Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 28, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 28, 1860 Page 1
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THE NEW YOKE HERALD. WHOLE NO. 8877. - MORNING EDITION-FRIDAY, DECEMBER 28, 1880. 1'RICB TWO CENTS. mPORTMT FOREIGN DITEIUGEICE. Exciting Ncwb from the'Re public of South Caroling. Major Anderson Abandons Fort Moultrie and Spikes the Guns, Most of the Unite# States Troops Retire to Fort Sumpter, in the Harhor. IMMENSE STRENGTH OF THAT FORT. ?real Exciteihfiit in Charl^m tn the Subject. The Convention in Secret Session. THE STATE MILITIA ORDERED OUT. Volunteer* from (?eortria and Alabama. ludignatioB of the tooth Carolina Riooerii io Woihingtoo. SPECIAL MEETINSS OF THE CMlNET. MAJOR 1NDERK0N DISOBEYS HIS ORDERS. Sketch of the IsrolattOB la flovtb Carolina, Ac., Ac, Ac. DM news iyob. ? nnrkeiton .*t< rduj waa oI * mori exalting character. and, until the detail* were rocived. arreted no iiule alarm throughout the City, an the Crst despatches led people to believe that a collision lud taken place between the population of sihar leetcn an?i 'he United 'tales troopa garrisoning Fort Moultrie, and that we were actually at *ar with the .ndepeudeut Plate of South Carolina. The facta, however, ela.w that Major .Lndereoa, who uommatcla Fort Mo.iltiw. know dig the position to be un tenable, evacuated it and took paaneaaion of Fort Sumpter, an almost impregnable post, wh> re, In the event of an attack* niton United Ma lea property, be would be enable J to dei'ena it against great od<la. Before baring Fort Moultrie Major And. rson spiked the giu* and aet Are to the gnn carriages, and thia latter action no doubt led to the report that the whole fort waa in Barnes )ewing the inference that it had been taken by the pepu, and the gnrrtaon driven out. Thta, however, ia no the fiw-t. Anderson withdrew for strategic purposes. for H In known that tleneral Scott expressed the opinion tha Fart Moultrie could not be held against a resolute attack for twenty-four hours, but that Sampler was the strongest fort of its size in the world, and oould only be taken by starving out the garrison. In this opinion the most experienced military officers in thaooun try ooiacide. It la conceded that It would require a con tinnoua bombardment of six months with guaa of tha heaviest metal to destroy Fort Sumpter, and then it oould only be done, if at all, by chipping of tha masonry piece by piece. This fart, moreover, commands the entire city and harbor of Cbarleaton, aa well aa Port Moultrie Mnelf; K ing built on an ialand in the middle of the channel, II tan easily b? relieved from the sea. Thai il vill be seen that the evacuation of a weak and comparatively worth ies* pomt too for a stronger om wns a wlM military n*TfB?i. It vm rumored that a train era* iakl ay Mt^or Andersen before leaving the Fort to blow it up; bat Umt war not bettered. Captain Fuster. with a aaaU force, rtiil remains there. M will be seen, from the dewrtpttoo which we (ire be low of the two forte and the harbor of Charleston, that, with Fort Hompter la the hands of the United States troops, Fort Mot*trie wonkl be a eery weak point for the Ninth Carolinians, whose intention H was to seise the former before sitae king the letter. Ait before entering upon s history if the defences, let na glee s brief *etch ef the seceeskm movement in tooth Carolina, which led to her separation from the Cniea. sad which baa brought these defences into sach prominsst notoriety. ? 1HK REVOLUTION IN SOUTH CABOLINA. It .-tele ef r'onih Chrolins, for over thirty yenre, has been the rictim of periodical attacks of dtsoaloa, sad more than oace aiaos ths time when Jackson, with the federal army and navy at his beck, and Clny with his acute taUymanahlp. settled the auitlftoatton dlAcnlty in I?t32, she has threatened to secede, do often, indeed, has he raised the cry of - wolf " thet when the wolf really came, <? the toth of this month, aad the ssoen sloa ordinance was framed, people hardly believed N, and smuy even now doubt that she means t? amp out of the confederacy. But unfortunately the > a"stating abolition agitation In the North, which tor the last quarter of n eeotury has been growing in in tonally ad violtaea. (breed many other Southern Stat.* Im ?>n palhy with the pioneer of seceeoioa, until the foeiit r of matront in the fafety of Sou there rights and !