Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 29, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 29, 1876 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 14,525. . NEW YORK, MONDAY, MAY 2!), 1876.-TRIPLE SIIEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. DIRECTORY FOtt adykutisers. herald BRANCH orvmil 1.385 BROADWAY OPEN DA* AND nmiit. FOR reception OF advertisements AND SALES OK PAPERS. AMUSEMENTS?2p Pack-im. 3d and 3d cols. ahtroloiit-lb Pa?k-**Ii col. BILLIARDS ?llm I'ag>~ith col. BOARDERS w ANTED?2u i'auk-Mb eel. BOARD AND LODGING WANTED-3? eaw-ath and olb tola. BOOTS AND brobb-3* PACK-Oth col. BROOKLYN BOARD?'in pa?a-atheol. BROOKLYN REAL KSTATE FOR SALE?ib fiaa?3d col. business OPPORTUNITIES??? Pack. BUSINESS NOTICES?7m pan* -?th eol. CITY real kstate FOR SALE-SB pioe?1m col CLERKS AND SALESMEN?12th Paok?mh and 6th ools. CLOTHINO?iitn P*<jk-??h coL COACHMEN AND oardenbr*?13ra PAan-?th col. coastwise STEAMSHIPS?1st P*?s-5?h and oth cola. COUNTRY BOARD?jn Pack??th col. DANCINO ACADEMIES?1 ith paca-sthcol. drntistry-ilm Pack-4th col. DRY GOODS?1st fa?s?5?b DWELLING Houses to LET. furbished AND un NISHED?3n Paok -4th col. erropkan steamships?1st paaa?*th coL EXCHANGE?let Paok?fl?h col. excursions?"in PAOK-Oth eol. FINANCIAL?t?m Haas. FOR SALK-hth PAOS-fltb col. FURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET?3s PAOr-4th and mb cola. FURN1TU RE-utm Paok?flth col. _ HELP WANTED?females?12th Pack?mh col HELP WANTED?MALES? 18th Pack??th eol. HORSES. CARRIAGES, *0.-1 rr Pack-2<l 3d and 4th tola. BOTELB?2n Pagm?fith' eol. HOUSES. ROOMS. *a. WANTED?1 It* Pao??fltb eol. instruction?1st Pao*?4th col. LOST AND FOUND?1?( Pack?l*t col. machinery?iitii paor-^th eol. MARBLE MANTELS-11th Paok?Ith col. MEDICAL? 12th Pauk?6th ool. MILLINERY amd DRESSMAKING?l?t Paot?4th eol. MISCELLANEOUS advertisements-low Page ftth col. MUSICAL?11th PACB-fllh rot mew publications?7rn pAO?-?th col. PERSONAL?1st Pack?in col. pi a sofortes. ORGANS, AC?2n PAce-sd eol. proprrty OUT OP THE CITY FOR SALE OB TO RENT?2o Paok?sd and 4th cola. REAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGR-ud Pack?4th col. REAL ESTATE WANTED?3n Pack?4tb c?l Paok?lit col. bales AT AUCTION?11th Pack?Ath and flth cols. SITUATIONS WA.VTED-KEMALES? 15th PAOK-lst, 3d. m, 4th and Silt coin. SITUATIONS wa kted?m A LER?i9ra PACK-?th eol. SPECIAL notices?1*t PA<ic-lst and ?d cla. SPORTING?DOOR. BIRDS. ac.-lat Pack?2d col. STORAGE?iitii Page??th col. SUMMER RESORTS?3d PAcn-?th eel. THE TRADES? limt Park?fi?li eol. THE TURF?1st Pa?k-m col. ro LET FOR rurinbsr PURPOSES?2n Pad*?4th eoL TRAYELLER8' GUIDE?1st pAOK-rtth eol. unfurnished ROOMS AND apartments TO LET? 3n Pack?">th eol. WANTED TO PURCHA8E-12rn Pack?6th coL watches. JEWELRY. AC.-iitti PAOK?tth col. westchrjlteb COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET?2n Pagk-m eol. YACHTS. STEAMBOATS. AC.? 10th Paok-6thcol. ' ~ pbirbow all. ~ ~~ A- wfatthtvamicy WISHES~?b~ADOPT AN iff. faot from birth to two weeks old. For particular* ad dross 143 West 4Sth st. a DELIA. COMB HOME AT ONCE: MOTHER WILL protect yon against all. oz-THR WEATHRR ~WONT PREVENT ME AR gyle Shadow Ball to-night. RUTH. b Lauon-let me KNOW whatbvbb YOU HBAR before to-day at ten. Live oak?your answer is correct; meet yon Monday, 8 P. M.. Brandreth. MUSIC in the air. ?"\j"EMASA"?PLEASE call ONCE MOKE AS SOON lfa aa possible, and kindly oblige, roar*. fnreover. "MEMASA g.? Sorry TO HAVE DISAPPOINTED you: will Ex plain if I can bave an afternoon any time after to-dny (Monday). BULLDOG. frihr YOUNG LADT who. ON FRIDAY AT it A o'eloek P M.. wa< assisted by gentleman from Central Park car, eorncr 4th*av. and 27tb or 28tn st., nnd who spoke the words, *'I thank you. sir." is enrnestly entreated to ad irrn a note to SINCERE FRIEND, bos 5,715 Post office. u? CA?YOUR NOTE RECEIVED. W-THEY WERE ALL UNSET AND DIFFERENT ? slses; loser can rlre full satisfaction by baring a personal Interview. Address G. Z., Herald Uptown Branch pfllce, or call at the Brower House, Brjadway and 28th st. Reward will be liberal. 4>qd ST., NEAR 6TII av.-10:*) a M. YESTERDAY; turned twice. Plense send address to sunshade. Heraid office. Lost akd fuund. OST?a "BABY'S BLUE ENAMELLED qolltpin. JLi on Sunday morning In Central Park, near Seventh avenue entrance. Finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving It at 233 Eaat 12tb st LOST-ON SUNDAY MORNING. A SKYE TERRIER, ahnnt five pounds weight; answers to the name <>t "Cherle;" i hand-oine reward will be offered if returned to lol "?th av.. New York. LORT-ON SUNDAY, ABOUT 12 O'CLOCK. NEAR 81st St.. a small Scotch Terrier; had bine ribbon around kia neck and on Ills head; nnswers to name of Criekat. A liberal reward lor ma return to 207 5th av. Lost?a gold chain and locket, with child's picture, in ('antral Park or on the way to 17th st. A llueral reward will be paid, as it was from a de feased frlenl, at No. 112 East 17th st. % OST-in 3flTH~ST., BETWEEN 5TH AND OTH A VS.. 1J or on hm> av., between 88th and 4Uth sts., a child's cbain ann Locket. A suitable reward wilt be given for re turn to 67 West 38tk st. LOST?SUNDAY EVENING. TWO cardinal RIRDS; one bright red. other gray with red beak. The owners will reward the Under at 19 East 87th st. STRAYED?FROM 10 MADISON AV..RUNDAY. BLACK and tan Slot; no eollar; called Nellie. Suitable re ward paid on her return. ' " hfctv ARDb. " RRWAfib^-LOST, ON SATU RDAY AFTERNOON, in Lord k Taylor's, one umbrella. 277 Canal st. $8 special. notlczb. DISEASES OF MEN. The Importance of the healthiness of tha nerrou* Ijstem muDot ba overestimated: Im power over lift md death and the direct bearing which it haa on ?uraan happiness wem to be recogniaed; Ita capabilities It* qualities and ita power*; the Importance of Ita healthful preservation. It* moderate uaes, the dancer of overtaxing It, thcther through thought, studv, or intense application ki mental investigation and renearch; whether by the ibsorblng attention neceaaary to the conduct of coagu lated ana momentous business interests, or by the exces Iri indulgence of the appetite* and propensities of the rvstem. All theeo are proper ? object a lor conuideratimi. aa il*o the knowledgo of what la moderation, what la excess, and when these exlat the abaolnte necessity of promptly seeking advice from an expert who, lor a lone aerie* of year*, haa devoted hi* whole time and attention to the atudv. Investigation and treatment of all the maladle* of thi* im portant department, to accurately determine the diseased Condition*, their natnre. can*e* and origin. whether arising from the want of exercise, ita Irregularity or excese, and who. Irom lit* experience and practlee, ha* learned to discover at ?nee the derangement and a* promptly apply the remedy, Ihua avoiding tbe painfully alow feeling after tba trnth, ao mmmufi to tba Inexperienced and ao annoying to tha pa tient. who, very naturally, wanta to know without delay ghat I* the matter, the extent or tbe derangement, tha probabilities of recuperation and tba time required. A striking example of the value of experience and practi cal observation, a* well a* tba uaofhlneee of the prompt ap plication of aultabla reined lea, I* found In tba Important ?tatetnent. coming, not from one. but a doaen public inatliu tlona. not only at home bnt abroad, that a very large propor tion of those who suffer from mental dintnrbance and ahao lute Inaanltv permanently rccover, who are placed under treatment within a year attortho flrft symptom* bare mani fested themaelTca. . If the intellectual department or tno train Ti a* become ex hausted by intense mental application, depriving It of the tower of connected thought. It can only recoverltaatrengtb r being properly fed ana nourished by the nae of certain tyatematfc method*. . It la precisely ao In every other de partment. whether of appetite, propensity or passion, each reuniting a different remedy for Its recuperation and diffsrent mm* for bringing them np from their overworked ana ex hausted condition*. The importance of thi* branch of medl tal practice can acsrcelr be overrated, tor it reaches even to the perpetuation of family name*, the securing of hereditary title* and tbe retention or eatates in tha tame family. Front a long and large experience In thi* direction I h*ve been able to command by my succeaa the thankful appreci ation of some orthe first families In the city and nation: and I certainly can communicate much to cultivated mind* In (onnection with mv practical experience In what pertain* to the over-exerclse o'f every department of tbe nervous svstem and the mean* of recovering their power*. whether of brain, appetite, propensity or paeaion. UEXRV A. DANIELS, M. D.. 144 l^xiaetoa av., Mear 29th at. ?miilttli A ?ISAAC O. ROY Oh. 