Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 2, 1861, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 2, 1861 Page 8
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TEE AESCM WIFE POISONING CASE. Hudson County Court of Oyer rntd T?r? miner. Before Judges Ogdcn, Fiak and IVpe. MOWDAY?HK.-T PAY, The "lng of thla interesting e we, wb h addt ?tyi fu rthc, ihe reputation of New Jersey tor poiaotung, attracted a largo concourse ??T persona who soemod nnx iousTy Interested In tbe fate of ihf unfortunate Absro. Kv? ry effort h.m be n made by the frieti Is of Abson to for bit 11 all tho- advantage* wb ch tb.i a xusel luikbi have; they have reudned for tho defence Mcserts. V. 11 V Wright atil A. O. fttbriivki, two of tho leading lawyer* of tbe Mate. Tin- 4tU rney Ueoeiftl, Vf. L. Day ton, bif associated with him J. W. rtcudder for th" pi\?e ?ut on. I'rom the array of t,ileut i a either si !o, there 1st tattle doubt that lull justice will bo sought and ob Aainei! for aud by the accused and the acoser. J A panel of forty-eight Jurors was called, when it was found that several were missing, which fact oceisloned a wt rebuko frotn Judge ,)g ten, who, ivlttmgh considering J tike reluctance with which p-rsons attend as Jurors on a 1 trial for life, obliged those absent to show causa why ; they should not bo committed for contempt of Oniri In i addition to the lutlii lion of the usual lino. Atieou was brought >uU> court at hall' ,?ant eleven. He Sb about middle bright, an 1 of rather florid complexion. 11c ?haw> d uo signs of nervousness, but talked and look- 1 ed around with all tho apporem unconcern of a mere | specmtor. Alter a 1' t'g examination of "hose of the paucl who i were supposed to be prejudicially inclined towards tho ' prtouiior the follow ng were sele< tod is jurois:?C. Van Vi iit, Mooiercott. John W. cini-.h. Henry Dodd, Lewis ? It (hell, M chiiel l*ryor, H'm. H. ls?ia,l<i(niii, Francis ?ee, H> nry .-pe?rn, Cbna. i>. Mala, Hobcrt O. Wilson, i John Cooke. Mr Scudder opened for tho prosecution. Ho briefly reviewed tlw leading leiitures of the ease ugaiust the uc cufed lie iUite l that Mis. Abaon had died, beyond tho shadow of a doubt, trom poison?frotn on* af tbe surest and deadliest poison* known. Mr. Scudder dwelt briefly on the ihieale used by Absin against his wire's life, aud on tho in dive for tho crime?the interest iu and nlUvtii'u for tho servant girl, Julia Ken nedy. He further explained the interest taken In the servant after her leaving his employ; Abiou g vtoite to her whlio residing in Jeisey City, subsequent to having left his house, ana h,s sending her money while m fcuiope. were ea h reviewed. Tho ucc iaed attended hi- wife alone, adtuiuifitere 1 powders, and ahen she lay dead th wod it complete rehicumco to any investigation taking place; threatened the life (>f Mrs. Abson b brother When he B ated he thought such ail examination n>'cosH& ry, and only on repeated iteesuasiou perinlltcl the lawful exauuuution of his dcctased wife. I'beso, pursued the Dlurict Attorney, are tno leading features which wo nndi rtako to substontlato by proper aud reliable testi mony. The first witness called was Cliarlotte Brand, who, duly sworn, depo?es as follows:?I reside at Mr. Brand's: lived a little oil' the Comuiuntpaw road; lived next door to Mr. Abson, had lived there two months when Mrs. Abson died; 1 know Mrs. Abson only by sight; went to her teoui-e the morning of her deuth: it was at twenty minutes before llue>'In tbe morning; the eldest daughter oaine and ^sked mo t>> go there, to go into the house; I wen^ In the back kitchen, aud went up stairs; found Mrs. Abson dead. Mr. Abt-'nn w .i in tho roo~n where I found Mrs. Abson dead; Mrs. Hloy went up with me; tbe body was lying on the bed; it was in the farther part of the room; it lay on the far side of tho bed; said no thing t< Mr. Absoti; Mrs. H! >y Rpoko to him while I was ttteie: Mis. Hl>y xaid that she would liked to bavo aeen her before the died, aud a.ked why she ha 1 not been sent for, ho replied that ho could not leave her; there was nothing else said. (Here the witness, through nervousness, could proceed no further and wi-jb sot aside for the next witness.) Mrs Mary 111 y, being duly sworn?1 live ut Cotmnuiil eiW; have lived there eight years; was acquainted with rj. Abson; hiui kn?>\vu her six or seven years; Mrs. Absoti's name was June; was at Mrs. Alison's on tho morning of her death; it wanted tweuty minutes ot three at tho time; Abson s eldct-t daughter called me; her nam ? was K ltabeth; I went through thn kitchen, thr nigh tho sitting loom and up stairs; wh?n I went up I saw Mr. Abson, asked him wiiy ho didn't call mo bclore he di I; he Kaiii he coul ln't leave her; I don't remember wuat ho ?aid to me next, I left the room a little b hire sis; Mrs. Steele came there before I left: she came half an huur or twenty minutes after J canio. Absou went out iin l came back / while I remained there; the little children were tot about: th<-y were in bed: Elizabeth was iu tho room with us, she was about seventeen; cannot say how Elizabeth was dressed wle n she call.'d for me; Mr. Ah sou was a'."iie In the ro>ra when I entered It, he said that his wife lud take a a lit at a quarter past oue, that she died in the lit, that the Ot was very strong; h" said Ills wife a-kcl him to hold her h ad an I ruli her legn, that Bbe wan co'd; he said that he did so; he said he gave hor a powder at a quarter pa.-t one, ho said she t?a>k a til di rectly after the powder; he raid he gave her a [xiwdor at a quarter past utue; ho said she took a ut after this pew dor also. I went home at six aud returned in about two botirs; when I returued I went up iu tho b >usc and, try tog to pet In, found tbe door locked; Mrs. Uohinsou, my self and Klizibclh. I Uieu cauie dowu stairs uud went home alt* r that I did not return uutil evening?F.i lay, I this time brought an old l i ly to s> e Mrs AI>:,on; after It we w->nt back again; I saw one powder there; 1 saw it on the mantelpiece in the roviu whert the coriwe was ly ing. Mr. Abcou ( poin d the powder; Mrs. Steele tasted of It, ai d then Al-fon throw it wt9 tho st ive; Mrs. Meolc said ihe |K>wder tasted bitter; Chariotti Brand, my nil aud Mr. Abson were pri sent when she tas'ed it; Mr. Abson did not s)?ak of the cause of hor (loath, I was there when the holy was laid out; Mrs. rite dc and Charlotte Brand washed the body; Mr. Abson ?as there a*, tho time. J know Juli* Keunedy; flio lived with Mr. Abson two years ?u l six months, I ^iw Mrs. Ab >n T/i'ir*l ty : m-irnitg bef re she died; h -snJ h" cdlo.i tho children, but tin y fell asleep again, and he was alone with her when the dud the powder was inawhito |>ip.jr: Mr. i At'"ii Hi rt 1.1 k the p-n* r from the manteipioc" he , opt ued the p<iwiU'r and g uvo It into M-s Heeh 'a hmd, Mto she tabled It: he torik the pjwder b.v k and threw it j into ti ? roe. 1 nwmotter k?4m; I vaa rot in tho i latbit of visiting Mrs. Absou, hut shj came nearly es ry day to me, we were always very Ultimate rross-examinatK n.?I ? as asleep when Hizab? th called 1 me. Klisatx tb cade I me rr?>m outside, she said her : mother wa< dead. I live across tho road from Abson's; | Mrs. Abiu n had been sick fur nine or ten (lavs; she ofteu i ?Uyed in bed a day or so; she said -he was ubnit for y j live yeara old. found Mrf A bum's hand perfeotl/warm j and without aufliieas: her feet were quite warm also; she tail perfectlv natural. Margaret Moore?l live down in the woods, uoar tlreen vllle; knew Abson for six years; was home when Mra. Ab?cn died; went down to her house on Friday morning; ftaw Khzaheth there was no one else there. Klizab'th Saul Abson was in York: didn't see the body till he came home: the door w.'s locked and Elisabeth s.lid h' r father had the key; staid thire until Ab^ 'U cam? back: when he returned we went up stairs: Ab?i>n sto<>l by tbe fo?t of the bed; Mr. Benntt, who was there, said, "Mr. Ab non. jou bave your long wish at last, you told ino last Saturday my sifter would not live till Chustmaa, and that she woul l never go down stairs till she went feet foremost;" Mr. Bennett said, "And if I were to shoot von now it would be serving you right." lant summer Mr. Ab*on said "he'd put an end to her eststenc-, an 1 ?o slyly tlu<t tbe doctors celld'nt And it out;" thla was In my own house; no oue besides myself wan there at the time; Mr. Abaon com** to my door and a>id thit bis wife would wish to die, and that be d put an end to her uietence If he could, he staid only a few ninalM; f went every week to Mr. Abaon a to wash: loot summer wb'-n J wi>" there, heard some words pa.