Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 24, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 24, 1860 Page 2
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POLITICAL INTELLIGENCE. i UMOUIITM AT Ho**? It hu >>??u alerted b? the , t'?ck republican Journals that poor old Abe carried hli o*n aard.Cltynud eoacty. Hero U UK offlcla vo:oof tfcogamon county, Illinois, In which the city of Birin* 6U ' ,V litre I. In co In reside* , if loeaWd ? _ , 3 578 3 ;.M I.inooln Hi BeU 77 bttvh nr dge Ouag'ts over Llnoela, 42 combined opposition vots otmt 1 Ineel' , 287 ?ha i,;ouuiTi VuT* or N?W Vow -we have the ful. #1V -. vote from forty nine counties. Estimating the en tire remaining el?veo couutloe, Hsetsaa probable that the lUM wlU tbow an aggregate tu the neighborhood ortkJO, COt with a republican majority on Elector* varying but I nit from 60 000- Tbe vote for Governor will sund about Uu" ~ MO 000 Mor|ac ....21WOOO 20 000 Brady . . t>00 0C0 Total Twi*: Von Of Vabtuixd.? As we oave now the lull vote of each county, and nearly all of them official, we re iBW-rt tho following recapitulation, with the cooeetary fcHtrat'.oci ? ? . (MttUl. /?, ecfcinrtdpe. BM. DtufM. /.titeobl. m u?r? ? 918 381 ' B\Himore cjttBty ? ** * OTX ?M ?&? % 2S ? Lt^-ou;::: ?13 i.Sj >?j ???:::: l? '2 1 .3?? 3.j96 J 30 W Oanoll 100 ia , i 1 286 31 35 wS5S? ::: >?? ieM . h9 ? gomcrrt't ogg 43 1 Pr.rce George t . 1 047 j?'nJ'By SIS M? '? ? K?n* 1 .91 I |*s 09 60 Mcntgnmtry 1 J" b2 - Qi.kd Ante ? ... s?? ^ 43 1 iK >S ? ? Total 42 186 41 480 ?871 2 '403 Tbe majority in the State for Breckinridge over Bell la Tit over Doug'.M, 80,311, ov>:r Llnooln, 39 892. Tho c un billed democratic vote or Breckinridge and Douglai ovar Bel) li 0(69. It will be seen that, although Bell hu a plurality In sixteen of the twenty one oouitioa, he has a alear majority over b?th Breckinridge and Douglas in Mly Howard, Carroll, Dorchcater, Somerset, Krodorick, Knit aol Harford counties, tirinAi. Vors t f Pbmwjkb ?We give below tho official lur President In Delaware ? Cfuntin. Brtckinridgr. R'V Drujlas. lincnlti. Newcact'e 2 990 1 673 7M 2 074 l?Sl 2 087 717 144 1 070 2 261 1,674 181 871 **?* T 3;i7 3 8?4 1,023 8 815 lor' .i.i* Iir:c>ravr ?Hon. S. A. Douglas, in Ma spoccb Mi Mobile, acsvered the li.terroguiry , whether he would lake an office under Llnco'.n, In tbe followlog style ? 1 hare only to say, that [ cannot believe that an\ man repuUU to be a geoiVmac coult put surb a question to mt There I* no language with wnich I caa exoress m . ??nr? and cotiWrapt for thiwreteb wh i woald Intimate ttat in any nou'ngtrer I w>nld uke mice under Lincoln. The man who would propound saeh a qu?s ion tome WKila sell hlm-eir In an InaUnt to Lincoln or aty other ?an who would offer him his prloo. Nohth Camouma l^oimart r? ?The I^fislatureof N.>rth Oarc;tna met on llUh lost It will prol. ibly be one of lh.' Most Interest. eg lesslons erer held since tho com-nencj mantof tho Stale government A fn. ted States Sonator, ? Judg-? of the Supreme Court and three Judges of the 9n per lor Ourt will be elected, and other matters of great and vital Importance will be di:ussed and disposed of, Tbs V?t? ok Job.1 ftiowa'sHbA? Th? ooly lovrn in the ecunty of ljf< *. X. V , which g?re a m\)?rity agaiiiai tie repubiwans, was Ni>rth, the residence of the faaiiy ol Jubo Brown. '"? ? ? Lincoln said, In his opea'iig speech In tbe c*?paigi> la Illinois, In 1818, that "iblt goTernment eannot endure permanently ha'f slava aid half free.'' The JtOeifoc city (Ho ) L'mtvww/- says.?1 "Tbe two par I'M on the slavery question cannot rem tin In the Union !u peace no less the one pa-ty or tbe other (ball back ttown " Etri 1? the ia?iie 00 t>< th sldi.s In a nutshell. Jwm Bkows assuskkakt ? A irectleg of the John *?*n Anniversary Committee was hell lnB?ton on the lUth isst As the anniversary of Old Jabn Browo's dea'h ?ceurs rn Sunday, Decern ber 2 It wa? decided *. hold a ?'?et'.rg lb Tremont T.-mple on Uondsy evening, Deoem b- r 3, tn which occasion speech's will be male by Wen Jen rh'lilpe, t.errlt Smith, Fred. XVug MS sod Ralph Waldi' roe -ton Won't r'Mtrs ? Tbe editor of the L"nlsv:ll* /,tirjieZ rrr? rotire that be will prltl LH |-ajer Ic the Talon til the 4th of Match, 1MI Us say. he don' lite the idea pi w ilea ru New Albany, la , and J?a rt >nv|!le iteini under the b<ail of foreign tews. Tin liiu-i . 1 van- <ia\ Di?t?i,t ot I'cvxuri v ?jri 4 ? Mr J?ihn M. BiilUr (republlrat) will contert the |e?t of Mr Will in f Uhtnan (deaecrat), a* reprewenUtive f>oo? the Klrit Corgresrienal district Oa Saturday even :tg last noi'ce |0 that rff-et was g'ven 10 Mr Uhmao by tlx- rcecsel for Mr Butkr. Mr Buller still hold* the tert.f.ateef ekcllw frcm the return Judges of theeity el f'hiladeiphta lain t i ts *1. n-s Stats 01 tas CorsTai ? Oenera) 1 ?b 1 g ? in a .dress the people of Kewaur) port, Mass , ai>4 v , n ?y . on Sat.irday at.d K >acay irwbgi, open tr.e s at< ?f tit l'? ion He has ad 'rcuid a letter to tht H >n A -bcti Carrier, aanooaeug this toteaii a. la this leuer t.e Speaks of the tMtaett peril of a d?*arlatto? cf the Amrrioar l alen, to avert ehteh, ao far as Maaa?it?ia?\u ?s oaacetnsd, the Orel Ihlsg nee?aaar? , la lata opinion, la tbe Imwedlate repeal of the Partoeal Mhwly law. ^d h?t,ig iftu Uia "we shall a,* have lbs right, happen ?ba; may , to stand ereel, to holl a? oar b^ad* In tbe I -.ten |o I ok o?.r a later States In the fee*, aa1, If aeed be, H ad drew rraUrna' ealinrtai:oo to ibe Stale nr S>utb VaeallM.'* Taa Iinait Pitt or Mj ?a(Tre?rr? ? The pre^nt I > ?*? i s'. ! berty bill of Maeeacbuiettf , was paseed t'y tte I ? gslattirs of I*A1, over (fevrrsor Gardner's veto An art to r> pral 11 an* m tbs sen year, and on a uet vote bad a merrily of fl wen u ite House, wh>n tb n-wsof B,?v.ha-e#ee.:itoe S. bl-v arrived, and the re^.i vif defeatsd. In US* several stct.ocs of the act Wt re rt pe?:?)t by a eurgeei.oa of Govern r Bai ks ???rvr.u Dwimiiwn ?|f has nit even a &*)->? ly U* a?y one ?f ib? rre*"!ee(<a' eaed iat?* ah' it 12?'I M b' h:.' Ibe LsfWature ?T, - f*** rb"?^ ll,e cle?o-* Tats, by tbe I n.t.J SU'.S law. ? q jirlsg the elrctors to be ^sen ..n toe day, rtaati aow be dote nie abcre aiatemei. I, is aow go rg the mja is is rot eorrect !V wth Carolina did not d.ooe* her eieeVm this y?ar unt.i ""bor?-la? inored rg the 8r?l Monday ia November The law >f Cowgrvrl eeubiishmg a ufti a IMS ? r to' -leg election f r ? r^rt * President an 1 V,M rrn.dttt, wt icb was , aese ! ?**> .a,.-'Ard pr? Vldea a is , who any Stair the I ha*e beM au e.y>t for ?he i -i-f ee of oi.oueiag #i?clo s, aad sua fail to make a rbr ee oa the day a - re., j. Ibaa tfc(, f ^ pouted oa a lie*,,. .? it, , ? ? ,h m?urf ? ^ ahaii ^y ^w provide." U , pee ie ? Vovrsrti risr * a:nr t.'*, ,ae splays ??,,? r^*Mt?a headq-.n- re ? Mewb , ? - ri ? lit rst , w 'th hut Bleei, at r t> Wavta Isnsnw v -The n?i ? hm ?.t. -t ? ? ?a^ wht'hara e taaod fajr I '? <*?? rn i??. ter.tty beer ,Uarharg*<- m uts Ma., farl ?.?? al vet?t far | oowaaad Uta..ij ?-^se as There are thr naande of ar-cbtr:.-* and la?