Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 1, 1860, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 1, 1860 Page 7
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SRlEfflM riW VMDIGTOH. WAsmjietoir, Not. M. 1MO. (x>wJno? or as. mc*Aju.ya mmuub. A oabtaet meeting wu held this evening, and oooclud log li*f plaood la the Massage All the member* were pr***nt- Hn aeaip will probably bt seal la idruM to Now York, tad Richmond ? no further North or doutlk ?roan or wiirnun. Tb* Past master General '? report vu prlnte.1 to-day. The report U aiore comprehensive and not so long'at.- as (M. Tit* report of the Secretary of War la not yet osmple W t bet will be to- sorrow. Wjtk btug doneoa other department report*. Sl'ft..>**B is TBI tuxjlkikt, TM wosultaiions In regard to treasury matters li settled Collector Whitney, of Boston, arrtred to day, sod Collector Solid I, of New Y>rk, ts expected to return to Qtgtll. A ai'MOB prevv ? this mcrulng that la case Mr. Cob ) learei the Cabinet Mr. Scheil will be bis successor. Mr. 3 shell has b-eabesj for several days overhauling treasury bu*l MM V'.ce l*re*.dent Breckinridge arrives to-night and slops at the National. Bis family la not yet with him. arrant* in icsxico. Oeipaiches were received this morning at the Depart ment of aute from Mr. Mcl.toe, with dates from Jalap* 49 the 19 lb, and from Vera Cruz to the M l Inst. Stan* the fUl of Guadalajara the liberal lo roes are ad vancing o i the city of Mcxlco, where Mlraaton Is concen trating his force. It la impossible, our Minister state*, to antic: pate the remit, but the chanots seem to oe favor af the fa!: of ihs city and the n-establlshment of onatl tulioca. government . Difficulties have arisen between the English repro entt- I lions sal the constitutional government, growing ont of | the four hundred thouaand dollars recovered by the Brl- ; t'sh Oouii i from General Drgollado, and which, contrary ! 10 the remonstrances of the British Minister, had been ^poalVM i a Krencb morcantllo h juse for pro rata dls- 1 tribatteo 11 ia quci.onablc whether anything will be done In the *V aeiollatlou before the meeting of Congress, which will oat lata plaoe until H arch nest. it is atferstood that the Spanish Minister at ;he capi tal * ?? T'.ll ?rmpalby and co operation with the Mlra- ' aim party. Tim i-nina* ?ic.-ian, AlthotsU his functions hare boeu terminated by this giTfrtaa-nt, hai sent the dlp'omalx circular of hi* gov et-jmaiit to pending quest! its with the I'nited States to STST) 'orciga Legation here Tie circular Is an ingen'oqj dls'igar*!^ of facta. This course on the part of /.agarra 11 coos, lered in diplomatic circles as very uad :ulUc-l uu-lsr ths clrcum lances. the President will refer to ths Peruv an dliliulty in bis m****? b-ut will send In a spuclal manage at an van y ?day. ARsasti or a rrwonowaiv. It ts -aown to the government that John Cotton nith, our rspreaeuatlve to Bolivia, has bean absent thrto or r>r.r iwt lbs from his post uua\ '.sit of plsasnre 1 1 Lama, wtboMt l^are. or notifying his government. He will probably hear from the government, and wltl doubtlessly ot p? oper'y rebuked for his action. kjrorr os Tin tarn orncs. Ths r?port of the Commissioners of the Land ortloe fur the present year, will be on* of tba most able and interesting st *? 'se.e4 I'om that offise, aid will form quite a v jlnme It wtll be read and studied wit* interest, not only at home, but ,n foreign countries. It shows that the public vjima.o Is r-qvsl to two-third* of the whole territory of ms Ua?n. and three timse as large as all Mediates at the cImc of tb: Revolution. Ttu re;- rt oovers a large held. It presents Ins coe r!*e sad 'orobie manner a view of the operations of the vrh'43 'and system, the lamense rowniroe* of the public ; ian 1 i 1 ' tgrie-.tural product*, In minerals, the precl >as i acl as?foi mtlals, with reflection* in regard to ths sctcailve coal' deposit* in the ooal bearing Stales ts our territory east .md west of the 3oc?f Mountains; wlui calculation* ts to tbe (ilect ts rwoos ol' mineral l'a*l In iDternal and exterior ctmmeroe and manufactures, as ooaiparet with England , and U.e Brill ih pos..e- tons. II* suggestion- wlU be of great value t > tusrcbtni - , . aia^ufaeti rers and *t*clianlo*. r?* na n raoM sax as a*i> Clan. las War ivi>artmont I* in receipt of a hetvy mtll from lbs iMpaslsteat* of Tex** and Ulth, gt . log the dels o Ui* n?>mieat; of troop la these secticn. . T.i* operalloa* against l*o ladian*, have llms far ijsta very racesMtul. arvalKs is ji w a?:xico. Tlx In m Burr* j ii >!h i a receipt of intaJMgeoc.' iron New Maa'.eo of lata data TUc 'Ji3 iu ar.- portu ng tbetr K-pralalioaa upoa the ?b:ta lakftb'.taaU, ?urderit,; tb* i? op i? u<l atrtiitig tbetr property. Tb* **diers, aa w oil u the p?ot>le eaeraly, ara co op*rat.:; .v.oroualv to bring the warlike trtbra to mg. jaet.M. t- >in or m w vtam.toa *141 wrvt i?n?'