>n p> rf> h? pervaded the whole South, that an absolute sat atsate from the fanatical North seemed to be the only guarantee for the existence of Southern institutions upon which the very lire ef the arisen Southern Stake depend cd. We will sot stop now to consider ths course of act ion t.y which ibis opinion was brought about; It Is enough to knew that H exist* at the present hour to an extent alarm mg to contemplate, and to point to the history of the .ml ?1 .very sorietim for thirty years busk, and to the language of blark republican Itudere aad newspapers for the pr*mdlng four or It* years, to indicate the cans* IV election ef IJneotn in November was Immediately followed by an Intense excitement all through the .tooth, and prraented to taulh Quroitnn and the extremist* of all the < ititer n -tstee strong grounds for sicsmlon from the I skm. Booth Owidlna. always In the van?whether up on her own motion, or by an understanding with the ol tra sua nf the Calf and oottoe Htntee, took the Initial ire, and proclaimed her intent ion to secede. The leguiatereof the tUiecalled a popular Convention to ' ike action upon the question. The people, alive to the rinargonry, at onee elected delegates, and the lTth ef ireember was lived upon tor the Convention t* meet at fielotnUa, the Mats capital The Convention met on that day, and with nmaiderabl# aotemnlty proceeded to bus! t. v*. opnilng tbr seeebm with prayer. The eyes not only Of their own constituents but ef ths whole onus try, were np n the members of that rsprensutatlre body and every one felt that the future eonrsr of nearly every pouthem Male waa to he determined by their action After ? vera! ballot* for President. Genera! D P. jam| Htm wa? slanted, and upon taking the chair nttdtamid the Oct rent inn in thane words ? tlxvn ijrxv or rwa noemrmntr?When T my that I have no W> exyweSe the gr?ttlk?tioii which row mot ? ' has ? (forded m?. I <<o!y say precisely wnst I mean. Tiieri is no hour 1 >*t?em uwre highly than to sign Urn r. diwuv '? ef secmlon, a< a m< mber of Ibis b"dy. but I wlU regard li aa the gr>*t<w? honor of my life to -.go it n? yair prtwlding'dfecr. We have entered oa a great WO k, six. tMMl. who hol t* In his hands the d,*t)tiiea of nation*, rut," knows The' may be the result*. Hut It tlWy leg'" to fU" b *?ef end glory of ' .iwth Otr <ttna H my n?eet fer ot pf\"" atd ouri*late' fs.n'Ui m\ IB m OP TUB PORTS IB HIRBOR OF 111RLRSTOV, MiTII UROLIM Plan of the Harbor of Charleston, Showing the Forts, City and Suburbs. View from the Sea of the Harbor of Charleston, Showing Forts Sumpter and Moultrie. little aoru-totned to tbe duties of presiding over a body like this tint to t el my want of qnaliflcation for the pool tloa yon Iwive a--ignea roe; and 1 have bean so long with drawn from deliberative bodies that I must ask your In dulged" tor the errors I may commit. 1 stated in com men. lug that I was so ovcrooma by jour conHdenoe that fhad norbtog to eav. AH I can do would be to express but imp. rfeetly the . motion* that agitate my bottom. This speech was received with an amount of applause which hbowed the unanimity of the Convention on the question of secession. Colonel Fh ken*, the new Governor of tbe State, whose opinion* in favor of secession were well known, was that day inaugurated, and tbe legislature, which was then in BfsaiOB, transmitted an invitation to the member* of the Cooventiou to be present at tbe ceremony. Tbe smallpox was then raging in an epidemic form at Columbia, and in consequence tbe Convention removed it* sittings to Charles ton, where tbe members arrived on the 18lb Inst., and were received with military honors. Proceeding to In stitute Ball, now namsd .Seocsaioo 11*11. the business of the Convention was rssnmsd. Important debates, upon the fntnre course of the State after an independent position was assumed, occupied that day and the next?all of which have been published in the Hnuui Therefore It la unnecessary to refer to them in detail here. Committee* were appointed on Relation* with the Rlaveboldlag MCalee of North Amotion, on Foreign Relations, on Commercial Relatione, on the OnnetRation of the Mate A resolution was also passed to ascertain what proper ly the Tailed States claims the ownership of In >'u'h Carolina, how it waa acquired, and whether the claun can be enforced after Roalh Chrollna shall have seceded. Tbe resolution also calls for information as to tbe value of such other propei ly as the United Mates may pop'ejs, and the \ alee of Ute altar* to ? bieb dSith Carolina w ? id be entitled on an equitable division. (in the follow log day the vital question of ?eetwatoo from the confederacy of the United Mates raw up, and on the JOth day ?f D-oember the Owmmtton unanimous!j- voted la fever of w .tbdraw iug from the Union. Tbe following ordinance was adopted by the vote* of the entire 109 laembe s and its pa?