Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 6, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 6, 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD a WHOLE NO. 8855 DIPOftrilT FROM WASHINGTON. Debate in the Senate on the Secession Question. Speeches of Messrs. Hale, Iver son and WJgfall. INTENSITY OF THE DISUNION EXCITEMENT h Speedy Dim olution of the Confe deracy Predicted. Financial Embarrassment of the Government. Proposed Issue of 010,000,090 of * Treasury Notes. Ftuage of the Homestead, Military Jeademy and Invalid Pension Bills, fcc?, k(?, kfc OLA DESPATCHES FEOfl WASHMGTOII* Wahm?gto*, Dee. 6, 1840. No one could hsve Intone J to the debate In the -senate to-day, brought on by tb? ill timed remarks of Mr. Hale, without a conviction that tbe Union Is jut on the verge af dissolution. Mr. Bale, wbeo pretaed by Senator Brown, ?f M'-*l??,ppl, disclaimed having made any menace, bat the just inference from bis anguage was, that those who are preparing for secession must also prepare for war. Mns-s. Brown, tverson and W>gf*ll Instantly me', this suggestion with dvnAtce. stern and vehement enough, but But nearly so strong as their oonotltuvu^ at home will inanllest. Own. Lane's remarks, that tbo South would be ??< 'uoed if fcb? should subn..t, Is aL*> ilgulflceut of the tide of eeatlments. There is to use disguising what Is btfore us. Coal and Mcacious ybeer vers see no proepeot of avoiding a rupture. By the 1st ol February South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mlisiw'ppl and Fl?; Ida will be out of the confederacy. By that time they a ill have consummated suoh aa un 4erstan>ltng with Krr.noe ard Gr<at Britain an will enable then eve u to set federal coercion, should It be attempted, at defiance. They will Insert In their constitution a ?lanse prohibiting the Immrtatlon if Africans, which Will tend to conciliate I'M) border Stat os, and In a short time every one of the latter except Delaware, perhvpe, Wlil join the Southern confederacy. Thla denouement is considered so certain that already the minds of statesmen are almo?t ezrlnslvely turned to prefect teg the means and oondltions of reconstruction. Disunion is sure to occur Can a rent Ion ever bo ef fect ed? The tone of tbe republicans to day a3orda not tbe Sl'ghUxt prospect ol such a consummation. When North, era sentiment Is ready to agree to what the South de mands, tbe Sswards, Sumners, lia rs, Ac , mart necrraa rily vacate their present plaoen, and make room for asswervatlve mot? Tbe whole U.Soecce ?f ticse and their ?si lowers, theiefore, will be throen aga'.nst c Jooeaaton. Indeed, Mr Bale lotisated tbu the Nirth had presented her ultimatum Southerners ask, therefore, why wait ?ay longer t D?la>s are daugernua They are worse, they arc rnlnoua to the South. Suoh Is the ta'Jc of the Senators from the ootton Stales. Tbe President is ca m ant composed. Be rr*el res ooo gratulat oos irons numerous visiters on bts firm d'.icbarge af duty. There Is a report lb*t Mr. Cobb will retire from the Ca felnet to morrow. 1 l*-arn that he will leave for Georgia to-morrow. He will not resign, altt >ugb several gentle ?sen. who would like to aueeeed Mr Oofeb, would be do lighted to hear of his resignation. Mr. Oobb sajs that he baa never told any (no that he wenM teaign, and It la highly probable that, ejould he So no, bis coma unicatlon of that fact will bs ma s to tbe President. Mr. Ttoompson has cot given the remotest hint to tsy human being that be Intends to resign. Th>. sa^e may fee said of the Serietary of War. !*meas? trouble Is impending over tbo Sn<cren of tbe govern meat In lb* pretest teiai-jr or the Snutaroaa it will be d (Haijt to pass asy meaaure of re lef. Tb.s dl ?Me* the anxieties of public m?a wlib the revolution at hwi ? view to relieve lb* preaaat SnaDClaJ rmbarraaa aaoui o t the g< -rerament, Mr made ft proportion tbta Bcro'.rg, In the tcmmilt' a of Way* and Muut, t> taau '* tit ,110 CO In the <orn or Trenaury now*. Tbe ooa SMerallon of vta'i propoaltloe waa p atpuaed for a iborl time, ae tbe *c relarj of tbe Tr?*mrj't report oo the ?aaiicti ;? not printer , ana lb* nfinh?rl of ibe commit W* ?re not j?t prt pared to <) ?:''!? oo tbe proper metbod af reletrtag tbe einbarraeiai. nia n f tbe Treaaary. The Idea tbat tb a ta lb* last rr talon of our national O-Bgrcea la brooming UmtMa* to tt ivuda. TtaHera at tbe White Houar not EftCjtnm.oly leate ?ilb the remark tbat they bar* j Jet looted ?e tbe laat Hroaldrul of tbt C tttd 4taUB. Tbe ctiteae if Waeblagtoa, who tee ml a atarlrg Item k> lr 8 act If tiu ti i m Bbe d v* broken ?p, leek upon tie tigtB or tbe im I with aadtagnif d apj r< b<tii> n. It la a fearful riajcBtlbllity no* derotr tag cb tbe Nur'b le.iaa a urge netted *>ri la ib?r Male, atd protr ( lt. ro wtHt>ro >ably be two ejfafe e rac *a b*'<-re Uaootn't laargnrattoa. IV *f*aber will en aaoosoea the apecwl c >mc ittoe m that pert of tb? )'ieei htt't Mc~a* <? referrtr?r to aecee ?lea troeVUa uattl Monday, derlrlrg meaawb le to <r>a ?Ut with U.c mtm'j ra of tbe it liferent State delegation* ta order to *>akn Ibe bi-rt aHrcnoaa. It It *atd thai Gevorror L tefltr, or Vlrj ala, la ar rargiaj a c n.utu'.oti to prueced at otee to S .itb *ro liaa. Btgtag "? r to delay bf C'tVmp'al- I 'rrtfoo. St .'r?eidrat Tyler, Scnab r Bui.ter ar.d B u C Itlree wi'i probably be aiM Indicated Similar itepa b*v ? bc?B taken by ?>.. i. . u'Jr nf iCunety. Ttoa Prca'd' ttB ?krrt ,.*. Hon J?mee On'.brlo anJ H-oat-^ Ciit.a> ari'tp??ui of. Tata aetu>a it to baf<>lo*.i b; all He fcuwrit ta >f t' i bo He, Feat a An, tg tfc? | repeaitttM , rirat ely d>?<> ia- Hon* Uk* Up i ? tbr ? ^itrs it ?? a i by otaaenat'Tc ?h-bi' ra oi (k.rgietR from tbe ela-rebuld ln| Plato* t<. proc^ to t! ? S. ulb fapel'na O avrottoa wtib a rn? U* ? eeufct ic* aod ta a: , al to tbat Hale to pane* Is her tcartl. Tba ? >|(fftioi .* Biau'j 1ri In'oilTt-at rlr.:'n t^ftt wVt th> hu. ? o.n.11 ? ii tr tou-ler'a r tnteiHa ebali bave ?? aaiiiM d, tbe 'it: eei'ai and eontar ratify mm la far- St.!. Ciir-vui ate wi.b tie ?'