coun ' DHi Tlnot H > -tppaTMH that the times Uir..u, b ? ? h we htm i,4*>inx are prean-i-it with b? ?to Dioau?u>u<< iwue*. not only (o oars* "i but fo 'he world. The iwnioo vl ih* bank* of thus city in meet iii(i no i??>btj t/ie nn^fyeooie* of the ho'jr u "a cu\*0>tt to ?i?r* mi iimiifnw i?lv:?iittur*. I' ?nfuie? trw* ct toii?'y of the dmiuui thmw*i>" ??> ??>d IttcilitotMi wid ruwteijK ih^t chiuure *hiib Will trwufet the UjinieJV centre ot the world ?roni liC'i con to New York The proi<r^o of u?e revolution wnl der>?n^ Uw flnauoea of nery country, iuid produ-* a commercial re vi U'c ti which do ttrm* will t>e ati'e u -'hui, tad whi'ih mav even cau*e th? bnik* o' f'nt/ Ihiui tuid Franoe to nu*pe<od. Ttiu* we are fw-WK b*rt?? tJooK irrmwtiby in a which ihifHifuc to ft' > on increwinx to force uiu volume til. finally it * wt*sp* like a t?mi>?xn over hn:!i ht-ui wither**. U there Nj yet h oi^hih of tvoiflina; the?m peril*. that tn^au> should not btt left unuted Tfe? Dirantok Rhm <i? Ib ik? So a <-?i. We publish thte morning ? ?urnifle*nt letter from Governor le-tober, of Virginia. na th? ?< bi*o i f ti?e pre?ent dilution e*on**nieni la th< South, Southern constitutional ri?;b'? Northers Mate act* ot nullification an<i t,h* p ni j ?n o Virginia in tnis criia* Thi* letter wtti ?r >r t?> r?*H??Jirv nor C0UiTTitin> d'-ii ??l the N r\l of the eneu-uce of a co-opefatire eie tnt) n tbe South oompe??.nt t<> prevent any oieciprate revolutionary tv-t ?>? Sinubern dii?o lu'iou. It further evidence be wnnted upou t.h * point. It iiihj be bud in the letw of the liomtnr of Ken*u. ky, and in tbe We Union, i-<.neerv?nve ?pe?-ch ot Hon. \ H Steuben* at (Jenigia to the |e??ple of" thai State, wbijh wh laid before our renoer* yesterday. Each of thrne men. wh doub' oot, re pmnM, In fcehalt of tbe TJniou. the sentiment of an ? verwhelming majority of tbe people of htai Sta e. of al! the late Presidential oarties We e*i>eoi, too, tbat thrae opening Southern fnanii'eetauors in bebitlf of tbe Union w? I hood be followed up by popular aiw?'n ilavee i-peei'hes ?nd resolutions, and by leg'* Utive and State Convention from Wary ai <t 10 Louisiana and Texas. in supDort not of the de*ie*rate alternative of S?uth Oaro 'n-i. which is a Southern republioat ail hv. ?r w but in behalf of a genera convention of the Southern S-ntes, or of all tbe State*, to cons'der ?he way* arm means of restoring harmonv ahd wood will between tbe North and the South #itf)io the Union. Tbe only darker of disunion Immediately before us is in South Carotin i. Her State Oog> ventiott, bt weirer? which it in generally be iifvefl will declare the S ite an independent e*u?hLi?bmei.t. outside of the Union ? does not meet for several week* jet to cotne. In the nterval the movements of the non-err itive ??ody of the ueopie of tbe snrmuntling slave SUtes may induce even South Carolina to i>au*e. r^ect, aud finally acq'nesce in the policy ot Virginia, wbicb in a convention ot ail the Sates to rearranfre on the slaver* questiou tne tunn amenta! landmark* and coeck* and ba lance* ot 'be federal constitution. ? We are stre i gtheneo in thin impression from the recent defdopwak >?f the views and (>urpoe?