Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 27, 1860, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 27, 1860 Page 9
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OTTJ/lTIOilS W*?TBP-W*f ?? A ? 00\ BRNB14B UK HOUt BH BEPER.? AN EN'ILIBH A. lady baring a thorough kn mXtpi of all the Bngitah brancbea and suite earn blued with that of domeat-c dlacloOne, vtahm u oanM^iDant la either cap ecity, would not object to going Bouth, iaoeteetl*f?<v.ary refere?ce xlered. Addreufor OM week E A. F., box 137 Herald aMce. A situation wanhto-bt a r*spbttablb young girl, aa gocd plain oook and excellent waaher an i tmwr; uoaeratanda her biuuneaa eery well, would here no objection to do Wueework la a email family . (io?d City rafe i-ence given. Apply al Ji - Sulllvau at , betwrra Bleecker and Amity, Ural lloor, la Ike rear Ayocno oirl, h avinq om or whbblbr a wil aoo ? eewtog machine*, woald Ilk* ti go oat by the day or -week; baa a barter who th'rougHy underetaota rblldrei'* elaihire and all kmda of family aewlng. Oa'l at llllne* num toei WcMUtbal. A SITUATION WANTBD-BT A RMPBUTABUI ynug woman, lo do general bouaeworkla a email famlli ; 5e a good wH?her and leoner Oa'l for two day? at No. 1 Blr lalegliaat n , between Mi ! 'eon and Henry, flrat door ABK'I'BCTAHLB OBRMAN QIRI. WANT8 A FLAt'B aa coik or chambermaid la a avail family; reference* a>TBo Apply al 190 fait 2ut at. for two daya. A SITUATION WANTED-AB L All Y i) MAID ABB MarciOeia. la a tool rfrtaa maker coiaoetent and will fag to make beraelf neefnl; tie country preferred; eatlafac jory eltT reference Call at ike Inauiaia, 119 Ornnd el, from 10 to 1 o'cl jck. A RESPECTABLE PROTKSTANT PKRUOB WISHES A ?iiottinc at teams mm*. chambermaid nrnartn. caa opt rata on VSb?eer k Wt!?on'a tewluK raarhlne. b%acUrrefe .-enre. la wv:!ne to make her*e)f neerul. Can be area for two Jaye al 1 19 I'ourt it. , up elairt, Broofcl' n. A BITt'ATION WAMTED-BY A RKSI'ETABLl ?A yc tig woman aa nurae and plain Lew ar, or would dl bamberwark aid flue walking . beet city reference from her laat place Inquire at 111 Went 27 Ji at, sec nd floor, back room rOOt. WAbH "r??> a RIHPKi r.tBLK OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS J\ flrat raw rioklra or reapectab'.e baardlng houae; if arcuetoaied to tl'her. baa toot clw reference from her lag' 4B{ i ioj er. Call for two da>? at 2.'.' Wtat 17 h at A COMPETENT YOl'Nil WOMAN WaNIS A S1TUA lion a* geo?:al family aaamatreia, thorouthly under itarda rat'lc* and fftt'ng ladlea' and ( bl'dren'a drraiea Alao faiullT aewlnc of all kiuda; uo obj?cilj"a to wait oa a lady If rCjtiire.l. lb? brat cllr refereooea. Can be te?u at 21J 6U> ar., between 17th rnd lSih atr APITUAflON WAW1RD? BT A MIDDI.B AOPD WO ni^n. with city referent; la a rood waaher and Ironer med p alu ccok In a im&U f tmiiy, ?r h^afrkeeser; wagu no obj<et * good Imi, Call at 17'.' kait tjth at. Can te aeen foe two da> a. u KB.-1'B jTAH'.B TOUNO OIRL WIBHtS A SITUA A Uon r. chambermaid an1 wtltrras, oru cktmbermtll ind p'mln ai'wer, or ?a chamber n?ld i%nd to aaairt lo tke c\re of rWld-en In h email family. Beat of olty referetcsa. 0?il .or twu dayi at Hi V.h at. ABIT^ATION WANTBD-RY A FIRST CLASS (UK man cook in a privrle .'ani'lj , midrratanda her builneu A-ell Call at 168 ar A, flrat ttvir. Ayocko woman wants a situation as caoc. waalier and tmner; good rlty reference. Call al 131 Weal Slat at., near 7th ar. ASBAMSTRISS WISHES A 6ITUATTON IN THEClTf or country. Apply thie week al the tontheaat corner of Wyckull nod llojt au , Urcoklyn. A SITUATION WANTBO-BY A PBAMiTRBS?; CAN cut and at lid lea' and chlldrxn'a dreeaea. and oo al! kladi of family aew ng. would g> aa cliambergnald aud aaamatreaa, or to aatiu lu the care of cbl'.dreu . wonld go out by ih* day m .naoth. Uooi elty refereuota Call fortvodayial WV Kaat <lth at , room No S. A WASHERWOMAN ACWTOttBD TO TAKIN3 IN waah'nr la dedroua of getting acquainted with a reapest *ble family for tie ae&aon Ajuly f >r t tro daya at K)C 2d a?.t bet ween Slat and S2d ?t?., aecond floor, back ro m. AYO 'N? PBBNJH <1IRU 8IXTBBN YEARS OLD, apeaklng Prei ch and BugUab wlah^a a altnatlon to take ~.%re of cblidrcn Ke *a pretty well. Addre? 2>3 William kt. between Pearl and Dataa. ARKSPECT> liLS rno KSTANT lOUNO WOK IN wait) a ?i tuition to do general houaework and take charge of chl'dren. Call at 13 King at. A SITUATION WANTBO-BT A RB^PEOT ABLE Ji. young girl, a* chambermaid >nd waltrfea. or m di plain V*mg. uood and aatiiractorv relerence ?1<eu ? ' al al6*f h Hilton au-eet. one door from Uth at., her laat emp'ojer'a, till engaged. A LlDT W1KHH TO OUT aIN A SITUATION TO Jk oral, waih and Iran, or do general h maewtrk. <1 ltd city ?efereare Call at 11 Ci^rkaon al, Urat floor, front room, or twu daya. ClOOE SITUATION WANTED? IN A LAROB PRIVlTB I family or a hotel by one who la a profeaaed meat and ra?try coo*; gool city n-fereaoea glren. Inquire at IM Baat ltd at , between 2d aad 3d ate., up atalra. T\BB|tSMAKINO.-A COMPETENT DRESSBIKBR 1 J ta deeiroje of oi>tainlng a few more euBtimeri la her owe bonae. or wonld go out by the day; la a ?-oud cutter and Stter. tbe beat of reference flvco If n quired Call at aay Jma at Ml Id ar . ycoad atory, between bUh aad S?th gU. DBB8SMAKE!! W 1NTKD? AN AORBBARLE LADT, who uaderatanda tbe bualneaa la all lla branabee lo anper Intend, or vi >>u l he taker, aa partner; little or no capital rs quired. A r'aln bnt pleaaant ba-ne Call oa or addraaa Mra. B , UO <th ar. one door Dalow Mh at. HOUSKKBBPER.-WANTED. RT A YOUN . AMIR' can la?y, a eltuatlon a* b uiaekneper. Beat reTerenoea given aad rt i ilred. Ad lraaa <? L. A , Brook'.yn f nit oBfa. LAUNPRKfS.-A OOMPKTKNT LAUBORSSS IS D? alroua of obtaining waul ing at her reatdeuee or to go out by Ibeday . g' >d ref> rem-e given. Apply at 100 Welt 57th at , In tbe rear. LAONI.RtrS WISHES A SITUATION-SUE IS PULLY competent of d.itng up lad)"*' noeilea and geatleinnn'a "Jribialntbe neateet atrle. ni ol ;ectlo.ia to aailai with the ^hamtierwork , brat of city reference can be gi reu. Call at 81 Weat Idth street for two uaya. -ATURflNO -A TOUNO FRENCH LAOT WISHES TO Al lake a hahy to nuree or to b)ard C >n be aeea fur tWJ day* at TIM Ur?eee at., ? eoad i'?r ha k r um SITUATION WANTED-BY A RBHPK7TABLE YOUNO woman aa good plain eo?k and ei-teUeut waaher and Craoer; beat of eatv nfarwir aan be giren. Oall at 177 Weal tf*h al , between tlh and lo.h a> ea . third a tor, fmnt room. SITUATION WAMTED-HT A RBWPE< ' TABLE TOUNO ! wotaan. 10 do cbamberwofk an.l waWnr or plain a* wing ! Oood refer, nc*. Ca'.l for t w ? day* at 116 Weal l>.;h at., be i**ea 71k and Sth areauae | OlTl'ATIOW WANTB1V-BT A TOUN'I WOMAN, TO D'J i. J general hoi eewoik In a email prlrat* fami'r. or ekinher work. Beat lefrreni e. CillfrimlOl foroua weak, al 91 Mb rt , between la t ar aad an*** A. SITUATION WANTED? BT A RESI'KITARLB TOPNil worn*' . to in reneral bo taew >r* in a em?ll piiTat' fam' It. cr ctiamherwo'k tr waging ?'all f jt twj daya at 1(1 Bait Jltb a . Iietweea lit aad Id avannee. Saleswoman ?wanted, a situation as sals* woman In a coafectl .nerr or bakery. '1 od referencel Siren (VI at or aldreaa ISA Wen sath ?t SITUATION WANTBD- TT AOOODCOO*. WHO TH'l rongtly und tratarda her brnlneaa and ha* b\1 a 'ajg eg perience aae eo < bj*p*.laa to a? ?t In fie civae waahng. Uan at l.MK Broa lway. betw-en l-'.k and ?.h ata. SITUATION WABTKO-BT A KIRST i'LAM CHAM BRR m?Vd. who thoroughly underat ?nda her bualneai aad baa aad a taaw ? iperlenoe wlU the "rat fa-nlllea la the city ba< aocbjeotWin to aaajt lu flae waattlag or plala aea ng. 1.IM9 Dif ad way SITUATION Wa NTND-BT A TOUNO OIBL. ABOUT 17. lo aaa'at in light b-Ki?ewr<rk or V: mind rhlldrea. Caa lie *eee for t m day* at U Monroe *'.., la the rear. SBAMNTREM -A RBSPK TABLE TOUN1 WOMAN w tehee a al'. <atina aa aetmatr'-a* or nnreery r rerae**; can lo all Hade of plain aa! fam-y w.irfe; can alai operate oa Ore ree A I taker a aewteg aa> bine; would go by the day or weak. Addree* B. W B , 73 Klh *1 , near Cth are. ont'ATIoN WANTED-BY A RESPE'TABLt LADY* jo I' 1 take care 'f chll iren aad lo lo aewlng artia*alalia 'hambarwor* haa the beat of city reference. > "all at 91 Kaa. Warren at. Bn?