Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, March 29, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated March 29, 1864 Page 2
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iii 1 i. -Pmj>- —m THE DAILY PRESS. POBTLAXD XAIHB - ■■ »» -- Tuesday Morning, March SO, 1864. -.-- - The circulation of the Daily Press is larger than any other Daily paper in the State, and double that of any other in Portland. riBMB—*7.00 per year if paid strictly in advance a discount oft 1.00 mU be made. Death ot Owen Lovejoy. The telegraph has already conveyed to us the saddening intelligence that Uon. Owen Lovejoy, member of Congress from the Fifth Illinois district, died in Brooklyn at Ittllf past 11 o’clock on Friday night. The following biographical notice we find in the N. Y. Eve ning Post: Mr. Lovejoy had been complaining since last January, but came to this city from Washington on the 15tli, and the following day was out of doors; since then he has been confined to his bed with an affection of the liver and kidneys, lie was attended in his last Illness by Ids wife and daughter, and by many sympathizing friends. Mr. Lovejoy was a self-made man. Born iu Kennebec county, Maine, in 1811, lie passed his boyhood working on a farm, and paid his way through Bowdoin College by teaching school. Study ing theology, he received a call to the pas torate of the Congregational Church at Princeton, Illinois, and otliciated there for sixteen years, until, in 1856, he was elected to represent his district in Congress, where he was prominent as a bold and fearless advo cate of freedom for all. Ih 1847 bis brother. Kev. E. P. Lovejoy, an anti-slavery editor, was murdered at Alton, Illinois, by a pro slavery mob; and since then Owen Lovejoy had, naturally enough, manifested a deeper Intensity in his hatred ol slave institutions; aud to those of the opposite party his bold, unsparing denunciations had rendered him peculiarly obnoxious. Among the Incidents of his political career, it will he remembered that shortly after the struggle for the Speakership in the House which resulted in the election of Mr.—now Oeneral—Banks, Mr. Lovejoy was speaking very earnestly, when he was interrupted by Pryor, of Virginia, who said he did not wish to near any more oi such trash, lo tins Mr. Dovejoy replied that for six weeks the House had listened to the1-trash-’ of the Democratic members, and now it was his turn. Mr. Dove joy was at once supported by the Republican members, and Mr. Pryor by the southern Democrats—since, Secessionists. It was a really notable struggle for the maintenance of free 8|>eecli in our Congressional halls, and had for an incidental result, the famous Pot ter and Pryor challenge—a duel which never took place. Mr. Dovejoy was exceedingly popular in the district which lie represented, where he possessed great influence, and where his free and bold discussions of political questions, while he was yet a pastor, aided to form the political opinions of his constituents. He was as honest as he was fearless. In private life lie was amiable and irreproachable. The Character oi our Veteran Soldiers. We are permitted to make the following extract from a letter of Col. II. M. Plaisted, of the Maine Eleventh, dated at Morris Is laud, S. C., March 10th, to Mayor McDellan of this city. It presents a view or the influ ence o( army life upon the soldiers which is most gratifying to contemplate; especially when we reflect that sooner or later — soon we/hope—these soldiers, relieved from the duties of military life, will return home to dwell among us, and with us to take part in controlling the political affairs and in shaping the destiny of a country whose honor and in tegrity they have done so much to defend: “You are right wh^n you say there is hon esty and honor iu the army. Nor is itcouflued to the officers. We often hear of recruit* stealing from one another on their way to the army and after their arrival, but not so of our ‘veterans.’ You will not hear of their robbing each other on their way home,though their pockets may be full of money. The ser vice makes them better men and better citi zens, unless their officers are greatly wanting. There is good reason lor it, in the wholesome ness of military discipline, and in the absence of temptations. Resides, the life of soldiers is the constant exercise of the highest virtues; love of order aud neatness, fidelity to their colors and commanders, Temperance, Con stancy, Patience, Courage and Patriotism. All that old song about the demoralizing effects of war I do not believe in. It is my firm belief that I have not a man in my regiment who is not a better man to-day—aud will not make a better citizen—than he was when he enlisted in the army. This I believe to be true of regiments generally. I could give you many most interesting examples of individual cases iujpiwi ui nuat i nay. You need never fear, however long the war may last, that our body politic will be cor rupted by the return of old soldiers. They will carry with them to their homes the same love of order and industry, the same generos ity and patriotism they have exercised in the service. Allow me to say these thiugs for your encouragement. 1 have often thought you at home needed more encouragement than the soldiers. VVe are schooled to patience by the necessities of war and by our military training. If the war must last, let it. There ia only one icat/ out of it for us, and that is through it, to one complete and final triumph; if we would not be infamous in history. If you give us a chance to vote, as I trust you will, you will see no backing down in the ‘returns’ from the army.” Letter lroin Hath. Bath, March 20, 1864. To the Editor of the Prest: As it has been unpleasant weather till yes terday during my visit at this region, I have been unable to get around much. But Provi dence has at last favored your unfortunate friend,and-lie will now try to make himself useful as well as ornamental. Thus far, wherever 1 have been,in the surrounding re gion, a good word has been spoken for your paper, and what I intend to do in the future will be for the of the Press. There is a better feeling in regard to the paper now than there was in the same circles only one short year ago. I don't know as loaves and fishes have auything to do with it, but am rather inclined to think that the bold stand it has taken and maintained has “ turned many from darkness to light.” Bath has always been noted for its ship building, and this season has not been an ex ception. A large number of fine crafts are now on the stocks, and many of them are al most ready to launch. A splendid schooner named Adriana, of 100 tons, was launched I_a TIT _ J_J_/* . .1 I M lUUV.’UUJ W WH1 UIO JOIU VI i'l I • I/, V, Blaiadeli. She is to be commanded by Capt. Samuel Williams. Yesterday a large crowd of people were teen wending their way to the ship-yard of Messrs. Lemont <fc Kobinson, to witness the launch of the superio? ship “ Aberdeen.” It was a most successful launch. She is nearly 800 tons burden and is to be commauded by Capt. Anderson. Business is brisk and there is every prospect for its con tinuing so for some time. The Bavell Troupe has just concluded a successful engagement in this city. They are to visit Portland again very soon. O. Heavy Kobbkry.