Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 24, 1860, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 24, 1860 Page 10
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THE SOUTHERN CRISIS. ?nr ' itspateWs froai Wa?hinRto?, ? icbmoud, h?!iu>tti, Savauuah, Baltimore aud Trenton Tf As Financial Effect of the Re volutionary Movement. Ihupencicn of Banks and Bankers in Charleston, Augusta. Ga , Trenton, B. J , Pittsburg and Baltimore. ACTION OF THE BOSTON BISKS Mtnllnw lit* of Foreign Min isters on th? CrlnU. ADDRESS OF THE BAP1 IST3UF MARYi AND The Terms Upon which Gtesrgia will Remain in the Uoi^n. IPEBCfl OK SFNATOR SbW4RI)U.N THE CRISIS. The Lettrr of Uovci noi Magoffin, of Kentucky, *0.. Ac., fto. THE RETORTS FBOM WASHINGTON. Wiunnoa, Nov. 33, 1^90 Th* Cabinet bad another protracted b<h?,oo to day. While there wo kerlouk aid alm-at 'naurmountab'e dllla reawa of opinion in tho CaV.aot In regard to Uio I'rtal Meot'a icrthcomlag Mcwage, tcortkicg tho ooiitltullonal right of a 8Utc to tecods, and bow far the government aught to go to prevent It , yet Meaari Cobb aud Thomp Boa w hi DOt f,ei Uemkelvea called upon t) retire iroa tLe Cabinet uct.l tbey are bow tie Melange received la toe ,aiid abat iHe-t It bare upon tbo Joutbcrn ?Mlal'vif la both Uo-jnei of C.>ngre?*. Tbclr groat ?ire to auaaiii tbe Prcsliieut, and avoid tbo diarupti >n af the I alon by any peraenal aa^xioa aud ail bjnora'j.e imuiii. wjl induce them to remain until Iho laat mimed, and until all bopt of gaviiig tbo country iball be given up II la not truo that Uie Pnnidaat will re wmmeud cojt avu Tbe government will act purely on the defeoalve, Hd w il only reilal tbe violation of tbo fe<loral l?wi, abouid any tflate attempt to infringe upon them. 7b t bu la bound to do by tbe conatltuttou and bta oath. Moat of tbe foreign Mia intern have returned to TCaali tagton aud are vlewug aitb tuqi ailivo tuUrtal the pro fT?M of event* lu the South. 80 oe if the nm yte* wbo bare bo< n luog here arc inclined tj rigar J ;b? poMuaals nd vehement drmonriralioc* In South Carol: ia m only a way tbe Soithernera hare of " blow ng oB," at J iMixo that tbcie will bo no actuil cxplualoa Hie ph'ea vatic diplomats from tbe uorth aud weal of E-iropo, however, icrutlElro m< ic carifuliy tbe cvi'lencc, wt oh the prcaent tiniea jroXioo In bold rt.ief, of t&a oustrurxty In bablu, vplnlort, view*, aalipalhiea aad j*alou?lf? la different pi-tt of the ooofc>i< rac) ; a.. 1 ?j>se of tbe msra pfa.iojopakal thicker* antotg Item e -nailer tbat uot ooiy ? a dM*olu.ioa of tbe Cr. 1 n ln??',tab!e, but tint '.he preB-nt naU>n mil be dlvidt I tot > at least faur republic I, Swat era, Mlldie, %>nta' r au4 'uui c wn^a ng Uioie d:!ferci.t circle* Ite augmentation ?.r the ca-a^ar of Stat ' k , and the in<"rta?c of ilarery, to the oMn'.uai nf three atullona obr-rverr, are t??o 0.1 :?e* >>r llw fWlt ercfl'Ct and a* tt re la no eirs nor pr?v?tattv f?r ?Mbar if tbo t'ui'O ? .Hit, -vivo ovi ry ether b --ovf, llxae n j?. iritroy It on 'ay or tbe other, aaJ prabati 'y W) mod. Tbey fu'?b,<r u* that if a ae.walloj ? take pta<? lb-r?? ?1U be ebar jr* of g veroment, I be Stutoo Ibat #lthSr?? *lH ? ck to Improre ?pen tbe pol tkul *y#:cm? of *hlca tb iy ?nwpialo V> hat ar>?Jor tf tbe ?e?dinf Jutn *V ci 1 (M?olMtt? M ? llcit*^ m ?(rcb]f Wju'1 It txil b: ? I to pitce tbv eblef <?oci t!?? d' ? tw>>t o l laroulent c>m politH n i'JCb a( tut tHi.n J Jt Willi ?o?Uf W lull tbo cfearge 19 u berellU-. cbn' niig ft-a e b? wn?e Ibtn Utr char CO ct. ' o?u! Ceuvoull m ton a !?;?* fhr ?')ulb ? aut- a ?t." 'f? govern i".?cit to k*ep u o-'1?r tbe inferior roco, la certill?| it t iatcnin dl?j?r>>psrtlan?i?ly greatrr tfan tlio ?'i|*rii r * it' ? May U'?t a*oea ?igiit ed prrpbet res 'n tre r?r f 11 -re a man 00 h^riotar*, the cb?MHo autocrat i f ti;e 'Juubv ibuttV There are oomn cf thj lar.'lga newt >f tSe eclstnc rrl?# N 1 I 1! ttran'.mo3??-i *'.me-t of to-> 4 |>kB.U.c ci rp\ th?t ;.li? 1 44 to ?! ?f tbo IV m would ' ? ( ? e*luiLB| W tbe wh lie L m*o race, tally dopier* >. ? ?o grcTjtif rf butcarlly ard foirwoa Mfe'y. Til'*-? *'? ^ iutl -us will act li<: regarded at il timet, m at anch a crl . at* *!l , artieo muo> h*?e 1 .a, rtl (.town an 1 a Joc'ct j ro*t~ t f^r the 0j>U.. i3 of It? f j"jev eni ghtene'l aativno of the world At the ran J titr.e It | to yvoper to t>ld that the gentlemen wbo ?i ' gvaiel . ly aad w. rthily repreaeot th^oo matrM, ib arm 4 ret.' rase x ngtrd to Ike ptvaeat relatlooa of ti e Hon tb aid V>nh wh eh oonflrm their claitaa to aoc'.aj eo beo a every < rol-, whU.1 It atteotn tbe.r g->od tar.e and awe of propriety At preaeut there a a very atriag under :urrentof op'.a too and feeling letting tn from tie -xiuth and Soutbweat. teapun : ig to tbo well known vioa* wb.e.h tbo i*re?.dent, ironi ha iami'iar pab'ie aeta and fraatty tip'oeae.! aeal.meott, thriugb an uoaiually long political caret r, la nedorttood to rbe' Jb The Trealdent 1 eeJa a<> ba. t lag ep He eaa neither be bullied nor eoa.x*!, ?or * ba boa lutroog , obet oate, or f c I of C bt Were be any of ibeae the I'aioa woald ba ; >>na t*rov,daac-: haa p ared tbe r?ecni've p-<wer at thin troabla crlan la tbo ba:..'? of a ataV:*B an p eaeceta. tba patrlotl**, tbe ?nMaaa.aaU the omprebenaivc knewleU^e, e^jal to tha oeeaa'on Tbe Jklltlef to which 1 bare adverted were never ?tore rtrlkingly dapiajed than la the Cailnet I men -?l.>ua dar't ? the 'art ibree or frmr week* Tr> 'ay Uere waa per ret unity amo-.g the member" of 11,* Oabiaet on ail tbe lea- 1 jr ? ih>c? of tbe V- me ? uhmiti'd In tbem !a* deed, ib'ra cerer baa b^ea etore tbe formal lia of tl e (avert 1 at, a eorpi of o-'tatitatioaal atv -ra of the Chief *? ?tra e, at>ong whom a an>re tborjagh ?(??i aad>ratan< ng waa matatalued D.'-rT^ on abr?ra-t point* maj n at, bat they ar? alwaya larg. ly toler?tal and a* eab'v Maeuaaed Nolh rg a.fp'caebing to a J * pat* baa ever a*t? a atnitg tt em aer fan II ever ar te flt>?e etle:t -i?ng pera> o< are ta'k og rata*! a'i'jg here aa organ f?.r Mr lAeaota Tbey will pewbahty fr-l aleb of It the (>?! jrw s w?pap**a in Wi '.'njtu thrive InSmtely better tn tbe at<ale of opp * t'-wi than la ?be aunahla* of g->remiwrot pa<r>a>?e Bert'l?*J ?t t* a tnitely raaier k> pn^liah or *on!-j t aa oppn?<t ,oaer (ad* paMdeal paper Y<? tare 'or uaaod)? altaeii <a ea*i?r a all tiaaea than defenre Mr lacbana-i bae never ba< a?j^i?g\n 1 *ti<i ajm, If by that terti n ra -aat a i>a > r aliUta are, aar*ti mmfOfri H' w ta II p?M'i?l* thai h? C" 1 d ire* ? Itelier'a that he woaH Iraat ?b ? ?ffi Hal, or evej ??tr.' oAotal. eipoaitlna of b * vlewa to vno (Vat.Tuii ? "r.e beat \rbielea for a l're? iert'? *i*iaaa'Mt n? t? tbo eawatry are tbe ladepesdoal tooraala a' vaat eln-ala' j hv ry aaar an 1 w<;man *b ?ai ap'oloo ta w^rlb aaytt: n( rtaia tb??<- ant If M? Uac*?la were tn eata'itt^b flere a juarn? at the to ?t ettrararaot ?v,?.n*a, the C**< n ama? wnnld^rtve n oat of ibe ma tet rM?'ts.latl'V '* w j-t of t?? t? q i"?l'<ia Tie cleraa la U>e J?,?r>. nn ta ? < pe;i i t r. a> ival, and a-e I ? k laf to ia*-YHr" " ?? 'a A l' old av<> atiaM Tae'a a-r brtfkw l?patlt(i%n* from rji- r pa-ta d'??!glr# lb- r pra.dtvnnraad "Vc ? awa.t a*? 1 1?? 4t Ma' b Na aatkai nun <? an> ot i?e ^I'lni all da?ea 4?-la?e e*at<rnu' favarable w> l.'n?aa *tv?* n i?<teM >o?o l? M?e dtaw^a ba?e e. ? Wd |i??a -e? akl taavalta* aad eaefr 1 ct* ae oa;?? *"l ? lat>m Hba n? 1 fcere yl r-(Mvpr'~>t ' 14.1 **??> ni o ?a a ara ;-"*aJ lii*o>eat j ! na B*>^l*aMI|r +*.'"Tr ?*e att ki- *. h <i *0' ?r*i?t 1 Or ?,t'v.'t*. Aa.eaaar " lha.r >a'.' ?.a> '"?wbt "?? ,a 1 J?orf *ow> ? Uian *re? Be lb1 ia h * ? 1? ?'?,?