Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 3, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 3, 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW' YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 8802 MORNING EDITION-MONDAY, DECEMBER 3, 18tJ0. TRICE TWO CENTS. THE CRISIS OP TUB UNION. HIGHLY IMPORTANT FROM WASHINGTON. TIE COHFEREHCES TEJTERDlT. MO SlUDMS IN REVOLUTION 1RY TIIBl The Prfsidrnt'i Menage to be Referred to a Comnittee of One from Each State. THE PLAN AGREED UPON. Important Amendment to the Consti tution to be Proposed Consultations of Southern and Northern Members. RESIGNATION OF SECRETARY COBB, The South Carolina Delegation in Town. THE EXCITEMENT IN WASBINGrON, *0., Ao. Wi?birctos, Deo. 2, I860. ThucHy is in a atato of excitement preparatory to Ue opauir.g of Ccngreee, ud It baa the additional excite Kent growing out of the momentous qaee ion* resulting trom ifce faction of Lincoln to the Proeldency, and which la agitating our politiaa! fabric from centre ts circumfe rem. The Union to day itacda upon Uie brink of .in abyei Bflorts are being made among cocaervatlre men to earo what they cm by glricgnp South Carolina a< loot beyond peradrentcre for the present. They hope,, by eolemn eoMolutlon ud mntual roibeera-ioo and conciliation, yet to save the other Southern "tatea In wbi:h necesaton la tbc abierbtng thought and ambition. Twenty four hour* will deb.* the probable future of tbe oonntry . The Union men are, to day, although It I* the Sabbath bard at work oonaulllng, deviaiog aa 1 planning A committee may wait upoa tbe President for th. pur^-we of indtcirj him to withhold hit Menage ami; a Wtlon of Union men i? held. Till* la eatecned, la t!gb ctrrlce, a wiae and benifljeat meature. Tbe metaage of the Prealdent will not be aent In till Tneaday. Ita tote will be aa'm and conciliatory. Secretary Cobb reelgne y eater day , bla reaigaatloo to lake t fleet on Wednesday. lUd the plan of .he pro^oaed aettlemei.1 been male known yaaterday, bla reaigna. lion would not tare been Hot la. Ail will probaltly be followed by tbe realgnatloa of 6eorgla Beeator* and Repreeentetwea, aa they cannot, * with any reaaon, adriaa Mr. Cobb to retire fros the axe cutiTa until (hey are re#dy to lea re tbo leglaUtlra branch af the mm (orernmtat Tb^ evening at: lira aaaumed a different aapectand the vigilant eye aaay ate Important movement* beneath tba avrlaca. Taara are among theae memberi thoee wbo do not dee pair or tba Union, who are .determine! if human effcrtr can Beat the cataatropbe that It aball be met. Joan Cochrane baa a proportion which will aettle tba whole matter If al. will rota for It. It la to ra(*r tba portion af tba Maamga teaching aeoeaalon, In bath houaea, with ?at debate, to a oommlttae of one from each State, with I untrue none to report, la the ooarae of thirty daya, an an end meat to tbe cooatitutlon which wlU oorer and letUe all dlfferenoea? the member* of tbe oommlt , lae to be -e.ected by tbe delegation* of the State ropreneatad. If thla propoaition la aoorpted time will be afforded for deliberation, anl a little time for reduction and friendly ooofereaoe will be a great gain. If tooceaafnl la thia the Union will be traar than erer, aa It la tba wlab of all tba leaden of all political oom p . ex lone to oaite la such naanna aa wiu raaaore erary paaalbie ground of dlffionlty. Thla moremeal waa deter ?Ined upon lata to day. A n mber of prominent, noa political, lafloeatla Bout bar a platlera and merchant* or the big heat reepeo tabtty, arr red bare on ratcrday morn lag, Inaocordanoe with a prmtooa arrangement amongat tbamaelrea, and, 1 ib inarmed, called upon the Traaident after which a pnraia cauji.* mee'.tg wa< held in tbe parlor* of the In ion Club Hoaae. on Thirteenth atreet where aa add real waa prepared warmly aadoratng the Preaideat. Tnia iddreaa 1? k i-? j r ated In the for of a petition and aent ta Mead* in all of tbe Southern BUtee, after whi, b they are to be ate'. to tbetr respective representatives In ( oa gress here, wbo will be crgad to aaiutln Hr. Buchanan a*d t Ic Union. Tneae gentlemen, who appear to be qaiet, knaaaamlag, thoagbtfai men, I as told, rapreaeit tiara property to the amount of <4,000,000, which, while Ictheraloa, tbe y be I lore It to be comparatively aa*, ahJa oat of the Ualoa they contend there la ao aafety Aa majority of them left bare for U*ir ; o*t* iaat evening, and hope to ret^ra la a few daya with anmia tafceabia eridc tea of tbe prsdcn'aanee of tb? oooaerratir aadt aMnaea acbtol the Uwulb. Thia m.;ch I am pa . m ited to ccmi.ias.caU to the L'aaain, whoa* oourae aa the great paoiauat-.r wu Merer more MlyfaokaoaleJgel had appreciate 1 than at tbe preacct trying tin*. Reaoictict* from tbo KccaaioaMa may be Introduced at an early i4|9 of Da proceeding*. Mary of 'be l?a<ii*g tttmhar* of tbc & nate ao I tf >.je oT I>prea aui rti bow hare b?re g.ot plaa<f* the art, tie meat of the <ioe?Urt,? of tba da/, and tba pu:' JjtUjs ?f the Pantii ae<i ia? oonatry. Tbe moa. m lortiM aMrrment, It la uaderalord, ortglnatea with 3aj?w* C. 'i. i.ifta and nae or two other roaaerritlre nnn^trr Thalr aaaet plaaa ara not known ladaUiltooaa a clr, bat tba prallviaary oonditloa of them la to bare a aaoria of the Bo ther, member, and ta< a,er tba matter, atate their grl^uMe, ).|aoa them la a tangible .hap, m4k, a wr.tlaa iiipUMf lor their aouiame.t 11 la ta n jwopoe. to caTI a caaona of the Norther* aieaibera, who aball preparr another plan for aa at lob la ooaeti ation af tba mrmantoaa q-iaatlioa at the Booth riaaJ y, to ?"?pare tbe two plan* and aee If a naited e->ia-.-. mi*, plan nan be agned apna that will be aatlafactory to I ha ?anth, particularly to tba cotton aad ei treat! - ou ihern BUtee *be Banth Caroiiaa delefatica are all fceri n*y ba-ra deter-c m. whether they will taka the r aeata. A*I ara BoaMrriaf with ik? nprwoatat raa (f thoooi ion 9 ft e poa I a propriety o' t ch a atep. They will not d?}de I etore tomorrow mora lug. The s ? h ' arollna M?