-* ot the administration at Washington, and in consideration of the tact that Congre-s will reae^*oib>e on the first Monday in Deceu ber. Thus the debates of *he South Carolina ~e? ession Convention will, before they meet, have time to ooositier tbe cniu-*rvat.ivM reooin mentations of the President's annual message, nnrt. we b< pe, of some cnrrp*pon"inir e*pres sioue fTom botb bouses of Cotiarees. We do not, therefore, altotrethsr deepa r of savinf sven South tJarolina fmm the ait of secession But. (rmniinir that she will resolve herself out of tbe Tnion. we do not despair of brinirtr<ff her ba k aga'n before any revolutionary col lision shall have occurred between the State aid federal authorities. To this end. wo'ild it not be well for the con M-rvative Union men of the d?y of New York ?o initiate, in ? grand popular Union demon stration. a Northern movement of oonsiliaMon. conotwn-n and harmony? Coercion In any event, is out of the question. A Union b?M together by tbe b?yonet wonld be nothing be' ?er than a military despotism. Confutation and harmony. tbr*>nrh mutual concessions. In a reconstruction of the fundamental law, be tween tbe North and Bon'b. will rewtore and perpetuate the Unten onntempla?ed by th? fathers. So. now that tbe conservative men <?? tbe Sontb are Dovipg let tbe Union m**u of the North se'^ond tb??r endeavors, and let New Tork. aa in tbe matter of tbe compromises ot 1 8.r>0, lead tbe way. Tnr Rkctxt SrvntMiw or Jrno?: f?<irt.t? ? Thete is a great deal of f>ts? beim; made abont t/>e severity of the set tence* recently pro n<>nnced by Judge Oou'd upon certain crlmt nals in the Court of Oyer <*^d Terminer; b it Judge Gould Is drinij nothing m uefhiot'l lowing the course which Jin'ge Ku??el laid doar> for him? namely. Infl?"ing heavy punish tt^tit up^n the pertie|rv<f<rs of prevalent '?rimes, and thereby giving a ch#ck to pr?ctl *e? wbicb were * (*,rertd and a horror to the com trtinl'y. Judge Ru>?e| was the fir?t to inau gurate the sys;eai ot dealing s*veie|y withthwae clssros of crime, and Judge C >i!d is qtil e right la cairjrlrf it cut That Is all th ?? caa be mi i of ?be matter, and that Is enongk. Scjeo ptri/ jrr;rn*ts beap?d it gT?<it deal o! abuse at on? time npon the City Judge because be *?*ot a young maa to th* State prism for forty years ? tor ttenling a sixpence." But 'he crime ?v a great deal more than st?'%l irg a drpen>e? 1' was an ittempt to tike the life of a man by garroting. a practice then so common in tbe streets as to render ibetn unsafe after dark. It mattera not how much money 'he assailed party happened to have in his pdket; H might have been only sixpence, or It might have been ten thonsand dollar*. The prisoner came near taking his life as well m hi* and fer this he was punished. Jud|re Rnssel's dealing with this crime of garroting put an end to tbe ptartice at that time but we are sorry to say th*1 I* Is coming Into xotue again. If only sh( w? the <nju*H0e and blttet'ies* of P'riv >-p>rit wtieti pa*ti?*n n-w j>ip?e? i %t be ' d ?' " fl>u* " ,l' tr pc' Mi <1 f>?> hi vi (.ooeiS '.Acj ana latest Tlli CttAJtTKK EutCTlON? RxOlTUUtNT Am ?? VU*! TUK GuVKRATkO ClJLMMtt. ? Tb? WtUekfy O <??, cow boys, attikvn gfcou d ? h t ??r? tbat are to he found running uie polittoal ir.icbme* of all puiitw is the ? n-nl wards of thin city art* just uow in a Bute of turmoil and excitement. Tbe big Indian* and papooses of Tftmaimiy Hall are especially eiercised under the pioepeoi of a reform Id the old Go* Hole, aud tbe selection of rittpt^taklii meo w wir ri .r* and sachems to titi their plaoes Blooming ?le?perate, tbej art* grasping at tOf Uoa'jiig rubbish, determined if ponslble. U> bold tl>eir grasp and keep to power about th* City 11*11 auotber term. Tleir struggle, however, in like tbe dyitur man catching ?