Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 11, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 11, 1861 Page 1
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i THE!NEW YORK HERALD. ^ _ ' " ~ " ___ . * " ? WHOLE NO. 8890. MORNING EDITION-FRIDAY. JANUARY 11, 1861. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE REVOLUTION. Highly Important News from tl^e South. particulars of the Attack on the Star of the West by the South Carolina Forces. Important Correspondence Between Major Anderson and Gov. Pickens. The Action of the State Troops Approved by the Governor. The Subject Referred to the Federal Authorities. Tbe Sloop-of-War Brooklyn Ex pected at Charleston. Extensive Preparations at *tbe Batteries to Beat Her Off. Tbe Steamer lflfarton Taken by the South Carolinian*. Seizure of the Louisiana and North Caro lina Forts by the Seoetsionists. IMPORTANT FROM VIR8INIA Peace Propositions Adopted by the House of Delegates. Alabama and Florida will Probably Secede To-day. KFEErU OF SENATOR DAVIS ON THE CRMS, &c., &c., &0. IMPORTANT FROM SOUTH CAROLINA. attempt of the star or the west to 1 AND TROOPS AT FORT SUMTER. CVKNINO or TUB STATE BATTERIES rrot* TIIE MTKAMER?IMPORTANT LETTERS OF MAJOR ANDER SON TO GOVERNOR PICKENS, ETC., ETC. CHARunrox, Jon. 10,1861. Ttio despatches gent yesterday as to the Star of the V< "trictly cornet. Tlte OtMiitsten (taritr *ays that at about half post hx < 'clock yesterday morning the steamer General Clinch disoovered the steamship Star or tbe Wml, nod ?igniili?4 i be factor h?T approach to the occupants of Die battery on Morris Tplanrt. .is soon as the signal* vere teen by those on guard there, Morris Island *i.<< asttr wiili men at their pouts before the crdrnt CO''Id be given them to prepare for act km. They reuiamed in anxious suspense, but ready for what they believed was lure to come?a \oiley from Fort Sumter. The Star of the West rounded tbe point, took tbe ship channel inside the bar, and pro ceeded straight forward until opposite Morris Island, abent three quarters of a mile from the battery. A ball ?ns th< n tired athwart the bows of tbe steamer. The Kti<r of the West displayed the stare and stripes. As soon a* the Ask was unfurled tbe fortification fired a succession ?f heavy eh< ts. The vessel continued on her course with it>rr?*.-td speed, but two shots taking efltec upon her. she toorlud'-d to retire. Fort Moultrie fired a few fittol at her, but >-he was out of their range. The damnge done to tbe Star of tbe West is trifling, as only two out ?f seventeen shots took effect upon her. lort Sumter made no demonstration, except at the I*'i t boii.' where guns were run out bearing on Morris Island. About eh von o'clock yeaterday morning* boat from Fort fetmter, bo*nog I.ieut. flat? with a white flag, approached itoeoity. I.ieut Hall had an Interview with Governor 1'iokena nn<) war> afterwards escorted to bis boat and re <11 buikcd for Kort Janitor. The communication from Maior vi oerHon is h* rot lows MAJOR ANUKKHON TO GOV. PICKKS9. To His K?' *?!Kfli nir Uovkrnor ok Soith Caboijna:? si?;?Two of your batteriee flrcd thia morning on an un arm** m Venring the flag of my government. Aa I l.?\? not been noli lied wnr has been declared by Month ('Hrolina agaiust tbe Putted State?, I cannot M it ink tKis a txtiWic act, committed witiont y?n;r -mii-t'Oti or authority. Pnder that hope I re tiaiii from o|flung tire on your batteries. I hare tl,. h><tor, therefore, reapectfiiUy to usk whether the Ikn ? m> ntt"i e'l act?one whfb I believe without ptral 1>I in Ike history of our country or any orlmr civilized (Wi feat *?? com in. t ted in obedience to your in ? t i tioav and notify yon, If it la not disclaimed, that I it * an nci ol w ar. rmJ I shall not, after reasona ?>?? tUai for the return of my mouse ug?>r, porm.t any *i a' I to pa"-* itliin th? ranjreof the gnns of my fort. inwiiii r u? aave, an far aa it ia in my power, the xbed ,iH v hir ed.' >'e? you will take due notification of my ?\v. tor ttH*<c <?d of all rnnnrroad. Hoping, however, |?iii .c, ??r iua.v justify a liirtlmr continuance of for .t ??i aic . n in> ,p?rt. I remain, n*pect/ul!y, R ?WCRT AVIWR^TV. op ??in Kit nob PickKWg. ? . \ ? ituji fV.JceijF vft' r atating thepoMtiou of (Vjulli ? violina i<> '<h? I nimd Htat?*. cava that any attempt to ? end I lilt (| Mlab troopa iuto C harleston harbor to retn ferre th? fort# Mull i>e / yarded a* an act of hostility, mtfl in cci. iuaMa ?4<b- th*/ any attempt te reinftwoe the in?p? at F.