? dt U.ilr Mortoa, who haa jutt re turaid Iruia Um aur vey uf Ibe Culrlqul route, tr day ruoelT* 1 or 1'. n from Secretary floyd to sacoicl Captain H W kjjiji at eog near la charge of the Waablugtjn iqulrfl Am uaa *?? ?? ilre.ily titled l be raeulli of U>e aipio'i tna ara a: gtny *Bt!efltctory to lb? ?err< lar ?? of lie Nit; A practical rout* for a railway, witb iiiirtjt (.atlca, >m found l>y Ll*ut. Morton <?d b a pr ac ai amaUut. Mr. JckjI, wbee* ttter-y la bijn I) r coaic.eudta, notwlibitnu l ug in* dlicovwy of a prae Cleab e pat* tnrougb tba Cord. Herat bad t-scn girrn p br tbat nortioo of tbe part/ which return - 1 fir -t io tba lafpua, aau ipread tbo*? ualarorauie report* wnich r racb yl a* 'ij way o." Asp n* *11. Had I .rat Morton b en u m::; il iDu-mlM m many other* of tbe turrey , tae pract^abi '.ty of tbt* '.mpornant route m;gbi bare ra. maioaJ .a-?tsrl#*l lor eomi year* to on mo Tbe h (' CI lima, ou s which h;t urnji are bal 1 k| bit rji cf t atleeted by hla appomtneut to tba worW aoilood abort t MM ii'tuj* or ma rtitM wan. Tbt Suit Uepartmea-. litf I tori red a ieapatch 'rem M' tie' #<erd <tat D| thai ro?. aad and Fraacr in re coo 1 1 \d?d a treaty with China Tbt eviibiaul utd *dr*ao?i u> witbta twelve at lee of Pekla Tbi hik.wrvr o< Cbiaa a*. Drat related to atiaca tea , bat lea j J tided to tbe UcmaaJ, wawf raoa MMI. N u tUr Harrte writaa tbt; tbe gliwing ao< unu o" the JtpaJWM > oi laetr r<crplioa by ttir goveramect Ma cituraa of Mte I'tilM 4 t>N bad rualir Vedo and ccrat 7t*1 |rrat iiellfbl to ibe official! tear* >i*aa< tai. *r; *ia? Tiie rtCaipu ia;o uc rntrtry, tor tbe wc-aa eadir? oa M ? I*, aet, wtra <4 Ml w> U, ati >ut .w? ibhiio.h uf ?? im account "< tae land, an t me roattiO'l er iroaa U. t v??. ai. Tae pay uablt I <r tbe f*? ware 9'4. ?aixVH, < wfcwi ?l,*21 ovo wet for lo? rrdanpiioa of Tr?a>u'> I t *t<d tbe p-iW i d??t, taaviaf tan>?rt to aralt a tr y tauan.Ui aad a liatf. Tba I', -i ??'? r?jei|>ia lr?ia Owttaatoa navt ! irgny 41 m a'<t * >t ??owijaifl ? !;b thuaa of laat ) oar Ab>'.-t t i laiiuooa of tua i- n ran nag %re pail .? Tfea arr ?ai of Lltutauaui Uaaaral Soott It aaiiy ax |UM 1 Ii a ( at?4a r?|lt!ia ?U?f Maidar C?ta. fiaonTt.t * ,!!?? M 1?90 11* d<c?K>a m tb- < tiraa.tioo oat. or ttie togtttra atavt a? aiurutrtr Job t, uat b.*o Mill fartb< r |>oat potei ?r t f' ? daya. Tba oowft to day tr*i cr wd -1, a> au b alar it a> a. created la tba procaadwft. tUay r peorlr >f b >tb *?iea taMrnbt*'! in aad ar aaa tka Uacrt flmtaa, ravly to raat'.e tba priauarr ta rttae tba Coerl daaldad to Band n n oter to Ilia i u taJ ,4?at't autbontiaa lUilraad Ulaaatar. Ac. Mt w uaiBAm, No?. JO, 1*40 Tb* up paaaaogar tram oa ilia Jacbaaa Railway wa a tbrawa eff tba track algfcty m>a aboaa Mil- city to lay Na liraa aare loa*. Tba Iowa frwlgat tram ran ,ki a brokaa r d?a. kiittaf laa o-edntlor aat a^g taaar Tda aagtaa aiiararmrda aipto>tad %r?r? nn-ip-t hart baaa waahad away ay vkr raaaat rata*. a<.tc1orta ara imMii>( ta farwara |Mat*ac*?* >< aat. at Ttaa UrMt Mia mi Uka Ltk*t, [?noTT, Mar. m, mm lata.tlaaoe a racalvad bara of tba Km of tba aeboaaar Otrcaat an oa tba 4hita Sbotl Strt tt of Mark aaa, ta tba iata ftf, w'tb all oa beard. Tba pr<>raUar Oatonaifoa, wbieb arnrad a! Co. nag* *a?i to lay from Cblo*^ >, report! tba pmpallar Kaao afct at Vtraiaac Ska ia a prtT.on'y liaaa rap.. rial ?* Itttfcf am lb oj Rorgoa Itr I Ulir I>?m Hftfiu. Ni'Ouui. Nor. 30, J *4. | > TV rtOMMhl.c De Solo, from Haraaa oa uw 2Tih ml , 1 baa arrlTed 8l|w *aa dan u 8<-; ruu tub uarTBBt ?u- pfomls ! 1*fl rr#l|hlo were tnaotire Exchange oa London nu at 13 >; a 14>? per cent pro ml am, ud sight drarta oa Now York at 3 per ocat pre ' mlaas. The political intelligence from the Un te?l .^UUe haJ unte tiled the mptey market Lattr from Briui. Nbw Not. 21, 1800. The steamer Arizona. from Bra/.o* arr red oa the >31 Inst. Ste brings $132, COO a ipeole. Uer news U un.m . portaot The Brig Minnie Schlftfer. Bosto*, Not. SO, 14M. The British goTernnient, through the Conaol at I hie port, haa presented Capl. Wlleoo. of the Minnie Sohmer, with a Taluab e gold chronometer Mr. Connontoo, the mate, with a lelcaeope aad >10 to each of ibe crew , aiao, a liberal oompeaaalloa la made for the demurrage and ?ubalatence or the crew and paasangan or the Doonaught Baratig of the >uaaaer Kate rreaeh. Y Lorwnua, Ky. , Not. 80, 1890. The l learner Kate 1 reach, bound rrom I.oularillo to the Arkanaas rlrer, waa burned aear Naj>oleoa, Ark., on Wedteadsy night. Boat and cargo a total low. No ltTea loat. The PalMtlne Uatward Boandi Fmhii aiid, Me., Not. 30, 1100 The steamr'ilp Palestine will lea re thte port for Llrer pool, Tla Londonderry, at about half paat two o'clock P. M. to morrow Iwapatcbes f>r lUirope to be forwarde-l by this opportunity will be reoelred b> Mr. Sl-tWer, No. T Broad Klreet, New York, until half pa?t one o'clock P. M o( the eame day. Alarlna Dlaaatar and L.oea of Life. Au.tamxua, Va , Not. 30, H00. The brig Crccua, Capl Herbert, of Gar ill nor, Maine baa armed id thirty da>s from Sombrero iilaad. Sou rt'iorl* having experienced t< rriffc galea. Two eenmon were killed by Iron the mi.-t and anotaer dle-t on t'lerojage. The captain '? Ife I'.led at e*om*>rero. Suuttiarn Otcan Mtaaixar >Io\ emeite. Ha ' jjitua, NoT 28. lH"-> Toe atramrh'p R. R. Cuyler, from Saw York oa Mon day, arr'.Trd at the wharf at a ne o'clock this morning. All we'l. , Chaki.wfov, S C . Nit '/1, 11W The steamship Jam* Ad^er, Capl. t'nilli|>*. arrired here at teii o'clock thla amu-ric Marhete. riliLiDtLi'itft 8Tf)( ft tiritxn. riiif.anaimiia, Nov. 30, 1800. Stocks b<ary Plula)ei,>0'? S-avo e'a. He K-ailng Railroad, 17 *<; Morris Canal. 6* S : l-oug Uiawi KsilroaU, 10X: l*eaB?viranla Railroad, a?'*' rfi/ht exuna-ge ot Mow York, \ tol per rem premium New .jataaan, Not M 1*00 Colli u artlre: sake to lay 16 160 bates at 10, i. ? 10>?o for middling Sugar buoyant and a.lraoeeit , Bales a*. ?)jc a 6'{c. for fair to fully fair. Voueact dull at 10c a 28 '. SterllDg eli'iange 101 a 102','. and with bil e of lading at |>ar sgLt - ?u New York at 'i per oeat dlecount to par \'k?- QntataB, Wot M ISM Cotton mark i.t. The holiday pr xlu^ed qu rtoo**. sales 1,000 ball*, prtcCB Boaliat Kret^uta to L,iTer,> ?