Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 12, 1861, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 12, 1861 Page 8
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CABINET MAKINf AT SPRIWFIEID. , ? i., ? , n 0?r lprt>|tt?ia 8nt?onmj> W T, lf?l. | MU Croat Oamnon OoMr?Wkat it tho C tuit uf Out O'roat Cbsutstain, mot*t*, the On jury Ihsouph Y lit I Thurlow Weed look W Lit ) ^nrels. lie has found Mo equal, If uot superior. A en' juu disclosed, in re ference to the reported appoi? mient of Senator Qunurou to a place lb Mr. Lincoln's OjfeMot, shows tb? greaI IVnn ?y Ivan la polityiun to fjeri no less in political cur- I alag than the great > jbany lobbyist. A bolder scheme waa never conceived nvr more adroitly oxecutcd Its fckrtory should tttd. a conspicuous place ta the political re ' oords of the country. It furuishe* a counterpart to the %Ml ktiukee >jf diplomacy of a Talleyrand, and its ulti- j Mate explosion is a matter of wonder raUiei than of na : toral osn'jtqusnce. WlU tl be believed, after being fed for day*, nay, j week#, with rumors, report*, and even apparently positive nnounceinents, all bearing upon tho alleged tender of -be (Secretaryship of tbe Treasury to <?onoral j Cbmerun. ihe public will now be asked to rid itself of Mh already settled couvictiou as lo the ocrtainty of that appointment? And yet the d. vdopemenus of this day reader it absolutely certain tbit there uxu not Ike Lust fbundraion to the thr-ummhI ami one stories afloat during the 1 |Ml Jvrinight in reUUi n to the same suLjoat; that a direct . Oft* was noI fnade nor (houykt of at any ???k thr I*rai- t dmU ii>it, thai he did ml eoen oxtind an invitation to i Mm here to Camrrvn, bui th>U he came vn kin win motion, and that, akh-uffh Mr. f.inroln ?ecu over iiu lined U> take thi jropristy of hi* iifipoitument into contUbrati.n, otnin>} to thr [ tirotj??ttluuces hmxiftrr related, Ac Am now drfini/rly ami | pmtmiuenily distniued all prrpsiiioni to that t'Jeet. As tbio is the substanae and result of Ibis grand office bunting cunsjdraey, tbe subjoined details or It, leatued by me from tbe very highest sources, are of a strikingly interesting and instructive cha racter. 1'lu y prove at once tbe utter reekicaaucse mt ibe tbweron faction, and the certainty that thoir rtffimr will bave to go unrecognized under fhe incoming administration. They will doubtless startle the Ponnsyl vain urn nut of their habitual Bedateness?opeu their ?yes as to the plot that has been brewing undiscovered to thoir midst? and they may thank the l/>rd that tho danger of a monopoly of the f -derai spoil) by the follow ers of Cameron's political fortunes Is removed. It appears that Oamerou'? 6rst move in pursuit of his Cbblnet a?pira!ious was to strew s&it<l in tne eyes of the veytiMiran public by causing an ?ut)iori^od deCUratkm to be made some tire weeks since, through the Wnthiug Imi comspondence of the New York Tribune. Having thus surrounded hiinwlf with the hilo of diuintere. ti-d aw, besot bis friend.- to work secretly circulating pet. Nuns for and recominendatious of his appointment. Dutens of them arrived here daily for a 1?ip?' while, durinf: Ibe last month, lliv antitgonistf being thrown ofl' their guard by bis intimated and apparent intentions to decline, tfld not suspect his propaganda, and hence took no moa Mr s to counteract its effect, lho seeming unammi'.y of tte republi'Min nentiment of Pennsylvania, as retlx.ted in lb" numerous written appeals In favor of his appointment, tost produced an impression on the President elect, and be was inclined, as already stated, to lake its propriety kkto consid'THtH'U. But in tho meantlino Otmcron grew Impatient. He expected an immediate response to the plea^ of his friends, in tbe shape of nn invitation to Mpair hither. This not being forthcoming as early as he Wished it. he waxed appfh'-nslve of a discovery of bis Machinations by his opponents, and hence came out hers ?ninvited to look in person after tbe interests of himself and frieuus. He probably supt>osod that bis personal ap pearance would exact a tender of what ho was after. Bat m tliis he wtt disapitoinled. A- soon as bis journey became known to lus republican adversaries they (airly Overwhelmed the President elect with de |iatch-'S pro Watmg against his appoinuuenl. Although the violence ml (heir protests did not impress the latter favorably, ?tmimon prudence Induced bun to delay .^ny u.flnrto ac tfc'B in the premises, anl ln uoo Gami ron had to return without the desired commission in his pocket. Ho wits kindly received and treated with tbe utmost respect throughout his Visit. But that was nil. How well Cameron played his game may be judged from the fact that even Mr. Lincoln's friends in this place, with very few exceptions, all believed in his vumorod assignment lo l>? the Kecrcutry of tho Treasury, and for Hie last six days It was generully looked upon as ftc accomplished fact, and those who discredited it ?barged with allow ing their feelings of disappi ubation to prevail over their judgment. As to myself, it will be rememi>er<*d thut / insisted oil tbe falsity 'J?? r<-F*r*&* ^ipouitmenl until the "signs of tho times ' appeared lo 4?x?onstrato il so plaiuly as to render further denial far Hour. Yet, although [ reluctantly acknowledged what seemingly l>ec>m? an undeniable fact, 1 yet could lent shake oO ail doubts in regard to it, and tk.t simply because of iny previously acquired knowledge as to an tntensc detestation t<n the |mrt of Mr. Lincoln of lho kebeclof polluciaiu wb(?e maxim Is that the "cud justiQos the means," and whose prototype* are Weed and Oine rou. The sc?jueii(4> had uoh shown that my original im pr?etn?- wore correct. It will |ieriiape be asked what evidence I have to offer of tho correctness of this latl version of the Cameron aOatr. To satisfy the doubting in this respect, 1 w.ll (late that, although Mr. Lincoln did not first deny the reported fttovatioti of tho Pennsylvania .-enator to a pUr.) am >ng ha constitutional adviters. in order not lo increase the Mar ting of his-already wounded feolirgs, the profound dissatisfaction this alleged selection caused among his best frit ndk did net remain coucualed to him. and dually altctVid a iemi oltl< ial disavowal during the last twenty tour hours. 1 state th.f positively and authoritatively, and tbe readers of tbe Hzbjik may place Implicit reliam-e k> II. Jnct after tbe contradictory bint wan given out, ampbalic pro'esls arr ved from Waslrngton. Tbey cmnuatwl from r*i>ublican Ooner'Ssmeti and were couched Ui the strongest P'bSiblo tcrou, and directed to persons who weuld not full lo mako the foment* known in the proper quarter. These de MODstratious. and tbe all but universal filing of relief aiaiiifested by the numerous prominent lllin ds point emus now in to?o uiuit cenvia e the I're'-i >-t . ee Cl (bat Cameron is an impossibility, and heueu th< I. fix oiay be considered caught in bis own U*' a.d >airly disposed of. 0 The greutest ludignuion is Mow felt bore at the vinac vountahle in glei t of Senat' r Cameron to put a stop to the am est' ainod uue by h >? fi ieoda of bi? own came and that ?f the PrisnJeiit elect iu conoection with Uu matter. Th wholesale de eptton he thus Indi:ectly loiorated is M.