*rHg am a th 1 ?: !y who are pre-'wly la the Mte siwmmb, Nai ua l*e,.a*te y th. y did i <,?. alt f.r Ll??!? act aar.tiii 1? ?:?.< aavr v or rn 'ovrnvia or 4e*?v<?s ? <ij tbe l.tb est Gc-emer H.rry M Rectcr wad oaa<jral?d lato 'h? Ise.ji td ciair af A'kacsas Be was e*c ''"a ^to'by thert-tary, the i--e?-p,cit tdss, *d , msrara led by O-oetti Marr** n^rs ?td a large e-e *?e 3 attaa *r ??ta^ gallery ?w *m??l with '? V* *; ,M * 1?'* " ??> ' iMl ?ev > Wheat oflh^ d" ??"??" prayer, an,,, two, u * , ^ uiv ? wta a ,ii 0 ti.^rtd ; j j> -i-, q_?_. , .. readf s ea gsra , S., " )ve?tior tbea arroe IUP<n<M ? TMs b^n' -irvl ?> ? . . w!U he held rm Monday, tbe )*h r n? ewb^ A Vtw UwffM |4W ? Tsavovt -T*\tu _ I'w fc ?d ato the \ "mi, .I ! - 1 1 <,?t' re a? ? . tbe ma.r. the mggr?1 so nuiie or K r rV Hti4 i'i ^'0*? *? a^drtse hef.nre tbe 8wta of near the -eg r.nirg of the asasi^. providing JaT ,' staring lav ttlKtleg I' itorl hrnasa". , ?' . y.\ rM "?'? * r ?W"?e . w:u tb- avni ? .5 tSiS ^ *"? ' "? ,n1 pt k ed aad q a : . , * ^ M ?Jr.thoulJ by raaeor if that fkei heejatrabaa - .r^ ?'able K be st ItWd w.^hcat furt^.tr rerem -y ' 4 htl reqalrtag avery at lore, y or ? 't?l tvffe*-? u T!?k r. *Km ?! ? . J? ft ct ; ? A) eC the census of1 i?eo. The i'opwl?tlon of lo?ll?na, MmtcM" ?ml Philadelphia. rOPCLATION OK PlHLADiLPHlA. Thr following arc the complete return* ol tno pspuiA Uo ? r Vbtladeipbia ? ... Ward 1 37,078 Ward 16 32.431 a a"?.r?u7 18 ??oa* 3 19 976 11 '*! ?'f, 4 28 633 18 30 il? 6 24,858 ??n 0 ltm 20 7 31 SWT 21 ' JHS1 8 27.811 ? ">?* ? 11.216 23 21.0?3 10 21,087 23,791 ie'.?ii t?ui 13 30 132 " " I840 408,70 1 4 24 "iv lorrcuce In Ven yeart ? Tc< population of l'hlia-lelphla ha ? lncrcwrf 16# 27 J ? nr< l&fO The number of dwellings In tbo city Is 89.9i8 a . ii.trt MK' of no lee# than 2b, 700 kinoe 1860. CTNPl'S Or INDIANA ? COMPLBTK. W. are Indebted io Major Kugllab, (Jnitod State! Mar ?bi>> lor the ?ol owing table, ibowlog the popalati<>n of ft. |. county tn tbti rtvate now aj> 1 In I860 It will be m< l hat the population of the Slate ban tncrea?c<l a iraci ( n over thirty mx per cent In the last docade I860 Adam ?.262 Allen 29 326 Bartholetnew 17 787 Benton 2,432 ? Ruck ford 4.123 Boone 18 21 Drown 0 508 13|4? 10.8^9 Clinton }4 4<M Clay 12.1*4 Clark 20.4H5 Crawford 8,330 Da tii *? 13,438 Pecatur 17,211 Dearoorn 21,487 (tekttlb. .????????? ? ?? ?? 18 895 Prlawarc 16,885 l'ubol* 10 488 Kikliart 20 998 rioy>l 20 090 1 tankiln 19 870 Fountain 16,979 Fa] ftte 9 882 Fulton ?,427 Grant 18.170 fcire.te 18.C13 ?i 14 457 Hamilton 17 310 H*n >Ck 12 761 Harmon 18.667 Henry 20,189 Howard 13 628 Heudr cka 17.104 Hetties ton 14 935 Jackion 18 442 ?laa;*-!* 4 308 Jay 11.162 JtfTt 26 044 Jobnton 14.H65 Jcno'.nfR 14 741 Kntx 18 067 KM-llUkO"1 18.027 Laprrte 23 047 L*k( 10 000 ittruf 11.388 Lawrence.... 16,708 Mad'ron 18 574 Miami 1<!8?1 Marion Marrball 12 124 Martin 8 9,5 Mot turnery 20?22 Morrre 12,809 Morgan 10 ,032 Newton*....* 2.264 Noble 14 887 Ohio 6 4.8 ? en 14 303 t 1?,4*8 I'Otcy 16,188 Porter >0 802 Ttrry 11.8" rue 10.188 K.p>er ?.?? Kurb J Ra-.lolpb 1'.?1? Shelby 1B5<8 Spencer 18.027 1 MM Scott 1 St Ji ieph 18,454 at< uben 10.41* l?0fl 2 209 tip"*1 7ii>p< canoa 26 UH Onion 1-*1J Viafitrburi ? 70 62 1 V i*o .... ... 23627 Vermillion ? 424 11"* }??/f Warrick J? Wayne ?? ? *? 817 w?:? 1?7" While 8 601 Wliltley i?76l Vulilr|tJ 11 0.8 7i.Ul 1 347 000 m.M ?Xewloo counijr taken of! ?la-? 1*60. 1 EiliuiaveJ. rOPfLATTON or MlMACHr**rTS. 7T# work of Uklsf lor whi of uaJer tl.i d'.rcet i d of 1 rlit d f at<# Marrhal ?Vata id fr'Tin, bi? l>?r ri-BplfU'J Tb? population im iugli to 1,311, - en 7 W? fire the tai>l? btiiow th-j puui*tioa of caah ooucty, at itc jrriect tine, Id If jo uJ 1866 ? l/ain ?n (lain in C jhHo 1840 IV-iO 10 van 1861 6 Mn Ba r,? abie .. 30.010 3S a<9 711 3i 4(1 MS Beflftiire ... 66.186 49 6!?tf 6 640 .'>2,791 2 34S Bn.tol S3 811 7A207 1T,?04 87 42J 6,849 r-kft 4 401 4 640 *180 4,401 ? bNi If# t:\6 131 307 34,328 1 51.019 14,017 Krai k .D .... 3l.4'.'9 30 4A9 8J0 31/, 46 -Ifitk H.mpdrn .. . 67.892 (1M 0,107 64,8*3 2 M0 ru-: ?? 87 077 SA l|4 am 86 486 S.492 Uiddkael ..2>6 4 t KIJ.SS ?6049 104 012 *13 92 Naotuckct... A097 8 412 *3 366 8,044 M 90T Norfolk .... HnI'4 78(00 2:? l?i 04.444 18.717 Plymouth AA 734 66 ??'? 11 036 At, 613 6 221 Suit..* lwJ 7M 144 120 48 342 171.810 20 044 WomtUr.. .160.044 120 817 28.4J7 140 646 10.099 Total . 1231,007 MM AM 217 0411.182 689 09,168 ? Id Oukea aoonly tb#ra ti?? biw * Ion ?lane 1S60, Id Frankl'B. a i <*? (it.c? 1666, ted ?# Nantucket, a |j#i ttuoe ?acL [* r , : It ?Ul be m?d t*?t the toeretae Use* ISM) baa b *#u 217 041 aid iter* 1066, 89 t58 The fNt'iit hvtj lurtag tech waa 1l Mtu JU ?*i c. uoijr (66.010 la ton year*, an i 33 3V2 n Ore ><a/?) . ir.d Mb k aoiaaa oast, ?iih a ?tip w !<? jcaii or 3C.!Ul, aud in tco ? oara of 48.241 Nor oik baa nana tho lar?. at p-i.port oaal jan l>uk*a ra ma:ttd etauoaary tac jun Qre ttm, but baa luet 109 in hnjrara Frank'iu Dta I >*l If 0 la flr# year*, bat t>*a tad a jaln of A30 in t#n j?a'? Nantc-.k?t na? I nt 2 T>6 lcteo}<ar*, b. rg m >re tban od# fourth of l la mtlri prM'ti'M Tb? tin Id I'u j??'t ig .UrrtUb!* riuat; bM b*ao abmn i per e?rt. In Skrkablre, av mi 11 , t oent. B'l? to!, 13 r*T wot. **a#*. id; Kraikiln. 2. Hamp-tea, II, llwMtll*, I, Mlrfdteaex. 34 Vtwfolk, 31. Firm >atb. 20 S?r. 'k, 33 *ed W. water 12 f rr c?tt Dui**ha^!oei 3 i*rr?r' aed Ma-lc. * m 2T pi r eett IT ?? i:a'r n the Mate h ?* been aearlf 24 per orst ffca loiKrtHbf tabta the buaiber of fir ml and Iwrll ag bnuaaa ta i c ? tc teral tonalltH ? Oimfkl fkrrit. Harralab'a 861 Brrk?l> rt 3.0*1 Br If ^>1 3 I?4 Dukra 247 bNl 2 717 KraBli'B 2.77? lUsipdra 3 6 0 Hamrahira 2 877 M:da -ar* 6 2*7 sa*(u>kat 130 Norfo k 3 6?6 I'ijbj. ' ib 2J. 7 sf ? k 70 Vemitrr 1,133 t?Ul 44 479 180.130 B} tt. ? t trill br Men that the arorafe aambar of por art ? tj rt-h .IweU'p* m a little lea* than aeri-a and a ,f art< r. it 4 thai there la owe 'an i> about thirty 8ra l?rtci ? Tb' <>,i6fi.c( la the pn,,u latloa of a few af tba totra* la tb? v trial tf of ?*tan. mil hervlofore pabltabed, With the prpn'att'ia of 1860 aa* JaftS ? l~?n* 1MO. I860 186. Rr*l. fj 26,187 18 873 11.477 f. etn Tbary *111 (l*oarporatrd 1H61 ) 4 813 iv , rb, ner 8,7fO 7 OA* 8.3J7 v ikt .. . *>7* 6 017 6 911 b ?kl a* 6.IA4 3, HA S 7*0 <?a?r'l? 3* Of* 1-' 316 30 411 H' ?Tti ?e 8 448 3.9*0 8.471 iwiiaa ?wii * 447 ?*?ii l ? 1*00 nil 2,A.">0 Weiwatfc 7 743 6 M* Of.?:) N-aum 8 1*6 6 368 * 741 WcVafa A iil 8*64 f..4"il f'U'Vr 8 37* 8 8.^4 2 W Tx t taMe ?h' *e U>* proereoa of pifmUl' -j la !'???? ' crctta .'urtat ?i>i> naat aar^rty yaarr ? !?*? WW i <0 ... 0;0 4M iH?j 4ijsi& iMo is7 ,ar> 1*10 4*: 040 I860 9*1 *14 ]?'.-? IW.J8T 181.1 1,? 4?4 iwk f? or K vnvit.t it *an i>*viranH e"r*Tt, rr*l. Tbe aoi<re (*ipa at ?r Saab tiii# aud a-ih.iria l? f8 Tt? T..? fcfnl I' a if Wfl s'e*hr'i!e, a?li-1:i( Vuk na / 1u.ii ??) rn 2.e<7. <r Nerth 3 078, i f I !<.? f I. 1.870- nar mf ? W? tv>fu!?"on ? ?-/, Into* . bafHa -innh, alla?llo It* r?>puiall"e K Utauily ;>ri pr 17.030. |lw tho t tai p> pniaum of V^th'i'wail m *-rtn ?: 38,716 Tna ppjinlat"* ?f ?h? vty m l?so ?t? 1' 1*6 at i of Srcth Va?!ir no l^ii, -t*?t re li 11$ wfclch, er?