-.- b 'twceu Absan and bit wife, they were argpilug h.-ard Mr. Abson ?y. "bo wey, I don't watit you near me;" thi' was after what d at my house. Margaret Moore, cross examined?I asked him h iw Mrs. Abaon was; he *atd He would like to die; he said ho ba<! arsenic In ma bureau drawer, but she was too cun nlnr to take It when b"> oCtred It to her; herald he would giv> her f( methmg Uiat would end h- r, so the doctor wotiIds't find It out: I told him If he couldn't live with her in (c tee he ought tj leave her and the children, and leave them the place, told Jack, tho man I live with, thie conversation Arst also told it to Hisabeth Scott. dtdti l tell thth on my examination ?n the Coroner's Inquest; <lt<| not think of It; knew Mr Abson waa sua fx cud of potaoulng hui wife when at tbe Coronor's Jury; 1 live with Jack Hog an, he la not my hu. baud. .Tatne* IXirln, examined?I belong at Liverpool: was last on tl a 1'enrta, have been nine feara and it lialf In the Oil ard lli.e, have been before the moat mid as petty oflietr. saw Mr. Ahwu tive times; saw Julia Kennwlv twice or throe linns in Liverpool; Ah->n came two or three I itn< s to see * ship nate ot mini on the Asia, there I Aisl s..w AbS(di; Abaon came on board the alup an hour before we sailed, he asked Uie to fetch ?4 to Julia, wht sras living with his sister in IJver|x>ol, I told him I would d" it, U ho would trust me with the money I f~.k the moiu i had no tlm<-for further conversation, all stran gM- wir> put on the ship; we got t<> I.ner|>ool on V'Kidiy anorning, Julia liadn t yet arrived there; on Tuesday morn ng t went on boaid lh<- ship t > get paid; It wis ?even o clix k w hen I got to Julia's sister 's bouse tho se ron : tmic; I found her there: I sstd, her a Juli, here is acme mon< y Mr. Ab?i?ii sent, don t recoltnct suit limo of year this wa", 1 didn't sen her again until after the next voyage; on the next voyage Ahuon came abosrd on the mail boat, sod, asking me, I said that I would cirry attain tU. ior hiin to Julia; 1 gav e her the other X.J at lier sis er's hou?e Mih Ij'sa Mallet, evamlned?Abson and Spe?r went up i Is Ii i toyilhrr. an! Mr Bennett followeil after a while I l.tabetn came to t?ll us that her father ho<l invited us ? II up we all went up on! looked at tho Cor|??; M: Ikonett l?s>ked at Mr. Abaim and said, ?Vou ve got your wish at List, you re m< mti-r what you >aid in my house lost Saturday, that ah" woviid notb' alive at Christmas:" Mr. Abaon told hlru to k<'S|, Willi audio say nothing of anything that trans l,'kl i lh*n some of us nsked him in what way ?h? dl"d; I uinlrri to<id him to Sav she died In a lit: about or hi k ah, I.?k the s?cot.d lit Mr Abson told Ben roti thai if he tuw; done him Ju?tic? he would have ahot bltai k-ng since. Beiissu (yaivmulng I .Iking, Abson aald ha would ai her pitch or throw him down .tairs; Abson said I* gave hia wue a powder between eight and nine that toon sfter stis took tt .he had ? m ?.UWI|| ,tnJ or? he gave her another oue, oiler W|,i. h Khe Ms., had a ?t MVs-mlth asked him what Was in t'.s r, son said lis did not know, h?^ Said that doctor* o'tenVava drugs tba*. pidei ned people, Mrs Hods m very wrong thtig to g'\e ihusoii. Mr. Abac* sai l he tidu t think thov did it Willi liy Miss smuh oske<| if there were any of the powdeis lett: be said one; he sail he lu?u trirnt It: be said the reason he locked th' door was that 1m h?ard llie doctors were going to opon the bo ly th. re grair" ointment fonnd when I wa? there ' Mrs yMsiv Ann Roblnson^examined?I had frequently ?eon Mrs. Atvm, was ?t lier house the morning of her d<atb, saw her tbe Wednesday night befir' Mr. Abson told Bennett, new.* 'ha oorpse, 'hat If b? did not shut up fee would etpo*e h. m (Abeom) aud Mrs Abaon. I t >ld ttioan awt to fight tb > ?-orp*e. to let the dead rest; M>e Wedneoda* i^eviei "0 'o ber death, when I law her, ?he was ly mg ou a sofa. Vid eomjdainol of be nr very toVlandilck nhe?ald th- doctor had not been there; 1 K'lt! cii of Ihc daughters uftur Or 'ton111; sho compialued of violent p&ina and trembling; I sat tinre till between eleven and twelve thai night; ttio doc tor called and gave B"mo powdi.rB, I mixo l one at one s and as- it to her, after it ihogot (pile comp^cd, these powAi* were tn white papers, 1 dld'tt mv Mr. Absou tLat night at all; Lad spoken to Absou bul^re that night ooncrn tog his wife- I sent for him; I told hiui tint I bad heard he Vol trying to do away with his wile; that alio h:id found a handkerchief saturated with chloroform under her hi ?so, uud that she had fouud a syringa la the bed; Mr. Abson replied that hi- wife dld'nt know what it was for- I tol h m it was a shame, if true, to do any thing cf the kind, that if he had no rosiact for his wife it vsu'i proper ho should have for himself and family, Mr. AbnoQ didn't deny any of this, he hid, he wild, Do respect for her, and cover would have moro; Mr. Absou BuUi his wnc bad deceived hitn; the powder I gave Mrs. Abson loeked wblio; the powiler tusted a little bitter. Gerrlt Van IT in tof tifled?I was at AbBon's bouse tho morning utter his wile's death; I saw Absou Suuday mi ri>ing on the Conimunipaw rood; be said they were making quite a tirnu about the (leath of his wife; he a=ked me if I was one of the Jurors on tho Cbroner's to que i-t, 1 t?'id huu 1 and he said he hoped I would do for.h*ni wh t I could, as bis wife had been In the habit ol tukli g poison; hi' s lid she got it frotu a Herman doctor in New York; be said she took fits after the powder he gitve her, aod described the manner in which she was aHtcted; he said she bad a pretty hard death; speaking of the poitous she got iu New Vork, he said they wero for the purpose of proventlng an increase iu tho family. Andrew Nolan testified?I live iu Urand street, Jersey City; one night, I think iu July list, I saw two women wiih Alison; be caught tho one next to bin around the shouldi rs; the told Hm to take ofThis hand-, and he said, 'Til take your life r. mc of those duys," I went In my house, ai.d coming out again Raw Mr. Abson on the bridge, and he said to one of the women, "I'll throw you into the canal;" don't know Mm. Ab^on, didn't remark the women, but fully recognized Abson; it was a clear, bright night. ltr. '/,. H. Booth testified?1 resl<!e In Bergen; I hud at tended Wis Abson for the iiost six yearB; visited hor on Thursday, about three o'clock in tin afternoon, also ou Wednesday; I made up four iiowders, each containing live grains, Iiover powdeis, and one quarter grain of opium; they were put up In small white papers; don't recollcct whether 1 wailed tUl they were administered; the powders would have a .soot-lung, tranquillizing elfoct; ou Thursday she complained of distress in tho stomach and bowels; the powders she said had helped her, hut al ter their i tlYcts sin- had ]>a)ns afrilu; 1 told her I would leave her the same thing again for that night; thoy wore precisely the siine powders that I had left the day before; J ran down that way on Friday and found them busy preparing the body; I was in a hurry and soen leit: I was next there at the p->st mortem, at nine o'clock Saturday morning; Dover's powders are composed of eight parts of sulphate of potash, one of opium and one of epercoc; Dr. Quidor assisted at the post mortem; tho night after she died Absou called for a cer tificate; he said something about his brother in law, Ben nett; ho suid that if he had left Beunett alone there would have been no trouble; ho wan opposed lo post mor tem examinations; he said, '-You know all ab"Ut her, there is no need ot such an examination;" this wis at about seven