—While Mr. Willard B. Heath, (watchmaker aud jeweller,) and fami ly were at the meeting at N'orombega Hall, last evening, some burglars effected an en trance to his dwelling house on Spring street, by prying open a window with a “jimmy,” and carried off 80 watches, *75 in money, 8 gold rings, 2 gold pencils and 5 gold chains — amounting in all to *1500 or more, says the Bangor Whig. 25T" The Legislature have defined “ the Lord’s day,” to extend legally from midniglfl Saturday to midnight .Sunday. 5 TITLES OF ACTS AND RESOLVES Passed by the tegislature ol 1804. AN ACT To further continue In force the provisions of chap ter 71 of the Laws of 1862 concerning tliesuspensioi of specie payments. lo provide for an additional term of the Court 01 County ComniHtloners for the county of Knox. To change the name of the Maine State Seminary to that of Bates College, and to otherwise alter tht oharter or said corporation lo incorporate the Portland and Machias Steam boat Company. Additional to incorporate the Portland and Ken nebec Railroad Company. To authorize the city of Belfast to build a free bridge. To prevent enlistments in this 8tate upon the quota of auy other state. To pay bounties to volunteers, drafted men and their substitutes who shall bo credited on the quotas of Maiue. To amend an act entitled "An Act to incorporate the Brunswick 1 aimers Mutual Fire Insurance Co." To incorporate the Portlaud Glace Company. In relation to the use of depccitions in certain cases. To change the name of Francis Rebecca Perkins and for her adoption. Additional to the several acts establishing the county of Piscataquis. To change the name of Gilbert W. Eldridge and children. To change the name of David Cushman. Additional to an act to preserve the harbor of Portland. To exempt a certain quantity of flax from attach ment and execution. To incorporate the Portland and Damariscotta Steamboat Company. To prohibit gathering cranberries in the town of Cutler before the first day of September of each year. To provide in part for the expenditures of govern ment. Additional to chapter 81 cf the Revised .Statutes In relation to writs in civil actions. To change the town line between Thomaston and W arren To change the name of Alpha M. Varnum. Authorizing the County Commissioners of the county of Somerset to reassess certaiu taxes. Additional to an act entitled "An Act accepting the surrender ol the charter of the Atlantic Bank.' Additional to an act incorporating the trustees of the fund for the support of the Episcopate of the Pro" i»sl ant K.tii»rnt>M I ('hurrh in i)ia l)inr<>iia of Maine. To amend chapter 63 of the Revised Statutes relat ing to the power and duties of Judges of Probate. To incofyorate the Hoods Pond Dam Company. I'o incorporate the Baskahegan Dam Company. To incorporate the Farn worth Manufacturing Company. In addition to an act to incorporate the Union Mu tual Life Insurance Company, and to amend an act in addition thereto, approved June 27, 1849. To incorporate the t orest City Sugar KetiningCo. To increase the capital stock of the Portland Co. To incorporate the Clinton Manufacturing Co. To leg^liz** the doings of cities, towns and planta tions in raising bounties to be paid to voiuuteers, drafted men and their substitutes since February 21, 1863 To increase the salary of the Register of Probate for the county of Franklin To amend chapter 251. section 7th of the Special Laws of 1863 relating to expenditure of school mouey in Madawaska townships. Authorizing t ho further extension of the European and North Am*man Railway. * Extending the charter of the Thomaston Marine and Fire Insurance Company. Providing bounties for solo’iers. To amend the ch rter of the Union Fire and Ma rine Insurance Company of Haugor, To change the name of Harriet Wells and for her adoption. To chang* the name of the Portlaud Five Cents Savings Institution. To iucorporate the Passadumkeag Boom Co. To incorporate the Kokomeka Company. For the preservation of pickerel and trout in cer tain waters. To amend section 19, chapter 61 ot the Revised Statutes for the better protection of travellers upon public ways .contiguous railroads and at railroad cross ngs. To vest the franchise of the proprietors of Merry meeting Bridge in the eity of Bath. Authorizing the Portland and Kennebec Railroad Company to extend their road in Bath. Authorizing the expenditure of money for w-ar purposes. To change the name of William Llewellyn Free man and confer upon him the rights of inheritance. To incorporate the Lime Rock Railroad Company. To change the nam« of James H. Jordan and for his adoption. Additional to the act to incorporate th** Baskahe gan Dam Company. To maintain a dam across Pcnamaquan river in Pembroke. To incorporate the Augusta Hotel Company. To incorporate the Bangor Historical Society. To incorporate the Portland Rolling Mills. To authorize Robert Long and others to extend their wharf beyond tide wat*rs To set ofT a part ot the town of Scarborough and annex the same to the town of Gorham. Authorizing the introduction in evidettce of office copies of Custom House records and documents. To amend chapter 601 of the Special Laws o» 1866, incorporating the Auburn Village corporation. lo incorporate the Swift River and Black Brook improvement Company. Relating to rules of evidence. Additional to chapter 5t of the Revised Statutes relating to railroads. To incorporate the Parks Pond Dam Company. To authorize James Thompson to build a w harf over tide waters. Additional to chapter 22 of the Revised Statutes relating to divi ion fences. To amend an act to incorporate the Passadunikeag Boom Company, approved Feb. 24 1864. Additional to chapter 4 of the Revised; Statutes concerning elect;ous. To encourage manufactures. To extend and amend au act to establish the Dex ter and Newport Railroad, approved March bO, 1863. To incorporate the Portland Dry Dock Company. To incorporate the officers and members of Monu ment Lodge. To amend an aot entitled "An Act to incorporate the Kendall's Mills Village corporation." Adoitional to revive and amend "An Act to au thorize the town of Wiscasset to aid in the construc tion or the Kennebec and Wiscaeset Railroad." entitled "An Act re atiug to the discipline of the State Prison." Eclating to prisoners in the county of Sagadahoc. To establish the compensation of the County Treas urer of the county of Cumberland. To provide for the adoption of William Samuel McCausland. To incorporate the Foreign Emigrant Association of Maine. Additional to chapter 107 of the Revised Statutea re'ating to the taking of depositions. To chang- the names ot certain persons. Authorizing the reassessment ol certain taxes iu the town of Alton. To amend chapter 258 of the Special Laws of 1868. entitled "An Act in reierence to the claim of Miles Wilson upon the county of Penobscot." Authorizing the exten iou of a wharf into tide waters in the town of Friendship. To incorporate the Lovell Mutual Fire Insurance Company. To iucorporate the Bowdoin Mil s. 