Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 28, 1861, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 28, 1861 Page 7
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1H1PWB. BRITISH AND NOBTH AMSBICAN BOTAL MAUL nw TOK to UTMKXW- - ""tflfft '? 'WW BOSTON TO UTIMOOU Chief cabin nsn?mi Wjjj w Chiefs fceosnd therein exprt ssed. For freight or passage apply to B. CUN AKD, No. 4 1 Ths ships from New' York call at Cork harbor. The ships from Boa ton call at U?li f " co.r*fcartor W5RSIA, Capt. Judklaa, AFRICA, C?pt Shannon. ARABIA, Gapt. J. Slouts. CANA^JAt Ou^ Lang AH I A, Cut ft G Loti. AMBBfCA, (apt. Modie. A L: HTBAlAblAH, Capt. B. N1 A(iA BA. Oapt. AudenioD. K Hocklrr ^ < ROl A, Capt. J. Leltch. SCOTIA (now building' These tamp la carry a dean white light al mast head, green On atari>uard bow, rou on port bow. CANA1>A, Anderaon Leaves Boston, Wednesday, Jan. 9 AliHTRALAhlAf, u . , hock lev New York, Wednesday, Jan. 16 \MEBICA, Little ..... " Boston, Wednesday, Jan. 23 4 iSla I.oU New York, Wedneaday, Jan. 30 IAGAKA. Moodie.... 44 Boatou, Wedneaday, Feb. ti VraBLA, Stone 44 New York, Wednesday, Pea. II CANADA, Anderson.. 44 Boston Wednesday, Feb. A) * Bertha not aecured until paid lor. An experienced surgeon <>n board. The owner* of the?e ships will not be accountable for Ould, Silver, Bullion, Spqpie, Jewelrr, Precious -Stone* or Metal*, unlea? billa 01 ladln^ara signed therefor and Hie value thereof ipply to I Bowling 1 Vreen. QTBAM WEEKLY BBTWBBN NEW YORK AND U jj verpooi, landing and embarking passengen^atQueenstown (Ireland) The Liverpool, New York and Philadelphia steam ship Company intend despatching their full powered Clyde built iron leamnhl-a aa follows:? CITY OF WASHINGTON Saturday, Feb. 2, ETNA Saturday, Feb. 9, VIGO balu'*d*y, Feb. Its, Bad every Saturday, at noon, from pier 44 North river. kites or r ASSAOE. First Cabin $74. I steerage $30. Do. to London HO. | Do. to London 33 Steerage return tickets, good for six montha 60. l'asaeugera forwarded to Paris, Havre. Uambura, Bremen, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Ac., at reduced through (area. Per sona wUhing to bilng out their friends can buy tickets here at the following rates, to New York:?From Liverpool or Queenatown, iirat cabin, $75, $H5 and $106; steerage, from Liverpool, $40, from Queenatown, $30. These steamers have superior accommodations for passengers, and carry expe rienced surgeons. They are bulk in water tight Iron sections, and have patent tiro annihilaturs oa board. Fer further in formation apply in Liverpool to William Inmui, Agent, 22 Water street; in Glascow to Inman, 5 St. Enoch square; n Queens town to C. A W. D. Seymour A Uo.; in London to a ives A Macey, 61 King William street: in Paris to Julea De * ue. No b Place de la Bourse; in Philadelphia to John G. ? le, 109 Waluui street; or at the coinpauy'a oilicea. * t JOHN fl. DALB Agent, 15 Broadway, N. T. * K)R SOUTHAMPTON ANU IIA*hE, ON SATURDAY, A' February S.?The United Slates mail ateamer A It A Hi), V. Lines, commander, will sail fioin pier No 37 North r.ver, foot of Beach street, on Saturday, February 2, at noou. This teenier (unsurpassed for safely and comfort) hua double en gines under deck, enclosed by water tight compartments, whit h besides other results, tends. In the event ot collision or Straudtng, to keep the pumps free to work and secure the safely o) veaael and passengers. Price of passage in second tbiu, $76 and $6U. For freight or passago apply to IAMUKL M. FOX, gko Mackenzie, Agents, No. 7 Broadway, The steamer FULTON will sail Maruh 2. STEAM TO LONDONDERRY, GLASGOW AND LIVER pool?'Jhe Montreal Ocean Steamship Company a first class, full powered Clyde built steamer NORTH BRITON, Captain Borliiud, carryiug tho Canadian and United Stales mails, will s.iil from Portland next Satu day, February 2. Rates of passage from New ?ork, first class, according to ac commodation, $06 and $flll; steerage, found with ctsiiied pro visions, $30 Certificates Issued fur bringing out passengers from all the principal towns of Great Britain and Ireland at very low rates. For passage apply at 23 Broadway, New York. bABEL A SUABLE, general agents. STEAM tO UAMBURG, UaVRB, LONDON AND N >uthampton. ?The Uamourg American Packet Compa ny's steamship 'TEUTONIA, H. Taube, commander, will leave on Friday, February 1, at 12 o'cl<>ck M., for Itsm burg, via Southampton, taking passengers for Havre, London, Southampton and Hamburg. First cabtn $li*>| Second cabin $001 Steerage $33 C. B. ltlCHAKD A BOAS, 151 Broadway. The steamship SAXON 1A will succeed the Teutonia on March I. mUK NORTH GERMAN LLOYD'S STEAMSHIP X NEW YORK, II. J. Von Santer commander, carrying the United States mail, will sail from pier 30 North river, foot oi Chamber* street, on SATURDAY, Feb 16, at 12 o'clock M., r oa BREMEN VIA SOUTHAMPTON, Taking passengers to LONLOis, HAVRE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BBEMEN a; the following rates:? Fixst camii, $100; seoond cabin, $00; steerage, $35. For freuht or passage apply to GELPCKE, KEUTGEN A BEICHELT, 61 Broadway. IHltt LIVERPOOL?TUB WOULD BENOWNED CUP. per ship DREADNOUGHT, Capt. Samuels, will post tively sail on Monday, 4th February. For passage (lowest rates; appi v immediately, to secure berth, on board, pier No. 6 North rtrer, or to 1*. M. DEMAREST, 40 H iUth street First ship fob livebfool?bythe black ball Line, guaranteed4o sail aa stated?The YORKSHIRE sails tomorrow; NEPTUNE sails February 1. Stateroom accommodations at lowest rates Apply on hoard, pier 23 E. B., or to JACOB WILSON, low South street. TAPSCOTT'S LINE OF LTVERPOOL PACKETS ? Ralls on Tuesday. Jan. 29, the well known fast sailing packet ship GUY MANNER1NG, Capt. DoUard. .For jwasage apply on board, pior 36 East river, or to TAP SCOTT A Co., 86 south street. TAPSCOTT'3 LINE OF LIVERPOOL AND LONDON Packet*.?Passage from or to Liverpool or London can alwsvs lie engaged bv this well known line, sailing weekly, ?t tne very lowest rates, and draf ts Issued aa usual for any amount, payable on demand ia any part of Great Britain or ? li eland, cau be obtained by applying to or addressing TAP BCOTT A CO.. No. tW South street. New York. RO^ AL MAIL STEAMSHIP ASIA, FOR LIVERPOOL ? The ASIA, K G. Loft, commander will sail from the company's dock, at Jersey City, with the malls and pasaen ger* lor Europe, ob Wednesday, the30th Inst. Passengers are requested to bo on hoard by loo clock A. M. The ARABIA ... ?*. .. .... - February. E. CUNARD, No. 4 Bowling Green - ASSAOE FROM OR TO LIVERPOOL. BY THE OLD Black ftar Line.?Drafts on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Ac. The AUSTRALIA sails Februarys. The JOHN BRKIHT sails February li Apply to WILLIAMS A GUION, 40 Ful ton street FOR CALIFORNIA?VIA PANAMA A first class steamer will leave New Tork on the 1st, 11th and 21st of each month, except when these dates tall on Sun day. when the day of departure will be the Monday foliar for freight or passage opply at the only office. No. 177 West ?tieet, corner of Warren. D. B. ALLEN, Agent. Havana and nbw orle \ns EVERY Tt N DATS. To Mil OD FRIDAY, February 1, at 12 o'clock. THK KTEAHKHir BIBNV1LLE. J. D. Bulloch, commander. Is now receiving freight, and will tall a* above, from pier foot of Murray Mirrt, N. R. LlVlMtsTON, CROCHERON k CO.. 08 Murray at. The steamship CAHAWBA will call February 11. F OR HAVANA. United Slates Mall steamahip QUAKER CITY, R. W. Hhulcldt. Commander, TUESDaY, Fob 5, at 11 M., From pier IS North river. For freight or paaaagc applv to UAltUr' CUOLS k CO., 33 South alreet. FHOR SaVANNAH AND THE SOUTH Ihe alt