Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 29, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 29, 1861 Page 3
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Ol'l'l CUnlIifeimiAL *?moav, J+u at? d P. M. m?.?i tie market was quiet ud Baiee < online J to lots at uncb-nge.i pric ??. jULtomi lit?Fiour?.he market *U st-ady and Ifea wt-ro irregular b it aiibout change of importance >ui nalnmay'a puces i be mkHt embraced about .,040 MM., closing within the following rang? of hte ? E- p?;J Uli? Stale $6 20 a 5 3? ira Stale, j,i*4 to clKice s a # "0 taporiine 6 a 6 30 tomuioii U> choice A'oeiern oxira 6 40 a 7 26 Mu<-m to straight Southern 6 76 a 6 06 bt' ilgbi to good pjtrtt ? 10 a 7 26 i.1w>Uu t-xtra family au'l bakera' brands.... 7 iS a H 50 rtfe llcur 3 10 I 4 30 Curt.iuual, JVraey aod Urauil) wum 8 00 a 3 66 ?lh ur was heavy. lai* grades were pleu.y, w*?ue iho atlert embraced about 300 bbls., at (a 46 a >7 'd>. Sou'hern Hour was inactive, and prices were ? ttti'iui cbaige of importance rte sates umbrae -d 'lout 800 tbia., c.on.ix tviiUin Um rauge of ihe ve quotations. Kye Hour *u BMuty and in fair aand ut oar quotations, with bale* of about 200 bbis. oineal war anil and noavv , w? Ui suiui Kales within the <ge of our quutatln? Wheat wan heavy tui'1 prices un loU V salon euibiacei 46 000 bushels, at #1 60 for null lot o< choice whi.e U'chitfau, $1 1# a $1 39 for * tr colored Iowa aid Wisccumii, $1 26 a $1 27 for M 1 kee duo, $1 32 a $1 35 lor xe I rtYsieru, SI for rcu state, $1 34 tor while Canada, $1 25 for ula club, and $1 18 a (1 20 tor Chicago. Barloy was aii't toleiub y anuve, wiib sales of 4,000 buebels a hast, 111 ?tore, ?? 72c. Barley malt q net at ?7c. (wit were i.oavy, witb -ana of Wtwutrn and m ? 36t?0. a 37' , and of Statu at 37c. a 37>,c. otTuN.? uinke'. wan active ana Ural l'Li<- 'bracid aboiH 7,000 bales, 5.000 a 6 000 of which wore id in travail. "he market closed tiiui,on lb) Oasis of a toiicwiug quolul>oub:? Ljki'.di. Florida. iV ff fWaiai dlnary 0'4' 9>i flolibr. >2*4 12*4 12'a 12, idlu g fair 13 13 13)? 14 P, 13 >? 13 X 13 X 14 Si 9u?fks.?Ihi oiarke. was B:cady and s u-'H flinirn . a >ul 260 mam.lava at ltt'4C, 460 bigHKK>a'. 11 . a k*c., Ito do. it-1 aca:bo at , and 220 do. Jamaica M*c. Kkkk.uth w* re firm, with a fair inouct of ei.gig"meu:?. Tu lavcipjol, about o0,C00 a 4C,00O uunbeiB uf wuoat wore engug-ii, n Bbip'h bi^a, at (2d , 2..00 bob). Hour at 3a. ?u-, ; 00 boX'n bacou at 36s.; SCcmk.s od cake at p. L, ?nil 3C0 bbiH. lar.l at 87?. 6d. To U-udoci. rates RUaJy, wbf>e ei gageini-iitu were moderate; 10 t-ins clover 8n?d w re cngugeU at 47s. 6<i. A veuBel #a? ukea for Cork and a market to loud w/.h aoout 20,000 busbeji 01 wheal at 14d. m bulk Hay?-bies oi 800 oalee, for eh.pment. at 90o. a tic. Ipei 1(0 iba. i Uoi aMOS was quiet, and Bales only made in small job bing lots*. I'Rovi. ioms.? 'oi k?1'ne market was quiet, whi'o pr < "? were HUKtaiueO. The tTannacuouH embiuced aoou', 300 fcbls . iLCluumg new mess at $17 76 ? $14 and uev prime at $13 Beet wax iu fair lieniau i at $3 75 a f'J 02'i tui iepiM'ked uiets, and $10 a $10 623^ for extra; 20 bblB. Ki.b.neou'B Buckeye extia meds at $11; 60 3 01a. clear poik wild at $20, and 60 bol' good Wextern were Mild at $15 Bucou wae steadv, w>tu sales of 100 boxes M>U|t rib be middles on private terms. Jressed ho^s were Uriu a. d in ie>{UeBl at 7>4C a 7^c. laird was lirm, with feale? oi 300 t>btn. ana tierces at 10'4c. a 10^o. for ftoiMi to piimi' >\.stern. Out meats more lirm, witu sales oi 160 blkds at 6'4c. a >?,?. for Bboulders aud at 8j. utfc. fi t bums Butter and cheese were stea>jy, with .'air KUbS kl uiu pi lees. kKK ? ales of 400 casks were made at 3%c. a 4 '4C. fttium ? 400 bags p men'o sold at 4\o., ca-ib. fatko.?Saie? ol 870 oags clover weie made at at 8J?C. a l^c ,auu prime at 8^c. ru<UMi>.?Ihe Hales embraced about 300 hbds. Cuba, ,rt rebniny goods, at 6>iC., and 76 bhdn. New Or leans , .fcmsKiv.?The sales embraced about 300 bbls, at 18c. ft 18)t?., wbicb was an advance. 8PBV1AL NOT1CG8. SONIC NO'UCB.?MYSTI'J TIE LOOUB WO. 27iC Ju K. and A M.?The membern are hereby notlBed to be ri ^alar in atteii?tance this (TuesdayI evening, at half-paat ae v?n o'clock, 1 or work. By order. CHi*. A. kkkTiitu, See JOS. H. TOOVE, W. M. MA8ONH' NOriJK.-TBE MEMBERS OF SYLVAN Uruve L> dge V7t are hereby no-ifled that a apeelal meet' tug will be bt.u on I'uaaday evening, at hal- paat 7 o'clock. Meml^rs of the fiatei nlly are reBpeetfullv invited to attend. By order. Wtf. H. BUl>l<ON, W. M. EW tOKK COONTV MEOICAL SOC1ETT.?A 8HE clal uieeiiug of tbU society will be held at the College of N rby?klan-aua f urgi-on?, b ourth avenue, corner ot Tweutv thiid Htrect, on l u> ?day, 2vth ins.., at 7', M., for the pur pose ol h< ai lbg rep< rts ul, bearing and diiicu King papers on nieutltlc subjects, dpyolu ing c >miuiUees M revise the b; law* 01 tke ?ocietv, and for eon> erenoe wita other ax sn iaiU.ii* en '.fie subject of the inapectlou of drugs H. U. Bulk ley, M.O , President; H. A. Downs, M.D., ttecratary. NOtlCk 18 UERBB1 U1VKN THAT ANY PERSON OB person- having left any baggage or sdeoU of any de scription at Va k'r'i Hotel. tS Ureenwich sjvet, mast eall for 1. and pav se charges oa it on or before the 2Kh koa*., or It will be toio at public auctiou on the 30th of January, ldtl, to defray the sxprnaea against it. H< 'llhitr WALKBR. Proprietor. Null' B?I *lLl. NOT HK HMMRMI Wjl AN. gi.ods uidt red in my n iuie except by *r lien order from me. lOUlAM LiON, roirn C Uilaey nuilding, Ntw \ Oaa, Jan 2*t, aud 66 Chatham street. Urrlifc Ot Tut MtTIMlrOUIl AK OAS LJUHT COM p.> y, -v. Vork,Jaa li, IHt??. ? Ai the annual eleciiun lur l)ii> ct?r* ..I >hU t'onipauv, held on the 14lh Inst, the foi tvwing KeuileuiWi were aiecleo t II s?ou joaeph NoDH, John li. t# tt, C. uo<lfrey tiunlAer, Heriuabu VarcUSS, Oe> rge-i^vku, Ian.i*llo>, Melvin a. Wiuiney, Edwnid cneil, W. J. rtyms, Eug. ue Baltlu, Daulel Devlin At a Hubs* quent meeting of the hoard, C. H. c- AND waa ?bainniotisiv re-?-leci"1 President, JAjIEH II'JV vice Pr< 4-ni, u. AolAlkUKFBft ftecretary and Treasurer.and W. rl 1IJS ASB'siaut erretarj. O. iOliUtOFPEH, Beeretary. ON MoNOAi JAN. 28, 1?S?, MICHAEL illAiiP.? HIS ofc.ces and tnemVt'S 01 i uvnuaat Lodge mo 15 I O. of l? r, ??' rtquntnl kl uital at their ro >m, i&t Bo-very, on ? idsie day, the sttli insL, at 1 o cock . M , k> ptho iu, tribiii?-o' le-pect to our d , urted brother ?m. 11. tfuaaa*, Secreia.y. JvtlN t'llAiK, N. U. PKOCi aMAI'ION.?FIVE llCNDRED DOULARS re. ? aid MaiOB'M Africa, N*w iOR*. Jail t9, IHfil. ffbereaa, Hugh liuOlc, ft resident of tula oily, a coachman o?- ui ?uoi , about J2 years ol age, ?u '"?i in height!) light wu-plti on, ll(lit i al' and abtokers, aud drt *sed iu lull null ?t black ? li?ii last seen, disappeared under suspicious divum i,m11c? h <>n ibc- evening of Vouday, '.he ;*lth of December, uit, at a ilicre It rcasonsb e grounds for the belief that <ai?l DuQie has either been teloulously abducted from the city or mur 4. n d. , No?. ihereion, i, Fernando Aood, Mayor ol the sity of >r* > oik, ny virtue rf ih? authority in me Tailed, do hereby oiler a reward oi nve biu dred dollars tor the apprehension and tnt n ot 'he person jr persons who have a ducted or muidertd the *ald Mugb Oulhe,'o oe paid -o tue claimants an th?-^ ruflia'e of the District Attorney, or of th. Judge be fore wbtm socb amivl.lton aball be bud, that the aid ?>nrl? ;iod a an obta>n< d ou the Information at "en by said claimant* 1 he claim for the reward Ii v> be m?de wtthlu twenty day* after ttich conviction, or the same will be disregarded. In wtness wberenf I bave boeuato set my name and n-al, at the city nf New >ork, on the day and year ab. v? written FfcKNANDO W?K>1>, Mayor. IyiMoMtt umkooa <>k n?ro>?ATioM lUMrsor ing buslnes* relations on lUe went c. iast of Houth Ame rica, run obtain the same by addressing U?orge R Steven on. t1 mmu>!i;n Agent ol Valparaiso, Chile, south America, at too Ninth street. EVOYaL-THE hanover bank w removed fium .No. 37 to the new but .ding, ho. 33 Naaaau street. Ii '] falNE-'THEaK Attfc TIM EH THAT TRf meti s ouls" The 124H, 4nnlvcra>ry f his Blrbday II ? e celebrated by a nail and nupper at the City Assembly . oms, No *4tt droa-way, in Tuesday, January W llcketa '41 be bad ot W K in o t No. V& 1'rtuce street. HE ANNUAL election OF TH.RTEEN DIRECT ors of the Sixth Avenue r.alli >ad Company will be held t tbr d. pot, >l?th avenue, corner jf Forty 1'oarXU street, on csday teMuaiy U, front 12 to 2 P. M T. BULKY MYERS, Secretary. , The annpal mertinm or the sto kiiolokhh 01 tue American telegraph Company will be held at th? otlueol iheotnpany, bo. ? A all sirevt, .n th? city of New Vol k, on ? edaakcay, tbe JUtli day ot January iustaut, at U ?'