- t.g? la lb* pa'oa ei t f* Uipl W ? "bid mi K aenttrl ('fff unev nem tr 1he '?'vr r-partmeut, Aitbough it temiKrartly dli Uchm t'? President, la view ol uittloajliM of r a.a(iiliude, the strength ol th? military pe*fr ol ha govara ncui la thai uhik>b wilt he o\l lO .tJ irmui^B the t ippreseioa or th ? laad | .raiioai cipouit.oa lu ifco KoriHwtsl. It Hill be orasbvl before Ltacj.u na.oe ? Wuhitgtan ipplteai u In beu?)f of mining lor PAu ? F..ak a Terr< tstial g.jiernanni are already bare Home ol U?'.r ?pokctmen go w!ih the President la opposition to aeoea tk>u tut (libera, anno powerful ai borne, go win mo Boa lb litters con inuo to be received from B0uihC4r0 .ua r?y,tc, Ibal the peop.o of ibat tflate have oaq .arrv-l with Pr (alb ex.1 Hucaanajj. Tbo ap jrclietision Ik expressed here, however, ibat questions growing out of aooes moo will Lave 10 be practlc-aiiy dealt w^to b) J11 1 resent adniitiiauiuiun, as it i? s'.itted from a lit t;i *t ubeu source, ILat f luth Uuroi:ua w.u oertainiy au 0 it- t?. k on tu> tLe "5 lute Cosveunou si'Ail ao naoite. The op Hi ion nbu.oB in cilloial quartan, lua; thovgi the South has jast Cu lie of cooipuiat, againni 'lie Nor lb no Sine n j vial 1 Boil it? tecres.-.u or re vilulioLary movements, not, at, until every cobxtit Jtlonal aud legal measures of re.roaa tavo boen exhausted, tu-d that no State baa ibo rijbl to omnmlt any act whioo would bave iba elleot of such a ooed.tlon <?>'. u would induce or compel other duieg 10 jolu ber in ? jwrpplioa of 1 the I'd ion, and that a oaim, dispassionate dtliberaijju of tbe part 0! the people ma/ result .0 ui(a?ures to r?si?re general cobOdenee and preserve tbe integrity of toe con stltul.on Such is undeistocd to be tbe poa i >>n of tbe President. STATE OF AFFAIRS AT CHARLESTON. Cimk.x-i')m, Nov. 23, 1800. The Mtr.uij .n an editorial tbn morning > I In jles tbo Idea of blockading Charleston, aud fay* a federal n ocaade would oniy hasteu tie coifuuiat.on of a Southern i>? feoeracy , aud would u.l 10 Isolate Soe'h Carolina f o-n the r later oeitliii -'laics, as tie British embargo failed in 1774 to isolate Mas>v buaeite irotn ber ?inter oolob'.et. A ticket (or ibe Convention appear* in tbe morning pa per*, cnbrartnf! tbe naves which It Is g-neral y con ceded will be elected from the Charleston diatrlst. Tae ticket is beaded by ex Senator Kbetl aud Jadgo Magrath, and ta composed part y of old lecesn-wiif ts, |-^'.ly of .-?rmcr co operalltcit'.s, but the pre*<.ot p Otioal views 01 all of them are announced by autbor.ty to be ex pressed in tbe tolloaiog propositions ? I'.n: ? Thai tbe Convention, whtvi aa^emblod, should withdraw & ulh Carolina from tbe Confederacy of tbo I'nited Stales aa soon as the crJ ctir? tl secetKioo oan be framed Scund? That after Pouth Carolina witbJriva from tbe j confederacy of tte I'nited ftit a ah" sbeald never be reantted ?iib any of '.be son tiavenelding iftateaof this luii.n, in any lorra of govcrnnieut whataver. A Mil will be introduced in the Legislature, and will undoubtedly pasa, provid.nj that free uegrocs sii?:i ieavo the S.ate brfure the 1st of January , lSfll, or tten ib&ll choose matters and be slaves Cockades are l (tch demaud that rcwsb:ys are BeJinf tbcin around the hotels TI1E EECF98ION FEELIVO IN GEOROU. CoLnmrs, N?t. J3 1^60. A nr meet rjt of thif and ??rrmin1ing CMntie* In (Worg'.a and Ala' air a will be bekd bere lo morrow. Pro ie'.dcM from Georgia, Alabama and Sotth Oaro Ilea will be bere to hold a private noQiultatlin to v'.feaplan ft r pob&b.e eer.vrr'on Tb j merchanti w!'4 c.oee their More# during tbe day It It t^ n:'pM tore that It will be alvUable for tbe Bculbero bank* to stipend !n a abort t tac Tb* convention of Alabama has lfgi? .it ?o power*, aid will undoubted It antfcerlze tb? eutpearcn. IMPORTANT action op the osoaoiA. I-EUISLATTRE. arot'in, Oa , Nit 23, 19M D ! '.t:'? of that wnt ment reg*'.'ed at the N'ortb a? "cotiei vatlTt" [{.revalla In Ibc "outtj. Iloro c >a??rva tint la excreted in tt>? rtsolrt rt elided atteC^or/ i T "K'platvre by Mr BarCiay ? K' ??,lved, That the .atereat* and f r.or of fie irgla de frMid a rep. i\' by the Northern of the aaiol ?Uuctirg \t* ri tuition o( fuguiveb, bocacic tue ta?i are ? co>r it., and have ii;.i ? > dec. 1*U by the pmne L .utt RiimlveJ, That the InWrea* and bonor of 'Ipo'ra de r uid tba ?ta? loior.i oy Uingrita >( ia?a roioov l< toe i.t.atfcct.yti to the 'otrylucilm, aari pr.< ?tdirg preteetWe. I lb' Ti rr:t?-r'ig o? all prr ;>e"y r< g" I ly lit.' ?n r. itut ' B ai.d deo> , f tbu "upremn Cou't 1. ?<?.???<? ><.*1 I <? repeal i f .til' !*?* Cbtait ,n, .a'.il in I ! i- Orel ri ii'iullon, aa.l Urn art undili o^o* ?*;; a V. 4 .0 t! i *i >..d, ait the i niy r ? i ilm.s i: p n'. ra .1 trg 'a cat 'en .?? n, coreiatent with hi r i :j;au and Ifr.bprt, in ne I'ntoa. All ED K DNArPIX 5 ?>FFREENBjn?) -AI LOBS AT THE SOUTH f<av*.\<uti, Votr 33 lSdO. It -it :>?ta rau jred here for ?i<rer*i day I, . -iigwu'rtl j d> rci.ud, tbat ? tfrti cigro luatcm w -ro forcibly takto id toe o'Ktit of tbe 17ib from lb] bark S. W Br <ire cf CtiBit'. rln.d .aland, and were But after* aid* bvaid of. It la alao r . xi irid that tbrne free aegn (a.lort, a prion of the crew of tbe br'g R ag .id, were taken li< n. Frriaad.iia jail aLd removed to parte uokn, wn. ibe J itai dioa Ba*l I'Lrtdian, Of tLe Slat, aaaerti the irtufc.'a mi ul tbe rop rt!<. and attribute* theci.*eto ratal aterjr acaturft, bat condcmne tUe {.rboe^lLBg* Jut ;u Fuuaa.. in a cbaifc v. the (<ra id J ary . d?>u uooe.1 Ibeae art* The editor u;a it ia probable It.' L-<a at o ? , ail an aet prercLttEg Nottbcrn rotatia url?4Ui| cucU crew* entering 1 lurid* port; COSrilION OF AFFAIRS IK VmOISIA. Hi. an Nov. 23 1?40 Kecent man.fcalatlon* am ig .atanf li e ultra 'ju'beti lUop tallpfy mc that tbe greateat obatac'.e to a peaceful Ku.u.ct.t of the eitattag diil'au.;,.-e at the Siuth, m the f? ar of compromnlcg <V>utbem bonur by ar. atardttrmfnt of the ultimatum of ? ?oc? ? in, ?b ? ha# a i k-cg been thrratexei a* a certa'.n cv.uat., lecce I cf the of a black npublican Preel lent fvrn cvnaervattve mep conirmp.atr witb t irror tte hu j l-.a t on atd d r;rate whl:b labmltiioo would eota 1 t:(?m the Siutto Vnu n:ay r?tt aaaurel if rbe r,;,no'ia it w<U on!) he v r an en ira'enl, wbt?b, fro* pfieent ledica cat one, tbe Nortb ? :ll bard y grar.t. rbe eeceef i>i oiemrnt here ? u very ap^rebeof ! re tbai tbe ?r?f"ca < a of ipt -:e layarct by our hatk* ? . .. d torvw a darr m r r.p<ro the patr >' C a*!or cf V rf'.a ?, by deiuor?tra''Dg tfce rilimi tea dency of the rreva-llag ese' eneiiu Tie general ? i?t* la thie, aa in other xuatee n'*t MI)wm, hae relieved. fcowe?-er, tMa arf?l>?o? oa, and row tbe <dr? aeeina le prevail tbat tbe geoerai ebao* wb cb th'l ?ute th.ri? If.rnhadowa wtU produen leepalr of the pt"b? ??y ot ro-iw?IUatt*g ai rlfnH'r* iwtrnreir al and ?j at r al r,,Htr.i upo-. any e' the oi l bav I rbe aecfe ?? ?* i.i icktta.g a bop* tbat tbt r*wp'e ? ,1 *oon r?a r* the ct ty rt a ?n .?f ??m? ?n? t tvnftT*'* p>r' tJical r*curr?t*e? 3' tbe?e pat't^, k '4 u \ , ho'd ug ti p v'ew, tbey wm d uolU* tc i w? v t* Cr*l taaua ! ha-e an tbat tt? ma^ f ty tf tt? e are ?* ?? v ?f U ree iK?t 'o !?*? rerslql1 ui an' it*- a W''e a; r r*beri n ?f ?i"i"ar cat tat'oplva 'e ' |>i*y ?v I mm ? aler any t'?jvtfa'v d?e*d?aat*g, to ?*?th? c*??i f )b? par. fce"y r?m ve^t !t ? ?iBderWew* tbat ah.'i:!1 a ?vjtnfer o ^'rer* aeie?h!e. tbe <)ue*4i?e nf a antfnrm pi i?f eon ater e- a'* will bed ?cjarV Tbe l'a >n m^o w I i '?ient tb ? i? tb* ebnlfl* of *lwtat<v<>?, and t '*????? ? '?i t?i lake I ??. Ifcaveai W??--t that I eh a p) ?) ? .1 be edited II ? eaid tbat ar addreea w ? b? iMtnd to a ' tbe .'i.erB ft>: *. ?eti r* 'o rt. the pil'ey **?>#) on. a^d ? 'i. ? rg maiert*' a t i< **iai ?b <* r ? .t ' ai'e * tb f ?>?) ^ ? wb . b w 'I ?