o'clock; Mr. Absou showed a good deal of anxiety about the examination; I was untitled that Dr. Qui<.or would meet me at nine o'clock; we met, and with Mr. G'afney; Mr. Speer aud the constable, we entered tho room; ihc coffin lid was unscrewed, an I 1 took bold uudor the knees and the constable took the shoulders, aud the body placed on a board fTMNd; I reinirke l. "that looks like strycnnino tho stiffness of tho body, tho mutcles being!) drawn up]; tho soft parts being contracted; tho toes were drawn over; the ex tensor appeared to have prevailed before death; re marked no other signs that betokened tho presence of such poisou; we made an jucislon from the top of the sternum lo tho pubis; we dissected tho muscles ol' the abdomen aud breast, and laid b.irj tho internals; we removed the breast bone, with a^part of the libs; found the lungs in an engorged aid congested auu iV ? i u; found that the outer coating of tbe stomach ex bihitod s.gns of inflammation, though not recent; there were home signs of inl'amniatlon of tbe bowels; we next removed tho vagina and uterus entire; these organs 1 ex pected to Uud m ii diseased condition, froui what she complained of ?? me months; we lai 1 open the uterus and vagina uud the bladder; found tho uterus in a healthy condition, except the Leek; the vagina was in a bori id condition; the mucus membrane and deep into tho muscular tissue had been euten away; the inner coats had evidently been eaten away by some application; this I tnwfmhd bwillt the inflammation was uniform, whhh Is not the case ordinarily; of this she could never have recovered; It was neithor syphilis or gonorrhea; it indicated tho application, from time to timo, ol' somo corrosive material; she must have suffered beyond all rccoimt; found the bladder in a healthy condition; we removed rind examined the brain; wo found no anise of convulsion there, It being in a perfectly healthy condi tion; with these exceptions tho body was iu a very heulthy condition; wo then removed tho stomach and n ]>ai l of tho intestines ; wo put a ligature above tbe cardiac opening of tbo stomach, aud included i|uitc a portion of the intestines by another liga ture; took these, placed them in a jar, screwed in the stopper and left it for the Coroner; wo took pains to have the jar |>erfcctly clean; I saw no ointment there at any time; durltig tho course of tbo poet mortem examination leaving the room for a moment, A bp on stopped up and asked if we had got through and if lie could go in, ho asked m?J if we had found anything; I told him wo had not got throught yet aud couldu't determine; he said, 1 hope you won't find anything to Implicate me, after wo got through 1 saw Abfci n and told him ho nugKt ko in . he said he didn't care about going In; he asked if we had put everjtLiug back; 1 told him no, that the Coroner hail thought it necces try to take the stonmch to New York to have it ui.alyzid; he turned pule ut this and a fine 1 greatly anxious; ?? Well," ho suid, " K'stie has taken poi son 1 didn t give it to her?' bo was the tirst lo make uuy mention of poison. The entire wxek has been occupied by the pro si cutlon lu endeavoring to establish the Busplci >us i in duct of Abs< n before and a; (he time of his wife's death; testimony has also boen produced to Blew tho in tiui.u ) of the servant girl, Julia Kennedy , with Absou, wh h it is held was tbo motive which may have In (luci d him to perpetrate tbe alleged crime. The teiti nviy of the i hennit, Dr. Doremun, of .New York, li s jnov d, b- ?. lid the la eslbility of a .;oubt, that Mrs. A'? i "!''. d. i th w?s caused by strychnine, ajiart from all otln r poiioi.s. It i. expected that the case for the defence will bo opened early next week. Messrs F.. R. V. Wright and A. O 7?ibriskle, two of the most eminent lawyers of New Jersey, have the defence in charge, and it is needle#* lo say v. ill endeavor, by all righUoug means, to have lull just I :c e'.i nit to their client. Supreme Court?Special Term. Ueloro Hon. Judgn Karnard. MCI01ONB. Jj.o. 28 .?In the. matter it (he ajfiication <f the. rongroi turn of ll.Xai Jtrael, J'ur Imik In $ell.?Keferred to Hemtiel Joues, ., to take proof of tUj fact* slated in the petition, together with his opinion. Janet Itunl'ir r? Jam** Urutin and tihert.?Motion for a receiver, with |10 coal*. The iVq U a. reU, Char let It. Harney al. t*. Henry A. Ilait ?Commtssioii granted. John June* vi. Frederick GilUrt.?Motion for injunction denied. /Hirid A. /fatckin* vt. JameA T CromuvU Judgment on! i'red Th< t'eoiJe er. rel., William It. Rrlrh >??, Janus Be-irXeld.? Default opened on pay incut of disbursements uivlfio coet.-< vt motion C. V. It (ionli/mr ex. rel n*. llrnry Ktnm ti. al.-wRefe rcncc ordered to Aimu?l Joncr, K*q , to report wliat facts are admitted, Ac., kc. In the matter ai the distribution of proceed* of sale of Charlotte \ underbill, the p-trtic* inu*t all consent In luntit'g that the Court app> int a referee or agree upon three referee*, otberwim the tliree referee* musi bo drawn under tbe cut tile Abraham ]'. MiH>rr t*. GeorgeS Wright-?Motion for an injunction granted, provided ptaiatid giro a bond, with l?o necuritie* to be explored by thi* Ouri, in the hum of f?< ' OO conditioned to pay ali damages sustained in the event <>i fendeni succeeding In the trial. Ikum-i Jitll vs. John Graham.?Defendant permitted to rom?' und deieod on ptylin referee'* (*? s, disbursem- nta, trial fe-M and cost* 01 this luoliou. Judgment, altacn nn-nt levy. If eny, to stand as reeurlt} and all proceed ings had Iheretindef. Before Hoo. Judge Sutherland. John liynohh i-t ?r*t. H. lnn*m>re are I nthert ? Motion denied with f lu &*it Before Hon Judge l.< on.ird Htnry K Cumminpi n> Mary k. t' rj-in ?Decree fet tled. Personal Intelligence, ClmrWn y. loot-' y Kmj., tbo Austrian Con-ul (.etu rul at the port of New Vork, leavi* tin* da/ by tho Arag> for \ ienna, <>n a few months leave of absence. Thin i* the first virit of Mr. f-oosey to hi* native country rlnco the 1- it,|Tor of Ato.tria ctmfi rrcd upon Uim th* title of the Kilter von l/ <#cy. < -plain n. \\ of llenipftted, L. La ntipping at thi New York Betel. B 1 (all and wife,and F Harris aid wilb, of Maryland, aiii' John Aieioi^ >o and family, of .V'w Vork. wo?i'<,fit^ ? t Uie Kverell House C. C Co|e, of Bo?ton: William liarr and wife, of Ht Ixtuia; ( bailee lira lw rn.!.t, > f laiixM*; A. I'ottcr ii'td II. I>. Kkrver, of New Tutk, ?r? ki<-j-i n* at Un- l.tfarg" HiiM. 'CM. R. tooekf1 of New York J Mur.ney, of S'.>w llaren; G. II OlnaMnr. of nufrMWphi* I. It itrewster mUI Rd ward Twtcdy. of liar bury. i?. J. Justice, of Mtane^W, and J II llrnlfM, aTVumwl, irt Mopj'lut, .?t till) Aim marie Motel. Hon. I- i?. Ilaker, of Or'Kon lt?v << D. H?*rdraiiri and w ife, oi iiochei ^ r. H Mai tin, Of N?w tirleans; II I). < he< f bro. of Cai an taifoa; K. Hillings and faiiuly. of Cull lornia; K. A. <lre' iioti>rb, of llaltimor" W J. -Faskett, of I-iij'Iaii I. sii i Oeorce K Hanforth,of lloehester, are slop piiiB at the Ast >r M'm?e I'rtjfefvor Mi(c.he||, of Albaar; Cot Peaweii, U. 8. A. K/-V. C. E. Lindley unil F f?. I'erry, of Connecticut, tk|it Stm'Wii?<^i nnd wife, 0. W. taxbury and B. Ivlwards^ of lloetiiii; I?. T. T 'lers, of \ irgaua. ii. I? Him-tc.o, ol I'liiliMieifiiUi, <? W ? anipbell, of 1'llt lit id, and J. M. Woodward, of 'CBonetsoe, are stopping at U>e St. Niciaolo* Hotel. if, C. K. DodMon and C. H. Rioiimond, of North Caroll na; H .^flart and wife, of J'bHadei|>lili; K. L. lx-e, of Huilaki; K. heUew, A. R. Morriiuui, W. I?. Hazeltine md \\ W. I'lhhV . of SI. jy>u?? W. k Merrill, I . .S A. I L. Knl*. of New Vork; H. M. Hrown, M. It Hies, of R.<*ton. and ?. Aarlwuil, of i<k> Jtuuvo, ar? *topi>u? M tb? Me liopolitao Hotel. Addieww of American* in landum?D. W. Corniah, ?an Krainseo, Morley'* Hotel; I^bben* uupman, Jr., Brbt>kl?n. 11 Alnvd street. Be-Kurd square; J. I?