Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 3, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 3, 1861 Page 3
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gonrd scainst and n.ootid stagnation and moral wriMlm And if that feaucfui influnnoe * not speed) tf ccuoUra-tod where will it eodr Who cm my Uuu it wtll Dot ii'iii draw chains across oar BtreeU, anil! ad to 8al<uu witchcraft, tii? Blue laws, Uie whipping poet and all the horrors of old Purltanismr Let ua, then, my friends do all that w? can to wipe out these darlc spots Uuu ufescuf* the l of freedom, impede the progress and pre vest this country from booming the free, on. lightened and happy republic Th"siat> Paine s|>eni his beat energies and dovotiun 10 enable her to become, for an republic without chains of slavery, craft of priests, tricks of knavery can make man wine, great and free. Mrs. Rote's remarks were greeted with loud and enthu siastic applause. A gentleman prorant, named Benjamin Walker, offered the following volunteer toast.? Theology?The artef teaching what uobody know*. Received with considerable merriment and a little en thus las La. After all Ute toasts had been drunk the coin ?any returned to the ballroom, where they lesumed the festivities of the evening and danced, I'ntil the sun 8 golden beams, Purpled the moonbeam* and the streams Obituary. DEATH OF CAPTAIN HKOlUiK M'LAVK, OF THE REOI MINT or MOISTED K1PLK8, I'NITKD "TATE9 A It MY. At a meeting of the officers serving In the campaign new being carried on against the N'avi^o Indians, con vened at the quarters of the commanding officer, Brevet Lieutenant Colonel K. K. S. Canbv, Tenth I i fan try, at Fort Defiance, New Mexico, on the 18th of November, 1800, a committee of one officer from each regiment and corps serving on the expedition was appointed to re|>ort resolu tions expressive of the sentiment*of the meeting relative to the recent death of Captain Geoige Mi lan j, of the re giment of Mounted Kities. The following gentlemen were named on the commit tee:? Brevet M?jor E. H. Sibley, Second dragoons; Captain Lafayette McLaws, Seventh infantry; Captain Henry B. Mta, Fifth infantry: Brevet < iptaln Alfrou Gibbee, re gtasM ef Mounted Rifles; First Lieutenant Henry B Kelly,Tenth Infantry; Assistant Surgeon J. Cooper Mc Kee, Medical SUIT. The committee reported the following resolutions, Which were unanimously adopted:? 1. Resolved, That we have burned with unfeigned re gret and sorrow of the death of our friend and brother in arms, Captain (ieorgo tlcl-ane, of the regiment of Mounted Rifles, occurring whilst gallantly charging, attlio head of his company, a party of the enemy, at the foot Of McLnne's Peak, head oi the Canon do Choi y, Territory of Mew Mexico, on the 13th of October, A. I>. 1860. Capt Me Lane entered the United States Army an a *<.<cond lieu tenant of mounted rifles in May, 1840. and was ordered to the seat of war in Mexico. After enei^tieally assisting in the recruiting of his cor ? y, he joined the army of General Ibylor immediately after the battle of Monterey. He then marched with his company to Tampico, aiid afterwards joined bis regiment during the operations against Vera Out, and partook of every danger of that memorable siege. He afterwards was particularly men tioned for gallantry in the battles of Oerro Gordo, Con trms. Churubueco, Chepul tepee, Garita do Belou.aud the city of Mexico, by such men as Generals Persirer F Smith, John A. Quitman and Winfl61d.Scott Hardly out ?f his teens, a fresh faced boy. with a beardless chin, but with the heart of a man, he led bis company across the trackless prairies from Missouri to Oregon. Then, after a short leave of absence, he again joined his regi ment in Texas, and was there actively employed and honorably mentioned for gallant conduct agAinst the enemy. Always on votive duty with his company and regiment, he mar( 'nM with them in 185$ to the Territory of New Yjct\6b, the scene of his death. He was most particularly mentioned In the Navajo war and expeditions ?f 186#, was wounded in a desperate light against great ?dds at Bear Springs, in which the Indiana were badly beaten. At last his time came. The pitcher so often carried to the well was broken at last?the gallant Mclane fell. On the 10th of October last he left Fort Defiance in command of his com pany, with the first column of tho Navaji expedition, under Brevet Lieut. Colonel Canbv. On the l.'Uh he was aentwlth his company to the right of the column, into the midst of a heavy pine forest. In a short time he came on the enemy, ordered the chargo, and in the charge fell at the head of his men. 'lhe (>eak at the foot of wnlch he met a soldier's fate was named I* his bro ther officers 'McLane's Peak, and stands p.-ominunt h* a landmark to the perpetuation of the memory of a noble and brave man. 2. That In the death of Captain McI/me the army has lost an officer of approved capacity and courage, one of its most gallant spirits and brightest ornaments?tanx jteurdtatu reproche?his comrades a friend, high toned, genial, true hearted, endeared to them by the associa tions of many years in peace and war. 3. That to his bereaved family, upon whom his loss falls most heavily of all, wc desire to convey, in this the hour of their affliction, the expression of our mwi heart felt condolence and sympathy. 4. That a copy of these resolutions be enclosed to Capt. MclAne's family, to the headquarters of the Department, and ef the regiment In which be served and died, and that the publishers of the New York Century, the Nkw York Hkhaijo, the Baltimore Sun, the St. l.oeis KepuUi can and the New Orleans Picayune be respectfully re quested to insert them in their columns. The Abion Poltonlng Cane. HCDSON COUNTY COrRT OF OYKK AND TERMINER, nrm DAT. The CMC for the prosecution closed en tbo evening o the fifth day, and the defendant's cause was opened in an eloquent appeal by Mr. Zabrinekl. Ho said the jury could not render a verdict of guilty unless the State found be yond the probability of a doubt that the poison had been administered by Abson. The evidence conclusively showed that the death had been produced by strychnine; It may h?ve been given wilfully by Abson, but we may as likely presume that tbo deceased had taken it herself for the purpose of Helf instruction or through her own mistake, or that of her husband o tbe doctor. The counsel explained the wretched and un happy condition of Mrs. Abson previous to ber death, also that there was no proof or reason to believe that thoro was any Illicit acquaintance between the servant Julia and Abson., Mrs. Ann Steele was the first witness called for tho defence. She testified that Mrs. Abson had told her she had produced an abortion some months previous by taking poisonous drugs. The witnesa then gave a long descrip tion of the condition in which she found tbe body after death. Risabeth Abson testified?I am the eldest daughter of William Abson; my sister Sarah and myself are the chil dren of a former wife; I have always lived with my Attbcr at home; my stepmother s health before she died was very poor , I sat up with her tho night before she died; I gave ber powders that the doctor left; she took nothing but a drink of tea that night; she complained of a great pain in the stomach; she was ;estless the whole night; she oomplained of a twitching pain; the powder which I gave her did not seem to relieve her, I gave her a powder after the doctor left on Thursday; 1 was going to give her a second, but as my father was in the room 1 toft it ~to him to give. The further examination and cross-examination of this witness elicited no new facts. Several witnesses were here