Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 3, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 3, 1861 Page 2
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W0t the Onn!r?rli*f Board plard the nrdlnsrv repair* ?f the oatial. nnd?r contract t? ih? k?we t hi hl-r llie mggi rr.-te annual i-oet un-ter tli-so c >ut ? acta is $i.VJ,37*i. Cm tarn p? itois of the rt-|?alr*, > bu rcimUiimg luciu wi<i atiucau. lf on I other tin, atructuroa, are ?*? ?rpuri, tt is not, U??ivu?ii. cipectod tai.t ti' t ?a will cover tho enti.e <-?t uf thu pr imary roiwira. ittfrriEh tl"T~ r-r fin "i ? i' at up?u iHasya weai yet tU? a : vanUu' iirei-o -nir-ii.-st, Uut for thj pro sent. h! .'t. it ahuuld l>.- continue.' theoorwiii**" ?>i ib c*timit?<r?f lb* State fcntnew, tl.?, a m . f-ixh Irodt . tiu-ajJ doll tr-.aliwtdy rai. ed od the credit e!'the bait nnli tux niul apt'lic? >U W th-U ch'oct. will romi 1 te ready f< r navigation by t m H ot May n?\ nil tho work um'.or cuiitrari on tin It ?f October Ian i' i' 'U'" ? i' i 'u w..Ut manuel of sewu feet by fevetit;, thr?Mi?houl tiio entire hue of Mir Bie,ttewegoact < tyitcaand :''ne?canals. Allliorrh ??? trp <1 .it c ? jrr?:?t a co-t, anil tht com*>|e Mori unite t ?o 1-ng ilolayed, it ic nevariheli-r--* a matter of ?Bnch congratulation ilia*. t!io end appro;.c'uet, Hint uo viore laws :ui|"ri a tatne for Ounatruci on will !>;? rvjulr M. and, orr you will b iv? concluded your labors tho pro wnt km-km, Ne? Vo k will \ .f 'oas, !Whe! und complete, ? sya'i-iii of internal woil ?> unequalled both for uap.iolly ?ml extent In this or any oountry. The constitution disp ? ?- el tho revenue? dorived fro n (he cauola, annually, w tho fo!l>wiug order and lor tha porp< st s dos'gr.ati >1:? 1. To pay tiio expenses of collect ion, sopor intendouoo wul oriliij'i v repairs or lhA e* i n; which, dnring the ?seal \ car ending beyt. tuber 30, ainountol to 03. 2 To pay !he inteiest ind provide a Hlnkinst food to j>xy h<' i rin i|. ij of the debt a." it existed ou tho Ifi of June, lMfl $1,700,000. S. To priy Hie iuti ii*t i>tid provide a sinking fMnd to par tin' prmrip 1 of thn HPiiet -I f Jnd leht, $t^0,000. 4. lo )viy the ,norc?t auit provide A linking fund to pay. in f'; ht'-nn jr ir tin- c.iual i.ebt of twelve million coniructiU t - en-argu nad C jiuplelc ho ctuutle, ?te:? t? inti-rest .$710,000 00 V: linking f'-od 400,~i2 <15 Trt/il $l,116.ai3 Cj <i Kor the support ?i p ? rornin nt, #-200,fi"0. ? To pay lh ? Int' .v si -nd ji.-fivnle u sinl.lnf fund to ?iy, In i .(,'Mi'i ii v-M-.. the fl' al !i ; debt lo.iti I'l MCf, uinicr .. . ity of u:? 7 <?>? \? of tho ?or. tttation :irnl t b-ip. i71, lawn ol IsoK. f. tw?. t. 'the ? .na-.'ider ' i? e*|indeJ each y.-ar upon th9 car ..?> lijitil l',v are ciir.; i?? <1, und ulier that aa the I^i;.,<!flture iii;iv iilr'-rt. Kn ? thi.-, br>vl Miiii'iei.' >i! tbo reqotrcm*ut- of lhi> ii. ii. tho- alio* i ihoil.roUkin 11 mc .'.m i reve VI' .-, II W .1' 1-1' I ???? tl'i l I 1" r 111 "I :i?7 jit w.u* I.I ? J j.iry |V|>1>-| . al yo:;r touiw! ;'?! i?? lit n.iu tn. A ret? rw-r' to this * i!! ? o hhow that llie prlm'!|Mu of ttnoai. id. II ? ..ii-.-i t.? tit- "v1. it 11 t ,vo ui II fern two liunil: ?'d tho- -id i.".ir ? iiy the 1 I uf .!? aar.. n-.-^t, leaving due ol lh.;'. debt 4S .. ler that CKte II will appear from th'i Audit?-'.* annual r"f>?rt of tho prehctii year that on 1 >o SOth o SeptentMr, lS6t,(btr w? in the (re j?nry i.ivvt d. !>? to i'u n-i i-il ?ki<1. tho ciini of..." $i,-fo.?,16o &i ?ueeived during tho pant ft.-,J yoar 7,i>-t7.lti'J lj Total $'.t,360,!Wi 4i> W?e piytrieDtn during the y?.r for till pur pet--'.? |N-rtaiuir.R to the fund have iM-i-u C.975.114 7.1 tearing a balaneo toth - credit of the (."arial riuiil on tbc JMtlh ot'hcptoiubor >.'375,017 78 Of tli id b.ilaiK e there was on iie;?wit in bai ks; to the credit of tho TieuE ir r, on iutvmnt of tlie canal fund f j,280,385 05 Of inve-itmcrits bild in trust b^ tho Audi tor:? ?ar.V Kund stork $73,073 1ft tttaftlhUx-KR 10,050 00 Of real estate socuritie?;? Walter Jf/j's bank 20,354 09 Ba"k ef t'otr.inic 5,Hi) 50 H>*,032 71 Tutu' .$2,316,017 08 lho lolloping present tho gratifying luionna ??. tl. t, up cnip 1 \v:th the previous y -ur, the ttmal fuud lu' orne fo; t'ie p-?t j oar bad increased fBSO,7tf8 H6, and tl < cxt-- of collection, aupi-riiitoii di-rc^ and oi;!u;ary n ; ? .1 bavo decren -:d?i:??tfiX( ?S, ?wtlt.-; a t il ?. ,.n i-. c splits 'iV.,nu.)l of $747,012 44. yet l< t iill tl,. i ?v|nn-.:in?a*i of ilui cunnitnti>iu llu JVirUur gi <mK t uin of ilA'oi.OlD 11 ia necoeuaiy. the receipts iroti. tb caQi.k fur the pa t tbcal year wcio a-- fvlKivi.- , nann.-ly for tolla iiu the Erio Can^l 1:2 Oian.piLnuCmiiil JJf 11? tt Acwrge CaniJ loj,:i30 03 Cbtyufca uid bo.iroa Canal Ohoi11,..ig Cuwl Ck^K kod Inko Canal Obejiaiiko t Imai Hkick lUvor CanaL Aeotet-o Valloy C'?nal UVoalLi lake t anal nudwn.avilio t^iual Oarnln Hiver Improvement 8vne*a KiverToe lug I'atU fbyaga Inlet Rita) from tolla V|S7l#,6-'14 01 fcuu. at of nut wat r" ... i,7?;; -ji Viubi ait. rr-i on mrnut c.uialro\onui>- it. 35,2*7 11 #-',418^?8S M p'l.vnieuta during tiio ivuno porhul w*T?- an folluw :? *> eiijif: i..t.-tid ii - for r.'jiiilrs...$140,IAS 22 So w iitriii tois for i>|Hitr.i 2i!w,1^7 t>7 V) (anal C'<itunil :>,ener?, lor re. pair?, Lc 231,750 23 Ii n lli-ctiin fi r a.ilanes, clerk kke, pay of a?Ki8taut. - Uei torn, iMpvt'toia uud expeii.-e uf tol lecU r'a dtOoMi 87 021 37 T? wi igbnnifU r* I*.afl7 07 Par minry of Auditoi ami clork hire in Canal Itcpnrt'.neiit, *> and extra cleik lure of t-'tato bgmecr, reft'tidlng tolls, print tofr and uiieceiiaLOoua pay au-nkf 40 018 C2 748,976 78 8ui|>)'is revenues tl,6?W,611 til AJUi- ugli largely wigment< it. rot a defl< tency of nearly two million dolura etlll exwt ? in th" income ol 'bo cr. iaie to meet ito t'(ii.atitnlionnl ob.Ifatkma un 1 eo loug aa Hie ??flrMulH are pei iii.ttori to curry freight of toll it will be ios vagary to lev) a direct Ux auii'ially to uidot auy j lu my lu?t annual mc?--"ii?e, lu new of tin d?pre*4?d ?eiKiiiton ol i'ur tknaneea, i recommended two mcaauree mf rcitet. Iho one wiui a renoration ol the tariff >?r rat* ?r niHl IoIIh iiH th y eilated prior to the reduction* of huh and is.,9. aad lor which 1 B?V? my reasons ut leugth, and io which, without repenting them, I would r ci?-ct ?oily nivit-' your attention. Itiu other waa a reimpoaitlna af tolle r;xni competing railroads. 1T?e former of thaeo red innn ii Int .ons \\ m HtibAorpioiitly adopted in p.irt by the 'ami Board, uid the Utete is now roaluttug, hi gn ?i j enhanced rer ipU. tha bemitta of thl* poll qj 1? m umntfi'tiy the duly of the tUn*l Board, .ml 1 bel?'v? it their liitentioc. to re\ mo the rntoa of toll ?itti a tM? to noo'ire a further advance th' prseent uttuou ?npecting Iko policy <>1 relmpociiag tolls on railroad freight. alter discus* og th ? quoation at length, ia tiut mmtmunicution I Mid ia ooneluiiloo:? If, therefore, tbe constantly Increasing amoui.t of freight aarrl. (I over the railroads hxa oeaaetenej a eor res ponding tftaum .tmti ol our "uiai revenues, until the lut<'rcwi on th* luii) ili bt lormeilj iiu'l fn ai th>-e revenues ba? uow to be wtllidikMn by d;ri?t taxation from the people, is there not an fe,r. ra.lve tiece.<alty lur protective legislation! I o.?onnt Aeebt either tht w l?dora or th? Ju4iicc of reUnpoaiax, for a few yeara. a moderate rateof toll per ton, du'liw the s<-.i?.>u af tur. igatUra, upon all Irvi.hts passingoverna .niiidit Cora ?rtinit with the' nnai'i, or ol re^tiirlag tlx-*.- rotds to p*y an MgreKat'i equlraleut in money, uanua .) , into tiin trcasui v wiii i. the canals eliall hare be a completed the railroads ?hou l be Mitred Iroai a burden temporarily liu(?ia>-d, ?o feat umiBwrii' i. ny hare t'ie ad*, aataf of tbe uul'"k>? t ?nd aheapr .1 m< ai>i< o'l trHiutl; lor uiRrr'ianliM and produto to and tront the ra^* and h un'.lful W<*t. Tti>' Ix'gideture not having acted upou thi? nnx'nimi-ail ad ton. ami in vi< r of tl.c iinpurtano' ol the mibjoct, 1 felt covipolled. In February lagt, to rcn<M it In a 8[kicu1 inea ?age to both h<>UH>?, c ucluainf as follows :? We hare uon arrived at n p> .nt where the publie rredlior kan no | c. iilv<- *??tirttT lb at tbo internet und principal of nU tfabt will br iwtd h? It bfonnief due. He knows tbtt It will not b<- | ahl from tl'p furd <? 'iisorrated t" It. for that hat be?n ro*dri<'I inxulU-''rn by I'-tflsitUou It ?sa tbe inteutiiu of fee ron?tlit;tion mat be el ould harr a d"Cnl'.f or r*v<> Mm wh>vA berould 1*1*. b<'you I the itmtr >1 or ne^le t ol fee J<eg ?U.iore, ai d mil>je< t oniy in tin* remote ooatlngenoy fn in a i oosltle stagnation of busui'M. 1/ we allow the matter t > rema.oaa it is, thn pubtte c -Mlit^r vW have murh cause t<i I'omplalD. but If we reitnpoee tails Zoti rai.r??mis that ?re rtivertli n and twipilrlrtg the r m'UUm the oai.itt*, and snltabif iik *??? t:ie tolla u|>on the latter, wl t e'.thei nsH-iie baik the t 'venut s pi ? ige-l t? Mm, or fe"ir ! >?? will bt-due t' other race-:ban liapr >*1<lont i?g< fetkni \l the wme i'me the taxpayei wif pay the taie.s ?tori rf ullv, when he fi*ls that be i? not taiod to p?y Intereat qrn tbe < aiial debt till f ry < ITort i.a< h'-en m?