Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 25, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 25, 1876 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. % ~ , ? WHOLE NO. 14,o2l~ NEW YORK. THURSDAY, MAY 25, 187C.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. DIBKCTOKY FOU ADVERTISERS. WK1T.B BRANCH OFFICE, 1.2?T> BROADWAY.? OPEN DAY AND NIGHT. POR BKCKPTION OP advertisements AND SALES or PAPERS. AM CP I'" ME NTS?2o Pack?5tb and 6th colt ASTROLOGY? 12tk Pack?'it h col. B1LLI AKIIS-2P Pack?<thco!. BOARDERS WANTED?2d Pick 2d and :<d coin. BOAHD AND LODGING WANTED-2D Pac?? 3il col BOOTS AND SHOES?1st I'auk-Mb . ol. BROOKLYN BO A KU?"in Pack?lib col. BROOKLYN HEAL ESTATE FOR SALE?1?* Paok?3th col. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES?f?ni Pack. BUSINESS NOTICES?7tii Pack?<Mh col. CITY REAL ESTATE FOR BALE?1st Pack?9th ooL CLERKS AND SALESMEN?12T11 Paoh?1st coL CLOTHING?12th Pack?4th col. COACHMEN AND GARDENERS-12th PAC*-l?t and 2d co's. , .. COASTWISE steamships?12TB PAGS-5th and ?th colt. COUNTRY BOARD?2d Paoh?4th col DANCING ACADEMIES??t> Pac*-6U? coL DEN. ISTRY?1 Jtii Pack?Ith col. 1>RY GOODS? 1st Pack?5 th col. _____ , w_ DWELLING HOUSBS TO LET. purni8hed AND UN PURNISH ED?2b Pack?1st cml. EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS?13th 1'ag??5th col. EUROPE?Wth Pack? ?tb eol. EXCURSIONS?12th Pack?tith col. PINANCIAL-8th Pack. PINK ARTS? 1-T8 Pack-?th col. POR SALE?1st Pack??5tH coU FURNISH ED BOOMS AND apartments TO LET?3? Pack?lit aud -d col>. FURNITURE?9th Pack tith col. HELP WANTED?FEMALES?12m Pag??lsteol. HELP WANTED?MALES?12th PtcK-^dcol. ? HORSES. CARRIAGES, AC.?1st Pau*-2<1, ad and 4th col*. HOTELS?2n PA<n-4th coV. HOUSES ROOMS. 40.. WANTED-?** PsGR-6theoL INSTRUCTION?1st PAOK-?th col. .... JERSEY CITY. HOBO KEN, HUDSON CITY AND BKROKN REAL ESTATE FOB SALE?lr* Pao?? 5th rol. LOST AND POUND?1st Paoh?1st col. machinery?1st Pa(W-4J*h coI. MARBLE MANTELS-12th Pack?4th coL MEDICAL?12th Pack?4tb col. MILLINERY AND DRESSMaKINQ-ICT Pack?,Mh eol. MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS?IOth Pack? 6th col. Miscellaneous?s>ni Pao??r>th col. MUSICAL?2d Pack?tttb col. NEW PUBLICATIONS?7th Pack?CtU col. personal?1st Pack?1st col. PIANOFORTES. ORGANS, AC.-9ni PAQB-6th col. POST OFPICE NOTICE-Ist PACK-Ctb col. PROPOSALS?9th 1'aok?nth eol. PROFESSION A L SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES? 12th Paok?1st rol. PROPERTY* OUT OF TIIE CITY FOR SALE OR TO RENT?1st Pack?MIi and 6th cols. REAL KSTATK TO EXCHANGE?1st PAG*-?th cel. REAL ESTATE WANTED-1st PAUK-?th col. RELIGIOUS NOTICES?1st Pack?1st col. REWARDS?1st Pack?1st coi. RALES AT AUCTION?12TB Pact;?3d and 4th cols. SITUATIONS WANTED? FEMALES-IIth Pag*. SITU ATIONS WANTED?MALES?12th Pack?1st cok SPECIAL NOTIOES-Ist Pao*?1st and d col*. SPO TING?DOGS. BIRDS, 40.?1st Pack?2d cob BTORaGE?"p Pack?6th col. SUMMER RESORTS?an Pack?4th col. THE TRADES?1 tii Pack?2d and ad ools. thk TUBP?1st Paok?2d cnl. TO let for BUSINESS PURPOSES?2d Pack? 1st col. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE?12th PAOK-flth cot unfurnished ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? ".'n Pack?2d col WANTED TO PUR' IIASE?9th PAOK-?th col. WATCHES. JEWELRY. AC.?2d P.icn-4th col. yachts, steamboats, ac.?ioth PAOK-ethcoi. PERSOKAL. A" ~N~ACQUAINTANOR O" the^ady mistaken for Baltimore friend ou West 'I wenty-nintli st. yestcr lav nlWnoon will hp hichly appreciated. If agreeable. Plesse address BANKER, box 213 Herald Uptown Branch sffice. B ABY.?CALL FOR LETTER AT STATION E. DOC. ROSS. H JjUKTHLY MOKTaLS? DID NOT SHE YOU SATUR J day. If agreeable. write when and where wo can m<*et you. Address HIUHBRIDGE, Herald Uptown Branch office. I MM '1DOPTTOW-HEA LTll Y MALE IN PAN?? AH solute possession (riven. Address Dr. livingston, Station D. ATE USN OUT OP TOWN-WILL MEET YOU Friday, nt 3 o'cloc';. at Blcot's, 1 Ith st. C. E. L. IF TIIIS. SHOULD MEET THE EVE OP THOMAS Rowe, late of Glasgow, he would oblige by sending hi? address to O.. box 153 Herald office. J' OJIfTBEARD.?IF"JOHN BEARD, OF~BOUOHTON, Monchelsea. Kent, will communicate with Meiiirs. Beafo A Co., solirllors. No. 0 Kinir St.. Maidstone. Kent. England, he will hear of poniethio* to his advantage. John Beard is believed t > have left Enelaii'l on or about Motidnv. the 10th of Jnne. 1S07, and to hrnre ?niled (rota Liverpool in the vessel Denmark. He U shorn 5 fast H Inches bitrli, with lark complexion. lie was last employed as ii brewer's col lector Shonld this advertisement meet the ere of any T ?r ?on who can Rive Information resoei'tliie him. if living, or of bl< death if not livinor. lie is hereby requested so to do. Maipstonk, May S. I?76. fo~E ?D \ Ri.ING, COULD f CALL ON M.~H. ? Saturday with L., between 1 and 4 t Write at one# If possible. "P W ARISIAN diamonds." ILI-CHARLES A. ROSENBAUM. JR.. SEND niS address at once to North Andorer depot. M?ks. ! KAT1K E. ROSENBAUM. WANTED-THE ADDRESS OR information OF Mary WMttnkor, danchter of the lato Henry Evans, ?f Diihlin. Address.I. U., Herald l.'l>t >wn Brunch ofiee. HE PARTY WHO- FOUND LOOSE DIAMONDS wrapped In papor will be liberallv rewarded by com sianlcatint; with G. It., Herald Uptown Branch office. Wf-D. klNGSFORD -TIIERK IS A LETTER AT II . the Brooklyn General Post office for you. Please do answer address in letter. Til BTl-JOSIE, WAITED IN RAIN VAINLY"; write to F. II. W , Ilernid otice. 111-TH AVENUE. 79 RELIGIOl'8 NOTICES. ffKERMONS AN'D PUAVKit MEE'iIN(i"T"alk read by a young preacher at Albro's P'nyer end Praise Heetintrs. 3o3 Went 3 th St. Slnijinc with organ accom paniment. M tto PRAISB MEETING ?THE THIRD 0^1 BEWSS of mass prais") meetings will be held in the Chnrch of the Dlscip.en, 45th st. and M adison av., Rer. Oeo. H. Hep wortli, pastor, on Thnr?dav evening of this week, at 7:45. Mr. L. P. Thatcher wi'l have charpr^ of the mnsic and the Hippodrom (!!ioir will be present. The doors will be opened at 7. The choir are requested to be in their seats at 7:30 in order to avoid confnslon. Yon will be welcome. L MIST AM) fOUN'D?MONEY. WHICH THE OIVNKR CAJfTfAVE bjrpifli|tnp?nHf. W, H. W., Herald office. 07T-APR0MI880RY NOTK FOIt b~kx>. MADE BT A. 1*. Smith to order of A. 0. Alton, dated the ">th or inrller In May: nil persons are warned from negotiating the im?. A. P. SMITH. 1.481 Broudway. OST^ON~~THE -?.?ENI NO OK MAY 2.1. RETWKKN the Filth Avenno Hotel anil tlie Filth Avenue Theatre, a red Kussia leather Pocketi>ook, marked "Sadie B. Thomas." A nitltnbla reward will be given to any one leav ing it at the office of the Filth Avenue (Intel. I. (MT-riOK MO. SO BROADWAY. ROOM n67\ a J Chinchilla Ovoreost. worn under the sleeve. $5 re ward and no questions a*kod. L^osr?TCKS DA V AFTBKNOON, 6TH AV. STAGE. A Wallet containing a sum of raouey and Gold Ptod. A liberal reward raid by returning It to 48 Went 10th ?t. !"~0??OK bund>ay mornincT" in cHuRrir-ifH J av. and lltli St., or passing up avenue, ludv's jrul'l untlntr csso Watch, blue enamelled, "K. A. C." mono jram. Kinder return to 107 Wot 11th at. A liberal reward ?rill be given. I Off OR STOLEN?FROM TUB SUBSCRIBER. THIS .1J day, $1.1 *in tlrst mortgage gold Bond of the New York, Boston and Montreal Coi solidated Railroad Company. All person* are hereby cautioned against negotiating or pur chasing (aid Bond. A suitable reward will be paid to the Under by J. B. TARDY, Tarrytown. N. Y. OST.?A C.OT.D RINa INLAID WITH HA III', J marked inside. "Kraille and Woodie," outside "To Father." Kinder will be rewarded by leaving it with CUlt US A ROWLEY. 90 Fulton st. OST?ON MAY 24, A PARROT. THE KINDERWTlTti be liberally rewarded by returning to RICHARD 1PCONNOK. 