|MN4 <rtth tt># pfO""! ni;i?lat a ni ?n ? , ac 1 | iJ-'MTba ali?aat.i inrrnaaaol li.lKl I' tb# i?? )?*'? ?t 4? m nomtf a popi. ?f 30 47 oi. ? !? of Naabrt 1<*. wh!"ih arlththe -llya pif>slM?M, mafea* ?at n? itr-Tonniy 47 .171 fa !? K), Itar^iao- cunty t . a l opuiatitQ of 38 8*3. ah i?i'.* an ibiiroaac of ,> 8**Mm o th# ernn'y of 8 40* la ten ; -are Of i^a i 'T iLhab laata of iHtri laon <?^rntT ind<-?M?4#?t or i>}? I.j .4 fiSI arn ah;..* and 11 72J ar# aia> aa. Tvir ?? at IVrano r nma.i ? Tfea ?i<1 (Mo 1 J>* ? ? n o?t- I .h*t a l t#r <raa ra tl la tlat #< y *n ? mh .m 0 #re ?'ai r ??,a< I' ?? t ? # i rr h .11 *a? t ? a r a rbt < ?r# a?t. ?? ? t ; * " '*. ?v?b **? ? Mil I' pfa*->i !p tfc ? ?< a ' art t> e t f r ??># | ar"o#0 * * n*7 nf tba . iJ h THE IBDUBTKIAL C0HQBES8. Sactmd U?y-Murawg UniIo*. j The Cocgrua* opened Wednesday morning at half put ten o'clock, Dr. Yoing tn tho chair. The business transact ed wis principally the ontideralloa ol resolutions pro aenltd by tho commit ee, as follows:? 3 Keeolrod, Thai all tulermfdlate or third parties, or go belwecna, who thitut thumselvea between the pro ducer ami the ooueumer. are entirely non -? Hernial to the true iuti r wia of the laborer, sod their Interference should be dlspccred with aa soon ai praetiaal. A iopted. 4 Unsolved, That the laborers and pri ducjr* of the wealth < f the world abonld form auch naaoc ations and or g<L:zatliitia aa to themselves exchange srith each other the products of their own labor. Adopted. 6 Inat aa one of the principal moans by which almost the entire prollta of the laborer* are diverted Into tha IxKJsrts ol the rich men ? merchants and speculators? is the preauut ayatem of currenoy and banking, therefore it fliould bo abrogated, and a method or medium txel mge established basel npon the reaults or produoti! of labor, and not upon gold and stiver. Mr. Davis did not approve of the condemnation of pecle. Mrs Rosa approved of the doing away with pspcr mo ney, but she coosltered gold and sliver good currency. Sho thought the Interchange of produota an evil, especial ly in citloa. Mrs. Ptmxm considered the value placod on gold and silver artificial. Mr. ?a? Kiriii Tiioiirsoji explained the preaetrt banking aystem, staling that they issued bllla on an amount of specie supposed to be In the bank, but which was not the cise, and when wanted during a panic waa not forth j oming. Tbla would bo the case la tms city bs tboagbt btfore next Saturday, If be coald jalgo from ine present aspect of tho limes, aud too f? t*rea tout there fyuuld be a refusal on the part of the banks to pay specie for 3111s wheu printed. Mr. Davis was for doing away with bank psper en tirely. "H was of hell's h. rib? Injurious to all." Gold and silver were tho product of labor; tlwroflifg tho ex* change a uld bo product for product. The D.etali air j formed tt.e currency . f tho whole world. Hs would therefore move an atnondusont, as follows ? Whtrearj, banklcg institutions' power* for m.ecblef aro vastly increased by ttio authorit ce o.' th ? S:aw recog nlr Lc tlit.r |>sjer ss nioney, whose uahilowed expiu coi s ucd coiitru iiioca entrap the au.hitloua trader and enpicy?r, and snort wlt.'i HjO property and lives of the Is bo: er ; ti.' it therefore Kirolved, That the State's rebellion of their Isaioa a? lawlul currency be repealed, so tb*t la rut ir.< they stall real uj^n the aamo basis as other institutions. Bome lengthy uebate tnsutd, in wire a tir Phillips (* ba'd working man) and Mr William* to*,* part The u attcr wa* laid over till tho afioi noon, in oonsc^ of a vote ot adjournment being carried. _ ArTKRhOON gKSHTON? TlfREK O'CLOCK. _ Mr. Davis contended tor his amecduienl, and after a (bcrt debate It wua adopted. The sixth resolution was alerted, u follows ? Resolvoo, That oy the tirai laborer we mean ail who courlbule to the welfare of humanity, either by useful mental or phj siml service. 7 The present system of land tenure, by which canl taliste and speculators are allnweo to m Jnopili, e and b<dd large tracts id land? thus depriving tie pior laborer of the meaty, not oul) ol providing for his su t-aance but of coutribolisg ai > ihmg for me emm-n good-,* es! senllaliy und adieaily wrotifc', and should be r.litlh an 1 entirely done away wltu. Mr i am> to*, or Rut in Ld, Vermont, pro:*>s<. j th*t th Uxatn.u tbouid he Uk.c ill from articles o: r-vs'invtiou an-' 1. ( l*.-. l directly upon landholder* n a ,'m/ju.uiu* scale? out ,' per aero -n the owners ol uto at. rot, one and a boll dollars on the owners of ten air <j* two d d.?-? Cera'i'1 ota himdred acres or under, Ave li'iars '>tr aore-ii i ve hundred acris or under, and t a My :i,3do! lari por s*,. o r>u tbe owners of larger estates This wjuii pie\fnt the mouo;ioly >4 the sou by camtalihLi aa tdev could not pay the taxes. ' ' After s cbort dehato the reaolotlon waa adopted h ii Hi tbe public lands now onsold should t>o held for the Ufu of aateal seitierr oi ly , and that tt?ey should be all-'W- o f'vd them auhout charge, In qus- tit e? su1'. c lent for thea.aeivesau 1 famili. s, and thf y sb.Mild bo lor over held b.v them and tbelr sucoesMrs, fre- from any sMc ol> 10 "ll0B by * Prt>Ct,?" uf '?w for tic collection This reaol ition cansed some debate, and tha folios lav amendment waa oiK-reo and adopted ? Rest-lved, That the unsoll national domain be re served for the u., of actual sott'era (lot rxetasel of other lui or) in limited quantities, free of rlii--KJ.. and the same ttmi| t>c exempt from safe 'or theco'le-t on of debts Ttir niutb res<dntlon was adopted, a* follows: ? Kifolvtd That a Mate boiaustoad rxem, inn la ? ?hoold be i sact* d, Uy wh cb (be h->meetead, togetber wth a stf k ? i <*UIUiluJ of '?",t (or tbe sustenance ot ea-h famll. a;ucSktti? x? " prj>'3^ ?f b.i?:srrrr oat, ,acr ":-ari deb^ 11 K-solv-d, t ?t on* ,.f th? fundawet tai pMtelnlea |n ?'ioiid so, Jt? ? ^ . 5 8 *nl '"WMtntttoa of the p., pi- n..n aod aot:.. u ,;?,tld b? abao uiely aad eulirais .*,t"0,d ,Ur* ,u 11 141 T01*1 10 tb? eaaotmeut 1 rat on and tixee-ith.n of all lavs ' A 'etS thy debate ou trie ri<hta of wo aaucumed an ! ihe rejolut ion wu, a Iopted by a u?e/a i^rlty* A vTral of tie Cont rets n>t votlag at all. '' ? ' 11 Reaulv*d, Tiat all the inJuatrlal av-wal ous a d fnia j1 of life should n? op? D?d to wom? 1, t b? bviLf ?. J? *.!? ',cr,,r f' r fnaa If, ai t> Li ? , n'oren v J? \ I %i v,e*W 12 ??'> ->! ?????! por ? ' ^ 1C ' *bo st an t. ul f e.n ai her brother <r ao ? | amount of tlm.* and service rendered. > nr. ? of " -hug' am -n< prt wts of ibod, artuaua and mecbauiia with eaol other w ttb r just systraa of curreac; aud banking bat-t ojioa the pioioct, of la jor; with the MgM, o*?^r / h , 1#f W lt* 2* ?r ,Ln"' 5ltDl lMl l0o'r ow i aaa tf nat re, gearaiiu?e<l and mjute lialbcs' .e i>y any pro r. ' r coll, ft I >n of debta. Adopt' d. m... i ul c'a'??? ?re sorc'y Ux:d by a r? he U,'j01 r-1?? rmr'oycrs. t lMri r'< bc '* U>ervf.,re rtaclved, tt^s t>insre<s .ai n.ui, reoom.ord tolbe worUag classc aad r*!