Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 30, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 30, 1860 Page 1
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i THE NEW YORK HERALD. ? NO. 8879. SUNDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 30, 1860. PRICE TWO CENTS. ? TIE REVOLUTION. IMPORTANT NEWS FROM WASHINGTON. Resignation of the Secre tary of War. Extraordinary Ultimatum of the South Carolina Commissioners. The Action ef the Hou*e Crista Committee. The Admfewteuof New Mexico, with or Without Slavery, Recowmeaded. Seizure of a Revenue Gutter by the South Carolinians. The Captain of the Slaver Bonita Res cued by a Charleston Hob. r ? The Attitude of the Non-Slave holding States. freparalioflH for War iu Pennsylvania, Massa chusetts and New Hampshire. Forthcoming Special Message of the President, he.. &?., fta r OUR WASHINGTON DESPATCHES. Wasmimoto*, Dec. 29,1860. The Cabinet have ju.<t adjourned, after a protracted session of six hours. The affairs at Charleston was the ' subject under consideration. Secretary Floyd stated to the President, in writing, that unless Major Anderson was withdrawn from Fort Snmpter he coukl not remain in the \ Cabinet. Secretaries Thompson and Thomas were under stood to entertain the same view, but the events of to day changed their minds somewhat. The President de termined, after full deliberation, not to withdraw M ijor Anderson, anil Mr. J'loyd's resignation was therefore ac .1 Copied. Hocrstary Floyd's resignation is explained as follows.? The South Carolina Commissioners demanded, as nn ulti matum, the withdrawal of all the fedora 1 forces from the J Charleston forti The President was willing to restore ' the tUtivi quv, besides disclaiming Major Anderson"! ?oursn, but would not ivuncede the demand to w.thdraw * ad the forces. The imue In Cabinet wus upon this point, Mr Floyd taking sides with the Commissioners' 'lemon I, sad ihe Executive opposing it, and hence Mr. Flsyd re hag at 4. Among the persons named us Mr. Floyd's soewsffor Is ??en IVn soiiii F. Buiter. of Ma-csa< bus tts. who has been In confidential consultation with the President for several * WaSHtvirfos, Dee ?jt. MM The federal capital was in a state of unwonted w ' JB ? , quiri oil day until lire this afternoon. The movemruU nf the South Carolina Oomuuasiooers ceas> d to attract . much attention, a villi to the Cfcpitol, and paying their respects to Speaker Pennington and other dignitaries, being all that they did of a public character They were ' all day without a despatch from the scat of trouble, which fact they attributed to an iotsrruptioa of II* Wires. They made no further call u)>on Ute President, nor s it likely they will from present appoaraaoee. That the Cabinet was holding a protracted sesaiou was all of public interest was occurring. In short, there was nothing ensuing or alarming going on, on the Street or in private coumils, whan suddenly the gown, at ths hour above mentioned, wss set into another blass of excitement by a report, coming through * trustworthy channels, that Mr. Floyd, Secretary of War; Mr. Tlwmae, Secretary of the Treasury, and Mr. Tbornp pon, Secretary of the Interior, had all resigned, on the ground, as was alleged, that ths President had refusod to , order Major Anderson to return with bis farce to Fort Moultrie So current and apparently reliable was the rumor, that Mm atom, representative, lit* South Carolina Oxntni* Picnci s, and many others having access to well informed Circles, reiterated it. and generally expressed a belief that 14 was the fact After in res tig ul ion however at headquarters, the re . ' part was fionnd to he true only so far as Secretary Floyd wan concerned, and that Messrs. lhom|*u>u and Tbocaas . mill retained their plie s H Is ktawra. however. tl>at a serious diviahm exists In the ( Ahmet and a break up may at almost any hour be anticipated Recent and highly important tnteilig?t><-c from the froth, received hp the government. nay pre fipltate the event. The people, yofarnatsnt, aAidals au l *>?i afecfcfe. orv all at sea, and. as it were, in a whirl * w tad, la the federal capital at this ssoraent, and no one ran lovAsll w bat a -t"uuc!ug events may transp -e fr<un ? hour tofeour The Pveaidwit la engaged m .armaria* a special sago, whsib will b--? umni.LH iVJ to Ooagim* on Hon slay, setting forth all ths focu ? ?nnected with the affiles now tranqp.rhig at rwieston. andeJso the facts la re Itsrd to the Mouth Casuhoa Corn miss imerr. for Coo. r cat to take such art urn Is the premise" as they ma . deem pro l>sr Monday wul he an eveaifnt hi is mu history laiok on t for as exfdoetoa The HiaiUn of the fressmy has jnst revolved a (1. rjnUtl frumObarlwUHi^eUttlig that the g. Venue CuMtr In the part nf Chartatoon hod hen ae rid l?y the autbo Vitus, and Hint tfel captain, wfc. Is a native of Charts* ma ? l as re* ignsd. This inleUferoae was imam 1 lately cotaoiu ti maud to ths Oshinet. The Wavy Department m two Votook reewved ? <ie apatch froas Usui. James P. Fooler, ?Ml, lh _ Ul? ? alaver Bonus. which was carried Is to Charleston, stating that his prteener ths captain of the alaver, MM bean lak?n I>efnre s Stole Judge by writ of haba? corpse, that the Judge remanded the pr issuer to bis custody om ths ground thai be had no Jurisdiction, sod Mist on his v way to ths Donits with his prisoner be had been taken by fovea from his custody by a mob. Every boor aunptteales a Nairn in Charleston mors and ?Ms. The people of thai city aeetn determined to pre #*M*te ac gin wiUi lbs fbmuncnt. Ike pONey to be pursued ftp the administration in re ghrd ta the militar y movements in Charleston harbor, uil Mm further measureseo be adopted in reference to the ttaulh Otrohua Commissionera, are still subjects of thfemot dtocusnion, which now hold daily and protracted sessions. Tt is understood that not only the Oumflstasioa ers, bet the entire Southern delegations here, demand the withdraws! of Major Anderson from Fort Sumpter. A portion of the Cabinet are inclined to the same view. 1 have good reason to believe, however, that the Presi dent will not accede to this demand. While he admits that Major Anderson, in his reoeut movement, was actiag without special instructions to that effect, he feels that the subsequent events preclude the possibility of restor ing the troo|? to the iUU*i <fuo. The President Is deter mined to do everything in his power to avoid collision. The House Committee of Thirty-throe to-day voted to recommend an enabling act to admit New Mexico aa a State, with or without slavery as she may elect. The proposition received the votes