??r ><f tbo taaaiitot st< rein-ra . t < . #u bxliaf, k> i? etv t of tb*tr puwr, it aee"!" i It at w a Ma awHie r-r .jnleli- r thr preaeat y^-'it'cal t"*"*i"f<,'it. Sovrral a^rcfi are al real? diaaotted Oac of tbtm .a to ai&Vt an e9>rt t<> ?OMttttatoat teart a i> ???? atai nty of tbe atart i atlnc aid aen a.areb iJlag SUted, wbawver ooarae ? a* trwne ftatct may p>i ? w A ti'| lie Br :k arldjr c rt - ftiioaVidfll tbat BOB tbUrvrutiOB waa Ibe tree principle, aad be atectd Js<l(e i<e* ciae wiih eoidHUMy Tbe eearaeter of the man, aad tbe iwattiiw be bo* iab?a. are ? gaa. n.itw tbat a porti ? uf Mm Uid D a> nkm ia autl Ualoa lor tog 0>B-.i?r 1?'*W* a empka; c la bta dcnuac'atlpii of ibe Pritl l >?t'B Mrnago He baa BMuie efl Tte, all aatBOr***. fBl th a far, t. ?. mm a onoaoltatiaai of o.aaerraUro m a, with tbe rl#? ?>f eonoerttag bmm a??a?ur^? of ooacllta tton. A iae?t rg may, bawerer, be b<>ll oa Halurday. Oat. II- err >i? ?bier, B?r?*iarid|? et?etor la Virtlala. Is hero, atd ftdrocatrB nama natll all aieant or eorapro alae bate btxn axbeeaUd; to n be la for a OoattMra ?M^tderacy. tbe nbjaft ^ *<?? Yf rk c iy beaming a froe city, la Btroag alltan< villi tba n. Ma, it diaoutiofi wiUt faror Ml high clraiee la WtebiBiM*. thm Iwm.-io? M. K?i't do. let tbat he rrer ao t? ? it tbat r ??:<lo?i flki.b??an wo'iH r u a ft,r? b lL Vhaata r?M?t baa be . a.. > pcbtlabod 'a n taara taparw Mr Ke'.tt, of Hooth Carolina, return* bone la a few daya, ud will proOably be followed by other Southern B?k?" PpecUl report* rrem Memphis, Tenne**oe, refer to a lar.e lectsslon meeting hold there, from wmch It ni apparent Uutt the people la Uut section are determine 1 upon se ession, anleti the Northern StaUs repeal the Personal Liberty bill*, and agree that slaveholders may oarry their slaves Into the Territories of the United Siatca and be protected la their right* of property while there. the prospect of tlie lacceee of a National Gonven' tloo, to aaend the constitution to adopt these measure* of adjustment are rery faint, for It would be ? dlflloul to pas* measures of conciliation In such a body and stlU more difficult to secure their ratiQoatlai by three fourth* o' the States ibould they be adopted. All letter* from tb* Booth s?y the prospect for th Us Ion l* truly gloomy, and the prediction I* confidently mtUe tbat tfce oonfeirrucy will be broken up within IOui mcDtbs, and so eflectnaliy diaentegrnted that It can nerer s^ala bo united. WiauHiTOii, Dee. 6, 1M* A moernfal feeling prevail* among all cta**?a to day The debate In tbe Senate was listened to with soifina attention by crowded gallerle*. Senator Iver son'a <l?claration, ibat the repeal of tbe odloa* law* by tie North would not prevent seoesston, although the tact was btfore known to those who are behind the curtain In the dlsaolutlon movement, cr&ted a profound sensation Senator W l|( ill's speech wa* a masterly production oa bis Tiew 01 <oe question. senator Hale'a joke* fell point less In this moment of peril. Senator Brown, of Mlasia sjppl, was lisU'ccd to wltb tbe graateat attention. Sena tor Saulabury, or Delaware, made a lew remark* fkrora bl* to th Union, which seemed to allord *ome relief to tbe peat up feeling* of the auditor*. Senator Davis, ol Mississippi, will not apeak at thl* Btage o' ihe que*;loa, nor 1* It likely Judge Douglas will. Tbe Homestead bill, as psssed oy the House, remove* the objections tbe I'refldoct had to tbe bill a* pa**e<l by tbe Thirty fiuh U>ngrcsa, and it wlil doubtlcs be signed by the President In It* present form. For tbe first time In the hiatory or the country tbe Military Academy and Tecrion Appropriate bill* were psssed by the Boose without debate. Tno leellng In favor or a reconstruction or the oonatitu lion, acd not amendment, 1s lucreteing In Influential ctr c'ci. Much awalta upon tbe report of tbe Committee of Suits o dc appointed by Speaker Pennington, who is de voting tlie most caUn and deliberate attention to the se lection of tbo samo. Tbe committee will be composed of the best men In Congress, irrespective of party. \Ya5HUK5TO*, Dec 8, 1800. T'.:e rows received here, that Colonel Ander*oo, In oom macd or Fort Moultrie, In lite Ltrbor of Charleston, bu been eft wltho?'. a *afTtcleut foro* to protect h!m, *troald at. attempt to Ulce It be made, aiettea the center rati ve rn'oo men of the country now here, and tf tho Pre* .dent don not promptly Incrcaec the foroe under Col. Atderaon, ana thueby protect tbo g->?ernroeot property In fctjuth Caro'na, Out. grits will Uaa.tdUU!y take actios on the ?cbjoct. Oone:?l L&co, o" Or 'fon, who bu been ?o tho rongtly r.lcaned out tn Ihitt Ftate, pitched Into the North to Jay. Late wu? born in North CaroM ia. Colmcl Biktr, "eeator c!ec? of Orr^or, arrlred to d?y, re;e'.te<* the oath of o ' and took hla aoat. Tlic e*traordtnsrjr larguageof Senator Iver*oa to day, characterizing tbo clll .lal eondnct or General Ho'-iiton, a.* 0 >?ern?r of Tesu, t* tho *o' jeet of mnik emmed in ail circles, ardltli fatly belic70d here '.bat H< uatJB will emit lveraon lo account. (,ij0 auU are bifeli'y complimented for thc.r aettvl')' In brlt^l^g forward the p-ib'.lo bnslnesB. On tbe Hun ??cad aad IM.tary Appropriation bill* tho so cc.**tott nirabars, wuo docla-ed themselves out of tho I n ion ycav ri'.ay, took an active part. Senator ilaie, of New Hamj.nhlre, Invited suoh states aa desire to go o-it of t'io Unt-a to ?o now aod n i <ielay. Hale, of ceur*e, del Woe to test ti e motUe at Mr B<i ohauan; aod luate ioi?o'. to koj? tbat to hia d..flaot toce to th# aece?h!o?itft? he rotlec's whai he believe* will be the Jacktonlon policy of tbe lucostog a^mtu'.istraiiou A gcBiUman who arrlvot here t?> r'ght Trocn <h\ a Inlorma sue that an agent of Sharpe'a rlili maoufa-.tory in Connecticut baa Juit contracted with tho aatb rttioa of tbat State lor two thousand Are b'tndred nUe*, ?!xt*. a hundred of ?hlch have beta delivered within a fo* days. Aeeurai o? s were glycn 'oeWi be left UeKune tint flv* Ibousaad more rr.U-B woold be Immediately ? ??lorod, by a bill which wou'd faes Ike Legtsatur-. wnlita tiree da> a. I am Infjnnci tbat the statement that flrt-wa handrrt rmn 'c B?'t..n re bateTMl Lt- rrcd tn al* the ie<*c*f. ir -'.s of the oottra States Is a h. ti. It t* statel to nig!, Uiat J. C Wathburer, V. C., cr Y.'.?cs rain, will preaeot t.ii irafi on the Treasury up'a tbe Speaker t reqnt*ltloa io uii-r:u ?, an?t J It . not hono-od ll will b? Uf\ y at. 1 frrmaily protrttcl. I haw aaaa a ntw Cabinet for Mr I lacola U lay, aa t Jlo?a:? 