^ of iu ' w -mite with tbe Comaioawoalih la the simple practical a?d elhaleat method It propose* f,?r too ramoral ? He oi'i6.?h,fT."" ^rr, "u,# Md c*tmaal ?.?> tn ?.,'il^i! k by tbe prepoa lerauc* of lawyers and m si ?? , i'*?' *D(1 ?uppoaa.l irterrat It is to tte laws partial, InUloate an I v t*tl.,0* aid T, **? i reseut primary sj stem if p-ese.ittn? etn i ,rr !*,** b?*m* ? ''isrraoe to our cSar.. ? ?- M a moral t J?f D '* It therefore respired ?J. ! 1 WOfklt* civntm are her. Oy tdrlg d |? nnt. in political asaori.t ma. Maim booe*tiy aaleet rti. d Stet, andln fata re elect . fflw. from tV r m rw? a ho | rorerly onderatand tbe loteroM of laior anlw Wtsr j legislate fir the writ bc'sg .rfaeclety ?',?x?a said she understwd tbe nbisot of th* a> elety was for advanning th* ?nanoial p-wttioo of the working aaa*. If u wen- f.w a poitttoal or >ei?too? par one ?f tb"omwr*CE* cf .?i-reS a* After some debate tho reao!nti? waa at opted Ti nttetirg a<'J turned till sevoo o'clock i' M ?tkj <ik? ?r*sioN. Tbe s< ? no opened at ba f past seven e'rlook, Dr *i*j. rrws (PreaiJeal) la tte ehalr. T?* meeting waa we atlsciied. 1* Vor*o said that tn the priweot aut' of anotetv the working m-n stood la dally daager of being tb'nst out of emplo) meot by ta cjnsrqn *ee of cap! aJ?* ha v leg to cse for tbetn. Toe farther cie* |u?nce ? . J th> t It, aa R h sd bcrn before, that thnae out .f eurw Wi: dop nr!lr., l. '.",V*,t "5',Llh" by vnu<* of the preeeLl ?\ ? ? m of bet king, were the cause o? n -r STTtr'Vh ?.f ?*rcbaau faliicg Sccfc tu.o at arandretb, who had galaad their usoney by s . lo* n ? J?Trt Hi* ?o?*- ? W&ieb .* i, 4,a ,P it 1 lid Dot know It, but there ar* many othsr* i^e it banks hy ?xpa?s'oa lDdaced mrrchan* to | 1?^' 10 th# <"J?ry of 1 be aatlve p-. iu rr These joods t>ecame a drug o? tbe market Money U re b^s Tb" -PPlf ?or . Te te ^be b?k tbe^ore * Ji*" ^b"" * r?t Wn u> tor oor# tin ? had <2t?cue?*d the ihloc i nblkslr viia ? *" b" rulr "f Justl- S' ver I- I ST,. T ,r,,rl,I f*4'" ' Tbr? rapco-U of m arbinery waa ao ev-l (?<,,ds w,r. i. i. ra, u ., [ ,, CMtsnmerf too muob waa left on hand tals -o<: -,l^ ?tsgratint and a paalo. Alt?r farther r marxs h? slid B.e?e s"? . JT" 1 #l1 your bal e, not th?* w'^re ? 7h., ? nm ?*** f*' nothing *|?e Ik.. ... U makisg aome prop ?tt:.?a ** i. if l^'1 prteeni mou^larj f jwimu Mr rnttur* rrtnaiw mad* a very leegt'iy ?rm*ch ft. wee a i-r*ot e*l nach-Llst. bet la hia twfetj vSm'm-? e''iVm "af hlng iegislater ' be eTuM not7."?ba, *7. ?. m' ?V ?c>!t tbe laboring maa V crv la. fen J k^rst a.en ? Tbat waa tbe cry imbi* r..? f tt.e m,. . St ?.em-d to bs Vors'^ f ^ Sa.'i I ^ w while there are e^icii? t-y ^ ^ wh e the rrtwivy tre-t ess are eontroUM by nelrei*' who nominate their ll*e, aid they aat to the voter ,, vtte Tr bin or we wiu rjle yon oat of tbe party ? u labor rf| !fe.-riod at Oo? >T at alif (a ejic^-" Th ws? t ot a law la th* wbol. of tbe thirty y, f ?fTt "" 60 *of*e ?lavery en a?d'B ear h i?t?r exist -fW" Irs. r yt tt.? #*iSrff. w ?f Ihsmy, wb.j w rk fc* little or do pay v re sow men. ? ? '**' ** r* ' repu illcar * d?oi^ ?r* *** After <eak ng to sogno Inr rth o< 1 1 ? bv .f Um. prree.1 i.^?.rK sjswm, and a,!.-K-I,unr the f'ght rfiwr m U ? ;he aoll, be eaid b* w nid . to ?? the e?tablUhro??t ,if the propoetn ci*ii-iii s'fi-.. tad lh,t would do ?? W,b !hileUr.,j S- 1 "i , ? afcoo^" rr*d at i all r Uter ? rrats " >p 0 | Wss Jotraeo* then r? ad en ad Iraes wbfoti ba? c .m pieh-d re'Btivelotbeobr taof MK'Ctagre,, vr vr'tann : :'.,t tbe protwetRa arto-iad to ra? t pr ? e ast !.-*>, ..i:? ,r ud f oatere : r? ti? *uie of t?a trrjr, i?ii?re tfe?dif tfMr>* tV <?> vi ? ' ? Tiie ^ ^ wr of er#ryihie< ? iufie4 aothteff m| ertrr ? rr ?!*d|ei i lit, tJ lX IIa ^.tr ;nrt*s ?o If ? xnt . ?,w \ ?* ** Watt S ' r I ,r * v., . . lh Wl, f7't3t*' ? y eon. 1 g. i in. ,-t . ,r (M|rn r anl eac^t "-?a nor* kaM ? . ?* ' % 111 Ifillrv lirf I n. <v t n ^ tb. ffrr- >k . L H oe a'r?ii of a edmg . ne ?p Vr Da ? arfi d It f* i- rBahilsh rg * wo-k?n? 'KLViZUC-r - .'V r r ?e. let lb- Wfte?!?s"nf a -t * )IMW'*b-? h.oM [' . . ' " *' 4''*1 its e* ?. a ?? th?' M?- gr?* tsat au-hw of vot*? " ? ', ' ' "r '? ** ,fc* ?or*lafn?9 ! ltd 'ft I'll 0M? iaw? * m ?ef*t U* w or*, ug* Be ? the> would a!! vote for him. He opposed tie monopoly of iar?e landholders The I *Et<n>!.rr (I>r 8uoIgra??) exnrc?aed htms?lf as bellevu g taat It w> u'd not be *m to form a tie* and o'stcct prlitl'-al parky in vl?w of the succcss of IS > uut alrtepr'Mure ?-f tbo laud reformers np>o the repnbllean par is ;ia in ibo Homestead lull, ai a tbe eflects hi r<'t >fo r* of lb.- system of nueetiotitug tbe oaudida'.os ol existing parties. A preposition was mads to hold th- meetings every wiin.aul ani.r i-jiud remarks fr?m Mr. Dean the plan wits adopted, and tbe meeting adjourned. *he CaplMMtf V<-gr?ai llonuwanl Iloamd. SKETCHES AM) 1KC1DBN1K ON BOARD DI BIKO THi VOVAO* 1 KOM EgV WKHT ? PERSONAL HABITS AND P*i. I MAHIT1ES? LAhUl'AGK, lit SIC, SOMiS, PAN0E3 FTC., ETC. (>bam> Cars Moot, I Iberia, Sept. 10, IPO#. We bad a long passage (nineteen days) ftcm Key West, and a 'till longer and more disagreeable one from thers herr? fifty seven days; yet evsrytbing baa gone on ad m.rably. We are now nearly discharged, and expect to leave for CalentU tbe day ater to morrow. We have bad a bard lime uncharging, having to land ai: tbe cargo in ship's boats on a boHcb where tbe ?arf breaks very h.avl.y, being qnlto open to tbe aea, wife nothing to break the heavy awell. tbe day after oar arrival we landed the remainder of onr negroes, the second bad of whom got upset In th? stjrf; but they were got safely afb< ro, after their unwilling baptism ou the shores of tin* black republic. This a oeriaiuiy the meanest place I have cvor yet Been. There la nothitg lo be had. Tbe people on aho. a will occasionally ofler a couple of chickens, or probably as racy eggs for tala. g, metimes yon can get a* much aa a half bushel of sweet polatoea or caMftdo root, but fresh btef la ablolutely out of tbe qncrtlon. H.aveo, ?e are to leave &o soon for Monrovia, where j I understand nearly everj thing we need can be obtained. An j how we are free of the negroes, than whom a moro n.lrt rahle, Bllby set of an I mala I have Lever met with in ail my travels. We had oon? derable difficulty m turn utdera aid q?, and had to have recourse to every tbltg igicully oouid suggest, even to drawing, to con veyt r tncsnlag to them, lhelr language abounds m >owils wh.cb are proutuueed aa If thoy were syllables. Thus. for InsUnce, mbolo, bread; mike, beef, mf-tua, ii'' ,oto rlw>- '?"jo. w-ter; zaloo, the ami mboj, Uia aea, ic There were representatives of three tribes am. i ?t our lot, and Ui? ojlr dlWraoe in language we perceived was -ome variation In the manner of pro noutcing, but not such as to prevent them from inter- I oommiimcatiBg. They are a mush smaller and loss mus I cular race than the negroes in the United states and "m wT^ltk Thei? ??/**? lh Ug" lh0 b0e,s' ?