'Ml BROADWAY. LAWYER.? a lMvorces obtained promptly, without pnbiicitr; deaer. Hon. Ineompatibllitv. habitual drunkenness, infidelity. in. human treatment, conviction of felony. Psseoorts obtained RSTFR ISM. SIOA^OO'OOL IV Main drawing of the Ducal Brnnawlck Oovernmert lottery, from May lfltoJnne ('. 1H7H. be..V? tickets. SSJOO prlies. Royal Havana Lottery. Next drawing June 6, 1X78. Full explanatory circular* free TIIKODOJIK zscuorn. Box 5.SM Poet office. I Id Nssaan at.. .New York. 1 -KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES OK i. S. A. mrrn a co. gutrrrgr, unu cum 4M>?rom 1870. II, 00. 7k, VI. int. : 0. 37. -'3, M. . 1. H. UK, 4* 47. KK5TVCKT, Ct.*S* tl? rOU 1870. n, re. ?. ??. hi. is. m. ta. ?i. 77, s?. 20. 7. All order* eddreaa R. NATHAN. 181 Broadway, or box #,ti7u l'oai office. New York city. IfarKS. EMERSON A CO., , Kentucky !>tete Lotteries, draws dally. Itoyal Havana Lottery, drawn every 17 daya. Kealacky Single Number Lottery, drawn June 24. 18T8, frlrr> cashed. Information furnished aad circular* fr*?. IS-1 Broadway. I'oat office box .V2T2. New York. LI.KN a CO.. 711 XAR8AI.' KT., NEW VOBK.-WY. A nmiiig lottery draw* M*y Sit; capital prise. AVI.OUU; Eur' Wilt distributed; tickets 91, six lor 93; prise* cashed. Circular* mailed tree. ~k SSoUiT* I>l VuRCIt-4?-.a NY t; ACHE I ANYWHERE; A mt when -ecured; advice free. ^ AMERICAN LAW AIIE.N'CT. Tl AMar llouae. IKhASEN OK MRN A SPECIALTY. tfENRT a. Daniels, m. d., im Ltsiaciw av., iltbM. OSoa hows* fimai8 te A SPECIAL NOTICES. a lii nftfcAflKu or tiik blood and" neuvoi's A avatein treated; auereaafMl and permanent euro* guar* ant mi t-onaultatlon tree. Dr. W Knl'H old titablltnl of B<e, 4.*? Hleeeker at.. near Broadway. DrT~ rranci^ oouLaru. late pror*t?KOR_fw Paria. Ifttiirn Him.twkljr. PrtrMr offit-ea for roeep tiun of pal inula. 41 W ?? at 85th at. Nervoua liability and dia ruta of man and woven apaedlly eradicated. Oonaultatlon fra?. -OrEIOlAL DRAWINGS KENTUCKY STATE uuft . teriea.? SIMMONS Jt DICKINSON. Manager*. EMMTOCKY, MXTKA CLAM HO. 851 ? MAT 27, 1*78. 47, fttf. 17. I*. 40. 51, 03, 4*1. 14. ?5. 8*. m. kkhtuckt, cum wo. 852?mat 27. 187S. 94. 55. 77 41. TO. 7a. 81. 71. 52, jO. U. 43. 85. IIKXnr. KXTKA CLAK* MO. i?l_may 27. 1S70. is. 57. ott, a, eo. :w. 17. 58, *?. 4t?. 21. 73. ItKMRT. CLAM MO. 252?MAT 27. UfTft. 52. 28. UK, (*>. 54. 811. 05, 04. 84. 51. 18, 71, 41. Pull information by applying tn or Addrcaaing J. GLUTS k CO., 2Ul llro*dway, or b?z 4.IMH Post office. (T~I^?30U.0U0 Tx l'KIZKS-KVKuir OTIIKR TICKET A T. Priae.?SIMMONS k DICKINSON'S ainsle nnmber Kentucky Slate Lottery to lia drawn June 24. 1S7B; 25.420 pritea out of 5O.0U? ticketa-. alao Itoyal Havana to t>? drawn on June rt, I87H. J. CLUTE k CO., 200 Broadwajr, or box 4.00H Pinl offira A VAN A. LUTTKRY?sYxT DK AW l.NU OK 40.000 ticket* and W'O * I iiriiea. June rt, 1H7H. Kor par ticular* addrea* R. martinez k CO., No. 10 Wall at., basement, Poet office l>o* 4,682. N. H.?Hlgtieat price paid fur Spaniah gol<l and Uavana Rank bllla. Draft* an Uaoua in all amount* iaaued. K_WONO Will 217 3D AV., BETWEEN 1ST1I AND 19th at*.: Chili ?*ae laundry; new ahirta, old ahlrt*; beat washing of all kiuda doue. -OMRONIC CATARRH. DKAKKB88: 1MPROVED i method; iMetautaneou* relief; permanent cure*. Dr. STODDARD. No. * Won 14th at. K Kentucky state lotteries, drawn daily. KciVucky State Single Number Lottery draw* June 24; wbo'4 ticket*. $10; halve*, $5; quarter*. 92 50. Royal llavlia lottery to be drawn June IL Third l^ontalana Hold Dlatrlbiitlon draw* July 2i?. Kor Information, circular*. Ac., addreaa or apply to JACKSON k OO., Hanker*. 202 Rroadway. New Vork City. I' ADIEU OOKKULT DR.~"ORINDI<K FOR ALL AIL J inent; apeedy enre whatever the matter. 142 Weat 48th *i. VTERVOUS EXH Al'STION.?A medical KM At il comprising a aerie* of Ipcturea delivered at Kahn'a Mn aeum of An*torov, New Vork. on the cauae and cure of Pre mature Dccline, allowing Itidlaputahly how loat health may be retrained. affording a clear avnopeia of the Impedimenta to marrlace and the treatment of norvona and phyateal debility, being the result of 20 vcar*'experience. Price 25 cent* Ad dreaa the anthor, Dr. L. J. KAliX, office and real (fence ">t Eaat li'tli *?. New York. PILKS "OR hemorrhoids RADICALLY CURED.? Original, painlc*. treatment; two to four wecka re quired; no fee* nntll cured; circular* tree. Dr. STODDARD, only office No. 8 Weat 14tli ?t. oyal Havana~Loffkay.-?6iio.o()o "will be drawn on June rt. Prise* cashed; ordera filled; Infor mation Inrniahed; liigbeat rate* paid for Kpanlah bill*, gov eminent*. Ac. TAVi.OR k CO., Banker*. No. 11 Wall at.. New York. SPREAD OjTl00* UNION* PA(7lT'fcT^l AND 60. ON member of Stock Exchange. 41 day*. 94(10. net. LAPS LEY k HAZLKY, Broker* in Privilege*. 74 Rroadway. 'TRAP OLE ON 100>AC7kIC MAIL AT 2S?I.E. PUT ) audoa: 150 net. Broadway. rHE- undersigned HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that he will apply to the Board of H5alth of tbe city of New York for a permit to erect an abattoir tor the slaugh tering of cattle and *heep on lots on We*t 4(>th at., on the south side of aald street, and distant about Ttl feet ftora the present water front. W. II. McNElLL. Naw Yoitg, May 28^1870. The members ok thk new york state Mlllti* are Invited to call and examine our new stylo of Hhoe*, especially adapted for parauo purpoae*. CASTRBLL, No*. 2*t and 341 4tli av. STRADDLE ON 100 PACIKIC MAIL AT 28?I.E. put audoat! at 28 on member of Stock Exchange 57 day*. *450 net. vapslky k BAZLEY, Brokers in Privilegwa?74 ltrnftilwHV. I TO WAKE the MOST PLEASANT HEALTH and cheapen beverage In the world use KNAPP'S Extract ofRoota. Depot 802 Hudeon *t.. New York. _ SPORTING? DOKS. dlC. k "?3v^r RECEIVED KROM EN(iLANI). A^INS at lot of 8cot?b, Skye. Dandy Diamond Terriora and all other breeds of Dog*. Medicine* for all dlleases at MhY^K'g, No. 8 West 8d at., near Broadway. I~HOR SAL'?A mce LADY'S DOO. call AT 110 1 and 112 West 50th st. tilOR HALE-A NICE TAME DEER. ABOUT 2 YKAKH r old. Inquire at 17 and 10 Thames St., New York. THE TURF. 'rkE"Rim^30irKEY"dCuB.^PRiNG^RieriN~G. A 1870. at Jeromo Park, 3d. Oth. 8tli. lOtli, 18th. 15tU and 17th June. Race* commence each dav punctually at S o'clock. A. belmont, Preeident. C. WiigATtr, Secretary. UCTIOX AND KRENCH POOLS SOLD AT JOHN SON'S rooms, corner Broadway and 28th at., every afternoon and evening this week, at the trots at Belmont Park. Philadelphia. Each beat of every race reeolved by telegraph aa soon a* trotted. T. B. k W. U. JOHNSON. F LEETWOOD PARK, THURSDAY. Jane I. OBOBGE PARKER htrliiz entirely re core red, and being now In wlln trtlo tnji. will wain attempt the greet feet of riding HU6 MILKS IN 15 HOURS, using the 30 maaiangs employed In h|s last tide. Raee to commence at 4 A. M. la MM of bad weather next good Atfmlssiou to traok ....One dollar it. M'DOUOALIi, Of TATTER8ALLS TIRP A.J KM cy, 1,337 Broadway, having having leased the grounds on (he MnlT at Jerome Park, trill let the privilege of selling refreshments daring the raee meeting. Early application necessary. Richmond club grounds, staten island.? Saturday, Jane 8, Puree #100. for three-minute claas: taree-euarter-mlle heats and no record; entries to close on Mar XI, at 1* P. M. All entries address to OEOKGE WRIOHT, New Dorp, St ate n Island. Admission totraek, 00 cents. SEA VIEW park, ST AT E.N ISLAND.?TUESDAY. May SO?Three Minute Purse; Held with six entries. Kred Smith enters d. g. Edward M., J. E. Jarrisb. m. Jennie, li. P. Kbarpe b. m. Annie B., George Crooks b. g. Mambrlno Hunter. Charles Root K a. Unknown, owner g. it Dick Smith. Raee to commence at 3k P. M. sharp. Ad mission to the track, 30 eents. Stat en Island boat connects with the train for the track. T. LI'BY, Proprietor, T~ ATTERSALL'S TURK AGENCY, 1.2*7 BROADWAY.? Books en all races throughout the year; amounts booked from $1 upward. Having leased the hotel and grounds on the "Bluff"' at Jerome Park, will open an oBca tliero and books on all the racee. W" EST BIDE Ml VINO PARK, JERSEY CITY, KONDAY, May *0. 