'loutake valid certain doings of the town of Dex ter. To incorporate the Casco Copper Company. Declaring the power and authority of Trial Jus tices. Additional to an act to secure the safety and con venience of travellers on railroads, passed iu the yearl8GK. To re-train illegal appropriation of public money. Authorizing the inhabitants of Dennysville and Edmonds to take measures for the preservation of «a;nion iu Denny's river. Additional to an act entitled "An act to amend the charter of the Piscataquis Mutual Jusurauce Com pany ” To iucorporate the Bangor and Brewer Street Railroad Company. To establish the Bangor Wet Dock Company. Establishing tne weight of certain agricultural produc's. To facilitate the detection and to prevent the cir culation of counterfeit bank bills. Authorizing constables to serve processes iu cer tain ca*es. Additional to chapter 91 of the Revised statutes relating to peiscnal inert ages. To incorporate the Frauklin Telegraph Company. To incorporate the Beaver Brook Dam Company. Providing for the registration of births, marriages and deaths To amend former acts to incorporate the Penob scot, Lincoln and Kennebec Railroad Company. To make valid the doings ot the town of Bethel in exempting certain mill property from taxation. To iucorporate the I'assadumkeag Manufacturing Company. l o incorporate tue town ol Mount t base. To incorporate the Veazie Manufacturing Com pany. To incorporate the Cumberland Iron Company. To incorporate the town ol Ludlow. For the protection ef trout in Goose Poud. To incorporate the l'ortlund Cordage Company. Additional to au act to incorporate the Penobscot Log Driving Company. 'l o incorporate the Warwenoek Steamboat com ply. lo incorporate tbo Skow began Water Power Com pany t o change the name of Wm. 1!. M. Melcher. Authorizing the extending ol‘a wharf into the tide waters of Camden. Authorizing Zen as Morton to construct a fish weir in JohiHon’s Hay, Lubec. Additional to an act to set off certain lauds from the town of Frankfort and annex the same to the town ol Monroe. To incorporate the Fayette Manufacturing Com pany. To amend section 6 of chapter G of the Revised Statutes concerning the assessment and collection of taxes. Relating to the charter of Limerick Academy. In addition to an act to incorporate the Upper Stillwater biidge, approved Feb ie, 1835. In addition to chapter 51 ol vhe Rovi ed Statutes in relation to railroads. Relating to proceedings in criminal cases in Court. To amend chapter 176 of the Public Laws ol' 1863 relating to Stock Insurance Compa ies. To define when inhabitants set off from one town and annexed to another may vote in certain cases. Empowering Courts of Probate to authorize exec utors and other parties to refer or compromise claims in certain cases. To amend chapter 6, section 28 of the Revised .Stat utes relating to the assessment of taxes. To make valid the doings of the town of Water ville Authorizing the construction of a wharf in the town of Damariscotta. Additional to chapter 77 of the Revised Statutes relating to ihc Supreme Judicial Court. To authorize the Portland and Kennebec Railroad Company to extend the track of its road in Au gusta. To authorize the city of Portland to exempt the Portland Glass Company from taxatiou To protect parties agai- st the effects of perjury. Enforcing the provisions of law and treaties re latiug to the P. nobseot tribe of Indians. To change the time of hold ng the August and No vember tertans of the Supreme Judicial Court in Ox ford county. To incorporate the Bangor Company To authorize the collection of a tax in the town ol New Sharon. r Relating to the duties and compensation of th« Secretary of State and the clerks employed by him. To provide support for the families of soldier*. Additional to chapter tO of the Revised Statute* relating to mortage* of real estate To am'ndau act to provide bounties to ?oldiar«, approved Feb. 20, 1964. To amend an act to establish a Police Court in the city of Rockland To incorporate the Brewer Bmnch Railroad Com 1 Additional to and amendatorv of ohapter 40 of the Revised Statutes, and ohapter 99 of the Public Law* of 1802, relating to the inspection of fish. To amend chapter 88 of the Revised Statutes relat ing to the sale of potatoes, corn, grain, vegetables, meal and hair. To incorporate the Penobscot County Fair <1 round Company. Relating to illegitimate children. Amendatory of and in addition to an act to incor porate the city of Lewiston. Changing the name of St. Albans Academy, sit uated in iiartla^d, in the county of Somerset To make valid the doings of the town of Wilton, in the county of Franklin. Additional to section 17 of chapter 71 of the Re vised Statutes, requiting certain proceedings by ex ecutors and administrators in the conveyance of real estate. To provide means for the defense of the North eastern frontier. Re (Hiring the Secretary of State to ltirnish the Clerk* of Courts in the several counties a list of all persons commissioned and qualified as Justices of the ►'©ace, Justices of the Peace and Quorum, Trial Justice* and Notaries Public. For the assessment ot a State Tax for the year 186i, amounting to 91,821,679 41. Relating to the redemption of Railroad mortgages by subsequent mortgages and for the better protec tion of bondholders. To change the time of holding the August term of the Supreme Jndicial Court for Criminal business within the county of Penob cot. In relation to he 'urisdiction of Trial Justicos and the place in which Justice actions shall be com menced. To repeal section 1 of chapter 264 of the acts ol 1868, entitled “An Act to amend an act to incorpor ate the city of Belfast.” To incorporate the Maine Manufacturing Co. Relating to reviews, writs of error and judgments and executions thereon. Authorizing Job Lord and associates to extend a wharf at Winterport into the tide waters of Penob scot river. Amending an act providing bounties for soldiers. To autho ize the city of Bangor to aid in the con struct on of the European and North American Rail way. Requiring additional duti(* and providing for an increase oi the salaries of the Justices of the Su preme Judicial Court. Relating to board of prisoners in Penobscot Coun ty tail. To amend chapter 66, section 11, of the Revised Statutes relating to devices and donations to towns. Amending chapter 82, section 79, of the Revised Statutes relating to proceedings in Court To incorporate the Trustee* cf the Maine Provis ion Baptists. To change the time of holding the April term of the Supreme Jndicial Court in the County of Knox, and the time of ho>din the May term of said court in the County of Xiucolu Additional to CLaptcr 82 of the Revised Statute* relating to proceeding* in Court. Additional to an act entitled “An act for the sup pression of drinking houses aud tipp ing shops,” ap proved March 26,1868. Allowing qualified electors living on islands along the coast of this State and in other unincorporated places, to vote for Statfc and County officers in any aujou'ui lunn. Changing tho time of holding the March term ol the Supreme Judicial Court in Aroostook County. I d cnange ihe name of Emily V. Chadbourne. Authorizing soldiers absent from the State in the Military service to vote for election of President and Vice President and for Representatives to Congress, ft’so regulation tho manner of electing Registers of Deeds County Treasures,and County Commissioners so that such soldiers may he allowed to vote therefore Explanatory of and amending an act to provide means for the defence of the Northeastern frontier. Relating to the choice and duties of town Auditors of Accounts. To enable Stockholders io the Kennebec and Port land Kailroafl Company to call a meeting for the shoioe of officers. Relating to evidence in Criminal Prosecutions. To provide in pait for expenditures of Govern ment To define the extent and duration of the Lord’s Day and to amend chapter 82 and chapter 124 of the Revised Statutes relating to the ob°orvauce of the 1 Sabbath.