-I likely t? redout.d lt> bis credit Ii4t?k Out for a Nwinrilrr. TO THE 11MTOJI t)F THE lURUR An adroit rogue who m believed to be aarjelated w 'h ?uaiederaMi ha:- la'.eiy uw'U li.? a|.p<?rtilM? id our cblef ?men to the prm-H*# rr sundry attempt* to obttin ?m'I'.cj (7 fabo pret<uoe?, repr'feii'uig h.tiiMilf under tum> i.?inr>n an c< unccted with well known gentlemen ?f the country. We we Uilorwil lbut lit h?? already obt*i <sl money in Una way from the Hon. Jotepli K. bi*< nvll, i. llilladelphia, and tbe H>?n. John 1*. Ken tie dy,o? Haltlrijjre awl hM (nvn deMrind And foiled, ?a ?rr . .irn,.id ? ncciit attc'npt ft prtvnre a ni.aidwabl* ?uni Ir'im 0110 of tb< I'biUdelpiiia 1 auk* by ? iVn <! I ?beck, pniportinir to be Riven liini l?y tlx1 Litter 01 lb# two geiiileruen Above named, on Uhi Mecluntca' limk of Mait.more, ami by a forjrod lette-of intrxtuctKm u ! dree--.d to the former. II would be well for the cltiieti* of Sew Yerk, IV?u>u and othei Cities to keep a l.x>k out lor tbu f o-a iltr, wb>i v-ku'vatuMNi unlive puraui* <?! but purpose, I'm*. *??!??* re|T< pi'MiiiK bini'el! m wall known to the arxrve gmii< ni< n. ^iBoaloo to tb? Hon. Hcnrv W. iltlltard, of ?ooikhiih 1 > , In Alabnoui. He Is apparently a m.n of lbiri\ d\e )?ar- of a<p'. tall, with buiok eym aud Iwir, .lid witL uii etuic, |lrepowi'owiiiK aldroa. Illo bunk*. '*>"1 '*?'! kIv.ii!.1 ? r?ulM?d to inqnire b.fjre entering ni'. any Uanm.. Moon with a atiangwr using tbe name* of Itr g?i,ti. un 1. above n: erred to, under any circuit tan t'* Uiai inj (ii.\t,ke tuppiclou. J*?>?l lnt?lttu< nrr. [Corn ?p-?id> |.(X of tue i^n,. Adrerttorl t uriT.i. sr ?im'-'hip r.eotri,n,.A 1 in* Kin H*-, Weet t\>Mt ?l Mricii \uv 15 i*?o | Mt.oeni* teat leiler w. h?v.. Iut,| ai.-tt,..,.' rr-tae of ferce week*' duration, off thet,,og.i r ver aid l/*.,1/0 ?turning to ft IVil do I/*t do ;*'h iil? owing *|,p ir< vataoceof y?Jlow fevor at tha> port ?U communication mttb Uoabore was tVbiddcn. Ws tilled up ? ,th *,,t<T ?d provia.ona atlVnpo ltny, atiout ?IX nniei Mth of Iinando. aiid tailed ith (n t for tbla port, wL-ru wo ar rtr*a thw oiomtoiR 7b?i otyee.t of our vuni lie 11- 10 r<> rtu tUii' 11* and Ik> procure *eK<.iabl<tl, K< , <.111. k ftetoifi *oarce and h.rb at all othrr port* on the < uu*t. fin 1 ho IVth ult, wblWioff Aoibrlr. we uiarded, alter tm kawrx' ? b#<K*,aspaiii'hrl.i<-p riygrrI cutter of (1b,ul 1? twin. Iboee ?? ooard a ;ail(t. t ilMt tboj- w. rn 00 a ?lato IWiff and bad ttieir I), Win* ol ith::ur A , p% kel Win n ttu> boar'' ok officer west on board e*|*?ti n b? ?r inxfTre.1 ?? prl?'?i. '? to It, 10 p H*r cl?e< J<fk w " tat?>, c okmr appar ?u? tip. and all the ntioy try a< e ii "?d^ti'-HH >iad? to embark ab<io? Utfei l.utl'lrel , ? Hi'11 vffi!, and we already (Hurt of ?????? ? ??! ?ft. we dtd no' detain bi 1". 11 *?? tffto, CM l? ruin, willed frem ' tu l>, for Kkhtmlk or a nnw ? .(lib 'J. it'irM *hy ui. . p * 5 762 slaves on board, and wit her to th? United Stat ?*, via Monrovia, In charge of J. H. Foster *nd a pru? crew. The stoop Porifcm**ith, Commander ('oihom, .-aiio't from here oil the 10th kbat. for I, ma io where she i* to pi ovuiiou and water, and then proceed to her cruising { ground off the river. Th > stouiuurs Mohioau,<"om mandtr Codou, an.l Sumpter, l.leut. Lfi'jr, erupting uff the coast, l>?rth 01 Uuui'lo. It* MMf arrived at l.:xi?iio on tlie 9<h iu?t. from M. Helena, where ?he haa been for flic last moi th recruiting her crow. l-ieut. Ceorge W. Young lia* been letacned from tho tiioop Port* mouth iiid transferred io tin1 Han .hicitito, until fur ther orders With the exception "(a low cases of nna, all are well on board our ship. Tho United States ?tore ship Roll'f will sail from tho Kavy Yard, New Vork, nbmi the IMU January for th* eoai?t of Africa l<ettei s and pa< kages for the officers an I men of the squadron will to duly foi war-tod if sent to lhe Naval I.yceum. at the Navy Yard, Brooklyn, lu due Seat(OH. ? A letter written on board the steamer Iroquois, at flo noa, on tho 11th ult., says:?On tho 29th ult. wo stuied from Naplw to meet the flag ship Richmond, that had Just arrived at Spezzia from the United States, but whoa we got there learned that she had gone to Genoa. Wo were ordered to proceed to tho latter place, and in doing to went ashore within four miles of tint port. Th' acci dent oecorred in consequence of the darkness of tho night and tho pilot mistaking the bearings of the light. Wo ran on at full speed. All our steam power could not back us off. Anchors were carried astern by which u> heave off, and the ship lightened of her shot, ili'll and water, but without effect. We were obliged to seed to Uenoa for a tug, whieh succeeded tn hauling us off It was a larky thing the s?a was no smooth, for had (here been the slightest swell tho beautiful Iroquuts must have certainly gone to piece*. Ax it was, she escaped with very little damuge, and is now all auiiat'o. Kroiu here wt go to Hpezzitt to till tip with provisions, aii'l then re turn to Naples, whore we shall probably epoud the win ter. The flng otttcer, Oiptain Bell, intends to nood the Kusqiiehannn now at Spezzia, to Myria, that ship being better adapted than this to do tho winter cruizing. Wo shall relieve her next spring. The sailors comprising tho late crew of tho lTnltod States ship Cyane were paid off yesterday at the Bro >k vn Navy Yard. Tho crew of the United Statos receiv ing ship North Carolina were p*id off the day previous. Tim employee of the Brooklyn Navy Yard nc ived a portio* of tbeir pay yesterday. The balance will bo forthcoming in a few days, as only one requisition for money on the department had been honored, owing to so me complication in the disposal of tho lost loan by tile government. * Tl?e Crntral Park Skating Pond Once More Alive. The announcement that U>e "ball was up,'' although made very late yesterday morning, drew together about five thousand persons on the pond In tlie Central Park, about three hundred of whom were females. In com pllance wltb the wish of the Commissioners of tho Park, the ladies did not confine themselves to that portion of the ice which had been reserved for their special use, but scattered themselves about over the whole of the skating pond. There was scarcely any large spaoe in which a lady aouid not be