*. IHiwell, Jew Tori, und John Whipple, Jr.. rreyidenc. rtirbf?o?k Hotel it m Hradinin*, New Vork, Fenton'i; I.. A Higeiow H<*Uio, ?H,loen tVoeo; 1-etrls Jmi. Houry, 1UU)' biore; Mr .aid Mrs, Imahar. New Vork; Mr. and Mr* Mnyi'ttii, New Verkj Mr arei Mr*. Fisher, New Fork , ' W"i "<"t?r, Mrs*. , Count Huq'ila, Now Or lean*; Mr ltoeheMei, t -thromla. Mr. Kunnol*, Ooergl*, Vr .l. hns ore V-w (irleans. Mr. Johns n, Now Vork, Mr ll-ebe, v w 1 ork *r Ua-ey. and X M Wnr ri*, New > oik, New ^ork Hovel, i/iiceater atrewt. FINANCIAL A? p COMMERCIAL. Fuuur, FeJj. 1?6 I'. M. i The money market continues dull. The amount of money reeking employment id in excebs of the ! want* of the brokors and lirt.t class homes, a:id lenders arc not willing to buy doubtful paper. Business generally is dull. The losses of bou?es in the Southern trade must be enormous, and they are of course purchasing little or nothing. The importations of dry goods for the year to date do not vary materially, in amount, from those of the Fame periods of the two past years; but the quan tity thrown on the market is less than half a* large as that marketed in January, i860. If Mr. Mor rill's tariff were a law, the whole importation would have to be marketed at once, and the losses of the importers would be vastly increased. Very little is doing in foreign exchange. The leading bankers ask 107 for 00 day bills on London, and 5.30 for francs. Sight bills on London are of- | fercd at 108%. liankers are very particular in se lecting cotton bills at the South, and generally in sist on Laving a federal clearance attai lied to bills of lading when they buy documentary bill*. The stock market continue* dull, and prices were rather lower this morning. An apprehen sion still prevails in many circles that the British holders of American securities will send over seme of their stocks for 8*1*:; and, in some securities, this ^gffcove the case. Hut it is hard to see why sucfc rtMks as those of our Western railroads should be unfavorably affected by the present imbroglio?especially as their earnings are unusually large at the present time. Treasury notes are largely maintained at their present price. State stocks are supplied rather faster than the market cau take them, aud the price declined; Tennessees especially were lower and heavy to-day. Among the railroad shures those which declined the most were t.alena, Michi gan "Central, and Chicago, Burlington aud Quiney. Hudson River and Panama fell one per cent, and the other speculative shares rather less. This afternoon the market was inactive, aud stocks closed heavy, the following being the quotations:? United States 5's 1874, 91 a 1)4; Virginia (i's, 73 a 74%; Tennessees, til) a V0; Missouri ?>'?, 07 a */%\ Canton, 14% a %; Cumberland Coal preferred, 8 a 9; Pacific Mail, 84% a %; New York Cen tral, 79 a Erie, 35 a 30; Hudson River, 44% a %; llarlem, 15% a %; Harlem preferred, 38 a %; Reading, 44% a %; Michigan Central, GO a %; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 14% a 15; do. guaranteed, 32% a 33%; Panama, 113 a 114; Illinois Central, 79 a %; Galena and Chi cago, 70% a 71; Cleveland and Toledo, 33% a 34; Chicago and Rock Island, 57% a ?%; Chicago, Bur lington and yuincy, 71% a 72. Referring to our statement of two days since with regard to the establishment of a line of ocean steamers between Norfolk, Va., and Havre, France, we understand that negotiations are on foot with Commodore Vanderbilt, which, under proper management, may lead to the establish ment of the line. The Commodore has ever been foremost in extending tho commerce and shipping enterprises of tho country. It would augur well for the new enterprise ii it were established under his auspices. Much, however, must depend on the course of political events in Virginia. Capi talists cannot be expected to advance money to enterprises which may be forthwith embarrassed by hostile movements. The people of Virginia iiiur-t choose between trading and fighting?they cannot do both. The business* of the ^ub-Trcasury was aft follows to-dnv:? n<cci|.le $132,C39 22 ?l or cut-torn* 34,000 oo Payments 296.909 19 Uttlunco 4,328,010 31 The exchanges at the Hank Clearing House this morning were Slb,000,305 61, and the balances *1,18T?,810 07. The following dividends haw been declared:? Tho 1'aiik of the Manhattan Company Ins declared a dividend ol 5 j?'r cent, payable February 9; the (Jean Itjiiik. a <:ivldend of J |>. r cent, payable February It; the AtnoekeaK Muula turmg Company, 5 percent; tho Lucouia Bl;inufacturiug Company, 4 per cent, uml P?p l?rell, 0 per oent, both of Biddelord, Mo., and payable February 1. The movement of the banks in the four princi pal dties of the Union, in which weekly reports arc made, as shown by their hurt statement*, is a* follows:? //?en*. Dfjxwit*. Vt rndaHtm. N York, Jan 2?.$1J3,9jA,163 87,380,Ot? 28,W(,942 7.'J29,29.s ?MM, Jan.'.8... o;i.r'V,'W5 ?8,1S.'>.I2? 4o.'2,tn9 6,'V74,4l? I'hiia , Jan 28 .. 25,892,205 I4,svl ??? 4 44.1,781 ?737, N. Orkniji, Jan. 26 15,987,l'J,711,067 10,.?',s<>8 To(al $09,063,112 140,174,041 M,Z^4,tiI0 >4,029.493 I a*t week.. 2..1,800,278 142,u?4 2.^0 54,u?,4l5 24,192,493 i.ani jmr JB2,922,042,U35,tx>7 41,689,.'>45 j?,444,183 The following is the last weekly statement of the New Orleans banks:? Vcth A s fU. , f.'iirt? , r?~?Sptcif , Hunks. ./an. 2<i. Jan. 19. Jan. 2?. Jun 19 Citizens' $3.(100,376 3 078 107 8,231,222 3,210,(100 1,164,660 1,271 573 1,665,508 1,283,213 Louimmu? 2,876.015 2,090 726 2,690,010 2,762,324 IjOuieianaH.. 8,426,903 8 464 600 4,133,361 8,951.21s Mtcli.&Trnd a. 080,012 092 973 933,260 879,482 New Orleans.. 1,176.3*6 1 3t>o :>ifl 1,838,711 1 ,$32 260 Bouthert 168,680 l?7,h07 604,795 676,782 t'UicD 1,167 411 1006,923 679.s40 678,124 Merchants'... 620,036 450.417 330 *15 411,:>69 Oeec<ii? City. 8<>,'?.472 099,020 200.00s 211,049 Atnei icu 612,669 619.468 804,836 624,984 Total $16,987,898 16,818,118 16,280,808 15,721,271 Dmwe. $3;'.0,220 lncrciso... $.'>08,597 CujA J.ialilUiri. , (Snnlaii"H. , , Dfjxnitr.??, Hani:*. Jan 20. Jan 19. J?n. 20. Jan. 19. CltlSCDa' $2,380,940 3,368,205 3.887.818 3,846,408 Canal 701,050 674.7V5 1 607,?63 1.150,793 I?>uH-lata .... 671,604 637,149 4.268.209 4,204,000 U. KUle 1,-141,773 1,370,900 6,119,797 6,000,020 Merb & Trad. 260 450 269,125 907,121 862,061 NewOrleaiis.. 437;t65 423,076 1,130,681 1,111,70* Southern 92,380 102,860 4?0,274 463,603 Unl'D 867,698 3C1.H60 780,*00 785,734 Mercluinta'.... 867.306 340 430 403 400 400,218 Oeec< ut City. 100.012 162,143 181 968 169,991 America 123,100 121 :><0 864,300 839.401 Total $6,988,081 6,664,564 19,711,607 19.22S.679 Inert $-123,527 laoreaae.. ..$482,970 The following table exhibits the respective amounts of exchange held by the various banks, and also the sinus dne to distant banks, as com pared with last week, the latter bein^ comprised in the table of deposit*, as allown above:? t??KtckUMf. * ,?/>w Hunk* ?, mm Jan. 2<i Jin 19. Jan. 26. Jan 19. Clliseoa' ?..$2,274,267 2,068,805 564,403 428,802 Ctnel Debit... 1 082,807 1,?MS,?0?I 178,666 140.636 Iooisiraa 1,901.000 1,810,701 70.7J1 143,982 f/OUle'Da Hate 9<.?W47 9f.0,l!.8 860 406 860^898 Mecb. k Trad. 108,246 159.74H 67,J<>2 84,890 hk. .V <>rl-?ns 111 473 17s 362 9*110 84,167 Kwilhern Ilk.. 078,810 666 001 -- ? t alon Batik . ion 135 200.779 78,132 169,884 Kerch. Bank.. 21-686 6.618 6l,J?~H 71.10s Ckeecent coy. 16 wa 6.908 ? 8 774 I lank oi Am.. 4 076 10,406 7,455 4,274 Total $8,014,001 7.360.6M 1 M8 528 1,609,648 $068,320 DccrenM.. .$281,024 The i-ales of land by the Illinois Central are larger than in any previous year in Jauuary. The CoamisKioner writes that the sales are in amall tracts; the purchases average K -s than seventy acres to each settler. Quit'' u colony of Germans have made purchases this month, aud the compa ny haw advices from Sweden of a party making tip for a settlement on the Company's lands in the central part of the State this spring. The sales in .January amount to 11*1,8.'l/i 1)1, and tho cash collected $72,273 41. Last year the sales in Janua ry were $39,:i8ti 81, and the cash collected $.>0, 0.U tl. We give below a statement of the condition of th" Kentucky banks, January 1, 18C1. It will be noticed that of fourteen millions due to depositors nn<l billtiolders n?arly Art millions are held as a specie reserve, besiites two millions of notes of oilier banks; the proportion of speeje to immedi ate liabilities is 31VJ jitrcont, a ratio which shows that the banking :jvstcm of Kentucky is founded on a sound and safe foundation: ? (jisBmo* or Kwnr< kv h*\k.s, 1,1861. /.Hibtltiia. Capital stock $13 429.725 purplu. 