Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 15, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 15, 1861 Page 3
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?rart. The sales were 840* a 9,000 bbls , doelog WHfcto the following range of price*? ?apwOne State $5 M a 6 10 Kxtra State, food tc choice 5 15 a 6 40 fcperOne western * 00 a 6 1<H OmuDOu to choice Western extra 5 *$ a 7 10 Mixed to straight Southern 530 a 5 TO Straight to good extra <U> ' i S? * I Qkoiee extra family and bakers' brands... "26 a- 8 00 ^e flour 3 30 a 4 10 torn meui, Jersey and Brandy wine 8 06 a 3 60 ?Canadian Hour wan quiet, and aalee con lined to about SAO bbto. at $6 16 a $7 86. Southern flour was in mode rate demand at steady prices, w>u? sales of about 900 bbls., closing within the range of the above quotations, it to Hour was steady at oar figures, with sales of 200 kbit. Corn moal was more active, with sales of 000 bbls., cloeiag within the range of the above quotations. Wheat?The market was heavy and prices irregular, but without important change in quotations. Tbe transac tions tooted up about 22,000 bushels at $1 20 i'or Qaaadian alub, $1 40 for Ohio white, $1 30 for ordinary white Canadian . 81 30 a $1 31 for small lota Western red; SI 18 for Northwestern club; $1 20 for small Iota Milwaukee club, in store. Chicago spring wis quiet and nominal. COrn waa more (steady and in fair demand, with Hales of 88,000 bushels at 64)?o. a 66c. A>r old Western mixed, in More; M*jc. a 83c. for new Western, at the railroad ?t; 84c. a 07c. for new Southern yellow, the latter for dry, and 73c. for choice old Southern. Rye was to moderate demand, with sales of 800 bushels at 67 Xc. a 88c. for State. Barley was in fair demand and quiet at Wc. a 80c. Barley malt waa firm, with sales of about 1,700 bushels at 800. Oats wore tlrtn, with sales of Western and Canadian at 36c Jf. a 36>ic. and 37c. a 88c. Cotfu.?The market was quiet and sales limited to ?mail lots of Rio within the range of 11c. a 13o. uad 60 hags Maracaibo at 14)^c. Comm.?The market was without thango of moment In prices. The sales embraced about 900 bales, (.losing within the range of ll){r. a lU.c Fbsiohts.?Rates were steady, with moderate engage ments. To Liverpool 300 a 400 bales of cotton were en gaged at 11 32d., some flour at 3s. 6(1. Wheat was nomi nal, with little ottering for shipment. 2,000 bushels of eorn, in ship's bags, were engaged at p. t. 250 boxes kacon and 160 bbls. lard were engaged at 40s. To Lon don 300 boxes bacon were engaged at 46s. Flour was at 4m. l>?d. A vessel of 146 tons was chartered for Reine dlos, Cuba, for $1460 out and back. Hat.?The market was steady, with sales of 1,200 kales at 90c. for shipping, and at 95c. a $1 for city use. Mouuns was steady and In moderate demand at un changed prices. Naval Storks.?Salee of 400 bbls. spirits turpentine were made at p. t., supposed to have been at 86 >40. for Southern straight lots. Rosin was quiet at $1 25 from yard and $1 20 afloat. Crude was quiet and quotations nnchangod. The following table gives the movements/if. the trade for the week ending the 12th inst. :? Receipt*. Week. Since 1ft. Since Jan. 1? Stock. Crude turpen.. bbls. 809 200 2,648 4,000 Spirits turpentine... 851 1.766 9.196 6,000 Rosin 6,740 10.609 39,788 17,000 Tar 263 862 8,522 4,500 K Crude Turv. ?Vp. Turn. Roein. 2Ur. the week. . ? 200 8,966 ? Since 1st Inst ? 200 9.315 ? Binee January 1 8.758 7,769 38,213 2,442 Same time 1860 10,207 6,951 30.974 C01 Paovtwow ?Pork?'The market was dull and Irregular. Jbe sales embraced 200 bbls., including mess at $17 a $17 26, and prime at $13. Beef was quiet and nominal at $14 a $16. Bacon was dull at 8^0. alO^c. Cut meats were heavy. The sales embraced about 100 bbls at 6>io. a fl\c. for shoulders, and at 8>i<\ a H??c. for hams, l.ird was in fair demand, with sales ol' 600 bbls. at 9>^o. a 10c. Dressed hogs were selling at 6^0. a 6J{C. Butter and Cheese were quiet and steady. Rica was steady within the range of 3^C. a 4>?c. Suoiaa?The market was more active, and the sales footed up about 1,700 hhds., chiefly Cubas at unchanged prices; included in the sales were 260 hhds. New Orleans, by auction, at 4>?c. a 6>?c. Whiskky ?The demand waa fair, with Bales of 600 a 000 bbls. at 17>?c. a 17\c. Sales ef Real Estate* By_ A. J. Bleecker, Son & Co. $ lota 6th ave., bet. 134th and 136th sts. ea 25x100.$8,900 8 lots 6th ave., bet. 133d and 134th sts. ea. 26x100. 8,300 8 lots 134th st., near 6th ave., ea. 25x100 2,360 SHIPPING NEWS. ita of Occam IteUMN. nov bcropb. Leaves'. DfUt, Wot* City of Baltimore.. .Liverpool.... Jan 31.... New York bi.:::?WSS -Ji??ia , *. JjlverpooL Feb 14..... Portland Australasian JdverpooL leb J?* Bremen Southampton. Feb 20....NewTork Jsuurara Liverpool Feb 23? ... Boston inhn furii Gl&tfOW lork Nortb BrttonLiverpool Feb W... .. PorU?ntf fuuHi Southampton Men 4....Hew vers lKpM1', Southampton. ..Mch 8....MewTork FOR ECKOPB. ?RlKO New York Feb 18 Liverpoo JUulo Saxon Portland Feb 18 Liverpool lnvVort ..New York Feb 16 Bremen United Kingdom .'...New York Feb 19 Liverpool ALMAKAgwroR ww yohk-thu oat. hit* am* iH nous wrr* we H ? ?Vil **T*..' 6 361 IIICB morn ? Port of New Yorfc, February 14, 1861. CI.EARED. Steamship Locust Point, French, Baltimore?H B Cromwell *Sbiu Calhoun, Truman, Liverpool?8poff>nL Tllenton A Co. w.rk l?nfV kenees. Oadlx?R P Buck A Co. Bm-k Mary kllaabeth, Dunbar, Montevideo, Ac?It P Buck ^ Rrtff crocus. Cowell, Havana? A Dearborn. BriK Enterprise, Grindlc, Clent uego^II l> "r?kr?*11 * Co' Rritr PeericHS (Br), 1)06, Bflrmudft?Mctill ? rrith. Brig Winthrop, Pout, Mobile?Stupes. Cleurman A Co. Bchr Amy Chase, Benjamin, Point Pctrc, (Juad-Post A P Ann Leonard, McRenny, We>hpool-Jed Frye. Schr J W Allen, Doane, tMUveeton?IfcCready, Mott A Co. Rchr Surprise, Cole, Havannah-Dunbam A Uimon Bcbr C B lllckman, Garwood, W ilmington, NC?Mccready, *Mhr HauII, Winter.. Rlchmond-C II Plerson A Co. Fclir Margaret, Newell, Philadelphia?J Hand. Bcbr J 11 Walnwrlght. Coreon, 1 hll.lelphia -J liaud. arrived Fteam*h1p New York (Bremi. Von ?anten, Bremen. J#n 21, Southampton 2?tb. with md?e and pa?*eiiger*. to Uelpcke, Kentaen A Reichelt. Eigerienoed severe W (pile* the entire L^e *an SI. Iat4? &, Ion 15 66, passed an???b??W Eer bark painted Vilack, with a round stern, bound \\ . Feb 10. {at 43 Ion a*J 30, paused ship American bagle, t rom London foi *FtMrohip York town. P.rrish, Richmond, Ac, with nvlse Week., Calcutta, Oct & a^d Sand Ueida 24tb, with Wed Ac, to Maitland Pheli* A Co. Experienced 8ne weather on the coast. Jan 1 ? ! n.u,,a nruAp He bark Nymmetry, && day. irom Mauii tins for Malta'"TStb, lat 3 8, ion 29, board>*dclipper .hip Kac '?< G ate*32days henoe for San Kran'cHco, all weW. 18th, eroeaed SieBquauTm Ion 31. and .lgnal^l.ametime dipper .hp Mornina Star, 24 day* beiicelor Wan f ranrl?X>,all well, 11th 34, loo 74. .poke Br schr Lane, 4 day. hence for *?i ""Sark' iloppetTswel, Ofvergaard, navre 84 days with mdae lo Funch A Melncke. llad heavy W and HW weather most of (of East Machias). Talbot, Bnenos Ayres, Dec 8, a 1 I rn Had strong NK wind* to the 6 of 2^ uie on the 7thin*18th Inst bad\ heavy N W gale. Jan fl^lat 9 <>tf Ion S3 26, *vchanged longitude with #^,.*lar<ilJr!J a Argyler.tewing^NE;a<rin.t,Ul 24 19, rlv, iHioca of and from Province town for Dominica, 11 &y. onVf^th,' lat 33 04, ion 8* 40, .poke ship 8u*an Uink?, of ^^Vk^R^rWalker *(oTBoetoc), Raynee, CardenM, Feb 3, ^kS?M?S!?(of wu?i?fton.*&?g2j.*7a2; Wmnn, Wdiy? with sugar 1c, to Robert k HiiUauia. Eipe run(.n(i hpjtTv MW and 8W wiles on the i>a^sag6. Hrhr Z flocor (of New B?tlford). Bobbins, Cienfiw?gos, 18 da^a withWar lc. to Tost k Small. lla?l heavy gale, from MW snd NE the entire pa**a?e. _ ,, . ... 8chr Fleet wing, Douglas, iTortunc Bay, NF, 11 days, with "weh^^JIv'lof OwatEgg IIarbor), Price, Mobile, 18dav?, ?^otum Ae to mMter Jan :?), lat 32, ion *4, pw-ed * Carlyle irom ljverpool for New Orleans; 7th In.t, lat 31 40. .mokea brig S day. from Savannah for MataosM. The B has had . ra. heavy weather. ^ . Fehr Loeu.t, Week., Plymoutn, K(, 4 d.iy*. fEhr Wakefield, Crandaii, EliMbe.hp..rit for Nar?gan*ett. Sehr Chief. Champiin, Elliabethiiort for Norwich, Sloop Nel?on Hmitn, hmith, Eliiabeihport for bag Haibor. Steam ar Wamiutta, Arey. N.w Bedfard. mrnmrr Penguin, WlUiama. Prov.denoe. PeUcan. Baker. Providence. *rrvim?T>-f?hlP <H>llert (liam>, Terry, hence 8th inat (or j3SS??&"Bili 5HS SSA WSflfC ^^blTdanM^a^t the bows, and caused the ship to making sboutSInches perhour in smooth wsW; Sid w!ter cssks w ashed away by shipping heary MA. On Um ntk (K|? weather became quite moderate; loth, uodlngthe v?i m-l letkintf p?o badly and so much Injured, considered dent to return for repairs, which was accordingly done; \ Uh, mtt hhinnwock, took a p^lot Irom boat Geo Vv Blunt, No 11, Sd il,UKSSlnvS Kir? I aland, waa taken In Ww by .team lug Thomaa Freeborn and brought Into port. BKLOW. One brig, unknown. Rteanvhlp Kertar (Br), Liverpool, ?hip War Haw*. d ?. Wind during the day NE. The ahlp Pampero. 