Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 25, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 25, 1860 Page 1
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TIIE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. Soil. SUNDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 25, 1860. PRICE TWO CENT -i. Kvpairbct from v&a*liingi<u). Rich mond, (barle^ton, Columbus Wbvilk. tfilledgeviile and New Orleans. linen: toUiuoB btiwren the Doiie?i Stales Troops <;n(t Citiieus of Florida. FBvELL MIKi PRHSSLRE \T CHARLESTON. I ? &ieat Secession Mass Meetings at voinmtos and New Orleans. t i Tte &< openra? of tbe African j Slave Trade, a*, a?*, u. MM BZAST REPORT? FROM WASBINUTON. j WAHimcmn, Nct. M, I860, feloraaattoc m rr; tm tiere this mora lag that Qapt 4<>iaa, of thi Cnglseer Corp*, who bu oow Uic charge of j ?** ibn at "o*t-wg??, Flor da. caving Lewd that the d? anion ate .c ton: region contemplated a raid tpon b>s ! mri, app. 'iioit : "aiumaoder ? ' one of tb? at pr of-war nm thai ooac; ' >r rrottct.aa, and that ufcc cava] oflloer. wiui oisa! batte, gave erdcra l a: aa aoon aa any body rtlmeD.t n a ,al n?mr>ere, ?bould be teen on the bridge i wad leg froo u<e tatlnlacd to the jrt , a Ore of auell , ?C"mi. ue rptnei n?~ tee bridge for ita deatrnctlon. Of (Mu.r?e toja n-as done w thoat tbe orderr of tbe ad- ' ? loiaira.ioc. who wiU diub'.'?#s dcepatch a proper re- , ?ike tt iboee ? rt. ?uct? Imprudence la calculated to Kiaaperaie tbe "loutfc and precipitate a colllalon between Mx '?'tate acd ft .era. g- vemmente. Mtncter* ol tbe Cabinet do not deny that there are aerl <tir and air j*t mis rtnounUble dlffcrensee of opinion re lapecicgthe c. eat lone at aace <t tbe Sjctb, Meear". Cobb |?nd Tbocr pat r rtli/erng In tcto with tbe Treeldent and tbe peat of tbe Cabinet. That It will remit !o thene gentle Fnw ieav.Bg '.b?C?.j>et la generally believed. a The {'lendt or the Pre ident, who are by no ?Miuia l? [to Infringe tbe freedom of the preaa, flbave jettorte reaa'c tc ootn plain of tbe l'bertlee takaa ?with bin: cy tbiae who repeat what nay chance to flail Areaa til* lija en the al sort ng tops: of the day In familiar W^warer'atioc, or who attritove to hlaa, in common ica Upaoi to d.ntuit ,ocraa!f, language that he nerer caad. I St ac monento-^a a criria aa the preaent It la peculiarly ?irratt to Mr. B zhanan tc be presenting, with quotation laarka, the bci.rtay Ttrafoni of h!-- alleged obaerrationa. {./bat woolrt be perfectly proper to be aald in a prl pie dree that would nnderatand the r salifications ?ttb wt et every general propoe.'lon ought to be re pwlved may be entirely mlaoontrced when barely atated Jl a anther rmrUr acd, cdeed. the true aplrlt of any ??mark taay eraj irate when passing through half a d"wu alemt oa. ! rcato thla suggeetion becau* parti naf in tbe 8ov.tb are the flames of escitemect by aaaamenta on oertaln remarks attributed to tbe Prea.dent whi-: bt cerer Bttared, and which are far from bla Uw. jgt-ta as H. er: ~ne. S .aally uijOat are th-we who, lar tke.r ewe psrpoeef perrlat In Tialtlng npja the yreeiiitnt wbateT?r tkey find ob <*ctloeabIe n the tone of Aae On itituUm ce?ipaper notw.tbatantfing repeated dia itaiirerahy tb' el, '-or of tbat Jo rnal (peaking 'by i i tlx : ? 7 ' an i agt'.nat tbe well known fact that tlx ?ea'f'ej- f *-tr rr cocntecane* whatever either to tbe i |h i ? Ite pt,Tedl?ney o' aeoeea''*. be ca id c: p :b!lc w 0, docbtie.a, do tbe ?*r?aldent the 1 *a:t t>r htr owr eipoa tton In h'.a Cariboo ming it k.?te?t?e Ifcrgottrr ^hm\ btt tpceeh na the i otiinai "t! of Y' DreekmrMge waa 'n many reaperta uly *.!ffwec; ftw wbat were reprcaented, In adnnoe. ii ? * ft o" alone yet It won for b m the applaaae to all (?J.)** Hc< it w'Jl be with tbe Metaafe. W ee !a he wbc - fop r. ? "wt ooenre!. tMxrrt froc" tb* Sootfc and Vetb^er coat ase to poor ?. tfoe or try rnaa Of r^tt'oo and !aC"?nc fcere, ?rolfbte^ ?'.U. the hop* ard fmrt, U>? w'abea acd ft ?enbtMl'DT o? I be people of tbOM aacMoet W,)-,ld ttwi 1 wrre permitted to tpread before tbe realm of tb? tojj' .to evrreeeioat of <"?TOt!oo to tao Ce oo <rb'.eb mm * of t" o?- ? &* ts*r MU b>m?? there, a!! brr?i h or |'fr?^rr tori eonfdeet bop** n?: U-.nee whom tbe people ibe Cl'Ui ^Ulct lutb entreated ?y'tc tbe r H?>rtMK e tbe o;?er?rt brutcbnr thereof? t( .ti r al and eifc: r??Tay rrratvobf .Dot |i:i>n ironed tp-n tb?r and aot b? d.T*rt?d | Irm the dlertaife of tfce'r ds'.iee by ur tNiporur ex ,rm?nU , o* by the pereoaaiono of mm far(r??ned b? ??f ??<> .?j or moved br pmtiM ambltioe, ard, leaet I ??f- ' ?1t<f ?? r? ?bo, w tboc: My 1 14 * r Uope V tt oor Mi'QU. or Kill paOMM, OOde lb* i mc to apeak tar tbe Soctb. The fcrwart jail of tb* latter nlk* 1CM TM a iter* formal rebuke |tf k?* : i-t i caa f i r rea. irgiala doe* not at aU acoard with Socui Oarwtne. Si .adrereel ar'.cJc of Ike Cbarleevoc Met ury, U, m .it i referred ? a forever deep* tab, boa hod the effect m e uioiaeadt , c every part of tbe Old Iieir. ntoa, ixat the wtoJe eeeemioa movement. If Soath Garo | 1 i MM M make ber eeparatloa oa me repotable r. tbe ?j ? of men wr.o acknowledge bar wroaf* ad tympa .t w v tb ber UUM to rvdrr e. tbe eoooer abe 1 ecar lr *<r u u< all o. la araay cx/oaaeltora tbe better If ur at !?(.' hi Jit t-arr at o an Watdei: ft:.; pe <?.' .o Nora Ivtwlthateadiap u.? cx ceerret rr aad toe .tv.n I mm of the .attar* a.luded to, . repel to add tbat oor m*? are Cl.ed with a herd of pa.. Ike aoa, who aeem baai 1 b'K a| a Soutborc oocfederasy. Tba'.r talk m of lua ai ' .tit (^wer of Ha?Ul fcart-.-na, JH ]t?a, } k r da aad i h ? i , tba .r,?aa of Uteae Slalae |lderm a r.-a I verraeat, a i n .el arcucd wb a ?ilbe t.areiM.d:*! border eouaaa '.tea muat lsoriUbiy eter Tbe : leat aMct * n deat.y i( tteae et tod -.1 .drao of .tie aun, .ho de.?bt m b'ne or Jtadea, !*? ?et^. and I ?m 9lar aableai r^itaaa <tea. ttf , kt bree !eU aiacton c aorala? Law, .'vec?i -.4 |^u?? car* j elded to me curreat, atU obaogad fv?i 1 1 ?, o V ?-ocf? n ?^bamt U*r' .. aee a tmi of btpa for ;t>e Tbe . c. . * Carry, ? *oc a. tte -mi Nn a re,' .taUoc .or .cu^coeut Mi <af~rm*....a mMM be b??i la/a f Jui ropobl e, u?c .?< atiap. : w pea* u<* ? cea.okiktc. teaoraaea tbert -onw ibo ?ur 04* re i. i.? .raot e an -?a r?. v*a. ?a?er, faoaii a ilhm. Bejtn euciiy paMMif MhMfcfll h liaillfeVMBipMl e aii ; tbe raa.^aa va a,.j wb.tb b 3 fratt u ? lot 1 u ?o?' : ban ? 'i beea prcf t?ua to h.* [lan. He m bet> I .? ?ad ft' ? 2Ml ' 'im Vb?o ?UMl lltse ca r, ?<* r. b-.vk.j a we reoa.Te \t mrawrre t?. '.at lafios * ---nan, irpm cl Mr. aree?ar ne.eaya, it a jr ?~be?eceee on of ?recr ? 