2()78.7m) ( 'ir? "i.atk'0 10.207 ,292 itue (kp> sliors 3 *2fl,7?0 *ucl' $4 400,909 ,V<rtee o< other barks 2,07.1,804 j/l|a?safld ilircounu... 22 011 503 K<al i'etatc. l,S31,70j Annexed is the annual report of the Mew Jersey 1 ailroad and Transportation Company, as made to the Lfgihiature of New Jer-ey. The btllBM sheet, as made up to the 1st of January, 18GI, its as follows:? C ,i| ail stock $3,749,000 00 f'uotfid debt (inclining $185,000, the cost of property and privileges puieiused of :bo Jelbt j Aieoc.uieHj 0 J,uOQ 00 Profits and loss, beirg ?nrplus Saratoga ex pended In iliu oouatfuctiua of the ru.ul unit in j-aj meiji of the property nUt<;.i tie U-w $716,069 13 ljtr amount paid for uu proved piv<?t drnw for HatkeiiSMk bridge, rehiyivg roiii i*<ih uuw iaiit>, and oilier improvements 28,>C0 00 687/St 43 dividend, 1st January, payable Ul Februa ry, IKfll 187,450 00 T< tal $*,312,019 33 Curt of Hailrmil ami E(piifm<*U> For graduation and masonry, bridges, suiMjrs'.ructure, ir< n,pu??*ot.ger and freight nuaioud, buUdiag* ?iuJ tlx tares, ei.gine and c*r bouses, workshops, maelM eery i?H fixture^ engineering, laud and land dauuigi $3,689,030 87 l/icouiottves, Under* and snow ploughs ... 185,175 09 Cum (patseuger, freight and buggagoj 229,053 30 I'ywj i rty, rit: Bridge, ferry, turnpike and other stock", re:il estate, ferry twats, privileges awt fixtures (mi lulling the property puicluBisd of the Jersey Associates l?>r $415, <X0) $1,266,336 1?? Casb in bank and cash it< ins on demand 62.423 16 1,328,760 11 Total '.$5,312,010 43 The receipts and expenses of the company for the year were:? l'arMi.grrs (793 454 82 Freight 101,61'J 20 Mailt, rente, k<; 218,807 74 1,113,881 76 Maintaining roa?l, Ac 78.HI8 36 KepuirR, cars, ?c 54':<9y 65 Fu? 1 65 U60 .10 Operating road 230,195 67 Expenses and contingencies 13,057 08 448,161 06 Ket receipts {670,720 70 lute-rot on bonds 41.0JO 00 Transit duty 17,777 06 l'ux on captial 18 745 00 Dividends 13,657 03 452,472 66 Surplus earnings $218,248 04 The movement on the road for the year was as follows:? freight, J'atsenyers. Unit. Passengers over the whole line or road 307,884 % 1,587 Jersey City and Newark 1,306,226 46,016 " KllzabeTh.... 225,759 * 4,174^ " 1 tab way 82,410 6,703>? u Uniontown k Metucben. 9,?>52H 13,621 " N Brunswick. 1244,551 All intermediate plaeen M4,?18 ? Total 2,833.113 115,658 The number of miles rim by passenger, freight and other trains was 522,731. Stock 117000 rs? 6 b, 1887.. 97 2000 Treat) 12 pen. 101% HO do 102 HOOObiofl's 1870 .. 103 2000 ludiina b e.... 89 10000?Virginia 6's. 75 loot) N Carolina O h. 70% 2000 Mit>fcOuri O's... 67 % 2( 000 lenneRht6> 1)0 70 3000 IJ;K3dmbl883 80 20001 Inrlem 1 ni bs. 9t? 1C00 Clit&NW2lnbd8 17 4000 Hat) K St Jo RR 66 8000 Milli go 8 f bes 70 10 *hs Hunk N York 02 20 Mechanics' Bank. 100 6 Hank of America. 106% 10 I'nion I tank 100 2(0 Canton Co 14% 20 Del A: llud Col Co 02 | do Ilk 260 Cumfc Coal pref.. 8% 170 Pacific M S S Co.. 84 % 7 do 84% 78 do 86 160 do hlO 80 100 NY Central I!R.c 71>M l<i0 do o 79% 100 do C 79% 60 do opg 7w% 150 Co opg 100 do k20 % 60 do.... pic TO3, 200 do b3 7?>4 210 10 f30 70 260 do c 70'.4 400 do opg 7y'k 210 Eric RR hlO 36 M 'in ;?j 60 Hudson R RK 44'i CO do 44% 100 do ?30 44 'j SECOND $6000 r 8 6's 1S71 c. 91.', IlM 00 ' 12 p c n. 101,\ JICH 0 N Carolina 6 8. 70 1000 Kentucky <J'n.. Pi'4 1000 do 92% 16000 Indiana 2% .. CO <600 N V 7 k, lf-04.. 10JI4 10(0 Mitfiourl 6s... 07% 30000 Brook'n C*I 100 10(0 I j io RR4 m b. 81 4000 Mich fo 8 f b.. 70 6 sha Shoo & L Bk. 101 l.'O Owlon Oo 14 % 156 l'acifl.' M 88 Co.. 85 fio do ?3o 84 <; 80 do 84 % 10O do sSO 84' xchange. Kumar, Feb. 1,1861. 100 elm Hudson K. KK 44% SCO Harlem KK pro''.. 3S 650 Reading KK.. .*60 44% 160 do 45 10 MtclL Cent. RK... 67% 160 do 67 % 60 do s30 67 100 do 67', 60 67 60 Mich So No Ind 15 \ 200 do 16 15 l*anuma KK 113% 26 do 113 20 III Con KKscilp.. 79% 160 do 70'4 50 do 610 79 60 do 79 % 100 do 83 79 100 Clev & Pitts I'K. 9% 160 (Jal 4 Chi RR.U30 71%' 100 do 71% 60 do bl5 71% IO do 71% 9 do 71% 3i0 do 71% ."00 do sl6 71% 100 do -10 71% 200 Clov & Lot KK.. . 34 lt'O <lo (>10 34 to Chic k Kk lal KK. 57% 100 do h'lO 6 7% 100 do slO 57% 160 do 810 67^ 100 do 67% 1-0 Cb. R ft Qntn Kit. 7i 86 do 71% 60 1(0 b:i0 72 '4 20 lv| Wi.-gt UK 82 40 Utile Mliuni Rlt.. 79% 100 V .1 GiitrU UK.. 110 50 Mil At Miss KK.... 12), board. 400 ?l,s .V YC ail,;ito 79'4' 280 d<> 79% 500 do 79 25 Hudson River KK 4$% 200 Reading KR 41'., loo do b60 45 200 Harlem RK pref.. 38 400 Mich Ccu KK.... 66% 45 do 50'4 25 Mich S Ji N I RK. 15 2." Panama RK 113 lOO tllC UK scrip.s30 78% 660 (Ulk Chi RR.... 71 20 Clev & Toledo RK 34 200 do ?'<3W 200 Chi ii Kk I RR... 67% 100 Chi. Bur & y KK. 71% CITY COMMIiKCIAL. HKPORT. CUliV, J'ob 1?6 P. M. Ashiv wtto quirt, at |6 for pots and (6 12% Tor pearls, pHfjinrmi.?light arrivals, and Hales of State and Western Hour were rc|iorteil, without any remarkublo change in prices. Sh'ppere .were buy ing extr* eitate, chietly Ht our inside quutalion. Trade brands generally who inactive, tislrs tt coo bids. St tn aud Western, l.iiuO bills. 8outhern and 426 bnls. (laiiaUiaiv. We quote:? S?n*Ttuie ^tate $6 20 I 6 30 Kxtrastau* guod to choice 5 80 a 6 65 I ^vjpcrBno \\>nern 6 20 a 6 30 (V<uinion to choice Western extra 6 80 a 7 26 Mixed to straight Southern 6 60 a 6 95 Straight to go<id extra do 6 00 a 7 25 1 CUoii e extra family and bakers'brands... 7 25 ? 1(0 R> e Hour 3 40 a 4 M Oirii meal, Jerary and Brandywlne 8 0# ft 8 60 Wheat whs Ict-s active, yet not lower. Sales 41,000 buihelgktfl to for white Canada and Western, $1 33 a $1 36 for red Western, $1 80 for red State, f 1 29 a $1 30 for amber lowu.fl 20 lor Milwaukee club, fl 24 for Northwistern club, snd (1 22 for Chicago spring. Coin? Buyers had any existing ad vantage, >ut only 32 000 buah els wire told at #6c. a6Qe. for new mixed Western, 08%c a 70c. ler old n)ix<*d Western, In store and de livered, 70%c. a 72c. for old yellow rioijtbora and Nor Diem, and 07c. a 7J*. for inferior to go-?l whito Suailnua. Kje?Sa.<'s 1,500 bushels at 08r. a 72 :. narley?Sales 1.K0 bi:rh(Is stale, at railiond depot, at CHo. Hirley malt?sales 1,200 bushels at 80c. oats? Tb? demnnl was brisker, but at easier prices: t'tate, 87c., UinaU, 36%C. a 30%c ; Western. 36c. a 3flc. per buslieL H?ksw.?x ?Sales 1 500 lbs on p. t (>?fkx?Tliu niarkit was steady, wh.le silos were I llglit.snu cnibraced about 400 mats Java at 16,'., 200 ! l>a?F Rio ut 11 %c. a 13 ^c., and 200 do. Jam ilea at 12 ,c. tt* fi.?I'he sales, troni all we cr>uld le.irn, fiot up stout 1AOO a 1.600 liales. part In transit, iixalcr* were ? ailitig lor later news by the Arubut before otNuating to any Inr^e extent, and the market closed dud at 12'4c. for miditlitg uplands. >k?H;HTO.? Immediate rrs m was scarce ami enuige ments *ece moderate. To Uverptsil bushels corn I were engaged, Including 8.000 in ship's uag', aud the re inamdtr in bulk, at 10<1 ; 10,000 bushels wliisit were lakdi at 114. iu bulk uod 11 %d in sbi> s bags; 300 bids, roe in ?? te engaged at 3s. Od. per 2ftO llw., Ooo in xes ti.icou at 36s. To l.on<!on rates were lirm, 600 bols. H rnr weie inkin at 4s., 400 bids lard at 46n., f ix) botes '.iac >n ut i6s , sod 1,000 packiiuee oacon and oavy l>eef were re- 1 )* it<d alio <>n private terms. I'o tiii^-gow 40 hlids. talluw wre eti^u*.' d at 40s, lo^ui l-'rancinco the clip tier ship A?a l' ldridpe engaged 760 bbu . pork niel 1.000 ball Mils do. on 1'nited States government aCeouot. lUv.?lbe market was steady, with imaierate sales at K>c n 95c. for shipment. Hints?The market continues quiet, the trale mnnl- ] fekling tittle dispi siiiou to pay 1 lie rati a demanded by ( hoideis, exeept lor pressing wants. Receipt* for tho ' week are about 36 000 bides. tTiiicipa! mi<-s, 1.5oO dry 1 litiem s Ayree at 22%e.,3tM)0 Caliloinla ut 20c a 21c., j 6 too Texas at 17c. a 18c , 3.500 try saited Marr aliams at 16%e.. 0 muulhs. 