Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 26, 1876, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 26, 1876 Page 9
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Axrninm. foA"RK THEATRE. _ BKOAI)WAY AND 'JaiTift A eleventh wkkk. 72D PERFORMANCE TO-NIGHT. EVENING AT a SATURDAY MaTINEB AT X Mr. G. P. BOWE'S Humorous Comedy of BBBK RHUK A BSSS SSSS B H II R AA H 8 BBBH K It K A A 8888 8888 B H UK AA A 8 8 BBBB II It A A SS.vS 8SS8 # Adinlition. 90 cents end $1; reserved Meti. $1 SO. 7 AL LACK'S. Proprietor end Manager Mr. LESTER WALLACE Continuation of the aerie* ot STANDARD ANO LkGITI.M A IE COMEDIES. WEDNESDAY, A PHIL 187". first night ol Buucicault'a hneat Comedy, LONDON' ASSURANCE. Ksgeclal end peculiar cere he* beeu teken to meko thle revive! EXCEPTIONALLY BRILLIANT, both ea to CAST AND SCKXKKY. end the Cnmedr will ho presented ?ith the following UNAPPROACHABLE DISTRIBUTION OP CHARAC TERS. Mr. LESTER WALLACE... DAZZLE Mr. H J. MONTAGU* (Brat time) ea CHARLESCOURTLY Mr. JOHN GILBERT ea. Sir HARCuURT COURTLY Mr. HARRY BKCEBTT..., ea ..MARK MKDDLK Mr. M. R. PLOYI) DOLLY SPANKER Mr. J. W. SHANNON ea MAX HARKAWAY Mr. B. M. HOLLAND .COOL Mr. C.B. EDWIN ea SOLOMON ISAACS Mr. J. PECK ea. JAMKS Mr. J. E. JOSEPHS ea MARTIN Miaa Ada DYAS ea LAl>Y OAY SPANKER Miaa EPPIE GKKMON ea PERT MUsIONE BURKE -ea GRACE HARKAWAY Act 1. RECEPTION ROOM IN SIR HARCOCRT'S HOUSE, LONDON; by Mr. J. Clare. Act MANOR ROUSE AND GROUNDS. OAK HALL, GLOUCESTERSHIRE; by Metsra. J. Clare end H. Isherwood. Acta 3. 4 end 3. DRAWING ROOM AND BOCDOIR IN OAK HALL, by Mr. J. Clero. -LONDON ASSURANCE KYERY EVENING AND SATU KDAY MATINEE until further notice. Parisian varieties.) ibth hi. ARISIAN VARIETIES, { AND BROADWAY. Pevoti'c Ucaort of Strangers. THE BEST VARIETY ENTERTAINMENT IN NEW YORK j EVERY EVENING aT K MATINEE TO-MORROW. | Spicy, Sparkling, Voluptuous ; Frenchy, hat Artietlc. LA MINUET. Mile. Bert be end the hendsoineat Ballet in America. ELIXIR D'AMOUR AT ft Dashing Core Cuahinen. I Beiiutilul Emily Prior. LB CHAPKAO D'UN, IIOROLOGKR AT H. Great Roussolta Bros. I Musical Wonder, Giovanni. --TLEJ? - NEW TABLEAUX V1VANTS. Arnold Broa. I II ninllton end Johnson. Alio TOO Art lata of acknowledged merit. 0 LYMPIC THEATRE, U24 BROADWAY*. JOHN P. POOLE... Manager PRICES Admlitinn. 90c. Beeervod seals, $1. Family Circle, 33c. Private Boxes. $10, $8. $3. <t> Children under 111 years hell'price to Parquet, Dreaa Circle aud Reaerved Seat*. MATINEE TO-DAY AT X MATINEE TO-DAY AT 2. MATINEE TO DAY AT 2. DOORS OPEN AT L The greatest Pantomime ever produced, the original It H 1) D U H D D H H D D 1! 1IIIII D D H H D D H II DO H H D D H HUMPH DDD UMPTV. Pantomime. Ballet, lliiiicaouc. Spectacle. EVERYTHING ENTIRELY NEW. Mr. ROBERT FUAZKR us HUMI'TY DUMPTY PANT A LOON M una. M ART! X ET IT HARLEQUIN Mr. GEORGE TOPACK UOLU.dBINK Mile. B.vRKTTA THE BERLIN DaLLKT TROUPE. Premieres?Miles. DEVfcliE, BU1.MI and BAR ETTA. THE GERMAN WONDER, LITTLE TODD. THE MUSICAL MIDGET. McDGNALD, MILLS. THE METAMoRPHOSIC ARTIST. Mcdonald, pedestal skate dancer. THREE HOURS OP FUN* POli YOUNG AND OLD. (NENTKAL PARK GARDEN, J 7th ay., 58th and OOtli ate. SOULE A APPLEBY Proprietor! t ill open i'KNI MONDAY EVENING, MAY 1, with ^ D. L. DO WRING'S CELEBRATED ORCHESTRA, Including tlie tallowing .solo Performers:? Mr. LEOPOLD MEYER, Che! d'Attaque. Mr. CARL I.aNZKK. Violin Mr. BENJ AMIN C. BENT. Cornet. Mr. JOHN DREWES, Clarionet. Mr. HERMAN STRAUHKL. Euphonium. Mr. CURISTOP B ARBITER, Cello. Mr. ROBERT LOSCllhU. Freucli Horn. Alto the tallowing well known Vocal Artists;? kmc. HALVOTTI. Prima Donna. Miss MAhIA BKAINAKD, Soprano. Misa LIZZIE M. ItEA. Soprano. Miaa EMMA HOWARD, l outrelto. Mine. HOWE, Contralto. Mr. O. B. HOWE. First Tenor. Mr. A. In Sr.E. Second Tenor. Mr. IIARVKY MITCHELL, Pint Basso. Mr. J. D. SYPIIEIt, Second Be-so. Dr. .1 A KELLEY, Director. A GRAND CHORUS OF 90 LADIES AND GENTLE MEN AND YE COUSIN JONATHAN OLDK POLKS. Admission, .Miceins. Package ton ticket*. (3 NO. T HE AT UK COMlgUR. 514 BKOAEWAY. THIS EVENING, April M. ' Parisian I ?r*t time In thl* aonntry ol a nevr Parisian Sensation, truntlsted expressly lor this theatre, entitled, AMERICANS AT HOME AND ABROAD, iutrodueing the illuminated garden or LK JARD1N MABlCLE In all Ita irevctr and tplrndor. LA GKISETTES DE l'AKIS, PARISIAN ST 1'DENTS. WAITERS, Ac., bjr the Ladle> cf the Company. Be on the alert. Thin is what you want. 50 SPECIALTY ARTISTS. MATINEE WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. j^OADEMY OF MUSIC, 14TU ST. ACADEMY OP MUSIC. TOMORROW (THURSDAY) EVENING, APRIL 27, TONY PASTOR'S "f JUBILEE ^ THE LARGEST COMBINATION OK VAUDEVILLE. NOVELTY AND SPECIALTY STARS IN THE WORLD. TONY PASTOR'S TROUPE, ' presenting a traded and pleating entertainment, suitable to til tatter Mr. I'ASTOR takes pleasura In announcing tbs follow ing:? Ll'RLINE, the Water Queen, the greatest ol ail aquatic wonders now before the public. *i?i*tcU b>^ ^ WATSON, THE MAN KISH, GUS WILLIAMS, tbs monarch of all German Comedians. 1IAKRY KEKXKLL. the North of Iroland Coaaedian, Vocal la t and Dancer. T1IE BIG 4, THE RIG 4, LESTER, ALLEN, SMITH AND WALDBON. MISS JENNIE MORGAN, tbe distinguished Soprano. MISS MARlt. W11ITTINGH AM and MASTER NEWMAN. THE BRAHAMS (HARRY AND LIZZIE), Musical, Sketch end Dialect ArtUta. CKOSSLEY and ELDER, Athlote* and Ojrmnaatt. KARL LIND. the Stockholm Wonder and Antipodean Phoneme "INDl " BtBY BINDLEY, the precocious Musical Getiiua. Vocalist and Daness. CHARLES W'URLEY, Ihs great Ethiopian t'omeiiisn. KRASK GIRARD, the versatile Artist, Comedian and Actor. TON V PASTOR. America's own Comic Vocalist. will positively appear. TONY PASTOR, Gl'S WILLIAMS and HARRY KKKNELL trill also appear the asms evening at Jjjtw TONY PASIt.R'S NEW THEATRE. Reserved Seats, Box?a, Ac., can bs bad at the Academy dally from !? A. M. to 4 P M. SAN PBANCI8CO MINSTRELS. I OPERA HOUSE AN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS. Broadway, SAX KRtNCISCO MINSTRELS. I coiner 2Dth St. Toa most succcsslul organisation In the world. BIRCH. WaMHOLD ami BACKUS. *iik two orpHans. By man's Temperance Lecture. OH. I Kit WE ALL WILL BE DAR. SHAKESPEARE O.N THE IIAI.K SHELL DELIGHT r'U L SOLO AND PART SINGING. GLORIOUS FUN. SEATs SECURED. Mstlnoe Saturday at 2. Every evening at a G-RKMAHIA THKATRJJ. I4TII sr. AD. NKlENDoKFr Director W ednesday, April 'id, Benebt o Theodore Maudi, .VEIN LEOPOLD. Comedy, In three acta, by L'Arrongc. 11 HE ORATORIO SOOIKTT OF NEW YOHx, In coinl Ination with THBO. THOMAS ORCHESTRA, will perform at 8TKINWAV IIALL, WEDNESDAY EVENING, April 26, Robert stbumann'c PARADISE AND PERI, for colo. eharac and orchestra, vith the following soloists:? Mlea IDA HUHBEl.L. Mlae ANKTfA WENT/. ] |,?Pr?nrt? Mlee ANTOI.NK IIKNNK. Messo Soprano. Mr. GEORGE SIMPSON, Tenor. Mr. FRANZ RKMMKRTZ, Basso. Conductor I'r L DAMBOSCH Adraiaelon, it; reserved aeate. 5(1 cents extra. Tlcketa lor aale at Nov 701 and IM Hruadway and at itela sray llall. CTUATEAU MAB1LLE. IHTH NT. AND 3D AV. J Every evening at h P. M. Female models, voluptuous ert. In which 30 beauties take active part. Bultun's seraglio, splclaat thing yet. Seven beauties iiaugnty. run liet. The gaieties ol Paris in sketch aud song. Especially arranged to anil the throng Of amusement seekers who crowd each nlgbt This popular palace ol delight Matlaees Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at X rTIIR MEMBERS OF THE MOODY AND BAKERY Choir.? fhara will be a reunion at Association llall, Thursday evening, the 27th Inst. It is urgently requested (but every member he present Admission by choir slid es cort tickets only. Doors open at 7 o'clock. Members r>f tke committee are requeeted to meet la the committee room at ? JO P. M. B ROOKLYN OLYMPIC THP.ATRK TO LRAMR-?APPLY ! to A. sb WllEELEB, 42tl Fulton St., Brooklyn. |1/W| ?A YOUNO MAN, WITH THIS AMOUNT, piUU. wants a place la a variety or minstrel troupe ; Will tarnish more money if the investment le eafe and good. Addruse ECONOMY. Herald olllee. EALAI8 ROYAL, 4M) ?