Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 24, 1860, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 24, 1860 Page 8
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Faina*., No*. '23?6 P. M. The o: < ricgB at bank thin morning were very large, and the discount!) unusually lr eral. The Bank ol Commerce discounted a million 0/ paper, ?nd two or three other bauks from three to Jive hundred thousand dollars each. This prompt ex ecution of the resolve of last Wednesday has had a Marvellous effect on m?n's minds; cheerfulness and hope are now the order ol the day At the discount houses the inquiry for paper is increasing; wo Bote sales of lirut cla.-s at ten per cent, and a larger Audience at the I'rmcipal brokers oltL'es. In tho ?curse oi a df ) or two. If nothing happens to check the recovery of com lence, we shall probibly havo rates down to the old ll, -ares. All parties seem to agree that the snspension of the Philadelphia And JJaltimore banks will rather benetit than fciiore im, and that their specie will now #oni<? here. The hope is that tho Mew Orleans banks will be aide to stand the pressure, and that they aud our owa banks will not need to suspend. It this can bo achieved the suspension ol the oilier banks will ?ot be fatal to bu.^inc-a. To day the No* Orleans quotation of sight exchange on New York is ono per cent premium, which will scud specie North; but this advance in Northern bills is an anjtnaly, and will cea-e as soon as purchases of cotton for Northern account bepin to be renewed. In tho ?ourse of a day or two, if things continue to mend, the agents of Northern houses will begin to buy rotton again at the South, and exchange will fall. By their last statement the New Orleans banks held over $10,000,000 of specie; tUI-< may, perhaps, be swelled to twelve or thirteen millions by New Year. This is the only lo.s which our banks aro likely to be called upon to endure. Two failures are reported today? Me isrs. J. E. Wylio Jb Co., of Water and Front streets, jrro ?ern, and Messrs. Samuol Harris <k Sons, of Baltimore. The latter is not believed to be a Vry l?ea\y affair. Messrs. Wylie owe about ?530,000; they hare a large amount of merchandise and other assets, and very few preferential debt*. We understand that they were offered money to go cn, but declined to incur a debt which might di Bi'tmh the common fund out o( which their general creditors must be paid. Sterling exchange continues dull. Bankers ask from 103 to 105; the market is supplied at tho lower Agurr. Documentary bills are worth abont lofl for sterling and 5.15 rv 5.50 for franrs. The srnallnesa of the demand from the importers astonishes drawers. It w ill be fonnd. we apprehend, that the ?dark demand for bills nrises at least as much from the heavy shipments and light imports this year as from any waut ol money among importers. The stock market opened with some strength, then fell off, was better after the firs'. beard, higher in the afternoon, and cloied with an upward ca dency. United Sutes and Stitcs stocks were gene rally steady; Tennessee? advanced 3 per cent. In railroad bonds there wss a fair business, at slishtljr better prices. Tho demand for money having fellen of!, the better class of securities are not preyed for sale as thef werp when it was Impos sible to borrow at any price. Ail the railroad ?tocks were in better demand. Comparing the closing prices of the day with thoso of yesterday, we note an a Ivan e of 3 per cent ia Pacific Mail, I in New York Central, I in Erie, | in Hudson River. 44 in Michigan Central, 1 in guaranteed, 3 to Panama, 2 in Illinois Central. 2j in Galena, j in Toledo, 1 in Rock Island, 1 in Chicago, Rurlicgton aD(l Quiney. The idea appears to prevail m the Stock Exchange that we hare seen the last of the panic and the panic prices. The folio irirg were the > losing prices of the day:? Virginia 6's, 80 a J: Missouri G's, ?0j a 71; Canton Company, 14 a 15: Cumberland Coal, 9 a 10; Pacific Mail, 80 a 80); New York Central. 77; a J; Erie, 31 J ft ]; Hudson River. 47 a 4; Harlem, l*j a J; io. preferred, 354 a 4; Reading, a .{; Michigan Central. 554 a |; Michigan Sonthern and Northern Indiana, l.*>j a 16; do. guaranteed, 33j n 34 <; Panama, 11(! a 117; Illi nois Central, 5Pj a <M; Galena and Chicago, 6GJ a 67: Cleveland nnd Toledo, 29 j a 30; Chicago and Ro< k Uland, ioj a 4: Chisago, Burlhgton and Quincy, 724 * !'? Illinois Central 7's, *7 a The business of the *? M ?olio**:? Jket IplS fISJ IKS ? ?Or ;III<UU M> OOO fiJBMill 443,<t:4 4 274, IM The exchanges at the Hank Clearing II >u*o this viorning were f21.0GI.o42 70. and the balances 91 - 17. The following quotations of sight exchange on New York at the cities named will show how the bank suspensions tffiet the internal exchanges:? Haunts re f per cert p rem, rtiiiadclfbla. 3 ? 5 ft * /'?' Newuikaas 1 M Mobile I " The following are the ratea for currency to d?y:? New Ycik anJ Near Uig.'uid "j discount. bMNra J^rH) 1 da VMI Jmq H4 niMeMU I rto lr tor tor Ltf ylr*.: .* a-;1 lUrjtftcl 0 *10lO obio, ladlac* ifl Keateeky 6 da Itido Bl Iiiti. W.H04 .a, Iowa, U.Mcurl 15 do Virgtaut. North U?roiu>a, tieorf la, A -r? tft do Anulfc Ckioiat . . . ?4 rto New OrUae- a do By the Afrira we hare date* to the 10th. The Batik of England had lo?t ?330,000 in apecic. American stocks were considerably lower, i. New York Central, 75 a 7?; Erie, JO a 31; Illinois Central, 31 a *9 discount. Breadstuff* were dull. Cotton unchanged. Tic Boston bankers h'!d a meeting this morn Ing. and resolred to follow the example of the New Yerk banks, and meet the crMa by ex pan ?ton. I he following telegraphic despatch waa re eeired here to Jay:? Bonos, Xrf. 33, IMO To J 0 War?, Kaw Voa* ? y ir Orartag Mont* Uiremttlee roeommend ?aaka to diacront tber ?*?i?tre receipts, aad Ibe ad. yilco of a ??? I m HBtlar to tba* <<f St" Y'>rc IRANKUN HfcVKX. The Philadelphia "Inquirer of this morning thna ?oticea tlie subject of the specie suspension ia that city: - A rr>B;<v1ana of rlewe ra made, wheo It was a*cor Uiard u>at ibe Miu generally. and without aa oic.p ttoa, ???? 1c tict'icul cjadltlm. at,a able to tiaad crea a ?rr <i> rn Tor ?' T?rml days, aod It waa Uoali> datrrrata ?1 Uiat ao unnxdlair au*i? i.H'w should ia*. plane, box Ifeat *n a.- j .um?d aad ?? re fo- n?i hactiag c.o . liu fceid at twelve ? ntotk At tea oYioce Ui? backs <>peuad Uielr doors aa osi-al aad paid all UM?ir oh plim- ta cola. At abot.t a teen o'a! <* , however, a rep >rt ?n r mclatoj U>al tae of onr olJast *1 uioat rt rp*-iat>ie tn?t un >ua tuut detent. tied oM W? pay abceaaef iifr.rm ala Ut?n flic baodrtd dollars la aotn Tbs was at trst discredit ed, bat ro m?k n* luqnUr lo tbe prufx r quailrr we f i.t.J H to bo a fart, ard Immediately ear or tin of tb? snaik-r tasttta loaa Iwliaui tra esan Mean a bile tb? exo'to mrnt Increased. aod th? raa * >aia< r -flial oo ail cf iba r 'tjr >*i k? Brtacia Iba b'art ut 1 -n ant twnlrc ?'ei k-Ji lb# earH'OB hatka la Ur Cltjr hwt H* aiT>rlt>t n ? rrd aad B'ty th'>uaaad do. a;*, ?Hth< ut aa; deotd<J ? batemont la tbe <imi *iut At t?e!et o'a!?ok a ? ?cial n at tib( of UiC B. *rd of fWtk I rrai ? all *.? bvU at tb? t fee* iBf Monev. a tiaa every baak i. luo c i; ??> r , ? ? artod. A loor, t:.s?