1400 ton., was yeaterday afternoon taken ??theUrge Sectional dock, to be .tripled, r**ulkcd and re Mivc a new suit of oopper. HlMeU?eo?. Bnir Borrow Potter, at Boston from Manila, Feb 8, lat JX had a heavy NV< gale, oarrle.1 ?way .tarb-^rd oalbead, ?ad ?a?t?iaed other damage. flair MadL'CI. for Liverpool, before reported ashore below Baiumore, came off without damage and proceeded on the UU? to"4- v Shit Jobs TMjr*?-It Is ??*?<? made with partite in New York to rai?e the ah'p J^h? \'"cKh" which lies sunk a'. Philadelphia. The ship wlu be 1 T mean, of heavy chain., to enormous canva. bag" "f 8"* ' strength, which an to be inBated by mean, of alr p|imp* after they have been put in place. The rising tide will then ?oat the ahlp if the bag* do not burst, and she oan be then towed into ahoal waur, where ahe can be readily pumped in. Submarine armor will be employed In adjuatlng, the ?bain, tinder the k< el, .ud for other purposes which will re qnlre men to operate undtr the water. ?? Bam WH JMitiir. 'of Yarmonth, NP>, Churchill, il Aays from Ardrossan, with a cargo of 700 tons nig Iron for Curtis k Bonve, of Boatoa,'? endeavoring to run Into Port land harbor went ashore at lo'clock on Tuesday morning on Bangs Island Point (as before reported). Captain and crew Mved. The veaael will be a total loss, but a portion of oargo may be saved. Halla. riaging, Ae, will be partially saved. The eavtaln was In Portlandevening of 11th, and engaged a .team u and a schr to go down and atrip the veaael. The house and ? part of the deck have washed ashura, and she U fast break tag up ?an* Powbad, Salisbury, at Philadelphia from Rio Janeiro, very heavy weather the entire passage, during which ?he n>Ut safls, ?pntng spaM, Mid susuined soma other damge of a #tfllog nature. Baio M A H?**?nA?Boeton, Feb 14?Brig M A Herrent, (rem Buenos Ayree for Boaton, etniek on HeJ~ rsnen, Vl?e yerd Sound, yesterday, and came off this mnnttng, leaky. Bm? Jaw* Madisow?Charlesto*. Feb 14?Tharlea O MoT (mi, mate of the brig Jamea Madl*on (before reported VMM on BU>M bmhws), Wt picked op al ??? WngiogK, ? i|?', and brought to thla citv. The body of th? explain *t? found on klarrath beach, um buried by lite volunteers at* tionel ud that island. Sena II Altai re Nswkll?During the gale of 7th mat, Um achr btrrkt Newell, ol Newark, NJ, Capt Hainuel Keakb, from Virginia, aprung aleak. The captain, tearing to be bloan to Mia with his vaaael in a muting condition, ran ber ashore opposite Tuefcerton. Little Egg Harbor. Tbeir yawl boat was washed from It* faateutngs, aud lint crew of five persons, with one passenger, remalued on oer quarter during that severe ulglil, aud when raaoued ueit day by tbe beach men they were nearly exhausted. The schr was loaded wuh corn, and owned by Henry Mullen, of Newark. She in bilged, and, with her cargo, will be a total loss The II K waa built at Egg 11 ai bor in ttMU, 79 ton* register, and rated ]>?. Souk North Statb?>Capl C B Manchester, Agent of the I nderw liters. write* from Point Judith on the 13tb litat aa followThe rehr North State, ashore at this plaoo, parted her chaina laat night and oatne on to the rock* about 60 feet further up than she waa before. Shall oouimenoe taking out the eottoa from the lower hold a? i on an the *ea goea down. The veesel oould not bit boarded to day, owing to the heavy surf breaking orer her. The achr Uys in a worse position to get off than ever." Scaa Cui A Harascm r wit* passed ashore below Bombay Hook by steamer 1'hineas Sprague, arrived at Philadelphia ju the 11th Inst. Stub Dorcas Irrlaxh? Edgartown, Feb 1*? ISO bales eot ton have been landed flow the Dotua.* Ireland, ashore on No Man's Land. Sthh Ashorf? A achr supposed to be the Vol la, of Green port, waa seen ashore at Cast Marlon, LI, utii Inst. Fute of the crew unknown. B ai tikorb, Feb IS?Brig Ada (before reported) has damaged a good deal or green fruit by th" water getting down the main hatch. Bug Mount Vernon, from Kio Janeiro, had very bad weather, mostly between Klo and the Line, and sprung aleak when 14 days out, having more or less water In her evcr.*luoei she baa commenced discharging. Woon> Hole, Feb 13?There it an unknown bark ashore o the Middle Ground, ?upi>o*od the tame vo&ael recently aihor j on No Man's Land. IX AM?Tbe bark has got off and goue to Holmes' Hole. The steamship Mississippi, forcncilj the Canada, is now on the great Balance dock for n-]?irs. Fist Bailing?Schr Henry B Metcalf (of Providence, RI) Capt Burton, sailed from Bristol, KI, about tf I'M on :td Ina for Norfolk, w here she arrived on the evening of the 6th; let' Norfolk for Providence uu the afternoon of the 10ih, aad an chored off Nayatt Point, H miles below P, at 10 AM on I2tli? having performed the trip in 8), days. This Is said to be th-t shortest trip ever made between Providence and Norfolk, bite made the paasage from Norfolk in 40 hours, baring been de tallied 3 houra off Montauk by a thick fog. latto* *? Martaisn. WWK IN HIt.rORDHAVKN. Tbimty, Londoh, Jan 24, Ml. Notice 1s hereby (tven that a Green Buoy marked with the word "Wreck" baa been laid IS fathoms N by E of a sloop sunk between Bulwell and Popton Points, in Milfordhaven. Tbe Buoy lies in 7 fathoms at low water spring tide*, with the following bearings:? Popton Point, WSW. Andromache, Powder Ship, E by S. Huddtratone Observatory, N by E. Tbe masthead ol the wreck shows at present above w-iter. By order. P. H. BERTHoN, SecreUry. Whal*m?>< Bark Massachusetts, of N Bedford, sld from Rio Janeiro Dec 30, for Santos, for Capt Oreen and the three bouts' crews (before reported having been separated from the ship at sea). A letter 1 rom Capt Cannon, of brig Pavilion, PH, reports her at St Vincent. Cape Verd Islands, Jan 4, 1861, with 46 bbls sp oil, taken 14 days out; also reports the loss of John Green (colored), of Fairhaven. A letter from Capt Becbe. of ship Herald, 2<1, NB, reports her off Rurotonga Oct 3, ail well, bound in after men. Re ports spoke at aca In Sept. bnrk Canton Packet, Allen, NB, all well, to sail for home In Jan; Petrel, Fuller, do, 3omoa out, 12WJ sp. A letter from Capt Perkins, of ship Plovr, NB, reports her at sea, no lat, Ac, Nov 29, having liken 90 bbls sp oil sinoe leaving Mauritius. A letter from the second officer of bark J H Duv&ll, Trib ble, of Prorinoetown, re|>ons her at Simon's Town, CGH, Dec IV, clean, all well, bound to Java Qrouad. A letter from Capt Baker, of bark John A Robb, FH, re ports her at Cape Town DecXI, having taken 170 bbls spoil 0 day* out from Mauritius?bound on a cruise and home, ?pokes, ?c. Ship Lucknow, of Boston, 78 days from Calcutta for Mo bile, was signalized Jan 1ft, lat 6 02 N, lou :t0 06 W (aud was in company with her for :j days after). Ship Caroline Nesmilh, from NOilcani for Liverpool, Feb 10, lat 3118, Ion 78 28. Ship Flora, steering S, was seen Jan IS, lat 5 01N, ion 30 Bark Mary Adclla, Kcllar, from NOileans for Boston, Feb 9, lat 26 36, Ion 80. A bark showing white signal with blue oorocrs, was seen Feb 6, lat 86 48, Ion 72 40. Brig Helen, Johnson, from Baltimore for Port Elizabeth, COU, Dec 21, lat 3616 KJon 19 16E - A brig show ing white -wnal w iih letter B In the centre (sup posed the Loango, from Philadelphia for Havana), was ?ceu Feb 1, lat 27 68, Ton 73 60. Bohr Enchant roes, hence for Jaomel, Feb 8, tot 34, Ion 71.1 Foreign Ports. Voff We received no snipping papers by the steamship New Buiieo* Atria, Pec 14?In port barks Roebuck, Chaw, from NYork, arr 6th; Talisman, Baldwin, from Baltimore, arrlOth; Dublin, Huntlev, from NYork; T Cusblng, Hlch born, for Boston, ready; Harvest Queen, Wheeler, for do ldg; Mary E Donworth, Baker, and P Pendleton, Simpson, unc; brigs Sparkling Sea, Wlawcll, fur N York, ready; Anna Wel lington, Jackson, for do soon; Georgia, Sherman, and Retsy Ames. Bartleit, for Boston ldg. STd ?th, bark Vigo, Thur low, NYork; brtff M A Horrent, Klllmnn, Boston. Cai.ljio, Jan 7?Arr snip Mnry Pleasants, GUehrlst. Chln chas tand tld 11th for Cork t or orders), 11th, ship Meteoro (Fr), Dean mean, San Francisco. Ghavkcsku, Jan 26?Arr Maitapan. Watts, NYork; Fergus, Woolf, and Gov Morton, Dunbar, do; Juuiala, Williamson, Olty Point. Gibraltar, Jan IS?Arr brig OrUlu, Kegar, Malaga and aid for Boston). In port 19th, hiigs Ocw<n Wttu. ,inuuw, from Malaga arr 18th, for New York saine day; btarllght, Crowell, for Mussina first fair wind. Wind 18th aud 19th t and rresh. Kl'RRACBKK, Deo 8?Iu part ship Jane D Cooper, Howlaud, disc, to load salt t or Calcutta at 10 rupees per ton. LivKRroOi^ Jsn 20?Air Rubin, Rice. City Point. Moktkwpko, Lec 16? lu i>oit barks Arthur Pickering, Csulfleld, for Salem few days; Elizabeth, WUklus, unc. Mata>sas, Fel> 7?In port barks bt J ago, Berry, for Port land nearly loaded; Albion IJn oln, Breuer, ldg; TheoCur tls, Brazier, for Europe ldg, CatuJpa. Huxford, wig, brigs Queen of the South, Chapman, una rhlcipee, Sjntrrow, do; ?wKk, for l'oi tlan I ready; Mary E Mlliiken, Nor .a. is?j- ? "? ? ? . Transit, ?