<TII AV., IH5TWRK.N 2DTH AND With sts . New Yora-4H young lady at te ad an la. Grand -al and lustrumentnl Coucert every evening from 7 until KCluck. None but the beet musical talent & the slur am red. Admleelea free. iivimiTi. M ATT MORGAN'S LYCEUM theatric. Hlh it. >oi Mk *v. Positively LAST WEEK of the PRESENT COMPANY Previous to their drpsrture Philadelphia, Baltimore end Washington. NEW BURLESQUE, NEW COMEDY. NEW SCENERY, DKEsSP.S.AC. Tremendous Hit?The NEWLY LOCALIZED, PIKLD OP THE CLOTH MATINEE GOLD, I MATINEE TODAY. I TODAY, by tli* GREAT STAR BURLESQUE COMPANY. First appearance here ol BIJoV HERON. Tho Serin Comic Drama, OLD SALT. BERTHA AND IDA FOY in their immensely popular Sketch. HAL MAsul'E. JAY AND MATINEES WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AT A Seau reserved una week in advance Boa ulUcc open I'rum It A. M. to 1(1 P. M. Popular prices. Aduiiaaiun, .Vie.; rear reed, (1 and 73c. B uona specialty*. BELLES OF THE KITCHEN, and on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings in FUN IN A FOG. B OWERY THKtTKK. WEDNESDAY. April M. Mr JOHN THOMPSON in liia pram Drama of UN HAND. With the farce or SLASIIEK AND CHASHER. MONDAY. May 1-Mr. OLIVER DOCD BY RON. 1 B HEN KY V., with the distinguished English actor, MK. OEOKGE RIUNOLD. in hla poDiilar Impersonation, tho titular character. The superb historical play ia present -d with a wealth of MAGNIFICENT M'KNEf Mr. GEORGE KIGNOLD, in a new character. Misa Bijou Heron, Annie Mack, Ida Foy, Hertha Foy, F. Killa. Amy Laeo. Julia llogan, Mr. Sidney Smith, Mr Chartea Villera, Mr. Henry Josepui. llogan and Itanvrra, Randolph and Daiton, Ellia and Coles. ROOKLYN THEATRE. Leasees aud Managers. .Messrs. SlIOoK 4 PALMER VI'L UV a. V 1/VIV.! PI1TU 11' L L- LT EVERY EVENING THIS WEEK. THE inimitable: yokes family. The Yokes will appear on Monday. Tuesday and Wed nesday evenings. anil ut the Saturday Matinro, in thoir fa GOTH'S THEATRE. THIRD WEEK. JARKETT i PALMER ..Lessees and Managers iERY, SUPERB ARMOR. CORRECT COSTUMES, HANDSOME HANNKR8 AND W A It LIKE IN ST KI M E NTS. PROMINENT FEATURES of the wondorful spoctucle are an auxiliary force of 4i?> men. women and CHILDREN, . representing tho English und French soldiery aud populaco ol' London, uiul psiticlputing in tho grand PROCESSIONS AND BEAUTIFUL TABLEAUX, AX OPERATIC CHORUS OP ClltiSEN VOICES, A CHOIR OF MADRIGAL HOYS AND A FULL CHIME OF CHURCH BELLS. NEXT THURSDAY AFTERNOON. April 27, BENEFIT of the etage Manager, Mr. JOHN L. VINCENT. Mr. RIG NOLD :u "Annie Clark," Mr. BISHOP aa "Toodlee." May 2 (evening). HKNKF1I" of Mr. FREDERICK THORNK. May 4 .matinee). BENEFIT of Mr. RIGNOLD, "Romeo and Juliet." BOOTH'S THEATRE. VINCENT'S BENEFIT. NEXT THURSDAY AFTERNOON, April 27, beginning at half past one o'clock, AN EXTRAORDINARY PERFORMANCE WILL BE GIVEN, for the ovent ut the grand annual BENEFIT OF STAGE MANAGER VINCENT. Seats for this attractive occasion may now bo had at the box office which will he opcu every day until the occur rence from S A. M. to 10 P. M. Tho firal piece, the splendid four-act play by the late Watt* Phillips, called "Ibe Bur Sinister." in which Mr. KIGN'ULD will appear aa AMOS CL.AhK. Miss MAItlE BRA BROOK w II appear as MILDRED VAUGHN. Other parts by Messrs. Weaver, Wbltccar, Meeker, Gordon, Little Bradley, Collier, Stuudiiiuu, Howling, Davis, Weber, liayward, ilngau, Pyke and J. W. Hrutone (by kind prrtuls alon ol Manager Stuart of the Patk 'I heat re), Mrs. Wearer, Miss Emma Grattun and Miss Annie Wakemati Musical Director Siguor UPERTL The second and concluding piece will be the over popular Comic Drama. THE TOODLkB, with tho well knowu coiuediau Mr. C. B. BISHOP as TOODLES M.a. TOOIJLES by Miss MARY WELLS The other characters by the great euaipauy of the theatre. PRICES AS USUAL. /T LUBE THEATRE, 72S AND 720 BROADWAY, BE AT low stn at. K. W. BUTLER Manager T1IE >TAND.\KD FAMILY THEATRE. GRAND FAMILY MATINEE TO DAY. Jubilant ovatiou to the Star Combination every night. Bril liant reception nf Mr. BILLY RAKUY on his reappearance. WaYNE and LOVELY, the masters of all ?ong and dance and sketch artists. Miss SUSIE WINNER, the peerless oantutrire. SENATOR BOB IIAKi JOHN yl KKN-R ANDY MrKKE WILLIAM WE.VT EUGENE BLITB E. 1). GOODING Th- lovely WINNER SISTERS in TYROLEAN CAROLS, Ac. Miss VIRGINIA STlt KNEY in SERIO COMIC SONGS. | M ASTER DUNN, the INFANT SONG and DANCE MAN. PROFESSOR RICE and MME. YOUNG in wonderful aud I mystifying feata of MAGIC SCIENCE. Orer 100 Talented Arti-ts. Over 103 Talt nted Artists. Matinee at 2 P. M, Every night at S o'clock. WOOD'S MUSEUM. WOOD'S. YY THIS DAY MATINEE at 2. EVENING at 8. the talented American actor. OLIVER DOUD BYRON, (Sensation, in tho groat I ACROSS THE CONTINENT. General admission. 25c. TONY fAM'Oll'S NEW THEATRE. W Broadway, opposite Metropolitan Hotel. TONY PASTOR Sole Proprietor sad Manager The onlv tlrat claw variety theatre on Broadway. TONY PASTOR'S STAR TROUPE. THE GREAT POSTKLL in hi* mstehleas impersonation of tffe Modern Balls. Mr. HARRY MONTAGUE. ?rtlet eomlqne. THE GREAT FIKLDINGH. KIRK and DREW. BILLY GRAY, KITTIK O'NEIL. LA B'iLI.E (1ABR1KLLK, JENNIE YEAMAXS, ALICE BENNETT. CARRIE DUNCAN, HENRIETTA MOLI.KN HAL'ER, FRED WARREN. J W. Me AN DREWS. JOHN I.ATOUR, KDWABOS a hlake combination. MATINEES TUESDAY AND FRIDAY. EXTRA, EXTRA, EXTRA. CARD.-TO-MORROW (I'll UR8DAY") EVENING. APRIL 27, TONY PASTOR'S GRAND JUBILEE at I ACADEMY OF MUSIO TONY PASTOR, GUS WILLIAMS and UAItKY K Kit NELL appearing t lie aatue veiling at both placet. TONY PASTolt'S NEW THEATRE AND I ACADEMY OK MUSIC. Full particulars in anothrreolouin. OLYMPIC THEATRE. MM BROADWAY THE BIRTHPLACE OF HUMPTY DUMPTY. THIS DAY AT 2 O'CLOCK. GRAND HCMPTY DUMPTY MATINEE. GRAND HUMPTY DlMPTY MATINEE. GRAND HUMPTY DUMPIY MATIN EE. GRAND HUMPTY DUMPTY' MATINEE. I GRAND HUMPTY DIMITY MATINEE. CHILDREN II ALP I'KICK. CHILDREN HALF PRICE. u Til STREET OPERA ItoUsK. BETWEEN 2D AND ltd art. EVERY EVENING. AT 8. THE THREE GREAT SENSATIONS, FEMALE MATHERS. PARIS BY MOONLIGHT, PARISIAN CAN CAN. 80 SPECIALTY ARTISTE MATINEE WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. / MUCKERING HALL. TO-NIGHT. GRAND MISCELLANEOUS CONCERT. The lollowlng distinguished art lata a-ill appear:? Mlaa HENRIETTA HKKKE. Miaa LoUl.-K KINCII, Mr RICHARD HOFFMAN. Senor JOSEPH WHITE, Mr. 8. B. WH1TKLEY. Mr. CHARLES KHITSCII. Mr. H. R. HUMPHRIES. Mr ADOLPII SOllST, Mr. CARYL FLO RIO and Higimr K. AUKAMONTE. Admission, Including reacrved teat. SI ; may be had at Schiiberth'a 23 I'nhin Minarc, and Schlrmer't. 701 Broadway JOHN il. MURRAY B OKAMD CIRCUS, AT HTH aV. AND 4IITH ST.. avery afternoon and evening. -dKtHO great alar circusD' CliarleaW. Flah ths champion barehnek rider of the wurlu. performer* in all branches or the pro 1' The only lira! clean. Mire and legitimate Cirena in America. ? More and better bareback riding than any Circus In the world. AONCERT AND SOiKEK DA.NSANTb, J hi 1.1 under the ampler* of the UNITED HUNGARIAN SOCIETIES OF NEW YORK, III aid of tile sufferer! by the inundation in Hungary, uu SATURDAY. TitE JWfll INnT.. AT THE' TERKACF. GARDEN. WITH ST., NEAR 3D AY. Part 1. ?Concert. Part II.?"A C'un ol Tea;" comedy In one set?German. Part III ?Dancn. Mnalc by the renowned orcliettra of A. Ri rn-ie.ii, Esq. Tii t.