|tU? would prefer that none of tb ? n f ret en a We of the cotton State* should take their a i. ? d either House. They fear ions reasonable oomp nna^m.j be attempted, w blob 1 1 Joel whet ihey do no. w tt Th y do not wlah o secede alone. Tbs leoa oDla a do no talk id y or wildly; tbey ret ain ca m y i nd dispassionately, having la full Tie w the aw'ul ropisibilty they will lncar In sundering the boada of Union. Moat Southerners will a tend ? m etlng for deliberation to-momw evening, wbeo a plan *111 be propoeed which, it is thought, may cave Georgia, Alabama, Ulsanelppl and Florida to the Union. No bope li anticipated about South Carolina, bat It la predicted ahe wl'J want to oome ba. k after tLo baa been six montba alone in the oold. Systematic efforts have been made to oonvoke meet !ri;t, and several conferences have been held between the republican and Southern leader*, and tbere la a strong pro?peot of a satisfactory settlement of tbe dltlloulties on s permanent baita. The democrats or ibe Northwest aro In council. It la reported that Senator Seward will take tbe earliest oppor tunity to introduce in tbe Sena'e a bill restoring tie Mia eouri iiue, ex end log tt to tbe 1'aclilo, and at the Fame time make a strong conservative >pcech. Nearly all tbe members have arrived. Superficially their opinions seemed to be defiant without respect to the extreme to which tbey belong. All seem to bo In the beat of temper and spirits l?raonaliy, though differing widely li rpinion. Senator Douglas Knt for Got. Crittenden today, to confer with bim on tbe policy to be puraued to save the Union, Tilt Sou U era opposition member* will bold ? caucus to morrow night to decide upon what course tbey wll pur ?tie. After this all Southern members will oonfer, in or ii:f to compare notes, and aee If an united South can be broogbt to act together upon tbe grea que* , on. Tee South Am rioacs n Congress will jo for Union, and Mr. L' ullguy. o Louisiana, will mako a Strang speech on tbe subject. Rspcrtt fiom North Carolina, reoelvcd by today's trains, ooncur in sta lng that the secession reeling Is making prodigious strides n that State. At Wilmington yesterday the country people came in town en matte and pioc'almel for accession. U waa a spirited an! sig > meant demons! ration. Tbe riTtiaal or Vermont to repeal that folly and a'jsurdl I ty, the Personal Lib r y bill, Is regarded aa id act of inednM* at tbia crista. No arrea , or flue, or lmprtarw mcnt, has ertr been made ncder that law In any State whire it exists; and Its repeal is one of tbe asaallest boot tbe 3outh cao aak of the North. Tl* L nsoin republicans will not provoke nor follow In any f< iitleai discuaiion In Congress caljuiated to in" use or rrt'atc tey furthe-? tbe Swth Extremists will aaeuredly be igccred by tbe Incoming administration, whoee poll 0}, as increasing signs every day foretell, will be emi nently conservative; and aa republican conduct them relret la this crisis, ao will tbey be considered by Lin cols and his administratis Tbe republicans all appear aax out to attend to bait nesi, and defer all eicltlng discussions till tbe subj et Is I ioperly brought Forward. AU appear very anxious to arrive at a peaceable eolation of the difflultlas. M>me fool lab or lnooosiderate person may attempt to excite dls< ussion prematurely, by offering a reeolutlou that so vereign States bare the right to secede at will, an 1 throw off their allegiance to the raderal government, but I think wiser ooonaela will prevail. Eilra Billy Smith declaim! ifilut d. (union. The crliu la rapidly approaching, tad the Southern member* hold ?>R de&anl aad je' diapaaatonate. Logan, of llllaola, la load for th? Union, tad baa Jurt addreaaed a crowd la front of Browo'a Hulel Tbe city la fllUdwttb rumor* Tbe local population are all advcrae to dlauatoo, aad mingle with Iba aaaaaa ta avowing atrocg lalon aeaiimenta. Among I be Drat buFlnen of ibe aeaaton will ta ibe In troduction la tbe Senate, by Senator Douglaa, of a bill making it a pen*l oflenoe to obatroot failed dateo offi cers la eiecutlng the Fugitive 9a re law. , Tie run ? of J xea T. Soulier, P<eat lea'. of iba Riok of Ibe Republic, Niw York, baa b?en aug{ I ed by ? eve ral Southoro men, aa a autiabla man to auocoed Mr Cobb aa Secretary of iba Treaanry. It la r pored iba' tbe Hon Thorn aa Oorwo baa bought -he luUlUftnotr, aad t*at it will be Llaiola'a oriaa. The o'd wb!( parly l( aot dead, bat baa beea alerptng Senaltt* Reward, VTllaoa, Wade aad Sumner are raatraln leg thtir fellowera by every meaaa la their power. Tb<re * ill be no bull) lag or brajadocto, from preaeot ap artcer, on either tide, bat tbe deliberation* will be aim 10.' ao'.cmn until the en ? li ob tatted 10 ? T M The meeting 01 tbe Korthweatera densurrata K aot yet <vatlu<iel. It all.' aot arrive at any reial. before morn tag. The ten timet t la to keep aloof If ibe dir.atu? of the Stalaa occur I/tnalaua may ko with tbe great Nartb ? tat, aid keep the ntGUb* of the Mita.ttli-pl open 10 the Wretern trade rcatifcl effort* tra being mala la high luarUri to . r.eel an ad. i t Nothing r-?ltlv?ty definite eta be rata a tall! C~n.'r?u laaembio*. The PraMdet. i attested church to day. A1P FOR SOUTH CAROLINA. (.ajaiapT m, Dec. a, 1W0. i.nvrraor <ilat en* received a letter Ir >a M*jir t?e, ri mmaaJirg tbe Baltimore Vat naa' V I' inert, a I'gfct hot** regiment, thirteen hundred atrorg, taylag tr?t the rgtmont baa nianlanualy renotved to tspport, wrb their Uvea, any Cute or 8.?u>? la aeoeetlon rro.n tbla aeiurated Im?v? ac i tendering tbetr aarvloee to tbe evc4i of co;r ataa Oac r ? > > nf virT"nely la going on f<v ibe rhotae ?{ e? l*cataa t o tbe Cue ve it Ion All however *uc 1 opn ?ae platform, and the rttult will b? tbe nae wb ever it ?M4t?d fHE BANK fcUSrFNSIONS LEGALIZED IN oeoigia. ?tLL>r?.iiTiita, Par 1, iw Tbe Bvrk bill astbnr'.aaa the aaaprnaona of apt** pty menu , mine* eg al the tuapeniiea of pa> rot alt o' debt* till l?ce tuber, 1V41. Aroi Oft, Dec 1. 1*00 It la nnderatood la bank circlet that all Me baik* are to tutpen 1 Mtacaj THE COHVENTIOS BILL PASSED IN ri.OBlDA. TtiutatM, Dec 1,1140. The narUa I la later* unaalmoualy paaaed the Oa vanlton bill. It m^el* on iho S ? 0* January INTERESTING FROM CHARLESTON. (?arm to*, D-e. 1, 1M0 A Wathlngtoa apeclal deapa c? to the Oruritr. aaml official ta tone, a ya bat thi fr-a deni bopen South Ctro Una will apprecia'e the delicacy ..f bu p?llM, aad aot f mptl L m K aK f?r?