Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 8, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 8, 1860 Page 3
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ftta not uce tenia the Bbwn tm of the tw Ire onal butrlDf 4UM ol the Bn:n, u>t including the <i'.eg|lff S Hoover les Wsat ol the Rooky Mountains aud on lbs MAk Tt>o tvidtoeoa of this Important mineral ut sot par I'coiarl) oonttncd to t> s loot of the Roiky M>uniains, bat aru loend in different iocs littles along the MUeonrt rl-er, ui Nebraska la the Valley of Vnreigrss, Merle ds 0?&rcs, Ntasbu end Marine ton, to Kau*a* la New Meii?, txj'dea the pneleua meta'a, i>i e, e >pper ead t ea are f.uLd. tje gold ead al'.ver mln-s ere there worked by o<mpeal<a, application baviog o*?n made to toe Hut TO) or General o aoik tbeee mi nee end enquire I'le rltftt to ro to ?>y diaonvery and " den'?uD cement," ftrcording to tbe leas of old Spain end Mex>ot bat for wblch theru .? no autL. riiy uaJer tbe legislation of Coo r<H In O egos aid the feMtory of Washlrgtoo seta <? flc ex p oration* of i)r Evana, under the auaptoea ol tn ? govern ?toot In past years, have denonatrated the us *u-ooe rf mloeral resjuicea In irany localities, aod our lend ? rvejort Ui extending >>>? ilnea of tbe puhl o survcya kite ibomu tbe faci of i ? exlslcuoe of mineral! In the vailejs both tut ucd ? tlui this Car o?d* Mountains. The necessity an 4 vein of the 0 >el produot on tbe Pe ?>c shores to our bin establishment, end oapjclally ?nataierolel marine, must bt obvious to ell Then, In re ?urd to sterile or iBarabw soils lnund In nilntag regions, u la the province of icmnk to seek out chemical earths 1 1 1 1- deem waato laa<ia aud irupart to tnma f?rtlluy Three considerations mduoe tbe reoommendatlnn that I^OKK'fial aLd mineral ex ploratlona and aurveya be or *ert>a by Concrete, xltb authority for the publication of reauJia. urn or ornuvio*s ran* 1m vabch, 186T, >0 SOra rSiTBMIIF* 1880, aMHHACINO ALDO IHB Lift I a OK fiTK.VI.1 uc TO kitrn novkmbbh, 1800 finite lands and private claims surveyed, ...64 018, Qiiai.ttty sold tor cash, acres 14 341,887 t er chase money 89 180.TTT 86 loca'ed with boanty land wai rants 16,675 982 Cerliliid under railroad grants 8 977 (104 Approved to State* under swamp (rant 6 482 288 Itobraeed by surveys retain for oocQrmed private olalms In California 8,101 3)3 Total aores 47,484 889 "Hirae land sales are embraced in 171,111 certificates of psrobate, ea-h w:tn Its corresponding receivers' renetpt. ??:>arat.-ly examined, ;*? ted and all MMrihMMsa ai.d errers noted, sn<i lueasnres taken for tbelr oorrwitlon. Biiidrs tbe mires gro*lof out of these sales, there were n quired, dvni>g the rame period, on ac<iouatof land warrant* i?mn m i railroad relectloos, pro-omp tion ?ti*rle>, Kn 8^3 COO 'ntrl'S, In tbe tame book* Tbe borntv latii warra'ita examined and registered nnm^er lei <128; 1 r? . mptl' n ever acted, en, 34,720. ac> nreni* aojuii"1, 11,767? while tbe correspindeuoe lias estenden to U0 90S ls'>ert written all of which are re ?yidert, fll 'ti 2<2 folio olnnM of 600 pa^i s ea:h. From tbe 9<tre ?t ri ng pilot of thls'reiueic 1 1 present date, tbe n>'irbrr n( | ateots or all kinds lamia 1 Is 5 7,786, tbo reeori or wh'cb coven 610,886 pages, 01 1,022 volumes of 6 jo p .*<* e eh. Tb p'pira'lon of iwamp land patejt* and railroad lists or lR 638 360 acris, required an .m un of labor eqaat 11 il at of preptr ng 244,203 paten a for 'Bads sold for es b, which, added to tbe uuiuber of pa ents aciually la* u< d aa above a tale), would make an aggregate equal to 781 688 oath patent*. Biter ring to the sphere and extent of tbe details con nected w th be lard service, as Indicated In tbe forego Ing, ai>d to tbe labors of Its numerous emplo>6i, It is Jif Icull to o- nvey a just ISoa o' the complexity 0' tbe que* tlona of Uw aoo of fact ?hicb have o-xi^tanlly arlsaa for yeara In the administration of Its wultifario 1* duties. Tbeee related to tbe r> guiarliy of aaUn, nrsiguTMi'^. pre emptl< ns, rural, mumcptl ant posta railroads, straiao, graduation, iuterual lo>p-oveaoct grants, soboo<s, ao oouiits, in sui veja tu foreign tltiis, oitun with Imuieuao Ictereits tsvolvid In tbe considt-rstlon e' theae snhj'-cti th? opinions of tbe Attorney General, dec slot s ot tne Secretaries, cf tbecx uitanf >aw,nf local Juiisdi^tlou, Htate aud federal, and the Supreme Court of ibn Uulte l Jti.'<? bsvc 1 eccs as'lly to be extminod with a vletv to tbo application of Ule proper princ pica the right of appeal from the decision of the General IjuiO OfU ie Ilea to tbe Secretary of the Interior, unrte wbote revlalon every Important question h?a i-cp nass d 0|>.u and fluall* adj late J, and a n >se cnl'gbu u.*d ocel nu t conatitute im,xiri?i, t ooutrlbutiona to our system or land jurisprudence Ru?p<-oiin|iy s nmlttod. J i3 d W l.riOS, t)o nmlas'^aer. Kon. UO'B Tu. mpsiii, Secretary of tbo Iaterlor. K) 1 PI ITKVCIT OF TSS SrKVKYISII BSTl'RVn TO THIS 0F>t(H, FSOX OUT 1,1869, TO 8KPT 30 1800 euowwo Tint .VI MI1KS or MUM arSVBTBD Uf Tda I'lCFSKKM UTaTK4 AM) TI?.K!T> W, AMD TUB A?USB?;aTB tit MCK OF AOSBS B^HRACSII SIBKHir. Orign'l Surre vi and K-turnyi BUrfet and Tenitoriet Mx't vhMm l ink* Acres Miaseurl 172 4S 61 2 267 01 WiBCOBSln 2086 3) 60 6>i 1U7 05 Iowa 903 3 43 364 118 44 Minnesota Aate 4 718 39 69 1.16^372 78 Minnesota Territory.. 601 76 74 iJ02i8d Kebraaka Territory... 4 TH {6 23 1 CS0 ,-05.Otl Kanias Territory 8 019 69 23 2,167 220 6S liOnislana 2*1 88 43 lRd.U2 82 Florida 2 863 46 t?3 8U 441 44 New Mexico 2,341 17 8J 1 2"J iJS 66 DM ? ? ? Oregon 1,109 88 86 3 >A 844 03 California 8 049 77 82 2 8^7,163.00 Washington Territory. 2 992 76 83 62tt -76 69 Aggregate. . . . 36,388 34 80 11,000,419 92 NO 2 ?xniarr or nil QCAjmrns or ri'Buo luw, ?xctrciTt o? MClIOSg, IKIPIKIH MB MAkKlT A.1I> NOT AD TBnTIMBD riK fAlK ON 80lH JVN* 1?C9, ALHO, TKB orAMTiTii .< pbbtabbd y H mun oraM MM nxcAL Uil M?M JOM 80, I860, ANN HHO W I Mi Hi (JfAJITl *m adtimumd roit iuij dcbisu tub iamb ris cal tub; th* QCAftTtiiia ruriui) roa maxkbt axd ad tbitnid roa cali dotum thi yr abt?b m>i?u nr TaiiitKK 70. )8oC, auh, tub wbolb uiantuibh or on orrani. fnavano ri huc labim o* hand aatrxaaaa 90. 1800 lWj!I?!! 1 nil! MNM# M?*?m mzmmmin 1 issrsisss si gsKSsSsIsi i i i E *? a. I. ? c gifii? S3 I 3 1 1 iH I I OK 11 ill 1 nfinuniiisai S5?dS|g*l3?-?III sm 1 Ml rim iff Infil uiMili 1 Hat? S 1 1 liill 1 1 ii 1 1 :?*??? S *3 8 8 o - 1 1 1 y 1 1 ? 1 1 ?1 Hi 1 1 WHifl A\i%\ sititsiEssiiSUi tl&l .?lUIi mo s, |ai ii mr OTiiaa m* m ? i or rUHUC i i-riw nvarsi nva ?rAki>m tri-mu S ia tamaaaa 1800. m 1 1 * \ti\ n ; 1 f ill ?! Carina Ik* ?aaTy*ar p?<i'a "ih Jmi iw wi.Mi.u not mi m 1**718 m I>1?r'?r thft M ?jo'n'r npi iw miomo 141.07! v wwtn imtmis *?*?' tw in u 11 u3s 11. m 1 ft x* ti 11,(81.113 a iir? IHi m? us* Ml; H }rf| tid hj m 1 h? k! ?arai ymr ?wi'f Jn 1*00 . 8,781,780 1 074 7CM0 f 1 MS Itlu 24 7 91 002.4t Pnrtti* t?a ? ? oa-'Or awi'V *1 r?vi , iMO M? ww 97 977 m 7J mt? 7?