Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 27, 1860, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 27, 1860 Page 5
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Bad Ibuod cuameroa Intercourse' Wul they not taatst that South Carolina shall at least be pat oa a fooi tag with Liberia and Hayttf W II they fill t-> pjrwtv > that, m tbe t xtraord nary ?iiorM to eti*o>ra?e in taroourse w.lti the froo ct^ru Suum arc a devi i? of * M> Ution'sls to undermine (N.-ery, to their eiclmioa Tton trade with a Blaveboldlog $t*te nuit have ths wie ob Jeol and end; e?)*?,i?iiy *hea that *tate bad ba ;ii ooe of themselves, and bad <?Jy assumed a position ot <te .? i *1* ii to aave this .iistltulun from a medtWUU overihro* K the Southern <Hau? are prepa-ed to lend themselves to the schemes of the abolitionists for their d ?etrintlos, thee they will tolerate suoh legislation aa tola Bit w* are satisfied that they are prepared to aabmlt to no av>- jj Mtrageous tyranny. If proposed In Congress, It wttl'inly hasten on that consummation which overy Sou'h fjaroli a Ian leal res? a (Southern confederacy. Kmbar* .oa ant th* abolition of ports of entry, failed in 17 H m Isolate Boston and the provinces of Sew Btglanu tro'n toe sym pathy and support of their sister colonies, and tboy will feul not less siguaily If attempted in 1*40, to mpirate South Oaroima Irom Iho sympathy ar-d support or tue Ban the rn Stales. ALABAMA. IKTTTR F*OM GKWATO* TIT7.PATHICK. Governor Fitspatriok baa published a letter in the We twaplca Enquirer, lo reply to a note addreaaed htm by a few of a la ooaatiweou living in Auiauga county. We aony wbat the lloot.-o nery Atxrtuer calls the mil im portant portion of !t below. After enumerating tij<? ag sessions of abolitionism, and proving thai Lincoln tod Bamlir are committed to (be policy of slavery extermina tion, fee conolodes thus ? 1 think It (He to them Cut an opportunity ftsr a fall ??4 Tree interbank of opinion should be given them bi Hire any de-lded aotli-i: v;' rb ra?y iaVStVe tbo hilar* of ?nr otBtmoa ouse. I would, therefor*, advwe thai tho Coo vet t ten, which is rooa to meet osd.-r the resolutlona ?I the feat UfWhlhr*! afaaoM (e(?* t a number at mar beet men to asset and eosfer w<ih onnmis ?toners from the other Slav* States to aa>?rteln and re ?Mnmond what la bast to be don*. The authority ol these mm I ia loners extending only lo aa Interchange of Infor mation as lo the r:x>bable nouree of act tue desired by tela and the other Soeiheru rotates, ihlaoonm w.vild not at a. I, a* 1 ooneelve, t* violative of the fctsemi constitution. Ibnc oommls^'.oaerB should say for Alabama. that while tte cherished r union In whioh tba rights of her etthNM voder tiio constitution would be respected, she did not veoognlse snifc a Union in an admtetotratl'ra c imposed of JJaeoln and Hr.mlla, with Sumner, Wilson, BurUngame and eiddlags :or their advisers, wt.o neogala* no consti tutional ob'tjations on the Babiect of slavery, bet ad ?pt the "higbe; ' w 'and ''irreprear:bie oonflist'' as their rule of aitlea. and look to the fanatical worshippers of John Brom for approbation cf tbeir ofll; al conduct. After ibis conference and the in'ormillon tfii't obtained, Alabama will be bettor prepar'1 for onoert- j and ellec tlVvi actlr.g. In the event ?.'f dlisolutton I vrould prefrr the Houttcrn Stales should ull go together, and if uaanl alty caeaot be obtained, thee I deilre a aafi'.clent num ber of SutcB should go out to insure a new confederacy ?ble to giva protection against ag frees 'en, come from wbat charter it may. Tbeee are my vievs of the matters Inquired of In your letter, arilvod at alter mature re floe Don. BEX. nr/.PAtRI JK. 80TCSN0B MOOKl'R LRTSH TO TO* F'JnST CONrKK TION Of ALAB4MA. Kiiittim I?sr*KTvssT, Vov. 16, 1S63. I iave the bonur to acknowUdge the reoeiot of the declaration of opInloLB al ( tod by the L.aptis'. tjtateCon Tcsnon of Alabama. I fully agree with tit* Convention '.n the opto ion that "lium the admintstrstlon of the federtl government (Lin ?Din's) as things are? with reforeaeo to our peculiar pro pot ty rtcf'gnlsed bv the oonstltutioc? wo can no longer ?oope for justice, protection or oarety." I thank ths Cjq Teutlon In my own name, an tin the nane of the gre*t and sovereign State of Alabama, for tho patriotic senti ments contained in their proceedings, anl for tbo appro priate, dignified and Chrliltaallko manner in which they are expressed. Such noble rnrtmcn'-a, cm muting, nnaui aaously, from an anemblage of Ccrlelian men, wlU carry With them a meral '.urcie ?ad {Kiwtc that wtti do much good in Alabama, la her presses: ?mers<'Qcy, and aorvo ti. oonvlcce the MmMI that tno same MM which dlsaolved the unlca of the oburchca North and South will have a aimltor eflec: upon the Colon of tho Status. A. a M30KE. THE FEEDING CUT TEXAS. Oor Texas 'iei ahoir the es'.aieLeu or BtMBCMpttt lecling of rrsiatanoe tc the goiernmecl wheu It eh*:i pet* tain republican handc Ic cany of the c >unt'oe irret' MMitf feclliiif 1* re-resents to eT,st Tho 1 one Star flag MBMMH 10 be rtls. .1 Ml eaructl app ?? are Kit ? to Ibe Governor to sail en extra aaaaion of tbe I.ngisla tare. In some caste demonstrations of a determination to Ml a lepenileot'y of ary other State ire MCltatel. thongb the more ceaservatfri portion of tbe warm Stete right* nwa accm to prefer staking a cinaot oaoec w'.th outer State*, doinc nothing raablr, bat not fal'.log behind tbn*e Koat enrne?. for 1 1? defence of Southern rlftl* Any movement ic Texas tc^mi to hinge on t>.c a- '.ton of Cot Uoucton, an! hi* dt termination la awaited wit)- con siderate anxiety. I rirr. ;be tote of bit ep*ecteo ri at the (Mt of the ?>W, M appear* to bo averse tc coll tag the Lrgt* ate re, the. jh wo should net be surprised to find titm giving way before tbettrecgtta of p> pular de no castrations. SENATOR ?NTHf)I7Y ON THE PERSONAL liberty bill of rhode island. [Froaa tbe Providence Joarnal, Ksv. SS. I Aoeordmg tc tbe Post, the groat outrage of "Morthom fanattnem' open Hootb rn rifbt* has f uad lta shlof ox prwion in Mm Personal Liberty iillla wfakb, in oc? chape and another, have bees on tbe statute booke of sone of Um- Nprtncrr r'tate* Ifrfore hair our reaier* ware born. Tbe?? new. tte Frs I argues, show a hoetlKty to Mx rath so bitter sad unrelenting that there is nothing very sir pricing in the of South uarollaa At we bare always opposed these laws, we are an lor no necessity fbr defecdiog them. Dm law* that tre in ternet for ti.e protection or irre men from be. eg kid naprodj will not, we tu| i?se, be objected to even by the organ* nr Use democracy Iht lamtka' amnO-r^din any ?uay r ? unptAt tfte tBruim of an act of Omgrtf- ant jronj, m*i we Mac vrn'ormiy ?p<m I alt rucA ma :mtnU. Tbe P?t says ttet laws of this klad ??bare been canted In ele??n <>f the freo MM, and by repuili^ta Lag! air vu re* I at a* *e*. Wo W.U not paaa into tbe oxaictattlon of this leglalaltoa cottar State*, although we belSare it will be found that half then* laws wars ssaetod before t ae re pub ioaa party wao Tamed. We will look into the ono that meet oonotrae us, and the only one for wti.oh any party in this State ia reaponsib e Tbe Personal L!b?rty bill on cor atatute hook was eaactel la M4?, ocrtalnly before tbe repubUto party Wl* formed, ant joat when the deoerretlo party waa about to divide into regular de n>uc rata and free collars. It paaaed the Ptna'.u wilfcoot a ?all. In the fiaooe tbe ayca and noes were ordered Tb??e.> ?*r MtaMMMM Hjw : , l ;b. y vuie. With what ii-animur did they record their vnioea agaiuat tbla outrage ef "l.irtbern faDattclim'" * ilh wntt *o!td strength dll they vindicate the right* or tbe stoctfc and repudiate tbla "Incendiary leg'ulathia." Ttlrlecc of tbeaa voted for tiie bill, and ouly two ags'.oat It. Had th??? tb <t?