>l. VI \'i? URvataa, Nov 30, ItSd. Cotton very dull aabs today 1,100 Bales st 9'?c. a 'J He. lor iniddUoc. The a.. ?* of the week add up 46.00U ba ee, and the raeclpta .r>7,Mi# ba!e?, a?a ds>. 67,000 for '.he own udlng wt< i i la last year. Kecelpia at ihta poit leee man laet fear, I 112^00 hales, do. at all .? iulu- rn p tru, 11*6.000 balea. Ki|>orts for the w ek. 40.(00 baioa: to tal exporta to date, 4*.>>'>,0U> ba'ca Stock, 91000 balea Sugar bu yam at *c a Oo for falny to fully fair. MolaetfB, VOc a 21; Kiour ^uiet. at >4 26 a >4 SH lor BuperUnr C>>Uee rtoady. Hale* of toe woea 36,OCO baga, at 13 ,c a 14 for fair to prime Imps-is of I be week. 18,000 bags, gtnek in port .11 000 !>??<, against fr'.'.COO isat year, fre.^uta ? >>tton to l.iTar;<ml, \4. dtorllog eicbange, a ;j per cent premium, aua ? ilb bllla of lading, 92 a 90 Sight exshange oa Vaw York at J, a 1>? per cent diBoouat Cmaiii B.?Tf?v, Mot 29 I8A) Cotton? Prices adranc 1 ^c on tbe week, with aaiee ?luring that time of 10,400 bale*. Mom't b, Not. 29. 180 ? Cotton? No t/aoea-tl ms In ooaee iuenoe ot inaaaagiv lag Ob | H?tajd?ah, Not. 28 1H90 Ootton Bale* of the week. at*) tmiw>. at prioee ringing froot 9c ? 10\'c., bat pnno.;-a ly at 10: for miu dim*, ind 10Hr- f<* I""d 'Htdling. Receipt* up t > lb* present lime li? II an tti'-ee of last year 3l> 0(0 baiea. Slock ia port, 0& 000 balea. O-aaidera'tle ?tu of alerting cicbange were ma-ie at par to diy- Ioc ..utalde price of I'ibt draft on New York I* at , iwr nil diaootml Burvora, Not M 1H04 Flour Una aa.i itaady : eai-a 1 JOO bbla eunertUe at 95 12. Wheat doll Corn Heady c- (Iu< <in?t Hurari uo niM. FroTtilooi Tory quiet maee pork (IS PBn.AOSi !-?i* . Nov. 80, 18G0. Hour doll iu->erflne, 94 Tft a 16 vvbeet qaiel tale* of SjQOO buibr^ at CI is a >1 2j tor rwj.aud (1 2H a 91 3T for wbtte. Corn Ilrm tale* of 1 .000 b iihela at Mi. i a bi.'jC. WUlflcey ateaoy at 1W a ~Mc Oodee Arm *' 13 >,o a 14 ,c Am?xr,Nor 30, i'60. I lour In moderate demand Wheat, to Iota. (I 39 t>r wt.'W II . h gau. Uoro, la !'>??, al Hi Oau very Arm el 86:., aOuat and la c is luta Barley o I'ght ripply aalea 4,000 l-uai ell Hammocdtpnrl at ul : Wbietey at , 19 \C aalre 16? bbla. AutOY. Nor. 30?4 I*. M Tbc weaibor waa itnrmy all day. Hour lu fa r ?laaaanl. , Wheal aal'-etilc, Id lota at 91 39 for while Michigan. C>ru dull at t>4c. (mil very Arm at 39:. for !taie, aiiai. and .a car iota. Barioy in audit ate eupply, and wanlol aalea >< 4, COO buibjia Htaic ml- wt I ?o rowel at Me., and car lota of four rnwc<i at 97.- Wblikey? ? * tear v - Ue Ua of 1M l> > ? it 19 , c tfeta after noon. 60 bbla. at 19><e. Hogi neary ea-ei ol 90 bead, , arcragire 239 ibt., at He. (fw? 30. I "<90 liter dell, but ua'tar.fftd. Wbeat c>? nuaa eere , siet and aalea are cue fined la re4a<i lull Corn in iia.led ? eiranc aii?? 10.CCO buab- I lll'noti at Sir Lata m porta? 1212 bba ?iir. 14,(00 bnatoeH wlieat, 90,000 buebe l cum. 4 loo buiaeii barley No iliipotenU by oaaal Hi 'fauj, Nor .10, 1-idO. l?-nr quiet u J mady , there it n<th Bg do'ng 'a any variety, and the market la dull and baaey. Waiaker no minal at IT ,e. Import i ? la <xo bbla. dour. 2ij,000 baefctit wbtal. I!1 CP0 bnabe'j oin, '.'4 tuo ' laneU oali. At a aerfcne break baa oornrrel ta Use K-te eanal IN mllea >eW>w I/*k|<?rt I bore are on ernrrta Bi i > >f 0 I ->90 ? 9 P M Kkmr dull aad unrbanjed Wh> at entirety noalatl. Cora lower mm 9,400 buib?li al 42: O-b'f grataa aoniaal Wutekey neady aalea 70 bun at IT.V4. Im l?rta? 10 (00 bbia. flour, 31-.000 lioabc ? wbaai, t, t1) do. oora. 29 0W do nets Cmrtco, yitn 30 1*90, Flour 9'ai Wlieat <tuN and le lower taiea M COO hoabeif at 7l)ie a 74c for No l,aed 71 ^e a T9-. ftr N'o 2 la autre. Corn quiet lira 9.0C0 buenel? at 24 ib lore, imiy Arm. ReoeipU? 4.000 bbi?. fioyr,. -jo 000 b'fiel abial, 7 000 bu bela c>rt). Sight eteheare cm New ^iTk fir.n u 7 per oeat pram:' m. UmtuTi, Ntt 80,1190 I our qi.let and be<meaa lim-tad al p?tt1o<m ra'ee 94 39 a 94 56 far acpi rBoa H aiakey dn.l a; 1 4 >,c Hof* u till vrural" ?? laliooa cat am oa girea w* .u gh! eay 99 a 99 .9. Moeey market uecbaaced Iiaie <lrafK on the Kan' ur Ai'.lb naa'eal. .? fight e?. haege oa N?n York dall at I per oent preaium f'"9R? Mitiiia ? Tbe Itt'fi wf! ael or get that ibare ar - u> he 'lurtrg Ibe preatnl atw.a ealy two maiiatre. and ikat ike Ural of ibem takaa place Ui day. whea "La ' i' re" wtr be girrn 19 pceiae'F the taate maaner a a la ibe net ug |Krf'>rni*i.oe- A* I be Mlea oa.a been dy. eg tor tbc r a? i mwa inrlan lb? laai moatb or two, we -bill na4udbte4ty aae a ?erf large criaollae i-oagreaa at ttoe Acadett j lo day. t*T?ae?Ti?n Tmriui :>aar?.? On Moalay aett Mr. Walla k aatnnaret a new 4Te art r .me It aad tfee droat of a ym rg lady of ihle elty tbr 9 ee art comedy la aaid w. be ar adapt at ten of Ma tame de (.irardiae "l^dy Tar tnfe,"aadtfee dtbu^ew to be a member of itiwill sa >wa !an ly Ra l<riri n? t?9 Canton Wataa ?By reference to w .r ad Tert ag ootaaiaa it wlU be aeaa that the aaaaa repair* ol ibe Cretoa Aoaarfast will take p ace durtag me eoae a? w^ek, aad for Utr pur' we ibe water gilea at the Crotoa dam wul be cloaed on Tneaday, the 4 lb inat. Dai a| ibe <<xia).aatioa, Ibe city will hare to draw iia ir.pply from ibe reaarTotra w.thla u limiu Coaauaera an tAare "re requeated to be a* ecueom loal at poaalbla aa ibe water aow ia tbe rtMrroir* ? aaaatiaily law. Be apartag of tbe Cretoa tbea f yea would aot br lag trouble oa your beadi BaooiiwCiTT RaojMab U araer.? Tbia Oampaay la Ibe dead oi Tliaskigu eg a^bt, mu?tarfi from Sfty 9a aarenty Brenaa, aiarcbed tbea oa tbe Fiflb aeewoe, near Oraeawond, tore ap toe par meat, tad laid a rail raM trai k therein Tbte actior of tbe "C ty Coapanv" waa wbui y ub >utboriae<] ay law, and icoordia|ly toe the Ali*?rmat of the Ilghtb ward nroe trad th arreat of tb-' contra' tor tf the wort yeaterday m"ri:ng , wh* ur to be triad tor the offeace tile m t*aiag at tbe City Ha. I. The aew 'am tra. k wta taddenly tore up yeaterday norataf, amter tbe airerikm of tbe city an btritiea, by ' a rang oi oft; a.rr ? th? eip steof *ii:ch wtli ?