>?.?., .v. ?,?>'!* tuft, UOI i/rvllUK, I lllkjom, AUil M Tllten, Ttlton, about disgd; 1'slmetto, wtg; Qtundaro, Wall, ldg; and others. Brig Essex, Klnnot, will load uigar for NYork at I'V . per hhd. About 80 vessel- ar<' in port. Freights have ad vaueed f ;om $3 to $'il, per hhd on sugar, with considerable doing) 1'tiKTA Arkkai, Dec 10?In port bark Reindeer, Bartlett, for NYork ldg guano 1'anaju, Jan Jl?Sid steamship Cortes, I'earsou, San Frau cIsco. Rio Jakbiro, Jan 3?Arr schr Castor, Rtickney, Lisbon. St John, Nit, Feb6?Old schrs Lynnlield, Amos, Porttond; Lizzie Kturgus, Deulou, (savannah. American Porta. APALACHIOOLA, Feb 11?Ait prcv, ship Bay State, CroweiL Uiverpool. UAJTA V tvu . . C aiitiliADt Marukk T "avaa, a?J4 a ui umi i txznuy , mmry C. AllUlKei den, wtg, Handy, Handy, from Cedar Keys arrCtb; s Middleton Jr, Sipple, and Bela Peck, Gardner, wtg; T Davis, for NYork !dg; Geo Decrlng, Plnkliam, and M _ BOSTON, Feb 1.1?Arr ships Golden Olty, Lenrv, Manila ; Katavta. Telegraphed, burk Witeh, r\o rijvttlarwl ? mm PM k..eba Boston. Potter, do vio UHWTIII. I Cin^l 4t^iur;u, I , from Elmina. WCA; brig Scotland, I rom . CM barka Rei ecca Goddard, llurd, Smyrna via Malta; J E Lockbart (Br), Lo<'khart, London; B Fountain, Keller, Dcmarara; brigs Elizabeth, Lassen, Cavcnne; Fred Wording, Hcrrick, do; scbrs M Sewsll, Pomeioy, Havana; Mary Pierce (Into brlgi, Dodge, Savannah; Village Queen, Hawkins, Phllalol uhia. Sid, wind W to NW, ship Dolphin; barks Anna, Re peeea Goddard. B Fountain, Jane E Loekhart; brigs L?'da, Fied Wot ding, Bonaparte; and from the Roads, brig Orlando. 14th?Arr (by tel) ship Thatcher Mngonn, London; brig No reus. Surinam Below, barks EF Chase, from MaUliza."; Lenox, from NOrleans; brig Times, from Savannah. BALTIMORE. Feb 13?Arr ship Mary Baugs, Homes, C*t lao; bark Anna (Brem>. Ftnneeobi, Bremen; Drlg Jooephus, Wilson, Mlnatltlan. Cld sehrs Minerva (Br), I'latelier, St JagodeCuba: Helena Helen. Taylor, NIxindon; Mercy Tay lor, Crowell, NYork; J P Ames, Warren, Jacksonville: M M Freeman, Nlckerson, Savannah, Sid sclir Kangliaher, Crook, Savannah. BRlsioL, Feb 1:1?Arr sloop Wm H Bowen, Bf tUerton, Nlork. Sin scbr Israel II Day, i'base, B.ihimora. CHARLESTON. Feb#-Cld schra Wide W orld, Safford, N York, l'augaMett, Keen, Darien. 10th?Ait steamships James Adger, Phillips, NYork; Thou Bwann, Ramsay, Baltimore, brig Samuel Attains, ?, Bos ton; schr Horace E Brown, Warren, Baltimore. DIGHTON, Feb 12?Arr schr C R Vtckery, Babbitt, Nor folk. HIGHLAND LIGHT, Fab IS, 9 AM?Pausing In, achr Ed ward Lampher, !iom ? lor Boston; ship Flertwing. from Manila ; bark uelphos, from NOrleans for rt ston; brigs II W Packer, from Cape ilaytlen for do, M?ry A Jones, from Ma delra for do; Fredonla, from ? fordo; schr Richmond, from Pensacola for do. 6 PM?Passed by. shin Charger, from Calcutta for Boston, In tow of the R B Forbes; one ship iiiWi tons, Howoa'rigs), four barks and sl( brigs, unknown, hunset?Passing out, abip Dolphin, for Calcutta; bark Anns, for Norleana. Ship Flcetwlng lieara NNW 30 miles Wind NW, fresh, clear. MOBILE, Feb 7?Arr ship Bospborus, Pendleton, Ant werp. Cld ship MaieMic, Lennox. New Orleans ; sebra M A Schindler, 1 reland, Boston, D Townnend, Townaend, NYork. NEW OK LEANS, Feb 13 (by tel)?ait ships Kentuaklan, Havre: Leucothea, Liverpool, Gallego, Kio Janeiro. NEW BEDFORD, Feb 13?hid scbr Angella, Hardy, Balil more. NEWPORT, Feb 12?Arr schr Joalah At horn, Merrill, Pe tersburg, Va, for N Bedford. 13th, 5 AM?In port, the above; arhrs Anderaon, from Oo nalvea for Boston. Larukah, 11 oils, Jaekaonvllle for do; M 8 Partridge, Jackson. Ho, kland for Petersburg, Va: Orvetta, Ssmmla. Fall River for New York; Queen of tbe South, El wood, Providence for do; Leading Breeze, Harding, do for Rappahannock; Rli-hartl Bull winkle. French. Korkland for N^ ork. Constitution, Htrout. Georgetown, St', for Boston; Israel L Snow, Achorn, Rockland, for Petersburg, Va. I'M? hid schra t'onatituUon. Jostah Achorn, and Coiner. NEW LONDON. Feb l.l?Hid schr* Pennsylvania, Ladd, Norfolk; Jsmes Lawrence, Rogers (from NYork), Provi dence. NEW HAVEN, Feb 13?Arr schrs Bnterprlae, Woodhtill, Elizabethport; Emetine, Johnson, do; Calirorula, Mugra'h, do; J M Warren. Chapman, NYork. Old bark John Avltes, Lee, St Johns, PR; sehrs John Walker, Philadelphia: J P Ross, Brooklyn; F Merwtn, \ irglnla; Amelia, NYork; aloopa Ida E Nail, do; W rren, do. PENsacoLa, Feb 4?Arr brig Mary, Mnorebouse, A pa lachlcola. Cld Jan 28, Hampton. Eddlna, N York; Feb 4,P Hooper. McCluakv, and Yelaaoo, Bouthairk, GalvoaUm, J W Webster, Blake, Apaiachlcola. PORTLAND, Feb IS-Arr hark 7,ldon, Holbrook, Boston; brigs P K Curtis, Norwood, Matanzas; 8arah, Rose, Carde naa. Cld brig Endorus, llaakell, Cordenaa. Sid, wind SE, Mr steamahip Bohemisn. PltoviDENCE, Feb 13?Arr steamers Osprer, Kennev, N York; l'cugnln. William*, do, schrs II B Metealf, Burton, Norfolk : V W nsmmoiid, Wlxon. James River: James Law renoe, Rogers, New York; aloop Blacksu>ne, Allen, do. Sid ?ekr* Joha L Hsrliii Con key, Norfolk, Sea Nympit, H.tws<m, and John Farnum, Hall, do; Ueorge Falea, Nickerson, l'hlla delplila; sloop Ame ica, Northup, NYork nlONINUION, Feb 13?Arr achr J Goodapeed, Pereatt, N York for Provide nee, sloop Thos Hull, Hull, do lor Bristol. WILMINGTON, NO, Fab 11?Arr hark Uennia Nleker<nn, ?baton. Cld 11th. schrs F Edwards, 8wain, New York. 12th, Drift, Cert In, Porto Rkjo, W II Smith, Seott, NYork; tt G Wbelden, Meal, do. \VALBNTINEP, VALENTINES. ? FINE ASSORTMENT, At BTRONO'S. W Naaami street \'ALENTINB WANTED?A YOUNG MAN. WHOHB bashfulneaa Is su<-h aa to Interfere with hlaromang many lady ac ^lalntancea, hopee that some ef the fair sex will take ulty on his forlorn state and aend hlaa a valentine. Fraacla Merton, Marlborough, Maaa DENTISTRY. A RTIFICIAL TFBTH.?ONLY $ft FOR BBAI'TI FITL XL and substantial Seta on imre silver; on fine gold and r'stlna, $26; Single Teeth, $1. Teeth flfled and extracted without the least pain. Artificial Bone Filling, 60 oenta All work warranted. Oftloe 138 Sixth avenue, between Tenth and Eleventh streets. Dr. lVtHKR. Dentist Artificial bonb filling fob dboatbd teeth. put In while soft, without pressure or pain. Aetilng teeth or mere sheila cAn be filled wlta It by th# olaonrerer, J AM EH I'F.arson. M. D. Rooms 809 Braadway, above Union square, north side. D| R Jj: KENNEDY RAM RIMlVED TO IMIOWBHT, thf*e deora below Spring street, where ha continues ta insert hie beaaiifo) llfe-llVs 1 eeth, at uaaaually low prioaa. Whole upper or under aeta on said fmen $26, or on silver from $A Partial aeta on fold from $2 aaeh tooth, or oa all ?oamihs Am Looenre. T NO 7 eiiVUCY rikACE, 1M twentieth L airwt, smaud duar from Fourth ?veuu?, lo let. to a *ln geatkman only,a furnished Silting Room and Bedroom mm4; breakfast If required; htaue ttrst claa* and pi* Ho marine In May. A One reaidenoe. Befareuou* ?? A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL BEOEIVE THREE children to Board and Educate. They will k<' kindly kiaM, and can-fully I n? true led In the Eugliah bran.b**, Aiawlag M>d lower painting. Terms, $15 uer month, In ad ? aaea. Apply to Mr* Kyle, 7 Cottage row, Weal Fifty second street, Mar Eleventb avenue. A FEW GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED with good Board and pleasant Reois, at U4 Wavei ley place, near Sixth avenue. Dinner at tlx o clock. A FURNISHED BOOM ON THE SECOND FLOOR TO JL let, toga fentlrman and wife or two single gentlemen, a Ilk Board, In a private family, where all the comfort* of an agreeable bom* aan be enjoyed. Also a ?Ingle room. Term* moderate. 