>klya. SITUATION WANTBD-BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNO girl, t < do general hjuaewnra for a mall faal'y. or ti da "haaabe wurt and One wee' .if and Inning caa gire gnni raferwr ee. Oaa be eaen for two daya at 2- < Cih el , between id aad M area. SITUATIONS WANTBD-HY TWO RBSPE 'TAB' B girla. to do bou*ework. an leraMB t t.eir bnanaai. one % Prcl?- 1 tot go *1 reference can be (1<eu. '"all for two day* at 149 lohnaoB at , Brook lye SITUATH NS WAMTBD-BT TWO BBSPE' 'T A IILE young woaeea; oee a* chaaberma d aad m a?^a; la tae wawlac aad Ironing, the other aa . >? < waahar and imaar; an jb ertioa lo go a aao> die' a oee In the ronntrr. Real of city reference glrea Call at 77 1 >'d aunher Weat 19th ?'... be Sweea *'b aad 7lh are*., front baaemcni for Iwo day*. If aot engaged. SriVATlON WAWr?D-BT A tWHPBTBtT TOUWU ?"HMD. aa r t rlaa mv*. undarwaada roifclpj ia ?u tt( ">ran<h?a Bu rrraral inri1 etty ffrmt Can bf hv tor two d?jt ?! lul Hal ?! , oear 1' am SIYO 4TIOII WAWT1P BT A TOCWO Wfl'AW, A* linirfrm, r>r I taka -harr? of a babr tad 4n (!?# with \n* and !"??? Uonrt rliy r?f?r<-nr? IJatl fo. two 4a r* M So 4 :?l?t M . balwa^n > h Mid Ma.l.aria avaa SfTUATlOW WAWTOD-HT A TOUWU WOK ML AS o-ok waakar and lni??r. nf to 40 kwiaaa rk 1* % aaall iwaiif. i'Kt rii ' r~mtr if r? , ,iraJ. <'aU at ?4-' ( k a?a., a <n'kaaal rirnar of M.b it. SITt'ATIOH W A1TK0 II V A Rr-?1< T * H.I TO JBffl ' atrt. lo 4o taa<-ral koo??work ta a a<aall prlra* Umilr 1 1'oJ rafaraaca> Call for in 3*r? ai IT *V d !M at. qnrj nimiV oiiu wakt bituatiowii nna a* X plain annk. araakaraad ironar. tk*o?kar aa -kan barm aid nr I" laka aara of rkl.draa. naa <1 ? *i'kin1a"? plain towiac. "??brradarr rmrkauaf . Caa kc aa?a for lam 4a>i at 147 Far ? T*k at. rrwia Wo g. WW ItRJI -WAWTWD, BT A TO0W1 ftOOTOI WO ?aa a MoaMoa aa w?t a-irar kaa M kar aara baby a TXTAaTSO-BT A If I DDI. B AO?D AWBBICAW WOW AW. ? a Mm la a aaall faatUy. matnil la tka d mm I'e 4n*aa. nr wmiM MM aara o* as laralM l?lf or f*ati?aan. Ap?ly at ?l Mk M.. a nr Wart IM WAimn-A BmrATioif. iw a ft*** clam rA?i l?, by a raanoolaHa Baaliak tin. wkn la aaaabla af laktaa oara erf an Infaal fr"? sta Mrtk. or If ranirad aaUly'amatd. MMNlMMI oMy rafaraac- rfraa aa lo "acabllllT *n4 In tagrttr ran b? i?a for two 4ar* I.' not anti* t at IM Baal IM at . ia?*J ' oor. Wabt*d-bt AonwrincwT womaw AmroAtiow a* r"4 Plain ?">* waak?r ?a4 Iroaar, la ?<llai ant ol>H?ln(, aril a ?*w4 manful* Haa tk? oa* m Htf rafar?ar> On ha atn for two 4a?a ?t 14 Onloa amtlt, I'nl.arakr plana, Mant l ik 'twl IH? 4k U/ AKTBI) A PITUaTIDW, Bt ? RB4PB TTiBLR QIBl*. TT rrom rrrk t*m\ "Wuil ??rwk * c M I in kar k?al y *ar kird nf <!c>m?ail? w?rt. ran ?? awi f * two i*j? at M Ttk m tap no? r. 8ITUATIOM* WAVTRD-VKHALM. WA NTEI> It V AN nautl <il?u A SITUATION TO do general hoaa?wo*k. or to do ohamberwork ?nd nib Int and Ironing; la a ?nod weaker and Ironei . no* of air re ference given. Calf at US W?i BrJa4 way, in Ike bnioker I ahLp WARTBr- BY A BBBPECTABLE PROTETANTGIRL, a ?HuAlioo ? Diirae and aoamlrwae; node ret audi tke oare of children, good relereuce. Call a' 129 Sax 211 at., aeoond Boor, front room. TLTHTIH-i SITUATION. BT A IHrinTAHLI PIO. TT let' ant young m)miia M wi"r or* dogeueial lioneework In a aaaalj private family beat ,?f rliv Iwday? t4U * *"? la**n ^ & wtvS . ft? WA?T?l>? BT A KB1PBCTABLB TOUN3 GIRL, A alma; too aa plain a??m*treaa or embroiderer, or af ? Uambri maid . beat rc.'triuo? Inquire (or two daja at So 1 udlow ?L MTANTRD-A SITUATION AS SCiMTRIM, BT A f? reepectable yoaat: wooaan; underMaoda general family aewtnr Can i??*n for two day* if not engaged at lid lat ar.. ueur Bt. Maik'a place. tli rd floor. WANTKD- A SITUATION TO DO GENBBAL lid USB work fur a amall f anally . baa 1; rod fo? Ue laat twenty morlbi In one lamlly.haj tie boil of refereuce. Call at It Ubratly al. TATANTBO? A SITUATION TO ATTKND A BAEKR1, BT YT > rouDK eomui at j ualnted Willi the butlneaa. Oa J at S4 Hodaoo at . flrat Uo*r. WANTBD-A SITU ATION IN A PRIVATB FAMILY to take care of . hud -en and aa aeamaireea, by a young *i:mu whocaa give aiitlaiartirr reference aa to . haraeter and capacity. Call at No. 5 Roaalyn terrace ,i2d nt.), betweeu 3d ana ?ti. era UTANTBD ? A SITUATION. B1 A MBSPEOTABLB " tonng girl, aa nuree and eeamatreea Haa Ike beat city reference. Call at Bo. 257 71k ??.. between 26th and -'Tib ?u., eeccnd tloor WANT H?- A BITDATIOM. BT A 1 BBPECTABLE WirL, to do general boueework la a email private family; ta a good vt a?ber and troner; no obje ?* to go a abort Jtatanee In the conniry. Good reference. Call for two day* al US Kut l"th at ti/-ai>tt:d-a situation. T? oook, wash and ? lr >0, alao to do ehambevwork aad aewtng. Gojd city rt lereLCn <'*11 at 37 Weal Jyin at , near #th av. WANTKD- HY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A BABT to wet uuraa at bar own reeiilence. Reference given aed reonlred app'v at M Atlantic at.. Brooklyn WANTF.D-A BiTUATION, HY A RB3PBC TABLE mlild le aged widow woman, to do the houaework of a rmi i private family; la in eioellent weaker aad ironer and a goo 1 cook. City reference*. Can be aeen for two day* ?. 20i Mb ar.. In the rear. WASHING AND IRONTNC! DONE ON THE kliortrat notice, at 11 Bale 1 ft The beat of referencee given. WANTKD? BY A COMPETENT YOUNG WOMAN, a alt nation aa chambermaid, or would tie vllUng to waitonabtdy or on g owing clil 'ren, or a> '.rat flaaa wal trea. h*e m r. e.1 In b xh capa- tle* Haa 'ire and a half yeara' refeit-ncca. Can be acen at Broadway, between aJtL and 21at all TITAN TED? A SIf CATION, BY A RE3PKCTA dLB ? 1 young weman; la *>&dy and Indtutriona aad la a Urat rate cook acd an eirellect waahrr and Ironer: underhand* baking Haa the b?*t of cry referrnces from her laal p'.nce. Call at IBS tiih ar., between r.'Ji and StHk ata. WANTKD? BY A HB(PK< TABLE YODN1 WOMAN. A aimatlon ai tlrat rlaa oo>k la willing to a?ai>t in the waablng and lrnaing. Heat of city referent,* can be gtvrn. t'ali for tnodaja al Ci Wtat 'JOlb at, between tith are. and Brotdway. TVrA*'TID ? BY A REHPKCrABt.B WOMAN, A SlfCA f r U'? ae cojk; unCenianda baking and paatry, and la Wtllleg to ivn,t with the waahing. The beat of eity reference, rail at ?.'? Ka?t lt;li at., between la! and 2d art., third Cur, front rocn. WANtKI).? A RBPPICTABLB PROTESTANT WOMAN having l<*t Ler baby. t*o weeks old, la deetroua if prj riirlng x altuatloa ki wtl nnrae. Beat of reference can be ero 1 t'au be auen (or two day? at liJ Weal 21at at. frjnt baaemeoA. WANTED- HY A NEAT. TIDT GIRL, A BITITATTON aa waitrena aod ehimbermald ortotike ca'e ?f children; baago lcty reference from her laat plaoe. whe*e abe b\a liveu live year* Can be aeen tor Hire# caya at 427 flrojme tl WANTED.? A HERMAN OIRL WISHES A SITUATION, in an American tamllr, to do aeneral ho laework. Ini'Ura at 27ii a- j, 1 10 h ti , flrat tlo-ir. K Simon. 1E7KT NtTRSE ?A RESPKOT ABLK WOMAN WANT>T(i TY w?t nnr>e a baby al li?r own residence. The baSv wiU l>e well taken care of Tke beat of reference given. Injure at 82 l lTiaion iL. In the etore Wantbd-a Situation, by a rkapehtablk your g woman a a rhanbermald and waltreea, ir won d do gwne-al h inaework In a ?n?ll private family: baa good elty referenne from laat place. Call at No 73 Wea. L>.h al, In the rear. WANTED-A SITUATION, AS COOE. BY A KtSPSCT ablejonng woman, who u iderataadn bar l,u?n;Mla til Ita brauchee, gord oliy reference <rlren Can be aeea for two day* at I8H Lodlow at ' root room aeooud Bow. WANTED- BY A OB PBTENT, TIDT OIBU WITS eicellent dty rw'erencea three yeara In tke otty, a attuatlon aa waitei asd e ham be maid, or aa regular ehtmier wiaid ar.d to take charge of Ike allror and dlalng rojm, wage] f& t^kU at 216 Eaat 2Sd at WANT1D-A SITUATION, BT A EE?PBCTAIII.E WO bmui. aa flratclaia ennk; imderatanla jelllea, aoupe and game: 00 ol'jeeUi n to a flrat elata boarding honae. Goud city reference. Call tor t wo daya at .11 bh al.. aaar It are , In the etore. WANTBD-BY A O >MPBTKITT YOUNG WOMAN. A I tuatlon al ciok; la a M waaher aad Irmar Oan give g-c<l etty reierenoe. Aprly a'. 