amshlp* of the American Atlantic Steamship ?v>mpan . will leave pier 13 Narth river on the following days, It! .1 V M. MOUtfT VFRNON, Cap! Lav0eld, Tuesday, Jan. 2?. HUNT'Y H.lJt, t'apt. i'oet, Thursday, Jan. 31. MoMUOMKRY, Capt. W. C. Ilerry, Saturday, Feb 2. The M"ainr in of this line are all new. ard are nut surpassed i clrganre comfort, safety and speed by any on the ooaan. Ticket* to New Orleans, 75; Mobile, MS; Montgomery, 25, Memphis, HI 75; Na-hville. $27 76, Knoxvllle. $33 ft.), haltanooga, $26; Albany, $33; Columbus. $31; Atlanta. $31; ? aeon, $'*> Augusta, *17 50; Savannah, $16. Apply to H. B. K<?MW BLL k 00., M West street and 336 Broadway ISO it SaTaNNAH AND OTHER POINTS AH BELOW.? r The first class steamship FLORIDA, Captain Isaac :roweil. will leave on Thuredey, Jaauary 31, at 3 o'clock I*. I , from pier 3fi North nver. Through ticketa can be had for he I olio" ng place*:?New Orleans. $3$ 76; Mobile, $.16; doingi.iuery, *25; Eufaula. Ala.. $34; Columbus, $31; Al lary, $2J. Atlanta $21; Chattanooga, $36. Nashville, $27 76; Knonllle, $2ft SO; Memphis, $31 75~ Augusta, $17 25. Maeon, $2U. Savannah, $15. F?r freight or naaaage apply at 13 Broadway Ihe steamahip ALABAMA, Captain Geo. R. fir lie nek. will suoeeed. SAMUEL U MirOBILL k BON, New Tart. > JOHN R. WILDER * OALLIB, Savannah, i Agent*. North cakoi.ina-weekly The new and first class steamship P ARKERSBURO, < ;ipt. .1 E. Stannarn, will leave pier 13, North river, for Wll rning'on. N. c , on Saturday, Feb 3, at 3 P. M., connecting wi Wilmington and Weldon and Wilmington and Manehea )(t| tftjlfirtlll rfioda lor warded to all part* of North and Scralh Carolina ( e of eonimlseloa. reight 8 cents per foot and proportionate rate*. ioiuttnoe one-half por cent. Apply to H. B CROMWELL k CO., M West street and 336 Broadway. The NORTH CAROLINA will succeed, and leave on Satur day, Feb. 9. THROUOH FRRIOHT ARRANGEMENT.-rOR NOR folk. Portsmouth, City Point and Richmond, connecting with Norfolk and Petersburg and Houthstde Railroad, for L? nrhbtirg, hrtmol. Memphis and lntarmedlate plaoea Freight leeelved every day, and through reoalpta furnished, al plei IS North river gleam <lnp IAMESTOWN, Captain Skinner, leave* every Tuesday, at 3 1\ M. Ftenm-hip YORKTOWTf, Captain Parrish, every Saturday, at .1 P. M Freight t<> Norfolk, 7 cents per foot; to City Point. 8rente, and itlelimond, t? cents Passage to Norfolk, stateroom and meal* Included, $8; to 1'eli rsburg or hieiimond, $10; children between the ares of 1 and 12 ha"f price, LCDLAM k IIRINEK EN, No 116 Broadway. (? 10NSIOI?BB> PEB KTBAMBH1P MARATHON, NOW IJ dl?rhsr.'lng at Jersey City, are requeeted to attend at oni e to the receliit of their good*. B. CUNARl). Niw ioas, Jau. 36>, Ml. UBNTIHTKV. M a sTKR OBADl'ATED hi-ROEON OBNTl^T, No All tt'est Twenty ninth street, Bet wen Broadway and Hitth avenue. V M OKIFFIN k BROTHERS INSKRT TEEfll, WITH 1> . ..I .?It .tit I xM MCtmg i In* roots; on sliver or rubber, $8; gold $30; platiu*. $?>, |>?itlai seuon gold. $2 per tooth; sir <i" $1 I????'H filled; rfidd, Si?rents to$1; bone, ci-ment and ePver. ?t Pent-. Kxtnetlng, *i e-nts. T78 (irand street, New Y'uk. and 3R7 I'tiUon street, Brooklyn ' ]?1AN1U PRICKS.?HILVKR SKTS OF TEETH ONLT $" I"'d, $2U; vulcanite pat^uted, $16; guinoly^MW, $JI. Kinrr'" te< h. $ I tiuarnutied work. Fire premiums awarded. >x .irt g f?-i|* Willi lit ,.n!n. National it'ntai Oallery, hilth are .tie itirnerof fwentv-seeond street l?r V VN-ON Dt ? I IHLLIVKUS. |?U.I.. AIM TtHLLS FtlR HALE?WM. .T, SHARr IN J| tiles the public Wi eiamlne his lables, with newly In ve?t~l Cu'hlons, paWflea Noretnbor 16, l**i. which Imprcn e menl waki hia lahles enpprior to anv now in us* t'aB at Die til inula, 'ory. l?s Faiton s>r?et. Also several aeoind {bund ll'TNANT'8 ''li 1*PION BTLIjtARD Ta fT hie* ?1hP K?. ??lslor Spring Uashlo*, ]>,?tented A igiist li Wt, lively, oori'ti and durable, heroal any and all others nr . In nse. oflk-c and I -tc'nry 71 U >ld s-reei, Yo' k. "CIAJL. riRAk ? ? IIUTUAll INSURANCE OKFltE OK TUB ATLANTIC ??, UN. Company, New York, January ? 'arter of the company The trustee*, in conformity to Uia <*. *au ? on the 31si r)l! submit the following statement of Ita al? oember, I860:? Ut Premiums received on marina rtak?, frofe $4.aoa.7iS 77 January, lafcJ. to 3Ut December, IfWO Premiums ou policies not marked off 1st J auu- cttoi 11 ary, laflo t, ? 425 rig Total amount of marine premiums 9UUV trr No poiirien have beeu issued upou life risks, uumi|joo risks disconnected with marine risks Premiums markrd off from l*t January, I860, to Slat Ik-ember, 18*0. $4,Ml.136 M Losaci paid (lurmg the same period $2,419,44.1 72 Returns or pn mluuiA and t'i|M tiwf. MJ0.21I ou The company have the following assets, vU ? United Slates and 8tate of New 1ork stock, olty, bank and other stocks . .$2,666,578 12 Loans aecured by stocks, bunds and mortgages, and otherwise 1,190.1*2 OS Real eatate JU0,0U0 UU Dividends on atocka, interest oa bonds and mort gages and other loans, aundrv notes, rein surance and other claima dim the. company, estimated at lt)ft, 190 12 Premium notes and bills receivable 1,17N.416 *4 Oaah in bank 106,154 67 Total amount of aaaeta $6,64?,?H 10 Six per oent intereaton the ?iiilstonding certificates of pro fit* will be paid to the holders thereof, or their legal repre sentativea, on an al ter Tuesday, the 01 h of February next. Alter reserving two and a half million dollars of profits, the outstanding certificates of the tame of 1HMI will be re deemed and paid to the holder* thereof, or their lngal repre sentativea, on an after Tuesday the 5th of February next, from which date all interest thereon will ceaae. Thecertlfi oatea to be produced at the time of payment and cancelled. A dividend of thirty-five per cent is declared on the uet earned premiums of tho company for the year uniting Slit December, IhbO, tor w hich eurtltRatc.* will be issued ou and after Ttiodav. the 2d ot April next. The protita of the eompauy, ascertained from the 1st of July, 1842, to the Ut of January, 1H6U, for w Inch certificates were issued, amount to $10,278,8? Additional profits from 1st Jauuarv, 1840, to 1st January, 1*61 1,574,000 Total profits for 18'j years $11,852,560 The certificates previous to lt)M) have been redeemed by cash 7,<65,310 Net earnings remaining with the comi>aiiy ou 1st JanuaryTlAgi $4,197,250 By order of the Board. W. TOWNKEND JONES, Secretary. TBDSTkKS. ?lohn O. Jones, Caleb Barstuw, Dennis Perkins, Charloa Dennis, A. P. PlUot, Joseph Galllard, Jr., W. H. II. Moore. Lcroy M. Wiley, William Wood, Thomas Tileston, Daniel S. Miller, J. H<nry Burgv, Henry t'oit, S. T. Nicoll, Cornelius Unuuell, Wni. C. PlckengiU, Joshua J. llenry, C. A. Maud, Lewis Curtis. 4ioo. G. Uobson, Watts Sherman, Claries II. Russell, David Lam-, EdWurd R. Bell, l.owell llolhmnk, James Bnce. E. K. Morgan, Robert C Goodhue, Wm. Sturgis, Jr., B. J. Ilow land, P. A. Ilargous, Henry K. Bogert, Rcnj. Balicork, Meyer Gins, A. A. Low, Fletcher West ray, Edward 11. Gillilan, William K. Dodge, Rub. H. Minturn, Jr. Royal i'helps, JOHN D. JONES, President CI1AKLES DENNIS, Vice President. W. U. 11. MOORE, 2d Vice-President. IT *. TREASURY NOTES?NEW IS8UE, ! ? For sale in sums to suit Baylor brothers, 76 Wall street, New York. &QAA wanted-by a gentleman, wishing V()l Ml to extend his business, In cid<r, produoe, Ac. He is unwilling to lose any oart of his valuable connections, hav ing Invested considerable money to bring it together, but Is now restricted in means for a few months. Addiesa Produce, Herald ollioe. $50 .000 NEW YORK STATE 6 PERCENT STOCK OK 1873, In sums to suit purchasers, for sale by W M A JNO. O'BRIEN, 29 Wall street. LOAN OFFICES. AT 11 CHAMBERS STKEET?MONJsr TO ADVANCE to any amount on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Ac., bv the well known and old established ISAACS, auctioneer and brcker, II chambers street. N. B.?No business transacted on Saturdays. AS' 68 CEDAR STREET.?HENRY HYMAN. DIAMOND Broker. Cash advanoed on Diamonds, set or unset; Watches, Watch Movements, Silver Ware, Jewelry, Scgars, Ac., or bought for cash. Opposite the Poat office, room No. 1, up stall's, 68 Cedar street. AT 2t*i BROADWAY, CORNER Ob Fl.'LTON STREET - The highest pi Ice paid for pawnbrokers' tickets for Dia monds, Wi.tchen, Jewelry, Ac., Ac., at SUB Broadway, corner of Fulton street, room No. 9. 