^rt SiiinUr, "r to#- take ai d resume powoeaion >4 th- loria within the wnt^ta of Fouth Qaro'.ina, wb I. li '.or An?let?i^i a I 'runt nod after (piking the > ,ini ? n and doii.g other damage, , annul be re gjrrt' ?! hf B'lthorltl'a iif the stato as Mteative ?f any other pwyns# than the coercion of tlu Hate by the armed force of the government. (fwW ??*<>*?, therefore, iia\e been off the bar to warn apprf?e|i|nr *??-e|?, a'tne! and unaim'nl, hnv ng liWfia If rtinfttre* NM SMrter ibwN, ant to enter ?he J?'bcr. 1 rleis Ire bt?u g;>?s SAVANNAH AND ITS 0 R G I ? ~i bCUK O V Mil. RR. SEE KIOIIT1I PAflR FO'l A DESORIPT1HN OP THE ABOVE FORTimCATlONS. mandere at the forts not to fire on such vessels until a shot across their bows should warn them of the prohibi tion of the State. Under these circumstances the Star of the West, it is understood, this morning attempted to enter the harbor with troops, after having been notified she could not enter, and consequently she was flred into. The act is perfectly justified by me. In regard to your threat about vessels in the harbor, it is only necessary for me to say you must be the judge of your responsibility. Your position in tho harbor has been tolerated by the authorities of the State, and while the act of which you complain is in perfect consistency with the rights and duties of the State, it is not perceived how far the conduct you propose to adopt can find a parallel in the history of any country, or bo reconciled with any other purpose than that of your government imposing on the State the condition of a conquered pro vince. F. W. PICKENS. SECOND COMMUNICATION FROM MAJOR ANDERSON. To Hot Kxckt i user Governor Prawn :? Sir?1 have the honor to acknowledge tho receipt of your communication, and say that, under the circum stances, I have deemed it proper to refer the whole mat ter to my government, and intend deferring the course I indicated in my note this morning until the arrival from Washington of such instructions as 1 may receivo. I have the honfr also to express the hope that no ob- , stroctions will be placet in the way, and that you will do me the favor of giving every facility for the departure and return of the bearer, Lieutenant T. Talbot, who is directed to make the journey. ROBERT ANDERSON. Governor Pickens immediately granted the permi-sion desired, und directed Lieutenant Talbot to have every facilitv and courtesy extended to him as bearer of de bpaUli< s to the United Stutea government, both iu going and returning. Lieutenant T. Talbot left Charleston late last night with rictpatchus from Major Anderson to the President of the United States. Lieut. Talbot goes to Wa'biugtou for further instruc tions from the President. A party of gentlemen enter tained him at the Charleston Hotel previous to bis de parture. There is no excitement here. PREPARATIONS FOR AN ATTACK ON THE SL0OP-OF WAR BROOKLYN. CiiAKifsrov, Jan. 10, 1861. Pespatches stating that the sloop of-war Brooklyn is coin ng here with an armed force creates the most in tense excitement. Great preparations are Deiug made In the harbor to receive ber. Tne Marion, of the Charleston and New York lme has been purchased by South Carolina and ordered to be razeed for a man-of-war. Her upper cabin Is to be taken off and the is to be supplied with a complete arma ment. The buoys in the harbor have been removed. The Brooklyn will be fired into. Fort Sumter will then open on the South Carol m\ for tifications. and the light will become general. 7be people are preparing for it and for the worst. The Brookh n cannot come in without a great fight. Major Anderson will protect ber. He only pledged himself i.ot to prevent communication between tlte South Carolina forta until Lieutenant Talbott came back. A steam tug called the Aid left the wharf to-night for the purpose of reconnoitering. .She is mounted with one gun and is under tho command of Lieutenant Hamilton, formerly of the federal Navy. There is much talk of sending to Savannah for tug boats to lake the place of gunboats. THF BTKAMEH MARION TAKEN* BY TUB t *TATE AUTHORITIES. Oi*Hi.KKnivt Jan. 10. 1S01 Mc.- rt Sfrndord, Tileston ftCo., of New York, agonta | of the ft< ?m.-hip line between Now York and Charleston, | have b**n uolilied that the stnamer Marion has he -n taken possession of by the fovernmont of South Caro- | Una. Captain Whiting, the commander of the Marion, la no bis way to New York by railroad. Ch "ki-bstoji, .Ian. !?, 1M1. hiHirmitn Tiiwtkm k Oft, The Marion hM be>n taken for the MrvtM of the State by _ the < Jovernor'? order*. HKXBY Mt<JBKOON Jt CO. TnK HTRAMSniP MARIO*. The government of .