<?? '? ? ,* 'tr ?e afi the p>i**'VI ty .t rmrie* 'r ti *j>it IMS Tt. "i<e t?fw? r ih? *n th ?.'? >at ri ih . -*? 't frt tr ar a^prehrri s tbat tbe I ?g Hn'i'i* *f me -ai it ?en f i? ' , ? htrh nml n??t w.ntar, w p? ?? i?w? e .ti p? eg !?!*; to l?at t.r be ?ni I lelo i.a v?r/ S ? Uw hr It( fall ~?t *r><t in tvt?|| Ifc#y ?v<rei** ? IWIM'IHM lifjiB'e r?e tl. ?*v>i Th?y areikli ir\ 1- ?ir Bebl* ' J hj V" ? Wh't* (I'll t* t*e r'tTwt* M> r*<*e?e' ' r't* m*n?i?et ??*, a*d I., ait ?n ,n ?ia*?* ate* I tfnr IWeir aaeter* tk* d**ttra wt ?' if? e'l"** w j>f on-ir*e he tb? Vielh and t' * .ih ? et'erftPy arrgntl i.aV thil lerfrn i.pic thv vwki >' ?*le?*-l# aa H**Mit tj II# pipili <w? It * rerf'Urt Uiat fnerv ee an^"o?' a bar* ^ -e ' ??#* ia ' (?< Ab*'- foe i>!* *tt?( ?iflie a ? iv r?. ' t dial ?bj woald rirwa I the ram * ->f *> c*ct? ? it .4 h e?tee*w f a tohde Pfaefa u r / .*? c ? ? j it* of R'ehcind Tb* jiee'l'nw ef tb* r? ?-' .a' w 1 , wintd i . ???><? the prr*<at !iratt.aeal won J '?"e I te nr-- 'i ' ifa* r *4 ifcal Btvi* rl-^ 4#*"' j*" '**.* ? >y 1 aad ^y J?<!fe H, ? * fiV-'ar- ofPeter*bt:r| ot efca-fe t*. i.M ml a few Ja/s ago to ;he Urknd Jury la tbo O kti ot thai oily , re.Krrel iu aume lougth to the pre*- it detracted lUtc of Ue country, ari attribute 1 a'l ll? pre eti.l ev till to a spirit at iawio?.-ues* watch tf i?t j ?< i -&M to base kt j ? a up among the people. A meettug was tie id In Goochland connly, od tbe 19th ?i*t , at vl-icti resolution* r? adopted d< ? iti*' election l.tncolu an ipen and otticui arouai by a popu lar m??or:ly at the North and of the nati n; that the , wl aggreaalora of black repcbllcanigm are right; mat tueeleo tloo ot Lincoln ia as open declaration on the. part Of the biacka that aggreulona against Southern 'l|hla are to bo peralabd In with great aggravation In the future, at J that they do daro to rotlai a?gri*B.on and to maintain tbslr rlghta under the constitution. A resolution wu alao adopted requesting the Governor to call the l-egialature together on tbe lit of liecemier, with a view to their Issuing u call for a flat.) Uouvenllou. The Etaniiur of to day regret* that too Southern State* ihould adopt the policy of sepaiate State act'on In pre'eren-e to anited action, aa they seemet dupoecd to do. it itlll urgea Virginia t? unite with tbe other Aioth ern States, en 1 presa tbe neceeeUy and eapodieucy of a Southern Conference. | It i* now pretty certain that Vlrgtela ha* gone lor B?il i by u bout two hundred majority. Toe democratic vote a I Jenkine' Congress onel district, which may be said ti be , beyond the range of civilisation, wai very email there are countUe n tbat dlatr.Ct which it take* tw3 ?eika to btsr from. rtc Kcuth Carolina Itidente at tbe University of V rgi cla hare forpially tendered tbe'r ?*-rv tc? ti tb?ir natiro i-uic. whenever th?y (ball be needed, to th rath L'ncle riarn. BANK SUSPENSIONS IN PITTSBURG. Prnvitdtc,, Nor 23. 1880 The bank* of th'* elty, except the old Sank or Pitts burg suspended specie payment* to day. The Uaak of Pittsburg pay* specie on ail Ita liabilities, as II did !n 1867 GOV. W ISE AND THE SECESSION MOVEMENT. Nortolk, Va , Sot 23, 1S0O Got Wise ha* offered hla eervicea to Got. Gist, of South C?roilca, >n caae of an emergcucy, and if not re quired by Virginia. BANK SUSPENSIONS AT CHARLESTON. r-HABLBSion, S. C , Nov. 23, I860 Tte M, rcury ray* the farmer* ' Exchange Bank, Charles ton. rcspenlert yesterday. SUSPENSION OF A BALTIMORE BANKING HOUSE. Batmio**, Not 23, 1840 Samuel Harr'.a ft Son*, bankers. Lave euspen led. It 's understood to be only temporary SUSPENSION OF THE TRENTON RaNK<. Tebsto.t, N J., Not 23, 1803 B ID Trenton banks hive inspenied. Tney pay out ?u.a I amounts to buu.aoa* men in the city. THE cUSPEN^ON OF mE NORTH CAROLINA BANKS LEGALIZED. Rautma, N. C , Not. 23, 1860 Tbe tcrrcns'.on cf tbe North Carol na bank* ?u legal ised by tte Leg'tlatare to-day Tbe pr0c"cd;cgs were witfcont special Interest. SUSPENSIONS AT AUGUSTA AND CflABLES TON. Ar gtsta, 8a., Not. 32, 1S?0 It ta rumored in hank rtrcles here to day that Governor Brown win veto any lav sanctioning suspensions of banks .r.less tbe State sr cedes. There are rumors, alao. tbat one or more of the Ch?'l"s ton banks have suspended, aa well a* a large co'.toc boite naxea not given. This seeds on. FINANCIAL AFFAIRS AT BOSTON. A meeting of Iho bank oir.cnrs wa* held la Uosw>c yen ti rdey in reunion to tbe Lutuoti cr.fcia. 1't.e foJoTlog dcfpatctea were rcceire.J n w city }tFlwU]f> m. Not. 2J, 1880 8. G tf4*p, Ne m York:? Our ClonrUg U- ??. OioiB'.t tee rMCbBienda bmka t at th*tr aatire re. elptd ud the adoption of a arateiti r n .ar to thit of Me ? Vork. ffUS'KLU .{ > VKS' BufliM, Nor 2" licO 8 fl Wakp, New York ? Her? r ? ftar for B aw a, to lot* or He New York ?a .ka ccnl'naa to par WllJt* VT KM,', FiU .KUS inv;:<. < ber ai*tl<"t* mclwd from P jd r'ats thai tbe . alike l! that cMy ar?. pn par'.*! t-j d>wO it uaediately to tbe nun cf i*tc mt'.'K a of t -iiar* Not. S3, UM At (IB .' 'orro-! IT "t li g r> tie r?r > r l>*"k ? > ff Mr a I" [ -*ay, a c . j ; lit 1 rrj> *t at the r<ra' ? ' t eettog e?'.'<d 10' to i' -row *t wh.jh all the r ty > i ks ?111 ba rcpr "Mated the tick n.arkrt t" rtay til <i : t* act'*'^ and i da r dei' ?> ?"OTfinttt ;n A- ar *1 n altera waa t al!> a THE BANh ^ Of KICHMONP. from tt?- ANebi i u ! l.'tapat )?, Nor. il T? ?ter?iajr ail 'l.e I u ? r - a ?? ' > lol net- . I! \ aT , > of the F??iaore Baik, I > *iie- -nd'.ne ?f se'e piy Tti la Thta pro Trdlt K tiu tu 1 ? '.lb i>i- .I'moat una' aau.a appro* ai of the ttaitaofii tmoot The emha* I mi ii sla ?'f the : iu< - aie aot ai.- '? .a o .? theatitiitvit ?""tree 1" eftrvcr 'at ? flranjlal rrri ra or e* Tb*r ar" aitogrth- r o? 1 1 -i r-4"?re of a po ltieai aature, orrr *M-b rcilhi r our btoka e r th>a coaimueity ? ulJ bare', asd 1 ?r wbUb tbey ??? a: lrpttfr t r i-ro: ?;t> < Bn it* fffecta of tvee ra' ??? p> Detrain evert part rf ihe country, aal o"i?ai m a uBiftrial difiurbacco of vt? li.di.tlrr aud trad<- of lb.' latlwn. A ccu-iueuUt n .u.? n, tiarlug ita ori?la n irt.rt'y 'rrrv r-'a' a?'i O'laae'*' rtl* h? >a a;>re aracure t r.lro ?c. and rea>i nut he a<? wile rtrv^l:o!i? i et> "lul Ifct ?; tin wb'.ob th; ??;? na th? Vi Irn ? ta Citlt >. ' n ri roa r !U iJ'.??trpi:a rn-as qsei ? r "lerj *t?ro, " d ; i .* that tart i f pari1 ab'ch eic?< .)? ;o ai. '.Mly aay ir.t'e soarn relal i'ie:i? mcLt.aDd which .r rriittllM 1; wool I tie, li.<*aed, ld> fo; ihe b^Lfa to aiU aft to tlaad *t a iat It 'he baiiiia tbr> ,l.^t ihr Plato will fjl o* >n't, ap<1 haairg tha i eared ofl the rf*man't upoa tbem. an ? pit tb< n t l?m toto a ood1 t oo t'i atiecid a Mora liseral aid to tbe b..a r< m c D.nuut > , tb re be lime act a bet t. r rram* of ailed U look upo? and e->nU'Bp'?t?< th? c ? ditloa of afUIre, aod ae? what nan be doae. li Una cuy ibf iSti l i>! IfcalaaycMtea w l? t>? i > |l?e ?M*aVBMt to T ry Buy wbo are depmdaat npoa their Aatlf labor for inppxrt, acd It will anatatn mary bar'nnia a>ra who, bad "fid *peel* pay strata been oatjxied, would h/te bad to go Dy tbe b>?rd, and ihatrtlf<cla hare bren fairldoea Tbi? proc at. at at know, often li-aer* peas; leaa irra who la yeod timia woall not only be able .i jay a'l taey owe, t>at hare a ban taoB* cm* ptt'sey t >rrt re upon 'I if to be boprd tbat tbe r 'tiaof tbe etr umaet wt. -bat tt'.i tlBe alarair tbe natloa aad prodocei lata (Mieral eBt-arraaanrat, wit! anon arrire aad be p?ie*d. l'o kbow tbe nortt will be eo?e relttf to the proaeoi aa kitty TIGHT TIME8 IN SAVANNAH. [Frrn. tbe S*\at.cah Republican. Not 90 ) r>:e >tr 1 *erry to tr.ioey WMn wb'cb Don c' %-aeter li<a our rorrmeretal et nimucitT, waa not eaaeoiat by tbe loctdeau ot tbe paalc of IM7 Not artalng, It ta true, Iretr any aeteal want >4 cp'tai to mndoct acd pr>ainte** relation*, bnt f'vm the QBrertalrt) aad auanenae ? btrb j reran* In r??a-d K? tbe aetloo of otb. r mnnaye>1 | It riilutinaa with whi'b we are to IrtlBaWly couoeoted Thai "rr bank* are <rtf\ aolTent ao on. .louht* an1 that tbeir eoorae -t roe d>rtated by the alnpleet fealina <f ! j endeare, ta too pwa to oauee a^veatioa Canler a wb a ?'