Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 1, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 1, 1861 Page 2
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on a writ of habeus c wp,JK? issued by the Supreme Court of M.iasachui<i)iU, oa tl?'> ground that fae officer wUt niAdv the arrest lull no t>? <*.o s >, thoy be 14 deputised b> th? Sergoaut-ai us of the Semap Th > arrtifet ere*tod considerable ?Xi uul in 1U0 village, a'aJ Sanborn ?u rescued by a moo. 12?Ttugeuiiof Um United oiatej passed a r?o!u a ?oto of 44 to 10, t> imprison Thaddeus Hyatt, for refusing 10 tc?tify b< aro ih.- uominitteo to investi gate thouiulter of the John Brov. .1 Harper's Kerry rai t. ....The statue of Homy UUy was inaugurated at Rich mond, Va Another statue of Unary Clay was iuaugu ralod in Now Orleans. IS.?A correspondence puiwod be'weun Hon. John K. Potter , raomber of Congress I rani Wisconsin, aud Roger A. Pryor, member uf Cougre..j from V'ginia, of a bel ligerent nature. I'r/or was the oh.i'V'iging party. Pot ter accepted and ch.?o bowic V L,vci. Pryor declined to tight with so dangerous a wc^wn, and the aflair ended. 14.?News was received iu New York from Oaliforu's in eleven days. It caino overland by the poay expres* to St. Jtoeoph, Mo., and from thenc< by telegraph 17.?Th legislature of the Stat.' at New York ad Journed alter a mok lou of ono hundred and sit day*. Five hundred aud twenty-one act, wore pasaod. It was con cede'! by all parties tlut it had boon the most corrupt legislative body that over convened in thus or aa> other country. 23.?Navigation on UO.o Erie opened. 24 ?The shako of an earthquake ?h sensibly foil at Spartanburg, S. C. 26.?Tho canals of New York wore opened for navi gation. ... A snow storm cocurred In New York, and in various parts of the Slate. In some localities snow fell to the depth of four or live Inches 28.?Great excitement was manifjstsd al! over the country on tho recepti >u of the news 01 prize tight between .lohu C. Hsttnun, an American, and fhos. Sajrors, tho Kuglish champion. The tl14.1t toe!; place at Kartwbo roufh, Kjigland, on tli' 17ih of April, and '.va? terminated by the outsiders breaking into the ring uud stopping th tight bofore either of the combatants was declared tho victor, it listed t vo hoars and ten minutos, during which forty-two rounds were fought. Thi hnglishtnan vo? knork?d <'owa !>.'? the Amorlcaa twanty-soven tim">., and threwu lioaviiy tlilrteeu times, while the American ?wui not knocked down at all, and only once thrown. MAT. 6.?A large boat on a '*iill pond n".ar Camden. N. C., containing' a pleasure party on a picnic, sunk, a..d twenti - five of tho Dumber on board, i>arctiia and children, were drowned 14.?Tho Japanoeo Fmbaasy nrrivod at Washington, and were received with all tuts honors which their distin guished mission demanded. 21?Tlie most disastrous liurricanc over experienced iu this country, visited portions of the Western States. It swept aloi'K the Ohio river, from Marietta, Ohio, to Louis ville, Ky. Not lews than one hundred lives were lost, aud a great many persons wore Inured in tha ruins 01 build ings. Houses were blown down, trees upr.<oted, steatn boats wrecked, coal baiv h nunk, railroad trains cap sized, and in tome oases whole forasu were destroyed. It is Impossible to estimate in dollurs the amount of damage which the tornado occasioned, bul It could not have boon kss ih.m two or three millions. ; .1 Cincinnati alone hall a million of dollars worth ol property w:u de stroyed. 22?The ceremony of signing treaties and exchanging ratifications between the United States government oifl oer.' and the Japanese uinbasjadors took plane in the c 1' y of Washington. 26.?A slmfu phock of an earthquake waa felt in tho city rf nui 11 aneisi o. 30 ?A disease among tho eatt!" in tlie New Kngland States, called pleuro pncumoi, having became so fatal, the jwople of MiiSHuehupetts become alarmed, and an "x tra seHf ion o? Ihe Ix-gislature of that Stat-- h :u, call.?<lattd convened this day !n Boston, to ascertain wl :it measures could be token to prevent thv.- further spread oi th" did esse. JUNE. Scm>ay, 8.?A terriblo tornado pv "*J ever part of Iowa aud the nortbwe.-'t scclion of Illinois. It proved Tery d? Ftruct'vo to both life an l pro|M rty in the towns of Clinton aud Camancl e, in Iowa, and Fuiton, Morrlsoa, l.ynden and Albany, iu Illinois. At the latter placo eight persons woie killed, and about fifty wounded. At 1 tWuaiicJie twenty-four wero killed, awl a ^r.'at number Injured. The whole nun:her 01 iktsoiu killed along the track of the tornado is c3timat"d at onu hundred and tifty. Fi'mmy. T7 ?A Severe vtorci <f wind, hail and rain oc curred at Albany, which done considerable damage to property A bulluin^ was blown down, by which three j or four jiersons were wriously injured 21.?111? United States surveying atoamer Walker, on hor way to New York from her ; >ut!i rn station, which includes tho coast of Alabama, Mississippi, and part of 1 I/iui.dana, was run into by .1 schooner and sunk. The arcident took place otf Absecom, and in view of tho li^ht. Eighteen or twenty of the crow wero lost. 25.?Tlie llrs' swuon of the fhirty-slxth Congress Closed at twclvo o'tloek M. JtlLT. 6.?Rev. Jacob P. Harden, a minister of tho Gospel, was hung in Belv id ere, N. J., f r tho murder, by poison, of his wlfj.... A lar0t four story building iuSt. Joseph,Mo., fell and buried beneath the ruins nins men, all of whom were killed. The rmn.t caught fire an ! were coiu>um?d. The loss was estimated at $150,000. S.?A nnn.bcr of disastrous llres occurred In various town In T txas, which were supposed to have boon the work of abolltii n iLOenHiaries. Nearly a million dollars worth of prop*"ty de trovod. 20.?At llfteen tiuu'St s to ton o'clock P. M., a brilliant rueieor passed over New York, which was neon in nearly all parts ct t! 1 S" He, as well a,' in Philadelphia ami otU. r |kii u of I'ennsylvan.a, aud 1a Massachusetts, Ui.ode Island aud ronr i ctiout. Ihe 1 txosphcre at the lira > was very sultry, with no perc< pt-blo motiin !n tho air. Ihe metv< r is thus discril.. U:?"A Ight cloud ap;>oared in iho wes', from which a I hie tinted luuunous globe -hot out, whi. ii ut the hist suggt ted tlu idea . ?' an ariiil cial firework. Instantly it ion .ts globular form, burst ing Hko ?;i Innn'-iiS' skyrocket, into lour p rtien*. The litbt two are reprer ji.1-.m1 't?r- 'ml.ling brilliantly illumi nated C. .ndebeis, will inuum^mbie jets of purple (lame; ths other.- wire globular anl coni)>nrativ y small, ap pearing rn^er as the ef tho first. They maintained their relative distanot as they Hew athwart the sky from v??st to eaft, oec-'ipyr g in their fl .hi something l:k < a uiinute." Tho I'm tin-, points ut it was sec 1 w ere Baltimore, 1>< !r ??!, Ml< h : Portland, Me., and at a d stance c' nl?