-'outh tJarolina have taken posaeiu ?i<>n of the xteainship Marion, and in trad using her in the wrvlocor Mm SUM. This vesse! wss built in this ci?) by Mr. .Ineoti Boll, and wan launched uo F ebruary 3,1*51, from hi* yard, at the foot of MtaMoo street, K*pt river, and was afterwards taken to the Novelty Works to have her raa< hinerj put into her. 8he -was owned by Spof ' ford, fffestoa At Co.. and was <mo o( the r?fular Ch tries ton line of packet# ,?he made her trial trip about the middle at May, 1861, and we quote the following from I our report of Uio event:?''She left the Novelty Works, at the Coat of Twelfth street, at one a'clork P. M., j wind aganMt her There were between three and four hundred cuntl' a.en, friends ol iba owners, on board. They lirrd a salute on leaving Twelfth street, aanther as the t ame abreast of a simmer that lay in the Ra?t river, and was aaawar*4| sad m *he roumlad Governor's Island she Brm* asoihor. 'Hi getting into tfca rtter slie lunl tifjeen or twrntv miuntes delay. Aftar that she pri wonted at a im-lrr*(e p? ? down the river, ^TiMctlng that the atealner Alabama wnnM m*<* her appearance, Ibat bfrth vrviels w.sild proceed too ther and have a trial of speed. An ?oeld<"ot on board the latter pr. vented this The Mar km) w?G$ down the bay at her I* *ure. making about e:gM knot* an hour, and at ai out four o'?ktk fMtti iht i ghf Mffri nd proceeded in for ahfut eight miles beyond Sandy Hook. She was then put about and a full brad of stonm put on, and she reached her berth in the Fust river at Bis o'clock precisely, making the return trip in ubout two hours and twenty minutes, at the rate of thirteen knHs au hour. H was agreed by all on board that she was one of the pleasnntest vest la they were over on board ol'? not a pitch or a jar was felt frotn the time she left the Novelty Works until she arrived at her berth, although the sea was rough enough beyond the "Hook." Captain Berry was the commander on this occasion, and tor a short time afterwards, when Captain Foster took charge of her, and continued the command for several yeirs. When taken she was under the chorgc of Captain Sam Whiting. The following is the registry of the Marion at the Amer ican IJoyds in the year 1860:?No. 20fl, Marion, Opt. Fos ter (since Waiting, as above), side-wheel steamer; rate A1K; tight hundred tons burthen. She Una two docks, and draws thirteen feet of wat?-r. Sbe was built of oak, copper and iron fastened, and was metalled in March, 1860. Her engine was a side lever, had one cylinder, seventy inches in diameter, and bad an eight feet stroke. The security against tire is recordod a? being good, and she liad one independent (ire pump. She is also register ed as a medium model, with a length of two hundred feet, a biain of thirty one feet, and a depth of twenty one feet. She was hark rigged, and hail new lied plates. After belug fully repaired .-he was surveyed lust March in this city. IMPORTANT FRO* LOVHUM. SEIZURE OF THE FORTS BY ORDER OF THE GOVERNOR. Nww OtUJUXB, Jau. 10, 1861. All Hie troops in New Orleans were uad-r arms last night, by < rder of Governor Moore. Five companies embarked thsi morning at two o'clock to seiie the arsenal at Baton Rouge. 'lhe Orleans Battalion Artillery and four com|?n:es embarked at eleven for Forts Jackson and St. Philip, forty miles below, on the Mississippi, commanding the approach to New Orleans. The wharf was crowded with citizens, who vociferously cheered the departure of the steamer. Thr'o companies left this afternoon on a tu earner to seize Fort Pike, on l.aVe Pontclwrtrain: New regiments of troops are being organized. A rumor prevails that (he wat steamer Crusader is ci tniog up the river, and the highest excitement prevails. Texas anil Florida will also seize their fortiilca' ions, lhe troops in Tennessee and Mistiissipp: arc arming Fight hundred thousand dollars in specie arrived to day from New York. THK GVNBOAT CRIPAPER. Our previous a< counts of the Crusader's movement ? were that she intered the hirbor of Mi>bile on the .'Id Fiist. and anchored ott Dog River harbor She sailed from l'rnracola, and her mission was to get a draft cashed for prize money due her complement on account of the sale of a slaver captured by her This effected, she was to hail without delay for her station on the const of Cuba. Now she