. lock M. aMUKlDl.t UVINttnT()N, eerret*rj. DAKCINO At AOF.MJK*. H DANCImu ACADKMIEH. No. KM Hr>>adwa\ New York. No 137 Montague street, Brooklyn. "I edn?-?day? and aaturoays In Ne* tork Mi'nda** aad 'hui Majs, ntesdsjsand Krtdays. In Brooklyn. CLoularaof it- a.s, ac . iua> lie hsd at -Ither Academy Aix iub Nb? ua i;< . l. ub ii duiukkh' AO-DUMY, ;wi HKHOMK K RKE7. A NEW (XArte rOB Tt KSDaY. ladles' vrimai) claaaes mswiicted by Mrs. Hrookev -oiitr* Wkdnjisiiav ^vknino. , HIE H< ll t)L Id OPEN ALL TUB YEAR. /IKaND IN ? I rA I iON bOIRItfc AT MLLEs IHrriLII'H lauiitia Academy, No t Fourth avenue, on Wednesday f?< nin?, Jan. Hi, lh#t. Cards of admission iua> he oh alo' d kt ALe sciiOoI an) at .eroooii ar evening. Uoou music aud lady> in a? A 1?AMF. .-AIM AOFAl"* DaN A''UiKMY. V(.. ih.1 Hiosdw sy, Is open >n 1 ue-da>, Thuraday and Jaitir M . t ? uhj cv. nit H" Ol geoertl prse'toe Ltssonsglven -very arter ntHoi t r. tn 3 to 6? r.oek, and oo Monday, * ednesday an I Frl A?y evenings mm j till 10 j :lock t?eu> ral pr? to nig lit. q< l>t MAft, bai.i.kt mamF.h or f^S iiikarkkh J . Ro) al at Hcrl.n and Hanov. r?lianelng Academy. VS1 h??er) L>'?>ons $1 per m 'ntb f- ar erenlngs. and lucsdayt and Mloays, fl rrtvate >saona SO renta i^lies' al tarnoon ?iaaaes. UlLliUKDR. btl.l.UKO TA!U,K WAS1 El>?^K^OND HAND, Fl'LIj slae, with Phe an * cushions. Address F. A. W , denvlil ?Wee. Billiard roR ?al? -wm i. ?iukp if* ?Ites the public >o e>anil"? hhi Tables, with newlviu ??t.led t u Iiloos, patented November l.\ IBM), whlcl) Improve ni* in nisk s hts tables superior to any no* In une. Call at the manufsciory, No. <vt c ulton struel Also several see. n-l band Iab e? nUKLA** M RILLIsHII T.\BI.PS aNi "M tts. Jr ?. nsht ns. ? New Improveraeota, patented sepietnbe.' V. UWO. fraea redunad t?n pe, oent lor . aah. I'll nliAN * t:oLLRN lit*, ?! tO>W rosoy ?tre/ ? m/WAKTB UWn CHAMPION hi i r i %?r? , ff ^ * ?l*for Spring Ouphlon, amitmh. 10, IflW. lively, correct and durable, iieruad any atnt all oiucew ao-> In use. Office A"d laciory 71 Oild street, New York. *F,W pvbi^ipatioii. I ATKhY IMl'tD. BT 1"*A^BD DtTNItlAN A HRm IJ TIIER, (James B. Klrkiwi mW Hr .a.twav, op stalni To ?(invert, or, 1,eaves from my Exp. rlenoe, by Orestes A Browusofi. I vol. 12mo., $1 IV rRIVATB LIFE OF LOLA MOVTEZ-NOW READ^ I'rlee 2ft cent*. Addr- ss J. C. King, No. H7 William st New Tork. * MUHOIN6 AMD LODUIRU. A ?BBT DESIRABLE SBCOND STORY PARLOR AND A Bedroom lo rent, w bout board, ogether or KifunU, at Mo. 16 A'aahlugton place, netr Brvsidway. Call afternoon ud evening. * .. "*? A handsomely furnished parlor and bed room.alao a weM i urniahed third itory front Boom, saitable lor geotlemen And their wires, to et, with Board in a small private lAUuly. CaU At 186 Laurens airuet, near Bleecker. AWELLFUBNISHED PARLOR TO LET-TO A GEN tlem*n And wife, or ?> two tingle gentlemen. with or without B<*rd fall At 96 Clinton place, Eighth street. ABACK ROOM ON THiKI> FLOOR TO LET, WTH Board, at Mrs K. A. Faulkner*, 58 East Sixteenth ?tract. At 11? WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.?VERY DE sirable Rooms, with Board, furnished or unfuinlsed, suitable lor gentlemen and their wive* and single gentlemen. References exchanged. A FINE FRONT ROOM AND BEDROOM, ON THR second story, nicely lurniahed; has gas and pantry, hath In house, with ful or partial board. Beat reference required and given. Apply At 31 Grand street, Jersey City. A LARGE BOOM ON SECOND 8TORT, with CLO set, hot and odd water, bath room, fuel, light And hoard, lor t? o gentlemen or a gentleman and wife, for |8 a week; alao, a hall RouHt, with closet for a kingle person, at lni East Thirty li lb street, near Third Avenue. AriJIKD STORY back ROOM, WITH OR WITHOUT ii-cr Miin connecting, io let, to a gentleman And wife, or xiugie gentlemen, with Board, at 61 nt. M>:k s place, Eighth street. Broadway stages pass the door. Dinner at one o'clo.k. A handsome Sl'IT OF ROOMS ON THE SECOND * V tioor to let, with first class Board, at 41 East Twentieth street. Dinner at six. Reference exchanged. A HANIWOMK I'aRLOR AND BEDROOM. COMMUNI <allcg, also a Bedroom, on third tioor, to let, to gent le nt'n or a genteel family, with superior Board. Private taule II dcalr> d. at a reasonable pr'ce. Family small .ind private. Locution dc&lrub.e. Apply at 173 Macdougal street, Uve doors irom Llghtn. A handsome PARLOR AND BEDROOM COMMU nicating, neatly furnished, on second floor, unexpectedly vacated, to let, with Board, lo two gentlemen or a gentleman and wife; gas, heater, hot and cold water in rtxan, with privi lege of bub on same floor. Family small and select. Be 1 erencea required. Apply at 123 Lexington avenue. A large front room and bedroom, on second floor, nicelyfurnished, to let, with Board, a1 mo, a large Boom, on third tioor, t > let. Apply at 66 HH avenue, next door to Fourth aUetL References required. A FEW YOCNO MEN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED with good Board and pleasant Rooms at 122 Pierrepont street, Brooklyn. Convenient to both Wall and Fulton femes. A r NO. ?U EAST BROADWAY?A PLEASANT FRONT ?L Boom to let, with Board; also single gentlemen can be accommodated with good Board on reasonable terms. House Is furnished, with gas, Ac. A T SO WEST WASHINGTON PLACE?PLEASANT A Rooms, with Board, for a gentleman and wife or single g- nt.cmcn. References exchanged. Dinner at 6 o'clock. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE DFSIRE BOARD IN A private Iamily above Bleecker street. They seek plain substantial fare, at moderate pecuniary coat, but more eape. daily leflned sociability and the freedom of home. Address, staling pai ticulars, Charles F., Herald ofllce. Relerencea un exceptionable. A PRIVATE FAMILY, AT KB EAST FOURTEENTH street, opposite the Academy of Music, have a few Par lots and Bedrooms to let, with Board, to families or single gentlemen Linner at 6 o'clock. Rcferenapexchanged. Spa nish and French spoken in the family. A SMALL FAMILY WILL LET THE SECOND FLOOR of a nice ii?use, consisting of two Rooms and ttfo Bed rooms and Pantries; gas and water. No. 248 West Thirteenth street. A FURNISHED ROOM WANTED?WITHOUT BOARD, by a married lady, In a pleasant part of the city, In a small, quiet lamily, where sh? would be free from intrusion. Address, staling terms, E. it.. Herald ollloe. A plain married couple mat be accohmo dated with Board and a good Room, in a private family, at $H per week, including tire and light. Inquire at 381 Henry street. A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE CAN BE ACCOKMO dated with a neatly furnished front Room, on second floor, and good Board, in a pleasant modern house. In a con ?enient location. Also two single gentlemen. Apply at So. 73 Macdougal Street, near Bleecker. References exchanged. An elbgant suit of furnished front booms on seconi floor, to let, together or separate, with full or i artial Board if oesired. Also a furnished trout Parlor, with Bedroom aila'-bcd, to a gentleman and his wife, or single gen tlernen. Apply at No. 42 Crosby street, two doors from Broome. A FINE OPPORTUNITY FOR PARTIES WISHING A home for the winter.?To let, with full or partial Board, a Parlor, with extension Rcom off : house has modern im Movements. Apply at 71 St. Clement's plane, Macdougal stieet. A LADY AND GENTLEMAN OR OL'IET LADY CAN have a front Room, sea nd floor, or bark i'aiior, newiv tornlshed: Hoaid for lady. No boarding house. All modern improvements. Apoly at 144 Thompson street, near Houston Board.?two gentlemen and their wives or a lew single persons wishing to room together can obtain furnished or unfurnished Rooms, with Board, In a first class h<.use, oleasantly loaned Good reference required. Apply at 146 West Twenty-second street. B0AKD?A LADY AND GENTLEMAN, OR A FAMILY of three or four persons can tie accommodated In good style, wit., i.oarv. and Furnished Rooms. In asmull family,at No. :>y Waver.y pl%2?. >0 other boarders taken. Board.?fcrnibhed rooms to let, with hoard, at 29 St. Mark's place. Eighth street. Board?to let, to a lady and gentleman. with Board for the lady only If required, one Room, In a nice little cottage, convenient to Second and Third avenue cars. Room furnished or not. Apply on tbe piemises, W bast 21s, street. Board.?atm crobbt street, between broome and Spring. single gentlemen will And good hcc .iumo datlot.x: a uent hoom for gentleman ami wife; price %1\ a K<x (I tubaUntlal table; prompt attention to comfort; family English: bath, 4c. BOARD.?TWO ROOMS AND A IIALL BEDROOM TO let. with Board, auitablefora family or aingle gentle men : hi nw v* iy warm and plcaaant. In on*' of the lwat nelgbboih?cda In the city. Te.m* very moderate. Apply at 161 Tlaat I tlrtcenlh atreet, wc.