Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 28, 1861, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 28, 1861 Page 6
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flTTATIOSS W ANTED ?KKiW A LEg. If IBP LB AGRDaMBRIO'iN~ laDT WISHES , situation ?? housebaapar, w> Jtra afceaiui have; oe owei kt ?* Mnt?icuL and trust wor . U _ ?....1.1 , . ?itnt. A SE Aim REUS W>.HTS A WITUATION IN A PRI ?ale family; understands *11 kind* at fatally sewing un Wheeler ? WUwn'> machine; also hair dreasing; best of cily reference. t^ill at .'t(6 Bowery; can be seen for one wwk, la the millinery tore. ? A NBW ENGLAND LADT WOULD LIKE A SITU A J\ ttOD an reader, translator, or assistant (o a literary per ?ot;, or as nurse and companion of an Invalid Highest city given. Apply lor three days al 21 Hudson terrace, Hoboken. a^ kind- of |?asty , no objection to a hotel cr a boarding koOM-. fall At 2o7 Gold at., Hrooklyu, Id lite kWM A SITUATION WANTED- BY A RESPECTABLE rtii. to cook, waah and Iron; U a good plain cook and an etcclleni washer und ironer; good city reference. Call at 174 UMh *4., near Sih at. A RICE YOUNG WOMAN, WITH IIER FIRST BABV and a 're-b breast of milk, wishes h situation as wet nurse In a nice faintly can give good reference. t'an lie seen at her own residence, 63 North 7th at., front room, top floor, Williamsburg, for three day*. ACTUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE youug woman, as chambermaid and to take rare of aioidrrn, or an eliamtx rraaid and waltreiu; good reference. Call for two days at Mi 6tli av . third door, tuck n om. AN ORPHAN GIRL WISHES a SITUATION TO AH ?ist In general housework, and ban no objection to take care nt children. Call for three daya at 37 atanton tit.. In RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION; i* a (rood nook, a p'tod w%<her and tr hut; understand* 4 good STRONG. WILLING GIRL WANT3 A PLACE J\ to do general housework; would prefer the country. Apply In ihe ?tore 2Vi hllzaheth street. A YOUNG LADY IS DESIROUS OK A BIT! >N AS copyist or wrapper writer, or sonic light which can be done at her own residence. AddreaH lor throe days Bi-ji. K. K. H., 106 Wllloughby at., Brooklyn. AS GENERAL HOUSEMAID.?A SITUATION WANTED, In the city or country, by a willing and obliging young woman; in it good cook and baker; first rate w isher and ironer, salary not so much an object aa a good home. Call at 37* 6'h ave., llrst floor, front room. AN AMERICAN GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO general h< naewm k In a small private family, or to do ahamt'erwork and waiting. Can be seea for two day* at 222 Jim at., second floor, front room. A YOUNG LADT, FROM THE NORTH OF GEKMANT, la de>irous of a situation In an English or American Ta ndy, aa chambermaid ai.d aeams trees Can apeak English. Thebest of reference given. Inquire from nine to twelve o clock, ef Charles Worms A Co., 3il3 Broadway. A FRENCH WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS PRO feased cook in all lta branches, meat und pastry cook; andeislantis her business well; would suit hotel, restaurant ?r large boarding house. Can give the best oi cilv relerence from her laat place. Call at SB), Mulberry st, near Bayard, far three days, front room. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A KITUA Uon to do general liAisework In a small private family. City reference given if required. Inquire al M4 Hudson at. tap floor, in the rear. A SITUATION WANTED-RY A RESPECTABLE WO. man, to do general homework in a small family; no ob jection to go a abort Uiatanoo In the country. Call at No. 4 ?oralis al. A SITUATION WASTED?BT A RESPECTABLE WO Jx man. as cook, who understand* her bu-lness i?all lta ?rancbea; Is a good baker. Can give the best of city refe rence. I au be seen at 35 West ljtb st, between 5th and ?th area. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS WET XL nurse, a t're-h breast of milk and healthy; can .->i*tak English and German; good oily reference; can also do needle work and One sewing. Call al No. 326 LaalllUi al., near av. C, for two days. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A COMI'ETET YOUNG girl, as llrst class seamstress and chambermaid, or as ?imp) lent waller and seamstress; would make herself gene tally useful. Call at 624 -Id av., one door from 33th at., tlret Soar, back room; the beat city reference given. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE gtrl, to do the housework of a private family; she is a good plain cook, and excellent washer and ironor; she Ibis Uae best of eity references. Call at No. 19/ tfth st.. between 2d and rid avs., for two days. A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN WISHES A situation as wel nurse, with a fresh breast of milk, has a ,aby ail weeks old , is clean and healthy, and can nlve the b?*t of reference; no objections to go in the country. Call at ike corner <>t I nderhfll av. and bean st., in the grocery autre, Brooklyn. COOK?SITUATION WASTED BY ONE WHO IS fully competent al baking, pastry and Its branches, and would do aome washing Most excellent reference, t'an oe aeen for two days at 63 Allen *t., from door. -? SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL L VTELY landed, as chambermaid and waitress, fullv understand* her business; also plain servant. CaJJ at 67 t'herty st., or ad Areas E. F, 160 Herald office. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG AMERICAN girl, U?do light housework; no objection to lake partial care of children; la a good operat e on Wheeler A A lison s sewing machine. Call lor two days at 33 Hunter ?l , Hro> k |yn. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG girl, a? chambermaid and a>-.?ist iu the cars of children, ?r W do ehainlK-rwork and assist with the washing ami iron lag. do objeeiion lo eiiamberwork and waiting. Inquire at Rei present employer's, Wb West 21sl at., for two days. Situation wanted- by a yoi m, wdvan, u caok, washer and ironer, iu the city or country G<xk1 I efarence given from her last place. Cull at 442 Weat 2ftlh st., ?ear 10th ave. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY AN ENGLISH PRO teat ant woman, ss oook. underatands Genitan ? "king; ao obieatk in to go a short distance in the country. < an t>e aeen for two daya al <H Weat lllh st.. In the rear. l>etwe?>ii Atk and tth area. WANTED-BY A RE8PE<'TABLE PROTKSTA VT WO. Ban, a situation as cook, is well expertcne .1 in it; no abjection to assist with the waalung if requited; <'iif rele ranee. Call for two day* at 136 Weal 13th at., In the ha o ?senL WANTED?A RITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl from the North of Germany iin an Amerl. can family preferred), as seamstress it nurse. Inquire In b7lh at., between 1st and 3d ara., new teneiueut bouse, umd Smr WET NURSE-WABTED, A SITUATION AS WET nurse, by a resfs-ctable young healthy widow, with an abundance ot milk Tall this day (Monday) at 47 London ter race, her pr seut employer's, w here she can be seen and high ly recommended. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa chambermaid and w aitress, or to take care or children. Has good city reference from ber last place. Call for two daya al 4fU6th av., n-oni No b. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT WO ?kan, as\?ok. understands ber business in all lis branches, wag>at|n slcraie. Hat good city rticrence. t'an be seen for two djys at 118 Amlly St., In the rear Wanted?a Situation, by arespectable woman, aa fiodu cook, washer. Ironer and baket (.<?k1 rlly reference Call 4^212 7ih av , between 34th and 2tth ata, aaeund flour, for two Bays. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A ItESPECTARLE girl, ss or,ok, washer and IroDer, or to do the general fcou?eaork of a amsU private family. The best of city re fere ace Call at 3M 7th av., Aral floor. u? a lairs \\f ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE WO vT man, to do g< nerul houaework in a small family Good eiiy ret ere nee Call al I'JO Atlantic st., Brooklyn. WANTED-BY AN ENGLISH PROTESTANT WOMAN, a situation, ss housekeeper Of professed Mil she un terrtands bar baalneae perfectly In both departments. Can be saen for two days at I'M 24th at., two doors rrom 7th av. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ... ?1?"1 to do housework In a private family. Call at No. 119 West ilaf st., between 6.h and 7th aves. TV* ANTED?BY A PROTEST ANT WOMAN, A S1TUA I! ten as nurse and seamstress; Is a reus tamed to Ute ear* "I children and Is a good sewer, tins g.sslei.y reference. Can be aeen foi two davs at My 3d av , between 3eth and Join ats. ANT ED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Jvf youn* woman, a- plain cook, wa<her and ironer; Is a Brat rate haktsr. G'ssl city referanoa. Call at No 244 ?th av . In the rear ' ^'ANTE^ RY A YOUNG GIRL, A SITUATION Ttl ff do light cbamberw.M-k and to take care ol cAlldren. Apply for two days at ber present employer a, No.?Ht. Mark'a "IIT A NTEI> HY A VOINd FRENCH UIKI, A SITtTA Tf ti'in aa ?iwmiilriwi; would Dot object t? ihe care of a ?knd. Cm ?>???? ii it /A5TED-BY A GENTEEL OIRL, WUO HAS TU J boa* elty NfWMm, * rilUthN aa nurne, to UUUS glun a babr from it* birth . will wa-ih and Iron for a lady who fewu-da. I* *ood at tbe needle; alao a neat ro ,k or xeneral aervant; ukn bread *sa*li>* and irona well; doea up I tux" wilb aklJi. Call at -M bant ?Sd at., lor two ilaya. ?un|7 ______________________________ WAjrni>-A SITUATION. JiV A ItKSI'Ki f A HI.K young woman, to eoofc. wa?h and Iron mi a re laoly lamily. on.- I bat thoniughlv understand* li r bu^ run -i-w highly iwotnmendrd Call al or addrran 2IU * <?*! ?itb nt. Can op mmn for two day*. Tl'ANTED?A HITI'ATIOR, TO DO OHNERAJ. HM SK TT anrk, bjr a rc*pe<Lablo girl. Call I f two day* al W KrnwV-k at., mar WANTHf) A SITUATJOR, TOR A OEETBEL AMKIU '??U Kirl. lo Mo okartiberwork or waiting Id a |n ivuwt fa?il?;?ti? la IuIIt i?ni|> l' nt to glre entire aabal action Add" ?a H, boi I!*) lli raid idlw. WARTI Il-A HITI'AriflR, HV A YOITN?J <JIRL. TO do tcoi rnl h'KiHrat.vk in a xinall family (allai.UU l>arl at., w?r Mjrriu .v., Ht^.k ya WANTED \ PIT! k litf lit A RRKPKCTAIIL8 young ?? luaii, i , d ? tm.i,i,( r?o'V and . niuug or gene ?i nouw'Kurk In a ?mail rami \ u ,?l ? lu i al Mill Mkim fob and Jib a,a, Iiiatllior, for wo daya. * RITtTATIONN WANTRlUltiii,!!, ~ IKIAl'IIMAN -ARY ORE WIHHINiJ A (1(>0|? M A S V/ tfca above C? will |l?av call itpoo kU M1 ? rr, HI l ean at.. Uaaover aquam v SITUATION WANTED-*A .PRIVATE HK< llhlARY aak*nu*u? ?, onpylat nrtorrwior of fin*by a Utxrar*' vianotilol ctDplownrait, a graduate of a unlv.-r?Hj, a tfco ?ongh whdar in all de|>arlmerit*, who wrlle* a p ain band, and la uaed U? W.itli.g for ib<> pr.-w, b. ?.t ,,f isf.jr, u given. Addrea* Alumna*, Brooklyn ?MI* ARTED?A MTUATIoR, IN A RP.FI'Ki,TABLE FA YT mil/, by a young woman, aa chambermaid and waltrm, ?r aa rbainlcrrnaid and plain aewcr: haat o< iltjr reference given from ber ia*t pla. *. Apply al lit 7th a?., eortwr of istli 5j.t third floor, front room. aa; AN1KU-A HfTI ATlON, BY A COMPETENT PKR T? ann. aa unfMM and a>'am>!ret*. Ir. .apablf* of t?kln? lb* #nllr<- . bnH'' ol an inlanl ."rom Ita birth, haa exotillmu i?fa r ,in a< to thai ? at adtv from her laat plara. Call at or ad 4t*m M3 W?H Klih *t., rear ?th a*. -tl'ARTED?BY A YOURO MAX. AN AMERICAN, A U aPuatlon In eome bran'h of biiflneaa where b>> can t!.a??,' hltoaelf taef'il: ipwry b i?ln?(ea pra(erred Matlfc ^^2 referen.fa Atfdre-a for two dayn T. I<. t , h?lp WAiBraBuraiAL8?. A 0000 SERVANTS CAN KIND iiiL^ i!??1?} l "?*l id lluj oily at the In^titnU* ao>! servants a-e alxav* ready Also g'i"d im"o fur *??<' help. No. I.W illh bl, corner 01 till. av Open till 9 Id the evening. f'OOKR, ClfAMBKRMUDH, WAITERS, NUItSK.-., ?1^ ml irneral imtm ta s H.?Only m<-?, uajr. wwr, honest. capable and <>(>114 int; girl* need come, .14 IT"l*ctahle families and good ?ervanlaitre 1 urntabi d at m 4th ?v. ? P ELMoBh. WANTED?AI L RRSPEC1 ABLE SERVANTS wanting situations immediately should apply at Mas'. "i*a* ?, ?? TIIU7 street, Brooklyn. rile lar^si and able Mtabllshment in New York or Brooklyn situations also procured for housekeepers. lad tea' maid* nur TJl-F""'"*"* 1* non* * "?Tel >oun? Ud?? To, SALESWOMAN WANTED-FUR THE SMALL WVHK p hueine* a. A amart, expci-loncod hand, nulled to genteel trade. Hltuatton nwmanent. Alae an improver. Addr-wA B. care 01 Mr. Aider, Wo. JO East letb at, near BiWwa CERVANTK IN GREAT ABCNDAN"E AND VARIFTT O lieloolug rnMk (jerman, A<;.mart*loS*atthe jdoywent hori. ty'aoilWv, .Vo 3 Clinton llil) AItJ pllxu T?MnUYOUKklV^K'hii-ANJ^ HOARQOU8ER ^Mt Vulvar ^ 38,ho"rtl' hltnUK' blut ?? hand che or t4>untr% ? JL u/' 'or mvtsT caoad* \, tor city "OJANTED? A OOOD COOK. WHO IS WILLING TO E3S?r la -Ninth st., between y u clock A. M. and I 1'. M. \VrArtHEIh7^.a0n? fJJenCH OR GE1MAN SERVANT will h,. ,ii 1 V ?"jail family in Hartford, Coiin.; good nanny coming well *ow U> 2? ?'-our,J huu?i?ork and 4Xt HrSn^i.?oomni.ended; none others need apply. Call ftt t" rOOB1 ** tor l"? M^llMil "W^wIS&TA WOMAN to DO THE COOKINC. AND No. 2 Wcht .Kith at., corner of 6th a,. ' *nd TrTANTED-JX A PRIVATE FAMILY, A TIDS GIIU TVrA??.5?~A COMPETENT NORSE TO TaKE TIM ?iio ' ntlre rare of an In flint one month liid inu .i havr t>?*t ly 'efere"ca- Apply at iau Waveriey pi?, ? n^ 6th av. * BROOKLYN, A PROTESTANT ?;tRL. S^tS55^?sreaisr-* aafesiaiisr'"-''sssfurusarK; rVJSffliiffUgSffii!: "'p''"" *"? FS^?.P='?I., nuraeft, ??m.trfsae?, waltreaaM, bouaeworkerm, small girla and tlioae lately landed.^n oi^n 8J^M2W5!5S!a- *PI,hcat,on at ACKER TirANTED?A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORk ai 141 EaHKOd^t *PP4r wWwul cU* ?r?""?noe. from a to \VA,^TE?~A COOK, WHO KHOWS HOW ? J V ? n.ake a rich, thlek, nutrnum* soup, after the Hivle of the best Koup hoimeii of Parla Best at "yle <|? Apply early'u, Wm, Jay i^ket{^T3 c?lt^ .t n0e', rBq'Uml WANTED?A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOINPwnnir in a small private family W^ 1^" monPh gS5 forenwfn.renCe rel*u Apply atl?l5tf at., duri^^ II^ANTED-A SINGLE TOI'NG LADV. TO ACT IN THE I ** m?putt7 "r bookkeeper, or to superintend ie bouae hoIdattaiiHuf A)ouri# widower; hving &t)neut a couHideni Me part of the Uine, the duties will in, Tlaht Addre^. Wm Wat sou, Hro.ulwuy l'o.l olllce, cam ot B.'^wood 'D WA^KD^"OTEL 'UAMBERMAIDR wanted , v. n?conan?^ndatit?im as to tinir Mobriptv *.n,\ ???* pa. It,. No other, need apply at No. 7W HKLPWA STK1)-.MaLK?; ~ ,n' z. f ^ ?SSa AGENT8 WANTED?EVERYWHERE, BOTH MALE and female, to neil I'n-acotU' Prize Knvelonei und l'?7k B S?*1 wanted oy erer>l>ody; active aifeiiM are now maUug $0 per day. Minimi"* aent by ma I on rt reint of U centa; arnd, with Htamp eorloKed. forelrcular. Addreaa 1 rcacott A Co. i2U Brintdwuy, room No. 7, tlr.t tlo?)r. Agents wanted-with a small capital, to sell two of the liext articles ever invented for makiim ,\ a'u , tl"r,,|y ????. and of universal neset.lty^ wheeler,atm Jd A SALESMAN WANTED-TO SELL ON COMMISSION for a first rUas liquor house in this eliy. AUdi-ess with reierences, Ac., Conulaslou. Ileiald ' AUfTS ? ANTED?IN EVERY TOWN AND CTTV IV the I nion, with from $1 to $IOcapltaL. Our;ur?nts b?n n ...ale and female, an- making from $lo?r <?K "v ?W u*o vr T ?'"welry Jhnv"l"l"? I*owpiIcS'mS i ?.f "ur SO?h1s we dely competition. Wnaakbutone trlaL and were of your fnturo (Mtron^e Apnlv 'o J^uul'Tloor ^ Khe'tuMi, A Co., 2tJ Brtawiuay, DKt,iCLERK WRNTED?ONE THOROl'iJllVv '1'iallfted to take cKlrge of a flr>t class busineu in CM, re all store. Apply at drug PtaK??UB cornei 01 Houston street. Reletenoe required. ' \\ ANTED?A COLORED MAN, TO GO INTO Til K ?? ootintiy to make himself generaUy useful on a ffeni 7 man s place; must nnder-Uud the car.- " K am? - willing to work low for the winter. Apply after II o.l .a ? ?* No. ? .Morton at., uearBtoeX^wMh II \NTED.?A vol NG MAN OF ENERGY AND ft K *? - erance wi be* to obtain ? situation a* clerk or * 11 ? m ! ITI'-H.Vteo^ h"n*'lr ?^ A7dt4 "II -Ufl i:i*?A PERSON WHO t'AN KEEP Horikr< k n mako hlmm lf useful. A party w. h *< in* f MHti <m hind would b<? i?ri*Ierr?d Addn-s* *i.pJkiiii? tea 1UU Herald ogiCtt, withjuft partwur* ???**, "UrANTED?HOO ACTIVE PERSONS, IN CITY INn f" country; ran nrnk- g??od whl'. ? -??llina iiu. Piuau il. CUI ,U1" ?ave j* W rj"a^mc*neJ'*st^iL?m!'?uJl*5 worts'" w^i s o? n {r?i'4asys'^^yi ? ?wtte"nu' ArP.y?o W^^TED-A DRY GOODS SALESMAN, ONE WHO f T haa a thorough know ledge of the city trade N n. h,,. iho* _who can furnish g,K*l Terence, Vr,U ui? hou*?, em ployed hy need apply to W. K. Peyton, M4 Bowvry "H'ANTED?TWO CLERKS, FOR ORO< EitV STORKS thu* dry giwidi ulitMni*'ii anil a bonkkecnar- . ' pl.v at the Merchants Clerks' Realitrv oilicc "s uiTl'i '' r,"ii^t.IOrr Prr"rrd 2????"S2So^Tn advance Itc'iejcm* to Lrnt hoim??. K?tabll?h?