*.?ge was wekom. I with ircmen doue apple*:* o. *x oMnxAM r. I'twotLvr utr rxiox aerwon rH* mxrr ne wutw r .s.'ti.vA svti trrttm ^rirm t *ma> wrm mm omnn mi uwvm r reman tot cuwimmw or raw cm? ru?n*MW Asns a. w the p?-< I'le of s. Htti tinrMm., In Convention aaeem bled, dt declare sod ordain, ami it is h< reby declared and ordained, that the ordinance adopted by us inrenvoatinn, OH the fcut day ?d May, in the rear of our Lord 1789, whereto the const .tut Ion of tbe United Mutes of Amer ce was ratiflod, and *!??? all acts *o?1 parte cf acta .?f tbe Uetx ral Asartnbiy of tbis Male raitfnng amet. itaenlo Of lb< eakl'tituti.n. are hereby r> pealc.1, aod thai lb? Unicoi t*>w subsisting between Honth Carolina and other -intra, under the name of the I'aMad Mates of America is hereby dissolved. When tat. illgcncsof the event r.n bed the i*wding Mouth crn citk - it was t< ceived with Immense enthusiasm Guns were ?,?-<) | roeessiot.s turned i*it. Arse were lighted and the utnitei furor was exhibited. In (Tmrhwton. in the fbUrwImc i>. ht. there wa* a grand proccesion ?t Minnie M. a, and several thousand cliisea*, strangers flretnea and mtlltarj were la imc. with mualc, t?nacre. trane iwreariee and r. kaci"* ?. Tbe pr.????*?* formnd In front of .teres*l.ei Mall arid proceeded to tbe Mill* Hones to io n-nude t ? v. ru<>r I'lckeos, and snbnsquently to Wm. I?. Pnrther. Pfid-nt cf the Senate; General Mmmone. -prak'f of tbe General .lamt-m. lV??ktont of the t'onventbm. and Mayor Macbeth, who acknowledged their thanks and compliments. Tbe Palmetto Hag was borne In front of the prnci saien Tbe city was alive with m .U ne-nt, and a number of restdeaora, newspaper and <Aher publt- budding* were il iwwi inntsd. Tbe rdfcet pent need m Waehieston was sot very de ncoatraUre. bat It was neverthelses intense The dele gation from Mouth fttrolln* retired from their asata In Congress end bade edien to their friends. Meantime the OonveMIon continued.and still continnee. Its sessions. It adoptsd the Ureteral ion of Immediate Cbnese which In docsd and JoettHed the lieoeaeVm of South Oirodnn from the Union Wnlvlng the repetition of the cause* in the pest, she declares to the remaining Mates and na tions of the world the immediate cause* whieh l*d to the set. Tbe declaration refer* to the mmm whieh led to the separation from England, and the declaration of the colonise that they are free and independent Mates In pursuance of this declaration, thirteen Mates proceeded to exeeclae separate sovereignty Subsequently they en tered into a league by the Articles of Confederalkie. bat retaining their sovoretgnty. Under this declaration tbe war of U?* Re rotation waa fought, at tbe doe* of which Eng land acknowledged them free,sovereign an.) I .dependent Mates Subsequently tbe Ueton wee formed, limited to the words of tbe grant. Tbe dederatkm declares that many of the Male* have violated the compact in letter and spirit, which consequently absolves the rest from the obligation# of the Union It refer* to the Mate* which viilatad the fourth article of the conetttatliM, and says aone of them have oompiied with the itipulat nae of the const it* flow; consequently M nth Carolina is absolved from obligation. After detailing the many caused, It thus on eludes? We, therefore, the people of South Carolina, being dele rates to the Convention assembled, appealing t j um an preme Judge of the world for rectitude of Mentions, have ftoternnly declared that the I'niou heretofore existing be tween this State and the other States of North America Is at .solved, and the Mate of South Carolina has returned her position among the nations of the world as a separate and independent Mate, w ith full power to levy war, conclude j* are, contract alliance, establish commerce, and do other acts and things which Independent Mates may oi right do. For the future government of the new independent Mate the following ordinance was passed ? At s Convention of the people of the State of South Ca rolina, begun and bniden In Columbia on the 17 th of De cember, in the year of our lord I860, and thence 00:1 ttnoed. by adjournment, to (Charleston. and there by di vers adjournments to the jdth day of Deoomber, the same y?MD? as onfWAsnt to xtrs movnjnvat imttvoamrns tor ran oojrrurraxtx or ms oownmcuL racnjTiui or soi-ia I AHOLDU. Whcrewr. It is due to our late confederates, known as the t'nited Stairs of America, as aire the riitsrna of South Carolina engaged In commerce, that no abrupt or sudden change be made la the rate of duties <m in ports into the Mate; and wharene. it Is not desired bj this State to secure advantages In trade to her owa ports above thoae of any of the slaveholdtng Mate#, h-r la'., confederatee in the tatd Union. and whereas, thu o-di nanoe, for rowiderat.oni' imllrat.