—184. RESOLVE Relating to tho inadequate facilities for travel and transportation of troops between New York and Washington. Making a conditional grant to the President and Trustees of bates College. Authorizing aUroporary loan. In favor of Sandy River Rank. To authorize the Land Agent to deed llazcu (veech a certain lot of land. For the repair of the Bridge over the Molunkus stream in Macwaboc plantation. For building ice cutters and breakwaters lor the protection of the piers and abutments of the Matta warakeag Bridge in Mattawamkcag and for other necessary repairs. For the benefit of Charles A. Clark of Phipsburg. in favor of Henry Burnt'. Establishing a valuation of certain towns and plantations in the County of Aroostook. In relation to the establishment of a United States General Hospital. In favor of the town of Lowell. In favor of Nicholas Andrew Dana. In favor of Peol Sockis. In favor of Eliza C. Prouty of township *fo. 2, K. 2 in the Countv of Aroostook. To appropriate money for the repair of the Rocky Rips Bridge iu township No. 1, Penobscot County. Establishing the valuation of the towns of Colum bia and Columbia Fall*. Relating to the President and Vice President of the United States. Laying a tax on the several Counties in this State. In aid of Hiraeua* Phil brick. In favor of Cynthia R. Carpenter of Mount Chat* plantation in the County of Penobscot. In favor of Robert W. Manley. Authorizing the Laud Agent to convey a lot of land to 1>. F, Adams. Authorizing the Treasurer of State to procure a steel-lined safe. In favor of the town of Colombia Falls. Authorizing the I.and Agent to convey a lot el land to Georg* L. Emerson fh favor of the State Prison. In aid of 8chool* in Madawsska territory. Authorizing the Land Agent to convey a lot of land to Adeline Chandler. In favor of Penobscot Indians. In favor of Charles O. McKinne> . In favor of John Decktr. In favor of Isabella f> ogg. A lit linrizi n it t hr. I.anri A trail t tn Kortaiii lots of land to the widows of deceased soldiers. In favor of PeolSawkies. Authorizing a lean in behalf of the State. Directing the Treasurer of State to notify cities, tow ns and plantations of«the amount of State and and when the same is ready for destribution. For the repair of the State roads iu Aroostook County. Authorizing the Land Agent to examine into the situation of the land occupied by settlers in townsb ip 18, Range 3. In tavorof Samuel II. Allen and Thomas O' Brie a. In favor of Pasi»amaquoddy Indians. In tavor of Passaiuaquoddy Indian*. In favor of Limorick Academy. Relating to an appropristion for Common School!. To appropriate money for the completion of the bridge at Hayn sviile. 4 lu favor of the minor children of Mrs. Mary Hale. T 7 In favor of the Penobscot Indians. In favor of Maine Weslevan Seminary and Female College. Authorizing the land Agent to convey a lot of land to iliram hear. In fhvor of Presque Isle Academy. Relating to the location of the Eastern Normal Schools. In favor of Westbrook Seminary. In favor of the Passaniaquoddy trite of Indians for Edncational pu«poses. In flavor of Elisha W Shaw, releg H. Tracy. Ly man C. Hurd, Jos. H. Myrick and widow of William h. Jenkins. In favor of the Joint Standing Committee on the State Prison. In favor of Ala. Turner. Appropriating the timber and lumber on a town ship of land lor educational purposes lu favor of Josiah 11. Drummond. In favor of bt. Albans Academy. Authorizing the Governor to dispose of the Land Scrip belonging to this State lor the benefit of the Agricultural College. For the repair of State Road in Indian Township. Providing for an amendment ot the Constitution so IS'to allow soldieis absent from the State to vote officer*. In favor of the Insane Hospital Relating to foreign Emigration. I u relation to the reciprocity treaty. Authorizing the Laud Agent to investigate the title to S»ate lot in the town of Barnard, In favor of the State Reform School. In favor of Berwick Academy. In lavor of the Maine Insane Hospital. In favor of the widow of Thomas Smith late ol * ddtown in the County of Penobacot. and others. For purchasing books for the State Library and far the usual expense of said Library. Tonderiug the thanks ol this legislature to lion. I. O. J. Smith for his offer of a Farm for the fouad ing of the State Agricultural College. Remunerating the State Treasurer for negotiotiag State Loan. For the pa» mont of the [expenses incurred in the Lincoln County Flection Case. For the purchase of copies ol the Revised Stat utes. Relating to tho National Cemetery at Gettysburg. Authorizing the Treasurer of State to depoiiit fund* of the State upon interest with the Assistant treasurer of tho United States. Authorizing the Land Agent to convey a lot of land to Sarsh Young. In lavor of the-Joint Standing Committee on the Reform School. Relating to the establishment of a College for the benedt or Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts. Asking the United States government to provide proper defences foRMhc Northeastern frontier of Alai ne. In favor of Eliakim Wescott. inviting the Commonwealth of MasRachnsetts to co-operaie with Maine in extending aid to the Mill *4r>'road from Bangor to the St. John Biver. To enable the State to meet any further oall for troops. In favor of the widow of Col. Hiram Chapman lata Land Agent. Relating to the State assuming liabilities of town*, cities and plantations, in paying bounties. In favor « f Stevens A Say ward In favor of Houlton Academv. On the Fay Roll of the House. On the Fay Roll of tho Senate —90. A Mistake.—In Friday’s paper we spoke of the “ gentleman of the Pres#." We should have said “ blackguard.”—[Advertiser. We thought it strange that our amiable neighbor should refer to a f hara?ter for which he shows so little practical respect, and of which he evidently kuow* very little. 9 ! ORIGINAL AND SELECTED. IT On first page, — Fashions for April, Bonnets; A Roll of Honor. On fourth page,—A Sketch. jy An attempt was made recently to burn the rebel war department buildings. ^yThc Universalist church edifice In Au burn, is to be enlarged and improved, $4000, having been raised for that purpose. ByCol. Lemuel Lombard has been ap pointed Postmaster at Belgrade, vice J. Til ton, resigned. jy The New London Nail Company, in Connecticut, turns out seventeen hundred pounds of nails a day. syit :s reported for the sixth or seventh time, that Rev. C. II Spurgeon, is about to visit this country. y The 1100 rebel prisoners received an enthusiastic reception ^Richmond on the Sunday of their return. ay Gov. Gilmore of N. H. who lias been considered dangerously 111, we are happy to learn, is recovering. By Pork packing in St. Louis in 1863 was largely in excess of any former year.