Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 24, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 24, 1860 Page 4
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INTERESTING FROM EUROPE, ARRIVAL OF THE AFKIC L TWO DAYS LATER VIEW'S Resignation of the Dictatorship by GarAaidl. VICTOR EKABDEl KIHG OF KAPLES. INTERESTING CEREMONIES AT NAPLES. HOM-lBRIflL OK TUK PRIME OP WALHS. Our Pari? and St. Petersburg Correspondence. COMMERCIAL INTELLIGENCE, At.. Ac., Ac The Gunard stearaiihlp Afnca. Capt Shiu,a'>o, which ??Ued fro? LlTerpool at a'glit o'clock ou tie msrmngof the 10th, ud from QtieeCiStowii oe t he eremng of the lltb lust , arrived bere at two o'clcck ; '?ate r day a't< moon. The Cuuard Company had ordered (In addition tj the Kcotla and several screw sU amors uu* < o tho at <eks tin construction of a near Br?t claaa screw steumT of .?ver 3,600 loot rtfiitor, to U*o the place of the Ktna, which baa beea sold to the Liverpool, Ne<? York aaJ PhiNdol pli la Company. The I'riooe of had hit kr vcJ whe- the Af ca i?fi yueeostoim. A prosi>ectas bad been 1/Miufd of a Cotton C'>rnp*ny, with ? atr jt ft Maucheetir Board of Director*, lh? pr .:?ct pal object being to develnpe tUo Dharwar coltou tHds, lii the Bombav I'-rsideccy The capita cf the omraov U fixed at ?, ICO 000. The funeral of the E?l of Hua d DaU had b< en llxed to take plaa* un the lilh mat , at Westmi(SW-r Abbey. Tbe projected Ttslt Of valunte?-* to Parts wa? ~n. et'ng with so much ridloule and op;na t'on that there little chance of tbe scheme belrg carried out The udual Mayoralty Pin t. <ns tbr >cgb ! iiej'iin ! took place on tbe 9;B xst At L. rerfaol liie .a ><oe loll upon Mr 8 K Grave*. Allerm*:. Wire, ex Lord Mayor of Loaion, did on tha eth The mojthly return* of tbe B-ok of Francs sh. w a do crease la cash during November of over isresly fire mil I tone of franca, and an iccroui in discount! ot arer forty three millions. It waa state 1 positively la Paris that final order* bad been given for the formation of a squadron cf reserve, which. It was ea.d, will be ready t? put to sea next spring Tbe Boarve on tbe 9tb was vary animated, and rente* advanced, closing at TO 10 The Kutppran Tintl lays ?The Intercepted correspon dence of tbe Tartar General with the Court of Pekln brings to light the singular fact that tbo staW<:men of China hare mastered our language, and made then-.. elves acqua'cted with tho proceed .rgs In the British Par I la meat arising out of tbU very war. A Ulegrapbls despatch from Marseilles stat< * Ibat, ac cording to Intelligence from Aleppo, Koari !'*ch? bad celled on the Chrl?'tani of that place t) pay a rum of 200 OCOf. In three da>s, as cjtnprtisa'.mn for b?log ex empted from aer ring la the army Tae Corntla-s having replied that they would pr>fer serving, the Turkish au. thorite* refused the offer. Fan! Pacha was expected at Aleppo Oar ratU Paki?,N?t. 8,1*60 Folttia ta FVanee? Jf"t*wunfi qf A' mu\?FrencK luf.u tnce in Stirria ? Important Drlara'i m of Ike Kmpmr Alrrarder ? IV Pnpotrl Sal' of fffMtlS? Fran tf % /'-arte* Kjiiui Allianc ? 4 IMteaontfal for (>j -tViMi? TV Mr <tin iaia Zonal tn f.ily? TV IF\ir?au Cettftrmcf. Tht political weathercock baa tgVu Teered roun<<, and bow II It generally mpprxed thai we mar ? xpeet peas*. Tu war cloud baa patted oxer, aod the polH'cal horlun It becoming clear At leatt k< aay our wtfaoree. Aui trla dreads oomirn octBg atlruf>'.e that may '"id, the can cut tell bow. lo Hungary ttaa people ?iamae against the reform granted to abort a time it ace l y K/aoclt Joseph with ecsfc a tlourlab of tr,.m;? it K >etutb bat lit ied a creolar to the eminent men la Hungary, ti.rm tga nit accepting reforms tbat are rjoji morel/ ta oanc, aci the Vienna cab net wak.t tu the fact that Hungary will : Jt a.-:ept ibe top Intended to keep her qikt while \ c tor )? annuel wat being bardi/ dealt with by tie Auatrtan rf >o< congested la Veiio I la. Frarrlf Joerph f*>d at W?-*aw it oooolUaie the Eoiperor of P.utca, who, a* ae are told, gr cted bj fel low tore reign with tb ? att-rasce that bi might expect Rjatia't a d la all aoe<t ex - I where tbo interna'.* of Fraare were concerned 0'e*>.r*j thsCrir deemed an lclerftrtcce In Italy ta a direct il-ont t 9 tha ? npvrar Ma p ilecc Tbua Franc * J '?ej>b, who wool to the ta' rvip * at Wartaw Cited with warlike aap'.ratljra, came hime a? a<>barer man, and bt bow 1 .itens 1m tmpatleaUf , it 1* rumored, to mote who proi??ed to hit Ka tety the tale of Vee IH tor a goodly pr e? Be frela that Tia;or t.a>aou* ? trtsmfhaat act ereted King of all Italy, monarch of twenty million r' w*Jeeta? la tat aa enemy lo be drei '?ed tbo tt?re an aa be e> uld ao eaady throw a few tbicand r a Into Hingar/, l-d by t-arlbaldi, wh'te preet'ja woulA cauae tha Ilingtrtani to rtae m man# Ta?we aad many more tiica rea aoaa are acting, we are tb'J, opnc the yo iifcfil K n peror, aid ?>>w Frltc? M-tterr -h t-.rtr'an Amhamlir at tbia Court a Mtrri all who will tt?a to hia mat Au? tria diet act lalrinl a> ght bat keaplaf ?? ta. 4afM*lre The ocir ari' u.eti u*' i cot Ht'ul Ibe i-->atUualloa of |'?ic? U the ftct lb<t Auila ha* no mi t> f aad co crrdil What wlU abe di wivb t. r arm o te aakr l, at i the st-rai.M ti a ht-1 one tr> ac?w er A tb'irt l it ago w wm !mm;?ent. uow II la col b?"a ? lcMrh,u w< U a? Fugland, d*na4aa ? raaoo r1 i?uce lb '? I the r- a* a wuy hotUII t ea bare i <H already t-*guft ta Italy; tbia la ta# va* u why tte are but ?? ?..> OTtrrun. . r the lertll* plaiaa nf I.^mhardy. Fraao.t ??ph aad Ia>i4 .1 'ha Hut eel f??r the rajyroi ? of Ranta aad Franc?. a? both ibow, the oae oy abjU nirf fron aa attack thai b ? t erlieat j be- a ieclded spoa, tue other by laru'.ng r:rr.u lara (bat betray too grrai a >i.?lr.- oe thr fart I toe Ca biaet of M J?iuea tu prvptUate Ita'- ilavisj eat Me Italia** to the b?art ur b i laet Au< j*t d?e patch, i/w.1 ?labe, ta aa eg ?y of r<rar rata* 1 bf tue IfMl at go >1 will of Ruaeia io?arta Nap-l."u III , aeekt 1 1 poof Mlm taV) fcic ?. by'r d.-epAlc*), that ttjuui mi -b t?i fr'.eedly \a ti.e lAMf waa i-o meaa eg D *"i?l(,<?f the Kj>( ,?b p*r>a :,i -jtbi- 1 ibe lut d<w j I rafcr to B-4? > rea<lo ? w U tare b'aoan faai;. \: ? ,lh tb? doram. 1 1 labia tba na^haa yoa, aad wt.< ha.-o through Ha | ar|airt a-' mir?i Barbtrr di t.? aa. c immaadltg the F/eash fleet at (>aeta. bat a. tt h?re fw farthaf Uetr-jeti.M?ii at regar<t? tbo ri <ia-ia br tie K.elaN Wee The r?t*rt? thu r.rcalalet la? weok aa to b? liter 'ereara w.ib tf*W! Tere.k?o bar* awakert a the rrn h admrai t> 4 it nitty Of peeiv, t at I b" ? i?, aa ! ah-.?e aai t rtrmaldeO fmm br l"wi mer.t rl?r? %% \>t w b- m :?t act, la caae Ibe I'lrrfm tt-ae w. re vo ? r ? : Ua?t? (Jroeral P ?c> lraree ?% the !-.? ' - <Ja ta H? p^? pewee lo erter afaio Ibe nf B >nh ^ or ratb r to mw" hie aereme. wb i ad Ma a<te|>ac toj ' it,, araoe of two moettia Toette.-ra b*? beau bera ij? tb> U?t tlx w<?-a?. aa ! ? a? f< r a f?? 'ay* a i I. Home rtriien oot hae b< oa (IbtarH t < ? i T ttve reeaat re|*>'' that f.agtaad waa eeiJ n a i.?U lew- ii Mr it Tha Utih ta, tb< re le ?<> ranee ( <? at/ ate?lama aa you knew. be. >cfe lo M>< Ka| a? , aa ' (a a year ?..?? ral of their war *re??ia wwtir la iba*. p>rt ta? m i?e (Beat oi eertraJ reaeeU toward* Corfu tvaa et.Mi i re pert I mention aboee Ko par: cuia.-ko' Ibe entry ??ir ? margrl lain Nap ee bare aa yet rea bod ua Tit* .-n waa l? do au at laet adelrea ro lae Ttb, jeeitriay. We are taeared ibal ta Pell) t&<! pijple a-e la a at ate o' py llttcal ooafuatoa tbUf dt the prrm.< attr jll ?a <vf ta > $ erBtn^t the <*l! atl !oo'i like the Idea of paylag taara or rrt eg aa ?>. i,<ra Tt !? f'ar^d tia! a '??aotcn l? l at 'eg p.aee 0i a I e!e that It Mrfoaf 41 ?*?'.? F'aaca fj mui *mM* n-t, ?> ? we r ?y at tif ibi.umi hear that Be \i < .ua, v^efawnl ha! not steaded eater lag Napoa oat'.l H? e. na I deoa"< I fr <a Italian eoll. hat a der itat'oa of Vea '.litta e!|i?->3t Wout to aaei hie Maj^iy. tad a?t -re<t b m that bi? pre* 'Ofle *tv awwwary tipni a?"p v- 'h. ma^Vaatiwa nf lhaNM tioatete Tb-? r?Mftw?*-ieed tht Kiagtt a ter hie determii t c I am aeeqpM toti ! ,? ?