found, and this aided greatly to enliven the scene, as well as to prevent any of the "harum scarum" kind of rushing about which has char?3 ten zed the skuting on former occasions. The cars during the middle of the day carried up a number of skaters, who discussed tho merits of, and compared their various kinds of skates, eat h possessor of course assorting hiB style to be the best. Home portions of the ioo were io tho very best condition, but the remainder was very uneven, in consequence of the snow I laving oon r ruled upon the surface. These excrescence will speedily be removed, as men will be constantly nugagud In uUiug them off with llat pickaxes, spu oe, Ac. Several men were yesterday thus employed, but the fall of enow pre vented them eoutinuing at their work. Should the snow lull at all during tho night the work will at once be re. huhied, so as to have good ice to day if possible. Au opening in the ice unfortunately still exists around tho inland, but another night's good and still lrot<t will clone it up. It *v us tho intention lo have illumined the pond last evening with the calcium lights, but the fall of kuow doubthss prevented it. As it wus, all tho danger boards Were lit up Willi Solfenno colored lanterns, at the sug gestion of Cupt. Ken wick, and very largo rellector lam jit were rue, ? <.ded in front of Ihulford's uud Knap >'s teuts. These gave a little light, but not sulticient for night skat ing: and this, added to the snow stonu. caused the skater* to leave about au hour al ter dark. 8KAT1NU IS BROOKLYN. In Brooklyn skating has been for some time as much a rage as in this city, and thousands are daily to be noen on the principal pond, which is situated at the corner of Fifth avenue and Third street, on the lino of tho Central It is intended by the Brooklyn Skating Club, If tlir weather will {lermit. to make their Ural app.iar.iUoe in public as a club this afternoon. A baud of music will be in attendance during the afternoon and evening, and after daik the pond wtil he iilumiuated. A largo a-.sem blogu of the Iriuuds of the club is expected to lie present. Our citizen can cross by the South ferry, and tjkmg iho cats on the other side, reach the pond ufter a t ido of about twenty minutes. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Friday, Jan. 11?6 P. M. 1 no case in tue money market increases, and the feeling in mercantile circles continues to im prove, though the political horizon grow* daily darker. Some \ery short lir*t class paper wan done to-day at seNen per ccat, and the range of payer current at 12 wan considered to have en' larged. 1'aperof the very highest quality is very scarce; capitalists are buying notea which a few wetks ago would not pa->s at all. Foreign ex change is dull, but firm. The leading bailors are asking 10.iyt a 100 for their sterling, and 6.35 for francs. Home business was doue to day at 105'4 a y/t. Merchants are getting 103J^ a 104% for their bills, which is much better than they lut\e beeu doing since Novenber. The news from England by the America produced au excellent efliect in financial circles. It is considered as establishing the capacity of Great Britain to send us gold, and to pay move for cotton and breadstuff* wilhutrt dis turbing her owu commercial community. The stock market continues very ftru, and price* advance- This is due partly to the scarcity of stock, and the heavy contracts of the bears; part ly to the haixlawuic earnings of the railways, and partly to a recent increa?e of conlidence in the general government. The widest speculators have been deceived by the course of the market. They felt certain that the tiring upon the s>t?r of the West would depress prices, and they felt satisJied that the sc<-e8sioa of Mississippi and Florida would have the same effect. In both cases the event falsified their ncpectatfcBS. It would sc m that the more inevitable ?i. il ?ar fo< cornea, the higher ftock* are destined t ? rise. At least such is the n?,ce--at.? inferun e from the c<?urse ol' the mark I during the past few days. This aft<moon the marhrt receded a triile, closing weak. Homo ??t<> k? a tiueti' ual ? !iae since v? st rday, but the Weikra chares are generally higher. Htate stocks are ?teady. t he following w< r>: the la-t quotations of the day: Tailed tjtates "'s, 1874. DJ: Virginia ??'?, 7 > a 4; Tennes-o 7 ?a Missouri tl's, <W u < at.'on, 1( '4 a J.?; Cumber land Coal preferred, f> a 1 o; Pacific Mail, sr a ' New Yotk Central, T'1 4 mTi: Frio, 17 ? 1 / ifu 1- it Kitrtf, t ': 4 a 4<i, liHrleiu, I ', a do. preferred, 37*4 a %; Ken ding. ;?J J a .M- higaa Central, ?'2yt a '4; Midi,gait Hon than and North" r . In dinna, it1 n't do. pii*raBt< 'd, Ii.i'Jultl; Pu hatna. lit 4 a 115: lliiuoia Central, 7'1'J a 77; Galena and t'hlcago. t >'4 a yt\ Cleveland ami Toledo, 34 a >?; Chicago and Rock Mand, .Vl '4 a 64; Chicago, Burlington and '.uiucy, fin*1 n <, <. The annexed is n copy ot the official not e of tLi, Treasury l>< partaient fur the govern' ten! loan to b< awarded'on the 19th in?t.: THK.vst'Ni Ihu'iurmcvr, Jan 9, 1M1. Not cie I- hereby given *esl< ?l |iropo<sis will b?> re celvcsl ni th.- il?p?r lineal nutU the ttfili dsjr ot J.i.emry. nstflbt, for Ike tsfc'M ot Stttn balau?sof Mvs in ill toss <>r ? ollar? >u Kisnar) i> >te- us nut) lAtn be lawfuili i-'oed n e?< t?.?for e 'in of the 1 nlted m, iep site t wllih the iMr'irtr 01 UM t nlUMl HUties, the Tre.t-nrer of ha Mint si l'bn*d?lphla, or the As?istsal Tfsusurm at RnManTllew York m st l '<uts, wHtun Mre 4sys frost tbj re?|>'.uie.- ?f sue)! )troi?>*sj*, uutler Ue aotliof it/ 01 the el o| t'oiigrsHS, eatitit*, ?? Ainu '. Ui suitioris.) Hi ? 1- ue of rossm \ ijut?s, sua lor other purposes,' *i>prortsi L) cent tw>i IT, l*au such treasury notes will be limed u|ion the receipt here I corwikoatss of deposits with itiosooAcers to tho ere,111 f the IVtuiMiror ot the t'ultud ^Uies. Ibey will be luads latyable to the order of -neb bind, r or bidder* ss ?!> til 1 iter to niske such <'\t'liaiife at the lowest r.iu of later as t 00 sim ti uotes, sud they will etu ty tUat rate of iutsr<>.?t n ni the dste 01 such depusM, 1 he pru|x?als must biste the rate of interest with ovt i-ottdMtaft sod wMfcoal lefsreuci' to other bids, snd e.nt mi no other fraetioiud rsi s than one fourth, 000 u..ii <,r litre* fourths of one i?er ivut'im. tNM p r eeal >'l" * tli amount pfspesed to be I'trhmiit" t must be de jailed \> nli <me of thr others above enntnernt sl, whose ? rtu\r,-.t. <>f puo.b ttsis is it Bust sco< anpaajr saeli proposal ?v f e ' av inr n? fsiiiiiasat. If the prapos I is not rtc 1 ? |it?"t iiumHwii a ,. 1 tM>n> will bti jflVi'O to r. turn s ic'i I Hi nl.t tin pr,.1. -?