— The total number of pigs which fell under the sacrificial knife was 230,731. By The dwelling house of a Mr. Perkins, in Fairfield, near Sinithfield line, was consid erably damaged by fire, on Thursday last, as we learn from the Waterville Mail. By A Hartford man has expended $20,000 on a stable, which is said to be “fitted up as nicely as a gentleman's residence,” and in which there are $30,000 worth »f fine horses. By The Boston Transcript says that Ball’s equestrian statue of Washington is nearly completed, and will soon be open for exhibi tion. sy Three Boston artists will leave this spring for Europe—Wright, Cole and Bacon— the latter a young artist who goes to Paris to study the figure. ByWm. W. Penney, son of Mr. Wm. G, renney, 01 vvaiervzzze, a memoer oz to. z>, lOth Maine Regiment, died at the St. Louis Hospital, New Orleans, on the 7th inst., aged 20 years. jyThe Rev. Henry Ward Beecher is no longer, either real or uotninal, editor of the New York Independent, his mantle in that respect having fallen on his young friend Thoadore Tilton, S3r The Frankfort Commonwealth has taken bold and decided grounds against the attempt to sell out the Union party of Ken tucky to the Vallzuidigham Democracy of the North. jy The Richmond Whig, says the South want peace and are “ready to accept” on any terras—which General Lee, standing in Fancul Hall, may choose to dictate to the base born wretches who have sought to enslave us." jyA correspondent of the N. Y. Herald says flour that sells in tho New York market for $8 or $10 a barrel is selling for $•7 or 6 in Liverpool. It will be taken into account that $5 or $ti Liverpool currency is nearly as much as $8 or $10 yankce money. £y~At a meeting of the milk producers of Lowell and neighborhood, held on Saturday, the 19th inst., it was voted that the price of milk to dealers should be three cents per quart for six months, front April 1st, and four cents during the remainder of the year. y*Thc Rev. Dr. Armstrong, brother to the iate secretary of the American Board, pas tor of the Presbyterian Church in Norfolk, Va., has been sentenced by Gen. Butler to work on the fortifications at Hatteras, as a punishment for disloyal practices. jy Bishop Timon, of Buffalo, announces officially in his organ, the Western New York Catholic, that the “Fenian Brothers” canziot march in procession with Catholic societies, nor take part in Catholic rites and holy sacri fices. ylt is stated that there arc at least from thirty to forty thousand citizens in Kentucky who have been plundered by Morgan and his men, and a very large portion of these poor victims have since been saved only by federal charity from death by want. jyA company of Boston capitalists arc erecting buildings in South Boston for the ex tensive manufacture of plate glass. The sand to be used iu the manufacture is to be brought from Berkshire c -unty, and four hundred workmen are expected over from England in : a few days. E^-The, Philadelphia Bulletin says the present high price of coal is by no means an unmixed evil, since it is developing a com petition in the mining business which must soon put an end to the existing combination, and guaranty an ample supply of cheap fuel for all time to come.” E^“The following letter was received by a gentleman of Poughkeepsie through the “San itary Fair Post Office in that place “Sanitharu P. Office—Dere Sur—Enklosed pleze find Ten dollars—if yu kan. Very restectably yures, Josh Billings.” The MO had not been found at last accounts. a The Louisville Journal, speaking of the Copperhead candidacy for the Presidency, says,“Gen. McClellan is iu this relation not only the most prominent, but without a com petitor. Like Jupiter among the gods, he is first, and there is no second.” McClellau re sembles J upiter also in the fact that he is the myth of a dead religion and the idol of a past worship.—| Chicago Tribune. Kf-The Louisville Journal says, “as things j now stand, Gen. McClellan's nomination by 1 the Chicago Conveutiou is on all hands con ceded to be a foregone conclusion.” The Chicago Tribune says, referring to the fore going, that Gen. McClellan’s popularity arises not so much from the fact that “things now stand,” as the fact that “thinys now lie.” jySaya the Chicago Tribune, “the venal attempt to sell out the Union men of Ken tucky, although coated with the sugary name of Union conservative, will never succeed. The Devil, when he promised to give away all the kingdoms of the world, purposed an easy task compared with that of affiliating men who have endured the highest of all sac rifices in resisting treason with those who arc sympathizing with that treason.” ByJudge Wylie has granted an injunction against George M. Weston, restraining him from intruding into the premises of the National Republican, and from interfering in any manner with the property, efl'ects, busi ness or affairs of the same until the further order of the court. Mr. Hanscom had as hie counsel Joseph H. Bradley, Sr., and Mr. Wes ton had T. J. D. Fuller, formely a member of Congress from this State. We have been requested to state that recruiting agents in this city, who enlisted the German emigrants, hurried them out to Mor rill’s Corner, where they took the cars for Augusta. The Governor and Adjutant Gen eral were immediately telegraphed to upon the subject, and they will probably see that justice is done to all parties. We are also requested to state that tbe-'ie emigrants, after being mustered in in Boston, receive #308—less the expense pai<J fog their passage. rlfy Affairs. Is Board of Mavor and Aldermen, f Monday Evening, March 2«th. j The resignation of Henry Fox, as Chief Enginer of the Fire Department, was receiv ed and accepted. A communication from the City Council of N'ewburyport was received and placed on file. An order to pay J. B. Brown #1400 for land taken to widow Maple street, was passed. The resignation of VV. B. Brown as ope of the Superintending School Committee, was received and accepted. Alderman Donnell was appointed agent for the State Aid to soldiers’ families. Petitions—Of Franklin Crawford and oth ers for a sewer on Green street; referred. ®f E. Clark, President of the Portland and Forest Avenue Railroad Co., to 1>g allowed to pave with bank instead of beach stones, and to lay another track from Preble to Lime street; laid on the table. Of D. W. Nash in relation to side walk on Spring street: refer red to appropriate Committee. Of I). \V. Fessenden and others, for sidewalk on Frauk lin street; referred. Of Edward Shaw and others, that the engines running through Commercial street, shall "be required to burn coal or be supplied with spark arresters; laid on the table. Of A. P. Waldron and others for a side walk on the South side of Cumber land street, between Brown and Casco street; referred. Of I>. W. Fessenden for a gas-light on the corner of Wilraot and Laurel streets. Orders Passed—That the new City Hall lie under the control of the Mayor; that the un finished business that came from the last City Council, be referred to appropriate Commit tees ; for revising the joint rules and orders so that the second reading of ordinances, re solves or orders, may be by the title. Order in relation to side walk on Brackett street, was laid on the table. In Joint Convention — The following subordinate officers were elected. Chief Engineer of Fire Department—Har ris C. Barnes. Superintending School Committee—Benja min Colby. Constables—John S. Ileald, Alonzo Went worth, Joel W. Merrill, Chas. Sampson, Wm. H. Plummer, Charles H. Hall, Wm. Huse. Gas Agent—F. C. Moody. The convention then dissolved. In Board of Aldermen.