(?? la goae, Oarl^aldi will r re i.; lte-waan1 refawtho tir ? that It ta thoaght ?HI be oB-?n aim aai r*t - i. h,i Itlaad TMUmilof FMraibart ?ioo >o parebaoe a will* 'a th- ae'gSboHi vn o' th.i - , ?e a preeenl to 'I -nera! ?? i I.tiMieon^ . by UieQeteeai durlng b ? >utf a' f*! -rat > Ito iMliaag j fcere are taairg part '3 tht euberrlplioo, w -n hat ^ ready rear be? a bl/t> flgc .-t Tbe foilov'ng deu e ?e r -fa?'? llw eta'e n't '?? diilar 'o'oee, a/ wel ae that of li e (? 1 HMdlf!*, wi bi Ibaad intareatlag ? The army of Oarlbaldl bat dwladle : away fr 01 t , ttmat^ai it w at kt 'wr 't arc 1 paa' ende? a itvr - ?? at* ? i Uwu a Uat ..jk ?.t . ?UMMttO m thu> IS MO m?n TUe King bat with fliiab' l <l OtO and '.if mt ll COO There arc, the c ? i ii. ,"t; W0 t>- 000 g. <1 to npp *e to tb.i s ?|i >iUi>> wi m | nt?L( t il strength t? u?i eaacily . I n? rn r ?? beeE a o.a;ch "f genaroa ly between r Ki^|t * ' " i iior Saribaldl wiebed t<. 'hj Id the I' rtbj' ft rai ki :u n jonihata w aioh arts to take piaoe. , TWwr KauMttl "? to him, "You ba*v b.-uu ft. hi i j quit* i? i it <o?uyb H It dow mj turn. Yottr in < p? ? ri* tat'gurd, tao the) fh*!l luciti the reoerve; mine : are iju ic titafc, ki 'i Uifj [uuri be ibe ttrai to act Too gn? r?l uti l l bar ri'nprt bended teat wUeo meu bava MO rtiiwi ib' ir ycnib nta ?b?-ir properly for toe triumph of u cat:*- lb.) arc entitled u> a rfc^oipeneo wheo that re ?uciet ei- an emp o) iri-iit to thoee who are napaoie o' All i n ii aid * iieum u l? libera Mauy plaxx. nvre or Ufa ? levatu*, bote 'win alrew.Jy given to'oraier exllea, alii- prtitlooa nam- bten granted in political pri>, aed, lu urn a rnp*r to tbelr wnti or to ibelr rb'ldreu * na rr?? bn? ?>! fi, rt-ii tbat a turn or 6 .000,100 uujatl (36,000, W0' ) r-?u betoken troui tb itLlia c-atitcaleii Irom me Bdi 'Ixhi ai ii ^irtribuud among iceir victim, namely tuI u? rarkllg uien incarcerated, condemned, emt grat. o. bm'sciM , terl into tbn interior and loroed to bide ?in n e-'lv, a Irc.m political oau'ta AommtMlon has been fi rn,rsi m watrb otr r the proper dUtrlbuiton of thii nam tb?fifrp? bi-nrt u>e eiguature of toe l>ictator blmaeir, ar.d a<) the Mtni?t?re ai?* (larjcd wild lu execution. Ii bears iliedoie of Nap'ai, 88d, nut only apj tared in the oll!i:!a> Journal on I be 8 1 ot t?U month tlie foLoarti k romn ur'oaion ?-om Anoona will five *rn- luet of the working! of ihf? Sard Id lan rule ? "V' w ltr>t< the ri vUtd artiviiy of tiig part, the com Bfrt t?l preoi-. upaitora of tb;- Ur.abttuiU,and the tran qiilliit) nhu.b prtvalM among al oltfM, no one arould in a* i t tnai the pirr only a mouth ago atond a alege of U: da>R, aid Ir now > o tbc eva of an Important voting ? vi r) ibin* l nt illumed to IU normal Blair, aad the ue?r ai'.lborltUa work ai well as If th^y aad been tec yearn in 1 Dice Tbv i?oi>le otH'.v without rjumraint, aad are lha more tranquil u Ibt y liave lew troo;a to reatrain ibem. In lh' Marcljra, a province orntainUiir a population of one nilllior, tber<- are or. ly iblriy s x yetndarmee Thetrooptof tte line cr ra it of a m gin r?g!Tiieiil lu garrlaun at 4n Cor a ird wh'tli Is Fbortl> to loav? for Na^'ei Thii U a): Ifcat reniuli > o' Ice RlnelH l>rigado, all tbo others hav Iryle't lbe p?.l!re ar I ail lh > mliilary dutlea. oolh la tin- ttfWlie mil rocitry ptrtr, are lult,to the Nil ion al (>ij<rd ?lnct pirrormt ite lark U the moat tat lafaciorjr Uiai i cr " It n.?j m'.ori rt the public 1 1 kcow thai a projoaal baa b en o ude tn thin novtruiueni by the Ualway ^leanahlp In r to i-irry 'be Frenci mailt d recti y from Havre to Vaterfnr-1. Ireland, aud thence to the ClIWhI Siatea by IMlialaray i<acki ta Tbe tteamera froa Havre would touch at < herboorg en to Waterford, aud thus at ifuM tw< lie Louik more b" gained tor tbo t'olled Sialet ma . ? A great aavli g o' time would entue were tbia lino uci | .ted, a* ibe ?(?tclg would reach Ireland thirty boura afii r leaving Havre; and you know tuat trom Ual ?ay 1:10 pmkepe it r'urUr tbao uny other to the Catted 8taU8 1ti< uoaii'any procure taking em 'grant! and merobaidlte i from Havre uud lue mailt from i.beroourg If they uc c< id ll obtalulng the toibventiiiii Ihey dntnai.d a wi-oUy I Hr a will at once be tuablllbed A? yet tbo de-lsim of : the grverndieut it uot known Prlnre Napoleon It an arneu' i?'Hnu of the trheuic, aud hat |iri.mltcd it bit . whole iLliui&ce I'4RH, No* 9 18W Bicco mailing a.} 1 fit or yretcnlay I bito tbe following details regarding the A'ariaw IoIdttw* j that may prove Imtieitiog to jt ur reader* I hold too n 1 fr> m a sourre that ' coral ler rvi t \'n It is raid that the K?rcn>ri)I Rueaia iln^e" that Wir Qms'v n f Orient be , roiplri r, J as !atd aflde; that Italian afTa is of ?tifll ! cirnt Importance to engroas their uadl*ll?d attention ' Bp assured tne Foil ror if Austria ant tbe free 'Km ! g< bt tbat tbe Fi?|? 'nr N ?,>oIf on bad Informed blm be , wot'd ri Iti Italy In ci>g of a war b.t ?"?u ' Austria ai d T a?lna 04 r re an t sli^d with ttis I IbrtK' r an 1 itmt ? bt ant d i?lu, In arlilcb w he woull | aiiai-A the Rotnish i vn r.s, but that tree (>ern>.~. y to l>a\o Auttr.a uu> >d' to tkbt her '>an imWm, ? tli? D ^ ('ba fi'l if" Nl|3!< -vd) wou'd pi efge hiin'rlf i tit' ? .r" roe It' sn 'I that In d useq'.'-iioc tU* E<n pert.r ?' At r'.-ta ? ei.-'mmid lit *i -Old rot, ac was intend i me. (titlv Vw for.: iba Inter via* at Ware%vr, attack 3ar | d!nu; tbat ha v ".ikvo > ran Ms II atd flue IX to I whatever fat" n gilt befail th' m Tbe rwrt n tbat g\rv I m? ill's 'tit ?> matt. li : *)K tbit lyr l John Ru.^sll ?'*( Iaaaii ol th" clrrnmiunn- detcnoed as aim .'e, an I llitt h late ? ? ?r ?t? li ua? <vilh a *'.i v to rncur^o the Iia" l to demand t <> glvloir up of Vetrtla and the | d> parti.. ? o' thr Pope, h pit j thereby to caul > Fran.* io i llitf tbcct ii hpotpolicj rhe haa pledged V. >reelf to ki en, ' and tho> tiriLi; a Iro .' le betwe<u ncrnlfnt'' K.: <l% tli- Frnili will cot i.Wrvene at Uarta, au i you nay ' eipoct bj )Mr in-*t I'rs to bear etiU ?r that I ire Hard Uhlans Lav Ik mbar >od that p jrt or that Fr-.ucla 1 It hie !(tt Italy. CaribaMi has ara'i: a:?dM I arnouoci t hi* frm Intel t ct; of aid- g the Uaojanacr to retain tlx'r i. serif lb' Kit i of .urs ula totle blf trl.inipi at i titrj 1st Na, '? s on the Tib Hi* Vt??i* wae ' rurr> i'.id? I ' y fc's ?? er?; office? anl eotna of bis mlnw tere liter Iht; tbr klr; aljfni i' a tin -re den arlng tbe antrxatlon of .''.cllj and Na^re to tbc kmidcti of lU'y It If . -in. r<l no* ttiat Fracelf J^'pb tslll (rant to Vttrtll b?r ?-jtono?nj and liberal tnatltvtions Tfiiia all turns nosr tewtrds p^ace. Our St. Piltrsbatf (.urrri^ok'lincs. 3t rvrvMBPRu, No*, t, 1830 Dfat\ o' the Kmfr'il Ikwfr? TV Wd.iow Cjnfrre* / ? A Utiudt of kmsia?tai' .rt of ^tuUriia Scfitma~ trench /ti;'iu?c?, ilt. My tact d< spateb aononoeed thr rer'.oai tiiarss of tbe Kuit km molbtr, and nier tiomd the apprrhr- 1 \ 'CS th\t ?ere onterlalned of ill fa a; ti rn. nati n. Tbeee a|>i -o. hcc*io(.c have been real; i-J? her M*, *ty U uo m ire A t.iflieffold broc|ht on an attack o( picor'jy, which gaTe tbe Uultblfg stroke to a costltuJon brokm by d'jcaae, hLd ribaulted by mental and phyelcal suffer leg. Sbe nan ttkea in < oo tbe Sil u.t (19 th , r.d siylr). aid on the a8th si t ?u al-cady In ? > d 4?gew.i a slate tliat a . >?; ?trU ?a? seut to Wat??w uri'.sg tbe Tinptror to rtlu'l to i-"i Petiralxug wttbitl -<!ay, If he H'sbeu to eee bis mutter a. re a tt' jh bims if i ghiiy lLdtsi'Oi"'. tbe I jjieror eiarto.l from War saw tbe aame day, aad trrlrei bird on th,< ertt'r.g of U" 25ic Cbrtred by tbe pfWeaoe of brr eon, tbe Fir *'ts appear eJ rather bit ter nut morfeUg, bat a rei?,5? i on fuUjaed, ai. ' li tm.?me e*id>nt tbtt{rh ha4 but a frw boort to lire 8be retalurd b r full c^ntr .uSMU to tbe lut On the rrrnlng of the M?t b^r tU.l en an< (ranlobildrca ?.? uermbled round her bedstde (tlu- Oown Prtaeri* of Wir W'mbcrg bad arrive.! mus'-wbite (>? m fk.ui ?ny, and th t>raod Dukr Michk l fro-i t^i..atl) to rece'.Te her bru..-< an 1 b?r SnaJ ?<?'.