Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 12, 1861, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 12, 1861 Page 9
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Brig A Owen. Ray, N?ujll*v-Thu. Owe-* 5? SJWKK K'i,SSSW=f?a "a: 9 s ??vjsr-isa;r5s.?<* ?!^ * lu-e nlvta. Norf?.!k-Stum?*, Clearman k O* S& L? 8S& Newe^Ue, Del-Van B*u?t * '"jfhr proline, Hmith. Bo?tou-0 H Edward.. |!S,"r*2ifa5^ Sl?toe. Klliabeth, Colnary, ?"Ulh Amboy. AlUtOTU ? Hteamt-hlp 5( pr^ wuh?mda^Tl3?P??o?|?r^ and 2SK.W1?"pS.' w/inVl}tlm Arrived Off the EtZlr, at 1:16 i*M. .__n__ wAtMD Baltimore, with mdse and ^ Vut^wS*** Kll^rieuced a heavy Portland, with mdse and p?.en. gera, to H B CrwBWjU*? Ce. rtogton ? days, with cotton Brig John HJ?M, T-ot^r 4*" Hi >erlenee<i heavy we? ?ul ricx. w lKjlluei.1 <>l'e * snake schr Harriet Ryan, ther. 7th mat, Ut M*?m?7 Highlands, experienced a vlo l "!!^N U ^N W wniT lnteuao <5ld, Tad wa. blown ?d?r% , schr K VV Ksi^oftun.^t^n. Viriln'a, 3 day*. Stlu pi m"utli iV ck, Norri*, Boston, 3 day*. Schr Wonder IlalKH-k, Boston. J Schr Francea, Kngllili, Now ll??^. J(l?l"' schr Oranlte M*w. Baker, I,(?,nn' glr,..?:r tyicioheaier. Jone*. Providenoe. sailed. JKTSK^1?1^ ^iudduring tho day WhW to WNVT. at W8W. with |bv?r. , HlivelUBdoai* Fob I. i aroot?Tho British rteamahlp Kangaroo, Capt ItlcrliouKc. nails to-day at 12 o'clock for Queenatown and Ltv emooL carrying the fttaila. . Bk Ship Bitmswiw*. previously reported on Are In Mobile Bay will prove a total loaa, with her eargo. (By tel.) The lV>v t?pre?* bring* fan Francisco ahlpplng news to Dec ?, which will be found In general new* column*. cj .J ruiupin* (of Boston, late whaler from New Bed rJnti Mcttitclile recently sailed irom l ardltf, Wales, with a SiafeKSSWSrt hi* shoulder bone. khip Kv(kh Tuhk Burwell, which sailed from B*>eton 9ih InLfo. U^^l returneJ to NantaAet B 'ad*ut Uo clook ?uin* night, owing to the threatening a|)I?ano' of tlle wt? Thir Next morning "he slightly touolnd oolto the eastward ol Toddy Rocks, w hen she slipped an ancliior mi I f'tiMin and \a- taken in tow by steamer Rcscue and sately anchor? I 'l'he nea was very smooth at the timo she touched. Tho ahln U In good coudlUou, and will proceed to sea as *oon lis she receives another anchor and chalu, weather permitting. Ship Cii vim.v. Met rciUsa, at Baltimore from Callao, on Oct '28 and 2V experienced heavy weather, stalled cutwater, and tarried away bobstsy and part of bulwarks. Br B.tuK Jam*s Montc.omhht, Hopkins, arrived lftlh ln*t. from Newcastle, report* iHtvl^e^rieu^heavyN Salss the entire pasf.a?e. I)eo lt\ latum.?, aunng a hurricane from NSW , siove buiwsrks and rail, ?wc^pt uec?a ol "vei7thing movable, blew away nearly an entire jet of ^ilSt MjJnwpmMt, quarter boat, and roce.ved other da miei lltlTSaw a vessel at a distance, apparently a shhi, with loss oi foremast?could not moortalu which way hound. u.'nu i ,u .utimk Peellna from Boaton for Jacksonville In ballast, in -cd stay's when off Si Uuate ul?ht "'yj1''W^ nshore! The crew staid on bo ird during the night, a* sho wa* hiflh Hud <ti v on the beach. Sho wan being stripped l^th by Pk1! AJwnt Th*? l^maitino is an old vessel ol 100 ton*Tand^ls owneilby junk dealer, of Boston. finmT IUymono (of Norwich, t't), Saund-r*. fnimi W 11 easy, and will probably come off without damage. u ? ii DtvAN Wilson for Bust*>n, put back to WQi&lttK* toSUNr - h m?:l^y w?ithTo.s of de'? load and salU split. She will repair. wv-i? 8. hk Ei > Axon, no*mer, ?t Gibraltar, was In the dock being love down 19th ult. Ussirski Jan 11 The heavy gale from NW la"t evening | rove the brig fondest (. rc? lot.-l* reported, onri.e^h, ^nt tinW 'il have b-?n *eut for, U>j>e brought own In the schr* Rock, and ltln?old. ?(By letter to bUwood Walter Kmi, Secretary Board of I uderwritom.) Vobtl>.i<, Dec 21?Rut In, bark J W Paige. Oltirer, hour, having had boUterous \>eathtr fordo day*. u. ? whaler, from New Bedtord), whicn took a loai oi deals to idverpool i rom Shedlac, NS, hus been sold in England. fTHalemcmB Arr at San Franol*^ D'.-c 25, Ve*pcr. 33 days from OchoUk tka, with W?p IUJW E 0 Cowdln, Cleavoland, NR. At St < -thsrlno* Nuv i bark h ?^o , h1iC u,u mil well? tooihed lpr water. u*\u ^ ss&iu. v,;? f?; rT,'S.?, ttjm^w^-arsaaK&ttSSErs from Capt Wing, of ship You? Ph?^?. NB, re *2lnXXI J'.? M?WeJ. Jc'nuey, KH. re petti her it Johanna Hcpt 17, 3W*P^l ?elL , Steam.'.:pJura(Bi *Sr"r L^e'rpool, Jan Mat 47 10, | 'HhfpAn^poil*. from Baltimore for Liverpool, Doc 17, lat "gftp Anna'Decatur, ftom Savannah for Liverpool. Deo 28, USh!pV?UHa7x^r,Owcn, from Bath for Mobile. Jan 8, In 81tek Ah-lSll-r, of Boston, from Montevideo for Queen*. toB?;&^K^*^Lu^from Mesrfna for B<'?ton, with 'TariT^# ^ Z?ullh*r- ^ 5' UBa.lk7iovUnd?Balley. Boston for Clenfuego*. J???. toltartIKrenm.ll, tvm Bath for SOtmm, J?M? ^Ck^mJSu, steerin, E I?^. M^ >on?. the Bock of ^?rrr-,,u*.thureh ?"S&Vm tot D~ 16 for rernambuco and ** *???, j.? 2. UBrtiVsihrtl. Beurminn, Tarn*., ?<J?T* hence for Port au 'ThT'ji-ft Websur.'bSuud^ Jan ?, at 5 PM, *0 ?Ue* W ?1 llaut> ?* r^rfign Pertt< t? ? -c 2# Ait Pre* SmlHt, NVork. fid 24lh, Mah .\irr* KRr. W. ? .?f#ll0rth, Rto Janeiro. V?n William on. Ft'-. ?, ^icris lor NOrlean* *oon; A?la In port '.'4ik, *hlj? I-*"- 1 ,n?n, Kdw Bnlkley, Rom, and Duocitn. ?? jhHins Poller vensel Due Co<iuatl, Gu SW "Just iJSStCWiiSR SS^im "*? * t Tars Novft--ln port brig* f?|?rkllng ??*, ' flT .Miuua l''-iml?, l>rlnkwater, for St h S ' k umdon for Mobile fand ? noliord > Ui'KM.n, iter 2d?An- Angoatura, NYork. Oli.WAt. I tor 34?Ait (Jem, Micro, NYork. CiaiiALI ?u. I*'1 1#- In port atilp Uourge Green, Kaiihanka, fr m Tr?|'U!;i mr li'dh, fur NOr can*, wl'idUmnd; I'arku si?m lionl, Imiu#, lii m hmyrna hit lull, for Huaton, do; Kenrlon, ilolkioa, ' "? l?egliorn bit I7lh, lor AiVnrk, do; Kamoler, ^rurkiml. 11 ui Mt'aalna arr 17th, lor do, do; Jamo M lliuri i V'f>, (liikcv in< Pilot FI?h, lloyt, frofri Palermo arr 17th, for . i.' I a NiekH", M"kr, trout Tileatl* ur ITit, dm ' . taki i -lnu t ? ii I' i Mut n/.n brig Ada, 11..TO Mr??lna art- loth. for Hahnnore, wind ft x<und m r Plranor, Huamcr, irnn Hk> Janeiro for Cooataa 11 R liKm t viv X?Sid batk l.adjr Huffolk, Tufts r.'rom Salem LtU Una itt* Leom I Hintu ooi,Uec 3*~Arr Mornlnj Light Frlti, NYork. r Ltrtrnf n. DiciBV?\tr ldal.o, Howe. Keaflower, Taylor; ' a?i(i n it, iWjwn; J H la: ?one, ?'?i?: L L Mtnrgea, Nil llatiix; .1" i < aitrr, l-.dge, and l<cvl Woodbury, Young, New Or.i-eua; Columbia, Hni.w, Cliaa I'oopur, Junian, and OtheW to, liifilii ?h, SaTannah; Trumbull, folium, NYork, iitla, Bil'ts'*r tlarntow; llenrjr llarheck, True; E rthermari, (luflilii n (or Hlrhborni; hmrraiil, Cook; l.?lah llradlne, II lopcr, an I I'on;la. Pritcnfclil, New Vork; Holyhead, Cole, NOrlean* ? (ill Hi? |. 'rt 2#Ui. Cynoatire, Tucker, from Mobil*. Sid Bd. < a?(or, Outhrie, Mid I'rin -e of Waiea, Harmon, fciiiban* M^bolna Middle. Ere*. Mai an nab; aid, Mv Millar, Paiter'on ? ; Mill. Petr. a, Mtnrgea. Virginia, a.Mh, City of hoMon, Beaton, D Israeli, Tell, Ni'ork; Warbler, MrHurdy, NOrleana ( Id MOi. If?lnn Htar, Loud, Ualraaton; Athena, Hlilelila, NOilcan?. JikI', IIiJii Drew, i tray. MaUuia*, LI/./ie South aid, Hilton NOrieana, South Anvik-a, Berry, Mobile. Ent for .'tii 14th, Mtiar.>ngu?, Carter, Charleston, SlUatrla, .loeerlyn, NOrlaanji, Wyoming, Burton, Philadelphia; Mth, Ha/aai, Muleaui; jaainaolan. LIttan. Saiannah, Botnarsuril Thompson, Charleston (entered out Dec JO for ^ *I,(imiok l>ec 2#? Arr HelrctU, Brandorfr, and Herxoglo H<-llog. .NYork. lid 14th, T J Roger, Day, New * ri and l' ' om I Cut ? ?t '.'lib. Flying (Toud. Wln?or. for Ilong Kong. Hid trofti Ornvpaetd /Tth, Urnry t'oolt, Morgan, Mobile. Mu ?> , t?e< 7?Arr Mverl*. Ne* Orleana; 16th, Plonnoe, T M.irmug Star, Milliard, tflrm S?wcANtt?, Dtc ?Ent out, Koibii k Sophie, Bude, for i k | (iroero. 1?-Arr Jacluu. Bert.'. Mgn I Poiirt.*; o. Den Jt?P':t In, J W Paige, Chirer from WU I qitniiion. m . for Brrmtiu I Q(Vii.viwlDmH- Arr B fi Pt-k. Hak. NOrleana. ^voi, IV,. brfM?Olf. Bosrhonu", Pm41eton, from An frp for Mobile. Horn *ni?, Dec B-Tn port Edw Ererett. Ounbr, for Baltl. note; A H"Mn??r. Hashagrr W iraata. Broker; kalamaaoo, Taylor, and lulli t Tr lndy, Cpaldmt for NYork, rtaramaeoa,. P^Vriea; Ouiaea, V de llar? , and Johanna Bartha, Keulnga, for BoatiH . Kio Ua-iao, Not 23-%rr hrlg Hytlns narrhnaa, Sew* port '.'Ml,, ' ark Hmaiiiria. Baiter, 5 *oi*. Hid Mih, bark Jlarlon. foeier, Halutuore. >trannii ?? n, l)rr J,V-nld Dr?, Perl*"*, N York. I ><v m?Arr Palmnuth, Maine', Baltimore T>r ?