9ecrt \ try of Btat# . . . ... f", Cbaee, of Ohio Vr,.i,'To' th'Tifi'ir ?..or Vfc ? ? ".Ttlcnt. ?'wmaryof War C??al<n M Oiay,< ( > wty. ->cic.ary of Uk Na*f.. . . t era- n . r .. iu cr< ? ?r> of ib? lot. ? l r. ' ? A. 'i ? .? ? I n?ft r 6* utral ?' :r?* .usa <tt< iLry Gcucral ... . bdwarU liat t, ? <~ri Tte ab < re la ma e r.p froen riapttalbie rovrota the .alk tbat fjiratk la iioinr tato Liuooltt'a Un-i-l from ?>V<. 1* r : r ?c ?? ?0 Hi- ??" t- Tr ? ??-; >' '? f ?r. t. r?.puhl:54r? are ftl.ded by Mr I ot&'n they w be a 'fom th' ra"K? ru A?- r . .u? A prh ate tetter, II l?? raderat od, t-.a bc?? reocl?ed ? tn ? y a g> t ? i -n \v I. j.'. u, ? \ i>: ? an ?-tl '? ?< ? Vtr. !.irr< a, with authority to rrvl tt p iat^ j to b i ? v f . r;- ? ?? 2 ' i">a' ? ' * .a ? ? aLtl jjriat for'u irar.i*. II a a . p*ec'ate? '; tn "?ace-', ? .,M 'I to f!o rr ?) t ' ? a-rr ? . it ; r. , .rt ?! tr.atau till \l ii.naifcttj .-ill < r'.rri : . . ?? i. a n ? ?('.'[? . . I ' a' .. i. i .1 1 ? . P< o ft 13-0 PrfiMMha* itVI ^c?c rnxlrcJat tbe Dcp?' t* -it of ?> 'r> .i-.-?ai a d r 1 '.t. .? ::.??! i \. 1! : -t .- ? i '.It I, * * il f f .(t t0 tn?*" t^c N *r ' j . ? r,' ? V. r .? ?, r -r tb? nuu&tu u (<; t '.itim'f i ctt, ... ? i t i tbe it itrus ' '..r '? ap;>- . - I ?< ;t D .w f?r I'i'i ..I ,h'! j ??&{'?. t i-.s ibe tint ..r |'j tit: ,i at 'a.! la .* i t-. ?t; . '?! " ... t I M p.f'i ( ted l Ij0e n . " I r ?, Mr f?- tf t.?? <<? ? 1 , u r.? tr> ? t">a y w..a tin' (. ? .-. : ? i. i-?r ? ? ? a ? ? i .a, ? . ? ? t | . '? I". *.'? .;o t*. j . rr . ? y ? be at t.c ? - - .%t 1 : . .:* ? * fii'tn Cui'.j it ct .xporla^t. U'ul?.cr B'gl"* I A I ..... I. r, ? , ;B bl ? ir o.l * J?, ?j I h?>t 'e to t .if abt .l ?b early ad;i.?tra?.i..t. ? Ittertat'Lf rvporia Ssive je*t baer. rccalvad at t&o Iat> - r -,r sr.c;tr'.4B Col l??t tr. *? J, r "h i i. .* r c I'jrt K n:*y, "tj'-.ih fara acd Ilwey lAke o r al d'r T?oral'f aa durlB* th* pift bare ben . ?h.O.v d t? It* eoScclloi ani prcrrrratlrn of water oa tic wnauw* Htt OB of tU; I VJ bct?*%n titimblldl rl*?r ltd P?:cy lueri i-y, Oiti'orrta It rplta of In?t an dl. ? i (>l Ool. I.a?itec ha* MtvoMcd In rTd?rlo| It ? per i ta of tt* re*.! ??forltib!* to **l|rafcta, bf ?eaalrBB.Uf link* at rartfta jwtat* rapai!- of *et 'Hyt' f la-f* tr? 6a. T..t? the Ocal war* tt?ou lb!? jrtat bi?b?av o?C'Ue<?, ?t1 Uto tonmey acroa* from tbe Mimim pr' Vailey lo Cal'/orala wtM now be perfumed by th* tr* TiUer Ib eoaperat re rare asd ecot'ort la aldttloa to th* worb et> the road, ctpl.ratsoB* weccnet'* o? ettber eld*, wlih a Ttcw to pcrf.?tl?g the br oiled*!* i>f th** r<^t9f) , aad In court' of Ibcur^eoraoMaaoeama sy uMrvatlsr tnlBcral r*|ton* were \ .alt?J, abcna1la< ta itlfer |oid aad mBi)gw>e*e. Several bcadred pcr*on*. Our iMder lay* bar* *i?'tcd tad pracpccted tbat oauo fy a'tice the *rrl*( of ISfO. Tbe or* of Ibi* rvalan I* rtcb. *oa>* yteWi** a* btjO aa *?Tcateen dol ar* per too Matrrtal teprnrir -r.U hare been a *<tc Ib tbe watering pUce* r.prB tbe Kl Pa*o aad F< rt Totta wafOB roal, on rfertb* np*rrt*t n of Mr *T?ltBey, CfHiaeer, bctwec* the Oioen-tBTado and tbe Tiiua* TllUge* ob Olla rlrer. To kacp tbt* portion of rokd U |ool crdar, *a;i tbe r* port, oaly reqvirt* trarel. The eoanmiut -B fo? r?BBlr| th* bo-, adary b*twc* U>* Colled Ptatea and 1e**a ba*? cwnptoiei tbclr laivn*. \ u r tw? *<eo<>?* of ard?o?* duty, kr.d tend* tb'lr report lo tl* ><cf -*tary of tbe laterlnr. Tbe boor^lary raa I* mer* Uac r ftbt bus );?d uiki la CiUol, The Utj.i w?'k bat boen ocmpleted lor abr-ul * xty ibo'isand dollirs The report* txd maj( wUJ doab'.ese bo inarUj submitted to Congress. lutelllgi-ocf jell received states tbsl tbe United 9*at?s end California bouiida-y cummin! jo, coder Mu?rj, am cow In ice field, on the Colorado rlv*r, at the thirty fllh paialiel. It is predloted that-tho ditoivcry b> th'i oojb mission of minerals and precious atnnes will throw din bad 'a "Valley of Diamonds" into (be ahh le. The Bou'.e Judiciary Committee bad a meeting this morn teg, and took up 'or action the J edge Watroua case. P me additional ev'deeoo baa ?e-n adduced against Watroas, which may Induce tie ocmmlttoe to report in favor or lni|?acbmenL Edwin K. Reynoldi, of Now Yrrk, electcd finocrssor to Hr Burroughs, deceased, waa qualified, aid toot bi? ?c*t In the House to day. The vote on the Homestead bill In the House was ab>ut the same as that tn whirh the I*r?.?Ment votiedatthe last serslon, the opposition thereto beiag frim ib? Snath era members, lcclndlng those from the prospectively ?eeedlsg States. The meeting of the Putnam Phalanx at Secretary fou oey's tills evening waa an event In Washington lite at tula time. Tho secrctarlei of the departments were then Including the Indomitable Cats Th? remarks of Mr. Stuart, of the Pba'anx, were more guarded tban those he utteied at Baltimore. Mr. Stuart doc arcs he was mlsre presented by the Baltimore press. There was nothing in the speeches to night calculated to foment or allay tho existing feeling. The I'OUxrs of the navy and marine corps were also present, In full dress, besides so rera) dis tinguished cttlseus of thli olty. VH1RV Y-S1X Mi CONGRESS. SECOND 8IMION. I?atu> W Asuncion, Dec 6, ISM The Senate nanembiad at noon. A prayer waa offered up. Mr. Pugb, (opp) of Ohio, appeared and took hia seat Tbe Journal waa read. noun RA11JMMB bkportb. Mr. H>ia, (rep ) of N. H. , moved that a number of volumta be publiahod In relation to tba Pacific Railroad for tbe dm 01 tbe Senate. tbb r*tfn)?.vr's kmagb. Mr. Fowiu., (opp ) 01 Ky , moved the rcferenoe of the President's Menage, so far as It relate* to tho present political tflair* or ibe country, to a apccltl committee. armid roues son thb prokctjox ok the buidkb statbs. Mr Hi >>:.??, (opp ) of Mo., introduced a resolution that tbe Uummnite on Jud'ciary be laatructed to Inquire Into tbe propriety of providing by law for eatabiMbing an armedfpolice force in tbe border States, alavo and free, fur ibe purpeaa of mainUlnltg general btace httw?en tbe Matra, and pravcntlciK tbe invaalon of states by cttiieaa of unotttr, and aleo for the tUiclctt execution of tbe Fugitive Slave law. Mr Camsboh, (rep.) of Pa , mow* that It be made a f | octal order for M?boay next. TBK saw fBMAl OR FKOM ORtl'.OS Mr. tAvm* presented tbe credential* of Elward 0. Hater, ot Ortgoa. luiuia on tuk tnxn or Tna coi-jitby? sracii or mr. HAUL Mr TIaib, (rep) of N II . moved to reconalder tbe vote to print the President * Mxuapc. I waa very mrch in bine* tbat there wouiu have been a Mcaaago that ! would have cotninendtd ila.lf to somebody. 