>ae*ia?*M, b?t wrMl l?cu?? .>? t?k place, ?bta It * u fo*;i/ dit<. saiaed tb*t tb* no aatt of tva er rmacttf aaciaadeJ a laa^'caii) t anl a n t fa t? ib*t o#?ct wm rtrrlt^ bf a ta-trs oi.tfity ?>?? * oeearr*d ab >ut <?r v'elork. and Imit. : tate'y tb. re flat U>* r.? Untac |rn*ral. LltUe * ao axe te K?nt ?aa pr. .?i.rod. uf u i?r ?s we oouM ae??rtaia, tUe ^.Itey was ??? pradn.1 ns :ar ta? circu-i . taoc<s The XcrVi Amti-; an ?tya:? T?a reaaots for lb* nwpseefc* at ui? 'Am* if ta |irft?1ii tt-wlnm 0 dW^MNNI littr ftf m d vntBi nt tad (at ?? to r?j?|?? r?a M?n ? m?. mm ... rareta? ??rrh^.ta iatt# aa?n,h. ? tbantsn a an pa b? of thr aaaka as a RtR|la day 'a r?i, r>? Ui-n. ?.,r n^?? w '.ld ?r rt WM ? a#ii to pay ai: tb?'r iia^intim, ??.i re J?i?tiO#d ia oo?.traetiag Ika'r ,r1 a'tlk< miu loaa*. as ib-y nut do if bron?Mr*M t?f?*> with a bl ad aad guilty? fur tuck It it? roan twa ? f r f<?f ertwy <1?lltr of d?p"?. ? aad ao ^ a? t > hsam rg the ie*e?r'. et-S we t?aat H wll act a? tb ibt r > c???ry to act b?'?ra tMreg ii*' a?i ? rf the t?? ?l??ar? J*?a? y ?? rpm ? .,* tier , , la?' teo wr?k* ?, d It tvrttlnly ear d< t ' ut I#, g ;h<> I fe< in ot tbat tUr dia.D of totormi ted ase'iaef* ant rt 1 r n luc Smu |? r. ..-wt l , . .1' ?a?- ' e^/fcaalte to e-atinve th^ i ?ve?/?t -?uvi ?> P? 4- j bftiora lb* LagialMttfa eeuIJ '?? >??. ?J k?g?iV*/ j, 1, ???*! , U,? entire tronble win Jlupjwr, and w* I (or* think oo furitier aceton abould be taken at preeeuU . Tlie B'lUt tin of last evening remarks:? It was determined u M l precautionary Btwurt. to re able lbs bants to expand their dlsewunte and thus aid our business men. anl u> prevent any of the wild won I of 1817 The brake are stroug and abundantly aolo to Beet ail tiii-ir liabilities. Whi c we regret that it suould have *<*n tboutut neiessa ry for the, banks of i'hlUi?l phis to soon to follow ibe etanapie of those of Baltimore, W aebngton and Virginia, we trait It may prove ad van ta.eoo* and bring us sooner to a brighter prwspect. Tbero baa luen but little excitement attending this suspension, ibus eon ;ra?t'ng moat singularly with the panic of 1U7. The J.i d ger of to-day says:? All tbe banks gave specie for the Bvs dollar bl!l?, and at tbe eoentrr of tho Bank of North Amerloa. aten dollar D U * as present' d by a wo nan, with a riqueat that It should L eatbed. At lbs 1'hlUJelphia dank a man pre rintid four or five five dollar note*, roqueating eb'tngu for turn, ill waa handed ipeole for ono, and the other* re tut' eU to b:m, with the remark that he should n it sacri fice ibtm, a? they were aa good a* gold At ail ine bank* lucre was *11 unuaual uumuer of Qve do.lar b.: ? present ed Tor .1 n at it waa general y Inn 'hat s|? r,o would be given lor Ibem, but It .ltd Lul aeSutaj the character of a ion upon tbe institutions. Tlie Baltimore Patriot of last evening: *ays:? The suapecs'or. of the Baltimore baiks, reco. , ed upon last eventrg, la a measure which, however much we may regret the Uct or the cause, was forced upon them as the otily tlep that oould iave tb'l mercantile comtnui...y and thimeelves from paiic. Tbe suspension of the bauks of Virglula, whenre a large share or the means of payment to our tiaJeie coiscs, iun<lered th!s step, already pressed upon our bnuk* by the action of that political parly which b in always been ih"lr eneay, and tho enemy of com iter cltl cre>! i? inevitable. We have every bopo that there will be 1,0 ae'.\ a .tage take a of this ueoessity to enlarge upon Irredeemable paper, aui that this step Is simply a temporary means of proliction spalust ruin l>y mat party which n >* carrlcs out Its threat to ruin beosusa it Is to be shortly fleet.'! from rme. Tbo banks bavo already to day grmteo to ti. mercantile cmrni-nlty tao relief and ixtecslou which th's measure permits The ttdltimore American remarks:? Our bai ks, ' e sre lold. are In tbe strongest position, ard hire Imbcrto curtailed their accommodations only fcr Ibe purpose of preparing for a drain upon them, which nJgtt oc. ir ?t aiy timo There tr no real siarc ty of Kocey. no real change in tfco value of substantial seenrt t es, jet f' r the' '.ast two or three days It has km nuxt lo imi-ossiklo to negotiate loans upen any sort of security. A vi \y little addition to the burthen?a very short delay ia this relief saces'ire? would have done immense damage to 0 r cximmerctal interests, while no possible gtod would hare been secured. Tho Uicbmoiid Enquirer has the following edito rial comment upon the Richmond suspensions The intelligence of the prompt step Just taken by our bank directors cannot fall to reoclve tbe entire apoi-oaa lion of every Intelligent thicker In the Jommouavaiib. 1c tbe p* sent condition of the commercial Interest, none can doubt that a continuance on tne ptrl of the banks to Issue spec e would have result'd, nit only lp the ert'.re removal cf all the specie from lb .- vaults of the banns, and tbe socgequent serious damage to all our i roperly lu teresls, but lu th? eatire transportation of our aperie to I the vaults of tbe Northern hanks, wbijb would uu doubt ' otily r.nptn ' so toon as our depletion ar.d their repletion should be i'u.iy il'.'Cted, thus catching us completely ! aider the dta t fall of Northern aboorptlro predominance It rcutt also be rewemberrd that there are grave polllictl | as ?>U as purely financial and commercial reasons ' o|?ratu g at present to forbid the propriety of pernntting au entile traisfer of Southern specio to the vaults of NorUioru bauks The Washington Sar of last evening remaika:? Vector 'ey the nalt'more backs resolved to saspend ti 's mornlrg, S'.il as ? consequecoe our own banks have already been ecmpeUed to luitow tbelr example Had th y hesi itC'l forty eight hrers In doing so, evtry siks-.u litor who could reach Wasbtcgt n by railroad In that tlnie, with tbe r r^tes In hand, would have drawn *i*cle for them, thus putting It out of their po?-er to aid tbelr regular b>'.r!iiess c vomers to th? extent of a do'lar id there tins'. tiled timet. We need hurciy add that lack if com bad uotblcg whatever to do with this haLk action her. , o it revcr v.?s in greater abundanco in WashlcR 1 i !i?n a* prcsttt. Tlie city brokers continaa as usual to regard their balances as specie, ana all lo trade 1a Warbirit'lC will douOtless be aole to obtain sufficient for Ifc lr legitimate business purposes without any snerirtce whatever, as far as vre c?n percelre. every bullae's rns'j in Wishlngtoa r jjlces that our bar.ks have thus c ip to thi refc.;e of the community 's true lnlerists, so seriously menaced bjr the state of things Oraocial elre v f . re. fhr banks "of Alexir.Iria smpoa led yesterday 00 l.< arleg tbe news of the suspetflon of tbe Ri:hmor.d basks. Xone of the Grorsia banks have as yet sus pended, l?ut the Savannah 7?rj>?i V(V<in recommcnils that that < our e be Immediately adopted. We ?iuote from that paper of the 20th: ? If tho Carol' n a barks Ran snupeod and we cannot, we will have to import specie at eur expenss for their b.?ne f" frrtb'y will gath. r up all our currency an't scn l it ;a lor red; mpt ion? tans rcslrietlng our facilities while fortify log the ?sclves, and attracting ts tbelr cit'-w the commerce which helongi to onr own We repeal aga n, It t? not n positive necessity for our banks to suspsod, bat it t? a neccsntty to the people thai tbey should do so Tao oenstabt daily appeals ma'e to them are of a character which rsader refusals patnfal, but selt preservation la sist* ttiat re'usa's must be made. If had this power t i suspect at a moment's notice, so that the Carolina l . i V ? cjuld havant a 1 vantage over them, they cou d let their in rey out for lo long as there is no dra.n ol them tj snpj l^ IM iptc.o b"jond tha waots of their owiiVraue actions they are In a rp^l!'