|-j \-ury trolll the j<r- >x i^l ???r< ot tie IK t ot Utigr??4 II? ol iln , tM/iK'i Ihey Will BOl h<* cotisiaw 1 a. in ,.j??.i|? M.d,., ,, ,,, mn?t h ? sealed, ml to ?rfl. I OB tie- o?f <1. I roj> ??ls tor t'remsury N ten ' 1 M jr wii l>e ofsui 0 .u 1 uw?r <1 it tins departin-nt at K ??! l> II 1 ink ISS'll I 1, II" fPh '1;,, of I inn e' 1 in.,mas,t ,y i.v ,w?ry. "?1 a K' W York md Krie RMroad i- t?? be ^old tinder foreHosnre on the Mth instant. Wo have before uh the scheme of reorganization, which, as Tie understand, has beeu signed by all or nearly all the parties in interest. It is a very in genious ar.d tan fully drawn scheme, and reflect* credit on its authors. All the mortgage creditors agree to place in the hands of two trustees a cer tain number of coupon*, which are to be exchanged for scrip, to be hereafter redeemed out of the net j earnings of Die road ; the unsecured bondholders I agree to take preferred stock for their bonds, and coupons overdue and to matnre during two years; j the stockholders agree to take stock in the new I company share for share. All this is very fair and ' very equitable, but some snbsequei clauses of the agreement for the reorganization her seem to require to he explained. Clause eighth states . that " We authorize the trustees to assess J us as follows :?Holders of bonds in their respective mortgage bonds, &c.; all tho sub scribers hereto, holders of mortgage bonds se cond by (he mortgages which may be foreclosed, of unsecured bonds and of stock, a pro rata contri bution/or any cash necessary to complete the pur chase in the event of a foreclosure." At a hasty glance this chinse would seem to empower the two trustees t? levy an assessment? unlimited In amount? on the stockholders in the company. If a million of dollars were needed to " complete the purchase," wc presume that they would have power to raise it by such an assessment. There seems, at { first sight, to be nothing in the agreement to pre vent the trustees levying an assessment of $10 a share on the stock immediately after the sale. We do not think that the public are aware el' this. Very few of the holders of Erie stock seem to know that their property is, by the agreement of reorganization, rendered liable to such asreebuicnts. And we should say that some of the geutlemen who have been prominent in effecting the reorganization would db well to comc forward now and explain w hat is meant by these extremely vague clauses in reference to assessments, and how much money is likely to be assessed upon stockholders in the Eric Company "to complete the purchase." If a ten dollar assessment be sprung upon innocent holders after the sale, there will be no little bad feeling created. Unless an explanation be forth coming, the public will do well to stand aside, and avoid trie for the present. The business of the Sub-Treasury wan as follows to-day: Ke^ripts $0.1,046 24 ?For customs 37.0O0 00 I'a.i mints 72*1.419 63 ljiik&cv 3.013)575 81 The following dividends have been declared:? rbo Mercantile IS.uik has declared a dividend of UVt> per rent payable on the 15ili met.; tho Norwich and Wor cester Railroad, a dividend of iwo per cent, payable on the lb'h tnst. By tho America, at Halifax, we have, through the medium of the telegraph, advices from Ixmdon to the 29th of December?one day later. Consols closed on that day at 92% a 92%, which is a little lower than reported by the Nova Seotian. The sales of cotton at Idverpool for the day were 15,000 bales, the market closing firmly at the ad vance previously noticed. Ureadstuffs wero steady and firm. The America brings ?162,000 in specie, say $810,000. The January business upon the Western roads looks very well. The Miehigati Central warned the lirst week of January:? ltirto $23,134 oo 1861 31.178 51 In< rease $*044 42 The gain upon the Rock Island road in the same time was $0,<-)00. lh<> Michigan Southern road earned the same week:? 1S60 $04,330 istii 24,881 Increase $ib0 The December earnings of the road were:?? I860 $162 172 XI 135,481 87 The Galena and Chicago Railroad earned the first week of January:? $12,373 1*61 26,610 Increase $12,638 The Cleveland and Toledo itailroad earned the first week of Jauaary:? I860 $10,041 1801 1? ,467 Increase $.',820 The Cincinnati and Indianapolis road earned in December about $.18,000. The inorea-e in the year ending December 31, 1800, over tho previous year is about $66,000. 'I he La Crosse and Milwaukee road earned in December $40,000. The net receipts of the Harlem Company for the month of December are as follows ? *04,663 66 fet>0 1100,140 00 Increase | >,687 25 >Ve lave received a copy of the message of Governor Wood, of Illinois. It gives a very favorable view of the financial position of the State. During the four years preceding Decem ber 1. 1W>0, $8,007,124 33 of principal and interest of the *tate d< bt have been liquidated, in addition to pacing the accruiug interest as called for semi annu.illy, leaving tho whole amount diu; on the day named, $10,297,101 M, which has since been ruluced by payments cf 1269,'.Wo <v>, leaving only, a irifle more than 110,(KKI.'KW now du>\ This is in clusive of the canal debt of $3,50<>,t8H>, which re pti -? nts a permanent and valuable improvement, but is not inclusive of 122 McAlester and Stebbina lio.' d", of shieh we find a bare mention (lie ities sau? . iiud winch are an M|unal)ic debtol iOc Suite, though the holders of theni may not bo aide to en force tin >r payn.' at by prcctrs of law. The annual meeting of the Cleveland, Columbus and < ineinnati Railroad was held at Cincinnati on Wednesday. The annnal report ?tntes the resnlts of tl.ti biisuio- fur the jrrnr: ? i iM M Krlglll 6o? H,ti 14H.J MivIm UOflli J^uia 70,?? li ? i> -i i n UciH.rtt.- . 4 Tjft nounoc 4,&oj T"UI 91 011,260 Dccctuber lotnu ict (Nut>j?ct u> oorr action*).... 73,441 T<t*' f<?r Hie ; fl.tM.Rtf aim! tulereat 11 month* (470*17 In. lor iHrc nibtir, Ml iiuat<-d .... 40, iw?A10.4I7 Net cunllg li' 1 10th |*T eetil.... ... fi74 274 \; uivio<nd 4'? jwr c ut 2Vt i>'v Iri r city >iivl'nim o>? jn-r cont i'tll.tJil- 174/1.0 Surplus earning* f #0 9ft4 Tljc working i xjx n-o-wore a fi.< 'ma over 17 jirr crnt of the grot!* earning. The Hofton Trov^'ri/'t of Tlnirndny nays:? W?> bav U> n >tio? /? cmtm'ied "(natn< up In mntiK ( tar> tnntter* Mi telly tlrst cln?? pnp>-r ia growing m jiroe, uii'i w sought for by radical wbo iro *T<>ici*iag * greot degree or caution at the (if-spct time hi ri ifard to j (rcaltt) aa welt aa to name* I ho dopualU In tbt* city b.?v? tocre?Aed ?l,ioo 000 w tfem tM pant two woo**, lieti-g an Index u> the fouling* which p?rv?il? 11>?* minda c?t won*) leoder* In r?