-t. SI, admitting lady and gentleman, at Mr tart. Coloinan Hardoa, 172 Essex at.; D. A. Mayer. o2S Broad way: Cafe International, 2M4 Bowery, and at lbs Terrace Garden on the evening of the concert. Kltra lady's tlekel. JO sent*. Commencement preciaely at S o'clock. THE COMMITTEE. Pitt) F KSSO It CM O M W ELL' Si X TK RT AI N M K N TS. MASONIC TEMPLE. 23D ST.. HTH A\\ TO-DaY. a; 2 :3U, and at s, THIS EVENING, IRELAND, front the Giant's Causeway to the charming latket ot Klllnrney, Thursday evening at S?The Home* ot England. Eiiday?Switaerland. the Laud of Tell. Saturday Matinee at 2 :3m? n-rmany; the Rhine. Admission only 2ft cent*: te.erved aeata. AOoent*. VK COUSIN"JONATHAN OLDE fOUCS WILL OIVR J a Create Concerts at the Bedlord street Methodist Episcopal rhurch, Hedfottl, rorncr of Morton ?!.. this (Wed t ne.dej i evening, commencing nt eights by ye clock. Price to enter, Foare Y'orke Shilling*. Attraction extraordinary crowded IIOUbKS. JEM M ACK, Champion ol the World and JtiB COS.x, Champion of England, in a Grand DISPLAY OK SCIENTIFIC BOXING at IIOWKS A t I SIIING'S GREAT UNI TED STATES DOUBLE CIRCUS AND TRAINED ANIMAL BHOYY . JUNCTION BROADWAY AND RTII At. No vulgarity or brutality. J.adla* and gentlemen can see the two greateat icing capenant* of the manly art with pleasure and propriety. Porlormanee* at 2 and s every duy t and evening Mace nod lioe* at each performance. Joe - Go*, la matched to ao battle wtlh Tom Allen, ot nt. Louis. I lor lb? Ubampl inahip. The Mammoth Exhibition of the World. ALL FOR 23 CENTS ADMISSION. Mescreed j teat*. 23 cent* extra. A" NNA KVA FAY. _ ~~ THE WORLD RENOWNED SPIRITUAL MEDIUM. ENTERTAINMENT EXTRAORDINARY. THIS (WEDNESDAY! EVENING, and evert evening during the weeny at H o'clock, nt her ELEGANT SALONS DE SEANCE. No. 37 Ka*t 2Uth *t. near Brmtdtray. Light and Dark Saaneet eomblnad aa una entertainment. Admission to both, Bl; matlaea far ladles ualy, natnrday, 2 P. M. _ /'rand Vocal concert my the young UJT Apollo Ulub, of New York, at the south Baptist cbnrrh. 23th at., between 7th and Nth eve.. New York, on YY eda?eday evening, April 2d, ISTtk TlekeU, JtJe.; children ball price. INI BT DK LA CoUR, BY ALLBH DODWORJW, a* taught and danced in his aaadamiea and at tha Fairy Mpectmle or "t inderclla. ' nt tha Academy ef Meetv, April *i. DOMi alee at Mwtlia maptluws and tea nartina a popdtnr daaee la high rlrclaa of aaelaty. peruse, a pvpui A CO., a* Unto* AMlbCKEHTI. f>N!ON styl ARE THEATRE U Proprietor Mr. SHERIDAN "GIOOK Manager Mr. A. M. Begins at M. Over at 1<>-V>. IMMENSE BUOCKHB UK SAKDoU'S NEW PLAY. Ailapiatl fur Una theatre bv Mr John Paraalle. FEKREoL it the moat exquisite drama ever exhibited la aa American theatre?Evening Mall. FBRRSOL Characters by Messrs. H. Tborna. Jr.; Kraiierie Robinson, Stuart Kobaon. J. U. Stud dart. Juhn Paraalle. I h'.uiaa K Morris, U. W. Montgomery. Claude Hurruughs, W. M. Wil* rpil AVENUE THEATRE. XJB1T1VKLY LAST ?yyEDNBSDAY MATfNKE. iO-DAT AT OKB, Of" der. I. Thompson. A. Becka. W 8. Quiglry. K. E. Lamb, S. Collins. and Miasm Kata i'laxtnn. Ida Vtptoa, Maria Wilklaa. Roberta Norwood, Maada Harrlsoa, Ida JeOreys and Ausuata Kayoioud. SATURDAY, APRIL 2?, ?TH MATINEE of FEKREOL FRIDAY. April 2H-.Bei.eIil of Mlaa KATE CLAXTON. In preparation. for early production, an entirely new and original American play, in lour acta, writton lor this theatre by Messra. A. E. Lancaater an I Julian Magnus, and entitled CONSCIENCE. T piQL't 6TH AVENUE THEATRE. BEGINS AT S, OVER AT 11. Proprietor and Manager Mr. AUoUSTIN DALY ??>th week, 145th to I o2d pcrtormauca and FINAL NIGHTS FINAL Mil 1ITS FINAL MUIl IS of PPPPP II P P II PPPPP 11 P II P U u u BKKB u u K U If EKE u u E uuuu EEEB FINAL MIDWEEK MATINEE. final midweek matinee, final midweek .matinee. TODAY, AT ONE O'CLOCK. THE EXTRAORDINARY CaST INCLUDING Mlaa Fanuy Ilevunp >rt, Mr. Fiaher. Mr. Ilarkina, Mr l-ewia. Mr. Uavidge, Mr. Ilardenhcrir, Mr. Barry more. Mr. Drew, Misa Sydney Co a ell, Mia Mn. Gilbert. Miaa Georgian* Drew, Mlaa Nuues, Nlu Holland and Mr. John Brougham. FRIDAY NIGHT, APRIL as, FRIDAY NIGHT. APRIL MS, 15UTII lJoTH PERFORMANCE OF PIQUE. PERFORMANCE OF PIqUE. ???A lour-pagu Satin Newapapar presented to orery lady.%* aiST MATINEE OF PIQUE, SATURDAY. AT 1:30 O'CLOCK. TA A OLE <fc & THEATRE. JZiAGLK I BROADWAY T THEATRE. fc.At.LE I AND USD ST. | THKaTKK. Sole Proprietor and Manager Mr. JOSH 11AKT Grand Succees of G. L. Stout's Serio-comic Dramatic Skatcb, ESSIE J ESSIE AT THE f Tha eery talented arllat, f AT THE MATINEE Mlaa MINNIr. PALMER. MATINEE TO-DAY, AT 2. TO-DAY, AT A Mr. N. C. GOODWIN In thn verv amusing Farce, entitled HOME FROM SCHOOL 0> <g> ^MATINEE? T Tho Entire T I TO-DAY. I Evening I M ATI NEK I Performance 1 AT TWO. I Given at the & <9 Matinee. i MATINEE Tbe moat laughable Burlesque of the aonaon, by Kenward Phil p. entitled -FERRY- ~ ferry O PERKY O FERRY O MATINEE FERKY-O FERRY?0 MaITNKK. MATINEE TO-DAY AT 2. MATINEE. PIAMOFOUTKN. OllUAYS, Wi. 1 ""SPECIAL OFFER Voir Tins MONTH.?A FINK J\ aaaortinanl of 11 rat class Pianos, all new. only need to be aeen to be appreciated. The largest inducement ever offered In this city to thoae desiring to get an excellent piano at manufacturer's pi Ices Terms very reasonable. Every piano hilly warranted. For | ftirther Information call at HAINES BROS.' raannfac- , tory. I (.'*>, aid, 30U, 302, 304, 300, 38H, 370, 372 2d ?v.. coruar j 21st at A BEAUTIFUL7 1-3 OCTAVE PIANO, FOUR ROUND 21. corners, cost *>. for $27A; one 7 1-3 oelave for $1S5; , l lanos sold on Instulments and to rant. F. SOU I l.KR, 20 East 14lb st. A ?FOR RENT, UPRIGHT. SQUARE AND GRAND A. Pianos of our own make; also lor sale and rent, a number of One second hand Pianua. In perfect order. WILL IAM KNABK A CO.. No. 112 oth uv.. itburu llith at. A BEAUTIFUL PIANO. ?IOO.-A SfEINWAY PIANO forte, seven octave, carved legs, overstrung, every improvement; aacrtflce for cash. J. HIDDI.K. 13 Waverley place, near Broadway. A $11X1 ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE; PIANOFORTES to rent. $.'? per month and upwards; instalments taken; new Instruments a grunt sacrifice, GOLDSMITH'S. SB Wrecker at., near Bowery. j^KION PIANOS TO RENT AND KENT ALLOWED IF purchased ; uprights, squares and grands. SIMPSON A CO., No. ."> East 14th at. ______________ ?GREAT BARGAINS.-BAKM'iRE'S. MS IILF.ltk' ? er ct.. closing out large stock Plauos half price, order administrator: 91(10, 1150, P-tsi. A RARE CHANCE TO GET A FIRST CLASS PIANO or Organ on easy terms.?HORACE WATERS A BUNS, 4S1 Broadway, will thla week, rent a few first clasa new and sceoud hand Pianos and Organs nnltl rent money pays fur the Instrument, as per contract. 4 PIANOFORTE FOR 8ALE-7 OCTAVE. $75; PARTY iv leaving fur Europe. 4tK> iUil 14th it, room 10. V HANDSOME CASE AND GOOD TONE TOOTAVB A l'lano for itlt, |7j;tgnUiwril)ct. 10H East 11th St. ROIL JOHNSTON. AUCTIONEER-WILL SKI, I. ihUdtjr, tlatatllu upright Piuu, st No. 115 East both st. FAMILY HAVING TWO KLBOANT ROSEWOOD cast Pianofortes, with all Impruvetueata. fall agraffe, overstrung, Ae? wish to dispose of Ibent; one Decker A Bros, for M275; ous hteluwey A Sons, $250: both having name on plate, guarantee : Stool, Cover, box for shipping; a sacriUce. Call private residence No. 47 West Itfth St.. be ta sen 5th and tltb ava A BAM AIR FOR GASH-BEAUTIFUL ROSEWOOD J\ 7 ovlavn I'lauofnrte. $1(10. No. 24S East Sot h st. A I.ADY WILL SELL LESS TIIAX #10", ROSEWOOD J\ seven octave Pianoforte, round corners; also seven octave carved rosewood upright, made by Martin A Ourrier, ou-t SnCO; great saeriflce. 