4,600 city and country slaughters at 7c., j 8fo wei "aKt'd T? xss at 8%'c.. ana 400 do. Rio Wraode at lie. lloes.?Sales 30 lutles new at 25?. a 30c. I.ftAiNUi contii'iies dull without any ehango In prices. 1'etidiiig the iidi'iniiii'i.t of political trouble* both bityi rs and rener* are cftNtKms operauirt. 1.1*8.?Common lbckland, 80c.; lump, fl. ???sales enibrat e 1 about 100 bbls. New Or lee ok at 30c. a 37e., four mouths. Naval stusim wern quiet snd steady. Straight lots spii its tui i>eiitiuc weie neatly at 36%c., and common rosin at (1 27% delivered. I'nuvist'ins.?Pork? ITie market was heavy and sales inoilerale; sales of mess ?t $17 76 a |I7 87%. Beef was quiet with sales of 1^16 tibls., Including roiwu'kod miss nt |8 76 a |9 02%, and ai $10 a $10 02% for extra. Beef luims were iioiinnsl al $14 a,$16 IauI was In fair dc nutbd . witb sali-e of 3(iO lihls. at 9%c. a 10%c. Hress'il liegs were unchanged. ItutU r aud cheeee were quiet ai.d (ulics uiicbaiif rd. he K ?-'ales 260 Ci?ks at$3 75 a $4 31 V Pt^ick, fl.7<4 j cssks Carolina tin . 3 200 bags Kasl India, against 6 .*1.1 casks Cerolilit sstne date last year.* ?>sJes 160 ba?s clover at M'^e., for exfsirt. I?rn Kb ? sali s 160 nmis Cvsia.011 p. t., and smaJnots of pepper si 7^e , usual '-rertlt. SoAi'.?4#m s 100 boxes Cast lie 011 p. t. f-it.AM?The nia/kci wss dull and maetivo. T7ie k.,(os imhiacd abe.ut 300 Mids t'uba, in Jobbing Ms,el"tng Without si Imallon, and with the turn of prices in ntvor J of pun baser*. Tlie following are il?e prieva at present of Most*. 11. l~ and A Stuait's rellned gisids ?(lust quality 'oaf, ?%'r per lb.; beit quality crwiol, 8%c., c'r*!s A, crushed Kl.; grar,ul.\t.d grounl, white. A, 7$<c.; yellow, C, 7 V Hft-k oj ttugart t'H>. 1. i ii>U. lsdl. 14,(W7 2J,9S)8 J'oiioii'to . 44i F.nglirh lH'au<l 58 h kc? Orlttui '? Teiiw ? Total 14.160 ?1,601 Ti ul boxes -i -T) is,Ml T< ml bags I3,ihl 153, m Xelado, hhds 1,140 ti.ljj T' Hacio^?Ijllla do:ng In the article. 259 libds. Ken tucky, et aacticii, 4???. a ll.'i? ? 28 bales Havana p t ; i67 cases fct>il leal 4 *?c. a 6,'4c. ilio loiowiu},' id tbu ninthly statement of Bt' ckHtf S| aaisii Uibaoeo:? J/iMana, OJ<a, Smjn-t, I'uro, btilr . )m<. <cii'i. Stock on hand Jan. 1,1861.. .6,167 ?59 000 1.904 lift oivod 688 2,272 ? ? Total 5,746 000 1,904 >s*a? to Jan. 31, IfeOl i.VJb 'J69 4b0 1JB3 ytoek on hand Feb. 1,186? 4 020 2.H42 450 731 Monthly statement ol stock* iu tlie New York tob*cu>> inspection warehouse ? Ky , Va.dtS.C., Ohio, Md. Ibtol AA"?. tih.iL. Ii/utt. h'i'U. htutf. Stock on hand Jan. 1, '81.13,604 2 090 4 1 16.750 Kcceived ninoc ill 7 _ ? 213 Trtal 18.876 2.097 4 1 16,977 Delivered since 737 092 ? 1 1,430 Stock on hand Feb. 1, '01.13,188 1,405 4 ? H,467 i Mr. Kudor iu bis monthly circular runaiks as follow*.? j Business Et ill continues quite stagnant, and tho trunsac- 1 li? ns ol the month wi le chi> Uy lor expoi t. i'or cousump ti-n but a limited quantity of Havana Oilers wore takuu *t 248 a 40c.; 289 balee> Cuba at '21 a 24c., ana 000 bales of ! conception Yam within termer quotation*. Stocks of ! Ppanisn leaf aro Bn>all; snpp.ics o.ue in Out lightly, and, i will the unfavorable reports auto coming crops, price* j aie fismly maintained. Son.e 3ti0 Jih'is. Kentucky were | sold at puDiie auction, rttging from 4C. allt?c caph; tho | prices obtumed showed a.oio lirnines-j iu (In1 arrclo tlian gtn- ra'ly was expected. between iiOO to 4e0 hlels. inie rioi Virginia wore taken for i sport at 'Zc a 4c. l"be >'xp >rt d< mur.d lor nuiiuni and liliery seed leaf s'-ill continues, and some 2,0(0 caei h changed hands at 3%c. a 4>^c. anil 6>$c. a 8c.; lor consumption troi aaetiujis .tie of a retail character. Several lots of Florida aro ottering, but in ferior quality and high prlccs demanded prevent trana actlona. T^iixiw ?Sales 18,COO lbs. on p. t. Wool.?Wc aro unable to make any alteration in the views of Solders of this article. Tho market is very dull and but little wool inquired for, and still Ices sold. Holders being thru in their views for (lotions and pulled, buyers have not taken hold as if a concession was made, an-' we therefore present a meagre statement of tho week's work. So?ae pales of Mediterraneau and South .American were made the past week, but uot reported? the quantity about 600 Doles, on private terms. Wumrv?Ilio market closed easier, with sales of 400 bbls. at 18c. DRY C<JOD8 TIIADE. The following is a comparative statement of the import of foreign dry goods at Sew York for the week aud ?inco January 1:? >br the week. 1350. 18?0. 1861 Entere.i at the port $2,982,246 4 SOS,-171 3,100,165 Thrown on the ma/ket.. 3,234,069 4;563,193 2,084,768 Since January 1. Entered at tbo port 10,576 607 11,770 005 10,956,857 Thrown on the market., 10,986,445 U 001 ,<i68 5,984,478 The dry goods entered for consumption at this for. tho poet week were under the amount of tnoso entered for the same period in I860, but were in excess of thuso for 1&69. The amount thrown upon the maiket was not hall' that a', the eumc time I act year, and lacked one third lu being equal that of the previous year. The vultie of goods belt] in bond in very large, estimated by tome persons ax hign as thirty millions of doilius. One Urge house is reported to hold near hall' a million of collars in bond, la.rgo amounts of other ui livlct), including foreign wines an<i liquors, are hold in bone. One importer is said to hold over $200,000 worth in bond. These gowds have been Imported by mer chants, under the impression thai they would be allowed tluee years to decide in what way to disp. se of tlieui to the best a<lvftntage. If Mr. Morrill's Tariir bill ji.ias p, requimg the duties to bo paid en Hem in Uni ty or even sixty da) s, or be forced to reship them, the measure would be equivalent to a forced loan, and might form a subject of complaint, on the part of foreign im porters, to their respective governments. The bill, viewed in all its character ami bearings, is nn extraordinary dWUDWt, and might tie JuitT; termed "a bill to dismantle New Yoik of her commercy for the bun lit ot manufacturers." Of the goods Introduced for consumption last week, woollen labiics amounted in value to $565,129; cotton do. to $1*8,6119; silks, to $L*9,850, Ilax, U> $144,209; miscellaneous da., $147,535? total, $1,665,319. We annex particulars. Imicmi for Cunsuhifxu-n. ? /'aciauti. Value. 1'iul* iycr. Value. Woo)? . Silk? Woollens... 291 $216 811 1'ongoM.... 57 21 117 Caipctitg.. Cloths Woihleus.. . Itelaines.... (ot.tworst. shawls 1,... lti aids A; b. Liimkois .. 47 ilfl 73 ISO 49 4 25 11*4 31 040 &7.8J4 30.575 8J 2(17 1 a.?t5 14,709 :t,,i;o 1 Clovis 7 l-ac'S 10 Velvets 12 S.&worsted. 24 8 ii linen.. 4 liraius x u.. 7 Cra|?,;i..... 6 8> .; eottou. 47 IUw 1 $1,289 3,252 6,691 9,530 16,651 2,970 3,758 6,397 30.917 4,351 V tal.... 1,130 $506429 Cotteli? Oti-ns.... 184 $40,467 Colored.... 134 MJM 1 n< musl.ns 14 Prude 12 LaceS... ll.tkiH.. (iloves.. Spool ... Hose.... 15 9 7 2?1 28 6,1.17 6,297 7,3*5 6,367 2,156 41 7. S 6,mo Total,... 65s $519,860 Flax? Lmun 602 $114 3.W II .kts 3b 13,100 Thread 36 11 ,h< 5 L. cottjn. 14 4,siil Total .... 687 $144,209 Miscellaneous? Total 684 $188,6C9 Silk? Mlk*.... Hibbous Cravats.. Ih.-hcs.. Mm wis... 220 $236,192 111 113,.182 Go 67,150 16 10,139 -.0 16,888 Straw goods h' ihs.&n <\s Clothing ... Ixm. gloves. KniDriod'ra. Kit! gloves. Comets Matting.... 66 75 60 64 28 U 23 16 $:i ?M I It,700 13,044 66,502 27 25tf 6,693 13,406 1,100 Totat. 102 $C0,610 Wool? Woollens.. Carpeting . Cloths 10 Worsted!... 76 Jk'laines.... Cot A w's Id lirmds k b., Itlatkets ... liese Total 323 $134,699 C<>tt<>n? Cottons .... 166 Coloi ed .... 182 Km. muslins 13 I'i mtb 61 lat i s 3 llalidkerc'S. 2 Gloves 16 Spool 28 \ elvels . ... 1 Use 120 H Ululraun from IV'irekoutc Silk? 337 $147,532 2 1 I .'ues 10 Shawls. Glove*. Mi fewor?td. lira ids & b.. Crapes S & cottou. $1,023 448 5,367 60.91/0 4.095 4,044 396 $34.3C7 44.079 12,010 9,7h6 1.873 778 6.507 3.106 324 30,277 Total 6*2 $142,040 Silk? MkS 63 $63,236 Total 161 $147,178 Flax? iJnen 205 Iiamikerc'fs 11 Thioad 6 l.lnfc cottou 24 ToUl 240 $58 9M MLColUtneoTl"? Stra* goods 17 $4,666 Keath Show 12 1,J.VJ Clothing.... ]0 3,W5 Kmbroldoi s 12 12,210 Mantillas... 