Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 12, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 12, 1860 Page 3
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iaur. A IHAMie-rOR H MjK, THE OOKKEE Ail) JL Dluing Koori?->, known a* Wllloughby's, IM Ura ?1 ^ An ly on tie premium or at MM Mi4i.*jq street, txiww i lour mid six P.JM BAKUF F<>K HALE.-TIIE B A n< ; K INDEPENDENCE, now running between KWhk.UI .mil New York , she i<t I "*i Ivan i?Muiu House locasurvmeBl and will carry J*) u> It1 toaa; Is fitted up with state r?<<m? and cabins, and is In per feet order for any business: will be sold with or without the ?abln farminr. . Aptly on board, at foot sf Kobnus.n street, ?r to WALTER BRETT A CO., Flshklll Land' , N. T. DRUO STORE FOR WALE IN BROOKLYN? MO KCL U n avruue. corner Bond street. will a?ll lo m for oa.< i, I'm* ppaprelor be ng no drugirat; ia going into anot ier business, weald take a partner for a small capital, who undcrsta 1 1< u* business thoroughly. THOS. rt. CAHEW. DINING, OYSTER ANO DRINKING HALO IN FOR sale i heap; fully and nicely fitted up; furnl hedwith ?> t-rv I lung neittmary . dnug a gisal business; will sell at $250; "W low. ISAAC A. BlUGti, 73 Nassau atreet. ENGINE LATIIES, UPRIGHT DRILL, YICES, Ac., FUR SALE CHEAP, ?t beat maker*, very little used Apply at No. 4*i Broadway, mf Main fp?R HALE ? A MANl' FAITTURINO BUSINESS, IN HUC. I* eesal ul operation and having pood eaatotn work W.U W avid if cloaed at once lor $JUU. Apply to DYE A Of RTI.SS, tut Sixth avenue. _ rR RALE? THE ENTIRE FIXTURES OF A WELL fitted tea, sugar, coffee and butter store, and if closed Hm day will be Hold for $101) Kent of (tore $?i a mouth Apply to DYE A CUKT1SS, 50b Sixth avenue. F( )R HALE? ON ACCOUNT OK A SUDDEN DEPAK ture, a tine Photograph Gallery, with all the necessary pa rut un ; situated In one of the moot lucrative positions and wui ought are* of this city. Apply at 1V0 Greene -?tge_- 1. EK>R SALE-A FIRST CLASS CONFCTIONKRY ESTAB r lishnieiit. handsomely lis-ated and dolnrf a large trade, it ?au be had on favorable term*. A. M. KYDER A CO., 82 Nassau atreet. PS R SALE? A N OLD ESTABLISHED DRUG STORE, tn a fine locution ; ha* an excellent trade; favorably lease ?m lew rent. W ul be sold low A. M RYDER A CO., H2 Nassau stro-t. FOR HALE- A SMALL RECTIKYING AND WHOLE ?ale and retail Uquor Store, doing a good business; ? fortune for a man with a few hundred dollar*, must bo sold, the present proprietor being otherwise engaged. Address M M. O., Herald offioe. TpOR HALE? THE OLD ESTABLISHMENT OF B I* Lueraaen, avrop and cordial manufacturer, diatll ler an I ?eettfyer, 101 North Moore street. Call from one till nine ?tetock P. M. FOR HALE? A WELL FITTED CP DRINKINO SA loon, down town, near one of the principal market*; large, ample, Ac ; need* but to be *een to be appreciated ; mu*t b. ?aid thi* week, aa the owner ha* other bumneaa. For particu lara inquire of Counsellor BRADY, No. 9 Chambers street, ur etf 1). BUKKE, 175 Bowery. Term* reasonable. rR HALE CHEAP? A COMPLETE NATIONAL GUARD Uniform, suitable for a man A feet II lnc.iea In height, ?early new and In good order. Apply In the store 314 Hudson atreet. rR HALE OHEAP-A WELL LOCATED DRUG STORK at preaent doing a g< od business; good reas in* given for wiling; cash buyer* only treated with. Apply at 436 Second avenue, from 10 to 12 o clock, A. M , for three day* Hotel for hale -the hotelno.57cortlani>t atrret, conducted on the European plan, together with all the fixture* and Furniture, and a l<ease uf the premises far seven year*. Will be sold at private sale The furniture to new, and the location 1* good for Jeniry trade, Ac Apply knaaediately to A. A CLICEE.NEK, 57 CortLundt street. IMPORTANT NOTICE TO THE DENTAL PROFES sion.? Dental Office Fixtures and Practice for *ale, at La Grange, Tenn? The undersigned, wishing to make other arrangements for the coming year, would Inform any mem ber of the prot eaalon havuif a preference for a Southern lo asbtian. and having Southern pnncples, that they are offering a bargain In their office and practice rarely to be fonnd, being to a healthy and pleasant place, among liberal people, where the prices are good, and where good work is appreciated. For ?se well qualified no better location can be easily found. Our terma are B4UU caab. For farther particular* address Thur bar A Wealy, at their office In Lst Grange, Tennessee. Liquor store for hale ? the lease and Fix tures (with or without stock) on one of the m *1 promi ?eat corners in theeity. Apply between Maul 10 o'clock, A. M , or between # and in o'clock. I* H, MTIOH RYAN,n >rtli ?aat corner Forty first street and Eighth avenue' YSTER AND DINING ROOM FOR HALE. INQUIRE at 44 Ann street. 0 PROFITABLE BUSINESS FOR THE TIMES.? FOR sale, for BIO, OU), an interest In a business the value of wblcb la gnatly enhsinced by the preaent crista. Many thou sand dollar* may be realized during the next ten month* If ?tillable effort* are pat forth. A itreater ea*h capital I* re. ?aired to graap the advantage* th>- time* afford. An ac'lvn Partner 1* preferred. Only lo such aa can give the b--*t of MapMBMfll th. iiHture and extent of the businww h ? ? \ ?laint d A line to the subscriber will receive prompt atteti tton. Address Plantation, Metropolitan Hotel. R D POST OFFICE BOX FOR SALE.? ADDRESS LIVINGS, ton, box 4.1S6 Post office. 2 WARTS ROCK AND GRAIN MILL. AND A PORTION of the patent for sale, oinsldered at the mine* the only I of real value to minera, reducing to perfect dust, wlt'i hardened shifting grinding surface eamty replaced. SOL'THWiCK A WOOD, Ki .Nassau atraet. AKE CHANCE.? FOR HAIJC, A DINING SALOON <lo*n town, now doing from $.'?) to $40 par day; n s-iln ?aly to be *een to be appreciated ; satisfactory reaaoM fo arlftng Inquire of GAFFANY, No. # Chamber* atrect. J STFAM BOILERS, NEW AND SECOND HAND, OF AI.L deserlptlona, from three to eighty horse power, siiita*>''' f?r steam engines, or heating buildings Also a'caru engines Irani two to ninety h'.rse power, for "wale cheap by.) WYLIK, SA tlansevoort street, between tjreenwicb and Waabingfou ?tree ta. mo PHOTOGK \rHKRS AND AMBROTYPISTB.? ANY 1 aperati r having a c C Harrison * half size ten* and tub i to g<*'d order, and not much used, may hear of a pure ia*"r st ' a low figure, by applying to Laurence M. King, 37 Liapeuard 1 strait _________ I Till KIRST CLASS FAMILY GROCERY, CORNER OF Sixth avenue and Kourteenth street. Is for aale for ctsh; ' toe best stand in the city, with a splendid st<s:k and a g ? ?l \ trade If not sold by Thursday, it will lie sold in lots to tan Ou s u> i lose ti e corecra; and the leaae. flxturea, horse a el 1 ? v, Ac . will h> iraalc to a cash buyer at a law price. Apply on the premises. I JU HOLE HALF. DRUG BUSINESS FOR HALE? A vv business which has been e-tablished for the last 17 year* "tore well fitted up and a fine set of customer*, pre. ? ating an unurua chance for a man of modem* means to ?awmetiee bualtiria wltb and lo make money. Address box l.uul 1'aat ofliee. Aonr WILL Bl'Y one OF TRB BEST CORNER } Liquor Stores In the Sixth ward a large sus-Il ?' Liquors, five years' lease of the whole house at low rent, aire ? rent free will take part cash Apply on premises, 14 Pell ft , aoraer of Doyer, near Chatham square. PKRtfONAL. Any wealthy siNtaJs lady wishing to i adopt a bright and beautiful American g.rt of 10 yeat -, will please direct a note to Orphan, Herald -Uice, for t > ! weeks j A RESPECTABLE WIDOW LADY WISHES TO OIVK j her tnfsnt boy, alx months old, away for utoption, la ame r> s|s>nsible party. Addreaa for three aaya Mrs. Wagn< i, atation A spring *weat. (CONFIDENTIAL ?HAVE BEEN ABSENT. WILLCALL J to-day at three o'clock. ORA WILL FIND A LETTER AT ? O " LOCK THIS I morning Don't fail to call. j FIFTEENTH STREET.? IF THE TWO LADIES. (ONK \ f dressed in plaldt who recnsnited a gentleman In K"iu leenth street, twtsean Sixth and Elghtii arenues, vesierds , afternoon. * ill address friendship, b >x J.4I1 Post olllce when be can see thetn, they w ill oblige said gentieman 1 WILL TAKE A RIDE IN THE STAiiR TODAY, ll? pieaaant, at three o i lock; if not, to morrow, st same Unw. | IF M F. R IS IN NEW YORK, SHE WILL FIND V 1 ketli r at sutioa D (if called for immedlatelyi, an I wh < h will prove to he of Intereal and importance lo ber. Im mediate i>tt> ntkin is necessary. IF JOHN MYERS, WHO FORMERLY RESIDED IN Iiverpool, and sailed from Londot, In the ship Tr>ronV> ui ?ew York In the month of Januarv. I*tp. nd It Is believed resided for some lime In ?w VIM and New Orleans, a I ?orainunicate with Mr Km hard Tecbo , of Ltv rpisvt. Enii , attorney nt law, without dela), be will bear of aoutethlug >d toa advantage IF JEREMIAH MACAI LEV WHO LB FT IRFIMGWlN J two weeks ago meet a friend In the city, will addr**- ? toiler to her naa.e. New York I'oat oOiea. be will be able ti find her IF THIS SHOULD MFET THE EYE OK JOSEPH RYNo, be will hear of something lo his ad ran age by writing r aovung to bis brother. David Ryno. at New Brunsw ick. 1111 Ms pai?rs | base copy I^^Mr joiis ihjnovam ok jamk* hart nnoiiut ? I tbta Ihrjr win h??f tb?