*d IMA. ' KAULLVtf, 'qup?'ripi^ndo?t boys for trade., (me "blTk^rS 'cT^^^for ?S? ne^ y " >0 7 ,'Wh"n -V B -'nix m*S for steamer*. TL'ANTED-a competent bookkrfpfr TO f T write UB accounts, by the day state i?n?. ,u, I ?ected, and reference Add,rs* P. J, bofT?U P," ^NTF.D-AOENTS TO SELL A NEWLT INVEVTFD I . *T1' )C' ?**J 10 "vprr 0?oe, m le*>l fcouadhold Ac* 1,7 ply to F. ih i main, ?Ba>ard St., from y ,o 12 o'clock \ M fVrANTED--A SMART, ACTIVE YOl'Nt; MAN Wllo understands the llr|uor luislncsa, with good cltv reier ?nec Call after nine o'eiivk tbl, moTnlng,^?? M Ati?oU? at w ^TAXIED?A TOl NG MAN To OPEN OYSTERS AND ' dams Apply at No lite1. Franklin at. ""rtui ^ "wr -a'AMTEP IMMEDIATELY?A YOCng MAN, FROM M h"i". cSj1***** tr* T1IK Tit IDBR. ADSRTMf waNIH A TOt'MO man OF OOOO AD Hiid education, who ran apeak Athmu or ollvr foreign languagea. to >ain dentistry In al lt? bnucbra, ne mmi be able to ?n|>f??rt hlm-nir fnr one ycat aiI.ip ? , itatlnf ajfi\ quaitfleatttna and rrffluiwi, A C , dintut, Knmlnv I'ont o:lir#. 4U', M r,>ad way KRKlW'll ADVKRTIftKMKWTfl. LTNK jel'RE K1LI.K KKANCAIKK DKHIKK INK I mtuatimi pour parhr Kramala at wilgnnr de? ??ufan,? S'adre??cr a Kilta It-uh tal. Mi HJm<-avi>, prca dn la me, au aec< rut *tafr, chumbre <1? duvant. TTNE DAME (VEUVE) rARIMENNE DRKIRK KTKE (J one famllle Anifri<*ine comme r.iuttirWo and mrnaft r?, < t *a title aver HI.' <? mtm- ? ?iivcruante. H a dr<*?r |in(i<laflt tt "l? Joura a llti .'Imn ave., de 9 beure* a mldi. PEKNOKAL. t/RIUAV RVEMINtJ* HOITH EEKRV, twenty THIRD F >trn-t ?la8?, sot out Kllth Avenue llotol. Addres* J., bi* 1 (Mf. New \ ork T'oat office. I*1 TT1F. RARTT OR PARTIRH ADVRRTIMNO AIHI'T 1 four vcar? aen for tiarura aupooaed to have be?*n lo?t a' the time ?t the <lf?uh of A 'b* r< I'lld", o? I'K-aeantvllie, at Siaro ford, < onn.' tti at, on the I7ih of M vcmber, IJWd, will ?ddf'-*a ? ttne til fw. man, White I'lalna, they may bear of them mild aonietMni U. (heir advitnlaae Major- rnRHK is a lkttrk m the hrmadwav l'wtotoa. mary. rpo U- TKN TH01"AND 1)1 E. TUB I.ECTVRR NKAHOI. fTP TOWN LRCTtTRBS.?THR TIITRft l.Kfc'Tt'KR Of J thta enurae will be dcltvi-red by iteorci! W f'urtla, F.?i on Monday even nr. .lammn ?. \\ eight cl.?*, at lihn Hnadway Tabernacle, orner ?? Milh av*nue and Thirty t'oarth uteeet Subject ? "Tba of li M*-y." AdrrlV ?ion. 26 ML la. HPKCIAL WVK EI. 1 \?>N I'tliKy IJ. KAIL" A\ U Uui ok ' isriHO. Hpii;: t t#iber 18, 150 i ' r nr.M' Iv v r. r r.ACK AXB I'Bltfl ben by call upon iheir fe low eltli meeting at il.? Cooper Institute,* hi V, o'clock, to eoswdder such < Fiipo^als an' Invited for the Grail.lai.on, v?a*onrv and oihi 1ten??of construction of 11', mli-a of this Work, ex Vud ng from till western end of th- (in .it Tunae! ot t'j" Sena du Mar down the valleys of tho vrrn Kauiili* aud 1'uahy rivers to the bank* ol tho river fubyu. Ihe work la generally h-uvv, comprising 1,21*1,100 cubic, ya. ds earth, UflC"cubic) srdx ruck, and 7,M?) etibic yard" of t unnel excavation, 9,ixO cubic yard* of bridge, 4,0U> cubic yards of eulvert, and 3.UJOcublx vsrls regaining wall mason ry, toge'her with Iron bridge superstructure, perman-ot way aud stations. At the company's oflice In Rio d' Janeiro may lie wr plan', profile* and siieelficallniia, whejv staled pruoo-.Js for lu i whole II,1.. mil**, or any portion thereof nut less than fou ? mill-*, will be i??tM until February 2#, 1*41, at whVn time lb'-v will tx' np< netl and the work awarded. 'I he Directory determine that itic Utehiuoal direction of t'ie v ork ?liall be exclusively in the baud* uf tbe>r own engi neers, but will entertain proposals either with a mule of prices for the various kinds of work or fo the entire con struction at a fixed prb-e In the latter ciiae the monthly piy merits will be regulated by a ac.ile of prises. All payments will re nuuie monthly In <-ash a per cen'a 'e being retained as security lor the faltbful fulminant of the contract 1 hi*, however, may dispensed with in case a de posit Is made in money, ? tacks or bonds approved or bv the irticctory: in tbe lat'ercase tbe drpoajior will be entitled to tbe accruing Interest ii|sin said aecurltv. Parties unknown to the undersigned will be expected <'? preiv nt evidence of their ability from olliucra of works upon whch th< y have been recently engaged. This work Is in a mountainous ana perfectly healthy region, within seven hours' ride of Rio 4*' Janeiro. About 20Uadili tiotial niiics are located and remain to be placed under con Incl. C. B. OTTO MI, President ANDREW ELLISON, Jr., Engineer in Chief. G* hEAT MASS Ml.RTINO T OK THE PEOPLE. WE MUST nAVE PEACE AND NATIONAL SECCRITT, LI CONCESSION AND COMPROMISE. THE UNION MliST BE RAVED. The people of tbe city of New York are requested to assemble in mass inciting, at tbe Cooper Institute, on this MONDAY EVENING JAM AMY 2S, AT 7H O'CLOCK, To deliberate upou OUR NATIONAL CRISIS. The following distinguished speakers will be present and address tbe meeting:? Hon. JAMES T. Bit All?, Hon. 110 RACE F. CLARK, H?n JOHN COCHRAN*. Hon. C11AB. O'OONOR, Hon. tllKAM WALBRJDOE, Hon. RODMAN M. I*KICK, Com. It. F. CiTOCKToN. Hoa DAN L 8. DICKINSON, Hon. HENRY M. IllDK, and others, know n to be devoted to our Union and to peace, and who endorse the sentiments cont kined in the call The undersigned, belli vtng that the present 1 earful condl tlon of our common country, tbe thr< ateued deHtructlon ol tho I Hi ii, and the growing danger ot civil tvar, IMP it in tx ri'tue that the vwice of New York should now be be-i in favor of nucb nicaxures as are calculated to FRE8ERVB PEACE ANH PERPETl'ATE THIS UNION, " ' ' ' eltixens lo assemble in mass , on Monday evening, Ja i. i questions and lo manlfe< the de\o:iou of THE OREAT METROPOLIS TO THE UNION. THE CONSTITUTION AND THE LAWB. H. Hlydentwigh, C. V. H Ostrander, C. T. Hunter, t .H Mary, T. Smull A Sous, Joslah .lex. T. Dennixtoun, Keni. L. Brush, .MatthiaaClark, W". A J. O'Brien, T. Williams, Jr., t'orse, Pratt A Co., ft. i-allsbury A Co., J. Wadawonh, Joseph Stuart, W. >herwood, Cyrus Peck. Wm. D. Murphy, Harrow Henrimo, J. CoddingU<n, 8. It. Cusblng, David Ogden, Loring Andrew a, O. W. I^ake, J. B. Nels. n, Thos Kaye, A. C. Zabrtskte, W. E. Dian, Hoyt Brothers, M. A. Humham, J. W. Ijew Is A Co., Wm. V. Brady, li. Appleby A Sons, C. K. OarrUmn, C. T. Cromwell, Elijah F. I'urdy, Heuben Leggett, Kelah Sqtilrea. W. R. Beebe, Geo. T. Hope, Wm. H. lloople, O. Ottendorfer, and Ave thousand otbera. XTf-W t<>RK COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY.?A 8PE c.lal meeting of this society w ill lie held utthe College of Pbyslclani' and fr urgeonn, I ourth avenue, corner of Twenty third htrei t, on Tuccday, 29tb mat., ut 71j P. M., for the pur pose of hearing reports of committee*, hearing and discussing papers on scientific subjects, appolniing committees <o revise the by -laws of tbe aoclety, aud ior conlerence with other as soriatlons on the subject of the lns|?ction of drugs. II. D. Bulkley, M.D., President; II. S. Downs, M.D.. Becretary. Notice to taxpayers-office of the ro\t. mJsstoneraof Taxes and Assessments, No. .t! Chambers street, New York, Jan. 1, IS01?Notice is hereby given that the Assessment Rolls ot Real and Personal Estate of tbe city and couuty of New Y'ork, for the year 1861. will be opened ou Monday, the Mth instant, for public inspection, and will con tinue open until tbe .'toth day of April next Inclusive. All tax payers are earnestly requested to call and examine the same. In order that any errors in the assessments may be orrected. Also, all persons entitled by law to reduction of their assess ments, by reason of being clergymen or for military services, and also literary and charitable Institutions, by law exempt from taxation, are requested to make application for suen re duction or exemption previous to the closing of tho rolls on the %th day of April The following section,of the uct of April 14, 185tf, is publish ed for the Information of ta\naver*:? Section 111. During the tlmAhe books shall be open for pub lic inspection, as heretofore provided, application may be made by any person considering hun~eli aggrieved by the assess* d valuation ol his rial or pel son a! estate, lo have the same corrected If such applica'iou tin made In relation to the assessed valuation of real estate, it must b - made la writing, sta'.lng the grounds of objections thereto, aud there upon the Commlssionerx