—Uenw C. Babb was elected Superintendent of Evergreen Cemetery. Nathaniel Walker was elected Superin tendent of Forest City Cemetery. Lewis Bonce was elected Superintendent of Burials. Wm. Burnham was appointed special police man without pay. Adjourned to Monday evening, April 4th, at 7 1-2 o’clock. 9 r Ei v i a u u i i v e< a • : - - .~ -- --.rrr~, ~ Notice. To Hon. J+ ob McClellan, Mayor of Portland Enlistment* of persons from foreign countries, brought here und*r contract w ith pariMfl re iding in other States, aud being in transit through this State, will not be tolerated. All mustering offtobrs lire re quested not to permit the muster of such persons into r< giments belonging to the State of Maine. SAMUEL CUNV, mch29 dGt Governor of Maine. " Sozodoht" is now attracting very considerable attention, and well it may. 1 he article represented by this musical name, is one of the best preparations for the teeth and yums that has ever been offered to thepublic. We have been familiar with its results for soma years past, and have never known a case in which its use was not pleasing and highly satisfactory. It polishes the teeth, harden.- the gums, and gives a wholesome tone to the inouth and breath.—Pr*,ci dtnee Daily Press. mchl6 It THOM AH G. LORI.M^ DRUGGIST, -AND PRACTICAL TRUSS FITTER, C orner of Exchange A Federal »!*•• A perfect fit guaranteed. The poor liberally con sidered. MHHdti The Pateut Belle Monte Skirt*. A Dill assortment of these celebrated .Skirts in the new- style at ANDERS O N ' S IIOOPSKIRT AND CORSET DEPOT, mcb23 dtf Coder Mechanic,' Hall. CLARK’S DISTILLED RESTORATIV E FOR THE HAIRj Restores Gray and Faded Hair and Beard to its Natural Color, AND IS A MUST LUXCEIOl'3 DltKSSINli FOR THE HAIR AND HEAD. _4>0o CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Restore* the Color. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE. Eradicate# Dandruff. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Promote# it# Growth. ^LARK’S RESTORATIVE, Prevent# it# falling off. CLARK S RESTORATIVE. 1* au unequalled Dressing. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, I# good for Children. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, I* good for Ladies. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE. la good for Old People. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Is perfectly harmless. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Coutaiua no OIL CLARK'S RESTORATIVE. , la not a Dye. CLARK S RESTORATIVE. Iteautilies the Hair. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, la splendid lor Whiskers, CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Keeps the Hair in its Place. CKAKK'S RESTORATIVE, Cure* Nervous Headache. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Prevents Eruptions. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Stops Itching and Burning. CLARK S RESTORATIVE, Keeps the Head Cool. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Is delightfully perfumed. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Contains no Sediment. CLARK S RESTORATIVE, Contains no uurn. CLARK'S KESTOBATrVE. Polishes your Hair. CLARK’S KQSTOKATIVK. . Propaw your lor Parties. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE. Prepares you for Balls. CLAICK’S RESTORATIVE, All Ladies need it CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, No Lady will do witliout it. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE. Costa but #1 CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Is Sold by Druggists aud Dealers Every where. Price 91 pec bottle.—G bottles lor 95. C. O. CLARK A CO. PftOFKIITOlti. W Y. PHILLIPS, Portland, " General Agent. March 3, 1834. mcU3 eodly CURE FOR CATARRH.- Da. Wadsworth’8 DRY UP is a certain rented y for this loathsome disease. There is no mistake about till*. The Dry Up haa cured thousands of case * ol Catarrh, aud the sales of the article is constantly increasing. A word to the wise is sufficient. For sa le by the proprietor, II. II. BURRINGTON, Providt nee, R. I. Alaobf H- H. HAV, Druggist, Agent f<u Portland, ootdl eodA w6m 1 Post Office, Portlakp, ) March 18th, \m. ) From and after this date, and until further notice, the Western Mail will be cloee at thie office at 2 o’clock, P. M., instead of 11. as heretofore. me hi# 3 wed A, T. DOFF. P. M SPRING DRESS GOODS wow opewiwo. C . K . BABB, inchlo No. 9 Clapp’s Block. HT“If you are goingto the West, South, or North west, procure Through Tickets at Litttb'8 Union Ticket Office. No. 31 Exchange Street, whefe you may have a choice of routes at the lowest rates of fare, aud-obtaiu all needful information. Not. 2,1863. TuThSfcwtf srro cure a cough, hoarseness, or anv disease of the throat and lungs, use Howes s Cough Pills. Solti by H. If. Hay, Portland, and by druggists generally. jau27 d& w8m* HTThe Post Office is directly opposite Harris Hat and Cap Store. Ieb29 tl SAILING OF OCEAN STEAM9HIPS. STRAUB* FROM FOR SAILS Germania.Southampton.New York.. .Mar 8 China.Liverpool.New York.. Mar 12 North American.. Liverpool.... Portland.Mar 17 Peruvian.Liverpool_Portland-Mar 17 Africa.Liverpool_Boston.Mar 19 City Manchester.. Liverpool.New York... Mar 18 leutoma.Liverpool .New 1'ork.... Marly Hibernian.Liverpool.Portland . ...Mar 24 Persia.Liverpool.New York. Mar 28 Damascus*.Liverpool.Portland.... Mar 31 Nova Scotian.Liverpool. . Portland April 7 lThe steamers lor Portland leave Londonderry one day after leaving Liverpool.) Arabia.Boston.Liverpool.Mar 30 Germania.New York.. Liverpool_April 2 City of Washing’ n. New York. Liverpool.April 2 America.Portland Liverpool. April 2 Chin i.New York.. Liverpool.April 8 Peruvian.Portland.... Liverpool... April 9 North American .Portland_Liverpool.... April 9 America. New York . Bremen.April 9 City of Mane best’ r New York. Liverpool. April 9 Africa.Boston.... Liverpool..... April 13 Hibernian.Portland. ..Liverpool.April 18 Teutonia .New Yerk . Liverpool.... April 18 Persia.New York. .Liverpool.April 29 Damascus.Portland.. .Liverpool.... April 23 Nova Scotian.Portland. . Liverpool... April 30 Eagle.'New York . Havana. ...“ Mas 30 Evening Star,.New York Havana.April 2 IMPORTS. WINDSOR, NS—Br sch J Morten, 240 tons Plas ter, P Kaudali & Sou. MINIATURE ALMANAC. Tuesday v. March 29. Sun rises.5 4o I High water,. 