.ate of r>'Ci;r"?tatfef , It nctpa itr petti re duty o> ?ur I <?tr ate t"W >a aeaatea . to yact t < thvm tbe rlftt o' ai rpera'^t 'or a e?rta*e leruih of tl?e It n*y fjt h? t?r, *rary for lh?m to ttke tb* ?up, and we b?!lere tbey at* all in a eoMlttoa W> atotd It, hLi ifui y >v forced to tb? i ter, It ? III he at the f *t ?f nrirA d'Vreaa aad r*e?ife "n the part rf fir whole *la?e. rtjntb Oaro lira rae ariacT pforld?d Ur tbe e--?rji?tcy. aad It tN talra ati atit<f? of ?t whll tmr hat.a* a-o bound 1 >:r ? ? ?l"et 'J Hy l .(.?! re*tr1rti ?a, rtir owti eo?r*H'?y will hearireeh *?. ai>d thta ?ta'e anpplted wttb b lia f r>>m a* 'tbrr 'tate abere bit> llhwal lawa prutaat eo<-b Ta*t t lee w ? a* a>e tcr-'ie! la Ih'a naWr If me Carollca b?tik* ran r- erTi. aed we raenol we w>'l hare to t<n tert *|>4 il#? at orir own eipeaae U>t tbetr oea^at for I bey wtll gaiber tia all c-r cjrrracy and >od it ia ftir re '."Vpttea? Ihtif iratr^r tf oar IhBl'lUM while fOff.fy |PR thtBtel.e* ar?l at rai tiagto the^r Cit.ea the #-B irefee which P? H t <* %? oar oe n *?r rrprat ?ra n. * sot a aeataalty for oar baak* ?i -p oJ.t.t ;t laaaeaeaaity toth" pesp'e tbat tb'J ibtn'd ooaa The pr.n*'.?rt tally at?pe? * ma 'e to thanarenf a caiaeter ah nb rtraer reft aa<> p?iaful t rat' tr<firra> ? ? Mti mat>* Bait be rw> I*. If Ibej had t lie power V< ???(> , 1 at a III .!?>'.? n? tire, ?n tbat the Oarakra barlr a-adt ham no a1 ra.iiate , r tbrm, tbey l let iheir motey out, for N Int aa itm 'e aa draw oa tcm to a?.|ipiy ta,.*i> i ft r; ned tte *irH of ti. :? pan traca-t ->bb. they ' aie r * ??>>> .l cki''H o t' meet It But wttb -are taaa <>aerf > Pulb teeupjly. It * utter 1 1 oat of w ' i*t-i in po-ta that U.-y will att-?pi it It '? ? i* 'arrr pi ey to trrat haikaa* vferu|b they wera ?eaeabaerra aad ntartra li ? tme, they ibonid aot *t*rn too a h "'pe, bat wbu they aapply tbe aae ' . m for co.u* ibe buiiaera. aad do it ra a ? ? aad r ? mre % t* e, t' ? *?e ent't'e 1 H r <tiV leraf >n at the terra e! i u- a? ir?k. r* ?i.4 w* irn?t that eonatlera i;..i m? < te esteaded to tbea 1' '? ia aol, ni?ie the *,'?<< ,e? l r>' may rm tte dalrraa wbiab i ? rprT* Tr^r ?. LF"KK<"T OF TRi: >1 SPB><I()N I.t POILa. i ;?ki phi*. fTIBll'*f> . ft; afhHetla Not |1 1 * .31 > ~mj "? bra net b? <i lately kioet ,e 1 L . lalpb a, a* it *, the day auea * ttag the .otH'iuli," ? |.i;n'cta Thr (H?B( ' aa 1 d*cl led a ; fi tt h.ak# ' u r t' eree by th *e per , , | ,? ?-e ? pr,.,, p,# tt all *4eh inatltii ' ? t r .t at* tt? haat yarTralita ot a a.rl >?a iwaic, the h ? r? ?rfy fpf > ir.b\ira*i nmta of our h-iau.aae m?t . '.'?hi n o' ?p? j A.rwt* ^ more ?ere**ary la "hi ' i t >,'B l ??? Ike th-?? Ubb la vn? Vur'a. becanae , fri,ai a.e alarrnr of etna. I e >w#e, |otd atd ar?er a ra ?ore Mfttfmrr f?? ih. n.p?iiv?te wante of the peoele ! Ttre ? hhtr?c?e* tl 00A lew la Vrrc MM. wllhoot I ? i-k'Dg the backs for any, and In a day or two l(m rre tr.ium od gold aud Hirer will be down to rotblog, or al i mufti nothing In Now \ork, where there ar*q<i*atlt m vt SI, (3 and t3 bills, specie Is Of t mucl) uei;JeJ (or ooin ? pwpMHi Betid ea, ihi transact! jus In tha banns there are cLW-tly through ths medium of ofcecks, ?u 4 ttere is no greai amount of golt and sliver handle l, > * e#pt Is the balances of tbc tally esohanges at the Clear 'L|! House la ibis way there is almost a vtri'ial sua pci Eloi of specie pa) meuts In tbs Hew York banks, ev.n I w Lei* they ai '? nominally faying sll demands. In I'bilatieipfcla tbe suspension oauaes oo inconvenience to auy while It enables .Lo oauks to afford y as i lire re ' ll?f to many. They are dlscouttlng t='>re freely tban ! tfcey bare fir iooii time It has hewn s<isg?*t*d that ttose basks wboee legular meeting" -srre vestrday, bilore tbe ausprnaica was i\b >lvt j on, a*f>ulc hold m<-?i lugs to morrow, to nuke arrangements frr (tisrin-tinr liberally to ibose maunlactnrr rs and others who hava large i.uiDtKrs of operative to piy oil on fetorday. In tbis w ay relief w III be affjr'lnd to a Urge and do*ervlog c.iur i f oar ..eople, who can HI allord to do without tbeir ; weekly wages. The public mind to da; Is singularly cheerful for a tus ptssion limts. Indeed, there W a der.idedlj favorable re sctli'D from tbe Horry of yesterday Many who, on 4 (Hit alarm, draw ibelr funds from th< banks In ?pe. ies are replaolug tbem to day We heard of one wht? yesterday dn w a large sum li gold fr >m one ol mv logs Institutions snd took It home with him Tms tmrn Itg be took It all bank. s.ylng th?t bo had bid odo ileep less night on account of I aud. tsking for biibankhmk. bad It redcposlied Tbis sod many similar In. .louts show a return of publi j confluence SENATOR REWARD ON THE REVOLUTION. GRAND WIDKAWAKK DIMOSRTKATION AT AU8UKN ? MR. HBWAHbH fU*E>CII ON TUB I.AfB KLKCTION. A demonstration of tbe Wide A wafcci, whlnh had b??n !n contemplation for Bonne time past, rsna oft it Auburn on Tuesday on ?ninj The ?illy was illuminated to a groat i?t?nt, and coy quantity of fireworks were let ofl to bon< r of the "Irrepressible conllljt" and Its aatlor. Htnst or Reward's rest leooe was brtlllart'y HHmlnatel, *ed the ground* attached were oraameuUd with Cblm*e lanterns of variegated colors. When the procesnton halted In front of Mr. Seward's home he appoircd at lie porota and addressing the assemblage spike si fol lows ? W:?* Awaks- , Fsiaow On/ni ruicwiM 'S. n?t exactly acjurdu.,; to ou tiact. We parted la?t at tnldnlgbl, you rou'tnber It ?,Url Hou,*? ,he ?>? Oib of this month, perha}*. whether it was not the Tlh We were resetting the election returrs Tbo first *arj, ret, .n Iican; SreiM ward, republican ; Third ward, repuillosa fourth ward, astounding republican f'Jbeers Hurrah f? 1 l lie Kurtl? ward ) That Is right Tba Fourth ues.rws II Give the ward ihrieoire. (Tareo inuro wi re given ) N< * 1 think of It, the Kirrt ward d eerv -s MKsny (Si* enre a were given for tbe first ward ) j Well, then came news from the severs! to win, chewing i gloncus, niagLiflcctit, and tbe aostlo'lnc returns from c.ther U)*db, count les sad States. I told you thtt th. Plate was republican by 60.000; that Abraham l.ln 1 coin was President; that >ou wjnld not need mo to I Mjolce locger with you I prom.eed to leare a lteht burnlrg In my library, and that tf ,0n would> bad news 1 wojld come back to you If called, sod you promised ao nov to omc unless the news sLould come t (*e tild Th*l'? *> ) Well, the new; ^ 1 rpm* ln ?nt sll rlgat and cheering And jet you are here a, am (Laughter atd ehoers ) Tbat's s fact ) An I what aggraratea th ? cw i? that the news It t.-o cneericg fur jou to ei ./ ;t aknr (l.v:?hter ) Well ..'.TiZ'.-'T ".IT1 Bot l0,i,t or performano? of en' V". , T!e ,ln""> Mpocimlly With the Wide A?ak?s. It *s In the r nature to bp uieasy, aad to make Ii if* e *? Tbfy would not let their a.!rors*rlPB J^'P before tbe election ; their friend! must not ex net to ^ i h? U> r<V """disturbed after the election ( Tbeerv ajd laughter ) follow citlxens, you hare a right ta re !"!