1 wat not 1 rsngulne of tta pleasing myself, but 1 did hope r, would I vi* ano ti me one, and that tbe Piesldeot would bava iuok?.u ibu>K? >n U.c lire I have road It somewhat wo 'vl j, at d if I undc.stand it ? and I tblnk I do? it la Ibtt: i Vint, that &>nth Carolina baa causc for receding; ?tcond, tbat the hw no right to secede, third, that wa i k.avt no light to prevett her receding. That Is thn of its Meiaage, substantially Tbm tbe Presi dent got* oa to r'prseut this aa a great and powerful r<'wi trv, and that ri ''talc bat a r' to secede from It; tliht a I the powir of tbe country. If I understand the PrfsMenI, eonstnus in what Inrksns makes tic Kugltsa rotrt'iutioe oorsttt ? ih? power to do nothing. Now, nr, t ibtnk It waa ineum.ent on tbe {"resident of tao lilted >tat<s to have pointed out and recoaa to U(>|rcrs some rule, and to have told ? *l.atb n ?otiiir.rBiii d us to do Bat, in my J idf ??..,? to l u rrilrviy ayn-.ded this Ho has failed to look Urn <bu ? it the facr He hat actod like tha ottrir.b? bid bin t,a<J. *xd thereby t^.oc^ht V0 rarsTO luc danger. Tuo <ui) way t off t?-e tha danger Is to look it in tbe face ; ai.d 1 1 1.1 k ibe country did expect from tha 1'runidtx.l ?ouii e> position of decided po-icy 1 omafrss, for one, I *?* iaib? r Indifferent as to what that jo';ry would be, but I .'Id hope it would be deceive But be lias utterly failed tn tbat r? sport 1 think that the state of things in tb k ronctry 'ooks to cr? of two things. It looks to aaao lute r> Ma.'von, r. t on the part of Sontbern states, bat . u r part or u e North, to an abandonment of tbair po ? itrn N'rnkstoi surrendrrof tlat p- pnlar senttmcul wbtib t>.s b:eft uttered through tbe oonttituunl forui of its ballot bc?; or It looks to open war. Tkat Is wbat ? t '<v<t ? u?, ?nd we reed not r?ut ocr eyes to tho fact It nriis war to tbo fliato which bas put barsalf tu tfct situudeoi recrsioc, and ?hc Iroks upon It so, and *tVs ro ocorrot. bas consldernd it so, anj has aiui d fetr*? 'f. If 1 undir?tand looks to that and r- tttLg else I end'rstand there was a rvmedy sugceated In one of thr par*"* this city. It was that tha TrsBi ?;<rt and Vies President e'?et i hen Id bo Inaugurated. TLat * . t' t be a ?"at <r< fse1 >ij ; and tlinn being lsnugn li. > ? ? >i. J i. , i )? rca>i 11 j; 1 tb.nk tnat wuuld rr t acil.e U.o q t?i.. n. nhood they resign, tbert wouil lie as iri cb diOlacUy as to who would take Uxlr piaeoa ?s ^fre was before. I do not wish to say a word that would cai'ee 1. 1 .t*ti< n tr add to the loeilo/ < f blttarnrss wbk.L rtaiir exists lu tbe cocatry. Not ona. i would b? tr and ,'orbear b< .ore; I would ray such a word Bat I MU J el IkB foam truth tbat the way is to look Utc thing ib it ? face and ?e where wa are And what Is tbe iha' ?* preset let, Snt tba*. tbe crurtiiatiooal will of Hie Hiblic oplrtcn, txpreeSBd thro- ^h the forms of its rot itltr tine will c?t be rcbmltwd to. And If war Is tr* *:it?t stive, let It Ci?ie in a ry form ?r In aoy shape the t rkc Is dissolved, and It cannot ha held together a? ? I '. .on if tbat 1? alternative npon which we go Uto at If It it- prcnooc<?d aid determined that ri of tbe mjj 'v ty expre?eed tbr i gh tbo regular ctt'tlluUd fotn.a of the eon?iituil)n will rot bo snb r '.u c to, ?tt b sir. tb b is i ot a I'nion of equals It is a Vsl : r f a dtCtM ? ' I zvety on tb# one si'lo.aad a fcord rf eiavee atd roward* en the otUir Toat IS H? nnbirg iiH?e uor .<??. And this 's c.' a Ur't* of equals. If tl. e iKScaSBlon ?? proo?e.iwt, I rt-i'l take occasion to a <!rf?? n>< self lo >hat pbnM of the noctrrvrrty which ;r e < ?.' nttaniiy, pertevBriaglv and continually bol l np, tba* lh< Nf rlberu M?tes aie lbs atg'CBsors Tbe North ? t ^lat'B are tbe a grre??or? ?n oee r<'n?e Wo have a set ef proeses and politicians s-uo*)g r.t wfto have frvor'ert Iho pub'le voice and tuo pvbflo ?crest, mlotatcrisg to a drpr^vod sppeilte, and IN y l.ava ieat tti lr interest to a^-'eiiinos aad ?U? 'era . i* i *.p'e srooeg whom thty lire, aid U(>on ivh->m I ?; and I *e?> much fear our irlsaos on the other t 1 1 Laie Mtftieai too tujoh to th?,r a?|* '*lo ?S, rf.lier tb: i. tr tbrir o'u ounvietioi c of what tbe Irutb is. I tie / i. ', bis dll( .e?i a pr<" ot U, to aba* up what I t??o r. i , o i' !<<? tfe irte ibi'v ttr of lb s p? t'OB, ? > fa? as rt'attr lo tk? Nvrlh. I oalf spe?k for t'os ^tats. anl hat < r the h? I cf tbat Ard let nc? rsj , I fiaie so roar, O'H ll>t ikhrt. No dooi?'? o't ihs mio ''irt. I.?t tb- ra t?. 1 1 f this i atroveisy be what it w let It b??iti>d it a .)?"??? fcay, etlt b?- 'rtf.U .a Biood If 'l may. : i. \ i i j fi m bet .he 1 ills c-Utc a eicb I baau tts h ieor, Ir j ? t i , to rtf-re- ot, w." t'aid ari?'iN? i?l b"%re I<<I<TI*'- dor't rare so mirh ebont that ? hat* tie si'1 rltsd ?o,3c!tt.!d b*f?rs tts Wvt' WO'IJ, ?id b> the vMitt of it) {?) nhi of lum I har? 10 "t ib ' of U t. pes* t. on tbst .Jtat" <v>:n ; t that 1 w tb to st oral 'rem ihe [toimm I to tt>* fn'.ar" V ?ir. f IB> tb ? l..?t Plat , n; oq t " OgBStllctbSi Bod t 1 1 it. id *ud >0 the tr tb ' b ai ry, wtll stand , t, . a; ?-.d f. ietir fa 'y af-, ? ia4 of tiTery c ?rge that tr<> tr k . r ? i. ? -e Ut b saj 'urtiT, If thrr# in il e< tk to it.- ultl'mont . tills c utrin >, b 't.riL-' r. re-aaVa fr.m the Noilk, I think 'hey mlaUkr, IiLiak ?? bn ? awee ltd tuo mo lt~we hav? , t n i n n. .in m> mi. h? aad we. lnr? got M f it pont'ou ? i lh.. , . ?h<tfTer *uf fau't ? iuoi'ti. th?re Is thSBior r'fiui'rt r?i?e<iy rf f Vatc?m?? of <? it firtkor rxw S ?kiBs u the Kurt! 1 sg'oe, ? 'o, that, nndtr tho o?i?t I iim ( f il.'. Oiltsd aUt , jounrs eeiit -j !<? demand at u e*?t as bm <1 a> J fair dtscknrfs of li at ob igatktu w . U * wptMd mi ail tti .stat s In r?f * t to the t' n ol ii git ve rin?es. iu lim ai < og, rfreily witileg, ' t'M.i.sri Hall be an l?it;si aal u r and faitfe'iljer tutu t-vs ( 1 1 wt r'o '?c. I Ivtnued tha V iator Iron No* it. laii lii.a, i?4 I air e wrh vary mauk tkat ka Bald, . ut ! can I . iLrtt Amator, I' he w I ?