* n To4*l 3rT M0 ? <47~770W tl 111 ?? 97 9 1W ?J0>i NO 4.? g^&MF LtNPS. ?TAtivaai ai?iMin?M taa qcastitt or i.a?t> aaircrari ?<m rat ??.av?i r?ra? renin raa act* or riwtw, Amor** *a ' a 2, 1M0 ??d ?arraxaaa 28, I860, tip to an(' itrraaaia 30. 1800. ?<*, 4/4 fr, 1X10 l*7r,l?<IO 2J ft , 1800. H<ii ?i? ? 744.10 ? Mi??,nrl 3 047.00 ? 03 W? 01 gS^-^Wf -r-tm. <?"'? ?~5 Tolal 22 188.82 67 446.91 482, 970.80 r?t- tmi*ng TM at mock t\t S<t qr , 1860. June 10, 00 AaUofgrmU Ob io ? ? 64 4*8 14 Irdiana ? ? 1 004.782.60 111 Inoti ? It Ml tT 8.269 862 78 M Muurl ? 101 .289. 12 4.409 492 98 Alibtmi ? ? 2 696 21 K'MiMippI ? MVS. IT 8 OTt) 846 29 ? 81V 480 00 2 679 v74 2W Mk '4t. 814 61 68 440.70 10,7e6 761 48 Loula'a, act '60. ? 684 24 6*8 83* IS I Michigan ? _ T 278 724 72 Aika??>s ? _ 8,462 112 88 I ? 11,700,087 40 VltObmlB ? _ 8,449.888 28 ToUl 814 61 962 969 60 67 187,650 09 NO. 6.? SWtWP L4"IH Itiimn wxHTBtnwo thb grAimTY o? aptrotwp to TUB feSVBIUL ? AT? t'JIIUB TH* At.lB OF OUKUHBM AH tWKD HAHtU 2, 1849 Aim MITimiKK 23, I860, or TO All T) BWDIIIfl Sft 1 K#in ?ate$ i ji qr 18M> 1M qr , 1800 3d qr. , 1800. lllMOorl 8 990 76 ? ._ 146 887.74 ? ? Uraia'a. act '49 483 106 50 1 9 371 03 SI 707 90 Ark an Ml 846 02 390 101.23 2,160 80 Florida ? 7i,l60 VI ? WUcouiis 93 207 . 08 182 460 . 97 148 910 . 00 Total 076,710.09 644 084.7* 172 834 82 l'ear ending total timet the Statei 34 qr. , 1880 June 30, 1800. da/eof grxmU. Ohio ? ? 26 040 71 Indiana ? ? 1260 987.61 M troi? ? ? 1 431 471.06 MifBourl ? 41,101.08 8,818 604.72 Alabama ? ? 2 695.61 M'tauaippl ? 145 887.74 3 008 642 31 Iowa ? 21.616 06 5 to 610 89 LovM'a, aet '49 . ? 480,063.94 8 168 679.01 Louia'a, act 60.. ? ? 247,910 48 Mlrbtgaa ? ? 5 4*6 231.41 Arkatiaa 81*1934.(0 602 820.60 7 '4*8,448.13 Fiorl a 44 127.47 72 50.92 10 Mil .007 . 76 W I :OU?ln ? 404 674.11 2,066 290 . 21 Total 80*061 97 1 674 708.96 44,287,971.80 NO 0-XVAUl' L4MJJ |rjin*t1T kTHTBITINO TW* <jr.i>TlT? I F LAND f ATKHTOI TO Til* KBTaajLL fTATBH CM>BB TUB ACT Of OWOUOM APHB'JVBO PIITIMBKK 28 I80O fitat/t. ilk qr. , 1849. 1800 24 qr , 1860 lllib-iia _ _ 68 901 H7 *t'K nrt 36 882 16 282 11 74.1*7 58 Alkniiaa* ? 99 -lob . 87 44 077 63 Iowa ? 3ei 127.13 ? Trtal 35 83*. It 480 66* 11 177 116 98 y*ir ending Tutal fine* l\ t. Mate t 3d qr. , 1860 June 30, 'CO Juxlent Ohio ? ? 25 010 71 Inoiana ? ? 1 264 844 66 I llMtt 162 S41 09 fS Ml 89 1 P87.029 06 I" ifBourl 69384 91 llO.iol 82 2 VG 110 08 MlMMlppt ? ? 2 64^ 6 8 39 Lfrnuii 106,698 07 ? 1W9 ?98 07 Mtct>t?an ? ? 6.069 Oil 68 Arkauaa ? 1 080,821.12 6 0U36T08 Florida ? ? 10 818,619 >6 Wlfci.ain ? ? ? 1.474, o8i. 23 loan ? P99.722.87 423. 8* 4. 40 Tc tal 411820 97 1,0(6 007.70 81,461,220.37 NfJtHKR com mon or aortrrr laj> i> ar?i,?a>H OM irrs of 1847, 1860, 1862 HI 0 1*66. HHi>?l?U TIIF IIWM AN1> UiraTlOBM rm M 111* <?>?*BM*M?.ST I r TUB Of? kAtian l)\DBA TBI fBVKKAL acta, To MHTiyn-.i. 3D. 1860 Act or 1847. Orcdeof Number Aartt rm' rai?i Number W rrant. mue'i thery Located 160 acrta 80 588 12 I'M 6?0 71(170 40 acwa 7 676 3u3 040 0 201 Total 88 114 13 189,120 81,171 Act o/ 1847 Grodtfif Jcrtt embrac d Number cut- Acta em v arrant tk*r>h* itarxltng br'4 thcr>bg 1(0 WIN 11,1*79 960 o li-.H t/08 8^0 40 aoers 248 140 1 376 66 000 Tote! 12 227.240 7.' 43 961 880 Jet rf 18^0 Qradt of Xumber Atret rmbracd Si'umher xatiarU. unt d. Ik,rrhy. LocnUd 180 am" 27 456 4 3n8 1?0 26 H48 ?<0 ac>M 67 704 4 618 8W 61.918 40 acrt* 108 960 4 lr>8 100 W0 384 Total 189 080 13 162 480 108,060 Act of 1850. Gride f Aartt embr* c'd Number out Acre ? em warrant I hertbf. (tan dirty br'd tkrrfhf ItO ncrtB 4 2I6 0IO 1 088 17i 4t0 80 acr^a 4 1F.8.440 6 780 463 840 40 acrta 8 616H00 13 t60 642,840 Tola! 11,884 480 ?0,430 1,178,000 Grade of i tarranl. 160*.. . 80 acrca... 40 tcriF... Act Of 1953. NumUr Acre* embractd iU ued th'r.-y \:m ip& S'to less i:to*to 9 163 362 620 Total. 11 083 ?93.880 Numbn Located 025 1,3 r? 7,528 9 816 Grade of ?Mi 160 aorta., hb aorra... 40 tern... Act >f 1862 Acre* rmfrrac d Ifumbtr out- Acre* em UUrrbf riondt no. br'd iKeret* 14*4(00 110.340 StO 880 Total,.... Or ode of warrant. 180 icrH... l?o aervt... 1(0 acr?*... 80 aero*... 60 acrca... 40 acrtiB... 10 acrti... 39 1 330 1.641 1,168 669 130 Ad of 18* Kvmhtr Acres rmhrmce i telued. 96 153 9* 407 0 40 017 860 629 6 thee,!,* 16 234 320 11,644 840 fOO 1.938 ?60 31 .300 31,100 60 Total. Grad? of Arret mlrrai d warrant. tk'"i IflO aeri-a 11 818 WO 120 acrM 9,681 320 1C0 acrcf 610 80 icroa 3 3T9 60 arrra 14 340 40 acre* 16,4(0 10 30 ToUl 24 M4 160 341.803 80,736 090 Aot of 1866 Number Mil car i-infl. 21 817 U .946 1 7 310 117 164 % 44 83f Grad, of warrant. Act 1847.... Ant 18.0.... Ant 1663.... ASt 1866.... Total Oradt rf Humn^ry Num'rr utwd 88 114 VI M 1 1 3*1 ,3j2 A era /mbrt tttd mm by 13 119 I JO 13 162 1*0 m.\ mo 80 744 CM) 67.761,670 til tmher ?ut ItO 479 Aere? rmbrtc'4 varrar.t t**r.t, y A t 1 <?*7 li 8i7 210 7 #4* Act 1?'0 It 9n4?8? 20 430 Ail 1H52 66# 120 2 IM AA 1??6 94 614 150 41 >4 7 TvU' 49 684 (90 74 468 196,700 Number Vox fed 73 635 80 301 6 61 737 339 ?85 S 190 465 Aer*t tm br' d ken/iy a 410 720 I 918,630 100 684 8c0 7 0? 6 700 M 6,931 910 Kumber located 81 071 168 A60 9 835 196 466 Tio oil Aerm em br'd tker- by V?t ?* l,m i >00 134 :?W 6 Ml tflO 8,196 680 Clljr latalllftofcca. Dim ?ram* ? Tta dhb of tho atrrcU, <*p?cU ly ta the touch Hodden rf|Vo? down town, la bocus'Bg ? ? it? )?>?t or TUT K^wral remark TM worat dntTtp<loa of bta~k and alKiod* ta B'aad?ay, Nathan flroat, t '? ry.TMrd a\entia, ai?d tcvrral of U{ fjdr tl ien?t?r. |r f ptdralrtaa locomotion ?'>) tbiof but .laualio or pea tail Tbla ?t .t' af iiMn la tba rraait partly <j* lb ?? *a ortt he* ? tLoa aturBi. partly of toe ti ? i f k m?vr.?l <r>m bi Ui" I' ft io piocM id J? m hli >u aod aradtloa? rt>*?h abomo aTtr? abrrr? aoil partly of? we duo I enny kiow nbat Chat ??r tb? c?u?o or ?-au??>? ma n*?; ba*o, the pabltc ?oald Itka T'ry *>wc,& lo be rtt of ttw affret, aod (iaafl D'livan, our rfflr ?>ot ? Hy 'nap -t >f, It., actiraly 6lrtotln| bla atv xtlon t tor Bttirr Most ;?Po*o?o?PotJ<Ti?A? A*T>a?i?<a ?It wl' ba r-mcBj' ?Tf4 U>?t r <m" t to*?ubi*natnnoib*a!.'-<.?l m if 6?r n' |nn*ir? o|u '? %n<J -rt' a. lo U'? ait^mjn(?d a raat of tba i alian i ? . . ? ? ? >t u,? ><?.. )?'? \ 'i "cd a an irer'i'ti a f f 61*3 41 lo proevre a aa'tahlr Bn.iwr bw g? a.nr7 Wits tbl* m<?iry a l->t baa V"C p Tea1 vd la Omaaoiil Cena'ary. aod a rtif preti* t <m >ai oo tm.'M ib"<i>? So oinch ?fr a p.oio pHl*r?rhoi? crlitvd bla ll.'e In tbc boooM diirbaijr ol duty. Pt armor* Fi*? ra B*i?nwAT ? >t?rpra al* anl vtimi o'o'oek lart l (M a lira w?a dianrtrol on th- ?k 't>4 f r of tbf bfllld rf No 8*3 1ro?d*%y, In tb? p'^mntia o* AlrlpV 7?t"%'her, tpam.'artn -*rt aiH daal?-? in ab<Mrt b" ? * ? f?o hr ak'py 'ato iba p'r>ai***t a chal at rl looif in c of rtoib i f itiD II . f clona to tbi ato*r. ? art fornlon B'? Tliabn'ni ,f Hrlli''* <r?ra tbro?n lnU> Ibf otr??l, ?r 4 flr# ? rll"t n'rh' <1 *? f<?ra t>?h?r 6a-a*f> ?a? dnat> Tha no* bad a rt'y la?