3 28 Sun sets.8 211 Length of days.12 39 Thermometer,.3 o’clock A. M. 43 leg _MARRIED. In this city, 2bth, by Rev Win K Clark, Charles E Wagnci^and Miss Mary J Kirn ham. In thi* city. 26th, by the* name, Charles Albert Ed man and Miss Lydia L Firnhain. In thin city, 27th.-by the same. John A A Packard and Miss Frau cos S .Sawyer, all of Portland. In this city, 28th, by Rev Dr Carruthers, Mr John Beaumont and Miss Mary K McDermott, of Portland In Cornish, 19th, by Rev Mr Cole, Joshua Cobb and Mi" Mary Auu Cobh, both of Limington. In Rockland, Edward O Hall and Hattie A Rob bins, of Hope. In Eastport, Edward Oliver and Miss Maria Ann Oliver. In Hcrinon, Michael Taylor and Mrs Olive Holt. _ DIED. In this city, 27th, Benjamin F, oldest son of B F k S E Noble, aged 2 years 2 months 22 days. ZTT^h uncral this (Tuesday) afternoon, at 2 o'clock. Relatives and friends are invited to attend. In Brewer Village, Mrs Abigail Hodges, aged 79 years 7 days." MA.TtIISni NEWS. PORT OK PORTLAND. Mondnv. i. .. March 91, ARRIVED. Steamer Gen Lyon. Micks, from New York. Steamer New Brunswick, Winchester, Boston, for St John NB, Brig L T Knights, Parks, from Boston. Br sch J Mortau. Smith, from Windsor, NS Sch S C Loud#, Cook, from Friendship. Sch Queen, King, Mt Desert. Sch ocean, Pierce, Yarmouth. Sch 8 B Stebbins, i hotopeou, 1 armouth. Sch E II Pray. Clark, Pembroke. Pilot Boat Nettle arrived in port at 9 o'clock this morning. Reports, at 9 PM last night saw a ve«eel showing two lights, ouuwft and oue forward, very bright, heading NE, about lo miles ESE from Cape Elizabeth Lights. Quarter to 10 PM run to the west ward. The Nettle showed a light and run for her, but could not overtake her. About half past 3 AM. saw Hre, and supposed it was on ibore in the direc tion of Saco. CLEARED. Sch Jcruflba Baker, Barb* rick, Boston, W New ball. DOMESTIC PORTS. BOSTON—Ar 20th, brig Alruccabah. (of Deer Islet Bray, Philadelphia. Cld sch Nellie Baker, Freeman. Fortress Monroe; Julia Ann, Harding. Baltimore. Ar27tli. Br ship Brenda, Cox, Liverpool 22d ult; schs Gen Arnold, Cole, Calais; Sea Queen, Ifasb. do; Essex. Newbury. Millbridge; Adeline Hamlin, Lan sill. Winterport; Olive Elizabeth, Hamilton , Port land. Ar 28th, Brsch Compeer, Blanvelt, Argylc; schs Rowena, Eaton. Calais; Brenda. Burnham; Rio, Clark, and Tilt, Nye. Eastport; Romp. Kelley, Pem broke; Am Eagle, Wilder, do; Geo Edward, Web ster, Brooklin; Milo, Boggs, Rocklaud. Cld brigs Elmira, Norton, Portland; Tabmiroo, Gray. Buck •‘port. HOLMES'S HOLE—Ar 2&th, 1*M. schs Nil Despc randum, Rich, Boston for Fortress Monroe; Maria Webster, Newcomb, do for Norfolk; Colonel Eddy, Coombs, Belfast for Philadelphia. Ar26th, schs Maracaibo. Henley, Elizabethport for Portsmouth; Frank Herbert. Crowell, Boston for Philadelphia; Hattie E Sanip-ou, Blake. Portland for .1,,. fall Uulk r». i .11_ Avery, H ilrou, Rockland for New York; Addie D Stimpson, Cummings, E&stport for Providence. EDGARTOWTf — Ar 21st, sell George E Prescott, M iles, Chester River for Kittery Navy Yard. 25th. act! Hero, of Belfast, i* ashore on the flats at the entrance of this harbor. She is discharging car go of petroleum oil, and will probably come offwith out damage. NEWPORT—Ar25th, schs y%u Burcn, Wall, Port land tor Washington DC; Massachusetts, Hunt, frm Rockland. Sid 26th, sch William, Fletcher, Bath for Philadel phia. NEW YORK—Ar 26th, steamers Evening Star, Bell, NewOrleaur; We v bouse t, Brand, do via Key West; bark Catharine. Kuslaw, Cardiff. Cld 26th, ship Liberty, Wilson, New Orleans; bark Sea Bird, Barclay. Havana; sch U C Brooks, Miller, Key West; brigs Kureka. Din.-more. Matamoras; J B Elliot. Murphy, Falmouth, Jam; Spartan, McCul lock. Demarara; John Sherwood. Smith. N Orleans; Castilian. Uardeubrook, Elizabeth port; sch Tele graph. Nickerson. South Ainbov. PHILADELPHIA—Cld 25th. brigs Nellie Mowe. Pike. Laguayra; Orozimbo. Gilchrist, Boston; Fron tier, Britt. Portland; sch* American Eagle, Ram-ey, Fortress Monroe; H Walcott, Nickerson. Washing ton. BALTIMORE—Ar 25th. sell* t^ueen of the West, Rogers, aulr Sarah, * risko, Washington; Samuel Eddy, Patten; D A Berry, Yoorhoe*. ana G W Car penter. Mann. Alexandria. Cld 25th. sch Willie. Staples, Mayagucz, PR. FORTRESS MONROE—Sid front llauipton Roads 24th. brig Forrester, Forrester, Bath for Port Royal SC; schs Convoy, Merrill, Choptank for Bath; 1 an ny Keating, Porter, niton Head for Philadelphia Ar28th, schsN Berry, Rockland aud llaunic West brook. Baltimore, in distress. NEW ORLEANS—Ar 12th, sch Arena. Williams, Portland; 16th. ship Live Oak. Allen. Belfast. Cld 15th, ships Pocahontas. Percy, Boston; Wash ington. Norton, Bath: 16th, ship Borneo, Reed, Ha vana; barks Mary Stetson, Allen, Key West; l*lh. Harriet Spaulding, Wallace, Philadelphia; brig John Robbins. Niekernm. do. SAN FRANCISCO—Sid 25th inst, ship Williorn Chamberlain, Carver, Callao. DANVERS—Ar 21th, »ch Pearl, Thayer, Rock land FOREIGN PORTS. At Mayagucz PR 10th inst, bark Johu Bcuson, fr>r New York.Mg; brig Robert Mowe. for do do. Arat CienfUegos 15th, bark Carleton, Trvcartin, from Havana. Ar at Trinidad llth, bark E A Cochran, Pendleton, .sld Iron* St Jago 12th inst, brig P I Kevins, Cole, for New York. Ar at Havana 13th, brig Manlius, Fort on, Machias (and eld 15th for Cardenas); itith, Foreoca Patera, HooiK-r, Sullivan. Sailed 18th. bark Scbra Crocker, Scgur, Portland: C H Keunedv. Lotke, Matauzas: Sarah lline*. Car denas: A F Larrabce, Carlisle, do; sch E S Talbot, Amesbury, St John NB; 19th, brigs 8 P Brown, Whaley, aud Alfarat«, Bibber, for New York: D It Doau. Kuowlton, Bath. At do 3 th, bark* Ellen Dyer, Shepherd, for a port North of llatteras; Suarpsburg, Kaudall, aud Flor ence Peter;*, Hooper, unc ; sch < hristina, Drink water, from Portland,ar 15th: Alexander, Stetson; Nebras ka. Sawyer, and Audroineda, Ashby, uuc; Amelia, Lowe, for sale; J G Gain, Martin, uuc. ('bartered -Bark Ellen Dyer 560 hhds sugar, •*$, for New York; bark Talavera, via Remedies, TOO hhds sugar, $0, for Portland ; bark N M Haven, via Sagua, 500 hhds sugar, fd Ar at Matauzas 12th iust. bark Travatore, Carver, Portland ; 15th, sch Starlight. York, do; 17th, J C Nickels, Blanchard. New Orleans; Norton, Stover, Portland; brigs David Nichols, Pierce, New Orloaas; Anuandale. Jones, Portland. Sld 10th, bark Hunter, York. Portland. Arat Cardenas 12th. bark Baltic. Hooper, Portland; 15tli, brigs Almon r. Lamphcr, New Orleans: W H l arks, McAleny. Portland, Model, llaskeil. do; sch Oriental, Thompson, do. Sailed 12th, Fredenia: Lord, Belfast: Nebraska, Lord, F'aluiouth; sch II Baker, Knight, Portland; 17th, soli* Fredonia, Roberts, Portland: Georgia Deoriug, for do: Arcadian. Lord, NewfYork. Ar off Bermuda, 18th, brig Henrietta, Uodsdon, ftn New York. Ar at St John NB, 23d. sch Laurel, Lord, Eastoort. Cld 21st, achs Onward, Thompson, Boston: 23d. Goaska Carpenter, Beliast SPOKEN. March 15, lat 40. Ion 61, ship Norway, Major, from Liverpool lor New York. March 27, off Block Island, ich Lizzie Guptill. frm Rockland for New York. 9 afli-jiftiajg-— * ■' ' — NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. BBN