<. .1, avonpw.el by afl< ctloLate re mriTbrarria to ber I' i.rna a re a'.lree, to wh^na rfie ?*a. ? armly attacbeil. Fi rj that Ui? c.jct fh?cuc>. . il t. ?ink rspMly, at ' ob tb? tnotu>ng uf lue 1st sbj tt[ 'o almost without a gross. The Kmi-frss A', xandra fra' sr*!a *w tbe daughter i,( Frr 'rrtr* W .'.?iu III. and Louisa, Kieg Bud g.ieea of l'ruma, and was bora on tbe 13ih of Jely, 1798 As a child she ac^m; \nie1 ber partnla on tbetr tl ^ut from tbs arms of tbe great Map koa to Kernel, and aftsrwarOa t> K iss a wbtra abe Bret btcaair acqaalated ? lb h.r future cjo sort. 0be was Ixtrotbei to tee bruit Duke Mich *? nuio*'teb la Ul'i. bnt tb? itisrr age did a <t tak* ?:*:.? till tbe lC>b July, HIT, wbva ihe eit-oajged ber aaaie of Cbarlottr for that of Al?i ? i Ira, on cMfona'ng to Uie #?!? Ca le t. iroli Tu >? : jf :j ? artly pall.osi Ij Us ni' tivte, bekg lauacel to draw it. . c. mr im ajais of ai! anrv loat MMSted'.o k alii aid fraasla, It was mire of a i i. j match t&ai ti tbe eaaa nib uiaat T;al ct r.s At tlat tbty were .ne def.l tbe bat :soa*ost ciU|i.) in m. Tae l'nnc<^a mat* as ciceiua. v. i.e au u tber, an I N cb ?!?!, if ait always a faith! li, ?a< iiikailahiy a ant e??a aaalo-s b'i* baijJ Bk? bore bin eight rui lr?a, ?'.? o' wbon *'?> at!.' ilti.t' t i tt i nigiilcg tmp for, U>c Srao.t I > .. k > in ?, Nicb^lHi aod U and lti? Oraad Dutt- v illirj (Or.uatcaa BWlfsanr ) ana u#a, i . , ,*si I". >ai f R irt. ,r! rg. (>u tbe l-t of t>e. aibvt, HJ", N . '??? "?!.<*rd In-, lb' ae, r,ad i th* HI rf p r>n 1?4. <h? Imprrtal pair ??r* c??n?4 at M. s^<>? jh n.i J. ??? at ? r?a->ts t*o K- , ->*f h h o*< aa w give rsr, ?j ".mss of a pnlm'uar* c?n'i?la;at a ,"aret, an Ittl <t'y bf taei'att rare and b? paea ns tti ?'!, tera la a m l ter c a iu ttatbrr i ' * baa b -on preasrred UU i?is>. ! ? ?'b i>i k? r l j ? l i v,*s a MrrtMe ebnok t. I r, a. .1 io ?h? r.? l!r tlfirnr 1 ta m l*i It H ? ?*rr. ehf ?? ' ed afl< r ? wbilr ?> ?? ab ? 1 1 an t?r??!<i< a.' nraey t i N cr. ab cb was rr *ale t lait yeai, api s r t J ? .ib go- I hi b jt b / U.i ti.iii- na' i-e t ms l > L?to b'*i fa r > atbaartrt, a'--' tt Wqe'red *>11 a br*?th to rrtuji.'ah ib" *t?al spai'. Tbj 4? esaerd ? "ipn as t.a.' osiiy f ->-t <i-? ' SS, and waaiiraWy 1 uted by a ?bo * 1 ?*r r'1* ? ?a charitable, ' ? ? r and had tmr done an III tars to ar.y "ne. ?b ? tbriaaada bad b'?n fr- piaoke of her boaatf ; bat a be waa u< ? g< . rra ?> popular, owtag t^ a wrta i hauteur le ber bo o lor tad t" b?f feeieg r?*e '?rt< ' bj Ot health from ?' ?? la g h?r? ifmiaa ta 1 ?!* >n K*r rsirt*ai?noe, t o. was a 1 J Mtlgrasaiea 1 , ar t tt.e rvnj ? .e epept an ber tr??"ie, ii r ? whliU a'i? was alaays att< i>d??d by a su. ot a biiaure 1 prrrona or moic, ar? ?h I to he ^ult? ia<*-edit>'.e H?e I irperr r, wh>? sr?a foad!* atlanb?d ti bK asMhcr, is tsooaauiabla 'or h?r I ?, a. 1 tia? g > -n i<raer? fra na^i fl-'Bt fsaefal will bs laterr?d by ths s'Ce 4of H cbotae, 'a <be imperial tanlt la th? ra tb< irai of m I". ur as<! l*aal, wh'ub ooataiss the ii-it rf all the rropofort er t eenresaee t-f 1 tea'a aiaoe Trt*r tbe ttfat. twa tn? the lano^s Mail i* Marn abnrg. Her It* "sty"! doaise ba bee* to' vd by t- ?? ?api to a i ti ? c aril jf t ar>?pa (tbe d'^pit h 1 t! t I'r t <*a Rra^at 0 Pru^ta wsl penoaa by Use Kisip'r r I aii<.if), ar. 1 ai' others of th* aavaral r>ya. b. ? ?-a ia>aaaaW4 with our* are rsj^o.ei la * ? (VWfa bu'g ??' br p>e*ett at tb>; ftn 1 ia> i?t?>ao../. In ths msao tlaie errrrth 'g hf re wnri a ap"*"?rae?* , the hr 'e ar" loi'M at ?Vrt irtrfrale, an l almoe'. i?%f<-s you with fH'r clani . a I lb- f . aires ?a.i ^asee of ai,ij?" mitt are r'-ard, and the ?, sLn ?as j i?t i ? 1 Mu g alth c<>r.altli! Ola s^ i, 1 0 h-??a br ngM tj a s 1 idrn ?taad. 0"r feehirea,?(ei will har? in y ti .w? lh< r tleira of ha ? ted msai .eivdaa t ->r Ihe n >tt sn weeks at beat, and make up for U?a>l tbty ran, ?y ?It nd'tg th" r?i letkl ar t n.,?s?na fi" tie d e w it w i-b ar? lorformed dally at the rwfr 'pa' eb -b?s Tt a ra' it. citoi r eeiwi has h' -k a r.,i tae a . gr -? of Warn* rait' ; aca^acr than wai totan lal. bu'. ?? far at ? r .-as ' >rr, It I as ni<t rl>an|rel airtbi-ij In t? nr- t, ?'i'cb t ar beea of a derlderfty iirgaflee '?ka-*-'-- t'tb? ^minrt.r M A'Utrla etf-cted It I ? 1' tn an ee. or tr?r, to a lefrallre, alliaa?e wlib n iM,a aaJ i'raa ? 'j ttr st bare rat -.rwM t . Vi"aaa *i rf sa ich ?tlsfftant.- 1 ?Mtsl>tfH arreal wttk h'n ?*? ragarding It* f aM I docl of t be K !rg of Sardinia *? high'; rep* V ooalble, they ? outurrea 10 condemning tbe revolution ary docirlu* of tie wvcrelgi l; of tbo people, erd in advocating the rliihl* of the legitimate monarch*, but leiber ul tb>m (til culir-l upon lo give practical tjyr* ?loo to the prtocir-'s they maintained In Ibeo >y Itey acknowledge! that Anairta waa no .onger bound by tbe Mli>b*llon? of VUltfrai ca, end w.iald ?? Ji g lOta id ebt'Ctpallig tbe aU*ck upoi b?r Italian p<* malona, which, by the admlaaloa of Count Uarour hiw ?t>f, rriiy dcfe"ed till bin mailer was piwerfjl t-t ( i >b to ui dm take It; but th?y boita lectured tb?. a ?h a hrp vuulil be txlrctntly ''Inopportune," and cot only d< rime d to eonntonaice It, but ?trnnglt dl" idcd Aug tr.a In n> at'rtri.tlr g It. Th-y deprecated tba tnlerven tlot> of France, and * ore decidedly of opinion that tbe luitbtr -*(>aj dlretbtbt of that Power would be danger eta to he tbi-rtli a of Europe; bat teeing that Sap;, uon III bad giten tbe moat pacific asaurasoea, the' cna- i Hldered It "ItrpportitM" to eocoert meaau/oi beforehand . f< r oitulerict i g tbr project* attributed to blai. Ail bat j trurw '<ee|/h baa guintd by thla interview, therefore, : la that tbe (w rtreaJ ooolcraa that baa ao long eiiated be twees our Eaoperor and bim baa aubaldtd, and tb*l bla relatione with Kuraia have been placed on a footing of ; I'Wvtll'i ui clvliliy, InateaJ of tbe artamtl) dlrgutaed en tuity i>?t nloij ao greatly to tbe dlflloultltb bo labored dm er erring tbe Itiilau war. For this, tbe only raeuit ol the 11 ertirg at Warsaw, lie la beholden to tbe l' Ki yot of Troaa ia, v bo baa exerted hinwelf moat atrenu ourly lo overcome tbe rep 'grauce wbl >b th>) former |x>ll | ny i>l Anuria tia<! cie.ltcd In our government and In tu? vil.i > Kuraiau nation Ihe revaton of tbe treaty cf I aria wee not alluded to at tbe conference-. AuMMa had already rncaard lo rupp?rt It v?i?h all bur Influence ? bet ev?r ii rliouul l.e brought oo the tapla, and, although prurrla bar rot enter* il Into such an erg element. abe 1? loo little mtorcateil la toe qui .sunn for ber to oppoee It, if i|ip dli.i Tiar) of I'rlnoe GorU bakofl Khirold auooeed lu overcoming I In obte tlona of Kaglaod, wlilcb htvealwaya bt< i: aid ure dill ibe cble' ob*t?cle lo Ita aoluilon The Dole of Hontebello baa j i*t bad a private audlenco of tbe Etnpernr to offer lb'' oond'.lenc*' 01 Napoleon on tbo bermv.o . Dt be ba* iuatalned rb? K'encb mmar b h?a given I'M era for bla Court lo go into coarcLt: lor tlie do c>a?etl FffiprrM, even before recolving thci *' nal nnilHoa tloti "be bar bad tbe bornr to sent her Maiiaty laal rpring on t " return Irom N'c?, and hul been deeply 1m pTixieJ w bh her oletated rliarar'er an>l am ?Me q?4ll I'ea " It wl 1 be ui c fx ui tlil? that we arr mill on 01 <m (Jirg'y fr'.eimly U'tira with Franre, and ih*t In bJlie of a n.i n nia'y olrargrti.eot. tbere la not tli-.' leaat Idea of a r< pture bttenn lb? two gov< iiroinu InJoed, there la ie.<aoo to b ?HcTt that Wa/ajiw h?d ralli'r leaded to confirm iha;: to wtaken their good uBderetanilinf. Italy. klrr Vi<-' . - namiol ha I publlshM a proclamation to tbe* ard Ktcllian peoples, aora-ptlag ibo sove retgu bj'i ? r; c.f liie Two blctih a traasfui red to h.m by ubive.