176 M est Tw euUetb tueet. A NEATLY FURNI8HBD FRONT JROOM, WITH OR A. wRhout hall Bedroom, on third Boor; also a haadsotao n furitshed back I'arlor to lei, without board. Bath aud gas. 61 Fouith avenue, oue block from Brvadway. AGENTLBMAN AND W1KB CAN FIND ELEGANTLY furnished Room*, with Board. In a small private family when- ail the comforts of a home utn be found, by applying at 85 Montague street, Brtoklyn. ___ ACOUPLB OF SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN KIND comfortable Room*, with Board, by erplytng at 16 Cot tage place, between Uouston and Bleeckei- street*. Befe renoa required. AOBNTLBMAN AND LADT OR A FBW SINGLE gentlemen can be ui*?ly accommodated with good Board tad bourn comfort* at 304 Weet Twenty eighth street, be tween Eighth and Ninth arenuea. Near oar* and slagea. A THIRD STORY BACK BOOM TO LET?WITH / Board, at 61 bt, Mark's place, Eighth street, to a gentle man and wife; slao a email Koom, for single gentlemen only. A few boarders taken. A PRIVATE FAMILY, HAVING NO CHE FOR THE entire ibirii floor, * ill diapoae of the rooms to gentlemen desiring a quiet hornet with full orparilal Board. Beet 01' reference required Apply at 18 Hammond street. A PLEASANT FRONT ROOM, IN SECOND STORY, TO let, with Board, suitable for a gentleman and wife; alio small room* for *tilgle; Mod looatlon, prints family. Keferetioe* exchanged. Apply at M Weat Tenth street, between Fourth and Bleecker street*. ? WELL FURNISHED FRONT ROOM AND BEDROOM, together or separate, will ho rented to gentlemen bv a private family. Location 42 University place, on Fifth ave nue stage route. A FEW 8INOLB GENTLEMEN, WISHING TO BOOM together or Kingly, can have pleasant liooms, with full or partial Boftid, In a private family; location desirable for business men, convenient to and west oi Broadway. No. 124 Spring Btrn't. Be. erences exchanged. * BMALLTRITATE FAMILY, RAVING MORE ROOM A than they require, will let one or two Room* to single gentlemen. Apply at .131 Broome street. A YOUNG WIDOW LADY, LIVING ALONE AND having a nicely furnished front Room, with use of sit ting i uou; attached, that -he would let to a gentleman and lady, with ?oard for the lady ouly. Call at H9 Thompson street, third tloor, over the store. Mrs. WII,LARD. A SMALL handsomely furnished HOUSE TO let, to a private family only, situated below Fourteenth street, near Broadway; if agreeable the rent of the furniture will be taken in Board. For full particulars aildresa M. Davis, Madicon square l'o*-. ollioe. A SUIT OF THRBE furnished ROOMS TO LET, IN a private bouse, where there are no boarder*: can be hvl aether or separate, with partial Board, if deaired. Apply at Broome street, near Centre. A WIDOW LADT, HAVING RECENTLY COMMENCED housekeeping, wishes to rent a suit of pleasantly furnish od Parlors, or small Bedrooms, to a party of single gent*, or gen tleman and ladv. Also a single lady can be accommodated, w here all comfuna can le realized. 17 Watt* street, near W ^ Ick. References exchanged, BOABD-TWO or TnREE ROOMS MAY BE PR0 eured with full or partial Board, in a very pleasant neigh borhood, by calling at 16:: Ea*t Fourteenth street. BOARD.?A PRIVATE FAMILY HAVE A PLEASANT front Room to let, to two gentlemen or a gentleman and wife, with or without Board. Location on 1'wcnty-foiirth street, between Madison and Fourth avenue*. Inquire of LOUDON A CO., 270 Fourth avenue; terms very reasonable. OARD?A FRONT HALL BEDROOM ON THE THIRD floor, with Board, at 83 Clinton plaoe, near Firth avenue. Dinner at six o'clock. B BOARD.?A SUIT OF BOOMS TO LET, WITH BOARD Sj (separate or together), with gas, hot and cold water, bath, large piuatriea, Ac., in a *maU family, where there are few boarders. Inquire at No. S Bank street. Stage* paa* within one block of the house. Referee oea exchanged. BOARD-AT258TUYVESANT STREET, CONTINUATION of Antor place.--A gentleman and his wife, or two sin gle gentlemen can be accommodated with Boatd where the comforts of a home can be found; convenient to can and stages. Second of the new English baaement houses oast of Thu d avenue. B OARD.?AN AMERICAN LADY WILL TAKE V CHILD t<> Board, at 2K) Went Thirty-second street, first floor. Board wanted-by a respectable toung !?<!>? n dressmaker, In a respectable plaoo, between Twentieth and Thirueieth street*. Can give reference* from her present place, where she nan w ? M.,<wi?to<i live years. Andreas A. M. C., Union square Poet oUice. Board wanted -a buit of pleasant rooms, llTM Bedrooms and Parlor, with private tal>l'\ lu Madison or Union square. First class. Address W. A. B., box 767 Post office. Board wanted?a suit of two rooms, with full Board, for a gentleman and wile, la wanted lu a gen teel private finally, In either New York or Brooklyn, and where there are no other boarders. Unexceptionable refe rence must be given, and * itli good and pleasant accommo dations n lair pri-o will be paid. Address J. M B., Daily Evening Post oHiir. Board wanted-by a young german ladv, in a pleasant private family, where lessons in derm in and English, a few honrs tlaily, would las taken as recompense for Board A family having a piano preferred. Addrtas, stating particulars, M. A. W., Ilrrald oilice. Board wanted on staten island, in a first class house, for gentleman, wife, throe small children ? nd nurse, near ><teaml>oat landing ami in view of the bay; ?oulh side preferred. Address s M., box 175, N. Y. Poet oilice, giving full particular*, Ac. Terms moderate. BriAHniNfi.-A SMALL FAMILY OR PARTY OF <IEN tlemen can procure ? unit nf Rooma, neatly furntohed, and on moderate terms, at 41 East Fiileeuth stiveU Dinner at 6 o'clock. Boarding at ?:? west thirtf-entii street ?an elderly widow lady, whote lamily is private, can ac-om m-idale a gentleman and w ife or one or two sln?le gentlemi * ? iih furnished Booms and Board. The house ts modci n, lu a fine location, a few door* ? est of Sixth avenue. Reference* exchanged Boarding.?a young lady, who is occupied during the dav, want* Board in a private family cr *e trct boarding bouse. Terms must b<> moderate Miut be situated between Fourth and Twentieth street*. References given and requirtil Address, stating price and aooommoda tioD, box 198llera)d oflice, for two uaj*. Boarding-a middle aged lady, a good nurse, would take an Invalid lady or geutienuiii to boat d, where the comforts of n home rain be found; cooking to suit thetaUe; meals served In tlieir room*; thoee who can tur ntsh their own room* preferred; residence in Nineteenth street, between Irving place and Third avenue. Addrea* Mrs. J. T., station D, Bible House. ROOKLYN ?A LAROK ROOM suitable FOR TWO singb gentlemen, having gas, bath, with hot and cold water, ntiacb<d, and very pleasantly located; also u large parlor and bed room on same tloor for a gentleman ami wile, or party of single gentlemen; permanent arrangement with sultab e paities, references exchang"l. Inquire 23 Concord street. B Brooklyn board?a qenmleman and wife or two single natlrmni. ''an be accommodated with Rood Room* and Board a( No 24S Hick* Ntree*. three minutes walk f roin Wall street and Bouth ferries. B04BD IN BROOKLYN -A FEW BINULB OBNTLE men can be accommodated with Board at 101 L?w rence Street, Brooklyn. The situation la pleasant acdcon\ anient to the ferries. . , ? , Boabd IN BROOKLYN.?FURBISHED rooms ON second and third stories to let, with Board, seven minutes' walk of Wall and South ferries, Apply at Mo. 100 CUulon street. References eichanged. Board in Brooklyn.?a gentleman and hib wife, or two young gentlemen, can be accommodated with pleaaant Rooms and good Board In an American family, by applying at U6 State Mtrees, between Hick* and Henry *tr??'ta, Ave mlnntea' walk from either the South or Wall Hrect ferry. The house ha, modern impro\emenu. Din ner a' ?j{. Board in Brooklyn.?a private family oc cupy ing a first class house. oonveninent to Wall street and houth Ferries, wl?h to let, with Board, a handaomety fur nished front Room and Bedroom, pantry attached. Apply at W Htate street, corner of Garden. Board in Brooklyn wanted?bya young obn. tkman, In a primta family, where th?re are n .i.ther 1> ardei? The subscriber wlsb' H to locate petraanently in a e< ng' tilal family, American preferred. Location near Wall Kireet ferry. Unexceptionable rrfcrenoea given and required. Address Chsrl's, bo* 141 Herald office. Board on Brooklyn iieiuhtb.-front room to let, with Board, at 84 Cranberry street fronting "n Wil low, side entrance on Cranberry, conv<nien' to Wall aud Fulton ferrlee. Modern lmpro> ements In the house, ' Brooklyn HBioirm?partial board for gen lieu,i n at No. :t7 t'ranbcrTv street, between Willutv and Columbia. Rooms wHh water and gas. situation desirable and convenient to Wall street and Fulton ferries. OUBAI' furnthhed roomk at the frank FORT House, corner of Frankfort and William streets.? Good Rooms f rom $1 to fA |>er week. Lodgings I mm X'i oents to 37 cents per night. Open all night. Good reatauraut attached. Elegantly pcrnibiibd suits and rinolb Rooms to let, containing all the modern conveniences, with or wlihout full or partial Moard Aiplyat U10 Brosd way, between Twentieth and Twenty-tlrsi streets. Terms moderate. Refi ret.cca en banged. French board wanted.