Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 12, 1861, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 12, 1861 Page 5
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IMPORTANT FROM ALBANY. The Effect of the Warlike News from Charleston. R?Mlotloii Adopted Endorsing President Buchanan. Til IrpnbliMM Taking ? More ConienaliTe and ConefliaUry Course. THE DEBATE 111 TDE ASSEMBLY. ACTION OF THE 3ENATE. &eaotartioDi Presented to 0*11 a Station*! Convention. The Canal Commissioner and Senatorial Contest. THE CITY CHAMBERLAIN, Albatt, Jan. 11,1861 The warlike vwi from South Carolina In this morning'! papers ha* caused an intense excitement her* amongst all alaas??. The Judges of the Court of Appeals mingled With the politicians at CongTeM liall and Joined In the Mtiversal expresaien that time for action had com*. These who wore the strongest for conciliation yesterday bow expressed thoir opinion that the hour waa phased for presenting compromises, and that Arm and positive action waa now demanded to enforce the laws of the fedaral government. The forbearance of Anderson in not at once demolishing the battery on Morris Island was especially commented upon by the democratic members, all of whom expressed the opinion that they oould'not have remained silent under ths bring from Morris Island. She bops that civil war would yet be averted was the wish of every one; but all fr&ly confessed that thoy eould see no way to avert it. The fact that South Carolina had fired the tiist gun was a matter of rejoicing by every ?oe; and since no life was lost or blood shed by the first gave to the more conservative a small hope that the storm would be driven o(Twithout the loasof life. One fray-haired gentleman, who has soon nearly threescore winters, entertained the boarders at Congress liall with bis enthusiastic remarks, and declared hitnsolf ready to shoulder his musket and march against what he termed the traitors to his country. The military stop and attitude were aeen on ah sides, and everybody seemed to be longing for an opportunity to obtain military glory. Mo one could look upon the countenances of those about tho hotel with out being impressed that some fearful calamity was pend ing, such as bore heavy upon the heart of every one, and whilst tbey held the deepest regrets in regard to the peril of the hour, they could not but be solemnly impressed at the dangers which beset us as a uatiou. Immediately after the reading of the Journal Mr. Lit tlejohn took the floor and said tjiat the communication sent over the wires this morning looked as though the patriots would be swallowed by the insurgents. He would now beg the privilege of the Houso to present a aeries of resolutions. Ho read them himself, and they were frequently applauded. A perfect and almost breAthleSs silence reigned la the House whilst the resolutions were before them. All were anxious for an unanimous endorsement of such patriotic measures. Only two persons could be found to vote against them. Mr. (Vzans said, never perhaps in this House, since the adoption of tho constitution, has a member been called upon to vote upon so important a question as those resolu lions. He believed that the federal government were the trustees of the property of tho oountry, and held it in trust for the people; they had full powor and^t was their daty to bold and protect that property, and until the fe deral government had been released from that trust, he thought it impolitic for this House to endorse measures oi this kind, which, in his opinion, would lend to inllame the already over excited tone of the SoutU; for that rea son he asked to be excused from voting. The House re fused to excuse him, and ne voted no. Mr. Varian also asked to be excused from voting. The Bouse refusing to graut the request, he also voted no. On motiou, ten thousand copies of the resolutions were, with the vole appended, ordered to be printed. The adop tion 01' these resolution* by a republican house?the reso lutions fully endorsing 1'resident Buchanan?may ba con sidered a HW feature iu the political affairs of our coun fry, and may be taken as a significant evidence that, | however much the Northern people may disagree as to , the cause of our national trouble, there Is hut one feeling When the property of the common country U in danger from insurrection. Without expressing any- opinion as to the policy of (violations of that nature, their adoption U but an expression of the universal fi ling in Albany, at the present time, upon this all absorbing question, now attracting tho attention of the civilized world. The resolution of presenting Mr. Andorson with a ?word was then token up for consideration?it being a portion of ihe Senate and House resolutions oombined. Mr. Kernan. taking the floor, said that this was no time to dlscnss party principles?no time lor debating tho question, who is the most to blame in bringing the dan ger upon us; It was no time to charge the |x>ople of this or that section, or one or tho other )>olitician. with the cause of all this trouble; It was no time for criminations or recriminations. All admitted that the evil and dark hour was upon us. It should be the study of all how ?ball the oxcitfld fflmg be allayed. He mi^ht at aomo other time reply to the gentleman front Ulster (Mr. lierce; on tbe portion that he bas taken. His only desire now wa? t? do all hi could to strengthen the Union men tbrongb ?ui tbe country, and to allay, and not excite the preeent feverish public mind. It bad b?cn tauntingly thrown oat. <? Would you offer cooelluit ion audcompromme to men with gword in handf' but the people of South Carolina were not tbe only persons to deal with in this m ittor. Other States throughout tbe Union the class of men who they had so patriotically endorsed -by the adoption uf the resolution* tbia morning. Entertaining the*: view* be hoped thiit they would not v?te so warlike an emblem as tbe sword. He would therefore offer as a substitute tbe resolution panned in tbe lower House of Congress, ;.nd hoped that they would be adopted. Mr. Pish next followed In a lengthy rpeeeh defending the principles of the republican party He. however, took more conservative ground thm the gentle nan from Ulster; be thought taat, ax the matter uow ttanls, the entire territory is o|??n U dinrf by the laws of the government, and In accepting the compro mise of free territory north tf 39 deg 30 min. they would not he ba< king down from their principles, hut Deeming a triumph, lie was unwilling to take Up the old tontiovercy, but to move in ibis matte-- in a wty that would strengthen and unite the North on tutt ground. It was their duty, In bis opiniou, as legislator to nm.-e In lata matter in a way that ii would convince th" South that (he republican ptrty were not a band of brigands b?i't on pillage and plunder. Mr. Horning, of Wavnc. n. xt spoke, and deprocatod the partisan ?pcoch made yesterday by Mr FVree. He thought the resolution that passed ? ingress w.w sufll ?icl' for this occasion, and the sw?rd was entirely out of p'ace. He hoped that the resolution prmentod by iho geutieiinin I'rom Oueida would be adopt I. Wr Ik ii'dM next defended his resolution, and said that the sMigtbv d"b<i'e on the quostlou had taken much ?t the that tbe presentation 01 ilns sword would have. ? He was upposeii to offer conciliation toward those who placed themselves in a warlike attitude. Mr. Kobinsou s-ild that after three or*f ur day*' debate he wmld not tie considered Out of pines If he laid a few worda upon the real question before the House. Wli' n the r??okiliom were Mist introduced it wiis sup|ios*d that M^cr Anderson acted on bin own reapot In removing hia forces from one trrt to the other, but fuels have ainee transpired* that ho acted antler Instruetkms from the govorninent, and only ?lone what common sense and prudent would dictate, be thought that If they parsed the sword resolulious oven And< raon would think they were ovsrdon.g the matt 'r, and would place tbdtnsolvea in an absurd li*ht before the country. lb" resolution offered by Mr. Kernan be thought sulbeient and all that was needed, and would plve it bis vote. As tbe question bud taken so wide a range lie would say one word about the proposition thai he bad made for the settlement of the question of slavery. He had not presented any proposition that would compro mise this question or eansw any person to bark dow from their principles; but his propositsm trim simply t remove tbe bone of eontention?not to compromise it He eared not what Sflfect It would have Upon the party and any person who considered it only in that light w ? unworthy the trout and conlldenoe tbst the people bad conferred upon them by their election to this House. H ? (Robinson) and the gentleman from rider were trying to reach tbe same end: but one would lead to open war, ruin Mid devastation: tbe other might, but there was hope that it would end in peace and good will to all men. Mr. Barber, of Tioga, favored ihe sword. Mr. liwigbt, of Tompkins, said that be was glad to sen members rising above party filing. The rosolutlou* that bad been passed here this morning had been expros ?Ire. He thought what-ver was done should be unanl Moas,andlie hoped that the resolution rt Mr K'rnan would b?