7B1 Waaklngt^a corner of Jane. WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A VERY RK8PKOTABLB Protectant girl, aa rhiinherma, 1 aod waiter, or In do cbn. '>erwork and takeeare of eb'ldrer. Good city reference. Call fir I we daya at 97 Kaat lt>ih at., b>p 1o r. WANTBD-A RirUATlON. BT A TOUNO WOMAN, TO do the plain rooking, waahing and lroilng of a email nrl rale family, or to do the boiiMwcrk cf a aoiall 'a-nl y. Oal for two daya al >U7 Weet 56ih it , between Ktk and 9tfe ar*. WANTBr-BY A YOCN'I Wf MAN, A SITUATION TO ft! general bOOaWWork . la a lint rata w \iher and lr mer Ecd referen<e frjm he.- laat trlace. Call al 172 Iliicait , In 1 eiprete ? flic*. Brooklye. TIT ANTED? A SITUATION AS WAITRBSs AND CHAM Vr < \ or to takeeare of ebld/w*. Can he a? for one t av only, at the hon?e of farmer employer, 7 Raa . 'id at it- anted- a arruATioN. bt a bbbpb7Tablb tt tourg j;-rl, a* eb?m>>e?mai,l ac 1 waiter. Apply f-w two dajr* at 21lfl Cr>i tmb!a al , Brooklyn. tV-AKlED-A 111 CATION AB PLAIN OOOt, WAtHBR TT and lmn?r, or to do ?-<?. i? a la aataall ?i>' 1). by a nmrtilll ynaaa woman wlib *ojd city rafrraaoa. * j p y at Jul 7tb ar., lira* floor. WAMSC-HI AN ACTIVE TGCAU WO* AH. A fUTTT TT atl n na fcam>.ermald and aa'uraa, or >i cbatn'><?na?td *? d plain owrr or would do hna waaklng H.wi of elir r.fa 'roor ("Hi ba aarn tot iwr .lata at U Union court. Uuirer i li) p.wem, hrtvrn 1 1th and ltik ata OL'-A NTBD? BT A REM'BCTABf.B OIBU A SITUATION TT to I'd mnkWK. wa>Mnjt anil l-onlni' for a ? mail family. Brti of -i.r r?feranoa. 0*11 for t iro daja at 111 AUantij at-, Bcu.b I'rookljn. LTET NORSK WANTED -Nt RHINO CAN MB HONE TT at iba anrtt > ova boot*. Okli oa Mrt. Hadm. <4 N?rtk Moor* a TXTANTBD-BT A RIB! E<rr ABLE MARRIIDWOM kM, TT a b?by to M nurna m Mi an MMML or in innr; ItalHrndlba comfort* of ? home. Call at ii I tui llil d., ae-rnt 6'*>r front rooaa. OL'J MID - *T A C()*rn?1 WOMAN, A BiTU aTION TT aa ? nb? tborottiUiT uad?r*tw>d< her tmainaaa la all :tf br*nrU?. w* a'd ba wlllln# m uui la Um waahlna tod Im.lrg tt?lr(tru?ha?i rmd r?fare?< e (Iran. Ou fur two day? at 10 l.rilnrVwi ar , ruraar lid at T*rABTED-A P1TCATION BT A TO' NO OIRU AB vt tmmmm i ?? ? !*???<???> emmi ??t of nty re'nraars jii-a, wi* wmkhiii abort dia IU ? 10 ifca conalry. ('ali 1 jr two day ?> >0 Lena?loa ar Wantbp-bt a neat and beiprct ablr rmw Km (111 a H'."4:Mn la a i>n a'afam'U ? r**. wather and Imr.rr baa Mat oi rrromaradatlooi. apjly at SM Ooi t raaa a* . Hmnfclya. "ANTED? RMPLOTMBNT, HI A NEAMBTBBW. WITH a aawin* aa^km*. io aaw by tb? day or wMk la plrata 'ani:tna 'iadanr\n(*a all klar'a of family wla* ? I irkin* , re ' B? miH ant'ia? children a ? lolhea Call at 1M &th at tRTAKTHD-BT A I'RoTBWTANT BN'IUOII woman, TT taa yaara la Mr praaaat place, a auiuloa aa ohlid't norte. A acta, at? a( ba aantaa r^jiirad, a*dr???d to II K.l b?r prran' faptoyar . Hmikiya Toat offii*. wl'l ra eel r taim<4iat? auratioa. fl' ANTED - A IflDDLB A'IBD WO*A* WARM A TT altna: nai lr a frlrato faaily aar**. Itrat of r#??r?>a-? r ??o <iaa b? m at bar a>> ??M piaca of aaploymaai. ISO Weal i?ai, for ibxea daya tmriBlfP-BT A RESrWTTABLHOl IfJ WO*A*. A TT aitaaitv-a u coo- In a fatally Haat of elty r-faraaaa afraa Api It a: Ml lib at , batwaaa araa M aad I w w 7 ANTED- A HITVATIOV FOB A YOUN'i (MRU. AN wa'trraa or w> dfi rbaaharwork. Brat rrfaraa> ea In iraalfT1' !*a. uiea . Hrmtlya ll-ANTBD-BT A REU'Ei'TABi ? WOMAN, A BITCA TT tli-n aa rnod i imb la al'llof to aaaitt > lib tb? waah na. O'md e*y ?rferar'-a <<aa ba im f^r two data at 13'. * bat ? ? , Mar i anal at . frna" room, Irat flour WAKTBD A t!TB AT IOB, BT A BETE TABI.B (trl, In a prirata faml r; oidarttan^a fnaraJ hvi?a *ork aad la willtocto mak haraair faaarally ia?foL Call for mo day* at U Mvaroa at , ura Boar. WANTED? BT A BBBt'ETT ABI.K CIBU A BITCA tka at <-htaharrr.*>d aad ? aMraa> or aa rbaaWaaM at d noraa r?a ? nt rafarao<ia. ('all for lao da yd at ISJ Waa 2d a , batarra Tib arl fkk avrnnaa EBTANTBD-A UriCATIO* TO DO CHAMBER WOBE TT aad wal'.la?, cood raTaraaae Can for tw > data at ?*> t)b aa . batweaa .1Kb aad ITtb ata , la tla abna atora. ttTABTBD A BTTTATKMI TO COOI, WABB AND TT Iroa d rlty re'araa'-v no aV*f a to do licit b-maa work < 'all for two dara at hrtatnpbar M . la im r?ar. ft' ANTE! BT A BBNrE" TABI.B AWKRtQAB I. A BT, TT who baa ,<M loai brr baby, aoMd In mm auraa at bor o? a rraidaora caa glta tM baa of raiartaoa. Apply at 71 kork a'. , Brook!) a. WABTED-BT A TOTNO WOMAN, a UTOAno* AB raaawuraaln a prt*aM 'aaaily. aba und?rat?ada dxxaa naAn a ?nd all klnda i' faa*'y aawnf ar??k? fraarb and ?ay' aii tan n a Wb>alar A Wlharai'a aawiac marhlaa. (nod raftraaoa glvaa. Apply at S ? arwaar A. Tlr ANTED ? BT A BCOTCH PBOTENTABT OfBU A TT itt'iaJ<a aa a<ir?? and lawar or aa rb\ia'>armail aad Wlllifa. a' d Matai In tka waabmr i? r- , ? bn th? baai at rky rrfarancr Call for tarn d?ya a *!?? <aat 1Mb M. WANTPI'- A H1UATWN. HT A RITt'T A Bt.B \ onrf frivataiit arrnaa to ??%, mt and Iroa In a aa> *11 fwa>l r or to do paaaraJ V? ?worb . lb- >>?al a' rliy rafa raaua aaa ? giraa fr a kar laa plana. I'al. ? t< hi/n ?? WIT BIBBB-A HB Al.THT WOW AW IATINO I/JTT bar rhl d, alaa daya old ?wb?? t *"< ? wat atraa at bar own tor." aa. Hall a) IV O'BallU ? oIm. ?h Mb ay . for tkrte data. Irak t to 4 P. ?. tsrri'ATioAs wahtuu-fkmalm. WA NTSD-- A SITUATION BT A HKriOT . ll.l young woman to do genera! hooaawork In * prlv.taft mllr Beet of city rafareoce can bo given. Call fw tw > daya At 84 ling ??. WAN1XD-8Y A BBBFBCTABLB YOU NO OIRV A ataatlm aa child j norM ud to a*kr bereal/ uaeful. Oood otty leleratcee. Oall far tiro daji at 221 But 17th at , dm floor back room WAMTKU-A H1TUATIOM, BT A KK8PKCTAB..IC ttrl. t ? do general aouaowork; caa wash and iron v well; would be very wi.dng Bud ot>i|glng. lately Arrived It jm :ba Old Louotr.' . Can ?.e treo at No. 40 rrimtj plaoe WANTID-BT A RK8PBCTARLB QIRL, A SITUATION to cook wash and Iron, or to do general ho'iaewurk In A private family for country or city. Call at 111 Bromna street, eecood iloor, irnnt to in for two diva Uood rrfeieuoe cab be ttvea.^ Wage* not to much an object m a good home. WANTED? BY AW AMKBICAN WOMAN. A SITUA tiCD u took . la folly competent to lake lbs charge of a , kitchen Can inrnlab good <-lty referenoe If required Can be it-en llli aulted at 143 Bit abet^ at, between Hrooae and Bp?Ib?. WANTID-SITUATION1. BY TWO W OMEN. OSM AM elderly woman, a long Ume In tbli country; well eipe rleooed lo d> general Bouaework; la a go *1 waaher and ironer. The other la lately landed . well Inclined ti na*l?? In a ?'n*1 I family, or lo take c ire of children. WU1 be aeen for t *0 daye, i At ISA Croaby at , Una Uaor bask roam. WAN TED- BY A RJSPKOTAIILB QIKU A PI.ACB to do general bouaework The beat ol city re'erenoaa I can be given. Call at SI KUuiton at, from 9 A M. oat I 4PM WANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A BB8PKOTARI.E WO man aa a good ccok and in eiiellent wanner troner <?ood referenoe caa he given i .'an be aeea far two diya at St Weat l.'ta at , between 7th and 3J1 ate. WANTED? A SITUATION, XT A RXSI'BCT A Itl.K ytiiug woman. to cvk. w i?h and Iron t'a-: fc'.re g.?>l 1 city re rrence. fall at 00 Wen Waahii>gton place, N Y W' ANTKD-A K.TUATION. IIT A RBEPBCT a I.* jcung woman aa eurae and aeamatreae Oan cut '.ul 111 ladle. ardchl iren'ai reaiea U ud ctty reference given ' <'a.i at ,58 'tth 11T , between 17ih and 1-ith aU, BMcod tloor i Mra Dnllegbant. Wrr BURfE.? WANTED, BY A RK?PBCr ABLE * AR ried, a child *0 wet n n r?e at her own malleus; j baa l'iet her baby one month old Call for two oaf a a lif Bait | 7th it, between area K and C, third Iloor front room WANTED? BY A KKSPKtTAbl.K MIDDIK At.EI) woman, a el' nation In a plain private funtly. to do g?ne ral botuework. The ? mforta of a borne more an object than 1 huh wage a ("all ;.t 279 Sth ave., at the dreaamaAer'a. (J >3.1 j re:erenot-a glreti. WANTKD-A SITUATION. B? A RK4PB0TABL.E youo? woman, aa ciambermaM and wat rem, or aa ( bamtermald .ud nurae, la a aplendld plain aewrr; la cornea t? tit and willing to do either work rriulred: bai Jie im-?' good city reference from lar laat place. Can he lee" .t 302 1 h ,ve. between 29th and 3Uth ata. WABT1D-A SITUATION A8 WBT NURSB. BV A bealtUy yueg i.r: m 1:: woman, with a freia breaal ul : milk Inquire at HI '.?th Ht., between let .od Id .vea. WANTID? BY A RKRPKOYABi.R l( ARB T SI) WOMAN, a altuaMon aa wet rn*ae la a Diirate famlir; ate baa a I tu 1 bre?t of healthy milk, liett of ui'.y rafereuce gireo. P!tg?e call at 130 Baat 39th at, near 3d av., second tioo;, back to m. TO-ANTWT? A SITUATION BY A P. BRPICTABI.K PRO *? teatant girt, to d o general bouaework la a go*! waaher and Ironer nnderatanda plain rocking, hat no >h *< .Ion to lake ra>e of chl dren. la a good aewer. Call at 199 Prince at , rea~ houae, for two daya I ^ETANTED? A MTU ATION, BY A TOITKO WOM t?. AH TV ruraa ard aeamatreaa in a private family. Can gira the I beat fit* reference. Can be seen at her pre*i3t plac*. UL en | gaged. 