1 ?iatea * .d '4.; . f ef-et '-oa "al./ and croaaiairat re ? eoc* .aaua? aaaai tbe depai^mt tmy. j t, at of the probability tbat tba raquialtloaa f i? I Of c Jare w. c t be met la ac'.e, bot .a Treaacy 1. ?h ct tr.e c-cr .1 w.i. hare to d^poaa tf at I Cm pi, ad wae tbe am la 1MT. It la doubtfbl wbotbar I tart ef ?m m ba , a.j la apo'.^. rea. *?; ?l* aal a poo Oootraaa to provide yc oarry oa tba coreraaeat. lie wUl aak far aa ty . r?dkoe ireai .ry aotaa, aad tba oppoalttoa w 1 m a bear:a? .atareat. aooayiTanla pr> try to xtr)Jtt? ber tarll oottoaa, eipeM.oj tba it to U>* k il. ri for ?r?it?* coaijp* to be r*d fr^m tbe . Be*. ?r* CKaoaa, of Baatarill*, Ua. tea; aa tvday *ar two boadred Carpe l rtSea. BTCPWrm qWFKT'aV TT? M'VnBTFP!. J?im e?, Ktae , Nor. 34, 19?, 1 Oeafreeamen tt tbW ?'Jtte mat !a ttla c'ty to Cay kBtmNaf S* w*4 tor a fln- ttera eenfMeracy row**!:* -sarowrat -rortea r?? er?>aiiMw I \St IMPORTANT FROM CHARLESTON. Ouhwtoji, Not. 14, 1^0. The u< ney r -amino** unabated to-day. The .sooth C*r?. ma Railroad d.?> -'arjei: out hundred tauia. Ifet bank* uf vuttainieg each ether, ud w 'J Dot eua pen<i till tbe telegraph encococee ibat tbe Ve? York back* have actptbied. U la rumored, on food authority, tbat the Mtl;ta-y Goa&mitiee wlU report to the Ufialatorea hill appropriat ing four hundred tto: tied dollar for the pirchaae o'ord loance; alao a bill empower uf the t*<>T<sruor to call oat the State trtopa I it ami ateiy n cue ooerclon ta at tempted. GREAT 6E< EfcPION MEETING IN ALABAMA. Coumif, Nov. 21. 1640. Tfcc dem citrauor w:A? '.ere to-day was the rroatett ever ?? en ;n Werle.-u booirgia. All the merchants ctaaed the r ptor-t ait! jo'aed m the pro<-eaa.on. Mac* and bau atra *ere turpended oc the utreeU, the military and Siulbern <>uard paraded In pti ;e*aion, and cannon were ftred aa a aalcle to the Southern confederacy. Hwri. Yauc?y and Rice (poke .n the morn.rg to a crevd of five thouar.Dd people. John Cochrane, of a'iiuii. rpeakf to Light, with Senator lver od acd M* Crawford. Nine teLibe of the 'taup e ? men. wemer and ch.dren ? wear tbe ddiunton coct ad a. Tbe lurtKJ feel ug teem* to perra c a . r am*. THE FEEI IN >5 !N TESNFS3Er. Na? ? Li*, Not. 2), 1M0 A call upon the Governor baa *>eeo jfcibJ?*heJ askici h m to convene >r.e sgialat-re to provide for a confe rence by oocrection w tb tbe 3outh*rii fciatea. John Bell, by reqoeat, !? j-repar'ng f>r pv.blickfoe an trp o* of tit v* wt upon the preaect tut It ? to be pcbllibed to Monday or Tceaday. SECESSION MEETING AT NEW 0R1RAN? Siw iktauio, So?. 24, 1W0. As mmenae meet og . rrwapociive of party, wa? held ' at Jdd Felkiwa' Ha'l, x in t c:iy Jlatt n.ght. Great en tb-iaiarm prevailed and a timber of tpoeebec wa* made. An aaaoclatlcc, called "The Southern R ghta ?*a->ciaMon of oulalara, " waa farmed to promote concert of action amcogft it* Southern ?tater, and to organize V.notu Men and volunteer companc* ? ? rtttrbo- 1 tbe ifta'.e. Metrra Walter Cok Co., and Kearri. T elle wee V Co , cotton factor<, failed yecterday. I'ULLIC -ENTIMKNT IN VIRGINIA. Hi'Trrori'. Nov. 21. 1680. The beat .aformed men In this aect.on? among whom 1 ciaaa aome of onr w ,*eet rcpreeeniat'vea n Ootvreee ? *eem to cntertanrerv alight topeao' acy rood ret ilt from a Southern conference. There la one ? erwua obeta cle, which w U probably nullify all eflorta at concilia tion, vW ? tbe oottoo SUtea believe that aeoea alon, mrlna.oalJy, nvo.vee much more benefit* to them than eonld reault froaa a continuance .o tbe Union. Their prime, animating Motive In pttraclag th.a policy a to re open the African e'ave trade, and that they are aware they never can do wilt n the I'n on. Saceaaton la, after all, with them a matter of materia, interact. 1 do not mean to la- innate that the movement * aolely actuited by that eona. deration, bci^there can fce cd loubt of i la exert. n; a In I .en e in 't. Tt.t you mi; real aaaured of. I have no .dea tnat the col ton 9iatea w,U new forego the advanuge which tbe elect on cf Lincoln prcaenu for the acoomi.ilifcrnent oi an object wb.cb to Ukemlafar deartr than tbe preaervai.oc of tbia loton. In tbe re opening of tbe African alave trade they recogniee one o' tbe greateat aouroea of wealth aid ? roaperlty that any oountry ooatd ac<] Witbaneh advaatagea ihey feel that they ootU' oonlrd tbe deatlnlea ol the wor.d. and mate iarope acd tbe North bow a ouedlence to tbe r will. There fe much troth in the .dea: bnt whether there laor hot, ihey entertax the conviction Crm.y, and arxuzicct will be cna vailing m ll.c ? irt to remove it. %:oeaiton. ac orlng to lie opntobt o maay or 04r w c at men, ik a foregone coaclui.un. With Lincoln aa Prea.dtot, there la no h< |? of (>eace, even U 1. war poar ? ble to praaarve t*e V a rua . Ever/ Soul iert man w.U re p?.d ate tit ajtborlty, and he da>e not anfe.-oe i. Tne Dueauea'. anil moai contemptible among our jopu.atiun sonld wilt . npunlly caff an 1 kick U m at any t it .n onr tirtet*. i' be nad ine temex.ty to entT toem. T^e oBioer af ttr law, ttc maiahal or general, who w.^id attempt to iterpo??, oven for hla protect 0?, w J 1 lad b.irielf it a very daagerooa pred canent. U tb'k n?> of ftel Eg, what hope la Uere that a aathorlty v:l. be rarpcctcd. or la, >?ace wi. re^c under t* a.c [ i tral.ot t i yeni eitac x I rteBberg ee?c:y, ca n-tler |r the tn>(* ,.t. It* ?*' cp"0 Lmcox aa ar < uil tr>ed reNI, ??&'' ut bicB et-raied to the Pr*a i?r r.y at a re? ard for hit treaaoa. Te tayt te abould be treated by the Saotfc m the p? ; ie o ! E tflaad treated the rabe.t R.i'iey, Cra mer acd La', me*? b.raed to aabea. Terr .bie ar: teao Tfcile l be vr ver t ar Jeat y more caad'd lban ntbert, a 'erl.m oct uL i.e t<a It vary generally eotertamod. Tbe mticbaoM of tbta city ball a meet eg art ereo eg to ?x t^me triform rata* of ^change v th tee XortB Vo report bate rem red from a '?owtnittee of <ce dlrectort of tbe tertra! baa*a, to vbom tbe ? t.ect war r? TreJ tbe meet'eg amounted til. Moa lay t gb; to twa t that 1 ; ri Soto*, of tbe marrbaau were ofpoaed u aar aet.oc c tba matter, deem 'eg it otter to tilt ? ears xaa u, n at age Bit exchangee aa beat be coold A rer J lirpcnaM letter baa oaac ad drew J to tbe e'lr<na of tbe elavebo.dtug "tatee by tbe Bca. A. r*adley Hue, ,e refereDoc te tba fa: are moTemeet* of tbe Great (balers, aid other kindred top lea Ha aekaovledged ibe reeeip'. of a report coata'ced la a circular to tba Dl reetura of tba Great faatara, '? refer>>aoe to ber voyage to Ibe I'Bif d la lea, aod tbe eoedttloa la vhirh tbe vaa ' c*d cpoc tba "frldlroa ' prepared for ber roreptoa at Mi ford Bates. Tba Board of rrada tarreyire rapraaaat ber ooed'.tioe aa erea Mora ?ai.tfa -u>ry that vea antic pa ted. Her voyage ta tbia ' "'.atr t e ' Vtober laat vaa de 'erred to eaabla bar to be ' (mt (a a thorough y good onad'.t'oo Ooe of tfca largaat ?barebtidar*. '.a a tetter to Ibe direr tort, dated at Los doe, October 1), mji ? T*rrhap? 