<lattou to th" dtapotittoa of their ?ur|>lua fiibda. Mr<et rati* on double nutmw vary from * to 12 per mil, aooordwR to the <|ualit> of ib" paper Ottered, t ail loam *re m ute l>y loon of onr hnnk* at ?iv jh r oatit. whtle oth'-r institution* allow Urgo b Uaoow to remain In the New York bank* at lower raUw. Stack Kirkangr. Fanny. Jan. 11, 1 "Mil flOt.O I R6 ?, IW... 07? lOOdbaHnlem KK.. 1>>* iiiAjU lefiafl'H, VO... 75 VtW do l.ji, ; too \ irginia ?'?... loo Roadiog Kit. ,?6 a > 'JiUoO N (jiuMMit 0 ?. 7tJ SAO do 8,1 lorn Mw4knirt ?'? .. 'it bo Mich (' Kit ??* dtv 61 6otiO do da >4 ,1?> do MX Ma >0 California 7'*.. *7 200 do..., 6.) ?iooi|tvfli" aT... 1<>4 Uoo do < |ig a.i Vt?M> l.ric V t tn bda. t>7 f 0 M * k S la g\i *t* .14 |Mtfi HKctxl*. 71 ?? 200 do . .?:io W4 4<i<0 tri>'KK< h? isfltf M H Mich * fc la lUi 14 1010 Had Klv KK 2 rn ?7 200 do 14 \r 7iWM> Mm I ni 1111 l>d- t?*lf * >0 ?l 14 4?*,l>line f < l>a 1 *1 111Oo ItK ?rrlp 71 StM; W " b N> lrt?bd? "f 'a <fo <10 70 10T0 MVh So 2 mhds 6410 III IVn RK bds. I sbs Am Ex Bonk. 6 I'ank of K* public. 6 <anion Company. 10 J''iiu foul Co.. .. 26 ' anili Coal prof .. 10 HaeiBc M Mrs Co. 100 N Y ten RK do do....?nwk <l? do *10 <14 fit do llO..,.8D?k do ?10 do do elO do bio 400 Krie Railroad.... 60 <U> u6 210 do 160 do s30 60 do s JO 14 Erie RR ass stk . 100 Hudson Ri RK.,-10 200 do ? 300 60 100 260 C.0 ?60 100 160 260 1(H) 300 "X 94 04 112 1** 77 8* *>7* 76* 77 77 77 K 77* "'-4 77 ii 77* 77 S 77* 77* 77* 08 3? 38* 30 #6* 37* 47 47 (k?) 100 60 14*0 60 BRMIND $*00OUS6'?,'71 oop'n 02 7000 Tuna 0 8, JbitO 76>m 8000 do 76 1I000NT T'?, 1804.. 106 lOOOBrookly uCIty w I 100* 6 she Bank of lb?. 04 6 Am Ex Bank.... M 30 Canton Co 1ft 10 l?ac Mall 88 Co... KH 160 fcSie Railroad.... 37* 200 N Y Uu RR . 1)16 77* 260 do b.'iO 77* 60 do blO 77 060 do 77 200 do blft 77 100 do k15 70* 60 Harlem RR 16* 60 Harlem RR p'd.. 30 SO do 60 d<>. 100 do.bsoafta 10 do 1:16 A Ctii RR ... J 00 ilo *30 100 do ?>*) 40<) do blO 126 do 100 do TJi Clev &1\>I KH... 35 do J?'0 do 100 do b30 100 do * tO 2?0 do 100 fhic&Kk I KK.-tO 100 do R30 do do do do bOO do b?W 60 Cbls, Bar 4c U RK 60 do HtO 200 do 260 Mllw & Miss RR . 100 Del, Lfc WtKl iUt HOARD. 100 rU Read RR.. (30 600 do 500 100 MichC RK... *30 300 <lo 50 MHofcN U KK... 30 Panama RR 200 111C RR scrip.. b30 100 d<> 210 Ual ft Chic KR... 100 do b60 100 do BlO l&OClav fcTol RR.... 200 do.... <*80 100 do UOO 260 dtj k R I RK.. b30 60 do blO 100 Mil k Mia# RR.... r* 77* 77* 78 V> &4* 06 06 * #6* 05* 36 34* 34* 34* :u* 34* 63* 63 V 64 64* 6% * 64* 64* OH * M * ?i* 12 bO 39 30* 52* 6J* U* 116 77 77 66* Oi* 65* 34 33* 34* 64* 64 U 12 Exports front the Port of New York to Foreign Porta for (he Week Blading Jannary 1, 1*01. DJtNMH WHST LVD1BI. Quantity, t'dlue. Qunntify Value. Ijird, lbs 7,680 |042 Rye flour, bbla. 30 $124 Caudlea, bxa,. . 400 1,227 Ktoo 20 248 Perfumery 60 143 I leans, bags. ,?.. 30 00 Flour, bblf 860 4,082 Corn meal, Obis 100 347 Cordage, pkgs.. 12 143 Cheese, lb*.... 822 00 Duck, big 3 01 hulls, bitls 3 236 Bread, pkgs.... 80 220 Miscellaneous.. ? 140 Tobaeoo. bxa.., 6 176 ? ? Total $9,207 mnvMi Cotton, bales. 201 $11,021 ... 3 Tobacco, cs,. 32 706 C. Moil, bags. 581 Tobaeoo, tea.. 26 2,050 I Aril, lbs.. .11,641 lobacco, blft.. 206 10 001 Laat herald. *8,114 linjiH 30 1,782 Clothing, eft.. 31 Wh'boue,lbu.9,116 7,430 I. rubber, bgs 36 Coffee, bags.. 190 3,100 I. R. goods,cm 2 Honey, bbls.. 180 6,260 Tim. seed, bgs 197 Honey, tea... 93 4 674 Sperm oil gal* 150 Shellac. ca... 60 3 921 llatH, oases... 10 Aapbaltum,ck 19 364 Shoe pegs,bbla 387 Beeswax 1 240 Tools, ca 1 bupar, bxa. ..1,191 20,094 Book* 2 Canutes 0 92 Stavoa 12,000 Machinery.... 46 2 320 Skins. pkgs... 2 Ii?u. Olotli.... 24 8,851 Micellajieoua.. ? t;utn,bliln ... 15 360 Sew. raacb. ca 7 263 Total $134,173 AMtfnCRDAIf. Tallow, lbs..60,201 f6.277 Turpent'e,bbls 100 A.-!?? h, bbls... 92 2.d34 Rice, tea 101 Copper, cka... 1 251 Lea. cloth, ca. 20 Khi at, bunh.. 300 3'JO Sugar, bxe.... 296 Miacco, hhda 17 1,124 ClovJrseed.bgB 60 Ganicopal.cs 4 039 Hops, tales .. 3 Staves 4.320 288 Honey, tea... 16 Polato?a, bbla. 107 4,446 I'r'd pinker.cj 104 Beef 70 810 Veneur, aa... 2 oars 612 1 368 CotKn, iialea.. 24 I*r4, Iba.. .38,019 4,172 Miscellaneous. ? $370 7^78 1^22 28,889 2,180 1,178 392 1,276 258 0 000 1,150 300 200 T&O 300 70 $292 3v078 2,746 6,70'J 937 157 921 085 119 1.1U3 -203 $30,037 Corn m'l, bbls 114 Rye four 32 Klour 037 l'k'd Kisb.... 15 Potntcie 72 onion? 27 Oidlisb, qils.. 21 Soap, b?xi?... 4H) liilliard table. 1 Puuio 1 Lard, lbs. ..5,046 Paint, pk(r?... 4 <*ndbM, bx?.. 40 Ikimestirs, en. 19 Butter, lbs.. .2 066 Total rvfn wtmt i>nnw. $.'196 Iioattior, rolls. 4 132 Tobacco, bales 10 3,772 Do. boxea 3 70 1*>. ke/,'8. 8 136 Pork, bbla.... 22 63 Ikvf 60 96 Hams, lbs.,.. 483 623 H?mns, btisb., 118 260 Hire, bbls.... 14 160 IVIiale oil,gala 278 6U4 98 116 866 483 Kread,pkgs .. Kef. feugar bxs Do bbls Miaceiiancoua. Cotton, balea 7,328 Flour, lib's. .7,376 Con>,buah. 130 '107 Wheat.... 171 OW Cotton, bsgn . 706 oilcake, lbs) 1K.3.34 Koftn, bbls .. 300 Htuves 6,0W) Lumber, ft..4,000 'Zjut;:. luikia .'17 Mouaaea, (digs 6M Spurni oilj(iii ?,206 CmI, bkh.... 10 Tnllow, lbs.361,760 Clocks,bxas.. 222 ]/-ath< r.?ii!<>sl,74?i S'W roach, cs 114 I'igs' tong.pka 210 Starch 100 I'laxM^I, tcs . 60 Butter, lbs 184,064 Bacon... 2,081,684 l*rd ....1,190.640 HatrLi 65.468 Seeils,c? 2 Blaildrrs bbla. 3 Mid.Ilea, lbs. .2,340 Racco, Ilia.300,449 Wheal, hu. .86,812 Klour, bbla..17,924 lork 407 J)o., tea 76 1'eef 670 Clov seed,bugs 378 Mai >le, pioeea. 197 Se*.rr.a<h.,ca. 4 M'dtob. .lbs 06.740 Tobacco, bxa. 13.'! I*>., tea.... 48 Ito., hods . 29 Hope, bales.. 426 Cheese,lbs. 100,182 Lard 76,904 Tal low.,.,...9ofl0 Wu.e, boxea . ' 12 Kusin, bbla... 200 UVKMSHlI.. $377 369 Hollies 4 044 40,604 '. R. g.Kxls, ca. 4 89.343 (oud'd milk.. 8 214,364 I.ea?her, rolls. 226 90 64,448 Apple*, bbla.. 2,000 ?'< p|?>r, bags . 846 446 Pigs' i<)Wls... 10 460 Clov. ad. bgs. 1,260 70 Cheese.lbs. 769,708 6T1 Qo:ui,r. caakH In 13 473 Oi|>. ore,bbls. 207 14 401 Copp?r, cor. . 239 160 Bch'swax, ll>s.0.234 32 *06 Tobacoi, cs... 101 2,400 Machinery.... 14 x ,400 bx. 1 2,749 Boef, tierces. 1,205 Do., bbb 75 Do.. pkga .... Fustic, tona.. Rss. oils, cs,.. Florin* bxs.. _ 1'oaa, bush.. 3,031 Rice, tcs 172 Logwo.*!, ton 1 !?-'0 1,060 726 2?i(?3.' 191,719 126,190 6 702 190 210 234 200 60 22 60 29 $11,163 $494 1,425 92 7,#75 307 6,245 400 17,ww 79,6 (<J 1 CUM) 6.300 1,600 1,900 801 1,240 8,800 26 801 1.311 2,400 882 2,070 230 3,899 6 3.*0 346 Total $1.40! 142 l"NJVO*. $31 013 Piaster, bbla. 37 $960 43 997 Appl<? 499 1 000 ll2,7;id Sper'tl, Iba. ll.ooO 3 ?2t 6,968 lUir bales... 160 4,397 ?""lock*. b<ixoa. 242 2,072 Rice, tiercca.. 30 744 Sperm oil jgal 0,148 9 337 1ml.rub.. bags 71 8.860 272 Asph'Mm, bxa 16 678 14 3 20 Staved 1 040 160 Ox. xiuc,casks 17$ 3,500 Rosin, bbU . 1.340 1,720 Butter, lbs. .21,237 3,009 W. ware, pkga 21 116 17,060 Sirsap'la, bills 19 470 7,702 Shoe pe^s.bbU 89 360 if.'J Miccclliii'.oaa. ? 