>uf four hundred iu<h s Iroin N'"W York al s.>a. 23.?2he British war steamers Hem and Ariadno ar rived at ;st. John, N H., with the Pnucs of Wa!c., clJ c?t son of Queen Victoria, aud heir to the thioae of Ijjjj land. . , atotirt. 2?A nplondld meteor, aimtlar in appearance to the one oi the evening of (lie voth .Inly. w:: .-ivn over <t lar;>e re gion of tho :*>ut'< end iiouthwuat, ut tho nam ? hour ol tho i.ight the prcviouF one waa .'Pen. Tbia Jam one wx? aeon in Tenneoe-e, Virginia, Vorth Carolina, Ohio an 1 IVnnsy Irani*. 7.?The United ft 'ttw s?f"ai?cr Oibb. with th?? party on hoard who wore detailed by tuo Superintoo tout of tho Coast Survey to j ri cecd to 1 jibrud >r and take oh-ter va tioi.n of tho eclipae j! th? huu on tho 18th of July, rovhod Newport on tuoir return They were ?ucoes-iful in the ol ji-ct of Uu ir expedition, *u.l obtained a Hue view of tto ?cllpee.... A ehoc'i of nn earthquake waa felt in portion* of tho state of Kentucky. li w.i* very aevore 1.. i/viMvillo nuii Henderson 10.?Tim monntiiout to the memory of Oommxiore Oliver llaaerd I'e. ry was Inaugurated at Cleveland in the preeen<?o( 30 .WW peiaon*; la mi liary companies and 1,000 Maeoni formed h portion of the prooc-?io;t. Th"re woroaieo in the line *i* r.urvl,-ora of tho battle of l.iko Erte, and a Iwge number oi soldier* of the war of 1H12. 11.?A violent vtuim In the vicinity of Now <>rl >aua cauaed inimeieo* duint.fe to prop-rtv At l'roctorviile, IjH., the torriilnu* of the Mrxc.ui tlulf Railroad, the water roeo over twelve fe t. mbm<rgiug the entlr<< plaro ami car.-yini; aw.ty every >?oi,<e, with the exception ?f oae. Botwctn thiry and tarty Uvea were U*t. Sr.rTKlfBEB. 8cxdav,2.?TheiteautaUlp l*ly Wgln.a f,ako Michigan paeeenger boat, was nn into by a schooner, iica- Chicago, white on hor trip fi< m that port to Milwaukee, aui< mink in t?v?nty minuto*. y'lie hud ou iawl nearly lit o hundred aiasrongcra. a lar^e portion of whom w r? excurnonlata ^rom Mi'wauk"o, ii.oiiidi; # a military company and two tire crmpenlea, band*. One hundred anri twenty were aared asd .hrct hvrdred and Ufty kit. Abuut two hwidred bod let. wore reoove ej. 6?The lodging roorj.s of the tVh lie Orphan A^yluru ai TMrdc, Ohio, wore destroyed by tire, and ?tx pjraona -.?ertahod .n the fla:ii*a. lft ?A moat diaaetrmie atorni a-rifd over 'nd along tho tdioree of tbo Gulf of Metlco. At Mobile the tornado was terrific, and damaged property In the city to the amount of n".arl> a million of dollar* A number i<f vetael* iho (;nlf were lout end many othi<ra ilam itfed. At the and in Poll*!, Tj?.t tho Kalo waa terrilir The latter pine - w m neu: ly destroyed and a number of lire* wore loet 20.?The Prtnoe of Walea, nftor having a moat brilliant receptioj and eecoi t lo an l throM^h tho principal citio? and towne or (*mt<ta. ontored the (Tnitod Stutc.i at Detroit, Mlehiirati, a.- I#>rd K nftev. He waa received with all the hooora duo hta dlatitiKufaA?d poaltloB. 21 ?By the falling of the wall of a burning buttling In Now <>rl??w>, Jilteen men were killed ,m<l t'.rcnty wounded 28 ?News received that f.eneral William \Yt\i,fri the trader of the Central Qliliuawra, was iUut at *ruxillo on the l^th ocTonrn. 2?Another diaaatrous h'trri jane awept over New Orloana and other part* of l/>uialana A number of Uvea wore loat, buildInga were blown down and unroofed, and reaaola deatroyod and damt c .><i. 17 ?A aeverc ali^ak of an ?arthiuako, lasting nearly thirty aoconda. waa felt In nearly all of the New England Stat.-a and in portiona of Canada. 20 ?The Prince of Walea left the ahorea of the Amerl can continent, at Portland, Me. Ilia reception, both in 'lanada and th? Cnited ^tatea, waa moat brilliant and aatiafaetorr. and he l?ft for Knglamd highly delighted with hla trip It waa eatimate.l that the domonatraltona in the Cnltcd tftatea and fhoada la honor of the Prince coat $8,000,000 $7.-0.000 were spent In N-w York, $1,000,000 in Oh uida. $400,000 in iioatou.and $100 *00 in I'liiiadelphia and Cincinnati euch. NOVXMBKR. 30 ?A oomracrctal crlaia evidently approaching, cauaed by the trouble in the Southern Statea The Karaier*' r?nk of Vlrg nia *'?pen<t*d opecl ? pay to en ta 21? Excitement again Id Kansas, la consequence of depredation* and luutdur* commuted ly a hand of aboli tionist* end free eoilers, who were represented as being from three to Ave hundied strong, organised and headed by a notorious horse thief, known as Oapt. Montgomery. 22.?All the banks la the District of Columbia, ami also thoeo in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Wheeling and Nor folk, Vs., ugtiottr with the Fanners' * d Exchange Ziauk ii Charleston, S. C., suspended specie aynionta. 23?Tlio hanks of Anguula, (<a., Trenton, N- J?, nnd Pitiehurg, I'?., h'.uip-.'iidfd specie payment*. 04.?The shuck of an earthquake wai felt lit Helena, Arkansas. Sunha*, 26.?A sovere storm iwssed oi er lakes Erie and Ontario, doing grout damage to the .sh.pplng and cam>in? the loss of a large number of voasels. Nearly one hundred livm were lost. 26 ? All th? principal banks of Tennessee, including the ijtate liatik, li'.speiided specie payment. 'At.?The following ftatas and Territories observed this us ii day of ih.uikig.?m#: and prayer:? California, Maryland, Connecticut, Minnesota, Illinois, Near York, Indiana, New Jersey. lows, New Hampshire, Kentucky, North Carolina, Kansas, Nebraska,, Ohio, Muatachusttts, IVnn.tylvania, Michigan, Tenli twee, Maine, Vermont, Missouri, W,e.>u*in. DKC.OTIKK. 1 ?T)>P banks in Charleston, 8. C., suspended specie payments. 3?Tfce hanks in August*, 0?., suspended specie pay ments.. .. both bouses of Congress convened at the Na tional Capitol. 4.?The Prwiilent's Mer-gtge was delivorod in Congrosa and published in New York. 6 ?In iiocc.f dance with ihe resolution of Mr. Boteler, of Vlrcuia, in ihe rmted States House of Representative, to uppolut a i-pi-clul committee of one mi mber from each .-'tatc, to whom that portion of the President's Message ro uting to tL present perilous condition or the country thould be refe-red, tho ,v,H'ikor announced the following named members as constituting said committee ? Statu. Xame. l'?liUet. Alabama Geo. 8. Houston.. Democrat. Arkntisus Albert Rust Democrat. Citinecticut Orris8. Terry.... Republican. California inhnC. Bin eh.... Democrat. Delaware Win 0. Whitley.. Deinucrut. F'orida Geo. 8. Hawkins.. Democrat. Georgia PeterK. Ixtvo.... Democrat. Indiana Wm. N. Dunn.... Republican. Illinois Wm. K .."gg Republican. Iowa Faml. R. Curtis... Republican' Kentucky F. M. Bristow.... Southern opp. Ixni'Mana Miles Taylor 1* moorat. Massachusetts... Chiis. F. Allans.. Republican. Mississippi Rouhen Davia.... Democrat. Maine K' II. Morse Republican. Michignn Wm. A. Howard.. Ib-publioan. Missouri JohnS. Phelps... Democrat. Maryland H. Winter Duvis.. So .them opp. Minnesota Wm. Wlndon Republican. New York las. Humphrey... Republican. Nuw Jersey J. N. L. Slralton. Republican. N. Hampshire... Moson W. T ippan. Kepuolicau. N. Carolina W. Wltislow Democrat. Ohio Thas. Coru-in Republican (chr.) Oregon lAbslug Stout.... Di Pennsylvania las H. Campbell. Republican. Rhode" Island.... C. Robinson Republican. 