*n voted agalcat It the bill r ml 1 bare k*en lent lb* vote eux.d:? Ayes, W whig*; \t leaao-fata: nays, K wLigat i iomocrati Kore thi.i cne third of tbe whign vote ag ios! and leaa than a at-uoth of tbe da tnrrrate And nnw toe Pott denonnces thle bill, pasted twelve yoora ago ty the aid of democratic votaa? votes Indla^naacle to It f x?iagf ? uid boiaa it uf a* an ari dete e 11. at tbe admxiatrat'on of Aorakaac LiMoln Will ?ot be^ast and erur : ?? i, > J )uth. T?< fallowing are tbe lemucrau 'Has unea ween reunified aniibg li.-j ayes: ? \rtel !U. ja. I./man Bur MafMiK1, of Cuatoar^nd ; Knooh Brown, John d. Djrpeac, of >?rita 1'rovtdesr . ; Taonaa Budatn (iideao Braiford, Kn. r K Sjoltb, S'elaon B. leooaee, Rooert Cirrta, of NmitbHeid; I eckbaoi, Oyraa ParoaK, of dmltb fleld ; ibwolved AaVurmaa, of Jonaaton, Job a it. Deog.a**, at, tiiwa. iV Ar.e! Bailee, who bead* tbe list, baa been for years, M k>sg as we have knowa aaythiag aos-jt ptlitm, aa Looorrd and tr jsU-' leader of tb> vtrtr, ba? re^rereatei hie town, when It waa dtmncratM, In both hrarchia of tuo Cencral ArxL-nibly, wa* a PracsleotiU drier in 1<X?. &ad vile I for Pierce as I Kli r, an 1 waa a ?? tr.ber o; tbe Coaventlon which nomiaak d Cuchanan la IKS <;t- e'>a Bradford is sot 'est ??lacat in tfci ooanr'.m if tbe ~arty He also bar teen elected by tbe democrat* to lk>tb brasnhe* of tbe Mural \??em'- y , ac l it ed with d?tisr<*o-i n<i wa? Urn .< Hector of tbe p?-t of Provi dence daiing tbe adoralalra'.loa of General Pioree, an l waa a min.ber rr the Chai leaton Conventl m wbi.:b split epnn l "mglaa and Br*c. ir.rldge Me I* m* the ceci >r (Nitiiaher of U>< Provkleoa /'<?', which h ttig up tbe till b at be v >ted >' >r a* ar. tildauM or tbe lacccdiary do algva ?>( tb" tmili re i ultiwaas. in tbe d? bate en tbe all I "J?e,t!7- war !ed Ir.'r sauel Anxe and Ujcry T. CrtjiStnn Weqoot'! tae toll ? In* axlract* froaa tb* reiuarka ' An< . A a : ,r and Ton du B.iffjm, wlv. wa* long a leading democrat la di...X Bold:-. Mr Bal ou raUl tl *t be hx l no latontl o c* *ay -.g MiytblDg ujioa Lh:. - j '!??? fcekre the Hn<i*e, and hvl vx peeled tc bave riven a a lent vote op >n it, aa he <i?l Wuoa the a<-t waa brfure aa last wlater *rt"r givlag hi* V'Aa there, ht wai lad to U .aire into it* tM*f*t BIM, . sd he oould rot una let tiii oppirtcb j [%s* * iLiut ng a frw r-mu<* *f<'i. it ? i jj- i. Fa tb ><ight lhat it man Joetttetil from what ba l been said op?n thl* au^ert, tha> mtr of-.-rri tun mat a U<'go4, i *Ut t\' aontCt 'ut4>.-r li cm tar m ' (unt.'., ? m ?. TaeoLly I eetioc that rtrealaoo. ai It w :irj-d to b!m, **s a t < ?t' ?b if o.- /* dw ney. Wltbin the y -ar be had bo-? led u altar kls views a* to the pr jpttety ?f passing maoiutloBS la a left* latire caiselty tpoti ILc luije-l r>f r'a -xry. Ta? ioa:k chatg?r1 It* oorie ef aet:na an 1 seatlcira' and inatead of regardicg slavery ar ar evil to be Aopr joatod. but ots wiiat v'i?y could sit r t lb<si*e>> * 9f, t cy ba1 oorn? tc eitol the aalltutlno, and to re to re m u tr L.-giaatturoa aad eiaaauere, that it as* or* of the grsa ? at ble?lngv of society, aad must ?? sctlaliied. for oat he vas n r. wil ling to u?' at, even by laiplicaU mj, to soeb d<->ctr!oea; and hlnor tb : bad avo-* -l U.i !r S?al .itnti openly he deam ed It tK*t to fellow tbelr c: '?? n tbl* rev pact, aril de ?i?re oar awn la lib* aaacer. He abould rote for ibis bill Mr. Bjfro tbe?|>-t tbe de'jUe had Utron a regular , range The abolMMn of alarery btS nothing to M With tbe bill v>'ore til. !'.*? Mi' fr~kt vj o?r nf? ?r* frr<m euri-'inc In rwbtrning fv^Uim U*r.a 1 1 tkai -n ulari A html tmx blU imuting tbe iJouih, he had a arofd to sty. U* tboe;bt tb* Aanib wou d tb'ea a great deal ? >re of ?a if w? Mood -jo here aad voted Rivur . 1/ oir seat! taenia in ftmr af freedom At a ay rate, by a> dnltif we ahoald aveij the appellation n. ?) tughfaoea He thought it vsry eary to tbe oat>*i utiona: ly q'. ?iy m <a 5J*i ?rMssai it had fce-a filed '*af ? uai ?of "jjfj'-i Hiom to awn; m rttUnng fcjitiot Blane this law tor which thirtesn out of afteen <<e&o orata voted in the Uom?, Umm have baae three d?ss ? craiu admlaiatratioaa la thi* -t*iv ani sly tws(tr?tly republican There bave been two AuterictJ rojoblleaas hi d the pi r Mot adoa nlamtioa, which I* oma rvatlrs " V6 mrvem.'t towar ia :he ripsal f the ?er*>s*l Liberty law bar been made The do*onrata have twins had the power to p**s nr repeal lay law, *e m?y i>l*ao*d. In 1 neither year did thay repeal tr mo. Ify it n H.aaJ* now wttb a few verbal aiursti >as, ,.i tbe rovlood at*> iiae t*t 1 a* H pairod bv the aid of Iff -novate, and jtiat aa the tfemoorats, when they had the fUJ p > va ,- to r peal it, al lowed it to rsssaia. In 1*54, when tbt Cenerai Ae*e?h;y <vm tborocghly rrpiibl'raa, er, a* the /*? ?f w.,uld ley, .blati MpabtWaa, a very ruttcal b'li wu tr%l ail dle< wel >t leng'ti After sade'jiief Tfr cW, )? rv oct of th? Howe u follow* ? oe*. nr. radioal, m0 tiiak, far black republicans ? UiinoE wi nmmmPj or lib sax* in cm uai* ( AJMH. 8c r Hod 1. Frt o 'jolored persons of Ifrlcu descent ?w ' ni*' cltluKi of ibis Stele. Hie. Si K?' orjr i iTti who shall oome or bo in this Stato, with ihe '^unseat of his master, or wbo shall oomo or bj brin g>'. ujvolantarlly in lb its Stale, shall be free. 3 Kvery person wbo shall bold or attempt to bo'l ** a slave, any free person of oolor In an 7 form, or under an] pretcnoe, or Tor any time, however short, on convl i t;i?n tboioof, shall be Imprisoned Tor a term not exoeedln* ten years it was rejected without a count In the Senate, and the oli la* remains Such h the history of the legislation of tbls State on ihe subject of personal liberty; and such is tbc ground that the i"cit has for charging the republican party with a disposition to nullify an act of Congress. MOVEMENTS OF THE A BOLTTIONI8T8. [From tbe Havesburg Slate Sentinel, Nor. 14 ) The following letter, signed James Rcdpuh, So notary, was recently received by Gov. Packer, inviting him to participate In the prrpoaed meeting at tbe Trtmoct Temple, In Boeton, on the anniversary of the execution of John Erown. t.overnor P. promptly returned the in vita tlon with tbc subjoining reply, written on a blank page of Mr. Kedpafb's letter:? LIT m TO QOVUWn PAC* KR. Boerus, Nov. 5, I860 Sit.? A number of young men, unconnected at this lime with any organization, but earnestly desirous of devot'Dg them, elves to tbe work of eradicating slavery In tbe United States, i us pec tf illy invite yoa to meet thorn .n a public CDDvcuttoti, to be he'd at Tremoot Temple, m tbls city, oo Mcuday, ihi 3 i of Deoember next, and there tddresa them In reply to the question, so vital to tbe la ter oa is and the honor of our ooiibiry and tbe progress of freedom in the world: " flow oan American slavery bo abolished*" H seems to them that the anniversary of the death of John Brown, who, on the 3d of December, 1869, was killed for attempting to dsoide this problem in the mode that he believed to be the most elfiaieut, is an (.evasion peculiarly appropriate for tue d:s cusslon of our duty to tbe raoe for whom he suf fered, and more eejecivlly for the unfolding of prac tical methods tor achH vlng tbe holy object he de sired to attain by bis descent on Harper's Ferry, \ tr ([inia. An invltallon, therefore, will be extended to tbe eadtrs and represent til vee of all the dlS^renl anil slavery bodies, and to various men of emtnenco wbo have done honor to their own souls by advocating tbe cause of impartial freedom. Every one thus Inv'te 1 is expected, in bis speeches or letters, to ooutloc bliusaif exclusively to the great juostlon oi tbe day, for It woull be a work of supererogation, now, to defend John Brown, and a usoleso waste <f time to oulogise bloc. Leaving both of these duties to the coming sges, let as seek to continue his life by striving to accomplish what he left ns to finish. An Immediate or speedy answer will greatly oblige by enabling us to make tho accessary ar rangements on a plan sulDclontly extensive Kor tue oon.mltteo, JaUE-J REDPATE, Se:rcUry ' coHMnrsa C. W lUdrldge, W D. O'Connor, B J Hlnton, W. W. Thiyer, H. Tord Douglass, I. L. Craigen, J. Fella Uaitln, J B 3m lb, Herbert Gleason, John Oliver, Kdr. ln Coonbs, J H Stevenson, Lewis Hay den, J W lisBarnes, J H Fowler, A. B. B-owue. Ad. Ackermann, James KtdpatV Ib 7VS GONBH.VOB OF PBNH^7 LV i !TIA . 