11. NEWTON. Advances made on diamonds, watches, Jewelry and Silverware, or bought for cash at the highest prices. Old gold and silver bought. Apply at tho old estubllshi'd offices of JL JACOBS, 67 William street, branch' 407 Broadway. T 666 BItOADWtY, CORNER Of PRINCE STKEET, room No. 5, up stairs?Money ndvsnced from $1 to J.'O.fXX) on Diamonds, Watches. Dry Goods, fseg.ira and every description of Merchandise. All transactions will be confi dential BAUMGARTRN A CO. AT 66 NASSAU STREET?A. HON1GMAN, DIAMOND Broker, inakca liberal advances on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Ac., or buvs them at full lvalue, st his private other No. 66 Nassau street, room No.'2,up stairs. Business confidential norSES, ROOMS, WANTED. HOUSE WANTED IN BROOKLYN-A SMALL MODERN built House, In a good location and within twenty mi nutes' ride of Fulton feiry. Address, slating tcrma, Ac., R. J. W., box 3,4ft Post office, New York. A HOUSE WANTED IMMEDIATELY.?A NEAT THREE st.'ry House, with modern improvements, between Fourth and Twenty-eighth streets and Fourth and Sixth ave nues; rent not to exceed $800, or part of a house at $360 for a small American family. Address Drummond. Herald ollioe. PART OF A HOUSE WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE tamity; a floor of three to live Rooms In a small house; rent from $10 to $15 per mouth; location not above Fourth, street; or in Hoboken, near the ferry. Addreat-C. M., box 109 Herald office. TITANTED TO RENT?A SMALL ICOMPORTABLE fv House, containing all modern Improvements, (one with English basement preterred.) located between Fourth and Twenty fifth streets, and Fourth and Sixth avenoes. Possesion to be taken by the middle of February. Address C. X. U., Herald othce. MIKCRLIiANKOUH. (CHAPPED HAND* AND LIPS CUBED IN A TEW J hours, and the akin made delicately soft and white, by the use ol' TADMAN k OO.'S Camphor Cake, with tilyce. Hue, hi Bleeckcr stitet and IK Fourth avenue. By mail V cent*. i. Marble manteta?orkat bargains in man t*?l?.>? A largo stock on hand, and redaction In price* for any kind ordered this month. Call soon at A. KI.ABEK'H marble yard. 113 East Eighteenth street, west uf Third avenue. Maatsls put up in any place In the on an try. mo THE PEOPLE. X BoWYEK'8 Spikenard Ointment U the sure remedy to cure the l'lles, and can be had for 25 cents per hog, or 50 cents, sent by mall or express. N<x MS Broome street. New York. , The auvkktihkp. f asm to pi-rchvse a fair paying business. well located. Any person having such to dispose ol for good real estate may hear of a oppor tunity. Address K. B. C., Herald oflioe. TO THE I.ADIES. ?LA DIES CAN (JET THEIR HAIR dii'KM d 111 <-vcr* itrle by competent artists at ALDER TON'S fashionable" lUlr Dressing and Ornamental llair Depot. 2Hi sixth avenue between heventeenth and Eighteenth streets WAHiHMi KACHIKO CHAlIjEN(?E, AND BIOHTPOB nale?I now challenge, mid will wash one or fire mi nutes with any inventor if washing machines in the known world, for one million oi dollars: and I make no <j*eeptlon as to prior or ei stid machine. My challenge WasherUall wood, no irou to rust the < iothci, and no friction U> wear them out Thev wash eight towels la one minute, a sheet in a minute, % shir t or table cloth In a minute, and then wring them out |>er f'xtly dry beside?all fnr $A apiece. Any smart man ran make Jl.iVOper month bj buying ? iinticj aud silling town rights, , or manufacturing hem. Prices of eounttes from MS to $^iJ0, according to population Send for a circular (with return stamp). Money cai be sent through the mall, when a certificate of right will i>e eent. Address Van Hoeseu k Brother, proprietor of kerchanw' Police Night Watchman, ST South street N V. COPARTNRR8HIP NOTICBS. A BAKE r^^Nf'B.?A PARTNER WANTED, WITH $ftsu, in a manufacturing lux- already established and jiaving large prntlts. cash arders on baud, and the partner luiir secured The article are a new discovery, and can be sold as fust a* made, fall on E. WRIUHT, 17Wc*t Houston street, second floir, I'rnm H A. M. toti P. M, AN EXTRAORDINARY CHANCE TO MAKE MONEY Without rtsk ?Partner wanted, with I'M) The business In not hurt by hard tiaea but rather very much Increased. An enterprising imm will lo well to call immediately at iM Broadway, room 11 UUWKH k CO. COP ARTNERBHIP.?A COMPETENT ARTIST. POR trnit painter, wishes to Join a photographist. In a good situstlon. to make painted portraits In high style. Address P. O. K., Herald otltce. DISSOLUTION -THE MR* OF RTDEB A DtTTKN hoefer is this day dlMOtred by mutual consent. Our Mr. Abr Diticnh .efer will oontnue the business, as heretofore, at the same place, mm Rroadwa*. He alone Is authorijed to recehra money doe to the late firm, and to siga our name in liquidation. ?Hew York, Jan 1\ Wfil HENRY B.RYDEB ABR. D1TTEBHOEPER. PARTNER WANTED?WITH A MODERATE ADVER tlslng cspiul, to commenre an practice with a regu lar physician of long ataixflni, who will invest equally Aa unusual thanre for the r?hl man Sio previous medtesi knowledge required. Addreai Rii ord, Herald ofUee, for three day s. "nrANTED?A PARI N El. WITH FROM TO TV 9iM,un in n cash biiainm* where large profits are made; no risk. Address T. K. A . Il?ra;d nOirc. ______ <J;1 Cn -WANTED, A <M)OD ACTIVE MAN, T<> TAKE ipltJv. 1 ulicharge of a veil paying Hutler and Krult Hlote; low rent, and apartment* tot a family, rent free, will give a man a great chance, as I am away a part of the time; will take part cash. Apply at Vtt Hudson street. ?AN ACTIVE BUIINEBK MAN WANTED. AS partner, In ?. grnlsel and respectable cash -nsl n< ss. Well established; he can real ire fr.m $15 In ? ?> per week and run no risk. Apply lo T. HAFI NKY, 4Pi Broad w nf. ?partner wanted, to Pl'BCHASE the !??)?)". equal Interest lu aiieney maamg Restaurant and Drinking Fuloon, established for llie past sUtcen years, on a puhiie tie .roughfare, ind In a business neighborhood Any tn >n having ibc above amount li cjsh can tealue a good liv ing and in. est his money to ndvtntuce. Apply at the National tt> Hlsurant, 1631 anal street, near the People ' liank. A |ii(t - a PARTNER WITH THIN AMOUNT TO JOIB ihe advertiser ui iIk iu nuiacturaol aM't.e ar tii-li' at n (i si of Ihree t" four fell*, itn I million" can be ? ol I at to fit* m ata t-ach. Apply at All. 71 Xaa-au street, room 9, third Bo<ir ____ AO iUUltO ?.'.I'" PAIP.JSBB *PB' IAL tiR A"' Pi,1 HIU tire, mHI' the a- r v WS"ted, tr. 1 n tl ? adit rilis I ill ti.e hi unit a t"ie ot ill arUC'r, for Wti !i ttere iii a couetsnt ct minid, nnd Kieh will reaiige n prutit ol Ii4i | er (eni Address Mhiicfucturer, J. I flwt sttta-t A-|/\ lifWl TO W4 .NTBD IX A f Il/iVu'' Btaauta? urlng Utsiin " wi H a steadily in Jes ing dcanoid, a W'mopdj; a spi aadraltiahl?Jtisln>>-< AildlUonsI <? ipiial r> iiiired solel- tm th? paipoe* ofey'ind kig facilities 10 Meet the deinnnd PflaeifMa nnl?, .jrt 'H $*! naetcsanst'inee of latervte-*. tite-.i HIM> vldrvn Buaiaet^. Herald office. $200 THH TURK. * TUB BASHAW TROTTING J. . ... UGHTNINU. iifs? srSw iftre^Wed, and got by Black H.?shsw, the alre^f the f* in for^ete<iMt mf. i"^!. 