*>w. i, bee A?Arr Reindeer. Cruae, NYork. ? iTHioiH DwH-Arr Bil<t, lUiwt^rrr, NYork. fPaaf "?>?nntr AWRHn't, ?t Haia?*t?Tr'BO?*rMfl.l Arr from N\ork No* 3, Onward, at Hong Kong; 1Mb. .'ehn Jay, at Singapore; I?ec M, Hrunk, at Waterfoi-d, Morning Light. HO I v^e?t Point, at LlrerpoOl. Arr from Nllrlcao" I)ee .7, It S Kimball, at Liverpool. Arr Item MolHIn DroTH, (Jen Waahlogtrir. at l.leerpool Arr froM i'?erleHon I** *1, Carton, at >ild for > York Dee ?,.( K K*ol*r, from Deal. rtld for N< >rleana Den #, Dulf brr*, from Cardif; TTUi, Mar inette, fr tn Urrrpooi lh? AtUM|*eik whioh wa? aahare n*ar Calriitt*, had r (The lateat rta Qnwtown ) An Irmu MYork, Ware Stiint. and M >nfrer, at Table Bay; Join llB'fO. at AnJIer; Brfak, at New it,?*a Arr fr .to Ndrlcana, Lodl. at AJI?aiiM. Bareeloita, and (>1? ward, al I. rwBool. arr frooi Mrolie, t ynoattie, aud R 0 Wlnthrop, ai Ij' er pooi The f Jr u^'oe, fnptn for PhUaAalphU. had put American Porta. BOSTON, -'ui !?? An ahlp WUd Cat, Morw?, N<?w OrVaaa: Brh*j<rk k .( Pnltoo. Loe^.t, Aidroeaan; brlga Nelllo Hani' .lobntfn Hii'oo* Ayite; Alport Adama, l'ou?ina, Wtlmlng t^a*5l); ackr llaavrr, lli^dgdon, Aux Cay?e rta Pror'.age town. Signal fbr * Below ship Soaan Stake, front Liverpool Cld HrW* OuldHM bur, Keltoy, ?*!???. Hu| brigs South Boston (Br?, Lai>?, Surinam; Eastern State. U Icy. Uorw, Airiea. MM, tflaJ M to B, with mow, ste^msUp Jiateph Whitney (with uoope). Bhlp Enoch Train (tw Mis cell aud bark Ealato are at aachor In the Roads Bark Neater nod brig \ nmu de buit, which sailed yesterday, returned and anchored In the Roads 11th?Ait (by lei) bark Brilliant, Lelth. BALTIMORE, Jau ld-Arr >taam>Up Cheea pfake, C rowel I, NYork; ship Chapln. McCrlllls, Cal'ao via Hampton Uoads; fohr Horace Brown, W arren, Havana. Below, ship Isabella, hoiris, mm Montevideo; bark Indus, Leiinou, from Rio Ja neiro. Cld ship Harreda Bros, Peterson, Liverpool; aehra M Cleave'.and, I ruder, Wind lea; B Leach, l>nach, Boston; Surah Jane,, lall Biter; C T Strong, Llscum. NYork I'UaKLK.iIoN, Jan 7?Arr bark Edward Everett, Harding, Philadelphia. i Id ships John Pa ten. Hotter, Mobile; Mary Washington, Chapman, Key West; hark* HUja (Br), HeuJer s< d, l.iverjNiol; Palmira (8pi, Orauada, Barcelona; Sp p>l? Eduvlgls, MartsUtny, do; Teresa, sola, Havana; brig rordo va,, N \ oi k; achr Manbaasett, Ward, do. Hid Nor bare Hermes, Muloesk, Savannah; sohr He/.rou, Jefw, NYork. bib-Air steasashii. Marion, W lilting. N York. In Ue oiling, i-hip Emily st 1'ierie, Tei-sler, from Liverpool. Old ship As lire t.allatiii, Sti-rer, savannah; brig Vandlvcr, Joues, Nor folk; schr* BN Hawkins, Wyatt, NVork; Hume, Ny?, -<atiUa River Sid 7th, bark Harriet Ilazeltine, Driakwatnr, Bew Orleans; Mb, ship Mary Washington, Chapman, Key West; ?achr Mui haseelt, Wald, NYork. HAMPTON ROADS, Jan it?Arr bark Warren, Ben I. hall, Sombrero ior oiders. liuLMl.s' HOLE, Jan 7,12M?Arr tirig Pilot Fish, Heard, Mlragoaiie tor Bosu u. Sid schr Sarah k J ulia. bih?Arr Mil l's 1' Raymond, Maunders, WlUulngion via New I-ondou lor Boston; R 1 Newoomb. Kemp, C W Dyer, Fierce; Mai j E Oyer, Puivore; Eastern Elgin, Cole, and Vineyard, Stuhbs, 1 angler lor do; Daviil B Ncweomb, Whorf, do for Salem, yulvet, Freeman, do lor Poi (land. Sid schrs P Newcomb, C W Dyer, Mary E Dyer, Eastern Light, Vine yard. Passed by, schr N Alvvood, Ktnnp, from 'l'augier ior Boston. inh?Arr brigs Kudonia, Havana for Portland; Molunkus, Mitchell, Alexandria for Boston; schrs .J B Wheeler, .1)0 I aughliu, Wilmington, NC, fordo; Target, Farrell, di far do hid brig Darlcn; nchjs Xhi uias Baymoi.d, David B Mewoowb, and ijmi ot. In H.rt at ill AM( wlud NN W light, brigs BlUow, Thos l>en nlson, Celt, PIU>t M?li, Eudorus, Moiunku>; schrs City Point, Good Iioje, S B Wheeler, Target. MOBILE, Jan 6?Arr shlj s Madras (Br). Cmwell, Liverpool; WindMH Potest, Curtis, do, bark Angola Brewer, Imer, Hos ton, sehr Indeiiendent, MoCarty, do. Cld ship E Creighton, Crejghion, Liverpool; schrs Jua>iulna (Sp), Seluia, Bsrueiuna; Kaioolah, Slchim, Port au Prince; Panny Peru, IJrljB*, Ha vana; t^ueen of the South, Elwood, l'rovidem'e. NEW (iKi.LANS, Jan In?Arri,by tel^ ba> k Ciarlna Boston. 11th?Arr bark Kedron, Klo Jnneiro. NEWPOBT, Jan Arr schrs Blanche (Br). Delap, NYork for Auii?|k>Iis, No; T P Abull, Bragg, Haoo for NYurk; US Boytiloti, iiaidner, Petersburg for Nlledtord Sid schr Fn C smith, lleuUerson, l'hiladeiphta (having r* pd). llith, tt Ail?In p rt, the arrivals of tfth; brig Augio Saxon, achr Win Penn, and others. NEW LONDON', Jan U?Sid schr Telegraph, Rogers, Porto Riui NKW HAVEN, Jau 10?Cld brig Neuvttas, Nelson, Maya euez, PR. PtNHACOLA, Jau 3?Arr brig John Stevens, MlLler, Asptii wall; schr Martha Moore, Honnett. i'h ladelphia Dec 111?Arr brigs N Shepherd, Aspluwaa; Ueorge Amos, Nicl.ols, l'liiiaileluiila. PHILADELPHIA, Jan 11?Arr steamers Kensington, Ha ker, bos on; Delaware, Cannon, N'Vork. Cld hark Aaron I Harvey, Millet, Indies, schr Pathway, Jackson, Clonfu egos. i'ORTLAND, Jan 9?Arr BrsKimship Nova Sontlan, Mo MNsiei -, l^verpooi via Londonderry. < >l ship Kossuth (lour ing, lluvaua; hrig Ellfen Maria mew, uf Poruaud. WUMus tons , Merrill. Cuideuan; selir s M Vyler, Draf. Philadelphia. PBOV1M ETOWN, Jau lU-Arr S>'hrh 0 W Oyer, E P .>fcw. nmb, N Atwuod, un : David B Newcomb, all trow lau gh r Ior Boston. PKOV1DENCE, Jan 9?Arr sleamei-H Westrliester, Jones, and Albmross, Jones, Mom. schrs John L Darliug, Hotvus; White Koam, Mllliken, ami Naney .1 liravtou, MlUtken, Balti more; (Jen^e l ilies, N'tckursuti, Norfolk; Beojainln Biker, Hi^gins, Tangier; sl'iopM Orecon, Rhodes, NVork; Edward Hpragtte, tiiliLs, MauhailAiivllie. Hid schr A:\tlo, Perkins, ?sM.mora. 10th?Arr steamers Ospray, Kinney' Pelican, Raker, and Petrel, Yoeng, NYork. Below, schr Chief, Eldrlage, from Norfolk. Kli'llMOND, Jan 9?Arr si-tir O T Petty, Olark, NOrlcaiis. Bid baik tUianuclner, Hatch, Kio Janeiro. BoCKLANl), Jan t!?sld schrs Marcella, Crockett, Virginia; Lucy Ames, Knowlton, NYork. SAN FRANCISCO. Dec ju?Arr (bv tel) liark Krs Palmer, Paty, Honolulu Dec 8; 24 h, .-teauidilp Golden Ago, Watklus, Panama. I'ld prev to 26th, shiptrolden Fleece, . Sld iid, bsrk Amanda Rose, 2oth. chip Osborti Howes, Mi> Kiian's lilnnd; bark l>avid, Meiixnirne. W ll.M 1NOTON, N?', Jau 9?cld brig Water Wltoh, Jack son, st Domi'igo. * W JcCA*6Er, Jan lD-Cld bark Saiu Shepherd, Hathaway, Uatauu. sld 8th, brig Aladdin, ohjrlwol), ?; 9th, schr Vnlon, C lies ley, Jacksonville. POST OFFICE NOTlfKi ^ POST OPFlwE NOTICE.?iHE MAILS FOR 8PR0PE, via Liverjiool, per United sWte* stearaar KANoAKOO, ?ill close hi tun otiice on Maluiday, the Uth day of January, at n.'/, o clock A. M. JOHN A. UXX, Posimusier. PKKSOVAL. A WIDOW L.\DY, BEIN?> WITHOUT THE MEANS ot supporting herself and an Interesting little girl, one year old, wm.lii like to moid with u responsible party who would be w illing to adopt her. Address Mrs. Oardiior, Union square Fimi olboe. Adoption.?wanted, to adopt, by a obxtle nian and his wlfe,'us their own, an Interestlug and in telligent female child, about three years of age Any one wishing to senile for such a child parental ?notion aud Christian culture, may address, lor three days, James Alien, Herald office. ' DIXIE'S LAND.?THE WRITER OK A LETTER TO undersigned dated New York, Dec. 211, lAV), signed "Dixie's Laud," will please writo again; give real nam.', In confidence. B. WEST, Montgomery, Ala. Hkm op seamen who were IN TIIK OTNITEO aulas ship Levant in IKtt and IHoOplaaau gull on THoS. L. BBAYNARD, 81 Wall street. F' THE ?BWTI.BMAN WHO LB FT A PARCEL IN MRS Flora Mnclair ? room No. Id, Ii3 *l?bth street, will please call at 63* West Houston street, he can receive It there. INFORMATION WANT KB?CP JOHN 8TEREN801* ropp trd tn he a farmer In Northern New Yerk aud tive or ttam*0?la. aousijr Ki nL i.aclalld HI lUelf ol any at hi* trlatlvca will heur of something to tusir ao>?; m? drcsslug PBOOTOB BROTHERS, tflouoestsr, Mass. JOHN.?THIS MOBNINU, AT TUB DEPOT, AT 10 o'clock. ?H U BE ilT. MIflfl P.?OET A COPY O* M \RIR LOUISE HAN kin's curlona new book of female ohar*ctor> la ih? city, ? ailed "Women ?il Son >ork.'' blrioly moral aud very luio realms tricefl. Fancy binding, 4**> pigea, 80 mgra?lng< iln .uditjj portrait!) oi Hti living wcueiti. PubllahixJ at Ihn 'ami)/ Newspaper odlce, 1X2 Nkfciau street, up stair* Mrs. eiaen noroirtoN will find a letter at 42 Henry street. ME. I>F. PAM'TAL. MARRIED TO M. F. BALIA8, will otilijc" much b) Informing of Lin reallt-nce. Addreis J. V. (-alias, 45 blceck- r street. PT. T.