<i. to pructlrc the reuulu d amount l'rom the eanaU tbemsoiree. rnlly s. nelble of the lar^a p-os^e tivu ilotn uids upoa fee public troaaury, onl uf Uie alwolute nocossity ot ?wetmg Lhcni, and believing that tbe tolla on the rail i?i ihould bo at t*aet temporarily r??torod, thereby relH-vtr* tbo uutpayord of a |?xttou of Ui-lr inoreAebig burUi ena, n waa a matter ol very groat regret to mo thai tin l/'i:-latore did not aeo fit to ad ^it thoee ro ?HBintmdttioba. i am awaro that the revenue ?tnfatmplaU-d by artiolo 7 of the oonrtitutioa i might n it liave bci?n fully realized d'lrlng the pnxt year had thiM been done, r.i | bnllevo that it woul.l have bam sufliciert, duimg tu? preaent year, with thia addi b?, Uiua roiuovlng uU atxaakin for a direct State Ux mwp' "" aupport of goveriuntmt and tha purpofM of ?fecation. ftibe?|uent reflect ion and otmorvatlw ttare only oon ?rnsed the vi?ws I expressed in Uio ?nttlilt Tir re. flwred to ac to tbo wi lorn and jvuitieu ?r pu lngtoUn upon the railroa^la during the mm nf navigation nor hnvu thev aertretl to pro luce any fear tliat the comp^tin* MllroaU line# of otli?-r Htatea wU divert thi b.mln-vi mhkb legitimately belongs to th.. CjiuiU and railr iad^ of ?or own flute, and 1 therefore comniend the whole sub ?mt, witb all It.s important your diapamionate ! femdderation It ia urged that tbe restriction aa to ratea of pai>Mn?;?r i Ibraover the Yew York (Voire! Kadroul, now llrnil?.| to ' two r?*utt< [? r ii ile thaikl be removed If toMa are re MM4; and, aa by the In-nerjl luiirckad act, paaaod ia , aM ( orp-irnttoiis formal amlar it have pfiwnr to ro fulate Us> aniotiiit ot oompenft:tion to be pud for trans, porting pstscngen and th?ir baggag*, with the minpi t denervation that auob charge in in no men U> exoead threo ?ent fx r nftja, it ta not ?si?y. perhape, to nny raanon why the provision# of thia act ehouid not be cx hllM alike U.mfl the roa<ls in the Htate. At will be ??<?, U.' re has bv?n no clumge in the prln- | ripe I of the gen rat fund deiit during m? yenr. Tim Durnptroiler, Whoee rop<?rt wlU be prt-a?nted to yiej at ui onrly da?, will subtnk for nvonakMntMl the tondi ftkm of the several spei^fle fuu-ls under iiia (.harge, to yetber with the ln p< rtunt facta c mnected n tl, thele rerenue, and a detail of the estimates of th* atpenditnr'si for tbe mipport of the goremni nt for the cnnug re.*... la thif o?nn< ' tion I will only add tlmt the gen<'rai h n ' vbirh, since th<''iOUi .lanuary. 19K4, hae i>?eo larc-iy u arreaj , bar at lust emerged from its emhirraaementi tftowibf a vrcdil b.vUmc (he f|M? of tbe past rr. r of eighty-two thousand nine hundred and ?txty-etgVt ( dollars an' i.truly cor.ta?i-ios vindicating I rj , i nfinu g appropriations ttbesnnpl?*! *"?> ec roii.icsl necwsrtt'cs ot gove. unmni k ...i,. 1 cannot leave this to; ,c wi.h..ut adverting toko to* ,, t . t taxation . .in r.ohroent. Tho ?**' 1 t.M, of the t- as'iry, In <??? ?'*, " ?'"? 1,1i.e'cv I ?vi-!: ken ( ciicy l rrevmo; | " -or milled aiutuou ,-,?1, .Oil.. "I tlkO taxable property ot - ? u, w ii' U ,d ..K ?bepre nt tliinncial eiubari vmo.ils, there -wnaaif, i | tl, lt tjj,. asswviinouts, 1 [Lu^h Urge beyor.; all pr-cedi-H, bo t Tl tr. piv have nt all timtf c Wully re;^>u^ ' to ?JUJ, however onerous. fcM tic positive necessity of u">ng so, wnmnar w orcserre ll.e faith f f U'? ?<atc or tlJ ?'ry fl,r" I , io completion our hM-< at work of intercom.muica t on 1< i?,< n tlx; Western likes and the ocean. But, a3 vo Hvl ,o'a theUitur 18 now nearly completed, ?* whil? the peucral fuud lata* condition to in cot th>roa Itmllble cla ui" upon i>, wo should bo adm.iniik;d, in a ,ew oi the ciroiBof the past, which have compiled a rraort to tlite fxcMWivt tlS'Uion, and in view of trie pro s?.ni difficulties of the country, t" adopt that wise uul nit t rule which requires h n^ld eoruuuy of every moa nure seeking appropriation" from the treasury: au l after tb> expensive lessons of former year* ym will, 1 tnioK, li irtilv need to lie reminded of tlio liyirfl? of cormnlt tug the i-tcte, especially at this time, to moasuros ?>f doubtful ptorrlety, mech i"ss ot m'.kitiE impropriations for Pny purpose in "c. ts of the weans proyldol. Ti e two lisral hills of grontcat p tblic interest are the (Jonerul Appropriation b ll and tlK? Supply bill. luo ft i mcr ol tm. t spociflcally provides tor tho support or the p-vornmnt tor the tl*cnl year commonem? with Ocubcrn-xt following tho serMon. Tb s m""one ftw sometimes bt u delayed In order to advance In t, rc?l?; Ibe Suppl) bill, originally Interned to provide 1.1- the payment of such projhsr demand* an c ulil not bo 1 ?l.-luv?d until the 0 leral Appropriation hill toil duo, has I ?.f l.ito \ ears !j?m n biirthened with ir.-ousis^nt and ui? ' : t pro\ and passed, w it uku.'1 v h w i'iwa, at the laot hour of ti c Hesyiou, tho Es 'CUtiv.s u left oiUy aeholro tietwoen d-piivi;i? holiest creditors of thoir dues <;i of intliorixii:(r th- jviyment or thousandfl oi <lof lurs of dcD.HUrtr.tot.-.hy wi'fiout fouviLf.iou. To correct tins Fcrioi:R unit ^rowi'ig < vil, I recomnvad you m tri duce anil perlect tliceo two inea^uiut. during tlio uret month of tho s ?sioi;. , 'tt e I'jurtico of tmoimllv miptyin? V) tbo Lrb'l.Mature Tor cuon^ion cf time fi'i' tho pajtoftut of lavs m.i/ t>o re p?-ate<t ut tliv pretout sosston. The pubic IntoresUre ouirt- ill v r hands an omphalic denial, sjviul.1 sucn ail application be t. ado to jon. The.e seoia- U> bo no good i, tux levied In Oetobor should nut bop dd l>> tho -,.t cf tho foi! m ing March. Tuobo whose oppoi tuti.ties I...? liliiy tliemtojudjf?iluthinrespcct,i"' vv-ihrsmyowo ?,b??.rvi?UoiiS, satisfy mo that movements ol this charmc Ut'sie i.n made by 'he lux pay. r?for he. with com in-u r!iiliie pi omvmcf8,baai"ild over his duos?b'it .iy orou t?e l.ali of idie. tors and tr. n'.i.rers. Tho mone^are p .ya l.U ut tUo treasury ".V'tliin ft ' !vcu pcric.l, w.i ro tr.ey joe nt e led to n."< t the ii< ittawta ll|wtt th.' Suite; who ever therefore, for his own profit, delays or with lolt's tlieni. is RuOty <>f eorlous wrong, and Is d-serving of public censure. Th-. moueys are f. i'lentlv . ? le uh-e of by tho custxiians, and exji-ri^uoo liaa Flr.cvn that in the end eliher tho individual or the PuUo iii it roue lit to putler loss thereby. ) felt ii to bo my duty, on li.e 7(Li of Much last, to reium to the Assembly with out my sanction tb*J biU entitlod uAn act ex to tiding tho lime 1.-1 Iho collection of taxes in the sovoral counties of tho State." It v,n? strongiy ttrged that the payment or the ilelu.oiv ut tnx'H "dil not be eoforco l unless tins bill heenmc a Uw, but it h well kaowo that thei levy was col lected without more than tho ordinary diuleulti.n. I would sngcest that, instead of seven per oeut which is I ow chargeable on all balances dnefr. moounty trris u ?rs after the 1st ' f May, the Comptroller bo authorized to ten per cent, that boiug the saroo as pail by t^ dividual^ <u tnxis on nou-resldeut lands. Ijis would pi oduco uniformity and cause m<ue promptness eu the part of those otlic.*'-S. . , . Tue t'oui t of Appeils has derided that tho law passed bv the last 1^'ciflJituio, entitled " Au act in relation to ca i.ltul punishment and to provide for the m->re certain punishment of the crime of in iaer," is er-d void as to capital < leiices conur.itti. . before it Uiok etTuot; an.', al.-o, thai such of; uc. s cannot I punished und?r the uld law. b? c?i so that was expressly repoalc I tor thin n i.H.n, and the further one tlist tue prosont statute abro- , pates the mode of put tin ?'to death by hanging, without j iirovidiUR anv other, legislation upon the sui.? c'appears to be impelatlvoly nccessary,sndltsliaportaucc demands your Immediate attention. . . * 11... * ,icv Ct.n be met by a statut' very simpw m I its' it Bho-i'.d repeal the act of the I'vH session, 1 Utili thutai (.'Onts.yi a p' vtso that such reponl sh tula not ; ?*rt c7W, M the iodictictit or V^omen; the.eof, I f mtnitted after the net ol lsbo took df.eot, and before I the one proposed Klu.ll becuv a law. S'leh.m ?U?ctm at | ^tuld rest' s I the old iuw as to capital f eMC^ r minnU od bei?.r? the act of last vet r w-ispassed, an I wonMi> escrt Q that i. t u- to off uces ccmmiu-i while it Is in force. To , -More the pre-eilhtlBg law ?ti to this cl,. .s or cnneis would l*o unoonntitutimal, and tU*> s.iiii objectionsnitgUt lie, as to lU-H* offenevfl, agaiitft a 11 :v. law. lu order 10 ex?cut tu* provisions of tn^ law or ihao llic nroporod at t should c<>:-unn a section provi?1ing tint In ail eases the puni.-inaeut of death therein press: .Otvl f hall be Itilllrb d by lyutglag. In legislating oa thl? sub it 11 three cla*si s of t wi* nn'st l>o kept in view, to wit. oO< net s committed bei"re the lato *ct tcoW ed-'ct; thoae c. innutted while It Is In force; and those which may bo ccB-mitted ufier tho n.wsaj'e oi the act now prop^sd. Fi.ciisii act us here s> f(,"Sto l would ret-t.-re the oH ,aw I ?.> b. the urn sn i '.a t these, n id would prerervi- tue i! law :i- to oil c itiuutte I uud-r it. lhis. 1 doubt uot. Is n.< ar; ani In nc.v.dauce with public s. ntiment; but, It th-poileywf the Mate r.ispectlng the puniFbnn nt of capitsl M ini s is to bt changed in a rn-m ner to ra.ocal as was attempted In the law ol list y ar, 1 adi'lr-1 thai r re? coi^e be prepuod 1 ? >r that purposo in fctcnti < ruttcmptlr" to amend ex stm*'ls'vs. Vie pai.loniujr p v> r. a prerogative . istforrod by the constitution upon the Governor, is a ikhcate and u?oos spi v one, tLe ].roper e:.. relse of which mVoJvcs patient renH'ch end tb. most careful ducrlmittatloa. .lnrioB arosom times tnlsi. I by nrcumtu-intia.1 cvi iesce; wit nt (?