8. Carolina Wm. W. Boyce... Democrat. Tennessee Thos. A. R. Nelson Southern opp. Texas A. J. Hamilton... Democrat. Vermont Justin8. Morrill.. Republican. Virginia John S. Millson... Democrat. Wisconsin C. C. Washburn.. Republican. Mr. Hawkins, of Florida, refused to serve on the com mittee, notwithstanding the House voted sot to excuse hUn. 10.?United St. tes Ave per cent stock.i sold for eighty - nine rent* ou the dollar, a lower price than any United States stocks have brorght since the last war with Eng land Hon. Howell Cobb, of Georgia, Secretary or the Treasury. resigned his position in Mr. Buchanan's Cabi net. 11.?Ex-Governor Philip F. Thomas, of Maryland, w.-vs appointed by the President Secrotary of the In usury, in place of Howell Cobb, resigned. 12.?The water uss drawn out of the New York canals. 14.?The Hudson river Closed 'fhii President of the United Status issued s proclan .then calling upon th.< peo ple of tho Union, In view of tho districted and dangerous condition of the wintry, to observe the 4th of Janu ary as a day ol lasting, humiliation and prayer....Gen. 1> wis Cass, of Michigan, resigned his position iu? Secro tary of State of the Unit'd states. Sit*vat, 16 ?The shock of an earthquake was felt in Portland and other par Is of Maine. 17.?The South Carolina State Convention assembled at Columbia, the capital of tho State, and passed a resolu tion to adjourn ' > Charleston. In mnsaqurnco of the pre valence of the smallpox at Columbia, which was doclared epidemic.... Attorney General Joremlah 8. Black, of fenn sylvanta, was ap|*>intod by the President Secretary of State, in placo of Iin Cosh, resigned. IK.?The President appointed Edward M. Stanton, of Pennsylvania, United Slates Att< rue) General, in of Jerem'lnh S. Bia. who was transferred to the head of the Stale Department. 1(t.?Ail the banl^i in Alabama, except three, suspended spooi' payments. 20.? .lie S' -te Convention of South Carolina paasnd an ordlniuice oi ***?> t-.-ien, which dissolves t!ie eoanc t.ii>n of that Mate with the federal government. The r ilowing Is the a<-t ofreci sslon:?We, tbo |s- <pie of So.itfi Caro lina . in Convention assembled, do decl i eand o.dain. and i? ^ h' rel?y de lare<l and ordained, ihit tho ordln-ui'-e adopted by us In C >nv ntlon on th ? 'Sll day of M*v, in ti e year of our l?rd 17S8. wher<-bv the constU it tt of ?he t'nit'd Slates of America w is ratified, anl 1 - all u> t- and parts of ucls oi the (icnoral A.->embl> ?.t' iiui Slate ial::yiiig aim uJinents oi the sai>l oouplitutfci;:, are h r by i",j.ealed, and that the linl"U n.>w subsisting be t> er >.aiih Carolina and other >tal g, uud- r tb - na -ie of the Uiiitel ,-tat> s of America, '.s hereby dissolved. T!ie urd nauce w,i:< pi-se?l I y th ? unanimous vote of 1(1. astn bers....Samuel Mk-lary resigned the (iovernomtitp ot thr i witory ot Kan ait....'Ihe Senile OMninilleo of 1'hlr t> en on th" daugerou i comlilion of th<* country vsan au i nioiceJ bv the Vice PrwWiiii, ??* follows:? J,.?, H, kT , Crm. Davis, Miss., dem. Hunter, Va., dem. Wado, Ohio, rep Crittenden, Ky, dem. Bigler, Pa., ileiu. Sew ?ni. New Vork, rep. Rice. Minn . dein. 'lts nilis, ? in., dem. Doolittle, iit., rep IHsigins. III.,dem. Grimes, Iowa, rep. Oollumcr. Vt , rep. Kev. Ge<nre Cordon. James Ham-m ud, Ashbury I'atker, Calvin Rowland, Joseph T. Bkidwin, E D Ash bury and Jom-ihan Mclarew were indicted 1)^ ihe G.'auJ J'.ry of the United Stat -i C.rcn t Court of N'erth-rn 0!ilo foi obstructing th-- I'nited Stiles Marshal and his depot It.L at lberli, Monrtjo coudty. In their "fort* secure t?y lcgii process a fugiiive slave. The si parties were an in die led lor a.-soiltin;{ th.> own-isof the jte^ro slid their assirtants. with a vi w to prey-at ihe reclamat ion ot the siavo tinder tho Fugitive Slave law. 81?T1h> scccaion <?f eiuth C-wolina causnd great re> jateiu^s in most of the cits a in the extreme Southern States. 22.?A robber" of nearly nine hundred thousand detlars ii. Jndi.m Trust h n?ls, Ix-irg St .tc Imjims held by the go v?-rt on :, t for th. I. in lit of vari* i India i tribes, was discovered in the lM.-|uirtmcnt ot the Interior at Wash lugton. 23?A (are was brought befor ? the Mtpr?-mo Clo-srt of the Cint d St A ton by the Governor of Kentucky, which may be Staiot na io low.s ?A t st case is to be in id- if the'refusal of Govetm r Dentiisnn, of Ohl >, to deliver up the man I.igo, clvu,- 'd with enticing slaves from Ken tuck) Some time ago a nmn named I.ago was Indicted in the Woudlord Ciicult (V>urt for enti-. ini: a s'-ave to esc-i|* from hi< owner, l-ago escaped and took reiug> In Ohio. Governor Macotllu nm-le a retjuioili >n upou Go* er n r l>ennif"n. of Ohio, tor the return of the fugitive from in.) r? i;o\ei r.or |v>nni?oi! refn?e<t io Issue his warrant for the arrest and surrender of I^igo, upon the ground tluit, by Ihe Mws of Ohio, negroes are not pmpfriy, and that I/ did not r.v gnix- the net oomimtted by !.?#?as an otfeiioe. Ihe nicmh'-r* of ? from vV>uth Carolina n? tiiled the Speaker of the 11 i..? of R pre-entatlves that the secession uf their Statu dissolved th ir c-'unoctlon w ith that laxly....Tb> jn-ople of tlie State of South Ca. o llns m c?iivi iition at t:ba*ie?;on, ? lopted tboir O^lara tion of luUepeui ottoe, which clos-rs with llej I'dloxlug words ?' We, in- reiore, tn. ji,-.pie ol s.?urh (S^rolina, by our de .-gates In Cotiv<?tlion a ' mbled, appealing t the Supreme Judge ?f tlie world for th*1 rwttt'ide ot our inu its lis. have olemn'y declare.) tbat the Union bare t .foreo? "ln?g hot we. lh h State and the othei >tat'a of North A.nerlrn is ilit olved, and that th ? Su.te of South Carolina has- 'am d Icr position among the nations of the world as u free, sovocelgn and Indopendent Slate, v itb full 't u? levy war, co?s lude p.-?ce, contract ai llanees, ?. lab'.i-h cecimcr e, and tn d> all other acts and thtngi which inde;w,dent Sta'c may ef right do. And, forihe sopi" it of this declaration, with a tlrm reliance on tin- proto '.on of Divine lYovidencc, we mutually pledge to iv.rh other our lives, our foriuu-s and our ba cred honor." 