examined, whose testi mony proved unimportant. Jane Lorby testified, on cross-examination, that Mrs. Abson had been in the habit of procuring and taking drugs for the purpose of procuring abortion; she once confessed to me that the drugs had produced the desired effect. Mrs. Mary Abson, sister in-law of tbe prisoner, corro borated the statement of the prey ions witness as to Mrs. Abson taking drugs. Cross-examined?Mrs. Abson told me that If tbe drugs produced death, which I told her would be the case, that her husband would be taken up for It, she also told me that Mrs. Abson had said she didn't like ber huahand. Elisabeth Levins examined?I have been several limes with Julia Kennedy and Ai>son to take oysters he used to meet us in the street, near the ferry, and we would go With him; Julia boarded at our house. Alston used to call quite ofecn; som<'tim<-s Julia would bo there and some times she wouldn't; the day Julia sailed for Europe Abson came with the wagon for her trunks, and wu on board the ship the day she sailed This witnee* on a clonc cross-examination disclosed many little acts of intima v between Abson and Jjlia. The case was here adjourned until ten o'clock on Monday. ?tvmsiif sf Occam Steamers. FROM MMTM. Halted Klagtem....(Hants* Jas 19 ...New Tors KMar Liverpool Jan 22 ...New York Mew Tom. Boataaaaptoa. Jaa Zi....Hew Yark Aaalo Bason Lli uses I. Jan 94 .... Portland ?date. Liverpool Jas M Boston Africa Liverpool Feb 3.., New York Bavaria. Honttiainpton Fes 4 .. New York J arm Liverpool. Feb 5.... New York Fwkoa Southampton Feb ?....New York Issls Liverpool P?b ? Boston ??stralaalan Liverpool Feb 16 ...New York FOB 1CBOFB. HIS gars Beam Fes ?... Liverpool Btaa. HswYork Feb f Liverpool Bsbsmlsa lortland Feb 8 Liverpool Arabia New York Feb 13 Liverpool Keter New York Feb IS... Liverpool Anglo faien Portland Feb IS Liverpool New Vers New Tork Feb 16.... ..Bremen CatU<1 Kingdom ...New York Feb 19 Liverpool (Panada Boston Fab 30 Liverpool Afrtea New York Feb V ... Uverpnai Jars New York Feb 39 Uverpool FOB CALIFORNIA. Wsilbsra light. New York Fab n....Asptnwall Nsrtb star New York Feb 31....AspiBwail ABB, New York Mch I.... asms wall BTNBNTON, JA., HAVANA, MATANZAB, NKW OBI.BANS tpio? Frosi Now Tork for Kingston, Ja, ea tbe JOth day of MMsli m Biasvti.La?From New Tork 1st. arriving at Hsvsna 6th and Hew Oiieaas Mb. From New Orleans 1Mb, Havana IStb, ar Stvtaf at Nsw Tork 124 Bsaa or ?a Wssr? From New York 9th, srrtvlngat Havana Nth From New Orleans 33d, Havana 36ti>, arriving at New tntmt. ?abawsa? Press Nsw York 11th. arriving at Havaaa 1Mb Bad New Orleans I9Ui. Frem Nsw Orlean%3Mb, Havana 3Sih, antvtag at N?w Yark 3d. #BiLA?BLrniA?From New Tork 19th, arriving at Havana tjgem lew Orleans Sd, Havana 6th, arriving at New __PaBOro?Frrvni New York Hit, Arriving at Havana 3Stb sn l ^w Orleans 391k. Frssa New frrleans Mb, Havana 9th, sr. at New Tork 13th. ??riaa Crrr?Press Nsw Terk 39tb, arriving at Havana VI. jjj? Orleans latb, Havana IStb, arriving at Nsw Tork Crrv?Prom New Tork and Havaaa every twenty e^b*atYp iT?'Nrw Tort f#r Matansasen the Sth of eac h :jtMl*ork for Havaaa via Naeaan, N P. on sITTSk!. every tltrrmai, Cimard steamer at New York ?is rta<a? fall en Buatey tbe steamers oweptTwns New Orleaaa. When the W1U fro- <>r bpboial mntn. MM*** w Mi Nsw Yosb Basils FINANCIAL _AND COMMERCIAL* BATciiDAr, Feb. 2?<1 P. M. The money market continues unchanged, the amount offering being stiff on the increase. The foreign exchange market for to-day's steamers closed dull at 106% a 107 for sterling. The news from England by the Arabia last even ing caused a panic iu the Stock Exchange this morning. The Arabia brought over some order* to *ell stocks, partly for cash and partly on sellers' option*: aud there being no orders in the market, prices gave way suddenly and heavily. The slocks most affected were Illinois Central, which fell 7 percent, and Erie, which fell 5; the general rail road list sympathizing in the decline. State stocks were also lower. Missouris fell 1%, Tennessees 1, and the stocks of the other border States in pro portion. It is presumed that the stocks of tlie^e States which are held abroad will be sent here for pale. United States fives advanced 2 per cent, and Treasury notes were in rather better demand; the notes bearing 10% interest sold at par. After .the first board there was a general rally, and better prices ruled all round. This afternoon, however, the reaction was lost again, aud still lower prices ruled. All the State stocks, und especially Virginias, Tennessees and Missouri#, were offered at a decline. At the elose the market was heavy, the following being the quotations:? Doited States 5's, 1874, 92 a 93; Indianas, 80 a 8$; Virginia 6's, 70 a 72; Tcnnessea ?'?, 67 a t?8V?; Missouri 6's, 65 a %; Canton, 14 a %; Pacific Mail, 81% a %; New York Central Railroad, 77% a %; Erie, 31% a 32; Hudson River, 42% a %; Harlem, 14% a 15; do. preferred, 36 a %; Read ing, 41,1\ a 42; Michigan Central, 51% a 52; Michi gan Southern and Northern Indiana, 14 a %'; do. guaranteed, 31 a %; Panama, 111% a 114; Illi nois Central, 71 a %; Galena and Chicago, 68% a *4; Cleveland and Toledo, 29% a 30; Chicago and Rock Island, 54% a %; Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, 69 a %; Illinois Central bonds, 96 a97. The following was the business of tiio Sub Treasury to day:? Receipts $124,487 T5 ?For customs 31 000 oo Payments 314,746 30 Balance 4,138,322 76 The exchanges at the Bank Clearing House this morning are $19,910,835 38, and the balances $1, 788,889 17. ITie last statement of the Bank of England showy the following variations as compared with the pre vious week:? Increase. Decretw. Public deposits ? ?991,078 Other deposits ? 1,013,408 Notes in circulation ? 66,680 Rest ?49,763 ? On the other side of the account? Government securities ? 1.236,000 Otber securities ? 376,189 Coin and bullion ? 400,023 Notes unemployed ? 436,490 The Nashville Union publishes a table showing the discounts and renewals of paper by the Bank of Tennessee, the Planters' and the Union Banks of Tennessee and their branches, and the Shelby ville Bank, from the 26th of November, the time of suspension, to the 10th inst. The aggregates are as follows:? Ditcounlt. Bank of Tennessee $946,441 Planters' Bank 671,232 I'nion 317,644 Shelby ville 2,264 Total $1,937,481 1,288,661 4,999,768 The totals include $947,634 from the Memphis branch of the Planters'Bank, and $871,000 from the Memphis branch of the Union Bank, in which the discounts and renewals are not separated in the returns. The statements of the Kcntacky banks, January 1, 1860 and 1861, compare as follows:? 1861. 1860. CapKal $13,430,725 12,660,670 Inc.. $769,056 Surplus 2,078,709 1,886.000 Inc.. 193.709 Circulation 10,267.262 13.520,207 Dec. 3,262,965 Deposits 3.673,,'MO 4,624.180 Inc. 950.100 Immediate rceour b 6.957.422 6,741,912 Inc.. 215,610 Colo 4.466.999 4.497,847 Inc.. 30.848 Bills of exchange.. 16 619.397 18.030.282 Dec.2,410,8*6 Notes discounted.. 6 699,876 6,317,994 Doc. 718,118 The following shows the condition of each bank as to circulation and immediate incftns, on the 1st inst.:? Circulation Circulation C<u\ Me ins on $100 on $100 to ca'k Sta-k. Coin. Liabilities. Bnnk of Kentucky...$40 96 239 44 54 Northern Bank 74 72 204 64 00 Southern Bank 85 12 216 62 39 Bank of Louisville... 80 16 319 42 76 Farmers' Bank 104 82 194 60 62 Commercial Bank... 101 93 'Ml 40 67 Bonk of Ashland.... 97 26 177 52 21 People's Bank 137 63 280 69 60 The third week in January on tho Rock Island Kailroad gives $19,133 00 lf>?0 19,323 00 Decrease fl9o oo The increase thus for in January is about $7,000. The Arabia, arrived last night, brought about $1,200,000 in specie, consigned as follows:? 