|* ft f la It, th? r >*| btinf b^ap'd up In tb? fl-rp?>t Hoa f.a th?lr and coat rafn? tft H?> in torb clo?e pfi'Tilly to lbs rt>?r?, r?> nam* to b* np'atrod Fiaa n? Pt?*to* ? Ab"tit lirtlra o'olotk ycn'ar day nnoa a f.r* toe rrrd la tna priclara' tok ai I otl fan tor j o' J. D Mcr"raary * Oo . 883 ?'tan1'>o at'cft llw fire waa *?< r nt'Bf?lab?d F>aapaf? to Mora and hall I luf aboui 89 (0, Itiurtd. Tn? dre va< tho rt^ait of aoil dtet. Obltaar'y. Bon R'naat Hoaau., I 'if at d lari^rabty knoaa in thia (IMa ?? .'a-'ir ?' tho ?'tlb JndtoUl d|#lr'rt. rt ? d at btl raaldaaor ai flrt'ea, rti?t a?fo ooot>t? , rb-r???jr t?at, af td 78 } oars Hr >aa a Latlro ?.f Olum^a o<.uai/, la ib a Hiaio, and wa? a r*p'?^aot?ti?? to Omf ro** from 1816 to 1*31, aad afalr frrjn It* tn lt81 Ll#at Bill of tbo rirat ai'y, Uuit*^ "U?t ? *rmy. d fd at i'm r?iat Conrort, Va , oa r<* I in ?t H ? v> ?Utloard % KtUinio'e ?? rt." i< flloor, an I ar.? a a flaittoOd f.iat for a ray, ?l..n ho w*aatta)ft ?y ty i bold f?T?r, of which b-- ('tM H" wff a graloat : Wf the Military Aradawy. H ' o! led froi l-??a M'k M>ai? Marravaa. ? awrt#* "5 t'i' 'ic 66 r? af.iilirn IXby, anl t* a aio'tM >f M? 0. R. #b >?o? *1- Itaia Mrltayrr ar.d wi^ K a'ly 4. ? *?ar. o(? I la 9 >?. ?d r,l?i 8Ctb alt , at Wo *<? o pt ranty foi- y?iri HORRlBt E MURDER IN TWILFTH STREET AIIA5SDIATI0N HI BROiD DAYLIGHT. An Old Lady Murdered for Her Money. TEBRIBLE PIKi'E OF BUTCH Ell?. Mysterious Affair? No Clue to the Perpe trator of the Deed. CORONER'S INQI EST. TcdhDMy of Hanson T. Jones, Anna Hirli Clark, Swan Frrgwon, llbakrih flefla bon, Wllllaai kmttH and Others* THE POST MOKTEM BXAMIN ATIOtf , Mrs. Sarah Shuck*, a wiuow lady residing it No. 23 East Twelfth street, betwuen Fifth nveooo m<I U> leer st>y plso\ was found dead yesterday morjing aDoit balf put ten o'clock, uuoer ctroumsbuioes whioh polut to the ocmmtssloa of a n ?t brmai aurier. Mrs 8nnacks, It appeal*, was eigiged to the ftooy goods and mil. Iinery business. and carried on the business In he* lront parlor At?-ut half pact to i o'clock yesterday ncornlrg one of ber work girls, named Sarah Kernusoo, n ell, lit at No. 1M Sulllvau (treat, came by appointment 10 receive tome work, wbon, on op^Dtng the parlor 4o?r, wbkl is as her horror to Qud ber roip'oyer lying upou tha floor wlih her throat cut from ear to ear. foe girl Instantly gave the alarm, wcun piilrcrann Davis at d Herbert, of the Fiftueuth praoloct, eu tared the botse and prooteded care ully to 4**10100 ibe premlsos Mrs Sbsncka was found to b? qivto ueart, althoagb from <bo a udition of the body It ?aa ev.deut I but do*tb bad not occurred mors than an hour or ao previous to the Jit covery of the murdr-r T11S BCkMt OF TFII Mt'BDEK Is a small two story ft u nw ho mn . situated ?n the aeuthei ly side of Twelfth strtel, near ftroadway, and wl'.l be mire fully ulustraud o) tbe following diagram of ihe ground Ocor where U>e deed w?? cournittod. This fltor was occupied aa a plane of busnrss by Mrs Sbcuots, while the upper port 01. of tie bouse was hired out to UiLants:? Tbe apartmrnts were furnished and flttel np la tbe numerous* ma-y In tbe establishments of milliners and nwaitUt. TLi stock of the store principally consisted of ladles' skirts, crinoline and other gar moats of female ap pare), with embroidery and needlework of va rious kinds Tbe Inner room was oooupled by Mrs. Bhanrks as a sitting and bedro.m. Here she wis In tha habit also tf taking her meals, and from tha testimony or the little girl who brought her ber breakfast at twenty minutes past eight o'clock yesterday morning, ths sup position Is that tbe murder was committed be tween ha; I past eight and nine o'olock, and that tbe H ft blow was given while she was still seated at table. H?? a murder which, Judging rrom tbe butch ered condli.on ol the body mast havo been attended with great violence, could hare been committed In tbe full llgbi or open day, and so noar a great thoroughfare, Is Indeed a mat er of considerable surprise. The toaanta above and below heard a noise, which was not so pecu liar, however, as to attract particular atteatloo, and they ascribed It to some repairs or carpenter work which they thought Mrs Bhaneks was havirg done; nor was the assatsm seen, according to the present developements of the Coroner's Inqseit, el .ber entering or leaving tbe ?tern. The rflloerg, upon the alarm being given, haatened to if.* rpt t, aid at mm prooeed> d to make an inapeetloa of Ui> rren.leca Ou entering tb? little anting i oim, at tbe end ?l Uit ?hop, a ghadly and atnkenitg aigbt mot thetr e> ? a. The deoeaaed waa 1> log npon the carpal, with bar betd at the foot of the aiove and her feat at tbe door. Sba km turned oo ter rl?ht aide, her faca partly ooaoealed, ber rlgbt arm lifted and reeling under ber bead, aiojtid whieb a deep pool of blood waa gathered By ber aide ?a a a amaJI Ore ahovel, tblekly coaled with bleed, ard ben double, aa If by tbe auamla In etriklag h.r Arcurid her were the fragment* of ber laal mc*l, the plecee of bread wbleb bad rallM from th ? laVi and fcxon.e eoaked with blood, W>g< (her with broken plTie tf three bolt lea, a pitcher anl an lartK-b-asre )?? ?' of ? b'?-*? bad beon. apparently uaed by the mnrctrer lu consummating the terrlNe deed. Her hair B ltd with pitoe* of tba broken giaaa and J ?r, rre fr?|nt< tilcf U<e lattei ailll bt lug partially embedded la .ll.c llol'. Star the ?to>e was a plate dotted with blood, icgetb< r * t>b o! broken crockery. A now skirt ifclKBiK ?MCl?twid an the bel In the oppoelte iot n?. r o: tha room i nj?*rc J wlih gore, whiro tho mar deter led evldeatly thrown It after wiping Ma ha vis Tne h? ad of th? body, which wa? the only lojartd pjr tl n of the dcceiatd, preMu.led a horrible ipeotacls. Tbe itroat waa cut frt ur ear to ear, in a J<y*"d, Ir legu'ar earner, aa if with a blent kalf* or o>l:<r now' tt, aererlng the Ira.hoa, tao^hagq*, can tld artery, Jg-ilar Tela ru.1 all Ihe a nit b'oorf v<a<eia of tbe t,*Jr, aoi etcktngto atl par itai.y Jinotraiiag the oerviaal rorlebrw The t~?p nf the head waa frMtarrd, aed ra? port 'on of ibe akali d rated tbrot pS 19 i be &ra!o. at If by toe edge of a cbla?i or tba tinn er < f aa aie. On tba left ride of U.o 'are beg lanlog at il< acg1-" i'f ibe lower Jew ard eaten Hog lu a c:rve unci,'' to tb'- moutb, wm a dicp rat, which la d btre the j?w bice and eevercd the oar- lid artery. Acro'a the note, ai d ti parattnc )*? ape*, waa another gaeh, wbloh terMoa'td In the fliab tbe ehtrkb ut and pruuatcd into ihe cavity be fw the eye. eealp oa tbe fore hi ad vaa t- rribly laserated, cipialcg tbe akuil to view, ard from their jagged, Irregular apfaraee", tha wounle ?? '<? tv rcitiy u.fllotid who either tha b-ittka or tbe Jar, the ftaynnrw of wb rh were ( ? nd In tbe vloloity of tfc? tody the officer*, opoc tuialig llovcr, focod, lying to-sr. ? jiatcly breath tha ut?k, and up to tba Ume coa c?a'tl by tbe f<eiti?u Of tbi body, a mall brnur?at ki.lf?, ab'ch ?.