-t of S?-cuud avenue. BOARD-A FAMILY DESIRINW BOARD FOR THE balance of the winter, w here the comfort* o! a home can be cnjined and an excellent table pro. id'd; location de alrable, ac-eaaible by cars and stage* Apply at 172 Went Twenty tot a reel. BOaRD.-A YOISO GENTLEMAN WISHES PARTIAL Hoard In a Caiholic family ; be want* toe )>eiit of Board aud a good Room, for which he la willing to pay; house to have r?? and bath ro..m Addreaa, atatlng full particular*, M. O , box Ml Herald office. BOARD -TO LET. A PARLOR, AND BEDROOM AT tached, to a single gentleman, with partial Board, fur msb <i or uolurnlahed, aa preferred; bouae haa all of the modern improvement; private tamily and good neighbor ho< d. Apply at s7 Hleeeker *treet. Board?an elegantly furnished ba^k par lor o: fimt door, large and email Ko inn on the tilrd and lotirih *b orN for single gentlemen or gentlemen and their HUM a". t>?. 1 Weil Twenty fourth street. Board -two rooms to let, with board, in a Mnall family wheie here ere few boarder*; houa< with all Improvement*; aingle gentlemen pielerroo atagea pnas within one block of the hou>e. Inquire at No. 9 Bank street. Board-good SINGLE A?D DOUBLE ROOMS with or without Board, can he bad cheap at 182 Grand street. lhc location central and handy, particularly for win ter. Stag< a an>l c ir. | as* the door every two minutea. BOAM#? at 151 EAST TENTH STREET, rORNER OF Founh avenue, and one block from Hr. ail .ay, piemant n nm* to let, with or without board; on third II x>r, large 'rout room, w Itb bedroom attached, and on fourth floor one amaller room, ttefi rencea exchonged. BoaRD.-a pleasant front bahemknt room, with a large Pantry attached, to let, aultable for two pe House haa all the m'alcrn convenience*. API ly at fc 6 four' li street, No. 1 Albion place Board and superior rooms-atku broadway, lietweei. Twelith ai.d Thirteenth strecta; one of the beat kicatlona in the city. BOaRD A'ANTtr?FOR A RESPECTABLE GIRL who Is abjen* dating the day; a comfortable furn.a'ied Poom, with nr?- and light. In a private tamllv, <t where a few ? carder* only are received, not far from 'he Bowery and tirai d atreet preferred. Expeeta to paj i- SO per week. Ad tin ?? A., io>Mi Herald office. Board wanted?for a lady, little girla and ?ervat.t Muat be In a genteel ait nail >n and the boeroflrat ela** A -*lt'tngr km and tw?. Hedrooma r> inlred. *driie?a, wltli term*, J. S. J., box 1W Heiald offloe. ? >OaRIMN.? WASITID-BY A OkNTLKM AN. IN A r> imell plain family, without small children, not above I bit te. nib ?tr?*t: t< rm< muat be modera e Addreaa Dick. hub. ken, J. tJOARD WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN. EAST OF J> Headway tn a ?mall private family Hoard not to e? c< d I- Hi per week. Addreaa & ard. box l.'M Herald office. Board wantfd-b* a toung gentleman, in a reaoeetable private family, in the upoer part, of the otty; piMitel l ean) Aidreaa. stating terms, which muat be mode rate, s. v., Herald office, Board wanti.d for a lady in a genteil tamlly: location muat lie unexceptionable Addreaa A B C., I nion aquare Poet office. BriARriNO?AT 72 WRHT BROaDWAY.-A few SIS g'e men enn I ? aecnmmodated with good hoard and ptaa *?nt reoms, at 72 Weil Broadway UOAKPTNO?A GENTLEMAN and WIFE OR TWO xlngle |*r?onacan have Board at No Ea?t Sixteenth ?ireeL near I nain square tnm<. Including fire, gas, ?c , tit) ami $11 per Week, according to ronrna; dinner alto elock. lie i ei ei.cca eXefcaBged BOARI'IVO?WANTED, BOAKD for A YOtlNO MaN i f It', venm of age, In a private family. In South Hnnk lyti i cljhbotho<i<l o'llamilton ferry preferred. Tennainuat Ih nio'lu-ite. Addreaa ti. W. F., Herald otllee. BOaRPIN !.? one OR TWO FAMILIES, OR a PAtlTV 0' gatuh man, can obtain plcaaant Room* at 41 Ea?t Flf t?en.lh urcet, near I'nlon aquare; alaoagiaxl aixed aingle hoxfli, with Convenl n e ror flr?. aultabb: for a gentleman To ma reaioaaMfc Dinner at 6 o'clock. HOARD IN BROOKLYN -TO LET, WITH BOARD, FOR a gcntl? man and wile, ct aingle gentlemen, a large front Room, ?l!h hall Bedroom attached, alao an nnfurnlahial back Parlor. 1 erma low. Inquire at 2t>0 Henry atreot. Board in bro-xtlyn ?a gentleman a*d wife ? >r two young gentlemen can lw accomminlated with large and pb aaant Koom?, with pantriea In a private fMBll*. Iif nptil) ng ?t M6 State f.treet. ftve minutea' walk from South or \\nll atr.ct lerry. The liouae haa modern Improvement*, .j.nrv r ?t?i*. ______________ Board in bkooklyn -t few sinolf. oentli. men -an he m ommodated with H 'ii|i nnd pleaaint I oom? it 47 Concord <?re?i, mvenleni to Finton and Wall street teriie*i pOARD IN BROOKLYN? A OENTLEM4N AND HIS \ ) wife or a lev-ongle ffenilenieti uati imd very plotwint b'rema, MJili Board, at I" ('Union ntn^et, enrner >f state, conveiuen'. to W ill atreet and hooth ferrie*. Refereneee re quired BOARD IN BROOKLYN WANTED?BY A Ql^TIifc * CrejsrS'ttJfSJ-sr ?sr.'issss ss ^u^ss* s^sJSW.isS It., J B. S , h?* I.W6 Post Ofltoe. Bn.?n ^73 BROOKLYN HEIGHTS -Fl BNHHED, at 34 Cranberry street, froutuui on W mow, aide entrance 01'Cranberry, onI bl<xk from Folumbi^ani Ave mln"? wattftoE??11 aud Fulton lerrle* Oa-TWlH, Ac ta the houae. .. Bn*RD ON BROOKLYN HEIGHTS -A GENTuEMaW .?,<Jit* and two or three ?inn'*' genilemen can be ac ..ninndated vrltb Board and pleasant double or Kooiivj at 18 Willow street, Brookl)U Heights. between *ulton Mai Wall street ferries. OARD IN SOUTH BROOKLYN'.?A SMALL NEW England family will let one or t* n, LB* ttrate hot and cold *?Ur, to a Kentleman and wife or i luile gentlemen Apply Bt 22 Tompktu* place. /iHF.AP FURNISHED ROOMS, AT THE FRANK FORT c llow, corner of Frankfort and William Rooms from $1 to $S per week. Lodgings Irotu 25 oenj^'"'1' ccnti i>er night. Open all night. Good restaurant attaoh 1. ELEGANTLY FVBNI8HED ROOMS TO L rond floor, en suite or separately, ^L?{,*'J?(JUI tu" Board, at 12 Waverlcy p'ace. near .New York HoteL HI TOANT FAMILY ST ITS AND SINGLE ROOMS TO RLM'E A CO.. 62 Eaal Kourlwulh street, union sqUiUY. Furnished ROOMS, ON T1IE HECOND FLOOR, TO Mu>awntleman and wife or two tingle ^uuhu.u u i ? *5 o hniiM' w liii all the modern iraprt?v?m?*iito, In rXnable term*. No. W ?? Kievettlh ?tre**l? , | VANISHED ROOMS TO LET.-A SI IT OF WK.,0 M u furniched Roomn on third floor, connected and to bo la a? partite or u>getlier. Location dcalrablc. Terma low. Ap ply at 30 Bond atreet. ITU'RN I811ED ROOMS.?ONE HANDSOMELY Fl'R r nlahed I'arlor on flrat Boor; two well furnished R?m? and B-*drocms oil second floor; two well lurn!?h"d Kooina on thild floor, with water ana gas. and alt the convenietio-a fw housekeeping at panic yriees. One large well tu uiatud Baaemem, with ga?. at $10 per month._ Apply at lug Earn Nineteenth street, three doors weat of Third avenue. FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH BOARD, FOR GENTLE men. lo let.?Two email, neat tIngle Room* arc n>w v* cant. Stages iwss the dis.r every five minutes References exchanged. Apply at 185 East Broadway. Handsomely furnished rooms on broad way to let, on first and second floors, suitable for house keeping. An excellent opportunity for those tired of board ing House modern lerms moderate. Apply at No. I,-6J Broadway, near Thirty, tirst street. Handsomely fupnished front parlor and Bedroom ou first floor, t or gentlemen and wife or two single gentlemen. also eltigle Rooms, with or without Bo ,rd. Apply at 67 Amity street. ONE~OR TWO GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOM MO dftted with a nieely furnished Room, or suit of Rooms, without Board, at 24 West Twenty-fourth street, a tew doom from Fifth Aveuuc Hotel. txfkpVCTABLE SINGLE MEN AND W' MEN, EN J{ "gaard in store*, can have comfortable Board Bud LMc Iiik ami a happy home, at No 11 Laight street, corner ot St J< hn*a laue, . anal street. The men at three dollani per week: the women at two dollar* per week. Room to let-on second floor, neatly fur nlshtd, with or without Board; good ^ommodUUm clohets with t'rotou, washatand, bathroom attached, gat, Ac. Apply at 118 Waverley place, near Waahington aquarc. Rooms to let -a fbiyate family, occcpyino b ttrsi rlaaa houae in the Moat deairable part ofBond atreet will be happy to let to one or two atngle gentlewen, without board, the ^ nd atoiy front Booms; reference ex changed. Addresa A. B., boi <01 Pot office. Rooms-fipth avenue, in the vicinityjof Fifth Avenue HoteJ, to let, with Board. French, Eng lish and spanlah spoWen. Terms moderate. Addresa A. B. C., box 109 Herald olnoe THE PLEASANTE8T LOCATION FOR SINGLE OEN lie men In the eltv la the "Lafayette, corner of Fourth atreet and lAfiiy,'tt' plsce. 