1.-9 Id a*. __ WANTKD-A SITUATION TV I> ) < U AMBICRWORK ardwallig (kind reference. 1 all at * o. tU arenue A, corner of Ittli at., third . or, front room AVTRD-A SITUATION AS ('HAMRBBMAID AMD wallreaa. Or aaelai Into the ? ihfia and ironing, or will do genera toutcworg 'or a am i : private fam. y. tlooicilr lefarenoii from her aai place, t al. at 170 Weal 3Ul at., be | I ween 7th and Htb art. WANTBP A S1TUATK N, B* AN tXPEHIBW' ID griKl eook. who n"derat*nd? the bualreoaln ill b-an -a; un.leretaada all klnda of ate -ta, aoopa and game, ailai. dea erta; u an eipertencd baker. (I *>d city -'erc.ica ,,/na. ln iuui' al 121 Mjrtls ar., Mra. Barlay'e, Brooklyn. WAR TED- BY A ItlftPB' TAB!. I WOMAN A SITU Aton aa wet nurae 1 *11 at No 131 3 a. it. bet * een lat 1 and 2d ar., aeooad floor, for two data WANTKD-A SITUATION, BT A PBRPBOTABLK voung woman, aa cmk. Beat city reter?-ct an t can be highly recommenced lr.uu her laat piv e c?n h? a*?u lor t?o daya at 11} Weat Ktk at.. botw*ea 9th and 10th are . third llocr WANTBr-BY A RBSPBTTABI.B TOUNO WOMAW, A a"t u at on aa plain rook, waaher and tronet or t> do J georral bouaework Be.t ctty refe enoe from hsr :?at plire. I Oan be aetn for two day* at 113 let av , t ruer ot 19lh at, [ aerond floor, back room WANTKD? BY A TOUNQ OIRU A SITUATION TO dochamberwnrk and aaaiat with the waahlng ail Iron tng: or would tak* care cf children. Call at 37 Atlantic ?... . Brorklvn. WANTBD-A SITUATION, BT A BBaPBCTABUB girl, aa cook; would aariit la the washing and Irotlng ol 1 a aiai: family, g->>d ctty referencaa gi ?en. Call at 193 29ta it I nrAMTBD-A SITUATIOW, BT AM ?XI'ERICNRBD TV tood cork; nnderatanda her bua*oeaa In all llabrancara; i allklBilaef lonpa ami game; la an er: -Henoe4 bate g?d ' city referecce given, uall at 7J Weil JOUi at, aaartlhar., | for two daya. I WANTKD-A SITUATION , BT A PHOT BUT ANT WO mm. aa aeamalreaa and dreesmaiter In a -? r.tlewan'a family . no ob leotion to go South bi w alt on a lady . r >it refe rvnee iilven Call for two daya at Uigue a Hotel. *< i:>.h at., eorner of 3d ar. WANTKD? SITUATIONS. BT TWO BBVPK'TTaBI.B gUI? one t j do chvm her work and plain eawlng or 1 > lake oa re of rht dren. the ether to dn jhamberimrk or to do general hooaework In a amall private family ; tke beet uf rale reaoo given, tall at 94 Ilesry at . N. T WBT MUBSB.? WAMTBD. BT A RBHPKUTABI.B MAR rted w mm. Who I aa 1? her l ab', one month old a actuation at wrt none. Oall al 182 Madlaoo at , la the roar top Boor, for Iwodavt. WANTBD-A SITUATION. IIT A SIT1SN lWOMAN; underataoda Fraaoh oooklig. Apply at lUSjrtn, at., B'heature. __ WANTBD-A SITUATION, BT A FliMT ?TLalW *)')*, in a pilvate famil . . hotel or plvate txiardhig fconae: la al?^ a Hrat rate 'a ndreae. nndettanrfe Tteneh tt itlni' guidclty re 'ere nee. Oall for two day* at *7 Weat lath at , near Mh av., Drat Uc or. WANTID? BY A \ ERT OOBKRTBBT PERSON, A ?IHm'i ? to cork, waab and Irta la > prirata funl . tb< adrrrtkw' b?? tb? bra' rity rafaraoca aa lo burnt and c*pa bi ll.. *.*11 fi.r tw 1 da i it Itf f.mM of Hlskjuid l'io^TM? ???., Brookha, nr?t floor. front rum. WANTED-A BITCATIOB. RT A RWI'I TABI K Mjnnf (irl. to do |rn?r?l boiawiMk !? a aood wa?ba as<l In ?ar Wid '0 nwileot bakrr !.??? sU; raierenoa fm i bar la l place. OaJ. tor taolajkM I09iaureaaat ?ao> .1 ttcr , bath IV A'lED-A PITUATIOB. BT A FIRMT CLASH LAtTB V? draM in a prltata family, o? prlrata b*rdln?bon?e m do Prrtrli i!ut!r.? lio'd city ra'arri.eae ('all ai AJ BoJ it, t'larn tluuaacn and Hlaackae ala , room Bo I. YJL'aBTBP BT A TOrXO W'^BAB. A BTTI7ATI0N *" V? eiraanndtn So iilain aarwm* ooobjanuoa U? do llrbt (ha* bar*- rk. 'ladaralauda tba < ?ra of a b*iy from ita hir\h, ami to la tb? ronotry . B'*>d at) rafrr ?!><?? a"l?r*;? w*??a and a 'I b ma vref>ria!. I'aii at lit Weal 19i at, ba ?ar.-o ?U> ul 7 ik art , to ike rear. fETAMTEB-BY A PBOTBKTANT WOBAW A i^CA ?* l"i n to wk . waahaadlror. In a prl ra Jt fa-ni'y Ooul r'ty rrlnrii -a *lran fr-rabrrlaa" pl*-? <%l! at I HX Weat lWh at . near Blreekar at . e- ? >ad Door, irntn No. 1. BWVATIOW WA.fTkLIX-WAt.B Ah iick k ebbpbb? a on *aai>maa of an ,aaMr.?d- Addnaa P , bwrra) BOOKEBBPBK? A PITUATIOB WAWfBIV BT A jr<tnt r?a'>aaa of an -A aipanrawa aad titrn-j^fcl/ IM. AddrxaeP bwraa) 'k Hotel, Baw Tork. Atocxi maw, ji *t or?KWiii<iitJ. wr?HE* a atin ?? la a wbolraala or ratal! WMB la atlllac to tit* b>tta?-.f an.arally 'iaaf>iU ard ea kax.i a aai >' tvioia. arp'r "> * P ltd Waat I9ih at, batatrn 7lA ml lau, raead I'oor, for two daye. ATOUBO BAB WANTB A ?ITT' \TIOB AP POBTER f,r la ?iIHbi' 1 1 aaka khnaalf naefui ta any eapa <*?y*b:rab* raa earn an b <oatt liraUbood. i'aaliil/r fa rare** A'MrraaT K . hoi 1BI Haaald <?< <? T) ' KBf.BI'EB -WABTEO. A BiYUATTOB. BT A I J vaaoc >tn aa bookkaapar or etert. <"l?y rafrraaeait. Addraaa T. Jofenalon. fcrrmid ome^ /^OACBBAB OB OBOOM - ?TTC\TIOB WABTBO. BT 1 7 a ecapxu-nt aad raUabla bum. App'r to T . at Baaar*. W > A A tnm . ct rrlaje aakwa, Bkl Bffodway. SITUATIOB W AN TIP HT A OEXTI.BBAB Of HID dla a(*. *1lk am*a rrapr.t tS)? >ri<-?ni ? i aa ??????? t|l bo ? r?p?r * enjl- i-t<?, 4n?lm tka daa or rranla* tha ??? '* ftrr-nmm ?tT?a for akaractor aad capadtj. Adiraaa Poaur bri 17 Hrraid < flic* SITUATIOB WABTED? ;tT A ?BSPR,'TAB' B TO^B I man "?"rst"a ??ara of a?a aa rai'ry or dm*r'*rk. or ?a rkt porw. ia Ui work and aaka k.aaalf (voarailp ?aafiil. < an r? d < tr rafaraoro from I a awplorar aa t-> rt>a>*"?rr a>.i-?ta?T ko-aaty. rai aWllttaa, Aa. Adiraa Pa ty, tni KM Harairt oflli*. fortwo<aya. r? DBCOOIRTP ?A OOMPBTEBT YorBfl OlRBAB drarc^at. ? b ? ? ? and wrHrt the ? ? ? n ?o, BacUak aad Pran. k laar'iuvB an l ran ( iralak r""'1 ra rraataa. arann to ?at a >ltnatton (n aa * nariaaa druc itm AAdraaa or In iiilrk fur Hi. K lou K Otrkard at. r) I>Bl'i i fllBfU. ? W ABTBD RT A <??BrBTEffT mnai naa. a allnaUon aa dark Ik a rata1 1 M ?? '"aa aire Dial rlaa rafararraa Addraaa T W B,raa?if Br Af lira, rfcaantat aad apotkeeary, onroar a t Bjnla iM Knot an., Eaat Bf?ikl3 a. WABrin BTABinnucAQBn pbkbobbab. wno kaa Ifaad wttk 'ha t.,nat r?apa?lali!a faalitaa ta tbia mt, a atoaMoai a a waitar In a ptirata faatlf flood nM) raferaaaa 0% aa A tdraaa A. B . Harald oflka, for tkraa daya W1"! ABTin-A imrAT OB IB A WfTot MAI.B BTORE, a l>d ^itaao raam of ac . nrHtaa a fair hand a-'t w?l raeon >.?adaA. Adiraa 0, T , Baraid iflaa. TLrABT?f>? A BTTCATIOB A* BABKEBPCB BV A II r-^p-rtah'a jo..Bf m*a Addraaa Win. Illafatoa. cvraw of York aa>d Batn ala, Tt rook lya. EETABTBT)? A BITDATfOB. BT A fX>1/>kPr? BtB AR ?T roarl m?a la a prl??ta familr, nndr-at a ta Ma b>ian?a thnoraialilt'. raa rira tb" brat of rNf rafarr-aoaa. Addraka B Brady. 34 Ikwnpaa at WABTBP-BT AB BBflMMBBAB ABD III- WIPE aMriatWwia ata at le'Inoraarraal ar p alar wlfa ft tx*a "?vaof rklWraanraab oaawa >ld; la a tko-onjk aaamat-ra and draaair akar. w?h irvjd dtr ra'rraaaa. an o^ artl yr taUit ??> jb try. a rt? raaa 0 a. Ilrrald >4brw " TM TK* DWB. ~~~ A BAB WHO TftOBOI 'IBI.I UBI>B?Hr*Bll* TIIR alaii'dapl ?>. (IVInr. alirrrla( aad (Ira g dkii. wl a II yaara' praaira Hi tkaap t'ranrkaa. .'aalraa aBtaail mi A 'raw BBB^Iaalll l'"? i i ? WABTBIV- A HO RB CARPBBTB* ABO ?n,A?T?* aa. wko tkorynah f nad*r? aad tkair hianaak. Wl f" Hoaitb. Apply to J ft. Hrowar A Oo , II imU at UKLf WAATkU-JCKKAIilM. All ?*iiiueh abd ooo > ?rv ants will rue I?'"* *tui deoartmAota <rf nrnMa Wah, Engltah, *?<*<* An Old au*enrtb. -? VtoTtod.Wlftflf{2a,,d ?u"'i,ld *tu good balu Immediate I* ?>* ? pojuar Of <Hh Ave. Hum dueled by a re apeciAble American lady. AWAITBR QIBl. W1JTID- :n a PRIVATE PA WILT ?be muel understand her ba*;:.