>? lerled 'ipsa tbe ? ity O'Tpany. Tue Www.t Cat " ur Ta.i.^ai ? The eaiiatla (Taoa,) i>vev aaye lhat the report! from tni Tar'ona aer ttoaB 'bat reg on 'epreqeat the proa, -rt for the growtag crop of wbwat ae nnneeally faeweahi- A ?eaeootnie wiator will oaly be a?e?"wary to ibe prod- it i m of a large-1 cr>>p lhaa I wat aear bafreaifl I* that awtlon .Sunnier (umtiim, m roo' a tax 'a MPfn'CiS trvro- rc-*?-A>"ii?o tiii Mtiiicnrnm 8r?w? wjto wins r:iw . WHAT WAS d AID AMD ???, STC. A loeial gathering uMer th* auspices Sf Um Yo?-ng kctt'i K?pu Dllo*s Union *? beid ywierlay afternoon, it No. 4) Km t Thirtieth itwi. tor to* psrw-ae of enchant ing oom pi 'moots with Senator dumosr, of Hsss achinette, irto tl now on bn way to WsSfclngton. (>aly a w>1j01 few were : anted, Hi they of ihoee *.eown to "je true < repibllMuii n? follow iD^ s a eipy ol :he larlUtlos, which rh mi out in s quiet ??/ t> tboaj wijm cjdd > pmsy would bs considered agr?aable npoa this occatlon ? Na? Yens, Nor M 1W0 Diab An? The pleasure of your ooiup*i.y ie requwtud ; by ltu> Young Miu i K')(> .b ir?j rales, on Frld *r *!-?f hood, Not. JO, ut four o'clocn. el No 4U K*st thirtieth street to moet the Han. Char1 S So:nonr. or Hiwacliuaetts UdAKI.MT K?' K.KK?, President. The inrtUd guests begin to assemble ?t the hoar ap pomteJ, aad two hour* or more were snent la social oou venation end otst to exce .natly prepare t collitiun. Among the ootid guests were Senator* Sumner and Wtl (oo, of Massachusetts, and A n* to.- Djollttie, of Wisconsin, Hon. F. A. ConkJmg, newly elected loujrenrman of the SUth dlatrlot ; Senator Mannlerrs, Hon. George f olsoss, WllllAiu Culleo Bryaat, of the Putt Daaiei Draw, E. C. Johnson, T. W Ballard, R C. McJormlck. Hr Briggs, Mr. Oondlae, Mr. Sterling, Hr. Franklin and about lifteen other*, mostly member* ol the Onion. Nearly all remained until near tha time for the oommenoement of ' Senator Sumner '? ieoture at the Oooper Inetl tote. Like all 1 other gathering* at the present time, tbe ootivereatlin < tamed upon the prteent attitude of the Southern Suite* The dootrloe that a Slate has the right to *eoede when ?Ter It may *ult the eaprlo* of her politician* wae de nounced by all, and the Tnbime oeasured for looking In i that direction. There being no law on the national eta tute book to be enforced by the prescot or tbe incoming administration but what Is ooosldered constitutional, the South could not take any more ngalnst tbe enJorremout of the laws, tbe collection of the revenue*, <vo. , without becoming the aggressor* and making themselves reepou sible for tbe ooesnquoaoes. As republ.;an?, they In Unded no infringement upon the rights of tbe 4) lb, desired the passage of none but constitutional law*, and w >i..d not consent to a repudai'.ou by any portion of the oonfodcrary of States I/ouuiau* was obtained to control the mouth uf the h atiu-r ol Knore and Florida as the key to tbe G'Uf, and -? such ?t wan tbe r determination to have them remain. * rulttiiut tbsi any State bad the r *ht to secede was , *? tley 'ooked u|??i it, only anAuowlLdgmg that any State oad we right to i repudiate ail obligations toward* Its lorti'.n >? the national debt Ibe above waa tbe etraln and tbe ?_l>?laniie of the c >u ver eat loo Uiat took place tbe few hour* that wer<* (peat there. 3eing entirely by theau^jTtt, with noocct ston to be guard J In their expression, it msybocod | aidertd tbe true i-eutimenle of tun republican leader*. Mure importance attond* thie gathering toau would appear from the surface. irom the fact of tin. position of thoee coenectvd with lii>s or^au:z?tiou duriog Uie last campaign It Is an a?v?c'.atlon of V>l'i young ' aad old men ? a maj >rity of whrnn are known aa anti Weed men, and nctlTe opponeil* to the legtalatiTe peiu latlou thai has cb*racteri '."d tbe career of the Reward re)>ubllcan* of this State Tbe association was repre ! rented at tbe Cblrago CottTentlon, and whilst tbr Seward 1 republic ac* wer.t to that convention with their banner iB.^srlbod "William H. Seward," the banner of this as- I sedation waa h-ri la blank, anl was the tlr*l that ap- 1 putrcd with the name of Liuooin inscribed upon it ? by 1 i rut. aitani ga'.ulrg notoriety throughout the country at tbe tine. They were foremost in tbe Aght for Lincoln in 1 this State; la tact, being Id far mors lnl:m*te connection with "Honest Abe" than any other organization or elub ' In New York, they may be conslJered aa on the tasldo j track with Lincoln, and repreeeoting, as Tar m any aseo illation can, the Tiews that will govern the Prealdent elect when he oomts into power. nillury latelil(?Mr?. 1QK rUTNAM rHALAM AT mBTOMI OP WA9RIK0TON. > Several of the leading Southern journals baring beard ' of " Tbe Putnam Phalani," wish to know what aad who ' they arc We take tt upoa ourselves, with pleMurs, to I enlighten tbem. As this oompeny purposes a viait to Mount Vernon, on tbe 3d of December Inst. , aad oa that day will spend tn nut' a few hour* In Uits city, torn* p%rtlculara concerning them may not be unlatureatlng to our own render*. The I'otnam Phalanx are an organization located In Uio city of Hertford, Connecticut , partaking both of a milt U rj aii 1 loc la) character ; and la aa&e, drees and all tlx Ir prociedtnga their aim la to re Tire and keep freeh the me ntory of the pair lota of the revolution. Their uniform U an exact ItulUtloa of the one worn by Waabsngtoa ! daring the rerotntloaary atreggle? a ueifcrn which no I American would dtagrace. Three year* thla organ lialioa hai been le edl-ecce and lie roll now numbrre two hundred and forty active m ml j ra, ? eolld men " of Hertford, whom Hie reai-rable Hoiaou t.rodwla, eeTeaty en yeare of *ge, yet atandlng tmi tlx ''ft an innben, baa the honor of cue leading Connect t.