<* ' ?1"11 I tboiubt It an, for j ' when tbe riod cause wo now maintain narrl'd ceo ward In the city, one or t.oor thr? to wM"n ths county, and the Sute if Vermont s'one la thi whoo rruntry. Be. now who will deny our right torei>|-n when It carries all th<> wards In the cltT.all tbe townn In tte county, all tbe counties la tbe 8ute wbero its srgun-ert Is fslriy heard, and praatlcails all the Elates in Z! wt,'h allow, ln fact, free speech, fr?e debates, free fpallc tr - free uDlvertai Pti3r%fe It l? tbe MriifMt Of I s U&lrsraa! sc.ieptanoe (tWrs) B u there^ ^ greater r- aeon to rej jloe in the manner ln which thii buo nm, ! w " tb" T'rth;t of 'he people for n i ,*Publ,c*0 rr'B"pl?? the true democratic principle of e.jual aud ei*:t justice to s ! men ( Jh?ers ) It If a Te.rdl:! rendered purely on conviction, w tbout N 11 ? ?ote in th ,1-a.Wd ' bM b"B procured through icrror, not one by brioerj ,,r corruption Nsy, ev.ry rote haL b.en g%en n rts^tsree of intimidation a id cwruption (Che^-^ ) I co r.ot . hyge that the fusion rotes or other option *'?? 'Wy f '?en under such appliaa xa B it the n ? L ? canrars remalnr and bears It* tosttra .ny that tie mile argument of those part ?s their menaeo of dlsurloD, stid the Isst reliance was most- jr at jlie rtol la (Cheers ;? fhat Is to ") Who wu. Eow llt^lUW^ if ,T ?r.hi'.'iT ""C <l?T,rlue Bu; ">nd^?on.trat;UQ u I. ! n . .V m'*" tf~ ll* ""?n'.ng In *a?" >ii relsti >ns ' . 'r* f J t'lls llat the erroneous tstional ve '.?> ?'1?V> 6100 rec <usi.t-reo , re jmed.ooodemned and renf uoofl. Let, ,h :u the n,i ? kMBS sad prejudloes lie bnred *:-.h tbe errom oh he p?t It bears oa the luture It are ros us thai hereafter th.< policy of the ooustri will be the develop*, naot oi it? ro ?S?u! "r7eH*e Kf ,lr"'Ul ' ? f -ea-UV by V I and hboi%Dttj (Coooft ) wMh.n.tbefauw.nntJ ?ome tUlon " 10 "??* -" 'u in . , ,T frdtoip e taat ete,u?l * 'gilanco u t^e tax -w ^tCr? > n" ?i.!J . ! '* ^ tb? prrf?nl ?mitl v. til'"? c?tiT U is .imply tb?t of magoaa 1 .ty Vi, tare learoe. . bent >rvri, tte 01 in Jlewe oador tont c.1 dtfrat It no'w r-LT-., * <T V!r!U" L'f ">"<?? r*' loo In uiumi.h ihai wo r 1, ' y*l,t " ""I)' ??U ?i .r.-S an " , fr.. * 1" fM r,ul lern-s, nrh " . . ??" *lo?orjr ? ohtiia m a'rMM^P ?r ?'i tsp-rtiea (snfd la an election IdVr?; .. ? ' J b' !*rr " 'an ?'? or c ren ",r "7 ZlV 'w <m?rljaas. b et'. nr. 1. satr'a r f Usttl by the furae oel* o' r??a.n. " ?arrii u ^th ? ,i OLly cf tuQrigo Au ap,Te?l 1.. ? fr, c, th" ihta Mdr<5.T /li' " ^' m4e,Tr# t" *l ytar? V. bear-.j-l and JM.r. Bca u tbe ..?? way a. d s, forere- Ihls * '"-"?J lbf stuinment of rl?hts and Hie T. 'X '"f tn,4"f''*" >? l? .i)? way, l,.,??ver now a>J^\ VZT!T "l 11 h h-reiaer .V ^ ' .J 'here am.xig o?, or in tne eo-mtrs 1 Tl^W ?f antiKs o* puiiiir Ci<?l tbsp !ai ? 0' the repuMte l? a better be,U .! wav h.**!;. nrl dr'lM ,h*? i ?trfls ik? r?ti*?ce, p!j? ge0?l>Dff. our afT?ct> ?a 1 fa^fl, ^ J* hare 1 * , ' 10 rkr. O' l oet that our wa? th -oM*.1 ibm. I '?t but VhT'h'rM 'I' r" W,y 11 Bot "n'r the' abort I e#i but the bfst Fsiloir cuisetr, I ?h?o!i! do lolus U. my own Inelitga 11 1 d.l J?' In this *j?i. a warm and nut gri. kniLw^l/w klrdmst to m*. T .0 "" ejT""i*'~ to tbe triumnb of tbli iH . J m r* 'han to any oihsr is tim>w tnat fUlT ! ? * lh*" M>"be?e How theev.-* of ttl ? Jf.'TrT.K*,t 01 ? ?D,rT W*^" ?"X'-u.l, lii#>d ou Ul* fio0B,?' ot, tais tj?n to l.VL f V *"? Uue "> lhH crisis to onr caose ass5is:r{ ne'what Ve^fanJd^Jj hfpe i??Z' arta of brms kMmbuli h.LJC?^ m??' ?,s,i.t ? ?? crM Di> 11 Wi me fmiii *n mv lit f on kly wfckx>a? from thn^j ?? a ml >> ? .1 B.e III my labors for tbe co nu. ^Wa^h"' ^ the rtrcue of my dwell, r,( ft, m are duliw ^7 senre ? on operation w.tb r?e, so ^,1 % ?ore cratefaliy than I dare express. May your reward m tb. morsMisg m UlT-i_ gMatn-ss of r.or Oountry. And e?( we han^I?,? ^os lay ??Me tbe emb-ems of your prtitt** si,U Md w> 1 P : ,POtol *?Joy?e?t*_ I return to the twin* ?r ? *!i tbe Jf,Uo?tl Cspltoi lioy S klsd Proel r n^r??" 5^ ZT?r "*'? POBtl??eafl tb- blsss<"c? trr.nT^. ,. ?" ?'*"> '? ^ e.mlng^rla'g tTr ?oi ? ? f > ^ B?" ?U<"1 lr'M ,b*" h?ec resumed n,utuJI ' ? ?*' our b?*rli b" ree?wod ,r, ih4ir ?ta??j??2!: " ?*r ,h" ,0,1?n aoc-y is?vr Si?a ;:iTr;rr-i (lA>i.d and pro lotted ) AN APTF.AL FV)R PEACE FROM THE MART land RAPrnrs. [Froir Mil- Haltimo-S ASMr'oU, S.'T 13 Y At a wiettlrg of tbr Warylsnd Baptist Prion assay's lion. Held in tbe <C an-t Baptist < hor-b. Wa>htngt<ni. D C , November It. upon mot; 00 of the Kex f * usou , ttM follbwleg reBi. ut .oa was nrammouil; adtpiel ? B. ?i> en! That a rommlttee be appointed to prepase a iraierrai oppral to it?e Baptists of the Cslted iHates, b tb Nortb and ?>aUl, in the present distracted con<l lion of tbe atiion to "??< k the tblrfs that ask* foe p^ee," Br '1 1 rv-rl their powerful lnCo?>noe as S Christian p?v pie ir behalf of moderation, calmness and tfeeooaaidera lion of lb>' 'inapeti>ably icomeM his subjects at issue In a Is'Tirf, rtr^t .-n spirit A committee was aeenrdlngly appointed, who subanlt ir 1 K.< ?rr< ir; myii address, ?hisfe was; unaslmouelr > 01 ?: by tbe amooiatiou tngctb -r wltbtbts reSoluti >n R.#<|*e?i. Ttai tb? time addreBA kjpublisnel In tie Jrw t'ni ? *M that a rof?y be sent to ?aoh Htptiat pa per is M.? I cttid states, wltb tbe >e>]n*st to publish I be aan.e, a d to atk ts .h Bsptlst pasior to read it 10 his re.sgr?f?t? n ll IB. tb?reft?re, herewith sxil tn yog, wltb the eaesest hope that by ermplying wiji lbs at? rtqeeel too may ? Id > b .11 testoriag i eacc and prospnrHy to oar oekweJ laid to tb* Uffiffl in mtt tr*iT*n statm of avb B10A. We, U.< t'a j anJ'.st I moa Asro lattos, araeo.ble't * 11 WBBh:o;ti*n, D C , on tbe & U day of Nareather, MO HVd rrrHir| It- lowed Brrtheen? fee* wh#n lsea> I wasntrrtsl away ra|.ttwe ib?'y were eowi m tad< d by Mod to prav fwr tte (??e? of tie tsar! sf their oaptlrlty, anl to Berk vo p-o m"ts l?S welfare. "Seek tbe pearn ?f the city wVthse I late <*? ee<" >ra to be carried away captlres. as 1 pray iirto tt>e 1/ird for It; for In the p??c) thereof a aal I ys hs?e peer' " flow mscb is^rs earnestly r?jht ?s to Stek tbe |ee?? of tbls war own be oerd, but in 1st dls trsrted Obustry. Wbstserr 1 he dtssrepaa 'l?s is our views ss to otb'ir matters, there ran he hat oas opinion as to tbe e >lMt of prl. ileal boe t'l'ty which has so loag h?en sr-aj le? one sent los rf tbe I'ntoa sgsisst the otbar? 1? to tbe rscipen rsi is 1 sis sr. I drflast rerrimiaatl <ns which at this mo mestsrs "t??pr rating th?se old leu's -and as t ? lis duty IseuBbaal "t-oe all who are tbe dlsaiples of Him wboes ? SH??i whose cbst aeter, wbeas ?xsmpis teaeb ns to lovs | ssd ?? b ese eer enemies Ii j poi ss po'!ttc'si s, still Ism ?a hcBo??i podtistsM, that we address you. We (peak to you m brethren ; and at. brethren we b?w?ch you at once to put 'ortb '.bat ?art ntii'enoe which be ones to a body 0"tn msed of more Uian ote millloD c >mmunlca? u We entreat you, by I cur love for Ike oouniry and fcir noble Institutions, and y juur loyalty to the Prnce of Peace, Uiat you atr to u with i,s? by your prayers aui your acute later jhhhw.b? lo allay tnese present asperities. and to rescue aU wo toil idjsi rear from the ruin to which 11 baa for ?cm6 lime been drifting We arc now assembled In the Capital of lhla great re pcn:ic. We live at Ibat pilot wfcicb aflorda us a clear vi t? of the calamity s now lmpruotng We are out alarm tctc, but we ranaot cU>r eies to the gloomy profpects rl* lag belote tbe people of tbla land. 11 we speak earnestly to you, believe ua, there la a cat a e. The imagination In tl Ird with horror, tho heart cf every patriot mart be ?UllcUd at tha very tbtnghl cf the dea'roetlon of this glurlousgovtrbment. of ibe disruption of our national lice, an 1 the <ltsm< mberment of such a L'moe Icto rluiee or cr>t,fiderac:es baling race other aad array e-, In Inter minable warfare. Vet thia deplorable calratropbu now threads ua. The protpei ay of our charchea. of our mlaalonary o,ie ratlore, of all our Christian enterprises, must be blight cd, unless ihitr bsnetul strifes can be oomjxiafd, aud tbo fratricidal, auleldal coil! eta, now as portentously men to in# our country, be averted Hie Spirit ol Jesus la the spirit of peaco, love, har mony. We need not WH you that the men of tbla world? Ibe wisest as Ibe moat simple, the distinguished aa tbo iii* et i.V?t':'c--a?o a I gcven cd by a very d. UVreot turn p. r If ibo Tarlciia fort ions of our eilended and diver tilled population were but under the IniUennea of tbe giwrel, there l?. there could l>8, no <iaestioo which w>uld not be eailly adjutled In forbearance and abarltr. But vainly do we look or hopo far any such tieavmly spirit In tbe la'l* nf Gougrei?, In the State I*gtalaturcs, or am>OR ibe I'tfiple tten.eelws Kvert where we aee too plainly b?se passions come war and fightings among hi. At a perloa of solemnity and e\c tcmuct lias thia, when tb? foundations of aocicty are diaturbed, when men's hearta are troubled and tbe wisdom of tho wlaeat Is perple.