Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 3, 1861, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 3, 1861 Page 7
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SHIPFHIO. Saturday, ??*? * r?*7 Saturday. at noon, from Pier 44 North (too. ?????? $76 I Hteerafe , ? ? ?58 to London 80 1 Do. to London. ... 93 L Re' urn TiekeU food for tlx month# ? ? r* forwarded To Part*, Havre, Hamburg* Bremen, Antwerp, Ac., at reduced through fare*. Viahing to brioii out their friendi ean 1>ut tickets following rale, to New Tork:? From I.he.pool i. firm tmbiu, $7&, $M and $1?6. Steerage from ; from uueensiown, $.10. &r> bare superior accommodations for PMMn ry experienced lurjwmi. They are built in on section*, and have patent fire annlhilatora nfnrrnation apply in Liverpool to WILLIAM , W Water street; In Glasgow, to WILLIAM Enoch aauare; In Queenstown. to C A W. D. CO.; in London to EIVES k MACBY, 61 King ? -et In Parts, to JULES DECOUE, 6 Plane de la Philadelphia, to JOHN U. PALE, ItW Walnut he Company's otUoua. ? G. D.vLE, Agent, 16 Broadway New York. 'H GERMAN LLOYD'S STEAMSHIP NEW H. J. Von Santer, commander, carrying ihe nail, will sail from pier 30 North river, fool of ji, on jtURDAY, Feb. 16, at U o'clock M., ,u._ roK S.EMEN VIA SOUTHAMPTON, . .'ere to TAVRE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN iing rates:? *bin, $UU; second cabin, $60; steerage, $36. or passage apply to GELrUKE, KEUTOEN k REICHELT, H2 Broadway. |Ot'THAMPTON AND HAVRE. hdat, March 8, the United Stale* .Vail Steamer rllLTON, I ,J. A WALTON, Commander, L; rotn Pier No .'17 North River, foot of Beach street, I ..DAY, March 2, at noun |>mer, unsurpassed tor safety and comfort, has dou I'-s under deck, endowed by water-tight compart [li i-h, besides oilier results tend in Urn event of col ? iauding to ki i-p the pumps l'ruc to work, and .->? 'iSety ol vessel and passengers |' pa-sage In Second cabin $f5 and $60. ?!it or Pas^ge apply to 8AMU8L M FOX, ) t GEO MACKENZIE, > A?euts- 1 Broadway, fimer ARAGO will sail March ;W PO LONDONDERRY, GLASGOW AND LIVER [ ?The Montreal Oc >an Steamship Company's first powered Clyde liullt steamer BOH Km IAN, Capt. ? n ying the Canadian and I nit.>d States mails, will i t'ortland next Saturday, February 9. Rates of yui New York, first class, according to acooinmoda '?id$8U; steerage. found with cooked provisions U6cates Issued lor bringing out passengers from all |ipil towns of Great Bri<afn and Ireland at very low passage apply at 23 Broad wav, New Vork. tiAliKI. A SKARLfc, General Agents. ? ?IT'S LINE OF LIVERPOOL AND LONDON ???* ? Parage from or to Liverpool or London can F*engaged By thi< well known Un<", sailing weekly, at ?west rate., and drai ts issued as usual for any payable on il?tnand, in any part of Great Britain or an be obtained by applying to or addressing TAPS ('<>., (iti South street, Sew York. IVEP.POOL?THE WORLD RENOWNED CLIP ? ilp KKKADNOl tl 1IT, Captain Samuels, w ill p isi i ?n the 7th Kebruary, and challenged the Neptune, U?i ship, liv? thousand to one, for a trial of speed, age, lowest rates. Apply on board, pier t), North " M DEMAREST, 40 South street. FHIPg FOR LONDON AND LIVERPOOL.? I MINE, for London, sails tomorrow. Fare?Second l found. $16. Ship SIR ROBERT l'EEL, for Li jails February 9; second cabin state rooms and Passengers brought out from the Old Country rates. Lor list of ships, passage, Ac., apply to 201'RE, 83 Bouth street. lERS PER STEAMSHIP KARNAK FOR HA i Nassau, N. P., are requested to be on board at Tuesday afternoon. 6th Instant. - ? i Havana will be received at the company's oflioe, .ug (irccn, until same hour. E. CUNAllD. A AND NEW YORK SCREW STEAM PACKET arrying the mall.?To sail for Kingston, Jamaica, b of each month. The mail steamsmp ZULU, ? ward Goodwin, will sail for the above port on , Kebiuary A), l'atsagn?First cabin, %a); sesond third ''lass, $16. For f reight or passage apply to A BOOTH, Agents, 67 Broad street. L1FORNIA?VIA PANAMA. Ms steamer will leave New York on the 1st, 11th <acli month, except when these dates fall on Sun i the day of departure will be the Monday follow Igiit or passage apply at the only offioe, No. 177 West pier of Warren. D. B ALLEN, Agent. SA United States Mall Steamship ., QUAKER CITY, , P. W. Nhufeldt, commander, , I'RSDAY, Feb. 6, at 13 M , From pier 44, North river. ? passage apply to 1IARGOUS k CO., 33 South street. AMI NEW ORLEANS. EVERY TEN DAY8. tall on Monday, Feb. II, at 12 o'clock, The steamship CAHAWBA. ,J. W SMITH, COMMANDER, ug treight, and will sail as above from pier foot v jmI, North river. oN, CKOCHF.RON k CO , 68 Murray street. Up DE SOTO sails Feb. 1L IVTANZAB. * TO BAIL ON FRtDAY. FEB. 8, w At J o'clock P. M. ? The l ulled States mall steamship LtS, commander, Is ready to receive I; ??r 99 North river, root of Chambers street. For T P' apply to 1 MORA BROS., NAVARRO k CO., . 64 Exchange place. | at the Post office at 1 o'clock I*. M ou the day of utannah and the south. > ?earo*hip* of the Amriein Atlantic Rtgimihlp * ill leave pier 12 North river on the following ?viLLE.Oant Poat, Saturday .Feb. J. ?oMEHV, W. r. Berry. Tue*<lay, Feb. 6. IJLKR, rant. Crocker, Thursday, Feb. 7.. T fKKNON, Cape Laytlrld. Saturday, FeWR ?.net* of thl* Use ant all new, and are not it*pMMd comfort, aatetj and epeed by any on the ocean, to New Oriean*, #.19 75; Mobile, $35; Montgomery, ?phi*. $.H 7ft: Naebvllle, $27 75; EnoxvMe, $25 W; K. t9. Albany. $23, Oolnmbu*, $21: Atlanta. $21; Auguvta, $17 AO; Savannah, $15. Anply to 1L B. KLL A IX) , 16 Weal itreet and 335 Broadway. annah and the mouth. ?teamthlp* of the American Atlantic Steamship ?*tll leave pier 12 North river on the following days, i iNERT, rapt W r. Berry, Tueaday, Feb. 5 \ I KK Ce|>t. Crocker. Thursday, Feb. 7. ?EHNoN, Cain. Lax held, saturdav. 1'eb. 9. V iCl.K. t 'apt root, f lies day, Feb 12. >. $25. Albany, ?3: doluniius $21. Mlauta, $21; >:< Aujiueia $1. SO Savannah, $16. Apply to It. B. M.I. A i ii . hC We.t ? m 1.11 .'?? It 1 s.iy r OAEO LIN A?WEEKLY. ?n?w and at at cUao aieamahlp PA RKERSBUBO, I. Mannard. will leave pier 13, North river, for Wll N r . on Saturday, l*b 2, at 3 P. M . oonnectlng ?gton and MelUon and Wilmington and Manchea a4a rrwarded lo all pari* of North and South Carolina unmtaatoo * eema per foo' ar<1 proportionate rate*. one half per oant. . Ai ply to II B dtOMWELL k TO., ?*i Weat ntn-et and 316 Broadway. .RTH CAROLINA will aacceed, and |ea?e on Saiur 4VANN AII AND OTHER POINTS. AS BELOW.? ? nrat claao ?t''eui?htti STaE OK TllE SOUTH, Capt. ??ey, will leave o? Wedaeotav. February, 6, at 3 P. i i4er * North rti er. Through ticket. e%a b? bad for ? ng jrtaee*: ?New Orl ana. $? 75. Mobile, $35; . fltoT Mi I an I*. Ala . $24 * olum $21; Al $21. CUatianoogn, $2.V Naahvtlte, $27 75; ? .Ml M muliia. $31 75 AucuMa, $17 40; M*<-on. ih.tli Far freight or pa.eege apply at No. U "be xtnamer AUJc*Ta' Cap" M. S Woodhull, t/n ho'orday, February ?, at 3 P. M. U L * IT" lIll.L A !