shall examine iuto tbe complaint, aud if in their judgment the a?s< ssment Is erroneous, they shall ranee the ssme to lie corrected. If such application to mude in relation to the .iise^.d valuation of personal estal* the applicant shall b" examined under oath by tbe ^:<ld Coin miss.oni'rs, who shull be authorised to admiulster such oath, or any of Ihem, and if li> their judgment vhe assessment m errone<ius, they shall eause the same to he eorrected, and fix the amount of such assessmenl as they mav believe u> be just, and di-clare their decision thereon within thirty davs after such sppltcatlon shal have been made lo theui. No reduction shall be made by tbe Itoaid of Supervisors of an) asRcasmet Is an real or personal estate imposed under thla art, unless it shall appear, under oalh or adirmation, tha' tbe party aggrieved was unable Ut attend within the pern si pre scribed lor the eorrectkmof taxes. Iiy reason of sleknessor absence from the city. < I.awH ol I.SMI, rhapter ,'ltU, section 111) A J. WILLIAMSON, i Commisslix.ers J.W.ALLEN. J of Taxes am J. W. BROWN, ' Asseeamen's. OFFICE OF TnB METROPOLITAN OAS LIOIIT COW pany, New York. Jan V, 1881.?At the annual election for lilreetors of thla Company, held on the Uth mat., the fol lowing gentlemen were elected C. H. Sand, Joseph Noble, John D. Sett, C. tiodfrey (inntbcr, Hermann Marcuae, Ueorge Opdvke, .lames Hoy, Melvln S. Wlnmey, Edward tchell, W. J. Svrns, Eugene Ballin, Daniel Devlin. At a subsequent meeting of tbe Board, C. II. HAND was unanimously re-elected President, JAMES HOY Vice Presi ib-nt, o. ZOLLIKOFFKR Secretary and Treasurer.and W. TITU8 Aaslstaat becretary. O. ZOLLIKOFFER, Rceretary. POLAR HTAR LODOE NO. MU.J. O. O F.?BROTI1EKS you are hereby notllied to meet at the lodge room, 616 Broadway, this (Monday! al leriioon, the 2Mth Instant, at one o'clock, lo pay the last tribute ol respect to our late brother, Charles II. Jackson, lly order JAMES E. RIPLEY, N. O. Wii.liam IHas, Secrrtarv. PELIIAMY1LLE TAJtES.-NOTICE. THE COIiLF.CTOR for I'elhamvtlle and Pn>s|?ct IIIU taxes will sll at the Fourteenth Ward Hotel, corner of Orand and Eliiabelh streets, on Monday and Tuesday only. Jan 2H aud 3S. ALEX. ROl.FE, Collector. >R(H LAMATION.?FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS HE said. M ivow'* Orrtca, Nrw Toas, Jan. 19, 1*61. Whereas. Hugh Duffle, a resident of this city, a coachman bv oernpstion, about :I3 years or age, six feet In helghth, light ron.idexion, light hair slid whiskers, and dressed in full suit ol black when last 'een, disappeared underansBiciousclrcum staneeson the evening of Sunday, the :*Xli of December, ult., ai d there la reasonable grounds for the belief that said Duiite has either been feloniously abducted from the city or mur dered. Now, therefore, I, Fernando Wood, Mayor of the city of New York, by virtue ol the authority in me veaied, do herebv offer a rewanl of five huudred dollars for the apprehension and conviction of the person or persons who have abducted or murdered the said Hngh Duffle, to be paid to tbe claimants on the certificate of the District Attorney, or of the Judge be fore whom such conviction shall be had, that the aald convic tion was obtained on tbe luformation given by said claimants. Tbe claim for tbe reward Is to be made within twenty daya after such conviction, or the same will be disregarded. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my name and seal, at tbe city ol New York, on tbe day and year above written. FEKNAN Do W(X)D, Mayor. EMoVAL.?THE HANOVER BANK IS REMOVED fiom No. 57 to the new building, No. ,'tS Nassau street. The annual mkbtixo of the stockholders of the Amertean TeUvrsph Company will be held at the oflice ol therompany. No. ? Wall street, in the city of Nete York, on edmwlay. the JOth day ot January instant, at 13 o'clock M. CAMHRIDQK LI VINOSTON, Secretary Thomas pa'ne -"these are times that trt men's son la" The I2ith Anniversary ? f his Birthday wl'l be rcleiir.tti'd by a Ball and Supper at the t'ily Assembly Rooms, No. 440 Broadway, on Tuesday, January 29. llckets to b?' had ol W E ROOK, No. D6 I'rluee street iO THE KriTOR OF THE HERALD?SIK -THE R T I Sunday Mercury of Janusry ? stated, In regard to the I Silver Tmnipel whleh was presented to.l'linloo Engine Oo., No. 41, b> Mrs. Robert Vail, that tbe trumpet waspreeentcd to Ml Vail'sill' oy ' in to ilo eompanr. t' rou,-li wife IVe wish to correct the error umler w hich the Mercury wa< labor Ing al the time The tnnapet was pur-hased and presented lo the enni|iaiiy by Mrs Robert Vail. In consideration of the friendship which had always eiiated betwe* n tbe late Koxi t Vail aud the membera of Clinton Kngiue t oinpauy. No 41. HENRY' LEMIS, Foreman Clinton Kugine Co , 41. 11TM D MI'RI'HY REQUESTS US T?> HAY THAT HE ?? has not authorlted his nsmetobe attaehed to the aall foraPnblii Meeting afc the C4Hq<sr Inalltute, this evening, January 2K I^HI. RRHTAI'RAWT*. JTOOED HARK. R(?A*T HKKFANO YORKSHIRE PUD - - - - i( for dinner to ilay For aale?Rnnllah I'ltoi r m, Hare*, Illth flloaH'la, El'piriR Nauaagi^ Kucll'h < 'heeai>. Hk- >n, II, Ar F.ll/al>"-t'ian Vie I.uni h Ko .m, 6* Maiden lane. ding for dinner to day * arm'.nth f" ricklea, 1 corner of William atrwet. T HU M ARIMON, Agent. nun lop ? X* Troy Ale In tine condition on tap, aian in b?If fear rein for family ttae. XJO HE< KS8IOI*.-THE COURT CAN RE BEEN DAY i.^1 or night att? and 70 I.lwpi'uard ?lrr*>l, where the heat Alea, IJ.i"1""" and m gar- can be had. Frr. ?ud l-:*?jr on M m day and Naturila) evenlnga. KKKIl. HlIX THE EI.EPIIANT ~ THE ELEPHANT. ? WE LIVE. LATK8T ARRIVAL FROM ENOLAND. TilE ELEPHANT AND ('AHTI.h To hp wi n al HH Hprlng atre*t, Np? V.rk, A f?'\v doom weal of Broadway. when- dinner will he aerved erenrdaj In the old Engllah atyle. Blllof far*- ibw d?) : ? Mnllagat'iiwiiy houp anil Ol Tail Hmip, Kngll?h SlrMn Beef. Engliarl Konat Mutton and Onkm Ttoa?> Turkey ?n(l Crankerry Haniw, Ftllet of Veal, Br''tat"al? and hidw-y Pie, .luygrd llnre, t'roqurtta ile Venn, Haricot Ot T.oIp. Jinny I,mil Padding a la Hi hnrdaon, Holly Polly Pudding, Plum PmMtng a la Anglafe Pork, Million and Oyaterl'M; Hau ?ago Roll*. Jiiin Pnfla mid Humhury t'akia, Dough Nuix, Engliah Solea, aa an> 8o|e?. YARMOUTH BLOATERS HI'aki', ("hr)[ii, Cutlet*, Kidney*. Kfliiig ?ml home m ide WUtahlris and home e*t"''4 Baeon; Wiltshire, chaahlre, Cheddar, Milton, and double mil single Olouc-irr ('hue*. RALLY LI NNH Wel*!i Rai> !*U, (iolden B nka, POACHED Ktiils, IIONEY RAREHITrt. N. B Tilt TWOJfHM, from lieUnd a, me?t hem erery Tucaday ari l Friday nren Inff* KememN'r lh" two f avorile atom arda of the rily of Waali Ii (ton and \ underbf are on d<i k, and "thin we pa** th> ruby" _ _ W. T. IITN I.EV, I'm, Hetn-. MV HONEY, caterer, of Cjiy af Waahlngtmt of t'andert?lt. 7- - ? z~~r~~ r? PINK AltTft. t*i- MAP KIR * i BNTK - LLOYD S UNITED nTATH* ??) Railroad M?p, i iur rest aqiMi*, printed ami eoh red m awkole aheet <4 atr.nir while paj>?r, and acknowledged hy a I r ulloal ? -..mpaniee to he ho beat luaf) atl'. reil. C'H n?y rl*hta ?iTcn. "??nn for ?nph and prtvai" dwilw. N'> atompa lahef. totlt are and We i?l ? n-r ilaj. J. T. iXOYD, Af ",l?* Br ?.*ay S.liikiS CP K?AU ESTATE. \MA> UV1 CTU RI NO PROPERTY, \ K \ K NEW VORK, valued at Jii.l'UJ, renting for over $3,i>?ta year, anil in i reading at least lit P' r ????nt a year in value, will lie e<t hanged for *ooU prudiKtive property la New kork ur Brooklyn. A man ifa<luring buslue-s occupying a ?mu!l apace ?f the pro jcrty, withal the machinery oonincted with It, will bo in cluded In the -ale or evcliiiagn If d?*eired. Ibis huslniss in cruinary tiiucs Pal* ? year, above all exp use*. DAYTON k JONES, Properly Kictunin No. 84 Nassau street, New York. F-mkm TOR hale.?the valuable homestead Farm uu Ihe Jamcsburg and Praakeid lUliivad, N J . 72 teres, bounded south by the railroad. Apply at 381 Pearl street, or at Kelly's bat store, between Eighty second and Eighty-third street, Yorkvtlle. Fok hai.e?a ooodohanuk TO LIVE RENT FREE; only $3,0110 cash required down; a large Brick lloutn and stable; roomy yard*, leaaabold, which In a favorable tine; tituatid in the Sev< utb ward, and will be sold at a bar vain. or would take vacant lota In part payment. Apply to U. M. MORRIS, 70 Laiglit street, or at 261 West street U?OE SALE?8EVFRAL NI.W TWO AMR THREE STORY r brick BMM on Sctenty eighth street, WMt of Third ave nue. 1 bey are handsomely tlnislied, with most of tae modern lin|ir<ivemeiiU, at prl<-es from $4,000 to $5,<M0 dollars each, and on accommodating teruiH to suit purchasers. Apply to JOHN Tl 'K.SEK, at the l'aiut store, Eighty sixth street aud Third avenue. FOR fcALE CHEAP?THE i^.ASE OF A NEAT TWO ?lory brlek, attic and basement House, near Hudson, In Morton street, having seven years yet to run. Possession ran be had Immediately If desired; rent onlv $3211; thecx'-peU, oil < loth aud shades new laal May aud will be sold with the ea?