Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 7, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 7, 1861 Page 1
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THE NEW YOU >BOLB NO. 8vtl7. MORNING EDITION-THURSDAY", IC HERALD. FERltUAJtY 7. WKL ? ? VIUCE TWO CENTS. THE REVOLUTION. Important News from the Swath and Southwest. Tlw lUply of Kto Goverjjnwtt to the Ultimatum of South. C?n?na. Hit Surrender of Fert Sumfcrr Refused. WILL TP'AS BE WW? Itlzare ?f LMc Bock irswil her IrlUHMtts Trwps. Tbe Htptrtt i HeceMion of Tean Gmflrmed. TIP Attack on the Forts is (he Indian Territory. . Fro visional 'Government for the ?rathen Confederacy. 0CEEMNG8 OF THE PEACE CONVENTION TPaange of a Bill in the Hocae Suspending the Mails at the South, luuf tie 11 EHPOB.TAKT FROM WASHINGTON. ?THE REPLY 10 TBE ULTIMATUM OF SOUTH Carolina. Wawowcton, Feb. 6,1881. The Recretary of Wat communicated late thus evening the rsply to Col. Dayne's letter. It c*lln Tor on answer from Col. B., which will bo made to-morrow, and which will eloM the correspondeice. The government respectfully refuse U< amply with the prepntU <?*> of South Carolina Tar the surrender qf fbrt ihrfiUtr All hope of a solution of this question ku been abandoned for some time but there kae baas sn apparent deposition on both Rides to delay matters m the hope that an amicable adjustment might be nude, and which would lead to a peaceable Hon W afiairs in Charleston harbor, The matter cannot be further postponed. South Carolina ha* presented her aUiaiatum The government have positively refused to ccnply. Thus the affair stands. H bow oaUy remains tsr Houth Carolina to carry out ker purpoee of taking the fort. lb* President's course la relation to the proposition of Ootonel Hayae is similar to that towards the Conner 00m m-rSMnors tTima Sooth Oaroliua, namely?That he baa to authority to treat for the sale or make any other dls p ? t ?n whatever of the forte or other public property in that Mate; that it Is his duty to defend the forts to the ben of bis ability, and that the consequences of doing to must fall oo those who attack them. Colonel Hayne will now return to South Carolina. MILITARY OCCUPATION OP THE DIS TRICT OF COLUMBIA. WiSHKOTuw, Feb 9,1 Ml. following Important correspond*ncs has just taken between Mayor Berret and Major Ueneral Weight i, G-nnmatding the militia of this District, the tatter iving been liduoedto make the inquiries at the ln o' General fcott. it shows up the fallacy of the i, wnich the black republicans started some time ?, of tne ecntempiated selxuie of the city by people of Maryland and Virginia:? um Of '1BIKR (L WZKIBTMAir TO TBS MATOK. <? Kshrca?t 1, 1H61. P*4* ft*?B" pirated to send me, at >our ua'iiwi con ^?aioiu e, a iiat of th- t^anea and residences of vo ir po Itct '!*}' w?d t'tr tligbt sei vioe. K the asalat ince of the i*).''*? "? iei|*Mred, it is imprxta it to have the m< aifot r<^oioK u,cm * ?*rlr ?? practicable Vory respectfully, yonrs^ q ^ To Hid Ho.iot Jam. 6. Bs**i~T. *?>?? of *A*uiagioa. Ills MjIYOKV Mttcm's Oithx, Wir Or XMm>,<rr<vs, \ eeb 4,1*1. / r*AH ?i?-1 have the honor to acknowledge the reoeipt of your leit' r the 1st u>Ht, req-oeitiug me to Ben t you, at my euilie?t oonvemence, a list or the names and rudunic a of tke polie fo c? of thts city for day and ngtt ?e>v?oe. Tne rea-on assigned by you for n??k;ng torn request is that '? if the assis tance of the police sbii dd be required It is InporUut to have he means <* reaching them as early ss praclicab't." When, by wh-tn, or .i|v>a the occur rence ot what oootjngr?cy tk? ? rv c -t of the polxsj To oe mi) be require*! >ou do not st te. but I am Ivft to infer that s< me ' it<a->'olnary emeig noy w, m your Judgment, likt ly t?> arise when It will be inc'>mb?iit up"D me to dl visiin>se|f i f mr official function." u* chief mtglst'-alo ot tkecit),alMl to iratiaier to you. as Mi|or OeuerJ of Uie 11st' ci milrna, the control of it? lorce placed bythelaas exclusively under my <tlrecti >o It) oth-r W-mIs, I am H a*ely roq hy ftu, in the absence of au> r?a?ou ?h.iiever thtretor, rutoaily t > r. ilnq.ilth one r.f ih-? m?-st imp -riant prerog iMves tyf th- M?yr s < m w slid in doiuii m, s<ibordu<air the civil auth->rity of the nty of Wasbiiiictea to ttio mil u y iwMrer of th'. lust'let 01 Columbia. TTi.- |ailic? ol Ui- city has be -n ria ?ntu'ed in i ? rgaulM I f?r the sole p irp**e ?f nialj ta<uii g i be politic peace, of eulorring the 'a*?, snd oi af fort!mg a<:. quale security ai.<l prieec'lon to the peraoua an pmfHit) ot air citi'ons. To th s tuu its control has Ixet. as igu.>d er-luMvely to the tiay ir, aud I know of tMiacti/ ' o. gre?g or ori'UuvniA, of t:i* iiorp-iratnu ?nich chitb'-s him with dlacrvtmn to ptuoe the police force, in W) enieig. tw?. uudor the (adersof any olllocr or por S"tt. civil > r military, otli. r thau tbo-o io who*3 charge tt isexprew.) wa.floed by |,|?. (Rtl h>ss ain 1* ol tb< utaieitreof any I. g u provutou wb cU ? mpo?.-rs a mmtai) olTKvr howuvei high in ri.nk, oven n the uro Sei.Ce of the mort iminmeiit danger, to as'nrne nom msnrt of the police, or to m me a rivj iwuim, up -j the Havor lor its service, tin the e ititrary, J have ?iieier?t(HM| It to h anlveraallj ctiocled thai the military is ospected and nqubetl, except v,feu rniitillnw is pti1 -laimen, to b-< Imld in atiict aob r ? iiatl >u to th" Civil aulbtirlty, a d it t? on y in <-a-es where the Uttor is iia equate 10 maintain IhnpO'dlc p-uC), or to en force 'h" U?S, that the al? of the lorniei c?li be lawfully invofc' d. ? 'th sor h view of I he reialrws heifvesn the clrii \n<l nnii'i.r) eaisbl'khuietiU, and of niv own powers and du t?> s, you will readcy dlscove' the imp<?alhiilty or a coin p'l.uce ot, mj pail ?itii your rei4u?>st.,without a vioniuMi 01 qphflt I hold to be a pirii'ncint official obligi I no, evon hid you furnished me with prova ble evlor-ucc of a contemplated vtolatijn i f the laas, or m Inteinhd invasion of th) peacaof the city i t oo<uO'tiafl'>tis of law tens tn*n. or hy o g aiised h.i ii<> un ' der 0>>l<>r or pret?u>ce ol lawful authority. At thy aime .tune I <eid thai 1 should be A.tnllng .n candor, an l ren der ni?i??|t Juatiy Habie to tb*> l'np'ttatt><o tK disia^n i i u?. , Bess, were I m ibla ceniicriton to afa t egtreiae ' ?? 1 ranee of Uie cuuse* m mcli n.< re pi > >>ahiy im|Hl 'I ,t ?u to Irat* to the sort Ices of tho police force of the cf ? iui u the o:ra?Kin of the etn.t in|; -ncy to vhi' h I pre* line JetWf reters likm mh Ignjrantof the rvporta wlito'i b | ho-i a. e atiii rife t*irn 'gh-nit the IIntid, to tllS ?Sft th^l secret oyaroialnaf Iw.e . i. l. J' M>*1 *r? In I XL" or in thm city an.l in . J Maryland snd V rginia. for the purine of mis t'g "pn iho IHstrtct of Columbia by 'orce of a'iu With a turn of fire venting the i .a'igurat|.,u of tl*- Tv " K. nt e|.C or tt.e 4;h-t Vmci- ofV^eih,,! koiuilon Hi the fednial ^ovrrnm n'. v..r ,m I ZtoStl 1 *i?iHMbt3 K the I act that is certain |,,kh .iu?n-'r< n, Wall n.? asnr* of ewwlevc" t?a-ms u- bare b"rn tm- t? i j ? tWse rafs rte.ahil that foopt iK c and thwvl the <un >r*. d <?r p "*t"r=-In th-execiHKm of ji?.