-. s tce .snniaUy err s'motiincs |s-rjure thernsnlvea: youth am' Inexperience, the con?loii of tho mental au.1 phyHH nl h 'altti signal and opjwft ine servlc.js rendered In i'Hjt o< oetb:e?ks in prison.", appeal forcibly to the paidonirg power, and Uiero a.e nre JJJ.s wber** i:? wly Oiacoveroi evideuce \' pros??ntt?u, wuicn, il i rodeced on the t; ml. would have cbuiged the re i suit bet where full op; ortumty was allortW, o,mi pet. nt counsel was had, \S hero Uio court and Jury I lately raFH ?ip<'n thf* cw?, aad tlif p?\nt^oco U *** j LtU tly r< t disjvfrorti ? 1 to th.* otlonc? the courts should not be lightly ou-turbed. Still Jhe mu t ever bo Itept n V r every form of petition, ft* I nil "ar?> alike entitled u? positive or implied (though al wave unaetborlted) shaie In the advantages of ttat i#* ciful provision for modifying the seventy of the law b I deems which s wi-e people always lo.lgs sotnewhwo; ve t even here abuses may creep in. It Is a practi ? by I }t?r t'Si.-onimon with the ^dietary of coupling with the I sent< nets ol odi-nders prouas. of execuUro Interfe I rem<? it is belt, r tt?at ?*oli oncer, executive or .Mr I clal, should perform his duty in the maimer presui -el liv the Laws, leaving pun^itlea to fall upon Ui*' ' who have merited them, and sny uie^>licit.jd interference by the eonrls, after sentences havo be* u pto t tiov.: cel, kt uot demanded by justice, and experience I proves t( >o bo pomk iocs hi Its influences. I believe ! that for potne off. ti. es the term of imprisonment now I icv-d by law is excessive. 1 have U-sretofore urg J tho ? i roiflati re to confer lager dincretion upon ju.l?es ui tlx 1 ins terms of When this shall be d.aie :uid tho public ? me to feel that the punwhrnout meUvl out is a lirooer measute jf th* g' lit. convictions will oe iron-ottr lain th. i e wni be les?oc.'..sit?i for exta u lve iniorfM-nuoe, ?nd our pem.l codo will Ojieratesa a powerful rostraint upoa tlie c?>nimissioo ol crime In 1SM? I deem'Ml it duo to the importance of the ?nu lect that I should visit the several State prisons, and p> r Bowuly examine us well those convicts who hs?l previous lv applied for pardon as those who tor want of friends or other suil'clent causes were entitled to su.-h considera tion, and h..d made no applicatieu. In tt. adminKtration of tie pardoning power there axe grent advantages in this eou'se. nod in my lo<l ei.naal n.-w tve 1 ri fe.rre.t to tins sulij *ct in detail. In the mouth of September last I visited the Auburn and :'mg sir.g prisou#,spoadlttrf two or three days at oath, ar.d exaiolnoi abisit two huudrej eoov icts. pursiiin/ css. ntl Jly the >.ame plan vt bt 'ore. lbere were underi led i n the 1f t of .Tsauary la t, one hi mil i ed ; ud eijkte. n applicant ns It piidoo and ooo a,> plit ation tor . mmuta'Sm. and there have sin. " I* oil ro 1 celvt d thiee hundred and forty .1* uppllealiotu for pav l <1 n and two .oollemti.w for commutation, and forty sig old oas. have b. en revlewe.!. making tn all live hundred and eVht t'f tlieso I hare examined and dnctded three hui dr. d nnu eighty two. <A which number I h?v;>_P .r wvtntT ?igbt,baredenW two btindr??l%n<l eighty? eiBht i xve commuted fourte?n, denied oouimut aton to two two have died, two have l>ee? discharged bv courts, nnu the l.'tms of twenty seveu havo expired b. .>re th?i oppllcat .ocs were at t??d upon, snd ninety llv?, In oonse qortt' e ..f the tb lay to jiorfoot the papers, rem tin uade " iSonuinber of persons pardoned for every de-criptioo of ofleoee including mUdenieanors, In lSv-0 wts three hundred and fifty four; In W1 wan tlirtx and oievon; in lHffl w-.s two huudr. l and nine; iu ivJl c-ne hundred, In 1834 was "ne trmdred and eignt.v in l*ib was one hundre<' snd seventy three. In 1-20 w.? two huu dred and eighty Ave, in 1827 was one htmlrei anl ninety; In lsiR sid two huntiied and thUrty-oue; in H2U was eithlv eight; in 1M0 was owe hendre<l and thirty^lgtjt m l<11 a ts one hundred ind (It teen; in lh.!2 w?s one htm dre-l and seven, lo 1W3 was one hundred and sixty ? m 1-idl was one hundfed and forty t.lne, in ISS', w.J< eio hunlr-vl and thirty one. In 1?3? wm nlnetv three; in 1S.17 was cue hundred ard eight, In 1?0* <?" hundred and Afty eight; in 1?:.? was s.xty fonr; lu 1*W w * eishtv Bve; tn 1M1 wa- eighty In If 12 was one i.uadred and lilt\ eniht; tn 1M3 was one huudr-tl and thirty thie ?; in 18-14 wssone hundred and thirty tlireo, In 1H46 was one hundred and thirty two; In 1S4? was one hundred and eilht .n 1h47 was one h indnsl and twnoty nlno, m uj* wns one hundred and thirty-olue. tn 1M9 was thlrt) - flee In ltt.'O w? Klity-twe in 1W1 was on- h in Ire 1 and sixty in is.12 waa OM h'lndied and eighty-si*; In lsol wRs two hundred snd sev^n In 1WH two hnndr.vl and forty nine; In 1WS was two hundreti anl rlfu three, in l?ri<t was two hundred aud serentr-sevon in 18j7 was em *ii,nt'red and eighty: in ISM wis two hundred and four lu lSSi was elghty thrce; In 1W0 was seventy Vn October last complaints were rrwle to rua thatjpm. ' iFhments, unduly severe, had boon inUcted in oc t of our i Mate prisons Though the tonstlt'itioti places th" barge ' and sup? rintt nd^nee of the prisons 111 other hinds liiaii rauie, 1 nevertheless doemoa It ray duty to call the at tentw n of the agent and erardon to tlieno statements, i and received from biti a denial of the allegiti >ns. Tiie complelr.ts, however, ar? peis?t,<d in by responsible per sons, and I would therefore recommend the passage of a lew providing for the apv*iintm?nt of a commission, whose xctusl expense* alone sinetid b? paid by tb? ctate, to Inquire Into the system of onr pnawi management, 1 w .ib reference alike to discipline an l ecooom a*l ad ministration. . | rbe Hoard of Inspectors have furnished the following s'atetn. nt of the esrn.ugs of tlie Pptte prlsoua Uuring II e venr ending with September Jtft, ISflO ? (if kirg Wtig prleon.. 1111 rpj ,?2 Of Auburn prison ino Jtft 7*2 of tllnto? * _T mMtnt ej to.. t ? HW|6U7 iA Tbift k a gain u comiured with U?e prvvioua year m fcl'owt lor ^n.g y'mg prison $14,901 70 For Auburn prison 3tf Fit Canton prison 5,061 JVlBg a toial pUu during the year of $47,716 04 Tl r .".nnual rec>ipU Into luo treasury for o<tmiui's uu ril e tb>* year wire:? From -uig Sing $d9,0?3 7 ) ran Allium U8.2MJ 5; Inmuintoi: 2J,273 0 Ap<;i cgato rfcMpt* 1,563 32 Ih.i gum necessarily diners from the amount sum 1 4* einaii ::h, because th" contractors are etiil Indcblo I to the pri.ons on nutinishod coutructs The i.mouut paid from the treasury for the support of tho prisons during iho ll.-i.ul yoir was for:? Kir.g J-iDg, including |V male prison $138,135 'M Auburn," " " " 81.117 ?0 Clinton, " " " ft.') ii- 51 Amounting Tor support to $ii?21705 67 There has alm< 01 on paid to Ping ing, lor buildings and rt'$24,381 11 For books 200(10 24,Ml 11 Auburn. for buildings iB.i.'i '>0 Fur books .00 00 19,5M 60 Clinton for buildings 18,000 00 For books 100 00 11,100 00 f'a!arirs of Inspectors 4 *00 00 Travelling expense* of Inspector* 2,301 46 'I nin!-| (>rl.itk.ri ol cuvirts 'JO 017 00 ?iisyluii for miiaui- convicts, lor support ltf.&o# 33 Total expenditure of $31*1,6-.1 07 Or n deficiency of #170,078 65 id the revenues of tho pi ir'otip putu In, to meet tho entire cost ol IU" prison sys tern, il g tb c-Apenoitnro for buildings and perma nent it[iv.!rs. ir we wli'i tho di ^rvflM between the eat nil i;." and '.ho total expenditure it will bo found to be $153 004 41. It will be Been that Auburn prison h.'ts earned within a fraction of siiilielcnt t:> pay the wbolo coi-t of its support, and also to pay $1'<,386 60 for buildings; that burtoeroJ willi tlir tiinaKj isou, KingHiuir pi ).<oti has oaruod within $.0,404 44 < ! iin support; und Ohutca h:w made a not gain ol $12 827 02 during the year. as wlU be seen from the following table, tho number of u nvlcts is increasing, and it is worthy ol' c<>UHldcra tion v Ik ilior persons convicted of tho mfs heniouB of ix nc-cn should not bo F.'iitonce I to ttoc county pouiton l iark'S. The Legislature last winter authorized tho ex penditure ot s>jj.()00 for enlarging Auburn prison; but, ah well as other prisons, * ill s' on b 1 insuiUulont to me? t tho demands upon tin in. :md it in a question it will bo -? 'ii 1 0 i 'r>. to ? iswsr whether w ? ****" not be, < blged to bund another prisou souiewuure 111 the h ulhcin tier of counties. Olsuplino and economy would Fe"iu to discourage the idea 01 iucioobing tlw uutnber ol 01 Uh in the present prisons:? Sing Au- Clin Number of oonvlcU oo fioptem- 8>tw. burn. tun. 1(M. In 00. 1850 l,aw 811 4-17 2,4bt? F.icelved during the year ending hi l umber i0,1860 4S7 283 114 884 Total 1,716 1,094 Ml 3,370 Iiifchiiipeil by expirntiiiuol sen tence, pariioned, died and es cajied 341 841 130 Til Total 1,376 863 4JU 2,069 Of tho above tneie wore ui tho Sing bing prison ou i iptemto no. IBM. of ft maii-n 1M F*mnUr8 refietvvd during tho your 4tf Total Fitchaigf d, pardoned and died 185 4i Fcm ite cotivicte in bin* Slug prison oa Sept. 30,1960. 137 From the lor^omK staU'mei.t;; u will ?tp,^fn (h* con. j.ju-l Mio'cont, una bat for the two flrm , 'L1'? fc- ! the cost of I ho ?up]>ort of tlmt prtooa would a*vO in.. more marly Diet. Wore id reason to fear, however, tl.u owing to the HU.gnm.on of buelncw and tliotousogu-i.t di*iiTlu.afoli of coatrartora to engage convict laboi a? ii . >it i-cii.uneiutlve pi torn. tho current y<>ar will be thanVe praa-Miw "no. Hum . caro Ihvvla bv takuu ill n.aking provtolou for the lutum, U?t I'hi'Qiut.p predicated "ion tho sutiRtioa now prewated & mlrtjrissssu S6^ t l,?