\td by ooets of disaster, It surely b ?mes tboe* who fear tbe Lord to (peak often one to anofr, and to be very Importunate with bim In whose hands are the hearts cf all men who bath hitherto b?en so watc.hlul a guardian t ver this Mfttoa; who Ircowa how to brlag in creased o;der ont cf dis rder; more abiding pcace out of jarring element* of discord. In view cf the clone!* now lowering to tbe sky, of the gloctu hanging over us, and the storm which ae.?uis to b? fart appe< s< b ng, we beseech you, brethren, North, Anth, kert, West, that our hearts, our prayera, onr alms, oar e Hurts may be comb't,ed, thai so, if It hi possible, this tup of national grief aid bitten uas nay pas* away, aad this grist per pie, through tbo meray of (ioi, may be saved from tbe retold in 'series Into which, from the sum mlt tf unexampled prosperity, they aeem about to bs plunged. We serve Ore of whom It la declared that " the wrath of man shall prais? him, and the remalt der of wrath be will restrain " I' we are truo to the spirit of the gospel wbleh Uacbcs peacn atd love, and if we auppllmto tne Interposition of tbe wlrdom and power wblch alone can met the present ein*rgeney, wo shall not be disap pointed Human passions will be controlled . tbo aabeuiea of ambition, even the raboor of aewtlcnal strife, will all be made to work oot tbe purpoaea of InOnlte wisdom sad eternal hrva. R. fl'LLlR. ") FRtNKl.IS WILSON, | (J w. j. Committee THCH U. WALn:<?, I JAKES C. W?U.INd,J THE POSITION OP KENTUCKY. L1TT1H FROM OOV. WAQOFFm. KR4Jt*K *T Kentucky, Not. 16, 1M# 1 am atkf.l bf a "..mbor of Mania, yourael ooe ol them, ?d have rtce've'l Utter. ** a^tj. all of the Mine Umr, Inquiring of me, what win Kf Llufkv do ar.d what oi'K?t *be to ilo, now that Unclo ? elccwec? l'will fr.ukiy *"? youmyoKm^n l bdWre > rr::, ? ??S. ' ?? sssffvKS b, r eau.ll'y icil the ri .its of toe 5f?U*, aad the and rlgliU of O e people of 'bo ??*** ^.h JrvedTswU ? )>? ?im1 of the MUaour coinpron.iee, by the l>*a<i scan diCutcT .Dd by Ibe enforce of the K.?l?? ??? W She win'auui'i by every right tin hu under the conatiUr t , m A.p rjrited stat?? ?be will deoiaod that e'avery with wherever II ??*?**<? tbe ccmtitutlon c.f ibe United suu -, a?T lf? ?Dd con '.itutlf.LS of tbe feE^ If . k Phe will dimiDd that alave.y ?haU not be ibe Dlatrtal of Columbia, or wbercvei r it now ohjUU. i%|,? -nd that the alave trade be. ween the twee an.ii Bf,t be'interfered with by OongrWB. nf>" ^nV^raont en c* I rtfhla in all the Terrltorit of thla gev..rnra< nv m,? wln ?usd by the poattU-n tbat * p-nnerty In the IWrltorka '? (Milled to ibe mme prolocM'in with oilier mrnerty "herein, .nd that ro dteerltnlantlioa cm be bj the Territorial I^lalaturj. ag.ln.t that proper nro ?e to exclude It dircrtly or to Impair the right of ttc c-mocrf t?i It, or by unfriendly leg slation to reuaor it vtlu# U f? ^ be will <t? maud that when ever ibe people ;>f a Trrntorv ha* >og ? til i neat population aba. I form a 8 -ate ocI?utuTwn??nb or without blavory m it. and aalt of Cut *' t m adn^lMlcn ai a State itii ttc 1 alon, aLo ?h* ja admitted, prorldrd her destitution la r*P?w'?* '? f? ? frl.e will keep ber prraert atatua upoa the aiavvry <| tea o< lltvltg ibe l**?, tl1" onftltutlua ani the courta Iff, r'd htr idflrate r'oiectloa She will ftand immor:. 1 1 fttr!?h^lnf thw j&Vtoo^hehtnd 'tho SSs -"aw s 1 IV oL i7e will ->? Lf.tii j. r bo * 111 not oo-c.-uc to hrr . <!t. r "Uif* ?hc v::i'ita a!; btr rlehte ?adertbe "onatl | tntioo, aid ibe wtiltx 'ther gire up nor oompromt.a a ecu- of khem free will >how h*r devoiloa to the T , n hv .i. dilL fte. -.kti* b) th?e. Vie .m y prln. ? i>ra?,eiVl ^ V'ln be pWWd Sbe will he, a J lb. b?u < vcr Wc, Arm. w'?e, mod-rate and j*?. JjM whenever a rt. maaH, rtckl'??, aectiooal wl f, dleii?ar"j? tbo kte. of htT tquaUty, for|attta? kit tkt fiivcrr r ? nt wai ma 'e t" P?.tod tte wt..k a/alOtt it.- ?tro.f, *>'d to protect p-r ?nf i roPfflJ uui the r^tu ot lHO rtutrt, ?ha I ioru ?l XtWh rt|lB? Of 0|?KfiflMi lo?l ai <>t proUoiiou U/ I .??o?t/? !w? Iter rtibla, .he herdotyanl *ln I will do U !?ne will aprieal t ? tbo ballot hDf, to the re? two, to the ja?u?., U?e p.tnot.? - ? lb. ?i%les and of the P">i>e everywhere, anl wjko ir. IV tfc'1 1 fatlf .fonbly fert!?e t It bee Iroprem.^lo poal iloa?tewlll calmly and JJk ^ the f?ce at d no matter what the od-ta may oe a*aiu?i i ?vP'? 111 then ap;*al to the p?.l of battlea, *ud *"b the oob it! tat I mi in 4e hvtd and the .word to the other Jr^^Ct^V^'arV and t'aelr r?hU-for ;h. ir liber'k ? and tb" Ireedom ef tte'.r chl.rtren? lor the I nion "J2Tu"dp.rt of the ?? ?- *aj 'T'.^wUhVo^' 'be ele-Men'of Mr l.tocoln - ?o ' r-^rnr^urcT^?euhrrb^;^cu. ?>> ! ^tHTVlra'ly. ?tetton.l W-MU wilto. MItm if: Burroe#-* U weeM CitiulTt Ue Udioo Keo lucky ia>? ftfVr tbeVkeilno, to n.) Jif fin^nl. liwlu d#elared btfore, ud lOav !?? ?b? will not wbmlt to ibe carr) mc out of l>M p? l?elplei The fatU'a <T the tepubiW, with Oetoral Waahlngton al tea* warned n. a,aart the format!*, am Fjorrtr of a Motional |*rty ?? tM only dan ?r k. the lib-rtwa ol tha people or to Iba aale tv if Ue cualederacy. me rtpubll^aoi bare pa.t to attratten to tsere wa?nl???, b> t bllwdly , many^ wtth ont regard to onrar^'ieoeea, tbey bare dentarad thla go* oouid not rut at j*rl frai "dpart . B< Y*f *11 1 n ? H oiaiwn llille whetb?r we have lo SwrtSiMf^il.* whelh^roof chiMreo will Tliy hava -da their thr?? that U.?y inundtd to de/rlra ua of t* aooaar or latar, M< I* inp ftM ?tiut a* far at Ihey dire or bad ihep>wer, ' ileyhare Ml Ibeir u.| thirteeti of the fret BUtei, I bellere, which nrjfclfctl lie tsemlCB of the rufiMre ?ave law, and have Nt at oaufbt lb# poo?tltutW*o the CiHel 9lt^J pVof lMwe New Torh and (uDf iq the owicCra of tiavea, or lo the ofboeri of U,t (orainsM.!, tiwir >?ll? o' P*bl?c building! for the pro'.eciloc of ibla properly Ste\en of trete ineindtng aleo New York and Veanavlrae'a. rrovkte drier ce lor frflUvo aiavta. Haoy of uitm dtclare the ?Utoi free tf Jb?lf owaerl bring them there, ar I oer >??at< ? Newr Ha-n|*hire? lec vea k m wi.nt.lf free Nib. of ?b? free X?wa Bare tm l*a?d [en^ ? f "np iaa-tL-al ..'1 ,r"? tu?S (10 on thr . i?rcr? or perrvw who ?./ aid in w fort-tr g the i.wa wblrh h.*a h??*i 1 1 *?? 1 1 h f aa.ldee.ared ? dlMDklM H??tea The I ?gial*tarea of theaa !?tttea, and th? coatti of nany . . th m which have paand upoa thetr wtim. b??e openly, tnanltl.giy, hnldly aad da Uartly itllM the lawa ot Corgreaa and tha dectaioo. at lhe?fipr?meUnrt. there >ai< iheoeetloal. bat praetl cal dlaanitn In thla ^ . , la It not tt?e all thla waa a> I? 