-ut certainly peat. ae<-e an en Tie ie trout In tb'a batta'loc Pr ibn' iy no SiMe, and wc are aure taat no ctty r?i Fhow upon Uie roll of one aitgi; c >ni( any aa equal m mber of active cltlr a auHlere, direct d teen daata of the palr'oU of bygooe tlinee We are entinly ja?ti#e<l m a|ieakiag of tbe an* ilty o* the luw'wrt of ibe Phalanx, sot uely by the fact of tho public ofminslion to whtett many of them have atuaed ( ae ri 't-f eapecially to Roe laaac W. jt.iart and Moa ? lie^ry MMM, ('(rent IHMri llarlfurd) at well aa | by Ue ami be l o( property which, at private individuate ! they reprraent, be ng i p?arde ot eight millioee of dollare 1 bi.t principally by ibe tldermamc prop>rt;ona exbt)it?d by tbrae repr;eentaliu <>t ibe "tandjof tieady babiu " | I i"b?y tare certainly a right to be ?e?v> and b. ard if it , ' prcive tree, ae they ataert, thai tbe "I'ghaet wt j;ht ul j their horke" la ooataiae-i la tb<> portly proportion of j their etandard bearer, wbo weigh* no leae loan three h'in- ] ' dred ead aixty ixjurdt (may tie ?c?. r tc ?*?). iueh a band ran not but be ei<.ul hearted Lletfbtnt Hoverm aula, Una Itiomaa II Seiaao.r. I (laic minuter t? ImMi Boa 'am re t .'nut. 01. J?a. Colt, ui 1 a Dumber ot ovjer ? quail)' dietlagi.iahtd aa<l ac tive frieada of t?a orgeeiteti o w a'xompaay them M tbetr intruded ptifr.tragc to the Umb ?f Waabirigtoa Many will rwoogaiee le tbe came of be Teaer*b<e M *ior < ammardart of be (talari, H race fijodw a, thai ?f tbe l'aat Grand Maater o f tbe (iftud Imlreoi OnaaectiMt <Jw a late ?\-5ura on at Ui; miu k to llrooai) a, ;?aa?otieat. to do homage at tbe (rare of Major lienara I'atnaui, . aey were borored by ll>e preaenoe of tb? mamoerv of all lb. mtioeic lft.lgee of the <? " ot y . aa wall aa of ra >h of the military cttpentee in that ??.i.onof ibe 4:ate rhe chief c t/rt of the vteit referred to wae, aa we learn, to ooaa.der tbe avbject oferretirg a tp endld moaatrteei to iu? memo ry of that brave too of Oornec'Vot ?bn "daro.1 to lead wh.-re a?y dared to follow " Tne rtarge evald ao iiaea i fhliea t? the lot o'. a more ac'lte or nuera: orgaaiia 10a A recent Tla>t to Char leatn ?n . Maea., alao cwaidera't y ectea<<"i tbe repntatloa or tbe Pha'an> aad fb? Rie:>n aae Pn.< Oeai* J iorsala were I >u<t a the pralaee awar-teo t ) thic ap'Tdid corpa A'tbrtgb the'r avar la It a rity will not penioeged beynad hai' a <ay. yrt w* tr?at a bandaome rer*ef im wt>l await them and tbat B-otd?ay will be duly cleared for lb ear men of aubataatlai a xe ci ? .< m* "> tmb ? trrai wm Ma. or. Horwe i^id* t J rat Oiaapaay? Oap'a t, AUya Wllf aa lini I leuieraai, Tin? >thy M. alljra Mi.jaid l.taui'-aaai, Jamea d ihulia? Eaatcu, Allra 0 >4 <i, Peoutd Uanmr ? Ma a, A > (aider M '1 I'd r Ural I euteaatt, <)tie?r 0 !?eirn:iiM' >-<otd Lle it?ra I, laitea H Aeu o>< ad (taiga, tVo .1. Uesalow. Siafl? Ai jOtaat, J< aapb |1 Wll; am? W a. V -matt . . K i. WfJCg Paynaaaier. Jaaix H Cr.ieoj ????/, H-?r? <: IMnlac A*?i?tart ' >man'??ary , *io?, ^ ?tv< , ? jlge Adroeaf. iaaai W rnuart. ^oap'rala, I - A?h-r '-<irr, ! *.rgt"?, Daa or rbomae Miner , - r ai.l U r, U o | taoam ) arlermaat?r Derfraat ID I ear iutaw mh Titna hoi ra I They wii: r?a .brongb New Yor* '?a lloela* "eoetr.'itr ( 3, 1Mb. rta blag here at half paat on#, ai ?' 'line a< tee , AawrHf .ee ? lear'ef >gaia at f >ir F. M 'or Pb nde?.)D ? 1brywttlarrtv*ai*alaatebe*t wba'fahMt ma o ;i'. a whuee u?y win be waived b' a cam ultima of tha M.aaU Mea of 7t, Oapia'l C M Berry, and -a?>r'ad np Waiert w> Th rd, up Tbtrd to fbealeet ap CbeMaut to tMair headi'iartrre, (Hiram Ho .ee), tkaywu be welcomed by their frienda in Phiia?e:pb'a they will aaa>-mble on tha <th, earirted by tfea M ixita Ilea of 'It, and will aaake a lull dreaa parade ap < heeirat to fralb. :<iwi Teeil. to tfalaot. up Walnut to Thirteenth, doaa Thirteenth to Ixeott, up Laraat ta Iroal.aed town Broad ta tha deoot. Tbey will be rera: red n Saitiaaare by tie oommaad of ( -n.?el Waraer of the C ty 'i iard, aad they will 'jiiertar at the Oilmor Ht iae Thee will ieaea Ba.ti mora at faar P. M , oa the ">th, fbe *a> oftoc .aad will * be reealvei tkeee hy the Waabingtoe I rbt Irfaatry, aad uarter at tte Natiowa Roaae Tbe jVaam Pnaiani i will mate thei* tlatl to Mooat Varaoe oa Thursday, aad tnea return direct b< me, rearb rg BariTord aa da'.nr I day afWraoon I We bare ae daabt tnaay of ear merrhaate would be glad to tad'ioe Una bauaiioa to ma<e a a lay of oaa or t? i eayt la New York, nprn Ibelr way borne? arraagemea'a precluding ibe poaaibiilty of tt walla paae ag ihrotah here en rewfe for PtHadolph:a Wa aay to ail. gee taew a welaome worthy of hm whoae aeme her bear, wbuae aemery they werthny nmweeanraia \aral I ?telltcamra Trrrai' 9t/>Tan ?to?>r or W?a Cranaat *?d ? Tbie rrae*!, ?learned for \ era O rut, hi bow lying al giaraatme Tot followteg la a I tat of her offi^a^ ? loha Marat in, Caplaia; Alexaader Merrar. Ftret t.ieatewant aad Ki OfHo.?r loba 8. Maury . 