* limine* In <1nip * lln'- lo th if I Wrtf-, ' *? I DoMlil, W?lk> r * li?i< I. ll< <>f ? nwt. (i ?i I^MNPORMVIl'N W\NTF1>--?>P WM PRAM I- h.\. ?on MMl CMkartan I. Jut<?, fi*w*ilj HimIIiii I I , w nf Th'? Mr|> n <uli. "f S? w V ?> ? !>? formation of tr ><? wh- rwat* ma of rlth*r of th< ?h v jwr- . ?IU br thankfully r?vl??l by Mra. K. R. Comb*, AW Adam* , ?Urol, Br-'hl>n Thm pa|-t? |?t- aor ropy | ]*mR<ATin!i wanted? of thoma* d morrh, I natlv of K. . land. Cti|?r Anc'?. ?**'1 II; IHrdNipI'lhHi. H?- waa. in l*M, tn company with l?o?l? k llur but, br? > ??. *an Kranr.x" Any in'? I 'ir?n. ?? it n<vinm? him will ? I 5r?t?fur? rrottrd an.l >n?nd? t>? y r*war>1<-d br ? ?< ? ? 1-arima Morrln. tkulica. inm' <"UOiy, N. *. Hk l?n?ia papr m plraor r. r* IVKRlrK -or JOHN DONOR OR ANV <>F III* . brotbir*. Mlrharl. .laincr and l'*trwk or Tbomao IN>?"r I , Ifcolr oniialn, all fnim nrar th? l"?n of kotUk' *!??, ooti'ity ? r ' Utr>< rw k. Ireland. then U" hr,rd fr-.m. *11 wrr? llrlnt ] Tlwlf ?<Ma I'tirtrk Howard, wb<> baa Ui. / I ?iibw" lo thi? <?uutr), will thauk tb? m fur ending tholr ??! . k| *tT? In rorr of Mk-barl tVmin, Tk*?lU<\ M.nm ?ub fount), fl r; PUHnf *MITn i?|*r* pli Copy. \ 1#R SMITH IS REQUESTED To RKMTORF. TIIK I jri hoart a J"UM holrooa l<.?t fr>n? bor *-bain (?f > h?nn lb- Pnaoo'a Ml U? ma iMrax bor UtuITc. U K . I tilon I ftqi<ara I'wt i.?M? | NEVFR MORE AOREEART.Y RCRrRlMP.I) THAN I WII at broak foot yoaiarrtay mmnlnc. Will the nam wb" boo i**'r ^n n?? boar | CARTKR MA XWF.LL. taU"it p. to nton "W PH FRSONAL. T1IF. IIOt.DFR Of TltHKT IH'MRULS ?, ID. ? In Cf>?oi>llda??l Uiltorr n4 IVIaorarr, Ma?ff< drawn [wmb r \ will plra~- ?,i.l hi* addm- wi th- ?pni< O. P. DOVUIITKM M t o., b. ? TM. Wllminfl.ia. Pol. "rrHF. tarmik that pi.f.asE!? at firut and km. 1 bHtorrd at laot" would llhr ?m? furtbor ?i|4anotl n, ao ?b<" la not r?fr i*nt of h?rin< nn|.l.???nt fooling* In ?ny qnart?r. Til*- ?4dr?w? (rt*. ti waa loH, aa4 <?> tn.n, .jr * ao longrr Inanortol Addr?<? C. L , S?l Broadway TL'ANTKn TO KNOW THF. WHFRF.AHOI T* OF THOH TT (iumoll Stoti- ii ?h-n ,??" bnrd waa l>n?,?r ? ? rtotant.No If I'rlnro otroot Hbi falbor. R?* Mr Htonw?o ?f I Imorlrk. ia antl' iia to boar fr> ?| him fall on or a4dr?-? And row Raid w la ftl vr?ohin*ti>n Mow* California po>#T* H?a? r , j, IUL'HTTF H tvrib FW< HIFf WIIX RK AT TIIF. \T TT iv. titrd , I , r (h ? .,11 .n a H-, oln? ?t * o>l.?-% t . MX ? ?ALU AT ADfTIM. Ao. kn ti-il.tyo, At'1 "i *? *?nw ? ?a?? GA-<?H "'J!"'1!' . S hoes and Brugan* at auction, bv ItlLolAKliS A H tllTING, on M edneeday, iNfembtr 12, ** lOAf o'clock, a ten' No. 44 Cortl&ndt street, bring tbe u?ml variety "? prim** good* for city mill country trade. t'iUlJgim oo marn ng of naif. AM MKItWIN, APCTIONEER.? BANOS, MER ? win * CO. Irvine Buildings, 5W and W6 Broad vay, Wi nesday evening, Deo.*inber 12, at 7 o clock, iiuper.or in ? ? em* ; n cbokst collMtion ; th#i work? of highly ? St. euied modern aituts, and u-arly all oru ual picture* aim., a few choice oil painting*. Including an on^l sal bv Albert Durer They are all In duo c .adit! in, In rich gilt frame*, and are now on exhibl.len at tiie aalea i <h ma. AUCTION noticb.? will he sold on wkdnes day,, an.I Friday. luh, at 10 o'clock, he eutlrc at ~ k ~ .Dtaned In China llail Store, Odl Broadway, n it door to Hull, Bluck and Co.'*, consisting of a t ricti aa*.rmvni of Cnckery, cut and pressed Glassware, jhina. Bruize duu im, Mantel (irnaimtnts, Silver 1' at.^1 Ware, Table Cutlery,*.' ; am. ng w bleb will be f und M bite Ui.uiiU) War.' of every d? crlptn n, Cups, Saucers, Dishes, Plates, Covered Dis.ies, v\ lute Kn o. h China .1>. ; decorated Tea, Dinner and r >ile| Seta; Vases in every *t>le an.I pattern; Parian an.I B..hemi n do; Bronze Statues and Mantel Ornaments, Sliver Plated Ware ?l a rich assortment, emulating of Spoon*, Fork*. G ibiet*. Cup*, Caalrra, Card Baskets, A'.; all of which will be told a itiiuut rcserie, in 1. u> to suit the want* of families. W. MVBRS, Auctioneer. Auction hale or elegant carpets, oilcloths, Ac. , on account of the owner declining business. A rar t chance for h?narfcrepeni. M. DolKIIITY. Auctioneer, will ?ell at auction, .n Wednesday, Dec. 13, at MM , o'clock, at tb? store of J Hyatt, 210 Bowery, one of the (lnest st-ick* of I'arprls to be found In the citv, consisting of tapeatr\ . Brus aels and velvet Car|ieting, throe plv and su|wrttu? Ingram, nemm. n Ingrain, Venetian and Brussels Stair d >. : suir and tlm r Oilcloths, all widths and qualities; Hearth Kugs, 0>r Mats, Druggets, Crumb Cloths, Matting, -talr Roods, Table! and Stand C (.vers, Ac. N. B.? The ?tjr? U lot. In iuii4e the premises. AUCTION SALE-LARGE BALE OF OVER flO.ilOO worth of first <Jass Household Fu nl ure, the property ot a gentleman leaving tor Europe.? ALLEN J. KKELKIt A CO. , auctioneer!, will sell on this day (Wednesday), D* c. 1'.', at the live siory brown stone residence. No. 52 West Sixteenth street, between Filth and Sixth avenues, sale commencing at 10)?t o'clock, consisting of rosewood Parlor Stilts, covered In bioca'.el; tosewoud seven octave Pianoforte, E tege res. Book - . ase, velvet Carpeta, Mirrors, Lace Curtains, Chandelier*, Vasts, Painting*. Siatuary, Centre Tabli*, (.'ouches, Kasv ChaliH, Brontes, Engravings, Cabinet*, llai Stand, Extension Table, Buffet, Ann Chairs, China, Glass and Silverware, Table Cutlery, Bureaus, Bedsteads. Washttanda, Wardrobes, llaii Mattresses, Bedding, Sofas, Rockers, Ac. Also a large assortment ol' Base mem and Kitchen Furniture. A UCTION notice A M C EDET, ArCTIONBER. Peremptory ule of a can afle manufacturer's Stock. EZRA LUDLOW, Jk , Will sell this day, at 12 o clock, at hi* saleansim, No. M Cedar street, w ithoul reserve, about 40 Vehk les, being the residue of a stis k of a maiiutaciiirer, w hich must b<- sold to Uie highest bidder. The stock embraces four and six seat R>a-kways, dif ferent styles of top Buggies, elegant Phaetons, road Wagons, bus.ness, jagger and denot wagons. Ac., Ac. Purchasers will lind an opportunity in tne above sale probably at very low figure*. __________ Auction notice.? to housekeepers. The Urge sale of magnificent Household furniture, post poned from yestcrdav, will posltivelv take place tai* d.?y, Wednesdav, at I0S o'clock, at No. 102 twenty first street, west of Seventh aveuue. The catalogue compris"1* over four hun dred lot* of superb Furniture, siatuary, BmniM, Paintings, rich Silverware, China, Planofurte, elegant Parlor Suits, Ac. Kale peremptory, rain or shine. AICTIDN NOTICE.? Bl'RNHAM'H FURNITURE EX press and packing establishment, HI, 113 W -*t Eleventh (treel, between Fifth and Sixth avenue*. HouaehpU furni ture boxed and shlpp*^ to all parts of the world. Piano fortes, paintings, mirror*, statuary, china aud glaaiwerv pa< ked and moved, lairge oover<>d wae .n* for removing fur t I.ltuie to *e i-ountry. Storage for furniture. Auction notice.-a family declining house keeping will dlspoae of, at private aalc, all their parlor, chamber ana dining mom Furniture at a great sacrifice. Ele gant 7 octave Pianoforte, Cost $AU0, will be eold for $200, In cluding stool and Cover; rosewood drawing room Suit, cost $.1?l, for $140, one for $1.10; Bookcaae, Mirror*. Bronxes Bureaus, Bedsteads, Mattresses, 4c. Inquire at 70 Wcat Twenty sixth street, near Sixth avenue. i Adjourned sale-hotel lease, funiture, 4c ? Kriday, Di'iembi r 14, at 10^t o'clis:k, four years' Lease of Hotel Boarding House, 117 Cedar strset, tofeth-r with Feather Bed*, Bedding, Dining Tables, Crockery, Glass ware. Stoves, Kitchen Furniture, <la* Meter, Chandeliers, Copper Butler, hot and cold Connection Croton fountains. Bar Counter, 4c., If not previously Hold at private aale. WEL LINGTON A. CARTER, auctioneer. The above Is the beat fitted up and cheapaat rented hotel In the Flret ward. Auction sale of fancy furs, on Thursday, at lO'j o'clock, at :vt:i Fulton street, Brs>klvn.? PEED A COLE, auctioneer*.? ComprUIng Hudson Bav, Sable and Mink, Canadian and Siberian Squirrel, Marten, Fitch French and Hunslan Mink, Ac , made up expressly for retail trad", and being the kurplus dock of a dealer. Compelled to sell to realixe. Browne a nichols. auctioneers. GREAT AND ATTRACTIVE S"ALE, On manuiartnrers' aoo>.unt, of HOUSE AND TABLE FURNISHING AND FANCY GOODS, at HH, o clock. To commence on Wedn ??lav, IVc. 12, At the *ale*r>sim* and gallerle* of BROWNE A NICHOLS, No. tO Nasaan street, Cffrprtilng tho moat select and desirable Assortment of French Porcelain Dinner Set*, Tea Sets, Tolet Sets, b..ih plain white and decorated; Vasea, Can! Bankets, Tele* tele Sets, Cot.?nes, Mr ; Rich cut and plain Table tilassware, in complete s.