-d. is designed to be pro vision*! merely, therefore, we, the people of Soutu iv?r.. lin.i. in convention assembled, do declare, ordnla. Mi It is hereby declared and ordained., IM?That a'.l citlssns of (Us St it# who, st the date of the ordinance of secession, were holding office connected with the customs, under the general govern ment of the Cntted States, within the limits of South Carolina, be and they are hereby appointed to hold, under the government of this State, earluMvelv. without any further connect 10c whatever with the federal govern ment << the Culled Mvtea. the same offices they now (111, until otherwise directed, and that they reoetva | the same pny sad emolument* for their nervines. ?That Arcmtrf?That untH this Convent em or the enteral As sembly shall otherwise provide, the ttowrnor ahadi *p point to all vacancies which may noetic in such offices. TVrrf?That smtll It Is otherwise provided by thisOm vesMion or the General Assembly, the revenue collection sad anvlgatkm laws of the Untnd Tiffin*, as far a* may be practicable, be and they are hereby. adopted ?od made laws of this Male, saving that n<> dative shall be collected Upon Imports ftom the Hteles forming the late federal In ton", known as Uie United States of America, nor upon the tonnage of vessels owned ia whole or In pari by the cttisene of said Males, saving and carepting the act of Congress adopted on the 3d day of March, IS.'.7, entitled "An act authorising the .lrpowlt of the papers of foreign vessels with the consuls of their respective na ttona," whirl. said art is her thy declared to be of no force within Die limits of this Stat* fbwrfJh?All vessels built la South Carolina or else where and owned to th- amoonl of oae-thlrd by a citir.n or rlttsene of South Chrolina or any of the slaveholding Commouaewlths of North Amen. a. and commanded by citiw ns thereof, and no other, shall bo registered ae ves sels of Houth (lamllna, tinder the anther ily of the Col lector and Naval 0#c<t. Hflk? All offi. ml Mia nf t^r officers sfnr?wald. la which It Is usual and proper to set forth the authority under which th y net or r'ylc of documents issued by them or any of them, shall be in the name of the Mate of South ttniM. SirfX? \I1 nvu>*r? berealVr collected by nny o?rcr< aforrmid rball. after deducting the Puma xmcierary for the component loa of the ?Ar?m an.! other n pcnam bo paid Into tbe Treaanry of the PUtc of South Caroline. for the u?o of mid Ptole, eubjrct to tho order of tblo Orniventkm, or of tb* Oonoral Aa?< tnbly Arret**?Thr idhcer* afnrreekl rhell rouin in their hand* nil property of llie Cnllod State* m their poeoc* ?k?, ctMlody or control, enhject tn tho dtaponal of the Naur, who wtu account for tho ???><? upon ? final arllte moot with tho m \ eminent of the I'ntted stater floor at Il?arlc?t?n tb? IMtti day of Itocombor, tn tho year of our Lord 1??0 I>. V JUtietJN. Preakloat. H r. Abwh. 0>rk Oovrnmr Mekong immediately tavurd a proclamation prrw la l in inn to thr world that Month Caroline (a and haa a right to bo a reparole, aorerrtgn, frrw and independent Plato, and, aa aucb, baa a right to lory war, oooclndo peace, negotiate treat to*, loagooa or Covenant#, and do all aria whatrrrt that rightly appertain to a free and In dependent Wat* Tho I Of lalat ore (hanged the nam* of tho Com mlttee on Federal Itrlationa" to that of tho "Cbm mil lor on Foreign Relation-. ' thua declaring tho Cn.ted Plate* a foreign Power Tliroo Ownmimlonoro? Meat** Ran,well, Adam* and Orr?wore appointed by tit# font ent mn to pmerod to Washington and wait on thr rrraidont of th* t eued mute- on the ptrt of ftnath Carolina, for thr conrryanoo of tho matin, thr recog nition of hot independence, thr nurrmdrr of tho fortill rotlonr. thr iwteMtohn nt of treat l<* of amity and oom merer, and other Important meaenrto Throe gentlemen arrived tn Washington * Wrdnondny night, and were to bare had an iaterrtew with Mr Buchanan yesterday Thun South Carolina haa receded from tho t'aioa. The other Plater which are rrprcted to follow her example win hold their Cba rent too* on the following .lay? ? Florida January I Alabama . January T Mkwiarlppt January 7 Georgia January 0 Inut*tana January 33 Tmm Januarygn A apodal amnion of tho Irglalatureo each of V rglnia and Tennemoe, m refer en on to a Plate cm try I re, will moot on the 7th of January. and of Trim en th ot