> adopted. BMr Price, of Buffklo, said that he had not intended to ?ay anything upon the question, but to vote lor the ?word. Hut aa ?? mnnh had lieen said he oonld not re main silent longer. Two or more Ptatee had already se OToed as f?r ss thev could by |?ssing resolutions, and be " ,**'t 'bat this House sliotild do more than pass a "ing'e raaoiutlon, but should adopt the sword aa it &l emblem mr a present to a military officer. . ..Killngwood thought that whatever was done anooid be harmonious. F" vent a were forcing th?m?e1res g"r't ."PP" "".of Jbe most nstoaishiug rbirartiw, and he thought they should poetpone tbe matter until Monday, be tbei efure moved to postpone the questiou until Mori day The motion to postpone was carried. Tlio debate upon the question this morning clearly pwred that the remarks of Mr Pleree during tbtlwt two w^,B.W^ reflwtlun oT the opinions of ?mT T Bwwe upon the present condition of the ST1"*/- <Wy <?*> or two of the republican sitoakrs failed to express, both dirtily ud in?SrecUT, t?Tfo? ISJJ, *** doctrlne4 advocated bw him. There is unquestionably a feeimg umong ? " " to be the aggres^r., but to act in a wfy fiftf'w vuat come, the entire North, toreepectlve of iirtv will unite as one man in a commciu cwT r' wUJ 00unKS>t^?!^?/T,Ut\?n Wd the Common u unci! of the city of New York, were presented to the on vlto?i rU?? "^'erred to the Committee o federal KelAttoos, The Kpoaker ^*u oclecuwi ?n ?*. cellent committee on thin question. A largo majority arc conservative, and it contains someoTthe iS 221???? M*'M"ou" mva * **? ??wer branch of the Lo gisUture. Any person will be aafe iu predicting a re port from that committee which will be satisfactory to the conservative interests of the country. It constats VSSMT* KerBan' EUhigwood, McUermoU, ]fce resolutions that passed the House with a strong hw i iff11^,W!re tuken 10 Ule Senate, and imiZ diately henstor t^lnola moved to insert in tite preamble the words >< guilty of treasou as under tits constitution " as applied to the people of South Uu-olina This opened a warm content in the Senate, and prevented vhdr unanimous adoption by that body. The questWnwasdis cuswd inall lt. bearings, and an effort ia? to tite benator to withdraw hit; amendment, but, as he insisted ? Uk"u' w"? the mnZJS Sm 17 to 10. n 144 amended adopted by a vote of ^St'5 est s^jsjsSm^ss: ^ tLo c,ul of y8Mand or aoy quaB a?6". moet,y ?Pent upon Ute national crisis and contemplating tne events that are transpiring in tho Southern States, where all eyes are at this moment turn ed, expecting that every brecxe that comes up from that direction will bear upon it the clash of arias the booming of the oannonn, and, perhaps, the death of the nation that has been the wonder and admiration of Uie civilisfwi world. ^ have *"? presented to .lay. One by Mr. Woodruff, to repeal section 42 of th<- Metropolitan Police act, parsed last year, or that portion which rifors to ar rests for selling lM*uor on Sundays r A bill was also presented by Mr. Finch to provide for submitting the question of tailing a oouveutiwi to revise W *** .People ?t the next goueral election. The same person also introduced a bill for the unconditional repeal of the bill passed lust winter to abolish capital punishment-* measure U^t sWd L^ T^J ('ill' ^ w' u' 1146 loa?' delay whatever. Tao CwiU Commissioner contest, now that the day of election by the Legislature has been fixed. is assumiLr a ncharacter. Tho republican caucus will meet next Tuesday night, and the election will bike place on V ednesday. the 16th Inst. 1 am told that Mr. Edwards whom I mentioned In yesterday's IIkk.mjj as a contractor' has Wily served in that capacity In keeping the Black rivsr canal lu repair, and during his contract lor that, winch ended on the first of last J&nnary, the cost of repairs to .ir.^h ?*J y *m,ou.nt,xl about one thlrd of the amount 21" PrcvK,lw contracts, lie reside* in In^ ' v ,Mr" wbo was elected to thS oUice, and may therefore be considered as having strong claims for the position in rocard to locality. iJK n^68* of '!> r.aci*e. tj' much talked of, but this looks like a game to injure A. H. Hovey's chance. te-becator Foote la industriously pressing his claims but I hare been nnable to find any place where he has' made .any particular headway. The applicants are grow ing more numerous every day and a j oune army will from all appearances, be In the fluid by Tuesday tDtev Mw^L0011,'/0^ 18 f1"0 somewhat deveio^T combinations and schemes are hourly b?ing 5ro? appearances Wm. M. KYarts Is still hi h? '? quite anxious to know the feeling here on the subject. He to stopping at Oougross Huh'Jmi en*af'Mt ^_efort ^e Court of Appeals in the Pu rlsh will case: hut from certain Indications that Is not at A?Zv?nm?t?erWil"the P081 deeply tntcre.t^d'Tn at Albany nis chances are the beet of any at preseut but there is no telling under the combinations tliut are being made how long he will lead the van. .nO,r?T/.ff"rt m maJft by the Wendi Of Greeley and Raymond to compromise their difficulties, and unite E'Th "T They are trying Z Zke Ktymond the compromise man; but as this will make the wmpromise all on one side, or 'rather, all turke^. Ra^ mond, there Is not much prospect of Its being nia<!? Governor Morgjtn, I understand, has refused to let his name bo used in connection with that ?lllce. Ex-Judge Harris, of this city, U now much talked of, aud, from the standing of the man, and the quiet,yet effectual way that hi" Ue g I)reCf*ed' t^ere to a fair prospect that contest OInc one 0< ti"' 'eadlng competitors In the The speech of Mr. 8eward, In the 8enate to-morrow, is aaxlouoly loj-ked for and the fact that he had fixed upon that day to furntoh the country his views, as the Premier oi Mr. Lincoln, does more than anything elso to secure the posti>onement of the vot?> ujion the Sword resolution The conservative and conciliatory tone of the republican speakers to-dav Is looked upon by many as the fore shadowing of the great speech by the NVw York Senator. The seas ion of the House this morning wa* closed by Mr. (<waus presenting a series of resolution* to call a na tional Convention, as follows:? Whereas, the State of New York holds herself aolemnlv ^nlined,St^Lr*Khir,|1Phrfor?'^ of 'h? constitution of tlie Lfrin. with its burthen* aud Its benefits, or the asth day of Jul v. 1788 and wh."^^ ihi. St?f,e Sl*te ?f Vnlon as equally with her self entitled to the beuefits and b >und bv the obligations of the constitution; and whereas, most serious disagreement in Msntiments and antag>*nl#m of intentions have arisen between the different States, assuming the danger ,us form o. geographical dlvldon; and n hereas. the itemile of aumc of Oie States of the Union have declared that tlielr looa: IntereHts are not sufllcientK secured by existing guarantees fhedw.!!T^?l,}?Kt4le.of York a*? anMl L? wnlentmeut azid the peace of all her bluter ?