|r u,h,(r '.IIS I'd,rs b-ivo 'X iasued. inl art In -m xi" iitini., fi*r enrolil"g the militia of Ike Oiatrtot, while r ii>e mmi' ptup" ae nnna'ial numbers of ft<dni-al' tr<> ?>'? re ben v eoiToutrafsil at tt?M i?ii-it. and quart, re t in v,? loos sect tow Of the city. As <ts chief taiglstraf, tltv< ?t ltbf^enl irla /i'inrc pf the p"UHc p are, it he.?mn? "'"Wi i ilf, in tlie|?r< ?flticc of al? Uieee i?irreun?i I tor ?o >?ry aseans -if *V.oh I P?W'-1 , incA tii? ?*V>n what foundation of fact wp-ri# in a?j' i|Kat) Ut'4 r^W, if S!?tls484*( thilr truth i ,, txvli i?n v. lv?K />w?r of bit office V> ferret out ana j ?tpomiHk ?B.iivt4a?W:n tlwushiMwuplo!, v> weven. th- perpetration ?f their sfck ?d J??<?es, aod *? subject the n U, the just punfuiuent uwrjlrt to ^heluons .* crime. in Uh performance of 'h,? ?io a v-enue to iuf? mattou Uas swu tof?L?T ? at a? Vkrty V) bo pusac?wl of the subject lvsa remained ai?qro?t*eaa<t. Kvnry v / ci>u maud, ?VU it secret or open, h ?s b-?n vut low t. qmuti n.-n?d ai*-u -n nt*h squaHy HujimtM ??uh ?i? urfV j? | w*" allego* conspiracy, haie beeu >uvi4te 1 Vi furnish mo w?h M ich proof M might io in ibeir pr*s*.?i??. >l> to this m*n?nt eewy etlbrt to obtain a.f J'*u?ti.-a hid jmAcd vat a ?ud aUirtlvB, ami act ofc<> t tU? ol cv t'louoe ui' 'his stupendous and wicked ?iot has r>eti eUetted, or can be ijV'nnod, ?r,vn from liioeo who attidt t > .attach creAU to !w rumored ?Ttsten-e. t'tMiar f ?? h ati extrwrdlearv euie of i ircomifanow, am oonpelioa to dxilaiv ? I *>?* aalemitly do my , entire dtst-oUef ia thr ?fctatenM of ativ oombtowou *n?t cvr, > i'b< r hern or <4s?wt ere to marten* with or oh StraU the ordinary ?pcratWia of fuo laws withta "? District of t'oiuaibift, before or at the tun? the inau/iiratl.m ?f the Preaidmit olect of tho m e t Su.te?, or for tb? purpose of dbrtT,rblrg ?n an* m inne the peace of the city of Waahtagtu; and I eu^ruiu the irofct entire aol unshaken cooMenoo In tny a *})' tbToughtbe agrucv of tho ? atab.Wb-l police fore. of tta. vtv, with such additions thereto m I ,1*1 to make, to tho trw3?*t? <* th" laws, to mahuiu p?aco and <**er and ^ ?f fnrd the moet oBha* <al proterti-n to tne j? r ma and uroperty a:> well of renMurt Cltlaons as of etra jf-rs who U vWt the capital H?e or upon the under the or.n*t?, the mfc^Uow* of tl?e ..tociJ<ty? ro verumcnt will be transferred from tho hand* of th< p e Ml tacavbeDt U> th*e of hiK fk'Kl SM CHtwor. ??ie'il l, however, tho conf. lenco whkh I <h.? entertain aarfftave ventured to eiprrae p uvr to be in anv degree ?ii?ta*"n or delusive, I utke ??cohod to aav that evory urepu-ntion ' will be mule by me to control an'' avert anv nBtnward I ?vcnt that may p?*?ibly arise and while 1 cannot to place tho police toree under the order of a jailitary c?ininiand-?r, I ^hail be prepared to call to the aid of tbo civil antlioi Itiefl of tho city anch of tho mi'itarv fcrce as may be wiibm mv reach ah mid cirru-rmUur. a In my iudirmcat render their tnteipia-Hloo oliher deeiraMe or uect naarv I an, very reapeetfnlly, your oho'itent aer vaDt, JAilCT O. MtftRtr. Mayor. To Major Ckmoui. R. C. Wtn.imiAN, ko , Ac , kc. The artillery company which recently left the arsenal at Augti' ta, fcui been telegraphed to come to Washington Washington, Feb. ?, 1881. Mr. Mofria" Commit tee of Five on the abstracted bonda have cloeed the evidence, and will report in a day or two Tho taveetiKUtions of the committee have devoloped se veral caw* of corruption not herotoforu known to tbo public. AU government telegtaphlc communication with New Orleans is cut off. Tton Secretary of the rrejisury, how ever, Is taking notion in regard to tbo late obstruction of the revenue laws by tbo Collector of that city. It is ascertained from an authentic souroe that the j laws will be enforced to the greatest extent practicable, I and on a Union basis. Tbo Committee on Naval Affairs In the Senate have | under consideration tho subject .of croatlng the office of Assistant Secretary of iho Navy, having la view, no doubt, the additional amount of labor now being and to i be |<erformed In that department of the government !t Is the settled policy of the republican party, no matter how the present difficulties may be determine 1, to i establish an army and navy of sufficient size and force to | meet all such emergencies ns now exist, and never again to allow such a humiliating spectacle to present ItsWf to the world as an open violation of the Laws of the oo'intry without a naval or luUiUrj force within reach to pnnUb the ReceBEl?n'*<ta. Governor Window, of North Carolina, Is classed by many footbem papers as a dlsunlonist. This excite* surprise here, as be Is and has been most urgent for an adjustment on the basis of the Crlttenicn prop *ltlon. The do1 patch relative to the probable resignation of Ju^grs Wayne and Campbell, of the Supreme Bench, wan misprinted. Their resignation la In no sense contingent upon the nomination of Judge Cushing, but deponds altogether u)>ou the action of the 8tates of Alabama and Getirpla, to which they belong. There Is an arrangement among the republicans, ia wh'rh tho name of Seiator toward Is mingled, that the nomination of Ja<?ge htttt, aa Judge ot <tsa Kanmr t'nlted States District Court, shotl be oonOrmed. A report bas obUHned curroncy that arms for hostile purposes were concealed in the gas bouse la this city An official soarch led to the conclusion that no arms for any putpose were concealed there, and that Bouo were expected. Chief Justice Kuffin, one of the Commissioners from the State of Noith Carolina, will, It Is understood, be tendered the position of Chief Justice ol the Southern republic. A number of the republican members of tbo State le gislature of New Jet soy. and others belonging to ihe same party, are here urging their representatives not to agree to any compromlbe which wliJ compromit their princi ples. the steamer Michigan,at lake Krle.wlU bo put In com mlsfelon on the 1st of March. Tho returns from Virginia gave a hopoful turn to con versation, and the opinion >eemod to prevallthat tho border slave States were not to be seduced from their allegiance to tho I'nton. Major Sanford, a prominent and wealthy citUen of Washington, gave an elegant dinnor party last night. It war *ttenled by Governor Beranger, of N. C ; Ooror nor Chase and Hon. John Sherman, of Ohio; Hon. Join C Fives, of Va.; Dr. Frank Fuller, of N 11.; ex Gorer nor Hoppin, of R. I ; Cassias M. Clay, of Ky., and sevo ral other political leaders from various sections of the country. It was a social gatheriag Tor interchange af tbonght and pentlaient Upop the p esent crisis. Tl.? Fresldent lies reooguls6a Pon \ luyal as Sptutlsh f on? il to reside at Charlsetoo. THE 80UTUEM C0SCRE88. IfoiirnomiY, Ala., Feb. 0,1M1. Tbe Gotnmlsiioncrs from N'ortti Carolina presented