2* East ad st.. near 2d av. -FOR MALE, AM MLEOAM f MTBIXWAY A MOMS* ? Pianoforte st a sacrlttce : a beautiful four round ruse" wood cn-k Windsor Piano, coat SI.UUU, tor $30= ?; Stool Cover snd HoX. Call at private rcsideuoo 120 West 23d St. near ttth av. C'tRKAT- CASH BAMAIXS.?STEINWAY, WEBER T and Chlckerlng Pianos: H octaves. f'J5, fSO; 7 octaves, $IU.?; upright i. $75. GORDON A SON, 13 East 14tli st. I It' JRNTS TO H A DAY WILL Bl Y A CHICKKr" TU Ing. Steinway, Weber or other grand. square nr ui> rlabt Piano: 2U to 4" cents sn Organ ; Instruments to rent. S. X. BALI, A CO.. 15 East 14tll sL_ (LT7 '(? -7*4 OCTAVE PIANOS, ALMOST NKW; IN ipi ( u, stalmetits taken; reut, $.\ CABLE, manu facturer, 1(17 West 23d st. SALEM AT AiiCTlON. SMaITK mi LLER, auctioneer. l Thirty seven valuable LoU on Madison and 2d avs., Av. A, 71sl nod 72d ste., via:? Madison av.?Eight full vised Lots, east side Madison av., between 55th and 5Btb six ; ready for luiprovemaut. 2d av.?Plva Lots northeast corner of 72d st. 72d et.?Seven Lots, between 2d and 3d avs. Av. A?Four Lots sonthoast corner of 71st st. 71et st.?Eleven Lou. betwsvo 1st and 34 avs. 2d av.?Two Lots, east side, near 71st st. To be sold at auction, on T.llUMDAY. APRIL 27, at 12 o'clock, at the Exchange Mtleawom, No. Ill Broadway. Sixty par eent may remsiu on bond and murtgaca. ADRIAN H. MULLKR A M?N Auctioneer!. A L'CTlUN hALK ?THIS (WEDN KKDAY) MORXIX'uT" J\, commencing at 10 o'elock. Urge ead ettreetive sale of ricb cabinet Bade HOUSEHOLD FURSITLRP., PAINTINGS, BRONZES, Bteluwey 7A- octave Pianoforte, Cbiekering 7 octevu l'ianu. Statuary. Works of Art, Ac., at Ave story brown stone man-Ion NO. 47 WEST KITH ?T.. BR1WKKN 8TH eud ?TII AVS. Attention la called to this Important sale nf Srvt class Furniture, modern eud unique stylet, lu vlegant carved walnnt and rosewood, made to order, and consisting of PARLOR AND DRAWING ROOM Sl'lTS, la ebony and flu, covered In crimson, tan and gold satin ana brocade; urkisb HDdSpanish Lounges. Easy Chairs, Inlaid Cabinst, real bronre ami Carrara marble Mantel Sets, tuarquctrle and gilt Centre and Console Tables, Ktagcre witb Mirror, lace Curtains, brnnit- ai d hltqu.- Figures. Musical Boxes, Jardinieres, velvet Rugs, Paintings by eminent artists. LIBliARt' CONTAINS Inlaid rreiich waUut I.ibrsry and Dwarf Bookcase a. Secretaire Bookcases, Lady's Writing Desk. Turkish Suit lu satin. Books, ntatosry. Engravings, ebony and gilt Easel, Library fables, Ac. BEDROOM FURNITURE. Klab -rate and plain Bedroom nets, inlaid end gild Bed steads, Dressing Cases. AnoolreM IIIaoe. Bureaus, Wash stands, slagle and double lledeteads, S3 flee heir and coring Matirrssea. Clielfonlers, feather Pillows. Blankets, Toilet Sou. Yep and elusli Suits, msrble top Tables, Chairs, Itockers. DINING FUHMTL'HK, vis.:-'Two Extension Tables, In laid French walnut Sideboard. Chairs in leather, Silverware, Dinner end Tea hats. Cutlery ; also two Hall Stands, velvet, Brussels and Ingrain Cggpets. kitchen Furniture, Ac. N. H.?Male positive. Parties about purchasing will Posi tively And this a rare chance. Take Sixth avenue or Cni versity place cars. House opens M A. M. Competent men to remove, pack or ship goods, city or country. ROBERT C CASHIS. Auctioneer.^ ABaOLUfrBALK OF k7.KGANT HUCMEItULD PL iT. nlture contained in the private residence ol D. steri, ka<i , 22W West 4ntli -t , this dai (Wednesday I, April 20. at I" o'clock, by DANIEL D. CAULKIN'M. Auctioneer?All the rlei gaut Furniture, consisting of Ane velvet and Brussels Car nets, superb Parlor Suits In satin snd Am- reps, rurewuod Pianoforte. Mu-lc Stead, French Clocks, Cablne 1, Mirror-, Centre and laney marble top Tables, rich walnut (Chamber halts, hair Mattresses. Chairs ami Lounges, Ane carved walnut Buffet, hxtei ston Dining Table. Chairs, rlcli French China, Glassware, silverware and Kitchen Furniture. Full nsnlcularm In catalogues, which can be obtained at 21 White st.. or at the house early morning of sale. A" L'CTlUN SALE OK THE CONTENTS OF THE BAR of M Rodney 's City Hotel. Morrlsaala, 31 ev. and ItKHh ?t , Twenty.third ward, New York, on Tliuredey, April 27. Is7tt. st If o'clock A. M Splendid Her end hack Bar, beanttfhl Cigar Case, magnlAernt four-pull English Baer I'nnip, Refrigerators. Tables, Chairs. Fletaree, rich Glass Ware, and also all the Wlues and Liquors in b- tiles aadeaake, the Imported taken direct from bond. Sale peremptory. F. W. UlLLKY, Auctioneer. Ctrfiox SALE. ~~ ' BENJ. P. FAIRCIIILD. Auctioneer, will eeil ea Thursday, April 27, HtW, at 10 A. M., at ealet nun No. B Beech el., the contents of a large Boarding House, removed Her convenience of sale, consisting of Paring Malta, raeiweod Fleno and Stool. Pier Mirror, bleak wetnnt eud enamelled Chamber Salts, leather Bade. Pillows and Bolsters, Mattresses, Wardrobes. Plimpton Medatead, Crnehey Ulaaswars, Em?la and lagrala Carpets, Oil MALE ft AT ArCTIOW/ A?Tl .NIS'jKli.NSoN*" AUCTIONEER, ? old ,14 i J, 37 N uuu it. Ou T111K HAY (Wedneafbyl. at 13 o'clock. * ou the premises, No. l4 Krout *L. ? by directi. n of the executrix of the estate of Georga 11. Keay. dKtlHil. the following valuAbls Machinery:? 4 Allen Stamping Presses. for stamping wrapper*. 4 Allen Stamping Presses, lor stamping envelopes 11 Allen self Icediug Folding auil Klaniptug'MacainM, 10 Cotton Folding Mschiue 7 Alligator siaiupiuK and Printing Presses. 3 Allen Automatic PresM*. fur printing luloed envslopen 1 Darlington Cuttiug Prats. ilnglo gear THIS DAY iWcdnetilay), at 12 o'clock, OYSTER SCOW BOAT, togetlier with all the Fixture*. Barken Pails, Iron ?ate, Mailt. Ike.. AT TIIK POOT OP WEhT loril ST.. NORTH RIVER. By order of William R. Baldwin, attoroey for iaong?|M. On THURSDAY, at 37 N's.sau it.. LARGE SALE UP HoUbKIIoLD FURNITURE comiit injt ol Ca'Deli. Parlor and Bedroom Snitei, Ac. For particulars tie to-morrow'? Herald. On FRIDAY, at 10>i o'clock. AT NO. IB KAST lilTII sr.. NEAR UNION Syl ARK, line Hnu* 'hold Furniture. Carpets. Suite*. Ac.; elegantly carved II. \V. an I French p ate Wardrobe Hho'vcase*. SL'PKKH COUNTERS. MA.nTKI. PIER MIRRORS, AO. Catalogue* now ready at our salesroom. Ou FRIDAY (laine dav). at 101^ o'clodk, AT NO. 7(1 4TII AV., CORNER lOTII ST., BY ORDER OP J. tt KIRK. OWNER. UREAT ASSORTMENT OK CI.OT1IH, CASHMERES. LININGS. SILKS, BUTTONS. SHOWCASES. fixtures; DESKS. SAFE. AC. A RT SALE.-ON EXHIBITION TO DAY. iL To be lold by auction Thursday and Friday, April 27 and 2H, el the Keeler Art Ualiery, .VI Liberty it., corner NassXti tt.. a large collection of American and foreign OIL PAINTINGS AND WATER COLORS. Artlits repreti-nted Hart, Story, Chapin, Oeo. Inna?l J. P Keniett, W'ggiii*. Hodingtou, ileade, Huston, Fletch er, J J. Hill. Chat. Sojiert uud n.any other*. OEO. W. EKELER. Auctioneer. Arch. Johnston, auctioneer-office, as larn it.; Auctluu Mart, IB to 25 13th it., near University place. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, MIRRORS, PIANO, CAR PETS, Ac., at auetion, by ARC1I. JOHNSTON, on Thil dar (WEDNKr-lJAV). April 28. at 10U o'clock, AT NO. 11.r EAST 56T11 ST.. near 4tli nv., comprising In part carved walnut Parlor. Dining Room and Chamber Fur niture. Mnttro*?e,, WaOmtanda. Desk, Hook Rack*, upright Piano. Kindt .* Co. maker*; pier Mirror, Brussels end In grain t'arpelt and Oilcloth*. Chiua and Glassware, Kitchen Furniture. Ac. \ uctio.n sale.?Larue "and peremptory A tale tit.* tWednetdatr) morning, commencing at It) o clock, at i he elegant lire tlorv brown alone maunou No. 12D WEST 23D ST., NEAR 6TII A V.?M AUNl PICKS I" HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. RARE AND COSTLY WORKS OF ART. COMPRISING IN ALL OVER (JUh.OUO worth llouaehold lioodt, by catalogue:? 2 brilliant tuned Pianofortes. hieiiiway and Windsor. 