Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 28, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 28, 1861 Page 3
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I ?mho ? Prince Cftrigoan to Naples, nominally as ? rL BeBlor ?r prtme munev r but m rwWy u Ijoaten B m* Governor vi Naples. tie ft jroo&c mo, about I thirty two, and was hero as secretary to M. Cfcvour in I l?66 at dke treaty of Paris. I bad many opportunities of I ?aov?raiuc witii him, aud it was impossible not to per oeive that be was ft man of the very highest class of ?irod "Aaa MM utifit quod wm omnoH." Every mlyeot he touched on he invested with a striking origi nality, and the persuasive eloquence of his language and rendered him a special favorite with every one. The Kmperor himself was so charmed with him that he told him whenever be tired of furui to think of Ike Tu ?erwft. When ha was be re be made the acquaintance of the Murats, where he often dined, and this baa probably beta the reason why so much curious speculation has - at indulged in respecting bis present appomtmw^,. the Chevalier Nigra is not tbo man to do dirty vvork far each a rvi faineant as Mural. , Austria is doing her best to bid high for public favor. She ban decreed a general amnesty for Hungury from ; Transylvania,Croatia and Hclavonia, applicable to all acts 1 tending to change the existing government before tbe 20th ?f October, 1800. Thus Koesutb is onoe more free in bin native Hungary. What with Venetia and what witb Hugary, the Kmperor Francis Joseph is evidently "orely imilert. He seems ready to grant anything so long as be t still permitted to call them his own. But experience rbows that kings that can bettow privileges can eeldotn fcsaUiw rights. They who receive these last view ibem 6 extortions frosa tear rather than justice, and are sel m eontent with them. Few believe that any moves in flis direction will stave oil' the impending troubles of the "spring. **>? French journals of every description are full of tbe j?ion oi South Carolina. It should be gratifying to "?rica to know (hat every heart in France, no matter 'what party, teems to sympathise with her present culty. Rvery one deplores the threatened break up our noble confederal ton as a national affliction; and 'lay who mourn the narrow freedom of their own wSOniry are ready so say with the sorrowing d'scipbv? at Emmaus, " We thought it had been lie who would hive redeemed Israel;" wo thought It had been the duration of that noble cont'edertcy which would have served us the rallying point of liberty all over the world. Trie Legislative Chamber will open hereon tbe 24th, when it will immediately proceed with tbo imperial scheme of reform. Tbe Monilrur has this moment appeared with the fol lowing in relation to alTairs at (iaela:? Many foreign journals havo been lately occupied in ?peaking of an armistice to be just concluded with the bell i gerents at Uaeta. Steps have in fact been tikon to brio? about ft truce, under cover of which negotiations might lo opened; but they are without result. Sardinia, how ever, having declared her readiness to suspend the necessary travail d'approckeuntil tbe 19th of this month, Vice-Admiral d'Turin has been charged to communicate this to Francis II., inviting him at tbe same time to cease hostilities. Should hostilities be suspended in consequence of thlB invitation, the French squadron would lmmediato ? ly withdraw from the waters of Gaeta, leaving only one ."essel to remain till tbe expiration of the truce. The official Journal also announces that tbo Chinese au thorities have conceded to France a noble site, formerly ?ecupicd by the palace of the famous (Governor Yoh, for the erecting of a Catholic cathedral at Canton. It re marks that this church will testify to the Catholic world the constant solicitude of the Emperor to protect its in terests, and perform the traditional role of France. The ball at the Tuilerios, postponed on the !Hh, is to take place on the 23d. The dressmakers of Paris arc beginning to breathe again. The Cirque Imperial is just now a centre of great attrar tion. It is evidently a great point with the Kmperor that, notwithstanding the expiration of the time originally ap pointed for their occupation, tbo French troops should still keep their footing in Syria. The journals arc ever lastingly hinting at fresh conspiracies, which nothing but the presence of thu French prevents from breaking out; and now, the moro to Impress the public mind with thr importance of urenewed French occupation, M. Moquard the Emperor's private Secretary, has written a piece onti tied "l*s Massacres deSyrle," which was inaugurated by the presence of the Emperor, the whole of the ourpi diph, vuUufue and all the beau numde, who were in the secret of the real author?M. Victor Segour being tho ostensible author. My space does not admit of a lengthened descrip tlon of the piece. It wilt be sufficient to say that white exhibiting in strong relief tbe pertidiousness of tho Druse, as compared with the Marontte, it skil I fnlly represents the absolute necessity of French interference. Abd-el-Kader himself is personat ed and apostrophizes in eloquent language le granile i nation, and its imperial chiof in particular, to whom he originally owed his liberty; one or two acri monlous reflections on the policy of Rnglund he win made to utter, which have, however, siuce boon lei t out; but knowing the near relation of thcauthor to the Emperor, It is somewhat significant that they should ever have been inserted. Tbe pioce in itself is scarcely worthy of tbe reputation M. Moquard enjoys, but th> splendid scenery, the magnificent appendage of camels, fiery Arabs, and other accompaniments of the ICiist, mako it so attracts e that as soon as the present sevare weather relaxes special trains are to be constituted in ordor to accommodate play going people who live at an hour's dis tance from the capital. The Cardinal Archbishop of Paris has just submitted a letter to the Empcrtir ho has received from the dignitaries In Syria, expressing the gratitude of tbo Chris- | turns of the I/Cbanon for all tho boneUts which they have received from the generous policy of the Emperor. It is signed by Clement Babas, Patriarch of tho Greek Catho lies of Antioch and all tho Fast; Athanase, 11 is hop of Hour; Ignace, Bishop of llawian; Mala'bios, Bishop of Baalbeck; Basile, Bishop of Jahlets, and Uregoire, Bishop of St. Jean u'Acro. Ho France will doubtless manage to keep it? Syrian oc cniiation, and thus continue in woll doing. Hews from Nawaa, W. P., and Havana. ARRIVAL OK THE KARNAK. The steamship Karnak. Captain I/O Mossurier, from Havana the 19th and Nassau the 21st inst., arrived at this port yesterday afternoon. Thero la no news of any moment. Salt is reported to be selling at ten cents a bushel In Matthew town, Inagua, an advance or a cent over pre vk>u8 rates. OCR HAVANA CORRF-fTONDENC*. Havana, Jan. 19,1361. Amrrira,u in Hivana?The Ixmitiana Morrmcrt?B\tsi net*. <fc. I give you herewith a list of American* now on a visit to this city, at the Hotel Cub^no, where secessionist and abolitionist may oat and sleep in peace:?H. Ash watte, Jr., A. Westhead, Mr. Tucks and lady, Mr. Bewvcr, Mr. Uoyd, ?f IJoydK; Capt. Harrison, Dr. Oormick, United Sta'es Army, for Key West, If he can get there; Commander Maitllt, of the United Stat. s war steamer Crusader, for safety, honor and tho Union; Mr. Geve, New York, Mr. Peddie and lady, do.; K. Barton, do.; Dr. R. Hunter, Hardinge, l'aris, of the art*; A. Morrele, Baltimore; Mr. Solomon, District of Columbia, no/i at, Mr. Olmsted, Mil waukee, Western Railroad Industry; Mr. Walliico, Mary land; Mr. Cretgliton and lady, Charleston. S. C.. Thorni* S. Anderson and family, Mississippi; Mr. Hallou and lady, Rhode Island; Messrs. Armsby and Ten 5fck, Albany ; the brothers Wiggins, New York. essrs. Callln and Armour, do.; Mr. Jack.-ou. Key We-" . Mr. Carton, Indiana; Wm Connery. New Orleans; Mr McDoiiell, Wisconsin; Mevsrs. Miller and Kisher, ol New York (jewelry); J. C. Fisher, Messrs. Morgan and Ste.? art, Philadelphia, with families; Mr. Nookor, of Cklllor aia. Mr. Rehcvtria, of I'liiladelphia, Creole of Cuba; Mr. Bliss, of Chicago, Mr Morton, of Boston (one vote), and last, not least of the aggregate, (>>1 C. (1. Hei.