that month. The legislature of North Carolina h u ad journed to the 7th of January, to be prepared to meet create. Thus we eee that the first month of the new year will ; be bu*y with secession. THE HEWS YESTERDAY. THE DEFENCES OF CHARLESTON?TELE GRAPHIC DESPATCHES-RUMORS AND CANARDS. The protection of railed Piste* properly In Charles ton, the collection of the revenue and the maintenance of federal law hare been subjects of wide d tecum ion, and no little speculation. From the commencement of the excitement In South Chrollna, I ho only t'nited States troops stationed there were a company of some seventy men, who occupied Fort Monltrte, under the command of Major Robert Anderson, who has now be come famous for his connection with this movement. All kinds of reports were circulated by the enemies of the President, that Fort Moultrie was lobe abandoned to its fats, and ik> garrison sacrificed. The President was stigmatised In the most discourteous language by the re publican press. Even In the Cabinet, the executive policy with regard to Fort Moultrie found a dtenaa* tkent In the person of Gen. Clam. In his mes age Mr. Hn chanan stated that his orders to M^or Anderson were to set merely on the defensive if ha was ailacked: and th ? was tnterpreud to mean an abandonment of the defmoesf whereas It was intended not to provoke collision But when the news of the secession of Booth Carolina reach ed Washington special messengers were alonoe dmpa' t ed to Major Anderson and to theOdWUir and Puattua<ur at Charier too, the purport of their mission, of course, being omflned to the President's own bosom. But a ? manI was at once est afloat that orders were sent to Anderson to wnwdw The city, therefore, was startled yesterday by the receipt of the f<4Vuwmg t??pawh ?. ronr mocltbji nraocatkd?tux ant* Brian) AND TUB ronT I* I'LAMIA?(WAT KXCITB MXN'T, ETC., ETC, f>*SISSTO?. Peo. J7 1MB Fori Moultrie was evacuated last night. JYcvtous u> the cvuouatsjo the guns were spike I. The fort is now being demolished by fire. < Wily four setdiers were left In charge. The'troops bare all been conveyed to Fort Bumpier. Int. raw excitement prevails The <X?vealt<? u in secret session. Tins news was displayed on the bulletins and Inl -raw i*. ilemcnt spread throughout the city. A few hours later, however, the following despatches arrirud, which somewhat altered the complexion of the first alarming 1?1C0X1> WWrATCH. It i* naij- th? |uo earring'i that ere on re ? fort Moultrie. riio rancn are ?piked, and M M reported I ha' a trai>la laid to blow up the fort. Thie last report is doubted The esriti ioent and indignation of i Ue j enplo ar iq. omMm <V? attorns*, Dae. 2T?1! rtl p II Ma or A Oder eon statee that lie evneoat tin Moultrie in order ta allajr the dMrns* mo about hat poet and at the Mime time "treoftheu hla own poaltioo.>- 3T?1 T If. dept. Foater, with a email force, still rem una at fort Moultrie. Pereral of the dtp military compank* I tare lre?t? or dered oat. , A cwilfckm M nod Improbable. It la highly probable that Major Aoderaon'a view* were to eracnate an untenable poaltlon. and repair with hla men to a fort which there Is sow? rhao.-e of de ft tiding. aa may be men from the following dtecrlp llama of the forts ? lite harbor of Charleston la defended by four forte, namely?lort M?ultrie. situated on Ihilllraa'a Is land, at the right entrance to the harbor; fort Hnmptor, which stand* on a small island a little to the Ml of the main ship choane'.. and almost In a central point of the harbor; Che tie p* Orkney, on Bute's Falls Island, a good deal nearer to the city, ami Fort /ohnaon, on aa angle be tweeu forts Flnckney and the s room pen ring map and pi so of the harW and city of Charleston?for which we art Indebted to the kindness of Ute proprietors of Itarjvr't WtdAtf?will gire our render* a| escclb-ut tdoa of the rslatlr* raloe of the defends FOHT MOTl.Tkll. This fori I tost km la an cartoned water battery, baring a front on (he south or water side of about 800 feet, and a depth of about 340 (In t It la bnllt with salient and re entering angles on all stdss, hut uatll the works now fotug cm there were undertaken the south wall could hare been easily scaled, owing to the accnmulatkm <X sand from Mm beach. Howie Improvement, however, hash-en recently eftvtod In Ibis rrwp.. I The outer and Inner walls are of hrk k, capped with stone and Oiled In with earth, making a solid wall flfteen or slsteem feet in thick oca*, the werk now m progress consltta in cleaitlsf the ?and from the walla ?f the fort, etching it arrmd the e ire M <ir froae, and erecting a glacis, -luring up ib' peglsguo "? 