2 tuperb aatlti Parlor Mitt*. 2 elegant roaewood Etagorca. 2 elegant Mantel Sola. 2.~> choice bion re Figure a. 2U piece* or Parian Statuary. 15 window, Lacc Curtain*. 25 liruttula and Ingrain Carpet*. 3D tine Oil Paintings, belt artist*. 2 lllgilit Cabinet*. Rep, plus'i and haircloth Salt*. 3 elegant Library Bookcase*. 4 llegant Library Table* 2 Ladle*' Secretaire* and Bookcaaa combined. H Kaar Chair,. Turkish atyle. 2 Mu?ic Boxes, i.i?t Pari* maker*. 12 elogant Bedroom Sim*, complete. In black walnut. 24 curled hair and apring Maltreaaua. 24 Pillow* and Holder*. 10 ilegant black walnut Rocker*. 3e:agint Turki?h Suit*. 24 Bedroom Chain to match. 5 lilac* walnut I.niln re*. H elegant Hedrooui and l'arlor Clock*. 2 elegant blaca walnut Huflel*. 3 ?uperb Extension Table*. 24 olack walnut Dining Chair*. 2 cliina Dinner and Tea Set*. Castor*, Urn*. Pitchers, Forks, Kniee*. Spoon*. lil?**warc. Ac. Marvin'* Parlor Cabinet Sale. Also basement and terrains' Furniture, new four month* ago. N. B.?Thlt la the largeit inle of the aeuion. Sail positive, regard!*** of weather. LUKE F1 iZtiERA 1.11, Auctloncor. N. U.?Competent men to pack and ship goods, tity or country. e A." MORRIS WILKIN'S, Auctioneer. Ilaudiome Household Furniture, Putin. Mirror, Hue Carpet*, Ac., at miction. E. II. LUDLOW A Co. will sell at auction, on Wednes day, April 28, at 11 A. M-, Hast H'.ith it., between Park and Lexington av*.. elegant black walnut Pkrlor Suits, rosewood l'iaaolorle, black walnut Drawing Room Furniture, Eaten- ! eiou Table Huiret. black walnut Library Table*. Clialrs, I Lounge,. Mirror, Carpet, Oilcloths, black waiuut Chamber I suits Bed,lead. Bureaus. Armolre*. Ac., Ac. Also Kitchen j and Laundry Furuiliire, Cooking Utensils, Ac., Ac. I ?MORRIS WILKINS. AUCTIONEER. ! ? Handsome Household Furniture. Mirrors, Oil Paint- 1 Digs, Statuary, Blouse*. Clocks, buhl Cabinets, Ac . Ac. K. II. LUDLOW A CO. will sell at miction, on Thursday, April 27, at 11 o'clock A. M.. at llo 5th av., corner IMth *t., gilt Parlor Suit, rosewood do., buhl Cabinet*, oak Library Suits, | mahogany Dining Room Furuiturc, oil Paintings, iironae*. | clugmit ormula Epergoos and Side Piece* and other Tablo Ornament*. Mirrors and Mantel Sets, French Clock*, rose- i wood Pianoforte, Chairs. Tables and Divans, Bedstead*. Bureau*. Wardrobe*. Curtains, Ac-; slso China snd Glass ; Ware. Herring's Safe, together with -no<|iiet and other Car pets; also Kitchen and I .sundry Furniture. Auction sale "of houhehold furniture THIS i Wednesday) MORNING, at 111', o'clock, at four story residence 21 East 2Ulti st., opposHe Lord A Taylor's store, corner ol Broadway, vis.Elegant inlaid Parlor Suits, in a at In, broratrl. cote line, rep and hslrrloth, made to order,i\ months ago; Stein way A Sons 7.'a octave rosewood Pianoforte, r.tugeres. Centre and Side fahlee. Perietal*. Hronars, till I'aiittltigs, Curtains, Pier and other Mirrors, velvet und Brussels Carpels. rnrkish Easy Chairs, Lounges, solid walnut and In laid Chamber Suits, complete; Bedsteads, Bureaus. Dress ing Casos, Wasbslands, spring and hair Muttreaees, Bedding, i Wardrobe*. Ac.; Library Tahlas, Bookcase*. Desks, Diulng Chairs. Extension Tables, Buffet. Table Linen. Glass, China, ; Mlver Ware, Ac. Parti** in March of good, wall made tur ; nitnro will And It to their advantago to attend. M. 11.? i Goods booed and removed if re<|uired. HENRY ZINN, Auctioneer. A-J. 3KKBACIIKK, AUCTIONEER, WILL HELL , thin day at mlfiroom, Hit Chatham it., at lot,' ' o'clock, without reserve, on account of removal, a lot black walnut Frames, Counter*. Bhelriugs, Awnings, Grocery Fixture*, Desk*. Table*. Chairs, Trunk*, t* troll itafe*. V) aa ! sorted Csrputs, Billiard Talilr, Piano. Clocks. Oil Painting*, - Chromes, Looking Glasses, Uss Fixtures, Travelling Hags, Hhlrt*. Drawer*, Clotlilnir. Champagnes, Whlsklrs, Hint. | Brandies, 'JO,OKI Cigar*, fancy Soaps. Oroceries, lloUM-fur itishlng Hoods, Saddle*. Harness, Ac.; alio on* elegant Music Box. 1 I'CTION. AUCTION. AUCTION. I will sell on THURSDAY, 25th. at II o'clock sharp, the contents of priest* residence 2IS E_<t 35th st., consisting of parlor, chamber and dining room Fnrnltnr* of best city maker* JAMES ALLEN, Auctioneer. A LBKKT B. WALDRON. AUCTIONEER. 100 L1B XI *rty St.?This day, at II o'clock, Groceries, Tea*, Cof fees. Spices, Ac. i A LHKKT H WALUKON, AUCTIONKKK. 100 Lllt | XX. erty st.?This day, at I o'clock, at 51 West St.. Black smiths' Tools, Machinery, Ac. After, all the Materials of ' building. Adrian u. mullek, auctioneer.-executor's s*l? of tlouaoliold Furniture. AllKIAN H. MULLKK A SON' will sell at suction on Saturday, April 2U, at 10 o'clock A. V.. at the private resi dence No. 13d West tid St.. between tfth ar. and Broadway, by order of executor, a general assortment ol Household jr..- " " " " " 'uynlture. consisting of black walnut, rosnwood Bedsteads, Brussels and velvet t'erpets. heir Mattresses, Ac. Catalogue et house on day ot eel*. A N EXTRA LABOR HOUSEHOLD FIRM fl'RK sile THIS (Wednesday) MORNING, at o'clock, user 8I6.HUD worth end over tHjr> lots handsome Household Furniture, g| Carpets, at tbs large private residence 105 Ka. t 13th st., near 4th I the Fui ev ., all the Furniture of 10 roome and parlor*. 4 satin bro cade latest style Parlor Suits, 6 rep und haircloth bolls, J rosewood Pianofortes, Curtains. Mirrors. Paintings. Tables, Ktageres. Bookcases. Turkish Furniture. 15 Chamber Suits, withjDresslnr Usees: Bedsteads, Bureaus, Weahstaoda. Com modes. Wardrobe*. 32 hair and spring Mattresses, Bedding. 2 sideboards, 2 Extension Tables. Lounges, Chntrs, JUUIoia (?lass. Chine, ether Wee, Cutlery, velvet, Brussels, ingruin Carpets: servants' Furniture. Ac. J. KRAKMbR, Auction eer. N. B.-Hoods peeked end shipped, city or ceuntry, by responsible men st tale. Private Collection of Paintings. Now on exhibition st the Clinton Hell Salesroom* a pri vets collection ol Oil Paintings, Water Colors and Engrav ing!!. comprising examples by \ alul. C. P. Ream. Boucher, Kinder, Sleurac. Glimm*. Kobbe, Cowell, McEnlee, Fonoull, Diegbam, J. L. Brown, llolwortb, Culverhoas* end other popular artists, to be sold by suction without reserve, at the Clinton Hall Salesrooms, Saturday afternoon. April 2H, commencing at SU o'clock The M Messrs. LBAVITT, Auctioneers. By kohkkt somekvillk. ai ctionekr, 74 University place HANDSOME HOUSEHOLD h I KMTUBE AND OAR PhTs. KLKHANT PIER AND MANTEL MIRRORS. PINK CROCKERY AND GLASS WARE, AC.; REMOVED FROM STORAGE WAREHOUSE FOR CONVENIENCE OP SALE THIS DaY. AT Hi), O'CLOCK. ROBERT ROMEKVILLR will tell, by auction, this day (Weducsday), at IliJ, o'clock, at No. II East 14th st.. large lot ol Household Furniture, consisting of elegant Brussels, Velvet. Muquet and Ingrain, stair and room Carpels, In ell sites, shapes and patterns: superb Pier and Mantel Mirrors, with blackwalnut, rosewood and gilt frames: One I'srlor Suits In silk reps, satin, broeatel and reps. Fine Library Furniture?Oontitling of Suits. Iloekeaaes, Chairs, Ac.. Ac. Dlniug Room furniture?Consisting of black walnut auil rosewood Extension Tables, dining Ubalra In leather. Crockery, class, sliver Plated M are, Ac. baiironm Fornl lure?Consisting of black walnnt and rosewood Ksdsteadt. Bureau* Wan.robes. Tables, Chairs, lamnges, < ommodes. spring, hair Mattresses, leather Holster* and Pillows, Sheets. Pillowcases, Comforters, Spread*. Kitchen Utensils, Ac., Ac j AI .Si t, AT 12 O'CLOCK. A NUMBER OF UPRIGHT, SuUAllK AND OKAND PIANOS, ItY CIIICKKRINO Axl> OTHER CITY MAKERS. By ROBERT MOMERV1LLB. Auctioneer, 74 University place. GENTEEL HOUSEHOLD tlllMTURK. CARPRT8, MIKROKS. BEDDING. AC.. AC ROBERT SOMEKVll.LK will