*?' pr. fcably fa'l-.n fiom Ue table .a ILo r. ibai bare t'.wen p'ace. whi th, tta lil^intf aed wk?k tatvrc, a?? t >rdly capable of 'nfl'ct 'rg m h Ml' wi?ui. i at me rtm?lca axhlh^ed fb? <eef*?r4 <v altrad la a dr?.*t of blank tllk, tbe upper icr'.ioe of w* cb tu thlckty laturatc t wito t>l< od, ber tatii'i a&d fl o*?i lie'fg aleo a.n"arei wlih tbertd f:Btd .eetari^tin tbe In.rrrllaie neifblorhool ol t t<?d ana t"*en d with a pool of U>icd, wbile ?n>a r ?p t* ct girt- w?re (pattered ab-)??Ui->on the fl ><?r, at a ?u t d I mi* gathered npon the threaUold ?f the Co<>r ibt }a*n at d cm(d< nt of the door were aico tptl tried wltb blood, where ber head bad probably come la ctifitar. ?hen raMlrg From all Indleatlnea tb? btowe *i'f I vit n ! ibe work oomploted wiihiu the tmall il*ral|lr.g b< t aeon 'be atova aad door, Mlhtmaikiof t o'?rfr, blf<d po f and other r*lden. ea of toe tragedy are r. r flce l to IhU apol At tbe aoutb?>m p->r lion of the roon a gent'rnari'ii ahlrt w?; fo ltd Ij Tf t p'n the b?r<t of a ? ill, with two or threo ena'l ciri i la i Ha na <m bbK>d i n tb?- .au.aa irapttiered tnerc b? ti.e fotoe of nae of the blowt? prubably tbe on" g' t*l by tbe rtoee j?r. The deep wound ta tl e iiMk waa auob aa to lead to the hel f that It n, nil trl bare been given while tha da c<atrd war in Itfr, aa ti rr a rngilee aoald prcreLl ne do l.icrMeaa a|i?rai<i>e, It muai have been loflicted wbfl i ab? waa lylrg artieleaeor dead nj?n? the (I mr, and ?M (roVaMy ibe fluli'hiag atroke tf be teerlbl* tragrdy. Tbr appearatiie* of tbtaga about th* atore aad ro#m eb^wed ihal the maf*rrd woman h%d jual oeieplelel bee more rg arrangrmeatt for the bulnem of the day, and bad eat down to breabfaM. Hot givr^f were dl?pla;ad In ?he wipdew, ai d Area I'fbtrd in the Move#, bovb in !??? ?t<Tt and lilting rooai wi> tc Ihc Mhd ratel f.">m them were eoli'-tttd tn a i*tl aiar by, read) for l?? call o' tbe aih gat b<rer. Till THAI In or THK VI Hfir MKC I i?on fnrther inveeilfalti.t) of ibe a, i'im"-it ta wh'ih ti ' brdy waely '"g , ?? 'rr *!??? { lMlVuir'" j ?k |W' mp)?.1 t o aitrdertr In the ???? ?* of Mim W?fi ?<?>? ar>p*ri?at 01 nvtry ?de t paper , la wbteh !s tfct habit 91 k*?ptB^ her 990*7. *m Omi rf mov.d fr.%0 iu ?(icii?ioaie t piaar, with rtng*r marka of Mood upon its ouitl 0 sodfupoo 'ho bottom Ita onnwite "ft |oia, alb be axoep leu of 1 nickel seat, which ,M *t?laea wtib bltod. The iioriba o' the oaptxitril iarmt<i lately at> >t? 1 b? pbee ?hire ihi doom mf?t ta tfnpp ig ?tib blond, whilo upon luo doom vh jmoIvos bloorty 1 i>ptf?tt-.LS of Angara were found, xhlcb ? if# piobub'y ira'.e by the mu'di ier when o;>";oljg the ci<*tt to Uki out Lo tu >dov bo*, rii" shUvaaaolstll ?!?(? bo ?< of goi-e, which bad uudoub.udiy .irippel from the afgvalti't bai'd* Id rans?ik'i>g >bo iatorlir. Ou IJm ?,j to tba door Ny ? broken <ih?lr, like the oilier ariH'lr* to tbo r. ?q? covered who b ood aul wutca bad probably ixen tnwtbed iu ?be ttrug* ? Th portion 1 1 ibo door around the luub wt ? bedaubed with pkl-infl of blood ; ai>d jnunug thence luto ibo ? tore, ? quantity of white iklrts ?tro fi.u<d upou the 11 +jt wib the bloody impilotofa (out m t/kud plain'y upiti out u' Ib^ni, In gnhrr with evld-ucee that the mi.rder.'r bad Hot 1 -?tp> I bia blood s.albed boots or ibo..* a pll- o( mui tr skirts tying upon a little tab'e In this ruJo! the store was natn> d, kk If the ittUPin ti?d ?i|H-.l bs ha. Ja 01 1 eiu ' IndiiatKbs n>ar arue that bu ht-Jk ?oro severely 1 gkBbid or cat tn glvifg bin un'.>rtouaUi Ytct.m ih ? b o vs wub iho b' ttles an'* ja', aa apota of b'<?od w<va I on tbor.ur.siu ccui.e* tug U?? b d at the of th S!?/r?, whirl, rpota wore p ob?b'y thrown tfco<o wb.'n the ol.iod gi.sbtd aireab lr<>m liia own vrouuds, a'Ur eadfav r'.ng to wipe h a baud* dry lo tbo >k rta on lb* ladle I.' tU a '1 tbe can ? aid further In *eitlg?t!oo wouM Mrm to de moiiMiatc 1? It will lean impartial fact In aMing the polios to tirret out tbe mur<i?rer,as a person with gashed tands, lucb iboae described above, will now be re- ( gardtd with suspicion. Ibo fooUtepa ol tuo murderer were next traced to a ; ?mail cheat undn tbo o?unter and near tbe window, acd on the way tbe bead >f aa axe waa foaod, bearing on one ride tbe bloody Impress of a thumb, anl upon the other ' aide similar lmpreaalona of the flugert To what use be put tbla, or tn. ended putting It, It ta Imp lalitle to con- j Joci Mre with any certainty. Toe ltd of the cbtil waa covered wltb flogcr marks lo blood, as <f the uurdorer 1 badatttmpUd to raise It, but c.uM nit on a%euut of | tbe (Kppery 0"ndltk>n of bis fluce>s, whiob w<rre bo | ared wltb the blood pouring aucw fro 11 bis cjta siu'v. I wiping bis bands iu the rklrU at theoth r eoi of ths 1 shop. Toat be again atanoohed the do* of blood Is ! ?ho?n by a p'.ece of mutlin ly log u|hui ibo couuter im . me. lately ot< r tbo tbeal, upon wbiob are eridooc.'s ':i ! hta having w'ped bis bloody banda leluro ae^'.n >u 'npi J leg to force op^n tbo box. Toj oocteuti of the cb ?t v 10 . found rau?ack< d, but unstained, at in.e mi.rSoror bit Tory probably suoeeedad in stopping the blood wltb the pit co of muslin ly It g on the 0 >uotrr. No further trao?K were evident until reaching tho frontdoor, where he male hit exit At this |>olot n cm evioecce* of bis ga.f- bauis were wltaeaael 00 tho lace ' curtain of the window, where frctb red ipou wcro fonn 1. Fpoo tbe door koy a freih ac 1 still liquid globule if blood waa d aooverod, where It had boon left by the band of tbe muruerer lo pulling open toe door. Tbe st#p <>ut*lde boro ore or two spcts of b;c>od, and at this point all trares of him cram Whether the ihuMd oauie prepared with weapons for the accomplishment of hla fell purpose, or reed what < t? band, ?8 the aio bead, Iho Ore thovul, tap tolo kulTc and the bottlet, certain It I* toat If be brought nay with bim be conveyed them rareful y away, an do weapia o* Instrument if aiy kind, save those already enumerat d, waa loond upon tLc premise* ? * circumstance wbtcb Unds to grealy hrlgt.ten the mystery of this alr.iaiy m> tltrlous affair. thk Tier IX Waa an acU?o business w. man , shout forty (Ire years old, and a native of Boa<on, Vim. 8b} his a daigutir ltwlr k at Mount Vtroon, Wea-eheiV r c >unty, who la mar ried to Mr. William Smeaton. principal or the Fourteenth tti eet publte b. bool. Pur lo* her buslni *s career en - ut^ed to accumulate several larg-s anma of money ; but ow Irg to Un prudent lnvetmetits an l the duplicity of some ol ber moat conOJential frlicds, the loat all hor esruiiigt, to that at the time of ber d ?th ahe win uot v, rth moro than a few hundred dollars abo?o her debta an I liabili ties. It la (aid that ahe contemplate! matrl^e, and ao oordlng to the statement of bir aon in la* ahe was to have been wedded to a Mr. Chambers soma t mi In the course of the present m - uth. ller air. mod was found by the police yeaterday afternoon, and It la probable that be will be examined before tbe Coroner on Monday The di(**aed had a largo circle of friends and aenuaintanoce, and the n> ws of her death under auoh terrible clrcum svances baa croated the moat latenio exolt'meot. a 1 aria of rumors arc afloat In regard to tbo mytlerlous af fair, and tusptolca points to certain peraoni: bui at this ? ta?e of the i use It would hardly be propir to mention nam* a The police art actively engaged la investigating the ease, and befare many daye elapse It la hoped Mat aom< else may be afbrded to the perpetrator of the deed At present the whole affair aeems env* loped la mystery, but the polloe are sanguine of being able to I'ft the veil before the oloae of tbo Coroner's Inq teat, to which all good cltl sens say am on. Tim ooMNu's rnqrjr.rr. Information of tue murder was ri reiveil at tbe Csro ner s i Ittee shorn twelve o'clock Oroeer Jack man, ao o.mpwiie-1 by Pre 8> ach and Weltjo, lmmmJlaialy bast em d to tt?