36 160 - 344 IVtal $320,190 CAW'trr. Wlieat, buaheta 11 030 $13,140 2.026 14 Oi3 4,801 1,430 2.196 3,490 1,360 19.294 St'rtine.bble 060 Total. HHISTOU $8,830 lA>gwooil, taa. 11 $137 $8,907 ax r? nap. OoMon, balea. 4?9 $23.t-'. I. 3 $.,00 llov. rs', 300 3 h?2 KUvea 10,400 405 rotM-b, lbi?.. -jA tiirj sugar, bxs... 744 14 200 Rice, tlercea.. 174 C,S"<: A "lies, btls.. 10 ;i-J0 Roaiii, bbls... 779 98? TvUl ?... ''' 1 ?' 'ITIf. 1\ heal, buMiels 11 gpj |l3 KIKdKOAt). WUtflt, bitahela 24,620 $20 476 TT! cut, bn 10 012 $21,010 Fli *, bbls .3.360 $20120 Corn 4.846 3 ?76 1 T"'iW 400 $2 340 $2^9 826 Ora, both..22 120 $1 ,461 1 loor bbl Whvut 9,i ;o V.'<)?'? Total Wheat. bu.-<.22,047 $20,230 Cbrn, liush 19,637 $14 000 TvUl... J4ui)8 I'.' ?ln, bhb> 4fO BNf 'M I>\cHo(ir f>o VI..i r 1.477 I'lOT. HMHl.V" ho ?nmro Kkmr, 1 727 Cm. bu*h J. 170 I . mh' r, 100 Tr?, pV.ff ... Jrt << rri Hi 1,* 17-? Flu><1 21 Hii|, lilift* 60 Cora a'I .tibial ,4W liutifir, lb* ft oi7 Urd 1" OOO H'.'ir, bbte. 1,98? I'i'rk H ii.l, .1 OH.t Oht??-. ??.- n.xto Oil <lkv, bxt, 1.471 <?.tn, bucb . l.utiO I'ctnl' TH Mil*. 1M> I'w, tmah.. l .340 Oil ?e?J,Jb?.W^tJ7 Sbcoka 200 Mvftock. bit 144 Bwr.bbte.... 10S I'm* 76 0?tlon,b*i?H 1,787 W hral ,lmab 14,007 iw?m,p, bbla. I lift Coji^r 173 H I.Ira mo roVwb,lib)| , H4 1'wtllx 20 IId|?>, )*u<w... .lift KiC<>, tec .... 1VH ^IcOM, bMi. * Otroii.i'o??\ . ,i?;i W .xH, 1 -tiny** ft ,00ft Mil#. #???!, b?? 1.'7 nuri'f . 71 Park ew 60 W b'lNlM. lb-2.747 t?Ul 1 'HHV. JL.N24 VlnnijcH tr? . 43 |4<)2 linen, lb*. 47.22.1 4 <M Tnr, bbl* 50 114 *10 90ft 7.617 1 01H Tnlcl |14,Mi *. I'm 'w;.w *.i (Dioimo. ffM.'.rt Moln?HM lnMg 14 1 ..'27 I Vi bMi. 800 ?><a Itioki, ca*.? .. 1 4<ii) Timber,ptaJM 2 I MbK-oIlanuouK. ? 3?ft *ft 720 ToUI. *19,210 HUTMN * 071 1,261 N 1*9 #,MV? 3,0# 1 *J6 :\-m ?> ;*? ? i,m 1.17A 120 14.040 1.502 376 ?at $132,Mil 1" 4?2 2,6*0 60,184 2341 8,687 4i>4 14 ;i?i a,2ii 6M 1,607 MO ,'(0>i M90 a i6T t 760 SWT IXIMKK. <hiU, bu*r? 400 Tobacco, bhila 4 fobftcOO, kokh 10 WalebM,ca... no Man*. ItH ,. .1 III Ovr.tfM .; Hay Ii*M... 00 V\ ?icr CMki.. 40 Pugar, bl>U... 16 I>n.(tK, pkg?.. v Rjuij.- syrup. 2U ttmt, . 2i> SI10.V, cm*. .. 1 Mp.-lUuieuua. ? T<>UI MI. Lumber .ft. 38,110 TupmiMti. h iUhofiujy . Iga 6 K? rnc. ?. c*.. 87 ?>*tr?ch f??... 4 Kumtturo.... i Maohin.-ry ... 42 l>rv yiMid*..., 1 Kurv inka 6 Mil. Mil, pkga 4o K m.icti , ?* 4 I jir.l, lb#.. . .5.007 H..KW.H, ...1,542 ihu' Bi.i ca . 3 M !?*??... 100 Mwo'liAumiuii. ? $67,104 . 1241/01 Wheat, bus. 12.733 |ld,3?:i ;-ngar, pkgs, 075 $40,278 Com 20,469 i4,321 Total .. . . Beef. bbls 160 loik 316 Potatoes 460 Bread, pkgs.. 860 Cam, bu#h.. 500 Wood* e.pkKh 160 Total HKIT1M! Ill'lANA. $2 400 Applna. bhlR.. so 4,804 llama, lbs.. .4,006 760 Lard 7 500 825 Flour, bbls... 200 150 Chaoso, Iba...2,.>0o 225 .$19,901 Totiiroohbdo l'oik, bbls... loo )u < r m IllCe, ICS 26 CoUlith, i)l IB.. kO D fl#b. I.JH.. tOO Hjidh. lbs. ..1.608 nusMv wkmt isvim. 13 $1,000 Peus, bush... 100 1,012 J'0|>|*-r, bug*. 15 l,3t0 Ouiodh, bblM.. M (43 h>ufiwi 10 270 Shook* &h..l,610 110 Mules lfl 212 .$11,929 Total . .$8,228 Shooke 3,330 li<x>i?. bdis.. 400 HiMipe 46,260 Iloop pis, bdls 6*0 Uacbiiiety, cs 96 Cutlery. bojus 5 Oil, giUutfi..4,87? Sugar in ill.... 1 Pel. fluid ,bbli 20 \Vb. oil, KUiB 1,711 Spts turp.,bbis 46 Coal toLS 10 Bricks 20,000 Nttile, kfgj... 50 Rice, ticrc*.. 100 Lur-I, lbs....15 60? liami 6.633 IkuiiS, bbls... 25 Few. ir.ach.... 1 Ortteob?[r*.. 1.061 Flour, bbls... 254 ruiu. $6 022 Hides, boxes.. 4 310 BuMcr, lbs.. 1,267 2,670 Salt, Backs.. . 260 607 PlaBter, bbls.. 20 2S,0.-j0 Potatoes 160 116 Paper/'aiu-' .3,280 2 320 TVbacco, okgs 19 14,000 Rope, coils... 100 678 H'dware,pkgs 14 1.030 KurilHuru, ca. 9 013 Picture fraame 1 102 (Jbi.MS 13 240 Trunks la ISO Carriages a 2,2*1 Drugs. pkgs.. 26 1,826 Miscellaneous. ? 008 106 $176 2C4 326 100 262 980 774 339 130 370 122 1?0 105 637 655 349 Total $67,807 XAfua. $100 Kusln.bMs... 490 $636 15 220 logwood, tons 60 660 1,373 Total $17,<J8a TRnartc. $220 Pimentfl.b'g*^!,212 73 Ca??ia, cs.... 160 $00 Rosm, bolfl.. 1,844 370 logwood, tuns 164 184 Futile 53 826 Cum asphalt*. 3 Ksh. oils, cs... 1 Paint 14 Kx. logw'dbxs lOO Ext. fustic ... 80 Casings, bbls. 100 foul. $17,120 A?R!< A. Tobac'o.hhds. 16 $3,628 H'p iron, ton.. 1 $67 Dry g'ds.bulM 33 2,887 Boat 1 100 Rum,pkgs.... 600 9,003 foots, pkg... 1 CO Floijr, bins... 20 127 Shocks and b. 343 1 ,ttil Beef 10 102 Miscellaneous. ? 174 Hi cad, pkgs.. 140 226 Powder, kgs.2,200 8,700 Total $*>,165 turn. Pork, bbls 200 $3X00 Haws, lbs... 1,249 $160 Beef 0 94 Soap, boxes..2,000 2,374 Pickled fit-h.. 50 200 Dried Usb.... 800 280 Candles,boxes 60 70 Cheese,lbs... 710 88 I-ard, lbs....7,788 904 Rico, bbls.... 50 444 Butter 1,268 157 Flour 630 3,528 Codli?b,qUs.. 200 750 Lumber, ft..29,452 334 Sugar, cases.. 40 700 ?1 Total $13,343 > mnnnu. Domestics,bis. 177 $10,407 Kiee, bbl? ... 25 $258 Paper, reams 1,660 412 Tobacco, hbds 3 489 - 1.000 Caudles, bxs. 230 647 4,640 Iv'y combs, cs 1 446 8,008 Hums. lbs... 2,0W> 267 9,819 Codfish, qtls.. 60 200 093 Dried li&h.bxs 200 276 640 Sugars, bbls.. 60 9,103 2,573 Hoop 11 804 428 Potatoes, bbls 80 143 2*9 Stationery, cs. 3 82 1,623 Butter, lbs... 648 148 1,690 Miscellaneous. ? 1,508 1,276 Furniture,bxs 66 Lard, lbs...37,783 Means, bitsb.2,000 Flour, bbls.. 1,606 Do., ban... 140 I'eas, bush... 600 Drugs, pkgs.. 110 Glassware 36 Kye Hour,bbls 10 Rope, coils... 404 Perfumery ,bx 429 Rice. bags.... 300 '? $46,717 YKW URAXADA. Coal, tons 540 BRAZIL. Lumber, feet 181,164 ARfJKNTItflC RKPCSIJC. Cement, bbls. 200 $180 Hardware,pgs 67 300 Live st'k, bid. 53 187 Paper, reams. 100 131 Sew. macb, cs 7 800 Miscellaneous ? 6,820 Shingles.. ..40.000 Wood ware,pgs 124 Beef, bbls 8 Furniture, pgs 00 Lumber,ft. 288,180 Total $3,700 $3,030 $1,720 1,000 225 338 67 $10,378 mm*. Flovr, bbls..1.309 $10,169 Leather, sda. 110 ??- ? *?" 2,941 Hats,cs 1 1,044 D apples,bbli 10 76,923 Hosts,llscs. 16 12,003 Clocks 117 1,321 Watches .... I 717 Ship chan, pit 56 10,773 Oakum,bis.. 498 ljunpa, pkgs. 6,377 Bread 3,497 Machinery ,cs 720 Stationery... 202 C meal. bbls. 3,576 MIscsIUuooub 476 866 Total $136,868 CITY COWUCBCIU REPORT. K?u>AT,Jaa. 11?6 P. II. Afiw Seles wore made of 60 bbU pots and pearls, all at 16 p?r 100 lbs. Hwudhtitw.? a more sctlre inquiry preralled for all kinds of wheat. Hour?As shippers were more disposed to luirciuiwv itrifi1* brands were Armor. The wiles comprised 16,000 bbls. State and Western, 2,260 bbls. Southern, and 800 bbls. Cknsda. We quote:? Sii|>erUne State |6 30 a 6 40 Kxtra Mate, good to choice 6 60 a 6 70 SuperAne \\ estern 6 30 a 6 40 (tnuimim to choice Western extra 6 66 a 7 26 Mixed to straight Southern 6 80 a 6 10 Straight i" K"<?i extra do f 16 a 7 26 Choic extra family and bakers' brands .... 