3 6.90'.) Kid gloves,. 7 7,530 Suspenders. 1 177 Matting.... A3 491 Ribbons... 11 6,350 Cravats.... 6 1,327 KnUrrd fur Wanhouting. Silk Total Ii6 $36,700 Wool? Woollens.. Carp* ling. Cloths ...? Woisleos. IleiaitiCS .. Cot. * wo'd. 603 Shawls 61 GtOTM 7 biaid- ii b. 9 87 73 14 361 76 $.'*8 967 IS 454 H.938 134 228 31 630 1 76 ?>** 49,444 4,607 4,403 Laces 32 Velvets .... 2 S. fi worsted 78 Braius & o. 92 H. & euttOu . 19 $16 590 3 021 67 044 04 102 1J 2 '4 Tot*.... 1,191 $481 685 CioUot? Cottou,.. . 641 $1*0,731 Total .... 694 $666 559 Ha*? Liners 326 $76,129 llaii.ikir'ts. 4 1,577 Thrift 18 3,427 Liu. u ,1 Cut. 27 6.164 Colored .... 384 1 tn. musIhiS 39 1'rr ts 102 laces 61 ii.oves 5 Stool 39 Hose 287 79 934 13 800 82,1>40 17,*61 1,645 7,600 63 ,948 Total 370 $8,630 Miscellaneous? htYaw go-sis F?a.& How s C'"thing ... lea giov?s. ICuti/r older s Mantillas... Corsets 18 Suspenders. 4 Total,... 1,608 $36^,014 Silk? S-dks 216 $262 962 Kil'botis... 146 1*4 ^66 Matting Ctavats.... 2 1.522 Shawls 7 3.400 Tita) .... hicafnltilaivm. Entered for consurnp ion? Matiufactiires of wool 1.136 '< cotton 6*4 11 silk 658 ?? flax 6N7 Miscellaneous :w>7 $42,387 Value. $465,129 1*8,5MW 619,860 144,2*S> 147 6.12 Total. .3.402 $1,566,310 W ithdrawn from warehouse? Manufactures of w<w>l. 323 " cotton 68*2 ?< silk 161 " ilax 246 Miscellaneous 126 Total ? 1,437 Entered for warehousing? Manufactures of wool 1,191 " Cotton .....1,508 " silk 694 " Ilax 370 Miscellaneous 122 $134,599 142 0?6 147,178 68,920 36,706 $519,419 *481,686 36H.014 666.660 86.301 42,887 ToUl 3,7*5 $1,634,846 There having been no clearance for China th- pust wrrk the exrx.rts of cotton goo<ls were ligtn, and em braced shipmenia for the work ending February 1 as fol lows Pair/ Vatne Peru 70 $4,820 Itr.'iJti1 442 28,908 V( atnela 101 6,417 >ew (.rnniuls 128 10 080 Hi. j 11 117 10,436 littUit We?t Indies ?? 77 4,604 ToUl 936 $64,266 I rtvlously repotted .6,203 f It ce Jan, 1 7 138 We have little charge to report In the movements of ' ty ?<wdB, especially from the South The TVo-t 'is tr v'.<? I at Or. d fair, and promise* to be li avier thui uju*. ? u ' he opening ot navigation in Ike spring. Wosterw erops were Ufcav) and haw been largely snipped abrufei.* It is h( ped that after liquidating "Id scores, which hay# lr 8oine Uld over from the |WAn;. . liiOJ,Ihay will have a surplus of mcana whereby to pur<-h..,^ more goods than usual, and th?d tend in aoutk (logi ?:? u> muk> up the dimiuut.on exponent''.d iu iho auoU|oxu trade. It must be recollected, however, that the present extranr Uinary BlaUi of our political troubles m calculated to inculcate caution in ail direction*, bulb among Hellers and buyers. Oool ep'dlt ?.r ?a*h is what is wanted lor giovs. While lb> ro aio compara tively few country dealers from th'* Ulterior of tbo ? there are fair sbtproe'ts goimt forwafd to Southern die tnbuiitg houaeH,? me oi which are branch's ot' No* York firm*. The p tea more and vessels going out gene rally go well Oiled. Ihe <lT< els of the tariff, kf pased. aru much feared by the iuipoi tera. It may, iu that event, tend to enliauce pi ices in proportion to the Inaroasy 01' duties, but it would Btill lurlltei tend to choc. s uob. Tbt> period for Introducing u mciauro making such sweeping change* in our commercial policy in cousiiierod unwigu and inopportune. There hsx been a Mcftdy demand for cotton domestic goods, and full prices lor ail i-ia(.learticee have been sus tained. Ihire was a an d rati busim as doing in woollens* and in clothing good*, with inir purctiasea frono tie city retail tiado. Foreign goods were al-o opened to some extent ty im porters, but in tbe absence r>f any great activity ir rare we deem it uauec *a?ry to enter into details of rices. Auctioneers ar-' wetting reidy for the apriug; ampaigu, and are exporting, a* usual, to do a lively Vufu ess. S H I P P I N G JM E Vy S . iUH9.ic row m.w i on a?ran Dsr. ?tji? nit** 7 D0 I ?oom bisks morn 12 BO ?uk si-ia 6 IVI uiuu wnu ere '1 46 fcrt of Ntw York, bVbraary 1, 1MVI. (1.E.A RED. Steamship City of Washington (Hr), Jeffrey, Liverpool? Jt hn ti Dale. McaiusLip Marathon (Hr), UcArlhur, Queenstuwn and Liv erpool?t. Ciinsid bteain"hJp Aran", (fadeden, Southampton and Havrc?New York i rid Havre Steamthip ?'o. St. arm hip Ariel, Wilson. Aspinwall?I) B Allen. Steamship Bienville,, Havana and New Orleans? Livingston. Crocheron A t o. Ship Escort, llumey, Liverpool?D Ogden Ship Jeieimah lhomp*un, illake, Liverpool?<? Thomp^n'B Nephews. Snip (luy Man tiering. D. Hard. Liverpool?R T Tavlrr. Ship Yorkshire, Kairnanka, l.l.erpool?(J !{ M irsuall k I'd hhip Ociavlun, femb< r, Uind?ii UuDhum Jt l)imoa. S!dp llxvre, Askiii-, Havr.?KM I'ox & i;o. Paik Hoi?|Ua, Cartwright. Hong Kong?A A Low & Bros, liaik. KlMug il'rusi Kriiiui, Dublin-Punch A M?iacke. Kurk f.orr rtar, liiicr. (il i?_ow- Snow A Burgess. Kaik Dvermann, Hearte, UotlenUrn ? Knie h .t Melneks. BaikTerena, Kosier, St'I hoinaM, Ac?Maltlauil, 1'tie lot A Co. Prig Atmetilus (J'rui<), bngge, QueensUitvu? lVetxlt A Co. Bug L Kerry, Steele, Uuad iloupe?Smith, Jones A Co Brig Hannah, McEwen. i*< 11 an l'miue?Bccker A (Jraevea. Brig Ladv t (Br), Cooper, 8t Kitta? Smith, Jonaa Hcbr J Moody (Br>, Killam, Varmouth?Rdmlxtnn Bros. Si hi Lat.eiUr), 11 a!("?>', halmoutb, Ja?A ti s.ilomea. scbl- N Donne, Hall, t'ltru uegim?J'oit A Smiill. Srhr Tom Hayem (Br), L'avi- ou, Halifax?J 8 Whitney A COk K.*hrT J Tull, Mahon? v, IV.'TMlmrg?J tl Cooper. PchrJ JoneH, Ilotrun, 1'hiludelphia?>1 Hand. Schf tiranlls Male, llul eti. tio?ton?H W Lewin. Schr.Arnel a, Marvel, New Haven?H 8 llackctt. ARKIVED. Ftcrimxhlp Arabia (Br), Stone, Liverpool. Jan 19, Queens tow a 2ttb, with md*e hii.i j .i.-.-ei.ijerx, to E Cunurd. Jan 19, j>a>>ed fblpa A M Ha;.Miles standfnh, ana Harvey Blreh, lioiind into Liverpool. 20th, sieumshlp City of Manichestar, liente for LlverjHioJ; name day, (! I'M, steumtihip Canada, from Boston and llaltlaxfor Liverpool; 31?t, lat 40 67, loa 67 07, HtcHm'hlp Asia, hence I or Liverpool. Steamship James Adger. I'hillips, Charleston, with mdna and i>asseogera, to SpwQord, Tilealon A Co. Jun 31, 3:30 PM, to miles N of Hatterus, i>i>'ike hhip Mary Bangs, from Callao tor Hampton lloadr;7:3!l I'M, signalized steamship Nash ville, hem e lor Chnrlecion Steamrbip Roanoke, conrh. Richmond, Ac, tiO bonri, with mdse aud paiuengerH, to Ludlum k Heineken. Stt aioEhlp 1'aUpMO, Vail, l'ortland, with mdse and passen ger?, to H B Cromwell A Co. jtark Andiew .Mander .i n iof Philadelphia). Thompson, New Orletins 20 days, with sugar Ae, to Hicks A Hell. Jan 30, off Barm-cal. In a heavy gale from WXW, bplit toresall, main Mil and jibs Bug Casper Wlldt (Nor), 1 orguseri, Newcastle, Nov IS, with coal, to otder. Brig Wm A Brown (of Boston), Lockwood, Ardrossan, Nov 2fi, with Iron Ae, to H I> hrooknutu A Co. Had heavy weather the entire passage; has been 9 day s N of I!altera?, with heavy weather; Dec 4 John Slvlll, of Isle of Wight, second oflloer, while .?etting the furusaU, fell overboard and was drowned? he v. as not ?ee? to rice at all. .ind it being dark with a high sea It win. imporsifcle tosu\e him. Jun A) lat 23, Ion 61, spoke wl nlitig tchr Kmporium, Cm \.n, of and from Province town, Rolni: to Barbados, having > xp> rlenred a severe gale In cross In;: ihe (iulf Stream, cauhimt her to leak; 27th, saw a sblp with inainmart gone. sleerm? S; lITth, 30 miles hE from Har lien it, took a piIm fiom Imat Kzia Nye, No 2. hihr Kield, Allen, (.uliestoo, 10 days, with cotton Ae, to 1> C Mtitray. Schr Red l.ugle (of New Ixttidon), Brown, Darlen, 4 days. Srhr 1 W Davis. Wilmington, NC. 2 day a Scl.r Honesty, Appleton, Newiieru, 3 days, with cotton Ac, to master. S'chr C A Tcnmans, Smith, Wssidngton, NC, 4 days. Schi Liidv At>trim, Ihomp-nu, Ply month, NC, 4 days. Schr D K Wolf, Bu.-kalew, r .nieito, NC, 3 days. Bohr Alice, Davis, Norlolk, 2 dsys. Si tir.l P Bunouglis, .lores, Virginia, 3 days. Schr C T Dtx, TiCotson, Virginia, 3 days. Schr Kllzaheth, Parsons, Virginia, Sdays. S< hr K lleadley, Bowe, tieor^ciown, DC. 7 days. S< hr Kllzaheth A, I'awn, tsc Harbor, 2 days, Schr Iowa, Woodbury. (Jluii. ? rler. ?"