39 Broadway. ^ S"~TRAYkD OR STOLEN?PROM THE ITxFkTTss stable, Perry St., near Willow, Hohngen, N J., during Monday night last, one bay Horse. l?*j hands high, long tall, and about 7 years old. Kilty dollars rewnrd for the re tarn of the Horse. Apply at D., L, and W. Express office, Boboken, N. J. RlcVv AKJbsT Krf~sewAR^.-Losfr it Kswtrn?vwrxsr~8k BO Broadway, near Hall St.. a small Package, con taining some embroidery work. The tinder will receive tbe above reward by returning It to Carman, 19 Maiden lane. RBWARD.?LOST, A LOOKKT, BLOODSTONE _ and onyx, wltn monogram "F. M.R." and picture in side. Will p\y above on its retnrn to German-American Insurance Company, 17B Hroadway. ^ C KKWARX)?Ktllt A CULT AND ENAMELLED %)fj pnrtmonuale Pocketbeok. Retnrn to 400.'>th av. Arn rewakdIand soqitkstions aski:d> will JiJU be paid for the return of a pnir ol gold Bracelets and a Necklace taken from the I'nltnsn car on stesmer Maryland Tuesday noon, or from room 84 St. Cloud IL tel. Philadelphia. Monday. Addres* or apply to WILUAM L. Bt DWELL, cute of Hand A Elsworth. ;>1 Bsekman sr.. N. Y. > 1 SPEC IA IT" ?oticE?; TTETliiiHAiiES OP' TUB BLOOD and NEiiYOt.'S A svstem; successful and permanent core* guaranteed; (onsuitation free. Dr. WEST'S old established office, 40 Bleecker st . near Broadway. 'h'KNTlON!?TWENTY YEARS7 PRUSSIAN HOS pital experience. Dr. JACOBY, No. 161 Bleecker St.. treats all diseases of men selentiBesllr. even of long stand ing. Consul tali (in free. No charge lor medicine. ?ISAAC O. BOYOK. -W7 BBOAD WAY."LA W Y15TH ? Divorces obtained promptly, without publicity: de??r. tlon. iBcompatlbliit t, huliliual drunkenueo. infidelity, In. human treatment, conviction of felony. f'as?o<>rt? obtained A?first* prize, siom.ouo ?old7 ? Main drawing ot the Dacal Brunswick liovernmont Lottery, from May 16 to.lune IH7U. 6?,fi<JO tickets, 38,500 prises. Hoyal Havana (lottery. Next drawing.lunn 6, 1876. Fall explanatory circulars free. Til KODoRE J5SCH0CU, Box 5.304 Post ofiee. llti Nassau St.. New York. -KENTUCKY" STATE LOTTERIES OK J.'.fC . SMITH A CO. KitTCCUT. KXTttA CLAM 4.13? ro? 1876. 27, 14, 2. #8. 8*. ?.??I, ai. y*. Itt. 71. 4 4i 60, 15. xgjrrccKY, class 454?rott 1870. 12, 74. 04. 6. :'i. 43, flu. 77, I. ill. :.a, 54. 43, 15 All orders address B. NATHAN, 181 Broadway, or box 4JT10 Poet office. New York city. I^BO^Tn PKI/.fcs WHOLe. riCKr.T8, $10. . Every other MCKKT DRAWS a prise. M.4M PHIZES, KtiOM to f loa EKNTI.'CKY 8TAIK DISTRIBUTION, DRAWS saturday. MAY n, k<78. Prise* PAID IN FL'liL AFTER THE DRAWING. PARKS, EMBR.->ON k CO.. f""" ISO BROADWAY. POST OFFICE BOX MIX BPECUt HOTICKS. 'ihrac-rworth CONSIDERING BY~A?fT*WHO A ADVl-RTISE. RATES 20 CENTS PFR LINE. The circulation of the EVENINU tklegbam lutwHk """ ADVERTISING RATES 20 CENTS A LINE unn(iav vr.y 15 35,380 ADvIkTIMSO BATES 20 CRKTS A LINK. TU**AUVKU^lsiNO ' RATES *20 CENTS' A" UNE W ?4~J^YRTrsTI SO ' KATES' 20 CENTS ' A' LIVE?'9*' Thursday. M*y IB.,.. ... ........... 44,J00 ADVERTISING RATES 30 CENTS A LINE. Fridav May ltt 20,080 Al>VKitTIHING BATES 30 CENTS A LINE. Saturday. May 2<). 34,150 advertising KATES ?> CENTS A LINE. Total..... 221,500 ADVERTISING RATES JO CENTS A LINK. Dailv nv?*r??ir? '^2,250 ADVERTISING BATES 20 CENTS A LINK. -riO.~OOl l.ARD. LATE TSoFrSSOE IN PARIS. 41 1 ) West 35th at Nervous debility, Ac., ?peedily eradi cated. Advice tree. DTVOBCKS LEGALLY AND QUIETLY obtained for Incompatibility, Ac.residence unnecessary; lee after decree, box 1.037 Pint oHI?, Clilcapk Db." francis"goulard,- late* professor in Paris, lecture* *emiweekly. Private office* for recep tion (if pationt*. 41 West 35th *t. Nervous uobllitv and dis eases of men and women speedily eradicated. Consultation free. T\ISKASES OK MEN A SPECIALTY. 1) HKNKV A. DANIELS. M. D.. 144 Lexington ?T., near2i>th ?t. Office hours Irooi 8 to 3. Dh. h. j jobdan! sole proprietor op the .Sew Vork Museum of Anatomy. has removed III* resi dence and office to No. 5 Washington place, three doors veil ol Broadway. Havana lottbby.?next drawing ok 40.000 llckot* and $000.0*) prises. June 6. 1870. For par ticulars atldres* B. MAKTINEZ A CO., No. 10 V all St., h&seinent, Post office box 4,682. N. B.?Highest price paid for Spanish sold and Havana Bank bills. Drafts on Havana in all atuoont* issued ?CU rosao CATARRH. DEAFNESS: IB PROVED . method' instantaneous relief: permanent cure*. Dr. STODDARD. No. 8 West 14th?*. K K EVTUCKY STATE GRAND SINGLE NUMBER Distribution, draw* Saturday, May 27. iflWJ.ooO in 30,000 ticket* 23.420 prises Wliu.e tickets. 9>": halves, $5; qnurters, if.' ?>". Sale of tickets will stop at 11 A. M. Saturday. Kentucky State Lotteries drawn dally. Royul HnvuiiK Lottery draws June 6. For Information. circulars. Ac., address or apply to JACKSON A CO., Hankers. - Broadway. New York._ A DIES CONSULT DR. OR1NDEL FOR ALL AIla ment : speedy cure whatever the matter. 142 West 4Htb st. Nervous exhaustion?a medical .essa-* comprising a serio* of lectnre* delivered at Kalius Ms seum of Anatomy. New Yom. on the cause and cure of Pre mature Decline, showing 'ndlsnutably how lost health may be regained, affording ? clear synopsis of the Irinedlraent* to marriage and the treatment of nervous and physical debility, being the result of 20 year*' experience. Price 25 cents. Ad dress the author, Dr. L J. KAHN, office and residence 51 East loth st. Ne*' York. _ , . /\ ?OFFICIAL DRAWINOSI KENTUCKY STATE LOT vj. teriea.?SIMMON'S k DICKINSON. Managers. KkNTUCKY, HXTBA CLASS WO. 34.*.?MAT 24, 1870. 70. 24 13. 75. 58, 40, 38. 03. 1. 31. 21. 47. KKWTrCKT, CLASS HO. 340? MAT 24, 1876. 20 10, 26. 52. 0. 56. 41, -0, 72, 48. 13, 7.1. ?. 40, 31. I1KNRV. KXTItA CLASS SO. 245? HAT 24. 1876. 32 22 25. 38, 20, 23, 50, 03, 12, 13. 20, 33. ' BXNBT, CLASS KO. 246? MAY 24. 1876. 7, 32, 62. 20. 1, 67. 36. 8, '6. 45. 53. 6. 3?, 47 30. Full information by applying to or addressing J. CLUTK A CO.. 20" Broadway, or box 4.060 Post office. /V^fc'tOO.OOO-RiMMONS A "DICKINSON PINOLE W. Number Kentucky .-tate Distribution, tobedrnwn en Satnrdav. M ay 27. 1876. $300,000 to be distributed. 25.420 prise* and only 50.000 tickets. Every other ticket ? prise. Now is vour tlmo to Invest. Prise* payable in full. Whole tickets, *10; half. *5; quarter*. *2.50 The next Royal Havana will bo drawn on Monday, June5,187H. Send In venr orders to J. CLOTE. Banker, 2C0 Broadway, or box 4,869 Post offico, New York City. PILES OR HEMORRHOIDS RADICALLY CURED? Original paiule*. treatment: two to tour woeka re quired; no fee* until cured; circnlais free. Dr. STOD DARD; only office No. 8 West 14th st. ROYAt HAVANA"()^ERY.-MOO.OOO WILL BE drawn on Jnne 6. Prises cashed; orders filled: infor mation furnished; higkost rates paid for Spanish bills, gov ""t AY 1.611.% CO.. Bankers. No. 11 Wall St., New York.^ TO ALL CITIZENS OP~"NEW~ YORK WHO LOVE liberty and freedom In a free anil republican country, and all who are opposed to tyranny and arbitrnry law*?At a meeting ofcltlsen*, held thl* day. It was wrreed upon that a mass meeting Ht Cooper Institute shall take place on Satur day. the 27th Inst., at 8 o'clock P. M., to adopt such meas ure* which will in the future prevent the wholesale and arbitrary arrests made on last Sunday. All cltisen* who are opposed to this obnoxious law and the action of the police on last Sunday are cordially Invited to ^""COMMITTEE. Nkw YORg, May 24, 1870. . Tamar indien-a laxative fruit lozenge. airreeable to take ; ?pceiflc remedy for comittpation ?nd Hi consc<iunncfi. F. (IR1LLOT, -7 Huo Rainbatcau, I <vris; depot, CASWKLL. HAZARD A CO., New York. T"B~?osTiMip?*or; nI!apAT<.11M ALL DAY FROM the start to the finish. in the evening telegram. $rft)O QOO in gu"eT'^*gy DISTKIbutrd. * Li rand Odd and Even Drawing, Kentucky State Diitribntioa, Saturday, May 27. If76. Every other ticket draw* a pme. 25,420 priseCapital, $50,000, 1 of $20,000. 