> hirHWH, and only pbow* tneir forlorn couditioo Tbe reported movement in Tajun&ay and Mosart halls to shake off thin chum. last b vt been banging Lke a dead weight apon them u? only a part of the general feeling in tbe pub lic mi no of this city to rout, horse, foot and drtgoons, tbe vagabond* and potboute politi cians wbo have planted themselves about tbe it k (Mature of tbe metropolis for tbe ptirpoee of (aliening upon ii* spoil* and plundering tbe taxpayers. These philosophers, keen on a cceot see their coming fate, and are uow t yinir to make the beet ol the abort probation left to them. There is a general disposition manit^ed by tbe be'ter portion of our utizens. as well ap tii*- public pr???, to pay uu regard to the part) uou>ination* in the coming elecuou; the feeling amorist the property holder*, from tbe Battery to M.u>AatianvUje, is to repudiate all part/ olunm. and select from the lu?t of candidates put forward those wbo. Irotn their auto Oddest*, promt ee to oiscbarge their duty wub some regard to the public inte ' rent. II they but adhere to this deter mil ntion, and act upon it, tbey may succeed in o'tUui.iup a respectable B< *rd of Council nifU and secure an entering wedge toward* re forming the Aidermanic Board. The n<?ger or the toUrty of the Union hat nothing to do wiUi ?he ccmirg charter election; it id *imply a qUMlioD of dollars aud OeOts. or whe'iiar We shall have an bouest city government, that will not devote iU whole time to coucoctfrrr gome ncheme to increase the taxes of our citi zens. Tbe present indications are tbtt there will be a* many, if not more, par tieo in the field tnan there * -re at tbe Presidential election; but we trust (tit the ptneial disposition now manifested not to be led ny the vagabond waru leaden will coiitijue unul the ballot boxes are cloeed, auii the ruf li ui?, wbo have been keeping the city in a state ol excitement by their operations at tne City Iiali, will receive such a repudiation tbat they will never consider it to their interest to maKe an attempt to get control of the city legislature again. Tbe election is an important one to all inte rests ot tbe city, and if every voter lays o<ide hie party eellug, whioh has nothing what ever to do with tbe matter, there is home q ipe tbat order may be brought out of the preaeut chaos *nd confusion. Tbe opportunity id presented mi clean out tbe Augeau stables. Wui the tax- 1 payers and property holders discharge their duty, and protect their property from the future ravages ot die mercenary bands ? Thk Latk (Jokncnosi Undkr tmk 8uwiuy I .aw.? Tbe lata cobriction and sentence of Mr. Ijindenmuller under the Sunday la* show* to what an i-xt?-nt taiiatlcwin c*n go, even id um en lightened a ge. (t will but be contended. we xiippoee. utar thin Uw represent* religion or Christianity. It 19 not based upon either. hot upon fanaticism, pure ami simple. and the ia Hitting of pains and penalties for an act mich us this drfeuaaut baa been condemned tor w vir tually uo better than the burning ol witcbee at Nkltm. There a re in the whole world none three bundled milllous of Christians. out of whom only a few thousand. perhaps, reuln the super stltion < t the d irk ages with regard to one par ticular da} In the we^k; yet here we bare thin superstition recognized by law. and placed upon our statute hooka. What absurdity, and what fanaticism ! What right h<ts any f^egisla ture to declare a thing a enm* when doue u one day tu the week which la perfectly innocent on every other? Yet here to a man tried and condemned in one of oar court* for dotng that on a day. which a portion ol the community call the Sab bath, that he might have done with impunity on ibe other all days of the week ?a man mu tented to be fined and Impnaoned fordoing the nhuh thing tbat Kiblo. and Ullrntn. and others do six days in every we?k It is a grons out rag*- upon the spirit of ail law, upoa common ?