<? ?was T&,ys*ac ?ssu'jii'ss 2MS.SS: xv l**r&Dce of ao old fubic ii<Nl rat Iran AHa*c tatt<vwJ? <? I" .bo?WOT. the l.'si captured cargo, and who the nar>.T. i 2 make cut, tbe joune worn! n 7^, h!. J. " w* oould daugbUrt? ihey were alto or board The DUi'vaAfn11?1, exstume. you .re aware, n,a> b^ureSue Md o^ JS female character all ?h. worl t over SS-'SrrS to them on deck, twlm a^, v' ^h?. ? . ?c^1" ,ervel ?u* 'toe We d,vTded Cm '??i b6l?' b?irg furniated with a largo " ' m#* Would luuat Tholr rnimir , r ' which thoy Invariably tnrntog It boitr-m upwirda* * the contcMs with the WmJ? nlif !^p ? 01,1 tte t un ihey wou.d K' boM,? ot s ? s id ,Sv? ?,?ir3ss?a ? , B t> o: . ^ ' ''ur n"ui 'Au'r of t "elf at will onr thu a?t" fru' ?K>fcrd, aj.d, after wtlchlr u t,lT n,T 'i m,'h*d 07?? zv,yj? - - STJJ ?"? H.ii . i 0 "r? b*l he *.->? arltn,:v *<*?*!?, aad i |r " r btfeittet#!, ^ a,4o li,.* '?'L ... V:v , -;', & ? < ??? mt?lil|?itfn:ow .br,H il- IS an actl?0, p.' n:r hi ? - " >r; ..r miuJi, a'^thto^K ^.Hr" wu.h "-1 lh. nfo h?r,-r?d to be taTt l W0 l> lo > at. a It r, rr ro ,?L K 1>n W%* O""1 B mba. , ,i - 'f4- l'ur U%4 ?? b-' mltS . V^iSr-Er- V'J iL.m , t.pj.t, . kl . ?. . . lro*- t<''? foe trolled ?- ????': ' : v fr ^:xvr : all .. ?' u ruk ; th'u ? b" Var clf.c,17>" >??"*? porm'ttod, j ?Mch birn.-s .'kotii,! ** Bia * **"" I * nets i r. . !. i , wlo, J , Var "??' e~wi or aaked I m a tt"i ,*n r iOD<,? ?' 4edr, , i<tnn ^ ykM* I cif ihmr ' tzja i plf 1 ?*w a irr. -Ta'c. Slv^ii !*!?" ' *? ? atoch f.' hr.c? ?w,iti7, wuhl ,h" ?m <J ??k"?g t yg-rf acroM Uio oce? dc,y Niwi from llndvM. Dr. Cbir!o? II Tan r%Uri, bw?r of dcv?tfhro \t the |ovrrr>m?t.i it WiabiDgtun, onatAlatog vui i.fD ?l rt|<rt of th? trill u<l esmrtlon <>t WA'ker, Arrlve< b?r? ;u the ?t'Aoibij>i japlte Cily >a *'?liir?4?j alg'ul, k?nnf loft TraiUtow the 2<i toil trim Or P. w le t n IW> Mr. t*n"f tu olttr. e And dAgnerre..>tvp? trt.i; hjr jf ? >? .p. *11 ni'.ril?r?.! I'arlni lbs lotlnook 10 0;t !?-r, <?0 It if ?i), ? !o?r Ira^u?* fro;a Truillln t?i ? denoaoed , ll n lb i, :i?, t.?4 |fii?i"'i.rj ? aule mnory by ihc eirr r>fifbl?y ?? !:~r?l ?b'lil ?,# itWMV<|ViI' ?? ? II '? III t' Ji n r*y (tut lei id ii.i Im .0* m.r e/o I X > rnre of tb? r ,r:?r? 1 bv> otet. iSWoirere !. Oaton,:! Bi ?r ?rrlnd u Co? <(A rn tU? ltd ??;? -ser . ? o t?? ?? II. ? . . e <M h!? ?>r I I ?" -1 bi RAU I . IB'I ovr Hr ril ec.upUtn :f (be IrcVio""! i? ? c*;. ?!, ks : <??n.iri-i!v * * v ' ??. *-?in ?I t ?Vi<l u* j%ll jam! The ft ???'. -f 11 . '?'?iWrr ?p< >-(]!< be r i't 1 h? : ?; o? ?!? r ? 11 Lt.Aid - ? (ill Ibe !?w if I'- t??. IV i? ?.o <1f?lb pen . I vr 1 j- crime ?rb?U nr Anti.'-r t-r if? ?J "u[ '1) ? >pr*"?. 1 >\ !'.? | - *n ?, 1 '? li Hi 'if ? ?' ? R rm C? b">: A Utt ' t *?' r? y ?r. *ii bof.irr f-t ii.pi itc* MHw* 1# it* "une !? qwi-t, I'm PrwtMut *cl noan tx ?? ' Mil. ull*,; 'HtMUi 1^ I, Tf*'le t? du t Tl.' gr-i try ? rjuii; h< a .b, All Itif'fue'i itp'ruod tK tan hrro gin *. p '?"* I ?'.h ontiuoi cf > ? i :? 1 :i*n. ? Jut ,.,fc .??:.* it aw n? r.l A taBbe* tif Oa.fnrr'A b*?e iv vM la lh? Or 01') , A m* m< 1 i ; . | mi :i? I ? c ?n u - x? m hi m tbe? ?>?? " n i! I in'i t ? A ?' ? l ? ' ? r: ?*> lu |o.d Hi! i?'T?? k? tin* if <V.'nr?l? TBech,?f i t'r , ly m to op? 5 rmd* to eeikte I tit m In get ruitb. .ery ij lue ?IMI The fltvt I nlteil Rwui *.m(<ir from Veil or ! IV Vr^mUb. M On ({(>? , t-wl h -p l eclet' U? lh? Loli?-i ?!?"* *6111 by lb* 1 ? -ii - r of UrrC*. !?* Mtl*e of Ife Ule ol *?'tn , itii t? Oj* %t*< ? t fi'rt? flrr yeir? rf ??.? He *?? ,r> * r-.r proter * Ihfv. Iti'l folio ?-? | tfcit r>!:?ipe?t until ?*?>?.? .. of *ber bo to ins Hni, m4 fli.ilmr tltrmji fro d?; i.n? rf m-tiy. ?<i1 beti,f amble to emp'o/mebi ?t b ? trai?, fli' ifd '!> (be ?tn.f li!" iurr 1 fl*? yimrt 03 lb? W.*tem fr?'tl?"e, m Ur. rt ? reriK-it of (tr??t)oBi, iBd n ro |f> tf e hl(b?tt t .wi whitb tbi ?t 11 ? 1 itte roles nf our inny permit ? ^ririte t} a'UIb ai -' ??pini!?a of r'? ur* 1 ier?t?? b? rurtMi >e*r >? it tnr ori?< n vtib tr>- <ni(r?iloa or 1(43 ?n 1 irrlvi ,1 tic-'fr. C *.?y lb UMfW .f tiMt yoir w a-n t!i? proTi ? 11' 1 yernint .<1 ?i? ori*'ii* 1 !n o '?<?>>? m 1441, ih ?** eleel?< " eti (ho Terr l<i-!il Ted|?*. %u<i j -i *itfr4 tke iiitioa 1 ' ibit t?*uioa to thn mill e ???,? 'I ?? ( i) of ttie fr? li?jei? ihil MmyeJ ;ni<i Oreenn at ?1 ?? ?..f y ?%J Be "1 UtltfMrate la it* mtaimer if If4? ?tM n *oy'fr Or*^ ocriiNi '*r ei-ao n 1 b? ? I ?? to'!* n Keniher neee, ?vl retrrb.4 t? ( >reg cm nut',* r? !!? ??? After wirdiUiif^rliti n1t?l ol Iriiioa 4.* ?? ? r iirefnp, hot. fwlleeo. ?M r.? *' t?1 At lb? Mil ?*t a of H?r?te? Them at- .he fwn? in ? 'Mr N**nr ,i"i o' wMcfc tr inr *po? ,1 ? , . |f? publl* ><? t,o*i, hut ca? i'wAy? lAiea j ? r 1 1 iri iPi< ?i?rt - 1 a co?vtAudM( toSovaa* '? *-?? j Afh!r*tfOre(M. THE BURCH DIVORCE CASE. Affairs in T?w?-P?m?m of People? Lsgal Dl??mMtoM ???* Objne tlos,.- Hpar.lngamt Uodfti.g-The View Openla?-So?w of tli. Thing, the ?? kac* Propose to Do-A General Deslrn to Ventilate the Wholn Matter? 1- mu Ahead? The Theory ot the Dwfisnce that fllr. Batch Lovnt Another Woman? De ?crlptlom or th? Parties, *?. OCR NAPBK\ 1L1.K CORRkSrOKDENCTt. NA!'?mviuJt. Not. IT, 1860. Tbe sourt having ooncludod moat of Ita business yen teiday . tbe panel of ..urgrs waa disohuged ; tbe dute At torney and hta suite leil NapervUls: tbe plalntiila and de fendants In tbe ordinary civil salts returned to the'.r farms and tbelr friends, and this tows, like the oourt. is left In tbe complete possesion ot tbe Birch case. It was arranged that the various motions in the oaae abould be argocd to day, in order to clear tbs way for the oass. so tbat It might be taken up and fairly befun on Monday. Besides the lawyers, not half a dozen persons were present In oourt. Next week, however the rush is expected to begin. Baveral of the most Influential ladies of Q>1 cago, with their friends, bare signified their Intention to be present to support Mrs. Burcb during tbe trial; a num ber of persons will certainly be present from Ch'cago and other places near Nnpervllle, for the public never neglect an opportunity to hear such evidence; and If tbe preaeot cloudy, rainy weather oontlnues the farmers from all tbe surrounding oountry, having nothing to do at b( me, will manage to be here at the freat trial and help crowd tbe court room and Increase the unpleasant arcaa of the atmosphere Mr. Burcb returned to town, from b's expedition to Chicago, last evening, and broufbt half a dc-ien ladles, who are supposed to be witnesses In Ue catc, with blm Neither Mr. nor Mrs. Burcb, how ever, srp:>ared at the opcuing of tbe oouit this morning, and Mr Corning lias not been at the Court House at all. Mr. burch appeared at Intervals or a few minutee seve rs! times during tbe mernlng, however, bul did sot re- i main. At eight o'clock this morning eoart assembled, and seve ral n.otl< ns In otner caces having been dispose! of, the Court asked If counsel were ready in tbe Baroh ease. Mr. llcckwlth said tbat tbe defence would movs to sup press, or partly suppress, several ol the depos.tlons Sled by the complainant. And, Orsi, the defendant moved to ?oppress altogether tbo deposition of Joseph Poggett, on tbe ground that It is Irrelevant. The sum and