1'. 8 ?This is our second invitation. Please lavor er v.T.h an answer. OOVEKXOH PACKBR'^ RBPLY. E>.ICCt.B Dbfawtmkvt, ? ILtutSBi'M. l'a., Nov '21, 1840. I) :\r? In my opinion tbe young men whose names are ettachfd to the foregoing leller wecld better serve tod tad their oountry by attending to their own buslross. ! J eta llrown was rightfully banted, and bis fate mould ; be a warning to others bavlug stmtlar proclivities. ffM. i' PACKF.S, Governor of Pennsylvania. Mr. .Iasixs Rudpath, Boston. SECESSION PROPOSED FY A RKFOT.MED DOTOH CHrRGH. A meeting of the ooogregation of First Reformed Dutch church In Philadelphia was held on tbe 2X1 lot '.ant for the purpose of taking Into ooselderatloa the projttdety of dissolving their connect ton with the Reformed Ditch cburch. Mr E. Booth was c'aoeen as Presidtut, after which a preamble and NMtoMM were tatrcdncsd by Mr. Kennedy, a member of the oongregailoa, setting forth tbe eaeons for the action of tbe present tneeting as follows ?The oongregatton ha /log, at a rogelcr meeliag cailed for the purpose, duly fleeted Het. Geo. W. Smiley of l^ulsvllle, Ky , as paster cf the churah, tbe C>n?lilo I rv of the church and the Cicssls of Phlladelf bla had re fused to conflrm aald election for the alleged reason of his not strreetug Is doctrines with tbe standardt of the Dutch Relonnfd conrrfc on MM M|M of ihe atcnemcnt; and tbc congregation fcsllsi; dc:ply aggrieved i: tbe avowed reasons Indue pg tbc action of tbe sa*.J judicatories wltb which tfcev are oo-neetod, and hollevlcg their rights thereby lni'rlngjd cf on, therefore it V7as Resolved, Tbat by virtue of auih .r.ty vest?d In tbls congregation, end nclc'njd in section t cf its r.bartor, we hereby do dissolve til ctnnectlon wttb tbe Reformed Dutch rhurch, voluntarily entered into o~ tbe 4ih day of April, 1813 . aid boM orrselves Tree as< Independent of tbe same, as tiiough tie connect loc Lad never been formed It wss further Reeoived, Tbat the secretary of the meet ing be dlreuted te nes '. a copy of ibe stove resolution to tbe President and Sseretary of the Clcwla of Phlladel pbla. Mr Krsnsr" stated at length what be considered to be the pr nslples and pr^ent position ef tbe cburch wKh refereros to ths point tl issue, onieellng tbat the con gregation as a body ? ere entitled to ?:.?relse liberty of oplnHa in matters o." lalth In ooKluslon. ho moved tbe postponement of tbe oonslderatlon of the resolutions until Tuesday afternoon, December 4, at which time tbe oongregatlon will agalo msst to take action, which mo tion was adopted. A resolution r*r)"?rtleg the coaatstory of the obnrah to act In barmooy, V.ib the oonsent of tbe tr flees, in supplying ths pulpit, ustil this qssctlon was pro|?rly adjudicated by a -enclston of the congregation, was adopted, after some disc sat ton, whsa ths meeting ad journed. MEET??;:' Or THB BOSTON BANKS. A MC<RCU or HMSr. [Tram U.c Bnttoo Adrrrtiier, Nor. V> 1 The Aaaoetated Raoii of flu loo kald a meeting it the Clear'ng Hone* oo Qatarday foronwn, to eouiiMr met rarot for aaiatieg ite merc&ante ta me prunl financial erl*l* Daniel I?e?nr, Prcal'.ent of tha Hamilton Bank an<l OMm of tto Aaeociaiioo. preetded rbarl'* <; Kazro, I'reaideDl of lijo North Back and Secretary of Ike Aaeocletloo, acted a? Hecretary. Store waa a falJ allead ance of the banlca e.* kio city A. T. Hall, o' tfcc Tramoot Ban':, -nd Chairman of tke Clear leg Hoom Standing to*nmUk/., | reoeatol the fal lowing report ? Where**, by the rrieo and reratrtlooi of the Clearing Houae At* station It tc provided that the limit of bllla to be paid- by tbn JfMo. bank far balance* due the Clearlnf Hotiae rkall oo! ?-o*M Are hundred dollar! and where aa, aa exltnat-m of U.r.*. Ilm't wool* r'oat y facilitate ?*e bank* In rtndertag tbrt aaalatano* to U>a bt.a<noea MM* muntly which la ao each need -4 at the '.ree-nl in therefore, ReaolTtd, That Ike limit* of btt* to bo la*on at the Dear log Hume la pa>raeutforba4?<.">e to tc nten M a* folic we. viz Uat tte b.ii* of aay of tb ? %*?><? Mtlad h*nL tray be received Id I exldalloa cf their da > uilwiut, inttead of apoele to lb? extent of ,ae half of Mir It. debtenneea, not not to evceed tha Mm via g limit.? Capital of laoo.oac sji under, act ?MMMg *910 *00 " 440 OtO <? ?? 90 000 " ?oo 300 <? - at , oo " 600 0C0 " " 18,000 ?5 800 SOC <? ?? M.OBn ?? 70C 000 ?. - 82 000 ? 740 000 - . " .11 000 900,000 " r,?ooo ?? 1 COO GOC <? ? 40 000 ?? 1. 160 000 - 4. .000 1 AOO.OOC M 000 '? 1 ?00,00fc M ?? 00,000 ? a.otw.ooc " " " 4, HO (Ml " * 100.000 K j? al Rcderaptioa.. 40 #00 Beloik 100.000 Tkl* arrangement to oce'.lo?a ta fort* for Uilrty day a, or ntll othrrww* ? rdartd. ? rata I mil, in fleet- a ree. wae a*??eq *tly doubled ea me'.ton of Mr. Charter < Bali Kt Faaanu* llatar, ef tt I'erj! ?itr Bvak, tobmit trd thefaUowtag propoitttoa a? ? aaMtlla'e ? L ta far utr the <? haagea betweea the ban Ite be loo?; k to the "Clear Hoot* Aaenr-taU i,'- it i a pro poe? .J Uiat aay beak bagging to the Aa.-oc.auoe may iapmt with the Okamitfe ef :h? U< -naf Honooaa ?idiu' of tta Oflcnritiee ta t ilia rws*irabie, ."ailed i*tatia etoc.a. Trraa-ty aotea, I laeaa. ceetta tVata ftoca or }oaca,ek> of neatoa loaoo, to be anprornl 'iy the com mlttoc, aid aaid i ewnwa^fll be t uvhorua: to leans to any baa; ir.aa icg ?vb ? ^oa ? oartuicaua ta ciau of Ore tboeaead ' ii ar* <? h. |e an ai o n', cot exeeellog a-jren -T 4vj j*x nnat of ttsui 4.peaAf pa/t''lj la V Iny laya trom dav r :th utert't at ihr rate't per eeat p r an a m TUi trhole amount >f tha oaruOcatei rklnh the oc mm litre may larae *h..i aot aictsea at any oa? time U.: nam of a. ?? millloa ' !..'ar? i*h? aeNHtiN d?po al?od with the rom.i III ?ran be U Id k; them 'e trutt aa a ?f actal d. poa t, pl? . I fur Uta ra tm tptlatf of the r? ipc.'ire c< mi.. ?!<? umue 1 U.teupon The c*?a raltt? fba. ?b all hare ;-ower, at Use'r d tar ret. i J w de?tn4 ?<!? dltlOLki eecuntf- etlner !iy ei?U*5gin* U.?a e r.'.letxr by :oereaa ng the uaocat >f tha depoatl, nt1 to exchaege any portioa of aalc aecax,tiaa al tkc m; aaal ef ih< bank ma* nr the depoai'. The depnait eerttcratn laened a* abcr* mar be neaf >o the 4a!i| ?? ttleofair "f Urn Clearing uac br a period uf thlrljr day* irom ibe data thereof, eod aha 1 1 be re eel red by the cedltor haafee la the propa-tloa U 7 t :r the ag(rraav< a met ct of the ebu* !>alanoee. Each M'tu-ate, * lb -be later art (hat may ha4" acctsel npaa 11 thall be ,a?d at thi tip ration of iHlrtf dafi from ita date, tnd U >' am net cf Ute lete'eat efcali Iher be ap porttoood amocg the baaka whlah ahali bare bald tike car jiftaale. 2. Tnat the ffve'e beloaghig to Htcti of tt? a*"o elated bank* aball be aoaaldere I aad troat*! a* a ooa -n n fuel for ra:it *1 aid an 1 . and tbr *Cur?Ml ' cc-n m'ttee aka'l hare p- ? er to eqaallre the ?