Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 24, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 24, 1860 Page 3
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when U>*r eame ap. 1b tbe mala, that wta'.cb Modi to prove or disprove ?duller; ?? admissible, iu connect.? Wish tbe rth?r s?ld?-ooc. as it uppeara. ? Tbe Oourt then ikdj >aroed till Monday, an 1 tbo Julge, the !?? j or* and mo* I of the stringer* U NaperviJe. left low n to get rid. of a Cull Snnday la ibe oouatr; . Do Moo ?ey u>e caee will be formal y open ?d. Tbe following la a DESCRIPTION OF 1HI F* ST I EH. Mr. J. H. Borcb li a abort, ?p*re, resistible looking gentle man, with a head wbieb Is peoollar only In tbj?? that UM lower part of ibe fa* ) *eem? t j be out olT, and tbe ?fttai loo large for tbe frame work, thus giving hta large month a very singular spoearanoe, aad suggesting a ma Mpilty of nbaraeter tbe real of bit faie aeoms to halt*. His hlgb , smooth forehead, One gray eye* and ?leap complexion make him not aa til looking man, bat Mi peculiar month, framed by wh'skersoatali m HUairt, fives him a crabbed aad aonr cipresatoa, ovtremely ??pleasant. His manners are afUble, bat aome what awkward, aad bis voice very pleasant, few! re '.her k>nd He dresses neatly, bat faabiooably, In dark clotbie, and in court appeara flatbed, oonfaaed or ?aks, by tarns, as the muter before the Court varies. Opinion* differ In regard to him Many, who have known hkn for years, speak of blm In the very highest term?, while other* regard htm as a perfect Hypocrite. Tbe Baeoad Presbyterian obnroh, to which be bslongs and of wkleh he was a prominent mem Mr, is sailed here "iho ?peek led ehnrcb," and is In very bad oJor among a cor tala class on aoooont or the anmber of hypocrites they ?ay are in?| its members. The general impression ww appear* to be that M.-s. Burch Is innocent, and Mr. Bo reh gollty of adalterj ; bat the g ncral opinion la hard to get at and most unreliable. Tine and t*a verdict of Me Jury will loan determine this point , however His panooal aad ballots* chares; or wero, up to this time, ?l?al!y tnilemiihed; be morel in the vory baet circles of loclety, and, although said to be illiterate, a'ways bad ? reputation for some edaeatlon and mash good senie. Mrs. Boreh is very petite, and Is called by her friends '? tbe little woman." Very small, and sleoder'y formed, with dark hair, eyes and complexion, her dark mourning dress nukes her look nnoaua'ly pale, and sorrow has adilod to this pallor, and lank her dark eyes deep beneath her ?robed eyebro w* Of Mis. Burch 's character it Is of course taspolslble to speak All who kaew ber sens to love her, and aay that her tators is most ami aCTac ttooate Fveo the slweaoe per* say the' thsy bad rather Mrve Mrs. Burch thaa any other lady. Her m*an< 's are aeay . graceful, and, beyoed all praise, gentle and prepos atsslng, ao that, though far from heaatifal, she m?y wc.l b* celled lovely. Her sdecaltoo la ve y One, her deport ?sot that of the beat society, and ber whole appearance Nke anything bat aa adultercaa. Mra. Burch la the child Of Krastca Corning, Bsq wife's Crter, aad bla adopted child. Proceedings of th? Court. Nimvrnj, 111. , Not. 23. 1800 Tb? following leatlmony of Fwny Barch ?y omitted / _M" Burch 411(1 aT*~'J Attended Mrs. Boat Wick a concert; one evening after returning went wltb *? Ba,cb 10 ber bearoom; ate Bali, while taking oa ber M?tog?, "Mr Buich doo't like lie gentlemen to ad mire me, but tf they will, I eaanot Help ??? ttaa aaid, ?lt la lucky for Bjrob that Van Renaelaer doca not live la tbe time town with ue ? I ?fee re ferreJ to the gentlemaa rbe bad been engacelto helore marriage; ate alao aald that "Buich <u tbe best feoabaad and the beat mat:b, but aha thought a woman T"" * l0T* *? "ioMreiy aa the flret time;" aha alao WO mc that Burch bad obj^ted to ber fixing her hair bef?e aha went oat; ha. told me the glrU ahould ?? ul who tbe? married that kka a , .1 ^T?r??^ h1mb^ i"8 ,f*,rk,d hlB- bot "ow. b?d Uie lime of tbeir mirrii^' I at id ?Jm ^QU n,*'r7 him, taet? ho vu not rich " ah* ?aid *fco: but Quel? Cv>rnlfif ba* saM bo wu an baelaee* man, and ooald not help bem? nJI?" thaa teatilied to the ruita of OarljleBoyd at the b^ bang frequent for I wo montha ">e boute FIFTH DAT. On the opening of the oourt, ue croaa examination of Mlaa ranay Burch waa rr?um?d Tha wiuxm teatlfleU that the could remember nothing of tbe coo reran loo w **?" aurcl1 ??>1? the remark, "Lore Dartd staart ' i lire me my huaband before any man in the wwW," except tUt tea te see; could not remem her what night daring Joa-ph Tnrner 8 r.cknee, ?be went down id tbe baeemeLt far lo? ?hk n,.-?w ?. . nsra.*?." *1867, had not aean h?r for a tear previou* rrrv-T.. ?bo-t twetty m.nute. in April of ?V "iwiular all th? elrc?initeooea ttalci tn evidence uul i iaet Friday. wbeT I oonTeSTfViS Vau Armto oomplaloanfa oonoael; baa oonrewid about even. wh.rh occurred tha .Cdiy"""re U i nnr S?w "IODi ?? C^Tirtal, m w:tb ttiu abjut ? xy paoWiag and mjaelf vliiied .Saratoga an i Lake George with Burch In tbe aummer o' 1859 j1^J ' Jo' remember Mra. M tal "m ^,Jt Tl "T' '*,*? ?'"> ^r. nearly alfth, , or that iaEtViff with unole; tok ber we had .. i.jearant time ------ , ?? her wo aeiit to the ina'loe.- at c wi*r<ee Hall, t at Hits - ??*.?? ?u? <?;* : Tb? crt*e eiani.tatioe rllcite I that at tbe aerxrkl n>?. '"-?"l,0pD^*nlt^^ alfbt of Burlay'a liarty H.irch ?? .? V?_ but did act g>, and .'arl'ale Boyd im Kri Bart h an ? ?a+ ladi-a l>om?, that on the eight of aU?ri> l .rti regained alao, and "*tuar . and Oarlbla tok Kr, u, r'? 1 ?ami au" 5""'^ d,<1 "?* *? *? Bc ?*" * P*"7. but Mr' 1 lurch aid, Stuart waa tnsre, la relation to a letter u> i t? hare been bandrd by Hrt Bor h "?T. f ^ trial, wtUMaitaMiSedl Bixrcb toJd brr the Bote wu to pooM ytn*ri * k ? Jbe story that b? i h*o clrjotaUd by Mar/ ^ntu'J nr "Mrli " 9 w,k0* ^^aS ^ Sfe aLrt t?2 K ** a ao',,,'n* ?IM>,,t Hr* I) irrh, rt I u ll ^ . c?JiT?r***,r,?> ?!'*> Bfrrl 1, hart m) I ! ? J.? Jo tf * ??tifc VC Icrcd your wife u ?no*, aa Stuart teemed to lore Kr B? 1 Bun >11 rapUrtl, '-aioot hm d?l- after tt? eotfrar'oo of Mra Burch tha u l tn. , abe th<>afbl i'-)>ere waa a deliberate fpiaa to raid ber be J*c?a Burrt.l and ftuart, at4 ba<l ao to'd th? latte* 'n a tetter g rra hi* at the Ooort Hou.e; In retail' a t# tht return of tha ring io (Muart on Sew Ywa <lar t>?b o 1 witaeaa Ira l. Sod tha trae aiooJ it. i middle part of tbe par'or. wnere refreah-aenta were ? ly>dlng_ the fair at ?he Me ropditaa Hall; waa t wltb ?**7. ) ' Borah waa tbwre. Bo rob alao waa tberw ' tat did aot f-> with bla wife be loot Mra Mattel m?' i Bo'd ?? w^a*i ler boaband why be ba1 tot rerouted for her Rn -rs f?7i? te?tiU oouid aot bear atrart door abut P^'y "ring an oruiaary ooareraatioo, area If x.TZr^'+T' ?? d n?i ">? ?W?rjss?r jtcm itr -?TT.T" ' ,0 '*{k ?'th Stoart la tba library? ad elltwi library near tba parlor oa tbe oppneita tide of tbe ariSAKa^ pwior' Ihm court adjourned till two o oloek AITIKMOON ansioit. -aPy.yy.7y}-*1- ? y?T Burah WW ranmed. 'lie I tad ware ? Fret, In relation to tba imok *?y ? <*o by Mra Bare* for Carlyle Bo>d wnwi (??tificd that Mra Barch bad made aereral rarw at the tatio time lor bar baa bald. Han/7 r,?"