't mgbt not ba cnraaaoeeble to bope that !f a t'rart lae vara tatab!!tb?l bet veer tae Ct>eaa peake aad Europe tba cititeaa of tbe Soatbera ^aM vou'.l ;-efer embarking from tlanptuc roadt to tba loay^r jouraey rta New Torfc. If ve eooid tea oar way ta a fa r paeeeer*r 'r> .gr.t ?e a | bt a ord to llrpeaee v:tb ba f tba o J>ec earg-i that ?e at v oak. We ba- e to aaaer- yoa tbat all tbe arraofe m?ntt 't ibe tabl* v'.ll he noeducted oa a eary <M7-raat ?MM " " cariataly *a5nred aioob la pub te tatiwatloe or tbe 1. ><i y taaaoer m vbua tba comBiaaartat vaa MMfaC Wr. Macs fee pr-<eada to refer to tfca adractaga ?heb j' t- ' Hare-, ocmajanda at a port f>rer LI rp*-., w? -b :? *;*tj ra mar 'sa leaftn* 'art ber ro? >k < C.tap-aij t! aa tke f< rmer. Ba citaa 'j .1 b Vr "? ' Iveatj Bee taser'rao sapta oa p ab ?? v*t a ?ar'B| of r* daytw .ll 1h< o9f 'ed ta f vti ? la WUfbr l Btrtfl, bf t v?ek B dr>cklBK' r - it, of ?40 rterl'cf a trip a tba item of vagea to a ?j "f ??a 1 an ! ~r *ar1t of ChO '00 ttar ,g f? - rtyaja to >t*am tt-gt, of a iarfa aa act per .r< . '.f. tB r-OTt *ed 1'C*' ^oee, Of f^rty per ?*?t '? *.ba ricia 'rom vea*> er, rcrreota tad eo'ift oaa, of one par Mat e otoraBce co tBlp aad carfi, vblle a teaael vir rake ob? maad trip mora to MDforf Ba m :a tbe year 'haa to !lrarp'<<'! ?1 lb?a tayt tbe eop-riortty if Oamptor noada <rr ar Sav Turk, a? a ae c r* barHor, t all timca taay 0' approarh , art sally aa nr'Jtitf ta tbat of ?"f'ord Barec o*ar L tarpe ' Be j *aelo l?a by aay iag tbat tba Graat Faatera wUI vaat a re |bt '.la', ae >d1?| paaatara'a ar.d tba aialia, vhtab amm:Bi 1*> arreaty Brt tkaoaacd dollara. I" !t ba aratabed ?y tM ltt af ipr.% diraet trade w tb I ropa v'.ll ba 1 eetttety opaaad by tba alaraboldtac Ttataa. 1 bare 0: do bt the -ipportaatty v'.U be raad'Jy aeirad by tbe "?plf of tbe *atb, x tbe r acr'aty ta aataktlab direct trada. Tba tt-.dec't of William aad Ktry Co ^ft, a tba ?*tate, *ie!d a ataatlBg oa tba 17U aat., at vbtcb, atmc otber r'tt;> Uona, vera adoptod tb-wa der .ar ag Umt, tbe eowtttatlna balag nalatad by the North, tba eoadltiaM of tbe raiaa bare beao br kn .aad I w vbereflore aov rtrlaally dlanoirad tbat tbe tvaap vblcb -br biarb I rapab:ieaaa bare made 'a aridaaoa of a daap taalad bnaM ty to tba "mth by a arc? ?" aaity at the lanb ; iba> TJarcia, baix< eiactal by a ae^traai party, wUI be ? aactioaal rraaldeat. aad win bara aotblac <" ?'?? t?- df* dauoa '?f the Hoaak , tbat tbay, the atoda**, are a ftror af 'raaeMraaoaww Ukal tbay >?|ar<d 1 aa abactctoiy I necessary for every a)?veboid!ng SUM lo wttbdraw from ? oonf ederaey .n which the has do mcmon tctsresl kbit pubmiaamn 10 Oke North la worse ibu ite toryism o I the Revolutionary war; that Southern men who wlli accept positions m Llnco.a'a Cabinet are co worthy I be ooa fldmoe of the Southern people, aod ou( .1 to bo ostracised as traitors. A meeting waa a'ao recently be Id la F' xabetb City county, at wh.cb aa urgent appeal lo tbe Legislator j to lsane a call to* a Slate Convention waa m<de Tbe Adjutant tieneral of Virginia Informed me to day (bat tbe ^tate bad two hundred fleid p'eoes, of different oalibre, oapabie of e indent service at any moment. Tbe Bod. Jamea A. Seddon Lai written an | able letter to tbe Examintr, In wbicb be ooun tela oon-lnteroourae, oon i; crcially and aoclally, wltb tbe Nortb, aod recommends, to ' bat end , tbe uae of bome mannracturea lo the fullest eaten I poaatble He alas re con mends ariuiog generally by private enterprise aa far aa tbat can be done, ao aa to relieve tbe "tate from too ii nch eipennv and the eipnlsn'O of a'l N irth m ped era of patent nied iclnaa and so forth found with n tbe State. Tbe letter ia signed " l.oochlatd but I tave reason lo i know that it con.ea from Mr. Seddon. BANK SUSPENSIONS LEGALIZED IN GEORGIA. Mitt?iic?\ >z?m, Ga , Nov. 24 , l&oO. Tbe bill removing the reaurlct.ona oa tba banks n tbe | ?tate baa paa d tba Senate by a vote of 92 to 15. ACTIO* OF THE BOSTON BANKS. Bostoh, Not. 21, 1M0. Tbe following resolution waa adopted at tbe meeting of bank officers ibia afternoon ? Renlved, Tbat tbe aaaoclaled blaks ot Bottrn bel eve It to be tbe duty at the Boston banks to alntiin the in* tegrtty of apeele l aying banka in Ite rreaeot rrlata, and In order lo meet the demands of ino ooi. mer lal commu nity tbey wlli render all aid poealble for vhe totomvoda Hon of tbe pnblic by discounting to the nt'noit extent of i their ability. Thp action ot tbe bank ofT.eara .it tha'.r meeting to <!ay j .a considered favorable. Ir waa dec 'ed thai tbe balancea at the Clearing Horaeahonld bepa'i! rarttyln I lie niteal af wholly in specie. This measure will greatly rjHera I i be banka. and eaablo them to discount freely. The oourae of tbe i anics meeta general appro va), i elng deemed safe and judicious. RETURN OF STEERAGE PASSENGER3 FROM THE SOUTH. The steamship Naahvllle, Captain Murray, of tbe New York and Charleston Steamship line, arrived at thla port at one o'cloc*. on Saturday morning from Charleston, and brought bask forty sev so steerage passengers, who were not p> rmitted to land, but were sect back by order of lbs Mayor of Charleatoc. The sleamah'.p James Adger, of the sitae line, arrived from Cfe*rl? eton on Moaday erasing last, and brought back thirty two steerage paaaengers, who were aent bach by the tame authority. The ateamaolp Florida, ot the New Yor, and Savannah line, arrived on friday night tr^m the latter port, aod brougbt fourteen cat n and twenty eight steerage pas se ugtrs. Tbeae passengers were sacs'.1 y mcvtac .cc and laborers. They ali came back paaaage free. The republican 'ooa! .aaroaia Inair. that the parties on the eteamahip Adger were driven out ot Char>eeV>B. but the returned passengers state ibat tbey were lnf irroed n tbe SBlidest and gentlemanly terms that their presence was tot desirable at tbia juncture, cm. eg to the exc.ted ?tale of the feeling of the inhabiianta at that place. The public works .n .bar.cton been suspended, businesses all kinds is raid t" be utterlyprortraved there, and it la imprsaltne tor laborer* to End employment. Until further notice the Savannah and Cnar.eaton tu-amers w'.J! not carry imtt steerafc raaMCgors. THT! EASK *rep?fCTOHS N YtTlO'NlA. 'Krrra U>e ".tchmoad Iitpaich, S'ov 43 Tne ttuiro ragee amt tbe VMM run t gh ii? Idu j t a. tmuiiruwieill |rti<Oi( "it o'er political Irrita itif> and tirtigglee are rea-t r g artn bole ac d om-Loro' ? tb<- enafedtra-y 'I n llnauai nn II I Tint' | Eat!-* earnot repud ate 'it eonatHatluaai obligai.oa? an 1 nu t a bu.d aud i?c. eit <3 ruaade agamat its r.*!ws. the prase and |a>ty v ?be ( '.^>er w'th imrnntty. ft !? well tba' tbe il?rm tbn" br eoual to tbe agrravatlont that ocoMtiki it Tbe bifl t t rit>'? tad tbe wver ?