*u*e and upon tb* rights of citizens. But them will be a grand reaction by and by. The mat ter hm been tested now before the oour*. an 1 p?-rhhp? it Is as well that this <lr?t trial shon'd have thus resulted. for the popular ? n'imeni <*til rise up against this odious law. ?nd it trill be swept fr>>m the statute books and from the fewrds ol the courts Thk Ixhomtkul Cokommi.- An issemMag* o< philosophers, calling thems^lvm the 'Indus trial Coogresa," have bet-o in sewnmi in this or y or 1 he paet tew days. Their object seem* to be to revolutionize the laws ot commerce which thev pionounoe a I wrong, an 1 arr.tng* ??very thing their own w?y. Now, the laws of commerce are the laws of coium >n whim*; th?> n?v?? grown up with the exigencies *;vt u*?e? itlee of the times. Every man wb > !? pove*-^d ?t akin and industry, and who applies them u. sdvan age, may become a capitalist; but those who do not so apply tbem never tau One of the resolutions ot this lnlu""-1?! Congrees 1 *ads as follows, and shows th- drill of the wtlole business: ? T%M lb' frral prirctpl* nf ??, jlly Mi )n? u|?? ehleS the eirhn f of th? prMac'* 'of la* IS Khf ? lh* ? dIj pt Ml ?>?<?? ill ib? *?? lb o' lb# ?f?r|<l? -n.xild b- fcaaled, la thai all who !?twi ? m> - v.d wo n? 1 ? Um-U'I U*me?lTi? reostva tb? hill aa4 eslirv art pr?lu#t of tfcelr own labor What does this mean? Do they w ujt 'hat the '?b? rem and mechanic* who build our Fifth avenue bouses should own them and II vw ir. them* This savors nomewhat of Proudhonism; and the truth Is that these philosopher*. and other abstractionists like them, are only attempt ing to asaall the right* of capitalists uid property owners in the North, as ?he tujtl slavery fanatics bare assailed the rights of the slaveowners in the South. Now that a ?octional abolition party k ?? succeeded so tar In carrving out Its policy aghast the rtjht. of r: 1+rty in the Southern S awe. we sbt!l . v ? ? ?< lie doctHrr t'la' pro ry?r*v is rjt> ??????? p 1 "t Sgi'sd b "f li the Nor'h s t ih k ? rsgr c h* It ,< y ^ I cur c'tica, Faaatic^mtidioUy, terinf, setla^'1 ' t'H'inn lve* ?i|-ou the hbcUUoa quMiiuu, mu?t eeek ireeb fields and pasture* new. l'>u*. Umti u no grea'er 01 m re I'auferou* absurdity ?ti ui thinutu-n pt to 8 er the laws ot commerce tu bait the wtun* of a leu d a*atia8ed abstracton ihv, wbo are alway* waooeting about in M^rct' ( f tomethmjr to "reform." Thk Itiijan War op Ikpki'knoence ? Aid k? Gmhhalui.? The Italian caun*. so nobly and her<>icai.> battled for under th* pitrio Garibaldi, i* eiill triumphing. The army ot li b-rty et-ema end iwed with that inviscibU k roi?m W'noh uverc?ui?? til foe* But y?t to bitng the atjuggle to a gioriour?lv tmceeait'ut uwie, and to enable Garibaldi to proclaim tu* kingdoo of laly frooi ibe atepa of the Qairinal in Kod>?*. at be haa vowed to do. the *iun*? ot war are needed. In yesterday's Hkiuld we appealno to our generoaa hearted citizana to form a Garibaldi fond, and the Gut reaponae we s*? u> otir appeal ia a nmtuncent oae. It ia in the form of a check for $1,000, accompanied by a letter, of which the subjoined is a copy:? Naw You. Nov 22, 1840. Jaw Gou?a Ba.vr?T. Fjn) ? l'L>K cm? It im m? to B.e that CO true Ame't ian citi zen can be luc.imole to the appfeJ yon in liia nH>rtiiog> I!biuii> iti behalf of tee heroic Garlnaldi and nm bravr Iialiaca, to their grea; -ilrugile (or liberty and ludepaa nunc*. .1 iMrrc be a pe**ple on the earth to whom Italy ahoulrt 1 ok tm lor ?y ?, we are that i<eovil? I hardly * low wblrb Ciaae of our nill/jn* li moat Udubled to tb?t icbie la*d; but, a# oa? wbo bM an tab rent <n the oom ?uereial prosperity of thn> olty. I feel that I owe her a <1ebt xbirh 1 can nerer i?y. Hnr eatly nan*?