of all the republicans pre sent except Washburue, Tappan, Kellogg, Morrill add JRobiuson. Mr. Washbmrne declared that it was an offer 0 iDg of a new slave and two United Mates Senators to appease Southern wrath; a proposition to create a State without people to strengthen slavery; thyt tho Ter ritory hud not to exceed seven hundred white people who wtre natives of tho United States; that it would be un just to the old Slates to admit hor as a State though she camo us a free State, nod that thu only merit the measure could por-sibly have to pacitleAte the South would urlee from the consideration that a new slave State was conceded to them, ami that if they diil not believe that it was such a concession it would < uly aggravate the difficulty. Kxtremo Southern men opposed it because H did not reach the root of the difli cully, which they fraukly declared could only bo settled by providing for the protection of slavery in future ac quisitions of territory. It is proper to state that the rest of the republicans, and the Union men of the bor der States, voted for these propositions of Mr. Adams from a desire to make all concessions they oould coo sistent with honor, that there may be no question as to their position aa earnest friends of the Union. Senator Bigler now propoecs, every other proposition having failed in the Senate Committee, that the people in each Congressional district vote directly upon the q'tee tion wnether there shall be a division line between the North and South as regards slavery. The proposition re ceives democratic support, but the republicans are shy. Senator Dixon, republican, of Connecticut, says he will susta.ii it if a respectable number of his party will con sent to do so. Mr. Seward's Astor House speech has been and still is variously commented upon, tho Southern men rcgirdiog it as a declaration in favor of coercion, while the ultra republ icons consider It too conciliatory In Its tone. The Litter are opposed to concessions of any character, and seem to regard the breaking up of the government with much iiuliOereiM-u as the mast extreme Southern 1A1.1. It is well known here among the leading republican* that several of theCovernors of the great m>n slaveholdlng Males liave agreed to recommend a llriu and determine.] res.stuncii to the acoeeskm movement of the Southern Ktales. The lint States that will proclaim this policy In th< ir forthcoming messages to their respective legisla tures are New York, Pennsylvania and Ohls, to he fol lowed by the other Northwestern states. Ike Mouth are beginrirg to understand that they will have an spsspaihy or strength In th? North, except from those who sreojs pi red to the rc|Hiblican party. These facta, just de , are dobs; much barui in the .'South, and accole rating the secession movement The Pennsylvania legislature wlk meet on Tuesday next. I karn fr< m a well Informed gentleman, Just ar rived from Hart isburg, wl?> saw aud conversed with the Mate offlier* i.nd legislators elect, that one of the ttrsi acts of that government will lie on appropriation of trans one to live iulltioii* of dollars, and one huudred thousand men, armed and equipped, to aid the federal government in the preservation of the Union It is bMteved by (lo vcruor Curtm that nearly all the other Noithem Male* will follow this example. The coiiilnct <>f Motor Audi-iaon Ik univeraully oom roondel by Northern mm of nil partis, an.I by all 1'bk? ineu from the border State*. I'oaimaeter General Holt to-day ordered warrant* to be drawn in favor of the mart contractor* in South Caro lina f*r about thirty>lx tboitiuind dollar*, being the t>alance to the credit of the de|?rlm*nt deposited with the Aaatatant Treanwrer a* ?*arl<-*um, thus securing to the p<?tal acrvleo all aocrned fumm ?* taa mceding state. The report about a servile inaurreetkm near Macon. Georgia, publWhcd with *uch n grant rtourtah in thla morning'* TrJmmr, i* pronounced by gpntlemen Juat from that aectlon to he unqualifiedly false All letteqp received h. re from Georgia concur In atating that the nitre* were never more obedient and ao willing to work ae at thla time. General Curbing la oonilned U> hi* bed by a acvere t heumatic aflbrt ion of the muaclee of Ma cheat Ol'R WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENCE. W a *tti *?.*>>, De< 'da, lafiO Ik* Movtm'tt uf Mi'jnr Aad<r*)*? lb Pttkf <jf (Ae I'rmdrnL The excitement produ< ed by the n? wa fr. m 'Itarlef ton in re?pe< t to the fart* ha* quite aubaided The public Judgment m regard to Major An<ler*on'a ii.ot'mailt ought to be suspended until that gallant and in overt way men tor tot* ottirrr'a report la beard Military men difler a* to the qneatlon of expedicucy I olltx ?.i,a agree hi condemning the procedure, iieeanae it w?sikl l?e lertainiy mialnlerprt-tcd by U?o Char lea Uwtana, and lie Ihrly to m ite a aunplrlnu that It was a coercion like movement. Tbi* wan in rralllf 'he iirat dlhl there. The dVlt-rhortee ?f the rtn>* ijw> poellinn which the adtuliueiiiottoti bad I vaulted to pr, aerve, <ouf lilub-d the i bief gn?ir4?f ob>e?tion eniertn laed by Ibe Crearh ill and seerelary of War. The report of Mayor Anderson will ahow whether there wan auoti a necwalty a* wo-ild Jortlty a movement eo iwonienldua and so pregnant with ootircq'temre upon the relntiona of the State of south Caro I nil to the f Mural government witlioul aperlfie ordera. Thia document la anxiously expect.d. The movement mm Port Moultrie ao fart Srmptrr xra* almlraWy pb,noed and exeruted. The whole thing was done with nut Ibe eicfi.'eet auaptc ton on tlw part of ant whalotaat of "CUarleaten The inteltlgeece came en the <v?ela tlw* bote, and other throtlnlans, like a thunder clap In a.rlear aky. At IIret they would not balteva it. The eovtnlencf th" President accuse him of want o ?ramnan. Mo of reproach again*! a pcbllr man.In any ??# ?