-THE TRCE MEMENTO CAME. AND HOW ? appreciated von kuow I do n< I wrt'e, but do not the leas renu mber ben ran 1 thauk you Id pareun. Write. SEA Mr N WWO WEBB OR BOARD THE COESTELL1 t*?n. Cruaader, tan Jettnte, Mohlm, M?u?k 4till Mystic and MfiCrn, *b?a slaves ware captured, eall on Tkoaaa L. brayaaiJ. VI Wall To a d. *.??? orR y.viiK and pjmio'f*. my con pi <"ence U pieJJffc. ? "FAW AHUEBP. (5*1 AA brv inn FOR A OBETIFIHATE OF THE yl00 marriage of Breige >wM"iailUdalnhia'nl llw, aiif |w?<>d to nave b<-cn Harriet 11 *r'n. J 1 ^.? New Yolk, between the months of June O* T't ?: li,tnrn,i'ion to l*- gtvee |<> L. A. Inn MOi. "V.', ' ' , street, Pb.ladolp'iU, or t?? C. P. Field, laiu OMef "r the I >? ( ,? lv? I'onsr, A) Uevereai eo.nt, l'omple, fMuaau, j?, *??!? Inquiry Cllke. I.OST A?SD WV*0. Ot) 1 DOLLAR" REWVRD- A LARliE hUo.i st. Beitmnl "<? an?w?'Hn* to tlie rjjire of Nto: color Bftbt hi/wn t-r y#iiow. TJi^stwru reward wlU ^ ii|>on lua reinin to life or II* Dn.v* "W CHH'ND?ON the PREMISES OF TUB ADVERTISER, r n large. black Newfoundland Dog, *"blch the owner cau hare bv provluie pnr?r<y and paviu* If not claim- d v. iit.iu three uaya wlil bo -ofd. Apyly at ?n t' at, Lf'CT?ON THVKHDAY RVENINO, IN \TLA NTIO atieck fc?twi en llrni j and llond all i-<-t*, or bet teen AtUu tic and l aciflc streets, In Bond atreet, Brooklyn, a sl.k i in bi llr II nmir. d to in# lieuij atrevt, Biookiyn. the Under will bo mltalilj ued. rm OfT-ON TIIVRf-DA V KVENINO, ABOUT 6 O'CLOCK, Jit) (mnii frmn J';i H'rrt Fourtoenta -til-.-, t to 1J. W ?t Twi'i.lymlid ?treet (aui p>? >1 to !><? In a Kufk-'rhoeke!' omnl biir a iwiv'i mink Mutt. Whoever will ixturo lb" aami. to 21.i W?at roiiruy-nlh atrett, will Iwi aultaldy rewarded. T OfT?A HI.acK ENAMEL A.ND <K>LD PIN. WITH J I lialr not In the oi nire, i.nd Inarrlptlon on the ba-k. A literal irdwtllbeiild for II at T3 Fifth avenue, near whuh It waa irooably lo?t. 10KT-AT THE SEYINTH REUIMKNT AKMOKY OR i (JymioMiliiiii. oft Thurulay evening, a lady < ?old Br'iant rip, ran'ainlnit i"Ck- of lialr. Anybody rentroliw Ibe ?uuc lo Ma iry. Raldw.n *' Jolin etr?'e?, will reoeire the tbauk i of ibe owner. LOUT?A BROWN AND WHITE OOAT. WITH ONE abi rt b rn Any pi-r?nn bringing b?r to 225 Mott atre?t will be aul'ably rewnrd- d and reo ln: the tliauka of tbe ew ner. LORT OR STOLEN?FOl'R COCPoN* OP THE ROM>* ot tbe Cbieaso nod Rork Mxt.d Rallr?<d Cumpany. Noa SOB, OKI, til 1.2X, payablo on January I'l, 1MI Tae puTOK'nt of wblcb ban b?en topped and tbe p'-eaeaeor will be loiliab'T rew?r<l?d br amdlng il.em te E Purdy, No. 21 Jfer chants' Kirbaage, llanorer ntreet. ? IOHT OR STOLEN?A DRAFT OF 0. A. baldwin k J t o on the American Vxrbangx Hank, due lifth Inst., and c rtitii d by I! e Hank, fur fi.Val. I*avmcnt b< ins aiopp <d this pap- r la worthl' ia, <-i. > pt to the owner, who will pay a suitable reward for IU return. THOMAS RAKIN, No. 6 Park placo. EEWAHDH. d??J REWARD -LOHT, ON THI'RriDAT NIUHT, JANU ?pO arr w. at Mblo'a Harden, or on th* war to TwcntT Ibird Htrri t. a plain oral sold Br% elet, with i eroea alttnlo-4 Any peraon retumiag ihe aim- a' 2i>1 Hrnarl.vay, up atalra, will reoeWe the ahoru reward and obllga wh.- owner. AC REWARD W1U. UK PAID TO ANY PKR.-?ON WHO will return uninjured to th? nwin r, at IU Eaat Soren to-ntb str> ft. s ainall. Matt Opera Olana, mo.mM with gilt around tbe gU?e?a, and m?'l? be Cfcera'ter. The (Ha^a waa loot o? TuMday evening, tbe 8th InaA. at NIMo's Oaiden. *()A RKWARD.-LOKT. ET A WIDOW LADY, OK ' Tuesday, .lanaary It, two $90 Mile oa the Manhattan Rank, of tbla elty. TV ftn.b r will i-eclre the abor* r> ?urd by relunUaa the money to tlno Bn^die, sua Canal ttroet. THE TRIOR*. KTRsERYMEN.?A YOI'NG, EX PERIENCEU OAR denrr, * bo baa a ao?d tnaasled?e if all brauc'tee of bis prwfeeelen and ot plants In general, la daairoata to meat with an engagTTW!.he la pilte familiar with th' ulUvnilon and preface) inn of store i\nd freembmian plan's, and baa also been in-iistotned to g ape growing nnd forcing: r.|?aka Kng Bah. French and Ucraian. Apply to Her T. Hnbr, Htraitoo pert. near Flusbfnf. L L KHRNCII ADVRRTIKR.4RMTM. ON DEM AIDE?I'M' hl.LK FRtNC AIt| POCE BOI gaer deux enfana de h - it et da cluq an* II fant qu aU" parle parfalK mant aa langtie. et uo iwu l anglala. et qu'elle aacbebUn cnadre On ?tga les mellleara |-#f*ienres de la alike. Inutile da se art-center saaa aire prsteatant* Ca dreaeer a A. B . be* IS Herald o?na. V'NR D1 M?H.?F.LLP FRANCAIBR, CONNAISHANT LA mature. "Wsire ee placer commc femne de eliambre ou bonne d'eafawe. B adrtsen au j| Crosby at., room U. ?ITPAXIOMS WAWTBD?WKMAJLI68. A JtEBPBCTABLB YOl'Nt? UIRL WANTS A 8ITF \T10f? A u A prtvtlt family, to do ehamberwork, and would make i ereelf gMMnlly useful Cm Ik w at tor prssent employ rr'e, KIPWW At, Brooklyn. ABESPECTABLB AMERICAN GIRL WAWfl A SITU Ation At> chambermaid and waltar or Uke care of chil dren Can oome w ell recommended. Inquire at YU Smith ?I me well recommended.* Inauire At 128 8 at., Brooklyn. AYOUNO LADY DESIRES A 8ITUATION AB SEAM streas In A prtvAte family: good referen-e If reuuired. Also n Mater desires to find a I audi; willing to t ike her for the purpose of briDgiug tier up; U wllUug to go for hur b .ard and eiotnea. Address 117 North ?ih at., Williamsburg, L. I. ABESPECTABLB young woman wants a sittta thm as chambermaid orwailer, or to do general house work Id a small family; beat city rel ereuoe. Can be m?u At 276 Mulberry at. A SITUATION WANTED?TO WASH AND IRON OR to do general h usework lu a private family. Ota be seeufor thn e day* At her laat place, 130 1'inoe at. AN AMERICAN YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUA lior aa 111lant 's u ,rx-; la <apalde of taking the entire charge of au infant from Us birth: U a n. at, plain Mirer; him the heat dty referent* Call At 87 WeAt 19th at., near tkh nr., first floor, front room. A SCOTCH OIRL WISHES a STTUATtON as LADY'S m.tld or to wait mi an llfatecly lady; understands divss maklng; o| eiates on Grover'a machine, and * ill make herself uaeful. Call ai 16 Waverley place. A GERMAN GUtL WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM bermaid ami waitress, or nurse and seamstress. Call ,.t ?13 6th at, second floor, tor MIm Stakel. AYOUNO WOMAN, WHO 18 ACTIVE, INDUSTRIOUS KDd thorougblv n.uii dent tor her duties, dm!n>< n situv tlon, In elty or u untry. Ha took, washer ami troner, or to do general honutwork; wages moderate. Apply at 3/(4 tilU it., first floor, front. A MIDDLE AGKD AMERICAN LADY 18 DESIROUS of obtaining a situation ox seamstress in a gentleman'* family, genteel boarding houMi or tlrst class hotel. Very hiu.UI remuneration required for the winter. Ca.l on or Addrusa Mrs. Coleman, 06 Hammonds!. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRL WANTS A SITU 4 tion A.- nnibf and plain sewer and mak" herself gene rally usoful, or as chambermaid, washer and irouwr. Good reference. Can be seen lor two days at 11J SuUlvun st. SITUATION WASTE! -BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG wonian aR chambet maid and searaBtre'"<; no ..bjectlon to do gi nerul housework: can do all kinds of plain ???.?lug; heat of reference ran be given. Call ul Mra. Eukhrantl?' J4tu At., near 7lh at. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS lady's maid or lAdy'a companion; ran speak Krench, Genu An and fengllnh; it a good dre-.Mna^.r, understands diesalug hair In thu best mADUer. Call ai 73 4th a* ?f reference!) given. TYT"ANTED?A SITUATION \H WET Nil USE, HY A TT young woman, who Iias lately lost her baby. Call for two day* at iSKi 1st ave , corner l&h at. TIT" ANTED?It Y A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WO MIS, Tl u liaby l<i w?t nurse at li-r own resid-noe. Call at 61 Weft at., near ltectoi, second floor, back room. YXTANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A TT Munition as chamtiermaid, seamstress or a?. bBtatit Uui dress; for either the Is l ully capable; no objection tog. a k!io> t dl.