3 o'oiock, P. M. GRAND BEN K KIT tendered to PETER MAN EE. by his brother turftnen who sympathise with him for the loss of his ill-fated *n.i ralnabie horse, Ilarry Irving, who was burned at Deerfbot Park OB Saturday morning. May at). The management 'nave kindly donated tliu track lor the above purpose. There will be two events as follows:? Kirst, T. Ogle, b. m. Rltehman fflrl; M. Starin, b. g. John II; J. Jarvts. br. m. Mollle Barker; B. Sharp, b. m. Annie R.; Owners, r. it. Deaeoo; P. Laugerlu, hlk. i. Sweet brier; J. Ilasiet, a. g. Major Lambert. Ssasad. T. Crane, r. g. St. George; A S. Bennett, br. m. Lady J; S. Smith, a. g. Break of Day; R. Klsher, b. g. Clothesline; A. Hopkins, br. ni. Sally Maek:R. Sharp, h. m. Edith; W. Bastard, b. m. Carrie N; U. Dicksrman a. an. Lady Lowe. The above trials will be mile heats, best three la Ave, governed by the rulea ol the National Association. Admission $1; ladies free. Stages from horse ears to Park. ? C. BIRDS ALL. Manager. HORSES, CAniUAUEh, die. 3'tfCTfON llOU^E OK ARCH JOHNsfSv; L 18. 31, 33 ana 3? 13TH ST. near University plaee. SALES OP HORSES AND CARRIAGES ABB HELD EVERY IUKSUAY AND KK1DAY AT 10 O'CLOCK. ON EVERY UORSB WAKRANTED SOUND KHOM 34 HOURS TO 8 DAYS POH TRIAL. THB OLDEST established AND MOST RE LI ? AUuK HOUSE IN THE CITY. GENTLEMEN HAVlN.i HoRSKS OR CABRlAGBt to sell, or those wishing to bur. will find our bnstnes con tinued on precisely the same strict and honorable prt aci nic" which hare always characterised Ibedenllngs ofonr house anu won the respect and confidence of the business community as well as the public at large. LIBLUAl. ADVANCES UN consignments. fllB REGl'LAK SALE To-MORROW (TCRSDAY) WILL BE ?<NE OK THB LAHURST AND MOST AT tractive OK THE SEASON, AND WILL INCLl'DBs-* KuaN TK?M?Klszaat Carriage Horses, inll 15Jf bands, 8 joars; kind and safe, BAY TKAM?Very fine Carving* Her sea, 16 hands, 8 years, very stylish, sate and kind COUPE HORSE?hlegant bay Kentucky Coupe Horse, 16 hands. 0 years; sound. kind and true ; a splendid horse. ELEGANT COCPK, BY WOOD brothers. ELEGANT COUPE-BRADLEY, I'RAV A CO. WoSTCHBSTEK HOCK A WAY?BRADLEY, PRAT A CO. VICTORIA?BRf.WSTEB, OK SftTH ST. PARK phaeton-BREWftTKR OK BROONB IT. See catalogue la to-morrow's Herald. O RNTLKMAN LRAV1 NO~THBCITY MUST SELL hia Road Horae, top Wagun end Harness; horse 7 years oin, las hands; can trot fast; warranted aouad anlkind; a ladv pin drive him; wagon and harness good as new. At private stabls No. IS West 37th at., between Broadway and 5th av. ^JOflN WOOIIK, 57 WARREN-Sf7," OKrERS ? good reliable leather top Phaetons for f 11A; Buggies, 8150; Knefeeways,SIS5; Depot Wagons.?110; Caaopy Phaeton*. Jagger tttnna, Ir. Hsmeaa. hand sewed. urat rate stock. (13 to 823V Sheets. |l to *1. Elegant Lap Hobes, Jl to M Everything la the line, good quality, at low prices. =pom salT ?~ e One light eight spring Landau, Ono light eight-spring Victoria, In fine order, at low prices. BKEWeTEK * CO. fttli av. sad 14th St. A LADY'S TURNOUT TO BE SOLD LESS THAN half value, consisting of the meat stylish and hand some Mack llorse in the city, 7 years old. ISSt hands high; warranted sound and kled: beautiful C spring top Phaeton, with Harness to match. Whip and l.ap Make, all for 80(a), or would sell separate!r. OWNER. lilwRaet 17th st. APKKKKOT FAMILY HOUSE' 1?S HANDH, 8 years) sosim ia^elre corner of Prince and Crosby Ms., GRKY S stablei cheep. Iron #aLe,"paib dapple oray ho lists, iS . hands, 7 years old: very stylish; can trot fnsl; war ranted In every particular. T Cart. Harness. HiasMteta, Robes, Ac. The most stylish turnout la the city. Seen at Its tVest .tmti ?t. Must be said la a lew days, inquire for Mfr White's establishment. A GOOD. LIGHT LANDAU. IN ORDER; CLABBNCR and two Coaches, new d-asal Phaeton, at second bead prices; our and two-seat W agana. cheap. MM8d av. T HALF COST-khartons. top WAGONS. LIG(IT nrnd vt'agan ; heat city makers; latest styis. Private Stable. ?Sd >t and 4th av. ____ _ STRONG HACK" CLABBNCR TO BXCHANGB ibr two low price Horses. Ift^ heads. 48' fld av. ^POB 8ALK C HliAP?T1VK GOOD' SI'SINESS ? Hoeaea. Aaelr 3 Vaosey ??-. beeweca Vastek and Had HOUSES. CAI11UA(>?8. dlC. A""-MAJOR CHaSTw: BARKER. AUCTIONEER J\. BY ORDKK OK /- K. SIMMONS. Esq.. to satlsfV o claim. will b? Mid peaftivelv. without rfurm, on Tmiliy (to morrowi. May :*i, at II o'clock. m Rarker A Sea's City Auction Mart ami St? York TalterseH's. rorttr of Brijt way and amh il., Ihe following Tory valuable TROTTING STOCK, i'mbhImh! DIKECTOK. bay atalllon. 1".\ high. foaled IHtW; Bred by Charles liackraan, Orange rmwijr. N. Y.: not by llamble toulan fllysdvk's), <lam by Tom Tliumli, granddam by Crat< tree's Hcllfi under, by imp. VeUtaMn; can beat 2:HO; no record. AN DALl'SI A, bay atalltoB, l?\ high, foaled DM0: bted bv the late h. K. Couklin, nf Philadelphia; rot by llarry Clay, ilm by Alexander'* Ab<lallali. grandilain by Vrrawt Black llawk: has ? record of J jl|. ana l> a sere foal tetter: can HEAT - :2."> TO-l)AY, and Is the moat extraordinary poW horMi to -,e Ion ml. SURPRISE. bay gelding. lMihlgh, foaled HW7; bred by John Mincbln. Orange county, S. Y.; cut by llambletonlau (Rysdyk'si, dam by American Star; has a record of 1:4Q, Mid can beat 2-.!IOeeay. llhLLE. Buckskin mare. 1\^ blirh. foaled 1ST1. brad by John Mincbln; got by Wofal, dam Belle of Saratoga CJdt); trotted In her four year old Inrai In 2 LINCOLN' OOLi. nay gelding. 15 1? high, foaled 1S70; bn!d by lioTernor AMASA J. SPRAOUK. of Providence. It. 1.; got by Ethan Allen, dare the Lincoln mare; can trot In 2 :KH BAY QBLDING, ISK high. foaled 1??; bred by Amaaa J. Spragne; got hy tlamliletonlan (Spruguc's), dam by American Star; can trot a 2:3(1 gait. CHESTNUT FILLY. IMk high, foaled 1871; bredbyR. K. Conklln; cot by Conklln's Star, dam by Uailiaw; oaa trot In > :5U ABOVE ARK all wnrrnntod sound and kind. The PKDI GRESS arc STRICTLY GUARANTEED nr uo tain. Stock now on exhibition at the mart. No postponement and sale pooItlro. CATALOGUES can be bad at the SPIRIT, TURK or MART office*. A -M"aJOR OHAS. W. BARKER, AUCTIONEER. A. KOL'RTH EXTRAORDIN ARY and positively closing sale of fashionably bred Trotting Stock, bred by HON". A. B. CONtiER, of the Waldberg Stud, llarerstraw. N. Y.. to take nlnee at BARKER A SON'S City Auction Mart and New York Tatter?nll's, corner nf Broadway and Wth ,?t., on WEDNESDAY. MAY 31. at 11 o'clock, and comprising SKVBNTKKN 11KAD of Brood Mnres, FlUlcs. Stnlilona. Colts and Ueldlnc* being the PICK and KNTIliK llAl. AN'CE (il the FAMOUS WALDBERG STl*D, and including a DAUGHTER of the celebrated PRINCESS (dam of Happy Medium i. a daughter (lull SISTKR to SOUBRKTTE) and grnnriilnuirhter ot SONTAO, Ac. Til K BROOD il ARKS are the get of Rysdyk'a Ilatnble tonian, Toronto Chief. Eureka. Young Stnr, Ac. TIIK I'lI.LIKS nnd Stallion Colts include tne g<-t of Dex trous. Bedford i2:20). Ma>l Anthony t'J ?.:*!), Maproet (2:;*>). Willi Irishman. Ac. The fielding CJ :4I) la the.get of Toronto Chief. STO'JK now at ibe Mart. CATALOGUES now ready, and can be had at the Spirit, Turf or Mart offices. sAl.K POSITIVE; no poetponcment. A" ?MAJOR Oil AS. " wT H A RK K R," AUVtIONK BR^. . COLONBl. C. C. BURNS, of Henderson county, KEN TUCKY, announce. Ills second GKBAT SALE ol the FAST KST CliRRN TROTTERS In America, just arrived trom Kentucky, to take place at BARKER A SON'S City Auc tion Mart und New York Tettersalls. corner ol Broadway and Hflth it., on Thursday next. Juno 1, at II o'clock, and comprising TEN IIKAD that ran trot in from 2:4.