14 ft*f"*** >? ??*e medium. j*_fag?.?1<WPt.> C?jwSi*utlfttt aud in acthijj .wilt end fiT^SLJ kSftUSSS** previously. ? (MMuS* party SifSft, fit ""*?? u?l for (took purpoeei. few K. *? believed to bp second to uo horse in the country, by n^^treaaiug his owner H. Bi>ertug, Morrlsville, Bucks couii HORSKIi, CAHHUGE8, &C. 4 i rrEK 8LBIGH, BOMC AKDIUUrOBIAUl >."?<* tw Apply *t Oyster Kay. 5S3 Broadway. POK SAL.E?A VlUK, blood HAY HORSE. ltf HANDS hig!^ jlok'y *&.'!'?Ji" very stylish; alx years old; a very but" family ?r e^iTle^'si horse aud of superior action. Will lie atdd at panic price*. .Inquire at stable No. 70 bank street, near BUvcker. HORSES, CARRIA'.Bk,'. SLEIOHS AND HARNESS.? Kor naJe, inoiiyht FjV'Hy Osrrlagns, Bugiries. Grocers' and Business Wagons, md >M?ighs of all kinds. aud 40 Horses-selllng off cheap ai li.' i'ulton avenue aud 10 Nonas atreet. Brooklyn CLE1GHS-A FEW LUK8 THREE SKAT BLEIUHS, O for family use, also'a )<*>y Sleigh tor tour arsons; also a few Portland uiaue ! nttes for siie, very low, toelose out t he Muck ut SilYEKS A SSITU'S, 89 JLldridge air eel and 054 K roadway. SU'IGII FOR 8ALE ?A VERV SUPERIOR LAIUiK size family Blelgb, with pole and <Wu complete, built iu Portland to order. Also one single Sleigh. To be sold cheap for cash Inquire at No. 98 Oolu straei. OLEIOUS.?ONE KOR KOUR PKR?ON8, IK GOOD OR. der; price May be Men at 13 Ooli atf*et, up stairs. Alao a Cutter, for two persons; price 140. Inquire as a love. WANTED?A TRUCK AND PAIR OK HORSES, SUIT f? able f or heavy work Inquire at Engle's distillery, 142 Iktt at., Williamsburg., Price must be according to the u ma. BVI1CAL. A MAONIFUKNT SEVEN OUTAVE PIANOFORTE, -oX round corners, carved legs mid ea?e, overstrung bass, full irou plate, lined with satin wood, lulail with and solid pearl keys; all the mi dern improvements. made to order for pre sent owner; been in use but Bve months; fully guarimlead Tor three years, cost $500. w HI be sold for $230, including Stool and Cover. Also elegant Parlor Suit, cos: $ Wt, for $110. In quire at No. 70 Wei: twenty sixth street, near Sixth avenue. A6RFAT SACRIFICE TO RAISE CASH. -ONE OF tbe most superb seven octave rosewood Pianofortes ever offered, for sale ut 670 Sixth avenue, ut\ir Fortieth street, for $2011 rash, la magnillccully finished, in style of Louis XIV'., rich round corners, heavy carved legs, rich, powerful tone, the very best city tnaktrs, wi:h warrantee attached. Please call und examine for four days, from SAM till 8 P. M. A BARGAIN-$100; ORIGINAL COST PRICE, $.VJ.V tnugnilKvnt rosewsal 7 octave Pianoforte, rouud oor Tiers, iron frame, beautifully ornumented, splendid tone and touch, warranted. By order of Judge Leonard Superior Court. Apply at :i48 Bowery. JOHN McUoNALD, rc ceiver for estate of Cooper A Atliertou. c tUKKhlUNG A SON S GRAND SQUARE AND UPRIUUT PIANOS. MM Bmsdwnv, New York. PIANOS, MEI.ODEONS, ALEXANDRE OROANS?AT the lowest possible prices Second iiand Pianos at great bargains, from $2S to $ I Ml One bi'ven octave second hand, front round corners, fancy leg.-, fretwork desk aud overstrung, for $175. llanos and Mclndeona to rout, and rent allowed u purchased. Monthly payments received for the same. HORACE WATERS, Agent, No SB Broadway, N. Y. PIANOS, MELODEONS, HARMONIUMS?JNRST CLASH, lor sale, to let or sold on Instalment" on favorable terms Superior Harmoniums, one, two or three banks of keys, from t 175 to $4U). Cottage I'lauos, ftilly warranted, 6l, octaves, ISO; 7 octaves, $175 to $m J. M. PELTON, Nos. Stl and m.i Broadway, N. V. <5>1 r.A PIANOFORTES. ijPl-tJv/.?By the Introduction oi machinery iu the mum fac'.uring or pianofortes, we are now ible to offer to the pub 11c a seven octave rosewood l'iano, containing all th? modern improvements, for $15(1 cash, oi mom perfect workman.-hip than has usually been sold for $'<(*> or f n 10 by the old meth ?l ol'manufacturing We Invite all dealers, teartiers Of music and the public to call and eaauiine these new Instruments, ;il GKOYERTR1N A HALE'S, Corner of Canal and Hudson streets. New York. ISSTltl t TIPS. All in, penmanship, arithme tie, Ac., at PAINE'S Mcreuntlie College, 02 Bowerv or 2K) Fulton street. Brooklyn, receive strictly individual in struction at hours suiting, and progress as rapid ly as 1 heir ability and enterprise will permit. Ladles' writing lessons, $2 lor 16 lessons. A BUSINESS EDUCATION IS THE BEST REFERENCE for a young man desiring a good position ?Sucli an edu cation can be obtained at BRYArT, S'IKATTON A PACK ARD'S Mercantile College, tlooper Itis'ltute. Classes day and evening. S. tv PACkABD, Unaident Principal, ACADEMUH of PENMANSHIP AND BOOKKEEPTNO. '.nil snd 92.1 Broadway, New York, and 15 Court street, Brooklyn.?Ojien day and evening for class or grlvate in struction. Call for circulars. OLIVER B. OOLDVMIrH. Academy of lanocaoes, 930 broadway.?in. struction given In Krencli, (German, Spanish, Italian, English, Latin aud Ureek. Ladles'hours from'Jtol; gentle men, from 6 P. M. to W) P. M. Terms. In classes, $10 per quarter; to single individua.s, $20. At the house, in classes, $12. to single individuals. $10 (he quarter., consisting of twenty tour lessons, two lesaons per week. Apply to F. MAR T1NELLI, PilndpaL , , AT $A.?HI MNKSH WRITING.?TEEMS REDUCED one half lhU dnv ?DOLHEAR'S system of hand train lug, 009 Broadway, will positively remove stiffness or trem bling from any hand in one week, and give an elegant, rapid, business style. Academy of penmanship and bookkeeping, .'S62 Broadway, continued by W. O. HOOOLAND. for manyyeiirs with Oliver B. Goldsmith Applicants will be received this day and evening at the reduced terms of $3 for the course. 1 FRENCH AND EN'GLIMI INSTITUTE FOR YOUNO ' gentlemen, 92 Hampden street (Irving place', between Kulton avenue and Hanson pluoe, Brooklyn.?The third awar t> r commences on Monday, Feb. 4 For circulars. Ac., address as above L. J. S1MONIN andT. P CORBALLV, Principals Fhench and oekman languages.?prof. b. TELLERIMI, 818 Broadway, oorn?r at Twelfth street? e> tabllahed 18M?will receive new application* Tor private In a'luction and conversation In the aforesaid and ClasxIciJ Lan gua#ea, and make Translation.* or correspondence, Ac. CIOVRRNERS.?A YOUKG AND WELL BDCCATBD I German lady dealraa a situation aa guveruc" in a re. spectable I amily; la thoroughly couversaut with aU kind* of needlework. Tne best of references given. Apply at 2i Henry ?irwt, Brooklyn, near the Kulton ferry. MARSH'S COUNTING BOOMP, For praetioe and Instruction in BOOKKREl'INn ANT) Bl SINESS AKKAIKS, MM) Broadway. Irving Building. Circular!, with terms, Ac., on application. THE (.SPANISH LANGUAGE IK TAUGHT, AH HBRE tnfore. by CIPRIANI) GOKR1N, at Clinton Hall, Aator flace, room No. 7, where applicants avc requested to vail rum UJi to 1% o'clock P. M DANdKO ACADEMIES. J^ DODWORTH 8 DANCING ACADEMIES. No. H06 Broadway, New York. No. 137 Montague atreet, Brooklyn. Wednesdays and Haturday* In New Tork. Monday* and Thoradays, Tuesdays and 1'riday*, In Brooklyn. Circulars of terms, Ac, may be bad at either Academy. At trenors academies imjpilr received until May day?At 65 West Thirty fourth street, New York, Wcdneaoiiy* and Saturdays, and at 90 Buuth Eighth street, Brooklyn. E. D., Mondays and Thursdays Hours? Afternoon classes from 4 to 6; evenings. I rora 8 to 10. Call for circulars. ALL THE NEW BANCE4.