't not tl?a wi hai an Doderatacdtna aa to their future ac tlon If we do aov lo'end to be r?0b< d of our ? laaa irrpnrty? All orer? the border statea th,y bare thetr aae.ta aod e?laaanea, aad many In tbe other ilave H*aie? ^ogafed in tiealtof aod ruaoioir fit our e'area rhay avow they will neither give th?m up wt<n they auoeeed In getting into tha free mate*, sor w ill they deliver up the m?n w^> awai them They have ele< ted a man wb? baa avowed, if be did not crlaiaaie, tte ioatitnaef tna impreeatble c?a!ll#t. and that the HUtm mi rt he all tree He an 1 hia party afflrm In the ?r?t lulemii wianner tbey will eiaente th< If par raea au ro n a* ibej hare toe power they aay Mr. lc in >a a dim aua au boscat man, and if a), ha in tenea to earry cut bia f. ia?lPle? The ti?ve ?talea have ever ft-nr aad a half mi,! one ?' aUrea Keaiooky haa ov< r IllO iCO 100 'a aNva property She la loetngat the r.te of ov. r glbO t(0 ;er aatuiw < f that pr.^erty. ?Ha I aia'rd in nv inti"?i metrage t?> the Mgtalatnra, Ue Iota waa ilCW.rtO, few believed tt I hava r, itab a Informal!, u it la dtuhle tliat aaaa, ^ I ? l,| t.>D ba aga n doublet. If not la ?rrrrted That veferiy. me-e than ooe third of wi we paaaera gnaraoteed to i>e by tba oiaalitatloti Ue t'tliert Maiee m .1 m.f la?e arorke.1 'nj.a^uirwt. a?? l?ft to u? t-y ? tr f.tterr? t!i?t prop-tty * "0 wnrtiog foe, .ne w.eb t . leave f> o?ir ftblld.ea, ? deird taiuekae. .wa ????? *! T"TVtlI tbeae prinelpfaMid a'^oarrlad e |t|>| r a ?II three grwvaaor. whia ?r aktra ?al?i>.? ?-i"n.a law of I'mnK or re'aaal a eight ?" a free Ptat? aa r lb- all 'bakwael ra^tfby Kan turk) ? wlib tba lurth. r t aiartag m a ?? ia?a tba af*t^Tr aU ?**'" r^.t'ia? te dWIvr ?P -tp>n mt d.?a.d a ,r' " *M,r ,,UU, *h1 b" "TT "" ?? harit i be tf ra*, t a *ald ti) *i t t .n re ri ai .i i J^dn ?li~%?:imc.e-i,.ra.-.ef'-raeee?<oeoff-k^^ i? H ? la a e. ted nadrr |pe ern>a and a..i>rd'i g to lie e ?i ?utnthoa of the I aliid i*Wtee. Re eoj*?i a?y t? ojr j aw* *a?et ef itaFoi^, we ksre n?>ra rn? -.1 grler aeoa thaw all af tha oat tna "Waiaa pit Wtib-r, <Ky?py __ n vr ,ia aver tavra hundred mix <>f h.vrder line. l/?4 a* oar eipoa?d poTM"e, the <^a?Ur t la-npertag wttk aw aernaa by tha tbrfUlenlata, the mweraa an uual lota we sustain, lbs direct lufringflmsnt of oar rights in refuting to execute the Fugitive slave ll?, end Id the robbery of our property. In tho danger to > tbe Uvea 01 tbe owners when tbey go to tbs fraa states to reoaptara their a Uvea, ta the insult*, and Uuota, and tojurli-a to tho feleru.1 ntl.oars who attempt to do their aworn doty In executing the fugitive slave law, ?? in th? recent mob in Ohio, and lutbeeaaoof BootLe. of Wisconsin, In the whuieeale stealing every day ro lag on of oar negroes, and the refoaal of Um peo l lc ?od Governors lo deliver up either the property or tbe t hlc ves; all this, and raaob more, we complain of, ai.o dot'l Intend to loimit to, but we cannot justify you In breeding up tbo government aad going oat of the Caion cn account of the election or a nan upon a bad pint/or in , and the worst pel. Ileal principles aud purposes. We aay to you and to tie republican*, wo stand here a* paniilealorg, aa arbiUalors. We entreat yoa of tae South uot lo take this raab tilep: and lo yoa of ibo North we pay, calmly . but fearlessly and (Irmly, without threats, you must not encroach upon our oonatltatlonal rights a a expounded by the highest and purest tribunal In U>o land. You must May jour arm of faLatlclsoi, of passloa, of vergeaDce, of violence, and of power, for we are re solved to reflet nolo death any violation or our rights urder the conalltution. We will reaiat aggreaakwa , wo will defend the I'nion under the dag of oar fathers, fol low ieg In tbelr footsteps, and encouraged by their exam ple, lo m&t'.er what the odds may be against ng. fcr I ineoln baa bteo elicied according to all the forma of law uoder the oonsuiutloa which we revere and re gard ss the depository of our rights and the atiteld of cur sa'cly and, oolwilhstandiog bn threaU and tho da- g?r of carrying oul his principles, ho may not do It. Wo tnusfwait for an overt act, hoping thai trath and reason and justice, embo lied m a clear, an Impartial de lineation of our rtgtts under tbe constitution, aa ex pounded by the 9uprtme Court of the United Suites, will >et ) revict it. A madman or a bal man may aland in tbe highway adjoining my premise*, and he may . threaten to burn my b< use or rub me of my property. | and yel 1 may treat blm as a blusterer, who woald not I execute tbe threat When tae mikes the attempt? when he actually crosses my fence and alvanoea upon : my property to execute the threat? then will It , bo lime enough, and men will I be juatilled la sboct lrg down tho villa'n. Iaji aa reajtic wlib the repobilaane | anil further; let us remonstrate more earaeetly, firmly I and unitedly ; let us at all event* wait for Um overt act, ! ma then Kentucky caa and will J?la her sister alavo : stales This, It seems to me, 1* tbe ciurse of modera tion. and piudence, and wisdom, oerlalnly ao, because Mr. Lincoln nor hla party oan paaa aay law, it Ue oppoallion remain tree, that will vi <lato oor rights. Ho can't even get ao appropriation bill through Ooagreea I to carry on the government. He can't appotat hla Cabi net officers who may be olknstvc to the democratic parly j and to tbe slave States. Be oan do nolhli g, with the | present House of Heprescntallvea and Senate, , backed by the Supreme Court, to violate our right*. Let the ant! republican members of tho oppoei i 11. n (Irmly resolve not to diacuas the quealieD of ! slavery any more, scd when tbe republicans havo done let them vole down their measures and proceed to , business upon the ether Important in teres. s of the oouu I try ihe question has boen discussed loo ?nuTb already, and let them reaolve that tbey will discaas it do more. , It only producea discord, strife, criminations and recrimi nations. aud sunders ail tLoae fraternal Ilea, ? j:i*. | politically and rellgioasly wblob bind ua together. I bave bepe yet, ?h-a pa?*lou oools and reaaeo re , audits its throne, that ibe North may be brought to s e tbey have a* deep a slake in preserving slavery at tb? South, and the rights of the slave Bute*, aa wo have. Xbey cannot do without our oottoa and sagar, and rlco and tobaoco, and outer staples; and whenever the fana.i cltm of tbe people, woo have no motlro to aH but for their owa good and the safety of tbe republic, abail see thla, aa ao* It tbey wiH sooner or later, they wi'J refaae to follow tho lend of ambition*, reckless, dangerous and talented dttsagognea who are willing to risk fortune, honor, life and coun:rv to gain place and power. They will aee I but It is not only to tbair own interest to keep Um negro .a b( n<iage, but It 1s to the In tore*'. of the slave? that he la troraliy, socially and religiously a better and a happier man than be could be in any other condition Am a blare, an ac ive, efficient agent Id doing great good, aa we havo him in the slave Stale* but as a free man, a worthless vagabond, Idle, dlaatpated, miserable? a nuiaanoe and u cur tr ? aa tbey have bim la tbo free Stale*, and are oom KUtd l j pass laws to prevent hla res.dence among Ibea. ey may se? we have otber great Interests in tbleoonntry which ought to engage a fair proportion of the tlasa of Oon grees Keaaon and truth and patriotism may yet prevail. Let is hope, Lope on, hope ever, In the abaaneo of an overt act, or unt.l there Is no hope for the Union of these States. (j real God, let us do nothing! We wbo have been and are in the right, lei oa keep ta the right, and do no thing lo break np this gr?t government Let oa stanl npon tho r'ght, tubmlltlng tt nothing wrong. Plraiir, unwaveringly, and all together, let us stand apon our oonitltuilonsl rigbla, with an unraltering purpoaa to icat e no more coicess luus, to submit to ao more ooapro mises, and to resent at once, and to the last extremity, any violation of our rights. To the Stales which propose to secede wa would My, in I addition to what we have tld, you shot-Id not dekert ia. We are a border State? we have the brunt of the b?til?? 1 we have mora grlevnnoes than you all? we have suffered tuore wrongs, out we have had mjre forbearanoa Evuo now we bave a practical question It la a wicked, wIMfnl, wanton violation of our rtghia, which I Doa at the founda'ion of our government anil lavolvaa ibo very e.Mttenoe of slavery In Kentucky. It is no abatrao ' i?in_-ro Kansa- qotvttoa? ao tonitarW qaeHtion? hat an open direct v'o'aiitn of our constltati >oal rights Wo d?j I n lend to submit to :1 I bave demanded of Gov. Pennie 'B. o' Ohio, a fi'g't've bou- tinder indictment for stealing OST ?lav??. He lis" refa?e1 to deliver him np fie ard the republican party ol uhio, and I beih'Vd of the wlfj'e I'Blou, all c ucde that tb goverumeot oouli not h?vc been r rm"d bgl rp->u the Llea that eacb Hu e mx?l permliied ?