> some cf tbe tragedy, end aidod by tbeVif teento pre iLCtp->noe Uamedlatoiy proottdvd i> Investi gate tbe ca?e. A Jury was empaneled, aod after viewing the body it>*y atjoi-ond to tb? statioa b >use in Meroer street tor tue purptwe ol tn?. . jj **ic testimony of the various wltneati ( wb<> were la attendant. iaa*orr oa beisg swora suswtrua to their nsiui? as follows: ? H J Winter, No 43 Wuodball stmt, Brooklyn; Thames Lamport, No *i3l Bn^ra# street. If t Met duws, No 1st L'nivcrtlty p.aoe, Daalel CaaipDell, No lii t.?t Twenty tilth ttreit; Itaulsl T rh*?.?r, No. ai7 fj'- ng street; LI (T n1 Tfcompann.Nn 101 hist Twenty Dill riiHi; Jan't 11 i e One, No 6 Cbaover plaje, Bro >k lyr Jsc.liH W.rd, .* o "i. 9 Bicooie s'.ro-t, William ii Urfbru, So 10 Abirgcon ilaoe; John M !<1enab?o, ir , No. 49 ."ommlt atitct, Biontlyn, Joan uU.ady, No >7i ?loan I way TEiTlMOKT. Alti.ton T Joaeit. M d , usi 'icd as fsflowi:? it a qua ur t> tlofin o'clock thi. morning 1 called hi No 'ii *??t i?iUth atiuet, ?h?r? I ioULd duvas. J l>lng u| oa htr right tide aid |artiy oi li-r laoe, with ber right ai m lalaed >oa lying uoo> r kel Ueao ; tho 11 Mir i nmedl an i) ar.urid b< r p run w<i oil a gad wlia Ulo.-d ; the oar p?t was tpoituJ wufc bi <>j , Iko iee? ?a s in a aiala or c< e.*u?ioi', a broarn i lialr u^d br.tkrn Jar an 1 botJ" being near the b.nj , upon turslrg tbo bof> over I fouad lhat dre. a?? ?; ? Ibrott cut aod thai bnrsknlt waerrao tui'd; 1 Inuad a knllo lying biS'de ner, oiwri wltb I biovd, ? L rti, In my opioi'Mi, was tbe Instrument used <n I lutntK her Uiroai , a ihret was ly :ng near tbe bo>lr, | u(n ii nixbboody baudn h*d r-oeni ly It -en wiped; the , )>.<"'y waa ttlU warin and pri>1>ahly life h? tnotu?en **? ttect n ore than an hour or au buur aud a half ; the blotd tbe kv) la .hi door appeared to havo b eu mate ' the tand cf the Bwdarer, ?* it w?s freth | sL'l K t e?.dgulaUl; 1 auppuatd that U o raurd rrr had pro bab!} wo.iuced hiititei'. at', latt b'j irark utr>n tbe key I cf tit! cub r door ithM lutU.-t it ai , IrruDveda I pot t;- u l tbahrikco J?- liom 'Uc? ax .i's u. ad, ao that tteil a BO dt'i'bt of tt>? J ir bavljgbicn brakin >>n IMr j hrae . I was oai.t d la i?> ihn pilioe; aevanl arURlaa of > Hac'i tk ?i' Malst 'if aiOid,M If so?c ote had w ij?f <1 lhe!r htt H rp U "b ranst. 4i i.a 1 tf ? " aik a* ?ru, d u r .U- atr? I I've at lit l>att i .. r > tb ru ?'Nit bjt I am no# r?rao? ng to 4W F'? ? r?h a V < ; I ba-o a? 'i .U.teJ wl'h d? 0.tKJH.1 ait Uiij , I ba*e worlud ">r h?r; I ia?t m alliO )?e*eriay alUiuoga, between one aod two o'c uk , atic wm m ? mi'* ta jy , a c ut ta> m rami I a?an brie vllt'id Uh- I lUSi ; N was cavit* ble al.rutloaa lo r . r be i ViS In broek )D; h?- did tump ag for lo^ee^ed; i!, ? ' ?m J t' I.' rr. tb%t ban.hirs ?.4? ai gate 1 to be mar ri d !<? hrr .nj4i>a?ry;l i **" al?o ami Mr. Charles Hardy to? re. I laat saw lam then a In ut two mouth* tge; t.f ? a* a.?o ti ttfed to be mariledto deotaae , Hardy aad iie? eased had a quarrel about a wvnb wakb 0 at< 1 l<*ced hi ?i lug i to a parti wlib . lardy oame tbere druat tt?- cay ai'cr ihe |<aity aid atid a< lest the wauih, deoeated t>> ^ him u. go aid iiud the watrb or the wo'i -u ha*r Botaieg more to do with h m . they h id aomn w >rds ard th< n ih.-y parted; ll*rd! bal ani borrowed I3u |r< m dtceated; he never n turned t? tbe bouse, a- d do rturii u eeer recovered ber waicb; dioaaed was not In the hih t i f leepn g warn a>?i ey in tbe boa<e, sot more tl in ?i0 or ivO, < icept <?> one occasloa, whfn she dftw tae ir brie heidred d< liars out of ibe bai'k to letd to fome one; I beard of de reared 's death aV*ut twelve unlock; I don't know riti t'y ho* i?rr ago it waa that tbe dree the atoeey out ? ' the hai k . I thu k It *aa lo A' fsH. I ac.rlaed her to put tr < awry i.|i the UlMBtcy f >r fear of thievae, tbe nb?n*?S ih >*n me t that o' Mr Cnambert; deoeaaed pat .hf n.oiey up the chimney ea I ro^eated. pu?ao n. ?f No 160 ^'ilnran atreet, deponed as | l<> we 1 have btrn ar'|u < itei ?na di-oeaaed about ? rue mrniln ?nd have VMthd ber flr?qo?^tly; I never I ' < ?rd of ht r ha. ri any qoa>r< ' with any ore; I have met Mr ( 'ham hers and Mr M?rdy thrro; th'a mirnlng, about t< ii o'cicea, at drooas- 4 'a store to roe aoout time ? mk. I rttercd the at-tre end tbea went Into the baek i ro> m, wtere I 'eui d bi r lyn g deal oa the fl *ir, her head | was riMir tbe einvo ar t site waa covered with blood ; tbe roeat was alao atalned with hleod; I ran Into tbe tdreet aad alarmed ih? nrigbbora: I thliik the i po loe rame la snoa alter warda; I ktow Mr tmeatoo, da otaord'a aae-ia law; deorertd told me that the bal a I quarrel with C >arlea Hardy in o>m?eq'i"a?e ef his hav ing I et h?T wal-h ea W?vliipeiay loat rt'Oeaaod e?nt a > out g Irian to me wltb a m'eeage fnr nit to go to hor, I went to ?'?' ber aad atked h'r who th- younc mas waa; the said he waa a rarpeate-, wh > had doae noma lltt'a )oka for ber; I raid I < td r.ot Ike but arpearaaoi*, aad io?t the at>' wld b?- rar fni .( b'm; she rait the did not 1 k > kit sup' araree ?nb<w, inni ixpri-rt'd a 'ear that be wer'il r< *> h^r; rre t?'d h?*ts in the hahlt of hanging srooed th>' atere kitr<r than he on# hi to tare done, and ?ble nit e her t net ir nsM li a: I o?il?te ' o>>?ld r-*oqg nlse the ? . i,-g m?ri a#a o; ht-waaabm 17 yearn of age, w>? mm' ? ad q.nta yrwitbfn la ep|*atan?e I uiMt. M^Mahoa, ag'd tb rteaa jrart, dep atdt^ follow* I I1t? it No to Vut Tvfltflb alrwft; lb la m--m iLp.abont el* hi o'fkck, T oaJI- d at deoea^ed I aUir- to L. 'r Inttajiil for ner; I wa* iu Um tabll of bringing her mraJa, saotaaro * *a then apud dr**?d ; aba**)' ?be It'll very well, and apoa le?'iog hw a he toM mo i? call again it one o'clock. witb ber lonob; dee**a?d **? ?loi e * hen 1 lut nw b?r ; ahe waa ?i>onl lOMlnor tire*ie*t when I kit, and ??e ail'log at* t*bt* in lha ba k room, i f ar tbe ?tore; I brard vf driwaeed'sdeelb ah< ut btlf past ten o'c'ork; I ? oo oue --tiering >1e c?w?t'i ahop alter I le'l; I n>*> 1 n-t mm a'ler I left, a. v In ft rotting aboot the n>ur>ier until a girl ?bo livea with Mr a, Davie inid bieahoul't Wiinaiu ?