-L. DE (I BROOKES' ACADEMY, .161 BROOME SiREET. A NEW CLASS KOB TUESDAY. Ladies' primary clansen Inatructed tiy Mrs. Brookes. SotKKK WKDSKSnAT EvKJtlXtJ. THE sch )OL is open all the YEAB. TDUMAK. BALLET MASTER OV THE THEATRES ? Hoval at Berlin .uid Hanover.?Danclug Academy, M7 Bowery." Lea?on? f 1 per month, four evening*; nnd Tuesdays and KrMays, $2. Private lessons 10 cents. Ladles' ailarnoon elsasrs. POLITICAL. KJTH WARD -AT AN ELECTION HELD ON SATUB I day evening, -lanuaiy Id. 1861, at U2 Ninth avenue, pur miant lo the call of the General Committee of 'I'ammany Mall, the I olio wing representatives were elected to the Convention, lo be held on the 2Sth Inat.I'doipho Wolfe, D. V. freeman. Cba?. O. Kirbardkon, John M. lames Watson, John II. Median. IHAAC W. HaKK, , JAMES Ml Ri: AY, J Ins|?cU>rs. HARRISON N1LLBNY,) BAILBOADK. HHUDSON RIVER RATLROAD?KOR ALBANY AND Troy, connoting with traliui North and West. Trains les\ w moa CBtasr** stki ? t. r*na TPitnrr nnsr STRvrr. Express, 7 and IIA M and 7 25. 11 1" A M . aud 3:? and ? audft P. M. P. M. Trojr and Albany fwllh sleep- 10 ift P. M., (Sundays in tngnarsi.tMft'P M. eluded.! Pougkkeepsie train, 7 .10 A. 8 A. M , 12 JO and 4 26 P M. M , IS M and 4 I* M Peekakill train, fi .'IO P. M. ?.? P. M. Ring sing train. '!:?) and 4 X 3:<o mil IMP,* P. M. Tanrtown train,6:10 P. M. 7101*. M A. V SMITH. Superintendent. EW YORK, If UtI.EM aND ALBANY RAILROsD ? _ Kor Albany and I roy, eonneetlng with (he New \ eek Central Rallrn id for all points W-?t, Northwest and South weat. also with the Northern Railroad. forSarcaga. Rutland, Burllrgton Plattsburg, Kott*e's Point, < (gdenshurg and Mon (rani W Inter srrangejn'-nt. commenclm; Monday, December 14, I8t0?Trtlnn will leave New \ork aafolljws.?I'or Albany T A. M. and t #P, M . etpress train from liyon row, uen> City HalL l or Albaov, 7 *1 A M and 4 ?5 P. M., do 2<Hb st daunt. Do.. 10 A M . etpress mall train, from I rron row Do., *0 III A. M . do do 4?ta si. defol Cntton Kalla, 4 P. M, stopping at all station* above Yiirkvllle. 2tJth at depot. hlte Plains, 8 Ift A M , 2:.*?snd A IV M , stopping at all *ta liuna, Irorn JWh st. depot White I'laiu*, 6:16 P. II , s'oppin.: at all stations, from W hlte street depot WMllatnsbildg>-, II N A M ?d<I4:I3I" 1? eiprtss train: Albany. 10:4S A. M.: E ist A.'< \ M . eipreaa mall tram, rnitoo falls, 7 A. *1, (topping at a!l statfou* north f T fmoiit. White P ain?, 510, 7 i.i and 10 A M. :ind 4:40 I'. M , ?top,iinn at sll st'Horn Wflllam^b: idge, ft:.'HI A M, and 1 P. M., stopping at all ?.? tlon* Widlsma'irldge, In p. M. (WednMtav snd Ra'timav only), *ii pping at all sL'ilinn*. Ik ket *???,! and latuag'* abcckeo for wi? *tatl?n?at M'\ at station .n!y JOHN HI RCHILL. Assmtan Btiiierlnlendent. II* ?'? ??? ? '. pi.tMH'- III >T EL 048 *BOADWA> M.I \ N i J i'srlot ? ?tid tedrooms for lamlM> * >? gentlemen, wltli e go. d laii'e. Laitatktn ui>sui'paa-ed lot at>aug?is "i l)n? n?*s rrie-i Ti rm< rea- nable to |a>^e'il le ar ler , Trt,n?lent g-ie -t? $1 90 per ilay. U'HIIM'.Y HOURE?NEW ANDBLI caNV HAK ? K hull.'Ing. Br .ailway, corner of Twelfth ?tree' '. tt dncted on tne !? ropesil pia i Itfunni-<i tnrougtomt Btut and %irj. I??P'. al ti> "at ati nri ?? U. M. MK.NMRTT, "lnH,,|eto w _ ARnrsBHKBrrs. NIBLO S UARDEK Jaqki M. Ntioo r<ctMoc ud Ml TWENTIETH WEEK Of the engagement of , EDWIN FORREST, 4 ' aueceasful pvrr performed by any artiste on tlM ^ mauagemeni, desirous of caiert U I? ibo ptiblle ?l?b h?vc much pleasure la anuouncin i ill ?l durrng the present tM? dislinguiahed favonte ai> pwr in uig inimitable personation . 1^- Cf*DDtAL RICHELIEU, '? *?w-n he hu no l.vtng equal on the stage rrarslM (or Hi tm mm. ln ihu city fur four year*, and 1110 pI*/,?l!SSj "?'h*- i? a style of UNEgUALl.KD Eel ECr AND SPLENDOR. New sceucry frum the original drawings. Characteristic costume* or the reign of Louis XIII , Supported by*!" i-ro,*rtlea, Ac., OAhT OK Cll ARACTKRS OF RARE ABILITT. On Monday eve ulng, Jan. Si, will l>e presented Bulwer's powerful play of RICHELIEU; OK THE conspiracy. CARDINAL RICHELIEU Mr. EDWIN FOltRKsT Louis the Thirteenth Mr Donaldson Gaston, Luke of Ori. a u *broiiiei to Louia XIII). Mr. Martiu tsuraria*> (larorile of the King, lu^t gentleman of the t hamlk-r, Premier, Eeuyer, Ac.I Mr. Ch Flutter The Chevalier de Maupral Mr. F. B uaway The Sleur de Beriugheu tin utteuJance oil the King, one of the couaplnttorsi Mr. A. W. Penan Joseph (a Capuchin, 1>1< belieu'scouildiiul/ Mr. tjauud Huguet (an officer of Richelieu's household guard - a *Py' ;- Mr. T. E. Morrta Francois (first page lo Richelieu) Mr. llarkm* Chtremont Mr. Taylor Captain of the Are ben Mr tioulMM Kirwt. . tfr. C*>k? Second . Secretaries of State ? Mr Hantaan* Third ( ) Mr. Amtawwa Governor of the Basllle .Mr. Beck* Gaoler Mr. EUU Courtiers, 1'agcr, Conspirators, Otlioera, Soldiers, Ac. Julie de Mortcmar tan orphan Ward to Klche lleu)...,.. Mr*. HTB. Conway Maiion de Lorme > Mistress lo Oilcan* but in Riche lieu's pay V Mr*. Kate Flaher New Soeuery, painted for the piece by Moaars HiUyard and G. Meader:? A Koom in the Palais Cardinal ?An Apartment In De Mau prat's llouae?A Chamber in Rlchclieu's Castle ai Ruelie? The Garden* of the Louvre?Audience Chambor* in the Louvre. On luKsoAV evening, January "29, THE ZOUAVB8 Wilt a|r>ear in thi-ee ol their bent piece*. Ou WKillstsiiAv Mr. EDWIN FORREST will appear, for the second time this pr> writ engagement, as C AKD1N A l> KlCHhLlEU. Doors open at ria?~ at ALLACK'H THEATRE SENSATION. SENSATION SENSATION. THF. TEST OF POISON THE TEST OK POISON , VIRUOR SCENE. MIltltOR SCENE. NEVER BEFORE EQUALLED ANY DRAMA. MONDAY. Tl'ESDAY AND WEDNESDAY, January, 2S, 29 and :'J) Twelfth, Thirteenth and Fourteenth MGiiitt or THE GREAT DRAMA. THE LADY OF ST. TRM'EZ, Translated ntul ad ipted from the French, etpreaaly for thl? theatre THE CAST Has l>een difitrlbiited hm follnwa:? tieorge Maui ?icc, a rich -hip liutldei and proprietor, SIi Lester Wallack Antome Cauaa.ide, head workman Mr Nnrlon t liariiu. ii Ariel, a young pbyviciau Mr. Reynold* Doctor Oerlnut Mr. Moorn M. latngloia, a public notary Mr. Young Coont (f Aubeme Mr. Floyd Jerome, an Innkeeper Mr. Bernard J>? mluique, servant to the fount Mr. I'araloe Joec|.h, servant to Maurice Mr. Coburn Workmen, Sailor*, (ieml.irme*. licrteu** d'Aul>erive. dauuhtor to the Couut Mr*. Iloey I'aulitie Langlois, wife nf Luugloia Mis* Mary Oaunon ( bin lotto, wile tif Aniolne Mia* Fanny Momut Toiuctte, wife of Jerome Mia. Walcoi Door* open at 7; commence at 7', Till. OAlKllES, THE OAORUW THE OAIFTIEH, C16 Btou.lrt ay, two door* lie low Laura Kerne'a. Theiv la NO RECESSION N<* SECESSION' M) SECESSION about tlil* establishment, on the contrary the forces have been augmented by the ACCESSION ACCESHION ACCESSION of tlic well known and popular comedian UK. OEOKGE WINS HIP. MB. OEOI'.OE WINSllll*. MR. OEOROE WINSniP. He will apiiear every night till f urlber notice Mis* CKCILIA MORLEU la *ttll at the Oaletle* Mtm FANNY thompson I* Mill at the Oaletle*. Mile. LEONOltA .ia atlll at the tiatetleH. Miss RAUJr. MASON Is *ttll at the Oaletlea. Miaa LIZZY WALBY ia atlll at the Oaletlea. EDWARD RKRRY, EDWARD BERRY, EDWARD HKRRY, the best Irish comic singer in the country, 1* still at the Uaietiea Mr. W. M. BELL ia Rtill at the Oaietiea. PICAYUNE BL'TLER is still at the Ualetle*. MONS. (iKEOOIRE, MONS. OREiiOIKE, MONS. IiREOOIKU, The MODERN HERCULES is... atill at the(laltle*. The Beauiifui BALLET TROUPE. Is. "till at the OateUea. The FINE orchestra is... atill at the Oaletlea. The BEST PERFORMANCE la... still at the Uaietiea. THE PRETTY WAITER OIRLS, THE PRETTY