their credtm late and wore tendered seats In the Cong rues daring tbe oj>en sessions. The committee appointed yealcrdiy, in secret session, stated through their chairmaa, Mr. Memminger, that thoy would probably report tomorrow (Thursday) a plan for the proviflonal government. The tommifsicMrp from Virginia are now In the city. THE SECESSION OP TEXAS. GjUTKnon, Texas, Feb. 5,1801. The Trxaa Stat* Convention pwwl, on the 1st last., an ordinance of *ei?eslon, by yeas 1M, nays T. The Governor, the members of the legislature, the Judges of tho 8vpr? ti.p Court and the Comic ia?tooer* from the South* rn Mates wern pn mot at the time. The ordinance of seroMfkm is to be voted on by the peo ple on the 23d of l truary, and if it la adopted it Is to go Into effect on tl>e 24 of March. Governor luw rw<<d the action of the Convent top. II ? rays that the people have declare*] th?ir attachment to the South and a dealre to join the Southern confederacy. lie tbiokn that if such a confederacy is not former! Texan will form a republic for herself. The news of th- t> ..Cfslooof Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mi'Siaalppi end fwum'una created much excitement in Northern T>xa?. THE LOUISIAN K HTaTE CONVENTION. Nsw Orijunn, Fob. 0, 1*01. Tti tbe l/Mifuana HI ate Convention to day a resolution to appoint O mrolrfll?ners to all tho elavetiolding State* not yet seceded, to Invite them to join the Antbrra Con foderac.v, was laid on tho U?>>e by a vote of itfty eight to foityseven. WISCONSIN AND THE I'KACE CON VENTION. Mai<m>v. Wis., Feb 6,1*61. 1he I < tIdlstnr* wa?> ooOtpMt all tho afternoon dleeu??. lug the quest of rending iWtgdta to Wellington, but no de< ulre nctioa was taken. VKSMOHT AND TUB CHICAGO 1'LATFOKW. ttlUMM, Feb. 6, 1001 Tho bits deK e*ti?i to the Chicago Convention from Ver m nt, tomprlMop: many rf the inding republicans at the <Uato, met Informally at lloatptller btst evening, and unanimously protest- d afainst the adoption of atfy of tho prtipose-1 ptiUM of compronils"- before Cottgre**. NORTH CAROL1 S\ LEGISLATURE. Rkixm, S*. P., F< b. 0| Mfll. The Mlllt'n bill p-> S'U t)>o II.?ii?e to day. It arm- the three thousand volunteers and thoroughly rojrrmir? the military. stionger hopes o{ a * tit leant of tbe federal ilfflo '? ties sre efiterUimd. ttbWrfVltvs men are nnre r > (1 dent, but Tc.vbf, ty l? for a Prill ? n*' 0r>- *sttl? n t if saparatioft. the wisattCTo* n\ce itkuress. V.WIMWX, t ub. 6, 1981. The He* v- < leegrem u'? inik ing hrtln |ir.<prcv,. They ?tvtilvwhy ltd t'Utflj . Their v sions fill inelt"* t> bo F.rorot At tktlr mating this morning, after adapting rnN by writ'oh 'b>>y are \? be pnnw<, Mr. urafam, of Kentucky, tiler* <1 a reruhitioo tor thj appointment of a o *??lW*e?one from e.'ieli ??Uie, to bo eeinesed by tho (J* eg*V'? hi each il>1f' an whom U U> th ? im port**,t duty of repnftlr g wmi) \itan of sdjnetmcnt. Mr Guthrie mstato'il his motion tu a piwurful mid sptttoh, in wtewh be showed IU*> Kreul tmi<orl?ooe of a ?p< edy n ttlfirflBt of the iiolitioal dlftbrenoe* no* dMi?? 'in k the eoturtry. The grout MiValley, be lVe4, had arirlrt to be beard on this vital question. ?*?? ban more at "utko in this matter than any other sectm ?f tbr Vuion, uud ho caled upou tho Oouveottnn to lie lorwar-i and in a proper spirit, lay Uig aride ait pr>judic<.> acid bias, adjust the diBVreuces which had w. II Lijih destroyed, and If uot spcJtly settled, would entirely d< "troy our glorkrus 1'nion. Mr. * it m mi C. Rivbs, of Vtrgtwa, followed in the nmo Strain !?>?!?? i?g a fnlrioM^ appettl to tho conservatives, urging th adoption of Mr Guthrie'* resolution. Mr. t'Atioi B. !?*itii. of luditnu, also spoke In favor of ihe resolution Ilo wan for doing everything that was honorable and Just to bring about an amicable Settle ment. Mr. C.msii, of Ohio, aUo ru.itained tho roMluttoo, ana made an exceedingly conservative speech. He was will h ivncede everything that was proper and right to the border States, aa<l lie thought that by mutual concessions on all sides lite troubles that now menaced the t'mon might bo happily and speoiliy averted. Mr. Skppkm. of Virginia, coincided with much th?t had be en paid. He hoped the resolution would bo adopted, and that the Convention would proceed at oooe to the Im portant matter for wbtch they assembled. Judge Kcttw, of North Carolina, made a powerful ap peel la b< half, as be said, of tho Old North -Hale, whose peeple wero anxious for a settlement of the questions at Issue between the two sections. He alluded to tho alarm log posture <f affairs, and the imminent p-ril?f the country. The questions before this Convention wero of the blithest importance, and be urg>"d every member to lay aside bis party feelings and devote himself to the cause of his country. His speech was listened to with profound attention. Mr. AmobTvck, of New Hampshire, spoke In favor of the resoluton. He, too, was anxious for an early settle ment of the agitating questions that divide the two sec tion 8. Other speeches were made, and tho debate was con tinued uttil nearly three o'clock, when tho question was put and unanimously carried. The delegations will make tbeir selections, and report to the Convention to morrow morning. In the Peace Convention to day a resolution was intro duced proposing to conduct the proceedings with opon doors. This was earnestly discussed, and the result was a restriction upon the Commissioners from Communicat ing their doi> gs to outside parties, an act scarcely neces sary considering that but little mrloslty is manifested concerning their movements. The Commissioners are socially harmonious, but as yet they have discussed no meature locking to political results. Af er some further preliminary business, among which war a motion that the Convention furnish the press with a sync pels of their proceedings each day, which was re ferred to a committee, who are to report upon It to-mor row, the Convention adjourned. Ihe parading of I'nitod States troops on Pennsylvania avenue every morning, by order of General ''cott, causos deep indignation in the minds of Southern delegates to the Peace Cot press. They regard those movemeits as a menace and th out on the pait of the North, and it will undoubtedly have the effect to retard a peaceable solu tion of the difficulties which the Convention have assem bled f overcome. Minnesota will appoint delegates to the Pnoe Con ference. Judge Goodrich and Captain H'akely, now hero, will probably be appointed by Governor Ramsey. Ihe Peace Conference goes on quietly, but doet nit command much attention. It is thought by some "South ern members that the commissioners may agree up?o Crittenden's compromise, modified so as to compose a fieLate of two classes (f msabors, Vorthorn and toutn em, with the corstitutiona! prov rion that no new terri tory shall be acquired without the sanction of a majority of each ci'-ss, this proposition to be submitted to a con vention c? mposi d of delegate-1 chos?n directly from the people Urn. C. Hives spoko earn?