~. bound to St. Thomas by the ocean Bird to day. Tins mass Is leavened with Spanish. German ai'd French re presentatives, and tbey are far from tilting over th<' good things s|<read Bt the Hotel Cubano. The Consul General of the United States lined on board the United States steamer Crusader yesterday. TT?e news l'rom IxralnUna is producing its effect upon our pnblic sentiment, aud is prejudicial to the cause of the South?a little too fast evon tor these dissolving times and scenes. Business is no better. The city Is full of strangers, driven Irom the I'nited Stales by your discontents and the annoyances u|n? tbc path of travel tors, mostly Ruropean. Brooklyn City News. Dmw atiox of a Nkw 8f?rn*T Soaooi. Ciiahki.?Yestor day morning the new and spacious chapel erortod as .? Sunday school, attached to the Hansom place Method If > Episcopal church, under the pastoral cltargo of the Rev. Dr. Perry, was dedicated, with appropriate exercises, consisting of singing, praying, and addresses by several elergyiren. The school room was well tilled with well dressed ami happy looking children, numbering near six hundred, of which the full strength of the school con state. Divine servioewas, as usual, performed in the church, the sermon being preached by the Rev. Alfred Cooknian, of l'hlladei|<hla, from tho following text:? "Rid me and deliver me from the hand of strange cbll dren, whose mouth speaketh vanity, and their right ban I is a right hand of falsehood: ??That our sous may be as plants grown up in their youth; that our daughters may be as the corner stones, polished after the similitude of a palaje."?Psalm cxll\., 11 and 12. The whole topic of tho reverend gentleman's discnurse was on the duty of parents to so train up their children, that they might become a blessing to society, and point ing to Sunday s< hools as among the most effluent agent ;es for that purpose. At the conclusion of the sermon a statement was read, showing that tho building hod cost $12,000, on which there was a debt of $3,0(10, for the defraying of whiob a collection was taken up. Two members of the congroga is>n gn\ e $100 each, and several contributed |60, $2/> $10, $A and smaller sums. The building is of two stories, and If forty eight in front, by a depth of ninety Ave feet. The tlr*t floor con sists of a room for an Infant school, and is cap?ble in' containing throe hundred children, together with t> pastor's study and several large class rooms. On the se oond floor la the main school room, seveaty-flve feet in tongth by forty five feet eight Inches in width, with celling twenty feet high, and Is capable of containing five hundred and twenty scholars. Across the front of II building Is a spaeioua apartment, Intended to be fitted up ?a a reading room for the use of the young men ooi B.rted with the o.ngregatlon, and thero are oppropri.i ecconimodalIons about the building for the S'iperir t" dents, secretarie" and librarians. I lie arrangements I ?ling and lighting are admirable. The style of the ei> Aire building is Romanesque, and the manner in which it ? Completed reflects great credit on Mr French, ? whom the mason work was done, and Mr Booth, who e ecntert the e*rpenterr work. CmTiox to Pkrsov* TnArn.uvo on Furry Boats.? would advise all pcretns crossing the ferries no< too eupy the seats adjoining the bulkheads of (lie whe< houses, as there is danger, eapeobUlf during the ic reason. (?nl> a day or two ago ono of the prlnripro ! I,nets of the South ferry had the iron rim that attach, the arms of the wheel brflken. and upon the revolving s Ihe wheel the rim was fhreed through the joinerworl into the cabin, completely citting the neat in two ' Inckily no person was sitting on it, had there boen, in ?| probability, rtiors or Ie?a would have >>e?ta.ned injuries 'i The 0toi?*l?r CarmWal. TBI CKNTRAL ti,KK ?L HITTiXVlUJ?B1UH MA* WI1KKB MOH.NLNO ,1UWit 8WUOH1NU CVUY NOON AND N1UHT-INCI VfiMSf Ik IV ? A more lovely ^ thjuj y#gl#r<Uy 00llkl teuCtfj desired. T ?%anno wind, or at least the little puflig timt i-cwtsW" ^jjy ;,jj?wed their effects were of to alight a nature *rJ GrmrtQ\y to be aotieed. the tun shone with 411 t,k< j brilliancy and warmth of a June day, and the ra'/4 faUUj in lull and uninterrupted power on the snow nad r. very trying and painful effect on the eyeaighl Several persons who wore wise enough to sacrifice ap pearances for comfort wore blue or green spectacles, aad felt very much surprised when, i?n bowiug to a friend, they found they were not reeognited. THK C'KNTBAL PARK. was completely covered with the soft and brilliantly white carpet, dotted here ami there with a little dark green from the fir trees, or a dirty drab from eomo pro truding rock. <m every aide the glistening, glit tering white met the view. The pond aiao was tlanc and dreary, not having been swept after the late snow storm. The paths for pe destrians had been very niccly cleared from snow, and forty-tlve thousand persons took advantage of the chai in ing weather to uk> a stroll. But the great scene of the day was on the drive. Two thousand two hundred and titty sleighs wero counted as having enter id the I'ark up to tivo o'clock, and the " life on the road" waa life indeed. When setn from the observatory hiU, dur ing the afternoon, aperfect moving panorama was pre sented to the view. Ilere wan a line shell liku cutter, drawn by a two forty horse, which seeinod to be restless of the restraint that compelled hiui only to travel at the rate of " s<-von miles an hour,'' and there a richly deco rated double sleigh, whose motive power was a team of dashing greys. In another place could be seen the ordinary milk sleigh of the rouser of thi' morning echoes, tilled with females and children, and driven by the "noisy fellow'' himself, closely fol lowed by a black aad gilded vehicle on runners, almost hidden under the load oi skins, in which reposed a sweet damsel with brilliant black eyes and ringlets, while her loving swain held the reins which guided the restive steeds. Next was a double sleigh, in which hill' a dozen formed a pretty party, who chatted and laughod aa they were driven briskly along. Soon after came the box of a wagon, which had been hastily put upon run ners so as to allow the storekeeper an opportunity to give his lamily a sleigh ride in the l'ark before the season broke up. Now came a couple of fast youths, who, not content with one horse and a cutter, must, forsooth, drive tandem; and close behind followed a splendid well matched Maltose four-in-hand, in front of an ele gantly equipped sleigh. In fact, turn which way you would, sleijtbs of all kinds, qualities and sizes were pro e uted to tlie view, interspersed Uero and there with some vehicle on wheels in the shape of a close carriage, barouche or buggy, looking much out of place. As for the sha]ic of the iiusli boards of the sleighs and cutters a greater variety could scarcely have been seen at a mu seum. They wire straight, O. G., and rounded. The straight ones formed acute, right aud angles with the bottom of the vehicle; and the rounded ones bulged in and bulged out. Natural history was fear fully outraged in the way of ornaments, for some had gilded eagles'heads, some red dogs' heads, and some braaen heads of gritUns. The drivers were as various as the vehicles. Here were servants in livery, some black and some white, who seemed to glory in tho number and brightness of their greatcoat buttons, and there was. a gentleman in an overcoat of the most approved style of lash ion. Furs and skins were In great abundance, both on the ladies and on their vehicles. Bells were also plen tiful, from the sonorous bass of the largo brass bell to the shrill treble of the silver ditto. One party, who drove a spanking pair of black horses, had the animals covered with small silver looking bells, over a thousand in number, which sent forth a rioh and harmonious jingle. The snow in the mom ing was well adapted for sleighing, but not being ot what is termed a "packing" nature, was soon effet ted by tho heat of the sun and the number of vehicles, so that by about four e'clock In the afternoon the runners almost always scraped the gravel. In the evening, or rather as soon as the sun wont down, tho roads iti the l'ark began to get better and better, and having had a respite for some two hours, when "tho moon, which rose last night as round as' a copper cent, appeared, the man who is said to