<> a ip a w*rv ca?o n# i< j?ry m. icffrrtsg atd agii ? .on j; *hs wbold Njfth oi tba frtu Mala* u,on tk? righli tbi v lu\ <? to reospt' n fig", v tinvts, ui pnt thsa nil dowB in the d?rt <st ?eioiB, and draw t a* hio >oa an tru'i acd Tan oy can , r. '?? it, aid then 1 nan show you sgjrr i".S on tba f i ttitiiM-iki rights nf ?Mama 4j( tbo frse ftn'.aa that : n i tent rl? ou-weigh aod outnuisber every Bg,ru?- , * 1 1 i>, tLr frse biat'a u; u t'erlgbts nf tbn Am'.h la . ligai In .heir MTU. Ha nro trv li. gas ssperlBMct. >i^ 1 1 trlK'va we ara II lis trials I bavo aevor henn or ' that i mbsr of 1 ...nth of J ; orawrs who g!?>r!fy tha . count}' I ? avo ur'f ? v r? I, wo arc hat la the b^rn i u'i g c,f so i sparlsiont ^'s tu k of osr rep?9llc Whir, ; sir, i I f ? sot nrtlivefi ii i, agestf the ?? di'rs wbifbugnt : lis LaSiitt aiti' gs u'd H* vlctortnn I beliove ot | tatsd an ? rept.blie for fO jenrs Tfeat M something to h? proad of. Bet we havo bo* aorri-ed n of the 1 men ? ho *o?gbt the battlenof liberty, o? the pstrtota aad ; ??!'* *bo furr ed onr c ostitutior se t govern nut We btra what wa havt oblA.ii -I ; by grent tfhrt and at (Rat priee It wa* nnit the mire priea of Hie Revolution, or tho mem price of tba blood tbat was abet, or tba patmt , rraesi is that formed tho enentitattnn Itot, swny bnek, t er^irrleB rpon Mtarttf, 'n (riiisb hSrtory, wh?a power , and j rmc'pie ennteadet? 'e ail tboos cent ar t s. tk< rn has v<o<n going ona lonust whlab .* enlminnt > g o '?tr stpa via ant h#ra No patriot bl "hJ ^ontrd <.ut on the ha'.Ue ?*l * nf nlvll war In Itrylai d b^s bs?n '?*'gn 9r*cl In this norfttat twill Bill this, that we thai' rmaert a nut lemli'al'Bg ?feeia ir to th'' wo?H, |f. at tk a ln?r, when. | ba tbe BfkrnwicdgHisnt <?' tbo Prt aidsnt of the t'nlted *ia*en, ibe b'fsa sgs of fiia-en bsye 4a*ireded pt>a tn'a 1 1 , |.le In iba ehannei* of melr to I -?lry at 1 batiK-m? at n tin.* wkM, by tba oonfcaiija of tha "??L?tcr from Georgia (Mr Toombs) list year on Ibis floor, th;? gt serai government m faithfully per forming ail il? tunottoia Id relation to the slave 8UWa and awry sufc- 1 lay, under ta b olrcamstanoet or ? faithful govern mint, and I will add of a subservient ftiiitflary , if tb'a ooofrdrraey should burst, and this gcrtcut ermn.un!iy of rtuies be dissevered and (all, by the doubtful cnutiugetcy of due actios, lo oarry ; c? t ?bv Mpenweot of b^ato liberty, tad when at that verj day ana bour that we are oomlog to rucb a result, the 8iat?s of )t?iv, having for ooutu Mrs sons through a baptism of blood, and taught by ' He tfcipotlMB of ceiihrlta, are coming together to Pblte their ocergirs Tor liberty aad progress, then, If wc, irotsusht by all the put and reckit** or the pres rst. aid Dl:td to tbe future, ebauid madly laah oar lelvrs upon this dark occan, wboae shores noefeof i prophesy of faltb m rtfteern, I do not know wbst la to be ? tbe 'ulure. Hut 1 do bope, if ?e cannot aettle things in ' ILc ?pirit lr ?hu:h tfcey ought to be tettltd, we will at Watwl avc the courage aid tbe manhood to look tbe thing stis'ght in tb? luce, and ux J '.'rat and wbat it I* I know nothiM about the poncy of tbe incoming administration, ! *ut U h?? bem my fortune, slice I bad a teat on tfils ; floor. to dod mjreif uniformly n oppnaltloo to tbe sd mlnlHifatiou, and I am far from certain that I shall sot lake ' be i?nr,e position with regard to the Incoming ad mU lfiiatlon. One thing 1? certain. If it quit's In tbe verfcmaice of its doty, If it hesitates, ss Mr. Buchanan bts drse, to !i> k c'.tarly in the hne of ths dlfflmrty, tnd mark out a policj ac<l sustain it with bonesty and patrl otl*n>, It eertai: y will cot Ucd mu amcng its suppartsrt Mr Butn, (dim J of Mrs, raid be should not have tpoktt, bu> a? tbe ftnator bad presented tbe issue, he It It It fBrcmbrnt on bun to apeak Mr. Bjui as to be o?ljf ajoke lor hlmseK, without e? mi'atiou with my one. Mr Brown aaid bo wished to know if tbo .stae was, that the bouiii wurto submit to thu election of Mr. I.'n co d, an I II tbe Issues of this election, or war wai to bo tbe result? Vr D os Biid all wbo beard blm would bear h:m wit rrts, ?bv be had -niy said wbat he thought wonld be an Inevitable conclusion asitaus of m shown. J Mr Bmwx? Where is .the war to oome from? rrcrm Houtb Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Oeorgls, tnd Tun " itna thu Senator mean that we are going to ?rake war on the Nrrth f If he does, !et me say to him. onoe for all that be It most egregiously mistaken. All v ?) auk Is, that we be allowed to depart In pcaoe. And do )on mean to lay tbat this !=? not tj bo allowed? that wo shall neither have peaoo in tbe luloa tor be allowed tl.e poor bocn of going out ' If tbat be the attltade, Hits war la Inevitable. We feel that auy tmerlcaa citizen n>t. bilnucd by pass .on, must f o 1 tbat we btvs been deeply wronged, and tbe arcumm'.lated wrongs al' >>ara hav<> tlnaliy reauted In y our irmmph Not tbe triumph of Mr I.'n- i i- , tint the t' umpb Of a prisr.lpl4 wblch it would bo tbo doeptst deg>adatlon In a fr'0 to ?Lbu>'t to; aDd w'th a: tie Calm, quiet dignity 1 can mimmos, I say ? we will not submit We want no war, and we cxp?r.t none We lay to you, in tie langcigo 1 ooco i:ted to the Atiiatur from New York (Mr. Seward), "l ot there be no stri'e between the 4 and me, or tuiwttn thy herdasii n ai.1 my berdtmen If you sill go to the right, we will gi to tho left " And if you will yo t > tbe li I >, we wil go to the r gbt Ali we ask is to be allowed to <'e,*rt In p?*c-e. But K you refute to let us go, iad d< t*ri?tun to make ?nr upon us, thtc let it come, ami Qod defend the r gbt kr ..I, , ?? *? :rtBMOn or lerfrtico c? rattiimiior*! urounce h? SJS'l'f ,V. .**? ?",r"b:n- 1 -e r* v< P- tlon A *Uto w"I oiil f#f |f#M f*?on HI h< r Own nafr *r-.t <? - weLl 'v'thoot doubt7 I ftom New Iltn.i'wti re '< Ir H^', ^V^Vi^o-*'' t'''n"'?r tl at h4a Ann ui a Ibc Ooo0 teuoo to liv V be b.bB.1^ d.uthu, or' b*cwo 'mm !!?J"pltw uS 'tm,-|rou,f |ntrii tlfiQ io,i r?? ? rii- u h im j ?k iftll hibij,^ of Sun ?TKv???r,?J!i;",i5r?^3 svv' ?""'" ! , sxtKare. Si-^'sfrsSKS U>f??f,T.n ?-)??, for, wttiioot ??>? I???r nr . K^r I iS-SKiMo? SSSHF^r""8 IbeV .trf-pe, dt?or, J.V* isrsss ggg^SS&gS sgsgsssiss Hoot, bit wo hf?r"? l^fir ??'? .i? iX.'SvEm,"*.: *?T:. ;KrH^?