?' ^erV f?"? " Td mere waa ni Maeealmeat ahoat making tban. toe &>tordar be foeo tba day Mra. Burch Una, y ,ett b'?me, Mr Burch ??r w:toe? aa 1 olfcert were |6 taa li j,ary a I .og tlota. leak teg tt bock* ord'ret dKaer for the party for It x. 6*y , Mra Barch told thawttDea* that Monday be bad |r>ll bar not to ivrtake ibt ablllreo be th gbt it batter lo t^ to lire Ureter; Ictlevd the abiu'r* MKd a letter b dtelalad to Boyd tbe re.'ated at Brat, heca^*' tbe tbouett Jt footitb, but bar biubaarl ra'i If aC^^fhea^M ? ta^k tba cared for Bo>d, the tbea wrote the it- iter iho w.iaea a?o ^lmi teJ hat ,., bad . p"r"iVta?\i#w M ?'* M?"?V ^ c.)o'?a?ion wai made, and 1 raa h'tn mforiratioa aboat ataart uncle bad told ber that Mra J'urch ciafe^ai ba"r.a gi^ru Stiart one lotg t?ecflorate kin but aaid that wta all t>aU lad telrra pi^e in the rroa. exaalaatton aa to tha co??artaUoa bet ween bante f 1 ??d Mr t. B rch oa tba BorLUg nbea tbe latter aa)<! aheot littl e b?irg Bureh'a oam cbt'd, the witaeaa raeoi I leeted Mra. Burch tobaveaaid "Ood haa fo-gira? arraat ar alaaer tban I am " witaeaa bai>erad aba hadgiran ?heaaaet wor .t of Mra. Burob, bat teat fled thai hoth wara jar, mueb aa tato-l and tome v, bat e?. 2. 'h*1 <,47 wt aa \ alattlae, Bireb e nanaer. called Boreb * a , abe did aot eoate' niTr . ' ?tine went to her ronn and al at tb ? Ikiia ut 1 8 e'J'et loadly <aa da ailer ibay lea JT*t* 10 F* np to e?<' mother ?ireb ? bee The ber did to SSJr ,? *** * Unl ??wh * re? the toll while eatie^T aiT.ll *td 1,01 "Ml *? h" ??e'>ad tMa door-^Lla^ rabiMrea, w'taaaa lafl aad rrm?la?d at remau^a ilT h. * 4fcl*' Hn d?F ?? .??ail m ber ewa r?m; after that bar maau were taken an bw ? M aa Tneaday W aM^l , 0 H?" they ware ther- taw "T *b"* to bathe her head aha toT^^T* ^ aaM be did f*** "*** Farabaa had r i^Ue" .r zsr ?r ^ Witaeaa recocLted taa c-arerwitoT ..u. ^fth wbrn Ue .TSL."?. ?aart M aileaed to bar* aeea made aba M? Burrb a bat lie wife baa a. d t , b^aTIaawX/l *a the eoarerratloa; Mra B<roh hefoea mi^I away, lad tried oa' . a.7aThoi ,? aad, aad aeat it bark, *?/ at abe owaid awe a ?are faabmcable one la ? baa the baa alao t aer t.,? to bare a partridge eoabed v. he laaea wita har aa laanb aa lb* eaea; tba mid wiieeaa aM ibe reaUeaaa'aaa bad aaea darleg tbe tllatr ba 1 hero r?r? kina to ber. aaa aail ?ae ibaaght genrrrnien w< rwiaarti atorr foriir;agw?arrit? weir ?a lh?n 'autre went had wraral onararaattoa* witb ?r Bareh after Wt afr-h ? H aaw tin 'a Mty. after I Chtea?o, at Utile n%. f.H Mai ibaa ai 1 "??to be red ahoaa Mra. Btr<A ba wrou fcwi i what I toiJ , we were moat of an afternoon cupped tB It be wmto several sheets of paper; 1 bad told Mary Hpaldlng and mother all before had aeon Buroh'a ooudboI, Van Arman; on Friday before the trla be look down part o' my statement: Buroh wai preeen part ef the time; I wrote down the remainder myself sent it by Burch to Van Annan. On further otom ? xumtDkttoo witness testified that the front uoor was locked between Monday aod the day Hri. Bur til left, MUler auJ ^herlfT were let a through ibo K lor window from the grapery , It wu customary to i the front door. At oaarly tlx o'clock the croea exanainaMon closed, a d dlrtct examination waa resumtd. Witness did I not know of any restraint being placed on Mrs Burctt Unto dajs before sb? left home; knot* of be one being denied a<1mltlau-e exotpt Stuart dm't kuow whether Mrs Boron knew bofor>> wltneaa ana Mary Spauldlng went to Saratoga with Bar. 'i that we wore |olu|; Uureb went (or his health, and toot long walk? by order ot hla phjslcian; no penoa expressed a desire tnat w'tness (ball testify anything but the truth, or iu?eat anything to her Witness had told ber uncle something Mri Buub had aaid between Monday and the time lbs wltnerted the onft tRlcn Papers ?ere shown to witness to Identify her sign* tore. Tbey were the allegsd confessions of Mrs Buroh After a few more Immaterial questions, the examination waa concluded. This witness has been on the stand two wbole days The oonrt then adjourned. THE LINCOLN REGIME. The President and Vice Presi dent Elect at Chicago. Their First Formal Reception of Visiter*, Me, *??, <Me Chicago, Nov 23, 1880. Early thl* morning tbe vult ure* were on tbe alert. Cards by the dozen were sent to tbe " Bon. A. Lincoln, parlor No 87," and to " Bon H. Bsmblln, parlor No 3 " None were admitted, however, except a few persons known not to be bore* or office seekers. At ten o'clock, the time announced for tbe reception, tbeiuiU of parlor* on the lower li oor of the Tremout Bocae was thrown open. Mr. and Mr*. Lincoln and Mr. Bamlin took positions la the centre par lor. An anxw ua crosd waiting without wai at enoe admitted, and the (baking of hands oommenced. The visitors first paid their respects to Mr. Lincoln, who then Introduced tbem to Mr. Bam 1 in. They then paaaed on, and were Introduced by Mr. Wilton, of tbe Chicago Journal, to Mr*. Lincoln Tbe levee sontlnued two aod a quarter boor*, during which time It la estimated that eacb distinguished person nassed shook hands with at least throe thousand people. The right hand oi each of the parties was oooalberably lamed by tbe operation Those who had read the recent speech of Mr. Rhett, of South Carolina, declaring that Mr. Bamlla Is a mulatto, commented with severity upon tbe wilful and malicious statement. Mr. Rhett, having served four years in Congress with Mr. Bamlla, knew batter than to utter such a faiaehood. Mr. Bunlln, being unknown In this seotlon, was the special object of attraction. Be Is In good health, look ing well, ana bore himself to-day with great dignity. Nothing oould better Illustrate the democratic we / of doing things la this country than the ovation i<aid to day to the "Sail Splitter" and "Type Slicker," who only a few years since wsre members of hostils political parties, bat are now tight log in tbe rame political ranks, sad ele vated by the pacj.e of the nation to the two highest oft -cs in it among those vrho paid their res yet* to Lincoln and Bamlin were a large number of persons announced from Bouthern States. Mr Bamlin will not make h's contemplated j-ramey to Wlssoniln, a* Senator Dootlttle, whom be wa* to vlalt, ha* left that Slate for tbe fcast Re will remits here until Monday, when he will leave for Waahington, via Cleveland. Mr Lincoln wli! leave for Sprlrgfleld to-morrow. After tbe rcceptlon to day Mr. Lincoln declined to re ceive any ca'.lrrs At five o'cloc- this afternwn Mr Lincoln and dr. Bamlin, aod Btnator Trumbull, dined out. Am< eg the dtsti' i/ctshd visiters in tiwntoday are Wm. KeUorr, M . C , of thll Stat. Mr Ourley, to C., of Ohio, and Carl 9r.bor/, ot Witconeln, each of whom had a private interview with Mr. Linotln. Atrc*f the> ent names mentioned fbrthe Cabinc In authoritative circks la Odeon Wills, of Birttora. Conn. Be was an old Jarkronlaa democrat, and supported Jackson as editor of tbe Bartford Timet Be left the de mocratic party at the same time Bamlin did, and because of the repeal of the Mlis?url Com promises. Robert C. Hcbk act, of Ohio, who Is hers, backed by friends