have there taken np his abode looked down upon m iny a merry party who chose to travel the l'ark by moonlight, some of wh in obtained sleighs at tho Central I'ark stable, near tho ontrance. BLOOVTNODALE ROAl? TO HIOH HKIDGK. Along this road there must yesterday have been ten thousand sleighs Of dillerent kinds, from a ragman's hand cart upon runners to the gaily decked livery stable vehicle, that ha'I boeu hired for the spe cial occasion. Here the aniinnlB were driven at all the various rates of speod that can be gotten out of horseflesh, ami many, who did not "slack up" at the right moment, came foul of a fellow traveller, and the occupants of the vehicles "got a spill." Several s eighs were upset, and mauy a tsu- ly dressed damsel w;m U> be seen embracing the "cold, cold gr-snow. ' At the Junction of the Kighth avenue aud Broadway, where tho railroad company had been salting the track, several vehicles were broken, and more than one party was turned out into the dirty slush. At this point all through the season there haa been a miserable slough, to remedy wbieh nuisance seems to be no one s business, but to make it worse is certainly the usurped right of I lie railroad com pany. Kven If the driver of a cutter be ever so cat e lul at this part of the road, ho is in great dAuger of ruin lug his vehicle, for who can see what is at the bottom o a pool of f lush, l'eiestrians suffer fearfully at this poln of entrance to tho I'ark, especially ladies. Tho scone around the hotels at Manbattairville, and the refreshment houses at High Bridge, put one more in mind of a fair than an ordinary Sunday out of town, and the moving scene upon the road could scarcely be compared to any thing else than the road to Kpsom on a l'eiby Day, cxcept in the character of tho conveyances. The road from Kighty-nfth street to the High Bridge was in a very fair condition, but more especially above Manhattanvdie. SHIPPING NEWS. ALMAMAC ton WWW TOEI?THI? BIT. ?i s um 7 I t I Moon risks eve 7 17 sen srrt I 12 [ moat watm mum 9 41 Part of New York, Jmmmmry XT, 1*61. ARRIVED. ? Steamship Karnak (Br), I,eMessurler, Havana. .Tan 19, and Nassau, Nr. 21st, with md?c and pa??engers, u> K Cunard. 20th inst, at 4 I'M, off the Isaacs, aawalargo black ship in ballaxt trim, showing the name H V Barker, a loaded black ship with high poop and palnud porta, showing American en slpn, a loaded black bark, and a polacre brig. Krom 22d to :tfth inst, the K experienced airong NE galea. steamship Florida. Croweli Savannah, wltn md?eaad pa? aengers, to Samuel L MUthIM A Son. Has experienced strong bead winds and see the entire passage. Among her passen gers are one of the engineers, steward and 11 men, being part of the crew of steamship fa Jenkins, which vessel was to tally destroyed by Dm on the evening of the 21Kb Inat while lying at her wharf at Savannah. Steamship B B Curler, < 'rocker, Savannah, with mdae and passengers, to II B Cromwell A Co. Jan 2fi, off Capes of Vlr gtnia, passed ship Granite State, from Calcutta for New York, ;?nd a bark showing a white signal with a red D in the centre hound in. Ship J P Wheeler, tisdd, Boston, 3 days, In ballast, to Wm Nelson A Sons. Bark Admiral Blake (Br, of Bridgewater, Eng), Ken ward. Bristol, Kng, 78 days, with railroad iron, to order. Crossed the tail of Newfoundland Bank* Dec.H, had beavv 8W and W gales most of the passage; was driven in the CMn stream by heavy WNW and NNW winds and high sea; vessel became unmanageable, blew away most part of sails, stove greater part of bulwarks, broke boat*, Ac. Dec 17, shipi>ed a heavy sea over the starboard quarter which More bulwarks, maln rail, whoelhouse, broke wheel and standard, taking overboard binnacle, compass and lamps, breaking skylight, Ac. 23d, bore away S, when had nothing bat WNW ana NriW gales; .Ian 4, 1st 'A 40, lea M 44. spoke Br ship Lesmahagon, of Scarbom. from Savannah for Europe, who supplied u* with water, nil and bread; 10th, I AM. 1st 29 .'W. Ion 04 20. bark Sea Eagle, from Philadelphia for Barbados; 18th, lat .It 10, Ion 7ft 19, saw Am brig A D Anderson. During tbe passage Capt K auatalned ?evere Injuries to one of his legs. Kchr Helen, Carroll, Rockland. Sehr MorllU. Pettigrew, New London. 2 days, for Virginia. Sehr Oacar <' Acken, Baron, Stamford, 2 days. Sloop Warren, Stokes. New llnven, 2 days. Steamer Petrel, Young. I'rovldenee staamar Alhatraaa, J sees, rmlihim ?At. One ahlp. unknown. RAHJCft Steamship* North Carolina. Wilmington, NC; Varktown. Norfolk, Ac; brig Hen Pierce. Maianias. Wind dartag the day NW to W. Hlwellaaeoai. Lirwm?Tbe new pilot boat Mary A Williams, built for the New York and Sandy Hook pilots, will be launched from the yard of her builder, B K Williams, at (ireenpolnt, this iMon day) morning, at 10 o'clock. She la 77 feet on deck, 19 feet 6 inehea beam, and 7 feet 9 Inches bold, meaaurihg 106 tons re. girter. Bark rims Biddle, hence at Belize, Hon, mad* the run eot In IS day*. We are under many obligations to Punrr William D Hemp stead, of ateamahip Florida, from Savannah, for favors. II txst Ro flmr r??'tJTsont.A!ii>?Report of ('an' Wenselhoeft, master of the Hamburg ship Ueulaehland, M day* from New York, at Oravesend .Ian ll?-lefl New York Dm-7; Dee 21, in a terriltc storm from the South, shipped a sea which took away port quarter host, sieve bulwarks, tilled the cabin* full of wm ter, washed away part of second cabin. Mill hatobhouse, water raska, Ac. In veering the shin, which took about two hours, in consequence of the cargo having shifted, hist fore tojiaall, jib,and foretopmast ?ta>*atl; Sounded the pump*and found Ave tset of water In her main hold two feet In her al ter hold, utui si> w et lo her fore hold. I'umped her out, and found thst she was making about two inches of Water per hour. Dec 25, at 2 I' M. in a heavy hall squall, passed the wreck of a bark, WaterlOftgeq and alisndr ned, the sea wadi Ing over her, and no hnaU lo !?? seen The ringing wna stand inn, but the "all* torn U. ribhona. She had bright l..wer nia-t* and w hite bands, ?nd ftom all appearam e w as English?iai 44j W N. ion MiffW Sntr Coir Ft St\p -Pitmcl Cram a letter from Capt Bout ton, of Lloyd's Salvage Association, relaiing to wreck of the American ship Cold- n Star, from Mobile for Liverpool, to protect the Interest of the underwriters:?"Water ford, .Ian. 8. The portion nf the carpn ?aved from the wreck is In a bad cotwilllon, mo*'. of the marks obliterated; salvors tried to prevent the forv, a-ding the cargo, by tor.*' Kiot act read. Salvors cave In. Heivt>r* <ialm ISySTO; MHO tendered.'' Biur Bilvkr Stut (of Fusion), Wade, loading guano * ?larvls previous to l?*c 22. Is reported to hare been wreeged, and Uii.i the ri* k brought oti.y She was a tine clipper of 1,19ft toil" rated II, was liullt *t Medl'ord In 1RV., and Is ouned by H O K> nl A Co. Boston. She la proliably uisurod there lor about ^KKOOt*. Smr l.raj^or, llaniillon, ?t Shangltne, wn? -<old at public auction Nov l!>. ID liquidation of a bottomry bond for the mm oi Uvmiaals. Ru sot.TH. Jan 7? lue Due do fformandie, Bin aire, from NYork for Havre, whl-h srrlveil here on Id, has beea sur veyed and coromen?"d dlsciuugtiig her (argo. i?th- t^' Mela, Pa-iscJi. Which put In here on the !Hb. leaky, with rutPerhead <'amnged, loss ol buliwarks, ?lls, eoat, Ac and pari of cargo thrown overboard, ha* Iwcn nirreyed, and eoihm' ii'-ed iannlnn her e?rfn. Omtrnorg, .Ian 11- Tho Adevin, Ben>.nn, whleh sailed a lew davs am fmm I'oit (llasgnw for New Orleans |p hsllaw, Went a-ihore in Bro:lick B >y about 8:.*) I'M .Ian 4 during a den e fog she ft -at"d off next day without damage, and pro e?ede<l on her voyage. Ucia?fHv, Jaa 4- It i* reported that the C >ro and iufe;o p?tan tan iraaa New Tort for Londoa, wtfce Haaola Bocka, have disappeared. im?Mu Jib KV-1V Jerome, from Halifax to this P?y? Jf^2^d"thellUiI>??bW,^.ut IW ?Ue. nor^t TTfkfhlnka of Newfoundland, while tying to in a ga,' "? wind, tfhe wm abandoned on the 16ib Uficwnlwr wUh rrc, wa?ff" herhold, and awept. Two men bad ?.nwaabed ovarboani, and one d*<L The captainjumJ je* w^wSe taken off by the General Parkhlll, ssajsEK Artsj lih 'fhe Haratosa. from MubUe, dismasted, U off the port <.?&^a aSSttrto??i3 bound The Montexuma. for Sa l?.K hir^r^k ^eUrk rioter, from Htohm^d. Ya VM on shore, but wan got off and to wee Into ven. She haa lost rudder and la leaky. The salvage claim* upon her will be heavy. Mklboubkk. Not H?Tha Camilla, Rusaell, from Ban Francisco, which arrived hero Oct 3, has damaged much o %,?Arabla. Harding. from L,v7E!