* nation, em* over farther from the truth. Me ha* It#'',from fimtte lost, tkrnftgfi all Ufflm dMBewttins -at ,-oni|# .cat tone, Ma oxrn pn?ramn>e. matarrty nOo at.terefi and No <me, either H eivi' military or'naent acre We, hna n right to disturb the execution of that pien; nor W there aay propriety, good eotwmea ttrtetnr* npen ? H^T ?f wMeh I hey know nothing at alt, and about wMrh Utjp eanmnt Judge until If character far wisdom Mtfi hone?.nee W tented by tin ultimate reamtta. Major AfidcfWm, by hi* and nnautherlnad mataintnl dtrWtcd from U menta of the Pram dent, and, H W nmhintnod, baa bean ordered forthwith to rentmo ma?."M* *? Otnrtwtdfi hnr bor |o thru jtnfn amr. WABIUWrCN, Dm. 28, I860. The lntiivi?w </ the South (Jai viina Oommimtottirt and the President. Tbe OommiesKioer* of South Carolina called on tbo Pre Mdeut to-day at one ?'clock. There wo* no formal reception. The President was in hia library, and when the servant announced their arri val be was directed to conduct I hem thither at once. The interview woe not concluded until nlt -r three o'clock. It is understood that the CommiesiOoarH presented in writing their credentials from the State of South Chrolma, empowering them to treat with tbe general government in regard to the (aria, arsenals and other property, he., he. But it ie further said that, in consequence of the news received here within the last forty-eight hours, they exprcrt-od un unwillingness to enter upon any negotiations until the movements of Major Anderson were fully ex plained. The Major's despatch fully explains his conduct. It) wished to save the etrusion of blood. He determine I to prevent the sacrifice of lives of American citixeus. 'Ibis was his sole motive. The Commiesionefe ask now that the troops of the go vernment should be withdrawn, ss their presence, prid ing negotiations, is a menace. The Piesident, it is understood, listened to tboir repre sentations respectful!) and courteously, but gave no re cognition to their authority to address him, except as citizens of tl.e tinted Slates. While tbo Cabinet was in session oo this, the regular day, news came of the occu pation of Kort Moultrie and Qhatle Pinckney by the Oaro Uolaui. Tbe determination of tbo Cabinet (already, I presume, communicated by telegraph) was that every thing should bo placed in statu quo ante brUun? i. c., that the Caraitoions should give tip Furl Moultrie and Oostle Pinckney, to the former of which Major Anderson should promptly return. ' Th.s plan for a pacific solution of the latest eleaieut in complications already mischievous enough, bus given much composure throughout tbe political otrc'ce to-night. PREPARATIONS FOR WAR IN MASSACHU SETTS AND NEW HAMPSHIRE. Bostox, Dec. 29, 1980. There is no disguising the fact that Massachusetts is ready to respond promptly to any demand made upon bcr for troops to sustain the Union and the laws. I learn to-day, from thi highest authority, that seven thousand troops con bo pot in marching order on twenty four hours' notice, and that one hundred and forty-five thousand men arc enrolled In the militia of this .State. Of this number twenty thousand could be easily mus tered. Tbe financial resources of Massachusetts were never in better condition for such on emergency, end tbe people are enthusiastic to bo enrolled. Adjutant General Abbott, of New Hampshire, arrived here this afternoon from Washington, and left imine diately for Concord, with tbo tsteiiUon of reoommeodtng to Governor Goodwin that the Granite State be Imme dlately put upon a war footing. Considerable excitement exists In consequence of the reports that the muskets removed from the .Springfield Armory have been distributed over tbe South. Mr. Whit ney, Collector ofthie Port, late Superintendent of the Armory at Springfield, returned from there to night, having been there, it is supposed, with reference to the report from Washington to the Hamis tliat twenty thousand muskets have recently been taken fr Jin tbe armory and sold to Virginia. The feeling is deep and not to be misinterpreted. There is no mistaking the fact that Massachusetts is m earnest in this crisis. The merchants ore plucky, and tbe name of Anderson is uppermost in every conversation INTEREST! N? FMKMN HTB.LKXNCE. THE SOUTH CAROLINA CONVENTION. CiuKiurroN, 3. C., Dev. liti, 1800 The Coavrattoa nmiilil U?i? morning. The proceeding* were openod with prayer The I'iuhvlm thru rued a communlcailou from W. V. niaaab, OiHular of the Pert at Omrteataa, tafbrmtag entered the serve <? of the i<t*U?. aad that be bat'I <xmi uirticod rtceiviog dutus and linn*a< ting other business Mr. In >?ia mid there was an a t of Outgrow lu rota lion to special duliee. Tbu legislature Ii.mI recently p t milled the bunk* of the Mate to gunprii.l spc ,e pay ntenl*. f pecle Is now four per cent premium, and it it unfair to ark payment of duti'** in specie w b**u taxes aro payable In bank notes. Mr. litnnii offered a resolution that the saBosters of tbe Mate receive lb'1 payment of duties In rny bills of any bank of the Matt*. Mr. Mauvrtrta?If neereearv tbe hacks can itiereaee their circulation, and < lubarruannciit will tben b an l? Mible. Tbe motion in reference to commercial relation* waa tben k?t Tbe I'aatniiavr here received a roiumualcatsui from the Udvernor. through T. Watte, in relation to tbe Cttorhetou barber The t'i-nv> niton thru went iuto eociet ?y -?ni Iti* understood tbe Military hill la under rotissleralein. The Chovcttion tbu* mm mug p'ssed tbe ordinance an tie r .r ug tb<- rc eptkni if billa of th J bank* of tbe State by OaUc torn of tbe porta, provided uoue of litem be be low the per relue ot tin- Bank of couth Otrolinv Tbe CXaiyentnin then ndjoumed till ten o'clock on Sou day morning. Tbe town liter rm CemMttwtiaa have prepared an ordl iwmo r?neiwint the power* lately reeled in Umgreas, traMrfrrrtag ibem to tbe (leneral tgwaib?, exoept d.irlu* the existence at tbe Oirrttna Tbeae power* are not to extend without tbe direction of the Convention to dutiea on import*, tbe Pint (?fflce, declarntiou of war. treat lee. confederacy, k>. Tbe ordmenee concernW 'be judicial power* of tbe United Slate* Couila revert* iboeu power* lab tbe Oniric of Cbroiiua ae the t.em ral Assembly may direct Tbe ('baric*too 1'Hy inert i* to have joriiubctloo in admi rally and maratiuie cases, and ale? In <*e*e of appeal wbrn tbe amount exreeii* two lb* >< awed dollar*. In raera i.tlecilny ib* public minister* the powers are eon - tinned nearly (be *am* n in tbe United State* OMrta. I be Ueweral Assembly i* to appoint tbe ludtnal officer*. Tbe act of Osegrtas ?? to provide more effbciually for the pon abii-ent of certain i rime*, approved March S. IMS," fe> substituted by tbe State for all nffhace* wl,?*h are Mb ?ret to the mrtrdk-tioa of the Court* of tbe Slate. tbe Cheveattou will take the * lyeci of tr ama under euMidiratW. DIPf HARfJE OF THE: MECHANIC* AT FORT SL'M ITER. Hun* no la-c jf>. i*>an It.?.<**, ot ibi* coy, b?* on ite null 'ila a special de* p*tih rem fharlo-ixn. vying that tlie carpenter* and bi eklayis Imm Mcmorr, ?!**)# 1 on lort sumpt. r, tiavin. refuted to bear arm* against Siniib Carolina. were dt> clanged by M?s*r Andeison tbie Biori iof. THE 8RCK88I0N OF SOUTH CAROLINA. THK I WfcSTIf.TH IIAT <?? lit i K. M * K P.. IN THK YEA* (if M'l LOBh. I*M>. (From I be < hafisstoa derm i. Bee 21.) law - ibed anion g the < nl.