% DOWN TO 2 :???>, including an extraordinary and very closely matched PAIR of 1">KI sorrel GELDINGS that can TROT IN 2:t<i to the pole; a PACING GELDING that ran show A 'J :2(> OAIT; all warranted sound and kind and all nf the BEST Kentucky trotting blood, stock now at the Mart for exhibition anil trial. COLON KL BURNS requests that everybody will nine and RIDE behind the stock and TEST Til h SPBKD before the sale. Catalogues now ready. Solo without reserve or postponement -MAJOR CHARLES W. BARKER. AUCTIONEEB . THE SPBKD SHOWN t'NDER TIIK WATCH. TUB UNEXAMPLED BVENT. MAJOR BARKER has the honor of announcing Mr. W. J. BACON'S (of the CARRINOTON STUD FARM, Mont gomery Post office. Trigg county. KENTUCKY) second UNPRECEDENTED SALE of the fastest GREEN' and TRAINED TR0TTEB8 erer offered at anetlon Ju?t ar rived flroni Kentni'ky. to take place at B ARKER A SON'S Citr Auction Mart ai,d New V ork Tatlersall's, corner of Broadway and :wth it,, on MONDAY, JUNK 5, at II o'clock, ond comnrUing TWKNTY-THREK head of STALLIONS, OELDINOS and MARES, WINNERS at all the Southern Kentucky end Tennesaee FAIRS, tn saddle, harness and SPhKD rings, that can trot In from down to BETTER THAN 2:3U, the get of Exchequer, Bine Ornss, Tenth Legion, A&, Ac , and Inrlnding two extraordinary gentlemen's TROTTING TEAMS THAT THE STOCK came trom KENTUCKY the bill* ot lading, n-eiglitblll* and Inmranee policies from point of ihlpraent, CERTIFICATES of SBCRRTARIES of FAIRS, Ae., are ready to exhibit tn all desiring to nee them. 4 STOCK subject to Yoterinary surgeon'* examination, and are now at the Central Areuue Stables, Central av., near Fleetwood Park, whore they can be seen In harness or un der saddle and SPEEDED up to Sunday, June 4, when they will be removed to the M art. THE TIME claimed for these horses will be 8IIOWN UNDER THE WATCH at Fleetwood Tark on Friday, JUNE 2, AT 10 O'CLOCK A. M. Gentlemen are requested to b? present. CATALOGUES, with full particulars, pedigrees, record* of performance*, Ae.. now ready at tne Spirit, Turf and Mart offices, or at the stables. SALK W1TUOUT reserve or postponement. T AUCTION, ON TUESDAY. MAY 30, AT 10 O'CLOCK. BY VAN TASSKLL ? KEARNEY. AUCTIONEERS, at their MART, lit), 113 EAST 1STU ST., NEAR 4TH AV. A VERY ELEGANT TEAM CHKSTNUT MARKS. SIRED l)T (iKNKKAL LOVE, with record of 2:3i), hd<1 dam by MAMBKINO Oil IKK. with record of 2 :.'B; iri 15 hand* high, ft and 6 year*old, kind and trun In *11 bar nett. free from vice, very ttyll*h and handtome, with long manei and tail*: ere afraid of nothing; ran trot together inaide nf 340; never been handled Tor (|>eed; are very promising, and by proper handling ?IH be made to trot feat: ran be driven by any one, and are warranted oonnd, kind and trne; alao fbnr-eent tide bar no top light Depot Wagon, very ttyllth; alto a net of One doable llarnet*. Blanket!, l.ap Robe. Ac., Ac. AN XNTIBE FAMILY ESTABLISHMENT- SOLD OB account nf owner going abroad. TEAK VERV ELEGANT DAPPLE GRAY HORSES. 17 hand*, ? and 9 yean; kind and true In all barneaa, free from vice; good travellera; prompt and*tyll*hdriven; have been uaed in thin city for TWO YKARM by pre* ent owner for bit family driving, and are warranted kind and reliable in every retpecf. QUEEN'S SOCIABLE, or BAROUCHE, In good order, bar Wood Broa, COUPE. by WOOD BROS., In good order. HET DOUBLE SILVER MOUNTED 0ARB1A0E HAR HEA8; alto tet COUPE HARNRSS. Hlankett, Sbeeta, Lap Robe, Oentlemen't and Ladle*' Saddlet, Ac., to. GRAY TROTTING IIORSK, I.Whandt.6 yean; kind and trne In all hatneii; free from vice; it line nndor tad die; very atylith, extra line roadater: eaa trot better than 3 MINUTRB: cm be DRIVEN by a LADY: of grrat bottom and endnrance and la WARRANTED BOUND, KIND and trne, and TOP WAtiON, foil tprlng. by BRKW8TER A CO? of Broome it., and cot tingle Raraeea, Ae., Ac POUR BEAT OPEN PHAETON, with pole and Malta, very ttvllah, by LEVI ADAMS. Carteln i'naeh, ln| 8ne order, and (two teta of light double Harnett. PAIR GRAY GEI.DINOS, 13\ handt. 7 and 8 jean; kind and troe In all harueaa; tree from vloe; veryitylith and hamlnome, with long manet and tailt. both under aaddle; an free and prompt driven; do not thy or pull; ire afraid of nothing and are warranted toand, kind and trne. _ _ CURTAIN COACH, In flne order, by BRBWSTER A COL of Broome it., and tet Sne doable llarnete, Aa, Ac. BAROUCHE, needy new. by RKEWSTER A CO.. of Broome tt.; Blaakett, Ac.. Ae. BLACK TROTTINO HORSE, IS bandt high, 8 yean; kind aud true In ail harnett; free from vice: can trot In condition In 3 -JO and now in three mlautee, and ta warranted noiuari, kind and trne; and TOP SIDE BAR WAGON, by BRRWHTER A CO., of BKOOMK ST., and tet tingle Ilarneae. VERY B LEG ANT EXTENSION TOP PHAETON, elty build. POUR SEAT PARK PHAKTON, top ?n hind tent. . Alto thirty otber Hortet, enltable for family, road and bail no** n*e. CANOPY TO I* PHAETON, nearly new. TOP POSY PHAETON, nearly new. DOCTOR'S TOP WAOON, hv K. M. STIVERS. POUR SEAT DEPOT ROt'KAWAY. POUR SEAT CURTAIN COUPE ROCKAWAY, pole and aba fit. ALSO OTHER CARRIAOEB AND TOP WAOON. PULL DESCRIPTION IN CATALOGUE MORNING OP MALE. -BY VIRTUK OK A CERTAIN CHATTEL . MOItTUAoK AMI BILL or SALE. I WILL HELL BY PUBLIC VENDUE. AT TnE PRTYATB STABLE NO. 4 WEST IOTH ST.. (>NK DOOR WEBT OK ftTH AV.. THIS DAY (MONDAY). MAY 20, AT 11 O'CLOCK IN THE KOKENOON, THE POLLOWINO IIORsKS. CARRIAGES, HARNESS, BLANKKTfl. *??. Beaotlfal gray geldlnff GRAY MACK. handt high, 7 year* old. ralie<rat Pennyann, N. V., tired by Cha.nploo, dam Uy Nonpareil; trotted it Auhnrn, N. Y., ai ennnty lair, winning flnt premlam in 3 M, 3:36. 2 :3S'?; he li a prompt, Myllth driver, very pars galted. with An* knee action; It perfectly broken, tingle and donble; doe* ret pall when tpeeding. and la not excitable la company; eafe lor anybody to drive, and cannot be earpatted lor a gentleman'! road hor*e: warranted toand and kind. Verv hand?onie brown Mare XKLLIK W., raited at Bran don. Me., ilred by tlENEBAL KNOX, dam by YOUNG MORKILL '.trotted la?t tali at a fonr-year-oldat Hangor. Me., winning the Colt stake in 3:4?t, 3: IJ. 2:-14. when the wat parchaaed by the preeent owner, and hat been uted ae a road mare ap to tke preeent time; the la perfeetly broken, aingle and doable; en extraordinary pole mare; aafe for any body to drive, and with proper handling can iretlni:*) thlt naaon, at ahe It pure gaited and hae great endnrnaee; IftU bande high, A yeart old, and warranted toaad and kind. Very ttyllih bay Oeldlng Pied; he to one of the handtom ett, beat bred trotting time* In this city, 7 yean old, lftJti handt high, tired by Ry*dyk't Hambletonlan, dam by Cook lin'eStar; he ha* never been handled for tpeed. bat trotted a mile when pnrebaaed ever the Gothen half-mile track In 2:37; he hat been uaed a* a road hnr?e opto the pretent time, for which parpoae ha hat no ? ope nor. aa no It a prompt, pleaeant driver; i* not afraid of anything; pore galtrd; can pull a top wagon better than a 2 ;?> gait, and can be driven by a lady at apeed; warranted toand and Verr elegant ebeetont Gelding DUKE, rateed at Lexing ton. Ry.. aired by Denmark,riam by Snow Flake,7 \ear* old, l.'>i, lianfla high; be I* the bandiimnt, beat broken and beat behaved aaddle hone that waa ever broagbt here from Ken tucky ; be haa taken eeyen premium* aa a aaddle bona In thntStaf: belt broken to all taddle gait*, gnlde* and changea gain by melton; baa been riddea principally by a lady;aingle foota; he* a very pretty ri*lng trot and a very easy canter and gallop; he It perfectly broken to ?lngl***nd double barnea* and it tale tor a lad v to drive; can trot a mile better than 3 Aft and la warranted *oaad Mid kind. The haodeoniett and meat Myttah Team nf Coach Hortet In thla city. H and 7 yean old, raited at Reohetter. N. T.. 10 hand* high; a<e a very prompt drtvlag team: have M perl or lii?h knee action; can trot together Setter than S minute*, and at a coach team they have no lapertort, and are war ranted aound mm) kind. Carriage*, coatiitlng of I Pony Phaeton, 3 top Wagon*; tingle and dewble llarnea. Sale poeitivt. rain or Urtne. _ By order of JOHN T. REILLEY. Martha! and Attorney tor Mortgagee, oftoe Kfrtt Dlitrict Conrt. BARGAIN.