^??d t^eVat^M II rnot 34, M before reported*, and burned lo the wave edge, had discharged h^r cargo except the railroad iron. Par Ian 11?The wreck reported veaterday picked up by the t'osstguard at Folkerrla la of "a knferT l'art of a poop deck, length fi', '"'? , ,mard. ?*l??.i. Nor 22?The American ahlp Oueen of the Sen* ..JL * froni Liverpool for thia port, loaded wtth coal, It la /?Tml'foundered ina tyiihixni in the China Sea. hbe wan last M*'n by Uie Lebanon Sept 21, off the N end of Formosa, Mid a severe lyphoon raged the following day. 1 Troon Jan 11-The Retreat. from Ardrosaau for New Yor*. which was on shore uear Loehlndahl Jan 4, has been got? ?#. and arrived here to day. She la leaking badly, and will have t<> discharge and go inio duck. WkxroKn Jan 10-The American ship Brandywlne, from IJverpool for Mobile, wlU become a totaT wreck. The greater iiart of cargo and materaala will be sax ed. YnrrHAL Jan It-Part of a ma?t came on ?hore ye.terday In intnnra Hav It spdmo to have bMD cut away at the deck, m.d ih *upi>oaed to have belonged to the (loldcu filar, Horn Mobile lor Liverpool, stranded near Bag and Bon. Whalemen. Arr at Sydney. NSW, Nor 15, Nlmrod, Oreen, saR Harbor, {from Houtn Heaa. Ae. Steamship CUy of Mancheater (suppoeed), henee for Liver Francisco, Oct 22, ^Shlp Black Warrior, from Altata for Liverpool, Dec 31, tot "tXlpTiftrtou, from NOrleana for Liverpool, Jan 3, tot 24 WkblpS*tothla?, fmm New Orleans, Jan 12, off Liverpool. ^rtblf. Martin Luther, from NOrleana for Liverpool, Jan 17, UShln27i^toto,10'from Baltimore, Jan 12, off Liverpool. ^Shlo Tnvinclble, from New York. Jan 12. off Liverpool, b?8h!p Punjaub Mllner. from Boston for Liverpool, Dec 26, ^Shlp VathlUi'der, 12 days from Boston for Havana, Jan 12, UB?fkVarUm,fowler, from Klo Sancko for Baltimore, Jan '' BrU[ Somers,*f rom Monrovia for New York, Dec 8, off Cape A Bngb^ella Betirmann, Tamms 9dayx hence for l'ort au Trli.ce Ian 11. off Cape Nlcolal Mole. Brig Marine, from Clenfucgos lor Boaton, Jan 16, off I.ape Aifrig'j' 1" Elllcott, from Savannah for Oleuf uegoa, Jan 11, off Cape Nlootol Mole. Foreign F?rt?. Y,,rk 14th J Wakefield, Young, M?'HO for Havana, 16th, Edith H^^roochow for N York, ?? *??<? J?. ElT'dn Tor do; 18th, Tar'olluta, "',sel^0rkM U?e ?nrVftilikA* lQth harali, Andrew#, Canton lor N York, Live wnk^ Th wudlk^ Maca . for Havana; Pr.?rcaalve Age, ThSmoi^n Ma" a!c, for NVork: 21st, Starr King. BUery fla inlalor do; Mth, Curlew, Ballard, Boaton fo^onffcjnA. a irL v ' 'in ?u?rt ghio Kathav, Stoddard, for NYork. C\d, 1' on 12th"'i :^rrihoA,^^ Nurleaxm; Caroline C D^ BHrt'leu: Wa.r, Jones, for Charleston; "bES^ No^-HW1"ZfrcfA Ingersoll, P^ng and 1 hTm?k Hon Dee 26-In port bark Pall^ Blddle, from New ??. AV "TfesSR St-TO bark Alice Tarlton, ^ow^ from ciJ^rir ?2SS*. dy; Brew?ter, Clark, I rje ? . ? Wales, Lincoln, and l ady BleaalrigtowBenn . ? ,)aklol<i Kldrldge, for WSsimmzm ^Vr^w^e^fc^W!^ Crown Point, Knl?ht, Lon. wSStoi1 Ca?>?,?Wa?ts,1 'Africa Hampton Reads), Wn, wepiunes w , stetson Kn%^??JS)?anh. Sydney, F^Ji^le/l'riiUei^V'i^lff; a/roraSort.ior?^: Kit^'tUn/nnc-K Badge, sss???^ Britife "atte.K 'a Odubon I'hlnney U, 13 Its... MonMcm Baker^C^> Mer ci*ll, Boott; B P Hoxlft crary, ? u rt MeiTlll; Ehrlra, win, Slarwln; II Ipp-griffe, Addy. I*> Lnnt; Se Andrew-; Sc-I,.AWWji 'Kmmerton, basilanCabot, ^ attH. ari l ? P* . ^ H.irry Hammond, WloM-tW?, Carvw, for daivalw. Jan WV-In^-rt N0^?s<i?w, Jan 10-AIT H M Hlne, Dart, NVoA; Uth, Unit Boaton. ^ilfvT j- STl-^^r C-oiner.' Am*raon. from Ilivm. Jmi t-ttd Oil tdaiM, Mills, XOriNM; 101b, Lo gun, Mut?h, N York. RON Koii, Not 19? A rr Sam I Ruwll, Winchell, New York; Maipi-.t A Lltxs, rwn, Manila. Hid Not 21, Roartte, l'irr< e, Melbourne; 24tb, horrid A Jessie, Deshon, Bangkok. Id port Not >, ships C? met, T <id, fur New York (g>n f iQ pertnn'; Torrent, (fore, for Vsnoourer Island. .Iamb Bell, Vrl?bee, and Moonlight, Brcck, for Kan Kranci-oo, I/.aak Walton, Smslley, for Banekok (jp>t s SO eta per rie?ii: Klmf Usber, Harlow Mr. l<eonidas, William* Kami Kn?? ll. Win rholl; Kannv Mcflenry, Smith, and Horiion, Rood, di*?;; Mar garet A Klira, Jellerson, uno Havana, .Ian 17?In port brig California, 1'inm, to sail 20tb for NOrli an?, to load molasses for Brisnl, HI. Liverpool, Jan 10? Arr St Helena, Cotter, Kan Francisco; I K Cbspman, chapman, N Orleans; Constitution, Jones, New York; BenJ Bungs, Bartlett, Boston; 12th, Marian, Stevenson, Baltimore; (lustave, do; Panther, Gannett, NYorit. Md loth, tirrat Britain, Fleet, and Annln Slae, Sullivan, NOricans; On an (inide, Wootward, Newport and (lalveatoo; 11th, John J Boyd, Thomas NYork. Cld lmh, Shooting Star, HotAklMk Boston; Northern Chief, Veazle, Mobile; 11th, W V Kent, WliooT. and China, Aylward, Charleston, Benj Adams, Chase, and |MM| Lure, MM. Kltin-ss, Allison, NOrleans. Fnt fer Ids 10tf;, Montrbrllo, Henderson, for Boston; Santa CUus Pernor, do; Johaunlsberg, Ktilphcn, NOrleans. llth, hisb Brailler, Hoitner. Calrntta; Itork Light, lladley. Kl tieorgo's Sound; Idaho, Howes. and Holyhead, Cole, New Or leans; SeaBower. Taylor, N Y'ork. l,n*i>oi?, .Ian 11?(M Yotktown, Crosby, NYork. Arr at (iravesend Utb, Margaret Kvaus, Warner, NewYork; Deutaehland, Wesselhoef t. do, both for London. Mrssina,Be?) 33? An NAM (ion Id, Smith, Malta; Mth, Cambridge. Sparrow, (l?i'?; 27th. Revolution, Webb, Lag born; SHth, Velma, Nlckerson, do; 29th, Koreat Belle, PercJ ?al. tien a. M u ritiim, Deo ?? In port ship, Hartrldm, from Cnr4lll for Rangoon. Niitiu. Nov 13? Arr Matilda. Lee, llong Kong (and sld 21st for Slam)- SIKh, Fortuns, Hanson. Boston. Sid Nor 12, Charmer, Lucas, NYork. Eagle, WlllLariu, do; fist. Comma dorr, Po>-t, Hong Kong. In port. Not 22, ship* Trmiliar, Martin for Boston tnot N Yotk as before report"!i: John I .and, B<ar?<- for Boston Bi t* $S per ton 101 sugar) I'ortun ?, Hanson for Hong Kong; irk Albeis, Oregory Tor do. Macao, Not lA-ln port ships F P Sage, Ingersoll, and May Queen, Jordan, for Hm\ ana. Madras, Dee 10?Arr F,astern Queen, Hanooek, Boston. Mi i.soiihni, Oct t$~Arr Line Kpal<Ung, Ames, San Fran < ism; Not !t. Bold Hnnt< r, Croshi, ll<f ton (and was to sail Nov 24 lor ? NruUa), Uth, 8 (lUdertleeve, MoCnllum, Uver pool: 1Mb, Blandlna budley, Atwood, London; 20tk, Wild Kaiiger, Chase, Kan Francisco. White Swallow, Crosby, do, Mth. Belle of the West, Howes, Boston; 2(Vth, Kleber, Blgr low, san Francisco. sld Nov 2, Sparkling Sea, Ryder Catlao, "d, C W White, Pendleton, do; Ifwh, Kate Hwolsnd. Thayer, do: 16tb, ' larlssa Currier. Knapp, and t Juiiling Star, Hale, Calenita; 18th, t'noowah, Klrbv, Colombo. Mat-atm*, Iter#?In port bark Adelaide, Ny?, from San Franelseo, arr 2d, for Mantanlllo and Aeapulco few d iy? ?rhr Julia, Fowler, in the hands of Consul, under alUMihnaeo for stamen'i wa^es t< the ami>unt of something over $I3UU Sld 2(i. scbr A M slmp?oiu Ij? I'n* NkWPOBT, Jan 10?Arr T J Roger, D*y. I<oadon. Till ling. -Un 11?Old Stadt Piankfurt, Wulstm, New London. ?>r?Dec#?Arr I'ropheto, Charleston. XiKirn, OR ?- In jwrt bark l.uey K Ashbev. Ashlwy, Idg flee for a port North. PtTWVTH, 12?Put ltt, Ati'-fl, Murphy, from NTork for London, dismasted?was tow ed In by a steamer rcftAM, De<' 7?In port, ship* R B Porbes, Ballanl from Rangoon, arr Nov II; Edward Kmst. Slngapor<', arr Dee I, for Boston, hail Luckey Star, Vanwlnkle from do, arr 4th, to All up for NYork. Port I'iiii tr HKAns?Arr Not X, Southern Ragl*, Cald well. New Y'ork; Sarah II Snow, lllggias, do Qt rK^'Tows, Jan lit?Sld Sheridan, Ru-sell (from New Or leans), Liverpool. Itortomda, Atkins (from Philadelphia), do; International. Heavey(fnim ^Orleans), do. SiitHoHits, Nov II? Km Me|h?, stratum: Ningpo |(sld l#?h on b< r retnrui. Mth, Star King Smith, llakodadi; l7th, W??l ern Continent, collagan, NY'ork; JOtn, 1'nrsttlt, Sanford, Ks najuiwa; Ssneho i'an?s. Hale. I'ong Kong. Sld Not 7th. C L Bevan, I'ed' r?en, Na<rasakl; Wh, Mav Queen, Buikinlnster. Tien isln; llth. Revere, lliwko, Hon: Kong; IRth, Panny MeHenry, Smith, do; l?h, Daniel Wel> ster, staonard, Kanagawa. Horiton, Roetl, llong S ng; 17tb, Mary A Louisa, Jones, Ksiiagaw*rl?th, Kate Hooper. John son, Amoy; 21aL Rover, Draper, Jai?n. In tiort NViv 11, ships Spirloli n, Johnson, from Mverpool, arr Nov JO; Swordfish. t'rsndail, for NYork; Haorho Panaa. H?le, for Fho ('how; Horatio, Palmer, for ilo.lVoy, Ragle ston, for Swaiow; Lebanon, iBimiHnn; Magnolia, Hunt Nabob, Baiter: Snow Squai, Lloyd; Ct lxmls, ta-^hs; TY<tn lering J-w. staekuole; while Kaieon, Druminond, and Wsst e>B i oniinsnt. Collaaan. une; barks Carrie Inland, ^mith: Pnrsalt, San'ord, and Sthr King, Sm <b, ;n?; s<-hr (JtrUn.t UH Smeiroas Nor30?Arr II B Spearing, Rogers, Iluog Koug; Dec 3, Horseman, i'lrtck, <cr llwknlll BatavU, Mmnnha ?