-fsiai * ol I In* work) -mencra bb in lias to earn** -the jifh day r>( itaccmoer. lu ibe year of our l ord 1Mb hat bec**inc i n e|**cb iu the bie lory of the nam >n race. A oederierated r> public, oierwroufbt witb arrogant and tyrannous oyipreealun*. bat fallen irom it* high ertale ainoagvt tbe nation* of the earth. Oowaeryatiye lil>*'tv lia* been yuidicated. Mobo onttc I cen?' h'? li?en ctrtcken down (Irder baa con qtiared, yet liberty has *urvivod. B gl.t lis* rained bte l*atik' i ai. Maud hldd-n nefaacc to murbt. Tin- problem oi m il gnremmrnt under the cbtak bakuoe id via very, limateutrd MRNli ?MblMH iMMMMM. Somli (arolloa hea reanmed her entire envereifn pow era, and, naabai kled, baa beo?me una of tbe i.mih?i* of the ? aria. iin \? ?lerdajr. tbe Wlb ner?ml>er, 1Mb, joat Iwfore one o'ci < k P M , tbe ordinal)" of wMP*ai<*t wm pre?* tad bribe OauniBtae eai tbe Urdinancw. to the Omreation of th* peraile of ?butb CaroUna. i raeleely at arre* in met* ? afmr m oVlork. the r<*te waa taketi upna tbe ordinance *wcli man'* name being called In order. Aa name by aaao Ml upna Mm ear or tbe atkmt aaaombly, MM brief aaawd wa* echoed hack, wtlMont ewe v.iiu * o*er|itkm Ik Umt wbvt* grave body, "aye.'' At a quarter paat owe n'ebmk I'. M. the laat aamt waa railed, tbe ardtaaadn of atmmton wan aoaoaaoad to bar* Ken famed, and (be laat fetier bad falb-o from tba iuwba ? a brave, but Ian kmg eppmaaed people ? The Ooaveol km ant Witb cJoaed door* But upon ? RnmouiM ement outside, and upon tbe Mermrp hull hoard, tlud Nontb ibrnlin* *M board, Umt fkmtb CbroUaa waa no kmger a memlier of tbe federal labm, btad aboota of toy real Mm air. The eathmlaem waa unaurpaaaed. Old men weat abouting dowa tbe otraata. (Maoa were Bred, and bright trrnmpb I waa depu ted on every eowagrwaoe*. Bat beOwv tba graat aaalnf the Stat* waa aMved ta lk| ordinaaca of aegagwoff, pad lit mmms 11 llpjdt * W 'W gate* to the Convents* were signed, it was propunait I that this ceremony should he postponed until seven I o'clock that evening, when the Oaaveittteu should re I assemble and move iu procession from the St. Andrew'* I Hall, where they then ant, to (he great Becjcalun Hah, I and that there, berore the aMemhlod oRixene of the I State, the Kreat seal of the State should he net, and eaoh I signature made. The proposition wm favorably re I ceived. I At half peat six o'clock V M the Convention reaeeeai I bled at St. Andrew'? Hull. At a quarter to seven o'clock I P. M. they formed In proceeekoa and moved forward in I stleuce to Secession Hall. I The building waa tilled to overhearing, and they were I received by some three thousand people la the Hall. I The < '(invention wue nailed to order, file Hnw wuaone I profoundly grand and Imprwtve. There were a peepto I assembled through their hMhisi uprwanUtivsa?men I moet of them upon wbeee brads the ?owe of sixty win- I tern had been rhed?patriarchs la foi I he dignitaries of the laud?the high priests of tbe oheroh el' Christ? j reverend etatenmen?and tbe wiae Judge* of the law I In the midst uf deep alienee, an old WMu, with hewed I form, an-l hair an white aa enow, the Rev Dr. Rnob-I man, advanced forward, with upraised hands, in prayer I to Almighty tiod, for His blessing nad favor in this great I act of hie people, about to be ceganinwiuted The whole I assembly at on< o rose to lie feat, nad with bate off, lie- I tened to the touching and idegneal appeal to the All Wiae I Ihrpeosar of eventM. At the etoae of the prayer tbe I 1*r<i-.dont advonrtd with the consecrated parchment I upon which wan inscribed tbe dee Is loo of the (Mate, I with the great real allachsit Slowly and solemnly it I won read unto Me lax I word?"dissolved," when men I roe id contain themselves no longer, and a shout that I ?hook the very build lag, reverberating, long coo tin uod, I ruse to heaven, and cooard only with tbe lose or breath. I In proud, grave sib-nua, the Convention itself waited the I eiui with heating hearts. I The Preavlent then requested the delegates (by prev i I cum dec'sum) to Mtep forward as they were called lu thn I alphabetical urder of the districts which they vepre I rented, and viga the ordinance. Two hours were ocou-1 pied la (few so?e?n qgrwnpBy, the crowd waiting patiently I the end. Am the delegation from tit. Phillg's nod fit. Mi- I chat I,a came forward, again the hail was filled with ftp- I plaune; and or the lion. R. B. Hheil advanced to toe 1 parchment the shorts became deafening, long continued, I until he tunl seated hiinsetf, signed and retired. It was a 1 proud and worthy (ninite, gracefully paid and appro-d r ated. The eame ec nplunent was paid to our ex I iiovenmr Gl?t, who "-commended in htH measege to tin' extra session the immediate secession of South Chrolina | from the In ion At the close of the signatures the President, advancing to the front of the platTorni. announce I that tha soal of the State had been set, the Hiirnatmes of the Oonveutton put to the ordinance, and he thereby proclaimed tha State of South Carolina a separate, independent nationality. To describe the enthusiasm with which this announce ment waa greeted im beyoud the power of the pen. The high, burning, bursting heart alone can realise it. A mighty voice of great thoughts and great emotions spate from the mighty threat of one people as a unit. The Stale of South Carolina has recorded herself before the universe, la revereaoe before God, fearless of man I unawed by Power, unterrlfled by clumor, she has cut the (lordian knot of colonial dependence upon the North? ft her for luno upon her right aMNier own right arm, and stands ready to uphold alike her Independence and her dignity before the world. Prescribing to none, she will be dictated to by none; willing for peace, she is ready for war. Deprecating blood, ane is willing to shed It. Valuing ber liberties, she wlU maintain them. Neither swerved by frowns of foee, nor swayed by timorous soli citations of friends, she will pureim her direct path, and establish lor herself ind for her punerity, her rights, tier liberties and her im>titiiltuns. Though frleud* may fail her iu her need, though the canaou of "her enemies may belch destruction among ber people. Mouth Cbrolina, tin awed, unconquerable, will Still hold aloft ber flag, "Anf mit Ofitmtqvt Paroli." VIRGINIA. KXCITKMKKT IN PKTKRSBtTtd. The sawing down on Sunday morning last, at Peters burg, uf a Secession pole and flag which luul been erected the previous day, Is creating much feeling in that city. Tbe pole and its appurtenances coat over 9200, ami the parties by whom It was erected expressed a determine ten of rearing