1 G. M. Brazsiottl ?2,000 Richard Irwin * On.?30,000 B. Sharp 2 000 W ft W. Smith ft Oo.. 950 I A. M. lAwreuce 1,760 DrexelftOo 34,900 Samuel Thompson s R. P. Buck ft On 600 ! Nephew 1,000 Walsh, Oawer ft Chaso 600 1 O. H .lewett 500 Cam man n ft Co 2,476 IT. C. Hard ft Co 200 Trenholm Bros, k Co. 6,000 (?lllespie. Dean ft Co.. 1,000 Bauendahl ft Co 40.000 Thomas Dixon .18.000 llardt ft Co 40.000 Caron ft Oo 686 A. Bell's Sons 400 1 8. C. Sautlerft Wilmin 1.250 J. Ahabas 1.300 Bankof the Republic. 2,024 Hale, Savre ft Co.... 1.036 J. H. Brower ft Co ... 160 C. Bramhall 616 I aw, He A lister ft On. 1,400 Howes ft Crowell 600 Taylor Brothers 1 000 Nesmith ft Sons 1,300 0. 1*. 1'pton 2.000 F. ButterOeld ft Co.. .10,000 <}. W. Tliayer 975 August Belmont 20,000 W. Tyson 466 F. T. Montall ft Barton 379 Caaritle Uuiraud 200 Snow ft Burgess .... r 600 Total ?227,066 J. D. Vermilye $120,000 The Arago to-day takes out $2,475 in specie. The London Economic of January 19 thus notices the course of money matters:? The discount market throughout the week has been re markably steady, the rate being, as a rule, to 7 per cent, although lulls having a few days to run have been discounted at 6% per cent, but these cases are excep tional. Money continues abundant, although the rate is high, and it is the opinion of the best informed that for the present there is no probability of Um rate of money being lower. The Bunk of KngLuid is the great index which regulates the rate of money, and so long as the | drain of bullion exists, tho present Bank rate must not only be maintained, but, if nocessary, Increased, and so long as the present rate of exchange between America and Kngland exists, so long will gold continue to flow there. There has been a great amount of anxiety during tho week relative to the flank of Franco. At one period a rumor prevailed that the Itank of France was about to suspend specie paymeuts. at another that a new propo sal had been made to the Bank of Kngland to effect an ex change of gold for silver. No one can venture to predict what the present drain of bullion may do. It may com pel both the Bank of Kngland and the Bank of Prance to sus|H'nd specie payments, bat for the present neither es tablishment has any intention of the kind, and we be lleve both Intend to adopt the same rule should the pre sent drain of specie continue, vli raise the rate of dls count As to tne Bank or France having made any fur ther application to the Itank of Kngland to ex change silver for gold, there is no truth whatever In the rumor. There is, however, a rumor this even ing that the Bank of France has entered into an arrangement similar to that entered into with the Bank of Kngland, to exchange silver to the amount of ?1.260, 000 sterling for gold with the Bankof St. Petersburg, and also that the Bank of Franoe has purchased about ?160.000 of gold In (iermany. And it is well known that the Bank of France has an amount of silver dispropor tion^ to the amount of gold it holds. There Is nothing remarkable in selling one and buying the other, when ever a favorable opportunity occurs, indeed this is the business of all banks. There Is no donbt, also, that the drain of bullion from Francs and Kngland to America arises prsclsely from the same causes, vli a bairuice of trade against both countries, arising from a deficient and badly gathered harvest, and greatly tncreaae>lpurob?ses of corn and cotton from the united Mates. These, con pled with a falling off of orders from America, have cre ated a balance of trade in favor of the United States, which Is being paid In gold; hence th? large exportation will continue, as we before observed, so long as the ex changes, which are tb? Index of the baltnce of trade, continue as they are. The latest accounts from America continue very un favorable in a political extent, and It Is feared that any hopss of now preserving the Union are almost forlorn. As for pred lot Ing what maybe the consequences of se cession on the money market, It Is pure presumption. One thing we hope It will do, and that la, preyent further purchases of American securities for the present. It pos sibly may turn out that ws have enough snd to spars. Wo have already exported ?2,7tO.OoO gold to America, and It Is probable that tbe Arabia, which sails to morrow, will take out ?260,000 more. To these amounts may be added that portion of the gold from California which be longs to this country, which IS very considerable. It Is computed, also, tbat our Investments In America amount to nearly ?100.000,000 sterling. A groat portion of those pay dividends, consequently, as remittances of their dirt deoda would at the present rate of exchange *?<? made in bills rather than in bullion, it may be fairly estimated that wr have pretty well paid our debt, ao far aa the balance of trade goes, to the I'nited Stataa. Wluu we now have to dread is the breaking out of Civil war there, which will cause every man to hoard fold and exchange thi> note* of the ban 'or gold, and the mutual mistrust that will arise, and our having to send gold to purchase corn and cotton. Stock Kxchaage. R?ttruat, Feb. 1.1W1. $00001'S6b.'74,coup 93^ 60shsHudRiv KH. 42V 16000 Trcaal2pc notes lul \ 200 do 42 >4' ?00 do 102 CO do slS 42 4000Trcasl0'? pc n. 100 6000 <>hio 0's, 1K0O.. 98 10000 Tenn 0 8, 1890. 69 16000 N Carolina 6 s. . 76 6000 .Missouri 0 s 07 6000 do 00^ 700 100 do 42 200 Harlem RR 16 800 Harlem KB pref.. 3T ?J0 do 37 V 200 Reading RK 42 do. 80V 860 1000 do fl?'4 2000 do 06 2000 California 7'a.. 2000 ErleRR.lmbs'83 80 4000 Erie RK 4m bda 80 2000 Mich Solmbda 81 600 111 Cen RR bda 2000 Gal & Chi 1st m 96 V 260 2000 do 96 000 8 aha Bank N York 9-2 100 49 Bank Commerce. 92 100 26 American Ex. Bk. '.'2',' 200 6 Metropolitan BK. 104 '? 300 10 Imp. a Trad's Bk 100 10 Del, 1. 4 Weal RR 80 60 Mich Cen KB.... 63'^ 40 l'enn. CoalOo 80 176 Pacific M. S. 8. Co 83 600 N. Y. C. B. R. pic 20 100 150 60 200 100 7V 100 do 78 200 do....p&c 77 V do ojig 77*4 260 do x5 77 H 1000 do 0|>g 77-', do.... p & c 77s# 60 Eric RR 31 % ldO tlo 100 do 100 do blft W) 160 do 30 MHudson Riv RR.. 43 do 53 200 do 6JV 700 Mich So k N U RR 14 260 M SoAiN' lagua stk 313; 90V 160 IU Cen RR scrip.. 74 a do 73 V do 73 do blO 73 V do b30 72 V . do 816 72 do 830 72 260 Galena A Chi. BR. 00 100 do bSO 0#'? 150 do 09 V do k20 09 do a3 09 100 Clev k Vol RR.alO 31 do SIX do 31 460 Chi * Bock la BR 66 14 j do MV 100 do 66J, do. 5!S V do 55 10 Cb, Bur k Qy RR 70 60 do 09>i ft Mtlw k Urn RR. U 31 ^ 060 MSi 400 BRCOK1) $600 Trea 12 pc notes 101 V 1000 N Carolina 0's.. 76 2000 California 7's... H?V 1800 Ohio 5 s 1866... 97 S000 Missouri 0's.... 66V 5000 Tennessee 6'a'OO 68 2000 BrooklynC w I.. 100 4000lACro8se&Mlgbs 17 60 shs I*aclQcM SSCo 82 V 80 do 82 26 do blO 82 60 do 81V 150 Harlem BB 15 300 N Y Cen RR..opg 77 V 160 do p&c 77 V 100 do opg 77V 60 do s6 77V 300 Erie RR 32 500 do 830 31 10 de 82*4 200 do 32 ? 70 Hudson River RR 42 V 100 do 42 V 100 Harlem RR pref. 37 BOARD. 200 ?hs Harlem RR pf 50 Mich Cen RR.blO 60 do 350 Gal 4 Chi RR b3 100 d? 60 do 660 MichS&NInd RR. 600 do b30 60 Mich S & N In g 8 100 do blO 68 111 CenRBscrip.. 