>n*atutum; iherefortL^ ltr 8UtarfN? ?rX^,1!!T'-' "?? t^l^ure of tl.r ^1 th* of < that a ConvenUon of all the htates be called to oookider oi and advise such amend ments to the constitution of the I'nlted States us may be ne SflfMnC*" ^ tato^^P??ervcth.?^m?nt Re'^et'tlti'lL'^ *("ienr)< That the Senators and . _P. T* ,n tongress from this Htite be Instrueted ? /i!* C0"?Per"'e In every honorable attempt to re store peace to the country, regardless of all consideration* of KhW^bU,to0to? 10 ^ bouo^and welfare of t"nited Hu2r??? ' !n,? 10 ? ^?^ ernor? of the ?ev??rHl fiimtoe r&Pec The bOi to remodel the City Chamberlain s' offle* was There , at,'he request of Senator Manlerre. There to something singular about this bill, and It to cur lifted that it is a move to get Stout reappointed. At any rate, there his been a bitter fi^ht opened upon hA^t 48 t'1**1' l,acked br ? arttertion that it is a measure to assist certain broken down stock ? -l-T8 P lhero out Uk't tight place, to defeat ' bill ,iCcfTdaCCUb4tlWUb WU Uve U b* dj,Prove<,? or tho Governor Morgan has to night telegraphei the resolu tions adopted by the Senate and Assembly to day to the I'resident of the United 8ut<w, with tho following um? (age:? _ ... _ ? . _ Albaxt,Jan. 11,1M1. To his Fxrellency Rth??, President of the I'nited States, Washiiigton City: ft"?In o?>ed|pnce to ths request of the legislature of the state, I transmit herewith a copy of the concurrent resolutions of that body, adopted this day, tendering the aid of the State to th" President of the I nlted States to rnnbU- him to enforce tho laws and to uphold the autho rity of the federal goverumeiit. t\ herfjs, The Insurgent fitate of South Carolina after seur.lng the |>ost ofliee, custom house, tTionle? and forutieations of t l.e federal government, has, by firing Into a vessel ordered ny the government to carry troop* and provisions to Horl humter, virtually declared war; and. whereas, the forts and property of the I'nlted Htatea government In Georgia, Ala bama and l<oui*laiia have been unlawfully sel/ed with hostl'e Intention: and, wberraa, further. .Senators In Oongreaaavow and maintain their tre#sc liable sets; therefore Resolved df the K. Iiate eonenr*. That the Legislature Of J.ew York profoandlj Impressed with the vjue of the t nlon, and deiermlned to pres-rve It unimpaired, hall with ^ i d r"KI^"t fiiju. d gnlfied and patliotle sprelal message of the President of theT nlted Hta'e. snd thaf wc tender To nim. ihr ?gh the l.hiel MA^minitf) of our own tit*'.*, wha. I ild in m#n and nnmer tnnj rMtilr^ t.. enable him to enforce the law* ai.d to ?rh .Id the authority of the fed I . rs geyernmeni and th*t In defence of the m-re tx rieet In ion whiob has eoai erred prrmpertty and happine?* upm the An.erlii an people, renewing the pledge given an l redeemed t>y oui lathers we are rr >dy lo d? tote "ur torton''?, our live* and our aacred honor in uph';ldlng the t'nion and the cdnstl tutlon. Resolved (If the Senate tv.ticur), That the t'nlnn lor Ing repreaentaiIvea snd cttl*en* of Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, nHi i arolinn, Kentucky, MtnAouri hi <l Tenneii??v, m-bo Ut ftor wiU". dcrnted rourmn nnd pMtrl'>t!?m to withhold tbHr StaKs ironi tin ? ? <e?si<>n,are eeiitled *nm tilde and a<!m ration of the whoie people Kesolred If the Senate concur). That the (lovemor be re *r ?e.tfnlly re<,nested to for* srd forthwith eoples of the fore going re-olutt- n* to th^ Pre-id. nt ..f lUe uallon and the Uo vornor? of all the State* of the t'nUn 1 have the honor to be your Ex* e!leney> obedient p?r vant, M'Win' l>. MOROAN. 'Ihe Setiale CdfnmltteA on Fc<1era! R? Iations met u;a!n this evening, for the purj ne of making another efltirt to n.ake tin repert a unanimous oie. The ? , haw maile further concessions The indications are that every member ol tlie oommtttee will now sign it. it to feared that tho position on the Territorial quest ion will not he satisfactory to the Houth Tbey will not report until Tuesday next. The report is being prepared by Seuitor Hnlbouse, and will be about verity |iagee or foolscap paper Amendmi nt^ on the I'orritortal part will bo in tnsluced after it is presented to the Senate. Senator S< ward has been atlviaed by the powers at Al bany to stand firm lo his *|>eecli to morrow, and not yield too math to the South. IVKW YORK LBOUUTIRE. ??MM* At watt, Jan. 11,1M1. The rnwunoiT presented n eommunlcation from the Common Council of tbe city of Now York, railing upon the South t" rpfmln from violent meaatirea, upholding the course of the President of Um I'nited suten, and approv ing of the conduct of Major Aaderwm. Referred. mum yimntD. I*y Mr Brmwwwyr?To increase tbe powers and dutlea of Notarlea I'nMic. By Mr. MAKtntiue?To Incorporate Um Preadters' Aid floetety In the city of New York. Mr Mixucmui alao Introduced a bill for Incorporating tbe l'eot>le ? Savings Rauk In New York city. Mr lUmttmn reported favorably tbe bill relative to UM attendance of petit juror* la tbe croirta of this Rtato. Also to In^r- nan uie fee* of Justices of tbe Peace In Civil nnd criminal (*?. The bill declaring tbe rlftfbt of Juries In criminal cane* to determine the law MM the far) _?n importnnt and raiRcal t hange tn Criminal jurisprudence?was passed Mr. MtLaob Mitunv tcave notice of a bill to regulate Uie ml* of firearm* and munition* of war The \*srmbljr concurrent resolutions, Introduced by Mr. I.lttlejohn, were taken up, the rulea beutg suspended for that purp<*c. Mr. himoui moved to ameud by making the preamble read:? <? Where**, treason, aa ilcfln d by the constitution of the rotted SUtc?, aiiaia In om or mom of Ike States of lk? Colon, Ac. Mr. Krnoia warmly advocated the passage of tbe rasa tattoos. Mr. GRjutt oppoaed lb* amendment, which *as ad>pieJ iicd the resolutions then paused by ayes 28, t ay a 1 Mr. Grant alone voting in the negutive. Adjourned. Aaacmbijr. Aunty, Jan. 11 1861. Immediately after reading the journal this morning, Mr. Litt1q)obu took tbe floor, Mr. Bingham in the chair. Mr. LirtiMoH.* said;?Mr. Speaker, the inforinatiun we have receive! over tbe telegraph wires tbia morning point* out i be period when tbe partisan should be swal lowed op in tko patriot. I, therefore, ask the consent of the Honse to offer at this time the following preamble and resolutions, which I beg leave to read in ay ptaoe, and which 1 hope may be pauwnl without debute:? Whereas, (be lnauuent State of South Carolina, after ?H? the Poet Oflire, Custom House, money* and fortifications of the federal government, has, by A ring into s vessel ordered by the government to eonvey troops and provisions to fort Sumter, virtually declared war; And whereas, the forts and property of the United States government in Ororgl*, Alabama anil Louisiana have been unlaw fully aelzed with boat lie IntenUoua: And whereas. tbelrHenators In Congress avow and maintain their treasonable acts; therefore, Resolved, (it the Senate eoncur), Thst the Legislature of New York Is profoundly tmpreserd with the value or the Union, and determined to preserve It unimpaired: that It greets with joy the recent Arm, dlgniiii'd and patriotic special Message of the President of the United State?, snd that we leader to him, through the Chief Magistrate of our own State, whatever aid In men and money may be required to enable htm to enioroe the law* and uphold the authority of tbe federal government: and that In th? defence of the Tnlon, which has conferred posterity and happiness upon the Amertean people, renew ing tbe pledge given and redeemed by our fathers, we are ready to devote our fortunes, our lives and our aacrnd hnuor. Resolved (if the Henate concur), That tbe Union loving dti7ens snd representatives of Deis (vara, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Missouri and Tennessee, ? bo la bor with d.voted courage snd patriotism to withhold their States from the vortex of ascension, are entitled to the grati tude and admiration ef the whole people. Resolved (If tbe Senate eoneut \ That the Governor be re spectfully requested to forward forthwith ooples of the