sell by suction, on Tbnrs day. April 27. at Hit, o'clock, et the private residence, 227 West I2th st.. near .id ev,, ell Furnitar* lu said house, con sisting of Carpets. Redding. Mirrors, Ac.. Ae. Partieelsr* lu time. ALNO. on Friday, at 46 West Washington square. ALSO. on Friday, at 63d st.. Between :m end Lexington evs. A LRU, on Saturday, at 100 W est 4Mth at By c. d favor, general auctioneer-will sell on Thursday, April 27, at private residence 213 Eaat 34th st., at II A. M., parlor, chamber ami dining Fur niture ; velvet and other Carpet*, decant (eight plaeosi Per* lor Salt, good ea new; two black walnut Bookcases, Ward robes. Centre Table*. Parlor Desk. Mirror lace curtain*. Shade*, .stoves, Ae. Personal attention to seles at store or erne where M. K. FAVOR'll Auction Homo, 13 Rest 14th eL Br 1. J. KWAKXKOPF. AUCTIONEKR?HELLS o'clock, nt 1ISB4 av. .large select stock of Groceries, Coffees, Teas, WpiS'S, Reaps, canned Goods, (Vines, Ae. ; siso elegant now Brat class Fixture*, black walnut Counters, Hbelriage, la* Box**, Baal**, Ac.; positively la lota Deal ers lavltoA. IKIFKLD A HE IDLER, AUCTIONEERS ?BALK THIS t Wednesday, at I Ok o'elock. at 512 *t., House Id Paraiiaro, o? private (Easily golag West?Parlor Mat, u elegaat Chamber Rata, solid Mahogany Wardrobe, irbte top Tables, Btavas, Kitchen Was*. Aa PoalMvaly ribent SALES AT a perron. Bissau.. IfkiXKTTlflBEGRC >llfllliWB FtClOAT. Aurll 2*. at l"1, A. M. HiiumIlIiI at 134 East 22d .1., naar Lexington a*.. comprising ia pari elegant rep Lambrequins ai>4 Mantis B?*rdi, ?'u?-nai lltuu, hue gill t'n ornlces, uiarnla lap oak Buffet. Extension Table, four light brant# Chandeliers, rnaowood Badstaad, English body Braaaal. Carpel* in every room. Ac. Alao. same day. at No. IS Murray at. Hard war a. Cutlery and Hnuir Furnishing Good*. /"I |)L'rr. AUCTIONEER- BY VIKTl'K OKA CHAT VV. tel mortgage w* will srll at publtr aurllun, at tlie font of Waal 37lh at, and North Hirer, on Wednesday. at I o clock F. M., tb# Schooner John W. Lswren##, with tbc Tackle, Apparal and Kurnitura. VI M v yi'lNN, ? JOHN Ub'liGAM. Jr.. Attornaya lor Mortpag##. CONTINUATION SALE, I 1'KTKR Bo WE. Auctioneer. of tba Kmaitara of tha Madlaoii Square House, corner'Jlat at. and Broadway, THUS DAY. at 10 o'clock, commencing on the parlor Boor.Jloquet and velvet Car pcta, I'ler and Mantel Mirrors, Ktacere.. Waidrubea. I'arlor Mull., in aatlu and repa; Oil Paintings, Bed.leada. Dressing Bureaus, Turkish Chairs. Lounges. Chandeliers, Lace Cur taint. Lambrequin, and Cornice*. Bedding. Ac.: on# I area Kitcbcu Itangr and Boiler, Ci-pperwar#, sllrvr-pluted ware. Cutlery, dataware. Toilet beta, large aaaortment of Crock ery. Kitchen l, Ac. Dklmomcos. i:ii am hkkk sr. ami Broadway ? Auction tola on Wednesday, April SIU. lri/tl, at Hit, o'clock. All the Furniture contained In above hotel, comprising Hieing Tabic. Chaira. Counters, mahogany Hedtteada, mahogany niarule top Dressing Uuranua, Wa.hatuiul. and Centre Tables, Lounuea, hair Mattress#*, Pillows, Iliunkett, Curtain., Cornice. Chandelier., Brussels Carpet, Kitchen Utensils, Ac., Ac Catalogue on the morniug of aale. WM. 8. MOUNT. Auctlonaer. .TDWARD SCHKNCK. E Continuation aale of elegant Cabiust Furniture on PlUDAY, 28th Inat., at No. 00 Liberty it.. at 12 o'clock. DM. 8KAMAN. AUCTION EKK. ? HOUSKHt >I.D ? Furniture?Adiuiulatrat't's Sale - Wedueaday, Apiil at M>){ o'clock, at raeidanee N#. lost East 17tli at. near 4lli ev , rosewood I'arlor Suit, Piano, llatatutid. valval and llrna.el. Carpet, and a general aa.oruient el mahogany b< d room and dining room I urniture. Catalogues at 14 Fine at. j?UWAUD SCH1SN0K. AUCTIONEER. ELEGANT llOUSKUOLD FCRM TURK, at the private residence NO. 321 MADISON AV.. betwoou 42d mid 43d sis.. ON TUIS DAY (WEDNESDAY), April 26. at H K o'clock lly EDWARD SCHKNCK. a. above, all the elegant Fur niture, consisting in part of moquet, Aubisun and BruaaaUl Carpets; superb I'arlor Suits, in snttn; real Bronaea, Mantle ' Set., rich Cabinet*. Latuhrouulns. lu .iitiu ; Lace Curtain*, Mirror*. Ac. : very elegant lilack waluut Buffet, carved Kx (enatou I able; elegant Dlnitig Suit, In leather; rich wal- i lint Hod.teada, Artr.olre*, Turkish Lounges and ('halts, Bureaua and Dreaaiug Tablet, the Unast curicd lialr Mat- | trasses, Feather Bolsters and I'lllowa. all the China and I dataware and the Kitchen Fnrnllure. The aburq la aa 1 good aa new. LYINK ART EXHIBITION The private collection of 1'atnting* by tha great modern master* belonging to Mr. J. Strieker JenkIn*, Baltimore. Now on exhibition freo at the art room* 817 Broadaray, day aud evening. The na west and cholcoat examples br tha moat popular aitlsl* of the day. The painting* In thl* collection are of tho hlgheat grade of art-work, and now offered lor aate solely on account of the lung protracted illnea* and probable residence abroad oi Mr. Jotiklus, and will be sold unreservedly. Sale will tako place at the Ciintnn Hall rialaroom*. on the evonlnga of Tuesday and Wedueaday, May 2 aud 8. The Mu-ar*. LliAVlTT, Auctioneers. "P COL I ON. AUCTIONEER. I ? TUIS DAY' (Wednesday), April 26, at II o'clock, at the private rosWettvo i!2 West 17th at., botween Nth aud titlt ava. Elegant Household Furniture. Superb Stelnway A Hon* rosewood I'lauo. rosewood Parlor Suits, luce Curtains, French plate i'ior and Mantel Mirror*. Centre Tables, velvet and Brussels Carpets, rich carved rosewood *nd I'lack walnut Chamber Suita, boat hair Mal treaaes. spring Beds, rich black walnut Huffot, Extension Table. Clialrs. China aud Ultua Waro, Kitchen Goods; also all tba Chandelier*. On THURSDAY. April 27. at II o'clock, at the private residence 128 East 2titli St.. tile entire rich Iarlor, hod room and dining room Furniture, Franoli plate lirrors, rosewood I'iano, Carpets. On THURSDAY. April 27, at2 o'clock, the entire Furniture of house nfl hast lOtli at., near 4th av. On FRIDAY". April 28. at II o'rlock, elegant Furniture in Brooklyn, at 114 Mon'.ague at., the entire rich Furniture of tha large private Itousu, fully fur ' ulebed. Notice.?Goods received this week from families breaking up housekeeping, at tho salesroom, 33 East 13to at., near Broadway, to he aold after May I. GERARD BKTTH A CO.. AUCTIONEERS, Store and *alenrnom No, 7 Old blip and 104 Pearl it. THIS l?AV (WEDNESDAY), April 26, in 10 o'clock A. M.. At IMS 2d tv. Grocery Stock.?Stock mid Fixtures of A Grocery Storo, comprising the usual assortment fuuod In a flnt class grocery. Aim. at the eaine place, oue llorie, Wagon, liaroeu, Ac. Gatalognea at eale. GKKAKl) BUTTS A CO.. General Auctioneers CAKOBUK HOLBKOOk, AUCTIONEER. T Saleirocm and 450 Canal lb UOLHKOOK A nui.Lixa ?ell, THIS DAY, at 10.', o'clock, at No. 120 Bait 23d it.. Steinaruy I'iano, Honiehold Furniture. Carpet", Mantel and Flcr Mirrors, Parlor Solta, Sola Bed*, black walnut Chamber Suite, Maitreeece and Bedding, Dining Itooui Furniture, Crockery, Ulaie and l'lated Ware, Kitchen Utensils, Aa. THURSDAY, 27th. Household Furniture. Ac., at AO. 212 Wait 43d at. HENRY D. 14 IN Kit, AUCTIONEER date Henry H. Loeda A Miner), office and art galleries, H45 Broadway. THIS DAY (WEDNESDAY), Ai'KlL, 28, at 11 o'clock A, M.. continuation and laat day'ieale of the UOVBRNOR LYON Of)l.l,KCTION OF OKU A MICH, commencing with lot Ml of the Japanese ware of Sateuma, Kioto. Banka. Miaco. Kanga and Cloisonine, continuing with the various Chinese Warea and ending with the Ce ramic epecimena of American hlatorlcal interest. THURSDAY, April 27, at I1'1, o'clock, at the private residents No. I.