*ws?SH ?? vs Jsii tsiffssps?' ?????" """'r r M*xj?s $.%s jsj. -ay*; pop^,kiWll#vodfUl?d u* ttr.uih ** omo ih? Ko?^ ?h k*ted fratc*, Ud b< <r>iiid t?-n ti. ur ^r/th ^ *ilia1 ?Er - kss? ?z-^sjs.s^z. "tHF ;" '? ? i d m will lte HrW?i?? u w*r *>"??. W.U hRod, - ? ?u? " Vu' C<+ l VrV/.r//1'.0Mn .t" ^n*tl"?,t, M ??* before ? . . V , *?' '* ??*? ?*? "?? ti.e <im t.o f. if i -.1 <*f?f?thwi of W?r ?h.?M i>.,Aj.. M. CtAle Wf ul3 bf fcuDti FtNI'1 f &ti<1 % m i ? m, , ? ,, , ? LI. II r<m?.o L,m c - ?,i?. r, ? ' SSf-VSLT.' " " " Ur "' ?*" ????"? . S I . M lo blli<1 | ryrn./u <a?. , b<> lh,.M ,h '" .?ESr.'SV^ "" I u. _. ?'?*<? ot Ml ?K,r*Lt. <1 .' r*lx* ("W ) ?' I' *?*?>'? IT?? cut (tfor lh*t ? r .t . ,r n r ?? :u> ?wn ' *.0-1.1, Zf<;;rT:\i/,\u::y:? v i,-? ??? 1 1 s.vrr^;;r/:;,^,r;r7 ;>-??? ? -?.: f ?l ?r r u 1, ' .. . ? l?.i::frji,t r, :l?.r ^ ^ I !Tt*Z!'7 'i-n' "?th,r ?' 1 ,,,??" i** b/'jr j ,, . | . ' ' 1 ?' " i rMd in< B win t^i siw% iS!1"?SX"?'z S ! WuMr,f, >,!VV, lh' Sul* ?' ??.?, 1*^1,. !! ^ < W1 "? ??< ?. bu im It. I 'ouVef iN. d^StoS.tT'.tST wb'inj'' ?? wfr bk. vi ?5T"" x u. a. w ?* ?jr JWt ?T rq swum; ?frTJSTtT ,rr,oo (A?Sn.'i ^r?> :rt?; Zy"Zn^?:S;izih:? SvuR^L?1^ LL* no" " ?b. JUl.u ^ ?lul,!?^ I rloe tbti! M dMIn^td hy n9 n ? r, i ' oibrr*, u nafortoaavif it thoul i |W it win ih/n if MMfk for 0nl?w?r?, Li tor Zr wb.? h?r eourtM will b? ()UB?w?u 7?r" !!! U?b.*ij ofowdrd gm.tarmt.1 fro? Um IIm) title <,f tbc rrnort (fttie K __ . rf'f, ^",T ,r^^""w,iof ^ "m. pJir|^,M"^T W 8t. *JEUU, Unit of R?pr?t?mt*tlvM. Wj?wu?<.TOjt, Dw 6, lv)0 tn Afrnomitnoii mtt?. Mr. htpivjkii, (ftp ) or Ohm, mm tb? Ooma'tft of Wnyitad M?Mt, rtporMd ? Mil mil i| ?vniroi>Ti?K>?t fcr tb? pajrmtnt of ih? tattMd ml other pem ?m; biao ? ' ?U] Tor IM rapport of Um West Pttat MbiMrj kmtmj, Referred to the OonmHtM of Uie Whole on the j'.ate of the I'd loo. T*B BOHWiTBiP bill I'ABwrn. The Boom, by M agalait 186, refused lo tajr on Uio table Mr. Crow's motion to ro ouilder the rote by which tie Committee of Agrioalture'H Homestead bill was last session referred lo the Committee of tto Wbole oa the gtste of Um Ubton. Tbe House then recoesidered the vote. The bill was thoa brought up for aetlon. Mr. (>aow, (rep ) of Fa , did nut desire to Imin this measure, tbe prlnelile InTolrcd baring boon familiar to ' tbe oouotry for tbe past ten yrars. This bill, however, arc Ida the prominent objections In President B : h*nan's veto meaatge. H does not propote to donate lauds, but rtquiita payment or ten dollars for ldO a ras U might, il ctetstary, quoto Jaritsun Suuiasto, t rbow tbai tbe formtr wau of tbe opinion tbat the publl ? lands abould not be a Kuiiouf federal revenue. Ho moved the previous q"<btu.ti, under the operation of which tbe bill passed? 133 agatnat 16 nil ro?,T Hurra uill Mr COMAX, (rep ) ol lud , niovtil that the Voftt Route bill, retnrned Irum Uie Bouate at the lorm r ??Mien with amendments be referred to the l*oat ottlco C<m<niti?4 He remarked tbat Uteri had been do suon bill paaaed for tbe ia?t thiee > ear*, and It waa desirous to ha/e aotkn tsroon aa possible. Mr Fimu. (opp.) of Va , objected, laying the govern aiKt t >i ilnar>ciaiiy em*iBrraasod Mr. loLv.tx? Tbat ta true, but we draw our pay. He tan ptr oimed bis duty aa to th's matt- r, an I aatd, In ooBcluaton, ihero w?re several reforms prop?sod in tbe ?ih,ard tbe Foalinaaicr lieupra! ??? aoilotn to know tbe disposition of Congress aa to oontracta with railroads. Objections to taking up the bill and referring It were perslrtfd In. FANLuti or tub ii iiTiii ac^nanv ami rsmio* htuh. On motion ol Mr f hb&Ma* . tbu House wont Into Com miiUn ot trie Whole on the State ol the Union? Mr. WaibburDe, of in , to the chair Tbe Commltteo took up the Military Aoademy bill Mr Cvrt!1*, (n ji ) ur Iowa, offered aa amendment pro viding that tbu Huay of cadets shall not be extenoed be yond lour years. A debate eosued on the amendment, which was re jeot< d. Ti o rtusioo bill was read This, with tbe Military A?,ai i my bill were snbseqoontly pax-ed. TUB rBKMiOBBT'S MB?HAt'B Mr ??m*/B offered a series of rua .let! db, referring various branches of the President's Mtua^e to appro prate standing com millets At two o'clock the House adjourned. NEWS FROM THE PACIFIC. Arrival of th? Poajr Kspraaa? B?ata of th* Markets? Riot Between the SltfroN ?nil Wltltu at Victoria, Jkc , Ac. font Kxabxby, Dec t, 1840. Tfeo pony express from California passed here a'. twit past ten o'clock this moralng, at J rurnlsbes 10 the preaa I lb* following summary of tba newt from the Paolflo ooeat SU* Fiurasro, Kot. 31? 8 M P. M. There la no ahlp newt to report. Trade continue! dull with ltu!e of Interest leg'ttmktely trantplrlrg In tbe market Attempts to force sal<* of Cuba tugara and tplrlla turpentine at auctiou have boon met infarorably. Tbe Emtly Seyburc'e cargo, 600 bbla muscovado, was advertised at auotlin, aud holders ?' other i?rcels dropped tbelr pries fr< m 10c t? 8 )<c. Upon tbe otlurlrg of tbc Cargo, M htids. told at $9 17 'i per tui.drcd pounds, and ihe balauou was withdraeu. A ttlmliar course was pursued in rtgasd to splrlte turp<?n time A largo Impoit was put up at auction, an.l. bout* ri,ni(>?ie<1 with by otb* r holncs, re*:lt--d in salesol about 6,110 gallunt at SOc. a 96o , b.ia falling for any larger 0i ant'tv. (,'?ndlis bare ontlpurd to more free'* ?alee since tbe last despatch onpDito 3 640 botes idjma< tiara a? 14 '?o a iJ ,o , tLo martot ohwtog dno, witn nd; -m od* ol *n ad"?i,<i-t ram the 0"miug w.ek Pr?>Tlsi"i* of all kiiids mitt re if little lp<,ul?y ; tbe too uency of the market Is still unfuvo-anlo a f?* goods ia oiler nnei are s?l:ii>g, but too .mvaWlog tone of trie mar lit is (gainst sellers. HreadatuDs Had bl active rwju ?t for eoppueiptlon snd export. wlih a tendency to Improve Oregon ilmir is beginning to err I re, and Is likely to cboos at.y advauoe of m meut tfoon ubippirg vark-tiea of ? l. rat are quotable at fl 60 a SI 00 ?' >ur o?: i*v\< liooglt <?r?i>iy for I.tsi'ipom ? within the i*st fi ?!