*ON, NfW York, > Aaonta. *. W II.DEK A liALLIR. savannah, < ***nu CANolJN A-WRERLT. irvtMtn) ae* "U-awahlp N' ?RTH C tROT.INA, ?o?e. ,aiti eave pler li .North river, for Wll < . ..? -a iday F*'?. f. at 3 P. M., oonnectlng ? -igtoo ai<4 W eldnu and Wilmington and Mau he* *i ?> anted tn a carta of North and *mnh Carolina eat. |*r foot at' pfnpownat* rate*. oar half per "??at _ . Apply to II B. CRoMWEIJ. * CO.. eg Weat airert aa-t 335 Br>adwav IK-m'Nii will wwd. and leave oa Saturday, FRPIoHT ARRANtiBMENT.-FOR NOR rtaWMMlh Cat* Puiat aad Rl tmi 'Bit. ennne.-tlng t?4 Prterah>irg and *>?th*l<le Railroad, fur r?<< hroi't<? and i..urn??4ia>- plaena. ?teed ovary da>. a<.d iluewgh receipt* l uralahed, ?rU river JaM MT< iW'N. t apta.a ?ttaaer, leave* ovary ?VoRhTOl? w. rai?ala Pam* erery Saturday, ta HafiH. 7 eeat* pet feol to Cay Point 8 Malt, jjrtoS*-^!** MateeoOBI awd aieala larlaM. $M to ^ t|? 4r*a ho-oeon the agee of i LI DLAM $ HF.IMF.ltRN. Ru. 115 Broad war 4ITNOUMIV. R RR* ??!?<? ?? MRDI< AL ?ta?' rraoaa 2MV. Eaat TeaaUMh atreet batweea II nae i a>oe tea Tho m ot eriur*l aiaOi'?l AH H* ton*M Aar ui e?oaia$. aad perfaot Mitaraa ?ateod alwaya ?* ae pap. m n > 1 IIA * To ' "? r HH THK LADIt* I oh* W ww?nea4 to '? MaaMin auoet rt 1?wa aet, wwoee ako ?ti| aMuaaaa l^vdi-a M eeata. | 1 (Mb. o h ?ara from ? A. itlo ? F. M. RNO HA* NOT HRARD OF THE I'KLKNRA Vote I'REWarRR, ma.) fc?a keea <" 'OaaMad by lit M AM aad ? h*r ettiee with ?otlr? aatiafa-Hon.' ad?ot ??' ha* ao ? ,a*i Me gtvo* a4vfcw la m4 > <i>e* ikhMh. >- ?o aad law matter*, tella ihe ?i*re w?? m b ia.-aad a ad iliat ofRer Vi?if r. If ?h #*? ??* '* *' 551 Ti.lrd avenue, ?bote , Mieel 1*IH? .Ml Win ; paot>?Irta, ?? .?$ Vll>1 W?I\DRN IN THE WNU It THE . aa-t d Ma<ta'a? RV RON, from Part". be r ?irnlv*! oHh tho di lij-l *? fifrlenca .mi all af J en.brae*? g iw*. eowrtefctp, mar-Kj.. ?b Aneea. ftAr#taiNriit n* of f<lfyyt 1**. ???? h%i ? ??. rrt to ' ?aM a id*.I au.| .rin?< <?ethei .b oe* a.I ffcli.l avenue. <>,*< 4 ?mif I*i4le? M eeot* gentle ,\ RFW tRD-FoR tIT ONE Wild i AN >F >|,e Ml* I he we,; knian <e? H iMo' ?*'1 An4 toNMil ad i?er, e ho t? a iTSe'lb' e?ly lady '? th? wovol who trathi 'illy lt r igri ial'>< any raae af h-tatan life Mm Itt raev 4 ? ?? '"*? Moar ?? ?tro"*, hokkk*. mt. tjk>* *alb?a *Af MARK ?i1 MAKIoim uiufl F lai. kiu.1 anJ ???"*? Mm- ?*?m *l>4 u* ?hi, ia.|wut??i tw |-nta?? aum- ko jmf himk mm rOR BALK?a PA 1r Of horjtm. ttH'xd A*t? (!?!?. 19*, han4a kl?k *rTT*at*4 to t"?? la 5 u i ?#????? wi?k a?ukla rtrtm and Wafo*. l>iai atart a *m duaar ? lut aoat iihi ib May lt>( i a^aln jfl m fvarr, **?h 7u fayatta plant aod Kuarth ?r?al rr KALE?a FAIR or MAT IMliAX *4KI- |?. tand? high with i n* tafia, ? and 7 7**ra l a?i1 br to single or d?uUa ham*** or wmi? ?l a(ai>d ? t'h j twtng can troth of 4 minutes t-ah er ?ar>?n'.a4 wmfsi kind In ev -tpeci ran tv . . v * ble, 17 Ka?i . rtl. tfc itrivt, ul aiud Fmok SALE i'HIAf-tvi) riNK m uih h4t Horses, ? ti aw.irh tall*, ar? good IrtflWa; 0 ad7 years old Also to I>??*nlHiry Waaon* ane witk '-.p. i .. new, with liar- ??*?, R.bea, ac wi i be -old at a umml ? the owner i- g, .ns to Irate the clu ? a., miu at 15 aul S7 vm Twenty ninth atmal. Horse wanted ?the advertiser! wm- ro buy a florae about 14? j h.tbda ki|k to b? p* aound andkinil, akovfryeani'dd. and that r?n tint Mkln men In a wagon a mile In three miuuu ? *a ly, a fan yctca will be given. Addr>aa bo? S.3m i'ckt n>b>. Then HORSES FOR SALE ?OOOD >*1tRV|i KARI.s Hontea, lor draught or < arrutge aerrMa, WHk llarueaa Alao aeveral good lumber Trncka aud w >* aa and !??< ?r rlages Apply lo 0 N. wixam, assignee ai tk?li"?-<r mill, foot of Weal Nineteenth atreet, New York, where Ike lioraes, wagoos, Ac., can be arm. "TO EXCHANQE-A 8am- BOAT iai.L compl8t1 1 co ' $300 when new, to eirhainct for a if hi u?c wagu or carriage. Addreaa Jackaou Hweeney'a llo?rl titanted-ONE SADDLE HoRRE, 0*k tf horse Buggy and Harneaa. one pair ft nw?. Harness and Carriage, in exchange l or city j r-op -ry la a thriving ity on the Mtssi-sippl at the terminua ot a ralfniad. Addrrat k t S,:?2 poht office, for one week. TirANTKD TO exchanoe-A ff.OKE PANEL ROOK A ft way, moveable front patent a' lea, seat* an. oo?t new $&?), built bt Lawrence, for a lady's Saddle florae mue he young, stylish, aouud and kind. Addroa* 'addle florae. Herald office. si'kchi, not iii km. Am ITT LODGE, NO. MS F. A. m.?the MEMBER* t?F Amity I.odge No sci are hereby notlflei to a'teiid a special communication at their rooms. oorner of Centre aud Grand atrcela, thia Sunday, .'Id Instant, at It o'clock noon, for the purlieu.' of attondinj; the funeral Of our Mia i r > !i ? t'harlea s maltln'w a. Sr. Merob^i-a af the Kraternlty In good standing are invited to be present. HENRY w TURNER, M John J. Tinoai.k, Secretary. Iet THE VOICE OF THE workivo mbn hv J heard?A mass meeting of the Untied Worklngmen ? Assoelution will be held at the Steub'-n Hoo-e No ?1w Bowery, on Monday eveninc, 4th Insl., at 71, o'clock, to t.ike Into consideration their Interests In the present crit^s ol the country. By order. CHARLKS MCCARTHY, President JOHN k Kit RIG AN, Treasurer. Wm. o'Shka Recording Secretary Cu t*. Smith, Corresponding 8<*cretary. eminent *peakern will address the me?Ung. Mam.nk'-thk ininuu or wom booos, No. ufo, and oile rs are requested to attend the funeral of Brother Michael o'Malley, ou Monday, Februaiy 4. at .1 o'clock I". m., from the oorner of Harrison and Colum'da streets, Brooklyn. Ntew YORK CITY AN ii COl'NTV 1.IQI OR I?k \ i.k f'roteetlve Society?The annual election of the above named Society will bo held at their rooms, in the Bleeeker House, on Monday, feb. 4, 1 Sol. Polls open at 7 mid close at 10 o'clock P. M. By order of THOS. !!. KERR, President. pktkii Mcquapk, Secretary. TAMMANY SOCIETY. OR COl.t'MBIAN OKDKIi.? Brothers, a regular meeting of the institution will be held in the Council Chamber of the Great Wigwam on Men d.iy ereuiug, the 4ili of FebniMT, at half an liour after tne si tting of tne sun. General and punctual attendance Is n? quested. Byord'r .1 AMES CONNER, Grand Hachein Caspku c. chii.n.s, Secretary. Manhattan?Season of Snows, 2d Moon; Y ear of Discovery 3iv; of Independence 8Atli, and of the Institution the 7Jd. Taxes.?the collectors le<ullt authorized to receive tax^s for the towns of Morrisanla, West Farms and East Chester, will attend at Wes'cheater House, corner of Bowery and Kmonie street, to receive town and school tat, on Monday, Fnliriiarv 4 and February ii, tor the l??t linv CHARLES JENNINGS, West Farms; r. m. CUANE, Mor risania. e. DOUGLAS, East Cheater, and f. C. besc1ior MAIN, . PWAMCIAL. M?rro^> JVn/'io^nnm i"().Nn ^ND, Mortuaoe, W ILLIAM.^ift?'