* h; u.? c?UoolJVfi ol U.? mux. The President will Butlntaln Um lews, ooUeot the nwm ud protect Um public property. FROM VIRGINIA. Bicnuosro, Vn , Deo. 1, 1800. The Governor w Hi decline Um request or Um clergy men to appoint e day of testing ud prayer. SECESSION MEETING AT MOBILE. Mohils, Deo. 1, 1800. A Urge and enthusiastic secession meeting was held to night, at which delegates were nominated to the cute Convention. GOVERNOR HOUSTON DECLINES TO CON VENE THE TEXAS LEG ISLA TUBE. New Oilsuis, Dec. 1, 1160. A committee of citizens of Texas petitioned Governor Hocitoo to oonvene the Legislature. The Governor re sponded that viewing the proposed measure as an wise ne coaldn't call the Legi lature, bat lr a maj >rlty of the citi zens of the State petitioned for It, he ooaldn't stand In the way. The seoeesion reeling strongly predomtnatee HON. JAMES GCTHB1E ON THE ST ATI: OP THE COUNTRY". fn the 10th alt a Urge mooting was held in Loatcvllle, Kj , at which Mr Guthrie spoke as follows:? Fellow Citixrkh ? We have been called here '.o take Into consideration ine alarming coudltiou of our country, Norih and riouth. Now, for the Ural tlm? In tti ) uistar y of America, ba? a political panij arisen ? a juu'o that .a strlkUg down Ike tarlanes of tb' ilrst men and depriving the laborer of his wages. No oousideertion ol tbe onarac Ur of the individual presiding over this meeting sht)<il<l weigh lo tbe mom en In ua qusetlon we nave mat to dtacuas and onnioit upon. The tlestlon of a soctioual I ut by a sectional pnrty or one aootiou of our oountry was not the great grievance of which we bave to cam^aln It was tbe organization of a aectlonal party at ibo Nona ua frlctdl; to tbo metituiloi s Hud :ntere?te of tbe South. But what is tbe electlrn < T a sectional President eltb an antagonistic Senate ard House of Representatives f Be lainot appoint an officer without the "auction of one, oar recrlve an appreciation of public moneys except through the otber, and by tneir coueent. Should tbe election of a sectional President stultify tbe progress ot a country like ours, a country whess progress la with ont a para lit 1 in history t Wltb tbo election of a single man, wbat have we to Tear - (A voloe, " I very tiling ") 1 say we have a p real deal to few if we tall to do our duty. But we havo notbltg to fear if -,o are trua to ojrse' ??? and to our oountry, if wo sre actuated by the same seiitl ments tbat (Iliad the brnasts of onr revolutionary si e? We have a strong minority oi Trends in tbo free H'tes? an array ot s;ni^atbize;s and a'llee, whu ba" gallantly fought our batt'es, sad now staed I j tbo breach wl'.h us. While we denounoe the aggreaaions of tbe North, la tbe South notbiiig to blan.< ? Are our skirts Iree from tbe causcs cf this impending calamity Has tbe So< tb prtented an uuirokec front with h?r Northern all es lo the enemies? Have we allowed Ine on gervalive p-op v to rally to tbe supoort or a c la ser rati ve rr*D'r Wc bave much to ienr It dlv.led, bnt ncihtcg to dread IT we are uni til Here oo tbi ecu lb side ol the Ohio, a middle Mate, witb the free Steles on tbe oue side, and tbo .-'into upon tne finer, wbslbavewe to gam out of tbo Union, aud shall wo be driven or forced Into SDtagoniem with either --jciion? We eetnrsHy take sides wiih those whoa* interests are ldtntnal witb our own, bat we wbl not Qgbt the battles of South Carolina while she ig ssfu at none In bod. (Caeers ) When ws api?al to th;.ee border States. Indl aia, llimots an<: Pcnnsylvan's, shall we say tney will sot lis'.tn, tbit they will not rouse up, and tbe coiservative spirit tally and s.xy to 'nl>oi?m Smth. and abolitloelsm North, "withdraw your unoonetllu t mi Hi acts, we will work for you with heart and eool; 1 ard tbe remedy lor tuete evils Is within and not out or tbe I'slcn " Sba'l tbat glorious eeveeent or our lioertlee, tbe oonatilution, be abandoned at the Aral alarm? Llo oolii was elected according to the constitutional forms by a rtclionai minority, i . ,?? they were united and we were divided, and shall we then pulldoeo tb is glorious la brief Kather let us say to tbe N?rlb."lt3traoe your etepe;" and to tbe South, "Slay four Band . the remedy tor your grievacoea is in and not oat of the Colon " The only man of tbe Resolution who was ue'attblul was from the North. Benedict Arnold rsats under tbe snors of tbe world as a traitor to his ooualry. The g'eaieet A pa triots? (.forgo Waablnf X'i? was from the South ir there ere going to be traitor* to liberty, let tbem be from the North, let as stand by tue precepts or Wsebtngtoc and b? noble c >mpati lots, and reb-ikc section vlism Bat let us be calm, temperate acd d'tere X in action. It t not this giorlons catiui, tbai, In lu infancy, wltb but i 3,010 ICO peopk, bearded the British II jd , be divided in its grcntneee, with r;0 000,000 people; and let ue sot be alarmed an 1 fly, betaun- ?f th> election ol a sectioual Kresldaat, lrotn tke oonsiilntioc uaoer which we bave : been prosperous and bappy HewneO'e dooirmn of j the ?Mrrepreeeible oenDict," a btttle between two S) stems c[ labor, was tallaoious There was no system of labor so well adapted to the , South as oars, end ibel argument against slavery uMnot Stnnd. Trie coasti'utlon defined UM r%MB Sf MlS 11 lid net m?aa that you should levade \ oar neighbor's privilege- and rigbU ."urli was cot lis language or .n tent, li the North will mind lis own ousioeae and tbe South attend to Its own coooerae, we ot tbe middle Hlaiee, we will make an appeal, and rme ?.p and stand between them, and lave tbe >ws reepts ue, and we say to oar Southern brethren, let tbere be no ill b!o<>i. stay your bands, ws bave a great slake in this I nton and ibis oon etilulion We bave marebed t ?> Iber under the StnrS and rtripee.the Sag of I sloe, aud we will ever aaaroli neiler one flag To the MBOartlg "f ^atee, and war, nad I mi.rdenng,a d | lunaer:ng of ta .b K'.her. is the faast M are lnvitad to? no we ear to th<* North, MM j m$ su*ps arise, Mi men of oonsermtiam. iin i [ it d >wn fat. at em North and South. Wbat we do let us du calm y, ?.? . ly. I and dellberattl} , and let our action be harmonious snd consistent. SENATOR MASON ON THE CRISIS. !*vi ma, Frederick Uo , Vb , Not 23 1SW mnninii ma* nag Peak PlS? I reeeirad, b? tbe laat mall only, yoar let Mr of the IMI nataot. mil at on<-<> rap'y You wk for my opto lots ?m the condition of i#f oi.aitry , acd mora eapccial'y la t>|lrd to U>r expedloacy nf tbe fall of b Ooorebtlon of tb* people oi Virginia, to e ?ai ler what II way bfom' tb< Jui? k> do, la the crleie wbioh la upoa as. ted ulibi view In ibo.r publication Wblht ulaeclne J at all time* l > volunteer my opl nloce, 1 liar* not tbc iltgbWal it nap-wHinc Vo ft prim tr>< m <abtc tbey bra aaked fcmld you th uk tuwnwor thy of pabltoalloa Ik* act ia ?<>ur? I bar* obeerred, with (real abl'.afaetloa, that tb ; Gorrraor baa eatied tbe IxctklaWara to meet at an early ' ("ay , ?td. Itetfj tmpreiwed wt?b tbe di- >r4<-ra>l oobUI tioo or tbe country, from cauaca far bcyoad tba reach of legialatton, bar* late* It for granted, tbe'.r IntaA will be to order eleoUoti* fl?r a geaeraJ Goareoltaa of tbe Stele Tte qor'tiooe now fcrord apow tbe eooatry are rllal : In th? Ir eoluimo to U.e peace, the booor aad Uu? aafoty i I f the Southi ro State* Tlrf Ibtb, vihetl.rr n T trrilory, I la |?