-a furnished room, with Roard, In a French family, in New Yark or Rrook lyn, by a finale gentleman. Address W. K. T., bos tlW 1'ost i lllee, New York. EpIRHT CLASB BOARD, IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, FOR .F gentlemen Hivd their wives, furnished Raima, vety deeirahle. I'nriceptionahle reference required. Apply at ?1 West Forty-sixth street, between Fifth and Bilth avenue*. Furnished boomb to let, at no. w bullivan street, Inquire of Mm. Lubbock. Furnished boomb to let, with or without board; with a French widow|lady. No. 7# Leonard street, ne?i Broadway. - Furnished apartments-large boom on sb cond floor, suitable for one or two gentlemen or a gen tleman and wife beeping bouse; can have use of kitnben;al?k on upper floor, a neat Bedioom; $4 per month. Apply at 47 Amity street. r RNIBHED ROOM, WITH BOARD, IN A SMALL bouse, occupied by a genleel French fsmily, without chil dren. Inquire at M ltnat Twenty-fourth street, between Ma dison square and Fourth avenue. Good chauee to beoome perfect In the French language and music GHENTLBMAN AND WIFE WANT ROARD-AT BIZ PER I week, above Fourteenth street, west side. References. TSdrese, with full particulars, J). B. box 1,479 OfflW, [ boaupmq amd Looenre. TF.^MRT,1B8 WMUXMO BOARD WILL CALL AT NO. i.fc.L "?t:!ir'n.V,nuel.^,*?n Tw?n'T ??wnth kill) Twenty 4*?^ . i Hu<1 hauilsom-ly furnished, gi ?en **011 P*rior Hour. Re.ereuusis required and V??J!?ir?8T NINTI1 s*bbet. between rrrra avd ?S.i3JnueV7Hlu*le ??ntlenfl?. or fsnUamau and furnished Rooms ?,ve???i.i. n?^' Thc houM ?"?>??">? *" U?? modern im fRSEbSiikit "*** exofcan'e<L German, French and P^nrnT,? BOABDINO-TWO OR THREE 8HALL c*u ^ had wilh Board, at 44 East Sixteenth li^h.fh "I111* l'1*0'' The house In tinely located. baa eifMnjed ttr' Ulanei ?l 0 o'clock. References "PJ^w. JKUR? ,P WANTED-BV AN AMERICAN, a private family preierred; location " . i I illl ?r lh" Junction of Canal struct and Kant Broid ofllce. ' SUUn? ^ruit, Ac., H. A. J , box hi Herald "pEflPErTAMLE SINGLE MEN AND WOMEN EN liiima k i1**1 desirous of a happy and comfortable Lrner of 8t j h ?-?SL *^d L?d#ln? at No. 11 Lalght street, JJJP fjF.i John ? fcne, Canal sTreet The men at $a pa week, the m uitu at >3 50 per week. R?V(fh ,AVKNUK?IN THE VICINITV OP iiTi rCIvoA il ,ote''to w'"> Board. Frem h, English and Spanish spoken Address R. O, boa 107 Herald ottioo. R^iih?ntThLi?TrM.^,LLT rvHximBD, with or without break l ast, at 57 East Eleventh street. .RPyr> WIT11 BOARD, EITHER FDR d)LiH It^l. unfuraUhed. In.|ulie at 123 West Twenty second street. Ken-rtuce* required. OECOND STORY FRONT ROOM, AND HALL BED ninrJTUS1iii*!iifi u' *1 :1A"' P0"1"1" near Lafayette Jif H Boill1d' 10 a gentleman and his wife, or sin changed. Location quiet and central. Referetieos ex r^J5,!NJhLEMKW' JV UO WOULD BE WILLING TO room Mother, can h.ive a pleasant Romi and Board, on moderate terms, by applying it zu Moth jtrcet, a lew dura east of Second avenue. Private family. T?^ S!!DOW LADY< A GOOD BEDROOM, ;L, .L.bjf K?? "t? %Z??LT'lZ?CiT?'"" W T0*?**1??1**? KOUMH JN A PRIVATE 1?roadway^' ?utger? street. Inquire In store, lttt fcust r REKT-TITII BOARD, TWO PARLORS WITH bedrooms attached; also, several single K.Kims to single gentlemen, with or without Board. Apply at 46 Orove street. TtTANTED? FOR A LADY AND GENTLEMAN, A BED f? room and l'arlor, with Board for the lady ouly. In a modern houne, In the vicinity of Fourth avenue, Broadway or Fifth avenue, not abo\ e Thirtieth or below Twelfth street Address B. C., Madison Mjuare Post oflloe. "XKlANTED?BY A SINGLE GENTLEMAN, ONE OR TWO f T Rooms, with breakfast, iu a <i<il?(j)mate family where 15.^ *re,i? "lbor twwdeiM. A till reus for two days K.. bo* 1UU Herald ouioe. WANTED-BY A SINlJLE (IENTLEMaN, A NEATLY lurched Boom, with breakla^t. Address A. A, bo* Po?t oilloe, stifling torxns and location. OR N?AR NEW Y'ORK. BOARD FOR A little girl six years old, In an American family without children; no one need answer except those who will lake the best of care of her clothes and send her to school. Ad dress C. W., Herald ?'tllce VtTANTED?BY A PHYSICIAN, OFFCE AND BOARD "* in ? P"**1? family or private boarding house, for self, wre, four children and servant; location oetweeu Fourth and Sixth avenues and Twenty, fourth and Thirty flxth Htr.-et?. Engllah basement preferred. Terms must be low, and the beet of rcferenco required. Address Physician, Madisou square Post othoe. WELL FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET?TO QENTLB men onlv; location most desirable; family private; house has bath, gas, Ac.; breakfast if desired. No. t? East Twelfth street, near Broadway. >| TH AVENUE, NEAR MADISON SQUARE ?VERY DE J* slrasle Rooms, with Board, are olfered by n private lamlly, residing in a modern first class house, pleasantly and conveniently located. Apply at No 417 Fourth avenue. UWOOSTEB STREET, NEAR CANAL AND BROAD way.?A well furnished front or back Parlor, on first floor, and other Rooms; closets, gas. piano, and attic, with ttove, to let, with Board. Alao, meals sent to the rooms. lO WOOSTER STREET?FURNISHED ROOMS TO I^i let. A front Parlor, on the lirst lloor: also, a front Basementjgas, batlis, <to. Will be rented at half the ustial rates. 12 Wooster street, near corner of ( anaL lO ASHLAND PLACE, BExWEEN GREENWICH IO avenue and Waverleyplace.?Rooms to let, with Hoard, to gentlemen and their wivea or single genileiucu. Near car at a stage routes. 79 TENTH STREET, ONE DOOR EAST OF FIFTH I avenue.?Rooms to let, with Board, to respectable par ilea Dinner at 6 o'clock. 7Q SPRING STREET, THREE DOORS FROM BROAD I O way.?To let, several handsomely furnished Rooms, to single gentlemen. The location Is near all the. lirst class hotels andalacM of amusement. Reading roo;n free, ln^ulro of ANSON HOI bK. O/k WHITE STREET?ONE DOOR EAST OF BROAD O" way, In llic largo motlrril IiIhim?, ftouili. . Willi Hoard; one Itaukrooui on ttrit Uoor. soluble lor two geutlemen, also ai ingle room. CLINTON PLACE, NEAR FIFTH AVENUE.?SINGLE Kentlemen, or gentlemen and their wives, nun now ob tain Hue Rooms ou lirst, second and fourth Hours, with good Board. Belereme given and reqnlred. QQ GREENE STREET, ABOVE SPRING.?ALSTON tJ*J House Elegantly rumishe.l suits of Rooms. Ons, Croton and erery couvenleuee for hotii citeeplugen momlcally. Partl< ularly ?ultable lor small respectable families or sliiglu gentlemen. Rent low to permanent tenants. 19A WAVERLEY PLACE. NEAR SIXTH AVENUE.? i<bT A large and very deslialile Room, with pan'rlo", A"., on second floor, for a gentleman and his wife or two single gentlemen. Also, one sing e Room. No moTlng lu May. Dinner at six. "ICO PRINCE STREET?ST. CLAIR HOUSE.?ELE .It/U gantly luuilsbed Rooms, wltli Bedrooms utlachi-d with all the ooaveuienoea for bousekeepInK complete, includl lng gas aLd Crot4>n wattr, to let to respectable families or slu gle gentlemen. 1fi7 WF.PTTWENTY.F1FTH hTREET.?BOARDING ? J-"l A i ult ol handsomely furnished Rooms to let, with Board; also two or three small Rooms, suitable lor single gentlemen. House and neighborhood Urst claas. Family small. Dinner atslx. Call as above. onrj WERT TWENTY-THIRD STREET?A SUIT OF furnished R'>oms to let, with Board, to a ^entlemnn and family; dinner at f o'clock. References exchanged. 91 O ELM STREET, NEAR SPRING?MARION HOUSE sUWJ Nicely furnished Apartments, arranged for soonoml cal bi'usekeeptng, w ith all the conveniences, including cook up utensils, best bedding, gas, water, 4a Rents low to r? peetable tenants. a A r AND 647 BBOADWAY (CLINTON HOUSE), OVBR Vi IU Mendl's saloon? Elegant suits of Rooms for gentle men; uew furniture, beds and bedding, and all the oonve- j nlences of a first glass house. Apply as above. 7ftO BBOADWAT, BETWEEN ETOnTn AND NINTH I ou streets.?A plnastnt ront Room and side Room (bath room on same I floor) on seeond floor, to let to gentle men, furnished, separatelr or together. Houae newly fur. nUhed aad has all the modern improvement*. nun BROADWAY.?BCOMS IN S'JIT FOR PAMI I'll lles.and single Boom* for gentlemen, either fernfeb ed or unfurnished; location central for Ifisliisii. ounveidcnt Rooms for doctors and lawyer s offices. LOST AMD FOIWD. (1AME TO TUB STABLE 12 LEXINGTON AYEM'E, J on Friday, Feb H, a brown terrier Dog. The owner can have hmi by proving property ami paying expenses. If not called for before the 17tl? he will lie sold to pay eiponwu. LOKT-ON WEDNESDAY, THE 1STII INST., IN ONE of th? Bleecker street stages No 483), whliegettine out [ at the corner of Bleecier and Charles streeta, a Inly ? Muff, I for which the finder will leeelve ? suitable rewind and the | thanks of the owner by returning It to Mrs. Emily Marsh, W9 Hudson street, N. Y. LOST?ON WEDNESDAY, FEB. 13, $64 IN BILLS IX one of the etagee running to Fulun frrry, and three pro mi?? ry notes; one note 1* for $? and $IAO and $100 payable I to Mary M. Kami! ton, payment of whic his xtopped. A suitable reward will be given tor returning the same, or by sending ihe notes to Mrs. Bell, 14* Mercer stieet. T c>BT?ON WEDNESDAY, UTII INST, A SMALL 1j leather I'tirse, containing $11 in bills ami some small change, between miner feat re and Grand streets and St. Mebol** Hotel. The Under will bo liberally rewarded by re turning the same to the owner. No. 21 Cottage place. LOHT?ON TUB MTU INBT., FROM IIS WEST TWENTY elghth street, a Miiall tail Hint; husv. i rs to the name of Faaule Beauty whoever will return her to the above num ber will receive $i reward. LOHT?A POCKBTBOOK, CONTAINING SOME MONEY and cards ? mnrriage certificate and Knottier paper were fastened to the ouuude. Th" finder may retain the money, If he will kindly return the wallet nnd papers to the addrea* on the curds, or to Mr. Illilfeoune, at the otlioo of field A Mc Lean, No. 9 Pine street. LOST-?fl BEWARD.