turns up below New Orleans. The following is a list of the officers of the Crusader l.icutenaut commanding. ,lohn N. Malllt. First Lieutenant .lames M. Duncan; Second Lieutenant. James F~ Jouett; Third l ieutenant, A. K. Benliam; Mas tcr, B. K. Wallace. Surgeon. B. B. W. (.re -uhow. First Assistant Kngineer, Jno. A. tirier; Tliird Assistant Kngi neets, 1.. Campbell, O. H. Lackey, P. A. RAarick; Captain's Clerk, Mr. Littleiohn; Pur*ei * Clerk, Dehaten Wilson; Master s Male, Mr. Walton. UHTORTOT nUM Mill, BEIZUBE OP FORTS JOHNSON AND CAS WELL. Viunurai, x. o., Jan. 10. ih#i. Fort* Johnson and (Tssweli were taken possesion of on tbo night of the Ktli by the HmithviUe tiuard. PEKCRirriON ok THK KO*TS KKI/KP. rowi MAitia, rkai rmrr, y. v.. VOrt Macoti protect" hMtart, N. . Mtiil in *itnnto-l on a blnn on Rogue'* bank, one and three ftout the mile Irom the city. It command* the entrance to Beaufort harbor, listing full sweep of lire on the mnln rhunnol The op poelte entrance to the harbor la Hharkleford bank, one and m h?lf tnlle across. The fortiflraiioti I* of hexagonal form. hs* two tier* of gum* one in emu-mated bombproof* mi<I the other rn birt*ttr It* arm?meut consists of twenty thirty-two pounder*, thirty-two twenty-four pounders, two sigMeMfrfmaian. two twelve pounders, ihrco tield pieces for flanking defem e, twelve flank how itzers, ' Ight right-inch how User* (henvy), eight eight inch bow User* (light), one thirteen-in< h mortar, three ton inch mortal*, two Coehorn mortar' Total, e.giity seven guns. The war garrison of the fort It three hun dred tries. Thl* fort, however, la sadly In need of re" the masonry require* pointing in m-'oy place* nearly all the Iron work, such a* door* and window fattening*, are rusted away. one of the woiin bridge* serosa the ditch 1a decayed, aa alo the "hinglod entire *iope of the covert way The shot furnace m useless, the sloro rooms need renovation, and the roadway require* to have It* embank merit repaired, and * new bridge to be b tilt acron the Cans). Tlie wharf, having ita pier* undermined by the sea current and it* wooden superstructure much decayed, requires to he rebuilt. The fortification cost the federal gb<' rnraont half a milium dollars. > 'M ( 4SWKM , XMITIIVII.IS, *. c. Fur* (k'-well i* a tlr*t rlns* fortification, of a hottagonal form. built of ma?*ive Northern granite masonry, having two tlerr of gun- under bombproof casemate*, and one tier of gun* '* VarMtr. ft i* situated at the notranee of C5?po l'car river, two mika from Hmithvllle. Its armament consists of twelve thirty-two pounder*, twenty In* twenty four pounder*. four eighteen pound or*, four twelve pounders, throe Held piece* for flanking del en as, six Hun* howitsors. s>< eight Inch howitjei? (heavy), two ton-lKhmortar* ?nd twoOocbornmortars? in all i i<htv se\cn guns. The uork is *urrounded by diti l ^* and mh iinmi work*, and is in every particular a first class Wofft It cost the federal government * >71 f?0. It war gari ?i? coBxists of ion men. ibe Mirk if gogani.tji u v?r> gogd c.av uuu. a la required in lie armament, so that more guns may bo mounted upon the gorgo of the main work of the co vered way, as these portions now bear directly upon the channel, which ha? shifted from the e.vt to tho went shore. New platforms for these guns will require to be constructed. The battery Johnson, mounting ten guns, nit tutted at Smithville, with a, is auxiliary to Fort Caswell. nronm from tomlvu. rEACE PROPOSITIONS BEFORE THE LEGIS LATURE. Richmoxd, Jan. 10, 1S61. The House of Delegates to-day were further considering the bill providing lor a State Convention. Some few whig delegates are using every parliamentary stratagem to stay final action upon it, and thus detract from its moral influence. Some debate ensued to-day upon an amendment pro posing to submit the action of the Convention to a vote of the people for ratification. This proposition will proba bly be defeated. 