7 26 a 8 26 Rye floor 8 35 a 4 16 Cm meal, Jersey and Brandy wine 8 10 a 3 66 ?Wheat wuh rreely purchased, chiedy to All foreign orders, utid price* were supported. Bales were made of 80.000 bushels, at $1 80 for white Canada, $1 60 a $1 Mi for WMl Wfvt.-m, $1 &2X lor white California, #1 87 a $1 38 for red W tvtorn $1 33 for rod StaUt, $1 21 a 11 31 for Milwaukee elub and amber Wisconsin, $1 18 a $1 21 tor Chicago spring, llye was iu request at 76c., with sn'.es or 1.2?R? buphels Nothing ?ew mharicy or oats Corn was moderately active aud rattier Armor, sales having lieon made of 62,000 bushels, at 08c. a 60c. for new mixed WeHUTU, 70c.. a71)%c. ft* old do., utid 71l,,c. for Western white, the ifrut sile of tlie later kind made in this market for some time past; good to prime white and yellow is scarce and in demand. (Vrro.N.? llio demand was fair aud prices wore firm, middling uplands cosing at 12,%:;. a 18c per lb. Ihe sales rca< h> d 2.400 baler, including 300 b.iles in transit. Cora.?Ma was in good request, and 2,600 Im^s changed lu nds at 10^c. a 18c. per lb. The transactions In othor d< ><;ripuot.s were limited. iKxu.iiiH?Kngugomunts were light to-da^ and rales wore declining. To Uterpool 2,000 bbls. Hour wore taken ?t 3s. 3d.. 40.000 bushels corn and wheat at lOd. a iO ',(1.. tu b ilk aud biige, and s >m? cotton at %d. To Loudou 4 <KK) 1 bis. flour at 8s. 8d., 1.600 bbls do. re porteu *1 3*. ?d., and 4 000 boxes cheese at 50n, to Itui-tol a \e-.?el w.ui < liartervd Hour at!., and wlii at, In hags, at 12d. Hay.?salts of 000 t^iftg were male at 86c a SOo. por 100 lbs. Htuisi?TUe market h*s manifested a f ur d^roo of aiuin..i^,ji throughout the week, but sales sru light, <d?Jlig to the limine** of importers. Transactions hive been confined chicAy to th" lower grades, witb a slight advance ou last week t rates. Cue stock on liasd is 20.1 OiiO hi ies. "Ihe sties w>-re 1,100 itnenos Ayr*s, at , 22 ,'C uiont . , 3.000 Kto tiiande, at K^c. ? 21c , 0 it;, i ti t.. 3.000 Central American, at 10',c. fl tu'jtliH, 1,000 Texas, |.i iv?te,8> 0 Sevan ill i >nd Uicila, prtv te; 8,00bPorto t^ibeiki, at ll,ltc.. 6 mouths. linn,?ihcre wete loo hatea new crop e>ld at 28c. per lb. Iki s whs nil and nominal. l.?tnr ? 1 ji ti rn were wanted at fl 60 pr thou?u.d. ! K*n wn* in Klect- d, and pi icea w^re nneetUofl. l.?_?m>.t<.? luere has been ratln r a b iter d -mend this w<?. k at ubotit l ift Week's rat -s, and in sorne in-lances a slight e< nc> rsi<n has l een maou to effect sales. BUe re ceipt* from tlie tanner left arc light ie'? .,-aios wero light, including ?m*]l k>tn of New tirkans at 36o. u its p r union pK?rtMn\ft.? i\irk wuh in rM| ????? i>4I7 fof i?w p* m, and $18 a $13 12 for n- w prim - por hairel; the #ile"'?f all k te's amO'tnle > to TM) boire.'s. Cut meets mid irt l.iwere in lair detnnnd. and wer? tlrm t.ird e<ead. vancilig. sales luivi g l? n rn.ido <?( 350 pact V" et It',o. u 10Sc p?r li>. Be?jf w.<s lees ?.-ive, but "ti'iidy sali s 1.0 lib!*, at 810 a $H)."i?ti<r extra inf-w, >8 26 a |0 60 lur n i>a(krd do., iia.i i j (0 a $A 2i> t .r eotin- i try m<-os |h-i burrel; ftrlmo n iv* b.'ef ww dull an I j nominal. A better demand oxisi d i><r beef liaats at (12 a $14 per barrel, tio-d to prime butter and che*e<< wero in rntner limited supply at 1 lair ieq<i'st nt lud prioes. Uii'K ? in<' mark ft wa? n mer,siad 400 tiori-ea were tx Id nl |4 a 84 < 0 per loo lbs. fho total Niles sinee Tues* <iav wen. ever 3,??o e^k . Wtv ?Sales ui voo bi'ili >is tmcloaned clover wore re j~?T?e<i at h>,e. per lb. oih r d< >I'.rtptioos Werooulet. mi.aks?the mil* in private amounted t<> SOO hhdR., { clilefly t uba, *1 b\<- ? ?? . por lb. Sru as. ?sales w. ei i' in do of ma) utats cassia at 17c. per I ib. I aujiw ?Hales ot' 20,000 lba. on private tsrms. W*WB closed witli e?s buoyaiMiy. while ?ales were <y tdkned to about 200 t 30u Ub>? , at lxt^e. a IP V'. Wik.i ?I emaiid belter this week, prk * wlthont ch.inge. Sali-e 40,000 lbs. fl eca on private term1: 20 ft>0 the. pulled at 30c a lib. Srnno ? il^?i of Caluornta, !-??ta uLirs not given. Foreign dull and noihiog nep<>rted.' Patnlly AUrkidlng, Hatters at Waahiuglon Market show so UtHo rhango either in tha upward or downward dir<M:tion as to a *ea ly merit a notice. Hoef, mutton, veal and pork are so plentiful prices have die., uded a trifle, poultry fc? a little advanoed. A line doscrlplioQ of butter Is selling at 24 coats per poind. Fruit, ttsb and vegetable* may be said to he at a stand Hill. THK DRY HOODS TRADR. The following Is a comparative statement at the im ports of ftiroifjn dry goo-la at New York lor tha week end ing .1unitary 10 ? fbrik, l*.\o, 1*00 1*1. >nlero.l at theport *1 271,870 1.888.888 2 M) >,I11 Hirown oa the Iimrkot . 1.IM.627 1,267,701 1 0I0.14J My the above table It will bo seen that Ihe good- enter ed at this port for the ? -ok ending to day cxretnl those lor the siiaio period do I; J. the prenMirig years while the amount thn?wn n|*-. bo ?i.-k< t s loss than in Cllbar of Ihe precedln 'a .MfttlrWe. Of the goods entered f-i .< nun1, t *fi <? k'8 fahr os fM0,8M;e0tW?dc ? #?: * 326,,W2 i aoJeeeUaneons, $60,823- ToUl, $114,368, aa wtt bo aaca by >b? follow tag ublon ? Enteral fur Qmmm^tian. *V- P^p rahM. 5,,k" W $10*2 .JOT Cravats.... lit 14.MS l'lishes.... j Woe ? Wm> TT < arpeuig . 61 ?lotiitt aa Worsteds .. IN De allies ... tut Co' ftwuist. 176 Shawls 76 (ik)Vt a 9 lasting*. . 4 BilWsJtb.. 14 Blankets 111 liose. 10 Worst, yarn 86 (61.802 IV, 846 24 o24 88,1 19 36.0X1 75,463 63,362 2 808 2,101 7 7'.rj 12,001 6 262 9,762 Total 793 (360,961 Cotton? (Villous.... 04 Colored 33 Km. muslins 18 Prints 18 1#c-b 34 InuidLer'fs. 0 Spool 148 Jiose 274 $34,311 14 366 6 tmb 1,882 8,670 11,4*3 28 062 41 229 Shawls 31 Velvets .... 8 b. ftwuiated 10 Braids & b. * Crapes 14 8. fccotuw.. 11 Raw 6 ToUl 27.. (261,320 Flax? Junius 426 (72,104 llindker'fs. 12 2 8<M Threod At 8,06ft Lia.AiCottm U 4,8U{ T ul 016 (162,807 Silk Total 4*0 (86,884 Miscellaneous? Straw goods Fca. ft how.. Clothing.... Laa. glove*. Kuibiotd'iee ttirseta ltib bon."... Wool? Woolleus... Carpeting... Cloths Worsted.... Cot. ftwstd. Brains ft b? 64 (40.206 Total. WuAriiaien from WartKuus*. Bilk? 18 3 4 21 24 8 $8 301 444 1,932 0.214 16,873 1,873 Total 72 (30,637 Cotton? I 'oMons .... 44 Colored 40 llandker'ls. 1 Olovin. Spool... Velvets . Horse..., $10,813 6,824 069 1.063 1,673 290 1,962 Ribbons.... Cravats.... Satins Bilk A-cot'n. ToUl Flax? liueuH Thread..... Liten ft cot. wo,a aa $2,491 1,463 1,024 1,301 16 $23,901 46 Total. Silk? Biiks... 107 (22.774 Total. Mlscollane Straw goods 17 Clothing... 2 Kmbroider's I K id gloves.. 2 Corse la 17 64 $11,031 $8,028 400 949 1,697 6,863 Total. Wool Woolens. .. Carpeting., Clolbs. ... Worsted.. Delaines ., Lott&woist. 416 Braids it b . 