'n the ? t! a * ?--n waM, aid. cutting "ally fort*. which lead iu'> Mtrnug outwork* in the llheai t and M?ntkwe*t angles, in which twelve l?mad<T buwurer gons w 11 be placed, enabling the g*rru*'n to sweep the ditch on three aides with >Tape and rain later. The n?rthw<?t angle of the fort ha* aUo bet n -tr ngth, oral by a baatlonctte, to sustain ib? weight of a heavy gun which will command the main street of the ialand. Tlie main udtrance ha* alao been better seen rod, and a trap door two feet square cut in the door for lucrt*. and rjfiw. At thia time the height of the wall, fiotn the Uittotn of the ditch to the top of the parapet. la twenty feet. The ditch la from twelve to fifteen feet wide at the base, and fifteen feet deep. The nature of the noil would not aeem to admit of thia depth being Increased, quicksand baring been reach ed In many places. The wek on the 4anb aide Is nearly llniahed. Tin connterscarp is aabatanl lally built of plank, and spread with turf. The -Ucls to alao finished. It Is composed of sand, and oo ed with layers of loam and tnrf, all of which to kept f'n'y in place by the addition of sections of plank nail- ' to uprights sank In the sand, and creating sack other n right wgles making squares of about ten feat each fha purpose of the gtaeto, which to an inclined plana, is to expose aa attacking party to the fire of the guns, which are so placed as to sweep it from the crest of the counterscarp to the edge of the beach. On the north side, all the wooden gun cases have been placed dose together oo the r*'oparts, apparantly for the i*trpoi,e of securing it agalr u . ? dado, but poaal bly aa a screen for a batter- ? h<\.vy guns. A good many men are engaged la eieai n*g (he ramparts of tnrf aad earth, for the purpose of putting down a very ugly look lag arrangement, which consists of stripe of plank four inches wide, noe inch and a half thick, and six or eight feet long, *harpeoe<l at the point, ami nailed down, so aa to project about three feet borl*>n tally from the top of the walls. A noticeable fact in tlte hastlonetles to which we have above alluded is the bote la which one of them baa b?en built. The one completed to formed of aolid masonry. In constructing the other, b?werer, a framework of plank ha* tx-en substituted. Agatwi the Inside of ibis wooden outwork loose bricks have born placed. Both Hostloncii.* are trail with a car rooade. and a bnwltoer potnloi laterally so ae to omnwii'l the whole Intervening moat by a cross Are. The gnrr toon which has Just vacated the fort Is com man I - cd by imor R Anderson. United Mates Army. The other fllcora are Captain Al<ner Doubleday, fbptain A jmour. 1 ? utensnt T. Talbot. Lieutenant J. C. I "avis. Lieutenant V J. I tall, alt of the First regiment artillery; Cbptaln J. U. Kiater and Lieutenant O. W. ftnyder, of the Aminos* corji#: Amlxtaat "nrgeon f. W Crawford. of lbr Medical M*ff Tho fore* under three jpnil-nvn ron*iM? of I wo companies of artiihry. the companc a, liowccef, are ooi fall?(!>? two oomprlaing only ?l>o<it m rooty m<n, In chiding ih? IimiiI of about fifty five rank and file In ?IL rout Brnrria. Fort Pop idor it <??> of the moat powerful mlliUrr work? In the 1'niU-d Mate*. II la built on an artificial istanil. immediately wllbin tbc mouth of charlertan bay between Fort Meuhrle and tho ?ite of ?td Ktl Johnw* of Revolutionary memory, and e?{iiidi*i*nt from th?wc l?.lnU alxmit three fourth* of onr mile Tho chip < h>on< I load in ir from the am to Of city of Charfaatoa la between forta "'imptT and Momtrte, and in < ntirely rommw ir l within half range by thorn, Between fori* .?wmpt<T and John*? the water la Tory thai low, only arailabla for veaarUi of vary light draft, and than <*ly at high water The artificial Inland on which Fort Niimptrr la bnllt M oun ?I roc tod of the rrftwa from the granite qntrrlet of Sow Fngland. Ton year* wa? omeutned in tt? comptat loo . at a onat of half a mllll<? of dollars The fartlfinattnu It of a pentagonal form, built of aolld briek maaunry. Tlie wall? at* fifty feet In b?t(ht, ami from otatit to lot f?et in the km ??, and are ptereod for thr? tier* <4 fima, be?ldm having necea?ary loophol-x for musketry, and 'bilgm-d for an armament of ona hundred and forty plecea of ordnance of all calibre? Two tiara of the guna are under t?omh proof fnaatnater. and the third or upper lier ?pan. or, In mili tary patlanre, ra btrfafe?the lower liar far forty two pounder Pal then guar, tlie tecond tier fur eight ami Im hOilnmbladt. for throwing aolld or hollow abnt. and the npper tier for iwctar* and ?wanly four pound gun? IV fall armament of the fort, however, had net arrl\ed tbor ' when Major Andaman look pna??