a new one, and of defending IS, if neow ?ary, against attack; but the Mayor of the city, fearing some disturbance, ordered a Union pole nlrca>ly erected to be taken down, and interdicted by proclamation tbe erec lion of poire in tbe public streets. The parties owning die demolished pole Itav" published a card, In which they denounce the proceedings ax outrageous, and intimate ttint It was areoiiipiHhed with the connivance of tbe polic. On Woduttduy a man i.umed Owou Riley, a llaHiniorean though for the last nine years .? resident or Richmond, waa arrested upon the oliarge of aawing down the pole and carrying efl the (Log wm b adorned it. So promt wue he of In* complicity in the alla'r. that "it Tuesday he BK.unied the Rtiimpof the pole, and then and liters openly ami boldly declared tnmrelf the SMfcaff Of the deeiffanl deited any man lo PIMM it It u, also MM thet he pin le d the "lose star" which had adorned the II ig to hi* hack, and thus decorated paraded s- vr al prominent atresia. He was releaaed on $f.$0 I tail. KMHINATION UP A FMTIJ STATK8 M l KKH Al,. (spuSar United Hutm Marshal Captain Charles Haiue has mat ea hie rfopstka te tha failed foatmi ei Wedttm Virgin C Ifo nays he will aot aerse sahr I.imoln / GEORGIA. thk ?bomk Mcmtrra main. The r'avintuth H'f hUi an, *|**'aking iiprni tin* r?x cut ?r rivalof the tleorg* Iaw tnuakeie in that city, mv**? I pea ? iiuinjiifii we bud the new arms fuel arrived fN the Mate to In-I lie ukl style ut Bint in* I stosl moaketg, n'lered into a pei ? hy dMiog th<' nl<l touch h ib* Mad screwing a tube into the top of tba barrel Thev are all. hcwevei, ,u good ord**r. ae* u? never tu bate bona nsed, and. pi-thai*, w* old do uta utiuu on a pinch?a* well it. the rear a* In Ina.t MtfWIHMPW The tbdimi in Wu*?i-?i|>pi. ?*?>* the *ns OtH ?na /Vk?, appeal to have reeiiltod overwhelmingly in favor of ill ^I'pnrute eme-u-iootate. Willi the .veptkm of Vtafcabtffg ^nd Nut- In *, th**o operational* have made but it feeble reair-lanie to ibe all pervadiin'seniituunt ol the gallant MrMflM and truly ttoutbern |>eople of that great and wealthy ktnte In counties which gave large uiyoritiee for Bell and Fvet* tt, mil which have heretofore stood tnmiy by the Union, the prnf?eltioti for neperab* teres aion has ot>lalned largo majorities. Ml? iMIppt ha.i ex im -aed in unratatakebl. language bar phrpnoe. Sh*' will follow rkwely m?.ti South ChrtMM. I/nnaiati t mutt not l.nger behind let neighbor and a inter, with whose inter ol Iwr own are indiaauhibly blend'-d. LOUHIAHA. riRRRK BOtTLE ON fli URIBIB. Hy name tiavir.g been mentioned among I bono that niay be proponed to remanent tbia city tn thu State Oon rentton to be held on the '.?14 of January to xt, I deem It toy duty before any deltattive choice i* madi-, Pi publish the folio*to* declaration, that tbero may lie no miaun deratandmg aa to the piauum wbieb I occupy wKh refe rence to our preernt ditto alius, an I to the ? o irae whk-h tttx hooves this ktate to pursue, in view of the cretin Wbieb Ihonr dithoilUe* have In ought forth. I am no aoOmisetuout. I bold that resistance to actual wrong ia i pnramouul duty with Mates a? wrll aa with individuals (Xmcelving that the I'nmti which the onnatltntioa of the I nited States had for its object to rMablinh, ia a I otou id sovereign* in a < .ufrlrrqp of equals, I cannot admit that the power exist a anywhere to mere .my of the ode rates to remain in it longer than his interest, i r even hie pleasure. will admit. That no state would ever withdraw from the I'nion without just and sofflrknt canx- must l.ave been, aa It actually was. in the contemplation of those wh*>rr?mt our tmiioaai government; but it onhhot 1mve entered the mtud of any Ui t while one porlkm of the eouf'<d*T*t<*? might with impunity vtotat'' its- cotnmou compact. the other portaui ' oukl n. eoeiead to endui*- the t'unagree sion, and submit te beer alone Ite burthens and oblige turns. None of th" a-anciatea bare nnv right* w b b the Other* do not equally sad individually poseem. Aa ku-g aa the reap** live i igli'a of each ism.n tibia tringed tt m*< be > **nceded tliat none baa * *<*> grnnnJ for absolving b wiself from the* obltgsl kins wlikh Ui? com pert Impose** Hut as soon aa the compact eoases to be reap*" led lbs liotid is broken. a*id the ?*-orilas sre el liberty to return to their tadlvtdun! aad aspirate polHmil egiat-ncp In i be impressive language <M I wine I Webnlrr. "A hiwgaln broken <>ii one -ide la broken on all aktes It we*e too late now. an ! utterly unprofitable, to dw< l! on the Immsdtats causce whk-h ha rt brought ab<i it the present or Ma though it may not he out of place t*. re mark that if this natiO g**vsmment of oura, wb eh bus stood an many eb*rm* and |ieriie and which, in its ma jeste workuir?. w?s vindtrettnc an triumphuotir the gent i and w>a<1om of the sagsa who * re tad it?f this g?vi ri.merit ia to be overthrown, and the Sonth to org*n ire itself into * distinct and nepnrate .-unfedora. v, it w*re hardly an act of liiacretimi on our purl to cuntntt the triwi ot erect ing the lali**r to the very men who. with all the federal power it their hi Ming, with the purm ami the awori! in their hands Pi auHtsin ih-'mselviie, hive, In |e> s than four years, not only *i* *'r*iysd the m ist p*rw r* fill paity that was ever onan.sed in any govemmeut. hut subverted that nobif striK.ture, of wli* b John (' twbouti has said that "itei' diui inaublim ty anj work tb it aver emanated from the hand* ot nnm " These are. however, the men who now urge th? egpe ile n* v nf separate actmn on the part of the State . Hnd who adveat*' openly the policy of prei tpitntlog I/mi-1 ana. nf luraelf. and wlthisit seeking .sinesrt Willi other Hat' * mpi the vortex of revolntkm' That the present distracted condilkm of the i-ountry? the complex sin an full of meaning and rlgnlksanev of the late freeklentlal 'dnvam?th** attitude, perhaps too pre (update, of a majority Of the Southern Hlatss the ottsi* ao hut rtedly br ught about by the wily manieuvreo end the reckless aapiratkma of nnprinclpksl pol.iicla ia?have ptnoed the South m the una voidable dilemma uf ah?set aifbmiaeion or twen rrebrtenee, tx twit ton oh vinos Having therefnre to cbonse bstwoen ignominy or revo hwtim, I am for revohitkwi?hot not for an Inconwderate and djahevelloi revnbitkm, like Uid wbieb ao miserably transformed the grant and potent empire onoe poneamed hy Again on this eontim-nt. mlo those innnmoreilde petty Oovrrelfntka cun#tartly at war with each other, whieh have sunk m desolation and rata the brightest spot m wbk h the ona of dad over shed ita light I am for keeping 1/mMaaa tn concert and I'nion with her etetw Wntee of the Snath, ft were not ton much of the united wisdom of Umm all. In nnoaktor aad dortde how the eontemplaiad a^aratliin In to he eflkeisd, aal wnea eflbctod, na wlmt principle a new confederacy should ho organised awl last I luted Tn ether words, I am la flavor of the Slate Omrratkei asadiag discreet sad eg. oxpot ientwd '? omaiimM?ois to oommnne with the edher l*o*?r, aod Adopt, m coporrt w*b them, oaeh mono? i>? may padiatc, if not avert, the dangers which I see ahtad of ua to a proximate future. PIKRKK Now OaiJL*.