fore going resolutions to the President of tbe nation and the Go vernors of all the States of tbe Union. Tbe question waa than taken on the adoption of the preamble and resolutions, and they were adopted by 117 to 2. Metiers. Cosank and Tartan asked to be excused from voting, on the ground that while approving of tbe Arm stand of the federal government, they did not deem it wise or patriotic for the State of New York to declare In favor of coercion, or do any act to hasten the unsheathing of the Kword. The following Committee on Federal Relations was then announced:?Me.ssrB. Kobuiron, Birdsall. FUth, Ball, An gel, Pierce, Kiernan, McDermot and (Villingwood. Mr. Hiamx gave notice of a bill to amend the law in re relation to treason and to reorganise the militia of the Bute. ?inn ivnuiDi'nen. By Mr. Fwcccn?To lie peal the Capital runldfcment law. Also to submit the question of calling a Convention to amend and revise the constitution to the people of the State. By Mr. Woonnrrr?To repeal section 41 of th? Metro politan Itriiee Law. Relating to the 8unday liquor traffic. * Tbe debate on the Anderson sword .resolutions were re sumed by Mr. Kjw-nak speaking la ravor or commending the act of Major Andeison, but opposing tho gilt of a sword, lie offered as a substitute the resolution on the same 'ubjoct, adopted by the national House of Repre sentatives. Messrs. Robinson, Fish, Corning, Barber, Dwight and Ellingwood favored Mr. Roman's substitute, aud Meesiti. Benedict, Forry and Pierce advocated the gift of the sword. After a long discussion Mr. Elukgwood movod to post pone the subject till Monday, which was agreed to under the operation of the previous question by 02 to 49. A motion to adjourn over till Monday evening was de feated. The House agreed to a small amendment to the Uttle john resolutions and adjourned till to-morrow morning. Bale of Pews fa Madison Aveaac Baptist Clkarelk. Tho auction sale of Ike pews in the Madison avenue Bap tist ehurch corner of Madison avenue and Thirty flrct st., took place Wednesday evening in that bnilding. Notwith standing the inclemency of the weather, from seventy five to a hundred persons were prese nt. At about eight o'clock Mr. Miner, (of the firm of H. U. Leeds k Co.), the auc tioneer, desired the audience to draw noarer tho pulpit, while that gentleman proceeded to mount the rostrum. While he was In the act of so doing, tbe yoong man in charge, wishing to throw a little more light on the sub ject, went to turn on a greater force of gas, but, alae! sad mlstako, he turucd the key the wrong way,and out weut the lights. Some littlo j}elay occurred, but when the lights were re ignited tbe auctioneer proce? d"d to read the contUtiocs of sale and terms of payment. lie also an nounced that pew No. 67 was reserved for the use of the pastor. Bids were then invited for the first choice of pew, which waa started at ten dollars premium, then advanced at ono jump to fifty dollars. A further advance of ten dollars was then made, but despite all the efforts of tho atilioneer, and tho continual repetition of "sixty-six?t'slx?t'slx? tkix, t'slxty, who'll go me five," he oould get no lurther advance, and tbe choioe was knocks down to Mr. J. Mill bank for sixty dollars premium. The choice of No. 89 wus made, the value or wbicb was twelve hundred ami lars. Tbe second choice was started at twenty live dol lars, and ran up slowly five dollars at a time until It r< ached sixty five dollars, when it wtu knocked down to Mr. C. H. Benedict, who chose No. 88, value also twelve hundred dollars. The third and following choices up to the eleventh, were severally started at fifty doiurs each, and three or them realized sixty dollars each, two sixty - five dollars, one seventy dolMrs, ono fifty-five dollars, snd tho other two gained no further advanro than the amount at stai tuig. The twelfth choice ?? started at t. n dolUrt, and was knocked down at thirty-five dollar*. The thirteenth realised twenty-five dollars; the four teenth and If tesoth ten dollars each, and three others flvs dollars each. The auctioneer then, after a long and Continued tnqnlr) as to whether "fivo dollar% or any thing, would be offered for tbe next choice," at last sat down, with the words, "echo only answers 'choice.'" otter a were then aocepted for ehoioc or seats without pre mium, and some few pews were thus taken. The following are the numbers or tho pew* disposed of, the name or the purchaser, the appruisod value, the pre miums given aud Che annual rental Ao. 1'urchanT Value. Premium. Rental II....A. Brldgeman %!>60 ? $38 AO 44.... J. B. Trevor, Jr 760 36 62 60 69....J. B I'lurab 1,100 ? 77 00 00....R. Colby 960 6 M 60 61... .W. J. Todd 1,200 60 MOO 62... .W. R. Martin 1,200 ? V, 84 00 63....K. Colby. 1,400 60 98 00 64.,..M. C. Hull 1,200 66 84 00 66... W. A. Darling 1,200 60 84 00 67... .1'astjr ? ? 69....R. B. Colgate 1.200 70 84 00 84....C. Gilbert 1,200 ? 84 00 86.... W. II. Chapman 1,150 60 80 60 88... .C. 11 Benedict 1,200 66 84 00 89... .J. Mubank 1,200 60 84 00 90... Mr. Nlblo 1,000 10 70 00 91....U. W. Abbey 1,200 60 84 00 92....J. B. l'lumb 1,200 6,r> 84 00 94.... Jacob Vandsrpool 1,100 5 77 00 106.... ? 900 ? 63 00 106....A.N. Arnold 7C0 60 49 00 110... .Mrs. Mlll.ank 950 26 60 60 III.... 11. H, Kuikee 960 10 66 60 112....Levi Haydn 750 6 62 60 118... .J. tummings 860 ? 69 60 Total $25,100 $*>5 f1,767 00 By tbe t'ln gome tl will bo jmroetvcd Ibal the ani cirit realised by lb' ?iio, id purchase mraiiy and premiums, wap *26 WOft. and th?i sunual rentals of *lhe pew* sold will btlLg Ui a revenue of $1,767. The (? tiuuu lor of ih** will Tor the pridbi be sold by piivatc <??> a'ter winch the remainder will bo olleied for rental at tbo raU; of Uf t?oo per cent uj>on tbe appra.H' <1 vsJue. THR NKW OROaH, situsted between the tmo tower* at thf we-Urn (id of the < burch. was built t>y the well known Mr. Vrban. It ban two full wis of flity eiebt keys, running from OC to A of tbe macisl, snd I wo and a third ocWvos of petals; twenty nlii. ke\s, running from tiOCtoE. The argsn la enc.i ?? d in a bundnotne caw, with Kilt front *|>eaklug pipes of largo, sol a n?-?t op n w>rk carvod g ill?ry Is | tared in front for tbe double 'iiartetto choir *bi.;b lias been engaged. Ilia ease Ik twonty six foot sli inch* a. roe* the front, ton feet nine Incnns deep and a>>out thirty flv" feet high Tlie following are ibe nuoibor of ?tote aad ptpt* oonUmed iu tlie organ.? Mbf*. i'ip* Great organ. u M* Swell orga" 0 824 Pedal organ 4 116 Msclisn.caJ action 8 ? Total ? M 1,800 Five out of the thirty four Mops ar>- sliteon fwi iu length Mr. Benle, latn of I<ondon. is the organist and conductor A concert is iu coutem; Ution to (how off th<j capacities of the instrument. Personal Intelligence. Mrs. Ki/f Anderson returned ?> tine oity on Thursday last and Is occupying npartmonto at the Hrevoort House T P. Ives, of Providonee, R. I., and Thorn*" <>001111111 of Baltimore, are stopping at tbo Hrevoort House. O. H, Culver, of B<#ton: James t. Hall, of troy V T.; J W. Pomeroy, of New York, snd K. B (lathorw-iod, o Washington, I). C., are slopping at the lafargo H>use I)r. W. F. Oormick, of the t'oitad States Army; H-nry Pierce, of Han Kranrisein; K. H. Piatt, of ToMo, <Hiio K. K. I ruin, of Havana, aad .lames E. Neale, of lltii'ulel pbia, are ?U>pplrg at the Metropolitan H"M. Oen. W. A. flhrseves and Maj-.r Tame" Trout, of Charleston. 8. C.; Osn, Wright, of New Jersey; K. L. Baker, of Liverpool; J. w. JfrKiiight, of New Jersov, suit William Parker, of Montreal, are stopping at the St. Ni cholas Hotel. Pr. Harris, of Nsshrille, Tson.; Edward Tracy, of Tab singburf; Alfred Galther, of Cincinnati. Henry Wilson, of Boston; W. H. B. lowry, of Penn?ylvania; J. Simpson and H. Ktarnss, sf Canada, and John S. .Sl>* urn, of Pro vidence, are stopping at tbs Astor House. Jndgs Helfenstene, of Pennsylvania; I*. O. Ward, of Boston, D. Mtier, of < t?arlest"ii, ?i. C.j W. I,, (.agor, of North Oirollna: H. strong and wife, of Florida, K.I). Morgan, Jr., <>f AHmny W Oxbrn. of Ht. J<*opb, Mo , snd James 11. Dronke* and wife, of Hi. l/>uls. are 'topping at tbe Fifth Avenne llotsl. P. K SsHelee, of Itye; John T?"