1 he har and restaurant are boun irei/nW^ aUd 1118 rP? Crieior ball bedroom to let, together or separate, with or without board. Terma moderate. Apply at V2 East Fifteenth atreet. TWO GENTLEMEN CAN B" AOCOMMODATllD WITH Board, In a respectable American family, W tie re they can enjr>y the conifnrta of a home, on rcaaonable terma. Apply at M v estry street, corner Hud*<n. ___ _ mo LET?WITH BOARD, AT 132 WEST TWELFTH 1 nr^t, front Parlor with two Bedrooma, piano, lire and gas; also large Room on second floor. r, i KT WITH BOARD, A BACK PARLOR AND extension on the fi st Moor; first class hou.e: all th-.mod ern imi rovenienta, relcrences exchanged. Apply at 11? W eat Houston street. . mn I FT?WITH BOARD, A FURNISHED ROOM TO A T gentleman tnd hla wife. Apply at M Wtai Thirty aixth street, one door west of Broadway. ^ ^ WANTED?A SMAIL furnished ROOM, WITH \\ Board hy a lady, In a smalU private family; prlee $6 per we! k? g-Ul relereucea given. Addreas A. K? Herald of fice, lor two daya. ANTED?BOARD IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, BY A gentleman, wile and two children, one four and the nihortfi.T a. 8 of age. with u r?om and two bodrooma; will ?i?tah X.r ownUoms; wish g-.d board, at a moderate price. Addresa box l.:?l? P'at OUue >'.T iuiaUD AT 30 WEST HOUSTON STREET. ONE block fn'.ni Bnudway. A gentleman and hb" ?|J'' and three or lour voung men can be aC4">mmodat<id w ith Bourd, at $:i per v . ek eath. I he house contains ail the m > deru impruvenieuta. is wnOMTER STREET?FURNISHED ROOM ON 14: f.rat !!<"'r. lor a lady and gentleman. Board If required. Bath, gas, Ac. -T- BOND ST RET -FURNISHED ROOMS. WIT" 1;> Bonrrt, for la ml Ilea and alugle gentlemen, large an 1 small Hoom* some connected; first class hoUM*, ra d *rn ff^cmens Dlnnar at ?? >lock. Good winter locatton. _ BFACII STREET, ST JOHN S PARK -A l'LEA XK ,an. second storv back Room to let, with B ard, to a ueiuleman and wife, or single gentlemen; also, two single ftoums. The bouse has a:i the modern improvements. cHKVNF STREET ?A FEW BTBADY YOUNG MEN 62 can be accommodated with good Board and lodging Terma moderate. ? w ^ ~ W EST TWENTY SECOND STREET, CORNER OF U'J Sixth avenue.?Two or three rooms to let to aingle gentlemen, without board; or two w inning to room togetn.T tan be accommodated, wto re the Oomtoria of a home can be r< allien leims very low. C?fT HAMMOND STREET, NEAR FOURTH?APART )? I inentf w Hli Board, suitable for a faintly, orgentlem m, in a first cas- modern houae, convenient to cars and stages. 7*1 TENTH STREET, ONE DOOR EAST OF FIFTH I ? avenue.?H< oms to let, with Bwd, to reapnckable par Ilea; dinner at aix o'clock. 7(iSI'RlNG Ki'REKT, THREE DOORS FROM HKOAI/ If' way.?To let, several handooaely furnished Kooma, ic gentlemen; 'he locution is near all tho flr*l bntela and (i|jo 4* of amuaement. Reading room free In'iuir* of AN SON faOUsl.. QOGRBENE 8TRIBT, ABOYB SPBINO.?4LMTOI* ?'?) llouae ?Elegantly furnlsii. il suits of Rooms g?s, ( ro ton, and every ronveu.ence tor hoasekceplog eeonomie tlly. particularly sultab e for small re*iM?table famllias or alng> geiittemeo Reut low to permanent tenanta. I'BlNt B HTRKBT, NEAR BROADWAY.?KI.K |art!y hed I'arlors and single Ristm*. far i?n tlemen; < verytblug neat and clean. ail tue mot ?rn Improve, m. his terms low Apply a? abova. 99 Ion WAblhON AVENtTB -A GENTLEMAN AND ?)W win can linii ut their di?|? ??l a milt 01 K?>>maoo firinul flonr, wllb H>?rd, In * first rlu? h' uw, hcnUnrneiy lntmed. Aluo u koutn for a tJagle num. Best of reference* given and required "I Oft PRINCE KTKF FT, TIIKEE BLOCKS WEST OF lt)U llrondway.? l'le**.ini Room*, with mtnellMit Hoard, from $3 to %.'? per week, llrrakfaat I'totu 6J? to S o'clock. l>ltn?! at 13 ai.d 6. Ior eighth street -to let. a HANDSOMELY 0?J furn i-hrd In.nt Kix.m, on third lluor. suitable for a gentitmi.n d ? It or a party of *iagle gentlemen; bouae opposite Clinton Hail. Keierencee exchanged. 1?J7 HIIH1H bTI.EET, THRBB DOORS EAST Of J?) I Hi. ?r|?ny.? KlrgaetW ftiniMbed Apartments for fn tlrnn n and their families, or (Ingle gentlemen, with or wttb out Hoard Dinner at (li Reference* required. -|?J7 NI*Th f-TREKT, SECOND KSOLHH BASE iOl ment boiiae WMt of llroolvav - Io let, a aeeond floor, elegantly f tirr ished, tillable for a lamtly <?r gentleman, nt a pby?ielan. WU1 be let rtMoaablc, wltb or wltnoutlkiard Apply aa above. 1 ZR **I?CE ?TREEf, NT. CLAIR HODSK?ELF. l?JO nutty famltM Rooms, with Bedroom* attached, w Kb all the convenience* for houaekeeptng complete, Includ li k caH *nd Crotuo wate% to let, to respectable families, or ?Ingle gentlem- n. lo.? WEHT ELEVENTH STRKCT.-A FRONT PAR lOO Icr, IKcolid floor, newly carp>>ed and l'iirnl"h'?i. Large Cloeets, hot snd colli water, t.tate, boated ?'?<> l>y fur mice; term* reasonable for two gentlemen. biun< i at 6. He Uoenoe requlivd. tlln ELM BTREET. NEAR SPR'NO?MARK ?N* ftOl'XE Lt \ U Nicely luinlahi'd Apartmepts, arranged for eoonoml housekeeping, wltb all tbeoonvtnlenoee, Inluillntf cook Inn ntentlls, l*?t bedding, gas, water, Ac, Kent* low to ro ? pccluttle tenant*. O BROADWAY, OPPOSITE ST. NICHOLAS HOTEL. m Furnished Itoom* for gentlemen, with ga* and Ora, at und (2 Mi p* t week and $1 JU, Inquire up autre. ?J Q BROADWAY.?ELEGANTLY prRNISHBt. U^tO Rootoa. on flist and seixjnd iloo.s, forfamillea; also, pleasant single R<.?tiiw tor gentlemen, with lull rfoart) l<o< a Uon very cenlral for biialue** gentlemen IJohI table and teim? reasonable. Transient boa ders {*1 Dt? per day. r/"? BROADWAY, BETWEEN EtOICTII AND ^NTII | 111) Mieeta.?FmnMied Room*, un Arat M(l arrnnl doors. to let. to gentlemen, with Are, h'.ne newly Iitrui*h< <1, *n<l has all the modern Improvement*; kmatlin pi ?aaan-. THR 11*1.1. HKAROII. THE OF.rSTaN I.IEDERKRAN* SOCIETY WILL HOI.D their iintiual Faney Dre?? Hall at tho City A?wWhfi Room*, on Monday, February II, to which itiey invite their member" aad friend* Tbe varlona eommltt^ea In eli?r?e,.f the arrafiKenvnt* will endeavi r to ?ai'UiiB the high repot v Hon which tbe belUnf thl* Mielety a'rendv enjoy Tlekct at %'l. ailtnllling one gentleman and liolie*. can be had o< members onlir, among w hom are the folloTlt.n grntl'm-ti?? VNtn. JellliiRhau*, Cmom Indltute; Freil. Kapp, IX.' Bim^i w?y; O. ba< keradoff, 19 "eoond avenue; Cha* 4t*tn>var, SI Walker ?treet. There will l?' no sale of tlcketa at the (Mr, and none w ill be received, w Ithotit etceptlon. which do not bear tlio tmrne* of the geiiiletnui ltf'rodiic.>d and of tli? men'bi r ltitn<)iicln(? Tlie*i? lick. t* are hot trannferahli' Jtendjer* w ill pleaae eall for their ticket* at I'ythagorn* llai , on Hufidny, I ueaday ?nd rhnred*'. evening" KhKST M MUF.R, Hert?'ar> rvRirrriRR. ABEDRf?OM SttTOF EN A* EI.ED Ft WNfTCRE FOR . ft!' In all oolorx, of warranteal manufacUirw Alee *olld chr?tnut t>.imb. , Snlt*, pfalp and omamen'ol, at It r. FARRINOTOM'S, J6() Utnnl ilreet, oppoelte Wmwter F.w ablleheil m lWd. lilJEI AT AUCTION. llbitttlek-lkk A CO., AUCTIONEERS. A action Sale of household hknitcre, A The property of a family declining housekeeping, at public auction on .tun day (Tuesday ), At thi rrahtraw of m B. Chapman, kwj , So. to West sixteenth mi oet, betweeu fit'ih aud Sixth av ?? one*, ?a? commencing at lot, o clock Superb ?even octave Pianoforte. .-tatuary, drawing risim Suit* till Paintings, Velvet aud Mtdltllou cariiem, i ier and Mantel Mirrors, Eace Curtains, Ac., the catalogue comprising tbe i argent and richest assortment of H .us. hold furniture, ac orfirrd at auction thla season Furniture all made to tinier i'V city makers, alid la Of the beat description, vii MAtiMKH KM ROSEWOOD hiant>p.?RrE, rlcbcst instrument offered at auc'l n Ibis season, superbly curved lega mid caae, round corner*, full Iron p' ate, over atruug bass, all modt ru Improvements, made by city makers, fully tested by competent Judge* and pronounced a superior Instrument; rosewo< d Canterbury, do. Stool, covered in b Ti rade' Fiench cloth Cover. Bookrasa and Sereulre, Eueolg nurea. Lady'a-Work fable, Writing Deak, Krtnoh 1'late Pier Mirrors, Marble Slabaaud hi *' ket~-two large fant. l Mirrors, ncbto caned framea; c.uibioidered Lace Curtains. Kreucu Hliadi a t ornlces, two m.iifuiticent Suits Drawing ht#m r'urnili.t*.' covered It, three colored rtalln benoada of richest description, carved In solid roaewood; two Tele a Tele Kolas, two Armchairs and thr?e oval back Chairs, resewixhl Centre Tables, -Litunri marble iou to match the auita; Etegerea lined with satin wood, marble top, mir ror doom and bink; k iu? " patent reclln ug ha?y Chair*, l ler Oard and yusrtette t? >les, < HI fainting", by l?;r*iiil. Cole', lninan, Kouaael, Seileres, Eglaw and other e i .? ut artists; Assumption ol Virgin Mary, from oelebraU>1 paint ings in Louvre. Parts; Storm at "*a, by ringernagle, two superb Match Painting-', rosewood Hal Stand, Chairs t? DisUh, Oilcloth, stair ''arpets, Ac. Chambers?English Brus ?ela Carpets, rosewood. marble top dre-otlug Bureaus, h, d steada and cotnmode-, to match; l'oilet fa >!??