1 or $10,000, other* from $5,000 to $100. payable in full. The best chance over offered to gain a hundtome fortune. Ticked, $10; halves. ; quarters. $2 50. TIIOM AS H. HAYS & CO.. 007 Broadway, New York. d.onn nnn ?kbktuoky statk lotteky. ?PO" *U.v/v'U. Odd and even number scheme draws May -7.- fllrcttlir, with full particular*. sent free. 1*. 0. DhVLiN & CO., Stationers end Oeneral Agents, No. 3 I'ark row. near Ann st. (opposite Post olM), N. Y. |[(\|| ?KENTUCKY STATE SINGLE .nTT\T ?POUv.UUUi her Lattery. drawn Mny 27: capital, $50,000: every other ticket a pri*?. Whole tickets. $10; halves. $5; una ters, $?.' SO. Poll information by apnlylng to or addressing KIRK A CO., 1,-07 Broadway, room 1), Uu tow n A(incr. SPORTING?DOGS. IJIllDS, AC. BASF, BALL.?POOLS SO!.r> THIS AFTERNOON*ON the following name*: ? Mutual n. St. Lotii?, Hartford vs Chicaeo. Boston vs Cincinnati and Athletic vs. Louis ville. al. JOHNSON BROTI1 KHS?, Broadway and 28th it. Each lunitig received by telegraph. POOLS SOLD SEAR l"NI<JN GRoT'Vd's THIS AF ternoon. on Mntnnl r?. St. Louis. Union Oronnds: Boa tun v*. Cincinnati. Boston; Louisville vs. Athletic, Phila delphia; Hartford vs. Chicago, Hartford. ?MKIHKRT * McCLOUD. TJBQUIRK0-36 PIGEONS, POR TURKS MONTHS, AT XV less tliaa .'jOc. per nair. Address Z, Y, Brunswick Hotel. * n : THE TtRF. SUCTION TaSD~FREN0H"~ POOLs'SOLD^ATJOnif son's Kootus, corner ol Broadway and 2ttth *1.. every afternoon and eveninif this week on the races at Baltimore, Md., and Cincinnati, Ohio. All orders by mail or messenger will receive particular attention. Krencfi poola close at 3 .15 I'. M. T. B. AND W. H. JOHNSON. _ Auction aha prenoh pools"bomTthir ar ternoon and evening at NEW YORK T1'RP KX CHANOK. 15 Weit 2*th at. on the BALTIMORE and CINCINNATI Running Races. French poola clone 3:15 P. M. Prompt attention given to order* hy mail or mes senger^ KELLY. BLISS * CO. * UCriON AND PRENOH POOLS SOLD EVERY .IV afternoon and evening during this week at THOMAS' Exchange, 1.239 Broadway, on the running race* at Balti more aud Cincinnati: alao on the billiard matches at Phlla. delpbla. the results ol which are telegrapned direct l>y Mr. H. W. Cullender. OBOROE M. THOMAS. Fleetwood park. Thursday, May 25. Franclaco Peralto. the Mexican, will rid* 155 miles in seven hunrs, for a stake of $10 ' 00. Ming 25 of tho Mnataux* employed In tlio last groat raco against time. The race will commence at I .' o'clock (noon) sharp. In ea?e of bad weather uext fair duy. Admission to traca 81 SEA ~V 1KW DRIV'lINO PAKK~. STaTHN ISLAND.? Tuesday. May SO, Pur?? of Slf*">. for 3 minnte cla-s; $00 | to first. JtJ.'i to second and $15 to third. Entries to close on I X?2*1. at 9 P. M. hntrance, lit per rent, must accompany | the entry. All entries address T. LUBY, New Dorph, 8. I. Admission to truck, 50 cent*. TATTKRSALL'S TURF AOB.NCY. 1,227 BROADWAY. Bonks on Withers and Belmont Slakes, Ac., all Balti more races and all event* throurhiwl the year. McDOU UAL A 0O. Amonnts booked from $1 upward. est sidi:- i>rTvTvT; park, j brsey city! THURSDAY. May 35, 3 P. M. 2:38 CLA>fc William Bodlne, b. m. l.adv Mill*. O. Dickorman. s. m. Ladv Lowe. J. Smith, br. g. Hard lioid. T. Lee, br. k- Judge Bedle. W. Baslord, h. m. Carrie N. T. Crane, r. k. St. (leorgr. Owners' b. m. Carrie Meyer*. Also, '.' elaas, with eight entries. Admission, $1; ladlss tree; na^rs from horio ears to track. . C. BIRDSALL, Manager. ~~ HORSES. CARRIAGE*. 4 ?MUST BE SOLI) IN A PEW' DAYS, Mnst' fcLp'. ili gant road establishment In clty:ba? Hem, 1 hands, can trot fast, very stylish, and excellent to saddle; uuil side liar top Wagon and Harness. Van Dti>er, maker; all as rood a* new : warranted in every respert. Can ho seen at HO ^ est 30th St., or imiuire for owner. Mr. WHITE, at 14 Pino St. 4 ?BREWS1ER OK hTrooMiTsT.TOP S1HR J I, liar Wilson, in fir <t elaas order, fine llsrnoss, I'rivite stab e,:( > I ssi I. th st. APItlYATE STABLE U7 -Wi-.ST 17fU W.; RE* due ed re til. JAMES CARNEY. Abingdon *naare (Htli ar.). JTbLKUANT TOP WAOON WILL BE MOLD LOW forcaali: also a fi e Harness, good ?? new. at privato stable No. i:> West 27ili st.. between B oadway and 5th av. A-el POKY B r ILT Horsks, ji La ROB DRaI'Oh t . Horses, yonng autl souud, for yoar own price. 112 Henry ?t.. stable. BAROAlN?FIME MunUAlN I.RAY HOBSEl trots In 3 fiO; aafc for lady. Inqutra comer ol Prince and Cro-'iy sts.. tir?y ? stable. ? i II aLK COST?BKAL I lPt l, EXTENSION sniFT. J\ lag top light Phaeton, seat# four persona: light single Phaeton, light [load Viiol, two full sprlu^ top Wugons, two side liars, single and donbie Jlarnees, all nearly new; b^st city makers. Private liable. Mdii and 4th av. HOUSES. CA1UUAGKS. AC. 4 -MOHTOACB sa'lk. " * A. BY VIRTUS OK A CERTAIN CHATTEL MORTGAGE AND Bill. OK SALE TO MK DIRECTED. I WILL EXPOSE FOB r>ALE AT PUBLIC AUCiION to morrow ikridaY', may SB. AT 11 O'CLOCK IN Tllfi FORENOON, AT THE PRIVATE STABLE. 11.'. EAST _-JI? ST., SIX VALUABLE, fast, rkliaule and well KNOWN TROTTINU HO RUES, ELEGANT CARRIAGES. HARNESSES, BLANKETS, WHIPS, SADDLES, AC., including on* of tbe handsomest and fwitit tf ami of black Horses in the city: full brother aud sister; 6 and 7 years old; tired fey Rattler, dam by Parish's Iiambletoniau ; raised by J. Jenkins, of Fori Edward. N. Y. *. trotted nt Sar atoga last nujii In 2:42. when they ware purchased bjr present ewner; they ara very stylish, prompt an vera; pur* gaited; do not pull whou speeding; thoroughly broken, sin. gie and double, and are tha Burnt road team In tbe city, md warranted sound and kind. iThe above team will b* sold scnarate or t"trether, as desired ) Beautiful dark steel gray Gelding DUPLEX. I&K hands high, 7years old: was sired by Gnueral Knox, dam by To ronto Chiefi can show a railo inside of 2:40; he hat a full mane and tail, ai<d is one of tha safest horses driven on the road, sad warranted sound and kind. licHiitlful browr. Mars OTSEGO MAID, raised on Mr. Hall's farm. roopersUmti. N. Y.; trotted a mile there last fall, when fonr years old. in 3:44; Is Amgpllj broke*. single or double; ?ale lor any lady to drive: with proper handling sha ought to trot in 2::?Jtlu? season. ah she is very pure suited andresolute; lias extraoralnarv bottom ; she wa* sired by Snin dam ty Broken Legged Hunter, and warranted sound Mid kind. The last Trotting Horse MONARCH, raised at Portsmonth, N. H.: sired by Honest Allen, ilsm by Young Mnrrtli; he Is a bright sorrel, hands high. 7 years old: wf driven aronnd Mystic Park, Boston, by Mr Carroll laat year In -:?>?). : 2 ::U and 2:3.2; la a very tough, hardy horse; no road to* I lour for him; is perfectly broken: a Rood p le horse; Is not ] excitable in company; does not pnll when speeding. and Is I the linest gentleman's road horse in this city; warrmnt*d sound and kind. Elegant bay gelding, GEORGE. rsisod bv Dr. Ilerr at Lexington, kr . aired by Melbourne, dam by Denmark; 7 years old; 15)^ hands hijfli; he is tho best broke saudie borne in this city; guides by motion; has all the saddle iralts; Is very stylish with extraordinary action : has been ridden by a lady, and is safe for anybody to ride or drive. u? he la thoroughly broken to single ami douiile harness; can trot better tliau 2.90, and is warranted sound and kind ? 