* il? ?' ra?i< '* . tbe itn t *,t r ai.l b': tbe t>o|o>oi a MU ejiecl o oi' r tf't! etsIMM tit t wf permanent ba?!?. Tbe r;alto?, we may trew ? I be all the setter f?r pasting tbroigb Tbe ? rceal or a greet .-enmity Tb< rdi.-at oDf jut'iiay were of a gf ner*: tutpoot'oa rfap'C'e toy* mut by the b?rk? or tbe ru oi. They cannot wttbetand that pan e wbirb ? nert-w! by the Icar SfaftMTtl ru.t, In whkfa Mir; man it beaovo-l u> ta*<> ?pr< rare c[ h.*o?n ho>??lold Capitalize, de neritore and all, are di?) need to take inch eteie u may brtt secure to trrm tbe fnodt tbey tare. If tba word', rba'i oc?nr, ibe renn<iy of tuapei* r u protect tbe ! back* trcm th's g-nera! fear is a v ct oar, t>ul neoet rarytoer.ab' :hoa<- tasttut'.nes? i-btrf r-mrce*, aa thejr are, ol aptal for tbe fester l( of ladnstry? ta attend j tome a d to but<netr, act reilevr :b khic mna*.irr Hi dietrrvr of tbe to matnta n tbe movrnv rt of com I wroe to ta?ply, la tect, aa well aa paibM, tbe wan ? . ol Uie people, aid preheat |MmMA " t were, a tbe m'dat (testy. TfcK wily li always a violent one, indlcatltg a rtu eat disease la the t rrseat raar tbe paate ? utr < 4 the moil MMMi character. being political, lavolvtr, apprabt-oaed (.attonaj diarupboa and ttrife Ptth la tbe condit oa to wb ch tbe country It IMMI by a reck;??i MMH partv repnd'eting Itt moat t acred ouligatloce and warrant egaiaat tba welfare, harmony aad pea;e M its country to n..-?ate a man to Uie PrerMetcy aad ttl/e tbe power aad patronage o f tbe i-oversment The onnaernrnpm are dreadfuf, b'll we hue m? .-ontoiat. n of beliertag tb*i the more diaaatro<it tbey are. tba etroofcr ? roue J we bare to bo pa tbat Utr r*uea ai tbe (ti tloaal tat "n will be brought te teat and aettifaut, aad oar ecuatry. If not divided, wtl! at laat bare reat from a wicked aad perreraa crutada tbat baa d j tr acted tbe pub ie mind ror year*. Ike baakt at Iyc^barg, Danville and Fateraburg bave aoapeaded. Tbe Alexandria GutU' or yaMarday tayt ?Tbe Bask or tbe Old l>om.ntiB at una eUv, yeater day , la eonaideratloa of tbe eutpeoaton of apecie pay mew la by all the Rlohmood haak*. determiaed to make a Ilka tarpeae Ion, aad daeltBed to radrwm foe tbe pwH aay mora of Ha eetea. Tbe branches of tbe Kzobaage aad Farm en' Banks bad coatparallvelv few -alia made up ja tbetr, aad met all demand* for redemption Tbe dlreotort of tneee beaks ware la sessins yesterday , aad we leara determined that if a run tbou.d be made apoa Umcb for tper l?, tbey w;i: fiispenl aito A meetlDf or mercbant* war to take pi aw n t levin drta yeaterday , to take action '.o refareooe to thi> etperted edvaace la tbe ratea of exchange r?nae<] .eat upoaasns pete' on of specie paymecte by tbe baakt of tbe Plate. THE CRISIS IN THE PULPIT, aim mniT ?nmrnt rr rrrw tiv. j. w. n. njytxw. Th? Per J W R Sloaae, of tbe Tweaty tb ifd street Tb'rd Refeemed Pres?ytsriaa eh rrfc, prsaebed a maet violent aaU tie very eermoa oa fcaday even ng, ebooe'ng for ble e?b)eet, The Preerat Aspsrts of tbe Anti Sarery DmhUat." Tbe rbnrcb was dease'y crowded, aad aanrng "x* ""a gregatioo were a nnmber of i-?lored people, wbo appeared te flTe tbe most raraert atleettaa te the reverend gea t emar. ? ?emarkf After the nana, opea sg ezere t? the Her. Mr. Soaae aseeeded tbe pnlp:t aid pro needed te ftd dree* tbe coogregat'on a tnbstaaet as Mlowt ? H s text, woalJ take from tbe J1? el trier of laa ab, rom the 5th te the 12th ramie, bet more part'ealarlf from tbe lfeb verse ' Tbe watrbmaa ta d. tbe w ra i r CMeetk . ?ad alao the nlfbt These worda ware spokes, mi m, ty the Prophet iaalab durieg tbe tervitcle of Baby 'ra. Zier was a w |. deraeta, aal tbe city iV",: b.m was la rc.s. In ere was act the busy of t.t*a?et la the deaertedrty ae. tfce pef fte were aU t way ta eerrltode aad boadxga. Bat Uts more was apprsacb n# Mterswis aomeUilsg ta tbe air ttat b e the boar ul da. .very bad oom<; At tbi* peiat twr, meaatagar* a rr tc aad tail him that Babylea baa fa. or . aad a figure appears oa tbe distant bill, aad t dsrislea aa?a him what of ths eight Th* pr ipbet aiswet, "The day It approacb Of , and tbe dark t'?h? Is nnailaf te *nar own land. Vo m*s eball dwell there, eod ae eaa eir maa m>a<l atrtde Uar?. " We are now, aa.d r.e :t Uir middle ef a great moral an I poll tlna! revt lat'ia, aad tltere It so mas lot ?<-* 't. (tee party ls;"b?laBt. Sad ehert "ttiai tbe 4ar arpmecbeth." Aantber part) are duamai, tad >tj '''tbat tbo a ?ht junxth , and wit) overture tb? '-eet form of governmaat ever area. ' Wecaaaoi be la I'.flereat to tbo great eigne of the timer, sad we are ehligad to try aad derypher the bievoglypbir* aa they are enrolled. He wae well l aware of tbe tnlvertal per udice that mated against brit|tsg pe'ttlss la if the pnlp'ts, and the -ntetetor s Set allowed to speak "jen y * (host tbe lark lo.s bowling at what they ear. the desecration of the Rabbet)) rbe mlaletrr of Qed may prsant of Uie pelittes of Baby IT . Rn tow and Gomorrah, bet when be ayproecbss ; botrr? ob, -bs> la <a'te a dilfcseat ibinc Be may peak ?f tte cruelty of Ksglaid in ladia, bet he mo> t aet speak ( ?r the cr-jslty .f ksepisg the Bible frsm -our n.3UM he -ntn K'.rxa. Tte Reformed Treebyterlaas hat* always x*n trl-.iiy erthodon la tbe'.r belief, and et 11 are always '?ady to atrodaoe p<nti -m a to tbelr p .p ta. Ws are la bo mid .leof a great reroi .too, it may he a bloody oas. ?fit led frraat tbat <t may be a peaceful oaa But bo It ? bat it will, we moht a.l reenran toe bead of Ood la It. Iteaea* this moreaMat there la aa aHaea power toat d I I We boa id thraler tMt. for wc m ? <ted ftj'reuinc people. We have rone on m 11 we enrolled everything, Mid fiod waa noting Let u- remomW that the United ?tetf dor* not coo^i jj0 wb>le world, nor doea the ballot bos. No re. ordiog angel wrtwilna Oongra.imU Olol< the actlM of Ood. B? now launched Into tbe alavery nueet .on, Baying that ib? ant: elavei y movement >a nothing new. Tue ear'y 'at bora of oar conutry aaw tbe |r?at mitufce tbey mule and tried to correct it by teekiug to eupprei* toe Have trade. T "rt were many ? tuong them who d'd nul bow down bg ore ihla Baa'., apd did not heir ?bo mi??k of ibe bea-t up n it etr forebtada Tbe Reformed Ubirob baa alwaya been againai alavery, and waa founded ur. to . principle tl at no alaveboider iboull be a member ja eaa he bad pevio-iaiy freed bia elavee, not aold their; lbs' the men.bara nhould not mix or aaeoc'.ate with aiavebold era: and tbia gigantic opprceeioii ahouJd alwa)* have been oppoaed by the palp 1 and the preen. Tbe honor o' flr?t organ z'r g an antl I'Bvery movement helonre 'o William Moid Garrtaoe. thirty years ago be eel?biiabe<i bla bold plaiform, and tie alwaya adhered to it aid been tbe friend of tbe k'avt. He h&z to! I thil nation iQore trulha than any other mm Aak 1 >me of the rcp-b can leadere where they got their abolition aentiiDenui from, and they will tell yoa tviiliam Lloyd aarr-eoc. Other* have' been b uy . too ar I with alt its Fault* ! rr.uit sar tlx 7V.l*?e hae been forenoet a the Rut ' want Creeley to come out boldly ? .r total abolition. Rev. Or Cheever, and aomc few of the lesser lighia, c t<- .0 for a fair ahare of pn,*c He th;n went cn Tbe l? j aourl compeomlBe, the aonetatiOL V Texan, and tb? li faaaeoa I "red Hao'.t raae, all great victor ?e to toe Hoau, have elill been the m -ani ot aeakejibg them am e?e-> thing baa told, under -od'a udgmev, a;aiuet iavtry. Tbe John Crews raid be regarded aa a from ..