^jTy ecoi.omy nu t n^ard lor tbe interest* of tlie ' no.. v iiihe do mi t.v tlio priaoii offluera. ' IheAayl^' for l.sat., Auburn hMjbeeR n?U... led during the pail year at an expnM U tKftwn tUumjid live huadred and el.hty-BU dollars aurt tUlrty ? I hi ce cvn'?, Hits <?um eiuW.tffci an expenditure, a<< Maud by the Iiu')xcU.r?, ol $3.2W 0" lor baiUaji an. iLiMiin Ihceiunli gt. l*vo boea ciKliteea liindrt a.l r 'onl dutirH -i.! thirty eenta The Asylum wa* p, bru*ry,lH6tt. From thft date up to the 30U? !t M l t. n.b r laet, the wh< lo number of Innuie convict ,. ,, .. , ..jxtv nine, Hiiirteon of wlmin have b?e:i dis t l.i.i |s* d. leavini; ill t>-live 111 the in?llWt.ou al lthe i;ju. r . ,to During tlx-iKk. I year tourteaa patwttrt have boon admitted, w" ten dmehiu god. Ol tuo hUjiioaUy of a.. tk. i, t)f this cbttiactor U in dooiho&h to hjkmk. " nS.^njTtbe ?*1 Iz-gwlaturo to provide for re . i? <-u?iniu t'l t..ool) !?. Kiughlan.i *?(-?luBi Cliutju luti piVon btflitvug th. award ol litty nine Oio.m,nd i v?o ;.iuitlrcd nnn thirty-all* dollar. tied tltirm ceo* rt,? i pt tln> ftate to he both axccsalvo and tnv.Uit. An tt. cordu.gly paiwKl directing the t.overnor to r^. nf tbrw Co'!nii.ionor., to who... ail matt-. * la iin. r. n e between the State atid Mr. liiagaUnd ahould be i for flnal aiyurt moat. An a* eem-H ?.?? d ily ! x, Juki to abiJo by the aw.ird. lne three ttomm* M. rx-s who were th. n upv<>inted eoU'r.M upou u>.( (iiHi'iii' av of rtwir dut?.?, au.i ?ll> r a ra<*l t.W?i . muI c .reiul ex.iioiniiti.'ii of tlm uiattoia an I clai'M * ib m.ttc-i mid.'-: the l.w, thry reversed the detei the U\u t t.iiinr.kSioucn made in 1H59, afl?bo\e, a'd i - , .. slit i. ?" .1CI.I.?1 th.1t tlii'|H?i>l? have a j.<*t a.U t.,! rlailL J.?* ? hme 'land of f-cven thousand n hi htn .r.i an 11 i dollar., an.t ..lnhiy-Bix cauta. ?ht i ducaianul t-yttemi If> uie jx-l le "i tho >m row wealth- Otu n:L?g to all a tlioroiiRh^ of omi:on,ho"X Tl '^7 to tduaw <r. u. lH-pcndlng for tboir "JabH^y ^ parpctuity. ua do' our mattiution. andJhe ^ r^rr^tt. * u* flrnt irnKiTtatire to rotnm uniui|?lml, s.> Tir .v< m.i> W th Ttan thus far I tu prodiv tive w ?uch ii.tViiinaM bfiiv f.ta. lhe proviawua of our lawn, aa u .j ?C.ct the f.hool ay^tiui,i*ro g?tcr?llyappro\ol, ami ^heuld I.0t be htly .IIM atuo.1. U 13 ror? in finance! and i??U?Ciil policy, hut inauit. 1> to do ao in mattu* p riaiinug t<> ill.-1 dueotiou .aid ful"ro hariiiiieta of ocr enialrwi. Aaliough heavily tiro l, our w no dupo-m u to aioW :? a ntK fo.- tae ruDUiTt ?f a' boot*; mid <t may be r-tns.keu. a? an ev? < r tlu .r l.baialiiy. t'.tat more than w-*!. han dree thousand Dollars air paid out of th < publ.e -^aury itiniiiolly f-r this l"irp ?e. ' I ,, T-lutv l U u# jji'tructi II, Who, III the dm?.ni g oi iui au.y. In* vii-fft l nearly ev-r> n -it ihe tutto, win HUbtnit t< vou In bit aim "U report m by biteio uig ? x, and c.iiii'lusK.tie n-.-p ctiuf th w. -Wi .t, - of the ay lein. m .1 ii.iii in th< imp."trr t siyl0 off ?'"?t !'?iu?"i;. the 'pia.. lUttti.'ua ol U-ach.ra tui.l tl.? gaewal rniuron-nv.-at ?u othtr te?l*ata, we U^veprooi Uiit Uu?e ednvitioual ?i \ v*ritair* i* ar^ nppr6cliitf<i tho lV^?ttriiir;orUieaSUi^ i??.W tiio ?f the Recenta <>l tb? l unroraity, are In a eond't. i of ad vai uu* prosperity. IheU reports for the Lat y^r aho* nt. .tier. .?e in tbe number ol pMpiia over th.jee ?< th* p. "Z iW, <u?d *u advnuc - In the p ?ur^ ol iuatru,- km. lheyfuinhi an education well xtaptad to the p ac a. i 111", aa.1 proride, tally U th" r i^al dl? uMi alargi |iorti..u of the t ach ra Oi the common **Tie ?ol'er* in all ihat ooj?tribuiee to thi high ?=t daa ?itaj ?nd achaitllVo e?ltu-atlflii, h*vo attalied a bioh p^i I^.tT-aRelieving our c.t.i a* from the n-ee-lty of fci.ding th- lr f>on^ lo th" met tut. ns of otbm M.tta?. ' the .rr t.iry Ol rtat. will m bmli to y>. Uw - ei.-U re ,,.rt nibi.^lug th oatu,t. t of pauperism, aa ^.^'arn by U.e rvt'.iu.-to of tl.n ?'P>n ".ten ten;* "t Hie poor ot the several OoUUtiee. and idw hn ropoit ?? >>? CTiwfil rtatlatlM tt th6 ^Wfl. ItoMMl banking MM la largW dM ?W ^ >fore. it h.ivog re?.-b?M .-naggregate ?t ^lll.KM . IT, a.. _><?? I. tl< ii of frt.i7.uH during i ? put a<c tlj?vir. r^? ot bait It noto clrcnlatin during ttw swn" iK-tiot! wot *? : >4. The dotnlla < t our free banklntr fynutni lia\ ma bean aubjecMd, during a la-nod >f nure lha:. tw <ut> v to ?\:ch amMi'imente na e*i* rk?ce h w from Um? to tin., fi. u*-*t**d. It in tuiw in pr.-tt> foucral favor wlt.i [he ^mP-nttv, and ... asy*tea, u uuloubUMly far oref< iable to any former one. tHirtrir tlw r*o?nt HoaiicIa! panic, ooowkwd wj pollti riil i tMMf-tude the l>?.rVH ..f tho t'it> of New in i Vl< vr ii the tmporUf.' Iwring it a ilu have upon iho i ?, ?<>!? Mi"t the oonulry, ?dopW tt? willgh ,,i ,r, of t<- ) rout alerabty Inoreaaing tholr dlaeount I,,,,, rv wiad m of Uile coun." waa filly vlodioa i hv tl.e m ? reitul it aflbrded to ta ? ctmimunity. It r-.n;.?ru t u. the l.w of Apru U., 1?M, eatablwlung the l-nr .-a.-.- Impertinent, a auperli MM. loot waaai-^.nt id bf th' 't- ^ertior and Heiiat", who eiitrtred uptaa lus du tut i .uar> H. IMO "i* g<ner-J powern-tro th, ?am.- M t1.o?e p-M '>ialy t -nfarred upon the t>?inplr?Hl?r in n-Uti. i. t. ittauraiiee oompableH. On th ? lat ot iL?r u lai-t ih?^:i*fUil#oilaot?uhn?ltl.-<ltoth-!!^a*lat>tra hit flr., nt.i --t-rt From thm It will be a that t-l- Te.j D?w jt..nt t at n-e luauian. e ? "a-<;re 1 d-nugtli. >M.r1SiO wNiiti -.r^ve? :dUlof fl.?w. 000, Hi.d tin f ? rold p. Mpu. .a il l .-d *'50.00'.) Ui-u rhi.iU. in k.n*r a tota! inci u-o o< capital Inriw tint of fa,7M?,000. IHiring the ) e-ir 1S(W tw> Ore inai.ranee i.mpr.nlfa weae oigaan^d, with a total rj?i>ital of f'ifo 000: while thr. o old eoiin*ini ^ adtled I' WW/O nr-Jii:? an ar?r ^al- lu.-re u.. dnrina the >e... |S?.'K?. Tho KuperiBtotident hax oitt.i i nerateially or by coum -?I<mi ?xamtnoil w i on ?nt ne whlcJ. w. re deom?"l nn.^tre. si* of then.'. With Li wareeat.- napiirtl of ?W.e,Ml AO, ou .-mmnalt'tn w.-re uWd not t . t*-ae? auffl. i.-nt aeaeia to (oatify th. ir c m Unuaaoeta bualee^a, and w^e . n-r. fore dUatolv.-d oa the anollcatlon of tha Attorney t.iwieral Tho n?w of tho rt nialniic one, with a nominal capital of flOO 000. were found to bo uamflMenl ? Tho m .ik?u oi tho Attorney G. neral before the fViprenv Court to tie- Ive aaa de nied ard an nnt? al la now p-n-ltng No iwrmti tnmtr mce oompany |w?< lacorporateil In 1960. Throe life li ?uraDCe rompfuii* w^re orfnnlted, an W.'Ojtato c.aiul of 1460.000 Tlie Jtt|?rtinont now hoida about ; Ifi 000 000 of n-4until* depoe to,l by life tnauraoc com tlnu-'ft.r the pn*e< tl<<n of poliey holder*. AaeTvtratedai -iment.d'-.otfd t? t'.ta Important In- I termi has long been re<,ui.-ed, and unler tho mvi^ , mrnt if thapreteatPujaM-lftUmd'-i.t Iho preprlety of ita I intaldli-hmi'iil baa been male ckarly man.fvst. Some , MnaedmaeU are found U. be u. eeeaary ui reijrenoe to ? e nuun.or ol irakil?? reporta by inariue tnauranc- com r- Die* dom* bnattwe# tin ler pp? 1?1 rh"r*' r*i "> , u, ,h? power of the Hop. rintendeat W> etamlno | Inlo^he affair* of ui>oMd cWpao.-a of thia claae. It will be remembered that tb? alai.." and e*pcuaee if . thl" department, thotigh paid frotn the fmbllc fre^-iry m STdnolaatan. e, are reimbu.tMil n. it hy the *>v?ral la ; ' from the ^ute'> ;,?r*T and '?irt -r j ! nmtal n-pert on ?<e canals, eo'iialmng l,,ron!V ' ji n , atiyn to his proceed lug* uud r lie.- aw U I 60, p gether with such su/gestkms in that relation as he deems ' the ; inUae.-t i ixjuiri*!. He will alio oumnaunieai# , t..- annual repexi on the railroads nt .-jut* for the , pas' : .-Cat >.ar. . The urn. .il n port of t'i >CWtml r ?Mfc?'-' tor 1V50 will 1 stow since Jantuu y 1,1866, 1j tfirc" thousand j ?mui.? have bcii flleu With that Bourii >or can.I dun 4gtw, i uieu.utiug in the aggregate to ov. r flvo luiUkNia of dol- ! It.ra. Of this number tin y havo exMaiaol ab >ut rlghtu.n | hundred tl'i.ii.H, upt u which ihree uilIlkMl ftve huudred . i! out and dollars were olauiied, ati* tore awarded the; ?n ! about one million dnlUua. It is believed lb it five hundred thousand di liars will be sufficient to i?.iy tho remaining c:..,ni? of U..o clued *hicli ait! not y>-t upou by tuo Appraiser*. . Hie amount of revenue derived from tho Onondaga Salt I spring* during tli" pa?t year was about fifty six tuou- I i .nd dollars, or one cent per bushel no on inspection of , tiv millions six hundred thousand b ishols, a re- i ductkm from tho inspection of tuo previous year of more j than a million of bashela. Tho improving .polity of tlto j *j tide la procuring lor it a more extended market, aud II tho n sonabta i .pcotiitluns of thoio wh.> *ro tho most ci n\ersaut vilib it are no. i isappomted me b.tslness of tbo j.rc.;? ut year willexoeod that of unv previous one. In hV| telnber last, 1 visi'-cd the ut J i mid had an j'l.rtunit) of personally ex untiiig tlie aaid work. When fui.