-OSNTLRm4n'K TURNOUT rOR tale; Hone, d yeart eld, lS!i hand*, warranted tonnd and kind and to trot a mile In three inlnntea; good top Wagon and Harnett; wuala aell ecparately. Private ttabia, rear of honto No. IS Kttt 39th tt. GENTLEMAN ahoTtTeaVING THB'cffY WILL ?ell a very heantllal l.andaalet, made by J. B. Brewtter A Co.; It In pertoct order. Can be aeea at the maker'* factor* In 3fttn tt.. eatt of 4tk at. A-DOG CART, BY BREWWER.'lodttr BRETT. B2SO; Coupe Kockaway. RKSO: aeanrtment of every kind of Carnage* and llaraeaaat atedarate price*. JOHN 0. HAM, OM Broadway. A-flM WILL BUY A GOOD TUP WA.GON. COST . S4S3 latt month; a ftne Hamtit. fdft; at HkM Mm, _ HOUSES. C.VilRl AGES. dX. A-I OfKKR ON .M'Cdl ST or"MY . death l?nr clwup Horses, mltsble for farmer or any bailnni. 5SB Washington it., nrnr Charlton. -FOR sale, FOl'R i'lOH^HKl mtiTABLK FOR ? farming. (rwornr express; a p?d trial ullovxt. Ap ply at 41 Itleeeker il.. In rear. HKAi'rm L top pony phaItok. gold mountings, with iiurness to match. will be *>l'l lot l?? than half what It rout last month. Seen at private (table N?. 20 Kast 29th St., between Madison anil -'>lli av?. TURK AT BAKOAl ,NS 00 ON HAKDl-W AttOXS, Tracks Caru. Carriages and liarnc??; naw and sec ond hand; all kinds. Repository, corner llndaon and lath at A FULL B LOODBD~G C#tXSE Y FBBSH milk COW for sale; makes 12 pounds of butter per week ; or bo aale. 430 Kast ISth st. VERY(IIIKaT BAKGaYx ?ONE* fine BREWSTER Improved rrns*-*|<ritig. leather lop Buggr. also three superior. line city matlr ; tup pony Pnaetons. one line, gold m?' nted double Humes*. one line single: all at about half price, and not soiloil. Ca I and examine at private stable No. 1 Wei-t 15th st. A-FOR male, TURM HOMni SUITABLh "FOR ? farmer or nnv husiuess; trial alloweo. 14 Orand at.. Bear Varlck, rear stable. A -HAVING FINISHBI) MY CONTRACT. I OFFKR ? for sale Ore Horses, suitable tor any bu-lneee: among them Is a flno family or road borse; sold cheap. Inquire in crockery atore 20J i.ran.l si., near Molt. GKXTLKMAN GOING ABROAD OFFERS HIS highly bred Hon I Mare lor sain cheap, lnqalre for Thomas tlno i:roomi. private stable 2S West Ktli at. BARGAIN. #l7.i-BAY~?SKI.uiNO."^?7"AXi>~? yean; troti In 2 :5<); lull sprint: top Wagon. Harnesa: black Gelding, I.V? hands 0 years; stylish, aale lor a lady; top 1'ony Phaeton, Harness; bay Twain, 10 hands, 0 years; very prompt, ?trlish drivers; one side bar top Wagon, four eels Harness. 142 West 37th st. BROOl?~M ARB, IN COLT, IfUS; HEAVY WORK Horea, #U.V nice family Horse, |60; cheap. No. 4 7th ?r. ABGAINS IN SECOND HA~ND CABRIAOKB. Two six seat Phaetons, three Coachee. Three top anil open Wagons, at COKBUTTS Carriage factory, ISO Mid 1S8 Rast 57th st. Barker a sox wiil, skm.7 at aFctiox. AT their Msrt. May Hit, at 11 o'clock, a bay Gelding, 7 {?ears old. fresh from tho country, of great' promise; 15 lands high : sired by lonng Wotnl, out of a llambletonlan mare; b.-en broken and driven by a young lady: great style and gentleness ; nneijuallod as a phaeton horse for lady's I nan: worth $l,U00; for spaed or beauty warranted in every j way /1AHR'Ui>KS-\AltI01)S STYLES, MY OWN MAKE; | w warranted; leather top new Pony Phaetons, (l'i'i up; [ leather top Buggies, if 144?: leather trimmed Depot .top) Wasons $135; extension top four-seat Park Phaetons, $150; splendid six-seat Park Phaeton, very low; Roekaways. $130. G1! 11B '8 KKl'OSirORY, Canal st GITY MADB SIDK BAB TOP WAGON. IN PER feet order; owner having nu use for same will sell for Stia JEWELERS. 795 8th av. POCB-IX-HAXD DRAG?SUtLT BY~ WOOD; OPEN, very stv|i*h and handsome, with platform springs, dickey seat, ihlfting top. break. lead bars, lamps. Ac.; It has never been used In New York, la in perfect order, Just repainted ami good as new ; rost $2,350, price |1,1U Ad dress box I.W Post ofllee Xew York. FOR SALS-SPAN BLACK HORSE*, 1AV HANDS high, 6 and 7 years old; Mine aire ana dam; were raised and broken hv present owner: ere thoroughly broken for all purposes, single, d >uhlo and saddle; can he driven hv any one anywhere; handled one month for speed; trotted folt mile In 3 :3H and 2 :W respectively; together, to pole. In 2 :45; can show 2 :'-t> gait; sound, gentle and stylish. Ad dress C.'. box 019 Cost office, Cincinnati, Ohio. For~salb-a brkwster laxdai:let, in per? feet order; cost fl,N,iO and ie as good as new. For par" tlrnlars apply u Mr. anderson, basement office 17 Wall at. For extra fine pair matched Coach Horses, Jnst arrived from Hunterdon connty, N. J., 10 hands high, bright red bay*, black points, 7 years old; warranted sound and kind; voir fine. BOBBINS. 22 and J4 C dar St., Newark, N. J. CH)R SALE?A HAXDSOMK CLARHNCB, LINED r with drab cloth, In first rate order; sold for want ofuae; for $275. At 378 Broome st. F' or saTTk?brauty AND SAFETY-BROWN PONT. 14)4 hands; every way perfect; anil ladles or children; handsome appearauoe; fine ariver. Call for two daya at 370 Hudson st. For sale-a >i'lk.ndii> pair of jet black llortes. I5?? high and 7 years old. Inqnlre for CII AS. B. PRKSCOTT. till Tuesday evening, Sturtevant House, Broad way and 20th st. TJIOB SAL??TWt> HOBSBtT*AMD ~T W O MAKES, AT JP half value, from $30 to $125; salt any business. 430 Kan isth at. TjlOB SALE?A splendid PAIR OF BROWN HORSES, J* 15 handa, H and I* years okl. Can be seen 130 kast 25th at. OB BALE AT A BARGAIN?A WOOD BROS. TWO wheel doc cart, almost new. C. J. PARLEY'S Stables. No. lOS Weat S?I st. For sale-good sound poxy! price sro. Apply to carman, Vanklrk'a paper honse, 0 Beekman st. OB SALB-VERY CHEAP, VKRY STYLISH OAR rlage Horse, flyeara old; warranted aoaad aad kind; trial allowed. 431 East 12th si. Family horse, ir> hands, mound, kind and gentle; not afraid of locomotlvea; owner will show three minute* or better; price $135. JEWELERS, No. 78$ Sttoaw. -~ FOR HALE?FOUR HORSES, suitable FOR steeer or any business; no work: mast sell. 155 Cbrlatopher st. TJ10R KALE-BAY HAMBLKTOXIAN MAKK. 1.-<K r bands, A jrears old, warranted sound and kind except a little sore forward; ehanky brown Mare. $60: moat sell; ao work Store 324 Hudson st. Call tor two days. H~ 0R8E? HAS TROTTED IN 2:3H; HARNESS AND Phaeton. $254; aet nf light Dutch collar double Har nesa. nearly new, $25; Landau $4iU; Blankets. Whip, a aet of Landau Harness, $57: a Skeleton Wagon, $35; about to move and maat aell: a pair of lft-hand lloraea. s and 9 years, sound,$:I50. at prirata (table; will aell aeparately. IIS Weat <MMh st. ARNESS.?CHRAPKHT HARNtSS STORE IN NEW York; giwd Baggy Harneaa, band made, $15: good Grocers' Harneaa. $05: good double Team Harness, $S0- a good lloraa Blanket, $1 Ml Please rail and examine for yourselves. FUiilll A OSBORN, Manufacturers, 71 Bar Hay at. TTOWKLI,?QUE K.N AND OBO. IV. IT top Pony Phaetona, ?l<la bar or rillptla aprlug top Road WtRon*. A. K f I.ANDRAU. 373 Mid 874 Broom* it (old Hand of Brawatar k Co.) Lai>yh~ ooxplbtb turnout-bnow white Arabian Thoroughbred; perfectly gentle and aound; alio one Saddle; perfect bounty; alao Pony Phaeton and llaraera. Apple at 1ft Kaat 2Htu it. OBTOAOB SALE.?GEO. GBOOHEUAN. AUCTION' aer. telle Monday. 3tHh Intt. II o'clock. 312 Kaat 47th at., 0 good Work Hataaa, 3 Track*. Harnett, Ac. Sale potl lira. By ordor of mortgagee. PORT PllABTOKM. Depot Wacom. extcnalon top Pbaatoaa, out nnder Roekawayt, a largo ateortment In all tiylnt and prlcea. WM. H. (1RAY. 2T? and -22 Wooatar it. SECOND HAND BREWSTER TOP WAIK>M. *75; light Coach, $190; do., $275; ilx-neat Rockaway, $435; top I'haeton, $75; do.. $145; tide-bar top Wagon, my ?wn make. $115; Harnett, all ttrlea and price*; Blanket*, llaltTt. Whlpa, Sheet?. Lap Dnetera. a large aimirtnient and low prlcea WM. H. ORAY, 3D and 23 Wooatar tt. SOLD TO HAY 8TORAOR.