*??? tor the eit'nct on of tiarery. aud bla act it. aa tbe ija?'btidi 11I tee I'tted Stale-, was known a every ?lave tabic ro by tbrse in?uu ('? ?l t carrying ott He ??? r>eat designs for th it downtrodden race. Still ve*y litt e baa been done, and m ich (till reme a* '<0 da. The republican party, who are now in power, have Ueclared tbtir invent on to support tie *:?rtho:ier, and nave 01 ; aaid I bat the Infamous Jog. I've Slave law Moat b* re peal Ad, although ft baa bees repealed to every tweet peraoo '? heart. They have only aa.<l tbat tbe, ?bile Terrltor ee, rtiall nc 111. 1 s ivcs b'.t when thej beoom States they oan do waat tbey r>aee What a ??. ermo ibere *IU1 reman* to be fougnt. Wby, tbco. [ .lore the Vortb rejoice aad the South b ,al? tb ^orth hu bad a victory , and tbe ^>itb ditovered that . ? Kiar C in on ' bia I'eer overthrnwu, tnd found mo ?hi 0! How. then, while not a fountain that aui<P'ied ?i?very bao beer dried up, and not a germ that r'vrp it life detiroyed, It Ehalrea Ho thanae I God for permitting hlir to live to eee even *bi?; bat thn war moat atlU be cartled on, for there it'll rema.a ' foar re. I lint of heman bomga in bondage anr. .oga: 1 ue ? four m .litioa of m?n deprived o' a1' icttr'ic lion, both relis'n .? aad cth- rwlae If there wa* a law here that our children ahou.d be .natractel oruly It ?oul I be laugbtd to acjri. iuid atlll It 1* ao 1 tbe .-Vnita w th the oefroea? they ?re nit remitted ki reiwl the B hie or holy tracia. and with ail the ad. ? ?ncrniMit er civilization they were worae ell now than they were oie I jn '.red yea'* ago. Some abort t.-Ae ago?* few dnya only? a i ergymac roee n tbo Sooth tarolma I?gla?toreaod bleraed the men wU> were urging diaunmn Ditun ion for what .neoauae they co id nit make tbe Nerth a bent lng ground for their riavea, and turn the Northern people into bloodboiinda : add atill a prayer war aent up to beaven for theae men. lie knew tbe pra rer w .dd be beard, bnt not to the way tbey anticipated fn eocclualor, be wanted tbe people of tb^'orth to noma bo'.tffv forward, and tell toe South at oaee that they wan 1*1 total abolitios of alavery and !ta In mediate overthrow. 8e would dr bla ahare of tbe work- by preaching agilnat It. and by and by it ey woo d be able to create n.-.b a tornado tbat 't will i proot nnd tear aavcry all to u*cof Tbey aboiill take away the ao '-ailed proper tr fron tbe ioilhrei r.)b ber?. 'or tbev hai' no r'rnt t-> bolt them. 'J>d never ga<-e tbem a bill of (ale Soaoer or later tble property moat be taken from them, aod tbr anooer the belter. Tb.i a net work they bad to do, ami it mual be done H.e aervlce oenr'aded with prayer and bcnedltt'ioc. and the congregation retired lo tbetr bomr . 1S0THER ntKADON 1 BLF nTFR*SC* V?OM THE rri-PlT. 10 tn aniioa or thb naaai n. N?*r Yoa.;, N'ov. 10, U#0 On Sunday afternoon, tbe 18U> of November, tbe Rev i E_ <; Brook*, formerly of I.ynn. dow paat ir of the S itb I'n veraallat Society, Twent.etb Ureal between S.xtb and Heventh avenue*, delivered a p.rmoa, wbicb we* a perfect raid again*! the South , particularly ?ouU> Ga-o line, la which he omn oared tbe riate mer.ti<c,et u. as unruly and frect'oo* cfc'ld, which waet?d er-ry do'l tort augarpl'im It aaw, ami beoauaa it ceold not have it woull kick up lta heeta. make a ooiae and daeb lia bead a. ?laat the '.oor, but at la?t, weary of exclientcot, would *^'.t!e down In a ealm ar"! q- >et r?t -we Tbe reverend rent'e man a aa particularly envere on aid dor.oauced tbe "Satanic prcaa,1' aa be ^ermotl it, lo >b.'Ji bv a'.tr.->>iu:d all th la great trrmo 1 went on to My that ' th? '"n'on waa llko an olj wetran'r broV?u *nrae bow), tied toi ether wilt a itrice, ina. ibe aet tbe a'.rmg vjt cut it would fat. k> t ?i>ir?. ^ioh a utiioa w?a ao'. watted of 'Oilowna on pi' ihaa to boeleotet ?..>ver tor IV. above le but a .tint of th.< dtBouuree, fit I i E' cjh to ebii# the tendency of the .-?"i.t of tbe prea at day. t . art of 0)*r BBd Ternilaer> Before Hon. luo'ge Gould. Ti.K f?B?-TK? I * or WIM.IAM MI LLIOAN WH KID Tl K ? AtK TO IT RkNiEWkO IlgrOHI Tl K -I rkFMt cmtr. V. v. M ?'he ,.:ry n tbe ca e of M^Reocgh (it V;. ? i ;< ugb) came !n at a lata hear laet evening and rc? d*'?o a verdict af manilaugl ter m ti e third d? ree Tbia the 'ttlng of t!>e -ourt, Mr. Aotbor r .rredfrr tbe Bentec. e on Ifc^occb, convicted of the maB*la''|htar of O'Rourke. Priiooer ? I km guilty, but I did ;t la self defec -e. Tbat it h? truth froa my i.eart. The pe vner gav? b * vertlOB <. 'be affray, and aald tbat the de-eaeel held bin by the throat v. ? to tl e blou aa given ? b! b tock hi* lie. Tae Judge, id the prttctver, eald tbat !t I* very pa*; b'e tbat hte ttaternrrx may be trne, but the Court La* do power of aaosrta aing the fact* otber I ? an those adduce 1 upon tna trial. Coder all li e clrecm tanr* tbe f oert would sentence i tm to the lowee*. it no allowed y , two years to ti e Slate pruoo with l ard labor. The Assistant District Attorney Mr Anthcc, the:; moyd for tbe (entente of it.e Court on William Malligaa. eoov ,ttrd of an attempt to aboot etv.oor <U rer Tbe ae roaad was very neatly and gei.teely di wait. On beta* aak< d by ibe Court If be had aay trade be re plied that be waa a oooper by trad a, tot bod not workel at it for yea's Mr Jaa. T. Brady state ! tbat la tbe al>aaa<-e of Mr. Boatee-I, abo was engaged :a Brookljra. he desired to ?ay. though he took no part la tbe trial, tbat tbe eoortc Ilea la illegal aad palpably wroag, aad can Id aot be soa laurJ Tie .adtctaMet waa "for aboot lag at aa olf.eer, Mr Oll?er. wltb intent t? kill." The 'odtotmaat rhargea tbat tbo pieto' waa dlacbarged. aad tbe oeavtrtloa wae for tbat efteare. but II wmia etr ike every one who beard tbe trial, aad who kaew tba nature of tbe Indictment, tbat tbe J try era Id not preteo 1 to lay tbat tba pletol wae dttebargtd. I' tae iury had ooovtctod hfai of aa latant lo abuet, or of au aiicirjt. that would have baea quite d'ftereat. Tba Indictment explicitly mated that the p'? u : bad been discharged, aa l be therefore ocateDded that t lie r?