- if desired Address A. B. Z., Herald olllce. For hale or exchangk-$aouo worth 'n~ Hood", for Western unimproved Linda, w hich mil/ ' ' exceed Ave dollars |>er acie. AddretnH Jackson, . Hold. wnJ " r?MI AND LOT FOR SALE?A FTtF ,T rI . oo J. 1 four story House, with brown atone froa", u- u. iitzCZ pia?. House In good repair; lot 25rt8 feet Kor furtheJ partlctflar* Inquire of J. H. GRAY, 72 Wail r 1 HOISES WANTED -PERSONS 11 a VIVO (INK OR ln the unoer Dart of this city, (bat will te *15"*. tow y ? JSaWft* purchaser* by apply lug to JOHN M?;</tjAvE, 1,2*1 Br uidwuy. ?JUri'RKAV 1III.I. PROPERTY f()R SALE?BROWN S' IXTH ATEN\JV PROPERTY FOR SALE?45X100 feet, ia*t'wfy Hide of Sixth avenue, above Thirty-tilth street. ln<fjfre?f OEO. W. DETKE, Nee. 5 and 0 Jefferson Market. ? , TO EXCHANGE FOR A FARM ?TWO GOOD DWELL Ings, with storea, to en hauge for a larns near the city. Inquire of JOHN MoCLAVETUU Broad vay. N. B.-None hut owners need sp> ly ALII ABLE REAL ESTATE AT A BARGAIN.? Modern brown stone Dwelling, M West Twenlv-eighth atreel, one b oca front Broadway, three story and high sui >p basement; 'ill feet front by 48teet; lot 20 by 100 feel. Two thirds of the purchase money eau ran on mortgage for tlvn years. I am determined to aell U. It la as valtable a* any eity property, and Increasing tn value. Arply to II. T. UkEENWOUD, 7t William xtr?Qt. WANTED?TO EXCHANGE FOR GOOD OITY PRO perty. the Lease, Futures, stock and good wiU of a 1 jo-e. Embroideries, Trimmings and CVncy Stare, established lor over twelve years. In U-n bett location In the city, and where $10,000 can be eleapsd every year. Reason for selling out, the owner wishing to retire. For Information apply at 706 Broadway, atore. "*V\ANTED TO EXCHANGE ?A <;oOO TOREK STORY TT and basement brie* House, le a good nelgbb<irhood in this eity, for a Farm in ' county. New &>rk, or in the Stale el I'onneciicut:'farm of one hundred or one hundred and llfty acies with rcxl buddings preferred. Apply to LEHMAN A liltOWN, 1,2V? Broadway W^HANTED TO PDEOHAEE OR LEASE.?ON IB1 P Eaht bank of the Hudson, within two miles of some vil lage, from two t? Klx Acres, with pleasant Dwo ling and Out bnuM S attached. If for sale, price not to exceed $3,000. Ad dress K. R. (J., Union square Post ollioe. (J.OC AAA FIRST CLASS IMPROVED OOOAM u>7W cltv business property to exchange for Dry (ioods, Clolhlng, or Boots and Shoes. The property is uaw rented for $2,440. Address R. F., Sweeney's Hotel. [ FOB >ALE. ~ A VALUABLE PATENT RIGHT?TO BE SOLD OK EN J\. changed for real ?r personal property. Inquire at No. 7 Wall street, room No. 1. AH REVOLVER PISTOL AND RIFLE FACTORY TO BE rtlajiosed oi; has been ln <M>eration several ymrs, and b.n a good business conne<'tion which can be greatly increased. Addresa R. B , Herald olllce. ALh (HHID CHANCE POR A BOBOTHM MAN TO MAKE money.?llutsber's Bbop for sale, hubatantlally aud )iands4iinely fitted up, with patent lee llou-e aud d ling j. gis>d cash bulsucus. l ie reason for selling, going into the packing business; can prove t > parties 'Kit the business has paid well and can be mad<' tn pay double. Apply at Rock 11111 Market, Ninth avenue. flOR SALE?THE LEASE. STOCK AND FIXTURES OF |kli excellent and well lilted up Liqik r Store, on a promi nent coiner on the east side of llio < ity, duing a go,id busi ness. A good lease and low rent. Apply to T. OAF FN KV, 41"J Broadway. I^OR KALE?A SMALL RECTIFYING AND WHOLK ' sale and retail Liquor Store, dolus a good business A fortune tor a man with a few hundred do'.lars. Miut be s,>M. the i>re.*ent pruiirietor Ix ing otherwise engaged. Address Rectilier, llera'al oUioti. Agents n?ed not apply. For sale?price. $??>, the good will of a business which Is yielding without any etiiltal, (l.t? to $1,MU a year, b.> <le\ oting to it only the or sit bourn daily, anil may be made to yield a much larger sum by proper ex ertlou. Only reason tor selling. 111 health. Address, with real name. \ erlUs, Nix 140 Herald olllce, for three days, Stat Ing where An Interview can be had. Satisfactory refirsnc furnished. F [7IOR SALE?1 HE LEASE, STOCK AND FIXTURES P of a Ural elaaa Liquor Store, d.rfng a good cjwh trade, lo ite?l in the fil?te?>nih ward, mar ihe Eighth aveuiie. Will ii tne huieeinu ??<>, ..... .... l*? sold at a low figure, the proprietor being encaged in otlier I'lisiness. For further particulars apply to WILLI H. MM)VK, IBS Wast t wenty first street, florn H to 10 A. M., 2 to 5 P. *1. FOR SALE-A SUITS*, KMItfB CHEESE. tMl suitable for a gns. ry store, on the best avenue in the city, Bow doing g<??l cash trade; long established. Ap ply at fin. 6 Erie Building, up stairs. JjlOR SALE.?OROC'ERY AND LIQUOR STORe FOR r sal*, ln a central part of the eit , with tenement houses front and rear. Will oe ?old che >p for caeli. Apply to WIL LIAM ABBOTT, auctioneer. No. 4 East Broadway. FIOR SALE?THE BAKERY 740 BROADWAY; A DC slrable place lor any person wishing to go into the buai nees. DOB SALE?ONE < >F HOWE S U V LINDER -fEWIMi MA r chines t'ur Boot ai d Shoe uppers; x>st #!.??. will be sold lor SW. also 40 new Fire Cap*; will be sold cheap. Apply at 7A Gold sin et, up stairs, until sold. FOR SALE?A LARGE RANGE, KNOWN AS A CU IS I niere Kranealse, suitable for a Urge boarding house or hotel; mav l?- used at the same time tor meat, vegetables, pantry and bread, and consumes one hair less i< al than any other style of range. Apply at 767 Broadway, corner of Ninth ?trecL (iM?R HALE CHEAP, TO A CASH CUSTOM Kit?THE 1 Stork and Fixtures ol' a neat and well established llesian unit and Drinking Saloon, on a prominent corner, having two entrances; r?-nl \ery low. Applval222 West iweioy Ofib aireet, or to T. GAFFNEI. 4'.N Br^daay. IjH)R SALE, AT AUCTION PRICES, KH CENTRE X1 street, thiee latthes. blacksmith's Bellows, Pulleys, Shnfi and Belling; a Paint Mill, Screw Pleases, Braiding Maehlne., oHice stoves and Pipe, ten show Casea, Cbalra, Tables, Gas Flttlnga and Toola of every deacriptlon. "L^OR SALE OR EXCHANGE?Tl*". STOCK, FIXTURES, I1 Ac., of a wholesale. Butter Cbeeee and l<ard Es'abllsb ment, on tbe west side of Ihe ctty, near the Erin Building*. The stock, Ac.. comprt* s in part two line ilorsea, one large tilfonn spring Wagon, one single horse Wagon, Sleigh, imesaea. Scale*, oBee l-litures, and the good will. A three year*' lease I* contracte<| tor from the 1st of May next on very desirable terms This is an eitraordinary opponu nlty for any perann of smart, li;du*lrto?s liablta to make money, aa everything is now moving In good condition. Sails factory reasons given by the preaent Incumbents lot selling out. "For further particulars or lutervlew address W. S. Pinckney, 82 Chamber* street. Hm OTEI. FOR SALE?OR A PARTNER WANTED WITH IXMIt, fo Increase the businesa. A g>s?i chance fur In vestment. Apply tn BRAULEV, IILTCHINS A CO., 42 East Fourteenth street. Union *quarr. HI AIR dressing and BATHING ROOMS FOR ?ale ?A neatly furnished Ivarber ahop and I>athing inen.s ean be bought at a bargain lor cash only. Address J. R H.. Broadway Pest oflice LlyUORS ?FOR SALE, THE LEASE and FIXTURES of a first clssa corner Liquor Store, three year* lease, doing a go si family and transient business, will tell cheap on account ol going In the country. Apply at No 282 Hudson street -philadelphia HOUSE FOR SALE OR TRADE. JT Coat $7,100. will he di*iio*ed of fur trade or sold. The hi tel I* located at IXI and 1.1A Keurth (treat. Brooklyn Please l??M HI E L. Tl CKEH, on the premises for Information. r\r.AKT7, RfM'K MILL, AND PORTION OF I'ATRNT w for aalr ?The trery be?t for redmlng rock and other har 1 ; mm In iwrleri dual, with baroeued ahlnlng grindlti* i mrfaec*, eaally changed ItOL'Tll WlOK A WOOD, 82 Kumii rtr?rt. Karr rnAHC*.