.. Setfiml gtrea" n'^n'ufc, * '? ^ed?2fd,'""rtmP*1?l-<)ii.i?a aV'd^QmisQf i^TinX^'^laon and alter Feb. J, at the Treasurer'* ollloe P 0 W. H. EMERSON, Treasurer. "ally, between the hours of 10 A. M ami i i* v Tn , .i., ?took to be itwued l< wholly subscribed SIMEON DRAl'EB, ' ) EDWARD ROWE, ' Commission?-. ? ? AUQCSTVS UUERBER } Lomn"Mlor,or? Nkw Ton*, Jan. 30, 1801. 0 FFTCE OF THE ATLANTIC MOTDAL INSURANCE Company, New York, January MS, im. .,,bmt.'^li,Conf:'?n',t}' l.? lil* carter of the company wmber, I08O?? statement of Its affair* on tho 31st Del Premiums received on marine risk*, from lit January, 1880, to Slat December, 1??) H 602 725 77 Premiums on poUciei not marked off 1st Janu ?** J???? 1,412,700 11 Total amount of marine premium* SC01A 425?5 ri*Nk?* JB3SSe?;3 wTth H'rteneWrt! ri'k"' ^ flr8 fS'SSJSSftiSf.from. 1,t.J*nu*r7:'*"? t0,lwl 13a M Lo??'i paid during the same period. .12,419,443 jjt ' ' Kejurns of premiums and expense*. 609 212 66 ^V}eJ'2.'pP*D* h*va lhe following asse'-s, viz Cnlted States and Stale of New \ ork stock, city, bank and other atocka ai ou its .9 Loans secured by stock*, bond* and mortgages ' wS^SST^ ? ? 1.WMS2 08 1\6&J estate ? ??*??????** a.. **##*#**??,,.,###-, #, 2AJ0 (fell iki Dividends on stocks, interest on bonds and mort- 1 gages and otb*r loans, sundry notes, rein surance and other claims due the company estimated at. Jt lflfi ltn i? f&hfeUS" *nd bUU receivable...!!!.! i; XSTHMt ? caan in bank. 106,134 W Total amount of asse'* 18 (W> 2T> 10 *nt'Unrt>n?rerti<i<-ateg 0T prw Paid to the holders thereof, or their leval rem*. *in af.U!r Tu^?y. th" 5th of FfsbruaiTMnext. the i^.fT^ * iTiS a"d a half million dollaraof profit*, d. em."d ^ 5?*ie^of 't8 lHsue of ha rj d< em d and paid to the holders thereof, or their lecal r*nre scntatlyes, on an after Tuesday the 5th of February neit from which date all Interest theroon will cease Thecertifl* Th.10,^ p/"d;,crKd. al the *>" of p?ym" uTSSdcwcdSd. AdlMden4 pf Ulrty flve per cent U dolared on the net ?"**? PpM?l91p*. 0' th? oompany for the year endiug 31st i^ceraber. lMflO for * hlch cu tiOcaies will l>e Issued on and ?('"? Tuesday, the 2d ot April neit. The protit* or the cimpany, ascertained from the 1st of July, 1H42, to the 1st of January. I8d0, for which certificates were Issued, amount to $10,278 SOU Additional profit* from lat January, lb60, to lit January, U61 1,571,000 Total p;-nflt* for l*ff rear* an ?i ran The certlBcaies previous to 1S60 have been redeemed ' ' 7.6W.110 N<H earning* remaining with the oompany on 1st January, IHfil iQ7<?vi By order of the Board. WyW W. TOWNSEND JONEfl, Secretary. - . _ , TRUST***. John D. Jones, Calrb Bar* tow, Dennis Perkins, ' hV,""" l>t"ri1"- A. 1'. I'll lot Joseph OaillarT^ Jr., ?!. "? H~.y?,,rr- I^roy V. Wiley William Wood, Thomas Tile,ton, Daniel s. Miller, J. Ilenrr Rurgy. ytrrT.('n ,V " t N,nol,i Cornell.!* (innneli, Wm. C. rickeragtU, .loshua J. Ilenry, C. A. Hand. 1-ewlaCurUj Geo. O. Hobson, Watt* Sherman, i ?'ariea H Rusw-H, David Lane, Edward R. Bell Lowell Ilolbronk, .lame* Brvce, E. E. Morgan Robert C Coodhue, Wm. Htnrgl*. Ir , B J. llowland, r. A. Ilargou*, Uenry K. Bogert, BcnJ. Bahcock, w2Tr_ffen^ L A Lo*- Fletcher We*tray, Edward H OUlilan, WUUam E. Dodge, Bob. B. Mluturn. Jr. fcoyal fhelpa, ' JOHN D. JONES. PrenldenL CIIABLES DENNIS, Vlce-Preildent. W. H. ITMOOKb, M Tkt-Pra^dent. C;7 0(111 ?'<? ?10.IW) WORTH up, ITS MORTO Atihs y , V l" ?"*' hange for merchandise. Addres* Drv Uooda, Merchant s Hotel, t ortlandt street. TO ON HO!<n and MORTOAMR I .*^1/ o- productive real eitate In this cltv or In Mr jk yu l? one ?r more sum*. Apply to JOHN r. CON fT, In'he o?ce of the People* rire Insurance Companv, ^o. ci) w all street. LOAW OPKHKil AT 111 GRAND STREET, THREE DOORhTWKsf7)K Bn adw ay ? Money advanced on Watches, Diamond*, Jewelry. Plnte, Dry (iocds and personal property of every u'earrlptIon, or bought and ?old, by JOSEPH A. JACKSON auctioneer and broker. AT 11 CHAMBERS STREET.?MONEY to advance to any amount on Diamond*, Watches, Jewelry, Ac by the well known and old established ISA \C8. auctioneer and bnker, II Chamber* Mreet. N B ? No builnea* transacted on Satordav. A ^ WatctiM, Wat-h MovemenU, Sllv?r War?, Jewelry, Suara. *? . or honght for . ash Op^o*M.; the l'oat ofllce, room Na 1, up stair*. W Cedar street. T CS CEDAR STRBET.-HENRY HYMAN, DIAMOND Broker. Cash adyanoed on Diamonds, set or unset, MKDICAL. A * IMPORTANT WOHK-A Ql'IDR FOR THE MAR. ''"???^ntemplstlng It.-The afflicted, deblll'ated ff-yyy. *?""|a n<* marry, or adopt any trealmein, till Mr;i?iunVTuiI tbemaelve* of the truth only round la ? LARMONT 8 ?rl*, I^ndon and New York Me<llcal Ad J*JJ O"We. Mailed for $1 by II. ({ LA\V if "fee*, Astor House. The Doctor cure* all swh atfee lot-s, recent or long standing. eip-<lltl?uslv and pflvataiy, aa for year* past, at ?47 Broadway, up *Ulr*. [\R WARD, AN EXPERIENCED AND RELlARR PIIY* J' M t>"t<lied at all honr-t ..n ceridin disease* llSf?4tt HroMMy, up stair*. DR COOI-m, 14 Dl'ANE STRRET. MAT BR CON tnltcd ( a all 41m **e* of a net lain naiure Twenty eUht )?ar? en tuslvely devoted to ?h?v coniplalun, enable him to w.rram a cure In *11 ease*. Th* victim* of misplaced eonfl denee la medwal pretender* cati oall, with a certainty of ba mg radically mm d or no pty. | |RS (ll.o\ r;R A TIHIRNE CAN BE CONSPCTKO 4S I t usual at No. 4 Ann street, nnder Itarnum s Museum. f tR. R. COBRETT If AS RBMWVED FROM 19 DUANE 1 t *ire-t t. '& Centre -irret, nait t'hamlier*, where lie can bec>n.iiiied ?lth the most honorable confidence on certain ?lis-a*-" N H Hr (' Is a member of the New York I'lU .er.i'v Medical College. See his diploma In hl*otll-e Laihrs t\i> i.j- \Ti,r.' i v ark :i:vdered the m"?i le) caie attention on cotisuliing l>r. II A. BAR ROW I1M hie ki t ? I-. el, four d tors fr?.m M*' dougal, N. Y. ll'tM, from II tl'IJ and from 4 toll Sundays, till 2. VfRe Mt .s.'OK ELRi TRICIAN Hl'i CARMINE ivl *tre? t <la|v*nl*m spiibe<l dalh Inthelrra'.menlof func 'lotial di? a*, t of the fein ile setual system, lio ns from leo *?> fenr I>POI I *SOR RFSTILL, 112 CHAMBERS STTtrt'.T, ?*a tie eon ifed as uanal, or bv Intjer adir^sie l to boi gA?M * A AMKKlt AN HIUI K. ?LD aDAMM CALIFORNIA MENAOERIB Ol i?R?/ LY HF A KM AMD OTHBB WU.D ANIMAL*, f i * ? t.if.Ynu, I iik and the Rocky Munii'slna, inolo ltag THF HKFAT MAMMOTH BEAK SAMPSON, The UifM Mvatn. ??|huK near 2.UUU oounda. The*# bears, whirk ui. >.&? hfwu vanetlea, will be uhlbitad and per by IIERR DRIESBACH, Tt.e reiwood Lion Tamer, hia tir?t appearance In -,eveti THE i (UK AT LIVING BLACK UFA MOW, .i mitl of lb* bind ever aeeu m New York, the ?Ail'U?t* NKPTINB KINO OK THB OCBAN. TilF. TWO LINING AZTEC (HILDREN. A I.HIXi FAMILY, from Mtdagaaoiu. W II XT 1< IT OR, MAN MONfEY. TMIBTT LIVING MuNrtTEK SNAKES TIIK 1.1 \ I NO HAPPY PAM'LY. TliF UVlNti LEARNED SEAL. Tilt ?l?i HI'BI'KI.BU BKOOK TROl'T. till YD Ai^l Al(lA, WAX FIGCRB8, And near a million t'uiioaltlea, from all parti of tbe woi .d. Is the Ignore Boom, the superb drama, THF LADY OK ST TkOPBX, F.verv A< lernnon and Evening, at H aud 71 ^ o'clock. Mum lMWRn> double r .iced Sluger, api>.ara at each. A.l?.i-?ioa ceata t'hildren under li<, 15 ceata. l'ar.