-m Apply from ?tffi H . ?;4 7Ui?? Abundance o? OCOD BERV aNTB to HI had IM me^lAielv- Oermaiie, Begliah. lriah uJ tcjloh, ihurouga cnoka waebera, Imeere. go *1 Wat willlrg ho*. *e workers. Ac , for city and co ntrv Wagee eery md? ixli To emp'oyera on I b?-?e till lulled wrllk goo d help A 14 ihe Large Institute, 138 lltb el , aorner of *th irrn* / IOOK WAPTBD.? W A kTKD A OOOD 1'LAW COOK. \ whole a good washer and Iroaer she most oeb<>aesl aober and capable and be able ?o haep bo' kllohen neat Mid c leaa. Apply At W Rea?en el, Broollyn, Wall sire.- ferry. /IOOK WAHTBD-a RVSPKTfABLB MI DHLS AOBD \ ' wcwan. aeeook la a prl?ale faml'y; > be m net onderataad her bn4ne? and hare g^id reeommeulatlooe Applv from i lo U o clock A. M . at ft Hemaen el , Itrooklyo Uelghla ??. 'i"?1 ""lt *. near the *(?aU firASTBD-A TOUHO LADY, TO ATTEND A SALOON; *T alfi a gr<od c*>h, to do genera! housework; oolar. J pre rerred. inquire at 112 Orsnd at . np stalra. TjtTAMTSD? A (IIKL AS NUR8K AM) hS iViTHSSS, TT and lo d> light chamber* >rk, al 114 West l&A ai Uood roferi t-co repaired. iA TA*TKD-A WO* At WHO OAK Otff A WD riT *T fcojs' clothing, al lid Ciiat >u el. Brooklyn. U/ANTED-A NBeT TID1 OIKL. AH NUBKB AN1> " .1 ? . ' ?<? *.h'i u capable of witlna c*r? ol aa In'ut. lined clly re:wt>x.cea re mired None other* u??d ?i> ply at 401 li .ileuu At , betweeu lirove and Christ jpb rata, faecal*;. WiNTKH ? A "OLOBBD li RL AHOITT 16 YEAR4 of ?r* lo to th* houaework of atnii private family. Oall at 14 J ?i at . beiwt rn lat av aod av. A. TBTANTBD-A GOOD liIKU TO DO OCK1RAL V? hiiurrwork; ?B'i?l fcc a tood wa?hfr and lrfii"r, a1>oa if--od p i n cock , a'n wauled * small girl to InhKhtcba i Ffra.'rli . rhr mu?t he a joorf r'tln ??ner a"d wl' <n?; to niH?n n?rM<lf (rnerally naeML Appl} for Uuee <laya al tl dnyi at , Brooklyn OfiMID-1 TIDT SMART UIRU TO 1)0 OBNBRAt. TT touaewuri, otp wa > U n a ?o.l cok ar.d a li^at rat> walk* er ann Irotit-r ai d fiod baker, will Sod ? lUuntloa by "caU'D* al <0 lliunmocd at. r^A??TTi;i>-AH 003f, AN IRIIUIH iCOTOH OR t T Uermku k rl, wb . lb >mu*uiy nudentaadi her Una iihw, ?nrh la e?n e- 1* i^? beat of city refort net ? mjiy apply m 5<*1 tUaT.. from 10 10 12 A. M. TTrAfT*D-A KIMPBfTABt.R OTRL. >S WA1TRB8S *T aoi1 'o KMuil with the wHHhii'K *"d ironing. Oall hi tld Wttl 21at dt , fr ml) uutll S. Uood releietice rrqoired. lAfANTBD? A OldL TO OO <1K?BR4L IIOUeCWORK ?I nM.Bt I* a k 1 eo-'k, v.?Khar aad irouur. OaII hi 2JJ Wrat aoib at., from 9 A. M. ttu 5 P. M. WANTBD-A WET NDRI-K. TO TAKE H')M? AND have the eh*irrp of a child three w??ek? old; libera1 price wUl bf 1 abl to a eatla'aetory warty Aoply al Dr. lAmbert ? 1 Uli't- sSi) fi h ar , ou Tutitday .md WeduoauAy, belweea o and i o'elcck Tlr ANTED? A CIRLTO DO P' AIN COOKHfO. WASH T? in* Ac. ; ahc muat he tMy and come wxll ww met '?d. Apcly between the houra i<( Id and 1 o clock, ai 171 Waal dlth atreet. WAN IKD? A UirtI, TO DO Dltf COOIU.NM AND OK neral houaewora of A am all laml'y. Apply for t *0 daya At CO OrAege at. Brooklyn. OTANTBO-A FIRST BATK TOOK AND A TOITNH TT to work la A kilchea aa carver. Apply at lli Jobs at reel TIrANTEI> TWO HAl,E!?WOMKN WHO THOROUGHLY TT nntV retard tr:mmlag an<l maalng booneti 4 eeery klrd Nore hi : e?perlcn'*d h?nda reed apply, After 10 A H.. at ij. Btrn'a m llinery. fMl llroAdeay. Veltrt Hcnoeta at reda<"Jd pilcea (jreat t *rg?li.a flf A NTBD? A PK(<T?TANT WONAB A* OOOB. AND TT to wnah and Itoi . In a prorate family, ti"ne b 11 1.1 en who un^era aril their b'taineee and have k m I referrn-ei aa ! character and kon< ity. need ap;!/; rnei>c<*t? ile 0! )red wi men are ran"etel u> mak>* a, pUoation a; 21! Ablig'l <n plane, between fcul< 'a And IHk ava WANTBD-AN EN'lI.IriU OB FREMITI OIBI., NOT over I j e?n of age to lake care of A cbl d. aerea yetra ofnge and i> wait on a lai> RaferaACi a rr ^.lred Can, f'um 10 till II, TumlAy And Wednwlty mornlngi. At 09 BAUt Wd hi. WANTED? A SBRVANT, WHO UNDEIUTAITDii OB rural h<c,w work . mtxlrrala al/.'d family Any peraoa who ha* uot good recommendatl ia* f <r charact<?r And Inlelli gence need apply. Ir. ,i;lre. After 1.' A. M . atU \clly at. WTA5TED LADIBi AND dB ? TLKMBK JO LBARN A Vt r ?? and p?o#tab!e haa'nea Ahlr* la ea?y and cab !>? doae At hoane nnd Ibcv will have cnaatant w>rk wlthmit fall. Thlale m hnmbog. ha the Inveator kat tae only trade <il thU wia k In the I'nttfd nt>t*e I. wine and ganUamen wb> ?U!i crcetant emplovmaaldAlly, wnuli do well b / e?l 1 ?* laai dlately at IM K.>wery. l.vllea *111 b? taught by a lady A guarantee will ha given for work. Btulneaa b jura 8 till A WAHTaD AKVABI , OOBl'BTBNT UIBL Fi)R OKNB r?l homework rhem itbea i->od nook and > >Uer. ? 'and waablng had inialng very nlaely. dnch A oae may ap ply at ISti LeitngVm avrnne WANTED- A TOT N<) WOVAN AH AHH^TAVT B PBHI In a email p'lvata lu-tilutlM Oval city refareace aa character re 1 'Urad. Apply at 1't 1 econd avenue, before 10 o olock In thr mnrcing ^ HKLP WAATII?->1AI,WII. Atodio man n a vim j prom no to in can o.eel wllk a iond permanent portion la * llfbt ra*r>'i fartiirtaa huatoaee, paying l?r?? pr>D'i with road? aalea hy apt ij ?* to .la?, from tul nrJ.-Mk. at lh? Aarru .0 Maun featuring (Vnnpaay. Ml Broadway, tif aiatra. AOBNT* AN n ACTM'B MBN ? AN n;> IN BVBRT elty ?ud town to (all the H via VI aterpreof Oomroeltloa for l#hikfr Werraote.t to make lunta and rbiea l?t aa I leg again. Principal depot iV7 I'rarl (treat AN Altnt INTBI.I.IORNT un w*ntbi>-to trad bar In a butaJ, unit He able to opto altera and M deraund Miliar. la Applv. with r?-oni!?endAtJo?ii, at Ufl Hoi* i cl (Jrruiala. oontcr uf 6tk are aal lid at. DRUQ CI.PilB WANTIP ?ON* CONVICRHANT WITH the retail irc?ini>?? *%i h??r nf a ii'uaMoo by Appijtai: at III hrnmM at , balwai t ul 6 o'clock t' M. JOINPON PRY \ r* , PDftLimtB*. *7 BF'-fKAtt etrret are Is wai I n-veral reepeottllo ai> I re'lahle men Ui entail lobarr r*r? for lUelr new eo'I A li?wral c >?? in mi n or aalarr |It?o. Ap?ljr to W H Rl'MI r??N. a? i?1 RI^PfH-TAIILI M*N FBBBIN'l N1TU ATI JNH AH rVrhe. Ac . ato'i <1 apply at ibw v> Uhltl' K ti try ofti a 71 Broadway. No < imtalea >n IIMMMB Re>a rrixe to Brat r!aea h "i?*a. ? ppltranU liy in*" ab mid enaioaa two aUmpa Kau . iabci! I J UB'J. KAIV J*K, H-;, L SAI.B-MAN WAVT*I>-TN A NCNft' PTOBB; <>*? lmleg a knowledge of Oerman preferred; nut; ha aole to tmfura oa the agmurua. aed ha wllliag to miae hn?-lf gmeialiy uaof'il. A"p!y lo A. Jaoob'i * ms, 1U' i hMun at WANT BD? PUR 1MB COMPaNT OP BNOINBBB ei.ldlere tow ataifcaied at f?l Tohil, a few a'jiw I A. Ml foitai m*a. nnBarrtad. and Boat b? a nam read and Write ltd underetand the l?4 moiianf a. .i imeVo, pay froea t S wo 134 per tr.inih. with board risking qHMitad me'.len! U endaaaa. Apply Imtwwt the bnora of 1 and if M , at the j mted Htaiea Bagiaesr, No. I Bowl'nf grrea WANTBD? A VOJWfl MAN. rRn* II TO 1" TBARP ?if age. til opaa njeura and wait on ulile* ?lw> i>ae rban lienrai.1. one kiu keo naul and ooe tierleet Uuniiroaa. Apply at 3M Ilk arcane an rr of MtA it. WANTIO WANTBD WANTBI> l.ftW AxBNT* AND, rroM in to 10 | rare, maJ* or iea?i?. In a aew aa l (a|lng bnalnrea, wilh a ctpiial frooi II n #r>. h?re at vlr an! can make Ir in 13 In II prr Jay ??llli ? HrrtleU'a UtufiSa! ??wrlr\ Bnrew pa emiiaio'n paper. e*iri-lnp. e a?t a r ft of jrmr.rf. All wwl.lag rmplnraeat rail nooe at #!?< BrnJwar. ocraer of lull n atrtet. np (talra r. ->m No 2^ B I. SIRTLBTT. tBTANnn-TWO OB TURBB (KX)B ACTIVE ( IN H aaarta. a?ntalri<Md to entlntlrg ?'iStr?r iAotn K n e b'.l realJ; ?nr?1 m'B will p'aaae *p_/ty. AI?o a flra* rata a: reril'lnf Mreat wlU And lud' ' ai>i> > at iA* B-ilMer H#ce. "V Maaeau at. WANTBD-A MKRI' ANTIUB HCIINB** MAN. TO TAKR i hrree, on aa: try. nf a wbuleaale atore for a Itrga maao ' . -t'.rrr ?f a ?la ir ?ru?> <>f ha deare. btm .raa ra'ah'la! -<1 ? ail He aiqal he abht to be we a pan oar in tbe tt.e'1 im at Ibr end of tie jmr ti aa aainat aot leaa baa y; ??"> an take eoi? rharre of tr*? < dnmerrial depalneat. A.Ltiw. w lib rea. naw a. C. O. D , bn> 1CI Her aid aSo*. \1'ANT*T? ? NMVBdAU TOPNO ?BN CAN HNAB Of TT ludf todor,? >nd ?ee!<?t ?a?p'o?meat Ibr ifh iha wa ter and r no pay. h? aalUiij! a* li t Aaat Sid at . aaar Id are . A"4r 1 1 o'rka to da> . tl'a XTbD A TOONO MAN IN A BlUrPINll IIOOBB; ? a'n ae?le?iB\aln a r'ottln* bo'ae a-1 a >-Tile<-'/ir. ApplT al lAe Wrr^bat'e' llerte' ?w?leli-r "floe. 7S Hria'war ?Mi lauoaa proaiued. No roB-ntkaHo <a adr in<-e. Brt?