%m? by aaaoee meat or ottiirwiae, at U.t ir 'iac ett-m, ao far ?a it may be aer*-??ary to aeoompltah the ohjesu of tb? forogolag airreemeit Kor that porpoee a*uiem?ot ih-ul be made by raoh bank oa Its mormag of erery day bafor<i tha crtnaxr.oe" set of boalcxea for the day, which ebaJI bo r -nt with the eichaoget to tha maaag'-r of the 0Wl a, Hr -ee, *p?< ifyl'ilf the following Norm, Tta.:? 1 > nount uf I an 2 Amooat of l>?pu*lt. 3 Amoeat of Utrwlaltoa. 4 of tyeot?. A Amount of cUartng H ;w CerllSaateo. IfWr the fliil day of I -traary n?xi erery bank be loej,P* t > the Clear, Houae A^wv-'atlaa aball bare on hti,.: an amo'ot of ipee e eiaal to rrofoorta of too am ion of tu I lab .1 tlm ' r c.rt *t . ao I oepoail ' When ik- eoecle In any b? .k ? b*o# <bal jir .oori io 't thai I aot n?aK? a-* or d'a int* natli Ctl p.-ypoe. II'W of n*et '? ??*?'ed * rnta.r^1 |iw ba:>ir* beiorc't. r w ''itfUi Bona# Affnotatifti ^e'esr ay* o.'d . , ,aK" "fir/in1 ?-/?>*? few * tt 1 1 peri *t, k!i'.r ii*M00 tnm U. Ofefill . ill AtK ,!?? tics, tn violating it. ia agreement la rtctril to the aroo int of lla tpeete. Mr. jAutn 6. CjRjrrv, of tbe Back of Muta?l Re Jo tip lion, said that the ban ks lived upon credit, and a 'ini charged, upon the community. It was that tut/ to sustain the merchants until every energy bad >?eu <x hausted. lie proposed tbat tba specie beld by the bant* of Bo: ton be turned Into a common iloak and tranaierreJ from 01 e bank to tba other, aud thus tbe legal amount of | fifteen per cent be maintained. Tbe banks must discount to bona Ode traders and not to speonlators, and tbe iaer ointlie community be saved, and tbe banks prevented from suspension. Mr C-AiJEn Srnso-t, of tbe Shoe uaJ leather Bank, sal t j tbe Boston banks should not folio* the course of New i York? at tbls time. He was for testing tbe Clearing , liouse method. It was tbe duty of tbe banka to relieve ; the merchants Tttty should not ruspend. Boston banks should maintain themselves as loug as tbose of New York. Mr. $teis>n movei to lay tbo substitute and Mr. i Carney 's proposition on tbe tab.' e Mr. Ba s.n defended his substitute, and said that by it , those banks which bad balances to pay In New York | would be provided with the means. Mr 8. H. Wallst, of the Revere Bank, remarked that ? New York was a creditor city, and that Boston was like . a lake, drained in several directions. Mr. Walloy wished , that a committee of gentlemen had proceeded to Mew York, a-d o >me to an explicit understanding with the , managt rs or the banks there. United the banks of the two clt it shad wealth, strength aod specie enough. If New York VHM only lend us tt 000 000 in S|wolo, or not call upon as for sight drafts, we should weather Um storm easily. Mr. Cakkiy stated tbat tbe bonks should see their speclo reu down U> >1,000,000 before they stopped pay ment. Further remarks were made by Mr. B. E. Bate*, of tbe Bank of Commerce, and Mr. Holies, or tbe Washington Bart. Br rtanno* referred t? ?he fifteen per oent specie law, which be oosside-ed cf t o oonsoquenoe, as there was no penalty attached thereto. Mr Tbaysk, ef the Exchange Bank, alluded to the ne- | oeselty of doing somsthlng speedily for the banks and the Oommnnlty. Mr. Have* said that his substitute would enable the banks to discount all their receipts, aod prove an effectual remedy for the financial embarrassments of the >ner chants. Mr. 8. A T7iv, of the Bask of Metropolis, said that the law with regard to fifteen per cent of specie had been settled, so tbat any bank having that amocot In the morning could dlsoount Mr, of the City Bank, thought the amount of tbe cotton draughts was nearly exhausted. Mr BWaU", of the Granite Baok. said ttot be needed $900,030 la specie to meet his ooligations la New York to-day. Mr. S**rxi. Itooras, of tte Merchants' r,aak, advocated tbe srbstltnte ef Mr Uaveo , eoetendlng that the Clearing House plan was a virtual suspension of specie paymeuts. Mr. J. A. Paw, of tbe SMTolk Bank, read a telegraphic despatch received rrom the Metropeiltaa Bask of New York, stating that things were going on well tn that oily, aal that tho balances la Boston weuld be allowed to ne mrtn, if possiole. Mr. CAKTwar-HT said tbe best commentary upon this Km lee ol the New Yeric backs was the statement of the sident of the Grau'.te tank. Mr UntjOT mo . ed tbat the qeestlon upon tbe motions ot Messrs. Haven a?l Carney be taken by banks. Adopted. Mr. Cautv observed tbat tt e Boston banks couM'nct go on if tbe CteariDf Bouse policy was adopted, but would S'tepend before two o'clock Monday afternoon. Mr. SHiaoa rojolnod that the banks hail no right to suspend, but sfcouli procec 1 to discount to th?ir cnetcm ere. Em bank disscunted te the amount of $n,OCO yes terday. and rew paper solely. Mr W* Ttseir*?, of tbr Webster Bank, thought tt was tbs tirst duty of tbo banks to protect the currency of New Borland Tl.o vote wee ti<-n takra upon Mr Ilaveu's subet;ti2te, and it was rejected ? 2C to 10. Mr. Carney's motion was likewise rejected. Mr Ceaarcr B H/f,of the National Bank, averred that. In <?rder ?c sfforl aDy ai commodtMoo to tte public, it w?s r? "esrary to increase tbe amountef tho settlement in bills at the Cl*tr'sj Bouse. He therefore csovci that the sem<tated tn tUe report be doubled. The motion was adopted, and the report of the (learinf Rouse Ounc mlttee, as amende ! , was passed, thirty ban < voilsp 'n tbe affirmative, and oue ? tbe Mutual Redemption ? la tte negative. The folio- leg roe 'lutloa ws- also adoptedi? Reeoved, That the Associated Banks of Roe toe ' elieve tt to belbe duty o? tbe B< ton bank to maintain the in tegrity of spec! j paying baiAs 1u tbe present crlsl', and In order to rae^>t tbe demands of the commercial com munttjr wi I rt-a .erall aid po*rible tn the nc-ommodctlon or the public by discount to the utmost e tent f their ability, * Without trsrsaetlDK any other -mportast ns'.ness tbe Artooiatloa adjourned. MISCELLANEOUS. n? fkkekai, ooukt m co tr*:eiA. Ttrt r?:ombl* Sfuth Carolinian ->f the GUI leet. nay* ? We are rt ueeied by Thomas P Wetter, l*'.e H-ruty UnMed states Marshal, to state tbat the attenlanca of the Jorora too stoned for tbe aeiaton of the FeUo??.l Court to have beta held in tha city on next Monday will not be retired. An Oeara Soitfi ?The Fredericksburg (Va ) Herald statea that on Monday , the 12th Inst , < 000 stead of iriu, bo*M u," p???cd South, In a freight train, OTerthat NML and on r~t following day 7,000 ra ire passed :? the (km* direction. Their exact destination ?u no*, known to the ffirell niliL-i o? a Msnusir rrnow nre 9orvr ? Mr. P. 8. Chat*. of Haverhill, who, with a party of other mecha ntoe, went out to Ch?rl?eu>u w Mm imi trip of tha Maa secnset;*, came back In that veaael spoo tor return to day Be went to a place In Georgia, where be probably expressed opinion* that were not well roeeWed, and fear ln? rtolence, be took tbe drst opportunity to some back ? Bost*r. traveller, No* 31. ? Oar Naval CetrMpin<m?. Winv.iuiD!i Nan Tabs, ra., .Vov. is, 1M0. Jrrirmt of Ike IMited Slates Steamer Ontmier at Pmta cola ? The Steamer fuHtm, ?ts. This morn lag the United States steamer Cruaader, I. lent, oov.mandlig John N. Mafiitt, arrived at tha yard from Key V7 set. She a oxpecte 1 to remain here a row weeks for the porpoee of being docked a order to have her oop per e leaned and examined, an well an tor general over haaia*. She haa been agroond several Mem dortog tha ertrice, among the oorat banks of Data. Una of her Mean syllnders, which wan broken abcct alx month* ?go, a also In be renewed. AHhovgh one c! that dalaate !'???