-i bsfn. pf Philadelphia; P. M. .whoemaksr, of I* Pim^ f - 'ay^f liunbury. snd H. Cbsmplon. C tr'n H n, Mr K?nkfsl?,v and Mr Baldwin, cf Ne ? lUvw , mv "HH pin^ \t'lie AI1k> marlc Hotel. Trlampkl of tke Hers* MR BARKV'S THIRD LMCTUAS AND MM1BITIOW? DBHI'ERATE RAILROAD HOR8B rKACOOK AND A VBRT VICIOVH ANIMAL KlUHi ?BOOKLYN SUCCUMB TO TBI MAUIC IXFLPKNCI OF BABBY. Another Immense audience assembled In Nitilo's Garden Thursday evfniui to htw to- "w'Ti ^ famous horse tamer, explain for the third ?mt, before an American popular numbly, the principles of his system, and to witness tbelr practical demonstration on wme vicious ?ub> cts He first tntroduoed the celebrated Cruiser, which be aaid bad bad but two rehearsals to as many ?ears. After repeating none remark* on his mode of teaching, and exhibiting the animal, he observed that all he had shown only proved that anything which a horse has been thoroughly taught be will always remember, I and that It was Just as comfortable for a horse to do right as to do wrong, if he Is only set a good j example. Every vice which a borne contracts bo learnt) from man, and to different oountrie. he will have different vices, according to tho mode of breaking him to. The great object or Mr. Rarey's sys tem is to leach the horse on the bumauo principle, so that he may not learn those vices, and the only succuss ful plan qf breaking to to that which appeals to the Intel ligence of the animal. He never knew a horse, he said, that refuwd to reciprocity his kindness. T? llluatjate the beneficial effects of gentle treatment, he exhibited an ordinary tarae home which he had never ?een before, be cause he could explain his Byetem better with a quiet horse than with a vicious animal. Mr. Karey then went through a great variety of movements with his equmo subject to rxplatolng his system of teaching, the only In st i ument employed being the simple strap, which, be MW wa? a sort of book by which he taught the horso many Important lessons. He Illustrated the host manner of mounting, and bow to govern the horse when the rider is piaocd upon the back the ttima . There was a magic influonoe to a gentle much of the hand. Everything depended upon the impression made upon the horse's nitod, and when he became convuioed that you intended no harm and had complete power over him, then he was docile as a lamb, and would permit you to do almost anything you wished to him. Mr. Rare v gave evidence of this by taking various liberties with the ani mal, winding up with beating a drum upon his back. lie was louuly applauded both when he retired with this subject and presently returned, followed by the fa mous horse Peacock, which came prancing into the stage enclosure in charge of two grooms. This horse belongs to the Hudson River Kailmad Company, and was sent to Hr Karey by Mr. Pratt, who assured him that for twelve years they bad been unsuccessfully trying to control bltu; that It always required three men to put tho harness on htm, and, in ciitung up nis eiuMrs he had killed two other horses and one man. units usual rout from Thirty first street to Chambers street, five trips a day, this horse lias, during the tost ten years, travelled a distance: oqual to one rnd five thousand miles, and has been known, Mr. Pratt says, on some occasions to kick every step of the way trom tho upper to ihe lower depot. Intense uxcltem. nt preTaded for la time among tho audienoe while Mr. J^f?y was endeavoring to put the strap on the left leg of 1 en cock who resisted with all his might and kicked to a fu rious and fearful manner. Hoon, however, H was prac tically demonstrated that "there's nothlu* like leather,. for that powerful little strap was speedily adjusted, ami Peacock took a lesson In limping, but not with out strongly remonstrating by shaking his head snd kicking wildly. The other strap was then appltal, and l'eacot k was Ulplws. He made desperate struggles to escape, and after tailing would recover again and make i attempts to regain his liberty i up hind feet, and, when Mr. Karey touched him, most urmercifully. There wero two lessons, Mr. Rarey remarked, which should be taught.the be cannot get away from you; and sccond, that th< touch of your hand will not do him any harm. Alter luis he wan allowed to mount Peacock and take other liberties, among which was taking oil the collar which had not been removed from the horses neck for tun years. But the animal wa? not entirely subdued yet and, tho ctraiM liad to bo applied a second and a third time before Mr. Karey had secured complete control Then the animal was role.ised, and sffcr a little kindness and caressing, Mr. Karey mounted Inm without any op noslUmi th" horse trembly feartully under the power which his teacher had overhlm. lie then made him Itt down, fondled with the horse's feet, and afterwards led btm around with a straw. It w... not to be expected, he said that the vices of twelve or tlm teen ye*"1 0?"** be entirely eradicated in twenty minute* or half an hour, but tt was only a question of time, and In a few days in struction ho could teuch him to be harmless and q"iet. 1/md appluose followed, and after the horse had (r*tirod Mr. Karey was called forward to witnewi an additional bl<Atte'rfexEbitlng the Shetland ponies, he said there was a vicious horse from Brooklyn which he would introduce by the following letter - Brooklvk, Jan. ?. 1861. U. KmrrDear Mr?I wnd you with this a largr bay horse who although kind In harness, will allow no one to St him, much bss ride him. The mcyt e.pjlM^ and accomplished horsemen have given him a fair trial sad nave Iinlv suceeded In biting the dint. He was onoe the property ^ Peabodv a well known horseman, who was with like sum*** If you should succeed In r ding him, I ?hall i I'eii be ready to admit your title to all you claim- Many f rifudn of the writer have nad the pleasure of Imitating a kite, all through the Influmoe of asl^h ymiu< 33 JJberty street, Brooklyn. This was a large, powerful looking horse, whl^h at first Inulgnartly repelled Mr. Rarey's approach. But It was not so dillicult to subdue htm as Peacock, though both struggled hard ? hmr- J*"* ?*?"??" 'TTVjSStTto tened on this Brooklyn horse, which, to his efforts to throw off all restraint, was alternato/y up and down_ There wss no harm. Mr. Karey said, In a frtttaC on his feet a second or third time, Tor w^en h? Ml ne-iin it will only convmco him tho more that he is In \ our power. Pursuing a similar oourse with tbls as with the former vicious subject, the straps wero soon Wx*?wl and the animal rose, having on his <?<* **?, lu"T' who rodo him round the stage as he would r id > n circus horse The animal, now entirely under control was sweating greatly from the tremendous exer tion he had made; the saddle was put on and removed several times, till the horse was accustomed to it, and Mr Karey mounted again, and reoetved loud applause for ihu- other triumph. The process, he hMmi and he liad never found a borne npoo which, by the aame nieanures he oould not produoe a like result. The au dience manifested the most Intense Interest throughout J? whS^*rUJnm?t. After stating that on Haturday he would exhibit another wild horso from South America, a mate to the one he had presented on tb" first evening, Mr Karey retired amid loud applause; but the did not b< glu to disperse until they had summoned him I b?llii're1wm ???? an exhibition by Mi Rarsy at thrco I o'clock this afternoon. 1 ??a Jun del Norte. K'rnm the Gaccta Otlcial of Nicaragua, Dr<' ), 1840.1 i tbe 28th <>l January laat a lre?ty waa ri*?<??1 be tween the Licenciado Jxm Pedro Zatadaa on the part of thir government, and f her Ice I^nnox Wyke, her Britan Die Mojraty'? Charge deg Alfeirea, with the object of de finitively adjusting the difficult question of Mo^quitia, which had *0 lonir disturbed the relatione between ( Hritauj and Nicaragua. Thla treaty wan ratified by our Congreee and sent to Rngland, whero it wan equally ap proved; and in compliance with It* provision* tbe Hrnihli Kovrtroitit hue ord.