<?kin, and it la Mr, therefore to anppoae all U?e available ordnanea will be equitably dirlrHinted throughout t? Jud.- mn*ly an pea rlble. It in thongbt Uiat with the pr.went armarmal nf the fort the gun? would be aapahle ef throwing *1* Uum Mod pound? of ?bot at aach dtecherge. In a defensive or atratrgleal point of riaw Fort Hompter radiate? |t? fire through alt the channel? from the am approach to I hi rim ton, and haa a full awcep of range |n It? rear, or elty aide, ample to repel any at lack from thai quarter The frrt I? ?uBetenili oat of rang? from a land artillery attack, ?o that nil anrehrnekm? for hfc?ebl-g It m >y he put at reef The ma> mum rang- of lb. gut* * * ampler /t three milr? tut fee tare am ? eg, ?p,fl j 'V.I in uuii re?! she di>. tones would r* i}' ? to j?,i: -\! r> half of tUM iV .:t. It } ????.- *? ?ni>-ied by an ? mm)- by the omb;?wror, I ' 11- b <:i i tu" W 05 furoai u. ? i'mwI through ? one man ( i;; t ???.lli-ic , a* ono of the*, could <lr 1 - '<'? I iti'.'V-1 t^x t: I ,r<!'- i. I . the pr- -tit 'lm lu. ofiloere' quarters U>d | '.jrit.-1- tor Kin tauu-t:<:<1 inn, lt?regular wargarri ??( i .ill an pi. uppjy of shot, powder IMl j h r ear ?We. and a Urge amount of mirttl i !m < < i :iloiy ioi ?>. >li ^arrifcon k utplf luppltod , x> ? ;? "i i.* ui'ild'iuJ w-du, which arc supplied by :? nr bower- of r..,u. fort in now under Ibe ?t.icui'! C.f Ma' t: t Anderson, of Kentucky, ! I ? .i : let hy ih? other uflicera eiiutnors'.ed I k'ci-' i tie; lom.r . ur' on of I'Tt Moultrie. I !'!.<??? if? .'"Hit 17<l Kh<ecr,j employed on Ihe fort, and th" i', with j lilt!'1 <1 -cipiine, be moou taught to | lui -jio ib ' 7h-y- ' iit'orci?, racupftutated, U'jw | KllvW ? I ' " M ??>?< Y> j Ant c,ft 66 I . t< . ?? 170 j Ioi at 249 tin' ulcriuv it* t>- '<> ,. hi 1 natural afivantag'S, Kort ?i ini-n-r w itti its pro-nt ? i?inon, l? impregnable from .1111 . " ?? I. of ? Incut rstnr. Kort Sumpt'-r and the other s ot Charleston prop, riy armed, would be able to mount more gun than lYonstadt. whl< h defied Napior | aril lundaN 'nr two rears mor" than debated the Allies at -i i>u-"n?i|. and any ol tlum < ?n lmv? more artillery than Homnrsnnd, which required a land force of 14,009 noli t" e apt ore. Vn the greater part of this military ? trei gib i contribute! by Kort Sampler, the others being merely auxiliaries. ? cel l ? IMNCfiXET Is kcai'-d on th< south, rn extremity of a narrow slip of mai !un<! w hlch extends m a northerly direction to Hop Isl.iml Channel. To tit" harbor aide the so called cu- tie present* a circular front. It haa never been con sider' dot tntieh con?e?tuehce s? a fortress, although ;U? proximity to ibe cdty would ghe it importance If pro la'i> armed and p.wrrlsoned. Iliere arc about fifteen puns iniMinted on the parapet; the majority of them ara eirl.te?n and twenty four pounder*. Some Oolumbiada ui>'. h< wet ?t, within th< walls There are also guppiiee of | <w<ler, lrot and shell. At present therein no garrt sun a' the post the only resident* are one or two wateh mon whi? have charge or the harbor light. Some thirty or forty day laborers are employed repairing the ciatenw at ,' p? tfifjfr tbe place geusrully in order. SKFTtU OI MAJOR AN PERSON". Majui Hubert Anderson, whiw name has now become fan. h.u as a h uaeltold word in connection with the de fercca of fharlegton, mas born In Kentucky, In Septem ber, 1M)5 and I* now, therefore, in bis 60th year. In l>eiMa.iil apfiearaice he is alxnil five feet nine inches in height bp tig a re is wll set and soldierly; his hair is ihluand turning t<> ir? gray; his complexion swarthy; his eye cark ur.d Intelligent; his nose prominent and well formed A Ft ranger would read bi his air and appear nice d< termination and an exactio#t>f what was duo to l.'jc. In lutercourao he. is very courteous, andh,s rich vo'< c end abundant ge-ticulatinas go well t gather. Ho la always ag,ceublo and gentlemanly , firm and dignified, tin the !-,l ,'ay ?f July, lS'Jl. he eulerod the Military .<ca.lcmy at West l'oiut, wb tioo be graduat-d July 1, 1K26, taking a high positiou in a Urge cLuut. compos d of such imn as Alexander lukllas Hoc be, l'?