- ianw In the country. Apply lor two day 1 at 46 went oIkI it, near Broadway. WANTED?A CHILD TO WET NUUSE, BY A HEAR! Y joung w tnuu, wuh a g'v.d brea>t of milk. Apply lor thr* e or l our days at 21 Miui.tta lane, near Amity ^t , or 105 Hudson st. HELP WANTKD-FEMALKH, A LI. GOOD FEMALE SBRVANT8 WANTING SITrA J\. lions can have ijood plaof# l>y apnlyin;;al thf Large In Htilute, i:-Mlltb i-t., eouinr of 6th av , where I'amtlr n come for good help daily. Open from 7 A. M. till II1'. M. ?TANTED-A COMPETENT LADY'S MAID. WHO CAN T f dreMi hair and sew Apply at 186 5th aT., between 10 A. M. And 1 P. M , during the next three dayi. TIT ANTED?A PERSON OP EDUCATION AND RE TT flin ment to asaii-t in taking cure of an lnva:id; one who ran sing and play wtll, willing to makn hem. If generally unetnl. aged froir. 25 to .'0. An amiable dlnp' sitluii and a h. aUhy reostitutl' u In.ltet en^able. Address Mrs. Ilaiper, Walllngford, Conn., Poet oulce. TV'ANTED?A OOOD WOMAN FOB COOKING AND TT general housework: wages $7 per month Apply st 24 West WafchiDgton place, from 10 A. M. to tf M. T|eANTED?A FIRST CFAS8 CHAMBERMAID AND f T waitress, who can furnish good city re'ereuoe. None others need apjily. Call at 57 st., Brooklyn. WANTED?SEVERALBBSPECTAHLBPKMALKS, OLD and young, to sell Proacott's VArlety Package of Silk, Needles, Needle ThrcAder and Jewelry; fnm three 10 tive dol lar* a day can l>e made by any Active ii*r*"U. Apply to Pres ent! & Co , 1V0 William street. ANTED?A CAPABLE OIRL, TO DO GENERAL housework. Aj-ply at 18 Bond ?t, Brooklyn. YITANTKD?A NEAT, T1D1 OIRL. TO DO GENHRAL TT Hwe?rmk In a private family: must eome well r.'oo.n im tided; wages $0 per mouth. Apply at 66 Butler hi., South Brooklyn. w YITANTED?IN A SMALL PAMILY, A THOROUGH TT Hervau', as plain cook, and for general Imusework. Apply to D. Clark, b(3 Broadway, corner of Blceckei' at. TV'ET NURSE WANTED.?MUST 1IE A HEALTHY. TT strong woman, with a good snpuly of milk and good reference an to chaiacu r, Ac. Apply from 8 to li this (Saturdaj) morning, at Went 36tli sl 81TVAT10XB WAXTKO-MALES^ A YOUNG M IN, SPEAKING ENGLISH, PKKNCH AND Gerumn, will give his servlens as drttg, drv gjids and grocery clerk, or as book keeper, for his board nnd elothtnc M?l ?. w 1?. ???.rlw> X. T. a., 1I....I I IIrANTED?A SITUATION. BY A MAN. AS STE'-VARD, TT ol trn years'ex|>erleiKe ;n the b-it hoieM lu the city, with er without his wife as bousekeep-r; she has Iieeu in the largcM hotel In tlie I nlU d ?tat?s; 'lelerence of lite hl^b?<t cLanw'tiT. Ad.ire-^bo* '1.W4 l'ost onice WANTED?BY A YOI SO MAN, A SITUATION TO GO T v to < i bs. South Aim ilea oi any other part of the world or IS the city, as prlTA'e eecreiary, correspondent or In aay lespeetalde posltl. ti; l? a penman, ae.tiunlant and g >ne al business tii?a; will go on >? .!?? nalile terms; un<iuosilon aide references g.ven. Address W. B A, bo* l.'Ai Herald oOlce. "vO FOR A SITUATION -A TOUNO MAN. 33 iptflF y.srsoi age wllh unexceptional reference, hsrlug had six < >-ars' exp.'neuce in thiscliy, would pay this am tutu to any i?-rson who will procure for Mlm a resrcitable, p.-ruii rent tlfaaUt'D, At A fair salary Addreaa M. P. D box 170 Hcipld office. IIKI.P WA\TRP-!H\I.EH. OKKTB VAIIBIMrO INTBODCOB an XVTlRELY JY new artlele, us< d hf every lady. Ourni-'sen sg.-.iis ar i n.ettlnf! nun to $5 p. r day, and otlieis eeit do as Well. Apply to Prvscott A Co.. l'.s) William fctreet. N. B ? Having better facilities we are putting up the jewelry and station* ry euvelope ou better terms tluti any firm In the city \ GENTS, WITH PhOM $3 TO $?0 CA1*ITM?, CAN ii.e> t with eu excellent opportunity to make money tat Idly by selling an entli. It new light artMi- of univer sal necessity, juat pAlente'l, by applying at W? llniedwav, A fJEJITfJ, AOENTF. AOENT.-, AtiENTB.?WANTED. J\ ifu Hi' iifaod apenta, old "t young. male or fern*!-*, to ?? II fbrjman A Co.'a fill Jewelry envelop**; thi?r are superior |q lnv.Ma#of the kind a?*r be! era offered to the pu'illo. A|*bh ar? n ak> ' Dom >?' ? <,a.v KroOl $1 to fi ixpltal "til* * . *" , '? In no hi.m!'Ui I'imi iMMfiirho w'iH, or enclo.e a ?timT> C1"1 "Ww *l??rwi.n I Uo.,Xfl> Broad-ay, a*\> uU fl' or, W. ^ - i (;F.N(1KS OFFERED?WHERKHY NE\fc YORKERS, J\ nun, w? mm ?nS child1011 cm niak- n^mry w lihinii lo "T ti i'i.ntr interfering with other baalnea*. A :<trw A. X. V* ? v v i rncloaing uM cent, with . WANTED-TO SELL ISAAF^.N RUBSTAN ^ 'K-r.? Aci'l> from 0 to It at 50 Kuiwu lirMI, t'uAX wVKTML'-rrrtr ?"nn ' v"n NO** Brp * .A t! oroug'h <o ah#>ul Arawlran ? 's-'rh!! '''?1 ti> I f?>n *?<-V fc?tf lnt#!?et, J.i*t R? _ ?!5J AP I !y at ti9 HriMMl A <"?. "?m >0 S. C. B UO*?*~ ? w A FEW RESPECTABLE AOENT? W.lMTKD?IN CITY ard <? x ntrv, t<> cmn"M? for a beviuf'il rWTV**! Vern< n, priuted In < U r lor*. J (I iNT.-A". . _____ T1 "*"**?' BoY WATTED?AN ACTIVE HOY WIIO CAN RE.*D write an'I enletilale, and hilnc good rneomn ? nd.iilona a ? In V ne?ly ?#:ai> fliai year 47.V Apply to I'reacoit A Co.. IW> William si., between 1 aud ) o ctcuk P. M Drio clerk wantei>-onk wno cnderstands lh<' *? neral retail and prercrlptlon humiiea*. and la will Ing to work: niwl l>tlnc g' <? iffmni* -a a* to honesty, so>>rl My. Ac. Apply at MM .VI ar , comer or E2d at. F^OR HAI.E-AOFNTS WANTED, TO SBLL A NEW wr rk <>f art It la ?ui*rto? lo anything of the kind ?Tor l.efore ofler<d to 'he politic Only from %S lo %[> < apital re qalN. Inquire at I, tc?; luth -?t , *? ?< bJ *n-l in ..??! ,k A. IT II. ENOBL. \1'ANTFI>-A FARMER, WITn HO** ME A VS. TO ?> ??ki Mtmor li? aerra on aharea, 100 mll.-? from N. w Voik. Addi -, I.y I. ?l M I , .No I W uoater ? . -N. If. UrAjrrBD-IIEW TO HEIiL Til F <>|,n FK t N K I.T.N y ? Aluuinao. Apply to I?K!k A Flt/garald, U Ann at. T1T ANTED-l? A MANPFACnfRIlO R; TARI.I'H ?T lo'nt. a v??d? man. about 18 of aga, a? clerk. one i4Mu>earlng a gnnl i harart?r, wlih ?iim knowl*d(^ of b'iokk<w| ing. Addrera, with crfaraur*, 0. C. A U, ll'rald oflica ?tETARTRD?A F1P.FT CI.ASH HALFSMAR l!? A* VP Jj town retail groemry lie must b* ac|ualnt?Mt with Um btialnoa*. and (tire "neif?p*lonal.|* referene.-a a? to ehai?nter and ability Addrra* II. A I'. Ix>? it.fCll I'uat olUco, (irlng re f-nmcea nad aalarv upected. XJUAicrrn-A tocno *ak ah cashier amd cos WW HdrntUkl ' lerk Alao, a aalmman, la a wholeiala dry rd> honae Atii ly at !h? Mer?-hant?' C'lerka' K?*1?'ry ofT w Broadway 8ltuAtlona prrwnred, no eommlaidon In ?d, ranc*. KatablUh^l WiA 0F.O KAWUNrt. Hoperlntea loot XlrANTED-A FARTT IIATINO FRO* ?A0 TO flOO VT In raah ran bxnmte a?*? lat<d In a ll*ht mannfacirtnn I inlneaa that will pfty *>?!), and no rl?k, i n api'lleailoB to day b?fore .1 o'rlork at 6IMh a? Thla la ? Rood thing. WAETED?A FALESUAR TO HELL SEGA EH BY THE aatnplo Thl? wonid antiwar inr ?? who la ma king a tour on hnatrioa* thai would not eonfllrt Apply lo 0 < lir*ka, 17 Broadway SO A DAY.-AOBRTS WANTED. AT nOME OE TO O travel, on aalarr or rooirala?lon, for Maria Iranian Haa kln?' llrtotial F?mlly Ne* apapor and aJao for arnrlona new booh, rallc<l "Woman of New Vork." Apply at us Naiaau A, room Ml FIRHITI'EK. AM BEDROOM iff OB F.N AM EI.I.RD FrRflITURB forfM, In all oolora of warranted mannfaatqre. alao, ???lid cheauiut ehamber Holla, plain ard ornaniental, at H. F FA RRINtrt(>N'B, MR Caaal atreet, oppo?lla W<?al?r atreet BatablMied la 1MB 1?RAVELLED 0T1AMBEE BVITB OP FlfENTTIlltB, in Hi aB aalin aad atjlaa, at wbolo^Ma or mufl. AA BZA and upwar-U. Alao Hal'rnayn and FatllaaaM. W ARKRN WARD, m Oanalaf^et, fo?r I'iflfl <Mt f?f Emadway. JIALKM AT AXJCTlOe. AH. MrDOlOCLL A CO., At'OTK'NEKRrt ? SI'Li.NDltT' HOI'hKlIOLD PtL'RMTURB AT ,'l BLIC ?"cnoN, At the rtaldeuoe No. 218 Fourteenth itnwt, wmi ol Ki h h fcteoue. Haturday, Jan. 12, at 11 o'clock, 3 Tno largest and ricM aaaortmeni tit ? . . ? . ?'urupure and Woitl of A Offered at auction thi? w wm * . 8u|*'rb Htvsa urun "laaoforte, elegant Draw ing Room sulia, ArtLvlo llroani, Statuary, u 'HI Paintings by muluen,' srtista. ,V? "ruaaels * lugraiu Cari>et*, aoi'Idroaewo. .d Kt? -r>w, T. W ?narhfe top Hide and C.Wtre Tablea, < aree ?i-lrrdIdcarved rosewood suits In aatln, aiHwrb bronze ftt-ek, v . ?I?* V* ?"'* '"*ri?u Mantel Orniwwk Tu-k.<h, 1?'0* bairn; t> fher with a DM aaauriatu 1 or l>lnu k I.coin mujI chamber r ui nlture iu otrJt, Diibo;iny II ?2fe*.0?^t. i"*1 ; Beds *ud Bedding, pure hair Mattress caelfgspt china T. a ???ets, ( ul Olasa and RuM Ware, Hob i.,} i Hr*; f."*7 L^Blery, w,'h many other articles not men c.i i.'!!<. u?