striving to get him into tbe Cabinet, wlU Incur the united op|>ci iilon of Wale, Cbaao and diermin. Mr. Sobeck made himsoif obnoxious last winter with tbe Ohio ? Oongreestoesl delegation by urging th"a to drop Sber cud as candidate for Speaker. The frien d of Uhasr are urgixg Lis claims for Secretary of Stats. B. Winter Da | vis h*f> a strong friend at court la toe person of bis us:le, Judge Davis, of Springfield, 111., who it a warm personal friend of Linoo n Mr. Lincoln's time baa been so absorbed by looai politician sinoe bis arrival, who have annoyed \ him with invitations to dinner an1 tea, &:.i ! tuat be tas been unable to transact the pries'* , biisisess for wslcb hs name, and consequently has ; to nig nt been oompeJsd to decide lo return here nntll , Mcnday. Comparatively he will htrs some peace to morrow, as many of the vultures left to night, sup posing Mr. Lisccln would leave is the morntag train. OUR SI'&NQf lELD CORRESPONDENCE. SraisorikLD, 111 , Nov 19, ltMO. Vu Pr'ntenl El ed a' Home ? Hit Utbi'A?llt Bgitu to J'reteni a ds rtworn Apr irane?Hti CUt Nti^Kbort Smp "U* U Puting on Airt'?Whmt Be Tkxnkt of Ap fnmtmint* ? Ommilum to l>micrmtit Hildm?Jn oUenU, Ac , 4c If any reader or tbe Bhait should sxpeot to be la formed Is tbe foitoaisg whether the Prssidsat sleet lakes herfslwtk or mnttoa chops at breakfast; whether he pre (era his roast boat rare or wall done at diansr, and whether he rsrthers his digestion with 'lager' or stronger stlmutasts, be will dad himself doomed lo ment Although wall aware of tbe latlaate raeiprooa* rslattons between the body and miad, our tastght into the Preeideatlal eiisienos bss ss yet tailed to cover the above momeatous phases. Oar disqulslttoa will raUte oaly to the routine of the public life of Its dlstinguishs-l sabj -ct Mr Lincoln makss his appsaranoa tn the Stats House regularly before eight o'c. >ck A M. ne is often f>und there earlier than the State offloers, tad stOMtiaassis sven eouasr ready for work thas hia private secretary, who cissps in ths bo Ming Ths Brsi thisg doos in the mora log is tha opening as I reautngof his daily iacreaaUif; mail matter. Wnea visit, ars ot distinction iare in town aho are entitled lo mors atteat'.oa than the ordinary or <wd ot call >rs, they mosHy seek hi* prseenot at aa early h >ar, and their bearings the* use ji'are us tar icfk At VM A U UM liw of the r? or pi toe room Is ojewsd , aad the geetral levejs c m meacr. and ooattnae until not a At oaa P. M Mr Lie oota repairs to dmaer. after wb>ub he allows htaweli is reel entll tkrea F M , wbea be again reoelves caiit ml. half- past Qvs, at whiob lime he retires Tr im ths p i Ml* gasa. UmH supper he eogsges either Is consultation* la t maie polltlosl frtesds, or woiks eltb his aeereta ry, ? fling his corresposdeaee, indiling rsplM, he, M. Light la sees a hi* m >? very lata every eveslsg, an.l h* hs-41y ever aUoas aaytbieg to lay over ueatt*ale-l aatil the nest day ? altof-Uee be caoaot be *ald to rest is I <i eiof mass,'' altbongh tha rial d it lea of his positlos do a A ye weigh apoa him. Ths met Isborlnus part of his preeea da'ly task IS tbe eatertaiaaest of h's numerous oaliore Aa everybody is n<rt sasioas to bear thaa to ha hiarj (place eeeh'rs excepted), he It ot> ig'dto ao aearly en the talking hroe?lf. Bis estrawa ft a laets of aod g-aat prao ties is the light lose of eneial nhat eaahiee bias to sorry this beavv hnrthea with e imparMlve eeae II * prM?eemesl horseas Is, of aonrsa, aeglee.lsd Mr. Wm R Nervdea. hta partsar la the prastiss af ILe law, baa now kale nba?ge of It Per* ?as wfco bad mtorrwarse with Mr l.laawln before aad after his "leettno onetewd that he has latety aeeam- d a very oareaer* kek Thai thla sh*?ald be an is see to ha wnadersd at, la Vow o* the S'llal tad retired ll?t he was theretofore ac.-<isui?ed to live rtis very coaaga 1 1 b.t ?rpearan'w. however, IsdWulee aad rpeakt well ?nr we ?wraectiwss w ih wbWih he rra'tfS the reeposs b lltlsa of h'? aewly attalaed i flW H.e r?n frl-ode, wh1* have heaa ieed to a treat md fl^reaee ea to the ?' oater taaa," oa hts p?rt. ear that " Aba s patting os Sir* " Wy IS e thrr refer to the float that be it aoW wear'ag a bran new hat and rait, and that be has c-xamaooed culti vating the? ?l h him? un s>l a: orument of whiskers One of his adherents joculirly remarked the o.her day, on noticing these various improvements, that "be la trying to disguise himself so as to get unreoognlaed through Mary 'and to Washington " But, these late ou'ward embellishments to the oon'.rary notwithstanding. a Broadway tailor wuald probably feel no more tempted to sonslder Llnooln as oomlng op to bla artistic requirements of a mo 'el man than Peter Ooo.>er The angularity o I tbe Presidential form, and Its habitual fault: oiler, preclude a like possibility. We venture to k?y that Fifth avenue snubs, If unaware wao be *?, wouw be horrified at the Idea of walking aero is the strejt with htm. And yet there la anmettyng about the man that makes one at once forget these exterior ibortsmlngs and feel attraoted towards blm. * oro well meaning than discreet visiters h?ve suaweded at rar le us times during the last few days In eliciting from Mr. Llnooln mare or leas significant expressions of opinion aa to tbe coarse he Intends to pars-je In referenoe to appointments to office. From their tenor It may bo safely asserted tbat boeeity and capability, and not party affiliations, are the main qualifications In his eyes. It la indeed the prevalent opinion, even among his polltiml opposenta hereabouts, that be will oonltnue worthy pre sent incumbents. Those republicans who expect him to adopt Marcy's ssaxlm, that " to the victors belong the ?polls," are not unlikely ti find themselves sadly disap pointed, aad democratic oltlclala, with clean records, mar take heart, and no longer tremble In their bo jib at a sup posed Inevitable decapitation after the 4th of March neat. The Pr*sld< nt elect being tbe very embodiment of good humor, It seems as though, from this fact, mooh tbat happens about tilm partakes of a oomtoal character. Fan ny Incidents oocur to frequently that the enumeration o them all would fill a book. For the sake of illustration, a few are subjoined ?? Some days ago a tall Mlssourlan marched into the re ception room. See It g the tall (crm of tbe President rise before blm, aad not knowing what else to say, be ejwsu lated, "I reoken one 1s about as big as the oth jr." "Lit us measure," was the Instantaneous reply; aad the Mis sourtan wis actually placed against the wall, told "to be honest, and stand fiat on his heels," and bis height aaoer. tamed with a stick. On Saturday last, while Mr. Covodo was calling on Mr. Llnooln, an aid man, on bearing the former's name, walked up to him, and soannlng his face closely, exclaim ed, "You don't lock like tbe man thai scented ? Old Back' so well." On the same day, one of ? party that waltel lathe ante roams asked another bow high Llnooln was. "Well," wsa tbe reply, "as he carries himself ordinarily (referring to his habit of stooping), he stands about six feet four Inches In his boots; but when he s retches him self up to his full helgbth, the Lord only