* ay Meet, ahe baa suooeedod a tha special aervtee or cbaalug seven very wed, bnvag token the tend of oCier ' ulS*re nn tbat station Old fogy lam It here rebeUdtag the cdowbeel atoaner Fultrn. II ii I plly t" waive ??: m tc>r;a. ?n aoyU..bx bat n eer:w steamer tor war pcrpoaes. Kr? ?John M Harrell, Catted .-na>e Datrtol A t?r??p f 'f tbe Kaatera restrict of Arkaisss, baa rsniga | ed b i vos.ttan. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Mokdat, Not. 26? C P. II. Tha Lark statement of this day coi&pnrca as fol low* wit!, that of last Xlowday:? Week endixj. fxxuu Spe v- OtrrxUaHen rbrmtUi Nov. 1? 1132 3TI 031 10 404,410 V * r 317 '.0,110,6811 l or 34 123, MS, 444 1?, 'SO, 373 8, >?S 413 71 ,034,700 Decree** $743 570 704 0C7 t07 876 (,143,804 It wiU of cotirsc be borne in mini! tbat tfcfc state ir.'nt doei not ref> t the |re*"nt condition of tbr bank*. TL y have folly a million and a narter j mere specie than the above return shows, cm the California remittance per Ariel ui not ca nt at ail. and ti c gains from t!..? Bcb T.-. a*ury only con-ited onu or twice in 'jo average. Their loans, too. tnd their depoav. aro.r-ally rocb larg r than ia shown above? tLe expaa ion of "rt day, whi. h to * Spotted to hare keen tolly four r;il ' lions beyond the bank receipt, Ltviog or!y counted once is the a wage. Taking these f.i.ts into osnnldersiion, the above *<&iemcx:t mutt be regain ed an u'.islisctory. it Koema probaU* that oar basic will, before New Year hold net leas than thirty tuitlions of specie and perhapt K.rty millions by the 1st of February. T-e pro ceaa will involve a >me injury and i^omr suCe: ing to the communities rhich lose tho gold; fcnt we are j witnesaiAH the tran?frr of cominen ial coctality from London to New York, and it cas?ot Lc r x pectodthatso stupendous a eiianje as thin cas be eflectcd without aomo throf*. The dl? ownt broL -rs hart done a pretty tak bnsinr?a in paper to-day. at rntiier stiff rate?. We quote Grat class short at 9 a 12 per cent; laag pa per, 1 a I per cent a month; names nor generally known, <11 kinda of irregular rt'"S. It wm not eauyto diyto borrow on sto :ks. The bsnka will not lend on thc.i, and nntil the stock msrkct evince* more ?igna of stal. lity frivsAO bankers a ra rather aliy of them, too. It la evidenl that the pub- ( lie have not yet quite made Bp their u'nd-i a* to the working of tiieoew bsnk po. y. In C:l ciurse of a day or two, probably, they vi'l be better ? at tailed on the snbject, aaJ the rite of money will decline, A fair business was done to day in foe Jen ex change, on the basis of 10J a 104 tot bankers' bills, and 1(0 a 102 for coram?r<Mal signatures. The market ahows a marked improvement sincc last week. Bat parties who aro io rant fcf monej are qoite likely to try to raise It by the itle of bi. 4, aa they did ao freely a fortnight ago, and rote* fflv not bo soa'aiaad. We quote fran. s at !i.W a 5.14. Sterling bills at Mobile and New Orleans ars offer ed at 101. The down ??; : 1 ??in In t' s ?tO"k martoi whii'h ! if*'" I* - i'Khl ' itf! " furday, , P"n4!r-e 1 to day, Ilii !lW * * 'I *'* *Tt " ?: 1 Vii o jg'ic.i' " e ? c ' % V ?ii | tfoflfc was steady, and Bute stocks were a shade firmer; bat the railroad shares were uniformly lower. Comparing the prices of the first board with the last authorized quota'jons of Saturday, we note a decline of j in Central, I4 in Krie , 3j in Illi nois Central, 5 In Panama, 2 la Hudson River, 1J in Toledo, 2} in tlalena, 2 in Rock Island, aud *j thron jhout the list. The bears were much encou raged by the decline, and offered their options with boldness. After the board the market was rather off; in the afternoon the market was still lower, aad the advance of Saturday was generally lost. Cen tral fell a further 2 per ccnt, Erie 1), Illinois 1 Central 4, l'anama 1A, Pacific Hail 2, and so on through int the list. At the close the market was heavy, the following being the quotations:? United States 5's of 1871, 964 a 97; Virginia 6's, 79 a 80; Missouri u's, 69 a 70; Ten neasees, 79 a 80; Canton, 14 a 15; Cumberland Coal preferred, 8} a 10; Pacifio Mail, 80 a 4; New | York Central, 74 a j ; Erie, 28} a j; HuJson River, 13 a 4; Harlem, 14 a 4; do. preferred, 32} a 33; | Reading, 344 a }; Michigan Central, 51 a 4; Michi gan Southern and Northern Indiana, 14 j a 15; do. guaranteed, 29} a 30; Panama, 113} a 114; Illinois Central, 6Sj a 59; Galena and Chicago, 634 a }; Cleveland and Toledo, 274 * 4: Chicago and Rock Island, 53| a 54; Chicago, Burlington and Quincy 69 a 70. The most notable item of news from the Interior to-day is the announcement ol the su-pcision of the Tennessee banks. This was not wholly unexpect ed, as the merchants of Memphis and Knox villa have been suffering severely for some time from the want of bank accommodation. The real source of the trouble in that as in other Southern States, is the failure ef the corn crop, which has crippled trade. It need hardly be added that tho suspen sion of the Tennessee banks wil" uake any ma terial difference to the general trade of the country. From Now Orbans we hear that sight bills on Now York are dow-i to 4 a J premium , an indication that the cotton movement is re\iving. Tho private let ters from >fcw Orleans are more cheerful, and con fidence is e.\pre-sed in the ability of tho ^anks to sustain thrmselves. From Mobil-*, and from seve ral puin'i in Mi-?isslppi and Georgie, the ad vice i are very gloomy; trade is at f.n ?nd, the ' currency Is depreciated, tho 3tock of food Is run ning d >wn, and the people bave no means to buy more in th< se States the idea of sc:e?Mon seems to bs adopted by mtny a* a de-pcrate remedy for intolerable evils. A bank director of Charleston, S. C., writes us to 'oniiru tho telegraphic "tate rr.^nt that tho Socth CarMina bunks will not sus pend. His letter was written apparently before tho suspend* ef the Farmers' Bank'. Pj adds that South Carolina wf.l produea this ye<v. 2:0,000 bales jf upland cottot, which, with the !cng cot ton, ri e, tarapentino, &c., yielded by thit State, will be worth $25,030,000? a'.l of whi:t, he adds, will have to be paid for in by the .mrchaiers at tho North and In Hurore. At tlr'.i rate South Carolina is goi?n to be very ri.h in ?p:cie. and one cannot but wonder at the -hortaigfe cd po!i y of the directors cf t'.e South Carolina Railroad, w'io, In the fa ?e of glowing ( prospect have just dia charg-d one hundred bar la. We need har-liy say that we are delghted to hoax tha' the pru.-pcctaof the old Palmett > State tre ?o charing. An Idea did prevail here that fcaateea v:as not so pr>s perous at Charleston and in tLe interior t s t'.o friends of tie State might luiwe wished; the r- port ers of the Associated Prov<t, even, have beta so far misled aatonpeilioi a. ?t7cre linancial pres sure at Charleston. If, as our correspr.r.d-ni writes, the State is -bout to take $25,070,000 in specie tram the No-th an Ifrta Europe, ?.hy all these stories must be se*. dwsn as calumties, and the pro*pe:t of collec tmg Northern debts in South Carolina most be i icociunced far t'tter than is generally expected. We have seen lette' .1 trim Mississippi which speak most ominous' y ui the prospcct fo. Uie whiter in that i Kate. Of all the South ern States Mississippi asCared the moat from the dr<rig!.t this sumir ;ec. Corn is now selling at pricea which arc abs I'-ztai? ruinous to the planter; and iince the recent deracgement of the urreney, the ?nt>ply, evsn at eshcrbitant prices, has loec almost cut AflT. Son* Jwrn dealers cannot boy corn with Southern enrre aey.icr that is dci-rcciated bo yond measure, and will hardly be taken nt rK in the West; nor can t hey ffCt gold to bay it with, for the recent panic I. is (Mapped tlie movemert of oottoo, put up exel .aace cu the North and