-t?, and also by the d"Xcn. Pine Bohemian Decanu-r?, i^>bleta, Wines. Finger R.?wl?, Tumblee*. Vases, Punch Bowls, Ac., both white aud colored; Pariau Statuary, Pine French Bronica, Pari* Cb*-k?, Mantel Set*, *<? ; Silver Dated Ware and a va. Iciy ol Fancy ArticU-a, *u. tablo ftir holiday presents. The*e good* werr o i..?gn< d by tne manufacturer* to E. V. ? 1 A t GIIWOtT A CO., of thl* elty Tor the Southern ti*de. hut. In eon ?eoueuee ol' tbe political and flnaucial difliculti-a, they will be sold In tbi* uuki ki t on manufacturers' aA-ount, with out re*?'rve, lor cash. The goods will be aTang-'d In lots t<? ault retail purvhas* is. and taul.fuei will bo ready on Tues day, at tbe salesrooms, M> Nassau *treet. /I O HORTON. AUCTIONEER? NO. 3H0 HUDSON IT. street, will sell this day. at II o'clock A M . by order of ? ii execution. bM ro?ew<K>d Melodcon an.I I'.. . er; -i'so a lot ol' | Oilcloth and Furnltu.f THOS CAVANAi.ll, i 'ou-Uble n A KIEL A. MtTHEWS. AUCTIONEER I Halesiootn 64 Cedar (treet, dire, tly opp-.?lte Post oSicc. THIS DAV i WEDN EsDAYl, At 10', o'clock, at sale -room t>4 Cedar atreet, Continuation sale of BM II MAN! FACTI RED Ft RS. Suitable lor ladles', genu and children's wear. In CARDINALS, t AI M HALF CAPES, VICTOR! :.K-S. Ml FFS, CI FFS < OLLABS, gLOVES. ? IK< I LARS, TAI. MVS, PELERINES. At'., Ii Hin*?.an M?h|e. real mmk. stone marten Siberian squirrel. A- Al *?>. a large a?so.-tment of ? SL1 II H. CARRIAGE AND LAP ROBES. Catalogues and goods now ready for examination. OANTEL A. MATHEWS. AUCTIONEER. IK 'I. II' A V PRESENTS tT AUCWW. DANIEL A. MATHKW8 A CO will sell u? morrow (Thnrsdayi, at U??, O'clock, at their ??lc?motn Mo. $4 Cedar sire< t, opposite Postofbee, a large and elegant assortment of FINE GOLD AND SILVKK M Vl< IIES, H RICH JEWELRY. AC , AC , Suitable for holiday gifts. Catalogue* early on morning of *ale. | E DWARD 8CHENCK, AUCTIONEER. SECOND ANNUAL SALE or rat oiitiiT ortBB FRENCH, FLEMISH AND AMERICA!! FAINTINOS. By E. A F. H SCHENCK, on the evening* of Friday and Saturday, December 14 and IS, al half oast seven o'clock, al the Gallerle*. MM Broad war, corner of Hond strswt, among <>'? ' ?> '?? ' I 'l< ' , ? .1 the 4 1 Soman Knot Girl." by F Augrro; The <>bi|< of the Line entering Havana, bv F Melby; The Harbor and Cltv of Amsterdam, bv A Van Beevt Also fine afieeimens of TV Frere, Alfre.| l?e Dreut, Man/oni, I)eles*ard, Paul Ss'snac.!! 4 A II V eroti, l>e Bra- k ?Iter, Van Sevendonck, Kiwk Kok the Elder, S R Glfford, T Rondel The at* ve h;>ve been lately rerrfved direct from the artists, ?nd will be guarantied originals ALSO, TWO E LEO A NT COPIES I>r UlID" S AURORA AND CUPID AND PSYCHE BY ROI.1.A The above are now on frerexbibiiiou day and rveain?i. from HI A M until 4 P M , and from 7 F. M. to 10 P M E HENCE, Vt'iTIOKEER. SI I'ERB HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Elegant Caskets, Jewel Cases, La<ltee W >rt Bote* elegant !y fltted, sup rb .vsvrss and orm .lu Odor Case*, orm >i? and real brente Statuettes, Rla.|tte and br .ate Stain, ties, Uentie m< n s Dressing < ases, India and ? 'hlii-- g ?-ds. t<f th< r with an ? legant ass>.rtmeut of other rich articles of Verio, by E 4 r H. srllENi K, this day, at IOS A. M., at their aaiesr sun. No. 141 Broadway. Ladies are particularly Invited to examine them. ,'DWARD WHENCE, AU'TIONEBR. i IMPORTER s RALE OF SUPERB FRENCH AND BNGLISII FANCT GOODS SUITABLE FOR HOLIDAY PRKSENTS, Br E A F H S.HFSCK this day. Wednesday. I!th' Inst , al M*, " eloct, at their ?ale?cv m. No. Ill Broadwav Great sale of tbe m an *u|s rb Fancy G <od? tills seas.^i, e mprtaoi* a verv iarg. assortment of entirely new pnilerna an.I .loign*. Just Ymts'ried, consisting ?t FINE BKoSKI S, M'l'kRB I'AKIAN FIGURES, ELEGANT BltON/R, ORMOLC AND MARBU'i CLOCKrtj SEVRl.i AND FRENCH CHINA VASES. PFCOKATFD FRENCH CHINA DINNER SETS, SUPERB CIT AND BollV MIAN Gl.tSSW'AKF. ELEGANT ORMOLU (HKiDs. MI.GK PLATED WARE, tola large variety of other elegant Fancy Good*, toadies and tne pubhc re oe rally are invited t> examine lk< m Ptirrhasers can bare their goods carefiuly packed and shipped at a small eoet. FP0WARD tU'HRKrK, ACrTtONRRR. 'j Kl I't KH I OI.LKt 'TION or VAI.r%HLF. oil. PAINTINiifl, bv Mr A l>rlluyvrli#i d'irtM a P"*?al r)4t to lk? I art *tud> -a ot Burner, Among abirb will b* found lh? work* of n (iF.Vit vmnorrKHovim, a. he PRArKRt.RR, in M lllMHI- VAI'HR\ I RIMINI H I.MI K R KT. KRKKKRft, KOhK kiiKK. MOKKKNHOI'T. < - met M b*r|i Kra i. CI*| B?n. H jtibain, WniiMrniiln, kr kr karb paint in* I* ?irrml. ?n* n wl of tkrn b?ar lb? g-imrmn U* and rrrt float* nt the arttat. T . be arwd al au. tr ht K A P. H. m'RRWK on tlx* rrrniBi* ?l W*1?r*4*) and Tk n?Ui Imraibr II >n l >n ?I 7' , >lnrfc, at tb? aailrr e. 1 tb?- Mattoaal Awlnif M |ir>.gn. Train ?liwt, f?t?wn Kr-adway and Fourth arm ir. ?Jb* al?>*? b?>aiitlf?l and *?tiiaht# n a.iw o? FRhK riblMtloa al \br ?a**n?? from * A. ? waul M> P. M ra^h d?? aad <T< nn? "Din Ibo aaUv ? Mi ib?jr will tepnaiuw* b id w iUw>ut ITMifTT. YJIDWARD Ri'HKVk' kMTIORRRR -T\ jrfe OIL Fi Falntm** H. T. A t II M'NRHCR. On Pr UUy Uth, II IfL \ M at tbrir ?al??r?? n> No |?| Rr>?dra\ . a rxllar lion nl flnr 1 Ml I'ainlinra, Inriutiinji lamU?i?? Marine*. la Irrtora. Pl?ul* and faltl* I'iMwa, kr . Mr Tfca abnv* (*. Urr U?ti ?a< ?? l<? tod lit an art I at, who U n-turnltmfci Pratx* and will b? ?rmttlfrh aold wlth-Ml llmlv Anvil* tbotn will be found work a b> th? fr4V>wln* aniaU:? (I A Hekkin* H Mnrian. N. nmir. Ihiral. A Pntichon. B llaaa, R R Bt^-d n. Rrlnlyra, R Rnrtrn*. Mr . Mr. Tb* ialntln*a are now on ??. blblUoa, with ralal'iaw . TOfl!* LRTlAON, AtTTIoNVKR- OlOWIRO OLTHALR ?I of rbolrwOII I'alntlnir* and Fr.twa, th? l>r pert) nf ad -al"r d<ri|nln? hnalnf*. b?ln? t?i? ; ' A 1 " 1. ' ? ?l' 'iraled artl?'? ? ?f the da* of acknowledged r> 1 n'atlotj >? naiaiin* >f a fr*ai rartetT of Aaertoaa UuMtaWM, n?nr. and Fmlt Phw. Illatortral and Hrrlptaral .Moh)?rt?, ?<? . Mr To hf aold a aMIoti on WVdnoadk) knd ThuraAx) ?r?mnaa. fV* li and U. a?T', o'eltusk, at I be aU.n> No * riflb Armo^ Hotel. M porOHTT AI ?-no<*KRR, WILL <?F.LL AT ATT . Una o? I Tb.iradat |?^. IA at 10 ? fkrk. al Mo ? 1<-w air.?. Sp. HniaAl*. s 1 ? th, r..,^ Kr. ,-orn. ? if *0? ^o4ir^ p?rl nr. rhmw^T tixl dtnfnf rnom FurnHim \h* w b?i l? W pmMr+H ?aM u> tk* |MH b\ \ tet for raak H MUD AT AVCTIOII. BURT M. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER. Valuable collection 01 J A) MODKKN OIL PAIMTlMOft. 1JLNKY H. LEEDS A CO., W>U ell it garth n, tin Eridayt Dec. 14, at 11 o'clock, Id thelrg Jieiy, over the >s e?n? III, Zl Nuuii street, a val jajie oollectl i ? iU-? tkrn 1 iciurr*. aeiectad by J. P. Beaotu .ut, Eaq. d -tn<* t* win > sit in ihe art at iidica of Europa, inc niln< I "iar>l Fine, Patron., Lanfom ilr Mru Robtic, of Brusa .s; ??? oc< II . veil , Akkcnalykr. Leyckcrt, Henrietta Itnue . VaUsS ti-k i'i ck. liiiyiiuiiM, NuUTinaxi, Sidney K I'ercv. flarrtnf, Shajot, Waller William*, Armfitid. A Barlaul, (Vu kahink, Mmm Beame, A , Ac , pure baaisi direct Iroui the ar .*U, and v 111 be tola under guarantee of orlg'aallty. Henry n. lbeds. auctioneer.? henry h. LEFDh A CO, wal sell at auction, on Thurmia , ???o. la, a 12 in k, lu I rout of store No, XI Navutu mro.-t, .i ?? rv Inndson. bi.iclt Horse, 16 hands, H year* old, warrin' -J (?on Ml and kind in all respects. This hor*.! h m onlv b>* i um d by a pnv.ite family, and la OM ?f the moat d*s:rtbe linrM'n 10 Ix found Avo .i Victoria Phaeton, with pole vid lialtH, >u line tondit on itml ui.d<' to o-der. A 'to a v ery due mi K e ll.irin mi, alao nwdo to order. TUo whole will bo gold without reserve. Hfnkv b. nan, jr., auctioneer. FUKS, FURS. FUBB. ON TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY ANI? THURSDAY, December 11, 12 and 13, Commencing at lOtf o'clock each day, At. No. as Broadway, coruer of fclicbuige Place, Peremptory null' of ELEGANT MADE UP PURS, Being the entire b,iUmv uf st.a-k of MESSRS. C. E. BKKSLER A CO., To be sold without reaerve, lu oniitcqueiiie of dissolution of partnerahlp. The stock comprises tu part .? Superb real RusMla Sable Seta, Elegant HudaonBav Sable Set*. Rich, dirk, rwal Mink Seta, Together with a general sa* rtm nt i f Lniiea', gent* and hll dn n s 1- ur?, in every variety. Alio a splendid lot of -il-uh. La ii and Carn*g? Robes, Ac., Ac. The mo k will be arranged and on vfcitv on ij vpday, Dw. 10, wheu punhaaiij are invited U call and examine. Henry green, auctioneer store i? wil l am street. Groceries, Liquor*, Segars, Ac , the ortn tenta ol a grocerv store. removed from Weat street. Thla Xiy at the auction room, at 104^ o'clock, comprising a general as aortmentof Groceries, t> bar re la of Currants, Jin rituoa of Figs, 5 tierce* of Plckl. d Salmon. .1) boxen of Soip, 7 ba<k Cm quarts and 6 do. pints of Champaigne ft) cat. a of Claret, 3 casks of Brandy, 2 do. of Port, 1 do or Sherry, I do. of M t'u St, 2 do. ot Hoiirbon. 