->r? o^eono the path for eosnnerce araonf ail nations. and oar ?k r-4#?fai HrnJtrra and ox roLaa'a are today the imi ?io-? and pap la of the merUiant prlLcaa ot Italy la Uko Middle AfM l ciaat eameatly hope thai our ciwreutlle o<Msea p?r ilru'arly will r?wiioiid warmly to thin call Tbe |>r*M ao'l the people 11. e?ery part of tbe c?oiitr) liare eitier.ud pon><- deaonMralina in beba'f of I < nJjr Iro n or mttrofioiif , sod 1 am dad I /> nay lh*l a oura>?eror our ? ??11 known cil'.r.'?? bare arualy r> afe"wl 10 referent* t<> tbi? ?nbj><t, and tbat aorae meaaor"* are beta* adopted to hrti f kh4.ui a grand nia?> it .**t:iig at n very r**ty d?> iL-d I doubt tot vbat. wllh tbe kind co op< r^tloa of tu r>-e?|i Kim* F"'b?taat:al aid will b* r ti lered t? to?i <??! jiit pe>)Ola. Very retpectluliy, your oh viieri* H"^?aa J >Hn A.VDKKAIS. F 8 ? Heeiny teat yo'i have oix?. i ? auo^jr p.kiu o ?i? t.l your eeUl'i.tfcLT n. lo' a linrr>al.ti mu I, I enuloee vo oy cbe^k for one iboa?vd <l--ilja?w. whl h yo? w M ? ? K.Dd ( tough v. re *ive auJ appropriate as my oont- bj iloo to tbe Uaribaldi fuart J. A. We hope that thia libera' a^t of Mr. Ander aor'e will, even in the pre^M deprH?.?ied con dition of ti.e money market, irmpire our ciMjcie generrtliy to imita'e it aocordinn to tbeir re spective mean*; and we are glad to learn tint a great njoee merting of sympatb ia the caute of Italian freedom L> projected io our city. Let not, however, thoae wbo ar* prompted to aubacribe to tbia giorloa? cau<e wait for thai, but forward their aub*cripti.iii? without delay, remembering the Latin maxim. Lis dut qui clto dat ? "lie given twice who giv?* promptly." Thk Election ok Scuool Omrm ? In th* general excitemt-Lt over public aJfairs the p*< pie seem to loae sight of the t w;' tJbs*t there are u large Dumber of school officers to be elected at the chaiter election, both Commismonen* and Trustees, who control the distribution ot two of dollars. Th?? educational de partment. of our city government in oie that affects every cldwn. be his station in life what it may. We have, perhaps, one of the best school systems in the country. mid it only need* to be placed in the right itaodo to make it what ita founders intended it should be ? a public bloeaug- Like every other department of our city government wh?-e there l<t money to be controlled, we find the lowest stratum of politi cians trying to get control; but we trust that the lovrs ot etd> r will take the ma'ter in bind, and see that ven who ? at least read and write, and do not (-peed tbt ir days in the gTog shops, are pbvceo in nomination tor th j?e im portant office#. It is tot too la'e to ?*cure a reform in the school department Let our ci'i -/< ns move at one*. Th* Projrctko W*rhim,tos Organ for Mr LOiCOUi'l A : murrrnuno*. ? W e peroetrs that some enterprising patriots of the republican faith h.ive made .11 the necessary arrangement* for an organ at Washington to grind nut the official mnsic of Mr. Linocln's -vdmit istiaMon. It ia to be heped that tb<a foo>>*h experiment will re ceive no countenance fram '?Dc-nea O'd Abe " For the I jet twenty years the Washington or ran of every admiuisUation baa been the lacu bi> that hae weigh* ? it down. From the day of the er ublishn.ent of the indenendent news paper pretis in New York, this thing of a Wash Ington organ to the adit 'tilstrvion has served no better purpose than tnat of a bloodsucker upon the public trewury. Government