-aal rt ' Co the Tib tenant hU Majesty, accompanied by Gael helol, morn' Naples Thov p -or t?dod together to tba c?tD< < rai, aid a; ot wards lo ihc pal tee An launeuM crowd of pf>i|.'e ussrtnh;.?d, BOtw|'h?t?j.dH>a the torrents of ra:u which were foiling There were grt-at feetivlttea, sort lit Iversai joy was moo i fated A N ?:? i ? U i rfrapb citbia'ch of l Lo 8tb gives the follow I r* aCil tunal | articular* (?r, the ritrj of the KIck Naples Garibaldi la1 at hie aide it, tbe carnage On the following morning (th<j 8ih) (.u-tba'dl, accospaoled ny toe Htoistry, form*"* presented to tbe K'i>g the results of the ptryu.ite Ilia t' reroivtd them Id the throne Minor Cot. forte adt'rrsaed tfco King thus: rtw. - Thd Neapolitan peo?i. aeaembled iu their alecto ral c r> mit ee havlrr priK-laimrd you King by ti im u i i.n- tu?|on?) , lf,Coe,C(0 Italian* are tiuitl< -g them SeiTee u> Ifce itber province*, which your majaety go Te nt % lib f? ILI-Cb w'rdouj, verging yoursiemj pro Bit?f tt ?t I al.v rb"u d belong to the Italiais. The King replied in a few e*preast*e words The ueeo I at i. station w ta (ben draarn up, the dicta r ^ i reared, and the mtn.stry resigned Tbij entiiL sissm of the p op'e c t tinuid A Naples rxsjiairh or the 9lh announce* that Garibaldi left Nnpts that njornliK for bli home on tho island of fac-re'a lb.- laat visit that be j<uld oai to tbe English A. rulrol h"Li'y " 8lan. r Mvnlweeele waa about to proeced to Sicily ee (.overt,. r Ot i eral bit eor l? Carina baa been appointed l':'ict.-r of tbe Interior IVparttne- 1 in Sicily, and Faher Ini ra Ilirrctor of Public luntructlon The Itrlt jour Deli ann.uo*. tbat tbe lovestllara o' Gai ta 01 tbe land aide continued. A tspatch from NapYs states that tbe d?partnre of r ret rail ir^ia Ua.ta Imminent, Id oneou ietioe of the mi tItp (i it on to hla Uajesty by tte comiu*?a0r? of tiu loret^u flee.' e A etter da!rd Gaeta, Nowrmber a, aaye ? "By theeoa du ii o (be Krereh Admiral, It wai tbougbt that a change ol p I ry bud occurred anjnjg theircat Power* altugrtber f?Tirahie lo the Bt urhon cauan.aa eyldoucv' of Una f,?r Jiiur rtirit'tlfn d?ya tbe French *]u%iron pre v -dtel'iaa I wr mi B rrc fl>et frowi laBdleg troopa oa tie bank* nt the Gartgilai.n The French gnus were alt abotiwl Tbe 0. oA. ??re rlcared ana every taing wan rea^y for a3 lion km), Indeed, tbire waa a mnrrent whr-n the (IgoaJ forflr igwaa given oi botrd the B.-etagne, ani I' the Sardinan veereia bad eoctlnued to ad #anoe ooly th'ew Bilruu* 'b< y would ha. -e rcoelTK a broadaiue frooi tbe rritrb Cett Admiral <le Tlnan ha.l aaeured the Km* iba: be wou d proteat the line of the GarlgUaao bat yea ter ??> a Fu-pcb tUamer camo In with freah loairuetloo* ??r ti^e Ai miral, acd thereupon the Krinch tlset left the mouth of the GariglUno. aad at sunset yeeterday oven li g returned to Gaeta Tra asomoot ha wai relieved froa the eot vti 'laijew of the Frcnrh fiett, Admiral Persauo oj-red a a-e agalntt tLe Neapolitan city Tbe Lor >n frit' I Paris eorreapon.lont telegra: hs t>iat m * IT! ?f l<" P*p* ar?? P?*ulT* the Pupa ? HI or. I j r av? a eimp'.e guard of 3 OoO mm In ei.r tn-1 ict'on nf thta. It la rep re* xc ted that la tbe I a pal war budget for 1MI tve e?p?nees of tbe War Im I'trio eel a.e etaieU at 4,18^ OOO dailars for aa h la) of C-i 000 Dei] ll w?? a*eoetid that D*gnt!*t>nns were ( omneucAd on *.h hrtwecr Sen fanti ?nd the cimmander o( Uaeta I |j: Ui? > vacuatlos irf me forlrtwe Ut, ,N' _! ' ' *""7 ?' was reported ti be re 0 rt I ^ ao men. With few < 71!f?r* to ootn-naud them The veti- g lur ae?e*a-i.M? in the pap tl states Is I n. 'UK. hi i,l thtf nioel si thuslaak c character, but ao da j iv f *!*?* jnv?|j. a rat in * rubsrtlt lion baa bcec opened In Sic'ly to purrw ? \liia lo theietgbborb ?d of Palermo aa a gift j to Wen i rn< (.arlba di b?n' rai Cariol ts the originator o: iJ ^ ? "le Mana la I'arlt h? taking part ta It The fr+tielf fnt Of Vienna illkt thjt it,ea.l , *?i e?d pi?tjr oa lb- \ enettaii frontier frr?|u?etl\ cssh?un f . * "P ,u :J,, *G Of } lodl&i'ltt, Uut At locil A lliikllLCt I'ibI I '? n f t*r. 'ef 't fr it tV - m The tfefi, *?/<?;? reports that frtm th? 1st of Jastitrr I t m a .the central or ?.bi *al oltin.? of the vera: ad i u.'i 1 depBr'.sa. ula of l.i?uwuy an- to bw tmui t" to Tori's . acd a'ao that tbe decree oal! lag u ' r *ii - tbe ?re nd class of tbt UjBisrna oulibgent of lug I* aircVy *igt.ed. 4i r rdn < to ?he Ptrur^rimtm of ?l!*u, 'he P'<1 1 g v.-rtir-at fa* already Biel numtw;r of t.u e? ? ho ire t ell In ;h? n< w Iiallan far'iatneot on t ? oa# a o: ore repr?eiui*t' ve lor eve-y itO (XrO toe a Tl?e Ka?|ivltlBn devolution. A.V\ * >be 'o'|n ?(fi| *,v ^ tbeVi V i 1,1 Whlcb ,n ?br of *:l 1 5 ..? the date cf tfco puVi catioB ef the p*e?. t.t , ' . ' ' arr rlij fii-m a:t ntb<r rf tie I nitMt VroT' l.a'y ?i:i be eoreldered bone p,? ? | , a. I ce ... , ,?v.y treated as Bboa la Nea ol tan Tl ? lrap?p rl of surfs grwfa will be e-nw11er?d as a r< art.. r ira,'.- ?*,r, rerrn .n in ve?a*ia nnoer tl>? oa. n? * C-oreoanws reg?la;loes will u?wr?, b" a,1 ... i ii ? rame. ne curl, fn hoosea a>rp tbe tT": t\?r of ths Marrh>? lur n are j ?">?(? tUSf n gB.'ali. m reepertleg tb ~ l.iauds nf .mrny I ii , r IE,: 10 fCe U3' ' ,lj' l*r.J is mt.-oilac?xl Ar' 2 1b? dal;e? ?r?Hl In tbe table snnesed to l?>e de ere.., IbeMtha^ifbev ,^t. <B tbe ,?,,.wut? p.vl.vnB^lTfr UMl wUioontlM. t^ie!.3 ?rrlv!sg from the frwa porta of h.f .?? ? *?-<?"??? ?!? t*y, at the cwtom WE ? *???*!? with so'h r-odeee ran ooly rfi^l with *?rat dial J^l-Mes.^rdtag u the rJ?teS! Tor 52.^2! -/II 4 Wl^-Utlir. of grain from the Ua'lar TtLcas M4 fh>Bi Ptslly Mptonsi anally prwfelblWd. " ' 1 hw K lB|tilon> of luiy, [If m Ihe L. liob Time*, Nr.y p ii r,"r bis accepted ihe aoVrr*?grty nf I.a j HeinoetMi I^U atrlel but p.c jil.r net IOCS of ,? ?.'t i ' '?,r Uo who Las taw th r *' ' ' ? U* <*"!<?* 1lt?T.?t - l^.t. , . " 11 ? 1 ",r??lonBl eourtewy, *b > " ?*'' ? ^ ?aa<r?,red ... r i? * 4ij? Uae*/ Uirottf , whu It b ?r, ! . 1 ' ' ' " ' ^ ^4 ll. ? u?. >n. ri I * i ^ from r %!,(?>? hlfr ? h't h H fhl I !? tut on -f '.vVL ;, .tl* el war, or i a i t, hc-iu. en'er'i's roeh aa that ? ?? a H . CBLSS lb. dM-?ew of Ga'ta I-. be pro.n|g.d 1 U;tj <h*I ' * r ihhi lii# of ins *1. aU Li' f ** ?h u'i fpt U* hl'itr* ^i ?' 1.. . '"'?rD*vnl.- **>?t Victor Rmaaael . uj ,te *,T'? *o the plebisette by procialta'n? 1-eT, * "7/ /V" "he b- r..| been at .pp^l l.J f'rlt rf ?^C I ,,f h4 r" 'l>c?i.' by th? Ibrea-ef a . a '>'.i th^Te.n ??". ,H'Bk "ack heforel f * , ' * , ^??"?"k.psiB the aame see ^ '*1 Wfre fc"* WK,n Insteneee of .. . , iher. wl TlL*"k1 P"'W1 *-> t? ? .. . f br 1 " klt?" eierctaiag " ja. a i rlty wiih n .be asms rem'ui Tee N.apoitu^s "i V LUF teltH t.< b? f -r ? t'me tubject to a 1 rfce a leelan*? ard tr be trmu^r. e ib?r to in- sine ?' /o r the t if df ,?,IV As Vvtor I ..Miae! wt ? at t?. ,u A* ' ? ?? ?"? Ha ..I provinces 1 " I W K llj? rft % tit "k ' ' "? a, ? Naples ?!? greater ' <?" *'" "balhaalakr p a-e, f.ienf a w d . * o It! l.ttd to en i'? ar. ? e .. mire er- sn >r at ai y rl. ? ? I a *, f m r iWty 1,; 'V ' " ' '? ' 'evrv^i'sm was f|..t ovrtnrowg ;l *?* "? * ?" V each r?- 'a' *et ineM-nta i . v. , V/;; ' "? " -Mhe ii. wl.iug - , a er* a.p , . f t|, . fT.?r??-1 rr?w.i ' . , V', " ?" r..?.rd?t as au . ? ??' lateral, - - - iH-tanraoe' * 1 I 'A* ItilSf'Ol b.V, 'J ' - "" ? ' pro , ? J. , " ; ?a.?y, Wbleb w... natenj a , . ? ' " V ' ' ? f?'?lb. at , r ' " ' ?"? r H - a t l.uje ?hick ' ? ** "" ' ^ VK-. r I i.anue' I. n.l i Ih aa ' 'a *? I "* pl n "* h h* VI. 'u r J >' lm* fr"* ?" u?'f a J tve a ?w .v.. u9li ^ ,4(, i4 rstn fr'i'i^i . T** M 1 m >B?rrhr Ai hoiith e*.?.7. . T . " rr ' " est i- enth-e-aaf'n r s. r, rt" . Hi,..' f r. "? ** ' '? w ? ??? ?1 l,i | "a an' . , ' 1 ? ?* ? ? ( o>*a ee vita ft* 'an *? v* h|?a who. d .r?ne "* * w*? ?