-rod tho nndition to Ntcw?gua of ?h?- territory in qucfition. Our government haa, accord ingly, commHm looed Ip*nor Hon Ramon Secnx to proceed to '.br poi I o( t3M Ji nn del Norte, nod receive p of it In the t an; -f vtcAragua Ho will also r?|M>rt on the bret m< 0,' of < rt*' th<- port, without Interfering with the h.'biin and , ttuMOf Iteactnai inhabitant*,and m' antirii' the govat will name the officer* who are ptVBiatien . to (induct theaOairr of tbe part We un dent*;.d the govi rnni' Ut in aOting with de thermion, In order to aerare the welfare of the ii.h ihitanla of the port, and five to tbo place that r<-sp< cteb>!.ty which, ae a r<*eort of people of all nation*. It thould attain. TTiia is erpccloSy itri|>oilast, now that it hae iie<>o formally i fttaMithi?! an a fre? port by guv i uuk n -al d ? rro. An treaty between Nicaragua and Croat Krltain, to which we have alluded, will eoou be officially proUiiineU for public infortaatMj. Coat of the Noll Service. fFrem Holbrooke f'nited State* Malt ] A oorr>?pon?l<'t.t a#k* im what in the entire Mat of the mailaervioa In the -lute of Houth Carolina pcr auiiiiml' Alao what ip the amount of rev-'noe received por annum by the Governor from pwUtB'-a In tb.ti Hate? Ihe entire roet of thi?-eitlce in r<outh Oarolina, for the j ear ending June AO, ltflO. wan $264.0*6 10 Receipt*, II11,676 92. 1 x|>endlluri'* aver receipta, $140,400 67 W bile we are on thla (object, we will add that during the flM-al year ending June 30, 1880. there wore butaeven State* aud tbe Ltatitut of Columbia, in the Colon, the pi?Mi.l expenee* of which did not exceed the racelpte |?id to tbe fmi rnmint. Ma?*achuriet(? coet $460.H29 36, and paid $442,966 48. Kkcaea of receipla over expoodttarca, $182 IM 13. Khode laland coat $43,044 40. i'aid $$0,067 00. l'roflt to the department, $26,118 60. New Hampshire coat $100,411 41, and paid $111 078 2$. Exreee of receipt*. $1 1?4 87 0?n?eticnt emit $204,10$ 68. and paid $207,944 20. Profits,$tt.748 65. New York coat $1,178,280 $1. raid $1,881,130 00. Kxeeea of receipta. $604,008 78. Delaware ooft $-14,110 60. Paid $48,130 4$. Fxceaa o( receipta, $14 oio 87 I'tatrk-t of Columbia '-oat $40,020 6$. raid $61,292 01. Exreae of receipt*. $11,102 43. Virginia coat $.'.S0 ?0* 76. Paid $276,300 40. Rioum of expenditure. $266,330 20 Ohio ioet $<02,721 OS. IVid $632,260 00. Kxeeea rf expenditure. $2M),409 87. Penney IvMnia coat $?30 A40 66. raid $708,666 7$. Ex oaae of lecelpte, $77,016 2$. Later from Trie*. The flalreetnn yew* of the 22d tilt aaTa ? The appeal of the fmntleraiMn for help la befog noptad by all our country exctauigea, and the peornle are prompt ly responding In I>*lla* rann and anppfiea have baen raiaed, and, under (<an. ItarneU'a eomiuand, eeot o>it to tbe frontier R. J. MeKetirle. Raq . la addreeeing tbe peapl* of DallM county, at rarloua pointe, aolicUlng men and m?aaa to defend the frontier. In Kllla county, at Waxab;<t?ble, ae aoea m tbe aall came, a < otnpiny of twenty-fotir ToluntMra at eace en railed, under Clap*. S. W. linger?. and etarted m the 7th for Parker cotnty, well aimed and mounted, with two wag'na loaded with auppliea Turniahed by the cltlaene, ea?i, Naur, hiwon. powder, abot, lead, tente, Av. Tim ci.nipeny will be iacreaeed to thirty Ave The Indian* ravaged Yonng connty generall)*. killing, piiitiderlng ind mbbing Tbe citlgena held a meeting at' lielknap. and deteraiine<l to rale-- a email rangiag romp* ny, to be eupplied by roluntary contributing thecitl aerte w> re ttivited to movo their fitailiee to fieiknap for eaf 'ty, the lower OOnlttaa were eaked ft* nil In br(v?d Huff* and atnintinltkm; and pomnilttooe were agt?imt<?d In Ttrr> t, Parker, I'aiiae lliie, Johufc'O, Paumu. k^d Hirer tu.d Boi k^t oonattak to rctwlrO sack contrHmtloiM. *??"?? of the Old Domlaio* Society. A special meeting of the OW lK>iuiutoa Society, an or gani&ttkm oompoeed of the ?ons of Virginia resident id New York city, nt held ou Tliundtjr oreuiDg, wmI a large number of the members utten-led. An addros.-;, highly patriotic and conservative In Its tone waa read, and a resolution endorsing tlui address, with m amend ment to the effect that tt was not proper for the society, a charitable and friendly institution, to take political action, was laid over without action. One of the princi pal orators of the evening was Dr. Alexander Jones, who addrtssed the society at considerable length upon the state of the country. Dr. Jones spoke wticularly of tke ?*?wse of the N?w Yoaa Hulujj, and of the policy of ||r. Bennett, the proprietor of that ntur J?.10 ?!??*?" '^presented that Mr. Bon teims upou tho most mtlmate Int^deSTti h w" (Dr Jonnfl) holi,n't,d tlu*1 Mr. Bennett u *?al Wftt rl?hl ty ?" ?? ctiona, the south Zrf*01 WM la tbo hubit of consulting Hoiial^ieTani.?P,;r^t 1"w,l0M <* **?*? *nd na tett taok ii. ,V,^ Inferenoe was that when Mr. Ben r^CrSaSS! - s t^.s?&X3p~5ii Washington, which despatches emanated from hlaclr republican sources. lHo corr?J^ ^ ?mt these despatch;* was a Yankee, ?hort thick M and not handsome. This oorresponduit s?-ut a I despatch praising Senator Wade s spe-ch, while M I otlier correspondent? (renewed criofc of uduedttoti"\ ' characteriied it as an incendiary mantr.ito ! (' Ordor, " question," and coufusiun.i He {Dr. Jonesi ' had shown these two despatches to Mr. Bennett, who ' was very much distressed aliout tho matter, and as wo 1 understood, burst into tears. The confusion at this moment was so great that It was quite iuiisjwiblo to i lollow oat the remarks of Dr. Jones. Ho wt.i understood 1 to say, however, that he had hopes that in the end Ben- 1 nctt and the Hkr.uji would come out all right. The de i bate on the address and resolutions was coutiuuud hut I the meeting adjourned without taking a vote. j Brooklyn Academy of Music MEETING OF TUB HTOCKHOr.DKRH?TI1K BUILDIVQ ' LIGHTED UP FOR THK FIBST TIMK. The new lyric temple recently erected in the sister c'ty is now completed, with the exception of a portion of tho decorations and the furnishing of the several apartments, i last night the building was illuminated for tho flrst time, ! with the view of ascertaining whether or not there was > sufficient power of gas. At tho samo tune a meeting of i the stockholders and others interested was held, for tho ; purpose of receiving the report required by law, and electing five directors to serve live yrarn in room of the same number, comprising ono-Ufth of the whole, whose term of office baa expired. Tho meeting whm pn .jided over by the Hon. Henry Sloan, and tho report which was presented was highly satisfactory, showing that only $11,700 was required to oomplete the deooratwms and pay for the necessary furniture, and that on Tues day next tho stock would be handed over to ,1, w'th the building free from debt. The report was adopted, and before tho meeting separated the deficiency was met by aRSoaament among the stockholders. Tho following directors ware P ^F/1War? X Willard M. Newl" TW grauw r ' A ur Benson and John W. De After the election tho gentlemen presont proceeded to J5J,d M,*?> lu or,J,,r to witness tho efloct of the lights. The sciaic then dowti was an Italian villa, approached by an avenue of noble .elm trees. The coup a ml, as reflected from the numerous gas Jets ranted j wound the auditorium, was very brilliant. The *owine I tmts of the ceiling, wall* and other parts of tho boUdtnc j were brought out with tnaglcal elfent, and tho rich ara nasquf ornamentation reminded one of Irviua's life-like / | description of the halls of the Alhambra. TheKgeutlemou ^ expressed their adaptation at the m*gnittcent sight and cheer after cheer resounded through the building for tho architect, Mr. Calyo, the artist, and others, to whoso S L?0rr cnl*rl,rl* the city of Brooklyn Is In ??.?!i 0D? of itK ornaments, but the enthusiasm reached Us height when the drop acene fejj !}???