100 do 60 <lo 100 do 100 do 830 60Clcv k Tol BB.... 260 do 660 do 200 do 810 100 do 100 Chi & Bk Is BB... 60 do 200 do 200 do b30 3?V 63 V 63 09 68 V 6b v 14 14'i 31* 31 >< 73 72V 72 71V 71 >4 31 30 V 30 30 30', 65 56* 55V 56 V CITY COMMERCIAL REPORT. Sattkoay, Fob. 2?2 P. M. Front?The market was heavy and dull, espocially Western and State shipping brands, with a light export demand. The Rales embraced about 5,00.) a 6,000 bbls.; $6 16 a $6 26 for superfine, and $6 30 a $5 60 for extra State. Wheat was heavy, and closed with the turn of the market In favor of buyers. The sales embraced about 30,000 bushels, included in which were inferior and prime Weatern red at $1 30V a H 34. Corn was heavy and lower, with Hales at 86c. for new Weatern mixed, 68c. a 70c. for new Southern yellow, and 69Vc- for 0,d western mixed. Pokk was steady, with sales of 500 a 600 bbls., chiefly inferior or refuse, at $17 75 a $17 87 V for mess, and at $13 for prime. Whiskky was in good request, with sales of 600 bbls. at 18c. SHIPPING NEWS. ?. r /f, ~ hlw * "???_ ?- 6 201 "'QH WATKU eve 2 67 Port of New York, February 4, 1861, v. . CIJCARED. * Son1"* ScbcDck' Savannah?Rami L MltcbiU 4??*>'?>* Huntsvllle, Post, Savannah?H B Cromwell nrkenmthlP YorkUmn' I'mrUb, Norfolk, Ac-Lu<llam A Hcl w?l??(5jl,P **?**" ?**??. Ramsey, Baltlrasro-H B Orom y?"' Portland-H B Cromwell A Co. ?? 5 Llverpool?J h Carman. Ship Henrietta, Trecurtln, London?Brett Hon Jk Co Bark Mary B Rich. Rich, London? R P Buck A Col ^ Bark J rey (Nor), Bonuorrl, Cork or Ealmouth?A Weudt A ???* Northwood, Hltlert, Cadiz?Gnind A W?t?rw]i B?rk Clarissa, llknson,Bahla, Ac?a H Colt. M5l^^D*"HlUra (Brem>< Loeekaon. Plymouth?Punch * A Co? JUM 'Mel)' Bcncteaga, Tobasco-M Echeverru 2d* 'Sa,7 -Ame\ Matanxas?II D Brookman A Co. Rrig Nellie (Br>, Bnellgrove, St Ja?o-Brett, Non A Co. Brig Kranklln, Chlxholm, Halifax-Brett, Hon A Co. Brig Living*!,)/) (Br}, Uocbe, St John?J 1$ Oraley. Brig WpiI, Roger*. (ialveNton?I) C Murray, Hchr Marlqulta; Barrett, Liverpool. Hchr Enchantress, IVvereux, .facmel?Merrill A Abbott. g?hr Ripley, Hnow, St Jago? R H Eldridge. {ra?1!"1' Mobile?Hturgea, Clearman A Co. 5?!? i1 Williams. I iirtm, Savannah?D C Murrav Pocahontas Nlekeraon, Nasaau Mllis-Post A Small. Schr 8 C Jones, Budell, Norfolk?Hturges, Cleariuan A Co Htroog. Llseum, Baltimore a Abbott Ufhri llull, Lawson. Philadelphia?J llaud. 5 o?l> Blackatone, Allen. l'rovldenco-L Kenny Sloop Warren, 8loke?, New Ilaven-S D SUunard. ARRIVED. Ship Ocean Bleed (of Bo.ton), Smalley Canton, Oct 4, with eaa, to maater Paxaed Anjler Nov I, Rape Go,*! Hone Dec 12, croaaed the Equator In the Atlantic Jan 5 in Ion 3d frJvg ofl Java Head, ipoke .hip Bo.ton, from Manila for Boston' Dec SOL lat tii/, Ion 3H *) W, .poke .hip Aramingo, of N>w York, from Calcutta for Philadelphia Jan Ift, lat IH (R Ion 81 41, .poke whaling ?chr Emporium, of Provlncetown. Is day. mit^ The U 8 baa experienced very heavy weather from lat Ship Rhakapere (Brem), Fechter, Bremen, Si days, with wdae and 6 rwsengers, to Chaa Lullng. i H**!' Ajflnwall, Jan l.\wlth mclse, to J F Joy. Jan ?, lal J6 J8, l,,n 72. |?*?*d achr Hannibal, of Ban Tdu 'i n<!'lb" oadatruog W aud NW'galea lor ?*? Bark \ouiig America. Collins, New Orleans, 14 day*, with ftrJf?& York"?- 8""d l? C?mp,ny Wllh Urk loWfzvttfx rc c,rd^ wSlSe/A Co ' CMTtr' ,llkU"u' 9 ***'< w,lb Dsh 4c, to J S u^A"m?U' Wln?', * day., with hide. Ac, to *'?*? * Duncan. Ilad heavy weather mnet of the naaaace Sailed In company wllh achra Republic, for New Vork/Tnd Jennie Morton, for . Jan if off Vortugaa, .poke brig laaac Carver, from Penaaoola for ilavaua B<hr Ann Leonard (Br. of 8t Andrew., NB), McKenney, Sa. Tanna U Mar, Jan lfi. with logwood, to Jed Krve 8outhaard>A Hn***"' M <U"' wltfc *<*> ?o U .?s,rK,.sr gsna^'ftSR"*"- *??"?? EJiT.'L0. . weather: apllt Kail., io. Thla morning, r^ra ,nu> ton*Ar, ^;KdtDU,D' N?' " ^ Bchr Arllnston, Seaman, Baltimore, 8 day?. Sehr H W Morae, Benton, PhUadelphla. 2*llr Jo" "r.""'11- IrTlD?- KUiaibethport for Savannah. Hchr Slla. Wright, Seaman, KlisatwthDort for Brtdceporv Sloop Emma Smith, Ho per Ellzabelhport for Stratford Htaaner O.pray. ILrany. Provtdenc*. Brig ( a^r Wlldt CNori arrlved last evening from Neweas tie, I. consigned to HAKW Mtyer. Ifa.l heavy ?<-ath<r the i V'*n % Ut ? ^ lon 71, spoke Br bark Spar | tan, of Halifax, from Havana for Ht John, NB. BKLOW. I N' rtheni Light, Irom Asplnwall? reported out 1 /i. r y>' nok- but wU1 Probably not be able to oome up until the fog clean away. ? Ship I ndrrwrlter. Roberts, frjm Liverpool. RAnjCI). Steamship Yorktown, Norfolk, Ac (but probably anchored . Wlad during the day HHW, light, with dense Tog Mlirrllanroat. The wind yc.terilay was H8W. At 7 AM a fog set In, which soon after became very dense, remaining no at 10 PM, with no sign of clearing off. The stearaahipa Marathon, and City of Washington for Liverpool; Arago, for Havre; Alabama, and Huntavlile, for Savannah; Tliomas Hwann, for Baltimore; Pa tapsoo, for Portland, together with all the Hound steamers, were detained at their respective piers to await the clearing away of the fog. The Yorktown, for Norfolk, Ac, sailed at her usual hour, but probably anchored In the bay. The Htaten Island ferry beata mrde but four trips during he day. The ferry boat, on both rivers were greatly retarded, but uo sod' cldent of moment occurred to any of them. Navigation to and from sea was much Impeded. A number of Inward bound vewe la were detained below. The only accident re ported was .uatalned by schr Roawell King, which arrived yesterday and anchored In the Bast River, aud had Jlbboom Carried away by bark Magdalena, which also arrived yester day. Subsequently, the R K waa run Into by one of the Pul ton ferry boat* and had her davita entirely denoUahed. The ferry boat received no material damage. Com (Pa.sage West>, Jan 17-The American brig .Tas Gray rMMU? Tkl vleu,rU Wry D?ck, alter undergoing The American bark Pioneer, from Richmond, with Iom of rudder and other damage, hauled to the Royal Victoria Dock yard wharf to discharge and go Into dock for repair]. Liv**root_ Jan IS?The Conqueror, from Mobile, arrived this day. with 10 reet of water In her hold from bad weather. D**"i or a* Old Sua Captain?Cart Simeon Tobv died at Philadelphia on the 1st Inst, in Ihe Wlh ye?r of hi. ago Tor 8# years Capt T led an active seafaring Ufa, 41 of which he was master of a veaeel. He waa widely and most favorably kuown and universally esteemed. Notice to Mariam. MKDrmRAKBAK: coast ov aovrt ?rtxan t.tonr at rosv itut? llTPBOuEAraiu ornrt, Ap?ir?i.vt, t . . . Lowpok. Jan 1. IH61 J Information haa been reeelved al the Admiralty that a Light has recently been exhibited from a Lighthouse at Port Hald, 2t rallea 8S of the Damletta mouth of the Mle, on the Coast of Bgypt. The Light Is a Fixed White Llfht. plaeed at an elevation of W feet above the mean level of the sea, snil should be seen fnw the deck of a ship at a distance of f mile* In clear wea Th* IHoailnatlng apparatus Is dioptric, or by lenaee at the third order. , *J*JMfblhonae la a skeleton tower of wood, and stands In lat SI liN, Ion fllt.KK from (Ireenwleh. Th# are magnetic -Variation 6 10 W In 1M1 By OVBamaod or thsir lordships JOHN WABIUNUTON, "ydrofraphtT, WlMltmtn. See port arrivala above. Spoke a, Ship Martha Rldeoui. Jan 17, off the Isaac*. Schr (' 8 Locke, from Button for Franklin. La, Jac 19, off Key West. Foreign Porta. AitrwtRr, Jan 18?Arr at Pluahlug, Rochester, Patten. Sew Or lean a. Bristol (Pill*, Jan 18?In i*>rt Walton, Jones, for liarles. ton ldg- ( has < ooper, Short; Vigilant, BoaworUi, *ud Young t?*le. Little, for NOi lean* do. t own*, Jan 18?Arr Fulton (a), Wotton, XYork (and aid for Havre). Dun<;knk*<<, Jan 18? Pawed by, Isabella A .lonn, from New York for Rotterdam. C'Havkxehu, Jan 18?Arr Alioe. Murphy, NYork. Grimsby, Jan 18?Sid Weltommen, Mohrlng NYork. Glasgow, J?n 18?Ait Marian, Cameron. NYork Sld 18th, Lnitcd Kingdom >a), NYork since passed Cape Kate tlihKAi riK, Jan 11?Arr llrltiah Tar, Thomas, A',uilat and eld for Savannah;, Cupido, Huaanich, Genoa (and eld f< >r New York*. t'ld 10th, Electric, Phillips, NVork. In port 13th, barka Mary Stwiaon, CMlley, from Beyrottt, for Boatcn *ame day; Lucy A Nickels, Nickels. for Matamas do. All Ihe windbound vessels aid 10th with a strong East wind, which continued fn ?h on the 12th. Uamu, Jan 17?Below, LUtia Moses. Auatiu, and Nurern burg, Schnctdau.from NOrleans. Sid 17th, Qreenwood, N'a f>n, Mobile. Old 16th, Arkwright, Davlf, &nd Northampton, IweU, NOrleans; R A Tucker, Clark, Charleston. Hohou'LC, Deo 29? In port alilp Slam, ?!