> <!? m l'pol >nd tLo while property of the riute at tint I' .it bi ought into use, I cannot but behove tnat the Income from u rn eourco will be largely increased. Tite 5 '.lie r.ow owns shout one thousand acres, estimated) to- | r ? r with the cppurteuancaa. to be wnth at leas* two in un ns of dollarn, ?nd the salines themselves ore of in i 1c .iablc value; yet, as will appear from tho following ,v .uuiFtit, they have for a number of yearspast avoiaged a i ot iiici ine of only about three-quarters of one per 11 lit on their estimated value. Tho net receipts lor 1 iv years ending with September 30, I860, win $113,149 67 Five >< iii h ending with September CO, 1 *>?>.'>, were 92,324 16 Five wins ending with September 00, ltWH), were 28.220 82 Aygregate net receipts for fifteen yrar-; $233,iK>4 JUvrsga net uui.ual receipts duriug fifteen yoars,$l&, CVj (J4. Lcgisiatit.i: has unwisely redurod the duties on this important staple. Wore the ? onsuoiptioii of salt ci.nflneu exclusively tQ our own fct;iti<, it would l>? a mat ter el it PS impoitnnco whether tho r" venue from duty was larger or pmalk-r; but when it pa'-Mis our own ho." I'evK, at live>iMhs of it dot-;, tho tun easunably low tirlff opera'en unjustly upon tho people of tUin .State. In view of whii li 1 n commend that the duty be iuoreascd to two cuts per buiibei. 'tho ui.nuul repurt of the O'tntnisKionfrs of Emigration will be duly ubn.itti-d to you. Tb that 1 refi i you rr>r itiipoi tout ff \tistieal information and interesting iletaiis com ectcd with too Inst I muttons under ututr^o of thut 1 oard* 1'iiriiig tho year lijfio, t!?e emigrants arriving at tiopoitol Kew V i k uuiiibirid one hundred aud four thoi tlit i ? h iuilred, b:>iug an iticruasa of more tluui tn-i uty pi r c ut > vcr the two preceding years. Tho Con mis.siom rs 1 .ve suitably altored one uf tho [>ro?eot bespits! buildings for a lunatic asylum, and have it nearly re* ly lor the recent ion of intone emigrant?. Tlu res)ionsiblc cliaraotcrof tho dutiss of the Coiomitiskmera ren era it Mcecsary for them to examine personally inta the itlTr.iis tonmcteil with th- inMitutions on Ward's Island and nt Castle (larden: they are therefore ena bled to ppoak undersutudlnjily reK]i"cting theso esta blishments. It is worthy of remark that tho Oommis siouers receive uo salary, or othor pecuniary considera tions for their services. No provision bavin# been ma le by t!io Logltdature for obtaining a new quarantino Ht:ttion, the Oumnlssi inurs for its removal have been unable to accomplish anything towards a permanent establishment. The sousou., of 1869 iiiiu 1..U0 were ri iiiirkablo for tlioir lualthy character; hence no ovil i esuited from tho absenceol' lcgislatiou on tliit^ subject. Hut experience admonishes us tiut such immunity cannot be relied upou with wifely for auolhcr Ktasou. Common pru lence and humanity alike demand Uiut Buituhle iu 'at.jrtw-i be taken for tho caro and treat ment for the future of yellow lever aud cite oottturious dlseuties. The floating hospital was anchored In tho bu> and pr< iwj<>dior the reception of patieotson tho 25th oi June last. The force was pltced in charge of an ex perienced and quail Hod physician. Fifteen cases of uusiaiitlnc diseases, of which eleven wero yellow i.ver, W5K llViiif*1; I'yui'tien recoverod and one died. On the lust Of Qctobfr, thft lii? pilil h. inp no longer required for th? 8 'a.son, it wi s placed in a winter berth at Rnd Hook. It la I lie) i ], men of tlie Coniii.i^sioBcrs that tho Smallp )X Qospital ,-t riiKlvwell'ti Jsiuml, and the numerous hospitals on Sard's blund. will aflord all tho aoeommodatlons re qitired for quaraiitiae purposes during the winter mintlw 111:ink it would be rU;ht, and, thorofi^o, Tccommenj Ihe Quarantine Comtnittl^rB be ololhed with povir to sen I lis property 6h Staten Island, and tlmt KulilvtW1'. VnCThli Ve placed at their disposal to procure u SultnbT location for a permanent quar. ntlue hospital. It was for this purpose that the Qaoi-antino Couimitisioa was croated. 1 recommend a revitlon of tho laws with r.jferonco to Qvar. l.tine and the Ootutnlsiiouors of Kmlgration, not so much for th introduction of new provisions as for the purpen of explaining and reconciling fxist'.ng lawr. At pre: cut, duties are imposed upon the Health O^Iloor and othcia, which involve considerable expense, whilo no p.ovifeu n is made for reimbursing them. 'Ihe provlaioL'E made by the law of I860 for the care of tb. :il< k srrivit.g at tho port of Now York have relieved tl.o ph< simian to the Marine Hospital from u large portion ol his Mitles, no that he eau no longer render serviiv-s pro j.i i tiuiuittf to thi' f.'i' iry of live thc usan 1 doilarf lixod by law for that oflioer. As the term for which the pr? ?'ut ItiCtimlH-nt wns ap^iolnti'd will expireb l'ore your a<tjourn tiirnt, and deeming il unnccesaary thai anow itpjioiutiiieut la uid be made. I would recommend the abolition of the (ilirr'ucd the (l.stributiou of its few remaining duties mnotiK other ofhecra. 'i l.e (i mmiMion'TS under the act of Api il 16. 1660, for a>? tsinh.g and colluettug the damages caused bv the do Hi ih th n ol the MarlDu H ^pitJils anil other bulUiings and p. op. rty nt Quarantine, on Staten Island, met in June List, and >-p. lit. everal weeks in a careful aud rigid cxam.nntion (l the eiiiiiiis presented for their consideration. They ei iiif) that tho damages sustained to tho hospitals anil tth< r property of tlie state by tire, in September, 1 Sf>8, were $194,402 60 li.leritt on snuie to date of award 12,*48 29 Total $907^60 79 Puniagta to pRrvonal property oftlieStaK.. 12.028 7u lutcreist ou lust 1,7 ia oo Tot .a award lo the State $221 IM 38 The value of the in perty of Individuals destroyed at the nmc time, ami wii. <> lota wen i.iquiroU iuto,amouuU to about s^,116. The .-'i ] orvltors of the ro .ntjr of RUhamgd, at thair meeti ft l.i?t moiiih. resolved to accept the foregoing uward of the O mm if aimer.", a&d it laproflumeJ thai they w ul proCtx^ at outo to i <.uo I he "flic In I bond' ef tho <outtj to pay the >1 ? (v? authorized by tho act. 'IT: ee bonds arc to be r?-. ?? l lu t^>n yearn, with interest AW.all), by ay. sin>; and oolloetiug from the ' txable i>r< i ?i ty ?f tlie county neb year ouo teuth part of the |u men al, with the accrued lutorest. 'lhe award for InriiTldti .1 losaaii w payable from tbo county li t .iRury, la tho rame maimer ok any other oiunty charge whenever the tuMtey.. shall be raised by tan for UJNt purjoite. The I>Hvril of 1 ipjatixution. creotcil by the act of April 14, l*Crf, Composed of the Commissioner-t ef the laud Ofllri uivj the l&tate Assessors, hive collected importiut foots regarding valuations throughout tho Stale, oiiubltug lh? m to nuike u more eq uil api?>rtloumont of utvn an<> ng the Hevvrul counties than hitherto. At beet, how ever, o'ir pi' .-ent nvoJo ot ?-si?Mlng property la found to ojsrato unequally. T\> rernoiy this, It is believed there slwn i1 b ? n rev .slou of the existing I iwtt on tho Hiibjoct. Tho orf&alsi ! port iou i>f tho m.litU of the stato com plin* nineteen tbo .oaad four hundred and tUtty-lln officers and n?' n, twifurmed, turned and < ijnipp' d, and ! f< r tho mom prn t in a creditable state of dl-c.lpliuu. The uuorgtu.izud portion ef the militia, or ilut part which U required by lh< unw to he n.toiled ax liable to be drafted lute service in rate of insurroctc n or invaeirui. com prises, by estimate, fourhundred and fifty thousan i men, Basking the dlepiMt' foree of tho State amount in tlio a^po^aie t<yi: least tour bundled an<l sixty-niae thou Mti'l foor hudrvd uil thirty -five offlcora aud men Ihough 1 triift it niay sever be uocaKary to employ this strong arm for any unfriendly purpotto, yot' .i well regulated nuhtla I* womirjrll the aecurity of ft free peot'lr," acd t- ? maii.iam luch an o.'Kaaliuiion ih a jwrt of tue i ?tikbli>hc'i jH>i)cy of our country. Pie "ri^ht of the pe?i>h to keep and bear anr s" te one nec^iro l to ihom bj lla? t- doral c-uihtiliition. Although fully entoytti* otir lit .Tin*, It Is the dictate of prndeuce tl *i the military epU U cf ( tir .*Ute Muv.ld ootitinue to tu frwtered. Kvw ready in the jji>i lo del on ; their In'-tllultooa, we hiv->, for the future, in our ruii?u soldiery, a pledge ai do Bseetie necuritj mid of ?af? ty from external vk'l.-nc >. Thi arsenal* and armorio* of the ^Ute, Ukw liberal eobtiHiutUMMi t<? the wauls of our cltiseii *<ddK v. are, wttbaMtigte exception, In excellent condition, a&d .uo ccupicu ty the erfenised uillttiaof tho dletrkte inwhioli they are recpectlv* ly located, lh ' except loo to which I allele i? the Bmoklyn tveenai, which, aiter a thorough exain.nation by the Gouimiamry Uonera! anil an imbcr of ?ci< ntiQc and military rent] men, w.m condemned u un iAf- . and the nee of it tor drilling al*oJutely prohibited The report of the t'oBUftfc -try ttoneral will bo jewnt >d lo jou Ui a few day?, an<i will oonUin lot, an i *uyK?Mtloii* m on tliih iiubjirt, as well im upon btliem whh b will be found to bo important a* uonncci<<d with the military department. The Mi'tropelltan l'cilce has steadily grown Into popular faror, nnd now eoinniands general approbation. At the la< t Preeidct.tutl?it* lion, an oeoealon when every unruly element ot the |<>puiace natt usually had full away, so peaceful and or'Vrly wore tlH* etreeta, and particularly the polling frtaeee, the poltco w?.i. the iui<|uiiltfl" 1 a|i ptobatlnn of all g < d cttlaens. The ai^t of laM winter re Uuc?a the number of 0>mmu?slon?rs from ?e?en to tlu- <e, bniargi d their power* and conferred upon them w w and linportniit duties. Ihe I'oltoe dlstrkt oont|>rav,s tt e counttcx "of New Ttxk, Ki.itff, WsatotMst?r met Rtchmond. and the townn ?