*, Shaving Stands, Kickers. Couehes.airaaad oval back chairs eover?d in maruuet; spring and hair Matt esse-,, leather Bed" and Bolsters, Pillows, oval Mirrors, pa-lei Paintings, decorated ehlna Toilets broiualel, Ac. i pp. i Chambers? Ma h< gany and blaek walnut Bureaus, Solaa, Rockers, Waali Maiuls Dining k<Him?Solid carved oak Buffet*, s'atuary maible tup: ll?erd's tiatent Ulnlng lable, lb loot draws. Couches, Armelalis, elogant seta crystal aud ruby lilasa liecaulers, tloblels, Wluea. Chamtai/n. s, i-euiotiade* lum bins twery, Fruit and preserve Mauds; Klnger Bowls, ruby' Liquor seta, gold bandclilna IdniprSo , ltio Dlrt-es; rtetily dei oraled Tea ,>ets, 44 pieces; aolld sliver Dia ne t and lea heis, silverware, Coffee i ru, t:ake B.iskets, Naokin ClngH, i-pia.ns, Ko: ks, lTorv handle Table Cutlery alwi Hai-eiiii'iit aud Kitchen Kurnlture? St?ue, '.ion, Tin, odeuware, Earlhenwaie, Copper t'tenslls, Ice Pitchers, Salvers Ac N B ?Mrstigera wbhlug to attend this sal? lake kl^th avenue, Broadway nr il th avenu? stsges and, Aslor ti' ua<', st Nich"'.asand Metropol tan Hotels, w ill bring them within a few doors nt the house, corner Sixteenth street. J Competent iiersons will be lu attendanee u> pack, ablp or o*rt the goods St reasonable charges. >. B.-House to let or for ? ale; posaessloii Immediately. Kor parilculare imiulre of Aue t.oueers. ADMINUTRATOH S SAI.e ti clone an eatatn, au extr?ordlni.r\ eliau.e |..r bom-keepers. Magn tioeiit Household Kurnlture. ,1 W POKTEIl k CO., auciloneers, wlU sell on Tue-nlay, January at eleven o'cloca precisely, a i tbe superb and costly Kurnlture, Kalniings, sutuanr and works of ari, rosewood drawIng room suits, elegant se.'?n octave Piano forte Mirrors, velvet i arp- ta. Ac , contained in the private residence TU Kourtfs-nth stre?-t, near Klgblh sv-nun The auctioneer calls special aiUnllon of his friends aud the public to tbla aale, as being the largest and rt hest assortment of Household Kurnitu'e nffeicd at auctiou ihli season. i be fur nit ure was all made for tli< pre^ nt <iwner, and '? In complete order 1 he whole will be peremptorily and absolutely sold without resc^awijio bq()m flrrn1t,irei consists of carved rosewood K lege res, mibletops and French nlate doors aud b cks; ladies Work lable, Inlaid with mother o' pearl Centre labln, statuary marbleto,i; two full suits of Drawing Room Kurnlture; elegant tete a tele solus two arm, two reception and eight oval back Chairs carved rosewood frames, and covered in three odor ed satin brceade ol tbe most expensive description oon slstlogof twooonsole Tables, Inlaid buhl thd tortoise shell; brocade and lace curtains, six light ortnolu and bronze Chandeliers, Importedf'om Paris by M*rcott, i>aprani A ? >; Candelabra-, Hruckets. Kieueh plate pier and mantel Mlrnirs, with rich (Tilt frames; superb Sevres ?ud dis'sdeit" china Vases richly de sirated Parian marble su.tueiu?a, velvet Car r,eU aud Rugs; Turkish easy chairs; bronze Clock, runs one montti, Oil Paintings by nos?eau, lnmau, lluutlngtou, Cole, ij>canle and other eminent artists; m^omkh'knt seven OCTAVE pianofj)RTE, Can ed legs and case, four round rmrners. Inlaid with pearl, music Rack riaewond Stoil, covered In brocade embr lideivd doth co^r ' Books and MusV; hall rosewood HaUtand, Oil cloth, Bnissels stair Carpel a Ac. Chambers, second story richly carved rosewood Bedsteads, stylo l^ouls xiv; Bureaus and tfommodes to match; Wardrobea, dressing and toilet Tables, shaving Stands, Book?'ahd?,Couch, arm ' haln., ?>ir tains, Shades, Cornices, bair MattfetMS, Paillasses feat%jr Beds. Bobd'-rs and Vll owa. Blankets, SheeU, quilts. Counter panes, deoorated china ti.llet seta, oval Mirrors, dining risim f umiturc of every klDcl; ai?> kitchen t'leMlli, ?c. ( iwn deposits will be required of ever* im chaser, aa every articie must be soid. p. KIMBALL, Administrator. Auction notice.?m. DoronTY, auctioneer, will sell, this day (Tuesday, at lotf o'clock, at th* sales room Nsssau Street, a general ass rtrnen'. ot llousehidd Kurnlture, Csrt>etB, Sofas. Parlor Suits, l hairs, Ta'des, mir rora. Dining Chairs, Dressing Bureau*. Waahstands, Sed steads heir Mat'iesses, fceatber B?ls. PalllaA-es. l. <unges, Ac.; also three Wilder a Patent Iron Safes; the whole to be peremptorily sold. uction BALF. nOHSEHOLD fcrnircrk.? ri This day (Tuesday), Jan. 21, at 1121 avenue A, between Eighth and Ninth Stre. la, at lOo'cljck A. M., r', ? ,av'' '!j" ano'orte, Ac. huuu It. SMITH, Auctione. r, u8 East, high tee nth street. ^ Auction notice._exkcut(?R'ksale.-tiii? dav. at 11 o'clock, at Br ll * inok4iia.M S salesrooms M New Bowery, will l>e sold, without re-erve, the remaining Stock of the late ii. Thompson. Klne gold hunting and lever llatche*. 4(1 silver do., g ild Jewelrj, Fancy tfcxsls, ll-hmga-id sn<.rtlng Tackle, Colt's Revolvers, and other Pilots, curt msi. ties. itc. H. uarrison, executor. THUS. BULL, sue, llODeer Auction notice.?a laror assoitrmknt of Household Kurnlture wHI be sold this day, at 1*1? liureh street at ip'i o'elo< k, comprising Sofa-*, Lounges, il-dst.-ads and Bedding, ( hairs. Tablea, Window Curtatua and Cornices, Oilcloths, Carpels, Bureaus Stoves ( lis'ks, Ac ; also two Canary Blids aud < ne Newfoundland !>?? TlloS. M. connacouTON, Auctioneer. a CCTIOW NOTICF -crockrrv, OLASSWaRE, SIL a ver elate aud Isnry Oood.s, bv 1 ? ii itat'LlilT auctioneer, Tuesday, January M. at HI o'clock, allWI i earl street, a large catalogue-ale, In lots lor dealers. Kree Ooods, and must be sold for cash. Auction notice.?a bay mare will bs sold for account of w hom It may concern, In front ol the store, 4m Canal street, on Saturday, Kebruarv 2, at 11 o'clock, A. M. wm. a ITTERS. AucUoneer Browne a Nichols, auctioneers.?^tiiih day (i uewlav!, Jan. at I o'cloek, at our salesrooms. 1ft Nassau street. Large salo of Wagons, Harness, Whips i!oim h ac Top and no lop Buggies, Bockaways, Tnttli.g wagons, aa; also one two sent park i'haeton, city made, and one very stylish city boilt road Aagou. double and single Harness, Whips Blanket". Halters, llobes, Ac The s'iovc go.sU -re to be sold without ten-rve to pay advances, ihey wlil be icady for inspection early this morning. B 1 DANIEL a MATHEWS. a"rtfo.vkkk. i t-alkskoom N' . m CEDAR sl'kklit, DIRE(,TLY OPPOSITE THE P(?stol KICE. HOUSEHOLD KcRNll l'RE, CAKPETH, ii lit bo RS, At . DANIEL A. MATIIEvtS A CO. will sell at auction to morrow (wednesday), at It o'clock, at their salesroom, a geneial aasor ment of genteel Furti.ture, retn.iyed for ;';nv? nleiM'e of ssle, consisting in tmrt of Parlor. IJbrary, lllning and Bedroom hur nil ure in mww<s>d. walnut, oak and ma hi>aariv 'also l-ai? curtains, Pier Mirrors. Blankets, Cilna. Glassware, Table Cutlery, i-esk'. Stoves, ac. Catalogues and gisals ready early on morning ol sale. CONSTABLE'S SALE-RICHARD WALTERS, AUC \J lioneer, will sell, to morrow (w ednesdayl, at ll)tf, o clock, bv order of an execution, at is East Broadway, a large and general assortment of household Furniture, Bureau*, solas. Rockers,? halm, Ixmng- v mahogany and ronewuod marble lop and oth. r Tables, hedst-.ols. Heddituf, ? aiiiels, exl-ti?loii Tables. Stoves, oliis' and Crockery, Cutlery. Mirrors,#) Ml iii ners Boxes, a variety of toilet Material, one package of Irish Whiskey, ooedo. Brandy; basket ol (.haraiia.w 1' JOHN K(ho), Constable. E DWARD BCIIENCK. ArcTTtfNFRR. IIOOhllOLl) Kl tiNircKR. ri. ?, " ?i "(iiii?' ?Qui nij, jy?n inwx , I* *j orlnrk. II (hnlr fu 141 Broadway a Urge atock of elegant Ilouaehnld Knrnltnre. comonalog roeew?.d. ma hi irany, ? alnut and ink purl >r, chamber. Iibrmrj and dining KuraUure, rn suite and ari^rau-, Maureeeea, Mirror*, Ac., Ac. 1* H. LTWlW, AUCTIONEER ? HANDtiOMR HOI SK J. bald Ktuni ore, l'alnttng?, Ac . *t anctinn ?K. ?? LCD Laitt A CO , a ill ?ell ut MKuut, on Wedneeday, January IK IMI, at 11 o'clock, a' 14 Eaat Sixteenth atreet, betwe.-o Kiftii amine and I'nluti *'iua"e, theent|r?? Fm nlu'-e coutK.nrd in said bona,, conn ding in part of oak eUenaiou inning r OHk I hairs In leather, . ryed oak Muff't, carred p>aa.?o d So. fa*, Tttv-t-tcll, Artncf urx. In hrnratel, pi. r and mantel Mir ror , ???eewood Hedateada, Wardrobe, dicing and toilet Tab>a and Waabatunda, t ar|H-t* ullHullia, A<' Alaoaeverul rood Painting*. 