>pulatioo, or 1b puaiuoo, certainly takea ao lafartar | raak lb Ike South; aad It la of tbe iatt mi ixtuor to ' her, aj It la to item. Ibat the mtlarod aeoae of bar pe-'pie I abould be eiprcaaed ia deliberation ou tbaae grare quae DM, an ' if aeoaaaary, carried lato eiesultoo . Id the aolrmti forma of ber aorertlgb authority All ttiat baa happened. aad roucb Uiat b m yet to tnm?, waa roreaeea ami prt-dleted liy tb<?e not rlalaibi In be viae beyoo 1 tbeir t aerratlo-l . aa tbe legitimate and In reliable fruit# nf the tacndanry nf the aboiiltoo parly in tbe Nortb H>w coald It be other mm' Tbe election j at over baa eatabllabed la tb* real* r>f federal authority, ant by overwhelm log tnai ir ttiea la tba i-oo aia eboJu.* ftatea, a great pii'tlnal MW, whae open aad avowed atiaatoa la to break op v" dratr y taterrote in properly act la ao tiHy, aad ia all tbe ilaTetofcii&f -tale*, which. when ef fected. front re i uc tbe r and* I" )<?< rta and tbrowtbatr paopic- aa octraata npue lk? world The pablta rotce or dan. irg tbl* atruetoua wrong oo&ea from b people wbi bare i.o r*rt or lot In lie great lotereat an reckluaaly aa rared, f"if tt wiH r*ai d a* nrroortfed rati that hot a ilnglr t iect? ra. rote will be caat ia anpp<,rt of tht* power la aey 6ia>r a I ere tt. ? Inteutt perta.L* *to rfoea noi *? ar-i 'eel then tfc\t when tba ?tetr? it tbe i1 nth are anbtrcttil to th.k dorr, ri ion they will b* brougti aga'tal thair w.'.i aadar a gorerttmeni n wbtcb tbey are tot pattira, aod orer which toey bnid ant tha kligbuat cteck Tbia ik a>t to" for.u of gov err.rrtnt wbicb onr an^ekV- k gar* oa, ror '? It a g"v>rnn*?,| wbtnti m?r people will endure Tbe !? ^le oi U1* Nortb la lb ik a-t,ag I ?r? ae.varat d tb' rra?lT?? fnwb ti - people of tbe -'rath, aivl th'' if>T*m ?m I Vh&f Ik* ltbbfOIS'-a will be In ok tb* gorerumeut U%''T- fb power W* ahaii *tan< Ui *oeh power aa Italy i Au<i, t. and i'olatiil to Kaeaia. It will bt "?* IWbple I' rrrr ?<i by aiMiiher i' wle Who c%n w wter, tb' j, at ti e wart' r g . i.ntk wa'eb r-ee erowdr ! before oa klt>:e ire aiitl few< ral aek of thle V?>rlhern e'*otf>nt What ??< r<e* jaMrMay bat la dljt ("ataaoe Ik the rtalUt >?: to iay *??' tnat whl'L l? luokel to but a* a |? ? bablllty tn .'ay heconx* the a^ro fa^i of In morrow. <lar |*?t'l? ?? lib v?tb are IM?IMr?)t, brare ar I aeaat t re Mhei a hc*l le ? .i. la ral*. l agamat Iboiu they do ?? I ws t for u e b ow. but ruth at owre v? dioahle t>te al reraaey Aad tb'* la what they are mw doing IM ra re- u-w *?ette, aad tbea ?e a.ay thabetlee na deratatii ?hat may i**Toira <* Vtrglata la the pol:t:raJ ?? get i !?? nf tbe t!ti.*? U' < k?.t1 n o' Preaidesl la ma :*, atid bol> '?* r*i*atok hut * ra a'ly toeaat aa t tbea to ur^t t tie aibctarai ft te. Tb< ?ea->- tbcae aba ballere? and I am one of tnam -ibat lo ka'i-tjr rina tJ tn the Bwnhern r'tate* aa J Ihi.r |ffO pie but aeeh ti >ba 1 be rtbdl Jtl< ' br a rtern o ir p ?e W ?r I t rng< rlloo Tbe errtt that g* k thM h -f ? ant tbn altct! not tl?e man. It la H? aD>*?"i| of tha power H whir d h* la th* mieieurr. Tber det^rmiee tba polllioaMote lioaa nf tbtl powar. ant by ita , irty plat f' rn, (groe* aad Iran ting tbnagb It ba). n r by tha thraata aad taoata of lia loaniert heitesaala or ita de?orai'*ed praaa Tbey datenBia* it *?/ tha aptrll of tba Northern mind ayleoed by an ''bdarata tenacity of pmpoae, through erary rlaiar t jd? of politi cal fortune By tbe utatolea nf tha Northern Male*, paaatd aa wall la r total ion of bll bnworabla raltb aa of bigheat orratttollotial nbilgatkr parmlytlag tb* law* of O r grr ta aula In p'tranaoce uf Ibe onrrtitutlni tn protect tb* pror>*rt? of Sontbarn people By Ik* en rmra^tmast acil aepport (Irak at the North to ennrplraciea and coo ap ratora within their bordera, aga "!?t tba Urea aad pro perty of the people of tbe Pnnth. anl by toe r refuaa: or failure to paaa law* for the matkhmebt o* aoah afleadern, or fcr pra^aatlaa of tb* Ilk* la favar*. H y the o,ieo r*. oowi mr a d attea of Ihelr Haoalork and rejw< ?i<uuin I rf publication* leaned at tb* North f ,t -irru latloo at the !?ot>ih. dealgaa>l, by fa t\ and na t luaitoaa cfchrgaa, Wo fumaai difiauak aatubgtt our people, and t> Incite ibo servile class V) In eorreollon ltd rapine By the (taction glv n to s loh >n human and cruel conduct by onnstituenla al the North, Id reluiolrg such representatives back to the lateral oouu c la. And, If moro were wanting, by that flud aol ft tied policy, mads tbe oorter atone of the (Dooming ad ministration (to which there Is no party sicopilon at the North), which refuses lo the people at the South a cjh nion right with the people al tho North in the oomioon territories of the confederacy Such are aome of the rear?na which, T believe, have ?at laded thoae ol whom I apeak, which certainly have j oonvinoed me lhal the Southern people mus now look to i thulr own State authorities at<l to thorn onli , for their safety In the future. Whether In the form of other and higher tecuritles In the present oonfederaoy , or m a aew , ooofeUeracy, the injured Stales moat determine la con Teation. , Indeed, In tho progress of event* so far the Held of de . liberation may be narrowed. One State has already made 1 her election to abandon the confederation. I think a? South CaiollLa, we may safely a'sume that at a fac*, and ! with which the fiturc baa nothing more to do than to ea tabllah it is ntaiiry. As to throe other Slates, and most I probably loui , there Is overy reason to behove tbey are prepaied also to secede as soon as the acts of separation can be rcduced to form. What may be the sense of other States In tblr great cr'xls (for groat it certainly ' ), as o the proper meatures to be aiopted for their safety, I will net venture u anticipate. But the looesslon of olo ita'.e Is a disruption of the Union Whether, ia U. opinion of other Stilus, the has deUru n<d v. sely or unaisely, the State is to be th? arbiter cf her oaa act, her destiny la in her < on, under suutnlasion alone ; to the Supreme Kuler of Hit universe. To reaiton otaer ' wse tt to treat a State of tho onfodeeary no' as n - nt I II o too'ece-aits, but at an integral p?rt of a consol i?t < eJ Ltcpirf . 