-mR old rhtabmbiird bcttkr, I heeec, Tea and ('off* Htore, for *alo, initiated on the beat block for buelne** In Jeraey City; will be aold cheap Apply at HQ Newark avenue, J?r*7 City, or at tU I'oarl ?Wit, k. Y. l-TI \MI.RS FOR HALR O four i-crrw steamer*, frora .100 to 900 ton* Thrw ?lde wheel mramboat*. Three Kerry Boat*. M i <'am KnRina and bollera, now and wond hand, ronnUnt yloraaie. Apply to ' CHARLES W. t'OPRLAMD, 122 Broadway, Now Tork. T> MF.RCIIANT TAILORB.-for HALR ."omr BRAI' tiftil Fliltiree, Including two nulcmltd Mirror*, walnut tiiprutilDK Counter, oil colli, On* Fixture* Ao They have been ii <(l but a abort lima, and are In ???rrllnnt order Can he bought low. Apply to arm. ACririN, Ht. NlcbnUa itouii .H,7Y * HI CflRRNR <Sf) ROU Store; ha* been d'ln^ a Rood bna'nrw, la In a n tip town " way, In the aalonn, or < good loratlor up town For particular* Inquire at (Ml Broad MM ' Mj'Of Mr. KIKKLANI), .V) Jay atrn? m i'jnO WILI. BUY THIS stock, LRARK, PlXTURRH, i ?PtM/'' Wagon nail llarne?a, of I he ticat corner gr *?ry 1 ,nd I quor mor< In the Bowety leaae three year* and three rnoniba for "lore, ime n*im and cellar; It would make a line ! Ilau< r ?' le alone. I will *all the leaae lot tlafi. Apply In Ui? ?tore I1? Bowery, rorner of Rlvington street. Allfl m" "AI.R, A WK.LL KflTABLIHHRI) ?Tij.i)'!", wh'le*ale c*?h Rii?lnne*. now In active and MU'-eeaaful operation. Addroa T. <)., Ilerald oflico, giving full name. WINM AMD MUCOKft. & T IRTRNTH A VMM R DIBTILLRRV YOU ORT THR HF.l 1.1 |tioi? to bo had In the city for the |e?at arv.ney, In y cinantHle- N h. Idqiior* for aale In bond, WM. IITUHKH A N, SIS ami .121 Seventh avenue. MPOHTtMM. FIRANflH BUTI.RR, !?0. I PR< K HUP, It AM *1,1. | II K cSolne breed# l >r nal? and atuek. Btiller * infallible Mini," I'ureaiul Flea K?terminator, H) Bent* per botti" But ler* Brwedlag, Training. Dk>cn*e?, Ac., ot Doga, $1. D<ig* (warded, tMiRfa, jr. Mr 'a'fie* for al di*.ae-s. A nOUIDl\(i AVU U)Ul'l\U. , AUK.MJ.mM, WIKK ?NU TWO DAI'OHTBRS want two furnished Kooiuk on *<-ooiiil floor, wi'h Board. Dtr Der at 1 o'clock. Location M*fcn Thirty-third a ad K'niy semud ulri'fU and Sinh aud l*cxlagton avenue* He fin uc<- given and required. Address William. Herald oQicc. A (ISNTL&1UN AND WIKK. OK TWO SINGLE 0** i J\. tlemt n can bo acfomiMMhtod with Bo.rd and th lorta of a home Ui a private laiutlv. Inquire '? street, Brooklyn. 1 * ? High VERY DESIRABLE SECOND STORv JT STZ ? . Btdrotin lo ie*t, ?likiiui hoard, to ? "ARlA)R A"k5 at No. 10 U asliiugtoii place mar Broad' ^ h,'r separf-Ce, kud evening. a^', ('ail afternoon At 2? east twenty-bio r _ A ?,_t" UDt (uniftii'd Koiidi ?tll' STREET?A PLEA pficeol SI 75 per week. Bre- J* t0 lodgers at the low 'iicd. ilcuse lias all the n- W,,T?;U ,n the lr d? .___ <Mkrru improve mints. A JJEuXS'm?. ^ >n His WIFE OB TWO SINOUI ou Keloi d floor I -#***?! a verj d? nira to Room, with Hoard, a cumcUng Inn' " W puntiicn, bath and ?vaUir dowel* Dinner at 6 uV at 134 Waverl?y place, near SinU avenue, i \. A ^ 'I^-' man. wifk AND SERVANT, WITn TWO r?bn?ntMlil> ?Wl'rtM, tb? eldru 3 yaainid a luU old, dew re , i nient j lt?ard in the ciiy or in the country, within a con *1.1 iw '?lance for a busicastt man. Teinn not to elotted " week Address A. B., bo* UI Herald utiles. A SINGLE GENTLEMAN CAN BK ACCOMMODATED , * with a furnUhed Room in a email private l'aiully. Ap ,?iy at .131 Broome street. AHANDMiMFLY Kl.'RNIS1IKD ROOM, ON THE second lloor, with gas and use of hath, to let, with Board, to two gentlemt n, who w-ou'd room together. or a gen tleman and wife I h:itm $111, Including (ire. Call for two days at No. 4 t econd street, near the Bowery. a GENTLEMAN AND WIKE AND SINGLE GENTLE A men, may ootaln Board, with wiiirt rooms, con tain - ing inoderu conveniences. hurtles desiring a pleasant home will do well to (.all at 276 Fourth avenue. A FEW PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET IN the St. John's I'ark Hotel, corner of II udson and Lafglu streets; a peasant 1< cation and very convenient to persons doing business down town. Meals on the Kuru|?>an plan, at all hours. A FRENCH FAMILY, OCCUPYING A MODERN bouse, would accouimoiate a lew single centlemen, or a small family, will an elegantly furnished front j?irlor and a ttrst class French table. Apply at 47 West Twelfth street, be tween Filth and Sixth avenues. A FEW GENTLEMEN CAM BE ACCOMMODATED with good Board and pleasant Rooms; also a young lady. Apply at 53 Second street References exchanged. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED PARLOR AND BED room.also a well tarnished third story front Room, suitable tor gentlemen and their wives, to let, #l!li Board, iu a small private family. Call at 165 Laurens street, near Bleecker. Board.?rooms suitable for two persons can be obtained at from $8 to (<J per week, with tires and. Las; Kooms for gi ntlemeu at $:t 50, location pieaaant and h< use kept In order. Apply at 66 Morton street, coruer of Hudson. Board and superior room.*? at?32 Broadway, betw een Twelfth and Thirteenth streets; one of the best locations In the r.lty. Board wanted?by a widow lady of BBVTMB ment and education, from Europe, in a private family, where Instruction on the harp and pianoforte would be con sidered an equivalent. Any one wishing for an accomplished lady as companion would find this a desirable opportunity. Address Mrs. 0. E. Murray, New Haven, Conn. Board wanted?for a respectable qirl, who is abnent during the day; a comfortable furnished Room, with lire and light, in a private lamily, or where a few boarders only are received; not far from the Bowery and Grand street preferred. Expccts to pay $2 JO per week. Ad dress A., box 21W Herald oQice. Board wanted?for a gentleman and his wile, iu a llrst class house, situated between Fourteenth and Thirtieth streets, and Fourth and Sixth avenues. Terms moderate. Andress F., box 2,616 Poet otlice, with full par ticulars. References required. Boarding.?a pleasant room to let, to bin gle gentlemen or a married couple, with Bcu-d if do sired, In a private family. Apply to Mrs. W., No. 1 Washing ton place, Williamsburg, four blocks from the ferry. Terms moderate. Boarding at 144 mulberry, nbar grand street.?Several yonug men and ladles can be ac.-om modated with Board. Also nice front Rooms on first and second floors for men and their wives. Terms moderate. Boarding at mi Greenwich STREET.?a few gentlemen can be accommodated with good Board and pleasant Rooms at Mrs. TaYLOh'S. Terms $> and $J50 per week. Also a few day boarders. Brooklyn.?a la rob second story room to let, at f 12 a week, including Are and light; also a single room at $A. at 243 lllcks street; near ferries; bath, g,is, fur nnoe, Ac.; dinner at 0 o'clock. References exchanged. BOARD IN BROOKLYN.?A HANDSOME BACK par lor, with a Urge extension Room; also two largo Rooms, \>lth clotets, to let, in a p ivate laintly ; gas and bath; within a lew minutes of South and Wall street lurries. Apply at 57 State street. Board in Brooklyn.?superior rooms and Bi std can be obtained in a private family residing In a first class brown stone lioti?e, 101 Am'ty street, oonveni'int to Koiith anil W all street lerrics; dinner at six o'clock; refer ences exchanged. Board in Brooklyn ?to let, with board, for a gentleman and wile, or single gentlemen, n large frout Uoom, with bail Hedrooin attached; also an unfurnished bin k Parlor. Terms low. Inquire at 206 Henry street. Board on Brooklyn heights?a gentlfman ami wile, or t vo single gculler.ien, c*n be accomim <la- | ted Willi Board ?nd a pliii an' IK Willow street, Biooklyn lleiglitK, between Fnltoti and Wall street terries. Also a gentleuiau, with a single Room. Bag* parlor.?a fine large back parlor, ?i iih pis and register, tu let, with Board, in a small fa mil* at it moderate price. Apply at 121 East Thirty tlmt street. rtllE VP furnished ROOMS, AT THE FRANKFORT V ll< use, corner ot Frankfort and William streets.?Good Kooms I roin $1 to $.t per week Lo<lglngs from 25 cents to 37 rents |s r n'ght. Open all night. U<x>d restaurant attached. FUKNI>HKD ROOMrt, IN a PRIVATE FAMILY, TO let; terms reasonable; reference required. Apply at 222 Broome street, near Kstex FUENISHED booms TO LIT.?A suit of wf.I.l lurnishid Rooms on third floor, nonnectnd, and to be let separate or together; location desirable; terms low. Apply at JO Bond street. FUKMSHFD BOONS, ON THE BBCOND KLOOB, To let, to s gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen, with Board, In a h> use with all the modern improvements, in a genu el neighborhood, on reasonable terms. No, 37 Bast Eleventh street. GKNTITMFN AND THEIR WIVES, (M SINGLE HEN tlenicn. can be secummodated with pleasint llnoms, with Board Terms rea nnable. lUferene*? exchanged. Dinner at 6 o'clock. Apply at IS West Fourteenth street. IN A PRI\ ATE HOUSE. WHEEE THERE ARB 1 neither boarders nor children, thrre large furnished Roc ms are to l>e let; can be had together or separate, with partial Board, if dci-in d. Apply at .Wi Brosme street, near Centre. JERSEY CITY BOARD.? SQUARE FRONT ROOMS TO let suitable for two rlngle gentlemen or a gentlem in snd wife; thrre minutes'walk from lerry. Apply at #7 Mercer street, one door 1 n iu Washington street, and nut disir to Sa tings Bank. Nu M WEST FOURTEENTH STREET TWO LAMB, well furnished iront R'>oms, with all the modern Im provements, suitable tor gentlemen and their wives, or single gentlemen. Breakfast at 7,'j o'clock;dinner at ? o'clock. Re ferences exchanged ROOMS TO LET -A f RIVATE FAMILY. occupying a first class house in the most deslrshle pail of Bond street, will be happ) to let to one or two single gentlemen, without board, the s>?