*tl$- on the subject, and there is a fair prospect that the Conference will speedily act accordingly. The latest speculations In rep tblican circles about the Pence Conference are to the effect that the proceedings will be protracted until after the 4th of March. Delay is derired by non compromisers, in order that Mr Llo ooln shall have the eclat of presenting propositions In his , inaugural that will lead to a peaceful solution of the difficulties. A report wss current to-night that New Jersey had sent rival delegations to the Conference. It arose from the circumstance that a delegation of Jerseymi>n had ar rived, with instructions to advocate the supp irt of U)? 1 {proposition of tho Committee of Thirty throo beforo the 1 Congrrrnncn from New Jersoy. THE VIBGINIA ELECTION. Rkkmorii, Va., Feb. fl, IW1. While a fir ge proportion or tbe (telltales elected to the Ptatr Convention are railed Unioulsts, very few of them ?re mbmfssionlsts. It Is known that they intend to ex haust all honorable means to preserve the Union, but that unless tb' lr rifhUi are folly guaranteed they will go for scccss-ion. If Jio P<*re Congress fa'ls to effect a set tlement, the Convent Ion will probably cuoalder further exertions hopeless. Tbe iiuetttiao of referring tbe action of the Conv*utioo to the peopk la doubt k?e carried. Norfoik, Vi, Tab. fl, 1881. In Northampton county, Fisher, Southern rights, la. electod a delegate to the State Convention by a largo majority. In the district of Warwick, lllxabcth City and Wil llamaburg, 11*1 lory, Union, Is elected. In Accomac. Custb, T'nlon. is elected. In tbe Icle of Wight, Whitfield, Southern rights, to elect* d. Ww*wiiwr, Feb 9, ML Conservative* have been clecrod in Washington conn y, King and (Jueen. Gloucester and Botetourt cluot sc<x? skoctate. Gov. Wife's election is deemed certain. THK 8IC*HHH?NI8T8 BOCTBIh A drsp*tch to the Washu gt<?ti S'wr says:? Buflict' nt accounts front all parts of the Bute linre boon rwriwl bero to warrant me In saying tint th>< I'd Ion ticket h?s ?wept the ?t?ie by an Mdommmo major! tj. I doubt whether toeia will be over thirty sw? slot; if is lii ib?'t ODVriitl<w, II 'bat. The Cot ventmn wM consist of Ift2 delega^i in all Wo the ant I in mr*diate < Sfkm majority In it bl is fair to be at leapt ninety. Alexat'drta?Brent (Colon), OSl majority, and for refo rmer of the act .on of the Oiiventlon back to the people, 1.014 mtjonty. A il>. mar It?lb >Uom (fcceesionlet) and Houtbal (Union) olect'd. Cbwtwtfli'?Cox (Uni"0) elected. Augusta?liaiowin, itvjior and Stuart (alt Union) ?lactad. iTlnee William? Honton (sec".?i"ni*t) elected. C ipepp11 ? Barber (Umoi) atocted bv thrieorfonr to one Kappali: nnock?Mcrflt (Union) elTtc l by about four h'lmin d m?j<my, Oraag*?Morton (fce^fiontft) rlec'ed. Hwwilw-^witt and Harr (Union) elected by a large major ill. fail flax?TKiisny (Union) elreted. Rltbnxnd I |ty?.)nhi>aot> (Uelet>) an>l Hnnd'ip'i (sroe? ttonlst) elected. ltw?an?i knowu rteftnl'et* last ninht whether Mctarlwul (I cnin), or Robert#. ?n or 8 og?r <so eti "iiif i). M cirOeC Ri?rtjm<'on elei 's threo. and iiaC t( litest lor tblr'i on the lift was ver* olute. iieuric?li ,cl< hsm il'iiki) ds iwl. OatpHll gpian ?uu -OaeghfcT (I a on) eiectoil. Petersburg?Branch (Utlm) eleete I ny eloven mnjori ty?127 Union votes (tho exMl number received by wal lare, t be f ececsinn r iiidwi ite) were thrown away oa a mximd I 'nrnn cna iidui<- tn I'mnrehurg. Dlnwlddie, I'nnco Ueurg* and Urecusvillo all clxt I nlonifts. (barlotto has rler tod a sereesion 1st; aM the returns from Amelia and Nottaway Indicate that Ibey haw each elct.tod n pecrwlonit-t Norf< >k b?s elected B'nw fCalotit by 4M m^orlty. I'ori month haw alerted MM*y (Union) by 7*7 ma jeri'y. Pittsylvania, Halifax and the city of I.ynchborg have ?footed (ntmuts. Ohio (c?nnt)) tiaa elected "hormrd Clemens and C. I? Uuf'bard (I hiiwl by ahoul 600 majority. h w?s believed In Norfolk list evening tbat tbirrong >? (Uniori) bad b -nt.-n Menrj A. w?ae in I'riucess Anne. Vnwn, Tsvkir, Wood, Itrooke and Haacock bar# all eVeted I'tiltn'sis. A. M ??.>,) r .1 (!'iih>ik) ?e?M by ?b>ut 1 Kn to J?'Qtu?t>b. Ifi darkle b.'i < leci?>.' (v rolrn m*n. loudoiiu h ,i?hn Janttey and Uoolber Union 1 Mull hj 81. ttntt??iQ m ,jorlt). TIkj Atoxa&tfcrtfc GuitUr day*:? The election wir a <if |pgnin to the "*\.te Oonventvm from Mil* tMW>) i?nilu*| In tl,?. * ?>f Mr lln-m, th" I'liiou < sudiuui.e. bv ii mnjori'y <>l fix hmHred an-i ? >ghiy-enc 1 b?> result show* Ul" strength i>l Union w?l tiuiei t in this c<n?tuupiij. Mr. ltreut'a oppon nt w w a , 'ft fini-ii and taVuti'il guiitlciuaii?n il lb" tr'ttt: | U chUtine ! m nut ifjoietwi over a* hi* -o il as the expi msion of pubUc ieehn>;, in itne 3"cti>u ?>r tue nuii'. In favor, tr ptawthie. awl on jiiKt intl booorabl" V'lUiP, ot u r<0"n.-ii uctifii nt the I'otoo, unit tt* t'ntor# prpscrvnti. ii, with the rights of U>o ItoMa socurel. with out scc> khW ii, Hint [n :u'i mil h irmony prevatlij g through out 'hi> lanil Tliv Vote (or refeteuee to (be profit! of the ae< ion of Convention was overwhelming. IMPORTANT FROM THE WMAJ TERRITORY. Threatened Attack oa Forts Washita, Cobb and Arbuckle?The LittU Book, Ark, Arsenal Seixed. Tokt Burnt, Ark., Fob. fl, 1?M. Advices received to day by tho odltor of the Thirty Fijtk rarall-1 state that the Texaua have threatened to lake poMHfVm of Forts Washita, Cobb and Arbucltle, in the Indian territory. It la thought that the force at each of these stations Is sufficient to protect them. 1ho conductor of the overland mail from little Rock, Atk., reports that the arsenal there was taken posacsstun of by the State troops on Saturday evening last. NEWS FROM FOKT SUMTER DIRECT. ARRIVAL OP THE STEAMSHIP MARION. RKTVRN OF THE WIVES AND FAMILIKH OF THE OFFICERS AMD MKN IN FORT BtTMTKR -ACCOUNT OF UKK OKI'AKTl'KK FROM CHARLESTON, ETC. The steamship Marion. Oapt. Adkins, from Char lee ton, arrival here about two o'clock yesterday aftornoon, having on board the wives and families of the officers and men In Fort Sumter. The following is the passenger list:-? Mrs. S. A. Cox and child, C. W. Hersey, Felix Rift'erty, Robert Jackson, Ueo. Leighton, Ueo Stenhouae, Stmuol N II<>iines, H. H. Satlom, Mr-". Walker, Mr*. Whiletleld, Mrs. Ilanimer and two children, MWm Siuytbo, U. PtUsr son, John Hasberon, Mrs ^mt'h, Mrs. N.lien and three cbilnrcn, M-c Burns, Miss Burns, Mrs Oalway and two children. Mrs. Smith and two children, Mrs. Roittian and twochiidren, Mts Baker, Mrs. Mclionnell and ' vochil dren, Mrs. Carroll and three children, Mrs. Mc4ann and three children, Mrs Bice and one chili", Mrs Murphy and one child, Mrr. Davis and one child, Mrs. Strand and onn child, Mrs. Snoaverer and one child, .Samuel Simon?and six In the steerage?Total 82. The Marion reached her dock a short tlinc before the Jamep Adgcr sailed for Charleston. There waa hut little excitement on the pier, aud no uniformed poltooinen wero to be seen. The Marlou bad apparently but ? light freight, and but few of tho passengers were visible on tbe*dock. A report prevailed through the city yesterday atternaou that the salute fired on the Battery was In honor of tho arrival of the Marlon, but on inquiry we learned that It was on account of the result of the Virgin* el^ctio i. We were able to learn the following Interesting par ticulars from several of tbe wives of the Fort Sumter heroes:? The provisions in the garrison are biw nearly out, and they aw reluced to tho supplies of flour aad pork. They are not allowed to get anything from Charleston either in the way of edibles or clothing, and the Charl.