>f Jamaioii, Nuwtown and iltiihing in the county of queens. The area of territory embtnoed In be district Is nine hundred and tw?my rquaie tuUc>, with an ewtlmsUd |>opulalioa <4 onu million four hundred ibottiand Tit" foroe cons, ta of s sepertnU-iident, four linpectors. thirty two c>i tltw, one burdred an<1 fifty three sergeants aud sixteen bun tired patrolmen. ll?e nperTlfors of the ronaty of New Yotk have recently authorised the appointment of four hundred addUiituel iiatroimrji b>r that city. In tho otty ef New York iheie is toe police mail lo fix hundred aud fifty Inhabitant*, in Brooklyn, one to Uilrl?eu hundred and eighty. In Kurefieaa cities the relittve number ot Mile emeu is muoli gr-^ater. Tbo serriee-i ren* tlfr?<l by the difrrml departments of the police In enforcitig the Uiw for the ?up[ re*km of liquor f. llmg and lh' exhibitions on Hunday, in lik>p^< t It g the safety of fenry boats and manufaotories, the con dition if tei.emr nt.houses and the cleanlin '??of nUught <r bous"?. to which In a large degree must be ??Tb?d tiio exeinjitlon of New York from dlSOitses incident to h"t weather. Mid in report ;t f and < ausmg to be taken down er repaited nil unwife buildings, together with the otdi nsry patrol and detective duty, entitla the forco to th? dengt athm of guari'iai s of the public morals, himlth and oruer. Another important service pcr(omve<l by tho pi lice Is Hint of the examination of boiler*. it my of tl.rse have b<en founl In an umvUe Oondittou. and experlenoe has <leinomtr?t< d tliat the duty ef QKpectkn can be p-'rforuied by tho police mote thorot.phly and economically than by an Mapwdent board of Itispot ties No pre. autlou "will prsv. nt .a- t rioiiulacc.' enta fr m ateam boiler*; yet authority sh nil exist lor oorofHi) fig the observsuca cf such prvptr rtgj hit ons on this Kubjoct as will protect Hfo and pi*0Mr. j H w prnb'Ble that noma aiaentineet the pokeu to.: ? | ttii.- regurS wiU be required, as wt>.l a* ? rospecl W thd : pnwir 01 worn piling Hit jmjmeut of thi expen- ;.s ul p'lrt f ig tanemuut houe ?, and a'so in other matte ? ?i *?r u Lor details. 'i'Lo report of tfn> Coiniuiosiouurs, vv'iich vi U be duly submitted to you, contains much lm,s>i t.iMt a lurmatioii, as well as m uy valuable sugga-Hiou* *u I i eomitieudaileiis all cur,g the public welaiv, i corn nv-ud it to your most serious and careful attention. The Board oi' OwniiiMioners Of Pilous have continued during tht |?at yea.- to discharge thu duties e.l on them, a.lLougli "the legislature of last wiutar m^Ue im> provision lor the oxjwiis''* lucidt ut thereto. Tlio ueOMfci t> ol p oU-ctlBg tli* wharves and pi?rt> ef Sew York from misuse arm encumbrance, and the wntors of the harbor from encntfichmout, to too obvious t?? require argument The vigilance of the Commissiouws hut. pmvoutod, to a groat extent, th > practice of throwing forbidden auiolss iiito tlie water I, the improper uncharge of oar goes and encumbering of tho wharves and pier* They have mused the removal of several .-,u; ken ves sel* wiiu h huTu e'idniig?rod navigation. llut Hra^'UC t?>*? niwt Important acti of the Board haw bt^en the removal ?f a poi uon ot pier number fifty one N'orih rivi r, which extended twenty timo and a half feet beyond the pier line, us fixed bv'luw, and was constructed utter tho 1ms was established. Great credit is duo to the Commis sioner* for the prompt, efficient i*d fuarlch-i uunner In which they Lavs discharged tho refpouBiblo dutios de volving upnu thou in procuring from the courts it i>or peiual mjunoliou resuamiug tho completion of the unfin ished pier koiitli oi pier number ono Voithrivor. An appropt nilU.L rhould be made for the pro; tor charges of the Commissioners. tluipter 610 >f the laws of ISfiO created in the city of New York the Department ol I'ubllo Charities and Cur i rectiou, and abolished tho almshouse department. The Gbronilssiennre, font In number, appointed by the Comn- j I troller of that city, have reorganised the establishments under their chui'go. They recommeud several amend i n.enu! to the !?wh t" euabl ? them more etlectully to hi ootnpllBh the objects of their appoiutment. 1' 1s claimed by them that much injustice is occasioned by thu oi*v I ration of thoso laws which except tho county of New 1 York from u dtotiibutivo sharo of the cemmuwi tion moneys paid by ship owners, masters or (vn- j signecs, although tint couuty is obliged, like all tho others, to support its share of the f-reign poor: and that, in exempting tho Coiamlseiorter* of Emigration from sup porting those porsonn or taiBsougors who have boon ab sent from the State more than one year, tho county of New York, lor obvious rea?ms, becomes unjustly bur dened ruder the prepent ssstem of commitmenU by the police courts to the tustitutlona on Bl.-.cltW 'll s !nl and, Tor intoxlc-itlon, the ram i party may b i, and oftsn is, ennwithd filty, and In fimo Innhu. -** s veaty-flvo times, with'u a very brief period. The sonteuc -a of tha oi'ojuier are from two to ten days, a penoU just long en< i Kh to enable him to reel in his revolu tions, recover his sobriety, partake of tiio b Lpitalities of the prison, and then go lorth, e'.'rtuiu only to gravitate again to his frl >ndly quarters. Altliougb fully aw.* e of thu vagrant character of many of tho persons m fr. queutiy cKtenee J by them, the police ma gist rates have no pw:r to commit for vagrauoy, an of feucu not proven, ni>r, Indeed, even alleged, agahist those so regularly brought before their courts. A ctjnviction en this chaige wetild procure for those persoiiH mu .h kmger sentences, anil would servo, In agrcat measure, to cure the evil complained of; and it i* submitted whether it should not bo made the duty of someolUccr to attend tho pohoe courts In the character of public cmplaiuatit against this class of olfenders. I think s<ime amendments are noewsary to ohaptor se venty l wo of the laws of 1*50, relating to the harbor Bi.<?tors of the port of New York. The ooloct of the law fc fcuuikiu bo lu not prohibiting harbor masters from em ploying assistants to perform '.heir duties and from ab senting themselves from their posts; and it is buileved tliat. these pubordinatee, to sow 'extent, exact and receive Illegal fees for berthing ves^.-la. Hlrlugent provisions aga, the empioymcut of assistants under u&y pretext whatever, and against demandiLg, receiving, ea'jri ig or paying gratuities, should be adopted. j Tlie Commissioners of thu Central Park of the city of New York report nmotu!! (Urw'y expend*; by tboin in tho puiTLai .? of C.nd aud iniprbVofhOu^ Vv h? Tt'8 74. and that the amount yet unexpeu led of th - in* uis auiboiikid to be raised for tin; completion of tho l'ark .s ono million and eight hundred tliousikiid dollars. Although now held lu much favor by sll classes, yet the great im portance of this noldo undertaking will continuo to Srow in public eet^'m, and will be more and more priiwd tro.u generation to geuoiation. Xor the sako of efficiency' It is suggested that tho number of oumaiusioncrs be reduoed from eleven to five. Tbo ComgnteaiontrB appr.luted by the art of April 3, iti ascerUi'.u and mark fco bo-mdary line betwoon tbt MM of New Tort aad OohmUoui. k conformity with the Furvey of 1731. have Ivoen un<tblo to agree with those on the part of tho latter State. The various prepo Bitio: s made having been decllu'.'d. and tho joint coiarnis siors failing to agree upon a basis, the Commissioners for this State proceeded to run, and havo run and mark-*d, a line which is represented as being nausfuclory to the peo ple cn both sides of the boundary, and have plorod monu ments at the prepcr pomts. Their report, prosentmg the details of their proceedings, will be transmitted t.> you, together with a oommuB veal too from the Kxocutivo of Cocsecticut While the State should be oxactly Just, and while I should be unwilling to counsel a w Ithdrawal of its pitrou j age from tho several cluriUiblc mstltutlons whiou have hitherto enjoyed it, I would suggest the adopt km of amore rigid system of accouiitlug and etoiMty, lhe uectriue ?t strict acjonnlahllity shuuld apply as well to our chari ti< h aa to any other lnteieat. 1 am sure thai no valid ob it ctlons can be urged against this by th^so Into wiioso hands the interests of tnrso important establishments are coniinittcd, since it will uil'ord to the ]>e<>ple a satisfactory guarantee that tho moneys appr<> pi luted to these objects havo a prop>r direction. I would recommend that nil applications for nki to State kjstitutioi's, beyond that for usual and nocessarr support, should be e-arofully scrutinized, for it oann>t be denlod that w hite their ordinary aflhlrs hive b* ou m.iuiged with care, Uigc expenditures have so;uetliuos b t n made for m<re ornsmi i tation. h wo keep constantly In mind the fact that the taxpnyer is ehargod with Iho aire and sup i?< it of the poor <1 his own locality, .aid, in a hlition, wil llugly jiays all that is required of him for th.'se general purp<?es". uj pl'oat.i ns for aid will be more care:uily con sidered. and. b? limiting the amount only to actual w.