1 he House ?f Delegates to-day adopted tho following resolution*:?. Resolved by tho General Assembly of Virginia, That iu view of the imminent danger of civil war, this Assembly, in behalf of the Commonwealth of Virginia, ask respect fully, on the one hand, of the President of the United States, and on the other, of the authorities of each of the Foul hern States, to the end that if possible pcaco may yet be preserved, tluit they will reciprocally communi cate assiiranees, in ro jonsc hereto, to tho General Assem bly of Virginia, now in session, that tho ttitus 71*1 of ail movements tending to occasion collision, and concerning the fort ? anil arsenal* of the nation, slutll on either hand be strictly maintained for the 1 resent, cxcept to repel any actual aggreiaton. That the <to> ernor of the Commonwealth be requested to fcotnmtinlcate thnw rrootaltonn bjr tvlagrmph iinmo diately to the President of the United Slates au<l to each of the Governors of the .Southern Status. The Senate has yet to act upon them. A telegraphic desputcn. announcing the firing into the Star of the West by Forts Moultrie and Morris, and the forced return of that vea*?I, was read in tin House to day, und caused the wildest enthusiasm Cheers and clapping of hands were kept up for a miuute or two, son:e of the member* warmly partici|tating. Ono mdi vidua! in the guilery, who, when a remonstrance was addressed to Uknm occupying it to suppress tliowo mum fe?tations at the peril of expulsion, avowed himself as an active participant in the applause, was brought before the bar of the lloise to answer for his indecorum. He was subsequently released on making an apology. Governor Letcher ccmmtinicatcd to the Legislature a despatch from the Mississippi Convention, stating that l^ssissippi, by the nearly unanimous vote of her Stale Convention, has seceded unconditionally from the Union, and desires, on the basis oil the old constitution, to form a new umoi with the sec- ding States. A banquet will be given to Governor Floyd to morrow night. at the Fx change Hotel, by members of the legis lature and other |:rominent citizens. It is intended as a maik of appreciation of his courae in resigning under the circumstances which led to that event. The City is full of excitement. IMPORTANT fftOV IL1BUU. PROCEEDINGS OF THE STATE CONVENTION. MoxroowntT, Ala., Jan. 10, 1H61. Mr Bri^KB, of Tallaha?eee, offered a preamble ami re hoIuIiom of a co operative ?d<1 conservative cbaracler, as follow *?? Rewihcil, That separate Stale artion is unwise ami im politic. resolved. Tliat Alaliama should Invite the Sun hern Mai<hi to a convention lo he held as early an pra< lieahlc. wlu< h shall c*??ider mid agree upon a Mit tenant of KrM \ h ami I be manner of obtaining rein*-, whether in tlio I'uion or out of It 1bc aboTf were referred to the Commit)Tllrln1!. Mr Bakkx, of la-wll, oftrd a resolution refloating the (iovernor to furnwli tbe Convention witb a statement of the number of arm* purclia-ed under Ibe act of tbe |ml 1/giiMvr*,??'mad ?? their character, deer ipt ion and price, alao *>hat oibcr arms, Ac., are undtr hi* < ontrol. Ms JUmoK moved an amendment, requesting informs tii?u as to ibe number of companies ami noMiera tliat ha I offered tbelr NTTlOM to the Coventor and been ae. 'j>tod Ibe amendment WM ac ? pled and the information directed in be cwuualcitcd to tbe Convention In newet session. Mr Yasciv moved an amendment asking Information in regnril to tbe Amount of ordnance and ammuniti in owned by tbe State, and tbe extent of the federal pro perly in Alabama, and what imrtlon of It ww found at Fori Vernon and Kort Morgnn. Mr. .lamiaon'H resolutions were so amended and adopted. Mr. <'oilman offered Ibe follow ing.? Resolved, By the |<eople of AUh.una, That all the power* of tbla htaie ?ru herein pledged to reeial any at tempt by the federal |overnmont to noerce any of the seceding Slate* Discussion ensued upon this resolution pending wli? h tbe Convention ad(o,> ued to Thursday. fVipt. Randolph, of the federal navy, resigned y<?tar dajr and immediately tender ? d bis service* to the (jover nor ol Alabama A number of editor* am! compositors arc in tbe com parte* that have gone lo I'enoacoln, Florida. ;i is uaderstwl U*l U? lvou*tl?t vt lbiitvva f? ported an ordinance of secession this morning. It will be debated and perhaps adopted to day. It is also un derstood that a minority report win be presented in favor of co operation. lite majority report is for promnt Recession, and re quests a convention of all the Southern States to be held in Montgomery early in February. It is believed tbat the Minority report will be adopted by about twenty majority. ? Some of the prominent co-operatiouists will, in the event of secession, take a prominent stand iu dofenoo of the position that the State assumes. THE FLORIDA STATE CONVECTION. Mo.muomcrt, Ala., Jan. 10,1890. H is, on reliubte authority, that Floi ida will pass the Secession ordinance to-day. THE MESSAGE OF THE GOVERNOR OF WIS CONSIN. Mauihon, Wis., .Ian 10,1861. The