knows how tall be grows. " On going to tbe State House on Friday last Mr. L was stopped by a bum that bad flab for sale, and requested to ac'ept one. "Thank you," replied be, "I hardly think I can carry It along now; but If you will take It up to my bouse, 1 reckon we will keep It " gpRincntLD, III , Nov 10, 1800. The Home *j Lincoln- A IbrcAligkt Dem'nutraHen, but Xo light on the Darlnea?Tht Financial Oritis?PoriHon '/ ">? M VMMiott?Sbrinq/ieU Ctlcbritm, Ptut and Pratnl ? Remarkable Weather, iCe Whatever tbe stnsatlonltls may My to the contrary, our little city we*n a rery quet aspect. Business Is very doll; ud m for the "Southerners begging for office," we do not ate them. No men of reputation la politic* at tbe Sooth have jet been here, and the two or thrs* wbe do arrlre dally aro not oertalnly known to be "bagging for office;" but U la probable that the Southerner* who will take oOloe under Mr. Llnooln wlU be of the - ? of Tfl. lage politician! which abound! especially there? thai I lay log "upon the ahrlf" eves a larger number of mum mies than did the death of the old whig party. The grraable for office a none tbe rcpnbHcaas, however, li terrible. There are a hundred active, clamorous appli cants for every cilice within tbe flft of Uts President elect. To morrow night a grand congratulatory torchlight demonstration la to take plaoe. n?e "note of prepara tlon," howerer, does not argue a rery enthusiastic afUlr. The effort will t>e a partial failure, I think, for tbe three fold reason that tbe republicans are "hurrahed out,1' bare spent all their "upare change," and now see a flnao j clal storm ccmtrg that seems to be their own unwitting j work. It his been supposed by many that Mr. Lincoln wonld Uke this occasion to pour oil upon | tto troubled wators of roc.?siou. His own feelings prompt him to conservatism and conciliation; bat j i?e la overruled In this by b's friends, who argus that If he attempts to < one I 'late the South be wlU exasperate the more uiirl of the fosters e actors, and thus rail between two rtoo's, eTen before bo reaches the Presldeicy. Now t&at the contest Is orer, the feellug of oonsjrvatisni Is re aasertlog Itself among the Western republicans, while the bit is thought to be more radical than ere? la fressoiiism. I'udtr this view of the case, his Aost discreet advisers oouiarl silence, under the eicusatory d*claratioa that Mr Lincoln Is merely a clt'ren, and has no right to spaak a* Chief Magistrate The speelouscess of this dolge Is ?elf svldent, but it Is, ixrhaje, the best silution fjr ihe two bors* art it obviates. Mr Lincoln's personal aptwar aace is tbe subj ct of dally remark among tboae who hava known him formerly Always cadaverous, his aspect Is row almost gbrstly ILs position n wearing him terribly Utters th' his IHs are dally received from tbe ?orih? occasionally, also, a note of wamlsg from somr Sou k-rner who does not like ht? principle*, but wauld rrg-et violence. But theae trouble him lllUe coaparn.1 with the apprehended d Mwtulty of conciliating ibeSiuli wlthcnt icrt ojlng the Integrity of hia own party. The r?*at aspect of the country, I ihluk, augurs ooe of the most d' II M l terms whlota any Pnaldent baa yet been called to weathtr, and I doubt Mr. Lincoln's capacity for tbe task of orlegtpg light aad peace oat of tb* chaos that will surround him. A man of good heart and gjo.j intentions, be la sot Arm. The time* demand a Jackson. Tb* waves from Wall street have reached as For several days past enhange could only be bad at Mirer par neat, aad that only tor hast easterners Oa Raturday the Rank Oommtsslooara made a ? C4ll"ton the haats f>r about ?>00.000, to make np the li preciatloa of the s to. is depnelte 1 as bancs of their elrculatlon, giving only thirty five day* instead of slity, as beret A r* Oov Matteeon's shar* of this is M< ON, and though he will meet the call. It makes him groan "some " I hardly tblak any of oar banks will gt isto laudation on tbla call However, were depreciation to oootinue much longer ruin and disaster must follow Our baaks rest so largely oa Mouthers sw-rVr? especially Miasurta? that tbe a.s-eeelo* of evea tbe Uulf .-Hates would Immensely to^ire if not rata our bar I a I un-Wstand that oae large pork pa:ki?* eatt biisbicent here, wh' b baa he?i?f>?e drawn on a New Y >rk house for means, has !>e?u boU'.od mt to draw this fall I beard ooe republican say that th>s wouU a ffrrt him to tbe ertent of IJ0O on bU pork oparatlios aad be IS not tbe oal) msn thai is now on the stool of reptniaaoe for bta v te fir Old Abe Tbe react os has alr?*dy begun. In Ibe spin r.g sessl. n of Onng-eae the ar tun of th* Western numbers ? II t>? looked to with some laverea; I Or.e mttober? Col John * Mcdart an1? sctertalus very proper vlees la retail". a to tbe s>vee?toa movsne-jt.u tS ct'rg ths We?t, ami will d< ujliesi sir* an early ooca ?!? n to pff* nt tie in to the onuatry TV.' ,:tra? u of tho Fast and of lb * fonlh flnds no echo aa?g ns. We are altscbed to th I' J >n from feellag* of patriotism as well as from ii?a of tatenat; and If lb<?e sactlnus ars rreoon eDfsbty b wti'e, we ah<n sot, la tbe event of separative, brrome the tall of e?th?r. Tbe Mlesiseippi Valley Is aa rirplrsof itself sn<1 hss all the el meats of irrataaas wtibm !t|r!f_rcg>btft of eternal snow, al'uvlal gardens sad everg-eea savaataha Ws shall eUave to tbe Ualon "ss ? A," hat will never emisenl to a I'alon as sectleaal issn n. >kes it Turatng over a volume of the oM Axis Router f.w 1*l?. '4? aad '4t, I freqoenliy caiste arrna* tv nasars <if r. I? Baser, fenahr elect from Oregon tr?e Liec.'a, l*reeWaat elect; John Oalhoen, of Kansas nowety. Jalge rViag'as, lata a oaodldaia for Pre* ideal Psier Oartwrlgbt, the pteaeer preanher, Pr iHsir Wedsee, sow of the iralv?rslty of Vtrglala, aad othsra Iheae mea were then oar "village politicians." whrea amhllloa iralilM Itself la ga'amg Srats Is thr ehnrrh used for a lagtalatlve Ball. There w?ee nsfeer yonag osea here then of bright prom lee. hat who "by th* wafstd* fell aad pensbsd " R it tbo?a I serttl<* alt reached d etiasHlon Oalnr id hardly reenhed tamr_i.oiffr.tfiy Were the Setter word? hot be I* dead a' 4 eaaele boti s he forgotlaa , Col Raker's eaeeer am *g aswrn'dfesm sa IMaerstlas biography triNlaat, ab> 'laset, dteiaterrsted and aeseifWh, bs <ss* rery pro ourwi aad very poor. Rwl he hae ouid Ihe theatre < fa higher aw.b'tiee . aad 1 4e> ht a?s that ha w>N reflect honor oa the <-he>oe M the rVegeassa. R<* old frl?M* hop* to as* hla ro?? It la MM4>gM that h* will toJM a m.ire mserrativ* in patriotic ground than will the majority of his party. l'cc.e Peter Carlwrighl >u eomea hat taken aback by lb? de'eat or hi* old friend Douglas, bu t opes to *M bun in Ibe right plaoe in lS6t Tho weather bu been remarkably dno op to thh wri ting. 1 lowers ire jet blooming in oar garden* , and to pleat act la it lhai I can hardly believe we have leea "Tho last rote uf tummcr." STATE AID Ciry POLITIC!. IUvUw of the Poiiiictl OrgMtutlon* Ubllnarjr of th? Albaay lttg<ai y-Th? Role Plajad by tha Brirktmrldg* Or ganliailea Ik the Hicint K. action? The Couiwlttee of Fifteen? nov< iiimti for ? Rtoiganliallon