-Htonuus appear to be determined to starve tbe gariison oat siuce Major Anderson declined to receive the meat and vege tables offered him by Gov. Pickens, and, sal'l one of oar Informants, ?' they would not sell as a single thin?, not even a pair of sbneo for oar children or mediotM for oar stck." lfce garrison are all tr a and cheerful, nadeeadyta resist an attack, for which they are fully aw ?re prepara tions arc being made, as they understand that the threat flentii g battery is nearly completed They would prefer an attack to being starved out. When tbe Star of the West attempted to reach tbe fort she was anxiously watched, and had her errand been known MijorAtiler Fon would certainly have opened die on Fort Woull-ie When the Marion left Chuleston on Sunday last there was only the regular garrison in Fort Sumter, and the report of the cement is wholly incorroct, unie<<a 1' occurred stnec that lime. The Charlestonlans allow no lettert to reach F?rt sum tcr unless they have been opened by the authorities. Newspapers arc allowed to n<aih the fort. Tbe follow ing lyrount of the denarture of the Marlon from Charleston was furnished us by one of the piswn gr rs, and will no doubt be read with muJb Interest ? TO THE EDITOR OF THE HERALD. On Sunday, tbe 84 Inst., ae tie steamer Marlon ??3 P'oceeding down Charleston harbor, bound for New York, aud having on board amongst the paseongprs the wives? tw? nt> in number?and children btlongiog to the sol diers stati).ni d in Fort Sumter, s somewhat exciting ?C 'no nrrtirted On nearlng tho fort the whole garrison was *< < n mounted no tbe top of tbe rnaparts, and sien tho Khipwae passing find a gun an4 gave throe b?*rt thrilling chins ss a narting forew.-'l to the ditar loved onin on hoard, whom they may poaalbly never meet again this ?Me the er^ve. Ire li^poti^ w.ip weeping and "wsiverlng aiilew" to bus)".tide end fatheiF. A small hand pent up in u Iso lat- <1 tort, and completely surrounded by instrument* of death, a>- five forte could besrm from the steamer's deck, with their nuns pointing towards Sumt-er. As the ship precrede<i on her voysfs, the earnest prayer of many eympathlzlng hearts on tioar I was that no ooI Iikion would ever tike place tietween thwe men, so h w tlielv arrayed against each other, bat who are in reality b'ouiei*. J- B. On BoiiRii twk Mistoir, Feb. 4,1W1. Tbe women and children proceeded last night'to Fort Hamilton, where they will remain for tbe present. T1IF. CONNECTICUT DEMOCRATIC 8TATK CONVENTION. Sr.* Oim, Omn., Feb. a, IM1. The Democratic State (taiventioo mot in thia city this mornirg, and organized by the choicc of Wo. R. nurrill w l'resi<l? nt. The morning waa occupied in the appointment of the u*u?l eomrnitteef". non. J C lioomla, of Bridgeport, is prominently natnM of tbe candidate for Hovcrnor. Thf Convention Ik a full one. H ia aupposod t bat t he majority of the Committee of Twenty one on reeoliitintii wo IKiuglur men. Tie Convention this afterrooo ?omloated Jatnea 0. I/wmM of Brlitgi'imrt, for Covernor. he having 371 vote*, and It. J. Ingerwill 193: arattorlug IW. A. 0. Hazard. of Ktifltld, was nominated for Unlwat Governor. Tho remainder of the ticket the pnme an bat year. Mr. lootuta waft Introduced to the Convention and made a accepting hi* uofrtn*li>.n and dwelling ui on the Importance of pre??rvliig the (.'nl ?%, but with ? ut dtocti*>mK Hie mattera Ui mum. The raeoiuttoot n<aln?*m tbut th?* I nlon la a contaneratlon of aovereign Bud IikU jv txiei.t states; that any tren-.lnng <>n their equality I* a variation of (he coualllullou, tb'it the j?r? < ?t r< iidii ion of the oountry la owing to tho ?Miiual pit It of a gxat Northern |iaity denying the equality of light* thut the doetr me of coe-clon instead ot enetllfitlin l- t*wuleio?ii., anu *houl<i be conaidered on leHoirg to civil war and distinction of the moral and e>Mi*reaI It tere?ta of the people, and will iftlpt the I'nlon and fri-vent it* ree< ?i*t r net ion; tt f ?littenden romprotnimi or aonietlilng like it will bar tnotiia* ?i#iii!"B?; that our Senator* aod ri pref.enUllvna hu\i 'ailed to me* t the requirement* of thmr poaitton. i| ?t tliv Termi ul l.lberty Mlla altoold he repealed and tho tieket nominated ahould bo elected. IBB MAbSACHUSKTTS MILITARY BILL. B?mtii?. F-b. fl, l??l. In the Hoeac to day the orlitirv I bill In relation to tie volenteer mihiin, providing that th" Compallet aa now organized ?ball be retained. and?ppcif)ltig the numb-ra of the c< mpaniea battalion*, Ac., wan amnoriel by tmW H y ?vcb cumpanlr* liah'e on the requisition of the I'nill oeit to be in <? el ud without the ftate. It waa tlieu ordered to be cugioaaed. THE GEOROIA ARMS SKlZBD IN NEW YORK. TO THIS KDITOlt Of HIE HKRAl.D. CxMtmi 1 M'jtatMaar, 4ii/i7n!?r(iiiuii4i a orrrrr, ) Mil tjna.rwi tjt, 0* , Fob. 1, IHfll. J Permit mo to eor?cct an err<m?*?u? at'itement in jrour priprr of the fctith ultimo, pege 1, column 5, relatlvo to tlie aim* aelaeti on board the Mont'cello. Tbe aim* aeiied on h<?rd tho M?it?lleello were not pnr chaeed by me. or hy any otic elne, on acreunt of the Htate of (ieorgia, nor haa the *tate of (Jeorjla an* Interest in them whatever. Vciy roapootfnliv, vour obedient aer valit, IIFNRY C. WAVMK, Adjutant General rttnto of Georgia. FLORIDA. rnorf/AMAnoK bt ouvc.rtvoR itrrv. A proelaniatii n haa h*?n taaucd by itnri>ri?i' 1'i rrr, I" ?iceor< acre w l?b matrnoiitea pnmtillM l>U the -uU' fi n?<, neolaittig an irn- ?ty f?i ofleeara .>m nitte.1 Bfalrat Ihoct'mibat Uwaof th -U'e tu lie cx itiw >f Calhctji mm Frt nkliu aunng U , at } c?r. MP0RTAN1 PROCEEDINGS OF CQN3RES3 THIRTY -oUTH rOSOHKS* ?KVOMP HWHION. W ,,<,ilN(,TON, Feb. #, 18tU. rm T.liUIT HILL. Wr. (r*p ) "? N. Y., pteaaatM n mamorHl f,mi impoitinu wreban'tano others of tho city <1 Vow against abashing U*? warehousing sys'oia. thk mtkikmcy hill. Mr. Pkahct, (opp ) .* Md., r?P"ft*d the ? *>?"? v i ll ?h? H? reo-miiieu-Jin* tin t? uhiM .? .h Iraui- D.m.Hnis.uiLl ^kedror 01 CuDlncUW Agmo l to. 1 MEMORIALS ItKIJTlVI? TO .11? fTVBH. I Mr. (opp) "t Hf-, * J^'n I f?.ai ,br c.fzens of Maw.cbuaetta ui favor orthe 1 d,irr,'?'Vv K (rrp)of N J., pro. nlo I six pt,t,o?* ,r*?'.lie cii'tt-i ?? J' I bitadelphlu "?klu^ ^"GlC^ w " Maw., ?r<wn tho Committee oh Mi hub. i IX , I IT ; t ? C|u,a,?iei. r?<t?iu 1,".