'arriajres consist of 1 extension top park Phaeton, polo and?halis; 3 side bar top road Wagons; 1 lull spring Wngon; 2 top pony I'haetcins; 2 sets double Harness: ?? single Harness. lllaiiketK. Kobe*. Sheets, Whips, Ac. Y B.?Tbe above stock is now on exhibition, Hiid gentle men In ssareh of anything of the kind are iuvited to call %nd examine belore time of sale, as they are all as represented. Sale positive, rain or shine. By order oi EDWARD ' M. ALEXANDER. Attorney for Mortgagee. ucticTn! ~~ SPICF.D WARRANTED. SPEED WARRANTED. SPECIAL, PEREMPTORY AND UNRRESEYBD SA l.E OF 12 fast Trotting. ltoed. Family, Carriage Coupe, Saddle and Business HO lt8 IIS. SENT ON BiT PRIVATE GENTLEMEN to be sold to the highest bidder, without LIMIT OR RESTRICTION, THIS DAY (THURSDAY). MAY AT U O'CLOCK A. M., AT THE UNION AUCTION HOUSE, 2l> HAST letTII ST." NEAR BROADWAY. Consisting of one beautirul large bay renpe or T cart Horse. 16*? bands high, 7 years old ; very stylish and a last traveller; warranted sound and kind; one cele brated and well known soriel Gelding. 13& hands. H years old; warranted to trot in 2:45; warranted sound and kind; one elegant dapple brown coupe or Family Horse, tf years old, 15Jf hands; very stylish and handsome: can trot in about 3 minutes, and is warranted sound and kind in single or donble harness; one handsome cross matched road Team, one a black, the other a danple. gr.iy: each B years old, lf>j? bands: can trot together in H n inutes; are afraid of nothing; a lady can drive them : are well broken to tho saddle, and are warranted sound and kind; one very elegant and stylish high bred sorrel trotting Colt. H years old. 15V handa high; very stylish and rangy; can trot lu 2 :?'*> with ease; he is warranted sound nnd kind; one of tbe finest and best broken Kentucky saddle Horses in the Stnte, l~> S lianas. 7 years old: kind ami p-ntlein harneaa; has been rode and driven bv a lady the past year: thislhnrse Is well known through the Park as being ?n extraordinary, stylish, handsome and well broken horse; he is warranted sound and kind; one very fine sorrel Colt, .r> years old. hands; can trot inside of 3 minutes; safe for any ordinary person to drive: is alraid ot nothing: well behaved In com puny and is uu excellent pole horse; he is warranted sound and kind and without spot >>r blemish; one of the most sty Hall, complete lady's turnouts in the country. Beautiful team of bay Ponies. rt years old, about 14 hands high; large tnanes and tails; they have been rode and driven by a ladv the past year and a half; they ate thoroughl y brokeu to the saddle, us they have all of the Kentucky saddle gaits, and are warranted sound aud kind. Beautiful shitting leather top Phneton, with lamps on tbe side, nnd fine *et of single and double Harness, all of which were built to order and tit them perfectly. Carrlagos and Harness, consisting of ono extension top Park Phaeton, . one Depot Wagon, top Pony and Rasket Phaeton, top and open Road Wngons,| single, double and coupe Harness; also one top Grocery Wagon and one light open Express W aeon. N. B.?ALSO SEVERAL OTHER FINE HOUSES. SUIT A RLE FOR COUPE, CARRIAGE, SADDLE, TROTTING AND Bi SINESS PURPOSES: ALSO SEVERAL JVAG ONS, PHAETONS AND HARNESS. OF ALL DESCR1P TlONS, NEW AND SliCON'D HAND. FULL, DESCRIP TION GIVEN IN CATALOGUE. THE SALE OF GEN TLEMEN'S HORSES. CARRIAGES AND MERCHAN DISE. SOLICITED. QUICK SALES AND PROMPT RE TURNS. G. W. JENKINS. AUCTIONEER, 20 EAST 18TH BT. A T AUCTIOV A. TO-MORROW (FRIDAY). MAY 20, at 10 O'CLOCK. BY VAN TASSKLL A KEARNEY, AUCTIONEERS, At their AUCTION MART. 110 and 112 EAST 13TH ST., near 4TII AV. DARK DAPPLE BROWN TROTTING HORSE, sired by SICKLES' II AMBI.ETONIAN, dam a RATTLER MARK; U 1.1*4 hands; 8 years old; kind and true in all harness; free from vice: very ?tylish and haltd lome : CAN BEAT 2.40 THIS DA V; Uovary.-. <ty a first class horse for gentlemen's road use, kndu war ranted sound, kind and trne; and TOP SIDE BAR WAGON, by BREWSTER k CO.. of BROOME ST.; set single Harness. Robe*. Ac.: ami BLACK GELDING, sire I bv RALPH'S MAMHRI.NO PILOT; dam a fast BASHAW MARE; ISji hands; 7 Sears; kind and ttue in all harness; free from Tiro; as never been handled for speed, but by proper liana lin jjt will make a fact trotter: can be driven by any one, and is warranted kind and true ; and TOP WAOON. city build, and set Sue single Harness, Robes, Blanket*. Ac . Ac. QRAV HORSE, 1hands; 8 years; kind and true in all harness; free from vice; hern used ou a farm, and is warrantod sound, kind und true. PAIR BLACK HORSES. full manes and tail*. I5*f hands, 9 and 10 yean old; kind in ail harness ;free from vice; been used to carriage lor family driving, and are war ranted sale ill every particular. ELEGANT BAY COUPE OR MATCHED CARRIAGE HOHSE, 1(1 hands, 0 years; hind in all harness; free from vice; very stylish and handsome; Is a superior con;io horse; has extra line knee action : i? safe and reliable ev. ry way, and Is warranted sound kind, and true. PAIR CHESTNUT HORSES. 15\' hands, S and ft years; kind and trne In all harness; Tree Irom vice ; very styl ish ; is every way safe and reliable family team, and are warranted kin.I and true every way, and T CART, in good order, by Miner k Stevens, and set gold mounted double Harness. ELEGANT BROWN DOG CART OR MATCHED CAR RIAGE Horse. IH'4 hands, S years; kind and true in all harness; froe from vleo; very stylish and hand some: has superior style anil liiuh knee action; does not shy or pull; cm tie driven by any one anywhere, and cannot lie surpassed In this city, and is warranted sound, kind and true. FOUR-SEAT PARK PHAETON. BY MURRILL. ? LIGHT BAROUCHE, BY WOOD BROS. COUPE. BY MINER * STEVENS. CANOPY TOP PONY PH AETON. 3 SPRING TOP PONY PHABTuK. HIGH WHEELS. EXTENSION TOP, 4-SEAT P.VIIK PHAETON. FOUR-SEAT OPEN ROCK A WAV. IN GOOD ORDER. Also a number of second hand Carriages, ol different kinds. _ A" ?MAJOR CHARLES W. MA P. K Kit. AUCTION EKII . The following, the property of a PRIVATE ORNTLK ,VAS reducing sto k. will be offered for positive sain on Sal arday next. May 27. at 11 o'clock, at BARKER k SON'S City Auction Mart and New York Taftersall's, corner of Broadway and SSKh St., vlt. -.?The Imported rlie-Hint thor oughbred Mara ELISE, 1SX high, 0 years old. by the cele braird steeplechaser Claudius, dam Ells* 'Iosco, warranted sound : will make a splendid saddlo mare : closely matched pair of highly bred brown Mares. UTIIE TWINS, 15Jjj high, ? and 7 years old, high action snd style: very showy team for T cart or phaeton : brown Gelding CHAPERON, IB high, 7 rears old. a very fine, showy maich coupe nrphacton horse, is fine nnder saddle. Stock NOW ON VIEW at the mart. ?MAJOR CllAS. W. BARKER. AUCTIONEER.? ? Will be sold positively, withont reserve on Wednesday, May 31. at 11 o'clock, at BARKER k SON'S City Auction Mart and New York Tattersalls, corner of Broadway and nOth St., tiie property of JASON HTEBBIXK. Esq. (the BREEDER of Bachelor's famous JOHN H., 2:2:i>. of l)e troit. Mich., the following very valuable TROTTING STOCK, comprising two r ciily bred and very handsome I5J^ high Gray Mares, both full siste s to JOHN II. and bred nr Mr. Stebolns: are of extraordinary promise, never trained, and either can speed a2:30GAIT, and make a gentleman's unequalled trotting team together. Also a fast lii.h Bav Mare by Green's Henry Clsy; never trained ami can speed ? 2:30 GAIT: all warranted sand and kind, and can now be seen at the Mart anil driven and SPEEDED. Knll pedigrees and all loformatlon'can be obtained of Mr. Steb bins, who accompanies the stork. T UCTION HOUSE OF AR<'ll~10HNSTON. j% 1?. 21. 