< nd "tor\ front Rooms; references ex ciutnged Address A. B , box ikll Post otlloa. TWO 1ARGE AMD WELL FUBSISUED ROOMS, ON '' i second and third flisirs of house No 21 St. Marks pia e to let, with Board; suitable for a gentleman and wife or iw i ting e gentlemen. Apply as above; location desirable. Stages pass i h? door. 1 TWO SUITS OF ELEGANTLY furnished APART menu to let, containing all the mod#m conveniences, with or without full or partial board. also, single rooms Tor gentle men. Apply st I'll) Broadway, between Twentieth anl Twcu ty-iral NsMt. rro LARGE AND ONE SMALL ROOM ON SECOND Hour, suitable ror a small family or single gentlemen, can be had at 44(late 43i West Ninth stmt, rooms contain gas, hot snd old water Dinner at six. References exchanged. r> LET?HANDBOIOLT FURMSHED BOOMS, AT Ui Crosby street, one block from Broadway, near Houston street, or the whole of the premises. Inquire on the pre aiera. Tu let?FU'lNISHBD ROOMS. IN HOUSE -V7 WEST Houston streeta, between Hudaoii aud Greenwich streets, J eonvenli nt U> lliree lines of cars. Apply on the premises. rl.F.r TO (.RNTLFMEN ONLY. A LARGE, com fortabieand handsomely fnml?hed front Room, on the I second floor, with r"od closet rooms, snd Is well lighted with gaa There are few persons In family, and within a few steps of two lines of stages. Inquire at No. A Amity place. T) LRT-AT UOVABICR STREET, ONE ROOM, WITH ca?, at f I per week, and one at 91 t\ gw included, for alnglc gentlemen WANTED?PERMANENT BOARD IR A nR.SI'RCTA ble private family, by a ji-ntleman ami ht? wit*. he itron Fourth and Twentieth atrcta, wttntn two hiocka of Broadway IMnnor ai noon. fc*inia rational. R'fereno?a exchanged. Addre?a I'rnn, box J.Vt Pout oflco, N V. \\TAKnn-ny TWO o**T1'!?*BR, paklar ani? YY Wwlniil?, With Breakfaat; Imatloo between Eighth ?ml Twentieth atreeta Addmwl, U, boi 1,1/14 M. Y. Pimi , oner. 8 WEST ELEVENTH HTREF.T.?HANDSOMELY FUR niahed Ronrn" to let, with or without partial Hoard DWOOHTER HTKKFT. NEAR RAN ALAND BROAD . way ?Fumlihid Room*. with full or partial Board: gaa. hath ? piano to let! to alngle gentlemen or gintlemi'ti and their wl*e.?; two aitli Room*. ulao tneal* *nt lo the room a. A 1 TENTH HTREBT, RKTWEEN FIFTH AM) M X I II li- avanuea.?Two or three young gentlemen ran obtain very |>l< a?ant Rooma, with Board. Too hone* haa all the modei n im|Moven>cnta. Dinner at 0 o'clock Al> WEST SIXTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH tU hhI Ntlh ttrfnm?.-To let, i? haotlaoraely furni?hi'd front and hack Room; nlaoa aingle Room, with or without . Bwnd, In a tirn rllMhoM' and wlih a French I amily. |,o ratli n and neighborhood urn iwptl niable. Itcicremca rl ?fean^rd nrm tmy imwmW*. TfJHI'HINO ATRIKT, Til UK E DOORB FROM HHoaO ?' way Tolft, wvwkl kantlaowly forntahad Root?, H alngl? tjcni'.imen; the Mavttiun ia MarM the ftr-t hotel* and i ?face* of amwaemeet Rmm fflk Inqttlroof AR BOR BOI MR. 1*17 MOUTH RTRhRT. THRBB DOORB Ea?T OF J O I Broad wajr.?Wrganil* 'urmahed Apartment* for gen tlemen and their lamlHta, or aingle gentlemen, With or with out Heard. DIlMfatllt BafWMMM rw<jiilrwd. IBB PRIM E RTRFp.e, ST. Oi-AlR IDM'SR -ELS _|t)0 gantly fnmlalH'd Flo ma, with Ri-droom* attached, I wltb all the entivenleiieea for houaeft "plnR Aomplet*, Inoltid It K ^a- ami ? 'roUai t> *0 A to let, 10 p <|?rtabl* :atnlll?e, lit | t rg!c fi Ptleuien. ? /ARDIJIG *u*0 t)4P BROADWAY.?ELEGANTLY FURNISHED pie J SWftua, on first ?nd second floor*, fur famines; also, i< .?M rttagl. Ri unui lor gentlemen, with lull Hoard. Lu< A ?o* wr^ rfn'ml for busli ess gentlemen. Oo .<1 table ana '??*6s reasonable. Transient boarder* $1 SO per day Hlt'2 BROADWAY, BETWEEN EIGHTH AND NINTH I "JO streets.?Fumlnbrd Rooms, on the firm .mil se nd floors. to let to gentlemen, with gun, Are, water, bath, Ac.; boiue furnished and i>uinind. Location ple^aant. HL'.H HHOADWAY.?ROOMS TO LET, FURNISHER) I * ) I or unfurnished, in suit or single, lor either lod?t*< or a large Parlor on seaen<i floor, with pi> r ^!aai ?oa chandeliers. suitable for a dub or genteel businetH i HOUSES, HOOM*, AC., TO M5T. APART or A WELL FI.'RNL-IIED HOUSE TO LET to a small family w ithout children; tha other part oc cupied by the owner of the premises. Apply at 151 'York street, Jersey City, a few minutes' walk from the ferry. APAKLOR floor ENTIRE, RENT $11; THB HI OIL roomy basement Hour, rent 37, to let. to iKapectabkr tenant*, in private house 376 fcast Tenth street. Location cun tral. Possession now or 1st of "ebi uary. Eligible rooms to rent, wpthout bo*kd.-> A private family will rent one Parlor, a Room aud Bed room on second story, and a tine Room on third story Houm n? wly furnished. Call at 260 Ureene street, three doors ; rora Clinton place. FU'RNIHHED HOUSE TO LET?THRER STORY, BASE nient ud sub cellar, brick, witli all the modem improve ments, ai.d three lota in garden, in the meat healthy and de sirable part of Brooklyn, twenty minute* b.' oars from Attantic, Wall and Fulton ferries. Those unwilling to give S?od?e?rity need apply. Kent $MOO, or unfurnished $600. 1 rate chance. Address l>ox 1,062 New York I'oal oltiue. STEAM POWEB, WITH WELL LIGHTED BOOMS, large and small; possession givfn Immediately. Apply to J. A G. H. W ALKEK, 1S2 Centre street. TO LET?FOUR NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS, OK Thirty-fifth street, near Bnmdway; Parlor, two Bed* rooms and Kilchen, first floor, with Proton and every thing for J housekeeping; also three furnished Rooms, complete fer housekeeping, on Fourth avenue, near Twenty tifth street. Apply at 66 (<-dar street. TO LET?IN RYE, WESTCHE8TE* OOUNTT, NEAR the railroad depot, a Hou-e and Store, suitable for a shoe maker, tor which business it has in past yean, been o??upled. To an industrious man this is h fine opening. Rent moderate. Also, a small Cottage and Garden, near the above. Apply to W H. PARSONS ? BROTHER, 74 Duane st.eet. TO LET- FOR A LIQUOR STORE, THE BEST CORNER in the Bowery. I n ,ve the lease of Store, one room and beer cellar; reat for all only a Tear, $42 per month: lease three years and three months from February; I will sell it for $126, worth Apply In the store-I t uowery, corner of Rivlngton street TO LET?A SMALL HOI'SE. WITH ALL THE MODERN improvement*. Furniture for sale, if desired. Apply at 2(>9East Ninth street, between It) and 12 A. M., or at 21 Bank street, between 6 and 7 P. M? for three days. LOST AND POUND. Lost?from is leroy place (Bleecker street), . a green colored Parrot; when last seen was in Greena street. $10 reward will be j aid by returning her to the abova number. Lost?certificate no. 232 for one hundred shares Morns Canal ConsoL'dated Stock, In the name of Chas. Emory A Co. All persons are hereby cautioned against negotiating said certificate, as application will be made to the company for a renewal of the same. CHAS. EMORY A CO., No. 15 South Third street, Philadelphia. LORT-ON FRIDAY NIGHT. A LADY'S GOLD WATCH, tvith red enamel, marked M. D., and a shell chain, with gold dogw liistle and locket. $30 reward will be paid i'utr the restoration to Tiffany A Co., fSO Broadivay. Lost.