< neaton dep<>e? d a* follow*:?! live at Moon I Vernon ; 1 am th* prii o'pai of publior -h ? >l Mo 19; I ?m a ?"b In law of tbe dee.ea'ied ; I lot raw i*--e?aed alive oo Tiiftitay afternoon, wbn I entered ber store I *a? a >??? nit max, about mrete-n or twenlv v?-?>*of age, itaid In* to th* atom uikltg lo her; I toll deceiael that It w?a Tir? Imprudent 'or ber to ne a<> itir toe door wueo abn wi* at k, dereaard bit juat 'o#'. tb< sigbt in one of bir cjn, ai d I ?u a?ra'd ihe mat'd loae tbe othor; I walked <nto the bae.k room and abe folio ??d ma, m yt m>g man remaining ,n the at "-e; I aakoo her who tbe toting rr an waa tn lather ao i manner, W?><? the ??lo be ?as a carpenter, who n?u worked fur ne? a hot I a year ago; rho aa'd that be had eniue lo do a jot il.ll lir n. in y ) etui t<> ro; ibo s?id kh<< did not ? ah him In do It, a ahe 'ell lie.* and tould not wa'e.h hi-n. ere l. i'rrt te waa bot booaat, and dli not kunw bow U> ?el ri 1 of him; th'' young I n i?ii piked t<|> a paper at tbi* jutioiu-o u d e-maii cwl to read it, ? b"0 deoeaaeo told b' n that lie rr -glii ic.g? it borne, tbo j org man thru lelt; 1 ?a?r a ( v j' r Bill* In 'r<? rt ;e. b- hind the counter, al) >ut *x week* ui ); I ii>im cii'nii.d vuo *r lii m* ?tm, j?h< n rno it i?i mi ho * mi Vl j -r Slt*i., ilmcitml ?.aa bslteoa forty ar.d Blty yiai* o a^> ? oo T'ie?d?y taut I vn't"'l de i vtand, wbti! th. lot'. n ? ??> waa going tn ho marriod m ? a few dm*, 1 ?ae ntd-r tb? 'n p- 'i'it/u tutt <tr. Chuna I bo* ?qb tbtj di'j th a? t rg%t< d t?t; about * year aid h haif ago de wnt. o li>t nil I H 100 b loaning it to r ii)f iieraoi a who w? re 1 1 c?*t"l tu toe *oap Inula- *?; I tbtliii tb?* or* of tli-> p. i*i>i8 Kb.i loet .- 1 tt to ?ta t'barleB^ Him; ; *bn aalii ?he liad tb? D*"*?b IVmaa for te'cuiity; tbe bad lo?t nbont MOO bufor* that, and 1 waa rporeod U> Iho *"*v * le )0*D< d ber mnt ry; na 'o all ber moue, al tbe Ditll nery hn?l< r??- T ! a? ao l-lea lhai (bo youi g ni?o ?lio w** pay tr ? b1* attention* to ber waa folpg aof-tr tbnaane of ber roinoy; ?l>oui *'* ?ii'lti ?fo *be *ald Utai a Udy wanec* to Uotiow /2< 0 liom bur: I ?dvi*e<i hi r noi to lend It, *rd ?he ny *<1t:,-e; wbat " *-am? of that $2(0 l_ dot. 't trow, I itvinjjht *oe "tad depoiitol U Id ibe bai.k, but I have bcu it q itr . g * v.m it witn the whoe and nan lied no trueo of It; I' Is ? Hiut two ui1 1 "i >? aoitlbs Unci *bo loat ed Itie tl,?00, 'rr nvvt ?- pf-t ?"v ol U b*. k, the pereitir e't" it an- .J il to ffMirfc 'J lo unt ?*; I | waa under the !mp'e?"*on th%t .loctin d w*a a' ?i i of Iik< yum car pen t r ?*: .,g a jni-'tb'iij, I d. t hit liko hi* api'?jr*M < myi. If. .Jarie < a.anphc'l, of V<t. 1 W-?\cirW"y i'aie, dempisi fi.lkiwa ? I have known drceaw .1 a?;i jt a yoar; I ut?i n? hi: all*e oa Wrd: f?d?y ; l ciil-a f *oLrr;*? *b? otnn ttlBiteC of burg nnaeli a J* or t <?> pr v toa; 1 naid q >r aome n oney , elevet. ih. iieg* I tli o*, ?h ;*n I h id oil lented for hor; ah-) i tlit- t. v.. . n- -Jim iwcd i ?>k *-o< ai I T altemlel Iit ?' r iv. i *???'??; am tJha-n e< i* called there wry oi'.?n a i-wt erorv > t i;? <\?t-d to rtnmp too-:* for her; Inure & ?n '4c "?n i theioton; I eiiw D(? r,ne el*c 11 ei 1 notr o- at? auy m^n there; tin re BfcVt r roeui' d !o he a iy d IB -n'tf ix-lwo n deoeaftd her oe';,h -o, ? ; ?ho lutnr?*d t ?' *'.i? a abe ut to be trarnoi l-> Mr. f lian'tea; I neT-r ko l-j coatc.l te ke- p &c> ucmt y lb tb'}h >use raH PO?-T M'lKTKM LX AM1NATIOK. Jlra He*? it and W- tje oetog duly *wuru d- p"?e l a* ftl lowi:? We h*?e made a po*t mortem eXfr-ioaiMn " mo hoe y of Sarah Mw. -iia, *t No 21 ?aat T?eitta at-eet, iho 1?o?1 y wa* U in d ly log -ij-on tbe floor, tbe fnce, h-t*d and battd* belrg ix>*> re.i ? no blood; toe upmir (to't'-.j of Ibo cl tblnguaa ulao ovtred a Itti bl'vrd; upoa a'i rs?mleM)?n of III- a r* p tbe'e we>e found tbe foilnvlog wound*;? Tbree oTt r tbe frortal hone; tmoovrr ine right and ore o?er tbe Je t parietal hor-e*; one over tlie leu tampoml bone; on tte lorebead, o??r the rlgtit mt-nr i*, I h? re were two; on the far,* tner-.' w- re ? >ne vr the bridge of the nose, another exum-img from tno t"i'< - angle of tbe left eye, ruunirg lu a olreultr o urae tn ine lower portion of tbe noae, Uk.-tber no the left aide of tbe tipper lip, anot-ber an I >nh la exteat Ja? >n (robt of tbe right ear; atetht r ("-nnitiuelng abO'it %a Incb below *i>d behind tbe lefi e*r, rooaiag acr ?a tne tttwi< of tbe lomr jaw lu a atr^igat direction, dividing tn? rhe-k and lowir Hp, le-mli at tbe mid tie of th- ! cblo; another frroimh th- r. en , extending Iron ear to 1 ear, dividing the mcro ea, iracbta, ar o: ittagoa, veMeH and neive*. ex|K*tiDg the ? ertt hra rt ?ii ;n ihn njdoa of the th rd and 'out lb wero on I lut->; oo removing we ( acal^ a Iraeturc ato .t an linb n ejteiit wis fimud i tr the 'eft i ar It la I bone; ou re uoviog the calvari .tn th dura n altr w?* fouu<i lo be punotu'ed; on remit?ni,t ti - ?ai>e tbo r ght aide of tht- br?in w<* o >*ervert to hi ti ry mnab Irjt cied, It; our oi'iuliu dcalU wa* oaua il by tho li Jur r* above dtaclb' d fue luque?t wa* her atijinracl until Monday afternoon, . ?V iwoo'oock. | Cowrt of Oaaeiml NchIou. Bofoie R?-cordcr Barnard. A PKXNSYLVANIAN "8HAVBD" OP $G00 IN A ftUAVIbU R A LOON. Die T ?The only c*se tried by tbe jury to day km a charge of grand laroeoy preferred sgalLst tiiree Italians, namcl Ad too In and lipoid Gustarclli aid Aato nloLartnn, and, at will be iwo by a narratlre or the circumstances, tbe cut la a peculiar and intertaiing one laopold Gusiarellt (a youth, whoso appearand Indices refinement and Intelligence), demanded a separate trial, and waa defended by eminent legal oounsel The erl detoe for tbe proseoatlou showed that tbe defendant* ware eir.plojed In tbe ha'rdresslug aud sharing saloou and or Pat ton's HoM, eornsr of Greenwich and Warren streets; that on tbe 21st of Jane, Mr Jaroea Walsh, a resident of PenoS) Iran'.a, and a g>ie*t at th? abore hoi.ot mured tbe aalooti for ttar purp ?e of getting unavod, ami that object wai thoroughly ao oapha&cd Mbrf he left the pmnlira, for wblle h" waa undergoing that pbt sinal nperat'oa the r< mtorunio Mine aum of $400 In ban* hill* wis taken I ?t of bla onat pBBtBl The manuer in WMM tbe larrony wan (?tpstrai?<l m Ingenious. and serrea a* a warning to frequenters of such establishments The drfeadsnt, who rtmotcd the superfluous beard from Mr Walsh 'a |ora?n, atii'e be waa performing that del Mate duty, requested him to remove hla ooat, whi ih b; did, and kept bit eye tipon it ?b le bo occupied tbe barber's scat, tbe mirror rtlleuting tbe objecia hinging tif> na tbe rack. Tbe de'eudanta suspecting that tho ooua try man had considerable ?? nef In hla poee?mion, tb? great qneetlon was b>w oou'il tbe MM be abstracted frnm bis pocket btfare be left tha saloon? Without Mr Walsh's Instructions tbe harbor proceeded to atampoo h'? c-inlum, at d in doing so admlniau-red a plentiful supply ' f soap wb!ch obaoured bis sight, and la oider to relit Te tbe uofortunate rlltitu, be ??.