^?4 fr> tb,?K "> In lound In a Ural ciaae bww. bale poalltre ??. the blgheet bidder. A LOTION NOTICE -TO ILUJHEKEFI'BRfl. Kich and oo*My Ii??u*eholU Furniture, Magnificent Pianoforte, Parlor SulU, Ac.. AT I'llKlilC AC'.TION , R' ^KT.r. W, WKKTOOTT, auctioneer, will aell th.a day (Saturday;, at II o rlock preolaelv, tbe entire eleganl Kami lure contain, d In tbe residence 152 Twenty-tirst street, nour Savantb avenue, all of which la brat class, and will be Hold strictly without rjir ve, c mpntiMj; mII the parlor, chamber dining ro< m uud lllimn' Furniture; cleg ?nt 7 octave I la^olotte, II atle l.y Fl-her, and o?t ifjl); iwo msgnidoeat solid row wood parlor Su.ia, covered In nob brocatel and silk velvet, b t . uutdc to order two months ago; twru elegant Kte gcn*j?, w itn j> ate doot'R. centre and pier laiilttM, pier aud matt tfti Miirura, ailk and Iium Curtain*, ric 1 ffrunze?, valuable Paintings, Vases, marble Pedestals, ormolu Clock. Turkish Lounges and Chaira, rosewood chamber Furniture of every drucrlpliiiii, Maitifk'vh. IMdlnjf, sp.erh Bureaus, IjOUIiRNI fcscreti.i.ea, flus'c 'alilu. t with l ull oniplimout of oak din Ing Mirulturo, rlcli ( blna and llvorwarr, out Ulaas, An ,il of which I* in perfect ord. r Oalalocues at houso No pojt |K>m nicnt ol sale, rain or nblnc. A I J NO. T. HUNOKHKURD A CO., ArrTIONRFRS.? ? Kltgunt Motuebold Kurnlture and Works of Art at pub 1 <? auction at 51 West .Mxtoiuilb utrm't, bntwonn ?il"tb tn4 Hub avenues. W 111 -ell tbN .lay (Saiurdair), at 10>a o'clock, all llie subrrp ui.d c.^tlv l uinltur., rulnting*, rftaiuary, " #rk?ol Art, r<"?cwi?Hl l>ra?'iiig Uo >ni Suits, el'>sai:t 'even iw' I'inno'frrtc, MItcis and velvet Carpets c<int lined U ihcr.!.o\e reoidence. llie aiu-iionrwi call special attention or th< ir iricDds jnd tlic pu'die tothlss ile. as lielng the lanj.-st and rlihckt MxHortmi-nt of Household Kurnitum otfeicd ut aurtlou this anasou. Tbe Furniture was all niadn tbe piv ? lit owner and is iu complete or.lor. The ivboln will be peremptorily and absolutely soid, without reserve. ACOTIOS NOTICE. M C. EDKY, AUt'TIt>NEER SlJilOUS, \\ \QON8, TOP BCtJUlfcH ROCKaW.WS, I'llAKTONS, llAliiNESS, ROBRS. AC EZRA LPDLOW, Jr., will toll this da?, at li' o'clock, at hi? salesrooms, flit I'rdar Htre<t, opiv>slle the l'? . olllne, a large ntinrer.f new and second hand Vehicles, s vlrftn. Har ness, Rola'S, Ac. hnt'-h without reserve. Auction notice.- sat.k rm.-. day, at u o\ i,o< k. at HELL A I Nil It AIIA M'8 Hue leu ruoiu**, lib u**w How ejy, by virtue of a judgment; large lot <d \v ? 'Ven tiooda, hlilrts, Druwerw, .'acltets, IIohIs, inrn'a and bovs' Moslcrv, N., Clothing, r.dutlnuH, Fanci arthins. Ac. order J. i'ilton, attorney Also, one gold Hunting Watch. Auction sai.e or ready made clothino.?a. m. CI. Is! Al .. R, uni tloneer, ?t llowcry. w .11 sell c n Holi day, 1 Ith Inst , at III', o clock, n large mock of s-a-ouable <'lt?'hlnt, comprising eloth, cas-imeie, | Hot, 1'nU.rHlnim and l*sver Frock, Sack, i,i.slues? ?nd Ov?rce?ts; doexkln. rlolh, cnsi-in en atd satinet t art!.: -Uk, satin, velvet and \ alencJa Vests, tililrts, Diaweis, ,-.i'j?kiiitfs. Hoots aud ahous, Ac., Ac. ABfllONEE'S SALE?CHAMBKRH A F.lIRCniLD, AUetlnnrer*.?W III he t, Id a' pu'dlc auction, on Tut tday [ ?i:d Wedne day, .Ian 16 ami Ifi. I(WI, at 111 \ at No. I'M Dunne s ree', a large Hsrortmem of (iri . erh s. Teas of every description, hitgar;, Sutich, i ??cy and laiuily Soa,>s. a large 'luantit;. ot si.k'ts, fancy Pipes, lea aud straw Paper, Caudles, Ac Al>o a large quantity of Imported Braiullca, wines, " hl-kl< *, Ac. Also a lar^e qiiantliy of Imperial, tlreen Seal and lleldtick Wines. Ac. Alsn a lar^e quniitity oftmi>oited and d'.niej-lln separ-, of vurieiis ai d well known brands; also Fixtures of store, Platiorni Scale, Shelving, An.; ais i Oilice Furuiiuic, Di.-ks, t hidrs, i lo. k, Iron Hale, Ac. Catalogues en morning of sale, lit older of 11. O. BERtiy.J .. . J. H. WRF.KH, APBIONEK'g SALE OK SOAP FACTORY AT ACC Hon?Confining of Steam Boiler, l.Ynper and Irou Knt tles, Hoap Boiler, Vets. Stamps, Moulds, Flames, Wood and I'aper I.ones, Csrts, W agon. >t< sin, Ac AUo pile oommon and Ui.c-V !-oap-i, m 1.1* for grooers and drugKisls, will be s<,Id on ihe prei, 151 Weal Twenty siilh s'reet, on the j 16th of ,iauuary, st 13 o'clock noon. 1>ROW\E A NICHOLS. AI'OTIONKKRH, WfLL PELL J J this day ISaturdeyi, January 12, nt one acloclt, iu front o sal siiv ms, :*.? N i-.seu street, a very bsitdv i i roan Mare, civ-d in saddle, single or double ham' mi; H year.i old, Ij 'ui..s* high; warrnn'.i d sound, kind mdgen'le. Browne a nichols, AncTiONRbns?this day (sa'urdavl, Janv.ary \i, at l?'e o'cliiefc, at C.e'r sa' -a roolns, 415 Nassau sin-et, a large assortment ot ne.v a. J ,i> c?,iid Is I d.lloureliold Ftirnliure, consisting of rosewood, ma hovany and black walnut Parlor SulU. oak Dliitug Room fcuiu. Chamber Furniture I'arj'^te, Mirrors, Extension Ta bl< e, Bookensex, Eta^ert-?, Bui cans, Ac , Ac. Browne a nk-holk, acctioneerh, will heix at auction, this day (Saturday), Januarv 12, at one o'clock, in friint of salearooun, .V Na-sau street, a light Road Wagon. 1*0 pounds, built by lliewstrr A Co AUo a four ?tented Box Wsgon, by I. R. Lawrence, pole, y.,ke ami shafta 0 roplete. All In Oi>t rale order, aud will be sold without re sei-ve to tbe hlgheai bidder. Dutch bulbs?*0 oases at auction priobs. Hyaclnihs and Lillies. V . Tulipi, Naix-lssee, .lohn iu.lli, Anenmnles, iRaunnrulus, Si nw Flakes Irn, lo.: Crocui, yie 100 for sale by_ P. Ml up aY, Wj I'earl stnut. I^uwakii si iirnck, auctionknC^uouhkhold V Kurniturr-Bv |i. A r if. SCIIBNt K. t'.is day, l^th IliSt., al 10', o'clock, at limit aileaioom. No. 1-j, Br ad way, elegant'jld Furniture, romoved for eonve d-ooe <*t tale, consisting in part ol carved rose wo. ?i, maiiogaui md walnut l's?'or ?ulic?, Iu Various ?ivennfij; .ocwo^l naib'ctip tUfccru, eeutro and iioia Tallies, F.etich plate P'er Olasses: msew?? d, mahoganv and walnut B..1?iesds, OiaiMe top Bun-aus Wn- l.tumd. a d "'' inmo les, solid nak s.'ilt^. niah .gsnv, oak andw ulnut WuU'et, eKtenebo itrifp', pnrin stim ntnnp ? *twi>*, mntmyii j i^u' tn. 1 Ing, VolUlrc . and parlor Cbalrx, Hsll Mands, aud Obali-s, Lounges, ?.as Futures, Aa Also, one bundled doi- n pairs 01 Skates. nSNFY OREEN. ArCTTONEEvIoROCERIE*.' LT <|U ua, S. ?rs, Ae ?This i'ay, n' 10', o'elo -k, al l^.eauj lion ttore 1!M William strict, a jsnersl ssaoriment of Teae Coffee, So. p, I Us, Prunes, Curraiils, Urape*, sine s, tACOO t.ermso -'. jars. c*-k? Brandy, 1 do. Uln, -' do A hlskny end 4 do. VRiioua ft Inrs, Also, at 11 oVloek, Furs, Jewelry. Ae.?Fever..I sots Pu s, Mi.ft's. Cuffs. Capes, Tlrtnrtnc*. 2 Sewlrg Machines, 1 Orepi.joi Safe, lot uf Jewel ry, LAI pairs Roots, elites, Ac. JOHN II. BCRLEY,-Al'f'TI(7NM{R,"\t lEJ~isEI.L TIII3 da\. at 2 o'cl.ick, st 44t Canal atreoi. a lar^fl u<wm..iit of Household !? urn It ore, Carpet a, lied llnft liurcaiw, B"d ai<i>ds. t hairs. Sola-., Sofa Beds, extension, centrs ami oib u Table , pl' i, u-aiiiil and o'.ht-r Olasses, H.K.iiCan-s, Ward r"Ns, Hi-t, lands, Diuii^k sud Ijtv Curtains, h?lr and other Vaure?ses, rc..iher lted?, 'fete a let'<e|s, iht e ply and..titer Carpeia Olleloths. 11 a" racks. B1hu,.?Is, Oont I' rti rs, everv irtule lor h "seks.-plng; Cuil.*rv, Hioiin- and l> II m-U. To be Sold wltliout reserve, rain fa' ?tune. ?\f DOI OIITT, ACCTIONF.FP. WILL SI LL THIS ivj , dnv i Saturday> January 12, at 1111, o'clock, a?. s?;c?. to< in, H Nassau >.ire?t. a lsrs.? asjortOMti' "f sajotid lu.nd Hi us< to d furniture, t's rpeta, Ac , returned to svenrsiom I or cotiveuicme o(-.ale. consisting in pa t ol issl and ma il fcatiy I'. rlor ^ult?, oov.-, ^d Ih halre'o h and 'iraca'-cl. it.ajk 'ac s, Centie sod Caul Tsbles e*t. i|*inn Dining Tahi'-s I r-'-lrit llures'i- Waah?tsnd', Bedsi .al . If-s r Mattresses, F<atner Bolsters nnd Pll'.ows, etttm-lh d i nnmle-r Hulls, Ac. Ii.alerssvd housckit-pers will lind the aboves.Je worthy of their attention. A J. BOOARfrTntmoKEERs3rHM DavTaT lie; I 'I rt, al the HUi'tI*.0 rooms Jfo I North William street, niongafic sale of Household F urn. I tire, Aa , e-inaisting oi two reset, ood Parlor hulls. In satiu biucatei and hiilroI<-lh; Lotiufeo, Sntp<, mahogany Chairs, lesik' ?.-s, Kru^seln and ingjalu Caipris, oil Painting-, Dre?>iu? Hureuu- Wa h stands, Wn., inarbie t-.p Dressing Bureaus, II-iIm.-j l., Ll'rtJs pil Bedding, Kite .en Knrnliur", *.? A ?o'. tir Sewing tfarhiries. luitr SUdgh ltoln-s, Writing Dt?k, ii pali' l'ao'.i Icnns *?