23 and 25 13th St., nsar University plaeo. PALES OK HORSES AND CARRIAGES ARE HELD EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY AT 10 O'CLOCK. ON EVERY HORSE WARRANTED SOUND FROM 24 HOURS TO 3 DAYS FOR TRIAL THE OLDEST ESTABLISHED AND MOST RELI. AKl'K HOUSE IN THE CITY. GENTLEMEN HAVING HORSES OR CARRIAGES to sell, or those wishing to buy, will find om business continued on precisely the same strict and honorable les which have always characterised the dealings louse, ana won the respect and confidence of the business community, as well as the public at larue. LIBERAL ADVANCES ON CONSIGNMENTS. principle of our lii A -GRAND DUKE. GRAND DUKE. TIIE CELEBRATED IMPOP.TED ENGLISH SADDLE HOKSE. GRAND DI KE, will he sold at auction to morrow (Friday). at 10 o'clock, it ARCH JOHNSTON'S Mart, i? to 25 13th St.. near University place, without limit or reservation; he is 1(1 hands high, S years old, thoroughly broken 10 all gaits, sal* lor a lady to ride: ONE OF THE KIN EST AND HANDSOMEST SADDLE HORSES INTH K COUNTRY. KINK LOT ok HARNESS TO BK .'OLD CHEAP? Sheets, Nets, Robes, Ac : inrue stock at lowest prices I save money by dealing direct with the manufacturer, E. BARTIiEl I'. 02 Warren *t., corner Collego place. A -MORTGAGE SALE.?THOMAS RULLY, ACC . tloc.eer, sells on Krid*y. ^ th >nst.. nt 10', o'clock, at 411* West 44t'i st., 10 fine work Horses. -nitsble lor any business, a trial given. By order of Alort|;auee. k ? iiA m s patent circVlar GLASS FRONT Coupo Rocktway: rarrie- tlirse mown persons Inside; Ixmy sets as low as a.coup*; on exhibition at 11 AM>, Ujt> Broad* av. ?TEN it'SIN ESS WAOON8. S30~fo~W7.'~ POR . expross. grocers, butchers, bakers, milk, laundry, package. adver Islng. depot, delivery wagons, at wa;iiii manufactory. 2i?> S|>rih| si, 5"Vn USUALLY DESIRABLE ' PAIR*OK OKSTLK rasn's driving horses, seven and eight years old : black ; verr stylish : sound end Mod; can be ilea any forenoon at Trite sdale's Stables. 49th st. HORSES, CAItJtli ACiKS. ?C. A? MAJOR CHAR. W. BARKER*. A UCTlONfife'R. . FOURTH EXTRAORDINARY and positively doling m.le of fashionably bred Trunin* Stock. bred by HON. A. B. CONGER. of the Waldiieri; Stud. Havcrstraw. N. Y.. to take place m HARh'KU A SON'S City Auction Mart and Mew York Tatt-rialls, corner of Broauway and St., on WEDNESDAY. MAY. 31, at 1) o'clock, and comprising SEVENTEEN HKA'.? of Brood Mures, Killies. Stallions, Coin and Geldings. bain; the PICK ami fcNTIRK BAL ANCE nf the KAMOUS WALDBKRG STUD, and Including a DaUHIITKR of the celebrated PRIXCKSs (dam of Happy Medium i. n daughter tlull SlsTER to SOI HRKTTE) and granddaughter ot SONTAG. Ac. THE BROOD M ARES are the get of Rysdyk's Hsmble tonlau, Toronto Chlif. Eureka, Young Star, tc. THE PILLIES and Stallion Colts include tne g't of Dex trous. Bedford (2 20). Mad Anthony <2:30>. Magnet (2 :3U), Wild Irishman, Ac. The Gelding i2 :44) i? tbeuet of Toronto Chiel. STOCK WILL arrive at the Mart on Saturday, May 27, for exhibition up to sale. ? CATALOGUES now ready, and ran ba ha*-*)fba Bpirlt Turf or Mart offices. SA1.K POMTIVE; no postponement. -JOHN MOORB, ? 57 Wsrren st. Everything pertaining to the librae at great reductions. Pony Phaetons, I Depot Wacom. I Rockaways, Park Ph etona, | Jaeger Wacom, | Bu?jries, Hsrness. every style, light or heavy. Spring Lap Dualnrs. Liueu'or Woollen Shoe'.'. Ac., 1c. AD exainiuation ?.>liciteo. -por salk'ch!::ap-four horsks, scrrable , for farming, grocctyor expressman; pood trial al lowed. Apply In rear of 41 Bleeckor st., near Broadway. HZlGHT KOI KtWAYS* $75 UP T DEPOT WAGONS'. ? $lu> np; new 1'ony Phaetons, $10l)| one 11. lit six scat Rockaway, (?125; one cut-under one-horse Itockaway. $200; al?i> naw and second hand Coaches, Clarence*, Lan daus; curtain loach, 1150; top uud banket Phaetons. Coupes. Victorias, extension top Phaetons; line Doctor's Phaoton. $300: also 2.r0 Carriages, of all styles and prices; quick sales uml low prices. WILLI AM H. ORAV, 20 and 22 Wooster st. A -FOR SALE, SEVEN HOKMBB, FROM 7 TO ? ? vears old, trial allowed, sold cheap; mt work for them. 21)1 Grand st . near Moti. A?FOR SALE 2<> YO0KO HORSES, JtfBT PROM ? Indiana, suitable for all business, inquire at 122 ' A?FOR ('.ALE. Htl'K HORSES; SUIT FARM , ton, grocer or any business; from $40 to $125. 14 Grand at,, between Vanek uml lillhrH st*. PI S K FA Ml i,Y <I|; HO AO HORSE FOR SALE; will exchange tor one oi lers value. Can be seen at S4 Bcekmnnst. TENX Y. \ SE l i>P PINE LIGHT SINGLE HARNESS, IN EX A cellcnt order, lor sale at Metropolitan Stable, 22 East 18th st. \ RARE CHANCE. ?SU5 FOR A PINE SUPERIOR ^'V, ?leuih r top I'ony Phaeton- best city makers; not soiMf. At private stable No. 3 West 15th st. A BROWN MARE! NICK DRtV lilt (tTTof) KOAD J\. ster souud ard gentle ; top Ponv Phaetou and Har ness, sold separate. 51 Christopher si. ?kT)r s vi7i."<Tieap?twTT 17orses. suitable ? for trncU, farmer or any business. U7tl Howery, rear. PACT WOR'lIl con^debTmu BY ALL WHO Al) VEKT1SE. RATES 20 <;E\rs PER LINK. The clrcalation of tha EVENING TELtvuRAM last week "".VOVERTISING RATES 20 CENTS A LINK Monday. Muy 15 :I5.350 ADVERTISING RATKd 20 CENTS A LINK. Tucsdsy, May lit U5.850 ADVERtlSING KATES 2-1 CENTS A LIMB. Wednesday, May 17 35,1100 ADVERTISING RATES 20 CENTS A LINK. Thursday, M?v IS 44,200 ADVERTISl.NO RATKS 20 CENTS A LINK. Friday. May ls> 30,050 ADVERTISING RATKS 20 CENTS A LINK. Saturday, May20 .14,150 ADVERTISING RATES 20 CENTS A LINK. Total 331. SCO ADVERTISl.NO RATES 20 CENTS A LINK. Dally average. 32.250 ADVERTISING KATES 20 CKNTS A LINE. Basketphaeton-by brkwster, broome sr., beiiutiful couditlun, at sacriHue ; offer wanted. WAL LACB,ei2 6th av. C" VUANCE TO BUY DOQ (jART?$450: SAFE^ STYLISH ) Horse; I'ony I'lia.'ten, with lamps; Harness, Blankets, Apply at lesideuce, llll West ;>i>tli si. CVotTPK HORSE?VERY HANDSOME AND STYLISH; ) single or double; 1U hauds; 10 years old; dark bay. Cheap, at 1,40) Broadway. FIBBT CLASS TURNOUT FOR SALE?CONSISTING of one pair sound and stylish youns; Horses, fine travel lers; ono Coupe, best city make, bevelled class. In perfect order; one T Cart, nearly uew; double Harness. Blankets, Robes. Whip, Ac. Inquire al J. S. FERGUSON'S stables. No. 103 West 53d St.. noarOth av. This establishment must bo seeu to be appreciated, and will ba shown every day until apld. Sold separately or together. ORIAL 1 CHEAP?Fiviif'8ECOND BAND BIX SKAT Phaetons. 70 and 72 Prince st. F F OK SALE CHEAP-FIRST CLASS NEW BUSINESS Wasun. Apply to (). II. WILMART1I, 40 Nassau st. FOR SALB-A fTbst 'clam BRETT CABBIAOI; aan he seen at Wilson's stables on 10th St., near Uni versity place. WM. TAYLOR, St. Denis Hotel. "C^OR SaI.E LOW?tram black morgan car 1 riaKo Horses. 15>j hands high, or for liebt work; also T Cart by Wood Brothers, Phaoton, Harness, Ac. Apply at 14 West 125tb St. For sale?at 4:m grove st., jersby ?:ity, pair Morican Mures, 5 and 0 yeara old, 15^ hands hi|;b, 1,1U0 lbs. each ; kind in harness. For salk-tham of bright~bays, i? hands high, sound and kind, good landau or carrisKo horses, <?000; double Harness, gold niuuntluxa; Coupe, in t;ood or der, by Krewaler, $450; four C spring Brett, used but few times, ^y Wood Bros. Inquire of Si I KB, No. 6 West 44th at, R SALE?TIIBKK LOW PHICKD1IORSES,">IT lor any usa. Apply at 433 East Houston st. F?i For sale-good mark, with foals i years; worrauted sound and kind. 30ti Hudson st., butcher shop. OR SALE?FINE CHUNKY HORSES AT HALP value, from $100 to $25; suitable for any business. Apply at 430 East ISth st. I10B- SALE?A SPKINKLIHQ TRUCK IN PERFECT order, $250. with harness. 245 West 2tlth st. F- OR SALE?A N E1.1: N T lVl(i I irv ICTO RI A, In oxccllent order, at lull West Jotli st. FOB SALE-BUSINESS WAGO.V,~HORSK and iiar ness, complete; cheap. 234 Mercer st. For hale-bay iiamblktonian mare, isv hands, B years old, warranted sound, kind; only little aore forward; two cheap Mares, $50 and $>0; must sell; want money. Store '121 Hudson st. IpOUR-HORSES" AT A SACRIFICE"; SUIT ANY ' business; must bo sold this week. 41o West 30th st. HARNBBS.??;H KAPEST IIAR \ ESS ST< >RK IN NEW York; Rood Bugtcy Harness, hand made. $l.v. cood Grocers' Harness, $2.