|. B-iijarnin linger, (ol. Kraiicis Taylor. (Vik fharl's >*. Suiitb. and otl?'m who have been distinguished as well in civil life as In the liii" of their profession. His nr-1 commlsaloa whs ttwt oi brevd -econd IJeuteuaiit of the Second artillery, July 1,1M2A, and he was sub-rqu. nlly promoted S'Ci'inl Lieutenant In tbn Third fclmoul, da! lug from the same day. from May to October, 1W, h" wm acting lu?p< etor General of tin- Illinois Volunteer', in the Hack Hank war; ami U in here worthy oi uoU that t*sr Preal d"nt eiect, Mr. Lincoln. wai? aw of the captain* of those Ircofa. In June, 1*3.1, 1m wuv promoted First U?u tenant, and between 1&36 and 1937 waa Assistant Instructor and Inspector at the I'ulted HI a tee MtilUry Aoedemy. to 1SIIH he became Aid de camp to Major lieneral Sontt, and in the following year published "Instruction for Field Artillery , llorse and font, arranged for the lervice of lb* I'uited Stater," which baa been highly appro red of. for gu I Ian try and successful condnet in the war afainet tho Florida received the brevet of Captain, Imaring dale April 2,1*39 July T, 193*, le beoaaie At a in taut Adjutant General, with the rank of Captain, which bo rfliii<{iji?bed subsequently to being promoted to a captaincy in bin regiment, October, 1941. In Marefa, 1947, be waa with the Third regiment of artillery la the army <4 General Hcoli, and took part la the liege of Vera Out-being ooe of the officers to whom waa intrnated, by General Rank head, the command of the batter tee Thin duty ho performed with signal *1U and gallantry, and he eonUaaed with the army oat* Ma triumphal oatry into the cKy of Mexioo, la September follow tag Owing the o|<eratioaa la the valley of Mexico, bo waa attached to the brigade of General Garland, which formed a part of General Wurth'a division. la the attack on R Muiiao del Hey, on the 9th of Rrptembcr, where he waa wounded very severely, hia oeadoct wm the theme of < pralae on the part of hi* superior oHctrs Captain Bnrke, hie immediate commmdor, in hia despatch of September 9, says ?'-Captain Robert Andoraoa (act ing Held "Ulcer) behaved with great heroism on this neca stoo I ven after receiving a severe and painful wowud. bo root in wed at the bead of the column, regardless of pain and 'ell tweeervaitoo, and setting a handsome example In his men, of ooolneas, energy and courage." General Gar land >peaks of him as being, with "some few other*, the very fliet t? enter the strong position of R Moltao," and adds that "Brovet May* Buchanan. Fowrth inftmtry, Qap ta>ti And. nw>n. Third artillery and ll?ut. Bsdgwtck, Rs ivnid artillery, appear to have tieen particularly distin guished for iboir gallant defence <4 the captured works." to addntew !? mis toeiimuo/ to his hearlag on that ooea Slew we hare (hat of General Worth, who partfruitarly directed the altenlion of the Oxumandor In Chief to the fart be had taken In the act inc. " For ~aiU.ui and m'Tlt'Tions rondo, t in the liattle of Mullno del Hey" be waa promoted to the brevet rank of Mayr dating from September 9,1*47. Grpiher 9,199T, he wm pro moted to the |??- '.Goo >4 Maysr of the I'irtt artillery, which be now holds. This is reft*July s rood rwatrd for a soldier, and proves thai a Judicious selection w is made of the commander eho is to defead the government forte and property at ("harV?i?a. The toot enrv ice <4 Major Andereun, previoae t? his taking wsnmaad of furl Moultrie, was as a member <4 the conmilasloo <*dered last snn.msr by Congress to itH|ulre into Ibe manie r <4 lo tr ictinn at the W'.wt Point Military Anadeuiy. The labors of ooramteekiti Imio ahoady been laid before Cbagrees THE NEWS IN WA8HLNGT0N. S|iffi?l Mrrtiiifx of thr Cablart?IidirMfioa of thf Soolli Coroliu lommiwiokfrt, 4c. 4c., 4c. Www names, Dae 27, 1990 I'p to < ight o'clock neither the President nor Hncrelary <4 War have received any inf?rm*ti?w from Charleston. The following ikvpaWh was sent to tba Premdeat into thi? afternoon by the Hoath throUna Commissioners. they having Just received It ? Great excitement on account of removal of garrison from fort Moultrie to fort Compter Removed on Wedaes ? day evening and at night. under false pretenee. ?*ptaln rcrler with small guard left la fort Moultrie to cmnplotC dleiiiatillinf. They are bow burning gun rsr~lsgrr Guns spiked, and report of inteutwm to Now up Fort Moultrie, t il Irene generally regard this as doclaratlna of war unless promptly explained, The President iimiird lately con rawed his Osbinet la r.xtraordlaary sees km. end did not adjoorn until after arc o'clock. They meet again at eight s'alook. and the Pre sident experts by that time to receive iateOlgenoe from rharlr?t<m. He cannot make a move or take action until he receives official information The instruct k>ne to MrJot A ode rasa were clear and at P'W-ii. lie was not to set, except on the 9efnnsivo. Hs I <11 'i tight to rem ve hta g-wrieonnr -hang* h? position jC >TW7K? OK kiGin'H PJU#]

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