cho ked the f ow of specie Souirvard. A leading c.ii. en of Mississippi writ cs t>a while tlie Conrretaicnal delegation o." '.hat Bute are diverting then^elves fey i:ieet'n~ to d aviso Jisnnionist ?, the planters and r en jf bus sc-s are concerting i.iea ?ores to bo laid, before the Legislature, L: the hope of averting tl te famine which is now In- trinrnt. Jf relief be not afl> >rded, he addl, by 1st r? br < -y, there will not be I uund enough in the S'.te to feed the flares, and th< ! poasi'.le conse<ioenoes a: - r.p pelling to contemplate. We are led to btli vo that the coa Jltlon ? >f tber cotton State* Alabama, ' eorgia..aJ Soutli is not ir.och letter than that of Misniasppi, though in tLe preeec* Gerce pcl'U el eX'-heawnt this r< ally much m?ro vital matter a ovetlookt d. We VOull submit tbat ties are cir umstaocce wLich call for a 'ion on the part of the North, it it Just as ircportact to prevent the inr endj'tg famine in our sister States of tlx) Boath ae it win to aa.rt the threatens)*. eua ponaion of . p fe payments by the banka of Kear Yoik ity. In the pceaent 'isordered Mate of u'.e internal currea y snd exr' anges, great impedi m nt. are thrown in the way of the trammiss un of fo' d to t! e 8- ith. .' ipedimenta it al.onii be tic on era if our mere! it f* and bankers '? overcome. Com and flour ahouhl he sent to Soatli-ira p?.'ntii a*, every east. The advance te Missouria redn ed the do pre .Nation in lli^. >U currea'-.y to four or f ve per ! reflt. TL? State Anditor ha? detcrtnine'f not to j preM his demand upon the baal for more Mciri ty. The qaotatian of sight exchnoge on Nea* Yort at 5 a C percent fiacount doc; not ncce.-<ariljr imply a ooatvJoa of basiatfs; it m:rely meat that the drpre? iatcd c.-rrcBey of Illiocli Lis CoUca so ouch boiow tlie specie *t andai d. The bMlMM of the -oh Tr< a> oarr to-day wt as follow*: ? R>?*!pte ?For iiiMM Pa) total* Ba MM NM ww "T $<>,000 49 412 3*1 r s 10 a 004 U Hie director* of tLc Lit Jo Miac. lUJiroad Com I?ny haw deolfttod ft ci.idend of tour per j?o*. for tL9 last aix moclL . In relation to Funnel Harris L 'iona, of But'imore, the 8m of tha*. 'it; iiyi: Tfc'a la an o'd boaer, farorablf retimatal a* os* >?' f ? nKt ri?i ?ct?Wf l.aDkiic txoaaa in the uovolr/ ((ap pear* tl at Meiar* tiarr a ft Sua* lart docliad tc c ?m Uicir doors, at loaat roe Ida prwal, ratuor a* a jt<? *n Notary n?a*nr? than froai alio*! aaof?a>tf. Tbtf O aot , jirnpn?(i, wo Iratu, to put tbo mao: ?-*m- cl of tbeir aaa is ct?l of tk*lr on hand*. bat will pno^ah f bo ab...< hi Kakc a oni?if>rekeoalve statement la a itart m?. The New Orleans Pkayvtu of Monday nl?L , i Kon ember 19, *aya:? With tbe oxrsptkio of cm oi tw nam**, amy day bills an N>w Vert are nn?eb?bl? 4 iniail am >unt was (afcea at >V discount Hifbt ?u la demand an J Kara*. Tbe baaJt* aakad \ pro? mm it lb* c jiotcr an l tomt pel up Ui* rat? u v,, if lb? aopply data riot ia<ra**i in morruv.a porttoa of tb? specie recastl? el ban I may b**a ?o go forward. Tble waa lb" talk on U>* ?tr??t, hul , w? MUl hope Uiat so /each of the eorumalailott of stvlia* ? In New Vo/k *111 haso bten ran off to -lay ecd t? m rr *? to trrtal the apwaad teedfer of aif *t fjcJ* *>m? > Ore days' a^bt waa sild at , discoabt. Tbe m .aey market works ?cry close In the a*??n ?# of say notable **i*e of ooUoo, the I'i'mn I krepe InooeraniaoUy (harp, aad many |(v?t pa , le ar? har t pre*>ad. if tc? prunes of r>orta'.ls?>nt (hat h?a b*< n adhere to for torn* wetka pert l? Of aliased, we casnnt ca-wpe without torn* uouble naleaa tbrrr be a strong lift Ui ib* way of spoliations k la real'** to quota any ovUl-larate* foe moo?r, aa there are itierally bo ?aiea of paper Tba u?ime jnjrnal adds, on Ti<>sd?y niRlit:? on U* ?trenftb of d?*vvob?? fr-*B N*? Vrw* ann.mne U?r that rr?,<e ef tha pmminaat l>v.k? hal a ni Into aa J' fret. I ly% tba pjxehua H .;H0 099 ?*?: ieofe, tad a unlltr extension of dlae-?nt, oar own market opened , with a somewhat better feeling Uila ssorning, u?l there vh a disposition at leMt to operate partially In our quarter*, hoeever, a dee re was expressed to ascertain , the inlluence of this m >?e la New York before en UrtOfc .uto extended purchases of bills. Nor Is till* sor prising, ? Leo It Is remembered that on tbe basis of si oi ler atcu/ancrs some of our leading buyers operated no later .ban KrUay last In sterling at 104, w':ioreas tbe lame bllli can now be bad readily at 100. Bo tbla aa It may. tbe business to uav Indicated a |?rtial return ol' Oil:, jenoe. ana a tut!., lout amount of cotton wan worded off to couatltute a market. Hume of tbe lactora. not Had lug IN' Ce-mazd genera'. maJft arrangements to ship, thus relUvlig tbo market f> tbe lame extant at if they tad sold wont oil more troely. Tbe aalca of aMfttag reached nearly X70 000, tbe bulk of j which ?ae at 1C0 fa* tbe very best names, | witb soma at 09,>i u tX>\' Wo were assured a ao ef a t'aosantlnn an low aa W, but tins must be looked upon aa exwvtloi al Drafts with drcumeutary evidence might bo placed at i>6 * 07 a round amount of A 1 f/an-is waa sold at 6f to which puU ibe quotation MM ler all kinds down t ? 6f 75. A sa'.o of sixty (.lays tight on New York waa made at 3>? discount, ao1 an other r.'unu awiuut at 3'*, with tbe uuiiorilaudlog. how. ever, thut the teller bud to iurulab au e|?xl sua if s.gbt at discount, which la fully per cunt below the i.ur ktt rate. Fifteen dajs' sight was MM to a 'air esUut at \ discount, and flvo days' at yt discount hyit wan twa-co and .a demand, with sales outuido as Qigh He premium Tbe banks hav < put up tbe count .t rate to E * 'i P'rui'um- and have but small balance to draw tor. The ilemaud for mouey contluues press. ug, but is confined altogether to bank, as outildo negotiations c in- j not ho His at all f >r the presont. A good doa! ol tuo discounted papor has to be in ; art renewed, but the >?!? ! lection scoounl, which Is now very hi uyy, admit* of no , aucb reduction The batiks are freely applying thel-- in- , come towards alleviating the pressure, but are d tor ' nnncd not to ex|*nd. Ibe sudden rise m sight funds has, I moreover, fortified th m iL tl.e adoption u thmnoura*. in ! the near time It la useless to deny that there aro lome rrry sharp corners, and they ean only be turned by free sale* of cotton. 'Tbe nanks must, therefore, cncourage the movement by llWorai purchases Of exenargo. The Milwaukee & trUaitl of Friday guys: - Mono; iDUkit wen quiet yesterday rattier thin ex cited The mstrn.t willj regard to IUlnols currency IB gradually giving plaor to mure confidence In IU intrinsic worth, and bolder? do not ee. m inclined to submit to ujr Bacrlflce tu get rid of it Meat of our merch&nlj are do* taking It at par for got ds Tb discounts at the banks oa all except the bill* of tb ?e bank* that hare been thrown out at Chicago remains at 3 per oeut. Currency It be comleg mon plei.i.ful. and the only reepeot In wblob tao market la now slrlngiut la the abort eupply of exchange. Tbe nons'.tal rate is 3 per cent premium, but tho baulta sre nuly celling to customer* In eases of very urgent ne crss<ty. Outside parties havo to pay auy rules that the brokers choose to dfraaud. Tho Cincinnati (Jiuu ".r, under date of Iliursday evening, remarks:? Bankers commenctd .irawin* early In the day at K prtm on New Yoik. but tber sold very sparingly, aud cb? rks were not to be -iad to any extent in the afu.-rno.rn belo.v 1 prcm There was no demand for Baltimore, and we c&HLOt give a quotation New Yortt cli?cki to d in that market to cay at S>? prein. Bretin also was geno rai:y uLsalrable Pblluielph a wai h-jgtit at ' prom , and lod at \ Tho fearkti ck.s?vl uni> tiled, and we tn>lt quotations for lLo pre??.ut. u U not tho lntcnt.on of tbe Valley Hunk to advance rates above but It will be compelled to c>'".i?cl lie bue'.aets wbllo ratea arc so much bigtur lu other qia-'irs Qold retailed in the af to r no on a'. 