*>* now* M M( *?o?s have t>< en taken *t t4 26 ? f V lUrloy is lu lair iifiiMu.d for hi* York at >1 a 11 1 2)j Sim e lh? i>part*iris of toe l*?? poay expreri California liar Wen i' ti n arlr barren of d<>m<-<tie newa. The incoming p->ny eaprcee, w th M, l/iuls <lit?? to the 19th. telegraph a to Fort Kearney, ar r \cd at uiipd \ alley on tUe nlgbt of tlsp m, ard wilt riseb *an Krsnctaoo to-night, otit two da}* behind llirt. Tbe Eastern nrws re wired by ibis espiraa by telegraph from (fern >n Va ley reiatirg to ai rets'on gemoaatratiare uf Hiuib Carolina Oorgla, .so , bavaca'iwd ao unusual sensation, forming tie nniversai topic of conversation, generally In n re grutful mood. Msjur ,1. it Heoit, Unifd Statrs Army, died In San 1 raLOleon^n tbe 21' I. Hie brig (i H <abot. anchored at Mendoclaoa daring a gale nit tlir 16tb. ao 1 waa capalseit Too inatn and lis of i he crew me'o lort. A l>o?t prxmMig f'om tne snore to relieve the dbvt, manned b.? live men, waa also uapslacd and ail lost Iinrlrg the pest six week* an i.noeua* nnmbcr of whn'e ?bli? have tenrhed at ?'an Kraaelnco, laid in S'r->p'ie?, dts charged an I reshipneil orews, negotiattd rtrafM on tbe Cast and obtained Kastern ad?loe* at mob taring of t*mo and ir< ney as Cemenatratet the immense adv a-ii*g) of Haa I'.snriscn over Honolnla as a wbalirg port. A telegraphic despat< o, recelre t to oay from. Yrolca, acnouicis ine d. alb of Oelsvm i?mitb, at ' , (.'irgou, 'D the ]H.h. !!?> waa rvos&Uy oue of ILa (Jalf-l Senators from ttat ?lala By tbe Brother .i?nathin, full advloc* from i?ngi>u arc reeaived to tbe 17ib, and from Brttlah Uolnm b a to tbe 10th. large Lumbers of Cbinraii bad arrived at "ort^aad from the mitis In tbe British iiMatatioiS, bnving D.uudrmn oQ by tbe ; a lians . ReparU of rteb |ol<l : lnca In Oi cgon aud W ^h u p?n continue a a tsnal Tte wwMin factory at %|<-m waa rnnnlug nifht and dav, Kacofactnrlog 'abrica wbli b Und a rendy market. fiice Not. 4 IIIAOOO In gobl baa bcec reclvot at VKiterln frem tte Praaor River it tnaa. Trimwaa a a- rioua riot at the Victoria finatra, Nv vimiir I, growing out of ,ong exiating prejotv-ea of segri cs sgau ri the whites Tbn r;rgro Miu i'atton em* irattd to bnt.rti Colnmola fr.-im Caii'oi ul* to lm? - >ve tbr If *? rial rM*ltn>n, which tb> y oi'in Ui bare duae ?ud to be i?i al In a>l things to ang otn?r race The we'tes 'emarred, and Uie n>ara(*D<< nt of tbe theatre pro 11* I ica'a for it* colored patrne a l.i a reparate part nf tie in. urn na I be n*gbt In qeotMi tbe ngi*" ooc(?r- >d a f.iaa t> take poiSi aaion or tba r?s< r*<it seals Two no gioea rm l creed ? en i-me to the pari|iiett?. The whitee n<lemp4ed to expel item The sct?rr on the atigw Jeo>|?d Into tbe pai'i?etl? to a*a at lu tbe igh . The ladus I >ok rrfVige bek ad the soso> ? a p?rlg o? iic^ki, 1 armed with ota?a, ram* to the renru? of tbetr fe'l ??* A iien.ber of wlilteawer* kaar?ed Ujwa nod ki<ke<t l>jr negrms. Ligbted rami lienn la m pa were to ? va ab<>ut, bi 'ftlrg, ac ?] sett'ng tbe tbeatro uo r o I. d^ivM I tot priteaslin act drove o it the w'j tea v.u were m I I rn r? ni"?' I f-ime of tbe negro * bad Ore ?r- ,s T ? I prl? 1 1 pa ' r'tlaravreie arreetei,* 1 w<ar waa n alees i by U e | ,,oc. One hundred begr^ea were r ,? gad in toe riot Arotber attaak oa the lb ' atee waa plnenei for .'oeem >r r 10. tba .?y tba itcani* r left, a laige |? f< riM wtu. ; t?e on ba<. i. Tea Wi^mt Bail Paae<.B ~'I>e Mrn '.<iws i; iul will glee tbelr reg?lar annbal ball at Pi< t Ity un? .ra'> / Kiofts tblacTen ng Thla, wa :? : . -ve, '* the laa g tr.i ttoo of military i<a It for the pee seal ? Inter :i a>a Amis- o?Wt?? W - . . ? i Jll,rlll end t arni'e, will le?t^ 'rata a at* r ax a cf tbi Op#r* at tbe A<? eir.y of Mu? c on frlday nveclig n? tt, wb> n Auber'a " Ki-raan illo" will be given Tba saM of reals comm?ncea tbia morn 'eg. Peraon*l Intelligence^ fe-i. J- hn 1?'?, member of the fnerioeie' ''ar' ameet o'Oarad?,anl mapagcr of the H ark Tr-.ok Hailruad, sa"ed in lha AfHca|*aterita| frr *.ig'ao f. Hor Itaas Bifhaeap, "f P* ailton, C. w ? ;Vib?rt Waltrre, ef Krgiacil, *ed Thotna* 14 tbid 1, of (Jhnriesw o, 8. C. , are earplug *t tbe Bn rvort TV .re Kx f3r>verter tairiwinka, -?f Wrreont; Hon F B thr gsn, of Aov'-m, S Y and n A < f n iklrv, am e> j p'rgat the ,?*ior 1' 'is? rr. Van P'isff ?*e, of W?e'rhn*h; 1. t Wya**, of Ail *nv, abd tlrrry *eie,afNtw York, ar? tttyplng at tba Evirett At use. Oeo Klml'trUy, of New R.vea.flin H, Vaaij"* aw ?a?r. of Aibtuy; M br )ig*. of K'. land. and M ''trant, of Cuba, are stepping at Uie Cla?-od .o Hotel Ju^ge Uxtogst" n an t wife of New Tor* rv J. 0. Aver ? d ?? n of lowell; Pr. 0 W fbltaM HilijC. W Tlllirgbast I W fn'-er, of Irog nMJ^h wmuros, ef IVwion. ?< M*r?h, of Ti nnl# , A It I awrte atd M L?wry,of &)?1? n , at " rtr pp ogat the Fifth ktt ane H' tel. C v A (i TartlB.o' Peprsylvanla. todg? W?Ili,or flart fo d; W. C. Fran:e, if Ha:t more K A.rsamJar, of Ntw York: R. O Parks, of lUlaots ; r P Tnr>< fall an I loha Hawkins, both of and II K Kogr*hall and M A. Ksi'cgg, b< th of Po ladripbla, and A Young, of St. Lcula, are ttopplcg at tbe hi irepi.i tta tiotei Ron. A I Parker, of Aihae.r; Hoa C D. Hohler, of Boetca; Hie. U B Ornckeraud H??a. A. P Urant.ot (Ja* i wrgo F Reeie, of M raraota . I R t'amerr.n, of Canada K F Stewart, of P uth Uarollha. Dr loglihart, of tba the I'nltrd Mates .Vary. T. Wsrr..-, Ol M:.>?ai;hnselta. | Jota W i i arretf, of Bali imwpe, and A W Oray, of Vig. , glata, are *t? ppii g at tb? ft. Ntcbolaa Hotel Hra Btib J r*ar?, of LUrMftd, Onaa ; J A'k'n.W ' C. ttwle and F-ar is 'Kwn rg jr ,of VeW Vert , 9 Pal I ? tt of Pb' ?e?i hit <V P rJlat ', o? 'few Ram; ?"art , rr?f I.V' fi ?d W".-, a ?' S V I- IB "I % ) ? i'' ;>r t gf- an ' W ?>.i Wr,|tn?y aM.I party, of KarriatowB, are Mcpftag at tut Albetnarlu Uotol. THE (MIS IT THE MM. Despatches fro* Charleston, Celin bia, New Orleans, Mont^o ?erj and Richmond* TDK MILITARY STRENGTH OP SOUTH CAROLINA INTERESTING LETTER FROM SENATOR HUNTER. * * *?* 4* IMPORTANT FROM SOOTH CAROLINA. Cmlciiiiu, Ooc 6, I860. Tbe House parud tho bill to provide *u aratod military *>roo without tpp' ?i'.i?in It aith >rlM the government to oall luti, ict ? .^e it a thorn* a volunioen. It *11! b? taken up lu tbi fei ?ia vo morrow. Daring lbs ditcDMioo .n tho 1 o<i?ialnre yeeterriay M OfUbilaliug ?n Ordoauaa Burraa, Mr Ruett Mid there tad be?n tor several ft*'* lu Charleston c ghl of ibe largm (isp Patxhan,_wlilcti U'.gh'., perha,.(, be nued lo taking U)? forte. Mr. M*rf ball eald tbsPtate bad 383 Infantry oonoanle?, f 0 cat' airy, 18 artillery aa<i #8 ride notnpanlaa? making 121 ballallua. 