1'i.riutiiUsiy for the obelus! <a ud its ooat e i qnitiecs this tt nut aa "ixn question lu V ',{lnta. Our iioti"t< d State has ever maintained thai our fo 1 jral ?)tl. in wet a oootederatiou of loveail a powers, no* a 1 ortolicatlon of States Into one peool e; and aa a oonte querce, wherever a Slat" oonsMered tbecompMt b-ikej. at d In a mariner to endar/xr her safety, ajch ttiie I tlooa iimtttod, ?ti in tovereotri r Igti ' 'o determine for i tvrreir. at.'t under no respinriblllty , ??ve to tho opiu on cf l*t>clTi):ted world, bolti the modj ?ud mens-re jf ro I drtss. Thu duruptios cf the federal L'ulon, ihut imminent, Of, I thoa'd mors prjpeily tay, actual, is a great and preg cant event, and In oonailertnp, thorefoie, how It m?y b, c mi the Convention of Virginia to act, wo mint loos to that event as a material If nut a conn oiling olaaieat ... its deliberating In the tlrst place, it tray,am m t probably will, force 'ipon tho federal governaawt the tvlUea.sat bilwuen II and the sovoral Staus. or ttn qtea lit.n ot lbs right of srtosalcB. If that r>blu .s denkJ, a new and paran. ionl issue will be toado brtuwn tho S ut k atd Ihe ftdir <l j^wer, v jlcb will bo presented to ; th- Virginia votven! i n la limine Oae thin* Is vory c'uii ? trgikfa (no ro. , e thin aay o'.her Soathern S'.ak) wlUnot jo i<a*?u to, should any attempt bo ma le, i? y fjret, to ot.. e r.'i n isoedlng fine or titaici to suej o; i >a In the neit place, It is to my re Bd equally clear, ebould o< c ol lie States teparate from the DlHS on mis slav ry q .v ilon, tfce dliroi'tii* wl'J MoeMai ly jnf-y with It t ie hke lepaiaMsa of al< those g'svo'ioldlo* States MM desuay Ills tocttlni. tuih; unless, r a relurnlag I 'f nl light a. d Justus in the V.,r n-ro In'ud, all in .) r. i a n ob ?ecurltn-? !br the fulurr is viii onul>H?h tl. a treat aortal mteieit tu the eiclasivu i-tiarge o. tu<xe to It pertnuis I In.-, vf. 'iredtho' though with .fe", rr J d (Cleov, to ok lo ward to what Virgtuia may b j eali^l ou to oon liJer aa4 dtternniio m i?K?fd Im tno grtvt; Ujuei lor^cJ fci cowLieia by etcm? lo progress T*a atgnitada oi the neeaaion may be well fdiuuted by itio ran aituds of those events. HUle lillows Sta'e inti uotiv?Btl<>a, to deliberate oi the cecetitly of breaking up a governm< at, whicn thny believe ha- l?v e ' w.r ?{ the aistntul lulertsl and dearosl rl|<^is of tbelr ]<opie. The Southern statos, happen what may, have never bun the a^gr?st.irs lo ibis l^aii|e,unaMrat oaks; In ?ba?. Ut?.y havedoon, or what may ji t tcicatn lot to do, they are pr^paMd to DMt all He ot nst<t jcdcs. t nere can Le no ?!-vi ' or btfltancy , ther> f ire, l.i my mind, aa to tiie e mtio of Ytr g nla the only authority o mpeloui. to the occasion, an 1 H ebonld be assemble i al tho earl eft Cay piacticable In coneluatOH 1 will only add that the crisis, whlob for unboin pestertty, wit1 Oi the delimits of ibe South, is apon us, a it iraa'. b< MsMf nut, eerlalnif with ca'di ? li. pru .snt ilncn tion and all sob.-'.ciy of l'li'gnw i ?. , but wlUt an obdurate purpose to e*ta'ill?ii the just r'|n;i ot our ptoi le, and to > leld nothing that ,?ert?a? to Vir ? a aa a tree aitJ sovereign Staie Very ro<<,iec.fui./, yours, J. M Ma*)N' lBt*rMtii| front Japaa. A* viduiuaI lateral a fell la regard to iba ,>ruc <ct of UiBMin with Japan, and Ibj Imprcailon made .j tUal oositey b y IU late Kabaiiy hiro, we are gratified U lb. opportunity o* publlab'ng lbs autoload 4m ilcka oa l rubjKla from Mr. Harra, the Ua.Md 3iatea M mi lar il Je Wo, to tbe Secretary of Saw ? UK. ii AHK1 TO THB IBCRKT iBY OF NT ATB Lauanox or ma I'mitid +r in. t J*ni?>, .luly 11, lNao. ) ft*? Oiir treaty ?IU< thin country vest lltuMkMM the 4th o July of laat year, yet u MM fea aaid lha< much commercial bualntaa waa traaiasted before iba ni 'Dib ofdapltmber laat, ao lhal the actual Iraoiaolloa* ar- c-'inprlMd wllnio a MM ? I ?!>? <)t too m nli ? tbo amount of exportable arlmiei brought f >r aaie haa far < xoeoded my expectation*. and alu.'iugb I bare n ? ofllclal itatemeataon vblcb to baae hit optalia, ail la , therefore, oompaiied to taae eeo*ada'y information ?< I < li t a<frefale of tbe esport iraic of Ihtd e mnlry Jur, g ine ptrtod narand above I believe mat I am quit? w.lbtu Ibe amount when 1 atal itt* total W) be S re m >n* oi MM Tbe principal art kc lea exported were ?Raw auk, 3 000 bale*. >oa, It 000 cheeta; vegetable was and oil to lite value Of half a million, an1 man.', -turea of 111* , oc n-r and laeqwred MTV; ouMlderabie (M t'e* of t >.a. ? ? paper, camphor, ttour, peaa, bcane. e tib.e ?? weed, aln glati, Becbe le mcr, aad dued oytten aad!' U, with liinom other art iclaa, bare been tbtpped for tbe Cb na mark eta. Four vetaeii wlih oargoce bare cleared for pjria to ihe 1'alied ?tati? but thta ooly reprtaeata a portion of IM A in > r loan iiiteieet. In thla cointry, aa a lar*- a-aoonl of Armrlcan capital aad teenage Qndu a pr iflla . e employ u.cot in Ibe trade wllb Cblaa. and at Kao*/??a Ameri can ctiaaai form more tlan a moiet> of the 1 vii^n pops lalloa. The production of ttlk and tea can no doubt bo largely Increaaod, a a Ibe Japaueee admit that ibey bam do', here tofore reeled all the cooooa- prodnoed, or picked ali the tea grows. TU** bare already learnt the manner of pre pari>K tea lor a >-*a voyage, and 1 aa o' optaion ibal, I wnbln a lew jeer*, Ibe cholocal veaakaoarn In Iba 1 sited Htatea will be of Japaatna production, a* naay of Iba *orta are *tiL*.rlor te any jf t>io loaa ol Cblaa. Bui i.iUe baa btea done at j at with impora, ?a I the eatali lahaacxi of aa citatdtd tr?l? malt, of nocteelly, I be ihewoik of time To a certain extent new wanw 1 moat be created amoog Iba maaaea, aa-i , what la of equal laportaaoe. they muat dlaaorrr that tbe labor now ex pead* ' b / tboai la prodootag a glrea artlole rUi, when dlrac. J to aaolher employment, prolaoe la ax-baafe either mora tbaa Ibey new obtala, or aa article that a pioferab a to Ui( r owa. AtUMloa baa baoa dlrec'ad to tbe pmcurlof cooda of length*, width*, nolora and patterrt mn-d to .'?;??aeaa taale thla la au oi [orlaat atep la tbe right dlrooM >n; for Amerlo.n manufaotorea, I aa of opinion that 100 heavy cottoaa kaown is coawme aa drUla, )*ana, abte.tag and MltrtlBfa will b* Ihe earll??l la denant. A oar< tal re rsew of tbe commercial operation* for the taut leo m<?lha abow* a aatlaia -t^ry malt a 1 if an ordlcar'. lrgr <? of prs lenca la dealing wltb the J?: aneaa la tbatrtid by tbe f4>ral|Dera who c<ae to this eoaatrjr, It cannot I* dtnbted that a :a rr. aau tK'aoSc'x: Inter ct'urae ean be aecurely caab.labe j o Jai \a, an I but a taw ytari w i.l bo required U? at< ro ao dctinlt.e a ra lull. 1 have tbe booor to hi'.*?rT r.r-x tfell, , your obedtaat isrvant, tiVMI^U l<tUI& lu tbe II *oiebi? lawia Caaa, Sacr?iary oi ttlaw, Waah l aft la MB. llAHNta TO MK. GAS8. Ijwjiti'm os v ia Caittn a?m , i ad(??i la ia< J > M* ? ha~ e t <? hor.or to a> ? . . taie wpt of your aaepa^cS, No 10, dated May 11 la wh .'i y fjrea me of t' <? arrival of Ute J?paae?. rabar-y at A i... ng ton, and that Itwaa rocolvad by the I'raai i utoni:. ii.h of tbe rim m ?lli ? ir- iait herawtth, auMart 1 1 , a >fy of a irttor ii dr'er' by ma to tha . tpanaae M'ni?'e'? for F faira. Mwuarlag the arrival of the K-nbaw ' a 1 1 1 re oei tr ?< y tb" "nr'dert, aad a*ao ???