WAITER (JIRLS, THE PRETTY WAITER OIRLS, THE PRETTY WAITER UIKLS, ?IIE PRETTY WAITER OIRLS, HE PRETTY WAITER GIRLS, THB PRETTY WaITER OIRLS, THE PRETTY WAITER HIKLS, THB PRETTY WAITER OIRLS, THE PRETTY WAITER OIRLS, THE PRETTR WAITER OIRI.S, THE PRETTY WAITER OIRLS, THE PltETTY WAITER OIRLS, THE PRETTY WAITER tilRLs, THE PRETTY WAITER OIRLS, THE PRETTY WAITER OIRLS, THE PRETTY WAITER UIRLS, THE PRETTT WAITER UIRL8, THE PRETTT WAITER OIRL8, THE PRETTY WAITER GIRLS, who cannot be equalled elsewhere, are.. .atill at the Oaletlea, where gentlemen are Invited to call and judge for themselvoa, which la the beat place In thla city to pass a plnaaant evening. Admlaaion ISceuti; orchestra seats 26 oeuta; private box scuta OU cent*. Positively no boy* admitted. G. VANDENHOFF'S UNION POEM, Ry special tnvvation, bveVi ? ? Tl'ESDAY BYEN1NO, Wth inat., at 8 o'clock. TICKETS BO CBNT8. Reskrvko SkAT*.?Gentlemen desiring reaerved aeata, price ?1, may obtain them at the ticket ofllce, Hope tThapel, Moo day, from 1U A. M. to 3 o'clock "VTEW YORKER STADT THEATRE, :f7 :? BOWERY J> NARt:iss. Drama by Br?ch(K>gel. Nanisi Mr. Hoy in | Pompadour, Mra.ecBker-Orahtii PALACE GARDENS GRAND CAKNIVAL FANCY DRESS HOP, MONDAY kvbmino, Jan. 2H. Subscriber* who have not received ticket* can procure then on application at theoflice. h. It ?Re spectable partlea, wlihlng to become subucribera, can du so by applying at thnotlice from ID A. M lo S P. M. It. WILLIAMS, Coatumer, 404 Broome, atreet. HOOKLYN ACADh.MY OF MU8I0.-TO NKiHT YKK ill's ceisliraU'd opera, the SICILIAN VESPERS, will be pridueed. with It* gorgeous mine en scene and superb star cast. < iperm will commence at 7,lt o'clock STRATFORD DRAMATIC association-MEMBKRS and those who answered the eommunlcatlon of secretary are requested to attend the neit regular mee'lng, at J ft Eighth avenue, on Thursday evening, January if, at 7lj o'clock I'lInclual attendance la desired, km business of iin {K?rtanee will lie transacted A few vacancle* are still e?Ht ng. Gentlemen *111 please apply a* above, ladli-s by letter to E. J. Montague, President. B JX'RMTI HB. A bedroom suit ok bnamkllkd fubmitorb for fSS. in All color*, of warranted manufacture. Also B chc^tuut Chamber rtulta, pUiu and ornamental, at II 'ARRINGTON m, .KM < anal atrect, oppoalie Wooater. bllabed In 1H4M. AUCTION NOTICE-rrtPRflilAM H FURNITURE EX preaa racking EaUbllahmcnt. Ill and IIS Writ Klaeenia ?treet, between l itth and Mxth avenuea. I1iuk hold furni ture boied and ahlpp^d to nil parte of the world. Covered aaguna lor removing furniture ot I amiiica Storage for fur niture ITU'RWITTRK-A LADY BRBAKINU CP HOUSEKKEP * Ing wlahe* to aell aome plain Furniture; will wll It at alf ltd value. Brqk're need not apply, ('all at 908 Broome ?treet. TfURNITURB BOUOHT FOR READY MONEY.-A FAIR JP value given in ready money for Furniture, Carpels Hooka, Ac., at TO Sixth avenue, between Ninth and 1tath ?treeta. mUDICAL. ADVICE (BY HIM URATEFUl. I'ATIKNTH) TO THOSE invalid* who liove buffered from (he nmioMm no? aient of their phyaiclan, read Dr. Larmont a faxta un.l Lou don Me Ileal Anvlaer ami Xmriui' tlulde, xold by Lawrrnce, No I Ve*ey atreet, or consult the Doctor ai Ml BraJwny, (up atairvi, from It to#, ami 7 to# Thursday evening* Dr. Ralphs officer. i*? ciioshv matt.? Hour* Horn III', till 2, ami luitn 6 till V. Sunday, ex eepted. DR. HUNTER HAH for THIRTY VEARH COMFINED hie attcnti >n to diteax** oi a certain claaa, In wlilch he I ii-tr> iteil no Icaa than Buy thousand ea*M with out ?n In hlHBoeol lall'trr. Ilia ureal remedy, l>i Hunter* Ke i Orop, ObrM certain dlaeanaa when regular treaimeut tnd all other IMMdlei la I: cure* without dieting or restriction In ilie ha bit* ol the patient; cue - without th" dl?gu*tlng and atcfecnlng ellecui of all other reme lleii, ourea III new oaeea in lea? than ?l lioura. It root* out the polMinoua taint the bloo'l Im nire to abaorb i.nleai Ihi* reined) la i .??! It la $1 a, ami can no l.e obtained genuine any where but at tae old otlloe, No. .1 Division atrem Hook tor nothing, that treat* ot too evil effect* of early abu-e. -v? ? - ? ? * ? - - ? DR. WARD. AN OLD, BXPERIKNt ?D AND RE LI A ble PhyifcSan. ran eamaaoited m eotifXiaoaofioir ai t lltHd. OtBco 4MS Hroadwav DR. WARD-.- I HVOBTIMATR'i KRfRND ANDOTFIBR remedies Itrc an Imnv* cure. Price $1. with me ll <AI tremlae. Femalecor Iptalnt* alanrth ?ivc :i't"utloti in . me t* at ? ueocaafu iljf tnated^Atiaadaaw till .0 r >i. Ottiee MS llrw 'Iwav. Dll. COOPER, It DC A N K STRUT, V.'AV RK COM. ? itlt'd ur all dl t awsol a <p: tain aa'tire. Twenty il?ht >enra enittalvely deroMdtDtheaeromplain a,enable nltn to wairam a cure in all < 1 lie Mi lima ol' mlaplared rout ? Ii nee It) tnedlval p'eiendera caa i# , w th a eertalittj ul bi n - radically cured or no pty. VI II H. MDKR?m, BUH'TRlCIAN, Mi t!AR. IVK 1*1 ???mi.- (lalririlaot ? ulleil dai!/ In the t n-nt of fand .?iai ot tbe ieutalcaetu.ii w?'?in. liourafraia ten tafWf. IM ri ;:l ? HV DK W \ -Ml A. It tdADW V>. VP j ftalra Hla Lnfngtuialt'a Friend and aittar reutaili ? tie 1 ?" ? uti I Hi! 11 elii * (JROCE^KH RMTBUIn IK?Ctl V**pr =t 1* eomm'tgd aa aaUat, (H by lettte lit V^tt i, Me* \oik ft? )|n. - - **PWMMT| v RA UBMB'H THKaTKK BSt SSSk! I?atw ^aiIa hsh ******?? 5SfeEi:g TI EluHTH NIUUT ??v>v KIOHTn ni ht SIxty ?o?*g m?ht. HXTY J}! "J MXTY EI???" *I?T SIXTY EIGHTH >i^T sixty eighth SIXTY EIGHTH HIOHT. SIXTY EIGHTH BJiMIT SIXTY EIGHTH NIGHT NINETY five THOUSAND people N1NBTY-pivb THOUSAND PROFLB NLVJJTY KITE THOUSAND people NINETY FIVE THOl'SAND PKOLP2 NINETY-five THOL'SAND PgOPLB NINETY five THOUSAND PBOI'LE NINETY five THOUSAND FEOPLB NIKETY-FIV K THOUSAND PBOPLE N1NKTY FIVE THOUSAND PEOPLE NINETY FIVE THOUSAND PEOPLE GREAT THKF.e" act'lOCjU, BUBLESOUE, OKKaT threr ACT LO.UL burlesoub. GREaT THUhK ACT local bublksque, tiik SEVEN SISTERS. SftVBN SI SI Is KB, SEYBN SitTERS. SEVEN MHTKRH, SEVEN SISTERS, SEVEN SISTBBS. SEVEN .SISTERS, SEVEN SISTEK8. SEVEN SIxTKRH, SEVEN SISTERS, SEVEN SlbTBRs, SEVEN SISTERS, SEVEN HlflTBBH, SEVEN SlftTERK, SEVEN SISTERS. WHICH WII.L HE ItBP&ATBD MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY EVERY NIOIIT NBXT WEEK. EVERY NIGHT NEXT WKEK, EVERY NIOIIT NEX1 WEEK, EvEhY NIGHT NEXT WEEK, ?\ EKY NIOIIT NEXT WKBK, With the follow in# Dl.sTI'.IBt'TION OK OHAIUffTKRS: MORTALS, Dorwrrtir Towsaii ?ennimonly called Dowtee No tall?our country cousin from Vermont...Mr. B. G. Rouf.iu Arthur Stunnkh, dramatist avid artist m eravon, "Mr H. F. Dilt fr- itl, 111 uetu! Br. T. B. Johnston ? a phenomlnsl polict-mail, always in; Mr w??? 1 4Tt"lu ( the way w ucu wanted, with aids.. j Mr" Wrkn Many SritiM.i.i tr Mia. J. II. Allien ? ?MORTALS Ti tiio. King of Iladcs, the Elyslau Field* and all low countiies generally , a monarch l>y ni menu* h i Mm k ai I t' Ik painted, thouiih probably not near so good as lit: w ill <ijip.ur by the rcpresen tation of Mr. Lekson Plrtokvilli, one of I'lut . N.ud.-i Mr. Barton Dif*<'NOs, an old friend w lih a new face, hoping to Impress the public favorably Mr. Lktici Cl Kri\ one of the original sable brother*, an uu mitigated uulsance, In everybody'* way. and neter accomplishing anything gin d? In 1 art. so very bad thai hut bla.k lather, l'luto, won't hate him at Hade* at any price Mr. Burnkt? Coknmu.ot?Rkmyi?not b.ul spirits, by any mean", but who, while on earth, managed effec tually to misrepresent their constituents In the corporation council* Mr. Wai.i, Mr. Goodrich Di tvoLim, Hi .