8?*hi? l/eutenaai Jamea II Roehelle. in rd I.lenteeart, Cha'lea R ')reea. Foartb l,l?iieaaa ; Th e U Batfrlf'gf, riflh l .'en tenant Heary P Tjdd, Maatar Thomae Puiord, 8arg?on (oha f>e dree. Pay omw tfal i hew K htstimg, ' ipteic Mar nee Cnarbw Hay<*?*it Liantenarit Mariner .1 'm I l^nhari, Jna^lam Hrede rtek Van Rotlee, I'Mweit a* latani Xirgwio . I wph I) itrafton , Aaelatan t Surgeon , K<t?ard It IV>lt, * -a la ?ala, Fugetie Mark, t. ir.ner ?? M latgliton, liarp-utir ftaeld Rrme *'lni*k?r J^lm V HaTiurfa Cr?''aa R %ur- i?gt), .Icnn Tl Vaa 0 ?? Maaiae a Malta Wi ia*n H ftaa ? 1 apta a'a Oer* llngh N-nt, Parmaaii,*'?l era Folic* l*UlJl?,*r<S . rr a 4H-- mi ? ** CAdI T?ik fW-K'f It ttc rate rr ImlB B ? wb0 ! t> rta??M t :f . - JaHtM with Ut*^. *h,la ; ttt the cspset/ ,f lKtk?c?r *. e*he?zled ubovl H I .rom wo ?vt a?i n.,1 uro.*r ? wu rati; mad yeete."<v' I at th* 'effeetc -a Marvel Po'io C art iftbii P. Ump, ?<crr?-i p' fl* OverlatiJ Ma? Compter i ? ten fled that ' aa r?n :t the employment of the c-aiajieny -on .(miliary ant to t>* 231, aud to*l C urlog thm tun bt on.! ember led . uiil amounting U> liie ftr^rrgkto to f t Ko; it was the buV.nnst of the de ^ ft r.Ju .1 lo ii| a cu the l>4Bkog house of WelU, Far?o h Co. . 1 m ret theci.rr a! exptLisoj of the O.crtand Mill Oinrpany tie aaocat thin drawn should have been eotoiTil on the <? h book, b?t la thirty lnrt.tnoet Irs* toiue, va/i 'tig 6 Mi nfly to two Hundred dollai , than thsthec) Indicated w?rc ruterod, tbe balance lu ee~!> cu? beiu* appropriated by the defendant to hia own ..s?. F?edcr'ck tjaoic, treasurer of the Overland Mul 3oih pany, deposed that be had ? taniiond the books and ao couiu oi lb* ccrtiptui) la rt'urtuce to the dufaloatlooa of tbe Jefondsnl; In tgrett nan* .nrtaeces the cheokx aa l (Strict on thebtxas did not compare in amount; some ctut*a wore entirely om.ttcd in tho i-ash book, aul otbcrtwere eottrcd fur a !<ss amount than khry wore drawn lor had made a comparison of Um oheo.? with tbe ecUlu Tor a portod of tig months endlrg October l?,aad i found that 10" ourmtoo* and short entries for that period , amoibUdto thoat.n.ol *H0 63; the eeilmatee woro bur ' rlel ar d noc<?ear Jy incomplete, bj that other defaloa j tlona u'*y edit iit?a >wn to the wlkoett: the ledger ac count of tho Overland Mall Company with Wells, fargo A 1 Co had not b< en b?iar>r?d slue/- 1 ebraary, I860, but I alec entries m ton journal, and perhaps in tbu cash book. I were made to thu credit of Wells, Fargo \ Uo. , and ported 1 to their credit In the 'edger acnoc.ut. ;ionbUtf*ly to core r 1 up l bo short credits soil omawlons previously relerred to. Alfred Mulligan, rashlcr of Wells, Fargo ft Oo , identl flrd the < he< ka <1rawh liy tbe ()<rer and Mall Oo. , tbroiigh K?.!>eri.? The rasa was itien aljouraed until one o'clock this aiteruoou. It is m. Jcratood that the polio* have eel-red tbreu ctrtloads o' furniture bclouglng to tho prl noLer, on the grounl that it bvl bct.u purchased by IU berl? n th tho I?d fun"'*, auil that a ctroug etl ?rt will be made to tu/u tnc prop rty over to his late employ III. Cbar<.so- Fiiomoi'ii iwu it -Oearge Bur'^iey, a car man, wu arrested by (lolioetnaii Fdsal.of tbe Ninth pre elncf, on charge of buvlng, a few erenlnga ago. anoca.uJ 1 down nml aeTt-tely trjared Mr .'?nn Blaek. The afl'ay, wblr.h occurred at the corne.- of Orove and Blocck-ir BtnrM, *r\n fully reported at the time B<ick ley. on iH-mg brought b'foro Ji.dtioe tl'iackunbnah, ad nwtusO he * truck Mr. Itt?< k, but mi>I tb?l bo was I'rlira In it liy the 'atipr pmhlng aiaiast him he was in witDpany with a tady, and .sing laault'ug Ian. e V lu her U< >t g U? arci.<cl ?'aa oomniHied to prifMi to await toe res<. It of the .aided man's Injuries. It is unil? ratioj Uiat Mr Baok>ak'lll )a Iraoti rod. and that toe cuancea of u s rec >rtry ate eAtrcme y doublf .1. Tiu.v . <.nou A<ft Hi MtaT. ? Taowoitblos named tj?w tSMbOnrraa ai.d I'atr.rk Ma> kay, wbiie under the eacl t.i.g Inih.eoue ?>' tia>> wbi?key. got into a light oo rtiaaks. lit bigbt at Mie |?rter hun'e No. 177 aveuuo C, and bM >re U.ey cm. Id bo ?ei>trat?d "urrau had oun of bis e7f* |oi ?ed ?"ii hl? >c r?clu?od, anu two of bis ribs Orotic The urrd man waa takeo m the Bellevue 11- sptul by ^ae Kitreutb prtimct police, wbere he now lies iu * ir . ca. .on conomou Ma' ^ay was a r tea ltd and Qon.iutlied ,lu prison by .fi.stlee Brrunan fooinim -It our toti.e of tho arrest of Michaei flare a fa* latsago. on liarge of asiaulting William Wood with a n 'tskrt, w<' <<ta!*d tbat (liuo aril Wood hal a qi arr?i We und^rataio that oo words -<i??>d Detween t&e no, and that the bmw rtooiTcd l>y Wood was In truutd !(V a ?b rd party. Tin ( a.-s Voi jw ' osmrt ? The fsth >r of th" young lady metUooid In cm nrption with tl.s care of the gymna elemth'tf Thi nks f'ork?tt, rfqurms us V? state that no l?-a< nta cT nion ^ wir received by hts oa. ghtor at Ui* hands of h? r USsimic l (hi tbe routrary , Cor bet t is said lo bars rece.vtu about 100 Iroio the lady It jieation dt.rlng tils ar iuamtai<i c with her Tin ffc?>?g('>> tr aai ii4? Pw uii. .is .'<> tin T. ??? >i. ? In the raj e oi <?eph T. Hwo't, wim wai ar rcrt?d on charge of be i ^ uip'ilcated <n tbo Bwioe < oc.ntr Baok fraiidt, JuOge Pri'abawt, of the Supremo Comt, tt Albany, l>efo'? whom the priaooer aas brnutht en a writ of hau as ro'pua, deciilnl, on the 20lb ultimo, to dis charge ll.e defendant, s. Si ;leat cause not having '>eeo ?bowa tor his detention. Saudis C'hangn or Wcstiher Are %'arjr iryiag to ih? S*%J a. ?H Moeelallr In tae dellea^i u .1 in RIAMjMIH'i) !? 