21 Blanki ts.... 83 Hoso 7 8 $17,694 Entered J<rr Warrhmuing. Silk? $83 636 8,124 8,172 166.077 22,9*6 121,760 8,113 0 076 3,426 3'J $10,861 141 60 11 627 86 laces M Velvets.... 1 B. ft worst . 36 Braids ft b. 17 Crapes 3 8. A cotton. 28 Sewing .... 4 (40 ^>7 82T 20,676 8,180 4,249 13,072 2,984 372 (361,836 Total.. Cotton? f O lions .... Colorod .... Emb.musrs 2 Trims 628 Lores 1S4 Hmdker fs. 28 Cloves Spool. llose.. .1,360 (421 ,299 811 $198,292 861 1T2.600 1.433 101.106 63,636 4,966 624 2,601 84,663 Total Flax? Lin. us 722 (136.680 1 w* 4 1,679 Hdkf* 14 12,111 Thread.... 14 6,308 Linen ft oot. 198 34,466 2 19 734 Total. ...3,109 $619 610 Silk? Siiks 86 $124,360'os Satins Mushes.,.. Cloves 139 133.267 2 2,896 1 6X7 1 413 Rt-ayiMiUtfim. Entered for consumption? Pl-gr Manufactures of wool 793 >? cotton 615 ? silk 275 ? flax 480 Miscellaneous 133 Total 5,290 Withdrawn from wart-hot..*?? Manufactures Of wool 72 " cotton 107 ?' silk 18 '< flax 64 Miscellaneous 89 ToUl 388 Eli ten'. I for warehousing? Manufactures ol wool 1,860 " colton 8,109 " silk 372 " flax 962 Miscellaneous 206 Total .... 962 $189,114 M iscellaneous? (Straw goods 111 (23,724 Millinery .. 1 361 Feathers &f 16 3,107 Clothing .. 17 4,378 Kmbr'tl'rieB 63 42,876 Collars, fta. 1 635 Mantillas .. f> 6.322 Suspenders. 1 793 Total.... 206 $81,376 ' FoftML (360,961 163,807 261,326 86.882 60 824 (901,87$ $39,837 32,774 33,961 11,031 18,861 (114,204 $421,209 619,610 361.836 189,114 81476 Total 6,988 (1,003,338 There has been a decided increase In the export of do* mcstk goods the past week. The heaviest shipment. It will be perceived, was made to rtitna. Tho export# at cotton domestic goods for the week coding ?>. juary 11, 1861, were aa follows:? Jialx. W<lIua. China 1,462 (76,923 Venezuela 177 10,407 Africa 33 2.887 Dutcli West Indies 10 865 Danish West Indies 3 91 Total 1,094 (90,178 The trade diring the past week has boon hght Nome puichaaer* have appesred from the extreme Southwest, but nothing like a regular trade ran be gal as yet to enst. Nor can such be reasonably looked for until political troubles adnata some sha|>e calculated to inspire more contioeuce. Some goods are being ship ped to .<outb Carotin* and Savannah, as well ah to Mobile t and Now Orleans, to braucnes or jobbing hou^ci in thoso Cities. Considerable liflf>es reft upon the favorable proa pect of trada from the West. Ht. Louis Is "very year growing as a distributing point for the hurge territory west ot it, extending to Pike's I'cak and oilior settle ments. The heaviest movement in domestic goods baa be*-n in shipments to liana. which Impart.^1 tu mnesa to h. avy cotton fabrics. Heavy brown bhretingi wer# Arm. with sales at 8*^c. Iirills were firm, arnl the mar ket in. oturably cleared of stock, while contracts wero mado up to the 1st ol March at 8.^c. There was soma more inquiry for woollen and linen gooda. The trade in foreign gooda was liiiilt-,4, though with t>ome<i>ing morO doing with Jobbers. Real Entatr Haiti By K. 11. Lit i low k Co. IloM?e and lot N >. 11 Kusi TVeuty-sixih slree' (opimslt6 Madison s>|uar<-), riiiuimg through to - 'venth street, lot 28 6 x 197 6, with stable (40,000 S H I PPIWG NI W 8 .? Harm?aU mt inmm <uuun? nu m Bvaopi. JfamM, L***? Aik far Irnmi Bontiwnip'an. Doc t7 . .Naw York Am>."1o JL<?e,|>ml. O*' W Idauia John HeU Dee 19 New York Edmbuig.. Ll?rr|Mol Jan "J Vow York ?enartan Wren**.! J to Yenionla.. Kuiithuontou Ju Aatu U<erp?Hjl Jan Kvdar I.I'?. pool.. I an Vigo Liven ool lau Arago Kottl H, toU . H?w''.rt , . tin. mrton Jan 10. ,.N|? Tort . 1 1 ercool J in 12 BoM.iri , .... I l>erpool Jan 12 Portland . ...Liverpool. Jan 1* ...Vew York ?. ... Pnrt.Knd * New Turk ?. .. New York H KutT ork ? 9 .New York ("?."iiuHmpiou . !au 9... VrwYaik I.I Tpool Ion I*1 Portland Niacin a ?oh 'ni*n JlT. run ac?< ri. Kangaroo New York.,.. /an 12 .... Ltrenxv! Norui American I'otilniid Jan li U>rr|"i<il Vnlted Matee , ... .New Y vk J?n IS nla?gow ftntlralwikD N?v? York Jwn II LlnrW" ? PaU'?tlne New York Jan 17 ... Liverpool. Ola?g"W N?w%ork Jao IV .. .liver oot Nora Hmi Ian I . nlan.t Jan li Llrwimol H"U New York Jan 19 ?ll*vt* Bremen New Yoik Jau 19 Bremen Airyrlea Ilittnn .'an M ,... IJrerpoot Kdlnlmrg Nee York .'an X ... liverpnol ? ?na<t1an t'-rt'enrf I?n M .... LlrerpiM A-la bew York J?n :? UverT**?t lent, nla New York ?>n t. N .a.ara iwu u ?"?!? ? L.? ?r|iuul POM OaLlruUtflA. Berth Mar ..N?wVnrk -Tan SI.., trrl.jrMJ int. Ne? York...........r.'b I.,..* ota?ra 1 RurUitm Ll|tl .... New York I'-b 11... V?ptnwaU BfMIHTVH, J4., H4T*NMB, RgW 0RIJIAN8. 4bm-?'ob New fork for ktogtou, ia.,?u the *nh day af ?arb month meat.mi r towi Now Turk let arri tngM ?th ani Haw nr'??n? 9tb Mm New Or'e.ine liTi. Ha?ar.> 181k, ar? rtelrc at *e? York 3d, *mi-'rom "*?w Yor-tBh, arrl-lni at Havana ?*tk Prm Wew Orlaanc XU. Havanaakh, arriving at N?w fork **h. ' <*?*??*?Pron. Now T< rk llth, arrtrtng at Rami Ifttfc an-t Now '.>r'?ani 1Mb. Ki?m MewOrieanaZUk, Havana iyth, arrtrtng at New York M. P*ii_*r>M-ri'u? Prom Now fork t?tb, arrlrln* at natana HMh ?> m Wow Orleaaa M. Haraaa Atk, armin* at New fork I7tb. Di^to?Pmwi Now York ttat, arrlelng at Ttarana J(hh and N?>w orient -Vtft. rrvm Now uriaana Mb, flatKua (Hk,ar riving at Ne? York IHk K*r ** Cirr-Prtwit New York 2*th, krrtelagat Itarana M. Pr- m New Urloana Uib. Haraaa IttUi. arrtrtng at Now York Iim. ' <if??imCrrt-Frow Now York and Baranaorrry twnaty dart. ViTtnr*a~ Prom Now York for Watantat ?n th? -nu or each month, at 2 I'D. ItMH-rYltn New York trrr Harana r1aNo*aii( NP. ob th<- arrival of ererjr alternate Cunanl iteain^r at Ne<r York. N B? * lien th? atxrr* datee fall on Snndaf 'br ti.-amcrw Will tall on Mon.lar, >icept front New Orlaaoa. Wben iba daut fall on Mon'far, themeamora will aatl from New Or leant on the day peartoua. BPNCIAL If(>T1 OB. ?ad MMet tor Ifct Nrw Yokl ITnilg At mfw*nf?M Pwrt mt Baw fark, Jkaury 11, 1M1, Ct.KAftBD Bt?an??hlp Kangaroo (Br), Mlerhou*, Qnarnetown and IJ?' grtmol?John O IYale hu amehi|. Northern Llgbt, Tlnktepaurh. Aailnwalt?D B Alien hhlp Cultivator. Rnaaell Urerpool?Wllltama A r.uton. f hti> Vt(fnlp<wb i Dan Rolmer, lxm.1 <n?Kunen ? Molnc*? Ha.k E Hhuitt. Howard. I^tnton-^1 W Blwell A < o. Bark ItohrnatautTer (B.bmi. I*tmke. tVrtrk?0 Lullng. Fatk Etta* Voting (Br), Dntliee. <,ia?gow?Bdml?mn Bro?. rai k Hrrj h< nod, Hu,i,rnn<lf ii. Nanlea? L Nlokerton. Bat* E??V. Bunkrr, ,f too<kea A Hon'. Bttg f.llia (Hr 1 arl, H.iMol?,1 B Whltne* A t"o. Brig llnde. li (Br), Wttite I^ntlon lerrr B Merab. Krla Melanle (Bi), railioa, I .,rk, for order*--ranch * leltrkr Itrlg Kra p. ant, Iton'bam, HI Iliomaa?MalUnotl. Pbelp* * to. H. j B U T Kwann, Ttl rk?' A'e e; I^nf, Hi ?an. ft Yl>oma? ?Mf|.e*n .? Llwt^. mjW A TA R ** er.

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