* hl( tu ^ iar i atllcalaia d rceud by yoti. p am f> hive aa an Vint of hta M?J ??ty !.?* t ? ? n on tf' 10th iniun", and I iha'! in my aar- ?? r> ' r t i tao hoaoraMa acd fru ndly r? 'pti'in <i"n t < ico rii>reoi jta t, e o hi* M?,, ?ty le tba raited -tafe -e *ierrl#an hart Hary lo '?a aal'fd b'm Kv "?wa t*i lb' ?tb lr atari, with a rarao ra ' ~l ?i arv< ?> h i *.?! louaaaud dollar* (klbO MM). I aot.' i thu> r.i it ail >rae a I kaali | evldenr. r, npixiri of tbe view* i bad t> honor |o ciprria ir ?n? dieiwtch No W.4atrd July i I, oa tbe pT'irvt of tra '* In tha maoiry row.* n ? n h:i: ? To the H?aora'?U r a** (? -, "< rttary of Hate, ftaah iBgtoa. Lkitdik nr t?* i ?iv?-. Sittm, ) JB imi, Aig> 't 10. IMJ. I I ha** ti? 'rform yonr t fr?lle> niea fat toar FabaatT ar-ited at UN city of Waali.tgloa on tb? 14. b of May, aad 'b>.t it had tbe t -aor of ben g received ?>y u, ? I real dru or, the 15tb M the lama rr.r.nth. when Ih-'V pr^? it<'<l heir >tler* <4 ??rfdenep from ha ha, aty the "f a. T mi d treated to ex->r?e? to yon trw M*ef/i ti n fe'i by Biy t.iveriimeet at ll>? arrival of the Ftnba>n , ac . t in fura >"0 that ev^ry attention *M klrdneM <rlll n? M ma I t* p ' niS#ra. who w|l? ba lavll'd v ? ?n variom -i?rta of the c nttj . and a haa they ilealrate re'urn th'j- WIU be br> ugbt bach to Japaa by ahlf'T of tha Uaited jlatea MM Vau are requeitrd U> emr'r te fc'a ??ty tbe Ty ^ toa th- of the eatlafa-'ttoa felt by the Prealdart of I the I r 'tel >"atet at tha arrival the * uh<-?y, ao i hia I r nleetaert it Ibe l:"tH>rable deportment of tbi? aa'tta rador> aho have made tbeirxlvr* acceptable wharerer they f i" Ixen. Tbe i real. lent Ci nfl l'ntlv expecla that th ^ ir m nnwlll aerve tr> atranrthei ? ^or.da Of aalty *r.w kip; liy (xtitleg N-tweea tbe two aattoaa I crai'atalate your Wioellencler na the afreabla Intel 1 ?ai>* I ka-r o'.w ibe f>otiLr lb Mac jn-ale ti ran, ai.d I aituie taa thai II glvea aa vary great ptr-aa ira w> be ar.ahtad to a<idreaa |oa on ao plaaeunt a a?ibM>ct *talad With r re peel aad roorteav, TdWNskUl BARMS. A iriieeojiy, p Rir m ?* T" i ? !r leaitlea Wak vaka N III *naanr Tay>, An1 "? ?'maBcOMB', M ifte-l '? 7 re'gi, ? THE CHARTER ELECTION. Ttkm Politicians on Sand* jr -Th? Condi tion ?r tin* bight in lit* ihlid, Viftb, ItTMU and KltUlBUt Aldermmlc Uta ttlcii-Tbc Candidate* In tl>? Eighth Jndlcial District? Conncllwanlc , nd School Ulllctr Correction, &c. The local political field itlll presents a soeno of general blaster. The mat aging politicians did not observe duriog yesterday the c immaudmeat, "Kemembiir tho Sabbath day to keep 1 noly," but ooiitlnued their pipe | laying sud marshalling th?lr forces with at much bold ness and energy as though tt wus any other day b it Sunday. The politicians trim one end o Uie oily ta the other, from the Battery to Manhaitauvllle were busy with their preparation for the struggle to morrow, aod wire to be teeu codgtng about with tho air of Importance of generals spun the ere of an Im portant battle, and with a sensitive aniWty, stationing their sentinels at tho outputs, and tending their iplcs to the cam, s of the enemy to watch their movements, for the purpose of aaoertalntng their wtakett point, that their gucs might be directed 1a the quarter, In toje? of doing valiant service in thulr csuse. Tt? AMermaulc contest li probably thi m >si s.oou ously walchcd or any other, and Is almost hourly pre senting now ombinatlons. Tbe l>etter class oT our citizens are paying no attcnt'oa to party lines, ami are selecting from the list of n^m>s thoaa who present the most favor able features to bring ab>ut a reform at the City Hall. la tome .ocallties we hear of democrats that sr? going to vote for Uiu rtjubltctn can liu? e, otheis tu repabltoina uecUriug that tbey will vote [or tho democratic nomtaoes, not t>* Burt tbey are democrat! or republicans, but for tho s a .ie xaicii that their record furuisiius the boat *ui. ai t e ,( honest) in office. In tho Tht.d district, t >r lu ?Utc?, Ca: tain llyrnes draws t> h'fc su^-orl many d;ta? o ats, auu In tho Fifteenth Fiommt 1a endorse! b> re pub doat ? lae latter tiah atao rec.nvei the eulgr>. m. t of such mn in bn district ut Dr. J 0 Cbeetmiui , Jjtb i% J. Berry, William B Daman, J. J. as tor. 3. T Bmlow, Andrew V, Stoat, J*o>b Vaudeipoil, H d. woudlngton and other l.vp rlan. u'tlims or tUit stamp residing tn the 1 fueath Allermtul) dlilriot la the Fifth district several cwnii i .t?? havo bioj with drav. i), but ito Japanese candidates still remain la liif field. In uur recent noti x? of candidates for Alderman I : honors :n this dlitrict, we Inudvert.ntty ma:!o dA ? very c. ujMmentary al i.?lou to Uuioocl Win. H too I'nion candidate Mr. i)r?.?r is a ;,*U#m?a eugarf. i . . mtrcautiio b<tilO' *>, and Is a man of ftojJ edu^t.lou *i < fair talents, ud Is tal i to oe something of a piblic s, take r / s li.s lecord la bt Iter than tdlUr j' tbo . .u>-r candhlatck tn the ('.itiicl, no w 111 be a f candi date He Is a member of the N< w Ymk City Ooard and t feu mon'br sgo Ihilorgaii'zttlon ri'creuted hiru will) a va.natile UBtimonla! as an a;knowle<lgea>enl of hit ??. vie s ana ability. We gave j uterday toe name of Samm-: J. M utgcu.ery as on< of the oaMtdaus lu tbli distr.ol, we Ua>e since aac;rtalu< d that bo has witbd awn. la referring to tbe nominations of tho ftpabiiaaas In our rooent Aldermtnlc sketch, we stated that It sppt-arol t>T thr record that tbe republican nominee in the3evtath Airftrmanle itstrlct (Mr. Dacl.l Darroir) bal vot:d fjr l.'?? 's Yctker 's railroad ichsme, and that he comme'. !od blmM If to the people who In lieved In that kind of leg's ti n Smoe that artlcie appeared, the pblloaupser of me Tribune bis been rcgsged tn an eflort to whitewash this act of Mr. L>*rro?, and to gtv? him the hue and Oder of purity They allege, In tbe first plaae, that the mlutittf of tbe Board of Aldermen ar* iucorrect, a ttoa^s Mr. l>. was never kno*a ij tnake any such prctoocc until aow nearly a year kIloc tbe record was male publio U is sow said thai, although be was present at the time that this n e wss \oted apoa, yet not having mil > ! up Lis mind a a to Its tarrits, he did not vote at all np)n It, anc this Bolwlthstanting the fact that the pmjocl bat ik eu |*i 'log before tho B ard several weed, and ha t bten t oiverial'/ ( mnuaUd uj jn and deaouict.d by tbe pa ii>r prrra Ibe a object nt pre**nl?d to the Board o Coutcilmen ub October 30, b y Councilman V?u Tla?-, and km not ecltU upou until lb* 7. h day of Daocsabur, at whlcb lime It puted botb brancbea or tbe Com bod Council, ii 1 Mr. Ilafrow'. name la roourdej in the o3l. nl r*C' rd m having voted lor II. lie must bare kn >*a, a everj body el*e did, tb?t II wm ? propoeillcMi lo $!?