-LOST, A POINT Lai K HAND" kerchief. The above rewsrd will be pnld by leaving It at 1H4 He< ond avenue LOST?ON Till'BHD AY FORF.NOON, IN THE BOW ery, between ('anal and Hester streets, a black Engllnb Terrier Dog, for which the ow uer will pay a liberal reward at 77 Bow ery LOST-ON the niqht or THE 12T11 IN'XT, in the City Assembly rooms, or In returning home, a Mosalo Breastpin. The finder will be regarded by rniuialngthe same to 20.1 William street, near Pearl. REWARDS. A I.AROE REWABD WILL BE PAID TOR INFORM atlon that will lead to the recovery of a large and valua ble ermine Cape that waa-lost at a party on Monday evening, Fil'ruaiy 11. Apply at KM Broadway. $K REWABD.?LOST, ON THt'BMDAY MORNING. A tJ Fur Cape, In k ilng from Twent\ tlfth treat, Fourth avenue, and Twenty seventh street to Madl'oo avenue. The above amount will be paid on lis delivery at 32 Bast Twenty first street. <&<>A REWABD-LOST ON TUB 12th INST. FROM ttk <PZi\/ West Forty sixth stieet, a small black and taa HluL The finder win receive the above reward by leaving her at U Marlon street. New York. ?PORTIMO. A RftlYBD BY TUB LAST STEAMER, A LA ROB l/YT A of Canarlea, exeeHent songsters, at wholeaale and retafl, aneap; alao Moeklog Birds, aliunde of Pawy Birds, Cagea, Ac., for sale, at No. 78 Fultoa street, oorner of OokL DAYIP TBNT*?. XfBANCIH BI'TLBB, *0. SPECK SLIP, HAS ALL THB I nholoe Breads for aala and stoat Butler's infallible Mange Cure and Plea Enarmlnator, 00 cents per bottle. But ler * ' Breeding. Training, Diaeeaea, Ac., of D^ga," $1. Dop boarded, trained. At Tedldneeforall dlseasee. CKLLINB OPP?THE P1NBBT OOLLBCTION IN Tin p world of Belgian and Staving Oanariae; superior MexMnc I todl'w ?? j-.?y"'To4e ydAaW^Blrds of J S4L1SAT ABCTTO!T. ^ W. PORTER A AUCTIONEERS.?110 l'?E * MAGNIFICENT HOCBRHOLD FI'RNITURE at fdbmc Arm on, At the elegant resident* 21s West Fourteenth afreet, am Eighth avenue. 011 FRIDAY, FEB. 1#, AT 11 O'CLOCK, The catalogue comprising tbe Largest and richest assortment ot Household Furniture and Works of Art offered at Auction this muoa 8uperb seven octave Pianoforte, Elegant drawing room Suits, Artistic Brontes, Mutuary, Oil Paintings by eminent artists. Bronze and Ormoln Chandeliers, Pier ?ud Mantel Mirrors, Brocade and Lace Curtains, Ac. r, at 11 o'eUx k precisely?tbe ant Ire eletan' Fur niture and l ean ill ul \f orks of Al t contained In the above large dwelling, all of wbleh will be sold without reserve, ami must be removed Immediately, consisting of evemhiug to be louud In a llrsi cuts* residence?parlor, library, dining rooia aud chamber Pwnlturc. ratal, gues ready by s o'clock this muruing, when tbe whole oan be examined. Parlors oontam superior velvet Carpets, three magulfloent solid ro*ewo?d Hulls, covered In maroon, blue and gold, and crimson and gold satin, oi tbe most expensive description; Gothic and turklsh Easy Chairs, In moquct and satin bro cade ;.ladlea solid rosewood Reception and Armchairs, eover ed in gold, blue, crimson and maroon satin; three solid rose Wood ( enlre 1 nblft, with rich statuary marble top*; exp6Q ?lw/ carved rosewood Pier, B .fa aud Side Tables, with pensive landscapes, painted to order iu France; magnlticent French nlate Pier Glass, with rich and heavy gold frame Mantel Mirror to match, of sis feet square; heavy embroider' ed lace Window Curtains and ('ounces, large mid extensive variety of Oil Paintings, by native artists, such as land scapts, winter scenes, marine views, scriptural pieces, A'.; tie whole forming a very pleating collection; superior rose wood Pianoforte, lull seven octavo, elegant ease, finished all round, inlaid plat*, and riehly set with pearl, coat ?<>?i being a valuable Instrument; rosewood Piaco Stool, covered in satin, with an elegant and costly embroidered cover. Dining Koi.m?Itich velvet tapestry Carpet, to good order; solid oak Extension Table, all polished In the best manner, marble top Fancy Tables, Mirrors, Sofa Beds, Chairs In hair cloth, together with all the ruby and crystal cut Glassware, W ines, 1 hainpagnex, Tumblers, Goblets and Decanters to match; rich china Tea and Dinner Sets, costly Silver Ware, Tea and Dinner Scrvlce. 24 Inch Salvers, Cake Baskets, Can Itrs, Coffee and Tea lfrns. Spoons, Porks, Liquor Stand, su per! .r Table Cutlery, marble Pitmen, Ac. Chambers? Costly solid rosewood aud mahogany Bedsteads, statuary marble top Bureaus, W ashstands and Comm.xlea to match; over twenty pure hair Mattresses, from 40 to 40 lbs., made to order and In excellent condition; ingrain Carpets, bedrvom Mirrors, Clocks, Toilet Tables, Towel backs, Toilet Seta of Cloths, Stair Carpets and Rods, mahogany cushioned Chairs, Vockera, Sofas, Lounges, Couch Beds, flail Htands, Tea and Dining Tables, together with a large and desirable assortment of Basement Utensils, Ac., with which the sale will commence. Allan j. heeler a Co., auctioneers. Peremptory and Attractive Auction Sale, Ibis day (Friday), at 10% o clock, uf Costly Rosewood Household Furniture, Modern Rosewood Pianoforte, Rare Oil Palntiugs, Ac., A3,, At the brown stoue mansion of the late Corning Hoffman, Esq., No. 52 West Sixteenth street, near Fifth avenue. Also, tbe whole of the valuable Library, llorses, Carriages' Barouche. Ac. This dav 'Friday', at 10',' o'clock. Catalogue* now ready, and cau be had at the bouse or otlioe. DRAWING ROOM FURNITURE, Consists of oarved rosewood Ktegeres, marble top, French plate dours aud back, Work Table, Inlaid with mother of icurl; rosewood Centre tables, statuary marble top; two full suits Drawing itoom Furniture, elegant Tete a tete Hot'as, two ann reception and oval back Cbairs, carved rose wood frames, covered In three colored satin brigade ol' the moM expensive description; Console Tables, inlaid with tor lolseahell; brocade aud lace Curtains, 6-llghi orinolu bronze Chundeliers, Candelabras, Brackets, French plate pier and mantel Mirrors, with rich gilt frames; superb ftvres and Dresden china Vases, richly decorated panan marble Sta tuettes, Sevres artistic Bronzes, representing Night, Morn ing, Fainting, l'andora. Poetry, Music, Crusaders, Ac.; an tique lava \ ases, from Pompeii and Uerculanium; ebony Card Tables, velvet Carpets and Rugs, 'lurklth easy Chairs, bron/.e Clock, Oil Paintings by ltosoeau, Inman, Huntington, Legrand, Cole and other eminent artists; French line En gravings. Assumption Virgin Mary. MAGNIFICENT SEVEN-OCTAVE pianofortb, Carved legs and case, round comers, hushed all round, Inlaid with and solid pearl keys, roeewool Stool, Music Hack, em broidered cloth Cover, book and sheet Music; rosewood Hat stand, Oilcloth, Brussels Stair Carpels, Ac. Chambers? Klchly carved rosewood Bedsteads, style Louis XIV.: Bu reaus, Commodes to Match: Wardrobes, Dressing Toilet Tables, Shaving and Book Stands, Couches, Arm Chairs, Curtains, Shades, Cornices, hair Mattresses, Paillasses, lea ther Beds, Bolsters. Pillows, Blankets, Sheets. Quilts, Coun terpanes, decorated china Toilet Sets, oval Mirrors: dining room Furniture of every kind, solid carved oak Buffets, sta tuary marble top; Hcerdtz"sDining Table, Couches, Arm Chairs, elegant sets crystal and ruby Glassware, Decanters, two dozen Goblets, Champagnes, W lnea, Lemonades, Tum blers, Fiuit, Collery and Preserve Stands, Finger Howls, ruby and parlan marble Punch Bowls, ruby and gold IJqu ir Sets, gold band china Dinner Sets, 10 pleoes; richly deco rated Tea Sets, 44 pieces; solid silver Dinner aud Tea Bets. All the china and glassware are from the celebrated house of Peepln A Co., of Paris. Silverware, Coffee llrn, Casters, Cake Baskets; also Kitchen t'teuslls. Ac. Casb deposits re quired of all purchasers (rale peremptory, without regard to weather. Auction sale.?m. doughty, auctioneer, will sell. Ibis day i Friday). Feb. 16, aud to morrow iHatsr oay), Feb. 16, commencing at lO!j o'clock en'-h day, at sales room *6 Nassau street, a lew do irsfrom Fulton street, ingrain Carpeting, two gilt frame Pier Glasses, French plate; rose wood Parlor Suits, covered In plush and broeatcl, vlx: Tete a Tetes Parlor, Arm aud Sewing Chairs, mahogany do., lu hair cloth; Bookcases, marble top Centre Tables, mahogany Card Tables, KxiensionlDlnln* "table#, oak Dining ''hairs, black walnut, marble top aud plain Dressing Bureaus, W ashstands, bedsteads, "air Mattresses, Feather Beds, Lounges, Wardrobes, Ac , Ac. The whole to be peremptorily sold. Auction notice.?a large assortment of Household Furniture, comprising Velvet, Brussels and Ingrsln carpets; a line toned hose wood Pianoio-te, Miho gauy Bedstead, marble top Bureaus and Wash Stands. 