<8, Saturday, December XI, 1H6Q. PUBLIC MKKTINO IN PITTHBURG, Pa. Til IIU OVN OMNTUO VBMBT. IProm the Piitaburg Journal, ttec 8.) 1 be moil demonstrative public meeting that we have hag in our inldat in a long time transpired at the Ouurt House yesterday aflwrncoa. There soemod to Itave b< ou a DitowuMerrtiuiduig at the time of the meeting, .aid a Urge number adjourned io the Diamond Market House, bet there being no meeting there they returned to tbo CMrt House, sni there they organised, and m an mm-jiu blagr of acme live or lie thousand the rdtowuig pro eeertutge were had. The following letter wao read at the ?meting ? Ai.i.r uhknv Arskn al, Deo. XI, Will. To his Manor U. Wilmm, Mayor of Wttaburg:? hik? U in perceived thai waw of the ? -ity i si pen, la their morning is ?ors, persist hi pubUabiao ?taiemeau Is rentgd to the opera Hi/lie <f|llie uuittd Kute?d ArsmaUliat ?houhPbe corrected.* 1 therefore ri tpooifuliy.mmeat tliat at the nublio inw ing ui tl>.n ottlzene, in take pi*.* {hi* afiernouu, they will have this paper read. The statement of the Di*pt*rh that I in Win?l Me reporter laat cvealug that there were no UMNO order ate he Mled. In refereeoe to hi* Inquiry re spectinn the heavy gone. There are Orders yet to ail ot si* month*' rttadtngind mere. The stores referred to ia Ui s despatch SI "home m murheto that b it the Arsenal that altarnovn," were aflf ameef baoup equipment* tin part o.' an order I or flee h IIP tied seta) dmMood Tar Texas Vrsenal, fur tlm United sis we troops mrving on thwt from lev Mo l.kew ise another i-?ur wMI be a?ds In s day or two of oiher oris, made by Measie Hartly A Oa, ooutraoterooi' Pittsburg, aad now fa their wo.krhopa, who can etats bow luagthry have had the Oldei These am destined for bea v.cworlU Arsenal, for the troops In tlm* vicinity further - noire thereto to be Issued to the Mate of Tenm-eeee, under ilie act ol tdufl, lore lining the lullliia, iuu rtlle muskets, to replace wbteh 1 U00 lisre been ordered I rem Harper'* ferry Armory And. Anally, of unfiiUIUed orders, &0O mo; keta be longing to and sent hereby the fltade of Kentucky, tube al tered to percussion, are new being altered and refltted, the expense of wbb h to he hail?*! to that Htate, under the , same act ol Congress of 1SM1. JUHM tiVMINUTOM, Major of Ordnance. After which the following reooluttong were presented und psrtkcd ? Wkeiear, aa ciil/WMof the United fllalee, attached to the I Union, ifie roDKiliotloii and the laws, we have |.-arne<l with a n prise and Indignation that large quantities of heavy ordl | nance have hero ordered from the Allegheny Arsenal to points where no apparent Immediate necessity for them ex lata, while, other poiuta where the nei easily does exist are left un defended, and where they will be exposed 10 seizure at the hands of those who are now In a state of actual or thraMtened revolt against the government; and, whereas, ourremonatran cea against tbla set have received uo notice Irom tho proper authorities at Washington City; therefore, lie it ^ lti win 'I, That notwithstanding the notorious fast that our gar rvntti. a aarsi laurrr uuataiiuin^ uw iiinur ivwo im-t taaawu um rulers are <il?*nnlng lire friends and arming tho enemies of the Union, we feel that Its frtenda aro string enough, even wtlbeud other arms than their own, to sustain tho constitu tion ai.d the laws, and to follow and retake the guns thus ordered to be reasoved, la aaae they shall be traitorou- ly cm plowed againstjthem. e-olved. That we therefore deprecate any interference with the shipment of the aatd arms under government orders, however importune or ImprflMe the same may be, bettering It would gtrs color to the ism ill* 11 id that we haro m we re spect for federal law than ear fallow ctttaena of the seceding htate of Kouth Carolina, aiiMomoase our moral much more than It could luciease our luMpl power. :t That we profess t* bo lojtjTto the Union of these States, that we regard the people of the Mouth as much our fellow cliixens aa thess of the Northers flhMoo; that wc regret that demagogues aad trailers should hwro hoou ahi? to deceive them into a contrary belief; and that, hue whig no party here, and uo North or Kouth, wt Latent! to observe our part of the compact, and shall expect oMloalotlhot all others shall do the same. 4. That we greatly deplore tho exist on as of aneh a state of thiogs ia ?oun.-ctlon with the administration of Important ^department* ol the public service at Washington as to have so shaken the cnuidonre of the people of the Tree States there. In, as to minister occasion for the disturbance w hfch has pre vsltrd ammigsi o*. h That to restore that confidence which every administra tion ought to en joy In a ci lata like ths present, it behooves the Hiestdeat of the rotted States to purge his Cabinet of every ?nan who ia known Pi have been gh ng aid and comfort, or in any wiae counli nawiagsndahet ing the acual or apprehend ed revolt of any of Urn Stats* again . the authority or the oon stitut'on and the laws of this Cnlou A That while Pennsylvania Is on guard at the federal Capl ttl, it la her especial duty to look to the oddity of her tons, and In that view w . all u|ion the President ol the United States, as a citizen of tliix commonwealth, to see that the re public receives no detriment while it contiaufs tn his bands. General William Kohltuion, Jr., presided, an.l Hon. Th. im s Williams and General J. K. Moorhead, M. C., wore tbo principal spok<-*mcn. (lee era I Moorhuad spoko Mfict consonance tvllh the tono of tlM re* >lu lions, oq. TIioouih Williams urged the passage of tho re solntioua, the vote lor which was unanimous, with a very tew ??xceptiocs Hon. Charlie Shaler made a Hjsxdh inokte if tbo tkmrt Huoae ty a lurgi audience, which set lortb I hat resistance to the federal authority at the Arsenal would he traueunabk, but oppnaillon to truis fsolaiiaa tliroagb our streets would only be in violation of Mate Isws. and resistance to their ufutl sliipuiont would be ss justifiable no the acts of rLioth Oaroiiria. lb.