%. Beauobamp, do; Mary Goodell MoOilvery, Bangkok Sid Dee 1, John Jay, Duty, Hung Kong; (>yloo, Leckie, l'euang and New York: 6th, Beatrice Rogers, London. In port D?cA ships Humboldt. Holmes, for Boston, Idg; Ntnrman, Ulrick, from Bautvla for Hong Kong (wttti fore mast sprung, and would probably diss part of ber cargo); Minnehaha. Beauchamn, and Marv Go<idell, McGllverr. un< ; ?ch 11 E Speaiing, Rogers, from llong Koug to flnlah idg for Kio Janeiro. Htdkkt, N?W-A?r, Isle of France, A ah more, San Franeiaco: Crishua, Barrack, do; 4th. Homer, Rowe, New York; IHh, Kate Kearney, Thomas, Han Francitoo, 19th, Klectra, Caviar, do; 21at, 8 H Talbot, Burgesa. Manila; 23d, Mary Agnes, (tan Frauei?oo. Sid Oct 27, Dirigo, Emery, llMMNT. St Qkobos's Isutro, PO, Not 9?In port schr J B Bayard, Idg guano tor San Francisco, to nail 10 day*. tub Owkhs, .Tan 10-oir, Edward O'Brien, Fountain, from NYork for 1-oudou. Tumk, Chile, Dec 5? In port ship Oxenbridge. (lowland, for Boston ready. K1U ath, bark Alma, Baker (From Bordeaux), han Francisco. Tbimrjo, Jan 14?In port barks Franklin, Mitchell. Tor Boston idg: Lysander, diss, to load fordo; Caaoo, Gardner; Alnah, Kevins, and RilB bodge, Jarvls, wtg; bHgs Machias Shoppy, for NYork I days; 0 C Van Horn, from Philadelphia dug; Caroline, Norton, from Curaooawtg; schr EUu k Ke beca, Price, for NYork 1 days. V*i i-akaiso, Dee 1#?in port hark Betsena, Reynolds, for Caldera to load lor Boston at $14; and others. Wuinfiii, NnriS? In port ships Haie, Holmee, and Swal low, Morton, for NYork about Dec 15; Mary Wbiltredgc, Crea sey, for do; Wizard, Woodaide, for Mauila; Challenge, for tale. American Porta. BOSTON. Jan It?Arr, ship Crusader, Bill, Tonaoy, Chile; brigs Thomas Dimnibon. Hathaway, Malaga, Orlanao, ravage, Miragoane; Matilda, Richardson, Grand liwk TI; schrs Ty phoon, Doatu-11 math Ian; King Phillip, Churchill, Philadel phia, CU1, Hleamer Phmeas Sprague, Matthews, Philadel phia; ship Rachel, helley, New Orleans; schr Charles S Oar* talis, Robinson, Philadelphia Sld, wlndN#, steamer Phineas Sprague; ships Energy. Kate Howe; barks Henry IIUl, Morula and Halifax; brladf/.uleika, Marcus; schr UN Farnhum; and from the Roads, brigs Thomas Connor and Waccamaw; the brig* YVnecainaw, from Bueksville, S O, for Searsport, and the'ibonus Counor, from Havana for Port land, both put In below this port yesterday during the snow storm, and sld 1 mm the Roads this morning. 38th, A M?Arr steamer Niagara (Bri. Moodle, Liverpool via Queenstotrn and Halifax: hark* Helen Mafia, Marshall, Ci enfuegos; Island City, Kelley, Galveston. Telegraphed, bark O W Hall, from N< 'rleuns; brigs Foster, from Gonalvea; Samuel Cook. Jeremie. Signal for one bark. Old, bark K II Waterman, Clifford, Valparaiso and Caldora; schrs Hanover, llodgdon, Jeremie, Waloott. Parker. NYork; steamer Pen Deford, Ballet. Baltimore via Norfolk. Hid, wind NVF to N, ship John A Albert; hark A A J Fulton; brig Albert Adanm. BALTIMORE, Jan 86?Arr ship Morning (Jlory, Hobbs, Callao: Norw bark Brien, Bninn, Liverpool. Cld brigs Chris tine (Swe), Teiund, London; Mary (new, 273 tons), Wilson, Bio Janeiro; schrsO N Smith, Wicks, and Charter Oak, But ler, NYork. Hid ship* Scotia, Mlskelljr Rotterdam; Noonday, Henry, Annapolis Roads, to finish Idg for NYork; brig Whea ton, Leeman, West Indies; schrs Cuseta, Qrindell, and H W Troth, Johnson, Charleston. BELFAST, Jan 21?Arr schrs Judge Tenney, Foss, NYork; 22d, O lev la, Frye, Nortolk. CASTINk, Jan IS?Sld brig Etmir, T*psley, Gnadaloupe. EDGAKTON, Jan M?Arr schrs Chase, Thomas, and Wil IIim Wilson, Bryant, Norfolk for Boston; Milage Queen, Hawkins, Alexandria for do; William il Mitchell, Sawyer, N > ork lor Machtas. and all remained 2Mb. FALL BIVEB, JuitMllil schr Golden Eagle, Flowers. Norfolk. GALVESTON, Jan 10?Arr brigs Rainbow, Giles, Rockland; S P Smith, Boston; 11th. sehrs Kll Atwood, Smith, do; Hen ry Nutt, Baker, Philadelphia. Cld 8th, schr Kate Field, Allen, New York; 9th, brig Mary Staples, Cham, Havre; 10th, t?arkn Nueces, Eldridge, Liver) ool; 11th, Equity, ilattield, do; schr U Gardner, Brlghtmaii, NOrleans. GEORGETOWN, HO. Jan 22?Cld schrs Cameo, Delllng ham. Porto Kico; F F Randolph, Miller, NYork. HOLMES' HOLE, Jan 23, PM?Sid bri? Samuel Cook; schrs William Wilson, Alexander Nelson, Charles, and Ma rietta. 2itb?Arr schrs Hardwrabble, Packard, Norfolk for Boston; OrrlnCowl Smith, New York fordo: Vulcan, Marshall, do for Pembroke, ana Pallas, Towns, New York for Rockland. (The Pallas passed by this harbor 19th Inst., and anchored back of Cape 4'odj returned to day with loss of one anchor and sails split.) Returned, brig Billow, with sails split. Bid schrs Julia Grange, Boston, and Elizabeth A Jane. 26th H) a.M?Wind west. No arrival. In port, bark G W Hall; bliss Ben Dunning, Bonaparte, Young Republic. Har riet, and Billow ;scbis Moonligbt.lE FLe.wis. George Edward, Hiawatha, Mary Pierce, Hornet, Mary l^ngdon, Tantamount, J oeepb Long, Oregon, Rocky Hill, Alqutszar, Hardacrabble, Orrln Cowl, Vulcan and Pallas. MOBILE, Jan 19? Arr steamer Louisiana, Klrby, Philadel {hla; ships Flora McDonald, Fuller, and Acme, Somerrall, iOndon. Ships Planter, City of New York; and Arno went to sea yesterday. MAC I HAS PORT, Jan 20?Sld schr Kasbeo, Long, Port au Prince. NORFOLK, Jan 34?Cld schr Soa Witch, Egbert, Charles ton. 4 NEW BEDFORD, Jan 25?Arr schr Coernine, Savannah via Norfolk; J M Freeman, York, Elizabeth port; cld bark Azor, Burke, Fayal. NEWPORT, Jan 24? \rr schr Del Norte, Dlnsmore, Phila delphia for Portland laud sld AM 26th). 25tb?Sld schr J M Freeman, York, from Elizabethport for NBed ford. Brig Howard has Been ordered to Bo.'-ton. NEW LONDON. Jan 26--Arr schrs Flotilla, Bush, Pro vlmetown for NYork; Ann S Salter, Fish, Bristol for do. Sld schr Morflla, Prttlgrew, Virginia. PBNRACOLA, Jsn 17?Arr birgs S B Hassell, Haasell, Phi lndelphta; Mana Wheeler, Wheeler, and AllxMn, smith. Gal vtatoBtachr Hampton, Edwin, Richmond: 18th, schr Agrleola, Herrick, Penobsoot. Cld 17th, subrs Burrows C, Clark, Phila delphia; 18th. Klclimond, Baxter, Boston. PHILADELPHIA, Jan 26 a 27?Arr steamer P Sprague, Matthews, Boston; brig John Welsh, FtHeld, Trinidad; schrs B D Pitts, Corson, ana W Saulsbury, Hudson, NYork. Cld steamer Kensington, Baker, Boston; barks Floresta, Welsh, Pernambuco and a mkt; Elizabeth J. Koulkes, Port Spain; Argean, Crosby, NOrleans; Br brig Exemplar, Newell Cork for orders; schrs Jos Maxheld, May, Charleston; II W Morse, Benton, Jersey City. PORTLAND, Jsn 2!V- Air hark Old Dominion, Johnston, NYork; cld barks C B Hamilton, Chase, Havana; Jubilee, Fredericks, Mantaxa-t; hiig Oharlena, Means, t-'ardenai; schr Stephen Tabor, Cook, Cienf uegos. PROVINCETOWN, Jan 25?Arr brig Foster, Lavender, Oomilvea for Bontou PROVIDENCE, Jan 2.V-,\r? steamers Albatross, Jones, and Curlew, Aldrich, NYork. Sld brig Daniel Molony, Steel man, Wilmington, NC. ROCK LAN I>, Jan 21?Arr schr Oosmua, Spear, NYork; ?th, sld schr Ada Ames, Ames, Ki< hmond. sa5 FKAXCUOO, iniit> -Arr ship-" Flying Childers, Hor ton, NYork; 8th, Dashing Wave, Lecraw, Boston. Hid 8th, ships Cbaa Foote (Br), Hull, Eng; Achilles, Melbourne. SAVANNAH. Jan 21?Arr steamship Huutsvllle, Poet NYork; cld bark John Curtis, Alexander, Havre. 8EAR8PORT, Jsn 18?Sld brig B K Eat >ti, Gilkey, llavana 23d, lurk Susan A lllaisdell, Eaton, Cardenas DHY GOODS. M'. T M'Kl IAl, Vh.NOINCEMENT. CLOAKS) CLOAKS! CLOAK J! OIR ENTIRE STOCK OP CLOTH AND BEAVER CLOAK*. WILL BE BOLD AT COSTI W. R. KOHEKTS CRYSTAL rALACK emporium of faThion, NO. 2M BOWERY. ATC..I Ct'SHMAN S?THE very best KID GLOVES (none better) In the city.?We h?vo just received an a* aortmeot of *11 colore and ?iim; price 61 crow 463 HUth avemje, corner of Twenty eighth itreet. At. htrwart a co. , Will make large addition* to their POPULAR STOCK OP PLAIN AND FANCT BILKF, DRKBH goods, Ac. Ac. At greatly reduced prices. AMDr FIRMS DE8IKINO TO SELL LOTS OP ? _ )ry Wood*, Fan< y Good* or other Merrhandlae, from $.'