-ntj, we nu>y bo Wi iii.oral but m< rvjuat Tho New Ywk In-iUtulion for the Deaf and Doiob is nnceeeefully accomplishing the important work assigned It. As respects cdurjitoonal eincieucy, extent of accommo uiUlons and tbc nuniWer of pupils, it is nowhere surpassed. Tlie building Is *ti Imposing structure, built at a large ex pense, on W.uhli.gtou Heights. Tlie present number of pupils is threo hundred and threo, of whom two hundred and nfty-lwo are bwivtWiaries of this state, nad thirteen of New Jersey, and thirUen are paying pupils from other Mates, ihe buddings are designed for tour hundrod and fifty Inmates. Tlie annual oost to the Ktate for educating each of It* pupils is one hundred and fifty dollars. Tho proportion of mutes to the population of tho State is estimated to be hp one to twi thoifAiid. and, estimating the number of inltabiUints of New York at four millions. It would api?ear that about one-seventh of the mutes of the Plate arc enjoyUig Uie advantage" of tlie Institution. The New Vork Institution for the lilind had lu charge, on the ;M ol I). c. tuber last, two hundred and tea puplU. A chanty which txteiulstho hand of Instruction to a class so helpless as the biinl is entitled to tlm sympiUhy ol all. U is gistifrlr.g to know U>at a large pi-ejx'rtiou of the graduates of this institr.tion are eap-dde of ee-n ing, and thai hwny of them do earn, their own support in afti r life. I"he course of education ?.oiisists of insinio tion in the ordinary l-jigiiah brancbent and in some ?ulia ble indi sttlal pursuit. Tbe Asylum r?? Mk>ts, V ested st Hyriruao, l?ev: lently a. coti.pli. hiug nil Its i rg nutors predictod. During the past yi ar new methods ol instruction, Improvernenta in tho systt m of rnain gemuut of the pupils and the ciinduct of the li'iuselsnd. iktvo Imoui introduced, sud greater at tention l'ii? been given to in tust-ial education. Tlie (aiming eperatletis, accamphstvM principally by th^labor of the larger boys, have been quite productive, and a branch ol Labor hai> tv en successfully tried. There weie connected Willi the institution during the I list year one hundrcil and lo'ty pupils, of a cl*ss of < hildrVu kcown to be i*cullar!y subject to bodily ail [ ments; yet no death, nor hardly a cncu of sickncss, oc I cnireti. The Inebriate A*ylum is stpreacbing completer. Al ready three fourths of tlie Mutton work Is flni*liod in a substat tlal manner. The b'iiUiiig is to be so ooustruoted as to kccoiun.odate four hundred putleuts. Four tbou sand two hundritl and eight -ooe inlkats?ns have be<>n nui (I e for admit'ten to th? instil tit ion when i>enplcU<l, and it is at. mtotesling fact that these are conthioj to no leealny, bet have come from every Stale in tho Union, end fritn n'rnist every town In our own Mate. Every teasa nable eue(iuiag?m<nt should be given to tent the efficacy ?f the i kpcrlnitul j?. nj* ?e\i by tho friends of this ItiMittilklB. The i..anagers of the Uoure of P.e^ge at Rant tail's I''and, in the city of New York, received about uno thoti?and chihlron ihumg the year 1860, and there are now in the bouse about five hundred and flfty, of whom eve hundred and Ave are the building for girls is completed, and bos b ?n occupied since Februsry last. 1 he delinquents of l>oth sexes are now classified; the younger and less vicious cliil.ireti are, un.h r the pr^s.uit plan, kept from all cemniumcAt ion -.villi the more oor rupt Vjich class has Its own workshop, schoolroom, playgro-.uid ami dormitories. Th" discipline of the insti tutlnii Is thus nu re easl1> maintained, snd the improving IntnieiMMS are brought to b> ar uioro dUectly upou e.tch inmate Hie Wee tern Hon so of Refuge, locateil at Rechwtcr, was openetl In August, 1*4M. Thirteen hundre i and nine t)-eevei. deh itpients in all liavn been wmteuoed to that liiStitntK.u, ol which number there were received, from the 1st of .laotiarv last to tlie latter part or November, oro hundred ana thirty six; onj hundred and forty five have b en discharged uurtng the yenr, llvo escipod and three havo died, aud on November ?2 four hundred and nine remained. tinsel) Connected with the growing hcalthlnes? In the public fltianc's ts our sgrteuHural prosperity, ruder lyirs. as d<? ? this great interest, the material progrea* of the o uutry and tla< ?dvnnccmout Id the arts of clri I.ration, eveiythiug relaloig to our p>litical economy is tiscessaniy graduated by It. We are poor or noh aa our agricultural {deductions are moagrs or bouullfnl. Ibis pursuit, enrngtng nearly or qolui one half of tho populate a of the vtate, nets In motion tho wh<<?to of In ternal commerce and crown' with plenty and happiness tlx homes of our people Ho thoroughly Is tlie agrs'td turist criming to underRtaud the principle; of cultivation In the employment of fertilisers, w hich ?ckinoe proves to be peculiarly adapted to his soil; In providing himself with implements oi husbandry totally fitted to his uee; lu feeding his herds with these articles nxist ConductTS to their gmwth and imprt>vemctit, that he spares himself in toil ami is blessed with increased return for his labors. Ami alt hoc gh It has nt t reached Its highest developemjnt. s> riculture luut made great advai.ces, and a broad aud permanent foundation is laid fur the mure perfect struc ture N. arly a quarter of a century ago a plan for an agrl ( ? nl Hbeol wis discussed, MKl measnrc* lortfg Is warlis establishing one were take* Votblng mat* rial, h' wt ver, was t iiocte.1 until the winter of 1H?3, when a chat i. r we* obtained f?r the New York Ptate Agrlculto ltd <? :;ege, located at Orkl. Three >?*rs later tho legis lature anthoi iied a Utan of $40 000 to It from the Htnte Ties my. in condlts>n that a like sum should be ratned i- private tnbMrtptM Tbt? wsc pn*mptiy done, and the w.i k of construe*mg th>> rncetw ry buildings was at . ,-ir'il 'in< it Alt bough f u?, p. tins a large num ber ot ?ttwst < ? al establishment* devoted to agi mil urv and a?ijutet rttoaces, this toilcge m amoug iho IU|t established in this country. It ks bow nearly ady lor the admission ol' pupils. I pie V Oodtge, ut ILuvuua, ui ;chuylar seunty, is Ml* ?' ?' n.plulod, though tho mam bulldmg, an im pe-.- .i>g structure, Is cneloaai, aad the work upou it pro yuxt i j?. 'Ih<2 institution'8 unjKirUcit advan t Rrs to those for wlism ii u designed, from which elajs o\ ?i tlircu hmnlrau apj/iioat.vui 1 yr mimifau.n latvs Utoa u Tt utly made. A remedy k serissaly detrr.nded by the public for tha cml-a. i nK-mceU: oecaei. ana by tko iu*b Jity or w: courts, especially the CV.nrt of /^peak and the courts In lha ci > 01 New York, to dispute of the imaiiiees ^efjro tin tn. A difficulty htriltixg no directly, ui docs this, at tla.t I'urtMnul dectriuo ol our government, that jostle shail not be dUVrred, is worthy of your moat careful at ted Ion. Ibe tiw of 18C0, entitled "An ac t concerning the right aud liabilitiesof husband and wlfs," uiv;>lvo? changes, the oaIti-l radical nature of win Ji could not, I thin hav>* been fully compi ehuudwt by iUS fraiutirj. To titcbw I Intrite your carelul attsntiou. 1 would again urge the impeirtanoe of requiring esohi coutity to i ky tba cost of ti:? trans|>orlaiioo of kid owu convicts to State pritfoa. TLe abuse* which exist tn oon lioeticn with this sti vice uui bo remedied in unmans* ho well us t? rLice the accauiits open to the pergonal in spection of tho taxpayers. This course would not be simply a change of the burthen from 'bo Statu to lb county treasury, whero it propsrly lielongs, but would net'.ally lessen the total cwt to n very notorial degree. 1 called the uile&lloa of your iaune liate predecessor* to lho nccel'Sily of authorising boards of sup?r visors i* iiiid |uy the proper aeeants of ag-uts employed, under ciuctKn of the eoun'yVuhorttiee, to execute re quisitions of tho Covernor for the return of fugitives trom Justice. A duty su peculiarly b to tho local (' should not be-ccme a charge upon the Elate troa sury; end so lone as it 'h'.ib remains, abuses ef a serious character will exist. Kxpti leneo shown that when cem pe-ftud to undergo the scrutiny of the supervisors t? whom, generally, the facts of such cast) uro known, im proper charges are less frequent, aud journeys to other j-tal>? ur.d.i taken under pretence of pursuing alleged fugitives, though in some irs? for other obj -cik, will bs much less likely to be made at the public exi>euv>. Tho last 1 egtelaturo pa; sod, at a late perlo i of it* ses sion, a bill known *s ino "insolvent bill," ftotn which, od a careful examination, I was c tu| j.led to withhold my approval, iD contequence of matilest defects, rtMult ing, undoubtedly, from tho huste in which it w.m drawn. Kid urged through tho forms of law. The principle oa which it was rounded, tliat the houeet but unfortuuats dt-btor, who gives up to h;a creditors all hie property, Fhould be dicchilrgod li rm his 0b!igati0(u<. is, I believe, both wise and equitable; but a law which Rlull ooiry out this principle EOould be w '1 matured, should eontala ,, pri p rly guarded and sti ln,ri)..t provisions 'ig .last fraud, and should exoept from its operation trustaos, execotore, Mid ethers acting in a tlduciai y capacity. The law of the last see-ion was defective in ail these respects. Ihe Ciovernor is required t > certify to tho cor. octaeefl of certain accounts about vtichlie can know little, and y< ? liifi certificate scrvea to shield them from the scru tiny of t'.ie tli.dn< ial ollicer of tho state. These should be placed i n tho same footing as other claims upon thq treHSiiry. The rights of persoiw sfcitsod of crime arc not, tt ap? pears to me, now sufficiently protected. To remedy thkf it has been proposed