^ O,, 01 M ! x'r> itlrtlonn was from * Oro cm P?i>% in Ui-c-pt-r. 1 a., mg^l'W^*^ *?P ?"?? ? ",n ?? n uLVTsiia,1 ia lavor of tb? b *dor M rosolu X*Ulirinm, (,rP ) * P?-. Prw,"^'f r.u'r'10 fM\ or ?>l th? ot>|tutW?o ar.*i ??Dfoi ?jeni??iit of tn? 11 *? Mr tSWMW. (IOP ; ?l *10 , pt MM.t.'.l P' t.t.oi.- from tti. ni'MKii Msiuo praying fir something u? b" J"no to save iho lni<-p. CXllrtBAPO TKHItirOHY. Mr rot'uiM. fonp ) "? HI . 10 rcwnfW" \ >e von- bv which the bill to urgmuo We government of the 'a long discussion1 ensued upon this, and the motion wkp daagreed to. _ . _ lb.- President's mown go wan taken up. M EK< H Of Mil J01t!k?*)?j <'K WSB-MJ* OS TUB CMW* Mr .Iohhsos, (opp ) ol'Tetm resumed his rom.rk?. He fiid jepterday 'but ho waa referring tottiespo ch ol tb. -H. vor f., m tir'g? n (M?. Lane) II' had no wish u> d.. th*t Senator ? r am oth. r injustice, but In tho *P|',-ch of the sniir f'< m 'hegon ho Burned to give a direct c,,,tr*^non l> tho delenca .hat ho , Mr John*.-n) uwjlo g ib<- l-iM-idintwl el.-t-liou a(;aiBrt tbo ch.vrgo ib.? h.- i Mr. I jno) vw a d autil uVt TI1K I OAS Bil l. A rn. Pi.Mo waf r.H'oiv. d ir.-m th? House Mklng ? ?<n (rrmeet u ih? amendment u> tho loau hill, aud a cojj ?? ??i? '?*; ?, mod that S...MU ''arollna could nb^ln her r Kh^ .mi f tt v l toon whkh Bbo could not got In it. mih wit an Soutl, Carol it :v ovo- ask for iu tho i'Dlon that sho dil u?l Koir 1I? p ociedoiUu arpuo that S...jth Carolln ? c ?lid ?o. no ilghiH b> K-oli.K out A tho I'll Ion; on tl.o wnwy Kho lt#t all hor .ivhtM, au-i go? anarcay, taw turn ani tr< .i?.ie Tho corstlini on has not mtrlntiod up >n tb^ rivlitp of p-'outb Carolina, but tho cause of t o ai )aiotil breaking up o' the 'nl>n Is that ??n Noith .U'l had men South, both oi whom u wh to dogt.oy tho I'nlon to grutity their unbBllowcd nVbnion. Bail mm from cttlHr ??:t. m, m Vi/th h anchcs ?r O.ngrew, criminate and re^riininiui un?niho" hm-moaiigr), but they w.ll not dsM. wiw o.m;I> oiber, but egroo togoiher t? I1i<bi ugnluBV th- nwo lie believed th?' there was a spir t of rb?,n ?m Q? t?"e maw or the people, ami If tho qm-stion i ho taken fr- in ?bo pollfK-lane au-t e'ven to 'bo pcoplo ho iho i^ht tbal tbe country would be ??fe H<* paid ?u ippealI*'?? n *do to the hi.rd.-r Bluvo B>atefl to Join a Gulf 00 if do rarv Thin i? cimply a quwrttou of lutoreat, and not real lik-tKhbli', tor tho border ilnvu Whenever a Hue rfiMvlm n to drawn In ibM comitrv it will he a line or cl,il tiar and tb" work or extinction of slavery will be lliht duy oontnAttoM llo qnnt*^ from the pp**?CD or Mr I'ovte of -'outb Carolma, in 18?>1 when ho nail tbo't ?oo./noi. wou'd ne HtupeiidouB uiadne?a ror s.?utb (ajoiim, and V ?bould oonaldor "lavery dS n i-d. Ho hen ielnrre.1 l>? th>> speech or tbi Sen'itjr fu n. Mlfslcrlppi < Mr Davis), who bought b> iiiuend.'and culht.R hiui "ho al'y of tbe <enaV>r fioni Oi.lo (Mr W?.le) j to injure him. But when tbu Untoti w^ in d^r. be did not stoj. toab%nyrsUMsi/ ?' ir. si tibrf> ur aut ?w aaao ?? wflnag " ??? "P ?" thr aroai wart; If aavlM ?ha Unkou, tten bo was bta all* and was utttUiff to wwk wnb bttu. Th? n ililflofu ^ Booth, and tb* abol.tio^U of U* ?^trASf^rrr.r^; s >B'I Slavery t^?iet> oi Mrts-wjhuset'a.ln favor of aajsso luiioni.r tbe I'ulon, atnl the sp?-e. b of Wendell Hh.Hii>s, *h<ie ho bnld that in.- diruumnwts of tho Nurth wore the hast ?1 hs If 't came t?) a ion. ho fwr. J >tm i>t n) would much rather be ? black ropttblloan tb in a red repnh loan TilH ahont aiJios. When he (Mr. Uavin). ? si' ?>i,?Meil Iralltouce wltbalhilltl-.nla'Blna work to broa* up ihe great and glorious I 'ijioi). i (*r John son) was not tf e ?h> of Pbtlnps.'dtnga and others. Ho de'ended TenniW-c fr? ui tho eliareo of botiig b irn of ?o cefi'on. lie leferreu to the attain Hed seoeeatoa or ne from Frank I in, from N-wtb Carolina, ast but an tefsne, diabo'iiciii, bell born and hell bound, and the Doctrine or necesnon cari ic. the 'nailer of the m iv? mont to p- ison In lx?s and d.sgr?co. Tenn.*^- oamo into the ruloji s lib Andrew J iok< n, and bo bo I vod If (hat man b-vi born r rrsiornt to nav thei e w.mld have bntn do sum**bo war renno.*?ee h48 Mwajrs l^n wllllnff to ir*?*\\r* qnd for tn^ U???oq, nrd be boned that fbe would sUy In tbe Unim, as ahe Hlwnys had done. He sp.*e in bijth term* of tho ^4uct of tho gaUant oflioer Aa-ieiton, ?bo defended tho rta?or bis country sgmnst Insult. T> nnossee nt o* ror that tl*g which Washington curried, and sho waa not _now pro pared to mako war on tint flag. 3e cooteuded tliat a i7mn of Urror existed In tho socodod MUss and he did not believe that ronneuEoo was going to l>e laeb'-d to tho car of South, raid thought oren If tbe <?a vention of that State pass surb an orimvice it would have to take the peop'e out or ibo t nlon at the point of the The Union wus not g mr. it la still in existence, but if the Colon wae K> > destroys t, and ihe old flng tlruck to the wanted to more glorioua winding Khe^t than that : ame flig, and no boiler grave than lo lie ?i'b tbe Union. He closed by miking I fcn at'poal to tbe conservative two of the oppo?its party LtosnMaln tbe I ni.-n men nghting ror the m,on?.i do ^something Tor ihe ?rety or the country, or at least.let I tbe finest Ion *o to tho people of the ' on,?try.J piittlot'Fin and Integrity he had an abiding contl-ienoe. Mr. WwrAi.1. ob'a'nod the floor . . . The senate went mto exeeutlve session, after whl h it nljoumed. Hoaae of IUpret?BUIlTM. VjiNMOM, Feb fl, 1861. The Si-hake* laid before the Ifonae a mc*<s?go frnm the Prc8i(J< nt, cock*lug a resolution from the Kentucky legislature, which asks lkmerc,& t? c Jl a Nation*! dm. volition to ;uncnd the constitution. He commend* tbe proportion to that consideration which Its patriotic Bouice and ImporUnoe 'IcmaniB. Referred to a select committ' e of Ave. Mr. Nitos, (rep ) of H. J., Introduced a memorial of 1 .MX) citizen* of New Jeracy dicing ihu adoption of the Crittenden rent lotlorai. He n-til^fied that a large raa joritv of th<- people of that tilaU desire Cougreaa to act npeidlly on then in* fX6 000,000 uui* mi.i. The SewUe amMi-'tnoiiU to the I/*o bill were taken up Mr. Pnxn, (opp.) ot Mo., udvccat?d concurrence in the amendment to repeal the act of June, iNfO, anth-> rltlnga loan, and providing for tho redemption of tbo Trcaaury notee llr. fiwaii'. (rrp ) of Ohio, rerllod that If tb's was agreed to It would Mive ao wourity for retiring tho Treasury not? * autborl??d hy the act of PMmtW. Ho iruati d that tbe next ndtnuiwtration would never c >tne here witb a loan Mil In Urn'- of peaco the expctiaen should never be allowed to eirmad the rwvonue, Mr lnwi** h?pp<?e<i that it wan a Axed fact that the Tarlffblll, which coot lined aClaUM for a \ NU), would p.iw> ??nil ample pro\ uion would hi- an>rdt-d thorc for tho redemption of the Treasury ii"t<n. Ibe amendment wac iej' ctod by 60 ngain-t 101. On motion of Mr. Mikma? a OnMrttM1 of Conference oa the inrt of the Hi nate wax asked cm thin subject, nrmww* or ma IN *r*r. mbvh r Mr. CoirAx, (rep ) of Ind., culled up tha hill relative to the pesial ?rrvWe, He said tbe ummitte ?o Poiul Affair* d d not wish it thought, even fef Mifureaoe, that they rerogblse tho rtiht of (Mate< to wed'' from the I ni?,n. Altera r?n?miitatlr?n, tbev hvt agreed on a more gtn<ral bill, which pr?