substance of the deposition is that Joseph Dofgctt Is a grocery keeper ; tbat he sold goods to the defendant, and that complainant paid for tfcem. He would have to wait for some suggestion from the > ther s'.do before ho could see bow it was relevant. Mr Van Armw said that for the motive of this amda v;t be must refer to tlie defendant's answer. The answer, Irgeniously drawn, charges, among other Irrelevant mat ter, tbat Mr. Burch was par Imonlous and niggardly in !iii ootid uct of tho household aflsirt. Why ihui wm io tte answer tbe cooniel oan tell. loan only think Mist It was dene to prejuillci.' the publl J mind age. at Mr. Burcb He ilid not wish to Isbor under this Imputation, and therefore pot on flic such sffldavlts as this. The oounsel bad ee objection to suppress this silidavlt If it was irre levant, but wished the same rule to i>e extended to bath ?ides. Mr P,. ckwlth said tbat tbe reason why tbat clause waa put in tbe answer was not to prejudice the public, but to show bow tbe sflalrs of this family were conducted. Not to show that Mr. Bursh did not turnlsh food lor bis faml ]y but tbat be did not provide tils w If? with money for her ' v n tse, because his affoctlont were alienated from ber. Hut, es the eoonf i 1 admitted the Irrelevancy of the ad Hilt, he hoped it would be suppressed Decision re Ljjr Beck with said thet he moved to suppress portions of tbe evldtnoe ol Mis. L Brown. The questions were: Jiow did Mr. Borch provide comforts and luxuries for his family within the last six years?? what class ol persons i is led Mr. Burcb's bouse at j artless? bow he spent his t'r e -'ttr husmots bouts at tome? The answers to tiese .,or ' t"J ? he thought if rt levsnt. Alio, in tbe evldenoe of Al'.C ' F. Hu brsrd, questions and answers In regard to Mrs. Bci eh's wardrobe; her boraes; her riding and ber oonvsr sUlun tbout Mary Spa Mid lug He wool! state that If tnls uuittion was pressed he would attempt to show, if there was aty materiality about this evldenoi, tbat Mrs Bnrcb was in I act, supplied with her wardrobe by ber IrletU* , and that many articles were chargcd against her wbtc'a Mr. Burch piocnrcd *s gifts for outer ladles. If tbls wetimony was admitted he wished as opportunity to vrittlate tbe matter. Mr. Van Armac? You eball have every opportunity. Mr. Biekwtth objecwu to part of tbe testimony of Mr*. Ifwell. In which It a^pwi tb?t Mr. Burcb presented "Mrt B'.rtli'i sifter with live > hares of rallroai stock If th p w*h admitted be wished to ahowwhat other prostate were matle, why, and tow, and that Burcb's was t small prer.ut, after all He moved to suppiess U.e drp.t tion of Mr. T. B Garter, a* It was rutin 1} dry guods bills; of Mr. Alby, the br.torer, who swore tbat be soli good meat to Mr Burch atd all his customers tt.o only butcher \i knew of In tie answer was the coaplalnaut himself. Tbe same motif n la regard to pari of tae evl Oiiocol Harriet L Jtri.?e, leferrlng only to dre?; of linrt ua Iddy, nferrleg to the fun'1 matter; or Mary Brure, >n rcgan to how tbe Bairns tible was tupi l'iHl, In regard to Mrs B 's wardrobe, and tbe man ner It which Mr. JJureh was esUemed by krf Burch's fit. td? that Mrs Parch said tbat Mr and Mrs Corning iliD'.^bl a ?r*a* dial ot Mr P irch? had as macli oontt d?ice in b m as If be were their son. tae whole uf tbe dsjo alti< ris of Jise;'U Whoeler and William A. R.oraon, the mm of ihess dcporltlotis be, eg that Mr Burcb to'd them It aonld be fcr their Iraenat to take Mr Horace Turner, a troUer of Mrs. Burcb, Into parnenblp with tii?oa. He a>ao acrid to lcpfrt?i , ?rt ut tbe deposition of Mr. Tbellcbe, rt^err'.ng to wbal be bear4 Mrs Howard Sher man *a> ; tbo wtJie cf tbe dc|??ltloo of Jeoob W Sklnkle. thefubject maitcr h?lng to show tbs dealings between tbe firm of e. Corning k cv. and J. H. Bnrcb A Oo also psrt of tbe depositions ot John De Uowen, relating to tM ney affairs of the earns firms slso portion of the svl dereo of C> rus Beetley, rtferr'ng to Mrs P.jrch's ward rct-e, ard the high etaracter of th.> company which visited bis Lcuse. portions, also, of the d potltloni >f Aura R Brtllcy, itferrirg to the lame matter Also, to isppnM p?rtu r.s of the drpoilltosis of Margaret O'Harm, In ici?id V, what anctbor t?r>aat said of Mrs Barsh't I la? i g checkers ca-ry;sg hookn under hit lira. &ud sajlng ?Uat tbr neighbors should not see him tail to o!Un, at d his tiling Mrs. Barofe s ehiid If hsr mother was st the wedding to some of the qisstioos, ii.attl?y were lesdii g, mdlmttng tbe kind ot answer they ?> ftcd the witcies to make, and reonpltulating a pail i f alii the witrds h*d laid btforw to others, th^t tb.j ?re mire heana; ? tke niiress attempt'.ng to ex , :il?? ?lat Mrs. B-ir-h R-eait Also to part of tis de|<> litre if (b?rr<e l/'ghioo.a servant, rs'a :og to a n >t? vb'cjj K.r. 1 u ch gave to her bro ber to g've to Mr Muni, ltd retaisg to ttats Its contents in regard to vbfor;t?it tiJled, ho* he spent time there wbat the girls u. abont Stuait's being In ths graiiery, aad tn? t?? thit atei<d ?> tain muart out of me p toe ir IP brike the vines agats. In regard to carry ig rtt'i lor Mil B ml. to other persons, sad bis iii j?:!ti'>l ts regard to ibetr contents, and bis ruj < ? res aa to wby Mrs Uuroh direct*: him to 111 up t(? otUr compea; , and to clone tus house, as usual, wm frvart was It^re, and go to r.e<; In regard to his c-r l?sw !i i in Kr B_.- di t'> get tbe Scst in ths su W for the ii | puts 4 Lo 'S?. regardless of coat; In regard to hit e< ig asked to |0 as beggar* master upon n ralrotd, not CGKDPcttfC tb* with 'he r*se Mr B>ik?iUi (Mr r?m'tro-U> having mala tbs last n lirtr ? ssie< fgr an oider requiring the cmplainaa*. to pr ili ce a letter from Mm. to Mr Bareb. datel Jan. 11, ltH' a ift ol Mr tariaai's,? ;ned by sirs duroh abont th" lltb of Jan'inry ; a ^iier<?r or<ltr to Mark !"?lnn?r,< J by Mrs lurebJan.U ( "heae pnpere are referred to in ."rs L-rc^ ? acsaer ) ? ?eo the lettnrs r?t the Irm of I U l ire. A i> durlrg ins f.a? bemscn Jannary. 1S8T, atd Mkreh. HCO, :<t'.<rs b<twscn Mr Burch aad M.w M?rv frpauidlrg, tao papers purporting to bs sworn to i(.d'stgtiro by Mis. Bi rch hcSore J H Valentin* (the ooa festlen Isrurroe.n t?be?n? of these pspeis5,aod aino in Itrul't fr.-T. Tlfaiy k t>B for clocks and bronrs fa . res Mr ' eckwlth favo soilo? tbat he had pre iwt-d aa ?f!iJ*?lt that th.ei p*| era were in ths pat 1(1. .oprf Hi Butch, ?w I tuat they wees nr<*m?ry to Ue I'if'ece. M the* vtr* not prodaowt, or , -?|?r omm Sheen, U wt.aM ?lk that the Oil" be dlaasesst Mr MU'tr, f r tt?w r..trpta least, ss ? tbat b* eouM rev Co bttur thai read fnm th? acswer In ?o the pariimiry cf Mr. B rc?. Mrs. i >*r ? i ? I : f i s.p >.; ter with ro^ne; ?or t? r I; -ehoit sspwise<, ;L >t ?b~ "Tm* had t-> harrow si 1 1 it i>. ?aarrtc.b'V trie- Jf. thsi st* was alr?d to y, B.ipk ftr mi r?v,set w#-?r? ?!? did be gave her r i y ? bat tbe i>iM lor N w. In rep!/ to HiH. we have ^t-i e t. re /b all the relsary tot -rev from etleti a fan*! ij'T 1? t' I-.' g' ?e-r, th < '--.u-h.-r, tbe ner f?ot- ? mi *h<?