pap. spoils and plunder ere, of coirsn. ?be only object# ooniemp'ated by the parties concerned in tbh Washington or? ?n tor Mr. Lincoln. II* will no w:u>t it. The itseociaied newspaper press renders a special WaebingMo organ a i*pe< ia) abf nrdify un-l a ?p?x ia' cba'ity hospital for beggarly newspaper party politicians. Mr Buchanan, in spit# ol himself, bad a Washington organ fastened upon Ms back; and. next to Kaneae and the New York spoilt democracy, this nrir in hja roubled and perplexed him. It would be better for "IloneM Old Abe" to have a regular court fool forever at his ej ??<>*? stuff, cap, belts, and ail? than to coneent to the uilsance of a WashuigV i org m. Ouuinrmq th* Pour* Fokoi.? The Com rtiicei-, iters ot i'oli te, with laudable anxiety to mak* th" force orni.n en'-ai an weil as useful, have lately ordered the men to appear in gloves of Ute latest Paris! n touch, stitched on ? be back. Now It appears that It Is purposed '<> put tbe gu'irdlau* cf the peace into top boots, so Utey will be ptrle rt peiitiem-n, well a loved and well sho.i This is well. Th# p<? HccMtfi, lik* Bfoa .way, ?tli be a lovely sp?i> ta ie *ben be I" entirely finished, aod the fri?udeof the Com manners who supply the ?don u#ents to the forre have what is com mouly "alle?I a "big th'ng ' A? th* same rime may we be permi't'd ... ? Kfsrt. In the ami lelicate w?), flat the Cornm - iaaers night manage t* do ?om 'thing for tbe policeman's inner as well m his citer man Aim tst every day we have distressing evidences that the rac of Dqg^rms is not yet extinct, and therefore we that, aithoi gh there may not be any money in li. uie I'oiioe Commis-toners will throw in a little furniture for the heads as weil is the bee is of tbe men under their supervi?i*n. Nrwii lirnsn- Ws haw ktw is* sooted M state Uiii seals or boles for U>e flrst slgbl of lbs Optra may be stocrrd to-day al rite Awlnto j. A roaeert WUI bo (ivse at Dsdwortb's mows this eves tag, to iBtrortoee to tb* pablia Mrs M As<1ro?a, wbo Is we?J V now* la taafeaJ olmleo as an eivileDl amateur ?later. Mra Andreas WtU slag a mratiaa from ?Rea ir ne dl IVaSa," and aa nMllsh ballad, "Unwot Mr lsart." Sbs will be assist- I by Mr Hiatpooa, Mra Ma tart aa1 otbtr artist* or* rort asit "fara. br Ut< Mn^'u VNmip* at "lerwt r .ottr t . t? well m -i|ijr ? ? i). MteatNia !>' I t>'?ac!i, i>rii and Sflstn <*tU sa t to ?- i-a Ft? | 'C wefiaa ?rtm? ?w-as. fa ?? 1 1 **Jn A M' ' im, V ?n3i w M * THE ?1W ADBDUATRATlOfl. IHw tblca?o UyrlMM fl,w? ???Ui.g wf Ut FivatdwaMI ?a4 In* I'rabJMi K wwrkt PUfrtnu w tk* Blaw Pmbuib ?! frurmn rnVfr* dke., 4c. ' mtuoo, Not. tl. INI Mr. Hvnilc, Ttee Prertdeot eta*, arrived tan an trg kail took quartere at lb* Tremoui Boat, ?n<re Mr I arola It Mo >pm?. At aoout leu o'oloik thla cermnem ?he) were lutrtidum-d V> each <>' h-w^lt belag uu drat MM tuy tar* mo* iim Uu* nomiaaltoa A1 Uionjro U* ?tre no c? ditdini of lbs (una Joo*reai ? Llaoeia la ike Hcuae and Htjona la tfcu rteaalr ? they mm* Mara impi aa aoqiitu.maot , or otoo bad aa Inuoduotto*. Mra l.iaoola, a?W?<l?a by Mr*. Iludfe, of dprtaffiwfcl, Hn (V* Plan, ef Oato, and General Roblnaoa, of Pitta, bury, f?a , aad Mr ft ^n, luadlord o f tbe Trooxwl, vita introduced Um, vera preeent daring Um oerp moej. Mr. I.'nenta as J Mr Hamlin apoa Meeting avoided a* xtlflaen* or formality , and raw-red luta a aoetal ouarera* hob, which waa auoa interrupted by aa lanlawee u rlatt Um famoua Wigwam, wtea ra (bey mra tomlraied. Tbla tnntaltue waa aocimpaiund a? ibe ant foareaM-at that thia 'unone building U about la be tore <v wn, and therefor* ibe rtatt moat be made M