2 do. of Rum, I do of tiln, 70, UW Segart. c., by order of ,fanie<t wMMM, MrigMtb Henry green, general auctioneer, store i?? William street, N. Y ? Grooera' Stores, Ac. Partiee deal roua of selling out their stores will flint it to tneir advantage by applying to 11 OSSBN. Particular attention given to thla branch of tne business. Settlement of all sakw made tam>> day. Henry green, auctioneer, store km wil ham street.? Household Furniture, Ac., on Thureday. December 13, at 10*, o'clock, at 127 Fourth avenue, corner or Thirtieth street, tlie whole of the excllcnt liouaelmlil Furni ture, Feather Beds, M.itlressen, Bedsteads, Bureaus, lar?e Ki tension Dining Table, Chair*. Sofaa, Lounges, elegant < 'ar rts, nearly new, Oilcloths, Crockery, Glass and Kitchen tensile, Ac. Henry orken, ai?tioneer, store i?? wil llam street - Notiee to part rs bri cking up houteke-'p ing Houaeliolil fiirniiore sold at auclon on the premises of the ow n< r* on iuod< rate tertus. Settlements of all sales made the same day Henry u*<rw. aucttoneer. stork i9? jTUr l.ani at'.^ ?Dry and Fancy llooda. Fur*, Ac , on Thurs day, Inc m?" ' : at lO^ o'clock, ut the auction store, a gene, ml iinaortBi* nt of liry and Fancy Gooda, Clothing, and a large lot ot Furs, l^p Rnbea, S?'ta, Ac. Henry green, au<-tioneer, stork i?? mh, liam street. ? Special sale of Gold and Silver Watches, Jewelry, Ac., on Thursday, December IS. at 11 o'clock, at the auction store, consisting of several valuable Gold and Silver Watchra, Chains, King*, Bracelets, Studs, Loclu'ta, Pins, Ac. Also a valuable Camera and Stand. Magnificent household furniture, WORKS OF ART. AC., AT PUBLIC AUCTION. The property of a family lear;ng the city, thla day (Wednesday) Dee. 12, at the elegant private res dene of Dr. Bogardus, ort West Eleventh street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, sale commencing at 1UX o'clock. Til Rosewood 7H octave Pianoforte, Rosewood drawing room Suits, Bronte and ormolu Chandeliers. velvet and medallion Carpet*, Sevres and Dresden Ornaments, Pier and Mantel Mirror*, Brocade and Lace Curtain*, Artistic bronze Statuary, Oil Painting*, by eminent artists, Oak buffet, extension Table, Bookca e, Etegeres, centre Table*. China, glass and silver Ware, Rosewood and mahogany chamber Furniture, Ac., Beds and Bi dding or all k nila throughout the house. Houae to let.? ORTGAGE SALK -W. A. CARTER. AUCTIONEER. _ Bv virtue of a < battel mortgage bearing date Seiiteinber KM, Mai, on the Stock and Fixtures m the lirocery Store, in I/ourd street, city of New York, I shall sell at public auction na'd Stock and Fixture*, at said store, on the 13th day of lieo mber, Inst , at It) o'clock A. M. I shall also sell tbe iamao of Uie premises, which has five years to run, from May I, 1MU, at tlie same time and place, to the highest bidder Dated, Dec ?, UHO. HENRY li.VKMS. M Mortgage rale ok property situated in the Ninth ward, on Myrtle avenue, on the !2th .lay of December, at 12 a < lock M., at the Couuuerdal Exchange, kW Fulton street. Brooklyn. Mortgage sale of fi rnitcrk-tius dvy, at lt)>i oclnk. at 2K F.a?t Twenty ?lghtb street, n ? ir fourth avenue, John F Kl'SSELL will sell as ab'v , by v rtue of two chattel mortgages, mahogany Sofas, Ciiair*. maibletop T..bles, Mirrors, Bru>?el* .ind oth?r tJaris'ta, K-*l ?leads,, Bisikcaiie, *? wing Mai hine, Ac., A. Hy or der. C. r. WAIT'S, Att'y for Mortgagee*. M DOUGHTY, AI CTIONKER. WILL HELL AT AUC . n, this day (Wednesday;, Deeember 12. at 10'^ o'liock, at ?iMn.' in M Nassau *Uee:, a general aaaortmsnt of h itue held Kurtuiure, Carpets, maiiogany and r iaewood parior Suits, S4ii as CI a. rs Tete a teles, centre Tables, Bo ik Cases evens. 'II d.ning Tables, dining Ctia rs, drtwsmg Bureaus, W a* h "tal is. Beds.eads. Mattreaaes, Kea Her Be 1<, Ward p.bes, IsainfM. A'-., An., the whole to be is'rem,itortly add to the lngLieai b.ddri to | ay caab advate ea. Sale |x>remiil iry. PAWNBROKER'S RALE.? H. LEVY, A IT TloN EBB V3 Catharine street, will sell, this day, at |il*? o'clock, a large ard sp end d lot of slik and deialne Dresses, Bta itiea, (Jul.ta, shawl*. Boots and Shoe*. Shirta, Coats, I'm Is, Veen, Me. H.BCKNKTr. P^^^?R HANGINGS -JOHN E VAN ANTWERP S SON aurtioaeer, will sell on Tlmr?d*y. IVii-mte-r l.t, at No 7t Williaoi m- ? t. at 12 o ? iiak prei io'ly, the UaUnc.' of ?V.ili I s [ er, 8 itv p|e<e- remaining >iaa<iid from last week. Terui* ca#h. A J Hot; ART. Al CTIONEKKS,. CORNER OF . Piaiikfort and Wl lam -T ??!.-. will ??it -I - day, a' I t , i. . k. t y virtue of a < naitel mortgage, one large gray Horao, s tKmily UO1 kaw^y Carriage anil Harne-*. jOli.N W. HOMEKLNDYKK, Attorney for Mortgagee t J. BtMIART. AUCTIONEERS THURSDAY, DEC 1^ , l.t, at H'S o"' lock, at Iheaui loa roonm. No I North tA'il l am ?tieet, < on?tabie'a sale, by virtue of an entMiloa, ttiroa lares I. al lotMMOO. JAMES SI LL1V AN, Coo?talile. SA J. Btx; ART, AUCTIONRBRS ? THIS DAY. AT |m7 . n cloi k, at the au< tkin rooms. No I North William ?tp*t, itouaeiiold Furniture, eonsialing if mahogany Sofa*, Mab?. kai y I'l.alrs, Ri?k. is, Btir,'aii?, Wash1**d*, Luuian ?, HruM?U at d ingrain Carpets, oilcloths. Bedsteads, Beds and Bedding. kiiehi'D Furniture. Stoves, A . Also, At Kl)t o cloek, in front of the auction room' on account of whom it nay concern, to pay adtatw-es and expenses, one ll(>r>e, 1301b Wagon and llartn . a, ooe b'.a>k Uurae, Wagon, and llarnea*. SHERIFF! SALE -JEWELRY -CHAMBERS A FAIR t IIILD. AueUoneora. will sell, this day. Deeember 12 at their ??tearoom. 113 Nassau street, al llo rl.Mk. a lot of mis teliaaeou* Jewelry. JOHN KELLY, Sheriff. rTH AND TANCY 0?S?r?S AT ACTION JOHN K VAN ANTWERP'S SON. an il.ueer. will sell no Thutsday, L%h l?et?wiber, at 10 o elnea. at No *.l William siteet, a !arge asaoriment M Toys, comprising ten casea of Dew *i d d> sirable O'xsta Just *dapu*<l to the Mao*; a s. in addile n. iht I aiaiM-e of the Pa|ier Hanirings rem* ningun> id fr m last meek. he. ng I lalM-e of fan. y Baskets. Ka>ke a h ldren s Hasl a?? r ment of Hardtsare, in whKh will be found tnaileaMe fr m last ?eek, being upwards of 23.tut piece* also .he ha kets. etnbractng ladia* work and travelling Baskets. , hiljren s Baskets. Ac . Ac . t srether with the n?ual asw riment of Itardaare. in wht. n will ne lotinn maiiean.e In n liasfsard Stai-les, llaspaand H>>As. b .y s toil Chest?, S*?s, I/sks. tine table and |??*et Cutlery, Skates, shlngllag Its'i h ? is. bandied Axes. Eyre, Ward A Co.'* snpeflor i-?-ke hnive*, on c*rd?, Ac , Ac Term*na*h U'M WITTERS, Al tTIfiNEER- WILL SKU., ON I Wednesday, at lOt, u clock, at (It SI lib avenue, the en Jr e Stage Fliturea, Furniture, Ac , of a t onrert Kootn -?k) Chair*. >11 Beaches, M Table*, lot or Glaaaware De^ao em. Mirror, * Stmea ana Pipe*. Kal.ings, Scenery. Dnrp Curtains and all other Oooda ooanecied with Um above. My order ol tbe Morgagee. Kaate day, at two o elork. at 414 Canal streei- Rl h Houae bold Furniture, Ac. \?'B- WITTERS, ACCTIONEER-WIIX SRLU THIS TV day, lit* Inst . by rtrtw ef a chattel Mortgage, at lt?S o'rlork, at A7 t street, the en'Jre Furniture of the Hotel. coastsMng of Parlor. CtuM^er, Dining tttsxn and Klt' hen Fumitui' . alan Mar and d?r Ffxtuiv" ; alao the Fur t e Dining Saloon, Table and He. I Ijneu n ' Cloth*. SHI sheeu, epreaiis Totsela, Napkins, chlaa. gla-s. and Hihet Ware, Ac By order of PASCHAL S. LEONARD, Attorney tor Mortgagee 1 be above aale is p< st|"n<d until M nday, 17th Inst. PASCHAL S. LEONARD. Urtl. l.t AM WITTERS, AltTIfiNEER. WILL SELL, this dsy. at two o'c nek al tM t anal ttreei. a iargc as at.rtnieiii of genteel Hmiai'hn d Furniture, ramprlalng Par'or Nu t, par an* mantel mirrors, Paiatiaga, lace damask i ur tains, one rosewood snd one mahogany eased Piano. Plan i Htoois and Covers i I entre Tablea, ogany BooS^ase, rich ?1 ve|. Upeatry. three ply Ingrsm 'ind olber t arpet* ha I *n l basement ? Ml' iotha, mahr*p>nv and maswoisl Beds t- ads, hair aad otlsf Mattreaaes. fine raatner Beds, Sheet*. Spreads, S.anket*. table and bed iJaea, marble lop dreealng ind other Hureans, t? ashsunds, Totlei. China, tiiaae. Silver and oth. r ware*. Extension Table, .at. >ane and mahogan* t h?lrs; txninges. Sofas, S?.fs Beds t> ads Rmkers, kit hea Furniture, Ironware, Tuba, Woodenware, Ac , ail aaa^ted to the waats of fan ilies and others. YV" *1TTF.RS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL ON FRI ? ? ?t?y, al t o eior-s al 4M Canal street, a large iptantlty of Furniture I aipets, liegs, Bedding, Mirrors, eleven g'nd W a tehee Dl.mond Kinc^. Jewelgy, Segsra, carpenters Too.s, Wires, I i.ji ma. ?) v<r wsre, Ac , having be.n on *tor I|pe one year snd upwatds Partlea can redeem before that day by paying ex prases U'll.l.HM ABSfiTl. t' t-Tlt.SFER, OFriCE Nfl 4 Esst Briwdw.ty, alllsrll thi* day, at KM o ckrk, the nmtente of the l^.,iHir -tore m Wil lsm street, near Peart, rnfislsling