* cri'tltlJB to mH It But with lurollca and Ue-rfta Is utterly cot of tho question l< suppose that they will attempt it. Tlie Boitten TrareUer says:? The New York banks may vote aa wnch as they please t.i > x tend toeir discounts to tire or ten millions, but tb- y rar per orm no such promise unleea they alao s is ,fb ? : ? ,K?n Willi Ik. 1.?m..?lia II i wt a?'l sierltnf so low, and wltb lew purrbasers, they will find It e ii cult to oMstB much paper ihat w ill be safe f >r dls c i t'? a w ide margin belnj: req I'rod for 'teprcniatioo and l. ssrs. Altt 'Ugt> there is no foreign demand for gold yet It is Idle to sappose lust anything like tbo aSMlt of curn Lev an 1 cr? dlt can be kept afloat In times of eirtl cor mi.tioe which lr perfbetly safe In peac'-ful timet The Cincinnati Gajdlt of Wednesday, Xotcmber 21 . after alluding to the bank agreement hero to purchi-c foreign exchange, rtmarkrt:? In onr maMcrs are comparatively quiet. Tuere s no exatlemont, etocpt so far as 11 is cause 1 by 1 ucu'stiics in uacurrent moasy There Is so great pre; sura I n loars, for lb? reason thai It la known li be ml io unlets to apply. liankars are la a oumf. "ta'Me CJBdttKtt, aid tbej 'in not mean to place ibem* vse la a d.ilereut poailloi fer the present. Tnev are aolng all the- can unheio :siy to aasiat thoee of Utelr rustomers wbiW ecgaaements require tt, Mil beyotd tbts thay are nat ng. Cnrrency Is plenty and tbo sapply Is Ka'.cs ol interest in outside cir.- e* are hardly quotable H Is d Bin It to sail paper a', any prlre, a? i;?a<nrs gc- 'ally c*l .heir o*n p.ioot. TUe regular houses 'lo n . cuarja tbelr ciuVomeri over IS per cent, ?: t Ibis sno Inctcationof tbe present vaiue ol moeey. v\cbiar of ittua Iroukie la oouiiceicial elrcka. OoUee l.oth Iterator re liav been good, bat lk?y arc now heg'.n bug t. I all oil, an* no revival la to be expected ualtl re t rni are rc?elved tor bogs. The Cincinnati (Jaaettt furnishes tke following record of action in rwaburg:? The ?elect and Cotnsion Councils of Pittsburg , la orel<w lo protect the home credttcra of tbe Oorporat'on In view of itr aamercuS salts i?o Hog against the oil y for inte rest on ra. r -vl tccds. several of whleb are ta be trie t at the present term of liio t sited Stales Utrcati; Court, IMvb passed s res sullen directing the Ifayor to exceute ne I iie' virto Tl omes Bakewell, John H??arll and .' bo H Merray, a masl^age ut?n any .* all of tbe real estate belorglrg to the my cf i'ttieaurg, for s sua cot exo-ed Ing one ti.i.i'. llvs hundrei tbonsuid dollars, la trksl for the bcEcflt of the legal holders of nuaicl I*' ot?l 'rations er oertllcatew beret fore lee ed for prr peees I ill* loan, wster toaa, or work, se the same are nsw registered and set fnrU In the book o' "city ob'lga ttors ' ? ths t mptrol er's ( IBee. the Mapor st once, under proper lefa' advice, ei ecu ted tbe mortgage, not srttbstssdb g a rormal protect from Johe H lUm>?D, Ki , wto, as attorney fr>r Keeers (Mrtch k Co. . ol New York, t.olne coopi ? ? fro* boeJs 'ssned by the c;ty to va VI us ra'.i-i :.d <? mi mire, smoanltnr to I " 1 ? ' The re ?u t of 'liia rr.e-tgage W'l be to leeve tbe paymca* of rail read cbligatiiios tc revenues derlvsblc only from dirtC lAiat'ia I he rr unlet i wl boo is are older than toe rati road b lite, ard the ?d?el of tbe actloc of Con >elle ? '1 It have at < legal eOCCt at all? Is to ssske tbe holders of tbe minict(a> bonds preferred rrcsttors over Us feoitlers of > railroad M r is. The fol lowing were the bide for the sale of Penn ' a-. Ivania Mate Fives as received by the Commis sioner! of the Sinking Knnd on Tuesday, in re spr nao to their aiivertisemeot (or the purchase of one bu;.dred thv . and dollara of the State loan, < ? f ? Tefper ?t" "OO S? ?? 76 j p. tlat.-L i.? SOfeO at PA M IVJ. 60.OCO al M l>e? la F.'v'.a ' 000 ai 94 [m S 000 at N r . i foo at N Wn w Itihl 7 coo si i>? Cbariii Tne 'w It 000 at M ti* vr^itsterfCr 1' f I si at sr *? ( ?? . % ] Go 'KAi at #7 TV P.,1 . r At Cw aat! i al Pi liar: ? -g Baak 30 M at ?i TS Ho 1MW 9>> rv > hcrty tuc t.< mm Drcit. k co M foe st t.i In 'ii (A O St P.t it f'> #1 000 al 91 ^S 1*0 ii 6(0 at t*3 "ft The alio in est of I1O0.MO wat ma > to C. kla ca>?trr at C.' ' T, and we nndcrstajnd that ft" a-MI- | t;< na' p"f' hs?? of $l? '?000 wis forwards taa?ie 1 at ibe same rate. The f lit wit i* i* a sMtemeM of the fonditlnn nf | the Ohio tsnl--. 1 * - I Mm es. /w. th '? "?* /Ve- 0-. ts'?r'l ?'.*>(? IP 1 ?-?- iTi ?v; :*a I (or ICS Pise .. u?i ?:< .a>< l.'-eti*. k*' b'k.t ?m.H? 1 J. ml laitn-c "."tflisi Trtsl ?TV?;? I.IWSH liuBtOS |Uli ?tlrT(ia T> e items of the last Ave siatenisuU compare as follows:? *?- . "0 /V* . W Jfrtr 'CC. A t *0 X IJrtr ... ||,*.c ei i r.iM I c?l ' I ?"< | ? Mt ... mini 1 1 ?* 7*t< i ??s i j i.wwt l t loaac. 1 1 W.i *H 11 l'C.<?a II *?? Ml II 4.'t ?K' 11 I'l 0 a t. "> T 7V> S 9 J tst vv T fic 1*5 t ? ' * * !1*t ft t ?? ? ty Itli.'ll ifflM ? til 'I* ?? I tli' t ?; it*l of tho banks is W.TW? *54 ?4, .ig&intt #5,475,145 in November, I*5')0 b? iog mb increase of $J11,'219 24. The following is a sta'ement of the Bind of No. ti Car jlina October 20, 18CQ: iud!uhh Capital ttflrk $2 6fl0 0<*> Hrotll hi u iuM Ml 324 1>. ?? in Mule lrea?ux?r 4.8 4*4 D i kM|| 661 786 OftUttcB 1116 420 li-pinir 484 Ml Bill*, i.e. U. 3,008 Total (6 494,631 aaaocacm boats ajid discount* .13 033 602 *xrtaa ? 1 688 184 (Hut* Mock? 48 000 H*a! (Plate 47 817 l>w I om tanks 68 IBS Nolee of other bank* SeO 906 fj-fet*' 41 J. 753 Yoociiers 11 425 Tcta1 ?5,28? 631 The American Telegraph Company has declared a dividend ol three per ? ent, payable December 1. The receipts of the Chicago and Northwestern lUiiroad the second week in NoTember were ? 1880. 1*'.9 raws'pgera 664 71 4 C71 21 Flt'itJ 14 440 00 7 427 01 Total tJ>.9'Jl 71 11, *99 1 i lot icufo In I860 0,4V 5 ad The receipts of the Toledo and Wabath road for the second week cf November were:? 1880 ;...$20 274 1S6U 18,678 Ir crease *1 ii:>0 Annexed are the receipts oi the Sixth and Eighth avenue railroads for tho past four months:? Sixth J \vnu4. Enj\>\ A wnt^ Juy ?20 6e3 11 38 010 03 Aunurt 80 601 44 3"i ?4 42 Seju.mber 32 C3# 87 34.V26 11 Ocljbtr 34 671 22 36 064 ?? Total $128 871 <4 14 2 864 12 The public Treasurer of the State of North Caro lina, in his report to tl.e Legislature just convened, states that there is a balance now on hand in the .State Treasury of itilj,C!?l 1G. tf COO !' S 6'?, '74 coo 86CCO Tmo 6'(, tO.. 41C0 (10 ltC 0 V rj isl? 6>. . . 7t(0 CMMtil 7'l. . 37iOO Miltuwi Of... 6f00 do SCO? N Y iVnlitl B'f 1( 00 Hud H v 0.1 m b 2tOO Har KM 111 m b 11(0 Mich t'O 2d m b 1CC0 do ,"(< 0 111 ( ? ri KK hda. 2C00 dn H'lO do t' it UCrftMll 1 f b f.OC CBI ft Nfflfb aeoo W lm 1(00 1*0 ](X 0 Cbi iKViln a to do ?