1. 1 lath* remedy f<ir them, as wall aa for lha nlearaird thMblluma and ihn iheumaun VnraiMr brv UkP M lr<? be h.o-ol tae bl^-k aid rulalod bile, ;ut of which ran rruiii and other minora are tuale. Iktur ruer/rtle use torra I- Mamaiailoo and uravna^s f???ra Tker. In fac, eaforer aa'eiir bt.t emirreU-A ') the *"-at eurail?e orlnetple of pnrgatma. Rradarhee and all pilna ranUh waen Uier are used. b?e?ii?? they i.urtfy tae blood. Hold at Ko I (Jaiua maare awl ?4 C?i aJ street. New tort. Prtca ?e*!iia cer hot. Mink. Mink, Mink, Mink Fan KaUtled at wbokeale prtcea, by UBMM Oil Itroadwaf. Chi Mr en's Fan Itetalled at WhsltiaU priott. at uawm'B, &U Br .ad war. Fars, Kara, Kara, Kara Hctalletl at wboltaale prices, br tiKNlM, i!3 Broadway. UdlM' Ifri HO Mr Mat Um tku , Broadway prises. Ai I'Ra t ??. im raltoa street. Rwilka S?hl?, K.itra KIb* miak and otkar Kura. W I l.l.l AMS. asAoutscturei. at W.I nn.l ? Fni leu ??rer'., Brorklja aalru, Rhlru.-Bll tor ?N. Made Ira the l>rj* 1 mnrt i *( and Wamentta II USA as. Lai" 4 IM Cktuui ounwr of Peart MX flM Khlrti tor |d, WanaaM to m MOODVH BkW ?aoofacairy, Mi (M<nr. Ut arroati! (hnrtoaU!!! ?upertiir luka to IJU A t 1 ? BO A BPtTft ? CO '? Mtamo'b < I'dkiii : Wairb man. Una JBU and 19! Bower/. H teal lllil Tk?y l oilt-Oaly SI* for tti? Kurt. Al Udl. A. HI M Kit A Oft'l* Ntaank idjtii.n* \> srrlu i A*, nna. '.1U Slid II" irtj. Tbt Hilwer I'rlre Cap qaaafartartd for 1 U" itt.tHi. llo d Ki.lea. of Nutuiitbaw*, itha I> ue n.# New C H ? i i imm, ao 4 Is ia erkiM | turn At our eetail.kfcainii fur a skort t ma |ite?to<is u baing anHUIiflAiil RtUi rtl.t'd A WO. Tar liriat llaiiimy Atiiartiaaa at Rar> SI a ? MUMUM ?ii rjaiiined i i day. aad ilrmsasds of ,?d-*a *rrt nlld-eni'll ?!'???? the prrf.irmaore of K >"?B Al '.tik. Ui? ?i'.t > mil ? .;n, .nl am Ua [ t ? nil IiRTV Wh*l t ll V-m.'arK .ike*. tr . Ac . w'dcb aia SO eibiMtlmi at ai koaia fiiomi iA|<n> la tti?<iaiya.-Wllllaai IIO*. I Hi; laksd eastern baodiwi AL<1 d'lv aaa atetawajr ?v *mi ootrtwaa| vraaa i am'. JAre Piai.-ia Are B"W ecDslteraii t'a? ? as V set need; I are wtrrmaiad fi?r tee r*a?e Waren?ti*s M aad W WHara. Urdaara MalaataMar lafaa-Wlia Pa teati iwwdrr proa' lot-ta aaa rmaa bera Alan Ira sad 1 mlai pr?f side* aad and parlor Mafss I?aj?a M Msrrar Mreet, ?aw at UaUa?e plaea AuMMAT U. r atAioc. Ilerrlag'e Palaal rhaniplaa rira aid Km (I at Fmrit Hafee. 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Ptrhcttoa at l.ait,? i ik lluliday Sod Hat tor vt'.tg Kenii, at WlWlkrf.the llatter, lib Broadway. | Haaalaa nnd IIa?liun Bay itabU Kara, i at viCalli'M, 81'v UroatlwoT Married. b< -H.Yiu ? 1'iait ? In Uri'?a'> u, on tbe e .0 of Wed Mtiay, iNovtinbtr '28 at the liou e ol Wm. ('rait, K?'i , by ttie Rcr K. It urane, Joiiacos J Bi (?tiaitx, of fair JJa"eu, ( ofcD., to Hakiuvi 1'nati oi Uto lornjer p<aoe. I-ha.-ih ? tin Xli?auay, Novuuitxi "27, at the AaMe^ctt ot ihu brldn'a fatn-'r, t>y tbr Iter. Ur. Jo is U KtiWLKB, M W<a:chiK'Hr county, to L A. 1'tu.iaK, a*i gtiU't oi Joaej h Krarer, of tbla city ln*ll> Hawaiiw ? t?u I'huratay, Noremb r i"9, by Ihe ltev llr Yard, ai Nyaik, Itoeklard outty, luvto 1 o? via, ol New Yum . lu M'h? t. ikuL.M U* ? kisk, of t lie loraHir place. lltiim-Mii ? Hit ion. ? ? *M'a, Monroe county,, oaHouday, No nubrr 18, Hisaf N". UcOaa-sv.v , "f Palay ta, Marion count} , Mtfaoart, to Ku> k jam, ' iduai daugn ter ot Dr .tnwiiii and tlary A. Hilton o'l Laaaati? dul ?On rburaaay , November 'ii by tbe ttuv Mr MiUifan, Mr. I'itkk John O Ki auikty, aou of Mlritat-I O'f.ahcr'y, ot Una city, to Mm liA.iai ia Rirv, cld??t dai gnier ot fcter Rot, k? i . Birth. rtKr?!i ?In Bn '?ki>e, E. U , on Werintaday. tljt >ber 31, i Mra T. H B* . ax, ol a too . I Marl. luNtm ?On frl^ay. Noietnber 30, at uin? n < loca, Joata ?a..a>i.?, al?i*r a ibort itluuia lite frltuda att it vit4 l to atlrud lita'. on . lav afterniioa, at one o'clock, froa hi* late ru d-'tioe, :>i W?at Ttnr'y awroo'l atr?et. Aikibmi.v ? ttn t*ao.rday. October IS, m tlic to*n >f I'aiBkouilt, JaioKira, Wtai Indira, CaIhaiii it Kihaiikmi, tbird ilaiiKhter Of tirorge and Mary Atkuiaon, and a nou am ot t> It Slack, ot New York city. Sbs baa i>*fl a dia ouuaolate mutter aad a large circle ol reUllvua aud ' Irli uda to mourn bcr aa<t bcr ^vtm. u' . Haawtrak ? (>o Krtday. NoveTiiier 30 Mart Hi/. a B?aw.-tkK, agod 2'i )mri. 'i month* ano ki Ay* Tbe truou* and r< laiive* are ii-ap?*t' invit I vo at Und the fuiMirat, uu Sunday al loin ran. at >?<i o'clock, trrm bcr lau< rcaidcnce 281 :*v?lh ?lt>ei llntaa ?In Brcoklya, N. Y , on Friday, November 'JO, ktata Uvhaii i Bl'Tiaa, oaiy daughter of Jaruci 1. aud Martha P. Butler, agul 0 year*, 6 month* and nlnn daya. Her funeral will takt piaco thla (Saturday) afternoon , from Ihe retldenc* o.' her parenta, 316 Henry rtreet, Uiooklya, at three o'uook. Krlecd* of tbe fatiliy aro . klbJiy invited to atu?d. Her rtraaiua will be taken t? i Oakwttod Ometnry , Troy, N. Y., for inter .n?nt luik - Ua Tbui*?iay. November att, at Peektk.ll, Or. Ai'AB injkk, agid 0J year*. Tbetnneral will take place thl* (Saturday) aflTnoon, at one o'clock, at tbe Uapttat nburr.b or tbat vi:lage Italativea and (rlenda are rcapectlully invited to att<'od without further police. C utWKoa ? Oo Tuoeday, November 27, Haakv N. Ci a ? tarn, km 42 ;Mfi, II mouth* and 14 days Hi* ramaina were interred la <>reeowuol Cemetery Iiobab ? <?a Thursday, November 2W, lira, alii a, art/* of WIBtaja lnraa, *g?<i M years Ttw nlillvil ??>? frieaua of iha family, ui those of ber brother lo law, Tbuinii H?am, arc re*(x-<ji;uUy la vtted to attend the funeral, tb.