<??, repair* 1, for Jarvi* Island 9Uth, to load guano at $I8V, p<t l?n; bark Bel: ring. Ollllat, for NBedl'ord about Jan 1?would be unable to get full fgt. Livkrpool, Jan 18?Arr Protector, ( lark, and Carl Von Lynn, Norland, Work; Goarhen, Probst, and <leo Washing ton, Cummings. NOrleans: lUth, Rival. Kellv. do; AugloSal ou l?), Poriiand; Almeda, Mallng, St John, NB. Off do lDth, Milan, Eustia, from NOrleans. Sid 17th, Albert Gallatin, Delano, NY'ork; 18th. Slmonds, Leavitt; Alinlra, Quinn, and Africana, Bulls, NOrleans; J ? 1 arsons, Scott, and Oregon, Harrington, Mobile; Trumbull, Collum, Apalarblrola. Old lHtb, Consignment, Boyaon, NOrleans (eld at KuncornV Ent out 18th, International, Seavey, for llonfbay; Rn.-kl.tnd, Smith, and Alice Bali, Hickey, NOrleans, Coronet, Boult, 8a vannab, abontJan 7?In port barka Mary Lee, Ken drlck, for London ldg; .las Andrew*, Burt, ldg; bngs Joae phua, Wilson, and ludua, , do; schrs Sarah BJamea, t lark, and A M Bramlial), Daaey, for N York do (all the above to aail between the 1st and middle of Kel?. sld about Jan 7, sohrs Republic, Ham, NVork; Jennie Morton. . Plymouth, Jan 18-Oir Start Point, ships National (Juard, Gates, from NYork for Antwerp; Napoleon, Thompson, frnaa NOrieaus for Havre; Brem bark J H Ailami, from N York for Bremen. PexmaNcv, Jan 17?Off Mount's Bay, bark Storm Bird, d'Oy ley, from NYork for London. BAv*m*A la-Mar, Jan 16?"Vessel* left not recollected"?by Br achr Ann Leonard, at N'ew Vork. Tkoom, Jan 18~Sld Russia, Ma. kie, Norfolk, Va. Vkra Can, Jan 2.1? In port bark Rapid, MaracUalk, for Mori teb 1; only Am vessel. American Porta* BOSTON, Feb 2?Arr (by lei) shin Saml Appleton, Calcutta; barks Merrimac, Shields; Fury, Messina; D Kimball, New Orleans (Struck on "Hardlna* last nighl, and eame off leak Ing badly); brigs Marine, Cienfuegos; Cyclone, Maianzas; Adeline, Mobile. ? MOBILE, Feb 1?Arr iby tel) bark Kale Stamler, NYork; brigBelle of the Bay, . NEW ORLEANS, Jan 27?Arr steamship Tennea?ee, Forbes, Vera Crui; ahlps rtcahontas, Delano, Liverpool; Ocean Pearl, Keazer, London; barks Kalke (Olden), Kuckens, Rio Janeiro. Growler, Watta, Boston; brig Cygnet, Newton, Mobile. 28th?Arr ships Merrte England (Br), Kelly, Calcutta; Al lan, lleagan, Cardiff; K M Arndt (Brem), Raealoop, Bremen; D H Watjen (Ham), Bartr.en, Hamburg; Borodino, Flower*, Rlo.lanelro; Dlgby (Br), Green, Balila; bark* Maryland, Hel mers, Bremen; Laura. Fieice, Hayti; Flight, Hawks, Boston; fchr Kate L Bruce, Stone, Imllanola. eld steaiuahip Wm G Hewea, Lawless, Franklin, IJi; ahlps D H Watjen (Brem), Bartzen, Oueenstownfor orders; Ocean 1'e.irl, Keazer, Havre; Olden bark Schlosaer, Kahle, Liverpool; brig Geranium, Pierce, tjueenatown for orders; achr J A Taylor, Lombard. Rualan. Towed to sea 23d. ships J G Richard son, Cambria, Ocean Monarch, bark Abdel Kader; 25tli, ahlps Jacob Horton, Centu rion, Cycla, Walter Lord, Ophelia, barka Delphoa. J Wlnthrop, J R Davis, and Gerhard. Br ship Gertrude, from Liverpool, previously reported below, aud then sld for Mobile, Is now or dered hark to this port. PORTLAND, Jan 31?Arr bark Ocean Home, Harrlman, Boston. Cld bark Old Dominion, Johnston, Cardenas. PERSONAL. ^ ANY PERSON WISHING TO ADOPT A FINE, healthy female child, now seven months old, will please address i" i-onlitleii'-e Young America, bo* 147 Herald otllee. uVCK TIGERS ATTENTION.?THE EMI'EROR IS IN town, and wishes to meet his subjects. DE. A.?PA AND I LEAVE FOR WASHINGTON TO ? morrow, but will return in time for the Light Guard ball Be sure and be there. JULIA. HOBTENSB ?I WAS AT THK COOPER INSTITUTE, but did not see vou. Please state the reason. Address B. O., bo* flJO Herald offlee. ] NIIE RITA N r E. - N g x T OF KIN TO ALL FAMILIES ftDlcd, tbo heir lit luw nf i(imn? mi ' VorkTn^^T8';0' ,)r0Kh, r' wbo le,t ^?ndon for^w N>lr i!)k APP" *l the ll,r^I*AVM Broadway, ??? llAiS, proprietor. TMPORTUIT.?ALISON FAMILIES?NEXT OS1 KIN i wanted, relative* ol Franrla Alison, eon of Robert All (ton, wh(| resided at Charli'iton, In Maryland, and ?f a n? ?.?_ fLScS--^1 In IM|0, .aa railway Infenb.Tv " the Heraldry office, 649 BrotwRtJ^if. y r' Ar>P'y 10 II. HAYS, Proprietor. TENNIE?WILL PLEASE CALL AT STATION O ("OK M?. *"?? T'W-,'a?,I phkl^?" ??? ""rap J^IZZIE?WUT DON T YOU WHITE TO F. H f Robert-Monday or tiesday. i^TTnTo"-." Monday preferred, nun or elilne. n* your unrsla * II be TlrILL TnE HEIRS OF .1A VIES B STEWART ska" nlJd. ?Twill ,VVy "' 183010 1842- callonTUoma^: Bra) ~W IhL* \ Ol MEhT MR AS YOIT F'KOMISFD HOWF heHere ,^'U70U "P" me *"<1 ?>" U I tluUl lUll nellere. "Tell me truly, and quench thlx lire. ' 1 WILL .lOIINNY NEIL, SI RAIT MOOIST, COM Ml VI eale with Henry Ryder, mlnatrrl. R jj K sewupapeh*. " J>ORTER S SPIRIT OF THE TIMES. THE AMERICAN GENTLEMAN S NEWSPAPER. OUT TO DAY (SUNDAY). For aale by all new* agenta. _jf' ^ Porter a Spirit will be ready every Sunday morning NIHCEIiLANROlN. Ph**K medicine dolender no equivalent for the grem artla of the human race. A naw tacihod baa but latal rwnm/.?n B"4'r the auapleae of the moat celebrated prcfeaeot? Dr^!i Il'iidu^i t*i*A ' *hla wa bare Induatrloiialy ?indied, tried, and tfnee wa bare found It luparlor to an? other method, adopted and now improved In aaoh a manner m to^roaonnw it a^nfldenUally Uteyrj baat matbod In ax i. ? ? 'tbereal eoaeneee of herba and Oowera axart thair fuIUnfluency 0T?r the tanjniinarr ?jatftn and r>rorfu<vt V* '"^. ".oat ob.tln.ta dlaeaEi .UX a? iT?riM?tUo~ the fourth day a moat agreeable feeling creepe or?r the whole Mjare dtaaaaaa. Tbare la no malady that reauu thla trait lh* ?n?*y of life be whoBy axhaaatad. IHaeaaaa of the head, aye, ear, throat, langa, h?irt llrer ?Dleen^uT maeh and nnltala glre way t.i the rithere.pathy. 1 onaurnn . . i7 ?,,P*rt>r'?> euta and canwr in??: F^alui ?i5PAll^ r tiD^.L1'? ,uid *?ut' ?" lr? <V)n<)uar?d T/kS?? ^ ??? *? nePla<5#4 natiral youthfulnw and deblliij by p?w#r Md acil?ttT. Tht d?*f hoar, th#? blind ms th? inijpotftDt bftenni# manful, fhe 1t+bUI fcnpr^natptl with V\m * f *? 'WCwabl^, pr )mpt anoiiare Offleee^n from ? to IS o'eloek A. M and from S to 8o clock P. M. Free eonaultatloni frrmt ? to ? a'elock A M. Marble mantels?ore\t barmains is m\n A lAr?eflt??rk on h%ndt and a t rpdiirtlon in KS'a Rn7 orderid thin month Call noon it \ ki a NUS:f!,v^,^nd\^UU te'MT?axprk" 'n"?,b'r - OjOQlMEi AND PKOYHIOM1 1 THE clfiuPEIlT ITORI IN THE WORLD. _ t ? PKB CENT BATED JlZ* *w ?100 000 worth of Oro " 'nee, Teas, Flour and rrovivloBa are naw helnu ?nia at aytto. ?rteaa Vhj-e are fwt. to which tb "?nX l??ify. Give me a nail, and yon alae will ha nflaHtrt ih.t riSTt^"7 J1o,lr- ?*, ?< and $? M. aariaa and Provlalona. Conanlt your own lataraaU and bn? yauraoodafrom THOMAS R. aOSEW, *nd m Murray atraet, New York. Oooda delivered free In the city. T^O THE PEOPLE7 N iHplk',n*r'' l? the mir? remedy to cure tbe Ptlea, and ran be had for i'> rente per bo?, or St) oenu, aent by mall or e.preee. No. MA Broomo utreei. New $100 \KDK w'thstewcTltools. ?gf "*7 ?* "" Pheape-t and heat Send for my {Meat circular and namplra. All free. Addraaa D L Mllll ke^ Brandon, \ t., or 70Third atteet (Poat odlce, boi 1,710), Hi. RRLIOIOVR ROTICEI, SABBATH SCHOOL BELL, NO 1-A SI PERTOr'toL lection of oholre Tuoea, newly arranged and nompoeed' aBU a Urge number gf eteellent Hymn* written e7iJ~?i? rerlta'l11 m?Ih "hlril V" weU ?daj>?