<0T 'ct.on * aa il?-*? and oou.d not be ma olaineri. He ibtre'ore aaktd tbe Coart for a Hay of pro wadiags la ?rd?r tbat tbey o gbl more for a new trial The tat net Attorney npfvcasd tbe motor, aad aa'.d that tbe rentes or ahoaid ite paaard at Uxla tarn of tbe Uonrtof Oyer aad T?rrn;ner Mr Brady r great* 1 tbat tbe Coort onuld adjau*n uatll tbe rtoeiatnti sf tbe gearral term waa given Afteradiaruxaloa on tbtapoiat .ludretoold aaM that tbe law wu aot vladictive ;.ad tbat Ibere wae do haete ab .nl tt the yery "bet that It ?? a ? :pr*ni? power, with which Hx re i an oreientloe on tbe part of a rltlien. It tbe yery r'-aact) why it afcoiild be careful to 4? no wrong. Tba lav knraa n?tb dk of pre.ullc* aga.nrl any laJlrl '.'tal ao Baiter what the onamunity may think of b m The .aw cor. t iot ? h id aad ?enteneee bin after a fa'r aad mparts' trial, and not by bta graoral character Tbe Qmrt did not 'here ?aa aay t <?-eee ty fir bta: ? 'n tb?e? ;? r>*w : nr* and f there wae aay 'arcr a .be renteooa wbMb he should p?eo upon tbe prisoner l at nuukf prepdloe b? r-gbt, be tbvjid n,t Teel ? ?railed la <1 'acbargtag ioa\ duty. If it wonld by aay meaaa preiudlse the t' .tiara ryht* or anr right* tbe preoarr niay be eotnled to. I nder tb'> aog . atioo of' be i-ludge < . saldj would bare no fatal i at. or. of sJjouralsg the eo in. even !f be were on .gal t>. none down a^ata thm tbe oOSSS on wo'.irf rsall dor It be wo\altf fearl<wr!y dtaebarge bw doty, an : 1 * n I imperat vaty Tbrre wae a' dlJc -Ity abo.t tbat {ttr aw. t*ne- w*? lofarrad nnt'l %iur<!ay Fx ledge Pt.lli pe tbea at p e.1 |-> adO t M : fit to bail Tbe Cotrl ?ai I tbat abou i be 4<.ne ty naheaa csrpna. an ! any '.titer Indge ontiH h?ar tbr appl -attor After n?e rttarntawm Mr Ready ea 4 UmI aN fnen who w abed to bae<< the laara adn.ibiatered i^operiy aa l de cently * aid ?al tba force if h.l li'iaor * remarkn, t ut, tl we ware going to reanlre oarar'eea into a oomrr -a ty to ctrmie I ya h law upon ai adtyt< .ai, ifcat waa one liiiog if tbey were to baye tba laera adann.etarod la the true to which 'be Court bad raferrH, with d.galty aad lapartial'ty, that wae fferaat " "a'fht be that Mr Malllgaa waa oiiject.ooahie to a large porttoei o' tbe oom m .any dc did aot .ltibt tbat. I r be t?4 beard empraa aioae I row. aomo of be par Ilea .ta led ae jnri.rt wh cfc iad hi* to believe tbit tbe aorraaa waa tba r h(?ot of a . real deal of ptf dire lbe api cat on lo ha.: wakw'tb*a?a. an-' lute cca? remanded >>ati: .-'aturda/ a<n Ite .nd.rtneat agnlret J? n $ tnaafclr Bar' Malar, for aooepMag I legal reaa. waa qoaabe. ?? tbe aame aronads aa argued la otber elm ar caaae Ad,< .rnad to %ttirday aaxt. Moaa <fi> tm ?< mrp fUt^i ? oe W Wt te, ? ' v ST> ? <ak, ordered lie New Yorb bra* ere W:m*ew, <M?r A Oa., to bey b.a tveaty ibarea at New fart and New Rare* Ra:ln>*1 Mbk befbre tb? -tcfci >?r *r?-1 eaaie oat Tbwy I'd an la tba'.r own nam**, aal bad I ?raa?ferryd lo ttem Ekfore tbey eocld traa*f*r t to Vbita, tbe fraud waa exposed mi .fcasfcnk "aa dla soyered to be of the fraudnl?nt Mne Wi.itr who bad I |.y>a bis ebeeb for tba maaey, sac ' to reaoyer It MMb. aad oar Rassrtov Oeurt baa yaat daatded ibet is ooahi aat 1? i --Vat Vmt* i Jwrim I, Vtt V LIFE ON THE ROAD. The CtDtral Tark. Bloomicgoaie ami Barlem Lauc oq ii Indian lammer Afttrouon. The Mania for Fa?it, Showy and Saddle Hordes. Our Fast Men, Our Fast W omen and Our Fast Horses. JOTTINGS BY THE WAYS'DE. The Bcuners. the Vanderbilts, the Ho wet and the Durkeea on a Grand Trotting Spree. Thf lilon, U>c Belmont", (be CrkvtM; and (be Dajp L?lltar In tbe Cciirtl P*rb. TBE PEOPLE Wr TOT BRIDLE ft BAVD, Jkt.i be. Per <?_? Iubm t?TC been fi..-od e'er .ret ttc aereir'iltng o! ite WTcm! nat onafnominat ng cocienVoo* 'eat ?rt og w;lb the oioTcmc at- of tb? politician* big and little. W? bare given tc the worli tbe. r *p*ed, Ml brc Uil r'*? of eidr.raiice bet tfc?*e pb oaopbert, like everything rice r th'.i world, r.ave tad their lay, their time and aeaaon c pa?*ed. and many c; there have a. roa<ly gone Into ob*c -rlty . or .c other ? irrir, died a pol tical death other* have -a*t of! their polireal apparel ?r.J have left the fie. 4 of action thorough. y vent la^ed and >e a eollaieed cond t'or. I?avicg them to the enorsient of a abort ?eaaon of peace anj r.niet w* will t~rn our attention to another quite numerou* eta ae n its city who are dally to be found on the faat and fkrbionab:* drive* about Vew York, and devote a charter or two to ibe r *;ec a iraric* and pecnlarit'e*. A n ranger 19 the tty worid he led to oe leve. firm the ineeMan*. and never end ag crowd c. >o*er Broadway every afternoon ibat all New Yont bad centered there, an J that the gay and ra?h;onable. the loafer* and poi'tlclani, the rleaecre -leekrra and borne* met. were all magi*- torelher n the hal ter ikelter crowd tfc*t turong* Uiat tho resghiare of as afternoon lb.* licemnt am of team* cart# aol perfeetrian* only revel* ibe but neat life cf tnt m<-troj olit, or ratber the ret k lea* r.ruggle tbat In going on n our nr.ldet alter the -'almlgbiy do.jir. ' It la nere*?ary to torn frjm tbt* ?rene and epetd a da; at Central Park anil K o-imnsgdale tc under rtanri the real life of Kew York. Here can be ?etn tbe m?c who. whi'at to Prrad vav, wear long and I .laxieoe lace*. Mated ,n all tn*nn< ' of veo.cle*. many of th?rr holding tbe r hboo* t > a r i jet a pair of bora** as money ran U.g.tber In abort, >t ia tn? locality wbert v??York wealth goe* to have a general ipree, ?mder the plea that their baaltb demand* si. Tbl* * tbe 1 retort of Uir aiiowi and soberly -eepoctabii gin edge I ? outage*. who move a: mg n a prcod and haogbty nan j aer? the da iv v?<tlng place of tie lover* of tb? tar atd I fbney boreet, who delight In te*t ng the speed of tbe r nag*? all for the r health Here, too, m? be recn the waving pi -.mte >f tbe fair ?i ,ieatr ?n? u* ibey move atoct * tbe buay thrueg of ?, ai. tr ng ug u> (fMMr. MakiOf tb>- pkaaaaat aii*aitariCR drive* oi lae Oalnl Park *?<?. the lo Wo or P?wm! ngdale a jvrfe ; living phnor?ir,f , ireaeutirg a aiaae t..? m *t be alt ) *e?icd tc be Inl y real. ted. H re mon like leaner, Van d?rb'it, Pay. Ifcrnham, B?.inont anl 'help* ro to work ot tbe r tx'.rn eteam, c ea- th. r train* and ocprovetbeir tb for tbe rantlLC of daily ti'iainet*. B oon lng<la!e ba* .ong been tli* fanioai re*' rt for the Inver* 0' tbe taal and (anoj nage, aid wore all tb< *renoe fbn' bare tranrpire'f tb?re k> be recorded i n&j would | re ?eat a ?"r:rr n' rhe^ierr lar more latereet rg ?b?L aoyth;cg fcM been wrltt/o f'.r . losg l ir.e. Tfci* p^ular dr. re uM b< ??