*" *.? iti|g mm . mcd the course, sod strogg'.d ror t ho lt"i? H CtL<e ol ki 10 couu'rv boll |i lit ? tl>! ?mi iu lh? ? i ill i baui'Mtr. *i the K>i>k |ii? iI ili'uufi tkwir >|J. U stnlu i*jl nbci.i* o [ Uiu.aau is. kill. J iHtO'UM i cl laritroul ?to a few n wthl sfM urr? reviy i i.i. y drmouelratiOLS of loyalty to lh? uorfti '.' Ijfttu, I note 1(1.. ?'ed sprcLalMrS mitl have tell ito great KH.f the triumph Mid Ibxcump'^ euoiuf Mts i.aan Tb? f t iht# nujot k tarn, dfuM^n, uiby wh.nti irrnii were 'till gslied by Uourbun hasdmila, white eyts w ere ?iak b> kn'g taMiuailon to darkte*e, wt*o>c lung* were # thmattc through Urn stench of preoaa, wb frtc (8 vera weak from years of lutulficitwt food, wh <o bin IB, perhaps, were scarred b / the laah Uitwr sad j ?vote horrible out 'ages nugnt b e ncrded by some of Uiiie who stood to ste Ibestvlour of tboir c ';otry acd the future de'eoder of I f liberties enter '.be city which has been *o gallanly woe for htm fti ?uoli c on ttio tvi Lis of tbe present ytar must s>.em like * dream. eo rsplu, satonlstolfg aod com pie U has tw. the ovortnrow ol ILe race which pertmnltd tbeiu lo tbu mumi nt of Joy tbey mult have brio Lu-llned t > vie# all things lavr.rahly , ecd jet It requires some patlerce snt fume knowledge of mstklnd to reeouMle on lo the wholesale nr version of tbe Neapolitan mult'lut* Tba pa'.rioii abo, like loerio, aufleieo lor their ellorl* to confer liberty (D.tbe people of Bcuthern Italy , mutt r< tn u Vr that tills people law them f? to their dungrotis without atrur nmr, almost without a tborgbl that for ton yea-* tlioy lugeied lu misery while Naples ale, drank, danced, raig.and slept a* useal. ami that it U ua'.y when tbo be tiff of a distant province, hi * led bv * bol^ e'lvruin-er, drive the tyranny from their Homes, that they venture lora .-e their v>ir<a sgslsal oppreesion which to no'iie t pli lis w?* worte lhan death Tnen, Indeed. they mite their voters high enough and rtiool mire leudly for the joiners of liberty Ihau ev?r they didjjfor the du'l line of der| i Is ?to are gone as the cries of tiio geetlouiallr '({ ficnuec cro?<"a row alotg the Klr?f'* p?th? an tho eiottd, iipturned cnuotcnaneoe watcbe't hli^pn>crM4 ? tba martyr* of liberty oiuit have thought with a little btltur ni r? bow gnat a tbiiu 's tucstm, wbi'.h ran Iraa&.'or the alTeclioiis aod lifuiiincto tbe iciiilp ta of an entire oa Uon. But, if tbe entbaaluin of Naples he not an od<<r lug M tbe highest c.a ft, if the loyaiky of thi* uiii! atruc'.ed aid lTiiui:ve raoo^follow the llroug eet battaitnDi and the mo*t determintd po'iey, *o much the more er< Jit li due to the ruler, the ?tattrn.eij, end thi aoluiere wbn l.ave Inaured euct>M? to tbe c?uk dt liberty. We bavu alvrava thought that ia theei* Itahac uSTalrs the ( p|>ortunltiei have been mad? by the men rather than ti e men by tbe opportunities. Italy owi ? ever; tblug to the policy and the cjurage o' Victor KaoiiiUti, of Cavr.ur, fti.- ol (Jtri?>eldi No hatred of the Anslr'an, do vt^u ymilS| a u?r cathu? ivy, on iin pu hi ? tow arde uiitty , wm l<i have al vanctd Uo: oouulry ore ett p towaruS itr i nd?, had It hot Uou for tho buM Mluiettr who ettahilrhed free iLatltutlon* la 01,0 HtUe Stan', who to< k a pert in tho ooorertiH of Ruri'-pe Id 1836, am! vbo, without ranbLirt or tilusterlig, opj^sed I Lie prtUiislocs of Austria dor'ng hie whnlo relga. I. la Victor Fttanncl, the patietl worker of ten years, tha ?SMMsMimI k'u* b't/t?u two despotic emp'.rt-e, tbe rotorer of lifeiou armu s l> aa indep-udect actios ?ti Eurtpe, thu party to the lir.poitaot Treaty of Pari*, whom (ducawd Neapolitaui wttl jheer. tlblio the crcau h nor thu prreeDliuccrrs aod bos down to power, however obutred, thrsa who rare koon how to (.pjHSc both siircue and pow.r will J >ia with them for ( i re in bcii'ting the cotirageous Siate of Sardinia Sit rs else and pnltt;c goveroment It null grai iy evriy one to ? huerv-e that tho feud which divlcud Uar bai H from the Kti.f ? al/licra r om< u bave b<cn qulewo frrt-vr The Dlctttir has been aiM* jotolss In tfce frttl rllles which foilo* victory, sod Las presiiitcd tfce HnegarUr. i*>!.iler? with colors, u a ?pMr.n whlrb breathiK iiolbing but devotion lo the rause ol Italy am' to tae rr uar'h whom she halcBoren. The authority ol Victor I uanue! is by this time lu'ly tatibliaheo throughout tnj luuntry , x?)t in the two forint.KK wl.lsh Stili Loll out for tbt- B>arbos A 1 the onjectlorable hi i o'ntments have brva cauceilfrl: botn the rinctiiTle'ri amt tbe ultra demoorais have bfen nuMi'iO, a' I d iD|ir f;um lisurrtcilon or from aoarchy la aian cid,aiid the Twi> lici!l?f are aa c mplttely aad regularly gi>vrrsed by tbe tow lilag ar- If tho t3?ooe b?d dr?ceBiieu to him through t?reot> ger., i altous ol ancei tors Victor Koui uel is do* Kuig from the A! M to S cily. An f fl.cial pror an.arlnc has acnese-l tb?t Bourbon kltg'om to tbe hai>py provlnres wblnhars now united uB<-er the fceptrs or Savoy. N>xt wii. come the tnrn of the Ho Bias (Mates Tbt re a so ti. j issao raanot bs doubt ful Iu every district whor* Friorh t>e>ocrti do not keop He peep>e rroiti Ihe hal.'ot .Ix i Ibe baleful away of the I 'ope will be repudiated, aud all clasaes will hasten to trk.'*f?r tbclr to the King of Italy Tbe oily fear Is lest flistarbacres may arise through the lodigcstioo or the people tn th* gtrrlsocM pro ruees. An toliabltairt of Rome, or Cirlta Vcd hta, < r \ ilcrbo, may be goaded to soroe rash ae.t by ths know urge tba*, while bis ir.ore fortunate esuutrymen ar* clrctlr.g n c. tstltut tonal kNN ", he sj<1 bis neighbors are lo: cx d to remain tbe slave* of aa effete eociosiaatical rule, lo betaxel tor the army which opprere.-t them, to be robjeel to lbs ct.t'ages r.f ami t> udit'i >ri. or spceta tors of the rtotUg of filthy Irishmen We sincirel; hups that tbe ufl'ieLce jl thi' countr , will i>e exwtel tires roe as large a proportion as poaaible of the people of tbe Ron an Slates from this unbsppy dn- m We have always thoight that the city of Rose and a few miles of the Oampagna are quite Sbflicient heritage for the ropes, and thai eren thee care should be tsken lo give the Romans municipal tDditut.oes something akin to these wbiah eitst tn Ha* burg and tbe other Ueruaa free towns. Should such a polk*) be carried out, nothing will remain but to salute Victor Kmaneet as tbe first King of Italy , and to wish him sad bis new retlm prosperity and happlnss*. Garibaldi's Army. CONSECRATION UP IOLOHK ? TOT Bt'NO ARIAS BUS BAKS IM ItdtNTS OP OAtUBALDI, ?TC , ETC. [Spcclr.1 corroepoadrcco to 1-on ton Time* ] CABIRT.I.NOT 1, 1M0. Vfllfti1!' there WM A throtg'lg ABd hA'WD'nj of amv wui* ?i J idler* toward! .Wit* IUm? auJ siu Ug'lo II wb* owing toss Impression that the bombardmer;! Of rspua would orpin Why Jnat ibe 31?t ol OctoNcr <u Olid for the ?rut l?, of court*. difficult Cft etplaiu, but olc? the !J<fc ?Urted it oil not hard to Sad bellerer* In It The grcrrai impatlrrc; that It rbonld lake place bad ergecr'ered *uch a credulity on tb ? po nt tbal any wag n.i*ht eerd croeda to the Inmt While tbe tendency of ight *? < r? wm loMurda Ibe north, Gariliaid! and hta ilafT a i i.t rown to Nap! ?? ti a*r:i. at tbc Jutribotloo and cei>*rrrntloo of tVr Ir c !"r? to ths Hungarian 1-egioo and to lb? Hur tarian hnni'i Tl.?? troops, belrt-gisg to Up Bc'gvle Kber h*d rreelr <d orutr* ifc? day b< f< rt t > go dowu to Mapiea, wbero ths eerrmney was to taks rlw*. on th# La?ga del Palar*o, lb* opto aiaoe la frost uf the Royal palace It was )isl tbc itto ca'cu'.a'rd l? tsloii such a cerriuoay, vim ibe f:?jr (,f tit r<>r?! | ^i?cp ii n9 *1de, the two ta r? b?r.ld> t* rl th? Korratfrta on the right and left, and Uia rfcui. b o< St. >rai.cisw> at I'-ola. witb iu cupola and ar c?dss, ? 1 1 ?ite U> It Tbi- preparations for tiie roosptlna r.f IK K i g fca.l ratbi-r eoc reached oi the epace, a? they did 111 " part toward! the church with a ateletna Irian ; bal arch and trauaj areortcs ia ail stages of prspa rat .'i , bat lifbclsiit lt.ll remained but to mar tbc gene ral > fl*et An aits* waa 'tnprov ?<nJ c 1cm to tbe triumphal ar:h, ami lhi? a:'ar foritel l^e tenlrs of the o remooy To ibrrtibt of it waadraaoup th? I. gton aed to l.a left the H:i?a??, while tha opposite aide wi>? occiplel bp* hattal'rii of tha Kattnoal Guard, wV.ich ted been IriTited lo iNWt al Ibe coremory. Tao napuitf of tbe Beraa a<ki I c t tbe brigade Kber form. I a double l iss from tbe Frr'alert* to thi erntre rf tbe* The daughter rf Geae*al Garibaldi an J tbe Marobeta rai;i?toint. tb> a.'e i>l tbe pro I>iot?tor. were eboaaa a* tl ( riarfrinr or |c D.nUn Tbe am eot belnf preaent, ??? rrpr>?ented by ber father All be'rf realy, Carl ha ate <?n, dowa from Cae rta. earl wm at b!a O'd qsailera la tba Palatzi Aejri waa Informed of (' f i-iai'Mw.tjl be iln ra down In aa cp o r%rrla(?. br Vaar. which ?l la nrual to read on Puob ootmIom, waa orer wben be arriet-l, and tbe oerrm^ay of rr?n r. 1 1 ation wa* procc< 'id to forthwith Tadru 'iioranni, a m<?k, who bad accompanied Uarlbaldl'i as l -M'tirn alitoat from ita landlcp al Marea'a, performed tl)> rerrn ooy Tbe rolora were oroufbt up by tba officer* aid col rtcraWd ta tba ueual manner Af ter tbia tba rlhatu t w<-re tl?d r>g, and tba nallr, prorlded wllb tha i antra of tbe p?reona cooormed, hamwered in. Tbla be ir? c? ae tbe ?