?? P"?i n, (,'rroker. Pi 'Jnd 'Ip'tia. B'eamer petrrl, Tcnng. Pr..> in, nee Stoauier Aibatrosi, J one". ProvlJenoe. KrrrRsrn?Brig C 11 Sampson, Francis, hence Jan 28 for Havana. (See JgiicellancDUs-) HH>'W. Balk J'radore (Bn, from .lam,tics, IH days.?By steamtug Yankee. tine ship, unknown. SAILED. Ftof msMps Teutonla, of and I or Hamburg (and pa??eil the I'uiteij at 12:16); liienvllle, Havana tnd New OrleaiM; shipa Yorkshire, Liverpool; Anin.' n, London; hark Uouqua, Hong Kong. Prom Quarantine?Steamship John Bell (Br), Glasgow (at 7AM>. Wind at (unset SE. MlHic'la iirnna> Smr Pit.\f:it Star?The fallowing U the report of Captain Wade, of altip SilverStar, V lore reported lo?t at Jarrln Inland: The Silver Ftnr loll Honolulu Nov .1, at noon, bound for Jar vla 1 - In ml, with Mr I'otta anil hi* **>txlunt, a gang of laborer* f<?r till' Mm <1, anil Mr J 1> llayne. agaut for VVm II Webb, 1:m], on board. \\ c had a ipnck and pleaaant paaarige down to the Lint, and on Friday nlgiit al midnight a?eeruTned, by ubrt rvallun of hji>, thul we w ere in tiie latitude and iO tnllea to the cji*twiir<l ue (he It lai d. Shortened anil, and lay !>y until daylight, when we aiptared away to the westward, Nov Id, ai K:' 0 A V, made the laluni about 10 mil*i dlataut ahead, the weather line, and a frtsli breem from NE with tlawa, ran do* u to ti e Inland under t'i>ie t .jeaiUand j.b, and when th? centre ol It bore aliout s, dlitert about etio mile, hove to Mr I'otta manned a boat w iih h native crew, took a six Inch line, utid pulled to the buoy, Interning to run the line to the when ?he came up Aa iw,in a* I aaw the boat font to the - buoy, filled away, bunging the \ or Inner buoy to bear about b, and itood in lor It Tu> It in mlirg topnail and art apanker; when I Judged myself at the proper diatanee from u? buoy hove all aback, and hauled down the Jib The ahlp cane up to the buoy and the line wm tu?*ed i n board, but before the ?laek tine waa got in the ahip ningej ahead of the buoy nearly ber length, bringing ihe buoy iibreaat of the mln n rnannela, the v ind and the current aettlBf the *hlp Vt the leeward. W ben her headway a topped her bow waa at the entrance of the boat channcl. She ahlp getiltig atemway l?-t run the top ?aila, and took the warp to Hie ciipatan: *he then drifted to the leeward of the channel. and ber fore root grounded on the coral if* ka ji.?t off the edge of the reef. Made anilM the ahlp again to hack her off, and hnd the wind been from the ha*t, aa It u?u?liy la. it would have boon aa;<jr to effect thU: but It being from the NK, M.d the ahoie lending to thoNB iind hW. the wind and current toned the ahip on, and ahe awi'.ng along ahore, preacnMnc her liroadidde to the hoary awcll. look In all ?ail, got a hav.-tier nut lo the butty agtern, at d t nilcavored to heave her off; hot the buoy, which Ilea in liW Ixthoma, haa much *c >pe of ehaiu. It came home to the aleru without affecting tiie dealred object. Meantime the ahip waa fou'ed no to t .e reef from her how to the mliten channel. Over ihe atcrn to bottom waa found at 'Alfatbom*. One hour after ahe grounded ahe had 4 feet of water In her hold, at 1 I'M the bilged and broke In tarn on 'be port aide. 1 lifting all elTorla u-e|eaa, there la-tdg no poealhle w ay to telli ve the ahln. w e abandoned our work and com menced to land water arid purl-Ion* on the laland, there be . Ingvtrv little there At 4 I'M ahe fell over o?i her port aide, broke In two and filled, ber deek l<eing to the water. Nov II, lauding waters landing water and proviaiont; l:?b, at Work t-avlt.g what wc could ir. m ihewrerk; Utb, *tove all our boala?and the crew refuting to work In the anrf In our boat*, ard Mr Pott* (the (lovcinori not feeling I,Iroaajf Ju?tl fn d In hiring me the outnpany a w halehoata. aud the ahlp b'eak'ng up nut. after eonaultlng with the officer* and flaring no < ib< i aitcrt.ative, I c> nelud- <11 acll Ihe ahlp at public ?uc tli n. which war done on the Hth. The wreck bronght $.10, and *?? bi uglr. by Wr.l I'otta for and on account of 'lie Amo rlemi Guano Co. tin the 17th the maata went ovo*the?tde, and there l>eing a heav* urt on, ahe went to rteoea. To t^apta Atbi .irn i f Ihe whalethlp Hercule*, and Hunnorn of Mie Omo ga. I return my thanka lor the u-alxtance olfi red ire the day the ahlt' went aaliore; but Laving aa many men on I ooulfl woik, I waa obliged to reiu-e their kind offera. To t'apt <'lark, 11 ibe H t.oanoln, I ?>n uinlcr obligation* for It la prompt offer to convey me atid Ibe ahip ? company anywhere on hli route, or to furnlah it* pruvialona. although not rcjulnnl, bla kind neaa waa duly appneta ed To Uov Potta and hi? aaal^tant. It. V .lot.i a, and to Mr J It lUgne, agent for M Webb, I de cire in behalf of my oWi-cta and crew to return my ?Incure tl i.nkn for the I.OapllaMe tree.tment I received from them; ai d their effort* to relieve ihe l ardahlpa and monotony et a abipwreckcd life will ever be rrtnembeeed wlih graUtude >ind I by u*. To Capl Stone, whoee klndnea* andconrleay to bla p'aa. ngrra are well know u and diily appr>-ciated here. Compliment* from me ate ?upeitlnou*: he I* a porfeet gentle, man and a true christian- goed Ink to him and bla brave Ut tieer?lt the .lowpliltia. ,t at t Wxde and all M? oili.-er* and crew arrived at llnnolulo I>ic It* In the brig .'oaephlne, Papt Stone ) Fon Ltwummoh?The British ateamahip City ef Waahlng' l? n, t'apt Jeffrey, aaii* to d y at la o clock for (Jiieenatow n. atol Liverpool, from her pi< i foot of t'h irlton ?troetx NH Aarairia I.tovpa?Supplement for Feb I, containing addl (ten* atol coneetiona (o (he American Lloyd* li^glitry of Aitetlcnti and Foreign Shlpplnir. haa been reeei?e<l from, Mf ralvAu W Jtlunt, lb< puhiulier*. Thl* number givee (henamcaand full particular* ol IV ahlp*. 10 barka, IS brig*, K i.chra ai d 2 at??uier?, none of which have beta before no ticed, betide* lain ?urvey* on many mora veaaela, Smr OtijixiTv ?The ghlp William Penn^ ?l RaMmnre, ,tl*t nit , from l.lieriHiol, brought U ) Iroiti I ape Henry th i dap lain and erew of the ahlp iIt anlte, wrecked off Kai*e Cap?L Di tr II e moulh of rtiianp uli' Hay The tiranlle wt* bound to llam.'Vn Koada from t'ailao, w ith * nargo of gnrnio. on tie tin rinngoi the Suli nil., wliiie a heavy aea waa mining, the Oraulte atrnck off Falao fapc, and It waa at oare appa lent that ahe would go dow n, a* ahe w a* then water 'ogaei!' and l? aklng l<*diy. After remaining on the wreek forTwn hour* thun-on laiard weia tem-tiMd by the WillUm Fenn. Wo I ?pid waa the bak that nothing whatever w?* ?*red. the water bating got up to the main batch when they ear* taken off. The t.ranlte belonged to ?oat<in, and waa valued at ? 10,1*10, w lik h u anJd lo bo partially ln*ure4. lit r cargo waa w ** ' a I tie! at ?fl0,(W> Ptur hrti-A, Allen, frr m B ittenlam for Baltlmo**, pat !???? St 1 h< ma* 17th ult, a lew ne'UienU before the dHi?rture of the mall atenmer. t'apt Allen had only time to inform the o vi mi* in ItaltUnore that the ablp waa leaking a ad very badly malt ed?her faatenlng* bad all rlarted, Ac. R t iitc Vhcik Si*?The ftrat ofll<vr, aleward, one maa and a bey. before reported arrived at .New Orlean* 2MH uM In ?teamer Mtwai nee, from llalveaton, were taken t< U?* UUter place by a acbr, whli h picked them up floating on a raft tolBe Atlantic I'cean, Immedlaiely alter the oeenjTW??**fc? *tood away and waa not afterward* *een. t'apt Cot*. wHfc a portion of the erew. were afterwnrda picked op by a paaateg ahlp during the nlaht, brr name being aim unknown, eteertue to the N. " Kriu C II FA?r;oir? Cnpt France*, of brig P H report* Sailed hence Jan 2sth for Havana; .Ian th. ill mile* SSK from Abaecomb, waa *truek by * heavy gale '1 ? ssW, dm ng which aprung aleak, atove water oaak*. "P'?t ?*ll? and pbmkahear; kept both pump* going continually, not en ii Ml lint gain on the leak , wore uhlp and *t?Ml In for.saw \ ork, but w?* *galn atrack by a gate from J?w, wnlah drore

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