|t?ei liiftu f??tra t'hlldreu under ten, 10 rents. F'RKKi 'H THE \TRK. Jan -* kega reapsctfully to Inform the public of New v ?rk ai>d iu ?inr Hi thai be U*? engaged tbe above faahion able Thaatro, lot one nig hi. MONDAY, FEBRl'ARY It, la order u> aatiaiy the general desire to witness MH i ll A RLE* IMLLON S Tt uly w. aderful aad .trrlstie personation of BBLPRBOOR, Mo lugh!v ealisj M .I by tbe I.iimhi> ?*d Nrw York Prk^s. Or will be M.pp. tt.-d i>> a T*|. qu I Company. And every caie bestowed on tu pi -duct Ion. rni<->?: Tickets for Pa^uaO* a?d Proas Circle Site HMO nod *?als . . .$] 00 -Uge M >iaa b 00 Pri? ?ir It -xe? * ub ?. ??>? boli - AOO he.uand B-.te. inajr be aeciiied at tlie box odice, frvwi Monday. February 4. N K -ll? ? u*B??nri.?? of the Now Yoak theatres, prevl m Mwauitvilin Now York. preclude* thf posat I ' eugs,.? meot iimm aimii TliereNne Mr Slmmnuds ha- d-termincd thai lb' p.ft tc ? f New Vork should bave amnio i <n'p. run .* i?f Willi. - ail .b<? groat ailutic perforin anil', the ool\ rival lo Ibo ttroal PBUDfeBlCK LKMARKR The great AMI 111. AN CONCERT HALL; Or. I'Al.Al'K HI li'iLU, III KR' IAOW A V. 4?4 HKOAOWW No |?>ra^n a>ka "W bore ?bn:i i ? g > 1<> ?i?ikI bi? eioaiag;" f r ho dm-a know Aliraily. lo ?et Ma in..|iry a ? irlli Of ;iiouw m> ni. t?'*bioad vrltli lun and uilrlb, Tlie liiral Ainerli ail I'?acri1 Hall, To uri 'minuxl lie Ibe p-ibll< . gr'? l<v> amall. And Ibe rrowda who attend ll>t r< e?ery ni||li| L*ave with oat'tariea ol tbeir d '.glii Iu m>l< halix liter- ? |t<at rati al; Hut ill ifoor-forty four> f. am ih> r eal ??( I Hd pri'Terba to every "lie la v? ry well known, " lb??e In ?U?* h '!-??? mi. i t * th' w atunca. " 4 ouitietlUmi ia tbeor4erof ihod?v? Eieltaa the env> ol nth*"!" in Itr. a l?ay. The Milartaa paid bere are very lilgl.. It t? tli-id we uK. a ?<iml reaaoD * liJ? The liect ? ? tah-nl (eiigaifd io lie .'tr^ 'able). And ?>nly tbo?t w hoar. reapeeta'il'-. To < ?eh p4 r nrnior, In turn unle. d'-nt. The lad'e-, of (out^e. niu?t ti.vri tb?- preeedant: The lUt of w hlrb, tbe Aral w III In- ular uw on, That ai tl?tlc danaeuiH-, Vi&a Mary rnrtnigtou. Iter "La S>l|.liMe" atainpa bor auo h all the Ulk? Aa th'' nmai grii' .'ftu ilaiirer in Ne.< V otk The following laii < form lb- group Of the American I . no rt Ha 1 Hallcl T i-oui*. While each young lady piayn well ber [>art, Tit riling young men u be.ula, aa well a> heart, Karb. tnoueando Uitln Hall d ies linn* Ami llie giuei'lul dai i ing of Llaatt.i K I'g; No ran m-i ber, but a4nre her AlMithe talented Mademoiselle Kloia (t put! the; men quit*' In a dilemma. To nee Mia* ScfiPlI, who waachrlatem d Lmm*. Then we bave Mia? Mary, Who almost nuiu* hewrl-. to break; Seauh the ll?i of larpalchore'r g^rris >n You'll And the namea of the Mu-es llariiton; Mb* Mart' Kh.retire haa a way To Captivate; ao ha> Mina Ni-llie flray. To all had artial" we've a great abhorrence. None ran aurtiawt Ml*? Mary Klnrem e To apeak tn" gentlemen i? i?i fe. tly i ighl: Flr-t on the Hat U t'h.irley While, Who for our |>ationa iriea to rater, Hung tbe oldeat Ktlilopean Delineator; II ia tine ??enaeptlon, wlien he looka at you In hla fnrortle character, of tbe It lark .Statue The Skating Carnival: (the Kcenea no funny,) Iu Central I'ark?la worth your money. Aa Irtah llumnriats ire all the vogue, There'a Hilly D'Neil ? itb bin rich hr.>g'ie? Hia laughing fac-, and merry t?l?t, Willi hia alilTlelali. w! Hi' In hia llal: Ilia rlalblt fnciilliea are quite creative; Of thia Kmpire I Ity he ta a native The beat Iriah comediun iMihout roinptuaoa And the only original one in the country, W. H. llarrfaon. w h iae mind la a |io t i i?pnalRkry, The only true Uvlngjtmprovlaalore; Ilia comic ao gaatrnrdv great detigki: Such aa Lor<l Lot el and keul?'n Wright; Hia ideaa are frech. evt ry nignt tella ibe tvwi Inlaong and rhyme and driven away the blues. Another atar makes his jokes, aud ? heu on the times That favorite L. Simmon* When he alngstloing to tbe Happy Land of Can.tan.| Hob Hart, too, must not bo f< rgotien With his comicalities from the land of eotlon, And Billy Qulnn, the greatest burl s ,ur oratcr of the d.iy. Johuv Nell must not be forgotten m bis amg aud dance. Another planet la engaged expressly To dance and iierfnrm?thata H?rr\ Leslie, Aa the organ gnnder?he uses spittle To wet the handle ranae It at ka ?little Aa to each encore he ia responding He r*n walk the rope aa ?ell aa llKm in. With a balance pole and no Ktajgers, Although Harry never croaaed Niagara Good regulation here and m disanreemeu' Under Robert W. Bnilerand Mons La T'lorne. Excellent manafeuieiit (We do not puff>.. The good sense of tbe pnblie l> imd'U -.t jo.1, They are tte liest Judaea, great and smal'. Or why do they go In crow da to the ..... AMEkirAN CONCERT HALL. 444 Broadway MKLODEON, 8't.i BRt>ADWAY .laa s. Wlblrt Proprielor C. McMillan Stage Manager Pro!. A straub le ader of Orchestra V n< Bot.c.i v Ballet Master This ponular place of amusement, after being thoroughly renovated and redecorated, h.<a REitCKNED WITH AN ENTIRE NKW COMPANY. NEW COMPANY, NEW COMPAMY, NEW COMPANY, For the representation of farce, vaudeville, pantomime, bal let, comic acta, songs, dances, Ac , by the moat TALENTKH ARTlsi'S TALENTED ARTIHTS In the city. The best Orchestra iu the city, under llie direc tlt.n of Prof. Htraub _ . ,. . Mias Kate Pennoyer, Miss Alderton, Ilattic .lames, Adeln Calla, Augusta Walby, Paul, fane, Shay, O'Nnll, WatklnJ, Clark, Sharper, Smith, Dobson, Mlt< bell and oiherg. Everv etfort will he made by the Manager to sustain the an cient celebrity of the Pioneer Conceit Hall of America. Our natrons can lie Mire of an elegant, chaste anil amusing en lertalnment. New uoveltles w 111 be pioduc in rap.d sue cession. VTIBLO'S GARDEN. IN THE LAST CHANCE to WitQPHK EDWIN FORREST CARDINAL RICHELIEU. Every lorer of good m i nx in New Yoik should sec this gieat i>erformance on Moday night. ITNION. ) UNION. UNION. In couaenuenee of it* e.itlnisl/i itlc reception br alarge and fashionable audience, OEORUK VANPENHOEF Will repeat hi* union POEM, Entitled ' LIFE, MEN. MANNERS, MOOES AND MEASURES,' Tuesday evening. Feb. 3, At Hope Cliapel. Ticket' 'on Ibis occasion Oti'y; 26c 8 o'clock. rruE great dramatic event ok the day. 1 EDWIN FORREST'S iierformance of RICHELIEU. M ELODEON. K59 BROADWAY ERNESTINE DE I'ABIER, ERNEST INK I?E t AB1ER, ERNESTINE DE KABIER, ASP MINNIF DI farif.R. MINNIE DE FARIF.R, MINNIE DE KABIER. ERNESTINE DE I'ABIEB. ERNESTINE DE EASIER. ERNESTINE I>E I ABIEK, MINMR DE KABIER, MINNIE l?K EASIER. The youn< and ncoompltalied VoralUU and Dnn?etiso? COMETHINQ TO REMEMBER' O KDtVIN FORREST'S RICHELIEU. Performed for the last time, at NiMu'a Harden, on Monday night. MERICAN CONCERT HALL, *44 Pr-aiwaT ?4t Bioadway. First appearance or HILLY O'NETL HILLY O'BETL BILLY O NEIL BILLY O 'NEIL On Monday evening, February t The only original Irish C >tnciiian m America A U <? Ene?