*>!? re w err brmif hi back to Garibaldi, wbo, ukis?( oc? to c?cL bacd, a?l Jrraaed Ibe foUawlog words to 'fce < tfloirB ? I am proud to p!are into roar band* and cooflds to jrovr raior tttae two Bass, tba fraternal colors of which ar* *> well korwn ub tba battle teld of ItaVsB iDilepeadeass They wii be a new boed l>etween lbs two (liter caI.ooa ETfira I Ita. is I Krrlra tl agherla A get era! nboct >as tba answer to these words, after ! wLirb (?arfba.di retir*d lo ForiwWria Ibe H ngar^aa Iroopa tben fomrd a iqiisre, and tb* for n-'i'a tf tbe rath waa read by Otlc nel Mofgnrody ? 1 ?wrar nefbre G?d tha All powerful fidelity Is Victor Fit i^uel, Kleg of Italy, and obedleaoe to my enperlor*. 1 awrar not to aban>*ra my color*, and to defead lh*m to tbe laat drrp of blood in the f < gbt for Italian ladepea diBoo, nr. til c'.rntnitascrs will permit us to mar* irto eur own f>"Btrp 1 swear rbwdleoce to tb* National < on mute* aid tba cbiefi cboaea by It So may God b*4p me. fh"nts of "K- iri l'/tntw t flVplmV followed, after wblrb rrartal Turr add eared tb* ofltcer* and ?oldlcrt, eayir* ? WABsinm? I r*ed not reooamet l y?* to defend yov c. iii? f r 1 mw o* tb* lxt of Uetnbw a handful of \ on cet r>ii!y deftrd tbem, hot beat an eoemp for aopertor ta ttBhin The (otsmandar of the tafaLtry btljBftd to tl ? famnuit Third bal talks of our war cf Independence Fellow birr , an J [ am sure yo* wtll Barer dsrtale from th? path of hr?or. ? Hirn ad manor tbe buaaar* ? An l ? bal Bba'i I tay to yen, Huaaarw? Tnm the day <*u were Bnusti d you hare so' mls**d aa upportoalty l> i lrrr-?w tbe immortal mm* of the Haagartaa Hussar* ttir oppressed or uatry few k* to yw aa<! ctptrls moib fT' tu ) (>* As ft* me, I am sure that when we ar* on*e on th? frostier* you will come doirs liks a Larrloaa* aa tbe errmr wko o|>|>r?*(?* us Garibaldi Is lh meantime bad rwtne out on ths telooay o' ll-e F irraura, wb.-re tbe tight of I, m. as uraal, si c't>d h ,'rah? still '-masdafor s few w rds Having ac kaow'tds'd tb* ?Btboslssile reseptios ha sddrwed ths p?. p ?, eaylcg ? TtiW is s mem- r?ble day for ysu, f>r It aeaests th*a!ll aw* Of two people* and establishes tbe fraterBlly of ths peop e To day yon bars dwtroysd that prlaclpis of ss? tttai which l.a kept tbe bsIIoi * separated , sad 11. 'is hssfh ellitated 'l.s *< rrltude of all. Tbe peop'e with whom ync h?*e fraterslstd to day hers ths Mas rssmlss who Ihrraten yos. Yowr oaaa* t* U>?tn asd tbotr* m yours. Bnt brfor* fgbtlsg sgalBit this esemy oalsii* yoa bars irtersai (tiemles In best down, sad I wl 1 tall yo* that the oh'ef of then IS ths Pnf*. U I bars srrplrwd any m- rlt w'th yo*, I tar* aequlrwd that of Ulllag yoo ths titith f rashly asd without a rati, ts ns*ng this prtrtleg* I tell you that your chief mem y is the Pops Isms rtir*?tisii aa yen ar*. yss, I sn of that rwllgtrn which has b roars the bosdf of Har*ry asd has omeiaimad the frss ?i ?n of B>< a Uie Pop-- who opprrsaea bis ri' eets sad M an ?u?my of Itallas lnlep?BlrBor Is no Christian, be ds rie? tbe \<ry pnscipis of Ohristiaalty? hs is the asti Uirtst This trt lb you tnuat (iread among all tanas who sr* rrar lo yon. for It Is oaly wo*a all Ital.asa shall be ihn<T.igh1y c~BTtrt??i of this truth that Italy wtU hs etaliy free asd v.nltsd Garths ?l bad ser-ral tlmse to iBterrapt bis spsseh o* scT'-MBt of ih< applauss which his words ited from ths multitude bstow After a breakfast wkWi hart Wn p-?- *r? l is ths ssWr m kb? *?*as*armt Mar.'wej aest w eRW.M* imiw, ? at. Purgartso, wounded oo the 1st, wi.ose l?g had heeo ? trputkii J to lb? UHHU if tWoie r?turn.D< to Cms' ? I,. wiot tikewse to *,*> Hiilo, who i? la.d op with his brtlen It t 1 1 Palarso aogrl. Novxbihib 3 It H<irt tUt the gerrlten of Capua U much larger I baa ? ? ?i Tbt t turn oat to b? o-tweeu * 000 and ]i COO DXI; Rroiif tbeto a uouil>?r of the geodarmorie, ? b" ti?<! tut' i! icfu^t tin re h Iti a*Te plaoe U?? to# Nmpntiie mild l?ive so large a ftrrre m a kind of for Inn h' ?.? ?e me 'uort-dible, unlms we suppose that thetr retrrst *k> *n h?*ty wb. u they saw op cr.twilng the Vol t'-uti tii.ii all tbc Hoops on tba Vuiluroo Hue. Irom 0* ji/Bo <1t? u?ir<u, Difi'-e U.flr way into Capua aa tu Biarrst p'are i f retr?al t 000 ?r 10 000 man make a large brie to an arm/ , ard U aty ooa could have aup |.o#?(t thut < apoa fcarhrred to laiga a forco, it would bars 1'ittHfi tbe pi?ce wltL far greater interest than it other ? IMJ |X* M'(M ll "'he yw.riai 'mrr?aa'on Is (bat the Ktz>|C will OJt wait f'T the tail t>t Gaeta. but go tu Naples before lu spite '>f the rrr ( ?tl n during tho voting of a I irgo district by tie N< er?'!Ms: r, U>e result bat be?u sunlt as to lewe no d' ubt the trlehiwof toe population, and now nothing i< Diklr t but lormaliilrs t<> rulDI, ana the sooner these aro fiilllllwl (be better It wfcl be People wfct. are tn communication with Oa ta maintain thai tbc K'tg wnu'd bkvu left I >Dg ago likd It not b*>;n lor the "T'jniNi of tbe tfpaottb Minister, who kept him Lp to the rcaik. Yeu< r?d> t ttrueoc Garibaldi went ti town to assist at tl>c burial t t lianibarullia, the Uzzar.tol cfuef This man, b loo f irg In tbn 14 pu'alloo of fishermen, bad acquired an uirun'. tolled ii;tlw t oe over b la ctstn, and Invariably ex f rtfd <.t lo the ir.t' rtst of free torn He suffered accordtng I) . be rtl k'ixri lor more thau a year in prison and ?*. relvrd over UO blows It was due to bn Ictl'ieuoe that tbe rkbble of Niplrs h-.t been kept In oruer, without tta/ regular force, ostler most difficult circumstances, undUe ri'naldl, ttpjirt Cuitng this, tre?trd bltn as a friend. Gambardllla was golrg towards bis bouse thU moralnf o..a wo* etabbed f:..m behind TUa kni'e ftntorra naar the left tbouider blat'e, and cim? out at the cbcst. He Itt-ed l.?;r an hour The) aifiri a ran away, and has not belt fourd jet, but Uu re is an t x geeUa/me suspected, wbo Its* bet n lockcd afier, but who bas disappeared, to gt iter with bis family, fhouatnds of people ware at tracted t>y the funeral To m< 'row tb? distribution of th? mnlaia tai^s piaw to tboff vho landed at HtrsaJa Tii" ceronury will tw heU bu tbe Lar^o del Palazzo, at Naples, and of coarse Gari baldi will assist tbe nuoitxr of tnoa) remaking ts vary lit lie more than SCO, or about b&X Aut< ts. Tbe Admlra! comxa.- dlni tbc A jstrltui fl?et In tha Adriatic bas been put under arrest on a charge of nal vtrttticn. The AL|?*b'jrg Oa ? *1* s that tba tola, njrnber of troop* In Venitia !? 1B4 000 men The Infantry ctmprlses IW 100 m<n, ?nd tbe caralry la in uroportlon The artll Itry Cults is h of thirty batte:le?s wttn a total >f 1M <uus, atdfcii batuirles with thirty six riftail ctnion. Tbe largest farrlsrrr ar< at Venice and Mantnt The Fifth corps ? as daily expected lo \ enetia. VilU'ranca sod Marmlxo a, on the Miocto, hive powerful garr.soas. Im mense (jusctlt'ce of amxnaltton arc soa; from tbe ier n inns at Verf>::a to Vautua At rietw-siuno, ns the Po, ars ta ? n.el? rials for two poLt^oa bi Idges, t *o large Iron stistners ttud ote tmali tug steamir Tht) ?ane J iurn?l ra) s the rrakts are In a ciasplM? sta'.e of de'eice, and ? t.y fomt Aetactd C:uld recelre s'tccor with g'cat r? pifur Chlik. Tbcre Is notii'rg later, but the Paris ri'rii pn^ilfhri tbe foilowtr g ktatemi tit, which obtained but lltt!> or - deuce In Erg and ? "Latest idrloos from China auuouaca tl.?t tbe QkkW Cotroil?slt>ners Kit: a3"l:aary , ^ potsl ed i/i carry t n cogf'tiHtioi s for a treaty nf p?arc with the AmbawsOors of France and Kiriaud, arrmd at T'.ei U u or tbr fltb l^-pumuer Wc ate kSaU'ed b> tao lut atco -.nls that tbo treaty bad bacn sigoed tu tu?t t'?