((0 ilo 2i ' 0 0,?.' QKH8 n cb 40 ?b? Hui.k ol N V. UA Of Com.... 9 Market Eatik .... 6 Core Kl Rut k ... 20 Pern ( o?l Co.... 96 Pacific Hull 88 Co 10 W;o'( V ('? al Co 28 D 1 ^ Hod C'l Co f>0 do 4(0 N Y Central BR. Stork Kxchanffi. tlOUI, No w. 23, 1680. 97 St ?.<? Uf Hi' prat . 3T *0 li ton'DgUn KR... 70 80',' (0 Rtadmg RR. 36 V 81 660 do 3d H6 340 Mich Cen RR ... . 62 71 69 do 1 10 62 71'4' 10 do blU 80 30 do SO 50 do MO 91 lfOOM'bSAiNIaKK 40 100 do *16 4t>y 300 iBCrotaa* mu RR 8( \ SONJOuKR ltO Mich S<> k N I g 1 MO .*?30 3J0 HO MO 11. 0 1440 POO f>0 ioo 100 f.0 Erie 206 lfo f>0 ICO I 160 Hud R'ver RC MO ,.p3 tfO ?10 . ti . .13 .bli 1(0 160 SO no 1(0 60 .(?0 so 86* 10 71 45 44 19 18* 18 89 90 bi 100 M 11 17 flf 88 87 Vtf 78* 76* 77 76* 76 . 7?>i 76 76 * 76,* >'* 30 X 3( X 3( JO'; 31 47 46V 47 47* 47 4" 47* do. do. do.. .. do. ... . do do fit raname Rlt. 00 do 2*8 III Cen RR gorfp It* 60 2C0 140 100 360 bit do do <lo. do. do. to do. do. do, ioot ft pitta rr.. 100 do ICO Gal i: Chi RR.I30 .MO b30 .MO (30 .(DO >16 do, do (Jo do (J do MO d-> bSO ?10 Haricm KK 16?< f.o ut no ie 200 do ..... ? 660 10 OMOOKB ?3f00 CH 5'a,'74 coup 97 60(0 M noon If... <uo Virginia 6'?... 20(0 'oiin 8 '?, 'til.. tier in c?b KR boa 10( o do M CO Mirb x. i' n> b (I Ob Cb )0 1 1 ? b? i ' mmtrcw lo n . r k>. * ui ( t i t ol .-'tale of N Y lo l<ci&Hud Canal Co 40 do 1 H'ldMB HI* HR.. 10 N Y Octal KR . r.O uo. bio 2C0 do f.0 do *V 100 1'rla KK (10 1(0 do MO Harlem RR 16 3(0 do Pit lf> 2(0 Har RK pTif..> 1* ?.to reading p.*.. mo HO MiCh Cea RK <:t0 60 do.. ....MO 71 80 80 66 , 41 is B* IK) 93 88 88* 4e , 77 76* 7* * tt * <1 Si 't 30 >3* (4 303 do. 26 do ICO 40 (15 fO do too 4 CO do UO do rIO 2C0 do (18 160 do 310 do ... ? MO 200 Clo & Til RK MO ICO do ISO 104 do bl6 160 do ICO do MO 600 do t JO 60 do C 830 CLtc & Rk I RR . . 260 do 60 do Mt IN) Chi, Bo ft Qy RU. 60 do ? BOARD. 60 Ptu M A& N 1 RR. 15* 60 do II 300 Mlcb HAN I ( ? (10 33 ', 100 do 60 Chl.Bur&qitR (30 70 60 do 80 !*uiimt RR. 60 111 Cea KR (crip.. 62* 62 X a 16 * 16 1* 106 34 83 X Bj , 33 3iH 3 1, 32 '? 111 114 V, 68 H 68 <, 68 , 68 * 6S 4 bn 68 68 1 68 67* 67 * 10 "* 06 65 * 66', <Jf> i e? 66 4 65 < 64 86 65 39* 39 3^ 2<? 38 V 2"'* 60 64* 66 71 71 SO do .'<0 (In rl( M do ... . (00 200 Gal ftChi RR ... 7 da 8/0 do (80 100 do 100 Clsr iiTol RK 010 260 do ........ ('? do. 100.Chl.VKK ItIRK rCO loo do........ 200 do too eo *3) 100 do 176 IVI.L * WetlRR 26 N J Central RR.. 7J 116', 6t '4 ;,j UJ j? W* ?6* 6('? ? ? 3Va Stf'i 59 5d 66 4 BO io; \ CITY lUAHKHVlAl. RK.PORT. Hudat, Wot 28?0 P M. A?rr< ? ' anartet (M ^o'.et ac 1 tom'.Bai , at 6'?3. BnukMTt i >> ?Hoar? There km acme better m iolry fr m lie trade, while pnoea were more ouojiaat aad i .?d ? Hk a Orrarr frc'io*. Th.' tracMct:oos fo)t-.Hl up ?Uut le.VCO bbia , etuaiB( within the range of the (allow trj; qi.<itatioo# ? S'^Ktoie 94 80 a t (0 1- tlra Slate, g-x>d to eho*e? IMalM fu|- t Hue intern 4 tO a t ?0 Common to c bo tor Wtatera extra 6 10 a 0 TO Bl. Ixmia t 00 a 7 00 MUtd to (trat(bt ftmthara t M a t 40 (?waubt w |oud extra do t OS a 7 ft Cowman ttua Umtly and bakera' brandf.. . 7 26 a t 60 Rye Soar 8 30 a 8 It t< rn neal, Jeraej and R-tadrwiae 3 86 a I tt ? < ?i?*dl*n fi j".r ???? held with more ilrwtorn, w:th mora dota|, w lli MleB of 800 a 0(0 bbrt , at HNllTH; tbo lalte> for >(?'ll 1 >t( of (Xtra qualttjr. Axiuwni Jloat *aa hr war, (?t'eotall* for iBBlde bracda. tha aalt* cm li'itrec abtal 1.4C0 bM., cloalrf w'lbln the range of thi ?i oTn.uoiai t t.i KieflonmaaixUsr and In fair requaal , *IUi ( ' acf MO bbla at qu tat-, lb Cora m al wan la fair rtqt Ml, w.lh ral<c of 810 a 400 OblJ JerMv n. : B ?. -h wtno Bt the alv>Te figured, ff beat Toe exhibilto Bore ?g>trtt. and bolder* dtiuanoad fun privcd, *>'ie a?ui* recelw* were e<h oilerlsg to (ell Ibe I" naactwc ( enmor.K'l abool 60 0C0 boan>l?, at 81 3d for puree WbH* Canadian, tl 8.1 B 01 84 fi* white Mk.t ran, II 16 for Catad'aa Olab, II Uall 31 for reU v .aierr tl 26 for red State, II 18 a II 17 rar Miliraukea rlt.b, t i-ertor ac.fcer ioaa al tl 10. and .bloagu kpriog at tl (> a 11 16. (Ld WctUrn ol<-b at p t. t>>rn waa Cibi y b,:J. bt< ?aa leva active Tie (alei emjrasad abont 40. CIO bctbrlK, at 66c a 66 >?e. fur Wuatcrn m r <d aC tl stid 6.'' %c a Mr tordo 'n tiorr. prime wl< Ve S jvli ' era ?8 . ie INKU'rn at 70c R\e >u uim, wlib ra1' e if 2,100 bi:(b?M Nortbe?n al 70o. Ba'lat tu baiur , and rrmt-r, altli ?al<-? of 17 000 buelf ?, at e#i a 7#d. far Stat* and lOc for Cat CO Ful Uata a<re beiur, with rre h 'rg. at 86; attd. !jr Woakrn and Can ail lac, aud i'n a ;;7>,c for Mate Ol ?a ? Tha<t>t w? a qalel aad prlsjt nooiiaal (<nr\x-The mtrkit wee utradlrr *n.l lb-' ill. ud belt' r v tt, ?*'<( i.f abooi 2, Tot to 3 0(0 baltw, 1 (oo <4 wb rb a era (old IB liaoill, arid the ivma'iilcr lo (plo Bera. Vi iti r!r?td at abont l(*e for m idJllag uplaada, Bad Kr.n U u *trc q Bated at a ii gh(r Bgore. !? *xi< it? ? r^.e rii'ea ppeaeJ rtnh a"1 io ??r for Rngl'oh pT'ta, ant eb'i inrerB at toe c'oar were dra.r, end drcl ' rd lo tako tl.? IBBtOe rfllra of Ikd faNBOuB [O 1: rt[.o?. aboi.t 86 (to a 40 (CO btuhola wbial takea. ib bn.k Btd h ?? at 11>?J. a ]3<<d. lacx l "1 ie U? abore ware engagt aenta of c;rn at liHd la b'llt !?. >ur vai takes at S? 81 a 3< Oil. Oott^n * * it XI p?r lb. The* wrru ennr tBgigcmac'a to I/>o!''>n of gr* u at )r??teTda? ( ratee. (td ntae 6 nr r^p Med on Wrr-( lutus tu the U>at Beat wara iteaty. e ua riikllad ft f t m? I'jh ?ti ? ilet. 9B> ( wera light, art. la prleee fjr (hip ptt-f lii'e aere neiriad I tew ? TTie iiiuscKi panic and eoaarquert derange tt<r-t 'f a.'trf?t errry ^ranll of eoan-n-re *1 in iun :j Ota ret bcti ?'t't Bt lta < lert on Ue ht.le mark-t. Attala n <1 (be jaae. btfom tho r'"?o '.f oavgattoa, ih<- 'rr t i la un.aiiy very aetlro bat the w<*? i??t p?at hea keen ot e of tlie lUlleat e?ei k* u-ea Il>'b buyer* and *? i ? r( ntari'eet aa ;ndllT-?? lo* ir.lrnerallr g till iaon? IB ry of alia beonsa M888IIM I rioea (Bay be o>n*i,ler ed ?( i .ire > Botairal. If ? M ow'rg are the nioat im p rtaat iri- aactk>ni ? I. Jen Montarh <?", p t I CCO R ?> <? >i <0, 21c 7 rrortha 1,111 BjfoU. llo a 21 , leel f'r ? ot. 4 ?00 ("erlral Aracr cia, 21e, lfaa deoonat; I TfO 'i*?n 3*. i * , Uaa diac'.Bi; 1 0C0 cily ala^bt tra at 7 , n*an I nntt taaMB wj dni wih prnn nnaettied. 'ma* -1 ia> d f>0 h^ie 'pirila tiirp"nt'rt? ?t? p-.c* at tlSr . Bad aoo bt> a ???:* rtieiu at tl 96 pe*J30He IVede ta'pertine waa rnrt"al f*rit?tc??? FW- 1*e m?tk*t wv> Arm, alth a gond dtuaid tr> tb? 'r*'e, with reloa -,f )too a 400 I . ? at B18 Tl a f IT foe m<*? and al flO 71 a Mt for ? e Nf waa ft-ade, with rn'ra of 27t bola.. I (.?? eg few raraeked m-?a al go a lit. aad ettra 0 af 111 Pre t>a-:.( ?<v?- Borr't,aial 14c a tis Ha-??n 1 a r*i ?t oa?t were trmtj b?w, ar 1 >%<rf ?.,? limited, led ?a?, WHb ?a'r( rf <i0 a 100 bv? nt lgv a | la'ie IWter ?t<d ?rr?e? wer? dall, a & m:e? t>.?awy i um a* 'wy ard toi'iig ?- am!!'! i , . fct 41 ? 