nt < ountet*ovster Stand, beer lumps, H randies, olas, Wines, DemijolWa, Fiirnlture. A. OA!f?lNO ACADRMIRM. Dtll'th ORTII'S DANCING ACADEMIES. No M Broadway. Now Tort So 1ST Montagu* street, Brooklyn. Wedneaday* and Saturdays In Naw Tor*. Monday* and Thursdays, Tnesdays and Fridays in Brooklyn. Circular* of terms. Air . may be had at either Academy. FERRERO'S DANCING academt, m WEST fOrE te. nih street New York? Ope* for the raoepUoa of pupUa. AfterrJfcns for Mlaae* and Master# : evening* for gentlemen. Hcfconl* and private t las sea In families atisadad. Circulars ran be had at tba Academy. Madame saitageai- s dancing academy, tbi ? Bradwat. below Tenth street. Is opea every af . rooon at three and every evening at *eren All the faehioaable ?lance* and aew quadrille* tonght la a ooarse Of twelve les sons A eorjis of etperteneeA laneetises eng^pad ?M'ANTED-A HOARDING SCH(K)I, IM THIS I V\ T? for a little giri of nine year* Addro** R II , b- < 1^*) l'e*t i fllre. stating lowest terms for ls*rd sod Instniction. In rludlng Preach and Muatr. aad full particular* ( OAttDIMU AND liUD?I*IU. A PRIVATE FAMILY CAN aCCOMMODATK ONRQR twi ' yoni.g iii- n with s lurniahed Kniin unl Hoard, pha ?ait atii n terms mi?ierate A) ply at li>4 #eal'i'enUi street, bitwe. . t-'i unb and Biivcki-r street?. A SINGLE GENTLEMAN OK TWO WI l.LINU TO ROOM together, l?' *> ounniiodated with a pleasant room nail I Q, w rib a small private ftinliy in ltro->i n . u> ??? i ' 'j 1" ' er*OUJI ln Want O t k home will dn wrll JO uidlea.1 bo? .(, . S-i New York I'm oltice References excban^i 1 at 'i2 fast twenty fourth ithret, in a jfi Mnctn prtva e miiiily of adult*, a mil of Furnished KouB s, ?i h full or pari lal Board, Ui griiilemen or a family, Willi pIASU- able served. A widow lady wishes to let a spit of rooms, 011 seooi d tloor, to on** or two S.ngle gentlemen or a geti tleit an aid lux wiie. Tin- rooms have ill tin- modern nil I r. % vii ft la. 1 enna very cheap. Apuly at Urn Iwenty seventh street, th.rd door froui Fourth avenue. A LARGE BACK PARLOR TO KENT, .'I'RNISHFD, ontliehrst !li>or, to utliuieu -.uiy, at ?d,l Hroad *a. , In t> een I'.igiitli and Ninth streets. AT 106 FAST TWENTY FIRST STREET, GRAMERCf park, vi ry desirable second Hturv it-s.ins, wuli ol w.a ai d hatli room, suitable for families or s.ngl- gentlemen, in ,t Hi si class bouse, pleasantly located. Kef en noes exchanged. AtiENTLKMAN AND WIFE OR TWO SINGLE SIX. tl-nn n wishing good Board and pleasant Room*, on su et d or Thl.d Boms, nm be sooommodated at 12! Plorrepont ?ir-ri, Broi klyo. llelereuces exchanged. Ah MALL PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD RENT A PAR lor and Bedroom, on the Drat and second floors, with or with ui Meals. Rooms with hot and Oold water. Convenient to ears and stages. Apply at 23 Htuyv-natu street, flrist now bv use ? aat of Thud avenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets. A FEW HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET to eentlemcn, in milts or se|iarately. The location is oen tial, and convenient to cars and stages. Apply al W2 Fourth street, Albion place. A GENTLEMAN AND un, OR A FEW SINGLR IDI n. rail be accommodated with Board at %) Laight street, opposite 81. John's Park. A FEW GENTLEMEN OR A GENTLEMAN AND LADY can be aecomim dated with flnt class Hoard at t>>\ WmI Twenty eighth street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues, near <mrs and stages. A FEW YOUNG GENTLEMEN ('AN BE ACCOMMODA ted ? ith board at 206 Bridge street, Brooklyn. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET THEIR SECOND Floor, w ith Board, to a family or two gentlemen and their w ires References exchanged. Apply at 162 West Twen ty tir?t street. AN AMERICAN WIDOW LADY WILL LET A FUR. . niahi d K- - in and Bedroom to one or two gentlemen, with or without partial board. Apply at 170 Ninth avenue, next to corm r of T wenty-scoond street. A LARGE PLEASANT FRONT ROOM AND SMALL Ki.oni adjoining to let, neatly furnished til' d-?ir. di tor h>.usekeepinfi, or a pleasant room for geutl<<m<-n ? ludging nsm; the bouse la plain and romtortabl-; (amity anuill. T ei nis moderate ; gas, Jtr. ; convenient to earn and stages. 124 Eat-l Nineteenth street, near Third avenue. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET NEATLY i urnisbed Kuoms, on second or third ti' >"tn, with K.iaitl, to single Krntlemi n or gentlemen and their wives, at ri-aa in able prli ea House baa every modern improvement ; convent en t ui cats and stages. Apply at 412 West Twenty-third street A PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCUPYING A FIRST CLAMri house In Eighty-fourth street, will accommodate a few single gentlemen, or' gentlemen and their wives, with fur nished Ri? ms, with fiiU or partial Board. References ei changed. Apply to Jos. Miller, Eighty-fourth street, fourth house from second avenue, north side. AT 38 CLINTON PLACE.? A SUIT OF HANDSOME rooms on second floor to let, with eioellent Board. :t) per rent below up town prices; the house la neat and quiet; re ferences eicbanged; family small. APRTVATE FAMILY, RESIDING AT NO. Oft WEST Seventeenth street, can ai'commodaie a gentleman and wife or two or three single gentlemen with Board and plea sant Rin dm. House with modem improvements and iu a good neighborhood. A YOUNG WIDOW LADY, JUST COMMENCED housekeeping, will let a handsomely f urmshed front Koom, with el set. Are and gas, to a lady and gentleman (b< ard for the lady only), and who w 111 have all the comforts ol a good home. Call on or address E. J., 163 Greene street, AFKW PLEASANT ROOMS FOR GENTLEMEN AND their wives; also two Rooms for single gentlemen, with Hoard. House contains all Improvements. Location plea sant and d-'siraMe. Terms moderate. Apply at I 248 Broad way, near Thirty- flrst street. References required. AN ENGLISH FAMILY ARE DESIROUS OF LETTING one or two furnished Booms, with grate, gas and good hoard, to gentlemen and wives, or ? party of single gentlr men. Apply at IS3 Orchard street, one door from Grand. References required. A FEW FURNISHED ROOMS FOR GENTLEMEN, from $1 SO to $4 per week, one Room, suitable foi two gents, with fi'e, $.! Mt per week 312 Broodway, opposite St. Nitbulas Hotel. Inquire up stairs. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM TO LET, TO two gentlemen; rent per week. Including gas In quire at luj Prince street. A CHOICE OF HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS TO . let. Board includ- d, on the w mid floor, suitable for gen MM anil their wives, or single gentlemen. Modern Im provements. Reference exchanged. So. 4 Second street, near the Bowery. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR A COUPLE OF KIN gle irentlerncn may bo aciummodnied with Hoard In a |ri<aie tamlly, In a house wlih all improvements. Reierencen leqniied. Inquire at 123 West Twenty second street. Anew f.ngland lady, with references of the highest character, hating taken he new sn I deali* b.e hoii>e No lis Wist Nine eenih s reel, corner ol Sixth ave nue, has a few beautiful Rooms to ei, with drat class Kntrd. A H ANDSOME SUIT OF ROOMS, IN A PRIVATE FAMI ly, two blocka I mm iltoadway. will be let u> gen'leinen, i< > eihei or singly, or to a small family of adults, with prim e**> III kl'chen. I'rice of Itooms slnglv. pi, s-id with fr- .gas. A''., jlM-luded. Retei-ence ei. hsngrd. llreaklast if de- in d. No. L.2 East Fourteenth street. Api'it or ri rnihhbd rooms, on mxTrLnoiL I 1*1 I'll . bed ? limnilx r uand cloarta, with hot and ivilj i Hirii, to let, with p-nav uble, or w llliout board, at .171 luurth ftrri", n.-ar I-ui.iyetU; pla?v. ? WIDoW LADT HAVING MORE ROOM THAN HIIK ik > d- mould like to rent a lew Rootna, lurnlehed or un funu-lit-0 io a at nUiman and Udjr, wtth Hoard or the lady ? ?illy. ? r n. niimir rcntl men; anfolnl io * :*?e? *nd < am; luiilno 77 WrM Twenty fourth atmrt, owr Xlith ifcaw. A PRIVATE EA M I I.Y DESIRES TO LET A NEATLY t nrmM.rd f rntit It ?-ni. with partial Hoard to una or two (rntlrm> n or grutlemnn aiwl w lie, houee hae all the modern (uatnu nrM, plNsiiHf ImM -md m>; oi hoc- ?? Apply at ?oulhwcul cunv r f orty w-cond >t rret and Nnratli ?* A EI'RNIHHED PARLOR, CIN THIRD FLOOR, WITH j j\ or without the email ruuai ad Iolninf. to rent, with H >*rd ' i r the w inu-r. to a family or Mtn^Ir> ptiUaan Alao. lanj>* b*. k I'ark r. i a ftra< toor. % Pl>ly ?' No. *1 Weal Twelfth iiiirt. neai Klflh avenue. Dinner at 6 n'doelL Arr.W YOI'NO MEN. OR GENTLEMAN AND WIPE, ran obtain plaaanni Room* and R<?r4. In a private fa Willy, where the r. in/orta of a h'UMian lie rp*l ??.| I'itiim fr. m n 1.1 $? ' nnvenlent u> ram and fall at ZM ? rat Twenty aiitfc utreet. AYO1N0 RAH OK GOOD tllARAi'TER W INTS To tr< i gprid plain R ard. In ? tne umaU reviiectable family In S< n'h Brooklyn, a (J M per week. \ddr- -? Harry, t> > 1,1*70 1' oBn* I I.K V- \ NT ROOM. WITH TWO LA RGB CU WETS attached on of which ean be uaed an n Bedroom, to U-t. with H< ai l Alw a hill Ibnm. all n the *?