<? i*i) * railroad, a-.d il be w*? nit puparei, oa tU- mo m<nt, to vote againil It, U Id our iu lament a* bad M I he had voted for It. Iiul lb* re Is a claaa f municipal leglalaton which ocm<* under Ibe heel of "Job*," aui mbrftOti a variety of mtMurei. to< npi tliem ll the forty question, end we flni In all of thoe* thai, In Ibe iai.goaga of the City Ball, Mr. Harrow wai "asuni" a nt i ver eucl. project* were up. The official n iorU (bows Hiet oa tbe llih t.f Jaly be voted for four *ep*-el* reenle tic i x lb favor (tbe lalon Ferry C upany, end oa tbe lblb of October to cat off tbe lea ? of tbe Williamsburg ferrlea lo favor tbe Caion ferry SMiaftpol) ll this raoord eaita the republicana of that dlatrkct, th*} will, u a rukl ter of oouree, vote for him. 8. 1'. Munaoa. of Iba Ninth dlatrlrt, wa unleratand, ? a lockimllb inetead of a batcher lecob I. I'Jdfr we understand bei withdrawn from ibe one Met In tbe Eleventh Aluernanic dUu>cl Mr * ociftli, alao atavea that be ta a -t a oendtdai*. KIOBTtl JUDICIAL niSTWCr. la the F'ghth Jadletal dtauict, formed by en est of lh" laat Iz-jialat'ire. and compr'alng tbo Sixteenth and Twentieth ward* a etvli juatloe 1* to be elected Tba ont'tl la an eieesdtrgiy complicate! one. and the *o tar | led party llaea are r roa*e<i aad reer?*? I in aoch a a ay tbat It I* elmnet !mpoia:ble to tall what dial loci nolttioal interests or orgealaetloe le rep resented by tba eereral coat? lenu. First, tfcere la Wm C. Roblosos, ?bo baa a misci ao nisei ion of Moxart, Braoklandge, ?ad Tammany. Ba ha* ixea a writer for aaveral paper*, and wa* at oae tine tbe Washington oarrespoadealof tbe T>itvnr, under the asme of Rlobelleo. He raa laat year to AassmMy and wa* defeated. HeM a man about fhrty Ire, a rcetd??t of tbe Twentieth ward aad a prcperty holder Ncltac hare Arabs! R Herri k , a rca.det;t of lb?41tk?alh ward Be la torn r. ited apparently by tbe Tamrtay Hall C< nreatioa, w'tb a Mosart Hall eador meat in tba Uui-enih ward. Ha la a dm abiot thirty, a lawyer by prokaaloa, anl I. an bell apocllloe la tbe Cuetna D >eee, aad Is mah'.ag a elaely party rua. Than rebarsNaifaee Bill Fowler, who baa alao beaa sorolsstrl by a kraaeti of V ??rt; and from tba fact of bia bavtaf f r im t m* beaa a warm frlaad of Mayor Wo 4 aad hj:rJ*tp- '.nt o ' tbia , .Jgrablp, ba will to doubt poll a (o?l M >x\il Ball vote aad peraona'ly Ii a mora dittuct r jpr' -fat*!lvu of Morart thai * ib*r of tb* oU>< r nnl: dale* B* ha* be?a ad<aHt*1 lo lb* bar, bat It put down In tbe Directory a* aa agent, an J d*al< la ralcatat* if aboal 4i y*ari of age, an. Utiic ,cv. : 'a'e or d Trrocl offloee, b?u a?t*r h>Mane(B;i Bi waa a raadidate for poatmMi rH opnw.tloi tola* V. Fowler at iba of U 'cbaaan'* alio.olatra: jo, ;i l* m',1 be will pretty generally revive the AmtI raa vol* of >be duuict. Wm. H. Bull, the regular oaridi^ dale <.f lb-' rtpubllraa fa , la a j >. i.'r, w* belter*, ^ f Cba* Cptacdf, aad wl.l 80 doubt r -<? re a .-eneral re puMli aa aa| I'Ort Ma reeideat 'if Ibn ? ttrralh wa"), a lawj i f by profraana, aad abotl 41 ytara <4$gt Asaoa W . i >r Iraiao la tba 0eld a? (l. j repablicau d np eandi date. Ba M a lawyer, and apward* o" W ) arao.'a^e formerly j'^gt lath* aame dtetrlct, ha'or* it dl ildtd. He M **ipo**d to ha*o Ihe lop, a f the tore hrcla ta lb* irpat 1.,-aa oamp. t OCWt I IM A K to? C ORRf enmt. We i 'tic* that lh* rtpub'Vanl are har^.u; ! wa th> r Japanr'e CoaMillaiea, la many diatrleta, at.d bttag ng oi arw m'B la tbairatea'1. Char l?* fcCartby, aM of 1h4 rirg philianiber* ta the Mtentb district, haa bw>a latea out of the a*i<i ac t '>ha Ma*let*r eomlaeted In hi* J ?epb ntMeaoa, Ute Oa ad I date for Onqee'lmaa la IMr Fivrtb 1 air let , we are Informed, la aot the bntib*r, bat a begMa??r. Mr. Aanaoa, tbe batcber, (tale* that be la not nor never haa beaa a candidal* for aay oOoe, ai l do- * aot wlab tbe other Mr Macaoa to travel oa hi* ; repotat ..n, opeelally whea aflliated with lli* Japan we iMeee. { Bri Jamie K Hanrck, oa* of tba Uaioa oanlidataa for Councilman la the Fourth dWtrici. ha? deeilael tba b^nrw Of betag acaodMate John Dolaa, of tbe fifth dialrlot, elalm* that wa did i him as uajnatloa la our aotie* yeaterday. H? ftatea tbat be M t wet. t y It* year* of age, aad la a meiheaie acaoot. omcm ro?H*cnow?. 1 1 at that appeared ia oaf iMt <A ectooi I tflioers yesterday were la correal. Tbe republican oan dldaloi lor Trustee* In the Twentieth ward are Henry W . Nlooil tod James L. HuU* Henry Von Henden i* vbe re publican candidate for Sohool Commissioner la tha t our teriiUi ward, slid John B Ferdoo and William Johnston the Tru?t?ci David Miller 1? the republican Commis sioner tn tbe T< nth ward, and Charles Sobs liner and John Buy w?ri; Trustees. John A Mc Sorely statss that be Is the nation. democratic eaudidate of tbe T treaty -as Jon <1 ward. M.C Heldleoil dccllnw running for Trustee la U e Filth ward. The ward ttohool Commis sioner ? Beury P. West, laiload of Voust, and has been nomlu ted by Tammauy ar.J Mozar . John A. Godfrey deciliter 10 run In the Eighteenth ward. Goorge Mellon, a k a'dhUoi ward^ictB, n making a good run (or Trustee In .'.e Sixth ward. Operatic and Dramatic Matters. I'll man's latest cju}> has groatiy Improved the position of u.c Academy wr.h the gunur&l publMi. Tbe mile en ?un* <>f "La Julve" Is uc .nimously pronounced the dnasl ever diapliyod la Sew Yort. People are uol so onlhu li st Uc about the mutlo, aluiougb it ts exieodingly well treated by llie artists. Tb: lecor rOU, which Is not only the best in the opera, but altogether jeu<-r than all toe others put together, Ir marvellously wull sunt by Stlgelll. FabSrl bin likewise woj many new admirers by ber Hue performance o. lUchel. The "J. woss" will be gtron on Monday, Wodnosday aui Friday evenings of this wtok, fur the last timoi jx .si lively. The "Prophet," on dif, Is the next gran J opera lo be ptcduoed. "ritra<lella" will be given on Halur day evening next, In Guui n. "The Jewess" bos at trailed large audiences, and wi I put the manager oo bis le.,8 sgaln. In tliu thculilcal hoi Id lh? week was a busy andapris (xrotsooe Ml? ljiura lieuae has produjnl a new bur lclta? !o a literary po nt of view "a thing of shreds an) patches," bu rnoet sdmlrab y pat upon the stage. Tuo girt <u snene at the end of the sroojd act of " fhe Sevan S.s'.tra" I* cap telly done, and the ttnai tablean sbows the baud ol a drat raw artist, onewhitu* indent new ellecls as well as work ibu i out Tjh painter, air. Rj btru, la a real treasure, aiJ a most welcome reinforce ment to liis worthy llio, Uoerwoil, H i yard aui llayes Hie ??Seven Sisters" Is a sort of oil a yninta, wherein we ta.e a bit of ev?ry popular pleue In Ibe reporters of ibe theatre It is a nsaror approach to the Parisian "Kevioe" tain ?nj thing we bare beloro ?? u tn ib h oouatiy, sad Is jubt lb->iort of ihlcg for tb? tb- llrljsl ptiMlc, cs,) 'olalty in blue time*. Then people ccyer obj ict lo laugh at a Joke, however vecerabio It may ba. Tjo> ar<? lo i gra te ll. 1 for the provocative lo crilloiso It. irfnd Keoae's play draws fatuously, *rd wiU bjplt yed eveiy ntght till fur ther notice. Mr. Ku win Booth, who ooin nencel a] oo^^eoi'sat at the Winter i.arden on Ian Monday, and wh > b ts sluoo played iiamlct, PocAfu aod Klobelleu, bus not received so (nuoh attention from the public as be desert* Wo have al'etady alluded to bis Bamlet, wuui'i was clever, and have Class enjoyed his very Sue p vformancs of rtlcbulleu Richelieu was very iu .