-, A J. BOO ART, ACCTI ON BF R C^MOX D A T,J. V NIJ aiy 14, at 11 o'clo"k, i-t :i78 -ireet, mor ga?>i sa! >? tbe entirr stock and Bvtiireaor ti M ilu'-ry A tor". BEN.'. F. RVElt, attorney for Mortga^ea. OKBRiPF'S SALE? MILIJNtRY.^ HAMBERS A FAIR O ClllI l?. auctloneera, salesroom 113 Nassau ?irret, w'!l se'l tbla d?y, al lOo'c'oefc, al 411 i Division stieet the stock and Httur<-s uf a Mllllut ry Sto e. JNO. KLI.J.V, Sheriff. UriTllOI'T RESERVE?A. R. THOMPSON. AUCTION eer ?This morning, at MM . o'cl .cS, at No. I Cortlaudt ati?et. two original 'leaner casks r. Branny, new Ca ne'lig st d Oiletotb, Stufled Birds, Silver Plated V. -.Ye. Je?e|ry, Ha vsns Segars, ladles' Furs, Ac. FaneyOu-d^ Tovs. hkatai, Ac Wn-IlAX ARR0 rf," ACcTIoMBF.R, OI'FICB Nt) If Essi Br. atleav, i<rlU o?i Mondsy, at II o'el'a'k, th' Stock, f utures and Fuinitire vt Iha laurel House, opposite the Secnnd Atetitte Bsltroad depot, f.nhog..ny. walt'.dt an I Ire n Bedsteads, and all the liar rootn arr^'eeiitetua. HO'lKl-B. A MFRICAB IIOTBI. JP1-KT C.ITT -TO \.p.r, WITH ." M<*rd, Ant Parlor with MtrM, on Rmt ?<> int'lc f<ra s?ntl?ro?' aid w|f? alao thro* or four M?gk* *con" for (ouU?lui it. i ciin* ni?d*raU> Cmr BOTFL. BEWARR, B. J.?BOARD ?RBTBRAL Itrtf raailly ' voku l? let, at luir iht Now Tari ailao* ??If'.tkH" aa aanr'a rl l? fi 9m tha city; train* na tvary half n??V t VfOTirF.?AR T1H! ( ITT IK RfHNKO AND iN ib?- MatfWpaUlMl r oa. d, ?r??rtl?m ? 01 11 4 h ?oC"Ui in. daJona a the Vaxiwtt llouaa, Bo. 72 Bauk atrar'.. Jin* Lomdo.i, Jaa. 10, 1.411. RBXFRBW l|of'?K, 1.1T Ftr>?*T|7 HTRFKT SK\H Pr*fl*ay?J nil of*>n?'l (or lk< winter A'^tntmoda Moaa for c tiUnin and tkalr wl?<-a or "Ingle rnntl<-men. wnem amautt"onh. At IkTBNTB ATKRCB DIBTTLLBBT TOO ?BT rin ba*t 11'iiaia to ba had hi > kadi; far tha laaat owMr, IB aaj qaaailUea B B. Uauor* for aaia la bond. WM. RUOBRH 4 ROB, lltaadSl Ho*anth at FIFTBSRTH RTRRRT DlflTlLLRRT, BUTA KUMBRD URL?rkaehaar<*at plaaa to buy la* Mraodtea. WIiMl RaaM, WMikm, OordMia, An., for wliolaala ??d laaiity trada, at Uo Waat fUt?*?nth atrw-t. No liquor ?.Id >* tha g!a?.. CHARI.KH Will IT!. l.o,,ricu.r itlKBTAriLvmi. S"hK W'PBRIOBfTT OF SPKBORR B AT.K, ATTHRRR wnU p*r gla?a, U iW-mon'tral'd fully by ill-- Ik .nan da r> ?in*r< itata at hla jlaor ercrr da? to drink It. KnMoi ber, >o 2 CwrUaadt ati-aa'. oortkwral oorarr of Bt - vtray * HPBNCBR'H. ?tlTRMTTLL UTB.-7T1F. WATRR f'l/mRT Win. RK ff or? n un Monday ???(?. at l>|] Hprii* a reef, near iirnmi war. 'Tl/'a btf thin# W.H. THOU. BIN4.BV, Proprietor. Btii. ilooar. Aptl. too latb mi CMMirimMwf3 AMA<JI<ifi<JRNT 7 OCtAVK ROrtBWoOD PIABO fori" :or aale, richly oarrM leg* \nd '?*?<?, i nil iron pinto. Inlaid wHIi iatln wood, averatruajt Onaa, p*-arl key*. rnvte to ..rder for Ik* preaetit ow*er by city makera. fully < ui anieed for thrw vara. b?on lu uw only mr? mwb*; on*t will be <oid for ??."<?. Iix lndlu ?-ool and rovrr Aim ologtnt Drawinn Ho ?i rtult, < oai ??J0. for $IMI. loqiiim at 7U w?at Twanty alith airnrt, nrat Htub armiiia Tub frioatb ORB AT K.xi rfKMF,.VT WI1X MIR KvKK ARRlVHr 11 aa, *'j?m will aha put tut Vott aaantr<fiy a* tk# ORR*T ORIGINAL CAR Im.i.I^K JBWF.l.Rr BTOHIL l,1l? HKnAitWAT, No?r Fifth Afnuf Hot*!, Whorr ran I* fi nad in irrral ?art t? tfc.> rhoirral pattern* of the (fi/ for the hum 11 fO"i of nttr 4 'lar CR4)MMt.|T * HAMMfllX boahoiho AND m)ow??. Ahandsomklt kcrhirillko FRONT COOK ok Mr mokid Hour, aud a suit of ruoma of the tNrd door, to int. with Board, at IOC and uh East Fourteenth at!** Ala?, ? few single booms for young gentlemen with or wxkoal Board. Abcit or two rooms on second stort, abd two Rooms on the fourth n..ry to let, with Board, at US Se cond aveiiua, noar a*tor plat*, Broadway. huuae and labia aretcuaa. AOHNTI.RMAN DESIRES OOMFOBTABLB BOARD and lodging, with batk, gaa aud Are, In ihn family of a *1221 ? there are no other boarders, between biarcker and Fourteenth aireeta. Befereooea ennhanged. ^tice***1 " lcm* *ntl psrtlculara, J. J. J , box 178 Herald Afkw drhllable ROOMS. WITH BOARD, FOR ?amljwaudjf>iiiii<men; oara anil alagea suh refe 1 Abingdon squjue, eorner liinuou aud oauk ilntful ^hnishhd ROOMS TO LET-IN ti ?r til John's I ark Hotel, corner i>f lludaon and Laigbt streets; a pleaaanl J.-ceilou, *..4 very convenient (or |?(?oaa doing bcat-teaa down town. mealsouiho European plan at nil acuif. Atu1kd STORY pack > vrd TO let to a Kentlemau ?atl wire (wnu or without' iiedroomi araiogle gentlemen, at 61 St. mark. puste^uw^S. L lunar at 1 o'clcek. ' simt. A SUIT OF wku FURNISHED APARTMENT^ TO kilt, to lienlviuen, by a private family, oreupytna i lurgr, pleasant l>o?t.e. No. ? lulversity pUoo, toruetor Weal Eleventh atrwl, m ar 11 roadway. A PLEASANT FBONT ROOM. CONTAINING ALL im proviiuents, to let, with Hoard, to a g> u'w man and wife; also Kim run for aiuglu gentlemen ; flatly duiier. Apply at 270 fturth avenue. A LADY OF respectability WOULD likk TO LBT a ault of handaomtily furnished Rooms to a Lady aud x?-n ili-maii; lioard lor Urn lady only. Tboaa that are ?illtn ? ii pay n fair price for sood accommouailoas can apply at e,'J las tw cnty -ciglilli street, sear lexington avenue. Afi.W WENTI.EMEN OR FAMILIES CAN HE AO commodate iu a private u uise. Apply to mri<. oratory, js , lih East hourlcepth street, opposite the Academy of mualc. A WIDOW WOULD LET THE SECOND FLOOR I'RONT Room, hall redroom, well iurtilahed, willi or without Hoard; ha-k ptirlor and hedroom and pantrlealo a gentleman and wife or two gi>nilumen; iniard lire and lights $9 per nut A lady could be aicoiumoilat'd w ho would teach a little girl to play the piano lu part pay. No. w Waits street, near v hi lea. ABMAI.L PRIVATE FAMILY, occcptino A PLEA a*nt little house, will dispose of their spare room* on the leiund and third llisirs to married and single gentlemen ileatr'ng n nulet home; l>eal reference given and required. Ap ply at is 11 amniond street. A pleasant ROOM, SUITABLE COR ONE OR TWO gentlemen, can lai had with full or partial Hoard, iu a pnvate tamllv; ii desirable li>oa'loii tin- bimliieum meu;conre ri. nt to ptoailnay, Apply ai 1^4 Spring ntrael. kelerein-c# exdb*tige<L AN flf.flant SUIT <if foi'R ROOMS. SECOND floor, will lm let, together or aoparale, with lioai d, la tint Immedlaie ncighborhivxl ol klfmi avcuun aud Twenty eighth atreet. Addrc?a for four ctayt s r., mtuluon equanj l*o?t otlie, A LADY AND oentleman DESIRE ONE OOOD nl/.i-d Room, furiilahrd or unfuruiahed, with lt iaril lor lady, w here thorc an no other b<'iirdi rs, with a wid iw living iileuc preferred; ea.-it of ilr.'udivay and aouib of Twenty third stri et. Addreaa k. S. P., Herald office, for three days, * lib particulars. A WIDOW LADY, witiioitt FAMILY, IS DESIROUS 0( letiing one or two suits of Comfortably furulshud liooria to ai'utli'ini'u and ladlea, with or without b >ard; i nil lloaid for ladln only, lerini In advance. Apply at iu Wast Eleventh street. No other boarders. A PRIVATE FAMILY WISH TO LET A pleasant Rooui on the third floor to ona <-r two aentlenien, with partial u> ard '1 he house contains all the modern Improve nmnts. Apply at vi Went taonty seventh street, betwoen Sixth and Seventh aveuues. teims moderate. A MARRIED COVPLE CAN BE ACCOMMODATED with Board and a good Room, with a small plain family. teinis, Including Are mid llkbt, $*. thoao wanting a com for,able, peimmient home may Und it at 201 llcury strcat. AIJkDY AND GENTLEMAN CAN HAVE A BACK Parlor on the flr*t fl'-or, or u front ituoui on the aecond | Poor. Hoard for the lady; or to a quiet lady; all modern im | rovemcnt*; no beaming bouse. Apply at hi Thompson street, near Houston. f JOAKD ?a BMALL FAMILY WILL LET A SIOH PAR j> hir and one or two Bedrooms, with evury aonvnuicaae, tn ii-ivona who deaire an agroeable home wliiut imardlag; lo oatlmi is eligible; wast of and very uear Fifth avauuo. aj> pi? ai bo. 9 St. Clements' place, maodougal atreei. 111 tb house tiom l-.igbth a?rei;t. . BL OABD ?a hut OF BOOM* TO LET, W!tu BOARD, separately or togothvr, to slugl* gantlemeu. nouaa with i all modern iraproremutila. The romfortaof abomaaan be enjoyed m n ?m*ll family, whaie thera ara few bourdeia. In quire at No. u Bank atraat. Board?wasiiinfjton sqcarb, boi;th.-hand sotie ly i urnisned uo-ms, on the second ttoor, auitabla l.