> conducted to a dressing harraa nctr by, aed (m is allegedly the pros'e iti-.D) while the <y mplalnaat waa thua engsgcil hla yorketbeok ?>! abstracted from the On it Bit it waa contended aad t.r'>p rly.too, h> the oo ir>aU fir the de leece, that It waa n?^ -orrp that the rieretdar.t on trial wsa prerrnt aid 'htrrrm* cmd uot hire perpetrated tba Wroecy; ai?d, U gamy < f tn? erii'-, be sb'.uii hare | been indicted fcr weiring rtnl< u ?>*??* ? Ito Hen Isl'ed to f?ow p< a1ti?eTy U at ito pr'aoner waa in the Sa'oen, but aHDweu tbat tu? r> *as a conspiracy on tbe 1 < p?rt <A all tbe c?f?n<!aata to rt .!? Mr Watsli; aad this Ibc ry waa eetsWUhol by strn.iy 'CinnaiaoilaJ orldenee I It was sbnwn that MBM i'ur Mr WaWh mlaeed bis I (orktitbt'.W, tkb<n yeut g Oo??av-l 1 aad trie other harhe's [ arnrtcrt. ??{> of the tLOmy was found a re-tej In toe I'.nrg of hla hoot, aad tbat when etvuiitd be d. sled baring any tnonry on hla person Witnoaee for tbe dtletre prorr* tbat tae young man 'a cliaraotur wa? g' d; b t ill - ?trorg c1*auistaaee, oonpi?1 witfc the M tbat Mr. ^Vaish licct ii?d ttroof thn iilila, and t!.eabe?rce i f mmt to t h >w wh?w? tbe pris.?o<?r otttiaed tie money, if lie got It bnneetlr, uvcrt irew U? pre?i.inp tlen of Ir riorence eMrh hw good ri.ari.'ter wnnlil h?i e rstabl.rbrit. ?oi-b *nul(l bare r'Snlted Id h'e ?> qo ital i iiic it wrdir, in h'? alstp, tkarly Ifcssi AsdlAr I eroe betwrea tbe nrlme of grand la roer- and that nf re I oelrlag stolen gooda A fsrty conld ha r>>n.'iCf-l of I larceny If be wss |i ool!ti? on wlib oifcera, a 110114I1 he tr.'fbt B(.'. bare tak- ?. a | h'Sie?l part In the omm .?skwi j of ifce ? fR-iK-e, anJ if arrrsteri r, on afler a la"-w y ?*s yrpM'atH with the prr wae<? lu tnp^wss 1, tha a? it (cm d iliat he th tbivf i.o!r?i h? BatiafaoioHlf arc utle?1 *o the J"ry *b?n sad where he r netted tha menry. Ttooonrie' of Ih* crime o' rteelrmg stnlxi g mda tbe larceny mvst nrrt tie enw pine, and as su< h we* ant tbe f*ft in tba pertf. cire, tbe 1" 1 "ter. t' gi. It/ of ary ' rrlie'eai f (Tcn-r , ?b<T.I I be rntiTloted c.f grind laroeny rb* Jury 1 *d aot sr eo.1 ujkii a rerdtct Utlne the usual , fciit'i of ut. Telef r?|ih C whta. Nsw natBtint, Drc. T, A lelcfa^h sab'c was suroessfuUy lull aorosa tiin rirer si Vic.kiburg to <lty. A rorr< * tteAtra Rtrrrta t^i "Bt-i 1 000 Rai.a-> or Cott'i* ? one 01 1 be asnet prom men t baataees honara 1a [ tte East < ffrred to gwrlaw 1.000 bal< ?? of eottnr n <ti s ; any a few days aao for lC?(e. at twoirontha. The r in'nrn iiocte was ?nd<mbtt'l, but tae irfneed, b"<'? m ? nf the unre'tled s'ate of uti'rs Taia lo ks preU) a ' . km If s'l baslans oordderice *?* <ieetroy>d. eo'l rear tv gardrd as one of the moat sign fWsaat "signs of tb? tletnt" I yet drrelnped 1,0C0 r>a'ee nf c ttoe are worth i60 000 ( which la n?> txtranrliaarf for 00a jntrraase of oott< n j in ibis msrket; but ton oinrh la t'u<-t to the aae.?ru ntr I ef the fetore. garlrg three troubled t.mee, wften nni j ?rraai flraaalal ruiu or r rabadows tha North.? AVr/.iH /> H He*k Avrtwiala aail Depart area. AMHtAtl I.trrarnni - WeawrMp *>l? Vr an1 Mrs Taytnr, Miss lab ' enrk hla* Carroll, M* aed Mr? Wiog, Mr* tv>b?r awt rh id I W.rsrnbtlsg. Mrs H Dntrlag Mr* 1' Puhnn* Mlaa Ja?e <1 Gray, Mra La? r? ?rd t? o rb. dren. Mts? lleary aad s(et>r Mr ? arfl Sirs U le*ls. t children aae a?r??n' strand M>* R?i skew Irr C l'e l*-u, Mr *?r?y O M>hni J I/??ti Mr He<SW*l1 n I not'ra Mr Wllklna Mr aid Mra R vt?r>*n ] ti W J> sir a. VM Moore f) JDFebii)!*r IV>| J? m?e I < b*mbe s ard i"? Mi Merrtll.T P lioory -?as ?n-ntmn Km Leer. aTf)nt>n. Mr hatdiea. Mr rerra B ?' 1 ?d Jets Melllas Lieut Okfleld J O Dmi M<u*a' Albert Mn'tea .'amea A tVjarer Mr and Mea \* Me>airler Mr ard Mra G a Toma ? (I IH* U W|e#r M? (l^^??o-lc Mr ? 'aaarn, H B Btroera. Jrhn f Iswd I T IHt M? fa'd well, Mr Urabam JtCge Peyia aad ladr. ? l-fmreade Mr I?bnat Mr rel??m B W V v?tn m B W r boeelt a ?hnn*r. B H I'rarea Mr Itlaeh Teur taeta, Mr R ha? ler, ^aa B '>0* anr, R ArroM J M Vaimlta Mra f P ibrir*. 0 H rbnra ton Mr ? m|i Hth V- ' .knaoe C Blerw im w?. (Jmtt ernm. Mr Berne"* Mtte II mil. 3m Wrr?l|i"? B B eir? Herrr feters A Ml < ra W m .lnattr. JaeM MsP^agaU. tieo Howiey, Master nntw ? tvUJ k* T.traaiocit *an Inai?oiar??i?*r? ?mewb'B *"aee^la?i a? Port ear - ft A Mod- er . nd ?<fe, Mr Belleb.mber aed wife Mr Bullae ge wife aed cbi ?: Mr Paaa, B? Refers Mr ??k)r*r I reiPHi'. 'im<i MrAr^liiir. L B Mr Gi ? s hr Gowr M Mel inaky. i SeCt a*j aad ?l la ke ?< erat fMlSlBBiaSI B<a< strMa Ba.k?IH^-J Ma* 'or. Jr tadr aed eklM Mr?M?rt<B. ebiv.ri'nurm; MtmMi ?_ ?a 1 0? .m.T! a Raynaid. A M Wtmha 1 <?an * ir> ' Mat b?-*n 1 ti Oeu'd ** R I w'aftna A ? Wb,>ams. 1 ? t M' 1 p Ml ??it. w va aeiii.e, Ji+? Maddu, Geo ? :>a>e *a^ | wife as?l 7 ia t?e steer?*e Bnrrsama- Sk p a?th Bprai oa? Mrs Johnson ami !>litl j dr.e Mr* Vae Wrnle. Ptmut, RP-nng Paiias - Mr* Vnaaa Rargt aad 1 < kt'gpka DiipaicliM ffoa K ? rop? kf th? Africa. Mi N r . Otto. T, I We learn from the agent at New y >rfc. E. Coaard, Ka<). , that the Afrtoa. Capt SbaMi .o, wli, aboold toe wmUmt 4dm it, oail off c?oe Ktoe and o immu?ioAa ??Mh the Ulegrtph tuiiou at iom point by ihnbi of tfca mwi b >tt of in* p<?M ou or about 8Mnr?af even log Deoon*'*^ 8? thu? .itirlng to ttM oo>n ner^la) public an opportunity w> ooa>usum< ato to ihalr Buropaan correspondent* fo-ir rtaya' ia't-r newe w# are authorised I0H) that tbe ?erv:eo? of the n< ?? bo%i an<i ag'uta of tbe preaa at Cap?* K? *> ? Hi be entirely gram tn,, t., ,ujjj partlea aa may wiab to forward dean ?, ? .-*u lo I ik> through llr. George fctoker, N 7 3rc\i Mr New York. News ftaio S?W Mw*l??t. bDariKDVica, Wo , 0. 7 lseo The New Medea mall, wttfc <Ub? to tbe lt.o alt ?r ? trod to (t; in ilm>' to roonrct with tbo mail- K?t i 'a morning Tne nail ?m detained b/ rvy o*mp auow i a exottairely cold wi-ather. Tbe Kiowa ludlaua atop urd tbe mailt at McKnee'e -r*"k, and kept than half a day. Tbetr objent, ibey ra il waa to m*Ka p?-aoe, aud tbe) could wIjkj out the party, but 0 d not feel no 'lla poacd. The Indiana are almoet in a starring erudition, coo* <|uently tbi-y are abnt ua lir ptace. ftje o?upaifo Mfilnirt the Na*aJo? a has p-o?ed "-nry mceetaful, and they are atlll pri'i??ui'0g it with mt-rgy. Parktr'a fali arrued la ?'?eta re on the ll'.b alt., loaded wnh dr> gonda tod gr><oeriee Tbe contrartofa un the r: ute contemplate rutin ug thia mall via Nort ou the !*? of felt uary and th* o?ta bllabmtbt oi a n:ail route from that pilut tr> Deuv*r ? Jltjr | A gfiiil. mai a-rw II bcr yeaterday from Fort Hex! t, | who alalia th\t all !a qui<-t out t> ore, and that M'iul gomriy la cot to be lot ud. Older ceara unlmportani. Naft? f'rotu Ptke a I'tak. K. Rt K?