(?, tier iifin of a jirtion of It* glory during the a?t rear. The rpenlsg tbe Oentra! !ark ha- drawn off a)! cf tbe ?bt>wy *cd Motri; rapectable c.a-a 'nto t!io pit it Mt i drlree of that new pp .u reacrt, earing Sjocm.bgrfa e <itder tbe eway of tbote wei trie* eet bcraer as 40 oat to spread l^eaacker Oce year act al BtBLcr of rebie * were to be neen tbere, from tbe I "ejder wag n ' ti it e egai' "Brejk, ' ag toge. tber Id t genera: confusion bet djringthe faahiaaabta j lrietct 1.0 :r* the fail gen; ernes B ? hire tbe al>* to 1 ttemr< !rm. wfc it tbe otbar claM ate to beaeecwitfc . toe.r we 1 cspar.*' ce<i ateoda irieirr about c not. | meaaured an I prase. ng (a;', 'n the leatral i art Many ! or tbe ibowy turnout* '.bat are oow to be aeeo 00 tbe road aboro Nineteenth street paaa tb rough tbe 1 'astral Park, and come oat at SeTrcty ft: atreet, 1*. ttcad of with tbe faat nag? c tbe lower and of tbat road It is new pretty eerutc thai tbe main dr.TS .a tbe Para wt! be completed tu a eeaai.n to tbe spper tad, cr where it nlereeet* with tbe old Bjaton road, fo thai tb' upanjig ol next season will preaant tor tbe |af I .moutf a loaf dr .it x tba Park aad fvrnlab aa opportua'ty to T.iit tba li >rb Bridge aad other pla-es of interest .a tbe :pper end of Maabatiac iuid w tboit being compelled ut bare (heir nerres shocked by faat Orlrlag on aJ atdaa of ibem It will likewise b* tbe mala reacrt for ail wbo to t an Harlem laaa. The cine ng of tbe no Tark track may force ibem 10 open another c tbe vicls'ly of tbe lane, la which eTect Bloom uigdaie will preseat a eompnrat'fely deserted ar:>?arar-s. Tbe faat. fancy and atyilsh taraoclt w II be se*o eiscre.y paaaiag ttro^h Mi ma.a drlre of tba "ark when at the nppar ead DM I fhat driver* wlil dodge oC to llarem aae, acl there try l be mett.e af tbeir steeds. whist the gay tnraot t? will either i'.rn .e tbe otbsr d.ractloe aad ria.t u>e H gh Bridge, or ela* ratraw tM:r steps to Ut <c*er rad of tt.a Park. Tbe r a#t lessor naa osee mp-Lte^ ty if numerous owners of fhat, she* y an ! aa-l lie boraea. Tba ncmber of abowy aad aeddie Loraaa tt ocrtaae^ t>eya'i a.! preoadeaoe Tfca nrreaae bar r?t beer a^na..*'! la . tbla ar aay eUer city. Tbe o-pa'ar g-r?- t"1 tblt moda 0; daplay by tbe tpanxg ct tbe Oebir* : r*ai< oa? bad tbe et!aet to ?: r it 'Mt fuahibotbla | world to tbe very botton , u d Ibero arc many rremo altloa* .ng a pre para. ,?? far tba ti,m.t.g aeaatc tbat w.U far 11 ead aayth ag thai haa tier beet, w uieae"! a | the driving an 1 r.d.rr iua oe tu Weatert coct.aaat. in. r. ? craa. t "?? +r'tf ( ranrbaa < ' r,ua aaar ii ;r . Inj tbe year :'?? baa.- '?**- ? <?* ? ? < ? fceac nc&,at.(l aon'ea wv hata been ?g?g Sc* a aa . ila j an ma. or a pair of (irane nc anJ (bowy Uraea ara new | isok.Bg about fat ti raea -c 1 t tbeir laat^ w tb the de tarmlnation U ll are 10 tbe fa and ptraje oc tbe faat: j nab. a Arltn abo.t tba c ty nei aaa?<?. Tkera baa bees dn? 04 the paat *ee? t taic^ar tbr >wt ever tbeir oa ruiat oBr by tlaaaoM oa new* rroc the f.ttb T*o or tbrte .i.tiMiee* ba<* son i und?r 00* jbaertat 0 'b tba paat week wberc trderi for bo.-aa* ar.i tiarneaa, prariioaly ma<ie have caen c jar. t- rmaod ed oa aco? at >f tba dara -pemectii a.cetbo m j Sot t?:y are Jbr wia.tLy, ?hnae prearnt MrtLtee wl ' [?rm t them to tpaud tbe b auie of U.e r day* .0 eaae, t re parte f f -* ir ueaera' taruoct on U>e ?*ark,b ;*? Do ' tr any of vtaae wb bare leeote UMir I'raa tc [ ta r*T7 Abort . job ing a^croi for a aad? e bor#? w tt whlcb Uttpeailbt.r laitara ite aeMoa af 1??I. - The ? ioc aa tbat ana or tba TVfcti*', Lae rru w tt na benebaab haa lal two or tbrae other* -oaarte^ witb tbat eatab lab meat to alrady ? mmeoor a a?-"m rf Ire aona for tb* fatora mnyment of ib*'. baa'ib'cl ei? *f ae !*or ara tbe TVt ?a< pbUovsphen U<* oaly perm r 1 oa lb* edliarlal atall af tba "ty tb\t an to be ee?? aa t n bask. Jaa it tbe editors cf tba ? ? >"a?n ?ia baee or laU kudr'.bf tbe aUttaia aad me wtr a gootf rlJar, with aa aailona dealra to rap?** t a h?a .t. Tb* patroaa of tba r.dea aad #r:r?a a?o.-t ;ha e ty ??* d Tided .ate dtatlnct 1 Maea, w thai! tbe m?rkr sf graJea and IMlantoa tbat are ao anally tra ad a oticmca m. ?,:* if m4 aay p*** wbe hofea te be gm <)r?w? aa a mi b?r of either ciaaa out observe All the ro'ea, and ?ever v.olate toe regulations of etlquotto 1*1(1 down by liens. To be received In good society a ssao mutt at least conduct himaolf I'ke a gentleman, and a per iod to be counted ai oee of Ute flret ola'i oo be road moat be equally circumspect aa to his deportment. A do vice who actcre the liat of drlrera rtry bom flnda bu Ural; if he happena to be a peraou who baa aU the fcror I ablo marks about him md conduct -i himself la ? proper | manner, be la acknowledged by all aa a worthy coopetl , tor ; but . on the other hand , should he show himaelf to b# | a careless driver or attempt to run hi borse, be la taa - , dlately cat and receives the unmtstakeable slgna that bo la not couriered one of their olaaa, and tb?y will not 1 drive with him. ! Il.e soberly rtepeciabio turnouts receive the appeila j Hon of the aristocracy on tho road, and torm a aeparate and d.atlnct clam by tbemielvea. The neit 11. grade, wb! b omo c'j m is being the flret of all, are the ownera oi the fleet hor ea, or membei of the Kim Park Assoc a tioo, rucli at the narper', Yasdorbilt, Bonner, Whitloek and Ilowe. Toe neit cl are the frequenters of Harlem lane, and still another grade are to be found on l be now track opened tlila aummer between First ant -ocood ait nues known . i the Ked House track, where there are numbers of sale tables, and horse trainers go to ours their bet es In piepai. tlon lor .. general splurge somewhere el*e. There are also a number of other separate classes who keep oy tbemsclver. although frequently seen on tho road, bsvuif seen enough of the ways of 10 oo derstaud their real place. All of theao dlflorent d? valuta have .heir favorite rooting placea, and are aeldom to bo teen stopping anywhere clae. The cquettr ana aeem to firm a world by themsaivaa, an! arc rapidly Inoreaalng in numbcra, already oecom.og one of tLe marked featurea of three reacts*. Tue> are, la fad, one of tuo moat sttractlva features of the Park during the alt?ruoon. Many are known to visit that lo cality Tor no other purpoao than to wltnoas the display made by the tsndreda of horseback ridera that can bo seen there any pleasant afternoon Whilst it must be ad m.ttcd that a i?rnon nan see all tho awkward ridera that be may desire to, there la no denying the fact that there are many graceful equestrians that exeel tb<?e to bo fumd n any other section of the country, and Uie sum - b r la rapidly increasing under the dlaclpllne of our lead lug riding aoademleo. Thla seamn has witnessed a marked Increase in the number of oqneatrlana about the city there *, In fact, a geaeral stampede In tnat direc t! on, and blooded saddle