#n, au<1 that the eicbacge of ratlB^ati'ins would take plane In Ptk'n, ac<rron g oa s(<?lal certmoc'el which via* to be tbe object ol a separato negotiation aud X'lwemlna ' Ix tiers state tbat Uij tr.arioea in ChL.a ttr ju.i retura to Er gland on the lit of October, Tbc Llt ripool Canard SUan Flist. | from the 1/mdon Tiiuai, Nov 9 j In addition to tbe large padJla wtirol sieamer Scotia, and several screw steamers now bui'd ag. tbe Cuna.d C mpu) bat u contracted for a One new screw steamer of ?,68d U>ls, and of oocstderatt.u poner, for tb 'ir liud bet ween I.Wir^^jol and New York, to replace ta? E*. a sorew steamer, sold by tH- n to tlie LlrerjMOl, N'?w Yjrk and Philadelphia Steau. Ot'i.paay THK VKUl X.ATKST. THE LOBn MAYOR'g BANQUET. BrKlCIlfca OK LOEI>-i PAI.MXKsTOK AND JOHN RCT3 1<KI.L AND T11K HIKNCF1 MINU-lEk. Tdc usual bar i net ?u given on the eveoitg of tho Dili lsFt. by tbe tew Lord Mayor of Loudon Couut do I'ersigti/t Ifcc French Ambaaaarior, ud tbe Sardinian Minuter, wore the only representative* of European Power* present. Tbe Lord Mayor, la giving tbe tout or "Tbe Army and Navy," (poke of the volunteer* a* tbe pride and bout of tbe country. General Peel and tbe Duke of SoT.eract, ta retur?U>( thanks, eulogized the recent dlatlagulahed *er v'.oe* of tbe naval and military forcca in Cblaa. Tbn I>rd Mayor then proposed "Th* Foreign Ambaaaador*," and roupled with tbe toaat the name of Co<.;nt de Pertlgay, wblob wu oordiaBy repllel to. The Count de aroao amid load cheer*, and re plied la Preucb. often referring to the spirit of wladoaa and or mc deration of th* Furopeaa government*, and th* aacrUees which, In on* way or another, a!! tb? Po vera are making in th* Inte-uat of the general pcaca H i t.x eclleccy coKpIimcuted the city of London for the practi cal ipirit It bad manifested In rf'toorair j that which many politician* did not teem to sudljloaUy underttand v'r that Inttead or those Interests wblob w* 'ormerly con tctUd la every part of tbe world, It bu come to pass. throrgh tbe developement of our mam factorie* and commercial InU-reeti, that not oalr do we po*?*a* a great nombsr of interests in common, bnt no longer In any part of tbe world have we aoy Intereat taat la bostlls. Wby, then, the? an"-.<tiM, tbj*e aoaptc'.ona, thewe ir.tatruata, which on every IncMent of poiny are generated on both aide* of tbe Channel ' It ta because we cuaot efface Is a ('ay the trace* of *o n.aay centuries of rivalry and atri!* it la bacausa in spits of ourselves, ad '.iiwllling'y, w* are, both if at, at:. I too muej> disponed to look at th* eveeta of tbe preaent through the maspirylng aad de oeptlve g tastes of tbe rsoot.ectlons of tbe past B:t, thank Heaven, tbe retaoa, the good eer-e sad the U tu rret of the two oat >c* tend evtry day to diia'yeto lb -a mirage*, for arery day men's rain Ja are more clnarly and mote poaltively tmpreaaed with tbe ma.n eonalderatlM that, bavtig everything to Ion and nothing togitaby a cot Wet, the two aa'.ioas can mutually u many tanrflta from pear* a a they coulJ tr.&tet in Jorlc* on themaelvre by war that, g?, la , th* real trolls, thai la wbat we undavataui la J Frarce aa well aa yon osderetacd In aad; i that, la ah^rt, la tbe meanlrg threat of the great ecjaomtc revtiulioo wbuh th* Kmparer ha* jut aooomplltbed la Franc* by the treaty of commerce, aad of which the van enmpasa, la proportion a* It beojar* known aad better appreciated ta tag 'aad, will coafouad th* aemeatioo* cf wbleh we bav* been the objeet, aad will further eem?nt peace between th* two couateli a. lord Paiwawn >? replied to th* toast la boaer ar b*r Msjeety a Mlslater* He sal 1 that 1* *>batev*r iirt in we turn our eyt* the g< nor?: aspect waa MUaUctory, and gav* *a taatance* tbe atats of oar Industry at homo aad the devatopement of our co-nraeroe abroad. His Lordah'p adverted, wth particular satisfaction , to Ui* cordial coper tton of th* a'lied rLtnmaeder* and force* la Ch'aa. England did not numerically rival the great anriea wh eh continent' Power* kept oc root dar'.ag p<*ee?. b :t I* bravirr at 1 ?iplolta oar army would rival any fjrae. We rrirtts the Inferiority la the aonber of ear stsad'ng army t?y orr adr- rable militia by ou* noble vnlanl.'erf, wLlrh fx ? reform c itlltute a permea*nt taatltntlon of the eooatry? (toad cheers)? aad by firttljrHig tm?>rtuit ard vvloetaoi* points, tat above all, we muat rxdrea* the Mutt by malatalalag, a* w* air ay* tnurt Of Ltata, a tiring aad power ni navy. (Conttr.ued cheering ) Hla Lordahlp added, ' J any thla .n th* pveeeace or tbe re|>ra*eatat.rea of fon. ga aad allied Powrv*. (Ch'era ) I nay It In a aplrlt of fraaka <n, of eordlallt)-, of frleedahlp, of alliano* aad peace. (Cfeeer* ) W* wl*h froa. the bottom of our heart* to be at peace with all aatinra (chser*), to be bound by tie* of fr etiUbip and BlliaaM with 1L v tu tiona | aitioular!;. who** )i.t?<**u*re moat eotgtalai with cur cwn. W* with, I aay, from the h HUim of our boarft, to win asd pr.aerre their frleadahip and al..ano*, but w* are deter* lacd, by the maaiy dlgnu, of our poaitina, ta prove to them that wa are worthy to retain aad en|?y that frtendahip aad alliance " (Cheer* ) Lord Pa'mer?aa coacleded with aome remarka on th* beoelu aa^ pa tiSc rtault* that mi?bt b* aat:ol|?tod from tbe French cm merclal treaty. Lord J. Ri m-mi* ti?*cb. la ackaowle<*gtag the toaat of the TWr* o< Com mora, oaly allgttly riferred to polftieal t'plca. He taid b* thought U* *.?tls*nt* which tb* Frerch Amhaa*a<for Lad *apr*M*d traded In pear* and ntlty amorg tbe aatloaa of the earth, which thoy *1 ar deatly L. red for. W* dee Ire to aMiaum paaoa, bat, ? bile we respect an other set knit, ws desire to hold rest by I these prlnalpics of liberty which ws have so liug aajeysl, ! and which ar* ths boast of F-agllshinea (CMarl) TUB SfEGE Or OiSTA. Despatches frwti Naples stale that the riedmont** are vigwiaiy porting on the Mef* of daeU T'oopt anl ? stage train have besa laadsd at ths small town of Mola dt Oaata, and thr Piedmoeleae baa 1 quarter* bira be-?c ad vaacad ta Hwsi 0 1> ths Ith taatant a Rardtntaa rrlgats a?ooi ia*o Ibo Uay of naata ta rscoasollrs. It wm a**, mm i t?at ta; ?cieajaa wsj, ta ?wod mditloa, aad that ocmmroui rrd ->uh? uJ other field works had beea thrown up so a* to oooi nand the road to Ou t*. The I'smitanM, of Hilar, d?j'S Lord Jobn PumaD'a dispatch 1s juai now g| ours vaiae to Italy than would be a dee at re bauie General Lamorlciere baa left Rcms oo tec moo the .ear ii of abeeoce. NEWS FBOM THK CAPE OF GOOD HOPK Ltraaroot, Nut 10, 18N. The E U) lope baa arrived with 8,100 ouooci of gold lost aad $2, TOO la apeele. Ti e papers contain acsouata or Prtaoe Arthur's reac tion and entertainment at f.erra loone. The alare trade waa active oa the W lad ward eoaab General trade waa doll la Mm various porta on tseout of the prevailing unbealthlneae. The Niger eipedltlon auamer Sunbeam was In the Naa river. T-.s rains bad oeaaed at Hierra l.*one. Dr. Bsfcte and the r>et of the exploring party were quita well at the conUuencc of U?e Niger The American ablp Baoretta la aappoaed to have UA Whydah oa the Mtb Beplember, with COO s-avea oa board, aad the American bark Buckej e aalled a few days pre viously with a cargo of slavea. ARRIVAL OF TOE ARABIA. Ltui'ooi, Nov U, I960. The Arabia arrived at Qoeenatosrn to da/., the latest markets. UvaapooL, Nov. U, IBM The of cotton yesterday were 1J.OQO baiaa, la eluding B,C00 to specuiatora and exporter*. The market oloeed steady. inianta Central ebarea, 20 a 28X discount; F.r'.i aharaa, 19 V, a 31 New York Central shares, 78 a 71. Brv(i<i?lufTs are steady, but quiet. Provisions are doll. Lo.vd.ik, Nov. 10? Evening. Conaoi a 63 S' * 03 K for money, aad 03 X a 03 for ao count. narfcttla LONDON MOCar KAAX2T. T!'t advance In tbe Bai.k of England's rate of d If coast oa U>e 8tb lrs? , from 4 to 4>; per cent, bad no effeot on ti e runda CbtroiB were very tlrni on that da^ aad ad vaicod Si pet cent Oa tht fl.b tbo msrkot was very steady at tb? and ovnaols cioaoa at 03V * Ji tci r.? y , and 08 H a H for aoconnt Tbe demand lor monoy waa moderate, bat only the ?e?y b< ?t taper wai t??