* (Saturday) aiteeuuue, at twu 'clock, from her late residence, 224 Weal tmontf n.iib.nrts i. betwaea Kigbtii aad Ntnta aeannea H'r re tuaib* wiU oa taaeo to caivary t>n>rtery for lutnriuMit. lUaiaiMia ? Oo Ibareday, Not i aib< r 20, o i'?aa na fever, Wiuum M Dajuki-wis, sob of Ja;oo liaolelsos. aged 20 J en/*. Toe friend* and relal.vea arc reepoctrally Ibviu 1 to at tend the funeral, th.* (Saturday) afternoia. at ball pa*t oo* o'clock, from tbo Now Darbaai llap'.itt obo'Cu den I rauoiann jiaiwi please copy D*i*bk* ?At Tuckabor, oa Thursday, November 2>, Jambs L. 1 #!?****, aged 32 year* > aarral ?*tti<># at 8t Jobn'i chapel, tbta (^atorday) afteroooa , at ooo o'ctuak. l.aia.? la tr> .? city, oa Thursday, Novombtr 20, l*?" ir 8nL ta l be MM> year of b-a are. ilia friend*, and th<>*? of hit brother la law, Goorg* 1. ifchermerhorn, are it vltod to attend tba funeral, at the < bert h of tb# B<>ly OBimuuioa. owner of rfutb area is ami Twentieth xnti, tbi* ( jaturoay) afUroooa. at litres o'clock, Without lurlber notice Ui'iJ'an ? <Jn Wcdtuday, November 28, Ida M?r oaly d*ugbi< r of Cbarti ? k. and r-arab J, Holuea, agid 2 year*, ? Booth* and 28 ilay* Tba relative* aad frteoda of the family are rrepec'fully l*rlM w attead u>e fuoeral. from ber |?rnU residence, No 2M Went Twenty third etrrat. thia fUtunlay) afler aooo, *1 two o'nlooK, without farther noikre ?laghaatsa (N T.) aad Chicago (1U.) |*per* pleaaa oocy, Iloioarrn:. ? la Brooklya, oa >rlday, November 30 raitt>KBi<? K. HorowitNt The likoda of the lamlly arc rrrtwcl." .Ily inrlted 1 1 at tend Hid funeral, oo 4und*y m roisc, at tea o'clock, from hi* lata reeldtncc, Waahmgioc avenue, third door from Myrtle bvbbiis. lUonr ?4)0 lhuralay moroiag , November 20, an< r a brief kki.neaa, i^naa, daughter of Samuel Halgbt, la'thc Sih j ear of ber age Her* will t< takes to (.aiaklll for interment Kn ihi.? Oo Friday, No??ml?*r SO, N Kai.ur, yovng at dangttrr of J fen B aad Ana Keliry , aged 4 j-ar*, 1 B' tlh *a I II d?y? tbo mruda aud a{ |"n aUtao*a ??( tiu ram: y ar<- rt ?p?o^'lly la? tft If attAnd tr.'fui >m Uie r?? I'Oi* ? l ber pareota. Nu '??! N.atb aveaM, aa Saaday after t(* a, at ob? o c.cck I r*n? ? Oa Thuraday. Norember 'it, Datid lnc;i, *god M Jta it. The r? 'al'Tf* and fr rtd* 'it the fam'ly ara r^^rtfuilv mv'trd to atUod t!>a fnt . ral from I. r lav- rer4eiir?, 1M .j?t i ntirUruUi itrtat, tfcia (Sal> rday ) arvarooia, at ua? a'tlonk III#* will be interred la the Uewt<-t*ry of tbo I- re'i'.eea* Seiraat, Irolafl'1, paper* n>e?*e copy !i/ri -f?c Tburalay m rn ng, No re- ber St, W it' ?? ht?,A* C '.?>*?? Uti aged IT year*. 6 m -aiiil aad 11 'lay*. fb<' rr atlvi* aad 'ri'ui* of the fair'ly ar- r-mp> *tf?U/ in r 'ted <o altr-BC tfce ' lerai, f'^m ib? fledl?rd atrwet V'ftbol *t UpMoapal <*a irch, oo susday , at at o'tinr*. No fnriaar 'D'>t*t;oa wiD be gieaa. tA?BfW.?>Ov l'rlda*, Xo- "imVr O,?rooagf*? i>aof the !b?*?, Ia<> 1-?W*<..*, a,;rd vl y?Bf* ?Mfrtei <U aad tk ?e i.i U<- ?n? y are ? >- jeet?d t#> at Uad ibe .eeral atrei^e. a? f.'i ?t? re# dtoee, so bil ' Broomr ?trr*i, na lUBdai *i j"i o..o, at re o'f ?*??, fits rr ti.a.t* will be lekaa to CbMI'r, Uiacgr aiy far tBteraxal. V'Imbbv Ib W.,l a*6?bor| a" 7r,1*y im>i nf, v? rewiber .4. Aa.i M' ! vbbm, d*i gf.ter of a'r i arl fliii lre?! MrlNeroy agrd 4 year*, 3 iw.e r* ae-i 4 ifaya Tb* friends ot the fi? y are r*spr^tf nlty n* .? I in at vea l the ruee#?l. from ber Ista rea en .1* -tooth TB'rd ?treet . Wtllla?iab< re, oa J nday after u*e at two o'e.cek K>*cmi ? < CJB Tnnraday . Noveaahsr Jtf. Joan m< ; (.r?ria. ui the 4 Let \aa r of bia age H * rrleadt. and tcoae cf bla brother aid brother I* law, aad the Aevesty aiath i*ft*Bett, ? c'tise?'? dreas, are reapactfally Inr.trd to at'.eod the (? iiera., tbi? Mat-ir la?) aftorBooo , at r?c o 'dock, from h'* at* reetdenee. i Mi Kaet Tenth *Veet IIBB -IIB TtiorBd*} ?, Noeernbor 29 *t the resldeo?W of bis aacle. 3M Biwery. W? > >**. *ged 2* year* Hia fr end* are rf|. ?t*d to atwao hi* faaerai at Ma o'clock Ulk (%larday) aurniag HI* end was poaca PartmAki. ? <>b 7b< raday mormBg, Ne?raib?r 2?, very mddeaiy at Mtlford Oibb . K k Par*w*?B, aged M tests. .. . . 11?e fns#TBl will take plae# fn>*B his lata f*aidensa, at WsMvbnry, Uosa , oa Buaday Bai.w -Ob Iridoy, N"?e?bar 30, Jns* Arorwi, *oa of Jolt* and Delia* Kaclne, *g?d I momb* aad < Jay* Tba friend* of the ramHr Bra reapectfmly lae-twt to atlesd the fBaerai, ro tb * ( alo'lay) motnlatr.Bt lea o'nMMik, Imn the re*ld??re K hi* paronta, No kT Nlwt atrrwt. New Terk 9s i? ?On Thmxiar Noeroiber ?. ' It n*t J<. rn ? native of (totnly l ? ? *a. ^ariak oi Kil'eakare aad town# Ilaadof Krinar a. !'? and, agtd t? , ra a . : month an i :? day* The frl Ja of lh? i*..-aod, aad tbotd n' t* .'i.tjtn, I JUft W.5 m , iwfc. ? - ? .. ?T.' , .i" / l,h. v'",j 4 I H-iaAy aftereuue *t ue* o rVw( '? I ?.BJ'J *!?. I - .' 3l t> 1 > | , bmi, Bia T ??? -t k. ' .;?? ' T'-#;. end* of w-n. / ?/ ? . j 4U,, teral. frvco H Pai-i a tbuicii. rtiaia nr. I..- *" JWI. Ei?v <?i :... u- ? ' o'c orr wtt&cnt ! rtii' rf?? <?--> i 0TMB-I -Ol BH'.t.Jit, N<. ? J. , w o t Jerut i ? J i'ewi ??* j. M: t, ? . ? Tin*.:; ?To thin c IF, -'3 T\ . ?'*/ N i >? / t otitujap.lpn , i? ? 'ijti Am * !Wv?: (la'itflll r ? Uk<i Au.eua ii-rr II, agou id > era and m > it.u TV'*-?i>r?i l**c tu f (:'?l .ri'4> , .i i - i two u-l'locA >f/Ui tha w 0 t rr>i r j i ??% -? Hi ?? *r Mi.tu ar?n u F. -iali ill ac'iuji' Ik Ji' ? ai lm iU J lu alt. u.l WAjuiLM<~ln mi* aay, w VFeduealar. 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