Wisconsin legislature met and organized today, ond Governor Randall's meet-age was delivered at noon. It commends the subject of military afl'aiis to the wis dom and iiiscrctiou of the legislature, and says the signs of the times indicate tbat there may arise a contingency in the condition of the government when it will become uece?sary to respond to the call of the national govern ment for men aud means to maintain the integrity of the Union and thwart the designs of men en gaped in organized treason On the subject of so. ocsslon, ho says this is not a league of States, but a government of the |>eople. The general government cannot change the character of a state gn\ eminent or usurp any power over it not delegated, nor can any st:ite change the character of the United .states government, restrict or Increase its jurisdiction, or impair any of its rights. He argues that the election of Mr. I.incolu was legal, and is no just cause for complaint from any quar ter II.. uuym th* oroistitntion makes n? man a alavo Slavery cannot go into free t'-rritory under the com-tuit tton; neither cun it exist outside of Iocs I law; therefore the Personal Liberty laws are founder shonM he, upon the statute in every State. Kvery li\ ing human being has the right to a le,-al test, whether he in a free man or a slave Should the legislature think the Personal I.tberty bill of isioiisili ill ronllict with the United States coo stitution, then it should be made toconfoirn thei.wiih but no fear and no hope of a reward should imlueo a free people to break down the walls of their protecti .n. We will make a saei nice of our feeling to conciliate, but no sail iflee of our principles rhe right of a State to secede tm never be admitted. Or?e in tbo Uuiou a State mist remain until the I'nioe is dentroyed. 'lhe message gives great satieluction. THE MI8?M*IPP1 STATE COCTENTIOf. Jackson, Miss., Jan. 9,1801. Delegations ir< m South (hrohun and Alabama were in \ited to seats in the Uonventiou. They were greeted w tii applause. Kfforts were uiiile t" postpone action, which were voted down. The i!linen delegates who opposed the ordiuamv will Sign it to morrow, making the \ote unanimous Kii'-works were displayed at the Capitol this evtuing. The excitement is interne. REPORTS FROM GEORGIA. At iit sTA, ? ?a.. Jan. 10 1800 One bundled guns were fired here to day in honor of the patsage ot Ute ordmatue of Secession by Mi--is slppi. THE SLOOP OF WAR BROOKLYN. Nottrniji, Jan. lo. 1860 The sloop of war Brooklyn carried ofl a piM named (Jay. she would not st?-j> to di* harge him MOVEMENTS OF TROOPS. Rrwitiv, .Inn. 10, 1>61 H?e steami r Joseph Whitney, aftet lakln# on b ard provisions and munitions oi wjrat the Nary Yai I ye-i*r ilay, proceeded this morning io Port lnd"p"Ud<m< e, where i trt'ops were put o?i board w ih several eflicrs li?- is expected t? leave this aft ruooti. Her domination is mtp ' posed to be the coast ?f I l?ridn Bom..*, Jun. 10, 18411 The steamer Joseph Wh.iney leit her 'lock early this morning, anii --ailed from I'on Independence at i'ottr o'clock this afternoon, with troops and provisions, aud was sel'ited. She passe<t Ibwiion light at bali'-|Ktsi lour P. M. She process dire< tly .-outh lo the forts. Tlie Joseph Whitney took seventy I nit 'i Si.i'es ?oi diers and the following oflirers?Major Araol>i, aim manduig; Lieutenants Blunt ami lien-on, and ^urgeon Mi Iareti. IMPORTJMT FROM WA8M*?rON. YI*ajuuxut<?n, Jan. 10, 1M1. The govwnwil ore still without any Intelligence from CbarliKloD. a despatch received here as Into a- four ?Mock this afternoon states lhat the Star of the West had not made her appearance xloco she was Bred into by the Charlcslonian*. It appetre, there fore, that the statement that she bad authored on the harbor, Is without a shadow or foundation. Kens tor I)avlft te<enod a despatch thlc roorninp from Mr. Tretcoll, snd another from Off, Pickens nUiitif that the Star of the W?