> n In tbe open market below tbe a i enured !>ai k rate of i *?' per ccnt. Oa tbe Ota the la quiry was I alUnr more Ur uk the Ba^k of Ku? m d nturua show a fur titer dlminaUoa Ic bullion of ?2c0 1*8 aMsaiot.* ra< rtnm Meters. D, Bell, Boo A Co report as follows:? The mar ket ft r American ?'late securities bas boe i very quiet d'jritg ?be part wet k . and priasa bate remained atattoo aiy. tbe only change baB been a considerable decline ta the price of tbo shares of lbs Illinois Uiatral aad New Yo k eel Rat -roads ? United States 0 per rent Uoadr. 18tf8 OH a 100 ito b uer cent boons, 1474 (M a 04 K Ki ntccky S per ctnl beada, 1868-Tfl 03 a M | Marvt*' ? 5 iff c?nt Stirling twuds 03 a 06 I * ass. rbuseits 5 per ceut starling bonds.. . .100 a 103 i tt"s>ftp|M ?. |m r Oeal llnloa Btus bonds 18 a 14 ' Pernsvitaala I per cent, sUrl'cg 85 a 8T IV> 6 -er ceot t;oiTS, 1S77 81 a 80 St utu Oarollra 6 per rent brnds, IStiS 8'*> a 83 " LLitrc* 0 (cr uiit bun's divors 80 a sag \ :rp'.! la 6 per cent boors. 1^0 80 ^ a 81 f<r 6 p^r c?nt ?H)Bds, 188H m a 83 Illinois Central T per oent, 1876. H8 -4 a 87)( [to. 6 |>er crnl. 1871. 85 a 8T IUiro'J Central 7 i#r reut froel tnds, 1800 .. ? a ? Do shares discount 31 a 7S> If leht|sn Central S per cent, 1 too 01 a 01 Do Bhiirre ? (8 a 00 New York Centrsi 6 j*r rent, est con . 1SS3 85 a 80 Iki 7 per rem, convertible, 188t .... 94 a 06 Ito. sbarts 7S a 80 New York A Krie 7 |ier oent lm mort , 18C7. 00 a 03 1)0 (lo 21 do 18i>e 80 a 01 Do- (*0 31 do. 11)80 81 a 83 J I Do shares 2l? a 81 Pai aica 7 per ecnt let n-crtgags, 1866 ICO a 103 Di?. do 31 du 1873 100 a 101 1>di evlranla fVntral 6 p i Is*. Di'.rt , 1380 'JO a 01 Ue tbv 9th there waa a partial recovery in American rcircadtcocritWe.bin tbs quotatlots had uot raxi.jtf Liverpcoi when oar parcel eloscd LITKHTOUL COTTON Mi RE ST. UvneooL, Nov 10 ? A If. Tbe Brokers' Clrrular sajs ? '-An extradrdtnary apecu lat.vo r.emacd set 1 1 on tbe afleroooa of frlday Isat, and tbe ral'S on mat da; were unusually extensive? aet lata than 30,000 baler? about l wo thirds on apemlalloa. Oa Salurdav tbere was tren greater excitement, owing to a re|??t tbat tbe (juotailon (or middling waa l)<^c. at New ()i leais (said to ba^e be*n rerelved per \ auderbllt), and ai me very blgh pnoa were obtaloid for the current qua lltlee of>c*n. tbe sa'.<a reaching about 26,000 baiea. locltdlrg 16 M0 cn spenulatlon am for expart. cloelng at very rxiraate ratta. When the Arlca arrived, on Mm day, It waa at enrr naeti tbat the report o' the great at Ntw 0''e?ra w?a *?? beyoorl the reality, soil a pause lir meo lately rfcaued, w'.tb aom? r?*ct:ou upon tbs blgb prleea paid < u Mat. rday. Hlaoe tb" , however, tbs irartet bar t-r-n f'lrpr'.atngly steady, but 1 at rt the pre viofs utteire q jdai' ns American deacrlpt'.ons, oom psred w"b r-'nay IsM, ?*f %>>or\ i(1J a < .lrnrer for al the cunt bt qua iti?a. Brazil, S. rats and si I other out tens aiu alao crarrr Tbe we<k's buslat'cs bas be?a f>5 4?0 bs'e?, ireli ditg 41 .0t<3 oo s -reulation and I OOO ?-* e?p< rt. Tre ral. a t<?urday were about lO.tOO or 13 OCO br es, lrcluclik 4 CC0 tor sptcuialtoc at>d export Tbe ?carktt uiuatd firm at the le^ow'.Dg ? fflclal quoiationr ? Fbi- Hi Wing. Ortcars TV<1 7*<d. C|< lands 7>, 8*| The stoct la eftlmsltd at 01S 400 bales, of whisk 177, C80 are A n.( rlcau At Maiicbtau-r j eevr Jay tiers was a fair demand for j aros at tbe 'l I rates o' last wcei, but for olotbs tbs market w as tamer LIVIHrOt'L BK*?D8TtTWI MAftKIT. M 'sra R.cbartlai'B, IVeaoe A Oo , Wasnflald, Neih h Co , Blglard, Atbja A 0o ,a?d otb>rs. report dear doll and Od. per oa'rtllowir Q lo'atloee raaxe from 38i to l>2s Whtat *ery ditli and 3 > a 41 cheaper on tbs weak rtd, Its a 13s , wbiie, l'ii a 14*. per oeaul lndiaa corn pruned for ta'.v al a reduction o' CI a la per qoar ter mixed ac 4 yellow, 88s 84 a 3?a . wblte, 43a a 4as rbu wiatfcir has tr*>i dry an a treaty aad favurab.e for Agrumliutal op>-rattoue. LivBsrooL mor:aiOK ma:u?t. Be* f crrt'i.ue- alow ami Irreg-iiar fork unchanged, lather tr. re c ..log Hac r. romlnal. there being no Atot: ras here. l'be?sr i* fceld (j r hi?li? r pr oea Uk'd io i>ev ti r dtc.snd srd limti of 300 toes at OSa a Oil Tsilow in ac* vn r< jneit and ra Let dearsr salts M North American at 60* b.i a 69*. i ir*Hroot fROPrn m tax it. AjI. s In fair deo.sL.. at 18s 0d. a VI for bjlfa pota ai.d p<arls. s? g*'s (Wai, anl agsla rather dearer. Ccflre Ic g<?x1 demand at foil pnoaa B?c. ta laige #p*cu aine nq ieat ai.d firm at fully 8.1. advaooe 90 tienea of Carolina a -Id at (ISs Hark? Small sal.<a llnlsde'rh's at On 0d ari Raliianora at 7< 01. I.liMed scarce ai" acaln tatber blgli^r, Americas licaeea rakee rold at ?10 13> 04 It arrive I/rsewd oil la good de s and ai J0? 8' s Sis Manila b? m p. 10s a 30a high "r, and Jnto haa ? tiw rlrrce-' a o rreeprt ling adraars H?iea of weal ell al f.t? h?t higher rrtcea bow dessaadMi "mall ss'ee cf c<id at ?36 a ?80 Operas, ?104 a ?106 Whale, ?88 16 R ?la quiet at ke 24 for i-ommon , to ar live, aii r.? 44 a If 6d on tbs spot 8:).r'.is tsrpejtioe toil at 34a Od. 10HW)N MtRKBTS. Bar!rg Brts ft U? report ? Brialft.fTS qjlst, uudar coaildrrab'e a' -i?al? of f *slgn White American wl ?at f4s a f?? ; red, Ota S 04s Iron stealr, at ?6 8l a it Its for Cara srd ratio; scotch P'gs. 11' Augar tu g jud C. n aru at full prima CulToe staa ly R.ce very aroi Tailow q< let, w.tb large arrivaia V C 00s 01 a oos 04. l?a tovgou Is 3d P" rlta t irpeatlae C4< a 84* Od. IJnaced cakes In demand al improving prleea New Yrtk ba-n is ?11 lCr , Boatou bigs ?11. S^erm oti ?101, cod ?86. Litsecd oil stasdy at Ms ntVAKA MtKJCkTS. ffor the week eadtrg Nov T ] Collet? ft^ee -?0 OCO balea, Including IC . M 'J tranalt, el< s'ng rather lesr stiff than at latter fart of pre* lena wee*; NewOrlears trs* ort lea n- rioted at Ml' . do t a#, 94f ; do bas, t? traestt 92f a 00f ; bet th?marks4 was at a pause at the r.<?e, aad It wot. Id be dlfbaali to real tee the above flrurre Rreai'atrfla iieadv Asbea aoiBtabl C T?eut"k*a??d. Jl. Vea drorpleg O'la aomical Rioe? Nethtrg docc la Awierteaa Solars !# sr rttod demuid aad leading up ward lAnl Mrm hnt daU Whale ?oe dull. POSTAL DIRKCTOBY. K cm a Iff a tart UaaMtlc NkUi. ?nut or M**4M at tnk k*w tor* orrics. Tk? Tr+ < fl>M BOW c.rmm at feaU fMt M 0 HM P. M . IB ??*<1 Of irift. M W?rrV-< >r? IV ?keric .. H'.nfc- A'b?rf B "?li aij CutaitA . JS P. ?. Hiflh ar.4 WaW ??f B?*ll I 4. ?. VMniMllftltl' M IA M WkJJwr ?. tiaii u4 *n W .. . It V ml tk. P M ?atotrn r*C. t>r nutrrail 8 A M irl I r K ?? I'lfrtlMi 4 p, g, f r*r vr M a:u ?* ?t -h> .mm MIST *? Ctumini r? atmmhtr , oa*?ttiri?r r% crmb+r I* JO ^ x Tkn Orvrlaad *v f * c%i ? u a.a ioa--? M. Urn to ?T?fT Man *..i Tfc -*:?? at ft A M !ft?r*/1"r " r U ?>* ??*??! ' '**? land rlK N. IT' la *? ? liflrtTT TW>??r ?p1 Mail fpun ? Juvmk (*? ) In Ha* i??' < Itjr I. *t?. cw aw pk ?.?? ( T i ,r??, , II D >n Urilbtawl _ Jwok. ' ?o. rtcirtc. Uy r:-?n <fa<p 1 ?a 3*tirday Da f-n,' ( -r ) ... . .... "" tg A.M. BlRtai ?>? >h,? %' ?(. Ji? %r- -?i if f?-b a*?? aata i 'i? vi r?rt"t M t*ii? porl. balac a Ihc M? ...?? K vwt WU Udni wM ? iii tram far u>? Imm1! u ka laadW At lua1'. B. P. Weiorr.. Hj ?atunrt'p P'MBfr, fnr *?? ??haup t"? artl t rfi?f it Ifl A *. *ata?? ??rr?MB?r r?f, W?*n??la f, Unwmtnf H II A. H. TIK* or Ct/>aifa AT Till LOKnOff orrrcn. I oar ... Tba <>*Tlan1 Mat: ti nnmba)- rUmm hi I/xhVm aa fillowii-- Via nn th? M aa4 l*fc of f> um ?.i* \.a Hf? wnpUn aa us UU ?ad ri* c>uTr?i... v, ln-fc. t*? ink, Ti* ra.?ua? ?th la*. ?Ml. rm, rla Sr?!tfia?rp'?. rwra?, *c ..>l* Martrinaaoa *ha 1 a aa4 MU. TH B'^-U nmytoa ?ih acd **?. imuuA. \ ia MiinirlUaa *eJ a ?r no lb? 1?U. VtoS.>mfe aupuai avd ? <m. liui . IV /lUc or im i?!" aaJ JTU of tha m-tiia. Butn- j.. . ,T:? Fn-niiamft' n ^ U>a Wk of lh? m 'ii. W Tk? Maw'ltoa iraiia ar? ia(ir?< ?ra y iwi 4a itf r -.^" - ?; f ' ?' 'K. ? iwJj;, Um. p? - (ha IteWalM I

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