<l for Sunday aohoota HZ.- .- "*" ?nnl?<,"??rle?, (Vtatmae featl/ala, o.n ?st,s3f srAS sEkTc ??" v- ''?? ? fet . oontain* forty pacr^i mora than rru. Mn 000 eortea: ao.onn eomM ">r m?>re than M, ? H'IRAC? WATERS, agent, No. SSS Broadway, N Y,, Pufllahef. I WIMKW AMD LiarORN. S?1S ?OT THAT good ale f ^or5<"*nta per gin. i. It la a fart, nerertbe ??11,,?. ?L. V t* T**1? or"' ? quart* one gallon, (1 5n ^13r v fT- .d' "h,'h ro"" ?u Now, ea leu late for youraelf, No. X< ortlandt ?tr?et, corner of Broadwar ?PENCIa Ml'SH AL. _ A MAOMKI. l-.NT SEVEN OCTAVE PIANOFORTE, . r?un^ carved W*g* *u.l .-we, overstrung bmm, full irou plate, llu' d with Httiinsscxxl, inlaid and ?olid pearl tf \? 4.1 nn?ierii mipiov. in 'iitM, iiin-i'' to ord**r for pr#**ent tiv livr, bft-u 1a u*e<but tive months, fuHy gutraiuerd fur thre- jeai.?, < o*f $400, u ill be Hold for 92AO, including flltool aitd Cover. AUo el* ^ant Parlor rtuit, ixjettaOU, i or $150. In quire at 70 W est rweuty ?i*th street, near uti aveoue. BV OJiDEK "i SUTHEME OOUBT, JUDGE LEONARD, loi the benefit cf creditor* of th? Li to iiiui oi Cooper & Afbertou. several Pianofortes, seven ucUvm, ln?n framea, beautifullv ornamented, Ac., rosewood wi, for AIM) oriiA nal price #32^ to rloije the ooiH-ern Apply ?i ihe Warerooms, Sbh Burnery. John XcDONAJ-D, EooMver. Bargains in violins, violincellos, bows, ac Mr. A. Mliinont intends leaving for Kuropeon the 1/kh 1 meant, and takes this opportunity to offer aitinu and ama teura Um flue coll. i tinn oi musical instruments at cun-odrably reduced prices, at 542 Broadway. QH1CKER1NG A SON'S UKAND Kyt'ARK AND UPRIGHT PIANOS. ? M Broadway, Now York. Dbpotop tub albxandrb organ, For Ohorcbea, Ohapels, Sshools acd Drawing Room*, BOLB MBDAL OP HOHoR^u^Universal Exhibition of t>4ft ?ateffi o^v^&dMf?rTs?s, & it In tun* lu all ulimatos. 7 $aS?1?wo2me,wt' *A ^ ,1#0, ,J?' ,lM' ?** W, A deacripqve circular aeat to any address on application to _ BERNARD * ? ABRBOUETTKn. Jr .an iTrJadwav Importers of Buaaon Aooonlaona, Violins, Violin Ntrinas, Ac PIANOS, MBLODBONB, IIARMOWTUMS?FIRST CLASS, lor sale, to lot or aold on Hiatal menu on favorable terms Superior Harmoniums, one, two or throe banks of ksys, from 1176 to *4U). (,'ouajje Planus, fuUj warranted, oetams, ||UQjj7oct.TM, |j175 togita .nd PUNOS, MELODEONH, ALEXANDRE ORGANS?AT X the lowest possible prices. Seoond hand Pianos at great bargain*, from $26 to flflO. One seven octave, seound hand, front round corners, fancy legs, fretwork desk and over strung for (173. Pianos and Bclodeons to rvnt. and rent al lowed If purchased. Monthly payments received for the same. HORACE WA1ERH, Agent,|333 Broadway, N. Y. TIMOTHY TRILL'S OREAT AKTICL* ON t'liun h Music in the Weekly lii Hpatcli. mo LET?A FIRST RATE SIX Ot'TAV'K J'lANO, HA I. LET I A Davis' make. Inquire at OltEENE A liAKElt'S, 177 hroailway, up stairs. dhl fT A PIANOFORTES. flW. <P IUU.?By the introduction ot machinery In the ni?nu facturing of ptanvfortes, we arc now able to offer to th<> pub lie a seven oclave rosewood Piano, containing all the lorn Improvements for $100 ca?h, of more perfect workmanship than haa usually been -old lor $.<0U ?r $40U by the old met<kod of manufacturing. We Invite ail dealers, teachers of music and the public to call and examine these new instruments, at GROVESTEIN A MALE'S. corner of Canal and Hudson streets, New York. _ instruction. SE? AT |5?WRITING.?DOLBEAR'H "HAND TRAINING," COU Broadway, will positively remove stiffness or trembling from the worst hand, and give a smooth, rapid bu slness style. Bach pupil will receive private Instruction from Mr. Dolbear in person. AT BRYANT, STBATTON k PACKARD'S MERCAN XV tile College, Nog IB ami 19 Cooper Institute, a thorough knowledge of commercial science can be obtained, including bookkeeping, penmanship, commercial law, arithmetic, Ac. Open day and evening. S. S. PACKARD, Resident Principal. At $j so-kor ao writing lf.hsonk; bookkeep Ing, $10, lessons unlimited; Arithmetic and Writing, <10 per quarter, at 62 Bowenr, N. Y., and 283 Fulton street. Brook Iya. Prom ex Gov. S. W King?My son and daughters at tended Col. Palne's Academy to my entire satisfaction. Bookkeeping $s.?mr. dolbear, ?oq broadway, keeps the largest commercial institute in New York. Business men and clerks run have a soc ial practical MM tor ouly %i, and soou be ({uaUlied to keep books bv double on try. Conversation PARLORS.?A SECOND COURSE OF Conversational Leraons In French, Spanish, Italian, Gor man and English will M formed ai the I'i'ly*1"' Institute. No. MM Broadway, near I'nion square, as soon an the applications will bo sufficient. Private lessons in Grammar m?v be had of each language by native professors This Insiaute is pa tronized by the highest eociuty of this city. For circulars and particulars apply at thelustttute. L. PALMA DI CEHNOLA. DOLBEAR'8 HAND TRAINING, ?09 BROADWAY ? Dear Sir?1 should do injustice to my feelings not to ac knowledge. the rapid Improvement my sons have made In pen manship under your instruction. At the end of their twelfth lesson they gave me a specimen of their rapidoOhandwriting. I must confess 1 was astonished. Never before had I seen such impsov'rnient in so short a time. The more particularly was I gratified as I had always supposed them to be heredita rily bad writers. Respectful!} yours, Ac. JOHN YOUNG. FRBNi'H TEACHER WANTED.?ONB WHO CAN GIVE private lessons from 6 to 8 o'clock, ihrecltlntea per week can near of a pupil by addressing Frank Stew art, Herald olllc*. ("1 VALE, TEACHER OF NAVIGATION. SURVEY. T. Ing, Draughting with Perspective, Bookkeeping, Ac , AM Pearl street, corner of Frankfort (entrance in Frankfort). HtamnieHiia cured in a few lessons. City references. INSTRUCTION.?PRIVATE LESSONS GIVEN BY A Isdy in any of the English branches (to persons of any Hgp) at her own rc?ldence or elsewhere, every afternoon and evening. Also, uiusie and dancing taught to new beglnncm. Terms inolerai-. Would like to take lireakaast with a French family, for which she would give instruction, or money. References given. Address Minerva, station D. THE SPANISH LANGUAGE IS TAUGHT. AS HERE tofore, byCIPRIANO OORKIN, at Clinton llall, Astor place, room No. 7, where applicants are requested to call ! rum to t;? o'clock P. M. DANdMCi ACADEMIES. ^ DODWORTH S DANCING ACADEMIES. No. H0? Broadway, New York. No. 137 Montague street, Brooklyn. Wednesdays and Saturdays In New York. Monday* and TburMlMjH. Tuesdays and Fridays, In Brooklyn. Circular* of tarms, Me., may be had at either Academy. AT TBENORB ACADEMIES, CLASSES WILL REMAIN open until May. Soiree*?. Brooklyn, E. D., on Monday, i. 4. ti6 West Thirty fourth atreet. New York, on Wednes day, Keb. 6 Partis* known to Mr. T. can obtain llctutaat either room*. Madame iferrero) jacrsonb dancing aca demy, 29 Weal Thirty sixth atreet ?Daya of tuition Mon day* and Thursday", W.-dneaday* and Saturdays, Schools and private clause* attended. TDl'MAR, BALLET MASTER OF THE THEATREK . Royal at B< rlln and Hanover?I>*ncing Academy, 287 Bowery. Le*eon?$l per month, four evening"; and Tueadaya and Fridays, t-I. I'rivate leaawina 00 cent*. Ladle*' after norm claaaea. TUB BALL SEA BON. SIXTH ANNUAL BALL OF THE JACKSON GCARD, Companv E, Second regiment. New YorK State Light In fantry, will be held at Tammany Hall, on Tuesday evening, Keb. &, 1861. Ticket* $1. to admit a gentleman and ladle*. THE AERMAN LIEDERKRANI SOCIBTY WILL HOLD thalr annual Fancy Drew Ball at th* City Ammblv Room*, o? Monday, February 11, to whlah they Invite th*?r member* and friend* The varloea eommlttee* In ebarge of the arraogemeat* will eadeavor te *nataln the high repeti tion which the balla of thl* *ocl*ty already enjoy. Ttckete at $3, admitting one gentleman and ladle*, nan be bad of m?cnber* only, among whom are the following gentlemen Km. JeUlngMoa, Cooper Insiltnte: Fred. Rapp. IK Broad way; O. Backend"*, IBHwoad avinita; Chaa stemway. H4 Walker ureal There will be no aale or ticket* at the door, and none will be r.