<cd, and will ahortiy appear. MISS SALI.IE bishop, MIS* SALI.IE .1 BISHOP. MISS SALI.IE .1. HIS HOP, MISS S VI.LIE J. HIHIIOI', Th- artUtio D.iimiene From the PlilMelphia and foulhern theatres. ROBERT W BUTLER. Proprietor. N'IBLO'H GARDEN. EDWIN FORI'BsT CARDINAL ^RICHELIEU, A performance nneiniallcd nnd Inimitable. Support>'d by splendid ca t ot characters. NEW SI ENERY, t'OSIl MEN AND APPOINTMENT*, In a atvle superior I i which ii ha* ever oeeii prwnled to the American public. Remeinbei Monday night l? the lam oppor tunity. ___ ___________ T1TILL POSITIVELY CLOSE 01? MONDVT-TnB ff third Annonl Fxh|hi<ton of Ptcturaa of the Fr nch School. Open dav and evening Admtaslon 2Aoenta. At OOUFIL'H, 77'.' Hroadw.iT, corner ol Ninth street XTEW YORK ACADEMY OK THE DRAMA?PERBONi ll of talent and Te,pet lability dem ou* ot connecting theni K>lres with ih* above in?Uiutlon for Inipinvement and In struction, wl h a view to til ire perl 'i-mance*, ma\ apply at room IS Clinton Hall, \si. r piece, i m I t > l o'clock rIEATRE FRANCAIt. BROADWAY?MARDT, 5 FOvilcr, I881.?Meteinnt-olle de In Selx'iere, plica cn oualre arte*, de M. Jnle* SaiMtean. Le Vmdrille dei Cano tiers de la Seine, compote p?r M. V allium. iihtkLw. ST LAWREN< E HOTEL BROADWAY AND EKIHTll street, N. V" , coniioci.-ii mi the European plan, Aptrt ments In suits or ulnuic at em halt the usual price 1'i.rles looking for room ?? Hi eon iilt their Interest bv tailing here before engaging elsen here. TtTHITNEY HOUSE -NEW AND ELEGANT MARBLE ? f VilMltig, Broadway, corner of Twelfth atree' C >n Jnet? l on the E tropnan plan Ne>* ftlrwttore throughout fh'IU awl alngla Ho >m* a*. moderate ni es. U. * ?K., ?r.TT, fr i, AwrsBUfievrw. G Alt TIES CONCERT ROOM, fclo BROADWAY. ONE door from Laura Keena'a theatre ttk owtoeIt boom or new yore Crowded nightly with the beet audieueei to be Mrg at any other conoert room, and the FUEL 0 raturallv inquire ' HOW 18 IT? The GATTTIES CONCERT ROOM GAIETIES CONCERT ROOM GAIETIES CONCERT ? GAIETIES CONCEKT OAIETIES CONCERT GAIETIES CONCERT GAIETIES CONCERT GAIETIES CONCERT GAIETIES CONCERT GAIETIES CONCERT OAIKTIEH tiAIETIKS CONCERT CONCERT OAIETIES CON< El!T OAIETIES CONCERT tiAIETIKS CONCERT GAIETIES CONCERT tiAIETIKS CONCERT OAIETIES CONCERT OAIETIES CONCERT OAIETIES CONCERT ?Uui|i 01' re ROOM ROOM ROOM ROOM ROOM ROOM room ROOM ROOM ROOM ROOM ROOM Room Room ROOM ROOM ROOM ROOM always baa aucfc ?* nice, quiet. respectable audience. The reason U aimply thie: tbe manager, from long eiperlehce la the buHineaa, lUink* he know * ivluit Hie public no luu CONCERT ROOM for. It la a well known tact that the tiAIETIKS CONCERT ROOM ? tiAIETIKS CONCERT ROOM OAIETIES CONOR Iff ROOM doea not admit any but gentlemen. and tbat NO BOYS are ever admitted, thereby jiving it at once tbe si>ectabillty. The OAIKTIBS CONCERT ROOM OAIETIES CONCERT ROOM GAIBTIKS CONCERT ROOM tiAIETIKS CONCERT ROOM OAIETIES CONCERT ROOM OAIETIES CONCERT Room tiAIETIKS CONCERT ROOM tiAIETIKS CONCERT ROOM GAIETIES CONCERT ROOM GAlfcTIES CONCERT ROOM does not pretend to compete with uuy oilier establishment of a similar description Most PLACES OF AMUSEMENT have their speciality. Some concert rooms go In for splendid nun-ors, revolving cliaft-s, big salaries 10 laouie) artistes. but AWFULLY SMALL POTATOES AWFULLY SMaLL POTATOES AWFULLY SMALL POTATOES AWFULLY SMALL POTATOES AWFl LLY SMALL POTATOES toothers, marching the poor Waiter Girl* around like an army of FRENCH Z0l'A\ ES FRENCH ZOI AVES FRENCH ZOUAVES FRENCH ZOIT A\ E.s FRENCH ZOUA\ES going to battle. Other CONCERT ROOMS Oo in fur a chenp scale, HOWERY STYLE, where Ethiopian farcea, played anmr ten rears *j.i at SIX CENTS ADMISSION, are uow performed uigbtlv to enthusiastic crowd* of lUe 11 IP, 1I1P. HI RRAll Kl YLE. Some other concert rooms goiu for a tyle ,-f MIND YOI H OWN BUSINESS; some go in for collecting all tbe thrown off taVnt of other concert rin'Uis. make ONE GRAND SPLURGE, kick up and die; and won to the END OF THE CHAPTER. But at we do no' w i.-li to spend anv more o! our money iu ADVERTISING OTHER PLACES at one shilling a line, we will simply Mute lor the Information of the public, ani especially \ IMTERS TO THE CITY w uat the great speciality ( I tli ? GAIETIES * GAIETIES OAIKTIEH GAIETIES is. The iiiauiiger endeavors to keep together a GOOD STOCK COMPANY. GOOD STOCK COMPANY, (iOOD STOCK COMWNY, Paying his performers a fair aalary, starring each performsr alike, and leaving the Al DIENCE To DECIDE upon their individual merits It la uow a noted fact that, take the GAIETIES COMPANY. aa a combined trout*-, that It can boast of having the BEST LADY \OCALISTS, BEST LADY VOCALISTS, The moat BEAUTIFUL Lady DANCERS, BEAUTIFUL LADY DANCERS, the BEST COMIC SINGERS, BE.sT COMIC SINGERS, the most original ETHIOPIAN DELINEATORS, ETHIOPIAN DELINEATORS, And tbe most FASCINATING AND OBLIGING FASCINATING AND OBLIGING FASCINATING AND OBLIGING FASCINATING AND OBLIGING FASCINATING AND OBLI0ING FASCINATING AND OBLIGING FASCINATING AND OBLIGINU FASCINATING AND OBLIGING FASCINATING and OBLIGING FASi IN ATI NO AND OBLIGING YOUNG LADY WAITERS LADY WAITERS LADY WAITERS LADY YOUNG YOUNG YOUNG YOUNG LADY YOUNG LADY YOUNG LADY YOUNG YOUNG I YOUNG LADY YOUNG LADY YOUNG LADY YOUNG ? YOUNG YOUNG YOUNG YOUNG YOUNG YOUNG YOUNG YOI Nil VOCMJ YOUNG I YOUNG LADY YOUNG LADY WAITERS WAITERS W VITERS WAITERS LADY WAITERS LADY WAITERS WAITERS WAITERS WAITERS LADY WAITERS LADY WAITERS LADY W All E ItS ? WAITERS WAITERS JHwaitkrh Lady WAITERS LADY WAITERS LADY WAITERS WAITERS waiters waitems WAITERS LADY LADY LADY LADY LADY YOUNG LADY WAITERS YOUNG LADY WAITERS LADY WAITERS LADY LADY YOI NO YOUNG YOUNG YOUNG YOI NO YOUNG YOING YOUNG YOUNG ? YOUNG LADY YOUNG LADY YOUNG LADY YOUNG LADY YOUNG LA IM YOUNG ?? YOUNG YOUNG ? VO NO LADY YOUNG LADY YOING LADY YONNO LADY YOUNG YOUNG WAITERS WAITERS LADY WAITERS LADY WAITERS waiters WAITERS WAITERS WAITERS WAITERS WAITERS WAITERS WAITERS WAITERS WAITERS waiters W All BBS waiters WAITERS WAITERS waiters LADY WAITERS ^^MWAITERS LADY I LADY LADY I IiADN I,A IJY LADY LADY LADY in the United States. The above as-wrtlon 1* no vain boast ing, aa everybody who * VISITS THE GAIETIES wiD aasert. And why and how doe* tne manager obtain his accomplished YOUNG LADIES" The reason Is very tlmpie; they are not forced to march up and down like an aimy or prisoners, and kept under sub jection at DOLLARS A WEEK, lieeattM. forsooth, the plac? is