514?Christmas holiday very generally observed, though the depressed condition of th- C >untr\ w.t- observable In the mo\enient3 and manners of ail classes.... The Governor of South Carol na issuod tho following procla mation ? E*F.CtTTlYK DtrABT*?*r, <'n*i.i.?rfos. Jt. 11., l?ee. HI, IM By HI* Kiuellenc' Frauci* W 1'icksiis, (Jevcrnor and Cora nixnd*r-ia-Cbl?i In and over the .-Wair or t^oiilh CaroUna ? >1 hereas, ?h? food peaple of IKM Mtats. In conrflnl.on as sembled, br an ordinanee unanimo'mly ad-j^tcd and latifted on Ibe Imeolielb day of Deee.uter, In the y-<ar of our L-?rd one thousand el*lil undrrd uud -lity, rep-aled an "r-lliau<re of the p?opl.-ot lid'>iaie, Hd pl?d ->n the twenty third d?r l ot Mxy lu lb--/S*r of our l-.rtl nn thnnsanrt srrsn hundred ans M*vv right, and harr th.-rrhy rtl?*eli-rd th^ uni >n hn Iwxen thr stato ot .south t 'arodna and other *tat-?, und'r thmunr.if the Cntted Mtatrsof tmrrleaj f, thcrsfore, as tlovernor and ' vitnm..nder In Chief In ant over the Mate of South i ami'.nn ot virtus o! amhnrity In ma vsaled, do hers by proclaim io tim world tba: this State is. as she has a rigat lo be. a aopnt-au. seVrtvign, (n - and tndeu.-nd?nl Mta'e: an-1, as sueli, ba? a rl(M u, \?? ?m, . on -lndi J>?? '?, negotiate treaitea Iraguaa or eovet.jntis and do all ae-a whata^ver that rightfully app?rt?in i<> a tree and tndxpendent State t>li?n under my l-and and the seal of this "'ate, at Charleston, this twenlj tinirili ,tay of Deeembsr. ta the *year of our !<ord one iliouaand rt^tii hundred and aixtv, and In the eighty flfih year of the anvpri-t*nt? *nd iodeprndenivi of f >uth Carolina f tVPICKK.N*. 26 ?The following ordinance making provisional ar rangements for the continuance of the commercial facili ties of South Carolina, ptuu-d the Omv- nUou ? Is d-is to our lata eonfoderat*', known as lbs t'atud Hiatas uf amerl'-a, as ?ao the cititen* of soutl Caro lina en*ngrrt In r. uiimereii. tbat n? a'lront er sudd ?? , hangs bamade lo iha rate of d'itlsa oo ttniswts Into taa Htala; and whereaa, It Is not d. slred t>y tb<s ??late to anrur* adraiugaa tn trade to her own porta above thiss of any ot th? slarn.oia lag ftales her late eonfndTates In tae said Union, and e-ti' -wa" this oe'inHnoa, for coo?ld?r?ttoo? Indira'"d, l? de tgned to be pi-.- Isionai merelf, nierrtor', ws, the people of Sooth Cnroll.m, tr. r'.Drention a?* mbled, do dec vare, ordafs, and It !a t.i trbf drrlaied a:id ordained? h. -<?1 hat ml citlzc n. of '.hit - late who. at the date of the ordinance < I aeoaaakm, were liuUIni: ullije nun -cted with the euatoma. under the general jpimiiiMl of the United Dteiiw, * ui.'n i h? limit* of South Carolina, be and they are hereby am i/tnted to h' 11, under t'..e K^vernroent of thia State eicla ?t'el>, ultho?tany further c> imectIon whatever with the fe duial gi.vciruiet.t of the I' :,i .d Stat**, He name r.liooa they n iw ID), m#t I otlierwlae directed and tout they receive the atun* |*y m<1 etmilument* ti r tlicit- deriicw. Sanma? ? tat until thla Convention or the General Aaaembly Hhall othrrmine provide, the (iovertmr ahall appoint to all va oauilea wMcii n ay occur In aur.h otUoea Tl.tti. t hat until it ia on i?rwi?e provided by thle Oonvea (lot, or the (ienernl Aswn lily, the revenue notlectloa and na vigati-n lany of the United Mates, an far a* a*y l>? pracuea Me, ue, and tiiey ure h< ivby, alopted nd mad- law* of thle state, eving that no uutii- Himll be r-illeuted upon ltoporU from the ,-t vtca forming the late ft drial Union, known at the (Jutted Mate* of America nor upon the to nr..we of veueta nwiieo In wiioie <ir in part by the citizens of aald ?;iate?, aavlag aMexoeptlog the iu)t of ? ougreaa adapted on the :td day or Marah, IhA., entitled "Au aet authorizing the di-poait 01 the paper* of for< U;n ve wit with the consuls of their reapeetire nations," which aald act h hereby declared to be of no foree within the limit* of tlita stale. fourth?All veaaele built In louth Carol'na or elaevrhnre, and owi.t-d to the Amount of one-third by a p.'tl*<?n or citl*?na ol South (iaroltca oi any of the Hlaveholding CoiuiuiinwuailUa of Noith America, ami rommauded by cltUi-ua thoreof, and no other, nhnll be registered ax vesM-lx of South Carolina, un der ibe authority ol ihe Collector .uid Spiral Ottoer. Fifth? All .tnrlul acta of tho ifllcors afnreaaid, In which It U tintinl and proper t>i i>el forth the authority under e-hteh they uol, or sty li or documents !?:? ued by them or any of them, ?hall be In the nain? of the State of K"Uth Carolina. ttbrtfi? All moneva hereafteroollocted by my o'l.cer* afore said sh nil, ater ttie hui ih nwesaary for the crnm fenaatl' ii of (tie officer* and other ernenana, he paid Into the ivumry of tin:. tat? of South Carolina, for the uae of aald State, aubjeel to iLe order oi this t 'invention, or of the Ge neral Aaiombljr. (SrichtA?The oflcera af oreiald thaU retain in their Hand*all roptrtyof the I'nitrd Ktatea in their poaveaaioa, cnatody or ontrol axibject to the dlaposal of the ?t?io, who will aceount or the Min e upon a tlnal wttlenient wltn the government of the I nltwl stater Done at ( harle. toti, the li6th d?y nf De' ??:>. er, In the year i f our 1HG0. D. K. JAMISON', I f sldont. B. F. AitTunn, Clerk. .... R. Uarnwail, J. II. Aiiatim nn<i lamen L. Orr, Commli sluncrh trotn HotitUUtroiiria, nppoiuted ton<votiate with the feilortd guvt rum 'tit lu relation to mi: terH arising out of tho cird'n.tnce or nocsaion, adopted by a convca tinji of thitt stata, arrived in WaaUingtoo....Fort Moitl irie,iuClMtiU'uttn (8 C.) harbor, was nbandoued by Mtdor H Audoi&i n and his men, who repaired to !?'?.? t Hunpter, about ihrw quitrUra ol ? tnili* dintiint, whi -h Ih a lunoki ntrouger ihrtiflcatlon, :itij where the tnmm iti 1 could nit t "< .ipjiy rcpsl an rtti,u;lc. [Jeforn leaving Fort Moultrio government KolUiora ppiltnd the cannon and burned the ?'?t cairlai;o<<. 2tt.?Th( Hag in.opted by South .'Carolina has flfteen white Btai'B on a mi ' iue blue ground, the centre star tho larger one; a vliite fttlm t*.o tr ,<* a:nl croaoent on tho upjwr light hand corner, and the corner npnr-??!?, including tho f;roui;d tu w'nicti the pulioett'i .md oreffoent in placod, of ted. It prefifulp tho foliowtug uppoarance:?. 88.?Tlie nuthoritlns of South Carolina seized Fort Moul trie ana Ciuitle l't:n-krt< >, m Cliarl oton harbor, and took poeri 'SRlon of the Gustom ilooso, 1'ost Olllcoand in ClutrU'ulon 29--John Uucbanar. Floyd, of Virginia, rcstgnad his station tut bocretary of War in the cabinet of Mr. Bu c hat van. 81.?Sim i> i .'to declaration of peace in 1783, which left this cotinli'5 I i ee end imleiieudent, no year has closed upon the Union leaving the wjiiritft ol' tlie people ia suclt a d pressed and crtifihed condition. Month (iiruiina needed fjoin tho conlodttracy, a pnmpc t of llvn or nix other StatoN going out ol' thj ITuiuo, contUeno>i Impaired, credit pi ri^heil, trade at a j'-ami rtiil, workmen out of eingioy, aud no he p<- of any change tor th j better, all coiabiu'id to cast a g'.wia ot er the whole coon try. GOVERNORS OF STATES FOK 1861. T!.e follow'ng are tho Gov-mors of th' sovorat Stated Of till' III nil:? Stat/j. Governor*. Poliiir*. Alabama Andrew B. Moore . Democrat.