-TWO BXPEESH WAOONN, two bntlnttt Wagout, lionet and Harneee. 2<i7 Wett IIHh tt. T"" AKB NOTIOB.-THR UNDBRBIONBD LITBRY HTA ble It now open for batlnett In all Ita hranchea, and Storage; prlcet to anlt tha time? The pahlle and friend* will do well to call and rlew our premltet. K. PARKER k CO.. 315 and 317 Wett 15th tL, near ?th ir. TO I.KT?PRIVATE STABLE NO. U7 WEST 25TH ST.'; eight ttalle and one box Hall In yard: coach houte 25xh<?; elevator, large barnota eloeet, gaa and water; rnoma for coaehtnan, with convenience* .It: to lie rented for a private liable only. Apply at 128 Broadway, room I. TIT ANTED?A POU R-s1?aO00K A WAY OR A SHIPT ?? ing teat Buggy, two tttt tingle llarnett, one aet double Harnett, all In good order; will give In exebaage a Herring Safe, tlae 47 Incbet long. 2fl wide. 82 high; rom Mnatlon lock; woaid pay all caah for a bargain. Addrett HAKK, box 241 Poet ofllce. New York. WANTED-A SIX BRAT ROCKAWAY, PAIR Of matched Horaea. Ilarneta, Ac., complete. Such an ettahllihment in good condition can hear or a purchater by addrettlng YORK Herald Uptown Branch office. ANTED?HORSE AND WAOON; PKIVATB PAX lly; kept for ate; pattnrtd: Weetcheater. WM. HALL A HONS, :?Hh tt. and Irttr. W $90, 2 -SECOND HAND CARRIAGES. . Landaua. Lanrtaaleta. four-teat Phaetona, T Carta, De pot Wacom, Mall Phaetona, Stanhope Phaetona, extenaioa top I'haeton. Cabrlolett. two-wheat Dog Carta, and 15 top Road Wagoaa and tome no top Wagaaa. A. S. PLANDRAU, ST2 and 874 Broeme at. (old atand of Rrewater k Co.) <fcQ WILL BUY A OOOD COMPLETE HARNI-SS. ipj $7 25 will bay SO loot vary hetl 3 ply lloae, complrte $2 40 will bar beat Mexican great Hammoeka (large), TWe. a fall made Stable Sheet, two bnttout?large alia. fU V) elegant prlncaaa check ?uniBier Blauketa. $1 .10 line M alteea Whlpa, worth H. htacka of other great bargalaa. at TUNIS JOHNSON'S, 5N liberty at. -STIVERS- SI NO LB SEAT. SIDE BAR TROT . ting Wagon, 110 poanda, nearly new. Stable, 134 \Veat mh tt. AfVft?HANDSOMR RAY HORSR, S YEARS. 15V Ipt/U hauda; aound, kind, geatla for lady. 216 Wee! 81 tt tv. Al OK ?NEW TOP RXPRBSS WAOON. BUILT TO !plAU4 order fir $200; want Maejr bad. 124 Weal ltith ?t. S^ TpmSfAfTrBwetToj^ JY or Arithmetic. $5 par 1narter; opaa all ramaaer; day or evening; ladlea' department; telegraphy taaght practically; demand lor operator* THOMPSON'S College. 20 th a*., oppoelte Cooper laatltute. , WRITING. BOOKKREPIKO. ARITII metic.?DOLBRAR, I.1IW Rroadway, preparaa trimmer pnplla for bnalaeaa on eery lew termn. L" Aid KS' ~ $8 wbitinq" CLASHES.?LAST oppoi tunity; namea meat be rerittered before Wadnetdar evening at rooma, Mt a*, and 48d it.; private lea tone, $tL Sea circular*. OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH. " MILLI.VBKV Aif 1> DKUBtf MAK1N?e. -A A-MRK. MYERS. 22 Raat 14th at., between 5th ae. and Cnlvavalty place. SpaetaMMaa. Mletet' and Chilean'* Millinery. Lad let' Dratt Cape aad Mourning Millinery. -MARIB TILLMANN. OP PAR1B, IMPORTER. ? will opaa twa MMitf Pineal Semmer Millinery on Monday: beet mahart. 438 Otb a v., near 30th it. (lata Michel*!). , _____ VTBW YOBK DRESSMAKING AND PATTERN EsTAB 11 llthmeat, 318 M ae., aear 14th at.?Malta made to or der at ihortm aettaa; Parlataa ttvlea; geatlemoa eatten; $? $a?f>inli Mmpiiaat dw?akaw by Hi day. A DRY OOUDM. COO A RUHR PPPP KEEK TTTTT 888 C 0 AA R R I* P K T S 9 a A A R R I* I* K T 8 c aaRRPPk t 8 C A A RRRR I'PPP KEB T 888 O AAA A R R P K T S C A A R R I' K T 8 (' C A ARRI' E T 8 8 CCC A A R R I* KERB T S88 <> Th* Itrcml rtofk in the etty at the lowest price*. Special Inducement* this week. Real French Moqnette* M f2 23; worth $3. Royal Wilton* at 92 50; worth M Ml Hotly Briim.a at 91 75; worth 92 25. Tapeatr* Bruaael* at $1 10; worth 9! U Three-ply <'*rp?t* trom $1 23k lnirraln*. Mir., 7-Se. and $1. A manufacturer'* entire ?toek of Oilcloth*. varying from 1 to 8 yard* wide, from BSa. per yard upward tie-* than the ruet of manufacture). Matting* l.OUOrolle fancy Japanoae Matting at 30e.: worth flOr. AUo a canto of white, red cheek and fbocjr from 10c. per yard. An Importer*' stoek of I.ace Curtain* from auction at half price. Window Shade*, Cornice*. Ac., 4c. SHEPPARD KNAPP, 18.1 and 185 8th ar? one door below 13th it.. New York. "JTNION ADAMS, NO. 847 BROADWAY. Uoeiery, Glovea. Underwear and One Kurulihlnga. No. 847 Broadway, near 14th it. EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS. WILSON line for southamptos AND "llO'uC Balling Irom pier 58 North River, a* follow* CULOMH?? Iunr 1 I HINDItO Jnly 1 0TIII<1<1<O June 15 | NAVAKINO July 15 Klr*t cabin. 970, currency; aecond cabin, H''. enrrf n?y. Excursion ticket* on very (nvoraftie term*. Through ticket* i*anrd t" Continental and Baltic port*. Apply, for fnll particular*, tn CHARLES L WRIUUT A CO.. 56 Sooth *t. STATE UNR. NIJW YOllK TO GLASGOW. LIVERPOOL, DUBLIN, HKLKAST A.\1J LONDONDKRKY, from pier 42 North Rirer (foot of Canal il.l u follows:? STATE OK PENNSYLVANIA Thursday, June 1 STATE OK VIRGINIA Tlmraday, June 15 STATE or NEVADA Thuraday. June 22 and every alternate ThunJay thereafter. FIr*t eabln. ftn to 980. according to accommodations: return ticket*. (123. Second cabin, $50; return ticket*, 980. Steerage at lowed rate*. Apply to AUSTIN BALDWIN A CO., Agent*, No. 72 Broadway, New York. Stoeraire ticket* at 45 Broadway and at tb* company'* pier, loot of Cunal St., North Hlver. Great western rtka m si if pun k. TO BRISTOL (ENGLAND) DIRECT. ?allins from pier 18 East River aa follow*:? SOMERSET, Western Wednesday. June 7 AKA'ION, Symoua. Saturday, Juna 24 Cabin pa**age, 975 ; intermediate, $45; steerage. $.'?>, cur rency; excursion tlckntv 9120; prepaid Rteeraye certificates, 926. Apply to W. D. MOKGAN. Agent, 70 Sooth at. NCHOR LISB "ifSITED HTaTK8 M A1L 8TE AMKR8 new York and glasgow. BOI/IVIA.. ..June H.2P.M 1 ANCHORIA. .June 17, Noon. ALSATlA....June 10. 3 P.M. CALIFORMA.J'e?4,SP.M. NEW YORK AND LONDON. AUSTRALIA.June 10,4 P.M. I fcLYSlA. Jnly 8, 3 P.M. ANOUA... .June 24,4 P.M. | UTOPIA ,Jnfy22. 3 P.M. Anchor Line pier* 20 and 21 North Klver, New York. NEW YORK TO OLASGOW. LIVERPOOL. LONDON OR LONDONDERRY. Cabins, ?n5 to (BO, currency, according to accnmmodattoua. Kxcnnlou ticket* on favorable terms Steerage. $28 currency; Intermediate, *3.' currency. DraltsUvuad for any amount at current rate*. HENDERSON BROTHERS. Agent*. No. 7 Bowling OrMn. ONLY DIRECT LINE TO FHANCE. THE OKNERAL TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY'S MAIL 8TEAMEK8 HETWhKN NEW YORK AND 11AVBE, CALLING AT PLYMOUTH (O. B.) for the landing of pauenger*. The aplendid ve**el* on thl* favorite route for the Conti nent (cabin* provided with electric bell*) will aail from pier 4.'l North Blver. foot of Barrow at.. a* follows ?ST. LAURENT, Laehetne*... .Saturday, June 3, at 9 P. M. FRANCE, Trudelie Saturday, June 10, at 8 A M. ?PERKIRB, Danre Saturday. June 17, at 1 P. M. ST. GERMAIN. Reeutoux Saturday, Juna 24, at 8 A. M. CANADA, Krangeul Jnly 1, at 1 P. M. PRICE OK PASSAGE IN OOLD (including wine) > First cabin, 9110 to 9i2i>, according to accommodation. Second, 972. Third eabin, 94a Return tleket* at reduced rata*. Steerage. 926. with aupetior accommodation. Including wine, bedding and uteneil*, without extra charge Steamer* marked thu* ? do note arry steerage passengers. LOl*TS l>K BEBlAN, Agent, 56 Broadway. OST DIRECT AND ECONOMIC ROUTE TO HOL LAND. BELGIUM, THE RHINE, SWITZERLAND, AC.. AC.. VIA BOTTERDAM. Steamer ROTTERDAM Juna 8 Steamer CALAXD June 22 These beautlfal steemers. carrying the I nlted Mate* mall to tbe Netherlands are great favoritea with the public. Trip* regular, rale* law; comfort and living perteet. For freight. For panage. FUNOll, EDYE M CO. L. WV MORRIS. 