*>; pood double Team Harness, $3li; a good Horse Blanket. $1 .V). Please call and examine for yourselves. FISHER h OSBORN, Manufacturers, 71 Barclay st. H UllKE, WAOOK AND HARNESS KOR SALE.-3UIT able tor any buaineaa: price $140. Oill it 1"8 lainr" r x~FaSu iosu ! ' L Cforjfc TV. iinil Queen CiVrimi, lining ol tine moroccos. A. S. FLANDRAIT. 372 *nd 374 Broome at. (old atand ol Browster A Co.) 0 IKON ST AH LE FITTINOS-NEAT. DURABLE AND cleanly; 1'nrtitlnns. Hayracks, Manirers, Ac.; order* promptly filled at lowest prlccs; catalogues furnished free; specimen* at store J AN EH A KIRTLAND. No?. H, 10 and 12 Reade st. ANDAU run SALE?HAS BSKN BUT LITTLR uMd Can bo eeen at private stable No. 2 Went Hid at. Alro art doable barneiwi. I'lOHT SIX-SlATPHAETON, NEW STYLE COACH, J Landau, Brett*, Clarence, cbeup; one and two sent Wurnun. 400 3d ar. NE TOP WAOON. ONK POSY I'HAETON, ONE TwTT seat shifting top, all In -nod order; also new Carriage*. J. COLYEIt A CO.. 5!>4 Broadway. NE Or TUB MOST K LEU ANT TOP PO NY P11AE tons in tbe city, used lire time*, at half cost,-at private at able No. 7 Wr?t 15th at.. In the rear. ON E LAN DA U. ONE CLARRNCE,~0NE~(JOCPh. ONK Victoria and one park Phaeton. all nearly new. for (ale cheap a* the owner I* leaving the city. To be aeen at Jl CCKL.EY'S. 109 East 13th st. near 4th ?*_ SADDLE HORSES.-?A OKNTLE~MAN WISHES TO dispose of two excellent kiddie Horse*. Can l>e aeen Thursday and Friday at Dtckei'a Riding Academy. 5ib ay, and SBtb at. SI'BOIAlaTVIN ' aixseat Hockawaya anrl Coupe Roekaways of the finest quality and finish. A. S. H.ANDBAC, n7'J and 374 Broome st. (old stand of Hrew*ter A Co.) AC RiPtC K?f 123; BR A UTIFCL NEW TO P E XP R ESS Wagon, built to order for $2uO. Stable, 124 Wait iWth rpUNIS JOHNSON, AUCTIONEER. 1 old stand, 37 Naaiau it., THIS DAY. at 12 o'clock, ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE OP CABRIACE STOCK. At; elegant T Cart, *ldeb*r Watson. Exprea* Wagon, Ac., at 142 Eaat. Hat at.. to clou tbe eatate ?f t lie late Arthur Bell. rpBB MUSTANG RACE. 1 SPECIAL DESPATCHES ALL DAY, FROM THE START TO THE FINISH. IN THE EVteNINO TILKOKAK. x T"ROTTER, F7VE TEAM OLD, FIRST CLASH STOCK dark brown, sound. kind. Just broken; ahowa wonderlu speed. A. HANKINSON. I,2:n? Broadway, room 3. rpo LET?PR I VAT E STAB I , E NaTl7 WEST 24TII HT."; 1 eUht stalls and one box mall in yard: coacii house MINI elevator, largn harnes* cloaet, gas and water; room* lor coachman, with eonrunlenren, Ac.; to t.t rented lor a private atablo only. Apply at 12H Broadway, room I. T~HE MUSTANG RAtIK. ' SPECIAL DESPATCHES ALL DAY, FROM THE START TO THE FINISH, IN THE STONING TKLkOltAM. ITH I MPORTEDTOP 1 It.ATHER and lining*. Landau* and Landanlet* lu eleitant doaigua and color*. t. S FLANDRAO, 372 and 374 Broome at., old factory oi Brewster A Co. fAN7ED-TWO COWS, IN EXCHANOE FOR HAY. Address W. CAIIV, Mineola, U I. WANTED?a" BKEVVSTER, OF 2.VTH 8T , WINDSOR IT livclit top road Wagon. Any t'enlletnati willing io dbpoee ol smh addres., with age and price. W. C. box 158 Herald Uptown Branch oftice. ; TJFaNTED-A SECOND HAND UIU. WITH TOP; j TT must bo in good order and cheap, for cash. Addre** A. UNUI-.ttlllLL. No. II Front at. 11"ANTED--Al iloRSE FOR PARK DK1VINO, FOB ft his keep, by a responsible gentlemen having his own stable, Wagon*, harness, A<bf tuO beat of care and Uaace; pasture, II' desired. r". HAND, atation U. Brooklyn I'oat office. irf-n ? MADk BY i>E<>BOE M~0?)He7 EI.V.tJANT top side bar Buggy, nearly ?e >. Seen at 124 \\ I- t itnh st. Yt <5?-l -7 rc ?ELKO ANT CITY MADS TOP PONY PHAE ?pX I ton. ron only twice, property of the late ? . R. >t?rct:monk Can bo teen at SAKkBR'S. Broadway aad E DRY GOODS. out) a Taylor. ~~~ ~ Velvet Carpeting*, ?3 per yard. Body Brussels, fl 50 per yard. Tape (try Brum It, 91 per jui Three-ply (heavy, ell wool), 91 25 per yard. Ingrain (all woel), 75c. per yard. Inertias (Union), 00c. per yard. Ingrains (taperior thread), 37c. per yard. Oilcloths, 35c. par yard; last year 45c. per yard. Linoleum?try It. A much superior article to oilcloth. 255, 2.">7, 259, aud-til Grand it., corner Clirystle, and K8 Forsyth it. J^aroe SPECIAL BALE UK WOOLLENS. A. T. STEWART A CO. win offer, In their cloth department, on Thursday and Friday, the 25th and 20th lnit., five thousand PI hi IKS SPRING GASSIMERES, in lota to wit purchasers, at a very large reduction from recent price*. These goods are exclusively their own manu facture; are seasonable, many of them just from tho mills, and this offering will be found well worthy the attention of the dry goods, clothing sod woollen Jobbing trade. BROAD WAV, OH AM BE KS AND READE STS. " MILLIVEKV A.V Li DKESSMAKIIKU. AT MME. NATAl.IK TII-Nl vN'S iI.ATK OK Itflll st.i now No. l,.5t Broadway, botwein Hist and H-d stn,; elegant noveltlet in Bonnets, lints, Flowers. N. B. Drt-sse*. Suits and Truus e ius made to order. -MAlUE TILMANh, OP PARH. IMPORTER, a otters a lar*e assortment of the tlneMt Millinery ; Hats from Virnt. Parisei, and all the bent makers. 42 I Oih av., near 2t5th ?t. MISS~MS WEKN KY WISHES- "TO IX FORM HER numerous customers that ?ho has Just returned troiu Paris with a large assortment of Summer Goods, and will open lor tho season ou WeduesUay, May 24, at No. U1 East 17th st. SID* AND DOUBLE BOX PLAITINOS, DONE BY machine, Irom 1 to 23 inches', uo extra charge tor space pliiitiugs: tho only sore place in New York, by ?. JOSEPH, US Forsyth St., near Canal st. "~tDir"fc~~BiCAL. ESTWfa = fyzi SAhK. " ( I'lltrill. A ? FOR SALB. LOW?FOUR STORY MEDIUM SIZE il, high stoop stone Residence In .>Hth a:., between ??th and rtth avs.; cabinet finish, 7 mirrors, hay window and every modern convenience. Offices No. 4 Pine st. and 33 hast 17th st. V. K. OTBfhNSOW, Jr. A ?FOB SALM ON SBTII BY., N Eab" WH AV.. four story high stoop brown stonu. 20xtK)xl<V, 935.00U. II. It. DREW A CO., No. J West 23d st., FlITh Avenue Hotel. A]N BLF.GANT F()UR STORY CABINET BROWN ii. stone Iront, near Madison av.: small Country Pluco taken iu part payment. OREGOR A MILLhR. 3d av., corner 50th st. IrvoTI sale^brown stone residenoe! i*,534 ' Broadway, corner 47th *t,; great prospective value. JOS! All JEX, J,233 Broadway. fWtj-LOTS. NEAR MADISON Tvf,"south OF S7TH St.. lor sale at it low flgure: no cssti required from pur chasor who will improve, or will give builder'* loun to a sat isfactory party. P. ?i. St C. S, BROWN, SO Broadway. A STORY BROWN STONE HOUSE FOR SALE "iW Tc 52d st., near Broadway; one Hear 5th av.: bargain, B. H. MERRILL. 6106th av. IVpii; Nidr. Tenement pbopekty near oth av., rented (or $2,750 per year: price Ifllt.O H'; easy terms. SAMUEL MILLION. 2ti? West :14th st. ??TH AVENUE PROPERTY-PAYINtJ 16 PER CENT; O tenement, paying 14. SAMUEL M1LL1KEN, 2BW West 34th st. Mlscelln noons. FOR SALE?TENEMENT HOUSES; ALSO LOTS FOR builders, on easy terms. ELlAS O. BROWN, owner, 20 Nassau st. F rHE MUSTANtl RACK. _ special DESPATCHES ALL DAY, FROM THE START TO T11K FINISH, IN THE EVENING TELEGRAM. Brooklyn property pok sale AMI TO I.ET. Oil SALE, TO LET OR EXCll ANtUS?FOB BUSINESS _ Property, ono of the most comfortable Cottages in Month Brooklyn, in perfect order, 97 William st. Apply un til disposed of at 11V? Union st., Brooklyn. JERSEY CITY. HOBOKBN, IllDtiON CITY AMD MERUE.V ICKAL KMT ATE. W J,nr jjjjJJJJ. For sale?the houses noh. 52. .11 andsb wash Ington st., Hoboken, N. J.: each 21x50x70; four stories and basement, with stores; plate glass In store windows; separate vaults for each floor; laid out as French flats: sta tionary tubs, bath, water closet, gas and general modern Im provements; also Stable on 1st st . near Washington, wl'h stock of Morses. Coaches, Wagons, Harness, Ac.; the whole described property will bo sold. Apply to B. McCLOSKEY. 