-on friday afternoon, January 2a, in Fifth avenue near Nineteenth street, a gold band Bracelet, chased, with Venetian Sal ety Chain. Any person finding tha same is requested to return ft u> the owner, at 1(11 West Four teenth street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues. IOST?ON SATURDAY NIGHT. BETWEEN THE HOURS J ot 5 and 6 o'clock, in e iming from Amity street, through Sixth av' nne, to Eleventh street a large gold lady's Breoch, with Uncy stone. The flnd-r will be line rally rewarded by leaving It at 161) ?Vest Eleventh street, near Sixth avenue, aa it belongs to a set. Lost?an opera glass, on Friday evening, 26th Inst; was left in a Fourth avenue stage. The'finder will be suitably rewarded, and reoelve the thanks of the own er, by leaving it at 72 Last Thirty-first street. TOST-ON SATURDAY. 26TH INST., BETWEEN BURN 2 barn's Hit I and the Central Park, a lady a Bro -ao Shaw l. The finder w ill be liberally rewarded by leaving It at Braisted A Dougherty's, 289 Broadway. LOST-ON SUNDAY MORNING, IN GOING FRO* Harlem bridge to Conoord street, Mott Haven, a gold link Bracelet, chased. The fln<!er will be liberally rewarded by leaving It at Mr. Wimoress's shoe store, corner Main street ?nd Boston road, Mott Haven, or 3*M Sixth avenue, at J. Dougai's. LOST-ON SUNDAY MORNING, A LADY'S BLUE ENA inelled Watch, in Sixth avenue, between Fourth and Thirteenth streets. As it In a keepsake, the finder will ba liberally rewarded by leaving it at L. Travis', 2la West Six teenth street. Lost or stolen-two note-t OF J. v. II ALLOC K A Co.; first note, >o. N27, dated December S, 1?#>, eight nil nths, $44t'> M; seeoud, No. K2S, eight moutilf, dated On? ??ember 2"/, 1SOO, $116 Sfl, payable to the order of G. F. Em* son, at the Irving Bank. All persons are cautioned agalu-tt ncgoilatliig the s tld notes. They were not cn<lor-ed. STOLEN?LABT EVENING, FROM THE RESIDENCE ol' ihe sut'sct'ilier,96 Wot Foity-eighth tieet, the follow ing articles;?1 silver renin Pitcher, 1 Sugar Sifter. 1 silver tioblet, marked "Peter Corirey, Jr ;" I no marked "Henry Paiisii Coniey," 3 ' uiall silver Forks, 6 do. Spoons, 1 Urga do , I Sugar Tonits, 3 silver >apkln Kings, 2 olate<l Tumblers, ? Napkins aDd ;i Dnylcya. A lib<;ra) reward will be paid ior the recovery of any or the whole of th? above articles. PETER CONREY. Jun'r. ? LOT HI NO. Abetter chance than ever?ladies and gentlemen, I have a great demand for cast off < lothlng for the Western market. I guarantee to pay for silk dresses from $Sto$.,0, from $.t to $|A for coats, irom $1 to $ft for pants and vests; also, woollen dresses, delaines thaw s, cloaks, furniture and carpets, the highest price paid. Please call on or address a note to B Miuta, 7V Sixth avenue, be tween Eighth street and Waverley piaoe. Ladies attended to by Mrs. Mint*. BETTER CHANCE STILL.?LADIES AND GENTLE men, I have a great demand for oast off ("lothlng. Fur niture, Carpets, Jewelry, Ac., for the Western market. I will pay the following prices;?For Silk Dresses, from.$8 to ?:?; for ('oats, Irom $1 to $18; for Panta, from $2 to $4L Please call at or aodress J. Anbolt, IS3 Seventh avenue, be tween Twentieth and Twenty ttrst strcta. Punctually at tended. Ladles attended bv Mrs. Anbolt. AOBBAT DEMAND?LaDIBS and (iENTLEMK.V, w anted, a lot of c.'ist off I 'We hing, Furnl'.ure, Carpet* and Jewelry. I pay the tjest price in the city. Call on or ad dress M. Abrahams,233Seventh avenue, between Twenty fll tlx und Twenty sixth streets. Ladles attended by Mrs. A.) A I WANT TO BPY SECOND UAN"? CLOTHES OF ALb deseriptlons at No. 2<S Seventh avenue, between Twenty seventh and Twenty eighth streets Highest price paid. MICHAEL, HARRIS. Attention, ladies and oentlembn, if you want to g. t the lull value lor your cast off Clothing, Carpets, Furniture and Jewelnr, the best thing you can do la to send a note to F. Harris, 166 heventh avenue. There you may be convinced to he dealt with to your satisfaction. Pl-aaa don't forget, 16o M-Tenth avenue, near Twentf-llrst street, lj?'iic> ?ii. mled to by Mr-, lliirris. ASTROLOGY. A BONA KIKE ASTRO LOO I ST, THAT EVKBT (IMS can depend CD, It Madame WILSON, who teils the Ob ject of your visit as soon aa you enter her room. Madama Wilson Is the greatest astndopist that ever was known. Sha will invoke the powers of her wonderful soienoe, and tell all the events of your whole life. Her prediction* are so irua tLst they surprise every one that eonsnlta her. Some ladlea may get a lltue timid, though th> y need not fear, for she prao> tices nothing but wist Is reasonable to phllo*oph?r* All *hould conmiU this most wonderfnl and mysterious lady. Her advice has never been known to fail, and twenty thousand dollars reward to any one who can equal h?r la the abova arlenoe. Madame Wllaon Is In possession of I be telebratel magic chaims. *hicli are ever certain In their offec'.. Truly msy sl e be called a wonderful woman 1W Allen tw?>n Houston sod Stanton, ovsr the bakerv. I'ec fur iadiex and gentlemen, 60 cents. Astonishing.-madame MOBROW, SEVENTH daughter, born with caul and gil t of foresight, veil* how *K>n and otten you will marry, and many eventa, even your very thoughta. Fee 25 cents. UM Ludlow street, below Uousa ton. Gentlemen not sdmitted. A^BSTROLOGY ?MAD.WE lent can bb consulted U about love, mairlage and absent iriends she tells ail the events ot life, at i:v? Moit street. Ladles, 26 ??ents; gen tlemen 60 cents. Hie causes speedy marrhtgoa und givea luekv numbers. A FACT.?A PHRENOLOGIST AND ASTROLOtilST that bents the world, snd $6,(111) reward for any one who can equal Miss WELLINOTON, who Is acknowledged to ba the only Lidy ^ln the city who .rnthtully gives Information eoneeriilng foe*s, lawsuits. Journeys, absent rrlends, lovn, courtship, mairlsae, health, wialth, and who will reclaim diunkrn anil unfaithful husbands Miss W. It the only person in the elly who lias the genuine Roman and Arables talismans for love, go'>d luck %mi all buslne~s affairs, and sra gunrsnteed for lift. Tii lay not to consult this naturally gifted and leautllul yoiiug lady. Lacky numbers given. Highly respectable city references can b<- st. nat her residence, IUl Sixth avenue, opposite Eighth street. (ILAIBVOt ANUS.?MRU. oEVMOI'rt'S MBDICAb \) Clslrvoysnt Roenis. 210*, East Twentieth street, between First and Second avenues I iie most critical medical and business consultations day and evening, and pertect satisfac tion guaranteed always or no pay. MHADAMK HI'KT IIAM TO INFORM TI1K LAIMI.S that ahe haa removed U> 129 .Htan.nn atfet, Ml door? Ir m K-?ei, where ahe Pit!) oontlniiea. I^ok'* 1A eenta. (jenlli men not admitted. Odlce hnura from 9 a. M. to 9 P. M. NM B-WIIO II*" NOT UOft OK THR CKI.K brated Mim rHRWHflm win hm Imi mmiINi kr tliotiaanda in fhla and other rlUia with enitr<- aatlnfactlon F Hhe leela confident oh* ha* no equal. Mho Rtvea advlo* la akknvM wnd '.thrr trouble*, lute and War mntti>r?, leli* th?i name of future wife or hu*f>aud, nod that ol her vlalter If you wlah truth glee her a eall, ai Ml Third avenue, aliora Twenty fin?t street. Lanlea, tueenta. gentlemen, $1. The oMatr^t wondkr in thr world is tiib I jounj anil accomplished M idamc KVRUN*, lately iron* I'urf*. who ran he consulted with th?- strictest ? onfld>'nee on all affair* of life, entbrai Ing lore, n.nrtahlp, to irrlage, siok ne*a, lutemperance, situation)-. lawsuits, huslnns, t welling, ah' ent trle-nda, loat or stolen property. Ac. Hhe haa alao ? aecret to make yon helm ed by yonr heart a Ideal, and hrtnn tog thrr thuae long ?epaMled. Reiidonc :<#l 1 bird avenue,\e Twenty seventh street, second floor, over the bakery. Ladlea, 1A eenta; gentlemen, Ml cent* O rilBMTOPItBR HTRBKT.-MRX. II. RoRDRR I* ? J the only true HplrliuallM, Clairv.yant, Astrolo?l?t, lalinlst and world renow ? d f-e?i ami nit u-rt lady, In thla ctty. Revealerof all affaira thn tich life, paat. preaent. and futntH event*. glvea t.-tw and rorrrci info -nation on b-atth, wealth. lo\e nffatra, Journey*, law Milt*, dit'.oulty In hualneaa, absent IrW nda, F'rkiiea?, Ae. Thnu*and-of vlallera ean w ttneaa th?? truth of b?T ri.rre?'t revnation*, dining the paM atiteea years. Rememoft her realdenre, 4.1 t:hrfch>nhcr atreet, near >'mirth street and Wavcrley place, If yon wlah trti*. OOO ?ward~for ant onb ca* f m).UwU etrnl kn. Ml hK, the well kifcwn o?le braled phrenologist, aatror rt->t and m-dieal advlaw, Ml I acknowledged to ha the only lady In the world who truthrnli/ fly* information concerning ae* caae of human tlfe. Mr*. MhMk, 44 All iruey itieM, removed to MO M".nr*e Itf v, near Montgomery

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