of the Otmocralle Par ty? The Parties Opposing the lleform? Ita KfTect Vpoa the Charter Klactlon, Ac., Ac. Htate polities la having far more to do with the approaching charter election than most people ima gine, and many persons who are nosr actively at work preparing for that oontest are thoa engaged for tbe lole purpose of (aiding the polltloal car rent In the direction that will aaalat In overthrow ing tbe parties who now preside over the deetinles of the democratic party In this State, and plaie the reins In the bands of a new and more trustworthy set of men. Tbe polltloal t fftl u of this city and State are upon tbe vorge of a revolution iucb as haa not boon wltnesaed In tbe pre sent century. We are, In fact, living In revolationary times? a period for tearing down and building np ? the dajs of regeneration. All the lndlsatlona of commotion and disturbance which are observable throughout the world are vital evidences of the aympsthy in which tho universe la bound. In Kurope the revolution of force 'J doing ita work, {whilst in the United Slates the revolution of pnblie opinion is transforming the public miad, and if, we trust, destined to attain lis purpoto without foroe, and result in the ultimate benefit and prosperity of our whole country. Whilst at tbe South our brethren are "plucking the Uowtr of safety from tbe nettle or danger, ' bore in tho Kmptro State a general and penitent movement la going forward to icdeem tbe leadership cf tbe demooratic furdos from the treacherous, blundering and Incompetent hind* into which it has fallen, In consequence of which, step by step, with mathematical precision, the preaont disastrous oondillon of political affair* In our oounlry may bo traoed, To the albany Regency, and to their agglomeration of trickery, duplicity and uuworth'nena alone, la the recpin sibllty due. No one can deny that If Richmond, C*gg?r, Oaasldy , Church aid Company bad been equal to the grt at trust of representing tbla State In the Preatdentlal Coo vent Ion, we wenld now be oelebratlng a great political victory, full of bleninga to the whole oountry, lestead of finding cor national prosperity prostrated, every Interest of our country In a oondltion of distress, and our states men looking Into tbe open grave that baa bean prepared by such hands for tbla confederacy of ?Utee. The democracy la thla State are thoroughly aroused as to the oanaes which have produced the present calamity ; they know and have marked the men who have done tbe work, and tbey are quietly but elldctlvely engaged in tbe application of tbe remedy. With the commencement of tbe year all the organizations of the cities and oountlce of the State are to be reconstructed. This work, however, Is cbieOy dose In tbe cities, and to theae sources, * hich; control tbe repreaentatlon to our State oonventiona, ihe attention of the responsible coBStltuoLCles la now directed , but more than at any other point we Ond them busy In this city, which of right ongbt to be the political oen .re Before referring to the details by which organization and regeneration are to be obtained, and tbe conservative forces of tbe oity formed Into ens solid column, It will b* instructive, If not abso lutely necessary, to reoerd here some of the important deeds of the several organizations that are to displaced, that future writers may be better able to farnlsb a ful1 and complete obituary notloe of each. Aa hlatory 1* philosophy teaching by ciaaiplc, th'a examination will be. attended with profitable r .-suits, In showing what class of men ought not to be entrusted with political power at this crisis of affairs. THE KKOKNCY. Ti e Albany I'.ffcry, In lu Utter day*, may bo Mid t<> I have been aim * >Mly ondsr the control of Cagger nod Church, with Richmond thrown Id is & tort of a mike weight o' deceptive ponderosity. Peter Caggcr, the active Imp of mlBCiief, baa a well deOnod history, anil, we thtok wc iball be able to show, a consistent ote. lie emerged from obscurity some ten or twelve year* ago by entering Into the law Orm of BUI, Cagger & Porter, holding farUi at the samewhat well known quarters in State street, Albany, Nicholas Hill, now deceased, was the man of brains or the ooneern? a man of undoubted genius, Intellect and Integrity. Porter bad nothing to d? with politics, bat wss attaches to the trial of causes, and waa known as a Webster wh g, if auytblog. Dagger was the cfllee attorney; It was his spec ai boaioess to see tha . B0tlc< a wore regularly served, the racist' >s properly kept, acd Ibo coals traoed to the highest point( bnt more esptcial y to attend to special motions, aol see that In entering order* the nrual allowance of ten dollar* waa allowed to his side. The most Important ptrt of an attorney's duty occup\ irg tbispasllloa Is to watch tbiv-al etdare, take defaults, with a walohful regard firtho coils, and study u? some mode to steal th march upon nth' r partus. QaloknffS and ibirpuosa of p-a tie*;, and a s.i.-t ofp:;"lcal readltrr", arc the able' qual.O a'.'ou* l\?r tu.? prellloo. About the time ?f tbo orgai '^at: jn of this fli m, I agger embarked In politics, usder tbo aui^loei of hW se nlor, Hitl, tbe two n.voia:a.i.g la polities the r-i*t va p> sitlocs that they orccp'ed in law? BIU being the counsel sad Peter tho atloraey to pat io special motions During tbe tlms that Mr. Bill lived and gave bis adviee is the Regenoy, their movemcats wore safe, reliable aod suo eetsfol, bat Br B. suddenly died, leaving < agger In a po sitlon of leadership aad oontrol ? a truly forlorn attit .de Be baa for a ten g time time been secretary of tbe Stale Central Committee, and Rxhatkoad chairman? a vary good pal r. Dean Richmond is a man of chequer el exisveose, from the time of the "salt rnaalag days" o# Byraouae down to his oowaewtlo* with the Osateal Railroad. Re Is a man wttbea t the advaatages of edu ml lea ? )? rough t ep la the hard ashooi of the woe. I? aad a parson wbe has die playd la his carter a good deal of practical sagacity In look eg after tbe dollars aad oeats aspect o' public af fairs A maaaglag officer at tbe Ceetrai Raiiroal? ar customed to rale tbe sebordlnaus with severity, s sort of dictator in a little government, tbe affairs of which seem to have been managed with rtferenos to tbe prosporlty ol lbs offteers, however mneh the stork b"'d> rs may have bad reason to complete ? Richmoad br< ight ti the gov ertmcnl of tbe democratic parly his exp*rienee as mana ger of I be Central Railroad. an1 besides tne same system of tactic*, be looked upon lbs various representatives or tbe party from the dilerent portions of tbe !*tate as so maty ooodactors, brakemes. Bremen or U?>>rers la lb" tog rem; It was bis buslntis to give orders, and theirs t> shey ; aad tbe coaeu-a must at all srenu be made to pay the managers If tbe fare wsa sot promptly oiflsiwd, tbe hrakrs applied according to directions, or any of tb? laborers failed toob?y orders, thi frown o' the Dean an 1 the notion of the attorney were sure to be oat let i anlvo duty ; whilst, on tbe other haul, If assistants Is managtag the dem<?rat ? machine perform**! their dsty without demnrr'rg or aaklng any qqestiia*, they wee compsasaud by a carefully prepared seals of re *ards? com nations lo tdlos, appointments on Important oommlt tee*, presidents of con vei lions, delegates to nominate Presldeats, were all w.ibln the rasge of bops of those wb '? t^eyed orders Rk.hmead, with all tbe power which be is aoe .slnme I lo ??