* Aikanauu Henry M. Hector.. IK mocrat. California I. C. Downey* Democrat. Omnoctii ut \V. A .Buckingham. KepubiictD. Delaware WiHUnt Burton.... Democrat. Plot IJa John Milton Domocrat. Georgia Joseph F.. Brown.. lVmocrat. ?? Iliinoui Hiclwid VatcH Republican. Indiana Hrnjr K l.'inf K;>ubhe*n. Iowa S. J. Kirkwod.... Republican. Kentucky Ilorlah Mag. IBn.... Democrat. ~ l/>uisiau.i Thomas O. M *?re.. D->mocrat. ? Main" IsrimlW. ibhurn.Jr. Republican. Mar\ laud Thomas H. link American. M ifc.acliim.'tir. John A. Andrew .. Republican. Michigan Austin Bialr. K publican. Mississippi tohnJ. Pctlu?*.... Dcmacrat. ? MVsturari C. F. Jackaon Democrat. Miniu -ota Ale* Kumsoy P..'publican. N w Damp biic... I'liaiiod (fcxvlwia.. Republican. ; Kvw.U'ij?y Cliarleti C. Oldon... Republican. New York Kxlwin U. Morgan.. Republican. North Carolina John W. Kllis Dcnocrnt. ?>? Ohio : Wm. IVnison, Jr.. Republican. orcein... John Wbiti'iiker.... Democrat. ('.line, Ivania. .... Andrew ti. Cur tin.. Republican. iitwHle Inland William Sprague. ? South r.irollmi ... Francis W.Pli'e TeWM .we Ish.irri 0. Harris. Trxiie Sam Houston Vomictit Erastiw Fairbank. Virgr ia John I?<tohor ffUm Ate*. W. RandiTI. IV III' C.i'tS Kept blsans IS Ameriran 1 ?H'vv. <1 l-e'iti nunt (inviTtior; atic ended to the Kcee.n tiv?. < Lair ou Governor Milton H. 1-aUiuni boiug elected to th ? I'nited States S?n;rte. Hi pabMoaa. Pi -niv rat,-? Pemcrat. ? Democrat. ? Republican. Democrat. ? Republics;} .10 THE I AST OF THE HEROES OF THE REVOLUTION. Ktum of the Hero** U110 Have Din! During Hie Pa at \ rar. There u.e now only eighty-two cf tho patriots of <bo Revolution left to witness the dismemberment of tho coolcileraiy \<hicli they, in that glorious sown vears. strrg lr?, nssiBied to free from the oppression of the mo thiT country. W? givo th< names of those who have died dut ing the j ear:? lobn Ht-wscn Pennsylvania. John Srnit Ohio. Dai.;<d Dunham New York John I'lra O'xrgla. John .ShsI Yirg. ila Wiikii.sC .'iniih Sooth(Xrillna. I Co> n Pennsylvania. John I.udwig Snyder IVnnsv Ivinia. WUliat Bubcock New Jersey. Tachartah liariier N' w York. Yilvaten Net-1il Tnr.u use.. W'iiiiai Miatie Virginia. llolnius iirewiwcr d Ktvtde Island. Ii tin llaniel Yan^lutn Florida Krrdene.k *h..:r New York. John Johnson Indiana I'uvtd Itontwtck Owineettent. Kuubvn Bu'i Mav?aoliusetU. I'.? b?^t fm 'T rthlo. Kalph 1 artiiuun Maine CEIfTEN ASIANS. Tlie folk,wing is tho li.'t of tho pumi* of persoiifi of one hundred j ears of nge and upward* who have dl^J in the 1'ailed Stat - during th year ISCO ? Feb IhUf Jan. | ?'ithsre " iVnton iotui strait Hk has I |iurkli.<liei ' uttiarine iHw^la \1 slav MaiiWco, Indian.. Miil> Umr, sieve Mr*. John Fort. Mss. Maliuiey Jobn hin d Jerrm>ah Hermans Mar) S Price M inline I twm John l.ivlaig Snyder Sunt, slave r-'tiiarino Hrennon....... William ItnWock Manuel Pinto William IV 1 tie Marg tret Preble Glasgow, slave XrkNM W. Ijos usan W adawort n, colored J.tasex Weedoo Betsey .Ion' 1 Mora Armstrong, color<st Krederiek Shall Mat ia I'oa' Steph n Church, colored.. Mrs llethia Brown. Mrs. Pa?e Iberrsa Itoute, colored... Charity llswley Henry Beaaw Ilsnmh Church* I llaabeth l.ittenbergrr... Jamee Stewart Betsey Scrlven, colore-l.. Nelly. colored John O'Brien. h'-n aidoah. Adam Hanverinan H lrldgs Northrnp I.iiay t>ray Ih tiry Church* iv?tsey Jordan Merger-1 Kverhart kob 'rt Ourry Philip P. tla?i..?i Ralph Farnham ? *lan end wife March 2 " II " is M 30 ?' *a ?? a.^ April 1 11 4 " ? " 17 in 'J t 9 1" M '21 9 f 3 14 ar? r, 1 16 24 VB 2? 9 ?i it 6 ?> 13 Not. 24 Dec. 3 " 1* May June July Aug Sept SUVf M lasacbus't*. nhio Georgia N i. York... Ylr;;inia New York... <}?ugia Ohio U.'org'a Ylrglnia,.... ViM(inia Ni-w York.., New York... Penn-iylvanla. Pennsylvania. ileorgu n rh en la N w .'nraer , (.ai 1 Torn ia.... Vlrginta Kentucky.... Kentucky.... Omnectlcit.. New York ... New York .. New York... Now York .. New Tork... New Jersey,. Connecticut.. Vermont .... Maine IiouUlana.... Onnnectlcut Now York... Virginia Ohio Virginia .... S Caroline... Virginia New York . N.'W York... Wisconsin.... S iVolioa... Ylrglnia .... Maa?arbiS't? Virginia Ohio New York. Mile* *r. 111 101 10(1 l.'l loft lot 136 1u1 1(M ion lOi 10:1 loo Ida 113 140 104 100 IJO ItIO 100 112 101 1JA I JO 100 110 luo |fM? 105 too 104 119 100 10H 104 10.1 111 100 100 109 1W 100 HI 111 10J 100 102 10* 104 THE AiLAXTIC STEAMSHIP LIN El Oar Annual Record of the Passages of th Uuroprait 81 eaiuerj. IA88A11S OK TM CONAlU>, LIVERPOOL AND NKW YORK SCREW, NKW VOKK, SOtrTHAUrrON ANIt 1 BAVKK LINKS, OALWAY, 0LA800W, HaMBUHU, BHKMKN. AMI) L1VKBPO01. AND PORTLAND LINUS or HTKAifSBira, you ran vkah 1860, ktc., et,-. We bow present, as usual in the bogmn!"g of the year, our annual summary of the passage of the steamship lined pi) ui? betwoen Kurope uud tho United States during Uw year 18(iU. Two steamships were lost during the past year, the first of which was the Hungarian, belonging lo th?? U?er pool and Quebec \u? Portland Company, whioh sailed from Liverpool on the 9th of February, and was dotted to piecca on the r< ?? ks at Cape Sable on the nlsht of the 19th of the sumo mmth and every soui on board, about 150 in number, f<?und a watery grave. The other vessel lout wus the now steamship Connaught, of tbo Calway, Kt..'ohus, N. K.| and Ikvton line, which sailud from Gal way on horsfCood voyage September 26, and was destroy ed by flru on tbo 7th of October when within J10 miles of llofuon, but fortunately all her pas.