to create, la the city of Now Yorlc at lout, su ot'lee, the incumbent of which shall b? charg<Hi with the duty of defending those who are anabta to pi ovi'le themselves with cojng' 1. If it Is deemed best not to adopt this remedy it chouid at least bo required tiu.t the counse'l assigned by the court should have suf Ccicnt timw and inducement to prepare the defence. We claim that through tho ballot bi>x we obtain tha popular verdict on political subjects; that by it we am enabled to mukc choice of suoa persons as will most nearly represent the public judgment. To preserve It fiom fraud or improper influences is, therefore, tho high est tlcty of Mt-tatc, and efforts havehe? n made,from timd to time, to throwarouud It such protection as cxperienoa has shown to be nec^wwry. Among the ait'eguirds is tha Jtegiotiy law, which has been of sigual value in removing one class of evils. It* suceoeg only demonfitrates the ne cePHity (ft a still closer eiuminxiiotl to ascerhtm if oilier tvis^ iukd proper measures may not bo adopted to sare tho prioeless gift of lufftag'j to those only who are justly entitled to exercise it. rermit me to call your attention to tho fact that th* expenses of the l^egUt^toro have Urgely incr??sed within a lew years, and that they catl be Wieiitially curtailed without dutrin.ent to the public interests. loo not be lieve that either the despatch of business or tfc>i coo venicnce of member* requires to large a number of em ployes. I do ?ot consider It ueceenury to repeat at length tha views presented by mu in former mes?tgv-s, in reKard to the tollowirg ttibje. ts, bat simply feslre to sny Urnt re flection and observation have only servcJ to con iirm the opinions therein ?ipreened, an<t"f therefor* renew, and would resprctiully refer te thctM seve rs 1 recommendations, to wit:?That aliens actually residing in this btuto be authorized to acquire, hold and convey roal oeUto at the I-? pleasure; that female* convicted of cilinos involving for brieC pcrio>ls should be sent to tho penltsui lariou Instead of tha Mate prison; that measures be taken to secure from Congress tho moans for the prompt completion of ths defenc- s of the harbor of New York, thai the number oC railroads in the upper part of the city of New Voik b? increased, that a careful attention be given to Uio sub ject of public health, especially in the city of New York, and particularly to pioviding tho ne-ci>aary scicatito sauitsry supervision; that it be made the special duty of semeottlc* r to enforce the law of April 12,18M, providing for the carc aud Instruction of idle and truant children; that a revision of the laws applicable to breaches <>f trust in various forms, nnd to pcrfcuis act ing in fiduciary capacities, 1ms become nevssnry; pe.wer should be given to the Govomor to a.u peud for misbehnvior, during the ro<M<M of the senate, all officers whero removal or suspension is not otherwise provided for; that village chartws are llllod with minuto details whl< h might be comprehonaetl in a general uct applicabls to all but exceptional cai* s, that a law bo pa~se"1 requir ing the courts to put trusti es in pots ssion of thi'M rail roads whi Ji fall to pay the intorset ou their mortgags debts, ainl to require railway compani*- to maintain their ?read beds and bridges m such coi.dition ua to insure ths safe tranrportation of pa?*i ngeirs over lb'm; that by ex< tending the powers of beards oi superv ieoi s, tho con venience of the people would be promoted, aud the tints of legwlutloo savwd. Birce the adoption by the city of New York of her prs Rent charter, the vast Increanu of the population, and lha multiplied changes which have occuircd ia tho mrtitu. tions and In the political relatlatis ol that city, seem ts render It well worthy your consideration whether a com mission should not be epcoiuWd wlrse uuty it shall be come to pr ?T?are during the pre*.tat year, and to prt*eot for submission to the electors of th? t city at ih? next general election, a new charter; an t, if approved ky them, then tha officers named to such charter to bs chosen at the city election iu Decernh? r following. Ths act should name the commissioners; th*y should lUl ba r?*Meois of the city of New York, and should t>e aetoeted with especial refsreuca to tholr tltneas for tho ponltlca, and sheulJ be takeb from the sevaral >litical p?rtios. Our public works, now junt roacbii g their fulleat rfflce acy. constitute but a 1 irk in that eoaiprehonaivs chain which stretches from the Vaster* seaboard to ths ?weatern o?'nt1nes of Mlfoari and Iowa. In view of ths exriuiFive nature of onr commerce, which now so cloarly dimmidsthe immecse fsclllu^s it would afford, we eaa ?not but feel that the timo has fully couie for completing that "yrt<'ni of intercoinraunusiion ii^w, iu part, so sue* CtMiuliy inauguratod; ai.d, to that cad, to regard with yet grenter fovor tho qi.isiton of a speedy oonstructwo of a continnital railway. Ihus, wbllo meeiing th? demands of a bnslncM nge, we shall nore closely and toois icdr olubly cei:,?ut the Atlantic and Kacifls titstee. it is not for the authorities of New York to prescribe the j>articular mode or route by which the general government mn v most speedily seours ths completion of a work so worthy the gt-olua of our people, snd so imj-Tir.nt to the material Internets of the whoto country . but ?*> directly are heir c itisacs lnt- restod in ths e?t#Tpr-~e ibat we may *, rb pr.uriety sxpremi the hope that Com" ess will take llie oi' 1kmI tn vueurrs for its ac complishment. If. in providing a line l?a lir.g Irom ths more northern scetioas of the t nion, Congrcse skill daeas it just to udopt a similar degre e of favor toward a mora southern line connecting the Pacitlc with the States adja cent to the tlulf of Mexico, I need Uardly express ths sFsuran. ? that Uie p. opie of New Y"r'? ? ill rejoioe in th* prosperity which Uie completlou of suc'i a I ns wotild inevitably secure to that portion of our common country* As required by the federal constitution, the eighth General t ensue was taken last year. lie results wdlTorm the busis of a new appor i< nment of ropresnntatioa through'nit the I'nlon. and consequently a rearrangement of the Congressional district* in this S'taie. I am In debted to the courtesy ot the iiii^riatonde iit of th>- (Jhn sus offlc# at Washington for the following stalUltics, de rived from th's enuin. ratl<m, which, slihough lnoo*i plcte, ?'S thst officer to state thai they will prors substantially cArrect. Ihe population of the .state ol Mew York numbers about thiee million eight hundred and tweuty seven thousand; the federal or representa tive population of thesevaral Stat a, about Iwci.ty nlas Ii.iI1k.Ii four hundred and thirty nine thousand laevery case these estimates will be changed 6 me what by ths offlclal figure*. The free population of all the FUtc* will number ?bout 27.112 000 Mave prpulaiion a.s7*,000 l'( puiaimu of the Territories. Kansas Included. aM.MS Or a total prpulatlon of about 31 ,-'174,9VJ pipnlalloii according to the ceusus of 1U0. . .2U.IV1.014 Increase in ten years of abmit g,tbl).7>*3 lh? ii.cri.nsc oV populstsin in this .State since 1HM If about 730 tssi. vines 1M6. about .'Ml .000. Tlie population of Kansas, including 1'lke's Peak, I* ? botd 141 100. In the ribsrnceof detailed ofllnalstatistics. I can only re n aik that, froin unofficial sources, It uppxars ths hicrs*** of poputatk n in thlsHtate isoootined prtm-ipallT to our e m ?Acretsl nr.tree and that, notwithstanding the p>?.imarf nsis of 1H/.T, our induatrul roaourt.eS ha's Uig.>'v aug mented. a iiown by a companion with lh > -tut.' o naua ? f lS.V'i It .s appureot also that the agi .cultural returns ndlcate a bl? hly prospenm* e<iudltio?. Tlie year ltKiO will occupy au iuip->rtont place In nnr ? atloual history. The eTenta which have dminrntshod it are not only nnuatial, but are of a characUr llk"ly to produce p rniuaeot effects upon .mr commercial and po 'Itleal rclatlonfl. 11>ey liavostirved to show how favor ? bly our policy has Impressed ov?n distant empires; hsw important a relative position ws ocoupy among tho Jffeat family of nations; end bow stremg. and, st the same ttme, how srroaeous are th? p-- pvi?c/w whi'h have be??i engendered In some '. rttou* of oor common country sg-ilnst other sections, f irst, in )M>int of tima, was tlie Kmbassy Trotn tho Em peror of Ju|*n. and it is a fsct ol muoh interest that this was the Or?t formal esah*ssy ever sent to any Western nation. The sdigulorly exclusive pulley oi the .lapasea* lias hitherto prerant*d that intercourse which fJ?e stand Ing of their nation fairly untitled ?hcut to. With s ji pu 1st Ion greater than our <iwn, a coantrv every wbero cultlvaied, S people among * h"m sduration Is unrvcrs-U, pr.wsslng the mist ?ulsoantlal elemsats of wi>i!tli, of Industry, "f adaptshtlly c,f rcfteeaaent, of ntoUI gsuce.of probity and virtue, vluwd laws are administered with rigorous unparilality, wlm ars lmsptuiuio -nd oprn hearted, the empire oi Uipan, from ntudiajs <in wlllingneni to i>p??n Ms ron. not. n to the w .rid, has Isn'B but llitle known Krom Hi" sytMN wltt fttd ths , aj'Oinse exsmineil our nie h nioil and otbe. n' rial ? stablisbments. and th'^'r- k- ts tliej evince 1 In appre . 'sting their auvsatagse, tha vwot win produ.? ?%>nio e' UCt upon iheir ows advabvrni?at. while, fres? the e

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