*rclse, 1s not a fluent speaker, etospt on a "swear," while liagger possesses that easy , Jauoty self poesssston required at speelal limes, aad baa la this respect stacUy what tbe Osaa liked, aad besides had the entire ooafl t'eare of tbe chief ss s reliable echordtrale This It ha* Men that while Richmoad has bees the nnmlaal leader, Cngg-r bes bees tbe sratkpleo* aad geoeral performer Hot i ? en is this ru?e of things matters might have g ?ne na well ernefb bnt for tee ruddea daetb of tfe. Bill, the ? onseel In the Regeccy;aad from tbe time of bid death may be dated all lbs matok'-a, dspllc'ty an I bad ?snag) meat ?hi h have marked tbe oaree- of the n-g.rrt The betrayal of ctr6d*ooe la regard te tb* * ne letter; tbe packing of ?tate onuv?s li'-as: tbe dtvolioa of tbe orgaalsttloa to ths islet ev is of tbs Osstesl Ral'road tbe mak og sp of the lei'egatloo to Cfctrleslos , tbe eerles of evests tbat marlirt tb*lr eareer at the Presidential coaveatlns, re ??H>t>r is tbe ?leetioeiKin "f tV demooeetlr party tbe i'<m latb-n Of Ooug'ae, aid tbe final Ooad t'on of d'srr ??t lsattnn demoralise!!-*, ard p?t ai) sis of tbe temooeatte l?rty from wh rh it erne rr<v^??t?oc e I aad vital ?ed by ?be (elebraf"d C> mm'ttee (.f 1? "een, bst 'la'ort ?t*tely to ? Ut# loe entire eaoneee, are eneh chapters in ibe daplDtty and h'under'rg of tbe Regeaey Rlrhm? d, II wilt be persaived, baa tr?s*ed tbe msaafs meet of the democrats party u a branch of lb? Central Railroad corporation, to t>e governed by tb^rulea, regu tenons lid discipline of thai (Lock oouoaro , wbiie Taggar baa applied U?e eiperlmca o? his lif? aa sharp attorney la aid of that sohttne of government, keeping tbo roll taking default#, lootlag out for map judgments, wlto hia eyea wide awake alJ the lima for ibe ooata aud profits or the attorneyship, but aa deflflleut in the irjo-oanaclly Of government of a great party an a cabia boy m yht bj wbo, on tbe death of the oaptaln of the ship, should be oalkd upon 10 navigate tho vessel In unknown litltnloa, amldat stormy breaker i, and the loe shore looming up in Uie dlalanoe. That disaster, wreck and ruin have over taken tbe demooratlc sh'p hi such hand* uviuot ho oonildercd other than a natural reaal* A third ohanwtor In th.s oonocrn demau la a pawing notice Trom our banda? a sort of N-tncho raoia, fall of ooncelt, sage suggestions and wondrous profundity. w?> allude to Banford K. Church. Thla person reminds ua of the remark of Washington Irving on be n? shown tbe statue of a lawyer who acquired oousderabie lull tcnoe at the beginning of the preaent century. He said that "the statue seemed to present tie embodiment of tne genlua of dalneaa " Church baa played a rots with the Regency somewhat like a medicine man amongkt the Indians ? to be brougnt Into oo juc 1 only on special occasions. Aasuming tbe dignity of Cipta'.a Cut tle and the sensitive reservo of lack Uunsby, ma stga clous oounsela have bad controlling few iy Hj stains ?bout In the vicinity of ritate conventions with tho muf fled gravity of a Roman Senator of the ullsn t. uc, wrapped In what Patty Burna would otli his "tlogt " lH baa dona solemn and stately servloe in the theatrical de partment of the Kogenoy lie did a very big business at tbe Charleston and Baltimore conventions, and la the downfall of the dynasty be wOJ be an Impoalug ruin for the moonlight of a departing night to Illuminate. It la said that the reason Church A Oo adhered ao strong ly to the fortunce of the l.lttle Giant waa that Stephen had promised the noble Koaaan a position In the labiaet and fabulous s eries were toll by Riohardaon, of Illinois, cf the etormoua lrc ???use of the representation the grtat Northwost would h ivo In the next Con gress, by which the South would oe overborne and th'j policy of the Regency sustained; so that Mr. Caurcb hi 1 what la known In democratic olrcioa a "b!g tb'.ng" on band, and evenia under bis ooi.trul worthy of tho states man and tho sage. Thus It waa that be ao partlnajlonsly prevented a union upon Sejm"ir or auy other m\n In an Independent poaltlon. When we * Id a those gentlemen Confidence Oasaldy, Win H Ludlow, or Siffolk.aada ool lection of attorneya In the tntjroit of t ie Central Ra'lroad, we have the motive power, tho running gear, of tho Alba oy Regency. We can, however, thlak of no better wiy of deacrlblng Ihotr preaent poaitlon than by quoting tne familiar hymn usually aung by delegatea of tbe dera>cra ay on tlielr return from the Syraiua^ Convention ? They are passing away, 1 Like a long summer day, fcc TIIK BRKCKIVRIDOK ORG INI7ATION. Thla bringa us to consider what oalls Itself the Bre^k-n ridge organization. The leaders in thla party have re cently published an address which, although marked by all the traits and peculiarities which attach ta the move ments in history of that curtoua oolleetlon of dlsorgaai xert, does not stem to have l>?en considered worthy ol noUce by any of the partica aasalled. It soema to have been wrltUn with the double object of Injuring John C Breckinridge, by entailing upon him Irredeemable lla b 11 It! fa, and of attacking the Committee of Fifteen foe tho rucceea whieb tnat bod) attained in oonaolldatlag tho democrat. o forces on one doctoral ticket, and for their re fusal to furnish them, tho original Simon Pure Breckin ridge men, with spentlag money. In order to properly determine the responsibility wb .oh attaches to that guerilla organization, It la aeccsaary to irp?nite and the ek-menta of which It la constl tnled. Mr. James T may be conalrtered as |>er forming la thla connection rather a peraonal than a political ru'.e He took offence at some things which attended the ultimate fusion In thla tUale, and hla attitude haa boen rather that of reaeatmant than aspiration for political prominence. R'ght or wrong In the oouraa tbat ho bas taken, be waa reaponslble to no one but blmaelf, and aoni.ttod, as ho la by ell, to oe a gtntleman of high ability and honor, he ocrtainly nust be left out of v ew in the responsibility attaching to the a<-t ve cm spiratora of that orgar iation for ILo r alance of vho mis- | chief tbat ras ruined tbelr cause Mr. fl. W Smith is another gentl'man who we consider haa been badly uaed in tfcia oinreetlon. He la probi*>ly tbe best f?treet Oommlss'oner that New York has ever had, and knows bow to keep tbe consplratora In tbat da partment In their pr per place bat when aasoolated with the crew tbat ho waa compelled to affiliate with In tbe Breck .nrldge orfanisailun, bo waa in unknown walar*. II 'a devotmn to Breckinridge, with whom he waa a*ao. elated ia bla early day*, made him very earnest in the bopeof benefitting his former fallow aoldler bat he ha* been torglng at the wroig end of the rope, and al' his efforts have beeD directed at doing what it is now very clear It would have been mnoh better not to havo dene. The aotlve and responsible