*t, when She made her appear ance, whs flred into, snrl during the firing nas hit three times, wlich dr ive her in l, and th-t she then put to to. There sre a tlio??and rnmo.s si sat, hut none cl them are ret nble. What 1 have state' a> Vl ?bo only reliable intellig^H? v aW? ijjt. ^5510 ft.ctWt here up to ibis Itwrv^iiue o'douK The steamer Brooklyn left Nus/U* J t. ;*.? tor < hnrl -ton. Sh? wa> ordered tMr? T |r f!tf> ;*f?rr mi #t. ttt w 11 nt>?U*,Me<Hy fsll hi wl".. ,n? -far of (he W-Rt, toil both vessels will immediately retMM to V3w<ttlvi>. iiv v WIM prolnl/ly bt time WMUt wvrfc if tin- Charleston peoplo fire into the Brooklyn. The next intelligence IVon Charleston is looked for with treat liter est. A now alarm has arisen, which excitod a profound son. ration in Washington. It Is known that (General Scott has been engaged in quietly sending out of the District all the marines stationed here, and supplying their places with United Mutes troo}*, who will of course be under his special command. Quarters for these troops have been provided lor, and they are te be distributed in diffe rent portions of tho capital. Many regard this move mcut with distrust, aud lonk upon it as part of ado plan whereby the Old Hero, under a (how of prescrvin ihe peace and protecting public property and the lives o citizens, is paving the way to a military dictatorship This idea, whether true or false, la working evil la our midst, and stirring Southern feeling to its dregs. . IB the meantime, the President, unarmed aud power lets, has solemnly upiiealed to Congress, an I devolved 01 tliut body the wholu rosponsubility of saving tho country by tuoh prompt aud effectual measures as the fe.irf il crisis loudly demands. It'Congress will now respond in a proper spirit to the h xoentive, and, setting aside all so ?ondary matters, apply its energies to the great and ab sorbing emergency, nil may yet be well. Senator Wfgiall received a despatch to-day from Charleston, confirming that received by Jetfrrson Davis It stales llkil the yilnr of Ih.i It'.w* ? ,A.. Kur> <Ir?a a nee a shot was llred over her bows. This sho did not heed. They then opened fire upon her, and three )r four shott took effect. She thereupon turned bin k and put to sea. I.leut. Hall wus then despatched by Major Anderson to (iov. Pickens, to know whether tho authorities of Charleston authorized tho tiring. Miijor Anderson after* wards slated to the authorities that he would take no turther action until be had received instructions from Washington. Senator Davis received despatches from Mississippi, informing him that the ordinance of secession hod been passed. His colleague, Oovernor Brown, was for resign ing at once; hut (they will (>ropably wait until Saturday or Monday next. Ihe sudden departure of Mrs. Anderson from Men York city, some days since, excited the interest of her many friends to learn her whereabouts, in consequence of f the fact that her health is delicate. She Joined her husband's brother in the city, and proceeded with him to Charleston, and visited hor husband at Fort Sumter. Of course her presence uuder such circumstances surprised and delighted the gallant commander. He was at the same time very much alarmed that Mrs. Anderson should ven ture upon such a hazardous journey, on account of her ill health. She was treated kindly by the authorities of Charleston, and no objection was made to hor visiting her husband. She returned with her brother-in-law. The Virginia democratic Congressional delegation, with the exception of Messrs. Million, Bocock and Clements, have Big tied a memorial to the legislature of Virginia Iq i'avor of an immediate t all of a State Convention, and fer immediate secession. Senator Davis' speech to day is regarded on all 8MM as the ablest eflbi t of his life. It was high toned, mode rate aud statesmanlike. He was congratulated when ho htd finished liy nearly every Senator on tho democratic side, including Douglas, l'ugh and other Kortheru men. Mr. Seward, it is said, will bold forth the olive branctl in his announced speech on the state of the country. It is said tliut he has propositions which will sat.rfy th$ conservative Southern element, aud will pour oil i.poo the troubled water*. What they are of course is not knov,ii. Conjecture states that it is Mr. Crittenden's border committee* plan. Upon him rests she respon sibility. Tfce republicans are to meet in caucus o>j Saturday night, when the proposition of the Oomm tt< e of the Bor der States will come up for ocas iteration. It is not true, as stated in some of the Bewspapertf that Mr. Sherman, of Ohio, absents to tho lomproiniso agreed upon by the Committee of the Bordui States. Mr. Corwin has cnipli tod his report of the * omm ttea of Thirty-three, and has notified the c<>nin .nti e to meet to-morrow, when the report will be read and dm ussed, tears are exprnamd *tmt it will bo tm n??ni niiire far many republicans, aud there is no doubt th.ii a ir .i ci.ty report will be presented. Tho Senate Territorial Committee have authoi ./ed Scna tor Green to re|>ort a bill organizing the Territ ory of I ke's I'cak. M-natoi (ireeu has suhiuitted the bill to Senator Seward for the purpose of getting his approval. hern arc two amendments to this bill, which hive not hereto fore been incorporated in Territorial bills, one is guaran teeing the rights ?f private property; the other prohibit ing ihe Territorial Iegislatuie from interfering with or legislating against pi ivatc pro|>erty. These aiu< ndmenUi are supposed to he obje stiunablo to tho rapubliMi s, anil hence the hill has been submitted to Mr. Seward. W*en*tnwr, lap 10, The select tresson committee of tho Hoinc bus been named by the Speaker. ua follows:?Howard, of Michi Kirn, republican; Hickman. of Pennsylvania. republ.can; Itowes, of Massachusetts, republican; John Cochrane, of of New Yoi k. detuoci at, Branch, of North Cbroitaa, d'-uio cral. '1 In* I Inline today wag engaged u|>oii Dbtr.Ct railroad matters, but accomplished nothing. Tbe Senate wui crowded to bear Mr. Puvis, ol' Vissis riippi. who made an earnest appeal against the right ot coercion in the event of seces-ioti l>y one or more -OateF, and appealed to the North to abandon the idea, in lorming them if they did not that there wax nothing npnn Southern plantations lor their invading armies to live upon nor to pillage, hut that, on tbe p< nlrary. the -ontli, In iIh march upon tbe North, would be invited by immense cities tilled with riches an?t plenty. He an'l 111111 if the North infiMed upon oocrc nc thn -outli tbe latter would accept the issue, und invoke tho mil of the i.od of I >a It lex. The Ini'lliftmrrr to-morrow will ex|s?c the plot of certain Himtbarn tnemlieri of Congress. wbo?e -tates aro going ami threatening to go out of the I'nkm. where ta lent ion it it to remain hero an long as possible, ami prevent the |*swige of tho Naval, Army and other Appropriation bill** and in every way in their |fowei lo block the wheel* of gov<rnn>e?v. Mm I nited Mates Agricultural Society transacted la btifiites- without even mentioning tbe peculiar ntitu Iimj. AII?>ions lo the ilcU rcuiautlon Of farmer* to pre scrvi the I nioo. no mailer what tbe politicians might do, were enthiKiaatually applauded. The .-to.-retary ev ntad a strong ilefue to pivi n? exhibition-) in difler*nt sec tM>ua, which it ??* ?bowu had not been productive of good. r?*imn-ti i I>ix, oi New Vork, was invit<ii i ere by thft Pre-ident I oi the porpaaa oi accepting i>n< oi tbe va cate In hi* Cabinet probably tbe Inter or t"ep?rt tnetit, l?< t as )ct no ociimoo has Ueeu VllUdat. It Will he d?<idf<l to-morrow. ? The following i? the Cabinet a* it now ?tiu.l# ? ?Secretary of staui Mr. Black. of Pean yn ama. Secretary of tbt Treasury. Mr. Thomas, ei M*r>.aiid. fecreiary of tbe Navy.... Mr. Toueoy. "f fibre-' tkjut. Secretarv of War ....... Mr. Holt, oi hen;.cay. -eerstHijr of the Interior.. Vac int. I'Mfrtmaster General Vacant. Attorney (Jeueral Mr. Stanton,or ?? ' *? Gntaabto. The lat<-st rumors and speculation* >. ive toe following as the Cabinet of the '"resident elect ? ,-rcretary of State William II. Seward, of N. Y. Secretary of the Tr? aenry Halmna P. Cbaae, of ?>bio. Secretary of War k'hti C. f'retnont, of al. Secretary of tbe Navy.... Invid W.irnot, of I'enn. j-rcretary of the Interior.. Caleb 1 .-tmitb, of Indiana. lvrtmnster Cenerul <Jid "ti Welles, of Ootwct out Attmi S> Geueral Edward Bates, of Missouri. WAsmsoTon, Jan. 10,1861. Tlicrs it no uould, that tho Hsuae Helact Oirrmlttee on lieawon of which Mr. Howard, of Michigan, it cha.rman, intend to execute the duties aligned them ,u tbe noat thorough manner. ami 1 have reason to belter* that eTery inau in the governm'Dt, high ot low. who is employed by and re^e.v.og m snlnry from the Tinted Ptate?, snd is suspected of being disloyal to then. sno giving aid aid comfort to traitorot t oomniunllle*. or States, will be dealt fcrttb by ? he ooui. j-tw.e and repotted to the Mouse aa III subject* to be ti let! for the lush crime of treaaom. Washington 4 the present time furnishes a rich flel.l for thUoomuelWoe to a?.i in. They will be ba ked la the execution of their dutiea by fhe entire mi'utsry force of the government. and sustained b> the sound military got i rnment and sk ill of t.msrsl AMI. SMator Trumhull s pee, b in repiy t? Mr. Davis M day, and bis analysw of Mr. Grineadw * prop>? tkw, edit idering it a vk latinn of tha e<>mpioi>i<ses of i9j) at 4 vn maiu iwlj

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