4 ? - | m n' j. ?"ii,* ,;a<rinaaey <>r tte weatbT en'okad awaf 1 (r ? ?r .'dofltcacf Beth' ej be-orii reuil ? i 1; ret? P. I.ll ' taa't fca**" ?e?1 1 ihe'r iwleee ( -their ! rrffned ocgan ,c per It 7. .7 hat? cfUkKt "tl i*vr rr cr* to day aa follow*:? I/>af sugar, per tb. , 9>*c ; beet rjcaltl} crashed io gar, 9c , clrsl* A crushed augar, $Xo ; ?nr jikted augar, t\c ; gronnd Bngar, 8K0. i whlta sugar, A ISa; yellow aagare, C, 80. TcHirco ? There l? nothing doing In this article, ud for the want of inqnlry price* are nominal The ^alea em braced !3 btad* Virginia M ? \,c a 7;,c , Mi 32 oaaea necl leaf at 13c a 'J3e. wi!?k?v KtsU/mer, with aaJe* of 600 a 800 bbla. at !!?'?<? a W >iC Wool ? The market continue Inaouve, and we have no rule* to report. The ator.k generally la light, and bolder* ere not disposed to realize uulesa at prloea equal to UtoM recently current, Salts of Ileal Kitat*. Fv A Jrlan b Holler 1 l/>t n. w. corner Broadway ao<1 09tb it 84 976 1 ti'jo'nlPg, !n rear, or 10th nre , 20 0 by 60 4,976 1 if b in < , runnirg through from Broadway to 1 >.h aveoae, with btillniige 5,926 1 vi, running throngb, with balldlrg* 6 875 1 " ? " 4 816 ?i " " " each 4,060 THE DAY UUODS THAOK. The following ia a oomparatWe statement of the import* of foreign dry gooda at K*w York, for the week and a oc? January 1:? Frrr l)u 1 ??*. 1118. 1869. 1860. Krurred at ihla port. .$344 JM fill 988 941.T18 Ibr. wn on market.. . 4S3.2J7 084 (20 048,761 f.v*ct January 1. Kr I'd at t.? i* port .... 64 302 *49 102,727.246 95 076 348 ft rown on mark'i...42 12U V* 102 189 0S7 84 4?9 891 By the abOTe table* It will bo teen that the goods ri. tared tho jme: week were in exce?s of tboee for the fane period In the two paat years, wb'le the amount tt fnwn upon tba market wta under that r r the aaine i me in )Ptu, but In exccsa of those lor tho muse week In 1858 The aggregatsa s!ncc tba lei of Janu ary lat.1 are only a?ven to eight mlllUua behind thoae for Im >ear 18t9,but in t xccaa of thtio for tho year 1568. Of iLe goods entered fur coueum ptlou, wiellen fabrtca snionttirt tn $2t6 9Q6, cotton to 827,660, silk t j 8197 738, UkX ti 8114 972. and vticellaneoua article* to $68,7i>6. Iota!, $624,930. We *llci lite Entered for Conxumptum. fkut. Value. FTeg* Valu*. Wool? Silk ? .Shawl* . 80 $31,434 WooUeea... 89 $16,878 Velvet * ... 4 8.113 Lsrpe-Unp. . 42 14 i? bilk rtwa't >d 28 19 369 Cloth* 46 84,267 hlikAtilnen. 4 2.081 Woialed... 63 17.3U8 Braids & b.. 4 2 335 lielalnes. . .. 26 IS ,031 Crapte 18 11334 CoIUih1: wor 16 19 416 Silk&ootton 17 9.006 Shawl 23 14 Raw 9 8 213 Glove* 4 1 612 ? ? ? ? i raids At b.. 21 12 205 ToUl .... 330 8197,788 fuauket* ... 78 8,478 Flax? i.,*e 7 1,024 Linens Ill $17,798 Worst, yarn 46 18 069 Hdkl* 24 7 593 ? ? ? ? 1ft real 60 8,245 Total .... 486 $206. 906 Hemp y'o 2 230 71 703 Celtoc? Lin & cotton 21 9,834 comma.... 17 $4 082 Colored.... 1 2X0 Total.. . .3,464 $114,973 V nmsllna. 13 8.867 llirrellanmnt? HV.'i hiefa. 11 9 461 fuaw good* 90 $10 997 s-peol 72 9 440 leathictl'r* 16 8 228 Uo*e 68 7 834 Clothing... ? 3 4(10 ? I.-a. glo*e*. 38 27 031 Total.... 183 $37 600 Embr'derka 10 14 7 JO Bilk? Kid Gk>vea . 0 4 _"iS St.ka 41 $40 123 Corsets 4 1 4f>6 Rilbota.... 46 46 761 Buapenicrs. 7 4 689 f rn vats . ... 23 13 6*6 ? JMusbe*.... 11 8.267 Total 176 $68,766 WilKdravcn from Warefwuu. Wool? Silk? Wcoliena... 3 $1,128 8. Ik* 7 $?,753 rRri"t!r)f . 17 3,781 Rtbbora... 2 2,(j77 Clutbs .... 1 640 Bralda A b.. 3 1473 Wor?terta.. 6 1 3t0 Sewing 1 764 Ot .'.worst. 2 651 ? GI&j keta ... 2 341 Total.... 13 $10, 0?7 _ rax? Total.... 30 $7,078 I.inens 14 $2 037 Threat. .... 1 17T Cotton? ? Cottroa ... ? $921 Total.... 18 $3,214 Ppeel 6 1,674 Miar? liar OOO*? likie 4 C.1'3 Kajbrold'*. . 2 $330 ? Malting... 91 4b6 Total.... 10 $3,C88 ? Total.... 83 $78$ i'nUrtd for War<htruiu%g. ITw!- 8Uk? Wocllee*... 53 $27 S93 Silks. 10 917 031 ? 'arptmg.. 138 16 161 KibhokS... . 13 10.410 Cloths 9 tJ,i04 I'lutLiis .... 1 614 Worst)*!.... CO 10 677 Velvets.... 1 1071 Cel & won. 10 4,:e9 Boso 6 3 416 Sbavts 8 3,180 tiewlrg 4 3 884 Biutktis... .0 3 IPS ? - Bust 14 2CO0 ToUl St 984 663 ? riu? TtUI 303 971.007 Linens 770 $118 534 Cctti i ? Thread 0 2 403 Uttdus .... 46 $10,190 LlLen A. oot. 30 0.186 Colored .... 312 37 969 ftrb mosl's 16 7 158 Total 800 $134,311 I 42 I60V8 yilmxiianeons? ? 1 ares 3 1,?87 fir aw goods $ $1 121 t-pool 14 4,163 Cl->thli<g. .. . 3 .*95 Bose 14 2 ill hmbroUor S 6 1,744 ? - Corsets 0 3 490 ToUl M7 $80,276 ? Total 10 $6,7W Keca}i!ul*!um Entered for cossnmrtton? fleet MtnuiaCtur*S Of wool 4s? " cotton 1*3 " r\k 336 " ilex... 3.464 Mlsdilateous 175 Total 3.58$ $434,930 Withdrawn from wsreboc e? M??rfactEr?>- ?f ??" ?'t $7 676 " os 1 ton 10 3 018 13 10C57 " ??* 1? 3,214 K.tct tnecut 03 780 T'tal 167 $38,811 Eiterrd for warehousing? MaLuTartorts of wont 302 $71,097 ?' cotton. 347 80 278 " 34 31 560 " Bai *00 134 111 MiKellaceout 19 $,749 Tttal 1,501 9916,789 tin tx 1 ru of cotton donvslic foods daring the week v er< ligia, being contact to VebozaeWi and 10 Um West Ind vs. The ta -tilled stats of affairs In China tended to cl*>'k si 'pmtnte in tiiat i reouoo. Ths tx porta lor ths week ending Ni TvmU, r U v. en a follows:? Valu, Balm. VrBfme'a 116-3 19 New <1 ran ad a 943 15 Hani 24 HW 1M Cuba 340 ? Rrtiuli Wi st Indies 43* 11 Dutch West Indies 664 19 Btnet J an nary 1 91,997 Ths put weak has bow one of Inactivity In the trade. Th r?ru.,?nry in money. an I the ;*n c '0 business cene rally, tsve added to the usual duller** at this seieoe of the yea r Coesideripg if at a<les of the bert booses bars be? b at a distant el 10 a 13 j*r rent, and tbe dereage SM*t of u( rnrtue eicbacr*, tl*s dry g ?>ds b^usss h??e rtood their ground runarkftbly wei t?e booase engaged tn its *oaUiern trate, whose credit so many exertions were trado 1o invalidate by partiaan newspai<ers, and In tbe laoe of the exctleotnl at tbe ttuuvh ant haak stir p<n*Wns, l>ars sum d their griend msafnlly, and not cno of Importance, tliat fwe are a* je of, one suspended, wli le several failures of parties pngaeed lo tbe WosUrn prtduee trad, are known to have Ukea plaoe. Tbe roll"1?ot* fr< m the Weet, alroe tbe recent panlr, tare been as m> rh ;sterr?-red with as eterwbere. Toe rprlcg tr*<<e With tbe l&uuth usually 00 iwm roots wiUtn ftMmt sixty da?s, and, *o far, large clot'ilng tc uses, ss wall as oomtnlssoa as J iibbiag arms, htve uot n ??le the usual active prr|?r*l:r<ns to meet It, feel toy, perhaps, ucoertaln r? aroing tto future, and not '.x<wltg what tarn pablto affairs may pas* bly take. V > j reem . .p<?rd to srt with eaut ion, and not 11 expand tb c r business unless thing* should SMumc a mors decided and rbeer' I change for toe bitter. Oe rg to ths moderate business dolor beyond our rear I jr at d rlty rtlal trade, it la oanmee.'iery to gi Into details of prices for either V m-?tic or foreign good*. A* a (tcrral thirg, so far a* tales of stapte srttolss were trade. tkey tibib.ted no Importaat change la nrloee. Owisg to the light export demaad, heavy domeatlc 001100 r'tee gi ods, irclt dtrr brown sheet logs and sblrtluas, with drills, ki . were dull at last week's qsotattaas. Tha r wWti for ti.reign was also qnltt, and prtoes with out am ted alteration. KAHI1.V 9IAHKKT HKVIKW. Dttf. mutton, poultry, l, Is fact, all artieles ef family irarkHirg, axe at a ftxed Ognre? a ptlnt at w!-.' h Hey bare rtood for nearly tbe last six mostbs, with *oarr?ly aearlatlcn Polttlo* serm to harw h*d I tile eff.