conspirators In that organ I ration are OIJ Tucker. Jobrny <;reen, John M Jaycot. one "who would be a Caual Com m Winner;" tbe Sage o' Piaphamton, J'm l.lbbey, tbe htro of 4 800 votes ror Mayor BiMsnl! and Oouitney, aona in law to Mekisaon Joaiab W ll-own, who wanted to be Sheriff, and Father Fnga, with nla roundanont Jacket. Tr4>ae are tbe active petty cblefa of that party, ant tbe riaponalble pol tic aas for mueh of taa o.s-h'ef of tbe latter part of the campaign In the.r recert manifesto they declared thai there a?e co Brarklnr'dge men or nv t una) democrats < ?c?pt tnoae who threw away ihetr votea npoa tne Bra ly ticket, ao-1 U>ey woiid have us be lieve that all who voted for Kelly are squatter aova ralgnty men, or Oo jg.aaltea, and eapeeiaUy that tbera were no r allocs dem- or?i? oa <he Committea o1 Fifteen, and the ooaoentrated patriotism In the Eispire iate waa ooa eetitrated within tbe raaka of the heoifu bo V"ted that ilekct Tbe attempt tnaoataa Mr Braakli I'ge'iBtreng.h to the vole for ltraly, aad declarlag the voU of Mr Kelly, who never w* W udea either Itmgiaaor Brack inrldge, aa being all Itouglaa mra, are alike on mat to the supporters of that candidate for i.overaor aa they are to Brerklarllge There cirlalaly can be no good motive, as far aa Mr Break inridge la w ooeraed. la ao )?lpab y rnia represeatiag the facts and tylag hlaa down to ancb aa la elgniScant popu'anty Th?y aeem to be detervlaad to bem around dr. n?u. ridge aooh Impragaable barrier* thai b) ao poasibility oan bta foeoaa be tacraaaed. Tb?y aaem to be rteterm'ned that tie r. -e#? la ridge infant ahall be treated la the Cbueae style aad Impr^ooad la tbelr em braces. ao tbat t will aever grow out cf ila swaddling suta Tbe pteteace tbat tbera wera ao aatioea' dermcrata la the U'mmittee of I .fteea is a palpable absurdity The idea of Old Tucker, Oreee, Klyaa aad Browa aeit tg tbemsc trs up aa aatlonal demo-.rata la comjarisoa w'.tb Char lea O'Coaor, S Bituvwort*, TiMea ar.d Btr'ow, of that commit lee, la too rldiaulooa W> be ev?a taken as a good J ?aa They , la fact, renilad us very m ich of tbe annual meetiags of tte be Ira of Aaneke Jtaka, who elalsi a very large por- i tinn of tbe real eaute be d by Trlaity oborob 41th >ugb tbe.r ela.m may be said to bava n> top or botlom, yet , tbe faacinatloa of gaztag up.r the eiteeatve priia V> which tbey aiplre g'vee all their movemer.ta tbe aer ooa a<sa of a real pursuit for an available oh, eat. They art constantly adveriialng tbelr claims, and declaring them Itlvea the only bti'* U? tbe departed lady, aad, whenever any new cia matt pi'aenu himself fcr admlasloa awougai tha heirs, bla c'elaia are soratlaiaad with mleroeni'lc i eare, aa I every oeunurfalt detoctivs brought inlo artlva j servlca. Llfea thoae kelra, tha Breckinridge ?' orgaaisa tloa " claim to be tbe " Original Jacobs " Ksilaalv ?a??a aad sua|ilclaa are tbelr guldlaf stars, bat thalr late eff .r io'r)oreMr hieeaiarmta aad hla poettioa aa a popular leadtr was of a pnwa with all tha aula wbi* have nha racier i*ed tba rrapoas'.hla lealors lowborn we bare re fervd To Ibem, la a great legrase , may tha failure of the uaioa movement in this ?t?ta be attribute! Tbey op poatd a aaloa dowa U tbe vary laat moment, aad oaty joined 1? when tbe popular current wsa tooatr<?g to toager raatst it. aad tbea when tbey inlVed.lbey per'>rm ed tbe act la a m?a??r that made it lajurtowa to the graat n><>ve*eat In am oni clag tbe'r ac^ e#c?noe lathe fusioe. tb'y 1 did It ia i be most ofli aivw way w> all the oltw lafc-reela ( ! -<>na?cte<1 wt .h it, ilee?>ia?j?ag l> >uglaa aad ti?a 'n"? ? j "a tlag the rm? >i a for their au^port of ta-,t?l" ebi^oral ti Jlet rftet'ert'y uie>i. tho fatal g"??a? tail H tbe ticket waa sr. -e. ???ill -nth* '* w?o I throw , the elect lost la to tf.* 4. we .4 >t pre.Bl. !?*? Tats V silioa. tthea op b? If' rep ,eite?os pror d to stroylrg argaw ' >. 1 '' '' " " ' ri? k ahaarl ?i-.o .a - *? ?' *" " waa the Bre<* ar c,. w. -a-er .ha ?e. .* a?,n, Who plane* .be rateactloa IB the ,-,o ? rl at end to tfcero a-U-tn tbe o?..e?q .enoea I ..e , ,t. .aeepat aal M the *a> ail B?pe of e ua.oe o.t ? , to f n toral Ooilr*?a ia the e??ni "f so v??. a pa. at b? the mea <4 tataal, who bad ao ase to gr-ad tbat were engaged in the Put* niTrnifi' Although tt ill palpable to every ftCtttipg mind t'.at the Union mm meet la this Mate cms \ v <j,?th blow to all the hopes of Doug'as f or. the Presidency, and the only mitl ve left for the Douglks party, which ? u strongly in the aroeadanoy !d the detnicratle part; |B ine gt,^ WM the hope that In losing the IT<*? ' leney tbf , mleht be enabled toolrc tbelr G< vernor; yet tt> ? bfto*Urld(? po .pie kept their J'ute ticket In the flild, and tbnsdeeticyad alt ho;** In that direction, tod 'eft the Douglas men ir'thou*. any persona1 reason to inppirt the I'd to* ticket in Rhort, every movement that ooul't be adopted by adroitness wu (tnplo) ed by them te defeat the I'ulon movement; aoU now, "lib ? bile malice, they a re seeking to huld Mr. E ?< ?< klnrl lg* recp iralhlf for all of their acts, and in their throea to Involve him Id therdylSf grasp. If he allow* tbera to Identify him with tl om, he will be like Neasua with hie polscn?d ihlrt or ? man with tbe seven yeirs ttcb in which no amomt of scratching will bring b oa relief. T11K COMMITTEE OF FIFTRRN. Thle leadi ui to tbo Committee cf Fifteen, who per formed an important part in the campa'gn When tbey oommenoed their operation* there appeared to be M or ganization or anything else, further thao that of ? fow lactlous leaders, bent on carrying out their own foods, let the remit be what It migbt to the oountry at targe. The Ececutlve Committee? consisting of Meser* Henry, Mount, Sweeney, Butterwortb, Harlow and TUden? were In session lour hours every day lor sis weeks, an<l during that time succeeded In ooncentrstlng the numeroua democratic tactions np>n one (doctoral ticket Tbey also settled it.e oentroversy In almost every Congressional district that ?n saved to tbe democracy. Tliere were but few men In tbe whole t'ommitleeof Fifteen that bad btcn taxed up In polities, and they on y took bold of It this time be cause tbey believed tsal we were on tbe verge of a great crisis; and now that the elect on la over, nearly all of them have laid one side their polltloal robee, and will probably never pat tnem oe again, but be con tent to walk In the bumble walks of life, unlets tbe atti tude of sOalrs shall seem to demand their services. MOVEMENT FOR REORGANIZATION. We now find ourselves face to faoe with tbe pioneer movements that are being made by the better portion of the democratic party In thli city for a reorganization. Tbe trickery, cheating and disgusting dishonesty which mark ed the nurse of Mozart and Tammany ha'ls, and ttta de termination which exists among the solid men of the party to prepare and consolidate the 300 000 voters of this State wbo deposited th^r ballots for the Union electoral tleket, have made a reform In party representation and party government a fixed fact that cannot be delayed or de feated. The movement has already broken oat In Tun many Hall In a sort of an irrepressible conflict