< h the belter imperst r.atioo of the l*> In evnry way. la tbe fourth luid fifth acts Doolh sroneed the bouse lo an towoiled pilch of enthusiasm. We bare rsrely seen anything Suer than his soen?s vlth lulle and UaradiLii ? the fourth act, and tvie wh ?le ol his acting lo tue fifth/ in tbe t arlier part o." tbe play Mr. U>*oUi fallei tjeonvey t ? tbe a full embodlm lit of tbj grim humor with which the Cardinal's cdarMtei wai strongly splccd, bn- sf a whole tbe perfoimanee was one that any actor ml&bt lie proud of. Mr. B -otb plays Klcbard IU. tt is evening We oummuad Mr. Boola l> tbe best sap p< rt of the- public, and regret that ho bas n >1 a belter stock oorarany to sustain h'm. Mr. Forrest will eomsence the Iwrlfth week of bis engagement si Nulo's Harden this evenlsg, and will play Maebeth. Tats giant drain, a partly "seusstloa" play, altords an exoelisal op.urtunlly for the ?ceue painter and oostu ner as well as lb? sowr, and we bear that this opportunity has bs^s Improved by Iht ma nagi menu ' Mscbtlh" will be given on Wodnes-tay and Friday, (is Tuesday, Thursday sad Saturday "Tbe Prodigsl Boo," s clever drams, wnlcb has b*en gtitso up in gocd sty is, will be played Mr. Wallack prod uses s new plees to night, an adapta tion frorj Madams de Glrardln's Ore out oouedy , "I^dy Tarlulle." la addllloa vo the nsw play wo ors to bsve s debutante, a lady ol this oily, young, aoS described as pssslag fair. Tor oomsJy has been christen ed "Tbe Modal Hypjcrlte." Tne Frsaoh verslos was played here ones by tho Rachel oomptoy. Al the Bowsry theatre Hpaidiog A Kjgers annouaos s new psniomime, In addltlas to the regular circus par romances, tbe "Fibelle Per lit use,' Ac , Ac. Al the New Bowery lhastrs, lbs lasaous sqossUlao diama "Putnam" and "The Warlock at the Glou" are sp for lonlgh'.. At the Wi4t theatre a aew operatic vm\on of ' Clcde rail*" bu been performed wtta simosaa It was pro rloced for I be benefit of Madame Meeilert, who Ho| Ola derelia to the Chlorlide of Mm. Slegllch, tbe Tbleaeof Mil*. Bcheller ud the Uaallnl of M Mr*a>?erl. Tim ramie, got qalte eqial to Rneslnl'a, *u well saag, and tte whole performance received with rep lure Beve rel novelties ere op fer this week. BchlUsrl " Doa Car los,' with Horn and Mile (Job. Uer la the leadlag pert*, la luosKtd for to eight At Be roam's Museum "Roee Bner," the Asteoa sod other were* end cnrlour tblnge are pronised for every afternoon and evening of thla week Brjaaia' Mlnatrela present aew jblUa 'or the week. "Dtxte" la the speciality of thla bead. H-nley S Camp hell announce a aew bnrietu? Afrtcaaoa Baroum 0. TUe atw eeaaon at the French tbeavre wlU oomnense immediately altar the arrival of the art la la fro* Havre, nbrnae \Mm were to sail thu .lay U M. II riraud la aa aietir e me eager a a actor, um theatre will not laca sap port. KM Josri-hise Uoegeahelsa has returned, afler a brief hat rrry brilliant ca-cer In I/adoa. flbe oonmeeM her witter r t gajeiconu at the Howard Atbaaeam, Itoau*. Mr John Brougham baa fislsbad his first eegagaaeeal at the i)e} mtriet, and will play rngaroinents la the pre vtaeea mwc M<, ? ikijw. ? The first r* -'brmaaoe 0f Mr. Vinoanl Wallace's "I.urliiio' la America was (Itta at Han Franclaoo on the 31 a' November. I , ay Ksult ar.d Mr. Heary Pq-ilrea aaag the prtknpal parts Toe orllira pralae lao opera sad *q aires biigeiy Tbo ("hrtely Mlaatrrla, nadar the MM of the ra doLtu'i ? George, were at Richvoad, Va, laat week. Ibry |o * on a BtxitBeni l>ir, and bring ap la T'?e* tbi teettaoBlal to Rarvey Major, late a tneaaber of Uoda-'tk a Band, wlU tak.- p ace at the Aoalemyo Mas r u. Tni.iidajr.llih Inst. Mra Sierra oalls her new I'bxacil.'Ulh theatre (a it ye. data had) the -? Ouaiervav r| * * by not the 3owei NUra'a C.rrua, the Dra, Itt.* ku I M ii Kate Bakniaa are at Na? Orlc&aa. o*anr fcedoj'iiiu the Varlat ei, anl was (tlaylng the aiantierd iua>?.dlea to treaded housea. Adeitaa Petti waa aa ao< ac?d aa shortly to appear at New urieaaa, which areas' > b? the ( nly oity ato*?l New York where thoat rtca'a are at hit lively. Mr Oowall opened (fee M. Lwia Utatiena the itlh a ilh " .1 #<j>h aed Hid Bretbrea," Mra. lowall (Anna < raiae) , ajing foeeph Military talelll|eatt. ak'uvai. asv aicirnoM urTinn rxt* rnAi.AMX. Ihiaot. >raudrorpe of which we gave adaeenpttoa In )eM?,dsy"? I'antp, win arrive by the New York aid K- ? liaven Railroad at oee o'clock to day (Monday), si S a-r in be received by the Third Company Uoatleeotal a erd ' up* Kalner. I.'.D* la to be formed oa Twea ly ?evtth street. the eaoortini company aad via tte re w' l peta cat talo Broadway, and thaaoe doWa to fitaLd tl art, lasairg the Fifth Ateaue Hotel aad Ualoa ?'isare. Tbey prooeed tbrocjh tiraid street to the Bow ery Rnaery t > Canal, Caaal to Broadway, Broadway la Ibe Alter Pone, whera the fntaaaa Pbalaaa are la dtaa at three o'clock. At four P. M. the OnatlaeaUla wUI again take the vlalUrg la charge, and aaeort them down Broadway an 1 Dnrtlaadl atrret to the ferry, where tbey eroaa to take the oare for nnfadetphia A strong police force la to be ordered oat to keep the etreata clear, aad the display will donbtleaa be a (las nee, rqoai to that ?sde by the ( b'negn 7<ioevre 'a Jn'v leat The aaambera o the 1hir<l Uon^paay Contia^iiai Huarl are orierad ta n.ret at Ihelr armory, ttl Broadway, at two o'olaak IBM (ibmlit) afler i.o.m Tbey deeerve mnoh credit fcir aa ?i?av< nog to ?oataiB lh?- re?ala?laa for hoapltality which i Fee York m Hilary mea erjoy? having beaa apprlaad of th? i<<ia*?l for an ?acort at a late hour oa vt'irday after, in- i T*u third Uompaty of Oatiaeataia has be>>n orga r. d >. !i a few o.iottir, ar.d wr nt to Naw Brnatwlgk oa their "bmMMB" aioanicfl last MoaOay.

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