<eng^rsand crew,num bering about 600 souls, were most miraculously saved by the In ig Mir.i.i" N-hiffer, a vessol of only 192 toea burthen, und r the command of Captain Wilson. The steumers of the Ounard Company haverun during the post ytar with their u;;ual punctuality, not having miss oil e. trip. The Cunard freight line of steamers have made sixteen voyages between Uverpool and New York within the year post, as follows:?The Ktna, six; Jura, three: AustiaUf ion, two; uud th'- Italben, Vigo, Damascus, Melita a!iil Kedar, one each. The steamers of tho Liverpool, New York and Philadel phia Steamship Company have utado their weekly trips l.otween l.iverpoo), Quecastown and Now York with the greatest regularity during tho past year. This com pany ilrst commenced landing despatch''! at Cape Bate, which compelled some of tho other liaes to fol low their example. No fair comparison can bo mado IkUvocu the passages of the steamers of this lims ?rid those of the Vandorbilt and North Atlantis linos, as tho titter only ran in summer. ) Tho Liverpool, Now York and Philadelphia Company havo recently pur chased the Ktna, aud are now building a large and powor ful 3toumer, to bo named th" City of New York, which will take brr place in the lino about the 1st of May next, it is confidently anticipated that the City of New York v, ill be me of the fastest steamors afloat, so tka next season the average time of this oompany's steam ers wiU probably be cbout tieven days to the oastward and twelve days to the westward, which will compare favorably with the performances of any other line. Tho tables below, showing tho passages of the vessels of this line, will be found very accurate aud important, as they cxhibi* the average time of each vessel. A line of steamers from the Mediterranean commenced running in the part of the year, aud madeoue voyage each. They were the Tynemouth, Robert Lowe and Mllo. The first arrived lave Januarys, and left again on the 14th of famo month; the second, February 15, andsa;'ed again March 10, and the last arrived on the 12th of March, and sailed on her roturn on the J'Jth of same month. One great event of tho year was the arrival at New York of the mammoth steamship Ureat Kastern, whioh sailed from Southampton Juno 17, at 10 A. M., and arrived at t'ae Lightship at t> P. M. on tbe 28th, and cam up to the cit> at 5 P. M. same day. She sailed again on hor return, on tbe 16th of August, at 4:"0 P. . arrived at Halifax at 4 P. M. on tbe 18th, and snllod from that port at ? A. M. on the 19th and reached Milford Iiaven i AugiiSt '20, at 0:30 P. M. Tbo actual ruauicg time over | was 8 days, 'JO hours and 64 minutes, deducting the dif ference in timo and detention by running into Halifax. Tho following tables show tho passages of the diif-.-reot lines of steamers for the past ycir. It will be perceived we have uvd mean timo m most U them. W ? (>.-g v, as 1 usual, with the CTTNARP RTEAMERS. ?ASTERN PA-?U(?K8, [Deduct live hours sailing] Names \D\H Dec. 0. Feb. 1, Mar. 14, May 9, .hiU'20, Aug. 1, Sept 12, Oct 24, 'ICC. f?. Jtiu. 5, Feb.15, Mar 28, May 23, July 4, \t!g15, -v jit "20. *lt>v. 7, .Inn. IS. Mar. 1, Aprtlll, 21, April2'?, Ji.nt> fl, July IS. Aug.39, Oc:. 10, Nov. 21, 1:15 p.* 12.10 P.M. 10 :35 AM 0 08 A.M. " 30 P.M. 1 08 P.?i 1 to p.m. Noon. 0 00 A.M. Noon. N'oon. 10.00 A.M. H OO A.M. 1 Top m. 1:16 p.m 12 15 P.M 1 10 p.? 2 00 A.M. 11:15 A.M. 2M r.y 10:50 A.SI. M.4s> A.M. 4:23 p m. 3 44 p.*. 1:31 p u 1.00 p.m. Doc. 19. Fob. IS, Mar. I'fi, May j?, July 2, Aug.12, <opt 23, Nn\ 5, I'or. 17, ?Ian. Id, Fob. 27, April 8, Juno 3, July 15, Aiitf *28, <>Cl. 7, Nov 19, Jan. 29, Var. 12, April22. I>ec. 31, May J. June19, July 28, .S?pt S Oft. UJ, Dw. 2, N'oon. 3:10 a.m 8:45 a.m. 7:45 A.w 0:00 1 .M 2:00 p.m. 116 P.M 12 <10 r. m 3:36 a m 3:00 a m 12.40 P.M 2:45 p.m 5:80 p.m. 3:30 p.m. t; is a.m. ;s 11 p.v. 7:30 p m. ? 45 P.M s no P.M. 3:w0 P.M. 11 00 A.M 0.23 a * 5 20 a.m. 4 28 A H. 1:0i) P.M. 1:10 p.m. 45 10 1 3? >2 46 35 10 45 .10 17 10 17 17 21 ID 18 7 l? 10 19 23 3 21 12 3 22|50 1 20 11 15 3|4:> 20 U.1? b 1* 40 ?j 7 47 ?j 7 42 !?I1S|2J 10|19|13 WK8TKRN r AH* auks. [Add IIvo hours nailing tragi.] Isft /.iwiyool | Air. a! Tfrw fork. i1> IU ' V Jan 7, Feb. 18, ApriH4, Mm 28. July 7, Auk.IS, *>pl 29, Nov. 10. .'mi 21, Mar 3, \pril28, JUM 0, July 21, I, Ort. 13, Nor 24. Drc 2;, ? b. 4, Mar 17, Mar 31, 'i.ny 12. Jim? 23, AWf 4, <?pt 16. <>o t '27. Doc. H, 9 45 a m 9 : > * m 1.00 p.m 11 30 a m 10 46 a.m. 11 00 AM 9 45 i * S'KI A.M. 1015 a M 4 oo r <. 12-40 10 3o A.M. I ' 40 ? M lo ::o a.m. 9:45 A M 8.45 a.m. 10 00 a.m 5:30 P.M 4 . 0 p.m. ?10 P.M 1 56 r.M 1030 A.M. I0:"5 A.M. 9 '0 A.M. 9:? ' a m 3 00 P.M. J An 23. Mar. 4, .\pril37, Ju*ve 8, Juiy 20, A'H.31, in t. 12, Nov .23, Kb 5. 18, ?' T it. ?Ill ui* 21, \UK "J, Smt.D, On. 28, DoO. 7, Jan. 8, Fob. IS, Mar 30 AprHl 2, M*% 21, July 5, Aug. 15, -V'pt. J7, Nov. fl, Dpi- 20, 1:16 a M S ir> A.M 4 TO A > fl :.ri0 A . 11A t.. 3:'l0 A M 2:50 r.M V-00 P.M. 3 15 P.M 7;'lu A M. 3 .'!0 A.M. 7:20 a.m 3:40 P.M I 00 P.*. 3:30 P.'i 4-00 P.M. 5-00 r.M 10 00 A M 8:00 A.M. 4 00 A.M. 3:00 * 12:30 A.M 7:05 a.m. 1 00 A.M. 1 TOO P.M 1 "0 P.v I!'.1-201V) 15i 4 15 12 17 10 13 ?120 taj 5!>.'? 112 21 30 j I3| Ivl 5 18iIOI20 15j m| ? 12 20)10 ! 12 19' >0 .Hi M112 12 21 20 IS ft IX 1 20 20 lsuo 3! 30 CUN.VBD 8TRAMKRS BOSTON BRAN'CH. t AMKRS PA8SAUK3 (IVdurt U\e liour> aailiug east.] .Vam *. /vff Ho**. Doc 28, Ifh. 6, Mar. 21, M.y 2. .-^pt 19, Inn. II. Fob. 22, Apr. 4, K'. Aug *, ?ct 17. Nov. 23, Drc 14 inn. 26, Mar 7 Vnv an, Jtlv 11. Ann 22. i )Cl. 3, Nov. 14, Ap: 18, Jan* 27. Juno 13, lu'.y M, I'Soi'l 5, KM. 31. 12 "0 M 1:30 r.M Noon P:30 A. M, 10 10 AM I ir,t V >on. 10 08 A.M. t> ?0 A.m 10 04 * M. II 01) A.II. 11 no a.m 12 16 P.M N'iou. 9-10 a * 12 45 r.M. 11 20 A.M. 11 10 A.M. 11 10 AM 9:3f> A.M. 1:38 P.*. 10 55 a M. 1 "0 P.M 11:20 a m 11 00 A.M irr. a/h%ierpnoi. n\if J.m o, Fob. 21, April Ma ' 1 ? Wopf .?< >, Jan. "2J. Mir. 4, AprfllS, ?'as ?(. 6?g 21, (>0l 2S, t*C. l?, l**0 28. Kph. 5, Mar. 19, June in, July 22. ?Vpt 2. <>C? 14. Nnv 28, Apr 1130, July s, Juno 23, Aug 4, -Vpt Nov 12 10'<M) P.M I 3$ r.M ?.4? A.M. 1 oo e m. MMnl,;ht 10:15 A.M. ??n) r.M. 5 00 p.m. 3:20 r.M 11 44* a ? 7 40 r.M 10 :00 r M 8 15 a.m 2 00 r.M 4:30 r.M 1 is A.r 2 35 r.M li 18 r.M 9:18 p.m 6 no a.m 11 -40 r.M 3.-25 p.m 11 15 A.M. 9 40 p. m 8 10 AM lill9i uUi, III 9 11 11 II 1 I2ll9 lli 3 it ? 1111 2 20 10|lt> 10 22 11 12 11 11 9 0 M 111116(10 WCsTRRM i'A88A018, [Add Ave hour- ailln; wost ] Names America.. Amn loa. America.. America., vaoada.. ?aiMMla .. ? anada .. (annda .. ? nnada .. < aaada. 1 uropa. Inropa .. 1 uropa ., Inropa . Iuropa .. I uropw .. inropa 1 uropa.. Niagara Macara Arabia... Arabia... Arabia.. Arabia... Arabia-. fsft l.iivrpool Jan. 14, F< b 25. April 7, Aag, 25, Dec. 17, Jan 2S, Mar. 10, Aprini, Juiy 14, Srpt 2 , Nov. 3, Dw 15, IVr. 31, ?Vb II, May 5. Jnn? 18, July 28, 4opl. 8, OCV 20, Dm. 1, Mar. 24, hm? 2, Mav 19. Juno 30, An* 11. Del fl, Nyv.17, 10-00 A M 10 00 a m. 11 15 A M. v-00 p. m 11 00 A.M. 10 ro a.m 11.30 A.M 11:16 a.m 4 16 r M 12:45 p.m. 10 30 A.M. P 30 A.M 11 no i ft 10 45 A ? 10 30 A.M, 9 15 A ?. 4 16 P.*. 