10 re g'mtnti, 14 brigade* and o division!. Mr. McGuuan aa!d tbe total military torrm wn 85.000. To morrow tbe e xct.oo for telogatea to th? Convention will take piaoo. Tbtre in do oxrlieroeot whatever, but a quiet cttermioatlnD on the piri or tbe' people in oarry ibe Statu cut of tbe Union ar ioud aa poamblo. loo dele ?.at?s will ail be for immediate aejc** on Tbo President'! Metnag e la bere It does not orenta rou*h r<n>ark Tbe people wc? a prepared for the view? f?pr?Mo?l la relation to K-craaion beforehand, and arc '*?\rg aocb iter* aa thoy deem nec?t*ary to meet what ever tilgency may ai ire. the election of Governor, It la b*tlt?vo4, w !'? not lAko nla'o till Monday next Tbe Courier and Mercury puVlahed the Tic* tent's Meassgo tb a morning from Hmw ooplos. EXCITEMENT AT CHARLESTON. I'HAat asrosi, Dec. b, 1800 Tbore la great excltometl bere to-night about tbe eioo lion for cclegaUa to the 0.>nv?o lion to morrow. Tbe el?c tlcn will be bitly contreted Tbe mil Ury were oat th:.i even In; !n fi.!I force, with Palmetto burners Dying Anoth >r 'lap-Ull writ Iri'Wgu ruto1 do lh? Citadel Gr?en M?jor 8*even?, Hu?er nteodent of the CitiJol Academy, delivers! as %. dreu l^mentlag the late of tbe once glorious tUri end stripes A largo nun-.ber of lactlos attended the eoremony. THE SENTIMENT OP NEW ORLEANS. Nrw Outworn, Dec. J, 1S60 A tynojflaat the rVeal loit'a tf *iage waa received b'-re in ,lay, It la eoatl'lnred aa oo? Interfering wtttk the r!<ht o! iccwl'm, but di-ea not cover tUe ground, and ihe rcuitsly by obcitttulionu) kmobti.jcut ia Uejji.J !n eCelcnt. Iho confmpJMM ra fting of m??rcha&tB lad buck* failed. Tuo principal ?>ibmercUi h.ujce will Bold out. Tbe banks are a'! Urn TI?E FEEL] NO JN ALABAMA. Moxtgombki, Dec ft, I960 Tho frrrklaM Jge e'ect?ra tret hem ti day and cart tfcelr to tea Oi'ooel Rbia wai a<u< at metr .ger. Mr Ymoev d* c I ? a ? 5 going aa Commlta'ticr U? Bor.lh Otroltra. He win b? in the Convention 0' tK la mate at ibc time ibat tbe c/iiim'a?lonoie are ami ont Jobo El rcore will |o aa or.mml'eioner M "South Carol'ca jodff Sorter will go tn Georgia CommtMionera will bo lont to all tbe Stawe Uut h>id Couver.llone The nrwa from tbc varloua ccr.ntlct la Alahti ? cor t'uue favorabln to iho diauloulate. There .? no doubt or tbe aecterlon of Alabama, wlib or a'thnat 1*0 ith Caroliaa. IKTEHE8T1NO EBOM VIRGINIA. K 'T*rai>, rvw 6, I960 Jobn V. r.or Bolta baa written a letter, which w"! Boon it-prar, presenting hi- vlewa ?a to tbe polley beat caicu latod to preaerve the Prion. He auggr?t? tbe p??-age ef a law by C->t great au*' eg II treaaon for aoy lull* idual to tbo North.- n Hiatea fcavieg nuiltfleallon 'air* pio tbelr atatnte h.oka to aid In rtaculng a (lave netted tu.ifer tbr> Kug'l^e SI?vo Itw, and con>i*iill.ig a?y State rr fotlag to ?urr?nder a fugitive elaaa to mate fall itemnity for tald t!ave to tit* owner. bECh^BION MOVEMENT IN TEXAS. New Oaixaiw, Dec 4, USO Tl?e r.ltlaera of T> sa? liwt been urged In a olrci'ar let - trr, al| by a nnw.bor nf lo'tiimen, to elejt delegate* li a C^ivet,' on mj tbo V.h of Jan try, Mid Convention tc ate' tnli!? at the Cayllol oa the fourth Miudaj of tho rame n>cntn The movement ?P7*-nre to meet with p.'jular tai l tl >n NLW JKhSlY bTATE < ONVFJlTlON 0*' ALL UN!<?N MEN. Tiiaroa, I kg ft, isflo A IHate Convention of ei. t'atoa a?on, led efl by Cvmmo drre Ptw ktoB, William C itViander e? Oovernor Pr'W, Cklwool Paler J. Clark, Peoatjr Taorapaoo aod a large tnmh^r of leading men of tbe fltate, baa beeo oalled at rrmtoe "? lltt of JxToBih/r, to oononet iuctt m ?? hun ? aa i' ay be dtentd a l .aaule uadtr Ui* prMcnt orieia of ?he reroblM. T be fol'o?lBg l? the mli 'or tbe Ooorentk>a:~ The nadtralgaed ro?p*?H'ully tovite the p#>'i>la of Saw Jertry to *?e?nihle ia ?>?*? Omeaatl**, at Treuton, 00 rn?J?y, tb? lltb Ua* , al Iwrlre o'o'ooc, at the jtato H" re, toroee'der tin oneaitlon of national itaira, ait tu r< be rt av< b icraaiiiea aa may bo deemed advlaable M.urr tho P'imiI ctu a rf ear te|Hii?io ill anttonaJ ?ca ??. u .-r of L> ica men ? ? a* hre i?. ? itetf to aiimd The tail le'igiwd a- ret.r* ??'i.ta'.ivra of all tbe nat onai paitrt* in U.a Mate b> U.v>yaaM?. Ainoig ahlob wo vUekguato^ sr,:vr*,?, ?? JOHS n |< a <^r, Dat it ma < K, 1 Br??..k r' :go I: U iLM Ws )V, f atu Uti. Wtt C *1 tX*!S.iSJt, I W M WRMHf, I ef>fK?N?> r 'nrr., ) if* 1. y? kK KB | TH M *1 <V??v, ; Touglai aid w* Com. I ibMOI. F?if?T I W?TK'R. LViI?N A Cl , .!? F3t, J JO* V K4NDOUJ, 1 ?R*..> ?! T . JAfK't R'?H ?P, I o 1 . CM * < DR-HiKt, M<1 P*,TH< ? DC NY CS, I RTr*U i kttrK*. BV?lt,1, OUM. ?T?KKTUV, PRA\r.IW FOK Tgr ONION. T*e eorrae ^f prayer wi"t'r,ga, wh .h have been be d di 1 .( $ the pnaeni wok at the chorrban of the Iter Dra. icana ar 1 Pottg, to t?vo?# the blraa'ng nf DlflM l*ro?J d? if* rpoe tb?- proree-i rg- "f oar eatlcaaJ ' ongreae ltd up a cur 1 atloaa. aitaire, <*ao ntmaed yeai"rj*y at tb? Calvary Rapfal ehorch (f?ev Of (tMteMe'a), la Watt T?erty tbif itrret A largo atd 'lahlonabii- oon graft lion wna la ait. n lac re. The rarvteat were oommweed at taeitec >-li(k by the Hev t* i'otW, who otered ep to rtrnett and all Ting prayer for the guidance of tb? A>il|?'y la th^ aJm'ulpi ration of tha tllairt of Um re pnhpf, aid fwrilminrly brer wight Rv? bieaa ng to real ujt r onr national leg I* atom who have jott aaamnblod aa tbe Thirty Ongreea He wna followed by ti.e R. ? Pre. Partiw and MeCvtM, and by the fU r Dr. B^thcM la aa addresi, tt the eioee of ntlch be anaounred Ui ?t tha meeting of to day woaM be held la Dr. rblll)w' church The eervlaea coae/nued al ?na < clock A aim liar meet! ig for the mm* pnrpeee wna bald darlag the day at Ibe H' fm>*nrii?ia oh ureh, ooraer at eighth tvtauaaad F ?rty third tlrwt. PALI, FN TITR PRICE OF WOOL. fTrrm Ibe H< r ! *nd Adveetlwr. Dae. g | I>r reneet dr 'ire >r ?? fit* .i(T? t?d many parti-M la 'h'? ?rrr>rry ahi H? ' 1 ?to ?* trd gaiwaa tbem ? - ...T, . nf ?t)' 'II e" ? ? fh? der.'tt la a?ld to he 'ol'y ten cen?* r?r r f ? *J ati'iwooil radnoe t to OOrrw f ? 't. 1 1 I ? ' yr - ''linn of Seal (rial. r?e le lire tin # *'<? mt >? ' ra"?i ? for tn improvement. ibaJteeiera mat acior.ia .(? 1. a atopptng , tad many

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