50 Broadwav. OKTH GfcRMAN lloyd. STEAMSHIP link HKTWKBN NEW YOBK. SOUTHAMPTON AN1) BRKMBM. Gunard link.?b. and n. a. b. m. s. r. ca NOTICE. With l view to diminishing the efcMMN of eoHMon, the steamers of this lias take ? tpeclflo coarse for all aeaaons ot 4li0 rear. On tba outward paasaga from Oueenstoara to Now York or Boat on, croaalng the meridian of So at 43 latltada, or nothing to the north of On the homeward passage, crowing tba meridian of 50 at 43 latitude, or noshing to the north or 43. PROM NEW YORK VoR LIVERPOOL AND QUEENS. ?Own. ABYSSINIA...Wad.. Mv31 |HCYTUIA....WadH Jane 14 ?RUSNIA Wed..June 7 I Al.itr.MA... .Wed.. Jure 31 Steamara marced ? 00 not carry <l??r*p pnaaengera. Cabin passage, 980. $100 ana $130, gold, according to aa> eommodatlon. Return tickets on favorable term*. Steerage tlakets to and from all parte of Enrope at very ^'saBsafsriiSb'fensr 1NMAM LINK.?MAIL STEAMERS POR QUEENHTOWN AND LIVERPOOL. CITY OP 0IIE8TKR Saturday, Jane in. at 8 A. M. CITY OP RICHMOND. Satuiday, Jane 17. at 1 P. M. CITY OP BBBUN Saturday. .Inly 1, at 1 P. M. From pier 45 North Kivar. Cabin, fHO and $ 100. (old. Reiarn tickets on favorable terras. Steerage. $28, currency. Drafts Issned at lowest r?Mi naloona, staterooms, smoklnir and bath rooms amidships, JOHN O. MALE. A gem, . 15and 33 Broadway, Now York. 1 I Ai'lai) oTATt.1 *AlI. LINE?STEAM ?6 QCKBNB" U TOWN AND LIVERPOOL^ sailing every TUESDAY, from pier 4*1 North River. IDAHO May 80, ll A. M. | WISOONSIN.JnnoM.a P.M. NEVADA..June 13.10 A. M. | WYOMING...July 4, 4A.M. CaMn, 985. $70 and $H0, enrrancy. Intermediate. $40; steerage. $30. Passengers booked to and from Paris, It am bar*. Norway, Sweden, Ac. Drafts on Ireland, England. Prance aid Uer many at lowast ^IUjUJ(|| uai0N. ? B^wsy. SPECIAL NOTICE.?THE SPLENDID MAIL HTBAM. sblp Idaho sails from Pier 4rt North Klver, foot of King st.. fur Uaeenstown and Llvarpool, on Taaaday, May SO at 11 o'clock A. M. precisely. For paaaage apply to WILLIAMS *_GUION, ? Broadway. N Company's pier, foot of :>d St., Hoboksa. M AIN Saturday, June 31 WKSEB. ..Saturday. Jane 17 NECKAR Saturday,Jnne 10| MOSKL..Saturday, Juno34 Rates of passage from New York to Southampton, Havre First Cabin, $100gold: Second Cabin, 900goldi Btaaitga, 930 currenry. Return Tickets at rsduced rates. Prepaid steerage Certificate*, 933 currency. for freight or naseairn apply to OKLRICliS A CO., No. 3 Bowling Green. AMBURG AMERICAN "ACKhT COMPANY '8 LINE for PLYMOUTH. i tlKRBOI'RG and HAMBURG. m KYI A J nne 1 I POMERANIA Juaa IB GKLLERT. June H| IIAMMU.NIA. June 23 Rates of paaaage to Plymouth. Ijondoa. Cherbourg, Ham burg and all points in England, Scotland and Walea:? Cabin. Brat saloon, gold 9100 Cabin, second saloon, gold 0 > Steerage, currency. ,. 30 KUNllAKIir A CO., 6. B. RICHARD A BOAS. General Agents. General Pas so agesAreata, 61 Broad St.. New York. ill Broadway. New York. N~~ ational lTne-7rom piers 44 and ?r north River. POR LONDON DIRECT. CANADA. Wednesday, May 3L II A. M. POU QUEENSTOBN AND liverpool. ENGLAND. .Jane 3,2 P.M. I KOYPT. .June 34, 7 30 A. M. SPAIN. .June 10.7:30 A. M. | ITALY... July I.IjOOP. M. Cabin passage, $70 and $"*?. enrrancy. Ralarn tickets at rednced ratsa. Steerage paaaage. fcflt, currency. Draft* from ?1 upward, at current prices. Apply at tha company's oOve, mi Broadway. P. W. J. If I.'EST, illTK STAR LINB POR OUEBNBTOWN AND LIVERPOOL CARRYING TUB UNITED STATES MAIL. The steamera of this llna take tha Lane Routes recom mended by Lloateaaat Maury, U. S. N. .going south of I Be Banks on the paasaga to Queeostowa all the year round. CELTIC Jaaa 8. at 3 P. M. ADRIATIC Jaaa 10, at 4 P. M. BRITANNIC Jaae 34, at 4 P. M. GERMANIC July 8. at 8 P. M. BALTIC Jaly 15. at II A. M. Prom Whlto Star Docks. pier 53 North Rlvor. Rates -Saloon, $80 and $100, In goM; return tickets en reasonable terms. Steerage. 938. Saloon staterooms, smoking and bath rooms are placed amldehlpa, whore the noise and motion are leaat, affording a degree ot comfott hitherto unattainable at sea. Par lasasetlon of plans and other Information apply at tho e~p-,'soflka. 37 Broadway, Now ^ COOK S EXCURSIONS TO I5UROPB AND TOURIST Tickets, through Ureat Britain sad tha Continent, are avallakls by an* line of ocean steamera sad bf any irate apon any day and eaa be need by a single Individual aa wall aa in partleeof aay aamber. COOK'S AMERICAN sy.tem of Tourist Tlehnte forming more than 2,01 si different combinations over all tba princi pal lines of rail srays and stcamboau la every direction era las nod at extremely low rales. COOK'S AMERICAN HOTEL coupons are aoeapted at Srat etaaa hotels at all principal points throughout tha conatrv providing for a foil da;'a accommodation and ace sold at 93 50 each. Summer vacation party la BOW balag mada ap and will sail by steamer Victoria. July 8, for a toar la aoetlaaa, England. Belglam, tha Rhine, Swttaerlaud. Italy and ^ ranee. Mr. Thomas Cook will aecompaay them from Now York. Prices lor Brat dace travel, hotel aad all expoasea, $3UU, $4lO and 95M)gold. COOK'S EXCURSIONIST oaatalna Ml Informatloa re garding roatoa aad the Coat of tick eta to all petliena of La rope and America, price lOeeata by malL COOK, SON M JBNKtNS. Broadway aad Warrvnet. tUAS1.M lgfe; ~" ~ * FOR NASSAU. X. P.-REGULAR MAIL STBAMSHIP leo laavee New York Jaae 3. MIBBAY. PBRBIS A CO.. ?3 South si Manager. AHLBANY.-PROPLE'S LINB STEAMBOATS LEAVE pier 41 North River, dallv. Sunders excepted, at S P. M., for Albany aad all pokla North sal Waal, COAVmiSB HTKAJUSI1IPR. J)A!?AMA TRANSIT STEAMSHIP COM PA*'/, "* KOR SAW FRANCISCO. C VLIFORNIA AMI) PA CI no POi(T>, via lit Inn ma of Panama. Sailing from pier 13 North River. Rteamer CRKHCKNT CITT SATURDAY, May ai lor Aapliiwall. connecting rU I'mitmt Railroad itl i'anatns with first elaa* ai<>aiu*liipa for port* m above. For freight or pa-age apply to. f CLY[>J{ M (X) No. tt liowlinx Ureta. Pacific MAII. STKAMSHIP LINK. ~ " KOR CALIFORNIA, japan. CHINA. AUSTRALIA N1W ZEALAND. BRITISH COLUMBIA. *C? At!., .,/k? ? ?ninkr from pior fo?t of Caml H.. North River. FOR ssAN KRA.VCIHCO VIA I MI1MUH O* PANAMA ?CAPuLCO w'-i eaday. May 17. at uoe? CODn?rttn-- for Onliil America and th.. South Pacltic B^OR NEW.OItLEANS DIRECT. 1 TIIK CIIOMWKLL link. Tim Meainship NEW OitLKAN*. Captain Dearborn, on SATURDAY Jun? a. at a ocioek I'. It, Irom pier No. 1> North Klver. Through bill* of lading given lo Mobil* and *11 principal point! on the JliuntilpprKivrr. Cabin paaaago. $Vi; ateerage, Ml. Apply to CI.Aklv A .-raman, 86 Wait at. N. v.. Havana and Mexican mail ss. link. Steamers leave pier No '.i North River M S 1'. M. Fctll HAVANA DIUKCT. o CITY OK NEW YORK Thursday. Jane 1 CITY OF MKItlDA Tuesday, J ana 11 KOR VERA GRITS AND NEW ORLEANS, via Havana. I'riigreao, Canipeuchy, Tuapan and Tampico. CITY Of MKKIDA Tuesday, June 1J For freight ami pa**agt> .ippiy to F. Al.h.\ANDRE A S< >N*S, 31 nnl 33 Broadway. Steamer* will lesvn New Orlenna May UK and Juno IS tot Vera Crui and all the abovo port*. NLY DIRECT LINE KOR KI.ORIDA.?WEEKLY LINK tor Port Royal. S. 0.; r'crnandina, Kin.; lirunawlrk, (la.; sailing every I'linraday. troui pmr Pan Hirer. The ittaner CITY Or DALLAS, Captain lllno*. will tail Thurs day, June 1, at 3 1*. M., lor Fimnndlua and Port Royal, Through ticket* leaned to all point* in Florida^ For height or paaaago apply to C. II. MALLORYACO., or HBKMaN GKLPCKK, Kvl Maiden lane. NKW~YORK AND HAVANA MttJKT lUILUdS Tbeae drat clara ateaui*hipa will aall at 3 I'. M. from pier 13 North River, foot of Hcoar au, for llavaua direct, aa follows WILMI NOTON Wedne?d?y, May 31 COLUM1IUS Thursday, June 8 For freight anil paasage, having nb*nrpa**ed nee >tnmoda tiona, apply to WM. P. CLYDE A CO.. No. (I Howling Oreen. MrKELLEK. LCLlITO A CO.. Airenfa In Havana. F~<* BALI TAX. N. AND ST JOHNS. N. t. CROMWELL STRAMSllIP LINE. Steamer* leave pier 10 North lllver following days, at 3 f. M. OROItGK CROMWRLt Tuesday, May 30 GKOUGF. WASHINGTON Friday, June 9 Mo*t direct, qulckeat and cheapest route to Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and the Lower St. Lawrence. Excellent pas senger sccomraodatloii* Fp* freight or passage apply te CLaRK A hKAMAN, Htt West at. MORGAN'S LINE OK STKAMS1I IPS, for