1'erucnlar* m future adverilaement rata l< eun at the iitlive ol the aticUotxcra, No. it Pine street, uear Broad* ay. UDWAHD SCHRNCE, At f"l I.1NEER. Mb OKMi K FIXTURE* Ht E. a F. II. RCHKNCK -On Wedneatfcj :*rfh Inat. at IP', o clock at Ne. W N ?raau atrant. all the OMr* Filiuree, conaiatlng i ( iJinrr ui.ihOK'iiny Counti ra, Iron Kalltiiua, Desk a, Tallica, Ae , Ac. Edward hciirncr, a potionkkr. n ixorORTK. fly F A r. H W'HKM H -Thle day, ?th In*., at l? o'c iVk, at tl.flr Hli'>n?in, Ul Hrnatlw iy. an eVgam nw wo..rieeven jttave I'lan'ii rM. To be percmpi.irlly aold with out rewrve. FCOI.TON. ATrTIONEER-??ENfERti HOl'HE , h' Id rurnlture, Carpeta, Mirror*, warble top Furnl ture. Hcdn em and fcaaemeiit an , Ac . Ac. K COL.TON will m II, W-iintH iWedncaday), Jan. *1, at IOW o'nioek, at >o . ill Fourth alivef. ?*ar Broadway, the ? ntl.-r Furniture .il the l.'.usc, r.tnprt*lni( 'apestry, BruaaeH und In^rai-i <'?rpfi<; Oilcloth*. mnli >gany and roaewond Knrnlture, ro'twn do, fltda and Maitr. aaea, China and Wlaaaware, kltciien do , An , Ar. Kale peremptory. Henry n. Urdu, auctioneer-hf.vrv n. KEELS A yO. will aell at an-llon, hi, ?i'dn<-?lay, Jan. .Hi, at II >'elo*k, at the ?a >'?roi>m, XI >*?au ilrw-t, ?nperb as ?.,i Iiih-iii ol Aral f-lnaa m.rnulaolund Kuia; every ArUrlr ra?de r*rr???lT I"' city inid<' warranted rr>'? from any dft-ft >r d?map' or no?ai?, miiaMtlbgol iiotuUiui lluds >n Hay Hable l'ai ? ?, Miilf?and ( 'iff*. Mink f-ai>.<' do , Htoan Ma tin do., renl Utrh do., hlbei lan 8<|ulrrel ly do., imiuili 41 Hti do, ChllirhlU? do., Iarg<- ami ?ina-l it tea Work M*r tin, do. Mlaa*? and ('hi dn n> se?a ot all klnita, A' Alt irfli i oln-a Iti gii'dt ?ar|et??wolf, bear, fatK y, Ac. Alao genu' Cni^ii. Coii,?r? and ulovna, of kind*, funnlHR ana whole a flnr and beautiful aaaorunrnt, Ht-NRV ORF-tN, AL?:ti0neer.-WEI)NEHO.\V,.IAN. m, at 111,'i n'rlock, at the auction aWW'i IW William aneet. a ktiw' l"t of LJquori and Winea, lu vi*k. and demi Johns, |lin,nliU Hegara. Alan a large lot of <^rouerlen. Alao, at IJ o nluck, BooN and shfH ?, gold and aliver WaWbea, Jewelry, Fura, dry and fam y (.oooa, tr. ir^RTtJAtlE HA1.E (?F HORHKS. WAOOX-i AMD HAR jjl iiffe.--fc. A J. BilOART, aur looeera, will aelf, on Wed in?4iiy lan IV , at IS o'e nrk M ,at Iioe'd'a ?abl'a, corner ol' si?Ui attnue and lorty third atreet, bv vlffue of acheitel imiiirage. ei)|ht Horace, Wagona, llariioae, Ae. X. H,?>o (Kial|nm' roent. JOilN A MtMEHINDVKK Attorney for Mortgagee. PAW^FROKFR'S Hal.E trFDNT-HDAV, AT 10" o> nek. et Itf.l.Ij A IMiKaIIhH's aii'tlnn room a, *> New Boarry, rtraaMo rarlety of pledged flo. ^la. I'4r'leiikf? day ol ??lc By uedegof .M. M r. 11UBAV II, * ll t<rand ?u>.-t RT. HA7.F.I.I., ACCTHlNKKR II\RDW aRE. t I TMRT. rtLATRD Vt ARE, DRY IODMl Ac W iMTTF.MtiHK. A IU/.H.I, ?111 ?ll II,fa dav (Tueadny), al o'elork, a: their aalrariifim, IM Hroajlwnr. HARDWARE, CUTLER? AND lUKu WARE, In lute to ault. IRVOICE^ FOR Flow AND HOMKSTIC DRY iKKJDC, t'omprlellig* gi n.TtL H?a?ir;n cnL (J A J. BOtlART. AUCTIONEERS-THIS DAY at ? 8 o'clock, at HW S'aa?a>i atre?t. tlic efectsof a ReetMl an*?Tabtee, Cknlra, Bar t'oun^ r, 1'nta 'lei*, D>iientw*, roekery, Cudklng CteaaUa, Loukjug Obtea, Enjjrarlnga, Ac. ?ALK8 AT AUCTION. ? j "roGART, AVCTfONBERU. ?TH18 DAY AT 1 II o'clock U>? auction rooms, No. I North William street noruux sale u/ tlu.shert and unlnlahed oaotnet Fur utiur.'. ?.n J.lTn? of mahogany SofM, parlor l.haira UMufm, Buieaua. collage f-ulls, collage Redsteads, lots, Mattrusaoa, hall Chalr.7Worker*. po?,*o,k1 and nwb.yany *ofs Kramea, | "ew?dS-ntiv latle rriUN. Bureaus, Ac.. alao oue Iron handlers. Clocks; also a geoerul aaaortment of ^toi^-droom and k.tchrn luruiure. also one Turning tallie, nearly mw; al?o one h.rso furniture Truck and ILsr- 1 new, two Sleighs, sleigh hi bea. A ednesday. -Win, .... wni ' At 10V. o'clock at the auction rooma, by virtu* Or a mil or ?*> oonatable - Mile, Liquor*, gilt Frame* Ac. ^ _ ? SHERIFF'*) HaLE -DRV GOODS. W__wi| CIIAMHUH A KaIRCHiLD, ACCflONBERN, He* 113 Na*?u street, will Mil, on Monday, Ju a, M i? o'clock at i<*> (Irsnd stie.t, south wes' corner of fcJdrii?e, a lsrse slock of fsncv and staple Dry Good*, * jotbs, < ?? nii m, r ailuciM, Vesting*. Linens, Domes'lon, l>*Uinea, bams, Calicoes, lli slenr, Sewing Silks, W-iUons, ?rn,j P"" I t? DM, l.ace>, Fringes, I ilglugs. Insertions. Shawl*.Collars, t'rdeisleoves? a general assortment and well selected stock. I tatal-m ? hi .ale JOHN K ELL* Sheriff. 1 he above HHk m adjourned to Wednesday. Jan .*?. at tue ?a me hour and place. JOHN KEIaLV, Sheriff I OHIRlFfS BALI.?VMR1LR, BOATS. POWD1B, AO. O ril AM HKKS A KAlEt lllLn AlT^Tv4)NKKKS ? No. PS Nam-ati mreet, will Neil, on Wcdneiida/, Jan. :*> at 11 o'cl? t*k, at the pier foot of Went seventy wi th etrwt, North I river, the !i?llo>*ii.g described property, to wit ?The bull of venn 1 called the Koi, the lighter i^uUUna, tw?? ?mall hunt a. 1 U:\keg9 blasting Powder, 3,112 *?g? *hippin* JV-vder, .Uj I ktn? Mporiing yo*der, V9 quarter kegn uponl'* Powder, and K2 caneM aKHorted cum Powder; al?*? a certain PromlMory Note, draw ii by .Mc**ra. Md'u'l A Frith, New *ork. dated December 1H. lrtio. mix monthH, $206; alno a certain Promt* ! tory Note ?>f Nemre. Atwater, Slulford A to, New \ora, dated D?ce? > er 13, IW, six sheriff. OHERIFF'B SALE -SALOON FURITDFB, AC S t II AM lit, Its A EAIRCHILD. Auctioneer., Will sell on Tuesday (thin day), at 10 o'clock, at comer of ror ty ninth stieet and Krtartway, a quaotlly ol SaiiMin Hiriit, tdtinten., Tablea, I'halra, Mirror*. I'aluiinga i.liwaware, Bar KUturea, Ac JOI1N KtLLY, nhertff. (JALES Al >i CTION, AT 71S RROADW *Y. ?A R*HR O cl a lie*1 to 'he dtlinga of an ()?"ter Saloon, including tlvi-li r t'ounla i?, Oa< Killing", I'lmlra, Tableii, lUoik, Sign a, l'ioikery War., Cooking l U'in-IU, an.l the H*ienal?e tire plate adapted U the bualBeaa, ami which wan built at great expcui-e. All the above mentioned property will be old wlih. on am reaerve bj S. 11(I'?aK1, on ThuMday, January .11, ut hall-paat llloi i'H'k precl?ely, at the noUsd oyster saloon '? merly kept by J. A O. itomes SHERIFFS SALE.?UNFINISHED 1'lANOfl, AC. JS CHAM fcu.- A KAIKCIULD, Auctlonoera, Will -ell, on Wedneaday, January 3l?th Inst., at II o'clock, at Noa. 24 and 21 i Wcoaler street, a large <|uanUty of unfinished roaewood I'lanoa, also carved and tluied tegs, Kn>nt liars, Mlpc, Mouldlnas, Music Desk, llesk Ulo k, lleak Slips, Key Willis, K> % h, Key blocks. Hamper Frames, lluishi d K'-ys, V ar rlsb and Varnish Cans and Tools, f teel Wire, Luaib-r Mor ticelng M?chine, C.lainpi-, cuat iron Plates, 1'iano Hard ware, sets of Action, al^ st<am engine Boll?r, fUning Machine, llrcnlar -awa, Shafting. Heltlng, L*thea, Ae., comprising the entire st ick o; an eitensive piano manufactcry JOHN KEuLY, Sheriff. OUEKIFF'S FALE.?HEOAR8, LIQUORS, AC. O CHAMBERS A FAIRCHILD, Auctioneers, Will sell, on Tues.lay (this day), at salesroom. No 113 N?asau atreel at 10 o'clock, i quantity ol Segar?. I'ohaooo, Wines, W Usk,^, Vinegar. Segar Bo.ea, UKY UtMJOH, 4t. AT MRS OAVNt'K'S?A LARUE fcTOCK OK SKIRTS and Coraeis st a sacrltlcc, lorafewwieks ouly; cnoico Kalmorai >-kl ts, ionr taidn wide, from i up givsl I 'oi-sets, 76, Jdo. hook III front, $1; skeleton aud other klrts ai uricea to suit the times M3 Broadwav, two doors from Colon square. (jL<'B1NOgCuLi;IN, OREOSON A ELLIOTT'S bankrupt sale of CLOAKS AND KURB, At 361 Br0?dway The following lata are worthy the attention of pnrchaatn, being much below value:? ?aney Stnpet l<?ks. suited for spring wear, all at $0, many are worth fill t>> $10. Seasonable l'l>*ks, long and handsome. $A 60, worth $11 Elegant Black Heaver Cloaks, |?, ?ortb $l?. Elegant Black Bca>er Cloaks, $?, wortli $1S. Fletiani, all ?ool. Beaver Cloaks, $12, worth fJ2. Elegant, very loug, with capes, $16 00 worth $2& Rich Velvet Cloaks, $2t> to $H0, being Lean iban half their value. Kum f??r liHdi*ia, MI^h and tlhlidrun, in Capes, Cloaks, half Capea, Muffs, Cuffs, Ac.. must be sold at whatever sacrifloo. By order of Assignees, 161 Mroadway. BULPIN, HRKOSDN A BLLIOrTH sale. RY i,OI,I)S aT KKIIUOKD PKI' KS-vJON?l riN-?UF tiroadi'lolbs. t'asslmeres, Blanket*, flannels. Mrriiviea, I)RBi m became*. Hiaok Silks, L.lpeits. lab'e ''1-ths, ><ap c for sa'e by WM. MATHEWS, No. M Catharine Y |1aM1L) DRV OIWIDH A R Niil.Ii, CONSTABLE A CO. win tkls day add to their large suxA of FAMILY OOODS fhie th> usanil pleeea of superior shirting Ln ena, from Zbe. to ?0c. per yard. Barnley TatHe Damasks, fe'hecting, Na.klus, Quilts, Ac., Ac. Also Cotton Sheetings and Shirtings at manufacturer*' price*. ?'anal st: eet, eo-n *r of Mercer OL'KNi>U OOODS. ARNOLD, CONNTABLE A C0. Will open, on MONDAY, JANI'a.RY2fl, A large slock Of MOURNING DRESS OOODS, Df recent Importation, suitable f ir lh*i present and coming seasons, ail cf whkh will Oe sold a: reaaonaoie prl*a ?'anal street, corner o' Werner UR NfeW YOUK DYING AND PRINl'INO B8TAB T"' Work son laten Island. 