<11 to $.'<),(Ml> for <**h or on abort time, majr hear of a pur chaaer by addreaalng Bona Fide, box 127 Herald oilier. Brussels carpets, (NOT tapestries ) NOW RECSlVINO VARIOUS MAKER, NEW DESIGNS and FIRST rate QUALITY. OKOROK E. L. HTATT, 273 Canal itreet through to XI Howard itreet. CLOSING OUT. BULPIN, GRRGSON * ELLIOTTS Bankrupt *ale of LOAKS AND PU| At 961 Broadway At :W1 Broadway. The following lota are worthy the attention of porch?en, being much below value:? Fancy Stripe Cloaks, suited for spring wear, all at many are worth $ 11 to $16. Seasonable Cloak*, long and handenme M 80, werth 014. Elegant Rlark Beaver Cloaka, *?, worth 916. Elegant Rlack Bearer Cloak*. tt, worth $IH. Blegant, all wool, Reaver Cloak*, $12, worth $21 Elegant, very long, with eai>ee, 919 "1. worth $2& RkshVeivet Ctoaks, 9? to |tt>, being Laaa than half their value. Fur* fur Ladlea, MIomm and Children, In Capee, Cloak*, half Capes, Muff.*, Caff*, Ac ; mu*t be nold at whatever aacrtfloa. By order of Assignee*, id Broadway. SULPIN, UKEOMON A ELLIOTT'S sale. LOAKS?CLOAKS?CLOAKS. TREMENDOUS BARGAINS IN ORDER TO CLOSE OUT. Fashionable cloak* at $2 aa worthJU, AtW. K. PEYTON'S, 264 BOWERT. Fashionable Cloak* at ill 26, worth $6, AtW K. PEYTON'S, 164 BOWERT Fashionable Paletot* at ft*, worth $7 Mi, At W. K. PEYTON'S, 264 BOWERY. Faahtonable Paletots at $A to. worth $0, ? At W. K. PM\ TOR'S, 264 BOWERY. Paahtonable Raeqnea at fA VI. worth 99, At W. R. PEYTON'S, 264 BOWERY. Fashionable Basque* at 97, worth $11 DO, AtW K. PEYTON'S. 264 BOWERY. Fashionable Paletot*, with Cape*, ai $6 vi, worth $10, At W. K. PEYTON'S, 264 BOWERY*. S 264 BOWERY Near Houston street. (1LOTII, SILK AND VELVET CLOAKS, J OREATLY REDUCED FROM FORMER PRICES, TO CLOHB THE STOCK A. T. STEWART A OO. CARPETS, UPHOLSTERY GOODS, CURTAIN MATERIAL* and FURNITURE COVERINGS, Embroidered La?e and Ma*lln CURTAINS, Ac. Ac., In every variety, at sieeedlngiy low prlee*. A. T. STEWART A CO. ?pkRT GOODS AT RKDUCRD PRICES-CONHISTINO OF I" Brnadrlotha, Caaslnieres, Blanket*, Flannel*, Merlnnea, Plaids, lie Lame*. Black HUM, Linen*, Table I loth*, Nap klns/Ao. For *ale by WM. MATHEWS, No. M (MWim street KMBROIDEHIKS AT QBRAT bargains. Still further Inducements will he offered On MONDAY, J Miliary 2S. I AO pairs French Needlfwnrked Sleeve*, at tl the pair ItO hand*- inely trimmed Seta, (In b?ie?), at $2 7K the net. 2m Bracelet and Bn?ehc do., at %1 to ft 80 ea< li. MO French worked Travelling Sets, at 91 US the sat. 100 Prlnee of Wales do., si fl ??to 91 Jft the *et. 1(0 ladles' embroidered Chemlw, only ft *0 each. IUI ladle*' embroidered linen Chutulae, only $3 each. Vm Hnllnnd Pinafores, 16 cents each. M0 IS 100 " (embroidered In oolor*), fl ear h. (10 trimmed while diaper I'lnafores, 7ft oert* each. 200 tnrant* Nlghtcown*. 91 each, M) Infants' ?m?l>mtdered Kohea, from ?1 .10 to $10 each. 100 Infanta' Revere Sklrta, fr >m DO nent* to $1 Infanta' Sh'ris, 'rimmed with Y'alenclennas lane, 91 ?art> l.adl*?' Tlghleapa, atflSe ,78c.. WV- . and9l 26 each. French Work".I B*nd?, only 2B cent* eaeh. Edging*, Inserting* and Financing*, at ?,'tBlty low prtea*. A. T. stewart A CO. JU DRY GOODS, &?'. MILT DRV GOODS. ARNOLD, CONSTABLE A GO. will this 0*5 add to their large stock of FAMILY OOODS One thousand pieces of superior tiki rung Linens, from 25c. to 40c per ;ui Barnley Table Damans, Sheeting. Napkin*, Quilts, *?., Ac. Also Cotton Sheetings and shirtings, at manufacturers' price*. Canal street, corner of Merger. DERBY A COMPANY, F. _ . MERCHANT TAILORS, Are now offering merino aud srtk UudeigannenU, new style*; Scarfs, Tie*, Umbrellas, Suspenders, at an Immense redtic llea- :>l Walker street. P 1>ERBY ANI? com pany, , Having completed stock taking, have now readymade garment*, set apart from their regular slock, at the following ?prices:? I'oats from 916 Waistcoats 4 Trow sera ? 57 Walker street. F DERBY A COMPANY ARE OFFERING EVERY . Monday Remnants of Cloths and Casslmeres, new styles, at hair the cost of importation, suitable for cap makers and shoe dealer*. 87 Walker street. Great panic 1AIA MONDAY MORNINO, at 10A.M., AT KINZKY'S. ?,000 WORTH RMBROIDERIES, LACES, RIBBONS, IM1NGS, FLOWERS, HOBIEUY, GLOVES, SKIRTS, YANKS*. NOTIONS AN? FAXCY GOODS. CLOSING OUT AT 60c. ON THE DOLLAR. Wide Tarletans, 10c. French Flower*, Sc., spray. Slla Illusions, 3c., tie- French Flowefc, 3c., spray. Colored Illusions, 6c , lie. French Flowers, Sc., spray, fitlk Laoe Veils, 6c., 12c. Frenoh Flowers, 3c., spray Fine Needlework Banded Collars, lil'jc. Fine French Musiin Collars, UMc., Fine nin thread Ijice Collars, ml f lue Maltese Lace Collars, l^.'-o. OKI'.AT PANIC SALE In Yankee Notions?Best Pins, Sc. paper; best Needle*, Sc. aaper; Sewing Silk, 'Jc dozen , best nooks and Eyes, 2c ; Tlalrplns, 2c. bundle; Spool Cotton, lc.; flue twilled Tape, lc. roll; Buttons, 4c. gross; wide Skirt Braids, 4?.; linen Tape*, lc.; linen Serpentine Braids, la.; gilt Hairpins, 6c., with quantities of other goods in the same department cheap. GOODS MIST BE SOLD. Fine Twist Nets, 6c. Chenille and Twist Nets, 12\c. Rich Bugle Nets, IN*. 1 .arge Chenille Scarfs, 121*0. Fancy Chenille Scurfs, ttc child*' Heavy Cotton llose, lc. Cbttds' Woollen Hose, Si'. Gents' Ribbed Half Hose, Be. Children s Cotum Gloves. 2c. Infants' Woollen Boots, w. Woollen Jackets, 2Se. Wool Tippets, Sc., (e. Fine I jsle Gauntlets, 12l?e. Merino Hose, 10c. Gents' Lined Silk Gloves, 19c. Klbbcd lloae, 9*. Ladles' Lined Silk Gloves, I8c Wool Hoods, 6c., 13c. j CLOSING OUT ENTIRE STOCK OF WINTER GOODS. Kid Gloves, tie. A Hno lot black Kids, 20c. U,UU) pairs best Kid Gloves in the city, ft*. GREAT CLOSING OCT BALE. Gents' Colored B?rd?red Handkerchiefs, 6c. 7,000 Fine Colored Bordered Handkerchiefs, 3c., 4e. Ladies' White Linen Bordered Haudkerehlefs, Sc., tic. Ladies' White French Lawn, one, 8c , 4c. Gents' ?hlrt Bosom*. 3b , He Gents' Boeoms, tine nlaiis 12'?e. Gents' Bosoms, very line, lfto , 18c. 800 Fine Worked Sets, closing 26c., Sic., Mr . 63c 6,600 Worked Bands, an., 8c.. lie., M*. 1,000 Ladles' Fine Trimmed Muslin Caps, 12 V OOODS FIFTY CENTS ON THE HOLLAR. Wide White Figured Laces, 6c. Pine Linen Edgings, per dosen, lJJ-'c., 13c. While and Black Silk Edgings, lc., 2<'. BILK VELVETS. U^c. a pleoe. Trimming, Bonnet and Saab Ribbons, cheap. ?Uk Dress Trimmings, lc., 3c., Se , 4c. Rich Bonnet Strings. \H yards long. Sic, Large quantities of other goods contained in the two stores ?11 closing out at equally low prices. WM. KINZEY, 221 and tU Eighth avenue. Between Twenty first and Twenty second street*. HOUIEKEEPINO GOODS, AC. A. f. STEWART A CO. Are offering still further attritions to purchasers in IRISH LINENS, SUEEWKfiS, PILLOW LINENS, Damask Table Cloths and Napkins, nuckabuck and Damask Towels and Towellings, American ami English Long Cloths. Plain, Cheeked and Embroidered Muslins, Table and Piano ('overs, Blankets, Domestic and Foreign flannels, Fine and Extra Fine Quilts, Ac., Ac, ALL NEW AND DESIRABLE, manufactured expressly for their own trade. T AOIF.S, THE TIME FOR SECURING If if BAR JJ gains in RICH EMBROIDERIES AND LACE OOODS is drawing to a close, as everything must be sold preparatory to the new tlrm MOVING TO NEW PREMISES WITH NEW GOODS. A desirable lot of PLAIN and EMBROIDERED HAND KERCHIEF'S, cheap. RICHMOND, BP7 Broadway, opposite Metropolitan Hotel. M Ol'RKING GOODS. ARNOLB, CONSTABLE A CO. Will open, on MONDAY, JANUARY 28, A large Mock of MOURNING DRESS OOODS, Of reoent Importation, suitable for the present and coming seasons, all of which will sold at reasonable prices. Canal street, corner of Meroer. pUl'ULAR trade. F. DERBY * COMPANtT importing Tatlnrs, 57 Wullcer street. TO GIVE FELL EMPLOYMENT TO Til KIR OPERA TIVES, ?re willing to mnkx up their stock to mm Mire at a rrrj groat reduction I rum their former prices, Tiz:?Coat* from $26 usual prim $.'B. Trowwrs. $1 and $10, usual price $12. Waistcouts, $0. usual price $8 and $10. And other styles Mill lower in proportion. N. B.?Our nt4>ek la large aod new In stylo. We ahaH a* usual pay first trade prices tor the making, thereby ensuring to the public the best quality of workmanship, style and nu teriai at the lowest prices, AND ON OUR I SCAL LIBERAL CREDIT. K~ ft,IT FUJUNCED*"SILK ROBES. " PROM $18 TO *? EACH, (Value $2A to $411J RICH VEIAET FLOUNCED DITTO, ONLY $26 to $.?) EAC1I, (Value $40 to $(U,) Brine the balance of slock. A. T. STEWART A CO. R. H. IIACV, 204 AND 2(16 SIXTH AVENUE. Winding op nale of BALMORAL SKIRTS this MM Will open on Monday morning, Jan. 28, l.ono full sire Balmoral skirts, $1 "rfl?ususl price $2 80. SOU full size Balmoral Hkirts, 1 7:>-unual price 2 75. ?