*n tbat save orders to hers tt .m?t <l i .ir.'hu g, ai i tut wet f* h .?thod n tub Ti !,?? t th- en that Mr tureh l'.v?4 In a ly, ar4 lo ton rut ?.)le, itint she was ?u,>i*llei at Umi atK of Kr. B -thw tb ?r.on>-v to any extrnl, with >ot Kr Bcr:k s atftiiuro te the WttS; mat Mrs Bor.-I al eajs b?i, ts !?r ? M' B iruli *?? r - TTi , the rrr . ?le uraay at t r louse? ?>l>iog to thr aii< gal ?.? of tbs aaswer ibi' > r urch u ro lee. iier wh .a. she sv Jd an twboji fl uid a t via t, in ordne lo auOe- rv* 1 1 'os ;ew Mil r'bi r' '"S New, tf.ateellrv, nf f'?? t?aho? ih?t Mrs. Bai.itti'fed n me f '?ty of'.h ss-i was r? T-*f V gee l y ye IWwh t-^ gir" up vu/ n' a?r fru-ndn Ne-. , it r i !n lie m i*rr bat Hr B .re* to il>'.:f ;-%r aud t?,n- ?? ? >^t euiar ly is rervd t'< her in i', fwre Ih raarrifd a.-l r>y t?v alJ. ar usi .?at cf, ??<!"? ree ant. c-? t of Mr. '?<' "?g h* * 1 1 J**' { *' ?t m tel't |mi ft ? ?5 v " ' H* ir Ic'tia t ' at ?t>et tb )a a-? n '*t? , ne e?ga? * trwat her f.J*. T It, u.. I've ?f t-sa. s!?oa?t .?s is to an w t NtMI. 3*. ?'?> ?. I. vdiiit'SUil ti tnataawitef Bar ?? ?" r,r, . 1 Ji m isr r eh er> 'f Na? fV.Ni.e tc ?(?* h*t Me -h" "t-aei V. vhut iri-?o h ii'r'se tra? "fee, r. ' ti al t|,.,Vieflt ?a? all the i ther *?y tiaje I .t -?b?s tb* fawJ# "????. '"f, .f ?.? ? ?< ?. <?twM m iMtir W' tj T!. , ef Mve-a' olt "at>?s *e wiaa tn \,T<rl idurtrr Ml imi tin* the 'eiat.Hf ^ ???? Sir ? rwh ar .i Mr tVrTJ'P* i. ' ' ''IL ?te *i??e?y r-iy PaaX wae made ,? IMvhM i ' . fl.Mi"i "? J"-* 1 ,"n* tf?t M?e l??rtthl?ve w- |' *er ?? v?a. ? ?: v "V? ?' v.'-U If,. I ? h??i?. ?de ? ?<>? ? -C..1 n Mdfterid.rg ftr "tut nmaMr? after this iiimeulty had occurred? be 10 ,uPtK,r? "r?. Burok ? mother. Thai !?**'' '**"*? ??? P?teB t we aever supposed; but If ,JL **" Pr*P*reil and anions to moet ?i i r<***r 10 technical objnottoD* lo these le poaitiocs, wc l?*vu tbat suljeet to your Honor, only re minding yoor Honor thst wb?? a w.meea remembranc* laextaustcd 't may be seoeaeary to recapitulate, and lhat 1? a-l:ng qutatlooi are aometimc* neces*arv to direct memory lo certain facta ^eaary w uireci Mr Van Arman Mid that Ma client had other in tern ta to subicrve We did not amend lbs arswer, aa we could? and aa It waa expected we would? (or wo thought that theae allegations were aspersions upon Mr Bar jh'a character, and a mun's reputation is somctlrng to be taken oare ef 10 ouch a crisis of hit life. We chooae oar oounw* delibe rately. We knew that the answer waa to be paraded through the papers, and we put theae affldavlta 00 Ola to ooDQtradtct It. The bill limply charges Mattery; the answer to the bill Indulges in repltoationa In regard to Mr. Burch's parsimony and Intimacy wiUi other ladles. As lawyers we admit that it is irrelevant; but we want to litigate them. It la the only way we have to reply to these published calumnies If the dereuoe can prove these charges, let them litigate them. We shall not back out; and ir they conoede that this part of their answer la Irre levant, aud wish U strike it out, we don't know that we have aiiy defence In regard to Burrlll, we will prove it a* be waa a go-between for Stuart and Mrs. Burch, and there'ore we wiah to prove tbe letter*. The conversations of tbe servanta occurred at tbe time, aad arc part of tbe re* getta. the leading 'locations were, 1 hen, legal. If the Court wuhia authorities we will pro duoe them. Mr Beck with said that it was necessary to give aoaM of tbe outside hlatory of tbe case. Wo know and oa? prove tbat Mr Borcb gave u>ta whole matter to tbe press, paid lor Its publication, and even diotated some of tho articles. What else could we do but publttu our reply? Tbe baif baa not been told. We can pro re thit not only Mrs. Burch had no money, but had to aell her dressrg to her neighbors, while ahe lived 1b this palatial residence Our object la to have tlu' Court settle tho matter. If tho Conrt la ready to Bit and bear It all, we are ready; but we do not want tbelr test'mony admitted aud tben have ours, at their motion, ruled out If tbe Court will allow both sides, wo are ready to go ahead. We tball go oa to prove bow Mr. Corning advanced Mr Burch thousands of dollar* to sup port bis bank, and 920 COO more to suataln hta bank. Thai h? wrote letters, eacn one uf which said "Mary la wel'? can't you let mo hava a little more money?" "Mir tie la well ? can't you get mean omoer' Wby, I could go on to tbe going uown of tbe sun to relate the cruelties, the paratmon tea and the meanuesaes of this c< mp'a'iunt, and am willing to go Into the matter. Oaly let the G urt admit both aides It la unfair to sty tbat we back out of the matter. We are ready and anxious to go ahead. Mr Van Annan raid tbat he would afford the oounael every facility, and would sign an agreement not to object to Its entranoo. Judge Norton tald tbat aa there appeared so much agreement about tbe mailer be might try the main issue now, and hold aide oourta for the other issues < I.tugb ter.) ^ Tee Court called attention to tbe motion for a 00 mm te non to take tbe depositions of Mr. and Mrs Senator Douglas. Mr. MUler mad* a spesch tor Buncombe, saying that tbe accusation waa fhlse that lir. Burch bad caassd U?e pnb'ication of this matter; he bad endeavored to ooaoeal It; his bill was never published ay him, and all tb? while tbe Eastern papers wuro accutlcg Mr. Barcb. Tbe Court said tbat any reply might be dispensed with. The reporters would do Justice to both parties. Mr. Miller said tbat, to return to business, h? would move to itrlks out the deposition or Mrs. Caroline Van nier, of Cincinnati, on the ground that It was given la French, and translated to tbe Commlwloner, the Frsaeb snswers not being given; tbat she was in charge of Mr. Austin, of Albany, aa agent of the defendant, whs was constantly prompting her. reviewing her evldenoj with her, snd by every means influencing her testimony. The ccutitl then read tbe part of ihs answer or Mrs Bjnsb In regard to Mr. Buroh's intimacy with Miss tipauldlas. of Little Fal's. In reply to a question from tbe Conrt, tbe derence said Uie? die net charge Mr. Burch, In tbe a;s*er, with adultery. Mr. Miller stld? Tben we object to this Cincinnati evldetoe as incompetent If tne erklenoa does not go to prove adultery, it goes to prove notbUg. m? acts of intimacy which It charges are not alleged in tbelr answer, even If taey are competent evidence anyhow, acd, according to a well fcnofn rile, they (boukt to&K le r . d. The connsol quoted authorities io sustain bis point. Mr Beckwltb said tbat this question was aa l jiuortaat one. Tbe testimony becomes pertinent, when w? eon eider tbe whole evidence in tbe case. Tine oonplalaaat cla'ms to ahow certain ladis:rettoos, frim which aduitsrv may be lnfeired, aad then to produos Mrs. Burch's con feision. Now, clreem nances become of tutermt ami value If we can show that Mr Burch poisoned tbe minds of bis servants against bis wife; if as tbeo intro duced a Iran ef Btnart's character, and male him as Inti mate; if he did this against tbe protests of Mrs Burch's brother, tbtn wc go far to prove a motive, to prove tbat there circumstance s were designed by