5 largo Feather Beds, best Hair Mattresses, Comfortables, Extension Table, chandeliers. Has Fixtures. I'ler Glasses, oil Paintings itnd Engravings. The sain will take place this dayjat 10;4 o'clock, at V3 West Houston street TUGS. M. CONNAUGHTON, Auctioneer. Auction notice-bchniiam s furniture f.x. pre>s Packing Kstabllshment, Nos. Ill and 113 Weal Eleventh stieet, between Fifth and Sixth avenues ? House old Furniture boxed aud shipped to all parts of the World, latrge covered wagon* for removing furniture luto country; stored, stored. Auction notice.?tiiob. bell, auctioneer, and W. S. INGKA11AM, on Saturday, al II o'clock. In tho salesrooms. 26 New Bo .very, will be sold the entire For nlture of a genteel boarding house, removed i or convenience of sale. Also the balance 01 the Pawn. ASSIONFE S PALE OF TOBACCO AND SEGAR8-A. M. CR1STALAK, auctioneer, will sell, this day, 18th lost., at It),1, o'clock, at his s ilesioom, 23 Bower*, elgbicosee of Tobacco, Wrappers and Fillers. Also 100,'00 domestic; and imported Srgars, of various brands and qualities. By order of the assignee. ATTRACTIVE AUCTION SALE-AT C, C. LEIGH'S Chins Hall, No. Ag'i Broadway, this day. This Is an op portunlty rarely afforded to housekeepers, hotels, Ac , to sup. ply themselves at IA> per cent lower than the ordinary cost of these goods. WM. MVERS, A'ntlouet-r. Belgium.?1town of locvain.-sai.e by Auc tion ol Ancient aud Modern Paintings troiu the Flemish and Dut-h Schools, comprising the Splendid Gallery of the late M. Dlsirl Van der schrleck, mnateur distlnguf', Knight of tbe Royal Order of Leopold. This sale will lake place in Louvaln, In the gallery of the dec?ased, on Monday, Hlh; Tuesda), Vtb, and Wednesday, 10th of April, Igtil, and I ollow Ing days, at 1 o'clock precisely, under the direction of M. E'l ILNNE LE RoY. Comnussalre Expert of the Royal Mu seum, 12 Place du Grand Rablon. Brussels. This Splendid Collection is MMW d of 21tt Paintings of tiie flist order from the iollowiug eminent makers:?In the Ancient School?L Backuysen, M. Berchem, J. et A. Both, A. Cuyp, C du Sart, A. Van Dyck, J. \ an Eyck, J. llackaerlet A. \ an de Velde, M. Ilohbems, M de Hnndreoeter. P. dc Hoogn, K. du Jardin, N. Maas, J. Mewling, G. Metsu, F. Van Miens, W. Van Mle ris, E. Van der Neer, A. Van Oetade, I. Van Ostnde, 1*. Pot ter, A. Pynacser, Rembrandt, P. P. Rubens, J. RuysdaeL M. Schoon, J. r.teen, D. Temers, O. Tcrberg, A. Van de Wide, W Vsn de Velde J Weenlx, Ph Wourerman, ,1. Wvnants, Ae. In tho Modern School?C. W. E llletricv, Van der Eycken et E. Verboeckhoven, P. ncllemans et F. Verbo"ek hoven, N de Kevser, .1 KoIm-11, B. C. Koekkoek, H, I<?"ys. P. J. Noel, W. J. J. Nuyen, 1) 1'. Ommeganck, J. C. Sebotel, .1. VanStiy, Ac. Private exhibition on Tuesday, 2d; Wednes day. 3d; Thursday. 4th, and Friday, 5th of April. lHgl from 1C till 4 o'clock P. M Public exhibition on Saturday, 6th, and eundav, 7th of April, from 11 till S o'clock P M fhne?ta. logue may be obtained of M. II. Baillicre, 2V0 Broadway, New York. BT DANIF.L A. MATHEWS A CO., AUCTIONEERS, TO morrow (SATURDAY) At 10', O'clock, AT IHKIlt SALESROOM 64 CEDAR HTBEBT, OPPOSITE THE POST OFFICE, LARGE HALE OK HOUSEHOLD rt'UN ITU RE, 4c. (retnovf rt lo our utore for convenience of s.ile). coiial'tlng in pan of elegant carved r. w. walnut stid mahogany Parlor Suit* In green an<l gold bcocatelle, plu*h ana haircloth, Turkish Lounges ninKn'r Ubnlr*, Rockcrs, r. w. eentre and r. w, side 1 ablcs, elegant r. w. fciagcrr*, mlrroi t>ack; rich Pier Mirror*, I-aceCnrtaini and Cornices, bronze ami ortno In Clocks, One Brooze* and Vase*. r. w , walnut and maho gany drcssingnpd other Bureaus Washataud*, Toilet Crock ery, Ac., French and other Bedstead*. Commodes, Spring Beds, Paillasses, hair Mutt???????, I'uamalled cotume suits, walnut and oak lluffet", oak, r. walnut and m iliognny extension Table?, dining < h.ilrs, Secretary an<l Library Bookcases, (la* chandeliers and Fixtures, HW<ell and In grain Carpets. China and Olass, Silver Ware, Table Cutlery. Ofllce Desk* and ('halm, Ac., together with an assortment or Kltcaen Kurnlture, with which the title will SUgUnenoe. Ca talogues at salesroom. Browne a nicitolh, AUCiiCNEaap.-THis day, (Friday) at one o clock, at our ?al<-?ronmn36 Nassau street, lor account of whom It may concern, a variety of top aud no top Buggies, new and second hand Itockaway*, Phaeton* and Sleighs. Alan double and single Harness, Kobe*, Blanket*, Ao. Saturday, February 16, at 10'? o clock, at our nalenroomx 10 Nassau street, large ?al< of second hand lurulture. farttou lars In to monw i advertisement. Edward science, auctioneer. 11 LEO ANT SADDLE HORSE, By E. A P U. JSCIIENCK, this day, 1Mb Inst, at one O'c ock, at thslr salcproom. 141 Broadway?a bay Horse, llS'i hand* high; warranted kind and gentle, high spirited ana don't shy, ? perfect saddle horse tor either lady or gentle man . would make a styll*h carriage horse; has bnnn used for the laat year aa a saddle horse by the preaent owner. Edward bchenck, auctioneer. FIN K ORIGINAL OIL PAINTINGS By E. A F. IT. BCHENCK, on Saturday, February If, at 11 o'clock A. M . at their sale*room, No. 1(1 Broadway, a onMec Hon of really choice Oil l'alntinga, most of them original*, and hearing the eertlflcatyi of the artists; among them will be found the followingahotoe picture*:? CATTLE PIECE, VAN BBVERDONOK. LOOM AND PIGEONS, HENRIETTA RONNKB. CABINET LANDSCAPE, KOEKKOEK. LARGE MARINE, CANNEMAN8. INTERIOR, LION. A superb copy 11 HUNTING PARTY, after WOVERMAN3. Also many other fine paintings by Sjneti, Redig, Door, Ton tenel, Carpentero and many others. The above beautiful col lection Is now on exhibit toe and will bo positively sold with out reserve. T7I H. LUDLOW * CO., AUCTTONBEES?YALUAEUI JL, House and Lot to deee an estate.?K. lL LUDLOW A CO. will sell at auetlon on Tuesday, February 19, at 11 o'clock, at the Merchants Kichange, the valuable House and Lot 1M West Thirtieth street, containing .all the modern Improve ment* gas fixtures go with the house fLot MaN feet t Inches. ET, WILLS, AUCTIONBEB.?AUCTION NOTICE.? , Wines, Brandies and Seprs ?WILLS A ELS WORTH will sell thi* day, at 10 o'elaskTat thetr auction room. No. 1A Murray street, near Broadway, Msysa old Bourbon whlikey, OtardBmgdy, Sherry and Port Wine; also, ft),000 S<??rs i?? m r. ?v5}i??vo.?, j*73m iiw.x>tk, IALBI AT ACCTIOf. II Ar> i enby UKEEM, AUCTIONEER-SATURDAY, FW?. u 16, at 10W o'clock, at the auction atore, No. 1M *tm?ni street, the whole stock of Grocerlea, Liquo'a, Hegarn and olbeg effects of a wholesale Oroeery and Liquor Store Henby If. leeds, AUCTIONEER.?HKlfBY at LEEDS A CO. "U1 wll at auction un Satnrday, Kelt. 14, at 12 o'clock, at the salesroom. 3S Naaaau afreet, Tor ac count of w bom it may concern, allver plated, tea, daaert MM table spoon.-, Korka, Ac.; aiao ? not? dated October 19, Wi for$awT ?? T F. WILLIAMS, AUCTIONBBB, (J . Will aell at auction, oo Friday morning. at 10% o'llillQ the nock of Millinery and Fancv C.oodsj. with an aa??rUne? of ladies' 811k Hali, trimmed; Ribbons V.1"'1*' ,!lM several nhow Cases; alao Houaehold Kurniiure, Carpet^ Sufaa, HcU>, Maitreaaca. Looking Ola^sea, Ac At 414 fourth avenue, near Thirtieth streat.^ "1) T. II AZEI.L, AUOTIONBEB. . J\. DAMAGED VIOLINS AT AUCTION WHITTEMOltE * MAXELL will sell on Friday, Feb U, at 10', o'clock, at their aalearoom, 16H Broadway, (Under the mapectlou of the Wardens of tba Port, ioraoooul of whom It may concern,) Four easea, oontalning about 3U0 Violin*, aaaorted q ?a)n>e# and number*, damaged on the voyage of Importation T. HAZELL. auctioneer. . WHI1TEMOHE A IIA/.KLI, will aell Hi la day (Kildaf R at 10 o'clock, at their salesroom, I6M Broadway, Invoices of Hardware. Cutlery, Dry Coods, Kaucy Goods, 4 s. ALSO, (Coder Warden'* inspection for account of whom It may <o ti er rn) Four eases containing about ."<00 Violin*. slightly damaged. WEDNESDAY, Keb. *), At 10 o'clock, at 37 Warren street. And following dava until aold. By order of HEHR BOYCE. AaiigneH. The entire stock of Hardware contained in tbe above *tor?, comprising a select and extensive asaortmenWof the most 4(f sirable g<**la, worthy the attention of the trade. Particula? s in future adveitlaemetts. ? . Sk J. BOO ART, auctioneer&-THIH DAY, AT !?