-et rn tl>e m*rktt ?e yet and while tbe b?lanr? between d'tnan I ai I snpply eonUaust t>> be m*lntaioe<l ss a* p'reer' . mi ?r?'??y er<~i be f?lt by parohaeers We ft re ivoif.w a table i.f the pr i-ee of tiis prmr i<al artl"lc? at Waei leetos r sfkot, exdosl vs of regstabHs, wbleb post tl?ely ?how no t^v & ? p??r ? Porterto?.?r tusk, 19?i s 90n per lh ; ? lie a !9e ; roaStUig puot, 14; a li.-, oorttol pleses, be ? 10-'. Mrrrn ?CTtope, 12" a ltc per lb hind qttar rrt, 10i. S 12** lamr>. lO'! a t4r. Vxai ? Cnt'tta. l?i a SO^ perls, fore quarters 60. a 9r.; b'ii4 .|i??rier?, 10*. a 14r. loan? fresh pork lit pr lb - salted pork, 130.; hnir? 14r ; ro-?"rf plrr ?, 91 3A a 92 50 1 1 1 it*i ? Turktrs. 13.' a 19r p<?r lo fowls, 17*. a II- ier*e. 10- a 12i ; di'kt, p^r pa r, canvass bank, fl 50 aM prirlitf*. ptr p-ir. 9t a 81 ftlt ?Ooofsh , 60 per l*) . t! under*, 60 j sehi. 10} a 15< ttrtped barf. 1J1 a 16* oyiteis. par ICO, 91 a $2; Itr'rr, turtle, 13* a 150 ; Wrap, a, per dot to I. t 94 larrogate's UOIrs. Befors Hlward C Wert, Surrogate. WTLL or TDOUAS ETOTTIM. Th s will wss admitted ta probate yesterday. It dlst'tbntee a laiy* it >snt of iiipl; aqual, perbsi*, 10 1 35 CC0? -JllrSr, bowevpr, air the r? Istlvet 0' Ifce retat-r The Mm of 9U0 I* g've* lo th* feed 1 r aged end snperannnat-d clr el the Fplrro; tl ctiiri^ of Ne# V' rk, anl asniuer I'.uO Is oe qseatbod to ibe " liome of the Tir-t rr?toatati| I I rrrpai rhnr^ti af T^rk." The de. t*?ed apooirttj wi'I'sm BlIllaH, the Pres-'ient of ttio 1 ???"? Fi?wlu- ; irrr? Cofr'-arv s^tt W 1 *?#**:> oaf*, rf strf rk, , IksMMsrs. SHIPPING NEWS. iwii of Umu IttMurt) mo* wouora. Cttv at MuetMMr. .UvwrpooL Hot 14... He* Yen* iruo MouWauptue Mor It. ..Hew Turk Arable Liverpool >ov 17 ftuetoa Saiuula. Bootbamptt* I ov II. ..Hew Ya rk Aate UwaooL ....Nov M... Hew York Mlnbnnr. Liverpool. Mor 14. ..New York Untied iCinsdG* Ulaeeow Fov 34. ..Hew Turk New iork Boutkamytno Hot ti ..Hew fork Hnr? ii Mo*th%mptoo ...Pee 4. ..New York Atlantic. Havre Dee 4. . .Hew York FOB CALIFORNIA. Artel Mew York Pee 1. . . . A??t?w?ll Hanker* Lickt New Turk <>*e 1L. . .Awlnwell Nuiumu New York D?c II. . . . AiplewmU HAVANA, MATAN/AS AND NEW ORLEANS. Blanviix* Freai New York let. arriving at Havana Cth end New Orl?Mie*h. Fr.m New Orleau 16th, Havana UU., ar riving at New York Md. Ptjii or in* W t.'T- From N>w York f'-h nrrtvln* at Uavuna 14th. Krr m New orleana Sd, Havana :44th, arriving at New York Slih. Oabawba-Fpoib New York lltk, arriving at Havana Urk a jd New Orleana 1Kb. From New 0. lean* 14th, Havana Ifcta, arriving at New York Sd. PimiDrmiiA? From Hew York 19tb, arriving at Havana 16. h From Ft w Orleans Sd, Havana bib, arriving at New York 12th. J>? Koto? From New York I1M, arriving at Havana Mtb and New Cirteen* UVth. From New Orleans Sth, Havana <Kk. a r I rlvtng at New York lltb. ?erikK Citr-Frou; New Twk Mtb. artling at Havana I Sd. Fn m New Or lean i lStk, Havana lOih, arming at New I York Hat. <jrima City? From New York and Havana erery twenty I d?ya From New York Dec 5, arriving at Havaua lbtk. From New York for Matanzae on the 8th of each I moolb. at I I'M. Kark4?? From New York for Havana via Haiaau, HP, oa the vrrlvnl of every allerrate Onnanl itearaer at New York. NB ? When the n'jove (Utea fali oa Sunday the a'-eamrr* will aall on Mouday. ricept from New Orleana. When the dat?w fall on Monday , Um ateatuere will leave Hew Orleau oa the da# previous. STECT AL NOTICI. All marltagtn and UtUr < tkU ndui for tfn HBW YOU HlEALV ?houlJ Ar atat^d. ALMAXAC roe 5FW TO** ? THIS DAT. um rniam f> 57 I noon am mora S IS sc? BIT 1 4 Sd I Biun WATS* morn 4 SO Port of New York, November S43, lhOO. CLEARED. Bteamahlp Kangaroo (Br), browu. Qneengtowa and Llrer peel? J U Dale Ktea mi-hip Bremen (Brem), Weeaelg, Baeinga-aelpcke, K>nifeii A Reichr't. y * Berk Dtc ae Nurmandle (Fr) Penalrle, Havre? Boyd A Illrrkev. 7 Bark L Campbell (Br), I.nfkln I.lebOD-IdmleHn Broe. Barg Young America Collina, .New Orleeoa- rtobem A Fog diiK. Brl/r RlcbmrirJ. Clark Rocbf.Ue? R P Back A Co. Br l n Trade W md. JobLaon Caolz? O A I J Peterg. C00"0"* **0,,e"' ult,reH*r and a marget? Yatei, Brig Koto. Kice Port in Prln<*_ Pelafeld A Wlleon. Brig Col P'netman. Collin, Kew i?i-? Brl* Ben Carver. Ferry. Mt>bl)e-N H Brlghati Hrolrr "1"1 s?nail, Wilmington, M C-Thanpion * Frhr Oortttt Rhnv, Qiieenrtown? Q F BnMey. K'br Adda Poller Aatdnwall? Poet A r-niall fcchr Matilda. * eel, ft Domingo ? J A N Nmlth A no. Rrhr Melroae. P.ejnoldg Wlndaor. US? 1) R Devoir. frhr J Kbaw. We'lace JarkeoaviOe? 'Ihognpeoa A Hunter. Hi-br T*mpl?tnn. Hodrd-n. Jarkunnvllle-Krett. Hon A I/O. 8u?.\ner RUnkelh, Colmary. Baltimore. ARRIVED. Fteamrhlo Africa (Fr>. Shannon. IjTert>oo!, Oct 10 and Qneeiirtnwn Ulb PM, with tnilae and pnaierifert, to ? Cn nard 11th mat. 1U 56 aV prn-d ate>m?aip Arabia, bound la to i.lrerpool. Hih lal ?0 65. l.-n 23 18, paeaei a nren eleamthlj tupptaed to ic (he City of Waihlnglnn, hence tor Uueduatown aid Llverpoo . Meamanin Florida. Crow ell, Barannah, with mdee and pa* eengera, to B L JIltcLiU A Hon. Hteamahtp Potomvj, Watson, Baltimore, with nadae and pa?eer>;rra. to H B Cromwell A Co ateaniahip Patapaco, \ ail, Portland, wlta mdae and puku gere, to 11 B Cromwell A Co. -h'P Orient. Hlil. Liverpool Oct ?. with mleeandSUpM ?J??*re, to Rpofford, TlleaU n A Co ISih Inei, lat 44 45, loo 65 10 i Ignallret fca>k Ocrra Lien, bonnd E, 17th, lal 40 30 Ion {< IS, tbi J l-'Kllanor boon-1 K **'P Thornton, Col lira Liverpool. Oct 24 with nadae and 290 paaaeni era, lo W II I'.ri.i A Onl'n 6th inat, John Heath l-l nan. fell overboard aor ?n ilroaDed; Uta, .lame* Wood! eea Iran, died frrm Irmrlei received by faille* from aloft Rhtp Ml ee S ardj,h (of B.mnm. ijardlner, I/ondon. 6tdara In bal'aat, to ir.aeter. Had W thruughout the eutlre pai fuip Jara. I>a*Krtt, Olafjow SJ da; a, with milN, to Dunham i l'litt n. thlp Anemia (Br. of Qneb^c), Manenn. Olaiipow, n duva with nn (lee, to (Jlllearte, l>?an A Co 13ih Inrt, lat 41 26, Ion 6? 17 ?;)< ke ptip Imne W^bb, bfaw for l?t?erpioi; same d?y, Fig nallied a Br bark abowlrr froeS>76 lat din* pf>nda^t, eteeilo* ? The a hat had l |ht and battltuK wind! duilnv ire laat 1U daja t hip D joaU. Jiiaok, Chariealoii ( dan, ulih sol too Ac, to D C Man ay. Bar* Nmrber Three (Prut), Tu\er.tial, FhleUa, #7 day*, with coal, lo order. BarkWeU n. B'anehard, fiUtgow. Kept ?, Greenock 80th, with niiiae to R P Bu K A Co. H itibied tli? Ma i ,1 ? anUre Oct 1: beat cct the N Channe'; u et heavy W (alt-a before get tini dear <1 tbe and: blew away f.,re?all. topaail and ecveral li*fcl ?ai;e f I m under Uielr *??k?ie SJ Inn. lay to In a harrl raee for IC hcura the lee clew ot eloae reefed m*lu top rail, h?? It tt and wrrn ont an entire mlt of aalle. et-ire both b'.?ia at lb* r 'aah'nta, parted main ?? Uter, waabed ?>?) kead rail* Ac- 1 he (blp tkrpashout ti*tt staunch and atrw*. 10th S*Vm5f i . Li i? f aiifn ill/ei aklr J # Farley, etearlnt K; .Oth lat ?0 16. lo? ^9 ?7, t'ena'tred a Brem hark with pnop de?ia^Mite malamaai aud ahiie luaiier* - had lo mlien top Bark 1'alei rno, loaham. OirtesU. M day*. QlbralUr Oct 8, wlui anH tor Ac to Chamberlain, i'helpi A Oo. dad hea-ry * and w ta.ea the ettlre paaaace, haa been within 4UU inline of "e* ^ ora lor liie laat 17 daya. Hark Armenia (of Koetor), Hamilton Faivrr.a. Bept II pareed ? -Jl.raltar <>ct 16 with mdee, to O W Bra*alotU. 