<t a iamlly or single giuitiemeu, to let, with Board inquira at 2k2 l'uur.h straut, w aslilngtou square, aeutb. Board -to let, to oentlemen, wtth or with out hoairt, one or two good sized, cotnl irlably furnlahtd Kcoms, with grates, gaa andballi. in the bouse ny Amity st. Board in Broadway, between twelfth and 1 hir;e?uth streets.?The b?-?t location in the ity; )i tli-st rla.?s- ponai-sseh all moilcin Improvements; an -iccllent table. Dinner at six o'clock Apply at ktt ur>ad??r. b OARD WANTED?a OKNTI.FMAN WD WIFE, three young chlidr-n on- au and nurse, desire liquid. Tei ms most be inodcru'a. addreaa, staling location, accommodations am (rice, J. It. ii., Uerald ottioa. Hoard wabtrd? partial board wanti:d, by ? r?-m* ? IIIWIm ??S ?a fauiii^r n? amajj ing hou-e. not oelosv Elgin h i tteet nor al>ovn twonileth. addrirs c. t. u, box bu 1'oet oilior, stating locality, tcrni . <e. Boardino.?a lady, fjbxishino a hopsf. very pleasantly |o neu n'.i' Fult' ii ferry, Brooklyn, dc slrea io mi ei ? it ii a partv of gentlemen who would auvao' o $iu! and lt>- v llllu i i lake it out In Board. All t!?e? coniiorta of n koine mi; b? expected. Adlraia Security, Brooklyn l'ost ollice. Boarders wanted in hkooklyn.-souare Rooms and b' drooms to !? t, Willi Boatd. to single gin tlewet; * nil married couples, or a family. In the vicinity of lafayette and Carlton aveuue*. Term-i reasonable. Refers totieo S Corbln. i.t Cold stn-et, xewyork; Br. D'innliig, li3 Fulton street, .nciv Voik. den draat, biuoxlyn Board in rpooklyn.-a obntlemam and nis wife or a few single gentlemen can ixi aeor.iam elatoil With Board in the newly furnlaheil house 101 l*wranee street, bn^klyn The situation 1* eon\enlant io ibe ferrlea, and 'ha neighborhood vary pleasant, the ubla good and larina taoda Board in Brooklyn, ?a pleasant it ir of lrout Ro- m* tol? t, * i.h It iri, toa family or wniaeineu, Apply at IW heinr. H nt.ect, battocca Cowl and CuaMa ntiei i?. It> f> rencta nfiwl. Board in Brooklyn.-a few piroer uenilk Bien tun be ?? < iimmo'tauil with Honr l and pl?a<aat I > ? m* at 47 Concord afreet. Convenient to all the rerrtaa. Board wanted in hoi tii hkooklyn?by a young lady. In ihetteioitv of Atlintle and Court Htreefa; a prtra'c family preferred. rl.e >?ll! pa/ frum $.1 to *t p.;r week. Ad'Jresa rort*i. day* M. M., N?w t .rk ol&eo. ("1HKAP FURNISHED ROOMS, AT TltS FRANKTORT* J II .if, t?in?ro Fraatfort and William et-e*t? <}<vvl Kooni? fr'-m (l to S3 i?r w?lr. I,ndjr"f rmti ift celrte to V c? i. (i jj>? i.'gtii Opea all algbt acjd rrauurart atwh^i. I?LEOANTI,Y H'BMfllED ROOMS, WITH BEDROOM# J>j attached, with all the ennverflflneei for hntiaekenping c. mpM- i.irlatllng van anU Crut.u watr, tu 1*1 t<> r ape?A b>e uialllee or single gautlcmr.B, at UU ML Clair Iluuae, lot Prince ?tn ct TM.EGARYLY FIRNI-TIVD BIUT8 AND Tj Koomm to l*t?-Containing all the modem <*?nr<-nianoM, ?_ttb ' r without ; nil or partial Hoard Apply at 911 Bioadway, lTT*?#n Twentl"U at .fTwesiy-nrai aiiaete. Kcitieneea el t. uavi* 4. N. B.? Kim* moderate. FRENCH BOA RD.?PI Vi <LE OKNTI.EKBR, OR A ORN llenia-i and wife. cab lie mraodaled with elegantly f arniahed Roa?? and nret daaa I, .aid, la a private lrn*uvli fatally, r- aubh, tlarujao and hufll-li ?|xiken. IS Wm$ Moth ?ti v i, JjtvU ??<1 His<ii afll >u>* TjH'RNIHHED ROOMS FOR OENTLBlf"-' WHP OM ? Without bixnl. at IS Bond rtreet. Jj>CB!?i"HBI? ROOMH TO I.ET.?A PARr/>R AND BED jT room on third floor, well ininl-b.-.l mid toaawM t<i let, wlili' hi board; locatloo desltabie Term* low. Aptilr a) JO Bond ?'irrt FIRNI8IIED ROOMS TO LET?WITIfOCT BOARD. TO gentles.en only at >1 Ea?t Broadway. Tirana mode tat*. hiH-BNMlin BooMR-A for TEE OF FEE At ART. neatly fttrnlah'd R- on>e, tunable for a rfotlririAii nod wile i.rit >uple of scn'lfui. let. without board, In a i>rt. v*'e lacBli?, at No. ? Pitt etieet, ?e*r UraaA Ttrrna mo derate. fJCBNIhllRD BOOMH Tf> LRT-AT NO. 13 CATHARINE ?'rret, ooa door I rum tail Hit<adwaf. IR A 8THIC1EY PRIVATR F \RILY? TWO ROOM* OW oraoBd fioor, fn.t,L nl<*ly fur?.i?h#d, lo lrt t" K?mienu>B only. FarOal b< ?rd If (flrrd. lnquirr af Ro. 9 Eaat Rlgh tci nth *trt?t, soar Fifth aranti*. IN A HTRIOTEV PRIVATE HPANIIWI KAMII.T, WHBRR th?r? ar? no b.?rd?ra, a faw K"?tl?ni*n mn b? maao da'^d wttfe ftimlaht d A| arimrnta, on fiiat, meoad and third ili'oni. Fire nod n?. Oood N>?rd French and Encltah ?|iolifn In 'he family. E?y*tlon abova Thlrtlaih atroat, b? twaea rht<daud Meeoad armoea Addim /,. 1 but4,1190 Peat oSce. TR A PRIVATR HOCftB, WIIERR THKRK ARR NO 1 Ixwrdari, <hre<' larar furi,i?h. d room* hd the aorond floor, will bf va.-ani on he l?th laat. Can be had UigBther or ao |is.r?:c, with or wl'houl b< ard Apply an JWt iireuma itraai, near t i a tre. MAItOR MET HERB. TO ARD 73 WB#T TBIRTT BI(7l?B at?eo?. >i?iia Math areawa aad Baaodaay. fa W?. llHpaBy ftin.lahad Rocsa or aoporaM loon; nautrant ta haaaaaaat, anwiua roa?Bth>a partar. Hoat aaarwrty In ad ?aaaa dwtarlabia mlaj. BatuNa aoa. Hitr atary, tral tfaaa hrowa *toa* VTBS. MATTHRW4CAN AfOOMMODlTB A PBW BORE A*I permanent or tranoteat hoardara wHh Partora or alB^tw Rnnaia, with or without Hoard. In hoi large and oointnodloua hoiM ', 110 Bleeek. r ?tre? ?, two bu?fea we* oJ Broadway, a ran picaaaot and ernlral iooatka. XT^WXT KfRvTBllED AND DR^TRABER ROOMS TO Xn rent. imiodlBs one Parlor ?nd ba eatlra Third Bt -ry, a> St69 Orrem ??I'eat, naar Clinton j laoe finvo FVRNIHllED HO?>MH, WITH BOARD. WANTED 1 near < onrt ?tro< t. In th* TkliiltT of I?r layior'a riitjreli, ponth Hn< klyn, by a aeotleman and wife and two child*?? fo-ir ?nd eight yar? of ijta. Uaei"aptbMiable r*feretm> glran ?nd resulted Addrean J B. J , llnrald ofllee, atallng kMa ? Ion, teiaM. *0. TO I.Rf- WTTH BOARD, TO A ORNTt.PV\H AND wife, W ? ?bgHjn niletnan, a vary baaoilftd Oirnl?lin4 frort R - m. No, W . ?t Twenty aorond ?trrei. Uur* d x>ra w-at o< Elgh'k aranae. Trim -nod-ea*'- If'1 ->f <^i'ren<-.; fqiilred. 80AKOIRU AHD UlDv,n,?' r|V> LET? Fl BNISHBD KOOMn?ALHO. ' * '""IdB 1 to let? with or without Board at J| ^eet Btrwi, t??twM?n Bft?dw?y and With avenue. Kin# and d uvcnient to eft** and ulafM. Tama low. 8 h^ILSON PLACE, WITHIN ONB BLOOK OF BBOAA _ *4' and the Now York Hotel. -Plouul furnished Room l?r pi ii' Vicen, without board, may now bo obtained ia abort modem iN>u?e. A loo, a Bne doom, with olosets, t or a aseQa uian and Vdy, with Board for lady aad par ual Board tm gentleman. _____ DWOOSTKXt 8TBEET. NEAR CANAL AND BBOAD ?ay ? A l urnlabed front or book Parlor ou 11 rut floor; ? ?, piano, hall a ud two atUc Rooms, with Hoard, to let to aia g'.c or mimed ge nvlemeii. Also meals sent to the rooms. 1C HAMMOND STBBET, NBAB WAVBBLBY PLAOW.? .1 U l leai-aut ltooru nd floor, with every OKtdorn tae provenient aud good B>?rd, for gentleman and wife or dadf Keullen-iu; IiHiimo eccu\>l?d by tmall private ftuuiiy, rofo" renecs exchanged; dlnni.T at tlx o'clock. ?>7 WEST THIRTIETH #TREET, BETWKBN BROAIK O I way and K if th avenutf ??()u? or two *-lect i amUien Mid two or three gentlemen can uJW be ac. ?miuod.ued with Hulls < r tingle Rooms in one of the Mot delightful looatieiM In th* city. Table iirst class. Ret'cronees escliauged. ? TENTH STREET, BETWEEN KirTH AND MIXTW avenues.?Furnished laewtoa the aeoood tloor, I rout, niiuible for a gentleman aud wife >r single ^eutlemeu, atxo a ball Bedroom: house has ail th* modern tmproverneaie. Dinner at 0 o'clock. A A FWTH STREET, BETWEEN BOWEBT AND 8K coud iv. uue.?Fumlahed iioojas to let, with foil or parlial Hmtrd; the rnoma are neat aad pleasant, suitable for Kvntietueu ami their wires or single genHemen. 44- WFST, WASHINGTON PLACE -ROOMS Tft LK i *?ju bo-mi. Tho bouHo 1? (tonirabi'j lomted, and ooo taiui au the modern lui^iovcuu*nUi. ltol e/BUOfi* eichauge^ 4 (i J???* ."V.WKNTTHl^RTH STREET, BKTWKBW "XvJ ?ifth and Sixth>-s._ Parlor wlt>? Bedroom attaohv ed, en "e.-otid finer, front, furnished, can be had oa na Mutable terms iu the abor? Hint claaa house. fTQ ST MARK S PLACE -* NE ATLY FTTEKIHUBV ? / w I rout Room toreni, with lull or partial IV*rd, to a >na tlcnan ami wifeor two single gentl >; ahoaback Fm>> lor with extension Room. flout** X iss. Dinner at dm o'clock. Reference* exchanged. WEST TIIlRTY-SfiVENTlI STREET, HRTVTHBS UU Filth and Mxth avenues ?Desirable accommodations wlih flrei (Ihsh Uourd, m?y be b?d by a geuileman ?uid Me wife, or H.sgle geutlcnicii, upen moderate terms. nWKBT 1WFTN TY-THIUD HTRHET?TWO N'rOBLT ftirnished Rooms on the Biwiml tlo r. suitable for a gtiw tIcman and bis wife or for a .i.trtjr of single gentlemen. Ou be had on application at the above place. Reference reijuired. 