BFIT -UP T«« Nick and Wounded Soldiers! THE FREE STREET LADIES' SOLDIERS AID SOCIETY WILL HOLD A ^OCHLYL lev KE I for the benefit of 1he Sick and Wounded Soldiers in the Field, -is MECHANICS’ HALL, - OS - Wednesday Evening, March 30th. The occasion will be rendered attractive bv Sing iug by Messrs. Shaw and Gardner with Mr* Humph* rey and Mrs. Allen, and a brief speech by OEN. NEA L DO W! It*frtaktnents will include an Antit/nariem Supftr. Tickets 25 cents to adults, 16 cents to children. It"Courier copy me hi* td A SPRING SUPPIY’ FASHIONABLE GOODS, -ron COATS, PANTALOONS AND VESTS. obtained during the last week in New York and Bostou, may be found at the store of WILLIM C. BECKETT, Merchant Tailor, N3, 1.'I7 Middle Street. s Some of these Goods, which have been r« dtntly imported, differ much in color, texture and finish from the styles that have continued in vogue lor a year or two past, and are considered very elegant Beside* these and other Goods,—comprising all the varieties for fashionable wear, at the same place may be found a good supply cf Standard G< r ns it a, * rrnch, aud Eagll.h Braadciaib* a. d Dae «<kiao, lor genteel suits; together with styles of »•!!■*• selected with a \iew to suit all tastes. Also, excellent goods for Spring Overcoats, Eng. lish Walking Sacks. FiMsti, and other Bu«in«*« Coats, with plates of the latest styles of Cutting flfc.t Finishing. 2T* No. 137 Middle Street. JB mch29 d6w Notice of Foreclosure. WHEREAS JEREMIAH HACKER, of Weal brook, in th* County of Cumberland and Stat* of Maine, by hia deed of mortgage, dated the thirteenth day of February, A. I)., i863, coin eyed to Lucy Alexander, of Lisbon, in the County of Androscoggin, aud State of Maine, acertaiu piece of laud, situated ou Atlantic and Mouument rreets, in the city of Portend. Couuty of Cumberland and State of Maine, it being all the real estate in said ciiy, then owned by the «aid Jeremiah kiacker, to gether with all the trees aud buildings thereon •tandiug; notice i« hereby given that the condition* in said mortgage have been broken, by rtuoa whereof, I hereby claim a foreclosure of the same. LUCY ALEXANDER. Lisbon, Man-h, 34, 1864. mch 9 w3wl8 To 4'on true tors. SEALED PROPOSALS, endorsed. rropoanla for Excavation* and Ptonc K'mine at ions tor tho New Univeoaiist Church KAMee," proposed to he er*-etcd near the head of High St , will be received by the undersigned until Saturday next, April 241. 1*64. The right to reject any or all bids, is hereby re served. Plan aud Specifications may be examined at the Office of the Architect, UK.O. M. llAKDlN't;. Per. Order, ftuildiug Committee Portland. March, 39.h, 1804. mch39 d-'U* llsnoe For Sale. ilfc? THE JJwcIHbj Hoane, No. 20, Atlanta St . SJjit containing O n I] Dished touigi: ia <up|>lM-d ■•“with goml ."pring water, and b in good repair, is well calculated for two families. Lot measure* 4ott by 7"ft. Term.* of sale easy. Apply on the premises to J. P THORNDIKE. Portland, March 2T\ 1864. m shadow .toiler. A FINAL Dividend of the first land from the n< rets, set apart iu reduction lof the < upital Stuck of ihe late Ittnt of Portland, will be paid, on and after this date, to the Stockholder* of said Hauk. at the time of th* redaction of It- capital, or to th» r legal representation. The lUvblend will be paid at the Canal Bant, Portland Portland, March 21*. 1*M mch29 di«3w Wax Mower Sloddling. mills elegant accomplish went taught in g?x lea X sons, enabling the pupil to copy the most beau tiful productions of the Uower Garden. Further particulars of the Artist. 13 India Street Ladies wishing to teach in the country and Gov erucss^iustnicbd. fMEdlw* CAUTION. ALL persons are prohibited from eroding my premises, er removing any property whatever from my land, near Broad Cove, without permission. BENJ. WATERHOUSE, mch29 d3t* Cape Elizabeth. Notice. THE Milkmen of Portland and vicinity, have voted to raise the price of milk to 22cts. per gallon at Wholesale, aud 7cts. per <inart at Retail, on and after the 1st day of April, 1884. mcb2D U3:* Bricklayer., Attention ! mHE journeymen brickInyers of Portland and vi X cinity are reqnested to meet at the Ward Room in the new City Building, ou Thur>day evening, March 31st, at 7J o'clock, to act on important busi ne.s. All are requested to attend. mch29 *3t Butter. 7R TI BS Batter. for8»lebrJ.M KnUhttSoa, i O Nu. ‘i Lime Street. Portland, March *>, 1**4. mcli29 dtf fllUE subscriber hereby gives public notice to all X concerned, that he ti** been duly appointed and taken upon himself the trust of KNecutor of the last will and testament of BETSEY SHAW, late of Standisb in the county of Cumberland, de ghing lond astbe law directs; he there fore request* all persons who are indebted to the said deceased’s estate to make immediate payment; and those who have any demands thereon, to exhib it the same for settlement to JOHN 811 AW. Mtandish, March 15,1884. w3w 13* HALLOWELL HOUSE R EOPENEDI HEW FURNITURE & FIXTURE8! S.«J. DGVNIS, Proprietor. ttT The public arc specially iuformed that the spacious, com eoient and well known UaLIowill 1i<»U*k, in the center of Hallow ell. two mile* from Augusta, and lour mPM from Togu* Spring, ha* been refurnished, aud is opeu for tie reception of company and permanent boarders. livery attention will he given to th«* comfort of gue-t STABLING, and all the usual consentence* of a popular Bote), are amply provided. Hallowel1, Feb. 1 MM. mch2o eodtf Diritfo luMiirunt e Com pun >. FBI HE undersigned being flve of the person* uaim-J X in the Act of Incorporation uf the Dirigo In surance Company, hereby notify a meeting of said Corporation at th* Room* of the Board of Trade, ou Thursday , April 7th. at 4 o'clock. P. M . to dtcid» upon the acceptance of the Act of Incorporation, and for the purpose of organising the said Compan\. A. K. SHURTLEFF EH Elf STEEL. .Joseph Howard D. W. CLARK . WM CHASE. The subscriber* to tlic Stock of said Company, are requested to meet at the same time and place. Portland, March, 28. inch28 dtd. First norl|:a|« Bondholder*. OK the Kennebec mud Portland Kailroad Co., aro re.iuc.ted to forward to this office tbcii Hood, lor Kxtensiun, before the oth day or April next, and receive payuien for over due interest on ,ajuc in Hoods of tl». Portland and Kennel* c Kailroad Co., agreeable to their vote Nov. 2d, I'M. Certiorate, ot Stock in said Co . will be ready f r Second Hurt Bondholder* ou application. J 84. CL'S 11 INC, Pres , Port, k Ken. K R Co. Augusta, March 24.1864. mohS8 td % For Sale. A V ONE and a halt'-dory House, brick ba.*em*nt, on Washington street, Bow occupied by Mr*. Sarah Mots*. lot &0 by loO feet. For particulars, eoqu re of Oli\ ten t.&aui*ti. Chaki.m Four* or JOKUf PI KINUTOS, No. 1*3 Fore St. nich28 4w Freedom Nolire. THIS may certify that I have this day, given my son Samuel if. Wweiuan, his time to transact business for himself, and shall claim none of his wage* nor pay anv debts of hi* contracting after this date JOHN WEKMAN. Bebago, Feb. 27. 1804. mch28 dlw JOHN F. ANDERSON, Surveyor and Civil Engineer, OFFICE, CODMAN BLOCK, mcbKdfcwtf Txmpli Strut.

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