-vi< eat hat, whenever in tho op talon of the Poatnaatcr Ueneral the |x?t*l scrvee C ?nn..t b p.-lfely cor,tinned, or tho I'o-t Office revenn< n collected, or the rostal la?r maititoin"d, or the content* of Mic mails preserved invMaM il l delivered Wthe proper addre-;--, on any po?t route, tn rcasta of any iMttrrec'ioaor re ftstnnce to tha law# of the (frttol H'Vp.j. it,. NMi<wlt> Ueaoal Is hereby atKhulaet to d'M: <rtm''.e the p wtai service on *u< h route or anr part therouf, and it an* I*" h| Office thereon, til' tin mripcm bo Safety rtHtornd aud ahull report bl<< hotIon to Cong-? ?? Mr. Cnt/iX stntcd ibni alth?ugTi h<> ha?l a Icitf an h'vui ajteecb he w lehe<l to deliver on the r.iih,t< c', he wouhl <!> clno, iip Home tltne yctefdnv ?na sp<rt In d"l>iic on ? nmh for atid one nfmuat the bl)'. VoUw wnro hi tu-r than wordr. Mr. Bn>fr<n, (opp.) of N. fl., inquired whether, by the blU, persons In the states not owM can tfirraa^Md with th<iw in the -"intea which tuive irwfcff Mr,tJnirAX replied that no lln?e w.-re en'abllA'b'd In the hill The Ov ? enti he e*rrn-1 to th<* horde's, an?l then:e letters lllMliHI# nil ovi r t 'i" aec l'-d "i .le? hj cxpirw, II they Are place*I in fiarnpod onv> lop^M. 1h<> bill i?rM-tl, U1 ftgalnat 2ff. Before the rote wax bonouticed. Mr. Hi "..v;tt, .'nfip ) of Ky., aaid, If It was ?be got er?l di 'tre to rej>e<il thel;iw? ai to all the aeeiKllng "t-iU-e. be ?omI I rote lor It. Wit ha rooM not aacettov the ooHectla* of u*e* in the r0 ceding staUa to Mippoir ibe government, ticatlng tha.n ?? in the I'nion. jet cuitiig "IT?b? Ir poat?l f:icl!ltl-^. Mr. HiKt<^MN.(opp ) of Ark., nftrdrnl tha hill an re enfDlilDC the rifht of ?aeetmoB. He vota?l for it oa a di^unioit mourure Hr VA*m, (ofif ) of N. C.. mid If the hill npnlled lo nil the rrcerting he would Vote for It \x It ra tallied the hnri'an of pacing 'he roven'i# In ihnae Hiat"*, it thnehy iiiceaeao the 1eng> r of a oolh ion betweaii ?hem at.o the cen< lal *ovori n,in? Mr tM?#i w (oprp, i of N. f , alluded tn the fW>? thit O^ifcU'-UKiei* l.'. 1"??< St*f H? w ra n >W In ""a?h irglou anccavkii?ig to adjuu uitr nM.onal duno ilt'.*' ) < trim? th. tr .to liberation* the House ongbt to p'VflMS c mil o* tim-iory in.ct'.ity, and in this ouaoectk* he Kill ni( Id u?. nil lUrj dl'i-lay of aer?MrM around 'h'f ia?i Hal iiy oali ulatod In prnduoe triltation. Vr 1-k.uimi.n, njip.) of reun., conceiving that tbe bill wuiilii li.c-oiiar inn (Mrpvalxiii exi'itom ?>?, Mr NMr, ii'VP ) of fc> , ibuogb' H the d"tv *' 'tt nuu'i i tu in mi'rythin? in nia powor <? prodace U ad juKtnii 11. Ho thought. b<'bill wouid retard sottleiuenl. k.t lli i m?m, ii |.|> nl luil , could but tecognise NM ?i<iji. ui o uy a partial remedy tor the pubilo evils ? ici tr i hill Mr. I'm w.n, ("pp.) "f Ky., luximurh aa it r o.^nlred it>f iii< -1? t fitlte in H e 'rt*>tk<1 statm, tbouvht 'hey hue i.<- mr'ber claim on tho bounty of tlie government, ui d vo'eu at o tir MiCJRIl*(<>PP ) of 111., supported it oa tb* g ot.u-l that it was caili c fur by a ju?t it-gnd to tbe dig i u\ i in i lermt of tin ^iiveri ment, an tiwre ?as now * *u?i?l ii^.iil'.-i tb< vtuMl /?of pm-vo ourrwpundeneo.* os iiit imi-iH. Mi. Fm ?*?? ("M> / . p? ?Heated a moniirial Im m 2 i w citi* ns of l iil a-'olj.fcU, who vot-oi r Un ?? i ,n-l. ij-k 'or Hi# aiJi'Jili in nf Mr. Rlgler's c m['Omi?e. In h i n it in Im w it tomn.ltt-'e of Ove. Mi. M.,i niH, iri'i'.) ??? la, poneuUvt ?li nomoriaa 11* n. > z- ih ui i |ii iiit'!] l.ia. In favor of the Unto t, tbo n.i mitmion atwt i!i. e i or-eroent of tho lawa. Mr. Mh'imina>i. |i'(houi??i m ui Tlula from ^??ntiemon oi all p iinF in i im.iH relative to tieeita i g cr.?i-. Ijii. . r. the i?hio. Mi Vl i-smx p-e: i-ntrd .t memorial from tho Bxird of iu'? *1 1 H ai'ulpiiin. m-king t'ouvri?<H to paw a law i xti i dii 7 ili< limit * ni n.ti, ?i,d delivery at tho port i.t I I N< r'| Im it win- a. eunipanii'.d by the drall of a luil Ui i l!n t the piirp' ?e dcaiicd. (lufurtud to the Com uiuti t-1 u It mni'-rcti. tn-nmi.- (>?' the rutPiH Tim cntipidrratloi. of tb ? r. purt jC ibv (Ximiait'ea of IMiij ijut'i trie tbPii rrBumeil. Mi' 11. (up.) d Y., arguod that theld?a i.l lliHl..ti n -ptb. >iit n..ti..iig bad U'.fer exlnt'd but in ibo bin nti i.l |k-litn-a tb-iTisnit. Uufum siaui riovoreignty wiif rri-i.ii e<l if uatii'iiullty bad an i-xu-Uinco. Vol tb?f Miw-ta <v ?? W'li n > iu cUkiu tli? raaituptHin oi a soro ivlftlity th'.t tl ?y i.i-vir for a m>>meut poererm-d. True moli coiilo i.< t n<K't>atP ?itb tranom, uor oould tho govn i mi-lit n nipound wuh irea? a. Hut .m to tbo staves uliicli rimam li yal to tho coumry, tbero viw no iiitn.iial lUniand In wuuld d'li* oiili^iitoiil with bouor i*!,d prmi iple. IU" i^iuimitteo bail w f<l inucb i ti.o In dov-htnn th<- mivinH of atUnBimenl, wblle tbe trui' cuiih. r. man od iintuorlnd. I > t i.iuo"lu Imi i'jhuhu , i at?'d, aiid tb. u Ominwy' a'm tln>mwivrn to tha mbjict lin i'iitv oi rcinvitforaiioK tb? govi-rnment mu>' Im* C*l>t < 0 tb" iiiLM'ni'bg aduiliiiNtrntion. Ainmat?,d iiy a patij. 'ic in p la<-, its aula will h r wltliout Fiiaptckwa oi Ii-hi ?'i O'l^CM.uf wi-ukui-h* It iuu?t barn pow#r to co' o jitja'o ai d Io?il public opinion alde<i by Oiogrea ei.'iiai Mprt m ntutivi p tre-b from tb? people llo looked li.rujiid I.? ilio a- xi a< inli.i?'r?tu.o with a atoadi'aDt trust hi d d el ifill lmp? ib> i. w II ct.-mo tbo time fur adjust iii." I iu oollfuimily with lioi.or, .'ignity and principle, li ibi- n o. i oi' StuUo ni'u i return, It tie with a reoanta *nt)ol 'bo dicta.k'U bonr> un their lips. Mr Hahkik (u|i|) ) ui Va , wild that bo should quo nr) exor?ii.|i in hif iKi?tM to priHorve this g'Vornm.'iit. ?to wuh tur the L' ii ii ii iji.w , even bloedlng, torn and sbat t. r-d hi-It i* Ibo talanitli*K, mciudiDg civil war. at tondliig mill followinit a illt>"tiliitliin, boar oqually on both h 11It'iii-, mid tu 0H0h tbey uro i>uundlew<. The cotton Stiitof uio K<>ne, but ibo ropubltcan (tarty, by coming ui uard liko ii.on and rouoerit.g juntlou to the -<oiilb, can lniMi.t fuithor itipiiir<\ ut til the boroor R'atog, by a Hi m mid out eHiatoiy cou>so, can adjimt wltb tbotn all tbe I t tiding dill cuitiof. rtus dune, these Hiatos would re ti.iii tu tho t'niot , and tt would then bo lixe<l upon a nunc |M rtnnt.eul basin tbun ever b* loro. He opimsed the not ut rcciiHtrtiction, aid urged tho ropubll'ians to aioopt tbo frittondoL pruputiition. !