f styled) hgibiy tin a horn) respectable; but toe proprietor of the ^ GAIETIES 0ONC8RP ROOM cannot fetch hla conscience to believe that the HIGHLY RESPECTABLE CONCERT ROOMS, who will give half the house receipts to our per formers and i:>ua tiUut to others, and 'lien ?tarve the * POOR W AITER GIRLS, at the large sum of Two Dolls r* a w eek. 1 his Is the reason Why all the PRETTY AND ACCOMPLISHED PRETTY AND ACCOMPLISHED PRETTY AND ACCOMPLISHED YOUNG LADY WAITERS, LADY LADY ? an Independ nt spirit snd ?tab to gain a respectable paid livellh v4, t ush lu tbe Gaieties Concert Room YOUNG YOUNG YOUNG YOUNG young YOU NO YOINO YOI NO YOUNG that have and well . for engag< ments Our YOUNG YOUNG YOUNG YOUNG YOUNG YOI NO Tot Nt. YOUNG YOINO YOUNG till Ml WAITERS. ? WAITERS, LtDV W\ ITERS. LADY WAITERS. ? WAITERS, WAITERS, ? _ ? WAITERS. LADY WAITERS, LADY WAITERS, ,A dy LADY LADY LAD\ L\PV LADY LADY L\D\ LA DY LADY I.ALY LADY LAP* i ? t>. WAITERS WAITERS WAITERS W AITEKS WAITERS WAIT* !t> Vt A ITERS WAII Bits WAP KR? w Mil ns Will Kits ? r* ailowr ) rrtrr |<milrf* l?'T ?r? n-.i u?*d t< MUOTtx. I'M' tmliH M hit BAn *4 LA MR* UMli, uuiw whl"h w*Mn?n ib?? mrr. In < tvrf ?*??# of III* worJ 0?a i w?li ??? ih? OAIfcrih- CoSCRRT ROo* ?l? HKHAItW \Y. o|<> HKOAPWAY 01* IIK'MDWAt. fcl<- U kM HK'UlKUt. t.Kl KH'IADWAV, 6i? ni!<?%uY tv. ?>i? Ki'M?n*u. fl'i HK<>U?W?V, <l? HKHA H* AT, * (<?tl ?fl?i tb? ? will ?vM ?t#Mihin<i tgrtm''-. m r? Ik? * pm*M f?rlor rni?ti?iiim< u', * fcf-iv ih< ? i?n art the ibmi ^^hUai nil I. ri.M U.l ?? aittfi i. rt y < MKAI III I n? o Tin . . UK W I in L I I MA HF\tmn i. r* v In Ik' flr >f?i?k?n .It* ??k tt'f par* HKMIT4 IIIMi FAVSV TgOMPMUH In her J auto*. uullkr nil Mlnft, Mo ton of pi-trj >? ??r? ? *#????!, Tlifu wt b??* tb< old i.a>#tl>-? f ??i.r *1 IF LkfiHo* A, ' <-?|<lea ? D?w oaniMn ?> to ? rrnrnmi p>n?it< hikh i.rtAv w?Lhif Thfn r?m rtmr ryr m-l ur laly W? i.A'tlke .d<r??l v ?o, lual < i.n 1 r . .4 *>?* (R'El.l A MORMCT Th*'i tko fan ih? (?nll??i?-'i m re ih*n f A I.I.IK MAMDtl, Proudly and <tof,?ot v ? - ,%% n>n- TU#a ? ? bar* Nfcli Mr. K K v ? who pig alnf lrt?h, lunch Ft?u-h,' F.n?..>b r?i( wnp, equal to any lini urtrd. W ? H?*? Pir nrTi.rn. lit* oM nndoH?ln*: Bmi ? ??, an! th? r >? W. HKl.U W. Rt.i.U w. .nluZ W. HFt.U W HRLU * fr-*h fire fo- t'i? f;al*ti#a, wb'< eaMMt b< iillM for F.thtoplan *w*ntiii i lea other p?"-t nrmrr* which reodn tha OAIKTIF.s c< n PUT R?w.* OAtKTIEri CORt i?nr R ? ?M thf moot oH*ln?l. om i?ni <nH . ?4ii l> *:? at *? ? menl to r|?|i In tl ?ttjr Or-ind ?t?n? f prrfwi* *|ip* rvcr? Bl?hl lhl? ?<??? >h* A'lml'bl'i" tooaiv I* <>r?hr?ini ,, Doorn "li-n ?( r Con ert mumu.t. i, com to l?er, we A t>MIf NO *<|VB "n?rr* I" I'Mly of (ilk#rPmi(*ti ??? . h?f fig Invent Utwr l^n 'ati|., ?'!<>?? than mMW ?< we'lo not i^ w?r fibi n?t J w. U ? AMTREMK5ITS. N","?"'"VKsTi nurwnt Ol tl"' engagement of Mr. EL WIS FORREST. Monday evening, February i, 1*1 Last ntuht of The superb historical play of RICHRLIBO. Ok, Thk OoasriKACr. RICHELIEU ~ MR. EDWIN FORRBBT. Mi Fori-e*t trendering of the crafty ( ardinal ij uulver ftalijr uonfMfdi to be cue of the grandest triumph* or nta innu'r hrt. Louia the Thirteenth . .Mr. Donaldaon. Gaston, liuke of Orleans, brother to Loula XIII. .Mr. Martin. Hariuta favorite of the King, flr?t gentle man of the Cbuilwr Premier, Eouyer, Ac Mr. Cnaa Fisher. The ohev*"?r de Mauprat . Mr. F. B. Conway. Heur de Hemmhen in attendance on the king?one of the tomtpiraior. Hr. A. W. Fenno. Joaeph, a Capaurhin, K'cbel ?u * conlMaut Mr. Cauoll. Humfti u odlnr of Rlchelleu'a hotuiehold guard, a Spy . Mr. T. R Morria. Fraucois, Ur?t I'age to Richelieu Mr. Harkina. Clare mom Mr. Taylor. Captain >rf the Archer* Mr. Ooulason. Flrat A i Mr Oooke. Second JSecretaries of State Mr. Harrison. Third > 'Mr Andrew*. Governor ot the Bautile Mr Beck*. Jailer ? ?? ...Mr. Bill*. Courtier* pug. it, consplialora, ??tlns.-r., soldiers, 4c. Julie da Muru mar. an orphan ward to Riohe Mr-. F. B. Conway Marina .ir Lorme, mistreSN to Orleans, but lu Richelieu's pav Ml* Kale Fialier New Scenery, painted and U. Meade, ? Room in the Pallia Cardinal. Au Apartment Id Do Mi'iprit n house. A Chuiibor In lijchellcu'* ta*tle at Ruollc The Oairiem? of the (.,IIkmbPri ln vlie Louyw The play ha* been put ut".n the -tage In a_?_^_ LE OF UNRXAMFLED SPLENDOR. Wiih new ocenery from the original drawings ('haractert.tlc ooatumee of the reign of Louis XIII. New Appointment*, Fwperllea, Ma, CAsl^OF rHARArTRRS IIITHRRTO I'NATTAINABLE. Boon opeu at 6'.. Curtain rieea at 7'. On Tuesday evenlift. I>b 5, THK zm'.wks, iu K graud nr w military STORM I NO THK M ALAEOFF, Led bv the ' Foilurn H 'pe.'" . with tremendous efl'c t*. and represented by lUe living and real aotors of the scene at Sebast< pol. LAKRA KEENR'S THEATRE A IRA KKbNK'H UK V THE LAl'RA KEE.NEH THKATWK LAI R V KERNE'S HIEv1KB iir |{ V KKFNK* THE A I Uf * seventy fifth night SEVENTY FIFTH NIGHT KRVKNT> FIFTH MUHT. SEVEN l \ FIFTH MOIIT. HRVEKTV-FIFTH NIUHT SfcVENTV FIFTH NIUHT. SFVf NTV FIITM N'HIMT. SEVI NTV "II TII NIUlIT 8RVEVTT FIFTH MOIIT SEVENTY FIFTH NIUHT ONE IlI'VDRED AMI I'Ol I iliol *.VN|> i'ti OM; HI NlMtl'.l) AM' lOt'R TMt?rsVNI> J*KJ>J*J"*"; ONI'' III NDUI'O ANI' FOl It I HOI - \N 11 I KOI LE ONK III'MIKKII AMI FOl K I IMJ ***]? ["tjiLI'p om: hi nhri:d am* m ii J, S-SiiR .fc ? k ONE III MHIKD ami FOl R TIIUI SANII I J-.OI l.h ONE III NDHKIl AMI FOl H 7[J?'S-JJ}J oLll .i t (> \F III N l>l<Kl> A I"' >? I' I IIOl > %M> I hOI I.K ONK III NI>KK1> AM? l Ol K !"!!!!! S rm! '1k ONE III NUKKU AM' Ft (I K tllol MNH I KOI I.E IIA % K HfctfS tHC OREAT TIIRRF. Al'r I-'" tl. Bl'WI.rsyi K, ORRAT THKKE A< I l.tx'M. It I Kl.l- s?,| F.. GREAT THREE ACT l.oi t.l. Ml KLEMJI fc. TMi. hk.vkn si >tf us. SEVEN HISIKKS, HEVF N HISTRRS, SE^ F.N hlKTV Uh. hEVES hH?TER.-. SEVEN Hi SI E It s SEVEN HSI'l-RS, SEN F.N hlsTFRs SEVEN hlsTER"?. SEVEN SISTRHs, SKVEN> SEVEN SlslEKS, SEVEN SISTERS SEVEN SISTERS, SK\ EN SISTERS. WHICH WILL HE REFHATBD MONDAY MOIIT. MONOAY Nlolir, MtlNI.AV muiit. MO.MJAV NIUlIT MONDAY NltiHT. EVERY NKJlir THIS WEEK. EVERY NIUlIT THIS WEEK. EVERY NIUlIT litis WEEK. EVERY MOIIT THIS WF.EK. EN ERY NIUlIT THIS WEEK With the following MSTRIBUTION ??? I'HAKAt 1 ? HI MOITALR. roi'BTU'i. TiiW> ui.-cotnm..iil> call, d Doate No tail?ourcountrv roiialn from Verni 'Ui Mr. ll <? KO'.an 1 Ahtiiuh SriisstH, dramailatand artlat lu crajnn,^ ^ j)UT Snail, hia friend Mr. T. B .ioHMtM ) a phenomenal policeman, aiu.ivk in ? Mr w,? t ATCHi *, t (jlf WSy wh<n wanted, Willi ?ld< ... MaBY PriuilOlur Mra. J. H. iMMotrrika. IMrro. King of Hade?, the Elyfdan Flc'.daand all low i iiniUriea genemllv, a moriarrh by no mi-*D? ?o black a" he Is painted, though probably not near t.n good a? h? will api? ar by the repreaeuU tion of mr. iiii.