<..iid II ?ir, at It'j Fiftarnth atrert. between rilith nod Herenlh avenuca A I.ADY, WHO HAH RECENTLY LOST HER HT'H J\ band. Would like In Ulramau and bia wile to Hoaiil ma* hut ren-eeiable nartiea need apply Inquire at No. ft Ktijker ? foliage, Fifty wrnnd "treat, near Eleventh avenue. A GENTLEMAN t'AN HE ACCOMMODATCD WITH A n*aly fumi?he?l Room or aalt of in iprtra'c fa nnly. ai M W eat rwenty I mirth mreet, ale* doora from Elf ill Avenue HotaL \ELEAHANT SPIT OE Rmi*^ FOR A GENTLRM AN and w ie and al?> a Room f?r a Wnrle gentleman, n>?v l? had, wtih H ?ril, at I IV W?i rwfntjr-feound atreet t nil for two daya. Reference* required. A GENTLEMAN A*n W1FI OR A EF W SINGLE (ruth men, may obtain deairahle K" ma. with Hoard. In a prl ate lamlly. b* apply!- * at 1*7 Went Slateenth atreet l? to een Math ar.d Hetenth airnun. Krferrncea given awl required. A FAMILY WILL LET SEVERAL PLEASANT FT*R ,1 ntehed '?r utifurnl*hrd K?--ma. with or wlUmut Rourrt. Iloiiae rofitaina m tlern lmpr>utnni'?, orWchborhood <|.-?lra M*. term? rn ?l? raU a comfortable IwM, nae of ptmn ? Arp'y ?t IT" Wrat Thirty atlth atr'-et, between Herenth nod > tgktb aientiaa. Avery dfmrahlk Rf kin, handsomely eir nl?b?d, to let, to Otic , r twr i alnijlr (ri.tlem.-T llrenklart I. n-qulred. faa, bath, Ac. Apply MW Amity atreet. AT NO T ORAHERfEY PLA?E, TWENTIETH ?ireel, arcotid d mr fr m F mrtli ?*<-inie.? A hnndanm? luirUti'd ?lllln* Konm and He.|ri?-m adj"lnln?, to U-t. Via atlilr frotleman, I ouai prliate and romloitable. H r>ak : aa' a d Tn II required A LADY, KFEIMNO HOI'HE EOR HER BROTHER, * tokea to let a pl<-aannt - erttit lt?<m. with Roard U< anlt, to ? jMitlrKn. or piiwim and lady wm>m Ui-- comfort* of kMM. *o other V*i 4era or tdillrfren . looauon, Mlith a*" nue, nrar Thirty aeventh ?lrc. t Addreaa Mlaa Aahton. 417 Suth arem*. BflARD - ELEAHAVT WELL EI RNHHED~ R< KIR", with pantrv-*, |aa, hot and mid water, to M, wHk hoaid. l/?all"ti jpx-d. and mneenlent to Rare and etafpw Apply at HI Weat Twenty altik atreet. Dinner at I oVI-irk. DliARD TII LET, WITH Hi'tRD. AT No IS7 sF. MM MMltemw. het?? F.lfhlh and N mi It -omeM, nicely lurnlahed K - m?. ?tiluble for 7am. lienor KnntleOMii. I j?? U?.n *ery dMilmble Dinner at ?n'rlock Board - a nic ely Et RjfTHWED r??o* to let t?? a la<ly and (eoticman. with Hoard f r lady only. In a mo dern bo ?; near <*ra and ?<?>?: family ? mall and -erma very moderaM. Add mm Rre H I. H , Madlaon aqtinrw I'oat oRh* Hoard one or two rf.hpe<tarle young men nan lia?e a nlee Room on the axnmd door, with (tain, bath. hi>> and r>4d ?at> r. t<-nn? from $3U> $3 par week. Apny at lie 1 kowip>nn atlwet nanr Prlnne Hoard -a orntleran and wife can obtain a very pl< want H?ra ->n the xeennd Hoot of the bouw, ptraeantlv l<nted ?? Iflai Kaet Eighteenth etreet, between Se nond and Third avennee BOARD.-A EROWT R?K?*, ON THIRD Ef<OOR, ? nllaUe for two I-I I tlnoen, with foU nr partial Hoard. ! mav ? Ma 'ird at IU Weet Eleventh atrwet, between Fifth I aad si ith avenue*. _____________ Board -a gentleman and wtrr. or a few ainffle fentlemen nan be neoommodated with pleaannt I Koome, w ith Htwrd. in a amall family, pleaaantly looated at 1 No M Ea-t Eleventh atreet, between Second and Third avee B' OARD-HEVEEAL PLEAHAWT AND WELL ETR nl'h'd Ri- m?. with Hoard, at IB CUntnn plane, near EVtli avenue. Dinner at all n'rlnck. Board -a private family tan accommodate a ?rntleman and wife, or two ?inr'c fertile men with a nlenmnt Room and Hoard in a modem bartMh, lo.-ated at IB jlfnth atrwet. a few 4nnra weat of Rrwndway. Board-two well ei-enihiied ROf)n?t, with hot and cold water In e*rk, large r|n*eta attached and ?a*. I to let, tn tentleiw.-n ?nd their ?-{???. nr atarlc ven'lxinam ; r*?n ? table kepi end ierw? r.-aeonible Apply at No II Xeveatll | aventu B ROjIUJDINtt Afll 14MMIINCI. Board- a pleasant khont room and bed lut in rtiiin?ciii:K to 1ft, iii itu* iiouMJ of a widow, to a tlrmiiii and i?<iy, w ti> Hoard for t lit* lady only; th?* hou** lent Miid .ui?t, location in vc.u tv of Luiou ?>|uarc c*at. Ad dieas K. M. , I nion square l'usl i Board down town-for *i per week. at :-VI Greenwlgh street, betueen North Moore and Beach rnu.riHU, n> w ly t uinir! ? d and each with privilege of I i e. table huh>l?nt'al and abundant i Boakd for a i.ady and gentleman full Board for the lady only, lu a emu., quiet family. Ap. ply at 2t>2 Spring street. TIOABD ATM LEXINGTON AVENUE, NBAS TWENTY. I) sivenh strvet; bouse, euDUUDiDI the uiod ant improve ni> i m urn! mx atmn nnsnri amed tor licalthfulmuM, pl.a-ant n> ts aiid k<h d neighborhood. Will Ifi tlio front square Room i n ihe third Hour tor $.s p< r wMk, also two or three day l>. a. ileis a ki it. "IJOARD IN BROADWAY, BETWEEN TWELFTH AND I) Thirteenth rtrecta? The best location In the city: hotiati t.ikt class. posacaaca all nftlim improv. ua uts, an excellent tub e; ilinut r at Mix o'clock. Apply at St! Broadway. Board in clinton place.? a handsome par lor en the first floor, and a mill of Rooma for a gentleman aud his win', or for single gentlemen, with private table if de rued, at VJ i linton place. j Board in iienuv htreet.? a orntlemw and wile or two single gentlemen can ha . a aplendul snuara Room, on Hamd floor, with gas. Are, und uae of b.uh a*lj lin ing ihe room, w uh every tomlort of a bom-. In a prirat American family Reference* exchanged. Apply at 72 Henry slice , near Market 0ARD WANTED-FOR A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE in a private family; no other board -rs, lire ami nan ami plain ci mforta only; price very moderate. , references giveu and required Address M. E , Herald e. Board wanted? plain, ? comfortable room *nd Board for gentleman and wife, partial lor aentleiuan, wltb fire and gas, between $7 and $8 tier week. Reference re quired. Addraaa A. M., box Alt) Herald office. Board wanted-for a gentleman and lady; board for lady only ; a furnished Roo'n, on second or third floor, and with a small family preferred. Loaatlon rauat bo conn al. terms not to exceed $."? or 96 per week. Address L D. B., Herald olllie, with particulars. Board wanted? for a young lady, whose family will be absent during the winter, in an amtah'e in d pious family, house must be neat, well furnished, and In a goi d location, Unexceptionable references. Address, with tull particulars, Cliapcrunc, Herald odloc. Board wanted? by a man and wife, in pri vate family, without children, having more room than they rei|ulre, and who an- desirous of reducing their expenses through this hard winter, and who will address, stating terms (which must be moderate,) and l<?atlon. will meet with . prompt attention, J. A D. Salesroom, 113 Nassau street. BOARDINO ? Fl'RNIsnED ROOMS, WITH OK WITH j out Board A respectable lady, living alone for the win I ter, and having more room than she r> quires, will let to on? ' or two gentlemen, or gentlem in and I nly, willing t<> pay a ! fair price neatly furnished Room* In a Dlcasaut liwatlou up I town, on Broadway Good references given If required. Ad dress Mis H , Herald oUir<\ BOARDINO -TO LET, WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD, to a gentleman and wife, or two single gentlemen, a handsome tront Parlor on second floor, with Bedroom If wanted The rooms will M furnished if desired. Tcihim moderate. Inquire at 130 Orchard street. Boarding ?a young gentleman wants per manent Board In a private family below Sixteenth street. Address, stating terms, box MM Herald office. "BOARDING.? ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN WILL JJ find pleasant Rooms In a small family by . ailing on .). Lancaster, 13 Barclay atoeet, New York, or at 32ti Henry street, South Brooklyn. First class references required and given. Boarding.? a young mam, of good habits and very respectable family, desires Board in a pleasant lo cality, In a small and strictly private family, where he c,m be well accommodated, snd have the comforts of a good home: locality between Fourth and Fourteenth streets and Second and Sixth avenues; boarding bouse keepers need not answer. Address, with full particulars, C. Z., box IMS Herald office. Boarding.