7Q EAST roi RTEENTU STREET, NEAR BROADWAY I (/ and I'nion sntirt re.?A spaclnu* ttimlly Room, contala. Inn b>? I ot aiiii CO d w^ler. eb.?et*, Ac. to let, with Board, oa. ii.Mlerate term*: also, one single Room; dinner at six o cloek( referenci s exchanged. 93 70 8PRINO PT7;EET, TlfREE DoOHS FROM RROAD I t' way.?To let, several humlsomrly furnished Rooms, to .tingle gcuiletnci); the location in n' ur nil the first hotoU xad placed ot amu.M'inent. Reading room free. lu'ittlre of AN tON HOLME. OREENE STREET, A ROTE SPRI.VU?ALHTOV House.?Kloj,antlv furnished sulU of Itoonw; gas, t'nv ion snd pvi rj e. nvenli new for housekeeping eeon.>mleally{ paith ularly Rtilulilc for small rc-pcotabl.' famUi>'? or tingla gentlemen. Rent low to perm?nent tenants. QQ PRINCE STREET, WEST OK BROADWAT -Bljf ' rO gatiUy l'ui uisaed Bm>ms for g. utlauian; all thu m.>deni improTi im nn. T/\r WOOSTEE flTRT!ET?A GENTLEMEN AND Win Hit) and a lew -Ingle gentlemen can obtain guod Uoara and pleaKint Koom-t gus ..ud bulb in the homo. 1O7 EIUHT1I S^REKf, TH"*K DOORS BiST 0? ?) I Biondwuy?Kieguniiy 1 urnlnbed Apartments lot gear tleuicu uud iaelr TbUiIIIc*, or single g?nUnnen, with or with out Bovrd Dinner at nix. tteieteuoes required 1 QQ WEST ELEVENTH STREET?A FRONT PARLOR; LOO coaialna hot aud cold water, lurgo cloeeux, grat* iheaied by furnace), tew ly oarpeted aud furnlshod, to let to n gentleman ami wife or nlngle ceatl?men. Liberal ?rraiig? mem >. 11! be made, limner at 0- Befercnci a required. Q1A ELM STRERT, NEAE SPR'NO?MARION HOU*?. ^511/ Nicely furnished Apartment* arranged for ncomxnL cal housekeeping, with uil the conveniences, itn liiding omA Ing uteneiU, best, gax, water, Ac tteutalow to re spectable icmiut* (ino EAST BROADWAY -A OETLEMAN AND WIK* O can'ibtai i, with Hoard, a oil f'urnlnbed Room oa. third floor; aleoaHo-im auiuxble for uno or two sfligle guu tlrmen. Apply us above. 7f?Q BROADWAT. BETWEEN EIGHTH AND MUTE |\)0 siuoia. Ktn Hoouim to let, to gnullrmea, >m tbe second floor, wllh lire, g is, wat"r, bath, 4c.; hou? newly I ui nlahed and |?inted; location pbtaiutnl aud lertus moderate Apply as above. IIOHHKH, CARHIAUEH, JitV. AL1IUT WAOON, WITH rOLE AND SHAFTS, OHX set of double Tlarn.'Mi, city make, for sal? cheap. Ia quire of netitiBt, 373 Canal street. IX.8T HOESE ANO SLEIOH FOB SALE.?A KIN'B bfty Mare, six yean, old, K.S; hands l.lgb Mai ?"d kind; enn trot In iL.MI. also two SUIgb-, Wagon aud liarnctis. In quire at l.'Ji !*cart street Fob hale-on* grocery, one rockawat Wagon, one cart Sled, ono hob Sli li(h, snllabla for a grocer or ei| re*?, all lu flrst rate order: very low for caah. Alxo m verykliuc laiuily Hurae. Apply ai 16.1 Allautlo street, Brooklyn. I^OB SALE?A SECOND IIANI) COA'"II. ALSO A pair of llor-"s and second hand Han., ax, siillabl" for a bo ,?w low. Apply at THOMAS N'OKlUtf, Horse*, waoons and iiakvkss at kvc.non.? On'I m >dav, .lunuerr 15, at It o'douk, at Ihti prltntw at* hi* ttl Wwl Twenty-eignth ?tn-et, finlni?Ml* of kit tin* road Homos, al! wartantid la every rtmjt; aluo three light WagoBa, three acts line city made single llarneae, firm **1 Jo,, double; am lln? Rob?a, Hlxnketa, SK-ota, Ha tern. Ac., ho, Tlie property Bow re:dr to be eecii at the aialde, arid full p?r tii uUi? given. Sal* without. ru*ei re, aud .Uble to lot. HOIISF. AMI WAOON FOR S\LK.-HORSE 15 UAVM thu-e I I liigh aulliiole fill MMM, doetur 4 Of fa mily ?M>; aouhd AndMnd Wl'l bo Juld low If applied for Immediately. A| ;iiy at lloracv Jouev aUble, .Mcrc?r Mrert, near Houston. OLETOHH.-A l.VRWE ASSORTMENT OP PlNF. SLKIUHS O ef erery gtyle and alze will be aold low tn d ?t ??t t?r ?tn~k; al?oa number !aige tltteo eaat Sleigh* of -< .norlor ntyle and finish, at sTIVKK.-. A SMITH'S, fj Eldrldko <treel >a? (M Brcadw ay, Jf. V. oleigh&?for sale, ten thottino and fu?ct O Hk'ljthx, alBgieand double aeat.-d, al? , a veiy ati|ierlor larg nied r.tiuily hleigft. Che-?p fix' lnn'i're at M UoiJ atauei. o WJMX>N8-BY BREWSTER * CO. AND J. R. LA W Zt rente, for fnle by HKO*\N A M In H.H, at auctlou, Ibia day ^, at Un'eleek. ?w e adveitlaenmut. HRL1UIOI I KOT1I KR BKOOKMN TAIIRKACU, ON FULTON A\ ENl'H. near Uoyt alreel.?The IV*. W. N. ClmMMI WRI p'-arB ta ?orniw iMrtlu Pnvhtig in the urtnlngby th' pastor, II? t. Willim Alvfii Hattklt. riitt i-<Athe<ra. HtmcM * ill eonmie.ire ?' 10,'. A. M. and at J)t P. M, BLEEi KFR STREET CMIVBRJtALI#r CHORi II, COR, Der?( OowBtBg alreet.?The llitu MiimW thi' rxima on it"- ' \imrun*ol Life," will lie n t t-nmri iiv i-vi-iiinn, by the Kev. Mo**?,dallou. Hnhjo.! ?'A a .und miud in* healttiy tktly ' CvHIWMIijd a?.rvh'i in tlM tu'ruing alM^ o'clock. TOUR T1TOMAS M. D. AUTHOR W THE rORTH *J eotnUM "R M '"dtl IDl Iti" \L??i} an. will apeik at >??. ^ICoow InaMinte, ?t lu , A M , on Sunday, .1 .n. it. Su^ jir ?''a New U.i tn Necv* ary to l.tilranc: Into the Klngdona ?<rOo4." tils CORA L v. IIATt It, THE THANc E MKDIU* JVi *111 *i .km U'Kl'.vot h H llall. at 10 . A M audf' M . ou kuutiay. tbti Hub) 'Jt:?"North and Moittfe.'t Mb, fW)Tuimguam wijul i'hea 11 at kbiutt Hall, ii i Hi' aat c,nn?r of Hroad* ty and lhlrt> tlitm alll lilTia ilnii InT mornln* and r??uliitr n?*i, ?t Lbe lisual h'are Mihjut tor the Borning? Iiw Ka.ti., ot Ule;" f?? nln*? ?Tli# K??llty of u Spiritual W o'ld '' Memorial cm itt h, Hammond strekt, corner Wafenry i laci*.?The l>?. H. K. Moutgo n?ry, ree-rrf of th? Ctitttch of tli?< Itirui nation, will pn ach W-jaenaar (fit,, dnvi 'renins. S>sr*ireaai Hi<?? andlK /clw-k. Tree j,,!, ??) n^ ?"nT?r ipiar'T! j oollectlon In aid of llw Ctnnfe Tlii ut at #ai^ *<fTtc*> XTFW jerchaLKII < II* it. II tl rtiMle * rahlpon Htthdny, January 1JI ihr Mo?i,.T' u># 1>.U, >9, 7?* Broadaa.r, at In;, oclm Se.tta frr<". Pbotestast EPlsroral mi chuecr rom ta< rly * or>lil|'plBR in CKaion ilall. A?U'r plarx, lUr. EobeitO. l':< k?>u. paat'.r, will bold i lrlu?* m i rl<?i in the b.iaem>-rit of their nr* cbureli, In Ea?t iourt>enth atreHL ? ; jkwIu the Academy of Hurto, on Brndnv, thu 13th Inat., at lot, a. |f Blll| 7'j v. M All arelB^t'rd. KELIWOC* SERVICE AT THE MIWIIOM CI(AP>U comer nf Hick* and Rapel^e atiw'a, evrry Hunday blue, at 71, <> ' i ?.k s?a s free. Sai bnth ? h>.?l ooocrt u? moiiow Htcnlna Addrnaee by II. (I. PafMr, K?q , or Ne?r Vork. and Kr? Ira l?. Clark. Sun.lay ?<h kA lu 'h<- in .rrilti* at u t, .-lock and aflTuoon at 3 o'oleek. I'arent* .<r? iarltM to ? nd tb< li *1 lillitirii. Prayer mvetln^ ervry Monday er? ulng. at 7>. o'tlock. __ REV MATTHEW HALE SMITH WILL PREACH tW the <'biip#l on Hroadway and 1 hlrty fourth atreet (ata 'raooe No <6 Thirty-fourth alreat;, on Snnday, at OMi A. M. abd 7:30 P M. Evening aablect?Th* ilnh Ml* <H tkt H?pr??ef>tatl?* Men and Women uf the Hibl??' AbaokNBi III- H' me. Traielng and What i>iw f It: Hla <'lurracter aaR En4." Hev. a. a. WILIJTM, rtiu. lecture at th* Church of the i nraoanter*. -virner of Atlantk and KotiR atreeta, Br x.kirn, on Monday erenlag, Uth Inat, at It o'et*?k. Sublaet?"A rVa for Home ' Ttakma U casta; to be had *R I be door (Changed from Utb met , aa prerlotudy aa ti.'itned i ST. AWN'S iI;hFr< H. EIiThTRENTB STREET^ NEa'r Piftk aren'ie- Ibuniaa Oallaiiaet, ixctor. Serrlaa* l? morrww. aa it?ual, with Um Tolceu at MW A. M. and 7M P. M.. and In tb* elan language at J>. M. Re*. T C. Bw* ? Hi preaeh. Seata free. TH SI 11* PATLECT1'RE?SLAVERY EXAM 1MED~ ?T th* imr* Light of ChrtatLiulty; te?t*4 by the ?.|naiBW rule and ii nip^fcx of jvittir* atvl conflicting principle* har W?nt**R, by one (4 Amertea a moet glf?ed *?n?. at R??* t bap. I, T!f> Broadway, on Sunday ?renin# aett. a(7? ?clock. 1 ullee ogBecla:tf Intlted to be pniaMit tanee, t" pay eipenae,, if cent*. rOMAR, TTTR DOCBTER. WILL BR THE q/BJ1tr!T 01 the t nrth dl?eo?r*e of the aerMa. at th* yu?atl*la elreet I'nh imajlat Chwh, between *l*th and S<?*?thn?? Buea, to morrow afternoon, by Be* 8. ?. *"?<*?? P*?* Perrv eg at Urae o < lock. Hrmom la tbe B?o?aiBg by tM taatoi rpHK"kbVonp t snnRPAUSTc-hobch-bet c w 1 Riddle, of Newark. N J . will preyb In the HtotoctceB I.lbnir*, eornwr of Heeood arenoe aad EWrenth etreet, w awirinw morning aad trealng, at the itannl K"f?. WATniWOWIAI^ T^BNTI.BMAN or MIDI'LE API ACT TR ?Ag A ?kt'UMiiai(?a, wlahe* the aoaaa'atant^e of a l>4y (r>aM or wllow) with - me jaeani, In rlew of ^matrl?oB|r. MR m*T vtirni tn fWiMtafl, AHW^S vIMm rlM l,

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