2 per c 'lit ;-tui Very Utile doiug lu time bills, an J ra cs are uouiiLal The shoe br.sinesa is one cf tho first branches of business to buT-t by the money pressure. The New bury port Herald sayj that "somo mtnuftc turers are snrpendiog pryment, and moro are sus pending work, leaving tho 'joure' out of employ ment. A large number are in that condition in this quarter- men wbo htve not been idle before for years. The mannfa Carers cannot give out work with the goods accuciuUtiiiic on their hand*, and the goo Is cannot be sold, because the demand is small and credit impended.'' The Hoston PoK of .?Saturday says: ? Brnk specie $2 V12.3IX), a Ion of JITS ,800 From what wo ran alter luo bai ks ?iii quietly disregard '.he specie limitation law, and diRoo'iut i * as they please Tn this view they <*n lore a tnlimn more coin without mcon vnknee, and, an a in*iUr o' o<uitc, can discount reason ably. nnci.og's despatches from New York say tKat thr New V-rk banks ?l'l draw no more coin from iLacity. Th'ie is no talk cf suspjcslon hero, except an'-ag lhts? who expect to I-" dreetly ben fitted there b.- Hit the (tenet in tr.e siieei and at tho Slock BoirJ te belter A despatch PI iladulplifa, da'^d on Eatur Jty, notions sight ev.-hange on New York at 2 a 3 ^rr cent premium. It says:? The money markrt here has tvn ma le very ea?y by the bank otlito in impend .iy sp :oie payments. Tbeal vantago of discounting thus all >r>led Is operating rery fa vcrably lu business circles. t irst class payr, which was previously 'Utfioo at Mm ;>er oeut a month, was In do aiao 1, and told to ''.ay ai thr*e qrarWirt percent Ttat i d "icully of oblaioUg lufflol^nt tpocie (or gensrul clrcula t'.on In busin r* however, becoming seriously fsit by 1 tbe mlcdle eiaaars. and glees eaoaa for mr.< b ' ?m| lalnt. Home of the bankn are Ui's demand by ra etcming Ibtir Bva dollar nolta; ye* the >;lrculatloo of the i small b.lla of olhrr Sla'en, though la vi>lall"n uf the law, will scon be rendered recetsary. The Missouri State Treasurer has imued the fol ? lowing notice: ? TatA'i"TiE?'n Orncs, > .Tiri RSO!! Crr, Not 31 lSeo f Mimtiriu Rausoad H .moh.? Noiloo Is hereby glren to | at! boiorrsol Missouri Kallroad bonds tbal the coupons ' for tbe ?.nr annual interest oo sa.1 bot'ls will b? pnld on presentation at ibe Bank of Cossoeres, in Near Ycrk, oa and ajltr the llrst day of January next. A W MOKKIHON, HUte Troasurer The earnings of the Michigan Central road the tiird week of November were as follows:? Tilrd werk 1890 MM? 49 ?' " ISM 42,876 60 Inc.-rase 11,263 SO Tlie Galena and <"hicagc road eataed tLe third v. rek in November K.:o ?s* nit oo lt?? S.ots 20 Increase $7.H31 90 Tho Wise on -in Juurnal furnishes the fol lewing statoment ?rf tho sec iriiies dopo?ited by btoks to protect thoir circulation. It is compiled from the forthcoming report oi the Otnl. Comp troller: <*> tbe lit of October tbe wh?l> amrmol of ctron'atlnK aotca oat il* if) Int ? ?? W.-M11 5JS ?b?eli vtm lecurtl by irii' ie ?i' *n? *t i?- value Mid e, m loiiowt ? ftti alt i tlx i . . flM ooo Hlbcranw HfUl per cent ; ;.(i00 Calttersla atTi i> i>"r r.?a; ?? * per i? at I'M MO Uoiiiit ii|rui i?jt c?a; '10,019 ? 6S C 00 ri'ia?t? ?t? ?' M".* o . IiotMvm P*r Ofttl is, I IiiCilutir |#riwt $7*. .'90 In J. it* tw ? aid a bt I i ?r cat 8 ?30 HI T?C ' cm'.uekj a*! per <wat Ji v*. |j>ulclana n?e per r.'iii ?!0 00 1 , I?al?iaa? als |*r <..t .1 * ? , jj /, ^00 1 IToaojrt at* per <x*>t 1 101,00* Uirb'r.*11 alt |?r t ?-U *16 .00 , North lanrftoa lis per ouftt 6 X1600 ( bio alt ?*r <!<ni ....... l?o ooo alt par coot 834 000 | Vlri'.ulc Ore per cu I t'i 000 1 \usifcU fit per teiit 17?,000 ? :v,r,oo Kleins 'md M ??lr?lpp! R.ii'r-?h l>ocJa elgbl p?r <vt4 37,000 Ni:*w:^( 1 *n<1 Vt Atrrtowr Kallr.*J br.oif , M(bt per era' .... fO 000 j Total ?. MjTmiho ! ty oclc 14H.4W j r*ai nww Tt* InaraMa of rf'-Htif* <lurlDt Ul?> JT wm a> i?. tbo Lirjrn * of OSMU? c..Ci.laUO? JlUing U.3 s.-r.:? p?rl(Xt *M t-13, 1M T?o incratse ar.d derrea? dorwg the year, o( awjurtUoa U jj usiud with the Comptroller, were aa folkwr ? The Itcrcau haa bscn in tLfi following cocuri tic*:? M'nncaita ?t*b'. JWf cot S',: 000 Calirr>ra:a Nin ->?r rent xoc .000 cerjia fiaporcuot k,.?o towa per ocat ft.KO IbMu tiw J^r cadt 1.3 *00 U?^:ana ta* m<! a lu.t per Mat ft .019 31,70# Kcoiivkjr air par oral 12,000 1a utima ?)? per eont ft M0 M tL\sjc t\x par 6M? s* too NorW; < aroltra ata prr cent VIJO Otft IcfiB?fi?a fix i? r tent . 117 000 Total M*5 700 I ? ?? ilu ri uk la M'aaaori *!i fu r cool f 000 Vtrgiala lira par e-xl M 000 Virgiaia ai* p?r a OtO fibtn ata par aant , $5 ooo !' i e <?'!? a<? p?rc*at S.itiO PernaylTan'a live par cant a v 000 tl-.cle 4a Ml ?>vmi Total M7 ?8 Binro thia report the Comptroller haa made a call on the bank* for additional ?c nritiea, which hai been promptly re?ponded tj, and the aggre Kate ae? nrity baa tin* heen conaiderahly Increaaed. At CM n*o on Tbur? lay evening the note? of the rajected Illinoi* hank* were bought at eighty cent* on the dollar. Th# Chi ? go lYi'june of Fiiday aara:? Tb?> earbanf market I- m-ra atca<ly U> day, but rit*a amor* tbe hn k? |en*ralty an* hl??>?r A few of lh<rn will b?i fall al aey flaar*, tul U. i n.ainilf anpply ft* '. /men frwiy at T a ft jxr oenV rboug* tu? prioe ,? ? there la i mora cheerful feeilag, ud If U>? whaaMof b? 1; maa t>?*in to revolve everything will aooo aaova forward aa uiuti. Tree, tbeouatof the movement, till exohaagn (alia, will be tioav? but even tbat la better than mph i too. 1 litre la mil t great lack of papar oil jrtng, aM Currency la aacumulatitg .argely. Buying rate nominal at 6 a (i)? |*r am The dt mauJ fur g <ld la very amatl, and couluied maiali vo Uiuae wbo want vary Mail amount" Buying nun a a 6 per oeui aelling, 10. Wa . (grei t<> learn llut Mewr* bail ft Brother, owuera of UM Aurora Back, b?v<- been obli?M to cl'iaa their <" tttesnra ,r-' - ?'? Siss* - 99 91 M>V l?0>4 72 l?X Si l-ICO I S6'?. 1866 ? bOCO I i>l'l '14 roup 10(00 01 n ti a, '00 o ?J000 do Kit 10 U I Hour! #'? . ? 1U 00 00 >30 1( 00 Cali'ornla 7>.. 40C0 NYOo I'da, '76 106 cico Kiw KR 1 m ha 90 ?00 E HK 3oiM, H3 IK DO Kjie KK 4 m ba 'it 00 Kf le KK 6 m be 9(00 Hud HUmbl 1100 Bar KR 1 lutgo 40(0 Bar 2<l m bar . ?_()t0 MC 8p o 1 mafeb ii 00 do SlCO M 4 lot rotge t? (100 W S 2.1 miga ba 2000 North la 1 intgo 16C0 1.1 Cos K K baa 6000 do 4(00 do t ? i u UO Ml I ( ba 60(0 ? hicftNW nth 4(P0 ChicftH W 1 in. bOtOCbl ft NW idro C000 do f OCO ('lev ft lol if b J0C0 1*1,1. * W 2m 26 shn Bank n? N Y. 'J00 Hank cl Kmer ca 10H 10 M?r Kx IWu.k.. . 01 76 "unit Ooromerca 06 ];< Mr- ropoittan Bk. 107 Stock KMhaaga. Mi *N day , Not. an. I860. 10 aha Hud H KK U3j MX 18 Haricot RK lt < (60 uo 16X 896 HarlejiKRpraf.. >6 100 do bJO 36 200 Kaatdlig KK 86 1M do 36* 26 do 16X 100 do bJO 36 ." 200 do 34X 100 do 34 V 60 Mil w ft KIM RH. . 8 64 dr> IX 20 second At RR... 91 200 Mloh Cent RR llO 63 700 do 68 100 do.... .1)16 68 60 Mich SoftN I KR 16 'a (SCO do 16 116 lllcliioftNIftdatk 82 160 do 31 160 do 30 '?? ?M0 do 30'* 12 Hob am* RR 116 8 do 116 360 111 Oaait RK aerlp ? 0u Si 73 06 *3 93 00 X 02 03 74 63 78 85 SIX 67M le i 4o 48 21 SO 04 Wj 86 660 luO 200 200 60 300 100 do., do. . do., do., do. . do. . beo ' aio ?0 !*l ft Hud Uanal. 6 !'