-a puit of rooms to let in a first class bouse, with a private table, in a private family, at M) East Elght<-enth street a few doors frum Union square. BOARDING -THREE OR FOUR YOUNG MEN CAN be accommodated with good Board In an American family at a moderate price, wltb gas, bath. A', (no other boarders* at 4o Leroy street. N B.? Dinner at 6 o'clock. BOAKr>IN<;-\ NEAT KOOM, WITH BOARD FOR A gentleman and wile at ft) a week , including gas ; also hall rooms for two gentlemen; a comfortable home it a rea souable price i or the winter. Apply at I lit East Nineteenth street , convenient to cars. Board in Brooklyn ? oentlemen with their wives, or a few single geutlemen, can be accommodated with plaa^ant Rooms In a private family, at U0 South Oxford street. Board in Brooklyn.? a pleasant suit of Room, on the second story of a Brut class house, fur nished or unfurnished, suitable for a gentleman and wife or single gentlemen, may be obtained on reasonable terms by applying at l<(7 Amity stree l South Brooklyn, first door from llenry. Dinner st six o'clock. Board in Brooklyn ?a suit of front rooms, second Innr, to let, with Board, to a gentleman and wife, or single gentlemen , also, one Kuom on third story; terms reasonable Inquire at 2Ut llenry street. Board in Brooklyn -gentlemen and gentle men snd their wives can be accommodated with Urge and pleasant Kismis, with full or partial Board, In a he ilthy lo c atton, within live minutes' walk to South or Wall street f errj Apply at 248 lit nr> street, corner of t'ongress st. Board in Brooklyn? a gentleman and wipe, or single genilemen may find a H'Ril ortable homo In a small s< c al family residing at Ml Port tlrncn pis e, hetwen Fallon snd Atlan' e avenues, convenient to either ferry. Terms ni'slerate and references required. BOABD IN BROOKLYN -A TIUKD STOKV FRONT; a'so sec. nd story bark K">m, neatly furnished, sin abl<? for gentlexnea and their wives or single gentlemen. Appi> at A4 hands street, near Fulton and t'atharlne ferries; table g.. xl aud terms moderate. Board in Brooklyn'? a 'gentleman and ? ife or two single gentlemen ean be a<v imin xla'etl with furnished Rooms and lull Board in a strictly prlvan; family. Lea rshle location, within walk ng distance of South. Wall and I ulu n Icrric" dinner at six. terms ni'sterate . rn idem Improvements. Address t' W if , box 3tM Brooklyn Post odiee Board' in brVm)klyn -a ^leahant ba'tk room w ith ver) large (lantrles, to let, with 11 >ard a gentle man and wife or two ?inge- gentlemen, on verv m oderate i? rms Apply at 46 -amis street, ne >li> t from the oorner of Adams. BOARD IN BROOKLYN? WITHIN riVE MINUTES' * alk of W all street lerry . A gent l"inau and hla wife can be a> ?' da'ed with a ba''"k Parlor 'Ml the Unit flx r; also a hall Ko- in for a a ngle gent. "man Apply at I.W Henry street, between Pierre pant snd I lark sis OARD IN BROOKLVV.-NF.ATLY FURNISHED .J m- w ?h g . d M ird ?i h a small pri t ne f am W. and where h. me e. mforts may be d' ^nded n Apply at >'il llenry street, corner of State, a few minutes' walk 1 1 mi Wall or Sontb ferry. Board in Brooklyn? im amiyy street, be tween I 'onrt and t 'tlnlon A (enlieman and hla wife or two gentlemen can obtain Board, with a pleaaan' furnlaliesl Itis m . the house Is modern, and convenient lo the ears and ferries B Board in Brooklyn? a pleasant suit of Rooms, in a flr?t class house, furnished, suitable for gen tl< men or gentlemen and their wives, may be obtained by ap I lying at lil > onnird street. Convenient to the ferries. He lerencs s required. Board in Brooklyn? a gentleman and wife can be accommodated with pleasant K oms and Board is a small family, by Inquiring al 218 < linton street. Hoard in Brooklyn?: as willow street, near < rsnherry ? Two g> ntlemen can And the comforts of a g.Hsl home la a plain Rnsliah family terms from fit AO to |S reck, or a lailv stoi (i nt i mm BIS be MsoMHtlM with a comfortable H- iris tn and uae of Parlor, uesljy fiirnlshrrl, five minutes walk from Fnlt?n ferry. Board in Brooklyn -pleasasy rooms, with Bi'aid, can b< obtained for s few single gentlemen, or a gentUmsn and hla wife, convenient to all the ferrnst, at 34 Garden str> et. References rt. hanged. Board ik BR*xiKi.YN?t gentleman and wirF. er single gentlemen can hare pleastnt l( imi, with first i lasa sera mm1 dstl' us, al tin llicks street, opp- site St. Peter's ehureh, flv< minutes' walk fr m b uth ferry Terms m ide> rale Dtaner at six. Hoard in brook ltn? superior r<k>ms \nd Board are offered by a private famltv, residing taBpM brown si. ae house st 101 Amity street, convenient la South and Wall street ferries. Dinner at Mi niece exchanged. Board in south Brooklyn? a small new I ngland fanlly will let a neatly furnished Risim, with gas. hot ai d raid * a er, to a man and ? lie or two single gen tie men icrma reasoahle Apply at S Tompkins pla . Board wanted in hr<m)kltn t GRNTUtM an and his wile would like a Parlor and Hedrsio anh Bard, at a loeaM hi convenient to the Wall Street ferry, must be on ssconi tl s.r, and lei -ns m ?d'rale Address. ? taling tern s and particulais, box lei Herald oilier. ('HEAP I.ODGINGS ? GOOD SIMILE REDS. 12 To ?i / cents. Kooms. single or double, geall-man and wife, M to 7t rents, lull meals, 12 cent*. Wao hman and l >lgings all hours at 44 l.ispenard street, ne?r Bra I way H'sul by ihc week, wl'b If-Ur nga, ?2 .'*) to $.1 TjTONOM Y. ? SINGLE ROOMS, WITH BOARD, AT JP2 to $A a so k Married and single ladies suited A I and some Parlor, a |ih piano Watchman all nigh1 I Icings for married p r?.n? or gentlemen cheap. 40 I. -p- nara a'ri'et, near Broadway Yf'lJIGANTLV Fl RMHIIED BfHiMS IN THB HOTEL Ti St liermain. f ifth avenue, Mr?ia.l ?ay and Sweaty sc. f,nd street lla> lag enmpleied the apaelous rfintng eornn added to ibis hotel, the proprietor Is nre^iared to am>mmodate families and Sin?l? gentlemen with desirable K. ?>n.' and Roaril ai la ble de hote Private tables and meals a la carte, as heretofore L>KEN< H BOARD -A FEW SINtiLE GENTLEMEN, OR r a gentleataa and his w re, can be acn .mm' stated with flrsit class Hoard and ? legantly furnished K? ma in a Krerv h family icsnpymg the modem house 47 West Twelfth sireet bet #?n Fifth and Sixth avenues. lltnaer at atx o'rhea precisely Frankfort norm?, cork* nor trawtort and I Will am airnata, Nc? V c irk. Miagla R-rn? from 2A ?-oni? ?o t7 ???(? i?r nifht nr 01 U. ft* prr mri i|. ,,,?. n*wi> for niakad. wttk a good Raaiaurani mimIm* Opan all mghl IM'RKIIHF.D ROOKS TO U T. TO TWOOKfrTI.RWK*. wHh>?! ; braakfaat wQI b?i glT?n if 4??lr~t . ih' E2W ,rV f'inu?h?4 i n-m ?ad*m*. Apply ?* W w?i Twrnij itmlk Mmi. tM RMKHFn WHIRR TO LET ? OVK OR TWO NlffQUI r Mtlrani can Sr vr..mini4t>H .kit ? keedwwlf far niahad frt HI Hi- m, on r. aannabla term* A| V>T ?? Bo??7, of In Via Dmm FrRRlSBKn ROOMf TO I.WT-TO OEWTLKMRJ*. At 17 Amitt Hiwt, w?fllrr*l war IU?k mm u4 <Hk#r aon tanianraa In tha house Hta*?a I*** lh* <Ioor ~'n?? low. Without board. TOPRNIftriKD IKtOHS TO R? IT-IH PITTH OR MTV # gljr, f'? o?lf. *99*7 *? II IWlMwmM r#ll tfww. Pf RRiwimi) roos* Tr? t.rr rw RRooirnrw vrrrn or with' nl Hoard. a<<*>n<1 ?n<1 thud fl.mra fln? for familta* or m- o ?nd lh- <r m rrnm farm* r?rT . Th* hoaaa la .n a flr?' m-atMM, within ihraa ml?nt?. w?lk of Tnlton or (Smm1 t'rry |} Kmni itnvi. Brooklyn Ji'rRffWiKn FfM.Kv TO r.r* rw<? j.arof iiiTTw" f wall fjm-W, ? n ,Mfd goo,. " U ptkdr^wtUoat >wf< , frma law. Aryty 1 w^wiiwm | >(w BOAH0ING AND LOOOIKO. FURNISHED ROOM -A KM A I J. KIKNISIIKI) UHlM to let, to it single gentleman, at IS Amity place, between hlerikrr and Amity alio la. TU'RNISHBD ROOMS?THE THIRD STORY OK HOOHK tM Weat Nineteenth streei |jle*?.,,iiy ,Uu i ed ^blu i> r a genilrmsn in d ? if* or tw o 01 thru- gentlemen ; hi t and rcld water, ga*, Ac. Terns moderate Fu rnished rooms down town-i* whitb atreet, ra*l ol Broadway, a neatly I urn'.Mied R.?m ? cond H .1 r, to let to a single gentleman. without ineala. A.l di ru 8. W, Herald olLce. Reference* required. FM RNISHED ROOMS TO LET. -A FINK I.AKHH Room on firm Hot at per week, or the two Roumx, Iri n and t iu k ?; $6 JU; location ?jO"d Cora physic. an. Al? i Mia Room*. ? lib a> < "tumodatiucs for fire, frotu ?1 U?*J. Apr y a 2b Uieene atreet. INJUR FURNISHED ROOMS TO 1JST? WITH OR WITII nut Kia>d. in a privft'e family, without children or I ardem, at ?J Greene street, near Fourth, HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT A!?D BACK Parlors, with Bedroom* adjoining; alao single Roam* for rentlcmen, with or without Uward. Apply ft 47 Amity atreet. HANDSOMELY V I "P. VIS II ED~T A r l< > R ~~an d two Brdn> mx, on second floor, with or without i?art ?l Hi ?id. to let, to gentlemen ; bouse ronutln* all tho n . dern improvement*. Apply at 1UU West Twenty aeoond ?l eet, neai Huh avenue. HOHOKKN? ' TWO GENTLEMEN CAN OBTAIN A hund*oinc front furnlebcd a ttlng Room, with Bedroom communicating, with pnitial braid, with lire and put. lor ft! per week tacli, at No. 6 Kiver terrace, four uiiuutea' wak oil the ferry. IN A PRIVATE HOUSE, WHERE THERE ARB I nelthei boa dera nor children, to let, a milt of thm? t ur ntuhed Koon -, on the aecond floor; can be h id together or n |.iu ?ie, with oi v. aluml lioaid. Apply at 3WS Hrooiue atreet, tear Centre atreet. IN A STRICTLY PRIVATE FAMILY, TWO ROOMS OM the aeoond Uoor, I rout, to let, aeparately or together. par tial Board if desired, to gentlemen only. No. 9 Ka*t Eigh teenth atreet, near Klltli avenue. MAKKIED or pmu PARTIES MAY BR ACCOM tin dated vi Ith | leaaant K. anna and Hoard .it the eouve III. nil) loeatid h' uae 7.H link* afreet, Brooklyn Height*, Where the comfort* of a private family may be expected. NO. 44 WEST ELEVENTH STREET. -DKMIKA HI.II Ronin*, wlib full Of partial Hoard, fur married nr*ingl.