>i tabad 1 '.*45 iltM aaWI.INH Miparta'Audeat WANTBD? A noaPBTBNT BOOB B BBPBR AND OQR reetioofrnt In a geaeral .m-n.aaWir and rblpptas b inwi (?<!?* wrue ai d ?t eak I be Oer-tian Br (lab aod Preach laa k.uic*a Ad<lraaa p-<M ; aid hoi S At. 'fMloTise. tl?-?NTBn-PBVBBAI. TOPNO MKN O AN HB A R OP TT eleady and reot?wl e i plTymee- thrwth ib? wia ler aa l t od p *f b) aildraerli.g H B , V>i 101 Uaraid 8(1. ?n. TirANTaD-AOBNTN BOTB AND I.AOIBA, IN TUB TT aa a o' aa ari'e e eiel'irivaly iauufanior?<l h> the b?'?e ih?. artii-'a l? 1|g?!, yenlael ae^ ?? ry talrahle will f ay half pn hi In the Ap u'j ai 37 N <nh at., tip nix*. OTANTtn -A TOITNO MAN, AN AMBRt1' aN, WANT* TT a rftaafon In ?"?>? oapa where he raa wake Mm eelf reiierailr uar'nl. I'aU s am jr addrraa OUv?r. 11 Bla| rt,few\ork WA *1 BIV- TWfi OUBNB I FOB WHOI.BIdUt BTORM all B.en f? aiwa??ra, clerk for * nmriir > ate re r erk fur a ileerrer t ? m?n Mr f?ltortee, four stria to travel. Apply al No. 7 Ubt'kaa Pioare PA NOTN f A?T?I) TCI NBIX A PATIfNT ARTT^!.!. ? )" rleo 'I?e to leare a trade one who Uraa with bla paren*. Applj at ro^wi an, t J It NaMti at ) inrtni A iivr,RTiir.iK,*Ti. L*NB PIII.B PRaN'AlaK iPAOTKKT AN TB) IIMltBB I e? Ularer powr a *?aer dm anfanta at pmir falra no pea tr ernt re. e la tea' f ra'.r da Iri.vie reeaaaanlaUaaa ?? t <i?aaer a IH "ma ar? ,* UN? FNANC*T?B PMMTBt PB PI,A<-BR r')*?| honae d eafania e? ?mdr? Wadrnaar a- No. h ltiae entre U bnie ei I na aea J 'BB PRANf AI?B OR I. A MABTINtgUB DBMANDB I te- jfa *e dan a e ir ?? bonwa fam'l.a p w royager, on ivewwia flame de rh%m*-w* n ho??e d ?n'a?t? ?"a ?al< p?r fWtaeienl eowdre et entfle- -t paHe > ran >lt Aaglata at All* | atar ' h *Ar?mm * IM ' rat <?,m< paalaei iro?a >0"r% AT POLITICAL. At a mbktimo or taxpayers or thb mam nr.rd forosinr part of tb? Seventh A ldermaale dlatrtet, belli 01K ur.da . evenln* Nov Sti lMiO Mr i'.hhid Cu? f eerueeUy recommended aa a sultabe person 1 1 repreeent their tn?rr*t lu the t 'odd anon (Viuocil ?? iUetuo of Ike Heventh atelrlit *e know Mr. Cblpp ta be honest and cap* bleanii omlfleetly qualified for the 1 >fflc? w ? Manrtn, rice') P W SNOR. Chairman We the uncoraixned. also recommend Mr. Charles J. Chip; as a suitable |<ereuo for aide man - Warren Harru. Lewis Radford, lanes Walla-e. .1 D Bald w n Jaa. K. Floyd Jaa ti Towneend H Uuaoktnhnah. Thos Wttey, Jraluj W. Heebe. Wm. Waat. B. V Young. 'oaa Nash, Wm C Moore, J be W l?nu. ?*. J t-huita Daniel Hal SB, II. Van Hurea. Wm tjoaehlnl'-ieh, ? W ?!r#vleltn*, ('baa. H. Pbelos, K 0 Port'nfltun Joabua W Bowrna. Henry Klooeu burg, J H Kendal1. U M. Omable. .lobn Hi l.-orailt, H. B. Mead. 8 G Soalhmayd, 'obn MlUa II 0 Baliey. Jaa Matt lay, Wm J Haddock, <>ei J. brhmel/e>. U H. IMnamore, <leo. Jeff era, Peter C. Doremua Ollrer U>are!i. Wm Mnrten, T. Vaa Pelt, a M. M lladd?k. Ah* l)?in?rMt, Chaa. Turner . laaaa (J Hlaovelt, Wm U Pohbe Oeo I Mae roll. W a. P. Wallace, laaae nulla* a Fred ljnk. H. Carioueh. laaao O. Order, 0. H. Malay, Lambert Buytaui. Chaa. P. Uualer aud many o'.bcra. T A MBKTINQ Or THB SIXTH COI N 'ILM ANIC OOW TfBlloo held pnratitnl to a call of Mo/art llaH, iba fuUow - Ini nowlaatkm waa made ? John 'J ba?Uan<V lu,...,-..! Henry K Blauvitll, J Mln,h WHrd J. ho P Qaw, Mfteeuth ward Arthur Abmnty, HI teenth ward. William Halrd, ) m w..a K*i)ieo O'llar* \ B*htoenth ward. A Conference 'ominMiee waa appointed, to meet a almtlar MM ttee conalaunu of four members. viz ? J. Flyna, John t'effrey, One ti Genet, Chaa It Cornell > J. Hmtiwa, Bee. OH AS a M ?V. Clivirman. ITAK ADJOURNED MRBT1NQ or T IB riRST Al. r\ derma- In Hisi-tci Cotivent'on ba d at 71) Murray etreet, Wo* -6 13C0, rur> oant to a call of tbe Oe nocratir 'tepub'l<*.au tienrral Committee (famtnany Ha 1), Mr Jituiea l,an*do.i. of tie J'ourth ward, to ha chair iho tai'owtotf u*mn.l tureiis were put to n^nlnallnn ? H^ith 0. t'rortrr, Nlrh>laa iMm md. the Couretilliia proceede.1 to ballot, and Mr Hii(h<) t'rn iderreorlved i#>?ot?a and upoo motlou waa di*M?r?M th? umnl mout Dttnl No' thr Omrentio'i I pon mnti m of A J. Me t'a'iby, <>f tbelb^rd ward, a comm'tu eof w>\ ?n wan appointed br the fhalr to confer (wl h onw*r> with a llkr commlttoe ai< pntLlcd by the Woiart AM#rmanM Convention. The Joint tVimirltfe of which P. Kerrtn. am , wia ohftlrman an-1 B. n Heaih secretary, noon after wsrdn met and b?U< ttrd fo- a jo nt rardU'ate, and Vr Hnirb () Crr/ler hnTi"K reoelred ID votes win iinarlm ual> derlaieH ti e union candidate .lumen lanfiloi, J H It Wllllarna, f. Kerrln, (Thali iiKn Ttmmaif Chairman Mo/. art Ch Jrirau Joint Uall CooTtLtloa. OOnvectlon ??enrei.tnu K It 8HAFKR, Secrrt'ary. ATA TAMMANY OOWEMflON HBLD AT ?BO A It'B, fV 1 kirty aecind atreet. Twenlioh ward, the Conmtiilaa' Contention nomlna'rd ihomaan Mit> unll a:id 1 hoinu Miley, At A MKBTIKU Of YBP MO/.ART HAllb CMTW liro. he:d at MUllara Batr <. r irner of HeventHcoth ktrert and yirnt avenue li waa upmlir?u?'y reaolred that wn rndorn" io>.a I)oa> an 1 (lonrce JI..(jr?th. Hi proper nandi <t?tea of tne Kitl.teeath wara Omncl/'maDlk PunitnllUte. Nlshci?a ' owrn, Ih ma? Mu Un, Klchard Haddler, Bartbo leniiw t 'Conner. Louia Karreil IHI MAS MUI.I.BV, Chairman. Ktniian HAn-ira S'-cretarv DIMOTKATIC RB HILAR NOMINATION -at a? ad nttmed m'etlnir. keld Nor. 'Jl 1-to nt t',0 <ir<enwl< ti aieti .e, Mr. t h-rlrs J Ublpp vvia reu ularty nominated for A derman of the Herentb Aldermanlr diau-li t JO". II BAUDWIW. Chairman. Fob rouMcii.MAN, Ul, 2d, ltd, 4 lb. Rth, ?>h 7th, Rth and 14th wrrdk, Jacob ph'ahi. IiinrpiitiM ano Paorut'l Mobisatiox. R THPKPIMOIKT O.NIUDaTK FOR COOWCILM Alf, 1 Fonrth frrna'.ortal dlitrlrt, JOHN BAUIXin, (InMlMtol of the Firet >econd, Tb rd, roitrlh, Fifth. Rlilh, Hev> nth Ktgkth and Fourteentb wnrda N'XW YORK, NOVBMBBB 36. 1S?U -TUB KIH8T AL derman'r I'lrtiiot (" >n?entloo of tM .-art Ma'I Lemi cracy ta\ 'nt mrt at So IMS Orteuvil 'k n'r ??. purs l ?nt to n 1 mm nmrni. the I'orventlon bei"c ae'ied ?o order, Mr H W liiiamf , (if tbe See aid ward, waa elected Ciel'meo, arid Mr U.J MoMabor of tb* Third ward S*-tt*ry. On motion of Mr Kerrtn of the Tbl'd ward, a comrrt'tee o.' on.' Irom each ward In th < dutrict !?* appototed ?? a r mai ttee of con ferecce to oniiier witk a like number from ihe Tammany Hall Convex ion, witk a new of ubIiidp tbe dnrno<'ratic part* on one ??an ildale In o^po*f|on to the republican -andidate Th? motion lieitii aer ituled. wa a . arried unaiiimoualy On motion, 'he t ha.rcuai' a.,d Hecretuy were ndd^d to lh^ coniuiittee iloth c< -nm.iieea ?a*.u? rr. ', Mr Kerrln was eleetel Chairman, an-t fr Hrath S-cretary. The i ilnt Oomaiitlee then pro ceeded I" ?.aU'>t for a i imilate for eldorman Mr. Crozler of tte Ihlnl wat I. reoen -/I Bi .e vten Mr. KnrlRht one Mr El ward Berkeooe. Mr Kl /xerald three. On motion, the nomt nation of ?t?- Crodei m?de unanimous. 1 lie Confer erne Ooaieiltte* returned a?d re| - rted tb? reeo't of Cellberatlona It waa m >ved and ae vuned that the r>'p >rt at I e t '. n tr. , i# e be a cepted; whlnb motion was Moanijijualy at'oi tr<l on motion, the Convention adjoaread tine r.le BU, tiAMClCL B WlLi^lAMU, Cha.ruitn. U J. VrlfAtto*. fecretary. NIW YORK. NCVBMRKA 2o. HO'J -AT A M i.BTINO rfllie elecio-aof the 8??enth Altlermanli Oletrist, lrre aperiheof pert> I eld at l.ebanon Hall. Inr II. * pnrpoie of rcmin?tlpfr a Anllable jxrao-i !.a a eandidk r for Alderman of ??'d I'iitriet. A'ao for councilman Mrhonl CommlMi mer and I ruateea .Martin Y Uunn waa called to the < lialr, ar d Hanlol V. II te^toll waa api .ilntd Secreta-y. It waa on motion, HelllX that lh>aeetit>e reeon>rn ind to the support of tbe elector* of Ihe .