11th [oat. l?t 40 2U,lon 52 10 i ?aef ah:p kLltn Wool, b iond I; 18tk, fouih >b,*l beeribj(wj>W pt> milee, paeeed ihe o aarter deok of ft iirvAil \fm e 1 with jmrt the h >u?* ^ Kltrdiup; nt: n time, fiw a hit ft f 'juftnUa/ of lumber kuoii, lUfpoied to have oome Irfin wrcrk M,ry' U,bb* Oct 18, with anjar, to Qecrfe 8 | MrptfPMiu | Bark Mumiel Money, Jr, no>drld?e. 8t Va'ke. 18 data, with ~>Uo> * ci l0.,:,n^1 wool, *arle A Co l*ih Ina^ lat 25 10, loa 7? 30. s Itifd ahlp Levi Woodhury, of New Orleana. b ?nod K "ft Brtm ftblp E t Gi?bftin, houa-1 K Tb r Jtlf htd Ilrht h?b. aar*i^J^ L ?*" "pcrtenced a he?v? vale fro .i r a to If w , la* tin* 1* houra the oat li lonra of which Tav to nn b?tn 4 * of C*t'# tiatlriaa, with head I rig Belle Pa-nard raf Buckaport). OvmSe, Pale-mo, 70 i ^ r2?r, With fruit, to Barclay A l.tvlnM 'b , ?. ^3. "poke ecfcr Qul.idarj, of J jy**- fT2Ltn A?? " "all for * ew Tork, 16 daya oat, with all of the nrew rtet? anpplled her with one man ballaac toVm oSpe^ (,'ar,'' ,'*reMk' *1 U? Brig Adelu fof ( bit.e?<on>. McI'om?1, Masearllla 40dara with u baeonAc, to Brett, 8ja AUa Had head wlt'da, ga r* arc the entire ra?are. :o B^ife SVeUee f *' "**'? * 1"l!, ouUon *? btti Hamtwl We. ah (of Pkllade phla). Cole, Charieaton. ? da;r with cot oo Ac to C H Pier.oa v-aar^non, ? Bilg Mary A Cum Ratoa, Pnetnn. 4 day*, i *5 ,^,*4,Bh,.BU4'' Wav^na. ajdaia wak augar, to Plnme A Tamoat Bad re t b?ary * eathar the enUre I'aaeage haa been 14 daj >Knf Cape llattaraa, with eery heavy W aud N ?' K*1** fitkr Jnlta ? ','amage Wardrll, Kavannab JS dayi, with rat vit \ZTZTu . ?-ML?npL?w iu,d ?f d^k (*d. 17ik jut, jat J,, ka 71 30. wa? tnarfad (rem bark Ueo Th aaaa tm Maianne for Portlaal, 30 daya ouL atjrt of provi>tora-e>ip|>!lid her. ^ JohreP J,r.a^ Bee ? II Korfolk, S daya. ?< kr B \ antli .r Jcnee Mortiilk, 3 daya. E^1-- ? Y *<*er<. A Uaand t la 6 daya. ?""r * ? Ji new Ual?u?K IHraneuporl for rtaira. Fohr Hotlara. Warren, Fli/af cthpoet fur Htat.>, I*ir - *"in.rt "'erard, Klirabethport for Fall Riee.-. Sehr Fakir ^??<b, Klirabetbpori foe Fail Kuet ? J??* FRtrrl telth. Rl'iabethport for t'.'OTidenea. JBttabettpoft for Hew IJaraa. H.9. *?*??. Ft_<k, Illaau'Ur. rt for 8ti.-..furd. Jchr Cmob Llboy. Macbiaa. 10 daya. frfr Hy* Hawea Rjder H.wu.n for ilhany. w hlr,f ter ^'lHabetkport eT?^ ,"ll?*e wport. f date. Prir OoMaa lacle. Ke??>, forwU-h for Virginia. ^ J' M Kii^a. fiklr u#?r. PorUiBd. S fa>a. a' a* 5 ?? '1"c*,Bk,|aia Kkianer, Portland. I /aye. ir? i "*"*? ht' x>r '''>ln, t,,r Maryland. Frhr K fe Clara. Clark. Albany for Hartfonl. Frhr Ang er I eeee. Manhailao'llle lor W.rekam J top Ftnhaitan I nderhi'l . UaabeUport for *..-wU-h Mo*T > TtfFrtr*. lllrn rrorM^n^ j N*?ti Vgsgi*, Unalty. J'ktUd#lf>iu^ ?t**iiier 1 rnomUitm. Fki)?<lrlphk. Nfef Prtfti. )ovor, Pmrvlnei % * mr*+*i+r Jomm 1'r^rkUnt* \ %J]mj i%r. ttmrmjoi, Parbj. Ot rwi1 r?^ I"?* A *!iM ^ ?a'l from t* it aa Kaldf lrK* and will be Vuaeito ihia eUj t> da> iu RAIIJSD. Pi rk Toarg America, Havana, Wind at eaneet 81. niKellkatoai, The il.lp riyaontk Rock, Hammond, foe L?ad<a. ?r?t towed down Ike bay yeeaerday. and waa Intercepted at flaady Htrak by a meeeate fr-^m :be Teder w rHera, w ben Ihe refnroed and anrk'ired In tbe Morh Hirer. We learn fiat ahe will eall tbe Brat fair opportunity. v.n,11^* iieamiklp Florida, from iu J . * *r faeora Fan Kill Paiaia. tferrtak at Few Orleata fram UrertKnl. ITaa'ik V "l **' 80 paeae.1 a ahlp a . iwermKat 2# wakrr ?*' r "kite, ap?arrnt'y nut a lueg use la Fa ro A earn. t . Waft, before reined f eapefyd asd aakore Urwed t' IF VT. mlngu a, >C, haa beec lualed uu ?^d a.1^"* '"*'**? Owtla. went aabore at the rr r.U of the h*rN.r of Ut??, >i?? , ard '?-?me a total ?r?*. Crew ea?ed. Me waa nwaee by W 8 Beery, of *timir.i,ion l?c ard rained at SCOCD. no laauranne. Ftjrlag Aitiw BeI1-rk. from Fra '* ??< Mm Mealnglt* ct .I t ? * an< re ?-** y w? *?"- * ^ fet. aear Mew I eadoa iitiuea _nB b*"t* ,nr and bat b iwapru Ml M^at/a . W*' **e roe?^-rah!y d?mage i, atii ' W l,'>- F^^Nttoe, Wfcgre ahe will be takrn oa the railway forrepa ra fcrta Maau Inmu. fre^ It War?ea fete PWMelehia. he ?o?e rerrred aeetwr ,? pn.Bt of ia|f Heulo^ea Uiaa off at hiab water tad laat, wlUami appareat damage. . *?T%m tmmn Biaka Atwnod. frttn CHy iili I at " ?n day * ah ealie ap!K In a afe * IM ir ward board abip with ronr.4 eern la 1 tig ra-nei. ' ," ** ''/a* T*. ? pait.te< a?4 api ar>i tly j<ae> out of |Me fyraaun batca Ijiproerd ? ?>e lb" Aor^iaod*. ,'ro? ytrw Va Ji\ .J T ' .'5* ' W"1 ",rr * ,,(r *l] ?**' wbh N JLV~ ' ?"W>y ?h- /?* ? A'tr, a -tired here ftov ? 17 "'****?- iMetn-Tke Nttmandy waa atr-iek hy I gttelae aat i Orleaaa, which carried away her mala riy >'*B*itica Oct C-The Aiiericar ahlp -Teetern fWae. Wm ^;a In aUtrr^J fer l aJ -ma wr.. k i ui in hera Kept M, l'?i| la Ur worka. aaa to bad e^iUua. badlr atralaed, ?iL* ''?"?'?t.tere-1 aarere weather, and M f ?har*lng. The M- ribete Oewp, Mer'lll, wkieb rut In hare Hep' If leaky aud wl k Iwwai rit aae at laeaw aet aprocg waa fr ni |/>a A n rar taleotta. Krwrntt. Foe F? Ar*l*?t Ike RtiSwna, Frikenltren. frata Aariart aen for Jtew Orient *; bad ket ? tae bu.wa->*. ?h-. Wprktrs^Ti' * Ul1' 40 00"tM ' li# Dei ?eut brig, if Sertijianne. Rr??-rnt In for repal-a. the Nwedbk ak'o Frip? (tear Crtderw, WlbM-rm roiiv ilnUcabur- for Bowtm F?tp D*e?o of Mew Nad'Wi. haa here a Itidi ? wn fro? me wfca-ir g nn*1 . V.aaai-Pehr (Iraee I>at>,rg ' f Warren. RT), Cart b or, f?om ??alrr*tr^ ,vrt tl )n i , ? *m> ?*> ?m lolen-ar a Mw> h.n rot err?,?at r n* tbe 4ih It.* a?t tbeieta or dinht Uat i>? wm |n ike ear'nl birr' -ate ik?i ?W' , 1 a '.ore Ibe Oeli id the 3d of Oct. The "iraee Daeim* ?T. as at", vriael if lid na bnllt at WaaM.-oUie Rj to ' s? r owata ht Jrl.e t 11 d and 'tbeteof *arrti and we he i?V 1 M Kt tae -td. Capt Mat and kk am oire^jTr - Perry, both beioaged la Wi.mii tod war* Hnj> men. Tbo reaalador of the er*w cotul.tcd of ft persona. Ladhobbd? At NaweaaMa. IMk bat, from the yard at Aat ?*" Hail A Co. a '.ua ba; k of 418 i>iu, nailed tba Ibla inM tko .L?r*. '' ?? mlaprlnted). o*nao br Uia builder* and partiaa la that v tela* j. Pm la m ba cuu muuie* by Oapl A nam Millar. _ _ Hotlct Lo Marlacra. "at t ( ale. of tba (hip Bla-il *ea r*oo?? a shoal In the Oarl mata ramie, ctaoorarad ua May i, isft'j. while o* lha myagw '?,m Batavla to Man Franetaoo It bear* about NSby N, 0 alle* diataat f'rni the ea?i?rnmu*t of iha Roharvogel Ialanda, and haa on 1. 