173 and 175 Greenwich st. New York. PROPERTY OUT OV TIIK ClTlf FOR SALE OR TO RENT. _ J^T A. T. STEWARTS UAKDKN CITY, L. ? TO LET, SEVERAL El.HO ANT mid CONVENIENT DWELLINGS, lilted for winter and lummtr residences, with nil tlio modern improvements. gardens Ac. KENT from $3W) to fl ,OUI p?r tinuiim. .Apply to W. R. HINSDALE. Manager, at offlea adjacent to the railroad station. At stamkoud" conn -cTTarminu country Scat; most eligible situation, magnificent Hound over look: prior extremely moderate; everything desirable com bined. Apply nt 73 Pine st. A?HA BOAIN?TWO STORY COTTAGE, ONE ACRE: ? line vie*' of the ocean: Oarretsnn, Saaten Island Kail road ; cost f0,000; sell for 13,000, half mortgage. BRICK. Stapleton, ft. I. A" HANDSOMR NKW OOTTA(>K. NORTH SIiTTre Htatcn Island: water vie*: three minutes from land ing; fruit; Bowers; #J,500; terms easy. DARRIN, -IS Broad. FINK FARMTTl0 ACRES, LATINO BRTWKliS Sin* King and Crotin I.ako; One orchard; good laud; well watered; only terms easy. T. OLfVER CARTER, 39 Xiasau St., room 11. AN ELBOANT COUNTRY SEAT TO LKT^AT $100 per tnoi.tb: healthy, charming; raven milei; first class buildings. beautilul grounds, Ac. ? KI.STPN, owner. 20 Liberty st. T NKW BRIOHTON.?KITRN18HED, A LAKOK~ elegant House; ground* beautifully laid out; shade; (table; water Iront, reasonable r<nt t<i a responsible party. W. A COLLINS. 2H Pine at. -THE BRURX HoTrsE. AT "PKRTH AMBOY, ? to lease on favorable terms; thia hotel la In good order anu convenient to sea bathing and boating; the sta tion of the ttranch road is near the house. For fur. titer information apply to HORACE S. Ll.Y, No. -'J! Pine at. chTrmTno RE8IDKNCE at NYAUK FOR SAi7e or rent, furnished; ono hour Irotn Iho city. 1>; milei Irom depot; the house has 11 ruouis, bathroom and closets; commands superb views from every urfndow, and is entirely free from chilla and lever; water of the purest quality in the house; fruits of all kinds In full bearing; large garden planted; m.tbin? more desirable for a pleasant eotintry iioine can be lonnd on the Hudson Kivcr; the place contains acres, 15 under cultivation, !i In wood, kept as a pleasure ground: gardener's cottage and large barn ; is free Irom mortgage and can he purchased on liberal terms much lie- I low Its real value: the place is open for Inspection. Is easily j reached Irom the city, and will ha found ail claimed lor It alter tbe closest scrutiuy. Address W. K. DEAN, Nyack, N. Y. A ?FOR BALI. KOR Part Cash AND REAL F.S. ? tate. a beautiful Kesidenee In one of the finest loca tions in New Jersey. 1hours from New York; mountain air; free Irom mosquitoes and perfectly healthy-. Ill acres of ground; line lijwn : shade trees; fruit of all kinds: spring supplies house with water; bounded on oue side by never failing stream : Hardener's cottage, stables, Ac.; will be sold at a greet sacrifice. T S S11 I" I'll ERD, 14"> Broadway, room 10. LABOR LIST OK SI'BUtllXN HOMES KOR SALE or exchange: convenient toeity; hard pan prices; tree aud clear; terms ea.y. L>A<J<? I.TT A GUERNSEY. 10 University idace. AN ELEGANTLY FURNISHED AN!) CHARMINGLY located Cauntrv Seat < ? the east bant: of the Hudson, at Hastings en the HsAmk, I# ailet from tb? dt> and three minutes' walk to der>ot and steamboat landinir. will be leased for three or five years to rctnotillble ant careful tenant, or will be sold or enbasged lor property wkick run be more rea<tily managed during a long absence: po?aea-?a every known improvement. conveiiieuee or luxury both within and wltti'Mil doors; everything new. n-at and ready for Imm-fllate and elegant housekeeping. Address H., 73 5th av? northeast corner I .Mb st. (COUNTRY SEAT.?BaKOaTN, SEVEN" MILF.K SUPK J rlor buildings, nve acres, beautilul t*rrae?s, Ae. healthy, charming, at $2.\(10U; cost KLsTON, owner, 30 Liberty at. {[URMINGDALK, LONG ISLAND. llol'El. To LET. ' with lease of ."> years, bv buying stock, crops and llg tures on farm. Apply to T. BOOTH, 4U> East -t.'dh st. Vol; HALE? ST MADISON. V .1 . UN I O I OI NTKV r Home, eight acres: rood hnlldlngs; house 13 rooms; choice trait and shade iu abundance ; would exchange. HAVRE. Mg Broadway. FURNISHED COUNTRY PLACES IN VARIOUS localities, near city, for sale or to r?-nt. KIDKK A ANTIIONY, 13 Pine st. /1REBNWICH. RIVERSIDE.?COUNTRY IIOMKS KOR I.T tale an I rent; several furnished; absolute!) healthy. J. ATW'ATKK Riverside. Conn. BW BRIG IIToN.?KURNI SUED AND UN FUR* lushed, beautiful Cottages. elegant Mansions; Idlllanl rooms; stables, grounds, shade. W A. COLLINS, S?l IMue St. _ _ >TICKLY FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET-IN FLUSH. I inn ; one or the best places there : verv cheap. PI I N KY, ??t<> :bi av. fpO CAPITALISTS.?TUB MAMMOTH CaYE OK KKN-' I lucky lor sale , grand chance to toriu * company ; title p^rirr t Full particulars of OtiDKN A CLARK, Broadway and 17th (t. T~0 i.Bf?Kl* RNISHIK D. OR FO R SALK. SB AVON OR loucer. a laig> Man-ion. at Summit. N. J ; one hour from clty.ftne grounds. II acres, shade and frnit, stabling, Ae.; situation high; Ane prospect; live minutes' from station: all modern Improvements, Apply to R. M. MAN LEY, M Nassau si, or UfcOBUB BA.NLk.Y, at baamiw PROPERTY OCT OP TIIH CITY FOR MAL.K OR TO RKKT. rpo LRT-AT SARATOGA SPl: 1 XUS, " SEVERAL LARGE nnd ELEGANT STORES in tba lIBAM' IMON HOTEL, tit tod wiili counter*, nhclvei and fixture". Alio THE ST. JAMES lloTEL, on C.uagTea* it., com* pliteljr hnl<li?il, cnntdnJiij about no roomi. Alio Till. WILBUR HOUSE, 0* Washington, corner of Federal ?t? containing about 40 room*. luruiahod and raatf? for immediate occupation. AI no SEVERAL PHIVATE STABLES, with ceaeiuMa's room* ami nl convenience*. AI?o a NKW CUB 1IOUSR, corner of f'oact?*e and Hamilton ?t?.. furnished throughout, adapted lor muartot ami boarding house. Apply tol!ll AISLES C. I ENTER. Saratoga Spring*. art* Tllf- AGENT OK A. T. STEWART'S ESTATE, Broadway and chamber* *t., Sew Writ. rpo LET?KCK.N'lsii KD, OMR HOUR FROM TOWN, 1 mi the Sound, a Cottage. Oeautlfully located, with |m Ix-acli ?nd baroor and perfectly healthy. M. WILLETT, Portolieitnr, N. Y. ' rpo I, ET?IN \WE ST PI ELD, N. J.. A CURRISH RI1 L House, containing Li nKtat; nice oiithouae*: a handsome ("lower rf.irden and vegetable garden all planted rtiady f?t uea: nue liMr frow Juraey llintral Railroad. foot of liberty ?!., New York : rent taken In hoard lor tnree adulta; re er? etioe exchniiged.i Apply to (I, A. HOWE, JO Keade it, N. V. rpo LET CIIKAP?rCltNIS 11 Kl) IJ0TKL."40~R06*S; JL K> m nutea on Northern Railroad. JOUR S. ITItilR, 17d liroudvt Ay. rpo LET VRR* LOW?TWO COTTAOES AT R08UU, L N J , near the depot. Apply to I*. i>ON ALL) A CO., HI Franklin it., New York. rp w(>Tiouses to iLkt-oii eap, for the summer^ J Im.fn mile froi i lad Bank depot, on .New Jersey few. trul Railroad. Apply to JAMES II. PAKKER, lUd Bank, & o7m WILL BUY 44(> AC It I'. S BEST FARM IN? ?PO"M / I.Hiid, 100 (rood pieadow; er??ioat bargain of-' lorod; 70 mile* iroui Now York; excellent neighborhood;) title perfect and clear. Only parties with eaih addraav meadow i.aND. Mlllbnm. Kaaexenuuty. New Jwwy. REAL ESTA'l' K TO EXCIIAWOE. L*' ?UVSCKPASSABLK. KINK LOCATED'MODRRM ? Homestead; aim Miiall iinencumoered Houses, for Hardware. Furniture or I.nt?. Owner, CHARLES HEsPE, ?ICS ftllMM av.. .leney City Heights. A ?ONK OR MOKE NEW BROWS STONE 5 STORY' J\ ? Klotd to exchange for Country Property or for Lot* la Harlem, auit&blv lor immediate luiprov tueut. II. t,. I'HALON. Ill Kant 17th ?t.__ DESIRABLE PLOT OK SIX LOTS, IIKLOW 79TH It., near Mi dixon av.. to exchange lor improved Prop erty. T. OLIVER CAR TEH. :tl? Nusaiiu at , room 11. E~~ XCH"aNOK-AR AHK1KST MOUT IUiK, $"?,5<J0, AND cai'i. for Brooklyn llonsi or Store Property. 