-ni PuiTOKTlIX*. one of Fluto'a aid*. Mr Uakiom Dhom*. an old friend with a new face, hoping toimpnaathe public favorably """ * Curr? k, one oi llie original nabln brother*, an un^ mitigated nulaance. In cveiyb'dy'a wav an.I neyrr at'compllahing itnylhlng K 'd In la- t ??? yerv bad that bin bla. k futher, I'luto, won t have htm ?t HbiIck at any price Mr. BtBM TT C0Hi?*Hi.OT? Rfiikyk? not l.iid Kpirita, bv any nieaiiK, but who, while ..n earth, mniaged effe>c tuallv to nu?r. preaei.t their cnuntilucnu In llie eoiixiratiiin count iIn Uko. Wbkn, Mr (JOOBBICH Duvolinc, Brat or the Seven Hlnteri, nili-lng a re volt in Badca and a brecin on carlb. afterwarda the Angel . alterwarda from Highboy, af terwanls the MuidM<>ui Moihor, Ntterward* Flora, tiodden^ of Flowera, afterwaroa captain Iliglibo\ of the Feminine Zouave*, afterwarda Flora, hia slater, which dlafmiw s she aaaumea In the vnin endeavor to mislead Arthur.... Ml*a LalBa K > kff., tho Htn.nd *i?ter, a chip ??f th? old bl'M k, out for a holiday, afterward* the Ang?M . afterwardh Hob Highboy, afterwarda F*?vrhe, afterwards TJetit. Ilurtitxij of tM Fetnlnlne Zouave*, afterward* MIhh Ailffeune llighlov, a f*iblonable Iwlle. afterwarda a Bootblack, alway* aa*i*tin? n r ninter, iind ooouttooaliy speculatln, a little on her^wn a^ MiR,iuli TaHTAtVsK. Ibe third siaier, anoil cr llgnuiiivltm chip, also ottt for a holiday, afterwarda the Angel , afterwards .Teriislm Highboy, alterwards ilent. Highboy, of tAe Femlnln. Zouave*, afterwards Ml?s Vahllable Highboy, a taahionable belle, aftiTHards a In.t corn gtrl, following in the footsteps ..f her Illustrious PJ* deceeabra In all particulars. Mrs ,I'?7T7. '*??. ' Kt/i riitKiM.. I the remaining f.nir ol the I Mrs. II. >i.*i!?? I R> vaN Hi.rrmts, I Ftnrisn.1 *, I who, in the most able | Mlaa MmvYll > manner, as-iat the ilia < SATr im f.i. i, I blerie* ol their .inters, as Miss MaLt.yii t.K I .uining a variety of cha I Caktabiik j ratters for thai purpose. I Miss Wit tot rcnsY Mrs. !*>? ro. formerly calledI Pfomn". the one fair daugfiter of Cere., ..^nally b..m to ner bv .'nniler. and subaeotjently borne from her by Kluto, which lart aullliiently a.-oounta for hm ? appearing in this connection ....... Mr- 1 *TFI" C>IIK.. an estimable Isdv ronMderably yonnger than her daughter abov- alluded to, and Intri duced solely for the purpose of Introducing w Evrflv rr BrTJttT^r'Aitrnoii'a Stwrn; ?? ....^..Mlaa Ktayciti Curin, a well known spirit, afterwards \nung fcam. afterwards the Sprite of the rh^l^ ^ Rin., ^K During the piece will he represented a ai rlotta tragedy, ln one act and sevMOTHER ???n yttK DEVOTED DAl'OHTBR, , The r.em'.r'eless Tyrant ... . Jjr. U. K. {Jrowt^ FrcmKre Danvuse, with a Orand^ I as Mrs. O. F. Hrowue FAIL TO SEE THK LAST ORE VT SCENE, tuf. BIRTH OF THK Bl'TTERFJ.\ IN THK bower of ferns. BOX BOOK NOW OFEN.f rr SF( rRED, WITHOtIT ?"Vp.O.;?..Kk in aDVANCE Doon< op? n at 61, ; to eommenee at 7f? o'clock. rerformaiH-e over at 10 o'clock. H ooi.F.T A CAMPBELL'S minstrels NIBt.O'S SALOON. monday evening, Feb. t, and every evening. GREAT ATTRACTION usb AT attraction. fm ippmnim> nf Rollln Howard, the highly acrompllkhed Pr: in* lionna and Impersonator of I'emale Character. Fint week of tl>? tjomic Interlude, called the STAGE htrl'ck HEROES, br orlflln, Howard and Duler. lien ctuon'i world renow ned old UNCLE hn'ow johnny dl I.EY'S M.-wattegan'8 ZOUAVE DRILL. ? ix>?? EXERCISE B-n Cotton'* original. htimp speech. bim.y patterson, ac ac. New Song*and Ballad* by Campbell Re?ve? and Mellville. Doom open at 8\. to commenre at '*{. th'ket* 36 cent*. IKVING hall. IRVING HALL. HTM HALL. IRVING ii ILL. IRVING hall. IRVING iiall. THE grand VOCAL and instrumental SACRED conchrt SACRKD CONCERT backed CONCERT HACKED CONCERT or tptv ARION SOCIETY aimon society arion SOCIETY ANION SOCIETY will he repeated, br general de*lt?, Til is (si'NpAV) NIGHT, fb h. X tilis st ndayi NIGHT, FEB. .\ tlljs (SUNDAY) NIGHT, feb. h. irvino* hall. IRVING IIALL. IKVING HALL t jndu 'or* .... OARL ANScHI'TZ, CARL be kg mann. u?*?r '"3- noll. An <> of :?0 of 'he boat pe- former* An i >r> h??tu> of (fl i >( the l**t per; ormert. s' lo mi tha C?n?e' a pmm Mr. Lotil* ?<hre11>er mo on the ( .met a pl-t" n Mr lutil* schrelber ? the ' met a pui'wi >li iaiuu bthreiber lh? prf^ramm'' remain* the MM. The |m-?ranimv remain* the *aine. adm-mt'-n ki I ent*. No referred ?"hi* adniimloa ju renla, No reverted aewtt. Door* op. n at 7 tin comtii tor.nubi< ure alltrm preelac^y. t>l-MEY a NF.wcomb* MINSTRELS it RSTI RNEI) FROM iiav\NA. CCRA. In ronae-(uence of 1'ie y Uew |er-r nuklna It* ravw!?a an tig ?ir member*, an i taking fnmi ?* ???me or our prom i net i ?p?r'nfmn ? hjr rira'h we were for the *?fety of th?? remaining one*. i to f trfeil all i ammnill and ) leave th?l*ian>i fur i on* i ik- nr.!*. *rtiia<' that bulel it* ha* j i?un<l k> man*g< mr< a dt oiip?*?i?" un'll I7lh of Martin, when the . ? ; any wll. b? nia.e up fur ihetr regular *prlng au 1 ? 'timer t nr Ar !*.?? f artmowledged lklmi|flmi a* l'1-.'r-imeoia ar.'t ?'?* l?t*.wwum to nefo'lat* for ihonraarin m?nm.??l itrwaa ri MfcB* A new! 'MB. its Broadway. dalai ? GAKl UN i lirabo <m(niv?1 f.RvND carnival i ? ui M l ??. ? 11 c|?i ii<i . y idav rrantnft Feb, (a. K willlams, c< *i>??er. ?t>4 Br "line ?? reet f pt*'n?f?ri s wanted, a r*<4* i >>??? i " ii ? u n ? ? % io bp m at wi l n ?' ' ' * ' <?! ". AMl'SBMKNTS. A CADEMY OF MUSIC, NEW YORK.?MINK LET. A To morrow. MONDAY EVENING, Ftbnur; 4. un, KooaUil ? famous i)wr?. T1IE BAKhER OF SEVILLE. MISS ISABELLA HINKLEY. Whose triumphs In New York and Brooklyn have produqaf the utmost ??, and unanimously prsnouacad by to* entire preas, will appear In the renowned role of HOri 1,1 A. Aim* Viva BRIONOLII Bartolo ..rtllalNi Fwaro FERRI ! Baslllo....... .. COLHTTI During the music lesson, Ml<s HINKLEY will sing Pa cini s celebrated Walls from II Saltlmbuoo, and by universal desire, the American National Air TUB STAR SPANGLED BANNER. Director and Conductor Signer HVZ O. \ erdi's celebrated new opera. I N BALLOIN MASrilEEA. which Has been lor many weeks In active rehearse), will N? produce.I In thi- most splendid style, lor the Brat 11mA la America, Monday Keb 11. C< rre< t Opera Rooks ,i Sthell's, Wall street Brooklyn academy ok music ? hinkley. TUESDAY EVENING, Keb. 9, MISti ISABELLA HINKLEY in the famous role of ROHINA. BIIIGNOLI, KERRI, SlSINl and COLETTI. Purine the Mu-lc Lcsnou, Miss HINKLEY will vlng Pa cini's oelcbraled Walts from II SalUtubuoo, and by universal dealre, the American National Ail THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER Director and Conductor Signor Ml'/.IO. On Friday ne?t, Opera night. rALLACk'S THEATRE. BY SPEMAL DESIRE, WILL BE ACTED ON MONDAY EVENINO, . THE ATTRACTIVE KIVE ACT COMEDY, RY MB. JOHN BROUGHAM, KWTITLKD l'LAYINU WITH With entirely new Keener*, superb Furniture and Appoiat menu, and the IVlowing splendid cast:? Dr. Ravages rising Physician . . . Mr. Lester Wallaok. Uncle Timothy u. liLake Herbert Waverlcy Mr. NorUm. :vw '' Mr. Ftojr?. Richard, servant to waverly Mr Cohura Thon^ servant lo Dr. Havage '.'