- r>soluii<*iH above given, ag adopted at the meet lag, have tho sungort of a majority of our cagMMMtty, an.l are ?lluautly wo. thy of the endorse,uent ol' all tlur telegiaphic de.|wtc|ovi giro the latest news from haodqoartrrs of seers-.on. (fur people are determined to ecore justice, and nothln... short of it will satisfy them. THE NEW YORK MDSKEfs SENT TO THE SOUTH. | from ib" IVoj Aieua, Dan, '2S.1 We irmrm I rant iMMiouhted settlor If thst t*oi III' eKitrf, nil! pntt< : n, fr* sold b)* OTdiT of 111? .Secre tary of lVwr.' n tin fethnf tb? pimgl month, lo I*. B. |j war, of *,'n iiiiniili. On**la, at ?" ">0 ?>.irh. ?ml .ibippod to N<? Vark about il* 14th in*t. Three are iho i?u-?k<-tn II I'lTfil to hi tin I'otl. llw implied lUtllllill loll thut fliwril Woo! hue tinv i-I.,,trol over the > do or trans tor of tin ii g*i *, it- k :ii)i.hiU !? to ;i veterun noldier who 1? moat il oi"iiiMy di voted to the Union of i!in? Unltnl ftui.-H Whoever etui! niuy prove tri'irbrroua and re ereiiat to tin-1 n on att.i itn- ranstHatlon. wo venture to my. Mi behalf in tli i.trnl Wool, th .1 bn Willi"' found i.nihlul among ib" fn il hi. **. arid nev'-r, either by thought. di id or ait, will b" t>" fnuud .livim: aid and eotnfoit lo Uie ft" Hie ? of the Union, ["be Watcrvlk-t Arsenal la undai tb" control of the Ordnance Bureau, the au|*em? control l?ln vmled. nest to tho Proaldent, in tb" l.andi- oi lb" .*<?, retaiy of War. There arc In rt'ire at the Arwnal 2* oho musket*. aliered in m flint h* ks, and an immense aiautity of ball.-, bulb la, shrapnel grape and rali .ter rbot. In reply hi certain i|iiertea we bare received the fol low.ny ? i.rtrr* raoa lie* wool. Taov, Per. IT. W(0 Plan #H ?Tbi F,. 'i >i? /??* In relation to the rumor that tin loiadre't i .?-?'? o. mm kel* bad bu i removi dlrm the Ar .enal of Waurvle l to New Y..rk and put mt b*rd of the ?termer I In Ida. lor Hivwinah, ?-*?, "Wliere U Oenerml" 1 an*wrr that tie Is at hi* lowhiuari r? and attend Inf In tb' 'liitle> aealuned In htujxwMi'0. lie however, ha* Bo l ontrol over the of VV aL rTllet. which l? rr aerved loidir th? lUrertl'a of the Secretary of War. Very roped fully your obedleal "ovarii. JOHN K. WOOL. To vav Kimion- or tmk Tanr Dailt Aar s r. In a reci nt il. *|>.f h from IttUhurg It fat dialed that lb? cannon which tho (?nf|nRi| bad ordered aent down to ;<i.vautiah. au I which the r.tizvii* protested ought not to fen removed, were to Vk) furnished tbelr wageaa and other atWBpk te f xn.ret which were made at the Wa t.-rvli! I Arm'Hal. find * Vrli were about to be removal from thetw* to savanna I ?. We learn that mm? of theac gn%ruatngta have yet been removed from the WnlirrBnt Arsenal. THE mm AMD THE CRISIS. Tho Jewish Afc*i*w??r nf Per.mi her IS matte* a an i*w editorial appeal to tli? Jew* In tho United Mite* to ob aerv? the 4th proslmo a* a day of prayer far l.'i* pre ?erval on of the Union We regret that our ?p.o? forbids i ? to give the orUcle referred to in fu hut the follow tog paragraph wilt nffurd the i ?nder * good Man of the a bote ? * A* l-r.,eliti*. we hove will Weight I r Indue, meets to jp.n wttti our follow clt'irn* 'U ???.??? ring this day of prayrr. The I'm ft, for alu? |?" *p tj we vek Divfeic ?id. Iwa l">efi the we.rre "i happmes* tor our a .tcaior* ana ourselves Under the pi" ecti n of the freelutn guarnt tewl i * by tb? i "natii'.tl"'. e hav lived m the "rjoyrnettt of full a-'d |H*-(.iri ipaUtii with mir foii< w ? itiw-nr, wi nee rankled ?? worth h ? . weinenn *rd s ug to die dietal- ? of ron*. iew* a c. uvaWUtn Ul l?ettl"n t" wlikb "ut abn,: ? mi. u?. a 'boat our n ?Igtous otununs fen lug an m.p ? ?nt to idvanciment. Thin n-pablti w?? the fu *i v r ??gr. ? ? ir elaimi to nfeMkMe equality with m?n < f# 1 tf . ?< "e'tfxiaa di "."mi nation H'fe we rtm an "eve ?!. ?? b. . ine and fig tree, wttfe naae u m vk< feim nit tb p rpei iity of tlwi nattonnl esistcnei of tl,(* n, U is hngerlwd, lei u*. th?n. rtrbt feenrtlly yd" ? .?nr Mlnw MliMM hi obs.rvin.'Urlday next u? s d inrnadfe imlla fl?n. Ui ueaewmbfei in our rr ?? nag gaen, nnd iseir fortb in lint*'n our benrueb ? lie ? one, that the Almighty may ?. spat barmoay fetid gf* I wil ait nit all lb" iSNipie I* tb * l .i. ' and ao g iVi ru 111 " uiU'l 's Is of tboe* in authority tfe.t tfeey mw be Inaptred with w? m in to reeuri a iweutr ?, iib-ru'iit of whatever d ittc il Km may esl?t m any ?? etha of (fee ?"intry SKt ?<!ON AND UOKRt TON*. TO THK RPITOM Of TNI IIRNAI O. TV -vtthdrawal of the Mate of Pouth (hrollaa from the feder.a Unhw hring* g? Uev b> face with grave twuee. Irnugfet wttli reeiiHa ?f the moat m< menbius mportat. ? The unavoidable duty now devolve* upon every true pa triet and irtwid of nrNgoveraatect of n warning with i-nrr the great qw itmn? preaenteif %nd infm mot hlmeeg M tot ha proper rourte to he purfued m this trying emergen f. It te wore? than bile for bodten of men whether they he repreoei latlvr? ir Onogreee or leader* among the peo ple. to par* rceotntkma dis-lar ng 'that (fee lawn must ?n l ?hell be <seeuted. ' Ifeta It a truism which no nan? nun wHi pretend to deny. ^h*t * ife the duly of the Preetdent of the United Ptaiee to eiecnte tfee lawn of It* Union M beyond the afead'^w of a doubt; but where v? they to b? eiecuted. Not In ting land, certainly, nor In France, nor la any other terriowy not Metodcf in the Uakm. It ie la thane I a it". I *tate* alone that feh duty reqniree him te enfmoe them, and the real and only quea'am now befyge ua i* not whether he ?ho?ld eaeeute the law*, but what ?re ill territorial Hmlta of hie authority, and what peo pie does hie oath of office require bin to coerce Into eab mission fen Ifeee? lawe* In other word*. M Pouth Carolina to-day a member of the federal Union, notwitbetandlag her ordinane of ?* oeeaion. w ?the net? In nequeetkmn My the defy of the rreetdmt to eaforee ifec law* witkm IWNTOIWP <* IKUW r?" ) SOMETIHG ABOUT SODTI CAMJIA. The City of Colnmbia?III KdufationtJ Iimtitu tiooi, itK State ilouie and its Gardens. POPULATION OF THE STATE. The Military Oryaaiaation of tho Commonwealth. FINANC AL STATISTICS. THE RAILROADS AND THEIR ^AAA6?IEHT. A GLANCE AT THE MOUNTAIN SCENERY. INTENSE ANTIPATHY TO MTHEKI MEN. A Northern Correspondent Pat Through a Course of Sprouts. iHNhig EiibImIImi of the Special Cwrein pondeot of the New Verk Herald by South CareHaa VlfHaat loamiUecc, Ac., Ac., Ac. Out rant a , p. c.. I>ec. 14, JSOO You pnroelvc that I write from fblumbta, the cap.ta* "1 South Carolina. I ^vo been here for several day,, and have also vUKed other portions 0f the 8Uto, m con.! Pyltig with your tnstructiona to obtain accurate informa tion r. rpecting the real condition of South Carolina and subsequently of the ether Southern Stat. a. in lhc cporluuntgof industry, in order that the North mlghtt fully comprehend tho oriels u, the present alarming as pect of our national ,<lW the rabid oC the .North id the ultra pro-slavery men of the South by their v\ boh sale den unc ml ions of each other, and their wide. Iv different statements of tho economy and r.vwaroea oC the south, have each contributed much to create tho unfriendly filings now existing between the people ,u the Northern and Southern of tho confederacy A more intimate a. -quaintan.