>>t tbo friends of uo.junmoiit and Union etaud llrin, and our troubles will } tt bC settled. KVENINO SESSION. Mr. JUykaiid, (opp ) or ti'un., adTooated tbo Oritten don proposition, llo tppojiU'd to tbe re(>ubl|r,vt-j tAat' to nipt no coercivo policy, which would bo inoffoctlve, unwise and attended only iiy cvtl. Tb'< m mout such a war commenced tbo wboio rtoi>h would tniko common catibe. TthH to tbo I'nkm m. n. Ulvo tbom assuranoett a ui liunraiiteef; so tbey oould go back to thdr jionpio, and 8i' 11 oni that thoir rlghle will not bo luvaded, and (hut their equality tt. tbo I'nu n will bo m tlutainod lu \l title, and he would pledgu himself, so far as ho could, that ill. ['in a>heuals, sbip?, uavy yarde, tho mint and tbe builkjo 'ball r- htoro.l 1'Uey will do tblii without arn g ? con ? r sbedtilng one dri.n of hlool; tlmy will do H by lh< I*' O'ttil rom?-dy ol tbo ball it box, wltb no li. i. ?> m tied r i-elf rospect l?*t; they will restore tbe go v<ri mont in ibe hiyband piuau ponitkm it oajoyed before tkoe trt ubli s oomttvtnced. an-1 at tbo ou t of fo-ir ynn tbe goTotnnjibt will bo in the bunds of a party wbtch ? I a i ii biact every one of tbo thirty-four sutru. (Ap plau*-o ) k'l. iViuit (rop.) of V. V., saw no present e^-ape from a ill-solution ol Ibo I nun. Itx p oorvilkm mint bo fi 1.1. 'b a i:l>a> po ol sentiment In tbo tmu now v. if.i' aiurt ui> the polee. Chore ore it w ia imp iMSlhlo fi l ib. tu to . nin on a o-nnnioo ground until they felt lik: ti. bi.*hoi toward another Ho pnxjoe.Jo I to show that the rojmrt lit the t 'omrn'tu-e of Tbirt^-three likltW ? ? | ti' "ian? lo plve up lho|i prn.oipli-M an anoinioced hi the ("h.Ctfo plaitorm, by i i^ognalo^ slavery la .Vow V.ex-C<> Slavery wa- ropuniiubt to the p<iociploa on ui-tcii tie ci.uftltiilion teHU, h> ho<- bo w.mi-i n. v.>r vote ft.r i>ny mejpitrt wh'Ch ftups the foundation of tbo stones ' n whit It tb-- 4ti ucturo i* erecte>l. TUm l? tho priaotpal q i el it n; otht-rt' are of no i on-u-q'ieiico. Ho 'lopreoaMil mi win. but wi uld uso no mure tore* vi Inst the ae ?. d'd s aie.= than wus mcesanry fo the Intents of UM oo- Liry. W hrti Huuth Carolina w?t bung") bo wottld f . b. r': when oako , iiive her ciothltic; and if she would come biiJt bo nbould me t hor h*!f ir.iy, and kill tbe faited call and tuakc miuic on her roturn. Atymrtcd. r) IMPCRMNTjCORRESPONDENCE. OfHtlnl Ldttri Relative to Fort Rmuter. THE U0M:KN0K TO THE PRESIDENT OK THE UNITED mm Statu .if Socth Carou**, CUCTTI\a OKVHT. FIk HK^l'AKTKIW, CiiiRir.Tow, Jan. U, 1M1. fir?At tbe titr.erf tbti h- jmiuMon of Um S'ate of South <"bioi;liu turn ibe United su>U-e( F-'rt Sumter wuh, ud t-lit: tf, iu tliO {MM* >Btcu of IrK.w of the I'uitrd stale*, ui.rier ih*< m<n mui ot Major An<er?,nn. I regard that jo?f i .- ii n ai> ii< t t>t tkatalit Willi the dignity or ftafety of the State ' -ou b '"i.rotna. an<1 I tuvo tOm day a4dr<-e*?d to Major At di ifor a coDiiuuntrutioti to obtain from btm Hi- p? tnfk'ti ot" 'bat Fort iiy tbe eutborltlea of tUia -tutf ibe reply Of Mtjor Aaderaon Informs me that be hiiH nf> nvthi i iiv ?o do what 1 roguir-d. but be d.wirei a r?fe-. ncu ot ib< demand to the Hreeidont of Um United State*. I in or 'he rlrrnm?t*ncei now exim ing. and which need no i omru nt by me, I ban d--tertnuied to cond to you the ll? i I W lla> oe, tbe Attorney (teocral of the State <ifHuj|b(Wi'llBa, nud b?v>- ijj?tructod him to d'-mand tin delivery st l o t nimtrr, lu the harbor of Charleston, lo lh? octitltlM tvltklMw of tbi' State <4 South Caro linn. 1h>- demand 1 haramadeof Aadurami,and which I now make of you, la nujtjteel. d liecauae of my want ditlrt t" xvoio Uie bi<>o<i-h.d which a pers Ik to toe In attempt lo retem the p< x*of-?lon of tb*t ftirt will caun-; bwi which will be unavailing to urcure you that p>w<eekid, but induce a calamity mo*t deeply to be de fjoreii. H oonsi qi'rnceii no unhappy shall en-no, I trill neoure for ihw Mate, in tbe a maud wnich I now nuke, the euiii'lri tion ot having exhausted arery attempt lo ansfl it. In n-laiion to the public property of tbe United Htatoa witMn Fort Hiintir, the Hou I. W, lUyuo, wbo will band you 'hu? eotLmnulcaiioo, in authorized to giro you the pic >eot tbe siato th-t lh* voiiu\'i"U ot Mob property * ill ho account-d lor by tbi* State, npon tb<- *djunm?ot or ill letatlotifc with the ("kited Suttee, ot which it wan a part. K. W. PICK KNS. To the I'lWMMWT of tbe I'uitod SttttlO. INCTKI t-TIONH TRnM TIIK STATE ItEt'ARTMKNT OK THr KXEClTIYK OFFH K TO HON. I. W. HAYNK. ftvr or ?lot th C?nouxA, ] F.tnt i Tin out *. statu OWAKnuvrr. , CBtnilKTOit, Jan 12, IK51 ) Pin?The OoTcnior W coee*4?red it proper, in view of th>- Kiave qi.ertions wtiich in?w affefl the Hut>?of South ? (lo '.ua an-1 the I 'tilled Sttln, t > make a (l"njni) l upon the Pli+i i nt ol th? l ult d .-tiiew, for ibo delivtrr to the Mate (I South Ifcroiinn of K"rt rtunti'-r, n?w witbin ihc t?rrH<ir' tl lltnil* of tbl? . tuto, an I .jroupied by tn?>r? - if tbe I nit d Si<it? b thoCotrvnttllon ol the penile of So?ith Otrollna au'lior lie?i r.nd ? n.p-iwert-d lu f>>nn>U.Hinn?>ni to vnt<-r int.* i fi'OtlattO'r witli Uie ; >v> rotiietit <* llie I'nlteil *?t*. for tnc d<)iv?i'yol fori*. gumttMn, i?/rhi l?? iJ1', in.! othir ri'Hl nithtp the iltnlte of smth Ctfwu, Thf clre'iiij* wh i b c tn*o>i tbe l it-wnjpiion of that j gi.t .itlon are kno?n t i yu. with 'BefO'mai noil 0< ntk<ti of IU r. moUoh, w?n Hie urg ot exprwlee er th. no e. >ity 1or Ibe withdrawn! ?r ihe iro<i*i of the I nHed -i.'it'i" f oiri the harbor ?i Cbailr?ion. Tbe tmernietiona of ilx'e te I * tiane left all matlera c nn rtert w?h M't Subiter ^n i tr-? |? or tho Tinted -laieewiihin the liniiu of tbw sut<- air-. ted by the faet i(.?i ?be -entu-i.e / p ? . ??iou ol Uie fort w.w not iinV't trM with Ibe ilftilty ?r ialety ..f th? State-, and thnt an atun-p to telHoreo 'he troop* r*t that Tort woul'i I "I be nil- wed. Ihif lit n-lo'e b-came ft state if ,dtiii'r, lit coriwiuenc- v itiebt o st?to of South Cmolii-a ij |>l?c?? lit ft r-o'Ullitoti el ilefon^e. Durlnir It p . |>?r,uwo for th?n purpo i mi attempt wa? made to rclaforct l' ui Si inter and Vur are r ow Ui*tr"ct?.i to prooaad to Wa*ln*tmi, and thi i ? , iii the i Lino of tbe nevornment of Uie ^tale nf ulti t>Mibiia, li nnlie ??! b <I^WMNlt of the ltnlte<" tit ? whe'lit-r il wai-by hi* >?dei- that troofw of tbe i toIm) t-tai.'? weie ?t* at into ibe Imibor of (IwImM to reuii if l oitSutiit^i; if hoavow* tliatorder \oa will ?l.eii it'ouirc wte ther he a*eo>la ? n?ht to lotrodnee ? i. rth ?[ the Vtilled M .'t wl'hin ihe limim of fble >laie, t?. onct-py >"?*t Suuiter; ned you will, ib cweol h>nnM'w?1 it.fiim him I hat aaMfcai wHI bepernitteOj (>U .Ith'-r will be roi. ?? -d n? It* declaratiou r war i ?t 'I ? -iiile !*>>i?ih rm'> il' i Hi. t.oM rnor,4o ?avc. Ill* "J .J1.0 r -re / f prnfr tviirK t.^ual amoa* rl.n>? lo that Wldltl. It of .etv ^ h *Lr? * ? i, n,i * l tti if'St "Dnrr wIMil OfOW, fW ny ?Tft iiiX i it? Vw t I* WW h?!cl. neniAndofl frwii '? "f ???' rort. ita . i" ,rT t 11 r M?'I that Otflfer, In bl? rer>ly, bM re i . I\rn I- ||?. Mivernn-. >n? of th ? United rJ,r\ ;'\SrZ? U ',dem, .dfrtM K^2m!TCSV..?'?^u. e. ItUXTLNtv r l?N OM1VB r^?tl

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