17,' feat of water aov ?) Itdu. B. A U W. BLUNT. Whalaraaa, Fid from New Bedford lOo lou, brtg Pavilion. Cannon. Ah lactic Cikin. " Oatl a Mayhew, ot bark Faloa, MB. ? n naiaangi i la ?hhi Krm one ?t tbi* putt from Ft Helena Oct 3, and arrived at Maw Bedford Xhi lmt Cap! M left rm amount of til health and the Falooa will ot ntlsua the rr > ace Ui charge of her I .la mala Mr Jar n L Br? ley She af frrtn M He ena Hepi a for a ernlas on Irtttan Ground, and had on board Ml) ap. Cant M leuaM ( tl and ui tt Helena Oct 3 bark Roaciue. Howlaod. MB, oil aa beiore rei rrted Hid from do abjut ooe week vrerloua. ahlp India. Flardrro, 3WI ap SOU mh; bark Benj Gumming*, Brlgga, Dartmouth 20C a? 51) kp^l. Spoken? i < t M, lat *1 48, Ion S8 IS, 8eoU?ad, of NB, wltk 100 bbla uU jMd SOU do cu freight Rpuken. Ac. fhi|. Thereie. Wallace, fr-w Calcutta far Philadelphia, Arte 1'.). lat 13 H. ion 88 B KHp Robert Harding, Ingrr.hakk, from Liverpool J ana 7 for Calcutta, rev 1 10 no lat or Ion. Sh.p Alice Coo nee, Ringer, from U.aifow for Aeatraila, Bept 17, lal W B k>n M Hf ip Wai Llbby, Blahop irttr NOrlaane for Liverpool, Nov 8, off Hrmlnl l?land?. hbip f baoirixk, from NOrlr at* for Lirerpool, Nor I. lat 44, Ion Hi 8b ip Marinette, from NOrleaaa for Liverpool, for It, off Bnli'a lalard Sb'p Cynoiure, Tucker, from MobUe for Liverpool, Not 10, off Sand Key Light. Blip Lucre lla, beiee for Liverpool, Not 18, lat W 3k. km 1440. Ship Jag Fraier, Jr, abeel, from Liverpool for NYork, Mow S, lat 89 loo 37 ship HU'ctj (not Mnirxyyi) Orowa, from Wonderland far M Tork mv 14. Ut 49 67 Ion 16 47. fcldp Marathon, from N Or lean a fcr Boaton, Nor 18, lat 36 17, Ion 73 64 lia/k Delaware, from Baltimore for Dectarara. Nor 19, lat 38 35 '.on 73 46 Uark Path; ader, from OalTea'um for NYork, Not li, lal 10 ai.tonSMJO. Fertlgn Porta* AkTWknr. Not 9? A'r Bnepborua Pendleton, Oallao. Bid 8th Arontouk. Fearoe, Havana. Aoix Oct 1J ? Sid IcLanm. Wehb. Mu?cat A k V ap. Kept7? Cld Martha, Ktrh. Falmouth. Biivtol. >ov 8- t'.t out, Fleladca, Knowlton, for OalTeaton. Ful 8>b, Admiral B ake, Kennard, KTork, 8th, Uanaoa Orato ry Nli eper OalTeaum In port Vth, Id*, Hat ah Park. Pevdletnn. and Time Homer, Pitvar.nfcb Urm of the Hea, devan, Jaaatca; ftecalua, thotnp ion. Mi. rieana. I'll : in, Nov#? HW Alabama. F.n*ll?h. Charleeton. Hum i mnvaw, Not 4? kid Bremvrba-en, 11 liken. Baltimore; Tuicko UarEctcanD, Ntnra; ?th, Malvtna. Ide, Phllatelphla; 6tb, Gerhard. tonj*e. NOrteana; I'lae * Mathtid Nnrdeaholt, and Stella, Bremer. NYork; Adrllnn Ncbalkan, Fklladelpkla. Boana^i'l. Nov 8? K.d Arprdal. Pan aen NOiMana. lUKCkion*. Not 1? ^ld Harriet Ha/olllne, Drtnkwattr, Charleston; fowhatan. 8l?mo. a, Liwta. Bovbit, Oct 8? Arr Hoiilhern Belie, Renion, Ixwdon; 9tk, Gbakapeare. Norcrrm Hot* Eoec hid itept M. K re water, Clark, CalculU, Oct 4, Xaat, Boyd, Kurracbeo, lUth, Wizard klnc, Cm.e Ntork. Carpi i r. Not 9? Arr Junlna. Swar.ion, London, to load for RnJanrtro. Rd fttb. Hope. Tucker, fiOrleana Btk, AtianUo, Frttwurat, and Ladv llavelock, I> ran do C Roe *tadt <>etSl? Arr Sarah L Bryant, Jonee. Boatoo. ? 'auTTTi, Sept 21? ?rr Oooil Hope Miller Han Fraadaw; 30th, I oakford, Kldrldge, Liverpool. Cld 30U>, Cromwell, 8j tnmea. B< atnn Dial. Not 8? Arr Mercury, , London (and aid for Ball! m ft); J W rawver, I/eitbb>n, do land aid for Newport); yr>h?t?p. Wade do (and ild for NYork, and waa off th? K?a ( If a 9ib and landed pilot) Faated t<y 81 h. Jamek Montgomery, P'e, from Dhlelda for NYork; Paxe'la Flood, At deraon. frrm Harwich for Cardiff. Put In a: d Rurbojei ai lie J1 other '*nk 7tk, Lauta, Nonla, from Callao via t^ueenativru for Antwerp Fuieihood Nov 7 -Md Lady Sale, Murphy BaTkanah. UutnoK. Not 8? Rid Mttak ngnm, Taylor, Havana Tie ; Troon; 9ih. Ocean ua Rprlnier. ('ardlff OkirMnrK, Dot 6- RM Moonbeam, Wheeler. M II teniae; 8tfc, I (?Ra W Fijiiltney. Rprarue (from Giaetow). Montevideo. Hd from the Clyee 6ui. Cyc'a Lockrad. NOrleana. I Oii kaitjR, f'ci '9 ? *rr Ionio. Hutchinaoo B York for Mar ' aellita, Nov 1. Diana, Gamta Fnaton. Daniel Webeter, Ryder, i do for MaSata; Canra, Peacud Tarragona for NTork. Old No* il, Routherrer, Avery (from Maraelllee), MTork. Habbl rg, ftOT 7? Arr Sir Iaatc Newton, Brnach, NewTork. Kid 4tb, Gellr rt, Te ry, NYork (and from Coxhaven ttk); 7th, Ornan. Meyer, do. h CKK1CBI e, Oct ?Arr Gem of the Ocean, Wllllama, Lou* i don. i I ivrerooi , Nov 4? Arr Vanguard Hallett, NTork; flh, So. nan Htnka Atwood, Blchmond. I Mil 4th. 1 l. .a Jtiletioo. t uilln*. Boaton; (th, Eaoort, Hnaeey, NY'ora, Onturlon, Cau'klna ai d Shatemoe, < xaard. .lew Or lea 'a 7,h. Eoiiy Anxuata, Strlcklatd, do, 8tk, J d DeWolf, ' Bradabnw Ktv>rnah ? Id Mb. J V Wheeler, Oadd, Boeton; Wh. T1to11, Kelly, NOT. , leana; Battler Almy, NTork annle Kimball, dtlaaon Pklla* < delphla Lot.nStar. Cotter, Uali.'ai and Wiimlnaloa, 9U, Aata rio'j. Garorer, tao Francieoo via Cardiff KntcrtCib. Ann K Hooter. Llnaoolt, f .r N 'rieana; Oregon, W^lab. Mobile; Calhoun. Tru^mnn. asd Wild Uim er, ilaldrey, NYork, rt I awrenpe IT*><*h rTi-.-annah; 7th. Dan*. -a, Krana, Calcut a; Si-aan 11 n. ka. Atw nd, Itoaion; Jndah Tonro, Hani com Prov'.dtuw ; lira- o, 8ln.a, Karannah 8. a, Fidelia, Be? I ling, aa.t D?rtn?, Blmoneon, NYork. Fredrrtek, Jacobean, San Fraartsco; kel,oa>rlr. BeaUm Bavanrah; Mh, Blen, Brunn, J Baltimo re < 'eleat'al Kmpire, Cunningham, MoDile; M?0 Hurl bnl, Maaon, N York I Loxpow, Nov ?-Cld Mucaaaar, Whipple. 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Maiden ; Jem ( !*rk, tVwrwall. Palmyra, Kiar*toa. iVatrivanew. Wnay 1'ciut. M i-hr Pia aekl - i-'. .. iluopa Gulden Ruia, aaJ > oi lb kir.enra. Hav?r?traw. MW HkJFORD. N .r li? ?rr eehra Oanaaay Bt John, IV" le Marr ? lorall Klab U and Aaael. I^aoe. KilaabMh Kttt. 13- K II Adam*. l,t?i k'ey, ilalUaaor*. Bid lid, bark tan d. I r ,,a a cimdar Mllliken. Fi?h. Daileo, B 4malb Haa k?ll. I k la/eTrk'a: arkia Ro**ell *!nr. IWL '****>>?, (Jk; <>c?mi Blr<l fv i >y, P' Uao.e Barak X-rVaald, Bei'ey, New Totk At.n - bal'ar fd una * ar>t>ai, 4o MWl i RlPuRf, Nov ll? Arr echr latae Moraa, Vi?asa, Md. h I Wf 'UT. Nov 19? Md brlgaAlaao Incall* (from Maekl aa> NYi'k ll rabeih. (Iteen^e l>l<?U'. for do, e.Srr ' ???pa Flab, Harriet New* I Ii-a, anna Mdnttsf Star. I) Hi|, iie? J' ka B Hare-i*, "w*a, D |Y. M.irAaia GtmeOoak. Tr'r arr, ' lire.- ^tprir aa; ak*>p Jenny lit 1. at ! N?w 1( XIW)N, Not tl? Arr br.g Bow la, tRrsbar. Wll r lr Nli. I Hi . A lit I P TT A. Not J!? Arr euamer* Delaware, caa en and Mara Niiho*. ??*? <.ri bark Ann laal ?? -A, Nor Vraea. Ilevaua bi g Man B fi<. lien Korlen, l a-de ?a aokr* ?i,iriia?- (Worker ard o.. . ,, Hai.*a, ikt*; ^L ?'toch er. )'rtib;-T, lam ? ?,kief i i-a-nplin, Ji'irwuh; Anaa M nana, lu.Mim NY ,rk CM bri? Craw ord, Falker. Neeki ? , i bra f "a! tla i .tr1 i-arhatla, ft John NB; ReaUaae, Bantu'e-a ai ? ?? , l e |noeao,-a Barnea, Ba^enr-ik. - rvRTUA"P .<iTTal-ifr R," Meaaeh raleatlne, Maitra, L'v?t>...| Via I HB''f*<lervy aeh a Hattie If \l*y.^ Ward, AMI ? Idr a; Wri li Miickau, -awji-r. Delaware CRT; B Baker, i ta.foa, Pki i'e( Ma. ( Id awk Aacer, Merry man. Ma taniav. rOBT-tr< Via, Nr>r I9-Arr kLt J W Reanr, Ntckama, Al'na'ria PM*?VIdBBML N' v it- krr neamor W**t?(Mati r la* NYirk. 1 ?* low alo p ItiarkMixa. A )*j. rrnn afork aid b; r? r ?lr-. Foe' fr, t ? ala t,- load for Bt Tkoaaa* Marp flaa I'n, Bl?etw>u New inr? ? hr? i ??!?? M I'arvar Peedlet- a, I'n lar ie BO; ?'to,? I , mme? e, fjl*r; Wa ? Mount, tMId, and Tp?-i'atl r Itawtl a. Bli ?k ?'?* i t l.Ct\ >i.r it? ?r- Hbi ' ha B Watwn. Paaker, a r.. II mu 'am Ot-ker B1lrah?'hpott R' ' ' NP. No? *i? at ankra M? P*vtrM?a. It ?ch'?adi DT'waira' i .ai?e?n', Ja uontlik s.d aehr Jalla Ma'aa, r >> n M rleei -. I<'? H .a N It P'T W -Arr liBW T It* *nr?rt?Y irt for It- ,,. M a.iirr. Na?h. and '? r r e f ?t, d< f.WT I ? ) ?<.tklU, fit .t AW etia /a-iB" ?tta a. V r*.-iaarl,

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