98 Dnane stn'et il.u- *6 John street). Branch offices, 7A) Iiiukdwa). and l.Mt l ieriep .nt street, Brooklyu. PERtOKU. BHOADWaI TO B?<)OKLYN?HALF PA?T^ ^ATUE day?1'< rgive me for leinaining behind, will Momuoi comniuiiicavt? /VlNMONEES OF OOODS PER SHIP NORT I WIND, fr ni Amoy, are rrsjieetfnlly requested to send I ostom 11. us? imimits lor ihelr H..<ids on ls*rd, at pier I I East river, as i.ily a- |?>sslble. D. TORRANCE, No. 6 BowUog Oreeu. MR MILK*1, FORMERLY OF DETROIT, AND MAWH facturer of c. m?-nt risdlng. Is re<iue-ted lu send his ad dirsa to B W. Plumb, 6U Broadway. N. Y. P. J.-PLEASE CALL AT 100 GRAND rtREET^ LOST n n KOl'BD. LOST?CFKYIFlCAlB NO. SKI ?'UH OKI HUNDrttiD iliartH Vofrifl ''toil < on<ulMnU<d St?!k, In th* immfl if !7h?i. Kinnry k 0*. All peraoni are ucreby c?utloned agelnat negotiating uU e<-rtlfl ate, >i> application will be -nade to LLi wnntoy for it renewal of die *.>uje. CdA*. BMORY A OU., No. It Soow Third itreet, Philadelphia. I08T?ON FRIDAY Jfioiir A LADY * OOLD WATCH, j with red enamel MM, marked M. 1)., and a abed rhatn, with gold dogwlii?tle mi l W* ket t '< rt-aard will be p*14 fur tne rruoranon to TUfan) A '.'ot, S& Broadway. | OST-ON dATT'KD\T. WTII INHT., HET& F.EN IU RN I ' bam * Hot I an<t (be > nhtl Hark, a udy ? Hr.?ne Shawl. Ihe :ind?i Kill !?? It11y reaarded by leaving it at Hi allied A Lough ertyi, MJ Broadway. LOHT?ON Ht'ND* Y aFTKHNmON, THB TTTII INST , >n walking along Thirtieth Mfwet, VoWhaiMMlu Tbir tyieventh iwl, M?'lt?on avenue li? Thirty elgh'b atreet, and r> t lining l>? "Mleoii awniM loThirtltth ?trai t, a mink fur > ?! <? lhefind<r will be aulubly rewarded by leaving it a II j h?> t i birtieth mrei 10>1_A~ a'kLa MIiKK ?I imT, ON ~HI' NDaV bTbn" j Ing, between Jnoea Hotel and High Bridge, a uMn Muff i he tinder wtli he liberally r-wardi-d by retarding >t to *!< Cht irt< pher itroei I 0"T? ON H?Tl KDAV, IS OETltNO Oi;T OKAH.XIH Jj ?tenii. . ?r it fourteenth itfift, a i'areei cunnliung -ilk loradre*-. The finder Will lie re* irAed by leaving it ?t R. II Mu*-y'? drygooda noie in Sixth avenue, one d<?r from Peerie* nth lUert, 1 OCT?ON HA1 0RDAY,_J AN W. ?ETW1R\ 4 AND ? J I' M., I I 'orient' nnuie, e utainiug M)niniiuall change an?! mmt jewelry, a ticket and another |<a .ei, a l ol' winch will le- *atlrfn< u?elly pruTen. The tnaer i? a poor working wom?n, and ? annoi afford io loee The Under will be reward ea an he wu-uei by leaving it at Na 4 Bedford itreet, lint floor IOsrJb" VtTNDAY AFTER OON, RBTWBEN THB J hourr of 11 and 4o'B>?nh, lit going .1.rough t anil itreet. fi m Ihe f*ir) to the Bowery, a l*dy a Mr jell I in, with imi tation peat In the rentre i So- ii-kI.t III be auitnbly r"ward ed by li It at 14 neavlew plA'-e, Hob iken. I OUT ORHVOhEN? TWO NOfK ? OF I. Y llAl.MM'k J A t o.; Aral note, ?o. Hi7, dati d December .1, I1**!, el^ht ui nthf, f44?"> M; aeeend, No s*t, eight month., dated l?w wn.ber 2*, l>Hi?, 8U, payable to the order ot il. K Bver ?nu, at the IrTlng Hunk Alijpemon* nr?* <-Aiitlonert agalnit nedotlatlng the aald nob-* They were n-4 nndoned. IjtKWAKDR. dj?> REWaKH?lAMT. ON I'lRUAT, 21Hr INnTANT, > r .in rg from 661 Broadway to Brooklyn, by rlouth let ty i. pair ot god ' pi-etaelea, marked M. E. f*. >V , A. W. L. ihe nnd' f * ill receive tin- aliore reward by leaving Uiem a III Atlantic street, Mr loklyti. ft REWARD.?U?ST, on rKlUAl EVENING, 3BTH, ?) a I" iVmonnale, Containing a a.nail amount ni ?Mu y, In ludlng a gold half eagle, wl a Hu g at laeled, and h" flgiiri-a XI 'tamped on the head, ai d a gnid Toethpv-h. Ti e Under will re<-elve tho above re ward anrt balaiH-r of content* hy returning the two l.i?t nam < d iirtlelee, ni thanka ?l the iwner, aa they are valu>-d an ke> p?akea. f. HKuWN. Wi Sullivan ?'.pe?t, N. Y. AQA REWARD-I/iCT. O01N0 FKOM THIRTY: Vte'* Br*t itreet to Kl>-venln atr^et. In a Wlnh avenue oar, or ) Wente *lri?>t to t Iilverilt j pla'-e. ? ca-neo Hreaatpln, aet with pi-or'a The above leward will be paid hy returning the iatne|0 Htd Maiden lane. RMYAKD-IA>MT, ON 1JONDAY MOKNINU, IN goinfllrotn <imnd ativet ferrv to K<aev niarke'.a Roll ?>f ItilN ihe fttnler will receive Die alibare reward by leivii'gltal the Broadway I'mt ndii-e, 4 '1', Broadway. MEw'%R|I TtKK> SI'PPimED BY MHTARF. C~ ? ' i> m tl.e pier fietof l?'?eh -treet, N rth river, in th<-arrival or the aeamahlp^^go. on We.lneaday. Jan *1, one b'.ark Vglie, eMMoMggA In gold coin: alio four gold i Hmreleti, ?e! with Hoinan jearia, two of them very large al?o alx fine I4ce Ha?dketrhl?a, and two KhoteerSpha of gen I Ucmen, without framea The money cgt? be retained hy a? ?i)ing the i?at of tlie property In llmna. ,M ilrand it ?all 1 kH KtWARD.-IAMrfc AT TUB BNTRANt'B TO ? /I""' ritf Oirdena, Foiirteenlh atreet, on Tue-Klay evenln.: lani, ? iMamond Centre Rraeelet, with three ilrlnga . of I e*rl? itiarhcd Th>- Under will l>e tirtenplly paid the : above reward <-n returning the ?me to IW Hiiener itreet, nenr Macdougnl, ' | *^2 kicutf kn, kcmmw, afcc to ufit. Ipuoihlh hlkihh TO rkm, w1THO|7t"|ioakd3 J A private ftmlly will rem on*' parlor, * Koom and Bad loom on nw< mi aiory, and .4 fine koom on tnird atotr mouaa arwly fui ni*in d rail al jo# lireeuw ?trt*i, thrae do?>ra irom clidutn place. lm nmhifcd hoc HE TO lkt?thtiee wtoryTbahb ? intut and ?ub cellar, brick, with ail lh?* modern i'n^rvv.1 menu, and three iota in garden, in lilt*. ipotft healthy *im1 ?arabic part of hr*>oiilyu, tweuty minute* bv uani from altanic, Wall and km ton ferriea Thoae unwilling to gwr*i kt?>u mec?r1ty need apply. Kent f-o0, or utifurmahed $&j0. A ran- ehan<v Ad<ir*-m box l,n&? new York Tout oilioe. Ijm kmmihi HOUSE TO LET at yonker1'.?to lbt. j 1 utnished tor three or til* modtki inun the rtr?t or April neit, a very d?-siiable stirnmt r kiesid^nce, cotiutminf nine r* om? a? d attica, with all the modern convenience?, it ip neautlt ully initiated on the bank* ot the iiud*on, th? ground running down to the river, well xbaded and only tw?i nil nil tea walk rrom the railway depot and iteam boat landing. firfurthet pariiculara apply to WM. W. SMITH 4 CO.. ft Water itreet, n*w York Fioobsto ij?t_w!th MODFRN im PRO\ EMENTN, No. inof sst Thirty tub street 4*1 Third ?v<?nu"; one lu Th rly fourth strut, Mitv ltr?i street, Thirty third street, -e cotid aa enue, : hirty seventh street. Kenu irum aw to 112 per month. apply in J oil s FETTKETt'h, 416 Third avamue. HO!'he TO RENT AND FURNITURE FOR sale*!. The advertiser wishes to dispone of hu entire liouse i o d faraltuiv and lease of bouse on* year irom the float of M y, or earlier ii ?aiiilrcd 1 he furnitiiie consuls in part of l.isew (x d i'arlor ults, Hosewood and Mahogany Chamber Suits, Minora, ('utnto, Oilcloths, Kitchen Furniture, Table i'teiislis, ac The house ia in a good locatloa, la twenty feet by lorty-iour, with rear yard of eighty left waa painted and put lu complete order the past mmmrr, ami rents for hw per annum ; furniture wan made to order, ha* been well uaett auit is In tine ord< r To a reliable party this is a rare ohanoe to comiik-iire or continue housekeeping, and will be aold for Clash, ihf owner intending to leave the city. Possession given at any time uf tcr the tirst of February. Address C. ct V., llt'rald olliee. HOUSE TO RENT?PARTLY FURNISHED; bomr eight it ten !>? arilena in the houae at preaent that would hi - v; the part iii give It up on account ot 111 health, fail or address a note to 1.. W , no. ay East sa-venteonth street. ])ART OF A HOI se TO LET?Fl'RNISHED, TO A aiiiall genii e| family, desirous of hnoseka-eping; house haa all ibe mo ern Improvements; location ural cl/uts. Apply at 22V Weat Thirty lirnt street, between Eighth and Ninth ave nues. Room* 10 LET?furnished, SINGLE OR IN SUITS, In the brown atone houae, 33 Row<*ry, by the Week or the month. Ilouae first das*, furniture new. Reference de alrnl. Inquire mi the ililrd Hour, of J. waberton. QTEAM POWER?to l.ET?THE WHOLE OR PART (ti of a new four itery und ba?*ment Building on Twenty advenih atreel, betwe i alitli and wevenlh avenuee; aim of biill ilng, o frel front by hd feet deep; (acillU<-a for maau tariurcx unauriiohkcil Inquire on the premises, 110 Went Twenty seventh street. 