-e would liaveled to thoesuh l.sbmciit of more fraternal relations, and I am p-rsuad.ti that If the mass. * of the strong antl -lavery pv.pie lb?, North ,-ould only come to the South and see things for themselves, instead of forming their views from misre pres< ntalKSm eoncsrnmg the treatmeot of slaves they would soon modify their views on the subject of slavery, mi! .mr or ?"""-n* kdccatbwai. ivsmmow, mi" STAT.. Hot SB A.VI) n? llAltllKNS. Without intending to disparage the elegant society and refinement of ciiarl sum. which motro|s.l,s commands imi-runt oonslderatssi se the eoouwarcial . ulmioatiug; point, this beautiful little city of Culumbu may be said to be the social centre of the Mate. And it is a fact full ,,f ?gnil|)-iu.ce_for the principle should be aaUblLhod an 1 carried out in every Seat of government-tl?t the capital, where tho lavs are made and the public business I* transacted i* ateo n favorable representative of the sociality and ta'stc the reflamnent and pr< .pe.ity of the Osnmonw^dtb! otemhia Is not a Urge city Within the corporate limit* and the immediate sub". bs there are only about nin , thousand inhabitants, Including.of course. l>otb w'nUi and < olorci. Blll H is aaid to be tho mast delightful ? ity of its sixe and character on tho American con tinent It is what might be termed a country city Its chief attractions, especially apparent to the Strang r arise from the healthfulovwe of It. situation the grml regularity and width of Us streets, which are lined wli shade trees, the comfort of Ms houses in,| th- beauty of Its prlva.e gardrnts. M is s.tnated on an < !e; ale | put...* about the middle of the sute. near ibe imnks ot ill ?..ngarce which at po.nt is not a navigable river C,ty * ?M,, *1U? I*"** reg ilarlty, and ooc .pie 1 ai space of ground about two miles square. hxactiy ... the centre is seen rising, jn tb.e pro portMs. the new Mat. I loose, wb?h div.leu the only bmimss rlieet ,n the city <*, oma.y cenaiona Richardson street does not present a very busy appamwac., and yet there h. roust tarahl* [ buahWM transacted iherr i... tbere Is scarcely ? depart rnent of familiar me. haahwl industry or mannfacturing intere-t but is represented la OHumhla. The other streets are all unusually wide, none hwe a^? ?ne hun ?,M| are lined mi 1*7,,,^, w(lb targe water oak .d- t - t ........ a idithm a row Hill, I Mala* theeawfcw,? i I as many of the dwelling street- mother, die. . , <lr,rUr? >k* In such pretty ?nd ..pproprwt.. names as lady I' .e Bkwno,,,. Wheal. Kke, T..I Ir, : ??| evPll 1 ' 11 ' -? * ' -?Iff"? 'h.t t. ? x t m mx an opproprm ? , street In the capital of South Carolina, and that all tl.e republicans in town would be < main to reside there, they mav know J t was long 'eoa named efter Cokmal Unvote. <? iffivoluUma,y niemory. and. further, that there is single ah.,1, tf.Oisl within lite Imrders of Columbia "" " I'1' " " ????? , I. a . very body h. re is a secessionist, even to the young Uuiee of tho We h M lemal.. College, who hare nmde and ?r f- i, us Ir building a Rag with a lone star, and m Latia th, ii.otlo, "Now or aever, underneath l Mat inatltn ???oaunodatc. one hundred and Ufty i.uoils one, hundred of vhom.ranrmr rr? ^ ' T eight, b<wrd hi the building. Beside, thw .h.-re are - vera! other laMltntions of learning In Columbia. Knr? rmei of l lgm all la the *mth Car,, I la. Ooll-ge, whwh to lo. at. ,1 m t r?r from the centre of the city and has tho M<* A M I^"r"tr?s? far ita PrrsHbnt it difTen, frno. any other la the country (hat I am swat# of la Ihm l?ec. , m that it haa no ewdowm-n aid sibssUai. 1 up.,, an ii.iinal spu ipilWtt f about twen (? five (bonMBg dollars by ibe logtautare .if Um State 1 h " edd i liewalaasieumw I rem the r' ,- Urn evlsem .as of its situation may ragmre *db.r..r..mpu,awle.,r. of twraty arm, ... the co ta*a bnihimce of brsk, aad the raantawraa of the Pnm |?rM and the prstaw, Tha tastitutna Im. itve seholv ::" ?4,"< ^ ta^epi, a ragnlar faa for tu.t-w and . is w of i he fWaamea wealth the < bra no* ilM~',< r ? [?MdistfHt, who isentll ?! I..a: the p . ieg , of the " " ' 1'"* bs- n b rilredand - II, r. ? . ,, ^ I1**<,l>" ?"?*?.' ?" thamwd V.Humes, aad an ana*.. ?ppr"|w?ais a af two Umasaad dotlara far Its g ddM en largemaot aiiow? M at 'east to keap up wff, the aartawt I literal,.ie >ff tbe day Tha , ollege hMi. wh* b m aaad on 1 " ' >d ? i, .-vi ;i .....| . i, indred 1* ?<'aa, Is situated o .if the campus There la here a theological smnmary, b- longing to two ? t three do.itt,, rrt Preebvterlaa synods The dislin gui.le.1 lb / H Th,unwell la lis President It bat aboet farty students prepartag for the Presbyter tan pti pit Us library, of nearly olgbtoeo thousand volumes | la preewmeed #**.?! v.i ,able ...iieri,,., ?f l(,.m works 'Ins m r ,,f p, hi ci, ii fn another part ?f the ,'My Is the Math tannine Military Academy, or, more pro f-rly, the Atonal a, udemy. sft h is an auxjliary of tho Cllralel Academy In Charleston the course of In.truo (lot, is somewhat similar to that puranad in the Called Mates Military A, ndemv at Wwt Point, ami both laatttu wait?that in Charleston sod that W (Mumbia?are awn lifted la pari by the Mds. TVra are now ahoTt one hundred -adeta in iha Arsenal Acadamy ai Ihm ptaee Titers B also here a lanaiio aa.tum, which has bow one hundred and sixty-two anfortnaaM pat-eau within Ita wall*, but tha acoommodMtaw are to. adequate la provide for the w.atawat ,H raao/ather to I tents who have applied to "he admitted, and IttsflaMsw in bis recent weaar sugg.^ that booth (tarahwL ^ vhw of the bright care, r of gr> atmea andgErv itot *1 afcaaM strive "v< baaen and >H'v,ateUMi saff, rings of the humtd'st of her children ?. V? stop in that d I reel Km. should lat r, an. the nrnia^to tu-na M the a.) tarn In addition to th.-,- th.raa>Tt^ Pr tatc radratda. bTl to j, **" part the mtnef ee .< the edaoatkraal ,i,*4itutkrae ere .bout s? man. Car. hi hatola ami four hMMs ?aiy two deperve the i ?K to*

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