.'.V. Mr. Olirar. Mrs. Herbert Waverly ( .. Hutf Mrs. Doctor rtavige Mian Mary Gannon! The Widow Crabstlck Mrs. Vernon. PerWns MlssTre*. Maty Anne MissOanuaa. MR, WALLCK, in accordance w ttb the expressed wishea of vn st numbora at hit pairons to pie-cut occasionally s.tne of tlm graat aai favorite OLD COMEDIES, so celebrated in thin theatre, before Its FINAL OLORE, Hat aiTanged that s-heridan a SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL will be given on TUESDAY, FEB 5, Willi Its unrlvnllcd cast. The cum> dies of OLD HEADS AND VOUNtl HE \RTS And TOWN AND COUNTRY w III be acted during the present weeK. A NEW FIVE AC! COMEDY Is in rehearsal, and will be prodaced w ithout delay. Doors open at 7; commences at Tl j o'clock. W^tfr GARDEN. ff l,e..,i'c anil Manager A. W. la' kiioa. The management lias pleasure in announcing that ou Mondat. February I, lMtil, MR EDWIN BOOTH m ill apiH'ar, FOR THE FIRST TIME, In hi great character of MACBETH. The public are re?|iecifully Informed tNat owing to th? limited peilod lor which Mr. Booth can at present appear, ha can l>e seen but for A FEW NIGHTS In each of his great personations. NEW HOWE It y theatre. Sole Proprietor* Messrs i!. L. and J W. Litigari MONDAY, Feb. 4, ItUI, The Grand Comic I'antoinime Entitled HARLKgUIN JACK, Tiik Oiast Killi it, Written, composed and produoed by Mr G. L. FOX, W 111 he presented every night this week in a STY LB OF GRANDEUR Hitherto unequalled Eveiy Scene, Dress and Appointment New, ' Brilliant and Georgeous. Grand Beenlc EITeets Messrs. II. Ililllarri and J R. Smith Wonderlul Mechanical Effects II Morgau ami Assistant* Tricks and Appointment* .1. I.uudy and Assistants Tin- tiorgeotis Dresses Mr. Kcyser and Assistants Original Musle Hy II. Brisenberc CHARACTERS IN TIIL OPENING. Rslpho "s Blacksmith's Apprentice- Mr. O L. Foi .lack the Giant Killer! Mr. W. Stanton llndlbro* (a Hla ksinlth) Mr. 0. K. Fog OeorglbuMi'i la Giant) Mr. Brakshaw <;eul ol the Lower Region .. ^.. .Mr. I'lka Sybil . Miss A. Prioa oo.-.n Be.- Mis. Marden Truth Miss Archer Innocence Miss Adair Jack ? Mother ... Mrs Beana Barbers, Walters, I'assengen Policemen, Ac., tc. CHARACTERS IN TRAN>FORMATION. Clomn Mr. fl. L. Fo* Pantaloon . ..Mr C. K. Eok llai Irspnn Mr W. SUntoa Colunti'iue Miss A. l'rio? Pnrioas to the Pantotnime, the petite comedy COOL AS A CUCUMBER. Plumper. Mr. G. C. Bonif&O)) Concluding wlih Ibc favorite melodrama of THEKESE, Tut- ')nrnan or QHICTt Carwin .... Mr. G. C Bonilaca Then-ae . Mrs. W. G. Jones o l.D BOWERY THEATRE SATURDAY, FEB. 9 PROFESSOR ANDERSON. I.KI'.AT WIZARD OF THE NORTH, Will transform the above named extaMiKhtuent into tils PS YC Ho MA NTEUM, For the produ?tion of his great t'yclngeal Pntertamment, a m.jiit ts* wonder world, As at Trtpler li?|i |n And as at Winter tiaraen, tasi rati. The Old Bowery will, by one toin-h or the great Wizard's Wand, resume It; pristine gloilea. In addition to a <h.iu->auJ new aitractlons. Full particulars In neit advartiseuient. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS, Me< hatiica Hall, m Hroadw av, above Grand street. Monday, Feb. 4, ami everj nigh' during the week, JERRY BRYAN f, JERRY HRYAST. IERRY BRYANT, JERRY IIRYANT, JERRY BRYANT. JERRY BRYANT, JKRRY BRYANT, his llrst appearand- -Inee bis rc.ceut indisposition. THE RAREV MANIaT Cruelly to John/, Clrrpie T'-mp?, Grape Vine Ttrlsl Dh<#t op n at <? Cot'taln rise, at 7'j. Ticket* 3S ceuta. Light m ard ball. LIGHT GUARD BALL. ACADEMY OF Ml SIC. \t ADEM V OF Ml SIC. TIIUHSKAY EVENING, FBH U, 1S61. THI RSDAY EtENING, FEB. II, DWI, DODWORTII S TWO M t.MMoTH BANDS. DODWORTH'S TW. > V.\ VMiiTII B ANDS Tkke's $2, admittiag a gentleman and ladlei,. CANTERRI RY MUSIC HAI.L BROAD WAT, I.AST SIX NKillTS last six niuiiti of BLONDIN HU)NDtN. BLONDIN HLOND1N. LAST SIX MOIIT8 Last six rioiits of 8AM O.ttELU SAM cnWELIfc SAM COW ELL. SAM COWELU ? DON'T FOROET. DJN T FOKUI.T. SIX NMHTS. SIX N'lOITTB. SIX NIwIITS, SIX Mi IITli. rO?ITIT*I.T LAST SIX MiIIITfl or mi. HERO OF NIAOARA. IlERO OF .VI \OAR4. HERO OF NIAGARA. III-. HO OK NIAOAKA. tiii mat BLONDIN BLONDTJt BL< 'NDIN BLONDIN Will rarrv a man we??hlni 200 pr> inda up hl? grand AwentiM Rope wrj nlRhl. I1IMTI1 ? ur LAST SIV NIMHTS, LAST SIX K1UUTB OF SAM COWRLI., coweu* SAM I''IV, ELL. SAM COWELU The moat won lerftil r .mr Hn*e- In (be world. J. 11. OODEN, .1. II OODBN, J, II. OOPEN. J. II. OODEN, The Iri?h Ainbaaaador, In 'he Iriuli srh,?t,m.i*ier ki>4 Pidifi Weddln# every night German volks oardf.k, bowery. PALACE HALL CONCERT HALOOX. The people ? i>I?<-p of Am'iw i?nl, NOT TO BK SURPASSED HT AN* nTIIF.R IM.4CE, (IRANI) ENTERTAINMENT EVBKV EvKNINii. VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT, GRAND BALLET, NEORO HONOS AND DANCER, ACRi iBATIC I'KKFOKMANi r A (Irmid Mlnntrrl Band for Choru?e? TWELVE LADIES AND (IBNTLRMKN, BURLESOl E AND I'AN'TmMIME, EVERT KVENINU ORAND TIHIIT ROPF. AfOIINI >N. bv the wonderful Utile rhiM aonEs, t far* ?M SOME Til I Nil NRWV The Bowery anrpaaaen Bro*d?i? WAITER w aitbb OIRLB GfJgUI IN IT FANCY FAN''T COS! ('ME I'jfTVNB. AdmUiion only(lr,n(i?. Re?errp.l Sent* lire n? EVERY RL'NDAY RVENINU. i.raml Sawed Concert, AdniNelon IS cenl*. EVERT WEDNESDAY EVENING, ORAND FANCY DRESs BALI. Ticket* 23 c?n(i. DCN'T *'<>R<?KT, ? BONEKV THE CONTINENTAL OLD FOLKS Sing at the Howard Inn. 1ml New Tori, _ _ . _ T ?????lay, Feb. J. Waibinflou Ball, Harlem, _ . . _ Wednesday and Th>ir?l?v, Feb. t an 11. Railroad Hall, Sllty flf ib itrwrt and Third aventi-. * Fi Iday. Feb. 4 t'NION, UNION. I'MON. . ^ I tiEO VANDBRHOFF, F?4 , Will read hi* highly me ?eauful Union I'oem, "Life, M"n, Miutn> r* Mod-a, M"a mire*," nt the Brooklyn Atkenafttm, on Weineaday evening, February? Al?>>, (lie luiighable "Dick Swlreller and tha Vlai i hloneiw, from Dl<-keu*. JJUOS' BAN.IOS! BANJOS'- VIOLIN AND BANJO iHiiahtbylhe mo*t upprovd by ias Hi.CE LL Y, oi lluckl.y* Sorttua'Mis; fifty I'imu per le?*onof on* hour, or tw?l?*l bn.nt l?>r $3 In advance I'airai H?njon nnd Ie?lTHrtlon Ho ,ka f'.tr ?ale che;ip. Apply at hla rp?iJ?nee, V W hile ttreet, war II m<b<a> \fACXHAIX, VAUXHALL, Bo?. It anil til Fourth Avenue near hlghth Mreet. (!onn' early i n M mdav iili^ht, ?n l - m an Immen* <* mp?"/ of flrat rlvua Arttotn, wh??? namw *? 111 >pp^r (? AdmlaohMk only 10 oant? to nil pan* or iM? -plendM ?Iq"Q_ EL'^tlR RKA1INU, FLUOR SKAlINO-At llall, M ftnt I hlrty third atrjw". !'7f IMMeni FloorPkatea Ladle* .nil '^"V ^J#weW? Of I ainli g !o ?k*<e I I ar?>* ?i ??'???? g"1 1 aonafoi 91. Open from 9 A M it in y OT LOUtH TliEVTRF .f R at'* , Ha , ,n., v,, - at, . 1 (|l frr-hei to'It,

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