12 65p.m. 12 S0p m. 10 46 a.m 11.15 A M. 9 45 a.m. 9 46 A.M 6:10p.m. 20p p. m. 10 50 A.M. U 30 A.M <lmwl at Hwirm l> If M I 30 LIVERPOOL AND NKW YORK BCBKW LINK. HAHTMHN VAttHAG&H. | Deduct Qv? houi u Milium Ku(.j Left AVw York Arr at iMtrptA D fl If A'aivi Kdinbtirg Cdmbur* Kdiuburg. Kdiuburg. Kdlnburg. Kdinbtirg ullubutg. Klinbtirg. EX'aburg C o Man. f ? Man C. of Man. C. of fan 0 of Hut Deo. lit, Noon. Ian. 2rf, 12.25 p.m Mar. 10, Noon Ap'l 21,121)5 p.m. June 2, 2:26 r.u Jul y 14, Nova. Aug 25, Noou. Oct. 6,12 10 i- m Nov. 17, Noon. Doc. 10, Noon. Fob Id, 7:30 a m Mar. 31, 1:25 p.m May 12, 1:25 r.u. Sop. If., 9:35 a. u C. of Mu. *Oct 27, 12:10 p.m City of B. K<'b. 11, 12:10 P.M. City ot B C ity of B City or H. City ol B. City of B City of B City or B City of W. City oi'W. City of W CitjofW. City of W. City of W. City of W. City of W. City of W. Kaii^'roo Kang'roo. Kang'roo. Kang roo. Kar,g'r*>o. Ka; g' roo. Kang'roo. Vigo Vigo Vigo .... Vigo Vigo Vigo Glasgow, tilaagow.. Glasgow.. Glasgow.. Glasgow. Glasgow. C. of Il'e. C. of B'e C. of B't\ C. of IV:' C. rf B'o C. of B'e C. ol B'o C. of B'e. C. of VV'n. C. of Wn C. of W I) 0. of IV'li f'. of W'l r. r?r Wn C. of W'ii C. of W'n Karg'roo Kane'roo. Karig roo Karig 'roo. Kant!'roo Kafig'roo. Kang'roo Kaug too Kiwg'roo. Vigo Vigo Vigo Vigo V?g? > igo Glasgow . GloJtgow Glapgow GlaftgOW.. Clangor. Glwqow.. 'ar. 24, Noon V.iy 5, 12:45 P.M. J lie 19, Noon. Jtty 28, Noon. Sep. 8, Noon. Oct. 21, 11 a m. Dec. 1, Noon. Dee. ol, Noon Feb. It, 7:15 a.*. Apr. 1 12:15 c m May 19, 1:15 p.m June 30,12:10 p.m Aug 11, 12.10 p.m Sept. 22, j2:20 p.m Nov. 4, *:33a.m. life 15, 1 P.M. Feb. 25. It 05 p. J. Apr. 14, Noon. A-rr at L> Dec. 29, P.M Feb 9,11 lOv.i Mar 22, ?:07 a.m. May 0, 2:05 a.m. June 15, 7:45 I'M July 27, 4:10 a.m. "*p. 7, 0 15 A M Oct 18, Noon Dec. 1, 10 A.M. Arr. it Grtenocl Dec. 24, 10 A.M. Feb. 29, 2 p.m Ap'l 14 , 4 30 P M May 28, 925 p.m. ?<op 29, 10 30 P M Nov. 14,11 21 a m Arr. at Liverpool. 11 ? 12 fti tills 14, 9 7 131?120 12 it io 12 13 15 IMS 50 13 17 ? 13117 ? 131 J lo 13]22, 5 16| SI 5 14| 7,55 17 18 0 Keb. 28 . 6:30 A.M. 11:12,20 Apr. 4. 12 30 pm 10 19'3U Mav 17, 6 p.m.,11 2uJ15 Juue 28, 5:13 p:m Il2|?ill Aug. 3, 9:15 P.M., Sep. 20 Noon. Nov. 2,11:55 P.M. [>??<?. 12, 11 A .4. Ian. 12.11 a.m. Mar. 1, t 45 p.m \}>r. 20, C a m tunc 1, 5:20 a.m. 1 uly 12, 2 p.m. Au^. 23, 1.35 p.m. Ort 4, 11 a *. Nov. 17. 2:35 P.I 11120(50 11 20125 11117 40 . 13jl7|42 8,10 45 a.m.Ill 17 10 ? 1 ll| 4 15 11119 15 I2l 7:47 itt 11 I[30 \iwi May 26, Noon. July 7, Noou Aug. 18, Noon. Sept. '*>, Noon. Nov. 24, Noon. Doc. 3, Noon. I Doc. 10, oOOr.M. Ma'h 3. 12:40 p.m.IMa'h 10, 6:55 p.m. Mar Apr. 28, 2:25 a.m June 11, 5:10 a.m. Inly SO, 6 i'.m. Aug. 31, 11 AM. <>ct. 12, 12:40 ".M. iDeo. 7,10 a.m. At>rll28, 12:10 I' M. Iune23, 1:00 P.M. Aug. 4, 12:25 P Nov 10, M;i'h 17, June 9, July 21, sept. I, Oct 13, l)ec. 8, lau. 18. Fob. 20, 3 10 p.i Neon. Noon. Noon. Noon. Noon. Noon. 4 00 p.m. 2:80 p.: Apr. 11, 1 >10 p.m. May 23, 1.00 l'.M July 4, 8:45 p.m. Aug. 15,11:30 a.m. Srpt 26, 5*30 I'.M. Nov. 14,10:30 A.M. ?Ian 25, 100 p.m. r'ar. 14 l:0f m. Apr. 26, 1:15 i'.m J'l'ie 6, 12:10 p.m luh 18, 11:52 a m Aug. 29, 6:53 p it Oct. 10, 3:45 N'ov.22, 2 30 1.11 Doc. 23 . 3-00 :-.m. Feb. 1, 3:10 i'.m Mar.21,11 45 a.m May 1, 7:30 p.m ?Inn?13 7 20 P M July 2.'1, l V) r.u .-Vpt. 6, 118 p.m ftc-t. 31. 12:30 p.m tH"C. 19,noon Feb. 8,12:30 pm April 4, 6.45 p.m. May 30, 3.16 p.m. July 11, 140 p.m Oct. 17,12 65 p.m Nov. 28, Noon. Vol) 22,11:45 a.m May 10, 3:55 p.m. June27, 2:20 p.m Aug 8, 1:18 l'.M Sopt.10, 1:06 p.m. Nov. 7, 1:25 p.* May 14, ?'30 a.m uly 8,11.35 a.m. fug. 18, 3.10 p.m. Nov. 21, 7 27 a.a. Ma'1i31, 5 25 p.m. Jmie 22 , 2:25 p.m. Aiv 3,10.20 A.M. ?*?pi 14, 1:00 pm. Oct. 27, 7 36 a m. Dec. JO f Feb. 4, 1:30 p.m. ?iar. 1'., 10:30 a.m. Apr. 24 2:30 A.M. Juno 5 12:30 p.m. July 18, 3 15 a.m. Etna Ifcec. 6,11:00 a.m Vug. Oct. 10, Nov.27, Feb. 9, Mar. 28, May 7, .ii.ucll', 7:15 P.M. 1:30 a.m. 2:30 P.M. 100 A M 6 00 A.M. 7 15 P.M. 1 A.M. 13' 9 25 16 12 10 13 12:10 1218110 12|19'40 12f17 ? Jul} 31, 9:40 A.M., 2:4) I'M Oct*28,12 OS a.m Dec. C, 3 00 ;'.M Jan. 8, ? a.m. Feb. 16, 10 :,0 l'.M. Apr. 0, 7.i>0am May 15, 5:25 a.m. .Iunt'27, 3 40 :? .t Aug. 8, noon - 'pt.11, 5:45 p.U K( V 18, 2:00 a.m IK'C 31, 11 00 A.M. Feb. 34, 7:30 p.m April25 , 4:00 a.m. June 14, 1:35>.m. July 26, 2:20 p.m. Nov. 7, 10:50 a.m. Dec. 15, 6 00 p.m. Mar. 12, 7:00 p.k. May 30, 10 45 a.m. July 11, 4:15 a.m. Aug. 22, 7:55 A.M. Oct. 4, 8:30 P.M. Nov 20, 2:30 P.*. 2i30 12 14 15 6 2 17 11 11M2 13 La 131 IS 13 15 Di?. 18, 7.30 a.m.|13 23 37. 12 25 1 6 lb i-Kxpcnenoed the :.auic galeri ta u (lcuint-d tbo I'riniy) of Wale?' Kquadroti fNeWb of arrival out ju^it recei.*<<1,3lnt. f T?'n hour.; detained, waiting ua- I'rinc<- Albert's m%il WESTERN rAPSAOKS. [Add five ho'irn nailing West.] | /Wt Liverpool. \Arr. at New York. 11) | H| M Kdinburg. luc. 4, 3:45 p.m. Jus. 22, :> 00a.m. 14 IS Edlcburg. Fob. 16, 1.45p.m. Mar 1, 7 00 a m. i4 22 Kdinburg MAT. 28,12:40P.M. Aprill2, 7 4' p.m. 11 12 Edinburg. May 9, 1 06p.m May 0:45 P.M. i'i 10 Kdinburg. Juuo 20,12:30p.m Tulv 6, 2:30 a.m. 14 1? Kdinburg. Aug. 1, Noon. Aug. 14, 7:00p.m. 13 12 Kdinburg. Hept.12, 4 56pm S?p|k28 2:10p.m. 18 2 Edlaburg Oct. 24, 4 10 p.m. Nov. 7, W 40 a.m. 1 C. of Man. J nil. 11, 1:30 p.m. Feb. 9, 4. M am* 28 20 C. of Man. Mar. 7, 11:45 A.M. Mar. 23, 4 :36 p.m. lfl ? C. ol'Man. ApriilS, 5 20 p.m. M*y 4. 7:00 ?.m. 16 18 C. of Man. Aug. 22, 1:26 p.m. Bept. 8, 2:45 P.M. 17 fi C ofMan Oct 4, 9:32 a.m. Oft. 'H), 11 rOO a.m. 18 fl CXcfMan Dec. 12, Noon. Dec. 27. 5 00 a.m.I 14|22 * Detained two day? at Quoen..own and two days at St. Johns, N. K. NEW YORK, SOUTH AM PTON AND HAVRE. EAS1KFN PA8SAGKS. 41 A'arnri Kulton Arago Kulton A rrtjfo Kulton Arago V'ulton Arspo Vultuii Arago Kulton Arngo Kultoo Arago A't mes Kulton. Ar.tgo Kult.m, Ara<(0. Kulton Arrgje Kulton, Arngo . Kulton. *rago . Kulton. A.? go Kulton, Ml Nnj Y'/rt Hoc<>mb"r 1# January 7 .. February 4.. March 3 .... Mar tSl April 28. May ifl June 2.'. July 21 .... August 1H... . Sujtoinberlj Octobe: 1J . November 10 December k Arrietd at I SiiuihaiHpt n 11) December 30 January 2*).. Ket>ruar\ 17 March lti..., April 11 ... May 12 .itino 7 J"'y 0.. .'. August 1..,. August 30., Wpt.'mb??i47 October afl.. Vovember2.' WJS3VKHN rASK?. Left Mini Fivjruarj M.trch 8. Apt i! * . May 2... U.iy 30.. June 27. July 25 August 2 ^?pt-mb' Ootobor Novemb' DeceinU" VANPERBfl/TS HAV KASTFRN PA88AG [Dei ict live hours saill ffa'iu't. i U/t Nm r.w*. \Arntt V inOerb t Mar. 24. 0:00p.m. April Vanderb't May 5. 12'JOr*. May 1 Vnn<lorb'l JunelB. 2 30 p.m. .lun 2 Vanderb't July 28, 12 20p.m Auk. Vanderb't oept 8, 12:12 P.M. ^spt.l Vaoderb't Oit. SI, 10.00am. Nov. IiIiiici'h . Ajtril 7, Noui Aprll2 Illinois.. Vinyl!*. 300pm June Tllinoia Juoe.TO, 3 1ftp.m July I Dllnola . Aug. 11. Noon Aug. 2 Dltnoto... .-'?>!>?. 22. lZ .'lOp.k. Oct. ' Vm.orbilt'H average, 10 dnyj. 8 h Iiiuo> average, 13 days, 12 bourt WKSTKHN rAMAO [Add five hours sailing Ax 'Mi Left ,foulkaimj4cr.. Arr a \pr. 18, 0:30 P. M. \lny 2.'t. ? 