*! Wot 4'itli at., between Broadway and Hth ar., llANDHOMK HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, MADK TO OKDKK BY BKl.l.KK. ROL'X AM) OTHERS; DAMASK I AND LACK CURTAINS, REAL BRONZES. AO.?Ko ! quel Carpel", roaewood Suit, la blue latlu daiuaak: Inlaid Cabinetiui'entre and Side Tahlea, black walnut Dining and Bedroom Furniture, Wardrobe". Keokeaaea and Lounge", hair Mattroaaee, Ac., Ac. The above is now on exhibition thla day. THURSDAY, April 27. at IOU o'clock, at the private residence 350 Lexington av. GENTEEL HOUSEHOLD FIRMTURK, ALL OF WHICH WAS MADK TO ORDKR, and hat been u>ed only about eight monlhe; Wilton and Bruaaela Carpeta, roaewood and iilack walnut Sulta. in crlmaon pluah. marble top Centre and >l(le Table" and Ktagere, black walnut Din Ing and liearoom Furniture, Bedding, Kltchon Utensils, Ac, Ac. FRIDAY. APRIL 2H, at 10Uo'clock, at tbo private reeideoco N >. 13 West2Uth St., i EXECUTOR'S SALK. HANDSOME liOUSBHOLD KU ItNITURK. MADE TO OKDKK BY POTTlKR A STYMUS, ROLX. AND OTHER Ur?t claa? maaerai velvet and Wilton Car peta, 1'ier and MbumI Mirrora, roaewood and black walnut I Furniture, Beading, kitchen l'tenaila, Ac., Ac. Detaile berealter. NOW ON FREE EXHIBITION, DAY AND EVEMINO, a choice private collection of ORIGINAL MODERN OIL PAINTINGS, belonging to Mr. A. F. MORRISON. To be "old at auction on the eveulnga of Friday and Saturday. April 2S and 21), at 7\ o'clock. H. B. HERTS A SOBS, AUCTIONEERS. 17 Park place and 14 Murray St. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, CARPETS, PIANOS, AC. WEDNESDAY. APRIL IWl. AT 2 OCLOC'K P. M., AT NO. 177 WEST 45T1I ST.. CORNER 71*11 AV., tntlra Furniture, Carpeta, Piaaoe and other effects of tho above four atorv bouse. Catalogue at sale. H. B HERTS A HONS. AUCTIONEERS, Salesrooms 17 Park place and 14 Murray st. HOUSEHOLD Fl'KNITUB, CARPETS. PIANOS, AO., OM WEDNESDAY, A I'll! I. 28, AT 10^ O'CLOCK, AT NO. 1V. WKST 45TH ST., comprising velvet and Rraaseia Carpet". Parlor Sulfa In reps. Centre, Side andl'ard I able"; Collbrs Piano. Cnrtalna, Cor nleri, Picture, roaewood Chamber Suite, Araioire. line Med>, Bedding and Maitieaeea: Dli.iug.U-mm and Kitcliea Furni ture, China, Olaseware, Ac.. Ac. Catalogue" at Sale. H. B HERTS A SONS. AUCTIONEERS. Salesroom". 17 Park plaeo and 14 Mnrray it. HANDhOEB HOUSEHOLD PURNITUBR, CAB. PETS. IIC. OX THURSDAY, APRIL 27, AT 10>< O'CLOCK, AT NO. 1CH EAST 9HTII ST., comprising the entire elagsnt I'arlor. chamber. Library and Dining Room Furnllure. Mirrors, Carpeta. Piano, Cabinet, Hue Bed" and Bedding. Kitchen Uteuaile, Ac. Full details hereafter. IB. IIKKTS A HONS. AUCTIONEER*. ," 17 Park plaoe and 14 Murray St. ANDBOME IIOI'SHHOLl7~rURNrTUBK. MIRRORS, CARPETS, OIllCKhBlMO OHAND PIANO, AC.. ON THURSDAY. APRIL 27. AT lOV O'CLOCK. AT MO. 40 WEST 37TI1 ST. PARLORS CONTAIN and rosewood and gilt Parlor Suit, In crimson satin; ebony nriaoln trimmed Ceblnal, velvet Carpeta, Uhtaksrlng Grand Piano rleb inlaid Table" ; Reception Chain, In canary satin; Cnrtalna and Laanbreqalna, ciocka. Vaeea, Ac. IN DININU ROOM, ?olvst Carpet. I?aee Cnrtalna; Dining Room Knit, In plash; rich Bwffst, Estenslon Table, French * lilna Dinner Ser vice, Cet Gless and sliver Ware, Cutlery. Aa. CHAMBERS CONTAIN Brussels Cornets, walnut Bedsteads, Hnresna, Dressing Cases, Sao Beds, Bedding, Matircaaes, Turkish fhslrs. Lounges, Mirrors. Wardrobes, Aa., together - - , . ? wKh all 1*0 Appartanaaeas of t*U bouse NOTION. Thla sola la uadar the nlrvstion of Nr. T. K. Btavaaaaa, J*., Eaat Batata Broaar, ef Met 4 flao at. h; BALES AT AUCTHM. "iniEKTS " A HONS, AUCTIONEER*. Salesroom* 17 Pirt place hiI 14 Murray A. HANDSOME FURNITURE. STEIN WAY PIANO. AO., ON FRIDAY, APRIL 3H, AT 10?; O'CLOCK, AT NO. US K AST 46TH ST., NBAS LEXINGTON AY. Particular attention U invited to the very handsome Far allure In this houaa. all <?! which waa mailt* ta ordar for the uwurr rerardles* of expcuse and baa been in uae only a law nioutba. THE PARLORS CONTAIN Preach inaquat Carpet*. Turkish Parlor Suit io blue aatla, with alher lira* putting*. ami Mental Hoard tu match; rich Inlaid cabinet Brouxe Mantel Set. inlaid Kneel. Lace Cur tain* uud Cornleci, bruiiae Chandelier*, Stein way Piano, V THE DININO ROOM. Axminster Carpet. walnut Iraue Mirror and Comical, Lacs Curtain*, walnut and Kilt Duffel and Extension Table, brum* Chandelier*. Turkish Safa and Chair*. China, Ulaar and Silver Ware, Ac., Ac. CHAMBER CONTAINS line Brussels Oarpeta, Curtain* and Coruioea. Praucli walnut Bed-toad* Drawing Caaaa, Ariu-dro a-clace. curled balr Mattreti-e*. Hod*. Bedding. walnut and gilt Suit iu drab and blue satiu. Picture*. Mirrors, Ac . together witb the Kitchen Furniture, with which the aale will coiuweacr | S7~WblNBERGER, ACCTKiVEKBT Salearooui 711 Bowery, Pianu, ilounehidd Kurniture, Carpet*. Mirrora, Ac., ua THURSDAY, April -7, at 10)^ o'clock, at SUB Lex i net on av? comprising Brutaala and other Carpet*. Una Parlor Bultn rich cabinet rosewood Piano, lledroour, Dinlug Room and Kitchen Furniture, Ac.; Hue walnut marblo top Sideboard, pillar Extension Table. Clock*, Ac. ISAAC M KING, ACUhoNKEK. WILL SELL, TO tunrruw. the Stuck uud Fixture* of a well known hair establishment. on Ctb av.; large atock; Hut aaaortnieat. Detail- to-morraw. TANKS Dl'N.N, AUCTIONKEK, - " tt Sale-ruolu 14 Velar at.. Sella THIS DAY ot rdueaday). at II o'clock, a large a**ortu>ent ol kocond baud and usw HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, BEDDING, AC. Crockery Ware and Toilet Houpa. T HAVEN, Al'O I'loNKKR, (J . will aeti THURSDAY, April 77, at 10? A. M.. at 3< We*t 43d at., entire couteute of four *tory brown atone Uon*e. MnqnaB Wilton and Axwluster carpi ta, parlor, bedrootu and kilcuoa lurtiiture, roeewood piano, tnlrror*. Ac. J" Oil's A7 DUNN, AUCTIONKKR,-wTl.l, SELL O* Friday, April 3m. at KM* o'clock, at 573 We?t 4l*t it., one Still and ( olnmu with all cnuncction* lu perfect order; waa run oulv a few wecka; good aa new; built by tiannon, (if Jersey City ; n ?o 00 home powar Roller, two Campbell A Hardtck l'uuip.s; all good aa new ; tnu?t be told ami moved off premise* at once. T P. TltAVKK, Al'C HONKER.?MORTGAGE SALE. . on Weuu.**day. April 3U, at lti>, o'clock, ail the Furni ture aud Fixture* ot iiar, llrtluuraut and Oyiler Salouu, No. 33 I'd av.. under the Fourth Diatrict Court; line Liquor Bar. Back Fixture*. Bar Fixture*. Table*. Chair*. Clock*, Mirrora, Table Cloth*, Castor*. Picture*. Stove*. Oyater Bar. Chaud Tiara, Ic* Boxea, two line Raugee, Cooking Utensils. Table Cutlery. Crockery, Glnwware, hue ouuidu Lamp* and Post. Sign*, Ac. By order of attorney lor mortgagee. T-?.- TRAVKR, AUCTION EE K. d ? will aoil on 'Thursday, 37th, at 1U>? o'clock, all tha aia< guilt Furniture, Carpet*, Mirrora, Bedding, Platedware, Crockery, Ac., of private realdenee No. 34 Kast 33d at., be twoen Madlaou aud 4th eve. Fall particular* In time. J P TR.YVEE, AUCTlONEFnU?MARSHAL'S SALE? * Tilt* day. nt 3 o'clock, at Ml Great Jonea ak. by virtue ol an execution, a general aaaortment ol Household Furut niture ?Rouewood aeveu octave Meloieoii.'Htie velvet, Bma aela and other Carpet*; Mattreaaea, PUlowa, Stove*, lot of new Trunk*. Ciockery, three line Refrigerator*. Pi*h Stand, Herring Safe, three Sewing Machine*. 1(1 Canary Bird* aud Cage*, Fancy Goods, Ac. A. B. CLARK. uarahaL J 8. CHRISTALLKR, AUCTION EE K. NO. IT a Abingdon *(|uara. Hth av., will aeil thin (lay (Wednes day), April 3D, at 10 o'clock, at 11) Ab ncduii aquare, geue-ni llunaehoiil Furniture nf latnlly declining hou-ekeeplng; nlao (in* Fixture* and Chandeliers. Dealers invited. J HAVEN. AUCTIONEER, * . will ae'l WEDNESDAY. April 20. at 10^ A. M., at 101 Weat 4*th at., corner rtth av., eontouta of large French llat, conaiating of everything in the housekeeping lino, Carpetf. Parlor Hull, Bedroom sacs, la* blea. Stoves, Ol*** and Crockery Ware, Ac., Ae. J. UAVKN give* special attention to sales at prtvato real denee*. J" OSKPil J. DK VOUNii, " ALC I loNKKK.