8. I). MACK. 3S Linton square. 1"j*ARM WANTRD?IN EXCHAMOR KOH Four"htori 1 bruwn mono Hat House, well rented. UHi.OOR k MILLER, :id av., eornerSOth ?t.^ OH LAROi ? HOtwi OST STH A?., TO EX ctmnjre for Farm or other property, in or out of the city Addrnu tiALK, Herald nlllcn. I~l?'oR sale' (;ilEAPT7k~KxOHAl/OR KOR FREE AND cieur Property, a nplendld Plot of five acre*. Nvael^ with water front <tn liudton. Owner, 1,227 Broadway, room 5. IjlOR SALE "or XXCBANtVk- A NICiFftESlOE.<CB 1 good oiitiiuildingii. 1" lota prlioSce fruit and ahade tree*; bt>r?e mid hteain earn; ttiree mile* from lerriea. Address JEUOMt., box 111 lltrald otlico. JRRREY crrr.-THRKE STORY JTRERCB BOOf Home. |ili),UKi, mortgage, $5,utiO. to exchu^'e for Land or Lota. OORmCT,? Ww ?*. rpo EXCUANOR?ROR A CtTY OR BROOK LYR JL llou>e. a iniunillcent Country Seat of 12 acre* at Me tnollen, K. J.: alto otueri. KELLY BROTHERS, IS0 Broadway. rpo RXCIIARUR-A THKR? SfoSY aND RASEXBNf X brown atoue I rout llouat. In one of tlie bo?t neighbor, licode ol Jeniey City, for improved Property in Plainfleld or Orange. Add re M U? box 2.U28 Pout oBtce. vyei<l rented" tenement houses L'rrowsr TT to exchange tor unencunibereil country Property otf Lota. I.'ONDICT, 85 Pine ?t. dt?1 r (WU\ ?EQUITY ? REAL E8I'ATB, WELL ?PlU.UUVf. routed and pitying over 1-* per pent, wilt be excliHiiged lor u ftnod bur-iiiomi. 277 itreenwich at.,, necoml floor. S > iiventa A RlAli i:VIA'lE WASTED. < "A iSilSfl ST. KiP liHOWN STONE lloi sE WANTEIi, J\. between Utb and J.exln ;ton av*. and 2Hth and -Mlth Hih. Owtiern only need addremi. utating loll particular* auiL loweit eaoli price. Herald idllce. / 1()l NTKY PLACE W \ NTED?COtf V EN IE NTTO NEW Y'orU. and worth $.\0.K> to fl2,t*X); *tate location, pHrtlculari and loweit cash price. ABEL WILTON, Brook lyn Pout oflice. TI/" ANTED?A SMALL FARM OK ABOCT KIVB Tf acre*, about two hours' ride from New York: will par KIWI ra?h, balance in lnitalmont*. Audreas W1LL1A.M SIEWaKT. :i!H 7?la av., New York. ? ? F??R NALCi, * 'rwffl I'AYINd B1/Si VESS "NKAR'l HiTTiUAN'6 A Central Depot t-r inle, with ft nek and lixturea, at it moderate priea. Addreu 1'. A. T? Uerald Uptown Brancli olflce. A KIRBT CLASS GROCERY, LONO EBTARMSTTEDf 1\ good neighborhood; large lea and coflce trade; * hart guin. SHAY, ^<r_" Broadway. T ART PilOlt Tlltst"DAY?A KlRRT OLA8R RB&> taurant aud Bar. Apply at No. 1 Dutch it. A CORN Kit RAKR1UT, V!W TWo""oVER8. REST location in Brooklyn, for ?ale: ptlce $l.'Jt??; receipta Si.ui to $:!.'> per day over the counter. Addrei* BAKER, Herald office. IJyUOR STOItE FOR SALE?UOINO A HPLERa did tiunlnemi; uiu>t be i'>ld for want of lorae on* to at tend to it. Apply to Mr*. BUCK, 321 Welt 42d it. ?yolt SA LE?fKOUsioN STORbS, RAKRR1EM ? Reitaurauta, Hotel*; corner Liqnor Store*. Cigal stored. MITCHELL, 77 t'edar *t. A A SPLENDID HAMI'LK ROOM; BUST, NEAR Till Jx. Stock Exchange, fur ssle cheap. MITCHRMi, 77 Cedar rt. * weiJi paving cigar stork?first clam J\. location, for tale at a sacrifice. LtOYD, 29 Broadway. -Tor SALE OB~E~X('HANOK, RESTAURANTS,' . Lienor Stores, Sum pill Room*, (Irooory Store*, Co** tMIWHI Moiili MALOWB, No. .1 Dey at. FM| ASSORTMENT Of ORCHIDS AND~TROPI i-ttl Plants, fro|n Dr. lluylar's greeulionaoa, at llail' ing*,*lo be sold Hi Hi o'clock, from YuUNU A ELLIOTT'S, 11 Cortland* at., Ilila day. A~?No.'o' wi)()ItWAKU-I?VMl~KOR " 8ALeTIJVEE . TUN, 1U Park row. CIOKNE R XTy U OR S TO R K - FIRST CLASH LOC ATI ON ? ) c!i?ap; also aurnple and Luucli Room down town. WOO LLOYD, 311 Broadway. CCARPENTERS AND LUMBER MERCHANT8.-I MAVlf J got about 13,000 leet ofgeod clear pine lumber, from i Indies to , will bo aold cheap to close the business. Inquirt at 218 West 42d at DUCO STORE FOR SALK-ON EASY TERMS. Aft drat* .JOHN PBTRXK, JR.. 337 iith av. BtBSD STORE Fo R s A L li- Do I NO A <T00D BL'St ness: central location Inquire at 113 Naaaaa at*. oltlce No. 2, Iront 12 to 3 o'clock P. M. FOR BALE? Cbooi) GROCERY STORK; ONLY OWl nn the block. Weit !Wth at., between 7th and Hth avs. IilOR HALE-8TO<IK AND piXtT'RBK OP a KU KNL tur>'Store; a ritre chance for little money. Inquire at :iti 1st a v., grocery store. IV)It SALK-ONIS PAIR OP MIL.L 8TOMB8 4 FEBT li Ineii diameter, with Irame aplndle and running gear complete. Apply at No. MM Ludlow at. I~JtOR 8ALB?DBUG 8TORB; H AJKD80M E LYPITTEli ' up;doiuga fair business and complete ill every re? spec': owner cannot attend: price $2.St*I. Por ^particular* apply to Mr. LIl'TELL, with Tarrant A Co., 278 Greenwich, at., N#w York. 1TOR BALE-THB PRIVILEGE OP A PI RUT I'LASf Soda Water or Newapaper Stand, in West at., directly opposite the White Star dock; terms easy. 383 West at. If OR SALE?A HR8T CLASS COHNKR OKOCRKY AND 1 Llqnor Store, down town: doing a large caah will be aold cbea,? for cash, aa owner la gain* to Europe. Inquire. for una week, at 114 ('antra at., elty. 1ru?R sa 1,k-oRkiiNiioiisEB. boilerband pIpC ' cheap If told at onee. Address FLORIST, box lit Herald office. ________ ?~uTk SaTi.E?CORNER LI^t'OR STORK, DOING 1 good biiaineaa. Por particular!, apply at 112 West 40th ?t.. one flight up. SALE CHEAP-TWO SIDKBOARII8. St'lTABL* 1 |br club rooms, ice cream aalooua, bakeries, stores or prV vat ) dining room. Idlieyst. HARDWABK;~TINWAJRB, PA1 NTH.?$8,000 WORTH for sale this dur for chy the lump). Apply thh day, in to 12, at 23 Park row. room a. A It BEE SI il IA WATER AND BOOT BRER APPA. rnttis, all at.vlea. Tor sale at cost. j. m. Whitfield a son. 262 water st. Oil BBWIRG MACHINES, M lAXK ALL NKABs ly neor. nt 44 Renwie* st.. near reenwlch and Spring ?t?. tone n?w Singer improved, cost S7fti, from #1" to HACIli.MERl. ~ STEAM CaI ND'rV V ACHINERV PORSALE CHiAP.?. l.Vhorae power Engine, Morris A Tasker Wringer, double power XIangle. Shafting, Belting. Ac.; bean usod only tw? weeks. Apply at i?0 Washington It. A.NTKD - a DEN it K AU MILL. ADDRESS D. H. box Iti > Herald office. ~ J*OHT HPP1CB NOTICE. ~~~3 POsT OPPICE NOTICE. " " ' I he lorelgn mails tor the week ending Saturday, Mtf 27, 1 M7?? ill close at this office on Weduesday at llo'clo^ A. M. for P.urope, per ?to?mpship Bothnia, rta Qnaenstownt on Thursday at 11:30 A.M. tor Europe, par steamship I rUla, via 1*1 j mouth, Cherbourg and Hamburg; on Satur day at 5;:?ja M. t<>r (treat Britain, Ireland and France, per ?trnmship City of Berlin via (jueenstown, ana at ?< A. V tar Pranee direct par stearaahip Amcrlque. via llavta; and at fl A. M. for Seotlaad ilirect must be specially sddraaaad par ataatMhly Victoria vl? Uw?|p>w; amt at 11 :'fO A. M. lor Karopa, par Oder, via Sonthamnton and Bremen. Tlie mails lor China. A- , will leave San Pranctoeo Jnae 1. The mails for Australia, Ac., will leave Ban Frnnetaoa June 21. Ihe malls for the Wast India*, via Havana, will War* New Yoik J'ine 1. The direct mail for Braall, Ac., will leave New Tnt May 27. 1*711. T. L. .'AMES. Postmaster. nnTHll?TU>.\. * XaIVy" WOl LD 7.IKK A "PfcW**VQhaSISSSW. A nil - to Instruct in the Knglish Innmatre; terms s>rider, ate. Call on or address Mine. J., 138 Wast 12th M. ACABD.-TKX WRITING LESSONS POR $3. AF oly this da}, from 3 to '.i P. M. Rooms Oth ar. and 49t st OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH. M W A YOl'N'G Man COI LD DWPOSE OP SKVBRAIr ? hour* every day. teaching drawing of all kinds;* * Mil color rra- oDs, Jr. ; cau show sample. Address u. 8., Herald I pt?wn Braimh office. _____ DA Y~A ND KVKN IN'>, ALL 8CMMBB?FAlHB*a COU lege, iG Bowery ? Bookkeeping, Arithmetic^ Alan* l.r.. Herman, Preach; convenient hoars; writing IB Monthly. ___? pBWi "Ail)" HIIOK*. 4f /| Wfl,L BI'Y A Pair OP NKAf. AKRytftliirtlJi VT Boots finr lady or raatieasaa. servioeabie 8bee fer boys. CANTkBLL, 3?1 4*a*.

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