oaoe, abwh war done. Tbe Preaideol aad Vic* P reel teed elect, accompanied by Mra Uwola aad Mr? Piatt, aa* attended >7 wtnai genii. mee, accordingly eotore.' or il?f?d aad proceeded to Um Wigwam. iftur a abort tarry Um- party vtaltrd Ibe sew Poat Office. Ouatom H mm ivnd United Mate* Court bu tiding, aad returned te tMMT MM. Aa iwrrnal arirher of poi'tlial rolturee ere to the may im l'ttrr)lvM ia, Jhlo, Indiana, Mlchlgaa, New Taaft, 'owe, Mlnr.eaota ana Maaaacbaeei<?, aad a lante oambtr from different parte of urn State. They aeemed detar mined to nab apoa Mr. blncwa, bad oocupy l>u Uaat rma trore important actlea with Mr Hamlin aad aJaara, ?bom hi* came to aw (? prirato bntioeea Bit (Nd Abe ki hi* 'are acelnat ee.-iog tnaoi today, aod fixed the tvtira b, 1 weee too aod 1 aelre to sorrow, wuoa he aaA Mr Qtn.iT, will receive ca'.lere. ilea art bore with j-wVeta Ml of cabinet# aid bay 'identity of highly Imp^ruat aJvioe Mr Hainan will loo re bore to mirrow eveninr f <r UTte oonatn, 00 a viait to getiautr Do >11 me. He will rt-tare aa aturday or Monday, and proved to Waabln^ma, rla ('jeTelai.d; Ohio? pay eg a vialt to Beoator Wane rn Mr. and Mr? Lincoln wiU probably return home aa lalorday. I'eauay traala la hound to hare a row over th? UaoleM. (> moron. V. umot, R. ea> r , tU-ad, f'orry and Grow, at tar by UxtUMClTM or friecla, are p.-eaalng their eta net. < >vodo'? txiixeton to SprlngOeld waa to batn'teaM it altera It la a rli-ar raae that the appointment of wa* maa from PenoarylTanla will damaire too repuhlioaa aaa aidato .or Cooyrttfa la rioreaoe'a Philadelphia dla>rtat Mi. Petr> it In, of CI nt<?t county, Pa., waa at dprrngtatd uo Tunaday, preaeioi Uui clalma of Uameron. At pr<>ai-ct the ctiaj>oee o' Mr Orow are decidedly Mac beet for tab Interior drpar meat, from the ia?t thai ta cma bot eeem to tx- tnixcx" op with the peraooal or laral (Itiarrala In thai Stale, and la luiowa to be thjruugaiy ptatod 00 tbe public land question Indtaua ui barmonuiac. Mr Lane, Ooramor eles af thai Mate, had an a-nMiloo for the United dialea rtuaaiw^ but a preaaxro baa been made upea blm to- rem* a t.ore.-ncr for two > ear*, am than auen?4 Bright, and allow aleb Smith to boooi^ filch on Ui 4 a jf V.aioa cell. Thla programme j-xmrn to Hchuylar C?Jax aa the Indiana candidate for tta (Jablae Ha will be Poet h uiter General or nothing 4. 8. Carrier aad Joha 0 Detroet, or Ludouia, are bore arf tug Colfan 'a claim. R. B Warhbame, M C , of thla 4Ute, and hia broMier, W I). Waabbume, of Mtnaeaou, hare been here today, and had tnierrtewa with l.iacotii aod Hamlta, K K Crocoh, of Near York, ts here, willing to tske aaf offioe that paya well J A tfrvoaoo m bore, but dno't know enotiy what tl waa ta. <i"T. Wood, of mtnote, m bee aflef anmethlng Mr WLartoo, of Pliladclph^, la urging Camorea'e nblans. .CO Klett, aed H C ffioan, of Pbtlade'pbta and K Wa'ker, ef H- n.l >, are amnuy tb> anz^iua crowd P. bert C brbt?ol>, of Ohio, a bo waa elfnrel a Cabtaal rtn to unit* Mm rt aad (*u>hn<)d it, arrived b ?? ??> r?'H, and will be ?>. od for a pl:io? in l.lBCOto'a IMM It ta aigoed that Mr '^^oooa will hanywi'z* tbe >rearh estatle( bet "en Wade aad Chaee aod the rep- 1 ilitana of Otlo Doubl'ul. to addltiua to thoaa earned abort there ta a ho?? at i<?enr n*i ta be?e applrinf for at jrthio< they ran r>n By UHirUay lite ^tate [Voartin iul *<ll b< uffated to Mr Kev.ard, wbo wtU Jtmlice It II aili Ui <a uudoabte ?.iy b* o'lrf. 1 u Mr Ha Ww. of M'*eonr< who may aoeept it U nog lia< <>ea low oe are Kirceaafai Ul . Not , 21, '^00 T*?o Da i'j U^oOUr. lb* cvntrai nrjaa of ike Hntf aa ii o-nrrv .. la Uila Am npK?i a*i faction, <a %a a*v binlc ndiinrlal in to day'p nut al Mr l.iocola ? ?