-.t i f the Seven Sisters, lalung a re % olt iu Hades and a breeze on earth, afterwards the Angel , afterwards fro in Highboy, af terward* the Murderous Mother, afterwards Flora. Goddess of Flowers, afterwards Captain Highboy, of (he Feminine Zouaves, nlterward* I lorn. Ilia sister, which disguises she assume* In the vain endeat or to mislead Arthur Miss Laura Kh.nb Pi.imn a, the second slater, a chip of the old block, out tor a liolilav, alier?ardx the Ani;el , afterwards Hob lltghbov, afterwards I'svche. afterwards Lieut IligVboy, of the Feminine Zouave*, afterwards Mlaa Angeluin Highboy, a lashlonable belle, afterwards a Bootblack, always assisting her slsior, and occasionally speculating u little on her own uffcount Miss 1'Ot.LvMAnSIIAl.L Taktauink, the third sister, another llgnumritm chip, also out for a holiday, al icrwards the Angel . aittrwerds Jerushe Highboy, alti rwurds Lieut. Highboy, of tne Feminine Zouaves afterwards Miss Maliitable lllghboy, a Inshli liable belle, afterwards a hot corn girl, follow ing In the fi otsteps of her Illustrious pre defcsKors In all particular* Mrs. Lomr Houcu Sti.i'iiL Hisit. Ihe rcuiainitig lour of the f Mrs. H. Vimsci Sl'.V I.N Si.sthix, Faiecinmla.. who, in tho iiiohI able | Mins Nora Lkiuh ? m?nner, assist the dta- }? .. blerlos of their sisters, as. Miss Mklyille sinning a variety of cha- I Cant isii t.... raeters lor thai purpose. ( Miss Wili.OUGHBT Mrs Fi.i'to, lonterly called I'rosperiue, the one laii dnlighter ol Cere*, originally borne to her bv .lupin r, and subsenuently borne from her by t:luto, w hich fact sultlcleiitly accounts for her iippeating la thi*oonnncUos Mr. Piters Oioh. an estiioalile lady, considerably younger thi.n her daughter above alluded to, and Intro duced solely lor the pui-pcw. of Introducing the lust scene MIsbRyf.rrtt sriniT ok Arthur's 8i*tk* Mis* Krancu tiuriD, a well known spirit, afterwards Young Sam, afterwards the Sprite of the Chrysalis, Littlk Hart Biillock During the piece will be represented a serious tragedy, in one act and sever*! tableaux, called the MllRDEKOlS MOTHER AXI> HIK DEVOTED DAUGHTER. The Itemor?elek* Tyrant Mr. G. F. Browne Premiere Danseuse. with a tit and I'as Mrs. G. F. Browne DON'T FAIL TO SEE THE LAST GREAT SCENE, Till BIRTH OF THE BUTTERFLY IN tiik BOWKK OF FERNS. BOX BOOK NOW OPEN, SEATS MAY^BE SECURED, Without extra charge, TEN DAIS IN ADVANCE. Doors open at Of,; to commence at 7>? o'clock. Performance over at 10 o'clock. TJCINTER GARDEN. fY Ijessce and Manager A. W Jackion The inuuagemKut ha* pleusure In announcing that on MONDAY EVENING, JAN. ffl, MR. EDWIN BOOTH Will appear in hi* great Role of RICHELIEU, With whJ"h his name Is now Inseparably oonneoted. in New \ork, he can only api>ear for p appear A Vew NIGIITH Iii each of his great jwr*.nations. B OWEHY THEATRE. MONDAY evening, .fannary SM, 1MI, GRAND COHPMMBKTARY BENEFIT E. L. TILTOX, And last appearance of the DRAMATIC AND EQUESTRIAN COMPANIES Trior to their dspai tore for Boston, On which occasion will be performed the new Military Equestrian Spectacle of TIPPOO BAIB, or the STORMING OF KEKINGAPATAM which ha* been reoelvc.l nightly, with uubounded applause, ??y Delighted Audietieet. MELODEON, ,V? BROADWAY. CBOW1M OK PBOPLB CROWDS OF PEOPLE CROWDS OF l'lOPLE Assembled on Saturday evening to as- 1st at the REOPENING REOPENING. NKW COMPANY. NEW ADMINISTRATION. NEW COBPANY. NEW ADMINISTRATION. NEW SCENERY AMD DECORATIONS. Brilliant raeWM of the new FAN TOMIMIC BALLET by MONS. BOOXUARY. FARCES COMIC ACTS, SONUS, DANCES, AC , By the whole of this Immense company. MIK8 KATE PENNOYER, MISS KATE PENNOf>R, MISM ADELE KELLER, MISS ADELE KELLEK, MISS AUGUSTA WALBY, MISS AUGUSTA WALBY, In gracclul Dance*. MISS ELDF.RTON, MISS ELDERTON, MISS HATT!R JAMKB, MISS IIATTIE JAMES, IN SWKKT SONGS. MESSRS. CANE. SlIAY, WATKINS, DOBSON, O'NEIL, WHITNEY, SIIAPPEE AND OTHERS. BEST ORCHESIRA BEST ORCHBSTBA IN TUB CITY, IN TUB CiTY, U oder 1 be direct ton of PROF. A. STRAUB PBOF A. HTRAUB, The crlebrated Leader and Com|io?er. Admission U cents Orche-tra, 'ii n uts. J AS S WIB1KT, Proprietor C M. MILLAN, Stsga Manager. Ballet girU wanted , Apply at U A. M. fi ROOKLVK ACADEMY OF MUSIC!. MATINEE EXTRAORDINARY. 1 n compliance with numerous rwqaeata. and to Mcornno (*i* famine* and Ihone rmiditm at > distance, JOHN S. HAKtV will aire one AFTERNOON EXHIBITION OF IIORnE TAMING IN HKOOKLYN, At the ACADEMY OK Ml Kit: iMonuau* afreet), TUEhDAY AKIERMKiN, Ian ?, 1H6I, AT THREE O'CLOCK, when, in addition to the celebrated CBtlsER AND TUB SHETLAND PONIES, SEVERAL AMIMAM OK THE MOST VICIOUS AND IJNTAMAHLE NATURE will bp Introduced and aubjuitated, thus practically illua UMing 1IIH WONDERFUL SYSTEM, and demonstrating his ability to Mibdue THE MOHT ONMAN Atil.AKLK ANIMALS v UICH CAN HE PRODUCED. This will be, pmiiiTplT, Mr. RAkEr r LVM EX II TION IN RROOLLTN. The *ale of tleke's for Mr. i ?/'? only afternoon perforin snc-In llroofclyn commenced Imt S it .rd?y in irmn^, Jan. 20 at ihc boi 0911*01 IL* Academy ot MtlsU. ADM IftUON Vi fTf,CENTS Referred -cam ti.iy Mfcts evi.-a T)R0KR??W>R .TWO. W. 8. HOWS J Will gtrc tbc Ptni Kwuliug <t lbs 'Ir?nr*e This Evening. Mojrr>tr, .'an t\ i?t o'clock, AT CLINr?% II M.U Selections fr"m "Hcnrj \ III.,' Htobarl III., ...' , for modal." P'cken." iV BcB"*r Single tickets fur ?e.?liT tcket-J?r Jb..* Pet mm " fi For -4le a' M ,v Applet- n Lee*-*" 1 "? auu 1 Crowfti. N"(iTn>?..TBM LOVBM or JURJJONT ?MQgUD Ol.t K -JHh I. >r. ( %i) y,n.i,.,.atreet. tout *"%?> eOr'i.1.' ?'b..:r l-Vet, t.y O ?-tn ,41.1 *' , ,, v ?'H?'/r; I Irf'?0 Dv U'lbounil ?r."i ?i fffoM V ?? M 1.111 11 1' ,.rl?t n. tl< at v ,, . rf '.K MI'HIO.?To NIOHT THE 'hICILIAV ? ~C? I I C > . Kri.'-I. il. tlrat up ' note ol >hmii1. ferrl and t l?ttl Op?* >11, com iien.e ?(velock. ... 'ILL CLOSE ON 1 AT I'.HVY, FEBRUARY 1? The 'h;l ? Hi' 1, E\hn>lti< :i ul Pic nr, 01 tiif Krone ft ,?l OTien d* >" am i *?et.l?a AdmlM'i ' S^rafta At 00 *'111/ , 7*? t?.v? 'way co uci 1. .mui 1 street. Aiivnnurri. A c m??u "? Y-HINK lb Y?TROV ATOMIC tS ""yt-Me of ?U? bail tor the beoetkrf }r' ^ D'PW'UnjDl Kuiii tbka. vemag, for rbl'iti rnxst^km y Munic ht4 than oreiniul* rtu/xrwl th? tv ?u lar Omti night v. Ill takepla.'oi ' '"****"' lhere^ TO.MOlitOV ITl'sSKv) IVtNIKQ J^.s M ?MMM appearance of the new prun* <U*.a? Mu<a Isabella IIink ley" IL TKOVATOKR ' ISABELLA II INK LEY u ADELAIDE PmILXFI'8 aa BltltlNOLI M FKRRT u CioiSuS COLKTIT ..... >2rrwS Director a ud Conductor Sjg. JIUZIO Slgnoriua ELENA will shortly make her debut. Iu active rehearsal \ erdi'a celebrated now Optrt. I S BALLO IN MAbCHERA Correct Opera Books at Sibell's. No IS W.?il street. A l ADhMT Of MUSIC, BROOKLYN ? O'BRA. J\ To <Uy, at 8 o'clock A. M., the bo* otbee m the * itnnir ?>? Music anil SlbcJI's, Wall afreet, Now York, will b- h?jj lor the sale of tickets for this nrrolia. Hit LILIAN VESPERS. This Kvkmsu (Mondat). Janiurt M, at 7l?