htm to appaar suspicions. Then, If we go farther, aad (bow that Mr. Bur< h was taking liberties with this young woman from New York, tbat hs loved her and began to dislike his wife, tliet we prove somethiug flke a motive for obtain lrg his wife's confeesioo; acme motive Or folio ?!ag that 1 "light Iron heaven of which lie gpsaks 111 li ? isltsi some motive for his employ leg "every mental aad am' ?sens of persuasion," in the form of a fist ahak n la her 1 l.oe, it oreer to obtain this paper. If wo can shoo tbat be laid tbat he "loved bis wife aa man aever iovad wo btfere," and was at the aam? time taking liberties with titer women, 1 think we shall go far to ooovlao* tbe Court *a<l jury oi the character of this man aad tbe itnocriice of tbla defendant. Mr. Browning satd tbat the ro'.e charge In this case w?s adnlteiy. The oej-ositlots r?l! to prove ihj charge ulrtotiy, but are li.led with minute clroumitaoocs going to prove Indiscretions, and so prove lbs charge indirectly and by circumstantial evidruoe l'his svrieuoo ts very 1 roper to go to tbe Jury, thonga to use it proves natbiag. New , sir, in what way is the orfrndaot 10 mee. this sir cuirkiaotial evidence f Suppose tn? at.s?er o?l> exp lolUy denied the charge aid old not go Into detatia, anu ther urdei lock to prove their c?s<? if a aaltltuie a< clrca* prrtumlng guilt, then the derenrtaut may mtro Cure sn> evldeire to upset tbte preeumptloo, and any *-ch evtdCBOS is competent? none can be more so. Now the theory cf the defence ts that Mr. Bur. h loved another wvcctD, and set lo work, bjr m torli of UDbjiicd isd mnrMioji, id order lo get rid a Mrs. Burch, by a separation, tbat b? might gratify bis lost, or love, for the other woman. leu t any tv dene* showing this web of annoyaacsB aid ovituntsg tbe pre-sumptloa drawn from lira tastl moty, ptrfrcUy oompeteutr Isn't any explanatory *vt detce of this kind pi-rtinentr I know aotbiog of the *vi denco of tbl* ease, and I want to kaow and oigbt to ksow aotb lug abont it, until it appear* legally ; bit she rsys ibat another wosao usurped her place la bar has ban 1's heart, aad Isn't it right for her to sboethlst' Now, tbia evidence of Mrs Vaaaler provr* a greater an of Indiscretion, aad of the grossest indiscretion, between Mr. Burch sad I hi* young lady, than Is eve* charged aga 1 it Mis Burch Tbe ' bjcct ts not recrlmtna't jo, bat 10 overturn tb's presumption from circumstance*. ?*. poeicg ibis Vagrant aad disguatiog indecency , oesirtng la his ow n bouse, la tbe atmuepnere br*au>e 1 ?y bie wlf? aad cbildrea, I* only 00* item of this evtdenro. 0:bers will be addocM. to this woman to itaad dntrb before her accweis? Abe re pile* by v'.rcuwtaaee* irbut e'reumstaaees We Is tend lo sbo? ta?t Mr. ?Bcrcb let his servaata as s.uea. sod we say th?t be thea arrasged clrecmstaacee for tbrmtoss*. Now, remember tbat w* bavs no dlre4 e?ld?ao9 yet of Mrs Burc^** criminality. lit* clrcumtUuc* vs. clroanastani* We w*r*nt4awar* of tbe** acts of ?rtmlaaltty at *t I. -mis, wbrn tbe answer was Brst drawn; tr* were a'ratU to arnead It sow, because tben tbe complainant might aav* as.ed a po*tpo**m?nt, wb,.ib wear* eager toaroi I ftmt Borer know* tbat w* mad" no avteapt to get lei dep**|. tt*M i?pe*sbt*g lb* ocr 1 1.1* I nan t a* aa adulterer. Tbla cvielekc* ? not r**rlmtn*wiey . bnt 11 lead* to ralen a pre s*at i- 'fn that tbe ebarg^ of Mrs Bomb's slurry Is laiar. W* ttiak tbat It will turn mt ? thi* ? aM I bit op to a day or two befbr.) to? ?aa) ispttr* took pteo* no breath of SWolclo* bad even lart<?be4 Mra Burob'* caaracter. tbat be r rir' .1 ? a* as -injuestieiaed as aay wnaai'a aoeiid bs, sad that wbeaiwb inpteio** die arlae tbey were setafl*'. ??v fctr fc atsael. who abou'd have be*a bar prot 1 ur bat who rusa*d ber rrpetatlo* an 1 has n*arly broetea bar tr*rt. It arena I* m* tbat tbe Jory win decide tbat tbt* w net 4 tb* victim or a fool wnrpiraoy, aad not tbe f?U and rrtmltal thing tbe oompiatsaat wtbes to mtk* her appear. I say that aay *rldeacs laadiug to prov* tb'? :s a missibt* Mr \ .a Arman said that be w.uld assum ? that ta aa ordinary divorce rase tbe ?? endant bad promsed a* large!} a* their nooaael pr -miee; that they sboo d rbarg* e?t tsge and onasplrar) that t tk*r should try to make the eompta nant the foul err?t?!h watch the'y try lo mU* th s r. mp'a'rant to be The s mpte laeu* b r* ie wtah. - thede endasl la gu Ity or aol N .er, wa?t did the jooaael attempt to preivrP It mpl t tbat tb* er>m I la 1 an ens equally gallr?. Who It tble ??mti who** ??'uen<yi is ao reliat?'e? Oily a eeandcrtog ^ eoob *1 man, ?**i c ?n e li the defeiji'?nt * bo*?* to ask *1i??. aad isepius t-irutgb a baif OfieriShl door aaw Mr Birobtiko u*1 crnt I bert!** w'tb <fi?? tudlrg If he n p'ova tt ?, why mold he an pn?e ? a tery . la order to aaow hat tbe c-'.Ben- a sirKoH'SM wore s' -suatsdT W| li' la't adtl.ery an?a lb ?> etenetb'Ogf Iftntt aad inee.ti.o n tbir JMe. 1 it neat In all? Jeema; MM ?na ?#' g' -1 evwnje af addHery **d?r lb* ae a* rais? Ib? i. - nrl eao aay '- ao tb?t h? ha? a i-jima'tj if otrrvm>t*ae;ca " Re n,hl have sail it ?( 131 f.. I11..1 prn* it*t a, *ti * s* '<rre< 0 ? r..' 1 <*t. >.?? tt ?? In regard to M '* ipaa oieg s la >>?g a iat*d Mr .rth"s ad.. Urns frsa it'# wlf-wia'l >n > sUo ? mat tbla s'VnseMte-a <??? mod* witbab-. n >1 ?? ia h 1 a'to.iai o-ef (>*a b* a<i?msl>?? eayii, I i? g id to leer*, so flsr o*l? rro.-?a t ?t tae etef-edMl I a t at: ep^ irt' n1ty lo e tiitD l tha ?d Jltee) ' in i? t*io tuatriep Wh?t we - li )<-t II t* n 11 ci" .<'0 r*y , bat *? e?rtsM| Ib??l p eel* a tuie ?>- *e a-? bovtd t? f' uf .be 1 ,,f u a te?y, a d 1 ?e fa ! .litt Htm ? tjrvles* h ? . if ?ti? ^?i-ie*o* 11 ? -> ? <?*, ? ' aid *>r Bwn *o?w ' ?d aa niev;nt a ? 1, .1 sa ?efa Id'r.g. d*** that fo?n|t lb . c ?r? ?< .rslk had r *bat caw e> neatt ale tew, .?nsc,??v. . ,< *?gbt lis e*tpa?y a- 1 1 >o:i a.iy tn*t 1.. > Liiv 1 I ,e*e(.p ,*:j ? M, * s ,(V It j.M,^ - 1 y he ab|r< ? x>u of 1 .<c?u , wtreoo'l t b? >roro ?dmi'r. an<i >Hk ia<>t? NbSoa f foeo I ? ? emtio *' i bad W "f Bitei? the t. ' , - ?? ,||vt?a I Joa'l rate ?be.,>t M ? ?> ten... be'! a* is *ii tr m i?i't,ir | l> t*t 1 ll ho* f Or 1 1,1 |? . I (, i, ,| f ? | ,,ao * e '** 1 t*r>nu" . or 1 m 10 i*y ibat it li aalm^ - ,*e *h?' . svea if aiht*. nt*t*ao?:"t'Sl, ?*? ?? ?? il< n.n r?i< a?r had ibj >oar?r t* js^ar en inter - t reft r fe ~ir~ 1 nl * tTiat this ?? is Caul 11 *1 1 1 1 itt "? rsti' a in regard withe depeisllteei ef 0e>*ge W. Ho ' "-.rt lb as fillM a r >ne ??on titak 'lesrl ' '??r rf H" at i "r* ???ta">e '? I' ftae, tbe r 'l^'netnt rating that be . ouil tij <t to the lest im-wy vsm it ' .r? l.aiuaa' I * n . to the ?' -per? lid* 0 ' Kg. t, r h-> at*~. 4?i tf? -t a ring b e .llntrs a 11 e tbe >tar br Li n >i <r?e.u iro l?lt, wn . j ?> <t j ?<*.?? r?e' i.' a? ttai, let ih? eiepntit m y,< Mr, < 'r hrraov* t W 't I ? w ?? hei'aay. Th' c-?r* ibt* tha' ? i (j-i ft' ? ef (? 4^ r" ' ??'???? ' " P fb y '..1 ? i,d i a > i .j b" I < ? ? > Might j? r ?! ot, i g tl t mufti of lbs r At, W70' I be ? - .? j | , -r^

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