> gentlemen. Reference* exchanged. ONE OR TWO PLEASANT FRONT ROOMS TO LET? To ladle* or gentlemen, with or without Board. Any one wixhlng a quiet home ran apply at 13S Weat Eleventh atreet, corner of Sixth avenue. PRIVATE HOARD IN BROORLYN? IN A DEUOHT ful hmue, with no boarder*; home ,aade fare and real home o. mfort*; convenient to caia and ferric*. Inquire at. 1U6 I lean atreet. I PERSON'S WISHING BOARD IN A PLEASANT Lo cality can be accommodated at No. 6 St. Luke'* place PLEASANT ROOMS, WITH FILL OR PARTIAI* Board, at 112 Second avenue. Reference* given and required. PRIVATE TABLE, WITH PARTIAL OR FULL BOARD and the freedom of a aeleet home ? A laily h*a recently fitted up a handsome nn dern houae for the reception sf on.j <>r two amall lamlliea, or a lew g?ntlemen of re- pec ability. The room* are en nulte and are handaomely f umlahed . hot and mid wwr; bath and crate In e?ch room Every attention will be |ia:d to neatnesa and oomfort. l'leaae inquire at ISO tarn Thirty lourih atreet, near Third avenue. ROOMS TO LET? WITH BOARD. ON THE SECOND floor Iront, of a modern built house, neur Fourteenth atreet, between Seventh and Eighth avenue*. Addrea* A. B. , station E. RESPECTABLE SINGLE WOMEN AND SINOLE MEN, enpiiKi d in atorea, who are dealruu* of me 'ting with ft comfortable home, ran hare Hoard and Lodg.n* ftt No. 11 Lalght atreet, corner of St. John * lane, Cunal atreet. Tba men at $.1 i>er week, the women at $2 |*-r week. TWO SINGLE GENTLEMEN OR A GENTLEMAN AND wife ran obtain g'? "1 board In a private family, with Ore *nd gaa 'lonae ha* all the modern improvement* Term* moderate Dinner at 6 o'clock. Inquire at 30 Weat Tenth *t. TWO OR THREE NEATLY PtTBNISHED ROOMS, large and onall, to let, together or separate, suitable far alngle gentlemen, convenient to Broadway, Neroanule Libra* rv and Cooper Inaiiiute, withaprivate American family. Ap ply at No. IVKifth atreet, near TUlrd avenue. TO LET, WITH BOARD? ONE HANDSOMELY FTE ulahed front Room on aeoond floor; alao, a pleaaant Koem on the third floor, at fill Weat Twenty ninth atreet, between Broadway and Sixth avenue. TO LET? HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH or without Hoard, auliable for tamllle* or siugle gentle men. Apply at No. SI St. Mark a place. TO LET-TO GENTLEMEN, A PLEASANT. WELL f urnlahed front Room, on the aeeond fl?>r, witn gaa and giate. term* moderate; family amall. wlthoat board r* or children. Ref. remv a ex< han*Nf. Apply at IV Horatio street, l? tween Eighth avmue and lludaou atreet. TO LET? WITHOUT BOARD, A LARGE FURNISHED fiort Room, f<>r f.t per week, at No. 6 Ea*t Bruadway. T" TO LET-A M'lT OF RiMiMS, FCRNHHED OR gnfintl?bi< with nmveiiVnrei for ciaiklnR, or with Board, in a fenu-el private lam ly where no other boarder* are taken locution genteel and convenient to ear* Inquire at No 166 W e?t Korty eighth atreet. ^<i LET? HANDSOME FURNISHED l'4Rl/>RS WITH _ Bedrooma und lull and part al B< ard if re'imred; honaa lirat ciaaa, with all ni dern lmi>rovementa; hot and o dd w,? ter. meaia c. oked to order, and nent to the room* if required, at 131 Bleecker street. 1IT ANTED- APARTMENTS AND BOARD. WITH A fv tirivale lainily, foi a ladv and her son. d atano" not of lni|?rianoe, bill the oelgl,lM>rh? 'I ninat hlglily i ?|>euM". Th? very beal 'efereree C'ven and required No boirdiiig linuie kee|ie nf d anawer thia advertlai roent. Addreaa box 3,?74 I'oat ofli< e, N. Y, IITANTED-BV A SINGLE GENTLEMAN, A NEATLY TV i uinialied Rix>m. ? nli lire and Ka* B reak I aat and din ner on Sunday. I<**iien between Tent'i and ThirUeib a iee'a. I'rii a e 1 arrilly pie i ind. Addreaa, with full par* tloalftraO. M , I i. Ion Mjuare I'oat ofli<e Q ABINGDON SOI' A RE, CORNER OF IfFDSON AND m llank HiK-t".? A aoltot aecond floor K*?ima. alao Parlor, on flrtt fliair, to let, wlUi Board. Cars and stage* pa** SO PER WEEK A FI'RNISHED BOOM ON SECOND ?> i ? ? one or tw ? person*. At |,< i week In a v?ry de. ^Irable location, MS B? ?enr, near Fourth *in>et. Fire and light, and If required breakfast. Apply at the hall dour. 1<1 N" EI I. RON PLA<E, BETWEEN CLINTON AND \ Wsvriley rlaeea I'arlor and Hednnm on aeeoml 9<?ir to lei, with l< aril Al?j K ?>n* auilftble far single gentlemen. J'rxea no derate II WoOSTF.R HTRKh'l -K1RMSHED KlHiKS FOR 'I "InK'" r nll.-m. n OA wmt nrKjmr khiii? utreet itrnmiikd ? " * Ui I- i w nh Hoard to fmri II ? and ainfl* ir- n l|. irx n. with unduult't d ji i ? i> tt at * ?1< rata Irrsu. Ho ilrrn Impf' v rmfnK I?(nn?r at #. 0 I NINTH STREF.T ROOM-*, W ITH OR WITHOUT aa'I Hoai'L lloua. IfWly funila:,. d nn orkenR strfft ~ ftrnihiikd rooms to lit ??') ? Kiiiil.rm 11 iiil> . al fl.i.'i t i wwk , um l.dii m> ha* < walar fiu> Ar , and la rrry <|uiet. OR WEST THIRTIETH HTIIF.ET, BKTWI.RN BROAD ? ) *ay and Fifth inni' -<?tic or tiro ?ada?-t family rmn !>? w ba a?* tun* dat? d wnti auBaof R? - ma. nn tha lira' 1 >-a?ond floor*. rlagan'ly lurtnahad Tba houaola Br? ?i and in r.tia nf ih. rn ?t delightful IncaUona in tfca city. iiofo> tcww rirhaniptl. *17 *K>,T THIRTIKTH HTRF.F.T HF.AtTIFtJhRITr* ? ) I d K? mi, ?n flr?i and aarond fluon, handaomaly f iimiaha.l lo la', In a law aataat famlltaa 'f thttmmpn'i* blljty I'm air laMa If daalrrd. Kafaranoaa ? > ? ,? .?:? ,i QQ WFsr KIXTKKNTI1 KTRKKT, BKTWKRN FIFTH ? J?7 and M?'h aranu> a.? Hand- rnoljr furnlahrd Komii* t?i K *1"" Hnarrl. ml'lNr fnr gantla-man ami thalr wirra, nr ainclr (rnllrinrn. houaa Brai rlaaa. location nn>- nf I ha n?. ?l p'ltruriii. Dmm rai t r- -i-haaa~it 41 I'NION Kyi ARK. -A Hl'IT OF ROOMS ON FIRST '1 Bo> r. 10 let. Will) It. ard; alao a alngla H - m for a gan lU-niali d/? *I?T TW f VTY-FOI'RTII UTRKKT. BKTWRF.R TV Fifth aod ruth aian-iaa A handaomaly rurniahad Par. b r and P? dr>? m, on ? ^nd hf?>r. Imai, can ha had <>a rao ? .cable tcrma. la the ah- ?? Brat c laaa b"u*a wi >r SIXTEENTH MTRF.KT, BFTWI.FN FIFTH in and Stlth Ifffign.- To N, a kind* iwl* fnm ?h?l f r< "i K- ? in ?? ???? nf * ? a lam* n, lii a Br?i i laaa hoaaa, and with a Fpri.' h fan. Il> l<?ai| n and n- ighN>rh'"<l ur?'in,.|> tlonahia l^nirnlrM to car* and at mem. Kafrrwnoaa as* rhanfad PO WF-T TWF.XTY KMRTH hTRKFT.-TWO OR ? ' w 'hrw r ? "i?. with il.iard, foral*h>d or unfnrnUhad. ain'.hi. fur marrtad or attiarla g-oUroarn, can b>- had at afcuV* addr< aa. Ki ffnM?anil?ri|id /?J WEST KORTV "IXTII HI RKKT -ORNTI.F.VRR *11 and lad r? daatr ?? nf nhialnlnr flrat r'ana H \rd lo ? prnai* fata Ijr 'in hnd aatfla a- '? n?rn <4at'nn? Ht arylyini ?m ?hnv?, I f ltll and Slilh airuiiM. Krfrrrncca n ? r haar-d. 7 4 rilTH AVF.M F ?4 V Ff.F ' IA*T Sf'i'ONO FI?OR, 1 t haadi twly fom ad, auh |>n*ata uhla. to lat . at ml a Farl' r and a Hadtoom t-r a aiDgla (anuanan flRFFWR STRFF.T. AROVK RrRI?fO-AIJm>!? llnuaa Flagrantly flirnlahad aiilta of K. -*?!?, faa, ?"rr? Inn, and atary arintankrara lot tiouwkaaplnil aw?n?mx*IIr; par1lr.iiar:y anliahla fnr arnall. raop^. 'ahla famillaa or ^nf)? ?anuanea. Kant low to prrmanaui lananta. mWATRRI F.T ri.*r*, RKTWFFV WASnftOTO* a?<iiar? and Mlftti arrnua ?A faatiaaian and hM artfa aan oWaln ? larfa and handarwoaly farnlah'-d Rain onaan>nd n?nr, will, pHiitrii *. ba h and waiar cioaal art joi nine Dlanar at (o?rhrk _____ . __ 1 ot? forsvth ?t*e*t.? wtthoct board, to kkt, 1 ai" ) iw . hall aarh aullaMa for ow famlaman, Tiiri I* fnmlahad. and B^vka had for $1 10 par waakr arh. Family | rlraia and n<i dara. 1Q7 EIOHTH KTRKET? RI.BOARTI.Y Ft RNIHRRO I/># ApuPmar,'. fw ladKa tad fraUamg, with or wllh mii MmI Hhotiwm PBfKfR STRFKT? BT, ri.ATR HOtTKR. EI.K wRbnnl Bnard. far . fNptMar, (lata w tho HolaL) 93 1 en PETKrE rrRFKT RT n.AIR I ? JO ran<ly f oral-had Rnrana, with nr ' aJM1* fantiaman only. M. EuLLOY, I'rof WEST FOI?RTEEETH RTEEET -TWO FEOJTT .... R -mi una, tad, on Ibo fourth #onr of a hand? m.? f iirnlahad hniiaa amlahla fr* a (Millaman. wlfa and daofhlar at> Kaurtaanth atraat ata?oa paaa. mrnm m fiim w ?"0 1 m?ni t- Mtth aod Fir,th aranViiiiT 1!)2 ii?aai?K comfort. aorlaMltty and domaatio 210 Rt* *T***T REAR UPRrWO-HARfO* WOTTBR. Klaalt furnl?l?-d A naJ iKniaakaxi.tng. with utanatl., haat baddlafl. ahla imant ?. rnlalx-d A pari mania MTOMad tm WWI. with all tfea or-nTanianrwa. IdrlndiM Omklivf hag. gaa, waiar. Aa. EM low to r*a paaT i' 4 K. AND W7 broadwat-clirtor RnrBa-A l) raw fWtnlit fiin.Uhad R? ma, for ?an?aa^o, a*? to* ha anfaoa.1 hy ?i.|. ?ii a to tha alarra knaaa. /tin BBOADWAT -RLEOART FARIX)RR ARI> RRO tl'ir n- ai?. at*' ?'H?ia Kmma for trnUamao, nay ha had with I till hoard . honaa fral alaaa; (rail tahla, and Varma raw ???nabla Tranalanl hoardara fl It) t?r day A fair day hnard apa will al*' l? anr ?tn<<lalrd II l> KNIOItT, Kroprtalor, plantar*' Hotal

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