- rventh Apermanx: dialrlct Qeorje J. Schmel rt I. of the Ninth ward. BPi'HUCAN NOMINATION ? rirm ALDBRM A NIC d.m. -let ? At a mrrtinf of the Momioatiiix Conren'lon, Iield at Uleetker RullCluia. on Monday rveulnf, Nov M, 1S*J, JoHX H BRADY rereive.l the nnanlmotu nom'n\tlii (or Al lrrman of the Fifth A' 'enm.nie d'slrlt. R.?HT. BDWAR1>8, Jr., Chairman. Jah?i 8. Hi tlak, 8ecret?rv. ai.pbkm anio nitTRifT - rbodlar na 0 tlonal I'rkie e?n4ldate for Alderman, JAMKriM. AUSTIN. AM T JCNNINOri. ch u of the National Union Convent Jiu U W. ri?K|i Secretary. Tub auntoM or thp, rocm antoiiaia d'str'rt oi prerd to the p-eaent mode of i rtmary e'.e-tloni end In ft>or of the wlahee Knd will 1 1 the people, are re q .ni^d to meet at <l??rl k'?Mith Ward Hotel thu evenlSK, 19 itw.' rom.iiAlkjns tor t u incUman, also for the different ckar ur ? aioea Urr-n Kl'ry, J. hn Vintf n, Oenrce Rise, Johe .' Ware, John Orake. Klrh'd J?. ca, Pater J. Tn'iy, Frermie l?.?nelly, U Xn'iMtuc. Jiholrowa Andrww Clark, Htetihen Lynnh, P?'tr Ma?t<raoe, 1'ennl* Dorovan, John Wrlrkoldt, lam?r To, . elly, Fran -ta Ryan, rack Of owe, D*t.u<? Kelly, Jobu Marat n, Mi<~k'l Halltnae, ?dw'd Mr?-ris, Pa'rlek llavl?, t lirla. Kaeaanbt'nk, p?trr I'nlen, Arrh'n Qna^te, Chrig lliwintn, 'amen i?n?iir*y, I 'hn bidder, Peter ?'etare.'xi. I>as 1 Fuel. t'lhn I'uir Ih ia ri /*ara:tl. TO THB VOTBKJ' OF TDK riFTII A I.DIKM a R 10 DIF Mtrl - As rotre InlereCed parties h, - ?k*n ? ..? tr<> tb e to report thai ( have eltb'rawn from tb? e,.3t?st fr.r the A'drneancT of Ihe Fifth dlatr. I tbie ta to In na m, { i.euds ami Hie rutllc thai there Is notroth In eald rej irt Wl. L PROCH, in We-t Hourtm rtreeU W n. i.i am B. MJBNM Ret- ar natloeai ^eT'ieeaile r' ui'nre for J ntlce of th* I'th h Ji f ieiaJ d ntrict, Htiteeith and Twenlieth wards. 1ST WAKI>, 4TTKNTION -THR IWOKPENOKNT IIKMO 1 i raia rf t?<e Flral w^rd *re rea r If t'H rr-.'ieitet to a'.tend a rr.?~a n-e- unr no tke new wale *rr? o.' of ih" HUlery, on We^martay evenlne Not Jg at eet *n o'eto It. ti take Into i. r aiiieralna tke eo ire- of aotloa f. r the eomins -'e<-ti ia. If the etather .a unpleasant 't wt'l ?>e h?!d at No I HI tlreenieleh ' Crret MICHABt. MALOftKY, PreaidanL ?n A'DBBMANK' niMTRIOT ? HMVBSTlfiN. HBU? ?J at No. I Lalr'.t street oa M inday ratal. *"* -5 lfW. , Itarfci 11 K?*n. Kt , reoHved lh> ouanltoo is nomlnalim but la r-e Aev' 'nee of I I be.nth to ie?'line t Ike Co?vent :oo atai a I t r a 'eeded toaotalaaMo* ar.l noauaaled leremlak Me?a on. Ca , 1 F.PWIS WAlNW.tfldr, Cha.r-. an I A'?v II. Knlottia itH-retVT A IB ( omcIlM kWin PISTWICT COWVRNTION ?AT 'I a meeting of the Fourth 1 Vr;rH-! maate utatjtv ' ' *1 veetlon. k?'.t in r< r?'iatt<-e to tbe . all of the Xoivt Jail Ceai n- atte jteynbltnan 'leneral 0< mm ttee, at tae Metrrolitan a?na iTS fr ere a'J?et on Monday eremir. N rvernier tbe fotlmalr K?ot>aien were na ,im>.na!v fatnat" 1 aa the ,-aa didatra tor Onain"! m?a ef the m| dt-trict, v! / ! >hn Ho san of tbe Flrai ward. Harris Boceit. of the hiEhih ward, J, to. II. ab of the Fourteenth ward; tbomts Smith of tba Me renUi ward .1 he I'airaa. of the Ftmrth ward . Mortimer KtU 11 . aa. of the Hftk ward. I. LINN, Caairaaa. BtlfJT. p|kf<f m? RiKi. rwirB CTH MNATORIAL DIH7 RUT.? TUB I'DPI.I'S llfPB li fluixwrmir in?<tld*tr f"r Tln*x1'W? IMoU f" Ik* Ti-ntk *kH C?" A1.PSRMANIU RRK mHIIDOI A HO I.AHB tj f'onrtnllnn nt*t pnrmanl u> nil II ikatr trim, H* II l#mr plan*. Hl?ark*r atr**t, am V?<>> m> ting. Hot. an< or.anl??'>aty rv.mlnal'vl lorni i M Tan H art, K? i , Inr AldarmM of tfek abo?? tlatrVH ? MAI U. ?H( WM. M. O, iltlrmu. Akotri m lfOLTiaaitn, K?rr?tarf. rrTH IXjCX' II.IAWIO PIKT1ircT.-H AVIJM ?>??* I ? J nominal' 4 I r*?* .'at* for < <via<n!*A? In lh? Klflh i1l?tflct by I ? i <T * tnu'iiimnl to party. I aak ronr t'li aort It I tbf *n? PHll.l.II* MaHIB. CTII fOOiriMUHIi DISTBK r at a *icBTrs<i 1 ft of the Inttp' -id*nt WurH (an a Aaao-tatlnea romp' i alnrth* T*?tk. ?lrr?nU 1b!rt*?rl!i and H*r*nl**ntk w r la I kvld'a M'fi^aT nrtclrt at 'li? K*?-ni**nlii ward < !'ih llona*, , l?* folk atgj tlrk' toaa unanl-u' aaaora l fay < 'a ia<-li i??n ? J ka Van Tin* of tka T?ntk. D. <ol"m\a. of U? Bavtrnk. Jar. B?o*. of Ik* TlufWuliw T. CarHoa, i f Ih* Thir'"?yiih. A. Ml.icr, flf the H?t< uMMtli. fl Hatre-m<l of ik* B rmtk. IBORiiK n. *<n?. Olitiraaa. II 0. Ponrn Pxr-tary. ??TH mr*ATORIAl. PTRTIirT.-TO Till It.B* I ') tnrf -I do?m It but n?*ln* to mrarf lo vl ar yau Ikoa witkont 111 f**IUf umaHa any candidal* j or no?iri** 'hat !!>? r?po?t rtrmiJat*d an mi rm tint I ka<1 withdrawn froai lh* ru'aaa In iwkilf of J oka Ml* w UhmBmi la 'MlNlr km of imII. no mi kA?nn b***i / mm nr laan'oiMd ???">? k> warrant ?n?k a <karf* I ko'?*t)f aa I h*li? a. oMal-*d knoannailm tka*. , id ka<* i.r*o a n**a*n! and a*iwatil* bi ik* *l*-lort I , rft'iwd for Ik* rtn pi* **?? *f juar* an1 h??n->ny In onr ' part*. JOHW HaI??. Mi ftrat araj.f. 7| Til WARP MniOOL nrriCKRH -A WKKTIRri OP ? ?Mr?aA bf tkla ward irr**u*ct .<? t of j artr. wUI I * k*M al k? Ba*t li?"%1?af II a**, W~'n??lar **etilni, ?r VH at ? n'rlnrt for 'h* pnroaa* of n?m ?AUo( fcanol (Ml, -?ra 1 1 th a *ar4. Ail ?kn art la farrr of ik* aboir ar? lav.trJ to alto >d. 8 MTU JUDICIAL PIkTRKT-AT A JCPii lAI, CO* T<-ti'"? n* Um ?iit**?t)i and T?*oU*iti warda k? t at ?rv tail ? 17 Tk'5j??^*4atf ??. n Ik* >111:11 of M m lar. ??> n?b?rM I W, pa'anant l i call 't? lb* i?*o.t?I I'on- K'ttjjof TABU RKOCLAR PIMO< RATH: IDyjUA At *m?*tl?? of tka ConTaltnn. h*ld it a?<viaa<w ?f tlit nail of th* ?*a?ral '? aiialUM .if Tata ?? ar Mkll. At Iclim a, It. mincrtAl* R^kd. OB Batarrlay ml-r. ?(?<- It I*. I, to 9. nmaii- naWai'" f?MnH 'Hl- .-ra foh* W. It n-* *a? r"i*rf ?o ib# <-h*|F. and (! b A*?man tvr^M nmtlirr. 1 k* follow nf ?r?ra iinaolmx ?ly aornlr >a*d - for Rftfcrml t naaixk n?r ... laaaoa MrK*?a. Frr ?!?<*>? !n?v*rt..r Willtaai Bartaaa. ror Krk'Bl Trnat** i ? PorTaii Mm Pa- id n Po. Tutnif ? Hkxldr '? For thr*? twoanry ... l?*?l<i K ia ??*??. ir. Tn?. *rn?Af, ?r'^Arr. w\ POLITIC ? ?.. Ty^TV Wah" ^BMrkKNTU ALDU&mtn J & ltd Ulct.? Lutu.utou* f'f moeraUa ooiaUubttoft VOK A A W UBNal w vikNIT 3?vld >. Jscfcaon, John A. <?e?L Daws Wairb PjUrlok Flnigau, Wm U WaWrson. T. H W'klinui. J<hn Moore. John Mutiulre, Jutsn Lrnnh^^ ;*-??rlrk Bui'on. Charirs ba) (!(, , ' Ar,-?i, M Ulajs While, Bart. MsUmalJ MoTasjitia. TiiOt* a t a. 'Kan, 0??a?? Chairman <i?u?r*l UetUuc DAVID U JACK eOK. CkAlmu Miat 'stating Olu'immm runil Vlirii Secret kry. 'H_ WARD * ATI'MfAi. amuN PABTt VOTKIM will i-l?*ee meet thla rui-sday) eveulig at Ps.nin(ioaV eoner at 12Hth etreat tid Third imat, to bear un repc rtn of the ear era) nominating wki?I'I?m KiciiAiiu BBBirn, rwiit. If. r. Kimm, Herrmmrj. l"5Ti|? ~Aii>ia M I*Tc dibtbjct-titbnt v eima At a nwtum o' th? Beffniar National Daaeftsrailc fVmeM lion of thli w>trd, convened At th? hi) M of Thnmas Fay Mt J.-irii MM tbia evening, la ptirausaon of the OAl' o f Um Mo>art General Commliu e. John 8. Hetis wan uneMuiMato' uotmnnieJ um the rnadidate fur Alderman of tbla Jlati iot. HUGH BBAUI. Otudrmaa. Q.if? .( A. Bickim um. PncreUry. AI-DIKM \HIC t'OITriTIOir H uh Brady, .lohu N Hail'. I'etriah Krunf. Iltiirii W Meek*. n< 'rre A IHickicjbiB, J stuns O llrlen, IMvJd Miimy, Charles (Julden. Ntvr ToaK, Nor. II, 1860. I^TH WARD-NIN11I AI.DIKM AN III IMSTBICF.-A* ID *0 ttdjuurnrd mmlU( of the lie Jsn vatic Repbkaaa UWMlhA b?-ld ruisiant I" l>e rail of the ?1cc?a1 Ota m;ttre at TumiBKjiy lull at Haluln'e, (vintr of SevcateaaM Slrret ar.d Ninth avenue Nov M HaMIJBI. T BONBON was uoanlmouvly LuaiiuUed ? th* candidate of tall duwMt tor Alderman JAMkb MUiiKAl, Chklroaaa. Hu / I I T rflH-V <118 r~w7 r o -a * bftinu or thk twiktt fibbt I Wnd Voudk Men ? lletroeratla Out will t>e hold At tha kmplre House Milk an 1 Thirty sevsnlb street <m Wrdii??4la^ t?wlrg, ih? Jhth lest . TH 0 rtoch Ry ordar, H g: ?i'lu-r Sncretvry. O. 0. MINToH, PrMl^ML Ol ST WABIl ?Till fiuRNDH OK JoHN K 1NBI.1T. I without dlst'nrtUn of piuty ?r? Ir.rIM t) mt^l At Its Nstlonsi Hotel, V.1 Third ?t?o v.e, on iMFslsy lTth tt>? , Ml J.'; o'oli :k ? %. for thf pnrp<?Mi o' a thuroo(k Or canlSAllOtl Of the wat.I for the clftlo* o' AMermnn t'U A RIilCH BaHI.I J. B. Pn*n*i(c, SeeretAry. nnii vvaBii ? bbuIilak umun dbmuoiiaTu pIB7- (foala?lloa. At A roe' ling rf ilic |>? pie o' the Aline wAnl convened is Hie cAli of Iloc Justice (Vinnolijr and other pr'HB.ueDt dMss orslA OD Ti.??i*y evculnf. Kl.b Norember. at NatKinAi IIaB, Korljr roti'Lh street. Miehaci U'llnsa ui the ChAlr, Ue> O. 1>A vi* anil lleur? I. Pelias .' ecretarlej. < m rn'itiim that deii'irales Irom e?"vh district sho ild meet aad nrmloate OAn^ldates to r?t"e*eul thriu at lh? eaaulni; rlHfOA, rsid drllt!Me? nn-t at W. S For.t eiraer ol Korty sliM street n nil Hintil ?ay. on tlid M.h lost, aad iimiilinnMl# elected the follow n* t'clut ? Tor Alderinwi l'eter Maslerpoo. For tXiiiDCtiB?B? Al?l Ward, I.tike Carr.ln, John BrIM. Alfi hraudoe. Hath, R isseli itud JaooIi M I^ nf Kor Hchool (ViismlisUiMier lohu A Mrtfo?iey. For tk-lu^i' Trits. e*? Imnrti Walnii aul Wm B. Fjrd. Vor Krhrol lttspertot l-ih- Ml ler. For Usury lltwkins and P McRlror JaMKs WaI.'I) CbAi.