horses have met with a quio* and ready sale during the put aeaaon. Alargi number have been brought from Kentucky and aold for from renr to eight hundred dollars per bead. Tbero la a great deal of anxiety joat now with tbooo whom we meet, bridle In hand, In regard to ibosaodo that the Comm^atonera of the Central Park intend to ilntah the bridle road now to far under way . Every per eon In the babtl of riding in the Park expresses bat one opto on as to the atyle that it ahould be completed, and all denounce the Idea of giving It the hard, gisaallko fln.ehti.M hu been the ease with the carriage read*. All agree that it ahould have at leaat foor Inchon of flno gravel or sand oo the top, and that aaa sand would bo preferable to the bard flntah. Tho hard flalsb they do rlare part colar'y t> urlous to tbn feet of borsee oaed for rquealr sc purposes, they needing a softer track than for drlvirf Wc learn, however, from the Commlsa.ooeiT , that they have ao Idea ot giving It a hard t.meh . Altbo igh not fi I'y settled upon the mode ot preparing U>e bridle read, tbpy are at presort talking over the lea oi plac:r( from forr >o six riches of Ian bark oo tbe pound ed st'.nes, and foi r or re inchos of gravel on tbe top of that. Whether thla or rcme other plan la adopted, they reem to he determined to mak- the bridle road every way avltel to e<; ""rtrlanlsm ? an eTetotae that w be coming ao popular lt to make It a narked fi atnre oi tbe Park. There it a moat da'Iy evidence of the -vlsdora of the ar ? iiiUnt-lu i U'.ef In preparing a aeparato road for tie home ' back rulers The Immense cr>?d that gather at tbe , Central 1'ark oa Saturday aTtcraoons aires ly makes it oxooedlB|ly diffieoTt for <b* equestrians and n itier^'ia carrng'S to move about without danger oa tbe rune ' road, and coder the rapid increase gsleg >n in thialioo | two years from now will see all tbe rides and drive* of the Park .;rowded to their utmost r.apas'ty, rendering all | the objcctluna recently raited that tho drives were cm - stri cleltoow'.de ss ao much mmnahlne. We believe, on the other bind, Uiat thoy will be found la-< oi7o? tor the numcro'j* vel Iclrr thai will be found there from time to tint and tbat the bridle road, although oountruoted ^epaiate aid dlattoct from tbe drlvoa, aed Dot croaalof lb em on u.e Mine iln?? .0 ary place, will be found madc ? uaie to tbe want* o' iboee who appear ? cVmI Tbe I impetui that haa been g'ven by the opetnng of tbe Park I to r ding and dr'.v'.ag ??*? already brought out a larfar n rat bar la bm rlaii' i than ?aa anticipated for yew* to come, and the cry la atll! tbejr come The Elm P*i k Pleiif ure Ground Ajmoeutloo It ?4UI la ei;- t?oc\ with tbe ?ame officer ? U it It bad lan year. Tbe death 01 colonel Thome, the per oa from whom they Icaaed tbe grc ode fbr tbr r (rank, b.ia readere<l t proba ble that the track w!U be cot op,ai?n<#t any day aid they d^pr.vedvf ta oie. The offlceie of tbe aaaadatioa are now look ng ibout for .nother amiable track, t.od tbe propoeltioa haa been broached to apply for a track >n the Central Park, ad a oertata aw bo paid to tbe e.ty for tbo nao of it. Tbair pre rut drive la la Nlaotiotb atreet, near Bloom .ngdaJ<\ and no praiu Ik allowed admittance en leaa bo la a member at tbe iMiclatio*. They are aa par t.cular aa the Uaeoa n fratr rally to exam la tag tbo aota c<"de?to of all pp1 aan for aaemberablp. Tbeee gen lie men altbough aeon with the fcaMu* 00 Bloum agdaie, form quite a eparate and d tat tact ela?a. Tbe aa ember* of tbl* aoclety nra .ably bold the retaa ibem-eirea, aad keep ho. aea for their iieed oof ibm abow. Speed la , tbo lint quallSeot.oo that girt- them tbe value la tbetr eyea, aad if with apnd they have baaaty It add* to tbe.r, at ao heraa la looked at by tbexe goeUeaaen, it matter* not bow atyliah aa aaimai be naay be, aalaa* be la rioat. Ikera baa been for a long tlaie a foaerai oomptaiat noa'jig from all tbe frequenter* of tbo road aad Park about tbo rough roada that tbey are oompeiled t > paa* ov*r to r*a:b the r favorite drlvea, through tba eegil gecor of the city aulhorltlea, wbo aeom ta be abourbed .a Japan"tn rterplnaa, or aome otbar qeeatl >o of like !? portanoe to tboai Tbe upper cad of Broelway ta alaaoet equal to a regular Michigan oorduroy road, aal la raaily not only cacomfor table to drive over, but langa roue , with a aplrited boroa. Tbe oaly ro>;W? that baa boea aayway de eat to reach Use favorite drtvee baa been ap Pt'th atrnoe t< tbe eervo.r, aad liiea eroaa over to Broad way yet here a a piece of mad tba ta a >1 igrare to tbo city , ar 1 a irtil to b'.ndrad* that are daily nompetied to drive over It, and It 'a a wfi.der ho? ao many cari ag o paaa that roato ? ibo?t brraatag do?*. Tnere la, how ever, a totter prjape-t way t <wa ?x?e?here a UK faturc. After dragging lb ? mvt r eloeg at It* alow leegih for a rom > r of r >itba, v J\n av<*a<yi ta at soogtb graded from Fori/ *< mi4 ? M<t? t m 1 ????>01 two 11a of tbe pavoi'.^awto Fifty naith atrert at tbe unraar of tbo Pari., aad tbo orilaanoe baa p*a*d b b ?ra: .*aof the omir.oB Coi.a< ' providing for ta eg paved w ih H'jm pnvemeat, which w!li, robabiy, tn Uie *ir*o of bnaaan eve nta, If tba 1 n on .a r ot dtaaolved bo oom|.:?t<*f at the inaa of it- preaeLt century Tb matter baa boeo aa ler way long enoogh to b.-.'ai. ap a do^mi ,uat au 11 roada, | 1st at. oerer b a It togkaigia :<eara ao be bta | owe tlaia. Our - pper toa aa 1 bet men ? ?t tM ?ay; | :t they 'va loag ero :gh ib?y will be able, proMbly to drive to tbe Centra Pat o er a gtsxi /lnaa pavem<*et | without any la.ary to tS?'r aervoa or oarriagca. Tbo waij. et on of t. e fifth avaooe t<. tbta p nt *ul ? make the iflh a- raoe aa I f lfl> n<alii nreet antraix of i tbe l ark the favrr to ?ntraooe for ?ot 00 f tie abowy tura r<-ita, bat* the rqreetf ana aad faat btooda It *a, la fact. reaJl. tbo trao 00 tract- for aay poraoo ih-vt daa.rea to e?e all port.oaa of tho Park to aa id% aataga. By go tag a at that ?tranoe a orana oaa drive over all the drtvea aad eee everything of inlereat without going twioa crter tb* ia?' road b< will have a -.low aad aaderataad tbo p aa of the Pai< bailer than can be obtalaed from aay otbar vraroo. *a nan mhij predict that tbe lower ea I of Rtoomlagdale wll '>e aim oat I mined wbeo lb* Hfth avaaoe a oarrpiet-d, aad tbe real llfo of that roe I will be f t ad above ?j;hty alatb atreet. Tba tide 'a aa< eeatloaabty tura lag agaioat foat dr'vtar, aad tb* dlapaattloa to drive atyllah boraaa aid m appear la tbo * addle n faat laklag ta place. Already etyle ac 1 aatloo 'a boraaa are laklag tbe p>e*e ofajeed Tb* arMocra y ar* laortbg the drive*, aad ar* *eaa mov'af a yrar a tb* Caatrai Part, wear* ?p*d a pv

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