New Orleans and Texas, will aall every Saturday to New Orlean*. transferring Texas freight there to Morgan'* Louisiana and Texas Railroad for Morgan City, thence, per Morgan's line of steamers, to Texaa porta. The MORGAN' CITY will aall from pier 33 North River, New York, on Saturday. June 3. at 3 P. for New Orleana direct. Through bill* of lading signed to Mobile, Galveston and to all point* on the Galveston, llarrisbnrg ?nd San Antonio, Houston and Texas Central. International and Great North ern, Texaa nnil Pacific and Transcontinental railroads, and to Indlanola and San Antonio, and all points on the Gulf, Western Texas and Paoflo Railway, Hrasos Santiago, Cor pus Christ!, Roekport. St. Mary'* and Kultnn. freight for Ht. Mary's and Fulton landed at Roekport. Lighterage and channel dne* at either Corpus Christ! or Braxos Santiago at the expetiae and ri*k ol consignee. Through rates to Bri wnsville via Rio Grande Railroad. Insurance can be effeet#! nnder open policy of C. A. Whit ney A Co., New Orleans. Kroin New York to New Orleana, J, per nent.; from New York to all Texaa ports via New Or issus, % per cent. Freight at lowest rate*. For freight or further In form te tion apply to CHARLES A. WHITNEY A CO., AgenU. pier 3H North River. npEXAfl LINK KOR GALVESTON. touching AT KEY i. West, carrying the United States mail. The steamer CITY OK HOUSTON, Captain Deering. will aall on Satur day, June 3, at 3 1*. M . from pier 20 East River. Through bills of lading given to all point* on the Houston and Texaa, Central International and Great Northern, Galveston, Iluu*ton and Henderson, and the Galveston. Harrlsburg and San Antonio Railroads. Krelgbts and Insurance at lowe*t rate*. Kor freight or paaaage. having superior ao nn*, apply to C. II. MaLLORY A CO., 15P DOMINION STBAMSHIP company, _ aailing flroia pier 37 North River. For Norfolk. City Point and Richmond, Tuesdays, There davs and Saturdavs at 3 P. M? connecting with the Virginia and Tennessee Air Line, Atlantic Coast Line. Piedmont All Line, Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad and with the cm*, pany'* steam Unas to Interior points In North Carolina an? Virginia, Newborn and Washington, N. C. (vta Norlolk), every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Lewes. Del., Monday. Wednesday and Mdny at 3 P. M? connecting with Maryland and Delaware railroads. Paaaenger accommodations unsurpassed. Through paaaage tickets a?d bill* of lading to all points nt lowest rates. Insurance to Norfolk, Ae., >? per cent. Kreighl received dally at pier 87 North River. General omees, li?J Greenwich st. N. L. MrCRKADY. President. TRAVBLLERH' GUIUk.. pi?ftRNS' T.I.VK .STEAMBOATS FOR TROY ANDALI V points Ntrthnil and Wost, litri dally, MMpt 8miw day, ?( 6 F. M., from pier 41) Worth Klttr FOrt NORWALK DIRECT.?PARK IlKDt'GKD.?O.I Hnd after Monday. Mar 1ft, tbe steamer AMBRICl'S will leave pier 37 East River. root of Market at., 2 ."45. and from foot of 33d d., at 3 o'clock P. M.: retaining leaver South Norwalk at 7:50 A. M.. daily (Sunday excepted;, connecting each way with Danbnry and norwalk and New Haven Halt roods. r are 36 cents. Excursion tickets JO cent*. Fall rivbr linb to boston. rla Newport and Fall River. Tha world renowned (teamboatu BRISTOL and PROVIDENCE leave pier 3S North Htvei'.foot of Murray et., daily (Sunday* exceptedi, at 5 P. M. Through tlokets sold at all tha principal hotels m tba city. H"'IIIHLANDS OF TIIK HUDSON BY DAYLIGHT.? Tba MARY POWKLL, for West Point. Newhurg, l'nnghkeepsle, Roadout and Kingston, landing at Cossene, Cornwall, Milton and New Hamburg, and Marlboro by ferry, will leave pier So North Rlvar (Vestry St.), daily, Sundays excepted, at 8:30 P. M. VTKW YORK CKNTKAL AND HUDSON RIVER RAIL. Xl road Company. Redaction In passenger rates to the Weit, ci>nm?ncln( Monday, May X*. 187(1. Rate* from New York will be aa lollow*:? New York to Chicago $17 New York to Cincinnati...... IS New York to St. I?nnl* 23 New York to Louisville 1* New York to Indianapolis. IB New York to Detroit IS with a corresponding reduction to all ot-ier uointa In the West. Ticket* on sale at 2.VJ llroadway. Bear Mnrray st. 347 Broadway, corner Leonard at. 413 Broadway, earner Lisnenard It. 7C0 Broadway, corner |(Jtn St. 043 Broadway, corner 23d st. No. 7 I'ark place and Orand Central depit. Also at SSS W ashington st., Brooklyn. 0. H. KENDRtCK, General Passenger and Ticket Agrnk LD ESTABLISHED LINE FOR STUYVESANT. CATS, kill and Intermediate landings.?Steamer ANDREW o .JHPMH HARDER. from Franklin st. (pier 35), Tuesday, Thnrsda* and Satnrday; steamer MONITOR, Monday, Wednaeday and Friday, at ftV. M. PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD. GREAT TRUNK LINB AND UN1TBD STATES MAIL ROUTE. Train* leave New York, via Desbtoeeas and Cortlandt street ferries, as follows Express for llarrlsbnrg, Pittsburg, the Weat and Bonth, with Pullman palace ears attached, BSJO A M., 0 and 8:30 P. M. Sunday, ? aod 8 BO P. M. For Wlillamsuort, Lock Haven. Corry and Erie at 9:30 A. M. and Klu P. M.. connecting at Corry for Titus villa Petroleum Centra and the oil regions. For Baltimore. Washington and the Sonth. ''Limited Wash ington K xpress" of Pullman parlor cars dally, except Sun day, 0:30 A. M.; arrive at Washington at 4:10 P. M. Regu lar at 8:40 A. M.. S and ? P. M. ? Express tor Philadelphia. 7, 7 :S9, 8 HO, 0:.10 A M., 12:3(1 8, 4. 4:111. 5, H, 7, 8-30, ? P. M. and 12 night. Sunday, 5, 6, 7. 8 -.30 and ? P. M. Emigrant and secoad claaa, 7 P. K For Centennial depot at 5:30, ?t:30. 7:3tL 8, 8.-40,0:30 A. M.. 12 :30, 3 and 4 P. M. Returning, leave Centennial depot at 7:1S, 8:15, Itt 30 A. M., 1.13, 2 Ml. 4, 5 .30. 0 and For trains to Newark, Blisabeth. Railway, Princeton, Tren ton. Perth Am boy. Klamlngton, Belvldere and othar points, aee local schedules at all tlo'tet oBoes. Trains arrive: from I'lttsburg,M?? and JOdo A. M. and 10 -JO I*. M. dally: 10:15 AM. ana U-M P. M. dally, ex day '5:1U, M:J0, H M, ll >54 A. M.. 8:50 and 10.25 P. M. Ticket oBces, 5*1 and 044 Broadway, No. 1 Astor Hoese and foot of Desorosse* and Cortlandt sis.; No. 4 Court St., Brooklyn; No*. 114. 110 and 118 Hudson at., Iloboken. I grant ticket "Wee. No. 8 Battery P'*-? SK THOMPSON, D. M. BOYD, Jr., General Manager. General Passenger Agent. Pennsylvania railroad. Shrrteet rnnte to the West. Reduction In paesenger rates to tha following cities :? New York to Chicago ?17 Now York to Cincinnati IS New York to Indianapolis IB New York to Loalsvillo 10 New York to St. Loala 73 A corresponding rod action mada to otfcer Western polnta. Tickets for eala at .VJ8 Broadway, No. 1 Astor noose, 044 Broadway, No. B Mattery place and depots a*foot otDe? brossos and Cortlandt sta. SAMUEL CARPRNTKR, General Eastorn Pasoonjier^A(rent,yV.M Broadway. General Passenger Agent, Philadelphia via lono branch axd tub New .lorsoy Hoathorn Railroad.?Par* lower than bp any other route, commencing May I, 1878. Leave Now York. Pier 8 North River, toot Rector it., 8>45 A, M., (be Imii Bran oh and Intermediate points; ?.45 A M./for Mill a delphla. LongBrsneh, Vineiand, Aa. I 4 P. M., for Phtladel phla. lemg Branch, Tnekerton, Aa.: tt F. M.. for Unut Branch, Ac. WM. 8. SNKDEN, Ganeral Manager, STONINOTOX LINE ROR BOSTON. Reduction of Fare. Mtoaaon RHODE IHLaXD and N ARR AOANSETT, Htm pier 38 North River, foot of Jay St.. at 5 P. M. from plot 27 North Rlvar,* hmS'o/'parW piaee. Steam shine BL.BCTMA and PALAT^^t t flOP* leamsntpe r ALBANY AND TROY BY DAT BOATS C. VIB BARD and DANIEL DREW.?Loava Vestry st. plot at 8:IO and 24th st. atSBQA. M., landing at By^ck in4 Tarrytown (by ferryboat!. Wast Polat. Newba.a, Pougb keepeie, Rlilnabeek Catsklll and Hudson. Close con moo lion st Albany with trains for tha North and West. Tr West Point and Newiiurg and ratnrn, eaaie day. fl. ~ EXCHANalT """ Btoro. on the best avenue of New York, corner. valtM 000; fer a Property la the eonntry with about (bar acrat af Lanj^tgwl Heisee, Aa. Inquire at BOORMHNO'B alga*

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