*? ? o'clock, a. the auction rooma No. 1 North WlllWtn street, moitgaKe sale of Household Kurnlture, Ac., conaistlng of m* bogauy tutas, Lounges, hockora, Carpets. IjOOking (IUa?A ? ? Wasbstanna, Croak Barroom, Counter, Bagatelle Table, Wln.lsor Cliaira, Mea sures, Olasaware, HUind Caska. Beer Pump. Stoves. Rlu " Furniture, Ac. Alao constable's aale, lot of drcaa Silk. WM. B JtMtH, 'ons table. SHERIFF'S SALE OF BILLIARD TABLES AND FUK> nlture, on fcaturday, at 11 o'clock, at the oomer of Oowt and Renuen streets, Brooklyn.?12 roaewood BUliard Table*, with slate bed*: 1 aeven ocUvo llanoforte, 1 large Pier UImm, 1 circular Bar Counter, Iron Hate, 1 Bail Annunciator Bar Fixtures, Gas Chandailcra and (ias Fixtures, marble top Wash, stands, Ac. Anthony Campbell, Sheriff; J. Higglna, Deputy. SHERIFF'S SALE OF LUMBER, MACHINERY, kO. CHAMBERS A FAlRCHILDJauctipueera, aalearoom IIS Nassau street, will sell this day, at II o'clock, atM Went thtgm tyflrat street, ti quantity of Lumber. Machines aud Maililn* ry, one Horse, Harness, Ac. JOHN KKLLV, Sheriff. ^ Wmm M WITTERS, auctioneer?WILL BELL, 0* Saturday at 1(1?; o'clock, at I7ti Weat 'ourtcenth street, near Eighth avenue, rich and elegant hooaeholii FurnltiireJ two iiarlor tults, In brocatel; U?ce CurUina, fapeatry, Car pets, lino Buffet, cost $2U0 Extension lable, two vary fliMJ old 4'alotlngs, originals; richly carved Bureaus and Bed steads, sprin? Mattresses, Bedding, large Ckandellera, Oag Burners, Hat Rack, China. Olaae, Ae.. together with all atb?r goods In the bouse. The above goods were made to order, ana are worthy the attention of fainillea and others. Catalogues at sale; - WM WITTERS, AUCTIONEER?WILL HELL, THIS day, at 2 o'clock, at 4M Canal street, Sofa*. steads, hair Mattresses, feather Be da, Bheeta, Spread*, Dres sing bureaus, Waahalanda, Tollet| Cblna, Wood and other Warea; parlor Sulta, Hisjkers, Mirrors, laoa and damask Curtains; elegant vflvet, thr?e ply and other carpets, Ofldotbs, mahogany. French and cottage B.-d?!.ada, hair Mattresses, feather Rods, Beddiujf, table and lnd Linen, I Conches, cane chairs, Tables, dining room and kitchen Fur nlture, Ac. Hale positive. WM. WITTERS, auctioneer, WILL HELL, THIS day, at i o'clock, by order of aaslguee, silk, clo'.n anfl velvet Cloaks, Trimmings, Ac.; Counters, Mirrors, K too Is, Oa? Fixtures, Stove, Can>et, Ac. TirM WOLF, AUCTIONEER?OFFICE 49 JACKSOM W street, will sell oh Saturtlay, at II o'clock, the Orocerj and Liquor Store No. 24 EU/abeth street, consisting of tea and live gallon Kegs, Beer Pumps, Clasa case and louniara, also ft good cholcc 01 Grooerics ftnd Li?iuor8.^ _ THE LECTURE 8EABOH. ^ j^ERC AN TILE LIBBABT WUI deliver bl. ^.nfbrilllant L^ on th? At COOPER INSTIlUTE, FRIDaY EViSNINU, Feb. 1^ At 8 o'clock. Tickets 26 ccntn. For sale at the Library or at the door. MUSICAL. Amahnificent SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOIJ Pianoforte for aale.?Richly carved leg* and ea?o, ronn< eointrs full iron plate. Inlaid with satluwood, ovemrung I^s Inlaid with and piarl keya. made tj order for the pre sent owner by city makers, f ully g?^n^ lor tbrwi year* b^on in uco but live month?; cowl $S00, will U? ?ola ror f iDcludins Htool and i'over. Alio olegant Dining Room Htti - cost 'Swfl*. for ?l?l. inquire at No. 70 Weat twenty sixth street, near Sixth avenue . OREATLYIMPROVED pianoforte. LIU11TE k BRADBURY, Manufacturers of a new sea c or overstrung basj, patent In sulated full lion frame, grand and kijuaru 1 lanoforte, >o. 121 Broome stre?'t. Pianos to rent. Attention, pianoforte itr ihasrks.?-rk celver's Sale, by order Judge I<eonard, Supreme < our% lor the benefit of the creditors of th? late Brm of Cjf'I*8' * Atherton. Magulllceut roaowood PlanotorU-s for 11^) aufl $176?original price. $S76 to ^ IiADY, HELL VEH8KD IN THE ART OF MUSHT, la ilrs/rotis of obuiHlng a lew more pupils, at h?r resi dence or at their on n residencca. iuqulro at 18. V< est rhlr,y? third street, N Y. . An accomplished American ladv, teacher of the piano, desires scholars terms, $4 per nioutb. No l;t Pikr street, near East Broadway. /^HICKEBINQ A SON'S GRAND SQUARE AND UrRIOnr PLANOB, 604 Broadway, New York. Depot of the alexandre oboan. For Chnrcbea, Chapela, Hckools and Drawing Roem^ SO Broadway. SOLE MEDAL OF HONOR^at the Universal Exhibition This magnlfloet t Instrument (patented In the United Staiefl May 3. IfW), which the brilliant jsTlorrnanne ?f 1H*LBHIt(i, VILANOVA. MLLJi. #ELLIB, have rendered aa'popular In Anienc* aa In Enropu, liaa beca adopted by the greatest artlau and compoee's St both ounlb S'yn'sCHALK, LIST*. BOS INI, MEVERBEBB, Ae.. k% Tba Alaxaudre Organ la aelebrated for the aolbllty and prw etsion of Its mechaniam, aa well aa for the fiil'neas and powe* of Ita tone and the remarkable quality of keeping parfaatij In tune in all cllmaU*. ___ Prices at the depot, $4#, W, $10H |1W, |l#i IW $..00 $MlO ^41H). A doacripiWe elrentar sant to any addreae on appllenllcn 14 BERNARD k rABRRtHjETTKH, Jr . *O lfn*.l?iy, Importore of Busson Aoaordeous, V loUna, Violla String*, U CEOtUiE CR07.IEH, TENOR V?)C.ALIST, 19 open to engagene nt?for ennccrta, Ac. Wanted, a sopia uo and contralto pupil, to prepare for singing in a qnarteufl choir. At borne till 12 o'clock dally. M West Twenty etglitfc street, near Sixth avenne. Pianos melodeonk, alexandre organs?a* the lowest poaalble nrlcea. Scoond band 1'iauoa at great b.irBalna, from 125 totlW One aeven ootave, aecond bant, front round onrnors, fancy leg', fretwork de?k and ovepuruiHU for >175. l'lanos and Melodeons to rent, and rent allowed H WIANOH, MF.I/)DEONS, HARMONIUMS?FIRST CLAS*, X for sale, to let or told on Instalments, on favorable frmv SiiDcrloi llannonlnma, one, two or three banks ..f keys, front Sift to ?4l??. C 'ttage Pianea, fully warranwxl, ?S octave^ |ia0; 7 oSaves. $17S to (MIX J. M. PBLTUN, fc^Ml aud S43 Bniadway. S V. ct>l Cft pianofortes. $1*1 Slot J.-By the Introduction of machinery in the mAnu f acturing of iiianofoi tes, we are now able to offer to the pub lic a seven <-Ctave rosewood Piano, containing all the modern Improvements, for $1j0 cash, of.n< >re perfect worknaai .ab ip than has usually been sold for $"**) -r $?M by the old method of manu acturing. We Invite ad dealers, teachers of uiuaia and the public to call and insuu^n at Comer of Cauftl and lludm?n itrftitii, >?* * ?rk. <J.17?v ,,oR a ?3ao MANO, RICH ROSEWOOD < ANF7, IfHi) will) elegant carving*, all romnl; four in nth* old; full iev*n octare,beat oily maker*; ha* ir'at pi*iT; rJc . lour, 1? perfect every way, h?* lull warrari<f?i, ?Hid I* n mKjnlM.vm ln?; rumen' and the greatest liar?ain ex tant. Apiilv at tin, Hlxth uvinue, noar PortlOtlutreet, oU Moml i).M?y or evening. IKSTH LtTIUW. Acadbmif.s op penmanhhip and bcokkeep. iug, 923 Broadway, New York, and No. 1ft Court mre?% Brooklyn- open da* ami evening for rlan* or private Ift HtrurUon. Call for circular. Oi.lVER B. (Xll.UHMITII LADY REALIZING TUB OREAT NERD OF A PRf* per nchool for the tudlclou* caltiu-e of young minima under twelve jearn of aft, la about open ng a ?eiulaary fur a aaleot and limited tniiuptr, whoee moral, mental and r?. lffllouM education VMM under her Immxllaie ?up? rvlaton. They will alwi ha# tfir *? I * * nta?e of large and iMy Ol frmh fruit, *0 , Ac Uo>? their children whore they eecure ?ueh advantage! ro?y addraaa Mr* Walter, C A hey will also ha# tfir advantage of large and . ground!, fine aoenary, fart*ty ot frmh frait, An , Ac. Parents or guardian* dn*lrl?t( tA plJiv their children whi t e the? eaa imrure mrh adva ?quare Poet oBoa. A GENTLEMAN OP 8ITBIUOK COLLEGE EDl'CA lion embracing Kngl!*li. French. cla*?lc* mathematics a'gebra, trlr rometrT, uae of level*, theodolite, Jk.i, and flr*4 claio< niuaiclan, can devote a few hour* daliy. Liberal term*; hlghrnt refeieticea. Addreea Education, bos i,ST3 I'oas office. 0ONVKRSAT1ON PARLOK8.?A HRCOND OOOR8K OP No. M4 Broadway near i o?->n auuare, aa toon aVtki'applloil t|on? will be mitlldent. Prlvata Leaaona In Grammar may b? bad of each language by satire pr?foe*ore. Tkl* taatttuie la ??tin hlak ' ? - _ Conversational Lemon* in Prenth, Hi German and Kngllah will be formed at " ~ nth, Rpanlah. Itallair. the Polyglot Institute, aa aoon a* the appUoa. a In Grammar may l>? ------- - . - m Tfcl* tnattiutela patronized by the hlgheat wx lety of thin city. Par clreulara and particular! apply at the Inntltnte. TiMnUthaii of ever* kind attended la L. PALM A DI CBKNOLA FRBNCU AND GERMAN LANGCAOBH ?PROKKHHOR ETTKU^JtlNl),819 Broadway, oomer of Twelfth ?'ree?, eetabllahed IMS, will reeelve new application* for private In ?tructlon aad conversation In the aloreaaul and claaeloal laila guagee. and make translation* of ooireepondenoe, Ac. "WANTED?BY A YOUNG LADY, A SITUATION AS ?*1*1eac* In A'1,lr"? omme ACAPENIE*. DQDWOBTH 8 DANCING At'ADEMIBJL No. M Broadway, New York. No. 1ST Montague atr-eot, Brooklyn. Wadnoadar* and Hatnrdav* In Now York. Monday* aa4 Tburadaya, Tneedaja and rrMapn la Brooklyn, tireiuan m, term a, Ac., may bo had at oltkor Aoademy. t?KKBBBO i DANCING ACADEMY. f m Wart Pourtaaatk ? treat, New York IfterBOOM for mlaeea aad auton. evealaci for geatleaM*.

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