8 TEAM PuWER-WITH WELL liohled ROOMS, large and small. pokhcasion given 1mm. diutely Apply to J. ao. h. WALKER, lhuand iki Centre atn^et. STORE TO LET?no. 3 WE8T ELEVENTH STREET, third door t ri m itmadway, a first rate ,iaiul for a boot ai d shoe store, or a barber's shop. luuulreatj W. ILckey'a furniture store, hq Broadway, corner Eleventh street. TO LET?THE UPPER PART OF 1i0une NO. 35 hleecker street, near Broadway, recently fitted up. For partlcu.ars inquire uu the premises. I^o LET-THE STORE AND rbconi> BTORT OF NO. m Ann street; will be leased till May, I8H2. Inquire al the oil ee of el Notlcloso, on the premises, up stairs. mo LET?m) ? MONROE STREET. FIRST FLOOR, 1 'ontainlng front and rear pai lura. with a room between, rear kitchen and two bedrooms on IMrd lleor; very sultabfe lor a bo..riling house; rent low to a good tenant. Inquire in the carpet store, 19 Bowery. TO LET-NO. 22 MANSFIELD PLACE, FIFTY FIRST street, a second floor, consisting of four Rooms, with bath room and other convenienses, gaa flitures, Ac ; rent moderate; no moving in May. For terms, addreaa boi 1,701 Pott office. TO LE??the SECOND FI^OOR OF HOUSE 456 WEST Iwenty-flfth street with f ont anil back Parlor, kltehea and three Bedrooms. The front parlor and centre r<x>tn on the first Door can be had If required. Water, gaa and bath room. Rent of saoond floor $17. TO LET?THE DOUBLE HOUSE 100 PRINCE STREET, west of and near Broud?i?v Also 2s miu'dougal street, three story immediate possession. Both can be seen frum 10 to 3 o'clock daily. TO LET-A CONVENIENT SEt-OND FLOOR, OF FOUR Rooms and bath, down town, to adulta; also, single and ?i Its of Room* Apply al 101 Kranklln street, basement. TO t?THE -je' OND FLOOR OF A BROWN 8TONB modern Improved House, in Forty-ninth street, between Broadwav and i Iglitb avenue ; a pleastnt location. Has gas, hot and e .ld water, bkiiiroom. watercloaets, an., all in gooa cider The entire ilonr is neatly furnished, convenient for h* usi'keeplni: and will be Sold at panic prices. I'osseaslon given immediately. Address a. B., boa l.'vi Herald oilice. TO let?a VERY NICE THREE STORY AND BASE ment llons?' in East fortieth street. Rent $490 Also, one In Forty eighth street, east of Third avenue rent$4mi; one In Thirty third street, rent 1>*K). one in Fiftieth street ai d one In Fort> ninth str>-et. ent %Ut>. ilsn, nice parts of Houses and floors 10 let very cheap. Apply tn JOHN FhTTflfcTCH, tlsthird avenue. TO LET?the HOUSE ann STORE NO. 112 BOWERY; also a two story Building, with a largo ch mner and fur naci s in ' entreof building, suitable lor lignt smelting pur o?es hitu^ted in the rear of 1k4 i aurens street. App y to A BARNARD, 3?">1 a i hatham street. TO I.kt?THE F.ieoant AND COMMODIOUS COT ?atie House, siiua'ed "o ifie northeast corner of N'nth sienuein! inenty third sireci, with fountain Ac. iain complete repair and will be let wltn immediate posseialon. For turther i apply tort, rwnkn, tw Mro*dway, coiner of Exchange place. TO LET?THE Fo' R STORY AND basement HOI'sr ynijt. Mark's place, eioeplint; tbea"i>.i,d flo<ir, will bo rented low to a good tcii.tnt. Ad>l> ess as# Bowery. TO i.FASE?ov BI'ildini) TERM OF l)S YEARS, ihe frq eitj 41 v* h te ati? et, between Cbureh street una B'oadwsy lotsrxli'6 l-or |*r'iculara, a the iinproveinentM making in the neighborhood are valuable, address B. P. a < 0., box 167 ii r.ild office. (jjc PER MONTH FOR PARTOF AN OFFICE TN BROAD ? wsv or wou'd let It for a lodging roonivir storage. In <|tilre In the engraving shop, 11H Broadway, third floor, b?* tween 1 and 3o'clock. J. mmpsoN. mis< ki,l,A\mirn. Brushes oe every dkhcription, at the hrifsii factory, sail fea' i street. Harper's Building All article* soil a the low est laetory prices Paint Hrusoes of superior quality eonstsnliv on hsnd .lOHw k HOPPEL. (oiapped haM'h a.nd UPS cukbu IN A FEW I hours, and the skin made delteaiel. so! t and whlb*, by the us- of < ADMAN A utjj t ampbor :?kf, with Olyoe vlne, 81 Bleerker str> et aud mm Fourth avenue. By "??ii i6 cents. FBENt'll ke?lNKD RAPK. SEED OIL?JUST re ceived by 11. DAaDONVILLE, (23 Broadway. Clro'fries r THE oheapfst STORE iv THE WORLD. tt PER cf NT SAVED TIM matest bargains ever olfereal, (lili.tOO worth of Oro eerles, vt ln?s, ae.i?, k iour nnd Provisions are now b- ing aold ai aucilen pru es lna--e are lacts to whh h thousands e?a testify, (i've me a e(,l|. aid you also will be satisfied that this is the niaas' u. buy li'aa fiour, $&, |.i am) $ti an. tihro ctriea and Provisions. Consult your own i lite re* is, and buy \ our irum THOMAS R. AONKW, Noa. 2tiU Oreenwlcb ntrrrt and 00 Murray ?irr?t, m New York. Oood* dellrered free Id the city. MAKBLK HANI KI>.?<JhKAT BA?OAINH IN MAN teN?? A laice mock n h ind, and ?urea reduction In pr>re> for any kind ordered tlila mouth. I'all k?m at A. KI.AHKK'*1 imirtilc y?r?l II < fca-t Eighteenth atreeo, wn?t of Third <??ni' Manl-la put up In ikt p Hf Ip Um muntry. VtOTl' E ro CaKPKnTKKH -KliSS I 'AHI'KN THRU i\ are re jlKMi d to in ike iu rauiafcta to' fl'fw up a Kefuo lory, iimi' rUlii being found and t.?ki? pity for he laoor In r?'al eatatr. A jilted, ra.lmaU; aiao for plumbing work, l ull at Ml Broome atrwt. TO TIIR PEOPLE. JKiW V KK> t-p>keuArd OlnWn'nt i? the aure r?m?dy to cui? the I'ilea, soil can be had tor SMMW lni,?f ft) reuta, tent by mall ' r eiprraa *?. M6 Hrouine alreet, New York WAMKD-A llOOKO H AND HTE/iM KNriINK, Holler, Ac. complete, ai.d In i; >->d ord-r, of about flf. tern hone pow*r. Addr**n box , Poet oiln PH Mild POUhDR PkKStfi'RE BY ONE MAM'S TjW.'MMj arrm iri an ttntawtaneoua bnrfc Mlliio ? filler'* Iniprovid Pvrtabta I'rna* or l>ay, (utawci, i-otlnn, liemp of my artb le tnat r> mire* i< (kln|, having taken tlm ailver nudal at tb?- N- w Vo. k him] Nfn Jerwy ."tale fair* In IMftk H Dow ofl> red to the |iubU<' on reaaonalde teruaa. and wm ranted lo *i?e -atiafactfc.u. Add re a David L. Miller, I MadUon, New Jeracy. HAIIiROADX. nrwiojf RIVER RAILJtuAC-PoR aI?B A V Y AND Troy, connecting with train* North and Wcat Train* leava? ? . raoH rni?tH? ?thkkt mn? rnmrv niurr imutrr. Kxpreaa, 7 and II A M .tod 7 ir:?) A VI , and t.Aiand 3 audi P. HI ill P, II. Tro) and Alt'itny iwlih ileep- lu Ift P. M., (tundaya In Ing oar*), V 4* f. ?. cliid?d.l r<mt(l'keM)al)' train. 7 '10 A g A. M , 12 .10 and 4 25 P. H. M , II M and 4 1' M Perk'klll'rain, 5 30 P. M 8 5ft P * Mng-Ing train, J *1 and 4:30 3:46 an.l * .'<6 P M. P ? Tarry town traia, C:40 P M 7 id P M A iVITII, 8iipertnt?nd"nt. NKW YtlKR, - Ml AUtAAk KaILHO t. D ? Por Albany and iov, OMInertlBg ?tt1 lh^ N'? YoHt Ueniral Kailroad lo< all polnta ?? M, Snrth??at and -?r?Uj We?l. alan ?lth (he Nnrinirn h Wroad. for H?r?uig?, Kill land, Burlli gw>n Plaiubaig. Mou?e ? -idm. 1 )*d>^??i"ri(and Hon' trral ? InV r arianin meni fMHO oeloM . Ooevmo^r 24, IHftU?1 rait a will b-av? >?ia Yo. k ae foil i*a ?P- r Alnnny 7 A. M and 4;*> Y. M . enpreae iram frw il|?m ny, rma. City llaU. For Albany, 7 Hi A * and *:? P. * . do ?1 depot Do , li? A M , e?i> *a- mall t. ?ln. fro? f rroa m?. IK?, Ml A M , do do , Si t al depot ?Cri?um Y *IU, t f. M . atopvtac at all atatlnna abm* Vorkrllle Mtb at MipM. White Vtalna, M I6A M,MVnndA> M , aP ppin* at all ?t? tlona, JMh at. white I'tnlnt, #:I6 P W., a npplng ?t ail ata lot.a, from W hit* lire, t depot Wikluatnabndgn. II A. M aod M :w P. M , atopi Inn al .W aUtloua 'rmn jStli at. depot Wllllain?brldge, II 45 P. H. (Wadrwodny and Saturday nlyi. ttop|" tie at All aUtloaa, friin 26Ui at. drp 1 Re'urning. ? Ill leave Alnatiy. 7 A M. and ?:&) P M . Kaat A bwnr, 7 15 A. M and 4: It P. M., aipreae train Albany. In IA A. V., Kwl A'l'any. Il A M? ftpreaa mail train. < roton f ?IU, 7 A. *, aio| pirg at all ?ta>lnna n >rth of Treni nit Wtilte Plains ft:ill, 7:25 and 10 A M and 4.4W I" M , auipping at all ?tationa Wllllani?br1dg>-. 5:*l A M. and IP ?, ?tfti'pin( at all aia ttona Wllltamabnifl* u? I'. M. (Wedne*l?v and !Aa aeditf only), atopfdng at all atatlona. nrket Hold and baggag* ??heckec for wa^atA?<in? at 2Ath at Maliou only JOHN ktlKCUlLU Aaaiaiam Miipertnlendent. ? AT( HM AND JKWKI.IIV. /^oi.n and nLrn oir****'??-mih> ooij? It and lllter Ixmgiu at No ,*Ki > hatbam Mrret MJ t.old and rolled kllv> i for plalera, 'onaiatt'ly f>n |\and> at ?l< Shatbam atreet. N. |i?? mond?|i *arl? and "ttmr p?e*ieaA nnea pon baaed. A. HA K.N A Kb, (ioid and Hilr* <Wt and Aa>a>v __ ^ PIM?li'll\U< U^RAht'IH BI'TLBR, *}>? ? ?"*<'* ^"lu^.^fAlilMS f rholea breed, fof ?l" and ap-k Bd^ar a _tnf*m m Bang, ( lite and Plea Kltetmloa or,#????!? *? |er'.' Breeding. Training. Pftetft ?? .""Tt boardail, named, Jk iedicinea for Ui dbwaACA \

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