(Vetoefc. Verdt'a celebrated opera, ? ,w TIIK SICILIAN \ KSPtiRS, ft HO Its gorge, .us hum en scene and superb star ca<t, wttfc entire new citalunes. First appesiance of the celebrated Basso SIONOR sl'SlNi. **? Danehf u Klnna. Mg. BRIGNOL1 an Airlm. Nig. FBRRI aa *onf<wtL Big. SUSINI (his brat appearance; a* .lolin of I'roclda. bin. l:OLBTI1 aa . ..lieVandfluont. Director and Conductor big. MUZIO. Doors open at 63k o'clock. Sicilian Ves|>eiii commence at 7^. UNION! UNIONI UNION! BY SPECIAL INVITATION. Signed by If. H. Aspinvvall, Auguat Belmont. M. II. QrloaaB, Wilson J. IItint. J. Q. Jones, Geo. Bancroft, (Jul. C. Var plain k, W F. 11avemeyer, H. O Stebbiua, J II Gerard, Wsa. C. Bryant, Dudley B. Fuller, N. Ludlam, Jaa. U. (feu If. Morris, Ksi|a , and other*. GEO. VANDBNHOFF Will recite Ills original POKM KOR THE UNION. LIFE, MEN, MANNERS, MODES AND MEASURES, On Tuesduy evening, Mth mat., HOPE CIIAPEL. To be followed by the scene from Dtakeaa between DICK. SW1VELLER AND T1IB MARCHIONESS. Tickets SO cents. For aale by Messrs D. Appleum A Co., Mr. Crowea'a b ?tore, and at the hall door. XfEW BOWERY THEATRE JL\ MONDAY. January 28, 1801, SIX NIGHTS MORE Of the Talented Comedian, Mr. F. S. CHANFKAU. The popular local Drama of NEW YORK AS IT IS. Mose Mr. F. 8. Fi The Protean Builcaotie of VARIETY; OK, TIIK MANAGER IN SE\RCII OF NOVEWT. IuUodncIng the following Tableaux and Imitations:? Mr. EDWIN HORRKST, THE SEVEN NIbTERS, Mr anil Mm BARNEY WILLIAMS, KAItKY MANIA, BURLEWyOE CIRCl'S AND GRAND UNION TABLEAUX. The pciioiniance terminating with the blttorml M> ma of LA TOUR DE NESLE. B ARNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM. GREAT INCREASE OF ATTRACTIONS. OLD ADAMS' CALIFORNIA M ANAOF.RTE. Tbe moat wondevi ul anil exlraonlinary collection of WILD ANIMALS *KOM TUB ROt'lCY MOUNTAINS, California, Oregon, W.mliiugton and Utah Terrltorlea, and, indeed, fmm all the wilda, forcxta and glens of comprising Grizly Beara, Cinamon Bears, Golden Beara, llyeiui Kears, l-'lgliting Beara, Dunelng Beara, Hcrwthll Beam, CUmbiua B' lua, White H aia, and tbe great MAMMOTH REAR, SAMSON, the largest and most ferocious boar ever captured all**, weiulilng near 2.0IX) pounds? prnbatily the most formlilaUa wild auimiil ever subjected to the will of man; besides many other American wild animals, as GENUINE AMERICAN LIONS, Ao. This entire culicctlon, a complete exhibition of Itaelf, la added to the Museum, without extra charge, a large and ouaa modtous saloon having been expres*ly fitted up for that par pose and connected with the Museum by a broad stairoaaa. The manager Is also gratilicd to announce A OREAT CANARY BIRD SHOW. by the Excelalor Canary Bird Kansiers' AatKx laUon, constat ing exclualvely of Ki lglan Canary Birds bred In New Ydk from Imported stock, one of the large saloons of the Museoai will be entirely surrounded by the very choicest birds, Ik beautiful cagcs, forming a group of feathered beauty ??? c.mailed in the world. Also engaged for onu weok more, which Is l'OSITUtLY THE LAST WEEK Of their exhibition hera, THE WILD AFRICAN SAVAGES, Who bave attracted so much auction aa living specimens off the liumau race, never tiet'ore seen here, vl*.:?A Kaillr, FtogK /.isiloo, Hotleniot and Bushman. They will be seen at aB hours, aa will also a $140 SPECKLED BROOK TROUT, Weighing 5 poundsU)l? ounces, caught in tbe township of A> diea, Delaware eouniy, In thia State- the largest that nas ersr been known. Also, the wouderful living WHAT IS IT? OR MAN MONKEY: THIRTY MONSl'EK SNAKES, GRAND AQUABIA, And SCO,000 curiosities from every part of the world. In the Lecture Room the splendid drama LADY OF ST. TBOPBZ, Will be performed every evening, at 7)i o'clock, and Wed Ma day slid Suturdav afternoons, at 3o'clock. ELOPEMENT, OR THE LEAR OF PRIVATE LIFB, Every other afternoon during the week MisaDAWEoN, Iks double voiced singer, appears at each performance. Admission, 23 cents. Children under 10, 1ft rents. Parquet, 1.1 cents extra. Children under ten, 10 cents. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS Monday, Jan. 28. and every night during Ihe week, PROF KARE-IIIGtl The celebrated hosa tamer. The lecture will be PRACTICALLY ILLUSTRATED BY THK INTRODUCTION AND 8UBJUGATION or THB MOST VICIOUS ANIMALS THAT CAN BE PRODUUMB DAN BRYANT, The plantation Darkey wNI dance his woHd renowaed ESSENCE OF OLD VIROINNY. PERCY and WAMBALD, the beautiful tenors, in M* b:illads, new songa. dances, aolos, sayings, burlea<iue plaata lion scenes, Ac. Doors opcu at Obi- Curtain rises at 7l?. Tickets 2S cents. HOOLEY k CAMPBELL'S MINSTRELS, NIHLO'S s a loom MONDAY evening," January 28, and every evening, Kimt appearance in ihlmitT of tb? very talented Kthlnpi ?n Comodinn, Johnny Duleyj late of Bumaey A NewoetaMi MiaMrdi. NEW FK.ATURE8-NEW FEATUBES. PIRBT TIME?I'lKK'.N PKAK EMIGRANTS. JOHNNY, SOVVD YOUR BUGLE. CUM I'LUNQ on. THE RIVALS-BRIAN O'LINN, THE KETUBNED CALIFORNIANH. Ac Ac.. R. C. CAMPBELL, the Prlaoa of Ethiopian Vocaliata, in new Snugs and Ballads, ?making an entire change of performance. Duora open at 61,. to sommcnc* at Tii\ ticket*, 23 cent*. VENE8I TENUHII VENUS!!! MR. PAGE'S GREAT PICTUBB, AT THE GALLERY, <548 BROADWAY, With upwards of eighty other fine works of art. BUDWORTII A CAMPBELL'* WOOD'S MINSTRELS, From 444 Broadway, New York. Houret crowded when thry nmwar. Tti.a company will pe rform for three nlghta only, at COM CERT 1IAI.L, Newark, New Jersey, on Monday, Tneafl^r Hint Wedneiulay, January 28, 29 and 30, when a an led pro gramme, variid each evening, will be presented, ixmotuaiag with a farorlte afterpiece. The Rarer burlesque and iht New Union aon*. Doors open at ?*?, commence at TSt Tickets,? cent*. ~ (CANTERBURY MUSI* IIALL, J ftvt BROADWAY. SECOND WEEK, bECOND WEEK. SECOND WEEK or tuk ukeat BLONDIN, BLONDIM, BLONDIN, BLONDIN. BLONDIN, BLONDIM, THF. HERO OF NIAGARA. THE HERO Or NIAGARA. BLONDIN, BLOND!*, BLONDIN, Undoubti dly la tlie rao*t daring man or the age. BLONDIN oil MONDAY NIGHT MONDAY NUMB wii.i. r*cn. All hla other acta performed at the acta pent CANTERBURY CARRYING A MAN ON HIS BACK CARRYING A MAN ON HIS BACK CARRYING A MAN ON HIS BACK CARRYING A MAN ON HIS BACK Tin- whole length of hta Grand Aacen ?ion Rope. Any one of the .udience ma; lake ihia opportunity of ?W siting the dome of the great CANTERBURY and allowing an araunnt of courage iio seawd by few. Nr.W HITS HAM COW ELL NEW Him NKW HITS. SAM COWKLL NEW HIT*. NKW HFTS SAM COWKLL NBW HIYt NEW HITS. SAM COWELL NKW Him NBW HllSi. RAM COWELL NBW Uim BILLY BARLOW BILLY BARLOW. BILLY BARLOW. BILLY BABLOW. 3. II. OGDEN. J. H. OODKN. J. H. OGDEN, .1 H. OUDK.V, the great lrl-h conic Singer, and FORTY OTHBR PERFORMERS, EVERY NIGHT. EVERT NIUflE. FOX A Off BRAN, I'ruprteio* Norhi*. Treasurer. PAGE'S -VENUS" . . Ilaa returned to the Gallery, No. Md Broadwag. In New York alone upwards of ?/.,??:: l prr*ona hare flatted thl* gieat work of art. open day and ernnlng. Admi**l'>n * cent*. R EPURN OF PAGE'S YE "WW To the Cilery, ^ BHnAVWAT w ILL CLOSE J^V?g*h${tio9tf AT 'ict ^hroVdVay 1IIII HARMONIC HOCflJTY OF NEW YOBK. jII ii.ii i nineteenth *ea?m I8ft?-I861 THIRD CONOKBI at THE ACADEMY OF MUSIC. Saturday evening F? brum v 3. 1801. ? On which necaalen Mr Lot IS SCUREIHKH, nolo, cruet a pi* too, and hetlEBMAB I.IKHERKR vNZ, of New York, liave kindly voliintrI'd theli aeir'.ee* ORCIIEsfRAL ''IECFS. Shtimsnn's Symphony, No 3; llavdn-Svmpbotne, No J uM Wairner'a l/vanuis to lunuiiaruaer Conductor. Mr. rhe"dire PijfelA > h ket* for <al<1 at lb' n*iii>t plare^ All tleket? void it iho din i n the evening of con Oft will be$1 Jtte.tch Dooraopea at 7, to memoeee at s o'i io< k. Hv orrtri L. SI'lbK, Secretary. TOKATRE FRANCAII, 8W BBOADWAY.?MARDI, ]? Janorr. 1861. t rind etier**. LEB CANOTIBbS DM l. \ HEINE (Weoaqna't'ine k grand wpeetacb enflWo aec~?, rix W-r de ? t'.int*et de Panae .1" MM. TliU r* et l?i pent? -pKOOKUN ACAD* MY OFMUSIU?OPERA I) In order In ao*onHBO<l*te th> |>eople of W'dHamaknrg^ Hathni i, OrovnwofKl, i.. i .t.miai a and other r I e iit-a, arrang>menta hare be. i made with the Bi >kiyn ? it# aid t ? ntral filtdriHid* >1 i??n i l-' llonal iiiiin'<ero' "ta f In ? alttt'K ?' the ooti'tn?t(m of i',. it,.... The ' n? tiy will utatWM it* *'*r^ at ike ' iy llall, tbe cenkr* fnaiji *|ir the A'he trt 'till* *tll i >mi|. h# r> i>^?taat Ha lw t >li?tau' U' << " *" " 'b i o>h ?.? li ie't> te?e?% tlie i liome* bj '>a f f**: rfrea

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