-sTOKB Fixtures hi auction; FRIKDKN'STKIN A KLLINGKR, aalciroum 130 Bowery, sail this day, at 10 o'clock, tha Counters, Shelving, Stools, Show Cases, Ac., of Store 353 Bowery. AMES CAUN BY, AUCTIONEER, 15 ABINGDON square iHth uv.l. THIS DAY, at lujj o'clock. at 373 Bleeeker at., between Churle* and Perry, elegant walnut Store i Ixturoa, Ca?e*. rt Sewing Machine*. Ac. Dealer* iu tiled. Special attention to tale* at private residence*. BYWORTH A UAMMILL AUCTIONEr BS, WILL tell thi< day, at luU o'clock, at 113 Bleeeker at., the cuiiro Stock of bluvei, Refrigerator* and Uwuenfurniahlng Goods. IE WIS A. CoVlKX. AUCTIONEER, SELLS, AT II J o'clock, line Vnriely and Candy Store, 147 Forsyth at. Mortgage bale.?by virtuk ok cVTrtain pow' era ol attorney to me executed by the owner* nf tha New York Hotel, I have foreclosed two certain chattel niort gag ?*, made by Frank Wrisley and by Frank Wri?ley and John L. Wrlklc.v respectively to ll-ck*on W, Field and oth er*. owner* a* af(ire*ald. and 1 have taken into my ixMtasainn tlio furniture nf the New York Hotel and the other vffeut ? over ml by said mortgage*?to wit. n large number of Suitt of bedroom, parlor, dining room and kitchen Furniture, in* eluding all the Glass aud China War#. Linen and Bedding, Carpets, Ga* Fixture* aud Ornament* lately In use iu the natd hotel, end shall sell the same at pnbllc auction by E. H. LUDLOW A CO.. Auctioneer*, upon tlie said premise*, bclnq the New York Hotel and which I* known aa No. 731 Broadi way, in the city nf New York, on the 3d day of May, 1S7W comtnoneiiig at in o'clock In the lore noon of that day ant continuing daily until the *ale I* completed. KltW ARD MORGAN, Attorney for the Mortgagee*. VAN WINKLE, CANDLER A JAY, of counsel, 48 Wal at.. New York. New Yorx, April 32, 1B7U. ? MORRIS WILKINB, AUCTIONEER. Haudsoiuu Household Furniture at suction. E. II. LUDLOW A CO. will Mil at unction, on Friday, April 2H at No. 313 ad av.. rosewood and ruaruuatry Far 01 Hulls, black walnut Library and Dining Koont Fuinlture, black walnut Hedsteads, Bureaus. Wardrobes, Washetands, Lounges. Itockers, fine Oarpets. Mattresses, Pillows. Ac. ; also Kitchen and Laundry Furniture, Cooking Utensils, etc.. c. Catalogues at office or auctioneers, .No. 3 Pins st, MANTKLH and~MONUMENTB AT AUCTION. On Wednesday April 'JIHh. at II o'clock, at the ware I rooms of Mr. II. Parry, 2B4 and 280 4th ay., ths entire stock I of Marble Mantels, comprising about 100 Mantels of an an i usually large variety ol high cost French and Belcian col. oruil Marbles; also or Vermont Statuary and other Marbles! also the slock of Monuments, Headstones. Ac.. Ac. PELLS A CO., Auctioneers, ! XTUSSBAUM A CO.. AUCTIONEERS, 281 BO WERT, il will sell this day, at HI o'clock, at No. 143 Sullivan St., , stuck and natures of Saloon ; Bar. Hack Bar. Tables, Chairs, Glauses, Mirrors, Me.. in lots. NP?ADM A CO.. AI'CTIO.NKKB8, 3?il~BOWF.KY. will sell Ibis day. at II o'clock, st No. 52* 1st av.. Stock and Fixtures of a flnely fitted up Butcher Hhop. marble Fixtures, Hacks, Benches, Blocks, Ioehouae, healss. Ac. In lots. N~ L'HMBAUM a 00., AUCTIONKKRH, 201 HOWERV, will sell this day, M 11 o'clock, at No. ftdxl llth sr., near 41st St., the line >? fitted up Haloon am Hoarding House, consisting of Bar. Hark Bar. Tables, Chairs. Glasses, Icebox, Mirrors; also Furniture, fiather Btdt, hair Mat tresses, Htankela. guilts, Bedsteads, Ac,; worthy o( dealern and speculators to attend; la lots. |)AWN BROKER'S HALE.?Til OM AH J M'OKaTTF, X Auctioneer, 153 Chatham at., corner Mulberry, will s <11 this day. at II o'clock. Men's and Women's Clothing, Dresses. Shawls, Itemnanti. guilts. Blankets, Bed< Inc. Bouts, hbues. Ac.; also Coats, l'aats and Vesta. By oriel II. 0. Lewis. 2d av. AWN BROKE its' RA1.K.-K FIELD, GENERAL Auctioneer ? salesroom HO Bowery?*e<Is this day, at 11 o'clock, HUD lots mens and women's Clothing, Dreeeaa, shawls. Remnants, Underclothing, guilts. Blankets, Bed ding. Boots. Hbees, Ac.; also Coats, Pants, Vesta. By order late firm of blmoson, Green A Co., 1H1 Bowery. PA W N B ItU K K KM H A LE-W ATCliEB AND JEW elrv.?JAMES AGAH, Auctioneer, will s-il this day, at 11 o'clock, at SO New Bowery, Ml ? lot a g>>ld and eilvei Watches, gold aud diamond Itlngs, Earrings. Pins. Opera Glasses. Guns. Pistols, Hllverware. Musical and Matnematl eal Instruments. Fancy Ooodx, Ac. By order ol A. J. Jacks sod. 50 West 31st at. tTawnb it OKI. R h" HAL k.?J AM EM aga r, auction. XT *ar. will sell on Thnreday. April 27, at 30 New Bowery, a large assortment of fine gold and silver Watches, Din. rounds, Jewelrv. Guns, Pistol., Ac., Ac. By order of hIMP. HON, BOMKKit A CO.. 27 Chatham st. _ RICHARD ?. HARNETT, AUCTIUNKER, * will sell at auction, on TUESDAY. April 25, nt 12 o'clock, at Exchange (salesroom. Ill Broadway, Mipreine Court sale iu partition, nnder direction of Win. Newabafer, Esq.. rsfsree, 544 West 2lHh st . 175 feet east llth av.. valuable la>t, I'.'ivwith Irunt and rear Property rents wall. Hep*. A*, of John lUye, Kaq.. Attorney, 100 Broadway, or rewrre or eoctroneer. if HERMAN. SIIERIKF'h'aND"GENERAL AUCTION. s. ID T1IIB DAT (WEDNESDAY), April 26, et 11 o'clock, at No. 562 3d av., the Stock and Fixtures ??f a Cigar Store, via.Of Clgare, Chewing and Mnoalng Tobacco, Cigarettes, Meerschauuj and Hrierwood Pines, Ar.; also Counter*. Shelving, two e.t vrr plated Show t'aecs, Cigar Figure. One Fixtures. Stoves, Oilcloth, Mirror. Scales. Ac. Sale nositive. Doalere Invited. LviiKRiFrs sale qsMaEO BMW, VcctiomekK O Foroltore, Ac.. thl? day, Wednesday, April -JB, at 10 o clock, at 302 nth av., contents of a Furniture Store, consisting or Chairs, Table*, Bedsteads, Bofat, Mirrors. Mattreatee. Wardrobes, Cerpoll, Ar. W. C. CONNER, Sheriff. W. U. CaanoLL, Depnty Bherlff. THE~UTICA CONVENTION. - SPECIAL HEHPATCflEB IN TITK EVENING TELEGRAM TO-NIGHT. WILLIAM O. HOFFMANN, AUCTIONEER.?EE traordlnary sale of Household Furniture.? OGDKN I CLARK, Koal Estate Broker*, will soli at auction ell the elegant Furniture In large honee No. 23 Washington place, on Wedneeday, April 2d. at IO o'clock A. M., SO Bedroom Suits, namber of taperior hair Mattreaaee, Pillows. Ac.: Brussels and mnquet Carpets, new; large amnnnt ol Croec ery. Cooking Utensils, Ac . Ac. Boarding house, hotel keepers and dealara should attend. Catalogues at O0DKN A CLARK'S. Broadway and 17tb st William abhott. AuctioiifefcR, oMMf Ml 5 Chambers *4., will sell on Thnreday. 27th Intl.. at lu'i o'clock, the Household Phralture at 2W7 Henry st. Onn nice Piano, fin* walnut and mahngaav Bedstead*. Brussels and Ingrain Carpets. Parlor Salts. French Plat* Mirrors, Stoves, Oil Cloth, Crockery, Ac. WILLIAM AIIH<ITT. AUCTIONEER. Office No 3 Chambers st. By virtue of a chat tic mortgage I will sell this day, at f o'clock I'. M., at No. 184 East IvMh St.. two Pier Mirrors, on* ?even octave I'lano. two toaewood Crimean broeatoll* Parlor Bulls, two largo Hrntsole Carpet*, oee Meek walnot Bed room Bet, andotber llouaeholil Furniture, Ac. CHAKLKH fTiMATITBR, Attorney for Mortgage*. "^"KkcHANOlE. ~ ' "a LARGE TTtoCK 6B MBBCl?A^IBX26r*& A change far Reel Eetate. Address J. J., box lfifi MeralA office. 0ASH AND REAL ESTATE FOE MKBCHAMDIBM. original nackage* preferred; etrlet eoafidenee. Addreern PANIC TIMES, UeralU office. __ _ ? * "ilitBLLAWMW. Tbl^oRCTtlii oHfAffifsD r KKk <>?? * IJ CHABLKS CLARKE and VICTOR DKMBaM, Lew Office Mi Bend at., nnder saving. Bank.

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