-oelved, without exception, whkh do net bear the name* of th* gentleman introduced and of the member Introducing These ticket* are not tr?a*ferable. Member* will pleaae call for tli-tr tiekeu at Pythagoras Halt, on Sunday, Tuesday ^Thungjyr DK1TIHTRY. Artificial tekth panic tru es -silver skts only $6 Rubber. $8; Gold, $1*. Pat.nt.d Vulranite, $30. AmWr, $10, Gumotypes, $*>. OuMMteed work. Five premiums awarded. Extracting Teeth without pain. "Na tions! D< ntal Gallery," Mxth avenue, corner of Twenty, second street. Mr MANeON, Dentist. Artificial ieetii?only is for beautiful and Ktibatantlal Vet*, on mire silver; on tine gold itnd platinn, $JH; single Teeth, 91 Teeth tilled and estractcd without toe least pain Superior bone Ailing, Mb. All work warranted. Office I.JO Blxth avenu.-, betw.-en Tenth and Eleventh street*. Dr LUTHER, Dentlat. (1A8II PATRONS ARE GUARANTEED SUPERIOR ) Dental operations, by an experienced and ikllfnl opcra toe, at nearly one half le*a than foiTner credit price* Pain less enamel Bone Oiling, warranted. Office 42 Grant Jones atreet. Dr LI'THER, Sr., Dentlat. MUNBTOR, GRADUATED SURQEON DEVTUT, No tO We*? Twenty nlath street, Between Broadway and Suth avanue. r B. GRIFFIN A BROTHERS INSKRT TEETH. WITH _ . . or without extracting the root*; on allver or rubber, $S; gold |30: platinn. 925; partial seta on cold, f2 per U?dh; all v?r, ft. Teeth tilled g"ld, 40 cent* toil: Boat, will and ?liver, Art rent*. Extracting, 36 oent* 37f Grand atreet. New York, and 267 Fulton (Meet, Brooklyn. WATCIllI AMP JEWKfiHT. (1URTIS, WO BROADWAY, IS THE ONLY JEWELLER J between I'nlon and Madlnon a^uare*. and la the ohenp eat and best repairer of Watoliea, Clock*, Jewelry, Me , In the city. All re|*lrlng done on the premise* Branch of U Bleecker atreet. IADIES' GOLD HUNTING WATCHER, 4 - Warranted, |J0 Ladlee' Oold Open Faee ?atehee. warranted, lit, V EVBRTtONfiMITB, It Maiden lane. _ niHWITVR*. _ A BEDROOM SUIT OF ENAMELLED FCRNITVRE FOB . 9M, In all colors, of warranted manufacture. Aleo ?olid Chestnut C hamber Rulta, plain and ornamental, at H. E FARRINGTON S, *8 < anal street, opposite WoaaMr. Established In 1H4S. EURNTTURE BOUGHT FOR READY MONRY -A FAIR value flTen In ready nmney for Furniture, Oarpete, >ks, Me , at 1? Sixth avenee, befween NlntA eaid Tenth street*^ MATRIMONIAL. OKNTLEMAN, AGED M, OF FAIR PERBOnXi aP A GENTLEMAN, AGED M, OF FAIR PERSONAL AF pearancn and uneneptloiiable n??tUon, who neither dHnki, *mofce* nor ehewn, wonld like l? in riigjiint (with a w to matrtmonyi with a young lady not over Ite wealth, reinement. Intelligence and an *n k. Pleese sddres* Charlea Manly, box 1ST H ^ tne'rtnMyy) with a yogng lady not over it, po?sewin? f Herald ??'ti-e Vf tTRIMONIAL.?A WIDOW LABY. BETWEEN U IY1 and 30 ye?r? of age. wishes to form the acquaintance of ? gentleman between 40 Mid *1, |?oaae**lng the mean* ootn blned with th* will to make a lady enmfonaMe. A* the lady la sincere, she request* -rlfl- rs not to Interfere Addre** Met*, Broadway Poet offlce. BALKS AT AUCTION. A B. PORTER * OO AUCTIONBERri. rpunrivB halb, AN EXTRA no rJ?.C^>HK AN EBTATE. AN tXT^ORDINAHY CHANCE FOB HOPHEKF.BPEBS MONDAY rJJ?AU4<H IN tINK FURNITURE, MOWJIAY, February 4, at 11 o'clock A M precisely, all tha costly furniture, Paintings r'.wwood drawing room Hail* with mirror front.: th? .olid ro*wc?T"XriKSTft satin; rosewood centre Tables, Pianoforte atoo| and -ottr ? Oil fainting*. Turkish Easy Chair*. elegant china Yt?n and other mantel ornament., oak D.ning Table, oak Buffet Cbalra, shlaa T ?* mi J Dinner Beta, cut Glaasware, a lartn assortment of flue Silver warn, Ivory ?ntlery, together with au extensive variety of Chamber Furniture id r?w??d and mahogany; Beds and Bedding, pure ball Matreaaes, velvet Brussels and Ingrain Carpets; Clocks. Mirror*, rmfi yany Chairs. Sofas, Lounges, Rockers, Oilcloths, basement. Furni ture, Ac. Hale positive. Dealers attend. N. B ?Th> above Houae and hot for sale at a great bargain Apply u> ui? owner, on the premise*. Terma easy Ah moktimer oriffin a co., auctioneers. ? A rare chance lo obtain flrat claaa HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AT PUBLIC AUCTION, The property of a gentleman leaving for Europe. Magnir. ent 1), octave rosewood Pianoforte, ? ? . . , Mnperi) Drawing Room Huita, OJ I aintlngs, by eminent artists. ? . ,. ? Fraueh plate pier aad mantel Mirror*. Brocade and Lace Curtain*, . _ Hror je and Ormolu Chandelier*, Medallion Velvet Carpets and Mosaic Ruga, Sevres and Dresden China Vaaea, Ar.istic Bronzes nod Marble Statuary, _ . . K lege res. Bookcase*, Centra Tables, Oak Extension Dining Table, and Buffet to match, China Dinner and Tea Beta, Bohemian aud Crystal Engraved Ulaaaware, ((olid Hilverware and Sheffield Table Cutlery, Bronze and Ormolu Clocks and Candelbra, to matcb. Rosewood and Mahogany Chamber Furniture en aulte. A MOKTIMKK (IRIPFiN A CO , auctioneers, have the honor to ar.nounoe to their frlenda and the public thai they will offer at publio auction, to-morrow (Monday) Feb. 4, a M?', o'clock, all the Household Furniture and works of Ar contained in th, elegant realdenoe ot Xeno Burnham, Baq., tft , at st?U'. nth atreet, between Fifth and With avenuea; lha calaloaue comprising the largest and rlcheat assortment of household turnilui - offered at auction thin season; the houae flfJL..""1'* months ago, and la in perfect order; th* furniture wasmads to order by llaudoin, Meeka A Well, aad ill ? description. Sa'e peremptory. For particular aee to morrow'* Herald. * A^HUCTION NOTICE. 9?,<v0 WORTH. OF F.IjKOANT HOUHBIIOIJ) FUR NITURE AT PUBLIC AUCTIOB. magnificent pianoforte, parlor buits, bron ZF.H, RICH CABPBTn'ac. Rt* SHELL W. WEHTCOTr, auctioneer, will aell, on Monday, at HI', o'clock, precisely, the entire beautiful Furniture con tained In the dw ailing house No. 1A3 Twenty drat street, be tween Seventh and Eighth avenue*. The parlors, chamber*, dining room and library are fuinlahed In rosewood and ma hogan- ; all in perfect oidei, having lieen made to order four months ag'>, allof which 'vll^iaaold without reserve, oonaiat Ing of elegant Pianoforte(ai^HUO), two mugnlttcent nwwwoiMf Parlor Hulls In brocatnl, roaewfVM centre ana pier Tabbm,eo*Uy nantel andf]>ier Mirrors, Turkish Lounges and Chairs, over six i.undred yard* of Brnssela and Ingrain Carpeta, aiik and laea Curtains, brenze t'locka, Paintings, rich Bmnzea and Vaaea, roaewood Bedateada, dreaoAg Bureaus, elegant hair Mattres ses, Beila and Bedding, Lounges, two line sofa Bedsteads. Chair* of all kinda. Rockers, rich French China, cot Olaaa of every dea?rtption. Silverware, Hpoona, Forks, Caatera, Urna, ivory Knives. Ollciotha, stair Carpeta, Staves, Ac. Kale poal-| ttve, without i ? ? ? Auction noth;b.?mortoaoe hale of house. hold Furniture, Carpeta. Mirror*, Ac. M DOUOHTY, Auctioneer, will Mil. on Monday, Feb. 4, at 10% ?'eiock, at aaiesroom 88 Nassau street, Comprtalng mahogany and ro*?wood Parlor Huita, viz:?Tete a Tetea, Parlorand Anuchaira, oovcred la haircloth and bro catel; marble lop Centre Table AHUtrnoN HALE READY MADE CU)THIBO, AC.