& Jtn? v "f ,bo Bu""t bc-ut'l uJ creations of lint. 2 .. V,'r ^ n ln rr"nt "f H" audience. Over a pillar Apobo was seen with his lyre In the midst or an ' W,Ul ll" muBwl tm t,:,h?r pronc^piutn. wh.'o ihrfnn fir* 1*?a"intR fruits and tlowers at the ^ K ?f Tt,e ^'uc '? l>Uhly lugges devoted purpOH(je w mhich lhe building ? ? be Academy will be opened <m Tuesday with a grand concert, the ttroceeds of which, It Is calculated, will meet a couti.ierahle portion of the sum required. ?m rhursday there will bo a ball. During the meeting of tho directors It was fuinouno-d that Mr Barey intended to exhibit his tw *~werH over the horse in the building, and that an Opera company from England was soon exacted to occupy It; besides there wer>- several applications for It for various purpowa. l"hc announcement wan receivod w 1th great applause. Court of Utaeral Hessions. Before Judge McCuna. TnE SrSPENHION OF BENTKNCE8 TO UK A1I0MBHGD BY THE NEW CITY Jl'IMiK. Jajt. 11?A large number of prisoners were dispor^d of ln this O.urt since the commencemeut of the term, the offences being principally larceny and burgUry. The trr ^ fin,nr<>d 'wn the discharge of his cfflcial duties apparently with a fixed determina tlon to expedite the administration of Jus'Ice in the crimi nal Oourt over which he presides. He has intimated his purpose not to suspend sentence upon persona chargod with crime, and intends to punish burglars and nick pockets with severity. H's sentences so far havo h.n-n mild when the ClrCa mat an Oes of the case b>ivc warranted lenient, anl it is to be hoped that ho will continue to exwrcise good judgment in oaasinir nnon .h? ^u'tifarlou. caaea that he i,U be of during tho next four years. oispasa A NOTORIOt.'H Bl'K'f t.AH 8BNT TO TIIE BTATF FRIROV roiZZ- Vrmvavn dtopo-1 of 00 vie ted* i D?toriou< ?>urgLir, who wm con. whs burglary and sent to the State prison gr" , f"r. bJur^arv in tho tirwt ,ie' entmd ii< ^ k of U,? I7tb of l^cember ho entered fbe dwelling house of W I ormshv ir nil Br<;ome street. an.lTto,e fx ? ?o<>n after found in his pweesion by th<> polioo ..ftic?r Jk1Uh1 him. The prosecuting otticer a^oapted a plea of burglary In the third degree, which left the pun ishment discretionary with the Court Having K.ive It bo Court the trouble of a trial, bjr pleading gu' y* ^ Ln'tir^VC 5eur" in the M?te prison for ^hi K^1 COD,Vt,e(1t,r b"r*buy lD 'be first degrc' r>f $ ?"Uld ^ <tOU'" hHd ,L' triul proci <!<ie.|? Li? g'' w,ould ,l*ve h,v~" compelled to send blin Ut the State prison for not ir*? than ten y.-ars, and h<- oo.ild lmprls<jn him for life His senunce, however, was five yours at luird labor in the Sing Sing prison. CONVK'TION Of A WE7.L KNOWS PIC X POCK SI*. ^John lstrait, ,,n ojdoffgnder, was tried and rouvict<>d Of larceny from the^persiin. ' hartng|?rpetraU'd a ?acr e f iUry W"Uh' r,""'l?K ?t No. m Ind whir- h? ^ street M?tho3tat churc" and, while she wns nt her devotiotM, r?bblna L * P^ ketbock ootiUiulug elght??-u dollars in money, the effenco was committed on tho 21-t of IN cember, and s.s n after I>eecraft was arrested when I was Mscertained that his portrait adornad the celebrated collection knownli* the ?Bog.ies'fiallorv " llJiniK ars d "tlr H*Sirf 1 ,pf n frwl''*>tly arrested l.v H?e d tecih?a but r,r some cause or other he has never ba. n sent to the StaUt prison. The lovers of justl /? an 1 gooO order ba\e n-aa.n to congr.ituiate themstdves that H"' o Mr I^-ecraft for his depredation H ui hnll T ' U" hl" "^r,v'K, >"???> fonvicte I ?r bis bold larc ny, the aty .lu.lK,. very properly Imisisel tile I.w a > lowed for grand lareatiT, ? ih rZ " ""!*>?'""nen' in the State pn?o0. Other minor eases we-o ^.-t. d up,ai, after which Uio court mljouru' d til) Stituniay. Coroner*' 1ni|nenlii Tin* Broom* Striiti Sm iuk ?Tlie luquert In the <n*e of J. F. Iliel*, proprietor of the lager hlor saloon, No. 420 Bcuoruc street, who wa* found <i .?d, with his ihro i' cut, in Monday evening, un<ler clrourustancoa which luad to the belief that ho committed * in i<l?, w.n oomm< n<~ J on Tuesday by Coroner Jackman. A i>"*t mortem examl nation of the body showed that there waa o hlh leraoie |Knann In deceased a stomach, lint what tho character of the drug we* the pbyuician wart uuablo to ciy. The t'oron-r authorised Ih.? doctor to liaro thu contents of til) stomach analysed, and adjourned the further Inrostigaliou of the case for one week Punni rv inquest *a? held Tuoelay, at No. IM Grand atrret, nponth* body of Ltulsa (feyer, a native of Germany, ag*d thirty years, who committal suicide by hanging herself to the banisters at the resi deuce of her brother as abore. Iieces-i'-d was partially Insane, and had previously made several alt' nipt < to doetrey herself, Verdict In accordance with the abovo facta. Fatai. Aonnrrr w Wtwrrwmw ftrem,?One of the workmen in ihe sugar refinery of llensrs Mailer, Shot well h Itorscher, rorner of Vuatry and Washington street*. w?s almost Inktantly killed on Tuesday, by being caught In the machinery IVcsaaed's name ws's 0M I Meyir. a native ef twr*any aged 4? vara tVirener Jacknian waa not, fled to bold an inqneat upon the body. Tit it Maxtt*rrA?rni.R Cascai.TT ? I*he Coroner ? Inffieat fh the rase of Jacob Neusler?the m**on who w:i* killed by the falling of a portion of Speyers new brewery, corner of Ninth * venue and lOfHh street? wae rieumed on Monday at the residence of iho deceased, No. 113 Third Mrset. The jury Thrtted the ruins during the day, and from *n elimination ??f tlie pranlee* It waa evident that lb* accident wae caused by the giving way of a partlttou wall, which waa old and quite u new led for the purpose. I?rat wnn Fbuss K.'Mim?We are Informed that a difficulty was settled, bsck of Algiers, yesterday n?o-n a!?eettled In a new style, which combined alike tho ence of the fistic ting and the death-defying aad more gentlemanly hasard of the "Hold of honor." Tlie rom'ia tsnts were s Dutchman and an Irishman, each pulastrit of 0 t They had a row; one chalirugr-d the other to a Bat fight; the challenge* accepted, and proposed the araeuitini'iit of brasa knuckle*, the i hal'cnger ac-epted the amendment *? ooudi were selecte?l, ?r in pMotoric or swerd affairs. The aflklr came off with profer fwm illtv. 'Ihe brae* knuckle* cracked skulls with mu>'ial good will, and after fifteen or eighteen rounds thelrisbmin fell, and w?? carried away senses ?*, hardly expected t?? live. What an affair for the e.irlv morning of nirrie Ctirwt ioh? ? Aiic (AUai'i Cnm,tnt, Dtt- JM. OUR PROGRESS. Tfc? Ciuai KeturM mt 1MO. (SROMilA. Cr .mi its imn Appling 4,191 Baker 4,iM7 Ha' !win 0.1 J Hanks 4,6 96 Berrien 3,477 Bibb ...16,2i Brooks 6,363 Bryan 41AM Bulloch 6,676 Buik.- 17 iaa Bull* 6,160 Calhoun 4,923 cnmiton 0 ,382 ( amib< II.... H.l?l t arroil 111,143 ( at* 16 .76V ( atru .M 6 0*0 Chatham ....31,111 Cbattahooo'e. 6,779 t haitoofa.... 7 ,ll?l Cherokee,.... 11 .225 Charlton .... 1,812 Clarke 11,284 Clay 4.MU1 (lat ton 4.470 Clinch 3,068 Cobb 14,270 C<;floe 2.843. Columbia.... 11.900 Colqinu 1,282 Coweta 14.607 Crawford ... 7,704 1 ?a>le a.484 I)awson 3,866 Decatur 11.045 I>eKaib 7,843 l>ooly 8,026 Dougherty... 8,386 **rly 0,232 Echols. 1,506 1 till wham .. . 4.767 Elbert 10.440 Emanuel 6,001 Kanuin 6,271 Fayette 7.067 Floyd 16.173 Forsyth 7.701 Franklin 7,699 Fulton 14.449 (?timer 8,731 2.439 tJlvnn 3,894 tireene 12,6V5 Cordon 10.173 tiwlnnett..,.13,040 Habersham.. 6,087 1U11 0.613 Hancock 12,046 llarralson... 3,037 Harris 13.767 Hart 6.360 Heard 7,ffo2 Henry 10,710 Houston 16,664 Irwin 1,760 Jackson 10,624 Jasper 10,703 J?J9 Ckumtiei. I860. 2,940 Jtftrtot,,,, 19.300 0 181 1 120 JoLusou New. JSM-1 Jones w I)75 | ? 4, ?v. W Jim,*... 7;?,? 0-?.m {"7 ? 7.208 6 o-rtl 12 6ft# l.iterty v.m1 71 rM {?"T; J0"'n *-??? 6, 998 3.424 Lowndes....;,,^.. 4.300 Uimpkin ... 48Cj . 16.100 M.icou 8 467 7 (jj.? 6,488 UadiKua 6,934 "? Oo:* New. Mum n 7.3mi l>i v>u* 6,319 Mcintosh.... 6.643 7,2.32 M.<rt wether.. 15 334 ?? 4-? 9,367 Miller *1,*06 N,. w 13,300 Milton 4 607 New* New. MitclMl 4 ;UM v-w ' 23,901 Monroe 15,961 16 9>.!i New. Montgomery. 2,997 2,164 6,816 Morgan 10,002 10,714 12,800 Murray 7,101 14.433 New. Muscogee.... 16,688 18.67)1 11,119 Newton 14,381 13,204 New. (iglethor|i?... 11 478 12 269 Now. Paulding 6.647 7.039 V?. 4,974 N.