<? regu!?te lis dcmeaui aTairu to s-J't lUeif. and that unles* th'S idea la fully cvrled out between the Htate.- la their luterooarss. tn> Ualoa .a ' at an end. Yet he refuses to deliver up fnglilva now under Indict n. cut in our riort* tor stealing oar ne gro properly, upon tbe ground among otber reaaoos. thai itieiaMsot Ohio do net regard it m a felony lo steal a s'ave O r lawr an 1 constitution, ar.d lb > oooalllut. >o cf tbf I'd lied States, do recoanlxi- negroes n proper'r. TLty are reroemz d ai such by IbeSup-ome k>url of iho lulled IHalts It has deo.areo It to bt a leiony to Steal a s'ave, and we will col rubral', to this violation of our coirtttuliooal rights It ta a great practical qoeet on ww prcdiBg between Kentucky and uhio, and 11 wid t?sl ilic laet whether or bol Ilo republlcaiu luleod lo carry rut tLc'r purposes 1 lot I you on the atanp left rummer that I w. rld surrender bo c lust.tullonal right K<ntuck) Lad Tb s is oce cf ibeiu If wa wou'd sur rer' er this ere it will ear. urage to wrest from its another at 1 ar.elb?r, until stripped of oar rights, ear bonor.oar Inberilaiee and our mashoud, we will have neither tbo spirit, n>r the courage, n >r the power to resist I shall tale this viu'at?d right to thsCiarta 'or '.ha rrwtty >atilrg tbere, 1 w>cld take 't to C ingress aa there is an aall republican Corgreaa, and if tbey give the remedy, Mr. l. aooln will bo called ou to sign or vax> the b :l We all: test Us q MSUon whjro w hare rlgl.4 Wheiher er not we have rein'diea. We will test ta? qeesilea whether or not oar rtghia are to be respected endtr tLe laws and tfu -laionf of tbe ^upreoio Ooart of luo I'utti d Slsles Kalllag there, I shall toll tho poapie at Kentucky, to the last reairl Here la yoar violated risbl I Ls<-a done all I caa do to obtain the remedy . You are a states r.ghla peop.e, and now , bacc rpoa yoor reserved r'gLta, I wl'.l alvll* sj -h action ao 1 am snre jot will take. To fotttb Uarollaa and sue* ether Stales wbo may w'jsta lo secede from tha I'aica, 1 would say, tbe geography of I tt>la corntry wi.i not aimit of a division? the mouth ard Scurerw of tbo Miaslaatppi river oaanot be separalad with t out li e Lorrors of eir . war. we oaonot sustain yoa 1a lb le BM SM bi merely on aarou A of tbe eloclioa ol Lta cols Do aot preelpltata aa by prematura action Into a revolution er civil war. tbo conee q oeneea of wblcb will be a>oat frlgbtfnl to all of ua. it may yet be avoided. There Is still hope, fair.t though ll ao Keataeky is a border Sta'e, and has faltered more than all of yoo She claims Ifeat, standing up* Um saosa sou ad piatfnrm. you will s<arpatbixe wiia bar, aad stand by her, aad ant ceaert b< r In bar ixpoaod, |eriloaa border poalttoa. Sba baa a right to claim thai her vol**, aad the rovce of rear on sod moderation aad pat riot leas, shall be beard atd heeded by you. If jou seoata, j oar reprsaeatalivsa wllgooulol Onogreis, and leave oa at tbe oteroy of a black re pnhllcaa (overnmeet Mr I.taoola wul have to eherk He will apno<nl i la Oablaat, aud have It uoa Aimed. The Cong r ess will Umb be republlcaa. aad he will be able lo paas such laws ai ha may suggest The Supreme Ooart will be pnaerless lo protect as. Ws im plore j en to stand by as. aad by oar frwada la the free Males, aad let us all, lb* hold aud true, and joat men la the free aad the sUve SUles. wtib a ua ted front staa2 by eseh other, by ear prinv.ples, by oar rights, oar ? quality, oar honor, aad by tbe Uawe under the ouast. luii-o 1 baiieve this is the oaiy way Ui ears it, aad wa can do it. As it is, s majrrity ef the reopla ara against Mr I a coin, a though be tasa been aisctwi Ttse majority la Uoa is agaiast bim abd his priac'.piea. Hs la la th .r poaer, aad they wonli ftlly repr<?i-ai a ass.'orlly ef tho people o' Ua Cmled Sutea If toey would exercise tost pow?r ta nch a maaaer aa to obuta aasuraaosa aad gua rai that oar righta unler l".e o>>oat.tutloa should be rifp'Clfd and |resere?4 Ttls Is what yea vast sad what a e want la thla wagr we may aoooaspilsb It. tho l aua may be preeerved, and we may go ua lo p r<?per la the fnltre ss ws aave doae la tbs past. By seood.o,- . by leavtrg the bal's ef Coagreaa, by deaertiag yoc.r posts and ns aow, the government WIU be broteo t.p. civil war may follow, aad Ood oelr kaaws what alii be tbe ead It may yet be averted ta s~>m? way bv sot taku g thts prematurcstep, aad wa appeal to j oo by all three rnasiswratioaa. by all iba r.usrel mem ir i?s which oroagbi the gorerBmeat lato esisteooe, ao..', all Ibe Ilea whluh sbovij be prseervd aad atreng'^ eted to keep aa together as aee ro >pte sy the battle tie<ds of the revmutloa? by tae achievement# a..d the hkioa, aad ibe aaorllljea aad sulferlugs of tbs I'loatrim.j assd. ibe at njrs of rrs?doa she died to give as the liberty we aow en">/? or our rsiaraileMd petaperuy asd prngreas ss a aatlon by oar - .jaimaadisg (eiaitloa atr ai. aad, if we c-ktlnue to bo aaited. oar powerful pja'.llon a; bone by all Ue aiert i lie it loo, ra a and miaery that I sosM atlfBd n fai lore ci our gorernmeut by svsry (i nstdtiatloa thai should iBD ienea ia -ggrUvsd a juft ss launtgeet, a lot*!, a brave, a patriotic aad m?g b?o um ue peepl to stand by us. by your rights, bribe i CMilll*lios,ii4 by >a uoder the ouoatiMii' a, in itila br^sr at lie gresteel dargrr s ace tt came into es? 1 t?tre let peesloe h- allayed, let reaeoj aesuti" ,s tbrofS; let moderation, 'o-hr^arre sad w sdom g^ide o.r p> uase.s, aad the onuulry may ?et be aavei ia aay ri.t.tlsfinry, we believe ih e g reiun tl wsa ftormel a r'i?r ? snip .(J. rt .e, and mulual o<w ii4oece and oom -nor Interests, aad wh< never Ho-?. u?e ara ladlaao o?ly taa , ? M ? 14,0 to atiem;* lo R?ep ,t l?get?er by toroe. In rnsc'nrioa, I would ray,K*otar?y will witah tbe T' ogres* ? r ereat*. in ai) oplaioe. to stew ef all Ibe tea n. redoes r t.?is,htlM tes mat devolve npm her, sad USo h?r |<eit,<H., fear essly. w.saly.witii ear while heart btai-Lg 'or tie t'euwi. and her while s>ai erar'i >w \r,f wiih pairlofsm ard e?*ity w, that Ualoa nadar tbe eow psrl nf the nrasltlniu.n , determ nod to be just t<? sj ?? el . ns of this blued b- .*ut ooafedoraay, aow tbe last, b-rrir,d br'|htest hu,w cf freemen aad mtaklad, aal will tbe rnoas perfect ooefl lenca whea the draa 1 b<mr ef trial r> mts, if eome it moat, she baa taa will, tbe sp fit, tbe v uiaga, the peUlti ?*. n, aad the msobo?Kl an 1 ut? aM 1 't to 1if?Bd her 'a'-f w?, her h^o >e m 1 her r'gble, aMeh bave tw*? g- t/ar ir?4 lo her ay tbs rin?t> tut ou of ibe Celled 4t*Ve (Uspeetfully, j ? ur friend ati > bod 'eat sarvaat, ? Mviornn.

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