?citlr Mall SS 00 125 d> 617 NYCen RR 13 do 60 do 400 160 275 300 1C0 100 60 do ?6 Eric RK ft.. 2(0 do 100 Hud Kiv RK. b30 60 do - 60 do b8 126 do 60 do M0 .130 (?0 (10 90 83 X 82 17X 17V 11* 77 71 '4 11 '4 17', 7# ? a? 58X 60 60 '( f>9 '4 60 X 60 V 0 64 63 260 do f o0 83 , 100 do 116 08 V 60 do 03 'J 100 do b30 64 1C0 do a6 64 50 do blO 64 060 Clcr & Toledo KR 20 ino do ?30 28 7i 376 do 28'f 2CQ da .... blO 20 300 Chic ft Rock I KR 66 < 10. do do (30 do (oO do a80 do do 1&0 CW ve ft Pitts KK. ?0(f sulona ft Ohio KR 860 do do Ib0 do (16 do do do do blO d? >10 do (6 U5 ChlO.B ft (J KR . . 1C0 urn Uoatl prcf. .. 200 660 100 100 200 60 77 30^ 30 4 ? 4 4?v< 4 40 MX B*COND BOARD. 63CC0 Tenn 0'? , '00 . . *0 1C6 aba Reading RU.. SO 11 4' 70 V 1 ox 70 ?0 19 78 16V 76* 65'.' 65'.' blO 66 X 66 66 66 71 10 20( 0 Vlrglr ta 6 a 9 coo ii.nnurie a.... 1000 do loco d3 14CC0 do.... 180 (ba P'fl.: M as Uo 100 Co 100 110 S Y C.c KR 100 d y 410 do b3 ISO d? 1C0 Hudcoc R1t RR. . 60 do 800 Krle RR 200 Harlem RR 15 1C0 do 125 do 1C0 do 460 do eo Har RK ; ref 141 14 S 14 i 14 33-; 2'i0 do.,.. 300 do 60 Michigan Ceu KH 300 do 60 Mich S .v N 1 K ?tk .300 do Sd *anama KR 260 111 .'en RR awlp. 100 do (16 100 dc 1 30 r 60 do 60 do b30 fO Bal ft Ch KR .110 10 do 1' 0 ClBTO t To! KR 150 do 25 Chi ft R ick I RR 100 <lo (10 4f0 do 160 Oh, B'a ft Q j RR. 3?X 34 84 X ?x 61 29* 30 114 60 69 69 69 '4 00 03 83X 28 2TX MX 64 54 89 X Xrw York City B bat. hi. t'xunt America ?S 803 386 1 601 ?8? American tl.,i 7,007 22V 825 466 Atlantic 621 ?03 Bulchf ra' ft Uto. 1,786 801 R.ill'( .... 477 220 B?oad?ay 2 604 814 City 2)<*8 3I9 Chi a leal 2 082 <.8 6? 861 264 641 46 072 3WT 1H7 601 667 8sd e:? Cx>ir merce 12 810 C87 1,382,199 (bklbam. 826 402 Cltizroa' 11* '?> 83 Corn Exchange. 1.844 812 C'ODtlDenlal .... 8 0*2.174 Commonwealth . 1,210 112 Dry Dock 400 429 ICaatRirer 346 833 Fulton 1.385 040 (irocera' 6A1 177 (irecnwlch . .... 108 001 Hanover, 1,423 820 Irving ... 800 B2H Imp. ft Trader"'. 2 406 169 lieatbir Manuf. . 1 8M 634 Manhattan 6,020 181 Merruutlle 2 000 6U8 M*n haota' 6 Of 0 914 Mrvbmii?-a' 8,600 384 Manuf .V Mr rob. 831 880 Marulaclurcra'.. 868,378 Market 1032 340 Metropolitan ... . 0,808 846 Merh ft Tr?d .. 0!?8^31 Marchanta' Ex.. . S 010 382 Mer'.i. IIV. Ata'r. 164 333 North RiTer.... 021^14 N Y. F xchacge. 308 380 N. Y. County... 44 1 896 Kaw York 4,104 801 National. 3 212 653 North American. 1.680.180 Naaaau 1.068 046 (icran 1.816 181 Oriental 407,876 aka, Now. 41, 1HOO. Sf?ru CirruU i 188,811 4 36 1 040 868,634 3.862 3C1? 8> 4A0 201 2A4 196,909 1,236 IxU 119 249 411 991 880,816 1.799,402 ? 1 841 870 308 4 10 2 401,771 1 876 6 006,110 114.610 414,991 102.JX3 619,601 130 OH I 801.K0O 19.3 H90 1 391.078 8*1 843 141 822 134 I'M 306 883 H8 070 220 04* 8X3,083 1 040 388 60.881 3')0 ,044 100.340 416 211 83,901 006,741 117 303 4*0 600 190 211 1,384 1 12 208 736 1 040 473 SPS 80 > 3 00 3 0?2 87 096 1 167 92A 804.288 2 611.915 302 *17 8 (21.814 138 698 439 800 144 210 .10,104 303.746 834, 14M 2J0 90 I 3,049.146 103.8C* M>a.aia 12S 6I1 984 690 101,760 881 930 18.120 384 201 60,463 869 066 S3, 872 320 .262 81 106 104 088 173,1(10 .301 293 117,779 00 "46 43 601 317,801 (.4 641 68 942 129. -TO 02 .360 21'2 >10 201 730 720 281 690 900 93S.724 406 180 89 281 118 080 120.146 726 ,'.29 107 619 808 530 112 620 11 884 20 111 83 664 696.180 273.298 192.690 268 386 202 922 13 688 Park 6 641 818 1,569 110 Phetli. 8912.023 41*472 PaclCc 983 322 200 ,.92 People a. 712 938 81.061 Rcpublir 8 J1O.021 84i ->01 M Ntrboiaa ... 1 132 144 128 '419 l-hoa ft isather. 2.3C2 2'5 241 ft. 2 BrvtLth Wit I.. 1 800 066 1x5 478 Plate 3,045 335 488 481 T.jd'arroa 1422 404 136 611 I'alon 8 888 116 386,137 423 428 8.649 681 106,169 1 038 993 09.?'?0 760 51i 109.706 979,181 180 024 938,143 101 700 331.032 172 194 6,694.180 142 048 1 490,701 118183 791.401 101 .44 471 002 312 531 3.400 076 92 704 697 391 2 0 Mir 1,102 208 226 918 688 108 234.1.7 1 790 121 317.716 010 90/ 185 802 2.002 821 Total 8123 618 464 IS 159 873 8,906,442 7< 036,798 CITY COS91KHCIAL. KKPOKT. lokMT, Not 2#? fl I* M An'rx market wee qutol, vtlb mail (ilea at 6',C. for both ?nrt* BiuiMvnn ? Hour? The market wai without obacgd of raoiuri.t from fatnrdaj ? There ?a* a 'a r de Irani from Ovfade an t moderate ?a'ea. T&? ta ? foil ?d up about 11.000 t?bli , ciotlog witam the (oliowici ranee ol pr o ? ? ^opMliiKTOt* fl T8 a ft 00 Kltra State |iwd to cln'M 6 10 a ft 'Pi H j i?r tit <: *' #Urn ?... 4 75 a ft 00 f'oirnvm to liolee Wreteru extra 6 1 > a ? TO I oul? i m a 6 60*700 Miie-i to atra'gUt rcutbera 6 .10 a 6 64 Btra'gbt to fcoou ? Xt'a <lo 6 M a 7 2L 'V>wir"?> eitia family too bakert' brauci . 7 f.'t a 8 60 Kj < f! .ur 3 30 a 4 16 IWa in. ai , Ji reey ar l Brand; * lae . . 3 .4 a I 60 ?'"a- ad Ian f! .tar wee ratbir fl'Wrr, * til ?aHe of B'wjiit 6(0 hb a at ?: 30 a 67 26 ft ulb. ra 0?ur waa rnxalar, aad c mir'in I rar l* ware ea iter, while tbe ea . r .mbraoed a boat 1 400 imle , cloetnc wrthtn the range of tb< a'>o?<> qtmlaiicLii Rje tlonr **? etiMy at oar faota Una, ? ttb ?a .ee of SCU bbla Corn meat tar elrady at on* C^area within theraiireof our 'inula', on* k -at we# m<> ? wtire witf ptnktM a mm ."be n<ar ?|.(r<?fl> of Ihe cl air of eaual te?.;atlja nvwd o i f n** on the wart of boldera Tb? ira a ? i l a'.tint 76 OtO biehola at II 36 a it 30 fa. Mint /u and ta'.adiab ?bllr, 61 far ?b 10 Ken tiK'<j,li SJ for ml Teoi t??., 61 '43 a 61 81 lor ra I *. ..lern. ai fl 61 do for eh'>n?. la *6nrv, M 17 a 61 It fortaiber l?wa and Wleeonem 61 16 a 61 1? f? r 14 )?an ?.rf .61 14 ft. 1 N'nrtbweatern do , a id $1 00 * 11 l'i Bar fl ago >prlbf Core im lu fair demand fr> a tbu Baeta; 1. aod Kical Irtfto wht - >M ton ,~i ahoul IMH ImM, nclifficj WMn mtie.i at Ui t He. ? ?t at. ite> frrdo. from etore. a? <1 at 04 ,.1 for.-'outbern nrhrew* : wa* I geoil alien 1 Oorrfl pom'eal ?hlla ?*'?? ware qo.t^ light.' ( i/tTtia ? > m n.Jiket exb>bttod do cbangi in riooo. Tbo far?l|D Mae wal inch a* bad been pretty m aaUctpa ted Hp t Miction* jabracel i-twe? I mo u. 1 J 000 Ibi- ? r?*ini-r? ? To I Wcrpr.1 ?boot <0 COO * 63 000 buah?i? gr^.n ?fM ft f*f I. loc'ud rf iwn ard !? In* ? anl ahlj '? !'?*? fc? 131' , Wit# rrnail ml* at OCO I bvt, noof at a? . y.i b?i< ? ?*<?? - at m* , u<g ?,? ?? of I ht J* at ',<1 . an.l lut balca cotton at # 3gl A riawl mm a , tUinuj o Ita1 for frrtato! w!U? * heat at Mt?d a 1M , )n ah't''? b?f* T- '? a* ?? abotit 30.0C0 hu?b??li ?b?a. I wrr* ?rrs?r<i * HH<i- ? 1*<I . lu b?ca. I Kjlvai Pi?bm ?ire qulal and nominal for moat lo af r [I'rn* . . Ptotwwr. ?Pork? Tl* mark at opanad ilu'l an I i*at?r, but rl'trd wltb mora Crmoraa lb? ??!-? r"|? rl/vl ?n>r>!?ta<J lo aboul 300 a 400 bbla , loclullag m*?? at $11 a 117 18. Mil * I*'" a? (12 2"? Baef waa ata*lr, with la <f ?' Vo bb'r al ?9 T? a 110 ft* m rap* ?a<f m?aa, 10 1 ill tor film do Cat rr?aU wrra at T^a a *3. for ?ho'ildara, and 19)fe ? llo tor bama Iwin wa* fj i) ?* l firm ael acmiaal. Oroiead bnja wrra a*llla< at T >|f lar 1 wa* bravf, with aak-a of 12? hbla at It \e. for city rradar*<1. and at ]te a 13','c for pnmi Waawra. ButUr and chraae vara hoary aad proaa ua cbaagad. Rut waa 'jnlrt *d<> aoBilaal. (?riuaa wrra aiatdy at %tardar'f qnotatloai. Tb< a*J?a rmbr aat'1 ub it AOO a TOO hbda , and 100 Ixiaa*. TWr waro iwoTrmaata on foot amoa| boidar* to otaM iMpvrnta aliroa 1 w mr kit ;o b?ltrr rr naat aad clrwad with mora Drmn<i? Tba Mac tmbraoa4 aboat #00 bbla at |0 ,'o. a 10c. Hotiairiia lu Ktal KaUtu Bjr 4. J Blarrkor, H iti * Co 1 lot mi a Hit a*? aad 7?ib M M mi (11*1 1 lot Mi 8 F rnr lit a-? aad T? h ?t , |72*!>| . . . i't?? 1 tot an * a. :"m at . l?t are , 2?i|C2)f 1 no ] tot pa * a. Jbil at , l?i ?t? . ,niio m; I J,* I M na * Wtfc at , *Vnt 1 ?.f l'l Tit JMma ? T?'^?t.,a ? r.? alv, .. |j|| 1 lot ob ( i ;?tnt , aJ; btag aboia isun , . jtnQ

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