-mta. T MoTonwirit. ) Koi hkc. i -eertta'iiA. ?O 22 W4K1I RKOri.tlt DIVti RATIO NOMINATIOII fur Aide-man. BI0HO1,aB HIC?i,ai8T. Al.ttBK r w. SMITH, UhAlrmaa. H.tvrli Paimtr. I K uri Biciuri Fir/ ("?"?um*. A TOO UTB pom CI I HIWCAW. orrat noma Now on eihlblt'on At No. 42 But Foirteeoth street, Umoa tiiuare. Wei ttu.i.lrr's or's tn I'i -tart- of IIAIfAK Admltlaaoe IS ( *nla. Ki tson lick* ?, .V) eaata. Avkut n*ri?APi.? front roow to uir. wm lioArd, suitable for tetiUeisaa and wife or lluflr xoutl* men. Apply At 84 Amliy s'.reeU A WIDOW LAST, BBCINtLT FBOM TUB CK)UNTBT, would srcommo.'aie a lady mi1 |i-ot!cm\n with a baaB aouta Room It'iaru lor the Ud> . Inquire At 165 (ireene at. AM BT.Mi I ANTl T ri'RNlKl'KDBUIT OF APARTMWIW on the lirst floor with full H~iiri5. t^ let; Room* la evBa f r families. d?sl>al>'e aoe MlMkB f.iratagl* Kentii-men. I<K-stloo eonveri' nt to nil of the stAge routes. 2i L'ulvenBy place, oonsern NUithntreet. APBCONU FLOOR, -II WBST THIKTIBTH RTRBBT. conslsilu(of a Iroct and bsck ri?im, foJdlnt doari, paa - Ulei aud two be<lr? not in and water. Tb; if in kinder af tbe honae laoeoni isd by One grown peraona. A TOI'NO LADT OF AMPLK MKANB WTF.HBB TO *%. ri -rr^apf nd wlis a sentlemaa. wl h a \ lew to malr'mnay. lie most be strict y eonlldentlal te'ereooes in etchanxe. At crese lltttie Ke.lowa, Brooklyn I'uat office. A (iTBOLOOIST. CLAIRVOYANT AMD FOBTl MB TBr ler wsnui' ? Hy a la ly >ho Is uuab'e I i devote her wlwle time to Ih"" hii>liiesa. I j be rat ladirementa to a persia aijuna rn raed to the b islneM Most be of middle sge and i>repossflM ing apiiearanre. Address for three daya A dell. Button O. A THAN KSUI VINO -IR1BII WUISKBY.- IBPORTAJT* testimony 11 K'n* William ilreet i oodoo, B. ?! . Feb. S UMtl Measra Janus Oaly A Co . Distillers Oeoliemea? It Aflords me much tleaan-e In baArlii^ t'ktlinony to the I OS 1 soperioe inallty of your Wlii?key mpplleil Ui lha (Ireat Baaf '.ern. It was preferred In any on li -ar t. although wa wera arueo ar 'n ha Ing noae Kul the toes; shipped Tour okuiHaM SI 'ant. R J. B. CaBPBBLL. Cbalrmaa. JOHN V ACI.1VFB l^asaans'.rrn ?da steal In Baw YnWfor this relehrated Whiskey; j IKS I bnttta ant up; H roe is per l< ttle; f'J 5n per (allijA, also spaolU Impiilar al Wire's Wklskey ABIHI'Ii'TABI K 1NTBM.1UBNT WIOOW LADT. !? etraitened n ?<!um?ta?c?s. weula tike t-i ft' d a party of iienlUmeu sble nr.d wtlllcc to take ar.d f nri.ish a house fue h?r the eipensta to be t? ar>*ed rut Phe j ledgee hsraalf thev iball ?>sv? an rrderlv, r. mil rtthle n?n>- suck as eaa rot'he obtained u> a bmrdiai; a->nsa Adlraee Bra (1. How ard. New 1 oik foat offloe for Ihre* days Boa ?n in HRooKi.Tji -a iiKVTt.imic mn iin wlfr or on? alnr> fnllemea i-au And ilnatrikla H otra wltk Hrnnl, at If-- Clli !<jr mwi cjrner of Male B? (hktcoi r-qnlred B HOARD ON BtOOK'YN HKI'I FIT-' rox A ON*, lit man -md wl|> or one al *? e f?w leoian In a Aral nlaai [h "iae P'erretioni ?tr?et oirn^r of Il?nrr at ert wlih n flee mlmitea walk ir W?Uatr*.t and P .lum fnrrlee Elmer ilj I*. M. Heat rtf.'Tirw alien an.l re<4iiirel T/LBOANTLT P' KRIAHBO APABTMBNTR. ON TUB Vj 8re? f!wir. Iiv Iu.Iib* I'arl .ra and In lot ?Kk Hi md if MtmI] ?:?<> i In ? ii '<r alc*le If ilxaatrad. HotiM c inia'na til lb* m< dern lipiuir -n'a l/iratlfi eoaa i anient In *11 tk?i ala?rt mm Apply al Ul Bleerker atreet. h'LK.IAKTLT ?l KNIBHBn PARI. OR AND HIDKOOH ?i en Mil*. O t' i* r i .>r, | r . r .lllen or rtnalr> erntln IBM, with or without It urd In the modaia bonaa 181 81 Gla ii ent ? t>l* r V'cdrnn; (tract', comer of Ctlalja plaoe. u4 a?ar Klfih ariaiie. FMORPA1K-A PiVEBITOP MAR*. HA* TROTTIB In 7 '< Ale aapiend A I'-my. It hum 1 i.irhaa, '-%n IreA I In I ah. mil If anid ?rrj cheep. Apply at the i' nb alabiea. 7> i arlaa atreet. FOR RAt.a-THK BNTIRB STOCK OF Til* I.I7BRT ??ta ila No J raleeraMy piare, b m N'. J Waah>n?vaa ? mare eaat < ' r?er rf fc rthatreei. tloraaa. <v?-k?e. Wagoaa. RUnkrta. fbeel" lliriMa. |r Apply on lha pi nailara. /'BKTLBVKN CAN T\ X t> I! ANPKONB, rVRRIKMin "T Bromr, wlth-nl R.?r! la a prirate family, twi borka *. 1 . i ? li r i-afea urn tfce dMir. Apply at lit W-at Twenty thIM atreet Mart ooit.-i arbivbp in tiikhty i.artbtbw. .nr. My a-aa wiu be brlaf. Wwh to a?a yon before lea* 'n?. < a'l oa 1'aulet 11. for tola a- drteaei u y m. M^HII.K Moas FOR RAI.K-IN< I.CR1NH UOBSF \f A ? u. 1 1 MIB a -?mi r'.. ,r,??r In r? *? Vtl Pe.M-.ih aveana, tetweea ,h? hnra of 11 aa l 4. Mireon midhi.ks -to lit. a i.a pramhm**, eUgantly f'irm?h?d, i-y lmr? ' r aei arate roi aa ki'okaw, rnllar aad ?aH If d*?tf?4. pari ir ona-aoo If tlNMkM private rex anrant I* baaewrn* real payable , <iartarl r la a4 *anre .Inrarlahie rule) k?ue? (>M r ua. a'W. foiiratoeT. biO?a none, hatnroni Inwdway ard Rli|a aTaana Apply ai ??e piimiri. ; i aad 7i Waal thirty e hth at aat. fia<- l<Ma ?' di to let f"T a pk)airiaa ? -r clker oifiaa. PkWNRROKtR'B RAIJ', TBtB OAT. AT 10 OH.iOIX ? Jii"R WnRriMKR wi.l aej, a Mo If Kaal /tmadway. a arra aaaortmrni m m?? aid arowea'a <reartaa ArparaL Btarhwta gnka, Watrhea, Jew- re, aad a jrrmt rarla*r oi tther 0?d?. By ord?r. R. HaMMA BP, ft laird araaaa R T H AZE!.t>. AVrrtOMU* wirr?MtK? a iitziu 1'irm ra to ?'? tar. a H Ir ralaid A On , Will a--!I U!? da* ru??l?yt. Ro? <7. al 10 o'nloet. At Utir n.aa'n an, lit Broadway, a; i rn.a" ' wrraoaay, ^^^?MkkmrARr. irr nv *? r> tnrrleini Bad ah ilrraiaa aad Amrr>an b?ary aad ah 'lioda. flaiad Ware. 4" Ml T 0(> ipe. T iialaurt of larilrea o' foerifr. aad d'.*ee" r Hry Uoo4a. PAMCT <K>Ol?? AR1> Tut R. ?0D I' ' 1 Prer h aad 'ler?n? Pawy (tnoda enmtirWa( Work ftt i ??. A nor.ler?? nai>aa Pane amanaJ-a. raraaa Pal Pafc Pnrke- mka Pialea. Mai h Botaa Rrada Rei^tanaa. Pal^ B-iaa. I'lgra, Ac., IrmtOfr ntth i"hlna, Taper and Wood Ttkf. HT Rk/P.LU ArTIOKICf* ? . wn.mxml A tlA/.au. wlilaell on Wadaaater. lamemher * ?? !?? oal?k. he wder rf '?B<i A. robhibh, '' ratal e, tke 'Viatenla and Pu'u.-aa ot dmeary More No <H Third aeee i*. S' KTOI1?.-W* !IAVP H i* OR I'XHIRrTlOR AN BIJ( i ?-?.iW" Rh '? aad at. > >hl?k I for dn>aM*lly, I (kioaat aa-. "nlah nanam 'ie?iarli?a. tn wtaafc v- i rit? u? a;untl ? o? i nrrkaaai ^flVBR' A RBITE W llr>Md?ay fa 1W1i V-1 rHB I.BT III AN r.N1l.l*;i FAMILT A PO?MIailB? ? Brian. w*k (nod Beard >ad 'laa malady aid (Miiioeiaa. or t we ?< BI -Trii. Apr y at St Or hard atreat oae Ann tram (Iraad atreet. |T*tON COCBRK, r I A M1I.1 HA<-*. 11V TffltW I ?? Tf ?r r>. at tw- I rl?ir*. foe a pare* of ML Mile beau < atib nrw?hi. Aire* l? tea m lr<?? KHaW A WfltfK rnprvtare. WRITINfl PRAWIRO. RCN>*RBKPIN ?. OOM *?* ? rla> Ar|i?.^eu . A ? ? ? ? ely u??Vt al J HAIMIB ? Aradewf Ni VU Rnwlwa* Hi friable aa4 ?orerwr | nplla. m wMI aa the p klla ia ?ea*r*l. are reape* fally nrHed to *i). W?BT*n- BOABP Pf'B * *NTI,RWAir AND WtP^ la * ran*! leeauca Term* ?ndaraia Adlreaa a W. >. HeiaM W**TVr? 'VBIPIATM.T, A UKMTVKI, HS a "Vnraer and mrilawainMai rrS?Tai W.I RR Alll BT. IirT' BIBB * O0 . ferred. * a ? ^ mrm/l mm ^ n-Airrirr A tabtiicr. with prow ?mo to mm, V> ? ) rra*ee la * ataaafar ???*( haaaaaa thai wtB ea^ a prom of ?n par r?? Watrfartary aT.daape will be A^raa |e an? party <* raap<M?Miily. Apply to or >IAl ? NBa, ? Unwery ** ' * NT K I> IT A IIBNTI.RMAN A Mt> WtP*. A ? *<?B+ yy itaaaoaeei and oae Bown oa Ural or anana Ian ? la a re ?pee able IneaHtr. f ntakBd ?r '.afnfBMM. Alill IdMaa. Herald oBWO. _____ 1 1 ? WOOWTBB ??R*BT-TO NWBP iooEk i Li ?ae conk laa Ht - ea. An , Ao.. aaHable fiett* ******* m kaaap Ii noo for the wtaA>-r; wi'l be r? led eery low ta reapeeaah e perenae oaly Wn II WonaAar alrae*. aaar OanaA. mtzrtx VIM, BT7T A MBAT1.T fltTW UF Hllv $0.) 0 M NBSeT ? nTtt* Prt^wLlgM npt"w* w-wth double lha ?ai~?at. AdartW "I1B llarMB oi e ?k la day a* Ir.

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