*l full sire Balmoral Skirts, 2 (O?usual price :t 00. Ml full size Balmoral skirts, 2 60?usual prior 3 Ml ISO Misses' Balmoral Skirts, 9*. ISO Misses' Kalmoral *kirts, 6s. 150 Children's Balmoral Muit*. 4*. A Job lot I,UU) dozen l.adu t, One Cambric Linen Handker chiefs, 12* a dozen. cost $2 .10 to import. A job lot AW dozen large all Linen Towels, $2 a dozen, usual price $'1. Closing a Job lot 000 dozen Ladles' white ribbed lambs' wool ll-ise, 2s., usual price 4e. Will open new mvies lleaddrcax and Dree* Cape, Bridal Wreaths, Bridal Veils, Pall line Ladies' Under Clothing and Corsets. New importation of I,(WO dozen Ladles' heavy Cotton Hoee, Adaiited to the season. New Importation or fine Point Collars, new designs New importation Ouipure Collars and Veils. Another invoice of 5U) do/en ladies' Paris Rid Wove*. All size*, all colors?warranted beat quality Imported?43oents a pair. Full assortment Ribbons, I .ace Hoods. Embroideries, French Flowers. Yankee Notions, Ac. R. H. MaCT, 204 and J&Slflh avenue. R EMOVAL. EDWARD LAMBERT A CO. have untied iiieir two-tores WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, st so. 447 SBOIHW (T. between ('anal and Uraad street*. COWTtntuTio* or rer 4.BEAT SALE OP DRY OOODH AT RETAIL, con?lstl*g of eur entire stuck. In liquidation of the estate. By this arrangement both stocks *111 be thrown open to buyers st retail, presenting an opportunity to buy dry good* at about half their value The whole must be disposed of within a sliort period la order to carry out our amngem< nt with our creditor* th* stuck rnwsisjs or POPLINS, EMBROI HEItl hs SILK?, HOCSKKP.KPilfO OOODS, CLOAKS, MOURN1NO OOODS, SHAWLS, HHAKKIt FaANNBLH, Aa. Also, 6,000 no*** pmnovna, at Timers raa rain, the best glove in the country. _ TO WIOUKit.1 *CT?H?. Approved short notes will bo taken from dealer* for amounts exceeding $500. EDWARD LAMBRRT A CO., In liiitniiation, **) BROAIIWAT, nett aoor to Appleton*. 3 I'L* AND INCRAIN CAKJ*KTN is WKW PATTERNS m JIB WOOD QUALITY. Manufactured by N. O. OARHA1T A CO , and for sale at wholesale and retail by OKOROK E U HYATT, , ITS Canal Street trough to SI Howard street. T?7C1 BROADWAYWILL #IND AT I 4 U$ Madame C BOBIIAS. Iiom Parte and London, a cheap and large assortment of ladles' and children"* under clothing, an<l a varied stoak of nursery, ganiea, or promenade clothes for Children and liable*, after the Parts fashion- rtttt fits eiectited at the shortest notice. Stamping for embroid eries anil embroidering done at reasonable prices on ladles' own material. The only plane where oau be had the genuine French itooave oentnme for children Ladies attended at their own home on application, with pattern* and embroider ea of all deerriptlons. No. 476S* Broadway. HAWAIUD*. d??l RE WARD?LOST. ON Bl'N DA V EVBNINO. 2T Til ?TO Inst . l>et ween the How cry and Kifth avenue, a small black and tan terrier suit, with red collet arvd plated buckle, the (lnd? r will receive the above reward by returning her to j*9 East Mroxdwav, t- niir of Montgomery s'.ri^t HEWAKIl- Tol.KN. ON THR NlUlIFoTjAN flpO' ' nary It, from the rack in the hall, a small navy bine pilot cloth cWcrooat, black velvet bsitton* Mid black velvet eolUr bound with black braid. The above reward will be pad tor the return of the mereoat and information leading to tte detection of the tblef, at No. I Hudson plaoe, Thirt> fourth street, near Ninth avenue. (IMIo ( *OAI .- BRO\D MOCNTAIN, tiRVlTNK. LlHUtt AND * ' fineh'd tsh il'oarh Orehnnli, ??gether with English Can nel and Liverpool Orrei, all at ki* ?st market prices. IIRN RV invK, corner of C?na! and Cet re, ar>I.lane and Wes? *trrete IALCS AT AUCTION. iuinr murtimka uHa/rm i' oo^ acotion A rare chance to obtain flnt ?|M HOUSEHOLD PURN ITI'KE, AT PC'BUO AUCTION The property of a gentleman leaving for Europe. * <UfHMi 7>j ociave rosewood Pianoforte, ? , , Superb Drawing RoomRuMa, Oil Paintings, by eminent art'sts, French plate pier and mantel Mirror*. Bro ad.' and late Curtain*, ? , Bronze and Ormota Chandeliers. Medallion Velvet < arpeta and Mosaic Hugs, , . Sevres and Dresden China Yaeea, Artiatlc Bron/ea and Marble Statuary, . Ktf(jerf?, Bookcases, Centre Trbler, Gak Bxtenaion Dining Table and Buffet, to match, i chin t Dinner and Tea Seta, Bohemian and Crystal Engraved Glass ware, ! ? . _ Solid Silverware and Sheffield Table Cutlery. Bronze and Ormolu clock* and ' undciabnu*, to match, . Rosewood and Mabo?any Chamber Furniture, en unite. A. Mortimer Grltlin A Co., auctioneers, have the honor to : announce to their friend* anil the public that they will offer at public auction., thla day, (Monday), Jan. 2U. at 10). o'clock, I all the Household Furniture and Weika Of Art r on mined in tlie elegant residence of Zeno Buruham, E*i.. ?H West Blx leenth street, between Fifth and M\th avenues the cata logue ci'mprlning the law t and richeat a*Hortment of house hold furultura offered at auction this season, the house wan furnished six months ago and la In perfect order: the furni ture was nude to order, by Baudoiu, Meek* A Weil, ?ud ia of ihe beat deacriptlon. Sale peremptory. Drawing Room Furniture?Two miperb fall Suits, solid rosewood, covered In satin brocatel; Etegeres, Secretaire, Cabinets, Tables, two large kfantel Mirrors, two do. Pier Mlr rora, embroidered Lace Curtains, six light Btoaae and ormolu Chandeliers, pair of Dresden china Vase*, elegantly decorated miperb mantel Ktegere Ornmients, Artistic Bronzes, repre Mntmg Chevallede Marie, Ricbard 111., Crusaders, Pandora, Poetry, Music, Painting. Ac ; Oil Paintings by ancient and modern masters, Preach line Engravings, elegant ormolu Clock, runs one month, imported for the present owner. MAGNIFICENT SEVEN OCTAVE PIANOFORTE, carved legs anil case, round corners, made to order by Broad way makers, the richest instrument offered at auction this aeiisnn; Stool anl Cover. Chambers?Bureaus, Bedsteads, Washstands, Wardrobes, Matt re-sen, Bedding, Ac.; Mirrors, Stair Carpets, also a lur^e assortment of Dining Room Fur niture; also basement and kitchen Furniture. The above ele. pant resi iemv for sale or to let. For further particulars la quire of the auctioneers. Albert h. nicolay, auctioneer, Will sell this dsv, (Monday), Jan. 28, at 12 V; o'clock, at the stock salesroom 52 William nircet. I tegular sale. flit nIih Market Bank .film 1,'JK shs SB ESQ Co . $10 SO Butch A Drov Bank. 25 V) Brevoort Ins Ml l.'t Home Ins 100 75 Lafayette Ins at 40 Excelsior Ins M 40Jersey City Ins 6U 10 Commerce Ins IK) :t Hamilton Ins IS M Lamar Ins 100 SO Phmnlx Ins HI SO Brooklyn Cent RR 50 SO Equitable Ins 3d 10 Security Ins 60 16 M Car S Co (hyp)..., 100 SO Fireman's Ins 17 ?2U0 U W M I scrip of ISM eo Hope Ins AO $660O W M I acrtp of UM0 10 Market Ins 1U0 2D Washington Ins 50 60 U 8 8 B Ref Co 100 7.'