-A. M. CRIATALAR, auctioneer, win aell on Monday, Feb. 4, at 10}a o'clock, at 23 Bowery, a large kxfiof winter Clothing, consisting of cloth, caaatmcre, frock, aaek, bualnea* and over Coats; a large variety of caaatmere and aatinet Pant*, allk, aatin and velvet Veata; alio woollen UnderablrUand Drawer*, overalls. Neck Ties; a large lot of Soft Hat*, Boon and Hkoea, cloth i 'apa and i*o Bcwlng Machines. A^BUSTION NOTICE.-BUBNHAM'B fubniture ex presa Packing Estaldlabment, III and 11.1 West Eleventh stm t, between Fifth and Hlxth avenuea.?liouaebold FurnJ tuie boned and ahipped lo all part* of the world. Covered wagnna for removlag Furniture to the country. Furniture atorcd. AMUCTION HALE?TO HATTKRR?A. M. CRISTALAB. auctioneer, will aell on Monday. 4tb inat., at aaiesroom 2.1 Bowery, about 16 dozen Hoft I lata aad IS do. Cloth Cap*, assorted; also about 10U pair* l&dlea' and genllamen'a Boo la and Hhoea. AMUCTION CONBItlNMEN TH.?A PARTY FROM THK Eaatern State* |a now In the city to receive for auction ??lea unseasonable! and Job lota of Ooodv, aud offer* unusual promise* of quick aalea, at good prises. Ample reference* given; will oall on any persona having tueh to dlspo** off. Address W. II. H , boil,CM Post olhce. HM ENRY OREEN, AUCTIONER.-constable'S sale of Liquera, tlroceriea, Ac.? Monday, Fourth of February, at 11)^, o'clo<'k, at the auction atore, 194 William street, it casks various liquor*'.brandy, gin; 75.000 H? gars. Also, IS bag* Coffee, and other groceries. J. B. CaRK, Constable. A WNHROKER'R HALE ?J MORTIMOR, NO. IS EABT H ? Broadway, will aell on Monday, Feb. 4, at 10 o'cloek. a large assortment of unredeemed Pledgea, constating of men < ana women * winter t'loihtng, Blanket*, yullta, Boots, tlal tera, Ac. By order of l?. Mhll AN, 18 Uraa<l street. 1> T. UA/.ELL, AUCTIONEER. Jk. PARLOR BTOVEH AT AUCTION. WIIITTKMORB A UA/.ELL will Include In their Hard ware t*ale of TUESDAY, February S, At their aalea room, l&H Broadway, Hale to commence at iOS o clock, Twenty five new and aiiperior Parlorand Ollloe Stoves, "Meteor" and "Albanian'' patterns, from 10 to 12 Incbe*. Su IIKItli r ti BALE OF DRY OOODH, AC., AC.?A. M. CRIHTALAK, Auctioneer, will aell on Tuesday, Feb. S at 11 o'clock, at 444 Third avenue, the entire contents of said store, comprising a large assortment of Dress Uoods, Delaine*, a, I'aramc " " ;lnea; also _ L Ineo, Sheeting, and a general'aasmtmeni of goods uaually Alpaocaa, raramettaa. Calicoes, Barege*, Flannels, Muslins, es, Bai-ege*, Flai figured Silk*, a lai tl assmtmeni of Honii'azlnes; also black and llgured Silks, a large lot of tablh kept In a dry goods store. Bar order nf JOHN KELLY, Sheriff. \Y 7 M. WOLF, AlICTK ?N KBR, WILL SHI,I. TO MORROW ' at 10U o'clock, at 133 Wmt Broadway, th? Kcnuurtn and Lager Keer Saloon, consisting of all marble t- p Table* Chair*, Mirrore, Sofas, Cas Fiitures, 200 bottle* of Wine and Epcn s Brandies, Segar*, tour years' lease, in one lot or id small luta. WM WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, W1LL SELL ON MON day, at 2 o.clock, at 464 Canal street, all the elegant Furniture, Ac , of a family breaking up housekeeping Par lor Suit*, Plane*, rich Corpeti, Dining Room and lutcheti Furniture, Ac. WILLIAM WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL OH Monday, at 10% o'clock. at 714 Blgnth avenue, all the Household Furniture if a family breaking op housekeeping. U)IT AMD rovtro. Bracelet lout-on Friday evening, ist in stant, either on Twenty second street or Hlitb avenue: name engraved thereon. A suitable reward will be paid on Urn return to W. Keren, 11# Water street. "DBACELET.?LOST, AT CBNTBAL PARK SEATING D Pond, or In going to or returning tnersfrom on Thursday afternoon, .'list nit., a gold band Bracelet, heavily . baaed on top and bottom The finder will be hiierilly rewarded by re turning the same to U Albion place, Fourth street, near Se cond avenue. Lost?on Saturday mornino, between tbb corner of Hlitb arenue and Forty.Ilral street and Wall street, James McDonougb's check In favor of .lamea Hmylko or bearer, on the Nt. Nicholas Hank, for tgro hundred and fifty dollars. Alt persona are cautioned against negotiating th< same, aa payment ban been stooped. Tne finder will be suitably rewarded by returning li to the ewner, James M. Coliurn, 7t Weet Forty seeond atreet. LOST-IN OOINO FROM UNIVERSITY PLACE, through Eighth street, and by Third avenue ears to Thirty wnntl street, an oval Pin, containing hair and set with pearls and Jet. The finder * 111 be rewarded by leaving It at 401'Unton plaee. I OPT?ON FRIDAY, BETWEEN THIRTY SECOND J and Thirty-seventh aireeta. In Slith avenue, a gold Brace let Hoop, to imitate a tree, with points on It. On the top were ?ma ! holes, from which wme ornament* had been re moved Any person returning the same to 34 West Thirty - seventh Street will be liberally rewarded. IOHT?LAST SIGHT (SATURDAY), ON THE FLOOR OF J HoB S Shaving and Hatr Dreaslig Rooms, or else left oil the Marble slab a plain gold Wed.ling Ring, with the Initials of A M A D. J L, Ac., engraved Inside. Same belna highly Iri/ed, the Under will be liberally rewarded by returning It to >, J. LEVY, 4113 Broadway, up stairs. IO*T?IN ONB OF TUB TWENTY THIRD STREET A line of stages, on Friday evening, an Opera glass In ias left by parties who g >t In from Winter at Twenty second street. As It was the gift lend, a liberal re* ard will be jmld at the 0<B..e, leather case. ? 'arden and left of a deceased friend or room 47 of the Hotel St. Germain Lost?a pocket book, containing about $j In silvel some cards, some pawn tiekela, wfilch have t.een stopped, and other articles of no use to any one but the owner. The finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving the contents at the stoir 496 Third avenue. RKWARM. T/IFTY DOLLARS REWARD.?L<?NT, ON SATURDAY r afternoon, 24 Inat., In onminjt f rom lii Vrmnd Mtraat rer rr^Jerwvnlr, a PorkalHooi containing about two inn dred dollars in bank bills, also a certlicale <1# deposit Issued by the Irving Bank, for three hundred dollar* besides seve ral notes of fiend. and other pacers if an ralne to any one ei cept the owner. Nelson Bdwarda, to whoso order the cenlfi cate of deposit and notes are m;id.- payable. The above re ward will be paid up?n its return to VJuackanbnah* Co., U Dey street AO REWARD-STRAYED FROM 27 washington t?0 square, on Febrnarf 1, a black and tan Terrier, about seven months old. Any ona returning the same will receive R3 reward A1A REWARD.?LOST OR STOLEN, FROM TUB Sl'B Jpl" sor I her, en the Mth of Janunry, UWI, a Pecketbwk, containing a check on the Mechanics' Bank for 91111). <Ut-<l January in, IS?I: also two pmmkeanry notes, one dated Oct. 4, for (110, and one for $160. dated Nov 1,1M0, each two months from date, drawn and endorsed by John I' Kills. Payment of the same baa been stopped Theat? w ill be paid, and no qnaetlona asked, to any r* r? the same at M Maedongal street. CARPERC CHILD* stove reward WMi VALLEY FORGE STEAM FIRB BNttiNR NO. ?, HP Weet Thirty seventh street. New Vort February I, lMl.-At a special meeting of the company, held this morning, the following resoiuons were unanimously adopt?d. Resolved, Sal the thanks of the company be and thevaft hereby tendered to WUlfem M f eethefiW #upp) j of rtfr^haiMi# fnrmtmet the company )a?i ?wain* *lRe*anIv^d' That a copy of these resolutions he published IB the*M? York HeraW; Daihr Ttmes and Bvenln* Ripreea the New ror* a w, JKU||uR ^ jtl RSi, Foreseen FnaltC" B BltW'i, Secretary. ?illiTbdi. B~ILX.urd tables fob f ALB.?W. J. SHARP tsWes, wMb his newly Invented cSshloa, patented Re rember I#. 1MB. well known to be inferior to any now to nan. Ari>ir at the n^nufactory, 148 Fulton street Alto a lew g&rt hand Tabtasi H'tnant-S PATENT CHAMPION BILLIARD TA Yf btee. ?The EieeUrtor Spring Cushion, patented Auauet

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