<w. Plereo 1.9?3 New New. like lo.itMt 14 :tos 11,961 Polk 6,266 New. New. Pulaakl 8.761 6MZ 13.636 Putnam ,10,240 10 794 8.084 Quitman 3,600 New 2,6?0 Itabun 3,270 2,44-! New. Randolph.... 9,676 12,86s 8,262 Richmond ...22 870 16 241 14,328 Hchlciy 4 66.1 Mew 8 361 Screven 8,280 6,847 New. Spaulfiing.... 8,771 New. 7,248 Stewart 11 866 16,027 V?w. Sumpter.... *12,168 10,322 3,864 Dtlhot 13,840 16,634 12.069 Tallla/erro... 4,68.1 6,14?t J.?77 Tiitnall 4,.'t62 3,221 Tu>lor N?w. 8,700 Turret 6,247 New 8.205 Telfair 2,719 3 028 2Jon?? 10,767 10,103 2,469 New. Troup 16,770 16,879 Twiggs 8,462 8,179 In Ion 4,413 7,234 ' i?">n 0,911 0,42* ?*jk?r 10,111 13,10tt Walton 11,112 10,821 Ware 2,211 3,888 Warren 9,823 12 426 Washington. .12,347 11,779 Wayne 4,330 1,499 WobsUr 6,0x7 New Wh'K> 3,317 N?w* ?>'?* 2.110 New. Wilkea 11.420 12,10* Wilkinson.. ..10,310 8,213 Whitfield ....10,070 New Worth 2,772 New. 8,860 11.513 New. 8.440 New. 4.033 12 606 6.9*4 11,267 8 895 8.713 11,578 Now. 14,721 New 6.923 14,726 16,400 3.384 0.763 11,486 Total....1,075,077 006,999 Increase in tetf years 169,978 * Estimated population; returns not yet received. Cwntia. I860. Adair 904 Adams 1,491 Alamakee..,. 12,246 Audubon .... 464 Ap|?nooae.. .11,938 Benton 8,603 Black Mawk. 84289 Boone 6.430 Bremer 4,892 Butler 3,714 Buchanan 7,907 BaeeaTWB.. 67 Calhoun 147 Carroll 2*2 (kN 1,668 Cedar 12,976 Cferro Sordt,. 940 Cherokee.... 69 Chickasaw... 4,386 Clay 62 Clarke 6,484 Clay tea 20.746 Clinton 19,013 Crawiord.... 346 Dnllii* 6,830 Itavis 13.771 lVcutur 8,692 Delaware.. ..11,060 l?<-s Motnrn. .19.707 Dt< kinsoii.... 80 Pubuque ... .31.387 Kiiiiik tt 106 Fayette 12,097 Floyd 3,744 Frank till 1.389 Fremont 6,079 Greene...... 1,378 Crundy..^... 767 (iuthrie 3,608 Hamilton.... 1,701 Hancock 179 Hanrtaaa.... 3,634 llurdin 6,415 Henry 17.788 Howard 3 168 Humboldt... 382 Ida 43 Iowa 8.076 Jacknon 18.609 Jasper 9,879 A,mitiet. 1865. Adams 34,311 AWxander.. 2.927 Mwd 7,611 Boone 10.994 Brown 7,940 * Bur. an #618 lalhouu.... 3.768 Carroll 7,610 Caen 8 946 1 hnnipatiin. 6.066 Christian... 7 041 (lurk 13 863 (lay 7,076 Clinton 6,823 Coles 14,937 Cook 106,960 Crawford... 10.152 Ciiii.t? rlan<l 6 099 DeKalb 13,636 I>e Witt...; S/,08 TKjukIm.... New. I>ti I'age... .12,807 K-lrar Edwards. K.HInifbam Fayette... Ford Franklin.... 7,l^l Fatten 27 968 ? ialiulin .... 6,723 (Ireelie..... 13,092 Cr.indy 7flM Hamilton... 7J212 Hancock... .22.108 Hardin..... 3,610 H'-n'terson.. 7.128 Henry 9,218 Iroquois..., 6.788 Jii' k>-Mi.... 7 6;i4 J?fper 6,842 *.lef). i?. n . .10,268 Jersey 8,771 Jo l'a- less. .24 H'4 Johnson.... 6 94?i Kane 26 6ti5 K'liikakee ..10.110 Keu<laii '.0,145 Kr. x 22,700 lake 17 630 lit .-ulle... .36.663 litwren. 0 .. V 160 11 SH| IOWA. 1860. CnmtUt. 1800 ? Jclftrson 14,920 Johnson 17,689 Jones 13,331 Keokuk 18,282 Kossuth..... 409 U*> 29,260 Unn 10,020 I/?ulsa 10.492 Iscm.;...... 6,608 Miwlis'm 7,520 Mahaska 14,KIM Marion 10,111 Mnrkhall 6,017 Mills 4,418 Mitchell 3,414 Monroe 8,619 Monoua 818 Montgomery. 1,267 Muscatine.... 10.454 O'Biien 8 Pa#e 4,418 Polk 11,639 Palo Alto.... 132 Plymouth... 140 PotMihonlas.. 103 l'ottawata'in. 4,967 Poweshiek... 6,612 Kin?g<>M .... 2,928 Kac 246 Scott 26,994 10,841 Sheltiy 808 ? Clou* 10 Htory 4,064 T:una 5,291 Taylor 3,091 I'aion 2,110 Y;lh Buren.. .17,084 Wilis' llo 14,696 Warren 10,287 Washington..14.277 Wayne 6,413 W>'b?t?r 2.607 W iun. he Ik.. 13,940 Winnebago.. 168 Woodbury... 1,124 Worth 706 Wright 662 776 3,131 673 T65 619 3,041 3,873 2,835 912 7^64 966 1,769 12,914 826 1,244 8,707 1840. 9,997 4,474 3,207 4,812 18,783 6,444 6,067 461 1,174 6.989 5,412 338 2,834 5,773 661 4,444 7,328 613 ? ,967 204 12,263 7 264 943 4,991 341 043 .13 910 4.698 6.220 . 9.092 .New. 822 7,210 1,288 1U.IJ 1860. 41,365 4.707 10,740 11,630 9.962 26.435 6,149 11.812 II,"29 14 641 10,036 14 966 fl .'J03 10.948 13,269 146.679 11 662 8,320 19 211 10.NA3 7.064 14.704 16.K42 6 464 8.838 11 29.1 1.982 9 387 33,607 8,017 16,077 10,431 9.917 uu,u6 3.773 6.6.'t0 211 799 12..1.-16 9.737 8.371 16 000 11 .ii(6 27 392 9.339 30 06.3 16 409 13 109 28 .*01 18.295 48 302 9 243 17,787 Total.... 676436 192 204 fWfa,. iHi6 JJvinjston.. 4,000 3,324 8 ""w M^?Pi0...17,827 UmliMon ...31,566 JJftrl?n J,, Uarsluil ... u.UOO Wwou. 7 77 s McI>onmigh ,3 %l-?ry .1 *cl*ma ....1947,1 "'',u,n' 1,028 "?rc, r 9,660 -10,286 Moniforn'ry 0,041 17.7.-I6 ,mri? 3o. 134 SSS ???,100 ,A ?i nielilnnd... 7 <ua ^?nk ""laiirl 16 217 ^tl,nu -/... 6 776 asri'ja J' fTair S8A64 ?Stephens., n. 19^06 r'^"u ,T.371 jo iO|t Vermillion.. 16,803 " .... 9M3 lrr,;n la.jw wa?htofCBlo 060 ? "V,n" 0 0O-2 ? 10 397 tteekle.. 13.4M 24 468 " 'tliamson. ? 4.'o " ln??l?a*o 208-J6 woodloril... tf joQ I W<>. II ,')64 14,280 13,773 24,647 31.2111 12,602 13,461 10 969 6214 *> 162 22 165 28 761 9,684 16 216 I6,?H| 14 068 22 3J1 6.3?4 22 969 38 60? 6 644 6.II7 273? 6.72A 3.96JI 5,698 17 20(1 9 729 21207 9.334 32 262 14.659 9.062 14 603 9,014 37.709 86,124 21.489 11 22.: Hi.strj 7.31J 18 .I6.i 14 tiOl) 12,364 12 429 In 264 10 4.4 12 O'.'l 24 67 i 13 369 ToUl.. 1,306,576 1 719 414 ? Ksnmatetl population of 1800. Board of Hnptrrlmra. Tin-' H?.ard metycterday?Pt.porvlaor Kly in LV; > h. r. the iuiqiiUb of the laat me. tit* vmt" read and ;ippr> ved, and the full< w.iir* wan transacted ? Puptrvlaor Bi r?r olftred a resolution to th- following iff ct ?That the Cbmptroill r be directed to itnw hW w ir r <ut ?!? Nut bun C. l'lalt, the lite Oonnty Treasurer, f..f the w hole nmeiiut of rtv>n?v? la hm >ri b<-lon* inn to the county, and direct him to ?l"|?*lt (lis anm*) to tliii Credit of the ceouty. It ?im adopt. U The bill# of the four city C..roo?r?, for the quarter ?o?f li./ lie. ruber SI, were ordered to bo paid, an." id ting to KM I ho following \Hawm received from the Ma? or:? M?ra?'? >>? 11,1891. To Tim H'iroB- i ? />.* Km a or M ? Ckkti out?I wtnra her. ? 'h to *'>?r bnorable body a resolution aaM?<ri?tiig th- Hoard "f folico to J?iy , out of any m> ?wy? in tbeir ??x-n B<' i.oeasary to |ny thn saian.e of poll. foe l*?o |h t>iii? incurred "for thti cleanaln* of tei.ctri?a< ho?:*se." with >'tt my approval Although the conferring of Jud? ial fulKiK.nn oil a body not elected by th-pe- p'a eeom to be ountriry t.? the (irovlHHn ? th"-ut<. const tutlon, *i. l the arming of tti. police with ihi- power of making d..mio#la> r vl? ' ?* ao repugnant to tbe principle* of tha< uommon Uw arxl the feelings of th?> (wbllc, jet I place my prlnciini ob jection to the refutation In qneatloa on aaothar fronnd. I have iilri-ady hait occ?Mon to conxult the I. ^#1 ?ivl rtr of your honorable body on this anbjeot, and I am ad vi??it by him that, tn4>r the Mctteoe of tb" Police act relative to "the ck-anaing of teucment homes," no It? ? an be created upnu tlie pr. mi*, k thiw cleansed. The e*? I" Hue of cleansing lalllur thtw tlrlnstvelv upon the pi^ it:, 1 liaxe no alternative bat to return tb? resolution Wt reconsideration. Kf-KNANIHt WOOD, Mayor. After some nnlrrportant business, the Board adjourned ! until Wednced.iy at twelve M. I'RRiia or t?b Nut thkkn ( M <n Rorrn?Wllham j H. Kighee brings suit In tbe fourth 1'istrxt Court of .Han : Francisco against the Ovrland Mall O'inpany, complain l In ft that on the flOA of August laat, at Spriogil-ld, Mft, | he |?ld SIM for pa*?afe to Han I'ranclwo. and *tai led; tliat -'a victoiin. indent and drunken"drlv? Jacob*, ai ted aa th . cmpHtiy a agent, croeebiK toe deattrl oC i Ariaooa; that, without any provoeatloo. mkI i*r"i?t { dr-trced plalntlR out of ib<' maeh, beat, br<ila<*d anil woutd. d him hred at hitu a loaded pistol, and drove hiin Into th<? de*ert, and then drove on tbe cruel). ?t>aa> dotiinir him whll' mll<'? away frf.m any inliabiUinr i. >"or tw.ilayi and one nluhl plainlid wande . I, . ?h.i?te.l with the etccaelve beat, hia fact bliatend. In* '.?o<ii? bl?ek< ned and pr"irudln? for lack of drink, ?< k, ?nr?, dlii.'aM-d ami aiiflerinn Kreally In lM<dy <md iiviimI Wh-n he rpache<l th* Rtntlon thn ataire waa gone, aitd I twi I plaintiff loet the trip, for whii h wro->ta and viotatii u ot contract H/ Uigbve tab |:0 000 aod aoaW.

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