> Great Western Mar.. 100 450 F 11 Mining A M Co. .20 16 N V FlrslM Ins 100 26 Fulton Ins 15 20 Williamsburg CPns SU 44 Chi A N W RK 100 SO Amur Kx Ins loo :*l Metropolitan Ins 1110 1,00 C (Coal A S) M Co. 25 10 Importers' A Trad .. SO SO Peoples' Ins M 170 So Paetlic RR 100 37 Exchange Ins 30 (10,tilt) Mississippi and Missouri BR 7 per cent construction bonds. $2,000 North Carolina State 6 per eent bonds. S7.MU San Francisco City anil County A per cent bonds. $2,0001! niuni States 6 per cent stnock or 1882. $1,010 Keokuk City 8 per cent bonds. $4,000 Milwaukee CHy7 per cent aluklngfund bonds. $000 Hobo lieu and Weehawkcn Florae Railroad 1st mort gage bonds. $2,000 United States 12 per cent Trensury Notes. $280 21 Note oi R. H. Gallaher's, at lix months, doe March 1,1861 Next regular sale on Thursday, Jan. SI. Regular a action sales of Stocks and Bonds every Monday and Thursday, or every day when required, at 12o'clock, at the stock sales room, 52 William street, or at the Merchants' Riohange, ir preferred. Stocks and Bonds iHiught and sold at private sale and at the Brokers Board ALBERT H. NICOLAY, Auctioneer and Stock Broker, M William street, near Wall AUCTION NOTDvB?ELEGANT HOUSEHOLD FOR iV niture AT PUBLIC AUCTION. An extraordinary chance for housekeepers and dealors In Am furniture. Ob tbia day, January 28, at U o'clock precisely, all Um eostly Furniture, Paintings, rosewood Drawing Room Holts, elegant seven octave rosewood Pianoforte, elegant Brosos. Mirrors, rich Carpets, Ac, In the residence No. 102 West Twenty first street, near Seventh avenue. The entire Furni ture of the house ia In perfect order, and will positively ba sold without rescue, rain or shine, oonslitlng of alegaat mantel and pier Mirrors, Mosaic Marbe Pedestals, moanted In bronze; lace and bmoatel Curtains, rosewood Etegeres, with mii+or fronts; three elegant rosewood Suits, In brocade; superb rosewood Pianoforte, cost $.150 two months age; Tur kish Lounges and Chairs, elegant china Vases and other Mantel Ornaments, Dining Room Furniture?Extension Table, rich China, Rubv and cut Glassware of every descrip tion; Ivory Cutlery, Stiver Ware, with a large variety of Chamber Furniture, elegant Mattresses. Beds and Bedding, with over <00 yards ol Brussels and ingrain Carpets, two handsome Sofa Bedsteads, Lounges Chairs of all kinds. Clocks, oilcloths, rich Chandeliers, Ac, No postponement. Auction notice.-m. doitoiity, auctioneer, will seilon Monday, Jan. 2H, at 10>; a'doek, at sales room, 86 Nassau street, a large asso: baent of second hand Household Furniture, removed from Brooklyn and tor con 'venlence of sal", together with the balance of stock of a oabi ? net manufacturer, consisting In part ef mahogany and rose wood 'fete-a.tetcs, parlor anil arm Chairs, gilt frame pier and mantel Glasses, velvet and Ingrain Carpets, BookeaSHa, ex tension dining Tables, Buffets, dining Chairs, dressing Bu reaus, Washstands, Bedsteads, balr, leather Beds, Wardrobes, Lounges, Bedding, Ac , Ac. Also, three of Wil der'* paU at Salamander Safes, to be sold to pay advance*. Auction balm or ready madb clothing, ac A. M. CRIST ALAR, Auctioneer, 23 Bowery, will sell on this day, Jan. 28, at 10'; o'< lock, a lanre snd general assort ment of sea?onahle CloUnng, coiiiprlsiug clotu, pilot, peter sham and beaver frock, sack, business and yvercoats, doe skin, clotb, oasslmereand satinet Pants, silk, satin, Valencia, velvet and casslinere Yeats; also Boots ami Shoes, Shirts, Draw crs. Hosiery, Neckties, Ac. Also 4,0U) domestic Hegars. Auction notice-crockery, glassware, sil vcr plate and fancy Hoods, by J. S H. BART1.RTT sueUoneer, Tuesday, January 29, at 10 o'clo< lc, at 281 Pearl street, a larg>- catalogue sale, In lots for dealers. Free Goods, and must be sold lor ( ash. Auction notice?a bay make will be sold for account of whom it may concern, in front of the store, 464 Canal street, on Saturday, February 2, at 11 o'clisk, A. M WM. WJi'TKHS. Auctioneer. CBI'RKK, AUCTIONEER, OFFICE, 136 BOWERY, ? w ill sell, this day, at 2 o'clock, ihe cti? k and Futures o ' I the liquor atore, 174 East twenty-eighth street. Sale poal Edward hc hence, auctioneer. PLE141HH, SLEIGHS, SLEIGHS Hv E. A F. B. H' HKNfK, on Moixlay 2sth Inst., at OU o'clock, ut their nal>*room, Nil 141 Broadway, TWO LARGE HLKIGHR. THKKK ALBANY CUTTERS. and two Portland sleighs AUo, Bi 'In, Robca.tAo., to be peremptorily auld without re ecrre. I EDWARD SCHKNCK. Al (TIOHBER i BOf'BEHOLD rtTfcJUTUHK. By B. A. t II. StJIIKNCK, on Tuceday. Mb teat, at o'clock, at tbclr salesroom, No 141 Rroadway a large stock of elegant Household Knrolturr, comprising roaewood. ma hngaoy, walnut and oak parlor, chamber. library and dining room Furniture, m suite ,ind separate; Maltreaaca, Mirror*. Ac,, Ac. HENRY OREKN, AUCTTIONBBR?OROCERIER, LI. quora, Hagara, Ac., Monday, January 28, at 10^ a clock, at the auction atore. N4 William street. A quantity of Gro ceries, several ea -Its Brandy, Bourbon and Hootc Whiakey, Uin, Wines, #),(**) aegar*. Ac Also at 13 o clock. fur*. Dry and Fancy tiooda, Jewelry, JU gold and silver Watches, lire proof Bare, Ac. JOHN LLOYD, AtHTTlONXRB.?JOHN LLOYD A HONS will aell at auction a new and elegant ret nf Parla Mllllne ry, constating of Opera, Keeeptlen, Carriage Walkit? lad Mourning Bonnets: also, a large vmlety of Head liaaaee. Ball Decvrailana and flower* ol ail deserlptloaa. Tbe UaM ge<?ls are now open for Inanectlea at 7Ht Broadway, oonaer of Tenth street, and Will be aald at 11 o'clock on Monday, Janary M, latl. JOSEPH HKGBMAN ?Tt'EHDAY, JANUARY 29, ATI f) o'clock P. X., at No o Kiirmui. near Montagu* atreet, Brooklyn.--Household Furultnre. Mahogany Sofaa, Chair*, Backer*, *? tea-Ion Tabic, Beda tenia, Mattreaeen, flu ream. Palntinga, Engraving*. Carpets, Stovea, Ae., A*. JMORIARTY, AUCTIONEER, WILLBBLL THIS DAY. . at 173 l hath m square, at l?l', o'lock, Furniture, from manufacturer* and other*, ie moved for n>nrenien< c of aalej alao < arpeta, t'eath< r Bed*, Oil I'atatlngn, Mirror*, Dry aMl Fan-y < food* PAWNPROKFR'H HALE THIS DAY.-JOIIN MORTT MRK. No. ISK*M Broailway, enrner Catharine Mraat, will ?ell. at 10V., o clcx k. a large a??ortment of men and wo men s clothing. B<?t?, shoe*, (Juilta, Blanket* and POtows. King*. Pin* and tarring* % P. O A.NLE Tj ttt Dtvlstem wwn. SA J. BOO ART, AUCTIONEER*-MONDAY. JAWT ? ary V, at W, o .lock, at Hit Waal TWanty g^filt atraeC geuteal boua< hold Vnrniiure.Uaa Futuraa, Ac i enslaving of BMewood parlor fttrnlfnre, Velvet, Rnuisela'andTlire* ply Car pet*, lace CarlaHia, inarhte tap or nave Tabtea, rtxkJag and eaay t hair* So/as^'unfe*, Gaa Chandelier*, roaewoed, ma hngat y and milage Ml iw nnfc, hair MannMea, Ml and Bedding, d rearing Raraaita. WarbatMda, nvtitogany Rook raae dining r. i m*. oak eitenatnfi Atnlng Table, marbit top SlUri-oard. dialog n rwaClwlra, klleheo furnlturv. Crockery, cooking uU na'ia, Ac Vi * ? HOUART, At ? TIONEEBS ~ tU*?DAY, JAN. IO. W at MS oVIoek al the aneil.m room a. No I Wort It William alieet, uiuijMr aan u{ a large atn k of AnleheAad Onllal?h' il ra' lnet Fii 'nit'ire. Ifnrae, Wag"!!, Barne?* Ae. Alan, a general aaaortmeat of Park#, Hedrooin and Kliahaa Furniture. W*BW*nnAY. fan m. , at 10> o the aQctlun loom*, by firm* of ? Mil or sale, f caae 1Hlha f'ogmu- Oil. Alan. eoMtaMe a aale ef Xt quorv, Rutter, Kf^ar, tiUrrui t rajnra, Ac. O k ?. iovjTllA ATT-TIIIVNRR* nTIRpAT, JA*. O. Hk at 'J a olucksF. M at M?> >aaaan "treet, n Reauurart, Rar <a-nnfera, TaU'et^'halr-, lywking Glaaaee, TnaiMen, Dw atitept, EaKrartaga, > rettery aad <l*aae VMr, t'ooklag I ten?B* Ar ,? SW'llfPI MALE -BY riRTVB Ml A <'KRTA1S writ or enaeitll. B. In m' dtc cted *nrf damd^d, T Will fapnblo aale, at imMto randue. m M< uday, tAa nth day nf January, atll p'ebek in the fon-noott, at Mo. 174 Yartck. ?tlwel.alt the HgM. Mtl? ??d hate re-> .?f (tenia O Ferguann in a2Sar?*a??s. M. BmNAT. Drpnty HlwrtB. > ,| OniitYF-H SAW ?DRY ?W)0?R. ft cliAMBEKM A FAIBt'HlLD, ArCTIONEERX, nfcee Its Naaaan *ttiNH. will aetV mi Menday, Ian !H at Ul a'dlnak. at Mt Oraad Mart, antnhweat rore r of KUIrUMe, a large utock of fancr an<1 aiaple Dry Good*. Cloth", ( ?.-*( marea. Hatlaa-a Veating*, t.inrna, Dmnawttra. 0*lain?a, Otnr hama, t allcoe*. Uialerv. Sewtng sUka, OoWona, >ama, But ton#, I,aee?, ?m?*a, Vdgtaga, Ineerttnga, Hhawla, ivjlara, Uttdf-mleew-aaenaial aaevnmvnt and wt-U aeloctcd -toeIt. CMUlngti. a al *15: .tonN EEIXY, M?eriff. WM. WITTER8, AUCTIONEER, WILI. SELU THIS 'lar, at 10>j oVlock, at .111 Canal <treet, th> F1itur??, A?.. of a bakery, atore flilure-, Ac . alio Mt-i e( premise*. Bold In lota to atih. Iirv, WITTEIUs AUUTIONRBR, WILL ^ELL, THU YY day, at 1 o'rtork, a' t,'>4 t'anal a'.ee*. all -he gente.^ PurmlaN <?f ? family brae hi nit up btaiaekwiptng; alugMid Tapcatrt, three ply and otlicr Carpet*, hall and ra*<,ment OUcloth^. mah' gany Freaeh and enttagi B datenla, hair Mat tr????*, leather Bed* .Hid Bidding, marble 'op Dreaalnx Bureau-. Wa*h<'ar<da, toilet <*lna, r1*?? silver and othet' WMK. the whole eomrrtaing ? larg'' and valuable ?e.?n nrl for family OM, antl n>u?t hi auld WBBavit "garU t.? #rv* ABRGfT ATcflnNE** -BXfcrTBTi ante day. at I0t< o'eiaek tfiVe"i?i?nt*<?f a Ltqaaa* sua", at No 4 Bait HtoMway; Bwr l^imaa s.naena, H*rU gera'fife, Rot'laa, I.I?|ik>t*. D tN't, FRf.P1 , c?mat?wa Also, at IIA* o'eloek, Pawnkreker'aaaleef men aend wo men * Wrarltii' Ai parel I)r. *fe*, Coat*. Pante, ShuwA I" ? and stiver Hetch"e, Jewelry, Ae. . WM JACKSON, 1'awBbexher

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