*.?* vat Tf nw iilioca, aj r*u*cl<J la (Jaaalor Tmai>Ml ? , but prralrut lb.' ditU>l?tralk<a ol U>a rupv. ji.oa l*i i j- it caaa tbey ?b aid bo oarrtrd out. H M corfTO'.ly acwrlM) thai Mr Liaoola'l visit U -2> i-afi ta let* i dad Wi r tL. V*ra:t Ui? d taallafbctioa ? pwV-il to arl*f tmnn( ' w -ad'nal r*po?ito??* >4 la? SVnbwaat %t the 0<"t>?erT?i I?m of P?aaw>r TmmWii'i ? >>? t, aad io laip-twa the ? Joo#maaaa tmm im inm m-' <?j with the naeattlty ?f moaerBilaa <lu " o< iMud B*?ei/>c of Coa#r?#a. It la atated oo *ood Bnth*rHy tba? a c*avnt'ai Of Mr Urnnln Btartnd Snclh BICbt to prur* Mr Ba4< t wllilBtoaaa io ar^pt a irvl it tie raotnrt Tbr IV>n*l?? l<*d*ra f trreaa *cc tiroca Uial im praam! fou.l botwrx'r ILe alnlfBty Waal wort* aad Ua eola'l r?U.w*fi *111 rarq.'t la aoprajiliof rtreaiar tmn bii:, ' 'Let | 'otu.'' bttae uu-aaoly , wllB *x.oib-? rcpuhlfciaB. A t i"l?ct mow atoTD prevail* Inn* to d at, a ?> 4 Ihr lows iuo?? (loony aad .bBerted tlaea u>? term *%ij t* m oral of wbc oetitr* of atlrwcttna Ha '-oral eapeelaola arrived if i? norBlnf f*r>ai i?) aad laoiaaa. tit k* eoraly raiad oa On ,iof Mr Llaoatt roae THE KANSAS ABOLII ION FURAT. T? ? Oaatfffia of Mnai|i.ia*i| aad Ilia Daadiia-AII the Ma?aa in Maa>h??4 *Iimk art ta ha Ml I'ifa-Priitarallaaa of the 1 limatlaaj u Kaptl tlta la?a? am. <we., ?ve. HiM*, Ms , M<vr at I lii A maw m?et its* w*a haid btr* *> day tor th? i . rp->ar al MiaaulBf a m. ile*y ^?"?uaai !????. tf ??*i~?B-t, ta tka a.d a* our bro'her* oa IB* bord*r R?r i ,ij?bb wart , aaai u' . ln?-m Uta fb' lew lay ? Ri?t T?w1 That ?f do aul d??if? la kmf ??? tr 'atar f?r? w'Uj kaaaiia iyrflt>r>, o? ita ritif a* wt>il? Iw* at lir>a Uvma *?a to ikair M?rr a^l, out ?# oa* l > !K? >4 <i?r oaa Ita- a d .if, ??><. aaaaii-?i b? a ba?H ir>ida<(bt wu? JI, a I .eh aa pta ifa waaiata lo |*? ! ??? !??d, Thai, la a>ir opiaioa ?h? Pratidaai aaoaM r?-? 'a*a ??*!> Bar nw< ud ?faip? act Ta tf U? r.tatt r4 iha ia ?* a d twpr?ia?>oa of oaUaaa ? Uw tx.| rcj of Iha t ? wa ?lamainla. a-.d lh-' it It iha ?jtj- of titr ti.>i*r?or o* Maaoan at la Baa.i ??n aad util a.aof i ur *?alarB fc?rdar R oar MM aa<i fir m tba law*. V?r? k (XBK tiraa war* afpoiaKd, abac tb<< maaiiac vicirr ?A a"lll aait Milrrday. TU! lowifc# uai.dbtU + Bow ctm. atia? tM i?lll) ? TO A* MX. Wa?uw, N?r ti 1WI t>ar atala baa '?""?a fa'^dod ?b" wir fria^l, hy a nwid M abmttlaaiaw Fna Kanaaa, ui.dat t->" ,.?d m Mobla'JBary F'>rl **>U ba* ba~o .alia bf torir, U>? tlrooit <?arl baa ba*a t.r*ea -f, ?r"1 r^oa of lb* <?'a?1 .lary tad ennww morn*? ?) y v,?r. w thraawt- d a mint*)} oofcpatt <a k. b. f..rwi*d o? Saturday aaxl. aad M th* n m?- la r n i**r Oar oaatry m ia daa gtr Rally, r%U| , tat ba frt-ptr. w. l.*a Id oar Luoaa [? 0 "IaMji'*. 1 VIPK f. | i mm .,rK i ??*?*. yooaaiMM ? ? *1 rx i*->f< I J * n aM Ki.T. ) Q nil Robrrta, of T*r?or, i~*aaad Ofc> * yt?*ar4ay w a aw triftr lo tba ?oa*rBor tar Bid. It waa ramnrt^ em lb* airarta to UlT, but ulao* ?bat Hallt' MILia, ia VarnrB co'jily, bad bean burned by Moo tf unary Mcntfovery (teelaraa thai be lat*tida carry ' t ( oe tba war bbIiI Im ftera rrrry nafro la Sortbwaat Miaarmrt I arf# qxiaalltlaa of fare, rw .?er*, e.i j?aa*a aal >t(M* war iropl?wa? l? hat* '?ar?Vj<r'M' Kfnv ih fi?f lb* r-Jrrim " Tbry war* #?st r -a ttn I a\ (ig l*tt ?|?a i*i?w(>:-a. a*a'? r*l tm*ra lo u? *?1hv* ?If. irry ar I t a wa <r?.a *!,?? 1 ftit tt? ,y ?" obUJS 4 f*'fo * I Wr "tw t?e ?>#f w(?i, >'?? ^ f . -v >? n, i?a> yraaa?l?'4 * BiU m IB 8o-r??r* IkiM?

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