10 p. m July 4, h 00 p. m. Aug. 15, 7:15 p. M. ,-V-pt 2fl. 000 p. M. No*. H. I.00A . Wav 1, Jfldr. a Juno 7, 0?0 a. m. July I* ? p. *. AO': 2?. 0 00 IV M Oct 11, Miiln t \ underbill's aver ace 10 days, 11 I 11;'.Mis' average, 14 days, 7 hours, NEW YORK, SOUTHAMPTON KATKKN PAHSAdl [Deauct five hours sailia Va?W*. Isft Xnr York- 1,1 rr a! AdriatM).. Adriatic.. Adriatic. Adrla'lc. Adriatic.. Atlantic. April 14, Noon April % June 2, 2:30 P.M ?Inly 14, " Aug 2;>, N'Oiin Oct 8. 8 45 AM Nov. 17.12:26p.M. June IS July 94 ?"opt 4 f>et. 18 Nov 30 ?Average. 9 days. 19 hours, IS minute W KHTWIN PAftHAOl [Add flte hours tiling Left S-mtlumpion Arr. at May 19 June 30 Aug II Sept. 24 Nov 5 Dec. 19 Adriatic. Adriatic.. Adriatic. Adriatic.. Adriatic.. Atlant lc.. May 9, 030P.M June 20, 7?0,p.m. Aug I 4O0PM. Sopt 13, 8 KM A.M. ?>ct 29, 8 OOP m Doc. ft, 6 00p.m. ?Average, 10 day*, 2 Honrs, 10 minutes BREMEN, SOUTHAMPTON A! (MOUTH IllUi* IXOfM' RASTRRV PA89AUI Nam ft Bremen New York . New York.. Now York.. New York.. Bremm.... New York., Bremen New York Bremen ? At PI> meuth, short of CoaJ December 31 JMnu try 21 Marrb 17. . May 12. July 7 August 4 ... -%>ptembor 1 **pt<?mb'r29 October 27. Novemb'r 24 W'KHTl.UN PASSAOS-.. A'ana. Left St*d\anpl> Jrri'va y Acta IV.... No\f York* December 'JU Muiary 16 Now Yoik February %j >Urcli 11.. New Y')rk Ipril 18 May I. Ni?w York June 13 I >ie 'J' Iirtnj'3 July 11 July &>... NiwYork Auguat 8.... Aunu<.t2o Bremen upieinb r b. -*jpl. 19.. New York October 3.... ifcuber 17 Bremen October 31.. Sot. 11. New York N'ovcmW 28 14.... 'Via 1/aIifnT, whor? ahe put in for coal. HAMFURG, SOUTHAMPTON AND NEW YORK. KA8TBKK I'ANSAUKS. A'cmcj. Borusaift.. Teuton it... Boruaitia... Teuton ia .. Buy iriu.... Hammonia Teuton la*. . Bavaria.... Vaxonui. . . . UmmiKUia. i nvuria.... 1 eutonia... S'axouia.... Jlun.iir.uU Bavaria? loulotiia... .c?x<>nia.... lioruMia... 1 {ammonia, outocia... * Put into Left New York. 1 loe. 31, 3 r. m. K<'b 2, a p. M. Marrb 2, 8 a. m March 31, 2p.m. Apr/1 14, 2 f. w May May June June June [July Aug. Aug. ?Sept. A?pt Oct. Cot. Nov. Nov. Doc. 2 p. 2 p. u. 3 p. m 4 I'. M. & r, m 3 p. to. 4 P. M 2 r. M 1, fl P. M 2 P. M 2 P. M 2pm 8 A. M 15, 1, 16, 4, 15, 2 c 1, 2 i Queens town. WXHTKKN PA8BA0KS. Arr. at Smith ''on. I /?. ft. 18 S 13 11 U I U U 13 1* 13 4 12 u 12 11 l'i ? 12 3 12 1? 13 ? 11 23 12 <i 13 It 12 2* 10 ? 13 11 12 9 is ue (iALW'Ar LINE, VIA ST. JOHNS, N. P. KA8TKKN PAS8AUK8, Xarnes. Wt ffe. ? Turk. Air. at I (faliiyiy. | D. Circassian.... lilTlnci Albert. Oil cuHbi.ui.... Prince Albort. Ciicasisian ... Pri .ca Albert. B? I Cold en Hocce. Prirc- Albert. I'l l' CO Albert 1'riaco Albert. D<'C inber 9. January 6... February J. March :!.... March 2W... April 26.... May 25 July 20 August 14... -'"ptrmberl 1 November20 VltTUK PASSAGES. December 22 January 18.. February 17. March 13... April 14 May 8 June 12. ... August 2 ... August 24... Ji?pt9mber21 liecembor 6. Names. Left Oitlwiy Arr. at New York. Circa-Bian. l'rlnco Albort. Circassian tYtnoe Albert. h anl <.'olden Fleece. I'rinco Albert. iTince Albert. I'rince Albort. January 7. February 4 March 5 .. March 31... April 29... June 23 July 24.... August 28 October a*. January 28. February 11 March 21... April 14.... May 11 July 12 .... August 4.... ?September 9| November 7. ANOTHER GALWAV LINE, VIA ST. JOHNS. KAHTKKN PASHAl/KH. Lr.'> | Arr. at . Ailv York. I (t/alvxii/. ID Co&naight I'ar m* ? July 10 .July 28. Isft H'ntton. August 7.... August 23... August 20 .. September 7' 11 WKSTMH.V PAS8AUKS. Names. Left Galway. Arr. at i Aeu> Fork, | D I'arana. Conuoight Parma.... Conmught* June 27. July 11.... August 7. . . S,'ptember25| July 9 irr at BatUr. July 23 August 18... ? Iwttroyed by Ore Octoser 7, within 140 miles of All ou board saved U >3?> I-rVERPOOIi AND PORTLAND. KAHTR^N I'AK8AUKS. S:19irs Antfo .Saxon Nova fc<* Ian... North American North Briton Bolu mian iar Anrlo Saxo* Nova Scotiai North Ameneau North Briton Pohviman... A.iglo-Haxon Noith Ameriran Nova ixN-ittan North Briton imhcmian Canadian Ar>glo-}-'*xon N.jrili American AuAtralw^mn I'aJestme <TK?TBKN PA38AOK8. Names. Qumutmm. ikibcmiitn t* comber s2, 'auuary 5.. 14 Hniifartnn December -fl .Unitary 14. 10 Anglo Saxon January 5... Jaauarylll.. 14 No\n Seotmn .1 ana try 12 January 23 . 10 N'^rtli Ann* can January 19.. February 4. 10 North HritoD January 20.. February 8. i:t Bohemian February X. February 14 12 Hungarian* I'ebruary 9.. ? _ Anglo Sax.>n ? Februa.ylfl March 1... 14 Nova 8coti?n t-ebruaiy38. March IS.. 19 North Ain. rlcan Mijrh I.... March 13... la North J.riton vhwch H.... March 21. 1.1 Dohennau March 15... March 27... 12 Can-iillan March 22... April0 i.> Anglo-ftum *!<rch 29... April 10 12 North \mi'nca?i ^pril ft. \(>ri! 19 14 Au/itralaMao April 12 April 23 II tsfl /4?4nMirrjf Palo line Novemb'rO. Vovemb'r2? 12 Nora Hcotlaa Novomh'r 10 Jtoremb'r 27 11 Canadian Voremh r'X) i>ec?mt>er5. 12 North llriton N'ovetnb'r ^.0 Occember 12 12 IJohPiniari December 7. (December 19 12 Anglo-ftaxo* '.Y ?< .nbrr 14|Dec(>nibor 25 11 "Totally lost, wth all on board, February 19, at uape Sahle. Kroni November to April the etoainnrf t\T the above I ne run Ckjiu l.iverimoi to Portland, und the remainder ui the y:-ar from U\ erjicol to Quebec. Arr. at J'ortland. D QI.ASOOW LINK. KASTMIN PAM8AQK8. jVfte^L*. Ji hn Hell Cntted Klagdom I nite I Kingdom John TV* 11 .. . IVc. 10.... i**- n ... March 2. .. April T WB?r?N PA^FAUES. -4rnW a' Olatjvic Pre. 38.... Ian 13.... March Ifl .. April 27-?? feft aiuj/mc lan 25. Fi b. 29. Not 3.. Nov 24 Dm. 14. iVinv United Kingdom John Ml John BcU l'nit<d Kingdom United Stair- ... The follo? !r.g analy^!* of th<-parage* of the Kt*amert of the above line will be tonal h'ghly interesting, ahow Ing, at it <1oee the average time of ouch afamer ? KAHTWAHII P AM AMI. WinlT d Svmmc. No. of areragrtime 2 12V 3 21 20 Summer time. abontTl^ <? jj ** 12 V " 1.1 " U " 1.1 * 14 13lf Steam >?? jfttt*Mrs. Payt Hmm. City of Baltimore ... 8 11 13 City of WaahingUHK. 8 12 Kd in burg 9 12 h'angarw T 13 (ilaegnw 0 IS Vigo ? 13 City of Mannbeater . 0 14 Whole average? 13 ? WifUrr ami Summer. I'At Ire average to Liverpool, 13 day* Knilro a/erage to Osrk harbor, 12 day*. Summer Only. To Uverpoot. 12V da/a.. To Cork harbor, 11 day*. W K.1TWA B l> PAMAOlft. Winter <f Summer, No. if array* time .">Vimen jnuayri. Dayt Htmrt. City of llnltlmore ..8 13 Oiy of Waahington. R 14 Klmhurg 9 14 Kangan 9 18 Olna^im 0 14 Etna I 13 Vigo 0 IT City of Mane he* tor. 0 IT Total No of viij agea, #? Winter anil Summer average from Liverpool, 14^ da^S Total 12 2 V 18 21 I 0 14 about Summer time lis Li 18 13V 121k 14 15

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