between tbe sachems, tbe big Indians, the papooses, the whiskey braves, the cow boys and all the other motley crew that are to be found within that botbed of treachery and cor ruption. A movement has been started to receive repre sentation In Ifce Wigwam ?r cording to the strength of con stituencies, so that tbe popular voice will control In tbe nominations and all party movements. This preposition baa cauacd a consternation of tbe direst description. Such a thleg as representation of the demo cratic masses has not bees beard of In the Wigwam to tbe memory of tbe oldest Indian: but tbe old chlefo, after imcklng, granting and brandishing their tomahawks, have, It would seem, determined to submit to the Iswa of necessity snd to occupy back scats at tbe enuacll fires, while their Inefficient places are Hied wttb warriors new and true. Tbe proposition em braeea the schemes of electing to the Incoming gtncral committees representatives upon the principle of popular representation, to which we have referred, bring ing In a* Its controlling members sucb men ae Charles O'Conor, Fdwln Croswetl, Moeee Taylor, Joshua J. Henry, August Belmont, Richard F. Carman, Andrew Mount, Watts Sherman, S F Butterwortb, Roysl Phelps, D. I)ev? lie, Henry Orinnell, George IMuglsss, Robert J. Dil lon, A 8 Hewitt, Bartlett Smith, taaa? Bell, I'Bolpbo Wo Te, J R Brady, A O. P isset. Truman Campbell, and other men of like stamp throughout the city, to the es eluslen of the tradlrg po'itleian* and the mercenary fol lower* who attach themselves to political "amps Tbi* movement la being strongly opj>o*?d by the B lly Minors, Tom Byrtcees McOartys, Kngies.Tuoateys, Kellys, Rrirr'es, to ; and It is said that tbey dally meet It caw-on and tribulation In view of the fate that's bet jre them. Tbe r chief supporters In their oaurua conspiracy are a former caidtdate tort mptreller, a prowinent Judmal oflioer recently elected, a rcoent oai dldate f >r tbe oflioe of Counsel to the Ourporatlon, aid a federal of!', o bolder, wbo will bave ample erldosoe after the t b if M?rch next. We are proBi'ted lu'l particulars of tbelr move mecls, with names, caucus oeremonl?s, and other In teresting and amusing featurse, and we expect to lay an Interesting chapter before our readers In a lew days. As an evidence of the itter rottenness of the represen tation in Tarauiasy Pall, lie Second ward, with a demo cratic ve te of less tbau Ave honored, baa as large a repre sentation as the ScToateentb ward, with seven thousand democratic votes Tbe same maybe sa.lot the First, Tt) rl and other wards It IS natural that tbise geatle n.e?, wbo reap sn ah .ndant harvest from *a n an unequal repreeeniat >n, wld light desperately against tbe reform, wh'ch will ttrow tbm out of political boaiaesa Tbe da) a of political mercenaries and oo v boys, we hope, are nearly run, aad three rebelling spirits In Tammany bad better, In the excitement and rush to retain tbelr power, look well to tbelr guns, or they may flid themselves in tbe (xeltlon of the South Ainorioana who at tempted I' use some of George Law's murk t*, but fe nd tbrmsel'r* Srlrg oil tbe wrung Sfat, blow lag ttse.r own biaes iff ltsUsi tf tbeeremy'a. We hear a so of a t.milar movement gntsg m In Mrsaet Hall, an<> also of an efbri being made fur tie ut..?n of the Mozart and Tammany f rccs, the abaadoement of tbe pre sent halls csid by tboee facti ns and tbe erection of a new ball op town, to be dedicated by imposing oertmonire to tbe cause of the national democracy. This seems to be tbe beet movement of ad, provided tbe r.gfct mee are brought Into ooetroi. All of this* movement* are involv ed in t*>e primary elections that are n>w being bald, and aa tbey prog r tee and tbs eaalidaies are preeeeted Ta the Held, we eill be able to note the progress of the reform. There are indications that those connected with tbe two organisations which this reform wtll leave out la tbe oold wtll unite together upon tbelr own ceadidalee ae their last grasp foe place and pi sailer Those are Stirring times, end politicises sever were more native cor pontine In a more agitated, boll. as aad bebbllag condition We ere pmm leed e reform Tb? clonde look ooalnnaa !*4 as watch hope aad pray. Military latalllgaaa*. TBI CMMllloli or BTACTATtO* DAT. HtiKUKtiif TNiifnmi Hantaan. ) limrto, Ro'whit*, Nor It, IMQ / Tlit* r?f nx-ot will fur rmrada no Mob loy, Nor 2? (ICracaotloo l>ojr). lo or?r "aia Ud Ml IrM C0|? I'.'flBMOUl lln* U> br formed 10 lb* Ct If Hon Pork ol l?*oty KtontM *ef? ro ri?i < ? *?? * H PVId ?n<l ?to f ' flr m wtfl r^p-wl to lb* IMiwI, ot Ibo Arrmnrj, ol boif foot orrra o'elork Tba boo mnmWiiiMd Mtnnd drt m r<i|i *111 n-port In lh? Adjutant ol Ivroty tolaatoa aflor rr no o'< loek A M Copt? oo will rryort with tbetr papal'n, '.o tbe Po' k , 01 b* ' pool ror.-n o' look A M. pfiri?. ly By ordtr ?t Co! AVI ?m tb. A ?1'irH Jr , I IrnWoaBt and MJeUet T>? rritinmt bra**-4 b? lb? Nary Yard fcaad, w,U cri ?? lo N'? Y'?k,ti? Fultua frrry . annnl o qnortor part rljl l A M , *nd n orrh up Mtnodvay to I'oton ?>|uarr v. AHIIMOTON C'lNTlHIKTAL Vl'AKD. TJ > lirrl otit (in) Waohtnitun Coat'noatal GoaH, <?|Uo RkIhI Iju-tucl will *oll Jorooy Ol; co Um> ?>'io>i g o' tba Mib.aad ivMa wttb ibo I?ro?y Oonil ?nit* Bulb c H4*iKi to m?ko ft oily parad* jj iM MNMN I'trioool loUlll?oor?. li i.r IVM* o?irr*|wo<leai nKo .<? toot Hr,? Orr?on , Timor It ? iiiHmi of No* ? "looooond o d.rortor lb lb* (krcu Eialfrant Aid Unctoty. 4*lirarrd o rory to l*r"OVtig Ipc I n r* brfnrr o lar*a au.lloaoo lo that tity, on lb? 30th all ,.oiw a j* iiifrol ofTolro In ABOrlm. tb? loo lor? r tadravorod lo ooplolo ibo rolatira dif*roooa (to t?r?* ih* orrorol poiiooai oriaaii??iiao (a Aafrmi, and ?f ad up mo addraw by ?adorriD{ too doetrtoa at popular Hiirn't*!; a? U>? oaly truly w-??ia fun domo rrory Tn<- l?r Infer oBoiinaod ilwaw <-alfraato orolnal lfc< odronoM omoprion'pi*'! ?*naaaa la AmorWm, wbo w ,i it ???<?? It.m oa taoir arrival, ood. by fo'oo ttoto, fi b tb?? ot oil ib*T p^?*aood, and mrngimw tod IM ?? Inmu Mno" a* ihc boat dm tor u*rw>ao otorraola to paw?*** Anrney tlx#* alio *it?d on tboraday la IM R*o?k* for Vu? toa vaa M Q. aiilfor A Hirron R?ilbo?p ? ll m oald ikal aactroa. raa> pirrr ar d yoHIUo or* o* a atai?bloa lha Cbleo?o (far I'oywta and Qaiaey Roilroad Tb? H irlla*V>a Htmkf ? rirj* aolbi* Mr ibo foUavioy ? " rba qwr olftoa ot o?h? rn ih? (%lna?o oad tarliayi<>a Railroad noallaur. Aa ? yiroor oa Ua mad M|i ilitl bo *oo ?iproa?biaf ?aH? bory, ? 'r* o>(bu aiaot. b* toddoaly oo? a voraa a ?i oar loj op?.ti Ibo waco otoil frri obnad of Ua aa r?? fr.?iir?'a vaa at fan ap?d, ood of ororoo oould kol br tiopfiad T*? rotitwr mnorkod to l*a Joroua "O ibo oryino that Utai ?ao to* n?ol poraoa bo bad ?rrr blllrd darlof bi? ro lroal o?i?r1o?iiio. Arrtr ?rg at Ibo drpol h" tort moo oad llybta book is I ha rpot ?b?r* b? oo* to* ??>moa. bat o? o?a or Iran* of ?i.ribtay tborr ra*r<- *ao an b-Kly, ao ' ood, bo n??'lo opro ibo Irook v??i aormai lb* avarrb vao rrr< ?rd wl'b no wllrr MvMi It ? Bald that ilrhta ?b?* b?*o Mfbiinf aororai a arm a( laad wttb iHa briK Ha* ry ol oouaday

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