*i :^fT llec T. 18?", 7"wo coachea frrm Denver Cl'y on thf 31 lu?t pv? id hero lh!a Btornlu* Hecrale}'* UD'?t m-'aaerg.-r ant I .fc.CCO in treasure Clarle> Har. iKon, a a?' >on Berp?r, rbot Jr. me* Hill iltad on the 2i lot . an 1 Hod Tae ?ea iher for lwiida>a raa htrn warm, anj th<i anow la gone bnf there are 'n* ictllpna of a at .rm R-ill-t rg 'n On verCity la ftlll hi'.ng f':thed aha id Kour largo brlak bout e? were cwr >itd I art wee" and two more war* commenoed. The liamai Troiniw. LaAvaa wdkth, Dec 7, 18(50. AiWleea Irora FoitMc?it n th4 3d |na>. aro to hand. Tb- fidrr?i lrc"p? wrre a, -til e u a (wrv mmilVui to tbe I' i '??!) -wt. M..r?bal ai d b.t>l a?r"aica re?' n p>-raonB Icr b*lu|i UL .agfd iu the '.ate m .rdera So r-? atanc? waa ? fl. rrd. The trc'ia* would move to Wound ')1ty on <he 4th lit Tlte I'tiiiirlna of General Win Waikar. Acqota tia , !>"? T, 1KW. Tl:<- Mob'Io f qu'rr of the 4tb Inat. anuonnri-a the re torn of Q?pi. W< at, who went to Truxlllo to obtain the rrmr'ra of tbo lale Dencral WllHam Walker Be waa an ? 'rtW In hia miraioa, In coi>f<H|nence of tbe law* of H< iilr'as pif?b'>?lt ng eibutration. Co! Kivtler l .v bei-n humanely treated, and hlr rtieaao *!? esiKCtet' t<> f ?ke place Bborlly 'i'lie illliiunil Ktai I'trtal < oU?(j?. fT t oca, Ivc 7, 1800. T>? S.,fct?.ral Coilrgo of tbla -"late met At Jt-ffeiton City vit'i <iuy, aiid cuat the vote of the state for aa and .li u. Th? Optra In PhlladtlphU. PHtuaDBirau, Oca 7, 1*40. Vercalatitt'a opara of "n *u pr.xtuoed at lt'6 of Mtitio IbU erenlrr with magnificent ?Ccct T.H' art tstf rtoeleed encoi'rej'rg to >port for their (nterprta; fr? m the patrons of ibe Op ra, who eroeded ibe houro at <1 e> tbutlaatlcal y applauded their elT.rta from the . r wu en < meat to the rnd. The opera ,wm a brilliant tur ? Madame Or.iaon appeared aa Eliza, Cjror Fen ? ti Manfred, M"?? Phlllipa aa Biaaoa, ai,d Brignoli aa Vaioardo, Tbe oj4ra was pro dm-?d tinder tbe bi mediate aoperviel.n of Blgnor Mczlo. The dr<aaet were new and well adapt ed. Tbe prnooctloa of tbla opera could bars been lm| r-ved culy ibroogb the aid of tbe ftockholdera la the way of new teener; , which the; fa'let t.? p-orido tbe publlo The audleaoe waa tbe moat farhi'inahlo aince the Prince af Walea night, and Included a numvr of New Yorkert? Ura. Janrea Gor Jon Bennett occupied one of the proeoenlutn hoiea. Tbla auco*n cannot fa'l to atlniilata tbe arila'a In U" Ir reapaaaible undertaking. Tbe opera ot "at *e la Eglto' la underlined, aad may be product tent we. k New aoeoerv It btti tg paiat?J trp dally for tMa <>p?ra at the eip nae of tho arttaia laahtlia B'r>rk?ey, lb? iatrrloan pe<ma donna, wh i re eetrnl ?" much eron ct from bar late porfnrmvt r? p la Italy, and who waa to hare male bcrikboi Ir New York under Dlliran, baa hern ergagad by Isle company aau will abortly ajiptar. Tfea Canal Tolls, <be. Albast, D?4 T, 1460 Tbe total canal to I la for Ibe ataaoa aaount to It MT 0M The Ptala Oanvaraera - at tbe mate Honae today, bnt did noth eg, owing to tbe abaeaoe of tbe returoa front Orange oonnty. O ir ptroller Ifcenlaton bad telegraphed to Qoah'n for tbe fir urea, ana It ta expected that tbay will b? nroagbt np u diy. A (< w aded rut al hoata are rtlll foreleg their way down bittetn ftcbf nectady and Troy. flnilaa Dlaaatar. Naw uauunn, Dee T, 1840 Ti r aebooaer M Petta baa a?rired here frooa Prlnoa Ru aard'a la. and , with luaa of desk Had, aplltaalla, fcv Ceaaeree at tha Part af Baataa aad Cbarlaatowa. Moathiy a .*W>mer.t ?f tha ralua of Imp >rta and eiporta ti g ode, waa ana aaarthendtae eatered darlag tbo n < ntfe tf SortrHr, 1*W ? l*>nab'e aataiii f?r eaa?aa>ptiaa 3l,il4ft 341 I Hi l able. VNit >u?e<l 727 074 |rt? (?ir iii'tf "? aad hatttoa) I'O <]1 Hpecte aril hru * * 300 Total M.7* 139 axiMRia. iv axfik) n??r bat Mlae .... ll,t(Ki..4ft *? ri igo nifrr*>te?ie? , flat tab e 407 110 >?ti lao at'OkuHl'M, Iraa.M*. 44,780 Jprrk aad kvl.M ? T' tal . ipf.rla (1 .266 'Mb Mrr< kaedwe witlidrawo fioaa warcioi.aa far C(OFkOt|4Kin $474, M4 IHarbala. mit.Altiii.rBU rroct Ktn. rim >i?.rti)i, 7. 1 tat ?n -rtr h<*?y. Tet uaylTw ta late # ? aa H??i ng ? r UM Morrla < ?n?' 1 7)4 ->t ln?i t fun ? ad, 0. Pmnjltn? a? "nad, M -?UI. t ai<"hang? ki New Terk 1*? a 9 per rwat urea'om Vaw '?ai a?"?? Oac 7, 1*40 Ottor? Sa'ea U day, B f>C0 ba'ra The ?<rket c cta<-1 dr>pr.?a?d, <-w, g I., at uafaT<?a>>te torn m ttK' rv+C tf < xrtiar ge W. n- Mr a>ld(Mtag at W ?*0 TTte ??!.>? of the Wt*k lo I np 40 ( CO nalra, aa.l ihr r- wlpta li? ilki aame lime ff fn? l>*t?a, agaiaat 71 ICO hai-a for toe imrraa P"ndla? a??k laat >e?r Tl.e nporla ul the a?ek * ,m ?p '1 f o I.*'. ? , and ir<- total tap.rta to dair ? 4M ( 00 i-B''a H'" ta at th a port t"> da'e kaa that. ?aat>rar, 1'iT tO") t.a: ?; do t ail *ntth m porta i??a than aat ytar. il tt tO halaa . elucft. 3M oOO hake. Pupa- b?< i att at 4c a trr la r t.> In'.ly fa" M aa ??? IV a Vc (jnw a?..,a i>( the ?t?t, 4 M0 '.age. ln< porta fn> tuc work, 0.MO baga. aton<, .iU tx 0 haca. aga tat 6* Wo >>aga laat year Starlit g ?(ohar.g.', 05 a 04; alaht rirltacgr on New York. H per oeut dtaoonat Krr'gnu? cotton to Llrerpool \d. Homi.a, I lee. 4, 1*44 C (lot? Baiea 1.K0 balea at S^e frraiddliug. Market teti Urat. Moan.8, Oeo 4. 1441 Cctton?itelee lo day 3 000 bal<? at 0'?e for atid tung Salea af tin- ?o| 11,140 i>a"a dcre'jda Uf aan.? time 10OCO .i??. a??.t ! ai 110 ha'.a m U>? oorrae|?r>rdmg ?f.,k of aat ton** deoreaee ?*( ta* j'U '4 'de balaa Ki t?ita IhWO hai?a. ?.??a ta port I4l 000 btiea Kt charge oa New roet % a X |*r oral dtamuat. i n**ta?Ti>a, Dra 4, IRftO^v? (%<ea lo day I 400 balea, tao t. arg.t n'nalog with aa ai tearing teniraoy. Male of the weak 8,000 hair a. aad i.rvlpta 4,8(0 ba >a Hjinaoai, rt??. T, 1840. floor del' aid hear? Howar I autat a^d libit a'o h?ll at 14, city it. He at (4 74 4 h. *t dull aot aom.uaf ?ta-tt rwany; aew white and yellr w at 40a a 4lc Perrrta one r al M<aa por I at 417 a ?I7 10 lard . 10 *c. C dfea duil, at 13a a 14e Wbtatey luaar, at IBs. I'wTuntiitiit nse 7, 1840 foar ateady Wheat <tn'M: a* ?a 4,004 bu?hefe R*4, ?1 aaa 11 37; white, 31 !*? a 31 37 Onrn qn et ?ai.-a SttO buabela, at 46c t 47e Wbtakey dull, al 13a. a 1?H4 Pprtcioo, Pee. 7, 1444. Floor dull Wheat doll, at 1 1 a p- lew^r ratea 17 0C4 buabeta at 40o a 70r for No I . rfed 4*e a 47o. fcr No I taatnra Or>m qnM aalea 4 nfO hnebeie at 34>i? la at< f* Oa*a 4t? ra ea 31 ??? ?????"* at 17?<?. Re r? I tr- 3 fC4 hM? n??>r 3t 004 haasela wtieat, 4 000 htahe ? ott. Fvefearg.- on Via York acaroe aad aaml. ral at 8 a 10|*r trat prrai rt?. CitniwtTI, Dec 7,1840 Flour (web* ltd ud I" it. operate daatand at 34 38 a II H. *!? m< ) di I at !4 . ?? r* doll and iioldera are * I 'n a'< ?*!4, hot l?t>. ' ra t'.M^g 'df no aal< a ? t.taiM ter ?# 'eclptr lodar. 4 W0 bead, Were , o t 314 I.*rd, 0 aal.i4 Urt'-a a*aia potnioal Mnae'y ?t i grat. f gkt ? arfcange cb Nea fork <lra at x r-rr oeai j Walua. (

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